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,f fgQw Wi M95 V ,ff if, 'E I if at 3 Q W0 -E .Lg .W aw-fl Q .' I ' A ' .445.V:f 1, .,.. - P. Mme 66 qfjfjais ISL? QA Qwvolv ' X 1jf,Q9figXW4?! :JV MOP WJ X,B.,xou.,YPbJ3I-'Cx' Nggauunolfv-'-JV QM? ws him-W Sw-N:sLh -QA-UMQQ, wx. . fvvn.. Q..L., 0,15 W wa Bilwwy ' ,fifgfrviw "f"'F'Qg' -:lf 111.63 Pwr .pa -- '-W' F 521 Qgfv-'Q -wf '1 A K 7.9: ,ww ,.,,.4,., 75-'Q' MQ! '7W"'f' 'MHC Jr 7c.c,..,j,C,g,.,f,c,x..f-MC bv lvvxfzcffff VV7 N Ltrscjdrvg: k!f . 47X 51,-z,,..,..Af Aff-M ,M MWMLWXNVLQJ 4ZL+7f,,7XMVMw'J . K"3A"V" ,, i I , 5 fi: Lf: -g N ., . 'V I qw . ,".'. ' I mb , , 2- ,- if ? I ' A . .. W MI- I x , A .- Q -Y. " .Fw ,J ' V 3 . sf, X I, Q. A: .Q k x - x , ,. Z' Q. ,lx Qjf V' ix 5 , Vg- V M , Vg .W Q 2 In K, - ' V, f.'.,:, -Y,Yf,! in ' r . . ,4,.:1.i1L'9E-.7H.3f.., A42:32.A2'1'.mi.1iI.h3W!?g1kinMZ.niEMaiil6Ef l:9L'-4, ,.., . 3' Iv A L ff" xxx ! . X -,NW f . V X '64 X 173 X 41? 4' X4 'ui X x f-,,ff'!!M W -1f' 1 Q 1 H W W l ' Q1MNM4RNMm. S vw! ' fb i f-gl L14 Q I X gg, K MJ A '13, W ff Ab f np ,f ,X 1 3 y Q waLfhfcA5!R'i2e hc3n9foQ ff 1 f 'fm f fe f ff l f I ' A f L'f!1' 1 ff 2 X wbx Q LW V , aff ML W 7' ff IV V' S52 W V W Lf? J ,E K 'f ! JW! ,r ' , 1 f lb 1ffi 4 5, 3 1 W 1 if fl' X JCM if M 1 ax K X J "ff ' W Mx ff' A 1 RX if ff Z 1 X W J pf' ,ffl . 1,1 .2 . , , Q1 2 3 Vg X .1 Q .14 U xiss X LL N V f if LL 5 Ml XX' V!! N ' '- " il' ' :lf dst - N 'Q 'J I N - W !' f l IN L X ff Nl W -ff. Y r w wk f Q if 1 M inf f f X . K Q-L41 +f" if Ml fc QI f f r U My V ki V l 0,22 rf. i, i If f PQ 1 x pl J , ff! Th 1953 yke , a. book o yliyorie p ing thework and Q 3 AV WJ play of tgeachers an s delitsygkgarringt nHi dedicated to our Q ' 'lfriena and principajxrjt, fWa1ton M. Goh i A fbi M To him goes our sincerefraglgefziation for his cooperation and st , in aking this "Book of Memories" possible. 'Q V T4 I , or on's rien s, hisk t t bth tud ts d I p Wteachelgibg qtirinfg effimzgsvrmyhelp k F i gt b tt h 1 11 1 t M ed to make this hoola pleasant pm h h r may . X3 YiTheX3Ke Kiaaina" staff wishes Principal Gordon many more years f .. 1 cf-e- -- e ,u x if-'B , fr itful service both to the school and to mmuniW: i w + fb l is X W ' flax N Q-5 f X AD X W if Fwy my My M QV ,A Ex xii N N ' 74 is 5 D WW -is e ' Qi X y n T p gx p do Sf XX xx xxg X i p -iw. S 4-43 V . , f lf h 'K ff js emi xx, M- ,n 4. W- - 3- "A " , -M -- X fllllflfw X um X 5? m WW as-W 5fj111, JJ f W if x .xx . 0r ,ai1 S ew ardoilityt f f ggilalss ig y A X XX Xl - X K X N Z 4 X X K M ' W I IX I fmf f III f Q I II-1,4 II S If I I I .I I I IIIIIrIIIIIffI,- II I I f 'N ' I ' B'-EO I ENT I IIHWE JVM IIII I IIQ6, F IW I"' DECTION 'I XX I I I I f I 'II III f ' QI I ffI,ADMINIs ATIO d I A W I' If ,,Eiz'3E2f, CTYIQNQQQNTI I I Wg tj! I I f 3 GRN UATES. PX! XIM-IN I I Q IIS WWE I If II' I I X 'Q C GA ZZEIEENES , 1 .l... III IjI I I I x I If I: X 14 III WEDGMEN -II I l I A- QI Q!: ' g?Lg?!L-'QL' , I " . ' ft' -ff 51 E X L IIQ IIIIII If SL 1II 1.1 17 .' Hi- ,..,f -X' f' ' ,Q J. , 4 H , Ve' jf' V J 'N f X 1 rj S Aww M af? 'll Mi VM C2D771fI72dS'7l2C27L7O7l .QWQZ lf ,LGU 6 1 N A! ,Qi WV W KLM? - MZ 5. yugo'-ac,-,fffi 5 50:24 ' , K ' I 2 , 1, Wftw 1 M7X , I ' - 'f ' ' f V f Q Wg MZZW' 2' W if fe ' ' Q,,:a,a, L 7 W-1 ah 1. ' ' f 9 W ' S' oe..the-.daygghe th p ehi gggp f fx Dv fwi e r es foot, con 0 ' rvrcgagspee f bgglyn ' 110 , X "" ' Q 'M - e C1 e the kee t ifrest. ,-1. .liefsa ' he mes s 'AZ grown? gc th l d t I1 ga 13095116 A I ' . rn imes, s con - fl 'LAX ' e a e ELci:xpsZ1ft r , Q e f yin merica. The Olympic Games, held Q' ' t 4 ' t t' ,V 1 n C X ' L! lA!eXVl,lfL 'Q' v L V Q D MLW 123 A ' X ' 5 N M ef mf , My -ff iTz'j, A F K -t ,.f,,,.. Mcuwwvw 53942-J--R 'A' ,.,....7, -J ,e4....q 4 w.h,44JfM7..L 4-:J S4-as MQ., fd-4622 0-al.. 61.4-Crt!-Q, 5, 7 S 43-gi 5441? R e.q.4,,7,-,Rc..,-.,4Q4,,,,gg 5-dfffgl-au-5444! M lgcg f.5fc,4.4f.,..Qf .c..,7g, - - W f' " :Mya 7 '1 i X K all Walton Gflfdon principal Sports, or more correctly speaking, athletic games have been an important factor in the lives of the people of every nation throughout the ages. Even the most primitive people had their sports for entertainment and the physical development of their young men. As each gen- eration developed, new games were invented and passed down to posterity. The character of these games, of course, has changed as man became more civilized. The purpose, however has still remained--entertainment, recreation a d t , n the physical development of the partici- pan . The Greeks have held their Olympic games every four years since 776 B. C. During these games, a w6ek before and aweek after, general peace was maintained throughout the country. In 1896 the Olympic games took on an international aspect. Since that time every fourth year the major nations of the world have sent their best athletes to compete against the athletes of other countries. We have seen how these games can be a factor for international harm Athletes from all nations mingled on an e l ony. qua basis, grew to respectand appreciate the quali- ties of the other fellow. It would do w ll f e or this troubled world to stop now before it is too late and take some les- sons in international cooperation and good will as displayed by the athletes of the many nations who competed in the recent Olympic games. This yearbook emphasizes the international aspect of sports and has, by doing so, taken a step in calling attention to the fact that nations can learn a val bl ' competition. ua e lesson from athletic am!'M'lSf4.6ti06 Ms Miss Olga Larsol , Nurse Mrs. Iean-Aitken Cafeteria - -5 ' Mrs. Zoe Everly Mrs. .Tune Leong Librarian Registrar 2 as .3 br Miss Ruth Fujii C Miss Beatrice Loui E Secretary - R' Girls' Counselor If t sf. . ,.,, Mr. Toku1i Onc A ' Vice Principal .eees 1 n 4 of t Mlss M1Yak0 Fuiii at Captain .names Edingmon Attendance Clerk N PMSQT, RQTC 5. f W in --1 ' it ,E I A 'X R' l -y ly- MQ A - X- ' Mrs. Edith Keen Hrs. Mary Nakandalmre Boys' Counselor Bookkeeper As each year passes, the eyes of the world are focused on todny's youth, who will be to- morrow's leaders. In this chaotic era, the hope of civilization lies in youth and their suc- cess as peacemakers. Whether peace is to en- dure depends largely on today's young people. Farrington is one of the Territory's many schools that prepare youth for the future. Manyicourses and activities are offered stu- dents under the guidance of the principal, teachers and counselors. Watch your diet. Mr- Gordon- - Q.. 2.21 :sp 1 1' A Miss Marleloulse Abel Plane Geometry Algebra , lg,SsEEKgbZrg Kgm Mrs. Naoma 'Alwohl ' ' ' ' Music vfWW Miss Rachel Asato Mr. Lawrence Ako Sr' Eng' gl S' S' Industrial Arts Mr co'rc Soph. Eng. sl s. s. .'s--mix' K 1 V V A -L. , 'x . 7 ' -'H' OYB? n . J- a iuau, U ' Preparms-for s. Lillian Ashford Mrs. Helen Bryan Mrs. Phoebe Chang Mathematics Stu 111,01 dents . de Wh tlllg th sandino are int eve Ulgg Ban ere lllakgfday Iifethat 31-:appz-egiged LPD1-ep5rcou1,s':ge offel-fglgld in- Ons a e ea . our 5 cfples nd also 18 fo, als Ieare Of fa Ieaz. 0 11 8. - Mrs. Keakealani Char Mr. N ' C yuk hlng Miss Sun Oi Chun Mr. Henry Chun Mrs. Susan Chun Commercial Commercial Soph. Eng. 81 S. S. Dr' T , ' wer rg , Science Intern Supervisor Mr. Walter Davis G21-:E U I4 E - 3 V x - k X arf X- 1.1 .-- - il l. A 4 4 . vi 'ri f . X fi 5 li D35 fl xi MP- DOH COPYQU f 2 C Mrs. Elsie DeMe11o science' Phys' Ed' Miss Helen Cunningham Mrs. Ruth Davis Dram-QUCS, Radio Workshop Stu. Gov't, Math Typography, Commercial Mrs. Lucille Dennis Mr. Robert Dowling Mrs. LydiawEnoki Litho raphy Intern Supervisor Home Management g 5 de' A ch , svee ease fy, oi me qeX09 Sw' .. ' ' 69 - e e 9-Xin to gxq ' tv Excment Sion antfendeiizfnax 93 res . ,ice 1050 oi eagconhdi 'Mid C den ma . ode ' 'NL mrs. red md eech' 1 we gte . X S? 9-'gee M535 O einedya Co ch, 1 aiiwgr DLIJ, J! 8 P . svgbuf, eve . H59 . i 'ff 3 4. of .ypit .gr 5 Wg? 'aff - Y 41' vii gl' Vw 0' Iy' V lui , J Ov YI A " 'ft' Work' VUL pg qua, Vi MMV mg hard, Sandy? yi A' jf Uf:iw25'i.f L -iff W.. t In Fir f 'i"' it ' pi Mrs. Mildred Kosaki Intern Supervisor off' Mr Max Ford Miss Henrietta Freitas Mrs. Dorothy Fujii Mr. Ralph Geiser M a ement Commercial Band., OTCUGSUH Qr. Eng. S. S., Home an g C21 , . 4 we 1 ,QQ S S .4 4 Z Fm. Tom mga mass Flora no Eiu y l Commercial Ir. Eng. 8: S. S , .. f i iL i lk ' r. Rlchard Glma Akiyoshi Hayashida mrs' Marv Hfman Miss Nafsuko HOP11 Publications Math, Japanese 1- Commercial Soph' Eng gl S' S' Ke WW .Mass The Science Department, headed by Miss June ohnson, consists of sophomore sclence,, general clence, biology, chemistry and physics. The aim of this department is to prepare the stu- entswho plan to major ln the science field at col- age. Ak , Films are shown to the students so that they may p etter appreciate their lessons. ,p Miss Shlzue lnamlne Sr. Eng. 8: S. S. 'in Jr. Eng. at s. s. Mr. William Cheese! Miss June Johnson Mr. Ernest Ing Science, Audio Visual, ' fr ' I Q V . A .nf , A f as . a .S t Mr- 1-1016 Keavm 5 "a. as Agriculture E f is ,VVV p , V i bn 1. in A, Mrs. Myrtle Kaapu Mr. Theodore Kahananui Speech Photography, Math u, W Mr Herbert L1u Mrs. Edna L1wa1 Soph Eng Kr S S Sr. Eng. gl S.S. rs eace Mr Ray Kafekafu Mr Kenichl Kawiifchl Sr Eng- 81 S-S- Mr. Roland Kickbush Mr. James Komurf Auto Mechamcs Arts gl Crafts hat 'I'he metal shop course covers a variety of practi- cal construction problems in sheet metal, forging, welding, machine shop and bench metal. Related in- formation, science and mathematics are correlated with shop practice. Open to all levels of students, courses 3- and 4 deal with more advanced type of work. Mrs Margaret Liu Jr Eng. 8: S.S. k Mrs. Mary Look Soph. Eng. 8: S. S. Mrs. Alice Lum Sr. Eng. 81 S.S. ff""'k Soph, Ense Machado , , , g. Sz S.S, MwIsJHele Qs A gzrsig Helen yan Sr E nyatsui ' ng- gl S.s Mr ' Hg. Sz S.S, ' Mr. Taket B.C'1gJeruko Morikawa Science? glgisitsu nqmercial Metal Shop Commercial oto Miss Martha Murakami M . iss Miyoko Nakagami Science, Math Jr. Eng gl - S. s, Miss Shizu e Mural . H Shlge Ome Management The Agricultural Department, under the ,direction oi Mr. Lloyd C. Kaapana and Mr. Iohn K. Sakai, oiters aprogr oi var-ied courses. Included in this program are supervised farming, leader- ship, conduct oi meetings, earnings and savings, coopera- tion, scholarship, community service and recreation. The boys-work in the gardens and sell their products to dents. A teachers and stu what , Cha doing boys ? Miss Frances otremb Commercial a, I M' Morri ' , S Pan Avlation 8 Mrs. Florence Saka Commercial MI' . Saka AgT1CUltu1'e i. - Q ' K n rg 1 K 1'1" -Q W, -Q I ' -3 vs' Mrs. Violet Sen Home Management Miss Doris Takahashi Ir. Eng. 8: S.S. ff.,-1 Q at rfa7"'1'? M , vu , J ev 'n A M - as if M 1 A gg 1 M, V44 A S ne ' ' 17 K' XA X L 1-f , M4 .. K !,gX L i ' it . Mrs. MomiSoo lg S Q , Mr. Hajime Suga 's Sr. Eng. 8: S. S. h ' Algebra, Driver Trg Miss Masuko Shimazu Mrs. Betty Suenaga Soph. Eng. 8: S.S. Science, Chemistry N M Mr. Ah Mun Young Miss Margaret Ucmgasmma C Mrs. Lydia Wrlzhl Science' Math' Jr. Eng.-at s.s. Sr- EHS- 81 5-S- Mrs. Alexandra Van Dyk French ' With Mrs One of th b ' A' Keakeahm high schoij est commercial dchar as head, F since thelzlnd epartments amonaggfngton has flair b mental ,. e""if01'1a1 ing sgcfth producer and : of a Ullsiness educ t de al attitudes onsumer a ivn are and - ggfuimenr is to prgpflri basic Obiecfxximlpfm in deszfgg. businesses offered lnclud students for the b e commercial math, ,hw e tlgokkeepmg busllgxness career M' Ulsandc' 88311811 ' ' ypography. sh: iwx 149' - src James Hopkins Sgt. James Gau ROTC A RCTC MfSgt. Leon Bert Doubek SFC Harry Y. Nagata ROTC ROTC S'7UD 727 QOU f2'72772872T .-"f ss, i I ue , Q K Q9'Q'4"? 'Q QNX 3 pm- , 4'4"- x t.fs"i45' Neg Zn 5 9 .xxh ff X i Bullfighting is the favorite sport of the Span- iards, and it was originated by the Moors of Spain for the exhibition of horsemanship, courage and dexterity with the lance. The combatants comprised of the picadores,ban- derilleros and the matador. When the signal is given, the bull is loosed from the stall. The picadores and banderilleros come out in succession and try to irritate the bull. When they succeed, the bull races madly around the arena. Then the matador cpmes in gravely with a naked sword and aims the fatal blow at the animal. The slaughtered bull is dragged away and another is released from the stall. ' .X 'X 5111.54 . 'M to '-.W I. ,Q mv .. "Nw Q, .95 1 J.-, . .. Q v-M - 9 ---Li., La .,.,,. v-" -' -'yo-. ALM' ' uw., dj-of My -M4 mnq. W """ll-i ml --.n ' 'mf' . , .R X ,J . . I X, ,S Q? QQ ' ff J gf Q ,, ' .1 2, ' A "' f b1'+ if ' "L-W A N -S A 2 1, m.. ., ...-. --it.-1 wget L A dw' ' Xing! 'pA""U?r,f-gud xx u i. -... -. --.. n.,-f...,.J W J . W - M? ' ' v 5 f' E My M.., - Afrw I vw we Q-1-..- 7 .44 AK ., ,p Q r gg 'Q f g JPresident 1 Vice President ohn Snead Daniel Platt Secretary y Treasurer , Doris Nakasone s i Henry Furukido h i 'f W at :ff CQQQE P "' - A 2 W VV. gi: ,dawn ,, :i n f ,b,, .X .v 5 Ass't Secretary A Advisor Ass't Treasurer Lgrraine T01 Miss H. Cunningham S00 Kil Park I 'Hue "gig gevenn led the 2,174 qovefmofzs tlzfzouglv. a successtul xfeat A jobwell done! Yes, the student government and all its committees have carried 'on their work to a successful conclusion. We owle agreat deal to the hardworking and conscientious officers for put- ting a lot.of time and effort in their work. Among the officers were John Snead, president, who conducted all meet- ingsg Daniel Platt, vice president, who presided in the absence of the presi- dent and served as chairman of the different committees, Doris NakaS0ne, secretary, who took minutes of meetings and was assisted by Lorraine Toi, and Henry Furukido, treasurer, who took care of all money matters. 'Soo Kil Park assisted Henry. Their adviser, Miss Helen C. Cunningham, helped with problems. Many worthwhile projects were accomplished. The representatives did a good job also of bringing the news back to their respective classes. All these pupils deserve credit for a task well done. 'iv- 1st Row: L. Arakawag R. Daongg F. McKeagueg I. Sakoguchig D. Gabrielg C. Domingog R. Adaniyag K. Okamurag B. Shiqig J. Hironakag F. Quiocheg S. Dela Cruz. 2nd Row: E. Kawakamig G. Paug J. Tokashikig O. Ortizg V. Choyg Chung L. Marting L. Toig E. Hog C. Alog N. Azama. 3rd Row: M. Tairag M. Tsugawag S. Kauhig H. Miyamotog J. NarikiyogB. Ikedag H. Chung C. Pollockg G. Bermudas. 4th Rowg I. Sneadg R. St. Clairg R. Nakasoneg D. Plattg S. K. Parkg L. Masong H. Ohama. 5th Row: F. Youngg R. Monizg E . Mikamig K. Uejog Miedag D. Kamaig S. Watanabeg W. Kojimag G. Fujiwara. lst Row: T. Leopoldog V. Choyg J. Sakoguchig B. Ikedag I. Narikiyog D. Sui Fookg M. Andradeg E. Rey- noldsg C. Pollockg H. Chun. 2nd Row:M. TairagM. Gotog M. Chung S. Alfonsog L. Marting E. PagS. Dela Cruz. 3rd Row: S. Morikig E. Leeg W. Karng F. Kimg T. Atienzag O. Ortizg C. Domingog V. Algosog H. Gacon. -Q B npr.-j"""" 'S .7 3.1 t ' . iff X f 7 'g , 1 13: vm .. ifiviiwaifma -M , an-.5 Dance closer, closer, closer. t ' M Nishimura SOCIALCOMMITTEE: Firs row. . , ' H. Yee. M. Uzumaki, E. Kinney, S. Ueshiro, Second row: R. Furusho, C. Kobashigawa, A Ta chibana . d d b Marjorie Nishimura, Daniel Pla The Social, Awards and Reception Committees, spearhea e y and Helen Miyamoto, did an outstanding piece of work this year. Their sense of leadership and courage led them to accomplish many worthy objectives, including ' dances and presenting of awards to worthy recipients. the sponsoring of, and ushering at, tt 3 i ARDS COMMITTEE' R. Furushi- AW . ma, M. Tsugawa, J. Takahashi, D. Platt. RECEPTION COMMITTEE: First row:D. Resquer, R. Adaniya, R. Fujimoto, J. Harada, J. Takahashi, J. Tom, S. Lee, Second row: A. Tachibana, P. Jocson, S. Ho, M. Nishimura, S. Sugita, M. Fukumoto, F. Kokfibun, R. Takazawa, H. Yee, ki J Tokashiki, D. Tanaka, H. Miyamoto, H. Ohama. Third row: D. Lavil- T Ashimine R. Furushima. K. Oshiro, M. Uzuma , . ' kasone, R. Leeni, E. Yuasa, . , la, C. Kobashigawa, H. Na J1- ,f ,X .U-J VI' PROGRAM COMMITTEE:V. Algoso, K. 801128, A. ects was the Keawakani, W. Bulahan. of the French Club's proj One "Clothes for Korea" drive. 'I'he purpose of the Program, OYC and Identification Committees is to bring to the students a worth while project of amusements and recreationg to promote cooperation, participation and en- couragement, and to strengthen the relationship between youth and adultsg and to enforce laws go v- erning the use of identification cards given to the members of FI-IS. Jff"' OYC-INTER SCHOOL COUNCIL: I. Taka Ueshiro, K. Okumura, C. Kobashigawa. IDENTI ' First row: A. Arita, C FICATION COMMITTEE. , L. Honda, Second row: E. Tasaki, C Morishige Kimura, R. Inouye. hashi, S. me te ' "Keep the Campus Clean, " "Dress Neat1y," and "Give Your Support" -- these are the mottoes of the BUILDING . am s tr by the Stude t ID to Maul was S n Guvernmento ponsored BUILDING AND CAMPUS COMMITTEE: D Chee D Takarnatsu, M Firstrow: . , . , ' - E. Tasaki R. M atsuura. Second row. h , Takazawa, R. Igarashi, L. rzakashima. AND CAMPUS, DRESS REGULATIONS, AND SCHOOL Sz COMMUNITY commit- tees, respectively. 'I'hese committees, headed by en- ergetic and ambitious students, took care of the domestic needs ofthe school. These school standards rose 100 per cent. This is one of many ways inwhich Farringtonians showed their 'school spirit. . .. aw gs- AA., .ff W: 3 DRESS REGULA TIUNS COMMITTEE: First V SCHOOL AND COMMUNI'I'Y: First row: D. row: I. Fujikami, H. Chung, R, '1'akaZa- ' ' W. Shozu- Fukuda A. Nakano, M. Ho. Second row. R. wa. Second row. L. Kaanaana, - . ya. st Clair, L. Kosein, R. Pandamd 'Q Senior social studies and English student s getting ready for a class assignment. MUTUAL AID BOARD First Row:'L. to R. David Jeong, Alma Mata, Lester Yo- shino, Frances Kaneshiro, Jean Narikiyo, Henry Furuki- do, Dolores Resquer. Second Row: L. to R. Miss O. Lar- son, Nrs. B. Suenaga, Mr. W. Gordon, Miss B. Kim, Miss 13. Loui. L X FINANCE BOARD First Row' L to R M . . . r. M. Uyesugi, Henry Furukido, Mr. T. Ono, Mr. W. Gordon, Miss H. Cunningham, Thomas ladio workshop students are getting ready Ashimine. Second Row: L. to R. Mr. J. Mitchell M or a newscast. Kaapana H ' , r. L. , a.rryKanesh1r0. 4R', V ntula S Sugita E Hue, Second row: I. Infante, and STUDENT ORGANIZATION: First row: E. e , . , . S. Nishimira, STUDENT COURT: First row: E. Ventula, M. Uzumaki, P. Nagahara, Second row: E. ' ' J. Chung, Third row: M. Minami, Mr. L. Kawahara CAdviserJ,S. Hue, M. Nishimura, N. Nakasone, Mikami. The functions of the Student Organization, Student Court, Cafeteria, and SchoolSpirit and Rally com- mittee are very similar in all respects. ' ' ' l res ect and cooperation in all school activities. Their goal is to establish honesty, faith in them se ves, p ' ed b many. They deserve our support at all times. Their achievements have been prais y X-. . U X X t 1h C Laura second row' W. Vincent, F. Kokubun, M. CAFETERIA: First row: P. Swift, S. Bo e o, . , . . Fukumoto, L. Coloma, third row: Y. Napiahi, I. Chung, Mr. L. Kawahara QAdviserJ, M. Kauhi, C. V F' trow: P. Gouveia, F. Gabriel, J. Tirrell. Second row: T. B. Lee. SCHOOL SPIRIT Si RALL .1 irs Atienza, E. Lee Kwai. H YQ FEP COMMITT EE: First rowzunidentified M. Bak P , ef, NOON HOUR COMMITTEE: L. to R. First Row: I . Ticman, C. Elisayares, F. Galiza, F. Kim. Second Shimabukuro, A, Wai, H. Turski, .T. Maeda, R. Ad rowzunidentified, N. Kam, N.Burgess, D. Mahiai, R. niya. Second row:.J. Yamamoto, S. Alfonso, L. Wi Mar, L. Ascunsion, C. Basa. Third row: L. Lum, D- son, M. Andrade, K. Kuanoni, B. Kaanapu. Third row Chung, C. Sokoda, A. Nakaguchi, R. Rakiro, R. Hxga. J, Kaleikini, H. Miyaki. Fourth row: F. Kaalina, D. Sato, R. Shimamura, S. Arakawa, H. Hoshioka, S. Shlmo, R. Higa, Mr. Ing. The committees represented on this pa a s good entertainment and ENGLISH COMMITTEE: First row: B. Hashitat F .. . e A. ujioka, P. Oshxro, D Fujikami B , - . , . Shoji, M. Esco bido. Second row- I Kevaloff . . , M. Gay, I. Young, S. Sesoko, J. Chung. Third row: C. Fujimoto, C. Kunu- yoshi I. S , asaki, M. Furukawa. ual' ge are a part of the Farrington Government. As you can see, they re relatively large. Their purposes were: to help maintain good order in fire drills, to speak and write ood English, to give the student to "dn unto oth E ers as you would have them to do unto you. " RED CROSS: First row: I. Nakayama, S. Mankin, P. Au, H. Nakamoto. Second row: I. Hironaka, E. Suzuki, G. Maeda, L. Kouchiyama. ... V- 1.4. vi, bf ' ,M " i' -wma. f . , . GCBTJUQTQZQ Hiking has been a popular sport since the be- ginning of time. Man has climbed mountains for adventure and for the thrill of exploring unknown heights. Today, men and women alike who love the out- doors don their climbing gearg which consists of pick, rope, spike shoes and sun glasses, and ex- plore mother nature or try to climb to the top of a mountain. The sport is reallya challenge for it presents numerous dangers that are encountered, and only the physically fit can fully enjoy mountain climb- ing because it is a strenuous sport. The snowy peak of the Himalayas is yet to be conquered by the hundreds of men who try each year to scale it. 1 5: S 1 gs, , .Wa ' J on fn 4- ,, , , f J. O RY - f 0 , , px F. x Jn., 4: f d get as G: , Z 4.45, H' f t ' . W I . , x ,ff f 5 , A -A .5 - L 4 . uf? f K Q , ,I-H, x ,I X, .. 5. i 6' AY' t M, fag. , 43, K . ,kwa , I sd . 'hi H 1 '- 'Y lar X iq, 4 Y ,J 9. 1 Pia, f J' Y. an 575 af if K 9 I 4 x s 4 ,. J ."'X ,'-A F5 ,f Q Q .s Vu. A f Merle Motoda Assistant Activities Editor Lily Moromisato issistant Feature Editor ' i s , Lawrence Koseki Co- Editor 'N 'Concordia Bardago Assistant Typist iii in iininin . L Lorraine Ginden Assistant Sports Editor Annie Wai Grace Hlramatsu Assistant News Editor Exchange Editvr 0 ve ft no 'z Sv, I Working earnestly in producing another issue of The Gover- nor are Violet, Aileen, Anita and Lily. The Governor, our weekly paper, kept the students well informed of the activi- ties and news of both the school and the community. The editors and their assistants worked hard and long gathering news items to pro- duce an interesting and readable paper. The reporters held interviews with va- rious students, teachers and visitors. With the help of the varityping classes , the photography class and the printshop, the Governor was able to enjoy a success- ful year. rr- ZZ- ' t A Albvff Stanley Koki OTGTYU C0-Editor A Richard 3130113 Gima Editor Advise I- Rose Tom Head Typist llobertha Perkins Activities Editor One of the new features instituted this year was a brief preview or introduction of acceptable motion pictures to the stu- dents. Special editions were planned through- out the year, including those of the sen - lor, junior and sophomore Class Day editions. Some of the members became quali - fied as members of the Quill and Scroll , National honorary journalism society. 'I'here were three newswritlng class - es, periods 1 through 3. Joanne Hlronaka Feature Editor V21 'X Karen Okumura News Editor ovetnat Typists Lillian, Merle, and Concordia typing articles for an issue of The Governor. u? ,,,.,...---fm.. , Mr. , . Q , 4 , . displ21YW5- Shinichlro Nasu ual concert. -his talent at me ann Max L. Ford Director The band was very busy this year under the able direction of Mr. Max L. Ford Highlights of the year included playing at the football games. These included the Shrin e and Hula Bowl Games. The band also played at the Oahu Education Association meeting held at McKinley High School on November 26 and at teh concert for the Kalakaua Christ- ma Pr s ogram. The band played at several ROTC reviews. Band appearances were also made at Kalakaua Auditorium, Maluhia and Hickam F' ld I ' 18 . t played during the Armed Forces Day Parade and at the graduation exercises. ""' '-1-nun A . , QC ":,:"Re 11 A .,,i p . nw ., , , A 36113 pldliea V! SONGSTERS SANG Harm onious voices heard on the cam- pus through the year were those of the Farrington Glee Club under the direc- tion of Mrs. Naoma F. Aiwohi. Their performance on every occa- sion proved outstanding. The Glee Club sang on the annual Alo- ha Week program, concentrating 'on Hawaiian songs. Yuletide carols were sung during the presentation of the Christmas play. The Choristers entertained the school and community with their fine musical repertoire, including hymns, classical and semi-classical selections. his musical club was open to all stu- T dents who possessed an interest in mu- STC. Sweet Singers L t Mrs. Naoma F. Aiwohi Director x I E'5:ff',f' W, V ,, t i Q- '5s'M.r5f? 'RY' 1'-my -frm 3539 - . , J . qfo-xgk,.,,.. . . LD. .gi .W -atheism Za5.z.e:"lQH1.i'nx-Qffaf' 344 ...:,t. -N 'gdb M Mis. Ruth M. Davil TYPISTS GAVE HAND Playing an important role in the publication of the Ke Kiaaina and The Governor were Mrs. Ruth M. Davis and her typography classes. They were responsible for the production of other publications, including the Honolulu Interscholastic League Handbook, the Speech and English Handbook, programs, tickets, forms, etc. In spite of the use of a limited number of IBM' s and vari- typers, the classes accomplished a tremendous amount of work for the school and others. ll.. 'eri0d3 Sz 4,- left to right, row 1: M. larada, W. Liu, F. DeVera, G. Pa- ages, B. Hayashi, C. Shimabukuro, tow 2: R Perkins J. Montayre, B. larada, Ige, A., Lopes, S. Ama- ino, E. Shibata. Row 3: Mrs. Davis, 4. Kim, E. Ota, H. Kam, S. Men- .ez, L. Maielua. fi 'S Period 1 gl 2, left to right, row 1: I. Magjanide, R. Baquiring, P. Alu, Luke, L. Duarte. Row 2:A. Kansa- 1 ki, E. Alama, F. McKee, J'. Leong, L. Kamakeeaina. Row 3: J. Chong, H. L. Costa, J. Oliveira, R. San- born, L. Balibrea, F. Jeremiah, E. Lee Kwai, A. Kelii. Period 5 8: 6, Left to right, row 1 B. Arakawa, E. Kan, D. Chun, M. Balocan, J. Pahukula,A. Higa, M. Row 3: L. Keohohou, E. Okuma, G. Chu, G. Miyashiro, M. Sora, I. Ya Omega. H. Hashimoto, L. Nishihama, L. Hamabata. Row 2: S. Higa, H. Oha- shi, Y. Arakawa, H. Toguchi, J. I- waki, A. Ebesutani, M. Gonsalves. mada, L. Inamura, Row 4: T. Yawa- ta, E. Chun, N. Whang, G. Palakiko, S. Kauhi, M. Andrade. S. Mau, M. f ft! ,f " ' . , V. , . Q K. .. ,-.Nh 'Q Q- ,At 1 ' 5, X' si . ' ' ' ' A 9 - . l ?""' ' ' ' :,: p sf Y , Q I gf, 5.1. .xg . f' '-A f , I 6 b an . Mi, -V K. , si ,gy , ,Sw . U A gk X 8 'S' ' .. 1 ix 4 ggi .Q n X , sl r-2 Theodore Kahananul zmefza izafzds Philip Ogata, Stanley Matsumoto, Robert Tsukamoto, Roger Bright, Harry Oklta, Kenneth Gabriel, Edwin Hosaka, Franklin Nagahara, Kenneth Ching, Wilfred.Postem. Clicking away their cameras through the school year were these shutterbugs under the supervision of Mr. Ted Kahananui. The photographers did creditable work in taking pictures for both the Ke Kiaaina and The Governor. Pictures by the photographers included those of sports events Qfootball, basketball, baseball and track! and campus activities. Q-M amafis pefzsonae i I J encourage students to 'ess themselves freely to acquire poise is the rose of the dramatics ses taught-by Mrs. Elsie le Mello. zercises in speech work, omiming, making up ori- l skits and monologues doing one-act plays are ided in the class activi- ramatics students per- iedfin the Christmas and fIayDayprograms. They participated in the sch Festival at the Uni- L. t :ity of Hawaii. M. ' :her activities included Lara orming skits for student V, C 'U' "" 1-'1Wai, M. """54W2. Sega ' "'5"""U, R. Vi ii 'peprallies and present- Bu,.keamP0110, B. Robe11M2n, D. Kishida Hg Row: J. Demagfa, L. Tanaka, l . F o To . , . programs at interme- L Ten.HRui.U1SRow: P. Ainor Alglenza, Swxarglrl, R- Martilsihfrang, V. . e schools. J. Napeahi 01-lza, W. Vasco, O Lai, J. Dela 2: - Ferreira, S G. dRowg ncellos G ruz W. ildi I 1 c Ab. 2520: . Ontayre, Ke lfiaaina l'Nu? 15 'K Helen Miyamoto Joyce Nakayama Aff Edltor Rofrc Editor Shizuo Takara Editor-in-Chief If ,lfucy qyeda ' p t Felipe Ramones rninistration Editor X Co,Sport Editor Norma Sodetanl Lena Mona Co-Student Government Co-Sport Editor Caroline Ducos in Head Typist Under the leadership of Editor Shizuo Takara and the supervision of Mr. Richard Gima, the Ke Kiaaina staff produced this yearbook. The staff started to make sketches early in the year. Responsibilities such as drawing dummies, arranging the time for picture-taking , drafting layouts, cutting and pasting pictures and preparing write-ups for the various pages were taken care by the fourth, fifth and sixth period classes. Since everyone wanted the annual by June, the annual staff worked hard to meet the deadline. '42 4 , if Lily Luke Avis Fm-ukido Ma,-ion N0 . . . ji a Junior Editor Assistant Activities Editor Business Manralger Ke Kiaaina -Q ' i , J -in i '71 r A Jacqueline Tirrell 3 Betty Arakawa Senior Editor Sophomore Editor v f 13' Rosita Gamason Assista.nt Sophomore Editor Organization Editor 4, 5 .n,nn Lorraine Toi 1 A Naomi Matsuno Associate Editor-in-Chief Clara Chang Assistant Senior Editor ,gy ffl Marjorie Ito Assistant Junior E1 Helen Taba Activities Editor Your long-anticipated yearbook, the Ke Kiaaina, is now in your hands. It represents many long hours of hard work on the part of Editor Shizuo Takara and his staff. We hope that you will overlook the deficiencies of the book and enjoy the many good things it con- tains . May it prove to be a source of continous joy and satisfaction to you. Pacita Castillo Business Manager 11" Walter Shozuya Co-Student Government Editor r Betsy Miyahira Assistant ROTC Editor F usic---- The Farrington High School Orch: tra, under the direction of Mr. B L. Ford, was composed of many 0 standing musicians. It was composed of members fr both- the beginners' and the advane groups, both of whom performed vl throughout the year. Left to right- First row: Ruby Lau, Victoria Gaison, Michiko Taira, Lillian Akamine. Second row: Charlene Aukai, Shirley Tadlas, Maymie Crowell, Eva 1 To uchi Third row' Joanna Baldauf, Rebecca Vincent, Wilfred Tengan, He en g . .- Rodrigues, Gladys Oshiro. Fourth row: Rudolph Kahookele, Alexander Burgess, Robert Irvine. ou leasuu The Hawaiian Instruments class, under the instruction of Mrs. Kee Fun Lee, made rapid progress. The purpose of this class is to teach boys and girls to play the guitar and ukulele. Activities of the year included it 1' t playing at the Kalihi-Palama Coun- cll meeting, assemblies, various schools, luncheon meetings and in the May Day program. Left toright, row one: I. Kahako, C. Esperanza, A. Car- valho, V. Thomas, A. Seabury, N. Lee. Row two: H. Awana, M. Helenlhl, A. Suan, C. Alameida, R. Merseberg, V. Ernestberg. 'Row three: C. Freitas, R. Chai, R. Piiohia, F. Ching, A. Bugress, I. Swanson, P. Kamana, F. Maikal, W. Auyoung, E. Beniola. niet ice Gfficets Much credit goes to the .TPO's who performed well in directing traffic for the bene- fit of students of this school. Under the supervision of Mr. Tokuji Ono, vice princi- pal, the JPO's gained the re- cognition and appreciation of the entire school. These students were out there every day--in' good weather and b d their duty. Although there were only a few .TPO's we owe them a great deal of gratitude and appreci- ationfor their service to the school. a --to perform ss, Three cheers for a job well done. N . ,i N , ,A . . " 'l '.. , " -in 1 . . K . e ' -v Q ,, -wtf. - , f 'ai' , - .Jv- - g.::2"?,2':.'lq,.'.1f '- 'iizi L. to R. Firstrow:Ellen Alika, Lorraine Ro- mando, Robert Yasue, Kenneth Ah Nee. Sec- ond row: Officer Percy Yim, Tokuji Ono, ad- V1SeI'. adio wotfzslwp gfudenfs The Radio Workshop people an- nouced the news every morning over the school's public address system. Getting information, writing the articles and reading the news con- stituted each student's program. The class had another responsibi- lity--that of morale-building. Doing this work helped the stu- dents to express themselves free- ly inacceptable idiomatic English. Disc jockeys occupied the Radio Workshop room during the lunch hour to spin records for the en- tertainment of the school. S Ferriefaf B' . Kaanapuq ' S Y1-izral'1'Yv ' S 9' ya ' d , First Rowi R' Pes:cron1iR0"':H' Kiarraaliaghi' L' Eine :L L, to R' W. Bulahail-A Takaesu, J' ' F ok S, S050 at Larxn, S. Leeah Calvan, L- olds D. Sul 0 7 .ngo . . C. .Doml . aw. Wills, V. BSYH berm1tO. 'rim-d ROW' 1. Havasmda' A' Terada, H, Yee, .1 rc ' b I .5 5 -..4.-4 Mr. Robert V. Dowling I0hnK2ha1e Adviser Assistant Manager Albert Caporoz Richard Chun Camera Dept. Mgr. Assistant Manager Walter Tsuma N v A Production Manager Y r 'T' .1 W4 ,QWV 5 Q Q, Lawrence Soares Press Dept. Mgr. Periods 1 Sz 2 Row 1 Lto R: R. Nakahara, F. Lastimoza, F. Rosa, P. Coelho, I. Baldauf. L.Soa- res, W. Tsuma. Row 2:G. Ishii, I. Campollo, R. Saito, G. Adviento, J. Rodrigues, M. Uyeno, I.Pa1acat,R. Chun. A Periods 3 Sr 4 Row 1 L to R: H. Matsuka- do, S. Harrington, F. Higa, D. Masaki, L. Soares, W, Yuen. Row 2: J. Sanchez, I 1 in A L. Stanley Harrington Assistant Manager H. Belocan, W. Nakamura, R. Lopez,J. Perry, Row 3: W. Aanna, L. Tagami, D. Kakaio, unidenified ,S. Chi- Hen. Periods 5 8: 6 Row 1 L to R: R. Furuba- yashi, N. L. Young,' W. Lee, A. Caporoz, A. Vail saco, A. Loui, W. Larm. Row 2: E. Fujii, W. Rod- riques, J. Kahale, D. Ho, W. Kozima. F. Toyama. Harold Matsukado Francis Higa . Stripping Dept. Mgr. ACE PRINTERS stripping Dept. Mgr Michael Uyeno Walter Lee Nee Leong Young Press Dept. Mgr. ' ft 'X F 3 5 B Press Dept. Mgr. Stripping Dept. Mgr .Tose Sanchez Stripping Dept. Mgr. T' In-Q! A t , V 'Z P Edward Kamaka iFi1imino Lastimoza Stripping Dept. Mgr. Press Dept. Mgr. Al Under the leadership of Mr. Robert V. Dowling, the printshop has again proved its importance in the school's curriculum. The printshop undertook many important projects with successful results. One of the projects was printingthe school paperfor several schools, name- ly, Waialua, Kaimuki, Central Intermediate, Sight Conservation and Farrington. It also printed books, pamphlets and forms for Farrington, the Department of Public Instruction and schools. It produced the Ke Kiaaina, Farrington's annual. . V ? " . William Aanna Press Dept. Mgr 9' t ' if vi '-- . 1 45 f-VX l f . ' 'tl so if Y' is 242- s N if-Q - U ff i " " at t 4. wi . .ff-tnfflit' 3 f Q 5.4 Printshop boys in action. ' 6 , 1 4-. qfzaouavasp . A --- W- ei-fin" , xx f' , liijfiifig X. f 'F 1 NQNN S ., ,, KX 'iq ,, My P 1 ' ln In recent years, the sport of bowling has be- come extremely popular both as a form of recre- ation and exercise, and as a means of competitive team play. This game was introduced to the colonies from Holland. It is played with wooden pins and a ball. The object of the game is to knock down the pins with the ball, which is rolled down the alley. Every year a national tournament is held by the American Bowling Congress, which was or- ganized in 1895. E 3 I S 1 ':J iu-gum , 45' ' ' 9 ' - r . , 'JO ' Q1 M- ,Aw- Zf' , V 5'5" 2'- .-quvqy---1-. -V 1 gp-L4 V. '-'H 6 IL .ff Lf", 7! A6 lf!!! Q, 76,68 pftfpt Z ,f , , 'Q I, I a., 4 ptepafze adam' 604. a -H Anne K- Lum Mrs. Adviser Obama 4 ld Haggesident We, the class of '53, proudly yet sadly received our diplomas, we were not regretting, but recalling wonderful and happy memories of three years at Farrington. Letus recall our sophomore year, the year when we were assuming the title of "suffering sophomores" and underwent the pains of adjusting ourselves to a newschool life. Elected as officers of the sophomore class were John Snead, president, Daniel Platt, vice president, Shirley Suglta, secretary, Marjorie Nishlmura, treasurer, and Miss Shizue lnamine, adviser. It was the ... yes! the day ... April 13, 1951, with red and white as class colors and the red carna- tion as symbol of the sophomore class, Doris Nalcasone' and Shinnichiro Nasu reigned as Queen and King for the day., ' We were promoted to the rank of Jolly Juniors on September, 1952. Captainsof the ship then were Pre- sident Soo Kil Park, VlcePresidentRoy Shigemura, Secretary Doris Nakasone and Treasurer Henry Furu- xido. Mrs. Flora C. Loo was our adviser. Then came our first formal, the Junior-Senior Prom. The Ala Wai Clubhouse lent a beautiful atmosphere for the dance. Then it came . . . September, 1952, the last year of our high school life at Farrington. ln this final year, we elected officers Harold Ohania, president, David Jeong, vice presidentg Fay Nakamura, secretary, and Thomas Ashimine, treasurer, Mrs. Alice K. Lum became our adviser. V The student government council leadership was now captured by four conscientious seniors. With head- quarters at Room 115, they were John Snead, Daniel Platt, Doris Nakasone and He1u'y Furukido. Our class day and the senior prom were the two most unforgettable events that took place in our senior year. The senior boys and girls looked really "sharp" in their suits and gowns. This was our last formal. Commencement onSunday afternoon brought tears to many seniors because of their departure from Wal- lace Rider Farrington High School. It showed we had successfully completed three years of learning. geffet omotfaow 'R-3' 7 , Thom r- 3 Tregsgfgimfne ' mura Fav Nam . Sect- QKBTY 'fe I, R vw geo., f 4Q32ltAnUAT1nNff, Vic YY 1 - QX..,K".iiS --A ' .fi in KX' Q 1 L :J Nqgx er N' Left to Right: First row: H. Ohama, D. Jeong, L. Casimero, T. Endo, L. Ng, T. Ashimine, R. Tatsuyama. Second row: T. Gilbert, E. Takayesu, S. Mitsuyoshi, F. Nakamura, G. Wakazawa, J. T0m,fP. Iocson, L. Hayakawa, A. Shinagawa, E. Ota. Third row: c. Ann, R. mmhashi, G. cam, E., Kinneyf G. oshiro, G. Parages. Fomu-th row: F. Saito, L. Wilson, B. Ideta, E. Yuasa, R. Bright, C. Ibiguchij I. Yamada, I. Kobashigawa. Fifth row: L. Yoshino, R. Yokota, A. Chang. G. Nishinka. Rt Lum f: . M :: ff" X A Mr N-4 x 23. .213 v X I by R' .S 1 .. -1 fu-I ' 1 B 'J igfrlif V' rfg yiili ' A f " R if 'Q X VF 45 -A m S -wa ,U j,,, 412.51 anions - ACOB, CHRISTINA, HR Lib. 3, Biology Club 3, Gregg 3 ADANIYA, IVAN, Jr. Football 1,2, Sr. Football 3, HR Red Cross Chr. 2 AGENA, GRACE, HR Treas. 1,2, Gregg 2,3, FBLA 3 AGUA, ALFRED, HR Forum Chr. 1, Sr. Band 1,2, ROTC 1,2, FHA 3, Glee Club 1,2 AHN, CAROLINE, HR Prexy, 2, School and Comm. 2, HRRep. 3 AHN, NATALIE, FHA 2, Gregg 2,3 Typo- graphy Treas. 2, HR Prexy 2, Health Chr. 3 AHNEE, KENNETH, FGP 1, ROTC 1,2, JPO l,2,3 AH SAM, RICHARD, ROTC 1,2, Glee Club 1,2, FEP 3, Jr. Football 2, Sr. Football 3 AH SING, KATHERINE, Glee Club l,2,3 AIU, JULIANA, Toaster Club 1, FHA 1,2, Glee Club l,2,3, Gregg Club 2 AIU, PATRICIA, HaW'n Club 3, Toaster Club 3, Dress Reg. Chr., 3, Gregg 2, I-IR Lib 2 AIU, WILHELMINA, FHA Prexy, 3, Glee Club Prexy 2,3, Club '53 Sec. 2, Haw'n Club 3 AKAMINE, FRANCES, HR Sec. 1, Gregg 2, 3, HR Lib 1, COTC 3, FBLA 3 ALAMA, ELEANOR, Biology Club 2, 3, Gregg 2, Toaster Club 3. Hui O' Wahine 3, FBLA 3 ALDAYA, BERNARD, JPO l,2,3, ROTC 1, 2 ' ALGOSO, VIRGINIA, HR Sch. 8a Comm. 1, Dramatics l,2,3, Jolly Jesters 2,3, Program Chr. 3, French Club 3, Radio Workshop 2 ALOTA, ILIDIO AMARAL, DANIEL, Swimming Team 1, Basketball Mgr. 1, ROTC l, Honor Guard 1 2 AMARINO, SHIRLEY, HR Sec 1, ROTC Sponsor 1, Glee Club 3, Soc Comm 1, Song Leader 3 AMONG, ELIZABETH, Gregg Club 2, Biology Club 2, Haw'n Club 3 AMINA, LEHUA AMURO, HENRY, ROTC 1, 2, St Gov't Rep 2 ANDRADE, MARGARET, Tennis 2, 3, Class Rep 2, Haw'n Club 3, FBLA 3, Gregg 2 ANDRADE, VINCENT, Forum Chr 1, Rec Comm 2, 3 ARAKAWA, BETTY, Glee Club 1, Gregg 3, HR Lib 3 ARAKAWA, BETTY H, Gregg 2, Health Rep 2, Ke Kiaaina 2,3, Y-Teen 3, FBLA 3, Lib Chr,3 ARAKAWA, YOSI-IIYA, Health Chr 2, FBLA 3, Gregg 3 X by M Armsnmo, EUNICE, Bookk'pr Club 3, FBLA 3 Ann, HERBERT Ann, MILDRED, HR sec 1, Gregg 2, HR Lib Chr 2, FBLA 3 ARII, ROY, Rainbows Club 3, Bookk'pr Club 3, Hui O' Kanes Club 2, ROTC 2, 3 ARITA, ROBERT, ROTC 1,2 ARRUDA, HENRIETTA, Governor 2, 3, FBLA 3, HaW'n Club 3 ASAHINA, HENRY, Track 1, Dress Reg Comm 1 ASATO, ARTHUR, ROTC 1,2 ASI-IIMINE, THOMAS, Soph. Class Rep 1, SB Treas 2,Finance Board 2, 3, Mutual Aid Board 2, Rainbows Hi-Y 2, 3, I-Iui O Kokua 2, Recep Comm 2,3, Sr Class Treas, 3 eniofzs .gu-u J . js: p ak A , H 3 11 A , 2 , el f 1 25,11 K v ' , . V- ,R 11.1, g .J . ' - h, yr, 'L LJ, , , A' K M 2 A . X E R - 1 'Gif' i: Q... 12 K, i 5 A xg . we ... , A , g 3 Q .. if ' Q AQ' . . , l I bmw Q' I .- ....... l Q ,, Dancing at the Senior Luau. ATIENZA, TRINIDAD, HR Rep. 1, Dramatics 1,2,3 Social Comm. Rep. 2, Radio Workshop 2, HR SB Rep 3, FBLA 3 AUKAI, CHARLENE, Service Chr. 1, Healt Chr. 3, Gregg 3, Ad. Orchestra 1,2,3 AUYONG, WILLIAM, ROTC 1,2, Pirate 2, Toaster's 2, 3, Swirrming 1, Biology 2 Rainbows 3 . AZAMA, NAOMI, Biology Club 2,3, Toaster's Clu Trea. 2,3, Health Comm. Chr. 1, IPR 2,3, Book keeper's Club 3 BAANG, RUDALPH, Jr. Football 1, Red Cros Rep. 1, Glee Club 1,2,3 BADAJOS, HONORIO, Ir. BAKER, MAY K., FHA I,2,3, Gregg 2, HM Sec Dress Reg. 1, FEP 2, CRT 3, Social Chr. 2 BAQUIRING, REGINA, Gregg 2 BASCON, SERENO, ROTC 2 IJATUNGBACAL, REGINALD, ROTC 2 BAUTISTA, GILBERT, HR V-Prexy 1, Juni1 Forum Comm. 2, School and Comm. 3, Chee: leader 3, ROTC 1,2, BBLA 3 BENOZA, ANTONIO FEP Rep. 1, Ba Jr. 3, Dress Reg. Com 9 1 ' e down to earth, Lam X ,,,,,,., ,Y fl. ,Q gn fs 'N fix' f Z2 si I CUI-I s Miss Korean of 19511 passing out bids for the Semor Prom cl, f CADIS, ESPERANSA FHA 1,2,3. CALM, GERALDINE Toasters Club l, 2,3, Biology Club 2, 3, Red Cross Rep 2, HR Rep 2. CAMPBELL, MARGARET Gregg Club 2, FHA 3, French Club 3, Biology Club 3, Haw'n Club 3. CAMPOLLO, VIOLETA FHA 2, Gregg 2, Glee Club 3, Dramatlcs l, 2. CANSIBAG, ALENANDRA FHA 2, Toasters Club l, Gregg Club 2,3, HR Sec 3 CAPOROZ, ALBERT Jr. Football 1, Ir. Basketball 1, Track,1,2,3, HR Sec 2, HR Health Chr 3. CARREON, .TOSE ROTC 1, 2, HR V-Prexy 2, Biology .Club 3.CARA- VALHO, ANITA Gregg Club 3, CASTILLO, PACITA Ke Kiaaina 2,3, Club 17 2, 3, CASTILLO, ROSITA HR Sec 1, HR Treas. 1, Gregg 2, FBLA 3, Biology Club 3. Q Mag, 1 x ' VF F' l , L If iiiffvgv . CASTRO, DOUGLAS ROTC 1,2, FHA 3. De CASTRO, ALEXANDER. CASUPANG, RAMG CAVACO, ELIZABETH FHA 2, Haw'n Club 3, Health Chr 3, FBLA. CAZIMERO, LION! ROTC 1, Honor Guard 2, HR Chr 1, HR Rep 3. CENTENO, EMETERIO HR V-Prexy3. CHAI, RICHARD ROTC 1,2, French 2, Has Instr 2, 3, Dress Reg 2, Orchestra 3. CHANG, ALVIN B. F. ROTC 1, 2. CHANG ALI K. M. HR Treas 1, FGP 1, Spartans 3, ROTC 1,2,3. CHANG, DOROTHYGregg 2, Chr 2, Club '53 2,3, Bookkpr Club 3, Sch 8: Comm Rep 2. l. l T 5 l I ,ii lf. .p ' I I 'quita CHANG, NAMO, SB 2, Gregg 2, Glee Club 1,2,3, Hawmclub 3. CHANG, MELVIN, Sr Band 1,2,3, CHAVES, GORDON, ROTC 1,2, Dramatics 1. CHIAPPETTA, NALTER, ROTC 1,Z, E . . 3, F P 1,2, Honor Guard 2, Rifle Team 2,3. CHING, DOROTHY, Biology Club 2,3, French Club 2, Orchestra 1,2, Student Court 3. CHING, KENNETH, Sr Football2, 3, Sr Band 2,3, HealthChr 2, HR V-Prexy 3. CHINN, SYLVIA, Book'kpr Club 3, CHOCK, VELMA, FEP Chr 2, FHA 1,2,3, Gregg 2, Biology Club 3, FEP Sec 1. CHOO, CLARISSA, FHA 1,2, Glee Club 2,3, Toaster's Club 3, CHOW, STEPHEN, ROTC 2, Sr Band 2,3. CHOY, ERNEST, Band 1,2,3, ROTC 1,2, Dress Reg 1, Orchestra 2, HR Lib 3. CHOY, FRANKLIN, ROTC 1,2,3, FGP 1, Forum Chr 2, Glee Club 2,3, Track 1,2. CHUN, HELEN, SB Rep 2, Gregg 2,3, COTC 3, SB Dress Regulations Chr 3. CHUNG, JAMES. CHUN LOR- ,RAIN'E, Soc Chr 2,3, Newswriting, 1, Gregg 2, FBLA 3, Aikane Teensters 2,3, , CHUN, RICHARD, FEP 3. CHUNG, JACOB, Football 1,2,3, Track 2, SB Rep 2, HR Health Chr 3. CHUNG, JANICE L.J. , Jolly Jesters2,3, Gregg 2,3, SB EngComm 2, 3, IPR 2, Toasters Club 2, Aikanes Y-Teens 1. CHUNG, SOPHIE, HR Soc Chr 1, Jr Comm Chr 1. CHUR, WALTER, Pirates 1,2, ROTC 1,2, Toaster's 3, FEP 3. 'B I -ff! t U " hz ,,,,, ggi 9' , . . , 'f , . ,F .i 1 . ' -were w If ' 52 5 N ix J .J ' - '-f E gf '13 ., ,,, I V 3 V' 3 3 3 A 3 Q . . . E. iw . ' as , , , f ' JL' L llhz a s Al 1 V i Z., 1 - . 4. . 'U , KOKI, STANLEY DE JESUS, ERNEST, HR Rep 1, I-'I-'A 1,2, 3, DELA cRUz, JANE, FHA 2, 3, Biology Club 3. DELA CRUZ, THOMAS V, Forum Chr 1, Dress Reg Chr 2, ROTC 1, 2, HR V-Prexy 3. DELEON, PAMELA, HR Prexy 1,2, Dramatics 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 3, FHA 3. DELOS SANTOS, HELEN, Gregg 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3. ' DE MATTOS, JOSEPHINE, FHA 3, Health Chr 3, Dra- matics 1, 2, 3. DE VESAS, VINCENT DEVERA, FRANCES, Glee Club 1,2, 3, A Health Chr 1, HR chr 2, Sch and Comm Chr 2, Dramatics 3. CUIZON, JAMES coma, HAROLD CONSEN, VIRGINIA, HR Lib 3, Gregg 3. CUARTO, SIMPLICIO, Sch and Comm 2, 3, HR Sec 2, 3, FHA 2, 3, Dramatics 2, HR Soc Chr 3. CULLEN, SYLVESTER CUMMINGS, GRACE, Gregg 3. DAMASO, ALFRED, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic 1, 2, Cheerleader 2, Book'kpr Club 3, Gregg 2. DAMO, ESTI-IER, COTC Service Chr 3, Gregg 2, 3, FBLA, Stu Gov't Rep 2, HR V-Prexy 3. DE CAMBRA, LAWRENCE .....,..- an me . ml flff' DOMINGO, CONCEPTION, FHA 1, HR Forum Chr 2 Jolly Iesters 2, Gregg 2, Rep 3 , DROSE, STEVEN DUCOSDI, CAROLINE, Governor 1, Gregg 2, 3, Ke Kiaaina 2, 3 DUMLAO, EVELYN, Lib 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Soc Chr 2, FHA 3, Gregg 3 DWIGHT, FRANCES, Haw'n Club 3, Ke Kiaaina 3, FHA 3 EBESUI, ESTHER, sch an comm 1, Lib 2, 3, FHA 2, 3 EBESUTANI, ADELINE, Gregg 2, FBLA 3 EBISUTANI, KENNETH, Sr Band 2 EGAM1, SHIRLEY, Glee 3 Ke , Kiaaina 1, 2, 3, FHA 1, 3 if 5 ag 1 : , 'Q , lggbzk 1 . , . A v. f. Q. . fa- g , I if - 'J 2 1 I i kiuu -. g Egg! 22- 5' , , ask, 'Hal 'sl sq , ..,,.. ,A ,L 1 .f ' t i A 1 D .H . , ' I fi If I f A A -3' 3.3" lg 6? FL 13 .qv ' -K: f 4 A 'ff A ..,, . ,,'2 1' A 5 Q - g f L'-5' -I , 1 ' 2f21A A , f . 1 ,f A ,,,, ff Q , ,. V. ., .-nz " ENDO, TOM Y. , Ke Alii V-Prexy 1, HR Prexy'2, HR V-Prexy 3, Recep Comm 3, Grad Co-Chr 3 ENOKI, PEGGY, HRRep 1, Sec 2,3, Club 53 2, 3, Aikane Teensters 2,3, COTC 3 ESPERON, DANIEL, Sr Band 2, 3, Sr Or- chest ' ra 3, Haw n Ins 3, Jr Football 2, .Tr Basketball 2 FEARY, MURIEL, Soc Chr 1, HR Rep 1, Lib 1 FERREIRA, SHIRLEY, Dramaticsl 2 3 So ng.. leader 3, Gregg 2, HR Soc Chr 3, Rachr: Work- shop 3 FOLLOSCO, CONCHITA, Glee Club 1, Sch 81 Comm 1, FHA 2,3, Governor 3, Dra- matlcs 3 4 FORGES, ABRAHAM, Forum chr 1, Band 1, 2, 3, ROTC 1, 2, FHA 3 FREEMAN, RANDOLPH, FEP 3, ROTC 1,2, FHA 3 FREITAS, CLARENCE, HR Rep 2 f. FO 1 F7 eniofzs FREITAS, MANUEL FUJIKAMI, DOREEN, HR Tres 1, NH Rec Chr 2, Jolly Jesters 1,2,3, Gregg 2, 3, COTC 3 FUJIMOTO FUMIKO Hui O' Governess 2, 3 3 I FUJIMOTO, JANE, HR Rep 1, Hui O' Governess 2, 3, Gregg 2, Bookk'pr Club 3, FBLA 3 FUJIMOTO, RITA, Y-Teen 1,2,3, Rec. Com 3, HR Rep 2, Book'kpr Club 3, Gregg 2 FUJITA, JOSEPH FUKUDA, DORIS, Songleader 2, Jolly Jesters 2, 3, Club 1 '53 2, Gregg 1,2, FHA 2 FUKUMOTO, ANN, Club '53 2,3, FHA 3, Hui O' Wahines 3, Farr. Speech Q Debate 3, HR Forum Chr 3 ' FUKUMOTO, MILDRED, Jolly Jesters 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, Class Awards Chr 2, SB Cafe Chr 3, HR Sec 2,3 FUKUNAGA, AMY, FCF 1,2,3 FURUKAWA, MELVIN, Eng Com 1, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, ROTC 1, 2 FURUKIDO, HENRY, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Jr Class Tres 2, SB Tres 3 FURUYA, FLORENCE, Red Cross Rep 2, SB Soc Com 3, Jolly Jesters 1,2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, PBX 3 GABRIEL, DOLORES, ROTC Sponsor 1, 2, 3, SB Soc Com 1, 2, 3, Gregg 2, 3, FBLA 3, Songleader 3 GABRIEL, EDWARD, ROTC1, 2, Jr Foot- ball 2, HR Tres 2, HR Health Chr 2 GALERA, MANUEL, FGP 1, ROTC 1, 2, FEP 1, HR Ref I GALTON, BETTY, Lib cur 1, HR sec 1,,HR Prexy 3 GANEKO, MILDRED, Gregg 3 89116535 GARCIA, WENDY, HR Sec 2, Gregg 3 GASPER, RICHARD, FFA 3 GENOBIA, ROSITA, Gregg 2,3, Toasters 3 GILBERT, THERESA, Class Rep 2, Biology Club 2 GILDING, SUSAN, HR Prexy 1, Gregg 3, FHA 1 Dramatics 2, Cheerleader 2 GODINEZ, ROBERT, ROTC 1,2, .Tr Baseball 1 HR V Prexy 3, Glee Club 3, Class Rep 1 GOME5, BETTY MAE, Jr Red Cross 1, FHA 3, Glee Cmb1,l3 GOMES,DONALD,ROTC1,l3 GONO, CAROL, Aikane Teensters 1, Gregg 2, Lib 1,FBLA3 GONSALVES, MARGARET, Red Cross Rep 1, FHA 1 MITTE, THOMAS GOUVEIA, PRISCILLA, Swimming 1, Gregg 2,3 School Spirit and Rally Chr 3 HAGI, NORMAN, ROTC 1,2 HALL,RALPH,ROTC1,2 HAMABATA MITSUKO Gre 2 Aikane Teen , , gg , sters 3, FBLA 3 HARADA, BARBARA, Biology Club 2,3, Club '53 2, Hui O Wahines 2, 3, HR Sec 3 HARADA, MILDRED, Club '53 2, Gregg 2, Biology Club 2 HARADA, RAYMOND, ROTC 1, 2, HR Lib 1, Fire Marshall 3, HR V Prexy 2 HARRINGTON, STANLEY, Football 1,2,3, ROTC 1, 2, HR Prexy 3 HARUKI, HENRY, ROTC 1,2, HR Trees 1,3, Sr. Band 2,3, FGP 1 HASHIMOTO, GILBERT, HRSch 8: Comm Chr 2, HR Forum Chr 2, ROTC 1,2, HATAKEYAMA, DOREEN HATTORI, KUUIPO, ROTC 1,2, HAUOLI, DAVID, ROTC 1, 2,3, Glee Club 1,2,3, HRRep 2, SB Rep 2, Rlfle Team 3 I-IAYAKAWA, LILLIAN, Jolly Jesters 1, HRRep 3, French Club 3, Red Cross Rep 1, PBX Club 2, 3 HAYASHIDA, IRENE, HR Soc Chr 2, HRSec 3, PBX 1,2, 3, French Club 3 HEE, ROBERT HIFUMI, BERT, ROTC 1,2, Jr Basketball 2, Spartan 3. HIGA, AKIKO, Jolly Jesters 1, HR V- Prexy 1, Gregg 2, Book'kpr 3. HIGA, JAMES, SB Rep 1,2, ROTC 1,2, Pirates 2, Spartans 2,3, Sapphire 3. ,Pointing at me, Wally? HIGA, MARGARET, Sch,8z Comm Chr 3, Aikane Teen- sters 2,3, Gregg 3, FBLA 3, Club '53 HIGA, ROBERT, ROTC 1, 2 Baseball 2, 3 HIGA, ROBERT M., HRTreas 2, FGP 1, ROTC 1, 2, 'F HIGA, ROBERT S. , Rainbows 2, ROTC 1, 2 A HIGA, SHIRLEY, FHA 3 , HIGA, TI-IEODORA, Health Chr 1, Biology BCHC Club 3, HR Treas 1,3, French Club 3, Ke A , uv, Klaalna 3 .. I 5 21: 'Q Y 12? A XF N, X Q , 1 4 5' " if 1 E Ni? gy, 1. 2 1. 1 I . F.. .Y ,, 5 , pf- ' ,jug HIGASHI, BETTY, Gregg 2, Book'kpr 3, Aikane Teen- '- E' ,,,' sters 2,3, I-IR Sec 1,2 1155, A rv HIHAMATSU, GRACE, Red Cross 1, FI-IA 2, Ke , M 1 Kiaaina 3 Si f,,,r: l HIRANO, FLORENCE, Club '53 2, Jolly -A I ,I A .Testers 2, 3, Gregg 2, FBLA 3 llll if . ',3, , Ag' A . ' , 'FW F 454.1 " '.,'1: . 51Q5 W"--P , x ' " A 1 I-IIRATA, HARRY, Hi-Y 1,2, ROTC 1,2, Sr. Band 3, ea gg, qv M 1. rm RSP 1 X" ' A , A HIROHATA, LAWRENCE, ROTC 1, 2 H A HO, .A LICEW, Tennis 1, 2, 3, HRSoc Chr. 1, , , 2, Club '53 2, FHA 2, 3 1 if ' , ' f has ' l . ur "' vt' ' ,Don't eat too much, boys, you might get fat. ,Doc David Jeong --- his specialty, tickling toes , ,A -uni 'WW 13' xxx igxg H3 f A N law , K V It I ' 71:21 if 1 ' A f+ A A :A ' ff? 'NAV I .W 45 . 1' 'E ' L I l W' 4 iw. A NX? a w Ag Z ., , In ,ni V fn QQ 1 x, 5 Y I R11 ft .X W ,fj,,,.. . 3? r ii . .. t, HO, SHIRLEY, Recep Comm 2, 3, HR Social Chr 3, COTC Sec 3, Gregg2, 3. HONDA, DORIS, Jolly Jesters 1, Hui O' Governor 2, 3, HR Sec 2. HONDA, MARJORIE ANN, FHA 3. HONG, JOHN, ROTC 1,2. HORI, MELVIN, ROTC 1,2, Rainbows 2,3, Fire Chief 3. HOSAKA, EDWIN, Track Manager 2, Football 2,3. HOSINO, RCBE, Health Chr 2, HR Lib 2, FHA 2,3. HU, KENNETH, ROTC 1,2, Award Comm 3, HR Treas 1, HR Soc Chr 1, HUE, ELIZABETH, JollyJester l,2,3, French 1,2, StuCourt 3, Biology Club 2, 3. HUIHUI, ERWIN, Band 2, 3, Track 2, Football 2,3, HR Prexy 3. is yi I--T I ,I Q2 A vi IBIGUCHI, CAROLE, French Club 2, Biology Club 2, HRF Sr Class Lib Chr 3. MATSUNO, NAOMI, IDETA, ANNA, HR Lib Chr 2, Gregg 2, Club 3, COTC 3. IDETA, BARBARA, French Club l,2,3, HR Lib Chr 1, JollyJesters Treas 1,2,3, Biology Club 2,3, HR Sec 3. IGARASHI, RICHARD, Campus Committee 3, Sr Directory 3, Social Committee 3, HR Treas 3. IGE, JEAN, Aikane Teensters l,2,3, Club '53 Vice Pres. -2, Gregg 2, FHA 3, Dress Reg Chr 3. IHA, FRANCES, FHA l,2,3, Club '53 2,3, HR Forum Chr 3. IHA, THOMAS, IKARI, HAZEL, HR Prexy 2, St Court 2, FBLA 3, Aikane Teenster l,2,3, JrAward Comm 2. IKEDA, BETTY, Stu Bov't Rep 1,2, 3, Biology Club 2, Jolly Jesters 2, 3. Q A A 1, ,,.. , ,, - , - 5 Q 1 1 I ,j if -1' 5, I l- ? il Q I lb ik 1 3 A ... ,I ', D Q R , 1 V ,, A f An f , 1 X 1 Q , V.l.p . Q, 7 xii' -3 ' , fy li, Q l ., E . I ' A , ' , A L v vbl, Q. ,. Y 1 A' l V' ,r gl . 1' en. vw '1 8 . af.. INAMURA, LEATRICE, Y-Teens 2, 3, Gregg Club 2, Forum Chr 2, Social Chr 3, FBLA 3. INOUCHI, ROY. INOUYE, DONALD, ROTC 1,2. INOUYE, RONALD, ROTC 1,2, Pirates 2, Spartans 2,3, ID Comm 3, FBLA 3. INSO, ALFREDO, ROTC 1,2 ISA, TYRUS, Spartans 1,2, ROTC 1,2,3, Rifle Team 1,2, 3. ISHII, ROY, Band 2,3, ROTC 1, 2, Sapphires 3, Rifle Team 1, HR Treas 3. ISHIHARA, MERVYN, ROTC 1, 2, Glee Club 3. ISHIHARA, PATRICK, Sr Football 3, FEP 1,3. ISHIKAWA, JOHN ii? 1 I lf , ., EL ' . ' A I , , f -I K. . J 1 wi? If - 6 - I. f' , f sn 1 W - A , ' b- ' N' el A, ' ' I ll A , . ff 'T3 , Eel 5 EZ., A In K A-I , J ,Q ' A 5: A '3 ' A" .. K 'M la' fr, .35 .,,,, A - N ,I I 'Kf,. f ff If k, ' 4 'NA B I 11 i ,I 'T ,C,,, Q Q , , 5 ISHIMATSU, JANET, Y-Teens 2, 3, Book'pr Club 3, HR Treas 3, Club '53. ISRAEL, DORO- THY, Glee Club 3, FHA 3. French Club 2. IWAIG, HELEN. IWAKI, JANET, Glee Clubl Y-Teens 2, Health Chr 3. IWAKI. MABEL. IWAKI, RACHEL, HuiOWahines 1, Jr Sec2, HR Chr 3, JACINTO, WILLIAM, JEONG, DAVID, Sr Class V-Prexy 3, ROTC 1,2, Student Court 1, Golf 2,3, Rainbow Hi-Y 2,3 JEREMIAH, FREIDA, Glee Club 2, 3, St Gov't Rep 2, Gregg 3, JEREMIAH, HERMAN, ROTC 1,2,3, Band 1,2, Glee Club 2,3, HR Chr 1, FHA 2,3 Y ' 'A an -5,' ' 423, W 1 I ig L R . 1, A KAEALIOUMI, VICTOR .KAHooKELE, RUDOLPH KAKAZU, JAMES - vu KAKAZU, SHIRLEY, HR Prexy 2, Aikane Teensters 2, Dream'Debs 2,3, Gregg 2, COTC Prexy 3. KALAHIKI, LORRAINE KALEIWAHEA, LANI KALILIKANE, ANNIE, Glee Club 3. KALANI, JULIETTE EAM, BEVERLY JOCSON, PATRICIA, Cheerleader 2, COTC 3, Recep Comm 2,3, Aikane Teensters 1, 2,3. JGOL, INEMESIO, ROTC 1,2. KAAI, ELMER, Glee Club 1,2,3. KAANUPU, BEVERLY, Glee Club 1,.2,3, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Club'53 Prexy 3, HR Health Chr 1, 2. KAUHIA, LILLIAN KAAWA, WILLIAM, ROTC 2, FFA 3, FEP 1. KAHAKU1, LEI KADOMOTO, BEVERLY, FBLA 3, Gregg 2, Boowkpr cmb 3. KAHALE, JOHN, 1-'ire chief 1,z, Track 3, Fobtball 1,z,3, Quill 3 Scroll 3. KAM, JANE, FHA 2,3 I' Q -M V ,, KAM, KENNETH, ROTC 1,2HR Sec 1, SB Rep2 , ,. . 'N A KAMADA, KENNETH, Band 1,2,3, ROTC I L , ' 1, 2, 3, HR Prexy 3 Q. ,j r , A F, I f :V V 1 11 'Y-71' , M 1 1 A . .,,, - rf ' , .E,, ,, 17 'N 7' KAMANA, MIRIAM, FHA 1,3, Gregg 3, Club '53 2,3, F, . I , FBLA 3 KAMANA, PAUL, FFA 2, KAMAI, ELIZABETH, HR Rep 1, Ser chr I A en Haw'n II1str 2,3 , 1,1 A f 4 E. , I g 2 1, Dramatic 1, Gregg 2 I 2- I A 3'3', ' , V I' ' I I , A I X . y M K . KAMAI, STEPEIIN, ROTC 1,2 . .. "1 'mb KAMAKA, KATHERINE, FHA 2, CRT 3 Q , A Q , N KAMAKEEINA, LIBBII FHA 1, I-IR Rep 2, 15 I f Gregg 3, Soc Chr 3 I A g , ' QQ , 19, , we " 5 I H J' L xx 1 I A A KAMIBAYASIII, TI-IOMAS, HR Treas 1, ROTC 1, 2, A "-1 Health Chr 3 9. -3 ,,,, A KAMIYA, HELENE, Y-Teens 2,3, Toasters Club . .3 ,gy 2,3, PBX 3, HR Health Chr 2 -4. Q Y? A , I , KAMIYA, KIMIE, HR see 1, Gregg 2, 3, , , EQ FBLA 3 ei, --,.,, I A ,l,A- KANANA,, CAROL, FEP see 2, FEP Treas 2, FHA 2,3, 0 KANESHIRO, BERT . A 2 KANESHIRO, DORIS, Jolly .Testers 1, 2, 3, 'Z A I R S. BOOk'kpr 3, FBLA 3 ff KANESHIRO, DORIS, Jolly Jesrers 1,2,3, FBLA 3, i ' Gregg 2 KANESHIRO, DORIS M, Toasters Club 1, Hui O' Governess 1, 2, 3, Gregg 2 KANESHIRO, RICHARD, Track 1, HR Lib 1, HR Chr 2, REP 2, ROTC 1,2 X 'S f A' ,f ,fi Q I A SFU .f 4 e nl 0 'z S , 1 KANESHIRO, RICHARD, Band 1,2,3, ROTC 1,2. KANSAKI, PAUL, ROTC 1,2,3, Jr Football 2, , Rifle Team 1,2,3, HR Treas 1. , I. V t KAPOWAI, SINCLAIR V +1 ,. vi Q f KARIMOTO, HAROLD, Spartans 2,3, Spartans Treas 3, G01f2,3, ROTC 1,2. KARRATT1, ALEXANDER, ROTC 1,2. --3 ' 3, p " KASASHIMA, HARUKO, sch and comm 5, p Chr 1, Gregg2, Book'kpr Club 2, Gregg3, 1 ' - E EFA' , .,, ' ' ' 0 su 1, Gif? .1 . KATAYAMA, THOMAS, ROTC 1,2. L ,A KAUHANE. ALLEN, ROTC 1,2. X fig. KAUAH1, MILDRED 'vi 1953? J 9 if KAUHI, SHIRLEY, Glee Club 2, Gregg 3, SB Rep 3, FHA 1 KAUIHOU, JOEL, ROTC 1,2,3, Jr Football 2, Rifle Team 1,2,3, HR Treas 1. KAUWE, GEORGE, HR Prexy 3, HR Rep 3, Haw'n Inst 3. . 105 L ' W.. . .Q I ,1 i E. I iff! nn. I, lqt A G, . f 'I "'1 9' O TAKARA, SHIZUO KAWAI, ARTHUR, ROTC 1,2, Ramblers 1,2, HR Treas 3. KAWAKONE. LENORA, HR Soc Rep 2, Dramatics 1,2, HR Treas 3, FHA 3. KAWAMOTO, JAMES, HR Trea. 3, ROTC 1,2, HF Chr 2, Forum Chr 2. KAWAMOTO, WALTER Ml KUWAYE, RICHARD if X , eniots KEAHI, AILEEN, Jolly .Testers 1, SB Rep. 1, HR Soc. Chr 2, Gregg 3 ,f I KEAHIOLALO, ANN MAY, FHA 1, Dress Reg. 2, Forum Chr 3 KEALOHA, EUGENE K, Jr Football 1, HR V-Prexy 1, ROTC 1,2 KAMAKEEAINA, LIBBY, FHA 1, Comm. Chest 1, HR Rep 1, Gregg 1, Soc Chr 1, KEALOHIO, BLOSSOM, Dress Reg Rep 1, School Kr Comm Rep 2, Glee Club 3, Haw'n Club 3 KELEPOLO, EDWARD, ROTC 2, 3, HR Chr 2, HR V-Prexy 3, Sr Football 3 KELLII, ANGELINE, Glee Club 1, 2,3, Typography 2, 3, Gregg 3 KELLY, REYNOLD KIILI, ANNIE T. , Glee Club 3 KIILI, HARRIET, Biology Club 3, FHA 3 KIKUCHI, NANCY, Gregg 2,3, FBLA 3 KIM, ESTER, Aikane Teensters 2, 3, Noon Hour Rec. Comm 2, COTC 3, Book'kpr Club 3 KIM, MARJORIE, Gregg 2, Forum Chr. 3 KIMURA, CHARLES, ROTC 1,2, Rainbows 2,3, Hui O' Farr 2,3, Spartans 3, ID Comm 1,2, 3 KIMURA, THEODORE, ROTC 2, Football 1, 2, 3 P , KINNEY, ESTHER K, Toasters 1,2,3, Haw'n Club 3, SB Soc. Comm 3, HR Rep. 3, Glee Club 3 KINOSHITA, SALLY, HR Rep 1, HR Sec. 2, FHA 3, School gl Comm. Ser. 2, Newswritinz 3 KISHI, RALPH, ROTC 2, HR Dress Reg Chr. 3 'L K' Q 2-, ' , f X . ug A, 10 Q ui A0 ls., 3 'BP 'V .1 Q rt Q . , ,. N 'yn S y " ' 1 ag, I ' KITABATA, VIOLET, Glee Club 2, 3, Dress Reg 3 3 KODAMA, STEPHEN, Prexyl, HR Treas 1, Red Cross Rep 1, ROTC 1,2 . KOGA, CLARA, French Club 2, Y-Teen Club 1,2 KOGE, KAZUO, ROTC 1,2 KOBASHIGAWA, CHARLES, ROTC 1,2, Toast- ers Club 3, KeAliiClub 2, OYC 2,3, Class Ring Chr 2 KOHASHIKAWA, IRENE KOKI, STANLEY, ROTC 1,2, French Club 2,3, Red Cross Rep 1, Ke Kiaaina 1, Governor 2,3 KOKUBUN, FRANCES, HR Sec 1, Class Rep 2, SB Award Comm 2, Jolly Jesters Club 2, 3 French Club 2 KOIDE, ARTHUR, Soc Comm Chr 1,2, SB Rep 1, 2, ROTC 1, 2,3,ForumChr 3, Prexy 1 KONISHI, JANET, Book'kpr Club 3, Red Cross Rep 2 COTC 3 1 KONO, WINFRED, Jr Baseball 1, ROTC 1,2 Sapphire 3 KONNO, JANE, Book'kpr Club 3, Gregg 2 Toasters 1, Aikane Teensters 1,2, 3 P IBi Seniors award recipients --- all talented and nutstnndincr. Cinanadn Suan. sifted :ruitar-ist. I...-PM f,ii , at Y. 'Y Hifx- , 71 'asia jf 'E X 4'1'?'.f Q A '1 KoNNo, JAMES, Hi-Y1,2,3, 1-'BLA 3, HR Library cur. 1,2,3, Ro'rc 1,2 KOSEKI, LAWRENCE, Class Day Ed. 1, Rain- bows, 1,2,3, Newswriting 1,2,3, Rorc 1,2,3, 3 1 Quill and Scroll 2, 3 KOTANI, PHILIP, FFA 1, 2, 3 KOTANI, WARREN, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Band 2, 3, ROTC 1, 2 KUANONI, KATHERINE, HR Prexy 3, SB Rep. 1,2, Co-Chr. Noon HR Rec.. 3, FHA 3, Greeg 2 KUJIUJI, EDWARD, FEP 2 KUNuv1oTo, ROWAN, Rofrc 1,2, Golf 2,3, SB Rep- 1, Red Cross 2 KUPAU, GEORGE KURuv1A, ELAINE KURODA, GEORGE, ROTC 1,2 KUROSU, HARRY, ROTC 1, 2, Pirates 2, Sap- phire 3 KUROSU, NANCYLSB Rep. 1,2, Gregg?, .Tolly .Testers 2 Seniors learning the art of ., 6 ,, ff. ' FM ,. E A .e,,,. E A ,L - Pg N . - . Q 1 ,+A . E. ,, ' I . mf., ,f A E' L' . -- ' A-E E .FTA K ,AEM . A --1 .A ' A --f- iv 'f5!fQfW3!'E. .4 ,I KUSUNOKI, GEORGE, KUWAI-IARA, NORMAN, Hui O' Farr. 2,3, Pu-ares 2, Boolvkpr Club 3, Band 1,2, KUWAYE, RICHARD, GO1f2,3, ROTC 1,2, HR 'ITeaS 1, KWOCK, WING KIN, FEP 1, LAAU, EDWARD LAGOD, FRANCISCO, ROTC 1,2, LAGUNDIMAO, CLEMENTE, ROTC 1,2, HR Prexy 1, HRV-Prexy 3, LAI, BLAISE, Dramatics 1,2,3, ROTC 1,2,3, LAMADORA, RUPERTO, HR soc. Cnr. 2, Glee Club 2,3, LAMADRID, VICTORINO Q! : 7 ' I- fg F LARA, CATHERINE, Glee Club 1, 2,3, Haw'n Club 3, SB Rep 1. LARANANG, VIOLET, HI Health Chr. 1, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 2,3, Gregg 3, HR Soc Chr 3. LARM, BEVER- LY J. , Jolly Jesters 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, FHA 3. LAU, RUBY, TOaster's Club 1, Frencl Club 3. LAVILLA, DANIEL, G1eeC1ub1,2,3, HR Chr. 2, Glee Club V-Prexy 3, ROTC 1,2, 3, Recep Comm 2, 3. LEE, BUCK TONG, ROTC 1. LEE, CHUN BUK. LEE, DIANE, Bookkpr Club 3, FHA 3. LEE, FLORINE. LEE, IENNIE, Forum Chr. 1, HR Sec 2, Club '53 3, Gregg 3. , ,,, , Q' Qi ln' i 1 E HX ' ft 'la 1, .5 f 1, " 1 ' ' if ' fs. -rf ie - -A I 3 12 91 F, ' fe ' 1 Fz' Q, h. 2 Qt C .,, J- 1 A4 lf HY F , f lf . 1 . LEE, DIANE, Boowkpr Club 3, FHA 3. LEE, ROBERT, ROTC 1,2,3, Glee Club 1,2,3, Dramatics 1,2. LEE, RUTH, Biology Club 2,3, French Club 2,3. LEE, SHEILA W., Jolly .Testers 2, 3, Gregg 2, Biology 3, Governor 3, Radio Workshop 3. LEE, WALTER. LEE KWAI, EVANGELINE, SB Rep 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatics 2,3, Soc Comm 3, Dress Reg 1,2. LELEO, BARBARA. LEONG, DONALD, LEONG GARY. 1 ein wid, gi N f . 1:7 . A gli A ' 1 L Nb., "urea . ll . b A 0 J , n , Y 5 5 4 .,,. . , X b , I , X ,X 1 K I 7 V ,. f, . ' LEONG, IOBYNA, Gregg 2, Glee Club 3 School Sz Community 3 Typography 3 LIKUA MELVIN, ROTC 1,2, Jr Football 1, Ir Ba,sketball1, LIMATOC, NARCISO. LIU, HARRIETi '- Handbook Comm 2, Gregg 2,3, Aikane Teensters 2, Club '53 3, FBLA 3, LIWAI, BESSIE, HR Clu' 1, Dramatics 2,3, HR Rep 2, Ke Kiaaina 3, HR Rep 3 LORENZO, GORDON, Health Chr 1, Lib 2, LOUIS, PE'I'ER, Glee Club 1,2,3, FEP 2, Red Cross 3, LUKE, LILY, HR Rep 1, HR ,Chr 2, 3, Ke Kiaaina 2, 3, LUM, CHARLES, Book'kpr Club 3, FBLA 3, COTC 3, ROTC 1,2, LUM, ROBERT, ROTC 1,2, Recep Com 3, Cap and Gown Chr 3 4,5 ff' - i' 5, ,,5, , iw J -M : 3. ,p jk, SV fi U 4 1 MAEYAMA, MILDRED, HRTres 1,Dream 45-ebs1,2, 3, Dress Reg 2, Gregg 2,3, FBLA 3 MAGNO, SHIRLEY, HR Rep 1, Gregg 2, Jolly Jesters 1, Class Tres 1, HR Lib Chr 1 MAHAULU, THOMAS, ROTC 1,2 MAIKAI, FREDERICK, Forum Chr 2, Haw'n Instr 2, 3 MANANTAN, ROBERTA MARK, DAVID, HR Tres 1,2, Pirate Clul 2, Gregg 2, Glee Club 2, FBLA 3 MARUYAMA, ALBERT MARUYAMA, GRACE, Gregg 2, FHA 1 MARTIN, VIOLET, Class Chr 1, Tennis Team 2,3, Swimming 1, SB Rep 2, Red Cross 3 E M LUM, ROBERT, ROTC 1,2, Recep Comm 3, Cap 3, Gown 3 LUM, VERNON, ROTC 1,2, FFA 1,2,3, FG1? 1,2, FHA 3, HR Forum Chr 1 LUM, WILFRED, Pirates 2, SB Rep 2, Jr Football 2 MADALI, HARRIET, HR Rep 1,2, Glee Club 1,2,3, FHA 3, Club 53 3 MADAMBA, JERRY MAEDA, GEORGE, SB Rep 3, ROTC 1,2, HR Rep 2, Jr Red Cross 3 MAEDA, LAYNETTE, Red Cross Rep 1, Aikane Teen- sters 1,2, 3 MAIELUA, ZOE, Biology Club2, Sch8z Comm 2, Gregg 2,3, FBLA 3, COTC 3 MAEKAWA, RICHARD ROTC 1,2 ,417 IATAYOSHI, EVELYN, Red Cross Rep 2, 3, HR Sec ,3, Y-Teens 2, 3, Club '53 2,3, Gregg 3. MATIAS, FRANCES, FHA 3. MASUDA, HAMLIN. IATSUOKA, VIOLET, Red Cross Rep 1, SB Rep 2, olly .Testers 1, 2, 3, Gregg 2, 3, FBLA 3. AMATSUMIYA, GRACE, Jolly Jesters 2, 3, Gregg 2,3, FBLA 3. MATSUMOTO, ALICE, Toasters Club 1, 2, .Tolly Iesters 2, 3, Gregg 2, 3, Hui O' Gov- ernors 2, COTC 3. IATSUMOTO, GRACE, HR Treas 1,Iol1y .Testers 2, 3, regg 2,3, FBLA 3, Forum 2. ' MATSUMOTO, STANLEY. MATSUNO, JAMES, ROTC 2, Pirates 2, Swimming 2, Sapphires 3, FGP 2. ,, .g .I G J: 1. H RR' Gif' Q. , f, xv ' w . -.. A ' ,. ,..u:Q1 win fa- ,V .- Y V -., ff ,,. V, X A -4. au... , . -' F -3' V ' ' e. , ' , , , ' x A ' i H - 'F . , F A X 3 , , , Wh- A 5, ... ,ml F 4 5 , 'A rfiA 1 MATSUNO, NAOMI, HR Soc'Chr 1,3, song Leader 2, Dream Debs 1, 2, 3, Aikane Teensters 1, 2,3, Hui O' Wahines 3. QUINDARA, JosE. MAU, FOOK TIM, ROTC 1,2. MAU, SADIE, Gregg 2,3, MAU, WILFRED, ROTC 1, 2, Rainbows 3, Base- ball 2, 3, FEP 3, SB Rep 1. MCMILLAN, EDNA, HR'Soc Chr 1, FHA 2. MEDEIROS, RALPH, ROTC 1,2, Ke Kiaaina 2, 3. MEDEIROS, FRANCES, Gregg 2, 3, COTC 3, HR Red Cross.Rep 1. MERESEBERG, ROSELANI, Noon Hour Rec 1, Gregg 2, Forum Chr 3, Bookkpr Club 3. r"i ,la -Q- R . v l fvw risk avi A "SY ,- -.. ,,. -f -fp L ., 0 ' J Q 065, -155 '37 W1 ,O Q u?l it I V QQ Q W g I " n is - K, K ':.' , i i A vii as AL! g, , ,,, . V Q, 4 . ., W. P .9 X p Jllih gay 1 PP if X , 'f i r eniotss MIKAMI, STANLEY, Rainbow 2, 3, Dress Reg 2, Red Cross 3 MILITANTE , FRA NCIS MIMURA, ARTHUR, Band 1,2,3, ROTC 1,2, FEP 1 MIMURA, PAUL MINAMI, MERLE, Ke P lii 1,2, 3, Stu Court 3, ROTC 1. 2 MISHIMA, PHYLLIS, Class Day Comm 1, Inter-Club-Council Prexy 3, Dream Debs 2,3, Awards Comm 2, Aikane Teensters 1, 2 , 3 MITTE, THOMAS, Band 1,2,3, ROTC 1,2, Football 2,3, HR Firechief 3 MITSUYAKI, STANLEY, Forum Chr 1,2,3, Sr Glee Club 3, Officer's Club 2,3, ROTC 1,2,3, Baseball 1,2,3 MIYAMOTO, GEORGE, ROTC 1,2 MIYAMOTO, HELEN, Forum Chr 1,2, Recep Comm Chr 3, Dress Reg Comm 3, Quill gl Scroll 2, 3 , MIYASHIRO, GLADYS, Club '53 2, Jolly Jester 2,3, Gregg 3, Health Chr 3, KeKiaalna'2, 3 MIURA, THOMAS, ROTC 1,2 MOKEPUHA, CLARENCE, ROTC 1,2, Sr Band 2,3 MOLINA, LEVI, Basketball 1,2, 3 MONTAYRE, JUNE, HR Prexy 2, Prexy Hui O' Toasters 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Haw'n Club 3 MORITA, STANLEY, ROTC 1,2 MOROLT, VERONICA, FHA 1 MOROMISATO, LILY, HR Lib Chr 1. HR Sec 1, 2, 3, Aikane Teensters 1, 2, 3, Gregg 2, Dreamers 2,3 emo'rS MOTOYAMA, LILY, Biology Club 1, Gregg Club 3, Lib. 1, FHA 2 MOTTA, LENA, Cheerleader 3, Haw'n Club3, Ke Kiaaina 2, 3, Red Cross Rep. 1 MURAKAMI, ARCHIE, ROTC 1, 2, HR Prexy 2 NAKAHARA, FRANKLIN, Book'kpr Club 3, ROTC 1, 2, ID Comm. 2,3, HR Treas. 3 NAGAHARA, PEGGY, Dress Reg. Chr. 2, 3, Stu, Court 3, Aikane Teensters 1,2,3, French Club 2,3, Soc. Comm. Sec. 3 NAGAMINE, NAOMI, SB Rep. 1, Aikane. Teensters 1,2,3, Y-Teen Treas. 2, SB Soc. Comm. 2, HR Treas. 2 NAGATA, PAUL, Ke Ani 1,z,3, Jr. Football 1, FGP 1, Cap gl Gown Comm. 3 NAILIMA, ADELAIDE, Glee Club 2,3, FHA 1, 3, Haw'n Club 3 NAKAGAWA, EUSTACE, ROTC 1,2 NAKAGAWA, STANLEY, ROTC 1,2, Spartans 3 NAKAHODO, PAUL NAKAMA, HERBERT, Band 2,3 NAKAMATSU, BETTY, FHA 1,3, HR Prexy 2, HR Rep. 1, Jolly Jesters 2, Gregg Club 2 NAKAMURA, FAY, Aikane Teensters 1, Dream Debs 2,3, French Club 3, HR Sec. 2, Class Sec.3 NAKAMURA, HARRY NAKAMURA, JOYCE, Dress Reg. 2, HR Health Chr. 2, HR Sec. 3, COTC 3, Gregg Club 2,3 NAKAMURA, JUDITH, Aikane Teensters 1, 2, 3, Gregg Club 2, Dream Debs 1, 2, 3 NAKAMURA, VIVIAN, Aikane Teensters 1, 2,3, Gregg Club 2,3, FBLA 3, COTC 3, HR Prexy 1 NAKANISHI, GEORGE NAKANO, ALICE, HR Health Chr 2, Toaste. Club 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, Gregg 2, HR Dre Reg 3. NAKANO, HERMAN NAKASHIMA, LARRY, ROTC 1,2, HR Chr 2, 1 Alii's 1, 2, Sapphires 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3. NAKASHIMA, LESLIE, Ke Alii 1,2,3, HR 1 Prexy 3, French Club 3, Bldg and Campus Corr 2, 3. NAKASONE, DORIS, Aikane Teensters 1, 3, Dream Debs 2, 3, Recep Comm 2, J Class Sec 2, SB Sec 3. NAKASONE, EDWARD, ROTC 1, 2, NAKASONE, HARRY, HR Prexy 2, Recep Com 3, FEP 3. NAKASONE, ROBERT, Band 1, 2, 3, Bass ball 2, 3, ROTC 1, 2, Spartans 2, 3, NAKATA, AILEEN, HR Sec 3, Gregg V-Prexy 3, FBI 3, COTC 3, Hui O Wahine 3. NAKATA, GRACE, Aikane Teenster's 1,2 Biology Club 2, 3, Gregg 2. NAKATA, JANET, Red Cross Rep 1, J'o1 .Tester's 2. ' lovers' affair" at the Senior Prom Gentlemen-like seniors begging for refreshments at snack ba ':':f'- 'AKATA, Sl-HRLEY, Jolly Jesters 2, Gregg 2 NAKATANI, DOROTHY, Aikane Teensters 1, 2, 3 Dream Debs 1,2,3, Gregg 2, Hui O' Wahines 3 HR Lib Clu' 1 NAKAULA, RAYMOND IAKAYAMA, JOYCE, Red Cross Rep 1,3, HR Sec 1,2 'rench Club 3. Ke Kiaaina 2, 3, Jolly Jesters 1 NAKAYAMA, JUNE, Aikane, Teensters 1, 2,3 Dream Debs 2, 3, Gregg 2,3, COTC V-Prexy 3 Soc Rep 2 gAKAZA, MIRIAM, HR Chr 3, Glee Club ,3 mm, SARAH, sr Glee Club 3 NAKAJI, AGNES, FBLA 3 NARLKIYO, JEAN, Hnueauh chr 2, ss Health Chr 3, Alkane Teensters 3 msumo. HARRY, sr Band 1,2,3, ROTC 1,3 NASU, sum-usmno, Rifle Team 1,2, sr Band 1,2,3, ROTC 1,2 NELSON, RUDOLPH, Football Mgr 2, FFA 2 toy Uohnnie Rayl Pliohia cries. of e 3 n. ' "G ' 10 :Uv 1 ' +35 A ,, .s , -0 as V . M57 ,Q - 'fr if R I ...., A 'S ..1.....i-..---- 5, 1 fr " f V' ' 1 , "' ,, 1- A , 2 ,, A . ., , ,Q . M E v-gr :- . 2- 1 ' ' -. O Q I , ' ' - 11 -1 Singing trio Ulndrews Sisters! Lovey, Lena and Dolly NG, CASTLE, RCTC 2,3. NG, LARRY, ROTC l,2, HR Rep 1. NG, PATRICK, ROTC 1,2,3. EGP 1, Forum Chr 2, Glee Club 2,3, Track 1. NIHEI, TOKIKO, Aikane Teensters 1,2,3, Gregg 2,3, co'rc 3. NIIZAWA, MAE, Book'kpr Club 3, Gregg 3. NISHIIIIRA, FLORENCE, Gregg 2,3, FBLA 3. IIISIILIIRA, MAE, NISHIMURA, MAR- JORIE M. Class Treas 1, Stu Gov't Soc Chr 3, Stu Court 3, French Club l,2, 3, Jolly Jesters 1,2,3. NISHIOKA, GEORGE, ROTC 1,2,3, Spartan 1,2,3, Rifle Team 2,3 HR Soc Rep 2, HR Rep 3, sapphires 3. NISHIZAWA, MYRA, Red Cross 2,3, SB Rep 3, FHA 1,2,3, Glee Club 2. 1. , I .3 ff" , f j . A L2 .S .3 T g, g M. 4 M' .f I - as . fuuu . 1 A ,. ' El f' ' " ag ,i A 1, fe , I ,:,, , A U' I , '- I '?'5.Wlf- -.'i"5'1s. ' A 3 ' 3 A I rr . I lg 75' RR'R33R " 'S' xl I . ,:,, , Vv., A , g N . NOJIMA, MARION, HR Eng Chr 1, HR Chr 1, Toasters Club 1. OGATA, PHILIP, Rifle Team 1,2,3, ROTC 1,2,3, Photo 1,2,3, Ke Alii1,2,3, Soc Comm 1,2. OGAWA, MILDRED, HR Rep 1, Red Cross 2, Y-Teens 2,3, Lib 3. OKUMA, EISIE, Club 53 2,3, Hui O' Wahines 3, Gregg 3, FHA 1, Aikane Teensters 1. OHAMA, HAROLD, Football2, 3, Rainbows 1, 2,3, Noon Hour Co-Chr 2, Sr Class Prexy 3, Hui O' Farrington 2, 3, Recep Comm 3. OKADA, MILES, OHASHI, HELEN, Jolly Jesters 1, Glee Club 1, Gregg 2,3, Clnh 53 2,3. OKAZAKI, THOMAS, Sr Basketball 2,3, HR Lib 3, ROTC 1,2. OKINO, ERNEST, ROTC l,2, Rainbow 3, Mercury 1, Hui O Kanes 2. OKINISHI, KENNETH, Jr Football French Club 3. . QV! r' ' 1' A f, 'W A sv " . f --0 . 3 K . 9 . 1 ' ' 5 J as I ,' A-N I 1 OKITA, HARRY, Photo 1,2,3, ROTC 1,2. OKUDARA, PAUL, Footba112,3. ONUMA, EDNA, Glee Club 1,2,3, OKAMURA, PATSY, Gregg 2, 3, FBLA 3, HR Lib Chr 2, JollyJesters 2,3, OLARTI, JOHN, ROTC 1,2. OMEGA, MARCELINA. OMORI, DOROTHY, HR Sec 1, Aikane Teensters 1,2,3, HR Soc Chr 3, Gregg 2,3, FBLA 3. OMORI, DORIS, ONO, NANCY, Aikane Teensters 2, 3, Dress Reg 3, Gregg 3, FBLA 3. ORDONEZ, PETER, ROTC 1,2, FEP 1. I. - is "F Q, 'Y EL, OREYRO, ALBERT, ROTC 1,2, Governor 2,3, Cap and Gown Comm 3, Quill and Scroll 3, Ke Kiaaina 2,3. ORTIZ, SHERRY, FHA 2,3. ORTIZ, SHIRLEY, Dramatic 1, Jolly Jesters 2, Glee Club Sec 3, BiologyClub 3. OSAKI, WILFRED, HR Prexy 2,3, HR Rep 3, Forum 1. OSHIRO, ELEANOR, Dress Reg 1, HR Treas 2, Aikane Teensters 1,2,3, Gregg 2, Book- 'kpr Club 3. OSHIIRO, GEORGE. OSHIRO, GLADYS, SB Rep 1, 2, I-IR Rep 3, Biology Club 2, 3, Hui O'Wahine 3. OSHIRO, J EAN, OSHIRO, KATHRYN, HR Treas 1, 2, Toasters Club 1, 2, 3, Recp Comm 3, PBX Club 3, Gregg 3. OSHIRO, SUMIKO. - I ,au L ..., if If-. w,fFg-:Ly .. in he Aff. k I ,gs ' ,. . -4' QW A, ,, 1: '? -'23 -f T72 : A 1 A 3 5' f A 1 1 It Q 'il Q da J S- S-2, , 91 I Q 1 PANG, STEELHANIE, FBLA 3 Dramatics l,2,3, HR 5ress Reg 1, FHA 3, Jolly Jesters 2 PAYG, LEONORA, HR Treas 3, Gregg 2, 3, Forum Chr 2, HR Rep 1 PARAGES, GENEVIEVE, PBX 2, 3, HR Rep 3, FHA 3, Toasters Club 1, Biology Club 2, 3 PARK, SOO KIL, Class Prexy 2, Ass't Stu Body Treas L, French Club Prexy 3, Rainbows 2,3, Hui O' Farr 3 OTA, ELSIE, HR Rep 2,3, Jolly Jester 1,2,3, Gregg 2, FBLA 3 OYA, RUTH, HRSoc Chr 1, Stu Court 2, Aikane Teensters 1,2,3, Farr Toasters 1,2, 3, FHA 3 OYAMA, PATSY, Biology Club 2, 3, Jolly Jesters 1,3 Sch and Comm Rep 2, HR Health Chr 3 PA, SAMUEL, FFA 3 PAGAN, ROBERT PAHUKULA, JOSEPHINE, Quill and scroll 2,3, Gregg 3, HR Lib 3, Hr Sec 1 PALAKIKO, GLADYS PANG, ROBERT PANG, SHIRLEY, Jolly Jesters 1, 2, 3, Gregg2, 3, COTC 3 HR Sch and Comm Ser 1 " f-1' 1 1 ina 1--y PA'rRoc1N1o, MARGARET, FHA 1,2, Biology, " ,Q Club 3, Gregg 3, HR Treas 2, HR Sec 1 PAU, GRACE, Stu Courtl, Gregg 2, B00 - kpr Club 3, FBLA, SB Rep 3 'ERKINS, ROBERTA, Governor 1,2,3, Glee Club 1, ,3, School Corresp 1,2,3, Club '53 2,3, Quill and k:roll 3 PETERSON, GORDON PHILLIPS, EARL, ROTC 1,2 4 . 4 F H A J 3 I ' ,SY A J ! 'ff J, . F, ' ' ff?- if in -gb IIOHIA, ROY, Forum Chr 1, Football Manager 2, 3. PLATT, DANIEL, Class V-Prexy 1, SBV-Prexy 3, Dramatics 1,3, Ke Allis 2, Program Chr 2. POEPOE, ELIZABETH, Haw'n Club 3, HR Sec 3, HR V-Prexy, FHA 3, French. Club 1, OLLACK, MARGARET PULI, PEARL PURRUGGANAN, LENORA, HRSB Rep 1, HR Sec, HR Health Chr 3, Dramatics 1. UINDARA, JCBE, HR Dress Reg Chr 1, Football anager 2,3, ROTC 1, 2, 3. QUISANO, JOHN, ROTC 3. REMELB, CESAR 1 ,A if he I KAH, HERBERT RAYMOND, MARY, Glee Club 2,3, FHA 2, 3. RELACION, EPIFANIA, HR Prexy 1, H R. Sec 2, HR Treas. 3, Gregg 3. REMIGIO, TRINIDAD, HRSec 1, Gregg2, 3,011 Prac- tice 3. RIO, LORRAINE, FHA1,2,3, HR Rep 2, ROTC Sponser2. ROBELLO, BARBARA, FHA 2,3, Swim- ming Team 2. ' nonmcuzs, neon, no'rc 1, 2, Ir Football 1. nomucuns, 'rm:nssA, rm 1, 2, 3. nonnocrss, slmmo, Adv. own. z,a, 'rraek 2, more 2, a. eniofzs- A 1 .K . . Q fi v 52 Fm , -- F ,ve 5 ,I -V 5 v ' ,-, W K7 'fl-Tiff? 3 QW --4' - Q ' 1 , V .3 .f- ,M ,, A T-9 Q , " l "L f' Af T -H A X 1 aw, A t 'I l -' -L' ,. W ... .., , .. ... , " I A A ,, 3 sa ' - A . f "' K ' 'N N V K: A . A . Q.. A M H 1 ,,.. ps W I cv NA , .'-f.fffQ:2,jy- 5 ,1 ,gl if F. ::, , 3..- .. 1. .,' , ,, . A W, 1 , I Q 2395? if? g U1 f 'K ROFOLI, CARLITO, HR Prexy 1, ROTC 1, 2, Book' kpr Club 3, Soc Comm 1, 2, SB Rep 3, Dramatlcs 1, 2. ROY, SHIRLEY, SB Rep 1, Adv Orch l,2,Sr Glee Club 3, Gregg 2, Toasters Club 2, 3, Bio- logy 3. SAKAMOTO, WALTER sA'ro, HARRLET, sch and comm 1, Hr Rep 2, Club 5: 2,3, FBLA 3, Booivkpr c1ub'3. sA'ro, SHIRLEY, Gregg 2,3, FBLA 3. SATSUDA, Ross SEABURY, AUDERY, Gregg 2, HR Eng Comm 2, 3 Hr Forum Comm 3, PBX Club 3. ' SHIMABUKURO, JEAN, FBLA 3, COTC 3, Ai. kane Teensters2, 3, Hr Health Ch: 2, Gregg 2. SHINAGAWA, ALICE, Aikane Teensrers 1 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, French Club 2,2 Class Soc Chr 3, Ke Kiaaina 2. SHINSATO, FRANCIS, SB Rep2, Spartans 3, Rainbow 3. - VSHIRAI, HUBERT, ROTC 1,z, Sr Band 2,3. sH1RA, NANCY SILVA, BARBARA, COTC 3, Gregg2, 3, Forum Chr FBLA 3, Red Cross 2. SILVA, EUGENE, ROTC 1,2, Sr Band 1,2,3, H Prexy 2 . 4 SILVA, GENE, SB Rep 3, Biology Club FHA 3 Haw'n Club 3, Jr Red Cross 3. SIMON, FELERICA, HR Sec 1,2,3, FBLA 3, Greg 3, Dramatics 1,2. SINDIONG, CRISPOLO, ROTC 1,2,3, Track Red Cross Rep 2, FEP 2,3, Biology Club 2. SMITH, CHARLES eniots SOLIDUM, EVELYN, FHA 3, I-IR Treas 3, Ke Kiaaina 3. SORA, MARCIA ST. CLAIR, ROBERT, ROTC 1,2, 3, Sch 8: Comm 3, Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Officer'S Club. SUI FOOK, MARGARET SWANSON, JOHN, FFA 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Ir Football 2. SWIFT, PATRICIA, Songleader 3, V-Prexy 3, Health Chr 2, Haw'n Club 3, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, TABA, HELEN, Dress Reg 3, I-IR V-Prexy 2, Book' kpr 3, Gregg Club 3, Ke Kiaaina 2, 3. TABA, GLADYS, Aikane Teensters 1,2,3, Dream Debs 1, 2, 3, HR Treas 3. TACHIBANA, ALVIN, Hui O' Farrington 2, Spartans 2, 3, ROTC 2, Rec Comm 3, Rainbows 2, 3. TACDERON, SEGUNDINO TADLAS, ROBERT, Haw'n Inst 1, 2, 3, ROTC 1, 2, 3, TAKARA, sHIZUo TAGAWA, BERNICE, Biology Club 2, 3, Gregg Club 2, 3, FBLA 3, I-IR Sec 2. TAGAMI, KENNETH TAIRA, EDWARD TAIRA, HIFUMI, Red Cross,Rep 1, 2, Lib 3, Glee Club 2. TAIRA, MICHIKO, Orchestral, 2, 3, Gregg Club 2, Stu Gov't Rep 3. TAKAESU, MIKE Q ., 1 0' ,,, ,-- v 1 .Q ,...-v 5 Q A it A , '. 1 WJVM "kk LL W , . , W- ' M A A- ,3 5: 'z :sf 2 'J ' - - IL ff '17 Q Af A ' . 7 B. D' I W, '11 Sf F-'fm , .u . 5 'V fly: 5,g1":en,.. if , . 2 nv A . '54 ,A M " an -Q X A .1 J. .LJ i t ' xj 1 21. A L , 'fa -- -. .. 'gy ' n --is 'AJ , I f Ur as F. 5 M. E ' 'U 0' r-'H' , , 4 'X L 8, ' 4 .V i Q' ,lrt 3 lf. E ' 'Il 2? My ,L Hd 5 A 1 , .. f' f 4+ ag.. a Z ,B 1 I gg. ,-1 A A g l -4 . rf -A C f ,J 1'--.H V Fi, 'Aki V. gag, K, is " A S - ' , , fy H h ,. 1: 7:5 , ,. W 4 me TAKAHASHI, LAWRENCE. FFA 3, Spartans Club, ROTC 1,2, FGP 1. TAKAHASHI, ROSIE, Biology Club 2,3, Foru Chr 1,2, Class Forum Prexy 3, Glee Club 1, 3. TAKAMATSU, DANIEL, ROTC 1,2, Rif Tean' 1,2, Biology Club 2,3, Hui O Fag 2,3, Bldg Comm Chr 3. TAKAMIYA, JAMES, FEP 1, ROTC 1,2, HR Pre: 1,2, HR Treas 3. TAKARA, EDWIN, Sr Band 2,3, Prexy 3. TAKARA, KIYOKO, FHA 2. TAKARA, SHIZUO, Ke Kiaaina 1,2,3, ROTC 1,2 Quill and Scroll 2,3, Hui O' Farr 3, SB Pub Chr 3. 1 TAKAYESU, LAWRENCE, ROTC 1,2, Prog . fi 3' Comm 3, Ke Alii Club 1,2, Rainbows 3, Gle :L ,.,' - C-,,, H Club 1,2,3. A , . TAKAYESU, EMELINE, Health Chr 1,2 be Glee Club 1, 2. ' J 1 Gregg Club 2,3, Class Rep 3, CoTC 3. if . .. ge l,,, - , TAKAZAWA, ROSALINE, SB Rep 1, Dress Reg 3 '73 A Jolly Jesters Y-Teens 3, Gregg Club 2, 3, FBLA 3. 'A ,,.f" ,542 fl TAKEMOTO, EDNA, seh sl Comm Rep 1, H f see 2, HR Lib 3, Biology Club 2, 3. .R ' f A TAKUSHI, HARRY, sparrane1,2,3,RoT R .H ff C i , . 1,2,3, Golf1,2,3. Wlmlels of the talent show --- brilliant, versatile. Paul Kamana a la Les Paul it ,pf 'gif S I X f"" to 1' TAMAI, THEODORE, ROTC 1,2. TAMAKAWA, FRANKLIN, ROTC 1,2. TAMAHANA, THOMAS, HR Social Chr. 1, Ramblers 1,2, Sapphires 3, FHS Hi-Y 'H Ar Council 3. ---D -4. fn , 3 'f' TAMASHLRO, ROBERT ' 'Tk TAMASHIRO, LARRY, Forum cm. 1. I TAMAYOSE, MELVIN, ROTC 1, 2, Golf 2. AL ,Q Us . ,M -......a ... A, R' TANAKA, BESSIE KOKUBUN, FRANCES TANAKA, FLORENCE, Glee Club 1, Biol- Q ogyC1ub 2, 3, PBX 3, HRRed Cross Rep 3. 4 TANAKA, LEATRICE 3 TANIGAWA, RICHARD, Ke A1ii1,2,3, ROTC , 1,2, HR Soc Chr. 2, ID Comm. 2,3, FHS Hi-Y Council 1,2,3. TSUKENJO, TOMIKO, Gregg 2, HR Forum Chr. 2. - Mr. Gordon congratulates King Kenneth Ching and Queen Dolores Gabriel at Senior Prom Coronation. ,' s i p wr --7 I . g 1. 3 Q 4? '53 f , he .1 .3 L xi, - 1:5 a ig..x4, 'V -3' Xb.: A ,L, QQ' N My 'E 5 4 M l 3 . . . A ,, 4 . L! i ' A 4, x 1 A A ' . 5: ,.. ,S g, 4 li Q f 1 H , , ,x A 1" ,. , s 1 A f A l lc 1 h e -., gg ', G - o I'ANOURA, JANE, Gregg2, Biology Club2, 3, Toasters 3, FBLA 3, HuiOWahines 3. DOVER- SOLA, GORDON , ROTC 1, Pirates 1. TATSUYAMA, RALPH, HR Rep2, 3, Forum Chr 1, ROTC l,2, Rainbows 2,3, Baseball1,,2, 3. TORIMOTO, MOLLY, HRSec 2, 3, Gregg2,3, FBLA 3. FELLES, ISABEL,' Gregg 2, FBLA 3, Book'kpr Club 3, HR Lib 3. TENGAN,' GEORGE, Rambles 1,2, Sapphires 3, Book'kpr Club 3, ROTC 1,2, FBLA Treas 3. TERADA, NANCY, Biology Club 2, 3, Jolly Jesters 1, 2, 3, Toaster's Club2, 3, SB Soc Comm 3, Handbook Comm 2. TERRY, J CBEPH, ROTC 1, 2. THOEMMES, DIANA, HR Rep 2. THOMAS, VIOLET, HR Soc Chr 1, FHA 1, Red Cross Rep 1. :wa G Lv W.. 11511,-. TIRRELL, JACQUELINE, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, Haw'n ClubVPrexy 3, Ke Kiaaina, 2, 3, Sg,:hSpirit and Rally Comm 3, Glee Club 3. TOGAMORI, HARRY, ,ROTC 1, 2. TOGUCHI, HELEN, HR Lib 1, SB Rep 2,3. TOI, LORRAINE, Class Day Chr 1, HR Rep 1,2, HR Soc Chr 2, HRTreas 3, SB Ass't Sec 3. TOKUDA, AGNES. TOKUDA, RAYMOND, HR Rep 1, SOC Comm 2, HR Prexy 3, ROTC 1,2, Ke Alii 1. TOM, ROSE, Governor 2,3, HR Sec 2,3. TOM, JADE, Class Day Co-Chr 3, SB Lost and Found Comm 2, SB Rep 1,2, French Club 2,3, Gregg 3. TOMEI, BETTY, Jolly Jesters 1,2, 3, Gregg 2,3, COTC 3, Publicity Chr 3, HR Rep 2. DOLERA, HENRY, ROTC 1, 2, 3, Football 1,2, 3. L, H' '- -fi , :O Q 2 'Q xR l 05 A L is 1 4 X 1 L!- ' w ,gf bf 3 . -1: i A . Kill? riy, i K- i LV 'il N V 3 K qkkyrl fr I l lt 'Q A AQ m'1,- il f -A U . TORIMOTO, MOLLY, HR Sec 2.3. Gregg Club 2,3, FBLA 3. TORRES, ALFRED, HR Rep 1, Band 1,2,3, Football2,3. TORRES, RAYMOND, Baseball 2, ROTC 1,2,3, Band 1,2, Honor Guard 2, HR Rep 2. TOYOMURA, RUTH. TSU-GAWA, MAE, sm Gov't Rep 3. TSUJ1, KENNETH. TSUKAMOTO, ROBERT, HR Rep 2, Sapphires 3, Sch and Comm Rep 3, ROTC 1,2, Hi-Y Council Rep 3. TSUKENJO, TOMIKO, Gregg Club 2, Forum Chr 2, TSUMA, WALTER, HR Treas 2. TSUZAKI, HIROSHI. ,au- 1 , -r A ,va 1 Iyik "HP 19' , . f u , sv ..-.. L...- KOKUBUN, FRANCES, UCHIMA, REIKO, Gregg 2, FHA 3 Dress Reg Chr 3. URADA, HENRY, UYEDA, JEAN, FSD Sec 3, French Club-CFAF 1, 2,3, Jolly Jesters 1, 2, 3, Forum Chr 2, HR Ser Chr 3. UYEHARA, ELAINE, Cheerleader 3, FBLA 3, HR Red Cross Rep 1, Toasters Club 2, 3. 1 Q UYEHARA MANABU, Sr Glee Club 3, ROTC 1,2,3. UZUMAKI, MARY, Class Prog Chr 2,3, S,B Soc Comm 3, Stu Court Commr 3, HR Sec 1, Dream Teens 2,3. VALEN- ZUELA, DOLORES, Forum Chr 2, Jolly Jesters 2,3, Gregg 2,3, FBLA 3, HR Soc Chr 3, VASCONCELLES, WILLIAM, HR Dress Reg Chr 3, Dramatlcs 2,3, ROTC 2, 3, HR Forum Chr 2. WONG, RONALD WONG, WILFRED YAMADA, HILDA, Biology Club2, HR Soc Chr 1, FHA 2, HR Health Chr 1. YAMADA, JEAN, HRSec 2, HR 'Rep 3, Hui O' Gov2,3, Dress Reg 1, Gregg 2. YAMAGUCHI, BERT M. , Rainbows 3, Sr Class Day Comm 3, ROTC 1,'3. YAMAGUCHI, JAMES, Spartans 1,2,3, ROTC 1,2,3, Rifle Team 1,2,3, Band 1,2 YAMAUCHI, PEGGY, Gregg2, Book'kpr Club 3, FHA 3, Aikane Teensters 2, 3, HR Health Chr 3. YAMAMOT0, CLARENCE YAMAMOT0, EUGENE, Baseball 1, 2, 3 ROTC 1, 2. K ' M 2 ., .Y Jig. M, 1 5 , ft ' Q 'F' . - 5 , - e fag A , . ,WA k Wa, A A I V. ,Q x -Q Ar -. - ' ' . . '. s Q 'W' X ,J ,kv 'N l I :S , , l X fy l 5 4 "- ,uf " xv 1 'V :N -"" 7 W if x ,gf - ' 'ey . 'A ,fx . .4 l, ..'f 35, 3 HW, ,, l ff 4? 1' ' 'SK v -M . A le,, A j A U .I - 'I 3' ' ,V 21: hiss, Y ..',ft'v,' , ' ,Wg 'Q wa- '-215' . Qld YAMAMOTO, GRACE, Gregg 2, Book'kpg 3, FBLA YAMASAKI, MILDRED, Aikane Teensters- 3, K Kaiaaina 3 YAMASHITA, LAWRENCE, Football 1,2 3, Track 1, 2, 3 YAMURA, HELEN, Gregg 2, Red Cross Rep. 2, HI Lib. 2, FBLA 3 YANG, JAMES, Sr Football 2, 3, Pirates 2,2 Glee Club 3, ROTC 1,2 YASUTAKE, HARRY, Biology Club 2,2 HR Chr. 3' YAWATA, THELMA, HRChr. 1,-Gregg 2, Dress Rel Chr. 3, FBLA 3. Aikane Teensters 1, 2, 3 YEE, EDWARD, COTC 3, Book'kpr Club 3 YOGI, ALICE, French Club 1, Gregg HR Sec. 2, HR Lib. Chr. 3 U A tn 1 --itll 9 1 C f f 1, Av VATANABE, SANFORD, ROTC 1,2, HR Rep 2, SB lep 3, Spartans 2, 3 Rainbows 3 WATTS, FRANCES, Gregg 3, Glee Club 1, Dra- matics 2 WHANG, NORA, HR Soc Chr 1, Biology 2,3, Gregg 3, Toasters 3 IHITTLE, LEIGHTON, ROTC 1,2, Sr Glee Club 3 WILLIAMS MAILE Toasters 1, Haw'n 1, HR Rep ! ! 1 WILSON, LEONA, HR Tres 2, Sch8z Comm 2, Haw'n Club 3, HR Rep 3, Red Cross 2 'ONG, GRACE, Health Ser 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Forum hr 3 WONG, GRACE E., French Club 2,3, Biology Club 3, HR Forum Chr 3 WONG, MARGARET, HR Red Cross Chr 1 'SB Rep 1, Forum Chr 1. Glee Club 1 VENTULA, ELEANOR, Aikane Teensters, Prexy 1, 2, 3, SB Soc. Chr. 2, Dream Debs Vice Pres. 2 COTC 3, Gregg 2, 3 VESPER, MATILDA, Gregg 1,2 VIERRA, RWE, Forum Chr. 2, Soc. Chr. 3, Dramatics 2,3, FHA 3 VILLAMCR, CONCHITA, Gregg 1,2, FHA 2,3. VILLANUEVA, ANITA, FHA 1,2,3, Glee Club 3, Club 53 3. VINCENT, REBECCA VINCENT, WALLACE, Football 2,3, Jr Track 2,3. WAKUZAWA, GRACE, HR Soc Chr 2, Aikane Teensters 1,2,3, Gregg 2,3, Dream Debs 1,2, 3, FBLA 3. WASA, AMY, Biology Club 3, Gregg 2, Dramatics 1. -of .. ' 41 4 'A 'U .-Q ,, H ' .-5 X A ft' 'EA E Q , . N-1 'Z 3 q'C f l . -1 urs. 1- . x ,, w, K 1 ... F77 .re f . I K. 'si OD ri A -pl . " . ff Hs' its 1 . V gs- . ,. Jr- ,,,, 't e L ' ,Q A I E z . 3 enio 'zs-- I YOGI, ALICE, HR Red Cross Rep. 1, FHA 2 YOKOTA, RICHARD S. ,Ke Allis 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, Hui 0' Farr. 2, 3, HR V-Chr. 2, HR Chr. 3 YOKOYAMA, NAMIE, Glee Club 1, Dra- matices 1, HR Forum 3 YONEKURA, MARJORIE,-Gl'egg2, FBLA 3, B00k'kpr 3 YONESAKI, CAROL, Hui O' Wahines 2, 3, Gregg 2, PBX 2, 3, French Club 2 YONASHIRO, GLADYS, Glee Club 1, 2, Ai- kane Teenstars 1, 2, 3, Health Rep. 1, Re- tail Club 3 . YOON, LILY YOSHI, ROBERT YOSHIDA, BARBARA, HR Rep. 2, Gregg 2, HRSer. Chr. 3, FBLA 3, Aikane Teen- sters 1, 2, 3 YOSHIMOTO, STANLEY, FFA Tres. 1, 3, FFA Sec. 2, Biology Club 3, ROTC 1, 2 YOSHIMI, JAMES, Red Cross Rep. 3, ROTC 1, 2 YOSHINO, LESTER, Baseball2, 3, Rep. 3, HR Prexy 3, Sr. Football 3 44' YOSHIOKA, COLLETTE, Biology Club 3 YOSHIOKA, MAY, .Tolly Iesters 1, 2, 3, Book'lcpr 3, FBLA 3, Gregg 2 YOUNG, BARBARA, HR Lib. 1, Gregg 2, .Tolly Jesters 1, 2, 3, FBLA 3 Younq, BING HEN, Ro'rc 1, 2 YOUNG, FRANKLIN, Ro'rc 1, 2, Haw'n Instr. 1, FEP 1 YOUNG, FREDRICK, ROTC 1, 2, HR Prexy 1, SB Rep. 1, FFA 1-,2,3 eniofzs YOUNG, NANCY YOUNG, WILLIAM, HR Prexy 1, ROTC 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Booldkpr Club l 4 gg, Treas. 3 -... YUASA, ERNEST, Ke Allii 1, 2, 3, Recep. Comm. 2, 3, Soc. Comm. 2, 3, HR Day lf, ' 'U YRIZARRY, SHIRLEY ANN, FHA 1, HR V-Prexy 1, SB Rep. 2, Gregg Club 2, .Tolly Jesters 2, 3 ZABLAN, RONALD, FGP 1, ROTC 1,2, Lib3 3 1 INOUYE, BERT g OO l INOUYE, RAYMOND, ROTC 1, 2 .- MAEMAKA, LAURA, Gregg Club 2,3, Toasters ', " "' ' x Q 'Q -if fx Club 3, FBLA 3, HR Forum Chr 1 ff MAKAHANALOA, NOLAN, Ro'rc1,2, Jr 7 7 Q Football 1 . ' MAKAIWI, LORRAINE, Gregg Club 2, 3, Lib Chr 3, I, C ,., FBLA 3, HR Prexy 1, Red Cross Rep 2 3 4, M1'rsUYosHI, sYLv1A, Hui 'o Gavel-ness Sec 2 1 ag rg '-7 HR Sec 1, 2, 3, Recep Comm 2, 3, COTC 3, Gregg , I Club Sec 2, 3 ! X , MoR1s1-IIGE, owEN, Ke Auii 1, 2, 3, Rorc ' , .1'- 7 A 1, 2,3, Rifle Team 1,2,3, Golf 1 I RAMONES, FELIPE, ROTC 1,2,3, Spartans 3, Rain- bows 3, Ke Kiaaina, 2,3. -RODRIGUES, WILFRED, Orchestra 2, 3, Track 2, ROTC 2. 3. YARA, JEAN, SB Rep ,1, FHA 2, HR Lib Chr 2. i yi! UESHIRO, SHIRLEY, Biology Club 2,3, Dream Debs 2,3, Aikane Teensters 1,2,'3, IPR 1,2. YOSI-IIKAWA, GEORGIA, HR Red Cross Rep 1, SB Rep 2. UYEHARA, ERNEST I, " -1-nnq 3? K . sA'ro ELLEN, French club 1,2, 3, Biology club 2, 3, ' o SHIRLEY Biology club 2,3 SESOK , , , 2,3, HU! OWahlne3, Eng. Comm 2,3, Hr 3. SHE LDON, HOMER, Ro'rc 2, 3,Boo HR Forum Chr 3. SHIGA, JANE'1',SB Rep 1, HR Prexy 2, Alkane sters 1,2, 3, HR Health Rep 3. SHIGEMURA, ROY, HR Prexy 1,3, Jr. V-Pregry 2, Ring and Care Chr 3 HR V Gregg . Chr. eball 3, Teen- Class -Prexy 2 3. ' snnvmnuxuno, moms, Holwomooo 3, Biology Club 3 . SHIMABUKURO, HERBERT, HRPrexy 3, ROTC 1,2, SHIMABUKURO, RUTH, SHIGAKI, LOIS, Alkane Teenste rs 2,3, Hui 0' Governess 3, HR Sec 2, Governor 3. WOO, SUK KOON, HR Treas 1, Golf 1, 2, Pirates 2, HR Rep 2. SAITO, FRANCES SAKAI, DAVID, Forum Chr 1, HR V-Prexy 2, HR Chl' 3, ROTC 1, 2. QAKAMOTO, KATHERINE, Gregg 2, Book'kpr 3, co1-c SALDAIRA, ANGELINE SALTIBAN, LEoNmA SARONA, CHRISTINA, HR Health Chr 1, HR Chr 2, HR Soc Rep 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Gregg 3. . SASAKI, HELEN, Glee Club 3, FHA 2. I SASAKI, IRVIN, French Club 2,3, Eng COIUITI 2,3, ID Comm 1,2,3, SB Rep 2, AWHFGS Comm 3. SHOZUYA, IIILDRED, Aikane Teensters 2, 3, Red Cross Rep. 3, FHA 2, Toasters 1. SENAIIA, RICHARD, ROTC 1,2. SIMBICK, LEROY, Red Cross 3 BNEAD, JOHN, Class Prexy 1, Band 2, 3, SB Prexy ROTC 1,2, 3, Rifle Team 1. SOAREB LAWRENCE Sr. Football 2 3, Ir. Baeketbell1,2, Ir. nSsebaII1,2, 'rrack 3, no'rc I, 2, 3. SODETANI, EUGENE, Bi0l0gy Club 2, HR Prexy 1, 2, ROTC 1, 2, Football 2, 3. sonumo, WILLIAM sonom, STANLEY sPo'I'xAI:I-'I-', MARIE, Haw'n Club 3, Club '53 3, Biology Club 2, mee Club 1, z, 3. X I , " 'R-52 R, 4 3" - EL '12 , A 45' . I 1, ,mf V . A 3' A , ,. ' 1 di' . v -4693 If I, "ff I N-dnl V L, A , 3 I 01 A 'fr an A f 2' -, ' '.-, :Vx u 1:- Nu ,' avr , ,Q ,,f , Q , f .Ii Y , A' 1 nh! SUBELDIA, CANDIDO, HR V-Prexy 1, ROTC 1, 2, Sr. Glee Club 3, FHA 3, Spartans 3 SUGAWARA, JEAN, Aikane Teensters 1,2, 3, Dream Debs 2,3, Hui 0'Wahines 3, Gregg 2, FBLA 3 SUGITA, SHIRLEY, Soph. Class Sec. 1, Ass't SB Sec. 2, French 1, 2,3, Gregg2, 3, Jolly .Testers 1, 2,3 SUKITA, ELEANOR, Club '53 Gregg 1, 2 SUMIYOSHI, ALICE, Aikane Teensters 1, 2,3, Hui 0'Governors 2, HR Health Chr. 1, 2, Gregg 2, 3, COTC 3 SUNADA, HERBERT, COTC Treas. 3, HR Treas. 3, Book'kprs Club 3 suzum, enwm, HR cm-. I, an schg 3 comm. Chr. 3, Ke Alli1,2,3. 'W A coR'rUNA, NAPOLEAN, HR sec 1, Ro'rc 1,2. MACHADO, WALTER .M QQ 5 TERAOKA, BETTY, FHA 1, Gregg 2 .K 4 'Y QX ' x " wil-5 'Qu' qi A .. 'X N NN Q 5 C , L, Y ,V 1 r ' ' A e.4 ' 6. 'gf Y' V ! 'W-.2 ' MP f . Q if +3 . fT'?:" 'f " swift. " , 1.3 "' - " -' ".. , -,-. fum - A ,I-1,111 - . I, rl'-.. . x ,. If If gfrigv ' -.-f--'r . Z., r . '-M 4. g I1 . .La If C. :ggi .X L, -- x H r ' 4 , -.LEP . .Y is ,yt O . 1 -Q., K IJ ROTC dance. 2lBeverly and Ambrose at checkers. 3jBeauty queens. 4JFHA girls baking cookies. 5JDriving students .Tane and Mildred. 6JPauline at FHA fashion show 7JWhiton and Richard at Senior Class Day picnic. if 4 Q. m ,V ZW 1 1 eq I , A 'I 1 xle a X ,m 'Cllr 'ii,a-1 vg. 'qk X ' ffswv . fs a . ' Nw sw 'I 1. is Q v o n K , . X . ' - N ' . N . N V -1 'gil I f fl. ' 9 1, A A R t. Q. ,. X 5 I 'gm - , , U I Q V ' vi , Lain? nior basketball boys. 2lGuest conductor, Mr. Kurt. 3JDavid Jeong. 41 Miss Ke Kiaaina, runnersup and judges.52 eens' initiation. 6jSusan and Joseph. 7JPosing at Punahou. 8j Happy queens--Nata1ie,DorisA, Laverne, Naomi and rin I' .fig f- Qiszi 5 Q QLUZQOIZS' :Q H ' - U--XX. f f' 4' N' i 447076, -' X - 5155? it J XZ Qwkfv N F ' aww Xa!-4, i Z A game played in many countries appears to have originated in England in the eleventh cen- tury. The game is played by two rival teams of eleven men, on a field, one hundred yards long and fifty-three and one third yards wide. At each end of the field are goal posts. The purpose of the game is to kick or carry the ball across the opposing goal line. Play be- gins with a kickoff of the ball into the opponent's territory. After the ball is downed, the opposing team tries to advance ten yards in four attempts. A touchdown worth six points is scored when a ball is carried or passed over the opponent's goal line. v"vs-- 13 Q- E? UIC: f" , If 'Z F .W a-.1 ..-.--W ff -1-:gg-ff !.,....p,...Ts- 5, '92 .XE 4. -.. .A 4. 4, WA.. IMG! xxxx A .Tr l 'V + 1 ,inw- W.. 6 ,V ,,.. tr - -if no f Q .- ", gp.. gsm: uk..,',?1 L' '43 -' ff-313:14 's "f...... ,Q 953 S' .-we ,. T! 'N ,nor ldf' J'-Y 'W' George Fujiwara Mrs. Flora Loo Dolores Resquer President Adviser Vice President G I a ss o 6 ' S Lf gfudenfs odaxf, feadefzs Tomottow The Class of1954 enjoyeda pleasant and successful school year with George Fujiwara at the helm. Sie was given able direction by the adviser, Mrs. Flora C. Loo. Other class officers were Dolores Resquer, vice presidentg Janet ilarada, secretaryg and iiarry Fmiesiriro, treasurer. January 16, 1952, labeled Junior Class Day, will not soon be forgotten. It was a "high" day for the Class of '54, the evening dance climaxing the day's activities. ' The Junior-Senior Prom, one of the outstanding events of the school year, helped to make the year a happy, exciting one. Successful as the year has been, the Juniors look forward to their last year at Farrington--their senior year--with greater zeal and enthusiasm . I ,mann l - " J ...Q 5C"'f'f2.'?+'S?5 3? I gijwf ' 'S ' L 1 l ' A 4 Janet Hal-ada Harry Kaneshiro Secretary Treasurer .1 Row one: P. Yukumoto, K. Chinn, G. Chu, R. Furusho, H. Kaneshiro, E. Mukai. Row two: M. Cardoza, E. Queja, J. Yano, M. Nakagawa, J. Yano, M. Izumi, P. Catabo, J. Harada. Row three: C. Yamamoto, J. Takahashi, D, Resquep, V. Tomasu, K. Hasegwa, J. Lopes, B. Steinhoff, S. Fukumoto. Row four: R. Lopes, B. Yanagawa, G. Chang, L. Bautista, A. Blancafor, R. Furushima, A. Espinueva, G. Fujiwara, C. Geesey. Miss Flora Ho 261-1-2 Left to right Row one: G. Wasa, K. Tamashiro, J. Takahashi, B. Okario, C. Amoncio, B. Llacuna, F. Oba. Row two: G. Kaai, T. Leopoldo, M. Leonida, G. Balibrea, K. Nakagawa, M. Coelho, E. Cypriano, J. Kitsu. Rowthree: H. Calles, B. Steinhoff, J. Okagawa, I. Kaleikini, R. Gouveia, V. Andrade, D. Pery, E. Yuen Row four: E. Chang, J. Yamada, M. Miss Flora Ho 261-3-4 Left to right Row one: C. Bardago, V. Gaison, A Nakatani, A. Taira, M. Sasaki, I. Far ias, R. Cummings. Row two: F. Sakamoto, L. Kam, L. Ginden, H. Ahuna, B. Likua, B. Abe Y. Keanu, M. Figeroa, W. Kiyota. Row three: E. Gonda, A. Chang, M. Markham, W. Wedemeyer, A. Spotka- eff, J. Suenaga, K. Chinn, T. Kimura. Row four:W. Mauhalu, I. Compollo, Oda, H. Yamamoto, A. Nam, Y. Taira, H. Hatori. A 4 71 .. ft it LJKI5. .jam M 1' 4 A S Q S Q W 'F ,md i ? ll, Ho, K. Saito, M. Kawai, R. Higa, L. Kam, T. Takemoto. Q51 ll! 1 ,si fc' ' rl -ff. - ' , We x.. 2 , . 'S' , S., , E v XJ 4 ... if . ,fm , I Miss Flora Ho 261-5-6, Left to right Row one: D. Aquino, I. Tokashiki, S Nakama, M. Nakagawa, A. Arita, M Yabes, C. Gasmen. Row tw0:C. Gabriel, I. Nakamura, V Saito, R. Silva, M. Matsuwra, H. Na kamoto, L. Balibrea, L. Tokuda, P Iooquim, I. Chelo. Row three:F. Ching, V. Dijos, J. Oki moto, P. Zoshimua, B. Maldonado, S. Mendes, C. Kono, V. Reynolds, K. Yo- neda. Row four:H. Zanai, N. Pascua, R. Ro- we, V. Gabriel, C. Chinn, S. Kuroda, G. Brickwood, J. Wedemeyer, R. Og- QWE- lr. Ernest Ing 258-1-2 Left to right: Row one:C. Inovejas, S. Higa, P. Or- nong, 'A. Rivera, A. Oshiro, V. Rod- rigues, B. Ramones. Row two: E. Kaheohano, E. Villamor, W. Ling, R. Yoshimura, M. Yoshimo- to, K. Kumasaki, A. Chun. Bow three: I. Sanchez, D. Kakaio, G. Takekawa, W. Cho, E. Ortiz, W. Larm. Row four: C. Cobb, A. Tolentino, R. Lopes, N. Enos, A. Rodrigues, I. Goo Kim. 'Nr' H-1 Mr. Ernest Ing 258-3-4 Left to right: Row one: I... Montalbo, F. McKee, H. Surell, S. Deleon, G. Soriano, M. Alo, D. Miura. Row two: E. Delima, L. A. Kam, S. Sagolili, M. Crabbe, M. Crowell, A. Cadirao, D. Wada, I... Akee, E. Chun. Row three: J. Lagrimas, P. K. Wong, R. Castillo, H. Hashimoto, R. Ikeda, R. Okano, F. Yamaoka. Row four: P. Unutoa, D. Roman, R. Abiva, L. Montayre, J. Gafindo, A. Oshita, H. Miyake. Mr. Ernestlng -M 2123332 Y .I 351 258-5-6 ft 2 - 1 .U .S , A .2 Left to right: , Q, ff' . 5. X Ee ,L L, A A ' .A .3 Vg! Row one: E. Flores, M. Matoda, L. A ' 4. S , , 'F' '35 A v Duarte, L. Nishihama, H. Kagemoto, . R' , . , E C. Shimabukuro, M. Izumi. P 'H A l ' . "Af, Q L- ,, Af Row two: A. Coltes, B. Aiau, L. Maie- ws A , " i X. 9 1+ 'E A " lua, B. Murakami, H. Takata, A. Sup- 3 1 1 f Q... - A 'A ,4 , , net, ll. Boskie, H. Bagcal, N. Chock. ' , - r A A 1 YN 7 ,' L 'X Row three: I. Chong, W. Shigemi, C. Q' , J ' fX....- .J V" ' ' " Yoshida, I. Watanabe, P. Miyasaki, D. 9, .1 X I. , , , ibm" f- - Consolacion, c. Lum, n. xismmom. 5 if 1. 'gif L, -P . ' ,. .Y R0w'fqur: E. Sunada, J. Ezzo, W. Pos- L+ 7' .... 5' figs 1 7 1 ten, I. Estavillo, A. Liu, R. Liu, R. ' 1 ,2 ..,,'1 ' A It '. Saito' V, .Di 'A 5 ' i : V " w g -id 5 - ,, -, ., I .Y M. Liu 151-5-6 Left to right Row one: C. Nakamura, E. Ramos, A. Nakata, D. Chun, G. Nihoa, D. Sui Fook, I. Kahako. Row two: W. Nakamura, G. Awana, G. Pang, I. Yamura, J. Baldauf, E. Kami, N. Sodetani. Row tnree:H. Terada, J. Siobal, G. Ad- viento, C. Suan, J. Higa, H. Moromi- sato. Mrs. H. Liu 151-1-2 Left to right Row one: B. Mara, C. Perreira, R. Leong, G. Pimento, F. Lai, L. Pake- le, L Cassdn. Row two: S. Layman, H. Lee, R. Sue- yvshi. Y- Tamayoshl, I. Cui, F. Bolo- san, M. Cardoza. Row three: D. Pires, L. Kuhnes, E. I. Kahoano, L. Rogue, D. Milikaa. Row Ioult: J. Milan, M. Cabaal, I. Lo- uis, P. Hart, A. Nakamura. Mrs. M. Liu 151-3-4 Left to right Row one: P. Amor, P. Yamakawa, P. Cabato, E. Ho, N. Lee, B. Apo, D. Gonsalves, V. Wong, V. Caballes. .Row two: M. Figueroa, F. Soait, B. Kuon, G. Wagner, E. Bowman, E. Ka- lilikane, R. Louis Wong, W. Ernest- berg. Row three: W. Savedra, D. Wilson, J. kaaialie, A. Rivera, I. Keamo, R. Ma- nni, D. Pilanui, L. Kaninau, E. Mon- tayre, H. Kaaumoana. 55 'ie 1 HI. , .--W . 4 5 .J Faster, boys, faster. Ang so ...... F. Loo 266-3-4 Left to right Row one: G. Chu, E, Famashiro, R. Res- urection, R. Garcia, P. De LosAngles, K. Kekuna, J. Nakagaiwa. Row two: J. Oliverira, V. Inaikalani, D. Paaaina, I. Burke, H. Awana, M. Helen- ihi, Q.E. Waiohama, V. Frectas. Row three: H. Oda, A. Long, R. Ramirez, F. Lastineoza, P. Tabuyo, J. Okagi, H. Teruya, J. Hosaka, K. Tokuda, C. Wong, J. Mangaloo, G. Cardoza, W. Mikanel, " J. Napeahi, J. Kahalelehua, A. Takata, R. Callahan, M. Velasquez. F. Loo 5-6 Left to right Row one: D. Servantes, J. Dumlao, E. Casaba, E. Laamaama, R. Quisote, B. , Valentine, V. Kawakami. M Y Row two: L. Arakawa, A. Tyau, R. Re- X ', quilman, R. Santiago, W. Leu, J. Chi- vb 3 bana, N. Matsuda, M. Cryameng. Row three: W. Ideta, I. Dela Cruz, W. I Taguchi, D. Fukushima, H. Taone, J. E Hong, C. Shimotsis. f ,fx f' 1 ra, D. Ho, H. Carrlho, A. Torres, R. Hung, M. Lryeno. 'X 12' Q Aw Row four: G. Chang, H. Oda, D. Kimu- Vrs. H. Nau 265-5-E Left to right Row one: F. Domingo, S. Ahuna, N Laczi, L. Paresa, V. Dela Cruz, I .waki, T. Flores. Row two: A. ougimoto, J. Loues, E Tkajima, E. Fawakami, V. Erestberg, V'. Leong, B. Mc?hane,1V. Pascua, Row three: H. Sur, E. Lui, R. Sanico F. Guliza, R. Fujcki, G. Ching, G Ishii, C. Sahikida. Row four: L. Coloma, C. Toyama, S Zhinen, G. Oshiro, N. Yuen, F. An Qonio, H. Iaea, R. Barboza. Mrs. H. Mau 265-1-2 Left to right Row one: E. Pikaki, R. Matildo, A. Furukido, E. Queja, P. Ramos, B Nabahara, E. Meyer. Row two: P. Pokakaa, B. Asayama, M. Kami, R. Shioji, N. Leong Young, R Tome. Row three: K. Loui, G. Wong, F. Mi- guel, J. Baker, W. Hanafusa, W. Iseke, J. Oda, J. Sato. Row four: J. Akau, D. Kaneapua, P. Escobido, H. Young, A. Velasco, L Domingo Jr., S. Belen. Why so Sad 1 boys? Find any mistakes, Mrs. Loo? L1 . 4 ,IP Miss Miyoko Nakagami 263-1 -2 Left to right: Row one: G. Kawagoe, G. Chu, L. Brad- ley, J. Koualoff, D. Wong, J. Ishimine. Row two:Miss M. Nakagami, F. Gorion, A. Carvalho, R. Rosa, R. Rodrigues. F. Torres, G. Kaninau, H. Kapuakele 'RQ wi A Don't be greedy, Hilda. PI 51: Miss Miyoko Nakagami 263-3-4 Left to right: Row one: D. Kishida, B. Miyahira, E Kohagura, A. Dasugo, I. Yano, A. To- kumaru, M. J. Kusunoki. Row two: A. Permito, D. Resquer, L Lau, C. Yamamoto, H. Yee, L. Uyeda M. Tsuha, D. Naito, H. Kakazu, I. Ta- niguchi. Row three:B. Telles, E. Kawamoto, R Moriguchi, M. Palabrica, L. Bautista A. Nakaguchi, F. Arcio, P. Yukumoto L. Calvan, Miss M. Nakagami. Row four: T. Wright, E. Tasaki, I. Miike, T. Ushijima, F. Toyama, K Min, H. Kaneshiro. What's so interesting, boys? . VZ 4-fv"""" M .NW D. Takahashi 267 3-4 Left to'right Row one: L, Tamashiro, R. Abarca, E Suet, E. Canale, Miss. Takahashi, D Yamamoto, A. Nakama, B, Quintal, L. Akamine. Row two: A. Chillingworth, K. Souza C. Eliysares, V. Villanveva, A. Kan saki, F. Kaneshiro, E. Kan, L. Rey mondo, R. Marie Porles, A. Chilling worth. Row three: W. Kojima, T. Nishiguchi C. Inamoto, R. Sanborn, C. Awana A. Nagata, A. Keawekane, D. Koga E. Mokai, K. Kurata. Row four: G. Fujiwara, E. Kodana, N Shun, E. Estacion, J. Serrao, D. Ta iiri, D. Oshior, E. Kam, E. Morales yi WT? A. . D. Takahashi 267 1-2 Left to right Row one: H. Fong, L. Watanabe, R. Adaniya, B. Shioi, B. Tanaka, B. Ono- gi, E. Oyama. Row two: F. Lining, T. Enamoria, K. Okumura, F. Harada, D. Tasaka, G. A. Takeshita, L. Lau. Row three:J'. Yamamoto, K. Hasegawa, M. Gay, E. Shimabuburo, J. Kazumu- ra, E. Najaura, E. Tengan, N. Aka- mine. ROWf0ur: F. Ho, R. Katsura, R. Mizu- ta, S. Rivera, Y. Fujumoto, E. Kama- ka, R. Furubayashi, C. Obrero, 15.4 5 wr D. Takahashi 267 5-6 Left to right Row one: C. Yasunaga, I. Yano, A. Shi- mabukuro, I. Chinen, A. Matsuno, I. I-Iarada, N. Hatakenaka, A. Wai, R. Tokuda. Row two: M. Mah, S. Sonda, D. Ito, I. Takahashi, C. Nakatsu, S. Sasaki, C. Geesey, I. Gima, I. Toguchi. Row three: M. Chock, S. Kaneshiro, H. Arzadon, R. Furushima,W. Luna, T. Nakama, M. Infante, F. .Tanaka, W. Wills. Row four: H. Tanaka, J. Ing, D. Lau, T. Kagoshima, P. Kishimori, A. Mui- ra, G. Mahelona, D. Suzuki, G. Wata nabe. 7 s Miss Uchigashima 262 -1-2 5 . 1-.. ,W ,W Q Left to right A. ' , ' u V Rowone:J. Cababag, M. Iumawan, B. -if ",, ,. .1 I -4 , . f swag, Hayashida, E. Yoshikawa, A. Lopez, Sf? "iii i f ' ' ' 2 1'4" j' J. Caboga A. Nakama. A , , fs X f'. " . '51 Nj '- . P -. A ,-,, 4,1 5- a 1- , Row two:'T. Tanigawa, F. Aoyagi, C. 'JY X - l f' A -it 1- 1124 ., fi f Freeman, E. Tisalma, N. Hee, H. .fffffelf 1 tl. ' . N 54. -, Watson, W. Gouveia. ' gtk- sk ' A . - . K Q 3 - Row three: R. Ramos, R. Chong, A. eff. ' ,ii Q J M 1 1 - l -ef 2,11 Bonifacio, R. Saiki, C. Otani, E. Fujii, P '3'Q,',f'f"'Yri,iff'q 5. 1' f 'fx vi 4 '-- 'i' J x, fi W C. Pimento. J YQ' , ,xg x , J 1 L iv ' Row four: G. Hookano, T. Kaaina, F. Q Y. L ' fy ' 5 .9 Higa, J. Naeale, C. Takakawa, H. Shi- 3 V . I " i ' , . ., we" snide. i S " ,Q - , 4 ' '- A ' ' 'ii " ' A F J 1 F ,QT ' W' ' .V -S ri. .,, ' "' fu ' L , l , .., ' ""' """ t . Q , Miss Uchigashima 262-3-4 -. ' A ' 1 ft "Q j - g, FM R ' Left to right ,. ,i'W1' . S' ya., s , . fun" ' ,' Row one: R. Dabang, F. Yoneda, L. '- ' .M 5 - .K 5 A 4 5' ', Akujama, R. Gamazon, V. Tallentino, j 4 v .W ' ' . f ., '- , ' ' L, Ig J. A. Hironaka, E. Oda. Q S A . 'W , 7 'S Row two: H. Hara, J. Magsanini, J. L Q 'jg if A :- t - 5.6 A' N ' Kishaba, B. Nishioka, M. Umemoto, J. . - ,a " " -. 'I Keahiolalo, B. Young, L. A. Cullen, , ' g ' , i . ' Y M. L. Costa, H. Wainee. Ni , 'A 5 A , 1 Row three: Miss Uchigashima, F. De- W V ' .X K' - ' , ' boma, T. Arita, E. Yonting, A. Sing- f E'- L X ' , . it " N A - -3 1 ing, F. Kim, R. Furusho, R. Sato, E. e i -. ' X 5 . 9, ., Bosuego. A gl A K , L . SQ ' """! Row fours!-I. Docterello, H. Mayo, K. . Af A ' - , 1 '- it . Gabriel, P. Marquardt, F. Rokero, F. .a'A. ii' 54 . ii' " V A Rosa, W. Kaisuka. , N sb M I . Miss Uchigashima 262-5-6 Left to right Row one:V. Tanaka, L. Honda, J. Mae- da, A. Mercado, H. Santa Maria, M. A we Yrojo, M. Balocan. Row two: P. Bailon, B. Yara, V. To- masu, L. Okamoto, J. Harada, E. Shi- 'S' bata, D. Mzitsumura, A. Chong, F. f Chee, T. K. Lee. Row three:A. S. Miyamoto, E. Mura- 7'm- ' kami, S. Chun, R. Imaguchi, H. B Miyashiro, E. Akiyama. Young, A. Blancaflor, D. Masaki, N. 'H Row four:P. Soriano, R. Santiago, G. Yamasaki, J. Cravalho, L. Keamo, H. Matsukado, C. Yamane, Alfredo Espinu- eva, L. Roy Mason. -V Q1 do fi is ' - -"E" , A , 'f Q! - yr.. lufg '35 5:52547 4 QOPHOMGRZQ saga' . X """T. ff' .Nu ff:'?' V s -- so , 0 G ' FGSQQSQ it 4 'I QQQVG' 'iw-li" WWW' The practice of tracking down and killing game nas become a popular sport. In the early ages, hunting was the chief means of support. During the Middle Ages, hunting became a re- served sport for noblemen. Hunting is regulated in the United States, Great Britain and other coun- tries. There are generally no restrictions upon big game hunting. Most big game is hunted in Africa, by white men principally for sport or for value of hides or furs. lift 114 mill!" HL' ,,r j J -,'., 1 .3 9 it 7 - A' ' "ir" 1 ,tb . . x V wx 1 .. . r 7, 8.6" f ' y-is .I-"zz A yu: ' ,' ' in 'vf-awehfflf ' 5' -. n, i' ' 4' .. V . . 4. p ' I' ' ,-. I on -- , , U15 , , 1 .1 4 . Ss, "' Q ,f"'s.4'1' .1 ' fs in 1 -'Eff ' P Jian -Q F A ,.-Lum, f V - ,4 v b 7 ,ff Q ,Mano -. - f V, I " W-' . V .1.l.L," 71,2 W' H f'i"lvi.w Adu. judl JJ H , I .' Aj 44? ,1- , qi M 1 l' :lvl 0 C 'L f f ...... i Q W o ff. o G 'Z' 0 a. e 2' f w G 3 S ff. s . Counter clockwise: Priscilla Fuku- , " f moto. Secretary: May Goto, Presi- A dent: Miss Sun Oi Chun, Advisor: Alma Mater, Vice Presidentg Harold . Hayashi, Treasurer hu For some 788 sophomores, September 3, 1952, was the beginning of a new "era, " Coming to Farr- ington was a thrilling experience for many of them. The eager, but somewhat bewildered, boys and girls were seen rushing here and there about the campus, looking for their new and strange rooms. But as the days wore on, they soon adapted themselves to the normal routine and found themselves part of this great school. To start the year right, they had their orientation week. And later they elected their officers to lead them through a successful and happy year. May Goto was elected president. She presided over the affairs of the sophomore government in such an organized way that the class functioned smoothly. Vice-presidentAlma Mata did her part well and presided at meetings in the absence of the presi- dent. Secretay Priscilla Fukumoto kept the minutes of all the meetings. Treasurer Harold Hayashi kept an account of the financial statue of the sophomores. Miss Sun Oi Chun, the adviser, guided the officers in their various tasks. They chose "Working Together for a Better Tomorrow" as their motto to guide them through the year. Their class colors were blue and white. Campaigns for the year included the comic drives. In their first drive, they collected 3, O00 comifr books which were sent to the boys in Korea. Sherene Moiki, sefvice chairman, was complimented by the Red Cross representative for the ex- cellent job that she did. The day which will longbe remembered by sophomores is April 17, 1953, their class day. This day ended with a glorious dance at the school patio. As the year closes, each sophomore looks back at the achievements with satisfaction. Each looks forward to another year at dear ol' Farrington. L l is Ff!"'T" '13-Q FE I' SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY Left to right Row one: S. Alfonso, H. Turski, M. Goto, F. Pilla, L. Nunes, B. Ignacio, A. Mata, I. Sumida, S. Nishimura. Row two: A. Tamashiro, J. Fujii, F. Natori, H. Park, H. Hayashida, L. Gomes, W. Kekahuna, E. Oshiro, S. Mariki, M. Ito, P. Fukumoto. Row three: W. Kam, R. Watanabe, N. Akau, K. Inoshita, D. Casteneda, E. Urata, F. Ernesto, M. Dacoscos, P. Kam. A horse election was held in Mrs. Dorothy Luke's To welcome the sophomores to our social life, the class during abusiness meeting conducted by the soph- school sponsored a welcome dance in their honor. omore class . Qi "'-K 7 I Lx... . 2172 . 4 H. Bryan 167 3-4 Left to right Row one: E. Urada, H. Hiya, S. Owyang, A. Andres, I. Hobdy, A. Kawakaml, N. Figuiredo. Row two: J. Lim, Y. Punahele, S. Bus- ano, N. Bosuego, I. Ignacio, E. Lincoln, L. Gomes, G. Bartels. Row ttu'ee:R. Akamlne, R. Ondayog, R. Burns, H. Kimura, C. Sakoda, D. Eli, J. Rodrigues, C. Tomasu, P. Bermudez. Row four: E. Santimer, R. Worell, F. M3-Ksanide, P. Kaopuiki, J. Foster, P. Terada, G. Akamine, R. Hussey. W- 'W ,K M G1 ww W ...ag L... 1 . gi aff A 4 k"" 'T X: , L wg ' 1 .l-H, ear Ni W1 we e., 4 Q i352 Mrs. Bryan 167 1-2 Left to right Row one: I. Reprima, B. Ignacio, E. Ta bag, F. Torres, E. Hinol, M. Helerlihi, R. Phuups. Row tw0:M. Mokunui, P. Young, I. Wha- ng, E. Giron, I. Lee, V. Fukunaga, J Silva, A. Ferreiro, B. Leong. Row three: D. Maunakea,N. Konno, H Sakamoto, D. Yoneda, L. McGunnigle, G. Tagupa, L. Medeiros, E. Runnels C. Kaaihue. ' Row four: H. Cariaga, L. Deguair, R. Madamba, W. Tehero, H. Suyeyoshi, H. Hanai, A. Castillo, B. Song. "Wi N 1 7 H. Byran167 5-6 Left to right Row one: H. Higa, E. Sabado, S. A. Ma- hunken, A Aukai, J. Billena, M. Davis, E. Managa. Row two: 1 Row two: F. Damo, B. Chun, N. Shoji- naga, S. Ide, H. Pa, E. Matsuura, H. Ishihara, E. Jarrette, S. Higashi. Row three: V. Tangonan, M. Labanon, G. Uehara, S. Nasu, R. Goto, H. Kata- yama, T. Yoshioka, K. Okino, C. Kit- su. Row Four:M. Yamauchi, F. Moriguchi, Row four:M. Yamauchi, F. Moriguchi, R. Taoka, G, Cho, N. Sakai, J. Oka- zawa, G. Kuwaye, S. Hagiwara. S. O. Chun 165-3-4 Left to right Row one: J. Sakoguchi, J. Arakaki, S. Nishimura, J. Sakamoto, R. Yamam- oto, M. Asato, lV'. Yamamoto, M, Uye- da, B. Yonashiro. Row two: R. Alo, E. Oshiro, A. Tsuda, M. Goto, J. Arakaki, R. Ogasawara, R. Kinoshita, D. Sakamoto, F. Abe, H. Kochr. Row three: S. Nakamura, F. Ernesto L. Kouchiyama, V. Sawai, B. Sato, P. Harada, E. Oda, H. Tse, P. Fujimoto G. Cuizon. Row four:C. Matsuda, J. Ducosin, R Shimamura, T. Yoneshige, E. Lum R. Takazawa, A. Okita, D. Kitsu, ,H Abe, A. Fvrukawa. 7 ! ! t G .-5 ii l--' 1 sw. A, M. A. Horan 157 1-2 Left to right Row one: F. Gabriel, T. Tabut, J. Go ya, N'. Cshiro, L. Matsumiya, A. To kumoto, A. Wai. Row'two: S. Doctorello, S. Lagumdim ao, G. Bermudez, H. Turski, B. Kata yama, F. Fujiwara, H. Nitta, G. Lor enzo, I. Kiyabu. Row three: P. Israel, R. Fujimoto, I Lang, G. Nicolas, L. Ventura, M. Nel- son, J. Welsh, J. Perreira, H. Lau H. Kansaki. Row four: W. Kam, D.Aipoalani, C Fujimoto, R. Saldavia, W. Shozuya, G. Aleka, R. Higa, M. Kaneshiro, H.Csh- iro, R. Tomei. . I- A :rt YJ , I. ja? 5 - f it S. O. Chun 165-5-6 Left to right , Row one:P. Miyagusuku, B. Tanaka, J Infante, H. Park, F. Okumura, P.0ta- ni, M. Nakano, V. You, J. lV'orinaga Row two: A. Kitaoka, J. Villamor, G Jose, E. Loo, F. Obita, S. Obata, P Katayama, P. Fukumoto, J. Shiratori E. Nakamura. Row three: F. Pang, J. Snead, J. Ta kase, T: Morimote, B. Ogawa, E. Ten gan, G. Tsuchija, R. Tamanaha, G Tokuda, F. Natori. Row four: G. Aquino, P. Miyamasu, E Mikami, G. Sugimura, E. Sugiyama, R. Nakasone, E. Okazaki, D. Sato, R Sills, C. Uemura. fi ggi ... ii idk? M. A. Horan 157 - 5-6 Left to right Row one: E. Mitsui, I. Nishino, S. Chun, A. Lorenzo, Y. Okano, E. Toma, H. Keolelopono. Row two: Wilbert Yoshimi, P. Hattori, H. Grimes, B. Shibata, K. Asakura ffgi' 1 H ,, . E. Lee, R. Tokoro, I. Fujikami, W. Yara Row three: G. Inoue, R. MiVoshi,A Casupang, R. Song, W Honda W .. fffaf- , .,., ., ,, A . M. A. Horan 157 - 3-4 Left to right Row one: N. Nakasone, M. Chu, J Na- kaura, F. Pilla, F. Isara, S. Dawson, B. Shimabukuro, W. Lau. Row two: S. Mau, J. Nakayama, H. Ishi- mure, K. Nakamura, M. Lum, A. Ma ta, I. Coltes, M. Mahaulu, L. Kim, C. Ulmer. Row three: G. Yonemura, T. Qujano, I. Okuda, S. Kono, S. Hirashiki, S. O- shiro, R. Frais, E. Kaeo. Row four: R. Burk, J. Wojtowicz, D. Bepper, L. Lum. L. Kahele, J. Coloma, R. Namuo, G. Doversola,.R.Nakahara, P. Yamane. I ,k 4 f Q "I, ff- X INK V v ., W 4 ,Q A Q 4 Q 41175, QQ ui' V R. .. 1, V3 Young, E. Yoneda, Don Gasteneda, I Q' 11 L . . . 5 K gym, V Lum T Arakawa Row four: R Batula, E. Dasugo, R E. Park, W. Pang J. Tokunaga, S. . .I . . i A A x N Mimura, W. Kealoha, G. Yamamoto, 9 ,XL . I .I 49 , , , i f F Shim okihara. Miss N. Horii 166 1-2 Left to right Row one: F. Nishihira, S. Yamamoto, Y. Miyahira, S. Katekaru, A. Hirashiki, 3. Kamiya, R. Tsukuyama. Row two:B. Kurisu, D. Fuchikami, A. Fujioka, B. Hashitate, J. Furubayshi, R. Aoki, P. Au, P. Oshiro, P. Kam, M. Escabido. Row three: S. Aono, R. Honda, C. Kuni- yoshi, L. Tom, J. Takata, J. Yong, S. Alfonso, D. Sugimoto, E. Maeda, D. Wong, K. Uchind. Row four: I. Matsuoka, M. Kamaka, R. Orta, H. Hayashida, G. Galera, R. Pen- dang, R. Higashionna, E. Hasegawa, R. Tanikawa, T. Takeshita, L.Ascuncion.1 . f ...M -4 2 'ks -n.i41'H A' 9535 isa N. Horii 166-3-4 Left to right Row one: A. Saito, I. Sumida, N. Santa Marie, B. L. Rodriques, P. Konno, S. Kim, F. Jhoo Row two: R. Ishimatsu, W. Kuamoo, K. Malama, A. Akiu, B. A. Sason, L. Cotes O. Ortis, I. Petalver, A. Morishige Row three: F. Ortiz, I. Nashiro, E. Saba- kahan, M. Chong, M. Ahuna, A. Kim, E Ganito, H. Wong, F. Kurosu Row four: H. Suzuki, H. Miyamoto, E Madamo, J. Alizas, H. Yoshioka, R. Shi gaki, C. Chang, W. Tomaye lf! xr!! .. . H, , W. Ing 156-1-2 Left to right Row one:J. Mayosa, L. Nunes, H. Pau- limo, J. Yoshikawa, B. Miyake, I. Ya- mamoto, G. Yamamoto. Row two: H. Kalilikane, J. Cazimero, R. Ishihara, B. Goda, F. Quioiho, M. Peahi, E. Kahakelii, V. Kauve, C. Wagner, M. Salamon, E. Rompon. Row three: G. Takishita, J. Parages, C. Kokubun, L. Tom, L. Medeiros, C. Puaala, B. Owyang, B. Ramelb. Row four: J. Agena, R. Funasaki, A. Terry, J. Rodrigues, H. Lum, P. Ke- kua, S. Waiwaiole, A. Hill, W. Sakai. 156-5816 Left to right Rowone:M. Sayers, A. Makahilahila, J. Aiwohi, J. Borges, R. Espina, C. Alo, G. Aliifua, H. Kapuakela, S. Chun Row twogJ. Wright, B. Inn, P. Mero, C. Montalbo, H. Uku, A. Torres, A. -Pokakaa, J. Nishibata, T. Izuwa,-J. Baldauf. Row three: F. Omboy, H. Hikita, D. Chang, R. Mar E. Urata, -A. Rico, D. Shimogawa, E. Manaois, R. Quisano. Rowfour:F. Pang, -R. Luke, H. Moss- man, H. Sukita, D. Feliciano, B. Live- say, F. Sua. .. ,,,1Q ,,:, 3, o. ,, ,,,..,,.A .,., , V a ""W""' "W ' EU A 2- . - o. , . . , Mr. Liu 153 1-2 M .f a I f , N W 5' Q X Left to right R A. p -7' . y A M a n A A- 1 ,A A . .fy Row one: L. Borges, E. Alika, W. Apa- . N W 5 v 'A " .L na D. Nishibara S. Tamayoshi E. - A 59 fi I A fi A '- Pa: S, Tadlas, , , A H A . , - Row tw0:W. Matsuda, W. Figueroa, A. A is f R A W -Q 'V Marcus, C. Orta, N. Pau, R. Cadera, f A - ' S. Wong, S. Wong. A f N Row three: H. Nakahara, F. Cajegul, A. ma X , 5, ff Kalu, E. Kahalehili, H. Bush, R. Higa, , W W ll C, Pang. x 'S . .' Aff, Row four:E. Kama, N. Puni, A.Pimen- ' ' to, W. Pacheco. .155 Mrs. Look 158 1-2 Left to right Row one: L. Martin, G. Abinoha, J. Ho, L. Wong, D. Flores, J. Y. Lee. Row two: S. Balbin, N. Rodrigues, W. Miyashiro, R. Yasue, T. Cambra, L. Kauihou. Row three:D. James, E. Napoleon, W. Kido, N. Akau, D. Mahiai, W. Jose. 2 ii 52 if? Two boys from another school are shown participa- A game of basketball is being enjoyed by a group of ting in an FFA demonstration contest held in our am- sophomore boys during their physical education period. Phifheatel' in February- A" r Mrs. Look 158-3-4 Left to right Row one: N. Rivera, C. Carionio, E. Baker, R.M. Ramos, P. Mercado, H. Taylor, N. Costales, S. Garcia, C. Isono. Row two: Y. Leialoha, J. Carvolho, E. Kuhns, A. Rodrigues, A. Tamashima, G. Rogers, R. Choy, P. Saranillo. Row three: C. Serrao, M. Remigio, L. Castro,G. Olinger,J. Gascon, J. Chong Row four: R. Naauao, M. Kawaiea, S. Ayau, G. Rio. W The only formal dance that the sophomores are allow- ed to go to is the Annual Military Ball, which this year was o r ary 27, ' . held n Feb u at Maluhia -Q3 P' +4 6 .lf ev' . R l 5 'if ..,, M ' N X. s K ...i .D Q., NX '- -4 N 4 t ni a n Mrs. Look 158-5-6 Left to right Row one: D. Birano, B. Jose, P. R17 mando, H. Yamamoto, B. Mew, A. Maii . U. Saranillo. Row two: R. Takahashi, H. Gomes, R. , Fernandez, G. Manoi, G. Hodson, J. Brown, J. Aila. Row three: J. Kaleohono, K. Inoshita, - P. Nakao, T. Boteilho, C. Galton, H. f 3032- 'G , wavy- Q Hanawahine, A. Perez. it We Row four: T. Williams, L. Melandre, ff- G. Meheula. J. Silva. .K J. .ft '-fx. 'Y fum. Shown here are some of the dramatics class students practicing for a play. L. to R.: Joseph Dela Cruz. Susan Gilding, Katherine Souza. f 1 " v--- - ....., 0 - I , , i -1 , v if I 1-Q f- 1 N 5 3 ui! Mrs. Louise Machado 152 3-4 Left to right Row one: C. Silva, M. Long, A. Funa- saki, P. Padua, L. Lindsey, M. Kim D. Gascon, I Crespo, I. Morita. Row two:R. Ahlo, B. Goo, B. Oda, G Asato, M. L. Hoskins, J. Manibog, L Andrade, E. Mekeula, D. M. Ho, M Ito. . ! Row three: C. Kawai, P. Mara, R. Wong, N. Burgess, P. Balin, S. Mori- ta, S. Gibo, W. Senaha. Row tour: R. Nakagawa, R. Yokotake D. Chung, G. Freitas, H. Koizumi S. Tanaka, M. Rios. ! ! Mrs. Louise Machado 152 1-2 Left to right Row one: L. Sakamoto, F. Koyama, G. Yokota, M. Rivera, S. Perrcia, I. Ni- shibata., D. Rivera. Row two: L. Sulsedo, B. Duhaylonsod, I. Kondo, H. Weed, I. Kealoha, E, Paa, D. Sublia, L. Kurosu, J. Nagami- ne, V. Sampoan. Row three:S. Arakawa, M. Marcello, S. Chine, S. Rivera, M. Phillips, C. Costa, R. Choo, P. Niyasato, J. Villa- Illlevaa Row four: P. Soriano, A. Nanalo, C. Ono, I. Nasole, S. Gasmen, H. Maeda, F. Kawagae, K. Uejo, N. Kam. Row five: E. Yoshimura, G. Miyabara, R. Alakai. . -ii K a Mrs Louise Machado 152 0 6 Left to right Row one R Servantes, C Garcia, S. Matsushige, B Lagrimas, C Olarti, A M Rogers, N Yokoyama, N Tay- or. Row two: S. Kikuchi, F. Garcia, J. Q 5. 1 ' . 2. . - :E ! ' 1 If' . F? K 'V - A 'Vg,.f'? M ii, Chinen, E. Otaguro, S. Miyamoto, D. Fukushima, F. Kawada, S. Carvalho, J. Tengan, E. Yomes. Row three: J. Takeshita, K. Kubo, R. Figgeroa, S. Isa, T. Tanaka, R. Tama, shiro, R. Ortiz, B. Yadao. Row four:J. Auroi, D. Blancaflor, H. Huihui, L. Lum, S. Delos Santos, C. Kaheaku, R. Kakazu, J. Waialae. Vliss Shimazu- 63-1-2 geft to right: low one:B. Nakagawa, E. Kunihiro, E. Fanaka, J. Gaza, S. Bafuro, A. Labi- nia, M. Burriss. tow two: S. Nakanishi, L. Huihui, J. Iealoha, P. Azama, J. Yamura, S Iaea, J. Reyes, L. Calon. tow three: R. Benoza, M. Yamamoto, 11. Robello, C. Pollock, V. Lujan, M. Jnishi L. A. Kaeka, R. Takara, W. llotoyoshi. row four: R. Watanabe, G. Milles, M. lipolito, P. Olayer, K. Kiyabu, G. Qamashiro, S. Johnson, V. Gouveia, L. Basa, S. Kashiwahara, . . ' x p. ' I N x f .Y - s- fs- H vii ..,, ffii..- 'R R ' ,y in 2 2 .v tv' if 'EN' f t A 'Q' " . 9 it .b 3' Q 2 V l 'VD ' ,Q iQ I f l, W ,ly It - g . :K A ' . , X, ,Q 2 , w..,f. 4 5-41.41 .. is .t 'Z . . vt 'q .. ' it Ah nf-Qu-L ' 'A K Q- 1- A' wr , n, S . 1 ' . -, 0 : - .1 -wink n Y. iq . .5 .- 9- Y' e B 0 :' diss Shimazu 163 5-6 .eft to Right tow one: I-I. Toko, I. Sakima, R. Naka- ma, D. Chun, C. Arakawa, N. Tsutsu- mi, J. Golden. ow two: H. Dela Cruz, W. Kuamoo, I. Ho, M. Carvalho, W. Kekahuna, . Pacheco, J. Wakafuji. ow three: C. Lagunimao, C. Kupihea, . Kauhane, L. Kaio, H. Matsueda,-S. arimoto, J. Hayashida, R. Lee, A. nishi, A. Farm. owfour: G. Wright, D. Kamai, C. Ya- laguchi,.L. Akiu, C. Sonomura, D. oung, F. Tamayose, C. Arita, A, io. fl Miss Shimazu 163 3-4 Left to right Row one: J. Matayoshi, J. Dumlao,. G Villanueva, J. Crespo, J. Kam, M Aiu, E. Makalii. Row two: S. Dela Cruz, A. Faildo, E Takahashi M Nakamura, A. Mae shiro B Caracol T Kalama L. Dc clayan, S Shinsato Row three P Enrique R Besmudez S Lum, A Ezzo D Izumihara, M Dacoscos R Young P Empenio, .T Lane Row four P Oelho, L Mokulehua, L Yoon, F Lontero M Laanui, G. Reis I Fragioa E Dela Pena, S. Kuroda A Yang ti! -if-lac ui' ,. ,mr i ll Wi L C, i IV l Wy' X .X 'ff .nfl . N if V' My ,lg ffm, f5MrJf" if .. ' fi .f V f if W ij!!! Aff if Jr, ' 1 wru L W fl! ,Fla ff 2 AQ ff M' f fjf' 'zfffff ,I 4, fr f fl A if If f if l fp' 4 0 V6 rf - lynx' .iff jf ! Zflffjvy . M J Polo is said to have originated in Persia about 600 B. C. Four players are required on each side. The players are comprised of two forwardsg one to play forward or back as the game requires, and one to defend his goal, and pass the ball to his fellow players. In defense it is the duty of every man to "ride" the corresponding man on the other side of the ball, thus trying to hinder and take the ballfrom the opponents, and. vice versa. .JP 'K qi qxii 'N Y ,- X -'IH , 1 1 1 .Aha- ,Mc K ' WW 'iz- East.. WWE Q ' VJ ' "-1-vs. x ,, mbmlfiwfrflgffoazr gk'A..A:gq,fgh5 at df Don Cowen Coach Okudara on the rampage! N A V' t Under the tutoring of Mr. Don Coryell, the Governors did their utmost to capture the football crown. With Lady Luck on the opposing teams, the Governors were able to win but one game, while tying one and losing five. With I this record the Governors were the "cel1ar" champs. gg 72 Q Farrington contributed four players to the Shrine team CKeiki Aliisl -- Stanley Harrington, endg Michael Kauhi, guardg Richard Ah Sam, endg and James Yang, tackle. . 7- 0 We congratulate the senior team for its performance during the past grid season. We look forward toa better season next year. 1 FX l , f in L ' il r x X I Q- a ., A 'lk J. 'lb hx' --iii-N Erwin Huihui Harry Kaneshiro Wallace Vincent Paul Okudara ""' D I X3 fi . xx I if at fl U .. N W X . wi Nobert Enos 1 rx, Eugene Sodetani ,.- . , .. N Will they get him? 12 in the third and 7 in the fourth for a total of 33 points. Sparking the Governor attack were Harry Kaneshiro, Charles Lagundimao, Michael Ta- kaezu and Edward Kelepolo. My what a lovely posel Ll' n 5 XNN Alfred Torres 005. O aidefts 33 Playing in rain and mud, the Govs fumbled seven times to lose to lolani by a lop-sided 33-0 score. Statistically, lolani outgained Farrington, 204 yards from rushing and passing, to 133 for the Governors. But Farrington had eight first downs to five for lolani. 4' . lolani scored 14 points in the second quarter, -' 4,-i7:'riA 5. U.,,x I Where are you going, Kaneshiro? Paul Okuoara and Lawrence Soares dis- played some brilliant running which pleased the crowd. Other Farrington players who played well were Edward Kelepolo, Eugene Sodetani, Micheal Kauhi, and Lester Yoshino. What's stopping you, Cobli? 70f2l2. 7 QT. EOUQQ 7 The Governors pulled a major upset by holding the Saints to a 7-7 deadlock. As a result of the tie, the Saints were forced out of the pemiant race. Farrington scored first when Paul Oku- dara threw a pass to Left End Peter Mar- quardt for the tally. The Kalihi squad held this slim lead un- til the few remaining minutes of the last quar- ter, when the Saints tied the score. Nw S Lawrence Coloma Ivan Adaniya Michael Takaezu x 1:-si-M ?HS' F3 KH9 7 Although described as the 'Flywelghts of Kalihi, " the Governors proved potent by de- feating the Bulldogs, 13 to 7. Farrlngton's first TD came when James Mllke threw a pass to Stan Harrington, who rambled 15 yards to pay dirt. Lester Yoshlno converted. With the score tled at 7 all, Mllke threw a pass that was partially blocked, but Har- rington, the alert end, grabbed the ball in the end zone for the touchdown. Sparking the Governors were Harrington. Miike, Fabian Fraglao and Edward Kelepolo. ,... Fax-rington's stonewall at work! n Charles Lsgundimao Francis Hip Henry Dolera upset of Un I-,eat , necking fauna, boys. STANLEY HARR PETER MARQQARDT HAROLD COBB Tl-nouns Mrr-re: 'wg I , . X x,, li n is ' ! 5 gfx y gi i . g, HELP HIM, KIMURA! HAnol.o OHAMA Jon-IN KAHALE Q L, v I . N fi! N Lasrmn Yolmuo WHAT A CATCH! Gnome: YAMAsAKl EDWIN HOIAKA .- I J. - , I KENNETH Cl-une J fi- 3. . i Ronllrr Hz: f kwa I Y 1 You did a wonderful job, girls! feabegg o afuzingfon A , . 9 . Patrick Ishihara Michael Kauhi Robert Katsura , ,Q-XX . 'Q ' 'K .'., ' F I ' Harold Matsukado Hiroshi Tsuzaki acfion glmof Review fe 1 1 . ' L James Yang Sports highlights of 1952 THQ o DH? 39 He's on his way to a touchdown. X 'x ,f ' rl 's gf U Against the mighty Puns, the Governors were unable to score even a single point. With Alvin Harrington, Ray Westfall and Don Carswell leading the way, the Puns routed the Govs by a 39 to 0 score. Punahou scored six touchdowns and made good tlu'ee conversion attempts. Farrington made only seven first downs compared to Punahou's fourteen. 1 X 'X xx L ' 3 A X .,.., ,WLM If , I . 1 "' 1 NA A 'cream' '1 Q , ' .1 Stanley Iaea Lawrence Soares , ' All 'Y Richard Ah Sam Farrington gained a net total of 51 yards to Punahou's 322. Outstanding players for the Governors were Lawrence Soares, Paul Okudara, Ivan Adaniya and Edward Kelepolo. Good protection--Larry Soares with ball. o RHS, The final game for the Governors was a heart breaker. After three quarters of scoreless play, Henry George of Roosevelt broke loose for an 87 yard touchdown run. The conversion attempt by John Simerson was goodl It was a game of brilliant performances and packed a lot of exciting moments. At the sound of the final gun Farrington had suffered her fifth defeat of the season. Uv wr ,mx 4, ,.. A .. wx., ,..,4 .H , ..,.J-by if 'rv '.1.,',-.. . ,, ' -1 f - . '-WF' - - vn- J ,f 1. R W 4 ,A 5 i.Ng,', cgaff- X-'BME 'L N ' 1 J-'law Edward Kelepolo J au.. Gd ohn Mangalao Tigefzs qovs Ilf IEA.-Y xv 'J wk X' . if A .. ,..,5af -Vg mu- , l ,.v"'f',,,f7- wi- . -' .'."'v-V WF '.f.-at z....,...- "Q ..--in intl '2..'.5f1-'ff ff: .'7xZ'Lt.1.-W-J2:.. Why are you closing your eyes, lilelepolo? James Miik With Harry Kon, EdwinWasano, Fred Rob- 1 bins and Melvin Tanigawa leading the way, 1 the Tigers routed the Governors by a score of 54 to 14 George Yamasaki of Farrington scored both touchdowns for the Governors. The first Far- rmgton touchdown came when George ran 67 yards to pay dirt George ran 45 yards for his second touch- Outstanding players for the Governors were Yamasaki, Eugene Sodetani, Fabian Fragiao ' i mx - . as . at down of the evening. 2 'I ,-,. kill ' Q I and Edward Kelepolo. X i 0 Ii x Z 0 IXN V e 7 :umm r 0 ' IUUSB f K f RAN - -f 39,19 .- ff ' 6,3 Mfad' ' fy KN' ' M f f RAIN AND SLIPPERY Lena Motta 1 PZYW., t 4 his , iii Y Dolores Gabriel Janet Tokishiki Jdseph Dela Cruz 60726 an GHZZR EEGDZRQ Francis Arcio Shirley Amarind X fx? Q V f , V v 4 Dorothy Acquino Shirley Ferreira I if M. f 1 , W t K, .i.i A ia., tl . K X v'1 , g' ,,.. ,.. 'W ,W ,... W .4 it r,i : M ea.-21"-:f-rf an -s f if ',1.L"ZQ:-1 X. ... N, - me , ':""' E' SIL: fr" -,if . ' ,jwyw-.rw . pygmy 'Eli , , 'W 'L -We ' nm4w'-we wlafg hfi . k,,kL , V k ya .iw .9 l. Mmvmw ym L by H ,Wt-, m , r - - 3 fr I A v',- .l .k7, i yt, , A safari as i t . Patricia Swift Laverne Paresa Elaine Uehara - Gilbert Bautista ,wx Wi? -, A, l gridders did not finish in the first divison, they displayed fine spirit and sportsman- -N QR ,il ship in all of their games . Although the Farrington junior football W I Q Under the tutoring of Mr. Anthony F raio , i la, om' junior team coach, a number of 1 - prospects have been developed for next . , year's senior team ' f V.- -- Some of them are Julian Fragiao, Wilbur S Benjamin Rodrigues for its wonderful sportsmanship-like con duct during the entire grid season ' , I- - - 1 , . 4 et' wi K gtpx . L cvyjj . S In Luna, Ambrose Velasco, Allen Miura and -is 'N The junior team should be congratulated Ex 5 :W fi :All .-- - Wardr- X..1 V gxs' 1 xy ,Q 3 15' 'Q-X N A , N m QLUZQOR 'foo 7862.62 Wt WWI fb Qfs Rasta? s , ' NW: Vw.-r. Front row, Lto R: R. Tomei, W. Luna, R. Fijiki, J. Waialae, A. Tamashima, G. Wright, G, Wgng, R. Burlte, P. Nakao. Middle row, -L to R: J. Fragiao, R. Takaeshita, A. Velasco, J. Silva, J. Hosaka, B. Rodrigues, A. Caspang. Back row, Lto R: J. Williams, G. Galera, H. Tanaka, G. Reise, J. Akau, C. Matsuda, E. Ortiz, T. Utto, C. Lau, W. Swanson, R. Takazawa, E. Sunada, W. Kealoha, K. Saito, Mr. Anthony Friola Qcoachj, A. Miura, Mr. Roland Kickbush Qasst. coachj. Out S28 72 GOI? o BCE S76 87362 ff ZCZWI. f i QZGOWD PEOGZ 'GI-162771057 ' Mr. Francis K- A The Governors, under the tutelage of Coach Francis K. Aiwohi, were defeated by the Saint Louis Crusaders, 47-45, in the initial game of the season. This loss plus the defeat suffered in the last game of the season proved that the Crusaders perhaps were the better team for the 1953 season. The Governors experienced keen competition during the pre-season and Interscholastic games and experienced only three defeats--two to St. Louis and one to Hilo. With an Interscholastic League record of 14 wins and two losses, the 1953 basketball team deserves the heartiest congratulations of both the faculty and student body. No matter where the Governors went, the loyal FHS students followed to cheer them on to victory. Whatever the outcome, the Governors were first in the hearts of everyone, for they accepted victory or defeat with the best of spirits. To Seniors Levi Molina, John Swanson, Charles Smith, William Young, Bert Hifumi and Thomas Okazaki, FHS bids a fond Aloha. Three cheers to you for the wonderful job you've ac- complished! Accurate one-hand basketeers of Farrington. TWO points for Georgie. I p 4 enampaovzgnap game This was itl The final game of the year. This game was to decide the 1953 champions. With 14 wins and one loss for both teams, Far- rington and St. Louis battled fiercely for the '53 title on Saturday, February 21, 1953, at the Civic Auditorium. The Crusaders, led by Lucius Jenkins, tallied 10 points to the Govs' 9 in the first quarter. The Saints led, 19-16, at the intermission. The Govs caught up with the Saints in the third period to close the third period with a 30-30 score. Cgtusadets IIS The Crusaders took the lead again with little Ben Daoang showing the way. But Farrington held on and kept scoring on even terms . The regulation period ended with a 40-40 score. In the extended period, Captain Tom Okazaki of Farrington bagged three points but St. Louis tallied five points to cop the game and champion- ship, 45-43. Charles Smith bagged 16 points to spark the Govs, followed by Captain Okazaki with eight. ovetnots 43 the William Young l KZWIB edt i Homer Hattori 1 1 i W i Gabriel Adviento Thomas Okazaki Bert Hifumi oos bo id- ac 38 005 46 Tigets 36 The Governor quintet in its second Interscholastlc game of the season blasted the Owls of Mid-Pacific, 60-38. In the first quarter, the Governors took an early lead with 17 points to Mid-Pacific's 8. George Fujiwara bagged seven points to lead the Governors in this period. Levi Molina bucketed seven points in the second quar- ter to help increase the lead, 34-18. 4 At the end of the third quarter mark, Farrington started pulling away, 50-26,to enable the coach to use all 15 players. Levi Molina of Farrington was high point man with 10 points, followed by teammates George Fujiwara and John Swanson with eight points each. The Governors' third straight victory of the cage sea- son was over the Black and Golds of McKinley. Oui cagers tamed the Tigers by a score of 46-36. It was a rather slow game at the start with the firs quarter ending, 8-4, in favor of the Governors. Th4 half ended, 21-23, with the Farrington cagers ahead Molina, the star of the game, bagged 17 points, fol lowed by Charles Smith with 11 markers and John Swan son with 7. J 1 1 v l 5 s 6 r i S F Q 5 e J E T Good shot, George, W A lei for Smitty. 1 Higher, Charlie, higher. l 1 i Walter Kojima Peter Marquardt Richard Mizuta att. Raidets 29 The Kalihi quintet bowled over the Iolani Red Raiders 55-29, to win its eleventh victory in the Interscholas tic League. Farrington took an early lead and gave all 15 mem- bers of the Maroon and Whites a busy workout. The Governors led, 26-14, during the first half. George Fujiwara led the scoring for Farrington with 13 points, followed by Tom Okazaki, 9, John Swanson, 93 and Walter Kojima, 7. ous S3 fzidets SO Farrington cagers topped the Rough'Riders of Roose- velt in their second meeting, 53-50. ' The Governors took an early lead, 14-5, in the first period, ending .the first half by a 27-19 count. The Governors led all the way until the last second of the game. With the score, 45-43, in Farrington's favor' the Red and Golds bucketed two points just as the game ended, 45-45. In the extended three minute period, the Maroon and Whites proved to be better team by adding eight points to R'oosevelt's five, thus ending the gamein Farrington's favor. t What are you staring at, Molina? Fa.rringtoT1's cagers at work. Howard Miyake Da 'd R vi oman Alfredo Espinueva Fuglwara Ge0f ge ous Kam .29 Farrington enjoyed its 14th victory of the seasonwhen the Maroon and White cagers de- feated the Warriors of Kamehameha, 45-29. The victors were never threatened through- out the game. During halftime the score was, 24-15, and at the close of the third period the Govs had a 15 point lead, 38 to 23. Charles Smith, George Fujiwara and John Swanson tied for high point honors with nine' each. - ovs 3' 7-igets 26 The Farrington basketeers caged the Tigers of McKinley, 31-26, on Saturday, February 7. The Governors took an early lead in the first quarter, 8-1, and never gave the Tigers a chance to threaten them. The Governors led, 17-11, during the half time. Charles Smith and Gabriel Aviento led the victors with eight points each. ov? 46 puns 35- Victory No. 61 that was Farrington's 46-36 win over Punahou on January 23 at Punahou gym. . An exciting, hard fought tussle, the game was replete with thrills throughout. Farrington tookalead and maintained it for the remainder of the game. Scores at the end of the periods: 1st, 9-4, 2nd, 18-14, 3rd, 29-213 4th, 46-36. At one point in the final quarter, Punahou came to within four points of tying the victors. Highlights of our Senior and Junior teams. uniofz Uafzsifil BG Q16 8758259 The Babes, under the mentoring of Mr. Robert Kau, started practicing during the Christmas vaca- tion, with a large turn-out. Small in size and height, they offset this disadvan- tage with speed, shooting accuracy, good ball han- dling and a fighting spirit. Although the Babes got off toa slow startby los- ing three straight games, they began to hit their stride in their games against Mid-Pacific which they won decisively. Thereafter, the boys were no pushovers for the teams in the league. Y Hajime Suga i,6l1'iU4'. gaselzdlt With Mr. Haj i.me Suga tutoring the varsity Governor nine, the team performed well throughout the season. The season was highlighted by the Governors' thrilling upset win over the McKinley Tigers. This game marked the spectacular pitching of Stanley Mitsuyuki and the clutch hitting of William Young. Young's double, which came after one out, drove in Wilfred Mau, who previously had walked to get on base. The contest also saw the fine pitching duel between South-paw Stanley Mitsuyuki and Andrew Gonsalves of the Micks. Mi tsuyuki allowed seven hits and quenched several McKinley threats. Playing important roles in games played dur ing the season are George Fujiwara, Charles Smith, Gilbert Valenzona, Hubert Shirai, Wilfred 'E Coach Mau, William Young, Ralph Tatsuyama, Hiroshi Tsuzaki, Robert Na- Xy kasone, Stanley Mitsuyuki, Lester Yoshino, Lawrence Kiyabu, Robert Higa and Richard Abiva. NNQNR 'I'hrough graduation the Governors will lose the services of 16 play- W , ers. They are William Young, Lester Yoshino, Eugene Yamamoto, G1 ' GilbertValenzona, Hiroshi Tsuzaki, Ralph Tatsuyama, Charles Smith, j ' at I h rr f Hubert Shirai, RobertNakasone, Larry Nakashima, Stanley Mitsuyuki, ,,,.4, : . Q p I , pp Wilfred Mau, Warren Kotani, Lawrence Kiyabu, RobertHiga and Steven ' h Drose- ' " Returning lettermen for the following season.are Richard Abiva, Q ' 1 George Fujiwara and Robert Sato. 1 f - -1-4 f ' a.tt 411, . wx , - QTEQEY G- o df.. R tgi f fr' ww., t i , ,,,,,,,,, Lawre e Kiyabu V 1 ' ' -.1-'elf' "',- fvif 1-9' -A if if v 'JP' Q...,3fs "' ' ,fr ' ii' 7 s . , W slr' ' f N fa ,K ' - -'wi 'IM M s 1 wifi? K E ,B , ,Q ,- 5 jj Y a 5 TW 'it , 3' ,Hubert Shirai 4, 'Q-f W - " I ' William Young Steven Drose i o x X . fi 1 S - Q .I g , x fur ' , Al ' 'V "3 'I' ' ' ,9 ' ' ' 1 . . ' 1 'of - ' A X - Q V 'r .W ai. mx , -A e K f- 09' " " I ' 'K ., '- ' nb-Y 4' . if -nw . 1 M. fe. 1 Mm K K .A J ,Q ,wifi uf N I Q 'H gli A D sw " W ' I 5 e ggi f- 'f 's If A ZW' L' , e g A 1, W' .H 4 ,. 5 K. 11 - ' 3 1f,?'a , . ,K , .. 'fcifffw ,QW , 'U' ' -- ww 1 ',' ww ur-L, - W. Qi.: :?k'7E'xQ ' ,f 1.4 ' A- - V, . A P-,ng fe 1 - , X' -2- ' 1.:.-5' S "2" f ' ' A - 33116. -A it ' id 1 . . - 'S Axe N 'P'-1,,:g:f I LLQAK 13 ff Y ,. V' f"g.i 1- -. 'T 'X Q " " ' ff ,3,mf'f- .... N Gilbert Valenzona -w George Fijiwara Robert Sato - "- me-Q H F" ' ' ' ' A-Q . Y 9 W I3 A , 'rv , J' 4 Q Richard Abiva Eugene Yamamoto Ch8l'1eS Smith 'Y A' P wizii f f - 2 ' fx?-': A Sf ' A ' N 1 ',1'M,4f:ff 1 "' Iver. E ,L Vigil W Jkyki 'tkl3v?L, .J 5, :Q Q ,V 9 V 4 , ' , -f ' ,,gf"f .:3fgefe-'341 i ff' 'Gwen . , ,, , I . I 'I I 'Q Y' f Q-A! ' P 'mf -' ,. . f -' 2 -- " f ' " ' o,ff.-""- . leief. 'ville-5 'X " fi - - 1+ ' W v .- '- 5 - -1 ,K-1 f-4.4 Q ,' .V , ag 7:5 ,T Hg ,. o 1 V.: V viii 1 24 v FH: , '15 is I'-Q' -12' . -4? e awww ' Q -4-w Yo ox 2 , 15'2fb,," " mf' W Q ' '52 '- ,m i . Zi-'H-"o1' "f" . g . - 4-,252 51""'x A V gp fe owe-A A Lf f , 541 , ,A :f. P I x I N :suv X , i In R . Q , - 135, L L A 4 -V .. . F. ,.. .nge ,A A M ,l.M,.e , . 'rl-il wg, , . Q . A fx: -' Q! A A V .U ki: 'A-1 1 ., Q, 5 ' X4 A - ' -. X - . ' N ,,'Q,:f: 1 ef - 'N 1' -4 - A e K 51:11-fz?,-:ms Q 1 , , y ,F .V fv -,Q ,, ' - ?f5'f'?Hf?fif.'7" 1 ixrifi. '-.-,ev e 4 f . ff. 'sv'-Q34 .As - ,W 55-.A la - ' , 9, - ' 1 v--V e e 1. gd'-i' ' -, 2.-'Q' W , . ' g if .,,, ,M 4. Q xgufavtf K -L A :E Q I V .,,.,,.,,,,x. 5, .. ,l 2 1 ' Ralph TatSUYaU1a Hiroshi Tsuzeki Warren Kotani -.W 1- . Lester Yoshino Stanley Mltsuyuki Robert H189- OOZJZWUQS 6 gullddgs The Kaimuki Bulldogs bowed to the Govs of Farrington, 6-1, in a baseball contest at the Honolulu Stadium on Monday, March 23. It was the second straight victory for the Governors,who dropped their. initial encounter to Kamehameha. Hubert Shirai reigned as the winning pitcher, with Tetsuro Sasaki of the Bulls taking the loss. It was the Governors' game after they staged a three-run rally in the fourth in William Young's bunt, which enabled Lester Yoshino and George Fujiwara to score. Gilbert Valenzona tallied in the fifth stanza to give the Govs a 4 to 0 lead. Kaimuki tallied a run in the seventh stanza for its only run. In their half of the seventh inning, the Govs scored two runs with Yoshino and Fujiwara denting the rubber. K .g,,7....,,..,, N., ,. wuz? Larry Nakashlma Wilfred Mau Robert Nakasone I E E O W W P U3 l.'1'II U7 P E3 xLXx 'Z Ebgcowzgbgm 0.-4-SZ-:rar-gD'Ulv-gp CD UQBPVOCDCDEQ3-A-g an-ro !nBq'II-Tomb-1 "han gr-app-I' gags. U So cn.g'Q,UQ,.,.a Inga- 5-D.. gag pmpgggg nOm5iB?0QQw p""'v10-0Bmgjm-.-- ..--g o Bfycspwc: Sw E2g?5gH5 52 S3 'MES mv Q90 Wt-'2 QCD 5 Umgs mo E' D---,.,v-s 90.5 msg gS"5,2. rv- vflm mQ"La"2. if 525' HES - 1: .4 mg QU'-3mm 5 mg: .Tama Q 8-3 -Doi 9' Hg'-1 Og.-D+"-' r-1 '4 Q N rv' 2 FO 5353 o B' m' g5 3 'UH Ogg gmc? Bm! 9. QE-cn c'ov:'m XM 1 YQQXNMN X x X .I x X R fm-' I + X . x r v .X l H MIS. ? 1 H X .gig ff 4, y',-' Q ,s,lMr.. ' 44.2, 5!f17m,',,' f, f,v ,,y4 lst row, L to Rg C. Tomasa, S. Hirashiki, S. Takashi, M. Kami, D. Wong, J. Parages. 2nd row, I. Okimoto, E. Sato, R. Tamashiro, D. Koga, R. Tamanaha, W. Kaizuka. 3rd row, R. Batula, P. Yuku- moto, G. Millies, H. Oda, H. Fukusawa, H. Kaneshiro, T. Takeshita, K. Inoshita, S. Hagewara, G. Takishita. - 1.--f 4gi Jack LlhU""7 L to R- Wiuiam Tehefo' Tutuwloeva' Luna - 1 -- ' ' L". I I A - Kbkl I iff , if ,."'M'a? if v ,. f ,ip I QW K ,. "' i -- i . 'L' . Cf. I .., ",r' L to R: Juliexi-L fragiao, Frank Cajigal L to R: Albert Blancaflor, James Miike, Fabian Fra . giao. ' . 'WY' Z , . - "'- fa f"' 3 ' - , jf , xx fl 6 If . 'JV L,- xq ' M 3-F 5 fi? if I,, 4 gl I L ab' 'A I .J ' 5 -F1515 Yamasaki, Ilidio Alota QR Vi ,.I:!. I mf I 11,49 . H' , Iu ' I. .14 5 .- . .IA L-' ,-P' a f' ,rl I Im- . , I -hy 'Eff .. -f'-.. .-'rt r- P- . . -K -gd ,--J"""J -V-'.4-f,rJ v.+',,,a f .." " -. -.-f- 1' ,lf-.. L toR: Charles Lagundimao, George L U' ez , l -ef' in ' A 1' sf ,j sf ,ff I' f of T 'S W' t 1 2 cv -A f 1 L, 1 '1 f- 4 x I ' 41, 1-I nfli. - 'I 15 -, .3-ff-I--.I. ,.f- I ' : ,lui 'Q -If -37 4, - '-Ry, ,A Jr ."',-Io ,-'I 1-v ,1-.fa ',.g- -- rn -, Ig ,gg-3 I. i,-Q n- --u ew, ' - .' Q". . 'ffe'-rw V :-W' .3 I- ,, ,..,1.,I.' . ,1.,,q .,, , I .N-,LAI ..I,I, if . I ' ' ffyff "' ff, I . I " 43'-f . , sf I 1' - N - ,I OUR TRACK TEAM DID ITS BEST Under the direction of its new mentor, Mr. Don Coryell, the cindermen of Farr- ington showed great abilit in the interscho- Y lastic track circuit. u Standout performers for the Governors were Richard Higa, miler and sprint starg Ambrose Velasco, high jump and pole vault starg William Jacinto, broadjump starg and Peter Marquardt, shot putter. Other performers who, deserved as much credit were Wallace Vincentg Harold Matsu- kado, Harold Ohama, Joseph Kaleikini, Wilbur Luna, Allen Furukawa, Fred Rokero, James Miike, Fabian Fragiao, Julien Fra- giao, Charles Lagundimao and George Ya- masaki. The boys practiced hard throughout tn, season and deserved the success which was theirs in the various meets. L to R: Allen Furukawa, David Periz, Fred Rokero leig- Kaliwaa. , l l -.- . , i '-xalfl L to R: Raymond Mimura, Stanley Jasto,David Shimogawa, Richard Higa, Ponciano Escobido. , . .. , i,,,, , . , , .M 37--3,1 1 it-'LQ . f- In-if . , 's . A ,,.,, , . ' f 7 f " A if - ,, - Q -4 Q " Q iff .H . LW L to R: William Jacinto, Harold Matsuka- L to R: Charles Kokobun, Ambrose Velasco Wallace A do' Harold Obama' Vincent, Donald Aipolani. , OUR GOLF TEAM Our golf team, displaying a fighting spirit and a championship form, was tops ln the Interscholastic League this year. Under the tutoring of a new mentor, Mr. Francis K. Aiwohi, the team was comprised of 13 players --seven seniors, four juniors and two sophomores. With the exception of Kamehameha, all schools took part in the matches. Amongthe better players to be lost to the school via graduation are David Jeong, Harold Karimoto, -Richard Kuwaye, Jose Quindara and Harry Takushi. . pnwohl Yfancxeelgach Hi- kijgsgf-Sw . kd, W Front rowg R. Castillo, G. Miller, R. Kunimoto, H. Karimoto, J. Quindara, E. Morales. Back rowg A. Blacaflor, S. Wailoma, F. Toyama, D. Jeong, Y. Fujimoto. X orfrkme LF j gs H gg nk: By Felipe Ramones and Lena Motta, Co-Sports Editors We, the Farrington Sports Staff of the year book, Ke Kiaalna, 1952- - Lena Motta 53, Should like to congratulate the boys who have participated in the var- Felipe Ramones Co-Sports ious sports. They ably represented their school during the year. Co-Sports Editor It is a pleasure for us to record their names on this page, labeled Editor FOOTBA LL-SENIOR Coach-Don Coryell James Miike Harry Kaneshiro Edward Kelepolo Kenneth Ching Michael Kauhi Patrick Ishihara fames Yang Stanley Harrington Paul Okudara Eugene Sodetanl IONORABLE MENTION lichael Takayesu Iharles Lagundlmao Fabian Fraglao Vohn Kahale francis Hlga IUNIOR FOOTBALL Ioach-Anthony J. Fralola Iulian Fraglao Ernest Sunada ioward Tanaka lobert Takahashi llchard Rodrigues Fidel Antonio Wilbur Luna "Sports Hall of Fame. " We also extend our congratulations to their coaches, who worked pa- tiently and conscientiously with the boys on the field and on the court. SPORTS HALL SENIOR BASKETBALL Coach- Francis K. Alwohi Charles Smith Bert Hlfumi Levi Molina John Swanson William Young Thomas Okazaki Gabriel Adviento Homer Hattori George Fujiwara HONORABLE MENTION Howard Miyake Peter Marquardt Richard Mlzuta Alfredo Esplnueva JUNIOR BASKETBALL Coach-Robert Kau Fred Rokero Richard Rodrigues Joseph Kaleikini Kenneth Kale llacarlo Palabrlca Hon Bun Young Fidel Antonio George Acqulno of FAME SENIOR BASEBALL Coach-Hajime Suga William Young Lester Yoshino Stanley Mitsuyukl Hubert Shirai Charles Smith Gilbert Valenzona Wilfred Mau George Fujiwara HONORABLE MENTION Eugene Yamamoto Warren Kotanl Robert Riga Richard Abiva 'Robert Sato Hiroshi Tsuzaki JUNIOR BASEBALL TRACK Coach-Don Coryell Ilidio Alota Richard Higa Ambrose Velasco Peter Marquardt Wallace Vincent Julian Fraglao Fred Rokero Fabian Fraglao William Jacinto Albert Blancaflor HONORABLE MENTION David Shimogawa Charles Lagundimao Harold Matsukado Frank Cajlgal Allen Furukawa GOLF Coach-James O. Mitchell Coach-Francis K.Aiwohi Charles Tomasa David Wong Paul Yukumoto Harry Oda George Takishlta Wlnlred Kalzuka Ronald Tamanaha Harry Moromisato Edwin Sato Harold Karimoto Rowan Kunimoto David Jeong Jose Quindara Francis Toyama' Richard Rodrigues 'qi :':3S Q 'ill' fewiepr ff5f'X J '5'0 xg S' Q G R076 MMT 1 ofazfiif . 7- Q,-vw, A x.Q,":q W4 , x SA ,ff QXQ Q V , 001 NK l Tennis is one of the earliest ball games whose origin is unknown. The modern game of tennis was introduced into the United States in 1875. It was so popular that in 1881 the United States Lawn Tennis Association was formed and a national championship match was held at New Port, Rhode Island. Since 1900, international matches have added interest to the game. In thatyear, a cup was offer- ed by Dwight F. Davis--a trophy for international competition. 'I'he United States won the cup seven times. Competition for the Davis cup is by teams, not individuals. 1 ,, ,f .Q .xng-rm A- . , . A ' M ,mir V .4 .S 5 WM captain and E Captain James E. Edington HEADQUARTERS ROTC DETACHMENT FARRINGTCN HIGH SCHOOL HONOLULU, HAWAII March 4, 1953 SUBIECT: Reserve Officers Training Corps TO: The Editor Farrington High School Annual Farrington High School Honolulu, Hawaii After nearly seven years of ROTC here at Farrington it would seem appropriate to evaluate the worth of the program. We cannot hope even to begin to produce a trained soldier through ROTC, but hundreds of Farrington graduates have been better prepared to serve their country because of their ROTC training.. The efforthere is to smooth the transition from civilian to soldier by preliminary military training and exposure to a military discipline. For those who are not called upon to serve in the Armed Forces the principles of courtesy, leadership and respect for authority carry over to assist in making a better citizen. That the ROTC t:raining is beneficial has already been proved by the performance of for- mer Farringtonians in'standing up to the demands of the Korean conflict. ' ' ' ' th F r'n tongrad- W feel that in a troubled world needing stability, and cooperation, e ar 1 g e uate will continue to prove an intelligent and valuable member of society and can be counted on to do his part. 65- IAMES E. EDINGTON Captain Armor PMS8zT gtawfnlemfzefas Help make The Z-feat omptete s mb I FC James K H ,U . opkins Under the guidance of Captain Iames E. Edington and his staff, the ROTC departments enjoyed a successful year. The Farrington ROTC has been in existence since 1946, and it has seen many improvements. The purpose of the ROTC is not to turn out soldiers, but to build initiative and leadership in a cadet, both in civil and military life. Soldiering is secondary. A cadet in the ROTC will learn leadership, courtesy, neatness and, most of all, learn to become an intelligent citizen in his community. To climax the year, the department held the annual Military Ball at Maluhia, FortDeRussy. Itwas restricted to cadets of Farrington and the ir guests. x, X xy if ANI. Nagafa . ,H l 4 Mfsee, L E' 0 11 BF, f ,J ' I bomb Sk 1 sffast egimenta Capt. James Yamaguchi ol John Snead Major Henry Dolera S-1 Major Phil ip Ogata S-2 Major Lawr- T ence Kosek1'S-3 Major Stanley Mitsuyuki S 'Of-'42 01- Robert St. Clair 3011. Col. Dolores briel .JF Major Walter Chiapetfa Reg't Amr. Q 6 L. Q? Qfifzsf fkgaffalf 15" 'J 4 Y" A 2 5 im ' Maj. william Jacinto A j Hon. Lt. Col. Shirley Botelho Zfld Lf- Daniel Suzuki Lt. Col. Donald Gomes capr. H ' 3 erman Jeremiah L gf? f. of 7 Q , - u ' 7 fr A NS 1 ,fx Q, By 'f ag Q y,,e 1 W lm-f! if X l Ik lst. Lt. Victorino Lamadrid Q 4 AH0n. Cap. Felerica Simon 0 m G ny CZ if , E , 2 ev X , I- H+-f ! ' 2nd Lt. Edward Kelepolo I V 2nd Lt- Rudolph Kahookele i I 5 , 5 I .st Lt. Capt- George Nishioka Hon. Capt. Doris Fukuda Owen Morishige A '-0 'su' . 1 -3 A f' ,f s. .Af 2nd Lt. Amr Koide 2nd Lt. Shinichiro Nasu oFF1cERs, FRONT: ff? ,-is 2nd Lt. AlfredO Tolentino I ! X ' 5 W---......f. x f f'f?f?33 om any Capt- Franklm Choy 'X ,il . -S "' K C ga C? J C .C -XF . E , N, , Hon., Capt. Naomi Matsunr 2 e r , ' 2' ff? 1stLt. Blaise Lai - or 1 2nd Lt. Clarence Gabriel 2nd Lt. Tyrus Isa C I V' sw- I ' H 'Q A ,Jas 1 . ompanxl is jf CF 1 , ,.. f ,4 ' V -f 'Q . .. f P' A f, 2nd Lt Robert Lee .V NX J-,g!i- K aff he ,b w W 'S x Na VJ A Hon. Col. Shirley Ho Lt. Col. Joel Kauihou Capt. David Hauoli , N fa 1 M18 1tLtF 866113 gaffalion I w J iof Alvin Chang zm. Lf. craspolo Sindions If? B AN X. Y? x 5 .g .,v: 4 "W s . . rederick Kim I L K - a Q , Hon. Capt. Rose Vierra ff f 0 m P a n If - V rye- M I fl, K 1 Y fi J ba g 1 ' -V End. Lt. Jose Quindara 2nd. Lt. John Clarti W H iw.. -vw NAYW ',.Q.4x' s2ff I A Capt. Rudolph Freeman r . M Hon. Cap. Madeline Jumawan tf2l'A f 'Ng 1st Lt. William Soriano 2nd Lt. Richard Furushima 2nd Lt. Norman Shun gl Rotcy boys getting their rifles for Thursdays drill- OM an Y? 59? 2nd Lt. Fabian Fragiao 5 e .1 ' V '1 fs F4 . :qv 3 VNIYN? 4 Qs - S . e , ' VN " t 'vm 1 Jw Znd. Lt. Renaldo Santiago E lst. Lt. Paul Kansaki Z I Capt Daniel Lavilla 2rd Lt. Raymond Torres 1 . 1 t.- - on. Capt. Laverne Paresa ' Elldsuaq 3 E f L Q3 I' hh-f. of Znd- Lt. Ambrose Velasco Boys getting ready t . w OmPa"'I Q ,ff vb X or ROTC drills' M0 X A ,, 1 K . K ll 5 , J ' a h 5 ' C t w 1 S 1 2 2 2? " an ap . a ter evedra p df ,er rl M if lst Lf- Castle Ng 1st Lt. Daniel Amaral R076 Hanoi uafzd The Farrington Honor Guard has done great service to our school and community throughout this school year. They supervised at all Farrington football and bas- ke tball games and during the Clu'istmas play, gradua- tion exercises and at other functions. They were also called upon to supervise car-parking on special days. There are thirty-six members in the Honor Guard. Any ROTC member with a "C" average is qualified. Sergeant James Hopkins is their adviser. Three cheers to the Farrington Honor Guard for a service well donel .-.-gg gun "M l iq 1 5 F n-li Hey! Charley. no smiling on dutv. Y..,,-Y--.-.-........1 , 51f , . in vids M if-4-are A fl Q' , Capt. Shinichiro Nasu Cap Sgt. Doubek assisting the b . pra ti Oys, c cing after school 12016 fzfgle Team Under Sergeant Leon Doubek, the rifle team dis- played wonderful sportsmanship competing with teams from other high schools. They won five mat- ches and lost one. The purpose of the rifle team is to develop good shooters. To accomplish this, they practiced every day after school. . t -two sharpshooters in the team , There were twen y fifteen in the first and seven in the second. Co-captains of the rifle team were James Yama guchi and Shinichiro Nasu, seniors. To thehoystrorniar-1 , ington High Schooiwho served taithtuiiig in the Korean War, we set a- side this page--to thern who sacr iticed their 'tives to attain peace this worid. Mag you aii rest peace iorever. iN MEMORUAM 'Naiiace Rider Farrington High X tgguinaido, Benito '44 aniaguchi, Rodney N. Priiaro, Eddie ' 45 Hung, Herbert '45 Ptraicaiai, Haines '45 Kauahi, Aiexander '41 Lagnrinias Araiiaki, Seiehi '40 Keiii, Matthew '50 L-arn David 4 Auigong, Ciarenee '48 Kirn, Aibert'49 Maeha o enrv 5 Coeiho, Aiian P+.. '50 Hiriu, Hiroshi '41 Maeda, Hanicrd 47 Fuiaainizu, Haruo '42 Kiyohiro, 'Yetsuo ' 44 Matthews George '5 Ruiino '-if iioehl, Raiph Takashi '48 Mew Ra rnond 46 '1i'1 Keno, Richard Yasusjuiai '50 Mizusawa 'Ysunernatsu iiozuiai, Arthur Masaru '48 Moirna Beniarn n M. '50 araide, C rnes, Robert Ianies Roy '46 ' i Georgie ii. S. 5 Charies '42 10 Hoover '47 Marianito ' 4 Robert ' 49 Horace S. '48 Herbert ' 45 Noboru '50 io, Seiso '5i atanabe, Richard M. '4i okornichi, Thomas H. '49 'i Up untii Schoo ' 45 Huhns L-aboegen, Sirnrni Y ernando Students Hiiied n ' Ptprii 'Z 1953 OlZQG'l2dZC2TLlO72 9 Fencing was originated in Italy and Germany, and quickly became popular in Spain and France, where it was one of the principal pastimes of the nobility. A modern sport today, fencers use light foils tipped with rubber buttons. It requires years of training and practice to master the technique, which cultivates a graceful carriage and pro- motes agility and muscular control. I.. -. . "9- x. '51 V, J nl - ,fr V ,oe xs i'--Q' V FRENCH CLUB ,Q . f,,k: . . X X! soo Ku Park U Ezq 5 3 A C Mrs. A. van Dyk Q 5 kl' Y Adviser Irvin Sasaki S Irene Hayashida Vice President Alice shmagawa Stanley Koki Social Chairman Secretary Treasurer Ax S Wk LQWN E 5 N95 With the purpose of creating better under- 09 5 R w k standing of the French language and of pro- . XXX YA ' , i ,Q moting closer fellowship, the French Club has X I ' ' A ' .X K .u ,, ,i X been organized. X -5 XXI' It's open to all students who are interested S wg. XXX inFrenchcustoms regardless of whether they ' .QQ take French or not. ' - 1' Their first activity, an initiation picnic at ' X xg!! Hanauma Bay, was highlighted bya scavenger I ' hunt. N Later, during the Christmas season, they combined with the Hui 0' Farrington Club and went on a caroling tour to various places. Front row: to R.: D. Ieong, S. K. Park, L. Nakashima, M. Furukawa, K. Okinishi, S. Sasaki, D. Lopez, L Ajimine, S. Aono, E. Bosuego. 2nd row: L. to R.: H. Tse, E. Kawakami, L. Hayakawa, J. Nakayama, B. iaanapu, K. Souza, V. Algoso, I. Yano, J. Tom, J. Yano, M. Goto, I. Toguchi, M. Matsuura, L., Paresa, E. Babado. 3rd row: L. to R.: G. Wong, R. Lee, B. Telles, M. Campbell, V. Reynolds, P. Nagahara, A. Shinay gawa, R. Tokaro, S. Ide, M. Nishimura, B. Ideta, I. Hayashida, S. Alfonso, B. Yonashiro, R. Kinoshita. BIOLOGY CLUB -I ' 'Q 'fs J l U' I Richard Yokota 2 President - ' Harry Yasuta e Vice-President . . Frances Kokubun David Ieong Secretary Treasurer Q The Biology Club with "promotion of interest in all phases of living science" as its purpose spent an event- ful and enjoyable school year. The standing committees included lecture, program, excursion, senior farewell banquet and scholarship dance committees. Lectures on various high school sports were spon- sored by the club. ' The club held a Valentine Hop in February to raise money towards the scholarship fund. The farewell banquet given by the juniors of the club in honor of the seniors was a wonderful success and was enjoyed by everyone. Mr L Kawahara Mildred Fukumoto Social Chairm an I lc v' Adviser Kathryn Oshiro President ' I f Nancy Terada 1st Veep 2nd Veep The Farrington Toasters Club was organ- ized in 1950 by the public speaking class and its adviser,Mr. Herbert W. Liu. The purpose of this club is to promote bet- ter speech, public interest and debate and to help members become good citizens. As service projects the club helped with the distribution of Christmas seals for the Mutual Sonya Nishimura Irene Fujimaki FARRINGTON TOASTERS CLUB -1, 3rd Veep Karen Okumura -A Secretary Geraldine Ca Treasurer Telephone Co. and also participated in the SOC dance. A ,scholarship dance was held in April to help a worthy member further his education at the University of Hawaii. A banquet was held at the Waikiki Lau Yee Chai at the close of the school year to climax the club's activities for the year. Xz A Row 1 left to right: Jean Keiolalio, Bessie Tanaka, Frances Okumura, Helene Kamiya, Laura Maenaka, nica Saito, Francisca Domingo, Angelina Permito, Patricia Konno, Mary Leonida. Row 2: Henrietta Kapx Helen Toguchi, Avis Furukido, Geraldine Calm, Alice Nakano, Karen Okumura, Annie Wai, June Chinen, QF Kaneshiro, Alice Matsuno, Janet Furubayashi. Row 3:Gladys Yokota, Patricia Young, Mildred Oshiro, Luc len, Rosalia Daong, Naomi Azama, Angeline Saldavia. Row 4: Beverly Okano, Helen Kagemoto, Barbara hoff, Margaret Sasaki, Norma Sodetani, Nancy Terada, Esther Kinney, Lucy Andrade, Terecita Enanoria, Kim. Katherine Kekuma. Ruth Oya, Clarissa Choo, Lily Tom. With "The Key to Knowledge Opens the Door to SPEECH 81 DEBATE Ann Fukumoto I lf I President I-lorman Shun llst Vice President Doris Fukushima 'ce President iwancy Nakasone Znd V1 V 3rd Vice President , RE bl Jean Uyeda Clarence li' ats uda Secretary Treasurer i 5 The Farrington Speech and Debate Club, or- ganized in September, 1952, is composed of 36 members including seniors, juniors and sopho- mores. The purpose of the club is to promote skill in the arts of public speaking, argumentation and debate to better acquaint the school with com- munity. Success" as the motto, the club has for its colors purple and white. Under the supervision of Mr. HerbertW. Liu, the club sponsored story telling at St. Anthony's Home and the King's Daughter s Home. It also participated in the sale of poppies. The club members wear purple and white pins engraved with FSDC and mallet pin guards. lst Row: L. to R.: Clarence Matsuda, George Miyabara, Peter Louis, Norman Shun, LionelCazumero, Bing Hu Young, Clifford Hudson. 2nd Row: L. to R. : Mildred Chu, Nancy Nakasone, Jane Nakamura, Ellen Oda, Elizabetl Hinol, Caroline Eliysores, Gloria Bermudze. 3rd Row: L. to R.: C1aribelPuua1a, Ryoko Awoki, Lorraine Kurosu Patsy Au, Aileen Hirashiki, Patsy Oshiro, Alma Mata, Dawn Chu, Patsy Miyashiro. 4th Row: L. to R.: May Kama- ka, Vivian Choy, Jean Uyeda, Ann Fukumoto, Gladys Oshiro, Janice Tanaka, Merle Yamada, Doris Fuchikami, Joanna Baldauf, Linda Kim. 41' Eleanor Akiyama if J A :qw Miss F. Yamada President .Nqr ' Adviser Jade Tom ,U e d 'fr Susan Gilding Vice PI'9Sid6Ilf Social Chairman Mary Jane Kusunoki .Tune Takahashi Secretary Treasurer BEGINNING GREGGITES Q The beginning chapter of the Farrington High School ' Greggites, composed of approximately 200 students, 5- 9-ffemm was organized to train secretaries and stenographers . The purpose of this club is "to encourage shorthand students to participate in the Annual Order of Gregg X Artists Contest, and to promote a greater interest in ti shorthand. " B Besides working hard, the members enjoyed a mem- l orable get-together picnic sponsored by the Advanced E Greggites. yn A farewell social was held for the Advanced chapter -gf, as the club's last social function of the year. XX ...4..M, ir, A-, 1st Row L to R: S. Nakama, A. Shimabukuro, M. Curameng, I. Dumlao, R. Daoong, H. Surell, D. Acquino, I. Tokashil R. Porlas, A. Nakama. 2nd Row: A. Arita, I. Maeda, V. Tanaka, L. Okamoto, S. Iavero,,Y. Arakawa, E. Dunlao, A. C: valho, C.Bardago, M. Yabes, C. Aukai. 3rd Row:M. Alo, F. Chee, E. Akiyama, A. Chong, I. Takahashi, I. I-Iayashida Queja, I. Demello, M. Chock, J. Magsanide, J. Nakamura. 4th Row: A. Dasuga, N. Chock, C. Takeshita, I. Takahas L. Honda. V. Gaison. I . Tom, B. Arakawa,. Lorraine Makaiwi azel Ikari l 'resid t in Aileen Nakata Vice President Program Chairman Sylvia Mitsuyoshi Florence Nishlhira Secretary Treasurer ADVANCED GREGGITES Q """""'e-,B G Qu u I 'R 'L The purpose of the Advanced Gregittes is to encour- age the students to take part in the annual O. G. A. con- test, to promote better relations among its members and to developa greater interest in the study of short- hand ' 'I'he year's program included service projects as well as social actxvxties A torchlight supper was held early in the school year at the amphltheater xn honor of the Begmning Greggites Mrs. K. Char Adviser t f Q y TOASTERS CLUB a it C Q '-x35-' . K . .1 ' S "l V ' t , .SV i -4, , X r ,jp N x P j r z afifii -., E v Ruth Qya Q . Aj, Eleanor Kohagura president H ld Oh i X Treasurer aro ama . ist vice President Frgggfzfxeshlro Charles Kobashigawa June Chinen 2nd Vice President 3rd Vice President "Topromote better speech, public interest and debate and to help members become good citizens. " These are the ob- jectives of the Farrington Toasters Club. In the third year of full time activity, the members parti- cipated in various community projects and social affairs. They helped with the distribution of Christmas seals and participated in the annual SOC Dance. Combined with the other Toasters Clubs, they sponsored a scholarship dance in April. To climax the year's events, the club held a banquet at Lau Yee Chai in May. 1 .-... First Row:L to R:F. Ernesto, P. Hattori, J. Keamo, M. Ahuna, M. Sasaki. Second Row: S. Kim, N. Sodetani A. Furukido, N. Terada, H. Kagemoto, B. Okano. FBLA To develop competent and aggressive business leadership is the purpose of FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA, a national organization for high school students in business. President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mildred Maeyama Vice President .... .... E leanor Oshiro Secretary ....... . . . Ruth Shimabukuro Treasurer ........ .... G eorge Tengan Social Chairman . . . . . . Grace Wakuzawa Program Chairman . . . . . . . Jean Sugawara COTC Members of the cooperative office training class, a chapter of the FBLA in Farrington High School, are seniors who work part-time in busi- ness offices in the community. President .... ................ Shirley Kakazu Vice President . . . . . . . . June Nakayama Secretary . . . . . . . ..... . . . Shirley Ho Treasurer . . . . . . . . .... Herbert Sunada Social Chairman . . . . . . . Joyce Nakamura BOOKKEEPERS CLUB .M V an V -..QV A V May Yoshioka, ' V Naomi Nagamine if 1 s x President l .r E I Secretary 4, . X 7 'll 9' Vi ,::, I J , 1' H211 Mr. N. S. Ching M N I Adviser William Young Carlito Rofoli ' 1 Vice President Treasurer The purpose of the club is to maintain and 'lv M Q promote the interests of the Farrington Store, X fi !1 to encourage good citizenship and to further ' ' its interests in the bookkeeping field. A Although it was difficult work, there was sfavg- -V l nevera dull moment as new oroblems arose , X i, 'i daily. The members of the club enjoyed a V Ly N ' N - very successful year. Q , Q Arg.: . . t. il! -X i - y Q , . 1 L u-1 S 1 J K, lst row L to R: E. Arashii-o, P. Jocson, E. Uehara, M. Chang, R. Fujimoto, M. Iwaki, J. Konno. 2nd rowzi Niizawa, M. Yonekura, D. Kaneshiro, J. Ishimatsu, P. Yamaguchi, E. Oshiro, G. Pau, M. Yoshioka, K. Sak moto, A.. Higa, S. Chinn, H. Kasashima, 3rd row: I. Fujimoto, A. Ideta G. Yamamoto N Nagamine L. Som D. Chang, B. Kam, E. Kim, L. Maeda, Mr. N. S. Ching fadviserj. 4th row: H. Sato, Sesoko, J. Derengi I. T 11 . " ' e es, D. Lee, R. Arn, F. Nagahara, E. Yee, A. Damaco. 5th row: R. Inouchi, D. Mark, W. Kawamoto, Tengan, C. Rofoli, W. Young. PRIVATE BRANCH EXCHANGE With its purpose of promoting better telephone service for the school as well as the community, the Private Branch Exchange Operators Club was organized at Farrington in October, 1948. This club consisted of 11 girls all of whom were regular operators in school. 3 .1 m-.s. lst Row: L. to R.: Helene Kamiya, Genieve Parages, Miss Miyako Fujii, advisor, Eleanor Akiyama, Betty Onogi, Florence Furuya. 2nd Row: L. to R.: Irene Hayashida, Alecia Keawekane, Kathryn Oshiro, Audrey Seaburry, Florence Tanaka, Carol Yonesaki. BE BCDPS The Be-Bops Club, under the advisership of Mr. Ray Hamamoto, has hada fullprogram throughout the year. Composed of students from the different high schools, the club aims to promote friendship and participation among students through its many activities. Some of the activities that the club has sponsored are its annual scholarship dance, whichis held to raise money for the scholarship funds of Farrington, McKinley, Kaimuki and Roosevelt, its basketball league designed for competition and fun among the members of the different clubs and its volleyball tournament. f-.:, , T 1 ' 1 '- , izihiii 1 if ,-an lst row: L. to R.: Roy Ishii, Henry Furukido, Harry Kaneshiro, Harry Kurosu. 2nd row: L. to R.: Stanley Mitsuyuki, Jessie Shiratori, Glory Ann Takeshita, Merle Yamada. .ku 'Q QUILL 81 SCROLL 5 'Auf iizuo Takarz President . A 4 A p 4 f L M f l L LL n L p " Karen Okumura y 4, q l " Vice President l Q ' L Natalie Ann A :Q r ,J Secretary .t 'f , if - X. f D Mrs. Ruth Davis Harald ggatfgffado A . fig? Q1 . Adviser re U 1 g . Philip Ogata ... ........ -.. Photographer . L S A Q ' Betty Arakawa al J' K .. Mercy Balocan - 'mv a ' Z P tt . , Richard Chun 1 g ,Albert Caporoz Joanne Hirohaka John Kahale ' ' af L F . L I -sz.. 'Q K3 Q aa' 'fi -, QL. 1- A Y . J Libby Kamakeeaina Stanley Koki Lawrence Koseki Lily Luke Lydia Maielua Naomi Matsuno Helen Miyamoto June Montayre Albert Oreyro To advance the standards of journa- lism by developing better journalists and by inculcating a higher code of eth- ics were the purposes of The Riley H. Allen Chapter of the Quill and Scroll Society of Farrington. With a membership of 26 students from the newswriting, annualproduc- tion, printshop and vari-type classes , this society undertook several activi- ties. The annual initiation banquet was held on May 2 at the Queen Surf. Twen - ty-one members were initiated. Officers were Shizuo Takara, presi- dentg Karen Okumura, vice-presidentg Natalie Ahn, secretaryg Harold Mat- sukado, treasurer. Mrs. Ruth Davis served as the adviser. Walter Tsuma Lucy Uyeda Josephine' pahukuia Michael UYGHO Jackie Tirrell Nee Leong YOURS It xy ? aty. .a ' . md XJ I L D W V WL' I I ,Q f Q -in I If? . L . J Ig The Spartans Club is composed of 40 mem- bers. Its purpose is to have fun and to promote friendship among them- selves. This club enjoyed many activities this past year, some of which were basketball and volleyball games against Farrington Hi-Y clubs. They enjoyed social gatherings with the Y- Teen clubs of various high schools. 1st Row: L. to R.:-S. Aono, H. Arzudon, A. Chang, G. Fujiwara, K. Hattori. 2nd Row:B. Hi- fumi, J. Higa, B. Inoue, R. Inouye, T. Isa.. 3rd Row: R. Ishii, T. Kago- shima, H. Karimoto, C. Kimura, S. Kodama. 4th Row: S. Kuroda, D. Le- ong, G. Mahelana, P. Nagata, S. Nakagawa. 5th Row: R. Nakasone, G. Nishioka, R. Okano, C. Ono, F. Shinsato. 6th Row: K. Yoneda, J. Ta- keshita, T. Tamai, K. Tagami, F. Toyama. 7th Row: S. Watanabe, J. Hong, J. Yamada, C. Yamaguchi, J. Yama- guchi. I td .A Candido Subeldia SPARTANS kg, .11 X I lt' ia. Fifi L h ,I wrlfzz ester Yoshino Lawrence Koseki President Vice President Bert Yamaguchi Charles Kimura Treasurer Secretary RAINBOW HI-Y Dances, sports activities and picnics were some of the recreational functions of Rainbows Hi-Y. Included in the club's activities were Christmas caroling, socials with clubs of various high schools and participating in the SOC dance. Roy Arii Lawrence Ar ii Thomas Ashimine Alfredo Espenueva Ramon Fujiki Wallace Hayashi Melvin Horii sn ,W U, , .B ,.- it 1 I David Ieong Charles Kobashigawa Stanley Mikami Harold Ohama Felipe Ramones Francis Shinsato Alvin Tachibana Shizuo Takara Lawrence Takayesu Ralph Tatsuyama Heru'y Urada Gilbert Valenzona Sanford Watanabe Francis Yamaoka Brian Yano DR EAM DEE S The Dream Debs Club, composed of junior and senior girls, was organized in September, 1951. Through the able advisership of Berlyn Nishi- mura, the girls enjoyeda highly successful year. During the past school year, the members participated in numerous activities. For service projects, the girls sold poppies at Christmas time, folded Easter seals, collected contributions for the March of Dime campaign and took part in "Clothes for Korea Drive." Social activities enjoyed by the club were picnics and socials with clubs of Farrington and other schools. Abanquet in June climaxed the year's events. l i S 1- l Doris Nakasone Dorothy Nakatani June Nakayama Phyllis Mishima Lily Nforomisato Jean Sugawara Gladys Taba June Takahashi Eva Tengan Janet Tokashiki Eleanor Ventula Shirley Ueshiro Grace Wakuzawa Betty Yanagawa Berlyn Nishimura Adviser l Lorraine Toi Lavern Nishih: President Vice Preside Mildred Maeyama Mary Uzuma Secretary Treasurer Hazel Ikari Shirley Kakazu Frances Kaneshiro Vary Jane l-Qusunoki Naomi ll atsuno Fay Nakamura G ji 1' f I. .CW I 14 .2 .- -J PZ x 'N ffm HUI O' WAI-IINES Eleanor A lama V. President i 1 l Miss Takahashi A dvisor Jean Sugawara Mildred Maeyama Secretary Rachel lwaki Treasurer The purpose of the Hui O'Wa- ' hines Club is to promote and maintain friendship and sister- hood as well as to be of service to the school and community. Some of the projects done by the club were: Participating in the SOC dance, caroling at hosp- itals and sending old clothes to Korea. J. Tom G. Wakuzawa President K '. ! , 7 1 : V ' .. 'LI 'V , 'T A .. "fl N . W . M ' J' pioa Q X. K Q32 .'..,- L N. Whang C. Yonesaki lst row: L. to R: F. Chee, B. Fukumoto, R. Genovia, B. Harac 2nd row: M. J. Kusunoki, N. Matsuno, A. Nakata, D. Nakatal 3rd row: E. Okuma, G. Oshiro, R. Satsuda, S. Sesoko 4th rov D. Shimabukuro, M. Sora, H. Taira, J. Tanoura, J. Tom, Wohuzawa, N. Whang, C. Yonesaki CLUB '53 ga s. 'C' ix . 6' Ll Margaret Higalnogltggigxgng Helen Ohasni Barbara Harada Secretary Treasurer Eleanor Sugita Vrce presrdent Social Chairman h -S' ! Club '53 composed of senior girls was organized in September, 1951. The members participated in various service projects, some of which were Christmas caroling, foldingChr1strnas seals, aiding with the comic-magazine dr ive and helping with the clothing dr ive for Korea. Among the club's social activities' were picnics, social and a banquet which climaxed the year's events. lstrow-L. to R. :-EM. Harada, R. Hoshl no, I. Ige, F. Iha. 2nd row: B. Kaana pu, B. Kam, M. Kama, J. Lee. 3r row: H. Liu, H. Madali, E. .Matayoshi E. Okuma. 4th row: C. Ortiz, R. Per kins, H. Sakai, M. Spotkaeff. KE ALHS Leonard Bautista Tom Endo Raymond Furushio Richard Igarashi Norman Kuwahara Merl Minami I im .i Owen Morishige Leslie Nakashirna . Richard Tanigawa Harry Yasutake Ernest Yuasa Richard Yokota k! Under the able leadership- of President Richard Tanigawa, Vice President Me1'lMinami, Secretary Leslii kashima, and Treasurer Thomas Endo, the Ke Aliis Club successfully completed its third year of existen a charter member of the Kalihi Branch YMCA, During the past school year, the members participated in a number of service projects. They contributed services folding Easter seals and taking part in "The Clothing Drive for Korea. " The club enjoyed several social get-togethers with girls clubs of Farrington, Roosevelt and McKinley. A n light picnic and Christmascaroling were also included in the social events. A banquet in May climaxed a most interesting year. Y - . Beverly Kaanapu President Jacqueline Tirrell Vice President The Hawaiian Club composed of twenty-eight senior girls was organized in 1952 under the able advisership of Mrs. Edna K. M. Liwai. This popular club enjoyed socials, picnics and parti- cipated in sports tournaments. They were also very active in serviceprojects and school affairs. The Ha- waiians ended the school year with a bang-up banquet. Lorraine Makaiwi Secretary Katherine Kuanoni Treasurer W fi' as 71165 in Ja 3 ' Patricia Aiu Wilhemina Aiu Elizabeth Among Henrietta Arruda Shirley Bothelo vu 1 :will 0244735 Lani Laleiwakea Blossom Kealohio Esther Kinney June Montayre Lena Motta Adelaide Nailima Sarah Naki Grace Pau Q . ' li .r A I, 4 1 7' ,. : V . Margaret Campbell ' Elizabeth Cavaco Mamo Chang Clarissa Choo Frances Dwight Lei Kahakui lizabeth Poepoe Angeline Saldaira Gene Silva Maria Spotkoff Margaret Wong L., W it ,. ,-1, . fy Tr '1 r h In we I. . 1 ni ri . t Q: 1 f 'Q .k , , X' , .Mm 2, h. A e4 ff l ' 1 QA" i . 'sa g ... A 2, Y "1 , - ' ' I f- x HUI O' GOVERNESS V '..,:, jp if . A Doris Kaneshiro I S it President s at lk a fi' H " ' ' Jean Yamada Vice President ,. ,y f A .sag 3 1- 'iy J . 4- ,, QW .Q ' .. Mildred Tsuha Secretary - 1 , "Tits Doris Honda S 3, Treasurer 4 Y s 1. 51. ,YA : i j . Q6 9 4 - ,. 'Q . XSY' 5 M - W -, k2...l.4' is 4 . a t 5 Q my Y. U . :Q .. i ,. ug. . ,. . . 2 , Ali. '-': -'lr Joan Shoji Advisor Q, S '. , a 32 T ,.- . .,X.: E., K 'ali . f t ' f The Hui O' Governess Club is composed of twenty- five-girls from each grade level. The purpose is "Service to the School and Com- munity. "The Hui O' Governess Club started the year by taking part in the SOC dance. Other projects included selling of poppies, sending old clothes to Korea and caroling at Christmas. Activities enjoyed by the club were a picnic, at which the new members were initiated, and socials. To climax the year, the club held a farewell party in honor of the seniors. 1st row: L. to R.: R. Adaniya, J. Chinen, F. Fuji- moto, 2nd row: L. toR. :J. Fujimoto,P. Fukumoto F. Kaneshiro, 3rd row: L. to R.: E. Kohagura, L. Maenaka, G. Nakata, 4throw: L. to R.: F. Nishihi- ra, E. Shimabukuro, M. Sora, 5th row: L. to R.. J. Takahashi, E.'Tengan, E. Tengan, 6th row: L.tc R.: N. Terada, L. Tom, H. Yee. wi. ww. .A.., . KW-an ag. , . 9 l I W , . i VX X , 5 .XL x .J kr X Y 7 "Q W1 'fl Qx a.. s. .Ja :Q 3 ff N X .l,2L HU! 0' FARRINGTDN '1'?: ' ' Daniel Takamatsu v g i President UQ N , E ' K , -Q. fd- L X , Q, r ,, r N Q 1 H., , -,-M ..,....,,,-,.a l. V 1 p W lawrence Koseki I 3, 2 53 v 75. at Vice President ' R . .- . 1 :- R - 1 -2 bX at if ' W R X N Norman Kuwahara C Paul Yukumoto . g ' ' ,V Secretary Treasurer . .,, 1 a. A .A ' ve: i a w G 'Y 4'-L ti- ' A X -I, -A K S " Q . Y 't f ' "ff M , . ss , J- , fn 2 q -M- . . ,pg-6 2 sv' 4 - .4-'P W T N .A 1st row- L. to R.: R. Batula, T. Endo, Y. Fuji- moto. 2nd row- M. Infante, R. Inouye, D. Ieong. 3rd row- C. Kimura, C. Kobashigawa, R. Kuwaye. 4th row- L. Nakashima, F. Natori, H. Ohama. 5th row- K. Oshiro, S. K. Park, A. Tachibana. 6th row- Ernest Yuwasa Social Chairman . L vo. J TY Richard Yokota Chaplain 2 Ihr .- Under the capable advisership of Miss Miyoko Na- kagami, the Hui O' Farrington successfully con- cluded the second year of its existence. The purpose of this club is "to promote better relations, good sportsmanship and to raise the scho- lastic standards among the students of this school. " Highlighting the various service projects in which the club participated was the collaboration of the Hui O'Farrington with the Hui O'Governess in spon- soring a benefit movie, the proceeds going toward a scholarship for a deserving Farringtonian. The members of this club also enjoyed several social functions with clubs of other high schools. S. Takara, B. Yamaguchi, C. Yasunaga. 7th row- H. Yasutake, S. Hirashiki, T. Yoshioka. AIKANE Hazel Ikari Phyllis Mishima President Grace Nakata Vice President Janet Shiga Treasurer Violet Ueshiro Adviser Recording Secretary Jean Ige Corresponding Secretary I Phyllis--and her mouth--attracts attention of her listerners . ii.: 1,3 Q F a , Q QP if Q 5 f l if Q. L 74 Ex? 'e ' 3: J S 2' X . . ,.' . g see r 2 F . X A t ., L. to R. First row: M. Nojima, D. Omori, N. Ono. Secondrow: E. Oshiro, R. Oya, F. Saito. Third row: J. Shimabukuro, R. Shima- bukuro, A. Shinigawa. Fourth row: L. Shio- saki, J. Sugawara, A. Sumiyoshi. Fifth row: G. Taba, B. Tanaka, S. Ueshiro. Sixth row: M. Yamasaki, T. Yawata, G. Yonasgiro. ,fs 1 , 'vs G3 -cv ? 'z Mildr S uya Program airman Jane Konno .L am 'N 'Q J' une Nakayama Neutral Ng Z, A V A 3" Co-Progr sq A J QC It . 5, 1 L F A. 'R' -ich" ' A I ! .. .- , A A -'I 'S s Q t g f 1 L. to R. First row: L. Chun, P. Enoki, M. Hamabata. Second row: M. Higa, P. Jocson, S. Kakazu. Third row: E. -Kim, L. Maeda, M. Maeyama. Fourth row: N. Matsuno, L. Moromisato, P. Nagahara. Fifth row: N.Na- gamine, J. Nakamura, V. Nakamura. Sixth row: J. Nakayama, J. Narikiyo, T. Nihei. Doris Nakasone Social Chairman Dorothy Nakatani Service Chairman The Aikane Teensters Y-Teen Club ex- perienced a highly successful and satisfy- ing year of fun and service to both school and community. The activities which occupied the busy Teensters were: selling poppies, folding Easter seals, sending CARE packages to needy countries, collecting clothes for the "Clothes for Korea Drive", caroling at hos- pitals, picnics and social get together with clubs of various schools. InApril, the girls experienced an enjoy- able three day camp at the YMCA Beach Club. A banquet was held in June to climax a most successful and interesting year. Lorraine Toi ICC Representative IOLLY X6 'a gafbnaxofet X vate' 1 ocoow Formedyby a group of sophomores in Sep- egfds tember, 1950, the Jolly .Testers Y-Teens X XMXM WP! enjoyed three years of fellowship and fun. K h f" 5eC5e The members willingly offered their time W and services whenever needed., go? any Some of the projects to which the girls sngtxeqgiggxd ' ,rim contributed time and effort were: folding 'ce' s G' ffl-,, if Q1 1" "iii-J'5"! Q-ka A Yflix I " ' -. ,Q .V E 'ii ' 'Llff Jil? X6952' ! WV V' M we L Exo L. AL, 3-.MI lkpyl--A+. I SK F , . glen ' 4 5' 'V 'J Wk' L 'K ,. "I 'L-t 6'-,L iff! ,!--fl'-.-"i--r .uf .ogxe V Lfidfff N. ,gt 'ing tai A ,L uni. . --f- ' AJ 1 kg ' .3 , f rf' NYAYA3 . 6316 L L" V. . , j f iff, J c Y,,.fs-, 9, g 2 pf- IL-1 .L L-. A -A 4' 'I' A'AT-A-32,1 e'5X if ' K to " .fry . .. fit' cf VY Doreen Fuukami Rita Fuumoto f Doris Fukuda Florence Hirano Leatrice Janice Chung Inamufa irginia' Algoso 5s EL Janet Ishimatsu Sheila Lge Helene Kamiya Doris Kaneshiro Beverly Larm Frances Kokubun Doris Honda ' 55' K 'YT' gf! ' , I QR W x Grace Matsumiya Grace Matsumoto- Violet Matsuoka Alice Matsumoto Gladys MiYaShi1'0 lvelyn Matayoshi' ' A Betty Nakamatsu IESTERS 'YQ Ioolince mes "Pa Gllfative Easter seals, cleaning up the school patio ,gb for several dances, collecting clothes for plffley Y XX X "Clothes for Korea Drive" and social ac- ogralb Pigar 'ia' tivities with Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y boys. 0113. fy A banquetwas held in June toaend a most 0111.30 successful and enjoyable year. 7 A W 4, li A-1-4... E11 1 a - an ,-, sf 5' . ' l N1 '7l"""""L 'i"' to '5'w'i7' 1 Q , Z-2b ,4-Af., ,ofa .f IPB, 7 v V. y C , Ai BA I 1 J A-we Mg- eg!!! jig LL dgli figvm 21' grail if a J ka A ,B .fc cw ' ue dbx' 4,'L1'..+t.2 1,1 D gijtjku is V- Lk :YL V. " ai, 1' 1' ' ff , 1 V, ,Y L, A a...b,L, "L" K , ,' - Qc. 6 V., ,J H3 Y LIL 3 K Ltd., .,-fb-fs... 'V VY Q LLL V VL-'it-1 QQL ugjcb, lfajvo da 5 4. 4-51 1 J S-:pam-A QL M N'fm"kJo B-' ' I Q by "'L"T?f"9f'0: ' ' ' ' A JF: wgqiifba 1 , 11 EL If :V-T52. In ZLCQ-L, ' ., vf. Stephanie Pang Shirley Pang . 1:q.f,,, .pfgfsmf-4,cJ4,3L, I Q U Patricia ora Hue' Sato UH f My A Q,.,.t,o Okamura elen Taba -v.R0sa n S Takazawa fo V Q ' . " , t J Nancy Terada 'if Jean Uyeda May Yoshioka 51 J , 3'::51"' " 1. "' , 0 'A ' ' 4a I 'F Lil I Clara Koga , Betty Arakawa Barbara Young Avrg Mabel Iwaki Dolores Valenzona Nancy Young Janet Iwakl gf., 77-ii vlildr ed Ogawa Betty Tomel Patsy Oyama 5 N' X in H .jx .S Qgfwji , I, .. V. , -Q,-s.-17 5. . 9 .Aff . GO FOR BROKE 1stRowg L to R: J. Yano, R. Adaniya, A. Shimabukuro, M. Tsuha, J. Maeda, B. Miyahira, M. Yabes, L. Tokuda 2nd Row, LtoR: M. Matsuura, M. Mah, J. Harada, A. Nakatani, J. Yano, C. Bar- dago, E. Tengan, A. Wai, 3rd Rowg L to R: J. Toguchi, A. Dasugo, J. Mag- sanini, E. Akiyama. L4 I .-.. . fu- . fi. , K' -iw ' DREAMDUSTERS 1st Row, Lto R: I. Nakamura, E. Murakami, M. Sasaki, L. Tamashiro, H. Hara, B. Naito,- V. Tomasu, I. Gima, N. Sodetani, B. Abe, 2nd Row, L to R: I. Hironaka, A. Tokumaru, A. Furukido, L. Kam, J. Kishiba, S. Higa, A. Nagata, E. Kan, D. Yamamoto, J. Harada, 3rd Row, L to R: A. Nakama, D. Matsumura, F. Lai, L. Nishihama, B. Okano, H. Kagemoto, C. Shimabu- kuro, B. Hayashi, S. Mendes, V. Rey- nolds. 4thRow:Miss E. Furuya -- Ad- visor. Q. xiii-'v . I: " ' i.1.2 F' - A it - I Q ' ., ,.,. -.., . . , ...e...j.g. -. w-?v233?5 MERRIE TEENSTERS 151 row: Lto R: I. Takahashi, V. Tana- ka, D. Kishida, I. Chinen. A. Matsuno, M. Nakagawa, B. Tanaka, A. Arita. -2nd row: L to R: L. Honda, B. Shoii, L. Watanabe, N. Hatakenaka, D. Ito, D. Tasaka, I. Kazemura, B. Onogi, A. Permito, F. Oba. 3rd row: LtoR: B. Yanagawa, I. Takahashi, C. Yama- moto, S. Sonoda, B. Nishioka, E. Na- kamura, V. Andrade, A. Chong, M. Gay, .F. Chee, M. Kusunoki,-P. Tice mon, Advisor:'Miss.D. Okuma, Miss B. Yoshida. iw tRow, Lto R: L. Matsumiya, J. Yamura, J. Morinega, J. Sakamoto, E. Toma, S. Ide, R. Tokoro, B. Sato, . Tengan, S. Yamamoto, S. Moriki, M. Chu, A. Kitaoka. 2nd Row, Lto R: N. Yokoyama, K. Asakura, J. In- nte, M. Asato, P. Au, T. Morimoto, B. Ogawa, S. Miyamoto, F. Garcia, S. Kikuchi, M. Ito, D. Fukushima, Matsueda, 3rd Row, Lto R: J. Omori, D. Fuchikami, A. Tsuda, P. Oshiro, E. Nakamura, F. Fujiwara, Kono, S. Karimoto, H. Nitta, H. Sakamoto, K. Chee, J. Nakayama, S. Matsushige, G. Tsuchiya. Gay Governess Y-Teen Club was composed of 50 The purpose of the Frenesies Y-Teen Club is to phomore girls who worked together to make this year promote better understanding of the YWCA and the Y- successful and memorable one. Teen goals. The members participated in many service projects The club started off this year by participating in well as social functions. Some of the projects were Roll Call Week, attendingthe recognition ceremony and iking sewing kits for Korea, preparing fruit baskets their respective churches during Roll Call Sunday. ' needy families, sending Valentine cards, donating During the school year, they performed many ser- okies to the Salvation Army and participating in the vice projects. To nameafew, they decorated the dance othing for Korea drive, halls for the SOC and Y-Teen dances, painted chairs and cleaned the Y-Teen craft room at the YWCA and 'esldentf """"""' "" E duh Tengan went caroling during Christmas vacation. ce presldent "" ""' ayAG01i0 P1'6Sident ------------ - ---------- Nancy Nakasone Cretan' """"""" "' """" "Mane . Sa 0 Vice President ------------------ Sonya Nishimura leasurer """"" , ""' ' """ Tf9Y Morlmmo S6CI'6t21I'y -------- ---Lydia Kouchiyama C, C, Representative ---- ----Georgina Tsuchlya Treasurer H --.------- ---- I rene Fujikami I. C. C. Representative ----------- ----... E Hen Oda . tl" Y' -y f r wr , bf' x ,L rf- ,L je 1, .- -V 4 fi ' f' ' "ri, jr , t' xllqgfk wg 'D Row, Lto R: A. Fujioka, G. Yokota, F. Gabriel, G. Burmudez, G. Nicholos, L. Ventura, B. Ignacio, B. Shif .bukuro, E. Tanaka, J. Nishino, F. Pilla, F. Koyama. 2nd Row, Lto R: E. Maeda, D. Sakamoto, Ernesto, Oda, I. Yoshikawa, P. Konno, L. Kurosu, E. Kunihiro, S. Kim, H. Turski, S. Alfonso,-R. Kinoshita, N..Na- aone. 3rd Row, Lto R: R. Koki, J. Takata, B. Kurisu, J. Wakafuji, I. Fujikami, B. Shibata, J. Shiratori, gimetn M. Ahuna, F. Abe, S. Nishimura, M. Yamada, L. Kouchiyama, E. MHYSUUIW-1, Y- Okano, Ao Hlfashlklv -Y ff' A - x ,iq 6 figs FUTURE FARMERS 4 1. Tu? 4 0 E H ' U G ',7d Q f cv K ,10 3 Harry Nakamura QZMCULKO , President X L vf hy, ,J 5 Frederick Young Vice President 4 -T The Farrington High Chapter of the Fu- , i., ture Farmers of America is a voluntary ' organization of all boys enrolled in voca- me tional agriculture. 5 R Y h, V This chapter ls a member of the Hawaiian My p l oy Os lmura Association of the FFA which, in turn, is Q l flm T Secretary a member of the National Association of T gt the FFA. 4 R " The chief purpose .of this organization .W TTT , is to develop leadership, cooperation and 1 I citizenship. To do this, the chaptensets Q Stanley Yoshimoto Treasurer E .,...,, i ,.e ,.,,., ,. .,., ..,, ,,...v . .,.,Tv , .... .,.. " k is :R as A i , F ---f 'fssteeerie' ' 4 ' ' ' 5 V . ' -r 1' , , as S- ' ' ,A - .Q 11'-xv L, A .F ' I ' n 'R - ,. , ,Q Q 161: -W ' W - R 1 N ,J pig vi . f ga are 4 at 5- was ' 74 f R "a ft ' f "XP KL' WAQV4' ' ' " 'Q if i"' F Q 2 fn fi f f pkg!! .1 'Ai ff? ' ',.' A Q "" "' F 5' Q' , y 1 'f--42 its . r " . " .,.. , f 'W ' , 8 at 1 . 4, - i gy . . V 1 1 ,...r, .K ' :X V , , 'f A Z , w'v..L rvm.T?'T-11' " K , K J . .,, , .,,. .f . , Pillai LT ' ' I A M -4.-www was ., R X R , - - 'rw in . ' , Wiwfli' ' ' A l h, 'A NU' W J 4 W V V e.f'.f-1 an , R I , f ' if ' FW In '- new-v i .:,r.,.,,... i.s...M4.4e-abut ' 1 k Left . Right: Row 1: Stanley Shinsato, Philip Kotani, Victor Govea, Donald Chung, Wallace Miyashiro, Ray Cordaro, Stanley Yoshimoto, Iosa Gascon. Row 2: Harry Nakamura, Emeterio Centeno, Richard Gasper, Paul Terada, Eugene Dela Pena, Gordan Pang, Vernon Lum, Franklin Ho, George Kanlnau. Row 3: Soloman Waiolama, Frederick Young, Norman Akau, George Kawagoe, Francis Lorataro, Edward Lapinid, Frank Magsanide, Samuel Pa, George Kusunoki, Paterno Soriano. p 'f OF AMERICA ff, .6 f qs- 7 i l 0: 1 w' E N , , My XA . L,'N iw w i QW 0 n ff W .BOL . ff . P N 'Q - -I e is , F ,U 21 Vernon Lum p ' 6:59 Tqfxo Reporter l 1' in-'C-U", 43 ' px 3 , IXSWQJ9 Daniel Amaral Sentinel up an annual program of work consisting ofsupervised farming, cooperation, com- munity service, leadership, earnings and savings, conduct ofmeeting, scholarship and recreation. The Farrington chapter has experienced seven years of rich and commendable ac- complishments since its organization in l946. Starting with 15 chapter members, -the Farrington FFA has grown into an or- ganization of 200 members. At the annual FFA dance, Marjorie Ni- shimura was crowned as the chapter sweet- heart. Mr. Kaapana Adviser Ai Marjorie Nishimura Sweetheart v rig w'3.'.i" lf, N 5 GSZLSP 'W I if '. 4 K 85.6 il s"i " is flirt f-1 M FUTURE HOMEMAKERS ogxe 51659 Vice ne Jum Co we P'es1de:::an The Future Homemakers of America is the national organization of pupils studying homemaking in junior a senior high schools of the United States and territories. As an- integral part of the program of home economics in the schools of America, lt offers opportunities f the development of pupil initiative in planning and carrying out activities related to homemaking. ' Future Homemakers of America isan incorporated, non-profit youth organization. It came into being throu the cooperative efforts of youths enrolled ln homemaklng, in secondary schools, ln building a national organizatl of their own in which they may develop and promote better home life for its members and their families. Toward New Horizon, the motto of the FHA, expresses the purpose of the organization--learning to live bett today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. 'nip lst Row L. toR: Anita Villanueva Mercedes Curameng Jessie Dumlao Connie Villa M'ld dKa hi R l Espenia, Florida Chu, Agnes Andres. 2nd Row L. to li: Jean Silva, Adriana Supnet,23oli1re ggno, Fllleanorolgx kami, NormaSodetani, MargaretSasaki, Lorraine Duarte, Dolores Bernabe, Phyllis Mara, Elaine Chillingwor 3rd Row L. to R: Antonette Chillingworth, Katherine Kuanoni, Sophie Chung, Josephine De Mattos Mona Umemo Irene Taniguchi, Mildred Mau, Lucy Andrade, Thelma Izuwa, Stephanie Pang. , OF AMERICA .H-AF' Virginia Villanueva Uwexilow Treasurer parlpqgzlma Rod NXQ03' tgwtq ntarja riglle 590 H Hi S stor- lan National FHA Week here in Farrington was observed by wearing red roses, displayingg interesting articles in show cases and displaying posters. on bulletin boards. Some of the activities carried out this year were the FHA and FFA get-together, Mothers and Daughters' Tea and monthly meetings. Farrington FHA chapterwas represented at the Island convention in December at McKinley High School. It sent five delegates to the Territorial convention on the Big Island. Ruth fleftl and Harriet serve appetizing meals. FHA girls discuss homemaking problems. 31, V 7 5 fag, Nh, ' N" .sN'x. -K A' ' e ' r t - by HHH UI' ...ni .. A X' F Q. +5 X9 N an L, N .N R ,T sn , .... xv 4:3 A . fm-fy RAM 3' ,af-fa ' if in 5,5 wwf ., 5-xg W sv Qmz 771afsun0 s cosmopolitan . .gif ici 1 'A SM, I Q, , an-0, Q ,K 1 s N 1. .1 w 1 jar M' i R 5525 ,xv ' W- , 'j 3-4, ' 7. .lk r .X ic ' -3 ,f ,hufi if 'Qf 'iz :xr if .x 1 ,W ,1' 5 L,qm-,- . ,a .. M ,QM-if AN ,f7.fw,ufi-a ' uf' - , A V ,Ht ,Q--: 1 5 Q 4 A 'Q 'S 'swiss ' Y! my J ,. W f .. ., gb 4 is K V 3-Q ES ii, . ,A 2 eg N K WFS Wifi if ,wwf spun: :Nova f , K- J Q 4 I O . Kbfff-zfrfzfa-fm f-.Q-,uJf,0 v uf: ,cow sk f'.' qv! if fly X4 ,uflptc aff: of f ,f.f.1"S4f veuf"n1'-nfs Q13 X .ffl'Vflf5i'i,lJ?,' ...Q . ,H Mb., L K , ,. My .Kg ,ff 3, .,A. ., f 3 1 - . . - 'ferric an 3, via au iss Chinese oncefrcioni Domingo 771155 Eff l i pa u0 IN MEMORIAM fred if for i X X, t l 5 ' , I 4fV54f"p? 7 ' MR S. WALLACE R. FARRINGTON MR. WILLIAM Y. DIG , X J L, fx,-I MLA!-J aaa, H- M J' W40' We X U Mfrs-U 71 wa WL Twobeloved"EarringtoniX1gs7f?d'f nge he r Ath Fa ri Fade flmasgeti on to their rest during the curre school year. f"' ' fr-4 They were Mrs. Wallace R. Farrington, t e wf e of the man aftegflw m o yr sch ol has been named, and Mr. William Y. Ing, a highly respect and well-liked teac er? flflfwefb Though they are gone from among us, their cheerful and friendly spiritrw 131vways abide with US. If , not n I 'Q--, . 34 ' 1 5 I fl' f' e are glad-- - 5 A o at our friends have gone, M ' , t that the earth they laughed and lived upon-- . I X Was our earth, too. ' And that we had known and loved them Y 'T r And that our love we'd shown. K' Tears over their departure? I f' , K I Nay, a smile-- K7 mx That we had wa ed yttle while, ' M K, 4 , fo ffl! if f ' VM' mf 71, -2fA9f,Mj7f?,3A'f'QAfZ?LfQQ1U1QL'L!7MfLgL ?! 7M , QfjgA?iE?iMW'JAZfZZA ,WZ ZAJ "Q.,L..,ff2,.,Uf. M7 UU 5 MW E EX 1 E6'h.dNA LoQGEj! HO PED IN MAK1 G IS YEARBOOK POSSIBLE: ' - ,f,QfCf ' 1 "'L'7 7 -fi RE T STUDIO I .J-L-. A .A s. .SMITHC ANY Z -J A A - d""5v6zs. .M. 'JQYPI Ts. ,, ' ' A . MR. RJ o 1M1Nc CLASSE? ds ' , A Us,125pAU KA E fygisiknoglyelmm' 9 X MR. TED KAHANANUI AND HI RAPHY CLASSES ' - , . Ei Q 33 W yn' 1 FJ Wgigxlx A - A f A Ni X X X31 xx X A 1 LN AX,A?Ab b A J A A QSM A ,A ' A 'S A A95 AL! iq? I KA V x N EX A A .l M A 3 ft N X D ' 1 T A P' AurosRAPHs- Xie , , if f WV fwv qmfxwwwff VJ caiiii ff ici? 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Suggestions in the Farrington High School - Ke Kiaaina Yearbook (Honolulu, HI) collection:

Farrington High School - Ke Kiaaina Yearbook (Honolulu, HI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Farrington High School - Ke Kiaaina Yearbook (Honolulu, HI) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Farrington High School - Ke Kiaaina Yearbook (Honolulu, HI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Farrington High School - Ke Kiaaina Yearbook (Honolulu, HI) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Farrington High School - Ke Kiaaina Yearbook (Honolulu, HI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 83

1953, pg 83

Farrington High School - Ke Kiaaina Yearbook (Honolulu, HI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 58

1953, pg 58

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