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' "' 7: - 7. nu-. FAUCETT HIGH SCHOOL "E C H O" Annual Staff Editor-in-Chief ........ Lula Hobson Associate Editors ...... Frances Spiek La Moyne Wallingford Art Editor .......... Wayne Adkins Business Manager . . . Anna Bell Adkins Associate Business. . .Rebecca Robinson Manager Anna Mae Vincent Faculty Sponsor Willa Mae Webb DEDICATION To the Students and Faculiy of Faucett I-Iigh,who have helped make our High School days ri- ch and happy ones, we the C1- ass of 1946, dedicate this an- nual. II . II I II I .I II I II ' II II II, I "II I I I I II I I III I II I I I,II I I I I I I III I I I I ,- III I I I I 11 'II I I I I II I I I I' I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I I III I I I f I IIHI I ' I . I I ,MII I I I I I I I , I I I I, I II "I I I I I In I I I I II I - I I' II ,Y I I I II II TI I ' I I ' I I -'III II I ' I, I, I II I I "1 II ' Ii I II I I-I I II I ll ll Q-Q , AW Amm FACULTY X AMY EBERSOLE English RUSSIE VIVIAN Grades One And Two If -,., V WI is BETTY STOKES Grades Five A.nd Six ---Y -I-in-as X-A EARL A. WEBB Superintendent CLYDE M. MARSHALL Principal E l WILLA MAE WEBB Commerce, Science 7 I MARTHA JEAN POLLACK Grades Three and Four WINIFRED MAUPIN Music Grades Seven And Eight ,f f fs X ff d gt I I 1 f .Nw 'Z If S 1 '- 221 A., . V Af ' 4 'Fl '1 xx - , may 'll H H' in lk illk '11 , HO' QM nt QM b Q .vu NXQQMXNXNI ffl N A H fi. y X gf Q lgilkkx "'wn:xN:1'g . 'NK l ,553 n, ll. Q! ,xx mwiffffgg eff w link! Qkxx E i f 92fr'I5f?if' f 5' f :,. 5. I If! ffH74f'H -' IL 1 .fff f ff ' f' 1' EQ: X J, ' ' li-I we I 1. N N E am! G X --1! semons 1' Q'.',.'. 1 NA 1 "11' . A 1111! , '.1f1,, 1,- n 1 ,1 1 11 1,- , l. 1 1 ll ,1 ,1- J . 11 1V , 1 1 Lf 114 V N - '1 T .1 ., ,v 1 ' A l".' 'IW'--H u ..-1 3 111561-:L,'. 11,521 1,',hw M1,-11 ,.. : QLWT N11 '1 f"' "TM 111, an T E. Fl Q .1 1 4, fri, 5311 11 -1 fi 11' Ag:-1 1' 'h , ,nl .. 51,1 yll IV-L7 11-1x41 .. IMI 31,13 Iv iv ' f, ,FJ '-4" ' 'l J, Y . 1 1 -T 11' 1 -1' ' 'Al I-wi 1' .1 1 ' Q1 U ' '- rl X I V -5 'x 1 'X 1 v ,. g-3,-0 1 1 fit . A hw.. 1f 1. ' -1 . 1 11. 1 ' , ' A 1 1 7 'I I .. 1y! ' ' ' Sf .' I'-. . 1 ' x ' 1 .i- ' 1 1 , x 1.1115 . . M.-.vyv . 'N 1 -.J ', "1 111, "W 'uf ' '1l!'1 fl 'YI '. 1--NZD' 1 . Ill.,-'11I'f 111 ,,- .0 1 ' 'N 1.1 111:-I . ' A, 112 1 14"- . uv' . F Q, , I ix 4 1 J: . - VN f- . '19 f, 1st w ,.,14aa 1,'J 1 ,fur 'IX ful' 1AtfQyJ:1, rg IVR ,im ,J qs, . 9. 1 " :ir .'Q,A"7fl' 'SENIORS Treva La Moyne QTaterl Wallingford Softballml yr., Basketball 1 yr., Volleyball 1 yr., Glee Club 3 yrs., Band 1 yr., Orchestra 4- yrs., Trio Z yrs., octette 1 yr., jr. Play, Sr. Play, One-act Plays, Scholastic, Literary 8: Music Contests, Pres. jr. Class, Sec. Sn Treas. Fresh- man Class, V. Pres. of Soph. Class, Pres. Student Council, Paper Staff 1 yr., Cheer Leader, Rep. In Stu- dent Council. Rebecca fBeckyj Robinson Volleyball 4, Softball 4, Glee Club 3, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Sec. 8: Treas. of Soph. 8: Sr. Class R LA MOYNE WALLINGF ORD STANLEY STANT ON FRANCES SPIEK Stanley fPetel Stanton Pres. of Fresh. 8: Soph. Class, V. Pres. Sr. Class, Rep. of Stu- dent Council 1 yr., Pres. of Student Council jr. Yr., Jr. Play Sr. Play, Scholastic Contest 2. yrs., Glee Club, Paper Staff 2 yrs., Softball 3 yrs., Basketball 3 yrs., Track 3 yrs., Capt of Track. Wayne fGreasyl Adkins ' Softball 4- yrs., Basketball 3 yrs., Track 1 yr., Rep. of Student Coun- cil 4- yrs., Jr., Play, Sr. Play, One- act Plays, Paper Staff 4- yrs., Glee of Basketball. Frances fSpikel Spiek Y jr. Play, Sr. Play, Sec. 8: Treas. jr., Class, Pres. Sr. Class, Bas- ketball 3 yrs., Volleyball 4- yrs., Softball 4- yrs., Track 3 yrs., Glee Club 3 yrs., Rep of Student Coun- cil, Paper Staff 1 yr., Capt. Bas- ketball 8: Volleyball 1 yr., Capt. Softball 1 yr. A Lula QLu1uj Hobson jr. Play, Sr. Play 3, Basketball 1, Volleyball 3 yrs., Track 3 yrs., Softball 3 yrs., Cheer Leader Rep. Student Council l yr., Glee Club, 3 yrs., Octette 1 yn., Papers-Staff 2 yrs., Music, Scholastic 81 Lit. Contests A Club, V. Pres. Fresh. Class, Capt. EBECCA ROBINSON l WAYNE ADKINS i LULA HOBSON N N I , x fl x X , N ll w W W N! X . I W. w w Mx L ip' SENIOR CLASS HISTORY We, the Class of 1946, have had an adventureous, exciting and very worth-while four years of high school. As Freshmen, our class included the following: Rebecca Robinson, Betty Jean Shapter, Frances Spiek, La Moyne Wallingford, Margaret Spear, Wayne Adkins, Stanley Stanton, Walter Foster, Marlin Robinson, jack Isaacs, Roy Dean Wilkerson and john Helton. Our initiation was the most outstanding event in our first trying year. A1- though we were considered just another group of gneenies, we pulled through with our heads up. Our Sophomore year was welcomed with anxiety. We now felt that we were really a part of the school. From our class of twelve, Margaret Spear and john Helton dropped out, but we acquired a new member, Lula Hobson. Our junior year was favored with many interesting events. First came our junior Play, "Gra.ndpa's Twin Sister." Our class was also represented in the B.C.A.A. contest and brought honors to the school. Then came the Junior-Senior Banquet, which was a colorful evening of gaiety and laughter. At the close of this year, our class had diminished to six members, with the loss of Walter Foster, who was called to the seririce, Marlin Robinson, jack Isaacs, Roy Dean Wilkerson, and Betty jean Shapter. Ah! The Senior year. At last, we had reached the top of the ladder. Now for the crisis. Our class was well represented in all events: sports, music, scholas- tics, drama, and official positions. The Senior Play, "Here Comes Charlie," was a scream and it proved a great success. The many difficulties and opportunities of life now lay before us, and in the natural course of events, we will surely receive our share but as Faucett High School graduates, we feel that we are well prepared to meet such situations. - - - La Moyne Wallingford 1 I 1 . A 'I 1 l I V, l W H J I 1 f V Q .3 I I l ' n I w, in ,-l:....,...Y X I' Y, . f- sk V ER xl .T gf , ' if c 'Q 1 .K S Q, 5 if 1 'QV' in 6523! V X B X I M 3 ai? 5455 D S 1 -1 L.-- 7 Y ..-, ani JUNIORS r limmx QSnea.dl Cline Anna Bell fAnniej Adlrins Benton fPrimpyJ Laurence V Jr. P18-Y. 0116-9-Ct'P1f1Y, Sec. 8: Trveas. Soph. 8: jr- Student Council Rep., V. Pres. Sr. Play, Basketball 2.,' Classes, Glee Club, Volley- Jr. Class, Jr, Play, Basketball Softball 2. Track 3, ball 2. Softball 3. Jr. Play. 2, Track 3, Softball 3 Glee Club Sextette I Bin KB O 7 Reynolds Lewis flbuddyj Pounds jack fCottonheadj Willis F-Play Sofw Orchestra, Band, Glee Student Council Rep., Sec. ' Club, Jr, Play, Sr, Play, Fresh Class, Glee Club, One Act Play, Treas. Fresh. Qrchestrav Softball. JT- PHY- Class. Ellen fBlackiel Cunningham James lsingletreel 511181913511 Anna Mae ,Amid Vincent Glee Club 2' Jr. Play, volley- V. Pres. Student Council 1, 1 2 V 1lTB..T1...3 ball' Softball Glee Club, jr. Play, One-act as e a ' O eg, a ' Plav, Track, Softball. Glee Club Z, Band, lrack 3, jr. Play, Softball 3, Pres. Fresh, Soph., Sz jr. Classes, Orchestra, Volleyball Capt , Z, Track Capt. 1. .E- , , . - - -g W-Y ,HA-if P --'L Y - JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY It can easily be said that when the present juniors started out as Freshmen ,we were the largest and most tirnid class in school, numbering sixteen. The most irnportant event during our Freshrnan year was the ini- tiation and All School Party, where we played games and were served with sandwiches and pop. As Sophomores, we felt very important and indus- trious. Almost everyone went out for sports and all the fun that could be had. During this year we lost several of our students, Betty Hay, Lucille Jennings, Patsy Richardson, David Cassity, Lillian Vestal, Charles Clouser, and Frankie Noland, with no new ones coming in. Although we as juniors are small in number we fell that we are an important part of the school. Our junior Play, "Take It Easy," proved to be a great success. We wish to express our thanks to Loretta Spiek for helping us out in this play. We were very glad to have Bill Reynolds with us the first part of this year. Later Bill, jack Willis, and Ellen Cunninghazn left us. We are all looking forward to being Seniors next year and hope to have as much fun as we have had these last three years. ------Anna Bell Adkins 1 y , 0 A I 31 1 T 9 4 . .- A 1 H+ ,gm .V-Q...-MY- 7. , Y SOPHOMORES Lula Maxine Uklfalfaj Cline Literary Contest, Volleyball, Glee Club 2. Dale QBlondiej Morgan Lola Lee fl..ol1yQ Shapter Sec. 8: Treas. of So Class, Track, Softb Glee Club. Mary jane fRedj Shouse Donald Ray fPonchoj Glee Club Track 1 yr. ph Pres. Soph Class, Cheer 611, ,Leader, Band, Orchestra, Glee: Club, Student Council Rep. 1, Paper Staff. V Hafner -M.Mary Jean cMeekS, Meek -1- Orchestra, Band, Glee Club, Sec. 8: Treas. Fresh Class, Paper Staff. , .,-., xr Qff-f',r-iffifil if Loretta fRetterj Spiek C. H. QPol1yj Robinson .l05ePhine An-ne Uuiclfi Maupin FFS-oph Class?-1325. Ez. Fresh. rack Band, O1'CheS15Ta, Glee Club, Student Council, jr, Play, Z, Literary Contest, Schol- Student C0l1I1Ci11ReP-s Pres- Paper Staff, Lit. 8: Scho- astic Contest Z, Sr. Play. Fresh- CLHSS. ST- P15-Y: Cheer lastic Contests, Volley-, ball 2, Track Z, Basket- ball, Softball Z, Glee Club Z. Leader, Paper Staff, Scholas- tic 8: Music Contest Z. .i SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY In the Fall of 1944-, eight bashful, timid stu- dents entered Faucett High School, with hopes high ' in their hearts. What for us was an outstanding event soon followed--the Freshnuen initiation. It heliaed to make us forget our bashfulness. The next event was the All School Party given in honor of the Freshmen. The fall of 1945 rolled around and we are now Sophomores. We are pleased to have acquired one new member Dale Morgan, who with the other eight mem- bers has taken part in most of the activities of our school. The other member are as followsz' Loretta Spiek, Mary Jane Shouse, Mary Jean Meek, Donald Hafner, C.H Robinson, Lola Lee Shapter, and Josephine Maupin. Even though as a class we are small, we think we are pretty important, and are trying to help make some interesting history here at Faucett High School. Our important event of this year was the Sophomore Party, which our sponsor, Mrs. Webb, the Freshmen, and other guests helped to make a success-- even though the rain interfered and we were forced to resort to an inside party. - - -Loretta Spiek - sz,-,W ., Gene fD1lCky,Du1'l1.ap Sh- 1 B1 d' I Track. Basketball, Glee S FZ2sLiJ ' Robert lcabl CHU-OWHY Charles Anderson Club' Softball Glee Club, Orchestra, Band, Softball' Track Track, Volleyball, Softball, Literary Contest. I l l i Arlene l'I'ootsJ Dittemore Dianna lnmmal M0TBan Bobby fCrupej Rob1nson Band, OrcheStr Faucett 150356, Dallam G ee Club, Volleyball, Track' Literary Contest Track, Student Cmmcu Rep. CEIHEEQZLESY SChOIaSlZ1C Softball, Track W. B. fDubj Stanton Softball, Track, Orch- estra, Band, Pres. Fresh- Class. , W. qbarf- K x Helen jean KRedl Grable Junior lBiB Shot, Hawkins Volleyball, Orchestra, Glee Sec. 8: Treas. of Fresh. Club, Track, Secngi T1-gas. Class, Basketball Softball, Student Council. T1'ElCk I r 1 H F ' N 1 1 5 FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY The year of 1946, ushered the Freshman class into the Faucett High School with Miss Ebersole as our sponsor. We had twelve members in our class: Faucett Dallam, Arlene Dittemore, Bobby Robinson, Shirley Lou Isaacs, W. B. Stanton, Helen jean Grable, Donna Morgan, Freda De Maray, Charlie Anderson, Bob Calloway, Eugene Dunlap, and junior Hawkins. Later Freda and Charlie dropped out leaving ten. About a week after school started, we were initiatkd. This consisted of the girls wearing no hair pins, make-up, or hair bows, and wearing overalls. The boys had to wear dresses make-up and hair bows. Following the initiation, the High School gave the Freshrnan a party which we all enjoyed very much. Some of us in the Freshman Class got a chance to enter the Music and Scholastic Contests held at Rushville. Also the Freshman had to put on assembly programs twice--the like of which we will never forget. All of us Freshrnen are looking forward to being Sophomores next year and having more of the same fun we have enjoyed this year. ----Shirley Isaacs LOG OF SCHOOL YEAR Life at school this year has been crammed with fun, frolic, and studies. The fun started when the Freshmen girls came to school wearing overalls and the boys came fixed up in dresses. They were somewhat embarrased, but were later repaid by a party given them by the school. A very entertaining Halloween program was provided for the community by a musical group. Most everyone stayed for the dance following, also. The junior Play, "Take it Easy," was given in November with Mr. Marshall as director, and with the help of Loretta Spiek, a sophomore. This play created many laughs especially the old woman who was always getting naxnes mixed up. At the Christmas season the exchange of gifts and treat by teachers was enjoyed by all. Soon after the Christmas season, we lost one of our teachers, Mr. Marshall, with Mrs. Webb taking his place. The County Basketball-Volleyball tournarnent was held at Faucett High School this year with a record breaking attendance, and was shortly followed by the Grade School tournament. On March 231-d. and 2.4th., the Senior Play, "Here Comes Charlie," sponsored by Miss Ebersole was held at the school with many laughs resulting. Several Sophornores and juniors helped to make this play a success. Many students of Faucett High took part in the Literary, Scholastic and Music contest held at Rushville. During the school year, an assembly was held every other Wednesday, with the different classes taking turns providing the program. This little portion of entertainment helped break the monotony of studies as well as provide entertainrnent for all. We have also enjoyed several educational performances held in our auditorium. Among them were the Parkinson Musical movies form Farm Extension Service, and various animal shows. Last but not least the students of Faucett High wish to express their thanks to our fine cooks, Mrs. Edna Waller and Mrs. Cuma Vincent for serving Such de1iCiOus 11011 101161165- ---Anna Bell Adkins -,, n I Eugene Grable Patricia Hunt Engene johnson Iwyla 7 8: 8 GRADES joy Brownell Felix Axnperano Donna June 9'-H-anton Critchfield joe Don Isaafcs , i ROBBYNN-'Y R0biI1S0I1 Rosemarie Baker Bobby Maupin Barbara Scanlin Cal-01 Scanjin 1 Charleg- Reynolds Joann G1'b1e Johnny Webb J0h11nY Kali-n Beverly Grable Nigel Morgan Donald Nold Mable Mustain Dgnald Guffy Buddy Bird 5 8: 6 GRADES r w . -,-.,-Y'wh...g.,gf.,.... Q' ski 533931 ,i-.-iii-", Jlqgvffff ., WK v '1 XV 'x 'N 1 ? 'Yugi' .-Q.-1,.5,,'. X., .n 4 .f 'M +wU'::C.'f 'i " F 1'B-H065 Stewart 'Tommv Waller. Lovce Hobson Thomas Kalin Shirley Baker Bill Willis Bill Hobson, M Shirley Waller arg Lowell jenkins Doris S1:anton 5amn-gy Hull aret Brown Larry' Sherlockjeanne Dallam Billy Waller Joanne Stagner' 4 Rosetta Isaac Burton Hiatt! Lorraine Long Sherman Kruggel Barbara Carpenterchar v 4 Doris Sherlock David Callaway Shirley Krugge1Bivgly Cawley j. Dee s Iewell Carpenter les .Calhoogi Jean Stewart Widner Josephine Spiek Q Y- - ,,--,... l -1-u, W 3rd A N D 4-th G R A D E S Anna Lou Stanton Cowan Brownell Ruth Bledsoe Charles Stagner Willis Wayne Baker Shirley Keith 1 W Helen Isaacs joseph Kalin Patricia Spiek u , s Patty Littlewqgd Charles Vaughn Alice Morgan Stanley Kruggel Patsy Ann Widner Jerold Dallam 1 W i r janet Waller Johnnie Webb Allen Guffy Donald Mustain I , Martha. Ann O'D0nne11 Ray Keith Linda Robin:-15n George Hobson 'Deloirse Ann Mizell t 1 l 1 Benjamin Sherlock MaTY E-11011 Fim1eY Sharon Bariand Donald I-'eiSeY I-10Yd YMa!1Vi1-11? x t I Maryetta Wills Pgtty Sue Stanton Efeanor La.rna.r Cgrolyn Stewart Marilyn Dallun G 1 st R A A N D D E Znd l , S Barbara Dyer Earl Sherlock . We X Q C 'x f KA ,. 'I x 'lf .Q rm Q i!2.L... 5, . lll1IIl ..- !! !!!!!E!!!L I Jill 7, llh-Iillll: X Jesus. yessmesue- llllillln Almumllll Allllllll IIIFZJIIIV Adiiiiiiiliiik' I 'ii'4iiiiiF l"' l5'!!!I!L.A!.!!I!!" .1-nn-uulllllr 1 -41 !:::::::. '!!L".!!!1 f,::!!"' Q, IIIIIIEIIIIIIFZI """"' ":::5!s!!seai!.eL llllr IFJ--I!1l .IEIII illllllll X I' JSI' 1' Iliiiig X ,g 1' 1:::! I X I x za g-Z ACTIVITIES X1 fx ,X ' z I X .X ' X X. F .XX ax H N, ' Q x, Y N X I N X, LA MOYNE WALLINGFORD Beauty Queen M W Q NKUEL -E- -4174 7Zwz' 52,244 mmf ,57yw5L ' 3 LH ATHLETFICS SPORTS T i Front Row Left To Right. Bobby Robinson, Bill Reynolds, C. H. Robinson, james Singleton, Dale Morgan, Bob Calloway, 8: jack Willis Back Row Left To Right. Coach E. A. Webb, Gene Dunlap, Stanley Stanton, Benton Laurence, james Cline, Wayne Adkins QCapt.J, junior Hawkins, W. B. Stanton VARSITY BASKETBALL Faucett 5 5 Easton 1 1 Faucett 1 3 Stewartsville 3 1 Faucett Z 3 Rushville 2 8 Faucett 30 Dekalb 55 F aucett 56 E aston Z 2 Faucett 1 9 Pickett 3 Z F aucett 1 9 Ag ency Z 9 F aucett 1 Z Rushville Z9 Faucett Faucett Fauc ett Fauc ett F auc ett F auc ett F auc ett Dekalb Agency Clarksdale C larksdale Lafayette Pickett Clarksdale Front Row Left To Right, Rebecca Robinson, Anna Bell Adkins, Frances Spiek, Anna Mae Vincent. Back Row Left To Right, Loretta Spiek, Lula Hobson, Maxine Cline, Helen Grable, Josephine Maupin, Donna Morgan. . wr - L -PFWLS -L Z NAP 'R 41igf'x WNW fi AUTOGRAPHS ff, fx -5' ,mv was 1 f - ,Ji E2 I' KM +"ij Q x n. X R- IN ' X ,W "",C:Qxx KL X x-,X f I-113' 'ii'-SI , fx . . Q W 'Fixx 5 f x A u :as X k I flf II QS J ADVERTISING 543. QS 1,5 C oruplinuents of U. R. QRUIJ D Newcomei YOUR VOTE FOR PROSECUTING ATTORNEY WILL BE APPRECIATED -,....--- --V...-. I R -i :P .r ,Eggs-so , ' l I I 1 V V Faucetfs Meats 84 Grocery W, E, Bird, Owner K GENERAL MERCHANDISE Trade At Home and Save Money Faucett, Missouri VALUABLE GIFTS FREE 11, n - l ,- kv V I .4 6 1 Compliments Wm. H. HBEII7' A MCCGU ley COUNTY AUDITOR ew Edge ood CHICKEN AND STEAK DINNERS HOWARD FORDHAM'S BAND - Belt Highway St, Joseph, IVIO 1 1 l 1 n x N C ornpliment s of Con nett Coal Co. 19th Garfield St. Joseph, Missouri Biles and Compan ' LUMBER AND PAINT STORE Hard To Get Items-- Come And see us St, Jos eph, Missouri Ph. 4-1694 5 r H f W I E. i 1 1 . r. F , I I 5 r L , , . W n 1 iller Tractor and Implement Co. Farmall Tractors McCormick-Deering Farm Machines Refrigeration Equipment SALES-SERVICE-PARTS 4th Jackson Sts. Ph. 4-2872 St. Joseph, Mo "At The Foot Of The Free Bridge" Home Oil 84 Gas Corp. Sinclair Products 915 Atchison Ph. 28494 St. joseph, Mo .A. ww M 4 W 4 gi II 4 C mpliments o ' C. A. fChopperJ Jenkens Cou ty T as St joseph, Missourl Y ur Vote Will Be App ted Charles Gardener County judge St. joseph, Missour N f ,4 Y l l 1 1 4 ? I v 1 ,M l gf- 1 I I I ' 2 J E! idvvest Warehouse Co FEEDS 4th And Patte Sts. St, joseph, Mo. Larro 8: Goldrnedal Ray Way FEEDS FEEDS Whole s ale 8: Retail JACKSON SERVICE E: GROCERIES CAR RTOWN TEXACO STATION A11 Texaco Products JAKE JENNINGS Proprietor i w , F r V L A . 1 'u N w , N 4 C L I i 1 'N -1 M 1 , 1 W . f Ex I MITCI-1ELL'S MARKET The Best Things To Eat Highest Prices Paid For Eggs 6210 King Hill, sf. Joseph, Mo. Ph, s-1741 Complements of FOX DRY GOODS CO. Store No. 1 6112-14 Kinghill Ave. Store Nm. Z 2102-04 So. 10th St. jo seph, Mo. THE MODEL CLEANERS C. W. Snodgrass, Prop. We Use The Sec-O-Matic System 6100 Kinghill Ave. St. Joseph, Mo SCI-IIRMER'S PHARMACY 6106 King Hill Ave. St. joseph, Mo. Ph. 8-1174- ' 19- in l NI M 1 I IC ' 1 N X 5 N I , ,il-t f l in ul 1 Ralph Evans Porter Bisk Day Phone 8-2469 Night Phone 8-0456 Automotive Service With A Reputation SISK 8: EVANS Repairing of A11 Kinds of Cars, Trucks And Tractors - Body and Fender Repairing - Paint Service 5306-8 King Hill Ave. St. Joseph, Mo BILL SMITH'S SUPER MARKET Groceries, Gas, and Feed of All Kinds We Buy Eggs RFDff 5 Old 71 Highway Phone 8-1116 St. Joseph, Mo Complixnents Of A FRIEND Complirnents of SOUTH PARK LUIMBER COMPANY 17th 8: Commercial Sts. St. joseph, Missouri Phone 4-2788 T , ln 1 f w l OK BODY SHOP Ellsworth Miller, Prop. We Rebuild Wrecks Cars Refinished, Fender And Body Repairing Ph. 8-2561 5306-E King Hill Ave. Minneapolis - Moline Modern Farm Machinery HOOK IMPLEMENT co. P 5112 King mu Ave. Phone-81192 st. Joseph, Mo LANE'S SERVICE STATION Sinclair Products Car Wash, Grease and Sirnonise l 5064 King Hill Ave. .Dial 8-1994 V I ,, BILL KENNEY PHARMACY Successor To Luse Pharmacy 6201 King Hill Avenue St. joseph, Missouri gg - Q--, Y. w v w w w I FELKER AND SON DX PRODUCTS Drinks Ice Cream Sandwiches Candy I Compliments of FRED E. ROACH CIRCUIT CLERK Complirnents of I B. A. S T A N T O N Democratic Candidate For Presiding Judge, County Court Tropics CHICKEN 8: STEAK DINNERS B elt Highway- - C J " T' ' I Compliments of JEWEL TEA co INC. Quality Groceries Quality Premiums Cornpliinents of MRS, LELAH A, CRITCHFIELD MASON ROAD MARKET Charles Kovac, Proprietor Quality Groceries and Meats And Farm Feeds Phone 8-2.007 11th and Mason Roads We Will Appreciate Your Business Compliments of MARK WHITEAKER Best Barber in Hyde Park 306 E. Hyde Park BILL HENDRA Gas and Service Station King Hill and Volley St. Joseph, Mo, W. A. Barber I B, C, Neely BARBER 81 NEELY Plumbing and Heating Co. Plumbing Fixtures::Stean1 and Hot Water Heating Oil Burners::Coa1 Stokerszz Pipe Fittings And Va1ves::Be1i:ing of A11 Kinds Beer Dispensing Equipment Hose of All Kinds 110 SOYIIZ11 F0u1'fh St. Phone 4--2248 St. joseph, Mo WM, ELLINGER Christian Ellinger, Prop, SPORTING GOODS CO. 815 Frederick Ave. St, joseph, Mo. Arthur Hobson Ed Wolter Max Schrier HOBSON AND COMPANY 2131 Washington Street, Kansas City, Mo, Phone Harrison 6615 CATERPILLAR Sales and Service Branches Chillicothe, Mo. Ed,W, Laipple Phone 2.80 Wathena, Kansas St. Joseph, Mo. Phone 16 Phone 4--2121 w-srr 1 - i- Complixnents of COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT Of Schools Compliznents of CLIFT ON HUR ST C ounty C ollecto 1' Compliments of CHRIS HESSLER N DR- W- E- HARTSOCK 4Best Wishes And Successful Diagnosis Career's to all Fauceft Graduating Eye, Ear, Nose 8: Throat Student for 194-6 1206-Frederick Ave. St. Joseph, Mo' TAYLOR THGMPSON is V g ' in 1 FROG HOP INN Belt Highway St. joseph, Missouri B est Wishes LANG FEED 8: MILLING CO. South End Belt Highway HEINIES Steaks 81 Chicken Dinners Delicious Sandwiches Cornplirnents of BENDERS PRISCRIPTION SHOP 619 Francis St. St. joseph, Mo. JOE'S MKT. AND HARDWARE Pickett And Belt Highway Service Station Cold Drinks and Refreshrnents Phone Z-109,7 PETE SCHULER'S EAST SIDE BODY WORKS Wrbcks Rebuilt, Auto Paintings, Glass, Fender Work Frederick Ave. St. joseph, Mo, WESTERN CHEMICAL COMPANY Manufacturers of SANITATION PRODUCTS 802-824 Charles St. St. Joseph, Mo. Manufacturers of Floor Seals, Gym- nasium Finishes, Liquid Cleaners for Floors, Desks, Woodwork, Seli- polishing Waxes, Liquid Soaps, Di- sinfectants, Insecticides, Deodoriz- ing Crystals and Blocs Complirnents of MAYTAG Standard Elec. Co., Authorized Maytag Sales 8: Service 407 Felix St. Phone 4--303 Order A New One Now ZOETTL'S GROCERY STORE Lunches and Drinks Conoco Gas And Oil BAKER'S GASOLINE STAT ION Gas And Oil CLAYTON'S SERVICE Highway 59 Compliments Of Your CONNV KING DEALER Eshelman Music House St. Joseph, Mo. 117506th St. Compliments of Complirnents of NORRIS POULTRY WYETH COMPANY 8' E335 St. Joseph, Mo. CHESMORE SEED STORE Congratulations 4th 8: Felix Faucett School Portraits St. joseph, Mo. by Seeds of Reliable KORDEL STUDIOS, INC , Qualify 719 Edmond sf. sf. Joseph, M 0 SHOFNER'S STATION Wash 8: Grease 51.50 Ninth 81 Mason St. joseph, 0 , CHARLES F . HAGEZ SINCLAIR SERVICE PARR 8: CAULEY Beer Pop Sandwiches Faucett, Mo, Barber Shop 6120 King Hill St. Joseph, Mo. Complirnents of WEINER'S South Side Dept. Store 6117-19-2.1 King Hill St. Joseph, Mo. SWARTZ GROCERY We Buy Cream, Eggs 81 Poultry H1NDAERY'S HARDWARE In Hyde Valley District St. Joseph, Mo. I R35 St. joseph, Mo. E I N B E N D E R ' S Fashionable Women's Apparel I - 701-3-5 So. I Eight St. jo seph BEATY SERVICE STORE Groceries, Vegetables, 8: Meats Ph. 8-1003 701 E. HydeB0a.irk Ed. Arnold, Manager I 1 ' l 4l , L1-il UNCLE TOM'S Station Lunches and Cold Drinks Served at All Hours Phillips Gas and Oils Sewall Paints, Varnishes 8: Wallpaper 213 North 6th St. St. joe, Mo. GENERAL TRUCKING Phone 81419 ARLEY A. KELLEY Foucett, Missouri Conaplirnents of INTER-STATE NURSERIES St. Joseph, Mo. Compliments of COBBS SHOE COMPANY 416 Felix Street St. Joseph, Missouri Compliments of EARL MAY STORE 315 Felix St. St. joseph, Mo. ' MCCARTHY HATCHERY Started 8: Baby Chicks M,F.U. 8: Fullo, Prop. Feed South End Belt Highway R4 St, joseph, Mo, Phone - 4-2324- NEW GREEN GABLES So, End Belt Hwy. St, Joseph, Mo, CHICKEN 8: STEAK DINNERS F. L?M i,,.,,,,,.., w ,.-.,.. ,, . . . ...-,.. .-.-.....,. ., , -,,. ,.-,.n.,L.4l4, 2.L.,., ..... ViY,,,,..,...

Suggestions in the Faucett High School - Echo Yearbook (Faucett, MO) collection:

Faucett High School - Echo Yearbook (Faucett, MO) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 30

1946, pg 30

Faucett High School - Echo Yearbook (Faucett, MO) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 16

1946, pg 16

Faucett High School - Echo Yearbook (Faucett, MO) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 34

1946, pg 34

Faucett High School - Echo Yearbook (Faucett, MO) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 38

1946, pg 38

Faucett High School - Echo Yearbook (Faucett, MO) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 85

1946, pg 85

Faucett High School - Echo Yearbook (Faucett, MO) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 23

1946, pg 23

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