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4 Q. SFS 114. V MJ g. , FP ' xl P W.. .,., N fx F, 5. -AQ nf rf Q ? ,cf 555 V-' ' I f 2' "7 1 ff Q .P g , . E ,V Ea. -fl ' 'Q 3 f sl' i www 2 --'1 5 , 'Hx' K K3 V' 2 .iq v . ,B K . .fn .i 'Q , ,ff E 1,, x I W, x V J I iii, Q 1- u 1 . 1 . , v a . fir 559,-L1 15,1 ' ' .A , 'A Af' Qu? Q2 ,421 LQ, 2 x ' Mi A X14 if 9 ,X wk' W Q51 fl E -lk 'Wim 'U in-if R Q'-in H 'fe I 'Wi ' W' B22 ff 1 gf QD- 'Y 1 4 A . ' we b f ma-n.,m lx 4. 1, I if Q X K I 1 gg 'X K v A Y N 2 -7' Q' Q 122 , , 2 A fi G, J ,..--- n 1 af if M. W . A L55 fi ' - , fv .J i 'Q , ,ing 4 45 + r I 1 l ...,., . x . X 1 i -as-4 ,x,.W.,uQWwNw ii ii, I W' 6 . -an ff 'Q iv 'QWQ Q Title page... Faculty .... Events... Organizations Sports ....... Underclassmen... -- Seniors .... Directory... Awards... Ads.... ..1 .18 .40 .62 .76 102 132 156 162 168 do .1- A , ,jvhvi f-' 102 A dT"" if 'uf ..-v I nn. . 49- 'ak 5 2 if ' 1 W Q Q .--.M-...M , ,, ,vw N 'Q ig-N -w...,,,,,-N , 5 , 'E A LOPEZ'S GUIDING FORCE K.. 'g5F. Sister Rose Ellen, principal, and administrative assistant Mr. Ken Lipe, are professionally prepared for their duties at Father Lopez. Sister Rose Ellen assists the staff members in the articulation and improvement of the educational atmosphere of the school. Supervising student activities is also one of sister's duties. Mr. Lipe, in addition to his jobs of teacher and athletic director, takes the position of principal in the absence of Sister Rose Ellen. For their hard work and dedication, many thanks to both of them. CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD? The board has twelve members including Mrs. Mary Muldoon,Pres identg Mr. Frank MacDonald, Vice Presidentg Mr. Donald Petrie, Treasurerg Mrs. James Baker, Secretaryg Sister Rose Ellen, Fr. David Ferguson, Mr. John Walsh, Dr. Harry Gillis, Fr. Louis Dunleavy. These men and woman helped to make the rules and reg- ulations at Lopez. If something was needed it had to be approved by the board. They have been looking into a new cafeteria and possibly an expansion to the library. The board draws up the budget for the year. Anything to do with the school fi- nancially goes through the board. " COUNSELING " by Sister Carmel y 'X Members of the Guidance Department recognized the dignity and worth of each Lopez student. Sr. Carmel, head of the department, and Dr. Juan Lopez, psychologist and volunteer counselor, are both certified by the state of Florida in secondary school guidance. Counseling included individual sessions, as well as get-togethers in academic, spiritual, and voca- tional matters. Q, i. 'Rx ,J ,Q its V, ENGLISH The Father Lopez English Department was staffed by an able crew: Mr. Ted Petrucciani, Mrs. Helen Belanger, Mr. Jim Gardinier, Mr. Ken Lipe, and Mr. Dave Kreimer. Grammar, spelling, and vocabulary were taught along with ever-popular literature. Fundamentals of Journalism and the publication of the Lopez yearbook were projects undertaken by journalism students. Field trips were rare but important parts of the students' education. UMistress of the Inn,H a theatrical production, was viewed by Juniors and Seniors early in the year, with upperclassmen from other area high schools also attending the perfor- mance. English teachers were able to supplement literature with movies and film strips from a fine school library selection. Quicker than a speeding molecule - more intelligent than a binary computer - able to solve genetic and chemical equations in a single try. what could be a more accurate description of the Father Lopez Science Department? Sister Clare teaches all physical sciences, which include chemistry, physics, and earth science, while Mrs. Hyland handles the biological sciences, including high school and advanced biology, physiology, marine biolOQY. and ecology. Field trips to Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant, the Planetarium, and Cape Kennedy high- lighted physical science studies, but Mrs. Hyland's beach excursions and annual trip to Gainesville Shands Teaching Hospital sponsored by the Heart Fund provided an interesting supplement to classroom activities. For advanced biology fB.S.C.S.l students the chance to explore scientific careers was made possible by career day, where students spent the day with a person whose scientific occupation matches their own interests. With Sister Clare and Mrs. Hyland , science is really not Hbohr-ingn at all. The math department at Father Lopez High School offers courses ranging from pre-algebra to calculus. Mind-boggling equations seem to fit right into place as Mr. George King, Miss Judy Fritze, and Sister Cecelia maneuver students through the Lopez mathematical maze. Courses are taught not only to help out students in a practical sense, but also to prepare them for college math. Geometry labs and calculus games add a little variety. Although only two years of math are required, many students elect to take three, occasionally four. After all, why quit when you've got the added advantage of a dedicated hard-working, and all-around super math department THE WIDE WORLD OF LANGUAGE Spanish anyone? How 'bout a little French? Mrs. Raisa Leorza and Mrs. Helen Belanger offer the best classes in each. Spanish I, II, and III are all a part of Mrs. Leorza's teaching schedule. with her help, a student learns to like as well as know, his Spanish. As for French, this year was like a dream-come-true for Mrs. Belanger. For the first time in the history of Father Lopez there was a French IV class. The four students enrolled in it concentrated on ihe culture and writings of 15th through 19th century France. LOPEZ THEOLOGY Fr. Charlie Sum, Sister Cecilia Byrnes, and new addition Mr. Dennis Dolan make up our Theology Department, headed by School Pastor,Father David Ferguson. The Theology program con- sists of the freshman course - uThe Biblen and nJesus7U the Sophomore course - HChurch Historyn and UThe Sacramentsyu the junior course -HCompara- tive Religionsu and NMorality7H and the senior course -Hvocationu and HDeath and Dying.H These are the classes, but at Father Lopez, Religion goes beyond just a course. Work is augmented by occasional ser- vices and weekly Mass, along with other outside activities. One important activity is COR, which is a weekend retreat during which one learns to love and accept one another for what he is - by experiencing Christus love. Many Lopez students have found a continuation of this COR experi- ence in HDaybreak,U a group of high school students who sing a message of love and understanding. Altogether, the teachers, the courses, the activities, and the general atmosphere help the students learn to work together in a Christian community, and to under- stand that Christianity is not just a course, but a way of life. WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW AND WHY? l There was a new addition to the Social Studies curriculum at Lopez. The semester course, Consumer Economics, was taught by Mr. Phil Richart and Mr. Jim Gardinier. Students learned the necessities for everyday budgeting along with important tips in such subjects as insurance. Mr. Richart also taught American History, Psychology and P.E. while Mr. Bruce Tramont taught American and World Histories, plus World Culture. x V if . " - ' ' ,Q iifffi-5 E' The Physical Education Depar- tment is made up of Mr . David Kreimer, Mr. Phil Richart, and Mrs. Mary Ann Tidmarsh. The program is a well balanced plan of activities involving a vari- ety of team sports ranging from football to badminton. The classes, being as small as they are, allow every student to participate in all events. The only real problem of the P. E. department is the lack of funds available to allow more sporting activities. The Health Education class is taught by Mrs. Mary Ann Tidmarsh, and is required of 'all senior stu- dents. The course includes such topics as mental health, diet and nutrition, alcohol and tobacco, drug use and abuse, body functions, and first aid and safety. HUNGRY? NEED A BUTTON SEWN ON? 4 This year Home Economics classes were under the direction of Mrs. Judy Nichols, new to the faculty of Father Lopez. Also new was the enrollment of nine boys to the cooking class. -e Students prepared a variety of dishes, and were taught to sew the most elegant of fashions. Nutrition and home deco- rating were also stressed. Learning to plan meals or to make a decoupage were just some of the interesting projects that students under- took during the year. TYPING TIME From timed writings to Htyped football games,H the typing program at Father Lopez has become a much talked about course. Comments range from HI can't believe I finally made 20 words a minutelu to nIt kept me off honors again.H Mr. Jim Gardinier, head of the department, has done much to make typing classes different and more exciting. With the donation of several new type- writers by the Parents Assn., a student seldom had to worry about whether or not his type- writer would work. In addition to the year- long course in business typing, a new one-Semester course was added. It was called uPersonal Typing,H and offered nearly everything the business course did, but in condensed form. MRS. JERABEK'S WORLD Faithful service, overdue books, sssshhhhhl What else but the Father Lopez Library? Mrs. Helen Jerabek provides information on a variety of subjects including local news and school announcements posted on the door. She works long and hard to maintain a good, efficient library used by students, teachers, and parents organizations, School Board, Booster Club, and Band Parents. It also serves as the home stadium for the Father Lopez Brainbowl Team. Audiovisual aids including films, transparencies, and records are kept as well as the book and magazine selection to supplement a busy curriculum. The library also has an excellent reference section used on many occasions by hassled students attempting term papers, book reports, and other assorted projects. Student upperclassmen serve as library aides to handle card catalogues, filing, and typing work, but Mrs. Jerabek is the guiding force behind the success- ful and much appreciated Father Lopez Library. Cleanliness ie next to Rosiness with Rosie Wllmore in charge. Hs and Grant really get the job done well no matter what it happens to be, whether keeping the plumbing in line, or just opening a jammed locker. Mr. Starr, an ever ready maintenance man is also a great asset to the NMr. Clean Squadu. These three guys deserve more credit than they've ever gotten. Without them to keep things in order Lopez just wou1dn't be the same. K Q H 5. .qsf as r-9, EVENTS V v - - . . y Q- , a -w ' ,Homecoming Q74 had a new look. Because of limited funds and in order to preserve- - paper by not using paper nap- kins, floats were-ekiminated in .favor of decoratedtcarsg' Al14mpkes'and'mode1s became unrecognizable-under the 'cover of green paper, Green Waves, and the Flagler-Palm Coast Bhlldogs. ' The SGA organized the Homecoming parade, a short but memorable event. It was topped off by the band,the decorated cars, assorted bikes, and the class court representatives. , Q, , , - . : fm 1 , - 1 l 45? . ,Q 0 N l is if bil "'l1n....., IT TAKES TWO It started out a typical October day. But as the 12th of October went on, the spirit of Father Lopez rose. After the pep rally for the football game against Lakeland Santa Fe, the Pep Club and Honor Society challenged each other in a whopper eating contest. Six members from each club participated three girls and three guys. The girls got a little break - they ate whopper juniors. The team with the least total time was the champion and the pep club won. As the paper said, ult took two hands and a gulp to win.H I HANDS Q-a Af, ,1-Wien Egvswi saqrx 3 . V: Q 4 F, it . 1 A W ,, l i WAVES' SPIRIT ROLLS ON i K Grub days and spirit days were just two ways Lopez students could express their true selves this past year. Uniforms were no where in sight on grub days. Instead jeans, T-shirts, and cut-offs were worn so a club could collect a quarter from each ngrub-ee.U Spirit days were similar. Uniforms were replaced with costumes that showed who or what kids really are. Pajamas, boxes, cartoon characters - just to name a few - were walking around Lopez. On the whole, students enjoyed doing something different. WE GATHER TOGETHER The idea of Hcommunityn is basic to Father Lopez High School. One of the ways in which this idea is expressed is the Mass. The entire student body participated in the liturgey on Holy Days. Families were invited to masses in the courtyard on special Sundays, including Mother's Day. The chapel was the scene of weekday masses for theology classes, as well as for all who wished to attend the 8 a.m. Liturgy on Fridays and other announced times. ii 4 COME ON PEOPLE NOW ...GET TOGETHER" This was the theme for the 1974-75 Ring Blessing which is one of the first and most mean- ingful events of the senior year. It is a time for the seniors to look at themselves as one,with God. As the rings were blessed by Fr. Dave Ferguson and Deacon Jim Pagni, the seniors experienced a real feeling of togetherness. The ceremony was held at Prince of Peace Church. The blessing of the rings took place during a mass, and the class gathered around the altar as one for the consecration of the Eucharist. Sean Muldoon and Joe Cerio sang, and the readings were done by Raul Lopez and Lori Schmidt. The ceremony was organized by Fr. Ferguson and the readings were arranged by Caren Gaines. RUNNERS TAKE YOUR MARK annual Field Day took place and 13 new records were es- tab1ished.Anne d'Adesky set the softball throw distance, while Cyrus Tucker and Thomas Nickerson ran the 100- yard dash. The Junior girls cap- tured the 440 relay and the Senior boys snagged the win in the 880 relay. MVP awards went to Jack Wade, Theresa Jacobs, Kevin Ogden, Lisa McMenamy, Mickey Lopez, Pam Fields, Anne d'Adesky, and Thomas Nickerson. FOUR DEMERITS LATER .... A student served a detention if he accumulated 4 demerits over a 9- week period, by cutting class, or by leaving campus without permission. Demerits were issued for tardiness, dress code violations, improper be- havior, going to off-limit locations, or failing to bring an absentee note. Detentions were held in special rooms and teachers alternated proctoring. Detention lasted lf2 hour and was held immediately after school. The discipline committee was composed of Mr. Kreimer, Mr. Tramont, and Sr. Cecilia for the faculty: Martha Jaeger, Joe Simmons, Judy McClosky and Raul Lopez represented the students. A student came up before the committee if he accumu- lated 7 demerits in a 9-week period, or if a student had a specific problem with a certain teacher. The student-teacher ratio was 4 to 3. WHAT YOU SEE ,IS WHAT YOU GET ! From Father Ferg's npie-in-the- eyen to egg races, the '74-'75 pep rallies at Lopez kept school spirit high. With help from the J.V.s and Varsity sponsor, Judy Fritze, the varsity cheerleaders led rallies in the gym during activity periods. Some shouted, HHere we come,n while Pep Club led HMy name is.o.' - but all everyone agreed he Uwill be a Greenwave until I dielu YEah. HERE SHE COMES' X The third annual Miss Father Lopez Contest was held on the evening of October 18, 1974. Twenty-two girls competed in three categories: evening gown, talent and personal interviews. Although only one girl was selected as Miss Lopez, each deserved congratulations for her fine performance. Senior Josie Reilly was named the 1974-75 Miss Lopez, with Freshman Sandy DiMartino as first runner-up, Marie Kenny, freshman, second runner- up, and senior Eunice Burns, third runner-up. Miss Congeniality was senior Mimi Kenny. It was a night all twenty-two will never forget. Xu Pappy's Pizza Days became a tradition on our campus in less than a year Having been introduced to the Lopez diners by SGA, pizza added zingy variety to the lunchtime schedule, especially the palatable pies that came to us hot from Pappy's ovens. ALTOGETHER NOW Zn 4 p I l ' 1 o r Assemblies were an important part of the 1974-75 school year. These were the times when we were recognized for academic and athletic honors: when we were instructed on important issues, and when we were amused by groups like T.N.T. and the D:B.C.C. concert band. An outstanding feature of this year's assemblies was the electric car, brought to us by Mr. Ed Ek and the Daytona Beach Engineering Society. THERE HE IS ...MR LOPEZ! J Q i 5 4 1 I if ' .! f 4 1 This was our first year for a Mr. Father Lopez Contest. Sponsored by Health Careers, eleven young men competed in talent as well as in suits and interviews. Senior Sean Muldoon sang Hoperatorn to become the first Mr. Lopez. John HGladysN Scott, a junior, along with his two Pips, acted out a song and captured first runner-up. Talented Frank Cerio played a collection of songs on the piano and he was awarded second runner-up. Congratulations to all eleven for taking part in the first contest for men. 4- i in .. X f-ww aqua: ORGANIZATIONS LOPEZ LEADERS This year's new SGA sponsor worked with the new officers and three new representatives from each grade to accomplish some new feats. nPizza Daysn were introduced to our campus by BGA, and then several other groups found this a good way to earn funds. Besides the inno- vations in Homecoming '74, SGA represented students for the first time on the Student- Faculty Discipline Committee. SGA contributed needed audio: visual aids to the school, as well as assuring students an opportunity to be heard in the dispensing of justice. SGA 1-r, lst row-Cheryl Rodrgue, Kathy Hyland, Jeff Donohue, Jean White, John Scott, Sean Muldoon, Jim Simmons, Znd row-Pam Welchef, Joe Simmons ltreasl, Judy McCloskey lvice-presl, Martha Jaeger lSecl, Bill Lloyd, Fr. David Ferguson Qsponsorl, 3rd row-Kathy Motzcll Raul Lopez lpresl, Pat Thurman, Roy Bohensky The National Honor Society did well this year collecting for HDollars for Scholarsu and Halifax Hospital: selling Greenwave license plates: conducting other fund- raising projects, to say nothing of the Whopper-Eating Contest against Pep Club. The Society's biggest job was leading the Honors assemblies. It was the first time that students par- ticipated in conducting these pro- grams. All members are grateful to Mr. George King, whose able spon- sorship insured the success of each activity. Officiating this year were Caren Gaines as president, Miguel Lopez as vice-president, Mimi Kenny as secretary, and Kathy Motzel as treasurer. Students are selected for membership on the basis of good character, grade-point average, and involvement in school and community functions. N. H.S. 1-rg Pete Gillis, John Scott, Chris Petrie, Judy McCloskey, Caren Gaines lpres. l, Vicki Welcher, Mimi Kenny lsec. I, Roy Mongiovi, Dan Mcusker, Pam Fields, Raul Lopez, Larry Evanoff, Miguel Lopel lvice pres. I, Roy Bohensky, Sean Muldoon, Mike MacDonald, Thomas Nickerson Steve Boka, Rebecca Ever tt, Mr. George King fsponserl, Kathy Motzel ltreasl. DON'T BH DON'T Bb JUST BF The Father Lopez Marching Band 1 performed for the fans at our foot- ball games and took part in the Homecoming parade. This hardy group, directed by Toby Wall and Steve Kirby, also participated in many community events - from Palm Coast to New Smyrna Beach. Mrs. Harriet Finn and her Band Parents Association have given the student musicians a great deal of support. THE MARCHING DOZEN ! For the third year, the majorettes of Father Lopez have entertained the fans at football games and at a variety of performances. The three 1974-75 majorettes were Pam Fields - head majorette, Pam Welcher and Teresa Miranda. Again this year little Joy Miranda was also out there twirling away as the band's mascot. The girls did a fine job not only in their shows but also with the Miss Father Lopez contest. V OH YES WE DO! From following the Noreen Ripples,H to traveling with the junior varsity basketball team, the eight J.V. cheerleaders backed their players all the way. Whether the teams were leading or not, these girls never quit cheering them on. Their spirit was led by captain Phalese Powers, missing from picture and co-captain Tonya Keys, second from left. The other girls in the picture from left to right are: Barb Dowling, Tonya Keys, Colleen Minor and Leanne Mathews. Missing from picture other than Phalese are Stacy Morris, Deirdre Downey and Lisa Vogini. HERE'S FROSH SPIRIT! Mrs. Hyland, sponsor of the Freshman cheerleaders, said her girls were HGreat2nThe team thought so, too. Here they are: standing, Kathleen Hyland, Rose- mary Fischettin, Sue Cook, and Lorraine Lill. Kneeling, Mary Crotty, Michele D'Ascanio, Marie Kenny, and MaryBeth Elston. KEY-KEYETTES? LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE GREENWAVE f Under the dedicated leader- ship of Sr. Cecilia, the pep club worked hard to generate spirit and a sense of pride and loyalty for Father Lopez. Signs to boost morale and celebrate victory were a familiar sight all over the school grounds. New group cheers were introduced by John Scott and Miguel Lopez, who led the uproarious, but potent cheer- ing section for the Greenwave. - Aside from school class rivalry to promote spirit, a small whis- per could be vaguely detected over over in the far corner of the gym, where the faculty tried vainly to outsouncl the cheering students. Leading the pep brigade were Martha Jaeger and Chris Petrie, presidents, Kathy Motzel and Mike Schauer, activities chairpersons, Dianne Freer, secretary, and Roy Bohenzky, treasurer. Everyone in the club worked to generate spirit, especially Bill Lloyd and Deidre Downey Kclub Sweethearts, and Sharon Winters. From pep rallies to wopper-eating contest to Home- coming, the Lopez pep club proved that any activity needs spirit to be successful. The biggest annual event, sponsored by this hyperactive group, was the successful Home- coming Dance. Science goes further into student activities than the curriculum! The Health Careers Club is a continuation of biology classes. Students in the club work with the March of Dimes, Humane Society, and Heart Fund in worthwhile projects to help the sick and disabled. This year's club also participated in lectures held at Ormond Beach Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Hyland, club sponsor, was recently recognized for her efforts in science by the Heart Fund at the State Science Fair. She was cited for her work in guiding students towards health careers. It is plain to see in and career of the that she is both interested enthusiastic about health opportunities. The major event year was the field trip taken to Gainesville. Students from biology classes and members of the club spent the day at J. Hillis Miller Medical Center and Shands Teaching Hospital. The Father Lopez Health Careers Club was able to inform students of and participate in local health activities. READY .... ACTION Not enough praise can be given to the Drama Club and its sponsor Sister Clare. This year the club had its own playrights. Francis Cerio and Shelley Carrin wrote HIS There a Santa Claus?H, the Christmas play. The club performed a spring play nThe Devil Made Me Do Itu on May 19 and 20 SPORTS WAVES ARE ON THE G0 LOPEZ OPPONENT 6 - 6 Jamboree 6 - 0 12 Seabreeze 12 27 Pierson-Taylor 0 20 Interlachen 27 32 Lakeland Santa Fe 14 O Bishop Kenny 14 47 Ft.Pierce John Carrol114 14 Apopka 19 19 Melbourne Catholic 23 2 New Smyrna Beach 33 24 Flagler-Palm Coast 22 I ' . 'gf' I X, ,,2.i,. 5 i 4 Q. r ' if Q Mm. A , lf4"'Yfw . I . '. '. 1 ' ' , W 8 , 5 v ,ffl ' Q ' ' ii if Ln, 1 ' ff' ff if A if A' ,,ih f 41. fffj N ff f - 1 ga' i . I K f x ' , ' 1 I -f Qmaiil i .4 thu 'Q HRW. W ,Q 5 , 5 ,, .wx-,,, ef , Q f Q ., iglgigf ' s Egg, 2 .,3cg,,1 , X ,K Lf if Q f? K X 1, ,fi A , ff- '- 'fmaiffig . ' QSM .f2:f.f?f? -1tff4i,f??2 451' , 1 -- ,, 1 N f f H . A ,W-A :f , f . Q H, ,x M '-, A f' 'fit K v 1 M L, Q., 'TB' 1 Qi' ., My , ,N .a . W, s E 0 Q 1 .1. . ,X X ,A , f -il , Q35 V1 fu. H.. fri MQ i, 2 , P Q ., Q' gg 1, E322 , 1-' -'IX A 'N I Q-K B- 1 f 4- w---.Q .I -554 i MIEQ Ah - - -mf, , Vi., iff' .54 ff 'Ki ' Qt ' V H K i f " ' . V ' 1 if ' ma' 'N V ,jf X 5 , s f ' 1 ff , 'gs : .- 'L 7- 4, ff X lj x - ' Q 'Sy Q Q2 , xx s I RIPPLES ROLL ON. The 1974 Green Ripples, under the leadership of Coaches Jim Gar- dinier and Shubie Thompson, fin- ished their season with a 2-4 rec- ord. The team featured a high- powered offense and a strong defense While losing twice to Melbourne Central Catholic, and once to New Smyrna Beach and Crecent City, they defeated St. J'oseph's Academy twice with the scores of 42-0 and 55-22. At the awards banquet, Rick Gaines and Ron McGuire were hon- ored as the outstanding offensive and defensive players. Yes, the Green Ripples provided much excite- ment for the Lopez fans. 42- 0 St. Joseph's Academy 12-28 Melbourne Central Catholic 55-22 St, Joseph's Academy 0-42 Melbourne Central Catholic 0-40 New Smyrna Beach 6-40 Crecent City om' Q. -P Q -v . ,,.N.,.,X.- .....,.N, . V ' ,. 1 . , i ig .2 I , x . E ki'5,I:vf ff? -Q D Q . 1 O ff ui 5 X I fx f Q ik K if Q. K Q I , K . , 3 T - 72 , ' ' W -mx. J 9 4 . a Q ,,"5 . as ' ' A ? rg 5 552135, ffimv- 'Vfif iff I umm TIN.. 1 wil if 4 . va aff ,339 S if iw-F' Q ag x viz, K V, .V . gg iiil , f M- Q .E-. -., -4 . ,, ,. , 5 fs QE . 5 g A1 22 may ww' MY? 'E ,t SS "vw 1,143 , mfg'-,isazgg -L, 2 ff , rx . , 1. -M N 'I 5 f, . -2 lb Y 3 2 1-uw I i v I im I U ,L if 2 0 1 X wg X 4 'Q 575 kk sa-if Q 3 I ? x L . as 4' i , 3 is Vkry Q , Q ' W WHAT A SHOT! Pictured above with their coaches, Mr. Ed Searby and Mr. E.P. Lingo, are the members of this year's Freshman basketball team. Back row, left to right: Mr. Lingo, Chuck Sprague, Mark Smith, Mark Nash, Mark Lingo, Tim McNamara7second row: Charles Krawzynski, Rick Gaines, John Goergen, Jack Wade, Marc Fortier front row: Mike Laconte, David Cesari, Bill Powell. s I I , N , 'FEC'-m,.csziA qu if Thanks to the Father Club, as well as members who worked on the field, team finally was able to games and mean it. Coach Lopez Booster of the team the baseball play home Jim Gardinier his assistant coaches. Hank Goldstone, and John Restuccia, as well as captain Mike Schauer made it a good season. The new diamond, located the gym, is living proof just north of of real Hwave Spirit,N and it came alive in '75. w: THERE HE GOES! iff. gi- fs 'F 5 Az ,. Q' .. , 'S' L ., an-J 4 1 , 'K , me L lk eg ff, t, tgfe' .f,, - 1 gi- ak .1 ' 'uf ,wh 3- .. -F ', 'Wa' x an 1 f,,gf,g, I " as M . j'mav, "K" 4 ,- V3- ' 1 - ' 9-2 Ls L' ,pzjitt 1- 1.9-,5y,,5? I ' ' .5 . ' ' 4-an., .fr -ua... -wx- .- .F it ,Q 3 ,,,g.p3:- , .. 4 ff'-5 7 ,ae .L-of 4 twhilvn - mums ANYONE? Mr. Ken Lipe had another good year as coach of both tennis teams. Peter Glllis was captain of the boys' team, which comprised Gene Pringle, John Scott, Bob Harkins, Martin Favis, Pat Thurman, and Jeff Donohue. The girls' team was made up of Leslie Wall, Jean Sullivan, Cindy Ehringer, Caren Gaines, Kathy Motzel, Angela Wall, Leanne Mathews, and Captain Anne D'Adesky. W www AN "OTHER" PAGE I , F1 L , The Father Lopez swim teams have had their most successful year to date. At press time, the girls were undefeated and the boys were 7 - 2. Frank Vogini was captain of the boys' team, coached by Father Charlie Sum, and Mrs. Maryann Tidmarsh coached the girls' team. Their captains were Nancy White, Terri Ensell, and Gene Bubb. nf 8,1 ak ffm I ,Y wg, , J as f 1 6. fvwr ' DIVING at-.4 , 5 Q4 fl Ei ' is s' .Sz-aL.,M . :Qi W 1" -x. , , ,-vqwtvvf' M, , , ,A aw - fn' . A I 6 5, K 4 Q YZ ,E ' , 5 Ka? W aww 5- . , W E 'X ' cfs- 2 --x:--4 -- -- KM 11 - ,- ....wm- 'L 11: - M , Q . Ks y ,M 5 2 3 i 2 i ? UNDERCLASSMEN, -MQ ? 3'-vP"".-v""" A 'gk 39. X- ,ff f tg" ff ML., . I T 4 ... 13.94 - ff f Y, 'sf-v W"-1-.v,.....,,,,,u mfamm? Jeffrey Ahmed Michelle Barron John Baumeier Kevin Behrens Kevin Behulak Linda Bentley Priscilla Bernal Bubba Bonner Paul Bouchard James Britt Geoffrey Brittingham Paul Bubb Teresa Bubb Sue Burroughs Dennis Carlson ? .ls Thomas Carvill Glenda Cassata David Cesari Matthew Champagne Scott Chappuis Michael Chema Thomas Colley Mark Coody Suzanna Cook Joanne Costello Mary Crotty Peter D'Agresta Lanice Danielson Michelle Dascanio Suzy Demming Marilyn DePope Sandra DiMartino Mary Beth Elston 1 O m ,,5hm Y s ' Q,.., . rig. .W s ggigk - :fwnjf -is ,tsl 5, . , Armand Fischetti Rosemary Fischetti James Flatley Marcus Fortier QS, Q George Freeman John Goergen Robyn Heath Mary Jane Fromme Lisa Hannans Mark Hinkle Richard Gaines John Haydn Deborah Hopkins Lisa Garguilo Kathy Haydu Lisa Hunt W Kathleen Hyland Lynn Irons Theresa Jacobs John Jaeger Mary Janeczko Larry Jones Marie Kenny Dona Kight William Kilichowski Patricia Killarney Charles Krawczynski Michael Loconte Langis Letourneau Cynthia Levin Mark Lingo Lorraine Lill William Lloyd Suzi McMenamy Antionette Meeks Mona Lisa Mobley Julian Lopez Wendy McMenamy Teresa Miranda Laura Montecki Debbie McAfee Catherine McCloskey Tim McNamara Christie Marra Kim Morrison Mary Ann Moser Charles Mostert Larry Motzel Molly Mullin Kathryn Murphy Mark Nash James O'Brien Mary Lynn O'Malley Melissa Peshek Lucy Palmieri William O'Nei11 Michael Petko Lynn Petrie William Powell if W Robert Seiler Paul Silvestris Margaret Sloan Mark Smith Charles Sprague Blaine Staed Robert Steiner Kevin Sutherland Chris Szaroleta Tim TenBroeck David Tisdel Cyrus Tucker Arthur Vallez Randy Vance Jack Wade Douglas Wever Allison Widmaier Robert Wise William Wood Joanne Woodruff N Pat Adams Wendy Anderson Liz Antonich Frank Baker wiiii? - - , fx his .X ,YQ " .,..-4 Sue Bertrand Stephanie Bobbitt Charlotte Bonner William Brookfield . Robert Brown Lonneen Brown Elizabeth Burns Shelley Carrin Frank Cerio Mark Champagne Mark Chappuis Stacy Charles Dawn Coble Laureen Connor Daniel Costello Theresa Curry Steven D'Agresta Charles D'Assaro Barbara Dowling Joseph Dana Tara DePa1ma Deirdre Downey ee, ., 5 , was .M 1 Denise Downey 'tx L 'x ' miaayl gggg g i ii A yy f ,-', "1 Y ff ' ,1 A 1 M Wayne Dubois Pam Fagan Martin Favis Laura Fornari Beth Fox Mark Fritz Blaine Gundy Jeff Hansard Brian Hartman Sheila Hernlen Ann Bindery Daphne Hollon Thomas Horrigan sue Farmer , I , ,Ek is V 'K Eugene Iozzino Bernadette Izzillo QQ "ik 7 Elizabeth James Gregory Jones Kate Kenny Kenneth Kitchens Tonya KEYS Kristen Komatz QQ' 5 'N 4 'buf' Qi F I 22 4 Af ive? S7 Monica Lammers John Lastinger Lisa Lloyd Lucy Maccabe Tim McCloskey Matthew MCG: ane Ronald McGuire Lisa McMenamy 34 6 vi 5 Phyllis Mahoney Leanne Mathews Colleen Minor stacy Morris , ik Cheryl Morrison Edward Nord ann Thomas 0'Brien Kevin Ogden Terry O'Reilly Frances Palmieri Steven Pardus Larry Pascale ,f 1 -Dov Kwf' Q,f b'vEg?5 Q12 I M- QLQ- hgtggg 'iii .. L -1 3 ' Q Q A in x ,ze Q 1 I K X . 3 ,iw F Robert Petko James Polito Phalese Powers Dale Ramsey Rodney Reynolds Frank Silvestris JBIIIES Simmons Ng, oo .gf Joseph Simmons Michael Smith Noeleen Skehah Barbara Rinaldi Vikki SXOHI1 Gabriel Romanach Marcus Slyman Brian Rowley Olga Ruiz David Russell Theresa Sabatino Denise Sacco Timothy Savas Barbara Seiler Lorenzo Siler Sam Spitler Lori Summers Lee Tablewski Pat Thurman Robert Tuttle A Lisa Vogini Angela Wall Chris Weber Jacqueline wise Drexel Wassem Pam Welcher Greg Wolfersteiq fb 5 we fQE Sue AdkihS R wr Ronald Asher Gregory Ballard Mark Baumeier Darlene Baylor as 'K Y-viii Vicki Bockoven Roy Bohensky JoAnne Boilard Steven Boka 1 V f David Bon Fleur Kate Brookfield Steven Callahan Hugh Cash -. ..., 1 t , 2 -:- if, 4 1' v i K, 5a 1 t K , 3 ,.'-, t gp wait ?e?Qx?iaeNn JNWSQY wiagh. mr Q v 1 wg " Q H 5 X X 13' 5 Wa fm n t e A f, qulb ai: xf ' Terry Chapman Daniel Collier Mary Connor Brian Daly : S ' - Q S231 E xl . ,,:5k ,E 5 Q Steven Elston Larry Evanoff Rebecca Everett Michael Farmer Pam Fields Tony Flatley Diane Free: Kathleen Gildea Paul Gillis Sue Goodwin Terri Hannans Robert Harkins Patricia Hedgecock Thomas Hodgson David Horrigan Patricia Irons Peter Janda .lm 'x og is 'Mag-3' 41-ek 3 ffm " Wi' as x 5-Y v N., M 1 iv 4' f- W ' .XM f , 4 Q , s. Dawn Johnson Jacqueline Johnson wayne Johnson Lisa Kinney Mary Kovacs James Lehan John Levin Miguel Lopez Patrick MacDonald James MacPhee Kathy MacPhee Patrick McCarthy Judy McCloskey Debbie Mahoney Michael Major fl Judy Maroney Betty Miranda Steven Motzel Matthew Muldoon Michael O'Connel1 Robert Patchett Linda Palmieri Laurie Parker jig, xi 'inf 2 Mary Pascale Jon Pastorius Dean Pepe Janice Peshek 1 ! Alan Prunier Jahn scott C0l1.eel1 Reilly Mary Sheehan Chris Petrie Phyllis Powers Scott Reynolds Rgy Skelton David Powell Kevin Price 'rom Rina1d1 pezzie Smith v QPN N 'skis .,', ,. X15 ,K X 1 I 1 ,n 1 Sue Van Driel Cheryl Villaflor Lee Weber Jean White Frank Vogini Vicki Welcher Sharon Winters 5.4 A if!- ig' it,. T 5449 f 7' 5 SENIORS Byron Albury Edmund Amara Michael Barry Marianne Bell Toni DePa1ma John Donohue Sue Donohue if 5 f , J I 1 111:20 SFSYEHN T?" Hifi Susan FOSCEXL' Van Edwards Cynthia Ehringer Therese Ensell Richard Estrada Caren Gaines Vickie Garcia Peter Gillis Michael Halyard Christopher Humphrey Edward Hyland Martha Jaeger John T. Kelly Mariellen Kenny Colette Kment Carolyn Kopatz Raul Lopez Michael MacDonald R im y-5 ,4 Ugtlag , , ', 5153 C , V. Mr at wnggf V 4,9 91 A rw . EFX y, W we yfaif ' 3924 v E Q ' M 33 . R, "-'L T 'Q X-We N ffiimiau Katherine Motzel Sean Muldoon ,,, ,Q 1f'TU2:73W?HwvB4 'fa , , g , Q .M ,, ,M Y v Q ---,ia ,., Q, 3- s un ,ll L, - w ,, A 4 , . A ff 5 'f f Viqiyfnfw ,V ,ix 'rn tl,- 11 A. Thomas Nickerson Mary Niklowitz Myron Piatek John A. Pascale Terri A. Polito Edward Powers .gn Richard Schwarz Rose Seiler Tlm Sheehan John Shelley Richard Snead Marcy Strickland Jeff Suchon Jean Sullivan Janlce Van Driel Leslie Wall Nancy whltc Debra wise an I . , L K gi JR Lawrence Wol fersteig Cather ine Wul fekuhl 1 l ,-g.4. Y ' J .I 'inn Q, "'1'h' 4 ,Q 4 its - fs. . 'sK'Qfi-'S Y , Amara, Edmund: HEdN- Key Club, Boys Track 1,27 Intramurals l,2,3,4: Girls Track Coach 4. Alburyg Byron Scott: nScottn- HBearH- Key Club 3,47 Surf Club 4: Intramurals 4: Basketball l,2,3: Newspaper Editor 4. Barry, Michael Decklyn7HMicoN- Homeroom Treasurer l: chorus 3. Bell, Marianne: uMareH- Keyette 3,4: Health Careers 3: Homecoming Court 47Senior Class Secretery: HOmer0Om Treasurer 4. Bubb, Gene Marie: HGenieH- Pep Club l,2,3,4: F.L.P.A. 37 G.A.A. 3: Keyette 3,4- pres.: N.J. Reporter 4: N.H.S. 3,47 Swim ing l,2,3,4 Most Dedicated '71-'72: Yearbook 4- Layout Editor. Burns Eunice: HEunicen- Keyette Club 3,47 Pep Club l,2,3,4: G.A.A. 1,27 Cheerleading l- co-captain,2,3,4: F.L.P.A. 3,4: Homecoming Court 4: Friendliest, Superlative. Cerio, Joseph Charles: uJoeH- Glee Club 2: Chorus 37 Football l,2,3,4 Hustler Award 2: Basketball 17 Baseball 2: Newspaper Staff 4. d'Adesky, Anne Christine: uAnneH- G.A.A. l,2,3: Pep Club l: Brain Bowl 3: American Legion Oritorical Runner-up: Tennis l,2,3,4: Most Valuable l,2,3: Most Athletic Superlative. Donohue Susanne: Hsueu- Pep Club 2,37 Yearbook 2,32 Swim Team 27 Keyette Club 37 G.A.A. 2,37 Prom Committee 3: Homeroom Pres. 3. Donohue John Ford: HJeffH or HFordN- Key Club 3,4: Surf Club 4: American Legion Nineth Grade Award: Football l,2,3,4: Swimming 1, 2,37 Tennis 3,4: Basketball l: Yearbook Staff 47 Prom Committee 3: S.G.A. l,2,3,4: Homeroom Pres. l,2,3. Edwards Van M.: UV.M.u- Beto Club: Gaybees: Basketball lLetteredl: Football QLetteredj: Intremurals: S.G.A. Intramurals Ehringer, Cynthia: Swimming 1,27 Tennis 4. Estrada, Richard Ernest: Hsrnieu- Key Club: Surf Club: Homecoming Court: Football l,2,3,4: Basketball 1,21 Swimming l,2,3: Baseball: Track 1,27 Intramurals: Yearbook Staff 4: S.G.A. 3, vice-pres.: Homeroom President 2. Ensell, Therese Ann: HTerriH- Pep Club 17 N.H.S. 3,47 Keyettes 3,4: Cheerleading 2: Swim Team l,2,3,4: G.A.A. 4: Homeroom officer 2,3. Foster, Susan Mary: Health Careers 3,4: Newspaper,Staff 4: G.A.A. 47 Emblem Club Scholarship: OUTstanding Achievement in Spanish III and Biology. Garcia, victoria: Hvickin- Beta Club: Tennis 2,3,47 Band 17 HDaisy Maeu Gaines Caren E.: Health Careers l,2,3,4: Sacristan l,2,3,4: G.A.A. l,3,4: Pep Club 4: Band l,2,3,4: Brainbowl l,3,4: N.H.S. 3,4 Pres.: Optomist Club Outstanding Youth: Kiwanis Club Letter Sweater: Out- standing Bandsman: Tennis 47 Daybreak: Yearbook: Public Relations: Most Scholastic, Superlative. Gillis Peter G.: nPeteU- N.H.S.: Football l,2,3,4, All County 3,4: Coaches Award: Tennis 3,4: Intramurals 3,4: Basketball 1: Outstanding Achievement in English 3. Halyard, Michael N.: UShortyH- Pep Club: Football, J.V. and Varsity Letters: Track, J.V. and Varsity Letters: Wrestling. Humphrey, Chris: Football 2,3. Hyland, Edward: HEdH- Surf Club 4: Basketball l: Football l, manager 2,32 Swimming l,2. Janezko, John: Njohnu Jaeger, Martha Jane: Pep club l,2,3,4- co-pres.: G.A.A.: S.G.A. 3,4 sec.:Volleyball Intramurals and Softball Intramurals: Most School Spirit, Superlative. Cheerleading 2, Homeroom Off.,2 Kelly, John Thomas Patrick: HJ.T.u or UJakeU- Key Club: FLPA 3,4: Surf Club: Basketball 1, Letter Baseball 2, letter: Football 2,3: Intramurals 2,3,4: Yearbook Staff. Kennyg Mariellen Therese: HMimiU- Pep Club l,2,3,4: N.H.S. sec. 3,4: S.G.A. 1,2 Treasurer: Keyettes 3,4: Cheerleading l,2,3,4 co-captain Swimming 1,2: Intramurals 4: Drill Team 2: Yearbook Copy Editor 4: Prom Committee 3: Homeroom sec. l, pres. 2,3,: Senior Class Vice- Pres.7 American Legion Nineth Grade Award: Homecoming Court: Out- standing Achievement in Algebra II, Trig.: Miss Congeniality, '74-'75: Most Likely to Succeed, Superlative. Kment, Colette Joan: Drama Club l: Intramural Volleyball 4: Prom Committee 3. Lopez, Raul Estrque: Health Careers, N.H.S.: Pep Club: S.G.A. Pres.: Football Manager: Basketball: Track- Captain: Pres.xand V.P. of H.C.C. Mac Donald, William Michael: HBIG Macu or Mike: Chess Club 1: N.H.S. 3,4: English, French and History Awards: Third Place Science Fair,4: Football 3,4: Intramural B.B. 2,3,4: Tennis 3: Brain Bowl 3: Science Fair Director 4. Motzel, Katherine Rose:HKathyH- Keyette Club: S.G.A. 4: Pep Club: N.H.S. 4 Treasurer: Band 3,4: Drill Team 2: G.A.A. 1: Tennis 4: Intramural Basketball 4: Swimming 2. Menzel, David T.:NDaveH- Chess Club 1: Key Club: Surf Club 4: Swimming l,2,3,4, Most Dedicated 1, Captain 3: Yearbook Staff 4: Homeroom Treas. l,2,3. Mc Grane-Mark: Karate l: Chess Club 1: Wrestling 1: Basketball 3,4: M.V.P. 4: Captain 4: Track l,3,4. Mongiovi, Roy JosephjHR.B.H- Chess Club l,2,3,4: N.H.S. 4: Brainbowl 3,4 Yearbook Editor 4: Nat. Merit Finalist:First Place Chemistry Region: Third Place Chemistry School: Chess Club President 2,3,4: Most Scholastic, Superlative. Mc Cusker, Daniel Alexander: uBig Dann- Health Careers l,2,3,4: N.H.S. 3,4: Key Club 3,4: Chess Club l,2,3: Wrestling 1,2: Track l,2,3,4: Cross Country 2: Voice of Democracy First Place 3, Third Place 2, Fourth Place 4: Yearbook Business Manager 4. Muldoon, Sean: Key Club 4: N.H.S. 3,4: Football 3,4: Coaches Award 4: Ormond Beach Grid Club Award 4: Baseball 2,3,4: Most Improved in Baseball 3: Intramural BB 2,3,4: S.G.A. 4: Homeroom Officer 3,4: Most Improved English Award 3: All Round Sportsmanship Award: Homecoming King 1974-75: Mr. Lopez 1974-75. Nickerson, Thomas nPaul Warfieldu: UNickn- Pep Club: N.H.S.4: Football l,2,3,4 captain: Basketball l,2,3,4 captain: Track l,2,3,4 captain: President of Senior Class: Most Athletic, Superlative. Polito Terri Ann :HTerriU- Tennis 1: Boys Track Team 3. Pascale, John A.:nJohnU- Surf Club: Key Club: Basketball 1: Football 4: Track l. Piatek, Myron: HBanacekN- Chess Club 2,3: Intramural BB 2,3,4: Fourth Place in Field Day, High Jump. Powers, Ed:Football: Track: Yearbook Staff. Pringle, Eugene: HGeneH- Drama Club l: Chess Club 3, vice-pres.,4: Football 4: Tennis 4:F.LP.A.4. Reilly, Josephine Mary: HJosien- Keyette 3,4: Glee Clubl: Pep Club 2: Surf Club 4: F.L.PA. 3: Swimming 1,2: Tennis 1: Newspaper Staff 4: Prom Committee 3: Pep Club Sec.: Miss Lopez Fourth Runner-up: Miss Lopez 1974-74: Miss Volusia County Fair 1974-74: Miss WMFJ 1974-75: Homecoming Court 2. Schauer, Michael Lawrence: nMiken- Pep Club: Key Club 3: Baseball l,2,3,4 captain: Football 2,3,4 captain: Basketball l,2,3,4: Lil Abner: Homecoming Court 4: Newspaper Staff 4: Yearbook Staff: Vice-Pres. of Pep Club 4: Friendliest, Superlative. Schmidt Lori R-: "Lori"- Pep club 2,3,4: Keyette Club 3,4: Try-Y 1: F.L.P.A. 3: Surf Club 4: G.A.A. 3: Intramural BB 1: Track 1: Boy's Track Manager 4: Yearbook Staff 3,4: Newspaper Staff 4: Prom Committee 3: Homeroom Sec. l: Homecoming Court 3. Schwarz, Richard ThomasL HFredn- Key Club: Football l,2,3,4 captain: Basketball 3: Track 2,3,4: Baseball 1: Intramural BB 4: Mean Green: Best Defense: Outstanding Freshman Seiler Rose Ann' Rose- Pep Clubl: Cheerleading l: Drill Team 2: Swim Team l,2: G.A.A. 4: Business and Medical College Scolarship. Sheehan, Timothy F.: UTimH- Chess Clubl: Wrestling l: Track l,2: Intramural BB 2,3,4: Perfect Attendence Award. Shelley, John A.: HJohnn- Key Club: Football 3,4: Most Improved Player: Best Offensive Lineman: All County Football 4: Track 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Basketball l,2. Snead, Richard Wayne: uBig BH- Surf Club: Football 2,3,4: Track 4: Tennis 3: Wittiest, Superlative. Strickland, Marcy Lynn Outstanding Awarsd in English, Religion, Awards Typing, 3: Homeroom President 1: Vice-Pres. 3. Suchon, Jeff: Highest Acedemic Average 3: Football: Tennis. Sullivan, Jean: Keyette Club: Pep Club l,2,3,4: N:H,s, 4: Tennis 2,3,4: Swimming 1: Cheerleading l,2,3 co-cap., 4 captain: F.L.P.A. 3,4: Homeroomeofficer: Prom Chairman 3: Key Club Sweetheart 4: Best All Round, Superlative. Van Driel Janice: HJanH- Pep Club: Keyette: Math Workshop. White, Nancy Lynn: HNancyH- Keyettes 3,4 sec.-treas.: Pep Club l,2,3 pres.: S.G.A. 2,3: G.A.A. 1: Swim Team l,2,3,4 captain: Cheerleading 1,2,4 : Drill Team 2: Drum Majorette 3:Homeroom officer 3: Prom Chairman 3: Homecoming Queen 4. Wise, Debra Jean Marie: uDebbieH- Health Careers 3,4: Keyette Club 4: G.A.A. 4: Prom Committee. Wulfekuhl, Catherine Ann: HCathyu- Health Careers 3,4: Pep Club 1: G.A.A. 4: N.H.S. 4: Merit Honors. Wolfersteig, Lawrence Richard:uWolfman Jackn- Key Club: Surf Club: F.L.P.A.: Football 2,3,4: Coaches Award: Baseball 3,4: Basketball Intramurals 2,3,4: Captain of BB Intramurals: Yearbook and Newspaper Staff. Wall, Leslie: Swimming: Tennis 2,3,4: Awards in Tennis And Swimming: Cheerleading 1: Pep Club: Betty Crocker Future Homemakers Award: Wittiest, Superlative. Kopatz, Carolyn: Health Careers. Nicklowitz, Mari: Pep Club: Health Careers. GOLF Coach George King's golf team kept such a busy schedule they did not get a picture in on time. With such able leaders as their coach, their asst. coach, Father Dave Ferguson, and their captain Chris Petrie, they took the Greenwave to the greens. Swinging the clubs were Chris Weber, Joe Simmons, Jim Simmons, David BonF1eur, Julian Lopez, Pat MacDonald, and Rob Tuttle. ,f ufff T-:1f'5.q 1,lX 1: -S1 'X km? X ,s 'A -Q Q .. X , 'w v 1: x 411 ,Q 'x , I ' .AV 'L is i .fn A if , 'W . 'V f lk: . i ., 4 Y ',,, V Y X .i . Q A , 5, vu .1 '.- "M '13 . ' w. 1 T. 1 H-Sfwgem i 1 q I W, '2 2 . 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MICHANIC ON DUTY ROAD IIRVICI - 24 HOUR WRICKIR SIRVICI PHONI: 767-1714 Il D I-.AWTON ILVD. DAYTONA IACH III. LA. HONE 253 7823 I - Q foknd Gmfom 7d4b401Q Jfoaae SUITS CUSTOM MADE T0 ORDER ALL TYPES OF ALTERATIONS Men and Ladies JOHN Gi DOROTHY 136 MAGNOLIA AVE. NARDANDREA DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. 320I4 Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Daytona Beach, Florida SUNDAY MASSES 6:30, 8:00, 9:15, 10:15, 11:15 8: 12:15 A.M., 5:30 P.M. DAILY MASSES 7:30 0: 8:30 A.M. HOLY DAY MASSES 6:30, 8:00, 9:15, 10:15, 11:15 8: 12:15 A.M., 5:30 P.M. CONFESSIONS Saturdays, Evos of First Fridays and Holy Days: 4:30 to 5:30 and 7:30 to 8:30 BEST WISHES 8: GOD'S SPEED FATHER LOPEZ PARENTS ASSOCIATION 1 Y 'Ti if .--N 'f .L I R, ' 5 runous nuuouo ron urn L , ,.. J.: me. The Store of Fashion in I -ISIS l5lSGl1'MllACUlSYlEEY,D0ll1T0lN DAVYUIA IEACII, FLMIDA - H1041 BS- 1 I 5,9 , ,N .F H p Daytona Beach-Bellalr Plaza '-aT-.5.5','::.':-':""' " 2- M a a ' -4:4-5.-Egi ::F' 1 x i-t-- ,,,. Jewe. eu - '-Ill , 'ln N JL Nwff OMEGA . AC.C.U'I'RON D1aJf?.'l23'is'Y3,'i?fi?eSJSWe1fY 111-251-2643 110 N. Bcachgt. - Downtown Dayto 118. WELCCME TO nigga nnmeh ahh nperatzh hp the Rlarwnnalh tamuv Starting m 1930 the MacDonalds have :mended hrs! S! Pauli, ihen Our Lady of lourdes, SO. Brendonk and now Father lopez. II is good lo see 'hal Ohe Sisters of Dominic have mai mined lheir high slandards ond continued io produce the bah tu on . --I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES FROM ST. PAUL'S WSL W -. I -Ig' -.gf 5.52-33252312 -2317113 -523 5- '. :gg phone 255-1468 BEST WISHES BEACH PHOTO SERVICE 604 Main Street M 0 0 K CAMERA SHOP and S'UD'O ,,.,.. :,iqS,: P Pom C I JEWELER, INC. P ISO S. BEACH ST., DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA 252 3274 Congratulations To The Graduates FILM TODAY From THE CLOTH WORLD A woNoER woRLo or FABRICS , , ,fabrics to please any taste HALIFAX SHOPPING CENTER 26I Riverside Drive PICTURES TOMORROW ATLANTIC CAMERA INC. HOME OF THE ONLY I DAY COLOR PRINT SERVICE IN VOLUSIA COUNTY 677-7212 616 SO. ATLANTIC AVE. 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Dixie Freeway New Smyrna Beach, Florida Phone 427-9742 Wrecker Service 428-4852 CARPETS 'A' DRAPERIES 191 UPHOLSTERY CIIIO'S INC. 2650 No. Dlxle Freeway CU.S.1J NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FLORIDA Phone 428-2612 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATESI from . . . fabrics to please any leele HALIFAX SHOPPING CENTER 261 Rlveulde Drive Holly Hlll KIRKLAND REALTY SALES AND RENTALS Bus. 255-0439 Res. 672-3712 Ann B. Kirkland, Realtor Locally Since 1948 929 Ridgewood Ave. Holly Hill, Florida w-, Gvfsiiig-?f Belloir Plaza 2561 North Atlantic Ave. LEON JONES Phone 677-1818 Repair 8- Service Department Daytona Beach, Fla. 32018 su, tugs K "f'l'vf-nr L 1 - PA TRONS MR. 8: MRS. HENERY VAN DRIELg Waves are no. 1. MARK TRA YLOR THE POLITO FAIvIILYg Good luck to the Green Wave, always. WILLIAM R. BELANGER 8: FAMILY THE MCGUIRE'Sg Good luck to Thomas Nickerson, Mike Schauer, Rick Schwarz, and the Senior football players. PAESANO ITALIAN RES TAURANT MR. 8: MRS. GERALD R. WINTERSg Congradulations to the Lopez Band! We're all very proud of you! !. MR. 8: MRS. J. C. CERIO AIRGOODS MOBIL STA TIONg The best service in town. LARRY FORNARI3 Go forward in peace. DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS MR. 8: MRS. D. FRANK PALMIERIg Best wishes graduates. MARY 8: JIM TRUSCOTT G. BLAISg Beware of Super Pig Father, Lopez Seniors 8: Under- classmen. THE JIM WELCHER FAMILY MR. 8: MRS. MATTHEW P. HYLANDg For a future of peace and happiness. EUGENE E. IOZZINOg Best of luck 8. success Lopez Graduates MR. 8: MRS. GEORGE FAGAN GEORGE M. JAMESg For our daughter who holds the lock to my courage and key to my soul. God love her. MCCALL L SIMMONS ASSOCIATES GOLDMAN 8: ASSOC. REALTORSg Good Luck Green Wave! MR. 8: MRS. JAMES N. KEYS Good Luck Graduates! ! MR. 8: MRS. STUART HODGSON THE BARRYSg Good luck to the class of '75. MR. 8: MRS. GLENN BALLARD DR. 8: MRS. R. T. GAINESg Support the Father Lopez Band MR. 8: MRS. I. MONGIOVI THE BROOKFIELDSQ Congratu- lations Graduates. DR. 8:MRS. L. W. MOTZELg My daughter made me buy this. THE MORRISON FAMILYg Congratulations to the graduating class of '75. SACRED HEART SCHOOL MRS. A. P. BAUMIER5 Best wishes to-class of '75. MRS. ETTA VAN SCOYg Congratulations to the graduates MR. 8: MRS. J. S. LLOYDg Best wishes to the graduating class. DR. 8: MRS C. FREEMANg Best luck to you all. WARREN CHAPPUIS MR. Sr MRS. ROBERT THUQRMAN Good luck to the Greenies! DAYTONA VENETIAN BLIND 8: DRAPERY COMPANYg Good luck Greenwaves. MR. 8: MRS JAMES F. BROWN 8: FAMILYg Good luck Seniors. e D 5F"Wx fl N MOST SCHOLASTIC: Roy Mongiovi and Coren Gaines Wi' 5 ll Y. . 525' ff fe51.fegegQe e , .- H15 ff - l 7 'fill lg WITTIEST: Rick Snead and Leslie Wall 5 5 , , 's' 1 . K! I - W-VFR' . 1 3 ' P' . . -, . s f' 1 1 f , .vff K .f - 5 ' f ' ff' " . -Y 52' Y - . TWH. ' . 51 'F - 5- l x " - ' , f - k,j'7Q'f"-' ff'-,A - . I wail .. T H, , 51 , xi. .M , - , , , T23 5 4, E51 T 2 .1 . I7 - A 1 l if "f1'f'?SZ?3 ff -' ' 3 . T 551, -if , 135, E A ,Q ' gzgmfxf s, - 1 2511" ' ff aff. ing . - fab iw i ,,, ...--f gi A VL V ..L. 131 ,if MOST DEPENDABLE: Raoul lopez ond Kuihy Moize , E. MOST ATHLETIC: Thomas Nickerson and Annve d'Adesky H.R. 108 V i I N W Q 9' 99? if A 4"- gf-gg 5. .. ,i Ei- - 'v kgs:-. .ff-,M 225' 'J'-EE" -S' 3:32 f-445.1 L fd . if Y ' . ' . If 4. , 1, 5.4, if -, 4... 1-is., , 5,,- I-.g,, -1. q. ,A N- 'ew ig Iwi uffw x 4,5 if + A 5 Li w J kv Nw! 11 w 'sf 4, 1595" . in-L.,.,,,mw-L Q- . .L 'f gf I ev' Nf l wikis 1?-if-w K' Q- X T- l .

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