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JG W WWA 5 wi, 5 ,awww Nm dwyi ,yq ALJ-9f,.,. MV? gt. ..,. ,W X1 sg, Ag U J Hg? film., X51 ago Y E' W. ' ww f. ffm ISI n 'X 1 if Q , X ffwwfg y a? , , i ,L MW M MMV 5 gf 'C X JW' ,P J V if 'pkpqfi If V A ,O if 7fze Mme!!! 41 74eeaen6n94mzf4deaaw4qmzd77fSZeaame4a4eZ4oaea'e dntiectiifneeaaftieuegit 74'l0Z94Z,'46Q6d!Z4lllilZ Zdae tie memaziea of Scion! M4644 fMewf4e'?cvSfwf"df 1956 Fytt 111-IghSh1 Fytt 11 Ak 'Q ,If Q '7z!'4noz!72c4z'mzq46g64a4aolonmag6dl46de. Zulaamqepectal Ze4c4ew,mevlaalnakc2ztmtau-alZw4a44da,emtanm4466n9Z4e MR. W AYNE WHITE During the past three years, Mr. Wayne White, as superinten- dent of Fayetteville Schools, has won the respect and admiration of high school teachers and students as well as that of citizens of the ' community. His wholesome sense of humor, and his fairness are qualities that identify him as a person whom we are proud to have as superintendent of our schools. hyiccdoalfafzfchedcuzdfzedaz l6941fa'zgaff756. Mrs. Bunn Bell ii, sw "Let's ask Mrs. Bell" is the solu- tion to many of the problems which confront FHS students during the school year. At some time or another nearly all of the students have relied on her good judgement, integrity, and under- standing. She will be loved and re vered by all who have known her as teacher and principal. 332 , yr A- Q lasses 1 "Oh, woe is them: their work is never done. " "Shhh, here comes Mrs. Dixon. " 'Was it 1835, 1836, or 1837 ?" "Debating is better than diagraming. " rm .. l...-.M - .8 , 'Is it angle D or 'angel' F?" At Work 2 S 1 J' 'af X' P' 3 -aah? 'Bit 9 "Oh, the headaches of those headlines and deadlines. " Q. f Q 0 T? ' :af Q - 'Will we ever be architects?" :K wing fa 43 Do you think antiquated would be a good word?" i "Let's go, boys, but watch that line. " Now is the time for all good men . . . " 'Q fi 3 Q fs BE NNY A. WINBORN Athletics MRS. G. C. ELLIS Social Science MRS. FERIBA MCNAIR Physical Education sell Am! Gladq MRS. ALMA KITCHENS and MRS. GRACE LAWSON -. ,311 R. W. WILLIS Band MRS. CHESTER DIXON Librarian gifmw 3 ,MQ .gg A W .433 f it Commercial MISS VELMA HALL English MRS. ROSA LIE BRANIGAN Music 1 f . if-if 'zi- ' Q ' lg ? M 'Q , l A Q 9? 'x-...xv MRS KAY HARDWICK WILLIAM H. DUNCAN Mechanical Drawing 'lu-u..f' ., LA , 5 n A MRS. GLADYS EASON English MRS. MARY HEFLIN English -.L if' AP MISS BERNICE KARNES MRS. FRANCES GILLILAND Math English School Board members are Hal Douglas, secretaryg Ray Adams, presidentg Henry Shreve, Haskell Utley, and Bill Morton. Pictured below is Clark McC1inton, vice president. MISS MILDRED BAILEY MRS ROSE MARIE HARRISON School secretary Qfirst semesterj School secretary Qsecond semesterj MD' is E Senior class officers are Marilyn Andrews, secretaryg Charles Hughes, presidentg Boyce Davis, reporterg Carolyn Peevy, treasurer, and Carolyn Andrews, vice president. Junior class officers are Jean Stanberry, secretaryg Jim Bob Wheeler, president: Mary Ann Sharp. treasurer, and Bill Whitfield, vice president. 51221422 .11 X . , , wwisfif-i f M 7167? in-,ZlL,i2'-1 21ef'e:-rf, w --is if 'A . 2. . ,M,,,. ,,,,3,,M,, f11r1o1:z - ,-sirw'-'.w. , 1.5 V, rf. M W K k'k' .rfiififr , .reuse CLASSES 5-sf rw ff l ' f were sw.-,,.:asr, M V' Seniors . . . With A Bright Yes, high school was a bad time and a good time . . .a time for heartaches, and a time for joy. . .a time for exploring and experimenting, for finding out and acquir- ing skills . . .a time for making friends 1. vet aa i-i i f i f at A ' , . A . i to A A A itr ... B 41 1 df ' H-Q , filffff ' , it,, ' -- it A , fiaff t'.S'49'-x3':wfQ it SL C .V.. A . V733 sl' 5 'xml iq I' 1.5.3, j ' . ' '-1f: . wg Arvniiftirwr .- if --p Hi therel Gather 'round. The ' A W seniors are starring in the Big Story! George Alexander Carolyn Andrews Marilyn Andrews ., A 57 l ,,,. . z A B r i -sg i " . C - 'i C nnr 3 i , A at lt . V, 'V -,gri A K V A, H 5 ' gf' S 6? Q, , i K .A 6, rrz. up l . ,',.' fs' r 5 g : VL ,. ,, , . ' y , 3 - if9lI,25 'iiii if 4 'V' 5 :' Q Bill Baerg Ronny Bagley Marvin Bailey George Baranowsky Ion Barnette Gayle Baugus ., .lp - A ' , . . , . 0 E I-as 4 A i' in 'F 0 'ri' ' 5. - MFA 'R' V ""' . uu q :Q I ..,'- ,i v if . , iir'- 5 in fi iff vi ,-: f :" ii'i F . f 1, B l IQ' , 1 it ip Marcelia Bent Sharon BlaCkII10I1 Dick Bowles Bill Bowman Wesley Burkett Barbara Byerly y V .H , Ml, K ,, X 'fi ' ,' .. ff- ly gf' A - M -'UW '51 K ,Qs fa, o r i in B r Q.. X . B at ' Q , fgsx I ' ,, I 'IIQ wh V-A , J t f f 1 I Co Etta Byrd David Carter Mary Lou Centers Hugh Cobb Carol Cole Margaret Cates G Nancy Ann Cole Nancy Lee Cole 2 . t i X . il an I A Jane Collier David Connell ...x Bob Cooper L' 'Qs is wif. 5 A ' Mg K fha- Mickey Crigger Look To ward the Future F who would wear well in the years to come . an ' lV ,- The '56 seniors began their struggle in Z ' 3- tg. .- ,. G JA Fa etteville High three years a o . That 1 ' Y 8 u yu first year brought new visions and a F r 4 , ' , bright look toward the future. Pat Cr ttendegfs A g n Davg ,rlortt1,a,B6yCe G to , A H V ' y Q1 ,, 1 Q . ,t A : ra y 'V Zjww. 3.1-:H JL., ,F t John Paul Davis Betty Ann Delzell 'Roger Dennett ' as M .ivy B N Jim Dutton Rudy DuVa11 Sloan Duvall at u Q . F we gif' 'W' A t t 1 Pat Ferrenberg Barbara Fincher Donna Fincher A K :,,. . K 5, 'QT . .K f if ' 'L Anna Gamble Nancy Garrison Mary Jo Goodman Donna Dockery Kirby Estes Don Fitzgerald 1 Dulcia Evans Bea Fairless mveesiwk ifk. . , ,Ei 21 in '-E ,M ' ' f, 15:1 9 if H 5 Don Froning Norman Gabbard ra Martha Gould Linda Gregory Bill Hall Getting ready for big party Getting measured for graduation cap and gown. Q 1 it x La Joyce Heflin Donna Henderson Sharron Higgins ,W ' dndddd d S an L 'ss if K D ' . -' 1 V , :,V iff , rr,: Q 5 A fl ff Q' y H 1- A Leota Huelshorst Charles Hughes Terry Hunt q ..:: E S: 1 L ..,r ,F .n. ,. ,Q Q Q, .aw 9 A i X Fred Johnson Marilyn Johnson Charles Johnston Seniors . . . Assumed and When their junior year in FHS came along, the '56 Seniors realized that they were half way through their final years in public schools. By now they were ac- customed to the everyday hustle and 4 X Barbara Hannah 6' Diane Hilton .r, ' Virginia Harvey .. -. gs, ,K J 4 if Ralph Hayes Sharolyn Holtzendorff Nancy Howard . s-5 Za Es- fp Dixie Jackson Dick Jennings Nancy John - r 5 , .s, ,.:' Ruth Jolly M ,ds ask L is 1 Marian Jones 4- r ,A June King Preston Lackey Julia Landers LaVaughn Lankford Judy Lathrop Emily Jo Joyce Vu: i George Lewis J . Carried Out Responsibilities bustle of high school, and had assumed and carried out their responsibilities . They were also setting a pattern for unde rclassmen . Patsy Lewis Joanne Lierly Clyde Lower 5.1 n. Q 'Gi ' 'W V A ,,o, V. Barbara Lunsford Tad McAllister Leonard McCand1es Bonnie McCaw1ey David McC1inton Harold McDonald s Z4 'Q - 5 . I 5 JE y ., . ' ag' 5 Jacqueline Main Kay Meinert Paul Michaelis Meribeth Miller Wanda Moody Rex Morris n W is 1s as David Mulkey Jack Page Norma Pavatt Carolyn Peevy Maxine Phillips Riley Renner 'G' 22 3 X' AQ' -. srrs ' V, xg I l'i Xfsf Jerry Riggins Doyne Roberts Judy Robertson ' G' ,Q A if H Georgia Rogers David Rushing Barbara Ryan Senior editor, Delzell and friend drink to SUCCESS. X Jo Ann Schneider Sw A iff? Bonita Sho ffit Lola Taylor , if ' .- M135 '91' Robert Seay 2 R iw s y Glenn Sow der Peggy Ann Taylor Jerry Shaffer ., '7"" John Steele me S . :.V en' S ntet Darleen Terry W -at "rl -r lx.. 3 ff as L N Seniors . . . At Last We At last they have reached their final year. They hold the proud title of dignified seniors but can always look back on the past years with a feeling of everlasting re- Patient John waits as women talk Frank Sharp Barbara Shirem an t e Joy Stew art David Stockford wif' " r fs - i k- - f-lm.: . - . me , . f - ,- H L Sddi S iata Q Westzel Terry Darrell Thomas . '13 wi :"' i T A 'Rf Wilma Thompson Margaret Thurman Howell Trumbo Aaron Tunstill Carole Turner Have Attainea' Our Goal spect and happy remembrances. This concludes the closing chap- ter in the '56 seniors high school career. This is part of The Big Story. Getting into the swing of it! 'K 52.44 6 Donna Van Hoose K 'S my az:-Q Ierre Van Hoose Rebecca Wasson Jimmy Watson ' R ' 'S . ,i ,f Q, us- H , 5. sa: V 4 r A ir I Q- :la . ff 5 A fl I sf Carolyn Webster .. . A Billy Weible Nina Fae West if lf' 1 5: 'fl GE' Billy Frank Wilcox 1. 1 me N-is -C 1 F lax f S' if Q H K 'A ww 1 all David Wilson S ondra Witherspoon A ' A N' 1 T 5 .5 ? Y I Q. 'N-ssh. X 1 A ,sv , 'N .K Q ' ve- , V Vi wg ,,, I , Chris Wray Mary Wright C. A , Wynn 45- X W l Richard Watson W y 6 K ' N y, f . Io Ann Wester Elizabeth White xg . A-'Y' !?f'U . riff if' Y si X xi D is 53 J L Q., ff ,Q -v-Mi' Y - 'gc .. .-at .. Msg ,pa ,. tt 'Ex r 1. Q fy-I . ,, f asf? Robbie Woods Chester Worley 2, Q sf 6 ,114 Z "" is 1' Carolyn Y ates my Q, 1 ,fi 'gi -'iff' nl S Margaret Young zmiors . . . We Have Reaclaed The Juniors of 1956 are in the midst of one of the most wonderful times of their lives . They have set- tled down and resumed their responsibilities of at- taining an education. They have fulfilled the recom- mendations in carrying out the success of Fayette- ville High School. With the aid of their underclass- men, they will continue to do so until they have reached the end of their senior year. wg Things aren't as bad as I may look f ft, .fly , 't TOP ROW: Bill Adair, Martha Alexander, Marilyn Ambrose, Allen Bailey, Richard Baird, Earlene Baker, Richard Benson. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Bird, Janice Black, Mary M. Blackburn, Ernest Borden, Norman Boles, Barbara Boston, Rosa Lee Bowlin. THIRD ROW: Denis Boyer, Shirley Burton, Jack Budd, Neil Calico, Lynda Campbell, Phyllis Campbell, Peggy Cantrell. SECOND ROW: Betty Capps, Donna Carter, Nancy Cates, Priscilla Conrad, Esse Cornett, Emma Jean Coston, Billy Cotton. BOTTOM ROW: Martha Couch, Jean Etta Cox, Joe B. Crumpler, Shirley Curry, Hardy Daniel, Gary Decker, Barbara De Marco. ,, W akin 7 , 1 -. 4 and its 'Y f ,gl ,1 5 eg , Y .3 T i y y r 4, 'I' , 1' .AAAA V A 'V x -Q ' r fr T ' T B . ' r B ,f B yrr , T pyp - ii s air 'F vwaf a. 1 ' at r 'CB' "3 ' Q, K' r . , Q the Hczyway M ark Doug Hall Holt Marvin Jones, Dorsey ner, John R. Alton Lane, M gf . Y- 'SR' s ,QQ if "R-rf' A 't J as H' 172 TOP ROW: Louise Dilday, Ann Dudley, Barbara Duggar, Donald Dunn. BOTTOM ROW: Shirley Dutton, Maurice Easterling, Paul Edwards, Gladys Erwin, Marianne Estes, Mary E. Eubanks, Susie Fleming. OURTH ROW: Ann Hankins, Mebane Harrison, Jim Hatfield, Dick Haughey, Sue Hayes, Jeanette Hoskins. THIRD ROW: Nola Huckelbury, Regina Hudson, Dan Hudspeth, Mary Johnson, Bertha TOP ROW: Donna Flowers, Joyce Gardenhire, Jana Fae Glenn, Mary Jane Good, Cleta Greenwood, Lidia Grude . F ' K Jones, Marilyn Jones. SECOND ROW: Nettie Jean Jones, Ronnie Jones, Clyde Jordan, Calvin Joy ehn, Neita Kincaid, Clara Knight. BOTTOM ROW: Elnora Lackey, Roberta Lackey, Dean Lacy, ary Lane, Charles Langham, Charles Ledbetter. xi J YI!! H Ira: . 2 4 . 55 5 'sa 72: 'Vi s lit! 'QV I x 1 S use W' :" Ter N . , W3 W 'a kgyzfi' 92, gm Q- is f l'l av-,7 T ,gf for ""Jti'-1 ,Ja ' 2. 'ifzf v 5 24N .. :, z A .,-- ' ,. ' ' Mi A it -A QQE, j, Q , 3 i T . Y' I A',, S fi A V. T , 'ff - ' ' 'f'f.if,'7: i t f . f'f j'f. 'J. t V I W. L: . V T ': ': bl -. - x . .s . f ,E-f i Q.. 1 2 '- s f 57 Ga! :Q 1 5- , " Ae? ii s 'L' E, WE? K w J TOP ROW: B. L. Lewis, John Lewis, Jim Lierly, Vida Mae Liles, Johnny Mahan, Donald Mason, Bill McDonald. SECOND ROW: Don McGaugh, Judi McNeal, Hayden Mcllroy, Layla Miller, Kenneth Morgan, Earline Oliphant, Janice Palmer. BOTTOM ROW: Edwina Parks, Eugene Patrick, Rosanne Payton, Howard Pennel, Patty Perrin, Peterson, Louise Phillips. 3 Juniors support Amethyst sales Juniors check in for showers 1-Ax, 1-.llll Ypunmnks Huw TOP ROW: Sandra Phillips, Pansy Pierce, Tom Pilkington, Dee Poole, Patsy Poore, Flora Radcliffe, Herbert Radcliffe. BOTTOM ROW: Lonnie Rader, Freddy Ritchie, Gary Roderick, David Rose, Sally Ann Rose, Joye Rouse, Mary Io Schultz. 'Qi is Sr .. TOP ROW. Jimmy Sexon, Mary Ann Sharp Tommy Slusher, Virginia Smith, Jean Stanberry, Karen Stenzel, iq S Q 52" Rig' Q S. M? 5 M W ffl Barbara Stephens. BOTTOM ROW: Marsha, Strickland, Donald Stubblefield, Ronnie Swan, Jim Terhune, Rob- ert Thomas, Alice Thompson, Rita Timbrook. Class Editors Jolly and Gamble talk to E B visi- tors. TOP ROW: Jo Ellen Todd, Sara Trager, Harold Van Asche, Herbert Wages, Donna Walker, Celia Walton, Freddie Warford, SECOND ROW: Phyllis Warford, Bob Warren, Ralph Weddington, Herbert Weldon, Jim Bob Wheeler, Elwood Whitchurch, Bill Whitfield. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Wilkins, Bobby Williams, Alice Ann Willis, Judy Yoes Paul Young, Judie Zander. 6' P 16? , ea., .., ,W , , . :,,N A A A J, 3 Q IQAK -V , .. bbw' I I is 'g f z . 2 J s l? 1 2. 1 41 OM ' Q 42 SL' J 5 wth Q 'N H E? V rf Soplaomores , Q One Down , if' 4 'R l' if ff A A 1-1 tar.: -a-effj-:pq 'Hey You Guys ----- Meet The Sophomores. " 'KN V V TOP ROW: Edward Adams, janet Adams, Nancy Allen. SECOND ROW: Iohn Anderson, Virginia Austin, Joe Tom Backus, Mary Baggett. BOTTOM ROW: John Bailey, Martha Baker, Naomi Baker, Fern Ball. TOP ROW: Bill Ballard, Lynne Barnette, Nancy Bamhill, Ierry Beard, Alan Beauchamp, Glenda Beavers, Gary Belote. THIRD ROW: Paul Berry, Joe Bissett, Loretta Blackburn, Anita Blackman, Larry Blevins, Larry Bogan, Carolyn Bohannon. SECOND ROW: James Bohannon, Karen Bond, Peggy Jo Bowling, Stanley Boyd, Betty Brooks, Clint Brooks, Guy E. Brown. BOTTOM ROW: James Burnett, Charlotte Cate, Charles Centers, Robert Chambers, Carolyn Christie, Kathleen Coddington, Mary Connell. me il M fi I W Qi, kk WJ L, v 67 ' 6 - 1' A 5 A ' ' A H A Q h Qs i .n N ' D wo to G0 P91 X, Ik ' .. lm l , Lf 'ai K J ,lu x 5 ' b r 3 5, , ,ef rf? f :V 1 , E 5 IQ r I 1 , ,tv ell TOP ROW: Pauline Conley, Gail Cooper, Margaret Cotton, Jimmy Couch, Larry Couch. SECOND ROW: Pat Crallwy, Sara Cullen, Roger Curtis, Emily Davis, Owanda Davis, Clinton Dearing, Peggy Dennis. BOTTOM ROW Don Deweese, Jerry Dowell. Sandra Dozier, Scotty Dozier, Eugene Dressendorfer, Evelyn Duggar, Don Dunaway. TOP ROW: Sue Dunlavy, Sonya Elam, Pat Eldridge, Hoover Evans, James Ezell, Nancy Farmer, Mildred Fields. FOURTH ROW: Juanita Fitzgerald, Bob Fleming, Jimmy Fletcher, Susan Fletcher, James Forbes, Terry Foringer, Barbara Foshe. THIRD ROW: Donna Fritz, James Funkhouse, Carolyn Gabbard, Donald Gleason, Helen Graham, Patty Gray, Walter Gean Gray. BOTTOM ROW: Judith Gregory, Charles Guise, Margy Gundlach, Kirk Hale, Jerry Hall, Donna Hammond, Vivian Hankins. .f- fl :rs ,,, , if N ga fi f' . . t Wai' , , A 4'-:J 9, A Av S iv 5. as gr, - -5 jill 1 l Q 1195-Q 4- Q Q is-, Q e ',E,., :" AV H QW if Ne Ny 1- Q ,Q iv 1 :js L . ,b ,.1 ki 9: 2 , D 1 .t i 5332 F13 GP xg, . , TOP ROW: Don Harris, Carl Hartman, William Lee Hayes, John Henbest, G. A. Hendrix, Linda Henson, Carolyn Hoffman. SECOND ROW: Joe Hogan, Bobby Hudgens, Dean Hutchinson, Rosa Lee Ivy, Bobbie Jackson, Dewey Jackson, Pete Jenkins. BOTTOM ROW: Herman Jones, Anna Sue Keen, Becky Kincaid, Patsy Laney, Julia Layer, Marion Leonard, Carolyn Lewis. TOP ROW: James Lower, Glen Ludwick, Bob McBride, George McConnell, Martha McKinney, Joseph Manuel, Alice Meredith. THIRD ROW: Jenny Mitchell, Merleen Mitchell, Jeannie Morse, Jimmy Mosteller, Rose- mary Mueller, Ernest O'Hara, Brenda Oliphant. SECOND ROW: Patsy Osburn, Jerry Oxford, Wayne Parrish, Kaye Patton, Kirby Penick, Julie Perry, William Perry. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Phillips, Marion Phillips, J. R. Pitts, Mary Pollock, Pat Prince, Marsha Ragsdale, Don Reed. New N, dh , , fl Q fe 'C f i e f ,Q , I Q Jax I 'f Flin . H 'V ' ,B TOP ROW: Richard Reid, Dale Rouse, Ibby Schultz, Clara Shackelford, Thomas Shelley, Lola Shoffit, Jimmie Shreve. SECOND ROW- David Sisemore, David Slade Bernell Smith, Randall Smith Sarah Smith, Joan . X I L, Southern, Patsy Spillers.. BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Stamps, John Stamps, Bill Stewart, Donnie Stewart, Judy Stock- burger, Dawn Stowe, Meredith Stubblefield. TOP ROW: Geraldine Taylor, Mary Teas, Donald Terry, Bonnie Tisdale, Yvonne Tisdale, Barbara Trager, Ellis Trumbo. THIRD ROW: Denny Tune, Tom Utley, Rosalie Van Asche, Scott Van Hoose, Everett Vaughn, Char- lotte Waggoner, David Wagnon. SECOND ROW: Bryan Walker, Barbara Watkins, Eva Watkins, Dona Watkins, Laura Watkins, Russell Weston, Jane Whitting. BOTTOM ROW: John Wilcox, Philip Weston, Kaycille Woodruff, Ronnie Woodruff, Opal Wynn. W ws 6 if at Q.. " 5 3 kv 2 'N I n 5 5 4 'er' -if , N X 't ' Q Q Soplaomores mv? Basketball managers Bill Ballard and Larry Blevins. -Q. 1' .use 3 0 , 'S A I+ 5 if A 1 3: K I ..,,, gl 'L V ,R Q3 xg, 6 +7 Q it 'fkb a Y Q,r W A a 1 A in 3 ",, Q51 565' , am- -M 'KW V --.. W- X" - rx LI, '- ge' L l 5 , ajpyaf , ga --Lk- ggi K X5 - lf, V -R: K. , 'TQ .L '34 k -- p ,rr, 1 2 N r h W ik: he ,A an xrV ,,hr W, W T Q 1 5 b a ,V ,r . h T A " ' , A ,F -3:-L ggg . K . V ff-,Q V ' - ' . L"' f 1 . A ,2 an . wx ,.1.f S f ' ' . Q. H , . ' - gh, M. ' 1' "' ,, ,J AKK 'QM r Se ' Football managers Ierre Van Hoose, Larry Bogan, Dearing. i 3'-law -:Qi and Clinton C 2 ATHLETICS and ACTIVITIES -Bulldogs, S Bulldags Win, Lose, Then Win Again The 1955 gridiron season was a successful one, record-wise. The Bulldogs failed to win any championships, but their 5-3 slate provided an exciting brand of football. Coach Vandergriff undoubtedly had his anxious moments . Siloam Springs caused all sorts of difficulty before the Dogs recovered in the second half to cap ture the contest, 27-12 . District mogul, Subi aco administered the first de feat. The Trojans made their conversion, FHS didn t Final Score 7 ,WD John Mahan E i I Jimmy Shreve QB 1955 FOOTBALL We They Siloam Springs . .27 12 Subiaco ........ 6 7 Rogers ......... 13 6 Springdale ...... 7 13 "fi SCHEDULE 1955 We They 1' Van Buren ..... 6 0 Springfield .... 13 6 Joplin ........ 6 27 Jerry Rigging Glenn Sowder Huntsville ..... 28 7 Jim Bob Wheeler C Hoover Evans E ROZCF Curtis E 1 ! 'Wien 1,4 Springdale Triumphs, Pointers Pay David Rushing G All District Billy Whitfield William Hayes John Steele Hugh Cobb FB FB QB HB It took a late TD to wrap up the Rogers Mountaineers, 13-6. The annual bitter rivalry with Springdale proved to have its normal amount of fire works . The "Red Dogs" used a penalty to keep possession of the ball at a critical juncture of the contest. The break was used to the utmost advantage . A short screen pass followed by a lightning fast touchdown run by its recipient gave it to the Springdalians, 13-7. The highly rated Van Buren Pointers were stymied by a rock- ribbed Bulldog defense. A Pointer aerial was blocked early in the final period. A Fayetteville man gathered it in and raced for the only score of the evening. The lads of Bob Burns' home town were sent back, 6-0. Dorsey Jones Wesley Burkett Bobby Hudgens Terry Forringer G HB HB HB V, YN A . 1 , -F511 f "'mwx. , ."'FJ.Z"fr: ' ., ' ' ' ' i'ef':ng,g,,:5 :, ' ,, wa g ' l',1Q,,, , , - .' . . 31511 " v, 'V '-amp! ll - W 1' - 2 x,'f,'wf "rf , 34,7 A P-A ,. , - f-if ,K ,v,, ,V ,L 3' f .-fiff-44' ' T 5 n ft - N W' ' m'.i,iwn,: f' H H , .. Rushing Rushes O'er Subiaco Goal: Effort Wasted: Game Lost, 7-6 Homecoming was a gala occasion. In addition to the bonfire, party, pep rally, and usual excitement, there was a glorious 13- 6 triumph at the expense of Springfield, Missouri. The Pooches passed and ran for two touchdowns to offset the lone Springfield TD . After the tension caused by two consecutive games of such spine-tingling qualities, the Bulldogs were in for a letdown. The Joplin Eagles took advantage of this situation. The Flock re- pulsed an early Dog drive on their own six yard stripe, and then marched 94 yards for a TD. The entire encounter was equally as disappointing. It wound up dismally, 27-6 against the boys of Vandergriff . All pain was forgotten in the final contest of the year. Fay- etteville pounced on Huntsville for a 28-7 verdict. Bill Adair Kenny Bohannon Charles Hughes FB G QB Donald Stubblefield G Richard Baird E 1 .firm l . l Wi MW Jg if Qs we ,ww 1 ,, r' 'A-fs 1 , .gm-+gi'f..'Efn:,, ,. , ' pw lLgn,V::y:xkM.?.m,.v . . , p 7 VV Qll' :- ,..f rv ' -K L J . . , M ,, 1gW-bs" ., ' " ' EL' ' ' 1--X Us ywf' Q ' " Aw gave ENDS Jim Terhune Bob Warren Herbert Radcliffe James Funkhouser GUARDS James Burnett Charles Tunstill Larry Phillips Ernest O'Hara TACKLES Richard Watson Kirk Hale John Henbest Ronnie Woodruff "B" Team U ndefeatea' The Fayetteville "B" team must have been a joy and godsend to the worthy mentor. With the Varsity battling with such ferocity week after week, it was surely a comfort to sit back and ob- serve the scrubs administer king sized defeats upon the brows of their rivals. In the two lone secondary contests, the "IV's" never gave anyone reason to V A doubt ultimate victory. Siloam Springs suffered 20-6, and Springdale fared worse, 58-O. S ' A 1 i wb BACKS S. ' 'N' R 'Ml X U Jerry H311 g V g L 3 : -, Joe Manuel ' ' 4 ' W-i r , '- , y Larry Blevins L , '- - . ' L 'fi g 3-:faf Joe Backus Y W r- ', L A V v V,l,f i ng John Lewis in ,mfoyiz 1 k A ' tiv' pete Jenkins .chi Xfmulvrx Homecoming ueen Maid Barbara Hannah www REBECCA WAS-SON Maid Sharron Higgins 2 Maid jo Ann Wester 'Y' Maid Anna Gamble Maid Marilyn Ambrose Maid jo Ann Wester SHARRON HIGGINS Colors Day Queen Bounding Rebounders Basketball -Not Too Good Fayetteville High School basketball was just like high school basketball all over the country. Games were played in bandbox gymnaslums with teams from the surrounding territory. The season was average, not too bad, considering the schedule attemp- ted . Springfield and Joplin, the two Missouri kingpins, bowled over the Bulldogs without difficulty. On the other hand, the Dogs managed a split with a hustling Tulsa Daniel Webster group. The football defeat administered by Springdale's villains was avenged with two convincing basketball triumphs . The initiation of athletic rivalry with Sapulpa, Oklahoma was very satisfying. Benton- ville, Siloam Springs, and Huntsville had no fun with Winborn boys . Tulsa Central swept its set, but not too easily. The Rogers Mountaineer's took a disputed decision in Rogers and then enjoyed another success in Rogers . Van Buren glommed FHS twice, but improvement was noted in the second game . The 8-ll regular season record was fair-to-middl'in. B ILL WHITFIELD GEORGE LEW IS Guard Center BUDDY KEHN TERRY HUNT WESLEY BURKETT CHARLES HUGHES Forward Forward Guard Forward Not Too Bam' ALAN BEAUCHAMP JIM SHREVE JIM BOB WHEELER BILL ADAIR Guard Guard Center Guard JODIE CRUMPLEP BOB COOPER GLENN SOWDER Guard Forward Center Tulsa Central Tulsa Webster Joplin Tulsa Webster Sapulpa Huntsville Springfield Van Buren Siloam Springs Bentonville Springdale Rogers Joplin Springfield Tulsa Central Van Buren Springdale Sapulpa Rogers FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS "P1ease don't feed me to the lions, Coach! -?fl2lW59:il ,LV : Ir' ' Q x wha , .yas as, , ,. "B" Team ROW ONE: George McConnell, Charles Guise, Alan Beauchamp, joe Tom Backus, Terry Forlnger. ROW TWO: Pete jenkins, Ernest O'Hara, jim Terhune, jimmy Mosteller, jimmy Shreve. ROW THREE: Roger Curtis, Ellis Trumbo, Bobby McBride, Bob Cooper, jirn Bob Wheeler, Wade Hahn, Coach Benny Winborn. Tip it this way Lewis! Oh! Get that ball! J xv. x x I K F z l? Silent meditation "Yea purple, yea whitel' fake, Magazine drive winners It's TGIF Day! fThank Goodness It's Fridayj Honoring the boys "The Steadies' The hardworking journalists "The Three Socks' Banu' Supplies Exim Zest Throughout year MEMBERS OF THE FHS BAND ARE ROW ONE: Louise Phillips, Meredith Stubblefield, Alice Meredith, joye Rouse, Joyce Gardenhire, Patsy Poore, Patsy Osburne. ROW TWO: Mr. R. W. Willis, Mary Good, Tom McClelland, Susan Fletcher, Nancy Allen, Marian Jones, Kay Melnert, john Bailey, Karen Bond, Mary Elizabeth Teas, Merleen Mitchell. ROW THREE: jim Bob Wheeler, Jim Hatfield, Charles Ledbetter, Alice Sanford, Leota Huelshorst, Alice Ann Willis, Rita Timbrook, Ann Hanklns, Flora Radcliffe, Margaret Cotton, Margaret Young, Scot Van Hoose. ROW FOUR: Terry Forlnger, Herman jones, Larry Phillips, Tommy Slusher, David Mulkey, Denny Tune, jim Burnett, Judy Lathrop, David Wilson, Clint Brooks, jerry Beard, Donald Gleason, Robert Chambers. ROW FIVE: David Slade, Bobby Hudgens, Don Stewart, Leonard McCandless, John Anderson, Carl Hartman, Pete Jenkins, Everett Vaughn, Boyce Davis, Don Reed, Ronnie Woodruff Knot pictured! . The FHS band entertains football fans at half-time performances with high-stepping numbers, Dressed in full regalia and wearing their prettiest smiles, are majorettes Patsy Osburne, joye Rouse, Drum Major, Louise Phillips, Patsy Poore, Joyce Gardenhire, Alice Meredith, and Meredith Stubblefield. Playing "Hearts and Flowers" at the February concert. 5.f l5a" -Q,-Y Pqbpers and Peppy Pep up 55' - 56' K he , Q-" 554, 5 S , ,. F t , ,E A,b: , q ,C p Q p A . , 5 5 55 LWV5 55 the 55 55 555 , ' . is 5 A? Likkk 55 55 5 5 5 5 Peppy with fl'l6IlClS 5 ,Q H 5 5 i 4 K I 5 5 J OTA., ' 5 55 .1 , J ,. ,C , J Q if J J This is the year I was p . J :IV k U r. , P . A e 5 ' , 5 J L' H born- The Peppers . A' 2 eeve ,A :,..: Durchased me for a , , " S "' , ., , mascot when I was ' I l.h, , g 5 K' ' Q , only 5 weeks old and 'Q i zi' 5 is K Q registered me as FHS ' "ed . :" ' 7 25' '5 Q5 if PCPPY- 5 1 zAAi 5 5 A , P5 , , :..r ,.E. , 5 5 55' , nsssQ.s 55' 5 sf sin as p ROW ONE: Marilyn Ambrose, Carolyn Andrews, Marilyn Andrews, secretary: Carolyn Bird, Barbara Boston, Barbara Byerly, Phyllis Campbell, Betty Capps, Carol Cole. ROW TWO: Nancy Ann Cole, Jane Collier, Priscilla Conrad, Martha Couch, Louise Dilday, Marianne Estes, Barbara Fincher, Susie Fleming, Donna Flowers. ROW THREE: Anna Gamble, sergeant at arms, Martha Gould, Lydia Gruden, Mebane Harrison, La Joyce Heflin, Sharron Higgins, Diane Hilton, standard bearer, Dixie Jackson, treasurer, Mary Johnson. ROW FOUR: Marilyn Johnson, Ruth Jolly, Emily Jo Joyce, presidentg Neita Kincaid, Julia Landers, vice president: Vida Mae Liles, Barbara Lunsford, Earlene Oliphant, Carolyn Peevy. ROW FIVE: Peggy Peterson, Riley Renner, Judy Robertson, Sally Rose, Mary Jo Schulz, Mary Ann Sharp, Jean Stanberry, Karen Stenzel, Joy Stewart. ROW SIX: Sarah Trager, Donna Walker, Rebecca Wasson, Carolyn Webster, Jo Ann Wester. Peppers and Cheerleaders had a busy and exciting year. In addition to the regular activities including the annual spaghetti supper honoring Queen Sharron Higgins, the group sponsored the schools most successful magazine drive. Entertainment at Spaghetti Supper Peppers work on the Magazine Drive . 45 .. Mr Q 4 x elif Users. Jr, . W 4 hug. ,. by ggi? V 6 'P 'W A L,-fi 3 L FHS CHEERLEADERS: Io Ann Wester, Louise Dilday, Rebecca Wasson, Sharron Higgins. ,pdf Donna Flowers, Gerry Schwanz, and THE FLAG TEAM is a traditional sight at the football and basketball games. Members are: Carolyn Andrews, Barbara Fincher. Barbara Lunsford, and Marilyn An- drews. Peppers in convocation really go to 'Prairie Jump. " A l ,',NL Nev? K I af Ef. if Al! E FALL Lynn Barnett Owanda Davis Susie Fleming Judith Gregory Jeanette Holt Pete Jenkins Carolyn Peevy Flora Radcliffe Sally Ann Rose Joye Rouse Joy Stewart Carole Turner Tom Utley Jerre Van Hoose Mary Wright 1 Student Council As the leading organization of FHS, the Stu- dent Council had a busy and rewarding year. One of the main projects was cementing a curb around the East parking lot with the help of many FHS boys . A new committee, the Evaluating Committee, was organized to evaluate all school parties and functions to see what improvements, if any, could be made. A big success of the year was a party given at Christmas time for the parents . Members consist of one representative from each home room and five officers . The Student Council is a member of the Na- tional Association of Student Councils and the Arkansas Association of Student Councils . Re- presentatives were sent to the Southern State, and Local conventions . OFFICERS I 'x Officers are John Steele, presidentg Bill Adair, Faculty members attend Christmas party. vice presidentg Barbara Hannah, secretaryp Doug Hall, treasurerg and Carolyn Andrews, reporter. SPRING Lynn Barnette 3 Paul Berry gf 7 - Ernest Borden gm g p -.Zyl Bill Bowman Guy Brown " H Gail Cooper P' -1 if '.p' - Lydia Gruden 2 Jeanette Holt -f Charles Johnston ' . Carolyn Peevy Marsha Ragsdale Joye Rouse Margaret Thurman Mary Ann Sharp Jerre Van Hoose k 5 I . Student Council sponsors Sadie Hawkins dance President John reads letter in Council meeting. I .Q Q A ' Q? -1 JH-23' Serving refreshments at the Christmas Faculty Party. 'S . S- .lf eff? Key Club Strives Forward The Key Club established itself as one of the most active organizations in school this year In addition to the annual Pancake Breakfast, the club kept Old Glory flying in front of the school each weekday Specific services for the benefit of the student body were the setting up of a change box in the main hall and the securing of catalogues from all the major universities to assist the students in choosing the best school for their type vocation. Q Sponsor Wmborn takes the floor Even Mildred got excused first period David Stockford Bill Adair - , ., Albert Davis M ,'ii f f A , David Mulkey Joe Tom Backus Bill Baerg Ronnie Bagley Paul Berry Joe Bissett Larry Blevins Guy Brown Mickey Crigger Jodie Crumpler Boyce Davis Don Deweese Maurice Easterling Don Froning Bill Hall Doug Hall Jim Hatfield John Henbest Terry Hunt Pete Jenkins John Lewis David Rose Jerry Shaffer John Steele Bill Stewart Jim Terhune Robert Thomas Tom Utley Paul Young Bob Warren Jim Bob Wheeler Bill Whitfield 1 Don McGaugh Not Picturedj l B Q J W? K 1 i Q el 7 W W T P Y S Q .. N 2, i K In v -iffy Sv 9 4' 9 Dramatic Tlzespians Prove "Life of the Party", "Low Bridge", "Title Go", "The Severed Cord", and "The Red Key" are a few of the plays produced by the Dramatics class this year . "Action is stronger than words" was the slogan with Mrs . Rosalie Brannigan as director. Correct posture was stressed dur- ing the first six weeks . This training gave the aspiring actors and actresses an idea of what to do when on the stage . Some physical exercises and drills gave the Thespians better control. Following the training period one act Action Stronger Than Words f 'Vw -A as G e t e F' 1 x ,K X 2 . V A , -. C -ff s fi J T ,tyi F ' . plays were given. . Ki B if' 92' as -.ff sa ROW ONE: Marcelia Bent, Wesley Burkett, Barbara Byerly, Carol Cole, Jane Collier. ROW TWO: Boyce Davis R0Ser Dowell. Pat Ferrenberg, Virginia Harvey, Donna Henderson. ROW THREE: Diane Hilton, Nancy Howard, Charles Hughes, Marilyn Johnson, Ruth Jolly. ROW FOUR: Emily Joyce, Barbara Lunsford, Jackie Main, Leon- ard McCandless, Bonnie McCawley, Wanda Moody, David Rushing, Donna Van Hoose, Carolyn Webster, Sondra "Lge with Father" Withers on. , po Senior Play - THE CAST consisted of David Rushing, Fatherg Emily Joyce, Motherg John Bar- nette, Clarenceg Bill Hall, John: Boyce Davis, Whitneyg Kirby Estes, Harlang Wanda Moody, Corag Carolyn Peevy, Maryg David Stockford, Reverend Lloydg Charles Hughes, Dr. Humphreys: Da- vid Mulkey, Dr. Somers, Barbara Byerly, Margaretg Dixie Jackson, Annieg Nancy Howard, Deliag Marcelia Bent, Nora, and Pat Ferrenberg, Maggie. "Life with Father", a hilarious three act comedy of the l880's, was the Senior Play. The mood of red- headed Father sets the pattern for the mood of the red-headed family in a tremendous struggle to get Father properly baptized. A counterplot resulted when Clarence became romantically inclined with an acquaintance of the family. The combined plots provided a top-notch brand of entertainment. -L. Courtesy Club , S2 fm ,uv ,, L, 2 we g v- 6' .' ' W ,L ' X '43 X x L Three raps of the gavel and officers Cates, Wester, and Boston call the meeting to order. ROW ONE: Bill Baerg, Paul Berry, Barbara Boston, Phyllis Campbell, and Margaret Cates. ROW TWO: Donnie Deweese, Scotty Dozier, Donna Fincher, Ierry Hall, and Donna Van Hoose. ROW THREE: Charles Hughes, Mary Johnson, Julia Landers, George Lewis, and Jenny Mitchell. ROW FOUR: Patsy Osburne, Sue Phillips, Herbert Radcliffe, Frank Sharp, and David Slade. ROW FIVE: Karen Stenzel, Iim Terhune, Ellis Trumbo, Rosalie Van Asche, and Charlotte Waggener. ROW SDC: Jo Ann Wester, Elwood Whitchurch, and Billy Whitfield. The Courtesy Club is a service organi- zation for FHS, sponsored by Mrs . J. C. Atherton. These capable students are called upon to assist in serving at parties and other school functions . When a student from the respective home rooms is ill, the Courtesy Club member is responsible for getting the students daily assignments . They also assist the new students in acquainting them with their classmates and teachers . The members of the Courtesy Club have drawn up their own constitution and initiation creed. Since this organization is a service group for the student body, the chosen colors are purple and white. The officers are Jo Ann Wester, Presidentg Barbara Boston, Secretary, and Margaret Cates, Initiation Chairman. The doors of FHS are always open to the new students. Courtesy Club members, Jerry Hall and Donna Van Hoose show the students through the halls. Left to right they are: Cordia Cornett, Carolyn Abney, Wade Hahn, Alice Sanford Merlene Hahn, and Marilyn Henson. few if .T fi L.. ,F Louise Dilday , Jodie Crumpler A Martha Alexander Mebane Harrison Donna Flowers Maurice Easterling Buddy Kehn Neita Ann Kincaid Elnora Lackey , fi Qi, Mary Ann Sharp t , gg, Joy Rouse l l Donnie McGaugh , K A 5. Jim Terhune '- , . Jean Stanberry an 3 Mary Jo Schultz A .l s M Alice Arm Willis p Q Q Billy Whitfield A L F M Elwood Whitchurch i L - 1 From the time bewildered sophomores enter the doors of FHS until the end of the first terrifying week, Sophomores Guides aid in the orientation of the new students . The Guides work under the sponsorship of Mrs . J. C . Atherton. Officers for the year were John Lewis, Presidentg Jim Bob Wheeler, Vice Presidentg Susie Fleming, Sophomore Guides at OFFICERS 'iff -.!a V X S S g .,,, Q V -f . 1 Q Bill Susie Jim Bob John Adair Fleming Wheeler Lewis E fy .sg Y .. f ., . ,. . I 'AEE " 4 L F Q V K gray X -A 5 ffl? :M 'L fag. -," H A K - Guides talk over plans in summer meeting. Secretary? and Bill Adair' Treasurer' King Donald Terry and Queen Donna Fritz crowned at party given for incoming students. Guides register sophomore students. I' tr , ld ass 6 J- .., Q .., . as. A f' A- . t ... 1 'Q' 6 9 A YKAL Y Qi I A A.:A ' H BN f ,. A '- 'SL A642 if s 3' 1, ..,.., ., K H K Fe ' In A A A N A i Q abg 2 ' W' A 1 ROW ONE: Janet Adams, Naomi Baker, Mary Baggett, Nancy Barnhill, Glenda Beavers, Carolyn Bird, Janice Black, Anita Blackman, Carolyn Bohannon, Betty Brooks. ROW TWO: Phyllis Campbell, Betty Capps, Charlotte Cate, Nancy Cates, Carolyn Christie, Kathleen Coddington, Gail Cooper, Pat Cralley, Pat Crittenden, Sara Cullen. ROW THREE: Sandy Dozier, Scotty Dozier, Ann Dudley, Barbara Duggar, Evelyn Duggar, Sue Dunlavy, Shirley Dutton, Pat Eldridge, Marianne Estes, Mary Ellen Eubanks. ROW FOUR: Juanita Fitzgerald, Barbara Foshe, Donna Fritz, Carolyn Gabbard, Mary Jo Goodman, Patty Gray, Margie Gundlach, Ann Hankins, Vivian Hankins, La Joyce Heflin. FH A Faces the Future With High Hope Working to uphold their motto "Face the future with high hope," the FHA has done many worthwhile projects . October 25, Joye Rouse, La Joyce Heflin, Linda Henson, Roberta Lackey, Charlotte Cate, Patty Gray, and their sponsor, Mrs . Bethel Cunningham, went to Rogers for a district meeting. In November the FHA gave a convocation in observance of National FHA week. With the FTA, the FHA provided curtains for the private dining room . Barbara Fincher won the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow con test in Fayetteville High School. She competed with senior girls in a fifty minute examination to win the honor. Barbara will be entered in the State contest. Officers are Patty Gray, reporterg Charlotte Cate, third vice president: Joye Rouse, presidentg La Joyce Heflin, first vice presidentg Roberta Lackey, g enzel, 's orlan. Not pictured ' treasurer and Karen St hi t are Janice Black, secretary , and Glenda What's cooking? How would look on me? FHA'ers study too ROW ONE: Linda Henson, Jeanette Holt, Bobbie jackson, Anna Sue Keen, Becky Kincaid, Elnora Lackey, Roberta Lackey, Patsy Laney, julia Layer, Carolyn Lewis, Patsy Lewis. ROW TWO: Alice Meredith, Jenny Mitchell, Martha McKinney, Rosemary Mueller, Patsy Osburne, Carolyn Peevy, Marion Phillips, Patsy Poore, Pat Prince, Flora Radcliffe, Marsha Ragsdale. ROW THREE: joye Rouse, Ibby Schultz, Bernelle Smith, Sarah Smith, Virginia Smith, Patsy Spiller, Karen Stenzel, Meredith Stubblefield, Peggy Taylor, Rita Timbrook, Bonnie Tisdale. ROW FOUR: Yvonne Tisdale, Barbara Trager, Rosalie Van Asche, Charlotte Waggoner, Barbara Watkins, Dona Watkins, Laura Watkins, Alice Ann Willis, Mary Wright . Lg' M S -at YJ 1.3 W Truly an asset and a necessary person to the Girls' Chorus of Fayetteville High, is Emily Jo Joyce . The chorus wishes to express their deep and sincere appreciation for the services Emily Jo has ren- dered to their organization. Emily Jo received top honors in the Arkansas State Music Teachers Association for piano competition. Girls Chorus ROW ONE: Rosa Lee Ivy, Patsy Laney, Marianne Estes, Peggy Taylor, Nita Ann Kincaid, Jackie Main, Donna Flowers, Marsha Ragsdale, Joan Southern, Donna Hammond, Geraldine Taylor, Carolyn Webster, Celia Walton ROW TWO: Bertha Jones, Sara Cullen, Martha Couch, Earlene Oliphant, Marsha Strickland, Jane Collier Cleta Greenwood, Marcelia Bent, Nancy Cole, Judy Robertson, Donna Walker, Mildred Fields, Barbara Duggar ROW THREE: Bonnie McCawley, Maxine Phillips, Co Etta Byrd, Sondra Witherspoon, Mary Jo Schultz, Marilyn Ambrose, Peggy Peterson, Sharolyn Holtzendorff, Martha Alexander, Priscilla Conrad, Nancy Howard, Don ia Henderson, Opal Wynn. NOT PICTURED: Linda Gregory, Barbara Hannah, Mebane Harrison. 1' 1 3 ,hiv s f, ,. , , Girls' Chorus leads the annual Christmas convocation in carols. flftlf Nia ,. sis . ff sss 'EL I 'NS 'Just Before Christmas' "I'm Get'en Nothin' for Christmas Boys' Chorus entertains student body at annual Christmas convocation. F ,917 !!!i NHS Leads in Clmmcter, Sclaolarsbzjb, Leaderslnp, Service NATIONAL. 'f' Q: ug l . V HONQQ society to 1 A ' --as FS 2' ,A Y :,, rg rd J T :- 5 ' "L' X r ' 'W ' f ex ffwgi 'li' f eeeee Q' ffl N r . "9 LE l . C .swgi S T F y M is W R t . Q i - SGA i, 5Q,,, v-'- my gg: f 5 ' , "-- Xl 'Z 'M' ., A Ci , S, , i B I ROW ONE: Carolyn Andrews, Marilyn Andrews, William Baerg, Ronnie Bagley, Marcelia Bent, Barbara Byerly, Nancy Ann Cole, Pat Crittenden. ROW TWO: Albert Davis, Betty Ann Delzell, Anna Gamble, Bill Hall, Bar- bara Hannah, Terry Hunt, Dixie Jackson, Emily Jo Joyce. ROW THREE: Iulia Landers, Barbara Lunsford, David Mulkey, David Stockford, Carole Turner, Rebecca Wasson, Io Ann Wester, Chris Wray, Mary Wright, Margaret Young. The Socratic Chapter of NHS was chartered in 1926. Since that time, the Chapter has organized or sponsored a great many clubs, projects, and activ- ities . These include: Student Council, 26 Club, Sophomore Guides, Courtesy Committee, Honors Day, Play Day, Colors Day, Careers Day, all service groups, the printed annual, Officer's Workshop, Randall Osborn and Amethyst Awards, the Bookstore, and the Book Ex- change. The purpose of NHS is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to develop desirable traits of character, to provide training in leadership, and to stimulate a desire to render service. ABOVE-Officers: David Mulkey, president: Emily Jo Joyce, secretary: William Baerg, vice president: Chris Wray, treasurer. BELOW-Conversation and rerresnments at the NHS initiation. . , F ' ve QQ' ""' 1 u. f ijiil 2 A H ,ml lllll ...,-R' ABOVE-Springdale guests and Fayetteville members mingle. BELOW-Bookstore workers-mostly members ofNl-IS. X I : s , , f N' Beginning the year's projects for the f F 26 Club is the sale of season football B , tickets . The Homecoming and Colors ' 'f Day festivities can be looked upon as l ' .. c J some of the more difficult projects the 1. 'J 26 Club undertakes . Concession stands ' 2+ on Play Day and at the basketball games fig ST - are also sponsored by the club. Flow- - .Ai 5 - y ersthatare neededthroughoutthe year .,J,. wg'f ,fi if for events such as Honor's Day are ga L A K' x provided for by the club. 'The annual f 4 , y .Athledc Banquetis also sponsored by :A , 'F Q ,X them. f The only social event in which the if if " 5 club participates is its annual picnic. B Mrs . Mary Heflin is their sponsor. Q ,sung , fd ,Q is fx, ROW ONE: Bill Adair, Bill Baerg, Barbara Boston, Barbara Byerly, Nancy Cole. ROW TWO: Mickey Crigger, Jodie Crumpler, Susie Fleming, Don Froning, Anna Gamble. ROW THREE: Nancy Garrison, Helen Graham, Barbara Hannah, Jim Hatfield, Jeanette Holt. ROW FOUR: Dixie Jackson, Emily Joyce, John Lewis, Barbara Lunsford. ROW FIVE: Mary Ann Sharp, John Steele, Rebecca Wasson. ROW SDC: Jim Bob Wheeler, Bill Whitfield. ROW SEVEN: Kaycille Woodruff, Ronnie Woodruff. Officers discuss club's business. "I crown you, Queen Sharron. " 5 ' ' as as " 'L' 4 F Q ,.,,,,, . r B frlr :fssi lglrufit sheffsfs, r J - i..+f S . ' .,.. .. A h 4 The Future Tmdesmen f h i Earn While They Learn The Future Tradesmen of this school, affiliated with the state and J T national organizations, are required to s U tt E obtain and maintain an occupational T ie , . g position to ain credit in this educational if y v gi course. Their purpose is to "earn while A , tt, Eik :,: E e 'il they learn." ittseet l Z 4 Q hdsi l P I Among the many diversified occupations ' ,V ,Q f 5 the students have are assistants and clerks s I in dime stores, drug stores, barber shops, . " i" T department stores, shoe stores, hosiery - slsi e ttsi companies, hospitals, and clothing stores. ROW ONE: Sharon Blackmon, Mary Lou Centers, Mickey Crigger, John Paul Davis, Bea Fairless. ROW TWO: Norman Gabbard, Freddie Johnson, Preston Lackey, La Vaughn Lankford, Patsy Lewis. ROW THREE: Jim Lierly, Joanne Lierly, Harold McDonald, Judi McNeal. ROW FOUR: Howard Pennel, Jerry Shaffer, Bonita Shoffit, Lola Taylor. ROW FIVE: Darlene Terry, Wilma Thompson, Freddy Warford, Elizabeth White. ROW SDC: Billy Frank Wilcox, Robbie Jo Woods, C, A, Wynn, Carolyn Yates. To fold or not to fold! 1 ii if -""'i mfr. M My gow 1 6 a r X . K Jw Service with a smile. wwe.: , Ii-6' 1 " ' Q Q Q S 4.5 ' e o fs. ifigs Midi 3 Best foot forward. 0 - 1' K 1 ni "P "7""" warg, Pi . fi, -f, we Work turned out in double time. Applying finishing touches. Lost in a fabric wonderland Q3 Citizens 0 To mo wow AMERICAN GOVERNMENT students have taken an active interest in civic affairs this year. A large part of the year was spent in internship with different commercial, political, and social organi- zations . v ,J . by A N Q gy .1 ,ft . - ag., . , J. .s te: 7 . asf z ts , , -- fr Ls fr . . F , 1 'Y , .. I X . . s ,, A, ff' H. 5 ' at i , ' tistr s er Y . ' t Qs- gg I ,gf A 6- ,l , J V 315 V .' Q 'iq , K 54 ,Q I s l ' -rv h . Chris Wray 0 J fs s 'if C I li Carolyn Andrews Marilyn Andrews Bill Bowman Co Etta Byrd Nancy Ann Cole Nancy Lee Cole Patty Crittenden Jane Collier Sloan Duvall Donna Fincher Martha Gould Bill Hall La Joyce Heflin Diane Hilton Charles Hughes Terry Hunt Dixie Jackson Marilyn Johnson Charles Johnston Emily Jo Joyce Barbara Lunsford Jerry Riggins Doyne Roberts Frank Sharp Glenn Sowder John Steele Peggy Taylor Howell Trumbo Donna Van Hoose Rebecca Wasson Looking over a tax assessment program are officers: Charles Johnston, president: Bill Hall, assistant president: Rebecca Was- son, secretaryg and Marilyn Andrews, assistant secretary. Mrs. G. C. Ellis is the instructor. The officers are responsible for assigning various committees during the year. Funds for the class were raised by the annual Sock Hop. Sock Hop King this year was Howell Trumbo, senior candidate. A forum was conducted in the class by members of the Cham- ber of Commerce to obtain ideas for the improvement of Fay- etteville. The class then conducted forums in the homerooms. Egfr- ' f A --- '.p.g.x.: M., ... Q -N fhswlm R "'V' J , , f time 11.4 'fir FTA Will Eliminate Teacher Shortage ef. Private dining-room gains new elegance. ROW ONE: Nancy Allen, Virginia Austin, Naomi If every school had as many interested mem- bers as does the FHS chapter of FTA, the teacher shortage would soon be eliminated . Members learn about the opportunities in teaching and learn to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teach- The FTA project was to help with the drapes for the private dining room . They also planned Careers Day for last year Baker, Nancy Barnhill, Richard Benson. ROW TWO: Marcelia Bent, Barbara Byerly, Co Etta Byrd, Phyl- lis Campbell, Donna Carter. ROW THREE: Mar- garet Cates, Nancy Lee Cole, Gail Cooper, Pat Cralley, Sara Cullen. ROW FOUR: Don Deweese, Scottie Dozier, Barbara Duggar, Sue Dunlavy, Sonja Elam, Pat Eldridge, Gladys Erwin, Juanita Fitzgerald, Barbara Foshe, Helen Graham. ROW held February 15 . The sponsor was Miss Velma Hall. rf -' 45 as- Q n i tr Q Patty Crittenden, Presidentg Linda Gregory, Vice Presidentg Carol Cole, Secretaryg Mary Jo Goodman Treasurer: Nancy Garrison, Historian. sk' .W-.. , u FIVE: Judith Gregory, Margy Gundlach, Vivian Hankins, Linda Henson, Jeanette Holt, Sharolyn Q an Holtzendorff, Becky Kincaid, Julia Layer, Marion ah, F' Leonard, Jackie Main. ROW SDC: Jeannie Morse, Y Lg ' T T Brenda Oliphant, Edwina Parks, Marion Phillips, A. 5 ' Marsha Ragsdale, Richard Reid, Sara Smith, Judy ' - ..V Q41 1 NJ Stockburger, Dawn Stowe, Meredith Stubblefield. ' '15, ROW SEVEN: Bonnie Tisdale, Peggy Taylor, Bar- bara Trager, Scott Van Hoose, Charlotte Wag- 0.9 it , f ,- goner, Dona Watkins, Eva Watkins, Jane Whitting, p ,E 11- Mary Wright, Opal Wynn. T ,J p Ce? S -g if .FY '5 I .. J. F . F 3 t- ' f 1 V , I A ,R ,S ,. 5: x - 2, va 5 . ,, - -1 - , J C we f I B r- ,.,, J T J ,. 6 J Ei "Service Is OFFICE WORKERS: The Junior Secretaries are made up of stu- dents who assist the secretary in the office. They pick up ab- sentee slips and run errands. SEATED: Jim Terhune, Barbara Byerly, Jane Collier, Ernest Borden. STANDING: Carolyn Webster, Sarah Trager, and Meribeth Miller. ABSENT ARE: Marilyn Johnson, Rebecca Wasson, and Anna Gamble. TYPING SERVICE: The Typing Service is second year typing students who are willing to help in typing programs, notices, letters, etc. FIRST ROW: Geor- gia Rogers, Nola Huckelbury. SECOND ROW: Carol Cole, Barbara Fincher, Rosa Lee Bowlin. THIRD ROW: Donna Docker, Patty Perrin. ABSENT: Mari- lyn Johnson, Barbara Stephens, Jo Ann Wester, Ruth Jolly, and Ann Dudley. TRAFFIC SERVICE: Stop! Look! Listen! The Traffic Service is one of the most valuable services which can be rendered. They direct traffic at football and bas- ketball games. FIRST ROW: Donald Dunn, John Anderson, .si David Slade. SECOND ROW Buddy Kehn, Albert Davis. ABSENT: Jim Terhune and Kenny Bohannon. Our Motto" : a j .. ai PUBLIC ADDRESS: Speakers in con- vocation are easily heard because of these boys who are in charge of the Public Address system. They are Morris Easterling and Herbert Weldon. 4, VA PROJECTION SERVICE: Thse Projection Service is a voluntary organization interested in running movies for different classes. SEATED: Bill Perry, Don Harris, John Anderson, Everett Vaughn, Jerry Van Hoose. STANDING: Harold Van Asche, Calvin Joyner, Larry Couch, Floyd Pohle, Marvin Hoskins, and G. A. Hendrix. NOT PICTURED: Billy Weible, Bobby Seay, Jim Hatfield, Gayel Baugus, Darrel Thomas, Herbert Weldon, Doyne Roberts, David McClinton, and Charles Dailey. PRESIDENTS' COUNCIL: This council is in charge of the Concession Workers. Members are head of other school organizations. FIRST ROW: Mary Wright, Joy Rouse, David Stockford, Julia Landers, Linda Gregory. SECOND ROW: David Wilson, Albert Davis, David Mulkey, Jon Barnett, Charles Johnston, John Steele, and Roger Dennett. ABSENT: Emily Jo Joyce, Patty Crittenden, Barbara Hannah, Jo Ann Wester. TEACHERS' AIDES: 'Teachers' Little Helpers. " Teachers' Aides, assist the teachers in checking papers, filing, writing letters, and other odd jobs. SEATED: Mary Wright, Marcelia Bent, Nancy Farmer, Scotty Dozier, Patty d Ma a tCates SECOND ROW GuyE Brown Tommy Utley Carl Hartman Richard Reid, Mar Critten en, rg re . : . , , , garet Thurman, Mary Jo Goodman, Judy Lathrop, Donna Fincher, Naomi Baker, Lidia Gruden, Kay Meinert, . . d Wesley Burkett, Diane Hilton, and June King. THIRD ROW: George Lewis, Charles Hughes, and Glenn Sow er. THOSE NOT PICTURED: Hugh Cobb, Nancy Ann Cole, Jane Collier, Donnie Deweese, La Joyce Heflin, Ruth Jolly, Riley Renner. sie gg .," 9 , ,I Mrs. Iesse Henderson explains duties to the cafeteria workers. FIRST ROW: Mary Eubanks, Rosalie Bowlln, Pauline Conley, Joe Manuel, and Sue Hayes. SECOND ROW: Rosalie Van Asche, Billy Weible, James Lower, .. ., Clyde Lower, Billy McDonald, and Harold Van Asche. Ready to serve the chpw! Marv Eubanks' Phyllis Warford, Rosalie Bowlin, Pauline Conley, and Rosalie Van Asche. Junior Fire Marsha11's prevent fires by inspecting the school. Donald Dunn, Bill Bowman, Ronnie Swan, and Allen Bailey. "Lunchroom work can be fun!" Clyde Lower, James Lower, Joe Manuel, Billy McDonald, Billy Weible, and Harold Van Asche. "Learning more about the world, " is the purpose of the Science Club. LEFT TO RIGHT: Doug Hall, David Wilson, Ernest Borden, Richard Reid, Joe Bissett Elwood Whitchurch, Roger Den- nett, Guy Brown, Tommy Utley, and Mrs. Kay Hardwick, sponsor. 'Q-..,, so w t C 1' SECRETARYS' CLUB: The Secretarys' Club is composed of students who are secretarys from the different organiza- tions in school. SEATED: Carol Cole, Margaret Cates, and Emily Jo Joyce. STANDING: Marcelia Bent, Joy Rouse. ABSENT: Martha Alexander, Marilyn Andrews, Janis Black, Barbara Boston, Mickie Crigger, Albert Davis, Susie Fleming, Barbara Hannah, Kay Meinert, Patsy Poore, and Elwood Whitchurch. POSTER COMMITTEE: This committee is responsible for making posters for all school events and displaying them through- out the school. Members are: Jeanette Holt, Donna Carter, Billy Cotton, Joye Rouse, Marion Phillips, Peggy Cantrell, Marian Jones, Judith Gregory, Charlotte Wagner, Dawn Stowe, Sandy Dozier, Nola Huckelbury, Carolyn Peevy, Kay Meinert, Guy E. Brown, Hardy Daniel, Charlotte Cate Ray Stenzel, Gail Cooper, Jenny Mitchell, Louise Dilday, Rodger Dowell, Meribeth Miller, Ann Dudley, Doug Hall, La Joyce Heflin, Jerry Van Hoose, Judy Lathrop, and Glenn Sowder. TREASURERS' CLUB: Taking care of the organizations' funds is the job of these industrious characters. SEATED: Dixie Jackson, Barbara Byerly, David Mulkey, Doug Hall, Bill Adair, and Mrs. Grace Lawson, sponsor. STAND- ING: Roger Dennett, Margaret Cates, Mary Wright, and sponsor, Mildred Bailey. ABSENT: Mary Jo Goodman, Roberta Lackey, Elizabeth White, Chris Wray, Phyllis Warford, and Elwood Whitchurch. -wt .F ' 'J Q o c o 1 . 'jfivvl A 1 .f at X 22 2.1 ROW ONE: Martha Alexander, Virginia A T, Q, Austin, Phyllis Campbell, A . 6' Robert Chambers, Hardy A 9 Daniel. ROW TWO: Albert Davis, Barbara De Marco, Mary Ellen Eubanks, Juanita Fillgel'-Hld, Rosa Lee Ivy. ROW THREE: Brenda Ollphant, Edwina Parks, jo Ann Schneider, Judy Stockburger, Dawn Stowe. ROW FOUR: Phyllis Warford, Margaret Young. Tlazs zs the Lzbmry Club The Library Club, a member of the Arkansas Student Librarians Association, is a club composed of student librarians who are interested in knowing more about the management of a library and its bene- fits. Its purpose is to create better library service and to interest well qualified library assistants in library work as a profession. Some of the jobs the students do during their study hall period are repairing books, checking out books, keeping up the magazine file and helping students use reference material. Any student who is interested may be a member. Mrs. Chester Dixon is the sponsor. Service with a smile Librarians labor not lost '-I im:-5 Mentally activated Always a helping hand i C. 6 1' Rf If 1' 1 f- 2 ws JP C : We ' Q ir tl' . Zfurleenlll alnnual Clan Jdonors Pfogram sophomore I Mareht Ernblemgof Unity .,........,...,, Richards .Honor graduate: W Nancy Allen Junior Overture Flandrla' . . 4 ...,,..... Y. .- .- . I. . . Smetslty Linadin deumding rank I you-rg,,, Baku, Mmm Alcxandcr Payetteyrlle High School Band, Mr. R. w. wrllis, Director HW. iacyuon gli? 5,g,,,d h Cmlr .num au HW . Bba DM ' , . 'Bt arara - Jw mum ,ne sgliy rim ekosarco Tie My Own America .............,,..... Wrubtl Binrgtllag en 'lo Ann , Jqhgalifggxs gliltaliimvhvlrh The Year's at the Springf Browningfs Pippa Passes ....... Cain Elixir Yr? Hwy vlslurlil Barbara Byerly Yin 4 W ,rc J, - - - , . . mly o oyct- ary rig t C 1 A d Lamlyn mms AHC? Ann wmarc Fayetteville High School Girls Chorus, Mrs. Tom Branigan. Director Marganht Young Joy Stewart Pixlyamx-nlglgls The Purpose of Honors Day ..........,.. David Mulltt-y allftletic edward: Address: "Building Walls or Building Bridges" , . Dr. R. M. Roclfs Wesley Ilurkett grry Riggfili Presentation of Awards , .....,. . Mr, Harry Vandcrgriff . . . . 'd,R shinr Clgtghts iosvicr Mm Mm! 4 n I V ' I Arranged by ,rubb Gwrgszuordfdonog Roll ' H , , ' ' 1' UXLID fl' h G Ctorsv UW" 'Io n M e itfarrlyn Andrews Mziilyin Hzlhliian Un Bmfw- Sharron Hig ins , Margaret Ahh Cates K' 5 eseruzce edward! Sami C015 L35 A ' C 1 . . CYS .Deparlmenluf .Honors JQ1,'LC'g,,,122, ol aarhara Lunsford BY semesters AMETHYST STAFF . :ob Cogpfr MjQ'f:'Q"Q,,f5if1L' Al mm 6 J h H b 4 Carolyn- Andrews, Marilyn Andre-ws, Co-editorsg Barbara Byerly, Bus. Mgr. NQ5:DgL1'i: g::1l:ii:5gg5'l:an t-it o , . , . Nahey Allen 4 Linda l-ighsf, 4 JUNIOR TIMES STAFF - Margaret Ahh Cates, Carol Cole, Bdrtors ggxgafgmlir Dam, S,od,,,,,d ,lot Tons Backus 4 Dixie Jaelrsoh B . Anna Gamble Daflm' TWV Bill Bacrg 6 Emily jo Joyce IO Officers of the Student Council Nancy Garrison David Wilson gvgh"1ff'1gg 1 lg ga'l'fiY"gftQS 4 John Steele President Doug Hall, Treasurer Kev Mfmff' arcs la en r-n 2 . , ' . . 3aaulBp..,,y 4 Edhdi pgfksan' 4 grllbtxdarlri vrozrgesidt-:it Carolyn Andrews, Reporter oe tssett a y nn Rose 6 ar ara anna , serv MY Ernest Borden Guy Brown Donna Carter Patricia cralley Hardy Daniel Barbara De Marco Sue Duhlavy joycc Gardcnhire Margy Gundlat-h Barbara Hannah Carl Hartman Mathematics Janet Adams Martha Aelxnnder Nahty .Allen lor- Tom Backus Bill Bat-rg Glenda Beavers Paul Berry joe Bissett Carolyn liohannon Karen Bond Patrit-ia tzrallt-y Jodie Crumpler Barbara De Marco Sue Dunlavy Nancy Carol Farme Susan Fletcher Kirk Halt- Carl Hartman john Hr-his.-st Social Science Martha Alexander Ice Tom Backus Paul Berry Ioe Bissett Ernest Borden Rosa Lee Botvlln Pt-ogy Cantrell Donna Carter lodic Crumpler Barbara De Marco Donnie Dt-weese Barbara Duggar Ruud Du Vnll Physical seiehee Nancy Allen ,Ion Barnt-tte Nancy harhhill Glenda Beavers Marcella Bent Paul Berry lot' Bissett Ernest Bortlen Patty Crittenden lodie Crumpler Owanda Dllvis Barbara Duggar Susan Fletcher BAND l 4 s Alice Sanford B 2 Sarah Smith 4 4 Mt-rideth Stubblt-field 4 4 Cearldrne Taylor 4 6 Rita Timhroolt 6 6 Torn Utley 4 2 jo Ahh Wester B 4 Ellwood Whitchurch 4 2 Alice Ann Willis 5 ig Kaycille lvoodruff 2 2 Linda Henson 4 6 Terry Hunt 8 4 Bobby Ray Jaeltsoh 2 4 Dixie Jaeltson 4 8 Nolen Keck 2 2 Carolyn Lcwis 4 4 Harold McDonald 6 4 .lcnny Mitchell 4 2 Richard Reid 2 2 Dawn Stowe 2 2 Rita Timbrook 6 4 Carole Turner 8 6 Tom Utley 4 2 Ellwood Whitchurch 6 2 Alice Ann Willis 5 2 Ronnie Woodruff 2 4 Chris Wray la Z Opal wyhh 2 2 susit- rlerhing 4 4 Joyce Gardenhire 2 sl john Henbest 4 4 Jeanette Holt 2 2 Terry Hunt 4 2 Disir- jaeltsoh 4 2 Emily Jo Joyet- B 4 Edwina Parks 5 2 Sally Ann Rose 2 2 Rita Timbrook 2 4 Tom Utley 4 2 Ellwood VVhitchtlrch 2 4 Alice Ann Willis 2 4 Barbara Hannah -1 8 Marilyn Ht-nson 2 2 Jeanette Holt 2 2 Terry Hunt 8 6 Dixie jackson 2 4 Carolyn Lewis 2 4 M4-ribeth Miller 2 6 Richard Reid 2 2 sally Ahh Rose 2 6 Ellwood Whitchurch 6 2 Joyce Wilkins 4 2 Chris Wray B Special aboard! 25 Crul, - Barbara Hannah, Barbara Lunsford. Ronnie Woodruff Omcers ol Peppers Emily Jo Joyce, President Marilyn Andrews, seoretary Dixie Jaeltson, Treasur--r Ahha oarnlale, Sergeant Peppers Martha Couch, Susie Fleming, Diane Hilton, Rebecca Wasson Cheerleaders , Sharron Higgins, Rebecca Wagon, Jo Ann Wester Student Librarians Phyllis carnpht-ll, Hardy Daniel, Marion Leonard, sdwina Parlrs, JoAnn Schneider, Phyllis W'arf0rd Office Monitors Brhest Borden, Barbara Byt-rly, Jane Collier, Anna Gamble, Virginia Harvey, Marilyn Johnson, Julia Landers, Mrriht-th Miller, David Stockford, jim Terhune, sara Trager, Rr-heeea wassoh, Carolyn welsstrr Traffic Squad Albert Davis, Donald Dunn, Buddy Kehn, Billy McDonald, Richard Reid, David Slade, Jim Terhune Student Athletic Managers Bill Ballard, Larry Blerihs l.arry Bogah, Jerri- Van Hoosi- Student Treasurer, Athletic Department Roger Dcnmn Student Assistants in Activity Admissions Ernest Borden, Bob Cooper, Albert Davis, Roger Dennett, Paul Miehat-las, jerre Van Hoosc, Ellwood Whitchurch Intramural Assistants Paul Berry, Janice Black, Bob Cooper, Shirley Dutton, Donna Fincher, Charles Gulsc, Jeanette Holt, Bobby Hudgcns, junc King, Bob McBridc, Glenn Sowder Student Assistants in Physical Education Wt-slcy Burkett, Jane Collier, Nancy Ann Cole, Patty Crittenden, Donna Fincher, Mary Jo Goodnlan, Diane Hilton, Charles Hughes, June King, Judy Lathrop, Kay Meiht-rt. Judy Rolo.-rtsoh, Glen Sowder, westarl Terry Future Hornehralters Service--Janice Blaelr Cafeteria Service -Harold Van Asche, Rosalie Van Asche Typing Service-Marilyn Johnson, Georgia Rogers Teacher Service --Donnie Dt-wr.-st-. Margaret Thurman Future Teachers seryiee-Carol Cole, Mary Wright Band Librariansftlarl Hartman, Patsy Poore. Alice Ann Willis Sllldsnt Aeeompanists-Bmily ,lo Joyce, Kayeillt- Woodruff coneession conrnrittee Service f-Rebecca wassoh. Chris Wray Fire Marshals-Ronnie Swan. Chit-lg Allen Bailey, Deputys Donald Dunn, Dt-puty Public Address seryiee--Maurire,Bastt-rlihg. Bill Hall. ll.-,r,,.,, Wddnnf Projection Service --Jerre Van Hoost- Recorder Service- Jerre Van I-loose Student Photographer --Linda Gregory Poster Service- Bill Bowman, lyola Hueltr-lhury Bi-State Musie Festival- -First Places: surit- rl.-nrihg, Dixie Jaeltsuh, Bhrily Jo joyee. Alice sahford Sta, alma,-,1, AllaState Band-Aliee Ann Willis, Margaret Young District Band restiyal-,First plae.-ss iohh Anderson, Alice sahford, Rita Tirhhroolr. Alirt- Ahh Willis, Margaret Young AGRICULTURE sPBclAl. ACHIEVEMENT AWARD--Bryan walt.-r JOURNALISM .Cbeparlmen tal .Honors BY sernt-ste rs Foreign Language Nahey Allt-h 2 Joe Tom Backus 2 Patricia Crallt-y 2 Barbara De Marco 3 Margy Gundlach 2 lohn Henbest 2 Linda Henson 2 Music and Band Martha Alexander 5 Nancy Allen 4 John Bailey 4 Marcelia Bent 4 .lane Collier 2 Barbara Duggar 2 Susan Fletcher 4 Terry Foringt-r 4 Ann Hankins 4 Home Economics Janice Black 4 Betty Brooks 2 Carolyn Christie Q Commercial Earlene Baker 4 Lynne Bamette 2 Richard Benson 1 Carol Cole 4 Louise Dilday 2 Susie Fleming 2 Joyce Gardenhire 2 Sharron Higgins 3 Vocational Glenn Sowder 2 Lola Taylor 2 Physical Educatior Janet Adams 4 Bill Adair 5 Nancy Allen 4 -lov Tom Baelths 4 ,Iohn Bailey 2 Hill Ballard 4 Nancy Barnhill 4 Alan Beauchamp 2 Glenda Beavers 4 Paul Berry 4 joe Bissett 4 Larry Blevins 4 Carolyn Christie 2 Jodie Crumpler 6 Roger Curtis 2 Owanda Dat-is 4 Sue Dunlavy 4 Edward Evans 2 james Ezcll 2 Charles Guist- 4 Kirk Hale Q Jerry Hall 4 Carl Hartman 3 ,lohn Ht-hht-st 4 perfect alllenclance afwar junior Ernest Borden Donna Carter Jodie crurhplt-r Quill and Scroll-George Alexander, Carolyn Andrews. Marilyn Andrt-ws. Hardy Daniel Margaret Ann Cates, Carol Cole HOME ECONOMICS Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow--Barbara Fincher STATE OF ARKANSAS D. A. R. GOOD CITIZEN-Rebetwra Wasson FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL IJ. A. R. GOOD CITIZEN- llarbara Hannah D. A. R. HISTORY MEDAL Barbara De Marco P. E.0. AWARD FOR FUTURE EDUCATORS Marv Wflghl WILLIE MARGARET RAMEY AWARD Phyllis Warford COMMERCIAL LAUREL AWARD .IO Ann WPSUT LAMBDA TAU LITERARY AWARD Kirby Estes DANFORTH AWARDS Emily ,ln Joyce Stockford David BAUSCH AND LOMB SCIENCE AWARD Chris Wray Terry STUDENT COUNCIL PARTICIPATION AWARD Home Room 205 AMETHYST SERVICE AWARD Jerri- Van House Margaret Thllrman RANDALL OSBURN AWARD john Steele Martha Altxantl - . r ,lor Tom Barltus Richard Baird Nahey Barnhill Aloe Bisst-tt Larry Blevins -r One Sandra Dozler Maurice Easterling Kirby Estes Juanita Fitzgerald ,lnnrny Flt-trher Joyet- Card.-hhirr Year Jarnt-s Low.-r Billy McDonald Martha Nan Mrlcinhey Brenda oliphaht Patsy Osburn Sm, pivming Karen Bond Patty Gray' jerry Oxford 4 . G d. h- 4 Ernest Borden Charles Guisc lt-rry Rigrihs Jew 3' U' "K Betty Brooks Ralph Hayes lo it Rouse Edwina Parks Peggy Peterson ,Sophomore Glenda Beavers Patrieia crall.-y Sue Dunlavy Susan Fletcher Carl Hartman lenny Mitchell Torn Utley Hunt Everett vaughh wr-sley Burkett Charlotte Catt- yinihry Couch Larry Couch Sara Cullen Roger Curtis Boyrt' Davis Mary Doeltr-ry Billy Cotton B.-rthh jon.-s 'Susie Pierhihg La Joyce Heflill John Henbest Nancy Howard Terry Hunt Dorsey Jones Becky Kincaid Preston Lacltt-y Julia Layer Tw Nettie o .l 3 . lirnmy Sexson Thomas Shelley lohn Stamps Dawn Stowe Mt-rirleth Stubhlelield Ronnie Swan Ct-hrldihe Tnylor- Yun CD05 Sally Ann Rost- Dixie Jackson 10 Carolyn Lewis Q Peggy Peterson 2 Sallv Ahh Rose 6 Sarah Smith 2 Celia Walton 2 Ellwood Whitchurch 5 Barbara Hannah 3 Carl Hartman 4 Emily Jo Joyce 3 Marsha Ragsdalt- 2 joyc Rouse 5 Alice sahford 3 Rita Timlsroolt 5 Everett Vaughn 4 Alict- Ann lrVillis 5 Patricia Cralley 4 Juanita Fitzgerald 2 Linda Ht-nson 4 Bobby Ray jaeltsoh 2 Emily jo Joyet- 2 Juno King 3 Brenda Oliphant 2 joy Stewart 5 David Stockford Q Evert-tt Vaughn Q Mary W'right 2 Elizabeth Wright 2 Linda Henson 4 Jeanette I-Iolt 5 Carolyn Lt-wis 4 Bob McBride 2 George McConnell 4 Hayden Mcllroy 2 Jenny Mitchell 4 Richard Reid 2 David Rose 5 Sally Ann Rose 5 Joye Rollse 5 Jerry Stamps 4 ,lean stahlaerry 6 Bill Stewart 2 lim Terhune 5 Rita Timbrook 4 Barbara Tragr-r 2 Torn Utley 4 Ellwood Whitchurch 5 Scott Van Hoost- 'i Et-err-tt Vaughn Alice Ann Willis 4 Ronnie Woodruff 2 3 JJ Peggy Taylor ,lim Terhune Donald Terry Margaret Thurman Rita Timbrook Bonnie Tisdale Yvonne Tisdale Denny Tune Tommy Utley Charlotte Waggoner Freddy Warlord Eva Watkins Richard Watson Kaycille Woodrllll Mary Wright Robert Thomas Robbie Jo Woods Georzia' Rogers Three Years Carol Cole Barbara Fincher The great buzz session Sharron's happy moment Memories Are Three maids at work uniors hold forum in home room Winter Wonderland ,A ,,,,,,gw6s' L s ' ..'s'3igHm'fmf:2Sasvw 1. Mi1dred's going away party The twins converse on yearbook problems t 5' fr ,f sayp if 'Sm' 11 . 1, w if' M , A f. s.s, MW' f'- K Made of This V, ' M x Q sw, 44 , H.. sg snails. Q 1 Peppers form school emblem Vd love IO, IHC Deek U16 H8112 .I s ,K Nl ,,.. . I 5 W ' , 152 ' . A V ' ' L 4 V' Q e f Q Q ' an if iff A , mfg ls fix: 11' ng L,.. Ev, fi ,N , gs ..,ff.:- ,zw:1,.,., :",: y?Z'. , C V - ' iff-f ' , ., f f i S55 rss, 'A iv-2 if ' X 4. 9 eibmixuff W. Q Open the door and let us in The D3USe that refreshes l Q ii' The last minute pep talk The famous "209 boys' Hi, Debbie "We're gonna Rock Around the Clock tonight" l "That's what they think. " 53:0 1.3343 Q. Q 5 s fi? 6 ir? f' so X, ' ' ggi. B N f,, i A , Carol Boyce Betty 1 ' . A K . fi r ' 1 ht 9' L tl, Cole Davis De zell T A14 -" leaf? s ti this Gladys Kirby Pat Anna George Carolyn Marilyn Margaret Erwin Estes Fer- Gamble Alexander Andrews Andrews Cates fenbefg Martha Linda Sharolyn Ruth Gould Gregory Holtzendorff Jolly Hot news, Spot news, Up style, Down The committees for the Amethyst were style, Key line, By-line--So goes the Journalism class as another year and an- other yearbook is completed. Besides working on the Amethyst, the class edi- ted the Junior Times . Carolyn and Marilyn Andrews were editors of the yearbook with Barbara By- erly as the business manager. Margaret Cates and Carol Cole were editors of the Junior Times . as follows: Class editors Betty Delzell, Martha Gould, Anna Gamble, Ruth Jolly, Gladys Erwin, and Sharolyn Holtzendorffg Features Pat Ferrenbergg Sports George Alexander, Kirby Estes, and Boyce Davisg and Service groups Margaret Cates and Carol Cole . Linda Gregory was president of the journalism class and Margaret Cates was secretary-treasurer. Amethyst editors, Marilyn and Carolyn and busi- ness manager Barbara Byerly, talk over plans with Junior Times editors, Margaret and Carol. til F F , cf'-ima, ' f While the rest of the class were energetically ,A ' f 1 working on the yearbook pages, Mrs. Concep- L' as-J 4 - - - - , tion, our visitor from the Philippines, enjoyed , if a visit I0 the 'WWSPHPGF Office I0 WP Proof' A A read the Junior Times. Ng K t . .. ,, r I .,., r., 3 3.5 "':' f ri' i 'N ,W K to r vi , W s E-Q ,Maman M ,.1 rig A nnwou --

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