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 - Class of 1948

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Fayetteville High School - Amethyst Yearbook (Fayetteville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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63.1.4 5 31669955 f X A f Q: ,Q ff Ni "" If H 4-313' Im K V51 Wm Y Ni EZMZL L., 'FEC TZTZCY SCETIS A 5J.7fL?lZ072 from mlfm ZLJM lm jl .N ' .Q 45 .D ' N 9 7 NX x 34 ge .s, "51 A ' ,. 1 liz: X 1 'ii In M ,U K.: f,,-f 3 5. 5 Ag ' 5 , Q ' 7 1af 437. 'flWll, if . X4 Q I ' X4 A ,N rg. , 4 E 'Q wr, -Scif :A 1- , 1 - aff' 1? Q m..gN fl I!- -" EN 'fl Q YS-'M 1 2 5 .Ji f f :HQ '51 Q 6- S3 ff Z 2 zz, 'f 7 ,J M JL SL, Z W fm' X 37 S , NX N on .yor .,fAx K IA 'Dear Fayettev111e High, our alma mater true Dear Fayettev111e Hlgh, all hail to you K O ,ff Wifi? A X E? x ,, 1 . '..v3.:zf -Jil N Q ff 9 . , I 91555551 535 JW tl X. x X I x M To our football team Wh1Ch has never been more worthy of our pralse and pr1de, we the 19h8 Amethyst staff, slncerely and gratefully dedicate this volume Sklllfully tralned by coaches Elv1n Gelser and Glenn Stokenberrv the squad has dlsplayed excellent sportsmanshlp and has establ1shed a flne reputat1on for Fayetteville Hlgh School f r 'S43i tg-Wi ,511 , I c . N 7 L f . . . . , R Y' .- JL ,f . - c fl . We lxlqhiivfn V, Q gm pn We I Rm 1 fs. if ! I of J' we , FACULTY FIRST ROW Mr V T Blossom, Mrs Howard Barnes, Miss Dorotlq Hamberg, .ass Flora Lee Casey, Mk' Elv1.n Gemser, SECOND ROW: Miss Marian Bell, Hrs. Chester Dixon, Mrs G C Ellls, Hrs Theodore Gray, THIRD ROW: Nr Cecil E Wers, Mrs Bunn Bell, Hrs Arthur Thonpson, Miss fmth Boggs, lhss Velma Hall, FOURTH RUN Mr H E Ruppert, Ltrs Herman Eason, Mrs Otha Tarlor, Miss Ruth Crozier, 'Jr Glenn Stokenberry, FIFTH RUM Miss Bessie Coventon, .lr R W Wlllis FIRST R017 Loma SCOKBUDBFYY, Mary Ann Ellis, Pat Harris, Pat Smith, Ellen Morris, Mary John Skillern, Vll'gl!'l13 Heerwaven, Joanne O'Ke1ly, Nancy Allen, fhne Lambert, Carolyn Myers, Kath leen McConnell, Dale Cani'1e1d SECOND RON Marie Louise Rhea, Janie Sullivan, Kathryn Gorrell Jackye Jones, Anna Faye Webb, Betty Epperly, Pat Johnson, Nell Casey, Pat Paris THIRD RON Marion Cooper, Deryl Powers, Ann Wiggans, Lou Wilson, J S Baird, Field Wasson, B111 Brooks ,- I I fefrf' J r ,ELM as ix L is SW ., .Dy 1 " 4'--P! ,1 I fl IA, ta A A 1 'Q' -1 I . Q 1 I . s - H A 17 . N1 I Q, -A Lia, ZR- N 5 Q2Ks5sQ5 YA L sp' xkk M, sn. if! iit-as VICE PRESIDENT PRESIDENT ANN WIGGANS JACK ROUTH SENIOR CLASS SONG To the tune of 'Who' We are the senior class, .t Q ,S .i-J R, Nov we're about to pass Four long years we've studied Q ij-, for you, Nov we're leaving and we are ,-ae' ' ,Ao blue Q , Xi! Planned for each school affair, Z N f Y Times ve were in des ir by norita Lashley I awdff Val' f f And when we vin our fame, P. 5 I' FHSistoblame v wif' Luz? T ,Q ,T f 1 T 41, P TQ Flower Red Rose Colors Black and Gold lotto In truth-victory M4 N R? X W K N: fN TREASURER , K MF EDWIN RISE ufpffglimplun ffgfgll GRI X , P JEYY f fm? ff' f R- T, ' as ixxc-f'1 '3' T ggi 51-UCF S f " N. sis, w .N X N n Q xx ,qs T V: -f WT: -gp M E .?, , 3 -.1 fchyv, gf: I 12. ' X - 1' , ' wifi -1 iQ Q U T X - V A ' - sp, -T ,buf H15 T ' N1 I3 QW, k r ' J V --4 - ' -V1ITiT.'rS- lTT'J'ZTI2' STV' 71.11731 il QL R 'Q M if A 45 X 3 "4 sq E Ta W1 i T I! 7 Q Lal . t I ' is f eg ' ' 4 l uf 5 ,.,. , I Q ' T J ' T '51 ww -- T T Ia , 'V 1 5 v Q' TL , , T F If ,. E ' 1 f' --.. . x ' 54: E 1 . K S V' VP? Q- if 5 , Eg? is Jr K '4 V ff' 1 jj .. Z - 5 -' - f , I ' 2 ', ... - ' ' 1' . ' fill .,1- :" . J - . ' Q x 1 ' f f I 4 xx "' ' 'x- f .- X . I ' 7' X ' g f' , 4 'R ,fi E Q, 2 . I fc H X lf, -a . . . LLT I . -4 iJ:x:- 4 A 14 'UW hw! 'f' "UM: f hh! L4 ,V 4 Q K V xl 5 'kg -iii 1 , 'N 'T 'fo N f , . 2 , ' x . :fy I . l X wwf? f APS Qi' J fL Q Xa av X VAS: QL I " as 'la his iQ ,-J' Yuki i suv, fix vi- ,J-sf., fr? wx I ff xx, 3q? Wing 9522-1 4' 'P sq s. HQ HL! BHD FII 0 EI BETTY Sb! BOYD JERRY BIZ QYER IILI ID B DIS AN B f X xxx DUIIDTIIV B GLIZTT IAIIOI COOP!! HAI! ANI ELLIS QV Z xi' 'CJ C .W ,Ziff Q 1 r N ' Sf? NSW 'Q J W K HILL C S!! 30 ff BILL DAINII BITTY JUN! IYPIFLY on If Y' .9511 JOVIILLE IOLLI S IAIY IAITIIA DIGGS lILLl DBA!! JAIESFDL BOBBY CONINE par , 16 1 .ar N 5-nr LLCILLE Calls VABGIDIII DIAKE IIFY ANI IDEN Illlll FRIDIIICI IO!!! FIITTI 'ANDA GAULDIN IATIIRYN GOIRILL 36 Q8 Q1 ,gb pig Y 'vi' ff , :D """' 4 1' fffm X X I 'Z C, N 'X QNX r L57Jx fi, 'Y lax FRN xH 4' 111 :Ml Q' hd , Q-Q':,ZTn157 Q ' fl Z Ifxxrlf Nix! W, 'VE' sjVl,.'lvX5 . W 'kg .pg P' 6224 X ff X H J' x Xl, ff, 'I' I I M I A VXQ .gk xi? 'N I ,QM Q, ,s"1X ,W Iffff' 7' 5 Q 'flu I I . 'RQ l ffl, K ' 2 iff' 'xl I Ng 5 -I A , ' . A w Tjqgj, 0 ,. ., . - I g I 6 fx W QT1!-X., 21,51 'Q Y' Q . H ' I' ' - , 1 , Html?-Za, f'lV'f!'7' 'rf I f ' QR ' n :,.- . . ' "X I pffffif 1, I 1. I , 1135 , -l ' I ' Y ,-fix' 1 x6 ,M I 3, , I . Y. Y A , ' I f' Q S .. ,. I I , :Q v 3 I3 1. ,I ' TCQL' r'.-fx 3 ,ia '. ' ' - I fx, Q' ,sw 1, -f - , b- ..' 4 , i A v -W . x ,Lfq 1' , ' -3 I g 1 2 , I Q V X02-A 1 -Six 51.4 'Q f 1 Z ff 1 I 9 -I -XM .. I .'.. j I Igil HA.CY SLE ALIEN ALICE! A DA UIICK DO! IDBLRRIS BILL BAHTLIE DIA EB I'GI.S BEIYHRYLEV ,V X I 6 ,IIN ' . ,IAU FIB F0 ROI' LE '4 .V BR -FI .I L 9 'Ia . L. ji? xffi, it . ii, f If' ix' A' f 1 I , I 3 I, , H I ' , " , Q , 1 ! . -X 2,11 .Q W '- - :P -, 1 Q U., S A. Q - B 1 M -f Q ,O U . - - I .' A I ' . ' .QD . . rx P Q A ' I LQLQXI, M QW E' ,iii . ff- 3:4 Q pq y, , 'Q I ij W M x -M 1' ' K Aigfbj, 'ESR n A ' ' ' I "mfg V11 's . Q 46 ll J' If G' ' I - , k6kf,T.a- IX ' A -1 Q , Q ' ,WE X- ' - - Q' 'Q I I5 , 1- -1 -xx A Q . 'UIC Q5 'aka H ' A ffm' 3 . F' -I , A I I as 1 f I If W , '11,-:Q ' ' V. xx, I L I v ' ff x A . , , ,X jx I . L I I .. .R KM V 7 A . V W 1 . , ,133 . Q5 Ti I Q-Q 1.9 L - Iiti, ' 1554? 'X !-iff, A -' ia- -- 4 -:N 4333? ' V lklffhn, ffxvl VV x If I X lf . C N7 x f":'1 , pix , iff eiw wWWEG 4 '-K Q? , Q ff W 4 27 .Q f x ESQ? rr I is I K A 'V K Qx Of R235 5 Mini! xx B . Q s -r 1 QQ eil' '95 BD qi 45 35 CK A F-' Q AN 0053? Q L' J av Q55 W r W Q W xl t gh idffs N68 mLff55'W kia! V' qv .sw S -V 152' XQV Z7 62 I V3 if if wmv W 36 YJRDX G Q Y v lx 'S IARILYN IYZRS BETTY IRENENICIIIL 'IATDD JOANNEOKIILY PAT PARIS IA! PHILAN RLBV PFAYHFR lA'1DA J!AN ROSE NELDA DEA!! RLYN SINGAS JL 35 Q 1 XM 1 f 5 X X pn AREYHA PAIIIIISM 'nr KAKRIZPEAR ELIE IARY JUN! SKILLZRN BLTTY SIITN K N. L F -1,44 K x 2:25 W , l PX QW IILLIAI JOSEPH SIITN BILLY STllLl if an .5 9? 1 JAN!! SULLIVAI 136 all' ga. Ka Q sink PAT Sllfll ERNEST SIANBUIRY BOBBY EARL STIZIART N le LOISSIIIAIT KOBIIT YAYLOII J0 TIIFCE JOANNZYLCI ALLEIA VA! BIUN1 BITTY IAGIS HISSIEIAGWER IAIIUN 'ASSDN JI ANNA PAY! I!!! BUDDVIILIIAIS YOLBERTAIXLKS ESTHEF LOIIIILSUN IADFIINILY BILLIIJG 'WATT 7' 5.- J9- fifva 4 55 1 tid! 'V I ff? 9N, J' ,4 W2 U rrqi' r 1 Q, ' M '-f , ih f-fm : ww' Q , 'a ff 'K 4 N .fm rw " ' 9 n , J , -Q VX ,. v, 'Y I-,X 14 ,f 1 V 1 ,w I iff' ' , ff - . A X 1' ,f Q f- Jiffy A - X 4 A Aff 6 1, 'UNM 11' , ea ' :ii rffg- ' '- K - 7 'Q nf ,LIL ..f x , ' Q ,E7'i?'r.7 b A ' ' I . if 7, U A 9 ' ' - 5 , , ' 'SQA' firgfx-A5 'f ' L . W 4' ,. ' A-121: . 4: ' rw. ,f w . Z i - , K I y gtg- H J 'X M1 Xl If , , , 'Ay . An.: , cz 'ft' ul .', 'ffl H, 'fww I . ' . ns , 'W :NLM fqx, Q P131 NYJ fi 7 3' 2 K x - I 5,5 I x.A :QV zwjl M 4 f-. ' . - - , c L ' , . , ' I .ng : 5 I i ,.4 V- -1 , Y, K A ., I. . M H . f g A . 1 ' at , . 4357 xYgN f -- iii' ' Q gisxxf bf ff A I wwf 39 KP 3+ W' X ' ' ' ' ' ' Sl Al . f' V xv ' 1' ffcf A SX ,xx U4 f ' A Q 51,4 K V big? 48128 A ' sv. -I Wifi? fx Q ' ' lbfitg : I X , -. ,f KLtl!lN" W 4 A' J nv- ' T7 ,mx lk Q 3 .HV fl cut,-Q39 -.YV - A , 1 ig . KX QF 3' S, 1, ' 'Q 5 X h - . - In X V r F rf ..,4l,Wf r BS M . V" Q Q ' X' ,ZW 914,15 ff A ' ' ' 41, A V : Q 511 yn ,, I A .g f'CY 'Q .:ri?!q5J C? JUN! GRS L-54 X Treasurer Slcrniery Vice President President David George Claire Coleman Marjorie Hammond Richard Holt JUNIOR CLASS SONG Tune "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" by Aldah Sue Harris We, the Junlors, greet you from the depths of our hearts We nll always love you tho' our paths must part To Rose and Gold, your colors, we will e're be true, Our dear Junlor Class, 1re'l1 remember you Flower Colors Yellow Rose Rose and Gold Motto: They conquer who believe they can. -si X Xk.b a X i w--F rgi V -XC N wk Z:-Q rm 'fi N I lr' e ll e 1 lx , l J A 3 , ll I . V? y . . . Q . M : z Xl' elf CX d FIRST Row V1v1a.n Young, Barbara Phlllips, Jane Robinson, larllyn Brewster, Bonnle Nlckell S CONJ ROA Dons Jean Mitchell, Emma Jean Briggins, Joycene lcGoodw1n, Mary Lee Klng, Georg1a Mae Dockery THIRD RO-' Alfred Morne, Bobby Patrlck, Charles Rader, Billy Goss, rOURTH ROV Harris Dean Osborne, Donald Szgmon, Bob Smth, Don Logue FIFTH ROV Donald Colllns, Avery B Smth 'N FIRST ROW Patrlcla W1ll1ams, Jo Ann Kelhr, Barbara llcCa1n, Dale Coodale, Bett1e Leah Nilsen, Haroldine Eisentraut, Barbara Ellis SECOND ROW Dorothy Wise, Joan Greathouse, Deloris Shelley, Joyce Hunt, Kathleen Kelleher, Retha Cornett, Ralph Ott THIRD ROW Betty Martin, lane louise Rhea, Frances Bailey, Ruth Turney, Elsie Aldrich, Cherrie Baker, Gaylord Carter FOURTH ROW R T Ednards, Buddy Cornelius, Wilburn Shackelford, James Morse FIFTH RON Harold Land, Charles McFarland, Eugene Atkison, Billy Centry, Larry Baggett X' ,N Q Q O D ' Q Q cf CL -, ,M , ,,,,,, ,,,,, ,. , Y ! 1: ' z 1 1 5 5 gl . 'I' I sc' K I h , . - . i 2 A 1 Q .V V H X 5- ,,,. i . . . E , ..: . ,M . . 'H x : v . . a - 'I 2 ' n ' - ew' q F0 34. 0 A A , .9 a 1 , 5 M' . a . A 5 f 5 3, - , v H KA ' 'ix I A , Xe, , ' I J . 4 S ,P Ava ' X J rf f . Q - L, .-.,.' . 3 .b A -J -, , I Y -A ,Y ... .,- , - 4 L . . X . . 2 g e 2 Q a L 1 . 5 s. ' e ' I fx XL! J' CT' 45. S has FIRST ROV- Aldah Sue Harms, Peggy Jane Austln, Betsy Berry, Rita lllller, Gail Adkisson, Mary Ida Cox SECOND ROA Bllly Stockburger Dorothy Teas, Lorraine Reinold, ldarc1a Campbell, Darlene Rise THIRD ROW Irene Weber, Marjorie Hammond, Joan Helton, Pegg' Glles, David George FOURTH HOW Barbara Noack, Nona Howard, Kay Kaiser, Bethel Nard, Eddie hoods FIFTH ROW Dwight Mlx, Lewis Wilson, Bobby Hat field, V1rg1l Carson, J S Baird, Travis Moody SIXTH ROW Kenneth Hulse, Tryon Lewis, Jacob Sharp, Donald Trumbo, Michael J Hughes in If-L,f - -Zvi 5 - 1 FIRST RCM Eettv Rankln, Jeanette bK1nner,r t Grlgsbw., B1.Llve 'rank f'I1lhelm,Jach3e Jones,Martha -organ S.,CC JD 'LN hanon Swan , Pattl Lollar, Clalre Coleman, Norma Stubblefleld, Maxlne rlultz, Bettv Lou Dowell THIHD HC- Bill Burns, Robert Monds, Rlchard Holt, Joe lashourn, John Bunch, Walden Boaz PCUTITH RCW Tonm Chaiiln, :red Curt1s, Jerry Cobb, Deryl Powers, Paul Garnett, Jack Hay xxx I .I . vw- ""v-v V' ' 4 . . 5 I D , ' 'A . . A v - .E M,,N,,,, ,, Nam' V' . ' ., . . , 6 . , . 1 - 4 1 'Cl.:,:Ilf'Jm,, ' , F U . .. . I ' - N . . ML 'Mix 1-... . Q. V 43 ' . A na --Y 'll no 'Y t I Q P Q . - n if ' Q: y . v L, a ' . ' ' "I 9 o 4 . I . . ' ' - 4' ' . A ' 4 gh 5 . 4 I is .3 . , : ' . Q U N . , Y, K .. ' . v . U u ' VU: A V I I : . A -' I .- - 5' Q , ' .4 I ' T '- ' " 9' ' iv , ,' o V .. l ., ui. V h lr 2 1 . - M , ' '-n , I L' Q T 1 --T 1, -X 'T fo. or f A. 1' . - . 4 r . 'LJ ' A Q 7 f ,.. K J . -- 'a be T f 1 I N f ' It 1 rf l ' , D v ,J ' A i 1 fa l 1 H' ., . g . , V - , . I F 1 . ' I y. I I 'I 2 5 G-0' - m l QD J, 0 5 Iggy-XXX -1 1 F RSI' RCW Ann mzzmngs, J r d ,, crter, bell, -Wawda aye Nrans, ca Y-'a pong .N PL Dcr Q ...a5.x4.re, 'ane eaA son, Sazrrgy 'ean Yancey, uretchen .,ae"g, Pram: s evris Cornre S eohens A-II 'W RCI' Dorotny hoeller, .Joan muse, earoiyn holes, ha. o e mod, u..la Bae 'laterbaag cartn ECE Donalc Wilson FU- -' R221 Ca.:-" 21.13, 'L1cha.m Barnes, meld Tasson, Joe .cnea S X if ard Lashlev, J 5:L1SSCh, ax-mon Walters 07210 73613 WP! ? S c X5i'ivj-4 r 1.5. EER .ens vonnscn, ean nllsc , petty .Jo Csoome, oeulah aye .,d1rar:ls, Sula. Jo Ibrrow, .llie o eabmel, o lzzzmns SEIJCVD RCW Susle Idcn, mwarime .-xzyd, ueweva .-aaxer, Haxuene Ball, Joan Poore, -aelen .over TMO It Na. ntlngwn, ll Holder, a.u.1.a Mae Stout, Charles vouch, Sue Gunn, a.. Steele 'DJ-1.151 RCW' Jacx Carter, Darnn mlgore, George -forte:-, George Stax-nes, ally Brown, rarold Jonnson :L 11 -:L 1 um January, Dale ..1ree"wooo, Davzd -gde, Joe obinson, ram: -Wages, Tong' ens SLITH :IW JLIV Sumons, aul bmw f-X fx O a ' - t Q. , A V - - ' . Q Z - ' ' v H' 6 A Z U -L 5 3 ,R A 4 I , . . I ,' ,L ' i EL I . .: ' C' ' Betty c C .1 ue : 1' F f 1 I' . 3: ' . . sf"Q::: nr e 1- Q' -1 ., r' '- . I ' " . 'S . . i 1. , ' 4 'rv' " . ' " . f' ' . V A. . . -r., . ' . . . P , C 'L tt, F "" V ' fx. F ' . . ' : ' Hall, Lorna Swkencuq, Jzina Frezienck, Cecil D. Parker, FQ-'mend . . A-NTI. . 11.2 .. ' 1' . 'V f' l . I 'Ei RC : 2 L , E.. . ' 3 . 'Z , 9 3 J, M , , 1 iyf x ' If r H , ' x . I I' 4: --- v-Q .. v - 7 ' ---Y ,, '- - - AA o U AA A 2' Y 5' J " ' J 5' . .r 1' f . "7 . 1 ey eu J' ' ' . . L , - 1... . l . . . . . . .. , - ,.., - -, , , . 1 A I A A IA If AA x ' . ' P . F ' 1 .. . ' . : ' fi, ' e ' . 7 elm? 'ui-ii QD 'UQ FIRST ROW Donna Coleman, Frances King, Margaret Traphagen, Doris Wright, Pat Danner SECOND ROW Mary Loulse Snapp, Uardelle Lalmon, Ruth Falrless, Billy Jo Wilson, Ann Barrett THIRD ROW Joe Fred Starr, Alyne Cowan, Linda Moore, Marjorie Bassett, Betty George FOURTH ROW: J D Hall, Lawrence Skelton, Joyce Donaldson, Cecll Linam FIFTH RON Philip Colwell J'f'?x V MAX, FIRST ROW: John David Swaim, Elizabeth Boles, Adelaide Garrison, Ann Caldwell, Juanita Easterly, Jimmy Stuart , Ilene Carson. SECOND ROW: Wayne Bogan, Hope Gibson, Wilma Hodges, Irene 53118, Louise Harrison, Eleanor Schneider. THIRD ROW: Bob Selle, Pearl Utter, Betty Sellers, Joyce Nell Howard, Alan Brockway, Betty Jo Helton. FOURTH ROW: Laura Baxter, Gretchen Stevenson, Cedric Pratt, Bobby Cupps, 'Pat Burnett. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Hall, Charles Nimon, Billy Brown, Lynn Weir. 3 cages:-do P175 ? s 3 I BY!" q-.-,,--,- 17-1-1- I sul 1 FIRST ROW Nettie Wheeler, Jo Ann West, Ronnie Crow, Donna Parks, V1ola Boyd, Wendell Taylor SECOND ROW Jerry Lollar, John Ambrose, Arhs Parrish, Rosa Drane, Ellen Louise lheatley, Patsy Thompson THIRD ROW Doris Kinzer, Mildred Shaffer, Faye Standridge, Doris Wilson FOURTH ROW lla.rv1n Treat, Loren Phillips, Wwne Bayley, wayne Anthony, Clyde Guist FIFTH ROW Don Allen Peterson, Randall Hinkle, Bobby Williams FIRST ROW: Lorraine llason, Jean Anne Stewart, Sylvia Fitzgerald, Bobbie Jean Curry, Novelle Rieff Dixie Iae Dockery. SECOND .ROW: Lois Jeanne Smith, Betty Jewel lorrie, Joan lille, Doris Wood, Catherine Hankins, Joan Williams, Martha Conbe. THIRD ROW: Wilma Sue Neeee, largeret Kitchel, Levell Vaughan, Lula Fqe Hanshew. FOURTH Htl: Phillip mgler, James Campbell, Hayden lbers, Janes Hutchinson, Junior Whitehead, Pierson Skelton. FIFTH ROW: Fount Allen, Reid Dai vie, Lester llcChr1etian, Jr., Jerry Taylor, Joe Hardin. SIXTH ROI: Jerrold Pltser, Jin Ramllorris Bogen, J' Heal Heath, Eugene Watkins 'William lcvey, Wiley B. Holt. 0 cf: gb Y. sl- , - Q AJ , . . . I + 1 4 i , ff: 1 Q2 A -J 5' V Axg 1 K e ri-1 ""5".32...L... T -L FIRST KJW Pmllp Rogers, Leonard Davis, Dav1d Parks, laul Dennls, Barbara Bennet.t,Kaye Thompson, Betty Murphy bE.CO'-YD ROV Don Owens, Robert McChr1stian, Charlene Boaz, Roselyn Baker, Barbara Wester, Neva Fredenck, bue Burdine THIRD ROW Carl Stephens, B1ll1e Joe Garrlott, Larry Smlth, Dale Canileld, Judle Sp'll1ers,n1l1y Stubble- field, B1llie Porter FOURTH RO: rmma Hull, Betty J1nske, Edward Fhlllips, bebern kage, Jr , Monte Roberts, .Shirley Seoourn, Paul Mute, Douglas Young FIFTH RO: Jackie D Lupef: Barbara Stotts, ninth Heber, Dlck Johnston, Joe Crakes .JIXTH ROW Wllbert Cobb, Bob Jenklns, Bobby Glbson, bobby Niels Hlll, Howell Leming, Danlel Lee Proctor VFIRSZP RDW: Beulah Fairless, Dixie Lee Rogers, Jackie Bynum, narlene Maguire, Bobby Wilson, Jack Hayes, Delmer Selle. SMOND ROW: H808 Southern, Patsy Nardin, Jean Milligan, Cnrlstene Oxford, Margaret Brooks, Donald Phillips. THIRD ROW: Jan Nozencraft, Anne Dameron, Billy Sue Dowell, Kathleen McConnell, Mary Sue Wade, Bobby Wages, FOURTH ROW: John Gibson,l-'at Pond, Bonnie Hart,Evelyn Morgan, Lewis Aldon Proctor. FIFTH ROW: Phillip Porter, Bill McDaniel, Carlden Strange, Charles John, bobby Har.Lan,Terry btewart. SIXTH RCW: Billy Thompson,Thomas Terry, Jania Wheems, I-Rarian Boatright, Dale Gibson, Carl Kaiser. SBIENTH RDW: Carl Couch, Jimmy Williams. P15 CA 5211 ZP1 Q ,4 4Z4??N2Q dffx Q15-5 -" - f 'xv A I "T.- 1"' u :4fe, .Q -Lx , rf' -"'f,1 s' ' -h 43 +15 . J Y JK ' 3, W ,, ,, . 1511+ , G9-wx, 1 The cheerleaders are really high' 'd love to' The B1g House Try another line Coach k1bltZing Colwell's at lt agalnl' Dlg those b luesl Beginnlng the long grind Teachers eat,too! Student Council working?? FIRE' ' -drlll -as , go on- drop it! Swoonlng or crooning QW wily 9 'v . xg! 'flif I . l l l HHH' I - f ,. I 27 't AE! , G x fl ' K SNK I I J , ,..., n i " g Y-f X 5 4 is jf uf J - """l ' il-ul up. FIRST ROW Lucille Combs, Pat Paris, Joanne O'Ke1ly, Pat Smith Bill Danner SECOND ROW Carolyn H ers, Kathryn Gorrell, Pat Harris, Lorita Lashley, Mary John Skillern THIRD ROW Gene Lambert, Ann Niggans, Nancy Allen, Nell Casey if' 3 2 55 Z 62 f"'P"' ,ll-1 - KH' LJ' 1-.fa Established as an active organlzatlon in 1937, the Socratic Chapter of the National HonorSociety holds as its chlef aims the encouragement of scholarshlp, the development of desirable tra1ts of character, the provision of training in leader sh1p, and the stimulation of desire for service to others in Fayetteville I-hgh School The society chose for its 19h7-118 projects a service award to be given on Hon ore Day to the senior who has contributed the most unselfish service to h1s school during his high school career, departmental awards given by appropriate sponsors, and a tutoring program whereby NHS students will coach students who need help in particular subjects In past years the National Honor Society has sponsored such projects as organizing the Student Council, the 26 Club, and the Sophomore Guides, at establishing the book exchange, Honors Day, the Randall Osburn Award and Color Day Officers of the organlzation are Joanne O'Kelly, president, Lucille Combs, vice president , Pat Paris, secretary, Pat Smith, treasurer, and Ann Wiggans, report- Its sponsor is Hrs Bunn Bell Ujtmmmun. ""' 3 IYDIM. I? BDIQMGTV .. 5 5 i 5 34141:-1 Iliff- T3 L.. AAN! m Mm I 'W Asgkivf' M 2?55re,3 i Gia' 1 QP Xa, X 1 i.-V v I 7 E 11 1 ' xl v 5 . , lg f ' sl - V ' Q A 4 . 4 t V iw, , , u fc, I 2 , 1 l . ' . : X Q , , H 0 E 59 0 j wvffggisa fasg"i:n 6 .Ta z-: L f ' ff- ft Ai ' k , " we L f N N Q ffjff 1"'5 ff?Ll f I . X - x I i ' U 1 1 ' 1 N I f H , . ' . . ' 4' I ef' e e , nf fwww 4sQg5'QVy U ' : p .Miva A a 1 L Al 'Elf' f I 1 n ! X a V fu 4, ' - N I 1 few, M r 73' 1 , Q I , Q ..-1 I 'ffl -if ' 3 P +1V1LJ'4l. Vi mlfl'v . : an 1 1.2, A ' "' "' f - " 6 'r o - 'J Dx 1 . 'M N QJL27 ,a Xwbkkb xr! Q X X X Z ., in ,......, I KNN hi. , Na..L,, -L. e , .l vase , a .af e w. Ma. e ..,o.L.se tea, Dv.. A oleu., 'a.n..e es Q .A la. ee S , 3 Qm..r. Uf""- V -X 3. N' kung u .1 N-4 HS' iuw vacolz 'f'1a.rc, 'Kancy Allen, Boll Casey, Lorita Lasnlef, Qobbj 'fr' tts SW ON ROW Beulah Wwe , 'Vilma -Iodges, Mari l,m Swwster, Kata'-m .oz-'re", Ulargaret Trapnagen THIRD WDW Can. "'l.u.s, Barbara lcCa.in, Judie Splllef-s, hldred Shaffer, Dori.: Jean ooxsr WLUIEH ww Webby 'ia.1.a.n Jav 1 qeerge, Tomnnr Chaffln, .george Qrovm, 3midJ Alien S . - -:wus I Q N L,-11 vi, . w Nt". X: If xxx , , L . , X lx 5 5 ' D gn ,Q Q N xv ,f N NQ QA k - 1, Q xp iss D Q f N 0 . C- f '5 HL' , , . ro. X :U f x , P x ' - W 'I ii .' -1. ' 1 PN X f C v I b :,. . X, IQ, 1, A l - Rlx New xr - N w , , ' 1 1 I I . V. gh.- VJ 1 " . My f ' I 'E 1. 3 f- 'L Q' X . ff V :',Qi:'1' :LJ-B: .'a::': 5. 'Q .' 'x"' . 'L 2 Ne' ' 3' L::'it ' -il 3, 1 N 'kbby ?!'1ttS. SESCSZ1 I TSI: "i ' " . 'I 'zu' C . " .1 4 Sullivan, Res 'vzxx Meer' ldaqr Sanfilizx. 'SHIRT EROS: J. S. 32.14, wi Fwi Curtis, Tavii ' szley, 'Q-' L Zzng F 2 - ' h. ?C'..-.I ECW: f .1 't :-:'I "-', low: Ftullips, Tavii Ebzie, Cv' li Phillips. fs? FN f Y E T , ,f y w X if JY w I Q . Q 7 N J' 4 X 9 i I fa, A 5 4 W Q 5, . . , . - , ' ,X . . .L . ' . .A - . ' . ' . 4 . -C 2 . : . ' ' 1 - I ' . . ' .., ' ..... ' . . ' . : ' 0 y V I Q I ' 4 I ' . . " . ? 1 - 1 - , 1 ' ' -4 5 O . N 4 Jr f- 435 4 . y. ' I Z ,, X' ' I .ar . 9' 7 3 7333s, 1 O J 5 TTBBBD-Per President Jacob Sharp Bobby Fritts Reporter Secretary Vice President Nancy Allen Nell Casey Lorita Lashley Created by the National Honor Society in the spring of 19142, the Student Coun cil of Fayetteville High School has, since that time, developed into a strong ser vice organization, giving the student body a chance to participate in and conduct to a great extent their own school activities By doing these things, the students taking part render a vast service to the reminder of the student oody as well as enrich themselves by acquiring the sterling qualities of character, an acute sense of obligation to duty, a feeling of pride in their school, and a willingness to co operate with one mother and with the faculty Membership in the council consists of a representative from each home room and five officers elected by popular vote president, vice president, secretary, treas urer, and reporter The members bring the ideas and requests of the students in their respective rooms to the council for consideration, and report back to their home rooms the decisions of the council It is the responsibility of the officers to see that all adopted projects and activities are carried out A number of the activities of the council during the current year have been as follows sponsoring two rummage salesg continuing sales of high school pennants from the preceding year, participating in the PTA grease driveg sponsoring school partiesg selling Bulldog stickersg running concession stands at footballgamesg ssl ling football programsg directing operation of a coke machineg selecting the Pepsi Cola scholarship ted, contestants, having charge of the election of new cheerlesdersg sending three delegates to the SASG convention at Corpus Christi, Texasg holding discussion groups, making an athletic scrapbook to keep a record of all Bxlldog sports events from the beginning of this yearg giving points for participation in council activities toward the awarding of a 'Council Cup' on Honors IQ to the room showing the most complete and helpful participation, co-operation with the Good- fellows in their annual drive for foodvto help destitute people by taking care of tive needy families, each one of them receiving a box of toys, a large basket of canned goods, a fresh chicken, a pound of butter, a loaf of bread, and cranberries. The Council also helped to raise 8350 in financing the yearbookg launched the first annual program of decorating the archway d the gm at Christmastim with lights and cedarg sponsored the larch of Iltmesg mg me charge of furnishing the music room. At the annual convention of the Arkansas Association of Student Goverment held in Little Rock in 19117, Fayetteville High School was elected Publisher of the Pro- ceedings !or this year'a beting held in Hot Springs. Yrs! W A '36 :X i ! .1 '- Q A 1 4' 'nu X Q -4 an y , ,,,e-:gk , 9 0 c j 5 ' . ., f i I. f Q 3 R375 y n,0El.,WlU' s T' a 'I Ng. at! 1 255' ' X 5 SC. s , ' '9 z S - I .lea Z fx fs P1 fl N L C fs- sr . f- I C' x J div o 'JQJ G""" -v--all !+--w- 7-uv 'Ar' FIRST ROW John D Swaim, Don Hall, Wayne Anthony, Bill Collins Jerry Hall, fayne Bayley SECOND ROW Dick Johnston, Pat Burnett Buddy Allen, Frank Wages, Robert Elderton THIRD ROW Marvin Brad ley, Paul White, Bobby Hatfield, Kenneth Hulse, Robert lcChristim, B111 Danner FOURTH ROW Don Peterson, Lawrence Skelton, Dale Gib- son, lichael Hughes, Travis lloody, Jerry Pitzer GREEINHANDS Wayne Beyley Dick Johnston Pat Burnett Buddy Allen Frank Wages Robert Elderton larvin Bradley Paul White Robert lcChr1st1an Don Peterson Lsvrerence Skelton Dale Gibson Jerry Pitser Clyde Guist Ray lille Edward Phillips Seburn Page Wayne Began Oi' FICERS President---Don Hall Vice-pres Wayne Anthony Secretary Bill Collins Treasurer--Jerry Hall Reporter-----John D Swain Sentinel Wayne Beyley Advisor------Cecil E lqsrs STATE PARIJAIENIARIAN and STATE FARMER Bill Danner FUTURE FARIIERS Jerry Hall Bobby Hatfield Kenneth Hulse llichsel Hughes Travis loody Bobby Cupps E J Glisson HOMJRARY vw 1 ERS Virgil Blossom Hubert Danner Fred Kerr Gus Clifton Lynn L Smith In September, the FFA boys mde a trip to Siloam Springs to attend the livestock judging contest. Don Hall attended the Achievement Ban- quet in Little Rock in November and received twenty dollars for the lo- cal chapter with won the Northwest Arkansas District Parliamentary Con test. In larch the boys attended the district and federation contests held at Russslville. Here they participated in the livestock ,judging contest and in the shop and farm crops contest. Hog raising was the project of the spring semester. f 6 Y' R- f-X A 3 .485 I I Q 13' ,mx Y ,,. ggxig ,Q ,W xg! NNN x D J ai? FIRST ROV Bethel Ward, Joan Melton, Eleanor Schnieder, Edna Fredenck, Marilyn Myers, Lucille Jones, Betty Ann Kehn SECOND ROW Elizabeth Bolea Betty Jo Crudup, Aldah Sue Harris, Pat Williams, Pat Porter, Jean Wllson, Wanda Fay Evans, Pat Danner, Pat Grigsby THIRD OW Irene Evans, Sula Jo Morrow, Anna Fay Webb, Frances Lew1s, Wllma Hodges, Ilene Carson, Jo Anne Tuck, Doris Mitchell, Pat Harris FOURTH ROW Edwardine Boyd, Ida Fay Long, Betty Sellers, Frances King, Haroldine Eisen traut, Margaret Traphagen, Susie Rach, B1ll1e Jo Wilson, Marjorie Bassett, Betty Frank FIFTH ROW uanita Easterly, Ruth Fairless, Doris Wright, Geneva Baker, Billie Jo Wyatt, Donna Harris, Darlene Rise, Jo Slmmons SIXTH HOW Mary Ida Cox, Pattl Lollar, Jackye Jones, Deane Baugus, Dorothy Moel ler, Jane Robinson, Maxine Hulse, Marlene Ball SEVENTH ROW Joanne Poore, Sue Guinn, Retha Cor- nett, Allyne Cowan, Blllye Frank Wilhelm, Irene Weber, Blllie Seamster EIGHTH ROW Marjorie Hank mond, Lorene Reinold, Frances Ba1ley, Mary Martha D1ggs, Charlotte Blood, Mary Lee Klng, Gula May Claterbaugh NINTH DW Marcia Campbell, Elsie Aldrlch, Singa Sellers, Helen Lower, Joyce Donald son, Lou Wilson, Dorothy Teas, Virginia Heerwagen, Mardella Lallman, Georgia Dockery, Ann Wiggans, Peggy C1185 -4 fe Q F.. g A Q99 6 1 'C ma' L "5 A ,Lili M F H A activities began with the formalinstallatlon of officers and the initiation of the new members at the first of the sc ool year The F H A colors, red and white, were used as the color scheme for the majority of the club activities During the first semester, a district meeting was held at the University High Home Economics Department where the Federation officers were elected Mary Ida Cox was elected reporter for the Federation A Christmas party was held in the Activity Room, where the girlssang carols, and decorated the Christmas tree In Nove ber a Hobo Day was held The girls did odd jobs for people in town and each earned a dollar Several F H A girls attended the state meeting, which was held at Little Rock on March 3 In April a Mother Daughter Banquet was held The F H A has one hundred per cent membership from the Home Economics classes f ffg-me 152219552 '61 4 It 1 lr ly L ' C . l 1 ' ' iz ,QM . 5 - .6 at E X X ' - 'NA' x . V, J X A ,- ,X 3 t 'j if , - f W 2. ' . 1 ff I - 'ir 9 Y.- -.4-7- -3.7, , , l- l f, , Y S. V 5.4 J l A . : 75 5 A A 4 I I - -ff--we - A f, 'il lf I o 0 6 1 I 1' x f -I ' 2 A ' L ' " ' 1 'l r f ll1,4 wi nj'g!nj - 1, li .f..llQ5il?...Egt -x . ' K C 6 C U I --1 Qy sk n F I in '-' Q 9 dj xx A XNKZZ' 'lvvvlf 71111- 'F-can-uno g - FIRST ROW Jacob Sharp, Virginia Heerwagen, Nancy Allen, Claire Coleman, Mary Ann Ell1s, Deryl Powers SFCOND ROW Barbara Bennett Roselynn Baker, Jackle WHILE, llarllyn Brownfield, Joanne O'KelJy Betsy Berry THIRD Ron Dav1d Lashley, Donna Coleman, Lorna Stokenberry, Pat Paris, Norma Stubblefleld, Bill Danner FOURTH ROW H T Edwards, Marie Louise Rhea, Donald Collins, Jo Anne Tuck, Ernest Stanberry, J S Ba1rd ZQQLUB -ll 1 The 26 Club, an organlzatlon in 1ts second year inFayettev1l1e Hlgh School was formed by the Natlonal Honor Society for the purpose of a1d1ng the athletlc program :Ln every way poss"ble The club ha twenty six members from which comes its name Act1v1ties are many and varied Football season t1ckets, tickets for state play-off, and football programs at the regular games have been sold Line ups and spotters for all vinting teams were obtalned by the courtesy committee The club arranged for pep convocatlons, and trafflc members assisted the traffic squad in directlng traffic at football games At the homecoming game flowers were furn1shed for the football queen and her maids The queen's robe and the cover for her chalr were also provided Stuelds and ribbons were made for Color Day a comblned 26 Club and Natlonal Honor Soclety project, and plans for the special convocatlon and parade held then were made Dec orations and programs for the annual football and basketball banquets were furnished One of the basketball student managers and the operator ci' the basketball score board were members of the club Arrangements for hous1ng,transportation, and enter tainment of visitlng teams during the holiday basketballtournament were made by the club Aside from the1r regular dutles, members of the organlzatlon flnd t1me for re creation New members were entertained with a weiner roast at Hannon Playfield on October 10 Off1cers are Nancy Allen, president, Mary Ann Ellls, vice president and pub liclty manager, Clalre Coleman, historian, Deryl Powers, fmance manager, Jacob Sharp, traffic managerg and Virginia Heerwagen, courtesy manager The organizatmn is sponsored by lisa Ruth Boggs X ,..f"7'N'X K fs mx -e Q4 s' 'U' ' s aa pg- I S N . : ' H51 , V Hx A F - g xt.: . 1 IN ' 4. 1 a :F ' t X Q 'f - ' H ' i - If i' , I 0 P' ' ' L' ' in V ' A , it-1' --1 I' ' - . r X, ' fi, ' t N . V x I : ' will ,"'. g I J ' I I ' N ,' f 1 5 f X . 1 , x 1 li. i .q 1 ,: 1 - -14. . . Q 0 U D , . . ' X .1 I , ' 5 7 ' .. - iii nffrf'f'1Fe' rw an I' J . :::.. , . - fri! N.. ' A a 4 Q . 1 1 . 1 I ' - 1 ' I -, ' . X ' X . . X I , X' , . . , - r I3 . aa x B . ' " X O I . x . 4 .P . ' as is 3 Q A . 91, jg 'f.,.',,-. ,I .6 e' W We V, KL f ew? J Q-,PQQSTN Qjyilbiw-TKXZ LIBRARY Joan Mllls, Jo Ann Kelly, Betw Berry, Joan Greathouse SECOND RCW Martha Combs, largaret Brooks, Jean Milllgan, Margaret Tr phagen, Rlta Jean Lhller, B1lly Jo Matt THIHJ RUS Lorrmne Mason, largorie Ham- mond, Betty Hanna, Doris Ann Wrmght, Mary Louise Snapp, laxlne Hulse, Retha Cornet FURHTH WUI' Joycene McG0odw1n,Ruth Weber, Carolyn Rhodes, Betty Jo Melton, Lorna Stokenbury, Gretchen Stevenson FIFTH RCW Jane Pearson, Adelaide Garr1son, Smrley Sebourn, Billy Sue Dowell, Glenn Lehman SIXTH ROW Ann Colwell, Howell Lemlng, Lynn eir Jerry Pit- FCK FIRST ROI Beulah Faye Edwards, Betsy Berry,Gail Adkisson, Claire Cole- man, Barbara Ellis, Jane Robinson SECOND ROI llarilyn Brewster, B11 lye Frank Wilhelm, Elaine Cazpbell, James Stewart, James Holder, Mary Huntington THIRD ROW Lorna Stokenbury, Alan Brockway, Laura Barter, Harold Hodgson, Glenn Logan, Bill Danner FOUR'!H ROW Jacob Sharp, R T Edwards, Ann liggans, Deryl Powers, Nelda Ruth, Field Wasson, Tomy Lewis 'N -Xanax Q Maia H RQ I "F, ff ,f J X -K ef. f 4 ' O Z0 ' SH! x De N J x 'fc All J Qi ff la ff Hx, J m f or FIRST HOW: Pat Danner,xBarbara Bennett, Jackie Bynum, Jean Anne Stewart, 5 x Q 1 H x q 3 ' : - , Er . , TYPISTS 3 Kathryn Correll, Rita Jean Hiller, Cax-ohm Myers SEC- OND ROW: Dorothy Baggett, Anna Fay Ylebb, Lou Wilson, Pat Johnson, Marian Cooper SOPH MORE GUIDES FIRST ROW Mary Huntington, Field Wasson, Ann Barrett, David Lashley, Beulah Faye Edwards SECOND ROW James Stewart, Jim Holder, Donna Coleman, Pat Danner, Wilma Hodges 'IHIRD ROW Allan Bl'OCk'lQ', Gretchen Baerg, Laura mxter, Betty Jo llelton Billy JoGebrie1 FOURTH ROW Lorna Stokenbury, Cu1F.llis, Tomsy Levis, Glenn Logan TEACHERS A IDES !IRST ROW Aldsh Sue Harris Dale Cloodale, Janie Sulli- van, Gail Adlclsson, llary John Skillern SECOND RON: Ann Wiggans, Betty Jo lhl ton, Darlene Rise, Lorita Lashley THIRD ROW Laura. Baxter Maxine Hultz, Sings Sellers ojfgif' ' J FQ xx K"jg 1 N i,2"' W ?'f,, fy FIRS1' ROW: Lucille Combs 1 - - l 1? I X A xx J J I FIRST ROW Junee Stewa.rt.,J1:lq Holder, Harold Hodgson, Alan Brogk 'HJ' SECOND ROW Glenn Logan, Virgil Carson, Daryl Powers, J S Balrd IHIRD HOW John Kaiser, lax Phelan, Field Wueon FOURTH ROW Alfred llorrie FIRST ROW: Lester llcflhrietian, Jr., Doris llitchell, Pat Benner, Dorothy Tees, Elsie Aldridge. SECOND ROW: George Porter, J. S. Bird, Kenneth Hulse, George Sternes, Bill Danner. THIRD ROW: Jerry Pitser, J. D. Hell, Lynn Weir 1 I -X Q W' V I JU 0 f ,ff X N I . 5 I YW ,YJ sz 623' X K2 918 I fn, 9 fernlff' L --16 N if-f JQIIWQ .6 eng ' 'f sz "f, f E 4' 5 , 'Y Q . Xg E Ai E f I f 1 is U ' , ' stty 1, Q A i 31 x ,f l Barbara Ellis Joycene kG00dIl!'l Joyce Hunt Lorita Lashley J0'7lB11e Collins Terry McFarland FIRST ROW Pat. Danner, Frances King, Dale Goodale, Mary lax-'cha Diggs, Lonta Lashley, Joyce Hunt, Barbara Ellis, Haroldean Eisentraut, Betty Rankin, Pat Grigsby, Kathryn Gorrell, Allena Van Brunt SECOND ROW Anna Fay Webb, Adene Hinkle, Annie Laurie Pierec, Joyzelle Collins, Terry McFarland, Martha Morgan, mth 'mrne'y, Wanda ,Jean Rose, Joycene lkzcoodwin, Mary Lee K1ng, Maxine Hall, Hope xi v in 'AQQJ-ff g- f f" M 0 my 55,535 F3531 BOYS' CLEE CL UB FIRST ROW: Blchard Holt, Alan Brockway, Carlton lhoon, charles Hoody. SECOND ROW: Bobby Earl Stewart., Wendell McCracken, Jerry Cobb, Glenn Lehman, 8111 Ivey, Bill Brooks. THIRD ROW: Joe Smith, Nat O'Dey, Kenneth Hulse, Bobby Conine, Wade Winkle. 7 GJ ea " e ', ,X t I 0, ' e. - ' 4 W . Qv KA , 1 , 1 K X ff , 94 U3 V ' K lv V ' - ' 1 ff X 1 I L ' , 6 , c ar o , oe . J L Q! Q' r 1 P E 1 I , K 4 I n A x ui.. ,. Yi H . q sg k:"r ' 2 1 "' ,"" t 2 by un.. J Xrx-f Jgzg 'Uk lla 1 PN S STANDING W Wlllis, John Donelson, Charles Couch, Dale Canfleld LEFT 'IO RIGHT, BACK ROW Buddy Johnson, B111 McDan1els, Don Phllllps, Jimmy January, Don lntchell, Pat Steele, Charles McFarland, Mlldred Shaeixer, Dav1d George, Neil lcConnell,Bobby Comne, George Porter, Darwzm K1l gore, Dale Greenwood, John Gibson, Larry Smith, Joan Greathouse, Lynn Weir, Don Cecil, David Lash- ley, Bill Steele SECOND ROW Billy Wayne Batson, David Hyde, W1lbert Cobb, Terry Stewart, Jerry Cobb, Joan Poore, Robert lbnds, Harmon Walters, Philip Engler, John Ambrose, Bill Gentry, B111 Bartle, Betty Lou George, George Starnes, Paul Smith THIRD ROW Evelyn Morgan, Billy Napier, Harold Johnson, Lewis Johnson, Philip Colwell, Doris Hooker, Dwight Mix, Glen Lehman, Ernest Stan- berry ILAJORETTES Barbara McCain, Mary Anne Maddox, Allce Aumick, Joan Rouse BAND The band year started with an enrollment of fifty three members An all day fair trip was made by the band on September fifth This trip was followed up by appearances at the fair at the Fayetteville Fairgrounds September eleventh and twelith Then, on September twenty fourth the band gave a concert at Leverette School The band, directed by lr Willis, gave a formal concert convocation for F H S students on October seventeenth Three pep convocatlons were also pven by the band for the students Then on October twenty eighth, band students marched in the parade honoring Sherman Lollar, the baseball player Ths University of Arkansas' homecoming parade and game on November first were also participated in by the F. H. S. band. The third annual band banquet was held in the school cafeteria on January sixteenth, with seventy seven meubers and guests present. On January thirtieth and thlrty first the F.H S. band was represented at the Harrison Band Clinic. On February twentieth the band gave its annual winter admisson concert. The State Band Clinic was held at the University of Arkansas on February twenty sixth, twenty-seventh, and twenty eight. Several F. H. S. band members were present. The band played in the Honors Day convocation larch thirty first. Another convocation was held for the student body :Ln the spring. The band medaers participated in the Annual senior class day convocation in larch. The number of appearances for the band during the 19117-148 year, including football and basketball games totaled nearly fifty. The bsnd's project for the year was that of acquiring a bass horn and a tenor saxapbone. Nearly one hundred dollars' worth of music was also purchased. ,max 1 A I P f Aa, I fa r N x L '-'X Q . W B A . J N1 4 1 fm A' AAT' Ml ,IQ L ' 'E' I A I ' .Qi X -. X .lub L. , VV: i , as A ' 'fi X A-X It qt? 1 ' W 1 A ': W ,M I 1' H 'i '-' - 4 5' 1. N p ' . A .-- , '13 4' , V A -1 at s F 1 p p ' ' 'x 4 CN e : R. .' I . Q : K W A33-Q fa ffzap 459 6?I31w?Q:S,?f5Q'is JOURNALISM F5 FIRST ROW Pat Harris, Ellen Morrls, Ann Wiggans, Mary John Skil lern, Vlrginla Heerwagen, Nancy Allen, ne Lambert SECOND ROW Pat Paris, Janie Sullivan, Jane Robinson, Marilyn B ewster, Joanne O'Kelly, Mary Ann Ellis, Nell Casey, B 11 Brooks TIMES STAFF FIRST SEMESTER Edltors Pat Harris Nell Casey Nancy Allen ports Ed1tor Gene Lambert Art Editor. Ellen Morris S C Reporter Nancy Allen Feature Editors Ann Wiggans Mary John Sklllern Virglnia Heerwagen A Rewrtersoeeeoeooooeoupat Paris Bill Brooks Joanne 0'Kelly Janie Sullivan Mary Ann Ellis ' 4a"" AMETHYST STAFF Editor Joanne 0'Kelly Assistant Editors Janle Su111van Business Manager Sports Editor Art Editor Art Staff Mary Ann H1113 Deryl Powers Gene Lambert Ellen Morris Marilyn Brewster Joycene McGoodwin Marie Louise Rhea Barbara Ellis Bobby Harlan Betty Hanna Betty Epperly Jackye Jones Feature Editoreooeeeeeeooeeepat P8I'1S Class Editors..... Typing Staff.... Photographers... x .Mary John Sk1llern Ann Wlggans J. S. Baird Lorna Stokenbury Kathleen McConnell .Lou Wilson, Chairman Pat Johnson Virginia Heerwagen Carolyn Myers 0 0 0 o .Field Wasson Dale Canfield Harold Hodgson .Ayr TIMES STAFF SECOND SEMESTER Editor Pat Paris Assistant Ed tor Mary Ann Ellis Sports Editor Gene Lambert Feature Editors Joanne O'Kelly Ann Wiggans News Editors Mary John Sk1llern Virginia Heerwagen Sn Cu Bditoreo ..Janie S. C. Reporter......Nancy Allen Art mitOreeeeeuoaeE11en Morris Reporters.........Jane Robinson Marilyn Brownfield Marilyn Brewster Billye Frank Wilhelm sf! x Y , f, I 3 V' :Y -if 5 fax I' L Tbx ' x B sf A R B deaf If I . J ff! X I I N A 1 I I 7'l'g""-'Q' F f I 5 5 y A A Q5 N N E it k ' f x J , 'f f f I g A. I . ' QI J - 1 1 v N b , 2 -V: ' h Ge . I Q S ' IIIOOC ..::.. ix ocean . ' l . X . Q l5,d f J 1 f fv'R,5Q" as-4-Q 3 I X m 'A n -Q-1-1 PQ S4 K "fx ' X . A N FY N- f 3 f FIRST ROW Gene Lambert, Edwln Rise, David Lashley, Bobby Dale Fritts SECOND ROW Jimmy Holder, James Stewart, Harold Hodgson 'Bill Danner, David Hyde THIRD ROW Alan Brockway, Deryl Powers, Jacob Sharp, T E Williams, Jr FOURTH ROW Larry Baggett, J S Baird, Jack Routh, Field Wasson, George B own FIFTH ROW R T Edwards, Tommy Chaffin, Cecil Parker, Carl Ellis KEY CLUB Establfshed th1s year in Fayetteville High School, the Key Club 18 made up of boys who rank hlgh 13 the1r classwork and who will probably become the buslness men of Fayetteville The group, organlzed by the Fayetteville Klwanis Club ln accord ance with Key Club International, is a service organization the purpose of which is to a1d high school boys in improvement of their school and community The Key Club of Fayettevllle High School adopted the constitutlon of Key Club International, and made its own by laws Its charter was presented at a charter night banquet given by the K1wanis Club at the Washington Hotel, November 25 lem- bers of the F H S chapter assisted in the larch of Dimes by putting posters and containers for coins 1n the business houses Delegates were sent to the Kansas-Missouri Arkansas convention of Key Club In ternational December 20, 19h7, and to the natlonel Key Club convention in Hhmphis Tennessee, April 23 and 214, 19148 Officers for the first semester were Bobby Fritts, president, Edwin Rise, treasurer, and David Lashley, recording secretary Officers for the second semester were Gene Lambert president, Deryl Powers, vice-president, and Harold Hodgson, secretary treasurer , livfvaii sa v HV IH IIHHH Ll ,, H free-ef..,-.-f f X N D I I K f z 3 9 N Q ' . . U , . ': . . . 1 5, w 1 - I . . ' . . - Q o . . Q . 4 . K , . - - U x, . . . ' y Q. J- : g, . ' 1 . ' 3 K I D , ' K1 kv 1 ef R I v 7 ', ,cl-ts, N " -4 - . f 1. 5 7. .. ". : if Q ab, ..' S is f' " v 1 - 0: E qt eff Jef we-,eff 02 X as N X. Qi:- 'R-J U 12 f. ,-.n "VIN V, W' Gene Lambert Tuck, Pat Paris Hodgson, Jo Anne A new organization 1n made great achievements ln which points are given for F H S this year, te the field of dramatics Membership is regulated by a definite point system in acting, directing, or stage lmprovement work oclety is made up of students who have The F H S Chapter'a charter was received on January lb and the organ1zat1on has been active since that date Oflicers oi the soclety are Gene Lambert, president, Bobbv Stewart, vice president, Kathleen Kelleher, secretary, Mary Anne Maddox, treasurer Pat bteele, Carlton Mhoon, Richard Holt, Rise, I-IHbT Bobby Dale Fritts, Joe Robinson. SEXJOND ROW Frank Wages, Jerry Hall, Tryon Lewis, Bill Brooke, Don Logue, Jack Routh, Robert Elder- ton, Bobby Gibson. THIRD RDI: Net 0'Da1, Cecil Dean Parker, Cednc Pratt, Don Trumbo. FOURTH ROW. Bill Drake, Joe Smith, Jack Hough- land, David Lashley. Lettermen absent frol the picture are Gene Lambert, TOHIIIY I-edford, Jack Gaim, f .Jack Ray, B111 Bar'ble,Bobbv wages, Lester uecnriszian, Jr-, and DOME Collins' SX 4 xxiveio' ' ' XX f! is-sy N- N it if KJ ,-S va ,-g,x X U? V, -f' X X k J fr., gi'-L - 97, .ir " , GX U A I 'a' -V . LK' 1 I veg! BD ,X Q A W 1 f 2' 4'.' ' I i A xg K4 F f 3 ll a s 9 as -f g u J'S"T'Vil me X '+ F Qld 4 x f 4 f X ' ' 5 . . . , ' ' ' Hi 1 2 ' f -is W , , ,E 2 g 5 4 X Q ' A! 9 . L I Y 4A I Y: I . ' J K w I - I X Y ny gl N W fx . ' 12 "' K V - 3 'A 4 , X K ,ok gp --as -H Us ' iaiaazsmi --ffff . .. ":U'ff -- ' 1 z '?1 ? Af N' YP' 1 wN2ie'g'1Y3?5v1 H, . . y . ,V szgii ifz . '? has caught the 5' C' Blossom awards the Champions inro the air" 1-4 lvl: Who's the joke the on, Barbara? s so Marcia? beyond the camera range? Story book land becomes reality il LibP3PY C0HV0Cat10H 1DtPiC8t8 shop machinery An 6XC1t1Bg game of football played for Mr. Willis cracked a corny' --Interested fans And the band played on Qc fr-"A 0'iti5P' czizf saw ur. . , ref 'Q" aa.. -1- "' 1 , y . Q Q F 3 ,- x M Q EA , , . . . . . ', -.- . i L i M ' , k aff? " K . J I It . y K ll 'x Nr '!E, ' 'f 9 4, gl ' .1U O 2 I as Champions " The Fayettenlle Bulldogs, undefeated 1 conference play this season, were chalpmns of the Northwest Arkansas Conference and District No l Fayetteville started the season by whltewsshing Alla Zh to 0 The next game the Bulldogs got their high powered of tense rolling to roll over Siloam Springs 31 to 7 Then Har rison invaded the Bulldog'e gddiron and went home with a 31 to O licking Van Buren, an early season powerhouse, us only one more step in the Bulldog's way to the championship as they fell 12 to 0 under the purple and shite drive Fay ettevllle took Bentonville in stride hh to O and Springdale 33 to O Hapless Huntsville was nuled S8 to 6 with the re- serves playing most of the gale, mile Rogers collapsed be- fore the brswny Bulldogs Sl to 0 As champions of District No 1, Fayetteville met the Subiaco Trojans, District No h champs in the first round of the state playoffs at Fayetteville. The Bulldogs opened up the scoring ani led at the hal! 6 to O Then early in the second hal! Tryon Lewis broke through the line for a second touchdown to put the score 12 to 0 The last quarter was dominated by the Trojans. They scored once on a 23 y-ard end HID, and with only 15 seconds to go they recovered a Bulldog fuimle and coqzleted a wobbly pass for the second TD They kicked the winning ertra point after the game was over At the annual football banquet held Friday, Dec 12, in the schoolcafeteria Tryon Lewis and Richard Holt were elect- ed to succeed Gene Lambert and Joe Smith aa co-captains I the team Coach Presley Askew of Van Buren High School was the guest speaker Lettermen for 19147 were introduced by Coach Geiser They were: Ledford, Hougland, Smith, Drake, Frltts, H-outh, Guinn, Logue, 'I' Lewis, llhoon, Lambert, Lash ley, O Day, Rise, Adkisson, Conine, Elderton, Hall, Pratt, Hay, Wages, Brooks, Holt, Robinson, Steele, Trumbo, and B Lewis Eight of the Bulldog team received berths on the North- west Arkansas Conference Honor team Ledford, Drake, Smith, Fritta, Routh, Lewis, Logue, and Lambert were judged to be among the top players in this section Honore on all state teams were won by four Bulldogs Bill Drake, tackle, was named on the let team of the North- west Arkansas Times, 3rd team Arkansas Gazette and Honorable llention on the Arkansas Democrat all state teams Gene Lan- bert was named to the 2nd team on the Arkansas Oasette, hon- orable mentlon on the All-Southern team, and honorable men- tion on the Arkansas Democrat all state teams Tryon Lewis mde the lst team NorthwestArkanaas Times and honorable men- tion on the Arkansas Gazette and Democrat teams Don Logue received 2nd team honors Northwest Arkansas Tlaes,and honor able mention Arkansas Gazette and Democrat teams .Mr . 'P 'zwqiftwzlsxss '69 ,' ., u 7 Q W 1 ,,, Wh! wg!! 'VA 'N lg Wise-3 .J ., W sm .. ' D n , n Q O 0 ' ' e - I Zi -H. .Q -. I S -1 B I - P3 4 e -s 4 Q , 1 is W e w L 45. fl 4' P I ' 3 59' 'JJ -' ' ,X 'I' , F. ......-t l rf! A ,, "nfl 3 1 - A 4:17 .Iv ' '- ' .1 ' 5" X - V,-f n I ' vf,, T fs ,Q 1 . J -. : : Ci 1 The Fearsome Fivesome rush headlong toward the camera Beginning with the annual Homecoming party, the Home- oglng festivities took over Fayetteville High School for the week-end. The main event of the party was the grand march, led by the football co-captains and the homecoming queen There was a large victory bonfizewhere school yells were led by the cheerleadereg and a huge snake dance wound its way uptown afterward, blocking all the traffic on the square. Clinxing the ceremonies was the crowning of the queen before the gamhiday night A procession of football play ers and their :aids formed a sell-circle before the stands where the queen, mlen lorrls, was escorted forward by Co- captain Joe Smith and crowned by Co-captain Gene Lambert lith plenty of power originating from their 'T' forma before the largest crowd ever assed:- score Tryon Lewis drove ovrfrom the S yaxdllne to Van Buren attelpted to start a passing attack late second quarter but the stout Bulldog line nailed the for losses before he could get the ball off several The half ended 6 to O in favor of Fayetteville tally in the passer times The start of the second half was closely contested Van Buren started a drlve,b1!,it was stopped at midstrlpe by the hard-charging line Fayetteville received the ball on their 29 yard line on the kick, and on the second play Gene Lambert went through left tackle and cut back to outrun the Pointer team 'Il yards for the second score Fayetteville made another scoring bid in the last quarter when Drake re- covered a funble on Van Buren's 16, but a 15 yard penalty offset the advantage up ten first downs to three for Van tion, Fayetteville rolled over vaunted Van Buren, 12 to 0, plyeugvulg hd an the -7 in ngunic, chllkmg N quarter the Bulldogs unleashed a 72 yard sustained drive for the first X ,N 5 Gene crowns Ellen while Joe looks on with approval X to the Pointer's thirty nine -4 Queen Ellen looks pensive as she watches the game The Royalty proceeds toward the throne S 2 he 7 A L f of . 1 ig , ' X f s QE! - ' 1 , .3 I J , Q Q rr- W' 1 --fe-Q r - ' -.-4.4.1-e1,r-raw' r e g J YB f 0 0 I A f X c led at Ha:-mn Field. In the first Buren and tm hundredand aixuen yard' Q 5 - - 4 f ...im U ,- Q. 1 . X ,. Q ff- J-X 5 TN XX 'il f wx , AX. I I If JIU 1 ' :If k all 1 r f N Q Q - "i"eT" 2 Q ' , l x 'I Y-ul . C X . 6 J 132963 XQGX 31 6 I I I I x i29Q?xxx 9gfQ agp gi.-X 2532 QSZE WAQT mf. '4 hm, 'V' 2, A 'F".n4aw-fr-IFQQ C ASZSPUQF'-E? 'N' K -sl, Qt- N ...3- if-T' ff ww "' Q 'Lx Q.. -J'-ffl K5 zinf JMJM SCORE BOX FAYETTEVILLE OPPONENT ALNA SILOAN SPRINGS HARRISO VAN BURE BENQONVILLE SP INGDALE HUNTSVILLE ROGERS SUBlACO13 TOTAL STATISTICS FAYETTEVILLE OPPONENTS 1ST DONNS YDS RUSHING OTAL A DAGE AV YARDAGE PASSES ATT PASSES CONP PASS EFFICIENCY POINTS A PO S PENALTIES YDS PENALIZED 2505 3020 40 1 30 4 lgszfjg ,Q..,1AZw66 in A fffl?:3fZ2fS?f? ? K Q .. ..,. ., ,WA I , I I w 1 4 6 ' 1 I ... I N 'I X W A ' E A , A 0 .L U I - A A fix' -' ,fjg-rj-. ' ' I ,f , "'-21 "f"fhf'S , A .1 4 I " - . - xl. Y Mr 325: 3: 'A - "F, lv - , Q JI X -4.114 N Q Y?-f, " ' - , A Q '3-fa 'P,,,1g,3" 1 1, L v . 24 v . ' ,, E Y 175 'rig f'A,L:: nah in , 'ik-X -wwf VIC-ki' .-IL,-.f,:,'0.:' V4 ' 2-:f,.sA.g il, J z Q V1 E . ,f,,?-'qlhgw' 'ia -'fl I ri -f'!.,. - ' Y xL-i1ig."- , k 1 ' 227-5--.. .Hy X , if I f ' ' N. y 24 , Q 31 ' 12 I V is 51 3 I 12 .N f',4f-'?'f2 , . 94 43 f Q 15 ass -I ' 1' DS. ING 5 A , I I 3 aaa , . 335 93 Z . 37 92 , , 4 28 233 22 , V INT ,f 35 16 ' . 385 145 F I T I ?iijg?fZ ' I Kc A fi ,. -- Lg. .-.f I Tj 'I A ' -l"J.' 'Q N I . V J 'I , III' fy- I , " -1--4, Ljmgam x f , 1 ,gg g HHSKE TBHLL Winning two tournaments and taking second place in the Northwest Arkansas Conference highlighted a successful sea son for the 19217 MB Fayettevllle School Basketball team Dunng the regu lar season, the Bulldogs amassed a total record of twenty one wins and three loss Their only defeats were to Van Bur en,Tulsa Central, and Muskogee, who were beaten by the Bulldogs in earlier games In conference play, Fayetteville lost only to Van Buren, undefeated champions, by one point away from home Two Fayett eville starters were out with injuring at the time of the loss The annual Northwest Arkansas Holi day Tournament was held at Fayetteville December 26 and 27 The Bulldogs won easily in the finals over Van hxren after disposzng of Springdale and Huntenlle High FAYLTTENILLE CPPONh.NT TULSA CENTRAL SPRINGDALV' IVUVTSVILLE VAN BUREN wsxoci-:E an-sr PORK ALIA 'rU1.sA cmrm. wsxocm: VAN BUREN SILOAM BEPIDWILLE. rmnsmms Rooms rwrm WLST mix HUNTSIILLL BENTUINILLE muuuson mm' slum SPFLINGDALE nom' svlm 27 lx 1 311 19 20 4 331' I HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT ln earlier rounds The Purple and White also Cqaped the Annual Springdale Invlta tion Tournament byvlctorles over Gentry, West Fork, Huntsville, snd Bentonville in that order The district No 1 tour nament was held in Fayetteville, larch IA, 5, and 6 Fayetteville BfnlX't8d the seeson with six lettensen,Don Logue, Joe Smith, Gene Lambert, Edwin Rose, Tryon Lewis, end Neill llcConnel1, one lettermsn transfer, Don Trumbo, and four newcomers, Jsck Hoagland, Bill Drake, Carlton llhoon, end Jacob Sharp, on hand Logue, Smith, and Lambert were chosen co-captains for the 19347-118 season An average ofl13 3points per game to31.5for the opponents was the Bulldogs record O O 0 I O - he 145 - ' - . - M9 J 1 . - gg . .. 3 if I 0 - ' 3 - - gf, 32 . ' 2 "' ' so 35 4 A zu ez ' 31 39 . 33 A 4 . - 25 2h 1 ' 149 , uc 4 M5 ' uO 1 ' - g iz 18 I - 5 1 ' ' . 39 ' - A ff . O O O 0 O ' ' 23 as ' ' L19 no . 30 . ' u- , P? . ,l - SPRINGDALE 'rourmuzm' X rn: ' 'cn -' 'll I g I HL H ar - :IE if bf' J' -gm "9 ., js .5 A' at ' ff, ' f' a. A : R' 1 .. V 'sv N Q l ' 5 Y wiqsq 4 Gene and Baber jump for lt CONFERENCE GAIIES Tryon seans to be master of this situation X W . . W, , ,, . Y 1 EAM' 5 QPF WMS L.y Q X10 Q ..u.1J. Tag vpxfj J ' X J 'a 'v XXI , , , W f Q15 V 'V ,, AJ! J gf f L 1 ' 'Q 0 x 7 7 ' Q . K. X X , ,. .-f 11 W 'mn E cnumxus won ADHIRITCGII A-r 'ms sPruNou.u.r: murmmu' 'mom' f iw' - EJ :'55'.-LJ' 1-Q 'Mfr' ff' xl if 2- L i I x ,xl : I I gl 'N Q ' . 1 7,. I K .. S4 r'- X f f Cecji'-,D Za' HHarold's Harem H mlnus Harold 15 hard at work LJV qv -ILF '- sp fr '-T The lunchroon loo-cs fe 15119 for '45 ' Students d t h the PePP6V'S soa leu supper Ju t a tvplcal scene an eac ers retlrn to school after lunch r H lS out 1U frort --4 .x 1. Shop boys look on wonderlnply The Chrlstma Splrlt comes this machlne agel Nancv Sue looks doubtful, throuvh wlth flVlHF colors out Jan1e's lull of cheer Young newspaperwomen struggle The Student Counc1l does a good X Wlth a mlneograph paper' turn for the Goodfcllows. Q53 JV! xsh 4ZZ, ess- lff Ebgx lo CSP S235 39 Q C0 P3 Q, U -A 52,44 1 , X I X X I f C by I J- . Ll A 4 "lv I AA- ' . 1, h- Q f A .t 1 ' I-. ' . ' . nb 3 ' ' XQI- l. J gflg ll l i?5?miEiEEfqI' Q t ' K' - . , "VM fVia??fiH 'l H Aw of gag- " 1'-,L If E 1 5 - .' .1-F-f D 77, 1 ai- U gfrl. . " l - 5 ' I A 3 . L X , ' X . i 4 -, ' ' X A F V- -A! I I s " . ' x A l' ' L vm 'ii . s ' - ' P .. S. ' ' . . ' V98-, o J . ivbxi 1 . I l , , Z .L ' I U al, f l .gr 2' 'H ?7 lA , . S . . A I l . . . . R . . . . X . L w fi 1 X r ' - ' 3 'suv N o ll- f , 1 J f 'ZS ,iifb , T ,M Wfoei 13193 59 fs KF 12 - Niisiggtv j " X4-"f'?f QV i if my w N R 1 H , l f 23 5 r Q, ,XL 3? J PEPPER FIRST ROW Sylvia Fitzgerald, Barbara Bennett, Jackie Wnum, Rose lynn Baker, Billie Jo Wyatt, Patsy Thompson SECOND ROW Charlotte Blood, Doris Mitchell, Barbara Ellis, Billie Jo Gabriel, Marilyr Brewster, Kathleen McConnell THIRD RON Mary Sandlin, Anne Barrett Darlene Rise, Lois Swihart, Terry McFarland FOURTH ROW Sula Jo Morrow, Corinne Stephens, Margaret Kitchell, Doris Kinzer, Marjorie Hammond, Linda Moore, Laura Baxter J DWP o J nr' ,V A .H s ', l A 5 'N lx -.', ' ' :ff "A ' I V 4 x , ,-W .infill 5 . 'H T I A A ' W I rf 1 'A A T 'W 1- . ' N ITT Q . 1 I-Q 5 TTU ml-TER Q Nw, LEADERS Harold Hodgson iw Nancy Allen rm-nyn Brownfield K K'W'n'fLz1P'Sf: H In lm-y Jenn sxinem M 3' 5 3 Cos? XE me X ef L ,-VV ,Q 01 X .tily C4 Z 'XA ?'f' 0 X 'Af Arn' Z fir' jr wipe ' , , -:"' LEN AR W1th four hun- Featured at the PTA's bubble gum party g1ven dred mnety 111 ne October ll, were contests for blowing the lar students xloclung into the building, Fayettevllle High School began its forty first year, September 1 One- hundred f o r t y eight freshmen at tended an orienta tion program held in Root auditorium where the intncate wheels and cogs whlch maxe the school run smoothly were explained to them il-If-6-I Installation of the new Student Counc1l men- bers preceded the council meeting September 9 President Bobby Fritts inducted the represents tives as they promised to do their 'best at all times to make this a better school " lil! Season tickets for the Bulldog football sea son were Sold in a city wide campaign conducted by the 26 Club iron September 9 through 19 The sales amounted to more than 82000 dsl-li Officers of the Future Homemakers of Amerlca were installed in a candlel1ght ceremony Septem- ber 29 New members were initiated, as Irs Gray proudly boasted 1005 membersh1p for the l9b7 L8 year lifl Eight senlors were lnitiated by the Natio- nal Honor Society, October 1, in a candlelight ceremony led by the officers of the group JHHQ-I' Before the football game with the Harrison gest bubble with bubble gum, lor girls putting rouge, 11pst1ck, and an apron on a boy fastest, and a potato race 4954 Entertalnmsnt at the nomecomlng school party took the iorm of a play, 'V1CtOIy'S PPIZGW, pre sented by the dramatlcs class The traditlonal grand march to the bonlire was led by Queen El len Morris and co captaln Joe Smlth, and, after the pep rally the students joined in a snake dance to the square ness Defeating Van Buren's Po1nters 12 to O, Octo ber 17, the Bulldogs marked up another victori ous homecomlng game Precedlng the tussle Joe Smith escorted Ellen Morris to the 50 yard l1ns where sne was crowned queen by Gene Lambert and given a bouquet by the Van Buren captaln I A GQ5 7 44 ggi 2 g 4,00 is 'I-I-li' Aldah Sue Har- naharold Hodgson, and Kaye Thompson were dected cheer leaders October 2, by popular vote Seven candldates tr1ed out 1D con- vocatlon to fill ffmxg I needed to complete the squad as-am-as-4+ Jack Routh was chosen to head the 19148 senior class in an electlon held October 22 Other ofncers elected were ann Wiggans, vice-presi dent, lary Sa.ndl1n, secretary, and Edwln Rise, Goblins, FHS students 11.1 turned out for a pep rally on the square as a part of the first an- nual Color Day, October 3 Followmg a pep con vocation :Ln the auditorium, a parade chmaxed the COPBEIU su-nr To raise money for its yearly projects, the PTA conducted a grease drive October 6 through lO,with the co-operation of the Student Council Room 11 won the contest by contributmg over 50 ff LUKE V444 re 52 7' masquerade f if ball was the theme Q, X12 of the second VTA party of the year, October 25 Cath er1ne Hankins, Sue Burdlne, and Betty Jlnske, dressed as the three muske is Q21 O Z FE 7 and their dates were entertained at a weiner roast given at Harmo n Field, October 10 Special guests in- cluded liss Boggs, sponsor 1 the group,llr and Irs Bell,Klss Bamberg and lr Willis pounds of grease HH lub member-s ',,,2l'u f 4, ,FEI-: ' lk I Ji: f urn' ' Illlfff ll fllel u ,Q I-ill Q! 1, 11001191 mafia uf Quan I J t 'Y I '9 'X f B K I I ' - 55: ., 1 , . ' . . . -I Z I -f- in f., -Qi , ' ' - , 5 " ,Q .l ix ' . - . J I V x I - TH Q?- A I X I e - N' I ' . 4 x -- G fdfltxyxf 4 A ll E R' - ' the three positions T - s as - 1 2 as eg L 1 V . K ,Y : Q 'ns ' . -D N tn ' . ? - A I ,E ' 26 c ' f , I ' ' ' ' 1 ' ,. 1 , Q ? Q 4- 642 , Z' 5 , r f Lui. as 14, T 34 mf' T 'iz' T . ll - l2-..- 'Im '1 . f O as . 'V ' ' 0 0 1 1 ' " -I Q e '.'-' -Tfq ' 0 Y' 1 I ,, 'I 'I' a 1 , ' e e -figs 'vital' 1" ' '. 3 x. 'su' l" ' . . teers,rece1vei first pr1ze for thelr cos W 07Wlf' tu me 5 en-ll Dads were guests at a turkey dinner meeting of the PTA, November 19 Entertainment was fur- nished by the National Thespian Society an Luck ran out in the last 15 seconds of a strategic football game at Harmon Field November 22 The Subiaco Trojans pushed over a touchdown and kicked the extra point to win the state play off game 13 to 12 I-I-I-l X lumwl Ev NTS Mary John Sklllern, Deryl Powers, and Marie Louise Rhea represented the FHS Student Councll at the annual conventlon of the Southern Asso ciatlon of Student Government, held lh Corpus Chrlsti, Texas, November 12 to lL saws Most students oi FHS were llned up to have thelr f 7, 57 1 3 ff! Occupylng their tlme with huntlng Easter eggs and other Slmllar pur su1ts,FHS students vacated the school bu1ld1ng larch 26 through 29 tor the annual Easter va ,Wie E 'M' it J'3u wr L14 gfxbxh I I 7774? f Boys lh met at the December 6 barn, with iii I 4441 Ubeauty struck' elther on December 5 or 17 Group pictures lor the en on those dates, with Green Studio 1n charge of the work jeans and girls in g1ngham dresses square dance party given by the PTA, The gym was decorated to resemble a saddles, hav, and saw horses trav to Cleve- -x-an-1 The annual football banquet was an event oi December 12 in the h1gh school caieteria Let- termen were 1ntroduced,and Tryon Lewis and Rach- ard Holt were elected co-captalns for the 19h8 season were Chr1stmas holi days began lor FHS on December 214 and lasted through Ja nuary lx Activi ties ranged irom FS W' .1-. f AWA? dine land or Dallas, to staylng home and restlng to get 1n condition lor se r mf? me "4-'55, an T'-7"a'f"'-"'-1'-7,5-5, cation Returnlng, eager and refresh ed, they were all glad to be back after being away from their 'Q 1 'IPI-H'-l' The deserving were rewarded for their efforts at the fifth annual Honors Day hehd larch 31 in convocat1on lr V T Blossom presented the awards, assisted by Mrs G C H115 1-can-r Every Family Has One , the senior play for 19148 was presented on Apr1l 9 under the direc t10D of Miss Velma Hall vars Under the sponsorshlp of Mrs Ava Gray, the home economics department gave a banquet honor- lng mothers on April lb This mother-daughter banquet is held yearly by the Future Homemakers of America 4-u-n-4 To raise money for the yearbook was the pur- pose of the minetrel show given by the music classes under the d1rect1on of Irs Barnes I-Iii New members and old had an hllarious time at the yearly P1CD1C of the Natlonal Honor Society The plcnic is the only social event of the orga nization 1144 Juniors and seniors were entertained at their annual banquet and dance held Thursday, lay 13, ester exams sans Tables were turned when band members, instead of entertalnlng others, enjoyed an evening of entertalnment themselves The annual band ban- quet neld on January lo, was iollowed by a dance in Root Auditorium aaa: HCals, grab you a man and comeln, read e poster advertlslng the Leap Year party sponsored by the PTA, January 17 Miss Hamberg warned agalnst t1ghts or hair pulllngs, but the evenang pas ed without any such rlhaldries 444+ Something new 1n the convocation line was presented by the National Honor Society January 28. A repnca of the 'Truth or Consequences" program brought much fun and laughterto students watch1ng everythlng from Shaksperian recitations to ridiculous pantomdmes. fuss and at their plcnic on lay lb Nervous senlors 18, when they took that day the s1xty I or will I not be next year?' 'O new worried through Tuesday, lay their final examinations four-ddDlr question was, 'lHl here for the senior activities wa On lay 16 the baccalaureate eer- mon for the 19148 graduating class was delivered in Root Auditorium Class Day followed on la 193 and the senior activities were climaxed with collencelent held 15 'M I H uf: on Friday, lay 21. an 1 5, 5 I Q .""5A-475V H 1 5 U D u xX5k' 6 Q . 1 X 'A X T' ff 0 X -' . I 1" Gi' I I D V A L 3 . 5 fi' , , ' '-f- ',' f'k .L 2 ' K If r . X , 4, 47 ' fav, , f n . ' 522W f 4 g, Z ' ' 1 I 1 Q? A, 1 P- V . - 'NV - .9 2,5 'I m . .EET S . . ' J J x X X 'Q' 'Sf : 3F:.,0 w 152352 ' 5 -B L f,vh -a - - 1, '- . as e -fs 2 N ' , kia ' 0 " WMM I 111 yearbook were tak- later for the four-day period. 'J . I -..' -J ' 11 5 4 n n ' 1 "' , A ' - e e e - ' - -.0 J'-. I ' . 'Za J1'na:i I is I . . . K I t , ' , n . ' ' Q - ,. , , :aj ' 1 . , 4 2, ,H ,1 g . Q , K ' - Q?ijiaa2Zzm: ' 4252? . af:-an--, 1-,f,,,,'l'jij,0,-L' 0 Q V I, . . . on ' o e w th v . . A . ie-5 1: h H ' ' 1 u?z 'Z'-if 1 s ' , '.l, P 53 I X . N . t ZZJM1 x N X , Y BILL IN A 'AIT IA? P05 'HARD AT ml' KAR! DH! SPINS YLRIS OF WRPU5 CHRIST1 TU luflfi C 3:15 OLD COQAYFAIYB EMILXNCLY SHAX! KAND5 WITH NEI IIIKRE-ITED SFEIZTHURS IATCH 'DLE KD SCIEITXSTS AT WRX w HLLY WADE LOOKS IPPREIDSIVB-lfEID,CAIX-Ol 'HE FIHSI DAY UP SCIDGL DMIAYICS CLASB ITXJS i.Lbu.Y FIJEU RATI5 TH: ACTIVITY EDCI ILWNIL 'NIS HBE 'ITN 'HAT SH'E'S HFADUD, OR MAYBE THAT SIILI IAS IIAIYI' FUR THE YEARHJOK PHYSICS QIASS, IIZUD l'E'Rb DDT WITH SJR! IHAT. 'xg H2881 DALE AID 'FRIEND' EXEHJTS A SKLLLFUL HADSTAIDL JIHYS.E"l1.YRlIJAE3STHiCAlmA. 3. .uss ons!! cussnfms me mv mmmns 1 Q fwfwmfffbvfzfx L QR' - -'fYQJi'fW it zfw - Sn- -., .If 4' I -L, 'VF VPPE19 IN TUEVR N"l NIFORIQ STHIK' E 'UD5 llA.'4lDDLSl CUTRIC FRATI, JILXOR ICCNILSTXII I' Y 7 U , - - fd li E , .w-ff , ,, fr, , X ' , -,V I ji, f ,V Y- N 1 p 4 . f :1 5-,,, v K ffm, N , G MX xx ., ,X V Al if r . C ' f ,ap -.4 ' Ag' - Q f' ' u M , T X . - A Q1 X 1, - R L xx X . K - , . f ' 4 Q tk Ka 3 'L . - . N - , - -5' X' 5. 'r ' ' 3 'lf A POSE FOR we FJRBOCL Ppginm Km DALE A' mlm :mam gmt nu. nwrx Goan' "Fam: BOBPY mmm X R ' T v ' F ' ' A N I 'V ' -an J A LL!! . QI 1:13 E 4 . Mi I A XL 7 ' Q Y ' , . . ' ,' a , 5 P., ' A - . 'Q , if A F nl, . ' 7 I. , C", . J ... .., F T. f3IPf 1 , ' ' - '4' . :mm Q- . 1111- :H 7 , A - . , ' '1"JI'f C . . "I 'T " L A :Hi "T I"U ' F PAT S' I ' 1 . . ff A X 1 44 - Q '15 5 xXx N I PIDLZJLY A5 Th!! RIIWVL 'KEIH Ll! .ILJB CHAEFH L EN U 5 1" SIL. 'WIS 'RIANUFJVYF i'9l'3" TOSF RASS ITS DIZDN Il THE IIDST OF THE Pl'K"KIGRA.PHDi CAUGG' PA IN THE SCIIIKAT DSAL RUSH PCR ORAL H11 HATE. ALL 'W' U45 N N' QOCL1 HDCB5 OF EATING A IARSHIALLW THE THREE lUSKETKER.'irC0lE T0 LIFE AT THB IAWYUIADE PART! K1'hiACHABlIlDSlI1.B05lESlE'SB!1.LBAR'H,E OFF HISPBTATHBDHIDDW PART! fy-1 vnu rg 5- 1-I A v55pvL gqgu, CLAIr.E Ahu BILL VH! SCWDARS FRU! WRPUS CTRISTI. W GRI ll!! 911.5 BAPP11! UE PM LXJBOIATIOI f0R1'IlllU'D'If0'll-LIDKPIDI, fHAf'S YLIIH RISK HIGH JUIPIHI 42 1 Sherw1n's mother, Mrs Parker, has REQ? ,lf5seED?QzC NGK FAST HEVERV FAMILY HAS GNL Penelope Reardon Laura Reardon Mrs James Parker ESS16 Nana Reardon Joyzelle Colllna Joanne C'Kelly Pat Par1s Betty Epperly Virginia Heerwagen Peginald Reardon Bill Bartle up Janle Sullivan Harold Hodgson Bobby Earl Stewart Don Mitchell ry John Sklllern Gene Lambert Larcla Reardon Warry Reardon James Parker Sherwln Parker L11 Reardon Todd Galloway SEMGR LA YW Fvery famlly has one, but not all of them cause as much trouble as the Reardon fam1ly's d1d 1n the l9h8 senlor play, WEvery Famlly Has ywgone H Of course the thlng every famlly has and doesn't want 15 a skeleton 1n the closet As the play opens,the whole Reardon house hold 15 1n an uproa maklng preparatlons for the older daughter, Marc1a's, marrlage to the soc1 ble 1S that the brlde 1sn't blushlng In fact he 1sn't even happy But only Nana, her shrewd grandmother, who calls Sherwln Ha son of a Ply mouth Rockn 1S aware of th1s fact been spendlng two weeks w1th the Reardons whlle w1n and h1s fatherwere away on a buslness Durlng th1s tlme her Drentent1ous dlY9S made her vex unpopula , espec1ally wlth who has brlbed eleven year oliPenelope to on the plano when Mrs Parker 1S restlng, Sher frlp nave Nana, pound whlch 1S most of the t1me Another of Nana's confed erates 15 Vssle, who lS the dunbbut klnd heart ed servant In dlrect ODPOSlt1OU to Hana lS Mrs Rea.don, Laura, who 1S determlned that no thlng shall prevent arc1a's mak1ng tnls brll 11ant match Soon after Sherw1n's and Mr Parker's re urn to town, Cousln L1ly Reardon also arrives 'rom the old home town for the weddlnv Actu ally L1ly 1S elphteen, pretty, very up to date, and respectable However Nana, whom seventeen fear old Warry accuses of belng Fate ltself, brlbes Llly to pretend to be the typlcal daugh ter of the famlly black sheep, another Cousln Llly Even though the Parkers are thoroughly dlsmayed at Llly, and Laura 15 terr1bly embar rassed, larry 15 favorably 1mpressed,as he says both ne and L1ly are Nchlldren of sorrow The Parkers had been very much 1n favor of the weddlng especlally slnce lt would mean thatp Mr Parker could ,ut over an lmportant deal w1th Mr Reardon But when Llly beglns telllng all the famlly secrets no t of whlch are f1ct1onal, B the Parkers declde that the Reardons aren't arlstocratlc enough and call off the weddlng Thls 1S greeted wlth cheers from everyone ln cludlnp Marcla who has ln the meantlme found N Galloway Even Laura has by th1s tlme become dlsgusted w1th the Parkers' ancestors and 15 W1lllnP for Marcla to marry Todd So the Reardons begln making weddlng plans all ov r agaln, but thls tlme for Marcia and Todd As the play ends, a telegram arrives from Cousln T1ly,the real famlly skeleton saylng she w11l arr1ve 1n town shortly Laura falnts as the curtaln falls The date of the performance of the senlor play was Aprxl nlnth LN gulf QS2QGpv?55'1E5'fb 'NVJE9 L Egg!- A -NJ . 2 'B K F ,aj "' 5 L5!Zi Q ' 'Y'S l g 4 ' 0 e L' N l?F' 4 P Q f 0 Q Wu . A A: 'V . , A 'W o ,J ,' A - - - - - - v , gm . Z- -:::::::"- K ' 'ur --------- y as ....... - 7, . - - - - - - - v - , 4 - . 1, - - - - - - - Ma . 1 ,--I W' f X F . 0 ' . i . ' ' . ' S . . . , -V . . , . , 3' E4 ally prominent Sherwin Parker. The only trou- that 5119 is in love with an 0?d flame, Todd N - . 1 . c . 4 ' rr KE - i . ' . - e ' ' ' Q 9 L . . r X 7 . ' . D . h I . . 3 5 1 1 ' . ' ' 'Pa . . ' . 1 . - 5 KLA 1+ -.-sw I- E ,nl . . 5, .lf ' 7,4 df . . .H Nm A - ' 1 P B i fr 1 Q 6 9 X r-1 0 7-Q 0 s 2 1 ' .1 J ' J - C - 4.153

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