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1 ,F - . ,- L 'ev' 1 I Y. FR ' vm, F . , , 2 v.' 7 D :9 ' '. 5 ' 99 5 ,.. . :' ,HQ . 'N . X ,h I I . ,, f , 7 1 I '?5c, ' ' . , H 1 fr' f u UQ. 7 v N. u 1 , ' C- if ' - , K 4 . 3 ' , A Q ' ' . A 4 t " A' f . - F , ' ' W 1" ' ' A ,, . 2 l V -.Q 4 .43 'f-,Z -- .. , 5 . ff- , ,QC ' .xl -if gf fv V A ,rr .Auf , ' - ' ' ' . Q J-h,,-wr' V . .., h - LW .f J, Q - ' A -' . Q .l4' Q-. , 1 V 1' " ,.f 7 -. .-, A 'N -' N JfMfjag-2eQ'a1'f- - . , was fx 'zM....1f'7-'f,r' 4 ' '- 3. ,M A Y l I N 4 i ,,f W, I A , I.. A i- A QU. in 1 .A . . an ' -J., 2 -r"f-1 .-.. ,.--- -o- 5 gag Q., r x ' f- Q- -Q- s Juiasx , ' -. F 'A ' gf, . ,K , '- ,jf Jfjfr ,:Lr"'x: I" -,I 'X 0 W' fu-:""' - A J: F51 .Na I ' n l 14 .k. ,A vi. 4 ' M . in lf. AQ, VJ' A ,, 1 1 'ax " if ' ' i"" Q , - .0 - 'fl 2 ' ,., ' , . - ' 1 , Mr, Q f-f. b 1 , Q M , tl, , , . 1 -' . - , M4 V1 " 1- , 'Lv , .. A Y' .52 L ,gay R gif . ffm,-ii, . 5 , ,. f-'Qvtx : v, . , '?ff ,nf .1 ' ' ' 5.509 w.f'6:53, . , ' -"'x"- xi' -V' r ' V M-f,., , ' ",. xr' ,, A3 tum- - I xfft ,n 81. 1: f H- m'J .. ww.. 9 i .Q-,QQ ,A x .A ' , I . -5 --vf .Qrv - ..-- . 5 A A 1 wir' ., I "1 'Q 6 "fs ' V' ,- " 1 I Q f A s. . , X -. 45 n . G ff TY- ' P vw: if ' ' ' A .f !' . -. - YP ,- X' V 'x ' A ,, K' ' R, ex X S Y ,F-., 'agar-Y , 5 M -A . uv! I A , 'fw "'W39.,"x .aff A 5 ' ' ' W, .-iw' Q 'Hr F ' - H 8 S,fqN":?1 L "" Us ' - W -amp-' -wif 1 ' . ' cf 4 . J " Vi, .- ,I ,M Q . f . .ff ' 5' 'W ,W 'A ' ' , 35 ,fr , V t , .-ai, .f N V ,,,.., x ,,, 3 . -L Q . .5 V ' kv 3+ K M, I ,,wf's ' Y ' A , 442' ,Lv ' . f . 4.-LH , ,. A, fit' 9 N 1 Q p' au.. -' X" w ' 79 W I 51 Q? 3 5 1 n n' 3 l 1 11 Q i E 1 3, K Qi pg v ?,,' I ,, , , 01 w 1 .1 I 1 w - 4 In 1, ,"' ,, CT-- -I 'rl 'N If ,..,. . , ,r , , . . .f,,v, fu Q- A "C 3: r W M s. I A ' , A '-" ' , yhkzg "N SITQ.. ,',' ,U 4 1. rx . , V., Y I . 4. M H A ,Q w,.,',vTf , :H I.. gli . , 4, 5,5 Ay? . -JM .V ' :"' M, s aj I 'LO , . .IL ' - N' . 14 f TQ. 1-Q-. ,. "fl" df 0. .-J. -, dsx 'I 1 . 4 ' ll A X: mi Y,,?v'.! Q, 'J ,. ' J. 'CQ 1 1 5' 1 fl 1'. ,ZvL. Q46 sly :-' -1- T Vgefffa. 3 -'ffl' ,: v 1 .V "1'l'c1. J , ,Film M. ' , r. gsm "1 KM ww i 4' ' "u.. '03 I fr 1 -, I I I.. U4 I I - , y .J Mp -U1 il- : ' w , 0 M . II . 1 n .1 4 3 w Y 1 4 ,1-, 1 l ' A' if 'X K u ,,,. v 4, ,. q X .-.g,, -'1 A 1 I ' '-. .u,.l,Q,l,V,r., X r f X lun,-' 1, J" in I-'V , 4... ' ' ,f 1'.,'n. Y X' K1 ' 0' Uv 'Li ,H Q Ht 'Vx 1 ' . :U Jr 4 l Y' ' U THE FA ULKAN FAULKNER HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 1957 STAFF Edim- NORMA PENROD c dim: KATHRYN DOHERTY Pfmagmpfjy- ROBERTA LOCKE Ad ing: BARBARA NIEDERBERGER Lffemfyf BARBARA LEWIS A ETHEL MUNCHBACK, ROBERTA LOCKE to those under 0, ,. ff ' 9 AND CREED 'A service of I am to work, ' ' ,zz N , . fx f vw., , , I . ,, ' . ,P i iv ,ar-' NM' 5 ...x 3:1 . A-' .1-Q.. "ws-. ...g.. , . ,,,,. . Qiav z 1 i . h., ff ah. .,..-. uw " I'-rf'-ef'-' ,.,g.1- 1- V' 1, Q an ,af 'Q , ,f W W , , f 1, ' dv: ., ,w Aw" f-Mn .4-4. fo, . .WW , v wh' 24, 'f4,4..,.! B , f, H. W 1, M 1. ,,,, f H., rw ,.,,, ' ,, .. , , w' ' , n , ar 4' M 'Mn '., 1 ' ' M, um .,..f.f 4-"' ' 'A ..:, y If . 1 , We Wf- vf . , 4 , , ,Y5:vw,.,,., " wtf- ' q4?i.,,.Z' pap' ' ' . N HN' ,HW M44 My f.-3 , .- ' .. . ,,,f" 4 5 Q. .N V ' 'fg.f1,,,.-,,,5,.,,,,q .A 5,3545 , If K , Q M., 4 wg, W 1.4 .,, 0. .., Q . wp .,,,, .1 ., N- w, .W H MW fy .5.. .mf . -f wh Q , M L., .A4,,x,..,,,,,x ,A . , ,, .. if ,M':'mWMfv:V W., , A . . . - .A WL., .. Q v 1. 4, ,vwfl ,' 5 -"Q 'fn' ,, ,wiv Mffyh- My .,, .. ,mf -W, .U . ,grw . XM? . Q we - ,. N. N y '- g . si, fm .-, , --...Q DEDICA TION To you, Mrs. Hamilton and Miss Norton, we, the class of 1957, dedicate our yearbook THE FAULKAN. So small a token we give you, in return for so much understanding patience, and wisdom, given to us. Yet we know, material things will not give you the happiness you will receive in seeing us live bythe standards that you have instilled in us. We want only to make you proud of the great part you have taken in our lives. May we say, Thank you. 'fa CID ll! 1 X i Q FACULTY C27 K 1-A Q E' MISS HENRIETTA R. HENNIK, Dirertor of Nuffing 1 nv ms? MRS. PAULINE MARTIN MISS BARBARA KILBURN MRS. PATRICIA MCCOY Nizzzufzg Arn Imtrurlor AJJI. Nzmrifzg Arif Imt. Ant. Naming Arm Imt. FWF MISS DOROTHY COTTER MISS ANNE WALSH MISS RITA CAPISTRAN Science Imzmffgr Auf. gfjeme Inu' Szzperzhor of Auxiliary Permmzel xx , -. I 9 'F .V A,, :11 , AI MISS IRENE NORTON Edzzrationnl Director MISS PHYLI-IS REILLY MRS. ALICE HAMILTON MISS MARY ALLEN Nigfvl 5llP21'UiJ0f Obftetriml Szzpervimr Health Super-z'i.r0r if I I , ,V If V MRS. DOROTHY BATYLDA MISS PATRICIA O'KEEFE MISS ANNE CARUSO MRS. RUTH CRUISE Surgiral and Medical Operating Room Szipervifor Day Supervixov Rexidence Director Nursing Inxtmctaf IQ I l THE FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE PLEDGE I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to elevate the standards of my profession, and will hold in confidence all per- sonal matters committed to my keeping, and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the wel- fare of those committed to my care. L. 7 T I MESSAGE FROM THE CLASS PRESIDENT May I humbly write this message to those who have taken a part in making these past three years possible. Our education has provided the ability! Our success would seem inevitable! Now it is our turn. We owe many debts. Let us repay them in the same spirit in vvhich they were given, with patience and fortitude. And so, let our successes, be they great or simple, as long as they are clean and God-given, thunder our thanks to our family, faculty, and friends who have done so much for us. "Beth'i CHARLOTTE ANNE CONRY 15 Auburn Place Brookline, Massachusetts June 5, 1936 "You can have it at my house kids." How many times have we heard this expression in the past three years? Barley is noted for her warm-hearted generos- ity, maintaining a home away from home for all. How many Brookline taxis are equipped with sirens? Barley is better known as our loud-talking poli- tician. She's a girl that knows a little bit about a lot of things, and is willing to verbalize whenever the occasion arises. The L. A. Park doesn't know how close it came to being flooded in December of '56 . . . does it Barley? With her outlook on life, we're sure success will follow her wherever she goes. "Home Ir Where You Hang Your Heart." ELIZABETH ANN ADSHEAD 61 Hathaway Road New Bedford, Massachusetts November 15, 1934 If we ever needed anything, Beth always had it on hand. Who among us has not visited Beth's general store? She has an endless supply of needed and unneeded articles. Beth is better known to us as, "Mother Adsheadf' She is always willing to lend a helping hand, which has been appreciated by all. Incidentally Beth, did you ever learn how to jitter- bug, considering those long eight hour work days? Beth is one of the few who has managed to survive the three years without changing her usual habits. We're glad Beth decided on john-He's her man!! Gentle, calm and thoughtful best describes our China doll . . . Beth. "Dear Hearty and Gentle People" l "Barley" PATRICIA ANN COONEY 938 Main Street Reading, Massachusetts january 19, 1937 "Hey, kids, what should I do?" This was the con- stant cry around the corridors of Chapin House, day in and day out. Will you ever forget Worcester State and the little place at the end of the avenue, not to mention the broken window! There is never a dull moment when Pat's around. Her sweet innocence has led her into many a comical situation where her good humor has come to her rescue. Cooneybug is well informed on the price of plumb- ing fixtures. We guess if CH. could bear the strain of our girl, it must be pretty well structured. Don't forget to send us a postcard if your future plans for traveling succeed. . . . "you ain't nothin' but a houndog" . . . "S0mewl9e1'e Over The Rainbow" .. , V.: . Kay.. "C00neybug" KATHRYN DOI-IERTY 6 O'I..eary Way jamaica Plain, Massachusetts April 16, 1935 Seldom seen without a smile and a good word for all, Kay is known for her unselfishness and con- sideration by all her classmates. Kay is one of the tall girls in our class but you should see her do the Irish step dance!!! Does it bring back memories of Worcester State, Kay?? Kay can always be found reclining horizontally, lost in the magic of some book. No one can beat her record of being well read. We'll set aside a day of remembrance and silent prayer for the many jokes that have passed away en route from the lips of the one and only Kay Doherty. No one else seems to possess this quality. In all sincerity, we wish Kay all the best in her chosen field. "When Irirh Eyer Are Smiling" L- ' 'Ewie" PATRICIA BENNETT JENNER 42 Lincoln Street Hingham, Massachusetts january 27, 1957 "I'm serious, kids, I really mean it!" To believe or not to believe is our problem. Patti is known for her stories, some so fantastic that even Ripley would find them hard to believe. i Will you ever forget the day O.B.S. produced a rubber baby? The girl with the sunlamp has provided the class with many laughs. We'll never forget that bubble bath or the thumbs she produced on her knees. Regardless of what Patti wears she always looks as though she just stepped out of "Vogue" 'Ilhere's no doubt in our minds that Patti will make an ideal wife for a certain doctor. "Beazz!iful Dreamer" MARY ELIZABETH EWINS Richford Star Route Vermont March 15, 1936 "Vermont is the best state in the union," is a famous statement often heard from our farmer's daughter. If Mary is an example of a Vermonter we all agree with this quotation whole-heartedly. With her boundless energy Mary has acted as our "human alarm clock" since our first days of training. No fear of being late with Ewie around. One never gets tired of listening to Mary's many humorous and adventurous experiences on the Ewins farm. Remember the Worcester Delicacies, Mary?? Mary's plans for the future include further school- ing and in this situation we know her retentive memory will serve her in good stead. We wishyou luck . . . "Simple Squamous" "Moonlight In Vermont" "Patti" 5 l BETHY ANN JOHNSON 137 Martins Lane Hingham, Massachusetts Judy 5, 1936 Bethy is one in a million with an originality in stylish clothes and the figure to go with them. Her well known expression "E-e-e-e-e-e-el' makes up the main portion of this gals hyperexcitable per- sonality. Bethy spends her spare time improving her form in snow-diving and playing hair-dresser to the babies in the nursery, complete with bows. Worcester possesses a warm spot in Bethy's heart. Her exploits there proved to be profitable but have given her reason to familiarize herself with past and future history. Bethy's warm-hearted vitality will be remembered by all. Who knows what the future has in store, but what- ever it may be, we wish you the best of luck. "Dream A Lillie Dream Of Me" ia "Barbie Lou" "Bethy" BARBARA JOAN LEWIS 46 Bellevue Rd. Squantum, Mass. August 25, 1936 "I hear you laffin' in there." ,It's a well known fact that Barbie not only loves New Hampshire scenery but is also acquiring that famous N. H. drawl with the real broad A-A-A's. How come Barbie? By the way has that Volkswagen been ordered yet? Barbie is most often seen up to her neck in Student Government work. Her endless reminder notes to herself have given us all many a laughg especially when she started writing notes to remind herself to read her reminder notes. Will you ever forget CH. and the famous white Eldorado Cadillac Convertible! We wont!!! We all wish to thank you for the tremendous job you have done all year as President of Student Gov- ernment and we know that this experience will stand by you no matter what you may do in the future. "You're MY Everytlairzgv "Lu Lu" ROBERTA JEAN LOCKE 415 Main Street Concord, Massachusetts May 18, 1936 "Bobbie's embarrassed" is our only reply when we all are involved in something we shouldn't. Al- though that old cliche "Looks are deceiving" is out of date, it can be used in regards to our seemingly quiet and reserved appearing Bobbie, who can sure be a ball of fire. Her fantastic jitterbugging is proof of this. There's no need wondering of Bobbie's where- abouts, just follow that infectious giggle and you'll find our big hazel eyed "Campbell Soup Kid" amidst one of her famous yarns of "That real nice clambakef' Remember, Bobbie?!!! By the way, how are those nightmarish driving lessons coming along? Need a new pupil or a new set of nerves? We all know Bobbie will find happiness and success in her chosen field. No one deserves it more. "You Don't Know Me" CAROL EDITH LEWIS 278 Maverick Street East Boston, Massachusetts December 27, 1936 Busy as a bee, flighty as a bird, yet always has time to listen to a problem. Carol can always brighten up the cloudiest day with one or several of her jokes. jokes?? "Anyone for a spot of tea on the ten o'clock train," or would you rather float in on ivory flakes?? It only takes one "small spark" to set off a bomb. Sparks are small and so is Carol-any connection? "Carol, it's your turn to answer the phone." Wor- cester State, here I come!!! By the way don't forget that undescribable clambake! They say good things come in good packages, and Caro1's unselfishness and understanding has made her tops with us. "Full of Fun and Fancy Free" "Bobbie" BARBARA KING LORD 17 Marlboro Street Boston, Massachusetts june 5, 1925 Last but not least, Barbie joined us in our second year. With her she brought many welcome words of wisdom, which have been very effective at the right moments. Barbie is noted for her endless supply of coats for all occasions. She is well versed on how, when and where to wear them. Although Barbie is usually very quiet and re- served she has shared and supplied many laughs. Don't forget that first meal we prepared at Wor- cester State, a very colorful and misconstrued affair. It's a wonder we weren't all admitted or should we say committed? We extend our heartiest wishes to Barbara in her future as an obstetrical instructor. "Young at Hear!" IAQ? "Munchie" 'Barbie' ' ETHEL MARIE MUN CHBACK 250 Riverside Drive Dedham, Massachusetts October 15, 1956 "Full of fun and fancy free, and thatls the way I want to be," is an appropriate phrase for our Munchie. Munchie's wit and good humor helped us through the many turmoils of our probie days. Remember the night we studied in the dark, Munch? This crazy girl is famous for her cheesecake poses that only a human fly could accomplish. Don't forget those learning situations in the cafe- teria at Worcester State. Oh, those glorious esca- pades! Har-de-har-har! We hope she never loses her rare talent of making everyone around her happy. "Two Different Worlds" 1-Nevi, BARBARA ANN NIEDERBERGER 163 Riverside Drive Dedham, Massachusetts February 1, 1957 Long eyelashes and pretty eyes - that's our Needy. Whenever a class project is in the fire, she is always there to help make it a success. Who else but Barbie can give us a spontaneous demonstration on the art of roller-skating and cast- walking? Our hearts go out to the person who takes Needy out for her driver's test-Pedestrian Beware!! It's a rare occasion when Needy is without her poise and dignity. However, she always manages to rise to the occasion, especially at parties. Have you had any missing sponges lately? Also Needy's love for narcotic counts and special nurses have given us all many a laugh. Needy, "Why take O.R. for senior experience- You've had yours! !" Many thanks to you for your hard work on our class projects and good luck in the future. "Time On My Handy" MARY WRISPA NEVERS 10 Pulaski Boulevard South Bellingham, Massachusetts january 23, 1937 "A ring on her finger and a hole in her sock" best describes the first girl in our class to become engaged. Speaking of socks, Mary, what happened to your holy foot warmer anyway? Although Mary has many varied and humorous impersonations, the one which we will never forget is that of Ed Norton in "The Sewer Song." We wish to express our thanks and appreciation for the many times that she has chauffeured us around in her car. She is one real swell gal with a personality we'll always remember. We know she will attain success and happiness in whatever she may undertake. "Someone To Watch Over Me" V. " 'S-fx, , 43 , "Needy" JOANNE OLGA O'DAY 18 june Street East Walpole, Massachusetts May 19, 1957 "Who's the smartest girl in the class, kids?" is a familiar phrase which announces the arrival of cheerful O'Dee. Although O'Dee's the youngest in our class, she has many sound ideas and good judgement. Say what happened at Haynes when you raised a certain bed at 8-12 and 4? Shattering experience, wasn't it? The click of her knitting needles is often heard in the process of producing articles for others-a very domestic person, this gal. Funerals under the lilac bushes and birthday par- ties for goldfish are a part of her unexpected makeup -what next, O'Dee? What will happen to your hair when you don't have our advice? In the future, we know Joanne will make an ex- cellent mother in any nursery! "I'1l Get By" "Penny" "O'Dee" N ORMA JEAN PENROD Reeds Ferry, New Hampshire january 15, 1936 Beautiful brown eyes is the best way to describe our peanut, Penny. She may be tiny but she possesses a great deal of sincerity and willingness to work. Many good parties have been held in Penny's room and we never would have survived those finals in our first year without her trusty coffee-pot. This vivacious girl came all the way from New Hampshire to add a lot of zest to the class, and sometimes it sounds as though she brought some of that barnyard cackle with her. Penny is known to us as our little cupid and it seems as though she's a good shot too! ! Many thanks to Penny for her work as editor of the yearbook. Good luck with Edison 81 Co. "Love IJ A Many Splendored Thing" ' 'Perch' ' BEVERLY RUTH PRESCOTT 7 South Mill Street Nantucket Island April 19, 1936 The old saying "Freckles are a sign of beauty" fits this little lass from "another land," to a "T." Bev always displays a sweet gentle manner to who- ever she may encounter. It seems as though in the past we have presented numerous problems, and undgrstanding Bev has always extended a helping han . Bev has acquired an unusual fondness for high heels, shortie pajamas and Dramamine-We wonder why! !! We bet she's the one and only girl with per- fumed fish! We all envy Bev with her ideal situation of mixing business with pleasure on the island. Good Luck, Bev!! ffnaaayf Lime cw GAIL AUDREY PERCHWAY 5 39 Walpole Street Norwood, Massachusetts April 10, 1956 "Well what would you have done," is the question put to us all, time and time again, by our quiet gal from Norwood. Gail is one of our fortunate girls with naturally curly hair that we bet many a French poodle would like to have. By the way, Gail, have you taken any misguided tours to class reunions lately, with your lights out? Tell us, Gail, is the rumor true that you are going to work nights on B-Medical, as a graduate? Ser- iously though what will it be-the O.R. or Psychia- tric Nursing? Whichever you choose we know you'll be successful in whatever you undertake. "C'eJl Sam Sard' uBeVn SYLVIA ANN SMITH 101 Washington Street East Walpole, Massachusetts July 28, 1936 "You can't tell a book by its cover." This old line suits our Smitty to a "T" Her sweet and innocent appearance is misleading when Sylvia begins to talk. Her excited and high pitched voice will long be remembered by her classmates as well as the many laughs that were connected with it. Although an only child, Sylvia has proven her- self unspoiled by adopting "weekend sisters." Smitty has been the envy of many with her "ivory complexion" and shiny black hair. This for- tunate combination along with a petite figure cer- tainly adds to the Faulkner uniform. Have you been hiding any sponges in your "tough cases" lately? ?? Sylvia will certainly be a welcome addition to the staff of any O.R. in the future. "Sweet And Lovely" "Smitty" YEARBOOK STAFF E. Munchback, Ang B. Lewis, Litemryg N. Penrod, Edizarg K. Doherty, Co-edizorg B. Niederberger Adz1erzi.firzg,' R. Locke, Photography, Art. V 9 -K jf H85 UD? NW: ,5 3 ww 1' if 1 if CLASS HISTORY Remember that September afternoon in ,54 When we darted anxiously through Chapin House door. A group of anticipating girls from different parts and locales Who were soon to become a class of steadfast pals. After having our tea and helping our parents disperse I wonder if we realized in attaining the goal of a nurse The loyal friends, the work, joy and tears That we would encounter together in the next three years. We had hardly started to unpack our suitcase When initiation began at a very rapid pace. Our air-raid bags were filled with an unmentionable lot Which at the command of a senior we had to drop. Our first week of classes, confusion entered our mind For we took so many courses of most every kind. Chemistry, Anatomy, Pharmacology and Nursing Arts From which we discovered our books played a part. Study hours, proctors and first time on the wards Where we learned the real purpose of a patient's bell cord. Christmas vacation was upon us at last But as soon as it started it seemed it had passed. A spaghetti supper for faculty, parents and friends And the money we made We raffled afghans. We were reaching the end of our "probie days." And to pass those finals there must be Ways!! The night of capping we marched up the aisle With a sigh from the faculty and from our parents a smile. Twenty-four proud students in starched aprons and blues And the caps placed on our heads fitted perfectly too. The O.R., relief and nights came after capping Which left us with little time for just plain napping. The "Song of the Sewer" will remain close to our hearts And we'll remember the ones who so fitted the parts. Summer vacations started the first of june And those left at Chapin got sunburned by the "moon," In September with wing-bands we again started class. O.B., VD. and First Aid we attempted to pass. At last the time for our three affiliations came And we made our way bravely to Worcester, C.H. and Haynes. We struggled at CH. with formulas, diapers and pins. But half through our training we held up our chins. At Worcester State we became attached to showers and keys And for three rapid months we led a life of ease. Respirators at Haynes and of course whooping cough Only two months there just d'idn't seem to be enough. In February, back at Faulkner we happily reunited Our senior class at last together and were we delighted!! Senior activities soon began to take form Planning the yearbook and our senior prom. Senior experience, nights, relief and ways to make money Looking forward to vacations which we hoped would be sunny. It hardly seems possible it's so near at hand But here on the threshold of graduation we stand. We've shared much together since we entered training that day And I know each will remember in her own special way . . . The Class of 1957. Mary Ewins We, the Class of 1957 of the Faulkner Hospital School of Nursing, being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare our last will and testament, To the Faulkner we leave thanks for having given us the three most memor- able and constructive years of our lives. To Miss Hennik we leave with the hope that we shall always maintain the high standards which she was so instrumental in setting for us. To Miss Norton we leave a rotation schedule guaranteed to work out as originally planned. To the Faculty we leave a bottle of aspirins and our sympathy. Q To our parents we leave wondering how we will ever be able to show our thanks and appreciation. To the supervisors we leave a book of unusual practical jokes for experienced practical jokers. To Dr. Stein we leave an empty bench outside the Health Clinic. To Miss Allen we leave our monthly weights. To the graduates we leave an answer book to be used for the new students. To the students we leave three years accumulation of paraphernalia and our marked off calendars. To the doctors we leave our bandage scissors. To the residents we leave a robot to work up patients, answer phones and renew all orders. To the medical students we leave I.V.s guaranteed not to infiltrate, stop or run dry. To Mrs. Cruise we leave nineteen tidy rooms. To Mrs. Martin we leave an automatic Faulkner cap doer-uper, complete with sewing attachments. To Mrs, Hamilton we leave a one year course in art at the Mass. School of Art. To the maids and house mothers we leave an elevator. 1+ l CLA ' 4 ' A A - 5 4- 24" .L-Ll., .:.,,:g--., is .1 as A ' . - - M A A A' -M ir -N -gigs 444 . . vi-,A',,S,...,., . 1'-annum. g- -n. W WILL 1 I I S l l I 1. M To the Faulkner Aid we leave our thanks for all they have done for us. Beth Adshead leaves the memories of three of the best years of her life to future students. Charlotte Conry leaves twenty-five pounds to the DK. Pat Cooney leaves her chewing gum to Muriel Lowther. Kay Doherty leaves her can of midnight oil to Betsy Doyle and Shirley Ferguson. Mary Ewins leaves on time!! Pat Jenner leaves her height to Ann Leslie. Bethy johnson leaves her squeek to anyone who is mouse enough to take it. Barbara Lewis leaves her dislike for men to jean Colley. Carol Lewis leaves her noise to Mary Gavin. Roberta Locke leaves her tidy room to Fran Mooney and joan Dodkin. Barbara Lord leaves her furs to Ginny Flynn. Ethel Munchback leaves her supply of men to the "bunnies" Barbara Neiderberger leaves the Health Clinic to Sally Peters. Mary Nevers leaves her ability to sleep between classes to Olga Maranian. Joanne O'Day leaves a box of English muffins to joan Lennon. Norma Penrod leaves her coffee pot to the underclassmen during finals. Gail Perchway leaves her curly hair to Barbara Schelfhaudt. Beverly Prescott leaves her household appliances to Chapin House. Sylvia Smith leaves her trim figure to those unfortunates who are over- weight. Signed: Norma Penrod Roberta Locke Witnessed by: Kay Doherty Joanne O'Day if CLASS PROPHEC Y We, the class of 1957 of the Faulkner Hospital School of Nursing, do make this our prophecy and may it be held as such. The year is 1961, four years have passed since we all stood together for the last time receiving our diplomas and about to go our separate ways. The time has come to inquire as to the happenings and whereabouts of my classmates. My first stop -was at New York at the Syracuse Hospital where I found Miss Elizabeth Adshead as Principal of the School of Nursing. By her position it was evident that Miss Adshead had come a long, long way since graduation. It was here that I learned of the former Miss Beverly Prescott. It seems that Miss Prescott and her husband run a farm in Penn. They h.ave made their farm the headquarters for the "Animal Rescue League." Here they have "Be Kind to Animal Week," every day. My next stop was at Conn. where I found myself at the doorway of one of the wealthiest homes there, which is now the happy abode of the one-time Miss Patricia Jenner, now the wife of one of the nation's greatest surgeons. She informed me that several of my classmates were in the Boston area so I made that my next stop. Stopping at Faulkner, I found that Miss Gail Perchway, noted for her infallible love of night float duty, was now official night float with two meager reliefs to her credit. It was while talking to Miss Mary Ewins, now Medical Supervisor and oc- casional relief float, that I learned of the exploits of Miss Kay Doherty, who has always been so enthralled with medicine and its attributes particularly on "B" Medical. Miss Doherty was now in her fourth year of Pre-Med School at B.U. My next stop was at B.L.I. where I found Miss Bethy johnson heading the O.B.S. department. Oh, how Miss johnson loved those babies! The next destination was the home of Miss Mary Nevers in Bellingham, now the wife of an Army man. Nursing as a preparation for marriage was certainly true I discovered, as I met each of her four children. It was she who informed me of the whereabouts of Miss Joanne O'Day now doing duty in the far off Islands of Samoa and Guam. I was then off to Wellesley and found myself driving along a winding driveway leading to the home of our once Miss Roberta Locke, now the wife of one of the nation's leading epidermiologists. After a delightful talk with my hostess in one of her spacious drawing rooms, I proceeded on to Worcester State Hospital where I found Miss Barbara Niederberger just coming from duty as day nurse on Washburn Three. And to think that none of us ever took Barbara seriously when she expressed her love for Psychi.atric Nursing. But I'm afraid that the Navy is moving in rather rapidly. She informed me of Miss P. Cooney's latest exploits as a private scrub nurse for one of the leading brain surgeons . . . Dr. Graymatter. Industrial nursing was well represented in the person of Miss C. Conry at her job in the National Biscuit and Arrowroot Company. After talking to Charlotte I then proceeded to the home for Neurotic Individuals run by Miss B. Lewis in New Hampshire. It was evident that she had dedicated her life to the study of neurosis, a better cause could not be found. As I was saying goodbye to Barbie I heard the drone of a jet plane that carried Miss Carol Lewis as chief flight nurse. You might say that Carol was engaged in wide- spread Public Health. My next stop was at the home of Miss Norma Penrod, now the wife of the Edison Co.'s most important light bulb tester. I found her and her three little sockets, well and happy. En route to Boston I stopped in at the National Orthopedic Mattress Co. and found Miss E. Munchback working as chief mattress tester. To say that she was lying down on her job is perfectly truthful and also legal. Here I learned of the wonderful job Miss Barbara Lord was doing as National Recruiter for Student Nurses, in the Greater Boston area. More than half of 1961's entrants were due to Miss Lord's perseverance. My last stop was to Western Union to send a telegram to Miss Sylvia Smith for being re-elected to the position of publisher of that great magazine, "The Aluminum Autoc1ave" in Washington. This concluded the last of my exploits concerning the whereabouts and happenings of my classmates. It was evident that all had succeeded in reaching their goals-The Prophecy had come true. NAME Elizabeth Adshead Charlotte Conry . . Patricia Cooney . . Kathryn Doherty . Mary Ewins . . . Patricia Jenner . . . Bethy Johnson . . . Barbara Lewis . . . Carol Lewis . . . Roberta Locke . . . Barbara Lord . . . Ethel Munchback . Mary Nevers . . . Barbara Niederberger . . . Joanne O'Day . . . Norma Penrod . . . Y Gail Perchway . . . Beverly Prescott . . Sylvia Smith . . . FAVORITE EXPRESSION "Yes, I'm home, what do you want?" . . and that sort." . . "What am I going to do?l' u You've hurt my feelings" "You know what I would have said . . "Really ?" xx Lord love a mouse" "You sap" "Too much" "Hey!" "Oh, you kids" "Here I am, you lucky people" "Oh, no!" "Oh, joy!" "I don't know" "Ick Schmick" "Well, what would you do?" "Meanwhile, back at the ranch" "Unmentionable' ' PET PEEVE Inconsiderate people C.H. and studying Radios played softly Shoes Laziness Dirt Untidiness Men Rules and regulations Hats Night duty Classes Cold weather Soft beds Two-faced people Early risers The unexpected Disorganization Noisy people MOST OFTEN SEEN Helping others Talking with her hands Turning up her radio Reading Arguing Eating Combing her hair Resetting her hair Looking in her mailbox Cutting hair With a fur piece In trouble Writing to Min Dieting Eating dill pickles Hot packing Sleeping Writing letters At the movies SECRET AMBITION To see the world To get a man " in To be a "mountain nurse the Arboretum To have her own football team To win all arguments To take a bubble bath in the O.R. scrub sink To be her own boss To be a ballet dancer To have a pony tail To be able to eat anything without gaining weight To graduate To be a cadet at West Point To meet Art Carney To be a scrub nurse in a jet To go to Alaska To be able to say the right thing at the right time To get married and have twins To visit Holland To run through the sewers of Paris OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTIC Her hands Booming voice Her understanding Her gregariousness Her Vermont twang Blond hair Her vivaciousness Her good-humored sarcasm Her petite appearance Her initial quietness Her good nature Her infectious laugh Her changing moods Lon eyelashes Her apparent shyness Her brown eyes Her dimples Her freckles Her deceptive quietness NICKNAME Beth Barley Coony-Bug Kay Ewie Pat Bethy Barbie Lou Lou Lou Bobbie Barb Munchie Nev Needy O'Dee Penny Perch Bev Smitty I mr 533 1337 w 1325 2' 73:3 15'-'?5Z2lff.FI '-" " , .1 2 "':5i' v ' - 'wigs x ,, .f .,.-.-.,.- . . ,A "N 3 Q, 2 af' SENIOR CLASS First row: E. Adshead, B. Prescott, C. Lewis, R. Locke, N. Penrod. Second row: J. O'Day, B. Lewis, E. Munchback, K. Doherty, B. johnson, C. Conry, P. Jenner B. Lord. Third row: S. Smith, B. Neiderberger, M. Nevers, G. Perchway, P. Cooney, M. Ewins. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sofia! Chairman, E. Munchbackg Prefiderzt, C, Conryg Vine Prefident, R. Lockeg Sefretary, P. Cooneyg Tref15zz1'er, B. Prescott. -, s N. Cu ' mia., nf.. ' ' s. I " 1" ' f .f+f..,.-- .. 12 ' ' UNDERCLASSMEN AX 2 ,ag x, ,Q Q L CLASS OF 1958 Standing: J. Dodkin, J. Cooley, F. Mooney, S. Peters, V. Flynn, J. Lennon, O. Maranjian, A Leslie. Seated: B. Doyle, S. Ferguson, M. Lowther, B. Schelfhaudt. CLASS OFFICERS E. Doyle, T1'6d.l'Il7'61',' S. Ferguson, Vice Prefidentg M. Lowther, President, B. Schelfhaudt. CLASS OF 1959 T305 S ,ii gg.. 4 I I Lt Top row B Blank D Keene B Leach E Harhan I Cotrllo J Mxller R Smrth B Dowdall Flegal J Bourgault J Slack C Snyder Mxddle row J Mntchell R Jamison T McQuade B Brown K Norton J Rxley H Radgowskx E Ballas S Mann J Toher N Robar S Mlller F Mlller Bottom row K Chadwell M Dewan J Lessard P Kelleher S Hutchmgs M Blanchard N Bnckford j Keppler C Pratt S Cropper CLASS OFFICERS iv 1 ' ..e'. A . "" W A 5' V Jr. 45, - - "'-- - , - ,.,' ,Q -V' ,- r .1 ,,.,.. .... .,..., ...M I Y N-V .T-:,. , 2 . . 3 "'e .S V ff -- B .F ' t .f . - 1. .. K -.- .' A .- ' f X ,ki f v A f . ..:4l w lt D A ' ' I - ol,:e t .-nr.lv , S - ' ,vin , ,vi . , vi , . A X J at Sr Q. ,Cttt tal a . . , -93 , - ' if .' :pst-' 'Sr -' .. - .v may N , j, J. Cotillo, Secrezuryg S. Cropper, TreuJurer,' N. Robar, Vice Prexidenzg K. Norton, Social Cbairmnnf E. Ballas, Prexidenz. HAYNES MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Respirators, masks and those hourly feeding and after hours those nightly meetings. Separate detention, mask and gown, and then those formulas . . . up or down? 5, AFF III CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL Count those drops, watch those burettes clean the bottoms, then the bassinets, Medical clinic and Surgical O.P.D., new, interesting and many things to see WORCESTER STATE HOSPITAL Orientations and you're too scared to talk around the corridors, a mighty long walk! They show you the tunnelsg they give you the keys, use them well and see no one flees. I I 7 I I I -I 7 t I I I I I I I I I I 5 I I I I I I I I I I I i TIONS GARDNER HOUSE To the back window! Harvard's on parade, but lest we forget, keep down the shade! Answer the buzzer . . . get to the speaker! anyone for tennis . . . where is my sneaker? HALE HOUSE Away to the Window, who can it be, is there anyone there that belongs to me? Down to the jewel for a little snack, heaven only knows how we'll get back! WHITE HOUSE Mother, Oh, mother, what's on TV? l is it something to hear or something to see? Tickets for meals for the same old thing, from the Stop and Shop, the food we did bring. 'E' if V iggf " :gif ,...ff' Santa's reward, Miss Hennik? MiSS NOrfOrl'S new car!! A 1 l Q,-- , K xy tl' : '-: b jf 'S . P H .A R R I T Y T AA ,A f ...T . , , For the students ? ?? 6 1956 We begm wrth the formal ' How-De-Do s "Twilight Twiflingu 6 Y na. . ,f . J ,I . x The Grand March "The Debs" Era .ull A , "Queen of The Senior Prom" "The P81156 That R6fl'CSh6SU Theyke feffeghed The gangs all here! Sing it, girls! STUDENT COUNCIL Standing: E. Ballas, N. Robar. Seated: C. Conry, O. Maranjian, B. Lewis, B, johnson, V. Flynn. STUDENT GOVERNMENT F. Mooney, B. johnson, B. Lewis, O. Maranjian, V. Flynn, N. Penrod LIFE 0F A STUDENT NURSE K-7 sb ,Q I - Q. XX Q, H. X X 'reps 2 X , WHEN YCU AND 'f ", ": . fawgg ..:. If ' l M :vu i, , A .::.:,. U is x w 8 3? K ' Q.. W V A A - 1 '., in ,Q W ur' V ... b In V. ..ai9"""6 . 3x, :,.,fgQg.:,,1' Af V , f SYLVIA SMITH JOANNE O'DAY ROBERTA LOCKE -Oi Q. " Q ss- 'z' ,M 5 .Vg - 9 S 9335 5333 , f,, 0.8 3'-fe MARY EWINS PAT JENNER CHARLOTTE CONRY . :d""eVf'4"I5' " 'lox'- 'FK 34W'J KAY DOHERTY MARY NEVERS BARBARA NEIDERBERGER I O I WERE YOUNG -'1 4-14' CAROL LEWIS ETHEL MUNCHBACK GAIL PERCHXVAY al' 'Of 5' I 30 ,I in if PAT COONEY NORMA PENROD BETI-IY JOHNSON aggglb 9 Q BARBIE LEWIS A '4 N' fr, A I . , Tw- . . V1 Q , ' I " 4 - 'hiv - I' W 'Fw , "f" L4i 'f .T A " BARBARA LORD BETH ADSHEAD BEVERLY PRESCOTT 4 ,V 0 '14 A .7 1- 1 X dab? A ' fi X Q ' +0 sf, IA I gig: '+,3'C?,W+gff,af 3 ,Q ff 'YJ . :fu 4 41 Nfl! S V 9 ' ' 9 l O, A V GY? s., --5 U T QS' if Q vl LV 42962 I I f wwf sa B6f0r6 After Probre days Fmally' ' ' Sing it, girls!!! -.M 1--,Y 1 ,e- :f Y., - K' 'nw z"f .r , P, ,,. " A 1 s 'X T is fx x 4 . 9' ,. Q3 , 4 ' ,.41, ? .. 6 efggirg C? f "s 'A riixff A Another party ? ?? 5' t 5 ' FI' 5 ' ! if , 7 Q ' ' r aff A W' f f 'Q " xi i' ' ' r " :sgfif I A+ ! E f K fi ai' A In :Lax X W gg . 4 V ' .. . 3 ' . . 1 ' , ir , V ' g f A . in . V ' .mf 11. if i ' , v I U 121, ! fix , x Q, 1 1 X 2 1 NXfhat's the iokc? Another Step Behind thc mask B- 65" Q The sewer again? Say cheese Hang on! Legs i Off we go! Don't jump Guess who! Bobbsy Twins Don't they feed you? Mickey Mouse Club .Q .wr Q 'R . , r 1 'iff 0 5 -i l ,S few Out in the cold world alone Changing schools? 'gi' Another trip? ,MI 'L 1 , ' -5. -qu, 'U fi l' ' 1 .f 'ss . 2 -- ' ., f. 4,1 K-55 4 qzfgnf- 1 -'37, U-45 , ""'c,4' I N U Q I -1 M ' o t 4 Y' 1 'r Guess who ! Aha! Up on the roof? Tea for ten Class break Guess who is posing 3, The domestic type??? - ,X 4 Who's winning? Coffee time ..g- ,- av Going home Our Mae 5 -.03 o I-44,,,Y , fx. e, ii xx. i N 4.:f' IL! S waf- L-i.-...l "April Showers" Remember when? 'X X isa, AROUND THE HOSPITAL xggy' Studying again, Dr. Donovan? Bottoms up! Buying little things? M.m.m.m-m gggdlf Yeow!!! Miss D. K. at work HOSPITAL ACTIVITY I ' I .I X I Part of Faulkner's scenery Fifteen dollars 3 daY?? .w V ". N. Camera shy, Miss Welch? The busy bees I I l X-Ray calling. Pull. ladies! AROUND CHAPIN HOUSE Seems like old times. Once in a lifetime. Take ten! The mad scientists! ,f7'fiiL.u3'5A Relief, girls? The lineup!! WHERE WE LIVE vulcan- CHAPIN HOUSE WHITCOMB HOUSE us, fy. . ,,,- -' L i'f.."'2"'.' ,- 5-l,,,YK"ff-."'. gi agi .2-,ivy ,-.',.Li:.v:yT Lift... v, L4 K -J. - if' :CMH P5V'f"9v'?Ei" 'ga f 54. A-at 5i2'5'-V? ' ' V1 gt - W -Time? 1' A...-s...... . . , -Y --- 4-! Y L 1 ff 4 :f32,.-sig, viii .wif i5?If'1-f if-S aw., '23 Ziff ,. .Q 5 Q, 8 ., .. v' 5 is x tj Wh0'5 tired? "Revelry" Bring on the chow New Hampshire invasion Here we come! Oh for a sling-shot!! , 1 3.2,-,1f,. A , - - .4 1 "You'll get y0urSV' Sand in your shoes? Down by the sea More water? Pinchie wimhie? Must we go? THE SENIOR NURSE As a little girl-you started your training, Eager to learn, but-oh-so much explaining About ethics and attitudes, techniques and procedures, About drugs and solutions and cubic centimeters! It's no wonder you were confused and often concerned For as hard as you tried, very little praise was earned. You were loyal and faithful in all respects, Honest and trustworthy! But, now let's reflect. For three long years you have studied and worked, Sometimes you were happy, but more often irked About call-downs received, about privileges denied, About extra duty-that sometimes you cried. And felt just like quitting, as each of us did, But a nurse doesn't quit, she does as she's bid! As soon as you realize it's in lives we are dealing And you can't make mistakes, you changed your feelings! The transition is slow from a girl to a nurse Your three years of training are only the first. For the rest of your life, many years are spent Dependent on your training and all that it meant! Your days as a student pass fast in their flight, Soon you'll be wearing the traditional white. You're proud of your cap! May it still fit your head! Keep your gripes to yourself-set an example instead! The value of a nurse is known by her deeds! Her goal in life! Her faith in her Creed! Your future in nursing will depend on yourself, just as the future of nursing will need your help! One phase is finished-a new one begun, As a registered nurse you are only one. Your professional groups need you today Alumni, sections and M.S.N.A. -Mary S. Coughlin, R.N Mr. and Mrs. Chester W. Adshead Dr. Mark Aisner Miss Mary Allen Anonymous Dr. Stewart Armstrong Dr. Charles Averill Dr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Badger Dr. Franklin G. Balch, jr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. john R. Barry and Mrs. Marshall K. Bartlett Basil E. Barton Hollis G. Batchelder Dr. and Mrs. Harold Bengloff Charles Bradford Richard A. Bragdon Milton F. Brougham Dr. Dr. Dr. Miss Rita Capistran Miss Ann Caruso Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. Caskey Dr. Samuel Clive Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Conry Dr. james F. Conway Miss Dorothy Cotter Dr. David Davis Dr. Gerald L. Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Leo Doherty Dr. R. Adelaide Draper Miss Doris E. Ellinwood Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ewins Dr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Ferguson Dr. and Mrs. joseph F. Gibbons Dr. Richard J. Gorman Dr. and Mrs. john Rf Graham A Anonymous Mrs. Alice Hamilton Dr. and Mrs. James Harrison Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Hawes Miss Henrietta Hennik Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Jenner Mr. and Mrs. Gunnar S. johnson Dr. James F. Kenney Dr. Walter S. Kerr, jr. Miss Barbara Kilburn Dr. Stanley Kimball Dr. and Mrs. john E. Knight Dr. Philip M. LeCompte Mr. and Mrs. john G. Lewis Mrs. Robert S. Lewis Mrs. Hortense Locke Mrs. Hazle J. Lord Dr: and Mrs. Roy T. Lydon Miss Irene B. Mann Mrs. Pauline B. Martin SPONSORS Dr. Kevin J. McCarty Dr. Eugene F. McDonough Dr. George Francis Miller Miss Constance Milner Dr. Thomas J. Monahan, jr. Dr. Isabel J. Money Dr. Robert W. Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Munchback A Friend Dr. Louis H. Nason Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Nevers Mrs. Rose L. Niederberger Miss Irene Norton Dr. Robert E. Ober Dr. and Mrs. William T. O'Connell Mr. and Mrs. John O'Day Dr. Edward T. O'Hara Dr. W. Richard Ohler Miss Patricia O'Keefe Dr. Melvin P. Osborne Mr. Hobert Penrod Mr. and Mrs. Walter Perchway Mr. Ralph F. Prescott A Friend Miss E. Psomiades Miss Phyllis Reilly Bernard H. Robinson john Rock and Mrs. Wilfred V. Rounseville and Mrs. john J. Sacco Gordon Scannell Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Joseph H. Schaffer and Mrs. Isadore Schwartz Maurice S. Segal Dr. Dr. Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Sheldon Dr. M. I. Shoul Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Smith Dr. and Mrs. Paul Spellman and Mrs. Paul J. Spencer Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Harold Stein C. R. Stewart Bartlett H. Stone Dr. Dr. Dr. George Putnam Sturgis Dr. Howard M. Trafton Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ulin Dr. James C. Walker Dr. William F. Walsh Dr. David Weintraub Dr. and Mrs. William A. White Dr. Marion D. Wilkinson Miss Elsie L. Wills Dr. Paul R. Withington Dr. Edward L. Young Compliments of THE SURGICAL NURSING DEPARTMENT Com pIimenI's of THE OBSTETRICAL NURSING DEPARTMENT Besf Wishes NURSEWEAR, INC. 37 Temple Place BOSTON, MASS. A Prescription Pharmacy Since l867 CHAS. B. ROGERS 81 CO. J. G. Lewis, Ph. G. 70l Cenlre SI. JAMAICA PLAIN. MASSACHUSETTS Ja-4-OOI4 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY "Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges" Class Rings and Pins Commencemenl lnvilalions - Diplomas - Personal Cards Club Insignia- Medals and Trophies MR. WILLIAM F. FRAZIER 230 Boylslon Sl'ree'I', Room 202 Bosfon, Massachuselfs Compliments of THE FAULKNER HOSPITAL PARENT TEACHER STUDENT ASSOCIATION CompIimen'I's of THE CLASS OF 1959 Complimenfs of THE CLASS OF I958 CompIimenI's of LOCKFS CAMERA ARIBEEIET SHOP WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE 407 Main S+reeI' WEST CONCORD. MASSACHUSETTS EMerson 9-3802 Odd Jobs Inside and Ourside +I'Ie Home Gre DOUGLAS LOCKE MRS. ELINOR S. CLEE, Prop. 683 Cen'l're S'I'. JAMAICA PLAIN. MASS. Ja4-00I8 ering Cards - Bone China - Jewelry Propriei-or OPEN FRIDAYS UNTIL 9 P. M. CompIimen'I's of DR . . THE F. AND F. sie' SLNC LAUNDRY CO. JAMAICA PLAIN. ao. MASS. I224 DorcI'Ies'I'er Avenue DORCHESTER. MASS. MARSHALL A. ROSENHEK. B. S.. Reg. Pharm. Jamaica 4-0650 CompIimen+s of THE NANTUCKET GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY MULLIN'S BAKERY 748-A Cenfre SI'ree'I' JAMAICA PLAIN 30. MASS. Jamaica 4-6I 00 QUALITY BAKERY PRODUCTS SPECIAL CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS JOSEPH F. ANSALDI ReaI EsI'a+e and Insurance 727 Cenfre S+reeI' JAMAICA PLAIN 30. MASSACHUSETTS Jamaica 4-I6I4 CompIimen+s of LITTLETON MOTORS SALES SERVICE Au'I'omobiIes DeSo'l'o PIymou'I'I1 IRVING AND DUNN. Props. LITTLETON. MASSACHUSETTS Day - HunI'er 6-3555 Nighi' - Hun'I'er 6-3876 Compliments of THE FAULKNER HCSPITAL NURSES' ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION, INC. ANYTHING PERTAINING TO EAL ESTATE R in JAMAICA PLAIN ROSINDALE or WEST ROXBURY Ask MR. FOWLER 743 Cenfre S+., JAMAICA PLAIN, JA 4-0500 I854 Cenire S+., WEST ROXBURY, FA 3-7600 As edifor of 'Ihe I957 FAULKAN, I would like Io express my 'Ihanks 'Io +I1ose who have helped Io make 'Ihis a success 'ful proiec'I'. NORMA JEAN PENROD EcII'I'or im! WWE 1 LITHOGRAPHED BY TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS o TEXAS The Best Yearbooks ure TAYLOR-MADE kb "ww L4 'f wwav no r ff 4 1 ivxffr--,qf'f13-lim 1 . V-fi--ffii' 1 11' . V, , 1 ' 'fm A' I . Q .ji r , '.-. ,- ll: ' fd' " -c . A 1 nf 1 f Y' V 1 :Y ,I u fur' ... L . H . . Yu' ' 1 4 ,. 'V 1, 1 . -se J ,D , i 7 -,ugh I 1 'Y' V' i-tn' " , N'-f , . 5 - " a '. , . 1 a . Ag f 0 r V , I x v x , f A. 2""- f -f . , ' X t WA, - A ,J 4 1 ' " "4 I er ,. . , , ., .4 ' ff' ,. - " " , v.-if-Y .. . . ,JE " 95. .3 Af" j . - if '-ffFf'e.fL ' , . -Q.. . " ' .x ,-SAN - ,f ka. - r. t A . , H - 4 ' f W., - V -' . J'1f' - 'I , I . ', 3 , .. h" 9. .Jr ,f -""t'-Q, AW- 4 . .J . I 1 , , 'fi -'-f'f.- I 5 ' . . ' ' . 1 'wa-. I, . v ' -.325 f . 5 - f 1 M -w,,f ,li av! Q pf Q f l- ,j-' ' -n+,.Qw,x X, Z .W JJ--V. QM, .1 N' ' ,--Aw, x ' i Pav- M, X .3 ' 'K " ,x - ,L ' .ii ' , 9 ,,. W fxf' uxffa. -,, V . . , " ' 4' -- uw, 2-' . J . , 1 Av , -.N 3 ,, '. , u Q- , M , , ,ff . pat'-353, 'H :Ng 443 X Vu,-V,,IiW Q K Eli- ,.-Q54 ,e3..,,""t's M 'AJ-v. ' . ' D ', ' , .. F .4- ',',.QQ., ' ,lx 'XY ff' fp. , " 'rdf' ' Q 5 '-13. ,'fF'ff ' ,QV-, ' A If - 'J"w"'.,- ,jf 'Q .-W-.uni ' M- A" ly F. 'jig-.,,1 , 'ff' , " , . . -,.5r'x.",A ' -' H- "' A-Xw1,,f in -A My J K N of 9 W , It Y Y my , Wm: ., . Q Q' ,gn-Q .,-Env . V xp, rh 6 ix 5 A , 4 .. ,"'f1d"r 41-'VA . ' ' " - -if ' ...Q ,, 'N Q A ,, 1 " x W ,,.5f. E , ,.g,5w. , ,' fm f"'i'7'S" Q '- -' 4.-NJ .1 ' WW. , Af .-5. -gx ' ' wax 'f N, '-'.. - ' , ' ., X H 'ix L. A V x, Q, 1, ., ,. W. I .. la-any --,ggi-Q v A A 6 A-Q ' T. guy: I yi xv " 'yx . os ' 1 ' aft' 'Ivy A ,.,,5, -451. 'gm' ...W A X ,sy - , V1 qi . - K f. - - 1 I. H ' 1, my' ,X V V- V, x, 3 03.1.1 4 . .2 -N - ,, A 4, 15 -. ' ,D 5 "A 1 'XY ' ,,. I wif nh ,K 'Jw -s ul-fl' w Vs I' -z, ' r u .f A 14,1 M' wif. . Af"',- . F fy 'YQ A 4 Y 'BHHIIKL LESMLL I llill1'l31ll1I.lLH

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1957, pg 66

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