Father Baker Victory High School - Hageota Yearbook (Lackawanna, NY)

 - Class of 1961

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Father Baker Victory High School - Hageota Yearbook (Lackawanna, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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, 1. J voiffvf- J 3 K 4 l E L x P 1 i ' 4 . Zvfi g--5,1 1. ff' -. QJQQZZKWZWW' X29 'Q WZMWEM A MQW yung V My M N v UV " wig, Q3 MW MQW JK ff N QL 5 yy W m M ,Wg Www f 'MM OW H5 f f 5 gf: w U 7 Ev 5 X my 4 diggs NQXJV Q Kvgwowiiiiyjww by Wpwwpww + Qu R XM 515 W1 JF J X33 W ,QS ww fx Si SX Q3 gm if ,lk 3? ' if Myfj ,l A ,JVM fy M '?fQ5wQi 'W' A f V fy if ' WWW W WW I Caifijfefeg 9 f' I ea if p1,,"',lJ'GOIden Cross ,ge 0? I ,flu 5 6 5 presented by uv'? I lc 4l M I I I ?' :bd ,i2f'Zi2QfQQZ?V ,N .zsaf mm if i ,wwf 0' WL f lf! Wal I ll' ' ll P I '15 If ZW III I NY I lliilpg I v 'X EO I SENIOR CLASS R-VICTORY HIGH SCHOOL I . fi' K-- Eggjg QF se r :I V, f J w , LACKAWANNA, NEW YORK X0 I Volume IV CbY Co-Ediiors: 23:2 'angina L OC T MC NU CP, L y tEdifors: errence J D M 63,9-N "Q-ff? A Daw, , 'Legg B M Q Y nvllla I can rf Editor: William Kelly usiness ana er:Jud E i - QECJEE W 4 f Aiix Ei 2 2:f :Q 2 i f l ' ' i 53312-,251 4 .. iii BAKERNMiwrwaw 'izifgffifiifzi I 1 1" :Q 4 5 'Z , 7 7525 023 '-1f' 5 " I f A261656 J """W"' - H '- -"'-L ' ff-Qi CV ....4...,,.,..-,..-,..-..,.. if E3 ,- , 1 " .L EWEE if Q n L 55255352 sie EEE? ,1 :ui- HHGH SCHOOL 4 uhm -A ,if W,-P ., X V, l, L : -.' H 1 ., , r f , I 4' x H V , 1.1 ' .- jjkhcm A, ,.J,,ff' KX ffm f' Jffiffg' ,f 51 ' X 'f C' N sw f 5. 3 Forvvard-ever forward! Day by day, month by month, year by year, the class of '61 has ever forged onward in its "Journey to Suc- cess." The days of childhood are mere shad- ows in our memories. The days of adolescence are slowly, but surely drawing to an end. The days of adulthood, full of hope and prom- ise of future accomplishments, challenge our ideals and capabilities. Graduation will shut the door on our adoles- cent days and we will find ourselves, young adults, iourneying alone toward our goal of success. How well we have learned on our road through adolescence! A way of life has been shown to us. We have been taught well, and have also been molded by Catholic principles. We have been prepared and strengthened to walk, chin up and head high. We shall commence our "Journey to Success" with the assurance of a Catholic education. We shall never waver from the path which to be truly successful must lead us to the "success of eternity." Our first faltering steps were taken here at Baker-Victory. May we show you how well we have traveled them? S .im .',-M T ' ti f'i+?r"ti+?HYfi.9fiH4Sa,F',s,:fef . tg . 1- 1 '1 Qfsg-vrfse. ",.,'fKEfif: 5.4 .-'eff ri- ,D 'F :' ,. ,Q 't .2- 5 arg . ,lf 4 'E Jia' L! -,,. iii 2. . if We . .i'7' as - s L5 I 'WS' T T up ,f?iu'X '+. xj'?T rd..- A-va, iftfgifit' V. . -si" f Hx 1. an ni Q I W I 1 1 1 cl . ' -9, ,N r rays 'rv-A -' rw.- ' , ,ff o N We f, A-I f r 'G- -' I+. g.w9Q,,g32.5b' 1' .1 'i .vi .Q -4 ws . , vu :., . ' I. .. .7 ,Q . P 4, J' if fi' '12:'5"' ,, rllfgta' I, ,ix '4 2-W 1.0. t 5 l ' -'- av Xa we-1 .33 Kg Inf! 1 ips, -Vg. rf ', 'If' Pt it :4' Q 1 I.. . 5? 4 . if I i CONTENTS Dedication ........,.......,.......... .... 5 Administration and Faculty ...... .... 7 Classes ....,.....,.,..,,,..,,,,,,,,, ,-,, 1 9 Class History .... .... 4 7 Departments ......., , ..,..,,,,,, ,,,, 6 3 Clubs and Organizations .,... .... 7 3 Athletics ......,..,,..,,,....,,,, ,,.. 9 3 Activities ..... ,,,.., 'l T7 Patrons .... ...... l 28 Words and deeds . . . Two pow- erful, inspirational forces which mold the character of youth! Our parents provide the first.influ- ence, therefore, the most im- portant, our Teachers in the' class- rooms complement the process of formation which has begun in the cradle. As we view in retro- spect The many individuals who have contributed their talents and spiritual guidance to our store- house of experience, we find that some have made an indelible im- pression on our minds and hearts. Two Sisters of St. Joseph have been motivating forces for the good, the true and the beautiful in our lives, and for this reason we would like to express our gratitude in some small way to Sister John Joseph and to Sister Serena, who have passed on to their eternal reward. Nyw Yf 133 sm 55.11, Sister John Joseph had labored for eighteen ot her fifty-two years of teaching, in our high school, she died in her fifty-fourth year of religion. Sister Serena had spent nine of her forty-three years of Teaching, at Baker-Vic- tory, she died in' her forty-fifth year of religion. Both Sisters worked long and untiringly in God's Vineyard, and their daily lives exemplified the spirit of their Community. Prayers for the happy repose of their souls will be uttered frequently by their de- voted pupils. lt is with sincere appreciation that we, the Class of 1961, dedi- cate our Year Book, The Golden Cross, to the loving memory of Sister John Joseph and of Sister Serena. X 'U 9 a 1 1 fy 'JN ,fu 4 I X . J --In qi P297 1 'N 'Xb- 'firxxx .lg 'K-J X19 RJ ISJN No iourney is ever a success without planning and direc- tion. How fortunate to be guided by men and women who have truthfully followed their path to success! We found ourselves being taught not only in the class- rooms but in every phase of school life. "Words moveg Examples draw." l-low well we were drawn to the high and noble ideals of a Catholic way of life! How well we were taught and corrected whenever we fell or stopped on our "Journey to Success." Whatever we may accomplish, where ever destiny may find us, however successful we may be, we know that the lessons we learned from the lips and hearts of our Faculty will sustain and encourage us. Worldly gain was not their desire. The plaudits of the world never reached their ears. Honors were not heaped upon them. Their one desire and hope was our success. To our Faculty we say, "Thank you and God bless you." Your gain is that we have grown in true wisdom. Your plaudits are a whispered "Thank you". Your honors are our feelings of pride to have been associated with you for four years, and our desire to let everyone know that we are proud to have been taught by such a wonderful group of people. a :wig 1 1 1 Y 1 1-W 55.57 sw V Bgfgsfzz ..,w I.. ig f if THE VERY REVEREND MONSIGNOR LEO E. HAMMERL Associate Superintendent of Schools REVEREND MOTHER M. HUBERT Mother General Sister ot Saint Joseph Buffalo, New York ,4 ' bm X 1' :Pls .QQ11:' - .iv THE MOST REVEREND LEO R. SMITH, D.D. Auxiliary Bishop of Buffalo :WE- al 1 51.5 . iq. lffvif J if :- -3,113 ,i . .,.4. HHN ,.ZTTj' "A a . 1--1. THE VERY REVEREND HENRY M. SENFT, O.F.Nl. Conv. Principal From behind the desk come the daily orders for the efficient and smooth operation of Baker-Victory High School. ln the three short years that Father Henry has assumed the role as Principal, we have marched ever onward. Lxf "lvl: ff' f.. 5 '.1g'f'.',i.-EW' -:- md. : f'.UC.:'f1 " .fn-,fu A 'wi-I Apr: ,sg 2 fi, ,P n.-'--' ' 'w - ia .-f-jf.',"- .f1J v:' ' EIEQQQQ M - QW.-' V' ?.ll'i1xL:A-1-LI. -g:Lf5.,if.a 11.5 I-ikififf ' :MI 'J' -' .. C1 .F-Q., A . .,,.':: PF" 1" FT A- . , - 1 -VL 1 ' f' --- "E- .A A A, E' in FATHER ALOYSIUS if ffl A - Ass'T. Principal, PrefeclEloF'Discib- T Iineg Physics. in ,FATHER JAMES A 3 as-Religion iv, English ui, iv, Alh- - A ileiic Directory Baseball Coach. X V--f,c.,..W,...fE...-,,--,,.-.s ,.- E.- "ll :,,ll.i Q1 5., FATHER MARTIN Prefe-cf of Siudiesg Guidance, Biologyp Healihg Yearbookp Social Commirleep Senior Class Mocleral- or. FATHER CHRISTIAN French I, llg Chemislryp Physical r Sciencey DramaTics7 Third Order of ST. Francis. FATHER CALLISTUS 4 Spanish l,- ll, lllp Ass"r. Aihlelic T Directory Cross Counfryy Track. ii , l . lil "lil X-il ,,l, ,'s X i ,if 5.3-if AQ ,FA1HE'RllXngy1iQigll Q5 English' lil General Sciencep Par- l enlfsf iGu,i lcl g R Soqial Committee, 'QFreshmanw Cla ss . Nloderaior. ' i F I ww ' H J 1 ,' i i l p, W I i ll 1' -' H, i . i . i, 1 , I .W I X vi ,A ll FATHER EVARIST R V Mathematics X, XI, Xllp Business AriThme'ricp Gregorian Chani Choiry Sing-Along Clulop Audio- Visual Aids, Sophomore Class Moderator. Mi i i i if , ' 'nw. V,-i lfAT,l4lERfSSANlU1EL , Relagg25n,j-ljlilili' ui, Bowlingg Golf: Tenn',isg,fSfL Johmj' Berchmans' So- ciefbyrllllission Clulog Junior Class Moqetatorf ' FATHER ROBERT Religion II, IVp World Hisforyp Stamp and Coin Club. SISTER MQ, Dosmieus American History Ili Spanish I, Il, in, Spanish'-Club. FACULTY I 96 I I SISTER MARY IMMACULATE Religion Illg Latin I, II, Illg The Palmg Latin Club. SISTER lsr. JAMES: Mafhemaraasttlx, X, xl, XII2ICh Sports Moderatorp Cheerleaders. we My I iiii I My A, ,I istryp Srshqient Council Mode to 7 jf Mum V8 SISTER JOHN DANIEL g Biologyf Health, Junior Class 'I Moderator. SISTER NI. IMMACULATA English III, -IVQ Library, Library Clulof Scr-ibblersp Senior Class Moderator. I4 SISTER M."ST.iPAULI ' ' T Business Lavifg Secretarial Practiceg Bookkeeping Ig Shorihand If Ger- man Ig Yearbook. fl WL SISTER MARYULABOUR Shorflfmand llp Typewriiing Ig Tran- scription, Business Arifhmericg Sodaliry. 'SISTER MARIS STELLA Religion Illg General Sciencep 'Girls' Glee Club, Freshman Class Moderator. I fri SISTER M. TARCISIUS Religion I, Ilp Guidance I, Ily Sophomore Class Moderator. MISS JEANNETTE WILLIAMS English lp Economic Worlclg Intro- duction to Business. s 277 MR. RICHARD BARRY Latin I, Ilp Mathematics IXp Basket- .zball Coach. I6 FACULTY I 96l I I ? MR. EDWARD Boczf-va I English Ilg Business Lawg Eco nomic Worldg Guidance. I MISS DOLORES FRANZ Physical Educationg Girls' Basket- ball. MR. sAMuisL cooswm American History Ig World His- tory, United Nations Delegation Rifle Club. T I ll at I I I I V. I I I I I MR. JOSEPH MANUEL Bookkeeping If Typewriting lg Salesmanshipy Business Manage- ment: Introduction to Businessy Camera Clubf Chess Cluby Guid- ance. I I .I MR. GIFFORD SALISBURY Ph sical Education Cross Coun Y I ' Try, Bowlingp Trackg Foorballpi Weight-lifting. MR. JAMES MEAD MR. DONALDEHRENREICH English II, Business Arithmetic. American Hisfory I, II7 Economic World. MR. WILLIAM JACKSON Librarian. 1 X I Q MISS BETTY PREVOT MISS BARBARA KRESCONKO Secreta ry. Secrefa ry. FACULTY I 96I af' 3: ,U I' . A ' - , 1' - . Ji 5 Z ff-- - 1 -. in , , L . L X, J - : . .g,-1, , .Ac L .AL -. .L I7 'T' .W 'I TSX 1 "N 1 ifjgfillilf P I? 0 611,111 DAlrM'Hc T087 rJ1?a?q'o31u1 Seniors-the feeling of accomplishment. Juniors-the dream that success is but a short year away. Sophomores-the real- ization that teenage years are fun and work. Freshmen-the confusion and the strangeness of high school are slowly be- coming a memory. All Four-students at Baker-Victory. We have met many friends on our "Journey to Success" and we are happy that we traveled the road in such con- genial company. The saddest moment of graduation is the stark realization that we shall leave behind so many friends and associates. They all have found a place in our hearts. ln some way each has made our "Journey" a little easier and more pleasant. With this group we studied, frolicked and cried. We shared success and defeat. To the underclassmen we hand over reluctantly our reign, and hope that you shall be more adept at bringing success to Baker-Victory in all fields of endeavor. With a fond and warm heart we bid you farewell and wish you Success and God speed on your "Journey". ROSE H, AVILES I "Rosie" 60 Holbrook St., Lacka., N. Y. Assumption Business Spanish Club 27 Sodality 4: Library Club 4. 1 ,. . r l x l 'L ' A lflpif - l I r.,--..w. .lx , ,M ., . I . , 4, ,if .JVKHLQ .1 1 'V .ff ,. - : H lf .M-rl 'r' 1 5- , '. N- " f -, .. I.,-ss,-,sig ,, A 1 t - , LIV l ' , I " . 'I RICHARD J. BELSENICH "Earl" Old Lake Shore Rd., Lakeview Q'u7ifl.a'clyroiclierpetual Help f -M-f f -::7Xcade'rFrlcs,Q ., , Intramurals"'l'f,,A-2,f'.Q,l45 Varsity Football 3, 4, Track 25 Musisygpjggggisrion 2, Model U.N. Delegate. R313 ,fs WE' '?ff5..7 ,, . '.7s,4,L...c...-,, "as, Mx-"7--M I s 1 -- 2.2, LQl:.f."' QL! .lN"'lf:,l:T !,"'AjTf.4iI if ,Gigi 1-T-'- L- f7"f4f735-"-T l fs 'ff' 4I"'SIa-.?L3af. Tis 1-71 1""""4 ' T25-.if is as-fffff 47-i,...,5-s-,,g1 1 Asktiii-3sg,T,kgiN1 .' -A liiirgm. is 15:22 -, - J .si-P' if 775-51 N - r .if Bitzi: ii i'5l.'a-4 "-' as 2 ii"'r'4f:I-iT1'.,, 1 ivy: Ether-.71 Qzf-,gr ' .XM If fx! -l Augaa,-, 4 rr:-' it , li W' lililfi 7ff'3Q':'3w---.-L- i Yrs"- T22Liir':.?if 93:75-"' - , ii. J.:Y,'f3?LiZifa-41-::,,,l. H1221 31. MICHAEL J.UB7-YRBERIO' gs, yfflvlrlseg'-ggqv,,,,M.:,,,ls..,-s.s--,,.1- 291 Barnsdale Ave., Bflo., N. lfag, '55 '3j',,f".:f?i sr. Williams If mi. 'sf?'r"""i'i ik "'-s Business jf' ,fin-viii Intramurals 'lg Yearbool5zSt5kfl3,:4'p Track 5 3, 47 Football 4, Qaseballgljf,-2Bfd5kkeeping 5 ji Club 3. X R, lil-' -5-- ff- ' f.ggezRtg5rlNE E. seizes "Lorraine" Mtjirgjf' fl-g'.'lf7gQ:Abbott Rd., Lacks., N. Y. !.f4,,,ft f f.Dur:Lady of Victory . E, .5-.vi-.J. f 1' 'ta--T'-' ,fl-s, H TAta'demic .x n5i..'.., ,.,..., ' "f,j1TIT'f , Q-53"-gl-L--gg fa. -fr-. ful-..--Latln Club 1, 2, Sodalrty 1, 2, 3, 4, Library club 4. I lil?"-w+ f lllllffi --,, 4 .-fx. uy: , --fs- f',2ff .--W f ,a ru-.f . ,' l-"zz 'ra " if I If - s-V--s. - ., I sr r .f t cv-f--s-s- .f .Asn f l,l, ROBERT T. BARRETT "Chester" 203 South Shore Blvd., Lacka., N. Y. Our Lady of Victory Academic Sodality 2, 3, 45 Music Appreciation 3, 45 Mission Club 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 8, 4, Bowling 3, 4, J. V. Football 2, Tennis l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4. '-1.4 Lg.. . GERALD A. BOBALA "Jerry" 3313 South Park Ave., Blasdell, N. Y. Our Mother of Good Counsel Aca demic-f -fe.. U .f:f'---'- -Q -- 14..- ' 'x !f'J?GV.jl1o6lball 3, 4, Mission Club , N 4' . f" 73,145.1nffamggza!Qii1'S.?i?5g3, 4. . . 1 . ,ffyfu-f' iizm, KENNETH G. sEsTnNE "Ken" ,xi , V' j,ff,,,..4..Qgg,'f 999 E. Loveioy Street, Bflo., N. Y. ,ll 'X l-,A St. Agnes ' iii '. Business S Ml ji' J. V. Baseball 3: Varsity Baseball 4, J, V. I !.'f'Ff!,Q'?l Basketball 25 lnlramurals 'I, 2, 3, 4, Rifle he xl V fflie Club 3, Bookkeeping Club 25 Cross Coun- 'MHA 9 ll'Y Al: Track 2. will , f,iE?EgQ mu , Y. ,ezjgfix if 5 f .11 ,ix-a1ig:,15H25? . l ' 'll l ' 'E-'fl if llifilfll V 'illliulkll lffix-51 ' l H... ',-- 13 llxl l"g1gfQ.,y33J! .R H.. . I, my ill ffl - lil 'W ia sv, . yi, 2 .V -1 if OF l EW... ill YG l 1 li ill fl ill if GERALEL ,SJ QPONCZKI Ewlcz "Jerry" lf! Iliff: 495 Emhglise., sfla., N. Y. llbflfli Sf. Ann ffm l , 55.1-L - 5 ii ,fir Academic i- UX!B5J all 'fej.jj.i.j Sodalny IHQI LatliE5JgClub 2, Sr. John Berch- mans' Appreciation 3, 4, zmiw S' b fflqg Sr ff 3, 4. MARY ANN aiossea "Mary Ann" fl l -yjlljl Hence LU Wspape' a 'I4 Pearl Ave., Blasclell, N. Y. Q7 .5411-'ffl Our Mofher of Good Counsel f 'Qgiilfj K 'Q-Qjif ' . . 1 few Academic .I 1 fad" M ylllfqi me-. Hr' if J SOdBlllY 3, 4, spanish Club 3, Latin club 2. l gl. 3,3 ly Newspaper Staff 2, Library Club 4. ' viii,-. "Q '. If -a vm- 1 Q Q 'Fill J E' J 'lfjzfiex L , ,.. W ll' 2912? 4 ll .. Til 325.gif JOHN J. BOUQUARD "John" 150 Dwyer Sf., Bflo., N. Y. Sl. William Business Football 2, 3, 4, Track Manager 3, 4. 'l leg ,ew H - ,,,, .V , f . - f ' 4'-ree-wi . 532: ,. Q W., L sis: Jgiqal. L-' ifghn i 7:1527 i, . V ' ' .rf . 4 -- 2, ,-3"f,u ' .. - 'f 1-H, . 'i -:cg-,V 7'-1 N - , . eg : gfff'-.ff!Q1+Q,' -'V' "' I -u,yi.g5.g.n. W-,:3,2. 3:65 if J 21:55 Wi..." : 7, : W-it . -, - -If- . 1 .cm . E-All-l-il Iiffl 5 ' ,-. ' -51, Yi"-.sl if ' if .- ' ' .f ' 'X -' gm l. ' i" f. ' "-' J' ml' V 1 .ggi Fi.5,,1ii, f Z W - V 331 U li f f J ' , , Fw. I . N. , , W., ,, 1 : gfrgfx L -cgi .N V4.3 . sie 'eavi ., , f ..-,...,,, .- ,. ,. ,, .4 .... ii, Z l'ffZ'?l'fli3?Ef.1"'3" ik f ' 2 A A' . l.I ' ' 5 V AA A 2. 5 , 1 l l- l ,fiw 2l "Matty" ,,-fifififs., 4 42' in e to "BxtIdgE,gJ.Y. X..fjg-:gLm5E3EQ:g.'k.,KQ"fPM Q fflg amuse fc- :1L,TQFff?Q':TN?545:31-1... iiiffi f' Re lg. ,Afffi-?fff:g3NR , xo-nk 'L ra 'fs' 1- , H-f,S"k.ST 'L l"l1f"'- ti --X, Sc xx NW, ig- 'A Slime-... .az 'm5ifiN.-.X'-C wmv., ij... ,,, tudggt ounculdy, etiym, a1gtenahc,ue,1a,3,-XX,. .Ki ., ily xx, It 45 - X..-7--' ,A 5 1 -xxx-X5-. XX, I Nts... a4muralsX'l7-f2,X3, 447 Yearbo k 'Staff'-Mis5ac A f'. ff: lla, Eau, N rx, io. --.fa it i qflub 37 PromEElo""i1 2:33. E li J scretary 27 H Re, .522-gl rl- 22 ' at Helga l Safe . 114 cgifxi DONALD J. BUHAGCIQT. "ami ll Wigs., gag lil 72 Woodcrest,"Sfi5,f'mcYfN. Y. 5'elliEg?uT5 ill St Ma fin --5-5'1"'C7'f L. in '44 ,-mae . , -fAchHe1n1aff-:QS i-al' . - HQ? YQ. 1 W.: mi it 4-4.e,,EQE,:5.3,g33ga4gjl2gl3Llfa1g1l-7 Photo Club 47 Chess-Club N ': NJINGXQTNI-24,-.Jid' 'a, 4. .ilgialiiflizfa -fl A '2- "C:---CX X"of'h-15" r .lf 'xawlfiil . 0. 1,41-.,.,?-Eg:-.:5c J. -ACC 1 l' M13 '- E to-rbi' qxsxf' ,lLrS'HQ:""--... Aiea J, -, li J 'TB'-f':., Li X- .Nts A525-SL. l 'Z xv. , I, gi if Q .. jr?-Lfxqgf ii X . ROBERT J. BUCHHEIT 94 Colton Ave., Lacka., QQQTQTS-.- Our Lady of Victory -' NSEC' N Academic ff' -me Music Appreciatgz I :fix-'ftaarbook sfaffi t Varsity FootbalIf37,2 Scroll 3, 4751. 1 John Berchmans' '3l ph spaper Staff 3, ' 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Nliiision. Club 3, 4. lg' FRANClS l.. BUTLER "Larry" T04 Colton Ave., Lacka., N. Y. . Our Lady of Victory Academic Football J. V. 27 Student Council 37 Intra- murals 2, 3, 47 Homeroom Representative 37 Misgion Club 3, 47 Music Appreciation 2, 37 Glee Club 3, Aj Yearbook Staff 4. MARGARET M. CAVANAUGH 271 Eden St., Bflo., N. Y. Sf. Martin upeggyll Academic Sodality 3, 47 Library Club 47 Spanish Club 3, 47 Prom Committee 37 J. V. Cheerleader 3. CAROLE A. CLEMENTE "Carole" l 255 O'Connell Ave., Bflo., N. Y. "-L' Our Lady of Perpetual Help . I y my 54.5 Academic .t N2 lllltfn' 4 . ' , -... . 1 -'ff Newspaper Staff 3, 4, Soclality 3, 4, Soft- i ' ball 45 Scribblers' Club 3, 4, Library Club 4, i V I Q, Secretary of Rifle Club 3. l , I A ' H. 1 ' il 1 Ei.. l Q l A 1 , A' .I 'J fl l 'B . ' x JOSEPH A. CEFARATTI "Cef" l 59 Benzinger St., Bflo., N.,.Y. 'V B, St. Francis of Assisi . A I 1 V , Business - V, " ' l V' I Newspaper Staff 32'-Mission ,Club 35' Bbokffflljv. keeping Club, 3, 'Varsity Track I, 2, 3, 4, 1' Varsity Football!4p Intramurals 'l, 2, 3, 4. l I ii, f.i V f' t". BARBARA Q1 l CORBRANR. l "Barb" ' 18 Sollars Aye.,.-jBflo'., ,,.' N. Y. ' St. Ambrose, lf- Q ' , Business 'Q "", W 2,,:NRifle!Club 3: Library Club 4. ROBERT D. CIEMBOR "Clarence" it ll, 115 Benzinger sf., Bflo., N. Y. l lil 1 1 Sr. Agnes I 'X Business If X Newspaper Staff 3, 4, Intramurals li Rifle ,l Club 3. , ll 1 .1 Q lf .sql FRANCIS J. CORTO "Frank' 5268 Abbott Rd., Hamburg, N, Y. St. Bernadette Business J. V. Football 'l, 25 J. V. Baseball 37 Book- keeping Club Sf Intramurals 'l, -2, 3, 4 Rifle Club. F ,, gms an 'R 5' '-arf in in B 1 . lx 23 'JY ...L - sg a Q aura, 1 CAROLE L. COTE "Frenchie" 580 Ridge Road, Lacka., N. Y. ' Our Lady of Victory 1 Academic Library Club 4, Prom Committee 3, 4, Scrib- blers' Club 4. DAylD A. DEHLINGER "Dave" V259 Qmsgfin,-Rd., Lanka., N. Y. 1' ' fQ,5F if 'Our'Lacly7offlZicfory . 'L gy 'iiif?"" Acaclemicul N,V' f,,'?.9, K, ,.-' f'7'."fff-Q, J.V. Footballfgfillersity Football 2, Intra- ff??1f?19"gf3'il":K l,4-' murals if 2, 37214522 YT? l7'QE:f-L L ij big ,", -fi .,5fffff"'f In ,,,. 1 fix, ' lv all li 35'-7+ ll'-fif?"' ff Q l .1 'Q ,..,-MRM A --r ,,.. -.nf- , 1 -' -af '-'-' 5' g-Tlgiz ' "pf,-',:'4ew -fri. NW. Q! -'01, ,Elf - :if lu- ei- i .,a'cff- 1 . .en M .3 :M W WIN:-:a,.,. . --- --,T , , - ,, ,.-, Wigf,,.,,a, fe., , , .... .. t niaenzla V 'WWW ii, ' ' .frrf .,.:... .,. Mg. 1....... . ,,-,.. .h ,. -V V ...,,, , 'iii-f...2f-ef .- 1--W e 3- 1' ,q+a-a, h .-rp-f -.-.V , N, "fy ' 3- Lili - - , -,- mai- rig TERENCE A. COURTNEY jg, "Miles" 1 fi.5E 89 Wilson Dr., HamburgQgN33eY.-- St. Bernadette 'lil-ff' Academic IQJQAN E. DeMARIE "Joni" Track l, 2, ,3iy3LiC',tQSs:Country 1, 2, 3, 47 ,',jg-V-411123 Revere Dr., Derby, N. Y. lnframurals,f1'?,f2,SIg2ff! A lffsff Vincenf f,g',aj1EQ5sodali1y 1, 2, 3, 4, An Club 2, 3, News- fx ' paper Staff 'l, 2, 3, 47 Art Editor 3, Library fl lleiQ..,..,. ll Club 4, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook Staff, :ii ' Layout 47 Dramatics 4, Intramurals 3, 4, -wlllirfw ,gif-j Scribblers' Club 4. 24 ..-ff- 'ali PATRICIA M. CROSTA "Patsy" A QQ" H . 57 canon Ave., Laaka., N. Y. 1, y I f Our Lady of Victory g A if . Business ' Social Committee 2, Library Club 4. 'fmt MARIE L. DUFFY "Re" 45 Cantwell Dr., Bflo., N. Y. St. Ambrose Business Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling I, 2, So- clality 'lp Glee Club 25 Yearbook Staff 3. PATRICIA A. DUNN "Pat" 3992 Abbott Rd., Orchard Park, N. Y. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Business Bowling 3, Library Club 4. PATRICIA M. DURKIN "Pat" 'I4 Navaho Pkwy., Bflo., N. Y. St. Theresa ,x f Acaglgrnii . .V Y ' ""fSodaI-ity'11,..2,'Y13,747. Secretary 1, Prefect 41 fBas,ketbaIl, .Library Club 4, Volley- 'ball,3f.Pt9'njl"Cojrtmiifteev'35 Latin Club I, 25 -'lntran'iurals'3, 4g,SLQ.CgA. 3, 4. . llxi Ll I' I 1 lv .I I .fx .fl . ., .V 5, ,A Q:gn.'fj,15i2g Z ,E E . 'I' if .- V sl' 2 : . 1 . - JN' far!! .,., Z,..!eii.:,,-:I Jomy rtjtlss "Ice" 1 f I B " 266 shtlftgway sf., ana., N. Y. -1.9-Fr H Q , St. A 'Ig ' , ' I 1 'mul :-: -:-f.- I ., Aca demic-fa lie ' r if. J. v. Fddthiall 'I,l,2A,. ymny Track 3, 4, Var- X sity CroSSfCounti5gY4p Newspaper Staff 3, 4, I MissionjClub.ff3,"21j JM. Basketball 3, Sci- , J . :gf ence Af'-,katirll CIUB 'Ip Varsity Basket- ball I, 2. Ella:-,'tkl.l.s riff gm 1 :M P L . was .tl yu X aaa '7lf.1.v g, l. I I f I if I NORINE A. EMHOF "Norine" 831 Eagle St., Bflo., N. Y. St. Patrick Business Soclality I, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 4, News- paper Staff 2. - -. .1 -ik.,- ea Q.. 'V .ha 1 f 25 ii? 45? in ,f fja-L l Y 2 5257 ll ' I . ' I, ' A 1 EL .ips IA' . -Qi 1.1 :L Z lialf-I 1 I V ggi . . M Q, l V A :M . " . ' 'lli m. 'J' A if I. ,I . V 26 Junm-1 Af .EVANS ' "Judy" 63Q anadjelfkgi., Q Lacka.,l N. Y. Our. Lady, of 'Victory " Q Business' T - ,V jf! 5 I 'l , Y Soclality 11, 2, 23, 4,4sgisb,blgf,s'-gclub.i 3,.,4,.-c Bdwling 2, '37 Newspaper, Staffi 2, QQ-'47, Library Club 4, -'-- Y -eilarboo-:ik lSiaff2Q4, Qopy-Editor, S.S.C.'A: 1 3i?Prom 'CorrirniTfe'e 3,y4pQJ. V. Basketball 3.5" ' i, A li . , ANN M. FERRARA V-rf Qjf'Kiin.M3l+iQ' 122 Davey St., Bflo., f ,f- St. Francis of Assisi 1' Business '- ig, :L Third Order of St.7Fra1ncis'i3? Bowling 3: Prom Committee 4, Library Club 4. JOSEPH A. FIORE "Joe" 118 Jackson Ave., Lacka., N. Y. St. Anthony Academic Intramurals 3, 4, Science Club 4, Music Ap- preciation 4. SHIRLEY M. FORCUCCI 30 Portland St., Bflo., N. Y. Sf. Thomas Aquinas Business Bowling 3, Library Club 4. "Shirley" BARBARA A. FITZGERALD "Fitz" 185 Whitfield Ave., aflp., N. Y. Holy Family , Academic V Sodality i, 2,J 421Wc'elPrefect l, 35 Glee Club 'l, .SiUd6i1f4jlC0Ul'1ClI i, 2, 3, Vice- Presiclentf2p Prom Committee 37 Latin Club 1, 27!lntramurals'3, 4, Newspaper Staff 2, 3,.'4.g3iSecretary 3, S.S.C.A. 1, 2, 37 Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Library Club 47 Dramatics 3, 4. ' . L ."4Z1i.-,M af' Jr" L B l 'ig A 5. wigs, Y , f .'Iif1i,.v U I" f f ., ' , s .2 ""- ' ta 2 717- ,,x', .' 1 '55 V' i 1 HI.. nl I! nv' "' ,f .lr ' . lx 'ya J. ' 'LFNA i -T.- l l l CARL S. GMEREK "Cool Carl" ?Fl"5iiF'Yj V 116 Rother Ave., Bflo., N. Y, 'L N ' St. Adalberf L , L Z W, . ',,1' K ' L' M Academic L 1 V ,A 1' f- . Football 3, Bowling 47 Track 3, 47 Newspa- ' L per Staff 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, GI ' L f t, Club 3, Music Appreciation 3, Judo 3, 4. ' if FJ , ,rx 1 f ,L .LLL L L ,r .A v ll ' xc . L ,L L L'LL I-. L L i ' 1' L L J Q ,.L lt L 'F LL 1 ' L L L L mf L L A L vi, A ' " ' Leif' ':'. 5 :-a,:,: i':"L " - 'A 5 RUTH A GARGALA K . V "RUtl"Lie"' Z Q gr' 1299 Electric Ave., Lacka., N. Y. Z Z L Our Lady of Victory L 11.7. L AV . Academic A ,"' 2 V , ' , ' L f'-.1257 Sodality 2, 3, 4, Library Club 47 Spanish ' 3 1' Club 2, 37 Social 'Committee 1, 2, Prom . Committee 3. 4' 1 A J L L ,SW . QL L ELLEN B. HALL "El" L W , l ,- 311 Sudbury Rd., Lacka., N. Y. YH E7 AV l Ll Our Lady of Wctorylx' fi :lg Academic. L ' SpanishLClub.3,'l4, Social Committee 1, 2, Studenti Council, Vice-President 1, 4. L LL Li LQ L L, , L l LL ' MARY ANN GEARY "Mary Ann" l l' 26 Ryan St., Bflo., N. Y. ll St. Theresa l Academic L L Latin Club 1, 25 Library Club 4, Art Club ll'-I-N 25 Intramurals 37 Newspaper Staff 3, 4, ' - Spanish Club 3, Basketball 3, 4, Prom Com- " " ' L' .- -. . 5 -ff-'L'-x 'L mittee 3. L, - S 7 . N, L Y N 2 J' L. L' JI ff' 'iz L. if -L.,1 t. 'Lf ROBERT F. HARTMAN "Fred" I ll V l 44 Crescent Pl., Lacka., N. Y. Our Lady of Victory fx L - Business 1 Mission Club 3, Football 2, 3, Gym Main- tenance 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Bookkeeping L Club 3. 27 MARGARET M, HEALY "Peg" 183 Lyndale Ct., West Seneca, N. Y. St. Bonaventure Business Homeroom Representative 27 Student Coun- cil 27 Class Secretary 37 Softball 47 News- paper Staff 27 Prom Committee 37 Art Club 27 Library Club 4. rf ,ff if-ran:-M ff fe.,-1"fN.,lI:..54., 1 'i.fii':j"'- "Y "'l in '12 ,4 11735. fra l I feya .I-:li'.."'i'k RN 3ug,,I..., ,--"'-e:4:4..,- wg rw ,ff feel? flex , . sgxzff-'1a,. ll va.-.... ff- -1-'fi ' 7,J.,-:Q. . +ve- -1-sq'-m wc! '.5fe.:-- ,-ws-:W iff' If 4 ,tL:Lt5.g. -.TTR - 2 'st I If-Q--F. 'sig .L ,, .a,sfv112iQif,,'-.'-.,, --- ,tjze-7-R -X,l.'-. -2.-.1 ,,,,f:.:,....,,:N . gc-- ,. .,.,,,. ,Litre H.-..-.... I D I Jifgissrzm Y 1.--is"'lf..,......: ru.. FAQ- av -dl..xF-Q- ,ul .----qem. .rL. sm-Mo, - '-.-Li.: V-. M--- lying'-:A.N. lt f..1.':---w--. 'CQ ' IH.-.1....... .,, gem... fr X -3... :Rh I ,--i'1'gf9'L"-" ff' .,-121. ,Y f' ik.. PATRICIA V. JEDYNAK "Pat" ---A-I4-,Clinton St., Lacka., N. Y. 73:52-bf!!lllifdylifitlie Sacred Heart of Jesus ,ACN A , .f Q.. 113. gg.:':"a " :vne-'xJ"'1x ' A Academic 'gf .iii-751. Sodality I, 2'm,l3,Elg'5lee Club I, 27 News- paper Staff 4?7lI5ipr3fyL Club 47 Latin Club If 2' 3- li ilgl,E?i I' 5511: I 'f ,fug- ll L- ilzimix ll Wifi X I 'V -L-gtg" s. JOYNT "Kev" .. If ,I A --,ifffr-were-is-2 I . ,Wi -..ehK.1 i7qj',wwygi-i M ll V9.1-I yi i:i,Y-T,?1.Qf,T3i'g3T-T1 RICHARD E. HETEY 51.,-',4:g:fQDlEiglE'LgQgLg4gg,,T23,373-323.if-ff-J-.-..'- 'I8 Palm St., Lacka., N. Y. 5i".:L""' ' ""JiifJf"' our Lady of vfcfory ,ffggglfrr Academic J ij! Bowling 2, 4, Music Ap- lfrf,.."-'i.T preciation 2, jSll1eE5f"lCi7B' 47 Newspaper l P '-' Staff 4. ,ff,,jQ::.'r-s-.M- yt:?fY,f--If-1' ,f-7f:Z68ZReed Ave., Lacka., N, Y. fi jiri-Qur Lady of Victory yyglg ,fgjf-'QiI:.':Academic ,., Q., ,Q fl V WC" 1' 1 ".4c..,..-.. if f,.-f:.:-g-1----- Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 47 Varsity Football 47 ,twig-. 'ff Track 3, 4, Mission Club 3, else Club 3, Social Committee 37 Gym Maintenance 3, 4. I,. Q-f,,.-........ Aig?2.::,-.-iz.: ' A1 .1---.L"' f0N-f,rL..... . .. '-A'Vf'31'.'.If"' f 1' '-1.-wmif' Il -eng- 'x rs fl ANTOINETTE M. IAFALLO . "Toni" 432 Lein Rd., West Seneca, N. Y. Fourteen Holy Helpers Academic Latin Club 27 Newspaper Staff 3, 47 Music Appreciation 37 Library Club 47 Scribblers' Club 4. I f e-Lq,,g5fef- f 4 - my ez... ' I Y 4 N. f-.. 'fi ' ' .4 l 1532- 3 'V 'V 741 . . f it .f ,,x,L.,W- ' 3' 4 1:11 : . Y , . V l AV is V g li, 1 1' iii: l A-. .r ,H 52' "Ken" "' ' ' ff' .?36"Jarnes' 'St.,,BlasdeIl,1.fN. Y. Our! Motfier of Goodiffounsel Business ' i -, ' ' .:'Mission Club 3, Football, Manager 4, Track 3, 4, lntramurals 'I, 2, 3, i4. ' ARTHUR L. KANE "oz" my 210 Downing St., Bflo., N. Y. 4' , St. Ambrose Academic St. John Berchmans' Club 3, 4, Music Ap- preciation Club 2, Track 3, 4, Chess Club N--fy 3, 4, Junior Class President 3, Student Coun- Zi ' 1 1 cil 3, Intramurals 3, Science Club 2, Mis- sion Club 3, Dramatics 3, 4. ,M fl 11 - - JM N V, I A if' WILLIAM J. KELLY "BH" ' 65 Bloomfield Ave., Bflo., N. Y. . - Y Holy Family. 1 Academic 1, ff? ' P Latin Club '11, Treasurer 2, J. V. Football " 59" L L J' ig J.V. Baskejbal,If1l2,l'Junior Sodality Treas- V L ' ,bf E urer l, bgeniqr'-'Spdality 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 2, .Classf:"P,res,ident 2, Class President ' 5.-L EDWARD J. KANE "Ed 243 Detroit St., Bflo., N. Y. 4, Student Council 2, 4, Art Club 2, Music Appreeietidn Club 2, 3, 4, Model U. N. Del- egateylglntlfarriurals 3, Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4, Yeelgbodk'MArt Editor 4. St. Ann J 'Xl Academic Sodality 'l, 2, Latin Club 2, Glee Club 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 3, 4, St. John Berch- l mans' Club 3, 4, Prom Committee 3. l I ri ,ll L. l YV l VERONICA KELLY "R0nni" in l 33 Cantwell Drive, Bflo., N. Y. St. Ambrose Business ,V QKQ- 3i:t,Kf- - .1 4 QBHR5ARA?VJQfi?KUSSl' f ,. wfiiilafsifif SNK Walf6tcrestlfT2iQge,,f'.z fSe'i1,eca, jtigrv Y., ' T' jSf.gBElI'i1QlTd:V. 'Qu ,Y 'f ' ,..f 1-fiifii,-'jg ' Rbusiness , 'V ig., " jig, Nejiyspaper Staffl1L4f,lfoyl,ing 2,2132 Ljgiary Club 4, Intramural"Basl-ietballl 3. ' fffnf-B 3,2-: Vx 1?- l' 1 T . . Q---.-. EVELYN L. KRAUSE , f'fEvial'lT T? -A 60 Holland Ave., Lacka., St. Hyacinth .1f'f'3i3'ffg." Academic 1! T' i sodanfy 1, 2, 3, 4, seekgfaqgfia, swdem Council 3, Cl1eerleade,r"Jj,-l2,fQ3p.1'Newspaper Staff 2, Latin Club 25 Library .Club 4, Glee Club 1 , s.s.c.A, 1, 2. MARGARET R. KRAUSE "Marge" 59 Palm St., Lacka., N.Y. Our Lady of Victory Academic THOMAS A. KRUSZKA "Tom" 4 Soutl-1 Abbott Rd., Hamburg, N.Y. St. Bernadette Business Mission Club 3. 1 ,rv -i.,.,V,iA WILLIAM L. KTQQCZYNSKI Hsrarf' 796 Walclen Ayewgilfi., N.Y. Holy Name V," ."V"i jf Academic' 'VEV K f ,f 1 Tennis-,2,Jl1i,,i4f'Bbwling 2, 3, 4j lnframurals I,A,2LE!gik'lELllatin Club 1, 2, Art Club 25 Chess "ClLibTl2" Newspaper Staff 47 Music Apprecia- tion 2, 47 Track 4, Student Council 4, Class Treasurer 45 Glee Club 4, Science Club 2, 4, Dramarics 4. -ar' 18 f Y .. - JOHN R. LENAHAN "Dick" 14 Hudson St., Blasdell, N.Y. Our Mother of Good Counsel Business Varsity Football 3, 47 Track 1, 2, 31 4: -l-V- Football 2, Cross Country 'li Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Bookkeeping Club President 35 Mission Club 3. ROGER J. LIS "Foxy" 86 Smith St., Bflo., N.Y. St. Stephen Academic J.V. Football lj Varsity Football 2, 35 Varsity Bowling 45 lntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. JUDITH A. LAGANA "JUdyi'i 116 Ladner Ave., Bflo., N.Y. A Sf. Ambrose Business . - I .-,3 Sodality 1, Intramurals ,3, Aiv Cheerleader' 1, 'V ' 1 2, 3, 4, Bowling Library Club 4. l 1 1 1 fi 1 1 i W1 1-ii 1ll 'll 2, 35,-Nlewsbaper Staff 47 .1 711111 3, rw. 1, as 1 1 11 1 ,H ,,,1 JOHN A. LIVECCHI' ,eii , "'l "Joh11" 5288 Abbon Rdlf- Haiiburgg N.Y. St. Bernadette! Q V 'A Business 1 1 Mission1-'Club' 'B - 411 . if--,l: 1-X 1 111 1 l l ii' ' ' l 1 1 l NANCY A. LONCAREVICH "Nan" 4 Magnolia St., Lacka., N.Y. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Business Class Secretary 45 Library Club 47 Bowling 3. SHIRLEY A, MAHLMEISTER "Shirley" 101 Olympic St., Bflo., N. Y. Our Lady of Sacred Heart Academic Sodaliiy i, 2, 3, 45 Vice-Prefect 4, Latin Club 1, 25 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Scribblers' Club 3, 4, Library Club 4. ,s-1f "f H Y K F A' T711 f gy :H "1---, M! ' Z 1if:::,I-l YQ'-5"-W.. 1,1-+.-.Q-xge .,-ig-- -,-pf-'s:i-if -.Tim wg .f,:r---- nf' 1,3 WIA5i4.,.:-f1Ci3dss'C6ur'ltrywill-J:V. Football 2, Golf 2 1 J- 1 . .. A .r,K,Q, , ,, .., .D X .ff J-.E ,,ff3..-55,1 ,- ,.,-- "ff-f--- ,,-:f,-PT.1f-i ' ,..,., L- -N... .- ...- 1 f---K. ' -L .--.E ' ie... -ri-'j"-. le- -,.-'3.l'kj I ' 'JE'-- w .11 41-Na '---xl ' Q, ytagx-. ,f V:-llf LTC-XX' . -wax.,-., -- 1 - .. 1-.. .- - 4' . 'rf .- 'fe s . My . Us--. I V N? f. ..-L +-1 ,en -fe., ill 1. 'X 'i '1.-,31gETfj5" Ei. LSE? be .- Fl. 521 fre.. -r-rf .A---Q so-+q -U .-1-K. 6 .ae-Q.,, lr-. 1 .--4 -e-.,vi 1 4---.- 4. -4.4, s., , N lv ,::"ill,., K. . ,xii Nl 1 . U, .- -vt. wi., I. ,-, p g my-1:-a.....,..f ' gi -. 1 1 1,2 'lee-.,, , . let- N..-Q... E gi' Q 9- ,Q 2' wi if -.Lx r..g... '1- 'ii ,-."S,""- ,Qi :fluu in Ii2::'1"-+- Q - L-42: we R THOMAS J. MANLEY "T0m' 135 Shoreham Dr., Lake View, N. Y. Our Lady of Perpetual Help ,Academicz 1: 3, 47 Intramurals 17-2, 3, 47 Social Commiti tee 2, Newspaperfstaff 4, Glee Club 4, Science Club 4. ii".-v,2ig3 " ff tl l 'lfyff , , x 1 Ne f--'-II, 'X ' 'Q - -... " z . 1- xss.. , . N.. ,, k. ee... Q. sf, ' : ew- 1 mf-LQ .- :A+ .QFNC ., , V qmkf --,, -C " 4- -.-,. 'flak 3, xt-111. yy '- -. Nj- '--eQ.,-:--- L ll' .93 -fry..- l lg,-'S ":.-...wrk'e.ig?.:,1:'---JT-. "' ss, ,tyi xv.: ,- ., -sf.- -qi fx, --. sw, X. . , ., f--- ..-L 'A -S-.- ..,, -. 'fn -ly 531549 .sr VX ':'C-2T"- 'U'4.g..,i1Lffe."--4.2-L, X 1. I P:-53' N-P-.al l'3'Q1l:l'Aiir f Fifrl. 'bill' 3 3 1-:ll 1' 1' '. 1 fair 17,35 5 Jail- I' ',YL' ,- 11 "Q..vt- Q- VA 1 llvf-1 -' 11- , Z i 1 - x,':'-,..:,:f, .--,v-L.. 1 'ln .. ,y x, XX, X, ' A.--,, 1 i QM-- JOHN P. MAHONEY A "Jaek"-- he-.rxlxfle -V Wersi. ,v ' :Hfl,,a,.1:-,-' -- i 90 Sowles Rd., Hamb'urgji,ilfl2ii?22T SS. Peter a d P,a fi 3f7i'p'l-izrli' n f. Business ffl, ,ii lntramuralsnflD!iff3?iEiZseball 3, 45 Mis- sion Clubl,QiHQ9E'Elf5Trilenance 3, 4. IX "'i"'c", Af' Qi4l,fQfi" t .-V..,.b...,l fi 1 5544. 2 jg,-f 3 3' ll TIZTN . 1 rw- .1- fg. L 5... ,, iss. vu, ..-W MM.- -IW,-.h.A...L"g, l"'f'N. X'-sr. 'AL' ffjrraxx Q -key mf-L-- .1 , M..- 'fer' viz F A .R IVV. .,..,... Yli'--.-E. i' ITN- .wma ,L ,f -.--N.: -l. .e --.. y ' .-NN... ELET' "T 'llif -im ,r . , fZ.1TMICHAEL A. MARTIN "Mike' f 1 f-1 if 1,-4112780 Ridge Rd., Lacks., N. Y. .- ,nw-i . mi. ,N-in wi' ff' "1 --NTIII, .fi ' ,--1 ,.., fl 'A--,W ,ve .M .:'- -2 f ,f A L.i..'a'---- .Q .,. -J ..1. . f' 'c-1'fl's1ZH"""'--h I,- ,,. f .4317 r-.K NL' .-, i--.,iI?" mf: ,qw : NSG.. --xg..-I XM4- , If ff - ,g ss. ff? ' ff2.T.1?,a- ffrigi: ,f 6f+f'f:1iT:' f , lffffiagz' ' WEE "'- , - .Q MARY ELLEN MALONEY 66 Hayden St., Bflo., N. Y. St. Theresa "Mary Ellen" Business Sodality lp Third Order of St. Francis 3, 47 Prom Committee 3, 4: Library Club 47 Bas- ketball 47 Intramurals 3, 47 Newspaper Staff 4. Our Lady of Victory Academic Football 3. l y !,. 4 .Vi ,- , v r iv y , vi V 1 l, it 1 t ..-:::f'l.,,l Xe. 1 BERNARD T. MCCANN "Bernie" 70 Colton Ave., Lacka., N. Y. Our Lady of Victory Academic Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, J.V. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Varsity Basketball 4, Newspaper Staff, Sports Editor 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, Mission Club 3, 4, President Model U. N. Delegate 3, 4, St. John Berch- mans' Club 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. SUE ELLEN MCCANN "Sue" l 18 Brown St., Lacka., N. Y. Our Lady of Victory Academic Sodality 1, 3, 4, Co-Editor "Queen's Work" 4, S.S.C.A. 3, Library Club 4, J.V. Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4, Captain 2, 3, Varsity Cap- tain 4, Latin Club 1, 2, President 2, Scrib- blers' Club 4, Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4, Cir- l l 1 culation Head 3, Glee Club 1, Class Secre- ll tary 1, Intramurals 3, 4, Homeroom Rep- resentative 4, Prom Committee 3, Student Council 1, 4. ii .me ' sages EEL - ei 1 l ll .1 111111 l wc?" 'fl TERRENCE W. MCCANN "Terry" H 99 Pellman Pl., W. Seneca, N. Y. , 4 Our Lady of the Sacred Heart li M 'J H1 g f" Academic l 1 Mission' 'ClubV3,1Musicrlkppreciation 2, 3, Social Committee 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 2,- 3,' 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 14, Student Coun- cil' 3, 4, 'lflomeroom Representative 3, Dele- gate tothe All 'High Catholic Student Coun- cil 3, 4, Prom Committee'3,!4. , ' :wif 'I-.1IN . em 5 ' , ,253 e JOSEPH L. Mccooev "Joe," M ll 218 smith sneer, Bflo.,'NL1Yi St. Stephen -' , Business 1 .' E 1 x Bookkeeping, Club Latin Club 1, lntra- ' murals.v1,'1-213, 4.' - ,------.-,, .T WGN., ease... V Y 3131.1 11 1 11 l l , 1, - - 1 ms l 1 MICHAEL E. McCORMACK "Mike" X 'I I 39 Wilson Dr., Hamburg, N. Y. I 1 St. Bernadette ' " f ' Academic Cross Country 1, Track 1, J.V. FootbalIA2, Intramurals 1, 3, 4, Social Committee 3, 4, Music Appreciation 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Prom 3,- 4, Glee Club 3, Football Score- V' keeper 4. ll 33 A 7 . 1 fi JT.-f',-A 42" ka- WV9 IH El ' .azrxg-v L gisiigf .33--., -..., af fa 'cw-., 'pilussiagwgwa 2? lf. ,f 3, , lfzgwx.-eq-. ' .l.."Mv-e-:- .gff-.:-ae-ra-L i Qlllff 3 ':s,,,,3Q- L. ,J J ,i azi- ,misa- L We-X -Iifir'-T1 fl: Ii ififiii f -.fjg --EN: . ...V-M-. ,fiz5ifff?E.?Z': fgdjgsgi' 1 - F' 'I' J ..:,rf.' 7 KATHLEEN A. MCLAUGHLIN "Kathy" .f.j,1f7142:-'-3? 2:5 T D W s N Y aff li'-T-1"'e -: Bmpa F., . EIWECB, . . V s0,Xf-'gq..,lL1fl,.L..-s...,- Sf. Marlin Academic -. .E ff 1 Twp, 7 fi .Eff 1i5'z4Pfi1i -lifffff as , ll' 1' S.. ,aj ft-. if:-E.- ,ffiffff "'T'T'1:'3I' 'm 7' L91 ff 1: fi7"l2::-QT "' "NM "Ki"-is :X 72:3 f:'2".:'+7?-., Z.: 7' V1.1 ,ff ,..,,-1.-'z.:Taa l,. 211 j.-XTX uRid1fLxff .lie -fb '.' L mr- "'a,-'g--... 1. 'f"..,' ,, jz-irflgm - ' 1. -fa- .Ti5E.Kf!LnafEadaB9fflisbafhaf. llwfgy-1-ff-211af1fa -an Q ' -5, - 'w -We fig? '--2,1-,,,: -.W Z'-344152552 5 Q5-343951 :Rfk ini? , . - - -1.39. wa, -sh, 3721.3 zmv, ' ., Lag i g2gjjiem'C .xr glam- Ii, if iff: L .35ig:TgCk:3, 47 Music Ap, oF25g5i',xg1N1 9 LQQQTS.:-7, X, ROBERT J. MEEQQQQQE, "Bob" iig-43154 -.?1L.:N- 'e,"-.v- 12 Oakwood Aveq-Blasdell, N. Y. L -lax 11 fare- ,.-:K was-. .. lg. 3-vqg wt- 5-ii-V ay mi? Our Mofherlqfgoodggounsel Rf.. '-.1i'l!?i- . -.f:fi,:'.Yi?: in f gm. gems L X Ni q, i--.Nga-.. Business- fEa.n.fg.::s-W awf.'l"i 1-Falk iq'-R1 f Week -7 s 11..:.f1z'f.f--lr:-is . . wfxjg.-' ppl wgjfi NSE- 'nl -1-Y'2:zTRt':fF'QXT"'!lTA:N" ' .,,-..:lQ1rarnurals::l7M2, 3, 47 Mission Club 37 Gym '- -N " - e 1 '-has-.2 '11 V W '- M- V 5- wi -954.1-Q' fa- Ts- ba-' 'f- '- " T7'f"aba--- "+Y""f1? xr-2:1 11- a..fsmMalrTfenaE?:e 4. Lf- -sxwa. K . 5.1. - , N 5 A , A , fixa-4,3 4 N'--1 Q-,tex Xa:--.34--,J-Q.. azilim . . . i. NS'-5 M w kvi . . f fu-.wxxa 7' is 215 1. F'-XD xdfijf-11", ' ""w..--.- -- Amiga: W ea L - .sg . . alma Latin Club l, 27 Intra6?aclfLETgSQ heer- leader l, 2, 3, 47 Library Club 47 Prom Comn1ijg'ge'lQi-fModel U. N. Delegate 3, 47 Sci'yJ,f6'i'SfQClub 47 Dra- matics 4. Fi 5 . .. -.- JOSEPH G. MCNAMARA "Joe" 343 Parker Rd., Hamburg, N. Y. St. Bernadette Academic EVELYN M. MENNA "EWG" 48 Downing St., Bflo., N. Y. 4 St. Ambrose Business Third Order of St. Francis 3, 47 Prom Com- millee 37 47 Library Club 47 lniramurals 3, 47 Newspaper Staff 4. ROBERT J. MILLER Bob , 295 South Shore Blvd., Lacka., N. Y. Our Lady of Vlcfory Academic Soclalnly 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Sfaff 3, 4, Mission Club - 3, 4, Music Appreciation 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4. , A J 1 I DAVID J. MEYERS 182 Kirby Ave., Lacka., N. Y. Our Lady of Victory Academic Science Club, Mission Club. nsugsyll PAMELA R. MENN6! "'A ' A - "Paffi'V 2862 Seneca Sf.,fW.".-Seneca, .N. Y. Sf. Bonavenfurei an, A-X Academic " H V -' l l 1: , . v 1 l n' I ll ,. l cl, .ll "T 'll I I I lf lp I ,ig .lj 'll ii 4 4 I if E fi l My l 1' pw. 'I L. l ll 'lvl L MARY EVELYN 'MINCARELLA "Mary Evelyn-' 1781 seneaag s1,,ifl1flQ.,f N. Y. Sf. Theresayfi W ' 1" - ,J- Businessff ,lj-,fl .--.IJ Basketball 3, 4, Library c?"lll' Club 4, Soda'lil'y?,4p Rifle Club 3. will ' .1 ii, I i PATRICIA M. MOHAN "l.iHle Pai' 400 Sudbury Rd., Lacka., N. Y. Our Lady of Victory Business Newspaper Staff, Head typist 4, Sodality ' 2, 3, Library Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4: Prom Commihee 3. 35 LORETTA A. MONACO "l.0rry" 231 North Willowlawn, Bflo., N. Y. St. Francis of Assisi Business Library Club 4. . '- If E-T1---I., .va fix! i w,,t,...,-.,, e , 7-it ,,-- H4 .,Q,,A:j'73ie-., ,f:- if -,Q .L'.li.,,,g, Y, 'lf' fi' "i",1,, 7,1 'Tel ' 't.g'.fTfL ,f f v-4'- -. "" ill- Lario- l""g:P' zg5'...'N':' fm'-f -. x 'Q Wqvg., .er '7 --------Aiea' - ,-1 ee--.-e , f.. -,V V ,L-Y 4 w ,nf--:,,f ,X 5 fee... 'Nu L- ., -1. -ev. N- ,jf- ,i...,. N. , H ,K , Y - , as V--M x- cfs- - .X- '-L-.. x ,yuh W-A A li an M--N 'TE I 3 E " t . ,lu .., 4 ... fmwnlcag,-MQRIARTY "Mass" 4 y 7 A.- f23351Sputlqi,sPark, Bflo., N. Y. A ' 'St. Ambrose' j 1.5, Academic 5 V Track 2, 3, 47' Cij535iCountry 47 Glee Club 37 Mission Clubll,'37 fihird Order 3? 47 St. John Berchmans',l'A,'C11l"CU.ibf 2, 3, 47 Intramu- rals 3. 7 ,fl 75715 ff if 22- ,Lf " 1-',v-itil-Ei xl if-'XY N -,A -ejijbymi "J:'E5fQi-li4 ""' '4' "3-f l-,lf "l, if l :E ...,--m- I ,Sy at 'iii fgii M -I: ' vftfli V CATHERINE A. MQNAHAN 7 53 ,ieliqaihgfig ' 44 A ' .T Qc 1536 South Park Ave., Bflo'l,i-NIZYZ7 Y Sr. Agatha j,3,QQ2iT A Academic fd- . softball 4, spafniggtfcigiagaieiai. Basketball 37 Volleyball ,47w,Xlalr'5ftfQ7jE:E5ketball 47 Intra- murals 3, 4,74,I5lQ6iEEa1p':e'F Staff 3, .4, Sports Edi1or7 Libyany2Iilubjg47 Cheerleader 1. 7 l- -is if i f f---' - - I L, ,fiSiEHoLAs D. MOLEA "Nifty" 2fiLDowning St., Bflo., N. Y. Eff Ambrose I 7-Hcademic 5:'Ml3Sodality 2, 3, 47 Mission Club 37 Music Ap- preciation 2, 3, 47 Yearbook Staff 47 Social Committee 2, 3, 47 Scorekeeper Basketball 2, 3, Ai J.V. Football 27 Varsity Football 47 Intramurals 2. THOMAS V. MORGANTI Tom 201 James St., Blasdell, N. Y. Our Mother of Good Counsel Academic J.V. Football 2i Varsity Football 3, 47 Intra- murals 'l, 2, 3, 47 Music Appreciation 2, 3, 47 Mission Club 37 Manager J.V. Baseball 37 Social Committee 3, A47 Track 47 Model U. N. Delegate 3. ll t. I fl 'ii w ll t tl l l . I l I i l E 'J : ,.' sn. . 4 it V i . -J r - , 1' 'try .. '- " l"'3-.,,-fl-. 1 X. sg X THOMAS E. MUHLBAUER "Tom" 'li St. Paul Pl., Lacka., N. Y. Our Lady of Victory Academic Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Mission Club 3, Varsity Baseball 4, Gym Main- tenance 3, 4. JOHN H. MURPHY "Murph" 45 Ashley St., Bflo., N. Y. St. .loacham Business Sodality 1, 27 Newspaper Staff 3, 4, Feature Editor, Third Order 47 Photo Club 45 Book- keeping Club 3, Music Appreciation Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4. oAvm G. NEASE "Dave" lris Aye, Bflo., 3N, Y. Queen of .Heaven 2 Academic A . ' 1 ' Newspaper Staff 3, 4,ivCo-editor 4, Third- Order 3, 4, Glee Club 45 Yearbook Staff 4, Mission Club 45 Music' Appreciation 4. PAULA T. flI,El3lllQHl-:'f'f "Prudence" 123 UngerN'!.Avel., Bflox, N. Y. St. Theresa? '- M 'V Business D , Boyiilinjufyl.'3pZ"Library Club 4, Intramurals 3, 4. , W i, 1 .N V, I, 'vp ,X I , ANNE M. NORTON "Annie Oak" 64 Unger Ave., Bflo., N. Y. St. Theresa Business Library Club 4, Intramurals 3, 4. 5. l l a l g. l a O l f ,. h -GFX -4-E . AS?-l 'SU 38 '.Q ' ,l i nij4ifgciE7jgQSigiQvAic , "carky" ',1Q0ffKirnberly?AVQfvi.QBfI,q,, Y. ' "Sf.fTM'artin'?31Q.,' " . ,fii k I f 'L .4 A .Varaiiy Football 4-2, aa, 4, .Basketball j43gcga5s4 , Country 'lp IntramuraliiQ1'Q2f1'-3,..47''Miesion 'Cl0bl33, Glee ClubL.3j!fEgom Committee-,-'35 DIAIGNA J. Nowlcxl "Di" 149 Woodside Ave., Bflo., N. Y. , Holy Family V if,-4 J Academic ,,f1 ',gg...'-ji' ' sadalny 3, 4, Prom C9miiiiifaggQi33Q:siua6n1 Council 25 Glee CIub'Q2g,f'NEW5'piaper Staff 2, 3, 4, ceEdnor 4,?,5pghlisha-club 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Library fcIqH5f4g.iAp5skefball 3, 4, Model U. N. Dele!ga,tej!37,4Q.'Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals"32'j4,'QScribblers' Club 4. LINDA R. O'CONNOR "Linda" 2600 South Park Ave., Lacka., N. Y. Our Lady of Victory Academic Sodality 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 4, News- paper Photography Staff 4. DIANE J. ODDY 219 Ingham Ave., Lacka., N. Y. St. Anthony Academic Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 'l, 2. LOUISE A. O'CO,NNOR "Tootie" 190 Cumberland Ave., Bflo., N. Y. St. Thomas Aquinas., Academic f L Varsity Basketball 3, 41 Intramurals 3, 4, Co-Editor Yearbook Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 3, 45 Lackawanna' Leader 3, 4, Scrib- blers' Club -3, '4'p.fQQ-ill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Home- room' Representative 4, Softball 4, Library .Clubi 4i.'Rr9m Committee 37 Student Coun- 'cilf4f.,Moclel U. N. Delegate 3, 4. Ar r uDiu .' 'cl , L. I 1, F' 3 l -Gif EUGENE A. O'ROURKE "Gene" 47 Rosary Ave., Lacka., N. Y. i 4 l 1 . if -l. fb JOHN M. ORLANDO "John' 171 Woodcrest Dr., W. Seneca, N. Y. St. Martin Business Mission Club 3, 4, Football 2, 4, Gym Main- tenance 3, 4. 1 Our Lady of Victory Business Mission Club 3, 4, Gym Maintenance 4. 1 ANN M. o'HARA --1, 1, ij,QQ.'f1risnf'Tgz, 20 Apple St., Lacka., V' W3-N 7 Our Lady of Victofyfl ' ' N' Business f 'ff .. 'H A Sodality 1, 2, ,LiHra'ry"Club' 4, Spanish Club lfft, 47 Bowling 3. V, 1,.' L ff Fl 1 ' l 1 J lg lf'- is A -' :V P A , V- .l ff K , N lf' ' ...V -,hz l.. ,.,,2,," X1 1 yy 1, 9, 1-,Q A l 3. ,!. 1,1 Q , ti , nw ' , ,ef ye ill l l V." ' r Ulf! Hu . l - wg: l,. ' ll' l 1 Mlm l J xl l il f , ,f'1'Lf' . Qql',g.l MARIA J. QQSTAROWYCH "Maria" 1172 Ridgel Rd.j.-il.aclgaiL, N. Y. li '. ,7' Holy Ghost W ini: Acadgmiqxl-I lil' Latin!-ffcli1b.1'cw1gi" 2, Basketball 3, 4, Library .g ., Club Agg.l1iigsnipfsl5 a, 4, scribblers' Club 4. A i v,.Nvl V 1 '1 'fkl , l l ixlll - J: ,. l S V l 1 'lf l l Y l 'Sl l Willy A lfl ", l il' Q .yi RICHARD J. PACILLO "Rich" 2590 South Park Ave., Lacka., N. Y. Our Lady of Victory Business - J. V. Football 'I, 2, Varsity- Football 3, 47 Mission Club 3, Bookkeeping Club 3. CHRISTINE B. PIOTROWSKI "Chris" 310 Center St., Lacka., N. Y. Sf. Michael Academic Latin Club lp Newspaper Sfaff 2, Spanish Club If Model U. N. Delegate 3, Library Club 47 Sodality 4. Q is ' .- -114--3?L" 3 v M- 1 3:42 ,Q B I ll QA-.-V --- ,L r' '-rf. .aff '-, 5- "a I '--..," ' --" ,x -,, I lf-. 55:1 I 5 -if I -A ..... 23 MQ! Ai? X' 'f'3iJl7'T-" YT-A w . lu 9 If -ill! ff L'Z?iTi MARY J. PIROWSKI j, fgmgnyaapef' 91 Garvey sf., Bflo., N. 14" Holy Family Business I . Scribblers' ciugi Q.3g.iggipgsQ1nEnxy'f'3, 4. Legion of Decencyg37A?2lQfEilL1l735'7l'Glub 4: Rifle Club 3, Newspdpeiigfaffjlf' L ' f' "fI'iii"2- 1 I... ... RICHARD D. PUNTILLO "Punchy" 304 Norfolk Ave., Bflo., N. Y. Sf. Gerard Academic Freshrneni. Basketball, .l.V. Baskeiball 'I, 25 ,Varsify Baskejiballi 47, Cross Country ip ln- tramurals 1, 2,E3, 1f.Glee Club 3, 4, Mis- sion Club 3, 4p Newspaper Staff 3, 47 Latin Club I, 2, Prom Commiitee 3. JCSBPH K. QUINN I "curly" 3129 South Park Ave., Lacka., N. Y. Our Lady of Vicfory Business Y'V' Secretary of Mission Club 35 Gym Mainie- nance 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 47 Bookkeep- ing Club 3. PATRICIA A. PUGH Pai 79 Altruria Sf., Bflo., N. Y. Holy Family Business Bowling 4, Library Club 45 Newspaper Staff 4. 3 , l "ffl, 4 4 H ull- , ' l 'N' 3 , i ,Q al., 4 K. ,f ,u , Y, Us I I J l X FRANCIS J. QUINO "Frank" 20 Davey St., Bflo., N. Y. St. Francis of Assisi Business Mission Club 47 Vice-President Bookkeep- ing Club 3, Intramurals 2, 35 Freshman Basketball 1. ELIZABETH 3 A, .REEDY "Betty" C1300 Tudor Blvd., W. Seneca, N. Y. St. 'Martin i Academic V ASodality 1, 2, 3, Latin .Club 25 Newspaper Staff 35 Basketball 27 Library Club 4. sHARoN c. REILLY "Sharon" 8 Heussy Ave., Bflo.,,,N. Y. St. Agatha ' ' Business Y ' NANCY A. REBL nNanH Press Club '45'Scribblers' Club 4. 3270 South Park Ave., Lacka., N. Y. Assumption l ' Business Sodality 2, 3, 4, Student Council Secretary 3, Vice-President 3. , X' 'V -e ag 1 "l ii 'l if 'iam -, ., lj 511. :jj -Mlglx 2, ul -6 - 4. ,.-VB. X 1111 , -is f'-' , iff , ,Z-QM'-'l'P"'u"' , A - L if' -" L l ' g li' l ,f i R , ,V ,, , , I 1, " lr! 'I W 'Tr ' . ' ....,l t 1 J V N 1 6 " ' 'I if lj V e l Q ill! " b ' e . 5, f DAVID c. Ross "charlie" U. 419 Potter Rd., Bflo., N. Y. 5 , St. Martin ,' Business X ' Bookkeeping Club 3, lntranjurals 'l, 2, 3, 4: Track 47 J.V. Football 27 Varsity Football 3, 4. Y 1 . .gi SHARQNQY M'g,Wgou'LEyiQg. , "sharon" 192 j iaaneiisng Bflpl, Ni LY. f ACBQEFTIIC' ?'g1 'h'.':.f'fQ. ffl V lefeaglesaeg T iafiafgilybl iijiigg fsdghliiyai-Fi qlifffilee Chfb 'L2?'l50Wlf.!i9 21.-.3Q114f VQlleY55lV' H Prom Comniitfee-igQg:3Lil5ragW1fClub3Q3l: yearbook Staff 2. is A,- 13,211 , l sg N ' I gh 1' N- v . :'l,'Li:llii 1 4 . GA1L A, SAFE "Gail" 24 Tuscarora Rd., Bf,lbf,wf1NLIfY. Sf. Thomas Aquinas Llfffj Business ' JOANN SALADYGA "Jo" 37 Leland Dr., Bflo., N, Y. Sf. Barbara Business Newspaper Staff 3, Library Club 41 Intra- murals 3, 4p Bowling 2. BARBARA A. SCHRAVEN 386 Davey Sf. Sr. Agnes Academic Third Order 3, 47 Spani Club 4, Bowling 2. "Barb" sh Club 4, Library v ., li LAWRENCE E. SCHALLBB "Larry" 304 Wagner Sf,, 'Bflo.Q.iN, Y. Sf, Agnes I, I' Academic V .ff - 1:f-fri", Missioyi'..Clu5ga,2f47.-Larin club 2, J.v. Foo:- b'alli'f2iffYarsiTyf'Baseball 1, 3, 47 Intramurals l'772?E37"4,'5panish Club 4. R153-. L . A . r W 2 I MICHAEL F. SINNOTT "Mike" 294 Curiiss, Bflo., N. Y. Sf. Andrew Academic Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL F. SKIPPER "Skip" 29 Maple St. Our Lady of Victory Academic Social Committee 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Freshman Basketball I, Yearbook Staff 3, J.V. Baseball 3, St. John Berchmans' Club 3, J.V. Football I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, Var- sity Football 3, 4. MARY E. SILER "Mary" 85 Woodside Ave., Bflo., N. Y. Holy Family -4. -' ' , Business , , Library Club 4, Qramaticsfii. 1 . , JI' III Ill fi. ...IZ I fiil I'. 'W .IM I, ,I llll v I',fI 'A III ll: I I W . I ,I Q I H I I ,I .I II . ,I I II', ". I I' 21' I III I . I Ilt lI.,. I,-I, I 'If I ll I l-ll I I 'I lI 'll ELIZABETI-lyl T. SNYDER "Terry" I ll. ' 'I44 Burrtioh Dr., Bflo., N. Y. Our Ladylof the Sacred Heart II: Academic I V,.I I -. I Sodality 1, ,skflbblersf Club 3, 4, Volleyball I 'P " 3, Libraryl Club' XIIVIIIN I II If I ,bN I I ,, I V ,, , , I I II ' I II l-III I II ,Ill II fl I. I IIII , III I I I FRANCES E. SOBCZAK "Franny" 30 Elmview Avenue, Laclca., N. Y. Sf. Martin Business Bowling 2, Model U. N. Delegate 3, Library Club 4. . , Y W, ,,,, Y, E a ., sl Egllgqlll Qu DI - ... -vig . - I II . 'mga i N. a J 'ai .YV os- NANCY A. STEFFENHAGEN "NANCY" 49 Lockwood Ave., Bflo., N. Y. Holy Family Business Sodality 1, Prom Commihee 3, Library Club 4. X- ': i- 7 I" V' .' v 1. ', ' -Elf , ll ' V ' : - -, Cv? f'f-I :- ' air. ' L r JOANN A. swALLovy,.fff gif' "Jo" aa finale Ave., livrjsggagagcfggllgjiifai Sr. Bonavenrurebxj'-Q f,gi'ff,j:f' Business if ' -ji, aaskefbaliffqg555f5,ig,i Basketball a. J, .VW lr, fr .-' A ,Y ' l CAROL A. STUART "Carol" 990 Lake Ave., Orchard Park, N. Y. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academic Third Order 'lf Latin Club 2, Library Club 4. l BARBARA H. SWIADEK "Barb" 60 Helen Ave., Blasdell, N. Y. Our Mother of Good Counsel 'A.C5Cl6'T1l'? , 'Soclaliiy 2, 3, 'Library Club 4, Spanish Club 4. ' N' J5HN M. THOMAS "Mika Walfercrest Terrace, W. Seneca, N. Y. pur Lady of fhe Sacred Heart iY'Academic i'Social comminee 2, 3, 4, Mission Club 3, 4, Music Appreciation 4, Prom Committee 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 4. I ,K kb MARY G. TIGHE "Mary" 15 Vincent St., Lacka., N. Y. Our Lady of Victory Academic Sodality 'I, 27 Newspaper Staff 2, 37 Library Club 47 Bowling 2. MARYELLEN K. TOMS "MaryEllen" 638 McKinley Pkwy., Bflo., N. Y. Holy Family Business Newspaper Staff i, 2, 3, 47 Bowling i, 2. r 'MARY A.fWALsH, "Mary Alice ' +1.26-Hahaburg sf., afipg., N. Y. Our Lady- of Perpetual Help Business ' ' A , Third Order 3, 4, spahiah Club 4, Library Club 47 Newspaper Staff' 37 Bowling 2. , '5 2 4'::: ll-laill.'tt5f'3l1fi F Q r.-' ' 'A A j. 4Q15IZ'fLf Iii" r.r E2-tr? ii a ij - yr... - ' A A 1' JAMES B. WARREN "Jim" p , 2622 sauna Park Ava., Laaka., N. Y. I f SE Our Lady oflVicfory ' i ,' Academic! 1 ,,-V I , . Sodality i7 'Latin.Club 17 Newspaper Staff ' l, 2, 3,-47 Co-editor 37 Yearbook Staff Co- editor 47gSt'.: John 'Berchmans' Club 2, 3, 47 Y r Mission Club I3, '47 Class Treasurer 37 Prom ' Committee 3, 47 Quill 8r Scroll 3, 47 Music Appreciation 27 Glee Club 37 Dramatics 4. GERALDINE A. WILLARD "Jeri" 16 Folger St., Bflo., N. Y. Holy Family Academic V Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 47 Art Editor 47 Prom Committee 37 Bowling 27 Art Club 27 Span- ish Club 2, 3, 4j Library Club 4. l l ROBERT W. WILLIAMS "Bob" 126 Densmore St., W. Seneca, N. Y. Sf. Martin Academic Varsity Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Sodalify 1, 27 St. John Berchmans' Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Music Appreciation 2, 3, 45 Football Manager 47 Science Club 4, Prom Committee 3. 46 The Time: Wednesday morning, Sep- tember 4, 1957, the place: Baker-Victory High School Gym, the event: the opening day of our Freshmen Year! As frosh we were assigned and resigned to The "other" building. We were inaugurated into the busy schedule of high school life with the changing of classes and the meeting of new Teachers every forty-two minutes with "only" three minutes y to change classes. A period of confusion and "Great Expectations" existed, with aldaily mixture of basketball and dancing in the gym after a frolicking lunch period. Friendliness, good cheer, or iust plain mischief pre- vailed on our first Christmas, Assembly Day, after whichi was- .spentl our rfirst Christmas vacation as a high schoolstu- dent. Student was right, for we returned to find our firstlmid-term -exams! In the limelight that year were' broken f'limbs" of the human variety, as lfreshmenfboys Took on the world of sports. Come June, were you one of the top ften 'fAll-Stars" in Ec World or iust -a brown and gold Tie winner? As the y'ear.came,-to at close, so did the stay of the Holyj,'Crosls"Fathersl On June 8, 1958 a farewell dinner fwas held in their honor to thank thernffor being a part in starting us. well'on-Your "Journey". Q t f Our return to Baker-Victory found the Franciscan Fathers with us. The first few months were spent in getting acquainted with our new quarters in- the building which houses Baker-Victory proper, the student body other than Freshmen, and the segregation of the boys and girls. Ex- citement reignedfsupremeiin,sports during the winter months as B-Vtllcopped third prize in a "sudden deathulbasketball game between B-V and Bishop: Timon., B-V"de- feats Timon! Dramatics arrived at B-Vsforp the first time with the .presentation of "Merry Christmas Mr. Baxter", introduc- ing to B-V a spotlight on fstage activity as well as the many other activities iand organizations which we suddenly dis- covered exist in this building. On June 6, 1959 the Sophomores lowered themselves to go on a picnic with the frosh, but class status and segregation were soon for- gotten, when a glad time was had by all. We came back again, in September to find that we're not last in the milk line anymore. Juniors now, we were invited to the Ring Ceremony, to view those Sen- iors who will have since started on their "Journey". Off-key voices resounded from thefront of the classic stained-glass win- dow and Nativity scene at the Christmas Assembly, filling the student body with the holy spirit of the season. Again the spotlight fell on sports as we tie for first place in the'Bishopf'Burke-,Djgvigsion for bas- ketball. Thenf-camefthe Asilverg and blue clouds ,drifting precariouslyfgover our heads at our first prom, "Fainifd5l5", held at the K. of C. Hall on May"g2.0I".?1,960. Made it at last! First in the. line! October 3, 1960, a proud p'rocesSglQn Of Seniors left the Basilica bearingfthefring of their school. A gracefullglaiichgof blue and white streamers g,reets1.u's!:a5iWe enter .the gym that evening torucelebrate the re- cepytiontofl-our ringsg-at-io'uF Ring Dance. Agaiinfdramaticsenters the scene with the favorable arrival of "The Lively Arts of Sister Gervaise". Our "Sing Along Club" was, responsible for the strains of "Sweet Violets"'1TCresQunding in the halls at all timesfof thejrdayg-and year. Dramatics has a double hit ftliisiyear after the success- 1 'ful run of "Barterf'. Christmas Assembly, Senior year, oufilast, provoked a longing to stay, ast'.wei,realize that next year others will be standing in our places. The spot- light thisQfyeafr"shines clearly on every part of our Qsgfhool life, football, basketball, gsodallity,-QQdraimatics, because this is the lastltirnemfor it all, it has to be perfect this -1 P ,gyealrfWOur two last events of "the years", Class Day and Prom Night, will come too soon and leave too rapidly. The Class History, Prophesy and Will, will be left as reminders of our Class, and Prom time will be a memorable occasion for all Sen- iors . . . the long-awaited social event in the Hotel Sheraton, on May 19, 1961. We look to the future-we will be the first graduating class which began as Freshmen in The Baker-Victory High School. Certainly, a strong motivation for our "Journey to Success"! A Um Q -1 ix FIRST ROW: M. McHugh, M. A. Ramsey. SECOND ROW: J. Grisanti, M. J. Guttner, P. Downs, M. Peters, M. A. Ulrich, C. Posster, J. Fisher, K. McCarthy, M. Globa, P. Eusanio. THIRD ROW: J. Buczek, M. E. Brandle, A. Muhlbauer, S. Bamberg, J. Hotnich, C. Drzewiecki, D. Stachura, M. Horlein, S. Scheuer, L. Kulczyk, M. A. Mellerski, B. Eckert, B. Vitale, M. J. Mendyk, C. Nemeth, M. Lalley. 48 FIRST ROW: D. Croglio, C. Duhan, L. Schell. SECOND ROW: B. Bevan, K. Felser. THIRD ROW: F. Kramer. JUNIOR HOMEROOM 205 JUNIOR HOMEROOM 'Tl FIRST ROW: D. Schaab, J. Leary, R. Weber, D. Gross. SECOND ROW: G. Baker, D. Schmiir, A. Cebulski. THIRD ROW: M. Kumiega, A. Brauch, R. Snyder. FIRST ROW: C. Gagliardi, R. Kardas, G. Jarkins, D. Miechurski, J. Ring, G. Gersfner, H. Schuster, J. Skora. SECOND ROW: P. Labedzki, M. Herrmann, K. Jaromin, G. Riedel, J. Regan, R. Sumera, G. Granda, J. Patton, D. Soda. THIRD ROW: S. FIis, D. Connelly, T. Besf, J. McCann. FOURTH ROW: T. Andrus, E. Rath, R. Corcoran, P. Kirker, J. Smith, G. Tomasulo, J. Smifh. 49 JUNIOR HOMEROOM 203 FIRST ROW: J. Brafek, C. Keafing, W. Col ern, P. Gordon, C. Carr. SECOND ROW W. Clark, R. Naples, A. Smolkowich, M Przybysz. THIRD ROW: J. Soda, D. Saw- yer, P. Farrell, P. Eigenbrod. l .V lv E ,, Ly: ' ...leg ig, , if . , 7. -i .,' lrlll. illllilgl A Vi-ll P l-ma' i' . . l . ' ll l "' .Lafu,.1., .H ...- FIRST ROW: J. Bernherdi, R. M. DiPronio, C. Hangaver, P. McGinnis, M. Plandowski, M. A. Koguf S Priore C. Williams, J. Warner. SECOND ROW: M. Sfiegler, S. Regan, J. Colpoys, D. Vito, C. Zak, B. Suikowski E Wallenhorsf, A. Ryan, C. Gegenfuriner, M. S. Pfisier, M. Fall. FIRST ROW: E. Devine, M. Sullivan, D. Smith, E. Bohan, G. Skipper SECOND ROW M. Carroll, C. Sobol, M. Mahoney, L. Szymanski, A. MoriarTy JUNIOR HOMEROOM 305 1 .- 74 , ',iT dh - ' - ' 'ba' A se. i . 7 . ' ii W V Z FIRST ROW: R. Clark M. Cantwell. SECOND ROW: C. Bonacci, S Durham. THIRD ROW J. Downs, M. O'Neill M. Ollvate, G. Rummell D. Wilczak, C. McGro- arify, P. Kunlz, M. Neill FIRST ROW:S. Maloney A Rouleau S Haynes S Barrett M Callahan M De Marlo J Duehl SECOND ROW L Hill, M. Druzbik, N. Kopec B Davldson M Krause M Moymhan M Hess M Gotta I -. I 1 UWB .AFW I I . iw wi I :ff W ,. Q 1 3112. :AQ -A .:-'.T 'pfjf .4,. -- ,. . 35.1 V ' " ,H r hu.. wk 'tv:'f," Y , 1. - . " " n f :'- ve 'J L ,c 4 K'1"., fry. f' 1 J 1 f 1 A ' L I I . 'Jfim , 1 ' . .4 im? S Y -.1 X -nv . 5 0 .5 I JS. .Z 0 X fin Li '?' I ' 1 X A 4-' , ' Y , 7 I 1 s W 1 I A 1 15 4 A ,' 1 wma 'mm in ,Q bs r A Q f Ji Q ' ' "Pia-- 1 ,- MRL. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 2Ol FIRST ROW: T. Moore, M. McHugh, J. Kus Trecla, A. Marchlewski. SECOND ROW: R Zabron, J. O'Connor, R. Brown, T. Sadler, J Rayburg, J. O'Shei. THIRD ROW: P. Wiierski M. McGrath, D. McNamara, J. Saflwa, D. Ber- chou, M. Pericak, W. Regan, D. Gaul, J. Sul- livan. FOURTH ROW: A. Jasper, M. Connor R. Tomaka, M. Schenck, C. Krause, H. Stro- zewski. FIRST ROW J. O'Hare, M. A. Feneziani, P. Graber, J. Renzi SECOND ROW M Purcell M E Mulqueen M Harnrlron P Brown THIRD ROW: E. Webster, A. Randle, P. Prucnel. FOURTH ROW P Donohue M Salasny A Solomon C Cucldlhy J Fargino D Baron K Williams, C. Aquilino. mums17 owlnxauaiualar '1l:s.r.u:lIn:.m .. F. LMI ks . V Ify If . f'ff.X I., f :U ,g-of QI I CI SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 302 I FIRST ROW: J. Switzer, D. Patron. SECOND POW: M. Du- Bois, M. Tutak. THIRD ROW: K. Cloffelter, M. O'Leary, S. Norfon. FOURTH ROW: M. Malloy, E. Walsh, B. Rogan. FIRST ROW: J. Leatherbarrow, R. Whelan, W. Kraus, J. O'DeII, T. Courtney, C. Baf- Ile, M. Marenovic. SECOND ROW: R. Palmieri, D. Rogers, T. O'NeilI, T. Smeika, J McGirr. T55 R FIRST ROW: J. Shea, R. Linder, J. Georger, M. Kapfure, J. Chapman, P. Nowaldy, C. McLaugh- Iin, T. McCann. SECOND ROW: T. Michaels, J. Ward, J. Denecke, J. Kalera, S. Kraniz, M. Or- Iando. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 202 FIRST ROW: G. Miller, R. Miller, D. Rechlin. SECOND ROW: T. Frawley, D. Paolini, R. Schneider, N PeIIiHieri, J. Manning, P. Harrigan. THIRD ROW: J. Rasinski, R. PiIarski,J. Clees, R. Dodge. limi ' w,1tli'l x :I -.. 1 I ' V - '- ' w . '55 n 1 1. , Y "5 IVV A -f J. 5 ,HT , 'N Q .., I 1 f"'3 :- ,Z I g"'y, , x " U .L . , 1 Q . . 1. ,ig 'N . 5-. . fm -1- .W ,ML , .54-2 . . -.mv ' -- ,Q , 1 , 5 L, f..-53, A f- L B T . -l-.gi-"LJ'p1J:1f , 2- , ..... 1 V - ..:,. T.. 5 sisfw . x ' H, YA.,-fl i-fr? ' f , :' iii: ' ,. ,5QQxg,:1-V lg - " ,gig 1 - A AA, - '7 - .p . 1,1 , -fq.,.f ,f'f .r-vb' ' ." gljr ff 1 Q - - ".L,-- A' f ,. ..-wr-.1g'-.rz. . Y 1 sf -1,.,:' , A ,, W gf -A 2 , 2: U ,Ares uw. -' ' M . - ,.,eerf' W- ' ' ' 1 -me' .- D M, .4 .ww -LN K ,. -gfgpf 1- ' 31. -1 , skim? - mg may V' . Af - - 7 V- 41 Sq,-Q. ,. wif . - -,.- M, fb .fl ' -' L 'V ,--,V , 4 .2 ,1- -n f Q I l if H41 f N... 3 N' FIRST ROW: M. O'Halloran, K. Regan, T. Zak. SEC- OND ROW: D. Watt, J. Scherer, J. Misso, J. Wright THIRD ROW: D. Waz, M. Colern, M. Danahy, R. Blake, P. Mahoney, J. Shanahan. FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 204V FIRST ROW: D. Armbrusfer, J. Sovinsky, D. Ryan, T. Zubler, R. Zawisa, P. Aschenbrenner. SECOND ROW: V. Snyder, P. Callahan, J. Lalley, T. Peters, D. Deubell, M. Fries. THIRD ROW: D. Perkins, E. McCann, M. DelValIe, W. Moore, M. Marzec, D. Muench, C. Mack. FOURTH ROW: R. Yox, J. Ruff, D. Kelly, J. Mangino. FIFTH ROW: J. Swieca, G. Martin, R. Schuff, R. Ingoldsby, T. Haggerty, M. MacHose, N. Krause. ss ' FIRST ROW: L. McHugh, R. Kane, S. Miller, J. Hulday, M. Heley, M. E. Herrmann, I. Bishop, K. Harfnefl, B. Harrnelf, K. Freemen. SECOND ROW: P. Boquard, D. Faylor, S. Burka, M. J. Best, P. Weiss, H. Barrett, M. Mohan, E. Huber. THIRD ROW: A. Maloney, S. Rond, C. Siula, G. Bosman, M. Fulford, M. Carroll, B. Lewis, P. Druzbik, P. Maicher, S. Hibbard, A. Scozzaro, C7 Barberio. ,, 1 ffxxljlf I 1 frilly' I ,""'!lll -fy J , ",r lf f A .ff .ffl 4 aff' ML! 4 MJ' ,'p3lgQ, ff 'Ill' If 'jlxx .' l fulfll , ff D 'J .JN .I 'N .lfaf X ' ll -gf - ' Wi' K f 4 94-L - n. . 1 H yN . ,X "Q ' - r . L Y-V . ' ."-'fin L' W... f , faff 'Lx D V w , X, x 4.1.51 rv A If ff 1-1 -1-'QLL J .fy ,Q A' ,, U . ii 4' .157 ff X, . .f I .f ,V y,,.L,f.7.1, T-.Ti fffj FRESHMAN HOMEROOM I O I V CLOCKWISE: M. Gallager, M. Martha, M. Leica, M. J. Swiatosz, K. Nolan, B. Metz, S. Corbran, K Evoy, S. Kowalski, S. Dorobiala A. Donahue, J. Germain, S. Seu ferf, B. McGinnis. -5- i i x., f"-ff, i. :AV ' .,V', V V. 44? '- rs ..' - ' A I A A ' 'GF-5 f Q - " ' . 5 V .V . J 1 + .- QI V. ,fl -, A, Y I ' V ' " Af f g -1,1 I A p "X lr'- . .Jw ,x, , , . . A, A .A Vrg-. , '-5' V. A .A W ,, ,All V ' v . if ,V,i', VV - -.' -SQA . V - - f- f A JQWFVAV . ft u I I . ' V A ' A A . A- 'fx .- , W- - , , , - A 2. N , . t 'Fig-Q 'M - 1 .- ' " V -.J A,,.,, ,VV ff A- 3:4-ii ' V E A ,si 31' L' 'Q. ' . " ' A V ' . ' -I-I x ' I X I ' I - 'r' VA A V A A X r Q A A ' ' 'Y 0 -- 1 A - X v A ' - ,A I 4' 'I Q3 Ac. ' A , - . 1 Q. .AV :SAR , -V ,uf 1 A J- V, ' V Q 4? V ,, V f 9 v A ,f " .- f:"' -V . ' ' Ar. ur' t A ' 'L A Vx " 5 . A M 1- 'N 1 ' A 1 - , A A 'f ' 1' AV 'f A ' fd. p. - I V V, V -ayfl'-:V V- Vi R: 9 ' 3223 s f "Rfb - YF' 1 V - Ax - A Vf V M114 f-- :?VVAVgVV?..AgAc- A ' ' a W9 Arun' '-E:"x.-Q 1 -fi '-2 4 ' ' ' I 11X ?':'Q1f '- 'iv ' 7 fm-'fc:52ALi"'2 J "gr 4 V , jk f 'V A f 'fi' 'Y , A. , N . A ff- Iliivf' T10 A3 2'1ff: f?Ufx3:5' '54,..-?,?'- 4 'A . . x " - ff11'iQ5'yJ f ' -'AMP xmfiW?i 'i541-.-fig:-.f. ,glrvlml U , I 1-V if wa Y' ' INV- ,f V A V., JV- 4 ' ,U A I ' Q: V .VJV - .V tL443h'?ff,1 A..1,4.5: 1153.51 A.. .1 1 .5 Q-giua. V 'Elin-1 V454 -A QQAKX A - ,V A My Vg- A- , - . A ww .. A A , ,aw - f .121 . , A A, - ,M A-19 ,-.1-xii! V A...4,f li, XV L A A p ff ,,..:x.qL-L mga. 'f26'f-,w .ga 'ffff' " iisfvfe-WA... A - :P X' -' A fu 'fi --:M 'HMQ-1-'f 2f'1i?'4 'wr-'fff' f H- ggi wi- f Ji- ' 'wh J 1' 'f - 'iff ' 'Y feng f. 'Arf35:.25fJA: :f, AA , ' A 2 11 ' X W. ,A 'g ,A .1 ' "- ., " -. ,rf 1- 1 ' ' ' :- - A, . W, ' " -152.12 1 ,'Aa Ag fx. K ,L f it .y L , . 13 A , V A TN: " 'Y v 4h.?'T , , ' , - " ' 15"!, A ' .. MLW.-" " " LN". Q A - f' 5 A- A K 4' F rL4'i?ffiW"f' 'ff df' Z' '5f,f3fG!ffi 'v3ise?1mxl?xgfvQ S A A 5 f. . -A --,gp ,V ',: ff ' 4. 1 -x 1 ' 31 V, -. .aw - 4- " , V A- -QA, ' -- A - A ' -4 1, 3 I f, '1xa.Af', .GAJ Q" ,-If , f nj 5.115 A, V 1 :35, 31- if 'jf' H:Vg'qf,.2?A:f:' 1-,Aw -1 Q L1 ASQ. V 1V:,i'3' r W- , V. H ""'!'.f 'Ai'Vf,.1-,, ' .-Af.. , . gr - H u-1,,l:g Q Lfgvp- '25 ', -A f- 107 ' 41, Ng9?fzAA.bAf. f - fli4,C1 f 1' V xb Vwiaixmt M.,--1: . ' L.LMA .fzgiz 5, JL. J ' 9.-M 214.41 A br .N 1 ?eg4i:Ars:1i..A.a-gig W ,A 1, A X x fw-i1-sf:gi"- -f.:i.-wi:--'.' Twfff wrf ix f 54, kt T R 0- Svbgox- Q X0 A B LAHLD 4521.6 :OAAYB : D The most important steps along our "Journey to Suc- cess" were taken within the walls of the classrooms. For four years we imbibed and assimilated the daily instructions of our Faculty. Here we were taught and prepared. Here we worked and studied. Here we were supplied with the basic tools which would make possible our successes in the future. Daily assignments, deadlines for projects and term papers, book reports all added to the hectic and fruitful days of classroom work. As we stand on the threshold of gradua- tion, weslowly realize that the hours of toil and preparation were not spent in vain. We have come to appreciate the extra work. We have become convinced that the added assign- ments have made us better prepared to face the realities of the future. Oh! we complained at times. We balked at the homework assigned, but now we are proud that we persevered. We are confident that we are prepared to meet the challenge of the future. We have traveled the road of the classroom with success. May our "Journey" into the future be as profitable! A tour through the sacristy and an explanation by Father Samuel RELIGIO i . 1 ' N. bring the Mass into sharper focus for Paul McGrath, Tom Livecchi and Gordon Geistner. John Mahoney, John Thomas and Mike Barberio learn through the practical approach as Father Robert prepares for the ceremonies of Extreme Unction. tl 1 S . I With a little student teaching from Mary Ann Mellerski, Sister Maris Stella keeps moving along as Linda Symanski, Kathy Felser, Jane Colpoys and Barb Sutkowski look on. Sister Tarcisius helps. over a few rough spots which have cropped up for Therese O'Donnell, Dolores Green, Mary Regan, Marlene Salasny and Kathy Clotfelter. 64 If Tootie O'Connor wiIl'iust listen to Sister St. James, we're sure she'll solve the problem. She is getting great moral supporf from Kathy Monahan, Di Nowicki, Jeri Willard, Betty Reedy, Pat Durkin, Barb Schraven and Ellen Hall. It may be funny now, Rich Puntillo and Nick Molea, but Father Evarist seems to be thinking of those exams. - . . 1 . -, v. 1.J,,,. .- '. ,l ', r F ii,-.44 MATHEMATICS Mike McCann, Bob Koralewski and Chester Krakowski find out that a little after school tutoring from Mr. Barry goes a long way. From the look on Fr. Christian's face, Joe Fiore, Bob Buchheit and Mike McCormack won't need that bunsen burner much longer. Ve, ,, Z l i I l r , Ka.. I i 5 1 . 'fl 4, I .l flf l ,- J W ,' .A t . 1. M' 1: 7' QP The click of the Gieger counter makes sense for Bob Barrett and Joe Granda after an explanation from Fr. Aloysius. It's dead, so clon't worryl Betty Webster, Barb Sutowski, Kathy Rudy, Barb Kwarta and Mary Sullivan seem a bit scared, but they'll draw on the courage of Sister John Daniel. SCIENCE Father Xavier unfolds the secrets of science for Dennis Evans, Joseph Diviak, Shawn Carroll and Thomas Galenti. 66 HISTORY It looks as if Evie Krause means business, and Chris Piotrowski, Shirley Mahlmeister and Mary Ann Blosser had better pay at- tention. Pat Durkin, Judy Lagana and Ann O'Hara are iust sitting this one out. ,ii-, .ia ef.,-A iii ..,. .. , 1 Republican or Democrat, who shall it be? A few of the. students, Barb Eckert, Mary Mendyk, Judy Grisantl, Eileen Bohan, Margie Wolcott, Joyce Fischer and Barbara Sutkowski from Mr. Cogswell's class are trying to decicle. Frank Quino, Matt Bove, Bernie McCann, Dan Buttaccio and Joe Quinn learn to appreciate the importance of current events from Mr. Ehrenrich. 67 wav Evie Krause, Maria Ostapowych, Kathy McLaughlin, and Linda O'Connor look over some German outfits with Sister Antoinette. Mir, Barb Eckert, Mary Ann Remery, Mickey Vito, Francie Kramer and Pat Downs, "Came, Saw, . . ." but we're not sure whether they conquered Latin. Sister Mary Immaculate surpervises the decora- tion of the bulletin board. Repetition of language records is a sure fire method in Father Callistus' Spanish Class. Joe Cefferatti, Bill Kelly, Larry Butler, Tom Kruszka and Roger Lis give their approval. LA GLIAGES George Riedel, Joe Connley, Joe Labedzke, Ron Sumera, and Mike Gagliardi are iust checking the road maps of France. Father Christian has his own choice. BUSINESS Ten, twenty, thirty, forty words per minute. Under the watchful eye of Sister Mary Laboure it will soon be fifty. If Jim Warren and Bill Kelly clon't get back to work, Mr. Manuel will .see to if that they do. Who says machines and girls don't mix? Barb Kluss, Paula Nebrich, Judy Lagana and Sis Healy became very adept with the Mimeo after a few lessons from Sister St. Paul. Try harder, Bob Meegan, your sales pitch is not getting across to Richard McHugh and John Wolfe. Even Mr. Boczar needs to be convinced. 69 s Nouns, verbs, adiectives, all begin to make sense to Dolores Green, Sharon Switzer, Kathy Clotfelfer, Eileen Hillery, Diane Thurston and Karen Balagh as Mr. Mead explains them. Even "Macbeth" isn't too bad with Sister Immaculata around. At least that's what Barb Klauss, Paula Nebrich, and Anne Norton told us. 70 A few corrections by Miss Williams and Elaine Huber, Ellen Hermann, Marlyn Lalley and Sharon Zgradikla will find those compositions easier to write. ENGLISH Father James works on spe Naples, and Charles Carr. I ech improvement with Andrew Smolkovich, Richard M7 l l l 1 l lv .rrrcr-5 gn-1.- 'iv -l' fi -' H. . ,Jim lint Uv., ,,,. ., ii . -.11 L . ' L lit i ' ' lf' Mr. Salisbury has his gym class lined up for roll call, and we mean lined up. PHYSICA their gym periods, of the many activities enioyed by the girls during Maybe a demonstration from Miss Franz would make it clearer to the girls of the seventh period gym class X QQ 2 QQ . 'PT TT 'Q Q n. X 1 , ff' I Q 25 if No "Journey" through our high school days would be complete with out a mention of our many extra-curricular activities. Each of us had the opportunity to try our ability in ever so many fields of endeavor. Whatever we learned in the classroom, we were able to practice in the varied areas of our clubs and organizations. It was in these activities that most of us tasted in some degree the sweetness of success. On our own initiative we planned many proiects. We became acquainted with the difficulties of realizing our ambitions. Cooperation was needed, and was always forth- coming at the crucial time. How often was it that we found a helping hand! How often did we find ourselves going astray when the guiding hand of a faculty moderator led us back along the right path. We learned many things about each other in these activ- ities. We became aware ot the necessity of mutual aid and understanding. But most of all, we realized the importance which the clubs played in preparing us for our future "Journey to Success". , 4. l 11 Lg if fl -e4vw.v., - , D W "f":f5 ., , t . U14 '4 v Y . li- i tlgtfg' Q' :- . -.1 tr" -,A n uv... U, Y 3. A , Lg: ll ' gk 5 J 2: on ' F' -Q1 . 1, - - V L1 '. -J- -sl. S xy 6 , 'XJ 'B' 1 i X-' r , 1 ? FIRST ROW, Left to Right: P. Durkin, M. A. Walsh, E. Krause, E. Hall, L. Monaco, R. Gargala. SECOND ROW: P. Jedynak, S. Maloney, C. Clemente, N. Rebl, R. DiPronio, J. Evans, M. E. Maloney, S. Corbran, M. J. Guffner. THIRD ROW: M. J. Pirowski, P. Eusanio, B. Vitale, M. Peters, D. Witzak, D. Nowicki, B Bevan, C. Duhan, C 'VlcCarthy, D. Croglio. FOURTH ROW: J. Diehl, B. Stukowski, C. Poster, T. Livecchi, N. Molea, B. Miller, B. Barrett, B. Kelly, B. Swiaclelc, M. Moynihan, S. Barrett. FIFTH ROW: M. Cavanaugh, M. Callaghan, M. Steigler, M. A. Blosser, M. J. Mendyk, M. Sullivan, M. E. Mingarella, R. Aviles, l.. O'Connor, C. Piotrowski, D. Vito. SODALITY Kathy Felser, Barb Eckert, Linda Schell, Sue McCann, Barbara Fitzgerald, Shirley Mahlmeister and Joan DeMarie discuss some teenage problems with Sister Mary Laboure after one of the A large number of students, here at Baker-- godanfy meetings. Victory, found ioining the Sodality inspira- tional and satisfying. Many enrolled and participated in the activities of the organiza- tion becoming lay "apostles" gf Christ. Weekly meetings and discussions ledlqto J many resolutions. The ideals? and drives of f these lay apostles made their influence felt in all phases of school life. Catholic Action was an integral part of their activities. Some members attended the Summer School of Catholic Action held in Toledo. After school hours there were always some Sodalists to be found working in the infant Home. Dur- ing the Christmas Season the Sodality mem- bers distributed food baskets to many needy families in the neighborhood. Through the Legion of Decency, the importance of whole- some entertainment was learned by all. For recreation they participated in original skits which were presented in regional competi- tion. its members showed us how to be true followers of Mary. By their example and good will they helped us along our way by proving that to have a good time all that you must do is-be good-. - 1 74 The Mission Club's field of action-the world. Gerry Tomasulo, Tom Galenti, Tom Krauiec, Don Schmitt and Father Samuel seem to be well satisfied with their task. The difficulties and hardships of the peo- ples of the world were always before our eyes as a result of the efforts of the mem- bers of the Mission Club. Financial as well as spiritual aid was the goal of its followers. Many medical supplies and donations were forwarded to the distant lands where our missionaries are working. Holy Hours and other spiritual exercises were an integral part of their zeal and enthusiasm. The whole world was their workshop-to bring all men to the understanding of Truth. Time and again as their call for help went out, we found ourselves willing to cooperate in helping others. The aid we afforded others also helped us along the iourney to eternal success. f MISSION CLUB FIRST ROW: T. O'Neill, R. Sumera, K. Keil, P. Skoczylas, R. Pilarski, D. Ross, L. Schaller, E. O'Rourke. SECOND ROW: G. Reidel, R. Brown, J. Orlando, J. Lenahan, R. Snyder, K. Bestine, T. Kruszka, R. Koralewski, R. Schneider, T. Moore. THIRD ROW: P. Rutkowski, J. Kustreba, N. Krause, D. Watt, D. Schaab, J. Wenzel, P. Milosich, A. Szurgyi, M. Connor. l l. l. is 75 Father Christian, FIRST ROW: M. E. Maloney, A. M. Ferrara, B. Schraven, C. Bonnaci, E. Menna, C. Nemmeth. SECOND ROW: J. Kastreba, G. Riedel, S. Maloney, P. Kuntz, A. Moriarty. THIRD ORDER To 'live a life of a religious outside convent walls is The way of life To The Third Order member. The purpose of The FraTerniTy is To help and guide iTs members along The road To perfection, To instill in Them The spiriT of ST. Francis of Assisi. WiTh This end in view The members can with ease and deTerminaTion, by Their ex- ample spread and influence Their friends wiTh The Francisan Peace and Joy. IT is Their goal To lead all men To ChrisT by following a Franciscan way of Life. By Tracing The foot- steps of Their Blessed Founder They have shown us The way To become active Catholic men and women. As They Traveled Their road of Franciscan- ism, They sTrengThened our purpose and broughT home The undeniable TruTh that was menTionecl before, ThaT no "Journey" can lead To True success unless it Takes us onward To The success of efernal glory. 76 David Nease, Mary Jo Mendyk, Mary Alice Walsh, and Maurice Moriarity demonstrate The use of Catholic Literature. zsgrfe'-1,14 --E-sa 4---:sa if -'vga' " :1-'fffqef f "J- " J ' S' Ani- '-.1 I li it 'li ' I at L i i FIRST ROW: L. Miller, T. Galenti, A. Kane. SECOND ROW: R. Koralewski, P. Ruthkowski, P. McCormack, J. Wenzel, M. Bucki. THIRD ROW: M. Marenovic, D. Connelly, M. Moriarty, E. Kane, G. Bonczkiewicz. "l will go unto the altar of God . . . " Father Samuel gives preliminary instruc- tions to new Freshman members of the John Berchmans Society STANDING John Mangino, Father Samuel, James Shanahan. KNEELING: David- Waz, David T. I Deubell, Patrick Callahan, Michael Danahy. BERCHMAN'S SCCIETY As a Catholic School, the most important room in our building is Our Lord's-the Chapel. Daily Mass, Holy Hours and many other devotions all found time and an important place in our daily lives. A small and dedicated group of boys were respon- sible for Taking part and administrating to the priest during the countless liturgical functions in our school Chapel. Every morning the faithful members of the Club were present to serve Mass. Even when school was not in session, they were available, whenever they were needed as Mass servers. After a course of instructions by their moderator and some of the more experienced boys, the new members became well acquainted with things liturgi- cal, and they felt at home around the altar of God. No "Journey" could ever be a success unless it took in along its way the House of God. And no House of God would be complete without its acolytes. 77 -1 ..,-- 1 I , ,We 19 I H ,III III I I I I I I 'Z' FIRST ROW: D. Perkins, D. Gaul, M. Pericak, T. Gallanti, J. Shanahan, J. Helinski, D. Sheehan. SECOND ROW: M. Gotta, S. Regan, R. DiPronio, P. Eusanio, B, Sutkowski, B. Eckert, M. Merrick, D. Nease, M. Globa, M. O'Leary, Sister Mary Immaculate. THIRD ROW: M. Callahan, T. Moore, P. Prucnal, M. Bove, B. Kwarta, E. Webster, J. Globa, P. Skoczylas, C. Krause, J. Satlawa, T. Smerka. FOURTH ROW: M. Connor, J. Kustreba, M. Gargala, M. Prusak, S. Sovinsky, D. Bosse, P. McCormack, M. Lucckino, K. Regan, P. Callahan. Carol Nemeth hands out membership cards to new Freshman members John L Wenzel, Norman Krause and Bill Pellegrino. Mary Ann Remery and Frances Kramer smile their approval. History does repeat itself, and there is nothing new under the sun. More than once we have heard these familiar expressions. As we followed our road to graduation, we became aware that our "Journey" in quest of success was not unique. Others, since the dawn of creation have searched and yearned for the ever- vanishing pinnacle of contentment. As our study of Latin began and the drudgery of memorizing Latin forms was replaced by mastering the syntax, we found much interest and pleasure in the programs of the Latin Club. Here we learned about the people. No longer was Latin a dead language. We found life in the proud history and culture of a people rich in traditions and the art of living. Multitudinous proiects led us down the grand avenues of adventure and dis- covery. We relived the grandeur and victorious mo- ments ofthe Roman Legions. Home and public customs became interesting and educational. Effort and time were rewarded! We did learn that I History does repeat itself and there is nothing new I I under the sun. 78 l FIRST ROW: B. Swliadek, A. Ryan, K. McCarthy, D. Nowicki, M. E. Toms, S. Regan, D. Vito, M. Lalley, M. Remery. SECOND ROW: M. Plandowski, E. Wallenhorst, M..Gotta, D. Croglio, C. Clemente, M. DeMario, G. Skipper, N. Kopek, M. Guffner, M. Hess, M. Cantwell, M. O'Neill, S. Priore, G. Willard. THIRD ROW: J. Gnsanli, J. Buczek, C. Monahan, B. Schraven, C. Williams, L. Monaco, M. Mendyk, M. Steigler, M. Mellerski, M. Sullivan. PANISH LUB With our modern means of transporta- tion, our neighbors south of the border have become closer friends in many ways. Consequently, Spanish emerges to a place of importance in modern language stud- ies. We had a lot of fun learning their dances, but we still have a long way to go. Songs ancl customs also played an important part in our programs. Those strange sounding names became familiar as we studied their geography. Social and political -events found their way into our discussions. After a full year of participating in the club's activities, we feel that we have become better neighbors for we have tried through knowledge to stretch our hands across the border in a gesture of friendship and understanding. This has been a wonderful "Journey" through strange and distant lands. We have been left richer for experiences and our "Journey to Success" was more re- warding and enioyable as a result. That's a girl Francie show them how it's done. F. Kramer gives a few dance pointers to Ellen Hall, Carol Nemeth, and Peggy Cavanaugh. 79 l ' Terry Snyder tried her hand at writing a one act play. Here's her cast, Mary Jane Pirowski, Cathy Monahan, Di Nowicki and Mary Evelyn Mingarella trying hard to follow Terry's instructions. SCRIBBLER ' CLUB The young budding writers of Baker-Victory had an opportunity to express themselves in the activities of the Scribblers' Club. During the year some members wrote and di- rected one.act plays. Others placed their works of essay and poetry in national high school anthologies. From time to time field trips were taken to surround- ing scenic points in order to help the writers in their descriptive powers. Young, as far as clubs are concerned, members extend their writing talents into the copy fields of the "Palm" and the "Golden Cross". The club is a great aid to students who feel inclined to follow courses in English and Journalism in college and in careers. Group criticisms are held at which styles are perfected, more flowing and fluid works result. Prose is not their only forte, as many of the Scribblers have tried and successfully published some poetry. Always correcting and looking forward to perfection, they showed us the necessity of adhering to a .work until it is done. To the chroniclers of the school we say thanks, knowing that in years to come as we read of their successes, we can say with pride that we traveled the "Journey" through high school with them at our sides. STANDING: L. O'Connor, M. A. Remery, C. Bonacci, K. McLaughlin, Sister lmmaculata, J. DeMarie, J. Evans. SEATED: L. O'Connor, S. Mahlmeister, C. Clemente M. Ostapowych, A. lafallo, L. Symanski, B. Bevan, D. Croglio, C. Duhan, A. Ryan, C. McCarthy, A. Moriarty. EW STAMP and COIN CLUB Distant and strange lands became close and familiar friends for members of the Stamp and Coin Club. Their regular meetings were filled with the latest information of the latest editions and newest coins available. Likewise, they read and prepared papers on the many countries of the world which their numerous collections covered. By these meet- ings, the members are able to improve the quantity of their collections. Carefully prepared talks delivered by individual members help to broaden everyone's knowledge of various countries, their quaint customs and important personages. r A large part of every meeting is devoted to the exchange of stamps. Both the Stamp and Coin Club's activities enlarge the vision of members, broaden their knowledge and in innumerable ways enrich their lives. Each stamp and coin becomes a flying carpet transporting the collector to the far off places of the world or back into the pages of History. Their exhibits broadened our own horizons and make us well aware of the many new members of the family of nations. i T' -,QL .. in if A3 e .lit 4131 llglfl Paul Skoczylas, Robert Koralewski and Father Robert catch up on the latest stamp news. STANDING: R. Wilbur. SITTING: C. Krakowski, D. Watt, P. Rutkowski, J. Diviak, A. Szurgyi, G. Baker, N. Krause, T.. lmEWS PHRIST S VEEWQ fsscmer to 11' rar cntnouc lllilUN lllllll Music-ThaT wonderful balm Tor The many ills of The human soul. WheTher iT be The solemn and ser- ious melodies oT The Gregorian ChanTs or The lighT, relaxing Tunes of The "good old days" each in iTs own way finds an imporTanT and safisfying place in our daily lives. The Gregorian ChanT Choir pracTiced long and oTTen. When They appeared in public, The long hours of praciice could be Truly appreciaTed. lnTricaTe poly- phonic chanTs and The simple Gregorian melodies were rendered equally well. For simple and pure recreaiion and enioymenT, noThing was so pleasanT as The gaTherings of The Sing Along Club. The old and new Tunes found Their way inTo Their reperToire. All They needed was a piano and a liTTle genTle nudge and soon The familiar sTrains of good old fashioned harmony filled The room. WheTher we were sad or gay, wheTher The "Jour- ney" became diTTiculT or pleasanT, Their Tunes and rendiTions were always a welcomed sound To en- courage and help us along our way. FIRST ROW: Fafher Evarist, D. Debeul, D. Schmiif, R. Williams, J. Misso E. Kane. SECOND ROW: T. Zubler, D. Nease, R. Buchheif, J. Warren. SING ALONG CLUB GREGORIAN CHA T FIRST ROW: G. Zander, L. Ward, R. Zabron, D. Nease, D. SchmiTT, R. Buchheit. SECOND ROW: W. Kruczynski, T.fAndrus, J. Patton, J. Leary, R. Sumera, R. Barrett, M. McCormack, E. Kane, M. MoriarTy. THIRD ROW: M. Herrmann, R. Whalen, N. Molea, J. Regan, D. Gaul, C. Krause, T. O'Neill, R. Beckley, R. Williams, T. Morganfi. FOURTH ROW: M. Bove, T. Manley, D. Buiiaccio, J. Kustreba, G. Baker, G. Bonczkiewicz, A. Jasper, G. Riedel, M. Conner, M. KapTure. SITTING: D. Waz, D. Deubell, D. WaTT, M. K. Caniwell, L. O'Connor, K. Regan. FIRST ROW: Mr. Manuel, S. Sovinsky, P. Skorzylas, M. Marzec, J. Misso, D. O'Connor, R. SchuTT, G. Riedel, M. Fries. SECOND ROW: D. Armbrusfer, G. Baker, A. Szurgyi, M. Mchose. PHOTO CLUB Yearbook and newspaper shoTs Took mosT of The Time of The PhoTo Club. Whenever and wherever They could, The members of The club were popping bulbs and clicking shuTTers. They became bonafide members of The "-iusT one more-" club. OT course, They always had willing and eager subiecTs. They kepT a picTure album of our Tour years' sTay aT Baker-VicTory. Many mornings our TirsT sTop, The bulleTin board, was filled wiTh Their many inTeresTing shoTs. As we look over Their many prinTs, we say Thanks Tor a iob well done. ' Any day aTTer school you could go To The Library To see The Chess enThusiasTs pracTicing new sTraTa- gems and gambiTs. To many iT was a dull way To spend an aTTernoon, buT oTher kibiTzers always had The lasT word on every board played. ATTer Turning up for several weeks, The players were OTT on The road Trying ouT Their skill and Tech- niques againsT oTher schools. Their example leTT us wiTh one imporTanT impression: The road To success is noT always The shorTesT or sTraighTesT way. Some- Times a deTour is helpful. cHEss cLuB SITTING: M. Barberio, D. Bufaccio, J. Shanahan, D. Gaul, B. Bucki. STANDING: J. Cichon, M. Kumiega, G. Baker, J. BuTrica, Mr. Manuel, J. Smith, A. Kane. , . ..l-I KNEELING: T. Morganti, N. Molea. SITTING: J. Sfurm, P. McCormack, P. Harrigan, J. Leafherbarrow. STANDING: P. Nowadly, M. Orlando, Father Xavier, J. Thomas, J. Harrigan, J. Kusireba, N. Likkis, T. Scozzaro, P. Downs,J. Downs. Our mosT aTTended and popular social evenT ThroughouT The school year was The weekly record hop. Now and Then, sprinkled ThroughouT The calendar we held our "Specials". lT's no easy Task To keep a weekly program running efficienlly and smoorhly. This weekly chore was apTly Taken care of by The members of The Social CommiTTee. Week affer week, They saw To iT ThaT The gym was always in Tip-Top shape for The occasion. As our "Specials" rolled around, we always found The gym decked ouT in brighT and colorful decorafions appropriaie for The occasion. The commiTTee became a familiar sighr and perhaps we Took Their services for granTed. As we look back on our high school days, we have become aware of The imporTanT parf which These classmates played in our social life. So now, our haTs go off for Those who made The Friday Nighis of our "Journey" so enioyable. ,FaTher Mariin is Trying To get his favorite on The Turntable, but if seems that Mike McCormack has made his own choice. l SGCIAL COMMITTEE 54 -.....ll , STANDING: M. Siler, M. Dubois, B. Emrich, S. McCann, M. McCormack, K. McLaughlin, J. Kustreba, M. A. Millerski. SEATED: K. Clotfelter M. Lalley, A. Kane, P. Downs, M. Cavanaugh, B. Buchheit. With The presentation of "Barter" The Baker-Victory Players completed a very successful season. They started off the season by presenting "The Lively Arts of Sister Gervaise". Then in competition, The players put on "The Heritage of Wim- pole Street." All The plays were put on in the round in the high school gym. Daily rehearsal was the rule of the day. There was nothing which added more to our "Journey" than these presentations. Before long, many students were drawn into helping out. The hustle and bustle of last week preparations was a nightmare which much To our surprise we enioyed. Then The smell of grease paint, make up, searching for a misplaced prop at the last minute, replacing a burned out lamp at curtain time all made for a normal amount of confusion on opening night. Alice Ryan, .lim Warren, Bill Kruczynski and Barb Fitzgerald go over some of their rough spots from "The Lively Arts of Sister Gervaisef' DRAMATICS 85 T- ii The brain-Trust of The senior class, Nancy Loncarevich, Bill Kelly, Ellen Hall and Bill Kruczynski, puT The finishing Touches on one of The many class proiecfs. TUDE T C is lT looks like Terry McCann, Sue McCann, Ellen Hall, and MaTT Bove are C0 L planning anofher assembly under The waTchful eye of Sister ST. James. As a liason beTween school adminisTraTion and sTudenT body we find The STudenT Council. IT has formed rules of conducT Tor The sTudenTs, conducTed assemblies and all The oTher sundry iTems which make up our daily rouTine aT school. The STudenT Council has played an imporTanT role in guiding us on our "Journey". Through iTs Tuncfion, we have learned The imporTance and responsibiliTies of self-government Being our own bosses Taughf The necessiTy of self-discipline. In close cooperaTion wiTh The school auThoriTies, The STudenT Council lived up To The duTies ThrusT upon iT by The high posiTion of TrusT iT enioyed. Time and again when diTficulTies presenTed Themselves, The Council in aTTiliaTion wiTh iTs TaculTy advisor worked OUT a soluTion of our problems. By waTching Them aT work and deliberaTing during Their meeTings, we have become beTTer ciTizens aT B-V, and beTTer pre- pared To conTinue our "Journey" inTo adulThood and success. FIRST ROW: C. Meegan, L. O'Connor, M. GoTTa, M. KoguT, J. Grisanti, M. WolcoTT, B. Hess. SECOND ROW: F. Lenahan, B. Pellegrino, D. Baron, G. Johnson, B. MeTz, A. Nebrich, P. Gargala. THIRD ROW: R. Linclner, J. Leary, F. Quino, T. Sadler, C. Moesch, D. Ambruster, J. Sturm. K' l . - SITTING: M. Lucckino, J. Renzi, M. Feneziani, D. Nease, C. Clemente, M. Mingarella, A. Rouleau. FIRST ROW, STANDING: T. Peters, P. Mahoney, D. Watt, J. Wenzel, P. McCormack, S. Carroll, S. Hotnick, L. Horlein, A. Bouquard, J. McCann, Mr. Mead, Mr. Cogswell. SECOND ROW: M. Barberio, S. Flis, T. Zak, J. Shanahan, M. Boris, P. Skoczylas, R. Kardas, D. Kindelan, G. Gerstner. . . DELEGATIO Parliamentary procedure and debate were the two essential capabilit- ies of our U. N. Delegation. After many Caucuses and round table dis- cussions, the delegates were ready to participate in the arenas of the U.N. Assembly held in the area. Representing the Ukraine in the Soviet Block, our delegates were not the most popular members, but they were always respected for their forceful and convincing defense of the country which they represented. Mr. Cogswell along with Carolyn Drzewiecki, Sue Boris, Tom Levecchi, Dave Sawyer and Bob Snyder look over the Ten Commandments of Safe Shooting. RIFLE CLUB One of the more recent clubs that we found along our "way" was the Rifle Club. Although a pledging organization it has drawn to itself many followers. After much work they managed to construct a firing range which was always in use. Practice and more practice prepared them for the many meets during the school year at which these "Sharpshooters" matched their skill in competi- tion with teams from other schools. The rules of safety and discipline we learned and practiced were put to good use not only in firing, but all along our "Journey". Under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Ehrenrich and Mr. Cogswell, our U. N. delegates Tootie O'Connor, Di Nowicki, Bernie McCann, Kathy McLaughlin and Bill Kelly became masters of debate and procedure. Y V1 'NOTE ", S' 'TW . lfgfz' ' frflfmpgll "'rii7' I1:m':' m""" ' " ' " ' """""-4' " .33 V, r l " M X. 3- .A iv., 'I' f..'i.' . r ,' ' - ,..z,-1, ,i 5 J l l FIRST ROW: A. Kane, R. Hartman, F. Quino, M. Bove, W. Kelly, G. Bonczkiewicz, G. Riedel, M. Connor. SECOND ROW: B. Kluss, M. Peters, A. Ryan, M. J. Guttner, M. E. Neill, M. A. Ulrich, S. Prior, B. Bevan, B. Fitzgerald, S. McCann. THIRD ROW: J. Thomas,.J. Eiss, R. Puntillo, M. Moriarity, D. Connelly, J. Murphy, E. Kane, R. Buchheit, B. McCann, C. Moesch, J. Warren. FOURTH ROW: D. Stachura, B. Vitale, J. Evans, L. Kulczyk, M. Mohoney, C. Duhan, K. McCarthy, D. Croglio, C. Williams, S. Haynes, G. Willard, L. O'Connor. THE PALM Co-Editors David Nease and Diane Nowicki check copy of typists Pat Mohan, Sue Scheuer and Shelia Barrett. SE The most keenly anticipated days of the school were those when the "Palm" was circulated. Until the paper was read from cover to cover silence reigned throughout the corridors. All the work and time put in by the statt did' not go un- noticed by the students or the experts. Throughout the year the "Palm" and some ot its writers received awards from local newspapers and press workshops. As the years pass, we teel sure that the old copies of the "Palm" will be pulled out many a night. Then looking through those pages, we will relive the moments of ioy and sadness, glory and defeat, toil and tun. We will find ioy in recalling the golden days ot youth, when the dreams ot our teenage years were seeds and when we took our first steps on "Our Journey to Success." Here's the Palm taking shape. Present are the members of the layout staff, Carol Nemeth, Mary Ann Remery, Carolyn Drzewiecki, MaryAnn Geary, Bob Miller, Judy Grisanti, Frannie Kramer, Bill Kruczynski with moderator Sister Mary Immaculate. Deadlines, proofreading, corrections, all Taken care of by The capable hands of Jim Warren and TooTie O'Connor wiTh Typisfs Pat Mohan and Judy Evans. THE GOLDEN CROSS Deadlines, layouTs, picTure schedules, arT work-ThaT is The Golden Cross! The sTaTf never had a dull momenT. Whenever They Turned around There was a deadline To be meT, copy To be ediTed and picTures To be Taken. IT seemed as if confusion always reigned supreme. BUT afier all, The paper seTTled and Things became quieT we found The firsT rough drafT of The Golden Cross. The nexT big headache was The paTron drive which Thanks To The conTinuous efforTs of The sTaff was successful. Then came a few more hecTic weeks which dragged inTo monThs and The Golden Cross was on iTs way To The prinTers. In your hands you now have The fruiis of our labors. We hope you find iT an inTeresTing auThenTic map of our 'Four year "Journey" Through our high school years. STANDING from left To righT: N. Molea, T. McCann, B, BuchheiT, L. Bufler, S. McCann, J. Thomas SEATED: Co-Moderators, Father Martin and Sisier ST. Paul, with B. Kelly, M. Connor, C. Monahan and M. E. Toms. Joni DeMarie has Problems! How can she fit all The picTures on These pages? 89 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB OT all The exTra-curricular acTiviTies in which The girls parTicipaTed, perhaps one of The mosT popular was The Girls' Glee Club. You could hear voices Through The halls as The members pracTiced, slowly buT surely, The alTos and Sopranos began To blend TogeTher inTo The magic of harmony. The young vocalisTs did noT sing Tor Their own pleasure. They also sang aT assemblies. During The ChrisTmas Season They caroled Tor old folks and in The neighborhood hospiTal. AppreciaTive smiles and ioy in The eyes of The shuT-ins were rich rewards Tor The many hours of Time and pracTice ThaT The mem- bers of The Glee Club had To volunTeer. We enjoyed Their song and we were proud ThaT we meT such a group of dedicated sTu- denTs along our "Journey". I 1 Left To RighT, Sister Maris Stella, FIRST ROW: K. Evoy, S. BuTrica, E. Huber, B. McGinnis, L. McHugh. SECOND ROW: M. Gallagher, C. Barberio, J. Hulday, P. Druzbek. THIRD ROW: M Mohan, G. Bossman, M. Best, M. Tulford. FOURTH ROW: S. Kowalski, P. Bogart, S. Corbran, P. Wise. FIFTH ROW: S. Rood, A. Maloney, H. BarreTT. SIXTH ROW: M. Haley, S. HiberT, S Nolan, D. Taylor. FIRST ROW: M. A. Monaghan, R. Kane, M. Merlha, G. O'Lenick. A. TillipowiTz, S. Lane. FIFTH ROW: M. Prochak, L. Kyscokski, J SECOND ROW: J. Paluch, J. Baker, M. Carroll, C. Schulter. THIRD Waddy, J. Nelson, M. A. Barth, ' I. Gannon, A. O'Connor, P ROW: K. Masf, L. McClure, B. Emrich, D. Manzo, G. Jphnson, K. Fox. SIXTH ROW: D. Cylbulski, S. Pauffer, P. Culsack, S. Grimmon Simmons, C. Schuf, E. Savisfrine, A. Scapro, S. Berka, M. B. Hess, T. Gorsack, M. Kelly, K. Mahlmeister. SEVENTH ROW: C Scavdiss, S. Miller. FOURTH ROW: K. OTwell, K. O'Connor, P. KoygT, V. Woodslaclc, S. Zibrack, C. Spieckl, N. Smelzinchar, P Gallaus, M. Lalley, P. Brauch, K. Manns, S. Stancawitz, L. PaTTon, Wilson, B. Sherry. W .sv . ii ...., ,., 1... ,,,,Y I 90 Looking over one of the many displays in the Library are Mary Alice Walsh, Cathy Monahan, Geri Willard, Barb Swiadek, Norine Errhof and Mary Ann Blosser with the approval of Mr. Jackson. LIBRARY CLUB No scholastic program in any school would be complete without its library. It is no differ- ent here at Baker-Victory. For a large part the efficiency and success of our Library was due to the tireless works of the Library Club. Tedious tasks such as cataloging and re- stacking books were taken care of by the willing hands of its members. Whenever extra help was needed, these young librarians were always on hand to lend their aid. Like- wise they brightened the search with a smile whenever a student could not find a book. Term papers and proiects were always a headache, but somehow our willing helpers managed to keep their composure and come up with the proper bits of information. Thanks for facilitating our "Journey" through the Dewey Decimal System! SEATED,left1o right: L. O'Connor, M. Cavanaugh, M. Ostapowych, M. J. Pirowski, B. Fitgerald, D. Nowicki, A. O'Hara, P. Crosta, L. Monco, E. Menna, J. Evans, P. Mohan, L. Beres, M. Tighe, A. Sister M. lmmaculata, C. Clemente, C. Piotrowski, F. Sobczak, R. M. Ferara, B. Schraven, S. Forcucci, C. Stuart. STANDING from left Aviles, S. McCann, R. Gargala, M. E. Maloney, M. E. Mingarella, J. to right: J. DeMarie, LB. Corbran, S. Roleau, P. Jedynak, E. Snyder, A. Swallow. LL. 9I 5 f 6'iH-T?"' 3 f W 2 Shall we ever forget sports? How can we? Sports played no small role in our "Journey", The great games! The cham- pionship teams! The All-Catholic winners! The excitement and enthusiasm of the pep-rallies! No, we can never forget them! Those great moments will always hold a special place in our memories of Baker-Victory. However, sports have also taught many lessons. We have found, much to our dislike, that at times we must taste defeat. Consequently, we now know that success is only achieved after long hours of sincere, and honest labor. Success does not depend upon luck, butlupon our ability to take advantage of circumstances as they present themselves. We understood at last the meaning of team-work. No athlete is great by him- self. He needs the help and work of his team mates, so also we shall not be a success unless,we depend upon the help of others. We enioyed these moments! Would you like to relive these thrilling episodes with us? 4 VARSITY FOOTB LL WiTh The coming of a new school year The FooTball Braves were faced wiTh The prospecf of a giganfic rebuilding program. AT The same Time, The Team was headed by a new coaching sTaff under The direcfion of Mr. William Whelan. Lacking depTh and size, The offensive was cenTered around a passing aTTack, and iT relied on The accuraTe arm of Tom BesT. Tom ended up wiTh The besf passing record in The league. His favoriTe receivers were Paul Farrell and Tim Clifford. Since The running of Ed RaTh and Tom Manley balanced The Braves' sfriking power, The Team readied iTself for The baTTles on The gridiron. AT The end of The season, The Braves showed a record of 2 wins and 3 losses. The Two wins came againsr ST. Mary's of LancasTer and NoTre Dame of Bafavia. ln Provincial Cup play, The Braves losT Two close decisions To Ryan and ST. Francis High Schools. Each of These games was played in rain buT The Touchdowns came in The lasT minuTe of play. As we look back on The many Thrills we enioyed, we are proud of The Team, a Team which never gave up, louT played To The final whisfle. These men Taughf us deTerminaTion and perseverance. Now we shall Try To emulaTe Them. FIRST ROW: P. Farrell, R. Belsenich, H. Schusfer, J. Harrigan, R. Pacillo, T. MorganTi, N. Molea, T. Clifford, D. Ross. SECOND ROW: J. Smith, J. Lenahan, J Smith, F. Novak, T. BesT, E. Rafh, T. Manley, M. Skipper, J. Boquard, K. Joynf. THIRD ROW: Coach Moore, M. Weber, J. Leary, J. CefaraTTi, D. Schmitt, J Orlando, M. Barberio, R. Schneider, J. McCann, L. Pefrucci, Coach Whelan. FOURTH ROW: Coach Salisbury, M. Orlando, R. Zabron, T. Michaels, D. Srachera, P Gordon, J. Wenzel, J. Sturm, R. Palmieri, Coach Torgalski. Jll -unr- 57' Tom Best grinds out The all imporfanf yarolages against DeSales. Lid l fl E, ' .J P' 1'r'?,',J if 1 f' XM V in - .. NICHOLAS MOLEA ' " JOHN HARRIGAN Tackle Guard THOMAS MORGANTl Tackle i 1 w 8' fs . I ' 7 s 2 X -s l i "'L ' l ll? fl l l' g , It 5,31 b ,i,i-513 X .Y 1,. MICHAEL SKIPPER-Quarterback JOHN SMITH-Fullback , ii, V W 1 el ar "mu Q. ii QV 1-.Q , JA. It won't be long and he won't get far before the Braves nail him fo the ground. Gang Tackling by the Braves kepf the gain small and insignificant. 95 0 Q " Q Y , ,MH m V V X I V Q EEE X , 4 .,,, - - ,',.,xs , One Thaf almost got away Tackled at last. U- Z 5 , V mg 5 5 3 Q nn, uw 555 uw ':::: i' H m YJ-: 11. m 5,g,,""" n The runner Won'T get far as Brave iacklers converge on the ball carrier RICHARD PACI LLO-Cenfer THOMAS BEST-Quarterback X , 'xt i 2' I - . Q X if iii I lg in RICHARD BELSENICH THOMAS MANLEY Tackle Fullback gy? T T T ': 1 f ' -I ' I -fax ' x 1:5 E-I 1 - ,flip , l F A EDWARD RATH HENRY SCHUSTER Halfback Guard - 96 The line held and me hole dsdwf open. ' J.V. FOOTB LL As with the Varsity, the J.V. Football squad found itself with a new mentor in the person of Bob Torgalski. A. J.V. squad has the perennial problem of lack of talent, for it is here that the varsity material is formed, tried and perfected. The J.V. fielded a fast running ancl passing attack. Freshmen and Sophomores were the mainstay of the team. Bob Palmieri, Tom Michaels and Ray Zabron were the outstanding players. Their performance was supported by the good, hard playing of Bob Whelan and Frank Lenahan. Ryan, a traditional rival, was the team that the Braves scalped. We played Turner to a tie, lost to Dougherty by the margin of one conversion, and tasted defeat at the hands of Tirnon and St. Mary's of Lancaster. In retrospect, we can see that the J.V. will be able to fill in the lineup vacated by the graduating Seniors of the Varsity. As a result we feel certain that the Braves of next year will be in much better shape. With anticipation of future success we say "Well done and good luck!" FIRST ROW: J. Sturm, R. Palmieri, R. Zabron, M. Orlando, T. Michaels. SECOND ROW Mgr D Stachera P Nowaldy P Harrigan W Whelan J ODell R Whelan, F. Lenahan. THIRD ROW: W. Moore, D. Sheehan, D. Armbruster, G. Martin, M O Halloran T Galenti M DelValle Coach Torgalski A - L 1 it 2, it 7 i f i 1 ' I.. W . X ... . H , . J ix A I Ui to - it , 'H 1' ' 3 , FIRST ROW: J. Smith, H. Schuster, C. Carr, J. Smith, B. McCann. SECOND ROW: Mgr. M. Orlando, Mgr. J. Bouquard, K. Joynt, J. Eiss, R. Puntillo, R. Miller, L. Schaller, Coach Barry. VARSITY ASKETB LL John Smith lets go his lump shot. I., 98 Rich Puntillo is off his toes and K ' out for the ball. 1,1 AL- :W With the end of fall, all heads turned to the gym to await the first game ot the '60-'61 basketball season. Since no one was returning from last year's team, the outlook for a winning season was voiced with mixed degrees of confidence. Lack of seasoned players proved the weak point of this year's Braves. However, the Braves ended up with a winning season. The scoring of Chuck Carr and Rich Puntillo resulted in some of the highest scoring games in B-V's history. On defense, the quick hands ot Bernie McCann and John Smith resulted in a fast breaking attack. As the curtain came down on the end of the basketball season, we Found ourselves in a three way tie for third place. Two hard fought and grueling games did not help in placing us in a final play-off berth. All in all it was an interesting season, though at times we had some disappointing moments. Q? The unpredicTable J-V Team came Through wiTh a grand winning season. Always slow sTarTers, The boys improved and produced a winning Team as The J-V Braves of old. OTT The backboarcls, The heighT of James SaTlawa,and Terry Smerka Took Their Toll of opponenTs' rebounders. Bob Palmieri wiTh his sharp ball handling, and William Moore wiTh his defense abiliTy rounded The well balanced J-V quinTeT. As a resulT, we were rewarded vvirh an excifing season of baskeTball. The games were well played and inTeresTing clown To The final buzzer. WiTh an eye To The TuTure, The Jay Vees have proved Themselves and now awaiT Their chance To Take over The helm lefT vacanT by The graduaTing seniors of The VarsiTy. Punchy PunTillo rebounds for a Tap in. l JU IOR ARSITY All The hands are up buf The ball has iTs own mind. l l FIRST ROW: W. Moore, A. Jasper, T. McCann, T. Balen, M. McCann, T. Haggerfy. SECOND ROW: Coach Balen, J. Denecke, R. Palmieri, J. Saflawa, D. Berclwou, T. Srnerka, M. Lalley. THIRD ROW: Mgrs. D. Sfachera, P. Harrigan. T 99 Bob Palmieri ends the fast break with a lay up. Carr goes up hugh to put this one Through. Vu li ' f l ' 1" ' J' r ' 'f6' 1a W ' X 9 ? J 'Z ' X -' xx, X RICHARD PUNTILLO Forward BERNARD MCCANN Guard 1 i' X .Q N, AL '--, - 1 I Will it or won't it? We're not sure and we can'1' remember whether J. Satlawa scored a bucket or not. JOHN SMITH Guard K" 1. .U F 1 W - 'lmf' , ., f' , ,I 'ex A I , 'AV NJ- F lf" L' f' . P , gk X 'x x X I , HQ X. ,r A ! xi Y -,Q ,411 ENN jyvff fy, .la ,, , Q v xi I .I J f 1 CHARLES CARR Forward f X X Q, we N J' ' 4' tx W CV J J 3 Q 5 f ,- H XXX. NX z xx J ff f , . JOHN EISS Center Karen Evoy is liferally on her Toes. Lorraine Aloisio has The Tap, but it looks like Mary Jo Swiafosz won'T geT The ball. JU IOR VARSETY ASKETBALL ln The shadows of The VarsiTy, we always find The young and inexperienced players of The Junior-VarsiTy, hoping and pracficing so ThaT some day They will fill The shoes of Their more capable sisTers. Their efforTs are no less sfrenuousg Their deTerminaTion and enThusiasm no less sincere. Also under The direcfion of Miss Franz, The Junior VarsiTy has come Through wiTh flying colors during This baskeTball season. Following The example of The VarsiTy, The Jay Vees Took The banner and carried iT on To vicTory. WiTh The season drawing To a close, we feel confidenT ThaT nexT year's varsiTy will be well represenied by The Junior Brav- eTTes of 1960-1961. We found Their games inTeresTing and our "Journey" more saTisfying as we waTched Their play and gloried in Their successes. FIRST ROW: A. Tilipowicz, S. Seuferf, K. Pagano, L. Alpisio, M. Wade, M. J. Swiafosz, M. J. Coyle. SECOND ROW: M. Sullivan, M. J. Guffner, J. Downs, K. Evoy, A. Ramsey, B. O'Connor. THIRD ROW: K. Felser, M. Lalley, M. McHugh, A. Bougard. ' - l03 l. Q5 all .1 3 - Q j MARY ANN GEARY Guard DIANNA NOWICKI Forward ,t t R, fx .1 t x , 14 I- Pat Durkin is about to let go of a two handed set. ' 1 Jean Downs is ready to streak away with the ball and give the offense a try for a bucket. I04 MISS D. FRANZ Coach , 1' l. J- 'xx ,Xml -,k lr XM li " L., Et MARlA OSTAPOWYCH Guard rg, CATHERINE MONAHAN Forward 'v H i 1 I l ,, . l Ll . -f 'l l"' KATHLEEN McLAUGHLlN Forward .rf f 1' 'X BARBARA FITZGERALD Guard ,A yy 5 ' ' 3' , "R,-14-J Af l" It X' PA I 1 5 g,ji,,.,,"X TR c A DURKIN ' Forward fl-xiii. Pat Durkin is going for a lay up. Kathy McLaughlin hit upon a new step for the "stroll," at the other end of the court? It looks like another close one for the J-Vees. What's going on Bernie McCann lets go from the foul line for a two pointer. KNEELING: D. Sheehan, R. Zawisa, E. Smith, W. Whelan, T. Balen, M. DelVolle. STANDING: D. Stachera, M. McCann, W. Moore, Struski, J. Globa, T. Haggerty, M. Lalley, T. Krawiec, Coach Fuller. FRESHMAN ASKETB LL ag, fb Floating through for a lay up, John Smith looks like he's in. Looks like Bernie McCann has another in hand. IO6 fast break well ST? BAKER-VICTORY C HEERLEADER Practice and more practice helped out in the routines for Carol Zak, Carol Bonacci Marcia Krause and Judy Buczek. The B-V Varsity Cheerleaders are left to right, Dianna Nowicki, Nancy Rebl, Mariorie Wolcott, Sue Scheuer, Kathleen McLaughlin, captain Sue Ellen McCann, Marie Duffy, Judy Lagana, Barbara Vitale and Diane Wlfczak. tween games. It may look like the old two step, but it isn't. Ask Chris Gordon, Betty Sullivan, Barb Kwarta, Judy Williams, Peggy -Cargala and Jeanette Switzer. ' I07 4-1 X Sue McCann, Carol Nemeth, Joann McCrory, Cathy Mona- han and Kathy McCarthy take time out for a chat in be- FIRST ROW R Weber G Zalac A Kane J Lenahan L Warcl J Kromer D Marenovic P. McGee, J. Cefaratii, T. Courtney, M. Weber. SECOND ROW Fr Callisfus M Barberio M Mor1arTy R Sumera M Walsh T Courtney P Chamberlain, R. Williams, J. Kromer, D. Leary, E. Ernst B McCann THIRD ROW G Bobala J Eiss K Joynf R Ebel R McHugh E Harrigan J. Harrigan, J. Pagano, R. Mackania, C. Gmerek, AllCatholic Paul McGee Iimbers up at The high lump as Bernie McCann and John Elss I K Track played an imporTanT role in The sporTs picTure ar Baker-VicTory High. WiTh mosT of The Track and field men reiurning To The scene, The season promised To be one of The mosT exciTing and successful in The school's hisiory. DisTance runner Terry Couriney lived up To his repuTaTion by Taking TirsT place in The mile run in The All- CaTholic meeT Thus winning All-CaTholic honors for The season. The greaTesT surprise was The high and broad iumping of Paul McGee. WiTh an unorThodox sTyle, Paul managed To win meer afTer meeT much To The dismay of his opponenis and To The delighT of his TeammaTes. In a Triangular meeT againsi Ryan and Fallon, Paul McGee seT a new high iurnp record by clearing The bar aT six Tee'r. As a whole The Team was well balanced and came Through wiTh many Thrilling rnomenTs. Ex- perience and hard work had reaped greaT re- wards. WiTh All-CaTholic honors resTing on Terry CourTney and Paul McGee, wiTh oTher winners sharing in The spoTlighT of fame we look back aT a successful season wiTh pride. The accomplish- menTs of These aThleTes will provide high aspira- Tions for all fuTure Track Teams. CongraTulaTions To Them! The sprinters Joe Pagano, Mike Barberio, Joe Flory and Bob Mackania are all set To go as Art Kane, Dan Marenovic and Gary Zaias look on. +,,5---"if.1,4 'QS'-.T-W-L51 ' " "1 ' iii' -TT: I Jsiqaa ""- f.:'T:5"s:' '5-4 H Q. ,f '- g?':'fE,2k,L-, ' 4 "Q,-5" We -"":i.iaH'- "' ive' ' ' 'nil xr?-Jnpf-I w X-wtf: ls. 4 Jr,- v . , ,.X-IH, 1 K , ., lr. u-'f. 'f. Af. .., ' F 'r 1 W" , I 1- . , 'X X 4 -A L Il ' H ll 1 y'M'nl3'T E ---: ' fb if' ,-A' 1,1111 :': - Mk? 7-1 1: A-1725-'iggt 12,5 H 5191 Es .., .W . if .GH ,..k ,. W th -I 'l r n rl .. A.. -..-v-3 L.. P vw, x'?xZgQl'N ,QU U' s' :.1Z-If r -' f-3 -,I , .nf Q. ' 'J E Ann, JIU FIRST ROW: W. Kruczynski, R. Miller, R. Barrett SECOND ROW FaTher Samuel W Kelley B McCann K Besnne M Buck: TENN S Champions-1960. IT was a banner year Tor The Baker-VicTory Tennis Team. NOT once did They TasTe defeaf as a Team. Canisius, ST. Joe's, Timon, ST. Mary's Lancasrer, DougherTy and Fallon all were deTeaTed in Their Turn. Our doubles Team of Bob Barren' and Bill Kelly kepT Their record unTarnished Through- ouT The season. Bob Miller added in like man- ner by beaTing every opponenT. This Three- some found Themselves chosen aT The end of The season as All-STars of The CaTholic League. WiTh The core of The Team reTurning This season, The fuTure looks brighT, and WiTh a year's experience I behind Them The Team should fare well. Perhaps They will duplicaTe Their undefeared record of lasT year. We reveled in Their glory and our chesT bu1Tons were bursTing as we showed off our Team. PleasanT will be our memories as we look back on This porTion of our "Journey", fb?-K P i T ii iii iii 'ii imiiimiii iiiuiiiwiiwiii iii H funk? Q l V 1 l . .is 0 l i , i . , I T..-fe. - K., F521 . 1 W .L i iv' lflz I-E , W 2 , 1, . - n .- T ..,,- ,A 'li .. .J , H 5 T -, ' 'TEH -1 .r. T 4 -r FIRST ROW: R. Hetey, J. Cichon, W. Kruczynski, C. Gmerek, R. Barrett, M. Przybysz. SECOND ROW: Mr. Salisbury, J. Wenzel, R. Lis, G. Bobala, Fr. Samuel. BOWLIN The Bowling Braves of '60-'61 have performed in a bet- Ter-Than-averagei way. However, after a sensaTional start The Braves ended up a good strong Third. As The season progressed The Braves faltered and leveled off to Their final position. Dick Hetey, one of The Top bowlers, has managed To keep his average up in The 180. This will ensure Dick of a birth on The All-Catholic Squad. Close on Dick's heel was The performance of Bob Barrett. This one-Two punch of The Team was responsible Tor many of our wins. As The season draws To a close, we feel cerTain That The Braves will maintain Their present sTanding. All in all we can feel satisfied ThaT The Braves have done well in carrying The Gold-Brown in Their counTless matches. As They roll To Their Success, we sTep in behind Them hoping To reach ThaT same goal-Success. ll2 Bob Barrett, in perfect form, lets go of a strike FIRST ROW: T. Courtney, W. Colern, R. Sumera, T. Courtney, B. McCann. SECOND ROW: Coach Salisbury, G. Baker, D. Schaab M. Herrman, L. Ward, G. Tomasule, M. Morarity, Fr. Callistus. THIRD ROW: C. Keating, M. McHugh, J. Patton, T. Wurstner. The final last strides are the longest and hardest. Ternf Courtney finds himself no exception. CROSS COLI TRY One of the first sports to move into high gear during the school year is the Cross Country Team. With a good part of the team returning, the coach, Mr. Salisbury, could well expect a rewarding season. The one-two punch of the Courtney brothers resulted in B-V fielding a strong Cross Country Team. ln every race Terry Courtney and brother Tom finished first and second respectively. As the season progressed it seemed a cer- tainty that Terry would end up an All-Catholic. In the All- Catholic Meet, Terry came through to place on the "dream five". This was the second year in a row for Terry on the All-Catholic Cross Country Team as he once again led the team to victory. The endurance of the runners could only bring admira- tion from the sidelines, as we watched their "Journey" to the finish line. II3 ws- 'V 1 at fig.-w W ' -' 'Qi W ' '-- T P -J 1 '::.11......"-'i-.L1.J15:' ,7 5 3 . 11. 7- xqwa .f A W, A. 1q5iTi,. 'f'.5.,u "N if, -L 3 F -5- -- 'N .W I 1 . , A1 ' If x . N W r WY'-?Q'o,, ' ' , 4' ' Q' : , f- K - 4 ' " 'J' I " ' 4 . ,ty , 'f' l 51" N 5111! . K X ,, V g 'S' Q ,. V - m ll j , ee? . - ' . ' fe' . v - ' ' ,ll ' W Evndenfly the bus driver is not worried about his windows Just a warmng move that bus! They look much better in shorts but the photogra early for fhe members of The Weight Liffing Club 'TJ -'1'1""'i?." ' 'E izrrrig Along our "Journey" we also found time to relax. Our "Journey" was not always difficult and laborious. There were times when we stopped to admire the view and to partake of picnic lunch along the way. A respite from the work of a classroom was always en- ioyed. Here you will find us during some of our lighter moments of school life. The dances were eagerly anticipated. As for Ring Day and other important days in a Senior's life, what can be said? They were all momentous, and are indelibly engraved in our hearts. The routine of the classroom became more bearalole. Lite during the school year, as a result was less tiresome and burdensome. We found that the student was not a well rounded in- dividual unless the activities of the school became an' in- tegral part of his school life. All of us enioyed this side of our "Journey". We hope that you have as much pleasure re- viewing those scenes as we had living them. +G", ,lt I, za...-1e,.. g , Fixl The first to receive his ring from the Principal was Bill Kelly. Ellen Hall, Nancy Loncarevich and Bill Kruczynski await their turn. r , i. , I .. wx . , 4' H L f ' lb Some danced, some sat around and then we found this group smiling just for the photographer. G The long line moved slowly for Carol Cote until at last her class ring was in her hand. Around and around they swirled as the Senior Social Event of the Fall was fading away into the book of memories. lI8 .. xx, E31iP?d5?:iiF72fff 4!pL1? ' 5:i1z'f211.LT1'?sf 15231.11EW,, M , ,I n:"' ,19fl,.,f4-. ffg,1.jy-1,11 E155'lbffqlszsllfyf-?f1 "1f'11 . x 4 1' ,lf nf I uf gli, A " . , ' f v ,l 4 VM, -r- ,G ..., , sufs fini ..,, - fi f 'mf' '.f-.V aff?-Q ,fx , Y :ar - f A X 5 . 'Q X11 'V k s..., k 1 fx '5' -'-.gif r v v ilk L. , es! "7 QYLQE-fi, :ij gg. :fp la 5' as vi Christmas Dance Chaperons-SITTING: Mrs. J. Molea, Mrs. H. Nolan, Mrs. J. McLaughlin. STANDING: Mrs. J. Grandits, Mrs. M, Murtha, Mrs. M. Winspear, Mr. J. McLaughlin. When the music started the crowd dicln't waste much time in taking to the dance floor. D B N C S v The usual crowd gathered around the pop machine and found time to discuss everything but the dance. I20 Bob Buchheit, Kathy McCarthy, Carol Duhan, Jim Warren, Mary Guffner fun lust sifting this one out. and Tom Manley are having y A, x ,- 1 ' , si fm , xy. G' W -H V A . A 0. , V J 1 f x 1 w Q , . 51 n pa? A' I , pf ' f ff A 4 1--4: fd ,Lfif . 'VI A 'S . ' . .lfuiffigf-E Q g 415, 5' ff 'lf fQfZfl:.- 1 lil- , , "R ' ' 'W M 35. ' 'aw' .J--r.'2 , 'z fi r ',if .,.f 1 ff :ggi 1:1 Q :Q :1'l5 ." A , x .- E2 , w l 1 ' ' " "wsu , ' W 12211 , x . j x ,. Q LT,-giggnl " 4,-.w....m W , I . l '. A V' fl -Q. X ' F? . if hid 138 'i 1' V5 Fc' . W 1, g fi 5 La, 51511: QM Jw x - 41 . 3, mfs '1 5 ' 'f , Q n ,L 0 -- ,- l 5 . 3 I ,f,2L,s W x .Q 4. ' fa' 'R - 1x mf x .uni -4 , V X z- li ' wth! 1 . , 1. 45 ff , ..., W A 24 4 ? H1 ff if sr? - ' 615' , .nf w 1 it ' 3, vmhig: Y 5. 1 Q? W iw 7 3 -, ' f 'is 1igigQ H 1 W if--' ,ff 'YP' T 7'E"fM ', ' . ,g . .9 g,.z,f W- ,n 'iv XE Y II 1 ,ff"5 . V ,Q G' f-.1525 T. ,i. YlLi, "5 ,A 'QW 4 V 31' 5 x R ' 1 'iw V . 1, , fi U, F , 'L- WM' 1 1 fr- "ln -- X2 5.2. 5 - yn Q, . .lk Y GSL A ,L J' ,-W 1-f: "' a QM 5, Y D-11 , uw -K. w "Q, :T wr. v , ,H -4. ..J" FL.. -" -Q LIILD -1 Mrs. M. Haley, Mrs. R. Toms, Mrs. E. Herrmann, Mrs. E. Harrigan, Mrs. J. McCann and Mrs R. Sheehan pay a visit to The chapel before The meefing. y --Q R. Berchou, Mr. R. Eckert, Mrs. M. Grafh and Mrs. E. T. McCormack. prepare The snack. Relaxing after a trip to The snack bar are Mrs. E. Watt, Mrs. E. Skoczylas, Mrs. J. Diviak, Mrs. E. Zaidel, Mrs. D. Downs, Mrs. M. Eusanio, Mrs. J. Pericak. A hi' as--f -. :""i-1 ,s4L4 L LJ -,197 The first in line always had the best pickings. Mrs. G. Mahoney, Mr. F. J. McGrath, Mrs. M. Hanley, Mr. P. McGee, and Mrs. O. Weber Mrs. A. Soda, Mrs. J. McNamara, Mr. and Mrs. E. Smith, Mr. P. Schaller. check over some reports before ihe gavel falls. V l23 4 Alice Ryan as Sister Gervaise, a star of The Baker- Victory Players. I24 The old "line up" before assembly. Members of the Parents' Guild, Mr. P. McGee, Mr. H. Smolarek, Mr. Eckert, Mr. T. Morganfi, and Mr. J. Murphy, were always on hand to help out during The games. Future homemaker, Margaret Krause, receives the Betty Crocker award from Sister Anfoineffe. 37 ,,,, .r , -- ., "5" A ."' ' Q -I" '.., " .v- -u-1""""+ " --Iv'-""'Z':L - . 3 ,r--1 '-K, I 1 1 -1 .', r i . 5 Mrs. Trzyna, Mrs. Urbanczyk and Mrs. Hughes look over their weekly menus. 3' Betty Prevot taking in another absentee excuse . Q., Carol Poster and Bob Beckley-Red Cross representatives of Baker-Victory. Joe Kustreba and Don Schaab get sights straiightened out in the Guidance office by Mr. Boczar and Fr. Martin. , . Smiles for a iob well done. Fr. Callistus presents Terry Courtney with his All-Catholic trophy. Fr. Henry addresses the Student Body at a school assembly. The newly build dark room gets a going over by the school photo- graphers George Reidel and Don Connelly. l26 A happy group of mothers at their annual Christmas Party. illrsvj' N1 '----.sig 1 . ' 4-' r Sister Mary Laboure and Pat Durkin take inventory in the Girls' bookstore. 'Wit Tom Evancho and Mike Weber fry to talk their way out of a tardy siip Fr. AI is hard to convince. Kathy McLaughlin, Mary Ann Moilerski and Sue McCann pause for a chat in between acts. Barbara Kresconko's smile, a trade mark of her happy disposition. l27 rr- 'ff' 'i r-i , iv 'vi MR. AND MRS. MATTHEW. P. BALLARD MR. AND MRS. MICHAEL BARBERIO COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND AMADORI CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. 63 Jackson Avenue Lackawanna 18, New York BUFFALO SHEETING AND PAINTING CO. Need a Bridge Painted? See our engineer NICK CEFARATTI'S IDEAL SHOE STORE 2290 Genesee Street COLPOY'S WESTERN N. Y. VENDING I65 Whitehall COMPLIMENTS SUNRISE PRESS 574 Fillmore Avenue TL2-0101 DUNN WELL RECONDITIONERS, INC 1872 Genesee St. BUFFALO 11, New York ELECTRO REFRACTORIES AND ABRASIVES CORP. Buffalo 2, New York C. ELIAS AND SONS 317 Voorhees Avenue School and Athletic Wear Buffalo 16, New York GEORGE C. FREY READY MIXED CONCRETE INC. 561 Pavement Road Lancaster, N.Y. HELEN'S HOTEL 21 Wilkesbarre Avenue Lackawanna, N.Y. TA4-9819 LAUX SPORTING GOODS Athletic Outfitters Clubs-Schools-Colleges 441 Broadway Buffalo 4, New York LOCAL UNION NO. 2601 United Steelworkers of America 650 Ridge Road Lackawanna, New York LOCAL UNION NO. 2603 United Steelworkers of America 650 Ridge Road Lackawanna, New York NATIONAL GRINDING WHEELS 1807 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo 7, New York M. K. Mayo TR5-0227 ANN REBL'S BEAUTY SALON 3270 South Park Avenue Lackawanna 18, New York TA5-3633 REILLY'S RESTAURANT 36 Abbott Road Buffalo, New York '28 PATRON S GOLDEN PATRONS VIR. AND MRS. JOHN COURTNEY VIR. THOMAS J. CUSACK MR. AND MRS. NORBERT EMHOF FRANCISCAN FATHERS-TIMON HOMEROOM 205 HOMEROOM 305 MR. AND MRS. THOMAS J. JOYCE MR. AND MRS. MATTHEW H. KACZOR MR. AND MRS. EDWARD KANE SPECIAL BUSINESS PATRONS WILLIAM ROBINSON PRODUCE CO. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 136 Niagara Food Terminal TA3-1968 SHAMROCK MOBILE HOME PARK AND SALES 1883 Electric Avenue Lackawanna, New York TOTSCO The Office Towel Supply Co. 157 Adams Street TRI-CITY ELECTRIC CO. 1346 South Park Avenue Buffalo, New York COL. JOHN B. WEBER POST NO. 898 Veterans of Foreign Wars 2925 South Park Avenue Lackawanna, New York M. J. VINCE AND CO., INC. 3107 Main Street Buffalo 14, New York TF3-5775 Wholesale Plumbing Supplies BUSINESS PATRONS ALUMINUM FENCE CO. 2376 Genesee Buffalo 25, New York TX5-8800 ANCO ELECTRIC SERVICE, INC. 125 Pleasant View Drive Lancaster, New York DOMINICK APA GEN. CONTRACTOR 125 Harriet Street Buffalo 15, New York AVERY'S FLOWERS, INC. 2707 South Park Avenue Lackawanna, New York TA3-1010 BEASER REALTY COMPANY 1040 Kensington Avenue Buffalo 15, New York TF3-3700 BEN'S HARDWARE 135 Kirby Avenue Lackawanna, New York BEN'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP 189 Center Street Lackawanna, New York J. BERES AND SONS DAIRY 1280 Electric Avenue Lackawanna 18, New York TA3-4011 8ESTINE'S RESTAURANT 3298 Genesee Street TX6-9587 Fine Foods-Choice Beer-Wine-Liquors BLASDELL BOWLING ACADEMY 10 Beautiful Lanes 11 Lake Avenue BLASDELL PHARMACY, INC. Your Leader Drug Store 3876 South Park Avenue Blasdell, New York TA5-4688 BUFFALO HOTEL SUPPLY CO., INC. 189 Van Rensselaer Street Buffalo 10, New York C.J.S. SIGN COMPANY Complete Sign Service TX5-9966 CARTER BOOTH'S GROCERY STORE 3850 Abbott Road Blasdell, New York NH9-4718 CARTER SALEM ELECTRIC Lackawanna, New York CASTIGLIA NIORTUARY 873 Abbott Road TA4-6435 CODER SERVICE INC. 420 Hopkins Street TA2-9345 Truck repair and rental THE COLONIAL MEMORIAL CHAPELS 3003 South Park Avenue Lackawanna, New York COLUMBIA IMPORTED FOODS Specializing in olive oil, cheese and imported delicacies AIRKEM SALES OF BUFFALO 3764 Harlem Road TF2-9619 "Airkem for a Healthier Enviroment through Modern Chemistry" COTTRELL BUS SERVICE, INC. 3675 Clinton Street Buffalo 24, New York COYLE INDUSTRIAL LAUNDRY, INC. Moore at Ohio Streets Buffalo, New York CRNO'S DELICATESSEN 28 Wilkesbarre Avenue Lackawanna, New York DAIRY TOWN 925 Abbott Road Buffalo, New York MRS. JANE KRUSZKA MR. AND MRS. ANTHONY MORETTI MR. AND MRS. JOHN A. MURPHY MAYOR AND MRS. JOHN C. OGAREK MR. AND MRS. LEO BUCHHEIT DAVID FRUIT AND COMPANY, INC. 159 Ridge Road Lackawanna 18, New York AL DEKDEBRUN Sporting Goods Northtown Plaza TF4-3338 DE POTTY'S PHARMACY 2264 South Park Avenue Buffalo 20, New York TA2-7003 DICK FISHER ATHLETIC GOODS, INC. 699 Main Street Buffalo 3, New York TL3-8870 DIETRICH FUNERAL HOME 995 Genesee Street Buffalo, New York DODOLAK'S MEATS AND GROCERIES 63 Warsaw Street Lackawanna 18, New York EUVIWOOD PET SUPPLIES 706 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo, New York ERIE WHOLESALE MEATS AND PROVISIONS 11 Alamo Place Buffalo 20, New York TA4-6634 ESKAY MFG., Inc. 160 Michigan Avenue Buffalo 4, New York FORSTER'S PHARMACY Milner J. Forster, Prop. 3722 South Park Avenue Blasdell, New York TA3-2132 GEORGE C. FREY Ready-Mixed Concrete Inc. 561 Pavement Road NT3-1432 CUTCO CUTLERY Graduates Call For Free Gift Robert Gerstner NH9-1880 GIERMATA'S RESTAURANT 26 Kirby Avenue Lackawanna, New York C. W. GOSSETT COMPANY Office Machines-Sales and Service 46 Velore Avenue TA2-8275 JOHN P. HANNON Hannon Real Estate Co. 101 Strathmore Avenue Buffalo, New York MESCALL AND HAGGERTY FUNERAL HOME 1377 Abbott Road Lackawanna 18, New York HASS AND HARTNETT AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds 1890 Seneca Street Buffalo 10, New York CLUB HELENE 2074 Seneca Street Buffalo, New York HERRMANN'S LOUNGE AND BAR 474 Abbott Road Buffalo, New York ROSS HODGE Office Machine Service 169 Avery Avenue Buffalo 16, New York HOLLAND DAIRY 32 Holland Avenue Lackawanna, New York HOWARD'S CHANGER SERVICE Record Changers, Phonos and TV's Serviced and Repaired 25 Ashton Place TA4-1320 KERR AND HUDAEK Gas Station and Garage--Gen. Repairs 1715 William Street TX4-9966 HUDSON GRILL 49 Hudson Street Buffalo, New York JOHN'S PRETZEL AND POTATO CHIP 1132-1136 Jefferson Avenue Buffalo, New York TF4-2896 KAY'S DANCE STUDIO KEEP LIFT TRUCKS 133 Hopkins Street Buffalo 20, New York TA5-7865 KENTUCKY CABIN 1115 Seneca Street Buffalo, New York KLEIN'S BELL'S I.G.A. 1430 Delaware Avenue Buffalo 9, New York KLIMEK'S FOOD STORE 112 Aurora Avenue West Seneca, New York FRANK J. KNAB FUNERAL HOME 1213 Loveioy Street Buffalo, New York KNOTTY PINE DINER 1291 Abbott Road Lackawanna, New York KRAUSE'S MARKET 60 Holland Avenue Lackawanna, New York TA2-8268 KRUEGER'S BOOKS New and Used Books-Discount Records 22 Buffalo Street Hamburg, New York KRUG'S . . . QUALITY MEATS 1483 Genesee Street Buffalo, New York LACKAWANNA HOTEL 727 Ridge Road Lackawanna, New York LEYEDA PRINTING AND STATIONARY CO. 3847 South Park Avenue Blasdell, New York RA3-2377 LIMERI FOOD IMPORTS Supplies for Rastaurants-Pizzerias-Institutions TA5-0661 2231 So. Park Avenue LLAMAS BROS. 16 Gates Avenue Lackawanna, New York LORENCE STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY 1797 Clinton Street Buffalo 6, New York I.ORETTA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 219 Ingham Avenue, Lacka, N.Y. MACHINA BROS. 635 Ridge Road Lackawanna, New York TA4-3508 MALROSA LOUNGE 1947 Seneca Street Buffalo 10, New York CHET MANKOWSKI Bailo Grill Biggest Beef and Shrimp in Town Bailey at Loveioy A. MAZGAJ AND SONS 3144 South Park Avenue Lackawanna 18, New York TA2-5128 THOMAS A. McCARTHY FUNERAL HOME 1975 Senece Street TA5-4454 McLEOD INDUSTRIAL FUMIGATORS 324-326 Broadway Buffalo 4, New York MEATLAND INC. 405 South Park Avenue Buffalo, New York PAUL MENDY INSURANCE 1209 Ridge Road Lackawanna, New York MIDTOWN HARDWARE 655 Ridge Road Lackawanna, New York MIKOLL SUPER DEL. Norbert Mikoll 2794 Seneca Street FRANK MINGARELLA GENERAL INSURANCE Insure and Be Sure 1781 Seneca Street TA3-1327 MOBILE SERVICE STATION Seneca and Elk Streets Buffalo, New York MOON BROTHERS ESSO 1423 South Park Ave. and Hopkins Buffalo 20, New York JOSEPH E. MURPHY INSURANCE 2162 South Park Avenue Buffalo 20, New York TA3-61 OO-TA3-2273-TA2-2120 NATIONAL PATTERN WORKS 710 Leddy Street Buffalo 10, New York NORTON INSURANCE 3779 South Park Avenue Blasdell, New York MATTHEW C. OKONIEWSKI 1168 Walden Avenue Buffalo, New York P. H. O'MALLEYS 190 Stevenson Avenue Buffalo, New York OSBORN ES Lackawanna, New York MONSIGNOR HARRY OSBORNE Pastor of St. Bernadette's Church Hamburg, New York PARSONS AND JUDD INC. Pharmacists 468 Abbott Rd., 2011 So. Park Ave. 2189 Seneca Street PEOPLE'S DAIRY 20 Helen Avenue Blasdell 19, New York PETRIE'S 5c-51.00 STORE 731 Ridge Road Lackawanna 18, New York JOHN R. PILLION 724 Ridge Road Lackawanna, New York POLISH HOME ASS'N. 283 Ridge Road Lackawanna, New York PRODUCERS POULTRY CORP. 120 Dutton Avenue Buffalo, New York RAY'S SEWING MACHINE SERVICE 3269 Bailey Avenue Buffalo 15, New York RIDGE OPTICAL COMPANY 2721 South Park Avenue Lackawanna, New York RIDGEWOOD PHARMACY 1385 Abbott Road Lackawanna, New York ROSINSKI FURNITURE COMPANY Two Reliable Stores Lackawanna-Buffalo THE ROUND-UP 1811 Abbott Road, Lackawanna, N.Y. ROYAL OF AMERICA "Insist on the Royal Line Merchandise of the Highest Quality" THE SAFE, LOCK AND KEY CORP. Safe Experts-Locksmiths TL2-2769 204 Pearl Street Buffalo 2, New York S AND S WASHING SOLUTION "Clean for less, with S and S" TA2-7282 SCHlFF'S FAMILY SHOES South Shore Plaza Hamburg, New York SCHULER FOODS Sunshine Biscuits Inc. Rochester, New York ST. MONlCA'S SCHOOL 206 Orlando Street SERMAK'S INN 113 Lake Avenue Blasdell 19, New York SHEEHAN'S FORD MOTORS 1685 South Park Avenue Buffalo 20, New York CHESTER SOBCZK Public Accountant 13 Elkhart Street Lackawanna 18, New York SOUTH PARK CLEANERS 2354 South Park Avenue WE Call and Deliver-TA3-6325 SOUTH BRIDGE RESTAURANT Corner South Park and Ridge Road Open 24 Hours SOUTH SHORE LANES Camp Road at N.Y.S. Thruway Exit No. 57 Free Nursery Service Every Day LACKAWANNA SPANISH WELFARE ASS'N. 229 Ridge Road Lackawanna, New York STONE PILE AND NORTHERN RAILROAD CO. "Progressive Narrow-Gauge Railroad ing in the Heart of the Steuben County Potatoland" General Office-Avoca, New York TOM SWARTZ FRIENDLY SERVICE 3240 South Park Ave. cor. Sharon Lackawanna, New York TIEBAR-SALER 110 Broadway Buffalo, New York TOMAKA 'DRUG COMPANY 85 Ridge Road cor. Gates Ave. Lackawanna, New York TA4-5800 TA5-9570 THE TOWNE ROOM 5507 Main Street Williamsville, New York NF3-7074 TROST FIRE EQUIPMENT CO. 6308 Transit Road Depew, New York Sales NT3-6201 Service I29 VANOTT MACHINE CORP. Sally Bonnes TWIN OAK MOTEL 40 Southwestern Blvd. Orchard Park, New York UNION GARAGE, INC. New and Used Cars 2565 Union Road Cheektowaga, New York NR4-3600 UNIVERSAL COOKWARE CO. "Lustre C-raft" Stainless Steel Bob Schillace North Collins, New York KAZ. URBAN FUNERAL HOME 188-190 Clark Street Buffalo 12, New York TX2-7647 7544 216 Colsate Avenue Buffalo, New York VANITY CLEANER'S Buffalo, New York COMPLIMENTS OF THE VILLAGE EDGE Hamburg, New York WALLY AND NANCY'5 DELICATESSEN 127 Louisiana Street Buffalo, New York WElNAR'S INC. Distributors of fine paints and wallpaper 164 Buffalo Street Hamburg, New York WlCHER'S GROCERY'S 2825 South Park Avenue Buffalo, New York WILLIAM AND DAVEY MARKET 1804 William Street Buffalo 6, New York WOODLAWN DINER Woodlawn, New York ZlOLO'S RESTAURANT 278 Reiman Street Sloan, New York Fish Fry Fri. and Sat. TX-9367 Chicken Dinner Sat. and Sun. SOUTHVIEW DELICATESSEN 2594 South Park Avenue TA5-6254 SILVER PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. John E. Adrian Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bednarz Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bowden Mr. Robert Carroll Dr. Edmund A. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chihanick Bruce E. Dickenson Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dillion Mr. and Mrs. William Dillion Mr. and Mrs. J. Diviak Mr. Harry Dubel Mr. and Mrs. J. Dzialga Mr. and Mrs. Aedo V. Filipetti l30 Dr. and Mrs. Grant Fisher Ronald Fisher A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Mrs. James J. Hanley Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hetey Homeroorn 301-Sr. M. Laboure Homeroom 304 Jo, Effie, Lucy, and Claire Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Joynt Josephine Kania r Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Krause Mr. and Mrs. M. Lalley Dr. and Mrs. Leo Legierski John Lenahan Mr. and Mrs. Frank Machina Mr. Francis D. McCann, Sr. Mr. Francis J. McGrath, Sr. Mrs. Martin F. McHugh Dr. Elmer A. McNamara Mr. and Mrs. James G. McNamara and Family Rev. Joseph M. McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nowicki Mr. and Mrs. James J. O'Connor Omega Phi Epsilon Sorority Mr. and Mrs. Richard Owsion and Son Dr. D. E. Rectenwald Richard T. Rooney Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sabuda, Jr. Dr. C. G. Salisbury Judge and Mrs. William A. Sari Mr. and Mrs. M. Satlawa Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Schaab Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Gerald P. Schenck Emil Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Seres Shanley Cleaners Frank Smerka Mr. and Mrs. Walter Strychasc Tippies-Ladies Social Club Mr. and Mrs. Leo Trembowicz Paul F. Ward Bernard Warren and Family Thomas J. Warren Mr.'George Wecker, Jr. Rev. T. K. Wlodarczyk REGULAR PATRONS A. C. Hardware Richard J. Abram Ace Liquor Store Aguglis Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Ames Mr. Vincent Amigone Mrs. R. Amon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Angus Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Aquilino Armor Hardware Mrs. Charles Arnone Ast Cleaners and Dryers Astra-Lite Mr. and Mrs. B. Avoli The Bakers Mr. and Mrs. Paul Balogh Miss Patrica Balogh Mrs. George Bannister, Sr. Bernhard's Barber Shop Christine Barberio Patricia Barberio Mr. L. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Barowicik Mr. and Mrs. Barr Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Barth Ann Barton Richard Battleson Be Sociable, Drink Pepsi Mr. and Mrs. S. Beach Mr. and Mrs. Beauregard Mr. and Mrs. Bednarz E. M. Beiter Company Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Belsenich Beltone Hearing Aid and Audiometers Mr. and Mrs, Ray Berchou A. Beres Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Beres Joanne Beres Lucille Beres Mrs. M. Bernhardt Mrs. Joseph Best Mr. Joseph Best Barney Beunicki Bigelous Kendall Service Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Billittier Eddie Billittier T. E. Binner Bison Cheese Company Blasdell Furniture Store Julian Blizniak Mr. and Mrs. Galen H. Blosser Mrs. Frank Bobala Mr. and Mrs. Edward Boczar Mr. Frank Bodekor Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bodnar Mr. Ray Bogdan Helen and John Bonarek Mary Bond John J. Bonner Mrs. Angelo Bonvissuto Mr. Angelo Bonvissuto Mr. and Mrs. William Booth Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Boquard Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bowers Mrs. Patricia Brauch Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Breen Mr. and Mrs. Bratik Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Brown Miss Ann Brlek Mr. and Mrs. Brodhagen Mr. and Mrs. Brokob In Memory of Mrs. J. Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. John J. Buchheit Mr. and Mrs. Leo L. Buchheit Paul J. Buchheit Mr. and Mrs. E. Buczek David A. Buczynski Bud and Loretta Folan Bughr Spot Restaurant Mary Alice Burton Lucy Burton Bus Driver on Bus 34 Mrs. Anna Butler Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Butler Mr. and Mrs. William Butler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Butrice Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Buttaccio Father W. Byrne C.Y.C. of Assumption Parish Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Calahan Tony Calandra Dr. and Mrs. Calcagno Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Callahan Maria Calleia Mr. James Canty Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carr Mary L. Carrigg Edward Carroll Anthony Cavallaro Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. Cedro Mr. and Mrs. John Cefaratti Mr. and M-rs. Ross Cellino David S. Chamberlain Mr. and Mrs. John Chati Christines Hairdresser's Mr. Stanley Cichon Anthony Ciko Sam Cino Ben Cirino's Gulf Service William M. Clark Sharon and Pat Cleary Mr. and Mrs, Ernest Clotfelter Mr. and Mrs. J. Colern Mr. and Mrs. Michael Collins Community Sales Como Food Shop Mr. and Mrs. Paul Conway Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Connolly Martin Cooley Jeanne Ann Corbran Mr. and Mrs. E. Corcoran Peter Cornei O Mr. Frank Corto Costas Liquo r Store Maureen B. Courtney Dan Crapsi a nd Son Hdwe. Miss Gay Crno The Crowley Family Mr. and Mrs. V. Cuddihy Mr. and Mrs. James Cullen Verna Daley Mr. and Mrs. J. Danahy Mrs. S. Danahy - Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Darobiala Mr. and Mrs. Lindauer Mr. and Mrs. John E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Dayler Trudy Deguire Mr. and Mrs. F. Delano Mr. and Mrs. Andrew DeMario Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. DeMar Miss Marian DeMarie Joseph Denecke Miss G. F. DePasquale Dorothy Desmond Mr. and Mrs. J. Dwine Jane Devine Adel Devine Dianne and Jimmy Angelo DiFrancesco Miss Betty DiNardo Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiPionio John L. Dirrigl Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dombrowski Mr. and Mrs. Walter Donowick Don's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Peter' Dauer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Downs Mr. and Mrs. Pauline Draper Mrs. H. Druckemiller Mr. Frank Duran Mr. and Mrs. N. DuBois Mr. Stanley Dudzic Sara B. Duffy Mr. and Mrs. William E. Duffy Mrs. Daniel Duhan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dulak Durkins Delicatessen Mr. and Mrs. Dyia Mr. and Mrs. J. Dzialga Florence M. Dziuk Mr. and Mrs. J. Eagan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eagan Eastern Tire Company Eaenezer Restaurant Economou's Eddie and Margie Eddie and Wally's Mr. S. Edelman Eden Farms Dairy Mrs. Edith Ehhis Mr. and Mrs. George Eigenbrod Mrs. Clara Eiss Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eiss Mr. and Mrs. P. Eusanio Mrs. Marie Evancno Mr. and Mrs. Phonas Evans Ken. Evert Ann Evoy Mary Ann Evoy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Farrell Philip Fein Dr. and Mrs. Ferraro Carmen Ferrinola Mr. and Mrs. J. Filipowicz Mrs. S. Filipowicz Catherine Finley Mr. and Mrs. J. Fiorella Mr. and Mrs. Ward Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fitzery Harold Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. S. Flis Joyce Flowers Joan M. Fords Mrs. Thomas Franey Omega Psi Alpha Fraternity A A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Marcia Fries Rosanne Fulford Mr. and Mrs. Funderburk Grtackle Company Mr. and Mrs. Gabryreal Mr. and Mrs. D. Galenti Dot Gallagher Gallagher's Delicatessen Mr. and Mrs. A. Galza Mr. and Mrs. Gander Paul Gorden Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gardner Edward F. Gargala v Ruth Gargala Garrow's Wallpaper and Paint Mrs. Leo Gastle Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gaul Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Gaylord Mr. and Mrs. H. Gegin Genny and Sam Mr. and Mrs. T. Germecda Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gerstner Mr. and Mrs. S. Gmerek John J. Goergen Mr. and Mrs. Gogbardi Mr. John Goldsmith Mrs. Martina Golick Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gorczak Mr. A. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gordon Mrs. S. Gornikiewicz Joseph Goude Mrs. John Grabar M-r. and Mrs. Graber Mr. and Mrs. W. Green, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Greene Rita Griffin Mr. and Mrs. T. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. John N. Grimm Mr. and Mrs Leo Grass Mr. and Mrs. A. Grosso Daisey Food Shop Jean Grzech Mr. and Mrs Peter J. Gugliuzza Mr. and Mrs. F. Guido Guzman's Men's Shop l Mrs. Clara Halinski Mr. and Mrs. Edw. J. Hall Ellen Hall Stan's Hambleton Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Hamm Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hangauer Victor J. Hangauer Richard M. Hanley Mrs. Alice Harrigan Mr. and Mrs. John Harrigan Mrs. Janet L. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Hart Carol Hartman Mr. Fred Hartman, Jr. Mr. Fred Hartman, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Haven Hazen Delicatessen Mr. and Mrs. John J. Heffron Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Heinen Mr. C. Heinzenberger HeIen's Food Shop Victor Helinski Mr. Hempling Mr. and Mrs. E. Hempling Allan Hengerer Mrs. Edward Herrman Edward J. Herrman Colman Hesch Arlene Hesketh Mr. Arthur J. Hess Mrs. Arthur J. Hess Lebristian Hess Mariorie Hess Mary Ann Hibbard Peggy Hibbard Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Hibbard Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hillery Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hillery Hi-Style Dry Cleaners Hauke Flower Shop Mr. and Mrs. Hofmayr Pauline Hohl Holland Dairy Mr. and Mrs. John Honan Mrs. J. Horrigan Mr. and Mrs. Bert L. Huller George Houston Ideal Pharmacy Len. Ingoldsby Joseph lppolito Mr. and Mrs. Henry lsula J. and J. Bar Mr. and Mrs. F. Jachlewski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Jachlewski Jack and Bev Bernice Jakubczyk Ronnie Jakubczyk Mr. and Mrs. R. Janik Rev. A. Jankowski Lilian Jardin Mr. and Mrs. J. Jarkins Mr. and Mrs. E. Jasiura Jean's Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jednak Mr. Edward Jegrerski Mr. Florian Jegrerski J. Milford Jennison Mary Ann Jerry Joan and Norm Joe's Barber Shop Margaret Johns Donald Jones Miss Jayne Jordan Dr. John H. Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Joyce Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Gene Judge Peter Juran Mr. and Mrs. Henry Just Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Kaczmarowski James Kaiser Max Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kalamalka Mr. Walter Kaleta Mr. and Mrs. H. Karninski Miss E. M. Kaminski Mr. and Mrs. George Kane Mr. and Mrs. Kapture Mrs. Loretta Kardas Kay and Jay Matthew Kellihen Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kelly Patricia Kelly William J. Kelly, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Kelly Plante and Kelly Kennedy's Mortuary Dennis Kindlelan Ester King Mr. and Mrs. Stephen King Kirby Sales Ted Kloc Koch's Dry Good Store Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kolarz Linda Kolby Mrs. S. Kolby Mrs. W. Kolby Mrs. S. Konczyk Edwin Koralewski Mr. and Mrs. F. Kowalewski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kozera Patricia Kozub Kozy's Friendly Service Mr. Edmund Kraiewski Mrs. Chester J. Krakowski Mr. and Mrs. Walter Krakowski Mrs. O. Krause Mr. and Mrs. William C. Krause Alphonse C. Krause Krawiec Chester Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kuczka Mrs. F. Kulczyk Mr. and Mrs. R. Kuntz Mr. Jacob Kruczewski Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kustreba Mr. and Mrs. S. Kwiatkowski Anthony Labedzki Jessie Labedzki Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Lalley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lalley Mr. and Mrs. William T. Lang Dolores Lattimore Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Laszewski Patricia Laszewski Harry J. Lauber Albin J. Lauchert Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Leary Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lempko Dave Lenahan Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lenahan Paul Lenahan Della Leslie John Lex Music Studio Liberty Restaurant Frank Lilix Mr. and Mrs. John Lillis Mrs. Joseph Lingl Charolette Lis Stanley Lis Barbara Livecchi John Livecchi Mr. and Mrs. John Livecchi Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lodick Joseph R. Tomaka Mr. and Mrs. J. Lomas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lombardo Mr. and Mrs. Joe Loncarevich Dr. Robert M. Long Dr. J. H. Loring Lou's Restaurant Rocco Lucenti Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Maciag Mrs. Charles Mack Rev. R. Mack William Mackey Mr. and Mrs. F. Madigan Jean Maher Judith Mahlmeister Kenneth J. Mahoney Mrs. K. Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mahoney Mrs. Anna Mandel Mrs. D. Mangino Mrs. Edith Mangino Mr. Vito Maniscalco Daniel J. Manley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Manley Nancy Manley Thomas J. Manley Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mann Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mann Mr. James Manning Mr. Joseph Manuel David J. Manzo Donna Manzo Mr. and Mrs. Louis Manzo Marcy and Reggie Delicatessen Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Marino Mrs. K. Maroney Mrs. Sally Maroney Mrs. J. Maroony Mr. and Mrs. L. Mast Mrs. P. Masterson Miss Rita Mauro A. Mazgai and Sion Phil E. Mazgai Mazgai and Sons Terry Ann Mazilcowski Dick and Kitty McBreen Tavern Mrs. Elizabeth McCann Mr. and Mrs. James W. McCann Michael McCann Mr. and Mrs. Terrance J. McCann ln memory ot Thomas McCann Frank McCathey McConnell Jewelers Mrs. Donald McCooey Mr. and Mrs. E. T. McCormack Miss Margaret McCormack Mr. and Mrs. Edward McDonald James McFarland Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. McGinnis Mr. and Mrs. Martin McGrath Paul J. McGrath Mrs. Michael McGuire Mr. and Mrs. J. G. McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McNamara Mary McNamara Joseph R. McNerny Mr. and Mrs. James T. Mead Miss Mary Ellen Meegen Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Meegan Miss Mary Meisler Casimer Mellerski Men of Baker Hall Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Mendyk Mr. and Mrs. George Mercer Mr. and Mrs. Francis Metz Miss Modanna R. Metz Mr. Jack Meyers Mrs. Michaels Mike's Texaco Service Joseph J. Milano Mrs. Pe-ter Mitello Mr. and Mrs. Nick Milievic Mr. and Mrs. C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller Mary Ann Miller Richard J. Miller - Mrs. S.,Miller Mrs. Stanley Miller Mr. and Mrs. Leo D. Minnis Chester J. Miodonski Mrs. Edward Mischka I3I Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miskuly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Molea Molnar's Restaurant Mr, Louis Monaco Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Monaghan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moore Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore Mr. David Moran Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Moretti John Moriarty Mrs. George Morrison Mrs. V. Moskel Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Mahlbauer Mrs. Mary Muhlbauer Tom Muhlbauer Mr. and Mrs. James Mulqueen Ann Marie Mullen Mr. and Mrs. John Mullen Murphy's Restaurant Dolores R. Murphy Miss Gloria Musiak Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Nagorski Ceramics by Natalie Jeanne Naughton Dennis Nawrocki Mr. and Mrs. George Nease Pick Neisal Mrs. William Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Neudeck Robert Nevinger Nick and Nan Charles Nicometo E. W. Noblett Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Noblett Mr. and Mrs. Robert Noonan Jack and Linda Noone' Mrs. John Normanly Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nott Mr. and Mrs. Frank Novak Paul and Helen Nowadly Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Nowadly Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Nowadly Charles S. Nowicki, Sr. Mrs. Mary Nowicki Jack A. Noworta Raymond E. Oberst lll Mr. and Mrs. Paul O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. John J. O'Day Mrs. Alfred O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O'Donnel Ralph Oertly Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Halloran Walter O'Kaminski Henry Oldsmobile Dealer Mr. and Mrs. R. Olivate Mrs. Dennis O'Mera Charles O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Oreskovic Mr. and Mrs. J. Orlando Mr. an,d Mrs. Gerald O'Roul?e Emmett O'Shei P. M. Lodge Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Pace Kathleen Pacillo Mrs. Matilda Pacillo Mr. and Mrs. J. Pagano Robert Patrucci Pat's Tailor Shop Mrs. Edward Patton- Mr. and Mrs. George J. Paul Mrs. Paul Mrs. F. Pawlowski Pelzer's Mr. and Mrs. E. Pellegrino Mrs. J. Pellittien Mrs. A. Pennachi Mr. and Mrs. Geno E. Pesci Adrian R. Peters Norman and Richard Petersdort I32 Mrs. Carl Pitschhe Mr. and Mrs. L. Picerno Judy Pickhardt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas St. Pieno Mr. and Mrs. Casimier Pietras Bernice Piiacki Mrs. B. Pilarski Miss Jean Piotrowski Mr. and Mrs. John Piotrowski Mr. and Mrs. S. Plandowski Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Poloncarz Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Poloncarz Pordum's Delicatessen Mr. and Mrs. S. Posster Potter Road Cleaners Power Drives Maxine Powers Mr. and Mrs. Carl Poydock Mr. and Mrs. Beniamin Prezyna The Prince Beck's Provision Mr. and Mrs. J. Przetak Mr. and Mrs. R. Przewbcki Puchalski Floral Creations Mrs. Arnold Pugh Mr. and Mrs. Dan Puntillo Pyne's Barber and Beauty Shop Quality Home Bakery Joseph M. Quigley Sarah Quinn Morley O'Randall Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rath Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rayburg Tom Rayburg's Service Station Mrs. T. Recckip Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rechlin Ann Marie Regan Mr. and Mrs. David Regan Mr. and Mrs. John Regan Mr. and Mrs. V. Regan Mr. and Mrs. John Remery Mr. Albert Renzi Mr. and Mrs. James Renzi Mr. and Mrs. Luke Renzi Raymond and Cathleen Renzi E. G. Reynolds Mrs. Valerie Rick Ridge Liquor Store John Ring Robert's Hairdressers Mrsf R. Roberts Mike and Helen Roy Mr. and Mrs. William Rogers Roiek's Meats and Groceries John P. Rolleck Mrs. Margaret Rolls Mrf. and Mrs. Arthur Rood Mr. and Mrs. Ross Mrs. E. J. Rossdeutscher Rudy and Marge Restaurant Donal F. Ruff Mr. and Mrs. F. Rutecki Rev. R. P. Rutecki J. A. Rutkowski Mrs. Helen Rutkowska William R. Ryan Joe Rykala Charles Saccomanno Mr. and Mrs. Henry Saladyga Salon Mimi Beauty Studio Harry Sample Mr. and Mrs. Charles Samuels, Jr. Rudy Santamaria Barbara Santucci Eleanor Santucci Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Sarata Sargent . William Sarna R. L. Sasala Leonard Sawicz Frank Scalisi Mr. John Scanlon Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schaefer Schaub Tool Rental Mr. Adam Schenck Jerry Schenck Mr. and Mrs. Josep Scherer John G. Scheuer Mrs. Gladys Schieder Miss Barbara Schindler Theone Schmelzinger Corky Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. W. Schnell Mr. and Mrs. A. Schoenberger Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schott Mrs. C. Schraven Albert Schuster Mr. and Mrs. N. Schwartzott Mrs. Scozzaro Misses Scozzaro Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Serback Ellen A. Sexton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas l. Shanahan Shea's Cleaners Miss Marie Shefter Miss Stephanie Sikorski Mr. and Mrs. A. Silvestrini Arthur M. Silvestrini Mr. and Mrs. George Simons Mr. and Mrs. P. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sirrianni Mrs. W. Sluria Mr. and Mrs. Charles Skipper Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skipper Kathy Skipper Mr. and Mrs. M. Skora Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Smith Mrs. James Smith Mr. and Mrs. James Smith David A. Snyder V. J. Snyder Edward Sobczyk Mr. and Mrs. Alex Soda Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Soda Mr. and Mrs. Sohr Walter Sopicki South Park Beauty Salon Florian Stachura Const. Co. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stackpoole Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stackpoole Mr. and Mrs. William Stackpoole Mrs. Howard Steftenhagne Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stethan Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Stipanovich Mr. and Mrs. V. Struski Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Sturm Walter Suchowiecki Dolores Sullivan Mr. James Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan Michael Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sumera Mrs. Mary Sutkowski Mrs. Betty Swallow Mr. and Mrs. George Swannie Mr. and Mrs. S. Szalkowski Mr. and Mrs. Henry Szymanski County Fresh Dairy lnc. Mr. and Mrs. Tatar Mrs. Agnes Tates Tederous Food Store Terry and Madonna Theta Beta Kappa Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Wurstner,Thornas Mr. and Mrs. C. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Tighe Thomas J. Tighe Mrs. Jean Tobin Mrs. Joseph Tobin Tom and Mary Jane 'Vlary Ann Tomaka Mr. Paul Tomaka Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tomaka Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tomaka Mr. and Mrs. Chet Tomczak Donald Toner Goldie Toth John Toth Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Trzyna Lucy B. Tunney Mr. Art Turner Arlene Turtan Mr. Len Uglesich The Unknown Bowling Tean' Urma and Kate Uncle Van Charlie Vara Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. D. Venezio Mrs. R. Venezia Mrs. Violanti Lillian E. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. R. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wallace Michael and Maureen Walsh Mr. and Mrs. John Ward Rev. William G. Ward Diana Warren Mr. and Mrs. N. Waterhouse Wayside Coffee Shop Mr. and Mrs. Leo Weber The Weber Family Mr. and Mrs. G. Weeker, Sr. Walter Dyer Weis Weise Camera and Hobby Center Jake Wenzel James Wenzel W. Seneca Hardware Joseph Whelan Lillian Whalen Pat White Wicher's Groceries Mrs. V. Wiersbieniec Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wikarski Mr. Fred Williams Mrs. Marie Williams R.N. . Mrs. Marie Williams Mr. Robert T. Williams Windom Harware Paul Winnert Mr. and Mrs. James Winnert Mr. and Mrs. Martin Winnert, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Martin C. Winnert Scotty and Lisa Ann Winnert Miss Irene Witczak Mr. and Mrs. Ed Witkowski Andrew Woicik Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. John Wolfe Edward Woods Don Wortman Wright's Pharmacy James Wyant Mary Yager June Young Clarence Yox Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Zabron Zack Jewelers Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zaidel Mrs. Harriet Zaidel Thomas Zak Dr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Zambron Mr. S. Zamorski, Sr. Mrs. H. Zander Mrs. L. Zasada Stephen Zawisa Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Zdrowak Mr. and Mrs. Leo Zgrabik Zip One Hour Martinizing Zilliox Optical Fran Zubler Mr. and Mrs. Zubler Norbert Zvvick CLASS D Y MAY I9, I96I The beginning of Class Day '61-Mass in the Basilica of Our Lady The girls get in one last laugh on Mary Alice Walsh. Will someone please help Sue? It looks like she lost her place. The boys all seem to approve of the commenls from the rostrum. Five different ways To drink-coffee, That is. fx 11- ,rA'TlXx,,if' ,fx ' Ju lolz PRO K , , 1" 'Ve "ENC ANTE" APRIL 20, l96I KNIGHTS OF ,,.,. 1 4 l , fit ,rf coLuMBus v. , "-f -1 Q Three enchanting couples are all set to step into a perfect evening. it 1 Time out to rest some tired feet. The soft lights and music set the atmosphere for the mpst important evening of the Junior Year. King, Mike Weber, and Queen, Margie Hess, reign over their court until the be witching hour. Y 7 W- -F.-,- ,. -. 'i I" l .QWSAQW ...1. I ,F AJ ' l X Q V-we . N 'S' T , L- 1, U 1 l 7 1 l l l . M1 , l li fl 1 lp: f l s, .l il Class moderators, Father Robert and Sister John Daniel, talk over a perfect evening with Margie Mahoney and date. The floor got a little crowded, but no one seemed to notice. Kathy McCarthy and Bill Krucxyn- 1 ski, Betty Bevan and Bob Barrett take time out for the pause that refreshes at the punch bowl. fl, i W l fi slate do i I l i i t 'i ?-H .,..-1 How did these couples find an empty corner? Carol Duhan is getting a lot of attention from the boys in the check room, as her date Jim Warren looks on. 2 ,,,l .,f., : l, . ' " l 32 m "x V , J - 1. f l' 2 f 'S'-A me 1-1. .5355 l f wi ...ml -I. ,, ht. X .' 1. 13' 1, 2 - 19 v ,if . as I should have brought my sun glasses! King, John Orlando, and Queen, Joann Salaclyga, ai- tended b Nick Molea Antoinette lfallo, Frank Corio Y 1 1 Shirley Forrcucci, Bob Flory, Sis Healy, Tom Morganfi, Joni DeMarie, Ken Keil and Marie Duffy. Let's go see my efchings. SENIOR PRO TTHE HOTEL HERATO " MAY I9, I96I !l.'4f'1L ' , C ,, Q Y , W lg P' Q A ZX , x L fm GILDED jsnmmr 'L l'i5 l' ll I , l - 'J "I Nl f-x-. l mf? ' lf N 5 ,, 5 ' Jggfixl M I ' . :L Q 1 -"' ' 1' 'lf' , I QQ ' ' Y, l l .iii ,, l ' f-- . 4. .fl se-- l .gl Dahling, you don't mean your name is Oscar? No, you can't have my Teddy Bear! Well, when is this prom going to get started? Wait till mother finds out we came alone. He really lost some sleep last night! No, Kathy, he isn't winking at you! CLASS GRADUATION OUR LADY OF OF I96I JUNE 25, I96I VICTORY BASILICA Joyous congratulations were extended to the graduates by family and friends. The Baccalaureate Mass offered by Father Aloysius in the Basilica of Our Lady of Victory began Gradu- ation Day for the class of 1961. From the smiles, the "big" day has finally arrived. 'JU PAQ 'JU THUG OT T 'INTTTA T! Cf-'JNTUT 0TI'NTM' " SNT. 9'f'Fl1 ailvif 'V eu.: :Sl , 'N'I"' 'Q' 0115 'YR u l .fd .s.,.. .1,..1 - Y. . 6171? -V -,-. M- L-. 4 ,. .f,nm,m.. - . . . -.4,..-,. W , Jf ' , .ln ,V K fd nnlfop Q , ' fy'!UAl X V MQ X9 A a I' "X SRD' .. X ,. N W'MK,r 6?gY . ,K . 5 A N BMW xr Ng PX Q X 9 N. . 1 N55 QW' XL , , Q9 BQ QL Q W My Mfg N Gd x KJ! .Q .x XR lv 4 X. Wx L 9' MMU X, 79 MA? WWW 2 -,.y' lx X, X 'J VV- ,xul Q Y,f'ij'j f 'XV TQ: ff i Q22-:is A I V I ' '51 YAAIW my MWA! xl hi? s A ' 0p Ulf if WJ 0 f NNE vxpf I, X, 5-X ' . F I J A,: ' LJ Q W! F21 ,f Q' .,

Suggestions in the Father Baker Victory High School - Hageota Yearbook (Lackawanna, NY) collection:

Father Baker Victory High School - Hageota Yearbook (Lackawanna, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Father Baker Victory High School - Hageota Yearbook (Lackawanna, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Father Baker Victory High School - Hageota Yearbook (Lackawanna, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Father Baker Victory High School - Hageota Yearbook (Lackawanna, NY) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Father Baker Victory High School - Hageota Yearbook (Lackawanna, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Father Baker Victory High School - Hageota Yearbook (Lackawanna, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 23

1961, pg 23

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