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Fayetteville High School - Bluebonnet Yearbook (Fayetteville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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1 lkmxfe e VW, Wren? 9 "QQ as 'ea 4 B x my fwsigivx I 11:11 ' 4 ' ' :N 574-gs .Q "" N e -4l""A1,f' Ze Q if f f f' Qiagwb 0 gfuegouu ef 9 4 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR5 f ?WfWw mfffffffmf L9 f . P4 3' .912 73 0 S fe paw xg 93,1 diff, " ' .Ng - r-fl? -Ang 1211 ' E!-1xQ'iiS!F?"?M+:2 e7 AM. 1:85 wvbpgf jf, .kiln I" v', I 8 O Z! N WA C5695 Scfzoof Jimfgzfmgf gfemwefm yfgcd oo f Huddmg I 5" 'Y V V A .. ff - . V . ,f 'W , i in MER.-f . if ' K 1 34 ' O I Q i N u W A W ,J! kk J - 4 ,L 1 f . ,, ff K- . ' A ,, ,H ,m 1 Nw my I ' L . , , Q 3 f- , W 'M , ' k -- f jgfwwggw' . 1 o Q Here we 1nscr1be our school mernor1es 5 wh1ch we hope w111 grow dearer 1n our s hearts as the stream of 11fe flows down through the unnumbered years It 15 our hope to preserve some of our cher1sh S ed school memones 1n th1s the eleven gg EA th ed1t1on of The Bluebonnet 42 ,QW 6 s I X ' ,Ml X C 1 S 5 91 ,G N x 1 is ' .ixv S 'S S 0 P SW . 2 56 x M s lizlx , P 25 32112112 5 s 1212121212 '2" "'1: 2 13:1'1'2' ' s ts ij p 2, . . . S 5 S . . . 8 S , 5 S s . S s ' s S - - W s s ' . . . , - s S s . . ., ,,. S HJ S S S S S 6 s 2' S jk ff! KI ll uc WZLUVL The Sen1or Class of 1948 unamrnously ded1cates th1S the eleventh volume of The Bluebonnet to the rnennory of Ral ph FT1tSCh a former classmate whom God has called to h1s heavenly home a year ago ...M X 'K U ml! E' 1-Wm- , , .., , --M-..-..-.i....-. xii AA xx ...www f QI, UE? RMU! ' Rx Tix if K M.. ,.,,, , Y, 4..g. T an f Q a m fl fg ' Q A " 5.415417 Qi! adaczfiavff Ben M Ha1aIT11C8k Herbert Wled 7' 95115-.1 'Tiki' f I F Chup1ck J WL Sutherland Remhard Wolff Pre Sldent Supermntendent Secretary Adolph Klunek l And Ben Moeller V1ce Pres1dent Rud M1narc1k wc. rf- ' O 0 '53 -mn V, Q A cr g Q, b, a-A gt p J 'F '51 1 Q: 'Q 5 r" :Q W f r if Q: ' d Q4 , 5 'V ' .. ," , ,fv he X mil I C . l l U ' ' U an A :ww ' mf. fx I A qv ,. v 5' J W L Sutherland Super1ntendent ,pn-.. James F Parma Commerc1al Mrs Eula Sutherland Homemakmg Mrs Glenda Toll lst 8: Znd Grades Zecaffy, Clara Koch Elementary Pr1n Elmo Meyer Jesse J Jochec PT1nC1pa1 Fred Grebe Mathemat1cs i- Mrs M Graeter Voc Agnculture Engl1sh 6 LXQI FL? 0. AD!" Mrs M Preston 3rd 8: 4th Grades -slksl' Frances Kamas Sth 8: 6th Grades 5- .ai x Q ev A .f J c n 1 5 -, ' 5 V My fr I Q ' "' 1. " 'uv as 1 ,. M ff? , W Q .' :til " I p: , - . W 2 G H 5' " ' I UK n M n ' 'A 7 ' ' ,vw Ag M y - ,. 1 Q- , f -f - . J J J X 1 1, . 1 .I Lt "2 - ..., I U D U My ' 'Q as 4- V , Y 2' .NX sf'-A gf, 'yn ,121 T s, 1-.?'1":- QC., "'5f'g, - .bf .riffs-9215 . To the Senlor Class of Fayettevllle Hlgh School So you are now ready to graduate from hlgh school After four years of work and pleasure you have reached tie culmlnatlon of your dreams As your superlntendent I wlsh for you that WNFR remember that success 1S not measured by dollars and cents but by character You are lS3V1HU hl h school at a crltlcal period ln the hlstory of the world You are a part of the world and the way you act may 1U a measure exert some lnfluence on the progress of the world It behooves us to spend some of our tlme ln thlnklng and ln study Deep thlnklng may save many a heartache Mag you really THINK Slncerely, J W L butherland Superlntendent PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE The Senlor Class and the Staff are due the hlghest compllment for thelr efforts ln edltlng thls splendld book Thls annual lS the result of a flue splrlt of cooperatlon between the staff and sponsor The excellent splrlt of the advertlsers who wllllngly QUbSCTlb8d to advertlsements whlch made lt posslble for thls annual to be publlshed As prlnclpal, I could Search far and perhaps never flnd a better student body and faculty wlth whmn HW'work would be more enjoyable. Senlors, may success crown all your worthy efforts 1D llfe and also glve you Vour due share of the good thlDQS. Snncerely yours, Jesse J. Jochec Prlncipal ifg' ld . 1 . -r. A . . ' gg p HAQLQ .-g' ig jQgf'Qfs measure of success that you merit and ?E?f'gf - ' r 5 D Q' l . 3 I . . C . T :X Q,"-A-in Nigga x , ix ' ' B Q N x I ,f , N A Cf f ,lf v K Vernon Giebel Class Vice Pres. 45-46, Class Pres. 46-47, FFA 44-48, Basketball 46-48, FFA Hist- orian 46-47, Vol- leyball 47 48 Bernice Dockal FHA 44 48 Class Reporter 46 47 Choral Club 47 48 FHA Vice Repor 47 48 Pep Squad 45 48 Verb1eV D1ppel FHA 44 48 FHA Game Leader 47 48 Choral Club 47 48 Pep Squad 47 48 Bluebonnet Staff 47 48 Volley ball 46 48 Lillian Piwetz FHA 44 48 FHA Reporter 46 47 FHA Hist 47 48 Class Treas 44 46 Class Sec 47 48 FFA Sweetheart 47 48 Pep Squad 45 48 Choral Club 44 45 47 48 Baseball euzb We 44 48 K 'S Lois Treybig Class Sec. 46-47, Volleyball Co- Capt. -48, Volleyball -48, Pep Squad -48, Choral Club -48, Baseball FHA 44 47 FHA Garne Lead er 46 47 Blue bonnet Staff 47 48 L F E1lers Jr Basketball 45 48 Basketball Capt 46 48 Class Pres 47 48, FHA Sweetheart 47 48 Class Sgt At Arms 46 47 Lou Jean Krebs Choral Club 46 48 Pep Squad 45 48 Cheer Leader 46 48 Volley ball 44 48 FHA 44 48 FHA Vice Pres 46 47 FHA Pres 47 48, Baseball 45 46, Bluebonnet Staff 46 48 Basketball Sweetheart 47 48 Kermit Baca ball 47 48 FFA Vice Pres 47 48 - . 46-47, - , - , '35 . . . , - ., - D - 6 . - - ,, I, . " o . n ' 0 ' ' ' FFA 44-48, Base- . - . Q. 43 - - ir- 8 y . ' , - ,ly . - . : ' 9 - V ff fijg psc 5,8 A Pearl1e M1narc1k FHA 44 48 Choral Club 47 48 Base ball 47 48 Pep Squad 45 48 L1ll1an VaC1aV1k Class V1ce Pres 48 FHA 44 Choral Club 48 Pep Squad 48 Volleyball Loy D Kaltwasser FFA 44 48 Baseball 45 48 Vernelle Muenzler FHA 44 48 FHA Song Leader 47 48 Choral Club 44 48 Choral Club P1an1st 47 48 efzfzcokf- 400- '07 1 Mar1an Kl1mek FHA 44 47 Choral Club 46 48 Baseball 46 48 Dorothy M Muesse FHA 44 47 Pep Squad 46 47 Baseball 45 47 Al1ce P1sk1ak FHA 44 47 Choral Club 47 48 Pep Squad 45 48, Baseball 47 48 Leshe Lee Fntsch F F A 46 48 Vo1leybal146 48 Jeanette Selifert FHA 44 46 Choral Club 47 48 Pep Squad 47 48 Vol leyball Capt 47 48 Volleyball Co Capt 46 47 Volleyball 45 48, Baseball Capt 45 46 Base ball 44 47 Clarence Eckermann FFA 44 48 FFA Watch Dog 45 46 Class Treas 46 Class Treas 47 48 Lor1ne Kl1mek FHA 44 47 Choral Club 46 48 Base ball 47 48 Eugene F SChI1'11dt FFA V1ce Pres 46 47 FFA 44 48 Baseball 45 47 Volleyball 47 48 iss- flu May Dell D1erk1ng FHA 44 46 Choral Club 47 48 Pep Squad 46 48 Base ball 46 48 Gladys Schnelder FHA 44 48 Choral Club 45 48, Base ball 46 48 Max1ne Urbanovsky FHA 44 47 Choral Club 44 47 Al an D Pagel FFA 45 48 CLASS PR OPHE CY One day wh1le walk1ng down lVIa1n Street of Houston there came to me from somewhere soft sweet stra1ns of mus1c As I walked farther down the street I not1ced a s1gn World Famous Trumpeter S1nce Iam mterested 1n mus1c I entered the room and walked up to the trumpet player and much to my surpr1se who else could lt be but KERMIT LEE BACA the most handsome boy of the Semor Class of 1948 Wh1le go1ng down the street I met a lady who took a very shy look at me and walked on I thought th1s face looked very fam1l1ar so I turned to look back and she d1d also at the same flme I walked toward her and she told me she was none other than JEANETTE SEIFFERT who was a clerk at Schrrudt s Grocery Store Th1S to my surpr1se was EUGENE SCHMIDT who was the propr1etor of th1s large modern grocery store In cont1nu1ng my walk down the street I not1ced a Slgn wh1ch read If you want to keep 1h perfect health, see Dr EILERS I wondered 1f th1s could really be L F , the dancmg k1ng of the Class of 1948 So I walked 1n and there was VERBIE VERNELL DIPPEL h1s eff1c1ent and cheerful secretary There were just a few pat1ents wa1t1ng for the showed me to the Off1Ce Knock1ng on the door L F opened lt and Sald Come r1ght 1n make yourslef comfortable w1thout even not1c1ng who I was In came anurse who was none other than PEARLIE MINARCIK Ileft the doctor s 0ff1CE and went to take the elevator and f1nd that MAY DELL DIERKING was 1ts operator Farther down the street I took a tax1 to go to the Katy depot When the tax1 arrxved I chscovered the dr1ver to be VERNON LEE GIEBEL He drove so fast that I thought I d fly out the back seat any m1nute Upon arr1v1ng at the depot I purchased my t1cket and went 1nto the Waltlng room because lt was f1fteen mmutes unt1l tram t1me In the Waltlng room I met MARIAN KLIMEK, a dletltlan at St Joseph s Hosp1tal, who was go1ng home for a vacat1on When the tra1n arrlved I found no one else but CLARENCE ECKER MANN slow but sure as always as the conductor of the tra1n On the tra1n MARIAN and I met GLADYS SCHNEIDER who was com1ng from Galveston where she was employed 1n a Jewelry store doctor at the 1ime,' so I asked VERBIE if I could talk to him and she While on the tram we passed a big ranch and we noticed a sign which read FRITSCH and PAGEL S Ranch This must have been LESLIE FRITSCH and ALLAN PAGEL the cattle raisers of our Class of 1948 As the train slowed down through a larger town we noticed a sign which read PISKLAK S Boarding House and ayoung lady happened to walk out which actually was ALICE Ifinally arrived in Fayetteville and decided to visit the high school in order to refresh my good old school memories To my amazement there was BERNICE DOCKAL who was now Plane Geometry teacher From BERNICE I learned that LOIS VERLINE TREYBIG was roonfung with her and worlung in the Sheriff s office H S There I met LILLIAN PIWETZ and LOU JEAN KREBSwho were going to sing the Too Fat Polka over the radio From here I went to the Beauty Shop but instead of the old 0Pe1'a1101' there I met MEXINE URBANOVSKY the new operator From MAX INE I learned that LORINE KLIMEK was now an Englisn teacher at the University of Texas In the afternoon I decided to take a r1de to the country I saw a. sign The Golden Dairy Farm The place looked so nice that I drove in to see the farm I met the owner and hardly recognized him It was none other than LOY DELL KALTWASSER Leaving the dairy farm, Idrove on about a mile farther where I stopped at Muesse s Dine and Dance tavern, the owner of which was DOROTHY MAE MUESSE Upon entering the tavern I was greeted by LILLIAN VACLAVIK the head waitress As for me VERNELLE MUENZLER I think I ll have to go and find myself a Job to be equal to the others. After leaving the high school I went to the new radio station F.R. CLASS WILL L F EILERS w1lls h1s ab111ty to dance to Rudd1e Kovar KERMIT LEE BACA w1lls h1s good looks to Mar1a.n Obermueller PEARLIE MINARCIK w1lls her shlny black ha1r to Mary .Tasek LILLIAN VACLAVIK w1lls her neatness to Clement1ne Munsch VERBIE VERNELL DIPPEL W111S her g1ggles to Dorothy Mae Huebel VERNON LEE GIEBEL w1lls h1s c1garette hab1t to M1lroy Krebs LOU JEAN KREBS W111S her mtelhgence or stud1ous hab1ts to Horace Schm1dt MARIAN KLIMEK w1lls her natural curly ha1r to Evelyn Jaske LOIS VERLINE TREYBIG w1lls her fondness for Bookkeepmg to Grace Gresser LILLIAN PIWETZ W111S her blond ha1r to Verl1ne M1n3TC1k LORINE KLIMEK walls her beautlful mop of ha1r to Mary Lou1se MAY DELL DIERKING w1lls her ptterbuggmg to Clement Baum bach BERNICE DOCKAL w1lls her beaut1fu1 f1gure and 1ntel11Qence to Dorothy Moeller VERNELLE MUENZLER w1lls her mus1cal talent to Wayne Sch rn1dt ALICE PISKLAK w1lls her sense of humor to Kerrmt Kn1ppel LOY DELL KALTWASSER w1lls h1s fancy dancmg to Jerome Cho vanec JEANETTE SEIFFERT w1lls her ab111ty to play volleyball to Adnan Schulze MAXINE URBANOVSKY w1lls her slenderness to Aruta Iasek LESLIE LEE FRITSCH w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to read to Calvm Krebs EUGENE SCHMIDT w1lls Ins blond ha1r to Robert Kovar and Ivan Wubbenhorst CLARENCE ECKERMANN w1lls h1s quiet d1spos1tion to Ivan Cordes ALLAN PAGEL w1lls h1s hab1t of chewmg gum to Theo Kovar GLADYS SCHNEIDER w1lls her sm11es to Charlene Cmagdalka. 0 0 SENIOR PLAY PIGTAILS Cast Of Characters Gaye Brooks P1gta1ls Verble Vernell D1ppel Sydney Campbell Loy Dell Kaltwasser Mrs Campbell QLuc1l1a Lo1s Treyb1g Kenyon Campbell Vernon Lee Glebel Annabelle Campbell Lou Jean Krebs Florabelle Campbell L1111an P1WetZ Pmmrose Wh1te Bernlce Dockal Norma K1rk L1ll1an VaC13V1k Brenda Baynes Al1ce P1sklak Watt Manners L F E11ers Thurlow Ladd Eugene Schm1dt Ursala James Vernelle Muenzler P1gta1ls an orphan daughter of a good fr1end of the Campbells came to take res1dence 1n the Campbells home Upon arr1val, Mrs Campbell IS horr1f1ed and 1ns1sts that P1gta1ls should be sent back West When Mr Campbell s bus1ness burns down and is f1n anc1a1ly ru1ned P1gta11s organ1zed a band and succeeds her bene factor back on h1S feet JUNIOR SENIOR BANUQET PLACE DATE SPEAKER as 91 ss ' - on - - - . . . . . . - . . . . . . 1 . . . . . . . . . . Q . . . . . . . h . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . - 0 . . . . . . . . - 1 . . . . .. . . - I I l a I ' , 9 . . , - . . - . . . . . . . , . . U C I . . . . . , - . . . . . , . . L . wnwwf I K 'Z Chovanec Ver11ne M1narc1k Robert Kovar Anlta Jasek .Toe Ko11ha Charlene mag mentme Munsch Ivan Cordes Clement Baumbach, Grace Gresser Rudd1e Kovar 21 Nxi K Wayne Schnudt Ivan Wubbenhorst Mar1an Oberm M lro Krebs Mary Lou1se W1ed Hor Kmppel Dorothy Moeller 1 y Schm1dt Adr1an Schulze Evelyn Iasek Theo Kovar Mar1an ue11er Kerrrut ace Jasek s 3 ' 4 . Q 9 " E i Q 1 . C ' I if v' f .- f A, K f .vi Q gr L..f' A 'SFT-'.'v'53 L A X vb Y' y q bg QQ C ' 1 " " e ,re , ' 4 ' ' 'Y ' s 1 L I 1 1' H! C, t r.. N. -E Dorothy Huebel, Jerome , ' ' ' , , ' , ' , C 'dalka. Calvin Krebs, Cle- . D 9 ! 1 an nf 8 ' t f . J au,- ' '- A ' 1 T o X 1 ' ' 4 ,, 0 L ', 0' ,W V. ' . ,l A :V .C y !ffgf'f i . ME I I 1 9 . 1 . .' s . l . I I D . fojaiomozwf Larry Krebs L1111an Cmagdalka 3: Clarence G1ebel X Mary F Chup1ck ,,,,. N,-f Edlth Hemze Jerry Kr1vacka Jeanette Cordes Frank Marek Johnny Mynar Dorothy Ko11ha Elmond Neumann L1ll1e Mae Vavra Glor1a Schaper Arlen Schultz Arl1ne Wolff Harl1e Schulze 1-"" iv- Delphlne Stoelke Dor1s Vas1cek Walter Toll Betty Jo Dav1s Alvin Treybig Barry Langlotz .ZXXS-. K I n - Q '-s.N.': : - FI . lx . 3 . . . 'UF we, Ki I . . . . . In '. 'E L. G.. ' W -fx' ffgzjfigggfyfz 1 W :ai-. - .. ' ' ' ' at t' L ' . Q' lf bn, .1 2. 4 'Nik ? 9 f 0. ,f I lk: . 4 95' I 4 'Q if -1 4 X . V AAA. ,W,r' M-WK. H- se:::::::::::.,.a. wg A x ' V " 1' U y .N 3 . f f . -J - -ff' . 5- V -2 x 1. wi LW' if "Y-'li S'fyi:'1'w .'!2-'N 'Q 5 " P'V'?fff35:5g32g1g"f1 aww-wi ,Hg Qi, gli!-f 2111351 :Zn- H ., -. :Wi f 23? 1 Mg . "':'-E R K li i ff 1 aim en Ver11e Fay Ke11ers Vlrgene Wubbenhorst Barnell Lange Art1e Lee Brown Nelcme Mmssen Cynth1a Ann Norwood Henry Neuxnann Katherme Rod1ek Rose Mary L1ndemann Hughlene Schmmdt if" .4 Quai gn Nu J , iz. Gund: J. 272 c,. . ' X "' 5 f 8 . ' . . m hhrhe ,Z h 7 W 1 ,ex .M I f Q kt' 11 . Mm.. . J J' . Emma Jean Dierking Qg mfh W 5, 1 ul ff Q J Q in Lira.. m 4' 4 ,N 1 A. 5 '. " . ' +3 . 5 r td a 5 ' . X. we Vw 5 , W W ? K -- U4 Q A A V ., ' In .QE . . I l'?.i . ' ii ,' .iff 1' . t , E Agfa" o '31 L' - f , u o FIFTH SIXTH SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES FIRST, SECOND, THIRD AND FOUR TH GRADES M' X M gf -if fm 1 Q Liuian Piwetz WW uf M wi' if V4 Kermit Lee Baca NWO Z 0 if llwfwx EQIZ -A' W 1? Verbie Vernell Dippel ,A w L.,F. Eners, Jr. f AMO M 0 0 Q wif Q W 72-JW? 4 ME 4+ fume!! JZ T W 55580355 QU Lou Jean Krebs L- f i 0 0 16 Clarence Eckerrnann 'N 0 . 6 0 C 0 Qu 1? LIONS At the begmvung of the basketball season the L1ons had great hopes of havmg a good team but soon were faced w1th many handlcaps Some of the outstand1ng ha.nd1caps facmg the team were a short practmce per1od lack of a gym and 1nJur1es susta1ned by some of the players The L1ons entered three tournaments In the Moulton tournament they were el1m1nated by the strong Waelder W1ldcats, wh1le 1n Bellv1lle they lost to Cypress Fa1rbanks In the d1str1ct tournament at Bastrop the L1ons defeated the Sommersv1lle Yeguas and won th1rd place 1n the d1str1ct W1th0ut one of thelr regulars The 1nd1v1dual scores for the season were as follows Capta1nL F E1lers 236 F I Marek 136 Elmond Neumann 129 Theo Kovar 124 Kerm1t Kn1ppe1 118 Adr1an Schulze 75 Lou Jean Krebs L F E1lers .. Q Basketball Sweetheart Captam N . . . I . . . U . . . . . . . . . . . l . I . . . . . . . . . - 0 . . . . . . . . I . . . . . I U C . I 0 I 9 l 0 - 9 n p o - n . . . . . a 1 1 1 0 , I . ' I U . g , .2 ' 9 us.. v xl 5 1.1 ,x , I , if .,x,w.- A k I M 1' VOLLEY BALL TEAMS PEP SQUAD fm ...Q,.v A I .gl , , g-,ff if ,M - ' fs: IND Zfuegaunef -f fffff S os-q, L. F. Eilers, Jr. Lou Jean Krebs Bus. Mgr. Editor l l an Vernon Lee Giebel Lois Treybig Jesse J' Jochec Verb1e V Dmppel Adv Mgr Asst Ed Sponsor Typxst Ed1th He1nze Ar tl s t X Adnan Schulze Sports Ed KH: 3 'S . 'sa ,bi A 6 4... gb 4. ' , f do M.A V ' ,, ' I 'gfa1'21f3., I L ' 55" Mrs H H Schultz Mrs F I P1W6tZ Mrs I F Chuplck V1ce Presldent Pres1dent Secretary fmmw. WML Mr s. Martha Graeter Parliamentarian Frances Karnas Reporter Clara Koch Treasurer :L 'FUTURE i TN IWEIES A Kerm1t Kn1ppe1 Kerrrnt Lee Baca Pres1dent V1ce Pres1dent Www -MKM 'mm K4 145 Theo Kovar Joe Ko11ha Frank Marek Treasurer Reporter Secretary ,J at Y ', , ,. U H - -1- " .4 4 A 5' f- 'fig ll WV .li tp an fax H' 6: M- Y -5 Z, .47-L, V 5 K A 4 2: - 1' , r I RA f , fs, f VTF1 4 ls :ft Fn.f1E1iEVILLZ , ' FUTURE FnRTff.lHiS --M... . ni,-LQLE 1' .,..j', 5, :',., hw, ,-.1 l..?'Fl'Q' .xf"3L1C ,xl bmi. 1xCg,S. Nfliluuwf " am: fav- 1-Nc A cr' s-ml -mf u 'QTVS bi vw J. U. ml J-F Lffwf .M Abe aid his reg. Hereford Ivqn W and capon 4- v A n oo 'rf -I 'N 'X Y run Ji 'rink LBFLDDQL 4, 1.1 M A-f LC , A 4 , ! ff .P ' ' ' " - -,-+- '- ' T1 .N lx if' , .P 'X Ui wild ii L .D S '. H523 VCL. - ii. If A r ' X 1, i 1, . Q . I. I K 'W '- r' vw r- vv+ r A Q 4, 4 L n . u L9 l 1 i ' , .- i I M K ' Y 1 Vg ' 1' h ff' ,- L ' Z A ?""l I ,zz S,-,nf W A V ,Qiw mmm-E, ' A .- ,. '-I ww "-, X e. IZ 4 i ' ., ' . wt lit-, A :mg ' myf. fx 1,x f o 1 -. wr F F A ACTIVITIES The Fayettev1l1e Chapter of Future Farmers of Amer1ca of 1947 1948 cons1sted of 37 members Electron of off1cers was held 1n Sep tember Kermlt Kn1ppel who was elected presldent was also elected v1ce pres1dent of the Lulmg Foundat1on D1str1ct Adr1an Schulze Elmond Neumann and Larry Krebs purchased f1Ve outstanding reg1stered Herefords at the Brook Hereford Sale 1n Brady Conrad Juergens Jr exh1b1ted Grand Champ1on Fat Steer at the Fay ette County Fa1r An educatmnal exh1b1t on Vocat1onalAgr1culture prepared by the Fayettev1lle F F A Chapter placed f1rst at th1s fa1r The Fayettev11le F F A Llvestock Show was called off this year because of bad weather N1ne fat steers four fat hogs s1x capons four turkeys and s1x pens of fryers were exh1b1ted at the Houston Fat Stock Show Outstandmg of these were Kmppel s pens of fryers wh1ch placed 4th 9th 14th and 17th1n the 146 pens exh1b1ted Dalry calves sows barrows capons and beef helfers were shown at the Fayette County Jun1or L1vestock Show Larry Krebs had the Grand Champ1on Beef Female w1th one of the Herefords he purchased at Brady A project tour was conducted 1n January and f1ve projects were v1s1ted Shortly before Chrlstmas the Future Homemakers and Future these two groups attended the show on F F A F H A Day Future Farmers are planmng a soc1al toward the end of school In the D1StT1Ct Leadersh1p Contest held at LaGrange the Farm Demonstrat1on Team composed of Kermit Kn1ppel Frank Marek Theo Kovar Clement Baumbach, Clarence Eckermann, and Jerome Chov anec placed f1rst The F F A Qu1z Team, composed of Vernon G1e bel Adr1an Schulze and Henry Neumann placed second At the Area III Contest at College Stat1on, the Farm Demonstratmn Team placed f1rst wh1ch makes 1t el1g1ble for the State Contest In the Area III Judglng Contests the Poultry Team composed of Kerm1t Kruppel Theo Kovar and Delph1ne Stoelke placed f1rst The Damry Team made up of Ivan Cordes Johnny Mynar and Clarence Glebel placed second Both teams are ehgible for the State Contest Kermlt Kmppel, Adr1an Schulze, Ivan Cordes, and Clarence Ecker mann are makmg app11cat1on for the Lone Star Farmer Degree The Father Son Banquet was held on Apr1l 7 and the annual F F A Barn Dance on Apr1l Z8 The F F A Chapter 1S plann1ng a surnrner tour s1m1lar to the one lt took last year to Carlsbad Caverns Major product1veproJects w1th1n the chapter cons1stedof 16 steers 66 fat hogs 64 beef cows, 19 ewes, 1 119 bro1lers 36 sows,11beef bulls 10 da1ry agmrnals . . . , . , 1 . S I . I , . p . . . . . , , . , , , . . . . . ' 7 9 ! . . . , . Farmers had a Christmas party. During the Houston Fat Stock Show, . 1 . I l , - 3 . s 0 u c . . ' I D I . I . . . . . . , . . , I . D . ' . I I I . 3 U ' . 3 c e o , . . . p . I 8 . I , 9 . I a M 'il IQUQ if X F H A CHAPTER F H A OFFICERS DEGREE GIRLS 81 SWEETHEART 'YGSWIWI CHORAL CT UB The Fayettevllle Rural High School Choral Club was organized 1n 1943 under the direction of Mr C W Parks In 1944 the d1rect1ng duties of the club were assigned to Mr James F Parma Mr Parma has exhibited unusual interest in this club, as is evidencedby its won derful success and feeling of fellowship existing among its members The purpose of the club is to create an interest in music by creating a desire for a more thorough and familiar acquaintance with music The Club has had an mbroken history since its organization and has taken part in patriotic and philanthropic movements of the school During the current year the club has appeared on programs on Decor ation Day, Baccalaureate Services, and Commencement Exercises To meet rising demand for special entertainment by a smaller group, five girls were selected from the club and trained in three-part harmony in popular songs. This quintette has participated in programs for teachers' meetings, Junior-Senior Banquet, and Senior Play Special- ties. f I O .Q-I D . . . . . U 'W-r 2 xyy x r' gdylxwxs X-Xx wax N Ex W hovvan C most Com fefe I me of ou.rl n.s5 ovel He ns made, bxf Mmhaels Star lO'L,"lC,Y5rt Goodall YZC orc Ouble DY le Teasie-,CL need. -25 75 P omplete I e. of HCCCSSOTIES FOYSHCnm +JdYman hoes YYow +Ja5on Sh vis LHUTERSTEINS Lagra ge Bastrop No S ' g Th , Y ' u,L'f,5 L YOFP.-n r H Wool Tfopicals, Palm Beack,Mohard C Sf, D Slng B P ' . u, C in ' I ' ' 5 H a 5 5 mem QQ Q9 W SA Q xSNb'1 he Ffrsf Nat B k aG EL 7-5 Pr VCL D 1'- Glnstrl do Q lk J!,'-Z:::A xx 7 if-:,- X , "YJUIl?' x 'T' - youfz. money T ' Iona! 61-fi L iin C L EYQDXC, Cxd. Member of 7, G 1 6 osi uvance QTP. PJ T d.e,d, tLGa e7f:xas u. I, C17 H55 t Le 3-l RE?-'SETVC FYa,f.cTnal I S Yan 6 an Caslf UPREMEL DGE SPJST ayefic-3vLlle,72jx33 fou.n a. a, 1' ng , J l-1 I8 C S .. ,5fooo,ooo 3, V1 U. C, YBGYS of FeLiUwfu.X SCYVAICL6 Mom, fo Lo on T x avmS, Rafnches, CRY PYOFQYL - ' VO5KHMP'5 MEAT MHRKET G J-c.h e eat Dealev' Ln nve5ioQ,I4s Fa Gffevflle. Texas My incl Mrs HB VOSKHMD Theres 4j' di' Y ,y 26734 ,J vew a waiter Centunxf epenciable Sevvvce R Yangc-2, Texas oo oa'c.e. rv: afs-Lunch nn Y , I X X ggQS'xfw'f"fv' ww at 'fW Z .WW , . F .,SM,i y r uture .MXN M , D of MEIIVERS MOTOR C0 d I EAT .L LA GRANGE TEXAS FARMERS EUMBER CO LA GRANGE TEXAS + Sh W' ptvat- 1 Do ge and. Pymouth I Cavs Dvdge Job Ra e " vu.c,ks Gu.aYantee, Sevvice, Depenclalple Used CJYS 5- s D Phone L Cornrble 6, Stotk .OF Building Maie,1L.alS and.. efnqan ilfi-YYNS sin TO U-cf 5 A Rm ERNATION X emma!! lfacfovs +159 me 15 In'tQYr'1aJC Ona' TvuQ,k5 DARTER LOONEYIMPLEMENTCU LA C, RANGE I EXAS E D SARFLAZJN GVTGYSI MEYCHHPWI-'SCL Otto B YWPQ L15 youu' P-rod1,Lc,e, fTiyG1':teville, ,Texas Phone 8 pr- A - ..i.....-- lil -n F wif 0 L G . C n uYEY B . National Bank Fa, fmers B lil EL ettevi Ile. Texas embev of Fedeval De of-,ft .InSuYar1CG COTP dlfewf He Lnschel Deaf: MQ EQADAY F11-If-105 ' EGGS 4"pouH,YY extends h 5 was ea 0 4 X11 65 XXX Pho Q34 IE:-ilyCf'fCvlIIe TGXGS F Y , S W ' Qu I Y an X N x rm.- Awxyxxxw nw. IM SS- F F n . ' 'L- F i h R Q, 4 th e n i o15 W ig liz., - n . ml Jlmlfh I f Q IS OUP. fc Busmfss All rescr ff n f Ilea. by mg steved. v 1' c. st e a t Pha Pm sc-r bed. by d. es u Stove CYYY1 Eg-Ei-Q Stove The La Gyan TGXIS E I-'A deff, A f Andevs 5512? W Qqccazmf Q 1 My LA GRANGE STATE BANK LA GRANGE TEXAS Mem be? OF The FCd.e.YaI De Posii' Insuxance COYPOT8vtiOh 14 i :-- I I I P I io S - - 1 4. a. L x 4: tj L '-v- as YC I -L " Yoon' ocxtow- H D, Q g, . 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O- J oo , . , 3 Vo R g ' g J "How about a Coke? oca, Coca. B tu 5 w 5 La, GTG. 57 TCKGLS l-XOTWIANNM ZDARIL Deals 5 ld M e ard arc. S sh,D W ell Less If-dyefieville TCxaS Con Tdfulaf ons ECL L l'lYuSl4a. H5-YCLVVJYC S cl, TQQ 5Yel,'Levllle,TexaS nese k F61 Clztevllle 67465 5 O Km PF I CE C ld, St ova c Beer TOWHEKPTCS5 Inc2A enl- I-'E,YCttCVlU.C Ten-,5 les Tailor Shop Oux Sevvfcc Wl'll Please U, Your uslness Will Please Us Fayeffevllle T3xa5 .f gy -D L F . EJK Y . T ComPlimenfSr?F I ' Go. ' g -- B , . g KY ' B Y., - om lame is F HLBERS HATCHERY C1-FEED 5101215 BLOODTES TED C HIC K5 CUSTOM HATCHING EGG A DAY FEE-D5 .Eb.o.n.c2...37 L-A Cv73ar1g'e,l1ggga5 Hdamc kts RCFY gffaf Sales +5e vfcc C:-Go E- Acla.mclK Pro LCC' Eleg, 1 Q, Apple! Q65 SOld..4'pYefd7'ed' Q' Ei-SY W she s Lrxfi 5, Gvange T omfnlrmenis F ELO ROHDE Disfrzctclevk lv-'El G' 71 6 161455 Omfalnmenfs of John A Kufbdfld. C e.YK,Co1,mkq Cowft FaYcHC Counfx ,TEXG5 La G-ra rfgfe 7-fexdg ?' . Q P ' rw o i i ion .1 if Frigelgziakre A'PPlianZ:e5,T5b.A.7?ddios 0 ' ' " Q Awurmes 8. T L, , -i C ' 0 ran 59 'W c - I PH ILCO aclfos Qlf Rein eration OYCi.C5MOf,OT O Phone I5 FayeHGVlHC,TCX6' Od e 4- Plymouth Sales 4' Service OYdE5 Motown' Compln Ph elf FayeHcvvIl6,TexdS omplamenis of La G-Sdn 6 Dufug C We? II a yD tors Pfescvff Ouvpgtv na 6 SAPPYECWLGJ- Phone378' Leann qTexa5 Ompi ments oF Leonards Food Stove Fdxfeitevnlle Texas C . ' 5 D 5 , C v C . k'We Yam what Yo? Xlfldntll I Y o g' i ' ff C 1 Comfvh me nis of L Wsfola Texas Lavgest Monument Manufamtu.YeY L.1Gvan g Texas 1gnQhc5 BCdUJWont and BYSr1haW1 L Q9 om lamenizs 12? 4372+ Q ea.T.S DALY I C 'Wi La Gran e Texas Om h ments of MYNAR5 CAFE FAYETTEVILLE, TExA5 ov the loegt n Hambuffefb 5teaKS,Lunches 61.114- Cold Dve.nl4s,Ice Cvedm 1niQande5 EDWINS PLAC E F.1yettevvHC.JTe xas Q 1 W 'M C P he 'lull' .'.'l. -. . - . , if " :L Q Y n ' 9'-f 4' A ,Y M QA ff ,Auf ' ' g 5 Xi' , if f 1 ! ,fan ,V , ? 1011 V- P , F 9 J ff' I 'I o C omfaliments of BHCJES Co nfeclxonevj F2zyeltQvllze,'1gXa5 - yeggygptlons Lllecl. Em I Zapalac Fayeftevulleffexas ompllmenlzs of G lberlg H Egk Hssess Y and Collect Y La Gran eTexa5 O cl La dry wthw' snv at DPI Caps a :Lg H t Texas ts l o o 5 1 C mPlimen+s o'F E . n Se-rvicing Fayetteville Higblw School l ingf if ions, 5 or-nas fl OWTTS ou,s On Genunne Chevrolet Parts Sa le 5 'lf Sevvfae GNC your an' l.0ngeT L FE, VAVRA C HEVROLETCO Fa yeffc-:v1ll6,TcxaS Phone NolL Geox' Ph ne3 om llrnenfsof c Ha ovsk OVVUGTJ 'Y L3 L Gran e,TC1fdS WESTER Fl UTO HSSOCIA TE 5 TORE ,ff wif 9 Sinvuce YOUR CAP lvm B Onken Cru. H: PYocLu.c.i S CC.ESSOYLeS F.1y6H.ev4Ile 'Texas Phone! Com C I me n+ of d mous lg me La Ydfl C C7435 , C P- l , , O na 6? ic 36, ' ll n ' Ps S 1 Th V F 5 fi C, A' 5 T A H' WF OF FRIENDS gwemwfem' 972 M Your yearbook is a store ot treasured memories. The oit repeated thrill of recollection which accompanies each new search through its pages Will many times repay you for the care and consideration which has gone into its creation. We are publishing l948 Annuals for more than 900 Colleges and High Schools. This patronage indicates a Wealth of ideas and service which has no doubt made possible the long record oi our school annual achievement. .4--1

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