Father Lopez High School - Veritas Yearbook (Daytona Beach, FL)

 - Class of 1980

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Father Lopez High School - Veritas Yearbook (Daytona Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Cover

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X , ' M' 5 ' 'T'WFl'32!f W W VERITJAS 1 8 Ah x it Father Lopez High School duwfm' ' M QDGYTQQG QgNoch7.Floridc1 ' W?-Vwdriwe xx M ' -A if ww J, F-I X4 - -xg 5 . si 8 1 - 5 5 5 w fl, ,gy 4 .ew A wp ,fi . -. . ,M V " ' fi -M W... ivy ""'!'U.,: Ti in! W- M' 4 MMU: wi 5, l .P , , MJ, ,, .Hr 'i "35Y1Lr', . -'av , ' K. ' 0 A ,4!- Y uc? .4 322: 2 2 XY 5 'f . ,U 3.+.gf' . .Y 3 f'vl!.f-'J' .ry-J 4' 5, N H 54-'-f-Y K' S U 'W 1 ' 4 Xp, ,A 1 . .L ,W 4 .. . .N . ,mf , ' . ' 1. '?.hw f'N fi," " . K ,Vg lt, fn ,ilk V dr.,,,4k-nfggm 1 , V F my . O-0:1 'W 3' K '.f4'+9h' ' 1" fi .incl PU. 'MIL - ,yf 5, 'fix Wai 1 . W P is Q O ,Q RW -YM' Nik f 35' Pt .1 'lx 1' Lw7:a,-HK' " . ,. 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Her job description is vast, with responsibilities not only to students and teachers, but to parents and the Diocese. She also works in coniunction with the public school libraries and county libraries. Mrs. Jerabek has been with Father Lopez for eight years. The only way to say thank you for all the time and effort would be to dedicate this year's Veritas to her. So, Mrs. Jerabek, this one's for you. 'M r Dedication They're The people beside you 0 1 M . ' -.-,aacfgg . y . . ,N 1. ,A Y V ' v--.v 'J lA'. -Q y ,4-'W .1 '..,14- - 1 ....:: u.,,U k Lid- 1 -M , , -N., , 15 - x Mikasa ' X . Opening 5,1 . E X as x jf 3: 5.-..w .ax ff, 1-U! S- .. 'S Q N? . A ,Q , is 3 1 x Q .,,4..-V. x MLW 1 .4 Q f 1 Ei, .A ' 'TN K -.N f Q Each one of them shines ii. 'KT Q' 5.4-il f Qf. . fs' 2 2 Ni 1' Niluhia C 3, A x f-, ,fu x as i S g '- . 9 , 5 X k P f ' E 2 MUN. 5 milk-1: 1, Q ,X Wa .Hs M M54 iff. 1-ZW PA tf,,rEnx gn Maid Q g....-, .n n 5 A s I W ' , , mf... 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Q L XX gi F 1 K fh- - LLKf"' ' 5 We X - kkyh is X M X X f A , F-SX HR. 104 Mrs. Wentz Z Heather Ferguson ,101 .rd Karrie Frassrand Chris Fulton 2O- Freshmen .2 Q, - .visas-a. ' John Fitzgerald Debbie Frederick 'i ,XX 2,7 Mathew Fortier Susan Fredlund Gary Garnett Michael Greaney Y ...A Melissa Dunn Sue Eardley Michelle Engemann Jeff Farmer X . is ....... .A.......f Visine helps . . . girlsf The last supper. i t I . l Brett Greene Moria Groeschner HHEY! UWC' FfeShf'1Gf1f" "Don'tyou jus! love this punch?" Karen Hgngef "Whafyou see is wha! you gefi' jeff Hgwk Mary Sue Haydt Brian Herdon "YOU WGN fo fake my Piffvfe? WSU John Himmelstein Robert Horrigon ok " Iii! 'Q ' U N 3 Dcvnd Hughes Look, UP In fhe Sky! Doreen locco -,fy 7 -efpx sll S55 ezuxag f - 'f A in V H Q19 x xfikgy F 'L n "l'm camera shy!" Mark Jgcobs Cindy jeggmer "Saturday nighr. , . 8:00. . . be fhere, Aloha." Freshmen Jennifer Johnson Paul Jones 11 Stephen Jones Caesar Junker AV -4-up Herman Junker Claudia Kennedy Richard Keough Salma Khan Mark Kilby Alisa Kivinski Nancy Bouchard Tammy Burton Debra Chester Caroline Costello Mary Cupola Andree Dumermuth Jeffrey Farmer Debra Frederick Christopher Fulton Brett Greene HR. 'HO - Mr. Dougherty Gina Morel Lisa Nunn Rossana Passaniti Christopher Pozzo David Robinson Sue Shiles Janet Slaven Claudia Thrasher Maria Viviano f J "What do you mean you forgot your combination?" "Aren't you glad you use Dial?" 22 - Freshmen "We 're available Mary Sue Haydt John Himmelstein Mark Jacobs Cynthia Jessmer Herman Junker Salma Khan Gisella Koszas Shannon Little Michael Lynch Thomas MacDonald Mary Meehan Gisella Koszcs Tony Longvol Michael Lynch Mcry Anne McDevitt Gena Mclntosh sqm P ' xi ff-7 in 'lfxsga ' ru Anne Marie Lill "Th0Se Sff1fS'effYfSf' ShonnonLit1le Bob Lloyd v L1 I l I I ! Al f 2 Joe Luronc I l Tom MacDonald J "Hey bi boy. " "Here come those seniors a ain. " Chgnfgl MCD0nnelI 9 9 Gino McMichael "WhGf0mU9-" Tom McNamara iid I Cormelino Morin Freshmen Patty Martin Wayne Mathews "HGilPiSf0f1f1l" Katie Mead Mary Kay Meehan Collen Melady Paul Montgomery David Melloh Fasfesl hands ID the wesfl What do you mean 1? s Safurday? ....':r I , ki 1 E 311 Gina Morel Pefti Lisa Rainey? -, Mike Murphy HR- 101 -MH Hvnfer Pahy Murfaugh J, Tyler Nelggn Ligq Nunn "Well, I don'l know. I have never 24 - Freshmen John O'Meara Eileen O'ReiIIy seen a senior before. " i 1 "Can you believe what the seniors keep in their lockers?" Ligq Pgqueffe "You wanna fight about it?" iw-nf" Rossana Pcssaniti A Bomber to Bombardier . . . lcon do the special K pinch! Deidre Petti QKYIG Jil 1 -.of fi n P 1 A ' feng., , ,fw- ,J 9 ' 1 f 1 i V X 'Wim ,f 1, J , 7 1 M 7 -L' ,M Q 'il K 1 ' If ln, , ! i Q, X Chrig P0119 "Not much ofan effort girls." "Elementary, my dear students." K gimvgaxgfi- Q i i k.kv,:Q -QQ "LOOK if NWS' be U ffeshman- H "l'll flash her my best smile. " David Peshek Carole Poselovic y April Pulcrono Freshmen - 'Q' rita Ragan Lisa Rainey I W, , "Sometimes if doesn't pay to get out of bed!" Victor Riley Dclvld RObir1SOr1 "Wind me UP Gnd VN fOll0w you anywhere!" Shawn Roland Patrick Ruddy Nick Santos Mary Schmidt Paul Shaw Suzanne Shay 26- Freshmen Tanya Antoniuk Joseph Begkham Patrick Bernd! Marc Bowes Chris Calabucci Martin Cone Maury Crotty Helen Dodd Christina Dunn Heather Ferguson Susan Fredlund Maria Groeschner Karen Hanser Robert Harrigan Meera Jgoblia Caesahlunkert HR. IO3 - Mrs. Tidmarsh Mark Kilby Robert lloyd Mary Anne McDevitt Patricia Martin Colleen Melody Michael Murphy John O'Mearu Mary Ellen Osterndorf David Peshek Marita Rogan Shawn Roland Jacquina Silva Ronald Smith Barbara Tiplady Kimberlee Warren "A sprinkle a day helps keep odor away. " Q. W, "I don'r believe she wjnked ofme!" Sue Shileg jqckie Silva -1-'FQ gb Leigh Ann Simmong "Oh . . . l'd rare him a 2." Ting Sigon "No way. . . lefme have my books back. " Jan g" e1Slaven Ronnie Smith "WSC Close-UP-" John Steele 0 i Laura Sforch Q was Clgudig Thfgghef "Nor another Santos , . Barbara Tiplady 1419! 'QD "ConcenIrafion ofirs greofesrpeak. " Mgrfin Tse Anne Vefdon "She didn'I say fhaf, did she?" Freshmen - 27 W 9- Susan Wescott Maria Viviano V255 gfxzf efi- Q . . "l'll just slip this in her coke and watch her hair fall out! " 28 - Freshmen . ,..,,nN "The bathroom isn 't open. " "Ahh . . . to sit in the chair of authority. " 40'--1 Front Row - L to R: Chris Calabucci, treasurerg Chrissy Dunn, secretaryg Bobby Lloyd, president. Standing --Oohnook up in ,he skylv- L to R: Lisa Rainey, vice pres.g Jennifer Johnson, business manager. X. N . -.fX,.w f X ,ZA . g ...X- .wiv ,x,. as Nei. 'QSM' PAO 1 not picfured Joseph Beckham Meera Jobolio Mary Ellen Osierndorf 6 5- -, ,gr-' ,jx Q 7 -"' 'Q x X. Q l. J 333 xl hy,:...3- L ..,, ..,.x.- R .A K. 'T?""" 'iw ' , . -,,. ilu-ant. , 1,-fn 55.4.4535 4514: V' .11 .,-1 V 101 5 flf- ,6 ., .4 .LA P6 ,S il yr' f A .x gh- Fruhmen Collage - 29 WE WORK TOO HARD TO LOSE! The I979-80 edition of the Green Wave Varsity Football Team rolled to a 7-4 overall record. This included a 22-O Sunbowl victory over St. Johns. The "Cardiac Kids," as they were affectionately called, came from behind in six of seven wins, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. "Hopefully our players gained fron their experience the desire to neve give up and to realize that victory i always attainable," said Coacl Bobby Pittman. lt was a great yea, on the whole, with many fun time and exciting victories. Captains L-R: Larry Kelly, Wes Dunn, Jim Gildea, and GFGGHWOVG C00Sl"ift9 Stflfl l--R Dvflllld f'G00Se" Wfllivm, Hspeqkg forifself' Dave Loconte. 4' . Un' ,vii Q . 'f W1 ... , , "Wx First Row L-R: T. Anthony, M. Matthews, J. Nordmann, R. Taylor, W. Dunn, D. Cone, E. Rossario, P. Connor, D. Seilkop, J. Ireland, J. Gildea, L. Kelly, D. Locante, Second Row: l. Brown, R. Lopez, J. Silvernell, A. locco, J. Lloyd, P. Thomas, G. Irvin, J. LaTorre, M. Burke, Third Row: P. Ostendorf, T. Murtaugh, J. Hooten, J. Jones, Coach Williams, Coach Pittman, Coach Hogins, Coach McCabe, C. Bockoven, D. Miller, R. Siler, and V. Andrews. "Wrong way, Dave!" "Too tough to handle." "They were afraid to run the ball against th 30 - Varsity Football defense. " x Viclory at the Sun Bowl. ,am xg e ff ., 1 h,. ,, Q., V ,Mnwf J The Green Wave "D" converges. "Ir's up, iI's going, if's good!" 32 - Varsify Fooiball X, .V XV ,M-, , "'fN if ',, ' ' "Crunchhhhl" "Do il Ike! " Ready for a score va Umar' J .I 1 V ,, MWMMMMW v "Hiiiiyahhh!l" "Victory was sweet. " Y . wi, asa .ff,..,.f , ' X L I "Waves got them on the run." "When the saints come Marchin in. " "Bombs away." "Gosh, those guys smell!" "So . . , lwas 0- 74. " "Shut-up Oscar!" "Grounded!" 1 'Y rin, .K 0 Nl 3 Q VN Ag "Takes more than one." "I told you to use the bathroom "Eat my dust." before the game! " Football - 33 SWELLS A hard working J.V. team finished up the '79 season with a l-4 record. The highlight of the year for the 'Ripples was a l 2-8 victory over Crescent City onthe Red Raiders home field. Under the directions of Head Coach Jim Gardinier and assistants Bob Dey and Jay Dougherty, the J.V. had a productive year and a good time. "Green Wave offense picks up yardage." "Future defense." ff CL ... V Yi "I told you to stay away from the barbed wire!" "Up against great Odds!" Front Row: Tim Fortier, Pat Kelly, Paul Simko, Second Row: Marc Fox, Carlos Fortich, Carlos Colon, Brian Martin, Steve Roush, Jeff Hawk, Kevin Brownrigg, David Robinson, Third Row: Jerry Coble, Marty Cone, John McMichael, James Fitzgibbons, John Hawk, Pat Berndt, Ricky Lucas, Mark Jacobs, Joe Luranc, Fourth Row: Bill Shaw, Jim Lince, Chris Mason, John Fitzgerald, Brian Herndon, Robert Latta, Wayne Mathews, Dennis Twomey, David Hughes, Back Row: Coach Gardinier, Mike Hughes, Val Moutsopoulos, Coach Dey. 34 - Football .", 5.5 . , n t" If ' ' The price you have to pay "Touchdown! " OUR ATHLETIC SUPPORTERS Officers: B. Cone, J. Kelly, J. Dylewski, S. O'Brien Led by President Mrs. Joan Kelly, and Vice-president Mr. Frank Cone the Booster Club provided much needed aid for all Father Lopez athletic events. Each year these parents completely fund the athletic program. They engaged in many fund rais- ing activities such as Bingo, collecting tick- ets at basketball games and working at the Spring Festival. They kept sports alive at Father Lopez. QC! 1 ox 43 "What did Larry do now?" "Come on retl pul your glasses on! " X R S X S X. X "Has rigormorlis set in?" A shrewd ana clever guy. "Now, listen, son!" Booster Club - 35 S.G.A. GETS THE JOB .N E ...fe n . ' u 2-23 The 1979-80 Student Council had a hard but rewarding year. Under the leadership of Mr. Bill McCabe and Wes Dunn, many successful activities took place. These activities included Homecoming, the Mag- azine Drive, in-school concerts, the char- coal sale, and sponsoring a child from Honduras. They were well organized, keeping all activities running smoothly. Working together, they made each activity fun and rewarding for all. "She 's taking WHAToff?" Doni s giving a helping hand Sc. UA. First row L-R: Chris Calabucci, Tony Santos, Steve Jones, Chris Ahmed, Doni Carey, Andrea Kivinski, Julie Fredlund, Sophia Ehnnger Second row Andree Dumermuth Martin, Jeff Hawk, John Dylewski, Ray Benza, Janet Jones, Mary Cook, K. C. White, Third row: Wes Dunn, lke Brown, Donnie Miller Larry Kelly Janet Slaven Kelley Roselle Tuttle, Naseem Ahmed, Nancy Lopez, Liz Haug, Standing: Joe Nordmann. l .af- +5 J -37' 'B' ga "Now this is embarrassment. " "We just saw 'Roller Boogie '. " I ve never heard of that one before' 36 - S.G.A. K' xxx ovT7,""", ' -f K . A X, -1- 63 SGA Officers: Kelly Dunn, Wes Dunn, Naseem Ahmed, John Dylewski. "How much are you offering?" S "Yes, President Wes, Sir." .12 elljeli 1 "What is crawling up my arm?" "Our moHo" .A Nobody Does It L E R "Stretch and fling!" Under President Bernadette Moser with the assistance of Vice-President Sherry Latta, Treasurer Debby Freeman, and Secretary Suzy Storch, the Pep Club showed us that ole F.L.H.S. really has that school spirit after all. The club sponsored the Homecoming and Sadie Hawkins Dances. They promoted enthu- siasm with a spirit bus and a "green and white" dress up day. At all the football and basketball games you could tell exactly where the Pep Club was. lf it's not the noise that catches your ear, then it's the confetti flying that catches your eye! 38 - Pep Club 'gs . .. Standing: L-R Debby Freeman, Bernadette Moser, Suzy Storch, Lisa Pozzo, Naseem Ahmed, Debby Fredericks, Terry Spotts, Charlene Cole, Tino Sison, Charlie Bines, Pam McMenamy, Leslie Gilbert, Elaine Greaney, Merita Reagan, Laura Starch, Michele Ingram, Tina Mclntosh, Tina Mclntosh, Rosanna Passaniti, Simone Dumermuth, Liz Haug, Debbie Cole, Carolie Marks. t 'Q x . P' r . vp. '- 5 if -C T x E "There's a what in my drink?" -sf F. "WE got that spirit!" ,fh I 35: . ' "' ' " me , ty I Y. r -sf!-K "Awww, shucks Jim!" S -'Z' C ,657 fl' M "l 'm really a wild and crazy person. " 1135.3 . " -A ".1-.- .. as 3.52. rf - "And rhis is the way if's going lo be!" 1 QQ -Q, . WWF A Catching some ray Thrs :sn f over by a long shof. " The Martian Chronicles Pep Club - 39 WW Ir fa N- "ls fha! a confracf our on Loconfe?" QU, . is "l'd wear if Lisa, but if would slip ofl1" "l didn 'f know fhey could do that!" 1. 7 "Your typical nafive girll " , sf' f "Hey Danny, hope your girl friend doesn't walk in!" "Take us fo your leader. " "Jim, did you spike Ihe punch?" Homecoming '79-80" The memorable theme of Lopez's 1979-1980 Homecoming was Hawaii . . . Aloha. The Student Council got things rolling with such activities as the egg fight, bonfire, float building, a luau, hat day, crazy sock day, Hawaiian day and shades and braids day. The pep rally aroused everyone for the big game. Friday was the date of the annual ,- parode, and the football game was soon to follow. Fireworks highlighted half-time as did :dw 'if Senior Court - Lisa Nowviskie and LeRod Reid the presentation of the Homecoming King and Queen, Larry Kelly and Lisa Nowviskie. The big Green Wave beat Pierson Taylor by a close score of 17-14. Senior Court - Kim Pyle and Johnny Ireland Senior Court - Sue Bouchard and Larry Kelly Junior Court - Ann Kelly and Joe LaTorre Freshman Court - Chrissie Dunn and Marty Cone Sophomore Court - Julie Keough and Kenny Weigand 42 - Homecoming Homecoming King and Queen Lisa Nowviskie and Larry Kelly Mr. and Miss Lopez - Cindy Lenz and Wes Dunn "Can't you keep your eyes on one girl "Wo're Sure!" ata time?" "I got ants in my pants!" 'Hey Grady, you're not supposed to be herel " Our Cheerleaders "We wear short shorts." . , and furthermore . . . " V yr . . ' x- f .' ' sf' . -v,"l"' Y limi . f 4 . . H ,Iv my .-li.-V5 ll "What a draft!" Get down, get funkyl "You 're letting Sharon drive?I" "Evacuation route. " Immediately following the game, everyone converged to St. Brendon's Social Hall for the Homecoming Dance. The band Snowflake carried on the feeling of fun and victory throughout the evening. 1 I H la "Am lsupposed to wear this or eat this?" Homecoming THE BEST BY FAR The Varsity Cheerleaders definitely were a number one squad this sea- son. After winning first place at a U.S. Cheerleading Assoc. camp, the squad proved very deserving of their title. They aroused school spirit and boosted the morale of the Varsity Football and Basketball teams. These devoted girls pulled through enthusiastically even in times of defeat. .X 2.4. yi ..,, . "Not yet Lisa!" Captain Sue Bouchard Cheerleaders celebrate football victory VA" h h T ' tosho u "' 41-L HW6 7 OUQ f 0"1Uf" WU5 90"'Q W P- "There s another photographer behind us' 44 Varsity Cheerleading This page sponsored by The D'Assaro Family C. U , N- . , .-f-.. .s as-mv.. x .JJ .- .,SuLF gwi. - A Captain Sue Bouchard, Senior Co-Captain Leslie Krawczynski, Senior J? NF J, 1. sih.,4,f-4, ,, , ,, Q - . 1f':jfF4: " -if 'H K A " YA up. - 1- .. X 1... .. Michelle Keough, Junior Andrea Kivinski, Junior Kelley Dunn, Junior I " " -.t',-x.: ,f r - iw- . ...- '., '. ' ' ' Y 1- -, . A F K. ru- Q . . x.,?.',r,i,-.x ,if A . ,rv kv , ' ' ' 1,-. V - I K . V 'I " 'F i-WMM X '- "Z,"l IH- J" X 171 fi. ' ' x W'-'L-.4'..-1" 7,14 Julie Fredlund, Junior Lisa D'Assaro, Junior Cece Roy, Junior a 45: 5 V - ur' - Vu' - I . 'ZS' Wi' ' . A ni - 2.412-f' fir. We-r 1, ,fm 1, X., Qi.: 1 ., f-g-,- --v '.f,. '..gu,.1 -:J K., ,la ' ' A ' -4, " lb 4 0,4 L V. - Jane1Jones, Senior Karen Martin, Senior Varsity Cheerleading - 45 46 - J.V. Cheerleading WE'RE MOVING UP THE LADDER ff' Q! Captain - Kay Reilly, Co-Captain Mary Font Mary Kay Meehan, Mary Font, Tammy Burton, Heather Lill, Dottie Belit- sas, Chrissie Dunn, Kay Reilly, Alisa Kivinski, Marita Rogan, Terri Wymes. l.. a.. v . , u Y .., , ,k A. v 1 ' " we 1 A K I 4 W I V . , 'H K, U ,.rk H-,.gy,.n z -f-'T wsLCZ'.5.?51-.- . ,LM A 1, HL- A.. I -W " "We are walking Barbie dollsl "Am I doing this right Chrissie?" f wif, 1 "They pay me to do this!" A change was made this year, the J.V. squad consisted of freshmen and sophomores. After trying out one week prior to the first game, this squad proved to have exceptional effort, spirit and organization. At games and pep ral- lies they encouraged crowds with their talent. .- " - 'M - 'wx-.l'iT.,NV'? ffzmsmff-I 0 K D Q. ,bl - . , ":x Kr- J A-14" " 'J:fr?f'3F,':f"fg"'Eif.1:i Mee' 2' , rf. . .,:5.g,,f-we W. , . H r,,. ,N V 'gli Q3-4f6K'iafx" ,CM I f ,tv ,.' .A 4 in sw' . , K sw ii? " ff- 5 pg, - W r. 1 if rr. N ' ' if .if i - -Q I 5 it ., - 1 ,. " ,ff A H ' V X 2 ' 'fi 4, V .. -X X., . AWK f , X 1' X X, Vw' . - f ' " ' , V". ef- Q..-' ',-1 ' , 'ffuj ,, uf-, 4. H , ,. ., ,Q - 'i K , " vs , ' . .M ,s , 1 , V. A ,. - Q Xf,..t.,f is .-W. f wb , V -V f , . Q, , ., ,., .5 .5 gf get ,iinbw V I I . 5 I " Jgy :I 'M gi-,gf A , s ew- ,. 'g 75, -Q j, , fp! Q-45,.f"',m.:,,-1 ' ' ' , ' in . V ami, ' ' ,3s.f' J", -4- it ' .q?"'1 " Tl?" .wif Z. ' e . - 1 V '5'v7't, urs- , ,. .L .V . f - , r ,' i pf' " - -,rfb ' New -A . V 5- - -1 tx- A., . - L .,,v,,,-if . W rr- W,Yff- mf .4 fig!-if 1' ' 4 r - ' N ' , : M ...wt ,. wwf-1 t if r we fa 1 - K n W My E, V21 fn K ft , we , 4 In 1 :Swift , ' fry asiwkgwu 2.-0? fx- Law, 4 ' '22 with 'Q r ,f.., A w4,m4.mh, va, , , - "Quick Rosie, turn on the sprinklers! " "All of this just to see over the shower stall. " Windjammer Hair Designs sponsored this page ARE YOU READY? ' Q , , Q: iq , 2, Q -A .L 1 fb 1? ' f ' -2211 i 'fi fry' , , . .I ,7 I xi t A ,, Z 4 2 1 t ,Q 1 i 1 t - , it-, YW , 1.3 . V " . .N - g gi, f ,i V - V I . P' Q- it "They're such cuties!" "Sing it lo me sweetly!" Whip cream pies were the instru- !9+ . . .. ments used this year to initiate the new teachers of Father Lopez at the first pep rally. The Varsity Cheerleaders tried with determi- nation to boost morale of the ,nf of teams and school. From pom pom routines to boy cheerlead- ers, gold fish to a homecoming ' bonfire, you could never tell what ,1 , r t i it ff.. ll would be in store for the next K I x 2 week. we I 4 A if' l s 1s..."1n s .,l"1 "We have a game lonight and. . . um.. ...fi K YQ A if te? fgtv'-1' r QW U xl ,, ' A licmatxr tvs - ti,r 2.4" 6' I fe- it lx H ' , J f. tpip , px ' 1 ll tv E frm' ,,,,,,, t '. 511 0 ' x - V A' gA X' "You know you love me!" "And as the crowd goes wild. . . " This page sponsored by Pepe's Hair Design. PCP Rvllies BIG BUMPS AND LITTLE BUMPS ,K "Big bubbles, no troubles!" if kg ' 'aut .. SQ . A day of victory! M if ig.. Q' .. , bb .A W xii 8 "Way to go Megan! There goes another window!" -nn "Help! l'm stuck!" "This karate business is for the birds!" rv '4 Y . fl' rs! M 59 i' iii "I don 't see what's so funny?" ,MES Ai" Y' Front L-R: Sue Fox, Megan Smith, Beth Brookfield, Captain Mary Cook, Back l.-R: Coach Mrs. Tidmarsh, Nathalie Day, K. C. White, Michaell Reilly, Sherry Lotta, Jane Bouchard. 48 - volleyball This page sponsored by The LeFils Family S oPP99E9's . lnlerlaghen ' MQHQLSFP4 e Umatilla lnterlachen Trinity Prep Mainland Cresent1City, L X -Tringityitlirep Warner Crooms A A lake Highland A Umatilla L Flagler P.C. Districts: C Cresent City "Come on girls, don 't cry. It's only a game." 2 -... s Taylor YP'S"Y f sssgs fifiifgil - X 'won WOI1 'WOI1 Qi. S1 Kwon lost won i Yon . won lost won I -11-' won WO I1 lost won won won lost JV won won lost lost WOH lost lost won lost won won won won ., , N lk ily" L: 615. :L ., , A 1 5... ,,,,, 1 we . '7frv1 "Boy, is he ever good looking! " so 44 AV Ps QLVE f'X 4 if ' " ' Q . x 1 ' F? El! K, ' 5 "I think we 're supposed to hit this ball over that nel. " "Just two swingin ' American foxes. " "Strikel " " - ' -"' 4 , ' X s ,M 1 0 ' uf.. 1' 1 i' 'M 3' ' Row: Kathy Abair, Captain, Second Row: L-R: Marlyn Cepero, Elaine Greaney, LeFils, Roselle Tuttle, Third Row L-R: Charlie Bines, Christie Every, Coach Sexton, Lori Seeley, Sharon Seilkop. fV o N 6 .0 f' Aflif "Come on guysl I wanna play foo. " Following the Lopez tradition, the 1979-80 volleyball team ended this yeor's season with a winning record. The enthusiasm illustrated at the games pushed our girls to victory. A new addition to the vol- leyball program this year was the iunior varsity team. lt proved to be a step in the right direction, allowing more girls to participate, and to show that Lopez's cup runneth over with talent. Volleyball- 49 "Psst, . . . he 's right over there!" Monday morning sorrows. Dress up day at Father Lopez is when the real side of people emerge. Every last Tuesday of the month is the day set aside for stu- dents to come in their dress up attire. This year a different club sponsored each dress up day. The display of fashion exceeded all pos- sible Vogue aspirations. From clowns to Candies the styles varied tremendously. 50 Dress Up Day DRESSING UP IS HARD T0 DO! 1' Bullseye! "What - a freshman and a junior associating?" Seniorly love Proven fact, H502 study, 507, don 't. " "Your money or your life!" . THE LONGEST usan Wescott, Caroline Costello, Mary Costello, John Groeschner, Tim Fortier, John McMicheal, Joe pear, Melissa Smith, Angela Hawk, Beth Brookfield, Leslie Staed, Sharon Buckingham, Nancy Bouch- rd, Margaret Bednar, Susan Fredlund, Anne-Marie Costello. Home Opp, 29 Fla. Deaf 30 23 Seahreeze 33 l 5 Warner 49 24 Spruce 31 Creek 23 Mainland 34 25 New Smyrna 33 23 Seabreeze, 34 Dual Meet Record 7-0 Deland Invite -- 20th Districts -- 4th g mg "Now, this is the way to relax." "What are they doing naw?" Wifi "Their best side. " A sport of tremendous endurance, cross country is long distance running. These dedicated guys and girls run at least three to four miles a day. The meets required a running distance of two miles for the girls and three miles for the guys. Coach Scott Edwards, from Hawaiian Tropic, sponsored the team this year and cheered them on throughout the longest yard. ty' -I 49 ,Q ,. , 'silslltf . ll' .LM ro I , ks I, iv: "She ran off with WHO?" an "Father, forgive me." 'PTM ek." f'f!57f41f ' 5 ' .- 1 f li Q., 4 . . LF' U A 1 pY,,.,.J SI P- Ai M 1 U 8 fn F' -' .h ' AQ azgggl It xii.. 1 "I 'm gonna sneeze!" Cross Country - 51 LUNCH AT LOPEZ r 1 I U an nl I "'f...lf W .,-, 1 9114 'xg x ."-' rf' ff"1,.". A -T "Camera shy?" "Can 't we talk this over?" QQ Q x 5' a is... "Can 't even eatin peace anymore!" his I ',,,r "Peanut butter sticks to the roof of my mouth." J 4 X k ,Epi 52 - Lunch -4.. "Quit tickling my foot! " l.l"Q' ' . I r . Invgl K 54 .e',a 1" .I 1,5 X534 . S "You got to be kidding! " "We're into wild hickory nuts!" "Now where is that number?" "Yecchh seefood!" Friendship was the Blessing this year. conducted the service Peace Church. The meaningful, making the A buffet luncheon Oaks Country Club. memorable event for ,410 Him t ha- Q' ' - 7232? K.. if 2, Q giltllfif' .l W' H . Z0 N?-3 1 R A Yy'j 1 i .,, I I . s . N , H, S ,, -Q--yi theme of Ring FatlierVHogan J at the Prinee of sermon was very Class feel close. followed at Tomoka Ring Blessing was a the Class of l98O. ,, fn- f S1 I Q ,fr W X! .,a f!i1w , V 5. " 4. 5 Ring .. h' V . R. I. I I V Ts! ,, ,A 4 J.. f , 5 ji, 452 :Va 7.4 90 74 ON DIT French Club Members: Mary Beth Landers, Nathalie Day, Melissa Fronstin, Ondina Passiniti, Kristen Thomas, Julie Fredlund, Brett Mackay, Meg Mitchell, Andree Dumermuth, Joe Kight, Sharon Buckingham, Cheryl Marks, Char- lene Cole, Lisa Zeisman, Phillip D'Adesky, Jimmy Castle, Christie Every, Megan Smith, Laura Starch, Michaelle Riley. 'fl W i'3i.l- ' " ,gin X 'Q . Ll. . w i fum "Let us all bow our heads." ., Q V4 2"f'f:r14s .yn - VA , y ,,,, , --,, . ,, g , . .e ig .' , 1-JI,,,',gV,g, gg' ,xzyf . --5' , Q-, ,A .,. ' 'L-v a -.1 -.J -v'-H2 :'1:31"-w- el 75 R+" "Can 't he stop interrupting us?" Officers: President Mary Beth Landers, Vice-President Nathalie Day, Ondina Passaniti, and Secretary Melissa Fronstin Q 1 M r-., ii' - .5 4 Q .1 .B .5 in . .l l A l 1 H S Q ll H", -I. ' 1 K. uw- , ' . 5 . yu. V .K I gm k Q - s S' ,X Q J - 7 - X I. l , I., 1 3 vc. Wim' ' l .... . . ...L A A R Andree Dumermuth and Ondina Passiniti are winners of the Volusia County Foreign Language Contest in French. 54 - French Club "We love ya' world! " On Dit . . . The talk of the town. This is exactly what the French Club is. They have become more active than ever. French luncheons and field trips are the main agenda of the club. Their Sponsor Ms. Blair, provided an interesting pro- gram forthe members. The French Club shared sponsorship in Miss Lopez and provided the outstanding art work for the show. Their plans include a field trip to Jacksonville for a French concert. C'est la vie! "What do we do now?" 96 figs, "I do not have dandruffl " "But Mr. Arcuri, I 'm attached! " fr' l "Hi Joel ' ' U its "I 'm just trying to look busy." ,113 "Pate de what?!?" 5' 1 'F f ' ' l Au. 1 s il - t w.A'Q?,.4 s A Mag, I ' ,Q . " .1 EF " ' - . ll 1 - .b ' L' 4 I , XX , 3 ' 'J "' f."'Qk4, ,C .F 'C "No it's just plain tuna fish!" "I don 't know what it is but I 'm not gonna eat it"' K "Step aside wonder woman, here I camel" uf "Guess what I'm doing?" French Club - 55 1.98 BEAUTY i coNrEsr X lf' The Miss Father Lopez Contest was the epitome of organization this year. Sharon LeFils, Kelley Dunn, and Michele Keough worked together on making this a most successful contest. The Journalism class and French X. T Club sponsored this year's program, around the theme of Snow Queen, li and did a very good iob. The talent this year was outstanding, and the i four iudges from the community had a tough time selecting the winners. Fresh off the wedding cake. ,-'NUR I Our winners right to left: Leslie Krawczynski, third runner up, Chrissie Dunn, first runner up, Miss Lopez 1979-80, Mia Buckner, Sharon O'NeilI, second runner up, and Karen Martin, Miss Congeniality. ,Xa "lf they could see me now!" "Whats cute couple." 56 - Miss Lopez .1-.N "Our own Bert Parks" "How sweet it isl " , I . is Our snow queen "Beauty and the Beast" Elegance itself so r ,. if f A "lsn 't this exciting! " 1? L sigma 7' 77: 'Don 't look so thrilled Tammyl" 'R-P i 41' X5 Second Hand Rose "Ido," "I don 't. " "l thought l was going to die . , "You can look up now!" ,. -..- "Ooh, Ijust did a twist on a cockroach! " "Stay away from mel" Miss Lopez - 57 Si'-N 1 fxs jg, "We even had Oreo 's at the meeting!" A rare moment in Joe Normann's life! vs. C l"'f"' ul i Front Row L-R: S. Jones, J. Jones, M. Cerio, K. Dunn, B. Moser, L. Kelly, D. Freeman, Standing: LVR, N. Day, D. Robinson, C. Calabucci, Connelly, P. Martin, A. Cone, B. Lloyd, T. Parikh, A. Kelly, R. Tuttle, M. Mitchell, M. Fronstin, J. Dylewski, E. McCall, S. Bouchard, M. Cook Fredlund. School activities such as dances and dress- ... 1 V ","' ' ' 3 up days and important weeks such as . L "4" it 1, N' Homecoming are made possible through H. .Y .' H u Q If 1 the Interact Club. Captains of sports and f ws' ' f Q K, K ' N club officers get together to discuss these L if fl J ""'K5-5--"' 'A we ' f ' events and more. Without the Interact Club, Father Lopez would be iust another si , g 5 high school. . L . Y. s .... A f W 5 gr? I U . at N 5 lf wx - .. . g,Q."'? x...-' A . , f K . fi C ' - . .ff A typical meeting "Aren 't these meetings exciting!" 58 - Interact 1 l 1 "Are you for real?" "Pass me the Toslifos. " I 1.7 in . O 5 QQ A Aw im 'iz-Q., "l'm so cufeI" t 8,1 "Huey, Dewey, and Louie" H di.-I "Hang rough, Sue!" aa. f 52 +'-u,.,, -1 an. ' AI' "I fold him not to park herel" .i K 935. ,w--wmv? "l've always looked up lo you!" lnieroct - 59 FABULOUS FALL FACULTY Our Dean of Students, Coach Bill McCabe has been at Lopez for two years. Coach also teaches a Health class. His philosophy is, "I like to live each day like l'm going to die tomorrow." "There is something special about Lopez, Mr. Robert Dey teaches Algebra and Geometry at Lopez. He is also the Junior Varsity football coach. His philosophy of the future is problem oriented. "For our country I see hard times developing until we can do something positive about inflation, energy, and defense. I think we can have a very bright future." Mr. Dey sees our school in the present and future growing very fast."Our school will have two problems facing us. One will be inflation lraising enough money to The philosopher of the faculty, Coach Bobby Pittman has a very complex view of life. On school, he believes, "The future of America lies with the youth of today, and since I was not elected president, teaching is my contribution to my country." He tells students, "Worry teaches Accounting, Speed-writing and all the typing classes. In the fall, he is the Junior Varsity football coach and in the realize that teachers are not adversaries. Teachers are more like guides, to perhaps show you a better way. Students should be able to see that the assigned tasks will 1SifiviwiLKTW'I -nm +1f2tf3v5.:fit llil'i D U . U Mr. James Gardinier is our business - -is education department at Lopez. He Q f -N will I , , li VW ' uw. , ' I spring, he coaches baseball. . , , On student-teacher relationships Mr. 11, , "i:"W- ,X ' x Gardinier believes, "Students must 'it ' . lliiilhlll ' 1 , .I . ,H I 'Wir' - -. NA, IJ. 60 - Faculty - not if no one knows you, only worry if you are worth knowing." Coach Bobby Pittman concludes with the prediction that "The future holds a depression in two years. The only quick way out is war, and, of course, I will have to stay back and protect the women and children." 'I . ,,.. .i,l il X , 1 fl' I . 1. form a base from which future decisions can be made. Teachers must also strive to learn from the students the most effective way of imparting the knowledge that is possessed." He feels that school should be a constant learning experience. "School should be as such that the flow of learning may not be stopped." Mr. Gardinier's idea of the future is a realistic one. "The future holds great things for those who are ready." 92" the uniqueness of this school is in the sense that everyone sticks together through thick and thin." Coach believes in the future of Lopez. "l can see Father Lopez moving in only one direction -- up to the top!" operatel and the second will mean more construction. Otherwise, I think this scho is moving in a very positive direction and has a very long and fruitful future." "The student-teacher relationship at Lopez in most cases is not that different from other schools. I think that the students and teachers who spend more time together whether it be in sports or clubs, respect each other to a higher degree, but I believe this will always be the case at Father Lopez." in Mrs. Cathy Boyle believes "School is a total experience. Much education takes place outside the classroom in informal conversation. School should prepare students to approach real life confidently." The student-teacher relationship is all important to this English and Journalism teacher. She feels each person should be treated on his merits, Mrs. Mary Ann Tidmarsh thinks of school as "a learning experience which should be enioyable through a variety of things." Art, sports, music, and an emphasis on trying to reach everyone, will make up a pleasurable part of the year. Mrs. T. for "The primary purpose of school is education," says Mrs. Sharon Belcher, "but education involves more than learning from books." This English teacher believes that the best education is one where the students will learn how to live in the real world. The students will know, "how to apply the knowledge he or she has learned to situations in life and Mrs. Helen Belanger is a part-time teacher at Lopez. She teaches Reading Comprehension, Creative Writing, and College Skills. In her past teaching experience in English, she has developed a style of simplicity in her philosophy. Her advice on the future is, "Live a lot." Her with teachers and students realizing that both entities are capable of error. "Of course, I try to be crazy all the time and keep everybody wondering." Mrs. Boyle believes that in the future, "One day people will look at one another without seeing colors. All mankind will be brothers." short, enioyed this year with a positive attitude and a good relationship with her students. This English teacher and volleyball coach believes in living life one day at a time and assuming everything will work out fine. howto live with others in society." Mrs. Belcher feels a student-teacher relationship "is a special bond, in which each can learn from the other and special friendships can develop." "One thing for certain about the future is change. New ways of doing things will be invented and old ways will be used again." philosophy on school, to use a cliche, "lt's a nice place to visit, but I would not want to live herel" Mrs. Belanger was undecided about the teacher-student relationship. "lt all depends on who the students and teachers are." Faculty - 61 A new teacher on the block is Ms. Linda Blair, who teaches French and English. Having always loved school, it is her wish to "impart this love of learning to my students as a teacher." On student- teacher relationships she states, "I was once told I was a real 'people' person, and indeed I must be because I enioy helping students discover the best about Mrs. Ruthanne Wentz has a very encouraging philosophy. "The future is promising if we remain optimistic. Today's progress in technology and medicine were dreams only ten years ago. Our dreams of today pave our way into the future. Therefore, we must keep optimism in our lives and have faith in the Strength of the Lord." Being an Earth Science and girls' physical education teacher, Mrs. .,-aut 62 - Faculty Miss Roberta Sexton, affectionately known as "Robbie" by her friends, teaches Algebra I, and Consumer Math at Lopez. She is the Varsity Cheerleaders and Pep Club sponsor. She was born in Key West, Florida and attended Seminole High School. She went on to Seminole Community College and from there to llixtli H The art and foods teacher at Lopez, Mr. Bruce Brady thinks the United States should redeem itself. "There are too many politicians and not enough Statesmen. The United States is a super power and should start acting like one. We need to stop backing down. After that, this country can be what it once was." Mr. Brady believes that quality is important in education. "Lopez is much better than public schools. Education in the state is taking a back seat to other priorities. I see the educational system concentrating on massive education instead of quality education. Science, U.C.F. where she received her teaching degree. Miss Sexton has traveled all over the country and the world. She has lived in Quonset Point, Rhode Island, Sanford and Orlando, Florida, and Naples, Italy. Miss Sexton's hobbies are sewing, crocheting, needlepoint, walking and listening to music. math and literature are important, but we need some kind of cultural experience." Mr. Brady, in working with students in extracurricular activities, thinks we have a casual student-teacher relationship. "We have good relations between the students and teachers here at Lopez, although some students and teachers here at Lopez tend to take advantage of it. Teachers here have much more freedom than public schools. They can teach individually, which can help relations. I also believe that most of the students that attend here are interested in quality education." themselves. I enjoy sharing my time with teachers and students both." She feels that the secret to the success of the people of the U.S. is the individual. "ln times of crisis, these individuals can become leaders in their fields of expertise. This is because we have the freedom to ascertain our talents and use them to our advantage." Wentz finds a good student-teacher relationship valuable. "Relationships are invaluable tools that help in the construction of one's character. Here at Father Lopez, there is a positive student- teocher relationship for those who seek and desire it. Students who develop a good rapport with teachers will learn of its lasting effects and of the memories it has to offer." Science is really very interesting once you get "This magazine drive is the same every year. " "He 's got the cutest little baby face . . . " "These teachers' meetings are such fun! ' "Now that's the way it is. " 'Q fun lg 1 "A definite IO!" "Time to hit the beach!" Faculty - 1 L .Ms A.,- Mx, . V . 1. 1 1 V1 C . ,Q ' 1 .Q wr' ,, S .-- X ' 55,4-' NY - P'-:YJ . 5- N ,N .tx I KX w"'-.www b....,. Wlnfer Division Page Bri Qsr :gf H.. YN' . 'ffffl FW 1 ii., WM i ., , Q, Y -gi, 2 2. wg-in. f 'Q Q X is . ,fs f, ' - M. i i"3?ifii21 -gi,,,. .A , 4 X ' :if A' Gai-.W 11,1 5, I Q.. ..-g Q 0. ,, 1 ' 5 ff ,i .Q ff:-s.. , Q... .iqivx N Q o 'ix . W :R i -0. ix is .si I rv. mf il X x Q v A X 2, x an , I 5 R X , i J 4 o .xb 4 i.p?6.f,zk : 1 4 n J v ,I 1 ,mek , YK we Q" i .ngi fa. i . Winter Division Page - 65 Miss Cassandra Jerzykowski is this year's Earth Science, Anatomy, Physiology, and Chemistry teacher. She has been extremely active in COR, going on many retreats with students. Her philosophy on the relationship between students and teachers is that, "We're all in this together. If we each care enough about each other, the so called teacherfstudent 'gap' will be bridged." She feels that, Mr. O'ConnelI is this year's new psychology teacher and guidance counselor. Born in Montreal, Wisconsin, he has a B.A. in Philosphy, a 8.5. in Education and a M.A. in Sociology. His previous positions include being a teacher and principal ata Catholic high school in Chicago and Cleveland. He also was headmaster at Howey Academy. His hobbies include reading, swimming, - Faculty Upon asking Mr. Carlo Ditrick, the new Algebra II, Analysis, and Physics teacher, about his philosophy he responded by saying, "To ask a hypochondriac how he feels or a philosopher for his dreams, may be a mistake." His belief is as follows: "Philosopher Dreams: The future will be no M e Ii . nv ,X .-nl... Mrs. Raisa Leorza was born in Cuba where she attended the-University of Havana. She is the Father Lopez Spanish teacher and being here fifteen years, she is well known by the whole student body. Mrs. Leorza likes Lopez so much because it's a small school and everyone is close. She enioys being part of the Lopez different for the them of the then, than it is for the us ofthe now. We all have a past to learn from, our dreams of tomorrow to learn for but have only the now to do it. School should be free for one to come and go and each student must seek out his own teacher." I community because it reminds her of the high school she attended in Cuba. When Mrs. Leorza is not teaching at Lopez, she enioys classical music, ballet, sewing and traveling. She runs the candy store at lunch and is a sponsor for the Spanish Club. "Students need to be open to what the teachers are trying to communicate." Sh- believes that this is more than a school, it's a community of teachers and student interrelating in and out ofthe classroom. "l can't predict the future, but if our futu is in the hands of the young adults of th calibre of those at Father Lopez, we're ij good hands." music, and sightseeing. He feels that, . "the purpose of education is to teach intellectual skills, moral principles, cultur values, and leisure time activities to othe to enable them to advance from one lev of educational achievement to another until they are sufficiently mature, to independently assume and fulfill their responsibilities to themselves and to society. f ll A if f M i an A ,J .X 1 -K I ' f I xl., , is Q '?.,?i.,1 . :L ig, Y. f T 4 'NT , W- V . Mr. Hunter is this year's World Culture and Social Studies 12 teacher. He was a regional manager for the mayor ofa New Jersey newspaper. He composed sales letters for a solar energy company and published public relations articles in regional magazines. He wrote letters and articles for a truck graphics firm, to be published by McGraw Hill's commerce Mr. Dougherty teaches Theology IO and i I and coaches the Varsity Basketball team. He was born in Philadelphia. He received his B.A. from U.C.F. and a Master's from Bowling Green. He feels, "Education is a life-long process which should aid one in his overall development as a person. This is not being confined to As our librarian and media specialist, Mrs. Helen Jerabek tries, "to stimulate, guide, and instruct all students to achieve their potential as productive individuals." Mrs. Jerabek is always trying to help students by "providing resources for class-related work, individual research, and recreational pursuits." Her personal philosophy is, "I strive to do the best I can from day to day at home and at work and then to allow the future to take care of Mr. Arcuri is a Father Lopez graduate of 1968. He received his B.A. from Florida Atlantic University and an M.A. from the University of Georgia. He teaches World Politics and American History. Mr. Arcuri sponsors Brain Bowl and the Drama Club: His philosophy on the future can be summed up in the words of Ben Franklin, who said, "We must all hang together now, or assuredly we shall all hang , if ,Mig .1 t v ,S in 1? -.. AQ 'S 5 91' 'ggi ll S is ii Q Xe! Q., H . fi. ky! he f 'f rin .ff trade iournals. His hobbies are writing and reading science fiction. He likes chess and approaches the theatre as a spectator and participant. When asked about his philosophical opinion on life, the future, and school, Mr. Hunter replied that he's "very open minded about my philosophies." a classroom, rather it is the experience of living." He thinks the student-teacher relationship should be, "one of cooperative and reciprocal learning, it is characterized by one learning from another. Teachers should be a resource person who can guide students to appropriate learning materials." itself." Mrs. Jerabek finds the student- teacher relationship of great importance to the student. The teachers help to develop "the mental, spiritual, social, and physical aspects of each student. The teachers strive to interact with students and parents and with one another, contributing to the attitude and enthusiasm of the school, which we call the Lopez spirit." separately." His philosophy on school is, "I find the rapport between students and teachers today a lot more relaxed than when I was in school." Mrl Arcuri finds this as, . . either a help or a hindrance to the learning process, but when channeled properly, it creates motivation on the part ofthe student and a desire to help on the part of the teacher." Faculty - 67 Sister Christian Marian is the administrative ,he school is lookin ood and Confirms assistant of Father Lopez. She also is the . . .. 9 9 curriculum organizer for the school. Sr. this by saying, On a scale from I-I0 the students and facult rate a defin'te lOl" Christine teaches Spanish I and World ..H ., . h yd . ' ' . Culture. Another of her elected duties is keeping the snack machine full. She feels ang on, is era vice oeveryonein the future. ,-.w.3.. ki Ms. Kearney is this year's freshman and sophomore Theology teacher. She feels that, "Each individual has a responsibility to exert a positive influence in the world to bring it to the perfection God has planned." "The future builds onthe Mr. Snyder teaches Theology l l and l2. He is also our athletic director and coach for the i980 Girls' Varsity basketball team. Here is what he had to say when we asked him about his philosophy on life: "Eight" from Tao Te Ching by Lao- Tsu - The highest good is like water. Water gives life to the ten thousand ,Al 68 - Faculty George S. Husted was born in Fort Worth, Texas, but being a military brat he cannot claim any one place home. He graduated from U.C.F. and is now our Earth Science and Biology teacher. His hobbies are tennis, racquetball, camping, 'Z 'ht and iogging. His feelings about education can be summed up as follows: "lf I give a man a fish, I feed him for a day. lf I teach a man to fish, I feed him for a lifetime." ?x present." She feels that, "It's the responsibility of teachers to challenge students to think, reason and iudge, as well as to develop systems of study and self-discipline." This is to challenge them to be mature. things and does not strive. lt flows in places men reiect and so like the Tao. ln dwelling, be close to the land. In meditation, go deep in the heart. In dealing with others, be gentle and kind. ln speech, be true. ln ruling, be just. ln business, be competent. In action, watch the timing. No fight: No blame. paw ,- aff-A V 833-H3 rf "HMMM, I love this brand!" "Heaven forbid!" "l really love those cheerleaders!" 2 r 3 5 "Dare me to eat this whole chicken?" hour seminal.. "To know me is to love me, " "All my children. . ." "Miss Sexton did what?!?" luv Faculty -- 69 STUFF IT! "BaHle for fhe ballI" "I wish this was football!" "I dan'I believe David did rhafl " A "If I had wings. " "Technicall?l" "Give me a hand guys!" N., , E ,,.. V ' M 4'-4 Q 5 .. . A R 4 yi ,,, A , yg 1 W AWN, W ,. -.,,, . . Q , ,L , l H 5 1 4 1' - V A 4 I 11' . -... ,V W ,,,,,..,, , 4 A From L-R: LeRod Reid, Mike Costello, Pal Daugheriy, Joe Donohue, Jim Goergen, Don Miller, Richard Siler, Vincen Ireland, David Loconle, Coach Dougherty, Coach Melz. 70 - Varsity Basketball l Andrews, Ralph DeStefano, Craig Miller, Steve Riley, .lc Skyin is Concentration xml "WLM The fans go wildl Two more The 1980 edition of Greenwave Basketball was an exciting oneg Coach Dougherty said that it was a rebuilding year for the hoopers, with only two seniors dressing out in green and white. The remainder of the team consisted of some Dec. 7 Dec. 8 Dec. l I Dec Dec Qs. Dat. 27 Feb young talented iuniors and sophomores. Feb. This past season might not have been the best but many are looking forward to the Scramble Controlling the boards. next great season. fky ii-:irx 9 . sg, V ,- X - . QQ? s ,gf f 1 "' 1 - 1 V ...utr N. If fbi? V A- qt , " X . , . Qs Q ,aj l ' ' -was 1 fl - ' - ' Q . . ' , . no -L, 1 jimi ,gy x- k,.3:gkK,W.7. . ' ' ws-jg rn ' L ' 'V U- N, x ' i 7 ' ' ' uf ,. .i'z'-if rw' inf' J A ld" N'4I'.:nU .. :Q 4 H+ f, 1 :ff if 3-'l ,,:ig.,'lK-4-L5 , ,ml ...F ' . .. iw- he 2, . Managers: T. Anthony, I. Brown "Ooopsl" Varsity Basketball 72 - Varsity Basketball Grab-a-Bound H0-54?. .. ,l , "Gliding for Iwo. " 5 'Z 1 -' t V :W W ,,,..-ff' 4m"w ,,-, , KK L j "Now you see if. . ." "Big Don from fhe line. " 'Q-W., -..,,,,mW M ' -hx Nl "Time our!" "Flying High" "J -All us! a liffle bit higher . . . Please!" "We 're really yelling for the cheerleaders! " 'Uh IS .r---JXA 4 X55 xv "Forget if, Grady." "High and Mighly" "l don 'I wan! ill" -up-use-01111---1 fv, we-,7f,.--0 f.. +5 "Hey look, My mofher's watching!" "Someday l'll be as good as them. " Basketball .fo "All right, where did you guys lock up Miss Sexton?" "Captains Mary Cook and Michaell Reilly getting the shakedown. " Among the four Greenwave basketball teams is the Girls' Varsity, and this year's team was an able addition to the Lopez season. Having only one senior on the team among juniors and sophomores, Coach Jeff Snyder led his girls to several victories. This varsity team has shown a terrific example of Lopez's ever increasing superiority in sports. l ALL AROUND ...fn lf lf ff' A lean, lean, lean . . . Warming up for victory A i'i as Q , Q .. x :V K w,,4 -, .. -.-- M A Mary up for two more. Jump high to the skyl 32 24-tl as 1- -YI . 1' ve' A w '4w,:,,,a X-Af 1, N- H 74 - Girls' Basketball L-R: L. Smith, L. Rainey, S. Lotta, M. Reilly, D. Cole, C. Johnson, J. Hughes, A. Cone, M. Cook, K. C. White, T. Antoniuk, C Bines, S. Seilkop, kneeling: C. Solon, L. Leonard, Managers, Mr. Snyder - Coach, C. Cole. was-my . A K I v ,419 "V e ' ' ""j.2 l "2 to 12 ' W nj' , I . ' bv 8 I I D 3 2 1: 53 "Tough defense." "Work it in to win!" , e Date '9 Opganents Dec 6 Seobreeze Dec. 7 New Dec. 8 Dec. l I Dec. I4 Dec. I5 nec. zo-22 4 Jan. 8 Jan. l l Jon. 12 Jan. I4 New Jan. I7 Taylor Jan. 22 Cres. City 5 Jan. 24 Seaie Jan. 25 Hastings Feb. l i2'WYi't1!?Chris. Feb., X N Melbourne C.C. ' F.P.C. Fe . hen Feb l2 Feb lb A i d Feb 22-23 Gifs ct Toqrriarnent ur Y, S552 S' V-Q imseerzfz 4- ie, V N,..e.. I .K 1-noun--o-iw.-, X ei 12' -Q-fi X x 111. x I ' "Ripping Rebound." Xi Such form! Managers: Top, Kim Nelson, L-R, Leslie Staed, Lynn Leonard, Charlene Cole, Sue Fox. -. L ii.. t 5 l "Up, over and in" T 1 "Look of determination, " Three point play. Girls' Basketball - 75 SHOOT THE HOOP V r 4' ssl? .I , ' 4 4Q .,. .'!,L 5 1 'I .v 3: H4 O J 'W -or Q, 1. K, if ,tv t t L to R: lst Row B. Martin, R. Lopez, G. Irwin, J. Coble, S. Farmer, 2nd Row, G. McGrane, R. Beauregard, M. Hughes, M. 1-Th 1 - ' 30 - ' ' H McNamara, 3rd Row, M . Schmidt, Manager, Mark VanWert, P. Murtaugh, manager, 4th Row, O. J. Burke, Coach P. Metz. ey re gwmg Us a Pom S a , Je xx . 5 , - ' X M , U . 5 . 5 iq ...V : I n .u., - 5, .ye M fi H ' L N X I A ". . . And in this corner. 34 3 . , in., . if , 1 eg N "When do we move?" Promising . . . that's what this year's J.V. team is. Showing strong determination the group of talented players gave outstanding performances and came out on top in many tough games. 76 - J.V. Basketball 1 QNX s.- 5 g S! s Q I "These springs haven 't failed me yetI" g g gi A 2 ,... H . x .. Y M -' 2 P U . 1 . . S 1 .. . . 5 ' P N. . 1 . 4 ...M -S E ,dwg Two points for the Greenwave! "Get out of my face! I "'5fr1' 5 FRCDSH The freshman edition of the basketball 'eam put out a great effort this year. t fhrough all the intense competition the rosh had many great times. Coach Dey out in many hours of hard work with the 'eam, and it certainly paid off as the team rew as basketball players as well as peo- le. --an-sll"Y' , , X F ' . Q K Q - 3 Q., K x .Lf A 5. 1 9' ' 5-M if N 'if - K 1 "This is Not Football!" I ,"",l i v, Q 'T' 1--Sdlgfx ' ' X QS' ' K- "What goes up . . . must come down . . . " "Watch it Mr. Dey!" "Spike iI!?!" . D' . it 4 , 5. wiv h sy ,, 'gm f , "Where 's the ball?" Bottom L-R: Managers Karrie Frassrand and Carol Poselovic, Paul Jones, Joe Luranc, Mark Jacobs, Jeff Hawk, David Hughes, Mike Baker, Mike Murphy, Marty Cone. Freshman Basketball - 77 YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND S1 .0 l if "II 's Wonderwoman! " 3 5. 2 .Af ' Nafural Curls Y! "WE blondes stick fogelher. " ,., so KX 1 ! - Friends A Coke and a smile! l S' 'u "K 'vi- "NoIe-wrifing experts!! " s x lx., t '33 "Do lgef my kiss now or later?" "Hip, hop, hippify . . , E' 'W ..,4yf'.. .,- ,-Q 'SSE X, "Please, Spare us!" "Whafl say goes!" 3-auf "Always and Forever" "Love will keep us fogeiher! "Are those Twinkies! " Co-Captain Melissa Dunn Captain Jennifer Johnson Every year Father Lopez selects a new freshman squad right before the basketball season. This year under the leadership of captain Jen- nifer Johnson and co-captain Mel- issa Dunn the freshman squad proved themselves worthy of their title as cheerleaders. Their sponsor Mrs. Wentz has backed them whole heartedly in all their activities. These girls show a positive outlook for future cheerleading at Father Lopez. "Cheerleading takes my breath away." "Steady Now" 1 .QR . fayif WE TRY HARDER A I J'-hr ' " txt-. 5.4-Z multi! A N-D Freshman Squad 79 80 Q fs 2 "Whistle while you work. " "I have to get some odor eaters! u I PUMPING IRON The 1980 Weightlifting team in only its second season became one of the 2A state powerhouses. Under the direction of Coach McCabe the team broke many school records. The highlight of the season was the fine showing the team made at the state championship meet. "Who tied my shoelaces together?" Determination "Who put super glue on the bar?" 80 - Weightlifting ex lxg A f K . , "Give me back the bar!" "Coach McCabe plots strategy. .N-I. ivwi, "I think it's nailed to the floor!" "So what, I can cheat, my dad is the judge! in HER Long, ,..1 'GREENWAVE' Front Row l.-R: D. Twomey, K. Brownrigg, M. Fox, W. Mathews, P. Benza, T. Fortier, J. Groeschner, S. B. Carlson, M. Dillard, P. Kelly. Back Row: L. Kelly, Coach McCabe, J. Hooten, R. Benza, P. Ostendorf, T. taugh, P. Twomey, W. Dunn, T. Farmer, manager, C. Bockoven. Q-'vi N..- tl , W "Did that guy bench 480, or am I dreaming?" "The pause before the lift. " N t 'A '- , wiz it qi . M if -' A 5 ., I ii P' ' l Q Q ' L The Hulkl A 3 if AFS K it z -k-, 3 c t .it Opponent - F.P.C. Cres. City F.P.C. and Cres. City New Smyrna I-7-80 I-19-80 F.P.C. , New Smyrna . Sfdie . K 73? "Okay, now put on the 2W's. " Good lift. P' .J 1113 , V q "4 N J '."'1x vm i . , 4, ,y we M, f-mdk , if A gal: X M "Help" "lt's caving in my chest. " Weightlifting - 81 SOCCER IS A f X....J Larry Kelly, Jim Gildeo, Don Cone, Ed Rossario, Tim Cook, Mike Lynch, John McDevitt, Joe Nordmonn, Robert Wolf, John Bosile, George Bentley, Scott Higby, Joey Albovias, Ted Belitsos, Paul Shay, Scott Former, John Hawk, Kevin Coravoti, Ken Weigond, Nick Santos, Tony Santos. "Knock that chip off my shoulder!" "Simon says . . . look up!" gf' 44 x j,NQj,,x1wA ,. lu., x"'51, M ,Q , . J, ",. c . sf I' 9, - ,ff 1 77::'--, ' , ' ,+A- Hk' JVI "Heyl How did that get stuck up there?! " H , f S' W 4 -' .-1 ...fs Sheer Horror! "Do the twist!" xl 1: "Waite minute! l'm on your side!" "5o much for dirty playing!" "Do it Mike!" 82 - Soccer 4 A i ee Q x ' it V. . Q . ian. 35"- X uce Cree dd: K f-slim . Sew . -t.-..,5,Ls ' -:Q A i . New J Nga, Q Q, . gow b,k.Q ,gg 5 if . Q . , f CU wt A ' 5 S25 ' 3. . Y 'f T i R .T . i 'ii ,S 5 "Yuck! It's the ball!" The soccer team saw a variety of '11 coaches over the last few years. This Yi' -5,0 year they were led by Coaches J. D. A A ' Bing and Ron McGuire. Although their stats were against them, the new recruits persevered. Their record does not reflect the time and effort those guys put into their sea- son. Two of their starting forwards were freshmen, putting a new out- is ' 4 look on their playing. Even practic- g a as ing only three times a week, they never lost any of their determina- X tion. -J, 4 '1-' "' "Host my contact!" "Lord bless this team!" "How does he kick like that?!' "Hey! Watch my arm!" Roll out the carpet, here comes the King! "Can 'I he see that the ball's behind him?" . . . KICK IN THE GRASS H UNT, CAMP, "Tarzan 's maid. " ni HIKE Chaperones: Ellen and Bob Arcuri, Ruthanne Randy, and Nicholas Wentz. ' Q.-.-.sift ,.- 9 .,,..... , sor, M. Reilly - secretary. I :1 9 V " 'Q W h uf ' T,,,,f,. XA' - Q .,. P0 Af If Q Us sg, ' nj' i l , ' at 4 i -T:-igm , t Zll ,i 1 ,J I fly' ,,,.4 :V rn- 5 L s V M - ' .. "Julia Child 's nephew." "Last night's left-overs. " "Did you hear about the camping trip? f f . M t f' i f1'5S?L,. .,, . ' , ,..n. , M2 MJ-W' ' , ' if? i L 9' .JL W Q , X rf ' fi X 1 ,. fy., ,, - I - U :aww 'i , ME-in '--.11 ' f ff 911' . ' . , , 4 . N 'f w ff -, fu., ,' W , "' ' 1 f af. 1ew...f.f..4' '-"mc M. F , 5 '...-All - -.. . - . t V 'sm ew - ' A' 'faiim-" , , , - we H nf- 0-x :gli t 4 -. '. 'A -.1-'-,f',,, ' 1 it .-+- A-f-nam "Smoke inhalation is great for the lungs!" "Nothing like the taste of burned tin!" 84 - Wilderness Club "Typical backpacker. " Officers: A. Hawk -- vice president, J. Fredlund - president, Mrs. Wentz - . "We 're off to see the wizard!" ,,.,,,, . . 1 4 "Somebody tell me which way the bathroom isl?l" v '.u ur' P ...B X AQ, NN- x 'QME . Q. """ 'ff si c A i if "Ji"""5 T Qs' I Q ' 1 i i M sl .1 1, r ,ML-K C ye ,t A ,.,.- . .It . el. .s f 'y V 3 ' ' i ' . . . 1 . . .sit e '.:Ll'iQ ,O , A . , Treas. Julie Fredlund, Mrs. Wentz "Look whatlfound in my tent!" Julie Fredlund, Mrs. Wentz, Michelle Reilly lst row l to r: Ann Costello, J. Fredlund, M. Cerio, N. Day, N. Ahmed, M. Reilly, 2nd row: D. Chester, J. Castle, J. Tolly, S. Acton, M. Bednar, M. Costello, L. Zeisman, A. Hawk, J. Dylewski, L. Leonard, K. Nelson, K. Mechalski, T. Antonich, C. Solon, Mrs. Wentz "Come on, IeI's hit the bushes1" This year's Wilderness Club made several iourneys to differ- ent Florida State Parks, including Mike Roess Gold Head Ranch, O'Leno and Wekiva. They earned money for these trips by conducting car washes, holding bake sales on cam- pus, collecting tin cans, and selling stationery. The year was climaxed by a trip to the Smokey Mountains where each backpacker supported himself. Wilderness Club - ,Mum como VAN' I Guy McGrane, Eileen Demming, Nathalie Dey, Sharon LeFils, Jane Bouchard, Leslie Krawczynski, John Bosile, Leslie Staed, Andy Vilamis, Doni Carey, Lisa Pozzo, Naseem Ahmed, Terri Spotts, Marlene Cepero, Ann Kelly, Michele Keough, Teial Parikh, Eugene McCall, Ray Benza, CeCe Roy, Jimbe Hoaten, John Dylewski, Maria Morris, Kelley Dunn, Andrea Kivinski, K. C. White, Pat Thomas, Cheryl Maroney, Roselle Tuttle, Victor Collins, Gary Crotty, Debbie Bookmyer, Janet Jones, Debby Freeman, Tracey Nie- tling, Nancy Lopez. -ul li H """""' 'H "Look at them. They are so serious! " 0 " r f A 9- . , in Leno . ii: K A ' r X Secretary CeCe Roy, President Debby Freeman, Vice Pres. Leslie "Are we interested, or ARE WE lNTERESTED?I" Krawczynski, Treasurer John Basile. . "liust love tacos!" Illegal Controband 86 - Spanish Club 'LE if Obviously tongue-in-cheek. W ,Jw 1,55 K . lag? 3 1 ' P if-X g ig., fylxiii- Q lf 1 "Okay kids, quit fooling around! " lg::r53'i Si'-I' . f I Extreme excitement depicted here. 3 'Somebody has to lighten up this meeting!" That's the last Spanish joke I want to hearl" "Could I offer you a cup of tea?" "When did you learn to speak Spanish?" Watch how they go! And that's exactly what people did this year. The Spanish Club is sponsored by Mrs. Raisa Leorza, a very viva- cious lady. She kept the club busy with differ- ent activities. A taco sale for fund-raising, a trip to St. Augustine and a Spanish dinner W. MK tl lv -1 i 'Nx "I wonder if he'II come talk to me?" were included to make it a very fulfilling agenda. President Debby Freeman led the club throughout the year. Portrait of a teenager "Come on everybody! Look interested!" nf' "l can 't tell you how thrilling this Isl" Total surrender to inner peace. Spanish Club - 8 REPERTORY COMPANY'S BACK Top Row: Sponsors Mr. Arcuri, Mr. Brady, First Row, Chris Calabucci, Julie Fredlund, Joe Kight, Charlene Cole, Melissa Fronstin, Katie Michalsky, David Peshek, Mike Greaney, Tom McNamara, Second Row, Nick Santos, John Farmer, Mary Cerio, Michelle Connolly, Lisa Nunn, Meg Mitchell, Teial Parikh, Lisa Zeismann, Richie Keough, Last Row, Tony Santos, Margaret Landers, Marlen Cepro, Judy Santos, Roselle Tuttle, Karyn Hanser. i 88 - Repertory Club 'J' Officers: President Melissa Fronstin, Vice President, Meg Mitchell, Secretary Parikh, Treasurer Charlene Co --3 1, ,ng . Ip Tech Crew: Top Row, Richie Keough, Katie Michalsky, Mr. Brady, Tom Nick Santos, Mike Greaney, Tony Santos. The Repertory Company is back. They opened the '79-'80 school year with a bang. Their production "GodspeIl" was a huge success. They worked long hard hours, but in the end, it was well worth it. They took some field trips and learned to work together, helping each other's acting abilities. Where did she go now "I always wanted to be in show biz!" The betrayal I m a cover girl tool "I stepped an your what?I" Being creative is a bummer This page sponsored by Scandia House Interiors RePe'lo'Y Club NEVER HOME STUDYING Back row I to r: Nathalie Day, Ann Kelly, Sec. Deb Freeman, Mary Cook, K. C. White, Pres. Sue Bouchard, Tina Farmer, Kelley Dunn, Janet Jones, Tracy Nietling, Cheryl Maroney, Chuck Viviano, Mary Cerio, Vice Pres. Jane Bouch- ard, Naseem Ahmed, Wes Dunn, Treas. Kevin Caravati, Joe Nordmann, Ray Benza, John Dylewski. "I 'm about to lose my cool. " "l.et's play firing squad!" "I hate all these meetings." L-R Jane Bouchard, Vice-President, Sue Bouchard, Presi- dent, Debby Freeman, Secretary, Kevin Caravati, Trea- surer, Not Pictured. 90-N.H.S. The National Honor Society under the new sponsorship of Mr. Dan O'Connell successfully tackled many proiects. Led by President Sue Bouchard, Vice President Jane Bouchard, Secretary Debby Freeman, and Treasurer Kevin Caravati, they organized the Dollars for Scholars campaign and refereed the Hurst Field Day. The Christmas season was especially busy for the N.H.S. as they wrapped gifts at the mall for the American Cancer Society and hosted the annual Head Start Christmas party. X W' "Who's the wise guy that stole the sleigh?" "l've been acceptedI" RA I N S T I N "Checkmate!" filled the air ofthe Chess Club matches this year. The I-A --11 " 1' L" A ,, " ' ' ' V V ' club saw some new members anda new sponsor, Mr. Carlo Ditrick. With strategy and skill they engaged in many successful matches under the direction of Chuck Viviano, president. Frequent inter-club matches took place in the library. i 4-1"ii!if11l"' ing: L-R, Maria Wviano, Simone Dumermuth, Brett MacKay, Standing L-R: Andree Dumermuth, Mary Sue Haydt, Robert rrigan, Chuck Vivano, Mr. Carlo Ditrick, Pat Riley, Ted Belitsos, Bill Alexander. "lsn'r this exciting!" C S -.p fi-n--,ll . i ei ' 4-n 1 4' .rj-, '--12:5 M , A Ufhfxllixggf ' L-R: Brett MacKay, Publicity, Mary Sue Haydt, Secretary, Chuck Viviano, President, Mr. Ditrick, Sponsor, Simone Dumermuth and Andree Dumermuth, Treasurers "l always knew this rubber band would come in handy. " -Q I 'f,w'. i " "-" n.- "l am an oldpro al this. " "I think l've gol him now." Chess Club - 91 Class of Chris Ahmed ff N 'F S lk K QV! CU John Bandorf Z Pat Kelly, Nancy Lopez, Donna Dylewski, Ondina Possaniti LW, X , .,,, 'NW'-ffA"w' A' , ff! - r 7. M - x ,K-Ax,w,,q',y , Q, X may lf., ' Dottie Belitsos a"'.w1'fI'f1 LJ ' ' V I "I'1N"A , is 1 wi- i ."' I 'ST-1 'Y"'4' A is I Q xy, -ff' -- 4' ,l T I D x , - 449 .A J' "What are you looking af?" "l think I have a worm in my apple." Y if A K , Peier Benza , Eh y, ' v : ,, , N Tommy Bonner "I'Il give him a seven." "ls fhal rat dead or alive?" 92 -- Sophomores Penny Bailey Richard Beauregard Monica Bendezu Charlie Bines Debbie Bookmyer 'Simi .ss f A -e Q. V IN .. y W. l x Q. '- Kevin Brownrigg Mid BUknel' James Castle "Someone is losing his louch!" Tammy Chester Jerry Coble Debbie Cole fa-F S Six 9'--'yi 4 ,,.-. -.0 Richard Colley Carlos Colon Anne Costello if "l'll pretend if's my feacher's head!" Mary Costello John Daly Dennis deGracia "lf all looks Greek lo me!" a . A Bill Demming Eileen Demming Mark Dillard "Y0U'f0 CXPGCNHQ WHAT?!" Sophomores - 93 5 vviw l f' ll' f Joe Donohue Simone Dumermuth Dona Dylewski Jill Eardley I Sophia Ehringer Christie Every Scott Farmer Steve Farmer "SO fhGf'S 'he new PffHCiP0l?!" f ig S K is 1 h James Fitzgibbons Mary Font Carlos Fortich Tim Forfier kicilxk -My ..,. we 5 "Run that by me again." Marc Fox Elaine Greaney John Groeschner John Gruber rf4QE,'rn. .wa ...MQ "NO yvvf belly bvffvn 4065117 fum me On- Steve Hartman Elizabeth Haug John Hawk Bill Hildebrand 94 - Sophomores lt, s V NNW I Misty Hoyne Mike Hughes Wendy Jarrell Crystal Johnson "When Gm l90'1f'G blow WS bubble?" I ust washed my hair, and I can't do a thing "No, you don 'f say?" -4 -f"5' l 1 K - V D Don Johnson Laura Jones Pat Kelly Dan Kenney qs -of V4.2 . 4 X ,5 Julie Keough Jim Kershaw Jeff Kulzer Margaret Landers Robert Latta Lynn Leonard "Who changed locks on me?" "Ah, lfusfpassed the fest! Whew!" Heather Lill jim Lince Sophomores -- 9 Nancy Lopez Ricky Lucas Ui Slill sleeping, Heather? Jn, R ox K L may my 1 Brian McCue Michael McDonnell wi' "I think I 'll fell him I have a headache." Gator in the bushes. Jggeph MCMqh0n Pqm McMenqmy 1 , V Y 1 ,,. ,-W Q . ' " .AL ' 101, ' .- 9 A ' , 44,1 ' .I ,.h,, .. 3 . iv iv n fain fn. . I V A Ak.,-' ' wg Q N ,,::, gl , 4 1 ., - i ' f'?f.'..,- ' " " rr ,, ' -5. ,- N - . John McMichael Emilia Maccaro Tom Manes ' 1 x 1: 53. ig, ii -'J I. 1 A ' I x I X V N K ,,,, Carolie Marks Brian Martin Bernie Martin YOU Sly liffle devil, YOU- 96 -- Sophomores Chris Mason David Matte W 1 .4 ns., "Spare me fhe details. " BTU ' 1 I --un.-5 Andy Miller Craig Miller Dgnnie Miller Val Moufgopoulos "No, no. . . llove if." "Master arlisraf work. " Kim Nelson Terry O'Gara Jeff Parks "Didf0meb0dy PU' Somefhfng ff' my dfi'1k?" Orwdina Passanifi Nikki Poselovic Cyrilla Price Sophomores - I ,,,, he l ' l Sherry Pulcrano Kay Reilly John Reilly Tony Santos Julie Seiler Sharon Seilkop Billy Shaw Paul Shay Scott Sheridan Jody Silvernell Paul Simko Lynn Smith 'Airplane 9lUe is the besf- " tl' Q v "High Anxiety, that's me!" M.. x Pf, I . i U I 98 - Sophomores "W0fCl1 OU' Hell! Angels, here we Come. " Kim Thomas Quentin Tse Denis Twomey ek E ,Mfg ' f l .1 .A S f 1 Walter Strini Joseph Talley Scott Tepper -dt 'S' Mark Van Wert Life . . . whata puzzle!! "You wanna whaf!?!" Pal Verdon fn- Susan Wisnoski Teresino Wymes 1 Andy Vilmanis "Quick, I 'm gonna be sick!" Dale Young "Gosh dang- " Bill Wall 01 , 1' 2 Ken Weigqnd "This has got fo be the pits!" 1 wonaer what is happening ar the surf. " Sophomores - 99 L Penny Bailey Wendy Jarrell John Bandorf Pat Kelly Paul Beaudoin Richard ucas K ,... .. r we Fi sw 'S ,.. I v , .Q V 5 J igfifii I outsopoulos Jeff Parks ' ss if NR hn Brian C ' e V "Then what did you do?" HR. 106 - Miss Sexton ...mann 'E 4 f "Cheryl Tiegs here I come. " Life s a bummer. "5fUf lighff 570' bngh' - - "Can 't get enough. " "God, help me pass this test!" "MMM, she s hnel "Don't look now, she's right behind us!" 100 - Sophomores "Camera shy Tommy?" Charlie Bines Mia Buckner Jim Castie Joe McMahon Pam McMenamy Brian Martin in Munir giicrlosi Vili ,f t Bernie Elf" Mpry CIaig5?C2istell6" T 51 'ti ssqiiiifi " Bill H J 5 Sherry? M rano 1135 A 1 , FW It fggffa df, -if 'ihailx W K ws -QQ JillE5rdiey ,,, I' James Fitzgibbonsf r , 1,, sharon gimsop MaryFont Q H A f EIaine6GreaneyffY ,A wr f ' ' w 1' :Me,'i2xf'l1izz fl, Ii ' 1' Li' 5551555 Ji, " s ,R :Jr I , vm.5::,ff-gg, " :rf xx HR. 208 - "1 ' Z' 1 xEf"E5?!E"l':T ' f "..,gx 'lla' ' ',:-EPM 'V Mr. Arcuri Kay Reilly? Paul Shay ' Paul Simko Lynn Smith Denis TvivomeY, Kenny Weigand lifmff. 1 3 T r . ' 7 ......-4 "My face just won 't clear up!" ' fllllllli "Hey Mary! They 're looking at us!" A royal stare. Richard Beauregard Tom Bonner Tammy Chester x s we 1 W we John Margaret ef? Chris Ahmed Dottie Belitsos Debbie Bookmyer Jerry Coble Dennis DeGracia Simone Dumermuth Stephen Farmer Timothy Fortier Joseph Gruber Stephen Hartman Michael Hughes Emilia Maccaro Carolie Marks David Matte Andrew Miller Terry O'Gara Cyrilla Price Tony Santos Billy Shaw Jody Silvernell Joe Talley Kim Thomas Patrick Verdon Dale Young Tony Hunt Laura Jones Jim Kershaw Robert Lotta Nancy Lopez - 'lm' lima "ls that THE Nancy Lopez?!" HR l05 - Mr. Dey Abbott and Costello "Jontue . . . sensual but not too far from innocence. " st gg, 111 "ls this the stud 's lane or what?" .r 5,191-ggi, 7-31 .I .ll 7 ,QS 's3Q',:E.tLi, fr' A we James Linre - " ' .xi , . 4, it el , ,,:.i' fi. . Y L, N b John McMucheaI 935' -.4 gy ' , is Tom Manes V-2 '71 ' V l v 5 4? 'S . ltr -' ' . , to herM on V f ' ' is I ' P T .tt - .K XKI Nelson QXX A t- 3, , if S A S Q- luoPoselovice Q - u 4 V X eese f f , 5 5 WaLterSti1giw ,g f 54 ffl SCO - J - ui ,ax S l..ll. f w e "Typical sophomores." X .e he? Sees X W ' .-4 ' mfs. 5 s ew-H 5 X Q A ek 5 . X XM: N NL if as X 1 X S Sf K X N5 Q X , X l Ws l Xx e-'e N S 5, Q K A 1' ssss is, HR 207 - Mr. Gardinier V, -v .-, 1 4l'.,,.'-9' -v- "A sprinkle a day. . . " 1 Sophomores - IO ia-f , QW Kms. fda 4, ' i H. J' 1.4: N,,p'- -1 I 102 - Sophomores REAL PEOPLE w. xxx in rt? .Ill This page sponsored by Dr. Keith Eordley and fcmuly I I' I I 7 li ,fx J X ix d . X K.. N Y , i 4. ' 1 ii if 'lv' 5 ..r' -- I I 1' ,ig 1 Q mm- 'f. X x'f"' 41, 71" :Ty ,Rl vm-o 53' 14 4 5 " I o x A I 104 - Spring Division Page 1 ,lr .J , 1' X 'UWA N IZKILX 5 ge x I 5 S 1 Q me 'M i' I 3 . i s .I J Spring Division Page - DIAMOND CUTTERS The baseball team led by Coach Gardinier was a group the school could be proud of. The Greenwave "9" practiced hour after hour to perfect their athletic skills. Captains of the team were Paul Connor and Larry Kelly. The seven senior squad displayed leadership in helping the Greenwave become a respected power. I' 'Z 14-'bQ'9"v M., ... s:.s.a..c. fmmmxmmu """ ' 'K I I 5 ' I i in .1 .gs 1 AA Captains Larry Kelly and Paul Connor .4-4. .1- -,.,,A.. A Q. nf' - --9 . ., r gg ' 21 :,Zg'iT."' ' .,..:'---.!'L"' "-J 'izigm i ,fs 5, g ., T 'Lira' is 1 W , 'f e s.. , 2 4. .HQY-Q f , I . 's.s L. L -' 1 4' nv .4 .1 Ll""vf' ,Jw , if . 5 . xv ,sw 'riw , 0 . ,s . he 'Sig " v ,f ss " fyfgrgalpug .n .S!4xf.- - Kneeling L-R: P. Beaudoin, P. Connor, G. lrvin, D. Miller, L. Reid, J. Jones J Gildea L Kelly Standin LR J Luranc, B. Hildebrand, K. Caravati, P. Simko, T. Raulerson, R. Lucas, D. Johnson J Ireland T Anthony D Cone Tommy and Coach Gardinier. This page sponsored by The Hildebrands T06 - Baseball X94 7 if K., 1551 . V35 ... . , ,L X 52 -'K 2 .Jw-0' W . " , I , "Yo' Blood" gr 'S SX "Hey, if's Lucia!" Q9 --'X .gy ' fi 'z A 3"Q D . xl l 'K.,..l fb-I ' ' Q' 1 f , , "' s"N"j" .WSQJW ---uwym ,Ms . V Q' FN .-.wr - . s..-...H ,. 1 g "BuHerfingers! " ...-.aqynf s New . Q Q I - A 9.1" N . 4- - W 1 6 3:74 .. A s K P "- elf' l 3'0" we ' Q - Q ' lf.,-'+-f -.-.,..,, 0 4 4 s s . y5,v:Ak.,,, fiwtwz ,Q k ky, s. V' A R -' K "fsQNs5K A Q L: - "Hello cheer . . . Ready!" "Babe Gildeal" "Who cemented my glove fo lhe floor!" Q., A s New 5" "RW L R " 4 X N f . .K 'Sn . K 1 i A X A "L V K' , K 4. ' 5 L W ' 'Y , .sf-. . ' - Q- X A KW an X f s "x a M al 45 5 , N "He 's Our!" "The bionic arm!" is page sponsored by Charles L. Caravali Baseball -- IO7 nrt: 1 H .1 ll 4 'A fx rs. .xii jkh , 4 ' X ' w 1, 4 ' XF' 'J' A. 'T,f- , f' ' 'ra ' 5-1 X' 3' 95 .A Q - 'X Afeif A :J W S :iq h A Ist ga A Q..-Ng N .- A., 34 4.31 . -l + i g ' ,A- S' N- 1 Q ,. Els We 1 , Pl K4 it-Q . , ,Aw-5, .,.l . is L r 1 -A. xx.. ...M , X, - 'Q . . ,ffiigx . h 5 , -N-X -,. 4 .. ...AS - -x X " Q. "Should have slid!" "Ga Johnny Go!" "So what, Hfty ta nothing isn 't that bad. 1 Interloc ,n ,M i S' fa-mmf' , 'f , ' Gfovcland 121 ' W S CrescentCity April I7 Taylor April I8 'A :Spruce Creek April 23 'S New Smyrna . April abreezeq ' 538 ,' escentCity A 'H' n neg , ,tixzyl ancjA2 ,, ' Di lvgournament . ......-r.....aa ,.,, K -'-...-, ,.,. , ,A , , . -X. -.H .M 9 -. f ' v "Double play victim" Q ak I08 - Baseball ...us-1-., --..--44-. " A INS. "Arrive alive. " Tagged out! "Strike three again!" - gf M,-an 2 N -'iff' . The White Shadow 'That's a perfect example of how not to hit!" ML Q KQV. 5. r'+ . .Q-1 . aw nO . 5 , - x - 7 s 4 1 ' 5, - 1, 53,017 zgwf 'rf 4 fb-' .Hg '5,,.:.-u.,wo vKw,.Kw'. Q ff' 5 Q, ev ' an 'ft' - . ,, in . , . x- ' " -. "How do you spell relief?" 'Q' "Send him down to the minor leagues!" "Beef cake fever, Catch it!" M ka, he "Picture ofthe yearl" ---A X. Out by a mile. -Q. MLS. -.Q Insurance run! Y s .A ff.. -J. N , may 6, Baseball - I09 SPLISH! The girls' swim team was coached again this year by Ray Santa. With the addition of several outstanding freshmen, the team planned to maintain and further last year's record. Co-captains were Tina Farmer and Janis O'Brien, who have been with the team for several years. There are three girls diving for the team: Sharon LeFils and Jane Bouchard returning from last year, and Megan Smith, a new addition to the team. 5 "l'll yell when I hit the wall!" What's that smell l I0 - Girls' Swimming . - fs- ' Skin heads "I need a Kleenexl" Girls' Swim Team: Ito r: Christie Every, Nancy Bouchard, Ellen Caravati, Julie Fredlund, Susan Fredlund, Andrea Kiv ski, Mary Cook, Charlie Bines, Janice O'Brien, Sharon LeFils, Tina Farmer, Patty Murtaugh, Jane Bouchard, Do Dylewski, Not pictured K. C. White and Megan Smith f Q iw 'R ha' 4 ' "When the camera comes this close . . Bud Farmer and Family sponsored this page '-'P-vw.r,'-.1x,+ --r 4- -t vw... "I thought I saw a puddy cat!" W , ,, -:ff it.. X . . ..3- X 1 as sd' tt .. fag. hi? ' s , . . ' as X -L-'f-4 f -.M 14' , Q L ,- X mst?" ,-Z., ,.,is. y 41-X Na A tw- xl- I. f- ' ,, 9' AL.. 1' .2 r' ,Q-1'5" t .vfg . 1- ' ". 'Q sv' 'F' az "No, it's not a hickey!" Date A q March 7 - March I4 March 20 Marcht25 MarElrifl9 April 12 April 26 Moy 2 ffo'6m'f,dfA'A,l W.. " 'f-'f,fq,i "I want my mommy!" no -y Our heroes and captains sw. BOYS' AND GIRLS' sc:-IEDULE - h--1- A OPP0nent New Smyrna Baiwch Seahreeze lnvitational Deland Trinity Prep Cocoa Beach Rotary Invitational Districts A ' s seofe ff-. E. , L - 'I i, ' wlifkln s What a pair TTT "Look out belowl" ,. ,.. '24, "4 'Q ii I Qc! Copping some Rays. Girls' Swimming - l ll SPLASH! The boys' swim team is also headed by Coach Ray Santa for the second year. Richard Dillard is captain and the only senior on the team. Although there were few replacements for the departed senior the boys clearly expect to improve the record from last year. Both teams are looking forward to a repeat performance of the trip to Tampa and participation in the Clearwater Invitational. Obviously, Coach Santa is looking forward to boosting both teams to winners this season. 51 'ig ""'hn.,. ,K 525 uw. A R 'Sn K 'va -Msn C ' xii' . -'He X iii ls..-6' ' W . W Xt A X "Thanks, lneeded that!" "l 've gotta get that bug. " M cf' W fav- W Boy's Swim Team: Back l to r: Lang Every, J. J. McMahon, Front: Tony Santos, Bobby Lloyd, Peter Benza, Eugene McCall, "Thank God, the camera is not under Ray Benza, Mike Baker, Richard Dillard, John Dylewski, Scott Farmer, and Mark Dillard. now!" ' 'Q' 1 'ik if My-'vnu' , 'ki iq, U an ,"U"Mr Bug eyes "Let me tell ya about my grandchildren . . ." "Want a suit! " 112 - Boys' Swimming .wus ,Y M F, -oo.. .4-Gqiiv After school hangout Ain 'I he sweell X x f ,sf . , A 1.x V Always trying to ge! on the coach 's good side. Check ou! fhal slyle. "Look ouf world, here I comel unu- r,,,,,- ffrf, 3' '41 4' 4,-A. a., ,film x, K-1V x- , W'-Scfffflfhf-,. .,, . ' , -i ,. The Whole Gang! W...,m...,, 1 :Q v' 3 .4 ,p H' 2:1 me -an. ai li Boys' Swimming -- I I3 A.-:f.. . .K , sw L.. ry' wil fn .f X' . A v .II 2.1 1 A 'U I H ' I . GUYS AND GALS TEE OFF "It bounced out againl " .flggs lv "Creature from the Black Lagoon. " C.B.'s follies began by practicing out of Oceanside Country Club. Father Lopez golfers are a well respected group around the county and had high expectations for subdistrict competitions. The girls' team had a full squad this year and were considered "State material." The captain for the boys was Keith Kulzer, and the girls' captain was Nancy Lopez. Boys and girls' golf had a fine season. "Icy Koolald!" "l'll hitit this time! " WWFWNFMMTTNQQNQMNQQ C.B. without her follies. "I always hit the invisible ones!" Our touring pro, I4-Golf Now If s Miller Time. "Don 't worry Maryann, I won 't fell you changed scorecard!" "' ma 4- L-R. J. Kulzer, Captaln K. Kulzer, M. Mathews, J. McDevnt't, B. Martunp Kneelmg J. Kughtg C. Everyp G Date Opp. Jan. 22 Seabreeze Feb Creek Feb Coast Feb myrna Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb X i e not pictured, T. Belitsosf Captain Nancy Lopez, Janet Slaveni Mary Anne McDevitt NN f Aj , Champ. . "But l didn 't hear him say Fore!" "An unknown golfer. " e .. ...asv Quadruple bogey L, "Did somebody move the ball?" "Nine putts on one hole, I quit!" "Putting for par. " page sponsored by Mike O'SuHivan Golf Shop 0 THE NEXT CHRIS EVERTS Coach Calvin Meik headed this year's girl tennis team. They expected their strong season, being led by seasoned veterans and young rookies. Father Lopez's tennis 9, team was working very hard to win .,..........q,, districts and has high hopes for State. 'Pi' , ci Alb.. L-R: J. Jones, T. Parikh, N. Day, S. Daly, H. Dodd, M. Cepero, and J. Cepero. hs.. D "l'm ready when you are!" "Do llook as bad as I feel today?" -si A73 Y' QS v-vY'7'hQ' S V Perfect posture on the courts. xx Nt? 116 - Girl's Tennis "OK let 'er rip!" "I said, 'loosen your grip, not let go of the racquet'!" "5 out of 30 is not bad. " .. .,.....wof--0"""" +- vu GAME, SET, MATCH ..--. ff Daft-' 'L 5ELggOpponents . Feb. l tf "A' L , ' X 1,Mainland LL-,.,x Feb. I3 Deland 5 Feb. 18 i.New Smyrna Feb. 21 L ' .x ' Mainland Feb. 26 'Crescent City X Feb. 2 Q 4 - A: A .AMQFIITB ' Qian Parkff 5McrQ A ' Crescent City Mario A Q F.P,C. T Qeland i Mar. " Nw Smyrna A Mar. T ,sg3g5pruca Creeks, Mar. ISV Q C liewvon Park Mar. I8 I if.P.C. . my I Mar. 20 3 A- gescentgity Mqfszss s,fi.ft inc. Marg 7 I Aprf Q Sgftbce Creek Crescent Ci TY Apr. ll, 12 Districts -f i. ulnn W 4' ft --ini' Tlx-gtg.-....-... "We quit! you cheat!" s ,QS si i ' i f --s-A- 4- f' fx 1 fs S , . 1 h. "All right, we won!" This year's tennis team under the direction of Coach Meik managed a very successful and exciting season. Love was often in the air as Lopez strokers steadily improved throughout the season and provided the fans with many action packed matches. ...1 YUM 4 if egg 4 MQ ...eww , ' ' "xii N Lu - "This is the way fo do it. " 'R T f L-R: Gary Crotty, Herman Junker, Phillip d'Adesky, Steve Jones, Caesar Junker. "Out? Are you kidding?" Boy's Tennis - MARATHON MEN AND The boys' and girls' track team moved strongly this year. The team had many new faces and showed great potential. Pat Twomey was the Boys' captain and Beth Brookfield was the Girls'. Coach Bobby Pittman, Coach Scott Edwards and Coach Bill McCabe worked together to create a top notch team. 1 1 1 r 4s..lf- Q - 41-LL-1 Go Siler! Brendan gets some pep talk. l I8 - Boys' Track ...WNW ' E, f-Its' X, "'k -Y 'i ufggf .,-'ga' will 1" Q f Q ....,f""'--e P Q , .il "'4sga Kneeling: L-R: V. Andrew, R. Siler, lst row: W. Dunn, J. Hawk, J. Greshner, T. Fortier, J. Hawk, C. Colon, M. Greaney, P. Twomey- Captain, Coach McCabe, Back row: B. Daly, C. Ledbetter, J. Donohue, R. Lotta, R. Beauregard, J. Farmer "f1M.g'i I B' ' 'N5i..,,g. 5.5 c 0 ' '31 . 'V 'QM I K gi X An "I love bar hopping! " 4 y C11 I awlfa .X .-,, f I X A M I .nal-nv l f,.' . ., nv 2 umm A X M" LW' 'inf . -A Aan -A-M. A -vm... . V N nw" MM "Take it to the limit!" Brute Force! IP! LEGS oach Pittman worked with the sprinters, oach Edwards with the long distance eople, and Coach McCabe with the field vents. The competitive track season -egan in March. The coaches and teams its va-Y-ff .f5K'f35?5 z::1f1i'i1'g:fgggnjsgfi Q F' QT, iQ . f Q 5' 2:45sJf'22g:??fl5.jgsffg,f"-i.f ' wr x.,..t: ' . ,Tm eiie iee' f A' Q. f f " " A - .Wm-W eva 2.Lffs2w 'W 5'--2 N' 313' Wh' N ' - Xivfy wil rch3 ' 'Wivig5myrna X 43.35 Y cgi I3 E jlaa Deaf fps.. Munch 14 ent Cnty . , QMWCH if ' 'fllffs .. 1"-alt... ' i in l " .QQ Y. N353 e .JM Q. 3 Se gg 1 L Ev 'S C 4 l L ' . H 9 A P ii! P' ' xiii vw . .,, , Aprillb f 5 i giy , . 5- "" 4 " Muir A April 19 emwii- April 25'i A 'iff ' May 3 5 L .A - 1- K fe, - , ' Q 'ka' iliiiflf 5'-' A 4 '57 3275525 ' iiiyfff 'ffife' ad high expectations for a great season. e 6 flu LP 'ii 1 -l X wx A , - , N.. A . Te J il T-f xt Pretty maids all in a rowl 1 A L Captain Beth Brookfield and Coach McCabe W' 0 -MW . 1. I Az i 4- 5 "Hi, l'm Annl" L-R: L. Staed, A. Cone, D. Carey, M. Hoyne, S. Ehringer, S. Dumermuth, S. Latta, C. Johnson, T. Wymes, L. Rainey, M. Costello, J Johnson, T. Sison, L. Storch, Coach Edwards, S. Wescott, Captain B. Brookfield, Coach Pittman, M. K. Meehan, A. Costello, A. M Costello, M. Groeschner. ., 4 1 "Jump High to the Sky!" al Girls' Track - 119 WE WEAR... I Toe heel, toe heel . . . 2 "Flex them, please!" ? 4 Miss Black America 5 Bird Legs 6 "I use pretty hands and feet!" 7 "My blade is dull!" 'IO "Nair with baby oil is the best!" 9 "Do you seriously call them legs!" 120 - Mr. Legs :- a 3 Frog legs 8 Love those ankles! "Put a penny in for who you want to win was the slogan for the Drama Club's Mr. Legs contest. During the second week of March a penny a vote tabulated the winner of the best legs at Lopez. SHORT SHCRTS!!! .XE 'Why -egs?" should I smile if I'm taking a picture of my var' "Swimmer's What! " -Q.,-.X "No funny stuff!" "!.eg's only please!" "l was Mr, Legs in 65!" "Let's face it, I'm number I!" "I do work for GQ!" "They made me do it!" "One who flew over cuckoo's nest!" 93l1"'9'f'O'0l uvwusa qos 'o HSMQIAG Uuor '9 awww PEADG 1 wauwa PWWG '9 Rvws Har '9 uw: AP019 'v wus Pwuvsu 'c Oswswa P3 'z wmv q0e'1 Shack material Mr. Legs - l2l HEART TO HEART W "l fold you I have a headache!" I y "Do the hustle!" The Valentine's Dance sponsored by the Freshman class, was unusual in character since if was a leap year. Therefore, it was appropriate for the girls fo ask the boys. The dance was held Saturday Feb. 16 in the Lopez gym. A good time was shared by all. Ginger and Fred .-1.14101 I . "An exciting evening af the submarine races!" "A lover 's fiff! " 122 - Valeniine's Dance "Next number, please!" Ronald and Florence L. Jacobs spa SENSATIONAL SPRING FACULTY Mr. Pistana comes to Lopez from Brooklyn, New York. He attended the University of Dayton where he graduated cum laude with a B.A. in religious education from Fordham University. Mr. Pistana is married and has three children. His hobbies include his family activities, sports, and reading. When asked about his philosophy on life, he commented, "lt's a great life if you don't weaken." ln regard to the future he says, "lf the kids at Lopez are any indication, we have a great future ahead of us!" "Education is the best way to keep options open." 124 - Administration , f Father Michael Hogan is Lopez's school pastor and religious leader. When asked about his role in the spiritual development of the school, Father Hogan responds, "Life is an endless series of possibilities of varying importance. One should not regard every choice or decision as an either-or situation." "God absolutely cares for us and yet at the same time completely allows us to be and to become. Because of his concern we need not be afraid to embrace the many opportunities for growth and grace he will place before us. The future is bright." "Lopez education has the ring of truth about it and the 'truth shall set you free'." Mary Truscott has a philosophy about life, "after 2l years who 't?" Within the school she seen changes that have the school: some good rs. Champagne has long been maior part ofthe school dministration. As bookkeeper he has a tedious iob, especially ith as many accounts as she has o handle, so she has to have an Sister Miriam divides her days at Father Lopez between working in the library and taking care of the records in the guidance office. As one of the few remaining nuns on campus, she dedicated herself not to the school, but to the people in it. Her philosophy is Roosevelt Wilmore has come to be a friend of everyone on campus. He incorporates many duties, including the hazardous iob of controlling the angry mob at the lunch line, into a system that often helps keep the school that she tries, "to recognize the dignity and worth of all students so that I'll be of service to them in their development spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, according to their God given capabilities." vw: 1 running smoothly. Rosie offers a helping hand in virtually every aspect of school administration. Rosie will be overlooking the new construction going on at Lopez in the future. and others not so good. Still she likes today and looks forward to tomorrow. Humor is very important to her acceptance of life and the world. easy-going philosophy. Light- heartedly she says, "Live and let live!" She enioys school life, especially her friendship with Mrs. Truscott! Administration - l25 IU '35 ., 5 'i-.iw N4 K l26 - Administration ii AQ, ,. I 1 -1' 'L ,qt X 1 -up 7- N' 'Q e . ,,, . .VF N , Q - . "When are we gonna put in artihcial turf?" . V ' ,Gb E I t, 1 ft D 'NC I Y' 3 A' i ' E xr! Q of A ' , YA fw lff A L ' , 2 gay , . -f, f "1 ,wh "I wonder ifl look as bored as Heel!" it f sk-v t Wm.. , f Wh "The key to the forbidden chamber." 2 N' Q ,Wiz t ...pi Q,4l,Wf"f1,A st? QP ' t WM! . 4 ig, "Hey . . . l'm entitled to this popcorn!" "Ain 'I it the truth though?" ,.........m..----s--1 .-1, J ,Q him x ag ,X M X? was 'ge Wa .ff dx A... -.. 1,5 ,' k N ' I A ini ff. .W-9-Cm, . V NE:-'fi' ali -ANN.. fl :Quan .. Focully Collage -127 Kathy Abair Naseem Ahmed Joey Albovias Bill Alexander CLASS OF 11' "My wife, I think I 'll keep her. " Tuttle, "I use it. " Class Officers: President: John Dylewski, Vice-Pres.: Ann Kelly, Secretary: Mary Cerio, Treasurer: is -so N3 g fc, KV, 55- r Preference because I think I'm 128 -Juniors R . S FA f f 'B l ,l""" I "DfdY0U 96' 'he 5f9nal?" Patrice Berndt Jane Bouchard Isaac Brown Vincent Andrews Mary Beck Ted Belitsos X Ray Benza J-"1 Mike Brown Sharon Buckingham Marcus Burke Doni Carey Billy Carlson Mike Castello s Marlen Cepero Mary Cerio David Chapman Charlene Cole Victor Collins Ann Cone Maria Creagh Rickie Crof'r Gary Croffy Phillip d'Adesky B d Dl L D'A ren an ay Isa ssaro gg? To Kathy Abair James Goergen Mary Beck , Jo-Anna Hanser X Jane Bouchardx Jimbo Hoofen Marcus Burke f it Grady Irvin Ann Kelly Welch Dole John "ls that really her hair?" HR. 206 - Mrs. Boyle ,An-any .www-1 Juniors Naggem Ahmed Andrews lei-Belitsos lkelrown Mielxael Browne Billjfifarlsony A :AA A Gary Crotty Nathalie Day J Llamgbowney J illllQliSso Fronistiif-Ill' Emlnwett Gray Jeanne Hpghes A Mighele Keougyhe Mizifybeth Landlg Carrie Lenz A if "Please CeCe, not in public!" HR 102 - Ms, Blair Ricky Lopez Guy MbGrane Meg Mitchell Carl Netzhimer Tejal Parikh Tom Raulerson Cheryl Roy Theresa Spotts Patrick Thomas K. C. White Tom Wilkes Lisa Zeisman ' QR! Nathalie Day Ralph DeStefcno Patrick Dougherty Liam Downey Kelley Dunn John Dylewski Lang Every John Farmer Julie Fredlund Melissa Fronstin John Gauder Helen Gibbs Jim Goergen 'AW5'llD0C, l WGS GH 0PPfeSSf'd Child A Emmett Gray Jqdy Hanger Angela Hqwk "Did you get the number oftha1lawnmower?" 'T""gZ'9 A Scott Hohenstein Jimbo Hooten Joanne Hughes Anthony Iocco Grady Irvin .71 ,Q Il i ."f E--J v ,v- "I didn 'f mean lo do if. " xx 5 ai l' "Sure you did!" "You did wha! lo her grass skin?" Tracy Jacobs Ann Kelly Michele Keough Joe Kighf Andrea Kivinski Juniors - I3 Joe Albovias Ray Benza Cliff Bockoven Sharon Buckingham Michael Castello John Farmer John Gauder Angela Hawk Anthony Iocco Joseph Kighf Karin Cole Sherry Lotta Phillip d'Adesky John Lloyd Lisa D'Assaro Mike McNamara Kelly Dunn Ray Milford Lang Every Diane Morin Tracy Nieiling Lisa Pozzo Steven Riley Lori Seeley Richard Siler James Smith E -Tim Stahon Kristen Thomas Roselle Tuttle ..,,,,, , Doroihy Wilson ' 7 ,Q lm if ..y, J J ' J HR. 202 - Mr. Husled "l'd like to talk fo you about. . . life in general." Dale Kolzan Mary Beth Landers Sherry Lotta 32 - Juniors .1 'Z Cal Ledbetter Sharon LeFils Carrie Lenz ,pf 1510! ,V gk Eugene McCall John McDevitt Guy McGrane "And then Mama Bear said to Papa Bear John Lloyd Ricky Lopez Mike McNamara Brel? Mackay Cheryl Marks Cheryl Maroney Katy Michalski Ray Milford Meg Mitchell ,s,,....-'-v-on ,,,......--1-Q1 Diane Mgrin Mqrig Morris "Pregnancy is not a laughing matterl" ,Q . .dk . 41' "lf only they knewll' Sf.w-.ifiie it makes everyone wonder what you've been up Q-v 4 Carl Netzheimer Tracey Nietling James Nixon Paul Osferndorf Peggy O'Reilly "lt's times like this when lneed my pacifier. " "I never was too good at Math!" Tom Murtaugh Juniors Telal Parlkh Pamela Powers Lisa Pozzo Zachary Prusak DOH fbfedk my 'GHS' J Michaell Reilly Sieve Rrley Hugh Robmson CeCe Roy Lon Seeley 5h00'0W boxmg 1 K. E S in e "Notes are 0 bummer- " George Shulkoff Richard Siler Jim Smith T""Tv Casey Solon Terri Spotts William Alexander Patrice Berndt John Brucellcria Donna Cannariato Marlen Cepero Victor Collins Maria Creagh Brendan Daly Ralph DeStefano John Dylewski Helen Gibbs Scott Hohenstein Tracy Jacobs Cal Webb HR. 2Ol - Mr. Ditrick i 1 V Af I fn l we ll " " 'Pr 0 , . Melis Johnny Jones Andrea Kivinski Cal Ledbetter Eugene McCall Brett Mackay Kathleen Michalski Maria Morris James Nixon Paul Ostendorf Pam Powers Zachary Prusak Patrick Riley Melissa Smith Pam Summers sa Smith f", "Your wallet or your life?" "Monday morning blues. " Pqm Summerg Sheriq Ten-Broeck ivrrnf 9-.. mtl' Kristen Thomas Pat Thomas Roselle Tuttle Peter Welch "7'l1efP'S G fO0Cl1 in my S0f1dWfCl1f " Juniors ,lug 2 V-xx is -f"" We--Y K. C. White Dorothy Wilson Lisa Ziesman ! "Why is he rubbing my back?" S15 Ja Q x ,W- A gg -Q ' J y e bis i M if "Aren'r I cute?" "Put a bag over your head!" M 3 "An exciiing day in the park. " f' Y , 'T-1 "Rough weekend Helen?" "l'm sorry your clothes don 'f mafch. " "Being a fireman is hard work." Juniors .wg 1421 V ,QS 1'E n E ff 1 Cliff Bockoven John Brucellaria Donna Connuriato Johnny Jones . '5 :ki 8 , ui THAT S INCREDIBLE That's Incredible -X . XS' .Q . X , MW. N -..k I 41.99 x, -ne' 'K' IS- 'ff . ' .TSM W, ,:, I if 3' SA 5 .lil XV 'YI ,iff V are you callin' a hoo-hoo?!" "Have a Coke, Miss J. " Serious contemplation. page sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Friskey Y, "AHHH" 1 'V "OK, now after you open the cat up. . ." "I can tell my mother made my lunch today!" "l don't feel so healthy." "She calls us her health career groupies! " - -.1 .. ,, ,,,A J r .L - . .,..............,. s. L-R: G. Crotty, N. Ahmed, T. Parikh, S. Bouchard, K. Martin, N. Day, T. Nietling, D. Digrassa, S. Storch, R. Taylor, C. Ahmed, J. Dylewski, P. D'Adesky, sponsor, Miss Jerzykowski Health Careers - 139 WHO'S RUNNING THE SCHOOL? Assigned to guide and direct, the Father Lopez School Board of Education is composed of local citizens who give their time to help keep Lopez in working order. One of their duties was to see that Diocesan policies were implemented at Lopez. The board developed policies for the school and shared in the operation of the 1980 Spring Festival. "l'm so proud of my boy!" Q, 'K "Oh, ls that so?" "Hurry up and take the picture" "You do what for a pastime?! 2901 466 t:9'923I li' Sitting Left to Right: K. Coble, C. Ahmed, J. Kelly, Father Hogan, Standing: R. Nowviskie, N. Pistana, B. Loucks l 40 - School Board EAD GAMES ith one hand onthe buzzer and a oggled mind full of trivia, the Brain Bowl am met the challenge of many Central lorida teams. Sponsored by Mr. Arcuri, he team outsmarted several teams and affled all of them. The topics covered ere broad and took the great ability of A opez students to come through. Ah! Au , F nn' r K "Quit cheating Brett!" E 5 ai KKK member 'N' Xt Q ' I S: 45,1 if ' 'V v in V 'f'1 fffif Q , E ""' ' ' f' 2 l Q . H in r N reef f' fi? Ngfi' ' 'T K 4 ' X. M' -J' 9 , . , gym. 4 -I 453, 5 V, Q I, , WWW ef' "Take that star off the Christmas tree!" "l'm not playing with my buzzer!" ilitigf T313 gt l1'x' .2 E- -,. J' wt -W I , ck row I to r: Ikey Demming, Rosanna Passaniti, Andree Dumermuth, Mary Beth Landers, Tracy Nietling, Ondina ssaniti, Scott Higbee, John Basile, Nathalie Day, Ted Belitsos, Bill Alexander, Brett Mackay, Liam Downey, John lewski ,Q "lt's on the tip ot' my tongue" Brain Bowl -- l4l WE DO IT ALL FDR YOU ue ,C Vx Si S. McCormick, K. Kulier, M. Keough, D. Cone, B. Brady - Photographer. E i i I v X Q 45 .Ax,,f,, i 9 'Q'- f -il-sr, """W ?""f"" In I A Sf, 1 t Our typists: Judy Santos and Meg Mitchell 41, , Q i' 1 t P t . Sfiigfl , 1 ' ' 4 Dave Loconte, Penny Editor, Jim Gildea, Caption Editor, and Dan Cone, Garbage Editor. 142 - Veritas Editor in Chief T. Farmery Research Ed., Layout Ed., B. Moser, Business Manag Copy Ed., D. Freeman 535538 Taking pictures, what's that?" "We had to pose for this picture" Q r Donn Carey, Megan Smith. Keith Kulzer, Bruce Brady, Jim Goer- "Am ldoing this right?" W-an 5' A "A bit more arsenic will do the trick." .4 4 1 ful, ' ,- Ari "Our fearless leader" ,. 5 ,, 0 Xp 3 - S. 'Ks "I thoughtl was taking pictures." swf. is , 1 1 Q' . -ily I f V w 13545 5 s ' 'S+ , , 3 Qld B Megan Smith, Photography Secretary. A lot of time and effort went into the production of the 1979-1980 Veritas. The yearbook required devotion, patience, creativity, and giving up several Saturdays from all the staff members. Due to financial difficulties and deadline threats we were all ready for the 1400 ward by the time the book was sent to the printers. Under the supervision of Cathy Boyle and the guidance of Tina Farmer, our hard work was repaid through the pleasure 1 ' 1 "Who forged my signature?" .W , X, , ,,. Wm ir lf i .,,, -3 l 0 1 .Q ' . 9 ! -.51 -'feta A- WM - z:.-::"" A i' W "I'm getting muscles!!" t V' " "Check 'em out, why?" derived from the Yearbook creation. Best of all we were able to stay friends until the very end. Veritas - LET'S GET TUBED! ,P V .'NAQl.Q'm- . N if, I if I "Let's cruise to the beach!" "Check the waves?" Many expressions like these are heard daily around the Lopez campus. But when surf's up all the Lopez surfers, amateur as well as pro, grab baggies and board and hit the beach. It makes no difference to them whether it s Monday or Saturday, they're all gonna get tubed! s H4 - Surfing Qc-K ' ' ,.-eff. ' V 'X Hx' .f. b Q, 8 A K. . wi.. A A4-'Q W, fi... wp ....-,--uf 'rc -- . . M""ss X .. ,s ,.,0uAgwwanniis.c " - - .xvw-cw. X ,,-. W ' , ,. mann-sam'-.1,X.-n..,,,,,,,:mN!' .---f nm C K-"Tr: '11-an-,..,,,' - -f......,.. , ,,, -- 1 lsiixrafwxgfahxzawawfsaxm- f.,wwagW:r Qu ' V' Magwkwy W" ' rv , M W 1-N , F. f 'M .R 1.,-Vg.-VW'Wm:"9+f,f,f1m:wwN1fm,wMiz5'14i-whgfwptfgifwnlwix MM 1 u f-94' 1 ea we f -1, V I B . wr V M ' M W f A to N M , t X Summer Dnvlsnon Page qi. x Seniors Q . z 'Q Q - .f Ti-fy i an Vw , . wi 'f N X r Ml ' fvqz. .f . v .YC I mvvnw X i s . X- 33725 iff? 3 W r Nm ww - Q 4.1, 5 is iiii Y K K: K? Q i x Q R 'QQ if "S ' 4. X .X if I if H N 5134. vi gi .Y . x. - 3 f ii? fl mga- M 243 4 if Senior Division Page - 147 Hi Class Song Time In a Bottle Class Colors by Jim Croce Kelly Green and White If I could save time in a bottle the first thing that I d like to do is to save everyday till eternity ' passes away iust to spend them with ou. If I could make days last forever if words could make wishes come true I d save everyday like a treasure and then, again, I would spend them with you. But there never seems to be enough Class Flower Rose - represents a passion for life that is pure and simple Class Motto To achieve all that is possible We must attempt the impossible - do once you find them. To be as much as we I looked around enough to know that , can be, ylotu .re the one I want to go through time We must dream of being If I had a book iust for wishes, more and dreams that had never come true the box would be empty except for the memory of how they were answered by you. But there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them. I lookedfground enough to know that you re the one I want to go through time with I I BLENDING WELL MUSIC INC. PUBLISHER S LICENSING CORPORATION 488 Madison Avenue 488 Madison Avenue New York N.Y. 10022 New York N.Y. I0022 it I P' Y I I time to do the things you want to I' h I I ll , , M. it r 'I Y Senior Motto Page l Liam' g - .1 . s wx" as 4 -.....1 L 1 -xiii? HH .V Ar L xx K 1 2231 'Z mm- 4 V " -f ' ,A 23" 4 am ,mgzaxzl ' QE ,.,. :W A 5.1 'MZSFH 5 'fir 'fi Fx- .YI gg :'::.:1 -:E NAME THAT BABY 1 J .angle-.,.,.:....' 2. "l want to sellyou a carI" 3. nwowlcouldhave hada Vgal.. I. "PossessedI" 's. ,nf"" if . T A is R ' 9 f T 4. Hey big boy wanna go for a nde? 5. This town am tbfg enough for both of us. o. "My dog is dwar- ,fn 'M Q Q ,1 Y-tif ' , up f 9. "Quick, wrap it back up. " 7. "Smarter than the average bear." 8. "What do you mean - my mommy left me on thi doorstep?" Key: I. T. Kenney, 2. D. Bookmyer, 3. B. Brookfield, 4. K. Martin, 5. L. Silva, 6. B. Albano, 7. J. Spear, 8. S. McCormick, 9. D. Loconte 'I50 - Baby Pics 13 ldld not pull his rarll 14 My what big eyes you have Grandma. " I Double double foii and trouble Hee Hee Hee 2 wlheredmy 'cam go? Zlmlgiingshof? What win- " 'S J 'wp f' ' Q. - 2 4 I -new K xx X rm 8. "Possum pie, again?" ax A Qrhfx 3 f' X G K mi ff " Q' t F ,. Wi 5 K: I ,rs , wx I K . -, rf . I2. "This is the biggest smile you'll get.. -an 5 4. "If's a planef if's a bird, no, ir's superwomanf' 9. "A clean get away. " gi. "I'm no! even believing 16. ,vom soma., emu Moser 2 J Grldea 3 M Mathews 4 J O Bnen 5 S Hugbee 6 J Jones 7 D Freeman, 8. L. Reid, 9. J. Bosile, IO. S. O'NeiIl, II.J. Lloyd, 12. C. Weigand, I3. G. Baby Pics - lv! ,,. QQ W, mi, M 1 -fx, . my ,a2Q,,g v diy' www' W sf'- J4' 2 , F L f' N F- V Wir 'MN ,. ,, , ,wha W.. WW ,-I , i i X -:AM :mari gil? -1, .JW ggi.. , 1 mmf 'Wi I . "Now, what was that number on the bathroom wall?" A 4. "Got a cigarette?" 7. "Put that in your pipe and smoke it!" 'iv Q ,. 5. "That's what I cclla manl" 2. "How loose is your goose?" 3. "Cheetah 's stuntman! pu!! l. 6. "My batteries ran out, bad deal. " I E X 3 9. "lt's going to be an Aviance night!" - e 9 ww' , g,Ay 'gy 8. "The drinks are on me." I I I R . K L f .N .. f . or . X - Sf il' in Y ,' .3 W IO. "Touch me and l'll sick Fido on youl" I I . "I just buried my brother. " I 2. "Call the humane society!" KEY: I. D. Cone, 2. K. Nongano, 3. T. Anthony, 4. J. Berndt, 5. J. Santos, 6. D. Fulton, 7. W. Dunn, 8. L. Steed, 9. L. McFolI, IO. L. Nowviskie, I I . S. Daly, I2. C. Lenz I54 - Baby Pics ""llnau.. -naps 1. "lsat on a tack." 1 8. "Ready for my haircut, mom. " gi E.. -415 f . "You say you got my number off the bathroom wall?" P ' .Z A , A V' X . 2. "You got to third base?" f 5. "Baby squeeze a lot!" 9. "Can you tell l'm a real swinger?" 12. "Like Father . . . like Son . . . " 13. "Mousel Mouse!" I 17. "l survived Three Mile lslandI" KEY: 1. C. Viviano, 2. P. Connor, 3. R. Dillard, 4. R. Taylor, 5. K. Despart, 6. S. Starch, 7. J. Nordmann, 8. R. Wolf, 9. M. Spaulding, 10. C. Sheehan, 1 1. G. Danio, 12. L. Kelly, 13. M. Cook, 14. T. Farmer, 15. l.. Jarrell, 16. K. Motzel, 17. K. Caravati . 1 . 3. "Eat my bubbles." Us 4 . 'ff f", 2 4 5' f F 4. "I'll save you, Suzy!" -I K... .- .nn WH - 4 VSQV X 6. "ln my past life I constructed the 7. "Four-wheel drive." Empire State Building. " 10. "There's no tooth fairy?" Q 4 - 14. "Is this a dependable face or what?" , I 1 . "l'm ready for each new day." Nw X41 . Q . 15. "Mommy, lgot to go NOWl" Baby Pics - 155 in .N him 'bg AE . X , 'M wb i4 f:i' .f N ' ' I 4- 'Gi' X 3 u ppm, J --r z XX Fx 1 'TI A .I lflt..-..-- w ' 'Wgx tsl 'N . A ABM 2- I-'gb eu 'M uiqii ng 5 X X1-Q Q 'un M , L- Ma. W " ,M 9. g ' ' ' 'mm My W , f H 1-NM W xx A Mr ,rx W My 1 an K jvg X . 9 'w.,1W 4 WY X, I 0 " 1 1- ry X 7 A W 'W M X Q' H Fr Mx ,F W Q ' M V 'Hx NN Ck if S 1 x is X XX WP' T. J-x X 41? 4 w, W W xvi My V . " K fw l JM 5 Ii 5 J .on'-.' W 'Ts Q4-Y WW 'VIEJ ' l ,TX , 'N ' N 'wi' , ' ' . ", Qian,- ,aff 9'-ft: ,151 . .1. .1 1 1 af! one W , Y- U, , ,. .. ,I H Y , vi' X 2.9. J-'Q-' Viv.. 1 , "K E 1,gg:'Zz ws' -i I -o-Q Af fgegnfk X X sf' .Au Q 'Yh3! x.' x 4 N . -U L ,A rg, if gy JW 3 4 . Q 7-1 ' ,M . -.H xi, Y "'F x 'L 'H Y if ,t X -S., f ' 1 'N M-.Lb W Q 0 I vi S9 2 wb jx, E?" if W n H li is 3. 4 1 1 , new 14. iid H is ANIMAL HOUSE II Y t lj' S?" .4 4 xv ir as Homeroom 109 - Raymond Adiemian, John Basile, Donya Bookmyer, Ellen Burns, Dan Cone, Grace Danio, Wes Dunn, Donna Fulton, Gina Herndon, Bami Hodossy, Janet Jones, Leslie Krawczynski, Keith Kulzer, Mark Mathews, Linda McFall, Bernadette Moser, Joe Nordmann, Lisa Nowviskie, Lerod Reid, Cathy Sheehan, Leslie Staed, Charles Viviano, Robert Wolf. "Wow, a number ten" "l wish she would uncover her paper. " - Senior Homeroom -. . 6 aff' li e L fi "Check out that bod" "I hate Mondays + 1 ,,,Q gl omeroom l07 - Todd Anthony, John Berndt, Beth Brookfield, Mike Chase, Susan Daly, Richard Dillard, Lori Farnan, ebby Freeman, Michael Friskey, Jim Gildea, John Ireland, Leslie Jarrell, Taka Kawamata, Tina Kenney, Jim Lloyd, David oconte, Sherri McCormick, Kathy Nangano, Sharon O'Neill, Kimberly Pyle, Judy Santos, Megan Smith, Joe Spear, Chris- ine Weigand. Ov I ., "We just locked Brady in the darkroom." "I dare you to knock this off my shoulder!" "You 've got to be kidding" IZA "When does the team get here?" Homeroom 205 - Bob Albano, George Bentley, Sue Bouchard, Kevin Caravati, Paul Connor, Mary Cook, Kathy Despart, Tina Farmer, Sue Fox, Scott Higbee, Larry Kelly, Cindy Lenz, Karen Martin, John Mori, Kristen Motzel, Janis O'Brien, Eddy Rossario, David Seilkop, Liliana Silva, Melanie Spaulding, Suzy Starch, Ray Taylor, Pat Twomey, David Wanstall. Senior Homeroom - 159 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES FRIENDLIEST MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED dy Santos and Eddy Rossario Lori Fcrncm and Joe Nordmunn BEST ALL AROUND Mary Cook and Larry Kelly Raymond Adiemian .Raye pril 26, 1962 aytona Beach, Florida 'Men for their sins have shaving, too, entail'd upon I-ieir chins." Byron .L.H.S. l-2-3-45 Soccer l. f A Todd Anthony Doc" ecember 26, T962 ew York City, New York 'The human race has only one really effective eapon and that is laughter." Mark Twain .L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Intramural Basketball 2-3, Football l-2-3-44 Track l-2-4, Weightlifting 3-4, Basketball anager 47 Field Day l-2-3. 'f , i- Robert Albano "Bob" December I5, i962 Poughkeepsie, New York -ear . L..-, A wlxlzlfl "A good imitation is the most perfect originality." Voltaire F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, J.V. Football 3, Tennis l. Seniors KI' iii-if H wt. l ,X fi , George Bentley "Fudge" Moy 2, 1962 Daytona Beach, Florida "This fellow is wise enough to play the fool, and to do that well, craves a kind of wit." Shakespeare F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Soccer 2-4, Green Scene Staff 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. s 5 Zi l lo2 - Seniors John Carl Basile "John" August l5, l963 New York City, New York "The mind ought sometimes to be amused, that it may the better return to thought, and to itself." Anonymo F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Brain Bowl 3-4, Spanish Club 3-4 Treasurer 4, Health Careers Club 4, Soccer 2-3-4, Co-Captain 4, Tennis lg N.E.D,T. Award l. John Berndt "Burnt" March 2, l962 Salem, Ohio "One ear heard it, and the other, out it went," Chaucer F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Surf Club 3, Soccer l-2, J.V. Football l-2, Baseball 3, Freshman Basketball. onya Faye Bookmyer 'Donya" pril 3O, 1962 ompano Beach, Florida 'Good humor is the health ofthe soul, sadness its oisonf' Anonymous .L.H.S, I-2-3-4, Christian Service Club I-2-3-4, Pep lub 3, Prom Committee 3, Green Scene Staff 3, earbook Staff 4, Bradley Brookfield Beth" 23, I9o2 aytona Beach, Florida 'The only freedom which deserves the name is that I pursuing our own good, in our own way, so long s we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs or mpede their efforts to obtain it." J, S. Mill .L.H.S. I-2-3-4, Intramural Volleyball l'2-3-4, ntramural Basketball 2, Track I-2-3-4, Cross Country -3-4, Volleyball I-2-3-4, Captain 4, Field Day I-2, unior Class Secretary, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook tcft 3, Homecoming Freshman Court, Volleyball All onlerence Champs 3, District Champion in 880 Yd. un 2-3. Susan Ruth Bouchard "Sue" January IO, I962 Syracuse, New York "Happy are those who dream and are ready to poy the price to make them come true." Anonymous F.L.H.S. I42-3-4, Pep Club 2-3-4, Spanish Club 3, Health Careers Club 2-4, National Honor Society 3- 4, President 4, Intramural Volleyball I-2, Intramural Basketball I, Track 2, Cheerleading I-Z3-4, Captain 4, Field Day I-2-3-4, Sophomore Class Secretary, Yearbook Staff 3, Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Committee 2-3, Easter Seal Danceeaethon, Homecoming Senior Court, School Record Tri-Jump, Seniors - ,Jef Nw Y-i t I . Michael Edwin Chase "Mike" October 23,1961 Daytona Beach, Florida "Run, if you like, but try to keep your breath, work like a man, but don't be worked to death." Holmes F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Math Club 3, Chess Club 3, J.V. Football 2. l64 - Seniors L f . -- qfy-Q. ff tl J' .gf 'i f A 3 . Gif. ,IQ 3 ' i "1 Wna lzhs-?:i Ji . Q- .41,i!, F, I g. - , .. Xfire' ,.,.g.qhf'?fFit'f5f5is- A-M, 'P lie'-'r -551. 2Q,-.QQ-friqg-f3'i3Af3"? te4s1"r5,i. at .:i,.511A .1,jf,t,5 I .5 -: fi,.,Z,.cf3-'Z :S .- ,ftigiifllii A Kevin Caravati "Crusty" March 3, l 962 Torrington, Connecticut "I think but dare not speak." Anonymous F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Spanish Club 3, Backpacking Club 3, Football 2-3, Soccer 3-4, Baseball 4, National Honor Society 4, Treasurer 4, Coaches Award for Football 3, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. 'Y 1 il' . Gi ., . .. :, i Q Q W W X ' 5- 'F 8 K K vs' Qqbivtis ,R G Yi vs: L ' Q Nh 9 V Agxlx Q K it, 2 J n 1, I f . .' Ag.. . 5 2,213 ff,,'.Q'g5sfii, r ' in ywf,-,.f': E I grit jirrf' 'W g s K , gb X ,,, H. . S . -- ,. ct,-g,.2.rc,. - Y. A his a .. '4 v' P' vw .' ,F . ' ,,l.f,1.'M' .. , --A rf . FT, 'l,x',f'v SQ Q' , 3 V ,' 'C 5. Spf ' 5", ,Al5'g, . 'lil' L . 5, 2' iii ,n v .wi , 529 . 1- it ' if 'vi wit -' 3' 5' .1 ' ' w. s 0 r Q' ,, N. xr N: 4 ' s X I lx. r LTPI' ' 4 t . ik it Q ' QQ' S, F X Il 3 in ' 3 . . 4 ' - 'W i k , Ellen Burns "Ellen" July ia, 1962 Danbury, Connecticut "Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows." Anonymous F.L.H.S. l-4, Pep Club l-4, Drama Club l-4, Spanis Club 4, Wilderness Club 4, Swimming l. Daniel Francis Cone 'Danny" ecember 19, 1961 aytona Beach, Florida 'Be yourself. Who else is better qualified?" Frank Giblen ll .L.H.S. 1-2-3-4, Spanish Club 2-3, Health Careers 4, nteract 4, Surf Club 3, Scuba Club 4, Intramural asketball 4, J.V. Football l-2, Captain 2, Football I-4, Basketball l-4, Weightlifting 3-4, Track 1-2-3-4, ield Day l-2-3-4, Yearbook Staff 4, WDAT Football Defensive Player 4. 1 ,Z Paul Connor GU .lune 13, 1962 Daytona Beach, Florida "A man who lives right, and is right, has more power in his silence than another has by his words." Phillip Brooks F.l..H.S. 1-2-3-4, Spanish Club 3, J.V. Football l, Football 2-3-4, Freshman Basketball, J.V. Basketball 2, Basketball 3 4, Baseball 1 2 3 4, Co Captain 3, Field Day l-2, Football Honorable Mention 3. Mary Francis Cook "Mary" October 31, 1962 Landsthul, Germany "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." Sir James Barrie F.L.H.S. 1-2-3-4, Spanish Club 3, Pep Club 2, National Honor Society 3-4, Student Teacher Day 3- 4, Intramural Basketball 1-2, Captain 2, Intramural Volleyball 1-2, Basketball l-2-3-4, News Journal Player of the Week 2-4, M.V.P. 2-4, High Point Player 2-3-4, All State 2-3-4, Volleyball 2-3-4, Swimming 1-2-4, All State 1, Field Day 1-2, S.G.A. Representative 3-4, Senior Class Vice President, Prom Committee 3, Green Scene Staff 3, Art Show Award 3. Seniors -- 165 Susan Daly "Sue" August l6, I962 San Diego, California "The only way to win happiness is to give it, the more we give, the more we have." Anonymous F.L.H.S. 4, Keyettes 2-3, Girls' Chorus I-2, Tennis 4 Track 2, Junior Class Secretary, Civil Service Award 3. Kathleen Pearl Despart "Kathy" November 27, i962 Framingham, Massachusetts "Very little is needed to make a happy life, lt is all within yourself, in your way of thinking." Marcus Aurelius F.L.H.S. 2-344, Intramural Basketball 2-34, Intramural Bowling 2-3-4. l 66 - Seniors ,wi' Nesley Raymond Dunn 'Wes" arch 24, I962 aytona Beach, Florida Enough charm for two gentlemen in one." Anonymous .L.H.S. I-2-3-4, Interact I-2-3-4, President 4, Scuba lub 4, Intramural Basketball 3-4, Football I-2-3-4, 0-Captain 4, Track I-2-3-4, Weightlifting 3-4, Field ay I-2-4, Class President Freshman, Sophomore, nior, S.G.A. 3-4, Vice-President 3, President 4, loot Building Committee 3-4, Homecoming ommittee 3-4, Student Fundraising 3, Magazine rive 3-4, Yearbook Staff 3, Mr. Lopez 78-79, Mr. ongeniality 78-79, Senate Page 3, President of enate IBoys' Statel 3, Hugh O'Brien Award 2, merican Legion Award I, Chamber of Commerce ward 3, Who's Who Among American High School tudents 3-4, Prom Committee 3. 'Q-uv-M... W es. www' 'fi ptiiiirgzgiwfim W 3hWm Mm. if ra WWF? 4 5 X f f A u I l 1 Richard Dillard "Richard" October 26, I962 Dallas, Texas "There are times when silence is the best way to yell at the top of your voice." O. A. Battista F.L.H.S. I-2-3-4, Spanish Club 3, Health Careers Club 4, Intramural Basketball 3-4, Swimming I-2-3-4 Captain 4, Field Day 2, Senior Class Treasurer, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. Tina Louise Farmer "Brick" September IO, I 962 Royal Oak, Michigan "Our whole life is but a greater and longer childhood." Benjamin Franklin F.L.H.S. 2-3-4, Pep Club 2-3-4, Treasurer 3, Drama Club 2, Interact 3-4, Swimming 2-3-4, Co-Captain 4, Homecoming Committee 3-4, Prom Committee 3, Green Scene Staff 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Editor-in- Chief, National Honor Society 3-4, Field Day 2-4. Seniors - 67 Susan Marie Fox "Sue" November 25, I962 Daytona Beach, Florida "All good things come in small packages." Anonymous F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Pep Club l, Intramural Basketball l- 2, Swimming l-2, Basketball l-2, Manager 3-4, Volleyball Manager 4, Field Day l-2. l68 - Seniors Lori Elizabeth Farnan "Lori" June 7, l962 Baldwin, New York "Do not take life too seriously, you will never get ou of it alive." Elbert Hubbar F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Pep Club l-2, National Honor Society 3-4, Vice-President 3, Prom Committee 3, Magazine Drive Committee 3, N.E.D.T. Award l, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3-4. li Debora Dawn Freeman "Lil Deb" May 16, 1962 Daytona Beach, Florida "She is quiet, she is shy, but there is mischief in her eyes." Anonymous F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Pep Club l-2-3-4, Treasurer 4, Spanish Club 2-3-4, Secretary 3, President 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Secretary 4, Interact 3- 4, Christian Service Club l-2, Intramural Volleyball 2 3-4, Homecoming Committee 4, Green Scene Staff 3 Editor, Yearbook Staff 4, Copy Editor, Honduras Orphan School Correspondent 4, Student Teacher Day 3-4, -Michael Friskey "Frisk" November 21, 1962 long Island, New York 'He who laughs - lasts." Norwegian Proverb '.L,H,S. 4, Tennis 1, Homecoming Committee 2-3, -American Cancer Society Volunteer 2. Anthony Gildea r24, 1962 Beach, Florida face a danger once than be always in fear." Anonymous . 1-2-3-4, Interact 3-4, Spanish Club 2, Surf 3, Scuba Club 4, Racquetball 4, Intramural 2, Football 1-2-3-4, Captain 4, Honorable All Area Football 2-3, All Conference all 3, Baseball 2-3-4, Basketball 1-3-4, Captain Swimming 1,Weightlifting 3-4, Field Day 1-2-3-4, took Staff 4, Homecoming Court 3. Donna Fulton "Weekend" October 18, 1962 Daytona Beach, Florida "lf you can't have fun and fool around alittle, life isn't worth living," Anonymous F.L,H,S. 1-2-3-4, Cheerleader 1-2, , Spanish Club 2- 3, Health Careers Club 3-4, Pep Club 1-2, Intramural Volleyball 1-2-3-4, Captain 3, Football Statistician 3- 4, Homecoming Committee 1-2, Prom Committee 3, Green Scene Staff 3, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3-4. sg Seniors - 169 I If . sv Gina Alice Herndon "Gina" August 22, 1962 Lake City, Florida "My best thoughts always come a little too late." Hawthorn F.L.H.S. 3-4, French Club 3, Drama Club 4, Prom Committee 3. Scott Higbee "Scott" February 22, 1962 Denver, Colorado "One of the greatest labor-saving devices of today is tomorrow. Anonymous F.L.H.S. 1-2-3-4, Spanish Club 3-4, Drama Club 1, Brain Bowl 3-4, Tennis 1-3, Soccer 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. Barni Hodossy "Barn" January 22, 1962 Mianz, Germany "Life is never what it seems and every man must meet his destiny." Dennis De Young F.L.H.S. 1-2-3-4, J.V. Football 25 Chess Club 3-4, Weightlifting 2-4. 1 70 - Seniors ohn Ireland 'Munch" -Jovember 16, l962 Nilmington, Delaware You only live once. But if you work it right, once is nough." Fred Allen .L.H.S. l-4, Basketball I-4, Football I-4, Diving I, -aseball 4, Field Day I, Homecoming Court 4. Y 5, XX .P ,U 'x Leslie Dawn Jarrell "Viking" October 6, l962 Raleigh, North Carolina "When friends meet, hearts warm." Scottish Proverb F.L.H.S. 'I-2-3-4, Drama Club I-2, Secretary 2, Spanish Club 3, Pep Club l, Christian Service Club I- 2-3, Intramural Bowling I, Intramural Basketball I, Intramural Volleyball l-2, Field Day I-2, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. Janet Marie Jones "Janet" December 29, l96l Durham, North Carolina "Quiet are her ways, but friendly are her actions." Anonymous F.L.H.S. I-2-3-4, Spanish Club 2-3-4, National Honor Society 4, Health Careers 3-4, President 4, Pep Club 'I-2-3-4, Math Club 3, Drama Club I-2, Interact 4, Cheerleading L2-3-4, Tennis l-2-3-4, Field Day I, S.G.A. Senior Class Representative, Prom Committee 3, Top Academic Student I-3. Seniors - Taka Kawamata "Taka" December 20, 1961 Kitakyshu-City, Japan "No man is free who is not master of himself." Epictetus F.L,H.S. 2-3-4. 'lipv X we l Christina M. Kenney "Tina" December 20, 1962 Daytona Beach, Florida "The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved." Hugo F.L.H.S. 1-2-3-4, Christian Service Club 1-2-3, Spanish Club 3, Pep Club 1-2, Green Scene Staff 3. 1 72 - Seniors Lawrence J. Kelly, Jr. "Larry" August 28, 1962 Carbondale, Pennsylvania "We all know it isn't human to be perfect too many of us take advantage of it." Anonymous F.L.H.S. 1-2-3-4, Interact 1-2-3-4, Spanish Club 2-3, Health Careers 3-4, Backpacking 2-3-4, Scuba Club 4, Intramural Basketball 2-3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Captain 4, Honorable Mention All Area Baseball 3, Soccer 2-3-4, Weightlifting 3'4, Racquetball 4, Field Day 1-2-3-4, Class Vice President, Freshman - Sophomore - Junior, Senior Class President, S.G.A. 1-2-3-4, Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Committee 2-3-4, Yearbook Staff 4, Business Manager, Homecoming Sophomore Court, Homecoming King, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. ndrew Keith Kulzer 'Keith" ay 24, 1962 rmond Beach, Florida 'Happiness comes from feeling deeply, enioying Eimply, and thinking freely." Anonymous .L.H.S. 1-2-3-4, Surf Club 3, Intramural Basketball 1-2-3, Golf 1-2-3-4, M.V.P. 3-4, Basketball 4, Field ay 1-2-3, Yearbook Staff 4, Photographer. Leslie Gloria Krawczynski "Leslie" August 24, 1962 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "She's like the sun, for like him, she takes no rest, nor ever sets in one place, but to rise in another." Dryden F.L.H.S. 1-2-3-4, Spanish Club 2-3-4, Vice President 4, Drama Club 4, Interact 2-3-4, Pep Club 1-2-3-4, Intramural Volleyball 2-3-4, Cheerleading 1-2-3-4, Co-Captain 2-4, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class Secretary, Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Committee 3, Red Cross Blood Donor 4, Baseball Manager 3-4, Homecoming Court 3, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3-4. Cindy Lenz "Cin" October 5, 1962 Cocoa Beach, Florida "Beauty is the ambrosia ofthe Gods, and the sweet wine ofthe young at heart." Anonymous F.L.H.S. 3-4, Spanish Club 3, Soccer Manager 4, Miss Lopez 78-79, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. Seniors - 173 David Joseph Loconte "Rook" February 7, I962 Hollywood, Florida "To know him is to love him, but to get along with him is another story." Anonymous F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Spanish Club l-2, Surf Club 3, Interact 4, Scuba 3-4, Basketball l-2-3-4, Freshman Basketball - M.V.P., Football l-2-3-4, J.V. Football, M.V.P. 2, Varsity Football Captain 4, Orlando Sentinel Football Player ofthe Week, Honorable Mention, All Area Football, Prom Committee 3, Quarterback Club Player of the Week 4. ff I l 74 - Seniors James Fredrick Lloyd "Jim" May 2, 1962 Daytona Beach, Florida "One thing I can tell you is you got to be free." Joh Lennon F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Surf Club 3, Swimming I-2. Sherri Lynn McCormick "Sherri" October 21, l962 Daytona Beach, Florida "Days without laughter are the most useless of all.' Anonymous F.L.H.S. 3-4, Backpacking Club 3, Anchor Band 2, French Club 2, Intramural Volleyball 3-4, Track Statistician 3-4, Soccer Statistician 2-3, Sophomore Class Secretary, Yearbook Staff 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3-4. -inda Marie McFall 'Linda" ecember l, I 962 hiladelphia, Pennsylvania 'There was a general whisper toss, and wriggle, but etiquette forbade them all to giggle." Byron '.L.H.S. 3-4. f lAark Gerard Mathews Rock" pril 5, i962 rooklyn, New York For that tired, run-down feeling, try Jay walking." Farmers Almanac .L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Health Careers 3-4, Racquetball 4, wtramural Basketball 2-3-4, Football l-2-3-4, Golf l- '-3-4, Field Day 2-3-4. Karen Martin "Karen" May 9, I962 Athens, Georgia "Beauty seen is never lost." John Greenleaf Whittier F.L.H.S. I-2-3-4, Pep Club I-2-3-4, Health Careers Club 4, Christian Service Club 4, Interact 4, Intramural Volleyball I -2-3-4, Cheerleading l-2-3-4, Tennis 2-3-4, Field Day l-2, Freshman Class Representative, Prom Committee 3, Miss Lopez 2nd, Runner-up 2. .J 1.4. 'U' ,'-"ii ' f f4'R'-o"r'.j We ' 'f-9-N: if 35 Q ,,.,:.!V ...t M ,' !-3.u'if""" ' Seniors - l 75 Kristen Motzel "Kris" August l9, 1962 Binghampton, New York "Take it any way you want it, be your own Superstarg let the world know the only way you want it is the way you are." OutlawS F,L.H.S. l-2-3-45 Pep Club I-2-3, French 2g Intramural Volleyball 2-3-4, Swimming l-45 Green Scene Staff 3. l 76 - Seniors Bernadette Moser "Dette" February Ili, l962 Daytona Beach, Florida "Ga for the gusto, or don't go at all." Anonymous F.L.H.S. l-2-3-Ag Spanish Club 3-Ag Pep Club l-2-3-4 President 45 Interact 45 lntramural Volleyball 2-3-4, Intramural Basketball Aj Homecoming Committee 3g Yearbook Staff 4, Lay-Out Editor, Green Scene Staff 35 Blood Drive 3-A, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. John Mori 'iJOhn" November l7, l96l Matanzas, Cuba "Laughter is the shortest distance between two People-H Victor Barge F.L,H.S. I-2-3-41 Spanish Club 2-3. A was-'fly 21434, S 'Kathleen Ann Nangano 'Kathy" une 28,1962 ong lsland, New York Friendship is a sheltering tree and many seek her lhadef' Coleridge .L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Pep Club l-2-3-4, Service Club l, panish Club l-2, Drama Club l-2, Soccer Manager ,Green Scene Staff 3, Senior Class Secretary 4. ,mf s. Joseph Thomas Nordmann "Joe" January 30, I962 Deland, Florida "l've got to be free, free to face the life that's ahead of me." Dennis DeYounge F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Spanish Club 2-3-4, Treasurer 3, Health Careers Club 3-4, Surf Club 3, Interact 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Intramural Basketball 2- 3-4, Basketball Manager 3, Football l-2-3-4, Soccer l-2-3-4, Captain 4, Track l-3, Brain Bowl 3-4, Senior Class Representative, Field Day l-2, Homecoming Committee 4, Red Cross Blood Donor 3-4, N.E.D.T. Award l-2. ' ,fs 4.5 1 N A , Lisa Ann Nowviskie "Lisa" January 3, i962 Montgomery, West Virginia "There once was a girl who didn't have much upstairs, but, oh what a stairway!" F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Pep Club l, Brain Bowl 2-3-4, President 4, Swimming l-2-3-4, Girls' Basketball l S.G.A. Representative 3, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook Staff, Business Editor 3, Basketball Statistician 2-3, N,E.D.T. Award l, News-Journal Correspondent 4, Sadie Hawkins Daisey Mae l, Homecoming Queen 4. Seniors Janis O'Brien "Jan" January 13, 1962 Camden, New Jersey "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners are much more fun." Billy Joel F.L.H.S. 1-2-3-45 Spanish Club 2-35 Pep Club 1-2-3-45 S.G.A. Representative lp Interact 25 Backpacking Club 35 Green Scene Staff 35 Cheerleading 2-3, Captain 25 Swimming 1-2-3-4, Co-Captain 45 Prom Committee 3. Kimberly Pyle "Kim" October 16, 1962 Brooklyn, New York "So sweet the blush of bashfulness, even pity scarce can't wish it Iess." F.L.H.S. 45 National Honor Society 2-35 French Award 35 Homecoming Court 4. 178 - Seniors Byron Sharon Katherine O'Neill "Woolly" March 13, 1962 Chicago, Illinois "Our opinion of people depends less upon what w see in them than upon what they make us see in ourselves." Anonymo F.L.H.S. 1-2-3-45 Spanish Club 2-35 Pep Club 15 Swimming l5Track 25 S.G.A. Representative 1-25 Green Scene Staff 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Who's Wh Among American High School Students 35 America Legion Oratorical Contest, School Alternate Winne 3. 1 J. Rossario, Jr. 16, 1962 Cuba An able man shows his spirit by gentle words and actions, he is neither hot nor timid." Chesterfield L.H.S. 1-2-3-4, French Club 1-2, Vice President 1, Careers Club 3-4, President 3, Interact 4, ,Tennis 1-2-3-4, Mr. Lopez 1st Runner-up. 4, .l.V. Football 1-2, Football 4, Soccer 3- James LeRod Reid "L-Rod" October 13, 1962 Daytona Beach, Florida "A pretty woman is a welcome guest." Byron F.L.H.S. 3-4, French Club 3, Math Club 3, National Honor Society 4, Basketball 3-4, Baseball 3-4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3, Boys' State 3, Homecoming Court 4. x 'C A t f '.,- 1? 'N ia B . 1 ,, ee 4- is 3 g A t., EY' ff ,-1 .. .missin -,Qs ' n Judy Lillia Santos "Jude" November 24, 1962 Chicago, Illinois "Every man has a place - in his heart there is a space - and the world can't erase his fantasy." Earth, Wind, and Fire F.L.H.S. 1-2-3-4, Drama Club 4, Spanish Club 3-4, Pep Club 4, Intramural Basketball 1, Intramural Volleyball 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2-4, Volleyball 2-3, Soccer Manager 2-3, Field Day 1, Green Scene Staff 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Seniors - 1 79 Catherine Marie Sheehan "Cat" January 30, I962 Daytona Beach, Florida "The happiest moments of my life have been in the flow of affection among friends." Thomas Jefferson F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Pep Club l-2, Drama Club 2, Spanish Club 2, Christian Service Club 2-3, Intramural Bowling I, Field Day l. xl, -'QQ ' f-'Hn ff of, ,f ,, L-ii-- ..,, , 'A f' ,Ml ,-mm, ., Jig, l 80 - Seniors David Milton Seilkop "Baby Seal" March 9, i962 Atlanta, Georgia "A pat on the back is only a few vertebrae removed from a kick in the pants, but is miles ahead in results." V. Wilcox F.L.H.S. l-2-3-4, Spanish Club 35 J.V. Basketball 2-3 J.V. Football I-2, Football 3-4, Weightlifting 3-45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. Liliana Silva "Loli" April 12, I962 Los Angeles, California "Along the lane of memory, the blossoms never fade, for near and far, still cherished are the friendships we have made." Edgar A. Guest F.L.H.S. 4. rtegan Smith Megan" ne 7, 1962 llahassee, Florida he soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no ars." John Vance Cheney L.H.S. 2-3-45 French Club 2-45 Intramural Volleyball 3-4, Captain 25 Basketball 25 Track 2-3-45 farbook Staff 4, Photography Secretary 45 Who's ho Among American High School Students 45 -olleyball Co-Champs 3. B. Spear, III Sugar Ray" ovember I7, 1962 eymouth, Massachusetts ever put off till tomorrow what you can do the day ter tomorrow iust as well." Mark Twain L.H.S. 3-45 Wilderness Club 45 lntramural sketball 45 Cross Country 3-45 Track 3-45 Field Day Yearbook Staff 45 Art Show Award 3. Melanie Spaulding "Melanie" June 4, I962 Biddleford, Maine "The wisdom of many, and the wit of one," Lord John Russel F.L.H.S. 2-3-45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. Seniors - I8 Raymond Vinson Taylor HRGY.. April I I, T962 Camp LeJeune, North Carolina "lt warms me, it charms me, to mention but her name, it heats me, it beats me, and sets me a' on flame." Burns F.L.H.S. 3-4, Health Careers Club 4, Football 3-4, Green Scene Staff 3, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. I 82 - Seniors Suzanne Storch "Suzy" March 27, 1962 Oakland, California "The heavens never had a star so bright." Anonymous F.L.H.S. I-2-3-4, French Club I-2-3-4, Pep Club 3-4, Secretary 4, Health Careers Club 3-4, Secretary 3, National Honor Society 4, J.V. Cheerleader 2, Intramural Volleyball 2-3-4, Track 2-3-4, Field Day I- 2, Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Committee 3-4, General Academic Excellence 2. 3 Leslie Shelton Staed "Leslie" February 3, I962 Daytona Beach, Florida "I get by with alittle help from my friends." John Lennon and Paul McCartney F.L.H.S.l -2-3-4, Spanish Club 3-4, Pep Club I-2-3, Backpacking Club I-2-3, Health Careers Club 4, Interact I-2-3-4, Math Club 3, S.G.A. Representative I-2-3, Secretary 2, National Honor Society 3-4, Intramural Volleyball I-2-3, J.V. Cheerleader 2, Soccer Manager I-2-3, Tennis I-4, Racquetball 4, Cross Country 4, Field Day I-2-4, Track I-2-3-4, District I-2-3-4, State 2-3, Girls' Basketball Statistician 4, Homecoming Committee I-2-3, Prom Committee 3, Red Cross Blood Donor 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3-4. atrick William Twomey Pat" nuary 7, I962 ooklyn, New York he only bad part of being a good sport is that you ve to lose to prove it." Walter Winchell l.H.S. l-2-3-4, Health Careers Club 4, Football I- 4, All Area 2nd Team 3, News Journal Offensive yer of the Week 3, Track I, 2, 3, 4, M.V.P. 2-3, I Area Track Ist Team 2-3, Weightlifting 3-4, Co- ptain 3-4, All Area Weightlifting Honorable ention 3, Field Day l-2. wi? F 237' j Y I, If Charles Viviano "Chuck" March ll, l962 Daytona Beach, Florida "The Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from the snare." Proverbs 3:26 F.L.H.S. 1-2-3-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Chess Club 3-4, President 4, Intramural Bowling 3, Captain 3, Literary Magazine Editor 4, Volunteer Library Aid 2-3, lst Runner-up Halifax Optimist Club Orotorical Contest I, 2nd Place Veterans of Foreign Wars Speech Contest 3, Top Academic Average 3, 2nd Place Art Show 3, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. nik X ."i ' . 'sie f I-I at-. -u David Wanstall "Wino" January 28, l962 Macon, Georgia A "I would blow your mind if I could find it." Peter McWilliams F.L.H.S. I-2-3-4, Surf Club 3, J.V. Football I-2, Soccer 3. Seniors - lB3 Robert Randolph Wolf "Wolf" April 21, 1962 Buffalo, New York "Lull'd in the countless chambers of the brain, our thoughts are link'd by many ci hidden chain." Pope F.L.H.S. 1-2-3-4, Spanish Club 3g Tennis 2, Soccer 1- 2-3-4, Captain 4, Math Club 3, Health Careers Club 4. Q X 53 . 5.1. .. K ii K 1 84 - Seniors Christine Ann Weigand "Chris" September 26, 1962 Ann Arbor, Michigan "l am an idealist. I don't know where l'm going, but llm on mY WUY-H H Carl Sandbur F.L.H.S. 1-2-3-4, Spanish Club 2-3, Intramural Volleyball 2, Tennis 1-4. X in... 'Q -:viii 4? Advertising xi' A14 n C I , o 0 0 . 'r , R A E I A 1 xx f 'X X X '- 'K 1' 1 ,f -V 5 Q . 'W X X X , K ' . IJ X I N ' ' ' , R. 1 X K xt , Ax I X! if I, - ' rxxs N A 2' xx N g K 2 N Nr' . V, RVNNX V xx , 'I .XQ ' ' 1, xxx Nf- x N' '-X Q N 1 .ffvf LI ' 1 xg '.' f' I. If ' xi . ' A 4 xi . , -' ' . V3 1 A E V 1 I I. ff 1,1 . .. ' ' y , . 1 7 ' xl , Q! f f vf ' If .- . ' ,' ' x ,lgj . 4 ,V X: 4- :X h A , V471 5 . . 'J ,. A -1 :it Q ,ff I P ,-:Q'5i1' 5 2 2 : 3, X 2 23 s"3- 1' C: ' M I L, Adverfising Division - l85 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF I98O FROM PHOTO IMAGES CO. Your Yearbook Pho+ographer 255-I844 Compllmen+s of LLOYD Congra+uIa'l'lons From Cgfzzffgdwm TT ww 354 NORTH BEACH STREET DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA 32015 904 252 3755 Mmm M ummm 0 lp mm mam WTHHWU' Q PHA PMACY I N00 S ATLANTIS PHONE 255 5388 DAYTONA BIACH FLA 'fa 'ff-.ff 54" O O 0 Z 0 U f , qui ,X , ... 6. W 5 4 - g funn nun... " f ' ' T E' " 1' 1 I J M -1 1' q A A 4 . - . :ar A M .. .rg . ' 1 ' J , ' L, ' A ' - aw An -- Tm Q -- A Lu ' 'Q , ' V , g,,T3. I 2 'X K . Mi l' . -:Mui ,JY '.fsfw',,- S, A l.. ,4.w:,, - -4,13 ,- ,l:..r1y, ar ".,ff2 v'1521"LA "'N'3' 'Nu . ,nn T fn"- ' 'LY 1 I 86 - Advertisin 114' 123 W GRANAOA Ormond Beach Florida Phone B77 6089 MART SHOPPING PLAZA 1344 Volusia Avenue Daytona Beach Florida Phone 255 1817 PORT ORANGE PLAZA 621 S. Ridgewood Port: Orange. Florida Phone 761-2181 O SOB 3rd Avenue New Smyrna Beach. Florida Phone 427-0471 Adverlising - 187 JOHN M MILLEN - 677-388I ORMOND ' BEACH NOVA ROAD AND ROUTE H40 '904'734'5"2 CONGRATULATIONS AND aepzeandmmnea 6009 LUCK DEBBY FREEMAN FROM YOUR GRANDPARENTS LAm.v.NSK. 4MERCERS'iLR2Ni'35l?,8 DR AND MRS PERRY SPERBER DELAND FL 32720 Chr+ H+ Ab F + - CRAFTS - GIFTS DAYTONA ' HOBBIES BEACH!!! AVIATION HOBBICRAFT JUNCTION DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA I225 W ld Ph 904!255 047I D yi Be hFI d 320I4 Fl gh f A I S I h Z 1 Z K X X xg -A1 me BASE or me 1owER' i caf Ro d ' e - a ona ac , ori . . -Y Y 3 Y O' 'i , s i ' L 5 4 . A - . y Q . . ' Q ' , 1 , . , . , . . . 2 x . g Z "fw'2'r1n'f--1-3-1--., Ef1,4 ' mf 'H -,-.-QQQQrNygN5hgQij5HMAHKET f A M GRANTSPLAZA X X A 3 Q W 1 . HUMPH REY 84 BOOZER GOLD AND SILVER EXCHANGE GOOD LUCK GREENWAVES Congraiulahons Seniors M 81 WAIR CONDITIONING Air Condi'I'ioning ' Heaiing ' Refrigeraiion 252-641 1 3 . EN 24 HOURS A DAY . M if Avs A WEEK K M ,f er , PO. Duci' Work Sales ' Service ' lnsfailafion Repairs ' All Makes and Models 24 Hour Service Walier Nangano 672-3740 Ormond Beach, Fla. Q Advertising 190-Ad DI Efmarfes CE1nes gioofmg 509 Peacock Road Free Estumates H HuI1 FI 017 f9047 672 4818 Ill? Rerooflng 81 Repairs Shungle 0 Slate 0 Asphalt .54 TIRED OF LOOKING7 VACANCIES LISTED DAILY ALL AREAS - ' ALL PRICES F .y,.l1.1-'11 ' " 'S---' 7 DAYSAWEEK li Su' mr' 'QLQL HEL! 5 ,C 252 3262 PICK A HOME INC 950 VOLUSIA AVENUE I iv ' I N ff-A X M. . . :Q - - . . , ' S M x , . A I ' Q.: R, . . 'S' . 4- I ' 'ix 5 ,ix 5 olly ' , .32 - ' Q - Ji I, 4 a , . -J o . 1 V ,. L, - , -.----LT-It A L J-i-L' I A-Elrll -N: ' I " iiEI'??':':' fL -5 '-- -1 IEE.---..h .-'1,-43, K" -E51 2 1 Y -IL H . EPM-rq , :I , , r ,TT , 41: WJ ' ii :::i : 73 'rg , - ' li -'-:i- lbs, 4 A-I il ij I ' - 1 1 1 0 ..g 557 X. ,R 4 FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE 2 LOCATIONS I24W Granada BI d O ond Beach K Ph 677 3943 T Q Is Shopp ng Cente O o d Beach ph 677 4650 QUALITY We re Noi S6'I'ISTIed Unless You Are You are cordzally mvzted to come znto our store between 9 a m and 5 30 p m CUSTOM FRAMING ART AND CRAFT SUPPLIES lgarhlrg 5 Cllraft anh Art Shayne JOY AND BILL SIMON I4l0RIDGEWOOD AVENUE PHONE I904I 672 6594 HOLLY HILL FLORIDA 320I 7 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I980 THIS IS J C PENNEY THE STORE WITH A DIFFERENCE Monday through Saturday J C PENNEY CQ to see the latest and fmest tn CAMERAS and P 101 0 EQUIPMENT Kik- KINGSTON CAMERA STORE 643 North Ridgewood Avenue Daytona Beach, Florida VOLUSIA MALL DAYTONA BEACH Ad I g 191 we Leda I V mf Y.. . ... A .. , ...-. .,...,.. .W VH I f . . - ' X, E.E-,,, I A I mf f ,-W.,M. ,, ,. .E lr ..- I . to E. 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CCNGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '80 Advertising BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ao FROM TOM MITCHELL TRUE VALUE LUMBER 81 HARDWARE COMPANY A SATISFIED CUSTOMER IS OUR MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCT NEWSYMRN BE CH N DIX FREE N DEL WARE BEST WISHES CLASS OF I98O FROM THE HONORABLE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF DAYTONA BEACH LAWRENCE J KELLY SR I A A DELAND 540 . IE WAY . A 428-2454 734-0422 5 Phone 6174484 ,If If' INS 01152 .Nair 2431 B yi k H seyu qC ld w CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I980 Eisenhauer Office Supply f lf' Ii iss. W- 4f""1'awjf Early In fhe year Inferacf decided fo sponsor several Honduran children Dlfferenf clubs helped wlfh fhls fask sendmg monfhly checks fo confrlbufe fo fhelr welfare BRIDAL SALON OPEN MONDAY SATURDAY 624 N. RIDGEWOOD 9gOO-5g0O DAYTONA BEACH, FL 196 Ad rpg EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT 305 SEABREEZE BLVD. DAYTONA BEACH, FL 255-1222 IN DAYTONA BEACH IT'S OCEANS I I RESORTS Oceans I I has 95I of the newest and best hotel rooms. suites. and efficiencies in the Daytona Beach Resort Area. Each of the six Oceans I I Resort hotels is right on the beach and each offers luxurious rooms with individually controlled air conditioning, color TV, and private balconies. Each has something special to offer. Convention and meeting facilities available. - 2025 South Atlantic Avenue Daytona Beach Shores. Florida 320l8 004,255-837i I I Acapulcolnn '. , Treasure Island Inn -g:EEI-.133unitS'1Q4,g K M 1 I I i Zzgunlls 'dei i ,Qi dtyy P 424552: wi 2 fa f' 15 , pnllql, ,if , W,-.'-,Inna ,i,tg A lkk,, 11. A, H: 5 A M I. ' K v5555555" l', "'f2:!r E ff '- . I ,..' 1:52 Z 4 gs:sf5t, f f-..e- 3:-ig-., NN ' , ef I: iii ' gliiiiiriigii I- w ' i-a S" , y' 1 'lmm' .I . IZSIJW X' ' W .'-li'-'I' ' ' '1' '- xi ' H . Beachcomer IMEEIIIEIE 'f'EjSheratonlnn ' Biljzbnder BGGCIW I-OCIQQ J 9 O ff 1 "-lg Sf D yt Shores . X units lgiaunnigm nn 1431 uonlii ton New Smyrna Beachl W 0 Have your class ring - O 0 In time for school. X .i ,Y-A' i ff- Si' rl ' W t YR P44 VI: 1 83 395, -- 5 G' Q . 5 ra? 1lK.:,ljlZf FO kwi- ffiiff I fy X 0 'mai 0 2-4 week delivery. We're Class Ring Headquarters y J for this Area. Wm. Thames and Co. Jewelers The Trails Cenler - 276 N. Nova Road My K " Ormond Beach, Florida 7 ' N Q1 I-. 673-2989 'xx' ' It 'i, .' ffslfx Advertising - I97 BEST OF LUCK C LASS O F '80 DANNY D. SERVING ALL FAITHS TELEPHONE 767-0I20 253 3863 WE HAVE OUR OWN CREMATORY Bi"'S Designers Cardwell Funeral Home A Complefe Redken Shop PRICES TO MEET EACH FAMlLY'S NEEDS for Gfeal' Hal"CU+5 GLENN A. cARDwELL, L.F.D. 864 N. RIDGEWOOD '92 Bfoadwav AVENUE Day+ona Beach, Fla. 320I8 Owner - Manager PORT ORANGE, FLORIDA 320 I 9 UN'SEX Wayne Hummer 8: Co. Chicago Preclslon lialr Cufhng Mem bers GUYSW 66's New York Sfoclc Volusia Mall Sunshine Mall E h 255 7497 767 8953 XC 5 nge Bellalr Plaza JACK 8. .1EAN's .. it . . n 677i6444 - I98-Ad "9 JOSEPH W. CAMERON, CLU, CDCU AGENT STATE FARM INSURANCE CO.'S 9 , .-,,,, gn 4 ' 'T -"'1 A SH-'cT - AUTO LIFE FIRE T835 S. RI EWOOD AVENUE B S 767-5363 SOUTH . FL.A. 32019 R O PER ON I SURANCIH vas.,-,Q 1 The Carey Family To ., E' 'Q A im' 'A - A f 1 I. ', 'T T Ti T .1 'w - -' .. W 'X B ' A Good Luck Seniors me gr ia, ,. W 1. E ,J - 1.231 XJ A ' Q' :V 1 X T 95 if 4 ff ' ml. 4.1. STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHY HEAD QUARTERS 604 M ' S am t. 252-0577 Student Discounts Jflwllfl' , TWWV A 1 WMM dtgww JENNELERS Compare Our Prices Before You Bu COMPLETE JEWELRY wncw Ano cLocx REPAIR SERVICE ARD Q Art Carved onAMOND CENTEH 134 VOLUSIA AVE. 253-5807 TEENAGE ACCOLNTS INVITED BANKAMERIC MASTER CHARGE AMERICAN EXPRESS CARTE BLANCHE DINERS CLUB convenient cnson venus Use Our Charge - Up to 12 Months to Pay With No Finance Charge Advertising 199 200 -- Advertising - Q Comphments of ...LX IHLUM ef Lzndfey WI WW Jr--v"I5' 3 L1 Q r lrtfg--' 1112- JULIANS Dznzng Room 6? Lounge ww REAL CHARCOAL BROILED W PRIME WESTERN STEAKS 0 CHOPS 0 CHICKEN 0 SEAFOOD Q ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY Q COCKTAIL LOUNGE DINING ROOM IH-' 1 4 oo P M T0 z oo A M i""" frfnvou INCLUDING SUNDAYS Iuum Lora o The Name Brand Department Store BeIIaIr Plaza AIA Daytona Beach Floruda PRIDE IN EXCELLENCE A so HIS 8: HER SHOP IU INESS I Pl I NOUEY F I S OUI 1PlV TEDN GROO S 677 6767 ORM OND IEAC HI Ill AE PACIAGI SFO!! OKI ll Al Illl 7 Al - Q Ormond Mall AIA Ormond by the Sea WELCOME TO 5 alnlu I, ISL-HIIII llll 58E Granada Ave Ormond Beach 1 3 1 I - Z X 677 9943 BILLY'S TAP ROOM AND GRILL oumeh dnb uptratth hp the jBIa:ZIBnnalh famllp Slnrhng In I930 lhe MacDonalds have amended Inn! Sl Pauls then O L dy I ld SB d d Flherlopexllugd h hS IS D h d h hgh Iandards cl d d p d h b d .M N Q 'Ij'SEiQlx .Sw3T'm , , -. -I. rm '--.L , ' I 1 5,,-L.5ip,..'.lgqt: 1 I, 5' ' mf- vtfvlll 'I 1 1, I'-HT-: Klum- '. I V. J' . I. Z2'2:?shA:.1"IE II.-I-13' . - Q-.-A - A n5f'-iw "?'- I": I ' 'f ' -. , . 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I , ' I A vu v ' ff' 'I Paris CI-ergy --Fa her - Fa her 6 Ban an . . x one - I I I. I. -- : . . - : . ., 0071, 7: : . . an : . . CONFESSIONS Saturdays 3:30 to 4:00 P.M. and 7:30 to 8:00 P.M., Thursday before First F 'd y : 0 : . . eve O O Cl S : O : . . I TO It C r- si . I' 0 fl' . . 9' X, ' I 00 I ' 9-,Q 9 M A, I I i 5 . ' Q? - W 1? :X TIVE HENRY LENZ, OWNER AUTO ELECTRIC "THE ELECTRICAL TROUBLE SHOOTERS' 561 N. RIDGEWOODIUSH 3 Blocks South of Mason Ave. Daytona Beach LARGEST INVENTORY IN CENTRAL FLORIDA 9' 30 'Q' ,,.A-- " -X . f N5 .I W nl in-X ' g QI 5 K e ' ,df I I Q- Aix- 5' N 1 Daytona Carburetor Works 280 N. RIDGEWOOD IUSII 2nd St. 8- Ridgewood Ave. Daytona Beach GENERATORS A LTERNATORS STARTERS AUTO-TRUCK-COMMERCIAL FOREIGN -DOMESTIC-MARINE HEAVY DUTY BATTERIES FOR THE FINEST SERVICE IN TOWN ,ff7'?iJ i LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN! SAVE GAS UP TO 3096 WITH THE NEW HOLLEY E R CARBURETOR NEW 8. REBUILT CARBURETORS FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC ELECTRONIC TUNE-UP WITH THE SUN PRINT-OUT COMPUTER THE ONLY CARBURETOR SHOP IN CENTRAL FLORIDA CCDNGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I 980 Dr. and Mrs. R. M. DeGracia Phone 253-6796 KIIYISIKI """"WWQuv lm-...gig -' In + W-...,., G. ,.-,-,... H" Yo "+- D s N 1 .N ay+ona por+s Cen'rer o 700 Ballough Road V o, X Day'rona Beach, Florida x . . g .. X Bob Wa rfel "1-ff? 4 T N' E is o V o . .-f.vm:-.:,fa-aff'3S' ' -1 u." 'g35i 2?- "lf .: . iq'-iff. -'?if71'?i' ' H31-32-5+. Ad tising Congra+uIa+ions Home a FAMILY CENTER +0 me RIVERGATE VILLAGE ORMQND MALL Class of I 980 . 2 OCEAN SHORE BLVD '32i12'.?X3 RD I 76 677-2I00 Town 8' Counhy ORMOND BEACH FL 32074 L.L..JE If You re Into Water Slldes You II Lose Yourself un Thus One G Nba QQ FAST FUN SAFE AND EXCITING U.S. 92 Nolusla Avenue! NEXT T0 K-MART JUST MINUTES EAST OF THE SPEEDWAY OPEN 10:00 A.M. TIL 9:00 P.M. NIEATHER PERMITTINGT - Advertising CCDMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ,. -K Q4 N , .Ne .5- A , .U -me I H 98133 '1 a 'ff - e A LEXA N D E R PREFAB BUILDING CONSTRUCTION CC. CUIVIPUNEIVTQ, INC. l N C- Over 2600 Jobs Complefecl in fhe Halifax Area H Pla nf Telephone: 19041252-8640 and 255-6432 Posf Office Box 7I - 336 Elevenfh Sfreef 336 Elevenfh Sfreef Posf Office Box 59l Holly Hill, Florida 320I 7 Holly Hill, Florida 320I 7 Phone l904l 255-4866 Deland Planf ' I A 'fix 911 fl 2 i ff-1' Q Cohner I5A and 430A Iii Phone 19041 775-7044 "il ' 2 In J Q zoo - Ad r g Nil x 'iff ff' Q' an-Y, WW I 717' 44,4 OKC everythmg mee Advertising YAMAHA OF DAYTONA C 32 lfh S+ 'I' H lly H'II FI 320I7 V 904-258-0330 vm, I 1 IN . x my 4I ree , ' o I, a. I In Yi CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I980 Ill llliftllll Au-rnmrrnr: Domeshc Foreign and HI Performance Au+o Par+s CompIe+e Au+o Repair Service H llyHIl FI 252 3606 Achon Means Sa+ls'Fac'rlon I l I I I .- 632 Ridgewood Avenue o i , orida ll ' ' ' ll DINO S PIZZA I700 RIDGEWOOD AVE HOLLY HILL 673 0960 N AVE 904-677-233I Bulimnre I87 SOUTH ATLANTIC AVE ORMOND BEACH FLORIDA JIM KULZER OWNER ABDK THE MOST COMPLETE SOURCE FOR DUPLICATING COPY WILLIAMS DUPLICATING PROD INC BEVERLY OSBORNE WILLIAMS PRESIDENT GEORGE H WILLIAMS SEC XTREAS 904 767 4464 was s Rune-Ewoon Ave sour:-1 DAYTONA FLORIDA 1.,...f-'T---'1 Ns X ' ' T' fax T A 'f'X u 4 "5 ' T A m T ST. PAUL'S CHURCH I 927- I 980 A BEACON of Fai'rh on 'rhe Main Highway for Over 50 Years CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM THE MOTHER CHURCH nmaaanmufamlgggcnmpany "'9.2.0'.m"""" ' - 14 o o ea sho an d. EE Be h FlF?lE2O 5 904 255 6401 O mond by the Sea, Fla. 32074 1 or1hR1dgewoodAvenue,Dcytonc1 oc , on o, 1 . - - Phone 1904, 672-6123 CENTRAL BANK JU ly OF SOUTH DAYTONA a :fax NATIONAL BANK 2111 S. RIDGEWOOD AVE. SOUTH DAYTONA, FLORIDA OF PORT ORANGe, III' W gn.. 5 -I I1 A Everybody's Bank 767-1661 PORT ORANGE. FLORIDA 32019 Atlantic Bank 'D' We bring banking to you. . It FLAGSHIP FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ORMOND BEACH E L N K zoo EASY QRANADA BOULEVARD, ORMOND BEACH, FLORIDA 32074 904-672-1611 ORMOND BEACH lfhafnen Barnett Bonlx of Doyiona Beach BHK B31 Hn 5 Sun Bank of K Volusia County afnelt Bernd!! Bank at Ormond Beach Ad t"g 211 We all have a special need +0 reach ou+ ancl say HELLO +o friends who mean so much and have broughl' us such happiness ius'r by being a par+ of our lives . . . V K I WL. 41'-Q L vs az' y if in .fr 4, ,K v Advertising Tomoka S'ra+e Park General S'rore Bu ge s Ha cl D pped Ice Crea Shakes Canoes Fo Ren+ 6732720 Good Luck Greenwaves' ' rr ' n-i m I r I I Congralulahons Senlors The Dunn Famlly Brian and Bully Turner Llndens Vogue Mr and Mrs Lloyd Johnson and Famlly Good Luck Debby and DeHe From D B S Llfeguard Sfahon Blasl Off From The Rai' s Hole The Fronshn Family The Pompllo Family fovvida :UK 9 PATRONS Susan and Kahnlca Besi' Wlshes The Boolcmyer Famlly The Welgand Famlly Congralulahons Deb and DeHe from Charlie The Greenbrlar Shop Kay s Coach House Bud and Nancy Farmer Sfeven Wear Good Luclc Sensors Dr and Mrs Mason 1 1, Closing Division Page - 217 The future holds the promise 4-.l T 'I' 3' A Thot we will go for 218 - Closing 9. f. Sf.. s - . ,gk 3 . Q NS A? x SQ. x . I 4 Q ' .K :Wx :sg . and within each one'of us lies a brand new star For now if we help each other, our friends will always be There 220 - Closing 1--if Ar f,3.1,qe1-.w R2 S, .N X xfqq:,j.5f.g TK' through foul and fair weather, they will always core Closing - 221 The year has ended, but we have iusf begun 222 Closing ' ,,-, and we will carry on for we are me 1 ...Q- . v gl -3 I 4, i 'N f-"Q f , I . mi 'E ,. x gg lLk: A K I A wx ' -----......,.,,,,, .A L fn . gag- .5 W , . f xii' I1 ixarjxi i ,ff X MQ Children of The Sun. Closing - 223 The End GJ M QXCVYOR wb W SGMDUMJ wf x 0355? QKWRBWJ W fiffggwigf VGOMSP ,WOW jwwp SMX xu C JK ww QSM? hw asf QE? , Eg B , 1 sri Qifgi Q X 3 Ol Q61 3 SE Q ' gf Imp Q X x , 7.5140 LQ f' 'wO'fZQ .jgtoxfg jx DN J LLL' J M .ibwefvdx s 1, .- -.V K M, W ., -V-Mm 1 9 W rv A , z-..,,,.,,,T,,., ....,,,,,,. ., . , .. . , N- ' "f --J 1. I - E -Q JS . 5 , w n I 0- Ov? of X5' xy U' , fd 4' xy wjgb " LJ 4 QI' wr i wo-Www G5 'Sim of . V oo xc, 200994 Cabo 5, ' A Ov wr 9 V' lo' 0' Tw ab xp X yf' 0 Uyprary by YJ 06.94 was fed, 025 f 3 5 Oy Q ilvb ' X 2 0 0' .K 9 . . ' . k mf EJ f 'Ufvp w if Vx ' , LNG! VD x-k .1 6,1511 1 YW0' yx- . kv XJ A plbmycsf ' 9485 ,IO 2,5 ww W J ' LiJoowKiOi3gWUg ' 0 umm Jlowi Q QJKDQ M J ww Qfkwk WMP 'Q' Owfawoa . Q A I a. w MMbMwf0ZMQ-ozQw,QQfmM,, 1 4, ,Q in-muh 1- - A QM N Jw diff dyfy X W W, J fy X5 Ky if if cfywy Q, pf , ' riff P J . as P A 0 fp? P , V555 N. xg? V, . - x, ,WPS M ,J Af, ,fy J 0,27 0? 0,00 yy fb! 4 yi? JJALQWX . 3 V905 haf NWA -2 -de 'WW Npopxv W ' k 1, ,.. g 9 Q'flWf3XW up Jud WWCSUQ L f' mm ,W 4 wa v ff N' l l N - an CW M MM A 'efqh ,QA n qt? ag? 4 x 5 L KKK -25 in Qfqgwgwifg WWWN Zwpjwv M Mimw Pai ,T D1 .K LQfUVcJ'f?U8JfA 4'1"-f-irski i1 ,A f Nb"k"" f J j 2 f l ,4 , f' A. - T ,gl ' M , .. W. V .wx viii' - 1--1-:H 'fggmw "f, U ' f A ,-lsfawwii ---' Q- -f ky f, " ' 7 'fig-L' ww ' 7 '- , 511 , iff i ll V1 L V- . If f -- " f 'L L ,.,5v,E 5,1 1, . , - - fy Q Li? 1 2224. K2 ' , elf, QV KQ ' 1 1 Q Q ig' V " ,

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