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-H4 n ,413-. 1 I sw. V f. I-t ,LQ , ..,4 fy , " .ez X-Mila V. Y! A .. .-.,. ,. -.-. 1' ,,. rv "H ' "vi- n .1 . . lr- H'--,nz gn. 1 -'E L 4 ,.1 I 1, L gl? ' -. My -fe ."- ,",.' X 1- , l ::',n,h'LQg1 . 2f.-- 5 , ' f ,x. .zw' 455' , .1 F: 'Ei 9 ,L We uf!! .syprzhg - - 1935 EDITORIAL STAFF 1 1 1 1 1 1 u Editor-in-Chief - Associate EcHtor - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Senior Department - Assistants - - Literary Department - - - - Assistants - - - - School Life Department - - - Assistants - - - - Sports Department - - Assistants - - - - Art Department - - Assistants - - 1 1 1 1 1 CAROL WILDEY ,- Bos I-IAPTONSTAI-IL 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 HARRY LONG - - IULIA HAYDEN, LEE DAILEY, MIRIAM NuT'r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - WILLIS ROORDA, I CARMEN SAYRE MARGARET ADAMS HELEN ROBINSON - MARGARET? ADAMS. JAMES BALL - Bos BRACKENBURY - MAYNARD Cnoss 1 - 1 1 1 1 INEZ GOuGHNOuR - -IOSEPHINE BARKER, ROY MARQUIS BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager - - - - - - 1 ADVERTISING STAFF GEORGE RUHMLAND IOHANNA BARIDON MORRIS WEISS LucILLE HAMILTON LETA MALMBERG MARIE GARLAND BILLY LIDDELL PHILLIP SMITH IOHN SKINNER IOSEPHINE LA MAR ART SCIGLIANO DON C1-IAMBERLAIN LILLIAN LEVEY - IACK IEFFRIES Circulation Manager - - - - LELA CLAIRE HAUGE Bookkeeper - - - - - LORRAINE MACK Stenographer - - CHRIS PORTER ADVISORS Editorial--KENNETH STRATTON: Business--LEsLIE D. OLSEN: AFf"HARRIET MACY. rf ' ' N fxx L .J "F is f l Grecian columns rise behind. By ancient architects designed: The noble motto o'er the door: All these things and many more We'll oft recall most tenderly When school is but a memory. --Barbara Bittin.g Old and gnarled the great elm tree, Its branches spreading gracefully. Each mighty bough is reaching out To swing its drooping ends about.- The wide stone walk where stroll each day The carefree students, young and gay. -Barbara Bitti ng. ear ,East Jflg Dear East High, you are the school for me, You will always win the victory. Red and Black, to you we'll be true, And we will bring great honor to you. Hip-hooray, here's to the Black and Red,- O'er the world your fame is widely spread Onward we will do or die. For dear East High! -Velda Wilbern '20. Cbfylafen Jurton Administrator-Counselor--Friend Whose years as principal of East High School have won for him the admiration, respect, and love of those with whom he has been associated, the Quill staff dedicates this volume of The Quill. The students and faculty join in wishing him a speedy and complete recovery from the illness that has forced him to take this year's leave of absence from his duties. MR. O. G. PRICHARD It is a well established fact that the principal at a large high school such as ours must be someone able to adapt himself to all situations. Emergencies a1'e always popping up un- expectedly, but with Mr. Prichard at our helm all is safe. He is always ready to secure for the student body everything within his reach for their pleasure. In all of the various cam- paigns he has been cooperative. He has seen to it that East High School has had its share of fine assemblies. Many are the students who have been helped through his wise counsel. He has always followed the policy of consulting leading students before going through with projects con- cerning the student body. His unassuming man ner is very pleasing to all, and his efficiency is of the highest order. He has secured several fine movies, and has always helped out on all parties held by the various organizations in school. Thus one can see that his keen personality, his fine sense of humor. and his true sincerity combine to make him one who will always be referred to as a real all around fellow. "l'd like to be most tolerant Of all the others do and say." 7772 Quill Q 1 MR. Cnass O. Hovr A man full of pep and enthusiasm, with the in- terest of East high at heart-that is Mr. Cress O. Hoyt, our vice-principal and bo s' advisor. Mr. Hoyt retumed to East high last gall after a eriod of years had elapsed since he was here last. lguring' his former days at East high he was the proficient coach of all athletics. Some of the best athletes who have represented our school in competition were trained by Coach Hoyt. This year' he also has charge of the athletic schedules and teaches history 7. "Dad" Hoyt is regarded as the helper andvfriend of all East high. "Sympathy by all is needed. Freely ought we all to give it-." r Miss AGNES HELMREICH With the winsome smile and the cheerful, help- ful manner in which Miss Agnes Helmreich, our girls' advisor, meets each girl she comes in contact with, she helps to kindle in ever one a proud con- sciousness of comradeship with hier and all fellow students. Helping each with her problems and sharing the joys as well, she has much to do with the splendid cooperation which causes our school to run so eflic- iently. Miss Helmreich also has charge of East high's far-reaching extra-curricular activity, the clubs. and is a teacher of Bible History. Here's to our well beloved ever cheerful advisor, Miss Helmreich! We Quill FACULTY First Row: Houler, Russell, Spencer, May, Olsen, Iohnson, Merrill, Larson. Mayo: Second Row: Augultint. Wilson. Bingham, Prichard. Beluga, Wells, Wickware. Scott, lones, Quick: Third Row: Stratton. Stephens. Hoyt, Morton, Cram, Bontleld. elmreich, Williams, Sprin ate: Fourth Row: Lyman, Gabriellon, Hostetter, Gabriel, McBride, Mitchell, Sesrl, Martin, Easter: Filth lgow: Tallman, Wasson, Woodman. Snyder, Barge. Hugh, Alderlon, Zlmmerli, Hammer, Wheeler: Not in Picture: Cummings, Fickel, lordun, Patterson, Balllet, Goodell, Knuer, Rowe, Olsen, Lindsey, White, Macy, Clark, Seevers. The Faculty The men and women teachers of East high make up one of the llnest faculty bodies in the state. It is through the support and help of this flne faculty that the school accomplishes many of the hard tasks which confront it. It is these teachers who make the pupils' school life the cheerful, happy one that it should be. These teachers because of their flne education, their wide experience in the fleld of teaching and business are able to teach the students in the right manner. ' Any pupil who is having a hard time with his subjects may go to one of these under- standing men and women and there flnd the help and encouragement which he needs. lt is the home room teachers who take the greatest interest in the activities and affairs of the pupils and to them a student may go with any of his problems and with many ques- tions by which he is confronted. Not only do these teachers think about teaching the student their specific subjects but also they realize that the students must face the problems of to-morrow and with this in mind they endeavor to teach the student body to meet these obstacles with some understanding and a will to conquer. 54 l "Hard words can enter the heart Wye Quill And lie there as heavy as lead." Roaairr Biulcicizuaum' "The winds and waves are al- ways on the side of the ablest nauigators. ' Football 5. 7: Basketball J. 4. 5, 6, 7. 8: Tennis 6. 8: Track 4. 6: Student Council 3, 7. 8, Vice President 7: Hi-Y 5. 6. 7. 8. President 6. 7. 8: Shakespearean 7. B. President 7. Vice- President 8. President Senior Class 8: E Epi Tan 7. 8. Vice President 7. 8: Quill Stal? 7, 8, Sports Editor 8: Na- tional Honor Society 7. 8. President 8. IOSEPHINE BARKER "Tis not a lip or cyc. wc beauty call. but the joint force and full result of aIl.' Lam- Club 3. Vice President 3: Euclidean 3: Zetagathean 4. 5, 6. 7. 8. Treasurer 5. President 3: Student Council 7: Quill Stall' ll: SecretatY Ol Senior Class S: Girl Reserves 3. 4, 5, 6. 7. 8. President 5: Frtnrh Club 5. 6: Shakespearean 7. 8: National Honor Society 8. ROBERT HAPTONSTAHL "Every man is cxceptionalf' Student Council 7. 8: E Epi Tan 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8: Shakespearean 7. il. President 8: Purple Mask 3. 4. 5. 6: Make-u Class 4. 5: Carnival 5: Na- tional aonor Society 7, 8: Cheer Leader S, 6, 7. 8: Monitor 8: Golf 3. 4, 5. 6, 7, B: Track 6: Quill SME 7, 8, As- sociate Editor S: Senior Board Mem- ber: Properties 4, 5: "Skidding" 4: "The Bat" 6: "The Big Pond" 7: Sodalitas Romana 3: Zetaqathean 4. 5. "Llqhtnin' " 8. STANLEY Fouucs "His blush is beautiful but it is sometimes inconvenient." Student Council 4, 6, 8: Euclidean 4. 5, 6, 7: Treasurer 5, Vice Pi-ggidgnl 2 lry : ort a B, Vice President Seniol-le Class lily LLOYD G. Rees "On their own merits modest men are dumb." Football 5. 7: Basketball 3. 4. 5, 6. 7- 31 Clililin 5: Track 6. 8: Monitor 4. 5. 6: :her 5. 6, 8: Student Conn. cll B: National Honor Society 7, 8: ,Rt-:0.l:ur5:0Vgeh woixtors 82 Senior Class t : C 00 rt , , , 5 Printing 5. 6, 7. 8. 7 8 school Nftoivn A. lot-iNsoN "Peaceful, studious. silent." 6 - 7. 5. Vice President , 6, Vice President 8: Cap sandprsdgsz: 3. 4. 5. 6: Girl Reserves 4. 5, 6, 1, 8. Vice President 5. President 6, 7 8: National Honor Society 7. 8. Sec: retary 8: Student Council 5, 8: Scrtb. 51:1 8Club 7. President 7: Shakespear. The Senior Class The senior class of spring, 1935, is a group of ambitious graduates. For the ast three years, these students have contributed willingly to the activities and class work of the school. They have given extra time, work, and talent to the progress and development of East high which can be promoted only by the eEorts of a cooperating student body. The class, as a whole, has fumished extensive talent in the fields of music, dramatics. art. athletics, literature, and extra-curricular work. 'The graduates feel, however, that any constructive element which they may have iven to the school life is merely a method by which they show their appreciation of East qzigh. They realize the value of their op rtunities in East high: she has given them inspiring in- structors, willing advisors. and fellhow-students with whom to spend their time during their school career. The senior class chose as their presiding atilcer, Robert Brackenbury, who had displayed his ability as an athlete, student. and club leader. The vice-president, Stanley Foulke. secretary, Iosephine Barker, and treasurer, Lloyd Rees. have been active Karticipators in all phases of school life. These ofilcers with the board members, Naomi Io nson and Bob Haptonstahl, selected the committees for all senior activities. "lust get acguainted with yourself- You'l gain one understanding friend." 72 Quill WAYNE A. AAMOTH "Young fellows will be young fellows." Scroll Stal' 7. B. IACK ALLEN 1 Hi-Y 7, 8: ALEER1' ALSTED Cross Country 4. 5: Orchestra 3. 4. 6. 7. Dwici-rr ANDERSON "His case being just, his quarrel honorable." Football 7: Monitor 7: Hi-Y 7, 8. ESTHER E ANDERSON "Next to excellence is the appreciation of it." International Relations 8: Shorthand Speed 7: Phllatalin 8. KELLY ANDERSON Basltetbrll 3: Football 3: Student Council 5, 8. 09' nap? What should a man do but be merry." Orchestra 7. 8: Monitor 5, 6, 7. 8: Usher. 6, 7. 8. "Even the Gods have jokes." "When you see fair hair-" MABEL ANDERSON "When log and Duty clash." Student Council 8: May Festival 4. SARAH ASARCH Society 8. DOROTHY AUKERMAN G. A. A. 5. 6, 7. s. CLIARENCE W. BAIN ' Don Iuan?" DALE BAIRD "I have survived." Golf 5, 6, 8. MARGUERXTE T. BAIRD "Patience is the passion of great heartsf I "Some people speak of killing time. I A ' l- ' " nn f 1111111 gnu nranhsr rrvnin Modernistic 5, 6. 7, 8: Vice President 8: G. A. A. 3. 4, 5, 6. 7. 8: "Modest and demure, but much alive." French club 4. 5: G. A. A. 3: Shorthand Speed 8: National Honor "Studious of ease, and fond of humble things." Student Council 3, 6: Usher 5, 6: Shakespearean 7: Monitor 7. 5. 77zeQUill Aucs W. BARNES "You'd have known her by the merriment that sparkled in her eyes." Student Council 5. 71 Monitor 8: Philomathean 6, 7, 8: Shakespearean B: Nativity 5, 7: Golf 8. GLENN BARTLETT "The outrageous crime of being a young man." Tumbling 3, 4, 5: Art Club 5, 8: Monitor 4, 5: Scroll Stal! 7. DONALD BASKINS "1 am a great friend to public amusement." Science Club 7: Sports Club 7, Bg E Epi Tan 85 Monitor 8: Student Council 8. BETTE IEAN BECKET "Condensed sweetness." Extravaganza 5, 71 French club 1: May Festival 4, 6: Glee Club 6: A Cappella Choir 8, Physical Educational Expositlon 5, IENNIE BEUGIN "1 bear a charmed life." Shorthand Speed Society 7: G. A. A. 3, 1, 5. 6, 7, 8. ARLENE BEVAN "A studious but charming person is she Philomathean 5. 6, 7, 8: lnternat'ional Relations club Treasurer 7. 7772 Quill "This moment is the peak o time VERN BAKt:n Evsmm BA: Du IN Home Economics 4 5 6 7 8 Treasurer 6 President 7 Studel Counctl B LORETTA M BALLARD Golf 3, 1, 8 Shorthand Speed 7 8 Girl Reserve 5 6 7 8 Service Gil 7, 8: Mo or 5 HELEN BANTA Philalaltn 8 Home Economics 7 Llghtnin 8 May Festival 1 Make Up Committee 6 7 8 PAUL I. BARIDON 8 Swimming 3 4 5 6 7 8 Tumbling 3 Extravaganza 3 Q l LAVERNE BARI ow t 'T "A lxttle but of knowledge plus a large amount of bl , makes the teachers think that I know mu stu Football 3 5 .ck 4 6 s HiY 3 6 7 'Lig mm Shakespearean 1 T MATHILDE CHRISTINE BEZINQUE i "The girl is just so full of fun." Modernlatic 5. 6: Philatalin 6, 7, 8: President 7: Secretary 8: International Relations 7: Stamp club 8: G. A. A. 3: Gym Monitor 7. BARBARA BITTING "Moderation, the noblest gift of heaven." Latin club 3. 4: French club 5, 6: Phllomathean 1. 5. 6. 7, 8: Treasurer 6: Vice President 7: Student Council 5, 7: Library Staff 3. 4, 5, 6. 7, 8: Messenger Service 5. 6, 7: Shakespearean 7. 8: National Honor Society 7. B. REGINALD BOBENHOUSE "Don't bother me, l'm sleepy." IOE E. CANNON "Man is the creature of circumstances." Wrestling 6. DOROTHY E. BRADY "A cheerful look makes a dish a feast." ELs1E K. BRADY "Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the soul." JEAN BROCKETT "Extremely busy, but quiet about it." Philatalin B: "The Big Pond": Properties. ROBERT BROOKS "He nothing common did." Student Council 3, 5, 6, 8: President 8: Euclidean club 4. 5. 6, 7, 8: President 5. 6, 7, 8: Forensic club 7, 8: Vice President 8: Music ! Contest 4, 6: Golf 4, 8: National Honor Society B. DOROTHY LEE BROWN T "Elegant as simplicity." E Girls Glee Club 5. 6: Mixed Chorus 8. LEE BOB BROWNLEE "His eyes are continually upon those that are fair." Purple Mask 3, 4, 5, 6: Vice President 5: President 6: Sports club 8: President 8: Student Council 3, 1: Football 3, 5: E Epi Tan 4: "Quality Street" 6: "South in Sonora" 7: "l.Ightnin' " 8: Boys Glee Club: Boys Trio 8: Nativity 4, 6. RUTH BLICHAN "Much of a muchnessf' Philcmathean 3: Shorthand Speed 7: Usher 6. ROY Butus "Even your singing is good." Tumbling 3, 4, 5: Monitor 7: Extravaganza 3, 5: Boys Cvlee Club 3, 1, 5. 6, 7, 8. 1 "Because time goes too fast for me - I can't do half the things I ought--." me Qulll BETTY CLAIRE BURKE "To know her is to like her." Shorthand Speed 7. S: Zetagatbean 8: Library Sta! 8: Service Girl 8. MAuRlcE BURNS "CordiaI and courteous-a gentleman in and out." Forensic 3, 1, 5, 6, 7, 8: "South in Sonora" 7: BOE! Glee Club 5. 6, 7, 8: A Cappella Choir 5, 6, 7, 8: Student ouncil 8: May 'Festival 8: Nativity 5, 7. i Naoxvn M. BuRNs "Direct her not whosc way herself would choose." MATHILDA Es'rHER BURWINKLE "A merry heart doth good like a medicine." Library Staff 3, 1, 5, 6, 7: Service Girl 8: Ma Festival 6: Philatalin Club 5, 6, 7, 8: President 8: Shakespearean 8: Golf 3: National Honor Society 8. VIRGINIA E, BLITCHER "As merry as the day is long" Girl Reserves 7, 8: Shorthand Speed 8: Tumbling 5, 6, 7: Extravaganza 3, 5, 7: Student Council 7, B: May Festival 1, 6: Physical Education Ex- position 1: Monitor 8: Golf 3. AGNES CAFFREYl "To go on whatever happens." Shorthand Speed 7: Home Economics 8: Scroll B. FAYE CAPLAN "Has her own purposes." German Club 3. 1: Vice President 1: Golf 3: Aeolian 7, 8: Nativity 7: Operetta 7: Extravaganza 8: May Festival 1, 6. SYLVIA CAPLAN "She's just the quiet kind. whose virtues never vary." Student Council 5: Aeolian 3, 1, 5, 6, 7, 8: Secretary 7: Cap and Dagger 5. 6. 7, 8: Secretary 7: Treasurer 8: Library Stall' 3. 1, 5, 6, 7: National Honor Society 7, 8: Service Girl 8: Latin Club 3, 1. ARTH UR G. CARLSON "I witness and wait." Forensic 5, h: Usher 6: Monitor 7, 8. PAULINE M. CARPENTER "Short but sweet." Monitor 1: May Festival J: Shorthand Speed 8. GEORGIA L. CASEBOLT You can hardly live without friends. Orchestra 3. 1, 5, 6, 7, 8: Orchestra 1, 6: May Festival 8. DONALD CELANDER "Silence and Common sense make a man." 1, Euclidean 5, 6, 7: Vice President 6: Forensic 5. 6, 7, Treasurer 8 Vice President 6: Student Council 7: Shorthand Speed 8: Hi-Y 8 Monitor B: National Honor Society 8. "l have two lives, the one I act We Qulll and one I only live in thought." BARBARA MARIE CHADWICK The Chatterbox-"May she' giue us a few brilliant flashes of silence." Euclidean 3, 5: Latin 3, 4, 5, 6: Service Girl 7. IBAN CHAPMAN "Without pleasure this world would be dreary." .i A I ri' ' I '- ' Golf 3: Girl Reserve 6 May Festival 5. Q, fill' ' Rosa M. Cmooo 1 "She is herself." - Lincoln High 3. 4. 5: Spanish Club 7, 8. A i,4'!, A IL- WILLIAM CHRISTIAN "The greater man the greater courtesy." PI-IYI.I.Is IEAN CLARK "Her sparkling eyes are wondrous fair." Le Circle Francais 4, 5: Zetagathean B: Shakespearean 7, 8: Monitor 5: Nlliviiy 7: Girl Reserves 8: A Cappella 7, 8 Girls' Glee Club 6: "South In Sonora" 75 Music Contest 6: Aeolian 4, 5. 6: May Festival 4. DOROTHY E. CLARKsoN " We only call it Dorothy's way-it's nice." Mixed Chorus 3, 4, 5, 6: Girls' Glee Club 5, 6. DONNAFAY CLEMENTS "The secret of success is constancy of purpose." G. A. A. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8: Modernistic 7. 8: Shakespearean 8: Girl Re- serves B: Hobby Club 7, Life Saving 6, 8: Physical Education Exposition 6g Service Girl 8. EARL L. CLEMENT5 "Fortune helps the brave." Monitor 8: Stage Hand 6: Stage Settings 7. EDDIE COMEGYS "Fortune truly helps those who are of good judgment." Basket ball 3, 4: Monitor 8. 3 MILDRED CONKWRIGHT Lb- "Alive natures are rarely melancholy." 11' Sodalitas Romana 3: Euclidean 3, 4: French Club 5. 63 Zetagathean 4, 5, 6, 7, B: Shakespearean 7, 8, Girl Reserves 4, 5. 6, 7. 8, Treasurer 6, Secretary 7, 8: Library Service 4. 5, 6, 7, 8: National Honor Society 7, 8, Debate Team 7, 8: Golf 3. S.- HELEN L CONNETT May your luck be as good as your writing. Latin Club 4. 5, 6, 81 Art Club 6. 7, President 75 Monitor 7: Service Girl 8. MARY Louisa Cos'rELLo "All who saw admired" Student Council 7, Modernistic 5. 6. G. A. A. 4, Scribblers Club 7, Shorthand Speed Society 7, 8, Library Service 3. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 'Q' "But 1 have lots of talent for ' enjoying little things." 7779 Qulll ANNABELLE Coucn . "FaithfulIy she does her duty." CARL A. COUCII "A man of polite learning." Monitor 8g Stage Hand 7, 8. KENNETH Cox but to sleep and feed?" Usher 8. LEONA CRAMER "Sweets to the sweet." Library Service 8: Art Contest 65 G. A. A. 3, 4, ,, MARY Es1'I-IER CuIiIIvIINGs 5 I Philomathean 4, 5. 6. 7, 81 Treasurer 5, Secretnry 7. ,,2' "' RUTH ELLEN DAHL Y "You have a merry heart." l , May Festival 45 Shorthand Speed Society 8. losEPIIINn DAVIDSON "Many a small make a great." VERA C. DAVIS "The best part of beauty is that which Can express." Science Club 63 National Honor Society 7, 8. no picture GEORGE DAREL DEARDEN "Still waters run deep." Track 3: Art Club 3. '33- Y GENEVIEVE DEATON "ls as cute as a three year old and knows a lot, but can never think of it." Mndernistic 5. 6, 7, 8, Vice President 61 Stamp Club 81 Inter- national Relanons 7: Scroll Stall 8: Gym Monitor 7. FRANK DE PHII.I.Ies "The girls all cried, 'lle's quite the kiclr'." Shorthand Speed Society 8. FREDERICK DERIIAM "My Hero." Wrestling 5, 6, 7, 8: Football 3, 5. 2 75 Q ' " We study a trade or profession for years e UI before we can hope for success-." ' "l talked with her for but an hour, Yet shc made .the whole world new." Tumbling 3. 1, 5, 6, 7, 8g Library Service 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Ertravlgnnzl 4 "What is a man. if his chief good and market of his time be 5 "High aims form high characters and great objects bring out PAULINE Ru1'IAI DILLINER great minds." Girl Reserves 6, 7. 8: Shorthand Speed Society 7. 8: May Festival 4. GRACE E. DUFFIELD "I worked with patience which means almost power." Golf 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Secretary 7: G. A. A. 3. 4: Philatalin 6, 7: Band 3. 4: Music Contest 4: Orchestra 3, 4: May Festival 4: Service Girl 7: Shorthand Speed Society 8: Memorial Day Parade 4. ISABELLE DLINSKY "Silence is one great art of Conversation." Shorthand Speed Society 8. DnusILLA DYER ' 'Rich in good works." Latin Club 5: Service Girl 7: Girl Reserves 7. I HELEN EDMAN 'C Q "An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow." -. 'X' , Modernistic 6. 7. 8: Scribblers 7. 8: Home Economics 6: Girls' Glee Club f - -L 7, 8: Chorus 6, 7, 8: Girl Reserves 5. 8: May Festival 6. L 'Xi Li 4, F . - 's AUDREY FRANCES EDWARDS v ' 'I 'Heart and soul is in her work." .- BENJAMIN F. ELLIS "Your word is as good as the bank. sir." Track 6. 8: Basketball 6, 6: Football 7: Cross Country 7: Shorthand Speed Society 8. 4? 6 ROBERT ERICKSON 5 "W'omen and music should never be dated." if Tumbling 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Captain B: May Festival 5. 7: Scroll Staif 8: Wrestling S, 7: Extravaganza 4. 1. MARIAM H. ERSKINE "Active, yet resigned." May Festival 6: G. A. A. 3, 4: Brush and Palette Club 5: Scribblers Club 7, 8: Scroll Stall' 6, 7. 8: News Editor 7, Managing Editor 8: lowa Stare Press Association 7: Service Girl 8. GEORGE I. Essv "There is no man suddenly either excellently good or cxtremcly evil." Monitor 8: Shakespearean Club 7, 8: Student Council 8: Stage Hand 7. VlRGlNl.R M. Es'rY "All's right with the world." ix Shorthand Speed 7. 8: May Festival 6. 4' ax Q ELIZABETH A. FAIINESTOCK "So sweet the blush of bashfulnessf' Shorthand Speed 7. 8: Student Council 8. 4-hx fi' 7"I "Look on life with friendly eyes. ' Cast out little hates." Wie Qulu J MARIORIE FLoYD Festival 6. Sol. H. FRIEDMAN "Courage and hard work are priceless traits." Orchestra 3. 4. 5, 6: Scroll Advertising Stall' B1 Shakespearean 81 Pit Orchestra 4: National Honor Society 8. BYRON L. FRIEND "I'll be with you in the squeezing of a lemon." Rolfe High School 31 Forensic 5, 6, 7, 8: Science Club 5, 6, 7, 8, Vice President 7, President 8: Usher 7, 81 Stage Electrician B- Band 3. 1: Orchestra 3, 1, Golf 6, 7. B. THELMA FROST "A merry heart and true." North High 3, 1. 5. 6. IERRY R. FULTON "Keep sober and you command everyone." Scroll Stal! 6, 7: Tumbling 3, 4, 5: Swimming 1, 55 Scribblers Club 7. DoRls IUNE FUNK "Beauty lies with kindness." Philomalhean 5, 6, 73 Home Economics Club 83 Girl Reserves 6, 7, 83 May Festival 5. NORMAN FUNK "I am always in haste. but never in a hurry." Scroll Stall' 7. 2' CARL W. FALKOSKI , '71 good kid." Euclidean 6: Scroll Stall' 8. K' y Rum FILLMAN Q:-7" "Who is it can read a woman? Shorthand Sped Society 7. "She is a winsome wee thing Philomsthean 6, 7, 8: Shorthand Speed Society 8, Girl Reserves B May THOMAS 1. FRAZIER "A face that is true Boys' Glee Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 81 A Cappella Choir 6 7 8 o Sextet 3: Usher 7, 8: "South in Sonora" 7 Nativity 7 Track 5, 6, 7, 85 Cross Country 3, 1: Monitor 8: Music Contest 6 DARREL E. FREBERG "He's happy, he's merry lm FREDREGILL "A gentleman is often seen but very often heard to laugh." Hi-Y 85 Monitor 7, 8. Ali i "The youth of a Nation are the 7712 Q ull l trustees of Posterityf' AGNES GANLEY "l count life just as joy." ESKIL GARANSON "Much might be said on both sides." Hi-Y 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Forensic 7. 8: Shakespearean 7, 8: "l.igl1tnin' " 8: Track 6: "The Big Pond" 7: Properties: "Nativity" 7. ARC:-IIE F. GARDNER "I am from Missouri: you must show me." Fairfax Missouri High 3, 4, 5, 6. MARIE GARLAND "With gracious air'----." Zetagathean 6, 7: Modernistic 5, 6: Scribblers Club 7, 8: Home Economics 8: Girl Reserves 6, 7, 8, Vice President 7, 8: Quill , Advertising 8: Girls' Glee Club 8. IELMA GRACE GILBERT "It is difficulties which show what women really are." GLORIA M. GIUDICESSI l' "Short and vivaciousf' Lincoln High 3, 4, 5: Spanish Club 7. 8, Secretary 7. KENNETH GODDARD "He is able because he thinks he is able." Tumbling team 3. 4: Student Council 7. ISABEL B. GOODWIN A' ,Aga "The noblest mind, the best contentment has." "' Modernistic Club 4, 5, 6. 7, 8: Home Economics Club 5, 6: a Shakespearean 8: Hobby Club 7: Girl Reserve 7, 8: G. A. A. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Physical Education Exposition 6: Life Saving 6, 8. INEz A. GOUGHNOUR "Speak little, do much." Euclidean 3: Latin 3. 4: Philomathean 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Vice President 5, Presi- dent 6: Science 5: lnternationatl Relations 6, 7, Vice President 7: Shakespear- ean 5: Student Council 6: May Festival 4, 6: Quill Stall' 7, 8: Service Girl 5: National Honor Society 7, 8. MARY TERESA GREY "Chance generally favors the prudent." Philomathean 5, 6, 7, 8: French Club 5, 6: Science 7, 8, Secretary li: Monitor 8: National Honor Society 8. ANNA S. GROCHALA "Devout, yet cheerful." Philomathean 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Cap and Dagger 4, 5: Modernistic 4: Girl Reserves 6, 7, 8: Shorthand Speed 8: Library Service 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Messenger Service 7, 8: National Honor Society 8. DOROTHY I. HAAG "Isnt it nice to receive credit." May Festival 4: Fall Frolic 5: Service Girl 8: Aeolian 3, 4, 5. 6: Zetagathean 5, 6, 7, 8: Girl Reserves 5, 6, 7. Hi-Y 5. 6, 7, 8: Girl Reserves 5. 6. 7. "We boil at different degrees.' We LOREN O. HALLONQUISII' "Give us a man who smiles at his work." Luc1LLE H. HAMILTON "Nothing great was achieved without enthusiasm." Girls' Glee Club 4, S: Orchestra 3, 4, 5, 6, 7: Pit Orchestra 3, 4, 5, 6. 7: A Cappella Choir 8: Music Contest 4, 6: Aeolian 4, 5, 6: French Club 5, 6. Bon HANBURY "A man--polished to the nail." Hi-Y 3, 4, 5. 6. 7, 8, Vice President 7, 8: Forensic 6, 7, 8. Vice President 7: Sports Cluh 7, 8: Football 3, 5. 7: Monitor 6, 7, 8: Usher 3, 4: Student Council 8. cs ROBERT HANEY "Let each man do his best." Tumbling 5. DOROTHY HANN "Not by years but by disposition is wisdom acquired." Girl Reserves 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Secretary 4, 5: Modernistic 4, 5: Zetsgathean 6, 7: Home Economics 8: Shorthand Speed 8: Golf 8: Quill Typist 8: Scribblers Club 7: Scroll Typist 8: Service Girl 4, 5, 6, 7: Stage 6, 7. GWENIJOLYN M. H Anms iss "There is no happiness without action." May Festival 6: Student Council 4: Sodalitas Romano 5. 6: Philo- mathean 4. 5, 6, 7, B, Vice President 6, President 7: Scroll Stall' 6, 7, B. General News Editor 6, Editor-in-Chief 7, 8: Shakespearean 7, 8: Library Service 3, 4. 5. 6: National Honor Society 7, 8: Extemporancous Speaking 3. DOROTHY M. HART "Whig aren't they all contented like me?" Home Economics C uh 5. 6, 7. S, Treasurer B: Scroll Staff 8. LEi.A CLAIRE HAUGE "She has the priceless charm of being different without being artificial." Wardrobe Committee 3. 4, 5. 6, 7, 5, Chairman 5: Le Circle Francais by 4, 5, 6, 7, B, President 5. Secretary 6, Vice President 7: Zeta- gatht-an 4, 5. 6, 7, R: Fall Frolic 5: "South in Srnora" 7: Proper- ties lor "Dulcy", "Mrs, Bumpstead Leigh", "The Bat". "Skirlding". "Lightnin' " Girls' Glre Club 4: A Cappella Choir 5. 6, 8: Music Conn-st 6: Scroll Business Stall 3, 4. 5. 6, 7, B: Quill , ,, Business Stall' 3, 4, 5, 6. 7, F: Scroll Typist 7: "Nativity" 5: . L Memorial Day Parade 6: Service Girl B: G. A. A. 3, 4: Extra- vaganza 5. LAWRENCE HAws "An upright young man with ambitions and high ideas." Track 6: Scroll Stall' 7. Iuiux HAYDEN "God made her small in order to do a more choice hit ,rf of uiorknianshipf' Shakespearean 7. 3: Quill Stall 7, 8: May Festival 3: National ' Honor Society S. I' - ' ,Five--1, I M- X -pi-'EL :msg , X , ' v :1 DoNAi.n HECTOR X L , "Every man is odd." 4 -5 tb .' CLARENCE l'lEDI.UND x 3 .' , "Believe Clarence who has tried it." ,sg A ' Bam! 3, 4. 5, 6, 7. Pl: Orchestra 3, 4, 5, 6. 7: Fort-nsir 5, 6, : 'V - B: Extravaganza 5: Monitor 5, 6: Tennis 7, 8: "Quality Street" 'G-" j,f 6: "Lightnin' " B: Sports Club 7: lhlustc Contest 4, 6. ' LV We Quill "Nothing can bring you peace but yourself." "Dream manfully and nobly and thy dreams shall be prophets." 6, 7, 8: Student Council 1. 5, 6, 7, 8, President 7. BARBARA HEGGEN "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." Benson High, Omaha, Nebraska 3. 1, 5, 6, 7: Scroll 8, Copyreader. GEORGE HEGGEN "The time l've lost in wooing." Football 3. 1, 5, 6, 7, 8: Basketball 3, 5: Track 1, 6, B: Student Council 5. 7: E Epi Tan 3, 1, 5, 6, 7. 3, President 7, 8: French Club 1, 5. 6. 7, 8: Purple Mask 5, 6, Vice President 6: Hi-Y 1, 5. 6. 7. 8, Secretary 6, 8, Treasurer 7: Monitor 5, 6: Library Service 7. Boa HENSLER "Come, quench your blushes and present yourself." Hi-Y 6, 7, 8: Forensic 8: Monitor 8. N IEANETTE V. HEYER "What's well begun is half done." Philomathean 1, 5, 6, 7, 8: Shakespearean 7, 8: Messenger Service 1. 6: Library Service 3, 1. 5, 6. 7, 8: National Honor Society 8: May Festival 1: Girls' Glee Club 8: A Cappella Choir 8: Home Economics 8. BURR Hom. Monitor 3. 1: Football 3. 5, 7: Basketball 5, 6: Track 1, 6, 8: Hi-Y 1, 5, HOWARD W. HOLLINGSWORTH "He's happy, he's merry." Euclidean 8: Tumbling 3, 1, 5, 6: May Festival 6: Extravaganza 3: Spring Carnival 5. BETTY IEAN HOLTMAN "Happiness was made to be snared." Philatalin 7, 8: Treasurer 7, Vice President 8. CHARLES HOUSER "Unconscious humor." Tumbling 1. 5: Band 5, 6, 7. 8: Orchestra 5, 6, 7, 8: Shakespearean 7. 8: Social Orchestra 7, 8: Extravaganza 7: Gym Monitor 6, 7, 8: Music Contest 6: Physical Educational Exposition 1: Tennis 7, 8: Carnival 1: Pit Orchestra 5, 6. 7. 8: National Honor Society 8. KATHLEEN E. HUBBARD 'Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in thc story of souls." Na-- Spanish Cluh 8. CHARLENE HURLEY "Making her life and others' worthwhile." ESTA LEE HUSTED "The traditional redhead." Extravaganza 3, 5, 7: Music Contest 6, 5: "South in Sonora" 73 Service Girl 7: Student Council 6: Philomathean 6: Le Cercle Francois 8: Girl Reserves 7. S: A Cappella 1, 5, 6, 8: "Nativity" 5: Scribblers Club 7: Carnival 5. i 'L-Jfvr PAuLiNE M. Inwm And now I hear her voice again. Home Economics 6: Sodalitas Romana 7, B: Philomathean 7, S: Student Council 7 "Clever men are good, but ' they are not the best." 7179 Qu' 1 6 Eu IETTA OMEGA ,ONES "My eyes make pictures." Home Economics Club 3. RICHARD KAII. IAcIc IEFFRIES "Don't ask me how I do it. n Student Council B: Football 4: Hi-Y 3, 4. 5, 6, 7. 8: Usher, Chief A sistant 5. 6. 7, 8: Service Monitor, chief 7, 6: Hall Monitor 4: Christmas gageant gz Quill Staff, Business'Manager 4, 5, 6, 7, B: Scroll Business tafi 4. . 6. IACK IOHNSON MILDRED JOHNSON "Aye every inch a man." "There are times when patience proves almost a fault VIRGINIA E. IOHNSON "A sweet, attractive kind of girl." VIRGINIA L. IoIiNs0N "Her eyes are homes of silent prayers." Wardrobe Committee 5, 6: Monitor 6: Art Club, Secretary-Treasurer 6 7 Philon-Iathean 7: Zetagathean 8:. Shakespearean 8: Band 3. ARLENE A. IONES "I think." Golf Club 3, 4: Philomathean 7, 8: Shakespearean 7. 8: Messenger 8: National Honor Society 8. ' "No man has perpetual good fortune. Monitor 7: Football 6, 8: Science Club 5: Track 5: Basketball 4. EDISON. KENNEDY "He is truly great that is little in himself, and that maketh no account of any heights of honors." rs--11 Honor Society 7, 8: Student Council 4, 6: Tumbling 4, 5. 6. 7. 8: Shorthand Speed lntramu Society, Sergeant-at-Arms B: Hi-Y 6: Scroll Typist 8: Monitor 6: ral Basketball 3, 4, 6. Rum KIRBY "For if she will, she will and you may depend on it." May Festival 4, 6: Tumbling Team 5, 6. 7: Shorthand Speed Society 7, 8: Euclidean 5, 6, 7: Monitor 6, 8: Fall Frolic 5: Physi- cal Education Exposition 6: National Honor Society 8. FRANCIS D. KIRKPATRICK "Di-zmsels delight me not: l'm here to study books." Contest Band 6: Basketball Band 4. 5. 6, 7. 8: Football Band 5, 7. EVELYN Lucite KLEIN "The magic of a face." Monitor 1: Student Council 4: Band 3, 4, 5, 6: Music Contest 5, 6: Shorthand Speed Society 8: May Festival 4, 6. "1 would rather be. right We Qulll than be president." 1 eg' 1 C' ANGELINB Knuzicx 1 "Let us now praise famous women." Shorthand Speed Society 7, 8: G. A. A. 3, 4, 5. 6. 7, 8: Scribblera Club 8. Ti-ianasa KURTZ as if "Her smile is like the rainbow Flashing from a misty sky." Student Council 4: May Festival: Extravaganza 7: Shorthand Speed Society 7, 8: Secretary 8. ERMA H. LACKOUS l "I was born to other things." Home Economics Club 3. 4: May Festival 4: Girls' Glee Club 8: Music Contest 8: Orchestra 3, 4. 6 MARGARET LANGLAND "Patience and gentleness is power." Philomathean 6: G. A. A. 3, 4. 5. 6. 7. 8: Modemistic 6. 7. 8: Girl Reserves 8: Golf Club 3: May Festival 4: Shakespearean 8: Lile Saving 6. B: Physical Education Exposition 6. 7. I . CHARLES I.EAvENGoon "A moral, sensible and well-bred man." Glee Club 8: A Cappella 8: Orchestra 4. 5, 7, 8: Music Contest 4. 6: Extravagan:a 5, 7. Iosspnma E. LE MAR "Be happy if you are wise." Madernistic 5. 6, 7, S: Scroll Stalf 7. i S. PEGGY LE Poimz "Like-but oh how different." Golf Club 5. .ia 7 - Rance M. LEWIS .A 1 "lf fame is only to come after death, I am in no hurry ,,- 2 for it." we Euclidean 8: Tumbling 5, 6: May Festival 6. .Ja Pou.v A. LINCOLN "Life is fun." May Festival 4: Physical Education E position 4: French Club 5, 6: Zetagathean 5, 6, 7. 8: Scribblers Club 7. 8. Vice President 7. Secretary , 8: Student Council 5: Service Girl 6: "Nativity" 5, 7: Girl Reserves 5. 6. 7. 8. Vice President 6:.Monitor 5: National Honor Society B. MoLuE LIPPMAN "Presence of mind." satin glub 4, 7, 8: Golf Club 4. 7, 8: May Festival 5: G. A. A. .. BETTY V. LONG "Magnificent spectacles of human happiness." :French Club 4. 5: Zetagatltean 7. 8, Secretary 8: Shakespearean 7. B: Girl Reserves 6. 7, 8: Girls' Glee Club 7: May Festival 4: Band 3, 4. 5, 6. 7, 8: Orchestra 5, 6: District Music Contest 4. 6: National Band Con- test 6: Extravaganza 7: Music Festival 8. X ii HARRY R. LONG "There is honesty, manhood, and good fellowship in him.' Euclidean 3, 4: Shakespearean 7, 8: Scroll 8: Quill Stall' 7, 8, Senior Editor 8: Golf 6, 8: National Honor Society 8. rt A K 2 ft' A ' . 4 5 W " ":- - , , ,. -6 "Oh sleep! it is a rl th" , . Beloved ftofnpoie tongolef' 7712 Qu' I I ELMER B. LOVE ..My Boys' Glee Club 5. 6. IUANTTA M. Ni HELEN MCCLEARY GEORGE W. 35 MAXTNE I. MCGLOTH LEN "VVhcre is any author in the world who teaches such beauty as a woman's eyes?" HELEN MCGRATH "Dark eyes with a wondrous witching charm." EO MCINTIRE "His mind is a Kingdom, and his Will is law." Swimming Team 5. 6, 7, 8. HELEN MARY MCNELEY "A cast of thought upon her face." Cv. A. A. 3. 4, 5. 6, 7, 5: Publicity Secretary 3: Euclidean Club 6, 7: Modernistic 7. 8: Monitor 6: Tumbling Team 5, 6. 7, 8: Fall Frulic 5: May Festival 65 Shakespearean 8: Physical Education Exposition 6. DOROTHY E. MADDEN "She looks the whole world in the face." Euclidean Club 5, 61 Sodalilas Romana 7. 8: Pliilumalhean 7, B. LETA A. MALMBERG "A lovely lady garrnented in light." A Cappella Choir 5, 6, 7, B: Modernism: Club 6, 7. B: "South ln Sonora 7: Extravaganza 3, 5, 7: Girls' Glce Club 4: Orchestra 1. tongue within my lips I rein." LOYD "A quiet demurc maiden." Shorthand Speed Society 7, 8: Zetagathenn 6: Monitor 6. 7: Scribblers Club 8. CHARLOTTE E. Luicic "Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth." HARRY LUND "He could demonstrate mathematically that you saw what you didn't see." Science Club 7, 8. "A hard worker who gets results." French Club 4, 5. 6: Monitor 7: Student Council l8g International Relations Club 6: National Honor Society 8. MCDANTEL "lt matters not how long we live, but how!" 39' Q31 I I- -i .U ,A i.. 1 JL. '12 if 1 'I V 7 59 , ia fr . 'fd ' 5. elf :A ' , st. 7778 Qual "Push on.--'keeping moving." JOHN MARION "Nearly killed by a train of thoughts passing through his brain." Forensic 5, 6, 7, B, Secretary 6, Treasurer 7: Shakespearean 7: Euclidean 5. 6: French Club 8: "South in Sonora" 7: Hi-Y 6, 7, 8: Swimming 3, 5: Monitor 3, 8: Castle Club 8: Spring Festival 4. ROY MARQUIS "Wit is the salt of conversation, not the food." Hi-Y 7, B: Forensic Club 6, 7, 8: Shakespearean 7, B: Castle Club 8: Scroll Cartoonist B. VERA F. MARTIN "Oh Happinesslu Sioux City 3, 4, 5, 6: Marshalltown 7: Shakespearean 8. ANNA MATKOVICH "Ideas control the world." Spanish Club 3, 4, 5. 6: Hobby Club 7: National Honor Society I6 IB: Student Council 8: Shorthand Speed Society 7. 8: Service ir 7. MARCELl..N C. M.ATTERN "Vivacity, the gift of woman." Zetagathean 5, 6, 7, B: Scribblers Club 8: Student Council 8: Monitor 6: Library 4: "Lightnin' " properties B: Girl Reserves. MARY MEISTER "The will to do and soul to dare." May Festival 4. DOROTHY MELOS "I can always be happy." RAY A. METHLIE "Give me standing room and I will move the world." Stamp Club 8: Hi-Y 5, 6, 7, 8: Student Council 7. 'Jr-r NX CARROLL MILLER "Men are not valued for what they are, but what they -seem to be." I f- in LUCILLE MlLl.ER "I survived one trouble. So likewise may I survive another." """-' May Festival 4: Girl Reserves 5, 6. 7. 8: Modernistic 5, 6, 7, 8: 'QV' "Nativity" 73 Shakespearean 8: Golf Club 3. ARLENI3 F. Moons "Because to laugh is proper to the lady." l Philomathean 4, 5. 6, President 6: Extravagan:a 5, 7: Fall Frolic 5: "South in Sonora" 7: A Cappella 4, 5, 6: District Music Contest 6: State Music Contest 6: G. A. A. 3. IIAIMIE MORAN "Une perpetual grin." " YV e expect to do lliiirgulfriig 7778 QU' I l Q -v MELBA ALBERTA MORRIS "Plain without pomp." Shorthand Speed Society 6, 7. WILMA MUNDELL "The heart's hushed secret in the soft dark eye." Hobby Club 7, Vice President: Shorthand Speed Society 7, B, Vice President 7, 8: Golf 5, 6: Home Economics Club 6. 8: Schib- blers Club 8: Service Girl 7: Girl Reserves 5. 6. 7. 8. Treasurer 8. IOHN C. MuRRow "Are you men good and wise?" Sportsmans Club 7. l TED H. MYERS "He would stop St. Peter's roll call to ask a question." Hi-Y 3, 4. 5, 6: Scroll Stall' 6, 7: E Epi Tan 6: Basketball 3, 4. ANNA C. NASSIF "Give me a staff of honor." Golf Club 3: Shorthand Speed Socity 8: Zetagathean 8: Service Glrl 7-8: Philatnlin 7: G. A. A. 7. VICTORIA NASSIF "No doubtleuerything is for the best." A. A. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Goll Club 7, 8: Tumbling B: Girl Reserves 7, 8: Monitor 8: Service Girl 8: Zetngathean 8: Philomathean A6. Scribhlers Club 7, 8: Scroll Staff 8. H90 HELEN M. NALILIAN "Like angels' visits, short and bright." Home Economics Club 6: Girls' Glee Club 6. 7, 8: Zetagathean 6. 7. 8- Shlkespearean 7: Hobby Club 8, Vice President: G. A. A. 3, 4. 6, 7, Girl Reserves 6: Service Girl 8: May Festival 6. MARIE S. NELSEN "The truly generous is truly wise." Latin Club 3. 4. 5, 6: Shakespearean Club 7: May Festival 1, Memorial Day Assembly 5. W 'L CLIFFORD NELSON "A bold, bad man." E Epi Tan 3, 4: Forensic 5, 6, 7. 8, Secretary 6: Band 3, 4. 5, 6. 7: Orchestra 5, 6, 7: Chorus 6, 7, 8: Boys' Club 8: "South ln Sonora" 7: Extravaganza 6: "Lighrnin' " 8: District Music Contest 6, 8: State Music Contest 6: National Band Contest 6. Doms MAXINE NELSON "Her stature tall-I hate a dumpy woman." Mndernistic Club 4, 5, Vice President 5: Home Economics Club 4, 5, Treasurer 5: Monitor 5, 6: Scroll Assistant General News I Editor 8: Girl Reserves 7, 8. .- ,4 ,f EARL NELSON .. . . 'Laugh and live. ' Q Q .ilu U A' .1 U , HAROLD W. NELSON , h "Bring me no more reports." fig. 'vlifx . . .lr V 7.4. s his is 1 57' .4 . 3? i A -CJ-. 1 "Not every question Q We Q UI deserves an answer." VIOLA I. NERO "A little body often harbors a great soul." Brush and Palette Club 5, 6, 7, 8, President B: Art Contest and Exposition. HAROLD C. NEWMAN "He has taken his first degree, and has yet to learn to woo." i German Club 3, 43 Band 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Orchestra 3, 4: Music Contest 4, 6. PEARL NORTON "A 'o forever." Philatalin 'Club 7, 8. I y ks VILMA Louise ORMAN , ,tfo 'I would help others." lntcrnational Relations Club 8: Glee Club, 3. 4. REBECCA IANE OSTREAI "ln thy face I see the map or honor, truth and loyalty." . Euclidean Club 4: Cap and Dagger 3, 4, 5: Philomathean 5, 6, 7, B, Secre- tary 83 Shakespearean 7, 8, Secretary 8: Honor Society 7, 8: Debate B: Library 7. 8: Messenger Service 7, 8: Monitor 5: Service Girl 6. SIGRID OTTO "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, An excellent thing in woman." Library 3, 4, 5. 6, 7, 8: Philomathean 5, 6, 7, B, President 8: Girl Reserves 5, 6, 7, 8: German Club 4, 5, 7, Vice President 7: Shakespearean 8: Messenger Service 7, 8: Honor Society 7, 8: Golf Club 3. IAMES PAP1AN "A self made man. ' Football 3, 4: Shorthand Speed Society 7, 8. Iuov PARKER "She can change her mind like the wind." Cap and Dagger 5: Philomathean 4, 5: "The Bat" Properties 5: Ex.- travaganza Properties 6, 7: "Quality Street" Properties 6: "Nativity ' 3: Properties 5: Goll Club: Scroll Staff 8. DAVID PAUL , His idleness a tune. Basketball 3: Swimming 4, 5. 7, 8. ll 3 EDNA PETERSON X L' 5 "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Yr' Golf Club 3, 4: Home Economics 5, 8: Girl Reserves 6, 7, 8: Hobby Club 7, Secretary 7: Scribblers Club 8. ...F r . 6 , x EuzABEm PETERSON " "Dc-vout, yet cheerful." H!!! 'V' Shorthand Speed 7, 8: Tumbling Team 7: G. A. A, 8. 7-. GARVIN A. PETERSON ' "May all your clouds have silver linings." "lt tazkes a long time to bring ' excellence to maturity." We Qu' I I MARG.NRET PHELPS X "She' is pretty to walk with and witty to talk with and Girl Reserves 7: Chorus 6, 74 Girls' Glee Club 7. GAYLE DAVIS PHILLIPS pleasant to think of too." ,, "Of all earthly music which reaches farthest into heaven-----." I l Orchestra 3. 1, 5, 6, 7, 8: Girls' Glee Club 3, 1: Chorus 5 6 7 B Aeolian Club 3. 1, 5: French Club 6, 7, 8: Extravaganza 3 5 7 I Fall Frolic 5: Sub-District Contest 1, 6, 8: State Music Contest 6 Y I String Quartet 7, 83 "Nativity" 5, 7: National Honor Society 8 LAWRENCE B. PIERICK Hall Monitor 53 Sport Club 7. 8: Gym Monitor 5, 6. 'R MADONNA PIERICK President 8. HAROLD C. PINGREE Forensic 5. 6. 7, 5: Football 6, 7. MAMIE PIRILLO S .' . X LAY IOHN PLIIMMER "Life is not so short but that there is always time for courtesy." Wrestling 5, 6. 7, Kg Monitor b, 7. 8: Hobby Club 6, CHRlS I. PORTER "Accuracy is the twin brother of honesty." National Honor Society 7, 8: Student Council, Cafeteria Com- mittee Chairman 71 Shorthand Spec-tl Society 8: Football 3: Student Athletic Manacvrr 5, 6, 7. 8: Tennis 1. 5, 6, 7. 8: Track 15 Scroll Typist 7: Olllce Service 8: Intramural Basketball 3, 1, 5, 6, Captain 3, 1. VELMA R. PRATHER "A mistress of herself." , t sq.. 4' CARROLI. PRINGLE "To my extreme mortiflcation I grow wiser everyday." Football 1, tv: Basketball 3. 1, 5, b: Track 1g E Epi Tan 3, -lg Castle Club ll: Monitor 3, 1. A -f CHARLES PROCTOR "He that hath knowledge, spareth his words." Quill Business Stall' 51 Mohitnr 8: Forensic Club 8. MfXRjORlE PHILLIPS "A clever girl with plenty of pep." - "Everyday should be passed as if We Q UI it were to be our last." "ZealoIIs. yet modest." Philomathean S, 6, 7, 83 lnternational Relations Club . "I think, therefore I am." "Everyone is the son of his own work." "The force of her 'own merit makes her own way' Library 8: Philomnthean 84 Shorthand Speed Society 8. 28- ur YYY' 68VIe MARGARET REYNOLDS , "The voice so sweet, the words so fair." Girl Reserves 5, 6, 7, 8: Modernistic 5, 6, Vice President 5: Zetagathean 6, 7, 8: Shorthand Speed Society 8: Golf 8: Quill Typist 8: Scroll Typist 8: Stage 6, 7: Service Work 5, 6, 7. ROLAND C. RITCHART "Though he be blunt, I know him passing wise." CHRISTINA M. Rivns "In friendship I was early taught to believe." G. A. A. 3, 4. 5, 6, 7, 8: Home Economics 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, Vice President 7: Library Service 1, 5, 6. 7, B: Girl Reserves 7: Brush and Palette B. MAxiNE M. ROBESKY "She'd make a good Senator." G. A. A. 8: May Festival 3, 6: Modernistic 63 Zetagathen 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Aeolian 4, 5, 6, 7: Scribblers 8: Fall Frolic 5: Girls' Glee Club 5, 6: A Cappella Choir 7, 8: District Music Contest 6: State Music Contest 6: "Nativity" 7: "South in Sonora" 7: Service Girl 7: Student Council 7: Shorthand Speed 8: National Honor Society 7, 8: Girl Reserves 4, 5, 6. 7. 8. HELEN MAXINE ROBINSON "Nothing is impossible to industry." Aeolian 3, 4. 5, 6: Philomathean 5, 6, 7, 8: Treasurer 7: Shakespearean 7, 8: National Honor Societv 7, 8: Library 4, 5, 6: Quill Staff 7, 5: School Life Editor 8. MARJORIE LEONA ROGERS "She who is honest is noble." aa. '97- Home Economics 6: Philomathean 7. 8: Shakespearean 7. 8: National Honor Society 7, 8: Service Girl 8: Scroll Staff 8. 1' Cir CLYDE P. RussELL ViOLA G. RONK "Sweet, silent rhetoric of persuading eyes." Aeolian 3, 1, 5, 6, 7, 8: Fall Frolic 5: Extravaganza 3, 5, 7: Philomathean 8: A Cappella Choir 1, 5, 6, 7, 8: Sub-District Music Contest 4, 6, 8: State Music Contest 6: District Contest 8: Costumes -for "Mrs. Bumpstead Leigl'i": "South in Sonora" 7: "Nativity" 3, 5. 7. ROSEMARY ROSE "Merrily, merrily, shall I live now." Student Council 5: Shorthand Speed Society 8: Scroll and Quill Typist 7: Scroll Stall' 8. BETTY Ross "Whose little body lodged a mighty mind." Tumbling 7. MARY HELEN RUMPLE -"Genius is measured by quality not quantity." Grinnell High 3, 4, 5, 6: "Big Pond" 7: Properties: "South in Sonora" 7: Pianist: Sub-District Music Contest 8: Accompanist: Aeolian Club 7, B: Girl Reserves 7, 8: A Cappella: Band 7, B: Orchestra 7 8: "Lingtnin' " 8: District Music Contest 8, Accompanist. "Alone I did it." DOROTHY E. Russiai L "I live for those who love me." May Festival 4: Modernistic Club 6: Philatalin Club 6, 7A Short- hand Speed Society S: Girl Reserves S. "This is the field and acre of our God, This is the placewhere human harvests grow We Qulll HELEN SANDERSON "Dark eyes which may be felt." Philomathean 6: G. A. A. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Modernistic 6, 7, 8. President 7, Secretary B: Girl Reserves 3, 8: Golf Club 3, 4: Shakespearean 8. BETTY SARGENT "The highest triumph of art is the truest presentation I of nature." Philomathean 4, 5: Aeolian 6, 7, 8: Modernistic 4: Music Contest 6, 8: "Nativity" 3, 5: Extravaganza 5, 7: Zetagathean B: Service Girl: Librarian 4: G. A. A. 8. CARMEN L. SAYREH ' A poem within herself." Sodalitas Romana 6: Editor of Literary Staff of Quill: Shakespearean 7. 8: Member of Quill Staff 7, 8: Girls' Gee Club 7, 8: May Festival 8: Cos- tume Committee bn "Quality Street" 6. ESTHER E. SCHULTES "Good to forgive, best to forget." 6: Tumbling 8. BETTY R. SCHWARTZ I want a hero." 3, 4: May Festival 6: Girl Reserve 4, 5, 6, 7, B, Treasurer. iv A ART M. SCIGLIANO "You'll know him by his eye-lashes." "Nativity" 7: Band 5, 6, 7, Q: Orchestra 5, 6 7. ALICE MAXINI5 ScoTT "Chcerless is a friend to grace." Pliilatalin 7, B: Vice President 7: Golf 5, 4. MARIANN H. STIELDON "Dancing feet." Wardrobe Committee 3, 4, 5, 6: Girls' Glee Club 4: A Capella Choir 5, 6: State Music Contest 6: Memorial Da Program 6: Le Cercle Francais 4, 5, 6: Zetagathean 4, 5, 6: Secretary 6: Fall Frolic 5: Extravaganza 3, 5, 7: G. A. A. 3: "Nativity" 6: Work lor "Quality Street" 6: Dancing Instruction: National Honor Society 7, 3. FRANK SILVER "Every man is a volume, if you know how to read him." Stage Electrician 6, 7, 8, .Chief 8: Science Club 7, 8, Vice President 8: Forensic 8: Hi-Y 7. ANNA I. SIvIAI.uK A 6 "Youth comes but once in a life time." G. A. A. 3, 4, 5: Sodalitas Romana 4. 5, 6: May Festiva : German Club 7, Fl, Treasurer 8: Philomathean 7, 8: Scroll Staff 7, i S: National Honor Society 8. ANITA LOUISE SMITH "Full many a friendship' has this maid begun of ladies many- but of men but one." Girls' Glee Club 4: A Cappella Choir 5, 6, 7, 8: "South in Sonora" 7: Renlian Club 3, 4, 6, Secretary-Treasurer: French Club 5, 6, 7, 8, Secretary: Philatalin Club 7, 8: Extravaganza 8: Fall Frolic 5: Music ' a " ' Contest 6: "NativilY" 5, 7: May-Festival Committee 8, Chairman. ' X D I FERN SMITH "My own thoughts are my own companion." Q5 ,. May Festival 6: Euclidean Club 5, 6: German Club 7, 8: Scroll 7 x Staff 8: Service Girl 7: Alumni -Representative for German Club, 8. x t 7 ' 'They who live in history only me Q ul seem to walk the earth again." French Club 5, 6, 7, 8: Modernistic Club 7: Brush and Palette 5, 6, Vice President: Zetagathean 8: Golf 7, 8: Girls' Glee Club 5. A Capella 5. 6, 7, 8: Glee Club 7, 8: Modernistic 3, 4: Operetta 7: Ex- travaganza 7: City Music Contest 5, 6: State Music Contest 5, 6: G. A. A. ROBERT Sums "Gratitude is eternal." Latin Club 4. 5, 6. Treasurer Science Club 7: Student Council 5. DEAN W. SMITHSON. "Opinions differ but characters are only developed." 'ex Latln Club 3, 4: Science Club 5. 7: Band 5, 6, 7, 8: Marching Band 5. 7x Monitor Q Boys' Glee Club 8: Extravangza 7: Social Orchestra 7, 8: Sub- istrlct Music Contest 6, 8: District Music Contest Bx National Band Contest 6: City Music Festival 8. 5-p --iff-if--t, Auca BELLE SOUTHWARD ' . --'l, , r "Honor lies in honest toil." Wonka High School 3, 41 Home Economics Club 5, 61 Shakespearean Cluh 7. 8: G. A. A. 5, 5. 7. 8: Monitor 6. i Pt-tvnus W. STAFFBRTON "The world for your dimples." Library Service 3. 4, 5. 6: Messenger 4, 5, 6: Service Girl 7: Spanish Club 7, 8. Vice President 7. President 8: National Honor if I Society 8. Dor.OREs ANN STAMAS "Looks at life steadily." Orchestra 3, 4, 6, 7: Glee Club 4: Music Contest 4, 6: Operetta Orchestra 73 International Relation 7: Phllomathean 3. HARRY LEE STANTON ' "Everything by starts, and nothing long." Monitor 5. 6, 7. 1 ERNEY F. STEVENS "His friends are many: his enemies few." Monitor 6, 7, 8: Usher 6, 7, 87 Noon Monitor 7, 8: Tumbling 3, 5: Cross Country 3, 5, 7: Track 4, 6, 8. DON STROMBERG "Behavior is a mirror in which every man shows his image." Track 3, 5: Basketball 3, 4: l. E. R. 6, 7, 8: Hi-Y 7, 8. GRACE STUMBAUGH "We only demand that a woman be womanlyf' Extravaganza 3, 7: Shorthand Speed Society 8: Girl Reserve 7. 8: Zeta- gathcan 6: Monitor 8. 'T MOLLIE IRENE THOMPSON "Too wise to err, too good to be unkind." Shorthand Speed Society 7: Service Girl 7. LILLIAN ARLINE THORNTON "Life is but thought." fi- French Club 5. 6, 7, 8: A Cappella Choir 8: Girls' Cvlee Club 7, 8. HELEN T1t,Ev "You'd have known her by her merrimentf' "Nativity 7: Extravaganza 7: Scroll 8: May Festival 4. "Arm thyself for the truth," Wye I I IAMES PATRICK TOMA "Fame is one perfume of heroic deeds." Football 3, 5. 7. MARY E. TOWNSEND "Short sayings oft contain much wisdom." G. A. A. 3, 4: Ofllce Assistant 7: Monitor 8. IACK H. TRAFTER "My eyes make pictures when they are shut." T ANNA TUINSTRA "Endurance is a crowning quality." G. A. A. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Shakespearean 8: May Festival 4, 6, B: Service Girl 7: Monitor 7: Tennis Team 5, 6, 7. KENNETH TUINSTRA "In every mess I find a friend." Football 3, 5, 7: Basketball 3, 4, 5, 6: Track 6: Gym Monitor 7: Sports 1- B ff -I - ' Club 1. N. GAIL TunLEY ,:- "Has an active mind and runs it by himself." ix. Monitor 3, 4, 5. 8. RosiE VETTA VAUGHN "Tis only noble to bc good." Scrihblers Club 8: Philomathcan 8: G. A. A. 3, 4, 5, 6. DALE VERTZ "lf a man is worth knowing at all, hc is worth knowing well." Hi-Y 7, B: Forensic 5. 6. 7. 8: Euclidean 5 6, Treasurer 7. , U Doizormr E. VOYCE -' f, rf 1 V i i. "They arc never alone that are accompanied with ,I 1 noble thoughts." sig? Sodalitas Romana 4, 5, 6, 7: Brush and Palette 61 Shorthand Speed Society ' l' 7, S: Monitor 6, 7. Fl I U 7' Eomi hN'ARNE "Her hair is not more sunny than hcr heart." ' .- May Frstival 4: "South in Sonora" 7: "Nativity" 3, 5, 8: A ..,q - Cappella Choir 5, 6, 7, 8: Motlcrnistic 7, 8: Frolic 5: State Con- test 6. NORMAN WARREN Studys a pastime-why ovcrdo it: Band 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Hg Orchestra 5, 6, 7, ll: Pit Band 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, R: Music Contest 8: ll:-Y 1, 4, 5, hg Sports Club K: National Music Contest 7: Orchestra Contest S: Scroll Stall' N. 'U 1 XJLLIAM E. WATitiNs Speech is great. but srlcncc is ofeatcr. Wrestling 5, 6, 7, 83 Monitor 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Usher 4, 5. 6, 7. S: Hi-Y 7, 8: Orchestra 6, 7. ...ad 1 "Let time that makes you me Qulll homely, make you sage." VIRGINIA B. WEBSTER "Good humor only teaches charms to last." Philatalin Club 4, 5: G. A. A. 3: Modernistic 3, 4: Girl Reserves 4, 5, 6, 7. B. Secretary 6, Vice President 5: Orchestra 3, 4, 5. 6: District Music Contest 4. 6: State Music Contest 4, 6: Girls' Glee Club 4. 8: A Capella Choir 5, 6. 7. 8: Music Festival 8: "South in Sonora" 7: Fall Frolic 7: Operetta 6: "Nativity" 3. 5, 7: "The Bat" 5, Make-up: Ex- travaganza 5: "Quality Street" 6: Service Girl 7. ESTHER L. WEHRLE "Honorable habits are a priceless possession." Euclidean 3. 4. 5. 6: Monitor 5. 7: Service Girl 6: Student ouncil 6: German Club 6, 7, 8, Secretary 6. President 8: Modernistlc 7: National Honor Society 7, 8. DOROTHY LAVERNE XNFIEELS I ask you. could I be more jolly?" G. A. A. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, ,Publicity Secretary 6: Extemporaneoua Speaker 7: Modernistic 4: International Relations Club 6: Service Girl 7: Zeta- qathean 7, 8: Scribblers Club 7, S: National Honor Society 7, 8: Scroll and Quill Typist 7: Scroll Staif 8: Girls Baseball Manager 6: Home Economics 5: May Festival 4. MILDRED WI-IITEI-IuRs1' "A friend is worth all hazards we can run." CAROL WILDEY "Not to know Carol argues yourself unknown." Cap and Dagger 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8: Shakespearean B: National Honor Society 7, 8, Vice President 8: Latin Club 4: Euclidean 3, 5: Hobby Club 7. Treasurer 7: Debate 5, 6, 7, 8: Extemporaneous Speaker 5, 7, First ln Clty Content 7: Oratory 6, 8, First in City Contest8: "Quality Street" 6: "The Big Pond" 7: "Lightnin' " 8: Quill Stall' 7. 8. Editor-in-Chief 8: Physical Education Exposition 4: "Nativity" 7, Library Assistant 3, 8: International l I' Relations Club 6: Golf 3: G. A. A. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, B. JAKE I. NVILEY "A man-polished to thc nail." Hall Monitor 5: Sportsmans Cluh 8, MARY ELIZABETH WILEY "The small courtesies sweet in life." Athletic Bookkeeper 4: Aeolian 3, 4, 5, 6. 7: Shorthand Speed Society 7, 8. Ser eant-at-Arms 7, Treasurer 5: Monitor 5, 6. 7: Music Contest 4: Orchestra 4: Carnival 5: Quill and Scroll Typist 8. K -4 " A f IOSPHINE WILLIAMS ' "Laugh and the world laughs with you." G. A. A. 5. egg" l ' Q ROBERTA WILLIAMS A -'Ia "And it was written-well done." ' Soladitas Romana 3, 4: French Club 5, 6, Treasurer 6: Zetagathean 6, 7. -4 8, Treasurer 8: Girl Reserves 4. 5, 6: Shakespearean 7, 8: Monitor 6, 8: I National Honor Society 7, 8: Golf 3. ,, . 1 x MARGARET MARY WILLIAMSON A bg "The luxury of doing good surpasses every other TA personal event. ...X M ' X- G. A. A. 4. 5. 6,'7. 8: Tumbling Team 6, 7, 8: Spring Festival 4. 5: Home Economics Club 7, B. EDWIN E. WILLI'rs "With graceful steps he strides the street and smiles on every lady sweet." Spanish Club 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, President 7: Forensic Club 5, 6. 7, 8, Secre- tary 7: Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Student Council 6, 7. 8: Swimming 3. 4 5, 6, 7, 8. DON WILsoN H "In every mess I find a friend. Art Club 5: Monitor 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Sportsmans Club 8: Gym Monitor 5. "Time conquers all and we must obey time." me Qu' ll 1 ViviAN E. WILSON I Wt "Was the making of many a party." Euclidean 3, 1, 5, 6, 7, Vice President 5, Secretary 6, 71 Shorthand Sp 7, 8, President 8: National Honor Society: lnternetionel Relations Club ,Q Student Council 55 May Festival 4: Girl Reserves 8: Library Service 3. GAYNELL WORMLEY "The rattling tongue of saucy and audacious eloquenc Scribblcrs Club 7. S LE Roy R WOXELL "The bcst hearts are ever the bravest." -Q 4. MARY W. WRY -- "I wish l'd been born a boy, Oh gee." Service Girl 5g Monitor 3, 13 Girl Reserves 8: Tennis 8. IOE YAMEN "Discrction is more than eloquence. ' MYRTLE L. YATES "Man has his will-but woman has her way." Golf 3, 8: Scroll Stall' 7, 8, Advertising Manager 8. IACK YEWELL "To be strong is to be happy." Football 5. 7: Swimming 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 81 E Epi Tan 7: A Capella, Choir 7, 8. JERRY YOLING "A light heart lives long." Gull Club 3: Aeolian 3, 1: Glce Club 4: Make-up 7. 8: Properties 7g "Lightnin' " 85 Modcrnistic 8. ' , l' 1-B 5' ' it DONALD STEELE "As hc thinkrth in his heart, so he is." Band 3, 4, 5, 6. 7, 85 Orchestra 7, ll: District Band Concert 43 Natinnal Band Concert 6: Music Festnal 33 Pit Band 5, 6, 7. . "Tl cr " t' ze for all things." We res nr HUGHES BOSTON "He conquers who endures." AUSTIN CHAMBERS "Still makes new conquests." CARROLL COWLES "Damsels delight me not: I am here to study books." Tumbling 3: Wrestling 5: Hobby Club 8: Hi-Y 8. WESLEY FELTON "This is the porcelain clay of human kind." ELAINE HIXSON "Capable and likable." RICHARD HowE "Patient of toil." CARROLL HUNTER "Should one sneak into class when one comes late?" Latin Club 8. Louis PRIEBE "Iolly. good-natured and full of fun." Boys' Glee Club 3, 1, 5. 6. 7. 8: A Capella Choir 5, 6. 7, 87 "South ln Sonora" 7. CHARLES PRINCE "I want what I want when I want it. Swimming 3, 1, 5. 6, 7, 8: Track 8: Football 7: Scroll Std' 8. GRACE REYNOLDS "Be noble in every thought and in every deed." ALICE SATER "When I work, I workp when I play-it dQesn't matter." ERCEL STANLEY "Agreed to diferf' Shakespearean 7. 8: Modernistic 7, 8. ORVAL VEACH "A small complacent youth." GEORGE YANICH "A noble heart." O, ll lv lc l Cl , . Ca biclliimzerselhrgll' 7776 QUI mm Qwlurzllin. AGNES BNN. Everyone enjoys her Scottish accent." MONA BROWN "All who saw admired." MARY BuN'rz "Blast with plain and sober sense." HELEN M. Cox q "For nothing lovelier can be found." Glrll' Glee Club 8: Modernlltlc 5. 6. 7. 8: Scrlbblera 7. 8: Girl Reserve: 8: Student Council Secretary 85 Mixed Chorus 8: G. A. A. 5. 6. 7. 8: May Peulval 6. FLOYD Ecxnosl-I ' "Silence does not indicate lack of wisdom." Hobby Club 7, 8: Shakespearean 8: Purple Mak B3 Tennis 1. ANTHONY Gnnsso "What a piece of work is man!" ILO GREGORY "If you don't ask questions, you'll never get any place." Usher 4, 5. 6: Monitor 5, 6: Student Council 5. VENTHAL HARRIS "Ye gods, I am a man after mme own heart." Science Club 7: Swim ing 7, 8: Football 3. GEORGE Huanns "There is little melancholy in him." HAROLD IOHNSON "A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market." Golf 4, 5. 6: Purple Musk 4: Euclidean 5. 6: Spring Carnival 1: Band 4: Orchestra 4. DONALD IULSTROM "Some day he will awaken and astonish the world." French Club 6: Monitor Sl. 8. WILLIAM MILLS "There is reason in what I say. or I would not try it.' Euclidean 4, 5. - "Truth has rough fla ors We Q UI if we bite it llhroughf' DOROTHY MURPliY I A, .E I -' "Even her failings lean toward virtue's side." ff' Home Economics. . 'P - HENRY NELSON Y , "Nothing so hard but search will find it out." I ' Football 5: Science Club 6. I A, R if R QR .- : 'W ev- he ,V Y EMILY PATRICK "lf 'tis good, I'll do it: if 'tis bad, it should not be done." i Mumm. PIERCE - "What's the use of all this strife and hurrying pellmell w through life?" , Home Economics 7, 8. GENE ARRASMITH "The only competition worthy of a wise man is with himself." MARGARET COOK "Happiness seems made to be shared." ELSIE BRANSON "The conscience of one who does her work the best she can." Russ CARl.s'roN "A girl in the front seat is worth two in the rumbIe." ROSALIE CORNETI' "True happiness is to no spot confined. I find it everywhere. Philatllin 8. n LENA IZZOLENA "If to her some female errors fall, Look on her face, and you'Il forget them all." Lincoln High 3, 4. 5. 6. 1 "Truth is like a torch, the more A . 'tis shook the more is shines." 7779 Qulll SENIOR CALENDAR Senior Mixer ---- Februar! 16 Senior-Parent Faculty - - Marc 22 All-Club Party - - - A rll I2 Senior Dance - - - Bray 10 Jlnniv. Day Assembly - - May I7 May day - f - - May 28 Seniors to graduate - - une 1 ' Class Night - - - une 3 Senior Breakfast - - une 4 Senior Assembly - - une 4 Senior Banquet - - une 5 Commencement - f une 5 Alumni Meeting - - une I0 enior ommittees SENIOR OFFICERS Bon BRACKBNBURY STANLEY Fouucn - - - - - - President - - - - Vice President L. Lovo Rises lossvl-nm: Banxnn - - - - - Treasurer - - - - - - Secretary NAOMI louNsoN Ronunr HAPTONSTAHL - - - - Board Member - - - - Board Member May Festival Chairmen, Anna Tulnstra, Anita Smith. Members, Faye Caplan, Margaret Langlund, Mary Helen Rumple. Feme Smith, Lola Stover, Dorothy Brown,Mollle Leppman. llilelen Neuman,HGlorlaAfLndlleEls:. , fl ' lulla Hayden, Carmen Sayre. Arlene Thomton. Bet? Ross, hristina lvas. Ieanette eyer y wards. Dorothy Wheels, Rose Chiodo. Advisor, Miss pencer. Cap and Gown Chairmen, Robert Smith, Mary Gray. Members. Reglnald Bobenhouse, Dale Baird, Emily Patrick. Elsie Bray, Leta Malmberg, Elizabeth Fahnestock, Grace Stumbaugh, Alice Scott. Erma Sdchlfl, Pauline Dilliner. ary Esther Cummings, Thelma Frost. Advisor. Mr. Houser. Line of March Chairmen. Chris Porter, Lucile Hamilton. Members, Rosemary Rose, Helen Edman, Lucille Mlller, Alice Southward, Elizabeth Peterson, Margaret Williamson, Esther Werhle, Madonna Plerick, Angellne Kruilck. Leona Cramer. Peggy Le Porte, Ether Anderson. Iosephlne Williams, Gaynell VVormley, Huges Boston, Ilmmle Moran. Advisors, Mr. Seevers. Mr. Gabrlelson. ' "D b , h' me Q UI are tganengelcl aillilng Calendar Committee Chairmen, Kelly Anderson, Iack Yewell. Members, Mariam Erskine, Frederick Durham, Ann Smaluk, Evelyn Baldwin, Mary Louise Costello, Doris Nelson, Betty Schwartz, Virginia Webster, Raymond Collins. Advisor. Mr. Morton. ' Senior Dance E lil Chairmen. Maxine Robesk , George He en. Members. Bob Hanbury, Paul Baridon, Iimmie Basldns. Phyllis Clark. Edna Peterson, arol Prin le, yrtle Yates, Howard Hollingsworth, Matilda Burwinkle, Byron Friend, Marjorie Floyd. Eddie Willits. Qvilma Mundell, Betty Beckett. Advisors, Mr. Bakalyar, Mr. Wasson. Senior-Parent Faculty Chairman of program. Barbara Bittlng: chairman of refreshments, Phyllis Statferton. Members, Roy Mar- ais. Mary WW Sara Asarch. Clilford Nelson, George Deardon. Laverne Barlow, Dorothy Brady, Reece wil, Vlvlan ilson, lake Wiley, Iuanita Lloyd, Bob Erickson, Marjorie Rogers, Mary Wiley, Anna Nassif, Victoria 'Nassif. Kenneth Tuirrstra. Advisors, Mr. Easter, Miss May. Class Night Chairmen, Carol Wildey, play: Mildred Conkwright, exhibits: Roberta Williams,E?:rogram. Members, Henel M. Robinson, Eohn Smith, Eleanor lines, Anna Matkowick, Tony Grassoll Floyd krosh, Eddie Comegys, Helen Banta, ' afay Clements, elen Sanderson, Ray Methlie, Francis Kirkpatrick, Ruth Dahl, Eunice French. Advisors, Miss Barge, Exhibits: Miss Woodman. Dramatics: Mr. Tallman, Music: Miss Bonlleld, Organization of program: Miss McBride, Inventory. Alumni Chairmen, Betty Sar ent, Iack Ieiries. Members, Rebecca Ostrem, Maurice Bums, Betty lean Holtman, Esldl Garanson, Charlene llurley, Dorothy Hart, Dale Vertz, Barbara Chadwick, Marie Nelson, Bob Bracken- bury, Lloyd Reese. Bob Haptonstahl, Naomi lohnson, Stanley Foulke, Iosephine Barker, Mabel Anderson. Ad- visors. Miss Knauer. Mr. Lyman. Invitations Chairmen, Vera Davis, Ruth Kirby. Members, lennie Buigen, Dorothy Haag. Grace Gilbert. Helen Mc- Neley. Dorothy Aukerman, Mar aret Cook, Velma Oi-man. Marguerite Baird, Velma Prather, Helen Iacobson, ArleneL Bfvan, Virginia Esty, gllathilde Bezinque, Genevieve Deaton, Agnes Baird. Delores Ann Stomas. Vir- ginia . ohnson. Senior Banquet Chairman of Decorations, Inez Goughnour. Members, Viola Nero, Dorothy Hann, Gwendolyn Harris, Sylvia Caplan, Esther Schultes, David Paul. Arthur G. Carlson. Lee Brownlee. C airman of Toasts, Polly Lincoln. Members, Lela Clair Hguge, Betty Long, Margaret Reynolds, Helen Tiley, Viola Ronk, Theresa Kurtz, Esta Lee Husted. 'Marie Garland. ' Reception Committee Chalrmen,J:m Marion, Mariam Erskine. Members, Frederick Derham, Anna Smaluk. Evelyn Baldwin, Mary! Louise tello, Doris Nelson, Betty Schwartz, Virginia Webster, Raymond Collins. Advisors. Miss Quic . ' "That is gold which is worth gold." t Wie Quill Publicity Chairmen, Don Celander, Sigrid Otto. Members, Charles R. Proctor, Helen Connett Dorothy Voyce Mamie Pirillo, Sol Friedman, Don Stromberg, Ioseph Cannon, Dorothy Melos, Iosephme Le Mar lbas Frazier Darrel Freburg, Ruth Buchan, Rosie Fanghan. Advisor, Mr. Stratton. Senior Breakfast Chairmen, Marcella Mattern. Burr Hohl. Members, Virginia Butcher, Isabel Goodwin Advisors M Hostetter, Mr. Gabrielson. BOYS Bob Brackenbury Iohn Plummer LaVerne Barlow Clarence Hedlund Lloyd Rees Bob Brooks Stanley Foulke Frank Silver Boh Haptonstahl Paul Baridon Roy Marquis Bob Hensler Harry Long Lee Brownlee Burr Hohl Dale Vertz lack Ielfries Byron Friend Eddie Willits Cliff Nelson Iohn Marion George Heggen lack Trafter Bob Hanbury Most Most Best Most Most Most enior Popular Courtcous Bluffer Dignified Athletic Business-like Best Naturcd Most Generous Friendlicst lllost Sophisticated Most Artistic Cutcst Wittiest Quietest Busiest Most Pensiuc Peppiest Most Talkaliue Most Bashful .Most Studious Sillicst Ncatest Heartiest Laughter Graceful tars GIRLS lo Barker Lela Claire Hauqe Carol Wildey Rebecca Ostrum Ann Tuinstra Lucille Hamilton Lorretta Ballard Mary Wry Marcella Mattern Myrtle Yates lnez Gou hnour Vivian Vsilson Roberta Williams Barbara Bitting Maxine Robesky Iulia Hayden Polly Lincoln Mildred Conkwright Iudy Parker Sylvia Caplan Anna Smaluk Phyllis Clark lean Chapman Marian Sheldon . "God helps those who help themseli es Wie QU! II STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: Baldwin. Fahneatocl Matkovlch, johnson, Davis, McCleary. Cox, Miller, Strait, Lee: Second Rows Hohl, Ielfriea, Mattern. Koenigsberger. Gustafson, Anderson. Hatchett, Folsom, Lewis: Third Row: Cross. Goodalde, Hanks, Brackenbury, Olson. Hapton- stahl, Anderson, Brau ht. Frink: Fourth Row: Wines, Rees. Eerris. Prilx. Mon- teith, Martens, McGlothlen: Fifth Row: Suddeth, Williams, Adams, Douglass, Witten, Foulke. Burns. NATIONAL HONOR ' SOCIETY First Row: Asarch, Caplan, Conk- wrlght, Williams, Lincoln. Barker, Iohn- son. Sargent. Robesky, Wilson, Bailey. Grochsla, Harris, Hayden: Second Row: Phillips, McClear , McKlbben. Gough- nour, Ostrem, Wheels, Davis. Grey, Staferton. Malkovich, Sheldon. Adams: Third Row Ho r Klb B : use , r y. IOHCI, ur- winkle, Knudsen, Anderson, Bruatman, Nutt, Moore, Wehrle, Roqera, Blttlng: Fourth Row: Kennedy, Porter. Foulke. Celander. Friedman. Robinson, Hurley, Smaluk. Wildey, Rees. Roorda: Filth Row: Ball. Wilson, Anderson, Kennedy. Btacltenbury, Cross, Haptonstahl, Long, Nelson, Smith, Silver. Nelson. QUILL STAFF First Row: Ball, Mack, Malmberg, Garland, Hann, Re nolds, Wiley, Ha den. Adams, Bailey, wildey: Second how: Welrl, Dailey, Barldon, Nutt. Sayre. Hauge, Barker, Gou hnour. Haptonltahl: Third Row: L. D. Olsen, Porter, CIOII, Marquis. Ruhmland. Long. lefrles, Mr. Stratton. l. l'Hl:I STUDENT COUNCIL, a legislative organization composed of representatives from every room, acts as the governin body of the school. Its activities are under the guidance of Miss Agnes Helmreich, Mr. C. O. Hoyt. and YVlr. O. G. Prichard. 2. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY is an organization composed of students who excel in scholar- ship, leadership, service. and character. Membership in this society is honored by various colleges. 3. THE QUILL STAFF. members of which are selected by the English department from twelfth grade students, edits the Quill under the direction of Mr. Stratton, Mr. Olsen. and Miss Macy. 'll ill 4: I "" "7 gr-fr W "To live is' not to live for onc's self alone: e Qual Ie! us help one another." l SCROLL STAFF First Row: Wiley, Re nolds. Hann, Yltel. Tiley, Cha man. wry, Heggen. Couch, Cramer: .Second Row: Cnlfrey. Role. Parker. Hart. Nelson. Muck. Nassif. Adema, Bliley, Harris: Third Row: Smith. Plane, Erskine. Brultman. Hnuge. Daniela. elton. Denton. Smnlnk, Strat- ton: Fourth Row: Olsen. Yates, Wur- ren, Meyers, Marquis, Long. Neiswnnger. Friedman: Fifth Row: Howe, Fnlkoski, Aamoth, Ruhm and. Prince. Erickson. Ken- ne y. DEBATE Fin! Row: Goughnour, Ostrem, Conk- wrlglzt, Wildey, -Robinson: Second Row: Monteith. Feintecl. Mr. I. H. Gabrielson, Levitt, Kerr. EXTEM AND ORATORY First Row: Gabrielson. McCall Wildey. Watlington. l. THE SCROLL STAFF, which edits the school paper. and which is composed primarily of members of the Iournalism 2 class, was divided into two separate staffs which published the Scroll alternately this semester. 2. THE DEBATERS. coached by Mr. Iohn Gabrielson, have been debating the subject, Federal aid to education, with schools throughout the state, and were represented in the McCahill Toumament at Drake. 3. East High was represented in the city extemporaneous speaking contest by Carol Wildey, who placed first, and Nedra McCall, sixth. Carol Wildey placed first in the city oratorical contest and Arthelia Walling- ton. seventh. East placed second in school rankings. Mr. I. H. Gabrielson is the coach. 'ixvxlf 1 ff f 'lu e l I l P: 3-9' 1 VFP " "Common sense: is instinct, ' and enough of it is genius." 7779 LIBRARY STAFF Fira! Row: Lynch. Reynolds. Denney. Pirlllo, Couch. Cramer. Berner. Rlvu. Williams, Klllar, Pabst, Wilson: Second Row: Larson. Wilson. Reid. Costello. Cummings, Caplan. Whltehurst. Hammer, Hudson. Bark. Conlrwrl ht, Bittlnf. Lon : Third Row: Bnrldon. lloopel, elglmg, Anderson. Gleason. Ralston. Hubbard. wen, Ostrem. lohnaon, Hurley, Ortlund. ildeqg Fourth Row: Hartman. Moore. Sterner. Nutt, Moline. Groclnla. Otto. Wilkins, Ballch, Nelson, Burke, Short. Warren. EXTRAVAGANZA LIGHTNIN' Olson. Brownlee, Matthews, Rumple. Blntl Reid, Wallin. McGlothleu. Enoul, Smith. Hedlund. McKebben. Hoffman. Lincoln. Kurtz. McCall. Pederson. Hal- lted. Nelson. Haptonstlhl, Bnrousen, Weidey, Smith, Krouhn, Barlow, Ander- ton, Waller. Woods, Lzunch. l. The library staff, which is composed of girls, who possess a higher scholastic rating. ls selected by Miss Larson, to have charge of the care and Bling of books and magazines. 2. The Extravaganza, an excellent musical production which was given for the second time this semester. was presented under the combined auspices of the music and drama departments. 3. On March 29th and 30th, East High School presented one of the best comedies that it has ever ofered, "Lightin", with Carol Wildey and Dale Smith playing the leading roles and supported by a capable cast. lp I V It 1 'L' '17 nur' Xxx "When days go wron , remember 7756 Qulll they aren't sel -starters." ORCHESTRA Front: Smithson, Brought: First Rows Nielson, Ofterdinger, Map ethorpe, Randle- man, Grant. Phillips, Holfnian, Oliver, Thomas, Bruner, Borg: Second Row: Lundberg, Dowell, Pittman, Casebolt, Palmer. Mr. Wasson-Director. Rumple, Beswick. Allen, Hadsall, Alsted, Third Row: Warren. McDowell, Pittman, Stan- hrough, Gracely, Lundgren, Rogers, Frye, Peterson. Steele, Lin er: Fourth Row: Frink, Houser, Merrill, West, Rife, Mil- ler, Kurtz, Krouse. Anderson, Olson, Kerr: Fifth Row: Davis, Ault, .Davis, Brustman, Newton. BAND First Row: Brought, Wasson, Sned- don, Patrick, Larson, Simpson, Mack, llennlson, Gilbert Priebe. Rownt, Monteith, lmmons, Keer: Second Row: Lang, Mc- Glothlen, Warren, Foust, Brace. Chinn, Kaestner, Pittman, Weiss. Bryan. Walter, Bragerg Third Row: Delpierre, McDowell, Schren, Hadsall, Neuwerth, Peterson: Fourth Row: Patton, Purd . Anderson, Newrman, Kulpatrick, Tohis, Dewey, Sa re, Kurtz, Wilkins, Douglass, Krause: Fizlh Row: Houser, West, Merrill, Rile Miller. Gibbs, Scott, Kane, Ofterdinger. Daniels, Rumple, Garrett: Sixth Row: Summond. Adams, Marshall, DaShiell, Anderson, Cumtston, Holton, Frink, Houser, Ridenour, Hidlundg Seventh Row: Steele, Smithson, Beck, Newton. Borg, Claybrook, Iacobson. SOCIAL ORCHESTRA First Row: Houser, Krouse, Anderson. Braught, Wasson, Smithson, Cox, Larson. Hauser. 3 l?' F1 -Q- 1' 1. The orchestra, also conducted by Mr. Wasson, has, because of its superior work, again proyen itself to be one of the most outstanding musical organizations of East high, 2. Under the able direction of Mr. has combined with bands of other high 3. This school has starred again. which is composed of some of the best "Many a lazy man student feels that he could be quite comfortable if his conscience Wasson, the band has given several fine programs during the year, and schools in giving a city wide concert. At the school's many social organizations there is a llne orchestra players of the regular orchestra. il 3' fr 4 ' l I :-.vc I ' I Xl r lf' ' -Q - Y 1 fl' - ' ' E 9 :af ,r 7heQuiIl would meet him half way." First Row: Beckett. Harty. Phllllpa. Hunted, Iona. Knudsen. Ronlt. May. Tall- man. llllan, Carlson. Caplan. Schwartz. Lundgren. lammell, Smith, Woodward: Second Row: Daniela. Warne. McGrath, Cooper. Terrell, McKtbben. Armstrong, Keates. McCall, Webster. Rumple, Gly. Robeakyi Henson. Malmberg, Hauge. Clark. urtz: Third Row: Glnabefl. Kul- lander, Armbruater. Iohnlon. Thornton. Hamilton. Heyer. Lazonhg. Erickson, Hoi- man. Sargent. Sargent, amllton. Frazier. Brockett, Luka, anllm. Reid: Fourth Row: Perltlnl. Yevell. Frazier, Prlebe. Mason. Iesulern. Slaughter. Piper. Laraon. Squires. orterf Gann. Staten. Leaven- good, Nelson. Barldon: Filth Row: runer, Ferris, Burnel, Rig a. Krentr. Aitken, Brownlee. Rldenour. olly, Scott, Bullta, Allender, McLaughlin. ett, Rllth- hard. Wakelleld, Nllea. BOYS' GLEE CLUB First Row: Tallman, lequlem. Muon. Skinner. Rigs, Aitken, Krentz, Larson. McLaughlin, avta. Gunn. Staler: Second Row: errls, Frazier, ,Prlebe. Burns. Allen- der. Pratt. Ritchhart, Scott, lohnaon, Por- ter. Luett: Third Row: Slaughter. Taylor. Ptllman. Rldenour. Spencer. Smlthaon. jolly. Squires, Wakeleld, Nelson, Bartdon: Fourth Row: Perkins. Bruner, Yewell, Stebblnga. Porter. Piper, Beverley. Brown- 'lee. Bu lla. Hadaell. Leavengood. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First Row: Nauman, Laclroua. Mc- Grath. Helleatad. Lounaberry. Webster. Morgan. Tallman. Bor . Hamilton, Kurtz- weil. Seize. Rogers: Second Row: Chase. Chase. urphy. Bdmln. Cox. Schwartz, Cobleg Kreger. Neuwerth. Dansken. Gra- ham. xllne, Allen: Third Row: Leonard. Thornton. Bolich. Thomas, Hamilton. Heyer, Wllcott, Rahmond. Lazonby. Le- Mar. Erickson, artln. McGlothlen, Cowen, Fans. I I The East High Mixed Chorus which is conducted by Mr Tallman, has given many excellent pre- sentations this semester and has spent much time in making them interesting and entertaining. 2 This spring the Boys Glee Club and the Gxrls Glee Club together with other city high school large musical orgamzations presented a gigantic musnc festxval instead of entenng the state contests. This was a very worth whxle as well as entertaxning presentation slnce it helped show the friendship which existed between 75 Who ceases to be a student Q Qu' has never been one." STATE MUSIC CONTESTANTS First Row: Brustman, Borg. Phillips. H02-H' Beswick, Rogers. Houser: Second Row: K Mr. Wasson. Rumple, Caplan. Mr. Tall- man: Third Row: Knudsen. Hoifman. Sargent. Carlson, Sargent. Lundgren. AEOLIAN First Row: Knudsen, Iones. Oumple, Olson, Burchman, Tallman. Peterson, Wasson. Reid, Brownlee, Hartz. Gam- mell: Second Raw: Perkins. Krentz, Cap- lan. Lundgren. Carlson, Sargent. Sar- Yent, Ho man. Aitken: Third Row: lllan, Caplan. Laven, Scharnweber. Besurlck, Kurtzewil. Walter. Rogers. Randleman. MONITORS l. East high school was iwell represented in the district-subdistrict music contest bi these gnusicians who have spent much time and thought in preparation for the state contest in which we wish t em muc success. 2. The Aeolian Club, which requires candidates for membership to display their tial-ents before judges. has slgcgzssfurlly completed the semester project of' studying the lives and works of great musicians under the direction o r. allman. 3. The monitors, ushers. office girls, and movie workers comprising the service unit of the school, help to keep order on occasions. " A I . ity f ' i1 I if lf rg' W 'L- E' 3 2? 95 "There are more men enrolled - by study than by nature." We QUIH able year on their individual projects. 4 ..- .? D E: 9. ID S :- o o- 2. o B Q 3 .. :r G W E M :r D : o. 'U 91. 0 .-. .-. N Q c o- :- D c N CA -o fl :a :' 5. ... B' .. D' N B' SL 'u o FYI 3 D! h 'S N E 3 FO l BRUSH AND PALETTE First Row: Wiltsie, Baird. Nero. Reid. Rogers. Coplln. Bnnford: Second Row: Sterner, Welch, Orland, Rival. Halverson, Meeker. Macy: Third Row: Pnrtington, Koeniqnberger. Morgan, Neal, Went. CAP AND DAGGER First Row: Cwlan. Gnxener. Dunlgln, Smith, McCall, ildey, Olson. Gravel. Heggen: Second Row: Wiltsie, Baird. Anderson, Anderson, Stradford. Wilkins, Miller, Levey: Third Row: Kulllnder. Armstrong. Maxwell, Grimes. Gay. Mel- lne. Bonlleld. CASTLE CLUB Fin! Row: Seevers, Tnrllnqer, Bishop, Lyman, Snegper, Gay. Blkllylr: Second Row: Arut er, Sundln, Sl re. Pringle, Gukell. Cakes: Third Row: Friend. Lund- berg. Wilson, Gooder, 'Wlnes. 2. The purpose of the Cap and Dagger Club, which is sponsored by Miss Bonlield, is to promote a better appreciation of drama among its members by study ing and producing plays. 3. A recently organized club is the Castle Club, which, with Mr. Seevers and Mr. Bakalyar as ad- visors, has a membership composed of persons either interested in or prollcient in the art of chess-playing. 1 ... X - 'I , ,- ia . 5 "Care may kill some students, 77172 Qulll but don't care kills more." COSMOPOLITAN CLUB First Row: Krevmkx, Anderson, Mer- rill, Allen, Gustafson, ndersom Serund Row: Orman. Bevan, Plerich, Bevan. Christensen, Quick, Bognrdp Third Row: Smith, Carleton, Goodin, Weaver, Mc- Farland, Smith, Stockwell. DIE DELITSCHE GESELLSCHAFT First Row: Hartman, Smaluk, Maron, Wlclcware, Smith, Wehrle, Weissln er: Second Raw: Pilkington, Davis, Buckles, Truman, Kane. E EPI TAN First Row: Ball, Holslad, McDonald, Lewis, Baskins, Gay, Chinn, Partlngtong Second Row: Timmons, Booth, Levitt, Ziton, Kloster. Niffenegqer, Nelson, Carl- song Third Row: Graham, Haptonstahl, Brackenbury, Ruhmland, Heggen, Lyman. Houseman. Lyman. 'gavaf 11.14 ui 7?- 5--wa l. The purpose of the Cosmopolitan Club is to promote world friendship, and by studing the languages, manners and customs of foreign countries, it hopes to fulflll this purpose. 2. Die Deutsche Gesellschaft, the German club which was orgznized for the benellbt of those who study this language, is under the leadership of Esther Wehrle, president, and iss Wickware, advisor. 3. The E Epi Tan, which is composed of all debate-minded boys who are able to survive the initiation. has spent the semester in debating and extemporaneous speaking. Uljclzzcation-the sum total of all the things we hauen't been through." 5.5 2'- X W . F: r J 'Q - . Q lf Z7 H' Wie Quil ,.5. will -'nr' --Q1 n -...,..,.,, J. lvl' Ill ll QW .' ' . QNXY . . Rf ffl 4:-Q : "' 5 EL 'cmcuno ESPANOL First Row: Holton, Patterson. Winder. Moore, Garrity, Lounsberry, Graham, Ber- ner, Wilson. Guidicessi: Second Row: Craddock, Anderson. Koenigsberger, Erick- son, Danskin, Arland, Hamilton. Statler- ton, Chiodo: Third Row: Dailey, Kurtz, Wilson. Wazher, Estes, Fanelli. EUCLIDEAN CLUB First Row: Young, Neufner. Pratt Montgomery. Davis. Beswick, Rogers Miller: Second Row: Neiswanger. Roth- fus, Diehl, Lewis, Pexton, Purdy, Gunnar Walker: Third Row: Fleming, Hauser Sandin. Krohn, Stamas, Cumpston. FORENSIC First Row: Brau ht, Burns, Nelson. Rees, Willits. Cross, lgreutz, Marion, Mun- sellg Second Rows Silver, Frink. Kempc, Aitken. l. For all those taking Spanish, we recommend El Circulo Espanol, the club, which, with the aid of Miss Balliet, the capable advisor, studies the language and customs of Spain. 2. The Euclidean Club, which is sponsored by Miss Knauer and Miss Hargis, not only studies the lives of great mathematicians, but it manages to find time to hold the annual picnic. 3. The popularity of debate is evidenced by the fact that two clubs for the advancement of this have been organized. Forensic, whose advisor is Mr. Springate, is one of these clubs. 04 U NM' Speak well of your enemies: Davis, Surber, Kaestner. grec: Third Row: Todd, Marquis. Hedlund, Sayre Keith, Kerr: Fourth Row: Mr. Springate. Celander, Proctor, Sykes Hcnsler, Garanson, Stei 7772 Qulll remernber 'youlmade them." Grlnspnn. Pin- Vertz, Kennedy, . Hanbury. Mon- . Dailey. Foulke. nway. Anderson. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB First Row: Garland. Harty, Hann, Peterson. Mundell, Copsin. Montgomery, Russom, Nero, Hart. Podalakp Second Row: Lynn, Hammer, Smith, McKibben. Page. Nelson, Smith, lanes. Funk. Rivas. Skov: Third Row: Whitehurst, Shannon, Caffrey, Murphy, Pierce, Randolph, Maurer, Miller. Love: Fourth Row: May, Nelson, lohnson, Weaver. Fuller. Lee. an-ir: A I. E. R. First Row: Cross, Hoopes. Lhnch. Grey, Davis. Monlelth: Second ow: Goodell, Chaplan, Beck, Friend. Chamber- lin, Gooder: Third Row: Lund, Lundberg. Silver, Snider, Nelson, Ascbim, Strom- herg. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS First Row: Smith, Wosky. Maxwell. Grimes, Olson, McCall, Hauge. Ortlund. Whitehurstg Second Row: Schultes. Phillips, Schlenlter, Macy. Garretts, Shcfrt. Patten. Thornton. Versaw, Bryan. Third Row: Iordan, Leavengood, Chappell. Tei- ernt, Forte, Fenner, Hillestad, Gleason. llieggen, Heifner, Wilkins: Fourth Row: Heggen, Niles. Knipper. Sayre, Kreutz, Marion. Gunn. Gay. l. A club that should prove beneficial to every girl is the Home Economics, which, under the guidance or Miss Wetzstein, endeavors to promote that interest in this science among the girls of East. 2. For the approval of would-be scientists. we offer I. E. R.-the science club supreme, with Mr. Goodell as advisor, and which spends its time very profitably star-gazing. 3. Le Cercle Francais. the French club, whose advisor is Miss Vera E. Iordan. conducts its programs as well as a part of its business in French. Q T M .-,all A s -il 4 ti 2- X ? l? 'ffl' "A man who allows himself to be carried away by enthusiasm often has to walk back." Vhe Quill MODERNISTIC Flrj Cox Edson, Cox Stlroen. Kremer., lalgllell. ltleuwerth, M'uc Kay. Kuultulsy, Routsons Second Row: Proud- lt, Gum, Rogers Morgan, Graham. Allen- de: lgswicfklsfhogar , llgelur, shelter. .Lx ow: ll . eu ner. Yoiglgf Brulgzan, PeEerlon.HDexn. i r. rc , zlt, lrr li tfurllliykowxnelementi, yScholes. Keatel. Ill ell, Read, Carleton. Totum. Grablln. Wlliltnr. West, Schlenker, Newton, Sander- WU- PHILATALIN R : N , Bl lr, T lbot, ghpgzfni oB'erggm'TrmEnllehe,:. .rramw blphnr, Patrick. Scott, Ber1nan. Galle- IIN Sterner, Davenport. We ch: Second opp: Smith, Scott, Dlvinall. Hallman, mg, Burwlnkle, Mack. Davis. Bezinque, afghan, Telrel: Third Row: Allen, llwkltt Gultplaonll Anderson. Comets, Kfnn. Maun- PHILOMATHEAN Fira Rory: Groch lg, Woodyud. D1 Rack, Aonk, Spanien, Rglll, Pirlllo dam Bailey me . Ito: Secnm Row: b ney, keln . anderson. Koenig: bunny. Eunuvgll, vqrlll, Barnes. Moc lil, ohslasvr. itunes Third Row urlmd. s ugh. Lynch. Hooper. Gu non. genie Jnddsg, Baum Plural :vm Sllllll glam tally, dumgirlql mm lgvn. mnlvlr, mmm. mill , addn, rwln, l. The Modemiscic Club which studies bfermnallty and has been visiting various factories. celebrated its second birthday with a tea April 8. Miss ellie B. Mitchell ll the advisor. 2. The Phllatalin Club, a travel club under' guidance of Mill Lal! Scott. hi!! lwtill Studying IQPBU lil! semester. One group of members has been working on a project of drenlnq dolls in lnpnmlie GDSFHITINS allillllff group has been making a japanese village. 3. The Phllomathean Literary Socitey under the guidance of Miss Iessle M, Fickel, has been conducting mock radio programs worked around the theme of the origin of various holidays, The mother-daughter tea was the highlight of the season. A O f '4' Rule' it 3 Y: , V3 "He only is exempt from 7772 Quill failures who makes no effort." SCRIBBLERS First Row: Graham, 'Raymonclf Wol- cott, Heg en, Mattern. Lincoln, Graves. Nnssif, Eox, Edmund: Second Row: Gray, Carter, Payne. Vaughn. Crnddock. Wheels, Watlington: Fourth Row: Fol- som, Shaw, Froah. Martin, Stratton. SHAKESPEAREAN First Row: Otto, lohnson. Conk- wright, Long, McGlothlen, Harris, Ostrem, Goughnour. Hitting, Hayden: Second Row: Goodwin, Sayre, Burwinkle, Atherton Williams, Barker, Shadlorcl, Larson: Wildeyg Third Row: Miss Gabriel, Iones Hurley, Anderson. Gay, Iohnson, Barnes Martin: Fourth Row: Robinson. Krause, McDonald. Long. Garansim. Brlcltenbury, Rowe: Fifth Row: Ball, Kessler, Fried- man, Houser. Haptonstahl. Marquis, Bar- low, Booth. SHORTHAND SPEED SOCIETY First Row: Berggren. Franzen, Fraz- ier, Gott, Robesky, Costello, Wilson, Hlnn, Reynolds, Armstron g Second Rows Miss Quick, Grochala, Saust, Peterson, Burke, Rose. Kurtz, Klein, Dahl, Asarch, Fahnestock. Dilliner: Third Row: Carl- son, Pirillo, Voyce. Floyd, Loyd, Mun- dell. Mstkovich, Ballard, Esty. Carpenter: Fourth Raw: ,Morris, Russell, Duilleld, Nassif, Butcher, Stumbau h, Wiley, Kru- zick, Dunslty, Miller: Fifth Row: Foulke. Pspian. DePhillips, Celander, Porter, Kennedy. 1. Scribblers Club, an organization for students who are interested in writing, visited the Register and Tribune building this semester. Mr. F. K. Stratton is advisor. 2. The Shakespearean Club, under the direction of Miss Grace E. Gabriel and Miss Sara McBride, makes a study of classical plays. The club gave a Shakespearean demonstration for the P. T. A. in March. 3. This semester the Shorthand Speed Society has inaugurated a new plan: the club is to be composed of both boys and girls who are interested in learning more about shorthand. "Persistence can accomplish two things- it can make one either a success or a failuer. ' v 'Q '45 s is L 1 VP' I Wie Quill K5 1 K Jr ,DQ 5 ' Y 3 Q- Q '14' ul or ,.- .,., - X SODALITAS ROMANA First Row: McKern, Grant, Bailey. Adams. Lippman, McGrath, Denney, Pabst: Second Row: Shields. Knop. Con- nelt, Randolph, Hubbard. lohnaon. Smith- son, Lippy: Third Row: Madden. lrwin. Moore, Dean. Smith. Warren, Patterson: Fourth Row: Cadwallader. Hunter, Wines. ZETAGATHEAN First Row: Randleman. Berner. Han- son, Brownlee, Reid, lonel, Reynolda, ,Nauman, Nassil, Long, Robesky: Second Row: Schultes, Williams, Hudson, Wick- ham, Bark, McKern, Macy, Sargent. Sar- gent, White, Gustafson, Levitt: Third ow: Haag. Olson, Williams, Stockwell, Conkwright. lohnson. Burke. Clvohnson, Wolcott. Raymond, Ortman. Mc lothlen' Fourth Row: Teigland, Davis, Larson, Chappell, Walter, Leavengood, Daniels, Evans, Short: Fifth Row: Misa Snyder, Barker, Mattern, Lincoln, Hauge, Wu. ren, Watlington, Wheels. l, The Sodalitas Romana. the Latin Club, which holds an annual banquet attended by members costumed as Romans, has had for its project this semester a study of the Parthenon. 2. The Zetagathean Club has for its purpose the creating of student interest in good literature of both ancient and modern writers .and is supervised by Miss Snyder. Q 0 Y.. X fm XXX 'Z . V: 77'1eQulIl "I do not aim for wealth or fame. 1've other hope than that--." I I First Row: Farris, Paul, Ristvedt, Anderson, Yewell: Second Row: Anderson, Romlne. Willits, Prince. Frink. Swimming Team At the close of the swimming season, East High awarded ten monograms to the boys who had earned the points in competition. Swimmers who received these rewards were: David Paul, Orville Romine, Charles Paine, Ed Mclntyre, lack Yewell, Eddie Willits, receiving two rin monograms: Paul Baridon, a three ring monogram, E?arl Anderson. Carl Ristvedt and Eldon Anderson. one ring monograms. No out-of-town competition was on the East schedule this year. Two dual meets with each of the city teams and two city meets made up the schedule. During the regular season East scored its only victory over Lincoln. In the rest of the meets East lost one to Lincoln, two each to North and g,..- ,af ,Lf- l 1 Nl r-'ll fr ,- '5 Roosevelt. Perhaps some of North's success can be contributed to the fact that they had "Scotty" Russell for their coach. "Scotty" was coach of both East and North teams this year. In the two city meets East finished third both times. City competition seemed unusually strong this year. ' Lettermen returning for next year's team are: Orville Romine, for one semester: Earl Anderson and Carl Ristvedt for the whole year, and Eldon Ander- son for two years. With onl these boys returning there will be a line chance lyor many new ones to make the team. "Scotty" wants more boys especially the underclassmen out for the swimming team. "No team ever becomes We Q ui good all at once." Ml, First Row: Frazier, Riggs, Ellis, Hatchett, McGrevey, Goodside, Nilfenegger, Nelson, Heggen. Porter: Second Row: Barlow, Milligan, Iohnson, Dare, Wadsworth, Munsell, Cumpston, Herman, Cl P k - Th'd R ' W'nter, Kin Wildrick, Harban Sellers, Booth Beverley, Sharp- cmerlt, ar er, lr ow. I s g, , , , Fourth Row: Hardin, Storey, Evans, Thomas, Silver, Stevens, Hanks, Simpson, Rees, Stamas. Track At the time this article went to press the track team had competed in only three meets. East opened its season with a dual meet with Valley Iunction in the Drake Field house. Our cinder men carried away top honors and won the majority of the events. The next meet was the city indoor meet also held at Drake. East finished third, North defended its title, and Roosevelt snatched second. In the other meet the team traveled to Iowa City to participate in the State indoor meet. East tied for flfth place. The remainder of the East schedule is as follows: State Indoor Meet, Iowa City ,..,..i.,.........,, April 6 Oskaloosa Relays ,...... ....... A pril 20 Drake Relays .....,...,. ,,A,... A pril 26-27 Grinnell Meet .,,..... ....... M ay 4 District Meet ,.,., .,,,... M ay 10 State Meet ,,,,,,,,.... ......, M ay 18 City Meet ......,................................,.......,...... May 25 Central State Meet ................,....................... Iune 1 Coach Augustine expects to have a strong team before the season is over. The work of the 2-mile relay team is outstanding. The sophomore relay team and the medley relay team took their respective events in the City indoor meet. This points to a Q...- 1. Valley Relays .. U ....,.. ......... , .... April 17 bright future for hast high in track. a 4 . S- 66 - L' d ....... R1-t :'T,'1e fear of defeat is more to . be dreaded than defeat itself. 7718 Qul -..- ,lf il M Q Q, Nl i I I First Row: Simpson, Gustafson, Sharp, Hayes, Rees, Williams, Porter: Second Row: Hanks, Anderson, Deakin, Ferris, Duse, Gunn, Witteng Third Row: Kloster. Braught, McLaughlin, Kennedy, Munsel, Olsen, Steinway, Slamasg Fourth Row: lacobson, Thomas, Rees. Kerr, Pottholf, Kempe, Hardin. Basketball INDIANOLA ln their initial-game of the season with Indianola the home boys defeated their hosts by a score of 23 to 17. Fighting every second of the game the Scarlet and Black squad looked like a real team and one to be mighty proud of. With Rees, Rederiek and Olson leading the attack our cagers ran up a six point ad- vantage. PERRY The Black and Red cagers started the season off right by defeating the Perry quintette 40-21. With Kennedy, Rederiek and Olson all credited with four goals the crew romped home with a total of nine- teen fleld goals. As the first half ended East was leading by a score .of 21 to ll and as the game neared the end ai victory was assured by the line cooperation of the home team. 2' .5 7 . VALLEY ILINCTION When this fighting East high team tackled Valley Iunction they found a very determined opponent whose determination won her the game. Lagging be- hind at the half Valley came back and out played our boys all the rest of the game to win by a score of 29 to 16. NEWTON When the East high team journeyed to Newton for their first out of town game they failed to show the fine form of the first game of the season, Al- though the first half was rather even, the washing machine boys 'came back the last half to show their form by reaching a score of 23 to 11. With Rees and Kennedy starring for East high the team made several good attempts for the victory. "You cannot put the same me Q ui shoe on every foot." GRINNELL East met Grinnell in its llfth defeat by a score of 32 to 20. Thou h the East cagers looked good several times througghout the game the visitors kept them pretty well bottled up by their fine defensive work. Again Rees starred for his Alma Mater. LINCOLN The first game of the city series East got off to a bad start and though they played flne ball the rest of the game the nice beginning that Lincoln got net- ted her the game. With Rees setting the pace for our crew they clicked like a well oiled machine but came out on the wrong end of the score. NORTH With Olson as the pace setter the Scarlet and Black warriors swung into action against their rivals from across the river. Though the game was fairly even the fine playing of Riggs, and Good gave the Polar bears the margin which they needed to come out on top with a score of l7 to 32. LINCOLN As East neared the end of her season she again had to play a team that had made a wonderful showing against all oposition this season. This team was Lincoln high of Des Moines. The first half of the game was a see-saw affair with the lead changing hands six times but in the last half the East high team came back, followed up the Railsplitters attack and walked off with the game. The flnal score was 24 to l6 with Brackenbury high point man. ROOSEVELT When East met Roosevelt, the defending city champions, they went into the game determined to win. As the game progressed the score remained about the same with both teams laying llne basket- ball. Well, as the story in the tfairy book goes the score was 23 t o 23 and thirty seconds of the game left to play when.all of a sudden Iohnnie Cotton, playing his last game for East high, was away and had the ball. Iohnnie shoots and while the ball is in mid-air the gun ends the game, but wait a minute the ball comes down through the basket and East wins 25 to 23. The fine playin of Iohnnie Cotton resulted in the victory for East giigh. PERRY In the second game with Perry the local cagers showed line team work and training by defeating the opposition by a score of 55 to 15. In this game McLaughlin, Kennedy and Olson tied for honors by each sinking ten baskets. NEWTON Again East met Newton and with Rees leading the parade our boys brought home the bacon, the size 25 to l8. ln this game both teams showed good team work and coaching. GRINNELL Grinnell again proved herself too much for East when she defeated our boys 30 to 15. The glame was pretty lopsided throughout with Grinnell aving a monopoly on the lead. 'fi' L- d T .Q "There are some defeats more. P, I Wie Q ' trzamphant than victories. u I X ,,1. . . ,Y A ., v 1 . First Row: McClanahnn, Reynolds. Hann, Nichols, Anderson, Harris. Duffield, Barnes, Terrillg Second Row: Hagberg, Damall, Pointer, Davis, Payne, Wheels. Wallington, MacMillan, Ballard, Third Row: O'Byrne, Barger, Nnssii, Harrison. Martin. Lee, Griftlths, Delpierreg Fourth Row: Baird, Friend, Long, Mundi, Haptonstahl, Mr. Hostetter, Long, Roth, Gilbert, Frink. Golf BOYS' GOLF As yet the 1935 edition of the East High Golf team has been kept very much under cover. Coach Hostetter has not yet announced his line up. Only one letterman returns for competition: Warren Griffen has this honor. The golf team opens its season against Waterloo on April 27. The rest ot the schedule is as yet tenta- tive, but city competition has been assured. East meets North May 4, Roosevelt May ll: and Lincoln May 18. East also will take part in the City Prep Golf Tournament' which comes at the close of the season. ,.f- 0 6 af' inf -ff 5 o rf' 1 f -4 GIRLS' GOLF The girls' golf team, representing one of the leading girls' sports at East high creates great inter- est among the members of the weaker sex here. The team is coached by Mr. Hostetter who has in the years past produced several winning teams and one which always offers keen competition to all the teams that it meets. The girls who try for the team in the spring are known as the Girls Golf Club and as the toumaments approach, the girls competeior positions on the team. Tha positions range from number one to number eig t. . "Practice is the best We QUI ofgall instructors' First Row: Porter, Ziton, Huffman, Sargent,Meline, Tuinstra. Beswick, Barker. Steinway: Second Row: Nelson, MtGlothlen, Frazier, Williams, Pointer, Rogers, Koenlgsberger. Hedlund. McGlothlen: Third Row: Brackenbury. Chandler, Olson, Partington. Tennis BOYS' TENNIS "Duke" Williams has six lettermen returning around whom he can build his 1935 Tennis Team. These men ,arez Steinway, Olson, Ziton, Porter, Brackenbury, and Nelson. Others who are expected to bol..ter the team are: Wheeler, Krouse. Hardin, Nelson and Hedlund. "Duke" thinks East should have a good team this year so he has scheduled stiff competition. The tennis schedule follows: April 27, West Waterloo here: April 29 North: May 4 Grinnell at Grinnell: May 6 Roosevelt: May 10 District Meet: May I3 Liricgln: May 18, State Meet at Ames: May 24 Grin- nel ere. "Play up, play up GIRLS' TENNIS The prospect for the girls' tennis team this year looks encouraging. Four girls who played on the team before are returning: Dorothy McGlothlen, Dorothy Beswick, Anna Tuinstra, and Marian Suwel. The schedule will consist of meets with the other high schools in the city. In th: meeting on April I2 called by Coach "Duke" Williams the following girls were ranked from l to 12: Anna Tuinstra, Dorothy Beswick, Iean Koenigsberger, Virginia Hoffman, Roberta Williams, Betty Rogers, Marqurite Sargent,' Helen Meline, Iosephine Barker and Doris Pointer. 7 -n Q-id Wi and play the game." 7172 I l G. A. A. Sports "Let's tune in on station G. A. A." The Girls' Athletic Association is an organi- zation, under the supervision of Miss Helen Spencer, girls' physical education instructor, to which every East hi h girl automatically becomes a member, and in which each may take an active part in the vari- ous sports and activities it offers. Dorothy McGlothlen, the president, calls the club to order at special meetings held at various in- tervals. Dorls Pointer, vice-president, plans the pro- grams and activities for the irls, and although minutes are not kept during Sie meetings, Anna Tuinstra, scretary, works with the executive com- mittee and the treasurer, Loretta Co son, who col- lects assessments when necessary. lrllelen McNeley, publicity secretary, keeps the girls posted as to the various activities by always keeping a schedule on the bulletin board and through the school newspaper, the Scroll. The purposes of the club are to promote inter- est in girls' athletics, to maintain clean sportmanship to help girls win monograms. and to create spirit of companionship among girls in athletics. News Flashes! On December 17, a program was given for the invalids of the Veteran's hospital. Nearly fifty stu- dents performed either as a member of the boys or girls tumbling teams, dancing groups, or by giving a dramatic reading. On A ril IO, several G. A. A. girls participated on the P. A. program by dancing the mihuet and Virginia reel. On May 28, many groups performed in the May Festival, by dancing and various other entertaining stunts. Swimming During the past semester, girls have had the op- portunit to improve their strokes, and enjoy the thrill og water sports every Thursday night. Cer- tificates are awarded to the girls during swimming class periods who tpass the list of achievements, in the water, and points or monograms are also given. Each class has student leaders. Life Saving Advanced life savlngnclasses are held on Friday night of each week. e would lind this group working on correct approaches, straight holds, and carrys. with their partners. The girls also learn how to give artificial respiration. Basketball I Hurry girls, and let's start playing. was the ex- cited cry of the girls on Tuesday and Wednesday nights of the basketball season. Although the girls didvnot have a regular tournament, they had some exciting intramural games. Golf! The girls interested in golf have met with Mr. A. G. Hostetter every Thursday ni ht after school. Eighteen girls which represented Yiast high were picked from this group. I Baseball l Did you observe how the girls swing the bat and run like lightning while playing baseball? Al- though they did not have a tournament this year, they had Babe Ruths, and "Dizzy" and "Daffy" Deans on the various teams. Gi I ' Monograms I' S. Every one maylearn points throu h G. A .A. to win monograms. owever, these are lliard eamed. When a girl eams three hundred points, she is en- titled to a numeral: with five hundred points she wins a monogram: and with one thousand points, she is awarded a two-ring monogram. -,..- ...v-f' ,L-... I e6 ' fi ,il-' fgzff' 4, Z' 5 "The soul secured in her existence, smiles at 7776 Q ui . the drawn dagger, and defies the point b .4 wr J Mon. H M per 2 'fhur5 Per 5.Fri. Capt Dam Q Intramural Baseball E Per 5 MOD. cqpfffwmzz ' 4 " w H A rs ' or I per 2 Mon fizfali Jvrgzznsonff'-N f t CdPt.Jaw,,,,,. -3 5 Thurs. 0a,0i1D'5k"" Per 2 Mon, Capt f4n.dernm Wed. QP! ,ant er ' .-. S 5. I Q h Y I 5-"4"" ' Q- , I n "It is only the ignorant me Qui who despzse sport. X I Per I Thurs. C'apt.C'Za7-ison Pe,-4Tu,e5- game, pomegys Per I Wed, 0415 Bump My Paul Bfigzglggm Per2 Fri, Qpfk ' I 0 5W'mm Per 5 Thurs, zz,f,f.0m PH4 MOH- 09vff9w-W 4 1 , Pcr 4 Inuis. Capt, Silver Y Per 5 TIJE5, Ugg, pygzfac,-4 4555 Wrutlzbg Squad I ,QL11 . 0 0 5 I F I -1-lf" if ff ,K f . "Do not turn back when you We Qu' are just at the gglf' Graber's Dep't. Store 510-512 B. Locust sm: APPRECIATES YouR PATRONAGE af I , ,, , 5 5 'ma' JANUARY 'I I 8 5 Ianuary 3-rAll the boys and girls returned to school to rest up from t eir vacation. ag- Ianuary 4--The law oflgravitygaroved true today when Burr ohl's eet slipped from under him on the front steps. 1:1 Ianuary 7--The Ace of Clubs fEast high clubsj held their meetings today. .-g- Ianuary 8--National Honor Society holds its semester banquet at 6:30 in the cafeteria. If You Would Lead- You'll Have to Prove Your Right to the Place! THERE'S a race of progress on-here and everywhere in America. Todav's workers become tomorrow's leaders if they prove the qualities of leadership. To get ahead, to gain more comforts, a better .sta- tion, an assured future, an education for yommgstersl These are aims of leadsrs. And this bank is working with and for many neighbors in the race. Deposits Insured Under Banking Act of 1933 Capital City State Bank East Fifth and Locust GIFTS FOR GRADUATION Let us show you the latest models in wrist watches and pocket watches. We carry complete assortments in such popu lar makes as Elgin Hamilton Illinois and Waltham. Prices are lower than they will be for years to come Our Senior Class rin s and pins are made in our own Shop y expert work men whose homes are in Des Moines. See the new designs we have daroduced for the Iune 1935 Graduating lass. Inquire about our Convenient Payment Plan i . Plumb Iewelry Store Ianuary 9--The right hand thumb rule didn't work for Bob Aitken tonight on his way home. -3. Ianuaryg 10--Prospective East high students were guests today. My such healthy lungs! ! ! -.- Ianuary ll-East's Brst team plays North in home gym. Oh! what a game. .g- Ianuary 14--Graduating seniors visit Drake university. Such manners. 512 Walnut Street Heggen's Shoe Store ongratulations f-1 1 I to June Graduates 'At this time we wish to thank the class for their splendid patronage. V 'It is largely through students' suggestions and co- operation that we are able to satisfy them Watch the Scroll or our Iune Cap and Gown Special FR PHOTOGRAPHER Phone 3 3925 518 East Locust Street V . Y ' f - . Y O Y Modern business training for high school and colle e graduates. A. I. graduates are expertly trained young men and women, selected from the upper 4022, of high school and college gradu- ates throughout the state-the "cream" of character, personality and efficiency. Every county of Iowa is represented. These ambitious young men and women are specially qualified by natural ability plus A. I. B. training for positions with the lead- ang business institutions of Des Moines and owa Write for A. I .B. Yearbook. Select the A. I. B. as your school. You will always be proud of that distinction. E. O. FENTON. President American Institute of Business "Accredited' ' Des Moines, Iowa Ianuary 15--The boys were hosts to the mothers and fathers at the P. T. A. meeting today. My such gracious hosts and was their home made cake and coffee good. Ianuary 16-Another assembly today. A good chance to make up forty winks I missed last night. . 1,- Ianuary 17-Byron Friend pulled a good GARAGE and SKELLY GAS 3809 Euton Bl'd. ---- P e 6-3497 R U S S E L L ' S Expert Workmanship on All Cars - Skelly Gu and Oil x hon I-IONESTLY YOU SHOULD BE 614 Walnut Street Walk-Over Shoes Nate Robmson 8 Lo c t Sc et STOP d 'LOOK o e I cc glete line WOR I P lo age A preciuted Q I7 u u re an us vr or A rn of MENS FURNISHINGS, SHOE and K CLOTHING 'our nr n one today. Asked Mr. Goodell how to End the horse power of a light bulb. -3- Ianuary 18--Boy does it pay to be good. Last day of school for all good seniors. Compliments o f - R E E D ' S Ice Cream Company Ianuary 21--Seniors class night. Wonder if I'll ever come to that? .-1- Ianuary 22-Decided absence of a heat wave today. Ianuary 23-Senior assembly and banquet. Wonder how they ever got so many swell heads in one room. Quality Meats .- at ,- Beener's 2263 East Grand - Phone 6-5412 C OM PLIMEN TS SKONDRAS IOWA S LEADING REFRESI-IMENT CENTER Sodas Sandwiches Candies 311 W. Sixth Avenue i 2220 Easton Blvd. - Phone 6-4504 RUDY GROCERY january 24-Senior Commencement. Under- 'graduates took day olf to celebrate rid- ance of Seniors. PRINTERS STATIONERS OFFICE OUTFITTERS Grand Avenue at Fourth Street Koch Brothers january 25-Alumni meeting. Eric Miller forgot that he was a man of the world an hshot a paper wad at Miss Helm- reic . THIS IS NO IOKE- ' - 304-306 Loc t QUALITY FOR OVER 60 YEARS Garton's Bakery New Location ' ul Specializing ln Coney Bunn for Weiner Route. CARS - TRUCKS - TRACTORS Ph 1-6481 lZ1 E. LOCUST RES. PHONE 6-1243 DES MOINES. IA. Body and Fender Work - Repairing Ind Welding Virgil Cawiezel and Hat Cleaners 502 6th A G' 5 ' ' ' ' A ' e t er or Co po 't'o or c nt . CIBSSIC Shoe Serv1ce venue Any url tudent mentioning this d will receive Llll nl .ulncnpsf I5 es QUALITY JEWELRY Since 1871 Sixth at Locust DES MOINES 1osEPH's january 28-Start of a new semester. Ought'a be quiet with all these seniors gone, oh! these 10 B's. january 29-just getting settled down. january 30-Practically settled. -U- january 31--Gee! ! It's getting monotonous now. -o-o-o-o-o- FEBRUARY February l-Celebrated Public Forum held here at East high. Theatrical and Fancy Dress Costumes for .All Occasions - 1 H'gh Std y - - - - 4-25l2 Eu 1 u ents are Alum .r Welcome Wingate Costume Co. Wnlnut Street at Second Phone Congratulates the IUNE 35 GRADUATES sheriff Keeung -GIRLS-f Leam Beauty Culture and be assured of Hnancial success. The most facinating work in the world for women. Write for free catalog or representative will call no obligation. Iowa School of Beauty Culture 617W Walnut Street Over Kresge's 10 cent Store - Phone 4-9825 After Graduation What ? February 2-Students flock to first club meeting of the semester. -g.- February 5-Seniors. segreate to scenic senior assembly. 1-,n February 6--10 B's have their hey clay: they attend their annual 10 B meeting. H o M E o w N is D DAHL'S GROCERY and MARKET E. 12th 6 L on - We Deliver - Phone 6-5111 A Complete Service Store Equipped to Meet your Every Need For Electric Fixtures See Us Electric Co. Phone 4 8177 413 E Sixth Weston. Plumbing 8 ALWAYS-STOP! EUY! BARGAINS! -:- at t e -:- Red Basket Market Located- 62l E. 14th - - - 3601 E. 14th Dr. O. E. Hoffman DENTIST 1103 Hull Avenue - Phone 3-2464 February 7-Seniors again! This time in cafeteria where they write, write, and write. February 8-On this eventful evening, East plays Lincoln in a mighty basket- ball game. .g. February ll-Monitors meet and receive their posts. A THE SMARTEST STYLES come from - STEARNS 706 Walnut Street ORIENTAL SHOP 824 'Locust GIFTS FOR GRADUATION Your Patronage Appreciated srop INA AND . LOOK us ovER A complete line of School and Ofice supplies 100 Eu! youd A z ue - - - 3-5251 Holle School Supply Co. invites you to patronize her this year. CROQUIGNOLE PERMANENTS S175 regular S3 00 value S5 00 oil wave for 53.00 31.25 End Curls. Make your appointment early. Phone 6-4419 - - - 1727 B. 24th. Arlene's Beauty Shoppe February 12-Some day, I'll say! l Lin- coln and Washington Birthday as- sembly and half-day holiday. .-5. February 13-Students write up three pro- gram cards on this day. -5. February 14-East's debate team argues vociferously with Roosevelt Ihigh not Presidentl today. Theres Fun at RlV21'Vl2W Park BOXING SHOW BIG WRESTLING SHOW O O, DANCING - RlDES- THRILLS - FUN GALORE BOATING - SWIMMING We Help You Build a New Home or Repair an Old One Queal Lumber Co. I 'll' 5 QDIZZZZJ CONGRATULATES THE GRADUATES . Tel. 4-0109 420 9th St. -3.- February 15-Matinee dance--'Nuff said. -g.. Februarg I6-This receives special mention - enior Mixer night. February 18-Clubs again. February 19-P. T. A. Pot-luck supper was it. February 20-Special Council meeting was held. Des Moines College of Pharmacy Pali Tern opens Sept. 17th. 'Write for ree Catalog. IOI9 High Street ----- Phone 3-5624 INSURANCE PROTECTION IN ALL ITS BRANCHES Call 3-8104 M. A. HAIIGB, Manager Hauge Insurance Agency W .......-ani Miss B of th we YO' COLL -e Our Congratulations to the Class of Iune 1935 VEGETABLES -- WHOLESALE -- FRUITS Th food y ' . C. af: C C. C. Taft Co. e ou es! is just A treat when it comes from C T ompany Quality Groceries and Meats 3801 Easton Blvd. - - Phone 6-9265 Liddell Grocery February 21--We were enthralled by a musical assembly given by Grinnell Glee club. .-g.. February 22-Pep assembly held for East- Roosevelt basketball game. e 1,1 February 25-Dull and gloomy--Monday it rained! ! I February 26-Public Forum-Ching Ming. February 27-Student Council bored us with an assembly. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ILINE 1935 GRADUATES '- NEWEN'S NORTHLAND MILK CO. East Sixth and lDes Moines Streets -- Telephone 3-3201 -- Sho lcpdrm ldcn Phone 3-2417 Q-gain X Ydon-asian-lynn Leonard Electric Refrigerator Atwater Kent Radio Electric Schneiderhahns Retail Department 1022 Walnut - Phone 4-3157 A Sie For Emery Home A Price For Any Purse. O l f Q u i Q Q I Ao B: Co "' O I O 1 I .. Z , February 28-The last day of the month- you dope! l -o-o-o-o-o- MARCH March 1-No jokes todayr March 4-Harry Long tells us that he sleeps with gloves on to make his hands soft. We wonder if he sleeps with his hat on too. FLOWERS 310-Eighth Street - Phone 4-3191 IACK SMITH, Inc. 407 'ith Street EAST HIGH STUDENTS WELCOME Al's Barber Shop ' WHY H A-i-B-1-X I YOUR EDUCATION A-Stands for Sheuerman suits made Posed by Philip Smith, in a new Sheuerman suit March 5--When asked what made her so small Iulia Hayden says she was raised on shortcake and condensed milk. -3- March 6-When Miss Gabriel stopped Clarence Hedlund and Kenneth F. in the hall and said she had been told they were fighting Kenneth answered that they were trying to seperate each other when she came up. in Des Moines by Des Moines people. B--Stands for Morgan Clothing Co. Owned and operated by East High alumni. X-Stands for taxes which support your schools. Des Moines em- ployers and employees pay the 'taxesz thus: our schools and your education. Before buying our graduation lui! be lure to lee our 816.00 to z24.5O Shzuerman lulu in sport and plain back coals. "They're Marvelocuf' Morgan Clothing Co. 522 E. Locust - - - East Du Moines .March 7--Sectional Basketball tournament starts today. March 8-Sub-district Music Contest is held here today in East. Gee what discords! and superior ratings! Re- minds me of the joke' about the lady who sang like a pirate-she was rough on the high C's. OGC: Phone 4-1982 - - Residence Phone 6-4621 Cl SM ' M' Diamonds Hansen Tire Shop Raw- .'F,?- ?N w--fm Pina NQX puke, New and Und Tire: and Tubes, Radiators, Batteries Bracelets g5,,f JEWCLCRS - pen. and Generators. Greuing. Vukanizing and Reniring. Pendants 'JJ5l11'Lg, Jog LBITTLL h,,h.y N. W. Corner East 6th and Walnut - - Du oines. """0 '100"- WO" :::G'Lomn WAVES sa so and UP M030 2818 D Neiswaangerwlieautyl Shpp HERTZBERG - 7,1 APPRECIATES THE PATRONAGE OF EAST HIGH FRIENDS Dial 4 5289 504 E. Locust K s Shop KATHERINE HAWKINS DRYGOODS md NOTIONS FROCKS and HOSIERY 1 1545 E. Grind ---. Ph,-me 64011 March ll-Clubs meet again today. How tragic it would be if we were clubbed to death. March 12-Did you hear about the stran e lady that stopped Clyde Russell on the street toda and asked him in a mother- l way if his mother knew he smoked. Do you know what he said? Well I won't keep you in suspense. He said. Madam does your husband know you speak to strange men? .g.. March 13-Student Council meeting at 9:20 today. Burr Hohl was the usual late member. I suppose he does have a little trouble getting through the doors so we will haye to excuse him. LET'S GO I WHERE TO 7 Noon Day Special with a change everyday o Q o c Fisher s Maid Rite Ninth and Fllmore Fo Dell ery Phone 6-9289 QUALITY -5- -5- -5- MEA TS For Free B Delivery MEX MARKET S CALL -s 4 51' crrv MARKET For Twenty Years C. E. Gilbert Has rendered a specialized service to residents in East Des Moines. lf you wish to Buy. Sell. Rent or Trade Real Estate And want real bargains and prohtable results call or see C. E. GILBERT. 3110 E. 8th St. - - Phone 3-1045 "Personal Service for 20 Years" March 14--Nothirlizg doing today. Too anx-ious for riday to get here. -g- March 15-Harry H. says he admires Deane S. because he is such a modest fellow. The only time he does any blowing is when he has a cold. . -.- March 18-Mr. Goodell asked Bryon Friend what a therm was today and what do you think this wise guy said? It's a microbe that gets into a gas meter and causes galloping consumption. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS If Its Electrical We Do It 606 East Grand Avenue Leslie Electric Company E S T E a n d 8 o u Capital City Bank Bldg. RALPH L. Iizsren PHILLIP E. Issran Real Estate Insurance CLASS OF 21 CLASS OF '30 Realtors-Insurance March 19-If you chanced to be on the third floor at 3:15 today and saw some ghosts of Elizabethean times you need not be alarmed. They are only Shakespearean members dressed in 16th century finery tryin to create an atmosphere for the P. A. Me1ine's Shoes FOR MEN and WOMEN 800 Walnut Street - - "Shops" Bldg. March 20--Bob Brackenbury is still won- dering why the class laughed today when Mr. Gabrielson asked how iron was discovered and he said that he understood, that they smelt it. -3.- March 21-Well this is Iowa Bird Day and no vacation. I wonder why they don't take pity on us poor birds at East for a change. Iowa Shoe Repair PAINTS - VARNISI-IES - ENAMELS "FACTORY DIRECT TO YOU" Iowa Paint Mfg Co I 9 0 4-Sl 79 ---- Bth and Mulberry Compliments of THE NORTHWESTERN CANDY CO. Makers of Iacobson Dairy Maid Candy Bar March 22-When Miss McBride asked Helen Sanderson why we put a hyphen in bird-cage she said she thought it was for the birds to sit on. Donovan SHOE COMPANY DEALERS IN FINE SHOES E.Loctt March 25--Iohn Marion was in a dazed condition today when he met me and wanted to know what part of a woman is her honeymoon? He said he read in a paper that a woman got hurt on her honeymoon. Poor lady eh? '- March 26--Mrs. Iohnson thinks the gals in her class are unusually gnart. hen she asked Iudy Parker how hash was made ludy said, "hash isn't made: it's accumulated." FOR BEAUTY CULTURE CONGRATULI-??Eg THE GRADUATES You have tried the rest IN IOWA Now try the BEST IT'S RUDEMAR f COMPLIMENTS OP.. TIIOIIIPSOII S Beaifyjoofzufffure The Comptometer School ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 722 Hubbell Building Strand Theatre Bldg., - - Des Moines Union Central Life Insurance Company CINCINNATI. OHIO - presents - "ROSES and DRUMS" Every Sunday Aftemoon over KSO Geo. P. Pflanz, Ir. 342 lns. Exch. Bldg. - Phone-4-4927 Representative March 27-Rosemary Rose asked her new boy friend Kenneth Cox, why he came at six o'clock when she told him to come after dinner. He said that was what he came after. BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP East High Students Always Welcome E IOI6 E. du' ---- - Pill' 6-4372 O ' H A R A ' S iz March 28--I saw Bob Brooks and his mumps today and asked him if Anita didn't object when he asked her for a date. Wait until you hear this! He said that she said he had some cheek. 0 -,- March 29-Lightnin is the keen spring play. Indoor track meet at Drake Field House. Graduation Footwear desi ned to Please High School. tudent 4 508 Walnut Street 8 the Field Shoe Company SERVICE and COURTESY 2630 E. Grand - - Phone 6-6837 Sara Belle Beauty Shop two forty cleaners RUG CLEAN! G 2407 University Avenue Phone 5 llll Blue Ribbon Drgfcleaning H Methlie Class Rings and Pins Made to Order Phone 4 5721 Des Moines Iowa 214 Davidson Bldg. 8th and Walnut JEWELER and DIAMOND SETTER APRIL April l--April fools day 'nuff said. Used Cars and Used Parts TIRES TUBES and ACCESSORIES 416 East 2nd Street Frank's Auto Salvage April 2-Today our "Chan" was closing his history recitation on the Civil War he said-"and there stood Lee in full uniform while all Grant had on was his old Union suit." n 1,1 April 3-Darrell Freber hunts in the library for the book o?"Ruth". f -.1 April 4-Everyone reported to class today. Tfge teachers made out class lists for the o ce. Congratulates East High Graduates 'P Phone 3-7236 - 315 Kraft Buldg. Sarwin Studio " . . . . . with honors" Graduation from high school means that you already have a head start. You eserve the best the world can offer. But the best is won, not given. You realize your need for a higher education, and the inestimable value of college life in winning the best. Drake University will equip you to win, to go through life with honors. ' Highest scholarship standards, practical courses, varied extra-curricular activities, social affairs, are characteristics which make Drake University rank with honors. . . with honors." May you always win them! Send for bulletins con- cerning the six colleges of Drake University: liberal arts, commerce and finance. fine arts, eduqation, law, and Bible. Drake University DES MOINES, IOWA April 5-Dooms day! I Report cards were sent to H. R. teachers. .-g.. April 8-Blah! Blah! Blah! Don't worry it's not Huey Long and General Iohn- son but only the orensic-Epi Debate. .g.. April 9-Everyone has a stack .of yellow cards. More sighs! .3- April 10-Bernard Lewis is going around school tryin to pump water out of everyones elgows. fMagizian Fry was here yesterdayl. -g- April -ll-Someone asked Mr. Ligian today what "college bred" was. r. L man replied, "they make college bred! my son, from the flower of youth and the dough of old age." April 12-The P. T. A. had their da today. In the midst of a rain storm: the com- munity turned Out to a benellt spon- sored by the P. T. A. April 15-Phyliss Stafford recites in English. April 1'6-Everyone 'happy as kids-school out at 3:00. .-g. Aprilhl 71-:City Oratorical contest at Lincoln ig . April 18-19--Spring vacation. Rain! I ! April 22-Max Steinway is hoping it will rain. l'le is llrst man on the tennis team. MarkAn X If You Cannot Write Your Name, 1 "PA f f 14 Mif gqsf f-BA' -ff-1"w"ff'-f x H 4- 'z ' 'Ttfl-'1 '-'f,Fi,-'CSF' :fx-1 421-j - L' 7" - :'.:'. ff. ,.,.:- f ' V ..' V f j,L5au.p9ffwf?:-:- -0: W-Wi:-33'-1-f,1-9-as-' - 'H' , -we-F ' - .L-LQ yi- -1, 4-L.--,zf-rr g , ' 1- 1 V N.-'ffl 51 . :Aa-x if V5 , ' ' t f,,,Ef,f.g if .Y D' .E fi... Q Y Q I is 7 .. .... ,sd- argf. 2:3-ga:,aaE.f?fLJ-'Jw-. -f Ig- " ff' 'fir' .12-lf'-'ff -5 - 1 ' ,,-59... P13-E-'Z,'.'5ffI, 5'4" ' 'gli' "'f"""' -'J' ' . ' ,A ffal, W. 'B ' ' Aw-.V Q Qin ,LL R 'yffex Q .I b Q. .- in ASK 4 W , , - ,,,rf'.3,.N,Q '52-' .Q x - ,1.w'A-1'A ' A ' nuff, 'f,fER!E,c, . gA:i':.-.,j'i,5,.,s-Ft ., 3 if ' 1.3. ,M 'T' an mv. ,um--3, .Q , -. r,41, .'?Zf!g,1- Yrvizzvq 1 H, ff"v'S'S..,.1f.ff- - K .. -, ., . "-IH'-EL: ' -1 , TU ffff' ' ff- ' '- "K M" -,1 3335 '42 .- - l'QCl1.ij?-Q, ' ' ifh, ' NJ xL'Z,-'-"fc" ' ff- - 5-:Q-: x 4- Ulf' 1 f ' 'Yi' ,-ZQFKR1 X 'I ' " ' g 334,351 - M ' ,-Emir, 'fin-v, ,W ' :arm sw, .5 4 X -K. sa. M V Y -. U . tr 'fig "f"I. . ' if - LV -:L-,-L1,,- ,Vp , ks 1, .1-?L,Q'f avi X K M I ' 4' Wfxf 'Y . Y ' ::j'P2f.,,.M .- 4 EZ' Q . '-pp . W-ur, , - XY . 1, " M , far'-1 , , " ?'F'-A-ffvxfi, "D--" 'W' .ff-1 . Tw' . S' -T ' .z - 'sri in, a :fs-S' x .v-.qw jx fsfyx 'L' L f x - Q.,-.. f-.' ,qi ,gk ' .vw - Ji W ' . 17, V. V Y K ,X -- - xc- -N gf --,,,j' , ' ' nv Q. --.N 1-1, - 5:55, n '- "faq '- "H -' ' - e . X74 wo' -v J.. - ., - X 'Ja -- 4? - ' fl.:--ki ' -D by --'F-a,.,,g -mv T3 X .S '- ' " " ' ., 55 fm-ff'Qf-2f'n . Rx W, V - K " 4-.9-'wr-::' ' '--, ' 1, f -2-1"i':' ' . I ,,- f A .gave-Q "ff-' vf , , X k' A , W . :iq X Q I ,A v 7532, .V 'QM A K, ,K .M-Lv .L--1 f- g Y -.V " , "M" Q. ,gj'.,w5f- M- f " -A - , kl'Qk-v- , , 5: A K ,Y ' 1 -:-A .iii . . 1 , ,kr 5 . , -i VH- .. ,K ,N ,K J A kg.. .., -f N Q ' ' ' :R - A H - A' 'H 'illgri A. ffl TQ " A, .J-'F 'r' V 1 .V v it '- , .-1,5 . ff 'A y N "4" ' " .,,.,., . ,rf V - - . ., "' 1 , r,LA,i '-- ' 2 x ' A-'51 is Q, -4. T K ' ' - -K QQ - 4- f - - ' A ' M 1 -A. , wvm --V - eg, , A :E -1 -' 1. A f- ' - - I' . - Q., . A , , H - - ' ' 74 - 1 ' 21 Li - - " -LI! -C , ,.-... .5 , i , ,N - - Q " 1 E M: Y -- ' A A... .W-V "' ' ' Q. X -, , - K 0, I Y V ' F4 ' , -,4 ' p ,, 4 N-'ev - Q., , ... A , 'ii' Qi ,- .. - - A. H, ' ,g", , U . '-. , ' ' " I V ba ,A .1- " V . Q 0-h -- . Y ' . ' . .J V V ' - .4 F A-'V ' M, . A " b ,,. f,',g, OP- , '--. Y , .I , 'A 5 4 W Mx , ,J--L. . ,il-he-asf ' -x--ffgg.1E1,..-. - - . ' .2 fV..1...E'2'fsz.?i4gk2sviai:'-'.5.dI.."-:7T'2L'.,,--f-m1tg-

Suggestions in the Fayette County High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Fayetteville, GA) collection:

Fayette County High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Fayetteville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fayette County High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Fayetteville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Fayette County High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Fayetteville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Fayette County High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Fayetteville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 39

1935, pg 39

Fayette County High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Fayetteville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 80

1935, pg 80

Fayette County High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Fayetteville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 61

1935, pg 61

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