Faulkner Hospital School of Nursing - Faulkan Yearbook (Boston, MA)

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Faulkner Hospital School of Nursing - Faulkan Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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1 X Jun: FAUUQNER H0sP1'rAa. Q X SCHOOLOF NURSING fx 1Q',fLf 1 ,. , .,'H,'.vmw.-......kJhdninn....,,..n A , .. i ' fx Kim. fav? i j 8 W 19 I S wx s f g WJ fpwwff Npffffw ,. f fgyff ' fu 'A ! X11 ,X w V , 'U , he. 4 .mmf . , w 'ak ., 1, x.. mn -. r f J- , v , '+ xfvf, . , 4A '. ' , I W , W , ,NM , V1 S 1 1 Nu." 1. , ,., 1 ."'1 's,. ,W , 1 1 1.47 u I, .',, ,, M4 A A v'1"J ,- V 1 y , -, '-'X ' 'n.'!.'1 w 4 , , 1 yx. 1 r - , I .1 , v.1 M ,J -' ' C 'W-.4 , , M ' . ,. .K . Q.",F.k , .. , L, ,., .4 4 ,,, V , 1901! l V ... -I X f.. x 4.4 X 'Q , w ' 1 w , ,5 .fry .,5, ,.-,p. f 0... 5 . ' gag , U ,,1.A-PN, !?A I w W' ,W 'mf , -3 "avg Q! " .,-f?..:q:3 ,, "'7 '- . W, I V' 'W-"u,.f.'N-uf" f-"x-N 15:4-. HUA ' IW XJ!" v .n..', x ' lq A," 'MH'KwUTvB?.A'1 fl ' f'yr 1'-A v X XS XV V 1.N,4'i QA, , R n' ' lik y xp " ,l 'K Q x -1, f , 11, . 'V H I 1 Uk In I r"'1n V Q ' 1 11 ' f . i . . X X 1 9 A n . r , J U., .g.wi7 ,K l -, , I Ai M, iw' irmlwlg . ., .y , rm I wwf. Che Zzulkau G Gaulkner Jfvspifal Salma! of Nursing U nt x -Q w Assistant Editor, BARBARA ' SCHELFHA UDT U 1 if-if Stuff Q ' 1 Editor, OLGA MARANIIAN 1 Literary, VIRGINIA FLYNN A i i i Y P , LRENE Locus I B ' , AN LENNON A KAN, ,I .W ,ignii-xi HH 1' , A Q3 1' I I r DM-JE: n ." ' Hz - 0 -0' 1 -5 .P 'KG' '. Y . I .N .- F x 2' ,, ,qv- 4 .A ,'. fr fl i " ', 1. -.' K, -1 . ,a 'fi - +4 '. .-4315, V-ef , ,wr-. P , 4 ' x ' cis' vf , M K"-'K Q 4 .,,,e , X., f ' ' ' 1 1 -G. . 5 ..f ,fl- ,,,h-Q14 1. x . in ,Q " fi? N.-Y lv. -- .V . rqsaw. 'SL Alf" 3 , vw 1' .' 5 ' . A s A. , ' 13' .' ' " . . A 1 ' - -QA - IA J' ' " .. J' ,f , V .f ?- - ' ik' u" W . . .FH I ' . ., Jfff V . . 'f--f ' J1e4xJ,par-5-., 543' t - 4 'A'.vT..',f If ,. ' f - -'if' iv ' .Q ' , A'4.,.D-, 1 ,. , . 'K ' -gg .f qw, M, mm, ' 1. Q' ,X ,f - ,,- ... ' x .'p.,'1". 49- 'L ,w' ff' 5' ' sf- Q-Q -A--2 'mmf .mf 5' A'-- ' , 'M - -1: 1 0, X J 1 ..v, . fu ' A 'ws -A ' ' +G? , an , 'V gk.- ig. h .45 "N fly' ,ff lf. 7 'ff' ' ,. f N. W., , jg-,aff Map.: -i v""'. - . J - ' ', ' ' 1 1 .Q K 4 N 1. , a W -A . - qqslvli- , ,je Q, V . E . . ' f , Q,'m'ff'f, ' . 1, ,Z ' I, 'L .Jw-w, ' .- ,Gin J ff' ' iff' 4' K .. - "M ' ' .. J'-sp.. Q!! ' ,fpnzilv ,MU-5,1 ' 3' ,af H , H, n .1 A ,. ,, vu.. - .Q gpg. ., - , ,., ,JW 526' V 'fiiyef X " -,Q4,,.,fN,, "" ' ' ',. -sflyv . - ' 'V 5 ' A 'i j,.,.w'3.m...PQ V M- f--U f ' N, ff'gf3,,-OL. ..- 'f 4 1' M' .:, fd Q , . - 'ifigaz 5' lg F' S 0?-Vid 7' nays.:-'ic . , ... A , - , A, V , M, , QW, ..-A " -,+, " ,g '92-Af. .- . i -T, xg ' Sf- , , '. .""'v': ' ' if ,3-9? ..' 4 gl' ,J ,Q , " N N 9 A 'kj f' ff ,.,,4,.-' ' . 1,1 vu - - , fi, . -' " " .K f ,,, f 'A , ,Mfg , 1,5-' ' ' 4 - .2 A "1 '-'se ig ' ,, wg'- , , gf ' gxfefif.-" W ' Q: t v -:inf , ,K Y? .af 1-A , , , M, ,, 1 ., P . n V V v. A , ., 1 t ,M -, '- , . -xp. H A - ' P K-1, . A A GA., -Ar. - - -xv ,. ' ,K . ' 'Q' ' V 1. -' - 11 A , , ,H W , A-5, H . . .1 M -wh v - - Q55 fm .f . 1,31 A' Q NJ T Ayn Sher ,. . iw, r xl-V .W ISN.: va. Q' I, , rmjk v-,Q 7 - - ' , -1 p' lat il A "r, x , .,, . A, N, ,,, 'x ., ,ga ' Y ' x Y .,-5-s 41 ' Jw. A '45,-' . !:5'p,'g' -'Y' 'Q J 1 fl 8' r .. - 3 ,. 1 ' ' , . Bmw' 0- f ' ' af .h. ' 45. f 'iz-Lf5'i?'?' fa' 316- 4 4' 1:41 ' ' . ' " I w -.' 21 -' Q X t i. . . 0- 0 V, ' -a ' .- K' . I ' , ,iff r ' sg 13.4. 6 , r 1 -' ,:, Lk --'Q . QP, Q ' 4 H I " ' .. , K - . f Yr Y' V' 1: ,p , ff 0' W1 nk? I K A1 K r Wy" f , 4 , 'St' f " , 5 'F' ' '95 " ' f ' f . 'Aj' 4 , ., v , ' Jp- .4' ,N js' 4 K '55 'Q ,.. 3 .uw Q, . -,...AAz.3'-rr, W , ,H , W ,ax 51 Y'- pg' fr . 1, 1 'D WI ,V rffqffy, K' 'K 551W-f ., .gp , G mm, W, xv ffig 9 4, ,, sw il' 0 w -"' 1 ff- D .V,,,,,,.., I. 'ff Lv, Q V, .3 wg. ..- . y's,. ,f?,gP. .,. ,vid w,,.., ,. 4.5 I-J-+5"'fv1 "' 'N,,,,.q,d,u-W." -gn fir. ..,. '49 ...g ,f 3 . , L., . - u. N 'f- Um' Zzulklrer Umm . . . MISS HENRIETTA R, HENNIK Director of Nursing MISS KATHERINE M, COMEY Educational Director MR. PAUL I, SPENCER Director Faulkner Hospital MRS. IEANNE DEVOS MISS MARION GORHAM MISS RITA CAPISTRAN Medical and Surgical Inst. ASSiSI2l'1I DHCCIOI SUPI. Aux. Personnel Nursing Service MISS PRISCILLA BARTON MRS, PAULINE MARTIN MISS LYDIA CLAY Asst. Nursing Inst, Nursing Inst, Medical and Surgical Clinical Inst, 75 , - , .A,. MISS PHYLLIS REILLY MRS. ALICE HAMILTON Night Supervisor Obstetrical Supervisor MRS, DOROTHY BATYLDA Adm, Supervisor MISS PATRICIA O'KEEFE MISS MARY ALLEN MISS DOROTHY COTTER Operating Room Supt. Health Supervisor Science Instructor MISS EFTHEMIA PSOMIADES Therapeutic Dietician I ' '94, 'e' ", .-L '- ' - ' -' - , We -, 'A ' . if 1 fvf- , unvnuulvo W -as , 1 .,.,, . .Qt an , . ,V . ,. K-,cu- f V -- an 1 at r, -14 "N NQ gs., J W., ,, ' 4, W. . r :f 'N New f, 1 1. , " an no 'R ...?r.:.'z,..., Q. 'f if ..:':..,: A be 1 5 ' 1 5:2 31 17" 74 ' 2 ' l sw 1 lg an 2' 33 Q fr rs R :z x "" -3 5. .ZF W .zzz ' Dvd kafm ' ii mhz Qfxulkmr Qinspiiul Iamzxica plain Fnsiun 36, amass- Dear Mom and Dad, Your determined effort to make us satisfied and happy shallalways be remembered as one of the most important fac- tors during our training. You have understood our problems, assisted us with pa- tience of steel, listened to our complaints with an admirable smile, inspired us with confidence, encouraged us when we were disheartened, and enhanced our chances for success. Words cannot express our appreciation for these precious contributions - but to show how much we love, honor, and re- spect you, we - the Class of 1958 - dedicate this, our Year- book, to you. Lovingly , vein gum, 'T Wg wb we ,JN ,Vg Message 9zw1 the 611155 President i To the graduates of 1958, Does it really seem possible graduation is almost here? So many things have happened since September 7, 1955. There have been times we worked and wondered how we would ever finishg times we have felt realsatisfaction knowing we have done our very best, During our three years together, we have formed friendships and memories we will always remember, Let us not forget to thank those who have made our training possible, our fam- ilies, faculty, and friends, Above all, we thank God, for it is to His help we have reached our Graduation Day. Your Senior Class President Mary Gavin "J, c." JOAN ELIZABETH DODKIN 15 Palmer Road Foxboro, Massachusetts February 21 , 1937 To do her best And let it stand, Will be the record Of her brain and hand. "Oh -- Sugar!" That's our Dodie, speaking most likely to "Iohnny!" Although she desires to get her degree -- seems that there are conflicting details in the very near future -- such as raising a family, Whatever the future holds for you - we know you'l1 do well. Good luck and best wishes from us all! "Now and Forever" JEAN MARIORIE COLLEY 4 Henenway Road Swampscott, Massachusetts February 6, 1938 Her flirtatious eyes, Her long blonde hair: You'll not always see her, But you'1l know she's there, "B1essed are the meek -- . " How many times have we heard our "J, C, " philosophizing about nothing in particular and every- thing in general. Most often seen on the go, pony -tail bobbing behind her! With her vivid imagination and determination, we're sure she'11 be successful as a beach- comber on that South Sea Island! "Fascination" "Dodie" ELIZABETH ANN DOYLE 293 Beech Street Roslindale, Massachusetts August 20, 1937 Give to the world the best you have: And the best will come back to you. "Well, anyway -- kids, there's only -- days to September 7! !" That's our class calendar speaking. Thanks to Betsy we kept track of the seemingly endless days to Grad- uation! We all appreciate her ability to do our caps strictly regulation style! Lucky will be the doctor who will have our Betsy as his private scrub nurse. "The Story of Three Loves" .Tergyu "Betsy" SHIRLEY MAY FERGUSON '79 Pocohontas Street Walpole, Massachusetts March 18, 1937 It's her pleasant ways and the smile she wears, That makes the sun shine everywhere. 'Bee-C ar-ripe I " This expres- sion more commonly heard on the days the infraction list is sent out! Yes - our Ferg had the "honors" of passing out the infractions a-la- Student Government. Seriously, the overwhelming amount of work done by her as Pres ident of the student organization will long be remembered. She cer- tainly is energetic enough to ful- fill her ambition - to have her own hockey team. "Chanson d'A mour" nGinny n MARY JOSEPHINE GAVIN 2 Pinedale Road Roslindale, Massachusetts November 4, 1937 Fair and fun loving this lrish lass Two reasons why she's the "head of the class. "Be good! " Soft spoken Mary with her big blue eyes and petite figure will add much to the Faulk- ner uniform, In the future we know she will feel most at home as head nurse in Faulkner's future Pediatric unit. "Love Me Tender" ELEANOR VIRGINIA FLYNN '78 Western Avenue Lynn, Massachusetts January 8, 1920 There's something about her We cannot touchg It's poise, personality, Character and such. "Now, girls," -- how many times has our Ginny acted as peace- maker for one of our innocent con- troversies? The Dorothy Dix of our class will long be remembered for her sound advice and many pearls of wisdom. Actually, Ginny, we don't know how you put up with us. You'l1 always be remembered for your unselfishness and consideration by all of us, "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You" "Marys: UJ-oan.. MARY ANN LESLIE MacDONALD 189 Everett Street Wollaston, Massachusetts August 14, 1935 Short 'n sweet, that's our Les, May your future hold much hap- piness. "Oh, Eddie!" That's the young "Missus" talking! One thing for sure -- she CAN keep a secret! Never a dull moment when Les is around -- petite an' neat, warm brown eyes and a smile ro match, Rarely found - a friend to all. May all your pleasant dreams come true, "Eddie My Love" JOAN FRANCES LENNON 9 Bronx Road West Roxbury, Massachusetts August 12 , 1937 The Irish sparkles in her eyes, and her laughter never dies. "Now, now ---. " is an expres- sion of Joan's that tempers many an argument. Quick on the uptake and always ready to go, we're certain that the future holds many interest- ing adventures for Ioanie. Will the Air Force be the beginning? With her proved ability in charge of a ward, we know she can't fail. Remember the pizzas at the Brigham? And what happened to the bedspread? "Tender1y" alles.. OLGA MARGARET MARANJIAN 61 Union Street Millis, Massachusetts May 17, 1937 A twinkle in her eyes, a face with a grin, Now, I wonder what mischief she's in. "Now seriously, kids!" Olga, how could we be serious sometimes? Remember the day we helped you pack EVERYTHING for the weekendg your "tutoring" us in the skeletal system, and your endless supply of yoghurt? How can we forget ? You'll always be remembered for your bubbling personality. We hope you'l1 accept our thanks and deep- est appreciation for all your sincere efforts, and most of all just being you. Hawaii? California? Wherev- er it may be, we know you'll find success and happiness, "Twilight Time" "Pete" nlvlu-rfyn SALLY LANDON PETERS 83 Walker Street Falmouth, Massachusetts April 12, 1937 One could mark her merry by the twinkle in her eyes . . . To know her is to love her, Lovely to look at, nicer to know - that's our gal,"Sal. " "Vai- Baboo-Vai" may be commonly heard -- when she comes across a nurse's chart that isn't headed, As serious as she takes her work, she is as enthusiastic about life in general Plenty of big doin 's when Pete's around. Will we ever forget that beautiful weekend in May - thanks for the memories, Pete. Good luck on those plans for your future! "Whispering" BARBARA EVELYN SCHELFHAUDT 731 Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts May 31, 1938 Tall and stately, A pleasure to knowg A sparkling personality, From head to toe. "First of all , , , and besides!" That's our Barb -- whatever she's gument. Her charm can convince an Eskimo into buying a refrigerator Most often seen writing letters to Whitey. No better friend than Barb, With her laughing eyes and infec- tious smile, she's sure to be a suc- cess in whatever field she chooses. "Barb" Your sense of humor and eager- ness to help others has done much for our class, and it will always be appreciated. We wish you luck - the best possible! "April "Love" Qogzgf qxing ce Q Q so 3345396693 59625529 S Qigsfms mba' 7' 53452355 r335M7ai'f?5E57eis?5E discussing she's bound to win the ar- Ure ?l0re14ce Nzyhfirzgale Pledge I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. Iwill do all in my power to elevate the standards of my pro- fession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping, and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care, 354.-J Cp Hlass flisfrfry At two p. m. on a bright Indian summer afternoon of 1955, the first member of the future 1958 grad uating class of Faulkner Hospital School of Nursing timidly set foot inside the door of Chapin House and received a cordial greeting from Mrs. Ruth Cruise, Residence Director. Which one of the original twen- ty-four it might have been has long since been forgotten, but as we gathered in the spacious living room for tea, everyone will remember the smiling welcome of the faculty, Perhaps one of our very first recollections is that of Mrs. Martin introducing to each small group of students the personable Fran Mooney from Chattanooga, Tennessee. "Reb" blushed very easily and was always ready to join in a bit of fun, but left our midst in her senior year for marriage and motherhood. Our thoughts will always be for her happiness. The next few days were filled with introductions to classes and books and generally finding our way around, and the first few nights were filled with excitement and wonder of initiation, of "probies too pooped to pop, " and dripping wet from frequent trips to the shower, the more prominent candidates be- ing Millie Peach, Carole Pope, Barbara Schelfhaudt.. Although Millie and Carol are no longer with us, who can forget the thundering hooves of the "Lone Ranger" emanating from that corner room as Millie eagerly glued her ear to the radio. By now Carol is happily married to her Bob, but we remember her brainwork and good nursing care with envy. Among the other fellow students who left our fold, we tenderly remember Sayre Gilbert and her quiet charm, who joined her family in England: Mug Egan and her famous humour on "free stoolsg" Mary belle Brady and her turkey farm in Medwayg Sheila Banks and Barbara Mitchell of the Saugus trio: the blond, vivacious Pat Turneyg the blue-eyed, easy-going Marilyn Young, and the friendly' Nancy Bar- nard. Our one regret is that we could not have known them longer. We also remember with nostalgia the first birthday party we ever threw in honor of one of our most popular members, Muriel Lowther Bodwell. We all gathered quietly in her room while Fran Mooney de- tained her in the shower, until "Mutt" suddenly became very suspicious, especially sincer her mother's birthday cake was missing, and charged back into her room, to be hailed joyously by her classmates, who presented her with a cute stuffed animal, and settled down to hungrily consume her cake and pop corn, after which poor "Mutt" did all the sweeping up, The following year we shared another cake with Murt, this time her wedding cake, and we just received the glad tidings of the new arrival of a baby boy Our best, always, to "Mutt, " Classes were our main concern in those days, with daily tests in Chemistry and Anatomy, returning demonstrations in Nursing, and mastering pharmacology. If it weren 't for our willing and helpful in- structors, maybe our history would have been quite different. Compulsory study hours were a help in maintaining marks. We remember Betsy Doyle's mint-green nylon shorty in Nursing Lab, the two pals Mary Gavin and Joan Lennon, Mary Gavin's so-neat room, Ioan "Dodie" Dodkin's red nylon shorty, and Virginia Flynn's high-heeled slippers. Capping was a momentous event in our first year, as we proudly walked to the stage to receive our caps from Miss Norton, acting in Miss Hennik's place. Olga Mara jian, our first class president, accept- ed our welcome as true members of the Faulkner family. Our first days on the wards were never -to -be-forgotten experiences. Then relief and nights, the operating room, obstetrics, and off for affiliations. To make money, we held a spaghetti supper in our second year. Jean Col1ey's father was the chef, and, needless to say, there were many second helpings. Shirly Ferguson received the high honor in her senior year election as President of Student Govern- ment. Ann Leslie MacDonald is at present on maternity leave. We welcomed Irene Logie as a transfer into our midst in our senior year, and by this time the homesick Sally Peters had no desire to leave her chosen career. Thus comes to a close the chapter of our student days. The future remains unwritten. var-.1 il If 1. I i ,Prophecy TOP PRIORITY CORRESPONDENCE Date: September 7, 1956 TO: Miss Virginia Flynn, R,N, , B, S, , Ph,D, , now secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare in Washington, D, C, In reply to your letter of August 12, asking for the latest in- formation on the remaining members of the "Dizzy Dozen," this is what we have discovered: From our observatory on latitude 52, longitude '70 of Amen- hoptep, the 176th man-made planet, we have observed: Very close to home we see Miss Jean Colley as she passes by our observatory on her daily flight to the moon, as flight nurse, on the latest interplanetary missile. On her flight she passes the newly constructed Cosmic Speed- way for midget racers, owned and operated by the former Miss Ioan Dodkin and her husband. Observing through our Scopedoodle we see Miss Elizabeth Doyle assistant to Dr. Nervoustissue Synapse, the foremost brain surgeon in the universe, at her headquarters in Vienna. We knew her O, R, experience would come in handy, From Vienna, we traveled via our Scopedoodle to Boston and found Miss Mary Gavin as Dean of B, C, Night School, School of Nursing. By picking up the brain waves of Miss Gavin on our Univac we discover Miss Shirley Ferguson, director of nurses at a first-aid at one of Miami's finest resorts. As we travel further southward, we see Miss Joan Lennon, pres- ently engaged as a head nurse on a Penguin ward in Little America where there is known to be a great future. Next, through our Scopedoodle, we pass the home of the fa- mous Redheaded hockey team. Their mother was the ex-Miss Ann Leslie and is now team nurse. It was by coincidence that we discovered Miss Irene Logie, as the modern-day Florence Nightingale who recently landed on the moon with her thousand scrub brushes, While observing Miss Logie on our electronic brain, we learned of the exploits of the former Miss Sally Peters, now a prominent member of Newport Society and the wife of Cornelius X. Ticker- tape, a noted Wall Street executive. After a long and arduous search, we located Miss Olga Maran- jian, now Director of Nurses at Yerevan City Hospital in the newly reinstated country of Armenia. Back home again we located the former Miss Barbara Schelf- haudt, private nurse to the President and wife of General W. Er- ichsen, Army Chief of Staff at the Pentagon. We hope, Miss Flynn, that this contains all the information re- quested by you regarding the "Dizzy Dozen, " Sincerely, Joan Lennon Jean Colley 611155 We, the Class of 1958, of the Faulkner Hospital School of Nursing, being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare our last will and testament, To the Faulkner we leave with "Thanks for the memories. " To Miss Hennik we leave with deepest appreciation for all she has done for us, To Miss Comey we leave an Educational Program worked out for five years in advance. To Dr. Stein we leave not knowing how to express our deepest gratitude for the interest he has shown to each one of us, To Miss Allen we leave a residence full of healthy nurses. To the Faculty we leave our many thanks and hopes that all the headaches we have caused are cured, To our parents we leave a debt of gratitude for all their patience, confi- dence, and understanding. To the supervisors we leave a telephone guaranteed not to ring and a year's supply of renewed orders. To the head nurses we leave an answer book guaranteed to answer any questions asked. To the doctors we leave with thanks for your many "words of wisdom, " To the med. students we leave LV, 's guaranteed not to stop, infiltrate, or run dry. To the residents we leave nurses capable of working up patients and writ- ing orders. To Mrs, Alice Hamilton we leave our thanks for mothering our "Dizzy Dozen, " To our little sisters we leave our senior bands and best wishes for a success- ful year. To Mrs. Cruise we leave twelve newly decorated rooms. Hill Jean Colley leaves her "quiet" ways to Joanie Miller and Mary Blanchard. Ioan Dodkin leaves her wedding gown to Barbara Dowdall, Betty Ballas, and Princess Fleagal --- we hear you might find a use for it. Betsy Doyle leaves her six yards of exposed x-ray film to Dr. Hawes -- she doesn 't need it anymore. Shirley Ferguson leaves for the sunny, sandy beaches of Florida. Ginny Flynn, leaves her high-heeled slippers to the proctors -- they're very efficient. Mary Gavin leaves her height to Betty Ballas and Jan Toher, Ioan Lennon leaves several pounds lighter, Ann Leslie leaves this warning -- "Wait till your last six months. " Irene Logie leaves smiling. Olga Maranjian, better known as "Murfy, " leaves her Irish temper to any- one who thinks they can control it. Sally Peters leaves her little black book complete with names and numbers to the underclassmen -- there's sure enough to go around. Barbara Schelfhaudt leaves her "Art" to anyone who can appreciate such culture and learning, SIGNED: Mary Gavin Barbara Schelfhaudt WITNESSED BY: Elizabeth Doyle Virgina Flynn . . Ulflfl Smiar TOP ROW: M. Gavin, B. Mitchell, S. Peters, B. Schelfhaudt, M. Young, J. Dodkin, A. Leslie. MIDDLE ROW: N. Barnard, P. Turney, J. Lennon, V. Flynn, E. Doyle, C. Pope, B. Blank, S. Gilbert, J. Colley. BOTTOM ROW: F. Mooney, S. Banks, O. Ma- ranjian, S. Ferguson, M. Lowther, M. Peach. E. Doyle, J. Dodkin, P. Turney, V. Flynn, B. Mitchell, S. Fergu- son, S. Peters, M, Lowther, O. Maranjian, M. Gavin, J. Lennon. February 23 , 1956 PM S, Peters, Social Chairman, J, Colley, Secretary, M. Gavin, Presidentg O. Maranjian, Vice Presidentg V. Flynn, Treasurer. MRS, A, HAMILTON Class A dvisor and Nrfuf J. Dodkin, J. Lennon, B. Schelfhaudt, I. Logie, S. Ferguson, S. Pe- ters, I. Colley, M. Gavin, O. Maranjian, V. Flynn. U16 Sm! of zz Nurse? Day Seven o'clock! and the nurse's work was done for another day! She heaved a sort of tired sigh and put the charts away, ' ' d k. Then sat for a moment and bowed her head over the little White es "I wonder, " she said to herself, "After all, am I really doing my best? . .1 Perhaps I could have begun the day with a bright, cheerier smi e And answered the lights with "Right away' instead of in a little while, " And I might have listened with a sweeter grace to the story of my patient's woesg She may be suffering more, perhaps, more than anyone knows. from the halfway frown, although I was busy then, When the frail girl with sad blue eyes kept ringing again and again, And I might have spoken a kinder word to the heart of that restless boy, Or erhaps the lady down the hall just needed a gentler touch. P There are a lot of things I might have done and it wouldn t have taken much!" She si hed again and brushed a tear, then whispered low -- 8 "My God, how can You accept this day when I have been lacking so?" And God looked down, He heard the sigh, and saw the staggering tear, And sent His angel messenger to whisper in her ear: uld have done better today, but oh! And I might have refrained "You co The Omnipotent One, ' our faults does not forget the beautiful things you have done. Seeing y He knows, little nurse, that you love your work in this house of pain and sorrow, So He gladly forgives the lack of today, for you will do better tomorrow. " The nurse looked up with a grateful smile, "Tomorrow I'll make it right!" Then added a note in the "orderbook" -- "Be good to them tonight!" 7 y, f ' x lf? j..x ,F -Vw jf ,Z .Z .f Z f Q A Q Ex I A 7-5 S S cz-,svn " sic- . mis 03 611155 Ofhers M. Dewan, Secretary: J. Toher, President: J. Mitchell, Vice Presi- dentg S. Cropper, Treasurer. STANDING, left to right: B. Leach, B. Dowdall, C. Snyder, C. Pratt, F, Miller, S. Cropper I. Slack, P. Kelleher, I. Cotillo. SEATED: J. Hadley, N. Robar, J. Mitchell, J. Toher, M. Dewan, G. Litchford, B. Brown. NOT SHOWN: B. Blank, E. Harhan, J, Miller, P. Flegal, I Riley, J. Bourgault, R. Jamison, T. McQuade, H. Radgowski, S. Mann, E. Ballas, S. Miller, K. Chadwell, J. Lessard, S. Hutchings, M. Blanchard, I. Keppler, Q5 1 ' M B A ' li F . Q-L fa ,.1 y fr" 4:9 ' I" , A I . Fe "' ' 611155 0ff7ccrs Secretary, C. Baker, President, S. Jenner, Vice President, J. Jamison, fstandingj, Treasurer, M. Gibbs. 5 STANDING: C. Forbes, J, Perkins, I. McCannon, N, Machado, J. Robertson, M. Gibbs, J. Radgowski, S, Jenner, P. Lynch, A. Henrich, F. Anderson. MIDDLE ROW: D. Pakatar, J, Mc Carthy, N. Carruthers, P. Walker, J, Moreng, A. Day, S. St. Louis, S. Webb, N. Garofalo, I Jamison. BOTTOM ROW: D. Buckley, J. Pleadwell, C. Baker, S. Lillis, M. Keswick, S. Briggs, C. Shamberger, B. Carroll, P. Tighe, Children's Hospital Baby sitters in the making. . . formulas, burettes, Cardiac wonders! !. . . Medical his- tory in the making , . , Worcester State Hospital Keys TV ping-pong . . , p ool table . , , I. P. R. 's . . . Jr. headshrinkers and . , , jello JW0 Peter Bent Brigham Hospital Total nursing care . . . the specialist 's Specialists . . . the mecca of medicine . . . something new to learn every day afirws Gardner House Elevators . . . the infirmary . . . afternoon teas . . . telephones on every floor, ever ringing . . . "Goofs" down the street , , , the "fel1ows" next door . , , Hale House Home cookrn Modern hvmg fac111t1es phone calls galore the eprtome of socral 11v1ng and, of course the Jewel Carrie M. Hall Nurses Home The clally h1ke to work half a dozen weekends Tenn1s anyone'P'P I I' X Il Q STANDING: M. Gavin, I. Toher, N. Robar, J. Jamison. SEATED: E. Doyle, S. Fer- guson, C. Pratt, tudvul Gmfcrlfmcnf S. Cropper, Social Chairman: E. Doyle, Secretary, C. Pratt, Vice President, S. Ferguson, Pres identg N, Robar, Treasurerg B. Schelihaudt, Social Chairman. a e u P1 1 f z a t I 0 Student Kauncil lfl on Duty. . . ' X 'mp r I 4. "Modified" Modern Obstetrics Pectora1is??? "The foot bone connected to the ankle bone . . , " gr.-,9 df, 'f,. I 1 -2 ff-E5 Q -5 I . , , K. V . 'V-C' 'Q . , ms X. A V .av f 'ia r , ' 1 '-l,, 'S ? 4, A A 525 Fr , I ., ' v A .. : a ' ' I .- x a. 1 H 1 - ' , - .gf . - 4 . , jxzf-:,."4: f" '-il. j:3f-5.,- Q .ag V at M . ,M gel-vice with 3 Smile Good Inter-Departmen- Medication . . . "T. L.C. " tal Relationship pu.. 3 What's this all about?? "What's cookin'?" Practice makes Perfect -A V' 3 V Arnaud the "6am,vus". . . Our best "sa1eswomen" Prim an' Proper "BCf0r6. . . " . . After" Our luncheon "Guests" Party Tirne??? The FIRST Hurrah Not another party??? Say "cheese! ! " How can we forget? "D0wn. girls. DOWN! ! ! , , take five, . . " "Ready, Willing and Able! ! , , The pause. . . . . . that refreshes! !" chan! 'C .WSW . . the gang's all here!" "Hi-Ho, Romeo!" "The Lineup" On Moonlight Bay" "The Foolish Four" "The Live Five" "You can'r run away from 'ir'. . . !" Activities , x ' ": ' fav!! ..3gg,,. QI? Q67 The Family Portrait Samyg 1311 1-1e1per "Dear Santa, . . " . . Naughty or Nice???" PM ,f I. Mother Martin and "Cherubs" - - OOO000- - - H Such meffimeflf! ! ! C 4 fx " 2' 1- , 2 gay- 0 ' A n :': A' J ii? If!! S 6 6 Y . I' :MQ Xe lk ii L axxf?-'ld in Zflb' lfavyesf ,Night 0 the car ..,,,, 1 vt vm , .rag ..:. . '50-,A 1 5 'ff 74x I G-,A A .,- wx C7 3 ,pn-. "x ,ill la v- gc gig,-1. J .f-1-zuafgx .' een, :.,..l g A Q jf' .4', :V 'f Q -..,,L..,,,,,,,.A ', 9 .. , M - -Li .. Ei x Y N 4 :IQ .90 Q3 23? X' df ova-TL. P f A 'Q 4 I 1 I ' 1 XR a s r I ! 1 Q W N P l if N ff' hi a CJP4-TC Q. 1, I , . ii.fg, l, f 'si N i In-. xx 9 V 1 1 1 " AW, 5'-,L 1, 2 2 ,""'lp,,,A 1 1 'N-M V Q E H , MQW New ff 4 W , EL, M M v :ax ,M Q5 1? gk ' CDNs.-J1C..- k, ........................ Q i f i i i E 2 1 i' Our S msors Dr, Mark Aisner Miss Mary I. Allen Dr. Stewart Armstrong Dr. Charles Averill Dr. Franklin G. Balch, Jr. Dr. John R. Barry Dr. Marshall K. Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Batylda Dr. Harold Bengloff Dr. Richard A. Bragdon Miss Katherine E. Comey Dr, David Davis Dr, R. Adelaide Draper Mr. and Mrs. William S. Doyle Dr. Bruce C. Ferguson Mrs. Walter E. Flynn Mrs. John Gavin Dr. Joseph F. Gibbons Dr. John R. Graham Mrs, Alice Hamilton Dr. James Harrison Dr. David L. Halberslaben Miss Henrietta Hennik Dr. Kermit H. Katz Dr. James F. Kenney Dr, Walter S, Kerr, Jr. Dr. John E, Knight Dr. Rodney C. Larcom, Jr. Dr. Philip M. LeCompte Mr. and Mrs. John K. Lennon Dr. William R. MacAusland, Jr. Dr. H. Holden MacDonald Dr. Steven Mallett Mr. and Mrs, Arakel Maranjian Dr. F. William Marlow, Jr. Mrs. Herbert L, Martin Dr. Kevin J. McCarthy Dr. Eugene F. McDonough Dr. Thomas J. Monahan, Jr Dr. Isabel S. Money Dr. Robert W. Mullins Dr. Frank W, Musche Dr. Robert E. Ober Dr. Edward T. O'Hara Dr. W. Richard Ohler Dr. Curtis Prout Miss Efthemia Psomiades Mr. Vincent Punch Miss Theresa Reagan Dr, Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr, Dr. Dr. Mr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr, Miss Patricia A. O'Keefe John Rock John J. Sacco Joseph H. Schaeffer Isadore Schwartz Maurice S. Segal Charles P. Sheldon John W, Spellman Paul J. Spencer Harold J. Stein Joseph Tartakoff Howard M. Trafton James C. Walker William F. Walsh Edward L. Young Chunk Wu! 1 Homplimeuis af U15 ?aulk14cr flzfspifal Parent Cmclzer Student Assvciafivu p 4 Kvmpkmenfs of U16 Glass of I 95 9 Evmplimenfs nf E716 60155 of I 960 A Pre s cription Pharmacy Since 1867 Wzarles 16? Kogers 8: CO. J. G. LEWIS, Ph.G, 701 Centre Street Jamaica Plain, Mass, JA 4-0014 Anything Pertaining to Real Estate in Jamaica Plain or Roslindale Ask MR. FOWLER 743 Centre St. Jamaica Plain JA 4-0500 Congratulations to the Class of 1958 From FERGUSON'S WAT CH 8: CLOCK SHOP Main Street Walpole, Mass. HAILER 'S REXALL DRUG CO. Prescriptionist ALBERT L. WIEHE, Reg. Mgg. 674 Centre St. Jamaica Plain, Mass. JA 4-4450 U16 611155 af I 958 3mm the Opmzfmg know Staff Auesfhesza Department lflwdlfank Hangrufulafiaus to L' . 5. l6'a4f1fur Zrfmparzy 'Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations - Diplomas rso l Ca d - Club Insignia - Medals a. d T ph' MR. WILLIAM F. FRAZIER 2.30 Boylston St. , R m 202 Boston, Mas sachu tt l Eruupurueufs of U16 Quulkuer ffvspiful Nurses ' ,llluruuuc Associufiuu, luv. Cfulupliruvufs uf U16 Surgical Nursiug Depurfrueui ' H ..., 6'ern,e!in1ents ef Une Olrstetrienl Nnrsing Department 6'ern,elirnents ef Ure Jlfleetienl ,Nnrsing Department 6'ern,en1nents of fnrnrnennt llnrferrn Cfernpnng Wnsningten Street l6'esten, ,Mnssrzennsetts WMM ulm-um and the ben cl luck! We of lmmg me proud had in helping ,Q max.. you. awboon C. 6 au, recording h pholn, u mmm n U1 you, i uf :lon I S he.. no help you remember other vwmunmux .2 Leung pomom, yn-A fm- mfp al :hu mmf modemnf pncusl LURING U STUDIUS ,gg .-agp' fy, ,yfiirkgugl -QQ ,g AS CO-EDITORS OF THE 1958 FAULKAN, WE WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS OUR SINCEREST THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED MAKE THIS A SUCCESS. A SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE WHO SO GENEROUSLY SPONSORED THIS PROJECT BUT WHOSE NAMES DO NOT APPEAR IN OUR YEARBOOK DUE TO DEADLINES WHICH HAD TO BE MET, OLGA MARGARET MARANJIAN BARBARA EVELYN SCI-IELFHAUDT U16 Huulkarz mff STANDING: Irene Loie, Photographyg Joan Lennon, Advertisingg Virginia Flynn, Literaryg Jean Colley, Art, SITTING: Barbara Schelfhaudt, Co-Editorg Olga Maranjian, Editor and Co- Art Editor. e Beal Ytlrbooks Nc TAVLORVMADE R PUBLI I COMPANY DALIA5, IEXA5 .. .-. . ,,, . .f ,, M ,V " 'I .N iv Hit' ff ,. , .k C 1" . 1, ., M--nw .WY ,,1 ..,, Q .fJ'N.. 1 N1 fy X if .X-7 L53 Xzgf 1 I x Qiv.L.Q, -.,- . -L J: . ,, 12 2 S Us! -i s SMl"Wf Q iff I Zfgs x ,J :mm FAULKMHQTIOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING Q 6 l ' 1 .., , ..,Y,.,- . , ,,.V T,

Suggestions in the Faulkner Hospital School of Nursing - Faulkan Yearbook (Boston, MA) collection:

Faulkner Hospital School of Nursing - Faulkan Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Faulkner Hospital School of Nursing - Faulkan Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 10

1958, pg 10

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