Farwell High School - Roundup Yearbook (Farwell, TX)

 - Class of 1954

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Farwell High School - Roundup Yearbook (Farwell, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1954 volume:

1 2. Roundu 789 Rou 1954 Qmdfllfp- fm A .. 5 M15 up-J GHWG4 aw N I ,fx In x,' 9 A 51 bs ,, W ,I , .yr - 8-' s X ' ,x, If 1 i'3 X If ," -Q-N' ' A- 2 '- if A ' , -' A H N WHS ' , lx ' .IQ I 1, A 1,1 ' zu ,-fl' " . I ' I . in f ", ' ' N ' 1 l l M . N? ,fl :lf f .' 'Q' . ,ff M , I, ff , .ff 1' ig , . . 4.1 DEDICATION To Mrs Erma Jobes we proudly dedr cate the 54 edmon of the ROUND UP She has grven understandrng to all w1th whom she works Her sxncere mterest farmess and broad wealth of knowledge have been devoted to grvrng us a hlgher musrc educa non rn Farwell School 'lin IN MEMORY OF BEL WILLARD CARPENTER up ' T7 The measure of a lxfe IS not xts durauon but xts donauon In seventeen br1ef years Bel s contnbutlon to her world was far greater than that of many who have attamed the age of threescore and ten Her devotron to her 1dea1s her genuxne love for all humamty and the glowrng radrance of her smxhng personalrty rnsprred everyone she met Let us stnve through the deep sense of our loss, to remember our greater ga1n in the pnvilege of havxng known and loved her Q, Q' .. gif' ag'-"-7:-' ifffz ..f:'.-rs -f-if ,Q f f lb 1NF4 .fff xJ K 4541 ,, . . . . . - v- . , . , . . I 0 I U 9 l . i.: --- 3532-f-fr' '?.:3 :U Y w . 3 wi' D fv'----A ------ : fy , . .1-- --"' 2' Ag: ' fm' ' " ' , 'iFf:!Ls ' iii' his?" ' X' W A--,1'1f'f 5----as mass l f ,A ,ry ' '. ' ' - 1 . 2-'Lf ' 5:11.-.-.ue :149'.."':.-15' 3- '42 , I ' -' 122531 .-::::.Sff: .?EZ':?Pj5Z' jjqf-: 1, f , ' V fi , """'7 23:2 " ' . if-.77 X i -.,,-3 f lf! I4 lo. f , f - X X 112 4 , N 4 ,-, I . ...-, , K 4' A "a XR I X 11, ' , ..... 52' S x ' - ' " If ' -v-.,u,,w,'w ' 'i'3.3I'i3I5' . f' .-.13 .rfi-5173iZi3i113iii3i3i:ififfiffifififffifffif?1?:i:3:i:it3:i:lfi:3:i:i:3:-1-iii:3:11-:171i:iii:-:-:-i-1-ie:-ies:-3-. '--e - ' 191' .' ..'.'f'ff'f'f'f'i'f'ff':'f'f'f'f'f':'.'.'f'.'.','.'.'.'.'.:.'.:.:.:.:,:.:.:,:.:.i.:.:.::.:.f.:.i.:.1.Z,1.:.:,Z.:,:,:.:.1.ix'"' .f 'N My fmt 4? 4' f' eff?-A FCREWORD The Camera has b r o u g h t masterpleces from wall of museums to the humblest homes l-rom each photo ts recogntzed the tnner strength of the lndtvtdual whlch when developed leaves a building not made with hands May we ln years to come lookupon these pages and see the acqulred foundattons from which s u c c e s s ful men and women developed The Annual Staff SCHOOL BOARD DICK GERIES V1ce President WEBB GOBER Treasurer LEE JONES CLARENCE CHRISTIAN Presldem PAUL WURS TER LESTER NORTON PARTIN AUSTIN BRYSON-TANNER FURNITURE DOC TOR CONWAY DOCTOR HAYNES DILLON S DUNLAP S DURA BILT PRODUCTS FARMERS OIL COMPANY FRED W PHELPS ROWLEY AND DAVIS SCHRAM S SNYDER FURNITURE and APPLIANCE STAGNER and SONS HILL LINES INCORPORATED HOME LUMBER COMPANY HOME PLUMBING COMPANY FRED MCGINNIS COMPANY MOUNTAIN STATES TELEPHONE NEW MEXICO CHEMICAL and SUPPLY PAWOL PHARMACY PIONEER LODGE SALLY ANN BAKERY SMITH ABSTRACT and INSURANCE CO SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE THRIFTY DRUG S, , j , 'Aj 'I gxx Gxjiy: II 7 K if' new -qs QU ROBERTS A N N L F F WILLIAMS I li Peggy Woodson Photographer Darlene Sprawls Sports Edltor Ann Whltley Art JoAnn Cochran Ad Ed Vane Dosher Photographer Mary Rolland Busmess Manager SHIRLEY SMITH MARYE PAIR Edugr Assrstant Edrtor .Q ll 1 V ' A L. - 5 sa! I . 3' - . : . ' : ' . : . .: . 3 I I ff HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING HOMEMAKING AND BAND ROOMS ,-f" GRADE SCHOOL BUILDING :V fi-V, f 'Sq H. ,gg ' "il f 9 fn '1 Q V , ? 4,4 L fx .V W. fx . H' X' i' 4 fi, in-Q?" fx -iff? ' 1, .',.e:, A-:Kimi . ? QW . ,k,...v W y an , i M 2 if JE 'Qi' , Sf WU? PRINCIPAL S MESSAGE Congratulatlons Se ntors on your good work on thls annual Ihope that e ach student ln Farwell Hlgh School may have gatned by havmg passed thls way W M Roberts ina, SUPERINTENDENT S ll -'s MESSAGE Semors 53 54 Congratulattons forsucha fesstonal Job on your annual The work on these pages w1l1 be re warded ln moments of pleasure tn the future Jack Wtlltams 7 f HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY R MR CATES Football Coach Boys Basketball Coach MRS CATES Homemakmg FRANCIS FIELDS Busmess Admmlstrauon CALVIN MURRAY ERMA IOBES PROFESSOR MORTON Basketball Coach Muslc Agnculture Asslstant Football Coach .mmf BEATRICE MAYHON H K MILFORD CLEO MILFORD X Speech Enghsh Sclence Engllsh 1 71 f?ui'w xxx LARIAT GIN Larlat Texas K Guy Nxckels Owner X -g I Ita ' s lx . . .. . H aid VV4, , no - g J -. X 5, C KKA gg . . I Q X N-N ' ' gi' 'N l ff 4"s.'1T,-if f, Y, . v -.. FTE 'ff , "L ,.. wt - N la A Q fa N ,.. gig. 5' 1 !'t"4!, A .Agp SENIGR FAVORITES DUANE HERING TON EURITH CROOK RUNDELL S PHILLIPS 66 Servxce Stauon Farwell Texas Phone 8 6662 SENICR CLASS CJFFICERS V1ce Presldent DARLENE SPMWLS Reporter JOANN COCHRAN Pres1dent PHILLIP CASSIDY Secretary Treasurer MARY E PAIR .. K " r, 'J fi 1' sr -X M , u .JL ,. if J' 0 - , 0 " 3 42 rf! ..-..-------- .. -- D un--Q-Q-gunz: Q-D - ..------------- 5 'IFN 6: K F A can in .. ,Q MARYE PAIR VANE DOSHER DARLENE SPRAWLS COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERTS SEED COMPANY AN SHIRLEY SMITH TEXICO.CLOVIS. AND N WHITLEY PORTALES 4-E X got? fm 6 CUBES i mms seen cu I muco new uex. -qv-'H' sf "I" .Fai iesvbwr WAYNE MORRIS EURITH MARIE CROOK CLARENCE KUBE PEGGY WOODSON AND SAVE 114,15 lk THE FURNITURE MART BETTY LOVVORN "2'..'P' TBXICO, New Mexxco alt if' ' -' 'lf 1' 40" Q" cigx 3 Fifi JIMMY TURNER IO ANN COCHRAN DUDLEY HUGHES MARY KRIEGEL MARY ROLLAND STONE S VARIETY STORE Texlco N Mexlco Xl PAUL WURS TER Conoco O11 Company Farwell Texas f CONOCO P-4-9 x "ff pix 4' , 1 X . 'z I 3 v ix , Mister sig-'Aw it II A A10 JUNIOR CLASS FAVORITES 1 Z.,- ff! JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS P1'e51dem GENE HARDAGE Vxce Presldent I-AVON JONES Treasurer DON GERIES GLEN LEE ROSE DRUG and GIFT SHOP Sec'eta'y Falwell Texas BILLINGTON BARBER an BEAUTY SHOP Farwell Texas Gm I Q X I 9 1 I Q Reporter ---------- - - - - - ---- DON POOL I GENE HARDAGE MONA MCDORMAN DON GERIES WWW XWQ DON POOL PEGGY HARDAGE JERRY POTEET IAMES ROBERTS LAVOYDA BILLINGTON BILLY WATTS DOY LE FORD GLORIA DIAL JERRY COLLINS WINDELL PIKE DEAN WALLS ROBBIE FOSTER fill'-Q JOE ROBERTS YSLETA BROWN JESSE MEEKS HARDAGE HUDSON Farwell, Texas YW nd' 'Oh 22 LEON BOX CAROLYN HUFFAKER DICK FELTS 'W 1 GLEN LEE LORETTA STANCELL PHILLIP CRUME H R. BILLINGSLEY ELAINE MARTIN ED ROLLAND fy VERNA MAE BLACK DEON BRANSCOM BETTY BILLINGSLEY 3 AGNES MEISSNER LAVON JONES BARBARA CHRISTIAN DORIS THREET FAY PALMATEER LARIAT ELEVATOR Lanat Texas SI-IERLEY ANDERSON GRAIN Lanat Texas -'ffff li' W, if 1 , ve ff . , , f I W, fm Q ff Wm A n f x .Y is gg., K' 5 5 3 X Q 2 i SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Lmda Kube Vice Presldent Dean Smlth Presldent Gerald Hardage Reporter Shuley Dosher Secretary I YJ FAVORITES GERALD HARDAGE ELAINE MAGNESS ,4 rf' I Spay N 'J XA , gf- Y VA Q .W S A f 'g - X. 2 C, Dan Hammonds Betty Cums Troy Chnsuan Jerri Allison Bert Wllhams rw Shuley Dosher !Iqxxx.f Am4'5Z1! 4 SOPHOMORES 4 Gerald Hardage J Glenna Ruth Davis James Norton Jo Elaine Magness Lee Dennis Iesko Dixie Turner i Linda Kube Elton Kesner SECURITY STATE BANK Farwell, Texas Yagi , , LV,- P'a'1-EA ff' N' 1 'L Q L ff Dean Smith Manlyn Austm Wallace Roberson Ima Jean McK1ll.1p Jerry Don Utsman Berna Dean Snelgrove MOORE OLIVER COMPANY Clovls New Mexlco T7 .fig 'I'-r V' EEA' ,yy Eddle Smlth Betty Routon Jlmmy Schell JOHNSON S RESTAURANT C1ov1s New Mexlco Betty Hubbell Trultt Hardage Shlrley Atchley Pl-IILLIP'S HOUSE of MUSIC Clovxs New Mexxco Agnes Knegel X A 1.51 2 FARWELL ELEVATOR COMPANY : " Farwell Texas gs 5.. Qggig N 1 gm. -1 ' uszqlrf , 'wwf KY-gy .ix ' 4' , '-3 '15, I . Mui-: ,K f 'A . sf - ang.,-KN - Y5jj T'i: - ' .Q Q i M - W., ' -' "5 ,.z17fA!i,,. .:.Q: kk 4 'y'igL+?V5V.i2 I I 4, ,- 152 ff f"4f""17'0'J,f' - -W f 'Q ' 1 ' f ' . , Wff ?f"" w -N ' QS EEN - 1 f' . V '. ' , FQ ,V 'X A' r . KN h ll x A 'Q . M, , Q A A x ,SX X M'ff fQ f?'A NN. . if Y 2 A , ax sy 'A ' 4 an ,mv ' KAW, ', , 'vii-A f A "Sf, 1 rm Al 4 ' ' ,I Q :Q f f X 1: X zffgk' ' 5 f 15,352-,Lx X A 7yQxi1 x my x, x Z shxxxy' K5xExNx2x in 3 wil: V 1 2 -. LX V ' 4. f x E . ,K A -A wx. t vkis -.X 5 Q V'-' SQQQF , , 71 vw! av I A air. ,-525 6 as Q FRESHMAN OFFICERS John Herington President Jerry Dee Owen Vice President Larry Cooper Reporter Cora Sue Atchely Secretary Treasurer ig? we FAVORITES 'C STEED FUNERAL HOME Clovls, New Mexxco 'I 943.061 S C . roRY :uw-W Judy Garrett Arhn Lee Smrth R1ta Joy Gregory Jerry Pnmrose Mary Ann Walls Duane Whlte Phylhs Magness M D Lovvom Murlene Crook John Henngton Jerry Venable Davld Wrllard Cora Sue Atchley Clxve Hugglns James Daude Sam Pool Jerry Dee Owens Douglas I-hllock Jerry Henson GATEWAY AUTO COMPANY Clovls, New Mexxco FN Tom Collins Lucrlle Carpenter Larry Cooper Betty Smart Rolland 1-lillock Jeanette Hughes Ben Threet Angela Wrlhams Jimmy Wllhams Barbara Cooper Donnie Carpenter Pat Aldridge Lex Huggrns Dons Pond GRAHAM INSURANCE C0 Farwell, Texas s Z, M 0 if 45 Q W 0 ll, 21' .IZ 2 Ali Q J Tx 5 .7 ' - g V - . rt -,. gg . . I A 1. ' if ' 'T at f ' I 1 1 qs' 1 I . ' 'lb 1 li-1 K I Y HI' ' A .P - ' . . ' 5 Q f if 4 ,h A fi John Gordon McCuan 'K I F . A 2 D X N. P Q1 X 4l4p0x .b . 3 xx H Eg!! u X :ggi ,gc . 9 , K R ,g ..,q V ff A -A 4-if 2 Q . 'AX A N 'f awww' WM :lbw fyv -Q-nqqp 'S 'Y 1 I 1 DK NLD 'Aw WM f MRS TUCKER Fourth MR TUCKER G1rls Basketball MRS CAIN F1rst Grade fc? MRS HUFFAKER Thlrd MRS STROUP Fourth RALPH HUMBLE FARM IMPLEMEN TS Mlnneapolrs Moline Dealer ou IN- EAPOLISMUUNE MRS HOPKINS-Second and Thrrd MR FIELDS -Grade Principal MRS KENNEDY-Fifth Grade N f 'Sf' MRS FORD Flrst Grade MR JOBES Seventh Elghth MRS POOL Second 61 0 0 Mm! X WM +P Histo'-4 FARWELL HARDWARE COMPLETE LINE Plumbrng Electrlc al and Irrigation Suppl1es McDonald and Henson Bobby Magness Larry Pike Sally McShann Wayne Jesko Bxlly Smith Phlllip Whrte Johnny Armstrong Fern Txpton Jerry Turner Melvm Hendnckerson Donald Thomas Donald Adams Rebecca Foster Eugene Mernman Johnny Gulley fQ2y EIGHTH GRADE -s 4 LANE FRUIT MARKET COLLINS IMPLEMENT CO Clovis New Mexlco CIOVIS New Mexroo THE LAUGHLIN COMPANY CACTUS CURIO SHOP Clovis, New Mexrco Clovrs New Mexroo Darrell Martm Glyn Hardage Leon Januson Ilmmy Roberson Glyn McDorman Mxtchell Walls Joann Meeks Robert Bolton Truman McK1ll1p Vera Fern Wllhams Tommy Lovelace Doug Tucker Preston Cain Kathnne Pullam f - a . Us 1 C -J .L , A v 1 R , 1 A g , f I L X X 7 fpiifi' r H- X JMX' --- - if 4:5 - .5 3 35 f 5 " A Naomi Hubbell L KA ia X Q ' l . . . ' . . . . . v SEVENTH GRADE WOLF ROBERTS FUNERAL HOME Clovis New Mexico Janic Meissner Dale Merriman Jeanette Lmdop Delbert Lingnau Judy Hillock Jack Goldsmith Dons Rolland Jackie Stancell Faye Routon Bobby Lesly Joann Schell Frank Hammonds Johnny Lovelace Neil Anderson Jean Tarr Larry Jesko Wilma Norton Morris Reed VILLAGE RECORD SHOP Clovis, New Mexico Beverly Hubbell Mike McManigal Belva Christian William Atkins Janet Branscum Doyle Goldsmith Joyce Routon Freddy Magness Charlotte Lawson Dickie Williams Linda Crume Jimmy Martin Merlene Snelgrove Don Bandy Alice Ramm Owen Huffaker 'F Wm' E Betty Dollar Kenneth Dosher Q L Orchid Latham U- Gerald Christian 9 g G C PAINT STORE I Clovis New Mexico Janice Hlllock Jerry Vestal Barbara Chappell Charles Williams Ruby Hlllock Eddie Collms Francis Thomas Kenneth Williams Joann Hubbell Ramsey Wilford Judy I-lerington Donald Crume Ree Stroup Minnie Jo Atkins AJ LARIAT GRAIN LOVELACE GRAIN SED FIFTH GRADE S1-LD IFJ- K eq--1 I-4" Mickey Rundell Joe Bob Hughes Danny Cruse Fredia Meeks Mlke Paine June Riticlue Larry Smith Judy Jesko Bobby Curtis Carol Ann Latham Loyd Ca1n Fem smith Larry McDor man Gwe nlyne Potts Q.. Donald He nduckson Katherine Billlngton Jimmy I-lardage ELLIOTT BELL AUTO Sharon Coffman SUPPLY Clovls, New Mexroo x v NN.. R A 'VV V vu. N .' Q' W A x y ' : Q L l 4 Robert Tomlinson . V w x d I d L . 9' "' X FIFTH GRADE -wax Dx, QE First row left to nght June Gray, Brll Owens, LaCret1a M11ford Jerry McCuan Ellan Cain Tommy Wurster Second row Ben11e Dral, Evelyn Lmgnua Tommy Williams, Cathy Bell, Carroll Huggins, Qu1nellCruse Thnd row Koleta Dosher, Darnel Daude, Emmalee Tucker, Mike Booth Jean Reed, Jerald Gober Fourth row I F Mount, Judy Billingsley, Darlene Hromas, Ianrce Routon, Sherry Gast Benme Stancell Frfth row Noetta Roberts Phylhs Black, Kathy Martin CITY CLEANERS Farwell Texas WATKLNS REAL ESTATE FEI-TS GROCERY Farwell, Texas Phone 8 6272 Lanai. Texas "bl mr! Carolyn Watts Errol Johnson Sherry Vestal Roy Hammonds Dorrsie Thurman Van Crume Dann Garrett BLAIN 8a SON Farwell POP SPURLIN Farwell FOURTH GRADE Jolene Donaldson Steve Smart Iris Goldsmith Billy Liles Jackie Williams Judy Gummett Aubrey White lane Gulley Virginia Willard Pete Rolland Patty Black Maurice Smith RAY MEARS PRODUCE .J 16 Farwell Texas MEEKS SERVICE STATION Farwell, Texas Jerry lnvelace Karen Schell Mike Billington Christine Paine Jimmy Walker Jimmie Cain Gloria Hillock Marshall Lee Kenneth Chappel 1' 12 r FOURTH GRADE Vera Haney David Watkins Ioan Potts Dickie Geries Mike Getz Carmelita Dosher Larry Lumpkin Kathrine Adams Carolyn Routon David Lmdop Glenda Billingsley Butch Pair THE TEXACO COMPANY Farwell, Texas RANCHERS and FARMERS A-Y rw kim- Clovis New Mexico ,li K P Barbara Bleler Mike Landrum B11ly McDonald V ur at Carol Smart Scooter Pipkrn Margaret Haseloff Bonme Cochran Dean Crume Mary Beth Colhns Barry McCuan Ray Hallmark Nancy Roberson Joe Tom Reed Dorr1s Donaldson Patsy Herington Darwrn Billingsley Velda Paine Davrd Routon Pat Landrum Shirlene Martin Kerry Hubbell Sandra He ndr1ckerson Rrckey Cooper Bobble Kay Kube '5' ,xx i fifi A Paula Wrnegeart Bobby Actkinson Barbara Moore Charles Roberts Ronnie Vestal Glynda Cruse CLOVIS FLORAL COMPANY Clovrs, New Mexrco I R D THE BLUE Room G E Clovrs, New Mexxco Carolyn Woodson Derrell Crook Monte Lesly Myra Dunnam Janice Meeks Tommy Williford Ann Adams Steven Hillock SECOND GRADE Carl Davis Ian Adams Alan Busbice Sylv1a Smith Janice McKee Bill QLIICRCI Jerry Herington lame Bradshaw Ramona Davls Iohn Hernngton Cllfford Gray Melody Coffman Sandra McKee Butch Magness Dannie Lindop Patncla Thomas Melvln Lingnau I1mmy Armstrong Jane Hubbell Kathleen Gummelt Ray Donaldson Denms Moore hm Bob Herington Leon Lovelace Dwayne Brllingsley MARTIN WELDING 8a REPAIR SHOP I C PENNEY CO Clov1s New Mexico rl' Mary Coffer Danny Huffaker Darlene Williams Bruce Billingsley FIRST GRADE Ierry Childs Peggy Eason Judy White Stevie Milford KEMP LUMBER CO. Clovis, New Mexico Linda Phillips Mark Hopkins Shirley Smallwood Jerry Thurman MAX MEADORS Clovis New Mexico David Chappell Peggy Martin Bobby Pnxitt Mlkola Austin TOWN Bc COUNTRY BEAUTY SHOP Clovis, New Mexico Bobby Sharum Leon Vandiver Barbara White Dale Gober THE SILVER GRILL Clovis New Mexico Sandra Rundell Dudley Roberts Steve Foster James Ray Taylor Ralph Thames Bob Scott Martin Ronnie Smith Lanny Dosher lim Morton FIRST GRADE Scotty Mount Judy Gast Larry Donaldson Julie Routon Ester Fae Haney Johnny Actkinson Sherry Lumpkln Rlchard Hassloff Lester Ray Haney Nora Lopez Leonard Davis Phyllis Chnsnan ff- "' 'if' PIGGLY WIGGLY Farwell Texas E9 STATE LINE GROCERY i Farwell Texas Y I ii' VANITY FAIR BEAUTY SHOP Farwell, Texas EIGHTH FAVQRITES SEVENTH KEMP LUMBER COMPANY Farwell, Texas SIXTH FIFTH LARRY MCDORMAN JOAN HUBBELL IERRY MCCUAN DARLENE HROMAS JP. SALLY MCSHANN - MITCHELL WALLS DALE MERRIMAN - CHARLOTTE LAWSON FCURTH GRADE THIRD GRAD E FAVORITES SECOND GRADE FIRST GRADE 3:4 'NJ wp, X X ,N 1 BEST ALL ROUND PEGGY WOODSON WINDELL PIKE f y l ff-.fix W5 ' fx 'Q MOST ATTRACTIVE MARYE PAIR GERALD HARDAGE 4551 w"i CUTEST PEGGY HARDAGE DON POOL wad atefl G, 4 5 MOST STU DIOUS MARY JOY CE ROLLAND CLARENCE KUBE SA LES SERVICE SIKES MOTOR COMPANY Farwell Texas Q if WILLIAM S LAUNDRY Farwell Texas AFI l 'J MOST ATHLETIC BETTY LOVVORN JAMES NORTON WT Q , 60 Q7 1011? MOST POPULAR DARLENE SPRAWLS LAVON JONES gk Z3 ALDRIDGE 8a ALDRIDGE ATTS ALDRIDGE INSURANCE AGENCY 1 T BAND FAVORITES 1 BETTY CURTI DAN AMMONDS F F A SWEETHEART F H A SWEETHEART OYLE FORD MOST MUSICAL RIENDLIEST TIS w-I' D RLE I ANN COCHRA DU NE ERINGTO MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST VERSATI LE ff' I NN COCHR C NCE KUBE DRLNE RAW DULYHUGHE MOST INTELLECTUAL BEST PERSONALITIES MARY ROLLAND CLARENCE KUBE DARLENE SPRAWLS JIMMY TURNER JOLLIEST WITTIEST WAYNE MORRIS MARYE PAIR WAYNE MORRIS MARYE PAIR HELTON OIL COMPANY ELECTRIC SHOE SHOP STATE LINE TRIBUNE Farwell Texas Texlco The One Newspaper Servmg All of Parmer County , , I x ,, I 4 , I 4 D HALLOWEEN KING AND QUEEN J'Xr 500 00 ',1.Z '1.' 2 Cl FOOTBALL SWEETHEART I9 Q I PEGGY wooDsoN LETTERMEN JIMMY JAMES WINDELL DON BILLY SC HELL ROBERTS PIKE POOL WATTS 8 ff' TRUITT JAMES TROY JERRY HARDAGE NORTON CHRIS TIAN POTEET M DON GENE ROBBIE HARVEY JERRY DEE GERIES HARDAGE FOSTER LESLY OWEN GIBSON and YARBOROUGH SPORTING GOODS Clovxs New Mexlco If I vm Q J 3 -2 ., ,. ,N 5 x I ff -4 . "'. AV ' I A I A l . A' ' G l s: gfi it G 'bi 1 ' iii A I I ,T,: 1 ' , 1-Lfg, V f -2 ,ff , I X LINE FCOTBALL SQUAD sjjkg owlik COACHES Coach CATES Assxstant Coach MURRAY WATTS PUMP and MACHINE COMPANY Farwell, Texas SWEETHEART JUNIOR FOOTBALL K f' 1 EDITH FAYE ROUTON BOYS BASKETBALL ? -ITM-lg GIRLS BASKETBALL SUTTER'S JEWELRY - Clovis, New Mexico SENIOR LETTERMEN DARLENE SPRAWLS BETTY LOVVORN MARY JOYCE ROLLAND IoANN COCHRAN JIMMY TURNER WAYNE MORRIS CLARENCE KUBE 1' V1 . aulzzu-.lnwzmmh wp- qi ,ipa 4 V 3 MT' A f' I CHORUS OFFICERS BAND 'ln 14- 5 A 5-r ww. -,Ya MAJORETTES W L L , I -lg.. . i -I .W 1 ' v-fl . 5 4 . . V . , , x -' .-ul.: . . . X I 1 3, . ' . 4.x 1 5, M ' N Q I , . v, . . , t r W -Q r - , .Z K' X59 Mi -f N ' it . "4 , ,. W fn., " N- -. .1 ,, f ,., I X -er ' V: v,,? A, kxvu M R, K- .- A xl f- A 4-Ads: 1 , ft' A ' ' W m1.:M.,. f f f K ' x , 'ni A , Mx... . . . f- ' QM ' ' + A-v::A - m- - x , , ,wk , ' I - . .' ':4- Af ""K' ' ,gf 4 V A gg, K . , I Q , -ii y fx M Qxf a Z A . 5 L . cr. ' wand 7 Q A Q I Director - MRS, JOBES - MlXED QUARTET Drck Felts Darlene Sprawls Shirley Smith Dudley Hughes OC T ET Layvoda Brlhngton Ysleeta Brown Mona McDorman Elaine Martm Peggy Hardage Agnes Meissner Betty B1l.1lI'lgS1Cy Glorla Dral STUDENT COUNCIL F F A OFFICERS PAPER STAFF F H A OFFICERS FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CHEERLEADERS PEP SQUAD ! AND BEAU LEADERS BEAU JUNIOR HIGH PEP SQUAD SINGLETARY HARDWARE - Clovis, New Mexico WHITE'S AUTO STORE - Clovis DORENE'S - Clovis, New Mexico BUD'S GUN SHOP - Clovis LU NCHROOM DIRECTORS Dawg Mrs Hardage Mrs McDorman Mrs Hromas Mrs Brown Mrs Potts CUSTODIANS MR PETREE MR TUCKER JOHNNY IJOVELACE MR CROOK mmusxxs6 SYAMWBS I In HSWQNGBAND FRESHMEN GIRLS SEXTET OOMRH - PAH - PAH BAND TWIRLERS uiH.?"'2ldif.ABLJT L nz 'WWi:.,s.I DARLENE SPRAWLS ANN WHITLEY X BETTY BILLINGSLEY SHIRLEY SMITH f O' P f X A.4 GLENNA DAVIS IERRI ALLISON I . ,U W4 I wi if 5? W I I 4 0' XELL LEADERS MONA MCDORMAN PEGGY HARDAGE BETTY SMART 5 "s X .1 SHIRLEY ATCHLEY IOANN COCHRAN MARYE PAIR H V21 I 11 : L x .ff S NT 5 . X R54 Q .- S J rfii 3 ' -. ,1- 'vf N ' 1 1 W 1 'sri w x his -4.5. .- vy. h . Xizf' .' , 1 - . 'Q'-:,-'.'5.' fp -z.. 2.45 7'9" an -, ' '!h1'Uov 'fgfvvy'-ef 'S m ,-.' Q CN To Llghten Life s Way 04 066 nr? o x IP V II 5. li K .P 'E 1 QQ K 3 u'-We -f SOUTHWESTERN PIIBIIB sin vlcfx SS 1 , Ns , ' O Q v 0 0 Q 5' Q H W il ri' , as N- F 1, 1 ' J 1, mg wx "'-if 44' , P H X , :rs f' " j Jig?- cX -. i X X Q ' A Y X Q x . - 'mv 0 Q my 01 Z w 5 Q , M 'M ,W-+ bi gif 2 x M r - 35 0 N " kj IE- , vm nu, X X-J C kink ' l RK -,uf--44. vwzsoo Y Ii -

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Farwell High School - Roundup Yearbook (Farwell, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Farwell High School - Roundup Yearbook (Farwell, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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