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K 4 K U M " 1 'HF H 2 w Mimi, 11 mi.m.vEim.fm f y 'njfis I , w 1 ki f Rx ' - E ' .P f, , , mf W-f h , A. . , , 313 1nA .',: , n,,!,x: - 15531 Q ,dy us, ' . -' 1.N- 'ff' wg! . W mr X V. i4 fm 'rr B an mn wgiiiiaag FATHER ABRAMJOSEPH RYAN The Poet-Priest of the Confederacy fprlw E1 r Ss J, TJ X ,xx , I -'fri v-71 .Q .17-v an A-v fq wr la-il: 1 iw E, !".e.l" I' J' 1' Af' 30 F I PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS FATHER RYAN HIGH SCHOOL NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE SISTER M. NoLAsCo, R.S.M. DEDICATIG We, the Senior Class of Nineteen hundred and hfty-live. gratefully dedicate this edition of THE PANTHER to our former school librarian. Sister Nolasco, R.S.M., in appreciation for her years of service at Father Ryan High School on our behalf. We trust that our future lives will do justice to the great amount of time and interest which she devoted to the all-important cause of our Catholic education. 5 STAFF DONALD T. WOLFE . L L L L LEditor-in-Chief WILLIAM j. BOYD- L L . L L Lflssocidte Editor JOHN T. LEAVERL L LLLL Associate Editor j. PATRICK RIORDAN L Lflssociate Editor DAVID WEILAND- L L L Lflssocidte Editor WILLIAM F. HUMPHREY- L LPlootogrdphic Editor FATHIQRJAMES R. HITCIICOCK L Moderator FOREWORD nL'lW'Q.'Cll the emers of lhis puhliculimi. the ealimrs haue altlempieml to present in an manner enjuyiihle in ins reiulers in Pillldifilllilk' view uf life an Father Ryan. li is our must sincere wish that you will enjuy and treasure always the umtents of these pages nml luke special primle in the fact that you were QI part ul' .Ill Ih.u they represeni. TABLE OE CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION ....III 'I CLASSES ...III IIII.. ACTIVITIES- I I I ATHLETICS ..... I I I IIIIIIC I I ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I I INDEX IIIIII I I I I I I ADVERTISEMENTS I I I' I I I I I I Ipage Page Page Page page page page . W Q , Qs Q Y' N wwffffy I-Qs N ' A 'X K , ' U .za Q. ' Q 5 I ' s 5 I ,QMS -l 4 E , ,-mb'S'M--x.,,,,,,M ' 'W-.I s IX X fin, 'X figs Father Ryan is a central Catholic high school for boys stajed by Diocesan priests, Sisters of Mercy, and qualiied laymen. Its administration and faculty, in keeping with the expressed intentions of Catholic education, hold a tremendous responsibility as the guardians of souls, minds, and bodies. They must maintain a curriculum so designed and so composed as to meet satisfactorily the spiritual, intellectual, and physical needs of each and every student. Every aspect of Father Ryan High School lde -religious, educational, extra-curricular, and athletic- finds a source of inspiring encouragement and sympathetic direction in the person of one or more members of the faculty. This year two new members joined the Father Ryan faculty, Father Robert Hofstetter and Sister Mary Gabriel, R.S.M., and one former member, Father E. Eiselein, returned. STRATIG 9 gil' 'FQ Q-.ii Ea 421 CHARLOTTE AVENUE ' NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE .II 5 ll - f y ..fT DIOCESE GF NASHVILLE M' iw. I all OFFICE OF THE BISHOP To the Graduates of the Class of 1955, It is becoming ever more apparent that the future of the Church and of the civic and social world rests largely in the hands of our young men and women. You graduates of Father Ryan High School have been blessed in receiving the kind of preparation to fit you to become leaders in making the future what it should be according to the plan of God. This at times will demand courage and sacrihceg but you have been taught to meet such situations by relying, not on your own talents, but on the light and strength of God, whose sons you are by reason of your Divine Faith. It is our prayerful hope, that you prove yourselves true sons of God, and of Father Ryan High School. We congratulate you on having received the honors of graduation, and wish you God's blessing. Twilliam L. Adrian, D.D., Bishop of Nashville. THE MOST REVEREND WILLIAM L. ADRIAN, D.D., Bishop of Nashville. us. If nn 2 I ae.. b . 5 a ,E A-"ff lnsl K-'if' Wi-" 'ff '- Lv.',g Y LW . , . . V . :f.. 's '-:gf g ' , I :. .f ,j 7 4 x nas. The Senior Class: This school annual which you have published is the product of two things, teamwork and the determination to succeed in the task you have set for yourselves. I hope that you have learned much from your work on this major project. Most of the things you will have to accomplish during life are brought to a successful conclusion by these same two ingredients. If you can work well with others and if you are not easily discouraged by a few obstacles, then your possibilities for the future are practically unlimited. The whole history of civilization is nothing more than an account of men pooling their ideas and their energies to accomplish together what they could not possibly do alone. If your work on this publication has impressed these facts upon you, then the time spent on it has not been wasted by any means. Father Francis R. Shea. THE REVEREND FRANCIS R. SHEA, Principal. ACULTY TOP ROW FATHER FRANCIS W. EISEMAN American History, World History. St. Berna-rd College, Cullman, Ala.: St. Gregory's Sem- inary, Cincinnati, Ohio: A.B., St. John's Seminary, Little Rock, Ark. FATHER JAMES D. NIEDERGESES Latin, Mechanical Drawing, Religion I. St. Bernard College, Cullman, Ala.: A.B., St. Ambrose College, Davenport, Iowa: St. Mary's Seminary, Cin- cinnati, Ohio: Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn. FATHER JOSEPH W. JULIUS Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Religion III. A.I5,, St. Ambrose College, Davenport, Iowa: Kenrick Seminary, St. Louis, Mo.: Catholic University. Walsh- tngton, D. C.: M,A., Notre Dame University, Notre gitme, Ind. Case Institute ot' Technology, Cleveland, no. I:A'l'IIliR W1l.1.1AM E. MoRoAN Iinglisb, Religion IV. A.ll., St. Ambrose College, Davenport, Iowa1St. Maryk Seminary, Baltimore, Maryland: M.A., Peabody College, Nashville, Tennessee. BOTTOM ROW FATHER j. EUGENE EISELEIN Spanish, Religion III. A.B., St. Ambrose College, Davenport, Iowa: M.A., Catholic University, XVashington, D. C.: Mexico City College, Mexico City, D. F., Mexico. FATHER JAMES R. HITCHCOCK English, Ancient History, Religion III. A.B., St. Ambrose College, Davenport, Iowa. St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md.: M.A., Catholic University, Washington, D. C. FATHER LEO C. SIENER Sociology, Economics, Civics, Modern History, Re- li ion IV g . St. Charles College, Catonsville, Md.: A.B., S.'I'.L., St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md.. Catholic University, Wfashington, D. C. FATHER W1LLtAM S. BEVINGTON Latin, General Science, Religion Il. A.l5., Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, Ind.: St. Ambrose College, Davenport, Iowa: North American College, Rome, Italy: Peabody College and Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. J , X v M Pu- 1 N Ra, ,0e""9!v" TOP NOW FATHER ALLEN j. CUNNINGHAM English, Religion I. A.B., St. Ambrose College, Davenport, Iowa, St, Louis University,St. Louis, Mo.Q St. Mary's Seminary, Balti- more, Md.: Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn. FATHER ROBERT j. HOFSTETTER Algebra, Geometry, 'Business Arithmetic, Religion -I. A.B., Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, Ind.9 Catholic University, Wfashington, D. C. SISTER MARY GABRIEL, R.S.M. Librarian, French. A.B., St. El1zabeth's College, Convent Station, New Jersey? M.A., Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn. SISTER MARY JOHN, R.S.M. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry. A.B., Nazareth College, Louisville, Ky., M.S., Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wis.g Purdue University, La- fayette, Ind. BOTTOM ROW MR. LEO j. LONG Typing, Geography, Basketball. B.S., Columbus University, Sioux Falls, S. D.: Greeley State College, Greeley, Colo., Peabody College. Nash- ville, Ten n. MR. HOWARD A. ALLEN Physical Education, Football. B.S., Murray State College, Murray, Ky., Peabody Col- lege, Nashville, Tenn. MR. WILLIAM F. HOFFMAN Band Director. MRS. ALICE GENTRY Registrar. A ? 'W . If ,,f Am' es, During high school days, there develops within the individual a formation of mental aptitudes and moral standards which ajfect every phase of his future lde, and, ultimately, his salvation or damnation. Father Ryan High School provides an atmosphere highly conducive to both scholastic achievement and spiritual progress, and gears its instructional program towards the production of the end product of Catholic secondary education, "the Christian Gentleman." Having completed his course of studies, the graduate of Father Ryan High School is ready to take upon hinzseh' life's new responsibilities, whether they be in the college or the university, the seminary, the world of business and labor, or the military. X But, most important, the graduate of Father Ryan is equipped to meet squarely and with every reason for success the all-important test of lufe-the tasle of saving his soul. CLASSES hw FV' SWG? l SENIGRS E' 'vcr 16 lf" flume' if DARRELL RAYMOND BAGGOTT C.S.M.C-I '52-'55. Holy Name Parish ALFRED ALOYSIUS BALTZ C.S.M.C., '52-'55: Rosary Club, '54g "B" Team Football '5 l. Assumption Parish HAROLD WILSON BELL C.S.M.C., '52-'SSL Band 'SSL lntramurals, '52-'55. Sl. Pa!rICk's Parish EDWARD D. BOSLEY, III C.S,M.C., '55, Intramurals, '55. Triinsfer from Immaculate Mother High School, Nash- vI e. St. Vincent Dc Paul Parish WILLIAM ,IOSEPII BOYD Co-President, '52L President '53, '54, C.S.M.C., '52-55: MOINA, Reporter '522 LITERARY QUARTERLY, '52-'54, PANTHER, Associate Editor, '55, STOA, '53, .'54, '55, Class Medals: Latin, '54, Biology, 'SSL gniIsh,H'541 Religion, 'S4g Senior Superlativeg "Most tu IOUS , ' ChrIst the King Parish ROBERT WILLIAM BRENNAN C.S.M.C., '55: Band, 'SSQ PANTHER, Typist, '555 Fire Patrol, '55. I Transfer from Saint George High School, Evanston, lllinois. Christ the King Parish THOMAS Ivo CARLTON C.S.M.C., '52-'55, MOINA, Exchange Editor, '55, Band, '52-'5-5: Band Medal, '52, STOA, '55-'54, Class Medal: English, '525 Intramurals, '52-'55. Christ the King Parish FRANCIS JOSEPH CHEEK C.S.M.C., '52-'55L Class Medals: General Science, '53: Intramurals, '52-'55. St. Ann's Parish THEADORE DE ALBA CHILDS C.S.M.C., '55, Boyvling, 'SSA Transfer from Hillsboro High School, Nashville, Ten- nessee. JOSEPH JUSTIN COEN C.S.M.C., '55-'55, Purple Masque Club, '54: "Mississippi Melody", '54. Holy Name Parish EUGENE FRANCIS CONNOR, jR. Treasurer, '522 Secretarv, '53s C.S.M.C., '52-'55: Key Club, '54, '55s Radio Club, '54: MOINA, Technical Editor, '52, '53, LITERARY QUARTERLY, Technical Editor, '52, '55, Panther, Distribution, '55, Band, '52, Student Council, '53. H Holy Name Parish THOMAS EARL COPLIN, jR. C.S.M.C., '52-'55, PANTHER, Typist '55, Intramurals, '52-'55. St. Edward's Parish me 17 - IORS Ii... Q'-vu 495 I ANTHONY DUANE CUMMINGS C.S.M.C., '52-'5Sg Intramurals, '54-'55, St. Ann's Parish THOMAS ,JOSEPH DERRICK C.S.M.C., '52-'55, Intramurals, '52-'S5: "B" Basketball, '55: Varsity Football, '54, Varsity Basketball, Christ the King Parish KENNETH DONNELLY C.S.Nl.Cf., '52-'SSL Secretary 'SSL Key Club '54, '54-'55, Vice President'S5: MOINA 'S2, '53, 'SSL Sports Iiditor '53: Band '52, '55, '54g Medals:Marching and 'SZL STOA '53, 'Slit Class Medal: Religion Intramurals, '52, '55, '54, Cathedral ofthe Incarnation Parish DANIEL IJAUI. DUNCAN C.S.M.C., '52-'55, Intramurals, '52-'55, Purple '541"B" Football, '52-'53l Varsity Iioothall, '54 Holy Name Parish DAVID WOODARD DUNCAN C.S.M.C., '52-'S51 Intramurals, '52-'551 Purple L'0flCCl'l 2. 'Sic Masque Masque, '54, "B" Football, '52-'53: Varsity Football, '54. Holy Name Parish WILLIAM ELBERT DURHAM C.S.M.C., 'SZ-'55, St. 1056-ph's Parish DON BENJAMIN DURRETT C.S.M.C., '52-'SSL Purple Masque, '54, "Mississippi Melodyn, '54: Band, '52-'55Z STOA, '55-'54-'55. St. J0seph's Parish JOSEPH EDWARD EDMONDSON C.S.M.C., '52-'551 Intramurals, '52--55. Cathedral ofthe Incarnation Parish JOHN WILLIAM EGOLF, JR. C.S.M.C., '52-'55, Photography Club, '54. President '543 PANTHER 'SSL Business Manager, Class Medals Spanish I, Solid Geometry Intramurals, '52-'55, Bowl ing, '53-'54-'55, Captain '54, Christ the King Parish JAMES WLLLIAM FARRIS C.S.M.C., '52-'55, Band, '52, Intramurals, '52-'55 "B" Football, '52-'53g Bowling, '54-'S5. St. Edward's Parish GEORGE ALOYSIOUS GEIST C.S.M.C-I '52-'55. St. Lawrence Parish RICHARD LEE HARTSOCK C.S.M.C., '52-'SSL Key Club, '541 Intravmurals, '52-'55 "B" Football, '51-'52L Varsity Fvorball, 53- 54- St, Joseph Parish ? SE IOR 5 3 pn-5, 'WN ,-an W-P' lawn--H in Q-........, my-. .vA,.,, A Ign- 'WDQL I f ts DONALD EDWARD HATHCOCK C.S.M.C., '52-'55: Class Medals: Practical Math., Bus- iness Math,: Intramurals, '52-354. . Q Cathedral ofthe Incarnation Parish JOHN ROBERT HOLMES C.S.M.C., '52-'55: Intramurals, '52-'55s "B" Football. '5l: "B" Basketball, '54: Varsity Football '52, '53, '54: Varsity Basketball, '55. Christ the King Parish WILLIAM FREDRICK HUMPHREY Treasurer, '54: C.S.M.C., '52-'55, Key Club, '54-'55, Treasurer, '55, Radio Club '53-'54-'55, News of the day '54-'55, MOINA '52g PANTHER: Photographic Editor '55: Photography, '55: Student Council, '54, Delegate to Convention '54: Intramurals, '52, '54, '55: Senior Superlative, "Best School Spirit". Christ the King Parish MITCHELL josEI'H HUNTER C.S.M.C,, '55. Transfer from Saint Augustine's Seminary Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. St. Philip's Parish JOHN FRANCIS KERRIGAN C.S.M.C., '52-'55: Band '52-'55: Marching and Con- cert '52g Intramurals, '52-'55, Cathedral ofthe Incarnation Parish THOMAS PHILIP KERRIGAN C.S.M.C., '52-'55, Band, 'SQL Key Club, '54-'559 Rosary Club, '54, PANTHER, Typist '553 Intramurals, '52-'55, Cathedral of the Incarnation Parish WILLIAM CHARLES KILLEN CS.M.C.-, fS2-'S-S: Band, '52-'SSL "Purple Masque" S41 "Mississippi Melody", 's4g Baseball, 'S2. Assumption Parish CHARLES KINNARD, jR. C.S.M.C., 'SSL Intramurals, 'S S. Transfer from Immaculate Mother H. S, St. Patrick's Parish SAMUEL DONALD LEACH C.S.M,C., 'SSQ Band, 'SS. Transfer student from Peabody Demonstration School. JOHN THOMAS LEAVER C.S.M.C., 'S2-'SS5 MOINA, '52-'SSQ Sports Editor, 'S4-'SSL The PANTHER, Associate Editor, 'SSL "B" Team Football, 'S2g Intramurals, 'S2-'SSL Baseball, 'SZ 'SS. St. Patricks Parish JAMES HENRY LEE C.S.M.C., 'S4-'SS: Intramurals, 'S4-'SSQ Varsity Foot- ball, 'S4g Bowling, 'S4g Class Medal: Mechanical Draw' ing, 'S4g Senior Superlative, Most Handsome. St. joseph's Parish JOHN MURRAY LYNCH, JR. C.S.M.C,, 'S2-'SSL "B" Team Basketball, 'S2: Varsity Football, '53-'S4g Captain, 'S4g Varsity Basketball, 53-'SSL Captain, 'SSQ Senior Superlative, Most Athletic. St. joseph's Parish SE ICR imma in-M7 71 1 'lllafww' it f FRANK STOCKELL MCNEl!,l.X' C.S.M.C., '52-'55: Rosary Club, President: STOA, '55: Class Medal: Algebra, '52g Intramurals, '52-'54, St. Ann's Parish JAMES CHILDS fvi.ftBRY, III C.S.M.C., '52-'55g "The Purple Masque," '54: "Mis- sissippi Melody" '54, St. Ann's Parish NICHGLAS ADAM MAURLR, jk. C.S.M.C., '52-'55. Holy Name Parish Romsm' liUGlfNlE Niaitlniiiu' C.S.M.Cf., '52-'55: Key Club, '54-'55, Radio Club, '52-'55: lland, '52-'551 STUA, '54-'55g Class Nledals: Latin, '52-'55, Physics, Science, '54: Student Council, Class Representative '54, '55: Intramurals, '52-'55: Bowling, '55-'55, Captain '55. St. Ann's Parish JOHN josiipu O'CoN1soR C,S.M.C., '52-'55: Secretary, '52, Rosary Club, '54, Class Medals: World History, '52Q Geography '52g Intramurals, '52-'55: "B" Basketball, '54g Varsity Football, '54, St. Patrick's Parish GEORGE MARQUM PATRICK Class President Vice-President, '521 Secretary, '543 President, '55, C.S.M.C., '52-'55, K-ey Club, '54-'55: President, '55, Delegate to Convention '54g Student Council, '54-'55, President '55: Ir1Ir8l'r1l1rHl5, '52-'55s "B" Football, '51-'53s "B" Basketball '55-'54g Delegate to Volunteer Boys State '54L Senior Superlative, Most Popular, Christ the King Parish JOHN PATRICK RIORDAN C.S.M.C., '52-'553 Treasurer, '53: Key Club, '54-'55, The PANTHER, '55, Associate Editor, The Stoa, '54- '55: Class Medal: Modern History, '54g Student Council, '531 13nd, '52g Intramurals, '52-'55, Bowling, '55-'55, Captain, '55. Christ the King Parish JOSEPH ST. CHARLES C.S.M.C., '52-'55g Intramurals, '53-'55, Varsity Foot- ball, '52-'54: Baseball. '53-'55, Christ the King Parish KENNETH GORDON SEVIER C.S.M.C., '52-'55, "Purple Masque", '541 "Mississippi Melody", '54g Intramurals, '52-'54, Holy Name Parish HENRY JAMES SLUSS C,s.M.C.. 'ss. I Transfer from St. Joscph's H. S., Huntington W. Va. Cathedral ofthe Incarnation Parish THOMAS JOSEPH SMITH C.S.M.C., '52-'55: Key Club, '54-'553 Intramurals '52-'553 Baseball '52, '54-'55. . Assumption Parish JAMES VINCENT SPELTA C.S,M.C., '52-'55: Football "B" Team '5lg Varsity '52-'54g Basketball "B" Team '52, Intramurals, '52-'55. Holy Name Parish M ' ,", 1- 40. S 2 IORS QUINN EDWARD WARNER C.S.M.C., '52-'SSL Student Council, '54: Intramurals '52-'SSL "B" Football, '5l: Varsity Football '52-'SSL Baseball, '53-'54, Holy Name Parish DAVID jOI-IN WEILAND C.S.M.C., 'SSL Fire Patrol, Chief, 'SSL "News of the Day", '5Sg MOINA, Features Editor. 'S5: PANTHER, As- sociate Editor, '55, Varsity Basketball, '55, Tennis, '55, Transfer Student from South H. S., Denver, Colorado. Cathedral of the Incarnation Parish GEORGE FRANCIS WEIS, jR. C.S.M.C., 'S2-'SSL Band '52-'SSS Marching, '52: STOA, '55-'SS: Class Medals: Algebra, Plane Geometry In- lramtirals, '55. Cathedral of the Incarnation Parish EDWARD JAMES XWHIEELAN C.5.M.C., '52-'55, "Mississippi Melody", '54g Glce Club, '54-'SSL Band, '54: Intramurals, 'S2-'S4Q "II" Football, '51, "B" Basketball, '52, Varsity Football, '53-'S4: Senior Superlative, Wittiest. Christ the King Parish WILLIAM THOMAS WEST C.S.M.C., '52-'S5g Band, '52, Intramurals, '52-'SS: Varsity Football, Manager, 'S5. Christ the King Parish RICHARD DONALD WHITE C.S.M.C., 'S2-553 Intramurals '52-'55, Holy Name Parish 2 4 I THOMAS HOWARD WHITE, JR. C,S.M.C., '52-'55, Student Council, '55, MOINA, Tech- nical Editor, '52-'55, LITERARY QUARTERLY, Technical Editor, '52-'55, PANTHER, Distribution, '55, "B" Basketball, '54, Band, '52, Intramurals, '52 '54, Senior Superlative, Best Dressed. Cathedral of the Incarnation Parish v THOMAS EDWARD WOLF C.S.M.C., '52-'55, Band, '529 STOA, '53, Intramurals, '52, St. Ann's Parish DONALD THOMAS WOLFE Class Vice-President C.S.M.C., '52-'55, President, '55, Secretary, '54, Class Vice-President, '53, '54, '55, CO-President, '52, MOINA, '52-'55, Editor, '55: Co-Editor, '53, '54, Art Editor, '55, '54, Reporter, '52i LITERARY QUARTERLY, '52-'55, Editor, '55, Co-Editor, '53, '54, Art Editor, '53, '54, PANTHER, Editor-in-Chief, '55, Student Council, '53-'551 Secretary, '53, '555 Delegate, '54, Key Club, '54, '55S Secretary, '55, Debate Team, '53, '543 News of the Day, '54, '55, Radio and TV Repre- sentative, '52-'54, Class Medals: Religion, '521JOurnal- ism '53, '54, Winner, School C.S.M.C. Oratorical Con- test, '54, Winner, Youth Incorporated GSMT Contest, 53, Senior Superlative, Most Likely to Suceed Cathedral of the Incarnation Parish JAMES RANDALL WYATT, jR. C.S.M.C., '52-'55, Glee Club, '54, Class Medal: Typing '54, Intramurals, '53-'55, "B" Football, '52. St. Ann's Parish THOMAS JOSEPH WYNNE, III C.S.M.C., '52-'55, Band, '52-'55, Fire Patrol, '55, Intramurals, '53-'54. Cathedral of the Incarnation Parish CHARLES THOMAS YORK Class Secretary C.S M.C., '53-'55, Student Council, '55, Intramurals, '52-'55, Dramatics, '54. . n Christ the King Parish Ki 4 SUPERL Left, l. to r., Don Durrett, Sa- lutatorian, and Billy Boyd, Vale- dictorian. Above, l. to r., Tommy White, Best Dressed, and jimmy Lee, Most Handsome. Left, Don Wolfe, Most Likely to Succeed. ATIVES Right, l. to r., Ray White, Best All-Around, and George Pat- rick, Most Popular. Above, l. to r., Billy Humphrey, Best School Spirit, and Murray Lynch, Most Athletic. Right, Standing,jimmy Wheelan, Wittiest, and sitting, Billy Boyd, Most Studious. 'ff' I ff rf ,JU ICR ,j Above, JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS, I. to r john Hanley, vice lzresidefllf joe lreaxurerf and Father Fr' ' .. joe Jarvis, president, Bates, sec're!ury,' Gene Klciser, tmcis W. Iiisemnn. moderator. junior classes are famous for their inordinate determination, ambition, energy, and school spirit. This year's class, boasting members in the ranks of every school endeavor-in the class- room, in activities, on the athletic field-lived up to and even excelled past standards. Hardly a purse in the school has not felt the sting of their money-making projects which helped to pay the bill for their number one project, the 1955 junior Prom. 4 l w A ANDY ARCHIE JOHN AYERS DAN BADACOUR MICHAEL BARNARD THOMAS BATEMAN NORMAN BATSON RAYMOND BECKMAN NICHOLAS BEEHAN LEONIDAS BELL JERRY BOLES ,JERRY BROWN EDDIE BUCHANAN BENSON BURNS JAMES BURNS JOHN BURNS WILLIAM BURNS GEORGE BYRNE WILLIAM CARL DAYTON CHAPMAN PAT COLLEY VICTOR COODE THOMAS CROWDER TONY DEMATTEO RAYMOND DICKMAN JAMES DOYLE MICHAEL DUMONT CHARLES FEY LEO FLAIR ROBERT FLOWERS WAYNE FOX LOUIE GRAHAM ANDY HARMON DAVID HATHCOCK RICHARD HILLER JOE JOHNSTON WP -vw UW! KM W ,ik Q v S, , xO..- ,y . f 2 ,Q f f A X w ,fgf rf ,fm WW 4- 1-W AL, Lv 9 DON KEATING EDWARD KING HERMAN LESS JAMES LISLE NICRY LYNCH RICHARD MCCURDY ROBERT MCNEILLY THOMAS MCREDMOND PAUL MADDUX RUDY MARIUTTO RILEY MATTOX WILLIAM MORRISON MICHAEL MURRAY MICHAEL O'CONNOR TIMOTHY O'CONNOR RICHARD OIIIJWAY FRANK PARHAM CHARLES PASSONS RICHARD PERKIERSON PAUL RAY LOUIS RES!-IA DAN RIORDAN DON ROWAN ROBERT SCHENK WlLI.lAM SCHRICHTE PAT SHARBEL CHARLES SMART JOHN STRASSER ROBERT SULLIVAN, jR ARTHUR SUTHERLAND, DON TANT JOHN TERRY RICHARD UNLAND FRANK VARALLO WILLIE WILLIAMS 'lla SOPHOMORE -.. Above, SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS, from row, 1. ta r., Billy Kuhlman, llrexidentf David Kuhlman, treamrerf back raw, Shelton Johnson, vice pretidentf Father Leo C. Siener, modemtorg and Philip Breen, secretary, Although sophomores do live in a crazy, mixed-up, confusing "half-way house," most of them still maintain the self-assured, confident, debonair air which only second year men can capture. Their upper lips begin to host a fuzz, and their larynx begins to issue forth loud, rasp- ing noises, but the fact that they are still compelled to use lower lockers helps label them as classmen. This year's class' ability to follow indicates a good junior class next year. under FRANK ADAMS NORMAN BAGGETT JOE BATSON JAMES BAUMAN SKIP BOLES TOMMY BURNS JIMMY BYRNE ALAN COLEMAN HERMAN COLLIER DICK CONNOR JIMMY CORLEW STERLING DARKS BUDDY DOOLEY FRANK DRAKE JOE DRENNAN TONY FORTE ROBERT FRENSLEY WOODY FREY BILL GADDIS KENNE1'H CSOOSTREE WILLIAM GOULDNER CLARENCE GUNTER JERRY HAGLAGE GERALD HAHN GREEVER HASH LAWRENCE HEIMBACH CI-IARLES HORTON VINCENT HORTON LEROY HUFEMAN JERRY ITIN JOE JACKSON RICHARD KEATING EDDIE LAMBERT ALAN LANCASTER ADRIAN LEWIS TUPPER LEWIS ROBERT MCCOOL KENNETH MALLORY JOHNNY MARTIN TOMMY MERRISS MIKE NICHOLOSON GEORGE NORMAN LARRY NORMAN BILLY NOURSE MIKE O,CONNOR JOE PATRICK AUSTIN POTTER BERNARD PRATT CHARLES REESE RAYMOND RESHA WILLIAM ROGERS WILLIAM RUSHFORD PAUL ST. CHARLES JERRY SCHUTZBACH GEORGE SEIBERT TOMMY SEIGENTHALER RAYMOND SINGER TONY SPELTA BILL STANLEY ROBERT STERNA ROBERT STRANE WILLIAM STRASSER JOHN TAYLOR CHARLES THOMASON RICHARD TOWNES DAN WEBER PAT WHELAN JOE WILLS His .QFRESHME Al: ow, FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICIERS, I. jlresizleulf Rohcrt Freeman. rife ' Luke Lea, xecretarjq- and ' In r.. Willizltxi H prcxzrlwllp joe S' rather Robert udson, Lhcffur, mamref J. Hofstuttcr, mruleralor. Excited! Bewildered! Enthusiastic! these adjectives set the pattern for all freshman classes. This year's was no exception to the rule. Ninety-three strong, they provided more than ample enjoyment for the local super ticket salesmen felevator tickets, ten centsg swimming pool tickets, fifty centsj and all their standard jokes. To make them feel more at home, we seniors planned a special "Freshman Week" to the delight of the rest of the school. Even though their first year of high school was filled with trials and tribulations, we'll have to admit th the language of Caesar, a "Bene," at they deserve, in DOUGLAS AYERS ALLEN BAGWELL LESLIE BEASLEY TOMMY BEUERLEIN JOE BEUERLEIN CHARLES BOGUSKIE EMMETT BRADLEY WILLIAM BROWN MIKE BRUER MIKE BURNS BILLY BYRNE WAYNE CAMBELL OWEN CAMPION DAVID CARNEY NELSON CARNEY EUGENE COLLINS JOHN CONNOLLY MIKE COODE LLOYD COURSEY DARRYL CRAWFORD DON CROWELL PAUL DICKMAN DON DITTERMORE TOMMY DONNELLY LEROY DRAKE HORACE ESTES JAMES EVANS BOBBY FITZGERALD CARL FORTE CHARLES FREEMAN FRE HME BILLY FREEMAN HENRY GARDNER JOSEPH GEIST ANTHONY GILL EDDIE GOULDNER HENRY GRIGOLITE WALTER HAMM DAVID HARDIN JAMES HARPER RICHARD HEIMBACH RAYMOND HEINS FLETCHER HILL MIKE HOLMES LAWRENCE HUNLEY WILLIAM HUNT BILLY JONES LOUIS KANE PAUL KERRIGAN JOHN KOHL EDMUND LAGAN PATRICK LANGDON HAROLD LAWSON KENDALL LYNCH JAMES MCCORMACK JAMES MCHUGH WILLIAM MABRY LESTER MADEWELL LAWRENCE MALLORY JOHN MARTIN DAVID MATTOX THOMAS MOORE HAROLD NORMAN ED O,CONNOR JAMES OSBORNE JERRY OSBORNE BILLY OTTO THOMAS PICKLER RAY PICKNEY ELLIS SAAD JOSEPH SAPP RAPHAEL SEMMES JOSEPH STANLEY LARRY STEWART JERRY STROBEL MIKE SULLIVAN DAVID TATE WILLIAM TREBING WILLIAM UNLAND TERRY VANDERPOOL DONALD VESTAL DAVID WARD JAMES WEBER MELVIN WEIDNER PAT WHITE FRANK WILT LARRY WIRTH -fun. 'Hun .wmv vi., X Right, demonstrating his abilities in Father IIitchcock's Iinglish IVA class is none other than star stu- dent, -lohnny Kerri- gan. A ,, ,,,,, -U, , . . I.eft,in a cosy corner of Father Iiiseman's American His t o r y class are, l. to r.,john- ny Leaver, Murray Lynch, johnny H 0 I m e 5, and Ray XVhite. Left, Father Morgan pauses in his vocal vi- hrations after making life miserable for sur- rounding w i n do w Right, Father Eiselein makes a point in Spanish II as Billy Durham clears the colwwelws from his upper story. H ff panes, overhead raf- ters, a n d students' eardrums. T13 8230 A.lNI. Our day at Father Ryan actually begins with Holy Mass in the chapel at 7:45, for those stu- dents who can arrive early enough to attend. The regular class schedule begins at 8:50 and there follows a series of four morning classes, a period for lunch and recess, and then two after- noon sessions with school ending at 3:00. The heart of our course of studies is our religion class. It is rounded out by courses in English, Latin, Spanish, history QAmerican, Modern, World, Ancientj, the sciences Qphysics, chemistry, biology, general sciencej, mathematics Qalgebra, geometry, trigonometry, and bus- iness arithmetic and practical mathematicsj, the social sciences Qeconomics, sociology, civicsj, mechanical drawing, typing and physical education. 3:00 P.M The scope of the curriculum of Father Ryan High School can hardly be restricted to the confines of the classroom or the contents of a limited number of textbooks. There must exist on the campus, easily accessible to the student body, a means by which the natural tendencies of the human intellect, with proper moderation and direction, may be brought to the forefront and utilized so that we may increase our worth to God, to ourselves, and to our fellow man. That means exists in the form of an abundant, well-organized, and enterprising program of extra-curricular activities. Through these channels, such things as the joy of friendship and association the spirit of participation responsibility leadership the mandestation of talent and ability find more universal expression and appreciation. By participation in activities we learn the important lessons of zvorh's pleasure and accomplishmenfs satisfaction ACTIVITIES S 4 -.Q ,fi 4 HN by , 'Iv M, ,... i f l , H joUR ALISM THE MOINA, THE LITERARY QUARTERLY, THE PANTHER The journalism Club, long one of the most outstanding organizations on the campus, takes upon itself the responsibility of editing and publishing the three school literary efforts: The Panther, school yearbook, The Moirza, student newspaper, and The Literary Quarterly, a mag- azine consisting of regular features, and contributions from the student body such as short stories, poems, etc. The Moina and Literary Quar- terly Staff, l. to r., first row, Tommy White, technical edi- tor, johnny Leaver, sports edi- tor, and Ken Donnelly, re- porter. Second row, Father james R. Hitchcock, modera- tor, and Don Wolfe, editor- in-chief. Third row, Tommy Carlton, exchange editor, and Dave Wfeiland, features editor. The Panther Staff, l. to r., seated, johnny Leaver, asso- ciate editor, Pat Riordan, as- sociate editor, Don Wolfe, editor, Billy Boyd, associate editor, and Tommy White, distribution. Standing, Billy Humphrey, photographic edi- tor, Bill Egolf, business man- ager, jimmy Schrichte, bus- iness manager, and Father Hitchcock, moderator. Miss- ing from picture were Dave Weiland, associate editor, and Frank Connor and Ted Childs, distribution. NX STUDE T COUNCIL The Student Council, made up of elected representatives, serv es as a form of student parnci pation in certain phases of the government of the school, as a link betvveen the principal s office and the classroom, and as a medium for many worthwhile projects and services The Student Council, l. to r., front row, Gene K l e i s e r, Charles York, P r e s i d e n t George Patrick, Vice President john Hanley, Secretary Don Wolfe, and Tommy White. Back row, Bill K u h l m a n, Shelton Johnson, Robert Free- man, Andy Archie, joe Schi- fer, joe Jarvis, David Tate, David Kuhlman, William Hud- son, Larry Norman, Phil Breen, Luke Lea, johnny Ayers, and Father joseph W. Julius, mod- erator. KEY CLUB The Key Club, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Nashville is a select group of upperclass men organized for the purpose of bettering both the school and the community by encouraging leadership and good citizenship and participation in activities which help others Key Club oiiicers are, l. to r., P r e s i d e n t George Patrick, Father Allan j. Cunningham, moderator, Vice President Ken Donnelly, Treasurer B i l l y Humphrey, and Secretary Don Wolfe. 43 CSMIL The purpose of the Cath- olic Students' Mission Cru- sade is to motivate the true missionary spirit among the students by obtaining their prayers, sacrihces, and alms for the Church's far-llung missions. Rigbf, 1. ffl r., c:.s.M.c3. om. cers are Sl'l'f'L'fIIV','V Mike Nichol- son, 'l'reux1n'er Gene Collins, Prexiflelll Don Wfolfe, and Via' Prexizleul Charlie Smart. STOA STOA is the Father Ryan Honor Society, member- ship in which indicates an average of 90 or above and participation in s o m e extra-curricular activity. Members are entitled to special privileges. Left, members of the STOA, 1, to rqfirsl roug Billy Kuhlman, Shelton johnson, john Hanley, and Wfoody Frey. Second row, jerry Itin, Robert Neidert, David Kuhlman, Pat Riordan, Charlie Smart, and Billy Boyd. FEB TE TEA Those students interest- ed in perfecting the art of good debate and organized discussion find much en- joyment in the Debate Team. Left, the Debate Team, I. to r., Arthur Sutherland, O w e n Campion, Anthony Gill, Father Leo C. Siener, modemtorg Charles Smart, and john Han- ley. PROM '54 The following account very well describes one of the high points of our high school life, the 1954 junior Prom. It ap- peared in the May 27th, 1954, issue of The Literary Quarterly: "E l a b o r a t e decorations, a stately grand march, good mu- sic, wonderful refreshments, and a delicious breadfast, hi-lighted Above, l. to r., seated in a snug corner of the "Cafe Royale" are Tom Coplin, Mary Cathe- rine Carlton, Linda Muschler, and Frank Mc- Neilly. In the rear are Billy Watkins, date, joe Cheek, date, and George Geist. the school's outstanding social event of the year, the junior Prom. Centered around the theme, 'Paris in the Springtimef hard-working juniors and faculty members provided an authentic street scene in Paris, France. The depiction included a sidewalk cafe, "Le Cafe Royale," a flashy bandstand modeled upon one in a Parisian park, a maze of real French advertising posters on the surrounding walls, and lifelike French lampposts spaced around the dance floor." Below, the Grand March. Below, 1. to r., Anita Woodward, Elizabeth K e r r i g a n, joy Kennedy, Mary Dorothy Hughes, and Ann Tenbrunsel. Back row, Mark Troy, Tommy W'ynne, Stew- art Cooke, jimmy Schrichte, and George Geist. LL f - 'Y -- - f ,aff.+ f',,,.. mfuamuf Zia El! xv- .a. HQ. t Q ACTIVITY PROGRAM During the past year the school enjoyed one of its most fruitful seasons of extra- curricular activities. Foremost among these was the production of a top-flight yearbook by the journalism Club fp. 24j. Long afternoons of planning, composi- tion, and editing behind the doors of the journalism Room, plus the co-operation of the Photography Club fp. 711 and the school ad and sponsor salesmen made the project a reality. Earlier in the school year, the yearly magazine drive, marked by a keen rivalry between the various faculty sponsored teams, brought about a spirited school ,M-""' Abote PANTHER staffers Dave Weil- and Pat Riordan, Don Wolfe, and Bill Boyd work out a problem. Father Ryan's two musically-minded ac- tivities, the Band and the Glee Club Qboth p. 48D beckoned those with talents in these fields. The former helped add spirit and song to athletic events and the latter provided hymns during retreat and First Friday Benedictions. Early this year, it became apparent that duplication of an already undermanned staff would necessitate the cutting of the number of issues of the MOINA and LITERARY QUARTERLY to concentrate on a really terrific yearbook. However, the old standbys were of top quality even though infrequent. Above, Dave Weiland takes over the mike for the daily F.R.H.S. "News of .he Day" broadcast. project which netted some 354,027.77 worth of subscriptions sold. The C.S.M.C. fp. 441, usually a lack- adaisical group, this year sponsored an address by Father Klocher, the national secretary and, of course, the annual ora- torical contest. The "News of the Day" broadcast heard each afternoon featured a complete coverage of all the latest school news. Below, David Weiland, Don Wolfe and Father Hitchcock beat out some last minute copy for the MOINA. X W 7 I L5 f s Above, Key Clubbers Ken Donnel- ly, Pat Riordan, and jimmy Schrichte gloat over a portion of the canned goods collection. Starting with a new and green member- ship, the Debate Team concentrated on the rudiments of good argumentation and observance of more experienced groups. Primarily a service organization, the Key Club fp. 45j lived up to its reputation by supporting a series of projects. Below, Student Council meeting with ollicers john Hanley, vice pres- identf George Patrick, presidenlg joe Bates, treasurer: and Don Wolfe, sec- retary. Ld? mea sn.-'S One of the most important activities of the year is the annual retreat. This year's was conducted by Father Paulinus Gross- kopf, O.F.M. The Philosophy Class fp. 48j, a brand new installation, provided the "intelli- gensia" with an introduction to the world of Plato and Aristotle. A well organized grou was this year's Student Council fp. 45 . It sponsored projects designed to encourage Mass at- tendance, spirit at games, and similar enterprises. The council also erected a Christmas crib in the front of the school. The Rosary Club fp. 41j helped en- courage prayer by providing the home and foreign missions with a large supply of rosary beads. :I Q W2 mfr Above, The School Fire Patrol. I, to r., first row, Bob Brennan, jerry Brown, Andy Archie, David Weiland, firecbief' john Hanley, and Father julius, moderator. Second may Billy Kuhlman, David Kuhlman, and Pat Colley. The school Fire Patrol, by sponsoring drills and fire prevention activities, helped make us fire conscious. The Library Club assured the school of a future supply of well-trained library assistants as it helped members master the mystery of the Dewey Decimal system. These activities, combined with such notable diversions as the annual Frosh Week fp. 49D or Sister Mary john's Christ- mas Party fp. 495 and other activities provided an abundant number of colorful pieces which go together to complete a well-rounded high school year. 47 IU 11:35 ON FRIDAY One important impetus to the Activity Program has been the installation of a special Activity Period in the regular schedule of the school. Each Friday morning at 1 1:35 is the time for this part ofthe program. This enables all the students of the school to take Part in an activity of their choice at a definite period. Thus many students can take advantage of a program formerly closed to them because of their work after school or their participation in athletic programs. Below, Perhaps a future Aquinas, Anselm, or Scotus in1jgg':f21dIi2iCrl2gginn0r tmkel-mg with the Oscllloscope lurks tn this group. Father Ilofstetter and l. lo r., ' jim Mabry, liilly Boyd, and Nicky Maurer ofthe Phi- losophy class. Almre, Father Eiselein and his Glee Club. dfibnzfe. The cats of the band with Mr. Hoffman irector, Right, Sister Mary john serves Father Shea the works at her annual Christmas party as jimmy Farris, Frank Mc- Neilly, Dave Weiland, and Ken Donnelly look on. Left, the annual Frosh XVeek finds Billy Humphrey, jimmy Wheelan, d an Tommy Wynne enjoying free shines. Left, to the victor goes the s oils p , , , l. to r., first row, jimmy Burns and Sister Mary john, caplairz and sponsor of the top team in the magazine drive. Second may top individual salesmen joh A h nny Ayers, rt ur Sutherland, and Ray Beckman. 49 The primary concern of the athletic program of Father Ryan High School is the development of strong bodies and sound minds. In keeping with the American traditions, the school provides for the physical needs by the application of a system-both inter-scholastic and intra-mural- which recognizes its proper place in education, neither to be "over-emphasized" or "under-emphasized," but to reach a healthy balance. Father Ryan is proud of her teams and records and continues to maintain an enviable station in Nashville secondary school athletics. Also, the well-organized, enthusiastically received schedule of within the school competition provides another outlet for clean fun and good sportsmanship. Indeed athletics at Father Ryan pro vide plenty of opportunity for the potential Utto Grahams, Bob Fellers, and Sammy Sneads. THLETICS Lin... Q. 5 2 TEAM CAPTAI Father Ryan's Team Captains. l. to r., fry! rouy joe Bates,football co-caplain. Second mug jimmy Schrichte, baseballg Murray Lynch, basketball Captain and football co-captaing and Louie Graham, golf. Third row, David Weiland, tennisg and Robert Neidert, bowling. S f .. F X . .mx YVXX , 1 -N. NSS.. M - X . .. 1 -NS XEXN 'S , no ' mx? if F M . . pa- VT L COACHES At right, the brains behind the brawn and skill. Left to right, Coach Leo J. Long, basketball, and Coach Howard A. Allen, football. In these two top mentors of the NIL the Irish boasted one of the most potent coaching staffs in the district. Both of them have an envaible record behind them with an impressive number of wins against losses. What Father Ryan a'ia' in Athletics . . FOOTBALL ...t BASKETBALL I L, BOWLING - LL, BASEBALL C545 - - - TENNIS C'54j .... GOLF C541 L - - WON LOST TIED 3 6 1 1 5 10 19 1 1 1 7 8 3 8 2 FOOTBALL RAY WHITE JIMMY LEE DAN DUNCAN RICH ARD HARTSOCK MURRAY LYNCH JOE The Irish Varsity. 1. to r.,j?rst row, Jimmy L: Tony Spelta, Joe Bates, Kenneth Goostree, JO, O'Connor, Norman Batson, Dave Duncan, Joes Charles, Nicky Lynch, Anthony Gill, Dan Duncal Bill Srrasser, and Johnny Ayers, manager. IARLES Second row, Dick McCurdy, jack Terry, Stewart Cooke, Tom Bateman, jerry Brown, Richard Hartsock, Ray White, johnny Martin, john Han- ley, Andy Harmon, johnny Holmes, and Murray Lynch. DAVE DUNCAN JOHNNY O'CONNOR STEWART COOKE JOHNNY HOLMES JAY SPELTA nk 1 ' .saw ', .al A f we X W--r"" W 'M V " Ken Goostree plows into the MBA 15 yard line in Anthony Gill latches on to a sli er Litton ba k PP Y C the Home Coming game. Gill charges along in the Helder after a short, short gain. rear A quick glance at the records and scores compiled by the Father Ryan Football team of 1954 inclines our most avid fans to shake their heads and mutter, "Wait until next year!" Playing a total often games the gridiron men in purple and white ended up with three wins, six loses, and one tie. We won over Central 2-0 on a last second "luck of the Irish" breakg we slipped by Dupont in a real bruiser, 6-2, but best of all we walloped ancient rival, West High, 41-O. Some of the individuals' play brought cheers from the sidelines, With the likes of Goostree, Spelta, and Gill carrying the bread and butter, and Bates, Lynch, Hartsock, and White providing a tough, hard hitting forward wall, the Purple and White provided the opposition some rugged competition. The outstanding play of this year's juniors would indicate that big things are to be expected from next year's Panthers. johnny O'Connor executes a devastating tackle on jay Spelta sweeps wide around left end G as oostree the sidelines in the Litton game. readies for a crucial block in the Cohn game 'WEB f , . 1 ,,, mfg Q, joe Bates, Father Ryan tackle, who was voted the Nashville lnterscho- lastic League's "Most Valuable Play- er" for the '54 football season. FOOTBALL RECORD Father Ryan Father Ryan Father Ryan Father Ryan Father Ryan Father Ryan Father Ryan Father Ryan Father Ryan Father Ryan Father Ryan Record: Wo 2 Central 0 6 Springfield 6 7 Cohn 14 7 Columbia 13 6 Dupont 2 6 T.I.S. 7 7 East 26 41 West 0 7 M.B.A. 28 7 Litton 40 96 Opponents 146 n 3 Lost 6 Tied 1 .QBASKETBALL IRISH CAGE TEAM, 1. to r,,j5rst row, Frank Varallo, Ken- neth Goostree, and Andy Archie. Second row, johnny Holmes, Nicky Lynch, Louie Graham, and Captain Murray Lynch. Third row. Dave Weiland, Ray White, Bob Sullivan, and Arthur Sutherland. i Captain Murray Lynch IS carrier. from the floor by jimmy Schrlchte and Tony Forte after the Panthers defeated Howard for the 18th D s trict title honors. THE TOURNAMENTS For sheer blood-curdling excitement and unequaled enthusiasm nothing in sports can quite compare with a high school basketball tournament. This year, as in the past, the 18th District and Region 5 tourneys contributed further proof to that proposition. Any follower of Irish basketball will agree with us when we say that this year's tournament team was "great.', Having finished a fair season Q10-95, the Fighting Irish entered the post season 18th District Tourney on the crest of a three game winning streak - s - most local dopsters rated them in the "dark horse" category. Playing an inspired brand of ball, the Ryan quintet smashed TIS 66-47g squeezed by highly favored West 50-49 on a last second basket by Nicky Lynch, tripped East 51-44, and walked over Howard 62-48 to take the 18th District title. They advanced to the Region V, beat Dover 49-40 for their eighth straight win but lost to taller Hillsboro in a close one right down to the final whistle, 56-62. Thus ended one of Father Ryanls most exciting and satisfying tournament tries in recent years. 18th District Champs. I. to r., jfs! row, Coach Howard Allen Nicky Lynch Murrav Lynch with the 18th District championship trophy joe St Charles manager Kenneth Goos tree, and Coach Leo Long. Second row, Ray White Bob Sullivan and Louie Graham Sully makes it easy against the Blue jays. l. to r., Dan Riordan, Murray Lynch and Bob Sullivan scramble with Howard opponents for the ball. Although the Panther quintet did show a few streaks of glory during the regular season, it never reached its peak until tourna- ment time. Nevertheless, it did provide lots of thrills for its followers. For instance ten of their nineteen tilts found the winners with no more than five point advantages over the losers at the end. 7 The sweetest victories included those over red hot East, 63-483 two wins over a good Howard Eve, 58-56 and 57-535 and clipping MBA in a real thriller, 52-50. The two worst losses to arch rival West High. Sporting such individual stars as Louie Graham, the Panthers' number one point maker and all-around star, Nicky and Murray Lynch, a red-hot brother combination with plenty of punchg Bob Sullivan, terrific post man, and Ray White, who was tops on de- fense, the Irish managed to end the regular season's play with ten wins and nine loses. look Louie Graham making two the hard Nicky Lynch hits a fast West way in the Howard game. break to help the Panthers smack liast. .f? 05" f 5 Louie Graham, Father Ryan forward, who was voted the "Most Valuable Player" in the 18th District Tournament, and also placed on All-18th District and the Region V Tournament teams. BASKETBALL RECORD Father Ryan 59 Lipscomb Father Ryan 58 Howard Father Ryan 61 T.I.S. Father Ryan 46 West Father Ryan 41 Cohn Father Ryan 57 Howard Father Ryan 61 M.B.A. Father Ryan 63 East Father Ryan 50 North Father Ryan 49 Springfield Father Ryan 63 East Father Ryan 54 West Father Ryan 44 Cohn Father Ryan 52 M.B.A. Father Ryan 44 Springfield Father Ryan 57 North Father Ryan 52 T.P.S. Father Ryan 56 Lipscomb Father Ryan 5 5 Erin 18th District Tournament Father Ryan 66 T. P.S. Father Ryan 50 West Father Ryan 5 1 East Father Ryan 62 Howard Region 5 Tournament Father Ryan 49 Dover Father Ryan 56 Hillsboro Father Ryan 1,357 Opponents 1 256 Record: Won 15 Lost 10 CGLOR Left, l. to r., Irish royalty includes Barbara Mulloy, attendant from St. Cecilia Academyg Queen Mary jo Holley, Cathedral High Schoolg and Barbara Beehan, attendant from St. Bernard Academy. Below, Babe Kleiser, pres- idenl of the Father Ryan Boos- ter Club, presents orchids to Homecoming Queen Holley. ... 4.-aft I0 Left, Cheerleaders! Above, joan Burke, Barbara Mulloy, and Mary jo Holley. Below, Merrill I-Iolzapfel and Joyce Norman. ..l....1..l--i A "Thank You" Note , - Year in and year out, game after game, a source of constant amazement and delight to the faculty and student body of Father Ryan is the unfailing support and sometimes unbelievable enthusiasm Qe.g., this year's basketball tournamentsj displayed by the girls of Cathedral, Saint Bernard, and Saint Cecilia at our school's athletic contests. For their loyalty to the team and support to the school in gen- eral we say "Thank you." "BU TEAMS "B" Team Football members. I. to r., jirst row, Bob Shenk, jim Byrne, Ed O'Connor, Bill Kuhl- man, Tom Donnelly, David Kuhlman, Mike Sul- livan, Riley Mattox, Leo Flair, and Mike O'Con- nor. Second row, Bill Burns, Mike Dumont, Bill Hidson, Wayne Campbell, David Ward, Mike Holmes, joe Drennan, Leonidas Bell, james Mc- Hugh, David Hardin, Larry Norman, and Tim O'Connor. Third row, Adrian Lewis, George Byrne, Shelton johnson, Bill Strasser, Ed Lambert, Pat Colley, jerry Itin, joe Patrick, Billy Otto, Fletcher Hill, and Billy jones. "B" Team Basketball members. l. to r., frst row, Luke Lea, Frank Wilk, and Billy Hudson, Second row, joe Patrick, Tom Donnelly, Anthony Gill, Greever Hash, Mike Holmes, john Martin, and Gene Kleiser. it fv 2-'flff - Mr- V-e - r.. -, W"w'?'!Mm,a.1 2,-f.,-af--X Q- ' 1" ' - BO IJ 1' The Golf Team. 1. lo r,, Billy Schrichte, Louie Graham, mplaiug and jerry Shulzbach. Not present for picture, Bill Egolf and Allan Coleman. The Bowling Team. l. to r., front, Pat Riordan and Bill Egolf. Buck, Ted Childs, Robert Neidert, and jimmy Farris. Although spring sports do not have the spectator appeal that football and basket- ball do, they form an important part of the school's athletic picture and many of our students participate in them to represent the school on the golf links, on the tennis court, on the baseball diamond, and in the bowling alley. Since our spring sports write-up must be finished early in the second semester to GOLF ,M BASEB LL The Baseball Team. I. to r., front may Tommy Derrick, johnny Ayers, johnny Leaver, joe St. Charles, and Tommy Smith. Back row, joe Bates, jimmy Schrichte, Cfzptaiuf jimmy Lee, Murray Lynch, Sterling Darks, johnny O'Connor, Ray White, Tom Donnelly, Nicky Lynch, and Billy Hudson. meet the printer-'s deadline we must look back to ,54 for the results the Irish obtained in golf, tennis, and baseball. The baseball team really held up the bottom ofthe league with a total of one win and seven lossesg but our other teams presented a far different picture with the golf team taking eight out of ten matches and the tennis team captur- ing eight out of eleven matches. This year's bowling team finished with a credit- able nineteen wins and eleven losses. TENNIS The Tennis Team. 1. to r.,fro11l,'George Byrne and Charlie Smart. Back, Anthony Gill. David Weiland, caplairzf and Frank Varallo. .zu , ' , , YB: 5' SENIORS: Late ut of orgotten ei 6' 1 GEORGE STEWART COOKE, JR. C.S.M.C., '54-'555 Glee Club, '54, Intramurals, '54-'55: Varsity Football, '545 Band, '54, Transfer from YVest High School. LUCIAN JOSEPH SCRUGGS C.S.M.C., '52-'SSL Glee Club, '54- 551 "Mississippi Melody", '54, Intramurals, '52-'55.' - Cathedral ofthe Incarnation Parish JAMES EDWARD SCHRICHTE C.S.M.C., '51-'551 Key Club, '54-'SSL THE PANTHER, 'SSL Business Manager: STOA, '533 Intramurals, '52- '553 "B" Football, 'SOL "B" Basketball, '53-'54: Baseball, '53-'55: Captain, '55. St. Ann's Parish FRANCIS RAYMOND WHITE Class Treasurer Class Treasurer, '55, C.S.M.C., '52-'553 Student Council, 'SSS Intramurals, '52, "B" Basketball, '52-'533 Varsity Football, '52-'54, Varsity Basketball, '54-'559 Baseball, '54-'SSL Senior Superlative, Best All Around. St. Edward's Parish Ora et labora . , , Johnny Ker- rigan meditates on the fine points of American History while Father Eise- man lectures. Tommy Wfhite is all dollars and cents as Father Hitchcock adds up his book store bill. Dan Riordan is the interested spectator. Tommy Carlton serves Father ,lul- ius I-lummmmmm! "This should be good for at least five points in chemistry." W? M4 TRIB TE It is inconceivable that any printing of the yearbook of Father Ryan could ever go "to bed" without at least a word of gratitude and heart-felt thanks to the three organizations which do the most to make ours an even better school - THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, THE LADIES' AUXILIARY, and THE BOOSTERS' CLUB. During the past year, we have seen their deep interest and concern for our school manifested in a variety of ways. Needless to say, without their support -moral and material-Father Ryan would hardly be the reality it is today. Thus, on this page, we pay tribute to those men and women to whom we owe so much. EPILOGL E It serves no useful purpose, even in the Epilogue ofa high school annual, to ponder on past times, places, and events. Our chief concern and most posing problem at the present time is the future. Due to God's love, the many blessings of a good Christian home, a line Catholic high school education, and a free and prosperous country, that future looks bright and full of hope and expectation. For those benefits which we have received, are receiving, and will continue to receive, we thank God! "A , ,for those benefits , - s we thank Goff! " 7 Letter of Acklzouledglfzelzfs T H E I3 A N T I-I E IQ ANNUAL OF FATHER RYAN HIGH SCHOOL 2300 ELLISTON PLACE NASHVILLES TENNESSEE Dear Reader, To those of us who have worked so hard toward its publication, the 1955 PANTHER rep- resents a great deal. Wfe are not only satisfied with the end product itself, but, even to a greater extent, the general feeling of determination, co-operation, and willingness to work which seems to have set the pattern for every phase of our endeavort-on the editorial board, in the photography department, among the ad and sponsor salesmen, and on the business level. W'e devote a "Letter of Acknowledgments" to let you, the reader, know just who did what. EDITORIAL BOARD To Messrs. Bill Boyd, Pat Riordan, johnny Leaver, David Weiland, and me went the task of planning the format of pictures and copy, providing the necessary write-ups and captions, and preparing the whole book for the engraver and printer. Our moderator, Father ,james R. Hitchcock, played an important role in all of these chores and kept everyone and everything moving in the right direction. PHOTOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT To Mr. Bill Humphrey, and to his able assistant, Mr. David Kuhlman, belonged the re- sponsibility of preparing all the pictures for this year's PANTHER. Long hours of taking, developing, and printing resulted in high quality photographs and merits the highest praise. AD AND SPONSOR SALESMEN Upon the student body, especially the Senior class which sponsored the book, fell the obliga- tion of soliciting ads and sponsors to pay for the yearbook. To each and every one of them especially leading salesmen Ted Childs and Tommy White, and to jimmy Lee, Stewart Cooke, johnny Leaver, jimmy Faris, Ed Warner and Randall Wyatt-the 1955 PANTHER owes its very existence. BUSINESS STAFF To Messrs. Bill Egolf and ,jimmy Schrichte, our business managers, went the job of en- couraging the sales of ads and sponsors, keeping account of their totals and receipts, and plan- ning the advertisement section. TYPISTS Upon Father Hitchcock, and Messrs. Bob Brennan, Tommy Kerrigan, Tom Coplin, Charles Kinnard, and me fell the task of typing all the PANTHER Copy. Right, I. to r., Billy Humphrey and David Kuhlman check over some prints in the photography room. DISTRIBUTION To Messrs. Ted Childs, Tommy White, and Frank Connor, belong the responsibility of distributing the 1955 PANTHER to its audience upon publication: to the Bishop, the faculty and student body of FATHER RYAN HIGH SCHOOL, the pastors, religious communities, and all the Catholic schools of the Nashville area. Also, the 1955 PANTHER staff wishes to thank: The Most Reverend William L. Adrian, D.D., Bishop of Nashville, for his very inspiring letter to the graduating class, Father Francis R. Shea, principal, for his fine letter, for his encouragement, and for his many, many permissions, The faculty of Father Ryan, for their encouragement, co-operation, and forebearanceg The Senior Class of 1955, who sponsored the book and sold the most ads and sponsors, The junior, Sophomore, and Freshman classes, for their part in the ad and sponsor campaign and their good will, And all the advertisers and sponsors. Sincerely, Don Wolfe, Editor-in-Chief - Duncan, David . . . I DEX Acknowledgments, Letter of Activities Adams, Frank Administration Adrian, Most Rev. XYfm. L. Advertisements Agagianian, Cardinal Allen, H. A. . 13, 53, Archie, Andy 29, 43, Athletics Ayers, Douglas . Ayers, john 29, 43, 49 "B" Teams Badacour, Dan Baggott, Darrell Baggott, Norman Bagwell, Allen Baltz, Alfred Band Barnard, Michael Baseball Basketball Bateman, Tom Bates,joe Batson, joe Batson, Norman Bauman, james Beasley, Leslie Beckman, Ray Beehan, Nick Bell, Harold Bell, Leonidas Beuerlein, joe Beuerlein, Tom Bevington, Father Boguskie, Charles Boles, Skip Boles, jerry Boosters' Club Bosley, Edward. Bowling Boyd, Billy- 16, 26, Bradley, Emmett Brennan, Bob. . . Brown, jerry . . Brown, W'illiam . . Bruer, Mike. - Buchanan, Ed - . - Burns Benson. - Burns, jimmy . Burns, john Burns Mike Burns Tom Burns Bill Byrne, George Byrne, james Byrne, XVilliam C.S.M.C. - Campbell, W'ayne Campion, Owen Carl, Bill Carlton, Thomas Carney, David 28,47,52,54, 27, 42, 44, .--29, 29, l7,42, 70-71 42-49 . 32 8-13 --..10 74 .. 79 59, 79 47,58 50-65 35 54,65 . 62 .- 29 . 16 32 35 16 48 29 65 58-61 29,54 57,65 32 29, 54 32 35 29,49 29 16 29,63 35 35 12 35 32 . 29 6s 16 . 64 46,48 . 35 16,47 47, 54 35 35 -.- 29 29 29,49 29 .. 35 32 29,63 63,65 32, 63 - 35 44 35,63 35.44 29 67,89 35 Carney, Nelson Chapman, Dayton Cheek, joe - - . Cheerleaders -- Childs, Ted - .-- Classes . .. - . Coen, joe . . Coleman, Alan . Colley, Pat . . Collier, Herman Collins, Eugene . Color -.. ,,.,. ..5 H Connor, Frank - Connor, Richard Coode, Mike . . Coode, Vic Cooke, Stewart Connelly, john . Coplin, Tom Corlew, james Coursey, Lloyd Crawford, Darryl Crowder, Thomas Crowell, Don Cummings, Anthony Cunningham, Father Darks, Sterling Debate Team Dedication Dematteo, Tony Derrick, Tommy Dickman, Paul Dickman, Ray Dittemore, Don Donnelly, Ken 18 Donnelly, Tom Dooley, Edgar Doyle, james Drake, Francis Drake, Leroy Drennan, joe Duncan, Dan . . . Dumont, Mike .... Durham, Billy. - - Durrett, Don . - - Edmondson, joe - - . Egolf, Bill .,,.. . . . Eiselein, Father- - - Eiseman, Father ..,. Epilogue . .... . - - Estes, Horace ..., Evans, james . Faculty . Farris, jimmy Fey, Charles . . . Fitzgerald, Robert. - - Flair, Leo - . . Flowers, Robert - Football . Foreword Forte, Carl . 17, -.--14 .-29, 45, 42, 43, 35 ----19 -.--12 . .-12 ---.--12 ----19 55 Forte, Tony 32 59 29 Fox, Wayne . 29 175 45 Freeman, Charles 354 62 Freeman, Robert 34 43 42, 64 Freeman, William 36 '59 Frensley, Robert 32 - 17 Freshmen . . 34-37 H 32 Frey, Woody 32 44 47, 63 .- 32 Gabriel, Sister M.. 13 35, 44 Gaddis, Bill . . - 32 ... 62 Gardner, Henry 36 17, 42 Geist, George A ... 19, 45 32, 48 Geist, joe . .. . 36 - 35 Gentry, Mrs. Alice - . - 13 29 Gill, Anthony. . 36, 44, 56, 63, 65 54,66 GleeClub.- . - - 48 35 Golf .. . 64 17 Goostree, Ken 32, 54, 56, 58 32 Gouldner, Ed 36 35 Gouldner, Bill 32 35 Graham, Louie 29,52,58,59,60,6l,64 29 Grigolite, Henry . 36 35 Gunter, Clarence 32 I8 15, 45 Haglage, jerry 32 Hahn, jerry .. 32 52. 65 Hamm, Walter - 36 44 Hanley, john 28, 43, 44, 47, 54 4 Hardin, David 36 63 29 Harmon, Andy 29 54 13, 65 Harper, jim 36 55 Hartsock, Richard 19 32 63 29 Hash, Greever 32 63 55 Hathcock, Dave 29 47: 49 Hathcock, Don 20 65, 65 Heins, Ray 36 52 Heimbach, Richard 36 29 Heimbach, Larry 32 52 Hill, Fletcher 36 63 35 Hiller, Richard 29 32, 65 Hitchcock, Father 12, 38, 42, 46 67 185 54 Hoffman,Wm. 13 48 185 54 Hofstetter, Father. 13 34 48 29, 65 Holmes, john 20, 38, 54, 58 18, 58 Holmes, Mike - 36 63 191 26 Horton, Charles. .. . -. 32 19 Horton, Vince- -- . .--32 64 Hudson, Billy .... -- 34, 63 65 38' 48 Huffman, Leroy- - - .. . - . . 32 28' 67 Humphrey, Billy.,-20,27,42,43,49,7l ' 69 Hunley, Larry- -.-.....-......,, 56 'H 35 Hunt, Billy -.---- -.. 36 35 Hunter, Mitchell. . ----20 Index.--. .... -- 77,72-73 '13 Inn, Jerry. .. . -32, 44 63 49, 64 - - 29 jackson, joe .. .. , 732 -- 35 jarvis, joe. - -.-..- ..28, 43 29, 63 john, Sister M. .. .... , 13, 49 29 johnson, Shelton ..31, 43, 44, 63 54-57 johnston, joe V29 . .-6 jones, Billy 36, 63 - 35 journalism 42 julius, Father ,,,,,. 12, 43, 47, 67, juniors777777 ,,,,,A- YYYYRZ8 Kane, Louis ,,,,, , , K Keating, Don ,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,i Keating, Richard 7 ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Kerrigan, johnny ,,,, 20, 28, 67, Kerrigan, Paul 7 7 77 ,A,, 7 V 7 .7 7 Kerrigan, Tommy 7 77 7 7 720, KeyClub 77 Killen, William 7 7 King,Ed ,,., ..,,, 7 Kinnard, Charles 7 7 7 -,,,, 7 7 7 7 Kleiser, Gene ,,.,, ,,,,,, 2 8, 43, Kohl, john ,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,--v Kuhlman, Dave 7 7 31,43,44,47,63,7 1 Kuhlman, William7 31, 43, 44, 47, Lagan, Edmund7 7 7 7777 Lambert, Ed777 7 77732, Lancaster, Alan 7 7 7 7 7 7 Langdon, Pat 7 7 7 77 Lawson, Harold 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Lea, Luke ,A,,,, 7 ,,,,,,,, 34, Leach, Sam ,,,. ,,,l,,,,,,,,,, Lee, jimmy 7 7 ,,,, 21, 26, 54, Less, Herman 7 7 7 7 77 ,,,. 7 7 7 7 7 Leaver, johnny ,,,, 7 721, 38, 42, Lewis, Adrian 7 7 7 7 ,,,,,,, 733, Lewis, Tupper 7 77 Lisle, jimmy 7 7 I7 7 7 ,,,,, 7 77 Literary Quarterly 77777 7777777 Long, Leo 7777 7713, 53, 59, Lynch, Kendall 7 Lynch, Murray7 721, 27, 38, 52, 60 58, 59, , Lynch,PHCky 7 73o,54,58,59, 65, McCool, Robert7 7 McCormick, james 7 7 7 McCurdy, Dick 7 7 7 7 30, McHugh, james 77 7 7 36, McNeilly, Frank7 7 7 22, 45, McNeilly, Robert 7 7 7 7 7 7 McRedmond, Tom 7 7 77 77 Mabry, james 7 7 7 7 7 722, Mabry, William 7 7 7 77 Maddux, Paul 7777 7 7 7 7 30, Madewell, Lester 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Mallory, Ken 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Mallory, Larry 7 7 7 Mariutto, Rudy 7777 Martin, john E. 7 7 . ,7.7. 33, 54, Martin, john T .777 77777777 Mattox, Riley 7777 7 7 7 30, Maurer, Nicky77 7 7 7 7 22, Merris, Tom 7 7 7 7 7 7 Moore, Tom 7 7 7 7 7 7 MOINA, THE7 7 77 Morgan, Father 7 7 7 7 7 12, Morrison, Bill 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Murray, Mike 7 7 7 7 7777 7 7 730, Neidert, Robert 777722, 44, 52, Nicholson, Mike 7 7 7 77 7 Niedergeses, Father 7 7 7 77 Nolasco, Sister M .7777 7 7 Norman, George 7 7 Norman, Harold 7 7 7 7 Norman, Larry 7 7 7 Nourse, Bill 7777 5 OConnor,Ed77 77 O'Connor, johnny7 22, 54, 56, O'Connor, Michael P 7777777 33, 12, 33, 37. 65 O'Connor, Michael S. 7 7 7 7 O'Connor, Tim 777777 Ordway, Richard 7 7 7 Osborne, jerry 7 7 7 7 Osborne, james 7 7 7 7 7 Otto, Billy 777777 PANTHER, THE7 7 7 ,7 Parham, Frank 7777 7 7 7 7 7 7 Passons, Charles 7777 7 7 7 7 7 7 Patrick, George 7777 722, 27, Patrick, joe7 7 7 7 77 7777777 777 Perkerson, Richard 7 7 7 7 7 Pickler, Tom 7 7 7 7 Pickney, Ray 7777 Potter, Austin 7 7 Pratt, Bernard 7 7 7 Prom 7 77777 Ray, Paul 7 7 37, 30, 45,3 33, Reese, Charles 7 77 7 7 7 7 7 7 33 Resha, Louis 7 7 77 Resha,Ray7 7 77 7 7 33, 30,3 Riordan, Dan 7. 77 7 30, 60, Riordan, Pat 23, 42, 44, 46, 47, Rogers, Bill 77 77 77 Rowan, Don 7 Rushford, Bill 7 Saad, Ellis Salutatorian Sapp, joe Scruggs, Lucian Scheffer, joe Schenk, Bob Schrichte,jimmy 7 42, 45, 59, 65, Schrichte, William 7 Schultzbach, jerry Semmes, Raphael7 7 7 7 Sen1ors7 7 7777 7 7 7 7 7 Seniors cont. 7 Seibert, George 7 7 7 7 Seigenthaler, Tom 7 7 Sevier, Ken 7 7 7 7 Sharbel, Pat 7 7777.7 7 Shea, Father7 7 7 7 Siener, Father 7 77 12, Singer, Ray 7 7 77 7 7 Sluss, Henry 7 7 77 77 Smart, Charles V - - - 4 30, Smith, Tommy7 7 7 7 7 723, Sophomores 7 7 7 7 77 77 77 Spelta, james 7 7 77 23, 34 30 47, 66 30 33 316 11, 31, 44, 61 31- 55 5 1 1 y Spelta, Tony7 Spring Sports 7 7 Standl Standl ey, joe 7 7 7 ey, William 7 StaiT7777 77 7 Steward, Larry7 7 7 St. Charles, joe 7 St. Charles, Paul7 7 Sterna, Robert 7 STOA 7 7 77 Student Council7 7 Strasser, john 7 Strasser, William Strane, Robert 7 7 Strobel, jerry7 7 7 7 Sullivan, Bob 7 Sullivan, Mike 77 7 Sutherland, Arthur 7 Superlatives Table of Contents Tant, Don 7 7 7 7 Tate, David 7 Taylor, john Tennis 7 7 Terry, Thom Town jack ason, Charles7 7 es, Richard Trebing,XVilliam 77 Tribute X 7 7 Unlan Unlan d, Richard tl, XWilliam Valedictorian V Vanderpool, Terry Varall o, Frank Vestal, Don Ward, David Warner, Ed Weber, Dan Weber, james Weidner, Melvin Wfeiland, David Weis, George West, Wheel Whela White, White, White, White, Billy an, jimmy n, Pat Pat Ray Richard Tommy 25, Wilk, Frank Williams, Willie Wills, Wirth, joe Larry Wolf, Tommy Wolfe, Wyatt, Don 7 Randall Wy'nne, Tommy York, Charles 7 23, 54 33, 30, 58 30, 44 24, 49, 27, 26, 22 44, 22 30 42 52 24 38, 59 42 26, 46, 41 733,54 764-65 7 37 7 33 76,71 7 737 59,65 5 733 2 33 7 44 7 743 7 30 54,63 33 37 59,60 737,63 49,58 26-27 7 730 737,43 77 33 7765 730,54 77733 7 733 737 68 730 737 26 7 37 58,65 7737 37,63 7 724 33 37 7 37 46,41 58,65 24,89 7 24 27,49 7 733 737 54,55 65,66 24 43,67 37,63 30 33 37 25 42,41 47,89 25,89 49,89 21 43 COACH HOWARD ALLEN MR. 84 MRS. EDWARD ARNDT ALFRED BALTZ MISS BERNADINE BALTZ MISS ELIZABETH BALTZ FRANCIS BALTZ JOSEPH BALTZ, JR. LOUIS BALTZ, JR. MR. 84 MRS. THOS. J. BATEY MR. 84 MRS. GEORGE BECKMAN RAY BECKMAN MR. 84 MRS. W. C. BELL, JR. MR. 84 MRS. W. C. BELL, SR. JOHNNY BERRY FATHER W. S. BEVINGTON JACKSON BLECKMAN MISS BEVERLY BOGUSKIE MR. 84 MRS. WM. BOYD MISS CAMILLE BROWN MR. 84 MIQS. WM. J. BROWN MR. 84 MIIS. F. A. BURKE CLIFFORD M. BYRNE JAMES BYRNE MRS. JAS. J. BYRNE, JR. JIMMY 84 BILLY BYRNE MISS MARGARET BYRNE OWEN F. CAMPION, JR. MR. 84 MRS. T. I. CARLTON MIKS. OLICE CARNEY MRS. BILL CARRELL FATHER T. F. CASHIN CATHEDRAL 8TH GRADE MRS. FRANK CHEATHEM CHRIST THE KING CHORUSTERS MRS. HENRY CLUNAN MR. 84 MRS. D. K. COEN MR. 84 MRS. EUGENE F. CONNOR FRANK CONNOR MR. 84 MRS. GHEENS CONN MR. 84 MRS. JOHN D. COODE, JR. JOSEPH A. COODE MR. 84 MRS. W. A. CORLEW MRS. L. T. COURSEY MISS LOUISE COURSEY FATHER A. J. CUNNINGHAM MR. RAY DICKMAN MRS. ANNA DOOLEY MR. 84 MRS. EDGAR B. DOOLEY, JR. MRS. W. M. DUMONT MR. 84 MRS. D. G. EVERETT FATHER J. E. EISELEIN MR. 84 MRS. M. C. FARRIS MRS. PAUL FEDUN MR. MILLER R. FELTS SPONSORS MRS. ELEANOR DUBISSON FOSSICK MR. 84 MRS. PHILIP FREY WOODY FREY A FRIEND MR. 8i MRS. J. M. GALLAGHER, SR. MRS. JOHN GEIST JOHN J. GEIST, III THERESA GEIST MRS. ALICE GENTRY JOHN DE GEORGE, JR. W. S. GILLESPIE MARY E. GILLIGAN MR. 84 MRS. LEO GRAHAM DR. C. M. HAMILTON MR. 84 MRS. JOHN M. HANLEY MRS. KATHERINE HARRIS MR. 84 MIKS. JACK HAYES MISS MARIE HAYES MR. WILLIAM HEMMELGARN FATHER J. R. HITCHCOCK MR. 84 MRS. PAUL W. HOLDEN MR. 84 MIIS. O.B. HOESTE'I"I'ER A 5cJAS. L. HOLMES, U.S.A.F. MRS. MAIIY D. HOLMES MR. 84 MIIS. R. W. HUFITMAN MR. 84 MIKS. C. F. HUMPHREY BILL HUMPHREY WALTER ITIN MR. 84 MIIS. J. E. JOHNSON MRS. CORNELIA JONES FATHER J. W. JULIUS FATHER E. KELLEY MR. 84 MRS. GERRY KEOGH MR. 84 MRS. J. J. KERRIGAN JOSEPHINE KERRIGAN MR. 84 MRS. PHILIP KERRIGAN, JR. MR. 84 MRS. THOMAS J. KERRIGAN MR. 84 MRS. JAMES L. KILLEN MR. 84 MRS. GROVER KING PHIL KINNARD MR. 84 MRS. L. A. LAWRENCE J. LEAVER 84J. LYNCH MRS. S. P. LOGAN, SR. MR. HORACE LOVIN ROBERT J. MCCAFFREY MR. 84 MRS. MARTIN T. MCNAMARA, JR. DAVID MATTOX MR. 84 MRS. G. RILEY MATTOX, SR. MR. 84 MRS. G. A. MILLER FATHER W. E. MORGAN MR. L. B. MORRIS MOUNTCASTLE IMPORT MOTORS NENON MURRAY FATHER J. D. NIEDERGESES LARRY NORMAN MR. 84 MRS. ED. J. O,CONNOR MRS. JOHN O,CONNOR RUBE PARKER MRS. PATSY PARKS MR. 84 MRS. GEORGE PATRICK MR. 84 MRS. FRANK PETRONE EMILE PETRONE WRENNE fSTONEYJ PHELPS DAVID POWER JOHN E. POWER ROBERT E. POWER MR. 84 MRS. JOHN E. RIORDAN THOMAS J. ROACHE MRS. J. B. ROBERTS WILL ROGERS MR. 84 MRS. THOMAS B. ROWAN MIQS. PAUL ST. CHARLES MRS. WILLIAM B. SCHENK JIM 84 CHRIS SCHRICHTE MR. 84 MRS. R. G. SCHRICHTIE FATHER F. R. SHEA CAPT. BILLY J. SHOULDERS FATHER L. C. SIENER MR. 84 MIIS. M. L. SMITH MR. 84 MRS. GLENN SNEED MR. 84 MRS. P. IE. SPIELTA lfll L. STRASSIIR MRS. ED L. STRASSER MR. 84 MRS. HEIKMAN S. STROEL MIIS. A. J. SU'I'HI5RI.ANIJ MRS. CARI. D. TAYLOR TOWNES 84 CO. MR. 84 MIIS. JOHN F. TOWNES DICK TRACY MR. 84 MRS. JOHN A. VANDERPOOL H. H. VAUGHAN BILL VERCHOTA VILLAGE JEWELRY SHOP BILLY WALKER MR. 84 MRS. A. J. WEILAND JOANNE K. WEILAND MRS. GEORGE F. WEIS MR. 84 MRS. WM. L. WELKER MR. JAMES WELSH MR. 84 MRS. THOMAS R. WEST MR. T. HOWARD WHITE MR. 84 MRS. BILL WILLIAMS MR. 84 MRS. LAWRENCE WILLIAMS MR. 84 MRS. CHARLES WOLF DON WOLFE MR. JOHN M. WOLFE MR. 84 MRS. ROLAND C. WOLFE 74 COMPLIMENTS OF THE WOMEN'S AUXILIARY OF FATHER RYAN HIGH SCHOOL MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. A. N. ARCHIE MRS. W. C. BAIRD MRS. J. K. BAUMAN MRS. L. W. BEASLEY MRS. N. G. BEEHAN MRS. W. C. BELL, SR. MRS. PAUL BREEN MRS. J. J. BEUERLEIN MRS. W. C. BOLES MRS. W. J. BOYD MRS. N. F. BRADY MRS. PAUL BRENNAN MRS. HOWARD L. BRUER MRS. CHARLES BUCHANAN R. MRS. MICHAEL BURNS J MRS. M. J. BURNS MRS. LEO BURNS MRS. WILLIAM BURNS MRS. J. J. BYRNE MRS. OWEN CAMPION MRS. MONROE CARELL MRS. T. W. CARL MRS. IvO CARLTON MRS. ALBERT G. CARNEY MRS. DAYTON CHAPMAN MRS. S. CHEEK MRS. P. C. CHILDS MRS. D. K. COEN MRS. R. A. COLEMAN MRS. C. GHEENS CONN MRS. JOHN CONNOLLY, JR. MRS. EUGENE CONNOR MRS. JAMES CORLEW MRS. EDWARD CRAWFORD MRS. J. M. CUMMINGS MRS. PIERRE DE GRAAUW MRS. R. L. DICKMAN MRS. SARAH K. DONNELLY MRS. WINIFRED G. DUMONT MRS. E. S. DURHAM MRS. H. D. DURRETT MRS. JOHN W. EGOLF, SR. MRS. T. R. ESTES OFFICERS A. SUTHERLAND, JR. L,,,.,,LL President GEORGE PATRICK SSSSSSSS Vice President JAMES F. WALSH ..SS..LSI....S Treasurer CHARLES WOLF v,,,,L Recording Secretary P. W. DUNCAN S S ,Corresponding Secretary MRS. JOHN GEIST MRS. JAMES H. GILL MRS. C. E. GLASGOW MRS. M. J. GORHAM MRS. MARTIN F. GRAHAM MRS. HENRY J. GRIGOLITE MRS. F. L. HAHN MRS. DAVID E. HARDIN MRS. A. C. HARTSOCK MRS. H. R. HILLER MRS. MARY HOLMES MRS. ED. HORTON MRS. C. F. HUMPHREY MRS. W. E. HUNT MRS. J. W. JACKSON MRS. SHELTON JOHNSON MRS. J. C. JOHNSTON MRS. WM. D. JONES MRS. T. J. KERRIGAN MRS. GROVER KING MRS. J. A. KLEISER MRS. L. W. KUHLMAN MRS. C. M. LANCASTER MRS. LUKE LEA, JR. MRS. W. J. LEAVER MRS. E. M. LEWIS MRS. BEN J. LISLE MRS. JOHN M. LYNCH, SR. MRS. JAMES B. MCREDMOND MRS. ROBERT L. MANNING MRS. JAMES C. MABRY MRS. ORVILLE G. MADDUX MRS. GEORGE R. MATTOX MRS. JOHN H. MILLER MRS. JOSEPH MOGAN MRS. E. J. MOORE MRS. P. K. MORRISON MRS. NENON MURRAY MRS. L. G. NEIDERT MRS. HENRY NEIDERT MRS. MURRAY NICHOLSON MRS. M. F. NICHOLSON MRS. DEWEY NORMAN MRS. R. W. NOURSE MRS. E. T. O,CONNOR MRS. JOS. A. OTTO MRS. RUSSELL PARHAM MRS. GEORGE H. PATRICK MRS. J. E. PICKLER MRS. FRANK J. PICKNEY MRS. C. H. REESE, JR. MRS. H. E. RIORDAN MRS. C. A. RYE MRS. JOHN P. SAAD MRS. T. R. SANDERS MRS. ALTON F. SAPP MRS. JOSEPH SCHEFFER MRS. WM. B. SCHENK MRS. ROBERT SCHRICHTE MRS. CYRIL SCHULTZBACH MRS. GEORGE E. SEIBERT MRS. MARY B. SEIGENTHALER MRS. G. B. SEVIER MRS. CHARLES SINGER MRS. HARRY G. SLUSS MRS. CHARLES H. SMART MRS. MARY RYAN SMITH MRS. HUGO STERNA MRS. ED. STRASSER MRS. O. B. SULLINS MRS. JOHN W. TOWNES MRS. W. A. TREBING MRS. R. E. UNLAND MRS. FRANK VARALLO MRS. ALEC WARNER MRS. A. J. WEILAND MRS. GEORGE WEIS MRS. S. E. WHEELAN MRS. LAWRENCE WILLIAMS MRS. FRANK WILK MRS. LAWRENCE WIRTH MRS. T. HOWARD WHITE MRS. ROLAND C. WOLFE MRS. JAMES R. WYATT MRS. T. J. WYNNE 75 Q Congratulations to Our Next Boosters THE FATHER RYAN BOOSTER CLUB Compliments to the SENIORS OF FATHER RYAN HIGH SCHOOL Q26 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS NASHVILLE COUNCIL NO. 544 77 L. T. LEWIS AND SCDNS ir THE NATIONAL LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE CCMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 'Ir REACH FCR A WZJMQ Wag A Visiting Cardinal Agagianian 7 C ,L 2, Patriarch of the Armenians, gives W , 'W Holy Communion to jimmy Schrich- f' gf 4 te at the Cathedral. Fathers Leppert it and Niedergeses assist him, 'f wwf, 1 a,sf""1 ? i f of T2 l ' , s to XX Q s x l xy' 'X Tommy Smith takes his typhoid shot like a big, brave man. Ecstasy! The smile of victory! Nicky Lynch, having scored a last second two pointer to beat West 50-49, is surrounded I. to r., by Mr. john M. Lynch, Sr., Coaches Howard Allen and Leo Long. s 41 Q See Compiiments of EVERETT HOLZAPFEL ST. THOMAS SCHOOL OF NURSING at MALLERNEE'S St. Thomas Hospital Sixth Avenue "' Q Q ir Compliments of PHILLIPS 8. BuT'roRFF ir AUTO LAUNDRY Body Work, Fender Work, Painting Let us keep your car of today on the road tomorrow." JOHN E. HOSTETTLER Q Compliments of M I KE PETRONE llOO Charlotte Phone 6-9783 An Unparallelled Service For Institutional Users of Fine Foods ir ALLOWAY BROTH ERS COMPANY B 8: W CAFETERIA 22-6th Avenue, North Phone 4-879i 'A' A Good Place to Meet and Eat E. I. TUCK PLUMBING 8: HEAT 138-140-12th Ave., No. Phone 6-0228 8. 6-8553 "There is a difference" Contractors 81 Dealers in Plumbing, Steam ING CO. 8. Hot Water Heating, 8. Sprinkler Systems. ir DAVITT'S Correct Campus Togs Sixth at Union 'A' Compliments of JOE HALLUM JO l9th and Church St. Drive-ln Service E REGEN EVANS-HAILEY COMPANY Incorporated Plumbing 8- Heating Contractors Fine Plumbing, Hot Water, Steam, Vapor 81 Vacuum Heating Systems Automatic Sprinkler Systems Nashville 4, Tennessee SHERMAN CONCRETE PIPE CO, of Nashville, lnc. Sewers-Culverts-Railway 81 Specia Corrugated Metal Culverts 2400 Heiman St. Nashvi Phone 6-5693 I Pipe lle, Tenn. l 'k Compliments of Compliments of NASHVILLE ELECTROTYPE CO. MORRISSEY MEATS 8: PROVISIONS ir Compliments of "TOM HARRISON" FLOWERS FIDELITY FEDERAL sAvlNG 8. LoAN ASSN l West End at Twenty-First X Fourth and Union 4-1891 Phone 4-8461 MARY C. MAMMARELLI 'k Best Wishes of Compliments of ir NICK 8: DOIVIENICK'S RESTAURANT YOUNG SALES CORPORATION if Industrial Insulation Fine Food Since 1907 1101 Laurel Street ir County- Wid e Free Delivery WEST NASHVILLE SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY NASHVILLE SURGICAL SUPPLY C0- 5lO6 Charlotte 1911 Church Sf, if Phone 5-4567 Phone 97-5515 'A' ir ir Prompt Courteous Service WILSON QUICK PHARMACY if 708 Church St. Mgr. Mr. 8K Mrs. Tom Scanlon PVGSCHPTIOH SPeClC1llSf5 Phone 6-3176 85 'A' Compliments of RELIGION CLASS II A 'A' Best Wishes from 'A' F. N. McNEILLY CO. JOHN GEIST 8: SONS 'k Hand 8. Power Lawn Mower Specialists 'A' 311 Jefferson St. Phone 6-2434 Best Wishes of GILMORE-CLUNAN REAL ESTATE B 8. B AMUSEMENT COMPANY Amusement Machines 124 B Fifth Avenue, South 6-2781 MELFI'S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 1923 Division Street Phone 6-8438 'A' Serving Fine Foods, Chile, Steaks, Chops Chicken Dinners, Italian Spaghetti Open 5 p,m. to 2 a.m. CITY RENDERING CO. Owned 8. Operated by Brown Bros. Render of tallow 8. Bones Remover of Dead Animals Nashville, Tennessee Roofing-Heating Air Conditioning Residentia l-Commercial 'A' C. H. REESE 8: SONS 1309 Church Street Phone 5-6607 A R C H I E ' S TELEVISION AND APPLIANCE SERVICE s 6-4166 6 Phone: 6-4167 1535-37 Demonbreun A Room Coolers, Refrigerators and 6-4168 4253 C FactorY authorized service on all 9016 T8 maior makes of TV and Radio, -:?, VE'.' Washers, Dryers. ang? SCI-LF Small Appli GHCSS Notice to all interested Faculty members, students, and friends: ir PANTH ER PHOTOS 'A' Will sell 8 x 10 prints of any pictures appearing in this book for 75c. lf interested, please conact ir BILLY HUMPHREY OR DAVID KUHLMAN 97-2329 9-5758 GLQYD COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND C956 85 -L-.li if Compnmenfs of KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT COMPANY if Compliments ot 'Ir MARTIN'S FUNERAL SERVICE GEO. BALTZ l329 Vultee Blvd. Nashville, Tenn. L. F. BALTZ QLE Tp Phone Phone 4-3lO7 741' E56 4-3lO7 ss w sci-LP' BALTZ TV 8: RADIO SERVICE Pickup cmd Delivery All work GUARANTEED Compliments of 'k MARSHALL-DONNELLY-COMBS Funeral Directors Established 1892 JOHN WEIS, INC. 226 Fourth Avenue, North 'A' Featuring Nationally Advertised Brands 'A' Trade with Confidence Best Wishes of ST. NIARY'S CHURCH Compliments of ir BOB WRAY l 86 i. I ,sl l WHEN IN THIS FIX rl ,, .Lx IQ K iii' 4 'O ' Y Compliments of 6 i ' - '9a.!1" . , , "i V CA'-L ' l l3ll,' ' VELVET ICE CREAM CO. ! .6 X JAMES F. WALSH PLUMBING C0 ik Special Attention Given to Repair Work Day 81 Night Phone 6-l65l 7th and Church Sts. Phone 42-6411 NashviIle's Complete Department Store for Famous Brands and SPM lSmaIl Profit Margin? Values. DET DISTRIBUTING COMPANY HILLSBORC CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY Office ond Plant 16th and Division ir Good taste, too,hos its champion X X Budwelsen ff I. A G E R B E E R j ANHEUSER-BUSCH,INC. - ST. LOUIS, Mo. - NewARK,N.J. ir SOUTHERN BEER CCJMPANY We are proud of our wide-awake, ' F ther Julius takes a alert faculty. a cat nap during ten minute recess. Some drips and their drags drop in at the junior Prom's Cafe Royale. W tt Kay Carter, L to r., Randall ya , Rosetta Hughes, Tommy Kerrigan, date, and johnny Kerrigan. The Big Three: Tommy Kerrigan, George Weis, and Tommy Carlton d h rocession for the Marian lea t e p Year Mass into the Vanderbilt Gymnasium. Thatls Tommy Wynne and Don Wolfe grimly looking over their shoulder. See JOHN "SKlPPER" DONNELLY ,ag 14- W If f Ghz 260 ,Q , 1 ,- , XL vf,',f, - - W.. ., ,- f , ,far 4 A y, cg f W ? 62 , , 'A' CAMP MARYMOUNT 1955 SEASON 41 Member of American Camping Assn. THE SOUTH'S LARGEST AND MOST POPULAR CATHOLIC CAMP FOR BOYS AND GIRLS K in A ' :,.,' ""'A t City Office: Camp Address: at Camp Marymount Camp Marymount 2300 Elliston Place Route 3 LEVYVS Nashville 5, Tenn. Kingston Springs, T . QT8 Sixth Avenue, North em E 8: E BEER CO. ir 'A' A iiii ll The BEERThat Made Milwaukee Famous Compliments of FROSTY MORN MEATS -A' HOWINGTON PLUMBING 8: HEATING CO. Estimates Cheerfully Furnished 903 Church Street Phone 6-0787 WALTER IBRITCHESJ JONES 202 Shelby Avenue COMPLIMENTS Compliments of OF A CAPITOL CLEANERS FRlEND WHITE COTTAGE RESTAURANT ll02-3rd 8. Jefferson St. Compliments ot A. D. BOENSCH TENNESSEE SALVAGE CO. l7l-2nd Ave., No. GREEN HILLS BOOTERY Finest Suburban Shoe Store in South MARVINE NIX HARRY NIX, JR. CORRINE HUTCHINSON Compliments of RADNOR PLUMBING CO. SAM BITTNER'S COSTUME STUDIO Formal Wear Rental Service 230V2 4th Ave., No. Ca Ceramic Tile For Every Purpose Wood Mantles Marble Bath Accessories 3-H66 956 Main St SINGER BROTHERS Compliments of JIM BURNS DAVID and LEO WISE 2403 Franklin Road Compliments of MERRYLOG FARMS INC. WEILAND'S, INC. Photographic Equipment 8. Supplies 8l2 Church St. C. W. KEMPKAU 8: COMPANY Phone 6-6688 8l3-8l6 3rd Ave., No. Compliments of RELIGION CLASS IV A RELIGION CLASS III A Compliments of OREN A. OLIVER, JR. GULF SERVICE STATION 4000 Hillsboro Rd. J. L. KAIN Printing 8. Book Binding 406-21st Ave., So. WRIGHT'S PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE 2811-13 West End Ave. Call 7-2211 Serving Drug Stores in the South Since 1918 Compliments of J. NI. GALLAGHER CO. Realtors JOHN P. GRIIVIES Sales 8. Appraisals Office Phone 42-1490 1531 Demonbreun Night 8. Sun. 97-2224 4- RICE 8. CLOWER SERVICE STATION Service Station Nolensville Rd. 8. Thompson Lane 0936 5-9449 COLONIAL SILVER PLATING CO. Nashville, Tenn. FRANK 8. ANNE TRUDEN 1528 Demonbreun St. 5-3391 CUMBERLAND DIST. CO. 1206 Demonbreun St. 42-0471 Wholesale flooring covering 8. Electrical Appliances LITTLE BROS. SERVICE STATION 2614-16 Franklin Road 24 hour service Compliments of DRAUGI'ION'S BUSINESS COLLEGE RHfEA LITTLE ESSO SERVICE STATION Franklin Rd. 8. Kirkwood Lane Best Wishes of RELIGION CLASS II B Compliments of CATHEDRAL HIGH SCHOOL PROGRESSIVE COAL CO., INC. Coal--Heating Service Clean Hot Heat JOHN COODE, JR., Manager 922-2nd Ave., No. Phone 6-5657 RICHARD ROSA 8: SON Expert Engravers of Silverware and Jewelry Phone 54-7706 408-410 Vendome Bldg. Compliments of Lay's Potato Chips H. w. LAY s. co., mc. Compliments of CONSUMER FINANCE 8: THRIFT CO. WEST END BARBER SHOP Five Chairs Quick Service 2814 West End Ave. Ask for and insist on VARALl.O'S Famous Chili FRANK VARALLO 8. JIM CELLA Manufacturers 8. Distributors Craighead St. Phone 8-6518 Compliments of BEAUTY BOX SALON .IOSLIN ELECTRIC CO. "Control Specialist" 2213-21st Ave., So. Phone 8-7791 Compliments of JOHNNY ROTIER AL'S TAVERN MEADOR 8: HEISE PHARMACY Prescription Center 2209 Hillsboro Rd. Phone 8-0652 DODGE CLEANERS Broadway at Lyle DOC BYRD'S GULF SERVICENTER 16th 8. Demonbreun Phone 6-2416 Compliments of ARM ISTEAD-KELLY SERVICENTER Harding Rd. 8. Woodmont Blvd. Phone 9-6941 VESTER'S 4107 Hillsboro Rd. W. C. JOHNSON, Mgr. Fountain Service 8. Good Food HILLSBORO BARBER SHOP 2204-21st Ave., So. ST. MARY'S BOOKSTORE Compliments Of 508 Deciderick St. Phone 6-0707 Catholic Books of All Publishers FIRST MORTGAGE CO. OF NASHVILLE Q . . . . eligious Articles Cards B. H. STIEF JEWELRY CO. 214-216 6th Ave., No. Nashville, Tennessee Since 1858 PHILLIPS 8: KENNEDY ESSO SERVICE 3815 Hillsboro Rd. Budget Terms Road Service-Tires-Batteries Washing-Lubrication NASHVILLE DIAPER SERVICE l4OO Demonbreun St. Phone 5-8769 FRANK BUSH JEWELRY CO. 2Ol-7th Ave., No. Feature Lock Diamonds Nationally Famous Watches BLAZER BROTHERS Expert Rug Cleaners Nashville's Pioneer Rug Cleaning Family CORSINI'S RESTAURANT For Epicures Compliments of ST. BERNARD ACADEMY Compliments of JOI'INSON'S ESSO Portland 8. Belmont Compliments of PAUL ST. CHARLES BELMONT PHARMACY 3lO8 Belmont Blvd. Phone 8-6646 THE PENNY SAVER GROCERY 2l79 Nolensville Road Phone 5-0623 We Deliver Compliments of CENTRAL PRODUCE CO. Compliments of TONY ST. CHARLES 8: PAT CRANDALL I77-8th Ave., No. NICK VARALLO'S Barbecue-Chili-Pizza Harding Rd. at Page Rd. Phone 8-9l8l Compliments of DELUXE ICE CREAM CO. Compliments of MIKE AND JOHN HOLLORAN MARCHETTI'S RESTAURANT l9th Ave., So. at West End Ave. COLES 84 WALLER Jewelers 519 Union St. Phone 6-3672 JOE FORMOSA 8: SONS Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 7l4-4th Ave., No. RICE-PAYNE CARPETS, INC. 30 Years Combined Experience in Carpets "For Correct Buy in Floor Coverings" 2606 Franklin Rd. Phones 97-6622 and 97-4870 Compliments of A FRI END ELLISTON PLACE J EWELRY Watch and Jewelry Repairing Gifts for All Occasions 2209 Elliston Place Compliments of CROSS KEYS RESTAURANT Compliments of ZANINI'S RESTAURANT NASHVILLE SPORTING GOODS CO. I69-8th Ave., No. Phone 6-l547 MELROSE BILLIARD LOUNGE Pocket Billiards, Snooker Cigarettes, Candy, etc. Open 9 a.m. to ll:3O p.m. Sundays l2 noon to ll:3O p.m. Best Wishes of B. E. FARRIS ELECTRIC SERVICE House and Range Wiring Electric Heating Compliments of PAUL ST. CHARLES 4ll Commerce St. Compliments of SMITH PACKING CO. BILLY TRABUE SERVICE STATION 2lO5 Garland Ave. Engine Tune-Up and Brake Service Best Wishes of HICKORY HOUSE ECONOMY MATTRESS COMPANY l6OO West End Ave. Phone 5-8433 Compliments of BERLIN'S AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES l6lO West End Ave. Compliments of GUARANTY MORTGAGE CO. C9565 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND QQ6 96 T v X f X. A LX 3 5' 1 ' T , f .,ffg,,? ' g 4 155, X H ' Jfia'-211. -1 " ' ' .f?g2'i?s "'!"" -i -4 H fr'-:eff :J .. 7 11 511 -A X X , X K 'M Q 1 I fy N- L K A ATE L I SP XXX . ff , 4 5 T KL, LA 0wfff4,,yM 0 xy T 2612622525: - - . L1"!yf.53211.ig3? -4-1-v-'J-.4.,,4..,, ,lu .wfuulxf J' 1 1,-L, SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS REQUIRE CO-OPERATION AND INTELLIGENT PERSONAL SERVICE O Q O FIT-FOR-A KING T L -- E M, '!At47n fr ,kfy X ' .f X - f ml? Save on HiII's store- " ax Freshly ground coffee. There'S at X Roasted no finer coffee at Freshly any price. , V 1 Ground r .MPM 6'Always,' . X cmd Rich and Flavory ff, 97 CENTRAL Parking System Ten Centrally Located Parking Stations 310 5th Ave., No. 3rd 81 Gay St. 8th 8. McGovock 10th 81 Commerce St. 158 oth Ave., No. 6th 81 Commerce St. 125-6th Ave., No. 10th 81 Berryhill St. 185 3rd Ave., No. 420 Charlotte Ave. "We can help you with your parking problems." Call 5-9863 "Cars handled like babes in arms." Foxtrot Rumba A Vtfqlfz SCImbG Jmerbug Tango GRANNY WHITE CLEANERS CECIL READ SCHOOL OF DANCE Office and Plant 2704 12th Ave., So. 2712-C West End Ave. Phone 9-8161 7-0840 Charleston Mambo Folk Dancing ,k Compliments of Compliments of CATHY'S MARKET the 412 Thompson Lane SHERIFFvS OFFICE GRAY PRINTING CO. ANDREW JACKSON TAILOR SI-BOP Cleaning-Pressing COH1meI'ClGl PHHTEVS Repairs and Alterations 317 4th Ave., No. Phone 6-9475 Deaderick St. Entrance Andrew Jackson Hotel N. H. lNickl Mammarelli 5-2121 C yCIbMlLq C I F A. J. WEILAND AND AJAX BEER COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS d dP bdS Ph 423443 N h II Q-LQYJ WITH CORDIAL GOOD WISHES "FROM THE" CATHEDRAL CLERGY AND PARISH Q56 99 AUTOGRAPHS 4 pf on L 1 .,f "ww ,w 9 1 ,1 -qxq -,wa yn w 1,-, . V hr f

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