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 - Class of 1978

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-«% COLLEEN COSTELLO o 7 Pd rea(fu c t 0io(cOy . M n: . i VAJ a, (AJLoJ lAlV i ' ■ ' C V % ' . 9 S3 " v cr c- i- u - mm- VERITAS 1978 Father Lopez High School Daytona Beach, Florida Volume XVIII The hands of Time . . . are they our friend or enemy? Lying within those mighty hands are changes; m W 1 H " Changes that will affect us and our lives. Making us different people; f Giving us hope or fulfilling our dreams. mBBix .- i tS ' Wtv ' P aiaasiagrTr Tffir i Changes that will affect our minds and actions: Different attitudes, different behavio r; il? . r-. J - i f ' SPF A changed outward appearance a totally new self. Should we fear these changes? 2 Would we be better off to hide from them? Time brings changes, changes bring age; Age brings maturity, and maturity enriches our lives. Life is so fragile, so vulnerable at the hands of time; But how dull it would be without the changes within those mighty hands. SENIORS DEDICATION M Boy " So let him live. Love work, love play. Love all that life can give: And when he grows too weary to feel joy. Leave life, with laughter, to some other boy. " Charles C. Wakefield Leaves of Gold We, the Veritas staff of 1978, dedicate this yearbook to the classmate who taught us to appreciate life; Armand Mark Fischetti — " Peanut, " 1960 to 1976. During the time he lived he became a symbol of how precious life is to each of us. Although this chapter of our lives is closing and will soon be forgotten, the memory of Armand will always remain a part of our hearts. MICHELE DENISE BARRON " Mitchell " Jamaica. New York July 11. 1960 FLHS 1-2-3-4: Drama Club 1-2-3-4: NHS 3-4: PepC ' lub 1-2-3-4; Spanish Club 2-3: Inlramural Volleyball 1: Inlramural Basketball 1-2: Volleyball Manager 3-4: Girls ' Track Manager 3-4: Homecoming C " ommittee 3-4: Prom Committee 3: Flag Team 2: Miss Lopez Contestant 1-2. JEFFREY JALIL AHMED August 13. 1961 " Jeff " Alexandria. Virginia FLHS 1-2-3-4; Chess Club 1 - 2 - 3 -4. President4: Drama Club 1: Health Careers Club 2; NHS 3 - 4: Spanish Club 2-3-4: Science Fair I - 2: NEDT Award2; PSAT Letter of Commendation 3: Top Academic Student 3: Who ' s Who in American H.S. Students 3 - 4. PRISCILLA LYNNE BERNAL July 4. 1960 " Priscilla " Quonset Point. Rhode Island FLHS 1-2-3-4: Backpacking Club 3 - 4: Drama Club 1-2-3-4: Health Careers Club 1 -2: NHS 3 -4: Spanish Club 3 -4. Treasurer 4: Intramural Basketball 1 -2: Intramural Bowling 1 -2: Intramural Volleyball 3 - 4: Track 1-2-3-4. Lettered 3 - 4 : Field Day 1 - 2: Volusia Languages Committee 4; Science Fair I. SANTIAGO OFALDI BENDEZU May 1. 1960 " Santiago " Lima, Peru FLHS 4: Chess Club 2 - 3: German Club 1-2-3: Spanish Club 4: Gymnastics I -2-3: Soccer 1-2-3-4: Swimming 1-2-3-4. PAUL EMILE BOUCHARD March 25. I960 " Tiger " Syracuse, New York PI. US I -2 -.1-4: Backpacking Club 3- 4: Chess Club I; French Club 3 - 4: Men ' s Club 3; NHS 3 -4: Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-4; Baseball 1: lennis 2-3-4: Soccer 4; SGA Treasurer 4: Miss Lopez Committee 3 - 4: Newspaper Sports lidilor 4; Yearbook Staff 4: Boys " Slate Runner Up 3; NKDT Award 2: Who ' s Who in American U.S. Students 3 - 4: Homecoming Court 4. OCTAVIUS BLANCHARD BONNER III December 28. 1%0 " Bubba " Daytona Beach. Florida FLHS 1 - 2 - 3 - 4: Backpackmg Club 3 - 4: French Club 2-3: Surf Club 1 : Intramural Basketball 4: Soccer 2-3-4. Lettered 2 - 4. MATTHEW DENNIS CHAMPAGNE February 26. 1960 " Beaver " Daytona Beach. Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4: Spanish Club 3: Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-4. MVP 1: Swimming 1-2-3-4: Football I: Field Day 1-2-3-4: Easter Seal Citation 1. DAVID JOHN CESARI October 19. 1960 " Dave " White Plains. New York FLHS I - 2 - 3 - 4: Backpacking Club 4: Spanish Club 4; Baseball 1-2-3 - 4. Captain 4. Lettered 2-3-4: Basketball 1-2-3-4, Lettered 3 - 4: Football 1-2-3-4, Captain 4. Lettered 3 - 4. SGA 4. DAVID MARK COODY October 30, 1959 " Magician " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4: Intramural Basketball 1-2-4; Soccer 3 - 4. Lettered 3 ■ 4; Football I: Field Day 1. November 22, I960 SCOTT CHARLES CHAPPIUS " Chape " Sharon, Connecticut FLHS 1-2-3-4; Intra mural Basketball 1 - 3; Basketball Manager 1 - 3 ■ 4; Football 1-2-3-4. Lettered 3 - 4. JOANNE MARIE COSTELLO December 28, 1959 " JoAnne " Pittsfield, Massachusetts FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking Club 4; Chess Club 4; Christian Service Club 4; Drama Club 4; Pep Club 1-2-3-4; Prom Committee 3. SUSANNA MARIA COOK November 3, 1960 ■ ' Sue " Heilbron, West Germany FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpackmg Club 3 - 4; Drama Club 1-4; French Club 3 -4. Vice President 4: Interact 4; NHS 3 -4: Pep Club 1-2-3-4; Intramural Basketball 3 -4; Intramural Volleyball 1; Volleyball 2 - 3 - 4. Lettered 2-3-4; Swimming 1-2-3-4. Lettered 1-2-3-4; Cheerleading 1-2-3-4. Co-Captain 3. Captain 2 - 4; Field Day I - 3: Science Fair 1-2; Miss Lopez Runner Up 3; Homecoming Court 2; Who ' s Who in American H.S. Students 4. CONCF.TTA MARIA CUCCORO March 9, 1960 " Connie " Brooklyn, New York n lis 1 - 4: ChDstian Service Club 4; Drama C " lub4, MARY CHARLOTTE CROTTY July 14. 1960 " Mary " Daytona Beach, Florida F LHS 1-2-3-4: Backpacking Club .3 - 4; Christian Service Club 3 - 4: Health Careers Club 1: NHS 4; Pep Club 1-2-3-4; Spanish Club 1-2- 4: Intramural ' olle ball 1; Intramural Basketball 3 - 4; Cheerleading 1 -2 - 3 - 4, Co-Captain 4; Tennis 3 - 4; Field Day I : Class Vice-President 4; Fashion Show Committee 1 - 3; Prom Committee 2 - 3: Newspaper Staff 4: Year Book Cops Editor 4; Science Fair 1 - 2; NEDT Award 2; Who ' s Who in American U.S. Students 3 - 4. MICHELE DASCANIO November 11, 1960 " Micheie " Binghamton, New York FLHS 1 - 2 - 3 - 4; Backpacking Club 3 - 4: Christian Servive Club 3 - 4: NHS 4: Pep Club 1-2-3-4: Intramural Basketball 3 - 4: Intramural Vo lle ball3: Cheerleading 1-2-3-4: SGA Secretary 4; Fashion Show Committee 3: Prom Committee 3: Newspaper Editor-in-Chief 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Science Fair 1. SUZANNE MARY DEMMING December 31, 1960 " Susie " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4: Backpacking Club 3 - 4, Treasurer 4: Brainbowl 3 - 4: Drama Club 3 -4: Interact 3 -4: NHS 4, Treasurer 4: Pep Club 1-2-3- 4: Spanish Club 3 - 4. Vice-President 4: Intramural Basketball I ; Intramural Softball 2: Volleyball 3 - 4, Lettered 3 - 4: Track 3. Manager 4; Field Day I - 2: SGA 3: Class Treasurer 3: Prom Committee 2 - 3; Mini- Course Committee 2: NEDT Award 2; American Legion Award l:Top Academic Student 1-2-3-4; Science Fair 1 - 2 - 3 ; Who ' s Who in American H.S. Student 3 - 4. MARY ELIZABETH ELSTON January 18, 1960 " Marv Beth " Suffrin, New York FLHS 1 - 2 - 3 - 4; Backpacking Club 3; Christian Semce Club 3 - 4; Drama Club 1 - 2 - 3 - 4; Pep Club 1-2-3-4; Intramural Basketball 1 - 2 - 3: Intramural Volleyball I - 2; Tennis 1-2-3-4; Cheerleadmg I - 2 - 3; Field Day 1-2; Prom Committee 3; Newspaper Staff 3: Yearbook Staff 3: NEDT Award 2; Science Fair I - 2: State Science Fair 2; Miss Lopez Runner-up 3 - 4. SANDRA ANNE DIMARTINO March 19, 1960 " Sandie " Utica, New York FLHS 1-2-3-4; Drama Club 4; Christian Service Club 4; Interact 4: Pep Club 1-2-3-4; Prom Committee 3: Newspaper Staff 3 - 4; Yearbook Staff 3. Layout Editor 4; Flag-Team 1 - 2: Miss Lopez Committee 2 - 4; Miss Lopez Runner-up 1 ; Miss Lopez 3; Who ' s Who in Dance 3 - 4; Track Team Manager 4. MARCUS ALEXANDER FORTIER June 24, 1960 " Marc " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking Club 4; Men ' s Club 3; Intramural Basketball 2-3; Basketball 1 ; Football 1-2-3-4, Lettered 3 - 4; Track 3 ROSEMARY ELIZABETH FISCHETTI November 17, 1960 " Rosa " Philadelphia, Pennsylvania FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking Club 3 - 4; Christian Service Club 3 - 4; Pep Club 1-2-3-4; Spanish Club 3; Intramural Volleyball 2; Cheerleadmg I - 2; Girl ' s Basketball Manager 3 - 4; Statistician 3 - 4; Bat Girl 4; Fashion Show Committee 2; Miss Lopez Committee 4; Prom Committee 2-3; Newspaper Staff 4; Yearbook Staff 4. MARY JANE FROMME October 1 1, 1960 " Mary Jane " Duisburg, Germany FLHS 1-2-3-4: Health Careers Club 2. Intramural Bowling ' . Intramural Volleyball I. GEORGE ALEXANDER FREEMAN May 16. 1960 " Demon " Philadelphia, Pennsylvania FLHS 1-2-3-4: Backpacking Club 4: Chess Club 1-2-4: Baseball I - 2; Football 1-2-3-4: Field Day 1 - 2. LISA FRANCESCA GARGUILO May 5, I960 " Lisa G. " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking Club 4; Christian Service Club 3 - 4; French Club 3 - 4; Pep Club 1-2-3-4, Treasurer 4; Intramural Softball 1 - 2: Tennis 3 - 4: Field Day 1-3; Newspaper Sales Editor and Publisher 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Science Fair 2; Homecoming Court 4. July 30, 1960 RICHARD KENNETH GAINES " Rick " Miami, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking Club 4; Interact 4; Men ' s Club 3; Basketball 1-2-3-4. Lettered 3 - 4; Football 1-2-3-4. Captain 4, Lettered 2-3-4; Field Day 1-2-3-4; SGA 4; Prom Committee 3; Homecoming Court 1 : Science Fair 1 - 2. EVELYN JANE GORSLINE March 29. 1960 " Evie " Machias, Maine FLHS 3 - 4: Backpacking Club 3 - 4: French Club I : Varsny Club 2; Class President 2: Tennis 1-2-3; Field Hockey 2: Newspaper Staff 3: Yearbook Staff 3. JOHN HENRY GOERGEN May 18, 1960 " Jock " Syracuse, New York FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking Club 4; French Club 3 - 4; Interact 3 - 4, President 4; Men ' s Club 3, President 3; Pep Club 1-2-3-4; Intramural Basketball Coach 2 - 3; Basketball 1-2-3-4. Captain 4. Lettered 3 - 4; Tennis Manager 3; Field Day I -2; SGA President 4; Float Committee 4; Miss Lopez Committee 3 - 4; Prom Committee 3; Newspaper Business Manager 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Homecoming King 4; Who ' s Who in American H.S. Students 3 - 4. KATHLEEN VERONICA HAYDU Apnl 13. 1960 " Kathy " Wilmington. North Carolina FLHS 1-2-3-4: Drama Club I ; Health Careers Club I - 2; Pep Club 1 ■ 2; Tennis 1 ; Mr. Lopez Committee 2; Prom Committee 3; Newspaper Staff 4: Yearbook Staff 4; Band I. LISA HANNANS January 25, 1960 " Lisa " Brocton, Massachusetts FLHS I - 2 - 3 - 4; Backpacking Club 4; Christian Service Club 3 - DEBORAH MARIE HOPKINS November 27. 1959 " Debbie " Ridgewood, New Jersey FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking Club 4: Christian Service Club 3 - 4; Intramural Basketball I; Field Day 1; Prom Committee 3; Flag Team 1 - 2. Captain 2. LAWRENCE EDWARD JONES April 22. 1960 " Larry " Durham. North Carolina FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking Club 4; Drama Club 3 - 4; Pep Club 3 - 4; Spanish Club 3; Football I - 2, Lettered 1 - 2; Soccer 3 - 4, Lettered 3 - 4. JOHN DANIEL JAEGER October 2. 1960 " John " Daytona Beach. Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4: Chess Club I ; Men ' s Club 3; Pep Club 1,-2; Surf Club 1 : Intramural Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-2-4. Lettered 2-4: Track I . CARLETON WILSON JONES " Carl " Orlando. Florida December 17. 1960 CHARLES L. KRAWCZYNSKI August 8, 1960 " Charlie " Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Fl HS I -:-3-4: Baseball 1-3-4: Basketball 1; Football 1 -4. JOHN FRANCIS LANDERS " John " Syracuse, New York FLHS4. April 13. 1960 DONA JOYCE KIGHT March 1, 1960 " Dona " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Drama Club 1-2-3-4; French Club 3 - 4, Secretary 3. President 4; Interact 3 - 4; Pep Club 1-2-3-4. Secretary 4; Intramural Volleyball 1; Homecommg Committee 3 - 4; Mini-Course Committee I - 2-3: Miss Lopez Committee 3 - 4; Prom Committee 3: Yearbook Business Manager 4; Band 1 - 2. Lettered 1-2; Outstanding Bandsman 1 ; Voice of Democracy Third Place 1 - 2; NEDT Award 1 - 2; PSAT Letter of Commendation 3; Girls ' State 3; Who ' s Who in American HS. Students 3. MARY MARGRET LORRAINE LILL May 1. 1960 " Chicken Legs " Montreal, Canada FLHS 1 - 2 - 3 - 4; Pep Club 1 - 2 - 3 - 4; Intramural Volleyball 1 . Captain I ; Intramural Basketball 3-4; Swimming 1-2-3-4. Captain 4; Volleyball 1-2-3-4. Captain 3-4; Cheerleading 1-2-3-4. Co-Captain 2; Bat Girl 4; Field Day I -3. ANTONIO LIVRES, JR. June25, 1960 " Tony " Elizabeth, New Jersey I LllS 1-2-3-4: Tennis 1 - 2. Lettered 1 - 2. MARK KEVIN LINGO April 3. 1960 " Willie " Camden, New Jersey FLHS I - 2 - 3 - 4; Backpacking Club 3-4: Drama Club 4: Interact 4; Baseball 1 . Lettered I : Basketball 1-2-3-4, Lettered 1-2-3-4; Football 1-2-3-4. Captain 4. Lettered 1-2-3-4: Field Day 1-2-3-4: Floatbuilding Committee 4; All State Football Honorable Mention 2: Third Team 3: All Area 2 - 3: Basketball MVP 1-2-3; Homecoming Court 2 - 4: Boys ' Stale 3. MICHAEL LOCONTE March 4, 1960 " Mike " Hollywood, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4: Basketball 1-2-3-4. Lettered 1-2-3-4: Football 1 - 2-3-4, Captain 2. Lettered I - 2 - 3 - 4. All Area 4. WILLIAM SAXTON LLOYD, JR. December I, 1959 " Bill " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4: Drama Club 1-2-3-4. Secretary 2. Vice President 3, President 4: Interact 3 - 4: NHS 3 - 4; Pep Club I - i - 3 - 4, Activities Co- Chairman 2: Public Relations 1-2; Swimming 2-3-4. Lettered 2-3-4; SGA 1-2; Class President 3-4: Prom Committee Chairman 3: Float Committee 4: Homecoming Committee 2-3-4; Mini-Course Committee 2-3-4; Miss Lopez Committee 4; Newspaper Staff 3 - 4. Business Manager 3: Yearbook Staff 3. Editor-in-Chief 4; American Legion Award I: NEDT Award 2; Science Fair 1 ; Mr. Lopez Runner-up 3: Who ' s Who in American High School Students 3-4. October 21, 1960 CATHERINE ROSE McCLOSKEY " Cathy " Detroit, Michigan FLHS I - 2 - 3 - 4: Chess Club 2; Christian Service Club 4; Heahh Careers Club 2: Pep Club 1-2-3-4: Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-4, Captain 4, MVP 1; Intramural Softball 1; Intramural Volleyball 1-3-4; Basketball 4: Track 1-2-3-4. Lettered 1-2-3-4: Volleyball 2-3-4. Lettered 2 - 3 - 4; Field Da 1 - 2 - 3 - 4: SG A 2 - 3 - 4: Mini-Course Committee 2-3-4; Band 1 -2; Homecoming Queen 4. JULIAN CARLOS LOPEZ, JR. November 27, 1960 " Slick " Daytona, Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking Club 4; Spanish Club 3 - 4. Secretary 4; Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-4; Football 1-2; Golf 1-2-3-4, Lettered 2-3-4. WENDY ANN McMENAMY August 25, 1960 " Wendy " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking Club 4; Christian Service Club 4; Pep Club I - 2; Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-4. Captain 4; Intramural Softball 1 ; Intramural Volleyball 1-3-4; Basketball 3 - 4; Track 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. Captain 2. Lettered 2-3-4; Volleyball 2; Field Day I - 2 - 3 - 4, MVP 2 -3. SUZANNE DIXON McMENAMY August 25, I960 " Suzi " Daytona Beach. Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking Club 4; Christian Service Club 4; Pep Club 1-2-3-4; Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-4; Intramural Softball 1 - 2: Intramural Volleyball 1-3-4; Basketball 3; Track 1-2-3-4. Lettered 2-3-4; Cheerleadmg 4; Field Day 1-2-3-4. ANTIONETTE M. MEEKS October 18. 1960 " Toni " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Drama Club 1-2-3-4. Presideni 4; Pep Club 1-2-3 4, Secrelar 3; Intramural Bowlmg 3; Intramural Softball 1 : Intramural Voiles ball ' l -3; Track 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. Lettered 2 - 3 - 4; Volleyball 2 - 3 - 4. Lettered 2-3-4; Field Day 1-2-3-4; Mini-Course Committee 3; Newspaper Typist 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Flag Team 2; Miss Lopez Contestant 2 - 4. TIMOTHY GERARD McNAMARA April 10. 1960 ■■Tim " Bellefonte, Pennsylvania FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking 3 -4; Men ' s Club 3; Pep Club 3; NHS 4; Spanish Club 3 - 4. President 4; Football 1 ; Basketball 1-2-3. Lettered 2 -3; SGA 3: Class Treasurer 4; Prom Committee 3; SGA Elections Committee 3; Intramural Basketball Coach 2 - 3; Science Fair 1. County Science Fair I ; Who " s Who in American H.S. Students 3 - 4. SUZANNE ELIZABETH MOLLENKOF November 1. 1960 " Suzanne " Johnstown, Pennsylvania FLHS 4; National Beta Club 3; NHS 4; Class Vice President 3; Newspaper Editor-in-Chief 4: Yearbook Staff 4; Miss Lopez Committee 4: Citizenship Award 3; Veterans of Foreign War Speech Contest Runner Up 4. MONA LISA MOBLEY January 7, 1960 " Babe " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Christian Service Club 4; Drama Club 1-2-4. Sweetheart 4. Treasurer 4; Intramural Bowling 3 -4. Captain 3; Intramural Volleyball 1 - 4; Track Manager 3; Field Day 2; Homecoming Committee 2-3-4; Miss Lopez Committee 2 - 4; Miss Lopez Runner Up 4; Prom Committee 3; Newspaper Feature Editor 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Flag Team 2. SONIA MARGARET MORI November 26. 1959 " Wetback " Chicago, Illinois FLHS3-4: Drama Club 4: Debate 1: Red Cross 2 - 3; Spanish Club 1 -2 - 3. Secretary 2: Winterim Commitlee I - 2: Newspaper Staff 2; Yearbook Staff 1-2: Band I, Majorette 2; Miss Illinois National Teenager 2 - 3: Miss Lopez 4; State Drum Champion I. ROSE CAM I LLE MORABITO May 29, 1 960 " Rose " Mamarock, New York FLHS 3 - 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Yearbook Staff 4. CHARLES MOSTERT January 27, 1960 " Chuck " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Chess Club 3: Intramural Basketball 4: Soccer 2-3-4; Captain 4; Field Day 2. MARY ANN MOSER June 5, 1960 " Mo " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Chess Club I ; Health Careers Club 1 ; Pep Club 1-2-3 - 4. Vice President 4; Intramural Basketball 1 - 2; Tennis 1-2-3; Track 1 - 2; Field Day 1 - 2; Prom Committee 3; Newspaper Staff 3 - 4; Yearbook Staff 3. Research Editor 4. PATRICIA MURPHHY January 22, 1961 " Trisha " Deland, Florida KLHS3-4: Drama Club 4; Pep Club 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Yearbook Slaff4. LAWRENCE ANTHONY MOTZEL July 17. I960 " Larry " Syracuse, New York FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking Club 4; French Club 3 - 4: Men ' s Club 3; Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-4: Baseball 1 ; Basketball Manager 1 - 2; FiH ' iball 1-3-4; Tennis 2-3-4; Floalbuilding Committee 4: Band I. JAMES MICHAEL O ' BRIEN October 12. 1960 " Jim " Camden, New Jersey FLHS 1-2-3-4: Men ' s Club 3; Pep Club 1-2-3-4: Spanish Club 3: Intramural Basketball I - 2 - 3 - 4. Captain 4; Float Chairman 4; Gong Show Producer 4; Soccer 1-2-3-4. Captain 4, Lettered 1-2-3-4. MARK DONALD NASH May 6, 1960 " Lurch " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Men ' s Club 3; Pep Club 2; Intramural Basketball 2 - 3. MVP 2. Coach and Captain 3; Basketball 1-3-4, Lettered 3 - 4. Manager 2: Football 1-2-3-4, Lettered 1-2-3-4; Track 4; Field Day 2: Class Vice President 3: SGA Treasurer 3; Homecoming Committee 3: Prom Committee 3; S.W.A.T. Chairman 3: American Legion Oratorical Contest Alternate 3; Mr. Lopez Contestant 1. WILLIAM OLIVER POWELL February II. 1%0 " Billy " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4: Men ' s Club i: Baseball 1 1-2-3. Lettered 2 -3. Basketball I - 2: Football SEAN STEPHANOS PRICE June 2. 1960 " Pierre " Daytona Beach, Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Men ' s Club 3; Intramural Basketball 1-2-3; Football 2 - 3. Lettered 2 - 3; Soccer 2-3-4, Lettered 2-3-4; Field Day 2-3-4. LYNN PETRIE December 14, 1960 " Lynn " Syracuse, New York FLHS 1-2-3-4; Drama Club 1-2-3-4. Secretary 4; NHS 3 - 4. President 4; Pep Club 1-2-3-4, Activities Co-Chairman 2; SGA 2 - 3. Vice President 3; Prom Committee 3; News Journal Correspondent 4. THOMAS WILLIAM REILLY III September 20, 1960 " Moke " Evanston, Illinois FLHS 1-3-4; Men ' s Club 3-4; Baseball I - 4; Basketball 1-3-4, Captain 4, Lettered 3 - 4; Football 1; Tennis 4; Track 1-3-4; Field Day 1-3-4: Girls ' Intramural Basketball 3 - 4. ROBERT ALLAN ROSETTI October 2, I960 " Rob " Daytona Beach, Florida I ' LHS I - 2 - .1 - 4: Chess Club 1: Men ' s Club 3; Pep Club 2; Inlramural Basketball 2-3-4; Football 2-3: Swimming 3 - 4. Lettered 3 - 4; Newspaper Staff 4: Yearbook Staff 4. AURORA MARIE RITAYIK May 27, 1960 " Ro " Havana, Cuba FLHS 1-2-3-4; French Club 2-3-4. Secretary 4; Pep Club 1-2-3-4. Vice President 3. President 4; Intramural Basketball 1-2-3: Tennis I - 3 - 4: Track I - 2; Field Day 1-2; Homecoming Committee 4; Newspaper Layout Editor 4; Yearbook Staff 4. PAUL FRANCIS SILVESTRIS October 3, 1960 " Bandit " Worchester. Massachusetts FLHS 1-2-3-4: Intramural Basketball 1-2-4; Football 1-2-3. Lettered 2-3: Soccer 4; Field Day 1 ; Miss Lopez Committee 3. ELISE BETHANY ROY January 7, 1960 " Elroy " West Hartford, Connecticut FLHS I - 2 - 3 - 4; Backpacking Club 4; Intramural Volleyball 3 - 4; Volleyball 3. Lettered 3: Newspaper Staff 4: Yearbook Staff 4. MARK STEVEN SMITH March 30. 1960 " Smitty " Dayto na Beach. Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Intramural Basketball 3-4; Baseball 1; Basketball 1 2; Football 1-2-3-4. Lettered 2-3-4. MARGARET CATHERINE SLOAN May 30, 1960 " Maggie " Orlando. Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Drama Club 1-2-3; French Club 3; Intramural Basketball 1-2-3; Intramural Bowlmg I - 3; Intramural Volleyball 1 - 3 CHARLES EDGAR SPRAGUE, JR. December 30. 1960 " Chuck " Daytona Beach. Florida FLHS 1-2-3-4; Pep Club 4; Intramural Basketball 4; Baseball I - 2 - 3 • 4. Captam 4, Lettered 4; Basketball 1-2-3. Captain 2; Foolball 2-3-4, Lettered 4; Field Day 3. BLAINE BRANTLEY STAED September 21. 1960 " Blaine " New Orleans, Louisiana FLHS 1-2-3-4; Backpacking Club 3 - 4. President 4; Drama Club I - 2 - 3 - 4; Interact 4. Secretary 4; NHS 3 - 4. Secretary 4; Pep Club 1 - 2 - 3 - 4; Spanish Club 3-4; Intramural Basketball 2; Intramural Volleyball 3 - 4; Tennis I ; Track 2-3-4. Lettered 2-3-4: Soccer Manager 3 - 4; Field Day 1 - 2; Class Secretary 4; MimCourse Committee 2; NEDT Award 2; Science Fair I - 2: Who ' s Who in American H.S. Students 3 - 4; Homecoming Court 4. DAVID THOMAS TISDEL " Tiz " Hialeah. Florida I LHS I -:-3-4: Chess Club I. December 17. 1960 ALISON ANNETTE WIDMAIER June 24, 1960 " Misty " Daytona Beach. Florida KLHS 1-2-3-4: Backpacking Club 3 - 4; Christian Service Club 4; Health Careers Club 1 ; Horsemanship Award 1-2-3-4: Science Fair 1 ESTHER GRACT; M. VILLAFLOR August I. 1960 " Esther " Manila. Phillippines FLHS 2-3-4: Spanish Club 2 - 4: Yearbook Siaff 2 - 4. JOANNE WOODRUFF May 16, 1960 " Fanny " Clark, New Jersey FLHS 1-2-3-4: Backpacking Club 4; Christian Service Club 3 - 4; Pep Club 4: Intramural Bowling 1 : Tennis 2 - 4. Lettered 2. Not pictured: Kevin Behulaiv FLHS 1-2-3-4. " ThcYcill this l„„ii: ' " ■■ li:in ,„,iJ, ' ,i. , ,,; l • ' This page sponsored by Carl Walter ' s Hairst les. A.W.O.L. Senior Skip Day Where do seniors go and what do they do when they ' re given a legal day to skip? The Class of ' 78 packed up and headed for Alexander Springs on their skip day, May 1. Following a long weekend, the seniors couldn ' t have been more pleased when Monday rolled around and the weather was perfect. All decked out in bathing suits and shorts, they plunged into the refreshing waters of the springs. Among the activities of the day were swimming, sun bathing, scuba diving, hiking, and relaxing. As it always happens when people are enjoying themselves, time seems to fly and the sun was setting. A happy group of seniors packed up and left Alexander Springs, warmed by the memories of a day among friends when all problems were forgotten, and fun was the only thing on their minds. Is that Tarpon Rolling in the springs? I feel strongly. ..both ways. Sue Cook ' s baptism What Is a Ring? Senior Ring B cs. ing Ti a Niuing girl, it is an ornament for her finger. 1 o a hride. it is a s nihol of a new life. lo a high school senior, it means a school ring ... an object that can bring back years of memories full of joy. hope, sorrow, hardship, friendship, and change. This year, the f ' ather Lope? Senior Ring Blessing was held at Prince of Peace Catholic Clnirch with Father John Picciano celebrating the Mass. Participants in the ceremony were Suzanne Moilenkof and Mark Nash, with the music provided by Mary Beth Histon, Cathv McCloskev. Jack Wade, and Bill Lloyd. Immediately following the ceremony was a luncheon held at the King ' s Cellar Restaurant. This special day gave the same thoughts to each senior: memories of past days, close friends, and never again experiences, thoughts of the future and what it would hold, and thoughts of today — the stepping stone for tomorrow. GA, GA, DOO, DOO! Kniilic Picluii ' s 10. " Belter [han i rained carrots! II. " Come up and see me some- 2. " Godson. Keepau hands off! " 1. B. Staed2. J. Woodruff 3 B Powell 4. L. Garguilo 5. E. Villaflor6. M. B. Elston 7. M. Loconte 8. B. Lloyd 9. T. McNamara 10. S. Demming II. J. Lopez 12. P. ■• Siliesins 9. " Mommy, ther ' s tacks in this carpet. " 10. " Opera is so boring. " 12. " Sav, tVooonyiV. " I. R. Fischetti 2. M. Moser 3. R. Rosetii 4. E. Roy 5. C. Cuccoro 6. J. Goergen 7. M. Mobley 8. A. Ritayik 9. S. DiMartino 10. J. Costello II. M. Widmater 12. K. 43 Haydu 10. " Timejor my first trainer. " 1 1. " Look Ma, r o cavities! 12. " Listen. 1 paid fifty bucks for this hairstyle. ' 1. T. Murphey 2. S. Chappius 3. R. Gaines 4. M. Fromme 5. L. Peine 6. M. Barron 7. L. Hannans 8. S. Mori 9. D. Kight 10. M. Dascanio U.S. Mollenkof 12. M. Crotty 9. " Captain Kangaroo is my hero. " 10. " I prefer Robert Redford myself. " 12. " Whv did even ' one leave? 1. J. Ahmed 2. C.Jones 3. D. Hopkins4. S. Cook 5. J. O ' Bnen 6. C. McCloskey 7. R. Morabito 8. P. Bouchard 9. S. McMenamy 10. W. McMenamy 11. M. Coody 12. C. Krawczynskr ENDLESS SUMMER Prom 1977-19 8 Summer came early for man Juniors and Seniors when one of the most memorable moments of the sear arrived April 15, 1978 Ihat moment was the junior-Senior Prom themed " f-ndless Summer. " It was held at the Da s Inn Shores Motel in honi r of the Seniors of 1978 and given h the Junior Class. " Full Circle " filled the dance floor and swung the music around from soul to disco to rock and roll. Surfboards, palm trees, a sailKial. and a huge mural drawn b Taka Kawamata decorated the hall, along with a lavish table of hor D ' oeuvres served b sophomore hostesses. Thanks to the hard work of the prom committee and sponsor Joan White. Prom remains as one of the highlights of senior ear. Lisa Gargulio and Marc Fori ier gel ready lo enler Endless Summer. WALT DISNEY WORLD PRESENTS Grad Nile i not polile 10 point, Michele. ■ 1 Mark tries out for the Haunted Man- sion. " Hi! My name is Tim McNamara. Welcome aboard Surf Coast lours, where we will be traveling to the Wonderful World of Disney. " Each year Walt Disney World honors graduating seniors throughout the state of Florida by providing concerts by the nation ' s top groups and unlimited use of the Magic Kingdom attractions. This year. Father Lopez seniors enjoyed their Grad Nite on May 12, from 1 1 p.m. to 5 a.m. Leaving Lopez at 9 p.m. and arriving by buses at the Kingdom, the seniors enjoyed the music of the Atlanta Rhythm Section, High Energy, Hot, and Con- Funk-Shun. After an exciting but tiring night of eating, dancing, and riding the attractions, the seniors managed to sleep on the way home. Please, I ' m trying to carry on a conversation here. Ants in your pants, Kevin. A LONG AWAITED PRAISE Senior Awan s Isn V that sweet . . . With the end of the school year come the awards for those seniors who have shown outstanding characteristics in a wide variety of categories. This year ' s Senior Awards ceremony was held on May 21 in the St. Brendan ' s Social Hall. Mr. George King, one of the senior sponsors, was the Master of Ceremonies, and several juniors were hostesses and assistants. During the intermission, two seniors, Joanne Costello and Bill Lloyd, entertained those present with musical selections. After a year of hard work, those who had put forth their effort were given the results of those efforts in the form of awards, scholarships, and recognition. Good job. Mad. Toh voKl ' dgelil. Tim. THE BESTEST OF THE BEST 1978 Senior Superlatives CUTEST WITTIEST Esther Villaflor and Bubba Bonner BEST DRESSED Rosemary Fischetti and Jim O ' Brien BEST LOOKING Joanne Woodruff and Mike Loconte Sonia Mori and Mark Lingo FRIENDLIEST MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Connie Cuccoro and Paul Bouchard Aurora Ritayik and John Goergen MOST ATHLETIC MOST SCHOLASTIC Wendy McMenamv and Dave Cesari Susie Demming and Jeff Ahmed MOST DEPENDABLE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Michele Dascanio and Bill Lloyd Mary Crotty and Tim McNamara BEST ALL AROUND Sue Cook and Rick Gaines NEW BEGINNINGS C ' dDiDiohcnicni " I ' or evcr thing ihcrc is .1 scimmi. .iiul . imic for even mailer under hea en " For the seniors. Ma 26 marked ihe beginning of a new season; 11 marked iheir season of New Begmnings I ollowingse eral heetic practices. the were finalK reads to take the big step. The Graduation ceremonv took place at St. Paul ' s at 7:30 p.m. on May 26. Bishop Thomas Grads officiated, and was assisted bs pastors of local parishes as well as Father John Picciano and I ' ather Michael Hogan Several members of the graduating class participated b reading and singing. Sister Rose Fllen announced the graduates receiving diplomas, and Mr. George King acted as Commentator during the commencement ceremon . Four sears of high school are now ended, and for most. It hardls seems possible. I our sears which reached their peak on Mas 26. W78 when thes were finalls handed the proof of their endless labor, and amid tears and shouts of joy. realized that this was goodbye. Now they must begin again — never forgetting that which has already past, but instead, taking from those memories and building a stronger future. Fears in New Beginnings can bejust as difficult to face as the tears that come with the closing of a chapter in life, but both are essential, and for both there is a time. Many long, disappointing hours of practice were transformed into a beautiful and rewarding ceremony. Larry Motzcl reading one of the last scriptures the Class of IV 7,V would hear together. Susie Demming receives the symbol of years of working, learning, changing, and growing. REMEMBER. . . V 11 f r IX ■ «. 1 ADMINISTRATION Lucy Peanut?! That ' s right. Mrs. Catherine Boyle. Enghsh, Speech, and Journalism teacher originally from Daytona Beach, is known as Lucy Peanut to her husband. Jeff. A graduate from Florida Technological University. Mrs. Boyle does bear a remarkable resemblance to the famous comic strip character. She enjoys the beach, bike ridmg. reading, listening to music, and is becoming a world traveler. Her favorite passion, however, is basketball and " Dr. J. " Sister Cecelia Byrnes, widely known around the Lopez campus for her many diverse activities, is from New York City. She attended the Dominican College there, where she earned her B.S. in Education. Sister Cecelia is very involved at Lopez. She is into everything from teaching Algebra 1 courses to sponsoring SGA and Interact. A lover of Italian food. Mrs. Evelyn Champagne holds many responsibilities here at Lopez. In charge of clubs " and sports ' finances, tuition, and all other finances. Mrs. Champagne, born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, has been working at Lopez since November of 1974. During her free time at home she likes to knit or do needlepoint. Si.uer Man- Ann Collins, well known for her remarkable cheering abihty. is. of course, the sponsor of the Pep Club. A northerner. Sister Mary Ann loves the climate here and loves doing her thing which she calls " beaching. " Although she ' s often busy with underclassmen theology and world culture classes, she always can be seen cheerins at the games. ■VoM ihiifs kIuii I call annesl. ' Typing and Bookkeeping expert, Mr. Jim Gardinier is a graduate of Walsh College in Ohio. Besides teaching. Mr. Gardinier enjoys participating in many sports; tennis, raquetball and golf to name a few. He also likes to go camping along with his wife. Carolyn, and he claims to like any food which is fattening or non-fattenina. Mr. Gardinier cheering at a game. Besides being our principal, and taking care of all of her responsibilities around school. Sister Rose Ellen Gorman, of New York City, also enjoys roller skating and bike riding. She lived in New York all of her life and received a B.S. in Education and a M.A. in English. Administration, and Supervision. She has had a great deal of variety in her career, having taught all grades from kindergarten up to and including college. But everyone needs to relax, and for Sister Rose Ellen, relaxation can be found in books. Sisier Gall Hegarly. of Brooklyn. New York, is the most soft-spoken member of the faculty. Educated at the Dominican College of Blauvett. Sister Gail also is the bearer of a M.A. in History from Columbia L ' niversity. New York. Teacher of world culture and theology clas,ses. Sister Gail loves jelly beans. " A nd then Goldielocks said . Part-time theology teacher. Father Michael Hogan likes to keep his life his secret. Born in Ireland, Father Hogan claims his life is an open book but that he has a right to his privacy. FR. HOGAN 13 is irrelevant. ' Lopez library is run almof t single- handedly by Mrs. Helen Jerabek. Qualified for the job with a M.A. in Library Science from the Columbia University Library School, Mrs. Jerabek has been in charge now for almost eight years. She likes to bike ride, but her favorite pastime is, of course, reading. H » — ■ H TitTc diii vou get this magazine?? " Mrs. Cheryl Lee Johnson has a wide variety of hobbies ranging from yoga to chasing her active six-year-old son. She was born in Columbus, Ohio, but she spent most of her life in the Northwest. Attending several universities, she received her B.A. in English at the University of Denver. Besides being busy teaching French and English here at Lopez, Mrs. Johnson has many hours towards a degree in comparative religion. Lopez has its own amateur limnologist! That ' s right! Mr. George King, originally from Chicago, Illinois, somehow finds time to indulge in such hobbies as limnology, woodworking, and outdoor sports when he is not busy being husband to wife, Sheridan, or teaching Algebra I and n, geometry, and analysis courses at Lopez. After having received his B.S. in Math from the University of Illinois. Mr. King spent two years of his life teaching in Malawi, Africa, and two summers in the Everglades with the Youth Conservation Corps. Despite his involvement at home and at school as Lopez Athletic Director, one of Mr. King ' s habits is to learn something new everyday. Bt)rn in Memphis, Tennessee, Mrs. Kathy KIciyer teaches science and health courses at Lopez and coaches the Green Wave swim team. She earned her B.S. in Education at the University of Cincinnati. Between teaching and coaching, Mrs. Klayer finds time for her husband and two kids and for sewing and macrame. Earth to Mrs. Klayer. Earth to Mrs. Klayer. One of the most colorful faculty members at Lopez is Mrs. Raisa Leorza. Born in Sague la Grande, Cuba, Mrs. Leorza was educated at the University of Havana. She also attended Bethune Cookman College where she received her B.S. in Spanish. Mrs. Leorza, vivacious Spanish teacher at Lopez, claims to have no personal habits and enjoys classical music, ballet, sewing, and traveling. " wonder why evenhoch ' s answers are I he same? " Miss Lerolyn McFashion, Home Economics and Social Studies 12 teacher, enjoys sewing, cooking, and art. A graduate of DBCC and a bearer of a B.S. in Social Science from Florida A M University, Miss McFashion lives with her parents and has worked at Lopez for two and a half years. She also dedicates her lunchtimes to running the concession stand and we hope she ' ll remain at Lopez a long time. " Don ' t you put my teeth on that table! " An extensive traveler. Sister Christine Marian RSHM. lias been to Columbia. South America, Italy, France. England. Spain. Germany. Switzerland, and Austria. Besides traveling. Sister Christine also likes to read, listen to classical music, knit, and work on crossword puzzles. She is originally from New York City, and received her B.A. at Marymount College. She earned her MA. at Columbia University. New York. She has also done some studying in Italy. France, and Columbia. Her extensive background gives her excellent qualifications as Latin teacher here at Lopez. Sister Christine, camera shv? A graduate of nearby Stetson University, Chuck Mojock. guidance counselor at Lopez is originally from Pennsylvania. Holder of a recently acquired Master ' s degree in guidance and counseling, Mr. Mojock gives individual attention to each senior ' s post-high school plans. To relax, Mr. Mojock plays basketball and tennis and enjoys dancing and canoeing. He claims to enjoy his work here at Lopez and says that it ' s fun and exciting to watch the students grow. " Dear Santa . . . Love Chuckie. ' A native New Yorker the pastor here at Lopez, Father John Picciano attended St. Leo College in St. Petersburg where he received a B.S. in Business Administration and Philosophy. He also earned two masters; one in theology and one in psychiatric social work. A friendly guy. Father John enjoys golf, tennis, music, and novels. " God ' ll geicha for thai one. ' ! ' Hard working, but inconspicuous, Mr. Walter Oskandy, known around the campus as just plain " Walter " has had two sons graduate from Lopez. Assisting Rosie in maintenance, Walter likes to fish and eat what he catches. He also enjoys, along with his wife, Yvonne, collecting antiques. A native Fluridian. Mr. Bobhy Pitiman is from Clearwater. Florida. Father of two boys, Mr. Pittman attended FSL ' where he received his B.S. in Ph sical Education. Teacher of health and P.E. classes. Coach Pittman first began his career here in Daytona Beach. In his spare time. Coach Pittman enjoys jogging, canoeing, and reading, and upon request or non-request always has ajoke hand . " will not change your grade no mailer ho much you give me! " Mr. Jeff Snyder, a native of Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania, has taken over the job of teaching psychology and Theology 12 at Father Lopez. He also spends his time at Lopez coaching the girls ' basketball team, and being head of the Discipline Committee. Mr. Snyder, the oldest child in a family of six children, also enjoys sign painting, art. and stereos. He went to St. Mary ' s Seminary College in Baltimore and earned his B.A. in Psychology and Religious Studies. Sister Miriam Thonias. of the Dominican Order, works as assistant to Mr. Mojock in guidance. She is also indispensable to Mrs. Jerabek in the library where she lends a hand. A world traveler. Sister Miriam is open to any suggestions on a world cruise at an inexpensive price. " Connecting ihese dots sure is rough. ' English teacher, girls ' P.E. coach, volleyball coach, and intramural bowling director all rolled into one, Mrs. Mary- Ann Tidmarsh is an important figure in Lopez sports activities. Although born in Ohio, Mrs. Tidmarsh received her B.S. degree in Physical Education from nearby Stetson University. Despite her activities here at Lopez, Mrs. Tidmarsh finds some spare time in which she enjoys swimming, horseback riding, bridge playing and reading. Father of four, and native of Mount Vernon, Ohio, Mr. Bruce Tramoni holds a B.A. from the University of Buffalo. Coach of the Varsity Basketball team and teacher of social studies. Mr. Tramont has been at Lopez for ten years. He enjoys sports and music, especially playing the piano now and then: and he loves spaghetti. T ( v ta worse than hein put in the cornet " But 2 + 2 IS supposed to be 4 ' " Eighteen faithful years ago, when this year ' s seniors were just coming into the world. Father Lopez added to its staff Mrs. MaiT Hoffman Truscoti. valuable .secretary and graduate of St. Paul ' s High School. Mrs. Truscott was born in Blooniington. Illinois, and married husband James in 1971. Her hobbies vary from fishing and reading to crewel and talking to Mrs. Tramont on the phone. Mrs. Truscott has also done some traveling. She has visited Colorado. California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico. She is indispensable and will hopefull still be part of the staff when the senior ' s children become seniors. An honors graduate of the University of Missouri (Columbia), Mrs. Joan Marlin White, upperclassmen Enghsh teacher here at Lopez, enjoys writing, swimming, and running. An avid outdoors woman, Mrs. White sponsors the backpacking club and often goes backpacking with her husband Perry in her spare time. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, she has lived in Virginia, Colorado, Japan, and Missouri, but resides presently in the small town of Deland. Roosevelt Wilmore, better known as " Rosie " to Lopezians, has been here longer than any other member of the Lopez staff. In charge of maintenance, Rosie has been at Lopez since 1959. From the small town of Rock Hill. South Carolina, Rosie loves all sports and music, boogieing, and claims his favorite food is baked potatoes. " Surf ' s up " is a phrase often escaping from Lopez ' s chemistry, earth science, and physics whiz. Born in Massachusetts, Mr. Ray Zemaitis attended both Boston and Worchester State Colleges. While often busy with wife, Kristina, or coaching tennis, Mr. Zemaitis still finds time to enjoy all kinds of sports and music. " Nobody knows dah trouble I see! HEAR YE, HEAR YE School Board Led by Chairman Joe O ' Brien, the School Board was extremely active raising money for the library expansion fund. Besides the selling of the Christmas trees and wreaths, the Board, with Father John Picciano, took care of the organization of the Father Lopez Spring Festival. The Board also worked on other projects besides fund raising which were basic ally firming up the school policies. Silling, 1 10 r: Sister Rose Ellen, Mrs. Motzel, Mr. O ' Brien, Dr. Bonner. Slanding. I lo r: Father John Picciano, Mrs. Farmer. Mr. Baker, Father Sean Hesslin. MOMS AND DADS Parents ' Associaiioii An oreani alion welcoming interest, suggestions and participation b all parents of Father Lopez stmlenis. the Parents ' Association ' s purpose iv ihree-fokl to provide and or support educational, social and fund raising opportunities for parents in the hope of cnnchine the school en ironment. Plans for this car were coordinated with the Board of Education. Administration. ( ' acult . Booster Club, and Parents ' Association at a loinl meeting prep.iring for orientation. The club supported the school sponsored parent education programs uuh special emphasis on Sister Rose 1. lien ' s Koffe Kl.ilches, where guest speakers shared their evperlise in .1 p.irlicular field. The Parents ' Association also contributed niones for shades for the classrooms, a new mimeograph machine. lihrar video camera and studv carrels, and Christmas gifts for the facultv. Sitiing. 1 1,, r Mrs, Bookmser. Mr-., I ull.m. Mrs, tiascanio. Mrs. Kelly. Mrs. Houck. Suimli if;. I lo r: Mrs. Bouchard. .Mrs. Nelson. Mrs. Goergen. Mrs. McGrane. .Mrs. Caravati. Sister Rose Ellen. AN EXTRA PUSH Booster Club An essenlial clcnK-ni for ihe success of the sports program is an organization designed to support in spirit, enlhusiasm, and finances, all sports of the school. The Booster Club, under the direction of officers Irene Amara. F.d Kertis, and Shirley Sprague. did just this. Some of the year ' s activities include weekly bingo games at Treasure Island Inn and Our Lady of l.ourdes. and selling programs at the numerous races at the Daytona Speedway. Funds from these go to the purchase of sporting equipment that helps further Ihe abilities of the participants in Lopez sports. Standing. I to r: Ray Zemaitis, Mrs. Sprague, Mr. Sprague, Mrs. Amara, Mr. Amara. Mr. Morris, Mr. O ' Brien, Jeff Snyder. Sitting. I tor: Mrs. O ' Brien. Sister Rose Ellen. George King. Mrs. Kertis. UNDERCLASSMEN THE CLASS OF 1979 Juniors " The great thing in this world is, not so much where we are we stand, as in what direction we are moving. " Goethe Leaves of Gnid MIKE ALVAREZ KEVIN AMARA BOBANDERSON JULIE BAKER JOHN BARTON , ,4 W Open (igtiin. Julte CAROL CANNARIATO DORIAN CARTER MARY ANN GILDEA BEV GOERGEN " Do you believe thai iheyjusi made a T. D. for the other learn? " " She ain ' l that funny looking! " ' My man. I ihink I ' ll keep him. ' " Ah, uh, uh, ongawal " Joanne Wytlie al a winning ga GREGNIETLING ALICE NOLAN STEVE O ' DWYER MOOREILLY TERRY PORTER JACK WADE CAROL WARZECKA JULIE WEBER BECKY WHITE MARY WIGMORE JOANNEWVLLIE COLLEEN WILLAN RICHARD WINTERS CHRIS WISELY Not pictured: JANET ANANIA GARY HEIMANN KIM MORRISON MARY LYNN O ' MALLEY Cult ' y.irls. rcii itiif THE CLASS OF 1980 Sophomores " Quiet minds can not be perplexed or frightened, but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own pace, like a ckK ' k during a thunderstorm. " Rt)berl Louis Stephenson Leaves of Gold RAYMOND ADJEMIAN BOBALBANO FRANK ALVAREZ ' ' aLVAREZ CHARLES AMIOT ROLAND BLAIS DONYA BOOKMYER AYN BOLCH David Loconie fires up. V. . SUSAN BOUCHARD BETH BROOKFIELD KEVIN CARAVATI MIKF (ASIII.O MIKE CHASE DeLAUGHTER KATHY DESPART MARK DEUSCHEL RICHARD DILLARD UGHERTY WES DUNN TINA FARMER LORI FARNAN 1 ■ Jf ' 1 P ■ " ' H " " 5 - H H f n f ! ] SUSAN F ISC HETTI STEVE FORTIER SUE FOX Football is played outdoors! ' Wail ' fi she opens her desk drawer. ' LESLIE JARRELL JANET JONES . ' LARRY KELLY MIKE KELLY TINA KENNEY VICKI KOPREVIC LESLIE KRAWCZYNSKI 80 Michael Chase counting sheep. " I ' ll give her a 7. " KEITH KULZER .,x ,,r vr T Avir ior nxiTP KATHERINE KELLY JIM LLOYD DAVID LOCONTE LOUCKS McLAUGHLIN MARK MATHEWS KAREN MARTIN MITCH MAUNSELL MIKE MELANSON JOHN MORI x J o KRISTEN MOTZEL KATHY NANGANO JOENORDMANN LISA NOWVISKIE MOSER JANIS O ' BRIEN SHARON O ' NEILL ' SoLIARULO CINDY REYNOLDS roSaNACH Daydreaming sometimes makes a class more interesting for Christine Weigand. " Boat? What boat?! We swam! " EDROSSARIO JUDY SANTOS ROSEMARY SCRIVA -ehhh. vhal S up dcK- ' - Fl 1 ' ■[ V ■ f- M9 . - 1 f§t- v 1 ' - 2i ■ m 1 1 rH MEGAN SMH LESLIE STAED DAVID SEILKOP CATHY SHEEHAN DENISESMARSE SUZIESTORCH CHARLES VIVIANO ALISON VOELKER DAVID WISE ROBERT WOLF Not pictured: JOHN BAIRD TIM BRENNAN DAN CLEROUX SUSAN DEREU LAURENCE GALLARDO PETER HANSON MELANIE SPAULDING THE CLASS OF 1981 Fn ' shnicn " Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, cast the shadow of our burden behind us. " S. Smiles Leaves of Gold. TED BELISTOS PATRICE BERNDT JANE BOUCHARD ° " , -c, , a d i a " m I Mr u a ka BRUCELLARIA BUCKINGHAM MARCUS BURKE KEVIN BUTLER DONNA CANNARIATO We all know you ' re sleeping. Jane. CHUCK CAMERON DONl CAREY BILL CARLSON MARLENCEPERO MARYCERIO TOMCHEMA n 71 m " v I PI . B K Bv i i ri Bk P - jy " d « .. M m. " 1 W Wr " ' . ) 1 f H .. T s- l ' CHARLENE COLE VICTOR COLLINS ANN CONE COLLEEN COSTELLO PATCOSTELLO JOHNDYLEWSKI PAT DOUGHERTY DARREN DOWLER ■■H,ns i„i rlovclifc: KEVIN KELLEY TOM KENAHAN MICHELE KEOUGH JOE RIGHT JOANMARIE KINSEY ANDREA KIVINSKY PHILKLIPPEL CAROL LACHAT MARY BETH LANDERS SHERRY LATTA CAL LEDBETTER VINCENT LILLY JOHN LLOYD MIKE LLOYD JOHN McDEVITT GUY McGRANE BRETT MacKAY MIKE McNAMARA ME ANSON ' J ' J i DIANE MERRELL DON MONICO MARIA MORRIS " Ah-huh. huh ' Thai was funny ! " TRACEYNIETLING CARL NETZHIMER KIM NUNZIATO PEGGY O ' REILLY TEJAL PARIKH DIANE PARMELLA LAURA PORTER PAMELA POWERS LISAPOZZO ZACHARY PRUSAK SHEILA PULEO TOM RAULERSON MICHELLE REILLY PAT RILEY " Fhe Big ones on Seallle Slew in the Jrd lo win! ' ' We lap dance too ! ' ROSELLETUTTLE ANNAVENDRONE CAL WEBB Diam- Mcrn-ll niki- hn-iiilwr in P E. " Hev ou ciile ihinu 1 ' - sy -0 ' Not pictured: TAMMY CHESTER MARIA CREAGH TONI KUSHNER MARY PETTI PAULSEILER MARCUS SPAULDING VAUGHN SPAULDING TIM STALION t r i- f IVTi !. : V i - ' 4 g %.- k FALL SPORTS 4C WE LIFT WEIGHTS! " I iirsiiv ' ( ()ih(i! ' n- ' lS A concvrneci Mike Loconle watches the action. I .4 tense nmmcnl fur Cdpiain Rick Gaines I touchdown; First row. Iti r: Managers; M. Smarse. B. Goergen, J. Wyllie. Second row: P. Maroney. D. Brookfield. J. Ireland. M. Lucdnle. K. Amara. G. Freeman. W. Dunn. S. Chappius. Third row: D. Cesari. T. Chapman. L. Molzel. C. Sprague. J. Gildea. J. Nordman. D. Culver. F n(rih row: C. Krawczynskl. E. Kertis. S. Lingo. R. Gaines. L. KelK. P.Connors. M. Mathews. M. Fortier. Fifihrow: M.Nash. M. Lingo. K. Behulak. P. Conley. J. Woodsmall. P. Twomey. M. Smith. And the tide rolls on — the Waves once again were guided through a tough football season and emerged with a winning record: one of the few traditions that wasn ' t affected by changes this year. The hefty, body-conditioned team, breaking in new coach Bobby Pittman. ended with a 5-5 record. Assistance came from all sides with the helping hands of Coaches Jim Gardinier, and two graduates from Lopez, Bill Thompson and Steve Cesari. Despite the three hour practices, the grueling weight- lifting sessions, and a few heartbreaking defeats, the team enjoyed this season and is already preparing for another winning one. Listen loihe ROAR Jnlegralion. This Page Sponsored b BUTTLEMAN ' S. r ' . ' 1. -f H P " " " Home Opponent 6 Jamboree-Haslings Jamboree-Taylor 6 26 Mouni Dora 20 Cocoa Beach 25 7 New Smyrna Beach 26 12 Crescent City 14 21 St. Augustine 19 Homecom mg- Pierson Taylor 6 Lakeland Santa Fe 33 6 Flagler Palm Coast 14 22 Melbourne Central Catholic 21 18 St. Cloud 13 in The One and Only " Isilabird?. . . Is it a plane? . . . No. it ' s " Super Chuck. •• m, - - 1 ,4 not her Wave touchdown. " Don ' t! Stop! Please No! " This Page Sponsored b ARMV-NAVY STORliS RIPPLING TO VICTORY J.V. Football 77 -7S i!t: r tl ' f m ; . ' -if-: The miniature Waves sometimes referred to as the " Ripples, " were coached this year by Bruce Tramont and Mike Powell. The J.V. Football team, although not obtaining a winning record, were winners in enthusiasm and spirit. Their captain, David Loconte, helped lead the team, and they all feel they have gained valuable experience in rising from " Ripples " to " Waves. " J.V. Football: Coaches Bruce Tramont and Mike Powell: Bob Albano. Todd Anlhons. Martus Burke. John Berndt. Chuck Cameron. Mike Casillo, Mike Chase, Danny Cone. Paul Culver. Darren Dowler. Frank Dougherty. Emmett Gray, Barney Hodossy. Kevin Kelley. Cal Ledbetter. David Loconte, Scott Lutz. Mike Melanson. Mark Mathews, Mitch Maunsell. Nicky Pagliarulo, Eddy Rossario, David Seilkop, John Silvestris, Jeff Smarse, Mike West, James Woodsmall. ZOOP THE LOOP! I iiiMiv Bu.skclhall " " " - ' " V Ri.h,irJ n inui- I ' ll the mm Tom Rcilly up for mo. " (jo m Vint (hinih hall! " " Please go III ' " This page sponsored h Pf.I ' l. ' S HAIR DKSIGNtRS. C " ontri lling the hall is nol an cas lask when one is on the court with nine oilier athletes. Yet the Cireen Wave varsii basketball team made that task look relali el eas . Carefull instructing the Cireen Wave team. Bruce Iramont sparked his team with excitement. Often competing with 3A or 4A schools did ni t help the wm-loss record, but in 2A competition the stor was different. It lakes teannvork to make a team great, and it lakes control and discipline. This year ' s learn went that distance. flom P MftTt 50 Cocoa Bch. 33 1 53 St. Aug. 55 38 Spruce Cr. 60 54 DeLand 82 46 Wvmore 45 56 F.P.C, 55« 61 Mainland 8ll 84 Warner 64fl 67 Bish. Moore iM 54 Holies 33 63 N.S.B. 58 flBl 1 jMish. Kennev ■ K Wymore 52 p2b 65 5 ' ™ Seabreeze 86 — 45 Spruce Cr. 75.1 63 Melbourne 52 w 63 Bish. Kennev 69 " m 55 F.P.C. 52 " T 56 Mainland 3 82 Cres. City 53 •■ 65 Melbourne 53 36 DeLand 48 38 Seabreeze 5(M 55 N.S.B. 5 1 73 Cres. City 3 1 73 Cres. Citv 57«l 53 F.P.C 59 Ke in gi)c iiir ilw high hurdles Jumping Jobiah ! Kncc iiig. I lor: K. Amara. D. Cesari. R.Gaines. J. ManchiM. J. Ireland. M. Loconte. 5 (™ m,i, ' . ' " ' M. Lingo, C " . Wisely. M. Nash, I. Reillv. D, Culver. D. Rui: A JUMP TO VICTORY Girls ' Varsilv Basketball 77-78 Women ' s l.ib touched i.ope lasl year when the girls ' arsii basketball team was organized and it has been an able addition to the Green Wa e lineup. In its second year and under the direction of new Coach Jeff Snyder the team turned last year ' s 2-10 record around to one of 9-7. The dedicated players occasionally came to practices at 6:30 in the morning to impri ve individual skills and teamwork. Coach Snyder is expecting an even better team and record next year. And who will the find to coach airls ' arsit football The poKcrhoiLsc i)f ihe aiuri - Wendy. Too hud I Ciin ' l cc »hul I ' m slinniini ui Lake Highland Flagler Palm Coast Mainland (J.V.) Warner St. Joe New Smyrna Beach Seabreeze Lake Highland Melbourne St. Joe Flagler Palm Coast Mainland (J.V.) Seabreeze Melbourne New Smyrna Beach Flagler Palm Coast Opponent 49 34 48 15 29 23 40 32 55 20 42 28 51 41 28 42 Knee ing. I In r: M. Smith. A. Cone, C. Cannarialo, S. Fox. K. C. White. M. McGrane. Standing. I to r Rcill . B, White. C. McCloske . M.J. 1cMenam . M.Cook. W. McMenams. Slalisluian M. a ' Ciildea Coach Jeff Snyder. S. Demming. J. Hughes. S. l.alta. M. UP FOR TWO J. I. Husk CI ha 1 1 Kneeling. I lo r: P. Connor. M. Maunsell, D. Loconte. J. Manchisi. P. Conley. R. Winters. Standing. I lu r: D. Brookfield. D. Seilkop, D. Ruiz. Coach Ray Zemaitis. F. Dougherty. J. Woodsmall. en ihimgh we ' re down Kl.f-6 " You missed two shots? Let ' s try again and again! " And .so it went in the Lopez gym a.s the J. v. Green Waves practiced their free-shooting under the coaching of Ra Zemaitis. To keep fit. the basketball team was constantly exercising, sprinting, and lifting weights. Their efforts began to show when they perked up a slow-starting season, ending up with II victories and 12 defeats. Innovation can make the dullest things seem interesting, and Lopez ' s J.V. basketball team proved that to be true by transforming simple free-shooting practice into a daring game of concentration and coordination. Captains Joe Manchisi and David Ruiz Pal Conley goes up for ;k RIPPLES DRIBBLE Freshman Baskclhall 17-18 % Slanding. I to r: S. Hinton. J. Smarse. J. Woodsmall. S. Lutz, R. DeStephano, B. Daly, E. Gray. Kneeling. I to r: G. McGrane, P. Dougherty. R. Lopez. M. McNamara. M. Burke. " Il has 10 come down sometime. " Among the four Green Wave basketball teams are the Freshmen, and this year ' s team was an able addition to the Lopez season. Coach Elmer Lingo led his Freshmen to several victories as well as teaching the importance of working together as a team. Fans at their games had a look at ne.xt year ' s J.V. team and a terrific example of Lopez ' s ever growing dominance in sports. ' What do vou mean ' foul ' . " SOC IT TO ' EM Soccer 77-78 Despite the soccer team ' s unfortunate losing season, the Green Wave players met each new opponent with courage and teamwork. Several times the team suffered casualties, losing goalie Jim O ' Brien because of a broken arm. and forward Greg Smith because of a broken ankle. Although the team went through difficult times. Coach Elhston Rahming encouraged them to have faith in their potential and talents. Having polished their skills through weeks of exhaustive practices and games, next year ' s team will face their opponents determined, spirited, and ready. Standing. lo r: Managers L. and B. Slaed. J. Smith. G. Bentley, M. Coody, C. Moster, L. Jones. R. Wolf. S. Fortier. J. Basile. J. Albovias. Managers M. Brumball and M. Elslon. Silting, t lo r: D. Brookfield, J. Nordmann. D. Bendezu. J. O ' Brien. S. O ' Dwyer. C. Teare. L. Motzel. S. Bendezu. J. Ireland. P. Maroney. Home 1 1 1 1 6 1 Gainesville Florida Central Florida Air Apopka I [Seabreeze ppHice Creek Apopka pruce Creek DeLand Bishop Moore Howie Academ Seabreeze Howie AcademN Florida Central Florida Air Lyman Mainland MontVerde Opponent 3 Tra-la-!a-boom-dee-av ' Dick Bendezu receives a pass and kicks for a goal. Standing. I lo r: Manager Sissy Kelley. Natalie Day. Susie Demming. Antionette Meeks. Megan Smith. Nora Smith. Mary Cook. Manager Michele Barron. Co Mary Ann Tidmarsh. Kneeling. I lo r: Mary Ann Gildea. Beth Brookfield. Captain Lorraine Lill. Becky White. Cathy McCloskey. The year began slowly for the Father Lopez Volleyball team and the schedule was demanding, but with patience, hard work, and the leadership of their captain. Lorraine Lill. the difficulties were soon past. Problems were ironed out in the beginning of the season and the team headed for a tough challenge at districts. After a good attempt, the team unfortunately went down in defeat. Although it was a losing season, the coach. Mrs. Mary Ann Tidmarsh believes that " The team has come a long way. " " ll ' a a bird . il ' s a pltine. it ' s . Lopez Lopez 15-3.15-10, 15-4 Lopez Lopezl5-3, 15-8. 15-4 Lopez 15-7. 15-3 Lopez 15-12, 15-12, 15-5 Lopez Lopez 15-11 Lopez Lopezl5-3, 15-8, 15-10 Taylor 15-6. 15-12 Warner Umatilla 15-13. 15-6. 15-7 Jf Tavares • " Umatilla 15-10. 15-13, 15-10 Tavares Interlachen 15-10, 15-11, 15-9 Taylor 15-3, 15-3 Interlachen 15-6, 15-7. 15-6 Warner 15-11 SPRING SPORTS THE SWINGERS Baseball ' 77-78 [ " - ' - ii III ■--.v v., .: - " ' y ssa j liHf ' ' ' " ■•npMii HB!ttHl{n 1 " A streaker? I thought they went out years ago. ' Baseball players lift weights, too. You-hoo, Mark, the game ' s been over for two hours. " Kevin A mara rocking steady. The national leagues had stiff competition this ear as the Lope baseball team finished their season with their most successful record ever. Long practices and working on the Lopez field made up preseason acti it Captains David Cesari and Chuck Sprague helped lead their team to 14 wins and 12 losses. Games were pla ed at City Island, Derbyshire, or most often here at Lopez. Coach Jim Gardinier commented that he had a terrific bunch of guys this year but is already loi king forward to next year. What could be better than spending a day at the ballpark watching your favorite team, munching pi pcorn, hot dogs, and apple pie, while sitting in vour Che rolet? Knt ' flmi;. I Id r: K. .Amara. J. Manchisi. L. Kelly. J. Gildea. M. Loconte, D. Cesan. Siunding. I to r: C. Krawczynski, Bat girl C. Warzecha. R. Winters, C. Sprague. P. Connors. M. Lingo. Coach Jim Gardinier. -) •• 4 I ■■HHUflH mmoHmfistx-- -• -- c- n .■% ' 9mrmiK.tamii. t V A- •■.iM „ ,w. ■ ■■■- ,.JU Home Opponent Mainland 2 3 Taylor 5 10 Keystone Hts. 2 1 Keystone Hts. 13 9 N.S.B. 6 13 Crescent City 5 9 Umatilla 7 6 P.K. Yonge 2 Seabreeze 10 8 Spruce Creek 5 9 Chatham Co. 5 3 Land O ' Lakes 5 7 Warner 2 2 Taylor 5 6 Flagler Palm Coast 1 5 Crescent City 4 3 Warner 2 6 Flagler Palm Coast 4 2 Mainland 3 1 Seabreeze 2 3 Spruce Creek 4 Mainland 5 4 N.S.B. 9 10 Umatilla 3 Crescent City Pierson Taylor 10 How did you get your arm like thai, Dave? «i? fe! ■ stepping on my hand, lluink you. " ALL THE KING ' S MEN Golf 77-78 " t 1 From row. I to r: J. Kight, M. Malhews. K. Kulzer. S. DeLaughter, J. McDevut. Slanding. I lo r: Coach King. J. Lopez, T. Mitchell. K. Nelson. M. Simmons. Eagles and birdies lit on area greens when the Wave golf team caddied out to do some swinging. The team, one of Lopez ' s smallest, but one with outstanding records, finished with a 17- 1 1 record in one of its best years ever, according to Cewch George Kmg. .Mong with breaking several records the team placed second in the city, second in the county, and second m the subdistrict tournaments. With many area competitors graduating, yet our own team still strong, " dominant " will describe next year ' s team to a " tee. " Roll on ihv itvfthly golf hull. roll. 1 An inspired Kevin Selson finishes a round Home Ppponent 165 Spruce Creek | i V 181 New Smyrna -. H _ .186 181 DeLand bZ BR| F ' is2 158 Mainland P " HQM RJI 164 161 Seabreeze ( m K Jj 158 150 Palatka ' O WSm 1 ' 336 City (2nd Place) h J 165 Spruce Creek W Rl :: 170 ' 157 DeLand 174 152 Avon Park 161 158 Spruce Creek k||gj||iMi H 155 158 Seabreeze H H j 166 H _lll« 157 Avon Park | HHHI H 152 Saiita Fe | B 171 171 Mainland H Hr 164 162 Seabreeze 155 321 County (2nd place) 166 DeLand 154 165 New Smyrna 156 154 Santa Fe 175 . 154 M.C.C. 170 tl60 p 3 Seabreeze 157 Sub-District (2nd place) Im A r ,-.-, ' ; ' Nol bad. tlirce windshields, u dot;, and Fiilher John. WHERE THERE IS WATER . ( iirls ' Swimming " ' ' ' - ' ' ' S Home 101 Leesberg 99 Forest 143 Lake Highland 143 Umatilla 115 Trinity Prep 102 M.C.C. 86 Bucholtz 107 Lake Brantley District (3rd place) Janice O ' Brien sprints from the slarling block. ' m ' • ' ' ' - ' - Whal a Dip! " Who flipped? " In keeping with a long unchanged rule, the girls ' swim team was dynamic in the water and in spirit. They once again completed an undefeated season except for a third place in districts. Led by Coach Kathy Klayer and Captam Lorraine Lill, the team traveled, along with the boys " team, to the Clearwater Invitational to compete with teams from all over the state. While there they toured Busch Gardens in Tampa and the trip turned out to be one of the highlights of the year. With a tough underclassmen team rising up next year, it looks as if the girls ' undefeated record will remain a tradition. .THERE ARE WAVES! Boys " Swiniiiiing " TT- ' TS Ami wIric IS Ihi- iniuhls (.iiccii .uc niori- al Imnic Ih.in in the w.ilcr ' ll was |-iroM-ii Iriic Ihis swim season as iho iT small bins ' icam lurncU mil 111 be a powerhouse of cncri; . Hie leam placeil foiirlh in Jislncls and smashed several school records several limes iliroughoui ihe sprini;. Coach Kalh klaver boasted ihal ihe leam was " evcellcnl. " even though their record was a losing one due to a lack of depth. Ihe evample of this vear " s leam says thai where there IS water there will alwa s he .i es. " Li ' l iitc i;ci )iv luinds mi vou. Chump. " Ei »uril. wlhil tihiiul i)i hu lHiiul ' ' Man- Pal KcIIy puis in cinolhcr pcrfcci cliv Bins " and Girls ' Swim Team: riisi n,». 1 1„ r: T. Niellins:. J. Dylewski. R. Ri sclii. I. Kcrtis. M. Cook. I), l.lo d. M. Cerio, R. Dillard. E. McCall. J. Hughes. Sa„mln,H.h„r:i. Fredlund. KclK. K Mclaughlin. M Kellv. T. Farmer. J. Kinse .,A. Kavinski. Tliirjnm. » • S. Fox. M. Smith. J. Bouchard. D. Merrell. F„iirllno».li„r: I.. I. ill.. I. Baker. Coach Kalh Kla er. 122 ■II, n, ' l,„,k ill lluti ■■kin ' ■iiir- ■Roh. clul I oiiinii rlhii nil in ihcn- kiiIi Mis KIiiyci ' " WHAT A RACQUET! Tennis ' 77- ' 78 Love was in the air this spring at l.opcz. but it wasn ' t the romantic kind. It was heard floating from the tennis court as the Green Wave tennis leanis batllcd for another iclor . Mr Ra Zemailis coached ihccirK ' and the boss ' teams this vear, both of which ended with an unfortunate losing record. Coach Zemaitis commented that both teams were oung and the year was one of rebuilding. He encouraged, however, that the experience gained will show up in two tough teams next year. So avid l.ope tennis fans can watch for teams that will pla like pros and " ace " Iheir season ' s matches. Boys ' and Girls ' Tennis Teams: From toh. ho r: C. Maroney. N. Day, S. Puelo, C. Roy, K. C. White, G. Crotty, C. Ledbetter. R. Newsom, Coach Ray Zemaitis. H. Robinson, E. Rossario. P. d ' Adeskv. Crescent Cif M.C.C. DeLand New Smyrna Crescent City Spruce Creek Astronaut Crescent City M.C.C. DeLand New Smyrna Mainland Spruce Creek Mainland Captains Rob Newsom and K. C. White with Coach Ray Zemaitis An overhetui s tuish hv Roh Sewsom. KEEP ON TRACKIN ' Girls- r rack ' 77- ' 78 Dcspiic ilic coiii|ilainis. the sore muscles, the shin splints, the twisted ankles and the grueling heat, the girls ' track team performed to their fullest this season. Coach Pittman began the season by abandoning the girls in the middle of nowhere, and telling them to run back to the bus for practice two miles awa . T he team came in second at districts and received the runner-up trophy in the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind meet. During the season, all previous school records were broken by arious members of the team. As a successful conclusion, two relays and two indi iduals qualified for State. Scoring the first points ever for Lopez in the state meet was Beth Brookfield with her third place finish in the 880 yard run. It was a successful year, and rumor has it that because of their outstanding year, the team will be taken to Bunnell and told to run back " for practice. " Home Opponent! 58 New Smyrna Beach 54 58 Mainland 72 58 Seabreeze 88 76 New Smyrna Beach 63 70 St. Augustine 131 70 Hastings 30 70 Crescent City 35 70 F.P.C. 56 97 Lakeland Santa Fe 60 97 St. Joseph ' s 13 98 Fla. Deaf Blind 136 98 Hastings 16 98 St. Joseph ' s 2 84 District 2nd of 5 From row. I to r: L. Slaed. B. Brookfield. Coach Bobby Piltman. D. Carey. M. Keough. Sea McMenamy. C. Cannariato. A. Cone. M. McGrane. Back Row. I lo r: M. Morris. S. O ' Neill Latia. nd row. I lo r: B. Staed. S. McMenamy. A. Meek.s. C. McCloskey. W. , S. Bouchard. M. Smith. S. Storch. K. Dunn. J. Santos. M. Smith. S. Running on empty. " One more hurdle and it ' s Milter tin CUTTING THRU RED TAPE Bovs ' Track ' 77 - ' 78 Lots of words could be used to describe the boys track team record, but according to Coach Chuck Mojock. " successful " is the only word to describe the season. Because of the team ' s lack of depth, they weren ' t number one. but indi idual accomplishments abounded. Existing school records were broken, and two of the team ' s leaders. Tom Reiliy and Pat Twomey. made the coveted trip to the State meet. The dictionary can supply words to describe any situation no matter how good or bad it might be. Words without emotion mean nothing. The boys " track team, however, was full of emotion and confidence which made them a great individual team. Home 45 45 36 36 50 ' 4 50 ' 2 a Beach St. Cloud Crescent City Pierson Taylor Vf|r- ' . .., F.P.C. ( , Interlachen Volusia County Track Meet, 6th of 8 86 ' : M.C.I 86 ' 2 St.Joe ' s ' • 86 ' i Lakeland Santa Fe 50 Pierson Taylor 50 Crescent City 50 Ml. Dora 40 Fla. Deaf Blind 40 Hastings 40 St. Joe ' s Districts 6th of 8 Opponent 71 64 80 53 9m 33 ' 33 ' i 29 ' 2 86 ' 2 70 85 50 126 41 29 J Silling, I to r: S. Fortier, T. Chapman, D. Brookfield. C. Teare. W. Dunn. Slanding. I lo r: J. Ireland. P. Twomey, T. Reiliy, P. Maroney. Coach Chuch Mojock. Chris Teare. Joby Ireland, and Dick Brookfield resi up before ihe nexl event. I knew this ' ol thing would give out some day. " ORGANIZATIONS WE THE STUDENTS Sliititii! (iovcniiniiil AssDcuilion The busiest organizalnin ,il 1 opiv is llic Suii.li:iu (iincrnrm-ni AssucMiuni where eleclcil officers from e.ich tl.iss pl.in sluJonl aclu itio Led llus car h PresiJeni John Ciocrgcn and ihe i»o sponsors of S(i A. Sr. Cecelia and Sr. Ciail. SGA " s hst of accomplishnienls was impressive Slarlingoff the sear b effetli el orj;ani ing Homeci mini; and all iheacliMlies ihai i;o along with ii. the club also tiHik care of the organization i f fun IXis. the Maga ine Drive, writing up the schoi l calendar. Mini-(i urse Das. posters for Catholic School Week, and Appreciatu n tiass for teachers .ind siudenls who are active in schiHil funclK ns. SCiA mav be the busiest organi aiion at I ope , but it is also the club thai can alwavs be counted on to i;ci lhini;s done Silling. I III r: J. Weber, D. Carter, S. O ' Neill. P Bouchard. J. Goergen. M. Dascanio. Standing, from row. I lo r: J. Bouchard. J. Kinsey. R. McCloskey, S. Delaughter. L. Staed. C. McCloskev. C. Tea re. Biuk row. I lu r: Sponsors Sr. Cecelia and Sr. Gail. D. Cesan. R. Gaines, M. Simmons. . iiir Treasurer P. Bouchard; Secretary M. Dascanio; Presidenl J. Goergen; Vice-President C. Teare. Rodsi that pig. OUR LEADERS? C cis.s Otjicvr.s ' -•. ' ,S ' I veil lluuiiili I. |HV IS .1 small school, II slill luv.K iis Iculcis I .kI, c.ir sopluunorcs. jimiors, .iiiJ seniors clccl foiii ofliccis fioiii ihoir il.isscs ih.il llio foclvMlMolhcbcsiioh. A few hiiihhehls of the Senior officers ' .iccompiishinenls were llie orj;.ini .ilion of Rini: Blessmi;, Senior [ ' ),ince-.i-lhon. Cir.ul Nile, .iinl Ciradii.ilion I he iiinior officers were bus all ear laisiim nionev for Prom So|ihonu res. siarlini; earls this sear, raiseil moiie for IVom lliioui;li a class inp lo Disne World. " 77- ' 7! was an oiilslandini: ear and nnicli of llie credil is due lo Ihe " TT- ' TS class officers. 1 f 11 Junior Class Officers: PresidenI Maggie Llovd: Vice-President Bev Goer- gen: Secretan. Beck While: Treasurer David Llovd. Sophomore Class Officers: PresidenI Wes Dunn: Vice-President Larry Kellv: Secretary Leslie KrawczynskI: Treasurer Sue Bouchard. Senior Class Officers: President Bill Lloyd: Vice-President MarvCrottv: Secretarv Blame Slaed: Treasurer Tim VIcNamara. CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS Inwracl Firsi niw. I lo r: L. Peine. S. Cook. S. Demming. C. McCloskev. A. Ritayik. A. Meeks. D. Kight. M. Lloyd. J. O ' Brien. L. Krawczynski. Second row: M. Lingo. R. Gaines, D. Cesari. B. Staed. J. Goereen. D. Carter, B, Goertien, S. DiMartino, T, McNamara, Third row: Mrs, Boyle, Sr, Gail. Mrs. White. Sr, Cecelia, W. Dunn, M. Moblev, B. Llovd. Iiucrcul iiiciiihcr prepare a h fl. siih ill i Working behind the scenes, giving assistance and scheduhng all club events is Interact, the club consisting of officers from each Lopez club and captains from each Lopez sport. At the head of Interact are its two sponsors Sr. Gail and Sr. CeceUa, along with Chairman John Goergen. Newly organized this year the club accomplished much including the coordination of the Homecoming parade, the Leadership Workshop, the Magazine Drive, and various dances and masses. Looking at the club ' s accomplishments it is easy to see that Interact will become an important part of Lopez. Ealing off I he iiihle ' . ' Gad. how gauche! WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET I iirsiiv Clucr ciu inii " ' 7. ' v I his ear the V ' arsil ( ' lieerlc.n.icrs rcallN gut it together and added new dimensions to the spirit at Lopez. The girls, showing their creativity, skill, and co . rdination. spent many dedicated hours finding ways to rouse the spirit of both fans and players. .Activities included parties for the players, pep rallies, fund-raising events, new exotic cheers, stunts, and some " Spacey " routines. The girls enjoyed a very successful year and were one of the best squads Lopez has c cr seen. The Siackahles. •Well. I never! " " So that ' s the hoom-a-nm cheer! " ' iT!:iaS iiBfl F - L ' J9 1 Carol McClosU f » ' - ' - 1 :Jir 1 K tl ' Jl l ' k- Aria l| mC Uin l ii KJh FUTURE VARSITY J. V. Cheerleaders L 10 r: S. Bouchard, J. O ' Brien, L. Krawczynski, D. Fulton, S. Storch, K. Martin, L. Staed, J. Jones. " lVa ' logo. Leslie, He screwed ' em up again. Backing up the J. V. Basketball and Football teams were eight spirited girls known as the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. Cheerful even through losing games, these girls kept their teams " morale at their highest. Bringing in new techniques learned at camp, the J. v. girls led their guys through the season with sensational new stunts and enthusiasm which they plan to bring to next year ' s Varsity. Captain Jams O ' Brien and Co-captain Leslie Krawczynski. The J. V Cheerleaders rehearse for another Lopez pep rally. BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE Freshman Cheerleaders ' 77-78 Who are full of pep. have bright, happy smiles and build terrific pyramids? Only Lopez ' s Freshman cheerleaders fit thai category. And their " 77- ' 78 season showed all that and more. Eight qualified girls made the team this year, giving the Freshman basketball team spirited support and an extra push when things got tough. The also cheered at the pep rallies and performed a dance routine to " Boogie Nights " . Perhaps the most outstanding feature of these cheerleaders was their towering, and sometimes unbelievable, formations. It ' s cheerleaders such as these that help give Lopez its famous spirit and keep us number one. Back rim. I to r: M. Morris. M. Keogh, A. Kavinski. J. Bouchard. Second row. I lo r: L. D ' Assaro. Captain J. Kinsey, K. Dunn. Front i Smith. ,1. or. S. Puleo. C. Roy. M. 139 A OT ARDLY MART Wilioihil Hdiiiir Socicfv. Standing. I lo r: M. Simmons, P. Bernal. Sponsor George King, M. Schemmel. T. LeFils. M. Elston. M. Crotty, L. Petrie, M. Dascanio. J. Ahmed. M. Barron. Silling. I lor: S. Cook. T. McNamara. S. Demming. G. Smith. M. Gildea. B. Lloyd, B. Staed, P. Bouchard. Once again the National Honor Society scholars had a busy lime keeping up with their books and other outside activities. These busy intellects organized and ran all of the honors assemblies, threw a Christmas party for children in the Head Start program, and assisted Hurst Elementary in running their field day. And every day at lunch two N,H.S, members could be found selling candy in room 210. The N.H.S. ' s most time consuming project this year was the " Dollars for Scholars " fund drive. O ver $800 was raised to aid the ' 78 seniors in furthering their education. One more event topped off the year for the N,H,S, — their annual " Student — Teacher Day " , in which members became teachers for a day. The busy year ended with the induction of new members and words of ad ice from the graduating seniors, 140 L lo R: Vice-President Greg Smith. Secretary Blame Staed, President Lynn Petrie, and Treasurer Susie Demming. WE GOT THAT SPIRIT Pep Club Pep Club ' ll- ' 78 overflowed with spirit and drive as members got involved with everything under the Wave. Pep Club events included Spirit Day, the Homecoming Dance, Sadie Hawkins, and cheering at pep rallies and games. Pulling strings behind the scenes was club sponsor Sr. Mary Ann, who ably gave direction when :t was needed. Their contagious spirit and yells kept teams driving to victories and. this year more than ever, kept Lopez ' s tradition of overpowering spirit. Officers L to R; Secretar Dona Kight, Treasurer Ijsa Garguilo. ice-presi- dent Marv Ann Moser. President Ro Ritavik. Pep Club members: " P " — A. Meeks. J. O-Bnen. L. Krawczvnski. B. Brookfield. S. Q-Neill. K. Motzel. M. Brumball. T Farmer. D. Freeman. K. Nangano. J. Jones, C. Danio. B. Moser. C. Warzecka. S. DiMartino, K. Solon, J. Costello. B. Staed, S. Kelley. " E " - N. Ahmed. R. Tuttle. L. Pozzo. L Gaines. D Memll. L. Farnan. M. McGrane. T. LeFils. C. McCloskev. M. Smith. J. Bouchard. T. Spotts, M. Kellv, A. Kelly. S. Elston. L. Slaed, M. Mobley. M. Barron S. La tta, L. Peine. S. Cook. " P " — M. Dascanio. M. Crotty, P. Bernal. A. Nolan. R. McCloskey, C. Costello. Sponsor Sr. Mary Ann. R. Rosetti. L. Jones. D. Kight. S. Bouch- ard. R. Ritayik. L. Garguilo. B. Lloyd, M. Moser. EXCEDRIN HEADACHE 224 Yearbook Besides devoting their creativity to the Green Scene, the Journahsm class spent a lot of time working on the yearbook. Veritas was a special project and was full of many new ideas; one of which was the new fall delivery, thus making It a complete yearbook. It required devotion, patience and creativity from all of the staff members. Under the guidance of Cathy Boyle and supervision of Bill Lloyd, money was raised, ideas were put into effect, and a yearbook was finally created. Despite some financial difficulties, technical problems, and deadline threats, Veritas survived to bring back to everyone at Lopez the most memorable moments of the 1977-78 year in its entirety. Yearbook Editors. lo r: Copy Editor Mary Crolty, Business Manager Dona Kight. Edilor-in-chief Bill Lloyd, Lay-out Editor Sandie DiMartino. Research Editor Mary Ann Moser. Yearbook St aff. Firsi row. I lo r: M Moser, S. DiMartino. A. Ritayik, M. Mobley. Second row. I lo r: Sponsor Mrs. Boyle. A. Meeks. A. Nolan. L. Garguilo. R. Rosetti, L. Mouel, P. Bouchard. J. Goergen. M. Donahue, D. Kight, B. Lloyd, T. Murphey, J. Barton, S. Kelley. Third row. I lo r: E. Roy. M. Dascanio, M. ( " roily, R. Fischetti, K. Haydu, R. Morabito. 142 WRITE ON! Green Scene Deadlines and constant work were the close companions of The Green Scene Staff. Lopez ' s Journalism class made up the staff, and under the supervision of Mrs. Cathy Boyle, learned the dynamics of putting together a school newspaper. Published on the average of one every three weeks. The Green Scene tried to keep the students up to date on what was happening around school, and who to watch out for on campus. Working on The Green Scene was a hard job requiring much of the staff ' s time, but the final product was rewarding. Standing, I to r: Editors A. Nolan, S. Mollenkof, A. Ritayik, J. Goergen, R. Rosetti. Sitting, I to r: Editors A. Meeks, P. Bouchard, M. Mobley, T. Murphey. First row, ho r: A. Meeks, S. Kelley, M. Donahue, M. Mobley, J. Goergen, L. Motzel, L. Gargulio, R. Rosetti, A. Ritayik, T. Murphey. Second row. I to r: D. Kight. M. Crotty, R. Fischetti, M. Dascanio. M. Moser, B. Lloyd, S. DiMartino, R. Morabito, K. Haydu. Standing: P. Bouchard. Not pictured: J. Barton, S. Mollenkof, A. Nolan, E. Roy. BREAK BOTH LEGS! Diania Club ng. M. Fronstin. J. Right, C. Cole. T. Kushner, C. Sheehan. J. Jones. 5efon( TO»-. I lo r: D. Kight. M. Brumball. M. ntos. R. Blais. T. Farmerm. L. Jarrell. Sianding. third row. I lo r: S. Chappius. A. Meek.s. A. Ritayik. J. Goergen. P. From row. I w r: i A w l S KmlS [ rrotI .T. Perak. Vl barron. J hredluna. J. Sar... „.- „. ■■ „ . v, , c- t d i Bouchard B. Staed. S. DiMartino. M. Linao. M. Mobley. A. Voelker. D. Mernll, C. Kosky. B. Lloyd, K. Nangano G. Danio. S. Sprague. A. Nolan. S. TenBroeck. 1. 1cGrane. Back rim. lor: R. Rosetti, f . Livres. L. Jones. C. Warzecha. J. O ' Brien, L. Motzel. R. Games. J. Wyllie. .Mthough the Drama club did not present a production this year, they nevertheless spent their time in action. Lopez ' s playwright Antionette Meeks wrote a Christmas play and Bill Lloyd produced a pep rally skit. Mr. George Garcia showed members what it takes to put together a musical and presented the various techniques of make-up. Our Lady of Lourdes School was given help from the club in their production of " The Wizard of Oz " on April 29. To better equip the stage for future productions, it was thoroughly cleaned, waxed, and installed with new stage lights. With the direction of Sr. Rose Ellen, the club looks forward to another vear in the lishts. ro r: Treasurer M. Mobley: Co-President B. Lloyd: Co-President A. Meeks Secretary L. Jarrell. THE I. B. A. Intramural Basketball Intramural Basketball this year resembled a league known to millions of sports ' fans as the NBA. Tough competition between evenly matched teams produced a three-way tie at the conclusion of basketball season. Play-off games were scheduled and the team of Paul Bouchard emerged victorious. As the final finale of their season, the all stars challenged the faculty. However, after a long, fight the Fab Fac emerged victorious once again. At the close of the season, fans were forced t o return from the frenzy of Lopez Intramurals to the less than exciting antics of the NBA. ' » ISt Dr. Z in action. LADIES DRIBBLE (7 7.v ' Iniranmral Baskclhall A free-for-all of action. Ready . . . Aim . . . Shool The first intramural sport of the year, girls " basketball, is led by Sister Cecelia. Many girls came out; teams were chosen, and action began. If you fellas think the I.B.A. is something, you should stop in and see the girls compete. Ladies basketball is on the rise at Lopez. ( uu has lo go in. Here ' s wishing PINS AND NEEDLES Intramural Bowlinv, and I ' ollcyhall A nice aflernoon for a sirelch. First place bowling team. I lu r: Becky White, Cathy McCloskey. and Susie Demming. r Creamcheese. watch those knees. With spring comes intramural bowling and volleyball under the direction of Mary Ann Tidmarsh. Every year girls turn out to share m the friendly rivalry of sports. Intramural bowling competition took place in February and March at the Halifax Lanes. The winning team was that of Becky White. Suzie Demming. and Cathy McCloskey. High scoring game honors went to Becky White and high average to Suzie Demming. .As the fourth nine weeks began so did the girls " intramural volleyball. Teams were chosen and girls participated biweekly. The winning team was made up of A. Meeks. C. McCloskey. S. Bouchard. K. Dunn. M. Smith. A. kelly. L. Porter. Bowling and volleyball and girls and fun make up spring intramurals at Lopez. JE NE SAIS PAS French Cliih Kneeling. I lo r: S. Cook, A. Ritayik. J. Goergen. J. Weber. Standing. I lo r: P. Bouchard. M. Smarse, K. Loucks, M. Fronstin, J. Baker, D. Kight, D. Smarse, M. McGrane, K. Motzel, L. Faman, L. Downey, S. Buckingham. Third row. I to r: G. Foster, G. Danio, J. Ull, J. Santos, S. Storch, K. Nunziato, K. McLaughlin, V. Koprivec, C. Cole. Fourth row. I lo r: J. Kight, S. Mollenkof, P. d ' Adesky, D. Dowler, C. Ledbetter, E. Rossano. Fastest draw in the East. The French club this year, aptly titled " Je Ne Sais Pas " or " I Don ' t Know, " was organized and headed by President Dona Kight and Sponsor Mrs. Johnson. Participating in its own activities as well as other clubs ' , the highlight of the club ' s activities was the French dinner in Sanford attended by all members. The enjoyment of the rich French food and atmosphere has made this dinner an annual event. Looking back on their year of French study, the club has jokingly decided to keep the same name. Officers, to r: Secretary R. Ritayik, Treasurer P. Bouchard, President D. Kight. Vice-President S. Cook. SL-k =dpa«« - ' ' s a shake-down ! NO COMPRENDE Spanish Club Officers. I to r: President Tim McNamara. Vice-president Susie Demming, Treasurer Priscilla Bernal. Nol pictured: Secretary Julian Lopez. Under the directit)n of Mrs. Raisa Leorza the Spanish Club undertook many activities this year. By selling tacos several times during lunch, the club managed to raise enough money to treat the whole club to several field trips. Besides travelling to Tampa to see the Gasparilla Parade and afterwards eating at the Columbia Restaurant, an old world restaurant serving authentic Spanish dishes, the club also went to St. Augustine and viewed the Castillo de San Marcos and the Old Jail. The energetic club hopes to continue these activities and make their field trips annual excursions. Bd,k run. I lur. D. Ruiz. M. Simmun.s, B. Slaed, L. kerlix C. Warzecha. M. Barron. D. Cc ari, M. Schcmmcl. . Siiiuh. fhtrjnm. I lur. J. AhmcJ, J. Alvarez. M. Brumball, S. O ' Neill. D. Lloyd, R. McCarthy, A. Voelker, C. Price, L. Kelly. Second row. I to r: P. Bernal, D. Freeman, S. Demming, J. Jones, S. Mori, Sponsor Mrs. Leorza, T. LeFils, D. Borges, K. Nangano. M. Kelly. P. Houck, M. O ' Reilly, First row. Itor: ]. Lopez, T. McNamara, L. Krawczvnski, G. Smith. M.Crottv. J. O ' Brien, C. Weigand. J. Wyllie. CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN Buikpackinii ( luh Kneeling. 1 10 r: L. Motzel, D, Cesari. R. Gaines. J. Lopez. Firsl row. standing: Sponsor Mrs. White. S. Demmlng. S. Bouchard, L. Slaed, M. Smith. B. S taed. W. McMenamv. Second row. standing: M. Loconte. M. CroIIy. M. Widmaier. J. Costello. P. Bernal. L. Gargiulo. S. Cook. Third row, standing. I to r: P. Bouchard. M. Lingo. D. Hopkins. G. Foster. S. McMenamy. J. Goergen. S. O ' Dwver. G. Smith. L. Jones. G. Freeman. M. Fortier " Let ' s see, I have my blow drier, make-up, curlers " The call of the wild is in the hearts of the Backpacking Club members and they proved it with their inexhaustible energy on trips this year. With professional advice from Sponsor Joan White and her husband. Perry, the club undertook several trips including a canoe trip down the Suwannee and a special senior weekend in the mountains of North Carolina. Display ing courage on each trip, backpacking members enjoyed their adventures, and gained valuable experience and tall tales to tell their grandchildren. Vice-president Susie Demming and President Blaine Staed. MATCHING WITS Brain Bowl « " can ' believe hejusi said thai a lexicon is a female leprechaun. I he Brain Bowl team demonstrated that there is team spirit in academics with its matches this year. Although not often victorious, the team had fun answering questions ranging from math and history to Star I rek. With Sponsor Sister Mary Ann and highscorer Tim McNamara. the group traveled to matches all over Central Florida. The most important characteristic of the Brain Bowl members was their consistency ' and perseverance even through a losing season and Sr. Mary Ann feels thai this was enough to make the season a winning one. Sculccl. I lor. A Meeks. B. M L. Farnan. L. Nowviskie. J. Dvlewski, B. Lloyd. T. McNamara. M. Simmon.s. M. Barron. Standing. I to r: Sponsor Sr. Mary Ann. B. Staed, S. Demmirg. ONE OF THESE KNIGHTS ( 7 fs V ( luh Sioiulin . I III r Mall Champagne. Bill Alexander, and Mrs. Helen Jerahek. Siliin . ho r Joanne Ccstello, Jeff Ahmed, and Pal Riley. m i Officers. (() r: Vice Presidenl. Bill Alexander. Secrelarv -Treasurer. Malt Champagne. Presidenl, Jeff .Ahmed Pawns mcned to kings and queens of the age old game of chess as the members of the ( " hess Club perfected their mastery of the game. Jeff .Ahmed led the club with Vice- president Bill .Mexander, and Secretary-Treasurer Matt Champagne gi ing adv ice on mines. Club sponsor Helen Jerabek also gave much wise assistance when the club met in (he library each Wednesday. Following professional guidelines, the club finished their games and their successful ear with a ictorious " checkmate. " si. I ' m no! hiding anything. Doesn V look fi Joby goes for world record wad of gum. 1 F L....J mM .- M tsz , f L m J ACTIVITIES STAR WARS Excilemeni and spirit reached the heights this year by the time Homecoming Week was but half over The festivities that iKcurred all week «cre intended to spur excitement for the upcoming game and indeed they did! The week started out calmly with an assembly on Monday But by the time the students had gone through Stick it to ' em Day, the Whopper Hating Contest. Hat Day, iheC ' rowningof the Homecoming Court, Floatbuilding, Inside-out DaN, the Gong Show, Senior Shiek Day, the Fairy Tale Pep Rally, Star Wars Grub Day. the Seabree e Grand Staff Show, the Homecoming Parade, and Banner Day at Burger King, people were running around shrieking at the lop of their lungs and with overall spacey appearances Who knows? Maybe it had something to do with the theme of Star Wars, but what everyone knew is that Homecoming couldn ' t have been any belter or more fun. Munch out. Dr. Z ,. King and Queen — Cathy McCloskey and John c • r- ■, j r, i n l j Senior Court — Blaine Staed and Mark Lingo. r Senior Court — Lisa Garguilo and Paul Bouchard. Junior Court — Be Goergen and Dick Brookfield. Sophomore Court — Ayn Bolch and Larry Kelly. Freshman Court — Mary Cerio and Mike Lloyd. t " Blaaahhh! Gelling readf Jor H omecomecommg parade. Whal was suppiiscd lo be one of ihe hardesl games of the year proved lo be an easy victory for the ptiwerful Varsity fotuball team. The Homccommg game, a match agamst district rival Pierson Taylor, was an overwhelming win for the learn with a score of 19-6. Adding lo the excitement of the game, halflime highlights ttHik place in which the Varsity cheerleaders performed an onginal routine to the " Theme From Star Wars " and Ihe Homecoming Court was crowned. Winning floats were also announced followed by a short parade around the stadium. The outstanding victory of Ihe Homecoming game and the exceptional halflime activities were Ihe perfect ending lo a week filled with the outrageous excitemen t and joy of Homecoming. WTuil a motley crew. Do it, Bu! " ll ' s a winning float, that ' s what it is. " Parades, fun days, and a foothall game arc all characlistic of Homecciming week, but ihe Homecoming feslivity that everyone remembers IS the Homecoming Dance. This year ' s dance, held in the Jolly Roger banquet room of the Treasure Island Inn on October 15, was a great success. In keeping with the Star War ' s Homecoming theme, the banquet room was decorated with glistening stars and planets. Adding to the cosmic effect. Impulse, the live band, lured the Lopez students onto the dance floor where they boogied the night away. Homecoming week was the highlight of the first semester, and the dance was the highlight of the week, giving everyone a pleasant memory for years to come. Bill Lloyd enJO Ying himself. Hard working seniors. Varsity doing it up. SONIA MORI . .v.v L.opc: y77- y7,V. Novemher 22 comes and goes every year, bui lo eighleen girls al f- ' alhcr Lopez. November 22. 1477 vmII al»a s be a dale lo remember To Ihcm. n will al«a s mark ihe day thai lhc gol up in fri nl of siudcnls. leachers, and judges and performed iheir lalenis; each hoping thai by the end of ihe exenini; ihe cross n and lille of Miss F alher l.opc l ' »7 ' 7.78 would be hers I his year ' s conlcsi was joinlly sponsored by iRe trench Club and Journalism Class, and the contestants were judged by five community members and eight student judges. The winners of the contest were; Miss Congeniality - Teresa l.eFils: Third runner-up Mona Lisa Mobley ; Second runner up Karen Martin: and F ' lrst runner-up - Mary Beth Elston. Sandie DiMartino. Miss Lope 1976-77. then crowned Soma Mori Miss Lope 1977-78. November 22 will continue to come and go. but November 22. 1977 came only once, and to those eighteen girls, it will long remain in their memories as the day thai they challenged themselves to try and achieve one of the noblest titles at Father Lopez. From I lo r: D. Daehler. M. Fronstin, K. Martin, K. Nunziato. S. Mori. A. Ritayik. J Santos. M. Mobley. L. Krawczynski. J. Costello. S. TenBroeck. A. Meeks, T. LeFils. Nol pictured: M. McMenamy. S. Sprague. M. Elston, B. Staed, S. Kelley. Her reign hegins. Grace is her style. Sonia sweeps up the talent with her Spanish dance. Mary Beth Elslon accepts firsi runner-up trophy. Aniionette Meeks makes the audience feel " We ' re All Alone " . ' ■m -A Last year ' s Miss Lope-. Sandie DiMarlino. crowns Personality plus wins Miss Congeniality for Teresa " Touch Me in the Morning " sings Mono Lisa Mob- Sonia Mori Miss Lopez 1977-78. LeFils. ley. 161 GOING FOR THE GUSTO Scnioi l ii ' A I roin baiiiiic pants. U insitlc-oiil ila , U a liress-up da . and lo a crazy cosluiiie da . a liolpcd (.omnn. ' moraie one of the seniors " last weeks of school. Acti ities. includinv: a fiin- (.la . were planned. The senii rs seemed to en|o the fun and frolic, realizing that for some these would be the last days together. Called a fun-Kning class. the pro ed lo bo lust that duruiii their cra last week. l.iiin . ,in- 1 oil rciichiit; iluil iJiin iiuiy,iizinc ay,iun ' Seniors iirc al il iii;iiiii " y w PMJ f99J , ' r 1 HK 3 1 H y JB HllH H t I HL ii mtm f Tl 1 N M L W 9 Nl B| 1 ' r ■■1 E mVW K ... ■ %« riHaii H A H- P HHH BP 5 HUM J1 Blaine competes wiih Joby in world record bubble conlesl. Now hold It Tom keep your clothes on! Alright, who hid my other crutch? ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK Fifties ' Day Lopez ' s image changes! Fluffy hair gets greased liberally, and pretty legs are hidden by bobby sox and mid-length skirts. Not only clothes styles underwent a drastic change, but so did sexes. Boys dressed as girls with bright red lipstick and added humorous variety to the dav. kissing teachers and leaving their marks. The Varsity cheerleaders sponsored the activity to raise money for uniforms as " Happy Days " were here again. Senior Class Officers of 1959: Pres. D Button; V.P.. R. Unuls; Sec. B. Mine; Tres. L Knowe. These are our Happy Days. " Sha-boom Sha-boom. ' Let ' s rub out Sr. Rose Ellen. ' YOU ' RE SO VEIN Lopez Blood Drive Generous Lopez students donated pintsful of their blood to the Red Cross twice this year. A few fainting spells added to the excitement of the day and free food and soda persuaded some reluctant participants. The overwhelming donations added up to over 75 pints of blood. The Red Cross thanks all the unselfish donors and will be back next year for more donations. Slep 4: Needle allracis hloixilhirsiy crowd. ill aftershocks linger. WAGONS HO! Mini-H nwn nun i V 7- y7 V A new cvcnl lenlered on baskclball made ihc scene this car in ihe form of Mini-Hometoming. Sponsored h ihc National H onor Society, the night was full of acliMt and lots of laughter. A basketball game launched the night, and it ended with a dance featuring V DAl ' s Bob Wise In between came the parade of mini-floals and the announcement of the ro al court Room 210 ran a«a with first pri e in the float contest followed b Room UXi and then the Student Cio ernment • ssociaiion I he court, chosen from the basketball teams and cheerleaders, was ruled by King and Queen Rick Ciaines and Mary Jane McMenamy Dennis Culver and Mary Pat Kelly wim the arsiiy tally followed by Tim MacDonald and Su Storch elected by Ihe J.V. team and Marcus Burke and Lisa D " Assaro chosen by the freshmen Ihe dance, following the hard-fought game, was very successful to top off Ihe mini-speclacular. If this year is any indication of Ihe years to come, it looks like Mini- Homecoming is on its way to becoming an annual e eni. ' This is my dale for Homecoming! ! " " HAILGREENWAVE! TURKEYS IN THE STRAW SiiJic Hawkins This year the Sadie Hawkins Dance took place in the hay covered gym with all the Lopez Yokels, showing up to make it a Hootin ' and a Hollerin ' Heck of a Hoedown! Activities included: Marryin ' Sam: gals dragging their guys and getting hitched: Chug-a- lug — opportunities to see the fastest Lopez guzj;lers; and the Jail House — where for the price of a thin dime the person of your choice got thrown in the slammer. Country and disco music were also provided by W. M.F.J, as once again the Pep Club produced a successful Sadie Hawkins Dance. " Another comment about my dancing and I ' ll give you a right to the chops. ' " What were we doing? Oh . . well. . . uh . Melissa Fronslin. Maria Creagh. Judy Santos learn one of the latest line dances. 1 ■ N ' i U, " - - - Look at those goo-goo eyes. ' These hands are registered nilh F. B. I. as deadly weapons. A DAY AT THE FAIR Spring Festival Popcorn, peanuts, and cotton candy were the aromas drifting .iround the Lope football field the weekend of April 7. 8, and ; and the first annua! Father Lope Spring Lestival was responsible. The event was organized by Fr. John Picciano and the Parents ' Association to raise money to expand the library. The weekend, beginning Friday with a fish fr , included games, rides, and booths for all ages manned entirely by Lopez students, parents, and faculty. Continuing through Saturdas and Sunda . the weekend raised the colossal sum of S 1 7.700. For the outstanding work on the festi al. Lopez students received a barbeque and a day out of school. The festival proved to be fun for everyone invoked and each participant is eagerly looking forward to ne.xt year ' s weekend. " This money ' s covered with cotton candy! " Hi-ho Silver, andawav! " Wet T-shirt contest winner. ' What are you in the slammer for? " " Okay, son, you can have a Barbie Doll or the Baby Welalot. " " I wonder if 1 should lell them they ' re doing il backwards? GREEN WHITE GREEN WHITE Grub Days l ' niforni ! Sooner or later evcr onc gels iired of Ihem, and lope? sludenlN are cerlainK nocxceplioni So. cver once in auhilc. wc are given a break, and our green and white uniforms are laid to rest. I he Seniors. priMJeged class that lhe are. are .1 dress upe er Wcdnesda The rest of the student hods also has Oress-up [)a s. but lhe haso 10 wail until the first Tuesda of everv month and occasionall . Dress-up [)a s are gnen as rewards for achievement. 1 ope also has no-uniform da s which arc ci.issificd as Grub [)a s. On these da s. students are allowed to wear jeans and T-shirts, and the student organization which sponsored the Grub Da . is entitled to collect a quarter from each student I niforms are lUst aniither characteristic of going to 1 ope , but [)ress-up Davs and Grub Days offer evcrsmie a welcome rest from the nuinotonv of ureen and white. " LfK k (ml Farnih. GREEN WHITE GREEN WHITE Dress-up Days Aliens invade Lopez Advanced Bubble Blowing, 5lh period. A DAY AT THE RACES Field Day. Lopez students and faculty alike met Field Day with grea; enthusiasm this year. Events mcluded hieh jump, long jump, shot put and running activities along with some unscheduled events such as frishee-lhrowing and sun- bathing. The freshman class toi k the o erall honors, establishing their place among the Lopez students. B the end of the day. attitudes were high, people were pleased, and muscles were tired. " He ' s ihroHing ihc shm ihn huv ' " ' " m; .. ■fijySj: aJii-.. " ' w fj 1 ' - ' SSm ' 2 iv • :. , Mr " You really think I can Jump 65 feel? " The Lope: Patrol. A group of tourists that couldn ' t find the beach? No, John, you cannot pole vault with a broom stick. WF Lp " How long do I have to hold this pose? " What strange things one can find in the grass. Some vigorous Field Day activities. " Did she jusi eai that Jrtsbee? " SHOW AND TELL Mim-iOtirsc Day Among lis many other responsibiliiies. S.Ci A orpani es a (Ja i f fun and inlereslmg courses. These courses range from magic lo poems, skateboarding lo biorhsthms. and peanut butler cups lo dreams 1 his da provides an excellent opporlunitN for the siudenls lo learn more than hisior and math For da s after, students plotted their biorh thms and practiced disco steps. t: perts taught the courses, and in .ipprcciation for their time. lhe were given a special luncheon b the Home Lconomics class. Mini-C ' ourse Da first began as an evperiment but thanks lo conlinued success and good organization, it has become an annual event at Father 1 opcz looked forward to bv teachers and students alike. " Guards fur the corridors no less. ' Diin ' i ask nw. I ' m (inly here for the money. " G ' c ' i-. playin ' wiih sand i.s near sniff! LET ME SEE YA DO THE BUMP! Pep Rallies J J ;«♦ spirit at Lopez runs the whole year as demonstrated at the pep rallies. With the cheerleaders leading the way, the students yelled and shrieked their enthusiasm with overwhelming competition for the spirit stick between classes. Students enjoyed a lot of free entertainment too, with the classy but sometimes shocking skits of the cheerleaders. And if the pep rallies ran a little after the bell, well . . . fifth period can wait!!! » 4 -...I ' Which one of you little kids took my lunch? I " can V wai( to see A ndy. ' " There he is. girls. Lei ' s gel him ! ! ' ETC. Nice gown. Be " I gel 10 ring the bells! " yi ' ho says double dates are no fun ' Homeroom 107 — Mrs. Bovie: K. Amara, J. Barton, C. Cannariato, D. Daehler, B. Fagan. G. Foster, M. Gildea. M. Hughes, T. Kawamata,S. Kelley, S. Lingo. R. McCarthy, C. McCloskey, P. Maroney, S. Mollenkof, K. Nel- son, J. Reynolds, M. Schemmel. M. Simmons. J. Weber, R. Winters. Prellv maids all in a row. " There ' s u bumh m a locker. ' Homeroom 208 - Mr. Pittman; J. Anania, D. Borges, P. Conley, D. Culver, M. Donahue, P. Houck, T. Keefe. M. Kosky, M. Lloyd. T. MacDonald, T. Mitchell. K. Morrison. R. Newsome. S. O ' Dwyer. P. Roy, M. Smarse, J. Wade. B. White. J. Wyllie. G. Heimann. " vi .i i I hiisf seniors would shut up! Homeroom 105 — Mr. Tramont; R. Adjemian, F. Alvarez, D. Bendezu, G. Bentley, S. Bouchard, M. Chase. G. Danio, F. Dougherty, D. Freeman, J. Greaney, J. Jones, J. Lloyd, K. Martin, M. Maunsell. B. Moser, L. Nowvi- skie. C. Reynolds, A. Romanach, D. Sellkop, D. Wanslall, P. Twomey. Homeroom 202 - Mr;, Klayer: J. Ahmed, B. Bonner, D. Cesari, S. Cook, M. Crotty, S. Demming, M. Fortier, J. Goergen. J. Jaeger, C. Jones, L. Jones, T. Livres, M. Loconte, J. Lopez, A. Meeks. S. Mori, T. Murphey. L. Petrie, B. Powell, E. Roy, P, Silvestris, B. Staed. E, Villaflor. J. Landers, Hey Cheerleaders, lop this! Homeroom 102 - Mr. King; M. Barron, K, Behulak. P. Bouchard. M. Champagne. M. Coody. M. Dascanlo. S. DiMarimo. R. Fischetti. G. Freeman. K Havdu. D. Kighl. L. Lill. C. McCloskev. W. McMenamy. S. Mollenkof. R. Morabito. C Moslert. L. Motzel. J. O ' Brien. R. Roselti. M. Smith, D. Ti.sdel. ' An i ' ducalor of America ' s youth? Homeroom 103 - Mrs. Johnson; R. .Mbano. C, Amiot, J. Baird, J. Berndt, T. Brennan, D. Clerou.x, D. Cone, S. Delaughier. W Dunn. S. Fischelti, D. Fulton. S. Higbee. M. Kelly. V. Koprievec. D. Loconte. M. Mathews. K. Mot el. J O ' Bnen. E. Rossario, C. Sheehan, L. Slaed, A. Voelker. C. Weigand. Nothing pains so much as the sight of a burned pizza. " Just a minute, we ' ll he right down. " " How about a lift? My boat got stuck on a sandbar. ' f Somewhere over the Window! The lull before the slorm . Homeroom 206 — Mrs. White: M. Alvarez. J. Baker. M. Bendezu. R. Coody. S. Freeman. B. Goergen. E. Kertis. C. Kosky, D. Lloyd. J. McNamara, J. Manchisi. G. Nietling. M. O ' Reilly. T. Porter. C. Pnce. G. Smith. K. Sum- mers. C. Warzecha. C. Wisely. " can ' t believe her mother lets her go out like that. " Homeroom 109 — Sr. Mary Ann; J. Alvarez. J. Basile, D Bookmyer. K Ciravati. M. Cook. P. Culver. K Des- part, R. Dillard, L. Farnan. S. Fox, J. Gildea. B. Hodossy. L. Jarrell. T. Kenney. K. Kulzer. K. McLaughhn. J. Mori. J. Nordmann. N. Pagliarulo. R. Scriva. M. Smith. C, Viviano, R. Wolf, M. Spaulding. HonKToum lot, — St. Gail: C. Ahmed, P. Berndl, D. Cannariato. M. Ceno, C. Costello. P. d ' Adeskv, N. Day, B. Dereu. K. Dunn. J, Gauder. L, Guadagno. A Hawk, A. locco, T. Kenalian, J, Kinsev, S. Lalta. R. Lopez, G. McGrane. S. Melanson. 1. Morri,s. C, Netzhimer. S. Puleo, C. Rdv. R, Savitch. L, Seeley. M. Smith, P. Summers. A. Vendrone. K. While. M. Spaulding. A. Stephens " IVho says there are no cule girls at Lope: " I don ' t know why everyone wants to hug me? " Homeroom 101 — Sr, Ceceha: K. Abair. W. Alexander. T. Belitsos. S. Buckingham. C. Cameron. M. Cepero. T. Chester. A. Cone. P. Costello. L, Downey. M. Fronstin. E. Gray. J. Hughes. J. Kighl. T. Kushner, J. Lloyd. J. McDevitt. C. Marks. C. Maroney. D. Morm. K. Nunziato. T. Parikh. L. Porter. L. Posso. Z. Prusak. P. Riley. M. Smith. T. Spotts. T. Stalion. R. Tuttle. M. West, M. Landers. " Iniruducing the Lopez Grand Wizard. " The Incredible Hulk. " I ' m a Breck girl, who are you? " H ViiMc i;rii(h- lint Mill w tin! iiic In duiilfif 1 g i ■ ' ' .P:: ' ' . n y - ' rt«c ' " They ' re my finder «; ■ «;; em if 1 nam Mi ! • If ' J ' 1 i ' 5r w j- f i r ' m Seniors winning Spin! Stick. Senii)r winning Spirit Slick again I Hrrpx C ' tne Encounters of he uor t kimi ' Eenv. meenv. nun Homeroom Gaines. L. McNamara druff. 108 — Mrs. Leorza; S. Bendezu, P. Bernal, S. Chappius. J. Costello, C. Cuccoro, M . Elstoa R. Garguilo, L. Hannans. D. Hopkins. C. Krawczvnski. M. Lingo. B. Lloyd, S. McMenamy, T , M. Mobley, M. Moser, M. Nash. S. Pnce, T. Reifly, A. Ritayik, C. Sprague, M.Widmaier, J. Woo- " Isn ' l this againsl my constilulional rights? " 3 ' You HI ' whipper-snapper, you. " -n. i " THANK YOU " We ' ve Grown With the Daytona Beach Area for Over 50 Yearsl " BELLEMEAD DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Bellemead ' s Florida is a quality of life designed by the Beiiemead Development Corporation, one of Florida ' s oldest and most respected builders. With the financial expertise of its parent company. Chubb Corporation (serving the American public for 90 years). Beiiemead is unmatched in real estate development talent and financial stability 3060 S. Atlantic Avenue Daytona Beach Shores. Florida 32018 767-5481 or 761-4770 (904)734 5112 A i o peC CoM6teuctiou Co. REMODELING ADDITIONS NEW HOMES BUILT TO SUIT LARRY KIVINSKI 203 CARLTON AVE. OWNER DiLAND. FLORIDA 32720 ( WES I - H WALTER H.TEDFORD JEWELERS 1 15 East New York Avenue Deland. Florida Walter H.Tedford Owner Office 734-4049 pi Lei Us Cap lure Today Forever ; ' ' B-f- ' 767-7862 S. Davtona Daytona 253- 1 636 Deland 734-5587 FLOYDJ.TREDWAY ' S DAYTONA MOVING STORAGE CO. 640 Mason Ave. P.O. Drawer 9550 Daytona Beach, Florida 32020 FLOYD J. TREDWAY, Owner- Operator AGENT ALLIED VAN LINES BEST OF LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 78 Manuel P. Villaflor M.D.P.A. 943 S. Ridgewood Ave. Daytona Beach, FL 32014 GRADUATES THE HOLIDAY INNS of DAYTONA BEACH THE TOP OF THE SURF and THE TOP OF THE BOARDWALK WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK Like a good neighbor, State Farm JIM WOLFFBRANDT iS ttlOre. Agent 1496 Ocean Shore Blvd. Ormond Beach, Florida 32074 Bus. Phone: 672-6033 Res Phone: 672- 11 30 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES HOU€ Off ices BLOOMINCTON, ILLINOIS CALL IRWIN NIXON SON Air Conditioning Heating FRIEDRICH CLIMATE MASTER SERIES (904) 677-2210 m Amnnn Lj QShJly A - - MiaJU Xji .iJdh...cjnJc ccASU ci)ji -cx_ bSifxMXj cxyai c:-jQX J juj- :uc: lJ ju j i cx " oL T .ia.x € u Q u % jma Jr.uj i cAxa Coke every thing nice 226 So. Beach St. Davtona Beach, Florida 32014 phone 252-7838 Wallace Charlotte Russell • BIBLES BOOKS RECORDS TAPES POSTERS CARDS CHURCH SUPPLIES IIIESTWOOD REAL ESTAT€ WILLIAM CLARKE REG. REAL ESTATE BROKER 1202 Flomich Ave. - P.O. Box 490 Daytona Beach (Holly Hill), Fla. 32017 OFFICE (904) 672-4265 Phones 253-5651 253-5652 PENINSULA HARDWARE 0 , Esther Samuely President 2108 S. Atlantic Avenue Daytona Beach Shores, Fla. Florida Ueitin of Jatftt 60 Z COMMERCIAL DRi E HOLLY HILL FLA 320 ' 7 R A WINTERHOLLER SET 004 • 25e-7? THE TEXAN MOTEL 701 S.Atlantic Ave. 255-8431 SORRENTO ' S DELI-RESTAURANT OVER 50 VARIETIES OF SUBS EAT IN OR TAKE OUT OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 123 W. Granada Ave. 677-6089 1344 Volusia Ave. 255-1817 621 S. Ridgewood Ave. 761-2181 RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE Fresh Seafoods Steaks GERALD P. O ' DWYER REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGE BROKER Over 25 Years of Experience Income Producing Properties President General Realty Assoc Inc. 672-8234 CLOTHWORLD OF HOLLY HILL INC. Halifax Shopping Center Bank-Americard Master Charge 3516 S. Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach Shores 767-7219 261 Riverside Dr. Holly Hill 252-3977 252-4424 BURGER KING Congratulations Class of 78 " BURCIR KING McDonuts — Breakfast - We do it all for you. McDonald ' s Open for Breakfast 7 am Dally At All McDonald ' s In the Daylona Beach Area JOHN ' S PHARMACY 120 East New York Avenue, DeLand Daytime — 734-6666 Emergency — 736-6958 Open till Midnight — 7 Days a Week _ Free Delivery j. ' ' Coppertone rTrf sS ji is iirsicv ' s PHARMACY nswet. Dial 253-2602 198 ST. PAUL ' S CHURCH 1927-1978 A Beacon of Faith on the Main Highway for Over 50 Years Congratulations Graduates From the Mother Church WINTER F OUSE BUFFFT 101 Seabrcc cBlvd. Senior Citizens lO ' t Discount F " rom4:30-8PM Mon. thru Sal. Scrvuig Hours: 11AM-2PM4:3()-8PM Sunday - 11AM till 8PM WINTER HOUSE RESTAURANT Located at The Ormond Pier 10% Senior Citizen Discount On All Lunches Mon. thru Sat. Cocktail Lounge. Full Service Restaurant Open 11AM to 8PM EISENHAUER OFFICE SUPPLY AND FURNITURE Congra+ula+ions +o the Class of 78 M WAIR CONDITIONING Air Conditioning • Heating • Refrigeration 24 Hour Service Waiter G. Nangano 672-3740 Owner CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS DUNN LUMBER SUPPLY CO. 415 Orange Ave. DUNN BROTHERS " HARDWARE CO. 154 S. Beach Si. DUNN BROTHERS " PAINT DECORATING 812 I ' ohi.siciAre. Restaurant Cocktail Lounge Closed Sundays • Florida Lobster • Shrimp • Frog Legs Steak Dinners Also Famous Barbera PrepareJ Italian Dishes Open 4 P.M. lank.Amencard — Master Charge American Express Banquet Facilities U.S. Hwy. 92 Compliments of MARIO " S The Italian Restaurant of Distinction Open 4 to 1 1 PM 4 to Midnight Fri. and Sat. 677-2711 521 S.Young St. US 1 Ormond Beach WELCOME TO BILLYSTAPROOMANDGRILL 58 E. Granada Ave. Ormond Beach 677-9943 oUinet) anb operatrb bp ttje iHacDonalb (amilv Slort.ng m 1930 the MocDonaldj hove oMended fifsr St Poul ' v then Our Lady of Lourdei. St Brendon ' i ond now Father Lopei It is good to lee thol the Sisleri of Si. Domin.c hove maintotned their high ilondofdi and continued to produce the beHer tludenli. STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHY HEADQUARTERS 604 Main St. 252-0577 Student Discounts Raw Steamed Clam Oyster Bar McGLOIN ' S LITTLE TOMOKA INN " Where Good Sports Go " S. R. 40. 2 Miles West of 1-95 Lunch Dinner 7 Days a Week 11-11 677-0883 ROLLAWA.y BEDS BABY FURNITURE BANQUET TABLES CHAIRS HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT EXERCISE EQUIPMENT PARTY SUPPUES % U-RENT-IT Rental Headquarters TELEPHONE 252-6551 DOUG MARY MINOR, 1 09 ORANGE AVE. OWNERS DA YTONA BEACH, FLA. 32014 PREFAB BUILDING COMPONENTS, INC. 336 Eleventh Street — Post Office Box 591 Holly Hill. Florida 32017 Phone (904) 255-4866 GANG-NAIL Aluminum Windows Also. ALEXANDER HOME IMPROVEMENT CO., INC. Over 2400 Jobs Completed in the Halifax Area Telephones: (904) 252-8640 255-6432 Post Office Box 7 1 — 336 Eleventh Street Holly Hill, Florida 32017 r Congratulations! seniors Deltona AT ITS BEST! WE HAVE TO OFFER LOTS ' OR WILL CUSTOM BUILD ON YOURS National Assoc, of Home Builders QUIET LEISURE LIVING ASK ANYONE WHO LIVES THERE Sales-305-574-1086 Off. 305-574-2691 COMPLIMENTS OF METZ SHOPPING CENTER LIQUORS AND LOUNGES, PAYTONA BEACH SHORES, SOyTH DAYTONA AND PORT ORANGE. Boarding Riding - Rentals — Hayrides — Trail Riding Long or Short Distant Hauling THE FLYING W RANCH — Horses — Bouaht — Sold — Traded Telephone: I ' 904 677-2850 Airport Road Ormond Beach. Florida 32074 427-1414 Dial Direct 734-1600 WALKER CHEMICAL AND EXTERMINATING CO., INC. Termite and Pest Control — Fogging Bonded Rat Proofing — Lawn Spraying Insured Fumigation All Work Guaranteed Cecil M. Henderson Manaeer 530 Ridgewood Avenue Holly Hill. Florida 253-6756 Sand Blastmg Ornamental Iron Metallizing Structural Steel ATLAS WELDING COMPANY. INC. 601 North Nova Road Holly Hill. Florida 32017 (904)255-6471 " Watchdog Oil Service " WIDMAIER OIL COMPANY 644 Carswell Avenue M Holly Hill. Florida 32017 • Phone 255-4501 LLOVDRANEW Res.: 252-5282 HUGH HUNTER Res. 253-2671 EJ ONl Kerosene — Fuel Oil Nautilus . . . for the HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC CONDITIONING REHABILITATION PHYSICAL EDUCATION PULLOVER MACHINE (plateloading) Progressive Resistance Exercise for the DEVELOPMENT of SPEED FLEXIBILITY STRENGTH 4 WAY NECK MACHINE DUOsymmetric POLYcontractile HIP and BACK MACHINE BICEPS TRICEPS MACHINE Nautilus SPORTS MEDICAL INDUSTRIES P.O.Box 1783 ■ DeLand, Florida 32720 • Telephone (904) 228-2884 Compliments of WESTERN SIZZLIN STEAK HOUSE IO40 Mason Ave Davtona Beach, IL 252-0449 MEEKSCOIN LAUNDRYMAT 719 South Campbell Street Phone 252-9458 All Maytag Machines Wash and Dry BAKERY ANDMEAT MARKET at US 1 and Farmbrook Harbor Oaks 767-2772 GOLDHN CRUST VARItTY BAKERY. INC. Itahan and French Bread Subs Rolls 215 Carswell Ave. Holly Hill Compliments of eCkLindsey The " Name Brand " Department Store — Bellair Plaza A 1 A Daytona Beach, Florida PRIDE IN EXCELLENCE — Also — HIS HER SHOP Ormond Mall — Al A Ormond by the Sea HUGHES OIL CO, 40 Friendly Mobil Stations to Serve You " This Area ' s Largest Oil Organization " Fedders Heatnm and Cooling M©bir heating oil Your comfort ii our bucin«s Best Wishes to the Seniors Compliments of HOLIDAY INNS of Daytona Beach ClIlllilllllllSEIIVICUllLCO P O BOX 1470 •DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA 32015 WE SELL SERVICE AIR CONDITIONING HEATING EQUIPMENT INSULATION WALLIS NURSES REGISTRIES RN ' s — L.P.N. ' s — AIDES State Certified — Licensed Owned Operated bv: Mary Wallis, R.N.. Since 1967 416 N. Ridgewood Ave 252-661 1 6 Buena Vista Deland 736-3806 Congratulations to the Class of 78 DAYTONA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Sharon Budd — Manager 520 N. Ridgewood Ave. Daytona Beach. FL Ph. 255-7426 Q O IN DAYTON A BEACH IT ' S OCEANS 1 1 RESORTS Oceans 1 1 has 951 of ihc newest ami best hotel rooms, suites, and efficiencies in the [)aytona Beach Resort Area. [uich of the six Oceans 1 1 Resort hotels is right on the beach and each iiffers luxurious rooms with indi idually controlled air conditioning, color TV. and private balconies. Each has si mething special to offer. Convention and meeting facilities available. (904)255-8371 2025 South Atlantic Avenue Davtona Beach Shores. Florida 320 1 8 oceans nnssorbs Treasure Island Inn 228 units Beachcomer Oceanfront Inn 184 units Islander EJeach Lodge 150 units (on New Smyrna Beach) JEWELtRS, INC. David H.Carter III Certified Gemologist 904 253-2543 110 North Beach-St. Davtona Beach. Fla. 32014 OF DAYTONA 500-D Mail Street Davtona Beach. Florida 32018 Bill Pellegrini 904 258-5743 Best Wishes Seniors I ' ront the Faculty. COMPLIMENTS OF DAYTONA BEACH NEW CAR DEALERS GEORGE B. HUMPHRIES. INC. a te Going and Stamps MEMBER OF PROFESSIONAL NUMISMATISTS GUILD. INC. g-cfcpkoRe 904 252-0874 T». ©. ' 0% 3686 q)a9to«a ' mck. ' xfia. 32018 500- JAaiii Sued Qcodgc ' B. " tHumpliMys. ' ? ' «esicleiit COMPLIMENTS OF SACRED HEART PARISH NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL Even Though It May Hurt for a While, We Must All Change and Grow. But Through the Tears, Our Memories Will Cheer Us and Make Us Smile, for They Never Change, They Only Get Better. Editor Bill Lloyd and The 78 Staff . $ ' r% $ ' % %% PLUS TOP VALUE STAMPS! ' ■ Port Orange Ridgewood and Charles ■ Daytona Beach 1110 Mason Ave. Ormond Beach 136 W. Granada COMPLIMENTS FROM ST. PETER ' S CHURCH DELAND BAGGETT SUMMERS FUNERAL HOMES Since 1916 Daytona Beach Holly Hill BEST WISHES BILL CROOKS TIRE STORES Bill Crooks Owner 255-0243 825 Mason Ave. Daytona Beach, FL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS McCarthy BUILDERS 12 Riverridge Trail Ormond Beach PATRONS Four down — Three to go! Mr. and Mrs. Bill Motzel Good Luck Seniors — Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kucha Mr. and Mrs. William D. Keefe Good Luck Class of 78 — Mr. and Mrs. John Barton Love Them Waves — Class of 78 — Svlvia and Victor Ti sdel Best Wishes for the Future — The B. J. Roy Family The Standish Crew rules the Surf — Pickle Congratulations — DeLand Equipment and Rental Best of Luck to Rose and the Class of ' 78 — The Morabitos We leave the Future to You, Class Congratulations to Sandie and the of 78: Good Luck — Class of 1978 — Mr. and Mrs. Andy Moser Mr. and Mrs. N. DiMartino Best Wishes Class of 78 — Mr. and Mrs. Gordon McCarthy Mrs. Gia Steinberg Congratulations Seniors — Best Wishes Mrs. Erna Bandlow Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Murphey Congratulations Class of 78 — Good Luck to the Class of 78 — Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kinsey Mr. and Mrs. James Baker The Edmund Mathews Family Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Puleo Mr. and Mrs. Jackie E. Cole F. H. Jaeger Family Purchase CG Herb — Godspeed Class of 78 — Whoopie and Hughie A Friend Ormond Fuel Kay ' s Fine Food Restaurant Congratulations and Good Luck. Good Luck and Congratulations Priscilla — Class of 78 — Love. Mom and Dad The Bodenhoms Good Luck — The Fortier Family Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gardinier CLOSING Do not try to run from the hands of Time. ■1 B V H F - ' : ' . - gc: For they have access to every walk of life. Do not fear the changes that they bear; ' tM . S ■. ». ' M Accept them, and make the best of them. For living is the soul of our existence, And changes make life worth living. VERITAS 1978 " Changes " ol x elati je loot qe JT. WcK Bsod loicxti-b A5i jO our ' ' ( e -P oclILv oC pho Goc ol -Au oA, " L. ' vy f J JL ■ .«t f Y y 4€U- Sai i-iifc ' . ' y ,

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