Father Lopez High School - Veritas Yearbook (Daytona Beach, FL)

 - Class of 1986

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A 1 ,., . .,, ogg, wha' , 1 3 In :'7A.lb4l-ev'fx,LvQ.a ,ETC fA1L1,1:l .5 A 'A -si AWB 04?-vqfg, A - NV ,Emil ,Q4Fw'43m..L,,L,,,LQ Lbwwh AXE- XY' ,I bf -,Q-af nnlgyg, AMS, Quan lulur ' Fixx f"l'w""'1'W si12fu,,.Q,,mj' L'3U'25'i'- ig:-:ff-1, Q9-ff? Q W , f J'-J'fdq,vQ," , n"""C'L'Sf Qui K' 'iv-L V my ,W,f,Mf f fWA,imW1,g,,L WW.L Q wb W +L' ,m ,.,.:fa1 WW GMU! 9645, ' . f ' 5 1' '0'wa,-..q,' Anna, lx 'qtlf-Qf-.91 94397, for-can 1 'K 'H-1 'im iiwitjf iv A I 'vga' WK. RJ' "'i1- 3 Qhfvv-,:..?,y ,x'QJJJm4m:!:4j ww' .I U Mule! . Cir-fs ,UM ,f7r1,,,4j'zi dz 0 - ' UM-n . W . .2 f ' 1" Z ZJIJQQQQQI X :-3 ' 19.114313-C lb ae? liz Cer- K 6 -Y41"l,Q,.v-xxl 5 W 'f JT 'Jw fi . h I q Liv? M2 ' P i,QW: if .Al if A f Qifvfaliec . M. M 2 Q j.,Gfg,r'Q Elfgj. " f1,..i my I1 f- G . , A-ij LA , I 7 QI" V dw' MP2 , , K q?W?':' , f ...- s"f'21J"g,,4 E "-ff if Ct", - 61, 'Q fu' J E i ini ff if 1'!?!Li Q 22,22 E. ik mm'-'pfs Q L 'TL 4- J' 5 i"Q4'45', pr fr-fi , if J W igfgia Q X J i 'gg -ff fm .-Q w 'N QE Q20 2? if if ,Q Q M' u ,f fx 4, " Vli, 2352232 2 Q! QM Q12 E35 Q3 p'S'cf'5'ff-2220 5255+ +' I 5 . 1 UPQFQD 64041 ES 25 +Q5C5'ggf26Q-Q5ofQ 5141520 921401 'QSGNGAQGM7 'blfyjysjggjfl UBS SUCH 3 43540, LFDLQ F3020 I C20 1+ Z,QQ1"Hf7 CLJQJ QQUQQM, I 423+ M10 QQGUVQLJ zfffr 4f04J,1TfWfL4 fgozrv?M'jQ M183 Qyifijiifjgff Zim w'3+Q W U I Ju Slrzuglfn Jfiucm C2ziJf1'3?1 +7462 I QLUEL!91L,flg3g3Q0l!1 VWQJQQJ- UQ QD QVQQE'k' Mfpeg ard nib M153 MQ if Mmm uflfydr f5'W-559455 UESTAVQQEUQD 243126, PM wfiqg 9 504 CL, fx L4 l ' ,U Ouf ofz , , fc -fn 517 J jf Seek! S Veg TQ'-f2QZcfr'QI'fK 517'V2'd' tf ffoof 9619 C114 Safvfefaog 2 6 ,c1k,,., Q5 c,,.coul0k Of' - S O h 6U'fgIAZ54ff0o5f -L fZ'2e570:r. fic eu It V I M43 .IVO J , o greed Mc foifov , of b4f'N4 U QI df'0fkulf MM f"?7e'06 M nv M Fw' au have 11520 41'7ML'k3'0'6 are 'tldm 7Z!5fw.f--" auczf'-fe 'fifblrff MQ' aged R? My Ajffv aka fw Y ff W dwfa f ,ev cwfd euef C0fvff6f'Sm" me edfffg 5 '39 ten tc , I , 5 . I' -' Nyfjag Amr Wffm N We 'gm ffffflf di C OJ UNK -6"-xc 5C5f0' p6ff,AwfkjQ-ff ,. f N - A av 1 . bccawsc HCS f-lu 547 J"'75 bgywv' M fnl'S.feogrgI2 ban Rm had Q hfS.L?0n-nj' . ,, 'i' 6.212 .1i:':'f:'zM53Q It "U Lff h Q we mr- rw W VM W. H1 'pvfqv 4: 5,15 .rg , mn uw Q Q J ' SAW! QLJVU-ni m .QEQW 3,Q,,,,,1:Q,,Q9 W Wm ,J ASM MMM. W4ff:5fffjffJjipZ3gfyff!5Mj?!"Mgff V1'vUfLkbH1,c.0,g,,,,,rj1jjL0',,-p'3j,,,,,4,J flifiiwgwwyrrgjlf' Mljffwailb MVK Owfivelzuxfpgff M J W M-ffm W ' 4 ff5,,1?MfjLj35QV2gWjw My M71 Jr ,NM . wfyb Q Wfq 1D'W0g1JJ2 W! ffm! M9203 VYYULD. 5 Fikwwofg WM QDLOCV U.0,QJfLUb, I OyvYw5x5ow0V'e'3J,?5' A Yum O, Qmmmfui-xg Q, 49 . iomq -QU14Y1 i4 'UNO LQQUL -J Qbgj- gf MDM Wwwwwqv .mwwbw Ubgxu OLJYNOX Un Mmttmfnwg www. cmd .MUD wfglffw bvdvrw ghd V9QhQ2fidL0.0w'Ud Vwmpx, Li Wmfm Qfofml DQJQJQMLQVX ULU-'ELMLMQQ cfX0'Q'QNL Lug-UJ Omg QDJJ55 vo www, 30M W yyexf' W6 YW' SQFIJM leomm I+ haf bg n A ... . . ' 'QIGJM leA5ofe, Qs fm -fo . ' , N' 'I I Q 1,1 W few as Zigi 2 CL? Lois 09 Lovjfxlwv-p, - Amway CMAQMQIIA XXVII VERITAS 1986 FATHER LCPEZ HIGH SCHQQL 960 Madison Avenue DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA 52014 "Memories light the Corners of our minds . . fox i W 3? K J .x. 'WT - gi, ,, L A i nn-mu r :ue-:urn 'nwtrzrzwezrr zwnrm, My pd' M", Rafi PE-:Ex -1 4 A Q .,.anni... 4 U ,, '17 V , 5?-:N 1 f pl: , v. ,Athi-1 y 3 1 .Zu - - Q H E . x J ,NF 'I F' I -.. n..,a -,.' ,.- .., f 11:--,r ""'i'---'I'-"5 , x , :ll 1' ' I 4, , ,.. ,R ..- P. m., L f Dk 'x 1. EM 5 1 '. 4 u 4 ' ' 'TX Q , r' 1.6, Y A A . Ykl. I 5 n J - N' All' ' 8 J' V 1 ' - V J , A 4' Ihr! K ' A,-Q 'Q , yxfvv A x K' . ' 'M- - K , AL 5- ' xxx M l . MQ Q A I , , L X . V, ' g 1 . K 15 - , 'x " I h . v 25' ,., Y, W? P ,-g v til. g. O 1 ,, .. ' S ' D ,,1-.q J. . 7'-.Q,..,,,,,...V.l l , Y L., ti 1-. f ' is gg, I M I mx 55 YN 'Q f - 4 Q. ' t ., ' 2 L s 'Tix w I ' 6 ,V ff 1 i 5 'uf' x :':,..'9' 'f W Y ran .,,- wif- ' ' -A ,A .A - . A ' : 'LW 9" , A ' ' If 35 ' Mew' . '- N -w Ag, mm f 1- -' W ' N' ' ,Q f -" .aw . . - gr.,-" ,f-f, I I , . in --4- ,gt , 41: Q p X JU 'L LL x?4-I Q-X ,. 5 , 1-- IR ,lf-Ka W 1 nf ' ."' gjsf . Ju KW may .,,,: .fa , 1 I. N 1' ' ." , , , 5 V N IMI W ' + w,5x.v-,, ,M' JL J L x E' -- EI. ,V ,,. . I , ,, A - , ' mv .. f ' F.,-f uy- If I- A- . ,LLL f-- ---"""' W R v Z a wr :m"f' ff - 1 - -rf --9 'JJ .Tr . , -, 5.1 if , I ,Q A 'l ,OV I' X 'ff 1: ' ' , ' - O QI 4-Y ' ' i V WB" , fd - - t X 7 fy' A W W f f ,- Q " L, In as ' " mf " , W5 .- 'If' ' 'A W' 5 S .- - " Y, ,LH ' N ggqggo-f-Q.-7 'i Y gf gfllis W " A. 4 fi' V ey, . .K -1 I f , 1 . . "L Y 'N " nf w 1. W X P X A fn - Q f ,1 H ," I-'7 , '- .,'4, ' ' '- -4 ' u 1 x ii M, M,.aM,5k .X-. I .U Q41 v we, ix I I ' I 1 , N gg' 'r 4 1 ' + ,-:Q-mano-.A . ...fgnglszan-guna u if 7' f, 1 ' J- : - Q 'e pdgixl ' V 1 1-,ff Y-11 ii 5. 3 3' '. .4 :u. 17305.- H . A K I.. 'C F Q. ..g 1 ,, 4- Q Lf 1, I' 3? , s Ps. I-K , - 's J If -? i 185.052 ""G9 TRACK J' 4 aovs 'X O LUG? 91' ildl FJ 335 'Q Qi!! AS 145 Wi ??2I Wall H Q 'Wil fi iii' EU Y Q 5 Q f uf- .Af Nr Agif .fn H' ., 5 , yy- -,V wx-an -wsu sas 846 +2 ,W as-nr 4"'vw1f :du Em? g ,vg5Q:H'I. SHANNON MARIE ABBOTT "Celebrate your talents, for what they are make you unique llomecoming Court Ig Cross Country 1.25 French Club 2,3 4 Pep Club Vice President 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Sophomore Class Treasurer 25 Key Club 4, Second Honors 1 2 Senior Class Vice President Hooter Scooters 4 KA'l'llI,EEN MARIE ACIIINGER "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. XVe'll take the best. forget the rest. and some day we'll find, These are the best ol' rimes!!" Styx National llonor Society 5.43 Pep Club 1.21 Spanish Club 2.4.43 Treasurer 31 Christian Service Club 2,-ig l.atin Club 3, Swim Team lj,-lg Tennis Team 2,-lg Wl1o's Who in Ameri- can lI.S. Students 5. Languages 53 Who's Who in Foreign Languages in lila. and Ga. 53 lnternational Foreign Lan- guage Award 53 Society of Distinguished American HS. Students 2. M. ADEL ASLANI FAR "When you come into the presence of a leader of men, you know that you have come into the presence of lite-that it is best not uncautiously to touch that man-that there is something that makes it d ingerous to cross him," Woodrow Wilson. N.ll.S, 5.4, Model U.N. 1,2,3,r1, President 3,4g Volusia County Model UN 12 34 Bronze UN Peace Medallion 2,3,4g U,S. Achievement Academy Math Award 23 Language Award 25 Science Award 23 American Legion National Oratorical Contest 3,43 Emcee Miss Lopez .lAlVllfS SAN'l'lACO ISADIA "Some people call it a one night stand. but we can call it paradise." Duran Duran. "lt's not that you're not good enough, it's only that we can make you better. Given that you pay the price, we can keep you young and tender." Tears lor liears. Yearbook Stall'-lg National llonor Society 41 llustler Shuf- llers el, JAMES BRYAN BORGERSON "A leader is a man who has the ability to get other people to do what they don't want to do, and like it." Pres. Harry S. Truman Model UN. 1,2,5, Golf 2,5,4, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g N,H.S. 3,45 United States Achievement Academy 2,35 Furman Scholar 3, Christian Service Club 3,43 National Math Award for Geometry, Algebra II, Honorable Mention East Coast M.U.N. 1, Committee on Intellectual Freedom 3, SecjTres. of N.H.S. 4, Who's Who Among American H.S. Students 5. LOUIS JOSEPH BORGIZS "Well, finally finished high school. What! College, OH NON" Freshman Basketball 1, Model UN. 3. ARTHUR JOSEPH BOTTING "I enjoy certain things, no one else has to enjoy them, and I see things in a certain way, but no one else has to see those things in the same way, and then again, no one has the right to tell me it's immoral or selfish or wrong to do what I do." Frankie goes to Hollywood Track 2,4,J.V. Football 2, Drama Club 3g Spanish Club 5.4, Varsity Football 3,4. I,AI'RA MARIE BOVCIIARID "I am not afraid olitomorrow. for l have seen yesterday and I love today '." William Allen White Freshman Sec.: Spanish Club 2: Pep Club 'ag Key Club B,-lg Treasurer 53 N.ll.S. ?s,4lgJunior Councilg Prom Committee 51 Latin Club Pres. 5, Cross Country 1.2.5.-lg Srate l.l.5g All County 1,23 Track 1.2.4,-lg Stare 2.33 All County 33 llustler Shufflers Z.-ig Honor Roll 2,51 Yearbook B1 Society of Distinguished American Iligh School Students S. JEANNE MARIE BRINKMAN "I gotta be me!" Volleyball l3 Varsity 2,3343 Captain 43 Future Farmers of America l,ZQ Officer 13 Spanish Club 2,3,4g Treasurer 33 Vice President 43 Miss Lopez Contestant 2,43 Who's Who in American ILS. Students 3. JULIANNE BRINKMAN "To laugh is to risk appearing a fool, and to love is to risk being rejected." Leo Buscaglia Future Farmers of America 1,23 Treasurer 13 Spanish Club 2,3,43 Varsity Track 3,43 Honor Roll 1,2,3,43 N.H,S. 3,43 Volleyball 13 Varsity 2,3,43 Coaches Award 33 Academic All American 33 Newspaper Sports Editor 4. JUAN PABLO BUSTOS-THAMES "The highest satisfaction is reached when someone is able to look at the past and say: 'Life was worthwhile after all.' " Argentinian Foreign Exchange Student 43 Newspaper 43 Chess Club 43 Brain Bowl 43 Model United Nations 43 Spanish Club 4. CYNTHIA ANNE CABREZA "In this promised land, fire burnin' in our hands-The choice is ours to make, realize your fantasy, you live the dream with every step you take, Burnin' Youth Won't Wait!" journey Cross Country 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 Honor Roll 1,2,3,43 Freshman V.P.3j.V. Basketballg Spanish Club 23 French Club 23 Pep Club 2,43 Academic All American 33junior Class Council3 Latin Club 33 Hustler Shufflers 3,43 Prom Comm. 33 Key Club 3,43 N.H.S. 3,43 Yearbook 4. SEAN CARLTON "IfI don't see you no more in this world, I'll see you in the next one, and don't be late." -JOHN BERNARD CASTRO "There are two days in every week in which one should not worry: yesterday and tomorrow." j.V. Basketball lg Basketball 2,3,4g Letterman 3,4gj.V. Football Ig Football 25,45 Letterman 3,4g Spanish Club 2,35 Spanish Festival Award Winner 23 Soccer 5,43 Homecoming Court 2,39 Hustler Shufflers 25 Who's Who Among American I-LS. Studentsg America's Outstanding Names and Faces. CHRISTOPHER COCUZZO "You know you're something special and you look like you're the best." Duran Duran Yearbook Staff 45 Hustler Shufflers 4. BERNARD THOMAS CORRIGAN "I count it as a sin, if not a crime, to sit and study all the time." j.V. Basketball 1,2g Varsity Basketball 4g Spanish Club 25 Cross Country 4g Yearbook Staff 43 Prom Committee 3. EDWIN COSIO "To be an "A" student is great for the mind. Hell, go on a ROAD TRIP leave it behind' Honors I,2g Who's Who in American H.S. Students 1,2,3,4 Whos Who in Foreign Languages 2 Second Honors 5,43 Soccer 1.2.3343 Captain 13 Co-Captain 43 Pep Club 4 Racquetball Club 4 Spanish Club 4 Fifth Place in Regional Science Fair 13 Spangler Scholastic Award of Merit 1 National unior Honor Society 1 Senior Class President, TAMMY FI,IZABI5TH COSTNER "Il'you think I'll sit around watching what goes by, you're thinking like a fool cause it's a case of do or die. Out there is a fortune waiting to be had: you think I'll let it go you're mad. you'x'e got another thing comin '." judas Priest MICHAEL DAVID CROTTY "You never realize how important life is until part of it passes away and only memories are left to carry on Track Team 13 Headmastefs List 23 Student Council 23 Spanish Club 2 34 State Spanish Conference 2 Brain Bowl 53 Model U.N. 5,43 Yearbook 43 Drama Club 3,43 Tennis Team 34 Captain '14 Coaches Award 3 Cross Country 43 Chess Club 43 Raised most money for Halifax Urban Ministries Association in connection with the Model UN. 5. DAVID DAIGLE "Let us live in as small a circle as we will. We are either debtors or creditors before we have had time to look around." lioothall 2.5,-ig Captain il3 Basketball 2,33-13 All Area. All County, All District, All State, M.V.P. 51 Leading Scorer 5g Most Blocked Shots 2.5: Most Rebounds 5: Track 5.4: District Winner in Highjump ,732 School Record 5Q Baseball 2.-lg Spanish Club 25. SHANNON DEARMAS "The time we have at out disposal is elasticg the passions that we feel expand itg those that we inspire contract itg and habit fills up what remains." N.H.S. 3,45 Drama Club 1,2,3,4g French Club 2,3,4g Academic All Am. Z,3g United States Achievement Academy 33 International Foreign Language Award 2,33 Who's Who in Foreign Languages 33 Who's Who Among American H.S. Students 4g Society of Distinguished American High School Students 4. ALAN DEI,ISI,If "Time keeps on slippin' into the future. so fly like an eagle." Chess Club l,Z,3,'lg Basketball 1.2g Soccer 23 Cross Country 1.2.5. MELANIE RAE DUNN "If you want success in the world, you must make your own opportunities." Gantt Track 1,2,3,4g Cross Country 2,3,4g Runner ofthe Week Award 23 Most Improved Award 2gj.V. Basketball lg Varsity Basketball 23 Yearbook Staff 3,45 Class Vice President 2,33 S.G.A. Vice President Activities 43 Hustler Shufflers 23,45 Prom Committee 33 Pep Club 4. I.IiIi R. ISSTRIDGIQ "l may get around, I may laugh alot, well you'd think that l'd be happy with the life I got, Nobody knows , ,. No- body sees . . , Nobody really knows the inner side of me," j.V. Football 11 Typing Award 3: Yearbook Staff 4, MARGARET ANN PINNEY "Turn your ear to wisdom, your heart to understanding. To admit ignorance ofthe facts is a great step towards knowl- edge. Believe in yourself and endeavor to think well." Pep Club 1,2,45 French Club 2,3,45 Model U.N. 1,2215 Best Committee Delegate 2, Christian Service Club 25 N.H.S. 5,45 Swimming 3,45 New Wave Club 35 Yearbook 45 U.S. Achievement Academy 2,35 Academic All Am. 25 Who's Who in American IIS. Students 2,35 Honor Roll 1,2,5,4. KAREN LISA FOSTER "And we danced, like a wave on the ocean romancedf' Hooters Pep Club 2,35 Officer 35 Tennis Team 2,45 French Club 25,45 Drama Club 3,45 Miss Lopez Contestant 4 SARAII LUUISA FOLIEY "Now that I am totally Americanized, how about trying England?" Basketball 5 years for Iinglandg Varsity Basketball 4th year for Lopez. DAVID ANTHONY FRANCE "The longest journey begins with a single step." ' National Honor Society 5,45 Who's Who Among American Students 45 Spanish Club 25 Drama Club 1,2,3,4 C.O.R. Weekend 25 Swimming 1,2,3,45 Captain 45 All County 25 Awards 1,3. l -JOANNE MARIA GIANGREGORIO "IIere's me. Take me for what I am with all my frailties, all my stupidity, and so on. And if you can't. leave me be," Leo Buscaglia Drama Club 25 Tennis Team 2,33 N.Il,S. 3,-lg Spanish Club 33 Swim Team 5, Honor Roll 23 Whos Who Among American lI.S. Students 55 U.S. National Mathematics Award 2, Academic All-American 2. SCOTT EDWARD GROESCHNER "Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checked by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy muchg nor suffer much because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat." T. Roosevelt Cross Country 1,2,3,4g Captain 4g Drama Club 1,2,3,4g Brain Bowl 2,3.4g Model U.N. 1,2,3,4g O.A.S. Champ 2g Senate Page 55 N.H,S. 3,43 Honor Roll 25 S.G.A. V.P. Student Affairs 43 Academic All-Am. 2. I PIETER PIIII,I,IP IIAGOOD "Every time you dream, you hold the key to set yourself free and escape this world!" Ronnie james Dio Football 1gj.V. and Freshman Basketball lg Varsity Basket- ball 23,41 Most Improved Player 2, Ilustler Shufflers 2,3,4g Racquetball 4. KEVIN HORNER "Happiness: A good bank account, a good cook, and a good digestionfjeanzlacques Rousseau Golf l,Z,4g Tennis 4. STACEY ANNE HUBER "The trouble with life is that there are so many gorgeous men, and so little time." j.V. Basketball 13 Basketball 2,33 Coaches Award 33 Volleyball 4g Pep Club 1,23 Key Club 23 French Club 33 Spanish Club 33 Yearbook Staff 4g Who's Who Among Foreign Language Students 33 French I Award 33 Honors l,2,3,43 Who's Who Among American High School Students 33 N.H.S. Award 33 Senior Class Treasurer. RAYMOND LINARD IRVIN Y' "Don't live in the future. live in the present, for the present will pass before the future." Basketball 2,343 Rookie of the Year 33 All District 33 lfoothall 2.3.-X1 Most Improved Player 51 Player ofthe Week ' 33 Track 23.41 Most Valuable Player 3. MARK ANTHONY JANNETTY "Play for keeps and try to never lose. Live it fast but live the life you choose." Triumph Varsity Golf l,2,3,43 Captain 3,43 Golfer of the Year 3,43 M.V.P. 33 All-Area Second Team 33 Model U.N. l,2,3,43 Debator of the Month 2,43 Best Delegate Ga. Southern M.U.N. and East Coast M.U.N. 1,23 Best Delegate ofthe Month 1,2,3,43 Who's Who In Am. H.S. Studentsg Spanish Club 2,43 Cross Country 23 Varsity Soccer 33 Drama Club 3,4, CHRISTOPHER KELLY "A leader is someone smart enough not to let everyone else know he is as dumb as they are." Varsity Football l,2,3,43 Defensive Player of the Week 43 Soccer 3,43 Girls' Track Manager l,2,3,43 Freshman Class Pres3 Soph. Class Presg S.G,A. Council3 S.G.A. Pres 43 N.Il.S. 3,43 Leadership Workshop 2,3,43 Hugh O'Brian Award 23 Boy's State 33 Who's Who Among High School Students 33 Who's Who Among Foreign Language Stu- dents 23 3rd place Volusia County Foreign Language Festi- val3 Best Delegate Award 3rd Committee Valdosta. MICHELLE DIANE LEETE "The happiest moments of my life have been in the flow of affection among friends." T.jefferson. "In the name of love." U2 Basketball 1,2,3g Volleyball 1,45 Track 2, Prom Committee 39 F.L,H.S. 1,2,5,4. RICHARDJAKOB LIBLANG "MAKE IT BIG." French Club 1.2.51 Honor Roll 3g Second Honors 3. THEODORE JAMES LYNCH "Man is free to act, but he must act to be free." Sartre Chess Club 33 Spanish Club 33 Soccer 3,43 Model U.N. 4. DAVID MICHAEL MARZ "You only have one life to live here, so live it right and do what cnn't be done," ME "The man who finds life will find it through trusting God," Romans 1:17 Basketball 1.2.3.-lg Cross Country 3: Baseball 1,23 Track lg Soccer lg Pep Club ?11Cl1flSIlLm Service Club 1.2g Volleyball Manager 2. ANDREA MCCARTHY "The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge." Bertrand Russell Language Festival 1,43 Foundation forthe Development of Cardiovascular Health Essay Contest, Christian Service Club lg Pep Club 2, Spanish Club 25,43 Tennis Team 2, New Wave Club 33 Vice President 3g Leadership Workshop 'wg Yearbook Staff -1, JAMES MICHAEL MCCARTHY "Dream on, dream on, dream on until your dreams come true." Aerosmith Swimming 25,43 Captain 41 Volusia County Sentinals Swimmer ofthe Year 2,53 All County Team 2,3,4g All American, Most Valuable Player 2, National Honor Society 43 Honor Roll 3, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Spanish Club 2, Surf Club 3,4g Mini-Homecoming Court 2. DANIEL MCGRANE "l am an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way." Football Z1 Racquetball 41 Future Banana Farmers 4. i ROBERT GERARD MOTZEL "Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.just walk beside me and be my friend." junior Class Presidentg National Honor Society 3,45 Varsity Football 1,5,4, Drama Club 25,45 Key Club 3,4g Spanish Club 5gj.V, Basketball 1,25 Second Honors 1,2,3,4. CATHERINE ELAINE MOUTSOPOULOS "All memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. We'll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we'lI rind, these are the best of times." Styx Model United Nations 23 Pep Club 2,43 New Wave Club 33 Christian Service Club 23 French Club 1.Z,?s,4, Drama Club 43 Newspaper 43 Yearbook 2,3,4, Swim Team 2,33 Chorus 2. MICHAEL PAUL MUZYKA "Rock 'n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution." ACIDC Racquetball Team 4. MAT'I'IIEW DOYLE NOWVISKIE "Have you ever felt that somehow you were not yourself, that your body was the same but everything around wasn't right, the images so strange and foreign flooded in like rising water just once or twice, is good for your soul." Danny Elfman Soccer 23,43 Swimming 2,33 Surf Club 3,43 Spanish Club 4. JOAN ANGELA ORTOLANI "Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, all you have to do is call, and I will be there, 'cause you have a friend," Carol King Swimming 25,43 Yearbook Staff 4, Newspaper 33 Spanish Club 5,4. SUSHMA PATEL "Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.just walk beside me and be my friend!" Honors 33 French Club 2,3,4g Key Club 43 Christian Service Club 33 Society of Distinguished American High School Students. MICHAEL PECK "l was country when country wasn't cool." Barbara Man- drell Prom Committee 53 Varsity Football 1,153 Cross Country lg Pep Club -lg Drama Club 43 Baseball 4g Basketball 4. MICHAEL EAION PEGG "You can live it up now, and regret it later, or regret now, that you're not living it up." Diving 43 Whos Who Among American High School Students 3,43 Who's Who Among American High School Athletes 3,43 All-Star Candidate 5,43 Football l,2,3,4. 'IACQl7lll,lNE MICHELLE PENNY "Do what is in your heart and mind. and not in others." .l.V, Basketball l1Tl'2lCli 2,'!lQSP2ll1lSl'1 Club 2gj.V, Volleyball 43 Varsity Basketball 5, Latin Club 33 National Honor Society 5,-lg Baseball Manager 5.-lg Yearbook 4. ANA MARGARITA PEREZ-LUGONES "What would life be WITHOUT Lopez?" j.V. Volleyball 1,25 Varsity Volleyball 3,45 Co-Captain 3,4gj.V. Basketball 1,2g Varsity Basketball 3,43 Track 1 Spanish Club 2,3,4. DANIEL PETRI "Tough times never last, but tough people do." Dr. Robert Schuller Office Assistant 1, Photography 2, Aeronautics 2, Police Explorers 3, Spanish Club 4, Pep Club 4, Yearbook Staff 3.41 Chief Photographer -1. THOMAS JAMES PETRIZZO "Run if you like, but try to keep your breath, Work like a man, but don't be worked to death." Holmes .I.V. Football 1, Freshman Basketballgj.V. Basketball 2, Varsity Golf 1,53 French Club 1,2g Treasurer 2, Honor Roll 1,23 Christian Service Club 1,2,3,4g Health Careers Club 1,23 Model UN. 1,2,3,4g Best Delegate East Coast M.U.N. 2, Best Delegate METMUNC 55 N.H.S. 3,43 Cross Country 4, V. Baseball 4, Leadership Workshop 3. KELLIIE ERIN PIKE "Some of the most wonderful days of my life were spent with my best friend," Cheerleader lg Pep Club 1,23 Cross Country 3, Hustler Shufflers 2,45 Key Club 5, Spanish Club 3, Who's Who Among American High School Students 35 Computer Team 5.4, Yearbook Staff -1, National Honor Society 4, Racquetball Team 4. COURTNEY ALLEN PRICE "Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. Basketball 13 Soccer 33 Football 3,4. STACEY Y. REYNOLDS "The dream is gone, but is remembered. The child is gone, but in ways still remains thus I refuse to become comfortably numb." Model U.N. 1,2,3,43 Drama 1,2,3,4Q Outstanding Debator Award at CFMUN 1 2 3 Key Club 3 4 Newspaper Staff 3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Daytona Times Reporter 34 S G A Vice President of Services 4 Cast Member of "Inherit the Wind", "Get Bill Shakespeare off the Stage and The Pajama Game KAREN DANION RIIIIIIBLE "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled hy, and that has made all the difference." Frost Volleyball l,fl3 Cross Country 2,33 Basketball 1,253 Track 1,23 N.lI.S. 5.-13 Am. Legion Awardg English Award 13 Foreign Lang. Festival l,2,5,43 Whos Who in Foreign Lang. I,Z,5Q Who's Who in American II.S. Students 43 Spanish Award3 Florida Foundation for Future Scientists 33 Spanish Club 1,2,3,43 Latin Club 33 Key Club 2,3,43 Student Council 33 COR I,IIQ Alpha3 Yearbook Editor. JILL MARIE ROLLAND "Some people will remain your friends forever and some other people seem to almost denounce everythin you stood for " William Broad Cheerleading 33 Pep Club 53 Surf Club 5,43 Volleyball 43 Yearbook Staff 4 Drama Club 3 DANNICA ROSS "Do what you can, for tomorrow is not promised." Track 5,43 Cross Country Ng All County 5.-lg Ifootlwall Manager. MATTHEW ROTH "Speak softly, but carry a big stick." Teddy Roosevelt Football l,2,3,4Q Captain 4g Most Improved 53 All County 33 Defensive Player of the Week 23 Swimming 43 Soccer l,2,5,4, Captain 43 Spanish Club 5,4. CIIRISTINA CONCIIIVIQA RYAI,S "Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but look what they can do when they stick together!" V.D. Iloltz Pep Club 1.23 New Wr1x'e Club 31Cl1esS Club l,3.-13 Model United Nations 1,2313 liditur ofthe School Newspaper 5, Newspaper Staff 43 Key Club 1,23 Volleyball Manager 13 Spanish Club 1.2, RICHARD THOMAS RYALS "I would rather fight and lose than to never have fought at all." Model United Nations 1,23 Spanish Club 3,4g Yearbook 4g Drama Club 33 Newspaper 5,43 National Law Enforcement Explorer Chairman 43 Florida Sheriffs Explorer Association President 4. LAWRENCE EDMUND SCRABIS "No Guts No Glory." Model U.N, 1,5QJ.V. Football 13 Freshman Basketball lg Varsity Football 2,3,4g Dungeons and Dragons 23 Varsity Baseball 3,43 Drama Club 5,4g Spanish Club 33 Surf Club 3,4g Key Club 4g National Honor Society 4. CIIARLES RANDOLIJII SOLON "I'll rell you something I think is right. Mondays too soon alter Friday night." Malphrus Spanish Club 2gj.V. Football I1G0lliIQ Yearbook Staff4g Suri' Club 'wg Surf Team -I. CINDY SPENCER "Live each day to its capacity so you can never look back on yesterdays dreams and hope to fulhll them tomorrow." Swimming 4. DANIEL IZDWARD SPRAGIIE "Ir is better to be making the news than rakingg to be an , actor rather than a critic." Winston Churchill World Allairs Award Z3 Drama Club B.-lg Newspaper Editor 53 Yearbook -lg N.II,S. Mg Basketball 1,15 Football Ig French Club 1.5.43 Model I'.N, 1.23.43 Volusia M.U.N. Vice Pres. -lg Volusia M.II.N, Historian 53 National Cham- pionship O.A.S. 21 Fla. M.lI.N. Championship 1.31 Boys' State Delegate 53 Whos Who in American IIS. Students. 28 STEPHANIE LYN STEPHENSON "With help from God all things are possible. j.V. Cheerleading 23 N,H.S. 3,4g Cross Country 2,5,4g Track 23,45 Vice Pres. of Publicity and Finance 45 Key Club 3,41 Pep Club Pres. 43 Spanish Club 25,43 Homecoming Court 2,31 Hustler Shufflers 2,4g Honor Roll 25,43 Miss Lopez Contestant 43 5rd Place Volusia Foreign Language Festival 35 Award of Merit in Theo. 25 Who's Who in Am. H.S. Students 4g in Foreign Lang. 25,43 Furman Scholar Award 3. LYNNE ANN STRINGER "There comes a time for leaving and :i time to say goodbye. But it's not a time for grievingjusr spread your wings and ll y. "Do wh:1t's in your heart and hold on to your dreams," ISLO HUFFMAN DALE TRUSTY "Scotty and the ultimate scam." Varsity Tennis 1,2,5,4g Track 11 Key Club lg Student Exchange Club lg Christian Athletics Club 1,2,5g Student Activities Club 2,31 Four Gun Drill 2,3g Grenaders 2,31 Foreign Students Association 2,?rg Racquetball Team 4. CARA LYN SVCHNDLING l "It is more important to prove to ourselves that we are ciipable of itccomplishing xl tlillictilt riisk. than it is to prove to others." Spanish Club 5.-lg Yearbook alg Newspaper Staff 5. I 29 AUSTIN IERIC TSI? "T "Who then is free! The wise man who can Command himself." Horace I.V. Ifootluall Ig Spanish Club 5,-l,Cr0ss Country 43 Track 43 Who's Who Among American Students, Honor Roll l.J,5,'l. GEORGIE RUTH VAN KOOTEN "Those crazy nights, I do remember in my youth. I do recall, those were the best times most of all."journey Cheerleader l,2g Captain 5g Pep Club 1,255 N.H.S. 3,45 Latin Club 3, Spanish Club 2g Hustler Shufflers 2,43 Yearbook Stafffig Freshman Leadershipg Leadership Workshop lg COR Weekend 23 Honor Roll 2, Library Aid 2,3g Who's Who Among American Students 4, STIiPHIiN VAN WIZRT "Life is just a party and parties were meant to last." Prince Freshman Iiasketballg Ilonors 123,43 Model U.N. 1,5g Out- standing Delegate 1,51 Christian Service Club Zg Ilealth Careers Cluh lg Ifurman Scholar 53 Spanish Club 3,43 Pres, 4, Drama Club 4.43 Stage Manager 5, Tennis 5,41 Co-Captain ig N,lI.S. B.-ig President sig Yearbook -ig Society of Distin- Atguished Am. II.S. Students Award 2, Brown Summer Academy Hg Who's Who in Spanish Hg American IIS. Students 53 COR Weekend 5. WILLIAM NORBERTO WANG "Life begins upon the realization that it ends." Model U.N. l,2,3,4g Swim Team 2,3,4g N.H.S. 5,43 Newspaper Staff 5,43 Yearbook Staff 2,43 Spanish Club 1,2,3,4g Best Delegate CFMUN 23 Best Delegate FSHMUN 35 Who's Who Among American H.S. Studentsg Best Delegate METMUNCQ Daytona Beach News journal Correspondent. JON WlLLl2TTli "Dreams can only become reality if reality was once a dream." Varsity Football 1,4g Wrestling 2g Baseball 5. ROBERT SCOTT YOUMANS "Love is all I have to give, it's all I need to live." Rodger Hodgson Model U.N. 1,2,3,4g Outstanding Delegate CFMUN, NCOMIO, Best Delegate, HSMUNAQ Yearbook 43 Newspaper 5,4g Spanish Club 55 Dungeons and Dragons 1,Z,3g Chess Club 1,2,3g Brain Bowl 3,43 N.H.S. 4g Drama Club 43 Pep Club 53 Volleyball Manager 45 Who's Who Among American High School Studentsg Leadership Workshop 53 Key Club 4. H I ,Vf ' i A rf-,., wi '52 vw uk.,-may fp. RL A S 5 M E A N 1 UNIOR just one more year to go! Top right: junior Class Officers Middle right: "Don't tell my mom about last Friday night!" cries Ted Miller Below: Steve Crowe asks, "Hey there, gorgeous, why don't you come up and see me sometime?" v no F-Y x r Y Bottom right: Camp is ready for action. . Y .Wu ,ff ...ff-"" 34 J .-,A l'im Stank studies during lunch v jf-" Ui -8 Courtney Gedra between classes. CHRISTOPHER ACEBAL MICHAEL ACHINGER LORI AHMED LAURIE AHOLA MICHAEL AUDETTE MARJON BABAZADEH CLAUDIA BEGIN CATHERINE BENNETT LANDON BENNETT LAWRENCE BENNETT HARSHNA BHULA LUISA BINETTI MIKE BOFAMY TINA BRILL ROBERT BURLEY ANTHONY CAMPANELLA TOM CARAVATI COLLEEN CAREY "It's been a rouh day." 6-.......f gf ,V 1 1-,I 26,421 11 . -93' I fi' Brad Sheridan shows off his new Seabreeze r-shirt Q-sf 081 Al ,f NTARYLYN .4 ...X 40 Rob Burley THINKS about studying. TOM CORRIGAN STEVE CROWE ROBERT DANTONELLO MARK DEIPARINE ANTHONY DELISLE UTPAL DESAI KELLEY FLEMING CHRISTOPHER FRANCE EUGENE GAINEY ALEX GALLAGHER EILEEN GALSHACK STEPHEN GARDNER COURTNEY GEDRA LISA GIBBS KATHLEEN GILLIS SHERRI GOULET wx 1? ?f3g5f5"f" 7 ' 1 '2 ao . 1 555' Baia Q fiawrff - wi L of fsfvliwf' E iv? in 1 ' I 5 io, .E f iff ,- ,,',izi2g157i'-ESI:-1,3 ,a foiiw. , . .S as . 5. .-ffif' -f I -. 2 ! im.-f' S K Y- .it -will .I 3 no What are you up to, David Lowe? Lisa Radosta makes rounds at lunch WIN Laurie Ahola studying for her next exam. ,J I ,. 31 --- rms. . Ray Zourelias shows off his haircut and Tina Brill smiles for the camera. qw- juniors consulting with Mrs. Wrobel. -Of' M. 'YJ 1- 5 NM- Q KARAN HARRINGTON MARJORIE HAWK DENISE HESS LISA HILL MICHAEL HUBER CHRISTINA KOLAROVSKI KRISTIN KOWALSKI CYNTHIA KRASKI ANNE KRIDNER SARAH KUMAR MELISSA LEONARD DAVID LOWE SHAWN MADDEN TIM MARTIN STEPHANIE MAYO JENNA MCCARTHY KELLY MCCARTHY KRISTIN MICHLER TED MILLER CANDICE NEWBERRY li ii Kelly McCarthy hopes the photographer will go away ff? H,fwc,.5f.-,ne 31"-k jneb "You've been caught, Chris Anthony!" X N 4.45 9 5 TT' IX v SHARI OBER BRIAN O'ROURKE DANNY OSTERNDORF MILAN PATEL SAPANA PATEL MARTHA PENICK PATRICIA PIPPEN MARK PHILLIPS SUSAN POLLARD LISA RADOSTA .JENNIFER REILLY PAUL RILEY KAREN ROMANO CAROLINE SAKRAN FRANK SCALFARO BRADLEY SHERIDAN LETTY SILVA PATI SILVA TIMOTHY STANK VANESSA STEINBERG JAMES STEVENS DEBBIE STRINGER ANNE SWEENEY JOHN THOMAS DAVID THOMPSON Sl: rf , , junior girls preparing for Miss Lopez with Mrs. Arcurl. Y I: S. 9 I 4' mfg Mr. Arcuri wants to see ME?" 71 X WALTER THOMPSON BETH TIMMER KENNETH TRAMONT CARRIE TUTERA JAMES WARD MICHAEL WHITE TEMPLE WILLIAMS ROGER WOLFE ROBERT YOUNG RAYMOND ZOURELIAS GPHOMORES Makmg new waves at Lopez! Upper nghr The sophomore class offncers are Andrew Mack, Bertica Lopez, 4, S.. ' . wiv :: n ,,"A' T, .- 1 'Q' ' .sl "Xl . ,, Q .. .K ag, w --.. Q K. . - . . N i Apjp Sp: o p .1-iff if 5, ' Q, L J,LM,..,..,wwW,-- -: - u is K 'K ' Q h - ,J ,I , . Y ..,. fp Q .... x,,..' - P , 5.25 , qi... 1 Ox lb "OK, Claudia, you can Ie: go now!" jACQUELINE ACEBAL SHEHLA AHMED MICHELLE ALBERS TODD ALBERS BRIAN ANDERSON TRICIA ARIAS ASLAN ASLANI-FAR CALVIN ATKINS DANNY BARTLEY JEFF BATES MICHELLE BONAMY ANDREA BURKHEAD MIKE CABREZA MARTHA CASTRO MISSIE CINQUE CHRIS COLLEY ERVIN COLON SUNNY COMENOLE CYNTHIA CONE ROBIN COSTNER CHRIS ERICKSON LAURISSA CUPOLO ANDRE DANIELS STEPHANIE DARR DIDI DARRINGTON DAMON DAY KAREN DEARMAS JEFF DEGRACIA THIERRY DELANNOY MEETESH DESAI LAURA DUZEL DAVID EGGERT CAROLINE EUBANK JENA FAHNER STEVEN FECHER CATHERINE FEINAUER CHELLEY FENELL CYNTHIA FERNANDEZ "Thar cushion is not going to save yo "Meet my momg notice a slight resemblance?" Can't I eat lunch in peace?" . ,- Q 4 J T ' 'S A I P ' , 'O' "Oh no, nor more pictures!" KAREN FERRARA EVA FINNEY JAMES FLOYD DONALD FOLKER DAVID EOXMAN RACHELI, FRAZIAN CHRIS GEISSLER TONY GILLIHAN COLLEEN GUTTER MARK GOOD JIMMY HAGEN BARON HANSON KATHERINE HELLER ROEYN HERRING ADRIENNE HOCK SHANNON HUBER ANTOINE IRVIS JENNIFER JOSEPH PATRICK KAVANAUGH JOSEPH KIDD JULIAN KOLAROVSKI JEFF LANKFORD KIMBERLY LEWIS BERTICA LOPEZ JOHN LINDSAY ANDREW MACK JOEY MCCABE PATRICK MCCAULEY CHRIS MCDERMOTT BARRY MCMENAMY MICHELLE MOLL DEBBIE MOYLON 5'-.0 "Wait, I can't talk with my mouth full." X? "What do you mean I get to play S I I RODERICK MUNOZ MATT NASSER I ' NGAY NGUYEN Q ANDREA OAKLEY , 5 . - QQ' "This is my best side." fs 45 "You call this fresh water?" 'pe PATTY O'DWYER ROBERT OH SHAUN O'HERN VELISSE PAGAN VIRGINIA PARKER BELA PATEL BHARAT PATEL ERIC PEBURN APRIL PECK BARBARA PELLING CLARK PENGOV KORY PIKE CAROL PRAUSE KIM RILEY IOSEPH RIORDAN JULIE ROAT ROBYN ROLLAND DEBRA RONZIO FELICIA ROSS jENNIFER RUSSELL JAMES SAMSON STEPHEN SCHIMMEI, TASHA SCHOERNER ALLISON SHERE MICHELLE SOLOMON BRUCE SPEERS EDDY STEPHENS BRENNA STEWART KRISTIE THOMAS HEATHER THOMPSON ga ,Ex I P 'J' 7 Oh, you got me! KIM TROISI REGINA VILLAFLOR ANTHONY VISCOMI MARY WEAVER HEATHER WECKERLE ROBERT WESTCOTT SCOTT WINDJACK BOBBY WINTERS BOB WOLEE YATARA YOUMANS DONALD YOUNG FRANK ZADNICK - .3 4, u N' 'QW QQ 'wr X F JOHN ADAMS MARY BALL A THERESA BANDORF Q ....,,, I canr do thus! rs A 2 A "Time to wake up!" NICOLE BATES ANGELA BECK MICHAEL BENNETT SNEHAL BHOOLA ANDREW BLOW MICHAEL BONAMY TODD BORGERSON JENNIFER BROCK JOHN BROWN KARLA BROWN DAWN BRUCE MONICA BURNSIDE JENNIFER CALLEA CINDI CARPENTER JONATHAN CHRISTEN ,IANET CATAUDELLA JANET CHURCHWELL TARA CICHEWICZ LAWRENCE CLIFTON MICHAEL CODIANNE DARRELL COLON SEAN CORRIGAN KELLEY CROTTY STEVE CROW STACY CROWE KATHY DAVIDSON MARIO DEANGELIS DEVIN DEEN KIMBERLY DELANEY "Where am I going?" Freshman Orientation ,ng ow I, "Me?" 'TS--"' "Having fun in the caferoriumf' NATHALIE DELANNOY RENEE DELISLE CHARLES DIXON JAMES FALLIS REBECCA EARRELL JESSICA FAVIS MICHAEL FAWLEY KRISTEN FRANCE LISA FRIEDENREICH WILLIAM GAHAGAN ANGELA GALLUZZI JOSEPH GETTMAN KEVIN GOMEZ KELLY GULDI CATHERINE HALL LEAH HALL DANIEL HANLEY LAURAN HARRINGTON TRACY HARRIS JAMES HARRISON SEAN HARTIGAN ASHLEY HELGEMO JENNIFER HORTON SCOTT HOULE JENNIFER HOULT MARY BETH HUBERT TIFFANY HUCKABY GRETA JAHNKE VIRGINIA KAVANAGH DONALD KLEIN CLAY KRASKI JENNIFER KRIER "Oh no, you can'r make me look!" I Tr Q, 1, 1' wif' .7 .JJ , Puerto Rncan Playboy' A roast to Lopez pizza!" Coach, I was lust Iookmg around campus! - Q w I I ISABEL LASSALLY FRANK LILL LAURIE LINDSAY MARIA LOPEZ MARY MCDERMOTT AMY MCGUIRE MIKE NAVARR CHARLES OH MIKE OLIVARI RAFAEL ORTIZ VALOUS PAGAN DEEPA PATEL KIRAN PATEL MANO-I PATEL -IAMIE PESHEH .IACQUELINE PETERS PAUL PHILIPS .JOSHUA PILLER MICHAEL POLLARD AMITY POSSICK MELISSA PRICE ANTHONY RONZIO NEVIS ROSS ANDREW RYAN HEATHER SCOTT ERIKA SEABROOKS OMAR SIDDIQUI KENNETH SMITH ERIN SULLIVAN JERRY SUMPTER SHONDA SWINDLING TAMARA SWINDLING DAVID THOMAS KEITH THOMAS CHRISTIN TSE JUSTIN TSE f r, "Test rimel' Gb X T J 'just hanging our." 'ln- 'Q Wi! "This hair has got to go." JULIE TURCOTTE BRIAN WALLSCHLAEGER AKIMI WANG HARRY WENDELSTEDT ANTHONY WILLIAMS THOMAS WINTERS KYLE WOMBLE ,I 3 . Qtr 'O 1 Q.-na' r ' 1 mf Y - l""H ,Q Al' uf ,key 4 . 'f FATHER BLOOD Father Blood brings a unique personality to Father Lopez. As principal, he has brought many changes to the school over the past four years. His fair treat- ment to students and faculty is deeply appreciated by all. While maintaining good student rela- tions, he has expertly guided Fa- ther Lopez. J' .', ,t 'Hi- 62 9 ff. K , ,V Q-fm X' . ,twig . ar. 3 iw, .U FATHER MULLIGAN Our new Director of Curriculum has brought order to our unique schedule, not to mention a friendly face. Father Mulligan has made sev- eral refreshing innovations for the well-being of the students and fac- ulty. FATHER TONER Father Toner is concerned with the academic well-being of the Lo- pez student. He gives us many ex- citing college opportunities and keeps us informed on the current requirements. T FATHER GONDEK Our Father Al. He has done a great job as school chaplain and senior class sponsor. His smiling face makes everyone feel good. Un- derlying his unusual personality, he has a sincere desire to help kids through their troublesome high school years. 63 MRS. TRUSCOTT After twenty-six years in the Lopez office, Mrs. Trus- cott keeps the school running smoothly under innu- merable pressures. We are all grateful for her helpful and friendly attitude. MRS. CHAMPAGNE For eleven years, Mrs. Champagne has been a major part of the school administration. She is essential to the inner workings of the office and enjoys her service to the Lopez Community. SISTER MIRIAM With over 52 years of religious service, Sister Miriam has spent eleven years here at Father Lopez. She pro- vides invaluable service to the school, teachers, and students. SCOTT EDWARDS Scott Edwafds is Father Lopez's Dean of Students. He is actively involved in student activities and coaches girls' and boys' track and cross country teams. 64 an Illn- MR. SHUTZ ftop leftj Mr. Shutz is invaluable to Father Lopez as Director of Develop- ment, in charge of fund-raising. With the help of Mrs. Farmer, the Development office continues to promote Lopez and encour- age growth. MRS. SMITH Ccenter leftj New to the guidance office this year, Mrs. Smith has been extremely helpful to graduating seniors-evaluating, counseling, and researching our college information. MR. REILLY Cabovej Taking over for Mrs. Hawes in the middle of the year, Mr. Reilly has been a delightful addition to the Lopez family. He teaches Physical Education and Health, encouraging students to main- tain physical as well as mental aptitude. MR. DRISCOLL Cbottom leftj Mr. Driscoll is new to the Lopez community this year, and he has made major innovations in the English Department. As well as taking over some English classes, he has developed enrichment programs in reading and writing. 65 THEOLGGY Mr. Snyder, Mr, Eckoff, Mr. Probst, and Father Trout have guided us through 3 Christian Morality, Death and Dying, World Religions, and Marriage and Fam- ily. Our education has been enriched and a solid foundation established. Right: Mr. Snyder Top: Father Trout helps Karan Harrington. 66 . but a L Q' '-.,,s ,J ,f,l- SLI' Left: Mr. Probst works with a student Below: Mr. Eckoff til' pr N, J 'T 'Y Q' ENGLISH From Grammar to Vocabulary, Litera- ture to Writing-Lopez English covers it all! Whether it's Edgar Allan Poe, Beo- wulf, Shakespeare, or the Reading Enrich- ment Center, Mrs. Tidmarsh, Mrs. Wind- jack, Mrs. Gray, Miss Bowman, and Mr. Driscoll have made this a memorable year. ......i.-.-.-----.-... Vw f Top: Mrs. Gray Right: Mrs. Tidmarsh 68 11" ps.. 'R ax 'P Q ,' -Q- YE- "SP" 'xy' 'jrxy f . I --..---- ,ou ,1 ' 4 N, fr Above: Miss Bowman Left: Mrs. Wincljack ...I 69 at 'F' SCIENCE Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Anato- my, and Physics! Sound impressive? It should! Coach Rea, Mr. Vendon, and Ms. Berner edu- cate us about atoms, molecules, compounds, physiology, dissection, and energy. These may be the beginning courses for a new generation of doctors, researchers, and scientists. Right: Mr. Vendon Below: Ms. Berner Bottom Right: Coach Rea 70 K ,,...,,f' ..-.,, .l, Q 3. N6 A . tv ,J ' N xk P 1 ' 1 H! 'x 1 dk 2' I ' 'S R . 5 sg' I fu w-4 L 71 KF' X x , X 3. . 1' ' 4 :qt , , 2522? 4 '3 J fy Vw. 319.15 .W .Qu .e S N IQN QQ f4l'4" h ,A N i ,Y -1' l K 'L t v.. 3 ",' -A '51, , , W. ,, , -,E ' h I: 1 A R mf . is I , sf ' .. f ' it K , gjlv . R- 2 , X i ff 1 3 XE I Q s AJ fi N-W in fi? I, , K r N ff" ef Xxx LANGUAGES 1Buenos dios! and Bonjour, mes amis! The study of languages is a fundamental part of a well-rounded education. Lopez offers courses in Spanish, French, Russian, and Latin taught by Mrs. Leorza, Miss Stewart, Mrs. Hotchkiss, Mr. Probst, and Miss johnson. Languages enrich our cul- ture, provide an increasing awareness of our own language, and prepare us for an international world. 73 r1...l luv-' - 71 , xx - K: - ,. kg gagglg. fgwzm v x . T 1 : .'fifrl5l141 i5G5:' H fig ii s X- . "L- .aiu-'S U"'ngull""'-' NS.-1' . . . X Q Z? , N T' .1 MATH It's not as simple as 1, 2, 3 . . . ! Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus have been taught this year by Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Wrobel, Mr. Vendon, and Mr. Cverko. Overwhelmed with fractions, bin- omials, theorems, and parabolas, you'll al- ways see a Lopez student with a math text. Left: Mrs. Wrobel Bottom Left: Mrs. Snyder Bottom Right: Mr. Vendon Opposite Page: Mr. Cverko X l 75 SQCIAL STUDIE World History, Sociology, American History, World Geogra- phy, Government and Economics add to the Lopez curriculum. Term papers, book reports, and map studies, under the guidance of Mr. Arcuri, Mr. Lind, and Mr. Burket, have added to our homework load and provided academic growth and enrichment. Below: Mr. Burket Right: Mr. Arcuri Middle Right: Mr. Lind PM-5 Ar 'I fo is '., 'stir IN 1 h . V1 o . td mm x ,l..,,,y:,,A.r1ws5fi5,M-as Y, , ,, 'Q .apo ,- 0 'N "' - 4 'S O" U 3 -:: ' X ,E if , I X. X P :a: X51 g.'l .1 76 60,6 Q. ub- 4-QQ 1' E .tl " .W " PCT. 5299 .l K 77 . I 4 xv 1 ST COMPUTERS, TYPING, BUSINESS Lopez strives to keep pace with the highly technological world in which we live. Classes are offered in Computer Science, where Dr. Igo and Mr. Pike educate us in bits and bytes. To further prepare us for college and the business world, Miss Lodholtz keeps us typ- ing at full speed, preparing memos, letters, and reports. 79 LIBRARY We should be very proud of our library and available re- sources-a veritable wealth of information. Under the direction of Miss Alfert, the Father Lopez library has an impressive collec- tion of books, reference materials, media equipment, and educa- tional software. Freshman year we become versed in the proper use of the library an its equipmentg and, throughout our four years at Lopez, the library sees us through our reports and pro- jects. r 80 if x Q6 X QQ 1 f f is ' gk z . ,gl ,fi .' , 5 M. . AWB , -+'f' :55'5 qs V7 13 or e ATIO AL H0 GR SGCIETY The prestigious service organization, the National Honor Society, gives Father Lopez a great community image. N.H.S. is responsi- ble for the World Food Day Can Drive, help- ing the senior citizens ofthe surrounding area and many other local groups. Being a mem- ber ofthe N.H.S. means you are a highly qualified student worthy of serving the com- munity. Only the best students are selected and the N.H.S. is proud ofthe new inductees. They are ready and willing to demonstrate their academic, leadership, and personal qua- lities. Z X I f' l 4 -Milf? 4: 1' . 6 ju . rx: vs' 41:5 elif? rr -9 1 ' "'- v pbflgegx . ,M-,wx i., 1 1-X'1hT??,b' ,- s .-ff - n , . f., . . ,f,.v,t,. E K 'Na aan '95 - l ... uf-V V Vkkr -xv ,' M- 2. -1, '25, n ' . A tit -.iv ' . 'fig .N gmt. -N: -Ag "girls: .',-:I ,4Z""! 'M ' r O fa V. A 'Fx ii . ft", .Q- 85 ilu.-f "X,i'T'3,:7- 'H . - 86 , ' !f S.G.A. This year's Student Government Asso- ciation was quite different from past years. The new charter included one President, Chris Kelly, and four Vice Presidents- Scott Groeschner, Melanie Dunn, Steph- anie Stephenson, and Stacey Reynolds. S.G.A. sponsored both Homecoming and Mini-Homecoming dances, Activities Day, and the Christmas I Care toy drive- all huge successes. Thanks for a great year and may 1987 be even better! -,--,. M,,,c . ...qv-1 87 N-ff A Xl' MWF Q Mr 1 INOBO Z i S r C w Q . ,l -',- ' 5 flfi 1 . JI 22ff"'e'iiQ M999 f" f x N LGPEZ PIPELI E The newspaper is in its second year and the staff is working hard to bring you up to date on Lopez events. Many thanks to Mrs. Farmer and Miss Lodholtz, the sponsors of our publication, and all the students who l tt kept our paper going. Editor: Clark Pengov Managing Editors: Richard Ryals Carol Prause Executive Staff: Mike Audette Robin Costner William Wang Typists: Michelle Albers Eva Finney Cathy Bennet Bela Patel Reporters: Mark Phillips Scott Youmans julie Brinkman Christina Ryals Cathy Moutsopoulos Kitty Feinaur juan Pablo Bustos Thames Layout: Kelly Guldi Mario DeAngelis Artwork: Danny Handley Sponsors: Mrs. Farmer Miss Lodholtz Q x TWC- i 1 1 A SIN? nv , , ,W 9 wi' M .,.....--sl ... Q 1 9' I r . . L "' fy A . 1 11' A 'ling D. ,RW X 1 'b ,.2:k ks. VERITAS 1986 The Yearbook Staff has worked incredibly hard to bring you a keepsake of Lopez memories you will enjoy now and in years to come. Many thanks to the entire staff of hard working photographers, layout, and copy people. Miss Bowman, Yearbook Sponsor, would like to extend a special thank you to Karen Rheuble, Steve VanWert, Kellie Pike, Ana Perez-Lugones, Melanie Dunn, Chris Kelly, and Dan Petri for their constant dedication and personal commitment. 91 l H W 5' af l s ' 1 f N Q 2 5 9 S' ,lm- ' ,sg . ,W ,it . 'D ' 5 w tf -wr " - S51 :L I r K it .i P12141 s '11 V' i i g. 4 ' Q ' " ' N Q . f, f Q s 5 b , ...4xosQs?- s""X is x Us f,11yws.-- - N 5W,t,.,. ,. , ,:x- N WM ,Q K VW A f Q 4' g,Que Pasa? The Lopez Spanish Club, sponsored by Mrs. Leorza, is for those students with an interest in Spanish culture and food. Every year there are five major activities-the Activi- ties Day Taco Sale, a field trip to a Spanish show, the Christmas party complete with pinata, the Foreign Lan- guage Festival, and the trip to St. Augustine. 92 i We A 1 'ii N 'v X Q E 'U' ,-- .L I Miami: un JE' wil' ,ul . -. The 1985-1986 Spanish Clu Trishia Arias ............. Cynthia Fernandez ....... .1' b officers were: Steve VanWerr .............................. President Jeanne Brinkman ........ ....... V ice President Secretary ...........Treasurer ff" Ein 'F' , . 1,24- 1 o i..,x f .0 X px M. Y' -dis D ix i.MX.ii2 K . X r. . ,-K avi 'R hiv ,I 'Y -'M' f - MM, 'W-qs if '41 93 Quoi de Neuf? For the student interested in French food, language, games, and culture, the Lopez French Club is the place to be. This year, under the direction of Mrs. Hotchkiss, carnations and roses with their secret messa es were sold to 8 bri vhten all the Lo ez s ecial events. French Club members en'o ed a deli- Es P P 1 Y cious and festive Christmas dinner in the cafetorium. Everyone is invited to participate in French Club activities. V394 .4 ,A 4 I ' 1: ' ," -1. x 1, X AJ' N.- ' f ,ng tr X u ' 5 ' Y 1 K 3 ff sa LL ,K ' so F' R L l Safr- 61 , fi. xi! , f 2 'Ml I xxx., . . . , in 1 2' , M 49.3, as " -f'u.sa.M MA Q4 Qaghfbs " 7 .4 1 i E I., W8 'wa 0 A 1 .E x ul 7 . N 'S-lx .v- '41, 'w f R-3' 1 . . 96 Mm PERFORMING ARTS CLUB The Lopez Performing Arts Club, sponsored by Mr. Arcuri, under- took two major productions this year. The Miss Lopez Contest held during the first semester revived a school tradition after a one year absence. "Thurber Carnival," performed in late April, provided many students with musical and acting talents the opportunity to share them with the community. Many thanks to everyone who contributed count- less amounts of time, energy, and creativity. 9 7 MIN I-HOMECOMIN G Midway through the basketball season, Lopez Celebrated with mini-homecoming activities. A court was assembled from all the classesg and the King, Ray Irvin, and the Queen,jill Rolland, were announced at a special pep rally. Everyone enjoyed the dance sponsored by the Roundtable as well as the opportunity to show true Lopez spirit. 15 y syn I . O 5 In QQQL-:C 'kit X ev. ' 98 lij if xx 7 an x""1 jvrnv'-"'w ,, 29... 'X 93 ar: ff 3 MODEL UNITED NATIONS The Model United Nations con- tinues its domination of national level debates this year. The club travelled as far away as Washington and Boston to bring home national victories and also led the way in local Florida competition. Many honors are in store for the Model U.N. in the years to come. Fi as , W. '9- 50514 mt: gf! N" l00 -,aww-.f-wfm A..- s A 0. A xy. mam S Q r i me Quia Q., lim q11g:f',.-v.-N 'A ' Hwvwxzr-wwww A l I 102 Nwx x ,Q H . gy, 4-,,,' 's""' K I fl 9? nf V MM C ,Z Q 'i l s. - -'A ' 4-rf' X,--, bfi: N. ,S w V3 'za . ' X. . . .xiii gil K'-iw' 135,43 . S ii-no ggi5ig,,3g3Nf'ggi5ggE55' A A i,.wL 519 RETREATS fl lglf 5lif5QS55?5fis?i fkitlril The Class Retreats at Father Lopez are an important and necessary part of our religious education. They are a time to reflect on where we are and where we are going and an opportunity to get in touch with God and one another. Each class builds unity and togetherness during their special day of fun and prayer in a relaxing atmo- sphere away from school. X 104 .Slmaefsrsftff s.gglSs3ff.fi'giiils . Q31 r.5.,.f-- ' 2 Milf ' eeer - if Tiff' i.!lllrm- His!!-r.!F5f F asc., W. 1 W., g,x3,3hfkXik.tt K A 9 ,. . . -1' ,se Na .s r it f 1 x tl- JI. ,.x "-Q-....,.. 1 x , ,,,...... xXx '-Q" -,fs min Q. 1- v- 'az' if 08 ,, - 9-v 9-uv fn .,r 'O 'Q - .- 10 -vs NIV 'W wN"'k'N 3 sn ' , ' 3 ff? 1 ' gg f' xx . MR me fi . 3 I 4 1 I 1 1 I 3 K ' 3 tr, Em ,1 4 S.: x?L1 xyg r -u..p. -f L w if 'l- , , f Ei kj QW I ' fy , ,iL, fi! , 1 A' ' L x5 5 yi 4' 9 35, Z if Q V V .4 Q 4-fu MW , .,, L U , -ff -,J . , T1-f' 1 f ,f ,. ' 'j W .Y , . H ',,, f , h.,. v 1 ., , ' ' , . . ' ' " V ' ,,L- U V A ' V """ x- 1? i6 A fs.4w,m..A...4, , ,WW . ,.,.,-.,,,,,,,, 5 FOOTBALL When you think of Lopez, you immediately thing of FOOT- BALL! Traditionally a powerhouse, this year was no exception. The following schedule highlights our winning season. Flagler Palm Coast 21-0 Callahan West Nassau 32-6 Baldwin 43-3 Seabreeze 8-15 Eustis 24-8 Pierson Taylor CHomecomingD 36-12 Green Cove-Clay County 24-6 jacksonville Bolles 10-13 Crescent City 34-6 Cocoa Beach 28-18 Hurricane Bowl 28-14 CMt. Doral DQ 4 W I i ' .btw Ts 108 ...Q . . QP! I it Q P. A 4 'ua " QQ' i 'f viii 4! M 4 'dm 31 1 z',f2,fwgw1 , f'f'Q""'ff"""""!"3i, V, ,, , f fx, "'v4'14-Q a 5 Q y'i I X. ' ' N 5 5 ' . cg XA .fy X h 1 I K K rf ' Qi . . f ' . 1 A1-9 x 92-, , QR?-d.', k . X , N K' x 4. Az 'T' 1 ' Q, " be 1 h ff 1 f I T X. .wi f ,Q X , . '+-f-gnu'-.2lLf',,-1: Q 13-4'-Q.. M, , " 'A A ,ri I '-+A -.ww Under the expert coaching of Bud Asher, the Green Waves made us proud. Outstanding seniors in- cluded Ray Irvin, David Daigle, Mike Berry, Micky Pegg, Matt Roth, Chris Kelly, Larry Scrabis, john Castro,jon Willette, Art Bot- ting, and Courtney Price. The fresh- man, sophomores, and juniors have some extraordinary players as well, so look forward to an exciting '86- '87 season. s .c as , l I J W' w9l'?57f? 7 i t . 5 , ,. . 110 ,,,. O so 0 '- 'lyyy , gk? ,, . JLS. M , airy 3343, N f"' Q '4l """ MW Tl' "eFM3- QI LSI .,.- yd ,105 .ai Q' A ' gxgqgymq- ---591rsngveem'x"iqt::- 1-,:zx-Ny-1a.,a.Q tfef1r'.f'i. Q-xlfyfgffy-2 I-Sli Qzzl r ' s is - - W t .ifflf -- 3 - yrlisfg -ge. L- -. 1,1 r 3 --Q. VOLLEYBALL No pain . . . no gain! How many times did we hear that this year? We worked hard and it showed-on our bruised and scraped knees. Thanks to the coaching of Mrs. Snyder and the excellent performances of Ana Perez- Lugones, Jeanne Brinkman, julie Brinkman, Karen Rheuble, Stacey Huber, Michelle Leete,jill Rolland, Denise Hess, Candi New- berry and Kelley Fleming, Father Lopez had a winning volleyball season. iraq, """""9 M Anwff X, 115 GIRLS BASKETBALL Practice everyday and even over the holidays has really paid off. All of our sprints, hard work, and dynamic spirit has really conditioned us for our fast-paced games. A winning season was ourldreamg and with determination and teamwork, that dream became a reality. 7 A 'Q LI ll 4 - 114 N.. , -we ' W "'1Illls ,r,r my I L xx. S, ' O' I cKf"A5 A , n Xf R 4 iq . , 115 GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY WHAT A SEASON! Lopez is proud of this year's team consisting of state champi- ons Laura Bouchard, Cindy Ca- breza, Melanie Dunn, Stephanie Stephenson, Marjorie Hawk, Dannica Ross, Patti Pippen, Debbie Moylan, and Katherine Heller. Many thanks to Scott Edwards for his expert training and encouragement along the way. 4 Z A 116 fwffrUfY'5H' V TRY S N WM SWIMMING Once again, Coach Rea led the Lopez swim- mers to an outstanding season finale. Among these swimmers were jim McCarthy, Tony De- lisle, David France, Steve Gardner, Bobby Young, Monty White, Kim Lewis, Kristen France, and Robyn Rolland. CONGRATULA- TIONS to the girls and boys teams. M ir ' ,,, ,N 41, F r r--.A'-?.,3:, A 567' 1 -Na ,1 "We iw t wif iw 'af 2 -. ,r...nugg.r' V '14-. .Anno-' ' ,-f:?Qfgy'n0-fun-',a,p-Q .mu -V -ouugeugnv Huw- a.-.--,nu..-r.-.....,,f,,,,,1 N fu-. WW' W . , 5' .Y-ullilltullr A4 :Mum A , 1 , 'XJ' 3" "vip 'H , Y ,, , f. . 4 . 5 .ata-,si , . ,., .,,,,,n ., V fi-fefffe , V V, ,M 1 r U' Q if - X 4- Q s.. -- -W .Maw .AQ 3.43, y 1 - f , 1 7 . ee. r. ., . ff ,.n,,, P, .. ,NWI my N M M- e,..,,,l to f ,,,ff .,+, r .- may-:' V, ff 4 Ak... .., eq, '. - -- . It Nxt, in 1 H8 - - "" K-A - ., W ,. 1 -fff jg 'fgf,.S,9.f3!'w"' - ,..--M w..wfM,.,.,ff ' Q, . M ...T 1 L ' 'Y ' Q 'N , s-,f, x?', ,iff lx 118 dv . R . , X Q, N44 -1'. x x ' A , -al. ,LM 19" a.:....LrL1khkl1Lshh MM. x www x -" JN 2 W I A 5' ' f .Wg ..,,L14-zswif f H' . 2 " " Q . qw. K. ' gt . Q Q rf 913 BEE? 2555 if .-4 gg 5 .viii 1 , ,. JH mn SSW nl? N .kkx X 3 Qiw , R129 fsfafiwafga . X Q -M ,W .il 1 4 ,5 is nr: Rf Na 117 N xi. ' gf , 3 ., r W . ,Y ,ig K . W Q V: Af, " x b sa 'x ' - rf. ., Y M, ,K , . ., , ,-Q' eg M x ,f ' 2 1 ,qua 1 x . .5 A ,. v. vi W 0 I fx ,,,.. U Q 1 Q x .NE A NA, X .. ,gs Q aw SOCCER Under our new coach, Raymond Nichols, the Soccer Team entered the 1985-1986 season dynamically. In spite of several injuries, the Father Lopez Soccer Team fought back hard to represent the Green Wave fiercely. With our many underclassmen, there is great hope for the future. Hard work, determination, and a fighting spirit will lead to continued successes. .a fi u 5 . 5 '54 ' UA 7 4 , my ld- la .. Q--. . .bf-1 Jl - ' 53.-. 1--,vj ,JL..,.: ,V 1 31 ", 'v"f.Q 5.-vfau h 1. ,Jw X: ,V -J faire -sa.- .. at U N. 5 X ' A . 3 3 v 3 121 GOLF Coach Carey led our daring golfers into the season with quiet confidence. His expectations were promptly fulfilled. With outstanding play- ers such as jim Borgerson, Mark jannetty, Ted Miller, Kevin Horner, Mike Huber, Harry Wen- delstat, Maria Lopez, Danny Osterndorf, Baron Hansen, and Tom Caravati, the golf team was tough competition for the surrounding schools. Indigo Golf Course had never seen such great Lopez players. g,Q'tr',fl,?, l22 N. ,df l 2 1 2 ..- JL. f x 5. f4 F 'lf-nf, V .v 'L 'Q J x, If - . 'xg -FQ., , M 13.5 f 623'- w We l ,.,,5,ir+ 44 J-V .r 5 . -V' "sa ' . . 1 n H 3 ' x"- . f ... N ,-vfefarv., 'vi . .,. ,. . . 5!3f3Z5'm-':".'7',+'W , , Q", '7 1,..Uy49 ,..-.np'..'.f+4. .' ' A 1 o v an-un A - , f acc 'W' y''52-.f"IQ2f!vZi5i3!'f-I-f'Z'Z'I'I' A , f . - ,..'..,,,g.,.,.,.,.,.,. , . W , ' ' fa-.'Q'.Hun.,Jd.'f,-1... .' ','X'..' 3'n3'x'f'3'!. 'f9',H'K.'v -1 '.1:,x?.'.j.Q, ,M H f a A u. ,.,. .1 .ln G., ., , K 51.15. , lf' tx, . - ,v-4123 'JJ "1 x. .,,.. 'M-. 'war TENNIS Though the beginning of the tennis season was shaky, the team pulled together and be- came a force to be reckoned with in the Five Star Conference. The Trails was the training ground for our tennis team. The crowds may not be large at the tennis matches but the intensity is there! 125 VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL This was the toughest schedule Father Lopez ever faced, entering into the new Big Five Star Conference. Leading the Waves were David Dai- gle at forward,john Castro at small forward, Ray Irvin at guard, Peter Hagood at guard, David Marz at forward, and B.T. Corrigan at forward. Coaching the Waves to victory were Neil Braley and Assistant Coach Hyatt. itil? 126 I 'T s3ie Y 'i 1 at ,Yr ,iv fs .Q ,.d' 1' N alms. S5 1 , .vnv M .War X A J 'S ' 'if k ' J 'xx K ' 5 1 R B D M41 w 28 'N --"' Q. . .. f Y 2 K 1 H +5 ' '- . " . ' f ' ., if r l ' - L rx, I ll W X F- 4- QN ff N ,,,, ' Fi fb K l . 9 I 5 no Aw , . ' , U 'V - . A n V i- Q 'V' " I R 9 I f ' ,V mn, V, .4 A av. ,Q-an .. Q fy- .f e" M Ex Yiwu... .fp-.Q 0 l24 UNIOR VARSITY The junior Varsity Green Waves have suc- cessfully achieved that Lopez winning spirit. Days of preparation and commitment led to their admirable accomplishments on the playing field. Congratulations to thejunior Varsity Foot- ball, Basketball, and Volleyball teams. l50 J5.: Qfiffg. jr S wg 4 I 'v ?f'f+- .IZ i, fm efjl ' 'J' in , i mf I 1 Q fi V , a ' we di! . . A P' """"i in :Pre ..., . TEAM HOT Pictured on this page are- Top: Varsity Football Team Right: Swim Team Opposite page Top Left: j.V. Volleyball Team Top Right: junior Varsity Cheerleaders Left:-I,V. Basketball Team Middle Right: Varsity Volleyball Team Bottom Right: Varsity Cheerleaders 132 U' s ' 1- 6 -.Z ml X. Q. .J 5f' :ff-gf A-M--fry , fx.-I--f :Q V - -b'hkl ' M xr- , N :Y s,?g.g.n " Mm, M ,A-g.',..f - 1 QM ' Q, gwfw - - W X , 2 , f T ,Q , I' .W , , , ' is F 4 ' W H a QQ 535?"l5 5 535233533 253232 dT9g? gQ25gEQfEiE2S gag? A an f l 4 . ft l"Wffn'r+ . r 1 r 9 I if :C 13' " ,P TRACK AND FIELD Trying to get good photographs for our track team proved to be difficult because the camera eye could only catch our runners as a blur. They blazed the track to a fine season. Fast times were being produced throughout the spring. Coach Scott Edwards was certain- ly pleased with this year's runners. 155 I I 29 Q ' Rf? wif Kg, L' , ,. 0 6 :X K. A X A. I A-,N , 4... K if f' R5 -, x fi--um, MI: Q ,. . I , "W ,' SHS A 1 s g 1, 0 . f..., 1 'ls 'A s ,,' we-mm- ...mx 1 ,Alf Q! if ww 1, . .,, .J E44 7 45 ,iv U.. I S-P-I-R-I-T Lopez cheerleaders added so much to our winning teams. Practicing long hours to entertain and enliven, Varsity,junior Varsity, and the Dancing Green Waves excited the fans and cheered the Green Waves on to victory. Varsity cheerleaders are Captain,jennifer Reilly, Co-Cap- tain, Carrie Tuterag Colleen Careyg Lisa Gibbsg Tina Brillg jenna McCarthy, Caroline Eubankg Christian Geisslerg Luisa Binettig Laurie Aholag and Kris Michler. junior Varsity cheerleaders for the 1986 season included jena Fahner, Di Di Darrington, Christie Thomas, Michelle Moll, Robyn Rolland, Heather Thompson, Barbara Pelling, jackie Peters, and Tracy Harris. Many thanks to Varsity sponsor Miss Stewart and j.V. sponsor Miss Lodholtz. sf' ,,, J . " 4 I o ! 138 . If Q imi? K ' N f , .fhf ,L is A 'f TQ' ANA J ', ' - -? ' L W4 '- 1 3 I BUYS CROSS COUNTRY "It was the best of timesg it was the worst of times." This year was a grueling season for the Boys Cross Country team, yet throughout it all, our guys worked hard and never gave up the fight. Runners pictured include Tom Petrizzo, Austin Tse, Ted Miller, Scott Groeschner, Mike Crotty,jimmy Hagen, Bobby Winters and james Harrison. mil., -n Q- ,. gg 140 vs "fv- W-v 5 ts. -e-:.a9:i. Baum! gg:-1---. glib L ' , fL, ii, .5 " L ,, f' -f ,df .Qin K 5 'X Tigx . J xr In K V Q! ty 4 8,44 K -. Q ' M iff f 4, Q 2 W:.fwff' e'x ,. V . min i L K it t! 3 . wks 3,5 sfsixsff sw m "ig .fi ,. . T. ar' .. D 4 , .- rx L 1 5 5 f', r ,,,,.f,, 4 1 ' . , .,-wwf u,f,'.L , i,,.p,.w mr:. ,1f, fw??f7w1 .w-1,'V'1-Aw, aw' x I 1 f . N , ,,.,,A..4 xiii V ix f-B 1 I inns a A 'wi ff' S .1 xx has 5 .1 x x P n :mul i""' - A Vdoa ..v.4y4 uf. vh, -,hoo max 'nk X35 - Q., ....,,4 Q95 X XX 'PN 5 . X1 x x S J li 8 Ng Xu X X X l 35 Ph 1 'li x I . I x Q'- ' .s Gig 'f Qui' ,. xx: '15 A .. -u '4 . aff""'aW"6"' - Put, VJ" 0 --iii i aK81w!xrwr:f.. W " - - E L.. . , ,, . YI' TQ I 3 LI' ., , s i V "JI, r I t ' 4 A . - v--2 l .4 - ..q.ww, , ACTIVITIES DAY Do Lopez students have spir- it? You bet! As the prelude to the Homecoming Football Game, we Celebrated with a day of fun, food, and activities. The Dunking Booth was a major success-everyone had the op- portunity to dunk their favorite teacher. Add to this a Car smash, a volleyball game, Mr. Legs con- test, dart throw, tug o' war, and every type of food imaginable and you have a day enjoyed by all. 1-li HOMECQMIN G DANCE What follows every winning Homecoming Football Game? Of course, a "winning" Home- coming Dance! This year was no exception, and everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity to dress up, go out for dinner, and dance the night away at the Daytona Inn. fyg 146 ll E t A N 5 , i Y 'Q N Sf? ry' 'Y Htl' S 's 'Q 3 ' -' 5 v I C,0m,f11g 3 ,-.L mul mg? + E uf A.- ' sa A - x "fb, L Q 3 1. ,A . A .ly if 'K 4 Q-iq K, U. ff 1' 0. ' 1 5' oi C" 'FF Q, SQ Q. .X .. Q 1 .1 .1 . P E 'iffw f. I '-...' f 'Ev W 11.4 S i SKI TRIP Forty-two Lopez students boarded a bus bound for Snow- shoe, West Virginia this winter for a long weekend of skiing. Everyone enjoyed the accom- modations at the Top of the World and the atmosphere of this winter wonderland. The trip was sponsored by Coach Asher and, as always, was a tremen- dous success. ,fr i H 5 . ' , t,.Vi if ,fl il A A l-18 , , "' WX---n my W iv.. , K, fy iff! - 1- Mos: Likely ro Cause WW III-Dan McGrane Most Likely to Become Obese-Lynne Stringer w v??r', 'i ' I it t , -'env .. , . 'T' - .aa - 1 ' Q f,..,,,..,.1g,' ti M...l - lr 54 l , , r 1 4 i 5 'IA a A in X gf, ,V is--,QC r Q gi, , '-4 Q 1 JN 322. xr Am ' L 1 ,g1,5,g Qh,,.L,, 1 's 4: IA g!'...l',c'iIv2't: ,hz 584 .' ' ' ' YQ I' , 'ff , JF. skis.. yr .,l -' .ly-fi: . 222 32425262 2 13 v 48 4950 5I 52 55 70172 ss - 9 ons sau asa 5, 3940 fr 2 ss 2 6364 1 : - 15 0 . -Q 'P Most Likely t o Become a Game Show Host-Mark jannetty Wittxest jim Badia and Georgie Van Kooren THE SENIOR SUPERLATIVES fx ' 30' qi Q Most School Spirit-Edwin Cosio and Melanie Dunn , ly: 12 we , Right: Most Likely to Marry a Model- Dan Petri Below: Friendliesr- ,,,. Chris Cocuzzo and Kathy Achinger -.,, i-'Jil' 'Wm l I mx.. 'f x h X, MQ 'S 'N 152 Above: Most Arhleric- David Daigle and Ana Perez-Lugones Left: Most Flirracious-Chris Kelly Scholastic-Steve VanWert and Ann Finney Spf ...uv- -P,-,,.... J- -gur- 'sf' w .1- -- 1 KAINN Q 1 wwe ' 5 li? 4" ,fi " Q --f ---W 'A' 1 All Around- e Stephenson and Rob Motzel -vo, x X 7-.. ,M 'M 4. - M U X: s ' y 1, X A ' Below: Most Likely to Embezzle Funds- Below: Most Likely to Work the Streets- Mike Crow' Tom Petrizzo and Stacey Huber A 4 sl -.Jie X.,-u.f.s,' A. .x,3' W, ,,6.irw. Q p ' if e rl, r 1 5 Nj.. Rf" 'lin Above: Most Likely to Rob the Cradle David Franfe 'li 'A xx N x l 8. ,rx- fl Q I", 1 t' 1 ' .' x v.-s Q r s ., - v I fi :QI 2' fig, -.4 Af -wrlf 41,3 Above: Most Likely to Succeed- Adel Aslani-Far and Karen Rheuble X Below: Cutesr- 'Iim McCarthy and Kellie Pike v Above: Best Looking- john Castro and Shannon Abbott ... -.Q 'l I x 4 ,svwwwm X' I P , As our years at Lopez fade And we reflect on friends we've made Through the memories that prevail Our spirit will not fail. "fi J rsl' 1 v ini... 157 1 F 5 Sc iir ' To I -A QA: rw TrHY5 Lu ff Q ef' 'YQ f1'!.1w if L 6 W, D MISS LQPEZ 1986 From behind the curtain emerged seven dazzling beautiesg the Miss Lopez Contest, sponsored by the Drama Club, had begun. Adorned in lovely evening gowns, the ladies captivated the audi- ence. Each contestant displayed her individual talent. Dancing and singing dominated the talent portion of the show, but the recital of "The Telltale Heart" by Patti Pippen made it clear to the judges who would be Miss Lopez 1986. The contest would not have been such a success without the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Arcuri. 162 5 .,,. 4 n I -fu.. . u s ' 0 .' ' P ' . - . 'f ' 4 5 , . sn.. s -'Q . ' . " o 0 . ' a .A . K. .',.. . ' . . . 5 La' ".. to '.!,'v A 1 -' - ' ' ... ' Q 1 Q , .1 . ' n: 064. -. QI' 5 nu. .I 1 .' ',. . . , .0 Q ., Q 95. ' - .2 . 4 ,f Q :Asst 1. 1 .K . : . l '. sn ::' B., 5 .4 g 05 ' s , ', .W .- .vii .. 'l A- ' .- , , ,-A J, --1,1 Am '- n ii - . ,Q I . . . Q .'s 1' Y ,lg s , u'."v ' ,.' I " I da 0 .Q- , , .., K I 1 . --3 wilful A' v ' 'U' 2 ' Q " . .A V. x 1 ,...u ,U-' tx 3 -,-,,.....--,... A It -0' O ,bo Q s TJ 'v' Sw ,Flo e 'Q 'A K f s v 4. K f 'J Q . Q 1' -f-t.f5 ., ,gg :Q in t fs a+vU'i'5fl"l 4 l I 2 tg' cf' - 'v-ff 1 SEABREEZE Never before in our recent history has a football game ignited such spirit! Our Seabreeze T-shirts, the infamous pie-eating con- test, the Senior crabbing excursion, painted cars, and the passion- ate pep rally all fostered our desire to defeat Seabreeze. The October 4th match was a neck and neck battle. We were down 15-8 but our team performed valiantly-thrilling the fans and impressing the Community. just wait 'til next year! 165 166 X I 'E 7.6 . ,1- v . -gf ,mn ,xl ll: ,VI 4. NZM Bl ZS A Eff- -,W , , .,if:i ' """'E Rf" EUROPE '85 imbing the Eiffel Tower, strolling down the Champs Elysees, or dancing the night away-the excitement never stopped! Europe whirlwind European tour sponsored by the Diocese of Orlando, in cooperation with Mrs. Snyder and Mr. Ecltoff, was an rgettable experience. Everyone thrilled to the bullfights in Madrid, skiing the Alps, and touring the streets of London. Make these ories happen for you with Europe '86. 167 ., iggiv , 'tx 'gi N, gi 'W' - 5 Q x ' fx " f'f-- Q 1 M -4. ' - 'f' 'ff-?' 4 ' A .if 3 1' ,, Q , ,L : x 'U " .f- 1 1 . 'f 'V' 17 ' rl .4 'N'- I 5 Y 45' 1' Uhx 74 F' 1 ' S 'wp-4' rw""'-' .r K, t ay xt 1 ,wx -lv.. :h f A .,,N2a tl s , ' ,,, . ef v ""4" ' :Q 6 K, , 'QQ ws. v I in ff 'Fi , m ..-so I V. Q .WL , .H 447 iris 'alt' 1. if 1 I -ug' 5.1 1, ,A A ll LKAV'-b J FRESHMEN Remember when we were all Freshmen? The excitement of the first day of high school? Every- thing seemed so big and confusing. The tyranny of the teachers, the bullying of the seniors, and the meeting of so many new people. Life was tough and the work was hard. For these freshmen, the exper- ience is almost overg for us it is but a distant memory. The class of '89 looks very promising. 169 SOPHOMORES The second year-Biology, Geometry, and Christian Moralityjunior Varsity was our goal. We were finally driving, but only with a restricted license. We went to parties, but only if we could catch a ride. It was a growing time--new experiences, new friends, and new hopes and dreams. ll' 4 1 A . x ' 4 .JL V1 N, 170 .A ! i Q x X Mrvsvn 19 f -w. uxfgxl ' A 1-..'. .v'-if I :ff . X nw4.w,--.wi-K' L A . Q, f "fi-".-',f-.-L . 43 "'- ' -'S'-ay-,i gdl,Q,ce.., " . Q., 1 ii :xx M knkafig, E,.:'..,F . N, fx xg tkng E g g: N pf Q' pw lima ' Q. ,J - . F ' V g 3, rf - f .Q z ra wil "W" mf- o-J 1' S 1 3:.i' " 4' A... ,,, X ny, .L .l , .X -' 13 'fy RHNZS ' . ,S f lfsfw' . . . , I Q AQ: R T , , " ,.w 1-e.fwf:',if21i?3Sw,Q if w w 1 JUNIORS junior year is a PARTY year! Academically and socially, it is a difficult time. As an upperclassman, we have more responsibilities including PSAT's, lat- er curfews, and part-time jobs. Most importantly are the sacred driver's license and keys to the car. Varsi- ty is within our reach, and we make Prom a night to remember. We're setting our goals, planning our futures, and making new memories. V! F1 Iwi I i ga Sid "iff M wi ' ll 2 ' an K H1 j-dl L ' l?' 9-at " Wifi, , 175 ea b SENIORS This is it-our SENIOR year! Will we get in to the college or university of our choice? Where will we take our class trip? For four years we have strived for this moment. Graduation is just around the corner-a time for happiness and sorrow. After all our shared memories and dreams, we may never be together again. But Lopez is in our hearts forever. It's been our foundation, and it's time to move on. We pass on our love to you and say goodbye. X I I it . X 1 . ,- tgp, . K gf . 3 la fix . .,.- V., gs'-135.3 . ga 174 i ...v .pq '-. 3, S' I h 3 x 9' if Y v- S 7"f' nigg 2' '1 ',-5 x 33 Ai -. Ay N! gm. 1' .4--vg., - l VN. w- V .5 Fans! 175 i "But ir's the laughter we will remember . . . me r lm, r r, 4 Qs.. WE WLM UUMQSS Wh- , tunnis :mmm Q., I i ' 1 3 Y I v 'X WV ' Wal- Iv 'Q - , L L V K ' X ' A LKA' X X' - k ' - ,,L, . i' r 2 1 Q Vg T" ll' FATHER HURLEY t . Everyone cared deeply for Father Hu rley and he has truly been missed this year. At the beginning ofthe school year, he left to head St. Anne's Mission in Southwest Africa where he performs weddings, baptisms, and confirmations, says Mass, and takes care of 500 orphaned children. Father Hurley will always hold a special place in our hearts. g, The WHITE PATRON S following families have helped to make this publication possible. Thank you. ' The The The The Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. GREEN PATRONS Veritas 1986 would like to extend our sincere thanks for your support of this yearbook The Achmger Family and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs A Aslanr Far Shafaat Ahmed Claude Begin W D Day . and Mrs. john Gerssler Max and Carol Lankford Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. May . The McCarthy Family . and Mrs . and Mrs. . and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . William Motzel Sidney Possick Robert Raley David Rheuble and Family Robin Rolland Richard Schwartz Willard I. Timmer john H. VanKooten Bofamy Family Brill Family Brinkmans-jim, jacquie, julie, jeanne, and joe Roger Goulet Family and Mrs. Douglas McCarthy and Family and Mrs. jim Phillips and Mrs. Charles Sprague and Family and Mrs. Robert R. Young li Mmm limi- E"-4 7 wa- , Wi i . ML We wx , Eva 56493, Se x ,fs ' , , -- X J f T i 5 fm 1: ,J Si? 'vm0.!QwwZ9, v ,blcsucdmcwwwcas l5m,4QicYwCLSpofm.fAh .D nwmdwmx weJww+ xb Omcjvotwlmm Ec1Z03JALSpoffxJaIw3w-lodLL.7'MvLro1116cc1mKLa.pO.cQOl1 UYN ,Qxf7mQ,LuALx,Aouo4tLo,Q1w,bJALM61A.,9 Ifwfbtl-AGM L5I0L6uvw'r,mJfmvQc5rma,u1Cni mwUxw03r'UwL 01:mfLLQOLL .pfag.lQQD.SJmLQ1Io,bon'QZg5,Qfcwxr25 Uwlfxblfka, huwmkwwlw mpc. Wwgiw wokQ1xm0,LL435JWfn.uJJ,U,oLLadomln11A+uIuL2gww A437840 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986! THE VANKOOTEN FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS CINDY AND YOUR CLASS OF 1986! LOVE, DAD, MOM, TINA, MIKE and CZARINA CONGRATULATIONS DEAR DAVID MOMENT. HE KNOWS ENOUGH WHO KNOWS HOW TO LEARN. "WHAT ONE LEARNS IN YOUTH IS OF LITTLE CONGRATULATIONS! sEN1oRs se! LOVE MOM and DAD CASA DEL MAR Hotel Management and Staff CASA GRANADA FOUNTAIN SQUARE 142 E GRANADA BLVD 32074 6694 C9045 677 3845 ORMOND BEACH, FL.. 0 High Quality Custom Pools and Spas 0 Unlimited Pool 8: Spa Designs 0 Screen Enclosures Available ' Free Estimates ' Financing Available . ' Serving Volusia Sr Flagler Counties 0 Florida State Registered and my , tc., an-ff' K CONGRATULATIONS JILL and the class of 1986 Love, Mom and Dad GSC PGGLS , INC pneumatically applied concrete swimming pools and spas -. Certified Pool Contractors on Board 0 Our 259th Year L 1518 State Avenue Mk G1 F d 1946 - 0 C HIUIORB, OUR Cl' Holly lilll, Florida 52017 RPOO17469 9011-j 672-7079 IOM cash discount on all Prom and Homecoming flowers. fi flnwfns a Armuurs 252-7687 677-SOI O 3I2S. e' ' e ' yt . 'd 3 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! The Roundtable '-1- I l - and A E ' 5 LUMBERGSUPPLYCO QSM .S Victory over defect coNGRATULATEs THE CLASS OF 86' 414 Ax SPRUCE CREEK TRAVEL 1 S USE CREEK TQ A1rl1ne Trckets Cruises Ask about our crurse nrght for clubs XR' 'HI Tours iv Z! Business Travel Hotel Reservatnons Car Rentals BEST PRICESXSERVICE AT NO EXTRA CHARGE Mayor Credrt Cards Accepted Located at 4016 D 1 South Nova Road Port Orange Florrda Spruce Creek Professronal Bunldrng PHONE 756 3230 I P nmsula Drive B Ilalr Plaza Da ona Beach Flor: a 2018 -g -, , Y 1. sq ' I I - - - 4 i l y Y 0 "' ! 1 A l i L - - "" - Nova Road just north of Granada. Ormond Beach Open IOln6 OMondayIhfoz1pghl'm1.ay .sm1Salnn1.lv lOlz+ - 0 C CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS: It's your great start! P.O. Box 1626, Omiond Beach, FL. 32075-1626 627 Riverside Drive 904-673-4815 . . . Lessons-Equxpment-Apparel-Stringing junior Development Program THOMAS F. SOLON f - I nuestment Property Exchange or students age 4 18 Liquidity Counseling 75 North Halifax Drive Ormond Beach, FL 32074 First American Realty Exchange, Inc. 904-972-1921 Maitland, Fla. 305-629-4688 David Haddad-Tennis Professional or Tint 071449 rnoms 6wNCU'm6, DUNLAWTON SQUARE . - ,,,,,,o,,,,,,,, UM 'iuwat 94 DAYTON! BCH AREA for We M Carol wnmock 761-8200 y"u'Dfm'P'W'0 D I 30 PM 10 30l'M CONGRATULATIONS, DEL D THE CLASS OF 1986! Dr. and Mrs. A. Aslani-Far and Family VAN WERT, HEEBNER, BAGGETT, BGHNER and PRECHTL ATTGRNEYS AT LAW 523 North Halifax Avenue Daytona Beach, Florida 4031-C South Nova Road Port Grange, Florida CGNGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1986 GO GREEN WAVES! The On1yTh1ng Flonchans See More Of Than Barnett Oflices WTWR5 l..60r'2.cL THQMX Qr erefyffffmgw Yew 4-t3fw0U.fOtM+ be 3 iw, f13+'7f1Cbu-Je" fe te at am W. W VQ 'ICJ 4' y W ,... ,pa Q Egaatt .4 ' up-21 ' .. 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"' N, 'h"Y13'V,i J' " 1 . 0' -Q. f V " ' 'G U , if A ' "1 5'-' ' A - , S " - ,M -" '.- 5. 2 2 ' .,.. ' ' ,ti ...-p- I 'N' , , .A , 1 V K A' i - ' U V s -V V ,4 .W iq , 1 Q ,W in R: , 1 , R 5 ,V 5 Y V - wg, 1- 44 ' t Q r . ' ' ,' ' ' ' 7 ' -' , ' ' - , c . c c . ' . VN l ,fj ' I 1 dc 1. . Y r l I .C :T x ' , H 1 C x ' L L K C u . , - ' O 'XII Ii....1.-n I4.mLt.u. m.Vml,.V...,a l-'Dui MQW Xa We M it CON GRATI ELATION S Father Lopez Class Of 1986 From Allred B rldrng Products Company john L Carey Certrfred General Co t actor Presrdent WM J Q 1 I ,, I . u.. ' 9 nr , Xbiggigigggigfgggw N4 .325 5262 5? 5255? P igiggagg 5 9 4 2 Cf ' Te rot 3 gif F523 CONGRATULATION g gg Q if MIKE, Q? Lf ig' 255A CQ and the Class 5 gg E 1556! PQ E 5 if 52 Lo as miy 1' I 4 h C 1 2 25 6 S 4 Q? si Ei? , 4 e Charles Wayne Group extends IIS SIOCGVG congratulatlons ro the 1966 graduatung class of Father Lopez Hugh School an D I I-0 best washes In the Z S future' The Vlllas of Dunlawton Halls 827 Longmeadow Court Port Orange FL Plclniclhon Ruverwood Plantatlon River Road Drlve Port Orange FL V' Th sf wi, H mood .mr Riverwood iggrlitflgf all Wil at ol all l wal all srl Xlll uf WM Ml, W l all all 9 MW all at coNGRATULAT1oNs ,gill K+ On Another Successful Year! Mm wow Best Wishes In The Future. 00 dpgowf MBQ We Q9 ' 1 F lwgilgiii -Your Uniform Supplier- Atl 90 Un, We ple' rellfzeiiflifiot ABC School Uniforms Company Hialeah, Florida Vjilf JD a Sl 3 WMWJ WWW Aylllfyh aw ff' WW all OW ww t M15 ' Qlwfwf GLW lv wig? sw , ff 60 CONGRATULATIONS "Dangerous Dan" and the Class of 1986 Love, Mom Tlm Audre Pam, and R1ch CONGRATULATIONS joANNE GRAHAM S FLORIST AND PLANTS and the Wdcl SlkFl 7 S, PDQQF, Mr 8: Mrs john G1angregor1o hC I 255 7525 t ID 1 1 ll N I !, 7 7 Y? ' O -ov K -4 L, TT .xx 147 Volusia Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida ' Corsages for all occasions Boutonnieres for all ' e ing Flo i ower ' Green Pl t Plant ' G d ' ' F Fl We send flo ll d h ld. All j d' d p ed. O ll h p h 'th dent . 096 discount. CGNGRATULATION S AND GGOD LUCK to the CLASS OF 1986! DON PEKNIK J.M. HEACOCK XM EA K is ME Phonel i904y 677-4358 Eve: 19047673-5607 PAUL MARSEGLIA GLORIA MARSEGLIA . fx fi ,ii rmmu: ur .' ' A smce 1970 2 ' We fe happy cusToM FRAMING AND ORIGINAL -N ART AT neAusTnc Pmces ' A as can be -S1 'ff' ' ,vi z SEABREEZE srvo. -. for You iso-sm 255-5112 oAvT1cgNA esAcH, FLA azois ffL95j f:1j'jfl Q'-11 543 the middle one of our granddaughters three' Marnaw 8a Papaw MELANIE, RAUL'S SPORTSWEAR Tennis, Running, and Golf Apparel for the entire famil ' y. 128 N. N Road Owner 8: Manage O ond Be ch FL R ul 52074 a Lope C9043 677-785 Care You Can Trust... NN NN Q For Full Servlce For Emergencles For Surgery For Dlagnostlc SCFVICGS For Special Needs Trust Humana Care umana Hospital Daytona Beac 0,49 400 North Clyde Moms Boulevard Daytona Beach FL 32020 C9041 258 1414 Humana Care a service mark of Humana Inc 6251985 Humana Inc 2 s' 1. .3 . .EE ::F:,h,..:1: . ., . ' . . . . . . . . . : Q - ' 0 0 - I . JM U if ' A if A l wiilmf i w. ilfiwlwf' MWDWM illffil A if gl W A , A ezeggijyw 7 M ff . ffl OW wil! . n'3' f,Jf',l A 1, W if if ii? - 54' Q A it '- lc 5 dba., Q05 I XM VP xi 0 9 A' n 'C' -. A A i ODG X W' it Q c Li Xl iiyalw ll i W 7 'fall Awww 7 D A YT O N A H ILT O N C0mp1efeaPeffevf Evening with dancing in CCUDQKD . A A ' I ' I ' I lf I. l . a . f f 4 f gk -:::fE:':':'-- ge If --:::::::l!l!n!:::..l 'B kf HM Chew rea as un R E .A U R A N T Specials served daily in EHIOY UWB On the ROOF-, THE SUNROOM CAFE and : Dinner Specials Sun. thru Fri. THE LQBBY LOUNGE E Open 5-10 p.m. Sun. thru Thur. 7 a,m,-5 p.m. 767-7350 V 5'll Pm- Fri- 81 Sat- 2637 S. Atlantic Ave. 767-7356 for ROOF reserv. Daytona Beach Shores - CONGRA TULA TIONQ GRADUA TES From Our Lady of Lourdes R Um lady of .lcwnclea A PARISH WITH A WELCOME MASSE5 Safurday Vigil Masses ai 4:00 and 7:00 PM. Sunday and Holy Days: 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 LM.: 12:00 and 7:00 PJI. Daily Masses: 7:00 and 11:00 AJA. Conhuions: Saturday 10:30-11:00 LM.: 3:30-4:00 P.M.1 6:30-7:00 PM. Eva al First Friday: 4:30-5:00 P.M. First Friday Massos: 7:00 and 11:00 LM. Unlvorslfy In N. Halifax Avo., Daytona hath, Florlda 32018 loctory-201 Unlvorslry Blvd. Phono: 255-0433 FR. LOUIS B. DUNLEAVY, Poslo FR. HUGH DUFFY, Associate Pastor JOHN 81 MARIE GFIOESCHNER IDSIAMEFIICAN EXPRESS 'd ood Ave DB 253-9311 635S.FII gew ., . , FINANCIAL PLANNING 8. INVESTMENTS CONGRATULATIONS " I To The CLASS of1986' THANK YOU Miss Bowman Love, eanne and Scott CONGRATULATIONS LEROY' Love, Mom Dad, and Mellssa me TNA i WM :ml I IIEIIIQIQII M q"I5?ER""lTrAxz"'1wl'g 'l' Pl? 1 ,I hula as J ULIAN S Dmmg Room E6 Lounge REAL CHARCOAI. BROILED JAKE ROSS DETECTIVE AGENCY INC PELZAPE WESIEEFLN EEEQEE CQNGRATULATIQNS ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY EXCEPT TUES COCKTAIL LOUNGE , ,I CHRIS Kaul DI'2'llMGTC'3I?fiIM A cl The Class of 1986' EVERYDAY INCLUDING SUNDA YS n JULIAN LOPEZ G 00 S The Kelly Klan l 577 5757 l BBOSRIAIQNJIQQIE Mom Dad Laffy I D00 Ann Pat and Mat . . Y , . . . , Q , n N -Q I. . . 'YI' x"J IIIMUKUI, A ' tl 73 13' -gh, 8 - I JR ., Wfqfl. ' , If :I 3,11-I ibm... l f, , 4. A 'ru "I . 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Jdawwwcf Q Q5 0657, Qfwc Acad fa AMA, Zfvczzf -'F ' ' X 1 1, 1 - X agaw, C1 4 4 1 . f ziogf 'Card Os J ,1 ,Lg 1 ai .Sl ZZMLWB Ag tg ea 'T lelpdwx ' S 1 eanshore Boulevard Ormond Beach, FL up 69 X - , ly lg 49arisQClergy Father Michael Flynn M QC, X Ogg esidence-Father Con Shine XLINX df U h Council Chairman-L.T. Murphy JS, JN Board of Education President-Claire Bradley J S XX , ,0Principal-William H. Utz,jr. - .R.E.-Sister Barbara jean Rosswurm 1 xx 23. Music Director-jean E. Friebis 1 of ll ef! fl RECTORY: 136 Banyan Drive Phone 441-1505 SCHOOL: 940 Ocean Shore Blvd. Phone 441-1331 REL. ED. OFFICE: Parish Center Phone 441-1570 NEW SOCIAL HALL: 136 Banyan Drive, Ormond Beach Phone 441-9820 SGML H M ,mm ' M4 CUUQILQ Lwwd WM N ku ll Q U.: V JQM ne 'Q' " Wh WLC LQ 5393 01 Comphments Of THE PARI H COMMUNITY OE PRINCE OF PEACE PRINCE OF PEACE CATHOLIC CHURCH soo s NovA no J onMoNo BEACH Fm. PHONE 612 5272 soc? t F De M ChGf8D9Mr3h P shSecrclaryMrlSlrlR0lnl in t:Mrs Rosemarie Wolinakl RH o!Chnstlanlnitia1ionolAdu!x1RCI.A.j 000038371 MASSSaturdny730PMSlndly73091030N00n D lyMlll730AM8530PM Hmyoaya4vsgu1aoPMp1aoa9AMeaoPM Z Sacramemofhnaneo Satuday4to5PM8-830PM I S8CflN0f1ifBlUUlmCOf1f8C1Fl8Cf0fY3m0fiUillhldVl1Q 5 Sa montofMarria9eContactRectofy4momhsU1ldvl1ol "1 lr P y amp Monaayvaowm r SchooIofReligionDurNuncyCany f mwnoanmugnamaossnaayfouowmgsAMFmnyMau Gradan-asmonaayv saorm Gradcs10-1112 Sunday7 9PM 5 l 5 ' iv' 1 - Q Q U Q I P 1 , ' , ' ' c,5fQ'U"?J ' D ' C ' . i ' Pastor: Fr. oseph A, Nolln ' A . 2 . As . as on Fr. Jay radet acon: r. s r a an 1 - ' BL. Accoun n . ' A ' 'e ' . . - 1 l . V ' T ' : 2 I . . - . ' . -5: . , ., 1, ' I ?. Y" ' I N I ' . . , - . -' '- 44, V1 s 4 ' ' - K 4 l rg 4. , n A! W w R 1 , xl- I 0 2. Y . 'ily , , ,- I I W . 2,9 I cra : ' ' " ,l l 2' ' gl, ' 'Lg gg C f I fi N 1 1 'M J ' -,QI-1 .ff "Z, W wvfffilb F.. 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Mom 1986 'Q,....4lL It was Worth lf Karen' Compliments of Our Lady Star of the Sea Cathohc Church South Atlanuc Avenue New Smyrna Beach Y . ADP JE' - ' c'al' ' ' A 1' 6 122 S. BEA STREET 252-5498 DAYTONA BEACH FL 32014 B S II M ra 1 . 9 rf - rn' ' "L J If sv., L L .ff vi 9 fic ll lfeced sg Spe I uzmgln 9 European nuqu s ll CH Dear Graduates of 1986, On behalf of the entire family of St. Paul's we wish you, in St. Paul's own words, 'May the Lord be generous in increasing your love and make you love one another and the whole human race as much as we love you." Father Ruse, Father Neumann, and Father Trout Sr. Gail Hegarty, Sr. Ellen Hublitz, Sr. Madeline McGill, Sr. Anna Marion Romanisky, Sr. Euphrasia O'Keefe, Sr. Dorothy Werdman, Sr. Miriam McGee, and Sr. Miriam Lee 2 xxxy Nll Iliff!! Z 4 : 5' 1 ' Q 4 fb ll xx NXXX I W. - 1: 5 C Z X Y gin: ' an , 1, -lg 3 W ' ' ' 'f 5 f J . ' -id,-,E ' ... L KA ug I-9 Oblates of S t. Francis de Sales III!! Hold fast to the thrngs you have learned here Never let go of them Best wrshes to the Class of 86 The Oblates of St Francrs de Sales CONGRATULATIONS SEN IORS HIZZWIZ j H26 FZFMNU 201 Lafayette Street Port Orange FL 32019 Rev Charlesl Mrtchell Assocrate Pastor Rev joseph D Tran Assocnate Pastor O Rev. Francis XJ. Smith, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church Off I-95 4675 Clyde Moms Blvd Next to the new Clty Hall m Port Orange SERVING PORT ORANGE AND SOUTH DAYTONA 904!252 0506 Slnce 1934 Davld Steele Sherndan P O Box 1057 General Contractor Holly Hull, FL 32017 S 8: S CONSTRUCTION, INC. coNoRATs EVERYBODY, I C A YOU MADE IT! The Tom Simpsons CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '86 MARTIN PAVING Commerical Division 'lr ir QUALITY COMMERCIAL CONGRATULATIONS REALTY INC. to FAST SALE KAREN FOSTER Momsams. -counowumums A Hramblirl' Wr6Ck" RESIDENTIAL ' ACREAGE G LAND from cfllfflfffffs Geofgia Tech 2svEAns5xPER1ENcE ' Love, 85 D , if SIII'eQILA'fIi,'li. 253-4311 iv Sorrrrrro Bakery Congratulations to all our raduatin coNGRATULAT1oNs g 3 CLASS QF 186 athletes-We are very Owned 8: Operated by Proud Of you! Barbara 84 Eugene Brugone FATHER LOPEZ BOOSTER CLUB "Supporting the Student athlete" I 'JW - 'x wi fi fafw i W O hx sl s rf? NJ liliif 'iiislfffglarii if may Y Oriyryilgildrieiljglfg ggi your children. They are the 5 I sons aliilcljclaiugphters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you . . . For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. -Kahlil Gibran CONGRATULATIUNS AND LOVE, KAREN And the Class of 1986 6 , if EDMUND MATTHEWS Veritas 1986 would like to dedicate this yearbook to a former Lopez student, Edmund Matthews, whose life was tragically ended in an automobile accident. The Seniors will always remember Edmund as a special friend and classmate. bfWi3fMOqff'VV95f9 ff D559 vw Q95 vfb' ff F be BM wiffys QEQW' Q6 gfgffgfiwcfi, fdyaxwako wkwjw 5' ON W N6 fa' Zw6N H G91-,V Um-H Wow, gay, D 50 ILO-at aopmq he .LM M-ex! um awful was , noe 'CQZ7 Www Q10 WF C? an-if fi A L9"Mdxr-Jfibfnag, I if fyfo' Q04 Mjffofyt fwy, . I .1 I flaw , ML ww KQMWWWD UL Wm of C IW' 1 QNWMQNWMM f ' UMWJA JW Hjyfiop ,ffl ' wi'fi" QiX vw? K ww 'OX Xfiaiips L3cQF"'? ,, .L 55:9 + xy If Gjj KU, . 'L - fk 2 . 5 iylm ,Q ' - fxlxysff W 'ggi' f i www 31 Xj.Q :f3iE' 5 1 6 IJ if 1 J 4553 QM A ix' O QOL Q! .. 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