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QV NQVJ X 'Y 'I wx f f L 'N Ulf CW' 0 f ' : , ,M- .9 A 5 S5-' X -4 S5 Sf THE FIRST HIGH SCHOOL J , RVAIEAVAV I 5 A3 'fv- THE AMETHYST FAYETTEVILLE SENIOR HIGH FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS T958 During the last 50 years a man has seen his dream of a school for all of Fa.yettevi11e's children grow into a rea11ty To thls man F S Root and to all who helped make th1s dream a fu1f1l1ment we ded1cate the 1957 58 Amethyst FOREWCRD FSROOT From 1ts begxnmng 50 years ago unt11 the present F H S has been dedlcated to 1ts creed of f1del1ty honor and serv1ce and to a program of growth 1n keep1ng w1th local state and nat1ona1 development The Amtheyst staff recogmzes the contr1but1on of the teacher and students of the past and pays trxbute to them 1n th1s anruversary year of 1957 1958 f . u , - o u t 1 9 . . . S " . 1 'QA ONE OF THE FIRST FACULTIES OF F. H. S. and MEMBERS OF THE 1957-58 FACULTY IN THE HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT W ADMINISTRATION VEAFAV5, I X.. 5' Q w E E55 I 6- A MESSAGE FROM MR. WHITE Most people seem to agree that World Peace can be achieved only through educa- tion. There are those who believe that peace must come through education that re- sults in military superiority. There are others who think that peace can be attained only through education that teaches people to think in terms of peace instead of war. Perhaps there is some truth in each of these views. World Peace or peace of materialism or dreamy idealism. The job of education, therefore, is to educate the heart as well as the mind of man. Let us hope that the schools are doing their job well. Wayne H . White THE SCHOOL WAYNE WHITE , Superintendent RAY ADAMS Pre sident The greatest desire of the school board is to give each student the opportunity for the be st educa- tion possible with money received from the tax payers of Fayetteville School District 1. To accom- plish this we strive to keep our physical facilities and staff at the highest possible level. The advance- ment in our schools can be measured definitely by CLARK McCLINTON Vice President HAL DOUGLAS Sec. -Treasurer A CHALLENGE FROM MR DUNCAN "I sxncerelyhope that each of you w1ll accept all the advantages and opportumtxes of your school However rn domg th1s remember that you are obhgated to gxve lt your good efforts loyalty and enthusrasm for you recexve accordlng to what you g1ve Good cxtzzenshlp 18 xmportant everywhere andl am countmg on each of you to choose what you thlnk best 1n every 1nstance thus be W1ll1arn H Duncan BOARD SPEAKS peoples w-lllxngness to vote so our schools are adequately supported Past records 1nd1cate that ta.x payers a.nd voters have done th1s It w1ll be necessary to further th1s to keep 1n step w1th modern WILLIAMH DUNCAN Pr1nc1pal developments 1n econonrucs and scmence The school board hopes to conduct busxness of the schools so that the confidence of the people w1ll be mented 3 HASKELL U TLE Y HENRY SHREVE Dfw BILL MOR TON O coming a worthy member of your society." V , ,J ' 1 . O 1 . - MISS VELMA HALL head of Enghsh dept ENGLISH 'Enghsh gxves an opportum y from whlch to buxld the foundatxon of educatxon " says Mxss Velma Hall head of the Enghsh department The courses offered m the En Amemcanllterature grammar dramatxcs and Journallsm Teach ers are Mrs Gladys Eason M1ss Velma Hall Mrs Opal Hart Mrs LaVerne Helfm a.nd Mlss Evelyn Jones MRS. GLADYS EASON MRS. OPAL HART lo ii MISS EVELYN JONES MRS. LAVERN HEFLIN s,1'??A'L M I . 1 . , ' is T, Q . I , ' glish department are: English a.nd 2 . ' if , I iv S . , I ' K LIBRARY + LANGUAGE I KNOWLEDGE MRS CHESTER DIXON Mrs Chester Dixon has served FHS as Librarian for the past thirty two years In the beginning she had only a small reading room today there is an up to date modern library Mrs Dixon has a Master s Degree from the University of Arkansas BAND + Whenever the word "band" is mention ed one always thinks of Mr R W Willis band director of FHS Besides providing our school with skilled musi clans he has been teaching science law and economics in Fayetteville schools since 1941 Mr Willis has a B A and M S from the University of Arkansas MR R W WILLIS SONG Mrs. Helen Andrew has completed her first year with FHS as foreign language instructor. For nine years, she has specialized in Latin, French, and Spanish. She has an A. B. Degree from the University of Wichita and has done graduate work at Columbia University. MRS HELEN ANDREW M U S I C MISS EVELYN JONES M Another new faculty member this year is Miss Evelyn .Tones director of the music department of FHS Miss Jones is in charge of girls' and boys' chorus She has a B A and a.n M Ed from the Uruversity of Arkansas Y' 4 ,,,,,,-- . , ' 1 . 1 1 , . . . , . . . . 1 , . 1 I . ' , . . . ' :.n.:.e.-.e.-.F -- M . G . o H i .. , ' r . . . MRS G C ELLIS MRS BOB GIBSON PHYSI SOCIAL SCIENCE The history department seeks to inspire stu- dents to become better informed regarding history Isocial, economic, and politicall and to participate as much as possible in current activities 'of the cornmunity. The purpose of this department is to give students a better understanding of the past and thepresent. Thus we hope to develop more enlight- ened and responsible citizens of our community our state our nation and our world. 'X "'-r COACH CLAYT ON SPENCER CA L COACH BENNY WINBORN E D U CAT I O N The purpose of the Physical Educational depart ment 18 to give our students training in the field of health as well as in the field of recreation and physical skills J 9 I I i I 'Um NJ I , 4 I , 54: f L, I . MATH Practical math, plane geometry, Znd year algebra, solid geometry, and trigonometry are offered in the math department. Mrs. Bernice Karnes, head of the math department, teaches plane geometry, Znd year algebra, solid geometry, and trigonometry. Mrs. Atherton teaches practical math and plane geometry. Mrs. Lawson has one class of practical math. MRS KITCHENS 8: MRS LAWSON COMMERCIAL The business department offers Typewriting II 8: I Bookkeeping I and Shorthand I Mrs Lawson teaches Bookkeeping and Typing II Mrs K1tchens teaches Shorthandl and Typing I Personal typing is offered ac cording to the demand and there IS a poss1b1l1ty of having a course in Office machines The courses offered in the science depart ment are biology taught by Mrs Taylor and chemistry and physic taught by Mr Hulsey head of the science de partment With the boratory equlpment lab courses are offered in each of the sc1ence classes MISS BERNICE KARNES '1 SCIENCE MR HOUSTON TAYLOR Q' Wil f 7 ,L-'Er MR WILLIAM HU LSEY I s ' , Y S. '- '- l ,f - 4 . ' jr ,f I addition of the new la- v Q", 6 'lug : . I - -Q M--M sen, 9,44 J----i MR. PERRY MOCK Home economics helps improve the quality and strengthen home and farnily living. mb 1 MRS BETHEL CUNNINGHAM In Vocat1onal Agnculture boys recelve bas1c trauung 1n agr1culture winch w1l1 g1ve them better understandlng of the farmer and his problems It IS hoped that the courses w111 encourage students to go 1nto some phase of agriculture if MR JOE SLAVEN The Co Op program 15 to g1ve students on the Job exper1ence and related mstructxon wh1ch w111prepare them for careers 1n the1r chosen f1elds MR POWELL HINES Guldance 1S to counsel w1th1nd1v1dual students Helpmg them w1th the1r pro blems and future plans 1S the purpose of thxs department X 5: ... Q- S5 Sf Sf "When mother was a freshman!" J ,, nvfxvxvg. W xg 'Jr W s' A portion of the student body at Co1or's Day Convocation SENIORS MARK GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY JANET ADAMS NANCY ALLEN 4-A JOHN ANDERSON VIRGINIA AUSTIN JOE TOM BACKUS MARY BAGGETT 9 " JOHN BAILEY NAOM1 BAKER J, Q NANCY BARNHILL JERRY BEARD me ALAN BEAUCI-IAMP 1 ll GLENDA BEAVERS GARY BELOTE PAUL BERRY Q .TOE BISSETT ANITA BLACKMAN LARRY BOGAN CAROLYN BOHANNAN NORMAN BOLES my A KAREN BOND STANLEY BOYD BETTY BROOKS CLINT BROOKS an -'O' C .A k R N Zvi L . 'R R1 'A 9' 4 1- vfaizfsk A , BILL BALLARD H 8 za Aw 1. - fa .A GUY BROWN CHARLOTTE CATE ROBERT CHAMBERS CAROLYN CHRISTIE PAULINE CONLEY GAIL COOPER MARGARET COTTON JIM COUCH LARRY COUCH PAT CRALLEY SARA CULLEN ROGER CURTIS EMILY DAVIS OWANDA DAVIS CLINTON DEARING PEGGY DENNIS DON DEWEESE DON DINGLEDINE EVELYN DUGGA.R DON DUNAWAY f'js 3 ...om 1 auf' 1.4, 1, 5 gf ,J- 44' The class offxcers of the 1958 Semor Class are ffrom rmht to left! Joe Bxssett pres1 dent Jenny Mltchell secretary Alan Beau champ v1ce pres1dent and Mary Baggett treasurer The ma1n Job of these ofhcers IS to plan the Sen1or act1v1t1es IN 50 YEARS F. H. S. HAS 3869 GRADUATES if ,wr WILLIAM GREEN JUDITH GREGORY MYRON GRIGGS CHARLES GUISE LOUISE GUISINGER KIRK HALE JERRY HALL VIVIAN HANKINS SUE DUNLAVY MIKE EHRIG SONYA ELAM PAT ELDRIDGE HOOVER EVANS JAMES EZELL NANCY FARMER MILDRED FIELDS JUANITA FITZGERALD JIMMY FLETCHER SUSAN FLETCHER DONNA FRIT Z CAROLYN GABBARD DONALD GLEASON GEAN GRAY PATTY GRAY THE 1958 SENIOR CLASS NUMBERS 165 DON HARRIS CARL HARTMAN WILLIAM HAYES JOHN HENBEST G A HENDRIX LINDA HENSON CAROLYN HOFFMAN JOE HOGAN WAYNE HOLT JAMES HOPKINS BOB HUDGENS DEAN HUTCHINSON BOBBIE JACKSON DEWEY JACKSON PETE JENKINS HERMAN JONES ANNA SUE KEEN BECKY KINCAID PATSY LANEY JULIA LAYER MARION LEONARD CAROLYN LEWIS JAMES LOWER GLEN LUDWICK KAYE PATTON JO PAYTON KIRBY PENICK MARCIA PERKINS JULIE PERRY MARION PHILLIPS MARSHA RAGSDALE 1 .451 STEVE MCALISTER BOB MCBRIDE GEORGE MCCONNELL MARTHA MCKINNEY BILL MARSHALL La.NELLE MARSHALL ESTA MARTIN EDWIN MASTERS MARTHA MATHIAS JENNY MITCHELL CHARLES MORGAN JEANNIE MORSE ROSEMARY MUELLER ERNEST O'HARA BRENDA OLIPHANT PATSY OSBURN I I I I I I i 5 K LARRY PHILLIPS. n if Q ' ., RICHARD REID IBBY SCHULZ CLARA ANN SHACKELFORD THOMAS SHE LLEY LOLA SHOFFIT JIMMY SHREVE BERNELL SMITH CAROLYN SMITH EMMA SUE SMITH RANDALL SMITH SARAH SMITH PATSY SPILLERS JERRY STAMPS JOHN D STAMPS BILL STEWART DON STEWART JUDY STOCKBURGER DAWN STOWE MERIDETH STUBBLEFIELD avli- fn' af 'SW i '5 Al EUGENE DRESSENDOFFER L19 Q Semors lookback wxth fond mernorxes to the .Tumor Semor Banquet wh1ch was beautlfully decorated1n keepmg Wlth the theme "Para d1se of the Deep I .. . "" - I ge X' I I 1 2 I ' I I l , A : 4' , I L, , I - it 4 ' 1 ' ' U A is , f, in 2 I . . . . ' ll -Pl! I . l Q N X LARGEST SENIOR CLASS SAYS FAREWELL RUSSELL WESTON JANE WHITTING EVA RUTH WIDDERS JOHN WILCOX PHILIP WILSON KAY WOODRUFF RONNIE WOODRUFF OPAL LEE WYNN 7 MARY BETH TEAS DONALD TERRY BONNIE TISDALE YVONNE TISDALE BARBARA TRAGER ELLIS TRUMBO AARON TUNSTILL CHARLES TUNSTILL TOM UTLEY ROSALIE VAN ASCHE SCOTT VAN HOOSE EVERETT VAUGHN CHARLOTTE WAGGONER DAVID WAGNON BARBARA WATKINS LAURA WATKINS i 'C' AL ,f f 7 f 4 4 1 yr Mx RUTH ALDERSON STEVE AMIS MACK ANDREW BILLY BAKER JERRY BAILEY ROSALIE BAILEY SANDRA BANKS MARILYN BARRON ASHLEY BEAUCHAMP ROBERT BLACKMAN HAROLD BOHANNAN GERALDINE BOLINGER JUDY BROWN LOUISE BROWN SPENCER BROWN CAROLE BULLINGTON VADA BURSON ALICE BURT MICKEY CAIN PEGGY CARTER RANDALL CASELMAN PHILLIP CATE CAROLYN CEARLEY LAVERNE CHANDLER SHERWOOD CHARLTON CLIFFORD ANN CLAYE MARYLEN CLAYE CARL CLYNE KATHLEEN CODDINGTON SIDNEY COMBS JUNIORS BEGIN SECOND 50 YEARS OF F. H. S. The Junior class officers for 1957-1958 are Qfrom left to rightj Delano Cotten, vice- presidentg Bobby Whitfield, presidentg Becky Hudson, treasurerg and Nancy Miller, sec- retary. JERRY COPPAGE DELANO COTTON CAROLYN COUCH NANC 1' CULLEN STEVE CUMMINGS FRANKIE DAVIDSON DIANA DEATHERAGE BILLY DeVAULT WILMA DILLARD GENE DOWELL SUE DUNAWAY MILDRED DUINLAVY KAYE DURNING DANIEL DUVALL PHILLIP EAGLE JANIS EASTERL-ING ELIZABETH ELKINS ANN ELLIOTT AUBREY FAIRLESS JUDY FERRENBERG BILL FIELDS TOM FINCHER BARBARA FOSHE PAULA FUGIT LOLA GARDENHIRE VALERIE GERDES BETTY GEURIN DEE GOFF BILLY GRAUE SHARON GRAUE HARRY GRAY KENNETH GRAY FAYE GREENWOOD BETTE GREER GEORGE HARRIS BRENDA HECK KAY HEINRICHS CAROLYN HILL SAUNDRA HINKLE CHARLES CONINE ,lan ev i 1 --14 i '-4 ,Orv- g -cl 2 ,36- 49' 3 Y f 1.29 '90 tn 'wtf 1 ,4'v 25 23 41 .l xl Q ...an -4 ff 1 has 5 .Di- MIKE I-IORAN PAT I-IORAN BECKY HUDSON RUTH ANN HUELSHORST MARY HUTTON GEORGIA JAMISON CAROLLE JOHNSON CHARLES L JOHNSON JANET SUE JONES JAMES KELLAR KEITHITH KING PEGGY KNIGHT WILMA LACEY BILLY LACKEY BRENDA LAIRAMORE LEOTA LANE WANDA LATIMORE JIMMY LAUGHLIN DAVID LEHN LARRY LEWIS JIMMY LOGUE WYNONA MCCANDLESS LARR I MCCHRISTIAN DONNIE MCDONALD JANIS MCDONALD JERRY MCMAHEN LINDA MAEDER PAUL MARINONI MARTHA MARTIN ROINNIE MEADE PHILIP MEINERT MIICE MEISTRELL JOHN MEREDITH NANCY MILLER DIRINDA MILLS BOB MINER JUNE MITCHELL EDDIE MORRISON BILLYE MURPHEY JIM NOYCE JUDITH NUTT GAIL PARKS ADA PARISH WAYNE PARRISH HELEN PASCHAL RENA PHELPS MARY POYNER VIVIAN RAGSDALE JEAN RAINWATER SUE RICE SHARON RICHEY FONTAINE RICHARDSON CARLTON RIGGS CHARLES ROBERTS JOHN ROBERTSON SIDNEY ROFF ALVA ROGERS DAVID ROSS LYNDA ROWDEN LEO RYAN JOE BOB SERGEANT CAROLYN SEXSON PAULETTA SHACKELFORD 26 ,yiif X ..-f J .Tumors Qfrom left to rxghtl Sxdney Roff Harold Bohannan, Lxnda Maeder Man Todd and Joe Anne Thunnger, adrrure sexuor nng dlsplay t DOROTHY SILVERMAN MINETTE SILVERMAN BETTY SIMS FREDA SMITH JAMES SMITH JOYCE STEELE SONA STEPI-IAN JUNE STEWART CAROLYN STRANGE FRED STUCKEY JOE ANNE THURINGER DELORES TISDALE MARI TODD NADINE TROLINGER GERALDINE WAGES CHRISTINE WARD BOB WATSON SUE WEIBLE BOB WHITFIELD LINDA KAY WILSON NORMA WORLEY EUGENE YATES CAROLYN YOUNG lnn...L SOPHOMORES OF TODAY 1957 1958 if Q5 'HO' --.us ...Q 'Z 4-r 21 K 49' 1 Q' A 'T' C?- ARCHIE ADAMS MARY ALEXANDER CANDACE ALLEN JAMES ALLEN STONY ANDERSON BERT ATHERTON LOUIS BAILEY CHRISTINE BALE DANNY BARNHART SHIRLEY BEAVER5 JUDYE BENTON JOHN BESS TOMMY BINDLEY PATSY BLACKMAN LARRY BLANTON MICHAELA BLANTON FRANK BLEW RUBY BOATMAN BOB BOSTON JANE BOYER LOUISE BRADSHAW VAN BREWER CAROLYN BRIGGINS HELEN BRONSON ROGER BROWN GLENDA BURSON HARRISON BUTLER JOHN BUTT DONALD BUXTON CAM CAMERON WALLACE CARR JIM CATE PATSY CENTER BRUCE CHAMBERS RANDALL CHAPMAN PREPARE THEMSELVES FOR THE FUTURE BETTY CORLEY PEGGY COUSINS GAYLE CURRY BOYD DAILY LARRY DAVENPORT MIKE DAVIS GERALDINE DESKIN DEEAN DODD JERRY DUDLEY SUSAN DULAN GERRY EDWARDS DOUGLAS ELDERTON NANCY ESTES BILLY FERRELL JUDY FERRELL HELEN FIELDS ANN FLETCHER DORIS ANN FREDERICK JUDY FREEMAN ANNE FRONING JEANIE FULTZ GLENN GABBARD JIM GABBARD JIMMIE GILES CHARLES GLASS KENNIE MAE GLENN ANITA GREER JUDY HALE JANET HANEY BELINDA HARRIS BONNIE HAYES FRANCIS HAYES HAROLD HAYES NADINE HELTON BARBARA COMBS Sophomore g1r1s' P.E. class in quite a scramble play-1ng."spoke tag". GLENNA HENDERSON MARI ANN HENDRICKS PAT HENDRI CKS MIKE HIGGINS JAMES LYMON HILL ANNE HOLLAND BARBARA HOLLAND PRISICILLA HOLLAND CHARLES JOHNSON MARIE JOHNSON BOBBY JONES KAROLYN JONES LILLIAN JOYNER VERA LEA KEENEY BILL KEETON BETTY KING BILL LAYNE JIMMY LAYNE ETSEL LOI-'TIN GARY LUNSI-'ORD CECILIA MCDONALD LINDA Mc!-'ARLAND PHYLLIS MCFARLAND GLORIA MCGEE DON MCGOODWTN DAVID MCNEIL JOHN MARINONI THOMAS MARTIN PATTY MAY ONNA FAYE MEREDITH SOPHOMORES, Romans, countryrnen, lend me your ears JAMES MORRIS JANICE MORRIS PAUL MUELLER BARBARA MULKEY BOBBY NEAL JO ANN NICKELL SONDRA NORWOOD SUE NORWOOD BILL OGDEN MYRALYN OSBURN PAM PALMER JAMES PETERSON JUANITA PHILLIPS ANN PHILLIPS GEORGE PONDER ANNE POYNER JUDY PYEATTE MARCUS RAMSEY EVA JO RIEFF JIMMY RIGGINS JOYCE ROBBINS CAROLYN ROMMEL ALAN ROSE CHARLES RUF1-'IN REGINA RUSHING KAREN RUSSELL BETTY SHACKELFORD RHEA SHELTON SHARON SHOFNER DICKIE MONT GOMER Y DARLENE SISEMORE JOHN SLAVEN JANE SMITH JIM PAT SMITH PAULA SPILLARS DARRELL STANBERRY DAVID STANDLEY LOUISE STEWART CAROLYN THOMAS FRANK THORPE MARTY THURLBY BILL TUCK MELPHA UNGER DAVID VANDERSLICE BARBARA VAUGI-IN JANET WATSON JERR Y WATSON SUE ELLEN WEDDINGTON CARROLL JEAN WHALEY MARGARET WHITCHURCH CONNIE WHITE DONNIE WHITE BETTY WILCOX MARCI WILLIAMS BILLY JOE WILSON MARS!-IA WILSON CAROL LOU WOOD ALBERT WYNN CLAY YOE JANICE SUE YOES KURT ZANDER EDWINA SILCOTT I ,7if,V. ,.,!,i:?.,Qi,,,V A Il I 1 E , , ":Vil-0-dNl2':": ,-fs.: .' .P . I , M f 34 c V -.1 I Early Harmon Playfield vga-'ASSE Basketball coach Benny Winborn, football coach Clayton Spencer, and assistant football coach Jerry Hall admire District 1-AA Championship football trophy. ATHLETICS DISTRICT IAA CHAMPS OF 57 7. 0 7 8022-E 3 3x54 65 L 95, 21 1 N Charles TU.I1St111 Steve Cumrrungs Delano Cotton .hm Logue ROW TWO Klrk Hale Ronme Wood ruff W1ll1a.m Hayes Pete Jenluns Bobby Wh1tf1eld Harold Bohanon Wallace Carr .hm Boyd Jerry Hall Dav1d Lehn ROW THREE R0gefCUrt1S Bobby Hudgens Bxlly Lackey Fonta1nR1cha.rd son John Butt Gary Lunsford Charles Roberts Sxdney Roff B1llyFerrel ROW FOUR Hoover Evans Larry Plullxps Earnest O'hara Jun Pat Srruth Mlke I-hggmns Marcus Ramsey Stanely Greenwood John Slaven Coach Clayton Spencer ROW FIVE .T1m Shreve B1lly Odgen Bob Boston Junrny R1gg1ns Van Brewer Stony Anderson Managers Boyd Da1ly D1ck1e Montgomery James Peterson and Coach Jerry Hall TRAIL OF TEARS FOR BULLDOG FOES Bulldogs S1loam Sprrngs Bulldogs Huntsvllle Bulldogs Seneca MISSOUTI Bulldogs Sublaco Bulldogs Rogers Bulldogs Sprlngdale Bulldogs Central ISpr1ngf1eldl Bulldogs Joplxn Bulldogs Parkvzlew ISpr1ngf1eldl Bulldogs Harr1son TOTAL 269 TOTAL Average per game Average per game 27 to 3 SPENCER Head Bulldog 7 - . I r I 'Y sz I S .,f. , - if " , - ' I 3 I' A 1 I Qt F I ' ' , ' A :PI 'F A 3 x I f 'K 0 A . ..- A . o I - Q 4 .2 A ' '- 3 1' I '1 v - F H .V L gr-Hwy. 1 Q., ' ,JT-if At, , ROW ONE: George Ponder, Spencer Brown, Billy Keeton, Frank Blew, .Toe Sergant, Danny DuVall, 26 ' ' 0 46 ' 6 33 , ' ' 0 25 ' 6 33 7 40 ' 0 20 ' ' 0 12 ' 7 ' 4' 14 . . . 0 -.ld Z0 ' 7 -'-' I 33 ' fs' 5 rg I. If 'if iklk DANIEL ANDERSON FRANK BLEW HAROLD BOHANON End Tadsle Halfback VAN BREWER Guard The Bulldogs of '57 gave warnxng f thmgs to come 1n the season opener The Dogs whacked the Panthers of S11oarn Sprlngs 26 O w1th Blg Bull Hayes leadxng the way by ga1n1ng 123 yards The followmg week saw the Huntsv1lle Eagles come to town only to be defeated 46 6 The 'Dogs were rxght all mght long as the Bulldog reserves more than held the1r own agalnst the helpless Eagles It was the same story next week when the Seneca lndxans of Mxssourx got scalped 33 O Jerryl-lall scored tw1ce 1n that contest to lead Fayette counter agalnst Sublaco Everyone sald that the merry go 'round would stop when the TroJans h1t Fayettevmlle but they hadn't counted on Jxmmy Shreve Hoover Evans and Bull Hayes Shreve scored tw1ce on short runs Hayes once on short plunge and Evans scored on 49 yard pass from Shreve The TroJans managed only one s1x po1nter and the Bulldogs were proudowners of the1r f1rstv1ctoryover Sublaco 1n four years Z5 6 W1th the resoundlng defeat of Subxaco fans were won dermg Just how far the thxs year s ed1t1OnOf Bulldogs would g Coach Clayton Spencer saxd sto1ca11y 'If we can w1n about 7 more we'll have had a pretty good season The Rogers Mountaxneers provedno test as they couldn't stomach the Bulldog brew of 33 7 The game saw Ronrue Woodruff gather 1n a Mountaxneer fumble and run for a touch down 1n the contest The Bulldogs reserves agamn had a fxeld day H UNEUP SPENCER BROWN Center DELANO COTTON End M me STEVE CUMMINGS ROGER CURTIS DON DINGLEDINE DANNY DUVALL H3-lfbaffk End Center Halfback V Y A iv i I E . l t 2- ' o ll ' - A . I . . ville to victory. So the stage was set for next week's en- - . 4 ' . . ' - O. I I I l I gag- Q K ' t K X 3 U HOOVER EVANS End KIRK HALE Tackle fs JERRY HA The w ek of Oct ll says Coach Spencer take h1s Dogs to Sprxngdale for thelr f1rst road game The boys came through 1n fme style agaxnst their arch r1vals beatmg them 40 O Sprxngdale just never had a chance and the t f season record for the Bulldogs read 6 wlns no defeats October the 18 Homecomlng Day found Central Hlgh School of Spnngfreld ready to do WILLIAM HAYES I,-uu back battle wlth I-'HS The boys from M1ssour1 came mto the game ranked e1ght 1n the Show Me State and the boys from Arkansas Showed em The score was 20 0 as the Bulldog l1ne pl'ayed 1ts best game of the year so far Bull Hayes steamed 88 yards for atouchdown on the second play from scrxmmage It was the longest Bulldog run of the year and 1t set Central back on thelr heels After that lt was easy for the 'Dogs to knock them down The ZO O vlctory made the day complete and Queen Patsy s rcxgn had been successful Because Van Buren hadn tbeen scheduled th1s year the Joplxn Eagles were counted as a D1str1ct I opponent for Fayettey lle The week prlor to the game the flu epxdemlc hlt Fayettevllle Ronnxe Woodruff Bull Hall were all sxck w1th flu so the pxcture looked black for the weakened Dogs Tha game was the most thr1ll1ng encounter of the year Played m Joplm the game went rlght down to the w1re w1th Fayettevxlle w1nn1ng lt lZ 7 on a 35 yard pass from Shreve to Evans in the wann1ng moments of the contest The next two weeks were open dates for the Dogs on thelr schedule That came 1n handy for half of the team was 1n bed vnth the flu after the Joplxn game On November 15 the Bulldogs returned to actxon playing Parkwcwof Spr1ngf1eld 1nSpr1ngfxeld The two vfeek lay off had had 1ts bad effect too because the Dogs werent sharp on the1r txmxng andled only Z O at the half But they came back strong 1n the last two per1ods scorlng twlce and w1nn1ng It l4 O "'? 49 4 ,A 5 Y K I ' ' ' E K 2 to .. Hayes, Steve Cummings, Bobby' Hudgens, Delano Cotton, and Jerry V' . . A ' I x 7. , -H 7 W PETE JENKINS Quarter back BILLY KEETON, End JIM LOGUE, Quarter-back EARNEST O'HARA Tackle ew use PRODUCERS OF THE WINNING TEAM WINBORN, SPENCER, AND HALL. WE DEDICATE THIS PAGE TO THE SENIORS OF 58 wax W9-In W ROW ONE, left to rlght Roger Curt1s All Dxstrxct Ernest O'Hara Ronn1e Wood ruff All D1str1ct LarryPh1ll1ps All Dxstrxct DonD1ngled1ne All D1str1ct Charles Tunst1ll K1rk Hale Hoover Evans All D1str1ct ROW TWO Danny DuVall Bobby Hudgens All D1str1ct J1mmy Shreve All D1str1ct Bull Hays All D1str1ct and Jerry Hall SHREVE TO EVANS All State combumatzonl .hmmy Peavlne' Shreve esta blxshed h1mself as one of the f1nest backs 1n the state th1s year Voted the Most Valuable Back of D1str1ct 1 "Pea v1ne' was the teamleader 1n rnalung the All State Dream Team At the close of thxs his Hmgh School athletxc career J1mmy w1ll have won 12 letters basketball football and track Edward 'Hoover" Evans known to hls team mates as "B1g Hoover" he was voted to the All D1BtT1Ct and All State elevens because of lus fxerce tackhng blocklng and clutch pass catchmg as a 185 pound end Atwo sport letterman through out lugh school Hoover IS a hurdler durlng track sea son I y . 1, I . -A N , ,fps-. na, , ., v A , ., S f f 7 , gr ti 11195: . ' ' " 7 of - .,L4.3", X ' 1 . " ' ' 5" ja, -4 ' I ' 1 J ' 7 - i I ' E 1 ' 9 1 s n ' . I , 1 ' r 1 ' Q 1 ' Q . 1 ' II ' I - , . . . X . X . . - l , . , . . ' I 111 1 1 Q I I ' I 3 1 ' . Y ' I BASKETBALL 1957-58 Pete th1s 1S no txme to be slupplng rope 1' QCotton No 33 Jenluns No 45 Shreve No Z5 J1m Jay No 771 ANOTHER e Tulsa Webster e Tulsa Central Harrlson Parkv1ew Rogers Anderson Berryvmlle Webb Clty Parkvlew S11oam Sprgs Harm-1son 61 Spnngdale We 43 Hope TRAIL OF TEARS 54 Alma Ha.rr1son Rogers Lxncoln Berryvllle Webb C1ty Jophn Spnngdale Huntsvmlle Rogers Spr1ngdale Van Buren 1 77 , 7 I' 7 xx , If ll W 30 61 W 57 " 43 44 " 71 ' " 51 ' 42 54 " 60 ' 34 ' 63 ' " 49 Sprg. Central 41 " 60 Bentonville " 24 47 " 55 ' " 58 38 " 62 ' ' 52 ' 43 ' 38 ' ' 51 ' 34 ' 48 ' " 33 ' 29 ' 49 ' " 57 ' . 30 ' 34 ' 53 ' 51 35 ' ' ' 37 29 'Z ww E FAYETTEVILLE TOP F Z-YQ "l!?"? --In-qv JIM ' PEAVINE" SHREVE Sr Forward 5 pls ALAN "THE HORSE" BEAUC Sr Guard MV PETER 'ZEKE" JENKINS Sr Forward 'iii' WU' DELANO "GOOK" COTTON Jr Center V131 QQ 'Effi- if m W3 X HAMP GEORGE "THE SNAKE" MCCONNELL Sr. Guard . In I T, I .Q Z! f , - ..- '52 , I I 'E 'Y ' A O 'G 'Q E ALAN BEAUCHAMP Sr . Guard DELANO COT TON Jr . Center THE SEASON'S STORY The 1957-58 basketball campaign started dismally and far away from home for the Fayetteville Bulldogs , giving littleindicationof the kindof season we were to have. Tulsa Webster provided the opposition for the 'Dogs opening garne and gave therna taste of fire -wagon basketball in beating Fayetteville 65-30. Jimmy Shreve, who had just shed his football togs, was high point manwith ll tallies. The following night Fayette- ville came back strong against the Braves of Tulsa Central but still couldn't come up with a winning combination as they lost a thriller, 44-43. "The third time's the clincher, " is an old saying, but the Bulldogs believed it to be true when they beat Harrison 51-42 intheir third tryforawin. Shreve and Cotton led the way with 16 and 10 respectively. Fans began to wonder just how good a team we had when a strong Parkview Viking quintet came to Dog- town and was soundly thrashed 60-34. The whole Fayetteville team was hot as a two-dollar pistol that night, but Shreve again was the team leader, as he was to be all season, with 17. WhenSpringfieldCentral came to town to do battle the following night, Jim "Peavine" Shreve put on a dazzling one -man show, scoring 20 points as the Bull- dogs took their third win in a row 49-41. The next week, the boys suffered a severe let- down when theyplayed Rogers in Rogers. Fayetteville could do nothing right, while the Mountaineers could do nothing wrong in winning 47-24. That was the worst game of the season for the 'Dogsg it was a good thing that it came early in the season! BOBBY HUDGENS JIM SHREVE BOBBY WHITFIELD Sr. Guard Sr. Forward Jr. Forward Reboundlng from the Rogers contest hkea rubber ball Fayetteville beat Anderson Mlssourl soundly 58 38 to start a w1nmng streak whlch wasn't to end unt11 the rmddle of February 14 games later The 'Dogs rolled through January batterrng the enemy 1nto submlssmon After routmg Anderson F H S slapped Berry v11le 52 43 stomped Webb Cxty 51 34 beat Parkv1ew as second trme 33 Z9 and clobbered S1loarn Sprlngs 57 30 Harrxson fell the second tlme 53 51 andSpr1ng dale got bombed 61 37 as the Fayettevxlle Fxve moved xnto the Sprmgdale Tournament Inv1tat1onal wlth guns drawn The Sprxngdale Tournament saw the 'Dogs h1t thelr season s peak Blaz1ng through the opposxtxon the cagers of F H S mowed down 1n turn Alma. 51 39 to cop the winners trophy and f1rst place 1n the tourney Delano Cotton and Peav1ne" Shreve placed on the All Tournament team because of the1r out standmg play 1n leadmg the Bulldogs to the Champ1on Shlp A let downwas feared after the rugged play of the tournament but Bentonv1lle surely thought the 'Dogs were 1n fzne shape because Fayettevllle beat them 60 28 Berryvxlle and Webb C1ty aga1n tr1ed to wlnp the Fayetteville Qulntet but got b1t for then' efforts Berryv1lle succurnbed 55 30 and Webb Clty lost 62 46 Jopl1n's Eagles flew xnto townb1lled as one of the powers of MISSOUII They were st1ll flymg h1gh when they left wrth a 44 38 v1ctory over the Fayettev1lle team havmg ended the Bulldog w1nn1ng streak at 14 FRANK BLEW PETE JENKINS Sr Forward GEORGE PONDER GEORGE MCCONNELL JIM LOGUE Soph Center Sr Guard Jr Guard . . - S . ' n A - . 413 Harrison, 71-47g Rogers, 54-575 and Lincoln, 63- 50Ph- Forward , - ll ' DON DUNAWAY Sr Forward CHARLES JOHNSON STORY CONTINUED After the Jophn game Coach Wxnborn managed to get the boys up for Colors Day and Sprnmgdale One of the largest crowds of the year turned out to see the Bulldogs beat Sprlngdale 48 39 before Queen Carolyn LEWIS and her royal court Huntsvllle proved no match as they left ' Dog Town" srnartxng from a 49 Z5 beatlng Rogers how ever was more thana match the followlng rnght W1th the largest home crowd of the year on hand the Moun tameers took a hard fought 42 34 w1n The Rogers game marked the end of the regular season play but the 'Dogs st1ll had to wan one game 1n the d1str1ct tournament to salt away a berth 1n the State Meet Talung no chances Fayettev1lle stopped Sprmng dale for the thlrd t1me 35 30 to assure themselves of a tr1p to the State But 1n the fxnals aga1nst Van Buren the Pomters were just too much for Fayettev1lle as they won 33 Z9 to take the d1str1ct champzonshlp In the state tourney the Bulldogs lost the1r flrst dxfference between the two teams sxnce our tearn was the srnallest 1n the tournament Hope was one ofthe tallest Even though unsuccessful 1n the d1strict and state tourneys the Bulldogs under Coach Benny Wxnborn s tutelage posted a 20 7 record the flnest show1ng by Fayettevllle rou.nd ballers s1nce 1952 when the Bull dogs were runner up 1n the State Certa1nly Fayette v1lle was and ms proud of a great bunch of boys and thelr coach who through the1r unt1r1ng and ceaseless efforts came up with a real basketball team when l1ttle was expected LARRY LEWIS JIM RIGGIINS BENNY WINBORN Jr Guard Soph Center Head Coach ' 1 game to the Hope Bobcats 54-43. Height was the main - 1 Snnh ffnnv-A THE BULLDOG B TEAM W3 1 Ar R if It FRONT ROW Harold Bohannon Eugene Dowell Roger Brown Donald Buxton Thomas B1ndely ROW TWO Boyd Da11y Danny Barnhart Bobby Wh1tf1e1d Dav1d Vanderslxce Dav1dLeh.n J1mmy Logue ROW THREE Charles W1lson Harold Hayes Bob Boston Stoney Anderson JamesMorr1s and Jxmmy R1gg1ons The "B" team 15 coached by Coach Clayton Spencer Football Managers: James Peterson, Dickie Montgomery, and Boyd Ray Daily. BASEBALL 1958 vol' Pug ik QSY, 37? 905127 JJ s 'xiii fu 1 The Team, ROW ONE: Mack Andrew, Sidney Roff, Larry Bogan, Paul Berry, ScottVan Hoose, Tommy Bindly, and Bob Burris. ROW TWO: Boyd Dailey, Bill Green, Roger Curtis, Steve Curnrnings, Pete Jenkins, Jerry Wheeler, and Larry Lewis. P 1 t c h e r s Jerry Wheeler Bill Outfielders Roger Curtis Steve Green PaulBerry and Bob Burris Cumrrnngs MackAndrew and Larry Bogan if 'lag -ff 'gs 4 Infielders and catchers Sidney Roff Larry Lewis Pete Jenkins Boyd Dailey Tommy Bindley and Scott Van Hoose I , Z , 1 7 ' I I . M N, 1 - ' , I X a Y ' 1 , .Q fy ' f , 1 Q? f, V I ". Ak 4 .f ,,.,y.c J 4, - -- ,, , . if W ' "' A' , M ,g ' ' .. 2 1 . .., .W . V' Y A X - '- 7' f 4' 'A . . 1 1 - I -it Z 1 1 1 1 1 ' -N A Track 1958 '77 al if km P 'MI' 1-'ff' 'Myth .5 iv was emma 'iAf"'v Left to r1ght ROW ONE Steve Cumrmngs Bobby Wh1tf1eld B1lly Graue Larry Blanton Davld McNe1l Ronme Meade Donme Wlute .hm Keller John Butt ROW TWO Frank Blew George Ponder Marcus Ramsey Jerry McMahen Don D1ngled.1ne Stoney Anderson ,hmrny Logue B1ll eeton Gerald Hopper ROW THREE Edward Evans Jerry Hall Bobby gens Jerry Stamps Jxmmy Shreve Ernest O'Hara Don Terry James st udent manager .Tumor dash man Steve Cumnnngs Jerry Hall left and 'Hoover Evans r1ght are semors who en tered more than one track event at the State Meet last year. .ag is sv I Left to r1ght: Senior letterman, JerryHal1, ErnestO'Hara BobbyHudgens J1mmy Shreve, Don Terry, Edward Evans. 424 at jmbflq Qi I x 6 1 I A x X :- Q, I enn 7!McAeff War? gzggelt 9 g f HCMECCMING MAIDS 2 2 Coupe ga I r ju :ly jerren Lerg ,fjiy -, xi HOMECOMING QUEEN Malay Ojgurn Jenn y 7WfCAe!f lgaby O5Aum CCLCRS DAY MAIDS CL,-Kaffe Cafe bv Q yn. ,PCM VK' , , M 'aw v L3 ' U 'A' if" .. . x 4 " A 1 ' X 'Q I 4 ' ' ' 2 1 ' A " V 1, AA, V 4 if: 1 L 4, 4' , L 1 Z COLORS DAY QUEEN ar-oQn ewia I 1 - 4 1 1 lr. if , 1- IOF U" as any All 1 -fl! ' '1 l!,,, ,,- r,,',!f,,f , , ' -M 4 V , Alum f.',f1z,,-1 X . 4 .M , . -- ff rmjf V e' X. .H ,. , 41-M! .,'- f M- . ,ff1I'4:.. nf I ,H I 4 ' 4 If A ', 7 f::l uf 1.1 ' , . Y U ' 4"-fs.:71'fz1:f:f1i ffl, I ' ri . Q I I Q I A 1 1 I xx ' , ,, . ,Zh X 1 X ', . ..,. V X .11 5 1141 In P V ' In I P I4 ' 1: W Ir ,x V I' In xt. .xx x 11 1 W, xv lv rn , wr , -M X- , in N I " 1' iff Ar "Hark, what mischief have you been brewing!" uvfmv e sf X..-E" ss' A 1 4 Members of the 1957-58 Thgespians in one act play. in 'ME 3 3 A .cv turf? - wgga imwil fiivma . . I I unfit FRONT ROW: Ruth Ann Huelshorst, Wilma Lacy, Glenda Burson, Wynona McCand1ess, Gail Curry, Kiethith King, Brenda Gail Bowman. SECOND ROW: Cam Cameron, Margaret Cotton, Lillian Joyner, Judith Nutt, Lola Gardenhire, Barbara Vaughn, Owanda Davis. THIRDROW: Mary Ruth Alexander, Randall Chapman, Bruce Chambers, Frank Thorpe, Steve Axnis, Penny Rinn. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Thomas, Susan Fletcher, Nancy Allen, Carolyn Young, Ada Ann Parish, Marie Johnson, Mary Beth Teas. FIFTH ROW: Robert Chambers, Don Dingledine, James Morris, John Bailey, Jimmy Giles, Jerry Beard. SIXTH ROW: Clint Brooks, Larry Davenport, Gerry Edwards, George Harris, Carl Clyne, James Allen. SEVENTH ROW: Mr. Willis, Herman Jones, Larry Phillips, Carl Hartman, Don Gleason, Everett Vaughn. BACK ROW: Don Stewart, and John Anderson. Not pictured is Ann Holland. BAND HAS MANY VARIED ACTIVITIES Seventeen years ago a young man by the narne of Mr. R. W. Willis came to Fayetteville and took over the responsibility of directing the Fayetteville bands. Since this time he has directed the beginning band, grade school band, junior high band, and high school band. This year marked another step forward in the program when Mr. Willis packed his belongings which were in junior high and moved completely into high school. This move has allowed Mr. Willis to have a band preparation period which has greatly improved the operations of the band. Some high-lights of this year's activities are: eight football games, pep convocations, basketball games, U. of A. band day, Fair Dayparade, Christmas parade, district clinic, district festival, Bi-state festival, All-State Band, Arkansas State band festival, the Winter Concert, band convocations, and the band banquet. The band has enjoyed working for F. H. S. AND THE BAND PLAYED ON FRONT ROW SteveAm1s v1ce presxdent FH S Band Drurn Majorette Ruth Ann Wxlma Lacy secretary BACK ROW Huelshorstand Band Mascot Brenda Gall Carl Hartman Mary Teas hbrarxans Bowman Everett Vaughn pres1dent Seen marchxng before the band 1n parades and football shows were the majorettes Wmlma Lacy Glenda Burson Wynona McCandless Ga11 Curry Ke1th1th Kxng and Barbara Vaughn Qalternatej wg -4 'E' G -R - R - R BULLDOGS Fifty Peppy Peppers, mascots, Vicky and Peppy, led by six enthusiastic cheerleaders have reached the organizations tenth year as boosters for the football and basketball teams. Besides supporting the team, other nurnerous activities in- clude bus trips to out of town games, pep convoca- tions, the Annual Peppers Spaghetti Supper, and Peppers Day, held in March, honoring King Pep and Princes Hoop and Hollar. Proceeding all ball games, a fanmiliar sight is the presentation of the American and Arkansas Flags. This year's flag team consists of Patty Gray, Juanita Fitzgerald, Jeannie Morse, and Charlotte Cate. A special project of this year's Peppers was presenting an engraved placque to Coach Clayton Spencer and his Undefeated District Champs. h Flag Team is a traditional sight at all ome games. Cate and Oliphant entertain at Peppy Peppers march: Left-right, left- Annual Spaghetti Supper. right! 11 Janet Adams, presidentg Patty Gray, vice-presidentg Sue Dunlavy, secretary, Jeannie Morse, treasurer, Nancy Barnhill, sergeant. ROW TWO: Mary Baggett, corresponding secretary, Virginia Austin, Marilyn Barron, Alice Burt, Charlotte Cate, Carolyn Cearley, Gail Cooper, Emily Davis, Diana Deatherage, Janis Easterling. ROW THREE: Ann Elliot, Judy Ferren- berg, Juanita Fitzgerald, Bette Greer, Betty Guerin, Brenda Heck, Kay Heinrichs Carolyn Hill, Becky Hudson, Saundra Hinkle. 35 33 if fan k xv, 'Z -51 bi v A4 A E To 9 ,fm ,, . if 'X 1957-58 F.H.S. CHEERLEADERS! From left to right: Patsy Osburn, Nancy Miller, Gail Cooper, Vicky Osburn, mascot, Judith Gregory, Linda Wilson, and Ashley Beauchamp. ROW ONE: Georgia Jamison, Carolyn Lewis, Linda Maecler, Janis McDonald. ROW TWO: Nancy Miller, Jenny Mitchell, Brenda Oliphant, Patsy Osburn, Marcia Perkins, Marion Phillips, Marsha Ragsdale, Sue Rice, Ibby Schulz, Carolyn Sexson. ROW THREE: Sarah Smith, Judy Stockburger, Dawn Stowe, Barbara Trager, Delores Tisdale, Joe Anne Thuringer, Charlotte Waggoner, Linda Wilson, Kaycille Woodruff, Mrs. LaVerne Heflin. fr LL4..AL ,461 S Y-, -"X cg, "' is-as -7 'arf is 1 qv'-at V G- Q F Q KEY CLUB STRIVES TO PROMOTE LEADERSHIP The Key Club, formed by the Kiwanis, is an Interna- tional service group for high school boys. Activities carried on each year include safety patrol, counseling at a summer camp, flag raising, concessior help at basketball games, and as their biggestproject, the Pancake Breakfast held each year in November. This annual project is carried on in order to finance all acti- vities of the club. This year's Sweetheart, Jenny Mitchell, was an- nounced inthe annual Key Club convocation and presented with a gift. The 1957-58 officers, Joe Tom Backus, president, Scott Van Hoose, vice-president, Joe Bissett, secretaryg and John Henbest, treasurer attended the International convention in New York last summer. "Up goes Old Glory" Key Clubbers meet in Private Dinning Room ROW ONE: Stony Anderson, Joe Tom Backus, Alan Beauchamp, Paul Berry, J'oe Bissett, Frank Blew, Bob Boston, Van Brewer, Guy Brown. ROW TWO: Spencer Brown, Sherwood Charlton, Carl Clyne, Steve Cummings, Donnie Deweese, Danny DuVall, John Henbest, Bob Hudgens, Pete Jenkins. '9 Q. 1""'-. ff' Y CL X .Ulf-Y' OQR 1 ii 1 X PN O ,I N'r-5512" From right to left, Officers-Backus, Va.n Hoose, Bissett, and Henbest discuss a. club problem in an executive meeting. Coach Benny Wmborn sponsor serves 1957 Key Club Sweetheart Jenny Mxtchell ROW ONE Charles Johnson Dav1d Lehn Ph1111p Memert M1ke Mexstrell Bob Mxner James Morrxs Eddxe Morrxson B111 Ogden George Ponder ROW TWO Fontame Rxchardson Alan Rose John Slaven B111 Stewart Fred Stuckey Tom Ut1ey Scott Van Hoose Bobby Wh1tf1e1d Ronnxe Woodruff on Alva 'U qi if 3 'ik Qui . I l , . 2 , . I . . . I . . , . ' . , . . , . 1 . : . . ' I I . i I P l I ' 3 - ,K Qggw ,, 9' .. F ,.f 5 - 1 1 . hymn 1 Q A I - A , - ' N U, H- .Q P 7' eo " E 8 V - A . X 1 HOIAZQOSSETY N H S PAVES Q' 2 S THE WAY TO 'nh fff XXX 5 L R GREATER SERVICE 113 does lt a.ga1n' Wmmng the scholarshlp trophy for 1ts tlurd t1me Loluse has reason for a. srrule NHS ers gather around popular refreshment table after Sprzng In1t1at1on 1 Y L 5 s if I th 1 -,ff UU 'HZ' l L v A ROW ONE Janet Adams Joe TomBackus John Baxley Alan Beauchamp Paul Berry Joe B1ssett Charlotte Cate and Ga11 Cooper ROW TWO Pat Cralley Sue Dunlavy Susan Fletcher B111 Green Louxse Gulsmger John Henbest Lxnda Henson and Carolyn Lew1s ROW THREE Jenny M1tche11 Brenda Olxphant Patsy Osburn Rlchard Re1d Sarah Srruth Mered1th Stubblefleld Everett Vaughn and Romue Woodruff 'r , .4 9' n 11 ' ' ' ' 3 - , . I 1 T Q 1 2 ' ' . 1 I .N Q Ji ? V is . 6' 1, '. Q X A , J . r , , I " A- ' A y ' nt V- "' A A 1 , fi , s 4 Q ' M Q X 5. 5 fl E R ' f 2 1 R . L Y 1 0 fl 'Q f 'O "Rf, -2 'M ak L , Y .Li 5 , 4 ' xl E x E , E Q ' Q . -' I 1 1 . 1 1 , ' , , ' . 1 , I D ' ' l - . . I I . , . I : . , . , i . . , , , . . , I . ' One of the hlghest honors astu dent can recexve whale 1n h1gh school 18 that of becorrung a member of N H S Under the sponsorsh1p of MISS Bermce Karnes the Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety has paved the way to better s cholar s h1p character leadershlp and s e r V1 c e to the school Organlzed byMrs Bunn Bell 1n 1926 the orgaruzatlon has grown from the flrst exght charter members to a full roll call of thlrty f1V6 members thls year The fol1ow1ng clubs and orgam zat1on were created by NHS for the purpose of further serv1ce to the school Student Councxl 26 Club Sophomore Guldes and Courtesy Club po- A httle nervous but happy s1x proud 1n1t1ates stand w1th off1cers after formal NHS 1mt1at1on 450 Crowded but cozy falthful bookstore workers take a break from the busy rush hour and sell "cheeze" to the cameraman 1nstead of candy' Day and Careers Day were all pro Jects of NHS and are long awa1ted events thatF H S 'ers look forward to every year Other projects have been the creat1on of the service groups startmg the annual year book Off1CeI s Workshop Randall Osborn and Amethyst Awards Bookstore BookExchange Scholar shlp Trophy the des1gn1ng of the School Creed and or1g1nat1ng the act1v1t1es po1nt system The success of th1s organ1zat1on has depended heavlly on the leader shlp of 1ts off1cers who for th1s year were Tom Utley pres1dent Donnle Deweese v1ce pres1dent Nancy Allen secretary Carl Hart man treasurer and Guy Brown h1stor1an A -7 1 Tom Don Nancy Carl Guy Utley Deweese Allen Hartman Brown pres1dent v1ce pres1dent secretary treasurer hlstorlan , - 3 l 1 1 5 . , . a 4 F ' . ' , jf' ,, - ' M' W ' .L , V, A . - Z . , , 'ln ..f..4 l Honors Day, Play Day, Colors , .. p . . l 7 ' , ' I 1 ! ! 1 1 " . , . . 3 . ' 5 . , . - . 5 1 l ' . , . . . . I 5 , .X ,. ' ' I 4 ' ' I y 1 at ff Q 1-" ,..,a Paul Fontaine Carolyn Pete Patty Berry Richardson Lewis Jenkins Gray President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter STUDENT COUNCIL In 1942 the f1r st Student COl1I'1C11 of FHS was or gamzed bythe Natlonal Honor Soc1ety w1th Mrs G C Elhs as sponsor The Student COUDC11 has been act1ve 1n d1str1ct state and nat1ona1assoc1at1ons In 1950 the FHS Student Councxl orgamzed the Northwest D15 trzct As soc1at1on of Student Counc11s As the leadmg orgaruzatxon of FHS the Student Counc11 had abusy year ACt1V1t1ES 1nc1uded the super v1s1on of the Umted Fund Dr1ve a hornecormng party a teachers' Chrxstmas party a parents' Chnstmas party the edltxng and selhng of student d1rector1es sponsor1ng mormng devot1ons repa1r1ng teachers' parkmg lot attendxng d1str1ct state and southern convent1ons C' Nancy Barnh11l Mlke Dav1s Nadlne Helton Sandy Norwood George Ponder Alan Rose JoAnn Thurlnger Tommy Utley Alan Beauchamp Judy Ferrenberg Karolyn Jones Patsy Osburn Sue R1ce Sona Stephan Delores T1sda1e Opal Wynn . . . . X , . . . . . . M I I ' . . . hz q Vi x 1 'A . . ,W I D ' - I D ! . ' I I ? A 4 do Q L ' . Q -. ,. 2 U .4- 4 R A .. i L po Mrs Grace Lawson sponsor of Student Counc11 snules her approval as she poses wlth the 1958 59 off1cers seated from left to nght Joanne Thunn ger Fontame R1chardson Beckey Hudson Stand mg B111 Ogden Mrs Lawson and Alan Rose L 'N " W Student Councll members serve faculty at annual Chrxstmas party Students carrled on a full fledged electlon of Student Cou.nc11 offxcers Alan Beauchamp Sue Dunlavy Saundra Hmkle Ann Holland Sondra Norwood Patsy Osburn Sona Stephen Janet Watson Owanda Davis Paula Fuglt Nadme Helton Pr1sc1l1a Holland B111 Ogden Sue RICC Barbara Trager Carolyn Young o vs I ' 04' ' I l I . 2 . , . - , . . D . - I I l I ' 1 ' 4 . R MQ. L5 L I .,., , 4, -5 ut h, gf Sin 'Q fftf' 'nw 1' L' I. N f '. 4 Q 4 . 4' "' 4' B 9 1 '5 N I -A Q W -a 3 i ' ' t T .1 xi Ninn., Present Student Council officers: left to right, Pete Jenkins, treasurerg Fontaine Richardson, vice-presidentg Paul Berry, presidentg Carolyn Lewis, secretary, Patty Gray, reporter. We d1dn't expect the photographer! We did expect the photographer' chairman Delores Tisdale Sona Stephan K I Evaluation committee: seated left to right, Opal Wynn, STUDENT COUNCIL SERVICE GROUPS PARTY COMMITTEE fseated from left to 1'1ght,Edd16 Morr1 son Joe Blssett Jenny M1tche11 Ann Fromng and Ashley B eauchamp TRAFFIC BOYS fLeft to r1ghtlE11is Trumbo Bob Burns Mack Andrews a.nd Donald Gleason POSTER COMMITTEE Row One Barbara Trager Nancy Estes Row Two Ermly Dav1s Sara Sm1th Edwmna Srlcott Nadme Helton Judlth Gregory Charlotte Waggoner USHERS COMMITTEE Row One Carolyn H111 Louise Gmsznger Dawn Stowe Row Two Ahce Burt Jeamue Morse Martha McK1nney Carolyn Srn1th I H ? gl Xggoghl Mrs G C Ellis sponsor of the American Government Class STRENGTHEN CITIZENSHIP THROUGH COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION "Strengthen C1t1zensh1p through Cornmuxuty Par pat1on could be the motto of the Government Class Wxth a f1rm adherenceto the Prem1ces In The Trad1t1on Of Amer1can L1berty the class attempts to comblne classroom learrung w1th actual experlences m such a way as to 1mpress upon the student the dut1es and respons1b1l1t1es of the Amerxcan C1t1zen Us1ng the community as a laboratory Pract1ces" are or gamzed to deal wxth real c1tizensh1p situauons or activities Among pract1ces th1s year were Patr1ot1sm At the Polls Interxung w1th Cornrnunlty Leaders Observ1ng Our Courts A Study of Juvemle Del1nquency Attendance and 1ts relat1on to scholarshxp Na.ncyAllen Naonn Baker AlanBeauchaxnp Paul Berry Joe B1ssett Gall Cooper Larry Couch Bob McBr1de George McConnell Ernest O'Hara Marmon Plnlhps Ibby Schulz Carolyn Srmth Sarah Sm1th Ernest O'Hara, r1ght, Governxnent class student causes a bxg elect1on upset Th1s year the Government class was 1.11 charge of the 1958 59 Student Counc1l elect 1on Booths were set up, ba.1l1ffs patrolled the votmng areas, and students turned out 1D large numbers to vote R ' ' ' ' tici- fJI ' ll ' y . ' ll ' K in the school or community. ' : . . . , A m I I . I 1 I ' l l - I I - 1 D , . . . I , . , . . I Ellis Trumbo left 1957 58 Sock Hop Klng takes part mthe wmmng slut wmth Joe B1sset E111s 18 a semor Mr Ted Wylxe presxdent of the Lay comm1ttee pre s1des at one of the monthly rneet1ngs 1 1 Owanda Dav1s, Don Deweese, Scott Van I-Ioose, Hoover Evans, Wayne Holt, Bob Hudgens, Jenny M1tche1l, Jerry Stamps, John Stamps, B111 Stewart, Dawn Stowe, Don Terry, Barbara Trager, Tom Utley I 9 Government students ffrom left to rxghtl Sarah Snuth, Ibby Schulz, Jenny M1tche11, secretary, and Torn Utley, pres1dent, are seated around the scrapbook prepared by Sarah and Ibby 1 s ' I . in f I .6 2 A' f QZCP THE KEYNOTE OFFICERS are Qleft to rightj Patty Gray president Clifford Glaye treasurer Julie Perry secretary and Linda Wilson historian AshleyBeauchamp vice pres1dent isnotpictured This year the Girls' Chorus became known as the Key Notes The KeyNotes led bytheir d1rector Miss Evelyn Jones entertained the student body by their presenta tions at convocations and by singing 1n the halls at Chr1 stmas time Glenda Beaver s Shirley Beavers ww QW Patsy Blackman Sidney Combs Gail Cooper Peggy Cousins Nancy Cullen Emily Davis Sue Dunaway Janis Easterling Sonya Elam Paula Fugit Faye Greenwood Judith Gregory Bobbie Jackson Carolle Johnson Anna Sue Keen B ecky Kinc aid Brenda Lairamore Patsy Laney Wanda Latimore Martha Mathias 4 M1ss Jones stated "I hope that the Key Notes orga1'uza.t1on w111 become the nucleus of the musxc department Next year we w11l have more and varled act1v1t1es and I hope to raxse the standards of the group every year " Jeanme Morse Brenda Ohphant Marsha Ragsdale V1v1an Ragsdale Sue R1ce Sharon Rlchey Lynda Rowden Ibby Schulz Betty S1ms Sarah Smmth Paula Spxllars Joyce Steele Me redlth Stubblefleld Delores Txsdale Yvonne Txsdale Barbara Trager Charlotte Waggener Conme Whlte .Tamce Yoes Carolyn Smith CLUB K1ng Poppers Ronrue and Fonta1ne serve Lad1es Fan' Mrs Hefhn and Mrs An drew sponsors of ze Club Easy does It Paul but hurry Semor twms proudly present the Randall Osburn we don t have all day!" Award Plaque to I-'I-IS X Row one Stoney Anderson Nancy Barnhlll Van Brewer Spencer Mar1 Ann Hendrxcks Pete Jenluns Carolyn Lew1s J I , . A . ll 5 A . I 1 I ' V I . 'qi- 3 1 . Q I I . ff V Brown. Row two: John Henbest, Q .. . . , . 1 ' I J A - . K'3""" The 26 Club OT1 g1nated as a project of NHS 1n 1945 111 order to form an 1ndependent ath let1c assoclatxon handles publ1c1ty for athletlc events Down through the years the 26 Club has proved 1ts worth Today under the sponsorslup of Mrs Helen Andrew Past projects of the ate Colors Day start1ng the annual Z6 Club plcmc tak 1ng charge of Horneconung arrangements buyrng the Peppers the1r purple jack ets prov1d1ngfor aRoyalty Scrapbook donatxng candle holders to the Peppers selhng season t1ckets for both football and basketball and also purchas1ng the Jumor I-hgh School cheer leadmg jackets Tlus year s mam pro jects were pa1nt1ng the goal posts prov1d1ng brochure for the basketball team and obta.1n1ng aplaque for the Randall Osburn award WIDDCTS The 1957 58 26 Club off1cers are as follows Ronme Woodruff pres1dent BobbyWh.1tf1e1d v1ce presxdent D1ana Deatherage secretary Kay He1nr1chs treasurer and Judy Ferrenberg courtesy cha1rrnan lg' N 26 Club boys escort the 1958 Colors Day Queen and her Ma1dsl What a moment to remember! ' ROW ONE Robert Chambers Chfford Ann Claye M1ke Dav1s Danny Duvall Ann Fromng Axuta Greer and Bette Greer ROW TWO Jenny M1tchell Fontame Rmhardson Alan Rose Dawn Stowe Carol Jean Whaley and Kaycxlle Woodruff 70 70 5 4 ' V R , 4 4 V F X . . , f f 1 X X ' 9 f 6 . , N g , 26 Club have been to origin- S N V X . , . - . 1 X A X5 , . . 1 , 5 A 1 ' . f I . , . - I . . a TEENAGERS TODAY , K MAH I .av f 13 A,-,p n .-J.. ff ZJL6, 14.1 Nfw H Juan1taF1tzgerald pres1dent Bette Greer 2nd vice presldent and Ann Ph1ll1ps 3rd v1ce presldent In 1957 58 the Future Homemakers of Amerxca were kept busy managmg the FHS magazme dr1ve J'uan1taF1tzgerald pres1 dent of the chapter was the cha1rman I addltxon to tlns the g1rls bought clothes for a l1ttle ch1ld 1n a. foster home and provlded materlal for new draperxes mn the l1v1ng room of the Home Econormcs Department October the chapter was ho st to the Federat1on I meet1ng Representat1ves attended from Washmgton Mad1son and Benton cou.nt1es In observlng FHA week March 17 Z2 the g1rls held the1r annual Mother Daughter MF' wore the FHA colors red and Whlte The chapter also sent delegates to the d1str1ct rneetmg at Russelv1lle They were Patty Cralley D1ana Deatherage Kay He1nr1chs Martha McK1nney MaI10DPh1l11PB Attend1ng the State Meet at L1ttle Rock were Becky Hudson Juamta F1tzgerald Louzse Guusm ger CarolynSm.1th and Mrs BethalCunn1ng ham sponsor ROW ONE Mary Baggett RubyBoatman Gerald1neBo111nger He1enBronson Carol Bulllngton Ahce Burt Carolyn Cearley Chfford Claye and Betty Corley ROW TWO Pat Cralley D1a.na Deatherage Mlldred Dunlavy Pat Eldndge Nancy Farmer Helen F1elds Dor1s Frederlck Carolyn Gabbard and Judxth Gregory ROW THREE Loulse Gu1s1nger Valer1e Gurdes Bonn1e Hayes Brenda Heck Kay I-Ie1nr1chs Glenna Henderson Carolyn H111 Georg1a Jam1son and Becky Klncaxd Q R i H , gow A cy A Q, ' Y .3 Q 4, , U 1 'fl av r, 5 4 3 I ,7 .1 . 4 .A ' v f ' W 3 Y IZ " of l lf? 790 Q-G' . . . C O , 5 , Q ' ' . . . . . . , . - , ' . n 7 ' . In . ' . i . . ' 1 ' 1 ' . . - it banquet. Through out the week, each girl X , ,V 1 ' ' ' ' X J D . I t - I , . , . . , . . . - l . l I . - , . Z I l ' . I ! . 1 D I 1 ' y - I g ' I ' I D I I Q l . ' I 1 I ' I I I l ! . l D ' i Q Q, ig, 6 'Q L at HOMEMAKERS TOMORROW - it Naomi Baker secretary Becky Hudson treasurer Marxon Ph1111ps reporter and Sondra H1nk1e hlstorxan 9 The Magaz1ne Drxve takes much tlme and effort Old Fasluon Sew1ng Bee ROW ONE Betty Kmg Leota Lane Juha Layer Carolyn Lewls La Nelle Marshall Jenny M1tche11 Cec111a McDonald Martha McK1nney and Glorla McGee ROW TWO Nancy M1l1er Jamce Morrms Jo Ann N1ck1e Sue Norwood Jud1th Nutt Ada Parnsh Rena Phelps Juamta Ph1111ps and Mary Poyner ROW THREE Marsha Ragsdale Sharon Rxchey Joyce Robbms Carolyn Rommel Bernell Sm1th Carolyn Sm1th Lomse Stewart Sona Stephan and Paula Sp111ars ROW FOUR Delores Tlsdale Nadme Trolhnger Melpha Unger Janet Watson Conme Whxte Marsha Wrlson d Carol Wood if AA L 'bn 'S' K LA 1.44 A.. L' 1- ' 2 L 4 Lyn 5 3, . ! y u A S9 F I W J, , ' Q 'D in-. ' at T nnyn C ' ua, f 'Q' 9 'tiis . - , .pi-2 , ,-,ep Q if i 1 R 11? .pg p R , A A ,.,g. ., p K A C K V '.M,k mt Q F 3 VV L P W A 5 'it 14 -1 YWAQ - 6 Jr 4 4 h - . pq R I I Q. pc . 5' 'I E S., L. X 1 FTA 13? Brenda Marxon Mary Marsha Ol1phant Plulhps Poyner Ragsdale pres1dent treasurer secretary v1ce presldent The Henry Hotz Chapter of the Future Teachers of Amer1ca was orgaruzed 1n Fayettev1lle H1gh School 1n 1948 under the d1rect1on of Mxss Velma Hall w1th 8 mem bers The membership has grown to 43 Mxss Hall 18 shown at the r1ght The members meet every second and fourth Wednesday 1n the pr1vate dunng room The club 's malnprojects are Apple Pol1sh1ng Day and Career's Day It 15 aff1l1ated w1th d1str1ct and state organ1zat1ons Pat Cralley M153 Velma Hall IS the treasurer of the d1str1ct orgamzatxon 3P0n901' ROW ONE Mary Alexander Nancy Allen Naonn Baker ROW TWO Chr1st1ne Bale Karen Bond Loxuse Bradshaw Carol Bulhngton Carolyn Cearly Delano Cotton Margaret Cotton Carolyn Couch Pat Cralley ROW THREE Owanda Davls Dmana Deatherage Nancy Estes Pat Eldndge Nancy Farmer Judy Ferrell Bette Greer Lomse Gu1s1nger Franc1s Hayes ROW FOUR Mar1 Ann Hendrlcks Kay He1DT1ChS Carolyn H1ll Becky Hudson Julxa Layer LaNelle Marshall Nancy Mlller B1llye Murphy Rhea Shelton ROW FIVE Carolyn Sm1th Mary Beth Teas Carolyn Thomas Marty Thurlby Yvonne T1sdale Barbara Vaughn Carroll Whaley Laura Watk1ns Susle Weddlngton 3 M ' 3 Q' . . . . W A A . , , . I . I -3 f' 5. 2 'Z - 5, 3 J 2 H R -a -L , V fa ,, I K1ng Har rlson Butler Off1cers left to mght Carolyn Cearley treasurer Larry Levns v1ce pres1dent Bob M1ner presxdent and Nancy Mlller THIS IS THE WAY The Sophomores Gmdes started by the N H S a few years ago consmts of .Tumors elected ln the spring of thelr Sophomore year The Guldes plan a. party for the new Sophomores and after entertaxnment by the talented Guides they are taken on a gmded tour of the bxulding ASHLEY BEAUCHAMP secretary S O S Please someone help mel" say the newlSophomores each fall "Johnny on the Spot" Sophomore Gxudes rush to the rescue The Guldes not only show the Sophomores where then' classes nught be but help reg1ster them at the begmning of the year ii ST EVE AMIS SPENCER BROWN PEGGY CARTER CAROLYN CEARLEY CLIFFORD CLAYE CHARLES CONINE DIANA DEATHERAGE BETTY GEURIN DEE GOFF DAVID LEHN BOB MINER and Que en Pat Hendricks KAY HEINRICHS GEORGIA JAMISON CAROLLE JOHNSON WANDA LATIMORE WILMA LACEY LARRY LEWIS NANCY MILLER BOB WHITFIELD LINDA WILSON vi 'B gy! y 2 COURTESY CLUB My Helping to orientate new students, serving at high school functions, securing assignments' for absent students, and promoting courtesy in the high school are some of the services of the Courtesy Club. x J Members discuss plans at noon meeting. Courtesy Club sponsor , Mrs. Ruth Atherton, Jenny Mitchell, president, and member of club, Ellis Trumbo, baby - sitting with the children in the nursery at the Christmas party. ROW ONE: NaorniBa.ker, PaulBerry, Bob Boston, Van Brewer, Glenda Burson, Steve Curnrnings, Don Deweese, Danny Duvall. ROW TWO: Ann Froning, Paula Fugit, Jerry Hall, Bea Harris, Mike Higgins, Mike Horan, Linda Maeder, secretary, John Marinoni. ROW THREE: Jenny Mitchell, president, June Mitchell, James Morris, Janice Morris, Bill Ogden, Patsy Osburn, Sue Rice, Rhea Shelton. ROW FOUR: Edwina Silcott, Sona Stephan, Ellis Trumbo, Tommy Utley, Rosalie Van Ashe, Charlotte Waggoner, Bob Watson, Bobby Whitfield. I, . . . J ,S y J '-A I f -'A . .,,,,:,,-LLV ' 4' ,-gf 'Z' J it ' '..f gi A A aaa ,, an 4, 1' Q 2-"- 3 ' M Q' il. bf Q 6 ,v,,, " ? V , -:i 1 D 'I BUDDING The National Thespians Society, a non-social, non-secret dramatic organization, has been revived in FHS under the sponsor- ship of Miss Evelyn Jones. Thespians are inspired young drama- tists who are interested in drama, acting, and stage work. They gain valuable experience by prompting, acting, and serving as stage managers and directors. "Three Taps On The Wall, It's A Small World, Unto Bethlehem, Girls WillBe Girls, Take A Letter, Nobody Sleeps, and French Toast" are some of the productions presented by the Thesnians this year. Painter Jones decorates These rehearsal: are hectic! Girls will be Girls You'll be fired for ,ns this-captain an Lf .-f' '- M F as .,: e Q af' "-f it new f sy" 5 Q if.-fn A 23 Q 7 as :dd GU dsl' 'G ' X if G :gy an , YZ' ROW ONE: Janet Adams, Naomi Baker, Guy Brown. ROW TWO: Sara Cullen, Roger Curtis, Peggy Dennis, Sonya Elam, Pat Eldridge, Carolyn Hoffman, Bobbie Jackson, Becky Kincaid. ROW THREE: Julia Layer, Martha McKinney, Ibby Schulz, Carolyn Smith, Sarah Smith, Barbara Watkins, Laura Watkins, Ronnie Woodruff. 7 W BARRYMQRES SCIENCE CLUB f SPONSORS S -" LECTURE SERIES as-Ev f-'f Officers: John Bailey, presidentg Alan Beau- champ, vice - presidentg John Anderson, secretary-treasurerg and Bob Miner, re- porter. ,D l . 1 Mr W S I-lulsey Sponsor ---Y lu The purpose of the Sc1ence Club IS to create an 1nterest between the students and Students Sue DU-nl3VY Paffv GY?-Y and sc1ence They have had Popular Scxence -Tea-me Morse d155eCt 3 frog lectures 1n the meetmgs The club heldthexr f1rst annual fa.1r and scmence convocat1on 1n the sprrng of tlus year FIRST ROW Joe Tom Backus Ashley Beauchamp Joe B1ssett Guy Brown Roger Brown SpencerBrown Randall Caselman MarylenClaye and CarlClyne SECOND ROW Charles Comne Dxana Deatherage Ph1ll1ps Eagle Gary Edwards Donald Gleason B111 Greene Lotus Gmsmger Charles Gmse and Kmrk Hale THIRD ROW John Henbest Carolyn Hoffman Charles Johnson L1nda Maeder Ronme Jxm Noyce Fonta1ne Rlchardson and Joyce Steele 'gl' iff! Ma 'f-' YA! AA F . 1 I O l , -V . 1 , : , , . 1 , , 1 I I ' Z l l l I l . I Y , . , . . . , . , . . 5 I f 3 . f ' L . , . . I . , Z , ' , ' ' ' ' 1 ,QA 5: Q ,, Z f .Z ' V 1g NOW AND THEN IN THE LIBRARY -m. .1-1 Books and Magazines are the pathway to knowledge. In the early days the Library Club meetings were devoted to book talks, literary contests, and games. ff Today the chief purpose of the meetings are to discuss and plan ways for better service to the students and teachers. Until a few years ago the Library scenes from ea1'1Y Club membership was unlirnited. When the Club joined the Arkansas Student A r Library Association, the membership . was limited to student librarians. -Av' ' V Mrs. Chester Dixon is the sponsor. ROW ONE: Christine Bale, Carolyn Bohannan, Karen Bond, treasurer, Louise Brad- shaw, Judy Brown, vice president, Carol Bullington, Robert Chambers, Phillip Eagle. ROW TWO: Pat Eldridge, NancyFarmer, Mildred Fields, Susan Fletcher, secretaryg Kennig Mae Glenn, Louise Guisinger, Carolyn Hoffman, Julia Layer, president. ROW THREE: Linda McFarland, Rosemary Mueller, Anne Poynor, Mary Poynor, Eva Jo Rieff, Clara Shackelford, Thomas Shelley, Betty Simms. ROW FOUR: Mary Beth Teas, Marty Thurlby, Yvonne Tisdale, reporter, Laura Watkins, Janet Watson, Margaret Whitchurch. ' La? If :- lan: 1 DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS The purpose of Co -op program in Diversified Occupation is to give students practical trade experience and related instruction, which will prepare them for their careers in chosen fields. Mr. Perry Mock is the instruc- tor of the CO-OP classes. CO-OP WE WORK AND PLAY TOGETHER ,.,..m ff 5 1 t fa sf V 5' v. Q f sis 5 X , an . I f f ni f Q.- . .s . 13, 4 .g. 1, , ,l '9 ' -1 ,.: My I ,if f -1 rf .N .,.. a .av fl ROW ONE: Jerry Bailey, Pauline Conley, Myron Griggs, James Hopkins, Mary Hutton. ROW TWO: Jim Laughlin, Steve McAlister, Leo Ryan, Thomas Shelley, Gearldine Wages. D O officers left to right president Jim Lierly v1ce president David Sisemore secretary Mary Hutton treasurer Gearl dine Wages DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION The purpose of CO OP pro gram in distributive Education 1S to give students practical distribution experience and related instruction wluchwill prepare them for careers in their chosen fields ROW ONE Glenda Beavers Carolyn Couch James Couch Eugene Dressendorfer Evelyn Duggar Mike Ehr1g Jim Fletcher Gene Gray ROW TWO Joe Hogan Anna Sue Keen Glen Ludwick Bill Marshall Edwina Masters Jo Payton Lola Shoffit Phillip Wilson 9 9 Q ef f' i . . . : . I . . S . . , . . g 1 Q J ' . I : I I V Y 1 l . 1 . 1 - 1 1 I . Y A , . I , . , . . . . J ..,, , ,, ,,,.,,, I A . .gnu J - V N' A .c , ' Z , , 4, , X Q A 5 X 1 - f J - ' 'Qs ' 1 2 ff , 9 Q ' J " - -3- L .ff ' 5 x 1 Y Jvwqlm, 1, niduiilvll kv? .... M... Ah-4 'Q af, if 5 99' QM, wwf "N-a.,,g.g,u ar talks on 6 COIHIIIBICB U4 1 1 l THEY? LEARN TODO gl 'U 'Tm ' Employer speaks -- While employees listen Ov- Dav1d Sxsemore wonders Pauline Connley leaves Leo Ryan has a try at "wher that screw goes" not a wrinkle paper cutt1ng ""'f 5 body repa.1r "fume seam d1shl Jerry Oxford Q1940 19575 was actzve 1n co op classes S.. Display man .hm Laughn on the job Myron Gnggs Tmmes' prmters' dev1l , X ' bv - V - X, ill ,, e l . " ". ' . N' ,. fi . . L f J . Jim Lierly learnslabout Mary Hutton sews a Chef Grogan prepares exotic . I . ,,. . A A 5? ,E Y L5 FUTURE FARMERS Learningfto Do Doing to'Learn Earning to Live Living to Serve Mr. Joe Slaven sponsor Scrap Metal Drive Future Farmers of America was or gamzed in FHS in 1957 under the direction of Mr Joe Slaven It is a national organi zation of boys studying vocational agri culture Its aims are to develop leadership citizenship and to study improvement of agriculture They meet once a month to discuss their business and to give reports on their individual projects Every boy has one or more projects The officers are Donme White presi dent Albert Wynn vice president James Gabbard secretary Donme McDonald treasurer and Douglas Elderton reporter ROW ONE Louis Bailey John Bess ROW TWO Billy Baker LarryBlanton Philip Cate Douglas Elderton James Gabbard ROW THREE Charles Glass Dean Hutchinson 3 Herman Jones Donme McDonald Darrel Stanberry ROW ,., FOUR Charles Tunstill Dav1dVandersl1ce Russell Weston Donme White Albert Wynn Albert Wynn and Swine project 9 Q Y gf- ,... 1 'Ulf 2' A :J 'V I . . I y 5 9 ' ' . 9 3 1 - J . . I : ' l 1 :Il , ' , . 'I I . , I l , , W V Q . , 0 V , A fe REW ii 5 gg A .. if , xiii' - N V' 5 1 JA-5' 'Q 1 6 an 3 I I V. ,X If ?-,gn 1 .K ' a' up ,V I Q fl' A PAUSE FOR REFRESHMENT OF MEMORIES Mrs Hudgens Mrs Shepherd real "server a "real teacher" ln any classroom Jenny and Llnda fleft Ilghty w1th new students Sharon Moore Joan Morgan Richard Fox and Kenneth Cotterrnan Joe Hogan lzfe of the party Now 1t's honors to whom honor's due Rosa Page Welch ln Rel1g1ous Emphasls Week F1ve of the trlple tr1o Sldney Combs Brenda Ohphant Charlotte Waggoner Marsha Rags dale and Nancy Mxller Ronnxe alone w1th the f1na1s .LL Id Homecoming School Home" M Xxx, VXQJM , EM TYPING SERVICE Qtop left to rightl Christine Ward Janis McDonald Opa1Wynn KarenBond Martha McKinney and Jane Boyer TEACHERS AIDES Qtop lowerl left to right ROW ONE Joyce Robbins Vada Burson Sarah Smith Nancy Allen Gail Cooper Louise Guisinger Marsha Ragsdale and Jane Whiting. ROW TWO. Philip Eagle Guy Brown John Bailey Bill Green and Richard Reid. SEATED: Jenny Mitchell Not Pictured: Kay Heinricks Diana Deatherage Nancy Farmer KarenRussell JoAn.nThuringer andCarolynSmith. SERVICE GROUPS These students have given much of their time and effort to make FHS a more smoothly functioning body PROJECTION W' R andall Castleman OFFICE WORKERS lon right, left to right: Seated: Charlotte Cate and Anita Greer Standing: PatCra11ey TomUtley Georgia Jarnison Brenda Oliphant Juanita Fitzgerald Sue Dunlavy and Mary Baggett. fl SECRETARIES CLUB Seated from left to r1ght Sue Dunlavy D1ana. Deathrage Lmda Maeder Carolyn Lewls Becky Hudson Carolyn Cearly Naornl Baker Susan Fletcher Mrs Alma Kxtchens Sponsor Mary Poyner John Anderson Nancy Allen and Juamta F1tzgerald FAITHFUL THEY KEEP FHS GOING TREASURERS CLUB Qtop lower Tlghtm Seated are Mrs Grace Lawson Sponsor Vlrglnla. Austm Nancy Mxller Mary Baggett Kay He1nr1ck Marlon Ph1l11ps Stand1ng Carl Hartman Becky Hudson and Karen Bond Not p1ctured Tom Utley Pete Jenkms John Henbest Clxfford Clay Glen Ludw1ck Eva W1dders Jeamue Morse and John Anderson CUSTODIAN Chester Gmust U 4 as 44,-V I' 225352 Chflgog-Z '35 SQ 2 cn Harm S4050 -452,2 73 P3552 05520 sf'-177 E 8525, Q-go' 5592: .- sv 40m sgw D.. CD D V 5 1- N V 6 J 2 I G l - WD J J, J I0 60 L fo ,F ' A V ' I 7 V1 A 4. V 'I E 5 . 1 A K J I I . 1 1 ' a I , . I Y I . l I . , . , 7 . s . , . . . . , ' .' Z I , ' P Z I . Y I Q I , , . f . l ' I' . ,. 3 A it A 'Ei. ' N 'J ' Nag- ,sggfxi ff J - 1 'Q' ' N 4 if, ff 15 I I af T f , 1' f , 9 A qs . W 'V ' ' ' " bn J fl ', "'A I W xr . nu 4 lk- :Tp tj YU A an L E A I 5 ARVAEAVAVQ METHYST f W? A elf 5, 'U U ? Q: 1 r 5 or f 04, SQ S15 i . 0 OR S5 XX J , , XX This book, a priceless gem to me Has buried in its purple sea, To keep, to cherish, and to last, Reflections of the treasured pastl' AV- ,, fl 'B-i:fb.'f-'YY.1AWYh - - DEAR FAYETTEVILLE HIGH, ook ALMA WZTFITQ UQFRTHIY all ai, Au. HAIL 'ro You. ours. corona A . - , - or if H W WAVE, THE PURPLE AND 'rua WWE OUR SPIRITS Avg, Fon GREA-r YDUR M,,.,,7 Youll Hrs'roRY 3? -lie-W' SHINES THRO' ALL -mE YEARS, wr u Mamma: Fm or JOYJAW TEARS. TODAY, THMDRIQ1 A5 if 4, if 4, sq -13 ' i .Y i 1:55 nv -Tllfiivglghff, ounfgygilrw wfuloinlnp ms-r. IN emmfune io vou, owe'-3 A - - 4 -...,, ima.: e igimrxjf e PRAISE! SINGJ 002 SONS! FKOM TIMNKFUI. HE-'AK I WE ERING AND MA YOUR SACR D HALL EER R, 5 Wm, Q: G rl r X if 1 " - kjrfgr - - Jer" g " HAIL, DEAR FAYfTTEVlLLEqEf6Mu SCHOOL CREED I believe that tn do jmlice tu thc traditions nf my school I must: Br: honest and true to my ideals, my teachers, and my fellow sludenlx. l must lx- forever faithful to the grrxn objvrtives nf mx' fchool. must be rr-:ldy to Serve and help larry on tha- vuiiuus progrmm which mzlkr- my school what it ii. must bc A good citi7f'n and a true spun whether in the classroom H10 un rho alhlviic field, By doing thvsf' things. l can live up lu my school's K , lm of Fidelity, Honor and Service. IT WAS FIT TO PUBLISH The edltors of the Junlor T1mes Iupper left P1Ctll1"BI Bob Mlner and Pat Cralleyhave beenbusyproducmg an acceptable paper three t1mes a month To produce a good paper people have to type copyread and reconstruct stones In the upper rrght p1cture we fxnd Erxuly Dav1s Jenny Mltchell Patty Gray Brenda W Ollphant Vlfglnla Austln and Scott pa Van Hoose "shread1ng" and rebmuld lng someone s Story Donme Deweese and Janet Adams co ed1tors of the Amethyst are shown ln the lower pxcture as """""' they V1eWW1th awe thelr productron Th1s year marked the th1rt1eth year of publ1cat1on of the Junlor T1mes and the eleventh prxnted Amethyst ROW ONE Janet Adams V1rg1n1aAust1n Ga1l Cooper Pat Cralley Vada Burson Sara Cullen Em11y Dav1s Patty Gray Marlon Leonard ROW TWO Jenny Mxtchell Brenda Ol1phant Paul Berry Don Deweese Bob Mxner Carl Hartman Scott Van Hoose Patsy Osburn Marlon Ph1l11ps 9-x. A ,.' :' W 2 A . 'KIA fi' sniff 'P' I I 'vfrk .. ANONYMOUS ABSHIER-BRYAN MOTOR COMPANY RAY ADAM'S FLOWERS ADAMS FLOWER SHOP ALEXANDER TYPEWRITER COMPANY ARKANSAS WESTERN GAS COMPANY C.D. ATKINSON, Lawyer BEN FRANKLIN STORE BLUE MILL RESTAURANT BOSTON STORE CAMPBELL-BELL CAMPUS GRILL CHEMELL'S ARKANSAS BROILER HATCHERY COLLIER'S REXALL DRUG STORE COOK PAINT 8: VARNISH COMPANY COWAN'S SHOE STORE CROCKETT'S EASTERLING NEWS FARMER'S MARKET, GROCERY DEPART. MT. INN HOTEL l FERGUSON' GAYETTEVILLE DRUG STORE FIRST NATIONAL BANK GARDENHIRE'S JEWELRY GREEN'S STUDIO HARLAN'S GULF SERVICE HOLLAND BROTHERS LOCKER PLANT HOUSTON TAYLOR ESSO STATION KELLYQBROTHERS 'LUMBER COMPANY KEN'S SPORTING GOODS KI.RK'S HOUSE OF COLOR LINDSAY'S DEPARTMENT STORE LIND WAY STORE COMPANY M CILROY BANK McALLISTER'S SHOE STORE MCKINNEY INSURANCE AGENCY S CAFETERIA MCROY AND MCNAIR I FAYETTEVILLE PRINTING CO. MARTINS HATCHERY BOB MADDOX CAFE MATILDA'S DRESS SHOP METCALF RECORD SHOP MOORE'S CHAPEL MODE O'DAY SHOP MURPHY AND BURCH, Attorneys NELSON'S FUNERAL HOME NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES BOOSTERS ARE GOOD CITIZENS -- -- SUPPORT THEM O.K. 8: MILADY OZARK OFFICE MACHINES COMPANY OZARKS RURAL ELECTRIC CO -OP CORP. J.C. PENNY COMPANY, INC. - THE PIONEER SHOP PRICE-PATTON CLOTHING COMPANY PREFERRED RISK CO. f SOUTHWESTERN CASUALTY INS. CO QUAKER DRUG STORE RAUSCHER, PIERCE 8: CO. , DON TRUMBO, JR. "BEST WISI-IES FROM R. C. COLA BOTTLING CO." RITA'S BEAUTY SALON ROGERS ELECGRIC SUPPLY MR. F. S. ROOT SCOTT FIVE AND TEN W .G. SHIPLEY BAKING COMPANY, INC. SILVERMAN'S SOUTHWESTERN GAS 8: ELECTRIC COMPANY STANDARD REGISTER COMPANY TEENIE'S SHOP THE AUTOMOTIVE, INC. TUCKS SERVICE COMPANY UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. VICKERS CLEANING AND LAUNDRY, INC. WADE Sz MCALLISTER, Attorneys WAGGONER'S BAKERY WHEELER 'S DRIVE -IN WI-IITFIELS MOTOR COMPANY F. W. WOOLWOR TH COMPANY We lose more good editors this way. -4 0 3 Nyfxj W N , X 505513 wg l M X My f ug D J N 9695 Q?M V ,Sf Lf x Q52 U ' Q5 -:YM ji ixkwpm 'X xx lb! N X1 Rv by K CLLGJKGLQB Qf f 415. ff, , f K X , -- .' ,y I, 1 SJ-fxglj,v-f"c"' 5f'f1'iHJV4?d.,2f rkyx 4 N X INN ffm y MVOXM ,f , Vf, -7- K1 N, OJ A A , - CA? k 0 MB Y u Z . ylbpfdg I' LK? QQ. V A N XSXQN ' fx . V T6 55,1 rm Q Q bf A Q1 c 1 5. A H dv 0 fx lg In - , bf' .fi , 4 R v U 'VF H JIT A

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