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. an-a ., ,Lg '1 ar, s f Q' 8 faq. A , . 2 ',-'ir .A X .35 ' A n'f2""' 3 . -.. up . ,X .., f, f 'I Y. fl. yfftxa ,iv-f": ,mr ld!- ss .g U 4-5 cf: f, JW-' fl Nr- 1 1 l W Wei f- I"h 45 ah.. Sb ' - 5-tr Tl-us IS X " Father Judge Hugh School ROWLAND STREET AND SOLLY AVENUE PHILADELPHIA 36, PENNSYLVANIA Y' ' -' A -an Rf? .if ,If 'Q I I B if 1' ' , V' 5 't fl .. . I 'LH Vg Lp " "IfA': ."" L I. Xw .I ' L P' "3 31 ' .lui 'U I A I .I . .1 'V C - f XX-f .A 'Ng A O A PICTORIAL ESSAY OF OUR SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE ff UQ ln the age of chivalry, knights, courts and castles, there existed campaigns, which touched the very summits of daring and devo- tion, the colorful and gleaming Crusades. Chivalrous warriors, pursuing their Quest, seeking the perfect salvation and remission of sins, iourneyed to the Holy Land to wage wars on the enemies of equity. Today, in the age of speed, lights, missiles and machines, there still exists such a Crusade. We, as the Crusaders, in like manner realize our Quest by striving for righteousness's sake to extend the kingdom of God upon earth by acting as and being good Catholic gentlemen. With these ideals in mind, we find it ever so appropriate to title this book the Quest. lN HOLMESBURG . . . IN THE GREATER NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA Bright and early every morning, everywhere in the Greater Northeast resi- dential section of Philadelphia, people who are hurrying to work are iust beginning to notice us. We travel by bus, by trolley car and by foot toward one location, the corner of Rowland and Solly Avenues, and Father Judge High School, which stands there like a modern giant against the eastern sky. We come from towns up north, such as Bristol and Levittowng sections to the east, such as Pennypack Circle and Rhawnhurstg and from our homes in the south in Mayfair, Oxford Circle, Bridesburg, and Lawndale. We proudly belong to 60 parishes, and within the boundaries of one of these parishes, St. Dominic's, our handsome edi6ce gradually digests over 2640 strong daily. With the color- ful Pennypack Woods at our doorstep, and the silent but splendid Holmesburg as' our host, there can be no better place but here for us to eventually emerge as Catholic gentlemen and scholars. sniff . rj Rx X if 3 fy. ,?.-Jain' I 44' .-'fe WV" , 1 ' U s ,fvf:.f'QQ,f:::llxgf,,..f"" W ry J-'XQT ff 5 A .,.i: I, 1 Jil Jijf' "'G:,, -,,.. A-X .--",-ff 'W' GX 'U 5 cv"'f"'f.T"-l nl Tl lx ""-'Q T-A ' A Xl J 5 ... - "'.F-"""'--Q 'T' tiff' v vifvvvtgt nf- Pfv ,,.v-11' ,L ,S ,.. .- T3 Q: 'U W2 we ww 1 ,,.,.--:rtgsrr?'xr!lcQ 53,4-wr-v?""fT" i 'K' H 'Is 0 P ' ,i li tn 1' s -r xvq"f:v1'gSYNSl" Q 11,1 'X 2::':f:f2!2!3323l'2.4?!W Z! W!! V49 'S 'I S '83 'MS H' 'PF 'E by 'WW -gf! 'WE -Q11 st 151 Q1 if 1 45? Q31 -M QW fy 'Aff I Qi 'M 31 '31 13 T! as 24 "1 sn' 51 WE CAME EARLY THE FIRST DAY, GREETED OLD FRIENDS . . . E if f':'! in f I "-un., l n--.- Knowing Men of Wisdom and Grace . . . 22 Learning Something New Everyday . Joining Clubs and Organizations . . Cheering Our Teams . . Working and Playing Together . . - 'J - nw, X5 V we +--M-98 S 1 u1"' " 5-x 4? ikkfuii 4, -X X .s i n'diV". , -ffg 'K ' ' t 4 1 f I E ---'rY"' ' . I 4 Q.. '7' s J :gg A V , ..',.Mv,fp, . W 1 if " " ': f5g..mfi:iiiii5w . f f"bdf'5?4?,:Q.?y'q:i'-,li , -hi , , , leafy: vm, V K K. R , Xu' Au 'I A 8 Qsggffa ., W 'W"9?,Qf1' 1- s K .' 4 ,LA:':'sf,., Q W . 1-"5"ji"" f"- -eff s gf I :S .I kit? 'xl I ,.- ', -X ng' 1' I 1, ,," ' " " ,4.,, f I w '-A, R , A it I . :.f.5,'fifs33i.,J M g- , f2q53'i:1' 2' '- . 5 'W".'f'.f4'3'fTff'Z' n 14 -. - 'in 41 iZi+F"+ f - . ' ' 186 can-f' ,, im- wif .yiwifzfkrtiir ft' , aw' ,r i MMF. of V56 , f .I 'i ,isis , 2 WE PRAYED TOGETHER 5 -aw W fi? 3? S rf, E' g 4 ' 2? 4- 7 Z Our namesake is the Crusader . . . We follow the tra- dition of the Crusader of old who had specific goals and went to great lengths to attain them. Our educational training is very similar to this as we put a great deal of effort and preparation into our quest for knowledge. In the Crusade of medieval times the soldier took mottoes and patrons and based their holy task on certain religious beliefs and philosophy. Again, still another similarity is brought out. We have as a patron Saint, Francis De Sales, whose Salesian spirit shows through us almost invisibly. His philosophy is a guiding light in our years at school and continues into our vocation in life. In fact we may be looked upon as the "Crusaders of Francis De Sales." f M, it is ll ll V, ILE Q.: I2 1 ff wg. f 1 WE CHEERED H i OURTEAMS... PASSED W-'+I ouRExAMs... -5 AND MADE MERRY AT DANCES . . . D T' 4 '1 'M in is W X X as xx Q ex .i we THRCUGH MARY S HELP As have past volumes and wlll future volumes be consecrated we humbly though proudly dedicate this Quest to you Mary Our Lady of Llght Beneath the banner of the cross we as Crusaders seek your guidance for the resultant acqulsltlon of our Quest becoming decent Catholic gentlemen under your favor Contlnually your name IS sllently echoed through our busy halls Each book bearlng your colors and the age old shlelds of the crusadlng knights each rung contalnlng an acknowledgement of your valuable role In the Redemption of mankind and each heart overflowing with a love lt can t abate constantly cry out to remmd us of you Mary Our Lady of Llght We therefore present this meagre effort to you In an earnest request for your continual lllumlnatlon of our moral path Indeed we owe much our llves our fortunes and our sacred honors Allow this book Blessed Vnrgln to remain a humble tnbute for a cer talnly insatiable debt Thlnk back Remember that first fine September day the day school opened the day you got your first glimpse of a new concept In teach Ing l ll wager you wondered that day wondered lust how this Salesman lnnuence of the Oblates of St Francls de Sales works Well now you know The education of the entlre man rellglously intellectually physl cally and socially IS their final goal ln our quest for knowedge our personalities are pruned patched and pasted by them ln such a way, that most of the time we re not even aware of It Our Oblates can spot talent or make It They realize the need for sound bodies and the Importance of llvmg wlth and lmpressmg others This along with so many other Ideals they have skillfully implanted ln each and every one of us HILA PR' AS WE LIVED 93995 H13 OUR SALESIAN MCTTC . . . 3' sg ia E M cc., S L L L y y 1, l L .Q 2 f ' - -' 'A ' PM -I a R .W1,,t5 , 1' ,, W gm "5 ' x ' .var-. 'fp' if-5:Q fi ' f A flxfiff ' Kg' VN , . 2. 54' gig: JM" ,f:ff1.5s2s2 5 1- .,., QR, V Lua? Ji? r '-Aff-IT" ,W , .xii in W W 4 'i - wa. ,M QL I 5s5sSxN 1111 Lf 3 Ardent JH S i a vi: 1,-fr: .V , , .U V. X f' gif?-f f, X-f. 1,5 :ff KFEYQL?-I fp qv NMZD 6141 X77 x ff Nz f X gf R f,f f fl ., f Xgnifzn 717' lr .17 X s c- Q.. .. . ' 1, xx 5 K TM' R ' ' Xml QL, ffff, 2 f c K , ff Q4 tix ' Cfj 7' APA 6 , fi,f,f:,ff I ,bl ff N5 i Y yfze M 1 X Q ,4',f ,ffff w ,ff gl 'X ccfffz X- Z 'fi V f fx C9 x f K f 1 I f ! -9 1? K, X s .-L, be Y-V x Q A-f -W pylfqe ', fi ,N ., ,. in His Devotion On March 2, 1876, in a middle class section of Rome, the Pope of Peace, was born, Eugenio Guiseppe Giovanni Pacelli, to mod- est parents. As a child he was exceptionally bright and well- behaved in school. He obtained his secondary education in Rome. When he decided to become a priest he entered the Almo Collegio Caprania. On April 2, 1899, Eugenio Pacelli was ordained. He didn't spend much time as a parish priest but quickly acquired many promotions. Then in 1914 he became Under Secretary to Benedict XV. Later, being a deeply religious man, he was considered very close to Pope Pius Xl. In 1939, he became Pope. The Catholic World was very fortunate to have him as their "Shepherd" during the difficult times caused by the war. He strived desperately to get peace. In 1950 he led the Holy Year observance in honor of the Blessed Mother. Finally after a reign of hardships and happiness, he died on October 9, 1958. All through the world, bells tolled and tears flowed for our Prince of Peace. Even though we didn't know him personally, we felt as though we did. We always love and remember Pius Xll, one of our greatest popes. Hls Hollness Pope Plus XII 4' His Holiness Pope John XXIII Shepherd of the Flock of Christ At Satto il Monte in Italy, Angelo Guiseppe Roncalli was born on November 25, 1881. There is not much about his childhood except that he was a good student. He was ordained a priest on August 10, 1904, and was the Private Secretary to Bishop Randini Tedeschi of Bergama until 1914. He was a professor of Church History, Apologetics, and later Patrology at the Bergama seminary. During the First World War, he served as a sergeant with the Medi- cal Corps of the Italian Army for a year and then became a chaplain at military hospital. After the war he organized the first "Students' House in Italy to provide free assistance for the children of the middle class people attending public schools In 1921 he was named president of the Italian Society for the Propa gation of the Faith He became Apostolic Visitor to Bulgaria in 1925 he was consecrated an Archbishop on March 19 of that year and named Apostolic Delegate to Bulgaria in 1930 In 1935 he was appointed Apostolic Delegate to Turkey and Greece and also Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Vicarate Apostolic of Con stantmople He was elevated to a Cardinal of the Church on January 12 1953 and three days later named Patriarch of Venice In 1957 he received the Grand Merit Cross of the German govern ment for activities on behalf of the German prisoners of war while Apostolic Nuncio to France Early in 1958 he flew to Lourdes as personnel delegate of Pius XII to dedicate a new underground Basilica there He was elected Pope on October 28 1958 We hope and pray that John XXIII will have a long reign filled with peace and prosperity ff II I H ISIZHIETIIQMBI LU gggmmllwn I I P. J X. ' 'XZ - 4-JXIV. I ll" lf- MI-IIN'i 'A' 1 .' 1 - " '7' ' ,I I ,IR 1. L If ,.i,I,11j,,gjE f'I H, LL " in , , T " -1 A ,, 'I T, F 'xv IJ, l J Y ,, t' '.n Y r -' uf, M' ,,--eQ- 5 43,2 Ev! -347-:nil 21 du' : Af ,I ITL. 1 Hqwli ii ul ' ,Muni ,. I ' 1--' IA "" P' if i' Il A f??1-y 4,1-m ,,y+ 'sfvfw - I I ,IIA I lg, , -QQ, I ' I gg-e-5 ff? 35399 I I I I r , " 1 'T'-"""'-' i-'.i:"'-1" f I 1 .1 -ii25f1zi'E?1'.. 3 I ' MAI, ni' w-1l7H--L3w.f-v,,-7-7-- A. v f"v-rot:-f'TTf1 'Inni- gli I ff-JIU A Member of the SACRED COLLEGE John Cardmal O Hara was born at Ann Arbor Mlchlgan In 1888 The Cardmal spent much of hls boyhood ln Montevideo Uruguay where has father was U S Consul ln 1911 he received a Bachelor of Philosophy degree at Notre Dame He dad postgraduate and semunary work at Catholuc Umverslty of America and Holy Cross College nn Washlngton D C On September 9 1916 he was ordained Cardmal O Hara was first statloned at the Church of St Francls de Sales In Phlladelphna and then returned to mstructung at Notre Dame He was consecrated a Bishop on January 15 1940 Succeedlng the late Dennis Cardmal Dougherty he was Installed as Archbishop of Phlladelphta Then on November 17 1958 Pope John XXIII named Archbishop O Hara to the Sacred College of Cardlnals The gracious bnght eyed smlllng Cardmal rs splntual leader of a mllllon Cathollcs ln the Phtladelphua Archdlocese He remarked that as a boy he only thought of becommg a pnest and to be a Pnnce of the Church was above his wlldest dreams The Cardmal IS a staunch advocate of Catholic Educatnon and In the last five years he has establlshed many new hugh schools We Judge students wlll remember hum always because he IS a part of our tradltlon the school bemg one of those established by hum He ded: cated Judge and blessed us In 1955 thus glvung us the opportunity for a good Cathollc educatlon for which we wlll always be thankful Congratulations Cardmal 0 Hara' 'Ein It 4lliiIV'f3t I 'I - . , . - I ' I I , I u I 1 - I ' T Q it 3 ' f i gig f ur In v v 2 N 3 IIII I, X' IIIII 'nl 'i- l U wrt lfff f F 5 . Q A 5 fm 4 ff 3 I ' I I x ti' x NJQQNQC1, E 'ev ss llb'i The Most Reverend Joseph M. McShea, D.D. BISHOP JOSEPH McSHEA can view the problems of education due to his experience as pastor, teacher and administrator. He has pervacled the Philadel- phia scene with his tremendous initiative. He con- flrmed many of us and he is especially dear to us. has Influenced the Diocese The Rrght Reverend Edward M Rerlly JCD MONSIGNOR REILLY rs supenntendent of the dna cesan schools rn Phuladelphua All through the country our system of hugh schools rs deemed the best due to Monsrgnor Relllys sense of organlza tron and hrs excellent supervision Our school I5 proud to be a part of the ever expandnng system which he directs Reverend John J Graham, D D FATHER IS A WEST CATHOLIC ALUMNUS and serves as an assrstant supermtendent of the Phrladelphra Archdrocesan Schools As a assrstant superintendent hrs duties Involve one arm one quest that IS the furtherment of the educatron of the youth of today and of tomorrow rn the Phlladelphra area Reverend Frederrck J Stevenson IS always drlrgent Wrth hrs kind Interest our schools guarantee the best of Catholic Educatrons I ir . , . . . V it D 5' b mmen, AS Anomzn Assusmm suvemnrsunem, ko ff Bishop Edward Schlotterback The Very Reverend Dominic Balducelll FORMERLY OF ST MATTHEWS PARISH Bishop Schlotter back IS a welcomed vlsltor to our school After serving as a paratrooper during the war Bishop Schlotterback was stationed In South Africa He returned to be consecrated Bishop and said Mass at our first Father and Son Com munlon Breakfast He also has the honor of being the first American Oblate to be consecrated bishop Ad multos annos' CANON J FRANCIS TUCKER has the distinction of being the first American Oblate Has many years of service in the Oblates culminated in his being named as General Counselor of the Oblate Order lt was as Chaplain to Prince Runner that he last spoke to us and the lmpres is gust another example of the unselfish and self sacn flcmg splrlt of the Oblates Canon J Francis Tucker THE VERY REVEREND DOMINIC BALDUCELLI the Superior General of the Oblates visited us for a second time In four years He spoke with quiet humility and his calm gentle votce gave us an insight to the mind of the priest who heads the Oblates This occasion of his visit was a truly memorable one and will be long remembered THE VERY REVEREND WILLIAM D BUCKLEY the provincial of the American Oblates has vlslted us several times In the past He has spoken to us at our Communion Break fasts as an honored guest and at our assemblies The welfare of these Oblates is of paramount importance to him Hrs Interest and background In administrative work has assured us of his future prayers and we know they will find favor in the eyes of God The Very Reverend William D Buckley M410 'fig f K A I , I . - l . . , l sion he left with us then, is still remembered. His work well qualifies him for the post of spiritual director. Father 4? if X ll Our Rellglous Superlors Father Aloystus Gafllgan FATHER ALOYSIUS GAFFIGAN whether he be actmg rn hrs role as Relrgrous Supenor teacher spuntual adviser or vocatlonal drrector rs first and foremost an Oblate Hrs deep and abldmg rnterest m the students future as a responsible cltrzen confines Itself not only to maternal success but more lmportantly to spmtual success Wrth all the work that these dutles entarl Father rs never too busy to llsten to our problems and wrth has helpful advice make them seem much easier F a b well done Father we are deeply grateful F The prlnclples by whrch our Patron, St Francis de Sales hved three hundred years ago are strll very much ahve today These prrncrples permeate the atmosphere of our school, In our studles and more mtensely In our llves, due to the steadymg mfluence of our Oblate teachers The rules by whrch St Francls llved fit Into today s pattern of lrvlng they are not outmoded From the quiet chapel to the busy corrldors thus great mfluence IS evrdent The Oblate order IS a monument to the rellgnous zeal and fervor of our Patron Exempllly the Order St Francis de Sales 75-'Q' '-"4 Mwfeti of Wg, I 'G-c 'Mi' L' 29 I C O O Q,,,,. A X' ev ' F 5 o ff' dx -f 5 he , A gs Ve 53 , s GV ' of 5 ' ' . or io l O . S . . S . . f M f D . . 53 , in , y o o 5 ' 1 gf, . . . t V it Father Thomas F 0 Connell Understanding Administrators Father Thomas f' 0 Connell has been an Oblate now for twenty mne years Father began his teaching career at Northeast Catholic Hugh where he taught Spanish In 1954 Father was sent to Judge to be the first rector at this new his soft smile and cheering us with his gentle thoughts Even though Father is kept busy with all his duties as principal he still takes time out to talk to us and help us work out our problems We know Father sacrifices much for us and for that reason we are grateful and will remember hum always I O O school. Since then Father has become part of the tradition, greeting us with Produce Chrlstlan Gentlemen Father Thomas Bygott Father Thomas J Bygott IS assistant prlncrpal and also school treasurer Due to hrs patience and hard workmg char acter our school ranks hugh rn the mls slon and semmary collections When Father O Connell IS not avallable we go to hum for advlce and answers Hrs name rs almost synonymous with money among the students Father Joseph Brand Father Joseph Brand dlsclpllnarlan, has been with the faculty of Judge for for the Brandstand an after school actrvrty and also his yardstlck which IS qulte a hlt around school Father s perseverance and determlnatlon In teaching boys to thunk and act luke Chns tlan men has earned hlm the lastmg re spect and admlratlon of the entire stu dent body 1 Father Francis Quarle Father Francis Qualle fulfills the re qulrements of dlsclplrnanan and pnest As dlsclplmarlan he has the 'ob of teaching one and all that a firm rule of dlsclpllne IS a very necessary part of our education Coupled with this IS the 'ob of keeping dally attendance records of the entlre school ln hrs work Father has demonstrated the admlnlstratlve ablllty and order necessary for both these tasks I I ip , I . . . - ,Q ll Il the past three years. He is best known ll IV! I I . . . . I . p . . Q "' 'Mx 1... ia' hx "TK .19 fy' , R R 6' if Xxkki FE '7 Mg 'P' Law I I T ! Ls' Ht N5 R1 FN A ,ox A Km 5. OUR 1959 FACULTY Fathers Brand, Duffield, Keenan, Wetzel, Bygott O'ConnelI, Gafligan, Quaile, McGoldrick, Lemon Maule, Henley. Fathers Hermley, Murphy, Cutter, Chrzanowski, Durkin, Stafford, Gradel, Hemighaus, McVey, Reicly, Leonard, Clarke, McKenty, Hanlon. Brother Caserta, Fathers Wagner, Melloy, Lyman, Hearn, Donahue, McKenna, Jendzura, Murphy, Mis- ters Wapel, Zurack, Bartko. Misters Cutter, Coakley, Bienkowski, Brother Rago, Mister Jackson, Brother Gannon, Misters Murphy, Dooher, Brother Myers, Beattie, Moore, De Sa, O'Donnell. Misters Lafferty, Keashon, Ungaro, Quinlisk, Don- nelly, Francischini, Cianfrani, Reaclinger, Fitzgerald, Mrufchinski, Korytowski, Mcilhatton, O'Donnell, Glod. 3, -'PI Q.: fi A ' . if 7'6" 5' 753 Very human relations exist. FATHER LAWRENCE GRADEL Physics Philadelphia, Pa. tu, FATHER JOSEPH McGOLDRICK Geometry Wilmington, Del. fp-- FATHER ROBERT HEARN Religion Brooklyn, N. Y. -RX FATHER ROBERT HANLON History Philadelphia, Pa. 4 CONCERN FOR HlS STUDENTS is more than an eight period a day iob lor Father Ernst. Mrs. Welch and Jim will, in the ' future, be thankful to Father for this added devotion today. f FATHER WILLIAM DOHERTY FATHER MATTHEW M:VEY Religion Spanish Trenton, N. .l. Philadelphia, Pa. FATHER BERNARD WETZEL Religion Salisbury, Md. FATHER HENRY LEMON National Problems Wilmington, Del. FATHER JOSEPH McKENNA Algebra Philadelphia, Pa. FATHER JOSEPH TRAVERS Religion Wilmington, Del. FATHER EDWARD CHRZANOWSKI English Philadelphia, Pa. FATHER FRANCIS McMANUS Religion Philadelphia, Pa. THE OBLATE SENSE OF HUMOR makes the day less monotonous. Learning the four "R's" in a Salesian way makes ihe ordinary routine a bit special Brother Rago and Freshman 12 are proving that even English grammar can be fun. "l'VE TOLD YOU GUYS a hundred times." . . . That you have, Father, and we're glad of it. Father Brand lends unceasing and unyielding help to the fashioning of sturdy men. Our characters are being developed now and without these little sessions, where would we be? What They Teach FATHER JOSEPH MOLLOY English Philadelphia, Pa. FATHER JOHN MURPHY Mathematics Philadelphia, Pa. 1- sw.- FATHER WILLIAM DONOHUE Spanish Philadelphia, Pa. WITH SOLEMN RESOLUTION, our teachers are always men of God. Over weekends, they lend a helping hand to the vari- ous churches in the area. Father Chrzanowski certainly doesn't look like an English teacher here. This makes you wonder. How can they be expert bowlers, too? 9 4 Q FATHER JOHN HENLEY FATHER JOHN MEl.l.0Y Religion Religion Wilmington, Del. Wilmington, Del. FATHER JOHN WAGNER FATHER JOSEPH STAFFORD Chemistry Religion Vienna, Austria Philadelphia, Pa. FATHER JOSEPH MAULE FATHER THOMAS REIDY English Chemistry Philadelphia, Pa. Jim Thorpe, Pa. And Practice l X 4'-f if FATHER HAROLD HERMLEY FATHER JAMES DURKIN Geometry Algebra Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. -pv- Q.,- FATHER WILLIAM LYMAN English National Problems Clementon, N. J. FATHER HENRY HEMIGHAUS Philadelphia, Pa. 'Rf FATHER GERALD CLARKE Spanish Philadelphia, Pa. FATHER JOSEPH CUTTER National Problems Philadelphia, Pa. Makes Perfect -,gt-F' -f,-,e--'Ztl.v 21 - A . J' '- -v"T'v?Ql'f": as '-E HOT NEWS? No, Father DufTield's briefing Turco, Galante, and Douglas, our Christmas crib builders, on a stage-set yet to be painted. Father somehow finds time to care for our yearbook, and paper too. PRINCIPAL AND TEACHER, Father O'ConneII helps out in the :lassroom due to a shortage of teachers. Father's friendli- ness and all-around companionship is a great help toward remembering that principal is spelled with a "pal" onthe end. REV. MR. THOMAS MOORE REV. MR. ALEXANDER English Niagara Falls, N. Y. Advisors Friends Guides . . . All Apply REV. MR. CORNELIUS O'DONNELL General Science Niagara Falls, N. Y. 8-X BlENKOWSKl Lalin Niagara Falls, N. Y. REV. MR. GEORGE DOOHER Latin Niagara Falls, N. Y. REV. MR. RAYMOND COAKLEY Hislory Wilminglon, Del. ,A 1, Alxfxlx' 1 1' hxluxxi v -I 1k,x-fx, , Aixlxxf , 1 . Xt.. 1 . xx 1 4 I X.K.,, xX.., 'XN51 Y, 1.11 ji REV MR. JOSEPH BEATTIE REV. MR. DONALD JACKSON REV- MR- RICHARD MURPHY History Biology l-Ulm Wllmmglon Del Niagara Falls N Y Delrorf MICH f - REV MR DE A REV MR WILLIAM WAPLE REV MR GERALD BARTKO REV. MR. JAMES CUTTER Latin Religion French Algebra Lockport, N Y Lockport N Y Niagara Falls, N. Y. Lockport, N. Y. A FEW LAST POINTERS from Father McKenna ease the tension and help take the stiftness out of those tightening muscles. When Father, the fastest man on the team, hands out hints, it's a sure thing that they'II be remembered as that finish line ap- proaches. TH4- , ,THEQ fpx THE. b X! . 2 4. xv' ,...i 4? '31 1' Sf UPFHEW! ANOTHER CLASS LIKE THAT and you know whai?" Mr. Franceschini, Mr. Glad, Mr. Quinlisk, Falher Hanlon, Mr. 0'Donnell, and Mr. Waple swap shop-Valk lo fake fheir minds off the though! of that nexl class. This is a res! well-deserved, but, wouldn'l you know, they would rather be leaching right now. Y , Qs ' gf' REV. BRO, JAMES RAGO REV. BRO. JOSEPH MEYERS English General Science Wilminglon, Del. Philadelphia, Pa. Their Hours Long REV, BRO. CHARLES GANNON Bookslore Philadelphia, Pa. REV. BRO. JAMES ROSICA Mechanical Drawing Philadelphia, Pa. 45' 9"' f"5a .P'." . 151' we ' 4 if r 'S , I i I Lliiihw 'fi3'C,7'T,Qf f Fifi j s . JE? MR. JOSEPH FRANCESCHINI English Bristol, Pa. " X W be up ' 'Z' 1 I NL EN I il ff A MR. FRANCIS MRUFCHINSKI History Levittown, Pa. A M s A , wi Q K K Tm A4 1 K , f y: . .wx ,, he ,, n sf W Qi - ' , MR. THOMAS KORYTOWSKI Algebra Philadelphia, Pa. Purpose Strong pi .5 ...ff J Mn. ANrHoNY Gioo 3' 4' 'V'-f If fd-HZQQ' . M - It .WW "DO YOU SEE IT YET?" . . . Father Goltigon is more than just a teacher during Biology lab periods. He's a friend, who knows his Biology, ond who is willing to explain to you any- thing with which you're having trouble. It's this informality that makes our leorning a great deal easier. WITH HALF A DAY'S WORK COMPLETED, Mr. Readinger, Mr. lotferty and Mrs. Rose Snyder loosen up a bit by ribbing one of our office force, Miss Pat Morris, and helping along her di- gestion. This is one of the few things that make their long, trying day bearable. Y S Z i hs .fy ' 1 K w WITH FIENDISH AMUSEMENT, the iinal marks are being tab- ulated. Our teachers, contrary to what it seems, are actu- ally pleased at the way one scholar came through. This was a fateful day for all concerned, but when the reports were distributed, boy, were we surprised! MISS PATRICIA MORRIS MRS. THOMAS BOLAND Secretary Secretary Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. 7. 'Pl MRS. MARGARET FLOYD MISS VIOLA WESTERMAN Secretary School Nurse Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. For Friendship -5 if ff' X '5 Devotions Are Observed FULFILLMENT OF OUR DAY is completed by receiving our Lord into our hearts at the daily Masses which take place at our lunch periods every day. This moment with Our Lord brings us a blessing for an appropriate life with Christ. This is one privilege which we don't pass up and are deeply thankful to the Oblates for supplying it. 46 Y, .K ,.,,, v -E E X fsliw G 1 1 .ii 4' Q-1 f ,,,.,f- - Q , 5 2 K X RJ im Wx' 4-4 .' SM 7-5 4' 3 WM gf ' l -1 ' v 3 2 gm, f. n . .p Q ,N ,4 " .fu 1 . Q 55 32 I 1 f""" R s 1' i -Q' az x Jaw, - I V f A 'N , L 31 I5 in , ,- g an M,,,,.-E 1' 3' '. . mera Q W, ' ' egg? ,Mr f ' in 'Q ' 'fy' ' I gk' fu? 3.25 I ffm? 'W N L ,vifgLigj1,f1-1 f f, K 1' Q Closer To Christ CLOSER T0 GOD is the theme for this week, set aside for our unnuai spiritual union with God, our retreat. It is of the utmost importance, as the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales stress, for our Catholic education and the furtherment of our spiritual development. Q X fxx as I 'X s A MINUTE FOR CHRIST, is what these gentlemen are giving to God, to say thanks for what he has done for them and will do for them in their future lives, The very presence of Christ in our school chapel seems to lure students to a better spiritual life, a clearer un- derstanding of His teachings, and a bet- ter picture of their own problems. THE AIR OF CHURCH is brought into our school auditorium during the weekly Masses in our Assembly periods by the beautiful music that flows from the organ which praises God. It is supplied by a true crusader to whom we give our ap- propriate thanks. 071 muiq Ks 1-sixgx after-if X. ...- -r C ' - i .1 .-n gn if f i a in 1 X 1 i um? iq 3 H ' X 3' an 'Y fl 4 X , Vx P 1 I In 5 Sub' A if W 1 M' 'U f Q WK . f" fp in 'Q Q Q A it -A Wai A ft' ' i :'M TT M , 351' f 3 'T h' ,.., , wf'z3Wfe -. , w b Q ,1-,H Q, gf .," ,, . x"' . fF,i..,, .. t-.. . ,S '..- , , ,N i2g.7!?kn.-vu mga-f: ' V aiu'-, A - A k512j5!'l.ef.L9Q'4kggg . x A f ' , L . 4' 2- ' 'Q flies wr ibn K' Nwvf- , My CURRICULUM T- A35 f b AN 3 elif- 2 X Y 'Q X 7. .lg gs, ll Hmmm IN N ""'--....,,,, A E H 'z 6 I . if 1, 1 1 Q JOHN W. ANDREOLI 8202 Bustleton Ave. Resurrection l DONALD F. ANKENBRAND 2838 Tyson Ave. St. Matthew Wei -jfiissgf ff ' T5?'f?i'.ii?1i.i , L JOSEPH J. APPOLONIA 6948 Eastwood St. Lady of Ransom - Q' . -:E ff , .,,. . c , 1' 'lf' ANTHONY B. AQUILA 7700 Bradford St. Resurrection 'JS ALFRED T. AVELLINO 1118 Cheltenham Ave. St. Martin Religion Provolces Thought OUR MORAL AND SPIRITUAL LIFE is the topic of this discussion between Father Wetzel and Junior 12. Father explains that to live like Catholics and to follow Christ's teachings we must pray, defend, and practice our faith to the utmost. Fur- thermore we must be Charitable, have understanding, and be praiseworthy in all our actions. Acting thus, we will be true Crusaders. N1 A A. gulf!! if if "ze L 1 ' eff... 1 f I 4 4 ll 53 ' IN THE REALMS OF HIGHER LEARNING, Father Leonard is telling Freshman Eleven, that in order to study the Ten Commandments and the beginning of the life of Christ, it will be necessary to have an open mind and to start to think like men. Father explained that by doing this we will have a better understanding ot our entire religion. ff'f?f . no-.' if ps, HENRY T. BACHRACH 6136 Walker Sl. Sl. Timolhy 4? -vo L Q5 1 THOMAS J. BAKER 4100 Unruh Ave. Sf. Timolhy Ah GEORGE J. BALDWIN 9250 Frankford Ave. Sf. Calhrine p 'Ck ROBERT L. BANKLE 3221 Englewood Sl. Sf. Mallhew .pp . . 2-1- ,Q .."'- ' K. K 5 'I BERNARD J. BARANOSKI 4512 Visla Sl. Sl. Bernard 4 . 2 S JAMES R. BASH 838 Willow Ave. Lady of Good Council gg 1 cf T-. CHARLES J. BECK 6435 Dilman St. Sl. Leo 7 K1 i Q'-xr 1 KUNO R. BECK 5957 Bingham Sl. Sf. William fx. ' M01 sf ,!""7'p EUGENE H. BEER 4932 Pearson Sl. Sl. Kalherine .3 ,- YL... 1-v-V' FRANCIS E. BELZ 4107 Gilham Sl. Sl. Timothy The Mastery of English 'M ws Provides A Challenge 5516 -4' V F, Q I .ff x' X fx as fi -R A LITTLE PUZZLED with one of the many new words which they must absorb before the coming college entrance, Senior 5 wonders whether or not Father Keenan actually wrote the dictionary. "Word Power," says Father, "is essential to the mastery of any language." Seniors have a regular eight- hour iob trying to keep up with the landslide of vocabulary, drama, and criticism necessary for a well-rounded education in English. ENGLISH HOMEWORK, Iopposite pagel, as in every other subiect is a must. Mr. Lafferty gives a helping hand to one of the members of Junior 4, who "iust ain't got what it takes." SHAKESPEARFS "JULIUS CAESAR" is only one of many in- struments used to raise our Sophomores another notch on the cultural ladder. Father Lyman is giving George Quinn of Sophomore 2 a run for his money over some of the more dimcult quotations found in the play. The study of these great works will be useful in the field of composition which the Sophs will touch on next. 55 Ag- TALKING ON JULIUS CAESAR, Mr. De Sa points out to Sophomore 2 that although there is a lot of memory work in studying Latin II such as memorizing vocabulary, coniugations and declensions, there are finer points in Latin such as learning Julius Caesar's tactics in conquering the Gauls. From this education these Latin students will be able to think logically in their future lives. IN FUNDAMENTALS OF LATIN GRAMMAR, Mr. Dooher is discussing with Freshman 13 the necessity of infinitive endings in classifying a verb's coniugation. L r ., , I gf, ii M,,f Latin 'R ge I ANTHONY J. BENETZ 503 Solly Ave. vi' A 'K 14 J A ALBERT J. BETZ B636 Park Pl. Si. Cecilia Sl- Dominif ' 3, M ir I .,.e I I X MH a- ,-,' QQ " " I ' n 1 I ' ROBERT I. BENNER 3030 Hellerman St. St. Timothy sfo ,. . , 5 if' . ,we ,fi :r ik .: i- FREDERICK N. BENS 6721 Jackson St. St. Leo JOSEPH G. BERG 3453 Crystal St. Ascension N wsu.. EUGENE D. BERNHARDT 3453 Princeton Ave. St. Matthew GEORGE J. BETZ 5431 Discher St, St. Martin CHARLES T, BIANCHI 5726 Leonard St. St. Martin ir W has T71 LN.. X 4 A EDWARD J. BIRCH 155 N. Kenwood Dr St. Michael 6833 Souder St. Lady ol Ransom JOHN R. BIRTWISTLE new BENJAMIN A. BLASZCZAK 4713 Thompson St. St. John KEVIN W. BLESS 1310 Glenview St. Resurrection .ni- FREDERICK N. BODMER 3004 Glenview St. St. Matthew gl. ., w PAUL K. BONASCH 4223 Shetlield St. St. Bernard . 1... 1 'M 7 4- F' 'W . H' ,. GERALD J. BONK 5867 Sylvester St. St. Martin Q.. 7 ROBERT J. BONNER 6109 Alma St. St. Martin - Q ..,. I-+ Ls kk ...,, STANLEY G. BORUCKI 6736 Ditmon St. St. leo ' . r ' ggfi i S x Q. S. X X ' . wish fs I4 - , f 9.j'ofiX5 rk1 1 72 Y " .. . N .mm . JOHN F. BOSSLER 1073 Park Ave. St. Charles l t RONALD J. BOYER 1729 Bridgetown Pk. Assumption vr ,S . ':-:. .J JOSEPH J. BRENNAN 7337 Roosevelt Blvd. St. Matthew my . i if if 'sg .. La Plume De Ma Tante . . . etc. buns'-fr' N? Y: 'Q S xt QU? 1 Q. .1 REFINING THE ROUGH SPOTS of Grammar, Pronunciation, and Word order is a maior task of second year French. Ability to use everyday conversation is likewise achieved. Oulds, Sheffield and Tripodi of Senior 3 learn by repetition in Father DutTield's French class u- '.r' as g TAKING A SHORT BREATHER, Mr. Bartko supplements his regular syllabus with a French folk song. ln this case it's "Frere Jacques." Robinson and Rosiak appear to be interested. They are enioying it. SPLIT-VISION? The Lambert brothers practice French pronunciation with the aid of a mirror. With such identical re- semblances we cannot but wonder if they receive identical marks in this sub- iect. l"""'l" l Nw STRESSED ACCURACY is the keynote for an upcoming test. First as well as second year students soon realize the necessity of those umlauts and definite articles which at first seemed such a waste of time. For some of these students it's, "Oh, if t had only taken Pig Latin!" In Case We Meet .1 ROBERT H. BRITTINGHAM 7194 Montague St. St. Bernard RICHARD S. BROKOWSKI 6200 Tackawanna St. St. Timothy 4 GEORGE J. BRONKOVIC 6154 Tackawanna St. St. Timothy DENNIS A. BROOKS 2037 Oakmont Ave. Resurrection l- PAUL J. BROSKY 2145 Carver St. St. Bartholomew 5 HOWARD J. BROWN 1146 Rosalie Sl. Sl. Marlin 1 JOHN F. BROWN 1166 Elwood Ave. Sl. Charles JOSEPH C. BROWN 4560 Oakmonl Sl. Sl. Bernard JOSEPH W. BROWN 6350 Algon Ave. Sl. Marlin L JZ' 4 DANIEL J. BROWNE 5750 Leonard Sl. Sl. Marlin Some Rhine Maidens I 1 f' "AN DER TAFEL sind Die Relalivprononenf' poinls Fr. Emsl, as Senior 'l looks on in serious lhoughl. ln second year German, one finds lhe course leaning a bil more lo specialization of lhe adieclive endings and the liner lranslalion of lhe higher dialed. Anyone lor lhird year German? -9 BRUNO J. BRUNELL 4406 Ashburner St. St. Dominic Q LAWRENCE K. BUCHANAN 5908 Colgate St. St. William -L. 1-. HOWARD J. BUCK 519 Sanger St. St. William it ' 7 3 ff' ' ' JoHN F. aucifrmz 2934 Lardner St. St. Timothy C 5. K 4 1 JOHN M. BUCKSAR 5966 Newtown Ave. St. William 'FV' .iw il Y - .L wfcr 4 ' i"'fl'4's 7 af' f "'-. WJ',,..,d1, 'nhl ..L, , +I F in .isiff X Air 5' IN ADDITION TO LEARNING VOCABULARY, gram- mar, and the essentials ot translations and con- versations, it is important in the study of any lan- guage to study the countries where the language is spoken. Father McVey discusses the birthplace of Miguel Cervantes with Junior 7. Cervantes is the Spanish Shakespeare who wrote Don Quixote. EFFECTIVE RECITATION is a prime requisite in learn- ing Spanish. Grammar and translation are im- portant but speaking in a tongue different from ours is the crowning achievement of success. J. Kurley is reciting in Father CIarke's class. We Know Our Spanish Cnlons . J' Wh. L def FELIX E BUENAFLOR 2124 Robbins Ave Sl Tumolhy lk, .1 JOHN E BUGGY 245 Devereuux SI SI William FRANCIS V. BURKE 4880 Roosevell Blvd. . Marlin THOMAS P. BURKE 8704 Alicin SI. Malernify gill .1 4. WILLIAM J. BURNAZ 550 Van Kirk SI. SI. William In Theory . . . 'Tis A Puzzle 2.7 X f .-,X ARCS, THEOREMS, and smiles lessen the burdensome task of cramming Geometry. K. Smedley must have given Father Knebels an answer he never figured on. Axioms, postulates, and proofs are included among our more difficult tasks. HTRIGONOMETRIC RELATIONS MADE EASY," would be Father Murphy's motto if he had one. This double- angle formula, which is only one in twenty-eight, seems to befuddle Senior 5. All must be known to use at anytime without hesitation. 4 151' 'ii 4 la .5 Q.. E. uk .... , ft?-.. S. A BEGINNING must be had somewhere, and Freshman 14 gets their's from Father Durkin. Algebra I is an absolute necessity for future math courses. J. Rommel doesn'I want to leave any Ioose ends, so he obtains a Iittle private tutoring on the side. MARTIN J. BURNS 9708 Frankford Ave. St. Katherine WILLIAM H. BUSCHMEIER 9040 Wesleyan Rd. St. Jerome .. 3 7 G' Q W . I in .is ' ' ' QQ' THOMAS J. CADDEN 3011 Vista SI. St. Matthew DANIEL J. CAMPBELL 3802 Dartmouth PI. , 'K W L JOHN V. CAPPELLO 8050 Leon SI. St. Dominic I was , . 1 I 1 ALBERT R. CARBONI 2849 Rhawn St. St. Jerome , 'wx lr 2' y Q JAMES P. CAREY 6601 Van Dike SI. St. Leo X 1 MICHAEL E. CARNEY 5652 Miriam Rd. Sl. Dominic St. Martin - 1 PASQUALE J. CAPOZZOLI FRANCIS J. CARPINO 7270 Rupert St. 7901 Bradford St. Lady of Ransom Resurrection . L ROBERT F. CARPITELLA 5914 Tulip St. St. Bartholomew ,552 K I F c c f? !, X THOMAS E. CARPITELLA 5914 Tulip St. St. Bartholomew if . Rv , f' :it . FRANCIS E. CARROLL 1000 Piermont Sl. St. Christopher I WL. 'IPS-rl JAMES J, CARROLL 2901 Gelena Rd. St. Jerome egg, A JOSEPH L. CERRITO 9100 Woodenbudge Rd. St. Jerome .. .Q ., - .,, km, X N i .Mwst k 4. ee .... , N QR. 3- 1. 1 . N X ,, ,I , I 3 . , Xxx an 3 fr l Q 9 ar THE THEORY OF CHEMISTRY is, at times, more challenging than lab, and Father Wagner isn't one to let an "ion" go unturned. Senior 3 has acquired u sixth sense in analyzing the composition of matter. All of these elements, compounds, and radicals are enough to set onyone's head in a spin after only a week's exposure. W Q -5 gf JE' es... S 2 X FX REPEALING THE LAWS of nature is old hash to these pros. Senior 4 is usually on the brink of a great discovery when the bell rings to end the all-too-short lab period. Al Betz, Bill Burnaz, and Jack Bucksar are only a few of our mad scientists. We Note A Chemical Reaction PRACTICAL APPLICATION of Chemistry is pure fascination. Seing your suspicions proven in a test tube by way of your own ingenuity has a certain satisfaction for a budding al- chemist. Joe Schoen, Leo Wesolowski, Greg Wenclowiak, Jim Welch, Fred Wolpert, Frank Wilson, and Roger Turner conduct a flame test for the presence of metals in solutions. 5" I' Y xc' ' An. FRANCIS X. CHAPMAN 4616 Emery St. All Saints A bc i . , go w .',: Y! ix MICHAEL P. CHATARY 6'l'l2 Lovatt Terr. S t . M a rli n I 5 g 1"-2 5353 : . iw ROBERT J. CHECK 3902 Pearson Ave. St. Katherine in 4 Q'-'--r W.. X v x FRANClS F. CHYBINSKI 4627 Stiles St. Sf. John 1 Kc ,-- ' v - ,, 7 l CHARLES A. CIANFRANI 7414 Belden St. Resurrection 1 an--vu r' f' f J si we W3 5 3 ROBERT J. CIPRIANO 3026 Hellerman St. Sf. Timothy ftfrggp N , , .5741 . 3, - ""' A E Q CHARLES W. CLAIRE 4746 Lansing St. St. Bernard 7 A , . ,rf R A we --1 ex? 41.4 EDWARD J. CLARK 4038 Bleigh Ave. St. Bernard -vvu JOHN A, CLARK 4525 Bleigh Ave. St. Bernard ' L5 . Sr APP ture ,I i LICATION OF THE LAWS of Physics in lab supplement what physic students learn during their lec- periods. John Genley, Paul McGIinchy, Joseph McFadden, and Robert Rominiechi of Junior 6 seem to be absorbed in proving the Law of Momentum in the Lever. This is iust one of the many experiments achieved by scientific-minded crusaders. LAWRENCUMK Trying To Get In Orbit 230 Benner St. St. William Physics THE SERIOUS EXPRESSION on the faces of Junior 5 reveals lhe inleresl in Mr. Keashon's lecture during Physics class. Emphasis on space lravel makes physics more imporianl than ever. We'lI be see- ing our crusader-physicists al Cape Canaveral. im. -+- if ,H ow , 6 x Q. I , WILLIAM J. CLARK 1625 Rhawn Sl. Resurrection R5 J fa.. R Ami JOSEPH W. CLAVEN 5928 Tabor Ave. Sl. William 'ff'-Z-'i' , 1:0 I HENRY J. CLEMENTE 2372 Orlhodcx Sl. SI. John Z' in W-Z' 4 rf " X., H FRANCIS M. COLEMAN 9411 Tulip Sl. Sl. Kalherine 'F' ' Lf, ig GARY F. COLLINS 32 Blake Ave. SI. Cecilia Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life! SPYING ON PROTOZOA are Ed Gonlram, Al Fole, Joe Hen- rich, and Charlie Elkins. When il comes lo learning what makes living things lick, you never sow such an eager bunch. Rumor has il, that lhey've even requested three lab periods. incidentally, Joe, our fulure Crusader editor, made a perfecl score in the Biology exam. Nice going, Joe! .l i X .J PEEPING INTO ANOTHER WORLD, Sophomore 3 finds how really appelizing Falher Galfigan can make Biology. No expense has been spared in order lo insure a well-equipped, modern, and comforl- able Iabg one in which we are proud and privileged to work. if ' . H fl B.. it, " I JOSEPH E. COLLINS 6358 Jackson SI. SI. Leo Q Q" JAMES P. COMERFORD 6058 Belden Sl. SI. Marlin fix . 'ff sl . .fi n ww LESLIE W. CONDON 6640 Revere Sl. Q , 4 QI' ANTHONY F. COSTANTINO 7164 Tulip Sl. Lady of Consolation I ,. , , fl J' 1917 , gg, ff J ii ga 391 df If ,, f M. f, My .1 . .-.1 we - , :if mx . , wir ' vffw - Q 'i , 4 if -- sv' W 2, K f 'el .1 . - Q. l Q. JOHN J. COSTIGAN 643 Sanger Sl. SI. William gc 42. I WILLIAM R. COWAN 50 Friendly La. is ,. Sl. Timofhy Sl. Michael ' 2 W , ' I " 3' I X , V w Q J KYRAN W. CONNELLY 6161 Erdrick Sl. Sl. Timolliy xg, Biology X -.-.Q f 4 f WILLIAM J. CORR 4332 Visla Sl. Sl. Bernard JAMES G. CREIGHTON 4439 Shelmire Ave. SI. Bernard Q 4, -11" f if DENNIS A. CRIBBEN 3347 Princelon Ave. Sl. Mallhew Y ...kgs Louis J. csoKY 111 Phillip se. A s s u m p I i o n 6 JAMES CUMMINGS 101 Robbins Ave. St. Cecilia QL. f MICHAEL E. DAMBRA 8934 Blue Grass Rd. Maternity -Lv l JEROME R. D'ANGELO 1966 Granite Sl. ns. i gf- l PETER A. D'ARCY 3128 Wellington St. Sf. Matthew s .. l ALBERT J. D'AULERlO 231 Higbee Sl. St. William 3 QU! l BYRON J. DAVIDSON 6146 Charles Sl. Sl. Timothy Jossvu E. DEAL 6357 Aigma si. St. Bartholomew St. Timolhy f' if ' Qg . W I l JOSEPH E. DANIEL 5363 Eodom St St ohn ROBERT E. DEEGAN 9318 Hagerman SI. Sl. Katherine Experimental VOLUMETRIC AND GRAVIMETRIC analysis isn't as complicated as il looks. It's really much harder. Prezise work such as this, will someday make our lives easier. Carroll, Knebel, Adamski, Sermaini, HaITerty, Uzel- meier, Burke, and Devlin lake a crack at it for curiosily's sake. The world's waiting, gentlemen, go to it. N is H fmm- W-4w.M9af4yw-N-Aff' fm 1 ' ,if q 'sv 1 Ia ik n -5, I . I Liz. . 3 1 l PETER F. DEL ROSSl 7228 Kindred Sl. Resurrection if c N.:7 . SC, JOSEPH .l. DeMILIO 58 Spring La. Sl. Michael . PAUL W. DeMURO 509 Berkley Ave. Sl. Cecilia we 5 ie "BOY, HAS JOHNSON GOT A BIG MOUTH!" You lhink so? Look al lhe one on Del Rossi. Thinking musl have really been a lax on all of lhese fellows' appe- sader around chow lime. RONALD A. DENIGHT 49 Schoolhouse La. Sl. Michael r p ,, The Call Ol The Wild i f CHARLES .l. DENNING 2310 "B" Wake Rd. Malernily I' liles. The daily gob and all of lhose eats sure look inviling lo a class-worn Cru- 'A Lunch T 'vf r L c 1 JOHN S. DENSHUICK 2849 Sellers St. St. John 1 W F "TWO, PLEASE!" Pretzels are often u whole meal to some- L one who has forgotten his lunch or iust isn't satisfied with the small sum he found in his lunch bog, To most of us, pretzels are a welcome topper or appetizer. A 'Lt IA. 'AQ ROBERT P. DEPMAN 4524 Richmond St. All Saints ,-.. ii' ALFRED J. DESKIEWICZ 2620 Elbridge St. St. Timothy 5 N., T5 L. THOMAS P. DEVLIN 2118 Anchor St. St. Bartholomew ' 6' ' w N- ici' f . ww JOSEPH S. DEVITA 3401 Disston St. Si. Matthew ki 42 i .. E K -' R . WK I . ., my , ,,sy Q gn. kv JM ff f , ,.- E' , ,pf . X1 iii wx I , K K -"TMJ k Al ,M Y ' ff 'ff A FEW POINTERS beiore class can mean a lot, Brother James f Rosica is always glad to give a helping hand, as he does with Centoiante, a member of the Junior 9 and Junior 13 class, part of the few three hundred that pursue this course. 7 Q THOMAS I.. DION 653 Hendrix St. St. Christopher Mechanical Drawing RICHARD F. DITTERT 7208 Ditman St. St. Bernard HUSH, HUSH? TOP SECRET? No, but someday these Me- chanical Drawing students may turn up working on a conti- dential plan for a new rocket or a revolutionary idea in bridge building. lmagination and ingenuity count points in this course. Can't you iust hear those brains clicking? M 3 .lfzisfiffiflff f 1. , ,, rf' L.'f ggi ,.,. r- 11 K-.V wui ik: STANLEY J. DOMBROWSKI 2737 Pratt St. St. John .f-'A My 4 Q JOHN J. DONAHUE 3559 Oakmont St. St. Matthew THOMAS B. DOUGHERTY 78 Roundwood la. St. Michael 'P , I if .4 gi " , 1' fe fjafi JAMES E. DOUGLAS 3324 Welsh Rd. St. Dominic fi, rf' wr ffl I ,itil is wi.. f -Q BARTHOLOMEW F. DRISCOLL 6332 Torresdale Ave. St. Leo 4 " 1 . ' ', X 5 . Q 1. U f .ru 2, - cf r - I is' 1 JOHN DUBAK 2100 Hartel Ave. Resurrection - FRANCIS W. DUBREE 5029 Loretto Ave. St. Martin I W H, K F 2 ., suffer-. . ,r .,,,. 1, E :rg - JOSEPH P. DUFFY 2911 Cottmon Ave. St. Matthew if We Commercicalize Cur Talent SPECIFIC POINTS are given by Father Duffield to John Donahue of Senior 10 in the art of Commercial Art. These talented Crusaders continue to strive for reality and originality as was done in the days of the Renaissance. All phases of art are stressed in these classes, such as perspective drawing, lettering, poster work and iashion design. nf' . fs' is ' , z'5i"?'f,f Z be , V if? JAMES M. DWYER 987 Pratt St. St. Martin WALTER T. DYMEK 4746 Sheffield St. St. Bernard wi is STRIVE I'-OR PERFECTION is the impression given by Commercial Art Students D'Arcy, Wai- ncrowicz, and Frey, as they work vigorously on some sketches. Technique plus natural 4 talent brings about a good artist. Perhaps someday a Judge artist will adorn a post cover. TIMOTHY .l. EASTBURN 2737 Colmar Ave. Lady ol Fatima JOSEPH F. EHRET 3478 St. Vincent St. Q. GERALD P. ENNIS 325 Dorrance St. St. Mark 4 . I .L L . , 1,-FEW' " -:"??.ff, , 1 f V Z2 . . 347. , iiigiigiiaf, V. im -f .iway .45 :fi I GEORGE W. EVANS 946 Brill St. St. Martin gg ' '- A if FRANCIS J. EVERMAN 6325 Edmund St. St. Leo lOUIS F. FARINA 6303 Cralton St. St. Martin St. Timothy . .I I A ,N -I f iw BERNARD L, ENGLISH ROBERT M. FEATHERSTON 61 Rose Apple Rd. 1426 Comly St. Queen of the Universe St. Marlin gf 1 ,. it ' X 4 uf' 1 nk EDWARD J. FEIGHAN 5653 Loretto Ave. Sl. Marlin qv- DAVID G. FELDMAYER 61 Cherry La. Sl. Michael ,.. .s-. K 1 A j m,AA ' . .. Q PL g WILLIAM J. FENERTY 1118 Bridge Sl. Sl. Marlin "" CHARLES R. FERULLO 2205 Fuller Sl. Resurredion 1 423 ,....,,, . THOMAS J. FINEGAN 273 Stahl Dr. Sl. Cecilia Q I 5 1 rf ,... 1" lv FATHER McKENTY'S INFORMAL TALKS help make American History mere interesting for Junior 1. They are grateful for this break in regular class routine. However, they are glad to return to the book to study the people and events that are characteristic of our American Way. Even though only a few hundred years old, our nation has proved that Chris- tian and Democratic principles are the best. We Search The Past in 3 E i X f ,- vt' ,Q To Prepare For The Future. . . History PREPARING TO COMMENT to Freshman 9 on a point of interest, Father Hanlon is waiting for Dan McGinley to finish reading. World History is the first History course we stucly. Ample historical background for the various topics that o high school student would meet is covered so that the student can realize the part each nation has played in the drama of mankind. 905309 i Fi- 1 . wr--, PAUL T. FREY 446 Van Kirk St. St. William ,ff GEORGE L. FRUNZI 2022 Oakmont St. Resurrection Y.-if W' lv JOHN V. FRYSLIN 356 Lancaster Ave. St. .lohn Bosco 'YU' ROBERT E. FUGES 952 Bridge St. St. Martin Hrs '327 in if vnu.,- ROBERT J. GABOR 4221 Sheffield Ave. St. Bernard y no m 7 .-of or W 1. RALPH J. GAINER 1443 Lardner St. St. Martin 5 A .kyy if .fr , -'-.'.. 2 R ' R '55 i A SANTO D. GAIRO 300 Buxmont St. St. Christopher , gg, ,......- . FRANCIS R. GALANTE 184 Academy Rd. St. Katherine 'Oh l JOSEPH C. FUNK EDWARD F. GALLAGHER 3023 Walsh Rd. 3044 Disston St. St. Jerome St. Matthew gfifgziyff it-Q 'TfF'4'5.' Q, qu W - gf. .F EDWARD T. GALLAGHER 3511 Aldine St. St. Matthew L JAMES J. GALLAGHER 6116 Palmetto St. St. William JOSEPH J. GALLAGHER 6645 Edmund St. St. Leo THOMAS J. GARCZYNSKI 4485 Garden St. All Saints YT' JOSEPH M. GARTLAND 9315 Treaty Rd. St. Katherine .11 'T' CASUAL DISCUSSION by Father Hemighaus and Sen- ior ll present our natian's problems in an inter- esting but serious way. Seniors present their views on the day's situations after being confronted with them in their National Problems class. A student after graduation will be equipped with a knowledge in various theories in order to deal with the prob- Iems facing our great democracy. The State Ol The Nation fre ls Discussed INFORMATION posted on bulletin boards pertaining to the students a chance to consume more knowledge on problems. Father Lemcn gladly points out and explains to Pezak, Kelly, Berg, and Diggins, who anxiously take mation on the bulletin board. Cathoiic viewpoints and National Problems gives our government and its the Congressional Record advantage of the infor- philosophy are stressed through the discussion of the Pope's Encyclicals which suggest solutions for the problems of our time. VK Q3 'pix-: 1 4.14 s 5 O Q nf, J ., x. N f CARMEN A. GASPERO 3556 Vista St. St. Matthew UP .2 if I EDWARD M. GAYNOR Eddington, Pa. St. Charles .V ,4, if, Q, at rf, . 7, L KENNETH J. GEIRSCH 2806 Fanshawe St. St. Timothy Z3 PC' ,f ni' E RAYMOND F. GEORGE 6820 Van Dike St. St. Leo Lv-. ,X,A:fe,s4: ,, A mf af ' ' df, U 'l , DAVID H. GERHARDT 'l4'l7 Englewood St. Resurrection NICHOLAS F. GERHARDT 7721 Frontenac St. Resurrection ze' ' Q ---. 4 if L?L'f?Q?'k A' QQ. .- 'Si LAWRENCE D. GERRARD 1311 Magee Ave. Resurrection L C-:ry RICHARD F. GHEEN 3311 Longshore Ave. St. Matthew ROBERT E. GILL 1338 Englewood St. Resurrection THOMAS J. GILLESPIE 5925 Reach St. St. William C gee . -Q XJ' '-"' W. I. 4. i ii s- 'E I S221 ,x JOSEPH A. GIORGIO 3567 Sheffield Ave. St. Matthew EUGENE W. GONTAREK 2725 Kirkbride St. St. John I -. 1, . 4 , 3 :cliff . 34551 - ' .511 1 I... . T315 'lf I N 1 L JEFFREY J. GOUGH 4338 Devereaux Ave. St. Bartholomew .aim - W V f'.+.if.,. A -. L 1. ,fe ' w..g51aejf , . s .21 W 3- r 1 THOMAS A. GOULD 3400 St. Vincent St. St. Matthew "f..:' If .np LAWRENCE A. GRAEME 3301 Cottman Ave. St. Matthew These Lads NIMBLE FINGERS seem busily at work as Father Jendzura ably presides over the Senior 7 in his typing class. These boys are constantly drilling in order to gain more speed and proficiency in a business asset which will be valuable to them after graduation. E I .L X GONTAREK AND BENETZ of Senior 7 have caught on Io the technique of com- bining accuracy and speed wifhoui glancing af Phe keyboard. They have the qualities of a good typisf. Are Typecast We 2 a 3 E till. : 9 nn Mwwuh ' M?l!,.s..f Y- f or m 1 l vw-'lung-f' X It's In The Books THE FUTURE FOR THE BUSINESS WORLD seems os- sured if Senior 7 continues to attack each financial problem with the concentration they display in this Picture. An honest effort in school will bring divi- dends after graduation. ix . x X i .-evil? ,A SE., Q ts. X X ..""?0 , Aff' -eg X1 ,Xxx at xx ASSETS AND LIABILITIES are first en- countered in the Junior year. Junior 10 appears intent as Mr. Donnelly explains an expense account. All phases of busi- ness are covered in Bookkeeping to en- able us to take places on Wall Street. if X - BALANCING BOOKS brings a question from Bob Huston to Mr. Quinlisk. Many Seniors feel that after a few years of bookkeeping, the business world can't wait to receive them. The Bookkeeping teachers have a different opinion and it seems to be "Big Business, Watch out!" For Keeps CHARLES F. GRAZIOSO 2116 Hartel Ave. Resurrection Q ill bv s JOHN J. GREEN 4632 Salmon St. All Saints an MYLES F. GRIFFIN 3023 Knorr St. St. Matthew ROBERT W. GROSS 7140 Marsden St. St. Bernard l JOHN E. GUINIVEN 3130 Guilford St. St. Matthew " L, 'Rt Jw. MICHAEL P. GULD 7731 Verree Rd. St. Cecilia I ,l.":9ff"i?', 1 9.3 , 7 L St, I Jkflff ' .- ' 3" '-' '?a3:. FF, .,f RONALD M. GUTOWSKI 4301 Marple St. St. John THOMAS J. HAGAN 3032 Longshore Ave. St. Matthew JOHN P. HALFERTY 6110 Bingham St. St. William 'Tl THOMAS J. HALLINAN 963 Sanger St. St. Martin EDWARD J. HAMILL 3307 Vista Sl. Sr. Matthew I WAYNE P. HANLEY 6134 Tockawcnnu Sf. Sl. Timothy 5 I I JAMES B. HARKINS 4326 Aldine Sf. Sl. Bernard WAYNE E. HART 3530 Decatur SI. Sf. Dominic WILLIAM M. HAVILAND 953 Sanger St. Sl. Marlin Gym 13553 ' x,,' 5 5 1 3 5 A - . I ' ,z fizg-if V A NICHOLAS J. HERMAN 84 Candle Rd. Queen of the Universe .ic B. s 5 Sw es LP W' i s 1 ii 'jf' wb Im N' , 5 'Cs 'ig . WM 5 Q JOSEPH J. HERON 3402 Ryan Ave. St. Matthew in RICHARD E. HERRON 2910 Elbridge St. St. Timothy ROBERT T. HERTRICH 7039 Charles St. St. Leo ,rv-4. l CHARLES B. HIGGINS 4230 Tudor St. St. Bernard ROBERT J. HOEPFL 1556 Cheltenham Ave. St. Martin GEORGE L. HOHENLEITNER 4131 Devereaux Ave. -11. St. Timothy GERALD F. HOHENSTEIN 4414 Devereaux Ave. SI. Bartholomew M' 5 5 iff. MARTIN H. HORCHLER 5000 Grant Ave. St. Katherine ly. f Q 4. L, I 1 sri' 15 FRANCIS E. HORNICK 7226 Leonard St. Lady of Ransom .cf THE POOR REJECTED SOULS OF JUG spend their "free time" under the watchtul eye and the corrective hands of Fathers Quailc and Brand. lt certainly is tiresome to sit there with your back to the table for an hour. The "Jugmen" received publicity recently when the P.T.C. in- stalled a special bus service for these wayward chaps. Jug hir' 3, '-1 5 RESISTING SUCH A GAZE requires nerves of steel and u hear? of stone but iusfice must conquer. Joe Cody appears Oc be using hypnoiism or iusl using tha! compleiely innocent siure which can be very deceiving. rX 'Q IHA!" Nice try, Joe! ys 1 I 1 I .ff X X f L Y xx x ,sh f in K Kp ' i a I ff ,ff 4...-a-0-4.s. ,' ' S54 ' a ' ', .111 .X - 1' , f 5. . 's x ' - as 0, x l K , x i Q N 2' , -E- if DONALD J. HOYT 329 Cheltenham Ave. Sf. William !4'iv- l, if .aw cf 17 FRANCIS X. HUEBER 6650 Tulip Sr. Sl. Leo MICHAEL B. HUNTER 38 Briaroo! La. Sl. Michael I 41- . . ff, 5 .1 --. NORMAN B. HUNTOWSKI 1080 Wildman Ave. Sl. Charles up .. ,. I 4-4" QQ f. ROBERT F. HUSTON 626 Carver St. Sl. William , g W3 R N xl Lockers A CASCADE OF BOOKS: From the look on Dut'fy's face, he ex- pects a landslide of papers, books and iunk to come pouring from his locker the moment he lets go. ln the fight for a front row position it's still, "First come, first served." THE OLD JUDGE SHUFFLE is demonstrated here during a change of classes. To some "cats" it's a cross between walk- ing and doing the stroll. Some of us must travel a wing ancl two floors in the short space of tive minutes, which is prac- tically impossilale. Even though our accident rate is the low- est in four years, traffic-lams and bottlenecks are a common occurrence. mv., fr' me if ' A fasaiwev U " so -vw , ' " . H " if fy if Qi ff ' 'ht' ' "V-azz z. i .,,. V " -. JOSEPH A. IACONO 7000 Roosevelt Blvd. Lady of Ransom H is We asa '53- MICHAEL P. IANNUZZI 4703 Almond St. All Saints ky A,,k 5 ,sig Y. -. GERALD F. JACOBS 5937 Augusta St. St. Martin ,fri Que.. yr 3 , 'E 1. WALTER A. .IASKOWIAK 3114 Rawle St. St. Timothy wh 'X A .. I A: f ,,4,,-,,. A bak Q 2 ' y, If? in K i PAUL L. JAWORK 8333 Jeawes St. St. Cecilia HARRY W. JEFFERS 43 Macintosh Rd. Immaculate Conception JOSEPH P. JENKINS 6103 Hegerman SI. St. Bartholomew THOMAS J. JENKINS 11001 Knight Rd. Lady of Calvary RAYMOND J. JOHNSON 966 Carver St. Sl. Martin 1 ,..'-q. N, It 'fffQi'5.?f 2 . . i. Q I' ' 3'f1iQf.EE ., iff: -"' . ' I .ei THOMAS F. JOHNSON 2733 Levick St. SI. Timothy WILLIAM J. JOHNSON 2910 Fanshawe SI. St. Timothy LEON P. JON 7235 Lawndale St. St. Cecilia VERNON 0. JONES 49 Goldengate Rd. Immaculate Conception FRANCIS J. JOYCE 4430 Comly St. SI. Bartholomew fi f 2. . ' . ,,,, .W , Q6 Y l- MICHAEL H. KAELIN II09 Pennsylvania Ave. St. Thomas 11 Z- L- f we-HA, SW 1.3 df' Q,...g' -P? - -, ...--I L. 1'4"-Q' -.- Q ' ""' 'l V-In -1.-N ,,,-fk X L AQ Q :Lf P ' . 1 --Q-...nv .Y ' ' W . ... ...,,.. . , S R,-1..- J WE LEARNED FROM EXPERIENCE that by keeping a good notebook, we could bet- Ier our marks in that most important test. Our notebook is a reflertion of our in- terest in the subiect and by it the teacher can grade us accordingly. xr K P' -KT -q. nv -K, -1- :S Research WHILE RUMMAGING through magazines and notebooks in the library, Dom Folino, Tom Ward and Bart Driscoll come across some important material for their special proiects. The library serves as a quiet seclusion for those who do research work and also as a meeting house. Father Hearn, our li- brarian, is always ready and willing to give us help when we need it. Notebooks .2 Li , we - 133345 V? . Y 1 ROBERT J. KAIN 2053 La Rue St. St. Bartholomew 5 ff X I . I A , FRANCIS L. KANE 3250 St. Vincent St. St. Matthew TIME OFF FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR and a chance to catch up for the next class, pleases iust about everyone around this time of day. Since the addition of the stands, basking in the sun and letting the food settle has become a top-ranking hobby with the underclassmen. This off- moment has a tranquilizing eftect on the revved-up minds of these hqfdqhinkefs, WILLIAM R. KARDAS 2901 Gilham St. Sl. Timothy 4 MARTIN J. KEDRA 416 Rhawn St. St. Cecilia Time off For good Behavior NORMAN J. KEE 5209 Torresdale Avo. St. Bartholomew JOSEPH F. KEENAN 3244 St. Vincent St. St. Matthew ix Eff' 4. EDWARD J. KELLEHER 6314 Cardiff St. St. Timothy Q fi , 'riff A Mi FRANCIS J. KELLEHER I537 Devereaux Ave. Lady of Ransom CHARLES J. KELLY 1249 Alcott St. St. Martin if GEORGE F. KELLY 7I I2 Erdrick St. St. Bernard x I J: 1. S if Y JOSEPH T. KELLY 1127 Anchor St. SI. Martin w tl EQ' EDMOND M. KENNEDY 40 Merry Turn Rd. Immaculate Conception MICHAEL P. KENNEDY 4219 Aldine St. SI. Bernard po L nf? :LI -i -g , RQ, 1 Q. . at I ...lg -. . s- 1 ROBERT F. KENNY 2759 Alresford SI. SI. John 7 Q. t.. In I THOMAS H. KERN 6833 Sauder St. lady of Ransom p ' if-ti f iii ! 9 we i 'z - PAUL D. KEYSER 5930 Shisler SI. St. Martin lr JOSEPH F. KILROY 1223 Wakeling SI. SI. Martin e-Xwfx .X N 2? I Q ,iii JOSEPH P. KLEIN 8736 Midland Ave. SI. Dominic -'lf 2 I FRANCIS P. KNEBEL 6321 Walker St. SI. Timothy A fi l l 9 'J:'3"..L ' ii?" L ROBERT J. KOBIE 2012 Vista St. Resurrection "SEE YOU TOMORROW!" . . . School is finished for the day, but our education isn't. Not all of those books remain in school. Many go home to be asked questions and to ask them. Dismissal need not be iust another change of class. Study at home can mean the difference between success and failure. Going Home 1 i' -1f,.v""'nv' 1f?'.?":s - F -:':"4-,.s fag.,- , i r ni!--' -ff, 1 11',-1 iii'-.-sv',..a0 -:::::ewf -- CW nll9"'-.' --- ,S ISS-S-" ...--'?"""".-- HF 1 pe' The nn li Xl 1 ...es- .-sn! 1 1 ,,.... ,.... .,.... -n-nu --q if ij H-W., 1 ,f -',f- ""l i AND AWAY WE GO! For these Crusaders it's over. With the final bell still ringing in their ears and the thoughts of another busy day of school in their minds they head for the buses which will soon whisk them home. HAVE I GOT EVERYTHING or which ones shall I take? are the questions which Charlie Martin seems to be asking him- self os he gives special thought to his homework. School does not end here for there are many homework assign- ments to be done for the next day. 5 K ii '22 E E! ' 2 -M TX 4 ' "+-. ??+. ii- 0 m 3 .,. 1 -.. 3 .. i g -1- - P 5 y 'N' is 5 E K N e a 'N -L... 0 iwffw Q r L-ww f. , , 2 ,-if c eff JOHN M. KOERBER 6818 Von Dyke St. St. Leo JOSEPH F. KOLINKA 2716 Orthodox St. St. John JOSEPH H. KOMOSINSKI 4725 James St. St. John -1... . J .- ..K ., 1 152, Q. 's ar ca.. THEODORE S. KONOPKA 1426 Fanshawe St. Resurrection A M A A PATRICK J. KORECK 894 Carver St. St. Martin MATTHEW B. KORECKI 4753 Garden St. St. John WILLIAM J. KOZAK 3119 Princeton Ave. St. Matthew ' s js. sl ' RICHARD T. KRAIKER 6358 Brous Ave. St. Timothy ROBERT J. KRAUS 3229 Rawle St. St. Timothy C' 1 EDWARD J. KRAWCZYK 2818 Unruh St. St. Timothy Physical Checkups CONFIDENCE in the skill of Dr. Brown seems to be depicted by Bob Street of Junior 4 as he receives his physical checkup. Health as well as spiritual and intellectual welfare are taken care of. Physical check- ups occur every year. l 41 X., PLAGUED with belly aches, headaches, scratches, or colds? Our school nurse, Miss Viola Westerman, will remedy them quickly. Here it looks as if Miss Weslerman is prescribing some sound advice to Bill Rini of Junior 4. We all appreciate the proficient iob our nurse has done in curing for our woes. S525 . ,0- -, ,SE 1 . X 0 . 55' xii' Hs if-" PAUL A. KRAVCHAK 2513 Palmer Ave. Sf. Mark if g :wx :Q Q, "' f I 7 Q A., , JAMES C. KRETZ 1318 McKinley Sl. Sf. Marlin 'vii J wt' 5' Uv' Q ROBERT J. KUHAR 2159 Fanshawe SI. Lady of Ransom . . 40 JOHN J. KULIGA 4329 Bermuda SI. JOHN F. KUPKA 4722 Sriles Sf. Sl. John - A ' ' :z'ff,, ., . 1 1gu.f'1 3, .Q 2 . .., ,. . 7 fy. V f JOHN W. KURCEBA 1207 Coilman Ave. Sl. Cerilia -Qnf -sg? L JOSEPH R. KURLEY 2132 Wilson Ave. Sf. Mark ..- U3 2, .V Q., 4 ' 1 . JOSEPH S. KWARTNIK 4231 Shelmire Ave. Sl. John Sl. Bernard J "K 9, 4 Q ' f mv 4 J THOMAS F. KUMOSINSKI JOHN J. LAFFERTY 4752 Melrose SI, 1050 Grdhife SY. Sl. John Sl. Marlin J. S -xx , ACTIVITIES A AAKNX' Lgfiihg Q t at QWKZQJQL 51. xii , XE,,i.1ky: Xt f 8 5 SETS ' tg Q fxi-fx 'fix ,F Q4 4 M A f Wh f .-is 'I r S ' S , TI-E-2+23:'5 x SERVICE is what these gentlemen gave the people who saw our show. By always being courteous in collecting tickets and alert when finding them a seat, thanks to these true Crusaders, it was an enioy- able evening. Our Ushers, Front Row: R. Godwin, J. Monaghan, J. O'Donnell, J. Dina, J. Gresh. Back Row: L. Wojnoro- wicz, J. Comiio, A. Volterano, A. Saba- tino, R. Sirfass, G. Ruof. TIME OUT FOR RELAXATION during dress rehearsal is welcomed by the cast as a chance to discuss the upcoming play with Father Hermley. Makeup is skillfully ap- plied to the members of the cast by Father Duffield and Frank Galante. The capable iob done by the stage crew is one of many accomplishments that are unseen by the audience. S i T l i a ::: :I .pw I5 Q.. ' Fl , ru, lx, the Ham in Us .4 RHI 'K l09 0 Xa . A ' fi ,,,f.f ALBERT A. LAGORE 3031 Nesper St. St. Matthew gi ,wg .gp ANTHONY l. LAMBERT James St., Torresdale St. Katherine x V .W 5-' ,A r W ALI' ff" is , GEORGE V. LAMBERT 8809 Ditman St. ,kv St. Dominic , GERALD T. LAMBERT James St., Torresdale St. Katherine nf. 11. 1'1 wg x my 1""' JOSEPH P. LAMBING 2848 Murray Ave. Lady ol Fatima 1 . R L 5' 1 , -'FQ F JAMES J. LANIGAN 3040 Hellerman St. St. Timothy 5,513 .1 A CHARLES A. LAPKIEWICZ 6031 Torresdale Ave. St. Bartholomew x f, vi: 'ilk ,f . A,- BRUCE J. LAZARAVICH 262 DiMarco Dr. Lady ol Calvary ' xy A is 4 HQ' STEPHEN J. LEONARD 761 Huntingdon Pk. St. Cecilia g: B 1 .. AMERICO A. LIBERATORE 1204 Cedar St. Sl. Ann FRIENDLY PERSUASION was all it took to keep Murphy from skipping his appointment for a hair-do. From renting rooms to curling hair one could be sure that Bob Mairone would be in on the fiasco. Put these all together and you can bank on a big hit. "WHATS THAT MESS?" The way Rosemary Zeiser is made up, Ed Kelleher can't figure out how she looked to start. Superb acting by Joyce Schnell and everyone else of the cast made our production of "1'wo's a Crowd" a memory long-to-be-remembered, because we were the cast and the play was curs. WONDERING whether or not Pat Ott remembered to unload that gun before the show, Frank McElhinney is on the verge of forgetting his lines. It is times like these that made keeping a straight face a trying experience for our future Old Vic company Dick Maxwell Mr. Wilson .. ......,... Francis McElhinney The Streets. . Doc Webster Willie ..... The Maid ..... Pat Maxwell Dot Maxwell Mrs. Maxwell Hortonse . . . Anabelle . . . CAST OF CHARACTERS QUIK ...........Robert Mairone Joseph Funk, Edward Kelleher . . . . . . . . . .William Johnson . . ..... Neal Murphy .. . .Patricia Ott . . . .Joyce Schnnll . . . .Barbara Wetzler ........Beverly Gay .. . .Marianne Smithann .. . . .Rosemary Zeiser CURTAIN CALL brought sighs of relief from an unseen director backstage. lt's quite evident that Father Hermley, our unsung producer, certainly has a good nose for talent. It takes a master-touch to blend the vivid red of roses from Saint Hubert': to the pear-ripe greenness of ours to produce the delicately balanced pigment of a terrilic show. 5 I i I 1 ! 5 5 an At Judge, Even "Two's a Crowd" CRAZY MUSIC 'n Society is hitting the nail right on the head. Flappers, and the roaring twenties, the Charleston, and the good old days makes rock-and-roll look conservative. After Crusader's Capers, many blushing parents were probably asked, "Let's see you do that hands-on-the- knees-cross-bit, Dad." OR, MAYBE lT'S A WALTZ you want! We aimed to be impartial, it wasn't our fault if our aim was bad. It was all in fun, and we enioyed every second of it. Young, old, any age group, it made no difference, we were all the same age, as we sat with big smiles and bigger memories all over our faces. l A SLICK CHICK in an old pix was Pat Ott a veteran actress on our stage Pat along with Bill Magrlton and Bill Johnson, put on a silent movie skit thats going to be hard to beat Get a group like this together and you ve no worn about spending a dull evening. r 3 JAMES J. LlLL 3212 Disston St. St. Matthew ' ins- STAY, GERARD R. LINEMAN 8034 Ryers St. St. Cecilia at A L RICHARD LISI Beaver Dam Rd. St. Ann RICHARD F. LISZEWSKI Byberry and Knights Rd. Lady of Calvary li, ' EDWARD J. LITHGOW 855 Granite St. St. Martin RAYMOND J. LLOYD 5721 Van Dike St. St. Bartholomew -cr' ' PAUL T. LOGAN 5335 Horrocks St. St. Martin fi., Q WALTER J. LYNCH 2021 Oakmont St. Resurrection 'Ui 1 V4 JAMES M. LYONS 5913 Reach St. St. William 1 G 4 w.-yy... I BERNARD A. MACK 2020 Oakmont St. Resurrection ls FQ Y, , it-. Eilxlikfmt l .-, , Liver, gg, 5-A x... a r 1' I ', Y. "ffl - K ii?'g'Q . 'T 1,1 r 9' .. -f' -7,,,M.u " e t - V16.. , ,I Vv agijf- 4 1 1 to f f . -1 -- W ea' B5 .--env' emi i' Q t l I ' I A Q i , R -pg A l A- V ,. za. rf - ' , as M, , ,,,gggjj'f5p-fs W it f ' " ' " ' 4 ZW fi "iff:-'J' 57"-1 Tfiec ' . - fs. . '- - 1 -- Nw. i I n X. - ,, , 'X 'X ""-H - . if fs, TU , ' tp' L A Nm4h...3k: I 'Y.:l..--rg : ff' ,.mZs,, Q' t- 1:-gr.. I at ,SQQIQNKQ " - 13,5 lg ,rig if-f e g -s my f ' ,,..g " 3. T, -:ff 1 ,, Q , ffwqq ,.- , , -1-w-fri., A ,,-s,,i...f1uH-,X-':1- . . ,. ,V ,A 1 K fflyogi-.,zr,1-fL.wffgi.Je-344Q' e , A Q ""'. '1,g ' j' A , Q, -H' Q ' ' ,,.. f- ..,,,..-, ,L - --x I ' ff .. -,2g3ifQ.i'5'1lf.tf" . ' swf'-'iii W., T"' w, 71, ' 1' We ,ic?Z1q"f.'l '1 ' 5 'f' .Lx 1 -Q 5- .QM was ,4 a ljsgggggggi..-,.gWfef1,,,v.fu My .te ,-F, K- 4, M M.. .. . xy ,Q dc ,ek 7,15 . nav.. e h,39,g,,3.,a4 3 ,Y M. if - , sg,,:..,,. Lavram ,,.. M W."-as 'wx v"i.,rs I ig G' I Seventy-six Trombones ..... MARCHlNG out at halftime our 52 man marching unit brings cheers from the Judge stands. Up they come, before the crowd, raising our spirit. Our band has saluted us through the year and now we salute them. A MUSICAL SALUTE to both teams is the halftime show put on by our marching band. Here the band plays its selections at our home field, Northeast Field. The neat lines reflect the practice and drilling which go into the preparation for our weekend games. . r 51,19 AU' T A BRlSK MARCHING GAIT, a stirring blare of trum- pets and trombones marks the entry of our band. Instruments gleaming in the sun and swishing of their Red and Blue brings the crowd to its feet. Patience, practice and perseverance paid off for our band was one of the best. Father Clarke and Mr. Zingrone devoted innumerable hours in training the boys. HWHEREVER THE TEAM GOES, so goes the Judge Band." This is not their motto but none the less true. The boys make many long trips, like this ap- pearance at the St. James game in Chester. A salute is given by our band and both team's cheerleaders. Rivals for Bandstancl, U. S. A LAWRENCE WELK? Woody Herman? Pshaw! We've got them beat, hands down. When we go to town at a school dance, I have heard they've even been turning away Californians. ROCKIN' AND BOPPIN' after a change of clothes and a variation of tempo, the concert band proves its versatility by slipping from one role to another within the space of an hour. There's no time for gumfiapping here. COMMAND PERFORMANCES are no rare thing to a good band. From graduation exercises to P.T.A. functions, Mr. Zingrone, the band's director, is Johnny-on-the-spot. It's no wonder that thirteen members of our band were selected for the Ail- Catholic Band of '59.' .1 xi ii u i it X r X 7 51 A, L. iv l Q RONALD C. MACKIEWICZ 2710 Orthodox St. St. John 3 .. - . - 1 i s Y l JAMES M. MADDEN 3208 Cottman St. St. Matthew -GZ' 7 k i , 1 is -f f . JOSEPH S. MADELINE 2148 Magee Ave. lady ol Ransom L HENRY R. MAGEE 6143 Argyle St. St. William 'KK' i 3, 1 Q gy up WILLIAM J. MAGILTON 3413 Decatur St. St. Dominic . Q ' ' ff. ' . '...- at ' l JAMES A. MAGUIRE 6732 Rutland St. lady of Ransom 41' ROBERT V. MAIRONE 7202 Hanford St. Lady of Ransom 3+- THOMAS E. MA1.LON 1086 Emerson La. St. Charles 95 . ne i f 'D Q GEORGE V. MALLOY 1821 Hartel Ave. Resurrection Tvs gb. -fi' Q.. JOSEPH M. MALONE 117 Chalfont Dr. Lady of Calvary ir:,,,. . rf.r1gg1g- fiiflieiiiz - we 1 esisbggr pn anis x ur.. Y' f ff' sv X A 'S l , sv X X fl" Y., Our Pressmen . . . The Crusader x? 'K Q J,-ff Jw, i J 'fi Q V, ik OUR CRUSADER STAFF Leonard Woinarowicz '59 Charles Frey '59 Jan Pekala '60 James Murphy '59 Richard Godwin '60 James Reilly '61 Peter Del Rossi '59 Edward Schoen '61 Robert Douty '62 Joseph Henrich '61 Rev. Joseph Duffield, Francis Carroll '59 David Dumn '60 Eugene Gontarek '59 Peter D'Arcy '59 Edward Hamilton '62 James Flite '60 David Coughlin '60 William Bauchens '62 Joseph Berger '62 Michael Carroll '60 Raymond Schwegel '59 James McNally '60 Francis Pawlowicz '60 O.S.F.S. ,eil THE RESPONSIBILITY of beating the burden of editor-in-chief for our newspaper belongs to Frank Carroll. Included in Frank's duties, besides that of editing, are pasting of pictures, scouting for news, distribution of assignments, and writing of editorials. Frank has handled all of this with the skill of a professional, which makes for an enioyable Crusader. S M..- . Y'-' LAWRENCE R. MARPLE 5929 Alma Sl. Sl. Marlin 4 i L A 1-.rf .. ROBERT J. MASCIANTONIO 7415 Brous Ave. Sl. Mallhew ri., my JOSEPH M. MASON 6046 Alma Sl. Sl. Marlin -1: 'V JOHN E. MAYER 889 Granile Sl. Sl. Marlin 92? .ss EDMUND J. McBLAIN 5817 Sylvesler Sl. Sl. Marlin Q- f Ap' 4 JAMES J. McCABE 3513 Lansing Sl. Sl. Dominic 4 x 'iff JAMES M. McCALL 301 Gilham Sl. Sl. William ROBERT E. MQCANN 10701 Cliff Rd. Malernily KI' 1--' JAMES J. McCARTY 1082 Poquessing Ave. Sl. Charles ,K K5 f iff' 5? Y ,aQ,.4., V l JAMES F. McCAUGHAN 7946 Stale Rd. Sl. Dominic vu. 1 ov' HOT OFF THE PRESS and on its way, our Crusader causes quile a bil of excilemenl on dislribulion day. Mike Carroll, and Al Deskiewiez recount on lheir way as Pele Del Rossi makes sure everyone gels enough. There's an old saying l'm sure you've heard, al Judge everyone reads lhe Crusader. EDITING is Cl lime consuming iob. Frank Carroll, Edilor, Rich Godwin, and Dave Dufiin, Associale Edilor, have hil upon an arbilrary clause righl smack in lhe middle of the 'lronl page. Il's a relieved crew when the lype is locked in place and lhe ink slarls lo dry. .+.,a..fx. 31 if XIX S JOSEPH P. NlcCOLGAN 4038 Vista SI. St. Bernard PAUL G. McDEVITT 6256 Brous Ave. St. Timothy V I .X L X eb .. L ck L WILLIAM F. McELHAUGH 5346 Akron SI. St. Martin FRANCIS W. McELI'llNNEY 2853 Benner St. St. Timothy -fi gg 1 . as-sage,-,ir an 1 awww .ffggf .-iiggrfee-f.fg. g f f. L JOHN F. McFADDEN 7249 Brous Ave. St. Matthew PATRICK J. McFEELEY 5424 Valley St. St. Bartholomew CORNELIUS J. McGARRY Eddington, Pa. St. Francis JAMES J. McGARVEY 4133 Hellerman St. St. Timothy ul WILLIAM J. McGARVEY 1521 Stevens St. St. Martin VINCENT J. MCGEE 28 Hybrid Rd. Queen of the Universe Behind This issue .... OUR STAFF Francis Carroll Peter Del Rossi Alfred Deskiewicz James Douglas David Dultin Richard Godwin Peter D'Arcy James Flite Gene Gontarek David Coughlin Father Joseph Dufiield The Quest CUTTING AND SORTING, checking and rechecking is tedious but neces- sary work for getting our yearbook out. Tom Ward is lost in his iob of sorting. Dave Dutiin is painstakingly checking, while Pete D'Arcy cuts the pictures of our seniors down to size. One of Dave's iobs was to make sure we were all seen in the yearbook at least once. Find that picture yet, Tom? me is D fi-YS 1' S 'RX 5 'fb .....1"" i Pu Q 'Y' 3 ...Q- X , '--.L -.1 y ,10"C, , een -4 ,f CONFERENCES WERE NOTHING RARE with the deadline only two weeks off. Time was running out, and so were the vilomin pills and nerve tonics. But members of the yearbook staff work at their best under pressure. There was no time for play as the work piled up and the deadline drew near. ln the end, however, Father Duf- field emerged through glue, scraps, and sleepless nights to offer us his version of another prize-winner. DEEP IN CONCENTRATION on how ro phrase some particular caption for year- book mcunts are Jim Douglas, Tom Ward, Rich Godwin. Supervisor Frank Carroll seems to be well pleased with the clever work of these lads as he glances over at the proceedings. S. I E Q:-r JAMES J. McGINNlS 5445 Erdrick St. St. Bartholomew in-Q JOHN J. McGINNlS 1069 Pratt St. St. Martin we 'YQ s K .l MICHAEL J. McGINNlS 1720 Hooe Ave. St. Charles iyaafala 'RK I FRANCIS J. McGONAGLE 1120 Napfle St. St. Cecilia il ' fi' 4 PETER J. McGOVERN 1821 Naplle Ave. Resurrection KEEPING AN EYE ON twenty-six hundred potential lawbreakers at one time is more than a two-man iob. Our guards voluntarily have donned the star to give Fathers Brand and Ouaile a helping hand toward making our corridors more livable. Their motto, "Over forty-two inches, let him be." Let's Join X VOICING OUR OPINIONS for us in a Democratic Republican sort of way, our Committee on Student Action has advanced with leaps and bounds. Since the advent of this group, we have found our needs well-cared-for and our gripes well-heard. It's re assuring to know that our say in school-matters does count. Omhnnn THE CHAPEL is an important charge. It houses the Body of Christ and must be kept in the best of condition. Our sacristans: J. Marazir, J. Jaskowiok, F. Schlett, J. Oulds, W. Kardas, B. Davidson, A. Kubacki, T. Jenkins, and J. Eagar, do a praiseworthy iob. The chapel has never looked so good. Neither has the opportunity to attend mass there. Clubs .L F OUR TALL-TALE club has talked the death out of ancient as well as modern topics to bring home a neat package of wins for our scholastic ego. They are: Patrick O'Meara, Joseph Schneider, Gregory Blair, William D'Arcy, Edward Schoen, Robert Siebengartner, Joseph Schuler, Robert Gerhardt, Louis Falino, Henery Clemente, James Reilly, Harry Bauer, Francis Chapman, James McCabe, John Shields and Father Edward Chrzanowski. 552, - Z .-is MICHAEL J. McGUCKIN 7215 Charles St. St. Bernard ..-L V, ,ff ,i 'it' JOHN J. McGUIRE 6107 Reach St. St. William r y ,.,, , if . 3 A 1 LEO F. MclNERNEY 915 Granite St. St. Martin JOHN J. McINTYRE 921 Simons Ave. St. Charles M bl 2. 5? Q it JOSEPH M. McKELVEY 3824 Oak St. St. Dominic rr XE Q f Q 'P qf' 23, , .. 155, U If .1 X.. ATHLETICS T' is 'X 5- x I, I26 i X 'L , r me-ff ,fs sg.. , as- 'Ny' ef A ' Varsity Football SUBSTITUTION In the order of Bull Kennedy is decided by our football mentor Mr Adams during a critical situation as assistant coaches Messrs. Boone, Roddi and Bradley look on. Our coaches ably put the team in physical condition and readiness to play each game. We wish Mr. Adams and his assistants better luck next season. I N-.. -Q is GRIM DETERMINATION is shown by Pot McFeeley as he slashes oIT-tackle for a touchdown in the Roman game. Pat did a creditable iob at fullback during the gridiron season. Our team scored in almost every game with the help of Pat's running plays. SCHEDULE Judge Opp. Germantown Academy 8.... 8 La Salle ............. 6 .... ....24 Bonner .... ...l4,... ....24 St.James... ....40 S.T.M. ..... ...'l2 .... ....30 West .... ...'l2 .... ....24 Roman .. ...12 .... ....19 Neumann .. 8 .... ....'l8 North ...... ....30 Dougherty... ....26 OUR 1958 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First row: Geoge Frunzi, Patrick McFeeley, Thomas Finkenhoifer, Michael Carney, Robert Huston, Peter Del Rossi, Michael Toth, Robert Deegan, Robert Miller, Richard Steiner, James Murphy. Second row: Robert Schwartz, David DuITin, John Maloney, Ronald Pezak, Joseph Kurly, William Daly, Anthony Sabatino, John Olszanowski, John McMenimin, William Smith, John Ricardi, James Dwyer. Third row: James Galena, John Rielstatter, Nicholas George, Manual Sabato, William Rau, William Kush, William McDonough, Charles Martin, Robert Bean, William Young, Paul Bologna. Fourth row: Mgr. Joseph Cerito, Mgr. Robert Urbanski, Mgr. Stanley Ogryzek, Robert Haney, William Kennedy, Francis Duda, Asst. Coach, Paul Boone, Asst. Coach Richard Rodde, Head Coach James Adams. ?5' 75 ,,. ' X. Qu JOSEPH J. McKERNAN 6559 Edmund St. St. Leo W K H 'U- A bf . avg ' t 11' -- MICHAEL G. MCMENAMIN 5907 Shisler St. St. Marlin Q12 H ...iii ,Q ,- If H . 1 . EUGENE J. MQNALLY 4103 Greeby St. SI. Timothy ,g,,., ' sh... 5 if R! . BRIAN P. McNULTY 9532 Bustleton Ave. Maternity F- 'W' .M 5 Q Nw' FRANCIS J. McPEAK 6922 Hegerman St. St. Leo fig Q 1 n- .. , 'Y DAVID C. M:SLOY 1619 Rhawn St. Resurrection - f u... s , -. , ,-5: .. . . X i. cs v JOSEPH T. MEGONEGAI. 5921 Tulip St. St. Bartholomew ,ki 1 ' V fig I 'f N" I f 'Irv X EDMUND F. MEIERS 6728 Revere St. St. Timothy Misra . ,I H Q, JOSEPH P. MENTZEL 2124 Clinton Rd. St. Cecilia 36 M 1 we If EDWARD J. MILLER 201 Levick St. St. William 1 auf 55'-"' ,...t..' ,. r ye.-,yf ',, s..-Q 'ff f'ffwigfif':f .Jw I f,1g5,'ffwi-fgzwlfifffg-5.fi , .. . .. I Q 'fix' 1.7 ...A '+2.rl?v3" I v:.Mi.s"' QM.. LES CONDON RETURNS A KICK and takes Iwo La Salle men with him. les, the teams Co-Captain, was our hard-driving fullback. As is evidenced here he could always grind out that extra yardage when needed. FINDING AN OPENING in the Cardinal Dougherty defense Jim Murphy makes use of his speed and heads for the uprights. A team leader, Jim always sparked our team with his spirit and determination. . Aww' ar.. ,L .ll ,- ' A K 7 ,MW ,gn fl! ' . ' -"Af-7.5, ., ":".,.,-'l'- 1 y 'ii ' -' . "ul iz' '. Nu 7'f, -iff , , F? . ":....,s,.-, ...i.r,.',,nsa flex' 'M , 11 .ff , M, , Q. QW 5 on , cds . Y ...ll : ,,. 4,1 PETE DEL ROSSI MADE ALL-CATHOLIC because of his great ability and drive. An example of his "work" is leading end-runs with Pat McFeeIy carrying the pigskin. With blocking and running like this first downs come easily. 5 l Crusaders On 4' A , X ' ' . A ' ' ,'.1l's 311 s ", 'ox 3 . Q ig? s. ,,. is-am 4 J x ,. E -w e I .c V U - , N r n 5 ' .E W L - I - - A - I A ,. A W N V - ' ' LI ,Z-r'lT'2,TL H f 3 V "fw'i'faLQ ,,.z.Hff-'sf'-:fs as . . A f qi wigs fig ? 1 A , , . y kg - , I u'7gr.,??f,?I??4'qL.-5 "" f Tiff! A .,4.J.7L... .- . , 3.,""i,',s'sab.2',,?1 . s1s.z4,f7' 4' -I K ,E ' ' ' ga' s. -"'x-34" ' E ., i f it ffrlfzdez ' "vii . TH'-wr.. - .ll.a!1-9 .- the March if I , as 5. Q XS.. 'I' L 'ID RICHARD J. MILLER 2821 Stevens St. St. Timothy 23+ LAWRENCE J. MINUTO 6022 Hegerman St. St. Bartholomew fu ? V I ' ' " i ls JAMES J. MITCHELL 9609 James St. Sl. Katherine 2 Hu ,, Q-5 'lj .,. ., A , 4-Q, WILLIAM F. MITCHELL 549 Devereaux Ave. St. William ' 'T' 9 I ALFRED I.. MOLCZAN 543 Carver St. St. John f '1- KEEPING IN MIND that every point counts in Catholic League competi- tion Les Condon literally "uses his head" to block an extra-point :onversion in the North Catholic game. A closer study reveals that Les wasn't the only one who got through. l '1 1 . 3 ,Q- fa.. aiu, m JOSEPH P. MOLLOY 1129 Wakeling Sf. Sf. Marlin ,Q my ,'-: -li z V:M,,.. u i JOHN A. MONAGHAN 357 Holme Ave. Sl. Cecilia Q- If I KENNETH V. MONE 954 Granite SI. Si. Martin fa., Y? JOHN W. MOORE 3600 Gilham St. Sl. Timoihy Tl FREDERICK G. MORDAN 8718 Verree Rd. Maiernily x"ff PTR?" s t W1 WMM JA K I' t -,IQ 5 , , -, . 3 . ,ff .,. . ,eg at , -- 4-if ..,.a-" y , s ,--5 receives o ass ood for 24 rd - X Xfxff gg, A-ne A. AU: ' 1g,.g. I ' 'il . . f. .3 -f J .tk ,. Q11 , Lf Martin blocks for Maloney in the Bonner game. 4 R Q' V 1 ". . 4 ' ,. . ' K5 A "" :ilk 41 ' ith-ff': yy W r if 3 fs W 1' iivxflx' viii!! fwst L ' WTC, les Condon rips o hole in the North line. Y.. . .. r AK' - ., 1, . Y , HI ts ,pf f f S 1 N Nm ""llng... N QQ on 'Q KW' "- ,WK W . V. . . k'v . m ,S X, , kb, Beons runs interference as Maloney gets u first against North. F T Ma 'x,Q.i.k-I x "Vi" QI! fx, . , . f , Q r- V ' X ,K ', ' t kr 5 " R J i t Q 1 ay ,L ,X to " 1 -Y ..,, , Mfr J -. A ' n i fi 1- -4 ,,,,., ' AN Q ., ,uh if H Jimmy Dwyer gets u first down through thc Roman line. , HQQ ..eJ-,gg-.,,":,' of ' " qw . ' V .sg A J' ,Lge -suit -.a wk K3 4-'fra-gfrl 1 " af ', - gg..-.s .:- . x 6 f 4 ff W A J , S. 'I 5. 1,4 xv, JOSEPH P. MORGAN 4146 Barnell St. SI. Timolhy Q., 3- V! ' YS- Q L- VINCENT B. MORGAN 7144 Jackson SI. Sl. Bernard 5 X 504 DAVID R. MORRIS 203 Demarco Dr. SI. Charles . .W R 4: .15 bf l I JOHN J. MOUNTAIN 1734 Fuller SI. Resurredlon -sz" 3 8' I ly xv., I v' .L EUGENE C. MURPHY 2103 Devereaux Ave. Sf. Timolhy L. v 5. ' C1 ' Q DT JAMES J. MURPHY 2857 Nautilus Rd. SI. Chrislopher - 'L ' fi CQ , is 'v- ,K-ar' '1':-v l RONALD J. MURPHY 9609 James SI. Sf. Katherine 1-'7' I :Q ! 1 HUGH E. MURRAY Berlin, N. J. Lady of Ml. Carmel 'fu-is 3 13554. Q ga? A -,,,' L. THOMAS F. MURRAY 966 Wakeling SI. SI. Marlin mai 4' K cr-' .,, DENNIS J. NAWROCKI 905V2 Anchor Sl. Sl. Marlin Cross-Country CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS Judge 35 ..........,........... La Salle 20 Judge 43 . .. . . Neuman 24 .. . . North 51 Judge 31 . . . ............. , . . . Roman 24 Judge 43 ...... S.T.M. 30 ...... St. James 48 Judge 46 ..... Bonner T7 ..... St. Joseph 57 Judge 32 ................. ..,... W est 23 Judge 35 .................... Dougherty 20 Catholic War Vets Invitational 6th Catholic League Champs 7th POURING ON THE COAL is Bill Mcilhaugh in the Catholic League Championship meet. Bill really had the rest of the runners buffaloed, as he showed them how it's done in the last quarter-mile. In fact, our main standby looks even more relaxed than those on the sidelines. OUR 1958 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM First row: G. Wanner, Mgr., C. McShea, J. McGinnis K Strehle W McElhaLgh F Joyce W O Brien J Fox, R. Bernhardt, R. Serfass. Second row E Flaherty W Gross C Boland D Thompson A Deskiewicz, G. Duzinski, R. Fuges, E. Marshall P O Donnell Father McKenna Coach Third row D Lillis, P. Merkleiohn, J. Marasco, J. Tittermary T Dion J Bogle C Hartman C Hammond T Gradel Father Donohue, Coach. Fourth row: S. Clrelll E Fealkowskl W O Neill D Kelly W Dougherty C Marchesono, L. Marple. 114 UEFA f EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF was the keynote in the Triangular meet with Neumann and North Ken Strehle, Frank Joyce, and Bill O'Brien were determined to go all out to make sure of cr first and a second place. with the best of them, freshman Jim Fox, McShea gave rt all they ve got to take Along with Ken Strehle they re o tough 'I FQ M I q f JOSEPH J. NELSON 2923 Unruh Ave. St. Timothy ,JN yd Init, -.. an - ,ffff ...rm '7 4' ' THOMAS R. NICOLETTI 7223 Edmund St. Lady of Consolation THOMAS E. NAWAKOWSKI 4532 Miller St. M A St. John . Sew ,,....,.,,,.w. . . 3' ff i - ...A . . , 3. , ,fre f ra 'S .6 4 . 5a,i?ffliE ,, ftfiti i 15? 3f,i,'ff'.W J T igglgifgo, Q, 4 fi -. f , A JAMES P. Nuuv 2938 Levick sr. sf. Timothy sc: I s . K . eff of? JOHN D. 0'CONNOR 838 Glenn St. Maternity Ja 2' ,if ,, W 'SI' l MARTIN J. O'CONNOR 2153 Brighton St. Lady of Ransom MAURICE F. 0'CONNOR 4757 Loring St. St. Bernard , - AN? latin' fzg??se1ff "'5-vifiia 1 Z 8 , 1 GEORGE H. 0'DONNELl. 6236 Cottage St. St. Bartholomew Gi. M S . 1 "' FRANCIS X. O'NElLL 7566 Battersby St. St. Matthew - , Q3 '- ,- Q - t wg . JOSEPH K. 0'NElLL 962 Anchor St. St. Martin W I y z - Aj' . MICHAEL J. 0'ROURKE 1136 Kenwyn St. 'LT gli' W l H., . 3 g QQ' 4 5' lil I -. , .g ANTHONY P. PATIRE 6322 Farnsworth Ave. gf, St. Marlin Sl. Timothy Ei GERALD F. 0'5ULLIVAN WILLIAM B. PEARSALL 6537 Edmund St. 6622 Van Dike St. St. Leo St. Leo , , . 1" .Saw .5 JOHN V. OULDS 2704 lardner St. St. Timothy f t 'l f -,55 1 ' Q VINCENT A. PALAGRUTO 6303 Trotter St. St. Martin JS AUGUSTINE J. PASSANANTE 403 Snowball Dr. Queen of the Universe FRANCIS A. PETILLO 7162 Torresdale Ave Lady of Consolation il E3 If RONALD J. PEZAK 2334 Margaret St. St. John arf ' - R DAVID T. PFEIL 7119 Ditman St. St. Bernard COULD THAT BE a low orbutmg sputmk overhead? No Its a soccer ball that IS being kicked Mrke Mastll s way Mike played well nn thus game against Neumann Hell be back next year for another season of rough soccer competition Soccer ii . 'Sf' Le DONALD F. PHILLIPS 9 Inwood Rd. Immaculate Conception , if -F , ' .xi X 'Z I EDWARD J. PICKUL 444 Robbins St. St. William : f i? "Xu an 5 I Q . I- wer: E .,., ,I, I , . , .I ,.,.. . ,555 " 15311422 ' . .Q I 4- r I ALBERT F. PINCHOTTI 5830 Weymouth St. St. William if 4. I. 4 G- 'Q' 4,-, 40 FRANCIS G. PINNELLI 5935 Roosevelt Ave. Sl. Marlin 6? I' I I ANTHONY J. PIZZO 3000 Vista St. St. Matthew EDWARD J. PODOLSKI 4343 Belgrade St. SI. John Q4""J 5 , . L J' STANLEY C. POLL 3216 Glenview St. St. Matthew FRANCIS T. POLSENBERG 969 Sanger St. St. Marlin -1" THOMAS J. POTERO 4400 Comly St. St. Bartholomew WILLIAM H. POTTER 7242 Souder St. Resurrection 3 S Almost Catholic League Champs'-One Point Shy! Fran Curran Dick Herron -Joe Kelly Bill Evans George Sulor ,,T.4...,,, Ray Johnson Captain John Andreoli ew n lou Martino John Monahan ""' """ Our Basketball Stars Tommy Ryan 'af ' lug V .Sal A .3 .L 3 RONALD M. PRATOWSKI 3531 Hcriel Ave. SI. Dominic fk': if if S ROBERT E. PRESKE 6647 Walker SI. Sl. Leo I nl. RICHARD F. PRIMIANO 7122 Dilmcm Sl. Lady of Consolalion 7. fsgiff , 'Q' gfsili-J I .- 3 ,A Q N' .Y 5 . 4 J A JOSEPH J. PRZYBYLOWSKI 4373 Edgemonl Sf. sf. John 6' CHARLES L. RAAB 1406 Gilham Sf. Resurrection l MICHAEL J. RADONOVICH 9338 Rising Sun Ave. Malernily X S- E '51 Ziffsiise ' ' A JAMES E. REBUCK 131 Churchville Rd. A s s u m p li o n 1 JOSEPH J. RElLLY 3728 Azalea Sl. Si. Dominic A ROBERT E. REMPP 7609 Brockiehursl Sf. Si. Mailhew 1 JOSEPH F. REVAK 7425 Oxford Ave. Sl. Cecilia 12-3 Record THERE HE GOESflhol is, Roy Johnson who is driving in for cl tally and while doing so he left this Priole defender hapless ond wondering what side he will come from nexl. Fabulous Season COMING DOWN AFTER DRIVING in for a lay-up is George Sutor who left two would-be Dougherty defenders in a state of bewilderment. .Ear FOOTBALL! NO, it is the game with not so much bodily contact. In this mad scramble it looks as though the out-stretched arms of our giant George Sutor has gained possession of the ball as we toppled Dougherty. TWO MORE!-as the saying goes as John Andreoli scares another basket for us in our triumph over the Pirates of South Philly. X U' Nm., S - x Wk le fl A JUMP-SHOT is taken for a basket, in the midst of Neumann players, by Fran Curran. He has sparked us by grabbing loose balls and setting up fast-breaks. Fran is only a iunior which assures us of more good plays next season. HUSTLE is John Monahan's middle name. He is battling an Explorer for a rebound. This game was sweet revenge dealt out as bitter medicine to La Salle for an earlier setback. x SQL 44 JOHN J. RICARDI 1458 Alcott St. St. Martin Q - Q-v FRANCIS S. RICHARDS 4436 Shelmire Ave. St. Bernard KENNETH A. RICHTER 6354 Revere St. sv. rimomy ' . ,Z --'f 1 JOHN C. RIENER 7243 Rupert St. Lady of Ransom L 'i JOSEPH B. RITCH 4427 Disston St. St. Leo 55 I v JOHN E. ROGALSKI 3922 Grace Ave. St. Charles -1 ne .' z :ffm I DANIEL J. ROGERS 7411 Lawndale St. St. Cecilia 45 A 'lin WILLIAM L. ROMANO 3115 Gilham St. St. Timothy -nuff' 'H-f .. K. gifzyy, g .gi 7, . . RICHARD M. ROMINIECKI 4434 Almond St. St. John Q -21 -f LAWRENCE J. ROSE 411 Gilham St. St. William iVfZf"Fv- -. W 'Q .R .. J.. .4 A Q., x ANGELO T. ROTCHFORD 6641 Cottage St. St. Leo fx .fe ,Q THOMAS D. RYAN 4313 Shelmire Ave. St. Bernard fu. A U3 N S . M WILLIAM J. SALA 2724 Bridge sr. All Saints ' , 1' , 51 - -q '14 r U 1 K, X CHARLES E. SATTERFIELD 3426 Cottman St. St. Matlhew au 52 rf' DAVID M. SAVAGE 9639 James St. St. Katherine 'Vw x OUR HERO GEORGE SUTOR seems to be escaping the greedy grips of those perisistent "Pirates" of Bishop Neumann. George put them in "irons" with his rebounds and it was smooth sailing thereafter. We Made The Playoffs A RARE SCENE, indeed, someone blocking Sutor. George is usually on the other end of plays like this. You can get a good idea of George's height and iumping-ability by his height above the other Prep players. Z2 . if N? r r gif , gy V, if Q5 Y 95? L' BEWILDERED AND AMAZED are these apparently fiat footed boys from the Prep Lou Martine drives through unwary Preppers and rings a goal An outstanding sophomore Lou has a great future ahead in his .L GEORGE W. SCHAFER 3750 Richmond St. All Saints WALTER A. SCHECK 3119 Windish St. St. Matthew ls. KY Q Lr- rrrr el, X. Nr als. JOHN R. SCHICK 915 Marcella St. St. Martin Fax X 4 JOSEPH G. SCHIMEK 347 Blue Ridge Dr. Immaculate Conception .- ,f I PAUL G. SCHLUDE 3510 Hartel Ave. St. Dominic Z A135 A STEPHEN A. SCHMIDT 550 Larkspur SI. SI. Chrislopher L JAMES I. SCI-IMITT 8240 Algon Ave. Resurreclion ! ' F ANTHONY N. SCHNEIDER 6320 Jackson SI. SI. Leo PHILIP H. SCHNEIDER 563 San Diego Ave. SI. Cecilia -.QS "ff" 'es 2 JOSEPH J. SCHOEN 8002 Colfax SI. SI. Jerome ff' Ig, 'SL' WILLIAM L. SCI-IOENER 954 Anchor SI. SI. Marlin .QSO .J JOHN W. SCHREIBER 7826 LoreIIo Ave. Resurreclion Q 4 RICHARD J. SCHUFREIDER 1080 Alcott SI. SI. MarIin .:"gk J, v RAYMOND F. SCHWEGEL 4104 Hellerman SI. SI. TimoIhy CHARLES J. SECREST 1621 Eyre SI. Holy Name lx ,J .1 N. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD FronI row: J. SIoekherI, R. Farina, J. Gaffney, Wm. Fountain, Wm. Daly, J. Ryan. Back row: J. Gresh, R. Lewis, D. Decker, V. Ebbecke, A. Banks, J. HarIman, J. Luecke, Coach, Mr. James Kildorf. Rebounds . . . . OUR FRESHMAN SQUAD Firsl row: Rubin, Maloney, Young, Cleary, Arlman, Johnson, Folino, CusIer, Weicyznski. Second row: Kelly, Keweshan, O'Connell, Kerrigan, SIumpo, D. Legacki, N. Legacki, Joyce, Fr. Melloy, Coach J. Scheuler. Xu avi .1 wa ' s. J I- SCHEDULE Judge Opp. Lincoln ...... ...,. 64... ...47 Edison ......... ...69.., ...47 Northeast Public .. . . .57. .. . . .37 Germantown .. ...59... ....67 Solesianum .. ...51... ...58 Frankford .. ...70... ...58 Roman .. ...76... ...53 North ...... ..,67... ...47 St. Joseph .. .. .72 .... .. .46 La Salle .... . . .44 .... . . .47 Dougherty . . 60 S7 Neumann .... St. Thomas More Bonner ....... West ..... St. James .. Roman .... North ..... St. Joseph .. La Salle .. Dougherty .. St. James . . . West ..... 's Jump Shots .... 63 .... ...50 .... 62 .... ...65 . .... 63 .... ...54 ....62.... ...67 ....75.... ...70 ....65.... ...61 ....67.... ...51 ...,48,... ...47 ....35.... ...27 ....6'l,. ..,49 ....6'I.... ...60 ....58.... ...59 we "5 viz TT? I J a A Ronznr J. ssmuoce 2812 Nightingale Rd. I ,, . Q, f 5:14 .1 T - BARTON F. SHEFFIELD 6133 Montague St. St. Christopher 51. Timothy 'slfft . V115 ROBERT P. SENIOR 7817 Walker St. St. Bernard J QALf..3f 5 . ,,. ' ' ,. JOSEPH C. SERAFINO 620 Alcott St. St. William S iiii 'fi te, .. vs RICHARD J. SHERRETTA 3310 Meridian St. Sl. Matthew P' . .X - X., 1 A . 4553 'MX 35.4.3 Q .5521 ROBERT P. SHETZLINE 3032 Tremont Ave. St. Jerome L RICHARD W. SERFASS JOHN E. SHIELDS 1670 Dyre St. 3342 Guilford Sl. St. Bartholomew Sl. Matthew -cf vu- ' an JOSEPH F. SERMARINI PAUL R. SIEBOROWSKI 4407 Linden Ave. St. Katherine 9982 Mistaria St. Maternity i l WHETHER IT'S A CHAMPIONSHIP in the balance or a first win, our rallies are always the noisiest around. lt's more than iust our last period offp it's a swcll chance to test our lung-power while encouraging and cheering on our teams. We always go all out to prove that we're right behind our teams win or lose. Let's go, Crusaders! Let's Go, Crusaders f' X - D 9 f au, 9-4 ,ann 1?"' C RICHARD J. SIEGEL 7317 Belden St. Resurrection -. 9 PAUL L. SIMONE 7141 State Rd. Lady of Consolation EMIL P. SINGLAR 1301 St. Vincent Sl. Resurrection U- n.. ' ilu C 'S Z WALTER P. SLAVIN 7139 Kindred St. Resurrection 5 '53 - :VV , WS .fi V 1 JAMES J. SLOAN 1045 Brislol Pk. St. Charles L., Nil I Q l GERALD J, SMITH 1712 Hope Ave. St. Charles ' . 1 L. txrf' RAYMOND F. SMITH 7227 Gillespie St. St. Bernard .Q ,LX I rv' X ROBERT M. SMYTH 1703 Scattergood St. St. Bartholomew 1--. .LV M 4 ,V Y f 5 42 ll rl "' 5 fa A . ..., t.. .L i RICHARD M. SNYDER 1218 Radcliffe St. St. Mark W 1 f R., g "1"':v Ref STANLEY J. SNYDER 4421 Knorr St. St. Leo 3 N G Ax 'Q Krew N I LOUIS E. SONZOGNI 2256 Friendship sr. Lady of Ransom S. ' . by Q , 44" f -f -L X FRANCIS P. SOSKY 762 Kings La. St Charles Las cr 'env CARL R SOSNA 8728 Perch La St Domrnrc wtf.: e"" LOUIS .I SPADACCINO 921 Cedar St St Ann is-W, WILLIAM J SPIRES 9214 Academy Rd St Katherine j .. , Lf if t iw- 1 I A B.. l. JOSEPH F. SPRINGER 3317 St. Vincent St. St. Matthew 12, z 'sf YV JOHN E. STAATS 15 Geranium Rd. Immaculate Conception wav' JOSEPH F STEELMAN 6512 Keystone St St Leo .avl- EDWARD F STEIN 6025 Large St St Martrn be Nw.,- R? new RICHARD A STEINER 7215 State Rd St Bernard NOTHING TO IT Wuth practuce makes perfect as hrs motto Anthony Lambert looks for those lrttle hldden lmperfectlons as he trles to pass on a few pomters about the art of pole vaultlng to Legaclu Steur and Gezmskr Days and sometimes weeks before a meet rs sched uled the old famlllar chunk of the pole and thud of a falling body can be heard well Into the twtllght echoing behind our empty bulldlngs LOOK MA NO WINGS Splut second tlmmg and gracefulness makes the hugh pump the beauty of track Wlth the bar bare fractions of an Inch from hls nose and ten tlmes as much skull stlll wartmg be unvelled one of our rubber legged track teamers Stanley Bokanskas holds great hopes for a top tllght season ,W lm ssihhrllf 'W ' Sa-riff W' fu f- T l . ' h ' U . 'I .-" .yr . ' f? ' 2 rs , 'V' ' .. . . ' . . Ip hi" " :QV 'rw I ' . . l v n s . . I n n o K' K aw, 1 we , ltt'L 5 We A 3 . . Qs . 6 ' '. -I I ' I X K 6 ky 4 t ' 5 - SNXXA xv, N 'F 've in V its Q V Fx - I I ee.. s., .jylif I I! ,wx I we I R 2 1, Si ' Eggs I, K , I ' N 1 so f o t I 'A ' " I w LACKING A BLACK POWDER CHARGE, that iron ball has found some- thing a bit more playful in our extra-curricular antics. Rich Schufreider, one of our brawn filled sweat-suits, on the other hand, is out to bury it in the next county. Stand back, fellas, and give him room. Track K 1 t KEEPING ONE EYE on the finish line, and trying to estimate where to kick it into passing gear with the , . other is the true mark of experienced sprinters like - I Reilly, Hughes, Sabatino, Dion, and O'Brien. Give Father My e N McKenna a week, and he'll have Gramma Moses doing the 50-yard dash in 0:05:08. ,r J .n4.f1sigeQffze .Q -f V we riff s':y,gg,e.1-3f,f,Qe.: f A rQ4wc'f m'Qs,.f'+i'fi? OUR '59 SQUAD was always polished and ready. Fathers McKenna and Donahue were not satisfied unless we brought in three out of three placesp no matter what the competition. Our squad did their best not to displease them, and because of this they ended the season with their best feet forward. Congratulations and best of luck fella's. V' 'NTWFC 2 .1 ix-is 'N- 9:-'ws R Jr r 1 vp-.qi 4 . A ,nf f Kafka tQ'C5fn543 Ss' , A 1 , .ig 5322 , 'w',"5+' Xlwfl ' 7 'Q - -x,L,ge Q, . f f MMM ...J Q --wi if r c p 'mai , .- ,.. 4' 1 Higgs-it Q-ff". Q- A 5 ai AN IMPREGNABLE WALL consisting of J. Kilroy, W. Jenkinson, J. Mc- Kernan, T. Ryan and J. Halferty isn't about to be penetrated by a little pepper. The Quest must go to press early this year, even before the season starts, but with this sort of practice going on we feel safe in predicting a successful season. GETTING VERY LITTLE PRACTCE since Mike Toth stepped up, Ed Walk is beginning to think he's dispensable as catcher. We're depending on those sharp eyes and long drives to bring us home a whole halful of victories. What size hat did you say you wore, Mike? ' ' -' ltfwglf Ngx f ,x ,'-, fxyxxhixf, Eau c T, O fx , 1 .X-Nifxgfo ,QQRQ . T xx 'sskx' iff' , - 'A xy, 'AZKAK' 2' lvi. I , 'K ' in -f il x. 4 . Ki-,ffr5i,y',RkfQ'yfxyy . -to-1-ee.. .. we ww, w A 1- - ' '1 - 1 its'-iv H K NYE l1',e,..1x'1f'x,s,1kx ,. Jy y,--f,,',i,',fwfc , ..,- .iv,.. ' lnynlfsffyfjyxpxlxi .,,,.:,,fc ,.,i-,xfgf ..,-- ,xf- If if we ox jhhxl,,,,.'.,.,.'fx:LX,,,. ' .1s'f1,',',w,f,, I ,,.,.,- 1--7-'-YJ , " ..-::v',5,' T -A ii,-yi? f Ji ,V ,'.',','r'- v L .' 1 Xx.l?'fM1fkQf 'S , A - ,,,..,l.I,, I ,Aifikecfti fx ggi! " ' J ','.'.','.'. vllixtfi .vjf.a1fX ff ,M .,4 ,,,. 3. 5 , 42,13 fc:-My 12:50 . VK clvl1fji3'rf'vX' T", -, 3 Q ,, ..',f,", mf 47.1,-2 I A LX-a yi J -', ' ,,.,,-.,i,1,!i,1,.-is, nm , , ,..,..,... . A hywg Wg. ,sw f . ,E "hy, M. V 1 4, , I Os. ukq 2 Xflxffyf. eh ' 4' 96' " is 'As . ., Lf L L " "C" r i t 'ff V if T W llilflfgff, ,- if Q f f f A ,..., ' "' f. ' i K' -fl yt V K My , ..A , ," jg- f,fIsAKrA,,r1 x X f X" - " ' . x. 7 "mf f"w'-ff' X 3 Q an X s V s. A 1 ,,-11" E .Ti-.ws4.s.f. A LITTLE FUNGO practice will keep 'em hopping. Nlr. Robert Ryan is surrounded by a bunch of pessimists. McKernan, Toth, and Walk say it'll never get off the ground. Weren't they surprised when it bounced off Crispin St. and broke a window. Wasn't he surprised, too! A FEW POINTERS on sliding could mean a win or a loss. Tom Ryan and J. Halferty get the kinks out under Mr. GoHney's lour coachl watchful eye. Here's hoping the ump's on our side this time. ,fa bf ,,., FREDERICK D. STEINGRABER 8039 Leon St. St. Dominic 9 Vu 'fy- 1' PAUL R. STEUER 214 Comly St. St. William ilu.. ., "Nr, - , 52.5 , Q X sexi 1 T , R' Q. fi + ' . QV. GEORGE C. STEWART 1222 Von Kirk St. St. Matthew at L. 2 Qr?"7 ,- WILLIAM F. STEWART 312 Orchard La. St. Christopher is ROBERT F. STOEBENAU 4347 Thompson St. St. John .Q L. S THOMAS E. SULIMA 900 Longshore Ave. Resurrection ,we . 19' CHARLES J. SULZBACH 3234 Knorr St. Sl. Timothy . "'+.. A STANLEY J. SUWALA 4633 Stiles St. St. John I 4 FREDERICK J. SYLVESTER 4235 Willow Ave. Assumption 1-' WATSON L. SZYCHULSKI 4310 Devereaux Ave. St. Bartholomew . .., S I gffihw 0 H592 W K1 .4 PAUL J. TATE 2010 Lardner SI. SI. TimoIhy 704 A .L ' .3 sv Ev L CHARLES F. THOMAS 6331 EasIwood SI. lady ol Ransom ,.- 5. :wx 4 DAVID J. THOMPSON 2919 Levick SI. SI. TimoIhy 'K is-ivx .""Y MICHAEL J. TOTH 6223 Hasbrook Ave. SI. William i' ,- A If 1 "VB RICHARD R. TRAUM 5945 Lawndale SI. SI. William Q' '..a wx, 2 THOMAS M. TRIPODI 3805 AmhersI PI. SI. Dominic ,Ln is DANIEL J. TROTTER 3306 Chippendale Ae. SI. MaIIhew Q 'A-L. . Yi l RICHARD J. TUMOLO 3443 Shelmire Ave. SI. MaIIl1ew .ag - 4 Y - ANTHONY J. TURCO 7221 Edmund SI. Lady of Consolalion gg . ,. ix L ,., .y S 1 HENRY P. TUR 6766 Hegerman SI. SI. Leo 1 , 59. C ,I X. , . "' MEN OF GOOD CHEER! Our sports all have their rooting sections and these boys are responsible for their efforts. They never falter in victory or defeat. A lot of thanks and credit goes to Father Melloy and his cheerleaders: P. O'Meora, J. West, T. Mulhern, J. McGinley, J. Hamill, R. Perkins, W. Hart, M. Fleck, P. Zalan, F. McElhenny, W. Johnson, E. Kel- leher, and W. Gormley. 4' E. ll Cheerleaders JAMES J. TURNBULL 6501 Cottage St. St. Leo Nurw' RODGER W. TURNER 3131 Fanshawe St. St. Timothy P5 ,F X 4- -wi ,Q ' 2335.592 A ' K 5 .nn JOHN W. UHL 2112 Friendship SI. Lady of Ransom I A.. tr A. CHRISTOPHER W. UZELMEIER 3007 Guilford Sl. St. Matthew ROGER A. VALOIS 926 Foulkrod St. St. Martin RICHARD D. VANDERNEUT 1922 Emerson Sl. Resurrection .gg - i . 2, .kk,, .-4"g- X. ... .. . I' A JOHN F. VANDERSLICE 3339 Chippendale Sl. St. Matthew WILLIAM J. VERNON 3025 Cottman Ave. SI. Matthew RONALD V. WACH 4051 Creston St. St. Timothy ffl MATTHEW J. WACHOWSKI 2078 Scattergood St. Sl. John lil! ' 1 'T mm X J X sg 6 'I I 'Ma' I -ri 5,1 fn' X YQ..- ,K ...1 -a n W N K l,l N Q f ur YE OLDE PUTTING GREEN finds Donahue, McDonald, Clarke, Buggy, Bucksar, and Mitchell dropping them gently before the match begins. With such an outstanding record to uphold our '59 team has every confidence that they will continue to be the only golf champions that the Catholic League has ever known. WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION, Father Murphy is iusl showing the team how they could be beaten. An estimate of the scores can be gotten from the expressions on their faces. Clockwise, they are: Father John Murphy, McDonald, Bucksar, Clarke, Joe Donahue, Reuter, John Donahue, Dollonberg, Mitchell and Buggy. .lx X, s 1 x , ' X. 3 J is I 1 A f i, . f - N w i X , ,A , ft 5 ' r 'i 44" xx sxmamnc CHAMPIONSHIP Foam, ..-- 5 Bill Mitchell, a veteran golf-teamer I from last year, shows Clarke, John 'O-Q Donohue, and Joe Donahue how to tollow through for those all impor- tant extra few yards. BiIl's next move is a 250-yard walk for his second shot. Nice drive, Bill. Golf ,. wma' "T ' 1 V -- f ' on :ef -4 he i "" CHIPPING ONTO THE GREEN, especially from rough ground, requires patience, iudgment, and at times a good pair of mountain climbing shoes. Father John Murphy, our team moderator, demonstrates to Dollen- berg and McDonald the way to bring home another Catholic League crown. Wx. . xg V, . 4 DAVID A. WALLACE 7818 Verree Rd. St. Cecilia 3- 'CT' l I MICHAEL E. WALLACE 6113 Van Dike St. St. Bartholomew FL g it lb R . W? Q HUGH J. WALSH 956 Marcella St. St. Martin 7" Xl PAUL J. WALSH 4624 Van Kirk St. St. Bartholomew GREGORY F. WANNER 816 Stanwood St. St. Cecilia I -Q THOMAS C. WARD 1017 Fanshawe St. Resurrection EDWARD J. WARYGA 2746 Eddington St. St. John RAYMOND J. WASICKI 5231 Glenloch St. St. John ROBERT J. WATTERS 6364 Marsden St. St. Leo JAMES H. WEBB 3831 Oak Dr. St. Dominic 's' l X INTEREST IS HIGH and competition keen in the entire intramural sports program. Football, basketball, and softball occupy a year-long sports- world whereby the "little man" is able to compete with as much enthusiasm as the varsity player. Trophies in the football league were awarded to Senior Seven. The stars are: First row: J. Funk, T. Dion, J. Iacone, M. Wallace, P. D'Arcy. Second raw: T. McCann, E. Feighan, I. Piersoll, K. O'NeiII, L. Clark, G. Smith. They are taking the basketball trophies. too. Intramurals THE RUNNER-UP is Senior Nine lbelowl: First row: M. Hunter, F. Burke, S. Zazula, R. Brittingham, M. Carney. Second row: J. McCollum, R. Chek, J. Buggy, R. Mockiewicz, J. McGonigIe. Third row: M. Kennedy, R. Stoebonau, J. Gallagher, E. Wolk. 1:- 5 3 I s 'K 3' UNDERCLASSES On the following pages the future of our school depends, the classes of '60, '61 and '62. From the sections of the baby-faced Freshmen to the almost ex- perienced Juniors will come our future traditions and teams. As their high school careers move on they will bring honors and glory to Judge. Good luck, under- classmen, you'll always remember what you were taught here. """7 4 3 'U -.pl xxx. ff- 'Y J. Amenhauser, M. Burke, M. Cliggett, J. Connelly, E. Czuikowski, J. Devlin, T. Ernwood, R. Farina, h s. Farrell, r. Fenton, J. reagmhulef, E, Fluheny, s. rmvelli, R. Gabbana, c. Goldstine, w. Grimley, c. SOP OITIOFQ Hartzell, T. Hawk, R. Hunziker, L. Jukubowicz, P, Lomein, D. Liles, T. Lillis, T. Manley, J. Martin, A. Maskin, R. Mutirko, J. Mcttiuce, J. McLoughlin, P. O'Donnell, E. Petner, R. Preske, G. Ruane, D. Shilling, R. Sicilia, J. Sigmann, M. Stock, D. Squiccimuru, W. Turner, B. Zanel. sophomore ll Prefect: Father Melloy President: Mathew Tomczyk Pt .1 . Prefect: Mr. Beattie President: Robert Farina J. Beck, T. Borella, F. Boyce, R. Carney, L. DiPietro, L. Dutfield, J. Duffy, J. Eisele, N. Frunzen, D. Firn- haber, R. Gasiewski, J. Gregory, R. Hung, G. Higmon, F. Hubmaster, T. Hurley, R. Jermyn, P. Johns R. Jones, T. Joniec, M. Kehoe, C. Kroys, E. Laun, J. Longacre, S, Marion, J. McCullough, A. McKaige, P McLaughlin, W. McStrovick, G. Miller, L. Myer, R. Pcdoski, C. Presco, R, Rupp, J. Riley, V. Rodden, R Schwartz, J. Smith, S. Suwala, R. Tilsner, M. Tomczyk, T. Tonkinson, R. Troccoli, J. Trunfio, V. Ven- goechea, F. Walther, G. Zukas, J. Zurybida. . ,six V Barth A Bednarik P Belfield E Bradley W Brown P Culhers J Chybinskr D Corrado J 8 Dullon A DeBernardls P Deslremps A DGlulio P Fen W Ford J Gerhard! R Grclvuer W Gross J Hagan N Knowles C Kuldo R Lanigan J Leinenbuch R Lybeert J Maguire T Maloney R Maschi C Mall J McGilligcn R Payne M Richardson M Rolle M Ruane G Ruddy G Rueger P l S Smereczynslu J Smith R Swierczynski T Tuttle R Williams reed Mr Francrschlni Presidenl Edward Bradly J. Anderlonis, W. Bauchens, J. Berger, M. Burns, A. Coloui, K. Craig, J. Czarneclri, J. Donohue, J. f h 9 Dzierza, E. Fullerton, J. Gallagher, F. Genlule, R. Gerhardt, J. Glaclun, M. Gray, G Greco, R Kamenar, E. Kominski, R. Koporch, W. Keweshan, R. Lang, J. Leilner, J. Love, C. McCollum, J. McPeak, R. Mealey, D. Mehan, W. Molishus, T. O'Connell, L. Oelschlegel, J. Opaluch, R. Paine, J. Piasczyk, J. Powell, J. Rainey, M. Reilly, R. Rizzo, W. Robinson, M. Roche, J. Schuler, J. Schussler, M. Sheehan, prefect MY' Korymwski J. Sieb, D. Smyvh, J. Sfelluto, J. Zaborowski, E. Zuschmidl. President Donald Mehcn Q J Se - 4 ...E 55 . wa' REPRESENTING their sections in a student government organization and voting on the measures discussed is the main duty and function of the members of the Student Council. Elected by a maiority vote in their individual sections they hold a voice in all the activities which take place. The Council's monthly meetings offer many opportunities for the members in respect to leadership and basic government principles. Student Class Officers I rw ,Q Government James Joseph Murphy Thomas Denis Ryan John William Andreoli Leslie William Condon President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer r t fan 'i K, 1 ,. -,Xu yi. K3 h is h I 11, 1,52 lk ni e - ,X " , , V V y d rig ' ,, A - ' 6 , . we-c xx, If ,Y A x 'fa' sw. nhl x , 1' f l , ' 7 an Q N 4 ,f 2 , F If .1 yr .f M' 77. sf r 4 fs' N it I 4 . 4 Ywzf P FEATURES if' 3 -Q 7655? X 4 E , I 1 All. J ug vl ' Q X H ip, Q S 5 Q Y , Prom EARLY ARRIVALS found that the night couldn't have been better had we planned it so. With the car polished, the hair slicked and the tie straightened we found everything coming off like clockwork. Well maybe we did plan a little of this. atigt i7 N x ,ay 5 ff' , ii". ' 'Iv fs 5 A WARM WELCOME and a casual joke tended to ease the mounting pressure as AI Deskiewicz introduced his date to Father O'NeilI and Father Hermley. From here on in, there was to be nothing but fun, and AI WCISHYY one to stand around idle. ' , ' U X' C e- 1, . 5 0 0 Q D S X gil' l,j-M D , . , f 1 f -t 4 'Q N i T A C X X - Z V -5, - ol- -.. , "' L nt .S v' .J 's , I s,,,.., -k, -s BUILDING UP steam for the next fast number, the fellows give the girls' toes chance to heal, while they fuel up on another coke. ,: L P' mpeg I if X -1' Socrals what WAILING DELIGHT seeps through the corridors and into the nights as our dance-band lays down a sound profound. From rock-a-billy to deep southern blues, you name it they'lI give it a whirl. Rhythm, wind and talent are nothing rare at our holiday sociols. ' ln Qqlllllliilfliillttlg Q M pi 'W -I , X , jf, 5 .gl , " f- X 1 -1 sxksf S ' ' V .- ' - 'V v L. N, Q A 9 'I , is W . ' ' '- 4 ' ey 'W Q' ii. 'IU Y 1 v Q . gh Nisx Qhyx Q V25 4'l4,A, lx? Yr is 'Q' 5 xi 1 xiii ip , 'W' is Z EV- .5-4,5 n Wi , ' 'Y . ix 'V I it -1 'Q lu ,VV 1, x ' GJ Q Y l R L .V - y j ' A N . , N I 'Q Y 4 1 3 f . M 1 ' EL V -.il , t ill r N 1 I it X' ig li' r 'L 'l I 1 V L. ta z A v K i if ,R 5 ' r ir flizl fl Si, AFA Q ' x WATCH OUT, BANDSTAND! We've got the girls, the space and the band tor a real smooth evening There's only one big problem that remains, how can we cool the floor after lust one rock-and-roll number You know, fr man, friction! EIS' JY? u ,, - 'I 'r',X ' an -1-,x 7. W NV, W ,,,' . Q 25: ROBERT J. WEISS 7246 Bustleton Ave. Resurrection Az' 8. .ff JAMES H. WELCH 2937 Levick St. St. Timothy an., 'U' l EDWARD T. WELDON 6109 Colgate St. St. William 9 f-wx I WILLIAM P. WELDON 6255 Mershon St. St. Timothy L. . . . , 11 7 f 2 ' Q l x' .H ,ff A GREGORY J. WENCLAWIAK 2748 Casimir St. St. John 'Vi KA 1 LEO J. WESOLOWSKI 8008 Lexington Ave. St. Jerome J CHRISTOPHER G. WHARTENBY 6652 Van Dike St. St. Leo 'S' MICHAEL D. WHELAN 1736 Vista St. Resurrection Q , fo T! -... RONALD J. WHELAN 5551 Loretto Ave. St. Martin M lr' JAMES P. WHITE 433 Hellerman St. St. William X t SPANISH IS THE CONCERN of these parents as Father FATHER WETZEL counsels parents in an informal manner Clarke goes over some previous marks. in fesgyd fo feligious SN,-ties. Parents and Teachers MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY welcome the chances to meet our parents for the benefit of ironing out problems concerning school work. Father O'Connell, our principal, is addressing the parents in the opening minutes of the assembly. Later the parents visited their sons' respective teachers. -Q 4- ,gk 'V . 'L L, MR. KEASHON discusses one of his student's progress in Physics, Parents Gnd it worthwhile to attend these P.T.A. meetings. H 4 I sk., J JOHN C. WHITE 9309 Cloverry Rd. St. Jerome 7 - A - ., tw .4 FRANCIS R. WILSON 9324 Jackson St. St. Katherine , WILLIAM E. WILSON 7110 Walker SI. St. Bernard ' t A Is. fl Q.. ra RICHARD H. WINNALS 6223 Tackawanna St. St. Timothy 6 . 1"',.f V 4g JAMES M. WINWARD 8830 Bluegrass Rd. Maternity PAUL M. WISNIEWSKI 4519 Cottman Ave. St. Bernard f 00' 5 Q r so I THOMAS F. WISNIEWSKI 6628 Hegerman St. It St. Leo THOMAS J. WOJECK 3019 Magee St. St. Timothy 5 ' ur ' LEONARD R. WOJNAROWICZ 4331 Bermuda St. St. John .Jae 'Hp 'ff v XY EDWARD J. WOLK 1465 Lardner St. St. Martin ' A ' t . . ' lp OS . .- x M' 3:125- I I is H x FREDERICK T. WOLPERT 3401 Oakmont Ave. St. M a tt h e w - E 5 4. . 'Q' . 'hilt I M E LV I N A . W O N D O LO W S K I 7117 Edmund St. Lady ol Consolation I , J -:ffif Ji? , . I ROBERT J. WOREK 1745 Hope Ave. 'mm .-,fm St. Ch arles J KENNETH T. YANAVAGE 6224 Chorles St. St. Timothy 505 - 1 e' L JOSEPH A. VANDRISOVITZ State Rd. and Fitler St. St. Katherine QQ' , W W Q' Ya ' Lt. , if iii -Q Z' Y N X e 3 - '- l JAMES A. YONCHEK 6138 Jackson St. St. Bartholomew FRANCIS B. YORK 19 Strawberry La. St. Michael l STEPHEN J. ZARZYCKI 6333 Revere St. St. Timothy SYLVESTER J. ZAZULA 1203 Arrott St. 51. John Bei 1 JOSEPH J. ZELESKY 2072 Cheltenham Ave. St. Bartholomew FEELING PERPLEXED, this hobbyist senses that he has been here before Over by the ticket window, on husky six-footer is having a tough time trying to convince the lady thot he is only eleven years old. Wherever you look at our carnival, people are having funp that's what makes it a big success. Q iavvf ' ' .J':!r.Y.f' U nw' .s if q Ii 'nn' ana.. 4 ,,',,a...f3 .uu!,tN..n.l'hnuJqd . 3. , A 5 H A 'I X 'E ' """""'3-' A P"-. ...3--' L ' ' ' ' 5 PM i 'K - 1,5 y -, 1 ffg,-x,M1y:iff- X , -4 .T x ,, . 5. w ' V 4 Y 'W , .i A s.am , ,, I In 43 , , nz 3 SW? ?sf'x""1 w w . , Q 'N , , ,wx ,fs'k?', I' . Lg Gi 5 2 A fx 32 '- S 6' ,Af . , 4 . M 1 L A .A 4 , , own i' X' , ?,4 .Sz Q v -is. J' E ' e a 1 ,. 'Q g , . I A N X 2 3 H w ' E ' ll, H , W , ' i i Q? gg Wg' :LK in 5-SQ . 5 , Q 2 ,I 5 i .X Z : J" 1 xtu fl!! tis ' FZ? wr' f ' ", X I . X5 V X . . , Q its uf ' my x x f if R -" 'L .. F 35' : h 1 E ' ' Ei. n, X' Q f 3 -.11 2' 3 'NV NAXEZW W' ' 4 ' ' 5 ' 2M r Y V A ', Q ,pg ,Q ,F 1 - 1 . if 1' ' f Ni. Q - .1 f 4 s Christopher Uzelmeier George Hohenleitner Fredrick Bins The honor students of 1959 have served our school well. They have excelled scholas- tically. Over a period of four years, these scholars have maintained a ninety-five average. Their purpose in high school is fulfilled and they will reap the benefits. Those nights they could have been out having fun were spent studying and reviewing for the next day's as- signments. To these crusaders and the many more to come we offer congratulations and best of luck as they venture deeper into their careers. John Cappella Robert Fuges Kenneth Yannavage A'1'V"0f1Y BUNCH Charles Cianfrani Charles Higgins Stanley Suwala' Francis Knobel Paul Wisniewski Thomas Wisniewski Chrlstopher Uzelmeler A GENTLEMAN AND A SCHOLAR Chris Uzelmeuer has llterally run away with that scholastic ball H has fought for and found wrth greatest dlstlnctnon the number one s ot In our ranks as stu ent Through has drlrgence and hard work he has set a gleamrng mark for those of the future classes to gaze upon In admuatlon The best of luck Chns you have Indeed tasted of the Prenan sprung SMILING AND EASY GOING, has always been idenlifiecl as being lhe lrademark of John Andreoli, our own lop-nolch baskelballer. "Andy" has led us lo lhe shining world of vic- lory where previously we had failed lo lread. Being lhe secrelary of the Senior Class, and such a lerrific alhlete, John has certainly given us his all. Smoolh sailing, John. Keep your svandards high and keep right on hilling. John Andreoli A SUCCESSFUL POLITICIAN and a hard worker are both contained in Jim Murphy. As the President of our third graduating class, o member of the Student Council, and a "Hammy" announcer over the PA system, "Mister" Judge can mostly be found with his sleeves rolled up and his buck bent wherever there is work to be done. We con't thank you enough, Jimg we iust pray that God will. FRANK CARROLL does not even know until now that his picture appears here. Frank is our Editor- in-Chief. His tireless efforts on the Crusader and our quest have yielded muny thought-provoking phrases. As a consistent honor roll man and a "crack" chemist, his teachers were happy to have him around. His good nature and Judge loyalty have endeared him to all. Keep writing, Frank. More important, keep think- ing, too! Bless you! A J '3 io . . ' 1 L JOSEPH W. ZIELENBACH 7901 Frontenac St. Resurrection -. 4 . ,I R gh.. is THEODORE J. ZULLI 6747 Cottage St. St. Leo Baccalaureate Mass .wb-,wx .3 1 .tw fs: , genie -we ' F - ' Y' . l. if A SHARING THE LAST of a good thing with God is more than custom with us. June 5th, our Baccalauriate Mass, added one more page to our mental scrapbook. This made leaving just so much harder and so much fonder. . . . June 5,1959 LOOKING BACK brings a tear to the eye of each and every one of us. Four years have gone by, each a milestone never to be forgotten, though the years may bleach them whiter than snow. The crowded halls, the ugly faces, the clowning fools, and the teachers' rages are now and will always be, our fondest memories. 11511 "OUR LADY OF GRACE PROTECT US." After tour years of intensive devotion to Her, we found our efforts well-spent. Graduation won't be an ordinary day to usp it will be a commencement. Graduation .... June 6, 1959 "CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK!" For some, collegep for the rest, it's what they've been waiting for, a chance to prove themselves. F-fiends make the last crack a good one. From now on, we are what we make ourselves. There are no more props to hold us up, we now must learn to use those things, our own two feet. HEQ : W 3 2 E22 X. Au., yd' : .S !g,sYifH N f . , 3 fx S 1:1 mp- To all our Patrons and Boosters and to all those who have In any way helped to make our 1959 Quest a reallty, we say Thank you PATRONS DeVro Cleaners and Tallors Cottage and Devereaux St Bernie s Candy Store Sanger and Loretto Mr and Mrs Francls Schewegel 4104 Hellerman St C K Radro and Televlsron 2716 Orthodox Mr and John Kee 2100 Scattergood St The Townsmen 7204 Brous Ave Mr Wllllam McElhlnney 200 Wanamaker Ave Kramers Mayfarr Pharmacy 7244 Frankford Ave Snyder Realty 6140 Torresdale Ave George Beck 25 Crestmont Ave Paul L Medelros P J McFarland Realtor Phlladelphra Transportation Co Mr and Mrs Joseph H Gallen 3347 Dlsston St Mr Michael Astron 3102 Unruh Ave Mr and Mrs Harry R Schlller 3046 Princeton Ave Rose De Joseph 5062 Homestead St James J Gunn 1825 Watson Road Maccarato s Grocery 7100 State Road Henry of Mayfair Jewelers 7402 Frankford Ave Raymond F Chmrelewskl Real Estate 5230 Torresdale Ave Kelly s Bustleton Grlll 9827 Bustleton Ave Post Oftice Cafe Bridge and Salmon Sts Albert F Chancler 3332 Ryan Ave Dr H Zlgerman 3002 Holm Ave Mr and Mrs A Agusta Street Mr and Mrs Frank York Francis Foley Funeral Dlrector 1132 Cottman Ave Walter Magnanl Ray Johnson 8. Elsle Clark Senlor Seven John s U Bar Thompson 8. Ash Sts Mr and Mrs Harry R Bankle 3221 Englewood St Joseph J Brooks 2814 Lefevre St N M Holden Co 4325 Frankford Ave Thomas J Patton 8438 Frankford Ave R K Parish lnsulatlon Co 3628 Dresher Rd John Jason Pfleger s Cut Rate Glllespae 8. Wellington Sts Laskr Garage Doors Byberry Road Mr and Mrs Robert V Hordls 4520 VanKlrk St Wlllnam Watts 2324 Rhawn St Mr and Mrs Wallace Kralewskl Freshman Four and Mr Glod Senlor One Mr and Mrs Joseph F Campbell Northeast Auto Tag Service 7332 Frankford Ave Leonard s Delicatessen 8000 Horrocks St Edwrn Boguckl 5549 Harbrson Ave Mr and Mrs John Latferty 1050 G ranrte St ' li 7' . . . . I - ' T I , , . I . - . . . I . , , , . I . , . r , . . I . , . . . ., . , . . , . , . , . . ., . . . , 2409 Allegheny Ave, Frank DeTore's Roofing a a 1 Y e I I . , . . , . . I . , , . . ' I T I . I ' I Y ' ' . I - I ' I , . . .I . . . I . 1 . , . 205 Robert C Woods Sensor 3 Joe 8. Bull s Clover Cafe Nully Funeral Homes Brrdge 8. Torresdale Ave Levlck 31 Bdttersby SIS Raymond E Adams Realty 3526 Cottman St Mr and Mrs F O Berrne and Famlly Craccla and Stumpo Candy Store Roman Pharmacy 710' Stale Road Mr and Mrs Roy Kurtz Mayfalr Bowllng Alleys 7714 Frankford Ave Slopym Bros Atlantic Servlce Gardner Motors 6301 Frankford Ave Guy Sonmmello Sunoco Servlce Mooneys Tavern 5301 Oakland St Mr and Mrs J cuvunough Mr Hurry R Mehan and Fumlly Matthew Zagarskl Cnty Commrtteeman 3101 Wmdtsh St T I C f Dugan s Bar and Restaurant U 'P G e 7900 Roosevelt Blvd Holme ONE HOUR Martlmzmg Stumpo s Przza Pres Stlrlrng Drugs MISS R059 James Turzo 8. Son Bullders Omega Sigma Phu Joseph Nowrckn Parkway Drugs 2905 Holme Ave Charles A Barsuglra Wllhqm R Mlller Dr Austm A Gleeson Al and Lu s Dellcatessen Mr and Mrs Matthew Czalkowskl Holme Ave 8' Ashton Road Jenkins Elevator 8. Machine Co lnc Palmyra Esso Servlce Center Poland Family Broad 8. Morgan Aves Wll D All Mr and Mrs Frank Cleary l mm en 3246 Cottman Ave Andy Hough Mr and Mrs John R O Connell Nllke Adams 29'9 Teesdale Sl Mr and Mrs Paul Mordan Mr and Mrs A clark McKeaney Brothers Mr and Mrs John H Stoebenau Mr John Clppmno Kemners Flne Meats 1500 E Rosalre St The H H Wllson Famlly Anthony S Florkowskr 1970 Devereaux St Kates Bros Hardware Thomas O Malley Glass 4625 Knorr St M' and Mrs Charles Jaw'-Wk Boulevard Ballroom Wrllram G Bakey 4262 Paul St Roosevelt Blvd 8. Prmceton Ave M, and Mrs Joseph C Carfagno P J Cacchro D DS 6234 Frankford Ave Martm J Burns 9708 Frankford Ave 206 1 . -1 ,. . , , . . .- I ' . . , 0 . . r , . . .. '.. I 1 ..- , , , .. I . . -- . , . . , . . . . . . l . . . . . . . . .- . . . -- . I ' ' .- - . , . . r I I ' . , . . . - -. ,..., . . , . Zafron Pharmacy Mr and Mrs John Campbell Tam and Carmella Mrs J McCabe Mr and Mrs Frederrck Bens Magurre Family Drelerskr Jean Mr E J Schmrtt James Schmltt Joseph L Rau A Frrend Edward Frazer George L Braun Francrs Bednarrk John Vmcent Oulds S9 Francrs M Sullnvan Robert Cascaruna Mr and Mrs George Bronkovrc Mrs Margaret M Lafferty Mary A Gehrlng Mrchael F Bennett Mrs N Shea Bruno Brunell Mrs A Young Sophomore 'l2 Greg 8. Dot Fnsky Crrbben Loray Grit Shop Stephen Zarzgher Mrs Shaw Paul 8 Shrrley A Yonchek Mr and Mrs Thomas Auty James Morgan Sobel s Hobby Shop Mrs N Verrelle Mr and Mrs Pnestley Mrs M Gerber Stanislaus Moleskr Frank lr Jlm Clark Mr and Mrs Peasley Mr and Mrs Marchesano Loefller s Paul Quinn A Scherber Kathy 8. Tony Mr Lucretzra Patlre Maryl Herman Mr Charles Wagner L Edumds Angelma Marano Mrs Charles McClary Woolworth Fountam Mrs Clara Maxwell Ruta Chant Jane Drlmyers Mrs R Stern Peg McRort Zrppy Frozen Custard Mrs Isabelle latesta John Lonckr Mrs Mrkare Ardron Mary McElroy Avenue Del Charles Barber Shop Daniel J Browne Lorna Grant BCOSTERS Laura Sabatrno Mrlton Barnett Mr John Smuth Abrgarl Albert the roth Famrly Bob B Anne A A McDonald Bud s Food Market Leon Woznlak Whrte Eagle Bottling Works A Frrend Mr and Mrs Hank Mrke Dubas Freshman 'l5 Student of St Joe s Mr Edward Nawakowskr L E Powell Famrly Mr George C Ruppert Johnny On The Spot Cleaners John Larenlr Benlamln H levln Mrs Jane Nowakowskn Mrs H Gemmell Mr and Mrs A J Schmutz Robert Elgner Mrs Alvm Mellor The Gallagher s Mr and Mrs Hern Mr Kummer Wlllram F Brrmrngham Joseph Morgan Frances Zadroga Mrs Dmgular Mrs Annavalloram Mr John Lonckr Parl Usher Denms Borner Earl Steele Mr Arthers Hall Jos Hellermarr Mrs S C Prccole John McGovern Wrlllam Collins Sylvester C Prccole A E Srxsmlth Tony s Barber Shop Mr and Mrs John McCreery Mrs Helen Prlce Fellx Autlerr Fred F Barth James A Bradley The Heaney Famrly Mr Charles Devme Theresa Crpnono Bob Joyce Stephen Trombetta Mrnnre s Dress Shop Mrs Frederrck Carr Rrchard J Sregel Stanley Turner s Accordion Mr and Mrs C Colllton Fenner s Pharmacy Nrck s Barber Shop Martm C Donze Mr Robert Muller Mr and Mrs Nrcholos Franzen Mr and Mrs Stanley 207 Joe Crrstlnuo Dr Morton G Squires Mrs Anna Nugent Mrs Ernest Weber Pete s Market Dr James A Golden Mananne Gronczewskl Mr Wrllram Bntt Russell Conley Manny Blatstern Henry Gemrgnanr Al Backauskas Angelma Naccarato Mr Matthew Janczewskl Albert Bachauskas Frank s Gas Statlon Pat Travaglna Mr James Gorman Loretto Hardware Lawrence M Ward Joseph S Muler Marne A Hartman Dr Walter P Wysz Tony Roreco Phrlrp s Cleaners Mr and Mrs Petrrllr Anne Palmer Lee Bauso M J Maloney The Salnt 57 James J Marasco Mrs J Gronczewskl C Brown Mrs Anna Jogrelky John Pocktor Albert Kammerle Sllas B White Edward J Ratncan Mrs Bella Dr Bello Mrs Lours De Foteny Glorra Antonellr Davrd E Martm Mr and Mrs Wrllram S Geehan Mr and Mrs Edward Petusky John Lutz Mrs B Jackson Mr John E Collins Mrs Harry Mellor Grnger 8- Bob Mrs Harry Mergard Mrs J Medeckus Miss Mary McKeough Mr Harold T Kern Mrs E Shetzlrne Mr Rrchard J Walsh Mr V Shetxlrne laura Domanra Mrs Anna Wolfe Chet Stabrnskr Joseph F Rudy Sr Ethel A Rudy Mrs Janet Dr Nola M Mnsdkran Mane Coolidge Mr and Mrs Benlamun Blaszczak Mrs Mane Turzalo Fred Gelrsch Mr. and Mrs. Becker Nancy 5P0kl8r Richard Seibel Joseph Hallman Mr Frtzgerald Wolllam H Pearsall Mary Pearsall Fred Gerrsch Edmund Melers Mrs Helen Slvage Mrs Theophlle Bock Jos P McKay Geo Shamlean Mr and Mrs A Wlnskn A Malrna Mr Vrsconto Juhus H Golkberg Smyth Famrly Mr Vlsconto Palls Barber Shop James Toomes Vrctona Ranzrak Mrs Mane Kezznpz James Newdeck Joseph R Olson A Frrend Carlmme F Jones Mr and Mrs Thomas OMalIey Mr and Mrs M Esgner Carmen J D Angelo Robert O Nerll Joseph A Murphy Sr Leonard H Peters Franus Doyle Jr Frank J Clarke chael F Green Plrce Thomas Irene Bellleld W J Buckley Mrs Mary Hayward Ronals Gutowskr Muss Kay Cavo Mr F Reed Mrs Vrctor Petruccelll Mrs R McGonrgle Frank 8. Kathy Mrs Theresa Pahre Robert Kam Jlm McCarty Sr 8 Mrs Edward Kam Mr and Mrs John Beck Frances Zadroga Mr and Mrs A De Carlo Mr Lester Erh Mr Theophrle C Block Jr Frank Carroll 69 Wrllram L Lellan Uncle Jlm Mr F Reed Anthony Venuto Gabnel Hurchler Joseph Strnson A Sandy Wallm Mr Mrchael D Nora Mr Stanley Kacprowrcz Mrs Jane Kacprowlcz Mrs John Lertner Mary Smda Mr and Mrs A Gentlle Robert L Paine S Mass Arabella Guertrn Ryans Flower Shop Wanda Zaborowskx Charles lsdell M P Russell Mrs S Kelton Mary T Mehan Mr and Mrs Anthony Palagruto Mr and Mrs I A Blaszcak Wm Finney Louus Dreher Mr and Mrs Jame Holloway Daniel E Inman John A Slavnn Mr and Mrs E Jaskowlak Stanleys Market Mlss Jackie Donohue Mr and Mrs John Burns Mrs Carl Hofmelster George Washrngton Catherme Palmer Albert Nlcolettl J Mr Joseph S Wrsmewskl Mr and Mrs Brown Charles Dennmg Josephine Matthews Mrs John Smlth ou Mary Jo Frances Ann 'ot Carroll rm Parks Grace Glammer Frank Peters P J Marcuccl Joe Georguo Hour Gupp Mrs T Kelly Schlude Family Martln Famrly Mr J 0Connor John P O Connor Fred Yandrlsovltz Kathryn Yandrlsovltz Kane Brown Mrs L Gadaleta Margaret Coleman Mrs Frank McGee Gerhart Arndt Francrs Brunell Louns Csoky Chas Dewwme N Gerhardt Gerhardt Thomas Dlon Llfe Food Market Joseph Guld Adela C Smith Mrs J W Smlth Charles Clarre Mrs Elizabeth Guld Charles Clarre Mrs Francis L Kane Muss Kathleen Kane Mrs John Sampson James P Nowaczyk Florence J Stratton Mr A Muherm Mr and Mrs Pful Kass Zurn Roland P Tamaccno John J Jones S Thomas G Honold Wrllnam Hedl Sr Kenneth Gelrsch 208 Nancy Whnte Uncle AI and Debbie Joseph K O Nerll Jack Carney Catherme Madden James Madden Mary Ball Marple eth Mrs Mary Carney Edward Heaney Thomas Dunphy J Mrs Laura Dybalskr Joseph M Parker S Mr and Mrs Eugene J King Bernard Alexander Mrs Rose Uzelmeler Mr and Mrs J Olszewskl Mrs Beneard Nerdosrk Bull McSharn Mrs H Fuges Mr Patnck Kaporch Edmund Melers Mr and Mrs Hanland Robert M Smyth Ed J Waryga Ed J Waryga Mr J Sibley Mrs Mark Gallagher Mr and Mrs Lee Roy Serfass Mrs Arthur Becker A Fratrs Dr George R Kuart Leonard Adams J Hanstern Wllllam Glazler Mr Edward A Lalierty John Altoman Natha Mangel Harry DeMarco s Real Estate Salvrno s Barber Shop Joseph Trubmans Realty Hugh McGovern Cleaner Edwrn Stoebenau I v J C DeChant 58.10 The Two Gravedlggers Jammle and Erleen Penway Drugs Rado Electric Service Company James A Hogan Louus DeFrancasco Mr John Sreb Mr and Mrs A Burnaz Mr Henry Marshall Bartholomew Driscoll W L Russell Sr Muss V Kralewskr Mrs Lrllran A Hrggms Vrncent C Hagen Mane Snyder Berth Benlscheck Mr and Mrs Galowskr Mrs M Kung Eclanr Bake Shoppe Mrs Joseph Staeck Edward F Stem Sr 2 Mrs Rose Brown Rudolph Wlttmer Mr and Mrs Cornelrus Logue Tony Naccarato Joe Naccarato Mrss Catherrne Oelschlegel , f '. . . , ' , ' , B . . s , Y- ' , ' . , r. . ' " ' ', r. . ' f f . ' L , , , . . ' , ' E . ' ' J' . . Mr. . . ' Mr, ' I I . . ' . . Mr. , ' Mi . . ' Mr. . ' , . . . Mr. ' - - Mm. E. T- Reilly Joseph F. Collins Manuel Korostolf . . ' . Le ' , l Mr. ' , ' Mr. . ' I ' ' , , Mr. . . Mr. . ' ' S. U. M, . T. - ' . . ' ' . , , ' . , r. . . ' . ' , r. . Mr and Mrs wlllldm Brennan Mass Clare Taxlor Mrs Norman Dougherty Mr and Mrs Rrchard McPeake Mr and Mrs L La Lumera Mr and Mrs H Brennan Frank Sabatlno Mrs Agnes Drrscoll Mr and Mrs Mrchalak Anna C Mrlcarsky Mr Joseph F Halferty Wrllram P Hayes Mr E Sherretta Joyce Hulme Palrlcra E Beltleld Mr and Mrs T Honold Ray Oakley .I W Staufenberg Mrs Helene Martun Mrs Helen Bowes Mr Wlllldm Hedl Mrs J Weldon John J Jones Sr Mrs Joseph Plua Marge Fusaro Mr and Mrs John McDonou Mr Joseph Trout Mr and Mrs Vrnce Wrsmewskr Alexander Dybalskl Mrs C E Stautenberg Make and Dot Tony Sabatma Mr James Robmson Mr and Mrs Henry Labor Mary Ruane Mrs Elizabeth C Tldd Mr James Welch Mr Stephen Smodczynskl Sr James M Parker Mr and Mrs Wllllam Walker Mr and Mrs Paperlello Mr and Mrs Dan Snellbaker Mrs Wrlllam A Suter Wrllram J Trdd Mrs Josephme Smolcyznskr The Melzaks John 8- George s Servlce Station Sheretta and Mrs Davrdson and Mrs James Buck Bob Bankle 59 and Mrs J R Oakley James Welch A Usoms and Mrs McGrath Mrs A Usoms Mr A H Jones Mrs W Plnkstone Henry Cascanno Mrs Charles Hartman John Zaborowskl Sr Mr and Mrs Joseph Berger Mr and Mrs Joseph Malone Automatic Materlals Handling Good Luck 59 Mr and Mrs F Lrszewskl Dolly Mlss M Sexton Mr and Mrs Fellx Chyblnskl Mrs Sally Kelleher Art Dreager Mrs John Sreb Mr and Mrs Anthony Opalach George Welnstlen Charles Curran Mr Robert M Clark Phllrp O Nelll Mrs Wanda Prasczyk Mr and Mrs Charles Messma Mr and Mrs Louus Greco Mrs Margaret Smith Mrs A H Jones Mrs Mary H Welch Fldelrty Cleaners Mrs J Schoedler Jack Buckner 59 L Llewellyn Patrlck H Hogan Mr and Mrs Gerald Mealey Mrs James A Hogan Mr and Mrs Joseph Huber Mrs F Muller Joseph M Schwartz Lours Rotondaro Helen T Schwartz Frank Clardy Mr John F Buckner Leonard W Green Anna R Green Mr Frederlck Levy The Oulds Family Mrs Evelyn McCann Larry Marple 59 Sue Westermann Evelyn Yonchek Francls J Doyle Ill Mrs Stella Lech Mrs Loulsa Helm Paul McDevltt Anlhonyl Lamber Jr Jam 8- Kathy Mrs Anna Romano Davld J Uhrlk Clarre Custer Mr and Mrs Charles Lamielle Mr and Mrs A Achuff Mr and Mrs F Knebel Hrldo s Glft Shop Mrke 8. Tom CIUCCIC Larry 8 Susan Marple Mr and Mrs George T Depman Mr and Mrs Francls Sller Phrlrp Collrce Mrs Anthony Colllce Mr and Mrs Henry Jasrnskn Lou s Barber Shop Mr and Mrs L B Fitzgerald Mrs Elrzabeth Roslco Uncle Jrm Edward Weldon Mr and Mrs E E Papperman Joseph Kolodzlelewskr Mrs L Amoto Katherine Lewls Wllllam J Penny Mr Edward Rrppman John Maguire Wrllram C Monaghan Mrllers Store Thomas Scheuren Catherlne Scheuren Lourse Barsuglra 209 Patrrcra Barsuglra Robert Barsuglra Palodm May Feeley Mr and Mrs Wrlllam Wolfe Mr and Mrs Joseph BllIkIeWICl Joseph Nesclo Conrad J Maag James Roache Mrs W Rrcketts Mrs G Banecker Stanley Stefanowlcz Marlon Stefanowrcz Frank Lech Donald Ankenbrand Paul McDevitt Mr and Mrs Edward McConney Mr and Mrs S Llszewskl Mrs Concetta Plantulll Mrs L Nawroclu Larry Robert Dragon Mr Joseph Plasczyk Thomas Burns The Furey Famrly Mrs A Mancuso Mr and Mrs John H Donohue Mary Catherme Morck Rrta Marne Morck Pat and Friends Elmer McCarthy Lumar Pharmacy Lumar Shoe Store W A Morgan Frank J Ferrlola Mr and Mrs Edward J Gallagher Carol Ann Hogan Lucy Fernola Mr Alfred Marshall Ezlo s Barber Shop Manny Sabato Wllllam Trombetta and Mrs Albert Pelz and Mrs H Mounce and Mrs Charles Shendan B Brunell Mary Romer Mrs J J Newdeck Harry F Zlerle Sarah A McFadden Mr and Mrs Stephen POIIIHIQWSIKI Susan Y Burkhart Somerton Hardware Mr and Mrs B Stablnskl Mr and Mrs Wllllam Frey Agnes Curran Duck Wagner Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Judy 8. Mike Dr C Blume W Waslckr Walter Gasrewskr nthal Marosco Famrly Robert E Lee Charles Schmcler s wlllldm J O Driscoll Wrlllam J Danks Sr Lang Groceries Mr and Mrs George McCall John Srmpson Mr Frank Aukstakalnes Mr and Mrs Albert B Rastetter Mass Dolores Florkowskl . . gh . . - - . : L, ' , Mr. ' ' Charles J, McCann Mr. Christian F. Brutrager Mrs. N. Speechley , , ' , ' Mr. . , ' ' , ' Mr. . . ' ' , ' . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' - Mr. . . . . - - ' ' ' Mr. . . . ' ' ' Mr. . ' - - - ' ' Mr. . ' J Dollartan Wllllam A Gehrlng Elmer W Howell Eleanor A Albert Daniel E Inman George G Hartman Robert Dole Famrly Oxford Clrcle Beer Dust James L Martrn S Mr and Mrs G Custer Mr and Mrs John D Custer Mr and Mrs E Pembroke Margaret Delaney Blllle Delaney Mrs Muller Mrs Wrllram Peoples Mrs John Paskey Mr G W Slebengartner Dorothy Kerter Francls Keller Mrs Wrlllam Hard Mr and Mrs E Dymek Mr and Mrs A Giordano Mr and Mrs F Grordano J Iacomanm Bull and Al s Food Mkt The Fachet Family Mr and Mrs Wm McCullough Mrs Catherme larmer Mr and Mrs Alfred J Banks McShane Famrly and Mrs W J Banks and Mrs C T Mathe and Mrs A Herrmann lm Brophy Clem and Mlke Gallo Lynn 8 Gaul Gray Mr and Mrs Wm Mulholland Mae McDonald John Wrlga L E Powell Famrly Bartholomew Driscoll Thomas J Mclaughlrn Mr Joseph Wrsmewskr Mrs F O Donnell Mr John O Donnell The Puppet Famrly Mr and Mrs P A Mack Srster Anne Josrta S H Cello Sectron Bug Mrke Toth L J Edmunds Elizabeth Cleary Mr and Mrs James O Brlen Mr Joe Esmond Mrs May Jenkms Mr and Mrs E M Uhrlk Robert F Swlerczynskr Presto In Sons Solby Wallpaper 8 Palnt Charles Boyce Catherme Amato Kas 8 Armand Mr and Mrs Angelo C Dr Ienno Mr Arthur Sollgon Mrss Nan McDonald Mr and Mrs James Turzo Mrs John F Gallagher Mr John F Gallagher Mr and Mrs wlllldm J Moody W L Mernll Marvm Maurice Mrs Wllllarn Terry Mr and Mrs Sncrha Pmneys Mr and Mrs Leo Haughey Mr and Mrs Vmcent Henry Umberto Gagllardr Bertram Zelgenfuss G Dnpascale Mr leon Belanclo S Mr and Mrs Frank De Rosa Mrs Paul Chrrstran Mrs Jenme McGrath Mrs A Tagg Rrchard J Budney L R Phu p Emrly Phlllrp Lou M Cacchro Thomas W Corcoran Mrs Margaret K Corcoran Mrs M Adams Steve Pawlowskr Frank Tnano Mrs Josephme Carbom Mr Albert Carbon: John McGrody Mr and Mrs Al Gatter Mr and Mrs Earl Trttermary Francrs Curran Thomas Curran Larry McGarvey Mrs Edlth McGarvey Mr Wnllram McGarvey Sr Mr and Mrs John Maguire Anderson Mr and Mrs Charles Raab Frank Cannella Mrs J Blatteau Mr and Mrs Abbamondn Lnnda Lertner Louns S Fanna Mr and Mrs R Cralg Phlllp Roche Mr Wnllram Peoples John H Alexander John Streber Mrs Wnllram Prror Mr and Mrs John A Whelan Mr Edward Kamlnskl Mr and Mrs Phrlrp J Gray Ida Anderlonrs Joseph Anderloms Sr Maureen McGrnnrs Michael and Rusty Gray Wlllram Prlor, Sr Mr and Mrs E Kelleher Edward Kelleher Mr and Mrs Robert M Alken Frank J Lang Mildred C Lang Mrs Mane F Rltch Edmund J Gontram Angelo Rotchforcl Grace Rotchford Edmund J Gontram Mr and Mrs Leon Phrllrps Donald Phullnps Mr and Mrs Charles Grllesple Mrs Catherme Moran Ronald Gutowskr Mrs Jean Brokowskr 2l0 Margaret Heffernan Thomas Grllesple Stemgraber Famrly L A Blemuller James W Grbbons Mr Thomas F McGowan J Staats Mr and Mrs D J Vander Neut Betty Ann 8 Clarre Gallagher Edward Gibbons Jr Mrs Edward Gubbons M John Connor Mr Albert Lagore Kathryn C Grace Mr Herbert Sayles George s Grocery Store Amerrco A Lrberators Mr and Mrs Revak Mrs Mary Hayward Herman Roslca Bens Brothers Joe 8. Fran Mrs Mary Duncan Mr and Mrs Stanley Ruchmewskr Edward Saller Mr McBerty Mrs C Blaszczak 8- Sons Mrs Frank De Leo Mr and Mrs John J McGrnnls Christopher Hawley Mr and Mrs Francrs H Rasmus Mr and Mrs L Przybylowskl Phulrp McKeaney Mrs H A Marer and Mrs Lou Falnno and Mrs J Ferghan Bernard Nledosrk Josephine Matthews E 'l' Rellly, r Palm Famnly Vnrgmra M Hayes Amerrco A Llberatore Lrhe M Young Paul Myers, S Mr and Mrs F Earl Shelly Lena Magnanr Nellre Craven Mr and Mrs Joseph Zanm Mr and Mrs R J Whealm Gary Lux leslle J Robinson Mrs Leslre J Robmson John F Robrnson Mr and Mrs John J Rota Mr and Mrs Benlamm Hearrln Mr and Mrs Joseph M Boyle Grace Children Mr and Mrs Edward J Grace Mr Magulre Mrs Maguire Mr Joseph Smylre Mrs Margaret Smylre Mr Edward R Palm Mrs Kathryn Deak Robert E Deak MD Anna Mmeccl Mrs Frank Mascaho Carol Carson Mrs Emlly Carson Catherme Uhleln . ' I rl . ' . . .l . . . . . ' , r. ' , , . . . . ' ' S. U. . A. T. . ' ' . . 'Ili . l Mr. . . . . ' . , ' , Mr. . . . ' . ' ' , . , , , ' Mr. . . . . ' ' ' J. s - a . l - - Mr. . ' J. Gallo Bauers Pastry Shop Mr. and Mrs. F. Richards ' Mr. . . ' . . - . . Mr, ' ' ' ' ' Mr. . . ' S . . . ' . r. - co. - . I ' ' ' Marguente Pokotulow Phrlup J Mangold M Furmanskr Foster Famnly Mr Edward Mlkulskr Joe and Dee Ed s Grocery Mr and Mrs Anthony Patrre L A Blcmuller DDS Mrchael P Leahy Mr and Mrs Joseph Nulty Peake s Confectronary Mary J Ryan and Mrs Harry Boyer and Mrs James Lanugan and Mrs I Cuantram and Mrs Rudolph Sosna Mrs Leroy Benner Carl Sosna Edlth Marolrno Frank Malolmo Mr Leroy Benner Whltehall Cleaners Mrs Wullnam Magrlton Vogue Cleaners Helen Glorgla Mrs L DulTey Mrs lrneman John J Kosman Ginny Rlchard F Keevey Mrs Mrchael Corcoran Mr Gus Ambroslus Mrs Mane Ambrosaus Francls Roder Mrs I E Berran Mr Jerome Fanna Mrs Regrna Schlllro Mildred Schenkel Mr and Mrs Harry Magee Mr and Mrs Wm J Frey James Bradley L M Hepp Brll Hepp Sophna Jon Carlton Allen and Mrs Thomas Rotty and Mrs E Mooney and Mrs E L White and Mrs Mrchael Hennelly Joseph J Manko Joseph Wognarowrcz Mr Mr Mrs oe Mrs Mrs Mrs and Mrs E Kerns Leon F Selda Emrl Stoeckhert and Mrs Joseph A Potero L Jeanne Helen M Schneider Gerald Fleck s Falkewstem Harry Falkenstem Mr M J Cunnrngham Charles McDonald Charles McDonald Mane E McKeaney James J McKeaney Mrs John W Lymm Mrs J Cahill Mrs Celrste McFeak Les L Clare 59 Joseph J Marmo Margaret Ann Kee Tel Ray Televrslon Servrce Ted It Pat 59 Mrs Mary Weldon Mr Adolph Konopka Mr Joseph Eckel Mr and Mrs Frank Heck Albert J Werss Davrd Strmm Wrllram Terry rm Murphy Walter Schmldt Mrs Emma McVeigh and Mrs Clement Gallo Joseph Sibley, Sr Mrs F McCloskey Mr Francis McCloskey Mrs E Rowland Wllllam Hennessy Duck Richards Vargmra Pawlowska Stephre Pawlowska Thaddeus Posplech Mr Waple Mr and Mrs Jesse E Budney Mrs Veronlca Durlchek Mr and Mrs J Balesky Mlss Deona Kuslch Mmam K Wood .lohn L Booth Sur Francis Inlramres Ehzabeth Mehan John J Monaghan Steve Srebacrc Joseph B Kamenar C Bartlomryuous Mrs Elrzabeth Cronrn Mr and Mrs Joseph Slowlckr Mr and Mrs James Sweeney Ace Auto Body Co Edward J Butler Anthony Cascarelll Henry F Rubmo Cy Lambert Mr and Mrs J Roth Richard Rommleckl Thomas D Ryan Margaret M Salley Mrs Elrzabeth Daly Mr and Mrs Comltale Florence Simpson Barbara A Perry Mr and Mrs F Gentlle Francss Gentale Joe and Tom Opalach Mrs Mary Fullerton Joseph Berger Elena Colour Mr J A Maloney Tops of Mayfair Andy Augustnne Mr De Nuccn Mr M Hevener Mrke and lourse The Morace Famrly Mrs Marne McGrnn Mr and Mrs Stott Hrrsh s Hardware The Prnhelro Family Mr B Suwala Mrs Kathryn Custer Joseph Perott 2ll Loures Cleaners Sue Jackson Thomas Flsher Schravo s Mass Anna Krrchner Mrs W Lewrs Bud Lmgman Wrllram V Dlon Mr and Mrs R H Pradel Franks Sunoco Statuon Mr Edward Portley Mr D Pradel Kenneth Ferro Mr and Mrs E Wmterer A Friend Anne Greway Frank Lyskorrlsla Frank Green Mr R McConnell John Hoopes Mary Jane Schlller Mrs Margaret Adams Mayfaur Drug Store Mrs John McGovern Mr and Mrs Vmcent Brady Mrs Mary Schull Frank Mallon Mrs J Borle Wllllam Borle Frank De Carla The De Carlo Family Japanese Submarme 3527 T Mr Edward Hampson Mrs Hrlda R Decker Eunrce and George Grier Sophomore 'I2 Mr and Mrs W F Kraemer The Reilly Family Joseph Venezlale Lawrence Sacalowslu Relchls Market Walter J Butwel Charles Hartman Ward 8- Ward Inc Frank Chmaco Julrr Domanlco Harry Lmgman John D Custer Agnatuas Lyszkowskl Mrrror s Moss lretta Wllkle Sares Candy Store Sam s Barber Shop Mr Samuel Faunce Mr and Mrs T Wolnarowrcz Ted Wognarowucz Loues Ray Yetter s Record Shop Mrs Matysrewncz Vrncent Clfoldr Harold McGrath Nancy Castrglla Jean Martm Dreperskr Walt Mrs Mary Boyle Mr M J Cunningham Mr and Mrs Matthew Warek Sweet 8 Seve Mr and Mrs Sprres The Varsity Basketball Team Mr Robert J Ryan and Famrly Q ' I - J' I ' , , Mr. ' . , Mr. . A. Mr. . Mr- ' . - - - ' Mr. . ' - - ' Mr. . . ' ' - ' Mr. . - - I , , , E. C. Pamarraweski Mary Pl1lliPPirle Mr. - - - - Mr. . b I ' ' ' ' Mr. . . - ' ' Mr. . . . ' - ' Mr. . ' - ' - r J'- Mr. . . - J ' . . . . ' . . ' , Jr- ' ' P. E. ' ' - . ' The McKendrys Peter Hughes Peter Hughes Holme Drug Store Col J J Wr Mr and Mrs McGoldberg Wagners 58-'IO Mrs Edna Roken Harry Roken Samuel D Quattroe O Schumacker Lucy Quattrone Harry E Boyes Jane Blonsky Anthony Marano Mary s Coffee Stop Theresa De Sontrs Mr and Mrs John Sommers Frank Tepper Henry Horchler Allan Sacrlowskr Dotty and Joe Peter J Sweeney Mr John Relnrak Edward Word Mlss Jean Smlth Fay Naccaloto James P Whrte Howard Brown Sr Mr and Mrs John Wrlrckr Mr and Mrs S Rogozmskl Mrs Wrllram Albrrght Robert H Straub Mr Carl Valloram Mrs A Shby The Websters Gerald Greway Ted Wenzel Lee Stowers Wrllram C Gallagher Mr and Mrs J F Owens Mary Vrstanskr O Connor Mr and Mrs John Steur Carl s Texaco Statron Alex s Barber Shop Qurnn s Cleaners Gene s Cold Cuts Mr H I Schneider Wrnrfred A Maloney Jeanne Schuler Mrke Chernesky Harry Kaplan Betty and Frank Mr Frank Hoewlk Emma Stayton Mr Harry Mergard Lumar Rest Rlce Famlly Pete Naccarato A M Falto Harry C Stevens Mrs James Gormen and Mrs Joseph Vogt oe Keenan E A Fo o Charles Calvanese and Mrs N De Angelts e Laskowskl r Mosley Catherrne E Wrlllams Mrs Anna Depman Nrcolas Herman Pat Capozzoll Mrs Margaret Le Compte Mrs Mary Zulll Emll Smghar Pete D Arcy Terry Corcoran The H H Wrlson Family Mr and Mrs R W Turner Wrlllam 8. Jeanme McDonough J Ruth Denl Theodore Janczewskl Mrs A Czarkowskr Mr and Mrs Frank Legackl Mr Gerald Schaaf Mr and Mrs James B Fogartt Edward R Alexander Mr and Mrs Joseph Berg Joanne L Mrke Robert T Hertrlch Stephany Lea Cody Fred Crprlano JosephH Vogt 57 Howard N Morgan Mrs Joseph Sullrvan Mrs Wrlllam Brrtt Frank Klausmann Charles Branckl Famrly Mary Ann Dolerle 0 Nelll Family Mrs Mrs M Trosrno Joseph Mattrace Jerry 8- Janne Mrs Lrneman Mrs J Dreager Jrm Wrtght McKenzre Cleaners Mr and Mrs Z Bonkaskr Dennns J Maloney Mr Joseph Savage Dot Ford M L Rachmell George Chernesky Thomas Chancler Mrs Mary Gallagher Mrs Wm Elwell John B Costello Mr Joe Helm Tom 8 Kathy B Furmanskl Mr and Mrs Eddre Rosney Edward Fraxer Mr and Mrs Genrroso Foglra Mrs Phrlrp Doele Frank L McGahan Marlre L McGahan Mr Frank Carroll Sr Edward F Mann Frank Romano Marne Romano Mr and Mrs McElroy Edward Mason 60 Mrs Rose Mason Mrs Clyde Rauch Richard McNally Mrs M T Collms Mr Charles Satkrewrcz Mlss Monrca Smuda Mr Ronald Pezak Mrs Anrelo Kasrewskr Mr and Mrs John Pezak Kenny Andy and Michael Kasuewskl 2I2 Mr Alfred Smuda 0 S F S Mrs Veronlca Fareno Mr and Mrs H Vaughan Debbre Fynn Amaday Gerard Greway Mr and Mrs Frank Buck Mr Joseph Zullr Emrl Srnghar Howard E Morgan Edrth Hartman Mrs Mary Souder Louls Store Mr and Mrs Joseph A Murphy Stanley F Luczak Mane Hoopes Mr and Mrs Carlo Plantulll Robert Clark The Artman Famuly Aunt Mary Uncle John De Palma Mrs Cecella Kopczynskl Mrs M McBride George F Pomspert Wrllram Potter Wtlllam Potter Mrss Josephine Kopczynskl Al Young Baldwin Luncheonette Mr and Mrs Frank Fans Ben J Kumor Mr and Mrs Wrllram Whalen Edward George Pete M:Keever Mr and Mrs J McFadden M Gatowskr Frank S Brown Mrs Mary Mucowskr Mr and Mrs McCann John s Shoe Shop Murphy 8. Hartzell Holmesburg Beer Mrs Schulgen The Hatboro Kid Rrchard D Roth Gerhort Arnat Frank Lewis Wrlllam S Waples J Mr Nick Solvrbrle Mr and Mrs George Jacoby Mrs Ruta Wrlson Mr and Mrs N Trrotta Phnlrp Mangold Frank Wrsnrewskl Suzanne Muller Mr and Mrs Joseph Klaczak Vincent Grannettl Maryann and Walt 59 The McBlarn Family Elizabeth Grannettr Joe Klaczak Walter Slavrn R Obert Samuel Buntmg Mary Charlton Emma Buntang Thomas Buntmg Walter Slovm Thomas Charlton Mrs T Bunting Mr Walter Jaskowrak Lt. . . . en ' l Mr. L L ' ' Mr. . Mr. . - ' 1' Mr. - L Mr. . - J . ' g Mr. . . lt . . ' ' Mr. D I Mr. . . ' ' T d ' Ph'l -I . . . ' Murphy 8- Hartzell v , ' ' ' ' ' . , r. Acknowledgment 205 Adams 52 Adams J 126 Adamsku D 52 Adamskl T 52 Admlmstratlon, 2411 Algebra 64 Allen 52 Altman 52 American Hlstory 82 Andreolu 53 140 144ff Ankenbrand 53 Appolonua 53 Aqulla 53 Athletics 12611 Avelllno 53 Baccalaureate, 202 Bachrach 54 Baker 54 Balducelll 28 Baldwm 54 B nd 80 114 7 Bankle 54 Baranoskl 54 Baseball 140ff Basketball Varsity 140 V Freshman 148 Bar o 33 41 59 Bash 54 Beattie 33 40 Bec C 54 Be K 54 Beer, 54 Bel! 54 Benetz, 57 87 Bens 57 Berg 57 85 Bernhardt 57 Betz A 57 6 Bez G 7 Baanchl 57 Blemuller 33 Blenkowskl 33 40 56 Biology 43 70 Biology lab 43 66 Burch 57 Burtwlstle 57 Blaszczak 58 Bless 58 Bodner 58 Boland 45 Bonasch 58 Bonk 58 Bonner 58 Bookkeeping 88 Book Store Boosters 20511 Boruckl 58 Bossler 58 Bowling 138 Boyer 58 Brand 33 36 122 Brennan 58 Bnttlngham 60 INDEX Brokowskl 60 Bronkovnc 60 Brooks 6 Brosky Brown Brown Brown Brown W Browne 61 Brunell 62 Buchanan 62 Buck 62 Buckley, 29 Buckner 62 Bucksmeyer 67 Bucksar 62 67 Buenallor, 63 Buggy 63 Bur e F 63 Bur e T 63 Burnaz 63 Burns 65 Buschmeler 65 Bygott 31 33 Cadden 65 Cafteraa Callsthenlcs Campbell 65 Capouoll 65 Capello 65 Carbon: 65 Carey 65 Carney 65 Carnlval 194 Carpmo 65 Cartuss 123 Carpatella R arroll F 20 Carroll J 6 Cerrlto 66 Chapel 123 Chapman 67 Chatary 67 Check 67 Cheerleaders 158 Chemistry 66 Chemlstry Lab 73 Chrzanowskl 35 38 123 138 Chybmskl 67 Clanfranl 67 Cnpnano 68 Clalre 68 rk E 62 8 15 Cark J 8 C rk l 8 Clark W 69 Clarke 33 39 44 Class Omcers 185 Claven 69 Clemente 69 Clubs 122 Coakley 33 40 Coleman 69 Co uns G 69 C ms J 71 213 Comerford 71 Commerclal Art 78 Commlttee Action, 122 Condon 71 128 130 132 85 Connelly 71 Confesslon Corr 7 Costantlno, 71 Costngan 71 Cowan 71 Creighton 71 Cnbben, 71 Crusader Staff, 118 Crusader, 12 118 Cross Country, 134 Csoky 72 Cummmgs 72 Cu ter, J 33 41 Cutter J A, 33 9 Dambra, 72 Dance 189 Dance Band 117 DAngelo 72 Danlel 72 DArcy 72 78 120 DAulerlo 72 Davndson 72 123 Deal 72 Debatmg team, 123 Dedlcatlon 6 Deegan, 7 Delllossl, 7 119 7 29 DeMlllo, 4 DeMuro, Denlght 74 Dennlng, 74 De a 33 41 57 Depman 75 Desklewlcz 75 119 134 189 Devlln 75 DeVlta 75 Detenhon 92 Diocesan Hierarchy 2611 Dlocesan Superlntendents 2611 Duon 77, 139 Dlsclpllne 31 Dnsmnssal 100 Dlspensary 102 Dlttert 77 Doctor 102 Doherty 33 35 Dombrowskl 77 Donahue 77 Donahue W 33 37 Donnelly 33 44 88 0 40 Dooher 33 40 57 Dougherty 77 Douglas 39 77 121 137 Dramatlcs 108ff Driscoll 77 Dubak 77 Dubree 77 Duf11eld 33 36 39 58 8 Dufly 77 94 Durkln 33 39 64 Dwyer 79 127 130 132 109 121 1 1 , 0 ' , ' I. .1 1 70 , so , , , , , 1 1 -1 , H., 61 , ' ' ' . , J. F., 61 ' , 49 1 , J. C., 61 , 1 , J. ., 61 ' ' I I I I 1 1 1 -1 1 1 k , ., , . . , 3 -1 k , ., 0 1 1 1 11 1 1 I ' I 1 I I I ' I . - . I I J. ., 148 , , k 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 '1 2 ' 1 1 1 ' 41 1 12 1 1 k1 -1 1 ' 7 ck, ., ' , 74 , ' , ., 66 5 1 1 1 Benner, S7 Carpitella, lf., 66 Denshl-'lfk1 75 , C 1 -1 66, 73, 118, 119, 121, I 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 6 ' 1 , ., , 6 ' 1 l 1 f 1 -1 5 1 ' 1 ' l I .I I I I . I , Cla , ., , 6 , 1 , 192 1 -1 1 I l , ., 6 1 1 1 1 9 1 1 I la , ., 6 1 1 1 , , , 1 1 1 I , ll' , ., I 1 1 1 ' ' I oll' , ., 1 1 1 1 Dymek 79 Eastburn 79 Ehret 79 n rsh B English 55 Ennis 79 Enrollment 4 Ernst 33 37 39 Evans 79 14011 Everman 79 Faculty 336 Farrna 79 Featherston 79 Ferghan 80 Feldmayer 80 Fenerty 80 Ferullo 80 Frnegan 80 Frnkenhofer 81 Frtzgerald 33 81 Floyd 45 Fo mo 81 97 Football 1278 Formica 81 Franceshlnr 40 Freshman 1778 Freshmen Basketball 148 r C Fre P 83 0 Frunzr 83 Fryslrn 83 Fun 111 Fuges 83 F n 83 111 Gabor 83 Galfigan 29 33 43 0 Garro 83 Galante 39 Gallagher E Gallagher E T 4 Gallagher J Gallagher J Gannon 33 42 Garuynskr 84 Gartland 84 Gaspero 85 Gaynor 85 Gelrsch 85 General 28 Geometry 62 George 85 German 60 Gerhard! D Gerhardt N Gerrard 86 Gheen 86 G 6 Glllesple 86 Grorgro 86 Glod 33 43 Golf 160 Gontarek 86 Gough 86 Gould 86 Gradel 33 34 Graduates 5211 Graeme 86 Graduatron 202 203 Graeme 86 Graham 27 Grazloso 89 Green, 89 Grlffln 89 Gross 89 Guards 122 Gurnrven 89 Guld 89 Gutowskl 89 Gym 90 Hagan 89 Halferty 73 89 Ha Tltle 1 Hallman 89 Hamlll 90 Hanley 90 Hanlon 33 34 83 50 Harknns 90 Hart 90 158 Havrland 90 Ha es D 91 Ha es G 91 Hearn 33 34 97 Hed 91 1 Off Health 102 Hemrghaus 33 39 Hen ey 33 38 52 Henrysen 91 Hepp 91 Herman 92 Hermley 33, 39 109 Heron 92 Herron 92 14011 Hertrrch 92 Hlggrns 92 History 82 Hoepfl 92 Hohenlertner 92 Homework 101 Honor Students, 196 Horchler 92 Hornrck 92 Hoyt 94 Hueber Hunter 94 Huntowskr 94 Huston 94 88 127 lacono 95 lannuzzr 95 Index 211t'f Intramural Sports 8 lntroductron 266 Jackson 33 40 Jacobs 95 Jaskowrak 95 Keasbon 33 43 68 72 192 Kedra 99 Kee, 99 Keenan Keenan, Kelleher Kelleher Ke y C Kelly G Ke y J Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy J 333 9 0 M 0 Kenny 100 Kem 100 Keyser 100 Krlroy 100 Klern 100 Knebel 73 100 Knebels 33 Koble 100 Koerber 102 Kolrnka, 102 Komosrnskl 102 Konopka 102 Koreck 102 Korytowskl 33 43 Koreckr 102 Kozak, 102 Krarker 102 Kraus, 102 Krawcxyk 102 Kravchak 105 Kretl 105 Kuhar, 105 Kulrga 105 Kumosrnskr 105 Kupka 105 Kurceba 105 Kurley 63 105 127 133 Kwartnrk 105 Laboratory 66 Brology 43 70 Chemistry 66 73 Physics, 68 Radro Lady of Lafferty Lafferty, Lagore, Lambert Lambert Lambert Lambmg Llght 17 J J 105 33 43 55 1 0 110 V 59 110 G 0 Jawork 95 Jeffers 96 Jendzura 33 36 86 Jen rns J 96 Jen ms T 96 123 John XXIII 23 Johnson Johnson Johnson Jon 96 R 74 T 6 W 96 Jones 96 Joyce 96 135 Jug 92 Jumors 1548 Kaelm 96 Kam 99 Kane 99 Kardas 99 123 214 Languages Englrsh 54 French 58 German 60 Latrn 56 Spanish 62 Lanrgan 110 Lapkrewrcz 110 Latrn 57 Lay Teachers 335 Lazaravrch 110 Lemon 33 35 85 Leonard J 33 36 3 Leonard S 110 Lrberatore 110 lrbrary 97 Lmeman 39 55 113 , 1 I r 1 r E gl' , ,, 79 , 1 - F-1 99 ' I ' ' I , 6, 55 'I I , E., 9, 158 I ', , F., 99 I I I I 61 I ll , ., 99 , , . 1 1 -1 99 I I I ll , ., 10 I , If ' , , E., 100 ' I ' I , ., 10 1 ' 1 1 37 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 Y 1 -1 I I I 1 1 Y 1 -1 I I 39 I' , I I, , 4 . 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 84 l If ' '1 l 1 1 1 I F ey, ., 81 1 .1 y, ., , 7 , , , 111, 189 k, ' , ' 1 u k, , ' , 1 1 1 1 1 7 ' 1 l f Gainer, 83 Hohenstein, 92 ' .1 , , 83, 109 1 , . F., 83 , 1 1 1 1 , . ., 8 ' , ' 1 , . J., 84 1 f , . J., 84 , 94 ' 1 1 ' , , . 1 r 1 1 0 1 I ' I I , A., 59, , 150 I I I , G. ., , , 137 I I , . T., 110 , ., as ' 1 ' 1 11 , ., 86 1 ill, 8 k' 1 .1 1 ' ' 1 lf' 1 -1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 42 1 -1 1 96 l 1 I , ., 9 ' I 1 , , 87 1 .1 ' 1 'I 'I Lill, 113 I Llszewskl 113 Llreralure Lllhgow 1 13 Llo d 113 Locallon 4 Lyman 33 40 Lockers 94 Logan 1 3 Lunch 74 98 Lynch 3 Lyons 3 Mack 3 Macklewlcz 117 Madden 1 17 Madellne 1 17 Madelros 33 Magee 1 17 Magllton 1 17 Magulre 1 17 lrone 109 1 11 Ma on 117 Malloy 1 17 Malone 1 17 Marchlng Band 80 4 Marple 119 Masclanlonlo 9 Mason 1 19 Mass 49 Maihemallcs Maule 33 Mayer 1 19 McBlaln 1 19 McCabe 1 19 McCall 119 McCann 1 19 McCarty 1 19 McCaughan 119 McColgan 120 McCormlck 26 McDevlll 120 Mc hallon 33 43 111 McEIhaugh 120 134 M hlnney 111 120 8 McFadden 120 McFeeIey 120 130 McGarry 120 McGarvey J 120 McGarvey W 120 McGee 120 McGlnnls Ja 122 c lnnls J J McGlnnls M 122 McGoldrlck 33 McGonagIe 122 McGovern 122 McGuckln 123 McGulre 123 Mclnerney 123 Mclnlyre 123 McKelvey McKenna 33 41 34 McKenly 33 35 8 McKernan 128 McManus McMenamln 128 McNally 128 McNully 128 McPeak 28 McShea 28 Mc5Ioy 2 McVey 33 35 62 Mechanlcal Drawlng Megonegal 128 Melers 128 Melloy, 33 40 Menrzel, 128 Meyers 33 42 M er E 8 M er R 0 Mlnuto, 130 Ml chell .l 0 Mllchell W 130 Modern Hlsfory 83 Molczan 130 Mo oy J 31 Molloy 33 39 Monaghan 131 Mane, 131 M ore J 40 131 Moore, 33 Mordan 131 Morgan J 33 Morgan V 33 Morrls 43 Morrls 45 Motlo 10 Mounialn 133 Murphy 3 Murphy 36 28 Murphy Murphy 37 Mrufchlnskl 3 Murphy R 4 133 Murphy 33 Murray H 133 Murray T 133 MUSIC 80 Nahonal Problems, 8 Nawrockl 33 Nelson 135 Newspaper 118 Nelghbors 4 Nlcolelll 135 Nowakowskl 135 Nulry 135 Nurse 102 Oblaies 336 0Connell 30 39 192 OConnor J 135 Orchestra 4 Office Pracllce OHara 0Connor J 0Connor F 0DonnelI G ODonnelI 0Donnell 40 OHara 24 0NellI F 5 elll J Orchesira 80 114 Organlzallons 122 ORaurke 136 OSulllvan 136 0 ds 58 123 36 Patrons 2051-1 Palagruio 136 Passananfe 136 Pallre 136 Pearsall 136 Perlllo 136 Pezak 136 Pfel 136 2I5 133 5 Phllllps Physlcal Educahon 90 Physlcal Examlnahon, 102 Physlcs Physlcs lab Plckul 139 P s XII 21 Play 1086 PII'lCh011I 139 Plnnelll 139 Pluo, 139 Podolskl 139 Po 39 Polsenberg 139 Polero 139 Polier 139 Pralowskl 142 Presldenf, Class 185 Prlnclpal 39 192 Prom 189 A 117 Publlc Speaklng 123 Preske 142 Prlmlano 142 Przybylowskl 142 Quesl 12 120 Q alle 31 33 22 Qulnllsk 33 42 Raab 142 Radonovlch 142 Ra Iles 152 Rago 33 42 Rebuck 142 Reclor 30 Reldy 33 38 Rellly, 142 e y J Rellglon 52 Relreaf 48 Rempp 142 Revak 142 RlCGYdl 145 Rlchards 139 145 Rlchler 145 Rlener 145 Rllch 145 Rogalskl 145 Rogers 145 Romano 145 Romlnleckl 145 Rose 145 Roslca 42 77 Roichford 146 Ryan 140 146 Sacrlslans 123 Sala 146 Sarierlield 146 Savage 146 Schafer 147 Scheck 147 Schlck 147 Schlmek 147 Schlollerhack Schlude 139 147 Schmldl 139 48 Schmm 148 Schnelder A 48 Schnelder P 48 Schoen 148 Schoener 148 School Bulldlng 4 12 Lis', 113 ' ' , 77 " ,139 . '55 . I . . . ' 1 1 ' ,ba Y1 ' 1 , , ill , ., 12 su, , , ill , ., 13 , . I 1 . . .I , , '1 , ., 13 ' ', 1 11 ' 1 -1 ' 1 11 ' 1 '1 111 , ll, 1 ' ' 1 11 1 -11 1 I 0 r -r 1 I , 1. 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I - I 'I ' I I , , , , 66 I ll . .. ' I , , , -, 1 1 1 r 1 ' l ' " V I I ' I 1 , ., 1 ' I l , 1 1 I , 1 , I 42 - I I - I o,12, ma, , Q , 9 , 0,121,12 . I I I I I I I II . .I I , ., 1 I I I I , I . .I - I I I I r r l I I ' " I I , ., 1 1 ' I ' I I r r - I I ', 6,1 r - h V I ' ' I - -I , , . 5. , 19 - I -I , 191 - I I , ., 1 1 Singlan 152 Ihomq5I 158 Whelan, R,, 191 r l ' I ' ' I ,I15 oth, , 15 'I , -I , 19 I , D 1 r ' l' I . . I . ' " l I . .I ll I . .I I - I II o I I ' I I . y 1 1 I I 'I , r I I I I I I , lr 1 I I , r ' I I I I . I . I - - I ' ' , . I, 1 I , . - r ' , , , , 1 I I I I ' .I . r I r 1 r ' ' . I ' I , , u I I I r l r l ' ' ' I I I 'I . . I . . I I I , . I . . r , 15 gt: S M9 it- .A .N I ' .N , v A f-.

Suggestions in the Father Judge High School - Quest Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

Father Judge High School - Quest Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Father Judge High School - Quest Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 224

1959, pg 224

Father Judge High School - Quest Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 219

1959, pg 219

Father Judge High School - Quest Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 19

1959, pg 19

Father Judge High School - Quest Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 149

1959, pg 149

Father Judge High School - Quest Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 31

1959, pg 31

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