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1 ld -I i 5 L! I x 51 q 1 3 4 1 . 4 7110 1941 SAPPHIRE PUBLISHED BY THE SENIQR CLASS GF HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. DEDICATION WE, the members of the annual staff, do lovingly dedicate this 1941 SAPPHIRE ro MAMA SANDIPER, who has helped us, guided us, and has been an inspiration to each of us. Page Two ' 1 5, Qi 4 ,A THE OPEN DOQR Come with us through the open door That leads to days at Fassifern, X To friends, and clubs, and classic lore, June and commencemenfs sure return To hours of work, and hours of play, We'll take you through each door we Whi'le bright as gold across our way Falls memory with its afterglow. know, Page Th MOONLIGHT UN THE COLUMNS Through the dark and silent pines Across the campus the moonlight shines, And falls in rags of silver light Against the columns tall and white. -MARY RYAN. P g F xk f fl If 'lj I-J Q II , 'sf' Hlmmmll. ' F I I 'G QQWQJE 'H' J J- X .,,L.., ADMINISTRATION Page Sax FACULTY MR. WOODWARD unlocks for us the mysteries of algebra and geometry, and the beauty of red tulips lifted high on long stems. DR, SEVIER invites us through the friendly portals of Passi- fern. MR. SEVIER opens the door to the proud history of America, and to the thrill of a long canter through Woods white with dogwood, MISS GEORGE guides us through the world of books. Miss ETHRIDGE reveals to us a new World-the world of music. Miss PARIS teaches us skill in sports, and introduces us to the art of rink skating. FACULTY MRS. SANDIFER helps us keep our finances straight, and takes care of our mail for us, MRS. SEVIER welcomes us to Fassifern. MRS. WOODWARD leads us across new thresholds, some pleasant, some difficult, but all very good. MRS. HILLHOUSE lI1SEI'I.1CIS us in cooking and sewing, and explains the Bible to us. MRS. LEAKE pushes open the door to correct English, and chinks it with a door-stop of grammar. MRS. GARVIN, to become very literal, opens a door three times a day-the dining room door. Page Seven I Nl' 1 FACULTY Miss STADELMANN directs us in precision of speech and gesture. MISS LITTLE introduces us to the joy of speaking French and Spanish. MISS CELY tells us the secrets of typing and shorthand. Miss WILLIAMS waits for us at the detours along the high- way of health. MISS BULL points the way to an ancient language which has never quite consented to die, MISS COYNE shows us how to make beauty with line and color. MRS, SUTTON holds open the door to the Wonders of nature and to the trailways of history. O ' . " I Page Eight I J Q I ' u K I ,, A x V . X fx MJ-J L, -S4,+ S -LS - SL JNLVLMA.. IT E Q j Q TW CLASSES if, 1. 'Q V , ' lr 9 J XNET CoLL1'ER SIMPSON President Entered from Coffee High School, Florence, Ala., l938: Class President 2, 3, 41 Junior Marshal: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Program Secretary of Dramatic Club 3, Treasurer of Dramatic Club 4: Feature Editor of the SAPPHIRE 3, Editor-in-Chief of the SAPPHIRE 4: Vesper Cabinet 3, 4, Secretary of Vesper Cab- inet 4: Phi Gamma Tau Z, 3, 4, Secretary of Phi Gamma Tau 4, French Club 3, 4, Vice-Prcsi- dent of French Club 4: Scrib- blers 3, 4, Vice-President of Scribblers 4: Thespians 3, 4, President of Thespians 4: Rid- ing Club Z: May Queen 4. Page Ten LL, D ,ru-'L if 4f...4,A.f.y'.,f?vlkf4-JJ" ,'-,,t.,...fia.f,.5' , JJ. -Un, 21,199 Ne 320121 X' Tigprv-J rg, 7fy2fQf,,,sg' ..4..4n-r'-A-f1P-I, UN' ry ,-w.z4!!4-.f?Y" sd-'GY 54"-al :,4,,.,c,. F- gy.- 'Jaws r -ifvvfd'-f'-'4k-i'k. , la -Qvviv 'CL-'MJ 74.6 Miss MARGARET BULL Sponsor DORTHA LAEL Vice-President Entered from Glen Alpine High School, Glen Alpine. N. C., 1939: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Phi Gam- ma Tau 3, 4, President of Phi Gamma Tau 4: Riding Club 3: Varsity Basketball Team 4: Treas- urer of Vesper Cabinet 4: Art Club 4: Thespians 4: Photographic Editor of the SAPPHIRE 4: Carnival Queen 4. MARJORIE LOCKE MOORE Secretary xslt lit lil all ll 4 Entered from Morristown High School, 1940: Dramatic Club 4: Glee Club 4: Scribblers 4: Phi Gamma Tau 4: Varsity Basketball Team ant Editor of the SAPPHIRE 4. 4: Assist- Puge Eleucn L'K"'fy if JJ '33 'J l 'Li' X J., ' I LQ, ,f l, 1 .mf J ly! '!fy'yM'Al.f'y X ,-f-' 'J' W 4 J 'J-'xi"'l vb ff ,.""i ill 'J MidJ-gp!! U' . . 4 ifff 1: Ig? - :measles-Q 'L ,.k,.5,,i:g,L,?:.,gg- BETTY BRYAN Treasurer Entered from Ashley Hall, Charleston, S. C., 1939: French Club 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Lambda Delta 3, 4, Secretary of Lambda Delta 4: Junior Marshal: Art Club 4. Page Twelve VERNA ESTELLE BoRJ ES Entered from Poplar Branch High School, Poplar Branch, N. C., 1939: French Club 3, 4: Music Club 3, 4, President of Music Club 4: Lambda Delta 3, 4, Treasurer of Lambda Delta 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Varsity Basketball Team 4: Vesper Cabinet 3, 4. . '5- .Q ' 5- ' I H ,QQ ff.-Q f -4- I.. ' , - s ", 5 I t'.. tx WINNIPRED CLOVER f Entered from R ' 1Q'W'W ' M My osarian Academy, West Palm ' - Q ' Beach, 1939: Dramatic Club 3, 41 French Club 3. 4: 'h "' " ' , Phi Gamma Tau 3, 4: Scribblers 3, 4, President of , ', Scribblers 4: Art Club 4: Assistant Photographic Editor of the SAPPHIRE 43 Thespians 4. 4- . 1 "Q DOROTHY FRANCES COPELAND Entered from Farmville High School, Farmville, N. C., 1939: Riding Club 3: French Club 3, 4: Dra- matic Club 3, 43 Art Club 3, 4, Secretary of Art Club 4: Phi Gamma Tau 3, 4. Page Thir teen CLAIRE Cox Entered from Hendersonville High School, 1938: Vice-President of Class 2, 3: Secretary of Dramatic Club 2, 3, President of Dramatic Club 4: Secretary of Thespians 3, President of Thespians 4: Glee Club 3, 4: French Club 3, 4, President of French Club 4: Business Manager of the SAPPHIRE 3, 43 Lambda Delta 2, 3, 4: May Queen Attendant 2: Junior Marshal: "Best All-Round" 3, 4. ELSIE R LEE Entered from Kingstree High School Kingstree S. C., 19393 Phi Gamma Tau 3 4 Riding Club 3 4, Leader of Riding Club 3 Athletic Association 3 Varsity Basketball Team 4 Senior Basketball Cap tain: Dramatic Club 4: Glee Club 4 Junior Marshal Assistant Business Manager of the SAPPHIRE 4 "Best Sport" 4. Page Fourteen 5 S 1 A x ,. , r E5 . Y' 3 .J 1, NANCY HELMS LOWRY Entered from Thomas Jefferson High School, Richmond, Va., 1939: Dramatic Club 3, 4, Secretary of Dramatic Club 4: French Club 3. 4: Music Club 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Lambda Delta 3, 4, President of Lambda Delta 4: Vesper Cabinet 4: Thespians 3, 4, Treasurer of Thespians 4: "Most Attractive" 4. MARY MCFADYEN Entered from Shanghai American School, Shang- hai, China, 1941: Glee Club 4: Phi Gamma Tau 4. ,P ' . .1- Page Fifteen BETTYE LOUISE PERKINS Entered from Newton Grammar School, Asheville, N. C., 1934: Lambda Delta l, 2, 3, 4: Music Club 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Junior Marshal. Page Szxteen ANTOINETTE HENDERSON ROBINSON Entered from Hendersonville Grammar School 1937: Lambda Delta l, 2, 3, 4: French Club 2, 3 4, Secretary of French Club 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3 4: "Best Student" 4. Xi- I Lf ui IV ,Y 1 NORAH ELLEN RUCKER Entered from Davis High School, Columbia, S. C., 1940: Glee Club 4: Art Club 4: Music Club 4: Phi Gamma Tau 4. ' MARY BEE SMITH Entered from Marion High School, Marion, N. C., 1938: Glee Club 3, 4: Phi Gamma Tau 2, 3, 4: Junior Marshal: May Queen Attendant 3: Maid of Honor 4. Page Seventeen i LUCY ANNE TATE Entered from Hendersonville High School, 1937: Phi Gamma 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 4. Page Eighteen PATRICIA WARNER Entered from Graham Eckes, Daytona Beach, Fla., 1936: Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President of Dramatic Club 4: Thespians 3, 4, Vice-President of Thespians 4: Phi Gamma Tau 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer of Phi Gamma Tau 4: Riding Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Vesper Cabinet 2, 3, 4, President of Vesper Cabinet 4: Art Club 2: May Queen Attendant 1: Junior Marshal: Junior Carnival Queen 3: Feature Editor of the SAPPHIRE 4, I' in LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the class of '41, being of sound mind, body, and spirit, do hereby dispose of our treasured possessions on this thirty-first day of May. nineteen hundred and forty-one. Item I. I, Pat Warner, do will and bequeath my numerous admirers to Miss Stadelmann. May she not and them as troublesome as I have, Item II. I, Elsie Lee, do will and bequeath the rat in the left bookcase of study hall to Miss Paris in hopes that she will find him as interesting a com- panion as I have. Item III. I, Estelle Borjes, do will and bequeath my cheerful smile to Frances Wagner. It is guaranteed to wear well. Item IV. I, Marjorie Moore, do will and bequeath to Portis Cunningham my reputation as a good worker. I sincerely hope she will not find it as hard to live up to as I have. Item V. I, Mary McFadyen, do will and bequeath my extraordinary ability to answer questions in Bible class to Sue Bennett. Item VI. I, Winnifred Clover, do will and bequeath my "tropical glamour" to Caroline Sholtz in hopes that she will keep it well preserved until she is old enough to use it. Item VII. I, Dot Copeland, do will and bequeath my extended vacations to Pat Davenport. May she enjoy them as much as I have. Item VIII. I, Nancy Lowry, do will and bequeath my rich contralto voice to Suitor Chapman. May it not lessen the appealing quality of the way she sings "You Are My Sunshine." Item IX. I, Betty Bryan, do will and bequeath my regular Saturday night telephone calls fbut not the callerj to Zelda Symonette. Item X. I, Tootie Lael, do will and bequeath my place in the drawing room on Sunday afternoons to Caroline Levy. May she make more progress than I have. Item XI. I, Sissy Smith, do will and bequeath my absent-mindedness and air of innocence to Mary Ryan. May she find them as effective as I have. Item XII. I, Bettye Perkins, do will and bequeath my angelic disposition to Jane Jaffe. Item XIII, I, Claire Cox, do will and bequeath my numerous talents to Dody Stough in hopes that they will be fully appreciated. Item XIV. I, Lucy Anne Tate, do will and bequeath my seat in English class to anyone that can hold it down. Item XV. I, Antoinette Robinson, do will and bequeath my brains, beauty, and love of repartee to Jackie Lane. Item XVI. I, Janet Simpson, do will and bequeath my understanding nature to Dot Cook. May she hear as many interesting confessions as I have. Item XVII. I, Norah Ellen Rucker, do will and bequeath my neatness to Nancy Mansur. May it in no wise inconvenience her. Signed and sealed by the Senior Class of Fassifern School. Witnesses: JANET SIMPSON, PAT WARNER. Page Nineteen SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The open door that has welcomed each of us as we joined this class of '41 is now about to close behind us. As it begins to swing to, we seem to see each of our classmates as they timidly, or otherwise, crossed its threshold to join our ever swelling ranks. In 1937 three sub-freshmen, Bettye Perkins, Pat Warner, Mary De Masse, graduated into first-year high school. With the four new girls, Antoinette Robinson, Frankie Crowell, Carlie Jackson, Betty Hodson, and Lois Mohler, we former a lively group. We surprised everyone by winning second place in Stunt Night with our original Popeye skit. We'll never forget Pat as Sweet Pea, and Antoinette as Olive Oil. As "sophisticated" sophomores, Janet Simpson, Sissy Smith, Claire Cox, Katie Boyette came to take the place of Mary, Frankie, and Lois. The height of our ambition was to live until the next year, when we could at last have dates with the Romeos from Blue Ridge, and go to all the dances. That is, if we were cute enough, and we all thought we were! The crowning event of our sophomore year was taking the seniors to tea at the European Village. Last year, in 1940, eight bewildered juniors, Tootie Lael, Elsie Lee, Estelle Borjes, Dot Copeland, Winnifred Clover, Nancy Lowry, Betty Bryan, and Patsy Mack, were running around trying to find out what they were supposed to do, and why. What a year we did have! There were always the candy store and the tea house to take care of, with no one having quite time enough for everything. Then came headaches both for Janet, our president, and Miss Bull, our sponsor, but the Junior Carnival was a success, especially when our Page Twenty SENIOR CLASS HISTORY own Pat carried off top honors, and was crowned queen of the Carnival. Junior-Senior at Grove Park Inn, with Lewis Clayton dance following, brought our junior year to a glorious conclusion. This year Mary Polock, Mary McFadyen, and Marjorie Moore came to share with us the joy of being seniors. Two post-graduates, Norah Ellen Rucker and Harryette Jones, also joined us. We specially enjoyed taking our senior privilege of an extra movie a month, when we weren't too busy to do so. On May 4 we presented our gift to the school-two chairs and a bridge table for Senior Hall parlor. It was fun keeping sneak day a secret until the last minute. We certainly did enjoy all the parties the various classes gave us at the end of the year, and let us mention very particularly the wonder- ful Junior-Senior banquet and dance on May 17. The second of June finally came, and the day for which we had been working for twelve years. We found, however, that it was not all gladness then. As the daisy chain formed the figures, 41,1 We watched the door close forever on our high school days. MARJORIE MooRE. Page Twenty-one Senior-Sophomore championship game, Sophomores win, 18-16. Seniors win Stunt Night with original skit, "Sweethearts on Parade Page 'liwenty-two SENIOR CLASS PROPI-IECY While I was making my way down the street of a prosperous city of 1950, I ran smack into a noisy census taker, who turned out to be "old gossip-monger" Warner. She told me to jump into her sixteen-cylinder puddle-jumper, and to accompany her on her blood- hound assignment. While on the way to the municipal hospital, she confided in me that she had taken time out between trips to Holly- wood to offer her services to the government. On arriving at the door of the hospital, we were met by the charming receptionist, Bettye Perkins. Just as we were getting around to the questions which interest the government, Sissy Smith came rushing in to find out what could be the matter with a patient whose blood pressure went up every time she winked at him. We next went to the dietetics department. There we found Marjorie Moore, the dietitian, bossing nurses and cooks around in a very professional way. She informed us, however, that she was leaving next month to marry a professor in an orphanage. Well, the poor children will be well fed, anyway. Just as we were starting out of the door we met Dr. McFadyen. She had recently arrived from China, but she told us that she intended to stay in the U.S.A. for a good while. Our next visit was to a charming little house on the outskirts of town. We discovered that the lady of the house was Betty Bryan- we don't have to tell you the last name. While we were there, the postman brought a letter from Nancy Lowry. Nancy is singing opera at the Metropolitan at the present. She wrote that she was taking a tour this winter with Estelle Borjes as her accompanist. Next we went to an exclusive beauty salon, owned and operated by Dot Copeland. Under the drier we found Antoinette Robinson, Page Twentydhree SENIOR CLASS PROPI-IECY a famous university professor. She told us that Winnie Clover is decorating the senior hall dormitory of her Alma Mater, Fassifern. The next place on our list was the theatre Where Claire Cox was playing in "Boarding School Life." Her costumes were designed by Tootie Lael, and the play was directed by Elsie Lee. Our last visit was to a duplex apartment Where We found Norah Ellen' Rucker and Lucy Anne Tate. Lucy Anne does all the gardening, and Norah Ellen does all the cooking. Nothing like cooperation, eh? By this time we were quite hungry, so Pat and I parked the puddle-jumper, and went to lunch. Over the hamburgers, which we had ordered in memory of those Tea House days at Fassiferp, we entertained each other with our best stories. I told about my experiences as a newspaper woman, and I gained some good stories from Pat's tales of her adventures as a census taker. We finally parted with the agreement to meet sometime Within the next ten years. JANET SIMPSON. Page Twenty-four MAY DAY AND CLASS DAY May court: Nancy and Jill lpicrrette '25 Pierrotjz May pole: Rcccssional: Blue Ridge Watching May Day: May Queens attendants, Florence Wolal, Frances Mason, Virginia Houston, Mary Elizabeth Smith, Sarah Bowen, Lucy Turner: Daisy Chain, 1940. Page Twenzy-Hue 0? "T -. ,'-f , r' W6 'X eta. ,r V V .m L ., - W ' X.5'e ry 'I A " tt ia KQACWFA . 'r' I Y. , g "' 4 ,, ltr' 1 u K il A 1 . u' Y v' ,' r I 5,0 ' . Q " . ' ," el ii? ' 1 " ' r f .RI it ' TUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS PORTIS CUNNINGHAM Preszdent E. of DOROTHY COOK Vzce-President SUE BARTON Secretary BETSY BOB HOLT Treasurer sf? - 3 K osx' 6,5 N , Miss BETH PARIS X X Qpw '65, S onsor .3 5 c -PN SSRN P Ls so.-,D H5 'tp '45 . Q -A ,abs rgsf Z C ' L' qfq 7 T We upheld the class tradition-that of being the busiest class in school. Our xlf' ,ACU main purpose of the year was to earn money to give the seniors a banquet and Qs' Lf dance at Grove Park Inn, We hope the seniors will remember May 17th with 53'-5, Xp as much pleasure as we do, , .and Stunt Night. . .we had so much fun working wax- , on our stunt that we d1dn't mind not winning. A O Q55 Every Wednesday found us in the Tea House where we learned to cook kk X9 hamburgers and still sell them at a profit, Of course, doughnuts, hot chocolate, tw' ice cream sandwiches, and Candy Store had their part in adding to our junior Tb treasury. V The Jitterbug Contest we sponsored brought the whole school to witness the new dance routines of the experts. In this and our Junior-Senior Basketball Game we surrendered to our superiors-the seniors! We took our turn in having Vespers. We were not surprised when Mrs. Leake won our Grammar Quiz program in Chapel. The juniors put on their dignity when they entertained the sophomores at a St. Patrick's Day Tea in the Drawing Room-but, oh, how we lost that dignity at Junior Carnival. Our "Weeping Whirligig Wedding" was typical of us at our giggling best. We congratulate our Junior Marshals-Portis, Dorothy, Sue, Betsy Bob, Lib, and Lucy. Page Twenty-six J I ffl .2- K "1 P 3 if 'GV fb of J',,y1r A 1110, I' MEMBERS SARAH BOWEN BETSY IZLEMING ELIZABETH .I. MINOR IVIARY PAT DAVIDSON MARGARET A. GOODWIN LILLIAN OVISRTON ANNE SHIRLEY ENGHAUSER JACKIE LANE MARY ANN PRICE LUCY MARION ESTES CAROLINE LEVY FRANKIE PRIDE IVIARY Page Twenty RYAN TILTON TURNER WOOD -seven SOPHOMCDRE CLASS This, our sophomore year, began with the I-lallOwe'en party for the student body and from all reports it Was a success. but the gym was certainly a BIG place to clean. Then came Stunt Night with our version of "Cinderella" This year We were an Halso-ran," but watch Out for us next year. We Worked feverishly On the "Hall Of Horrors" for Junior Carnival and that night We all dreamed Of ghosts. Of course, these outstanding events have been interspersed with Work on chapel and vesper programs. At this moment we are head-Over-heels in plans for Our farewell party to the seniors, and thus ends Our sophomore year. OFFICERS ROEERTA MAYEANK , , ...,...,... I . .President FLORENCE WOHL ...,.. . . .Secretary JILL LANE ..,,......... . .Treasurer MISS MARY HELEN CELY , , ...,...... .,.. S ponsor MEMBERS MARY JANE EDWARDS NANCY MANSUR DOLORES STOUGH MARGARET FLOYD JOAN MCCRACKEN JEAN SUSSMAN VIRGINIA HOUSTON EMILY MCKENZIE ZELDA SYMONETTE BETTS MABREY KATHLEEN PEARCE FRANCES WAGNER Page Twenty-eight l I FRESHMAN CLASS The freshmen had fun planning their Stunt Night program. Even though the "Old Maids' Society" won no prize, it set the audience into gales of laughter. When Junior Carnival came to town the freshmen telegram "girls" were right on the spot. The pronts showed that their persuasive power was tops. All year the freshmen looked forward to their party for the seniors. The class cooperated willingly with chapel and vesper programs. OFFICERS MARY ELIZABETH SMITH . . ....,,.... . . .President KATHERINE SEVIER . . . . , .Secretary FRANCES MASON ..... . . .Treasurer MISS PEGGY LITTLE . I . .I.. Sponsor MEMBERS ELIZABETH BALDWIN SUITOR CHAPMAN SUE BENNETT JULIA GREENWOOD CAROLYN HASSELL Page Twenty-nine SUB-FRESHMEN OFFICERS MILDRED HALL ..,. ...,..,... ....,.. P r esident BARBARA COOK ...... .... V ice-President MARY LOUISE FLAGG ........ 4,... S ecrerary MARY ELIZABETH POWE ..L.... . I .Treasurer MISS DOROTHEA STADELMANN ..4..,..... I , .Sponsor MEMBERS PAT DAVENPORT BETTY ANN TAINTER JANE JAFFE JANE HASPEI, CAROLINE SHOLTZ PATRICIA PICKARD LOIS SHOLTZ ALICE ROBINSON Increased membership in the sub-freshman class presented increased activity. Regular class meetings were held weekly at which time programs for chapel and vespers were planned, For the second time We Won second place on Stunt Night for our play entitled, "The Making of the American Flag." We'll never forget the corn- starch we used to whiten our hair. We Worked hard for the Junior Carnival too, making and selling "hearts," It has all been loads of fun! Our closing activity was a party for the seniors at Greystone where many of us enjoyed our first swim of the season. Page Thirty H I X X 3 mg 1 """ I I w -- Q ii "I ,,, - Ill ' Ill - - In III III ... ' III III III III I Ll N L2 QL IIINNNNNNANNNw+ ACTIVITIES BETSY FLEMING .V.. DOROTHY COPELAND MARY RYAN ...,.Y Miss JEANNE COYNE BETTY BRYAN WINNIERED CLOVER MARGARET FLOYD ART CLUB OFFICERS MEMBERS JULIA GREENWOOD DOROTHA LAEL BETTS MABREY PATSY MACK . . ,President . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer . , .Sponsor MARY ELIZABETH POWE NOIQAH ELLEN RUCKER JEAN SUSSMAN In September, we, the members of the Art Club, found that the nine seniors who had graduated last June made a noticeable difference to our club. We welcomed the eleven new members with Open arms. ln November our outside activities started with the backdrop for the senior stunt. Qsee p. 225. Our Christmas table party was our special joy, Work for the annual began in February. Posters for plays, for the Jitterbug Contest, and for the Junior Carnival took up some of our spare time. Our Hnal meeting was the Com- mencement Art Tea, after which our friends viewed the exhibition which showed our accomplishments for the year. Page Thirty-two SCRIBBLERS OFFICERS WINNIliRED CLOVER . ,..,...,., . .. President MARY RYAN A.A........ .,.. S ecrelary Miss MARGARET BULL . . . . . Sponsor MRS. JESSIE P. LEAKE . . ......... . . .Sponsor MEMBERS SUE BARTON ROBERTA MAYBANK JANET SIMPSON CAROLYN HASSELL MARJORIE MooRE ANNE TILTON September found only three old members, Mary, Winnifred, and Janet, to hold up the traditions of Scribblers. Soon try-outs were held, and six new members were taken in. We meet every other Tuesday, except when we are prevented by such unavoidable things as the Hu epidemic, and delight in reading our own original pieces of prose and poetry to a sympathetic audience. The refreshments which the members take turns in serving add substantially to the joys of our meetings. Page Thirty-three VESPER CABINET OFFICERS PAT WARNER , , .,....A.... A..., P resident DOROTHY COOK . . , . .Vice-President JANET SIMPSON . . .A., Secretary DORTHA LAEL .,A...... .... T reasurer MRs. JEAN TTIILLHOUSE , i . . .....A.,. . . .Sponsor MEMBERS SARAH BOWEN MARGARET A. GOODWIN ESTIQLLE BORJES NANCY HELMS LOWRY PORTIS CUNNINGHAM MARY 'RYAN BETSY PLEMING MARY ELIZABETH SMITH The Vesper Cabinet had an impressive installation service the Hrst Sunday of the school year. Pat Warner was installed as president, and Portis Cunning- ham, Sarah Bowen, Nancy Helms Lowry, Dortha Lael, and Mary Elizabeth Smith took their place as new members. Our activities for the year included a tea, Thanksgiving boxes for some poor families, the Christmas tree and boxes of toys for the children of the Tiger home mission school, and the lovely Christmas pageant. In addition to these usual activities, we bought clothes for Mrs. Stegall to give to the African children, and we contributed 525.00 to the work in Africa. The Vesper Cabinet brought its year's work to a close with its usual final candlelight service. Page Thirty-four I I 1 LAMBDA DELT NANCY HELMS LOWRY . . BETTY BRYAN ..... ESTELLE BORJES . , . MRS. EMMA SUTTON . . ELIZABETH BALDWIN SUE BARTON SUITOR CHAPMAN CLAIRE COX PAT DAVIDSON MARY JANE EDWARDS MARION ESTES MILDRED HALL VIRGINIA HOUSTON JANE JAEEE OFFICERS ..PreSzdent . , Secretary . . .Treasurer .I.SpOnsOr MEMBERS BETTS MABREY ROBERTA MAYBANK JOAN MCCRACKEN EMILY MCKENZIE BETTYE PERKINS PATRICIA PICKARD MARY ELIZABETH POWE MARY ANN PRICE ANTOINETTE ROBINSON MARY ELIZABETH SMITH MARX' WOOD The Lambda Delta rush party was held at lVlill's River Recreation Park. This was the Hrst Fassifern party tO go there. The Ofiicers are planning some interesting events for next year. Page Thirty-five SUE BARTON SARAH BOWEN ESTELLE BORJ ES BETTY BRYAN CLAIRE Cox DOROTHY COOK MARION ESTES BETSY FLEMING MARGARET ANN GOODWIN VIRGINIA HOUSTON JACKIE LANE MISS ELEANOR ETIIRIDGE, Sponsor JILL I.ANlZ IELSIE NANCY HELMS LOWRY BETTS MABREY ROBERTA MAYEANK BETSY BOB HOLT CAROLYN HASSELL JOAN MCCRACKEN MARY MCFADYEN ELIZABETH MINOR MARLIORIE MOORE I,lI.LlAN OVERTON KATHLEEN PEARCIE BETTYIS PERKINS IIRANKIE PRIDE ANTOINE'l"1'E ROBINSON NORAII ELLEN RUCKER MARY RYAN SISSY SMITH IVIARY ELIZABETH SMITH LUCY ANNE TATE JEAN SUSSMAN The Glee Club presented two public programs this year, the Christmas Carols, and the operetta, 'AA Waltz Dream," by Oscar Strauss. The operetta was part of the Commencement program. Page Thirty-six Pl-Il GAMMA AU OFFICERS DORTIIA I,Ai51. .,A,. Presidenz JANIET SIMPSON , ., .I.'1'rt-asurtr DoRo'l'HY Coox . A'7IiL't"lJI'l'fiIILIL'l7l Miss JISANNIQ COYNIE . . .Sponsor PAT WARNER ,... SI-cm-fury L15s1.1i2 SISVIIQR .... ,.Muxt-of MEMBERS SUI? BENNE'I"I' IVIARCLARITI' If1.oY1u NANCY MANsUR Slssi' SMI'I'lI SARAH BOWEN JULIA GREENWOOD ANINNIEREIJ CLOVER IVIARCIARIYI' GOODWIN BARBARA COOK .IANE HASPEI. DOROTHY COIPELANIJ CAROLINE HASSEI, l7OR'l'IS CUNNINUHAM BEISY Bois HOl.'I' I7A'I' DAVENPORT JACKIE LANE SHIRLEY ENGHAUSIER JILL LANE IVIARY LOUISE IILALILI ELSIE LEE BETSY I7I.EMINCE CAROLINE LEVY IIRANCES IVIASON IVIARY IVICEADYIEN IfLIZAI5E'l'lI IVIINOR IVIARJORIE IVIOORE KA'I'IIl,EEN PEARCIE ERANKIE PRIDE NORAII ELLEN RUKTKER MARY RYAN KATIILQRINE SIQVIIQR CARo1,1Ni2 SI IOLTZ Lois Sliolxrz DOLORES STOULIII .I EAN SUSSIVIAN ZELDA SYMONE'I"I'E BE'I"l'Y ANN 'llAIN'I LUCY ANN TAIE ANN TILTON LUCY TURNER ERANCES WACENIEIR FLORENCE WOIII, 'I ln the fall the Phi Gamma Tau pledge party was held at Camp Greystonc Perfect weather, true picnic food, and an exciting treasure hunt helped to make it a success, Yes, it was a success because at formal initiation twenty-three new members were taken in. Receiving their pins was an exciting moment for the new members. Page Thirly-seven THE NATIGNAL THESPIANS MOTTO: "Act well your part: there all the honor lies." OFFICERS JANET SIMPSON , . , ......A,..... ,4... P resident PAT WARNER , . . . . 4Vice-President CLAIRE COX , , , ,...,. Secretary NANCY LOWRY , ,..,,...A.,... .... T reasurer Miss DOROTHEA STADELMANN . . . ,... Sponsor MEMBERS DORTHA LAEL JOAN MCCRACKEN WINNIFRED CLOVER JILL LANE MARY RYAN ELIZABETH JEAN MINOR Troupe No. 145 of the National Thespian Dramatic Honor Society for High Schools was organized at Fassifern and the chapter granted in the spring of 1939 under the sponsorship of Miss Dorothea Stadelmann. The society is a national dramatic honor society non-secret and non-social. It is honorary only in the sense that students are honored for having met certain requirements which indicate that they are ready to assume greater responsibili- ties in the field of high school dramatics. Because certain students have met specific qualifications, are deserving and dependable, and have shown genuine interest in dramatics, they have the privilege to become members of the national society. Page Thirty-eight THE FASSIFERN DRAMATIC CLUB CLAIRE COX ....A. PAT WARNER ....4.,. NANCY I-IELMS LOWRY . . JANET SIMPSON . . . OFFICERS MISS DOROTHEA STADELMANN .,........ DOROTHY COIJELAND WINNIFRED CLOVER PORTIS CUNNINCHAM SHIRLEY ENGHAUSER MARY LOUISE FLAOO JANE JAEEE OFFICERS DORTHA LAEL FLORENCE WOHL CAROLYN HASSEL JILL LANE ELSIE LEE CAROLYN LEVY .,....,,President . . I .Vice-President . . , . . .Secretary . , . . ITreasurer . . .Sponsor ROBERTA MAYBANK ELIZABETH JEAN MINOR MARJORIE MOORE MARY ANN PRICE MARY RYAN PAT DAVIDSON The members of the Fassifern Dramatic Club presented one three-act play, "First Dance," in November and two one-act plays in March, "Between Dances" and '4Twisted Angles." Drama Week was observed by presenting a radio version of an episode in the life of "Henry Aldrich" for Saturday morning assembly. Opportunity was afforded to attend the performance of "The Big Pond," a comedy presented by a stock company, and three one-act tournament plays pre- sented at the Hendersonville High School. Every year the club is proud of its members who qualify for membership in the National Thespian Society, Fassifern Troupe No. 145. Page Thirty-nine FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS CLAIRE COX ......,,. .,,,....,. ...,. P r esident JANET SIMPSON ..,..,C. . I .Vice-President ANTOINETTE ROBINSON , . ..4,. Secretary MISS PEGGY LITTLE , . .......,.. .... S ponsor MEMBERS SUE BARTON BETSY BOB HOLT ESTELLE BORJES MARY ANN PRICE SARAH BOWEN NANCY HELMS LOWRY BETTY BRYAN PATSY MACK WINNIFRED CLOVER ELIZABETH MINOR DOROTHY COPELAND FRANKIE PRIDE MARION ESTES JANET SIMPSON MARGARET FLOYD ZELDA SYMONETTE CAROLYN HASSELL ANNE TILTON We had a good time in French Club this year, singing French songs and translating American ones, and learning about French customs. At our two initiations we enjoyed thoroughly the skits put on by the new members, We saw the French movie, "lVlayerling," with Charles Boyer and Danielle Darrieux, at the high school. Miss Little had various games for us, so we could increase our vocabularies, and, of course, we spoke French Cor so we thoughtb at our club meetings, Page Forty TI-IE RIDING CLUB MR. JOHN SEVIER, Sponsor SUE BARTON SUITOR CHAPMAN PAT DAVENPORT PAT DAVIDSON SHIRLEY ENGHAUSER MARY LOUISE FLAOC. JULIA GREENWOOD- BETSY FLEMING JANE HASPEL ELSIE LEE PATSY MACK KATHLEEN PEARCE MARY ELIZABETH POWE FRANKIE PRIDE KATHERINE SEVIER DOLORES STOUGH JEAN SUSSMAN BETTY ANN TAINTER BETSY BOB HOLT PAT WARNER JANE JAFFE FLORENCE WOHL We had a grand time riding this year. And While We were doing so, we learned some things about Hendersonville we didn't know before, from Mr. Sevier, of course. Our path took us over some very muddy roads, and through some woods thick with brambles, but we returned safely, and, we hope, better riders for the experience. It was hard to get up at six for those early morning rides, but after we recovered from being so sleepy and cold, We had a Wonderful time, In the spring we all caught that Vagabond spirit, and the horses were in constant use. Page Forly-one THE MUSIC MAKERS' CLUB OFFICERS ESTELLE BORJES ..,.... .......... PORTIS CUNNINGHAM ...4. MIss ELEANOR ETHRIDGE . . .,...... . . MEMBERS CAROLINE LEVY NANCY HELMS LOWRY BETTS MABREY ELIZABETH MINOR LILLIAN OVERTON KATHLEEN PEARCE BETTYE PERKINS BARBARA COOK DOROTHY COOK PAT DAVENPORT MARY LOUISE FLAGG JANE HASPEL CAROLYN HASSELL BETSY BOB HOLT .,.,..,...Pre-sident . . .Secretary-Treasurer .,...,I..SpOnsOr PATRICIA PICKARD FRANKIE PRIDE NORAH ELLEN RUCKER LOIS SHOLTZ JEAN SUssIvIAN FLORENCE WOHL MARY WOOD At the first meeting of the Music Club this year it was decided that We should have a special name for our club, The name chosen as the result of a contest was "The Music Makers' Club," suggested by Carolyn Hassell. We have studied at our meetings this year the lives of Classical, Romantic. and Modern composers. We have also included in our studies current events in the musical world. Members of the club played selections by the composers who were being studied at that time. Page Forty-two f-ll ll 5 ?JA , F F , mnvg-fig Q?3Kf'3. ,,.m f9f?f4'? X X 3511 F Yhgiia'-2uMilMniMr1r:lI .a f !u"5 , - I Q- E -"f," Q" i A ,, Wfif 'A U H ,X ' . AX ' - '-tX 555351-' E, x. E- u-- l.-.1 FEATURES fame! fzmpfom Way been Jffmfy B66 fmifk 3VIaid of Honor P I Page Forty-s1'x Gamba Lael Camiual been UQ -, 1 ,J I - , I' ' ,sf ,QQ uw!!! M! Q -'Y-M4 ' 4'Hff-wwf , , jfd-14-4,1141 2 4-ay... .LZ1.f" ,fa -ff-'J-44 AM- I LA! Val - f'f4.4a, -AAAYQ, Lo'--nbf.-4L4..f - ...L A.,x4.JL4L,,, f' 1 1 f K ,- ' vbgd-44Af0"7.fO'-t' , Lf Lfg, -Ly-umfc. n ' 1 gk. ..l'n --' I I A, - 1' 'fl 1' rig Nanny Helm! Lowry SWOSI Q4 ttractiue Page lfczrly-sv at' L , Page Forty-eight C,!6lZ'7f6 Cox GBest 4-All 'GRound MA. 5 X512 Lee 6Best Sport 1 l n,.,.i: ' 3 ,gizgigifig WSH . Page Fifty QHlfllL0Z.7fl6l'l6 R 0bZ'74J'0W GBQSI Student BEST SELLERS For Whom the Bell Tolls I . Fassifern girls A Girl Grows Up ...... Mildred Hall Rose in Bloom ..... Shirley Enghauser Remember the Day .,..,. Sneak Day The Whispering Statue Mary Elizabeth Pbwe Camera .........,.. Dolores Stough Gone With the Wind . , .Junior-Senior Music and Music Makers. .Music Club Boots and Saddle ........ Jane Jaffe The Royal Road to Romance Nancy Lowry Out of the Night .,..,,.. radio static The Crisis ....... ..... fi nal exams The Rover Boys ........ Blue Ridge As You Like It i..,.. senior privileges Twice Told Tales. . . gossip in Shipp The Tempest .....r,4,,.,.. Curby Treasure Island .... Zelda Symonette Between the Book Ends. .Dot Copeland With Hearts Courageous Mr. and Mrs. Woodward 1oKEs Mrs. Woody: Jane, what is a pro- noun? Jane Haspel: It's the nickname for a noun. Pat: I'm wearing my room-mate's patent leathers. Mildred: What for? Pat: The patent on mine expired. Carolyn Hassell: Do you know Lin- coln's Gettysburg Address? Sue Bennett: No, I thought he lived in Washington. Pat Davidson: Mary, may I try on Orville's ring? Mary: Sure, why? Pat: I just want to see if it Iits. Mr, Woody: Why are you late? Betsy Fleming: The bell rang before I got here. Mr. Sevier: Sissy,' who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin? Sissy: Uncle Remus, I think. I Mrs. Sutton: Betty, what isisteam? Betty: High power perspiration. Miss Coyne: Why is Africa called the Dark Continent? Betty Anne: Because there are so many negroes there. y . DEFINITIONS A cauliflower is a cabbage with a college education. Trousers are an un- common noun, singular at the top and plural at the bottom. .ili- Mr. Sevier: Who can tell me where the Declaration of Independence was signed? Elsie: At the bottom. Page Fifty-one FASSIFERN NEWS STAND ESTELLE BORJES DOROTHY COOK WINNIFRED CLOV R MR. JOHN SE 11:R FRANKIE PRID N006 ! X -Yhegui we" fl is 1 P, A 655 S ...Q X lx W R,R X, .O O O A gxO,Y E: Q .5 A Q-.', 'V V 5 E RR, ,iff is vww 'f T' 4: N ......... K 4 -........-,I xl 4 is 1 -DCope1lcu-:L 1 My 52652 5 1 Y 1 -f V519 99" ef' W T fb , I I , I 5 X U. 1 H0 Od A ii QP1mS WMM fyggklf. is T if SH f w,4's I W AX - I .: xg N 5 4, T uf wal f fx? , X xii 010 pw KH xxx , " x Y Rf A If XXX M550 - D. coggm- .. FASSIFERN NEWS STAND LUCY TURNER BETTY BRYAN PAT WARNER MARJORIE MOORE BETSY FLEMING THE SAPPHIRE STAFF JANET SIMPSON . , . .Editor-in-Chief MARJORIE MOORE . ..,. . , .Assistant Editor CLAIRE COX .,.. ......A.... B usiness Manager ELSIE LEE . . . . I .Assistant Business Manager PAT WARNER . . ........,.. Feature Editor LUCY TURNER . . . ..,.. Assistant Feature Editor TOOTIE LAEL .....s, ..s....... P holographic Editor WINNIFRED CLOVER . . . . . .Assistant Photographic Editor MARY RYAN ....... ......,...,..,. A rt Editor Miss BULL ,. .s,... Sponsor Miss COYNE ,..........t,i.os.,..,.i,......,..t..,.. Art Director Whenever we look at this 1941 SAPPHIRE, the door of our memories will swing wide on the work the annual stall has shared this year. We'll recall vividly Tootie trying to make the same sweater fit lean and plump alike: Mary, and the various members of the art committee, Betsy Fleming, Dorothy Copeland, Betty Bryan, and Tootie, sitting in unexpected spots making sketches: Elsie Lee and Lucy, with pockets full of money, getting out of Claire's jooloppie just back from collecting ads: Winnifred persuading girls to part with their favorite snapshots- all for the sake of the annual: Marjorie trying to condense four busy years to two pages of print: Janet announcing again that the annual money had to be in: Pat struggling to decide whether a joke was funny or not, May this SAPPHIRE always be the open door to the school year, 1940-41, at Fassifern. Page Fifty-four SNAPS Read left to right: KVe go for ads . tSue at Pis- gah .'l'he Juniors at work. After rest hour, Sunday . Phi Gamma Tau Pledge Partg Curhg growing up. We entertain Blue Ridge t . initiation XVeek. John Euersmans Recital , Sewing class Juniors at play. More Juniors . .Julia and Katherine . . . Sub-Freshmen practice for chapel program. Bircfsfege uiew of Tea House , Lih and Portis through the Cypress Gardens .,More Charleston. Outing at Gregstone . Jane. Sue. and Betsg plag tennis. , . Dolores ana' Butch. Sundag afternoon .Spring is here. The Lawn Party , Mr. Cul- herson takes pictures .Tootie as Maggie. SKYLAN D i'l OTEL A LUXURIOUS HOTEL In a Land of Skernk Spkndor ++ AT TRACTIVE RATES EXCELLENT CUISINE ++ Main Street at Sixth A FREEZE DRUG Cgfk Candy EUMPANY HENDERSONVILLE N C Wholesale Only SCHOOL SUPPLIES PAPER PRODUCTS CANDY Pg Ffy A NEW IVEY'S A GREATER IVEY'S A FINER IVEY'S Extends its Congratulations to the Class of '41 flfEAX'5 ASI-IEVILLE, N. C. Camp Ereyslone CFOR GIRLSD All Land and Water Sports Illustrated Catalogue DR. Jos. R. SEVIER HOME FOOD SHOP "Where the home folks eat" HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Hendersonville Hardware Ee. INCORPORATED HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Telephone 100 HARDWARE AND PAINTS Electrical and Plumbing Materials THOMAS MOTOR CO. SALES AND SERVICE Storage HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. C O A L INSTANT SERVICE City Ice and Storage Company Telephone 8 6 FARMERS, FEDERATION, INC. . "Service First" Supplies for the Farmer A Warelrouse No. 5 Page Fifty-seven Compliments of THE JUNIOR Compliments of CLASS A FRIEND F assifern Boyd Service Station O Compliments of HENDERSONVILLE DR' KIRK SUPPLY 85 COAL CO' YARN and NUVELTY SHOP MRS. LENTZ WITT HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. l Electrlc -SCFVICC Co. Electric Service of All Kinds Telephones: 320-535 125 FIFTH AVE. WEST UNION BUS TERMINAL . HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Serving ATLANTIC GREYHOUND CORP. CAROLINA SCENIC COACH LINES QUEEN CITY COACH CO., INC. SCHRAFFTS CHOCOLATES The Nation's Leading Candies MUHEAN BHUTHEHS, Inc. Wholesale Dealers 67 Broadway ASHEVILLE, N. C. Page Fifty-eight Compliments of I I CO Dry Cleaner: COMPLETE LAUNDRY SERVICE HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. CARSON ICE CREAM COMPANY Wholesale Manufacturers and Distributors of BLUE BIRD ICE CREAM THE FASHION SHOP HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. BLUEBIRD TAXI PHONE 4 O. E. BASS Your Jeweler Representative of HERFF-JONES CO. Class Rings and Pins HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. The Rexall Store THE J USTUS PHARMACY The Old Reliable Drug Store Established 1882 HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Phones: 16 and 177 Page Fifty-nine KALMIA DAIRY BECKER'S BAKERY 'A' Wbolarale any 4 2 S. Church St ONV E Compliments of J. C. PENNEY 8: CO. HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. EWBANK 8: EWBANK Insurance-Real Estate Phone 89 Ask Anybody! MCFARLAN'S FOOD SHOP HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Baker's Art Gallery Photography--Kodaks Books-Picture Framing Music Compliments of BELK-SIMPSON Compliments of the FLANAGAN PRINTING COMPANY We Never Disappoint HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. NEW CAROLINA 8z STATE THEATRES GREGG BROTHERS Hardware PHONE 7 ECONCMY DRUG STORE In the Centre of Town ORDER YOUR DRUGS FROM US Page Sixty-one Build A Home In The Land of the Sky LUMBER MILL WORK RIGBY-MORROW CO Builders' Supplies 4th Ave. E. PHONE 9 Compliments of FREEMAN,S NEWS STAND SHIPMAN MOTOR CO. 24-Hour Wrecker Phone 75 HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Compliments of LEROY LEE KINGSTREE, S. C. Compliments of Waverly Guest House Compliments of J ENNIE BOWEN "Land of the Sky Fashions" HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Compliments of QUALITY BAKERY Compliments of PORTER,S Esso STATION T Page Sixty-two STATE TRUST COMPANY PF W. B. HODGES -, ,T.TT..TT.,.,TTT,TT.. TTss,T-.Presidenr F. V. HUNTER - ,...T.T.. Vice-President, Cashier B. B. MASSAGEE ...,,. ..,..,.. . Assistant Cashier J. ROY WILLIAMS. .wT..... Assistant Cashier Compliments of DUKE POWER COMPANY + Electricity-The Servant in the Home Pg S tytl CHARLES FRENCH FOSTER,S Jeweler HENDERSONVH-LE' N- C- Trade in Your Old Watch for a New One Compliments of PUROL-PEP GASOLINE ROSE PHARMACY "Where Friends Meet" Compliments of Thompson Produce Company Dealers in Chickens and Eggs LEONA ALLEN YOUNG GIFT SHOP COAL-WOOD-KINDLING FOR PARTICULAR TRADE Richardson Coal Yard Phone 70 Compliments of RAILROAD SALVAGE HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Compliments of DR. BRACKETT I. W. ALLEN A Good Place ro Go for Womens, Misses', and Junior Misses' Apparel HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. DR. WEDDINGTON HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Compliments of JACKSON,S FLORIST HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Compliments Of I DR. BENNETT Drmk 6.02625 SKYLAND HOTEL BEAUTY SHOPPE In Bottles EXPERT OPERATORS Lobby Entrance-House Phone Page Sixty-four EIIison's Market The Best in Meats, Fancy Groceries Main Street Phone 128 DELIVERY SERVICE Compliments of Lazarus Cr Company HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Compliments of Anders Service Station Phone 9161 Complimenls of Kalin's Store HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Western Auto Associate Store Euerylhrng for the Automobile HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Compliments of Anderson's Gulf Service Compliments of McLellan Stores Company HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Compliments of A FRIEND 3 feb., smv Qvnurma HOUSE CHARLOTTE N C Page Sixty-five H PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS ANNUAL BY CULBERSON STUDIO l Q 'JL l-3- - 5: L-: "-3 Portraits of Distinction ASHEVILLE, N. C. Phone 118 74 North Arcade Bldg "Today's Photographs Are Tomorroufs Treasures 9Sy ADDRESSES Dr. J. R. Sevier-School Days .... . Mrs. J. R. Sevier-Lovely Lady .......... . Mr. S. L. Woodward-Spri'ng Is Here .....,. . . . Mrs. S. L. Woodward-Sweeter Than Sweet .... .... Mr. John L. Sevier--Ride Cowboy Ride ....... Miss Margaret Bull--Stay As Sweet As You Are. . , Miss Jeanne Coyne-Sidewalks of New York, . . . . . Miss Mary Helen Cely-Take a Letter Miss Brown ..... Miss Eleanor Ethridge--Music in the Air ......... Mrs. A. Garvin--Scraping the Toast .... ..... 'Miss P. George-Young in Heart ............... Fassifern School, Hendersonville, N. C. Fassifern School, Hendersonville, N. C. .Fassifern School, Hendersonville, N. C. Fassifern School, Hendersonville, N. C. ..............Hendersonville, N.C. . . .1320 Cornwall Place, Norfolk, Va. ............LakeMahopac, N. Y. .................,..Easley,S.C. .....................Sparks,Ga. 654 Ravenel Street, Spartanburg, S. C. . , 1806 Broad Street, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Mrs. J. B. Hillhouse-Oh Ma Ma ..................................... Calhoun, Ga. Mrs. H. J. Leake--Pushing the Conversation Along .... Miss Peggy Little-In a Little Spanish Town ...,..... Miss Beth Paris-I've Got Rhythm .......,........ Mrs. Norma Sandifer-You're the Top .......... Miss Dorothea R. Stadelmann-My Resistance is Low. . . Mrs. Emma A. Sutton--Smilin' Thru ............, Miss Lottie Williams-Tea for Two ............, Elizabeth Baldwin-O Dear What Can the Matter Be. . . Sue Barton--Sweet Sue ...,..,...........,.... Sue Bennett--Five O'Clock Whistle .......... Estelle Borjes-Music Goes Round and Round. , . Sarah Bowen-Ain't She Cute ........... Betty Bryan--My Man ................ Suitor Chapman--You Are My Sunshine ,... Winnifred Clover--A Trip to Havana .... Barbara Cook-Barbara Polka ........., Dorothy Cook-You've Got Everything .... , . . . . . . .Box 1454, University, Ala. . . .22 Colonial Terrace, Nutley, N. J. . .1640 Silver Street, Jacksonville, Fla. . .424 6th Ave., Hendersonville, N. C. . . . . . . . . .Box 3, Jeffersonville, N. Y. ...,.,.........Blountville, Tenn. l,Monroe,N.C. care Dr. B. R. Baldwin, Florence, Ala. . . . . .208 Mclver St., Greenville, S. C. . . 1318 Romany Rd., Charlotte, N. C. .............,PointHarbor,N.C. ....................Blaney,S.C. . . .133 Sunset Ave., Palm Beach, Fla. . . . . . . . . . , .Box 24, Tazewell, Va. . . .Central Baragua, Camaguey, Cuba ...............Ceballos,Cuba ..........Ceballos,Cuba Dorothy Copeland-I'm No Angel ................................. Greenville. N. C. Claire Cox-There's a Sunny Side to Every Situation. . 231 Ashewood Rd., Hendersonville, N. C. Lady Portis Cunningham-You Can Depend on Me ..........,.... Lower Peach Tree, Ala. Pat Davenport-Beat Me Daddy ....................... 400 Mclver St., Greenville, S. C. Pat Warner Davidson-Me, Myself, and I ....... 821 Overbrook Ave., Winston-Salem. N. C. Mary Jane Edwards-Legend of Ole California ................ Forest Way, Del Mar, Cal. Marion Estes-April 'in My Heart ............ . . .3420 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. Mary Louise Flagg--Runnin' Wild ...........,. ....,, 6 West Hawthorne, Florence. Ala. Betsy Fleming-You're the Cream in My Coffee ............., Holston Hills, Bristol, Tenn. Margaret Floyd-A Little Bit South of N. C. .............,............. Fairmont. N. C. Shirley Enghauser-Lovely to Look At ...... 1367 Covedale Ave., Price Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio Margaret Ann Goodwin--My Old Kentucky Home ................ North St., Lebanon, Ky. Julia Greenwood-Deep in a Dream .........,.. Mildred Hall-This is a Happy Little Ditty .... Jane Haspel-We Three .................. Carolyn Hassell-You Don't Have to Tell Me. , . Betsy Bob Holt-And the Angels Sing ...... . . .Swannanoa Road, Asheville, N. C. , . . .202 Perry Ave., Greenville, S. C. . . .804 Hector Ave., New Orleans, La. .........,.....MillsRiver,N.C. . . .Box 162, Cooleemee. N. C. Page Sixty-seven 1 I Virginia Houston-Take Me Out to the Ball Game .... . . .Brevard Rd., Hendersonville, N. C. Jane Jaffe-You'ue Got to Eat Your Spinach, Balby. . . ...... Route 2, Birmingham, Ala. Dortha Lael+Oh Look at Me Now ............, ......... G len Alpine, N. C. Jackie Lane-I Want to Live .............. ,... F lat Rock, N. C. Jill Lane-Melody Lane ....,............. .... ' Flat Rock, N. C. Elsie R. Lee--I've Got the World on a String .... .... K ingstree, S. C. Caroline Levy-Let's Talk it Over ................,....,........,.... Armonk, N. Y. Nancy Helms Lowry-Put Your Heart in a Song ...... 1605 Confederate Ave., Richmond, Va. Betts Mabrey-Yankee Doodle ........, 225 Outlook Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Penn. Nancy Mansur-Beer Barrel Polka ...,.....,.. 1224 North Crest Road,1Chattanooga, Tenn.. Frances Mason-Georgia on My Mind .... ....,.. 1 020 East Anderson, Savannah, Ga. Roberta Maybank-Chatterbox ......... .......,......,.. F lat Rock, N. C. Elizabeth Jean Mi'nor-Swiss Bell Ringer. . . .... 335 Kirk Road, Decatur, Ga. Marjorie.Moore-Tennessee Fish Fry ,.,. ........,.....,. M orristown, Tenn. Joan McCracken-Carrot Top ,..,... ....................... C anton, N. C. Mary McFadyen-Chopsticks .,.....,... ..,, 4 01 North Green St., Morganton, N. C. Emily McKenzie--I Can't Get Started ...... ...........,....... M ontezuma, Ga. Lillian Overton-Contented .,.............. ......,. B ox 247, Hendersonville, N. C. Kafhleen Pearce-I'll Take You Home Kathleen ....... 101 Overbrook Circle, Greenville, S. C. Bettye. Perkins-The Loueliness of You ..... ................. H endersonville, N. C. Patricia Pickard-Little Girl ...,........ . . . ......... ..... F lat Rock, N. C. Mary Elizabeth Powe-Let's Be Buddies. ...,..,...............,... Cheraw, S. C. Mary Ann Price-Lazy Bones .,..... .... B ox 787, Ardmore Place, Kingsport, Tenn. Frankie Pride-Cheerful Little Earful ....... ....... R .F.D. No. 2, Hendersonville, N. C. Alice Robinson-Alice Blue Gown ............ .... B revard Rd., Hendersonville, N. C. Antoinette Robinson-Can You Pass in Love? . . . .Box 1212, Hendersonville, N. C. Norah Ellen Rucker-Come Sweet Lass .,.... .......,..... F olly Beach, S. C. Mary Ryan-Good For Nothing But Love ..........,,..,.....,.,,..... Chesnee, S. C. Katherine Sevier-Let's Put Out the Lights and Go to Sleep Monroe Apts. No. 8, Asheville, N. C. Caroline Sholtz-Little Lady Make Believe .......,.........,,..... Hendersonville, N. C. Lois Sholtz-My Piggy Bank is Jingling Again. . . , . . ..... Hendersonville, N. C. Janet Simpson-I'm Alabama Bound ...... 1- . . . .,,..... Florence, Ala. Sissy Smith-Baby Me ............ ....,.......... C harlottesville, Va. Mary Elizabeth Smith-Let's Dance .... .......... B ox 1470, Greenville, S. C. Dolores Stough-I Ain't Gonna Say ........ ..., 2 821 Hampton Ave., Charlotte, N. C. Jean Sussman-Keep Your Sunny Side Up .... .... 4 124 Windsor St., Pittsburgh, Penn. Zelda Symonette-One, Two, Three, Kick ....,.. .... B ox 378, Nassau N. P., Bahamas Betty Ann Tainter-Good-bye Little Girl of Mine ,... ................... M arion, N. C. Lpcy Anne Tate-Come Down to Earth My Angel ....... 6th Ave. West, Hendersonville, N. C. Anne Ludlow Tilton-Moon Over Miami ......... . , .El Commodoro Hotel, Miami, Fla. Lucy Turner--I Wish You Weren't Jealous ,,.. ....,, 1 101 Leighton Ave., Anniston, Ala. Frances Wagner-You Passed By ........,,..... 3389 Daleford Rd., Skaker Heights, Ohio Pat Warner-Conni'e Has Connections in Connecticut .... Box 5488 S. S., Daytona Beach, Fla. Florence Wohl-The Night Has a Thousand Eyes .................., Hendersonville, N. C. Mary Wood-Brown Eyes .................... 923 Fassifern Court, Hendersonville, N. C. Page Sixty-eight Y W -WWW7 mg,.,,,,,,,!.,5,,,,.,,m1w.mN fn., m Q Q. V - L i 'V 1-V ' ' ' . 3'f.Qf,'aA1,aw9L,ez'aWg.,,A ioruwgwg 0 j'Mw5LMwfffUiJ21,afw'qTi5M ffQ,,a,,. ,,,.A,,:z5 5-.loaf alia 2 :gg .a4fj,AQ1,,,:e,g0'Za-J,'fa5,0U1,d--jff? Qwa,,.1fflfn,o.,.f,Q.fff-,,,m'. 75L5,c-of QQ! UQ' 'KMUM-W I . 1 N , Mn 'L,,.,,wTi,fw.zf,.a.f,A.L5f.,LQ,,Q , fmwxbafke W I CZ ,L5ZZZf2Z'Q,,f , .51 4 K.: "' . ' 4 'N 1 fy. -41 .1 1,594-,L . ,- -, f , n 542.1 4.-X ,Y-V ' --X . , V' Ph.: '.-rw, N ,. u -x ,,',,',U, . 1. 3'1K'H'f4f,v-' , . ' ' ,QL ,,, . .. , . , , , . ,..,v, L. ,. ,,,. .,,..,.L 1 -w T. -13+ .P L.M .,.V , ,. - ,. ... , ,J 'w - . L 'L :Q 'x .,w,VI, N -. L7 -GL px

Suggestions in the Fassifern School - Sapphire Yearbook (Hendersonville, NC) collection:

Fassifern School - Sapphire Yearbook (Hendersonville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Page 1


Fassifern School - Sapphire Yearbook (Hendersonville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


Fassifern School - Sapphire Yearbook (Hendersonville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Fassifern School - Sapphire Yearbook (Hendersonville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 15

1941, pg 15

Fassifern School - Sapphire Yearbook (Hendersonville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 74

1941, pg 74

Fassifern School - Sapphire Yearbook (Hendersonville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 60

1941, pg 60

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