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1 mf . 'I . 'QM .1,,..,.k . 1 ' K 'J I'f" '3 'LH f4-.11-51-'.'.u3z Z' ? :iff " ?'4I"5f '7' '1 ',35.5f'5'2f' ' . liHf'9 W-'3 '-"'5' ' ' .,,.,f,,,, x t .,g,,,, A' ,. , . ' . -1 1 , Q N Y '- svn-H y -'- .2 ,, ,.--3-.511 -51.-. -.1.,.W-w1--w-f- 7-Af'-1 -1,13-'.g.y'w5-,mg--5-.1 -1-.pf-:--ps:v"v' -- -:5f5f.a31.,1fy.g.i .ffl--, -.,, -1- -fm. 1 1"-1 'nv'-f.: f'-'14,-'--"J 1 'TY-' V' ' 1' " 5 J 5 ,-f-f....a,., - - mfuags. -W Paw ,Lg-Q Hh hgg , - ' "" ' " '?'?fflf" Wm' . , .V .cm . '.h-auf.: zt fw' ' " gif: .4 V- ' ., , ,,.,,r ', ,,, 4, , .A1ra.s!1':.aa:..1:-,,.:f1r. 4'-E yi-,....'i. f' A?Ki'AT"f3f2i.,j1" ' 4 " ' ' ' .2 f- ' ' N " 1 'JI 15' ' .g- nag., ' fl- 'W ,Mia P V . r . 'xx f' zu- X h . f . - I .,,,, . -P--NV' -'5'f "Jiri - 4. ' iz' . , - V . H- , 1 I-ill --1 THE ECHO I Vol X Published By SEN IDRS OI' 46 I I H Q I I Fayett County High Scho l I F e -:- Alabama Foreword Tc oresent you wx h e L CtOT18l record of the 1945 46 school year Fayette County High ocnool S the our poee of tnis tenth volume of nhcho activities ana echiev ents we hope as you turn through the pages, your im8g1D8t1OH wlll lean you into pleas ant memories OL your carefree school days Y? Qgfewffwfp hd1tOT e - at . , n With this summary of campus life, U h ' Y 9 I , 7 kc! Q A Tab e of Contents Dedlcetion staff school lma Later Undervraduate Featurp Activitles Clubs Qoorts Senior MQMOIT Advertisements 1899 c, 109 I ' ................... 4 A .... ......... ... . ... . . 6 ' ... ....... ............ ... 8 A I .......... ... . ..... 10 Admixiztrati n ................... LL Seniors ...... ..... .... ........ 19 J s .............. . .. 09 -S ........... .. .. .... 49 ' ...... .... ...... 61 .............. .. ....... .. 71 A, ....... . . ..... .. ... Q3 ' S.. ..... .. . .. 97 The fact that Mrs Helen Stevenson has been 1D Fayette County Hlgh School but one year does not lessen the love and admiration that all the students have for her From the beginning, Mrs Stevenson proved herself to be a grand eport, an everyone In recognitlon of these admirable qualities and in appreciation of all she has done for us and for the school we Seniors of 'L6 dedicate our volume of Echo to Mrs Helen Stevenson Dedlcatlon 'Mit .fu .4 ,Helen Stevenson f 13,1 el ff! ' 5' A' lv ,I ,W , Q 5, .r 'vet ' X , l 4. K D 1,Nsk. ' S' 4 W . .I . j Q J - if 9 Ef a iw 4 interesting teacher, and a friend to Q5 , 'ffff .H ,lfxe ' +ff1:' fQQ' , f ee, deaf, ' fa IP 'mLP""nf iE?i14Q P l 5 ' VN Lf, li Y ' , . . xv W W 1 V , O O ix 2 e 'Ds S A, . I' . S Mr. gred fayne Dedication And to lr. Fred Payne because he enstills in all of his athletes the love for good sportsmanship along with the desire to win.. Coach Payne has won the respect and admiration of all his "boys" and the entire student body for his be- lief in the words, "It matters not how great the score, but how you played the game". To show our appreciation of his promoting good sports, good sports- manship, and school spirit in Fayette County High School, we dedicate the , Echo to him. 5 -we 'awe THE EDITOR pasted on on the way to the postofilce 4 ECHO STAFF Having been chosen " by the faculty, the Echo ' ' staff began work about the middle of October making plans for this ,en Q' yearbook. Since that time a lot of things have happened to us and, great has been our trouble, but just as great, our fun. was In the first place, it rained and rained and rained, and we're lucky to have any pictures at all But everytlme the sun broke through, the cameras started clicking and we flnally managed to get through even if the last plcture was Our buslness managers sold more ads and collected more donatlons than anyone else has ever sold or collected And money does come J.n handy The appreciatlon of the whole staff goes to so many people for maklng this year's Echo possible Thank you, Mrs Smlth, for glving us your d1n1ng room for two months to use as a "workshop" and for being refreshment commlttee chairman And you, Mr Grlffin, for turning out pictures for us on record tlme And you, buslness managers, for our Campus Kmg and Queen for makmg that contest such a success, flnancially And you, Mr Brown, for your sympathy and moral support And you, Bill Nichols, for your splendid figures in basketball and all your help on the Sports section And you Q: ,aweei fy, eww, as EW? av fn. if x F' L P ygxsf ,, 34 THE SPONSOR the student body, for being so co-operatlve 1n having your pictures made It has been a long hard fight, this publication, but when you hold this book all battle scars will have healed, and, if yoltre satisfled with our efforts, then we have recelved our medal The Staff Mary Lee Smith Biitor Dorothy Hollingsiorth Associate Editor George Shepherd Business Manager Betty Sharpe Asslstant Business Manager Jewel White Artist Betty Jo Newton Artist Joe Gunter Feature Editor W F Richards Feature Editor Mary Angelyn McNeese Circulation Manager Lavaughn Ballinger Assistant Circulation Manager Clark tkavlee SPOPT-3 E45-to? Elizabeth Rowland Assistant Editor Joyee Roberts Assistant Editor 6 4 V919 Echo Staff 11512 SPORTS EDITOR Clark Gravlee if X FEATURE EDITORS W F Richards Joe Gunter in BUSINESS MANAGERS Betty Sharpe George Shepherd 532' 'KWH-s. My 1 ASSISTANT EDITORS Joyce Roberts Elizabeth Rowland CIRCULATION IIANAGERS llary Angelyn llcNeaae I.aVaughn Ballinger -04129. EJITCBS J nel White Betty Jo Newton - I 's , Q 'yy x ' L V 74 , A," Zvi 1.v, K . 55 Q F5 " 557 1 Y i' We W1 v.- ' 'fi Q. . - JM A J, Q, fix ,,,5,e ,xv W V If gi if , , , JQLN i f ' 5 .hr 2-V '-Q01 051 9" .Q , Q 5 fi C." Ji 955.37 T1 f BV N , F 5 5 , A ART 7 THE ECHO :Magma FAYETTE CCDUNTY THE ECI-I0 HIGH SCHOOL ALMA MATER 'iqJi'iJi if Jia H wflflf FE O "1,,.?hZJ S cnool ev, rffur p Psp L 1 t'43 6 4 3 4.1f e'11U 1 'li -J-, J, throughout e- ter- ni PH IF FLM IFF 41.131 ng,-' gl wg, mrgg P F If FWF 'FF DJJ ljljxdmlill fo? an? IMF :MJF Fr' HM4d"H 1145 S fyfTuFVfQP1fFF'F JH 1 'Q ' ii5 1a?ttf ' UT: 9756329535 -,, , W ' ?i!'v'f'W",-, .,'- ,WM 'M W 1 J ,U ...if Superintendent of Education ,wen .gp-1I'h ,J -.,,, . ,M if 2 .I Vi FAYETTE COUNTY Clyde Largile lr. Cargile began his teach- ing career in 1930 as a teacher at Hankins. Since that time he has been assistant principal at Hillport High School and Fayette County High School, principal at Ht. Pleasant Junior High, Belk Junior High, Ht. Vernon Junior High, Kirkland Junior High, and Berry Public Schools. He is now Superintendent of the Fayette County Board of Edu- cation. His wife is a member of the faculty of Fayette County High School, teaching in the Junior High grades. Q- N i PRINCIPAL JOIN! .lu KPOWII An understanding heart, a sympathetic soul, a firm hand, and a friendliness that endears him to all such are the attributes of our principal, John ll Brown In future years, as we remember Fayette County High School, we shall always think of "Papa" Brovm as one who made school a place where we liked to ' 4 af" ff 3 , . V f . diffrv ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL M144 Sane .'DeJlent Assistant Principal, Typing Teacher, Tiger Rag Sponsor, Echo Sponsor, and the entire school's right hand man lies Dellent's personality and generosity are equally as large as she is small in stature Never, at any time, has she re- fused to lend a helping hand to either teachers or students, in fact, the space allotted for this write-up ien't nearly big enough to truly express all of our love and appreciation. Tl-IE ECHO HRS RO! MARTIN Sr Social Studies Ur llartin's superb intelli gence and informative mind have won for her the admiration of all her students HRS HELEN STEVFNSON-Sr Buglieh A newcomer to the CGIPUS, Hrs Stevenson is affectionately known as "Stevie" Besides being the Beta Club sponsor and teacher of senior English, she has a voice that is quite 'out of this world' 03" MHS C ll HOLDER Sr Hath Teacher Besides being a 'mathematical machine", Mrs Holder is rated "tops" by all of the students cause of her friendliness and understanding HRS W W NORDAN- Librarian A newcomer to the faculty and one of the senior home room teachers Mrs Nordan is a prime favorite because of her ever ready assistance and her ability to be "one of us" and yet retain the respect of all If 1: -erg- 3 THE ECHO W. WOODALL RODGERS--Agriculture Mr. Rodgers' ready co- operation in the activities of the school makes him very popular with all of the students. MISS ESTELLE JONES-Home Economics Always cheerful and ready to do more than her part, Miss Jones is kept quite busy between the canning plant and her Home Ec classes 'il -59? 'w 4' wiv? fl!" MISS FRANCES VICK Home Economlcs A fonmer student at F C H S , Miss V1ck's wide knowledge of Home Economlcs helps all of the banquets to be a great suc cess IISS NELLIE G BROCK Science Miss Brock's understanding and friendliness have made for her an indisputable place in Fayette High School's activities, currlcular and otherwlse THE ECHO FEED PAIN!-Coach A devotee to clean sports and unsubsidized athletics, Coach Payne concentrates his whole hearted attention on making Fay ette County High School well represented in the sporting world MRS Z D VICK, Jr -Music Having been blessed with the wonderful musical talent that alvays 'canes in handyn, Hrs Vick is always trying to get her pupils to see that 'practise makes perfect' MISS 'IHELMA TEEUIY Commercial Eff1C18I'At and reserved, Miss Terry always has a cheery sm1le and pleasant words for all of her associates MRS JAKE DOCKERY Physical Ed Hrs Dockery's contribution to the school spirit and her assistance with the social func tions have made her a great favorite WW Tl-IE ECI-I0 IRS. DELIIER WRIGHT--Jr. II Quiet and unassuming, Mrs. Wright is usually to be found in her room, with the interest of her students always at heart. MISS GWEZN STEWART-Jr. II Abounding with original ideas, Miss Stewart has won her wav into the hearts of the stu dents through her classes and her work with the activities If aff' Q L'hfpn. MRS J B HOUSTON-Jr II Hrs Houston is indeed a real gem Her ability to fill in in any position and her widely distributed talents merit the ad- miration of all the students HBS CLYDE CARGILE-Jr I Conscientious, kind and courteous, llrs Cargile does 'won dere" with the junior hiya school classes TI-IE ECI-I0 IRS GUTHRIE SIDZTH-Jr I During her short stay at the High School, llrs Smith was just as popular as she was as a for-mer teacher of the Elementary School HRS TERRELL CANDDN-Jr I Mrs Cannon's knowledge of math and science is a great asset to the junior high school HRS L B IDLLAR-Jr I Smith's mother, and when Smith went to join her hus band, she filled her daughter's position very successfully for the remainder of the year . ld-s.'Lo11ar is llrs. Mrs. 18 bei? 'fl ' we-,ff fx Y afnifiuilr w -LU. , V -.,. fl km ..,, f .1 , , X 4 Q , F9995-vv9Fi0' : Q " N: 1 by? s ' Z . , , - 35.2 I ' K fm, 'N 09" we THE ECHO f'7 Marcello Mlles Joe Gunter Mary A McNeese Mary Lee Smlth Presldent Vlce Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer CLASS OFFICERS BALLINGLR, LAVAUGHN Sr Nho's Who, F F A , ECHO Staff Asst C1FCulBt1OH Manager mx, GRAFTON Who's Who, F I A BLACK, POLLY ho's Who, Glee Club, Hea c 1 lho's Glee Club BUTL R, NED Rho, Football CAGLE, DESSIE MAE 20 lth Coun 4? A' 2 ' - ,:. l C 5 I ' , I V 1 , L 3-51 . . , V., E32 MUJMQEQ! lygijlyy Sr. . . . - i A 5 4 .5 ' ix , , 7 H Sr. - -AM -r as BURDETTE, BE'r'rE Jo ' J' ,' . 55? . fl" ' Lr'Z f"3' SAMA A Ne, xv A.,, , ,Nf, A A l l A 'Q Ei' -Sw LS Sr. 1 ig 1 Q .. ., ' Higgs, -,Q if 5 ei fy , Q5 3 A ,111 , , A ,S-? , QQ2 'A Q gifefffi A A , V Y. A .xg I k fe, . ,. . THE ECHO CARAWAY, CHRISTINE Glee Club, Health Council 1-page fda' 1? 'S' CARGILE, GRACE Beta Club, Glee Club DANIEL, BILLIE HOCUTT Glee Club, MUSIC Student FOWLER, KATHLEDJ Glee Club, Music Student if-Q? 4 GILPIN, FAIE 'li F H A , clee Club GRAVLEE, CLARK Football, F F A , Red Cross Council Beta Club Plays 122, Basketball, Junior Play, ml-IO Staff -Sports Edltor, Beta Club, Senior Play GUNIER, JGE Vlce Pres Senior Class, V1ce Pl'681d8l'1t of Beta Club, Cheerleader, TIGER BAG Editor, ECHO staff Feature Editor, Sr lho'e Who, School lho's Who, Beta Club Plays C21 , Vice Pres of Victory Coun eil, Vice President of F Club, Hall of Pane- 'L5 HANKINS, INA BANKS Glee Club, TIGR RAG Feature Editor, lv- H Club Song Leader 21 W4 P2 6' TI-IE ECHO HARKINS, MARY EVELYN M?-151C Student HOLLINGSWORTH, DORUFHY ECHO Staff Associate Ed1tor, Beta Club Reporter, Class luslcian, Glee Club Senior Who'e Vho, Music Student, Beta Club Plays 423, Senior Play HOLLINGSYDRTH, KATHLEEN President of F H A , Treasurer of Vic tory Councll, Sec Treas of F Club Beta Club, Glee Club, Cheerleader 2 years Jr Play, School Beauty '46, TIGER BAG Society Edltor, llajorette 2 years, School Who's Who HOLLIS, REX Beta Club, Senior Vl1o's Who, Health Coun c1l, Senior Play, Beta Club Play HORN, MARY FRANCES Beta Club, Glee Club, Football Sponsor m 'AS HOWARD, H J F F A , Sr 7ho's lho, Basketball HUBBERT, ALENE Senior m0'8 mo JOHNSON, HEBSHEL Football, Sr. lho's lho, Victory Council, Campus King '14, Senior Play, School lho's lm 22 . Y 'W ,,, q 1 'Um ,W - .. XMI" X' -...cf K -- ft Q". ' fu ivy, 5: , ,,gc,L,?f ' " W 5? Mg Gwen ,gr 5, J M" -if, Q ' A , ,1: - A ,.,, ,I -iff, ,F Q L13 1' .' S '-.NH 'Z2fIf", QQ : ' Af' 0 O O - I li l , -- , n -- . . . q s 1 . 4' F 3 , , ws1MV' Tl-IE ECHO KIZZIRE, BERNICE Glee Club, Senior Who's Who, Beta Club LINDSEY, PHIGY Football Sponsor in 'l.3, Ssxior Who's Who, Glee Club, Statlsticlan, TIGER BAG Busmesa Manager, Beta Club, Sr Play HADDOX, SARA JOY Glee Club, new Club, r H A , Health Council, Beta Club Plays 121, Seruor Play' MILES, HARCELLE Senior Clans Presldent, Senlor Who's mo, Glee Club, TIGER BAG Assoclate Ed1tor, Beta Club President, Health Council, Good Citlzenship Girl, Sglutatgrian HONTGGEERY, HELBI Health Councll Y, RUTH llcllEASE, MARY AIGELDI Beta Club, Victory Council, 1' H A , Senior Class Secretary, Sr Who's lho, Clase Historian, TIGR BAG Bxsiness mana ger, Campus Queen 'I.3, Football Sponsor '42, Hall of Fame H+, 1.6, School lho's llo , Valedictorian mmon, Barr! Jo Glee Club, Junior Play, EHO Staff Art Editor, Beta Club, Secretary of F H A Beta Club Plays QZJ, Senior Play, Junior Red Cross 25 TW? 'T""7 5 'Fi TI-IE ECHO osmm, QYBLE M' OTTS , HARCHETA VIVIAN PASTEUR PHILLIPS, MANLE1' 4 'ff nw gr -n If PORTER WYNELL H POTTER Glee Club PRITCHETT msamzr, BETTY Sen1or Glee Club, Health Council, Beta Club, V108 Presldent of F H A Q QQ' U 'Sf 24 La U f,Q1:fEiY fs f' ,-f' fwwwix . A W ,- Ag W., 257 , f fx' ', -W1 45 9 ,, A 4 M 'pf a k " A -FL: . .. 1. n . F. A. , , Wffaff , ,..fr?"."'?j,iZf'g,iiiz fi J 1-2 g.,,-Eg-g2"fif3ag31?T?-V, ' - ".'. -'ii'-Q"ii'.'?i-3'P-ll"3L1'5f4" :fb ' f 5.1 'ful 32,5-Q,--'zg,'Q.xL..QQ ,ly - A . gg? V 5. FET' ' 1 f . '-4 ' w A 41051. ' V ,514 1 A F. . A. aff .C , IVY if C , J. w. X ,J . '91 a . ' , A 'ff-+-f alt' I A I . . A Q 3 ,jg " - n iff?-'-ii' 'Q 25522 ' .riiipg .fy TM ,Zi if 3' of? TI-IE ECHO RICHARDS, W F Football, Beta Club, Glee Club, Health Counc1l, Senior Who's Who, ECHO Staff Feature Ed1tor, Senior Play ROBERTS, JOYCE Junlor Play, Glee Club, ECHO Staff Asst Edltor ROWLAND, ELIZABETH Glee Club, ECHO Staff Asst Editor, Senlor Play SHARPE, BETTY Glee Club, F H A , Beta Club Play, ECHO Staff Asst Buslness Manager, Sr Play, School Beauty 45, Junior Play SHEPHERD, GEORGE HASSELL Victory Councll Reporter, Glee Club, Who's Who, Junior Play, TIGER RAG Sports Edltor, ECHO Staff Buslness Manager, Hall of Fame 1.6, Senior Play SMALLWOOD, EVELYN Glee Club, CW1thdrew second semeaterJ SMITH, MARY LEE Campus Queen 1n '41, Hall of Fame in '44, '45, '46, Senior Class Treasurer, Beta Club Treasurer, Presldent of Victory Coun eil, F H A Reporter, Junior Play, Sr Who's Who, lluslc Student, ECHO Staff Edltor, School Who's Who in '43, '45, '46, Senior Play, Beta Club Play suns, mms: om Glee Club 25 ,anis 49' if TI-IE ECHO sPm.m, my LEE smxmm., mn SULARIN, RUBY Sen1or Who's Who HOOK, NELDA Beta Club, Glee Club WATKINS EARLENE dent of Jr Red Cross, Glee C u Hall of Fame '45, Class Prophet IATKINS, JAIIES HOWARD F WEEKS, SUSIE GRAY F H A , Glee Club, Class Poet. WHITE, BETTY Senlor Glee Club, President of Junior Red Cross, Campus Queen IJ., Junlor Play 26 F. H. A. F. H. A. VAN .1 Beta Club, Junior Red Cross, Vice Presi- . l b, F. . A. , . 'Q THE ECI-I0 WHITE, JENEL DEAN Senior Who's Who, School Beauty of '46, Favorite 1n 'L5, ECHO Staff Art Editor WHITE, ELOISE HIGGINS, MARY SPAIN Glee Club, F E A WILLIANS, BETTY Be Pres dent of Health Council, Glee Club YOUNG, FRANCES Glee Club, F N A ELLIS, LAWRENCE 2 7 ta Club, wr A1lW NX 'W' :ff ff-mn' ' .925 ,wp ,yi Q Juniors OFFICERS Ruby Gray Dodson, Treasurer Aline Walden, Vice President Curt Branyon, President Cratle Corbett, Secretary -'Q QP' EW Bums, Houma Bmmas, mvznuz BARNES, wm.nu BERRY , GEDRGE HAROLD Bannon, .mcx Bannon, .mms cunns axusum, ozmm cmou, nos so Busan, 'rm mm mmm, Jon um., Jr cumou, ummm cmumou, com me COLBUBll,WILLIAllBLAIllE nmmnx., Hum mms, mmm noosou, rum can msms, Joann TI-IE ECHO coamm, cnxrm cnovm, an DARNELL, POLLY mms, G-'RISTINE nonsou, nom num nonsou, mm 1-'Am nououn, mama nm, ann nm rms, sm.: ruu.m'rou, mr Lou 51 THE ECI-I0 G1u.1.own, BILLY Gonmzx, Lourss Hmm, num aousrou, nm-:Es Jofmsou, num GARTIIAN , DHINA IULE GILPIN, ELSA DEAN GOSA, ELIZABETH HARBIN, IIARY SUE HOLLINGSWORTH , EUGENE HOLLINGSHIEAD, wma HCXJSTON, BETTY IIARLE uuaamrr, Barr! Jo mm, ummm Jorms, sz KIZZIRE, IIILDRED Locma, amz HADISUW, PAUL Moons, crmsm Nason, Damn THE ECI-I0 LAMBERT, num LAwnr:NcE, Hamm Loom, IVA L1-:E MADISON, Nom mm, Rosznu xmas, ummm uecoor., Bnmxcn uccmcxm, newxrr unrron, Pam NICHOLS, Bm. 55 I THE ECI-I0 419' NORRIS, mrumm PAPAZAN , MARTHA , BEACHEL Pn.1.Ea, COLLEEN nowmm, Joycz SPRINGER, mom srocxs, nosmu' sroucfu, mum 54 srocxs, wma srouon, LOUISE PINKERTON, AGNES scum, .umm srocxs, rrmuczs mom, moamuz molwrou, Jorcz mmm, num WALLACE, zvmm wurrz, Emm moons, wma TI-IE ECI-I0 www, ALINE WALDHOP, KATHLE1-:N WALLACE , LU 'IHER must, suwm. wn.1.1AMsoN, KATIE mr. mmf, warm zouno cuzomm rouse, .mm ss wmmcs, HAZEL 9 Sophomores AYRE, ETHEL LOUISE BAILEY, RAYMCND BAILINGER, LEON Bmw, Jo! BERRY, LELIE Bono, Bvrn JOY Bomou, OTHEAL BRANYON, TCLMY BWIDGES, HOLLIS BROCK, FLOSSIF BYARS, NORMA JEAN CANNON, BETTY JFAN CARAWAY, ELNA LOU CARGILE, BETTY CARGILE, KELCY CARGILE, NARRH4 G COLLINS, BETTY JO CORBEPT, JOHN B DAVIS, LAMAR Bmw, Nom. DAVIS, vmam. DOBBS, OE DoDsoN, RALPH :KQV DODSON , WALLACE PORTER DOLLAR, FLOSQIE EST!-ns, HELEN FARQUHAR, mnwra Fovrma, GARDNER, IVA LEE GAB.'I'MAN, DOROTHY GILREATH, ALICE HA GLADDEN, ALMA GODFREY, COLLEEN GREGG, VAUDENE cmusmr, max HALIMAN, Busm aou.mAN, MAGGIE no1.L1vAN, nuxluv Hmxrus, RUTH Hmm, mums EAN ,, 57 I X J ' , Q x. ' Q gl V' L. A. L, T E U J ff TI-IE ECI-I0 HILL, SAM HOLT, RALPH HARTON, ELIZAB""TH HOWTON, GAY WISTA JOHNSON, mmm JONES, mar ANN LAWLEY, RONALD LAWRENICW, KENNETH IIASON, J IIMY uccmzs, CLARA uccoor., EUGENE MCCRAW, MARY PAYE MILES, WILLIE GRA! Moons, sum! NELSON, OVEI-LA QNot Representedj UTTS, CARROLL PINIQBTON, SUE CAROL PHILLIPS, VIDA LEE 58 in f' M .44 ,' -IEFFRIES, ED GAII-IES 2 PE.oPs'r, MARGARET EMILY PEoPsT, SUE RANDOLPH, WILLETTE RAINEY, MELBA LEE RASBERRY, HELEN E1cE, FAYE RICE, JIMMIE NELL RICHARDS, LOYD ROBEQTSON, MALINDA ROBERTSON , SUE Rossorwucm, SARAH ROWLAND, BILLY smnfns, ozm smon, BE'r'rY Jo SMALLWOOD, AUDREY sum, cum SMITH, CLARENCE SMITH., JAIIES B SIIITH, JANBBJE PRICE, GLADYS ALICE x THE ECHO srouon, om-um: STRIEGEL, ANN11' on TAYLOR, RALPH moms, nom TURNER, LOUDELL vmsr, 1-'RANK mann, .mms wu1'rLr:Y, BILLY woons, aosmr YERBY, SARA ALICE 40 I K THE ECI-I0 Jr 3 . Miss Brock First Row Alva Key, Browrue Faye Thompson, Cleo Porter, Bobble Jean Harbin Lorene Swmdle, Janle shepherd, Jackle Harkms, Nita Ayres Second Row Jeff Cobb, Buddy Cannon, Max Brarvon, Fred Dollar, Buddy Sherrill, Lucille Glbson, Joy Dean Dailey, Vera Nell Taylor, Mont1e Papazan, Avis McCollum Carol Thlrd Ron Stancle Thompson, Fred Hayes, Myra Cor' 1ell, Carolyn Hollis Alexander, Rose Ann Newton, Jeanette Thompson, Mattle Ruth Jenkins, Mary Sue Hamm, Billie bays Howton, Miss Brock Fourth Row Earlie Terrell, Buren Champ1on, Bertie Shepherd, Fra vlee, L C Smith, Blllie S w ean Skelton, Wllma liams, Betty Lou Sims, Maud Johnson 41 Q-. F '7- Y W A A , . I N I , , ,f V3 5 QQ 3 f ' , K .5 x' ' x ' 'A 5 5 M , , , , 7 , Q, -Q I I I I 2 . . 3 ' I ,A ' 1 S , C ' ' 1 C2 A TI-IE ECHO "V"4!'e N First Row Second Row Third Ron Jr 3 . Mass Terry Loyd Stephens, Dan Loftls, Johnny Mack Brown, Bobby Jackson, Jzunmy Davi Bobby Burdette, Willlam A Cannon, Mary Ella Ray, MSTJOPIB Wright, Bud Taylor Billy Denn1s, Pala Brock, Frances Sanders, Jewel Tuggle, Sara Morgan, Virginia Watkins , Lockle Bobo, Autrey Nell McK1.nney, Csthenne Carmack, Dora Brock, Audrey Jean Clark, Dean Gray Lyndall Nelson, Dale Brasher, Terry Klrkley, Haskell Barnes, Glen Brandon, Janice llltchell, Laura Allce Hollis, Malcolm Ferguson, Betty Sue Renfroe, S Sheltcn, Hrs Earl McDonald Fourth Row Searcy Rhodes, Bobby lleherg, D H Kizzire, Jimmr Sharpe, Thomas Cotton, Lee B Hankins, Billy Francis, Jolene Stewart, Virginia An- derson, Sue Lindsey, Tommie Hinton 'kdm fx. Nfx Tl-IE ECI-I0 First Row Second Row Third Row Fourth Row Jr 2 . Miss Stewart A C Reeves, Mary Ellen Nelson, Derl Gray, Lionel Loftis, Ed Edwards, Juan its Watkins, Tom Peters, Hattie Jean Roberts, Ray Hassell, Bobbie Sue Sanford David Pettus, Pat McNeese, Billy Roy Williamson, Gayle Houston, Bobbie Thompson, Ina Gilpin, lack Daniel, Evelyn Brock, Mary Ruth Hubbert Jean Sularin, Willie Pate, Jessie Lou Milligan, William Nel son, Myra Jo Branyon, Murray Jo Wright , Mina Louise Propet, Leon Nichols, Wylodene Dobbs, Roy Nelson, Miss Stewart Imogene Smith, J effie Lawrence, Colleen Renfroe, Hugh Harkins, Sara Kate Caraway, Charlie Stocks, Frankie Webster, Billy Ray, Gila Rae Key 45 rw ' ' 1 a ' l K JK KX' ' Xi? C - Mi P?" WA I I I I K ff U SJ i 4 g Rf First Row Second Row THE ECHO Jr '2 . Mrs Houston Jean Wright, B1lly Thompson, Patsy Grllflfl, Mllford Cunnmgham, Martha Claire Alexander, Clark Dodson, Ann Lowe, Guy Bolton, Irene Hughes Mary Fletcher Jenkins, Bllly Walker, Ethel Smith, Bruce Stewart, Eulene Wat kins, CU.I't1S Nabors, Jean Lewis, M C Smith, Jr , Bettv Louise Loe, Alvin Watts Third Row Harold Ferguson, J T Taff, Billle Jean Smith, Dale Du- bose, Maurlne Fowler, Verdon Davls, Jack Butler, Wilma Hallman, Billy Bohannon, Carol H1ll, Carroll Thomas Fourth Row Leumie Dean Gray, R J Watklns, Rlley McGee, Billie Angelyn Wilson, Mark Yerby, Mildred Kuykendall, Doyle Hills, Walt Y181d.'1..l'lg rfl. 44 CQ ' .71 X N 141 4 r , rw 1, lx l N f' X A ' . Q X Q-A V 1' x4 ' A f I ,R ,, '-,, KX 2 ' " ' 1 I . X I ' I X ' irll N C V I I I I . . : ' - I Q I I U : . . ' . . . . . . 2 Tl-IE ECI-I0 Jr 2 . Mrs Wrlght Jack Renfroe, Dons Lucille Clark, Kenneth Connell, Edwina Morrow, William C Stokes, Doris Watkins, J effle Lee Moore , Thelma Mills, Hilliam Hama, Angelyn hindham, Maelene Harkness, Verdree White Melburne Hocutt, John llorrol Cannon, Mane Sanders, Bobby Belk, Mary Agnes Sanders, Edward Kizzire, Betty Sue Shelton, Clinton Stamps, Betty Jon Sullivan, Samuel Benton, Max Price, Mrs Wright Faye Fowler, Walter Ferguson, Joyce Brasher, J V Mor gan, Hazel Fowler, Fulton Branyon, Sue Lawrence, Gaines Lawrence, Mary Avis Johnson, William D Faulkner !l 45 f J.. J W ff l .L B A s I , f ,4.., I' lx fx, J J A if: I I I I I Q T THE ECHO N ' f M Jr1 . Mrs Lollar First Row Sonny Sh6I'I'lll, Nathaniel Taff, Joyce Yerby, Barbara McDaniel, Mildred Wat kins, llre Smith, Donna Glynn Newton, Johnnie Sue Harkness , Faye Hallman, Edgar Harkness Second Ron: Quenba Eepy, Ronel Beasley, Vauda Ann Smith, Mary Katherine Lindsey, Nettie Jane Wrlght, Syble Nlchols, Bula Mae Hollouay, Bobbie Jean Gray, Thomas Abbott Third Row Joe Taylor, Henry Rosborough, Junior Tuggles, Larry McConnell, Joe Earl lleherg, Charles laldrop, Tommie Patterson, Douglas Howard XL 'xfffff -f 46 A 'J ' . R 1 5 F' X xi N K W K HM 5 T V I l I ,, .U S I 4 E k s 1 Q K 'Q 5,1 1 y i, L y W T J - 1 ,, , 5 vi V f 4 , Qzxtbj j i Le, 4 g 1 in V NX ,, .5 V fy ,,y, wh, D 1 1 j I I 1 l TI-IE ECI-I0 FlFSt Row Second Row Thlrd Row Jr1 . Mrs Cannon Joe Stanley Brown, Nelda Jeune Stanley, Jame A Shepherd, Billy Joyce Ham- sey, Wayne Carglle, Pat Lawley, J1mm1e Nell Sanford, James Griffin, ara Frances Davls, John Hamm J D Moore, Arlle Madison, Alby Race, Robert Hollingsworth, Bobole Beard, Reba June Presson, Mary Ruth J1l1l8m8, Eleanor Newton, Mary Carol Hendrlx Mrs Alma Cannon Herbert K1zz1re, M1lford Smlth, John Arthur Martin, Roland Jaggers, Novalean Smlth, Lucllle Griffln, Bobble Joe Kemp, James Lahrone Cannon, Billy Dobbs hh' .xx X 4 - H y . , 5 -,!. x X 5: , - xx . K 3 ,S , Q .. , ,xx I . :' X1 I 15 f 'ff Q rv , ,, ! I N a n n n c u o . S Y.. . . , Tm: ncno rs First Ron: Second Ron: Third Ron: Jr.1 . . . Mrs. Cargile Jimmie Dell Nelson, Bobbie Lou Watkins, Helen Nichols, Frances Sue Watkins, Mary Stough, Valera Black, Jeanette Champion, Frankie Hocutt, Marie Gallo- way, Milner Jane Young, Polly Mitchell , Bobby Black Tony Stough, Jimnw Files, Bonnie Newton, Harold Bryant, Annice Williamson, Billy Stocks, Evelyn Hardy, Thomas Campbell, Naomi Freeman, Bidie Hammons, Rqford Sanders, I-larkins Corbett, Mrs. Cargile Edward Loftis, tkady Nelson, Charles Lindsey, Robert Montgomery, Johnny Brasher, Max Regets, Jr., James Robertson, Fred Bailey, Balford Thompson, Billy Oswalt, Evelyn Little 3 5 L Gift, 5' Ve g X 2 48 5. E N Q Q if 1 f ' l , -'N av' F ' 3' 2 xx Q3 1 rg A -X x x 5 I t it TI-IE ECHO HALL OF FAME Students who are pictured in the Hall of Fame are chosen from the three senior grades by the entire faculty They are selected on the bas1s of loyalty and service to the school, leadership in various school 3CtiV1ti8S, and achievement in scholarship These students will be remembered as the leaders and outstanding scholars of Fayette County george Shepherd .fuarcelle .fueled Marg ,fee Small: Jua y .fucJVea.4e High School for 1945-46. O l I' TI-IE ECI-I0 clna .fou Caraway aneene small: 'uffma .Hou ngdlzeaaf Curl franyvn Kelly Ma le .fffoualon u J 0 N i i r 5 1 . W? " . V! .2 4. K 6' X K p ifff .5 . h V .. .. Sb 'Xxx-'TJ , ' k fvmg. , R V 4253 K L "UWA Q . gf' z 'wa - . , . A , ,jf ,,:. 'A 6 E" L-.L xxasdf Campu King 1 ,f ,Q ,fz4L'2f f "i??qfw:??2fvw'52W ff-JG Sagv, ,gg 'gc' ' 1'F33f'1'5T'4'f5ffi?f ' 3 I-ff"-1' 7 ., ,., -J' 'I' 4.2 IZ? : x f-..,5.,45 V: ' n . 'r., , ff ' ' " . 'vffjx 1' . V v,,.,, 1 bm? . sig X ,A . 3 as J ,, my Q ' 'W-SF' ff: 'S E. .Mag qiqdllfvfq' 45, hf33m,p,:afz,.i,',p, , 7555, - ' K ww Q45 4, .1 ,nv f Pfsswa, , H ' ' fwf2..fYx+ uf f ,W L . ji- iw f' 'N - K 4 1 A Ned Butler Jewel Wlmute Campus Queen 'Q' EVN , QM'-V--w... We-V. ,-Ng. 0' ,A K Li WH A 4 "it, ,sb . ILQW, I Cam us Queen CE'ldid6t2S ,u.c.1L Sfpl Campus Kmg Candidates Ll 1.1566 A, ja ,gf vrv yra in a onnell ue ro .4 O . arrol Zlzomaa oe o .4 54 Candidates Not Represented Buaqv sneuon Berneal Brock Wayne Carglle if Mary K Lindsey Q44 Lucy Ann Williams ' r Betty Houston Football Sponsor 'Z 45- Www ml? 2519 Sara Noreen H817 Frances Horn Kina Louise Propet 552 Kathleen Hollingsworth 56 Beauties Jewel White e i f , S ,jk V c' f. i to :V fi X Si Milner Jane Young - 'W'4?!"b Q--.ag BETTY JO COLLINS 41 BETTY IIARLE HOUSTON W IQ' was FAVORITES GLAUIS PRICE 1..- PAT lcNEASE TOIIIIIE HINTON JACKIE YOUNG WILSON "'.:?-u MARY RUTH WILLIAIB J AC HE HARICINS -A M U fi? f I ' ... A. T mu an In I 1',,,v,' Q 'V I v I If ix , I f if Q O , 3 9 " I an-A F' M.-A 9 I A sv School LDST HANDSOHE BOY IDST POPULAR NY Hershel Johnson IDS! POPULAR GIRL Kathleen Hollingsworth FEES!-IBT PRES!-NAR Lee Brooks Henkina EBT Ill'l'ELLIGEhlT KJ! CUTBT GIRL Joe Gunter Peggy Lindsey 58 Who Who BEST DRESSWD BOY BEST ALL 'ROUND BOY George Haasell Shepherd HOST INTELLIGENT GIRL BEST DRESS!! GIRL llary Angolyn llcllease '9 FRIHJDLIEST BEST ALL 'ROUND GIRL Mary Lee Smith , BEST A'I'HI.E1'E Ralph Taylor u ' J 3 U . 'lf mmwnwwmwmw. ,W , U ,,..,,.,,,.,-.W v. Q . .,f ,, x' my x, . . f .,,, s , ., -5? 1 . wr , - V' 'gf 1, 'A W3 L I ,, f..Q "' . Ag-gp ,. .L ,, 4 ,f-f' ' ' 'M mf. .. M'-in 0 5 Fr 1 W X L fm' IL! r ,7 , 1 . "' . V, -, " My ,,,,,,,,.,:,,:,m1 . ',Vf,j,, TIGER RAG STAFF 'YW 1 EDITOR Joe Gunter ASSOCIATE EDITOR Marcella Miles SPORTS EDITOR George Shepherd Qin mv SOCIETY EDITOR Kathleen Hollingsworth BUSINESS MANAGERS FEATURE EDITOR Peggy Lindsey Ina Banks Hankine Mary Angelyn McNeese 62 V ' r f 'iff uf' f hiv sz - 5 UVY' , In M lv A 3 - I 5, ' A V X ' 'Q . 5, I f Q 3 ' i 5 S TIGER RAG .fuzu Susie lbwuent Sponsor The Tiger Bag, a popular name among the students, is a paper publlshed monthly by a staff elected fram the Senlor Class The Tiger Egg is the big source of informatlon of all the school news that the student body so eagerly awaits Wven though there is a whole month be- tween issues there 18 always that last minute rush to get the staff to try to get in the latest news Subjects are giv n out among the staff and taken with a groan Editorials are written social ngolngs onsn are turned in to give lt that society touch, flrst football and then basket ball games are turned in for better or worse, feature 1tems are taken with a hearty NThanksW, and last but not least, the Keys d1sh out the eagerly awalted latest gossip on who's doing what with whom After all of this, the paper is rushed off to press and Miss DeHent says with a sigh, Wwe did it again N First Row Hollingsworth Gunter Shepherd Liles Second Row Hanklns Lindsey McNeese Delent QHGUIQ' 65 1 . . -I . . E! ' 3 . . -,- : , M a. r , M : - I . 5' A 5 W, x .zmfgy Q ' 1 K 4 ,Wy X' If I ..,, , A ..- . Xi? L SL-,g Y C-,,, THE ECHO "" fv , . Victory Council First Row: George Hassell Shepherd, Herslfel Johnson, llalinda Robertson, Harold Berry, J oe Dobbs Second Row Janeene Smith, llary Lee Smith, Betty Earle Houston, Joe Gunter, Jimmy Young, Kathleen Hollingsworth, Bob Cannon, Mrs C ll Holder, llary Angelyn McNeese -1xiQ .iw if-ffff g g 4 i fli I Il Z' 1 L K, I I 0- Qrkrf. WAfY-AA -WM 'N-XX, I ' 1 be fifmfl Cf, ,-,f - X, if 1 I 5 3. fl' 'V-W 'LT' ' to gf.3, Q- X, - on X .1 w ' A' si Mu L M Jvlalder, e-Sponsor In 1942 Mr Prentice Thomas or ganized the Defense Council The mem- bers were selected by the faculty The following year Mrs Holder was chosen the sponsor and in 1941, the name of the organization was changed to V1CtO!'y Council This Council has sponsored the War Bond Drives, the scrap drlves, the paper drives, Russian Relief Drive, the Victory Clothing Drive, the March of Dimes and Red Cross Drives before the organization of Jr Red Cross In addition, the Council members sell Victory stamps all of the time and through this sale earned the Minute Man Flag for the school New members to the Council are now elected by the old members of the Council President Mary Lee Smith Secretary Wilma Hollingshead Treasurer Kathleen Hollingsworth Reporter George Shepherd OFFICERS b5 ii 1 O l I x 3 . - 1 f 4 Eg. L N ' v Y 1 X . ' Vice-Presldentxx .... Joe Gunter . 71, Ap' C d ,4- 9 ,1 Li THE ECI-I0 Health Councll First Row Martha Claire Alexander, John Cannon, Sara Frances Davis, Larry McConnell, Mina Louise Propet, Flora Kaye Dodson, J effie Lawrence, Doris Clark, Billy Oswalt, Barbara Gayle McDaniel Second Row Ruby Grey Dodson, Clarence Smith, Kyra Linda Connell, Bobby Jackson, Muriel Davis , Carroll Thomas, llilner Jane Young, Sonny Grimsley, Ethel Louise Ayres, Miss Brock Third Ron Tomy Hinton, Lee Brooks Hanldns, Jolene Stewart, W F Richards, Betty Basberry, Lloyd Richards, Betty Jean Williams , Jeff Cobb 3 Ng lX 'XXI F fl Xl Lf DRw..,.0 K 92.4291 il' 66 .XA Y ,f ' V I R I eefee' or ,f 4 f Z ' ,I AY, - ll X A A 1' ,lr -. 'A 00 , ' f ee B' - Q95 3? ' iw V 61 .Mudd Jvellze Krock. spondor The Health Council of Fayette High School, an organization for promoting the health and cleanliness of the school was organized ln 191.4 with Miss Margaret De Bardeleben as its first sponsor At the present time it is sponsored by Miss Nellie G Brock Some of the accomplishments of the Health Council are sponsorsmg the dental clinlc and physlcal examlnatlons for the student body promoting good posture by the use of posters, Good Posture Week and lectures in Physlcal Education classes, keeping the halls, rooms and campus clean, improvmg the table manners and conduct in the cafeteria, and keeping a first aid room for use by the students at all times The members are chosen by the home rooms wlth two members representlng each Vice Presldent Ruby Grey Dodson Secretary Flora Mae Dodson Reporter Jolene Stewart OFFICERS I lwrf ' KRQ7 3 5 President ....... ..... B etty William 1 kb B TI-IE ECHO l 1 ' S 5 v 1 4, ,, -M N, N- M , ,. , ,, Jr. Red Cross First Row: Ehlene Watkins, John Arthur Martin, Nelda J eune Stanley, Jeffie Lawrence, Sue Robertson, Wyghtman Cannon, Jackie Harkins, Bobby Meherg, Carolyn Hollis, Harkins Corbett Second Row: Betty Jo Newton, Mary Catherine Lindsey, Vauda Ann Smith, Bonnie Newton, Catherine Carmack, Earline Watkins, Doris Clark, Sue Propet, Hina Louise Propet, Martha Alexander Third How: Sue Lindsey, Jolene Stenart, Bob Cannon, Elna Lou Caraway, Clark Gravlee, Margaret Daily Propet, Betty White, Aleine Walden L2 X e-X nf B Wii I1 ' Jaffa W Yi ,ifii WH Y KY 3' a,, w Q, ea M444 5lzetma ferry, Sponsor At the onset of the war a chap- ter of the Junior Red Cross was or ganized in Fayette County High School under the direction of Miss Jerry Mckenzie and the supervision of Mrs Cora Lee Brown, the Executive Secre tary for the Fayette County Chapter of Amerlcan Red Cross :nit EW' Throughout the war this chapter carried on projects in the school which aided in the war effort These included knitting sweaters and afghans, making favors for the boys in veteran hospitals, and packing Prlsoner of War boxes and Christuns boxes The manbers of the Junior Red Cross Council are chosen by the teachers Tno are selected from each room Kiss Thelma Terry is in charge of the Junior Red Cross at the present time President Betty White Vice President Earline Watklns Secretary Betty Jo hewtcn Treasurer Aline Walden 'Ci ig, 69 OFFICERS Kathleen Hollingsworth Joe Gunter Melinda Robertson Harold Berry Jackie Young Joe Dobbs ngw. . I f 41",-?' ww. 7 Wax - "EY Cheerleaders 70 Kathleen Hollingsworth Joe Gunter Melinda Robertson Harold Berry Jackie Young J oe Dobbs X . ,En TI-IE ECHO Beta Club First Hon Betty Marle Houston, Lora Faye Dodson, Grace Cargile, Adella Woods, Agnes Marilyn Pinkerton, Mary Lee Smith, Earline Watklm, Kathleen Hollingsworth, Ruby Grey Dodson, Flora Maye Dodson, Mary Angelyn McNease Second Row Marcella Miles, Mary Sue Harbin, Betty Williams, Aleine Wal den, Bernlce KiZZ1!'6, Joe Gunter, Betty Rasberry, Denna Mae Gartman, Nelda Van Hook, Mary Frances Horn, Mrs Stevenson Third Ron Clark Gravlee, Dorothy Hollingsworth, W F Richards, Wilma Hollingshead, Curt Branyon, Betty Sharpe, Jack Branyon, Betty Jo Newton, Billy Galloway 72 X it Q' , H L 5 .. 4 lv 1 . ' so ' 5, Vi , ki L fs b M., T X . my . e . 2 - . Ju 4 .Helen eslevenaon Sponsor National Beta Club is a non- ecret, leadership service club for high school students of America The purpose of this club is to en courage effort, to promote character, to stimulate achievement, to cultivate leadershlp qualities, to reward merit and to encourage and assist students to contlnue the1r education after graduation from high school Beta Club was organized in Fayette County High School 1939 with Mrs Melba Caldwell and Hrs Bess Studdard as sponsors Any student attending Fayette High School, classified as a Senior II or above, wlth an average grade of 88 or bove, and being approved by the pr1nc1pal and sponsor is el1gible for membership to th1s club President Marcelle Mlles Vice President Joe Gunter Secretary Betty Jo Newton Treasurer Mary Lee Smuth Reporter Dorothy Holllngsworth yay OFFICERS if al """7'vsz 75 r X - 1 a s 3' ' M ,125 in . . 8. I . . .0 -A ' - W ff" Q - 9 ' f 5G:G',ig Zigi, Li j ii 'fha V f dtlh iff 'v , V, ' VK E Q , 25 Vt THE ECHO Future Home Makers H138 Vlck, Frances Stocks, Bette Burdette, Susie Weeks, Otheal Bolton Carolyn Young, Mary Spain Wiggins, Kathleen Hollingsworth, Frances Young, Betty Jo Collins, Kathleen Norris, Lora Faye Dodson, Laverne Barnes, Christine Dav1s, Mary Lee Smlth, Malinda Robertson, Betty Cannon, Wynell Porter, Miss Jones Second Row Ruth Turner, Lockie Bobo, Elizabeth Gosa, Melba Lee Rainey, O' ene Stough, Flossie Brock, Polly Darnell, Betty Striegel, Flora Kaye Dodson, Alma Gene Gladden, Helen Ebtes, Betty Newton, Betty Sharpe, Elna Caraway, Janeene Smith, Faye Gilpin, Jimmy Nell lIcCaleb, Ruby G Dodson, Betty Jo Sextm Third Row Helen Joyce Rasberry, Gay Wista Howton, Adella Woods, llildred Kizzire, Louise Godfrey, Vaudine Gregg, Betty Cargile, Vaniree Whi oyce Rowland, Loudell Turner, Louise Bobo, Vale M , Sara A Roeborough, Joy Beard, Lamar D s, Coll Godfrey, Ruth Harklns, Faye Rice 74 3 X 'r f , K, f-,gy I . ww ., f Q .4 I ,V , , . . 1 , , ' , X I a 0 .L . o e J' 'Ui Under the supervlslon of Fllz beth Carlton, the Future nakers of AmfTlCa was founded Fayette County Hlph school ln for the gurls who have had at one semester of Home Fconomic L44 oned, Spondor rs Home 1937 least Thls OFg3HlZ3L1OD works together W1 h the F F ln carrylng out several of the soc1al functlons of the school A ln the F F A , the memters of F H have pro Jects WhlCh they carry on throughout the year Recently the chapter has bought equlpment for the home economlcs depart ment and, in the future, they want to rework the furnishings of the department The major purpose of this club lS to foster hlgh ldeal for h memaklng The F H A is now under the dlrectlon of H155 Estelle Jones and Mlss Frances V1Ck OFFICERS President Kathleen Hollingsworth V1ce Pres Betty Rasberry Sec Treas Ruby Grey Dodson Reporter Mary Lee Smlth 11 .MLJ4 Uncle, Sponjor 72 'HQ q e M' , ,. X ., EK. H ' ' lv.: . X - h 1 , .4 G ."' or t F A 2 ' - in Q -3. K , 1 LT 1 S- 'n . A ' ' ' s ' . . . - . .. A. - , I . .p . S I 'tim Q 3' O I W , ,dyn i us., TI-IE ECHO xi' Future Farmers Ralph Dodson, rcobert Louls Herren Bill Whzrtle Cratie Corb tt Rob rt s Y yn Stocks, Blaine Colburn, .dward Stough, John Corbett, Chester Ralph Holt, Leon Balllnger, W W Rodgers Warren Cargile, Pete Newton, Noel Bynum, Kelcy Carg1le, John L A Fowler, Paul Mad1SOn, Joe Neal Butler, Hollis Brldges, man, Roy Boyd, Kenneth Herren --119' ,Lff Gene Jones, James H Natklns, Dewltt McCracken, Grafton Belk, Pete Howard, Gravlee, Floyd Springer, Homer Barnes, Glyn Loftls, Ralph Taylor 1 l H W W RODGERS sponaor In 1937 Mr T L Faulkner organ- ized the Future Farmers of America in Fayette High School The purpose of this club is to WPractice brotherhood, honor rural opportunities and develop those qualities of leadership which a Future Farmer should possess W Th1s club sponsors a basketball team, an OT8tOP1C8l contest and soclal act1vit1es together with the F H A which Lnclude the Mother Daughter,Father-Son Banquet, A Christmas Party and a Barnyard Party Each member has a proflt making project whlch he carries on throughout the year This club is now under the direction of Ar W W Rodgers President Gene Jones Vice President John R Estes Treasurer Cratie Corbett Secretary LaVaughn Ball1nger Watchdog H J Howard ,I--Y OFFICERS I I , . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . . . . I . . . . . .... . .... 1 IDI! llllll I ....... ........ 000100 UIQ . .. ....... . . xx. , - rx P r N 2' X -.f wx! 1. hx W 3 M ,A ff L 1 .-,tiv'Q'rf:51"', Y X Q, 5 ,A Q rx lk . 5 V "- 4 4 1 L TI-IE ECI-I0 SCDIOI' GIGS F1rst Row Bob Earlene Watkins, Nelda Van Hook, Aliens Walden, Mary Frances Horn, Betty Jo Newton, W F Richards, Bernice Kizzire, James Smlth, Wilma Holllngshead, Betty Marle Houston, Dorothy JHol1ingsworth, Betty Sharpe, Betty White, Peggy Lindsey, Joyce Roberts, Ronald Lawley Second Ron Ina Banks Hankins, Janie Shepherd, Flizabeth Rowland Betty Rasberry, Evelyn Smallwood, Lamr Davis, Flora Dodson, Kathleen Hollingsworth, Marcelle Miles, Ivy Potter, Polly Black, Kathleen Fowler, Faye Gilpi Roberta Mealer, Norma Madison, Ozella Brasher, Willie Gray Miles, Kathleen Barnes , M8.XlI'16 Hollhnan, Norma Jean Byars, Betty Williams, George Shepherd Third Row Tormgy Branyon, Sue Pinkerton, Sue Robertson, Flossie Brock, Elna Caraway, Margar opst, Betty Jo Collins, Sue Propst, y Gae Suri. h, Grace Cargil Lora Faye Dodson, ristine Caraw , Mary Ann F Bernice McCoo ay Wista Howt , Flossie I r Billi Daniels, V an Pasteur, El e Gil anae Davis, lamson, s Vick 4 ow Beard, Nillette Rand h, Coll 1 N. I y, Alma Gene Gladden, Fa e Rice, Oth lton, S 5' 1 e s etty Car- Ki lb Elizabeth Gos 1 W o garet Miles, Davls 'i i'- X 5,-Z f""'X -,,.,--"' 8 l S l Q r z 4.4 3 ns ,9 ' 93 , :,' ' , R 2 .er A., ' 1 an Ann -: ' :: -'I ' l': ' I ' gil udene Gro , :gfx ff on, G1 rice, Mildred 1 -- - , - Q, - 1- i ' - ' ' I Q". L N W, b Ay l ' ? 7 jr Y gi First Row Second Row Third Rows Fourth Row Z f .Z-X g, 2 L., 3,2- THE ECHO Jumor Glee Club Betty Jean Groves, Joy Dean Dailey, Sue Lee Gardner, Myra Jo Branyon, Gayle Houston, Martha C Alexander, Betty Joyce Ramsey, Reba June Presson, Pat Lawley, Bobbie Beard Ethel Ayres, Catherlne Carmack, Billie Jean Smith, Betty Loulse Lowe, Dorls Watkins, Marie Galloway, Juanlta Watkins, Bobbie Watkins, mla Mae Holloway, Novalean Smith Sonny Sherrill, Edwina Morrow, Wayne Cargile, Bobby Jean Gray, A Price, Colleen Renfroe, James Cannon, Mattie J Roberts, Quemba Espy, Ina Gilpin, Harold Ferguscr Jane Wright, Buck Ferguson, Mina Propet, Joe Brown, Carroll Hill, Joe Taylor, Avis McCollum, Nathaniel Taff, Maurine Fowler Mary R Williams, Henry Rosborough, Billy Bohamon, Milner Young, Joe Meherg, Evelyn Brock, James Shepherd, Bobbie Sue Sanford, GUI Bolton, Carol Hendricks, Fulton Branyon, Patsy Griffin, John A Martin, Wilma Holliman, Tommy Patterson, Francis Sue Watkins, Helen Nichol , Lawrence Tuggles, Faye Hallman, Mrs Vick Joyce Ye Thelma Mills, Barbara Gayle McDaniel, Sara F Davis Jimmy Dunigan, Selma o s, Do s Clark, Mary ert, Wylodene Dobbs, Fletcher Jenlclns, cille Gibs acld.e H s, Donnie Glyn Eleanor Newt , Rose Ann Newt t ompso , ohnnie Sue Harlmess X i 79 I ' .9 : -x - Newton z a- e 1- -- Polly J chell, ' : ki -' utt,k-v ev a- .:kY2. 8 " I 't A' " J i... 1' 1 - f' f K J V -:- X THE ECHO 4-H Club First Row: Kathleen Stough, Dale Brasher, Mary Hartmon, Charlie Stocks, Hazel Fowler, Verdon Davis, Mary Ruth Hubbert, Dale Dubose, Annice Williamson, Curt Nabors, Jeanette Champion, Max Branyon, Edward Kizzire, Novalean Smith, Buddy Cannon, Buddy Clark, J. T. Taff, Avis McCollum, Billy Thompson, Joyce Yerby, Wayne Cargile, Valerie Black Second Row: Mrs. Cannon, Leon Nichols, W. C. Stokes, Larry McConnell, Jr. Tuggles, Harold Ferguson, John T. Canpbell, Colleen Renfroe, Henry Hammonds, Naomi Freeman, Fred Hayes, Kathleen Fowler, Edward Loftis, Evelyn Hardy, Max Regets, Murry Joe Wright, Ray Hassell, Ken- neth Connell, Robert Hollingsworth, Marie Galloway, Bob Montgomery, Mrs. Wright. Third Row: Bobby Joe Kemp, Alva Key, Henry Rosborough, Arlie Madison, Walter Yielding, Jack But- ler, Thomas Cotton, Lahrone Cannon, James Robertson, Billy Bohannon, Bobby Roberts, Samuel Benton, Clinton.Stamps, Tomnv Patterson, Edgar Harkness, Mark Yerby, Frank Gravlee, Nathaniel Taff, Fred Bailey, Billy Stocks l '?T.., 4 H PROJECT NEW ,Qi 'Te eo Tl-IE ECHO F Club First Hon Howard Lawrence, Billy Rowland, B111 Nlchols, Kathleen Hollingsworth, Clar- ence Smith, Billy Falls, Cratie Corbett Second Ron Alva Key, Sonny Grimsley, Lee Brooks Hankins, Ralph Taylor, J V Morgan, Max Branyon, Jr Third Row Joe Gunter, Curt Branyon, Gene Logan, Kenneth Lawrence, Buddy Shelton, Bill Dennis Fourth Row Wallace Porter Dodson, Edward Stough, Jimmy Young, Harold Berry Fifth Row Fred Johnson, Coach Payne, Floyd Springer 'ntl v ggc T L X g-f ,Z . - - ' X L 5 1' XSL I LN ' A l X Y I x 1YV 5 ML. ..-.15 1 44" ,qw n in , 15.1 ,, Tit' Za - hx zvjlrgi .lil-1-" ,,'.fj-, - , gh 'If ,. CY 'll 5- im H 64,3 .. 'SKI Q ' I 1 -. TIGER RAG AWARD V: wise-5521555 was ' WY .wa In f 5 was va an r ..-1' Howard Lawrence, OUTSTANDING FOOTBALL PLAYER for 1945 L6 Howard's contribution to this year's team was indescribable He captained the team, called slgnals on offense and defense, and was a de liberate and consistent blocker and a sure tackler Howard made a fine leader and deserves the honor of being selected most outstanding football player of the 1945 season Y :fy A ?4" 'WU Fred Payne alla Edward Stough, OUTSTANDING BASKETBALL PLAYER for 1945 L6 Edward led his teammates in scoring through out the season His excellent shootlng and his deliberate floor work made him outstanding in basketball He is an e cellent choice for and well deserves the Tiger Rag Award for outstanding basketball player 84 V 4 ' 7 fi - VN is l1Qli,gg?5pj559AF7 Ag , Sy, Qowf be sE99w'g1-, asf 5 ,Z A sf' , I ' X , ' ' ,Q ,Q 5 ,V Q X i 1 . o e ,sw a ,gy h 7 A. . ' qi! ' f ' A 1 'ff , ' " F S V .4 1 ' w, , 1 ' 5 1 , 4 M Y A , 4 J., Y ,f???'tf'fuE?'f 5 4 af' 'if 7 A 5 , .f' A 5'? 'EZQW fi A gy A' l 4 1 Q , ' 'Hmm' f 91 ,W-YQ 1 .Q , www A-f In Y ' f h,w :A H- J'i I ,I y 'X .YQ . 2' I 'fl . .':.. X ..-'j ' a O I , I : R,,7NafL fi Vf Y . :. l X A ,, :Adria-3 :jf 'A , , " -hh ' , ' 1,1 'AM' A sf? sQaf fi' ,Q J bg os,a ,.s'np.:ppi, ff ,M,, , ' off' 5 Q' 'fd fa- , -- Aw? , - , ,auf . . ,, . A TEAM Y' . h .I 4 re ' is ' " CLeft to right, Billy Dennis, Billy Rowland, John R Estee, Kelcy Cargile, James Curti-1 Branyon, Sammy Moore, Clarence Smith, Edward Stough, Billy Falls, Floyd Springer, Cratle Corbett., L A Fowler B TEAM LLeft to rightl John B Clark Gravlee, Gene Logan, Lee Brooks Hankins Corbett, Ralph Taylor, Fred Johnson, Noel Bynum, BE ... Lv- , J f. ff my M 4y5! . F 4 " 1 I-Fshlrg K K x l The Squad Flrst Row Cratie Corbett, B1lly Denrls, Floyd Sprlnger, Bllly Rowland, L A Fowler Second Row Edward Stough, Bllly Falls, Clarence Smlth, John Q Estes Thlrd Row B111 Nlchols, Curt Branyon, Clark Gravlee, Sammy Moore, Kelcy Carslle John B Corbett, Billy Galloway Fourth Row Coach Payne, Fred Johnson, Noel Bynum, Gene Logan, Ralph Taylor, Lee B Hankins F F A Basketball Team W..-J First ROI Dewltt HCCFBCKGH, Blane Colburn, Ralph Holt, Leon Balhngar, Hollis Brld s Second Ron Dlgene Holllngsworth, Chester Moore, Roy Boyd, Robert Herren, Mr W W dgers Third Ron James B Smith, Billy Whltley, Homer Barnes, Pete Newton, Charles Renfro, LaVaughn Balllnger 86 Y . . . . . . . . . . 0 . . I l I . . . . . . my . . . . I I I . , , 1 "B , iv X ' 1 mg , D ,M 5100 , g, ' I ? I ,Q Q - I e ' v ' Q gs ,, 1 1' l v I 7 ,. . . I -X, IQ. x -1 ' ' Q A 'z 1 x J . V' my 3 , , qv X , .Q-wmwaofxw X H X v'o4fU"P'9"4:M14 X' ' :ij 7" en . A K X I -.. ' 9 , Q " ' 1' L..M.,., 5, -.ei . .gg f- "'7Gr 7 X f ' M, X N.. . , , . ' V . - 4- . - --A . Q. ' 'ig , ,r .ft , . yr A-'f ' J Q,' 5. ' . " fi : " ' ,.y. " ,, Y ' - 1 ., . - . . . x ' O I O . . . . . FIDYD SPRINGER--Giard. Floyd didn't let a hurt hand handicap him, he just shot one-hand shots. Team captain, his ball handling, rebound work, defensive play and all-around experience added great- ly to the team. CHATIE CORBETT--Forward. Alter- nate captain, a diminutive forward, Cratie doesn't have nnch height but he has all the other character- istics of a great basketball player--speed, brains, poise and a whale of a lot of natural play- ing ability. Runner-up to Std-lgh in Scoring. KELCY CARGILE-Center or Guard. Big and fast, with a real love for basketball, Cargile is a fine sport. He is a good spot man whose middle name is "teamwork". To give Kelcy a free shot meant giving Fayette a point EDWARD STOUGH Forward High scorer for the team, Edward is quiet, dependable and an excellent " ump" or set shot His experi ence, great defens1ve work and fine sportsmanship added much to the team L A FOWLER Guard A transfer from a junior high school, L A was a little slow getting started but earned a starting position by add season He is a cool and clear headed, good defense man and a fum believer in teamwork Very aggressive CLARENCE SMITH Center "Gig", a natural basketball player, ax pert at taking rebounds or fast breaking, whichever the case demands should hit his full stride next year and really 'go to town" Good spot man 87 BILLY ROWLAND-Forward Versatlle, Bllly played guard about as much as forward An offensive star and playmaker, Billy 18 a good shot anytime He is cool headed and smart on defense as well as on off ense SAMM MOORE- Guard Sa my 18 a good crip shot, ballhandler deluxe, and a hard man to guard in general Scorlng off Sammy was next to 1m- possible Although not as tall as his brother, nShorty', Sammy should perform just as nlcely 1n the next two years BILLY FALLS Guard A junlor out for the first time, Billy made a fine showlng A llttle over en thusiastic on defense but a good The exper1ence gained this year should help hlm a lot next year CURT BRANYON Center A high scorer with the 'BN team, e cellent one hand or set shot, especlally good on the fast break Curt'e coolness and experience with his natural pla ing ability helped kee the team together BILLY DENNIS Guard F1ne defenslve man, fast on offense despite his size Billy was at h1s best on the fast break off a nmann defense The best part is He has three more years to play BILL NICHOLS Manager A very effi cient and capable manager Leave everything to Billy and Coach never worrles In his second year as manager, B1lly deserves a lot of credit for the way he handles the extras for Coach Payne BILL GALLOWAY Manager A small quiet worker who is always on the job and ready to do anything for his players and Coach A better fellow or manager couldn't be found. 88 A ' e . man to have around, nevertheless. P JOHN R ESTES Forward Fine ball handler, good shot from any place or position John never got excited and always kept the ball moving Fast and shifty, John R was a fine man to have around "in case" NOEL BYNUM-Center Tallest man on the squad, good spot man with a tricky fake Noel uses his height to a good advantage for rebound work He has two years left to play and should prove very valuable RALPH TAYLOR Forward A sophomore who made a late appearance for practice Ralph has he ability and with some practice he should blossom out in fine fashion next season JOHN CORBETT Forward Little and fast, John makes up for his lack of height with his speed and excellent one hand shots Sparkplug of the "B" team, he is a good ball handler FRED JOHNSON Forward Fine "crip" shot, especially good on the fast break Handicapped this year by sickness, Fred should do better next year Good defense man GENE LOGAN Guard A football player out for the first time, Gene was handicapped consider next year LEE BROOKS HANKIPB-Forward Small and fast, Lee Brooks is one of the best prospects on the squad, especially since he has three more years to play With coaching, he should develop into a real basketball player CLARK GRAVLE-Forward A faithful, hard working senior, Clark likes to play basketball and is capable of putting up a tough defense Uiightl Sprlnger, Corbett and Coach discuss the finer points of the basketball fl-eff-J The managers catch "it" 89 . -- . . R. - . . t ably by lack of knowledge of the game. Improved with practice, Gene should see more action The Squad 5 H First Ron Wallace Porter, Dodson, J V Morgan, Sonny Grimsley Second Row Honard Lawrence, Frank West, W F Richards, Chester Ray Moore, Clark Grav lee, Bill Nlchols, Billy Galloway, Billy Falls Third Ron Billy Denn1s, Gene Jones, Jimgy Sharpe, William Barnes, Hershel Johnson, Billy Dan Dyer, Curt Branyon, Ned Butler, Billy Rowland Fourth Row Gene Logan, Gaines Lawrence, Ed Gaines Jeffries, Roland Jaggers, Jimmy Young, Clarence Lee Smith, Jeff Cobb, Coach Payne, Ralph Taylor Fifth Ron L C Smith, Frank C Horn, Malcolm Ferguson, Budab Shelton, Mack Danlels, Fred J ohneon FOOTBALI Farst new Buly Howland, William Bar-nee, Billy nan Dyer, cheater RAY Noon, Howard Lawrence, Billy Dennis, Clarence Lee Smith Second Row Buddy Shelton, Gene Logan, Clark Gravlee, Ralph Taylor 90 l za i ' 7 "'. Y , 1. s it-. Q I . " r 4 r. '15 v ' P I . r Q . 1 g ,I 5, Q 'S ' AA I 4. 1 1 3 tr , 3 J? .. . , , . 2 . . - . . . . . . . . . . . ff , .v, M 1 Q. W r - 4 5 Am W W Q ill! 3 'Y Q 0 llll A I. M ,,T .,...-. ..,. -.-------4' 1 ' 2 ' Q 4 Y 20 Y i 'af xg at , -N' cb, ,aye kgs, ,ag f A at f ' e . . . First Ron Billy Rowland Gene Jones Billy Dan Dyer W. F. Richards Howard Lawrence James Curtis Braxvon Clarence Lee Smith Second Row Buddy Shelton Hershel J ohnson Billy Falls Ned Butler "' amd I I ...gg- ix, Y lp MII . fhl 0 mo un I am z First Row L. C. Smith Ed Gaines Jeffries llalcolm Ferguson Billy Galloway Roland Jaggers Jeff Cobb Second Hou lack Daniels Hershel Johnson Gaines Lawrence Jing Young First Row Fred J ohnsm James Curtis Branyon Frank C. Horn W. F. Richards Frank West Roland J aggers Bill Nichols Second Row Jimnw Sharpe Hershel Johnson Gaines Lawrence Jlmnv Young -M . f A' Q , J q J J ' ,,. 1 Q un nu I iw 3 , f 5:51 3 S ,rv filia- .- j 15 .xo ' 2-7, ,, Wy-,rgrfm,,, 34. . - f?'156'f7'b.' hcl -1' - J ' , 7 'fm f'kk.-1" ' ' -v. I "' 'ks' -Q .1 , U, -. 5 - ' "1 'v 'v l FAYETTE LOSFS OPENING GAME TO VERNON On the nlght of September 21, the Fayette Tigers opened the1r season with a game waged against the Bulldogs of Lamar County High School In the second quarter Taylor made one of the longest runs of the game- a return of a punt from the 10 to the 36 The second half started with that Taylor, Logan, and Shelton combmatlon smaehlng 70 yards to the 3 where Gravlee carried the ball over on the quarter back sneak for the f1rst touchdown Vernon's touchdown came in the fourth quarter after a 30 yard drive The extra point was good and the final score of the game was Fayette, 6, Vernon, 7 FAYETTE NIPS GORDO After losmg the first game of the season, Fayette came back to maul Gordo, 20 0 The feature of the first quarter was a 19 yard run by Taylor Ned Butler, a 120 pound "Seat" back, set up the first touchdown by a 16-yd run and Logan carried the ball over from the three with Smith converting The second touchdown came ln the third quarter after a 60-yd drive spearheaded by the Logan, Taylor, Shelton canbinatlon For the third and last touchdown Taylor carried the ball to the Gordo 1 yd line Shelton went over, and Smith converted The flnal score was 2 0 FAYETTE CHALKS UP WIN OVER CARBON HILL On October 5, the Tigers journeyed to Carbon Hill to play their first game away from home The game was played on a ram soaked fleld with a few short rain bursts in the game No outstanding gains for either side were made during the first quarter I the second first T D Early in the third quarter, Carbon Hill gained 30 yards on 3 plays to Fayette' Us yard line and on the next play, on a long run, they made their only touchdown The extra point was no good With the ball on Carbon Hi1l's 13 yard line, Fayette's line put on one of the best de fenses dlsplayed thus far in the season Carbon H111 was thrown for a ll yard loss and at tempted to punt from their 2 yard line The kick was blocked by Dyer and the ball rolled to the 9 yard line where it was covered by Carbon Hill The ball was snapped and fumbled and the Tigers recovered for a safety The second T D resulted when Carbon Hill fumbled on their own 20 and the Tigers drove to the 3 where Logan went over Shelton ran the extra point over, making the score 15-7 TIGERS DOWN LIBERTY 20--O The first touchdown of the game came after Taylor intercepted a pass on the 50 yard line Then came a 1,5 yd march with Logan and Taylor lugging the leather Taylor went over from the 5 Smith drop kicked the extra point The second touchdown featured Logan, Taylor and Shelton in another drive Shelton went over standing up from the L Smith converted 'I'he third touchdown came after Gravlee returned the kickoff , 20 yds Then it was Logan and Taylor all the way, wlth Logan going over to make the score 20--0 TIGHiS 'IRIP WINFIH..D PIRATES The Fayette Tigers won their third consecutive game by chalking up a 11, to 6 win over Winfield The first quarter was spent with neither team making a profitable gain The second quarter opened with the ball in Favette's possession on their own 20 yd line, and in four plays, the Tigers made the first T D of the game with Gravlee carrying the ball over from the one yard line Smith converted to make the score 7 O In the third quarter Fayette began a 45 yd touchdown march with Logan, Taylor and Butler all making smashing drives which resulted in the Tigers' second and last touchdown. l:Lnfield's 6 point score was made on a fumble by Shelton. The right end frcm Winfield picked up the ball and ran 30 yards for a T.D. The game ended with the score, Fayette, 143 Winfield, 6. 92 O.- U . . . . . n . quarter Logan, Shelton and Butler made a 62 yd. touchdown drive which resulted in Fayette's . . s HOLT HANDS FAYETTE SECOND DEFEAT The Fayette Tigers journeyed to Holt to receive their second and final defeat of the season, 14 to 0 In the first quarter Fayette was forced to punt, and Holt, after 6 plays, made the first T D of the game The extra point was good Short gains by Taylor, Shelton, and Gravlee and two 5 yard penalties against Holt gave the Tigers the ball on their own 45 yard line The Tigers fell short of a touchdown just as the first half ended A 73 yard touchdown march came in the third quarter to give Holt the final score of the game The last quarter was mostly exchanges of punts with Young completing a pass to Nichols for 18 yards TIGERS DZFEAT POWERFUL AGGIES The Fayette Tigers played one of the best games of the season by winning from the Ham- ilton Aggies, 12 to 7 In the first quarter Hamilton drove over for a touchdown for the first score of the game One of the biggest thrills of the game came in the second quarter when Young faked the ball to Logan and went through the center of I-lamilton's line for a 53- yd sprlnt The third quarter was made up of an exchange of punts and a few passes Th closing quarter started with the ball on Hamilton's 20-yd line Butler, Logan, and Gravlee, on dnort gains, carried the ball to the 3 yd line, where Gravlee ran it over for Fayette's first T D The try for the extra pomt was no good A pass from Young to Shelton :Ln the end zone gave the Tlgers their second touchdown Smith failed to convert and the game ended with the score, Fayette, 12, Hamilton, 7 'TIGERS WIN HOILEBCCMING GAME At the bBg1!1!l1!1g of the first quarter, the Crlmson Tornadoes of Reform drove to Fayette' second quarter they had begun a 65 yard march for the only T D of the game The drive was spearheaded by Taylor, Logan and Shelton The ball was carried over from the 7 by Logan The extra point was no good The remainder of the game was an exchange of punts and passes with neither team scoring November 12 The Fayette Tigers won the Homecomlng game from Reform, 6--0 FAYETTE SHASHES GUIN IN FINAL GAME The Fayette Tigers won the final game of the season by smashing the Guin Red Raiders, 25 6 at Guin From Guin's punt to Fayette's 38 yd lane, The Tigers started their touchdown drive with Shelton carrying the ball over from the 2 The extra point was no good After the ld.ck off to Guin's 32 the Red Raiders pulled the old layout pass for a 63 yard touchdown On the openlng play of the second quarter, Young clicked off 15 yards Fayette kicked to Guin to open the second half and in four plays, Guin lost 7 yds and punted to Fayette' 40 From there, in four plays, the Tigers again started a touchdown march for L0 yards with Logan, Taylor, and Shelton doing the carrylng Gravlee carried the ball over from the 3 yard line The extra point was no good The fourth quarter opened with a 1,0 yard drive by Fayette which was good for the f1nal touchdown Johnson carrled the ball over from the 2 The extra point was good and the final score was 25 6 in favor of the Tigers 95 . ' . . e 16 yd. line before being stopped. Fwette retaliated, however, and by the start of the . U s members of the team, "Coach" Dyer always managed to be in the middle of everything. As a token of reward for his ef- forts, he broke the Dyer tradition by being elected alternate-captain for the ing season RALPH TAYLOR Halfback made a fine showing on the field in passing, kicking and in making long ground gains He w1ll be on the list of Tigers the next two years and should continue to make a fine showing BUDDY SHELTON Halfback Buddy was another first year Despite his inex perience, he took over the right half position in fine fashion He likes to run with that pigslcln show his ability CLARENCE SMITH End year "Gig" earned a "Cig" kicked our extra played a good defensive will have two more Tigers BILL DENNIS--Tackle Playing the first time, Bill gave an ex himself lith Bill's weight and a mainstay in Fayette's team years CLARK GIAVLEE-Quarterback an-F, this year and became one of the in this district He played spirited ball all year and was one of the big factors paving the way for the backs to travel through CHBTER RAY MOORE-Conte r Playing football for the first time, Chester proved his ability by hard blocks and excellent passes Next year should be his best HOWARD LAWRENCE--Guard. Captain and Captain-elect for next year, Howard's play was consistant on both offense and defense. He was the field general and led his team through a tough season-the best season the Tigers have had in four years. A major part of this year's team success is due to his fine leadership and excel- lent play. GDIE JONES--Tackle. As hard as nails and a tough tackler, Gene was well liked by his fellow team- mates. As co-captain this year, he did a fine job 4 :Ln the line and will be back next year to help keep the record of the Tigers, high. ' BILLY DAN DYER-Guard. One of the more sober com- GENE LOGAN Fullback A junior playing his third see son, Logan dis played ability that distinguished him as an outstanding fullback His ability to always gain those needed yards will be quite a threat to the oppo- sing teams next year A newcomer to F C H S and the team, Ralph and has three more seasons to Out late st arting points, ame ears in the season last position this year caught passes, and To top this, "Gig" to play with the with the Tigers for cellent account for speed, he should be for the next three Clark developed fast finest quarterbacks 94 er. - gg y . 8 Q Y K" 'E . . - Q 5 I ' ni ,323 ' --am K4 tid . f . . K? ' ' 0 ,. f VVRA WILLIAM BARNIB-Tackle Killer lettered at to tackle for this sea behind the line of last year his best W F RICHARDS-Center first time, W F was one of the hardest tacklere on the team and will be missed in backing up the line next year He was fast and could take up JIMMY YOUNG-halfback lent kicker, passer, drive he also shared be one of Fayette's HERSHEL JOHNSON first time, Hershel fast and shifty and going He left a record JIIIKI SHARPE- showing this year start next season He has the determination to win 8!! plwing im- year and he his next likes foot there pitch Frank C is one of the best pro- His only handicaps were weight made up for these with fight and BILL NICHOLS Did the more involved it "Captain to make a fine have a chance to CURT BRANYCN to plq football siderably He start next year learned to play mine te d manner FRE JOHNSON hd Although by weight, he should develop player Having mother year should make it tough for our 95 BILL ROWLAND--Ehd This was Bill's first year of football and he really made an account for himself on defense despite his small stature Bill has two more seasons to look forward to Out of the five lettemen back, guard last year but was transferred Tall and fast, Jimmy was an excel and receiver Having plenty of ground gaining honors He should mainstays next year Fullback made a always fine im- Halfbac off in NED BUTLER-Halfback A 125 pound senior Ned's swiftness led him in the open to receive passes and to make long runs His and skirting and punt re turns will be hard to replace next year son Mr Barnes likes to get them scrimmage He should make his A Senior out for the A senior out for the fine reserve He was ready to keep the ball pression on the Tlger' Jimmy made a good should be ready to style proved considerably this should be able to g1ve season his best Bill ball and has a determined manner to be :Ln ing next year FRANK C HORN Guard spects on the team and inexperience determination It am loves his football and 'W M' it is the better he likes llidnight' has the ability pass receiver and should show his ability next year Tackle Curt's ability creased con be ready to a bang Curt :Ln a quiet and should off with football Fred into is handicapped a fine defensive play, Fred opponents ' 1, . -- 5 rg . S d ' 0 gg. V - k. d BILLY FALLS- fy Quarterback. B'll1's . -- . h . xy , . .HB A A4 . s , 5 if Q. ' ,5 ' ' H in- . - de . . to LEE BROOKS HANKINS--Halfback. Out for his first time, Lee Brooks received a broken arm at mid-season but should be ready to make a go of it next year. ED GAINES JEFFRIES-Tackle. "lIoosie" saw little action this year but in the next two years he should be an asset to the Tigers. As a substitute, Ed was glad for the chance to play. He will make a fine gridder. GAINES LAWRENCE--Quarterback. Being a first yearer didn't prevent Gaines from proving that he will make a place for himself on the Tiger 'Honor Roll" as a future star. With more experience Gaines will make a valuable player as did his brother, Howard BILL GALLONAY -Guard Small, courageous and tough, Bill got a good start at football this year and left an :Lmpressmn that he will be in jam-up fashion next year He can be counted on to make a place for himself next year MACK DANIELS Halfback A lover of squirrels as well as of football, "Little Man" will be called on in future years to display real football ability He should develop into another "kicking" Tiger JEFF COBB- End This was Cobb's first year of football and with more experience and weight he will be heard frcxn later on and should prove to be an apt man for the position of End L C SMITH End Another player who has three years to play, L C 's footballing should improve a great deal in that time and by the time he is a Senior he should afford the op- ponents eane stiff competition FRANK WEST Guard Frank saw little action this year, but in future seasons he can be counted on to do his share toward making the seasons successful MALCOLII FERGUSON-Center With a few pounds and some experience, Malcolm should develop into a true Tiger J V MORGAN Manager "Buzzie" was a faithful, capable manager Always kept on the run, he still remained cheerful A better manager couldn't be found WALLACE PORTJB DODSON Manager 'Alley Cat" started out on the squad, but due to an injury he turned to the 'dirty job' He was always ready with an extra string, a pail of water, or whatever the team needed FELIX GRIMSLEY llanager Sonny was one of the more serious managers but exceptionall good at the job Regardless of the task, Sonny rolled up his sleeves and undertook the jo F Club Joe Gunter Vice President Kathleen Hollingsworth Sec Treas Gene Logan President 96 . -' ' 5. OFFICERS A p W W. 5. 3 1 iv ,.--f -9 .Av 1 xi. A, Ax A 5 Hx Q, 1-O' fx -ps vi' ' 'N . 41 l ' x P Z I as .1 .Q -: s i . P ,t ,A 5 4 Q t Q- 'Kgs' ,. ,V X 6 n V may is W. K - r x 'su 'Riff f 4,4 ii , '15 .-A -pg, Y av J' mn' , ii 4. v it! rs BBT DRELSSED Dorothy Hollingsworth Grafton Belk 14. BEST ALL 'ROUND George Hassell Shepherd Mary Lee smith HOST ATHLETIC Alene Hubbert Ned Butler IDST LIKELI T0 SUCCEEJ Marcello Miles "- 'R F Richards 'N 98 PRETTIEST J ewel White IDST HANDSOIIE I-lerehel Johnson CUTEST GIRL Pegg Lindsey CLASS CIJAT Lavaughn Ballinger NWN? s f ' ! J '. A 3- 1 5 , Q' I 'e ' , s' V - f . Q l M' me h l l V if Q 1 . J A A 2 SWPETEST GIRL Mary Lee Smith BEST PFRSONALITY Rex Hollis Bernice Kizzire HOST INTELLIGENT Mary Angelyn llcNease Joe Gunter W no HOST IIISCHIEVOUS EST-IN.-LOVE George Haeeell Shepherd pony Black Ruby Sularin H J Howard iv' in-4' GOOD CITIZBNSHIP GIRL SALUTATORIAN llarcelle Miles VALEDICTOHIAN Mary A ltclleaae 99 14.75 WH Like that of all Senior classes, our history begins in Fayette Gramnar School where 13 of us entered the first grade in September of 1934. Some of us may have been eager to start, but most of us probably were either scared to death or preferred to remain :Ln bliss ful ignorance After six years in which we became adept at driving teachers to the verge of insanity, with occasional lapses into studying reading, writing, and multiplication tables, we graduated Consequently, in the fall of l9L0, we became Junior I's at Fayette County High School Our first year was a great disappointment to many of us we were not allowed to change classes every period We soon recovered from that crushing blow, and began to enjoy ourselves im- mensely somthing we did for the rest of our schooldays The years between being a Junior I and being a dignified Senior Csomewhere there's a rule that confers dignity on all Seniors, regardlessl, as the poet so aptly remarked, "folded their tents like the Arabs, and silently cut and run" During that tlme our class was very active in school affairs Our candidates for Campus Queen and Football Sponsor were undefeated for five years, and twice both the King and Queen were from this class As Juniors, we produced a play, "Where's Grandma?" , which was quite successful The cast included Betty Sharpe, Mary Lee Smith , Warren Rosborough, George H Shepherd, Joyce Roberts, Betty White, Kat Hollings worth, Clark Gravlee, Betty Jo Newton and Joe Gunter Our Junior class officers were President Kat Hollingsworth, Vice President Pegy Lindsey, and Secretary Treasurer-Polly Black Under their direction the Junior-Senior Prom given by us was really an occasion lovely decorations and wonderful refreshments Two of our Junior class members were in the School Who's Who They were: Most popular Girl Kathleen Hollingsworth and Friendliest--Mary Lee Smith Joe Gunter, Earline Watkins, and Mary Lee Smith represented our Junior class in the Hall of Fame Nlneteen members of our class were Beta Club members Those participating in Beta Club plays were Clark Gravlee, Betty Sharpe, Mary Lee Smith, Dorothy Hollingsworth, Rex Hollis , Betty Jo Newton, Sara Joy Maddox, J oe Gunter and Kat Hollingsworth 0u.r Senior year started off with a bang! First we elected class officers who were President-Marcello Miles, Vice President-15 oe Gunter, Secretary-Mary McNease, and Treasurer- Mary Lee Smith And then came our class rings, which, needless to say, were prettier than ever for at least we thougxt soj As Seniors we presented the comedy, "Henry Hires an Aunt", under the direction of Mrs Norden and Miss Stewart The cast included Betty Newton, Dot Hollingsworth , Rex Hollis, Clark Gravlee, Hershel Johnson, Sara Joy Maddox, George Shepherd Mary Lee Smith, Peggy Lindsey, W F Richards, Betty Sharpe, and Elizabeth Rowland The play proved to be just as successful as our Junior play Like all Senior classes we printed the Tiger Rag, which may not have been as regular perhaps, as in other years, but in content it undoubtedly excelled Miss DeMent was the faculty advisor for both the paper and the annual, and, as always , we thought our staff put out the best annual yet, and amazingly Clark Gravlee, Ned Butler, W F Richards , and Hershel John son were all gridiron members of our Tigers With their assistance the team won seven out of the nine games they played that year Clark Gravlee was the only senior who played basket ball, but to aid in keeping up the school spirit, Joe Gunter and Kat Hollingsworth two peppy cheerleaders Their Saturdays were spent in trying to get all of the sore spots Ccaused by their acrobatics of the night beforel out Marcelle Miles was voted Good Citizenship Girl of the school and also won for the county The class colors were navy blue and white and the flower was the red rose 'Not at the top, but climbing" was our motto For class night, Dorothy Hollingsworth was musician, Earline Watlclns, prophet, Ned Butler, Lawyer, Lavaughn Ballinger, Gift- orian, Peggy Lindsey, Statistician, and Mary McNeese, Historian And then cam the big night' Graduation! The valedictorian was Mary McNease and the salutatorian, Marcelle Miles Our home room teachers, Mrs Holder and Mrs Norden were heard to say as they s1ghed on the night of April 22, "That's over' Mary Angelyn McNease Historian 100 D enough, it was true. 'f f O 5- V V H -YQNACTE Last night I was out stroll1ng X as the evening mist crept across the sky me by one the twlnkling stars came out, but my thoughts were on tomorrow for 1t was that long awaited 2-0 day Commencemmt ' Suddenly my attentlon was drawn to one part1cular star which seemed to be descendlng to the earth Ae it came closer I saw that lt was a 1m1l titude of tiny stars surrounding a beautiful lady She wore a crovm of stars and a garment spotted with stars In her hand she held a celestial globe once I knew her to be Uranla, the Greek goddess of astronomy She beckoned to me and as I drew near she held forth a sealed parchment My daughtergc she said, "you have been chosen to predict the destiny of your classmates Withm this archment you will f1nd these prophecies, carefully assembled in the days when the Gods of Mt Olympus ruled the world Guard them well, my daughter " And with these words she vamshed 1nto the slqr ln a thick veil of stars The genius of the Senlors of '46, Clark Gravlee, energetic and determlned, will be a world famous lnventor Fearless Ruby Sularln w1ll be a Physlcal Educatlon instructor Inquisi tive Dessie llae Cagle w1ll do secretanal work for Crosley Corporation Ideal1st1cally lnclined, Kathleen Hollingsworth will f1nd her good mmnory and :Intelligence a valuable asset in meetlng people on the Trans Continental Airlines where she w1ll be a hostess Eloise Wh1te's well her venous lecturing tours Generous Kathleen Fowler worker Dorothy Hollingsworth, im realizing her ambition to settle down to a peaceful always sympathetic and un to settle down and rear a modulated vo1ce will aid her in for Norge Refrigerators will make an outstanding social aginative and amkatious, after play in Carnegie Hall, will home life ViV18l'1 Pasteur derstanding, w1ll be content family WHITE Rex Hollis will begn INNO his career as an electri cal englneer but will p q soon find his real ability nes in politics XX NAVY B'-UE Patient Alina Hubba:-f. win be supenntendent of a Ross Nursery School Or tx me and genus nary Lee Ar ,WX spiuer nu travel abroad in the interest of Life HE TOP BUT C' Magazine Frances Young will be fond of travel She will be a representative for Halo shampoo llary Frances Horn, lofty and sometimes haughty, will be a prominent figure in the social and political world 1.1 puma mg Betty Jo Newton, quick to take prejudices, will be a representative to Congress Her capable secretary will be Syble Oswalt, whose generoslty will carry her far Betty White, slightly fickle but with a magnetic personality, will inherit a vast sul of loney and live in Beverly Hills 101 ff Q . 0 I -an W I G U as . ' -Af,-35 sf g . 0 . i fs , ' WP . . . s ' ' , ' 3 1 . U . .r L Q U ., S 8 . -' H . -3 53 ' S8 - a w , Cl - H ' 9' - . A- , . : 1 . ' . . I 0 . . Klnd hearted Fay G1lpin w1ll become a surglcal nurse Earllne w8tk1HS, 6m0t10D8l and w1th a h1gh regard for fa1r playgwill eventually f1nd her 1deal man and real1ze her dream of keeplng house and rear1ng chlldren Marcelle Mlles, tactful, alert and lngenlous, w1th an eye ever open to the NMa1n Chancen, w11l C0mb1ne her scholast1c ab1l1ty and friendly ways 1n becoming the f1T8t woman President Jewel Nh1t6, orderly and mEthOd1C8L w1ll f1nd her greatest success 1n the fleld of Matr1 mony Manley Ph1l11ps, generous, loyal and practlcal, will be a representatlve to the Court of International Relatlons D1gn1f1ed Jame Howard N8tklDS w1ll be one of the most outstandlng buslness executives of New York Hershel Johnson, d1scr1m1nat1ve and cr1t1cal, w1ll be a talent scout for Twentleth Century Fox Fllm Company Affectlonate Polly Black w1ll be content w1th the love and devotlon of a certaln Nfar- seeing edltorn Muslcally 1ncl1ned Bernlce K1zz1re w1ll devote her t1me to her husband and three ch1ldren Betty Sharpe will be a pleasure lover, careless about money but not appalled by losses, because her banker husband will supply her w1th sufflclent funds Betty Rasberry will become a very thoughtful and spiritual minded church worker Bette Burdette, always fond of pleasure, will have a theatrical career Mary Angelyn McNeese k1nd hearted and patient but w1th a strong character, w111 be an out standlng journalzst Joyce Roberts, stra1ght forward and lndependent, w1ll be the very eff1c1ent secretary an Alabama senator Wynell Porter, always pleasant and agreeable, w1ll marry soon after graduation and live Texas Joe Gunter, dlgnifled, tactful, tenacious and magnetic, will be a professor 1n the Massa chueetts Institute of Technology W F Richards' good concentratlon w1ll a1d hlm in fllmlng movies for Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Nelda Van Hook, always stand1ng up for her ideals, will become a famous CTit1C The good Judgment of Helen Montgomery w1ll bring her success in retailing Ladies Beady to Wear Evelyn Smallwood will show her knack for neatness in the home she keeps for her soldier Far see1ng and loyal, H J Howard will be the editor of a prominent California Newspaper George Hassell Shepherd, strong wllled and dlgnifled, will be a popular sports commentator Kind hearted Chr1st1ne Caraway will be the super1ntendent of nurses at the McNease Hobertsor Hospltal 1n Fayette Independent Mary Spain Wigglns w1ll show her ab1lity to amass great wealth in the way she manages the Dlamond Horse Shoe Susie Weeks, artistic and a good worker, will be sat1sf1ed just to make her USonnyn a good wife. The sparkllng w1t of Sara Joy Maddox will be a valuable asset in her theatrical career. Thoughtful Betty wi1l1BmS w1ll make an ldeal mother and housekeeper when her dotlng soldier husband returns. 102 . . . S , . . . . . . . . . of ' ' in Billie Daniels, always a steady worker, w1ll be Fwette County's Librarian The imaginative nature of Ina Banks Hanklns w1ll make her even more famous than Lula McConnell on the program, "It Pays to Be Ignorant" Sympathetic Elizabeth Rowland will be an Army doctor Betty Striegel, inclined to laziness and procrastination, will be a typist for the Rand llacanally Company Practical Ivy Potter will work for a local Insurance Company 'I'he strong likes and dislikes of Ruth Montgomery w1ll be eudmt in her choice of patterns for the dresses she designs Digzified Lavaughn Ballinger will be a music publisher Ned Butler, despite his size, will be one of the 1950 All American Football Stars J VI Pz:i.tchett's clear reasoning will make him a good vocatlonal teacher Impulsive llarchets Otts wlll operate a Beauty Salon in Birmingham Loyal Hurry Gee Smith will return to Fayette County Higm School as llusic Teadxer Peggy Lindsey, affectionate and lovable, will settle down and stop breaking so many hearts Secretive Grafton Belk will be Vice President of the First National Bank of Chicago Easy going Grace Cargile will be Presldent Miles' personal secretary The high ideals of Mary Lee Smith and her hospitality will bring her a life of 80C1li dis tinction in her community and home life Ned Butler, Lawyer Earline Watkins, Prophet lO5 . . . . . . . . . ' u . . . . . . ' e ' o . U - . . , ,gi " ff. , 'G A . Q. A - V , fp lay, U S09 AS THE YEARS G0 BY Tune "Till the End of Time" Through eternity, Dear old Fayette High School, Vle'l1 keep clinging to your memories And go on loving you As we gather here On the brim of life's new road, We think of joys ne've shared together And dreams we've helped bring true To the faculty, We bring only pra1se to you, For your guldance through our troubles So, leavlng you ln quiet sadness, We tenderly say that we Will miss you,Fayette High School, Through eternity As the years go by, 'When we think of you, classmates, Our eyes will fill with tears And overflow uith hopes for you As the years go by Keep a torch held high for us O0 In hopes that we may shine brighter Through all the years to come As the years go by, We'1l keep every memory bright Of your tender care and watch fulness And ae we bid our last fareuells We only want to say, le'1l miss this school forever- Forever and a day 104 ' t . 3 , . Through all the days gone by. T0 THU STARS To the stars through d1fflCUlt16S Steo by step we're on our way To the goals of high attainmen With every passlng day Upward ever upward we shall go, Obllvious of tears and strlfe, Into the channel of life Onward ever onward we shall go With ood to lead the way He led us through our high school years Now let Him lead today Classmates, ere we part tonight As commencement bells are Chlmlng, Thlnk backward-think forward, but remember We're not at the top- but cllmbing' 10a . . . , Out of this harbor of protection 3 EACH SIMS The Senlor class of 1946 leaves the following stat1st1cs to the undergraduates, faculty, and for the Seniors to look back on in the future Item Avrg for Avrg for boys girls Shoe size Height 5'l0" '3" Weight 145 lbs 108 lbs Color of eyes brown blue Color of hair black brown ge 18 yrs 18 yrs The shortest girl stands 5' l" and the tallest 5' 9" while the heaviest weighs 200 pounds and the lightest, 98 The smallest shoe size is I. and the largest is 8 The youngest girl is 15 years old, and the oldest, 20 The shortest boy stands 5' 7" and the tallest is 6' 2", while the heaviest weighs 158 pounds end the lightest, 110 The smallest shoe size is 6 and the largest, 105 The youngest boy is 16 years old and the oldest is 18 781 of the girls prefer brunettes, 181 prefer blondes and 1.1, brownettes 571 of the boys prefer blondes and 435, brunettes finished with the class of L6 have gone into the service There are 13 boys and L7 girl: in the Senior class and 6 of than are married Fourteen of the Seniors went to Summer School at least one year durmg their high school course These statistics show that the class of '46 is a class of fairly typical Americans and we thought we were different 106 35 65 5 A , F - lf .4 A aH!UF'5"3'T, Fourteen boys who would have mfnzt lm an tm The, the Senior Class of 1946, entering upon the threshold of a new life, do hereby de clare this instrument to be our last will and testament, making all other wills and slmilar documents null and void. To our principal, Mr. John M. Brown, we leave our most gratifying appreciation for the many years he has accepted and solved our problems To Miss Susie DeMent, we leave our deepest appreciation for all the endless hours she has spent in making our school days more enjoyable To Mrs Frankie Martin, one of our most admired teachers, we leave the memory of our struggle through history and sociology To Mrs C M Holder and Mrs Emma Jean Norden, our homeroom teachers, we leave our sympathy for the years to come To Mrs James Dockery we leave our admiration and thanks for her help and cooperation in the different activities with which she has To Mr Fred Payne, our coach we leave football and basketball teams To Miss Nellie Brock who has taught us biology, we leave our sincere gratitude To Mies Thelma Terry who has helped us subjects, we leave great admiration helped us our appreciation for the way he coached our winning so many things about chemistry, physics and to pull through shorthand and all the many other To Mrs Helen Stevenson, a new comer to the faculty we leave sincere hopes that her long awaited husband will soon be home for good To the undergraduates , leave my Hershel Johnson Manley Phillips Lavaughn Ballinger wavey hair quiet ways silly grin Grafton Belk statue Polly Bla ck blond ha ir Frances Young legs Betty Rasberry Cooking Elizabeth Rowland mischief Evelyn Smallwood silence Mary Lee Spiller lr!! 0011191' Ruby Sularin laugh James Howard Watkins Mary Spain Wiggins H J Howard influence "A" Average Jove affair Betty Sharpe love and kisses Joyce Roberts Bernice Klzzire Joe Gunter hazel eyes quartet position pencil collection Vivian Pasteur figure Mary Frances Horn temper Ivy Potter Nelda Van Hook loud mouth wal st l ine Peggy Lindsey bow legs Kathleen Hollingsworth hair Mary Lee Smith personality 107 Killer Barnes Billy lhn Dyer Eugene Hollingsworth Billy Galloway Christine Davis Hazel Wallace Louise Stough Carolyn Young Emogene Doughty Hilda Darnell Jack Braxwon Cratie Corbett Bob Cannon Wlghtman Cannon Howard Lawrence Ozella. Brasher Mildred Klzzire Ted Brasher Katie Lee Williams Betty Marla Houston Polly Darnell Ruby Gray Dodson Martha Papazan Aliens Walden Lora Faye Dodson I to Eloise White staret: Barnes Houston I, Rex Hollis .. Betty Newton .... Jewel Dean White . Syble Oswalt Betty Williams Clark Gravlee Grace Cargile Ned Butler Christine Caraway Wynell Porter J W Pritchett . W F Richards Dorothy Hollingsworth Betty Striegel Murry Gee Smith George H Shepherd Mary Angelyn McNeese Dessie Mae Cagle Bette Burdette Kathleen Fowler Susie Weeks Billie Daniels Faye Gilpin Mary Evelyn Harkins Alene Hubbert Sara Joy Maddox Marcella Miles Helen Montgomery Ruth Montgomery Earlene Watkins Marcheta Otts Betty White leave my .. knowledge .. .. art .. ... beauty little feet . rings . football intelligence physique back seat . wolf howl snoring wise cracks car sissle long reports wolfish ways books chewing gum jitterbugging friends slang dresses men love for school art of softball troubles brains smiling eyes schoolgirl complexion hwwdhmws shorthand peroxide April in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty six 108 to DeWitt McCracken ... Adella Woods Iva Lee Logan Jimmy Young Willette Kemp Billy Falls James Branyon Ray Crowe Harold Berry . Gene Logan Pete Newton Benny Hindman Homer Barnes Evelyn Wallace Joyce Thornton Joe Neal Butler Flora Mae Dodson Joyce Rowland Donald Nelson Elizabeth Gosa Chester Moore Wilma Gregg Louise Godfrey Fred Johnson Billy Nichols Mary Sue Harbin Floyd Springer Louise Bobo Bernice McCoo1 Blaine Colburn Evelyn White Ruth Turner ... , ... ... ... Ina Banks nankins . . . . . poise . . . . . . Frances Stocks In witness whereof, I, Ned Butler have hereunto set my hand and seal this 22nd day of "vm .4 -,, - Q A "QM,-qguhxi v 6 I 1 - ,,. , , ,, A--4 f ',"w-u....,u A Rf' , "Q -Q N- ..W,, 15' f .. "' '-W-1-W, 'W f,ewi,'n ' f 'X ki , wi' V, W1 f Q" If N 7' . . V V , ,K , V1 , Q f fa .K , X 7.-f, 35 A I ik " , f in l , My 1 T gk if M ,W My ,, ,gf-gy ,li , M 1 f ,-v-"""d U. -, 'k,ifff'1m3"k4, 1 eh" . Ad.: - -, . , , mf -:V A ' " ,W :V H1 , , M 'M ""' 'f -,ff AA W, f Lx Q , , ,Q-1? .ff f lwif' ,T ju' ,,,I1ify" 41 V 1 - ,V 5,13 ,TJ , Q.. f V ,,,g.,-M .W , -,7:w,,,.+ N 'Ht-222 i1ii,,g.:Q ,Z ' W' ,Q .Qfif - 1 1 V i' 7 l Q '- ' ' ' 45,4 ' , M VY sf , I , . .4-'M' ml V. 1:19, ' ,,'w' ff 3 -':"' 1 iff ,, gf 4 f L , AL A K. 5Qg, ,. 533 5 -. 1 57? a 4. rw? 4 ,A ., . . kwin ' . - 1 '4 Wig' ' 4 f".-" E, ' ',Lfl"1':, A.. f " i , gf fl? ig ff. Z Z 'Q A f , : ff jffj 'Y f 1 . gh wa F ' 177 X W : 'i 1' an-Q f w ff . ,W N -- 1 Q f . -1 3951's-ni gig T ' 'fy , PM ,, 1 Q -i 5244, War? ig A G" M , . , -' , M i f my-M ' f' 2 " - , ' Y W 6 ,'7 Rat" ' , 39 9159 5:?":gi.: W ' Qfi Mfg f f 7, ,Q "vm" iff? 4 1 A H9 i. W ,W My-M f gig. 4 ff: fy ,, L , ff 1714 ,, V 5W,,a,?a95 , V A ,. W ..,,wwf , 4 Compliments of Hickman' s Hatchery Compliments of Pan-Am Oil Company Compliments of Kimbrell Tractor Co. Compliments of Fayette Trading Post Compliment s of Joe Alexander Compliments of Berry's Cleaners Compliments of Plungers' Association Compliments of Fayette Concrete Pipe C Compliments of Fayette Hill,Gin lc Ice Co Compliments of Kraft Food Company Brarvon Oil Co Gulf Products Compliments of Hill Grocery Compliments of The Beta Club Compliments of A 8: P Tea Company Compliments of S J Sanders Compliments of Birmingham News Compliments of Fayette County Tlmes Compliments of F H A Freemn Arthur Lumber Company All Kinds of Building Material Phone 21.5 Fayette Processing Co , Inc Frozen Foods, Heat Curing, Storage We Buy Hens Hogs Beef The Marion Davis Company Publishers Printers Fayette, Alabama Alabama Telephone Company, Inc Local and Long Distance Fayette, Alabama Y' ,int Compliments of American Llp Leglon Compliments of Cecil White Taxi 0 x Fayette mom My Lions Club kxyif Loyal ty ,mwoe Intelligence fnwn Ei. 0 ' Compliments of Griffin Funeral ome FOI 30 4 o Imam' FAYETTE EXCHANGE CLUB Affiliated with National Exchange Club Q ARM ERS -E5 'Yanni' FAYETTEZ CHAPTER 110 --- Co. .v""5'11: , f - - ff xx :ciyfgfx 1 v I ,QAYAY --gf ':. Sgr K V ny. 17' -1, W' ...- ik V ' 'j' DBF A . V , our ' ,. ti e A op H Q-Q' 447 1? A 6 ' O ai x A Q sf 1- Q Jig? 9 jx fl 1,4 ,C n ' Compliments of 'Neems Home G: Auto Supp y Co. Compliments of Shepherd's Style Shop 1 Compliments of Dobbs Motor Company Compliments of Fayette Auto Parts Compliments of Bohannon's Store Compliments of M and ll Chevrolet Golden Eagle Table Syrup Compliments of Fayette Shoe Shop Compliments of Freeman's Drug Store Compliments of Rose's Market Compliments of The Dime Store Compliments of Nichols Service Station Compliments of Rozqf Theater Compliments of V J Elmore Compliments of Quality Shop Compliments of Osnalt Dry Cleaners Compliments of Palace Beauty Shop Compliments of Rayette Motor Cunpany Compliments of Fayette Tire Recapping Compliments of Clifford Graham Western Auto Sup l Co Hotel Fayette Telephone 146 Compliments of Judge J C llcGough Compliments of Roy Martin Compliments of West Service Station Harlclns Lumber Co Dealer in All Kinds of Building Materials Phone 259 Claud Patterson -0 K Shoe Shop Compliments of Fayette Five and Ten Compliments of Gravlee's Store Compliments of Campbell J enelry Company Compliments of Hill Dry Cleaners Fayette Coca Cola Bottling Company . . Co. Co. . p y . -- Home owned by lax H. Branyon lr. and Hrs. E. R. Harris, Props. lll Compliments of Frank Patterson Compliments of Gulf Service Station Compliments of Northwest Alabamian Compliments of T H Robertson Compliments of Trolley Diner Compliments of Fayette Hatchery Compliments of Hodges Department Store Compliments of Citizens' Bank Compliments of T L Lindsey Compliments of Saxton's Beauty dc Barber Shop Compliments of Lehman Furniture Company Compliments of W M Cannon Grocery Company Temple Cafeteria V C Maddox, Omer Compliments of George Gullett Compliments of Vick Implement Company Compliments of T H Cannon General Store Compliments of Woco-Pep Service Station Compliments of Pan Am Cafe Compliments of Pan Am Service Station Compliments of Cline's Market Compliments of Griffin Photo Shop Madden Hardware fFr1gidaireJ Compliments of Central Drug Store Compliments of Dobbs Hardware Company Compliments of G L Smith Compliments of First National Berk Compliments of Temple Garden Drugstore Compliments of Auto Sales Compamr Compliments of Weems Oil Company Compliments of Ween Service Station l 12 Compliments of Vick Brothers' Mdse. Compliments of E. F. Hamby and Sons l ' Vfi-.,:,AL P5 1114 1 .Q . , '- f-4' '. -:V 1, fri' Vkfiix 462- '31 QQ--'Cy 32, .V -- :M 'L , ,' 1,-LL-I , ",. .i- ,C - 1 , V. ., , V .V,V , I . . . . . .4 A M N , W , , V. ' , -'- l, -' , -- - - K -- -1 - -V V U 5-1, .--.-:e.i44,v,, .4 .-nk ,. Q. .Auf-:J--Q ., - ., . , -- . 'mf " .f": T' ,, ', 't .I ' 4 - - -- w,,, - - ' - 'H f 1' 'M - v w, -:,wfV Q ,, , V 1-. ' -1, ' - Qi . jr ,l .W .L . J ' .rlf K'-' 4.", Y I, U . , Q - V , Vg 1' u . 5 x . ' ls. 1 2 in 1 Fu. I EQ 1 , 5' ,r 5,5 14 Q 1 .r 9- 'G' if 9 if may W J T5 , , 5..1 Leg L 5 . jhfjj VV. A' PFI-RV . r- j ' , , 235 E ' Wit? .EX A HB-f. -iff . r-'V-,q Wifi- .V 'W E 1, ' T, if, V ,rd . hi ' .TA 22' f .1 , ' ,'a,'?Q.,: In-' 'P ,, ll ' Fil? A EM: , -, gggip 5 if ' . ' ' -qw ' , I ' -'-V, :.,1zVeQ.V1':'i -is-.uf ,f.:.g3-1':'1J95!'-,wh V-'4,.,e,---.Q ' .1 1, -Y -Hs ,:. -- . 7 V VfV- -- s W f ' .4.-- ' 5 ...d am ' 'V ILL

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