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With the full cooperation of the senior class, the entire student body, and the faculty, we were able to publish this book. Because of extreme wartime obstacles, this year seemed to be an improper one in which to print a year- book. Knowing, however, that it was our last year here and not wanting to break a precedent, we seniors were persistent in our efforts to make a 1944 yearbook pos- sible. We hope that as you look through this book you will remember the past year's highlights and events and also those people who made them possible. Our sports program for 1945-44 was very successful. 'The football squad earned the county championship, and the basket- ball team ended its season in second place in the league, besides winning the eastern division playoff title. The baseball team is just starting practice, and we hope it too will have a successful season. we, the seniors, shall always cherish the memories of events recalled by these pages, and we hope that they will mean much to you also in years to come. D E D I C A T I O N To the former students of Fayetteville High School who are serving in the armed forces, es- pecially those who have lost their lives or are now prisoners of war, we the class of 1944 ded- icate this book. ,.,.....,m-..-..v-,-, , W... rl. -W ... -.,,l..- Y ,. , , ,nl-me .pu- f , lXClJlIY GRD Qggg Egg: A. James, K. Lawrence, B. Thompson, W. Munroe, M. Morgan, UJ. Clark, M. c saac, J, Bentley, L. Snell, J. Miller, M. Walsh. Qggggd ggi: H. Swlatlowski, M. Cahill, F. Tracy, J. Long, G. Lester, R. Jones, H. McCarthy, T. Monforte, J. Young, E. Fitzpatrick, V. Hyneman, K. Stack, M. Hughes, E. Tweedie. N Ergnt 191: K. Roache, P. Whitney, F. Smith, J. McDermott, R. VanG1esen, A. Saunders, C. Griffin, I. Rutherford, A. Manton, E. Dorr. X 'The war has continued to affect faculty personnel and social activities this year.v Again this year teachers assisted in gas and point rationing. They have also concentrated on a more effective guidance program and have been an im- portant factor in helping the school establish a fine record of stamp and bond sales. , a ' In the fall five new teachers became members of the staff. Miss Swiatlowski replaced Mrs. Coolbaugh as teacher of Latin, Miss Hyneman replaced Miss Fitz- gerald as librarian, Mr. Monforte filled the vacancy left by Mr. Cullen in the physical education departmentg Mrs. Tracy took Mrs. Roy Smith s place as science teacher in the Junior high school, and Miss Walsh filled the vacancy left by Miss Leary in the l grade. When Mrs. Resnick left in January, Miss Young be- came the new teacher of English and public speaking. A War conditions have especially decreased the social activities of the fac- ulty., Only two parties have been held so far. A Christmas party was held in the school library. Invitations were extended to Cpl. Jacobson, Sgt. Prigoff, Lt. Wager, and Mr. Cullen, former members of the faculty, but only Mr. and Mrs. Cullen were able to attend. In April a dinner party was held in the school caf- eteria. S 6 , , , , I X STIJDIE T COlJNCll , - P l gagg rggz W. Goode, H. Birks. ggggng ggw: S. Storrier, H. Hicks, F. Gruppe, H. A. Meagher, R. Sims, J. Walk- er, B. Woonton, B. Coughlin. G. Lindenmayer. Egggt 391: Mr. VanG1esen, G. Twichell, P. McNally, B. Carroll, ,D. Wallbrldge, 4 Miss Bentley, Adviser under the able leadership of Ben Carroll, the Student Council again func- tioned as the central lorganization of the school. This year the council spon- sored a drive to collect waste paper, which not only brought in 29,000 lbs. of paper, but also added to the council treasury. They also conducted a cheating survey and launched a campaign for keeping the cafeteria clean. Besides sponsoring the above activities, the council organized a students' day,put on a quiz program consisting entirely of Student Council members and de- vised a new plan for electing students to the Sportsmanship Brotherhood, as well as providing them with pins. All undertakings of the council were successful because of the fine coop- eration between the student body and the faculty. Q 7 1 ' f' ' .. ,. A ,,,, , ,,,, - X I NAME! I WALT COWIE ' NAME! DON WALLBRIDGE NAME: BEN COUGHLIN CAPTAIN K"4-3" FOOTBALL PRESIDENT OF "45" PRESIDENT OF "4-3" TEAM CAMERA CLUB ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION NAME! TED PURTELL I NALIESI ROGER 'caoss NAME: BEN CARROLL . PRESIDENT OF '44 'COUNTY GHAIRNAN PRESIDENT OF "45" . I SENIOR GLASS' I ' I .JDN1oN RED.cRosfs D A A STUDENT o.ouNciu ji I N. v .. I l ,.4 ., . . 4 ., , X . " ' - . ' ' ' J, ,'. x. .. a .. A ,x,,,A, . 4,-.,, ,,-. g,. ,XA .1 ,.,f, ,. ...,.,.. x ,, L...i...,.,. U. , ,, ,,, . ,-, ,L , AS S HISTDRY The Class of n44n was the last class to hold forth in the kinder- garten rooms of the old school on Genesee Street. Ruthie Konvicka, Jimmy Kinsella, Doris Rounds, Roger Hoag, and Dorothy Gridley were the only students in this class to profit by its convenient location. No new members came in the-first grade. But something new and exciting happened. We were in the first first grade in the first grade rooms of the new school. f Pat McNally, the blonde bombshell from Chicago, and Rosie Grevel- ding, one of our ambitious farmerettes, joined our midst in the second grade. In the third grade our valedictorian, Richard Lamprecht, came to start studying his three R's. Bill Hanbidge and Doris Shoemaker came to F. H. S. in the fifth grade. The former turned his thoughts toward aviation while the latter endowed upon acting. Our class really increased in the sixth grade. Wayne Purtell, Eunice Nash and Frances Gruppe joined us. Wayne was that cute lad from Woodchuck Hill that turned out to be our class president. Eunice is the gal who draws those darling pictures of girls. Francie came from our neighboring town of Utica to round out our number. The seventh grade was an exceptional year. We started junior high school and had our first taste of changing classes and men teach- ers. Doris Eddy came in from B ffalo this year. It was so sudden. Marmie Kelley, the mad woman driver, and Ernie Beebe, the great artist of the drama, also joined us. ' , . Helen Ann Meagher, one of the most prominent members of our class, was the only member to join us during our last year in junior high school. Our first year of high school brought a really bang-up class. DeWitt and Kirkville sent in half of its student population. They were: Roger Cross, Bob Lund, Cliff Seagfrid, Don Wallbridge, Claire Alberts, Nola Hoag, Betty Hill, Phyllis Keville, Millicent Kish, Nancy Marrian, Karlsen McClellan, Beulah Raynore, Nan Tiffany and J. B. Carroll. Also many of our superiors dropped back to join us. They were: Roland Gage, Art Trinder, Wm. Goebell, Sonny Proper and Ed Hunt. As Sophomores we welcomed Hal Birks from Elmwood who, inciden- tally, is a very good comediang Peg Norris from Seattle,Washington 3 Sammy Toth from Nottingham and Bob Sims, the journalist of our class, from Eastwoodg Dick Lindenmayer, our favorite cheerleader, from the big town of Manlius Center. During the eleventh year we were joined by Barbara Martin from Fulton and Lorine Nodecker, another Nottingham-ite. Alas! We are Seniors. We rule the roost! Well, at least we try to convince ourselves of this. There we find a boy who worked so hard- that he caught up to us after he had started a year later than we did. This was that curly-headed little boy, Benny Coughlin. Philip Fulton, who showed much ability on the basketball court, came from the very northern part of the state. - Our four final years spent in Fayetteville High School will never be forgotten. We've done so many things and had so much fun! Each year we have given a successful class dance, and occasionally a party There was a picnic we enjoyed as Freshmen, and a skating party as Sophomores also. , y We appreciate the toil and trouble that Mr. Saunders, our class adviser, encountered through these four great years. NANCY ANN MARBIAN Nance n Volleyball 1,2 Dramatic Club 2,3,4 Vice-Pres. 4 Ever Since Eve Shepherds Ablding Flatterlng Word f Girl in Every Port National Thespian 2, -3,4 Riding Club 4 Archery l Camera Club 2 Int. Basketball 3 'Int. Volleyball 1,2, 3,4 Indicator l,2,5,4 Exchange Editor 4 Baseball 2 Sub Deb 2,3,4 Pres. 4 Yearbook 4 Ski Club 2 A, A, 1,2,3,4 IALTER COWIE 1 lwaltn Int. Track 5 Sportsmanship Bro. 4 Dramatic Club 4 Submerged Football 1,2,3,4 Y Captain 4 Baseball 1,4 Int. Basketball 1,2 3,4 Block F Club 2,3,4 rlnt. Volleyball 1,2, 3,4 Int. Baseball 1,2,3,4 A. A. l,2,3,4 DORIS E. EDDY 'Spook' Red Cross l Dramatic Club l,2,3,4 What A Life Upstage Girl in Every Port Int. Baseball l,2,3 Football Mgr. 4 ' Sportsmanship Bro. 4 A. A. l,2,3,4 Field Hockey 1,2 Int. Basketball 1,2, 3,4 Int. Volleyball 1,2, 3,4 Thespian 2,3,4 Sub Deb 3,4 Volleyball l,2,5,4 Baseball l,2,3,4 4 'A ready wit, a happy smile, 'To make a fine gentleman, and eyes that sparkle all ,several trades are required, the while." but chiefly a bar'ber.' 'For the moon never beams 'To take things as they be, without bringing me dreams That's my philosophy.' of my beautiful Lona lar1e.' f But so fair--She takes the 'He never flunked and he breath of those away who never lied--I reckon he gaze upon mr unaware." e never knew hour." ' 10 1 BENNETT COUGHLIN 'Ben Football l,2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Block r Club 3,4 A. A. l,2,3,4 Pres. 4 . Int. Basketball l,2,3 ' 4 Int. Baseball l,2,3, Int. Volleyball l,2,3 4 Camera Club 3,4 Sportsmanship Bro. 4 DOROTHY GBIDLIY 'Gridley' Dramatic Club l,2,3,4 What A Life Huck Finn Upstage Our Town National Thespian Vice-Pres. 4 Sub Deb 2,3,4 Riding Club 1,2,3,4 Vice-Pres. 4 A. A. l,2,5,4 ' Indicator 2,3,4 Sales Mgr. 4 Yearbook 4 Sportsmanship Bro. Hockey 1,2 Int. Volleyball l,2,3 , 4 su cms 1,2,3 RICHARD LAM RECHT 'Dick' Riding Club 4 Red Cross 2 Dramatic Club 4 Int. Track 3 A. A. l,2,3,4 f 1 . BETTY HILL "H111y" Sportsmanship Bro. 4 Dramatic Club 2 Glee Club 2,3 Football Mgr. 4 Archery 1 sup Deb 2,z,4 f THOMAS DONALD RALL- BRIDGE 'Sleep' Baseball 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 3,4 A County Champs 4 Sportsmanship Bro. 4 Block F. Club Freshman Pres. 1 Senior Class Sec.- Treas. 34 Student C. Sec. 4 A. A. l,2,3,4 t Dramatic Club 2,3,4 , Best Foot Forward F Submerged Volleyball l,2,3,4 Int. Track 3 Int. Basketball 3,4 Capt. 3,4 Yearbook 4 MARGARET NORRIS lpegn A. A. 2,3,4 Dramatic Club 2,3,4 Camera Club 2,3,4 Int. Basketball 4 Int. Volleyball 2,3,4 Sub Deb 3,4 Glee Club 2 if li Xa 'Never nut off until to- morrow the fun you can have today.' 'When my eyes are closed, I see beautiful p1ctures.' 'Q 'lorry never wrinkled his 'The night teaches much brow.' which the day never knows 'A fair exterior is a sil- 'He chose to avoid the com- ent recommendatlon.' , plications of var1ety.' ,- 11 Robert Sims llBobl Indicator 2,3,4 Sports Editor o Editor 4 1 l,'-hook Editor 4 fmt. Basketball 2,3,4 znt. Baseball 2,8,4 Ski Club 2,3 Student Council 4 A. A. ?,3,4 B .1-.1-ptr' .X ..,"a.1.' Football 3,4 Int. Track 3 Int. Volleyball 2,1.4 Int. Basketball Champ. 4 Riding Club - LORINE NODECKER 'Lorine' Dramatic Club 4 Basketball 4 Indicator 4 A. A. 3,4 Volleyball 4 Cheerleading 4 f WAYNE PURTELL 'Ted Football 3,4 Senior Class Pres. Track 3 Int. Basketball 3,4 Int. Baseball l,2,Z,4 A. A. 1,2,3,4 Bowling 3,4 X ,LX - 14 A BARBARA MARTIN " W ' A 'Barb' 'rulzgn High 1,2 raye:eev111e 3,4 V 1 A. A. 5,4 HAROLD BIRKS I anal: 2Student'Council 4. Dramatic Club 2,3,4 ' Shepherds Abiding ladies in Retirement National Thesplan A. A, 2,3,4 Int. Baseball 2 Baseball 4 Sportsmanship Bro. 4 Int: Volleyball 3,4 Int. Track 3 ' JEAN ELIZABETH OEINCK ' A 'Wilbur' -Sub Deb 2,3,4 - Bomemaking 2,3 Dramatic Club l,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2 xVo1leyba1l l,2,3 Basketball 1,2 Yearbook 4 Archery 1,2 Field Hockey 1,2 Red Cross 4 A. A. 1,2,3,4 N.-57' ' I'-1 . T j 'Fools are my theme: let 'His only fault is that he satire be my song.' . has no fault.' 'Eternal sunshine settles ig on his head and reflects on all within his gaze.' Y x I 'A spring of love doesn't always gush from my heart.' ion, call it by some bee- 'It is the mind that msn.. ter name for friendship the'man.' f. sounds so co1d.' ' f Y 7,---.ty - - Y.-, ,-.i . 1, ff . - ' xw Y ROGIR HASKELL CROSSg , Jr. nhogn I Red Cross 2,3,4 A. A. l,2,3,4 Dramatic Club 4 Int. Track 3 Junior Class Sec'y. Int. Volleyball 3 PATRICIA McNALLxPat' Red Cross 2 A. A. l,2,3,4 Dramatic Club l,2,3,4 What A Life Adventures of Huck Finn Our Town Yearbook Advertising Mgr. 4 Baseball l,2,3 Basketball l,2,3,4 Football Mgr. 4 Sportsmanship Bro. 3,4 Int. Basketball 3,4 Int. Volleyball 1,2, 3,4 National Thespian 4 Golf 1 , 'Sub Deb 3,4 Glee Club 2 Int. Baseball 1,2,3,4 Ski Club 1,2,3 J. BEN CARROLL I fnBenn Indicator l,2,3 Football l,2,3,4 Yearbook Sales Mgr. 4 Basketball 3,4 f Student Council Pres.n4 Sportsmanship Bro. 3,4 A. A. 1,2,8,4 Dramatic Club 2,3,4 Best Foot Forward Our Town Submerged Riding Club 4 'Thespian 4 ' Fr. Class Sec.-Trees. Junior Class Treas. Senior Class Vice-P. Block F Club 3,4' Ski Club 2,3 A Debating Club 2 . X1RLEINYMcCLELLAN x 'Karley' Glee Club 2 A. A. l,2,3,4 Dramatlc Club l,2,3,4 Camera Club l,2,3 Archery 1 Int. Volleyball l,2,3 Nat. Thespian, 3,4 Riding Club 2 Ski Club l,2,3 Debating Club l BDGER HOAG 'Jug Head' Student Council A. A. 1,2,3,4 Int. Volleyball 3 Band l,2,3,4 - Hockey 1 Int. Baseball 2,3 MARGARET MARY KILL! nuarmyn Dramatic Club l,2,3,4 Sub Deb 4 Band 1,2,:s,4 A. A. 1,2,3,4 Golf 2 R Bowling 3 Camera Club 1,2 Int. Basketball 2,3 Int. Baseball 1,2 Field Hockey 2 ,X4 2 'It ielgood to love the ,ulked frvll what Milli? he unkn0'u,' came, he replied, 'I am a citizen of the wor1d." 'I love fool'e experiments. 'Keep the golden mean be- I am always making them.' tween saying too mu h and too little.' "she knows ner man and mere. 'An manga come Ama to by hangs a tale.', him who will but wa1t.' 13 1 WILLIAM HANBIDGE 'Bill Football Mgr. 4 Riding ClubX2,4 Hockey 2 Camera Club 1,2,4 Indicator 1 Yearbook 4 Bowling 2 A. A. l,2,4 Block F Club 4 ROLL TEEN HOAG 'Til X IDIABD HUNT nndn A. A. l,2,3,4 Int. Track 3 Int. Volleyball 3 Int. Baseball 2,3 PEYLLIS I. KEVILLE 'Sis' A. A. l,2,3,4 Camera Club 3 Homemaking Club 2,3,4 Int. Volleyball 2,3,4 Baseball l,2 Int. Baseball l,2,3,4 Int. Basketball 2,3 Volleyball 2 RICHARD LINDIFIAYEB 'Lindy' A. A. 2,3,4 J.V.Basketba1l 3,4 Volleyball 2,5,4 Student Council 2 Red Cross 2,3 Sportsm nship Bro. Cheerleader 2,3,4 Int. Basketball 2,3,4 RUTH ELIZABETH XDNVICXA 'Ruthie' Safety Patrol l,2 Camera Club l Dramatic Club 3,4 sub Deb 3,4 Bed Cross 4 A. A. l,2,3,4 , Homemaklng Club 3,4 Int. Volleyball 2,4 Int. Basketball 4 Int. Baseball 2,3 'L good name is better than riches.' 'Down in a green and shady bed, a modest violet grew.' 'lot that he loved her less, 'She smiles and the shad- but he loves variety more.' owe depart.' a , N29 'Ah, that such sweet 'lqual portions of wisdom things be so fleet.' and mirth were given him 1 naturally by b1rth.' 14 JAIIS x1sslLLA 'Jim' Int. Baseball l,2,3,4 A. A. l,2,3,4 Yearbook 4 ' Baseball 2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 football 4 Int. Track 3,4 Int. Basketball 5,4 Int. Volleyball l,2,3 4 Band l,2,3,4 Int. Football l,2 UILLICINT RITA KISH ' 'Hill' Camera Club 2,3,4 Int. Volleyball 1,2 A. A. 1,2,3,4 Homemaking Club 2,3,4 Dramatic Club 2,3,4 Indicator l,2,3,4 Sub Deb 4 Int. Baseball l,2,3 Baseball 1,2 Basketball 2 ROBERT NELSON LUID ugobs Band l,2,3,4 Skl Club 1,2 Golf 2 Int. Track 3 A. A. 1,2,3,4 Bachelors' Club 3,4 ,Y -, . , .- naw ,aw ,, CLAIRE HAR!! ALBIBTS - . 'Claire' Dramatic Club 3,4 - Indicator 2 Camera Club 2,3 Sub Deb 3,4 Ski Club 2,3 PHILIP A. FULTON 'Phil' Basketball 4 Int. Basketball 4 Int. Baseball 4 Int. Volleyball 4 A. A. 4 FRANCIS CLBOLYN GRUPPE 'Tran' Red Cross Pres. 4 Student Council 4 L. A. 1,2,3,4 Dramatic Club 1,2,5,4 National Thesplan 2,3 4 Ski Club 2 Riding Club 1 Int. Baseball 2 Int. Volleyball 2,3 Sub Deb 5,4 'Charm is a rare thing and 'Ls Cod gave him stature, so to be treasured.' Be gave him talent.' z 1 4 - 'A silent stranger soon wins 'Bh, who knows what thoughts respect in the rank: of a lurk in the mind of Rosie.' noisy mu1t1tude.' X i x 'HOT Gif. h9T manner. 811 'Patience is the necessary who saw admired.' Ingredient of genius.' 15 mmsr L. D llrpielbs Football 3,44 .D Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4 Upstage Shepherds Lbiding Our Town Iver Since lve . Ladies ln Retire- ment Thespian 2,3,4 Pres. 4 Riding Club 4 Pres. 4 A. A. l,2,3,4 Indicator l,2,3 . Block F Club 3 Int. Volleyball l,2,3 Int. Track 4 f Debating Club 2 ' ROS! NELLIE ' GRIVELDING 'Rosie' A. L. l,2,3,4 nomemakmg ClubX2,3,4 Dramatic Club 1,2 Archery 1,2 Int. Volleyball l,2, 3,4 Int. Baseball l,2,3 4 Int. Basketball 1,2 3 Baseball 1,2 Basketball 2 nommn Glo: C A. A. l,2,.'5,4 Int. Baseball 3 Dramatic Club 3 Int. Track 3 ! -M. xr 1 Q 'x f.....4 DORIS ANN SHOEIAXIR 'Doris' National Thespian 3,4 Glee Club 1,2 A. A. l,2,3,4 Dramatic Club 2,3,4 Upstage Shepherds Abiding Our Town Iver Since Eve Ladies ln Retire- ment Int. Baseball 1,2 Camera Club l,2,3,4 Safety Patrol 1,2 Archery 1,2 Int. Volleyball 2,4 Band Uajorette 4 Cheerleading 3,4 WILLIAM GOEBELL 'Bill' Band 3 ,A.A. 3,4 Int. Volleyball 3,4 ,Int. Baseball 3 'She simultaneously attended 'He is a little chimney and a multitude of chostnuts, heated not in a moment.' nor did she once receive a bum." 4 SAMUEL CHARLES TOTE 'Sambo' Baseball 2,3,4 A. A. 2,3,4 Dramatic Club 4 Submerged Volleyball 2,3,4 Int. Basketball 2,3,4 Int. Track 4 Hockey 2,4 Ski Club 2 DORISQVIRGINIA ROUNDS 'Diz' Camera Club l,2,4 Homemaking Club 2,3,4 Dramatic Club 3,4 Indicator 3,4 Golf 2 Sub Deb 4 Riding cms 3,4 .Clee Club 1,2 Archery l A. A. l,2,3,4 Int. Volleyball l,2,3 4 'The magic of the tongue is 'Like the bee, she's always the most dangerous of all on the wing, and twice as spells.' busy.' HELEN ANN UEAGHIR 'Helen Ann' ARTHUR I Sportsmanship Bro. 4 TB NBER ,irtn sSub Deb 3,4 Vice-Pres. 4 nr-mane Club 1,2,s,4 club L2 Pres. 4 Bowling 2 National Theeplan 4 Int. Baseball 2 our Tom Int. Basketball 4 Ladies in Retire- Indicator 2 ment Camera Club l,2,3 Glee Club 2 Junior Class Pres. A. A. 1,2,:s,4 Yearbook 4 ' Indicator l,2,3,4 Basketball 2 Baseball 1,2 Ski Club 3 Riding Club 1,2 I t. V ll b ll 1 2 3 - 135. g skzzbgll 4' ' 'lhen she had passed, it '0h, stately sas his stature, Tumbling 1 seemed like the ceasing of and mute was his tongue.' exquisite mus1c.' ' .M . 4- Ah, sss,s,g,,Asgss,As i so ,415 I IUNICI NASH 'lnnie' Sub Deb 4 Ski Club 1,2 Int. Baseball l,2,5 Dramatic Club 1,2 Camera Club 1,2 Safety Patrol 1,2 Archery 1,2 Field Hockey l Int. Volleyball l,2, 3 vo11eyna11 l,2,3 Basketball l,2,3 1. A. 1,2,:s,4 1 BIHJAIIF PBDPIH 'Ben' A. 3. 1,2,3,4 Int. Track 3 Int. Volleyball 3 Int. Basketball 4 Basketball 4 Football 4 KANFTTR ELISB TIFFANY 'Nan' Empire Girls State Salutatorian Dramatic Club 2,3,4 Shepherds abiding Best Foot Forward Our Town Iver Since Ive Thespian 2,3,4 A. A. 1,2,s,4 Indicator l,2,3 Ski Club 2,3 Camera Club l,2,3 Archery l Debating Club l Int. Volleyball 2 sub neu 3,4 Seo'y. 4 'Behold a ready smile, and a 'Yell-timed silence hath more laugh that tlnklee all the eloquence than speech.' while.' 1 X ff Q S ' X H 1 X 'lan, the hermit, slgh'd-- 'She worked and sang the till woman smiled.' whole day through.' 1 'The size of the package hath 'The wisest man could ask no nought to do with the worth more of fate than to be sim- of the contents.' ple, modest, manly, true---.' 17 CLIFFORD ANTHONY I smrm 'Clifff Int. Basketball 3,4 Int. Track 3 Int. Baseball 2 BEULAH RAYNOBI 'Trlxle'l Glee Club l A. A. l,2,3,4 Safety Patrol l Int. Volleyball l,2,3,4 Int. Basketball 4 Freshman Vice-Pres. S Int. Baseball l,2,3,4 JOHN RAGUS 'Johnny' A. A. l,2,3,4 Football 3,4 Int. Track 3 X Int. Baseball 3 x is . . ' TL I., V gh., ,. X , W1 I 75 ,7i5',f11g, Q -ff1'Q'5A'x .Q hmmm " .f.-.QQZQVJI-. , - f ' E! ' N1 ' .55 if 1:-w " .efgpggzfmw -l zsee,f: -1 ' Q: - 'ref V Q Ass lu We, the graduating class of Fayetteville High School, ln the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-four, being of sound,m1nd, do solemnly bequeath the following to: Mr. McDermott: a time clock, an automatic doorlock, and more patience with the nquarter ofn students. Mr. Van G1esen: an original excuse. The School: escalators. Junior Class Girls: access to front row of the auditorium. Miss Bentley: a new system of French by D. Grldley. Joe Lawler: a very happy birthday, dear Joey. Jim Lannon: Jean Long--vice versa. Sue Fulmer: autographed copy of 'Book on Sleep' by Marm with added attractions by L.N. Isabelle Sleeth: elevated shoes. Jeanne Dennington: some uthlng' to occupy her time while Jerry's over there. Jack Bierhardtz a date with Paula Grassman. Ray Llndenmayer: a gold basketball and Kathy. Polly Smith: a trailer stationed at Manlius C.S. Jane Mayers: a telescope to watch Polly with. Mary Lou Church: a paper and pencil to confer with Mr. M. on sports. Shirley Tuttle: a happy smile .... not a giggle. Norma Wood: a solid band to go with that luscious diamond ring. Sophomore Class: the hope of being Juniors. Red Goode: option on the heart of his secret admirer ....... F. G. Betsy Volles: a basketball court ln her own backyard for Kenny. Dick Sims: back seat in Bob's car. Joan Rubado: eternity with Don. Mr. Saunders: more anxious and cooperative classes like ours to guide Adolph Hitler 5 Hirohitor a not too comfortable spot in Hell. Verna Porter: a dozen sailors all for herself. Dick Oeinckz eight hours sleep. Pat Pfohl: special edition on nwhat You Don't Find At Manl1us.' Mr. Monforte: class in Jltterbugging. Elizabeth Bahouth: the chance to replace Carmen Miranda. Betty Goebell: the sound advice of her brother. Ned Mann: a date with nhern ........ ..P.S. He got it! Fayetteville: a Military school to provide competition for Manlius. Freshman Class: a 'traffic Copn to tell them which way to go. g Jane Crockford: nChucku for a brotherg nHow1e' for a ....... well? Miss Hughes: another intelligent shorthand class like this years. Dewitt, Highbridge, E Manlius Center: combined government with Mr. McDermott as Mayor. f Miss Mclsaac: earphones to hear through the sour notes. Mr. Griffin: those ninfernal prisms.' . The Faculty: better cooperation from their brilliant students. Undergrades: a cozy little corner to dream of ntheir dayn ln 512. IN THE NAME OF THE BENEVOLENT FATHER OF ALL, We, the senior class of Fayetteville High School, Fayetteville, New York, do make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament. For our last work, we sincerely bequeath to all our boys in the service: Smooth sailing, best of luck, and a speedy return toward home. C18 I "- -1 . ,,,,ff- ff ss I l N .. .aailg , gifm .gfg9 47.4-A Claire Alberts--Just finished her new book--uS1mplif1ed Geometry.n Doris Eddy--Modeling strapless evening gowns for nSaks.H Rose Grevelding--Owner of the lunch counter at Woolworths. A Dorothy Grldley--Just completed her book uS1mpl1f1ed Chemistry--A Cinch.n Frances Gruppe--Testing planes over Tufts College. Betty H111--Owner of a tea room somewhere in England. Marmy Kelley--Joined the Waves and is getting a bang out of life. Milllcent Kish--The Eagle Bullet1n's correspondent for nDeW1tt Personals.n 2 Ruth Konvlcka--Voted No. 1 telephone operator with the sweetest voice. Nancy Marrian--Replaced Joan Davis as manager of the Sealtest Village Store. Barbara Martin--Happy now she's moved back to Fulton. Karlsen McClellan--Still believes that uVar1ety is the spice of l1fe.u Pat McNally--Up with God's angels still walking on the clouds. Helen Ann Meagher--Still waiting for St. M1chael's decision. Eunice Nash--Just figured out a new math formula Cappllcable to sailors? Lorlne Nodecker--Composer of uwhy I'll Never Smile Aga1n.u Beulah Raynore--Recently joined a harmony team with Roy Rogers. Doris Rounds--Selling Victor recordings of her giggle at 50d per Ha Ha. Doris Shoemaker--Broadway lead in NThe Manlius Cadet Rings Tw1ce.n Nan Tiffany--Business Manager for M. G. M. Jean Oeinck--Texaco Gas Co. is now sponsoring her comedy show. Peg Norris--Voted No. l deb of the season by that distinguished group of New Yorkers--uThe Bachelors Club.n Nola Hoag--Author of nThe Feminine View Point.u Ernie Beebe--Fingering the keys at the Metropolitan. Hal Birks--Leading role in the Superman Serial. Ben Carroll--Speaker of the House of Representatives 119645 Ben Coughlin--Propaganda minister for the Reich. Walt Cowie--Selling hair dye to the Eskimo females. Roger Cross--Flashing those nwings of Goldu over Tokyo. Phil Fulton--Writing a book on nHow To Be Late For Everythlng.H Roland Gage--Just established a 'round the world record of three days-- via bicycle. Bill Goebell--Proprietor of the uPainless Burial Establ1shment.n Bill Hanbidge--Still trying to beat Mac at gambling devices. Roger Hoag--Has invented a very complicated machine--but is now wondering what to use it for. Ed Hunt--Chasing blondes in his helicopter. James Kinsella--Peace advocate in the '10 year warn between Fayetteville and DeWitt. Dick Llndenmayer--Congressman for Manllus Center. Bob Lund--Understudy to Gene Krupa. Ben Proper--Producer of hot air for a toy balloon factory. Wayne Purtell--Modeling for nEsquire.H John Ragus--Has been promoted to General i?7 John Ragus. Clifford Seagfrid--Running the uCliff Taxi Servlcen for the metropolis of Kirkville. Bob Sims--Joined his father in the Sims Match Plate Company. Richard Lamprecht--Assistant to Albert Einstein. Art Trinder--Joined Barnum G Bailey as the Human Skeleton. Don Wallbridge--Selling ubow tiesu to the Ubangies. Sam Toth--Ski instructor in the Sahara. Phyllis Keville--Now modeling for the makers of Dresden China dolls. y 19 S M , ' iii w, M J" 5, ' .f B ww A ' Y I P ri 1 1' ff Ov 5365. 'I ff 'fan , .vB X :iff ffff +asaQsssa ' 2' . X, d ' '44 '4 'f-F ' 'ai 7Vi Y.VY V . Y- W Scl'mwe.r'2e1'15 Cir . n HH! T..-Q, -QQ TNQ- ,X -., -W fb M w 4 wg MJ COWlQ'3 Cor' I I X 'Au - A JN ' X ff' mx I Q all 'M' f J ,Q .QL M Kijiji! few 1 if :E K V - Av - i ' n x . W ini? 62414 X . I v Q03 1' WW Q' Y nf? Txwp - Q5 Q3 fly? 14,7 NN Nix-,li V f' f! -X H 'div' N Gmqoryls Car V ..,n1i1n!W f' 'M 0 S- f ' HW f " "V 2 W nz 1 0 6 f Y R ' C is U oger 6 ar- N I V i E . I 'EN Q V 1' 52511 1 aff' ' 'xxx r , X J ASHLEY FHOR5 HCP 5 SS H5 VKRE5 HMEN II S 1944 of M C I. A S S gm 1 Begg 191: C. Keppler, R. Schanbarger, F. Howell, R. Sutton, C. Conde, F. Petrie, R. Ball, R. Collins. Eggrjg gggz A. Hopkins, J. Stanton, G. Lindenmayer, J. Jennings, G. Twichell, J. Lawler, J. Georger, J. Bierhardt. lhgrg gpg: O. Fietta, F. Kinsella, C. Schwarzer, C. Stark. S U Second 393: E. Sleeth, P. Kelley, J. Dennington, K. Markle, M. L. McCormick, N. Glass, S. Tuttle, N. Wood, 5. Fulmer, A. Vowles. Erggg row: P. Smith, Mr. Griffin, C. Kerslake, H. Beecham, J. Lennon, J. Long, Miss Bentley, B. Motsiff, N. Lamb, B. Woonton. l The Junior Class begen the year with the election of officers-Jim Lennon president, Jean Long, vice-president, and Howard Beecham, secretary-treasuren George Llndenmayer and Beverly Woonton were elected Student Qouncil representa- tives, and Francis Kinsella was elected Red Cross representative. During December the class sponsored three Saturday n1ght,dences, and on Feb- ruary 24 they held a Penny-An-Inch dance, from which they profited 665. Class advisors were Mr. Griffin and Mrs. Resnick, the latter being replaced by Miss Bentley in January. , 23 N I WQQWSUPHU 0l2lE WW Ass 1' E, figfla anew h.afl 4 .. . Q . W. ,W 4, fjsjf'g"1wJ 5 .aekhfigwik QE? 'owfimhfge J E W faxfnvw . ,. ' "Z ' ' Q '55 diff: me f f W S ' 'r c , f 'wx 4' V ,. , tgg fif -gf,.,s -,3ii.1 inf ,. , 17 .W . .V 1.5, ,,., .,,., 5 A M ..,. , , 1 M 7 4. V kk ' U 4. f . -4 ,19My.,, A My R- MV A. ,A c E . g EsnL'rgn: R. Bolton J. Hutchinson, E. Greveldlng w. Helmlck B c ld J- HOSHH. A- Lagos, J: Hullar, R. Sims, R. VanOrman, 5. Lampreoht.' a er' Ibiza ran: R- Baysinser H- Forinser, s. Vowles R. Fairbanks P Gr g. gubado, A. Bracken, 6. P0rter, D. h1ner,, S. Henward, B. Rice, B. SZSTZEI - ertz. J- Walker, B. Jarvis, P. Pfohl, M. Trinder, B. Goebell, B. Vienna P. Courtwright, B. Abbott, S. Taylor, V, Blgckmgn. y ' 199239 IQ!! A. Hossbein J. Capron B. Massey J. Cran r D B k C R h L. Moyer, M. Crawford, Lf noroa1fo,'D, w1111omS, D. Robgrio, E.egogZ6cnf asc ' 21251 221: P. Reach G. Brockway J. Tiffany, R. Derby H Armstron C J 11 MPS' Whitney. A- Hi8gY, M188 W0Pa9n, T. Doxsee, P. Friedricks, G.gf1mber? K? Dunn: R- Nash, C- Kelsey, R. Pierce, A. Lambert. ' Officers of the Sophomore Class were Anne Hisey, president, Tom Doxsee vicefpresidentg Hamilton Armstrong, secretary, and Charles Jolly, treasurer With the aid of Mrs. Pauline Whitney and Miss Esther Worden, faculty advisers, they guided the class through a successful year. The annual dance was held in November, Thanksgiving being used as the theme for decorations. We wish to express our appreciation to Captain William Abbott for his efforts in securing the Manlius Cadet Orchestra for the occasion. I ,In order to defray extra expenses the class sold stationery, and at present has 8105 in its treasury. f I 24 57' f 1 Q . . es 4:11 '31 J ,V lisa-1 AN X ff Ass Begg ggg: D. Armstrong, J. Gregory, R. Hapstone, L. Payne, A. Daniels, H. Cun- ningham, W. Walker, D. Graff, C. Nyman, K. Hicks, D. Potts, E. Lee, P. Price. Fgggth ggw: J. Marsh, T. Smith, D. Pierce, J. Henderson, R. Daniels, Ellz. Kel- sey, Eleanor Kelsey, J. Ager, C. Toth, G. Penrose. ' Thggg 393: J. Tuttle, J. Ridings, J. Ashley, A. Hunt, J. Woodworth, N. Cough- lln, J. Moliski, K. Kinsella, M. Moliski, E. Gruppe, M. Wells, J. Ebeling, H. Pratt, C. McV1nney, Qgggng 293: E. Greene, D. Nelsen, J. Crockford, J. Blerhardt, N. Erb, B. Prlll L. Wickham, N. Morgan, J. Knowles, V. Williams, M. Hayers. Egggg ggg: J. Craw, M. E. Cerone, J. Keller, N. Hullar, F. Konvicka, J. Crock- ford, Mr. McDermott, B. Thompson, H. Charleton, J. M. Johnson, L. A. Cross, B. Dupree, K. Lamb, P. Altobellis, I. M. Wheeler Early last fall the Freshman Class elected Barbara Thompson as their presi- dent. Her co-workers were Harry Charlton as vice-president and Jim Crawford as secretary--treasurer. Later the Student Council Representatives were chosen, Sheldon Storrier from 202 and B111 Goode from 204. The Red Cross representatives were Jean VanGlesen from 502, Harry Charlton from 202 and Barbara Thompson from 204. Miss Mclsaac and Mr. McDermott were class advisers. The annual Freshman Dance was held December 22, with Christmas as its theme. Also on November 16, the Sadie Hawkins Dance was held with the theme following "Llttle Abnern of the funny paper. Both of the dances proved a great success financially and socially. 25 . 5'GHT,'i.EPS,5Q.E, .n n f-715-egg, A f ,L:,1'..,,.,..,.. -1001, fav-f e M -we'-1 ' Y to to ' ' ' 4-f' 0-M e, W ' "L eg ' Eglrf 53 Back ms Brown, Clifford, Spencer, Bshouth, lckel, Grevelding, Devoy, Vedder, Devil. 310300. Fairbanks, Lindeman. Fourth 23: Coon, Coughlin, Witte, Baird, Howell, Volles, Hanbidge, Hogan, Henderson, Ingerson, Black, Smith, Cannon, Brown, lloble, Creveldlng, Iannon. Third Lola Stanton , Petrie, Tily, Isgi, Iailey, Fleming, Day, lhipple, Bnnnell, Smith, Devoy, Powers, Aprahsmisn, Christensen, Searles, llaas, Smithers, Cox, Irish, Kimber, Bacel, Ziemba. Second ix Vessey, Con- de, Henderson, White, Goode, llason, Hisey, Ylnnevisssr, Regus, Armstrong, Ebert, Jerome, Hemrard, Hall, lright, Watson, llertes, Reeves, Trent 5-31: Elanton, Dsfgggg, 31311, Jennings, Phillips, Pm- tell, Sims, Kiss Snell, Kiss Fitzpatrick, Urs. Tracy, Insure, Seitz, Crew, Blunden, Orevelding, Capron, Twichell, Pomeroy, Quinlan, Gay, Failmezgsr. SEVE HTH GRAD E e ::g,f?' " 9,3 a Back gg: Porter, Jordan, Recore, lc0utcheon, Barkley, Jones, Ionviclm, Wilson, Perry, Stark, Fourth Lol: Vogt, Pfohl, Cooper, Hemmer, Porter, Armstrong, Davies, Gustin, Connelly, Crevelding, Rice, Gray, liischen, Button, ldwards, Schleich. Third gg: Farrell, Beecham, Becker, Dupree, llorgan, Spencer, Lindeman, lloulton, Pairnnn, Steiner, Esh, Konvich, Taylor, Ormsby, Church, Band. Second lm: Hale, llcEl1-oy, Georger, Twichell, loodworth, Rasmussen, Scibilia, Tily, Keller, lliss Htzpatrick, Coughlin, Vesbury, Gessler, Jarvis, linters, Hills, Palmer, Gelineau, Rowe, Hutchinson first row: Norris, Ford, Ashley, Leahy, llotsiff, Rounds, Bernhoft, Bradley, Baflovski, Gruppe, Brady,-firlcer, Cooper, Sherer, Long, Hildreth, Ball, Hall. '26 i CT 1.2! will 4 YE IQIBDOK STAFF Qggk ggg: Donald Wallbrldge, Ben Carroll. Erggj roy: Pat McNally, Bob Sims, Dorothy Gridley. The members of the C1 book in spite of the many In February we elected the Editor-in-ch Business Man Art Editor...... . Staff Photog Plans were drawn up, advisors, Miss Hyneman and first week in May. We have tried to make activities. We hope that calling happy days spent at ass of '44 worked valiantly to procure this year- obstacles which at first appeared to discourage us. following officers: ief ............... ...Robert Sims ager .... ..... Ben Carroll ... ...Dorothy Gridley rapher .............. Donald Wallbridge pictures taken in March and with the help of our Miss Hughes, the 1944 yearbook went to press the this an exact and permanent record of the year's in the years to come it will be your means of re- Fayetteville High School. 29 mem 1 Begg 291: J. Dennlngton, N. Coughlin, P. Smith, R. Pierce, K. Lamb, C. Resch, N. Lamb, K. Markle. iggggg ggi: B. Woonton, J. Ashley, L. Nodecker, A. Hunt, B. Vclles, N. Erb, D. Rnunds, J. Perry, M. Kish, J. Bierhardt, J. Rubado, B. Vienna, S. Fulmer, Miss Hughes, Miss Hyneman, Advisers, S. Tuttle. Ergnj ggi: B. Cossaboom, M. L. McCormick, H. A. Meagher, R. Sims, C. Hertz, D. Gridley, N. Marrian, J. Long. Our Indicator was published monthly this year because of the paper short- age. Again this year it received a Class A Rating at the Press Conference. Approximately fifty copies per month were sent to alumni boys in the Armed Service. STAFF Carol Mertz.... ....... ...Co-Editors Bob Sims Helen Ann Meagher... .... Literary Editor Bill Cossaboom... .... Sports Editor Nancy Marrian... .... Exchange Editor Dorothy Gridley .... .... ,Sales Manager 30 IDI? TIC CUJI3 gggg ggg: E. Beebe, C. Stark, F. Howell, H. Birks, R. Cross, B. Carroll, R. Lamprecht, B. Dupree, H. Armstrong, W. Cowie, D. Wallbridge, S. Toth. Eggrjh roy: M. L. McCormick, K. Markle, P. Smith, O. Fletta, D. Rounds, J. Dennington, B. Goebell, N. Lamb, N. Glass, S. Tuttle, J. Woodworth, M.J.Johnson 23115 ggg: J. Long, A. Bracken, E. Gruppe, D. Shoemaker, J. Rubado, P. Grass- man, P.Fr1edricks, B.Vessey, C.Schwarzer, A.H1sey, P.Pfoh1, D.Becker, B.Volles, igggng ggi: F. Gruppe, M. Kish, C. Alberts, B. Vienna, L. Metcalfe, L. Cross, B. Dupree, K. Kinsella, C. Resch, B. Rice, D. Miner, C. Kerslake, S. Fulmer, C. Mertz, J. Oeinck. Egggt 393: V. Porter, T. Lannon, F. Goodfellow, M. Trinder, R. Konvicka, J. Perry, D. Gridley, B. Woonton, H.A. Meagher, N. Marrian, B. Massey, P. Norris, D. Eddy, M. Kelley, L. Nodecker, Miss Young, Director. The Fayetteville Dramatic Club opened the season this year with the mys-' tery drama, NLad1es in Ret1rement.H Under the skillful guidance of Mrs. Resnick this difficult production was put on according to a somewhat different scheme of action. The play was, for the most part, double-casted and ran for two nights. Playing both nights to a full house, the production was acclaimed a success. At the beginning of the second semester this year, Mrs. Resnick's post of dramatic instructor was taken over by Miss Young. Instead Qf the usual three- act play, she began work on a triple bill of three one-act plays for the sprlng production. This program consisted of HSubmergedu, a story of naval courage, NA Girl In Every Portn and uAnt1c Springu, both light comedies. 31 4 Back rpg: M. E. Cerone, B. Vlenne, V. Blackmon, J. Ebeling, M. Wells, M. Miner, M. Benedict, I. M. Wheeler, V. Williams. lhlgg roy: L. Metcalfe, M. Crawford, M. Trinder, C. Mertz, C. Resch, D. Becker, J. Craner, A. Vowles, E. Greene. Qgggng gon: P. Courtwrlght, J. Capron, J. Walker, N. Morgan, J. Woodworth, M. J. Johnson, L. Wickham, B. Prill, L. Rowley, J. Henderson. 21353 rgg: J. Mollskl, M. Mollskl, P. Altobellis, A. Hlsey, P. Pfohl, Mrs. Clark, S. Fulmer, B. Thompson, K. Lamb, D. Nel- sen, J. Crockford. 1 Back ggi: J. Irish, J. Gustin, D. Ormeby, M. Konvlcka, J. Taylor, J. Lindeman, M. Stark. Fggrgh gpg: J. Vogt, A. Pfohl, B. Farrell, L. Kraysnhof, M. Brown, B. Schlelsh, C. Konvlcka, F. Jones. ' Qhlrd ggg: M. Reccre, H. Spencer, B. Gray, B. Edwards, L. Morgan, S. Wilson, M. McCutcheon. . . Qggggd'rgg: Betty Porter, J. Smith, M. Bunnell, J. Keller, H. Steiner, L. Perry, J. Smithers, E. Rice. . Egggt rpg: R. Porter, M. Collins, D. Connelly, J. Coughlin, M. Beacham, M. Becker, J. Church, M. Barkley. ' ' sa A .Y- . . ' SENQOR GLEE CLUB Mrs. Clark has as- sisted in developing the Senior Girls Choir. Sue Fulmer is presldentg Anne Hlsey, vice-president, and Pat Pfohl, secretary- treasurer. The choir now has fifty members, more than double the membership of last year. Their music consists of three-part work and some 80+ capella. At Christmas the girls sccompanled the pageant presented by the 6-2 grade and the Junior Girls's Glee Club. Anne Hlsey, Arlene Vowles, and Jane Craner represented the choir at the music conference which was held in Auburn on December lO-ll. JUNIOR GLEE. CLUB This year the Jun - lor Girls' Glee Club is exceptionally large, having sixty- three members. Mar- ilyn Bunnell is pres- ldent, and Hope Ap- prahamlan ls vice- president. Judy Gus- tln, Helen 5pencer, Marilyn Becker, Nar- garet Brown, and Bev- erly Hlcks are assis- tants to the vice- president. The first semester Jean VanG1e- sen was president. The girls of the glee club did most of the choral music for the Christmas pageant. At present they are working with the Sen- lor Choir ln prepara- tion for dthe spring concert to be given May 26. .Jim M. fl' - I f.f'.QfQ, 4 ,' .Q..g 1 sHMSi,, , ' efhziiffilfffff-1 1.. ' HW' 4' 1 ' --7? :-.V F" gli. .1 . lggg ggi: Phyllis Keville, Barbara Abbott, Marrian Miner. EIQHI gpg: Rose Greveldlng, Doris Rounds, Hrs. Whitney, Hilllcent Kish, Ruth Ionvloka. Q5-'-XX FW rs Egg: ggi: K. J. Johnson, H. Kish, K. Mc- Clellan, D. Rounds H. A Meagher, R.Sutton, Mr. Saunders, T. Lennon, D. Shoemaker, B. Goebell, C. Alberts. Qgggng ggi: J. Dennington, J. Long, J. Perry K. Markle, D. Wallbrldge, P.Horr1s, C.Mertz, F. Goodfellow, D. Miner. Iggng gpg: H. L. McCormick, P. Smith, B. Woonton, B. Tuttle, N. Lamb, V. Porter, G. Twiohell, A. Bracken. 33 HQMEMAKING The Homemaklng Club has not held too many regular meetings this year, but has had as officers, Millicent Kish and Doris Rounds. They have planned club aotlvl- ties with the aid of their adviser, Mrs. Pauline whitney. The group held a Christmas Luncheon Party for all the high school home econf onlcs classes. Mrs. anton and Mr. Van- Glesen were special guests. The annual dinner of the Board of Education was held on February 7, the club having complete charge of details in Mrs. Wh1tney's absence. Because of gas rationing and lack of transportation facilities, the usual trip to Cornell in February for Farm and Home Week was cancelled. CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club, under the direction of Hr. Saunders, elected for the year 1944 Donald Wallbrldge president, and George Twlchell vice-president, secretary and treasurer. During the school year members par- ticipated ln dark room activities such as taking, developing and printing pictures loving pictures were taken of the first football game of the season and. were shown during the year, the proceeds going to the classes that sponsored them. All in all, the Camera Club enjoyed a successful year, in spite of the short- age of photographic supplies caused by the war. f sximf 1 I-L., ' -- M " A", '13 ff A - fa jfs: ivan WWW N 133.7 'ffff-x-,5'.ffQ' Vw Wg, X , ,g.gj3i3?gy i'f Qsisifw I 'A gf' 'w ,J gggkxggiz Bt Carroll, C. Ierslake, D. Shoe- maker, H. A. Meagher, N. Marrian, D. Eddy, H. Birks. Egggi ggi: J. Perry, F. Gruppe, D. Gridley, E. Beebe, Miss Young, B. Woonton, D. Miner. 'N gggg ggi: J. Long, D. Lindenmayer, H. Birks, H. Beacham, G. Lindenmayer, B. Woonton. gggggg ggi: M. L. McCormick, H. A. Meagher, J. nnon, D. Wallbridge, R. Lindenmayerl B. H111, n. Easy, 14. xeny. Ziggy ggi: B. Coughlin D. Gridley B. Gar- roll, P. Mclally, W. Gciie, S. Fuller. F 34 THESPIAN The National Thespian Dramatic Honor Society was created for the purpose of promoting excellence in dramatics. Mem- bership in this society is awarded on the basis of points earned for meritorious work done on dramatic productions. Mem- bers also earn higher recognition in the form of stars--starting at one star and progressing to four stars, the highest rating possible to bestow on a high school dramatist. This year the Fayetteville Troupe initiated a large number of new members and also awarded four-star ratings to three former members. Ernest Beebe was elected Troupe president: Dorothy Grid- ley, vice-president, and Pat McNally sec- retary. o BT SPOFTTSNANSHIP BROTHERH O O D The Sportsmanship Brotherhood in F.H.S. is purely an honorary organization. Ten boys and ten girls were chosen this gear from the Junior and senior classes. he members have proved themselves to be true sportsmen and women by keeping the code of honor. A member is recognized because: l. He keeps the rules. 2. He keeps faith with his com- rades and plays the game for his side. He keeps himself fit. 5. 4. He never hits a man when he is down. 5. He keeps pride in victory. 6. He keeps a stout heart in defeat which is accepted in good grace. e keeps a sound soul, clean mind, and healthy body. 7. RIDING CLUB The riding club was formed late this fall under the guidance' of Miss Jones. Ernest Beebe was elected president, Doro- thy Gridley, vice-presidentg and Sue Fulmer, secretary. The club plans to ride regularly this spring at the Troop K Riding Academy Gas shortages ,this year present a prob- lem, but the club intends to overcome this with the liberal use of shoe leather X ff! 1 V -f- ' M' -J-'La -P159 v W . . MTN.. s ,- RN . ' A Q 3 f f 4. QSJ4 ,.eng 551, , MW- , .-- N H '-Q. , 'W""'f:. Q Eat 'i QV .D Eiaaei s. 5 Viljf . l F XL SAFETY PATROL The Safety Patrol was organized by the Student Council and the faculty for the purpose of keeping order in and a- round school. The patrol consists of freshmen and Junior high students who are interested in keeping the school in good order. They are advised by Mr. McDer- mott. if jggL,ggg: B111 Hanbidge, M. Meyers R. Lamp- recht. ' Qggggg ggi: J. Dennington, N. Marrlan, C. Hertz, B. Carroll, J. Walker, J.fKnowles. Eggng ggg: B. Massey, D. Rounds, E. Beebe, D. Grldley, S. Fulmer. sggglgglz J. Smith, W. Jerome, V. Dupree, . regory. ihggg :gli M. Bunnell, H. Spencer, R. HaIL . Jolly, J. Irish, J. Ebeling, M. Wells, Qggggg ggi: H. Fischer, D. Connelly, F. Kon- vioka, H.H1cks, H. Charleton, Hr. McDermott, K. Lamb, J. Bmithers, A. Hunt. Eggni ggi: L. Payne, P. Winnewisser, J. Han- ton, L. raw, H. Woodworth. 35 IIZIIIIQS This year, for the first time, F. H. s. had baton swnlers. In Hay 1943 two twirlers, Doris Shoemaker and Betty Goe- bell, began practice, this fall Marilyn Meyers became a member of the groupg and finally Miss Mclsaac organized a class in twirling which was composed of about twenty-five girls ranging in age from six to sixteen years. With Betty Goebell as their -drum major, the girls participated in many of the band's activities. Bott Goeb 11 Hari lays , D thy Be l I ' foris menus? on f The Fayetteville Band wagon has add- ed another running board for the newly organized Junior Band. This organiza- tion is a training band to give ensemble experience to grade school and Junior high pupils who have not yet been admit- ted to Senior Band. This year has seen the Senior Band membership increase to include 52 play- ers. The Junior Band has 31 members. The highlights of the year for the Senior Band have been participation in the bond drive at which Claire Alcee sang, two football games, the Christmas pro- gram and preparation for a program for the P.T.A..and the annual Spring Music Festival. , Besides working for points toward earn1ng,a Fayetteville School Band emblem the band sold 8129.50 in magazines in the spring drive conducted by the glee club and band. ' 36 ggggng: J. amen, P. Smith, R. Lund, R. Schanbarger, A. Lagos, B. Goebell, D. Lamp- recht, . Pratt, J. Long, R. Rounds, Mies Mclsaac. Qgggng gpg: B. Fairbank, E. Ragus, N. Conde, C. Gay, J. Craw, M. Maiers, D. Shoemaker, D. Baird, J. Taylor, G. and, R. Armstrong, J. Wright. Eggnt ggi: N. Vosbury, U. Crew, M. Konvicka, H. Fischer, P. Lash, B. Button, G. Hildreth. sm cmss The Junior Red Cross had success- fully completed another year with Fran- ces Gruppe as president and Mrs. Munroe as faculty advisor. Selling tablets started the year, and that has been a continuous project. The sewing class has done its bit to hasten the peace by making quilts and bed jackets. In November the membership drive brought very satisfying results with 1005 of the student body cooperating. Recently a drive was completed to 'round up' blood donors. CHEH2 IEAIDI The Cheerleading squad this year has been composed of twelve girls chosen by Miss Jones. During the basketball season, a new system was inaugurated whereby each week the members of the squad elected a headcheerleader for the purpose of lead- ing pep fests, advertising the games and generally taking charge of the activities of the cheerleaders. 37 f Eggk ggi: W. Jennings, D. Daggett, H. Char leton J. VanG1esen H. Armstrong, B. Thomp son, B..P1erce, F. Kinsella, J. hillipa. Eggng gggz M. Barkley, R. Cross, F. Gruppe, Hrs. Munroe, R. Konvioka. , n 1' 'L ZX' YQ:-1 ' r Qggkgn: B. Jarvis, J. Perry, L. Nodecke E. Bahouth, D. Shoemaker, S. Fulmer. Iggn1,ggs: M. Trinder, B. Volles, F. Good- follow, . Miner, B. Woonton, B. Massey. 8 DI I3 l l r Back ggi: J. Bierhardt, B. Vessey, B. Calder, J. Kinsella, G. Lindenmayer, B. Jennings, B. Toth, G. Twichell, B. Gabrielson, F. Kinsella. H59 34 gg!! D. Gregory, K. Dunn, B. McIntyre, E. Kimber, T. Doxsee, Capt. W. Cowie, P. Friedricks, W. Goode, H. Beacham, Coach Tom Honforte, J. Hogan. , iggH1,ggg: Mgr. B. Hanbldge, W. Purtell, E. Grevelding, J. Lennon J. Georger . lcks, R. indenmayer, . Wallbridge, B. Coughlin, . Carroll, B. Beebe. S The football season of 1945 proved to be the most successful in the history of F. H. S. Under the able coaching of Mr. Monforte, a new comer to the faculty, the team completed their five game schedule undefeated. In maintaining this re- cord the team won the Onondaga County Championship for the first time. At thee end of the season the team was entertained at a banquet where they received gold footballs. Mr. Monforte was awarded a ski outfit by the team at the banquet. The results of the games were as follows: Fayetteville - 7 Solvay - 7 " - 19 Skaneateles - O " -A13 Marcellus - O ". - 7 East Syracuse - 0 " - 0 North Syracuse - 0 QMS THQ i yr , NAVY 1' NAVY 'k 1 'AHOHBAHOUTH 'TICK3 BILLY-3'GIZT'l0" KEN HICKS LJ I P7 P7 Y yvmzsnv n ASKIETIB u gag? ggg: F. Kinsella, B. Carroll, J. Hogan, D. Wallbridge, B. Coughlin, . utton. Eggnt ggg: E. Grevelding, P. Fulton, J. Lannon, W. Goode, Mr. Griffin. Our team had a very good season in that they went so far as to win the Eastern divisional playoff games from East Syracuse and North Syracuse. Fay- etteville defeated North Syracuse, Eastern Division Champions, two out of three times, the only club to beat them all season. 1 We then played Camillus for the Onondaga County League championship and were defeated in the final game of the season. X 40 I x l44l7l44ll,l,lWw ASKEII3 ll Qggk 293: S. Storrier, D. Lindenmayer, H. Beacham, N. Mann, J. Spencer, D Sutton. Zmnl mr.: Griffin. , R. McIntyre, E. Grevelding, K. Dunn, B. Calder, C. Conde, Mr The J. V. basketball team had a good year. They ended in third place by losing 5 games and winning 7. The team was well rated among the teams of the county. The J.V. also gave Ed Grevelding and Jim Ager to Mr. Gr1ff1n's Varsity These players have proved very valuab1e. The majority of J.V. players will be back next year. They hope to take the championship along with the Varsity The games won were! East Syracuse both games Tully both games Manlius both games Cazenovia both games North Syracuse one game Those lost were. Minoa 2 games Liverpool 2 games North Syracuse 1 game ' 41 L. L-. Asus ll Q Back rg!! G. Twichell, F. Kinsella, N. Mann, B. Fairbanks, E. Grevelding, D. Wallbridge, B. Coughlln, J. Hogan, B. Calder, B. Gilkey, S. Storrier, B. Conde, R. McIntyre, J. Spencer, C. Qggggg ggi: H. Hicks, J. Lannon, Jolly. W. Goode, R. Lindenmayer, R. Ball, Mr. Mon- forte, H. Birks, R. Sims, W. Cowie, S. Toth, J. Kinsella.. 12921 IQ!! H. Beecham, R. Nash, A. Vedder, R. Ford, R. Collins, D. Sims. This year's baseball team, compete in an all-county league eight veterans and twenty-five league games, the team will play s Valley and other teams near by. under the guiding hand of Coach Monforte, will and expects a very successful season. About newcomers will make up the team. Besides the everal non-league games With C. B. A., Manlius, As this yearbook goes torpress, we're wishing the team all the luck in the world. I 42 ms laasnins u BggL,2gg: M. L. McCormick. Ihigg roy: N. Hullar, E. Kelsey, B. Thompson, E. Greene, D. Miner, C. Kerslake M. Wells, J. Crockford. iggggd gggz C. Hertz, P. Pfohl, B. Jarvis, L. Nodecker, J. Keller, K. Markle, J. Long, S. Fulmer, H. Mayors. Eggnt gpg: J. Knowles, J. Walker, P. Smith, D. Eddy, K. Kinsella, B. Volles, E. Bahouth, J. Perry, B. Massey, B. Woonton. This is the first year that the girls have formed a Basketball Club. Mary Lou Church was president, and Polly Smith was secretary. Other members who made up the club team were Jean Walker, Betsey Volles, Jane Mayers, Katherine Kin- sella, Carol Kerslake, Marilyn Mayers, Pat McNally, Doris Eddy, Elizabeth Ba- houth, Jean Van Glesen and Elizabeth Kelsey. Altogether thirty-one girls partic- ipated in the games. Qgggg Scores Fayetteville Fayetteville Cazenovia Cazenovla Fayetteville N. Syracuse Fayetteville E. Syracuse Fayetteville Minoa Fayetteville Liverpool Fayetteville Liverpool . I 43 ' J yflffs 4' Xxlii Uv 'Ss ' 1.5 ' 'Q-2' , ' Flu. V ' Bggk rgg: E. Bahouth, J. Perry, D. Shoe- maker, D. Miner, B. Massey. 4 Eggntdrgg: D. Eddy, B. Hill, P. McNally.v V' K ei pfff i. 'YMWX O ' fl A 2255 Y O Oy xi y?f W S? ,' .gage ES Q? ,gZ?5 i,:.,'f' W' . 3F3S?Y5 Ebel W", . X J SST x ,5 X ,. gggk ggi: J. Hogan, E. Grevelding, K. Dunn, . Twichell. - Qggggg ggw: J. Lannon, W. Goode, P. Fulton, W. Purtell, B.Carroll, E. Beebe, W. Hanbidge J. Georger, F. Kinsella. - Eggnt rgg: D. Wallbridge, B. Coughlin, W. Cowie, R. Lindenmayer, oach Monforte X f , GIRLS BLOCK F a had a Girls' Block F. Club. Letters were awarded to Pat McNally, Betty Hill, and Doris Eddy, who acted as football mana- gersg and to Betsey Volles, Barbara Mas- sey, Elizabeth Bahouth, Doris Shoemaker, ll Dorothy Miner, and Jeannine Perry, who were cheerleaders. Much publicity was handed to the three football managers because it has been the first time any football team a- round us has ever had girl managers. They did a good Job and kept at it throughout the season. . I BOYS BLOCK ,F Block F Club is open to all boys who have earned the Fayetteville block let- ters ln either footballq basketball or baseball. A banquet was held last June at Gwynn's. It was attended by the members, alumni members, the men of the faculty, and friends of Fayetteville High School. - 44 ' ! 7 1 4 , , X , Q 5 g'- o 1.-Those "glamourus" sophomores. 2.-Green Lakes' brawny lifeguard-Goughlin. 5.fLaw1er's pride and joy-Jess Q Sleep. T Q 4.-Now you know why girls never' go out with Jess Ia second time.--Jess 8: H1115 5.-Wilson Stevens--U. S. Navy. 6.-Mighty Mackey, 7.-Look at those IP9313 Smiles-fKenny, Amo, a 9. Lindy. 9.-Dave Wallbrigge--Arm! Air Cqrps- e9f-- 'Ladies-In Retirement'-Dolores,pB.'DuPfea, B, V1EBn6,,DQI1B45': 5 Franaes Q' 1O.-This happens every ffme' she sees 6. ,ll8.I'I'5-811' 11."fFI'ank Lucffrlxi 1 N , , . A .... gm... 4.1. - This page is dedicated to Othew' members of our class who have left - if ei Mitchell Bahouth Frank Luczyski Fayetteville, New York U..S. Army X x rth ' Donna Danforth orps U. S. Marine Corps William Danfo U. S. Marine C ll Enfqi S QHVERT' is O'OfO PfATRON'S LIST Mr. 5 Mrs. Harold Allen Mrs. Martha Trinder Mrs. Harold Tracy Mr. 8 Mrs. C. E. Alberts Mr. A Mrs. C. J. Kerslake Mr. J Mrs. Roger Cross Miss Helen Swiatlowski Mr. 8 Mrs. J. J. Cashin Mr. 8 Mrs. Charles Mason afc Bruce A. Edlund Mr. A Mrs. Bob Fietta Mrs. K. Lawrence Miss Beatrice Thompson Miss Irene Rutherford A. Cahill . James McDermott . Van Giesen Miss Mary Mr. 8 Mrs Mr. 6 Mrs Mr. A Mrs. Harry H. Hoag , . William J. Purtell Mr. A Mrs Mrs. Florence Smith , Mr. 6 Mrs. Lee Carroll Mr. M Mrs. Leo Oeinck Mr. 5 Mrs. Sortor Mr. 5 Mrs. Edwin A. Gruppe Claude W. Seagfrid Mr. 5 Mrs. Everett Price Mr. 8 Mrs. Philip F Coughlin Mr. Q Mrs. Albert F Hopstein O'O'O'O'O 49 Sbwmwwmmfm 21.,.1547y,m0mx,mAw?g S 3 Qi ? Q NE dim kzzxm Mizz, g Af M11 Q5 ' ix P E " M' JJAJW S gi X? ix 5 3 il N55 F xg'ZTf'1'43?'7?h"f'?77f'W"4Z"?'2'f""4M774"W?"'.7 Wqwfvf W THE BACHELOR CDUB We are the bachelors of dear old 3123 Of the mysteries of women, there is much we could tell Some fellows like dances and parties and junk, But they are the fellows that lack that old spunk. So for a good man, that's wiser than Mosesg A rugged young fellow that never sends roses: THAT'S USIIIJ President--Ben Carroll Vice President--Roger Cross Secretary--Dick Lamprecht Treasurer--Hal Birks Members: Phil Fulton, Don Daniels, Roger Hoag, Bob Lund, Ernie Beebe, Bill Hanbidge, and Jim Kinsella. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1944 51s BERT BALDWIN Mxfii Fayetteville COMPLIMENTS OF pDRY GOODS NOTIONS In 1 - 0 - FAYETTLQILLL INN ' School Textbooks and Supplies - 0 - -I5 W 'IHS 51-49-35 JL an We Specialize in COATS' THREADS AND YARNS B. 3-1. TRQQY ggsous, 199. L U M B E R f-wwO1rwm- WHEELER'S RESTRAURANT C o A L w o o D l Mrs. Whee1er's Home Cooking GASOLENE 206 Brooklea Drive Phone 186 Phones wwwonmw Fay. 53 2-2629 we llllip BBBA 52 O iii Q O Compliments of FAYETTEVILLE CIVIC CLUB O O OOO W I 53 L.f I Compliments of A Friend Fi Fred J. Beals - - - 5-4790 ' Grading and Excavating of all Kinds Sand, Gravel and Stone Compliments of A Former Student Best Iishes to the CLASS OF 1944 Compliments of GATES LAWLER DRUG CO HOIBSTEAD FARMS ' ' ' Miik cream DeWitt , N.Y. KELLER ac Gomz, Inc. 'That Good Fuel' Anthracite Bituminous Coke 538 Butternut St. Syracuse, N. Y. Phone 2-6181 Shop At 'ALBERTS' Diamonds- ------ -lhtches Next to Eckel Theatre on Your Why to Salina St. OUR PRICES ARE LDIER 'H"ll'-X-'21--X-'X--H--R -K--H-li'-ll-'lHi'-Ii'-K 'K'-R-'N'-if--N--H--H-H -!+'N-'Z'-IH!-H-N--W '31--If 440 'IHI' -H-'H' 481- 41-44- -IHE -li'-I COMPLIMENTS OF na friend' if 4? an 44 waawwnww 44444444 uawuwuwu 44444444 anafanwau Compliments from Tily Dairy k Dewitt Bake Shop -X-'lf-Zi--I!-41--I!-IH!-4 QRECLSIOH g:A5'ggGs QQ., Inc. DIE CASTINGS in Aluminum Magnesium Zinc FAYETTEVILLE, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. X Cleveland, Ohio 56 4 4 4 u 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 WOOD GLASS CO. i 4 4 il--I B E S T W W I S H E S Millwork -------- Glass ' H R. H. D. H I L L 4 4 4 Q 125-27 James St. Syracuse, N.Y. 'li-l"Il' S Everything in S H E E T I U S I C and M U S I C B O O K S Vocal Q Instrumental ---g--- Band - Choral - Orchestra Collections - Octavo C 0 M P L 1 M E NXT 3 Studies - Methods Hey ue serve you? OF C RK IUSIC CO. y 4l2ASo. Salina St. PATRICIA! SILK CO. INC. 157 Crouse Place MAC GREGQRY Syracuse, N. Y. Outfitter to Junior Esquires' 0 450 S. Salina St. Syracuse, N. Y. 'Q -H Y, . , , . ,M , Compliments of E. L, GAY DAIRY X XXX I Pasteurized Milk Cream Chocolate Milk , ,,,.1-nn. V .C+ Compliments of I C c. B. Bnunnrcm Compliments of A- Jerome K. Cheney -li JOHN G. HUMPLEBY p Dewitt, H. Y. Insurance. Real Estate C Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Goodrich In Aopreoiation for yodr V support p Junron RED cnoss ooUNc1L ETINT5N'ZTEFUWN Groceries--Nbats - Birdseye Foodsl-Beer Fay 0 0 79 5-4781 GOOD LUCK to the '44 GRADS. from Davis D. Whllbridge Socony Gas At The Corner 4 E. Genesee A Erie Blvd. Dewitt, N. Y. Leon Carpenter Compliments of Benj. F. Daniels THE SHELL STATION nAt The Crossroadsn DeWitt, N. Y. Towing Tel. 4-9512 SYRACUSE HEAT TREATING COMPANY Une of the Leading Heat Treating-Arsenals of Our Country 1002 on Defense NQUALITY in any QUANTITYN I 1 I YESi 1 F111 prescriptions -Develop and Print Films for 394 -Serve Sundaee and Sodae -Have 154 Sodas -Have 10d 5-Pts. of COMPLIMENTS Ice Cream -Carry School Sup- plies of -Carry Box Candy and 55 Bars - Have Light Lunches C. C. Bradley A Son, Inc -Are Cut-Rate -W0n't Be Undersold Syracuse, New York -Deliver FAYETETIYIIILE1 PHARMACY Phone Fay. 182 Open 11 P. M. 60 CR -Ii-lv OUSE HINDS COMPANY 4 an-as 4- Syracuse, New York as Y 3 L 1 81 1 I Compliments of 5 E E N E ' E C R E O'O'0 BILL UNGER 4 I I I P O W E R ' S i I B R l.A I 4 G E N E S E E G A R A G E I 800 East Genesee St. an-nnaauuo 'COHPLETE ONE STOP SERVICEn 5-1919 Open 24 Hours 4-9384 n n n n n n N n n n n n n n u n A. J. RICE SCIBIl1A'B Kirkville, New York Vegetables, Fruits Quality Heats and Groceries Graagries General Merchandise DeWitt, N. Y. Bus, Phone Res. Phone n u n n n n u n n n n n n u n u Chit' 3854 E'Syr'22F52 I COHPLHENTS 'rho REXALL store J.P. White, Proprietor OF Prescription E. W. IERTZ Pharmacy x 4 444+ , 444+ 1 -ll- 'I--If -If Comp 1 iments of the FAYETTEVILLE FIRE DEPLRTIINT Compliments of the DOIITT FIRE DEPARTIENLP. -ll- -I!-'N' -If C OR ompliments of V ILLE BAR BECUTE DeWitt, N. Y. G O O D L U C K A N D S U C C E S S To The GRADUATES C. R. E A T O N Thirty-two Years of Dependable Service C 4 Best Wishes to the CLASS of 1944 o Ho chell Compliments of DADEY k McGRAW 4 N 4 4 The Tydol Station 'll' 'll' -If -X- Dewitt N.Y. vx u --.W Best wishes from Francis L. McElroy - -QHFC--Z? S. T. S M I T H 4 SOCONY GAS a SERVICE Meat Groceries Beer NThe Little Store ------ on the Corner' Always Ogen Clarence W. Gage Compliments of nHu11arsn G Fayetteville, N. Y. IWFOODLANDW For the BEST in Meate 66 To The Class of 1944 . CONGRATULATIONS if-6695 for the Accomplishments of . You and Your Faculty GOOD LUCK ll ll il 1.--,nv for the larger tasks ahead Sims latchplate Company Prdduction Foundry Patterns 2176 East Erie Blvd. Syracuse, New York m 67 ...for Summer ...for Graduation ...for Anything that turns up We consider a Palm Beach white Jacket with navy trousers just about tops" in any young man's wardrobe, for their man-tailoring and style bring out the best in anyone's looks. You will always have the assurance you are well-dressed..whatever the occaslong the assurance you are well-groomed.. for a ?alm Beach keeps its press remarkably well. ' White coat 15.50 Navy Slacks 5.95 wELLs an yoovsspy, INC. T Prep Shop--Third Floor A C O M P L EyT E Compliments S I CsA Ly S E R V I C E SS A of Q ofofo X " x x x x x x x HICKEY MUSIC STORE 550 E. STATE ST. MCINTYRE BROS. PAPER CO. INC. ITHACA, NEW YORK 68 gl GEORGE P. KIMBALL Dependable Insurance of all kinds 'I' I'-ll' if 250 Wellington Rd. DeWitt, N. Y. 'ron DAY I.S f o r I C T O R Y S A L U T E to the Fayetteville Boys in Service Mr. R Mrs. W. Conley 1 , lil HOUR LAUNDRY STORES INC. we again offer our fast pre-war service Compliments of CASEY'S Home of the DeWitt Kiwanis Extending Best Wishes to the Seniors X BAHoUTH's FINER SHOES CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK GRIDLEY SMQKE sHoP ees. South Salina at E. Genesee St. Syracuse, N. Y. Dan Gridley, Prop Compliments COMPLIMENTS OF of the ACME MARKET UVANDALSU Ralph Downes Compliments Compliments of of John HSN-Oski '45 W. C. Mason's Garage L 70 ii- -31-X'v'I'66 -3? Compliments of C-LAW TOOL AIRCRA PARTS CORPORATION -li-'3!'7N"H-'Zi' 71

Suggestions in the Fayetteville High School - Indicator Yearbook (Fayetteville, NY) collection:

Fayetteville High School - Indicator Yearbook (Fayetteville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Fayetteville High School - Indicator Yearbook (Fayetteville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 6

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Fayetteville High School - Indicator Yearbook (Fayetteville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 58

1944, pg 58

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