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DEDICAT ION The Senior Class of '49 dedicate this Annual to Grant Davis. His consistency in work, friendly and respectful attitude have contributed to our admiration for him during his twelve years of service to Fayette Consolidated School. 1 XT fT L' FAYETTE HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MR. MELVIN E. COLBERT, SUPERINTENDENT MR. HERBERT J. HAAS, PRINCIPAL STANDING: Mr. Haas. Principal, History, World Geography, Psychologyg Mr. Black, Coach, Agriculture. Shop. SEATED: Miss Hahn, Maihematics and Physics, Miss Pierce, Commercial: Mr. Colbert, Superintendent Government, and Sociology, Mrs. Ransom, Vocal and Instrumental Music: Miss Krmpotich. Literature, English, Dramatics: Mrs. Reuber, Science, Home Economics. 3 ANNUAL STAFF . STANDING George Durey, class editor: Richard Patmison, business manager: Lillian Byerly, Junior representativeg Lois Jean Langerman, typistg Waldo Walker. assistant editor. SEAFED Patricia Clark, editor-in-chief: Miss Pierce, sponsor: Norma Davis. music editorg Vera Stepp, feature editor: Frances Wegner. society editor: V. Joan Toutsch, typist. NOT lN PICTURE: James Bachman. sports editorg Rosella Wood. drama editor. ANNUAL STAFF An industrious. energetic but slap happy annual staff was elected on December Z, began work February 25th and wrap- ped its masterpiece February 26th. Bragging or complain- ing? ? ? 'P Unusual isn't it? Our efforts were stimulated by the unheated commercial room and the repulsive odor of the rubber cement which completely nauseated us. Through thick and thin, rain T and hail, sleet and storm, fog and wind, we left our warm hearths and trudged, fVera rode, to the annual staff meet- ings, gossiped, argued for two hours, and the adjourned to the nook for hot coffee. Seriously though wvery one worked hard ----- at ,the last minute. The Student Council is proud of its achievement in handling the various activities. Mr. Haas has done an excel- lent job as our advisor by introducing new issues. Two of the most beneficial were the revision of the dance and party rules and the introduc- tion of an awards committee. STUDENT COUNClL STANLHNLJ. Mr. Haas, Sponsor: Richard Pattison. John Corkery James Pattison Harry Lamphier, Jean Kanady, Vera Stepp, Patsy Shaffer Beterly Thomas. SEATED: Waldo Walker. President: Reita Mae Sandhagen, Vice President Joan Toutsch, Secretary-Treasurerg lna Larson, Lois VK eyant Miss Krmpotich. Sponsor. 4 lf b 'ff afar ve .,,., , . 3 ' ,U , .. Y , JZ- f-My .- JS lg, nv., VERA A. STEPP President. 4: Basketball l-Z-51 Softball l-Z, Band l-Z-5-45 Glee Club l-Z-5-45 One Act Play 5: Mixed Chorus l-Z-5-43 Trio 5g Sextette 5-45 Madrigal 41 Dc-clam Z-53 Clarinel Quartettv 5-45 Annual Staff: Cardinal Capers 5-41 Student Council -l CLIFFORD MOSER Treasurer l-45 President Z., Baseball l-Z- 5--lg Football Z- 5-4 Baaketball Z- 5-4g Mixed Chorus Annual Stall' RICHARD PATTISON Serrelary Zg Vire-President 42 Babeball 5-4: Basketball Z-5--lg Football Z-5-41 Band l-L-5-4: Brass Quartette l-Z-5-4, One Ael Play Z-42 Quartette 41 Mixed Chorus l-Z-5-4. Madrigal L-45 Student Counrul 4g Annual Staff 4: Trombone Solo 5-45 Vocal Solo 5-4 LOIS .I EAN LANGERMAN President lg Secretary 4. Softball l, Ba:-.ketball 1: Piano Solo 4: Om- Art Play Zi Cheerleading Z-53 Annual Staff 4: Cardinal Capers -l PATRICIA J. CLARK Basketball 1: Glee Club l-1-5-43 Mixed Chorus Z-5-43 Band l-Z-5--lp Solo l-Z-5--li Sextette l-5-41 Trio 5, Cardinal Capers 5-4, Annual Staff 4: Madrigal Z-4g Class Play 5-43 One Ad Play 5--lg Declam l-A JAMES BACHMAN Treasurer lg Vice-Pre:-.idx-nl 55 Bas.-hall 1-Z-5-4, Football A-5-4, Basketball Z- 5-42 Mix:-d Chorus L- 5-43 Student Council 5, Annual Stall 6 l 4 JANICE ERION Glee Club 1-Z-3-4: Mixed Chorus Z- 3-4: Sextette 3: Madrigal Z-4: Band l-Z-3-4: Clarinet Quartette 13 One Act Play 3: Class Play 3: Office 4 ROBERT HALL Wadena l-Z-S ROGER LUND Port Byron, Illinois l-Zg Baseball 3-4g Football 4: Basketball 4 ARDELLA FISH BEULAH GREEN Softball l-Z5 Basketball lg Glee Club 4: One Act Play 31 Cardinal Capers 4 C. RAYMOND MITTLESTADT Football Z- 3-43 Class Play 4: One Act Play Z-4 7 'iff " A: .g fe ' ' " h' DONALD BLAKER Basketball Z-3-4: Madrigal Z-4: Class Play 3: One Act Play Z-4 ELEANOR COUSINS Glee Club 3 NORMA JEAN DAVIS Brass Quartette Z-3-45 Glee Club 1-Z-3-4: Sextette Z-3-45 Band 1-2-3-4: Mixed Chorus l-Z- 3-4: Madrigal Z WILLlAM BRIGHT Iowa Falls l-lg Football GEORGE DUREY Baseball 3-43 Basketball 4: Mixed Chorus 1-Z-3-4: Declam 3: Nladrigal Z: One Act Play 1: 4: Annual Staff VELMA DICKINSON Glee Club 3 8 Quartette 3-4g Mixed Chorus Z-3-4g 1- Basketball 33 Baseball 3-4 JAMES PATTISON Lamont l-Z3 Baseball 3-4: Football 4: Basketball 4: Student Council 4: INA M. LARSON Basketball l-Z9 Softball l-Z5 Glee Club 3: Mixed Chorus ig One Act Play Z: Student Counc MARIE OLSEN Basketball lp Glee Club 1-Z-3-43 Mixed Chorus 1-Z-3-4: Band l-Z, Piano Solo 3-4: One Act Play Z3 Class Play 3: Declam 1-43 Office 4 LLOYD BERNARD PATTISON Lamont 1-Z: Baseball 3-49 Basketball 4 i 'S ol GEORGE SANK EY LORRAINE SANDERSON Basketball l-Z-3, Softball l-Z, Band 33 Glee Club 52 Mxxed Chorus 3. Class Play 5 .av -J I nf. f f, f V. JOAN TOUTSCH Secretary 3: Principals' Secretary 3-4: Band I-4: Mixed Chorus 3-45 Glee Club Z-4: Class Play 3: Declam l-Z3 Student Council 3-4: Annual Staff Brass Quartette 1-Z-3-4: Trumpet WALDO WALKER President 3: Football Z-3-4: Class Play 33 One Act Play l-Z-3-4: Basketball Z-3-4: Baseball Z-3-4: Band 1-Z-3-4: Madrigal Z-4: Mixed Chorus l-Z-3-4: Quartette 1-Z-3-4: Solo l-25 Vocal Solo l-Z-3-45 Annual Staff 43 Student Council 3-4 FRANCES WEGNER Treasurer 3: Basketball 1-2-3g Softball I-lg Glee Club 33 Office 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Annual Staffg Student Council 3 ROS ELLA WOOD Vice-President li Basketball I-Z Cheerleading Z-35 Softball lp Glee Club l-3-4: Mixed Chorus Z-5-43 Band l-Z-3-4: Clarinet Quartclte 1-Z-3: Clarinet Solo l-Z-33 Class Play 5: One Act Play 3-4: Declam l-Z-3-4: Annual Staff Cardinal Capers 4 CLASS COLORS OLD ROSE AND GRAY CLASS FLOWER WHITE ROSE CLASS MOTTO-IN OURSELVES OUR FUTURE LIES 10 SENIOR WILL We, the illustrious, diligent, conscientious, intelligent, Seniors of '49 bequeath our many talents and unlimited capacity of knowledge as follows: To the mediocre Juniors, we leave our good luck, it made us what we are today and it should satisfy them. We also bequeath our well-known nerve which helped us acquire our brilliant record and our unusual achievements which will live after us. To our good friends the Sophomore Class we leave our patience. It will be found useful as the only means by which they can endure the Juniors. To the young and unsophisticated Freshmen we leave our little book, "How to tell the teacher," a pamphlet compiled by us after four years of arduous study. To the Freshmen to be, we bequeath our valuable sense of humor, without which we should have found school life painful indeed: we also give, reluctantly but of necessity our mantle of dignity, we realize they can never fill it out, but, since it is expected of them our advice is "Grin and Wear it." To our teachers, the faculty of Fayette High School we hereby give, free from all inheritance, luxury, and income tax our entire store of knowledge. From them it came and to them it should be returned. We lack space for details but shall simply state that our arguments against final exams, as well as those for bigger and better holidays, shorter and funnier lectures, not to mention our shortened list of require- ments for graduation, are of vital importance and should be familiar to every earnest student of education. I, James Bachman, will my ability to stay home at night, to Charles Yearous who can't seem to follow this Senior's example. I, Donald Blaker, will my witticism which is comparable to Bob Hopes' to that schlameel, Dick Pederson. I, 'Fill-B1'i'Eli?Tv7ill my unique sparkling grin, which gives new life, to all F.H.S. students and especially to LeEE:'.YxEBn. I, Pat Clark, will my gift of gab to Cora Lou Owens so she may become the prize extemporaneous orator. I, ousins, will my reposed attitude towards life to Windjammer, Ronald Burget, fneed we say m5'??T"'-"" I, Norma Davis, will my ability to be prompt on every occasion, every hour. on the hour, to Karen Heck, who just makes it--on the second. I, Velma Dickinson, will my sane, sensible ideas for Donna "Scatterbrain" Moellering. To the laziest member of the Senior Class to be, Bruce Bowersox, I, George Durey bequeath my ambition, which if combined witl. the laziness previously mentioned, it will result in normal activity. I, Janice Erion, will my ability to stay in school on Skip Day to "Dopey" Doughty who has Skip Day every day. I. Ardella Fish, will my liking for good, clean fun, to Shirley Durey, who doesn't go in for that sort of recreation. I, Beulah Green, will my experiences in Dubuque to the Iliff twins, there's plenty of men for both of them there. a I, Robert Hall, will my outside layer of excess fat to Don fGobblerl Franks. I, Lois Jean Langerman, will my smile to June Wardell so she can be a model for Colgate Toothpaste too. I, Ina Larson, leave my vim, vigor and vitality fand the secret bottle of vitamins, to the whole Junior Class, wlHai been struck by the atomic bomb yet. I, Ray Mittlestadt, will my cast-iron stomach to Sheila Sherman, who never consumes anything stronger thG7 . I, Clifford Moser, will my ability to go steady to Reita Mae Sandhagen whose fatal charm isn't as deadly as sh? thinks. I, Roger Lund, will my tall tales to Honest Abe Byerly. I, Marie Ulsen, will my back table conferences to Rita Lund, who if she follows my technique will have be l'uElcT-' I, Bernard Pattison, will my stubborn hair and a comb to Charlie fwell-groomed, Stearns. I, James Pattison will my lumbering gait to Frances Lockwood, that gal with the graceful walk. I, George Sankey, will my various assortment of equipment, two motor scooters, three cars, movie pro- jector, workshop, and my friendly attitude toward all, to Bonnie Lamphier. I, Lorraine Sanderson, will my ability to entrance the men to Beverly Thomas in hopes her luck will change in a'1'ET'-"" I, Vera Stepp, will my figure to Esther Morse in hopes she will proportion it correctly. I, Joan Toutsch, will my secretarial ability to Delores Bachman, who does her legislature work at night fbxg-rEv Bill.l l, Richard Pattison, will my melodious voice to Bobby Tann, aspiring young prima donna of F.H.S. I, ill my basketball ability to Galen Mack who will be an All-State prospect in 1953. I, F-?fxTc?e'sTQ'ner, will my coughs and sneezes to Jean Kanady, who hasn't been sprayed recently with DDT I, W'5-dT'will my first and last diamond to that fasinating Junior girl, Louise Franks. ll SENIOR PROPHECY The other day as I was sitting before the fire with my wife I glanced through a scrap book which contained news of the Class of Nineteen Forty-Nine at Fayette High School. Here are some of the items that met glance. Pineridge, Arkansas October 7, 1987 Waldo Walker, local farmer, was released today from the hospital where he has been recovering from injuries suffered when his still exploded. Garden City, Kansas August 3, 1967 A woman who identified herself as Norma Davis was picked up here as she was- hitch-hiking toward St. Joseph, Missouri. She was booked on an open charge. Houston, Texas July 6, 1984 Today another attempt at reaching past the stratosphere was made by Major William C. Bright when he launched his rocket ship "Karol the III" for Mars where it is rumored Margaret O'Brien, glamorous movie star, has been marooned New York City, New York April 3, 1973 Arriving on the Queen Mary II today is Madame Marie Olsen the chic French designer, bringing her stock of the latest spring designs from Paris. Dallas, Texas November 21, 1963 President Lorraine Sanderson of the Texas Oil Company reported production figures up over eighty-two per cent from last year. Reno, Nevada August 4, 1974 Ina Larson, the former Mrs. James M. Bachman, was granted a divorce here yesterday, Grounds were listed as gambling and unfaithfulness. She was Bachman's eighth wife. 4 Special Wire u Madison Square Garden, New York PAT CLARK WINS WOMANS HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP New York City, New York REAL-ESTATES TRANSFERS The Diamond Horseshoe Club to Beulah Green from Billy Rose. Chicago, Illinois October 8, 1984 Sale of a thousand head of registered Shorthorns was reported here this morning. Sellers were listed as Misses Rosella Wood and Janice Erion, spinster farmers. New York City, New York December 20, 1973 Joan Toutsch, star of the Broadway hit, "Come Home to Daddy," introduced the new hit song, "I Can't Wait to be Married" at the Show Boat Club here last night. San Francisco, California November 24, 1973 Dr. James B. Pattison, noted physicist, gave the first of a series of lectures on atomic power here last night. He has been employed by the government to do advanced research on atomic energy. H Washington D. C. December 8, 1984 L. Bernard Pattison, Ambassador to Russia, returned to the U. S. by plane last night from Moscow. lt is thought that he may become Secretary of State under the new administration. 12 Rochester, Minnesota January 4, 1987 Dr. V. A. Stepp was appointed today to the position of resident surgeon at the Mayo Clinic. Her predecessor was the late Dr. Post A. Mortum. Willow Run, Michigan December Z3, 1987 The President and owner of the Klunker-Eight Corporation, Donald Blaker, welcomed the eighteenth thousand car to fall off his assembly line. Atlantic City, New Jersey .June 14, 1959 After a heated contest Miss Ardella Fish was chosen "Miss America of I959." Fayette, Iowa August 9, 1959 Mr. George Durey was employed as instructor in Mathematics for the Fayette Consolidated School by the Board of Education. Joliet, Illinois August 5, 1978 Peace and tranquillity at the Illinois State Penitentiary once again reigns after the first attempted prison break in over a year was foiled by Warden Frances Wegner Fort Leavenworth, Kansas April 20, 1985 Major General Clifford D. Moser was assigned to the General Staff and Command School here for further instruction before he takes General MacArthur's position. St. Louis, Missouri November 4, 1962. Robert Hall has been selected to go to Berlin to represent the U. S. in the ninety meter dash at the Olvmpics there in August. Indianapolis, Indiana July 8, 1967 The annual speed classic here came to an end for another this afternoon. The winner was the noted auto racer, Richard Pattison, who has won the cup for the past two years. Seattle, Washington November 4, 1960 Today the grand opening of Eleanor's fish market was celebrated with a fish and chips dinner. The Master of Ceremonies was the owner, Eleanor Cousins. Iowa City, Iowa July ZZ, 1968 Miss Velma Dickinson was among the graduates who received L.L.D. degrees from the Law School here yesterday. Waterloo, Iowa July 8, 1958 Lois Langerman, was given away in marriage by her father to C. Raymond Mittlestadt at Trinity Church here this morning. Ray's children by a previous marriage served as flower girls. Lame Duck, Minnesota .Tune 5, 1963 Roger Lund today pitched his 180th game for the Folger-Coffee Drips against the Long Horn Cheeses. . New York City, New York October 14, 1989 George Sankey today started his 18th successful season as manager of Metropolitan Opera House. 13 ,T KT UNDERGRADS JUNIORS Lr-one' Anfinson, Delores Bachman, Ronald Burgf-I, Lillian Byerly, Keith Doughty. Shirlvy Durey. Donald Franks, Louise Franks, Donna lhff, Doris Iliff, Jean Kanady. Bonnie Lamphivr. Frances Lockwood, Rita Lund. Donna blioellering. Esther Morse. Cora Lou Owen, Dich Pederson. Rf-ita Sandhagcn, Charles Stearns, Bobby Tann, Bc-vvrly Thomas, June Ward:-ll. Those whose pictures worm- not available are, Charls-s Yearous, Bruce Bows-rsox, Karvn Heck. 15 SOPHOMORES Darlene' Alber. Paul Boleyn. Kathleen Brown. James Corkc-ry. John Corkery. Eileen Hollzman, Helen King., Mable Lamphler, Velma Lamphier, Junior Landas, Ted Metcalf. Richard Ne-fzger. Richard Poor. ldella Quandt, Keith Shepard, Sheila Sherman. Evelyn Smilh, Br-ve-rly Suomlf-y, Brucr Swomley. Donna Van Sickle- Lois We-yant, Kenneth Fry. Cletus Pierce, No! in Picturvg .Iarlue Lamphier. l 1 6 FRESHMEN Jeane Ash, Ronald Bantz, Phyllis Connor. Larry Davis, Jo Ann Durey, Karole Ann Hanson, Jean Hollingsworth, Tommy Johnson, Betty May Kuhens, Harry Lamphier, Bill Leverington, Marilyn Olson, Patsy Shaffer, Stuart Sheeley, John Stearns, Pat Weyant. Not in picture: Beverly Nading. INITIATION These were the Seniors victims on September 13th. Initiation consisted of eating worms, fspaghetti and mustard, etc., a mock wedding and other humorous incidents. The Senior President issued an ultimatum ordering the Freshmen to give a sesquipedalian speech on bended knee to each Senior. 17 TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: SEVENTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE Robert Boleyn, Emil Potter, Galen Mack, Philip Langerman. James Bright, Jack Cooper, Paul Shaffer, James Metcalf, Marilyn Fry, Roxie Mizner, Marjorie Guyer, Norman Olsen. Betty Lou Buhman, Lois Ann Corkery, Johanna Blaker, Lorna Bergan, Mary Ann Roberts, Lenore Swartz, Valeta King, Robert Hackett, Bill Moellering, Donald Thomas, Donald Downing . Robert Gage, Wilfred Weyant, James Hogan, James Bantz, Forrest Bonjour, Virginia Lamphier, Imogene Hansen, Grace Sanderson. Elaine Bergan, Barbara Henry, .loan Boleyn. TOP ROW: Maxine Cousins, Jean I-Ioltzman, Annette Hollingsworth, Bennie Zuercher, Gordon Smith, Betty Iliff, Josephine King, SECOND ROW: Monte Fay, Dennis Olson. Edna Blue, Robert Lockwood, Marjorie Hackett, Terry Stevens, Patricia Reese, Paulus Quandt. FRONT ROW: Charles Chase, Jimmy Green, Richard Roberts, Roy Sandhagen, Faye Olson. Nnrv-na Swomley, Anabel Vansickle. NOT IN PICTURE: Clair Bentley, Shirley Johnson, Leo Payne. Mary Beth Lf3mPhiPr' Katherine Shcpperd. l 1 s SIXTH GRADE TGP ROW: Howard Fish, Joan Bright. Beverly Kayser, Shirley Hall, Leland Doudney, Leslie Sankey, Larry Langerman, Ronald Nading. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Barnes, Jesse Miller, Jackie Mullins, Terry Mullins, Inus Van Brocklin, Iva Mae Wilke, Lanny Dahl, Jimmy Shaffer. FRONT ROW: Donald Boleyn, Marcella Swomley, Beverly Johnson, Barbara Clough, Joan Curtis, Eula Weyant. Lois Gage, Lloyd Zell. NOT IN PICTURE: Rosemary Templeman, Lilly Fish, Darlene Marquette. FIFTH GRADE TOP ROW: Mary McSweeney, Maureen Heth, Carolyn Holtzman, Darlene Van Brocklin, Verna Nf-hlsen, Marvin Lamphier, Janice Henniges Robert Johnson, Aldin Durfey, Howard Roberts. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Ash, Marilyn Bright, David Reese, Janet Cooper, Kathryn Stevens, Victor Fauser, Paul Richards. Billy Richards, Kenneth Martin, Conrad Talcott. FRONT ROW: Carol Iliff. Donna Gray, Sharroll Fay, Mardell Keefer, Joanne Holtzman, Jeanne Holtzman, Doyle Van Sickle, Leon Sandhagen, Gary Ash. 19 FOURTH GRADE TOP ROW: Duane Davis, Jack Bright, Stanley Smith, Maxine Guyer, Joan Ash, Gerald Pfeiffer, Annabell Fish, Barbara Reese. SECOND ROW: Delores Moore, Patrigia Holtzman, Judy Maxson, Wilma Leverington, Judy Dahl, Harry Henry, Charles Langerman Albert Martin, Dennis Dummermuth, Darlene Fish. FRONT ROW: Mary Durfey, Lyle Miller, Keith Clough. Shirley Nefzger, Linda Dennis, Charlette Alexander, Diane Olson. Betty Pattison, Lois Bergan, Jerry Howard. THIRD GRADE TOP ROW: Steven Talcott, Lonny Arthur, Bobby Marvin, Michael Shrier, Janis Bennington, Coleen Monnahan, Jerry Burns, Lauretta Quandt, Jackie Van Brooklin, Carolyn Bright. SECOND ROW: Max Gross, Billy Finch, Judy Moore, Allie Monnahan, Mary Buhman, Beja Noland, Marjorie Smith, Patricia Chase. FRONT ROW: Jimmy Van Sickle, Leo Gage, Donna Heth, Lorraine Boleyn, Wanda Tope, Lowell Paul, Ruby Cousins. NOT IN PICTURE: Dale Wilson, Day Lee Stringer, Larry Maxson. Z0 SECOND GRADE TOP ROW: Billy Shaffer, Lloyd Iliff, Alnathen Blue, James Davis. Jerald Brown. David Allen Jellings, Marvin Smith. SECOND ROW: Lester VanBrocklin, Donald Gray, Nicky Toutsch, Arnold Burns, Barbara Nading, David Dennis, Janet Bantz., Gary Stringer. FRONT ROW: Gloria Alber, Marlin Weyant, Bonnie Olson. Kippy Knight, Alfred Hansen, Dennis Maurer, Marjorie Downing. NOT l.N PICTURE: Denise Borland, Becky Maxson, Phillip Hollingsworth. Fish, Carolyn FIRST GRADE TOP ROW: Ronald Clough, Ronald Wegner, Joe Pfeiffer, Merlin Roberts, Kathleen Lambert, Kathryn Schaffer, Patricia Fish. SECOND ROW: Marylea Fobes, Judy Alexander, Dennis Moore, Cora VanSickle Dorothy Burget, Duane Voshell, David Butts, Roger Earle. FRONT ROW: Vivian Alexander, Wanda Gage, Elaine Kuhens, Sharon Blaker, Kay Van Sickle, Billy Bergen, Carol Lamphier. 2.1 TOP ROW: FRONT ROW: KINDERGARTEN Don Basart, Nancy Black, Michael Thomas, Michael Smith, Carol Dahlquist, Sharleen Mullins, Norman Zober, Marlene Ash, Kaye Campbell. Delbert Pattison, Garry Nading, Dwight Durfey, Mary Bergan, Douglas Fay, Ronny Lee Trudo, Judy Holtzman, Sharon Henry. TOP ROW: FRONT ROW: KINDERGARTEN David Burget, Michael Schneider, Lavonne Johnson, Keith Blue, Gary Yates, Loel Gross, Paul Wegner. Marilyn Johnson, Dale Alexander, Sheryle Noblei, Lois Bennington, Ronald Webb, Sandra Stewart. Allen Alber. GRADE FACULTY STANDING: Mrs. Charoltte Fogle, Fourth Grade, Mrs, Grace Stirk, Eighth Grade, Miss Ruth Hillson, First Grade, Mrs. Helene Bellis, Kindergarten. SEATED: Mrs. Beth Shelley, Sixth Grade, Miss Viola Caldwell, Seventh Grade. Mrs. Donna Broadbent. Fifth Grade, Miss Norma Kimpston, Third Grade, Miss Dora Druger, Second Grade. 22. KX GLEE CLUB TOP ROW: Delores Bachman, Shirley Durey, Jeane Ash, Donna Iliff, Beulah Green, Janice Erion, Norma Davis, Doris Iliff, Donna Moellering, Karole Hanson, Lillian Byerly, Jo Ann Durey, Vera Stepp. FRONT ROW: Betty Mae Kuhens, Sheila Sherman, Beverly Nading, Patricia Clark, Frances Lockwood, Mrs. Margaret Ransom, director. Rita Lund, Marie Olsen. ldella Quandt, Leone Anfinson, Cora Lou Owen. NOT IN PICTURE: Karen Heck, Rosella Wood. SOLOISTS TOP ROW: Charles Yearous, tenor: Richard Pattison, tenor and trombone: Waldo Walker, baritone: George Durey, bass: Donald Blake-r, bass. SECOND ROW: Lois Jean Langerman, piano: Marie Olsen, piano: Janice Erion, mezzo: Donna Moellering, alto. 'RONT ROW: Karolc- Hanson, alto: Patricia Clark. soprano, Beverly Nading, soprano: Shirley Durey, soprano: Jo Ann Durey, alto: Jeane Ash, soprano 1 MIXED CHORUS TOP ROW: Donald Balker, James Bachman, George Durey, Clifford Moser, Waldo Walker, Ted Metcalf. John Corkery, Richard Pattison, Charles Yearous, Bruce Swomley SECOND ROW: Betty Mae Kuhens, Patricia Clark, Shirley Durey, Jeane Ash, Janice Brion, Doris Iliff, Donna Iliff, Norma Davis, Joan Toutsch, Lillian Byerly, Vera Stepp. FRONT ROW: Beverly Nading, Frances Lockwood, Delores Bachman, Rita Lund, Mrs. Margaret Ransom, director, Donna Moellering, Marie Olsen. Rosella Wood, Karole Hanson, Jo Ann Durey. SMALL GROUPS OUARTETTE Left. to Right Basses: Donald Blakc-r, Waldo Walker. Tenors: Richard PatI.1son.Charls-:- Yearoufa. NIADRIGAL L4-It lo Right TOP: Tenors: Charlf-ea Yc-arouse. Richard Pattison. Bass: Waldo Walker, Donald Blake-r. FRONT' Sopranos: Bm-vc-rly Nading, Pal Clark. Sf-cond Sopranos: Donna and Doris Iliff. Aho:-ag Lillian By:-rly. Vora Sf:-pp. SEXTETTE Lefi lo Right ' Sopranos: Beverly Noding. Pal. Clark, Svrond Sopranoh: Donna and Doris Iliff Altos: Norma Davis. Vera Sfepp. BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: BAND Mrs. Margaret Ransom, Director: Marie Olsen, Majoretteg Annette Hollingsworth, Lois Ann Corkery, Beverly Swomley, Karole Hanson, Jeane Ash, Paulus Quandt, Darlene Alber. Joan Toutsch, Beverly Nading, Idella Quandt, Joan Boleyn, Janice Erion, Maxine Cousins. Shirley Hall, Norman Olsen, Marjorie Hackett, Lenore Swartz, Norma Davis. Lanny Dahl Charles Yearous. Richard Pattison. Rosella Wood, Vera Stepp, Mary Ann Roberts, Rita Lund. Donna Moellering, Larry Langerman, Patricia Clark, Galen Mack, Donald Downing, Waldo Walker. MAJORETTES Beulah Green, Beverly Thomas, Delores Bachman, Evelyn Smith. 26 JUNIOR BAND STANDING: Mrs. Margaret Ransom, Director: Annette Hollingsworth, Lois Ann Corkery, Marilyn Fry, Paulus Quandt. Joanna Blaker. IN ROWS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Marvin Lamphier, Mary McSweeney, Richard Roberts, Gordon Smith, Donna Gray. Virginia Lamphier, Joanne Boleyn, Janice Henniges, Patsy Shaffer, Mary Ann Roberts, Imogene Hanson, Maxine Cousins, Shirley Hall, Norman Olson, Larry Langerman, Kenneth Martin, Wilferd Weyant, Marjorie Hackett, Sharrol Faye, Lanny Dahl. BRASS QUART ETTE LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Pattison-trombone: Norma Davis-baritoneg Donald Downing-cornet: Waldo Walker-cornet. 2,7 The three one-act plays given this year were "Submerged," "Gray Bread," and "High Window." "Submerged" rated first in the home contest. "Gray Bread" rated a second in the home contest and the county contest. "SUBMERGED" PLAY CAST Ray Mittlestadt, Waldo Walker, George Durey, Bruce Bowersox, Richard Pattison, and Donald Blaker. "GRAY BREAD" CAST Patsy Shaffer, Donna Moellering, Pat Clark, and Rosella Wood. Z8 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Angelica Goety ............................ Geraldine Joyce ....... Cora .................. Archibald Hoffenflugel .... James Matson .......... N . . .Rieta Sandhagen ........Rita Lund . . . Leone Anfinson . . . . Dick Pederson . . . .Ray Mittlestadt Helga ................... . . .Donna Moellering Sandra Stone. . . . ..... . . . . . Western Union Messenger. . . . . . . Lillian Byerly . . . .Louise Franks Commander Stone............. ......Bruce Bowersox After overcoming many difficulties, the class of '50 presented on December 8, the farce-comedy, "Act Your Age." It was a story of two fourteen year old girls who tried to act like Sophisti- cated ladies and got tangled in a maze of laughs for all. Congrat- ulations for a good play, Juniors. Z9 DECLAM CONT EST ANT S Oratorical ........ Dramatic. . . Humorous. . . . . . . ..- fn.. Joan T outsch Norma Davis Patsy Shaffer Rosella Wood Lillian Byerly Bill Bright KT X Homecoming festivities con- HOMECOMING 1949 Friday night we were defeated sisted of a pep rally, bonfire, by Sumner in a thrilling game. watermelon feed, and a snake This was followed by an alumni danceg afterward we crashed dance which was sponsored by the show. Orchids to Vic Dahl the Student Council. for the free show and A. R. Stepp for the free melons. .zxui ,K K N V. K xx . ' . I'-N gf: , 'rf - M uu, J .Q it 3 .V . qt. af r t THE ROYAL COURT Highlight of the evening was the crowning of Queen Marie Olsen and King James Pattison. Attendants were Ray Mittlestadt, Waldo Walker, Bill Bright, Cliff Moser, Beverly Thomas, Karol Hansen, Rita Lund and Lois Jean Langerman. THE ROYAL COUPLE SPITIN' SEEDS: HERBIE? ? ? BUT CHER---- MELONHEADSZ CROWNED 31 it FOOTBALL s .N fn 1 TOP ROW: Coach Wayne Black, Bob Tann, Roger Lund. Bill Bright. Jim Pattison. Donald Franks. Waldo Walker. Ray Miltlvstadi. SECOND ROW: Bernard Pattison. Charles Stearns, Bill Leverington, .lark Laniphin-r. Kenneth Fry, Kvith Shepard, Richard Pattison. FRONT ROW: Caplain Clifford Moser, Richard Poor. James Cork:-ry. Charles Yearous. Dwight Davis Manage! John Cork:-ry. 1 LOVE YOU JAW BREAKER TOUCHDOWN 32 FOOTBALL Fayette High set a new record for its '48 football season. Coach Black was faced with the usual problem--shortage of experienced material. The opening game showed promise and aroused enthusiasm when the Cardinals defeated Elgin. This was the only victory during the season, although they dropped several games by close margins. Total points for the season were Fayette--43, opponents--215. Clifford Moser was elected Honorary Captain. BASKETBALL The same situation existed in basketball this year, inadequate practice, and inexperienced material. The games with Elkader and Waukon proved to be the most thrilling, each was lost by one point. Individual scoring was as follows: James Pattison 86 Waldo Walker 33 James Bachman 68 Richard Pattison 15 Roger Lund 50 Donald Blaker 9 Don Franks 50 Cliff Moser 6 Keith Shepard 40 Bernard Pattison Z JUNIOR HIGH BASKET BALL Fayette's future looks brighter, the Junior High had an out- standing record with twelve wins and four losses. Points averaged for the Junior High was twenty-nine: their opponents scored twenty-one. 33 BACK ROW: Keith Shepard, Waldo Walker, Roger Lund, Jim Pattison. Don Franks, Bob Tann, and Bernard Pattison. FRONT ROW: John Corkery, manager, Richard Pattison. Clifford Moser, Jim Bachman, Dick Neizger Donald Blaker, and Coach Black. N W sEcoND TEAM wonmsas? ? , , TWO FOR WALKER UP AND IN 34 BASEBALL TOP ROW: Richard Pattison, Roger Lund, Bill Bright, Donald Franks, James Pattison. SECOND ROW: Manager John Corkery, Waldo Walker, Richard Nefzger, Bernard Pattison, Robert Tann, Coach Wayne Black. FRONT ROW: Keith Shepard, Jim Bachman, Stuart Sheeley Ronald Burget, Clifford Moser. CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Patricia Weyant, Betty Mae Kuhens, Marilyn Olsen TOP ROW: Philip Langerman, Bill Moollcring Jim Bright, Jack Cooper, Paul Shaffer, Galen Mack, Stuart Sheeley. FRONT ROW: Dale Fogle, Coach, Monte Faye, Donald Thomas, Terry Stevens, Wilfred Weyant. X fX E SCHOOL FUN 1. Duck!! Z. 'Damsel in distress 3. LEGS!!! 4. Where's Russ 5. Guess What 5. SKIN HEAD 7. T-Shirt 8. Rainbow 9. lpana 10. Gone but not forgotten 11. Laughing Boy IZ. Ballet Russe 13. Pop-corn girl 14. You name it--- 15. My Friend Trigger 16. Soda Jerk 17. lt was so big 18. Sweet Sixteen 19. Naiure Boy 20. Wheel Zl. Dubuque ZZ. So Tired 23. Gibson Girl? ? ? Z4. No Miners Allowed 25. Karums Z6. Forever Marie Z7. Her man Friday ZB.? '? ? ? ? ? ? Z9. Mess Ash 30. Ladies Man 31. Bob's Girl 32. Us-uns 33. Pat Weyant 34. You Feet Too Biglllli 37 , .+ ,vs 'Y'-me ,ff- i 1. Third Grade 49er's fWe haven't changed a bitj Z. Look again!! 3. Powder Your Face with Sunshine 4. She's Engaged, She's Lovely, She uses Bon Ami 5. English Teacher? 7 ? ? ? 6. Cheetah 7. l'm Pooed 8. Teachers Can Be Beautiful!! 9. Grant at Work 10. OH! BABY! 11. Speak to me, Lover!!! 12. And the Ladies Swooned!!!!! 13. Man's man 14. Twin's? ? ? ? 7 15. Silhouettes on the Mississippi!! 16. Buddy, Buddy 17. Veva L'Mour 18. Strawberry Point Deb 19. B.B. Brain 20. Love me. love my Dog 38 il al 7 4 -...st s. , In 1. Red at work? ? Z. Cliff 3. Glamour Pose 4. Clear Lake 5. Roughriders 6. Which is Which 7. Contemplation 8. Coconuts 9. Bittersweet 10. Totem Pole 11. Ibrush them Z a day 12. Age of Innocence 13. Skip Day 14. Suckers 15. Backbone 16. Grin and Bear it 17. IQ? ? 18. Waitin for Bill 19. Minds at rest ZO. Indecent Exposure Zl. Local Yokel 39 KT AUTOGRAPHS HQ 4W x . WW M S. ,J 5 4 ' WALSWORTH uh-o-ol-dnl-.usp llllilflifllll I-nulngls, .i.n. 41 1 r Dr. R. A. Zmoos CHIROPRACTOR X-RAY SERVICE HOURS BY APPOINTMENT - LADY ATTENDANT NORTH OF COLLEGE GYMNASIUM CHIROPRACTING GETS YOU WELL PHONE 82. F AY ET T E IOWA AGRICULTURAL LIME DELIVERED AND SPREAD ALL SIZES CRUSHED STONE M. O. Weaver, Inc. PHONE 73 FAY ETT E IOWA FAYETTE THEATRE "Tops in Entertainment" V. E. Dahl, Proprietor West Union BIG GAIN Quality Feeds For A11 Livestock And Poultry BIG GAIN PRODUCTS Iowa The Pick Of The Class! DAVIS REXALL STORE For Gifts For A11 Occasions Elgin and Helbras Watches - Try Parker and Sheaffer's Pens - Us Eastman and Argus Cameras - Jewelry - Whitman's Chocolates First Fayette L. H. STRANAHAN Feed And Seed Phone 159 Iowa WARREN'S FOOD MARKET Hormel Good Meats and Del Monte Line Foods It Pleases Us To Please You Fayette, JOYCE LUMBER COMPANY Iowa COUSINS CITIES SERVICE Gas Heaters, Accessories U.S. And Inland Tires Farm Tractor And Implement Tires New And Used Parts Phone 38 Come In and Meet Mr. And Mrs. Nook At THE COFFEE NOOK Soda Fountain-Short Orders-Lunches Proprietors Mr. And Mrs. D. A. Wiarda Upper Iowo University FOUNDED IN 1857 CO-EDUCATIONAL - LIBERAL ARTS - NON-DENOMINATIONAL APPLY NOW FOR ADMISSION FOR THE SUMMER QUARTER OPENING JUNE 6, 1949 THE FALL TERM OPENING SEPTEMBER 12, 1949 WRITE FOR A CATALOG ADDRESS: OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS, FAYETTE, IOWA TELEPHONE-BLUE 215 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1949 Congratulations RADIO CLINIC 49's Sales-Motorola-Service Motorola Home and Auto Radio A. R. STEPP Knapp Monarch Appliances GE Light Bulbs Stepps Mellons GE Irons West Union Phone 264 Iowa FOSS AND RUEBER LOCKER SERVICE International Harvester Meat Cutting Farm Implements And Supplies Phone 65 Maynard Iowa Maynard Iowa Cornplirnents Of FAYETTE SOYBEAN MILL Soybean Products Fayette, Iowa BELL BRAND FARM SUPPLY Manufacturers And Distributors High Quality Feeds And Seeds Fayette, Iowa Phon e 145 STANDARD OIL CO. E. R. Gallaher - Truck Phone Black 43 Harold Earle - Station Phone 40 If You Don't Know Us Let's Get Acquainted JOHNSON'S CAFE Home Cooked Foods And Friendly Service UNIVERSITY CLEANERS Harry and Marian Skipton Cleaners - Hatters Tailors Not How Soon But How Well C. E. SMITH 8: SON Selected Meats Line Groceries Frozen Foods Wait For Watkins It Pays Your Watkins Dealer R. R. ERION Phone Black 142 Fayette, Iowa SCHAT Z 8: SCHAT Z Head-To-Foot Clothiers West Union Iowa SUPER FURNITURE MART Jewelry Diamonds ORVILLE L. SAB OE . Furniture - Appliances Watches Floor Covering Bulova, Hamilton, Elgin West Union Iowa West Union Iowa D. E. PAUL CAMPBELLS SERVICE STATION John Deere Farm Implements Phone 31 Fayette Iowa Fayette Iowa THE FAYETTE COUNTY UNION A Prize Winning Newspaper In a Prosperous Agricultural Field Published Continuously GAMBLE ST OR E Coranado Appliances Crest Deluxe Tires Varcon Batteries Since 1853 West Union Iowa West Union Iowa SLIFKA COMPLIMENTS CHEVROLET GARAGE OF A West Union Iowa FRIEND MCLEESE-LEYT ZE CO. Furniture And Electrical Appliances Phone 160 - Night 198 FAYETTE COUNTY LEADER Home News and Home Views Printing To Fill Every Need MAURER'S SHOE SERVICE Drop In Shoes It's A Pleasure To Serve For Every Member You Any Time Of TED'S CAFE The Family M. J. SCHNEIDER Electrical Appliances LARSON'S GAMBLE STORE KNIGHTS HARDWARE CIRCLE INN Come To The Circle Inn Quality Hardware To Meet For Cash Your Friends BOOST ERS Doc Dorman Fayette, Iowa Dr. Schrier Fayette, Iowa Kenneth Stewart Fayette, Iowa C. E. SMITH AND SON Selected Meats Line Groceries Frozen Foods B OOST ERS Pleister Produce Maynard, Iowa Paepers Grocery THRIFTY FOOD MART H. A. Schmidt Maynard, Iowa Phone 81 VERNON FRANKS Congratulations Senior Class Of 1949 Photographs Of Taken in your home Fayette High School Babies, Children And A STATE BANK OF FAYETTE Special Occasions ARCH WOOD'S PRODUCE WALKER'S FLOWER 8: GIFT Flowers Eggs And Poultry Phone 93 Are Always The Perfect Gift HUMPHRY Hardware And Sporting Goods W est Union Iowa DRS. HALL 8: HALL Maynard Iowa SHAFFER Super Service Texaco Station F ayette Iowa SCHULT CAF E 1, Maynard Iowa MISHLER'S SERVICE STAT ION ELSHEIMER MEAT PRODUCTS Tires Batteries Accessories At Your Meat Dealer Greasing - Washing Ask For E1sheirner's Quality Sausage Phone 1711 West Union Iowa West Union, Iowa Refrigeration J'OHNSON'S Service SUPER IGA MARKET MAYNARD ELECTRIC Frozen Food Lockers AND GIFT SHOP Maynard Iowa West Union Iowa -wp-

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