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I v . gui' i'4 9'4- WALLACE RIDER FAQQINGTGN I-HG!-I SCHCDCDI. Volume 5 IQLL3 l-lonolulu, l-lawaii l . Q it Foreword in S WE survey the troubled world scene during these crucial times, we realize that our democracy has been handed down to us at a great cost. Our nation is at war engaged in a struggle to safeguard that heritage. To keep our nation great and to preserve that way of life and gov- ernment with which America is blessed, we as citizens must put all of our efforts into the struggle to attain the ultimate victory. In this wartime school year, the students at Wallace Rider Farrington High School are trying to make all the sacrifices that other loyal American citizens are making in the war effort. These real Americans of diverse racial descent are, in every way, trying to show their willingness to sacrifice and their eager- ness to serve, by extending their best service to their country, in helpful and useful capacities-each according to his ability. ln doing so, they are acting as soldiers on the home front, supporting the soldiers fighting it out in the front line. They are proud that they have been given the oppoaunity to serve in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of war-services rendered which the people of Hawaii may point ,with pride. They are contributing their share to such war service activities as, buying of war bonds and stamps, help- ing to meet present labor needs with. part-time jobs, building up morale by participating and doing their bit in the USO. programs, producing food by means of Victory Gardens, joining up with the High School Victory Corps, act- ing as aides at evacuation centers, donating to Red Cross projects, helping at child care centers, collecting scrap, and volunteering in the armed forces. Acknowledging that our educational efforts have been in some measure cur- tailed by sacrifice and service to our country, school plans have gone ahead in spite of extra burdens brought about by the war. Now, once again, tha commencement season has approached and this time Wallace Rider Farrington High School sends out four hundred and fifteen seniors ready to make any sacrifice and meet any challenge, thus closing a war year replete with many creditable accomplishments. To those who would look through this yearbook, it is our aim to portray the many interesting phases of school life of the students of Hawaii, the Pacific outpost of the United States, while endeavoring to further their education during a war period and to show what they have done towards the general cause of democracy in the way of SACRlFlCE and SERVICE. To tliose who so courageously gave up their lives on December 7, tllis annual is sincerely rleclicatefl. These solcliers, sailors, anrl civilians clierl valiantly in their attempt to Hglwt for rlemocrafy and freedom so that their loved ones ancl countless millions of men, women, ancl children may enjoy the priceless privileges obtainable only uncler the laest form of government, democracy. VXZQ will never forget tliese honored cleacl, for not in vain they Clie. What they clicl will live and lourn forever in the memory of every staunch and true American. tn A. I. A. Volunteers We present with pride and honor this roster of our American hoys of Iapanese ancestry who have volunteered their serve ices to form a combat unit with the Urzted States Army,-1 Atfred Arakaki Robert Hashimoto Stanley Hashimoto james Horinouchi Walter lshiki Gary Ishimura Masami Ito Robert Katayama Charles Kubota Tsuneshi Nlaruo Tsutomu Matslino Harry Moroniisato Hiolenori Oganeku Masaru Taira Thomas Tamai Fred Tani lsamu Tsuchimoto Masao Yamasalei i 1 l , Y J THOMAS B. VANCE Principal Cfiice Staff Our well organized and capable office per- sonnel have undertaken duties to supervise and carry out all activities necessary in operat- ing our school efficiently. This centralization of office functions enables our principal, Thomas B. Vance, to devote more of his time to respon- sibilities of major concern to the school and to his newer duties as Territorial Director of the High School Victory Corps. The school office serves many purposes. lt is a contact room between the school and vis- itors from the outside world. Here, any matter of business is taken care of promptly and ques- tions are answered accurately and courteously by any one of the administrative assistants. Student registration, preparation of enrollment data, attendance and absence reports, pro- gram filing, the business of transfers, collection of fees, mimeograph work, supervision of an office training class learning how to handle routine office wprk, and counseling keeps this department the busiest in the school. This year the advisers have assisted our stu- dents in securing part-time employment to bal- ance the pineapple field work programs of the other schools on Oahu. Another important phase of their work has been their guidance of pupils by helping them out of difficulties, aid- ing them in making the proper adjustments, and by holding personal interviews with them whenever the need arises. S UICHI KANAYAMA MARY SUTHERLAND CORENE IACKSON PHYLLIS LEONG Vice Prmc1pcxl Bookkeeper Adviser Secretary FACULTY When school opened in September, many sacrifices in staff members had already been made. The offices of civilian defense, war industries, and the army drafted a few. Substitute teachers, inifing three members of the armed forces, were added as replacements to stabilize conditions and bring our school life somewhat back to normal. We owe our most grateful appreciation to all of our teachers, for through their influence and their good advice we have progressed. They have toiled to put knowledge into our heads. They have aimed to build up in our hearts faith in our democratic ideals. They have been patient, able, and excellent advisers in their efforts to nurture and mold us so that we might find a niche for ourselves in this world. All this they have done well, for they'have not forgotten that it is still their responsibility to pass understanding along and to turn out good citizens. O ABEL, MARIELOUISE University of Hawaii, B.A.,M.A. Mathematics AITKEN. IEAN Territorial Normal School Special Vocational Certificate Cafeteria AIWCZNAOMA McPhail School of Music, B.M. University of Hawaii, B.A. Glee Club A Chorus ASHFORD. LILLIAN Mills College, B.S. University of California Typing AWAI, LORNA Colorado State Teachers' College, B.A. Hawaiian Instruments BOLEN, ARNOLD State Teachers' College, Radford, Vir- ginia, BS. University of Hawaii, Ed.B. Sophomore Core v - 'K t CARNEY, ELEANOR University of Hawaii, BA Iunior Core CUNNINGHAM, HELEN Mrs. Elder, assistant to Mr. Vance. goes over copy gijcigsrgouege' BA' with Miss Leong f-horus DAVIS, WALTER Oregon State, BS. University of California University of Southern California Science . DENNIS. LUCILLE University of Hawaii, BS Home Economics I Doo, FLORENCE Lingnan University, B. A. University of Hawaii, Fifth Year Science EICHELBERGER. ELMA University of Denver, BA. General Mathematics Algebra 5 , FERN. AMY University of Hawaii, Ed.B. Hawaiian Instruments I Commercial Training FREITAS, HENRIETTA W University of Hawaii, Ed.B., Ed. M. L Senior Core L as S KAIZAWA. STANLEY University of Hawaii, B.A, Senior Core GARRETT. IOHN Coe College, B.S. University of Colorado Sophomore Core GEISER, RALPH Western State College of Colorado, BA. University of Hawaii, M.A. Metal Shop i Wood Shop GOO, TIN YAU University of Hawaii, B.S. Science I HAYASHIDA. AKIYOSHI University of Hawaii, BA., M.A. University ot Michigan Mathematics HORNE, MARGARITE University of Hawaii, BA. Sophomore Core ITOGA, BERT University of Kansas, B.S. Mathematics Science Someone gets the attention oi Mr. Kancxyama and Mr Kusunoki. Mr. Young takes an unofficial glimpse. and certainly Mr. Mcnsushima is not going to tell on him KEEN. EDITH University ot Hawaii, B.A. University of Southern California Sophomore Core Miss Wagoner. Mr. Bolen exchange morning greetings. Mrs. Aiwohi removes the.bulletin from her pigeon-hole. KUSUNOKI. HENRY University of Hawaii, B.S. Vegetable Gardening Applied Chemistry Horticulture Science KUYKENDALL, EDITH College ofthe Pacific, B.A, Stanford University Senior Core LAM. ELSIE LEE Willamette University, B.A. Dramatics LEE. KEAKEALANI University oi Hawaii, BJ-X., Ed.M. Shorthand LINT, LALAH University oi Hawaii, Ed.B. Mathematics MacKENZIE. BEATRICE University of Hawaii, BA. University of California University of British Columbia University of Washington lunior Core KIDO. MITSUYUKI University of Hawaii, BA., Ed.M Sophomore Core Mathematics KINNINGHAM, KENNETH Union College, Kentucky University of Kentucky University of Alabama Sophomore Core PARKER, ALEXANDER University of Hawaii, BA. MATSUSHIMA, TOSHIO University ot Hawaii, BA. Bookkeeping Shorthand MAU, HELEN University of Hawaii, Ed.B. A Sophomore Core Q' MCCAIN, EUNICE University of Hawaii, Ed.B. Lewiston State Normal School University ot Idaho. Iunior Core NELSON, ORA LEE 9 Univ. of Calif., Univ. oi Hawaii Bowling Green Business University Felt and Farrant College of Comptorn- etry, New Orleans, Louisiana Vocational Life Certificate Bookkeeping, Typewriting OAKLEY, DEAN Cornell College, B.A. University of California National German American Seminary Senior Core OTREMBA, FRANCES Columbia University, B.S. University of Hawaii, M.A. Bookkeeping Typewriting Handsome Mr. Matsushima poses ior the Annual photographer. Iunior Core Newswriting Ke Kiaaina PLOYHART, FRED St. Thomas College, BS. University of Hawaii Wood Shop Science SCHONHARD, HELEN University of Hawaii, B.A. University of Washington Library STEWART, ALICE Colorado State College, BS. Homemaking Clothing WAGONER. EILEEN Ohio University, BJ-X. Senior Core English French Miss Otremba typifies the iob ol a teacher, to give the student every assistance that he may need. SERAFINI, GILBERT Western Reserve University, BA. Science UCHIDA, HANNAH University of Hawaii, BA. Sophomore Core WAKAYAMA. MILDRED University of Hawaii, BA. Commercial Training Dramatics WILLIAMS ON . GENEVIEVE Oregon State College, BS. Iunior Core WRIGHT. LYDIA Territorial Normal School Chorus Q YAP. LILY University of Hawaii, BA., Ed. M. Iunior Core YOUNG. AH MUN University of HawaiiB.S. Advanced Science Chemistry Physics YOUNG, PEGGY University of Hawaii, B.S. Commercial Training Art ZANE, LAURA LEE University of California at Los Angeles Ed.B. Freehand Drawing Artcratt Mr. Vance, conscious of this picture-taking interlude, ignores teachers' inattentiveness during faculty meeting. School Government NOBUO TAKEKAWA HARRY TSUII President Vice-President FLORENCE NASHIRO EILEEN WAGONER MARGARET CHINEN Secretary Adviser Treasurer REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY.-FRONT ROW fleit to rightj: Kiyoshi Nakasone, George Ito. Claude Zukeran, Masao Shoii, Herbert Ikeda, Alfred Aragaki, Yukio Kodama, Donald Ching, Peter Bagood, Arthur Kung. SECOND ROW: Florence Nashiro, Ruth Toma, Taki Watanabe, Esther Kurihara, Grace Nakahara, Amy Tanada, Muriel Shigemura, Clara Leong. Patricia Bowling, Ieanne Tsutsui. THIRD ROW: Thomas Nakagawa, Nobuo Takekawa, Robert Yokomoto, Takeo Amano, William Lum, Harry Tsuji, Albe Alfonso, Iames Watanabe, Fred Tani, Peter Tamada. FOURTH ROW: Mariorie Nagai, Phyllis Nakama, Iosephine Iseke, Emily lizaki, Mi suko Kaneshige, Sally Migita, Wilma Castro, Mary Nishikawa, Evelyn Motohiro, Margaret Chinen. TOP ROW: Frances Sakaitani, Florence Kakisako, Takeiiro Higa, George Ito, George Watai, Richard Chun. .a1wr.mmnu-nmnaw fmwmsammfmamn f ,Lim at f- tr. fn M. .-amz-uns tmzv N vv1r,wa...1 , ma-annul 1 pa , V X-mar --1 W 11' The Farrington School Government is a government of, by, and for the teach- ers and students. lt still attempts to exercise the principles of American de- mocracy. ln spite of crowded condi- tions it has been fortunate to have an office large enough to be used for rep- resentative assembly meetings, club meetings, court sessions, and as head- quarters for the Farrington Govern- ment Police. The assembly had a slow start but it managed to .function smoothly. The Merit System, its first major undertak- ing, Was successfully put into effect. lt dropped some committees and formed a Campus Committee to look after the cleanliness of the campus and a Safety Committee to manage checking of gas masks, air raid, gas, and fire drills, and the assigning of air raid shelters. The School and Community Service Com- mittee carried on many activities to help students serve their country in this time of need. On December 7, 1942, alone, it TOP: Pleased at monetary returns from war bonds and stamp sale BOTTOM: Betty Shimizu informs concerning the court calendar. Yukio Kodama, chairman of the School and Community Service Committee, presents explanations regarding - the High School Victory Cap to members oi the Farrington Government Representative Assembly. TVFF V 5- P ,s I i 7 l r s i i l I , C k v k i lr i l t L O I-'ARRINGTON GOVERNMENT POLICE fMorning Squadj-FRONT ROW Cleft to rightlz Trinidad Sanchez, Cecelia Iumalon Clara Iim, Florence Tsuyemura, Alice Oda, Elaine Atkins, Aleihea Ferreira. SECOND ROW: Constantine Yahes Charles Kubota, Bertha Kiaaina, Lovey Kalau, Peter Bagood, Filamon Nanod. THIRD ROW: Iose Gomes, Constancio Saromines Walter Fuiimoto, William Lum, Stanley Kitsu, Iames Teruya. TOP ROW: Dora Sun, Blossom Auyong, Beatrice Kim sold Sl2,283.l5 Worth of War bonds and stamps. Continuance ot this good Work enabled Farrington to receive the Minuteman Banner. Since the Army took over part ot our school, tlag raising ceremonies were Ttliscontinued, but the Flag Committee saw to it that the American Flag and the school tlag were displayed at assemblies. They encouraged' all students to review the Pledge of Allegiance. With socials curtailed, the Social Committee took charge ot the calendar and collected tooth-brush handles for the Waialee Boys Training School. Other committees such as the Lost and Found, Mutual Aid, School Organization, Assembly, Health, and School Spirit and Rally carried on in much the same manner as in normal times. FAHHINGTON GOVERNMENT POLICE Ulfternoon Squadl-FRONT ROW Cleft to rightlz Hazel Takano, Henrietta Kamakele Ruth Kopa, Matilda Kauhane, Natalie Kamalii, Thelma Fautt, Mary Santiago. SECOND ROW: Delphine Auyow Leilani Smith, lane Konno, Eloise Ishihara, Bessie Herras, lane Hahale. THIRD ROW: Herminia Rayoan. Carrie Batomalaki Rosita Abad, Lillian Whang, Charlotte Peralta, Soledad Ladao. TOP ROW: Dolores Konno, Walter Konno, Elizabeth Chung fl7 I3 55 I Els!! gl 5 DONALD CHING Presideni HENRIETTA FREITAS Adviser HIROSHI TANAKA Vice-President O SENICDRS MILDRED CHING Secretary 18 ISAMU TSUCHIMOTO Treasurer Senior With "Onward" as their class motto and Watchword, they started off on their high school career as sophomores by electing Masao Yamasaki as president and Mr. Mitsuyuki Kido as adviser. The production "lack and the Beanstalk" highlighted a successful year. The attack of December 7 halted edu- cation temporarily during their junior year. When they returned, they quickly Class he Senior Executive Council meets to prepare its budget for the year. History adapted themselves and settled down to make the best of an unpleasant situa- tion. Led by Richard Chun as presi- dent and Mrs. Nell B. Elder as adviser, they Wound up the year with a Iunior- Senior Prom. Seniors at last. They chose as of- ficers those on the opposite page, who served with Miss Henrietta Freitas. They were determined to further Americas War effort by these contributions: the se- curing of part-time jobs, the develop- ment of Victory Gardens, volunteering in the armed forces, the collecting of books, seven thousand magazines, and Christmas gifts, and the making of holi- day favors for the servicemen. An All-Senior Talent assembly, a pat- riotic pageant entitled "Watch Ameri- ca," the Senior Prom, and Graduation were concluding activities for the year. They have learned much and now they go out into the World to serve and sacrifice, if they must, for Victory. SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY: FRONT ROW Cleft to rightj: Ruth Toma, Taki Watanabe. Mildred Ching, Gladys Tonaki, Bernice Sakamoto, Wilma Castro, Margaret Young, Wilma Harada. SECOND ROW: Richard Chun, Arthur Kung, Martha Nitta, Sally Migita, Josephine Iseke, Donald Ching, Thomas Nakagawa. TOP ROW: Isamu Tsuchimoto, Peter Tamada, Hiroshi Tanaka, Albert Alfonso, lames Watanabe, Shinii Soneda. AIIMINE. IANE Homeroom Secretary '42-'43p Philicglethian '41g Greggites 42-' . AKINA. WILLIAM Forum Chairman '43. ALFONSO. ALBERT Sophomore Class Vice-President '4lp Chairman, "Young America Wants to He1p"p Hi-Y President '43g Orchestra '42. . AMANO. DOROTHY Greggites '42-'43, ANDREWS. MINNIE Iunior Social Chairman '42p "Young America Wants to Help" '42. AOKI. ROBERT Hi-Y '4lg Senior Bandp Senior Orchestra. AONO. GEORGE ARAGAKLALI-'RED Homeroom Treasurer '42g Far- rington Government Safety Com- mittee '43g Homeroom Forum Chairman '43. ARAKAKI. ALFRED Homeroom School and Commu- nity Service Chairman '43p Pal Ramblers Hi-Y President '43. ARAKAKI. TAKEMITSU Baseball '43. ARAKAWA. SEITOKU Basketball '42-'43g Iury Mem- ber '43. ARANIO. DAVID Senior Football '4lg Senior Band '42g Glee Club President '43. ARIMOTO. ICIYOSHI Homeroom Library Chairman '4lg Homeroom School and Com- munity Service Chairman '4Zp Glee Club '43, ASATO. ELLEN Future I-Iomemakers '41, Some of us walk to school but u great many come to school by bus early in the morning Let me take you along ASATO. TARO Basketball '43p School and Com- munity Service '42, ASAUMI. BESSIE Homeroom Vice-Chairman '4l7 lilgilalethian '41-'42p Glee Club AU. ELLEN Sophomore Class Library '4lg Girl Reserves '43p Lost and Found Committee Chairman '43, AU. WILLIAM Homeroom Chairman '42g Library Chairman '43. BABA. MILDRED Allied Youth '41g Girl Reserves '42g Homeroom Secretary '43, BAGOOD. PETER I.P.O. '41-'42y F.G.P. '41-'42g Philalethian Vice-President '42g Archery '42g Senior Orchestra 43. Mrs. Iackson, adviser, listens to the same old ualibis" as students report to the office to secure their tardy or absence slips ten minutes before record period. BAKER, MAVIS Hui Hanahauoli '41-'42g Iunior Glee Club '42-'43g Horneroom Vice-President '43. BOSHARD. BETTY BOWLING, PATRICIA Social Chairman '4lg Health Chairman '42g Student Organi- zation Chairman '43, CAGATA. JULIA Future Homemakers '4lg Greg- gites '43. CARAVALHO, IOE CASTRO, WILMA Songleader '42-'43p May Queen '427 Greggites '42-'43g Homeroom President '43, CHAI, GLADYS Future Homernakers '41g Home- room Secretary '42y Greggites '42-'43p Girl Reserves '43. CHANG. CHARLES Associate Iustice '4lg Student Body Treasurer '42g Allied Youth President '43, CHANG. LILLIAN Cheerleader '42-'43p F.G.P. '4'Zg Pep and Rally Committee'4Z-'43g Senior Glee Club '43. CHANG, VERMA Greggites '43. CHAR. FLORENCE Glee Club '4l"42g Philalethian '41g Greggites '43g Girl Re- serves '43, CHINEN. IANE Future Homemakers '41-'42, CHING. CHEW CHONG CHING. DONALD Homeroom Chairman '41-'42g Al- lied Youth President '41-'42g Sgnior Class President '43g Hi-Y CI-IING, ELEANOR Girl Reserves '42g Future Home- makers '42g Glee Club '437 Homeroom Secretary '43. CHING. FRANCES Homeroom English Chairman '41-'42f Girl Scout Leader '42g Allied Youth Secretary '43, CHING, GEORGE Library Chairman '43. CHING, HENRY School and Community Service Chairman '42, CHING. IONAH Iunior Glee Club '42g Senior Glee Club '43. CHING. MILDRED Homeroom Forum Chairman '42g Greggites Vice-President '42. CHING, NANCY Girl Reserves '41-'42-'43. CHING, ROSIE Homeroom Social Chairman '4lg Greggites '42g Senior Orchestra. CHING, THELMA Allied Youth '41-'42g Greggiles '-42. CHONG, HARRY . Homeroom Chairman '4lp Home- room Forum Chairman '42-'43, CI-IOY, ALMA MAE Finance Board Representativeg Carnival Chairman '427 Girl Re- serves Social Chairman '43, CHUN, BARBARA Philalethian '4lg Girl Reserves '43p Glee Club '43. CHUN, BETTY lury Member '4l5 Philalethian '4lg Girl Reserves '42-'43, CHUN, GLADYS Pgilalethian '4lg Girl Reserves '4 . CHUN, RICHARD Iunior Class President '-427 T.H,S.G.A. Delegate '42g Home- room Chairman '43. CI-IUNG, FRANCES Greggites '42-'43 CORPUS, SEGUNDINO COYLE, ROSEMARY Iunior Glee Club '4lg Senior Glee Club '42-'43g Homeroom Vice- President '43, CUMMINGS, EDWIN Social Chairman '4lp Band '41- '42-'43g Golf Team '42g lury Member '43p Glee Club '43. DE LA CRUZ, MANUEL Homeroom Treasurer '41-'42. DIZON, IOSEPH Senior Orchestra '41-'42-'43g Homeroom Treasurer '42. DON LIM, ALICE Philalethian '4lg Senior Glee Club '43. EAGLES, FREDRICK I.P.O. '41-'42g Library Commit- tee Chairman '43. FLORENCE, LILLIAN Class Officer '41-'43g Class Presi- dent '42g Greggites '42, FOLMER, IULIA FUIIMOTO, ALYCE The opening broadcast from station FHS mforms us of the latest doings both in and out of school. Commentator is Wmlired Hu and Masao Yamasaki stands ready to sign off FUIIMOTO. WILFHED Pctl Ramblers I'IifY '41-'42-'43g Homeroom Vice-President '41, FUIINAKA, ADELE FUIINAKA. EDWARD School and Community Service Chairman '4lg Homeroom Trease urer '4l. FUIISAKI. FUDEO Football '43. FUIISAKI, TOMIKO Greggites '43. FUIISATO. KEN Allied Youth '41-'42g Homeroom Vice-Chairman '43g Glee Club '42-'43g Greggites '42. These students know the importance ol chemical warfare. Gas mask drills are held at regular intervals to keep them on the alert. 23 FUIITA, VIRGINIA I-'hilalethian 425 Greggites '43, FUKAI, KAY homeroom Library Chairman '4ig Hnilalethian '42g Greggiies -dz-'43. FURUMIZU, GEORGE Homeroom President '43, EURUYA, SEIZO GABRIEL, LUCILLE School and Community Service Chairman '4ly Cheerio Contest Winner '42p Songleader '43. GOLES, DAVID Library Committee Chairman '41g Senior Forum '43g Greg- gites '43, GOMES. PRISCILLA Homeroom Chairman '42g Greg- gites '43g I-lomeroom Social Chairman '43, GOYA, MILDRED Library '41g Philalethian '41-'42. GUM, FLORENCE Philalethian '41g Greggites '42. GUSHIKUMA, HENRY HADANO, ANNA Philalethian '42g Greggites '43, HAMAGUCHI, APRIL Homeroorn English Chairman '41g Girl Reserves '42g Greggites Treasurer '43. HARADA, WILMA I-Iomeroom Vice-President '41g Allied Youth Secretary '41-'42- '43y Student Body Social Chair- man '42. HARAKI, WALLACE Purple Dragon Hi-Y '41-'42. HASHIMOTO. ROBERT Senior Orchestra '41-'42g Glee Club '42g Homeroom School and Community Service Chairman '43 I-IASHIMOTO, STANLEY Homeroom Chairman '4lg Senior Band '42g Hcmeroorn Social Chairman '43, HASHIMOTO , YOSHIE School and Community Service Chairman '4lg Health Chair- man '43. HASHIMURA, EDWARD ' Senior Band '42. HASHIZUME, SOICHI HATAKEYAMA, ROY School and Community Service '427 Viceroy Hi-Y '41-'42. HATORI, ALBERT I-igalth Chairman '42g Glee Club HAYAKAWA, ETHEL Homeroom President '4lg Home- room Social Chairman '43p Greg- gites '43, HAYASHI. MARIAN Homeroom Secretary '41-'42. HAYASHIDA, EILEEN Philalethian '41-'42g Library Chairman '42g Greggites '43. HIGA. EDITH Philalethian '4lg Social Commit- tee Chairman '43. I-IIGA, EDNA HIGA, GEORGE Homeroom Forum Chairman. HIGA, IEANETTE Homeroorn Social Chairman '4l5 Greggites '42, A peek into the geometry class hnds Mr Hayashldu pomhng to trigonometry problem which is u bit shady to Wxlliam Akmu Ir Marian Wcrkisuku takes cr hint HIGA, SEIICHI IIIGA. YUKIO Viceroy Hi-Y Treasurer '43, HIRAKAWA,MARGARE'I' Greggites HIRAO, WALTER HIRATA, DAIKICHI HONG. CLARA Homeroom Social Chairman '42: Chemistry Club '42g Allied Youth '42-'43g Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent '43, Keeping track oi what the American forces are doing to the Axis on all ironts. Dorothy Shioi reioices at news brought to her attention by George Ito. HORINOUCHI, IAMES HORITA, HARRY A man '42. IBIGUCHI. YOSHINORI Homeroom Vice-President '43, IDEGUCHI. KUNIO IGUCHI. IOHN IHA. TOSHIO Homeroom Chairman '4lg Li- liiggary Chairman '-425 Hui Aikane Hi-Y '41-'42y Iunior Social Chair- IIZAKI, EMILY Homeroom Chairman '41-'42g Lost and Found Committee Chairman '43g Greggites '43, IKEDA. DOROTHY Figeggitesg Homeroom Secretary IKEDA, MASATO IMAM URA. FLORENCE Lleggites '41-'42. IMOSE, ALICE INASAKI. SAYOKO ISEKE. IOSEPHINE F.G.P. Lieutenant '4lg F.G.P. Sponsor '-425 Class President '4d. ISHII, MASAYUKI ISHIKI, AILEEN Girl Reserves '42. ISHIKI. NANCY Senior Orchestra '42-'43g Girl Reserves '42-'43g Chemistry Club '42. ISHIKI. WALTER Philalethian '42g Iunior Football '42g F.G.P. '43, ISHIMURA, GARY Social Committee Chairman '41. ITO. GEORGE Philalethian Club President '4lg Chief Iustice '43g Hi-Y Cabinet Secretary '43. ITO. MASAMI ITO, STANLEY Glee Club '43, ITOKU, KENIO Viceroy I-Ii-Y '41-'42-'43. IWAI, ESTHER Homeroom Health Chairman '42g School and Community Service Chairman '43g Greggites '42-'43. IWATA, BEATRICE g English Chairman '4lg School and Community Service Chair- man '43. IWAMOTO. EDITH Homeroom Library Chairman 425 Greggites '42-'43, IZUO, WALTER IZUTSU, PETER Golf Team '41-'42, IUAN. CARL Hi-Y '43g I-Iomeroom Vice-Presi- dent '43. IUNG, DOROTHY Girl Reserves '42g Greggites '43, IUNG, MAY I-Iomeroorn Chairman '4lg Home! room Secretary 42g Philalethian 43, K 'IAII-IILI, CLARENCE School cmd Community Service Chairman '41y Senior Band '42. KAGIMOTO, HERBERT Homeroom Vice-President '417 Library Committee Chairman '42g Student Body Identification Committee '4Z. KAHILIHIWA, RAYMOND Senior Glee Club '41-'42-'43' Fg.P. '4l-'42p Iunior Football '4 . KAIMI, ELEANOR English Chairman '417 Glee Club '42g F.G.P. '42g Allied Youth '43. KALAU. LOVEY Homeroom President '4Ig Song- leader '42-'43g F.G.P. '41-'42g Hui Hanahauoli '41-'42p I-Iomeroom Treasurer '42. KALUA, TED F.G.P, '42y Football '42-'43. KAMIKAWA, IUNE Homeroom English Committee Chairman '4l. KAM. RONALD Iunior Band '41-'42-'-435 Home- Room Vice-President '42-'43g Bugler '42. KANESHIGE, MITSUKO Gospel Friendship Secretary '4lg Homeroom Secretar '42 Far- Y I rington Government Clerk '43. KANESHIRO. DORIS Philalethian '41-'42g Future Homemakers '41-'42, Students in their record rooms ponder over questions of our weekly quiz to prepare themselves for the Proficiency Cerhhcate requirements KANESHIRO. TOMI KANG, SUSAN Philalethian '4lg School and Community Service Chairman '42g Ke Kiaaina Indexer '43, KATAYAMA, ROBERT Iunior Class Forum Chairman '42g Student Body President '43g Hi-Y Cabinet Vice-President '43. KATO, IUNE Philalethian 41-'42, KAUKA. GEORGE Social Chairman '4lg F.G.P, '4Zg Football '42-'43, KAULUKUKUI. WILLIAM Football '42-'43p Basketball '43. KAWABE. GRACE Senior Orchestra '42-'43, KAWAFUCHI, DORIS Senior Orchestra '42p Home- room Secretary '42-'43, KAWAMURA. LILLIAN Student Government Secretary '42g Greggitcs '42-'43p Home- rootm Secretary '43. KAWANO, ALICE OPhilalethian '41-'42g Greggites '42g Glee Club '43. KAWASAKI. M XY Homeroom Social Chairman 'fllg . Lost arid Found Committee Chairman '42g Greggites '43. KAWATANI, HELEN KEALALIO, WINONA Philalethian '4lg Homeroom Sec- retary '42g Homeroom Forum Chairman '43. KEAWEEHU. HILDA irigeggites '42-'43y Allied Youth A bit happy to emerge from a bomb shelter after a prolonged stay before the All-Clear signal. 27 KEKAUOHA, ELOISE Greggites '42-'43. KIM. HI YUN Girl Reserves '42g Greggites '42-'43. KINUMATSU. KIMIKO Senior Orchestra '43. KITAMURA, KUNIO Chemistry Club '427 Homerocm Social Chairman '43, KITANO, TOSHIO Hi-Y '41-'42-'43, Social Chair- man '4lg Senior Forum '43, KIYONAGA. SALLY KOBASHIGAWA. DORIS English Committee Chairman 'l4g Girl Reserves '42-'43g Greggites '42-'43, KOBASHIGAWA. DOROTHY Gospel Friendship '41-'42g Girl Reserves '42p Homeroom Library Chairman '43p Greggites. KOBASHIGAWA, THOMAS KODAMA, YUKIO Allied Youth '41-'42-'43g Home- room ViceAChairman '4lg Homei room Treasurer '42-'43, KOGE, YOSHIO Viceroy Hi-Y 43, KOIZUMI, ERNEST KOIO, TAKESHI Senior Band '42g Senior Orches- tra '42-'43, KOMATSU, HELEN Homeroom Health Chairman '42, Greggites '43, KOMEIII, FUMIKO Senior Orchestra '42, KOZUMA. ETHEI. Philalethian '41-'42g Girl Re- serves '42-'43g Greggites '42-'-43. KUB OTA. CHARLES I,P,O, Officer '4l5 I.P,O, Captain '42g Homeroom Treasurer '43g Chief of Police '43, KUNG. ARTHUR Homeroom Library Chairman '4lg Glee Club '42-'43g Football Manager '43, KUNIMOTO. IEAN Library Chairman '42g Forum Chairman '43g Greggites '43g Girl Reserves '43, KUNIYOSHI. IOSEPH Viceroy Hi-Y '4lp Greggites '43. With some homes not blacked out u study hall becomes a needed period for preparation of assignments O KURAHARA, LORRAINE Homeroom Social Chairman '4lg Homeroom Health Chairman '42g Greggites '43, KURAMOTO. EDWIN Flag Raising Committee '43, KURODA, HENRY KUSHIMA. MARY Philalethian '41, KUWABARA. EDWARD KUWABARAIMILDRED School and Community Service Chairman '41-'42y Future Home- makers '41-'43g Greggites '43, The scientific method par excellence reading direclions, following in- structions and observing reactions is closely adhered lo by future chemists. KUWASAKI, RONALD LAU, LORRAINE Homeroom Health Chairman '4lg Homeroom Treasurer '42g Greg- giies '42-'43, LEE, ANITA Greggites '42-'43. LEE, BERTHA Girl Reserves '42, LEE, BETTY Homeroom Social Chairman '41-'42. LEE, MILTON Library Chairman '4l. LEONG, HERBERT LEONG, MARTHA Sreggiies '42g Allied Youih. LINDLEY, ELIZABETH Social Chairman '4lg Library Ciliiairman '4Zp Iunior Glee Club moo, HARRIET Homeroom Library Chairman '41-'42z Greggiies '43. LOO. PATRICIA Homeroom Library Chairman '4lg Homeroom Health Chair- man '4l-'42. LOO, ROSE Girl Reserves '4l: Girl Reserves Rligig Chairman '42g Greggites LOW, FAUSTINA Homeroom Secretary '4ly Phila- lethian '42-'43p Homeroom So- cial Chairman '42. LUKE, DOROTHY Homeroom Social Chairman '42p Greggites Social Chairman '43, LUKE, MILDRED Girl Reserves '42-'43g Program Chairman '42g Greggites '42-'43. LUKE, SHIRLEY Young America Wants io Help '42p Homeroom School and Com- munity Servicey Patriotic Pag- eant Chairman '43. LUKE, STANLEY LUM, EVELYN Forum Chairman '42g Philaleih- ian '42. MACHADO, LESLIE MACHIDA, ETHEL Homeroom Library Chairman '42p Girl Reserves '43. leg! MAEDA, IEAN Philalethian '4lg Gospel Friend- ship '427 Homeroom School arid Community Service Chairman '42. MAEDA. MIRIAM MAHI. MIGUEL MALANOG. EUGENIA . Homeroom Library Chairman '41g Homeroom Secreiary '411 Glee Club '42-'43, MAMITSUKA, IEAN Homeroom Social Chairman '41g Greggites '43g Losi and Found Commiitee '43, MANU, EDNA F.G.P. '42g Glee Club '42-'43, MARUMO, RUTH Greggiies '42-'43p Homeroom Treasurer '43, MARUO. TSUNESHI Horrieroom Vice-Chairman '43, MASHIMA, NANCY Homeroom School and Commu- nity Service Chairman '42p Greg' gites '43, MATSUMOTO, HARRY Hui Aikane '43, MATSUNO, TSUTOMU Library Chairman '42p Senior Band '42, MEDINAS. PONCIANO MENGLER, AGNES Homeroom President '42y Glee Club '42-'43y Girl Reserves '42: Homeroom Social Chairman '43p Ke Kiaaina '43, MIGITA, SALLY Homeroom Chairman '41-'43 Greggites Secretary '43. MITORI, THOMAS Hi-Y '41-'42, MISZIIMA. IANET MIYAHIRA, KAZUO MIURA. GLADYS Glee Club '4lg Class Secretary '41 MIYAMURA, HELEN Homeroom Library Chairman '4l7 Philaleihian '42, MIYAMOTO, SADIE Governor's Exchange Editor '42g Homeroom Library Chairmcmg Greggites '43, Girls of the comptometry class prepare to take jobs ai Pearl Harbor MIYASI-IIRO. PEGGY MIYASHIRO, SHINI I MIYAZAKI, BETTY Greggites '42: Lost and Found Committee '43. MIZUMOTO, GRACE MIZUNO, ROBERT Homeroom President '42y Home- room Treasurer '43. MORIKAWA, VIRGINIA Greggites '42-'43: Hui Aikane '43p School and Community Ser- vice Chairman '43. Our cafeteria servzce provides the sandwiches and ice cream demanded by the youngsters with healthy appetites. MOTOFUII. RALPH Football '43. MOTOYAMA, CLARENCE Philalethian '41p Beginners Band '4lg Senior Band '43. MOTOYAMA, ITSURO MUN. ALFRED Cgemistry Club '42g Philalethian MUN. KENNETH Homeroom Secretary '41-'42. MURAKAMI, WINIFRED Junior Orchestrag Senior Orches- ira. NAGAI. MARIORIE Sophomore Social Chairman '41, Iunior Vice-President '42: Stu- dent Body Assembly Chairman '42 NAGATOSHI. SHIZUKO Homeroom School and Commu- nity Service Chairman '43g Greg- gites '43. NAIAPAAKAI. EDITH NAKAGAWA, JANET NAKAGAVIA. IUDITH NAKAGAVVA. KENICI-II Ke Kiaaina '42. NAKAGAWA, MARILYN NAKAGAWA, THOMAS Homeroom School and Commu- nity Service Chairman '4lp Ir. Athletic Board Representative 42p Homeroom Ke Kiaaina Chair- man '43. NAKAMA, FUMIKO English Chairman '4l. NAKAMA, HARRY Viceroy Hi-Y '43, NAKAMA, PHYLLIS Greggites '42g Farrington Gov- ernment Mutual Aid Chairman '43, NAKAMITSU. ELEANOR O Homeroom Library Chairman '4l7 Homeroom President '42, NAKAMOTO, FLORENCE Philalethian '42g Senior Orches- tra '42-'43g School and Commu- nity Service Chairman '43, NAKAMOTO. VIOLET Homeroorn Treasurer '42p Home- room Vice-President '43p Greg- gites. NAKAMURA, FLORENCE Homeroom English Chairman '42, NAKAMURA, OSAMU Ke Kiaaina '42g Homeroom Forum Chairman '43, NAKANISHI. IANE Greggites '43p Girl Reserves '43, NAKANISHI, LILLIAN Homeroom Secretary '43g Greg- gites '43g Girl Reserves '43, NAKASHIMA, ELEANOR Homeroom Secretary '4lg Senior Orchestra '42, NAKAYAMA. LOIS Homeroom Secretary '4l-'42p Senior Orchestra '41-42g Greg- gites '43, NASHIRO, FLORENCE Homeroom Secretary '4lg Class Secretary '42y Farrington Gov- ernment Secretary '43, NII, HARRY The mir!-morning recess brings fl'l9BdS together to take in a breath of fresh cur and enioy the sunshine as well as to exchange bits of news and gossip before returning to classes NISHI, MASAYUKI NISHIIIMA. ETHEL Homeroom Secretary Greggites '43, '41-'42p NISHIKAWA. IAMES Homeroom Treasurer '4lp Pal Rambler Hi-Y '41-'42-'43g Home- room Forum Chairman '42, NISHIMURA. EDNA Greggites '42-'43g Mutual Aid Committee '43, NISHIMURA. FRANCIS Hi-Y '41-'42, NITTA. MARTHA Class Treasurer '4lp Student Or- ganization Chairman '42y Forum Committee Chairman '43. Em1ly Ixzakx and Margaret Chmen of the Lost and Found Com- mittee help Yuklo Kodama retneve a lost fountain pen. NOGUCHI. IOYCE NUNAKAWA, HAROLD Homeroom Chairman '41-'42, ODAGAWA, TAEKO Greggites '42-'43. OGATA. TADASHI Iunior Band V125 Ke Kiaaina '42. OGITANI, KENNETH Purple Dragon Hi-Y '41-'42g Sen- ior Band '42g Ke Kiaaina '42. OHARA, MARGARET Homeroom Treasurer '43p School and Community Service Chair- man '42, OISHI. DENNIS Football '42-'43g Hi-Y '43. OKA, SADAMU OKAMOTO, TOM Senior Band '42: Senior Orches- tra '-425 Homeroom Forum Chair- man '43. OKAZAKI. TADASHI Basketball '43. OKAZAKI. THOMAS OKIMURA, CHARLES Library Chairman '4lg Home- room Vice-President '42-'43. OKINO. RONETTE Homeroom Library Chairman '4lg Future Homemakers '42g Greggites '43. OKUHARA. ALICE Homeroom Secretary '41g Home- rcorn Chairman '42p Greggites '43. OMINE, NANCY Philalethian '4lp Chemistry '42. ONO, TOKUMI Purple Dragon Hi-Y '4lp Swim- ming Team '41. ONOMOTO, HIROSHI Homeroom Treasurer '4lp Vice- roy Hi-Y '42-'43, OSHIRO, HELEN Philalethian '41-'42: lunior Gov- ernor Make-Up Editor '43, OSI-IITA, HELEN OTAKE, TSUTOMU OUICHI, TAKEO OYAMA. HERBERT Sports Editor '42g Editor Ke Ki- aaina '43p Viceroy Hi-Y '42-'43g Homeroom Treasurer '43, OYAMA. SABURO Iunior Football '-425 Senior Foot- ball '43. PAAKAULA. SOLOMON O PANG. WAI HIN PARK, SARAH School and Community Chair- man '4lg Girl Reserves '42. PRESTIDGE. ALBERT ages Cub '42-'43g Jury Member PROSSER. ROY PURUGGANAN, I'-'ELICIDAD PUA. FLORENCE QUINTO, GEORGIA Homeroom Health Chairman '4Zp Philalethian '42. SAIFUKU. WILLIAM SAKAI, SADAMU Library Committee Chairman '41g Social Committee '42. SAKAMOTO, BERNICE Homeroom Vice-President '4lg Homeroom Secretary and Treas- urer '42p Finance Board Repre- sentative '43. SATO, HARUO SATO. LYNETTE Greggites '4lg Future Homer- makers '41, SATO YUKIO School and Community Service Chairman '43. SEN. SYLVIANNE Homeroom Secretary '4lg Al- lied Youth V125 Future Home- malcers '42. SEO. HARRIET I SHIMABUKURO, EDWIN SHIMABUKURO. MASAHARU SHIMABUKURO. SAM Gospel Friendship '42g Home- room Treasurer '43. SHIMABUKURO, WILFRED SHIMADA. FLORA Homeroom School and Commu- nity Service Chairman '41-'42y SEO, HAZEL Greggites '43, Philalethian '4lp H. S. V. C. '43p School and Community Service SITHMADA' YASUK0 Chairman '42, Vice-Chairman '42, SHIMAMUHA, SABUHO Senior Football '43y Senior Base ketball '43g Hi-Y '41-'42-'43, SHIMIZU, BETTY Editor, Governor '42p Girl Re- serves Vice-President '43p Court Stenographer '43. Dental Work as a service is a vital part of our school health program. Alma Sasaki is assisting Dr. Yutaka Osumi. 35 SI-IIMOGAWA. HAIIME SHIMOYAMA. RALPH Homeroom Chairman '41 , SHINTANI. EVELYN Homeroom Treasurer 41g Phila- lethian '4Zg Greggites '43. SHIOI, DOROTHY Homeroorn Social Chairman '4lg Lost and Found Committee '43g Greggites '42-43. SILVA. MAY Philalethian, '4lg Homeroom Vice-Chairman '42y Homeroom Social Chairman '43, SILVA. RICHARD Library Chairman '43g Iury Member '43. SIU, FRED SONEDA, SHINII Homeroom Vice-Chairman '42g Homeroom Treasurer '43p Fi- nance Board Representative '43. SUEHIRO, CAROL Philalethian '41-'42p Farrington Health Committee '43. SUN, BEATRICE Girl Reserves '4lp Allied Youth '42g School and Community Service '43. SUZUKI. GEORGE Chemistry Club '42. SUZUKI. LILLIAN Philalethian '4lg Ho'meroom Treasurer '42-'43g Greggites '43. TAGAMI, MATSUE Philcxlethian '42g Greggites '43 TAGAWA, BERT Kenneth Yano can't iigure out yust how much ground work should be done to get u bigger crop of vegetables Mr Kusunoki prob ably has something up his sleeve TAIRA, MASARU Viceroy Hi-Y '43. TAKAAZE, TEDDY TAKARA. MASAICHI TAKARA. WALTER TAKAMOTO. FRANCES Philalethian '4lg Greggites '42. TAKAMOTO. IUNE Glee Clubg Philalethiang Iunior Forum '42. TAKANO, IENNIE ' Future Homemakers '4lg Gospel Friendship '42y Greggites '42. TAKARA, HELEN F u t u r e Homemcxkers '41-'42g Philalethian '41-'42. TAKAYAMA, FLORA Girl Reserves '42: Senior Or- chestra '42-'43. TAKAYAMA. HARRIET Philalethian '4l: Chemistry Club '42g Senior Orchestra '42. TAKEKAWA, NOBUO Mutual Aid Committee '4lg Homeroom Vice-President '42p Student Body President '43. TAMADA. PETER Hi-Y '42-'437 Senior Class Chair- man '43. TANIMURA, MILDHED Future Homemakers '427 Libra- ry Chairman '42. TANOUYE, DICK A worthwhile senior project brought in seven thousand maga- zines destined tor men oi the armed forces. Wilma I-Iarada passes some of them on to Mitsuko Kaneshige. TAMAI, THOMAS Pal Ramblers Hi-Yy Greggites '42-'43, TANADA, AMY Philalethian '427 Student Body Health Committee Chairman '43. TANAKA, HIROSHI Homeroom English Committee Chairman '4lp Hui Hanahauoli Secretary '42g Senior Class Vice- President '43. TANAKA, RUTH Greggites '42-'43y Homeroom Secretary '42y School and Com- munity Service Chairmari '43, TANAKA, TAKAYUKI Iunior Glee Club, ' TANI. FREDERICK Sports Editor, Governor '4lg Fo- : rum Chairman '42-'43g Allied Youth '43. TANOUYE. ELAINE Assistant Editor, Governor '41- '42p Homeroom Secretary '41- Ke Kiaaina Indexer '42, TATSUYAMA. THOMAS TENDO, LILLIAN TENNO. SHIGEO TOKUDA. BILLY TOKUDA, IEAN TOKUMAHU, AKIKO Philalethiang Greggitesg Home- room Library Chairman. TOKUNAGA, BETSY Homeroom Social Chairman '43. TOKUNAGA, HAHUYE TOMA. RUTH Philalethian '4lg H o m e r o o In Chairman '43g F.G.P. '-425 Greg- gites '42-'43. TOMITA. GLADYS TOMIYASU. MIKE Homeroom Chairman '42. TONAKI, GLADYS Greggites '42-'43g Girl Reserves '43g Senior Class Chairman '43. TOYAMA, SUMIKO School and Community Service Chairman '41, TOYODA. DOROTHEA TSUCHIMOTO. ISAMU Senior Class Treasurer '43gJCe Kiaaina Hi-Y '43. TSUCHIYA. DOROTHY Senior Orchestra '42-'43, TSUDA. SUE Greggites '43g Student Body Health Committee Member 43. TSUII. HARRY Homeroom Treasurer '4lg Home- room President '42g Student Boay Vice-President '43, TSUMA, IRENE Philalethian '41. TSURUDA, IANET TSUTSUI, IEANNE Greggites '42-'43p Girl Reserves '42-'43p Student Body Social Chairman '43. UCI-IIUMI, REX Homeroorn Chairman '42g Iury Member '43. UEHARA, JEAN UEKAWA, DANIEL Swimming Team '4lp Viceroy Hi-Y '43. UEMURA, FRANCES Philalethian '4lg Forum Commit- tee '42g Social Committee Chair- man '42. UOTA, GLADYS Senior Orchestra '42-'43, URATA. MITSUKO UYEDA, DORIS Greggites '43g Homeroom Chair- man '43y Girl Reserves '43. UYEHARA. HANAMI Homeroom Health Chairman '4lp Future Homemakers '41-'427 Girl Reserves '43. VALENCIA. DOMINICA Homeroom Secretary '42g Health Chairman '42g Glee Club '43. VICTORIA. IOI-IN Homeroom Treasurer '4l. I Our U.S.O. representatives entertain at one of our assemblies with cr holoku hula. Lorraine Yomes Annu Pereira Wilma Cas tro, Priscilla Gomes and Miss Awcu at the piano WAKISAKA, MARIAN Social Committee Chairman '42g Girl Reserves Chairman '43. WATANABE. IAMES Homeroom Chairman '43g Hi-Y Member '43, WATANABE. IAMES M. WATANABE, IANET Future Hornemakers '4lp Allied Youth '425 Philalethian '42. WATANABE., TAKI Homeroom Chairman '41-435 41-I Club President '41 WEE, ELEAN OR WONG, EUNICE Girl Reserves '41-'42-'43g School and Community Service Chair- man '43p Greggites '4Z. WONG. ROBERT Finance Board Member '4l. WOO. PRISCILLA YAMADA. MIDORI Glee Club '42g Greggites '43. YAMAGUCHI. BETSIE Homeroom Treasurer 'fllg Home- room Library Chairman '42p Girly Reserve Secretary '43. YAMAGUCHI, ETTA YAMAGUCHI. RICHARD Hi4Y '41-'42-'43. YAMAGUCHI, YEIZO Senior Orchestra '42g Assistant Editor, Ke Kiaaina '43g Flag Raising Committee '43. It is not all study and no play for students at Farrington. An in- vitation to a Girl Reserves dance helps to take care of a bit of social life. 39 YAMAMOTO, ERNEST Pal Rambler Hi-Y. YAMASAKI. MASAO Class President '4l7 Carnival Concession Committee '42p Pub! lic Address '43. YAMASHIRO. TOSHIKO YANO, KENNETH Golf Team '42g Hi-Y Club '43g Basketball '43. YEE. GRACE YOKOMOTO. ROBERT Class Chairman 'I-115 Class Vice- Chairman '42g Chairman ol Flag Raising Committee '43. LEE. LILY MURATA. JANE TAKAKI. RICHARD YOSHIDA, MIYOKO Homeroom Forum Chairman '42, Homeroom Library Chairman V137 Greggites '43, YOSHIDA, ROSE Allied Youth '4l. YOSHIMOTO. KATSUNORI Gospel Friendship Club 'lilly Social Committee Chairman '42- '43. YOSHIMOTO, MILDRED . Homeroom Secretary '41, Gregg- ites '43. YOSHIMOTO, RICHARD YOSHIMURA, RONALD Homeroom Health Chai:man '-42 YOSHIMURA, THELMA Homeroom Secretary '43, Iury Member '43. YOSHIOKA, STANLEY YOUNG, CLARA Forum Vice-Chairman '42g Stu- dent Court, Greggites '42-'43. YOUNG, FLORA Senior Orchestra. YOUNG, LILY Future Homemakers '4lp Glee Club '42, YOUNG, MARGARET Homeroom Chairman '42-'43, Greggites President, A l l i e d Youth '43. Mr. Kanayama and Mrs. MacKenzie assist at a basketball game while George Ito collects the admission coupons. The clean-up squad does its iinal chore ai the end oi the day. Mitsuko Urata isn't too happy but Gladys Miuro finds it a real pleasure. 40 IUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY-Front row il. to r.D: Evelyn Motohiro. Florence Kakisako, Frances Sakaitani, Helen Kidani, Esther Kurihara, Grace Nakahara, Muriel Shigemura. 0 Second nw: Clara Leong, Violet Murakami, George Akita. Herbert Ikeda. Elizabeth Chung, Hazel Takano, Kiyoshi Nakasone. Naomi Komesa. 0 Third Row: Masao Shoii, William Lum, Takeo Amana, Iames Hayase, Robert Tanigawa, Claude Zukerau. 0 Top Row: George Ito, Mary Nishikawa, Rochelle Arakawa. I EVELYN MOTOHIRO ROBERT TANIGAWA President Vice-President ROCHELLE ARAKAWA FLORENCE KAKISAKO Secretary Treasure: luniors The Iuniors selected Evelyn Motohiro, Robert Tanigawa, Rochelle Arakawa, and Florence Ka- kisako as President, Vice-President, Secretary, ond 'Treasurer respectively. The members of the Executive Council, especially active this year, consisled of the following chairmen: Fo- rum, Herbert lkedag Library, Helen Kidanig So- cial, Violet Murakami, Athletic Board, George Akita, and Finance Board, Mary Nishikawa and Iames Hayase. Our first adviser, Mrs. Nell B. Elder, did much to help us during the short span of her adviser- ship. To Mr. Alexander Parker, appointed to serve as adviser, We are very grateful for his understanding and patient guidance through a trying year. Each sacrifice We could make and every service we could give-this was the supreme effort toward which We directed our plans for the Iunior year. We have bought war bonds and stamps, fulfilled employment requirements and contributed in one Way or another to build up morale and to help Win this War. 41 Iunior Executive Council members formulate plans for a "penny drive in cm effort to replenish the acute shortage oi pennies at the local banks. From left to right we hnd Mary Nishxkawa Florence Kakxsako Evelyn Motohiro, Robert Tanigawa, Helen Kiduni. Rochelle Arakawa Violet Murakami Herbert Ikeda and George Akita. lunior Notes As a starter, a combined Sophomore-lunior project was initiated to give little Christmas packages and several radios to members of the armed forces hospitalized in our former main building, now a branch ot the Tripler General Hospital. This activity was suggested and car- ried out by Rose Ching, special committee chairman. "A penny" drive was launched to relieve the shortage in the local banks. Naomi Komesu ap- pointed as chairman encouraged all luniors to bring their pennies to school, including those tucked away in their piggie banks, and use them to purchase sandwiches and ice cream from the school cafeteria. Mrs. Aitken, cafes teria manager, gave her Wholehearted support to what turned out to be a very helpful venture. An "amusement collection" ot various games like checkers, rook, and rummy was undertaken during the second semester with Esther Kuri- hara as committee chairman. These Were to be turned over to the service men. Front Row: David Shiroma, Robert Sakamoto, Glenn Mura- moto, Wilbert Tengan, Roy Otake, George Takamiya, Iose Gomes, Lawrence Leong. I Second Row: Morris Ishihara, Kenneth Akimoto. Minoru Nakada, Takeyoshi Sukita, Toshio Sakcxta, Albert Otoide, Ted Shirai, Shigeru Unlen. 0 Third Row: Patsy Arasato, Iosephine Pau, Dale Yanagihasbi, Olive Wong, Betty Chun, Vera Lui. Wilhelmina Ching. 0 Fourth Row: Lillian Ota, Mabel Haruki, Myrtle Tamanaha, Edna Taira, Betsy Kishida, Alice Tsutsui, Muriel Shigemura. Es- ther Itaoka. 0 Top Row: Vlalter Choy, Iuanito Purugganan, Kazumi Takaki Constancio Saromiries, Vernon Tomita. Pe- riod 1-2. Front Row: Iane Watanabe, Katherine Nakaguchi, Ianet Oku, Harriet Tanijo, Gloria Watanabe, Betty Kang. Rosaline Fu- kuda, Eleanor Tatsumura, lean Ishida. 0 Second Row: Iackie Uyeda, Sobun Yamane, Tetsuo Takushi, Kiyoshi Na- kasone, Cliitord Kanehiro, Pedro Nazarino, Ralph Fujimoto, Iack Yamashiro, George Tomasu. 0 Third Row: 'l'sugio Sa- kai, Raymond Kawano. Noburo Sakamoto, Richard Ishida, Yoshito Yakuma. Raymond Oyama, Momun Chow. 0 Fourth Row: Lorene Kau, Lillian Kawaguchi, Leinaala Pokukaha, Naomi Yoneda. 0 Top Row: lean Yamasaki, Marjorie Ko- megi, Winifred Kimura, Dorothy Kaneyulri. Period 3-4. Front Row: Remedus Laborado, Tomi Yamaguchi, Betty Naka- mura, Iudith Tokunaga, Florence Ohye, Frances lcltiriu, Grace Tomita, Alice Okamoto, Marian Fujita. 0Second Row: Helen Prestidge, Mildred Nishino, Laura Park, Librada Buenaie. Martha Moromisato, Clara Iim, Katherine Yoshrno. Mitsue Yamauchi. 0 Third Row: Clara Shishido, Helen Kum, Gladys Takemori, Hanae Uyeda, Helen Kidani. Iune Koto, Harriet Takano, Frances Sakaitani. I Fourth Row: Ernest Kimura, William Takcrbayashi, Fred Obatalce, Kazuo Hashi- moto, Iames Hayase. Us Top Row: Stanward Hirata, Yukito Yonenaga, Kaoru Higa. Period 5-6. Mrs. Carney's Core Classes. Mrs. Yap's forum group discussing safety precautions The newswritxng class prepares to edit the in P9559 and WUI- Iunior Governor Front How: Winifred Leong. Grace Tomasto, Karen Kiso, Ma- sae Yamasaki, Martha Nakayama, Patsy Tokuda, Kay Shin- shiro, Trinidad Sanchez. 0 Second Row: Antone Ledesma, Francis Chock, Akitada Uchida, Shizuo Nakamura, Harold Murakami, Ben Tagawa, Fred Konno. 0 Third Row: Marie Perry, Doris Yatsutaki, Betsy Hirakami, Marian Takahashi, Thelma Tanigawa, Helen Lum, Hazel Chang, Annie Ing, Es- ther Tsuda. 0 Fourth Row: Bertha Kiaaina, Sylvia Watanabe, Grace Nakahara, Ruth Hamaguchi, Frances Nakamura, Sarah Fukumoto, Elsie Shirabe. 0 Top Row: Takeo Uyeda, Richard Chibana, Harry Toi. Period l-2. Front Row: Alvina Lee, Clara Leong, lcmet Itagaki, Lily Sa- sabuchi. Gladys Goto, Edith Hamada, Grace Matsumoto, Pa- tricia Tokuda, Mildred Wakasugi. oSecond Row: Florence lwami, Lorraine Nakama, Betty Ikeda, Betty Mew, Iudith Omoto, Nancy Ito, Nancy Tamane, Claire Honnaka. 0 Third Row: Thomas Lum, Thomas Kono, Charles Choo, Matsuo Miho, Tom Ebesu, Thomas Shinbara, Rokuro Sato, Richard Hanai. O Fourth Row: Iris Onishi, Iean Yamaguchi, Dora Machado, Daisy Chang, Lorraine Vlalker, Florence Mori- kawa, Claire Mitsunaga, Shizue Sakamoto. 0 Top Row: Paul Shibata, Larry Nishizawa, Larry Shiroma, Miriam Tani, Kay Nishimura, Clara Moriyama. Period 3-4. Front Row: Violet Lam, Anna lwamoto, Mitsue Niimoto, Hee Yon Lee, Florence Au, Fumiko Uehara, Constance Carvalho, Mildred Ho. O Second Row: George Ito, Florence Tsuye- mura, Barbara Takashima, Mae Park, Constance Oyadomori, Gladys Umeda, Yoshio Saiki. 0 Third Row: Saneo Ogata, Takanori Takahama, Richard Lee, Thomas Vrandenburg, William Thornton, Iames Escolona, Atsuyoshi Kobayashiga- wa. 0 Top Row: Takashi Umeda, Qxrry Matsuo, George Ishii, Richard Kawasaki, Raymond Yuen, Stanley Murakawa, Robert Yasuda. Period 5-6. Mrs. MacKenzie's Core Classes. Sobun Yamane in metal shop puts the Edwin Kuramoto and George Iiaulkaiworlc out finishing touch on his dust pan the fundamentals ol mec anxca rawing. Front How: Rosaline Calub, Mae Kouchiyama, Beatrice Kim, Ellen Leong, Helen Nakama, Lillian Dewa, Yuk Chan Chun, Alice Ishikawa. 0 Second Row: Henry Sasaki, Iames Higa, Kenji Fukuhara, Richard Fukuda, Robert Hashimoto, Hideo Kaminaka, Herbert Ikeda, George Tanaka, Harold Kidogu- chi. 0 Third Row: Helen Strong, Mercedes Chock, Con- stance Young, Amy Watai, Doris Uehara, Florence Iihara, Phyllis Kaya, Mitsuko Sakai. 0 Fourth Row: Wallace Ching, Augustine Villanueva, Nelson Chang, Howard Horiuchi, Na- mio Yukutake, Norman Chun. 0 Top Row: Michael Sono- da, Barney Goo, Thomas Umetsu. Period l-2. Front Row: Rochelle Arakawa. Nancy Ishikawa, Alice Mi- yashiro, Lillian Tom, Betsy Toma, Barbara Kurosawa, Grace Chow, Dorothy Loo, Evelyn Motohiro, Michiye Oishi. 0 Sec- ond Row: Peggy Oshiro, Katherine Lum, Rose Ching: Flor- ence Au, Lily Ing, Marjorie Naipo, Dorothy Silva: Alethea Ferreira, Winifred Hee. 0 Third Row: Shunji Tanaka, George Akita, Masao Shoji, Charles Furuya, Shoso Fujimoto. Howard Shigeta, Kwai Fong Hee, lack Matsumoto, Paul Tanaka, Howard Fukunami, Robert Tanigawa. I Fourth Row: Florence Mishima, Anita Pereira, Filemon Nanod, Taki- nori Tanouye, Iohn Uyetake, Constantine Yabes, Lorraine Yomes, Betty Tsuneda, Dora Sunn. 0 Top Row: Mary Ni- shikawa, Irene Fujita, Dorothy Hiramatsu, Ianet Sato, Flor- ence Kakisako. Period 3-4. . Front Row: Stanley Fujita, Stanley Kitsu, Akira Morisako, Kanji Mashima, Tamotsu Shimada, Fumio Nakakura. Sec- ond Row: Betsy Iwai, Marian Mitsuyama, Helen Uemoto, Helen Aranio, Masako Henna, Hidehiko Uehara, Katie Uemu- ra, Helen Takara, Hilda Yamane. 0 Third How: Kenji Sato, Hideko Uehara, Tadami Nakano, Sunao Tanaka, Robert Ishii. 0Fourth How: Rose Chee, Dora Park, Violet Murakami, Violet Shinagawa, Susan Taira, Naomi Komesu, Edith Lau. 0 Top Row: Mildred Nakasoy, Carol Nashiro, Yoshiko Hatakeyama. Period 5-6. Miss McCain's Core Classes. Learning the proper fingering oi the uke Senior Orchestra members practice in the Hawaiian Instrument class seriously with Miss Cunningham Front Row: Sonny Lee, Katsuto Kashiwa, Toyoshiki Izu, Samuel Kuramoto, Tetsuo Nakayama, George Kaya, Iohn Minoda, Fred Kaneshiro, Henry Talsana. 0 Second Row: Ioyce Tanaka, Elaine Atkins. Mildred Morioka, Victoria Pe- terson, Ida Colon, Alice Ishii. Elsie Nashiro. Sally Tomiha- ma, Ruth Kim. 0 Third Row: Richard Kevon, Harold Ohata, Victor Dizon, Donald Fong, William Lum, Walter Choy, George Watai, Kensuke Tengan. 0Fourth Row: Fumio Ogawa, Richard Siu, Hisao Kinui, Yoshiyuki Otaguro, Doug- las Cho. 0 Top Row: Dorothy Miller, Ruth Terakawa, Ai- leen Hara, Alice Moon. Period 1-2. Front Row: Richard Chun. Iames lwaki, Kazuo Kinoshita, Ralph Kaneshiro, William Kamiyama, Robert Isokane. Iuro Arita, Paul Nitta, Francis Sagawa. 0 Second Row: Gladys Anzai, lean Kawamura, Sally Toyama, Mae Tom. Betty Ma- tsuda, Doris Takahashi, Helen Kawasaki, Marian Miyashiro, Florence Amuro. 0 Third Row: Sam Chong, Yoshito Sakai, Riichi Kuniyoshi. Takeo Amano, Morinobu Nishihira, David Lyum, Robert Nishihira. Austin Kau. O Fourth Row: Dor- othy Nagatori, Doris Nishihara, Alice Oda, Lucille Huch, Irene Kaneshiro. 0 Top Row: Lydia Ching. Priscilla Choo, Margaret Chinen. Lydia Afalla. Period 3-4. Front Row Marilyn Mayekawa, Violet Kushi:-na, Lillian Na- kata. Betty Arimoto. Iuana Rodrigues, Rosamond Akamine, Patsy Chinen. Clara Goya. I Second Row: Florence Yo- shino, Bessie Amaki. Bertha Lee. Deanna Kawakami, Helen Kawamura, Ellen Chang. Sally Takakawa, Ianet Abe. 0 Third Row: Walter Fuiimoto, Seichi Yoneda, Teruo Tanona- ka. Ioseph Tom, Richard Nikaido. 0 Top Row: Claude Zu- keran, Thomas Vllatanabe, Hidenori eganeku. Period 5-6. Mrs. Williamson's Core Classes. Robert Aoki and Yoshito Sakai illustrate the use ol the block Mrs Mito keeps the mimeograph machine busy most of the Pfmfmg PYGSS day turning out printed matter. Front How: Elizabeth Chung, Elsie Chun, Fumiko Kinoshita. Florence Lo, Alice Yoshioka, Eleanor Kam. 0 Second Row: Richard Kusunoki, Irene Hee, Harriet Hanzawa, Mary Matsu- naga. Harry Moromisato. 0Third Row: Walter Konno, Iames Tabusa, Ichiro Akamine, Stanley Mimura, Mitsuo Fu- iimoto. O Top Row: Paul Tsulcamolo, Kikuo Kageno, Harry Yoshida, Albert 'l'ani. Period 7-8. From Row: Charles Masuda, George Fujioka, Sapronio Vo- luroso, Richard Lum, Henry Koza. Raymond Nakagawa. 0 Second Row: Vera Kaneshiro. Emmaline Among, Nora Chung, Judith Otaguro, Ethel Takemoto. I Third Row: Ber- nard Andrade, Iames Kiyabu, Arthur Kaimi, Gary Ishihara. Roy Matsumoto. 0 Top Row: Walter Nakayama, Robert Matsushita, Masaki Sukita. Period 9-10. Front Row: Rachael Tanaka, lane Konno, Hazel Takano. Dolores Konno, Leilani Smith. 0 Second Row: Elizabeth Ni- shimura, Kimiko Endo, Nancy Abe, Harriet Arakaki. 0 Third Row: Ierry Azama, Ral h Nagata. Tetsuo Sato, George Kansaki, Bung Yen W O Top Row: Kyoge Kasashima, William Wong, Richard Taira, Masaichi Oshiro. Period 11- 12. Mrs. Yap's Core Classes. Student director Margaret Young stops a dramatic With eve1Y angle lflken Cure of Violet rehearsal lo explain the right cue. Nakamoto is promised an even hemlme Front Row: Esther Kurihara, Bessie Okazaki. Helene Ma- rushige, Gladys Sugirnoto. Ellen Tam, Frances Sugiha- ra. 0 Second Row: Lorraine Ohama, Ianet Young. Vio- let Yamashita, Elaine Sakamoto, Florence Saiki, Mary Arakaki. Thelma Iones, Cecelia Iumalon. O Third Row: Clifford Lancaster. Iohn Kamae, Wilfred Tengan. Chris- topher Houghtailing, Iames Makiya, Richard Tsuruda. Edward Tom. I Fourth Row: Donald Whang, Frank Agena, Raymond Kadomoto. Edward Emil, Manuel Ma- riani. 0Top Row: Tsuneo Kiyonaga, Vernon Kudo, Herbert Yamaguchi. Period 3-4. Mr. Parker's Core Class. 0 lunior Finale A single, Well planned forum slated for the second semester was held in Bishop Hall on March 22. Topic for discussion Was, "Youth and the War." Each lunior homeroom was asked to have two speakers prepare an as- signed phase of the topic. A Talent assembly was scheduled for April. The Social Committee was responsi- ble for this enjoyable program which pro- vided entertainment for the Whole school and brought forth lunior dramatic as Well as many other heretofore unknown talents. Not having as many large semester socials Tempting dishes are prepared by future homemakers in their own kitchenette. as We ordinarily would have had during nor- mal times, We concentrated on making the lunior-Senior Prom held at the Nuuanu Y. M. C. A. Auditorium on May 28, the one out- standing social event of the year, The diligent and conscientious service of every class member made each sacrifice a pleasure, and the class as a Whole Was a force which made every activity a success. We are confident, at the close of this lunior year, that We have done our part to further the War effort. N Cafeteria girls sell sandwiches and ice cream during recess to hungry students. WILLIAM NAKAGAWA Vice-President CLIFFORD KUWAMOTO President WINIFRED NAKAI OSAMU FUKUYA Secretary Treasurer Sophomoies At the beginning of the school year, eight hundred inex- perienced but determined Sophomores entered Farrington High School to develop their potentialities. They quickly adapted themselves to this War-torn World and concentrated their activities to support the War effort. ln order to carry out these tasks, they chose capable leaders and directors for the Class. Representatives, expressing the Wishes ot their horne- roorns, voting intelligently, and Working tor the Welfare of the Sophomore Class, Were responsible for an active Repre- sentative Assembly. Mr. Mitsuyuki Kido, class adviser, Was greatly responsible for helping otticers and committee chair- rnen to succeed. Sophomore Executive Council members listen to President Clifford Kuwcxmoto read cr letter received from the Senior Library Committee in regard to the care of books. In the picture from left to right are: Mr. Mitsuyuki Kido. Takeiiro Higcx, Clifford Kuwamoto, Harriet Lau, Winifred Ncxkui. William Nukagcrwa. Toshie Ibiguchi and Osamu Fukuya. if SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY. Front row ll. to LJ: Szledad Ladao, Haruko Teshima, Hazel Arii, Toshxe Iblguchl Dorothy Yashima, Winiired Nakai. 0 Second row: Frances Drew, Grace Lee, Harriet Lau, Irene Wedemeyer, Betty Dumlao Mary De Lima Vlo let Hayase. 0 Third row: Clifford Kuwamoto, Morris Fukino, George Higa, Mitsutoshi Mitsunaga, Richard Ishii. C Top row Osamu Fu kuya, William Nakagawa. George Yee, Eiii Yamaguchi. SOPHOMORE DQINGS Our first class activity led us to team up With the Iunior Class and play San- ta Claus to the Tripler General Hospital Patients. Together We voluntarily and generously gave Christmas gifts and radios. In supporting the school labor pro- gram, students over sixteen years found jobs to lessen the problem of labor shortage. Others supported the War effort indirectly by taking over duties at home thereby releasing their moth- ers for war Work. Even those under sixteen Worked in vegetable gardens to lessen the shortage of food. By buying War bonds and stamps regularly, the Sophomores did their part in financing the War. Each home- room had its own War bond and stamp chairman who carried out his job suc- cessfully and efficiently. The Welfare Drive and the Bed Cross and other organizations received splen- did donations from the class. Many Sophomore students joined the Farrington High School Victory Corps. ln the future, the Sophomores have aimed to live up to their motto, "We Build the Ladder By Which We Rise. 50 MITSUYUKI KIDO Adviser FRONT ROW: Benjamin Char, Yoshihiko Tamada, Taka- shi Shimamura. Richard Ishii, William Hara, Jackie Sun, William Kunichika, Akira Takaaze, Thomas Okita. 0 SECOND ROW: Marilyn Hamamura, Tomiko Soraku- bo, Kathryn Kaneshirc, lane Chun. Ellen Wong. O THIRD ROW: Maude Yogi, Alma Aoyagi, Aylene Nakamura, Mitsuko Yoshida, Dilly Fuiinaka, lean Kobashigawa. Victoria Shimoda, Ethel Tani. 0 FOURTH ROW: Ruth Okabayashi, Sumiko Henna. Irene Harada, Natalie Ka- malii, Dolores Correa, Alice Kawamura, Sue Oyama. 0 TOP ROW: Mary Yamauchi, Iune Wakatsuki, Gladys Wong. Period 7-8. FRONT ROW: Walter Sakane, Herbert Lemson, Edward Ho, David Terada, Henry Lee, Alleiho Cua, Richard Oba. O SECOND ROW: Magnolia Akiu, Iosephirxe Like, Rose Ebesui, Gail Uchima, Helen Koyanagi, Kinuye Hasega- wa, Mary Nakasone. O THIRD ROW: Laverne Tamashi- ro. Ethel Nakamura, Chizuko Shintani, Audrey Chun, Muriel Masunaga, Alice Tamagawa, Yuk Lin Ching. 0 FOURTH ROW: Roy Yashiro, Thomas Matsuzaki, George Higa, Iames Hashimoto. Kenneth Tom, Teruo Ki- rio. O TOP ROW: Kikue Yoshida, Elaine Shimizu, Bar- bara Tagami. Period 9-10. FRONT ROW: Ianet Watanabe, Yoshie Onaka. Haruko Tamashiro, Minnie Fuiishima, Hazel Arii, Mary Yano, Sadie Okinaka, Elaine Fujiyama. OSECOND ROW: Charlotte Peralta, Priscilla Wong, Lilly Hadano, Flor- ence Shimabukuro, Betty Saito, Vickie Sakai, Gladys Shigetani, Lillian Arita. 0 THIRD ROW: Tsukumo Ka- wakami, Clyde Chun, William Dionio, Benjamin Kimu- ra, Warren Nakamoto, Harold Hirasaki, Henry Hilo. 0 FOURTH ROW: s Kamibayashi, Wilfred Cornel, Thomas Nakamura, o ert Shigeta, Richard Motoyama, Edwin Tanabe. 0 TOP ROW: Rosetta Abad, Carnation Mew, Gladys Robello, Helen Candida, Eldora Lau. Ruth Sawai. Period 11-12. Mr. Bolen's Core Classes. . gif l pf---if Il I1 -A 3 'L I A water color painting admired by Ethel Naka- Science equipment handled by Adolph Mendez mura and Eugenia Young, art students. Albert Kong, and Larry Watanabe. Mildred Correa and Amy Goo observe. FRONT ROW: Dorothy Torricer, Yoshiko Fukunami, Ag- nes Chung, Evelyn Miyashiro, Karen Tanaka, Katharine Arakaki, Mee lun Pang, Mabel Kida, Ianice Horiuchi, Mabel Tanaka. 0 SECOND ROW: Rosalia Espina, Lil- lian Lum, Grace Oshiro, Elsie Nakata, Leatrice Naka- mura, Nancy Tanimura, Patsy Kitayama, Frances Kir'a. OTHIRD ROW: Kimiko Higa. Grace Morse, Sawami Ebesui, Emma Yoshida, Muriel Kim, Edna Chun, Iane Tokumoto. 0 FOURTH ROW: Herman Samson, Herbert Lau. Noboru Yokoyama, Leonard Emil, Maurice lha, lohn Koo. 0 TOP ROW: David Arakaki, Daniel Nakamoto, Glenn Miyamoto. Period 7-B. FRONT ROW: Margaret Takahashi, Mary Suehiro, Mil- dred Masue, Edith Ogawa, Charlotte Sasaki, Christina Porlas. Florence Park, Ellen Chang. 0 SECOND ROW: Grace Lee, Gertrude Higashimura, Elaine Terada, Lo'- retta Ohashi, Florence Fuiimoto, Louise Tsukasa, lean Yamada, Ida Helela. 0 THIRD ROW: Richard Park, Toshiyuki Okinishi, Shoichi Oku, Edward Sawamura, Yoshio Arakaki, Tetsugi Okudara, Herbert Nakaura. 0 FOURTH ROW: Ted lnouye, Akira Itai, Harold Nishi- mura, Saneko Espino, Herbert Loo, Ralph Shigemura. O TOP ROW: Richard Kurahara, Albert Young, Richard Kim, Keiji Tamai. Period 9-IU. FRONT ROW: Claude Tokushige, Elaine Hirata, Miriam Masumoto, Carrie Batomalaki, Virginia Avilla, Violet Miyasato, Sarah Keven, Lily Ko. Isamu Shimabuku. 0 SECOND ROW: Alice Nakamoto, Mildred Asasaki, Alice Koseki, Florence Toyama, Betty Kaya, Marilyn Kusogaki, Aileen Chang, Elsie Kumura. 0 THIRD ROW: Osamu Fukuya, Leonard Ventic, Iohn Umiamaka, Fumie Naka- mura, Sarah Yamaguchi. Ioyce Kihara, Hideaki Yama- shita, Masahide Sakai, William Kosaki. I FOURTH ROW: Alvin Suzuki. Robert Tom, Carl Ooka, Paul Akuma, Charles Yamashita, Henry ln, K lun' Kawasaki. O TOP ROW: Vicente Santos, Manuel .. .zado, Paul Yamada, Roldan Soldario, Richard Maruyama. Period ll-12. Mr. Garrett's Core Classes. Sophomore thespians enact a scene Lida Ornellas The auditorium lor all of our assembly programs is Manuel De La Cruz Trinidad Sanchez Albert Cor the wide open spaces and note particularly, stand- puz and Concepcion Locagbo 1119 YOUTH OHIY- FRONT ROW: Gladys Chong, Florita Gascon, Lily Hi- sano. Marjorie Honda. Dorothy Iwanaga, Matilda Kau- hane. Ella Kauhi. 0 SECOND ROW: Fannie Lee, Sadie Mamiya, Winiired Nakamura. Alice Shiroma, Patsy Te- ruya, Annie Tse, Dorothy Yashima. 0 THIRD ROW: Yu- kio Amano. james Yamada. Ianice Fujisato, Kimie Kiyo- hiro, Takeshi Hiraki, Thomas Tanaka. 0 FOURTH ROW: Howard Fukuda, Iames Leong, joseph Char, Betty Asa- to, Doris Kataoka. Lillian Youn. 0 TOP ROW: Thomas Hirata. William Hu, Herman Lau. Period 7-8. FRONT ROW: Frances Teruya. Taeko Fukumoto, Betty Fukunaga, Doris Oka, Doris Morimoto, Nancy Takaya- ma. Betty Honda, Taeko Kono. Matsue Yamamoto. 0 SECOND ROW: Lawrence Toyooka, Talcano Uyehara, Frank Mendoza. Elizabeth Lee. Nancy Kondo, Ellen Ki- ra. Gertrude Ioe, Thomas Uehara. Maqoichi Yoshida. 0 THIRD ROW: Robert Fujii, Cliffora Kuwamoto, Akira Kawabe, Benjamin Lai, Herbert! Hirata, Roy Kawagoe, Cary Kuroda. OFOURTH ROW: Henry Yoshimoto. Iames Tawata, Ukio Urata. Harry Frodente, Morris Fu- kino. George Fujimoto. 0 TOP ROW: Denis Tomiyasu, Shoji Akisada, Richard Morimoto. William Nakagawa. Period 9-10. FRONT ROW: Haruo Uehara, Masaru Kuwaye, Thomas Ajimine, Edward Nakasone. George Tanaka, Takaichi Yamamoto, Richard Tanaka, Masami Yoza, Henry Wong. O SECOND ROW: Bobby Agena, Eiji Yamaguchi. Rich- ard Horiuchi, Paul Tokumaru. Tadao Iwasaki. Benja- min Yamamoto, Thomas Saruwatari, Satoru Terada. Ed- ward Villaruel. 0 THIRD ROW: Mildred Hirayama. To- shie Ibiguchi, Evelyn Morita, Charlotte Luke, Dorothy Chun. Maria od. Grace Awamura. Betty Tonai. Har- riet Lau. U F H ROW: Mildred Naito, Tomiko Mu- ratake. lane Ta b ancy Kan, Clara Honda, Alice Uyeno, Winifred a . Dorothy Kodama. 0 TOP ROW: Hazel Tominaga, Margaret Chun. Marilyn Tani. Period ll-12. Mrs. Horne's Core Classes. Typists are in great demand and these students Chorus students hum a iew notes for Mrs Alwohi their equip themselves for war jobs that need them enthusiastic leader who smiles with approval FRONT ROW: Iames Teruya, Koon Hin Choy, Kenneth Ching, Norman Tam. 0 SECOND ROW: Mitchell Kuko- nu, Raymond Asaumi, William Luat, Asaichi Amuro, Roy Higa, Walter Kobashigawa. Wallace Onishi, Arthur Ke- anini. 0 THIRD ROW: Herbert Aiona, William Yfise, Edward Carvalho, Ioseph Medeiros, Toshihiko Kanakuri, Kiyoshi Matsuo, Ernest Baptiste. 0 FOURTH ROW: Blossom Auyong, Adolph Mendes. Lawrence Yamashita, Clarence Kaimi, Raymond Teixeira. C TOP ROW: So- corra Estrella, Hilda Auyong, Patsy Izu. Period l-2. FRONT ROYV: Peter Guadalupe, Iames Noiima, Walter Ching, Albert Kong. I SECOND ROW: Clara Niimoto, Ruth Osumi, Ella Loo, Sybil Sur, Marguerite Holm, Ma- ria Gamboa, Nancy Uehara, Concepcion Locagbo. Charles Hayashi, Takeiiro Higa, Constance Chong, Alice Lee, Alberta Ebfight, ,Robert Kodam. o TOP Bow: Lawrence Nagasawa, David Chun, Daniel Leong, David Luke, Ionah Mawae, Malicio Iacobo, Shoji Moriwaki, Lawrence Higa. Period 3-4. FRONT ROVV: Nelson Lee, Francis Young, Iohn Mariani, Frank Fukunaga, Frank Kawamoto, Kenn Matsuguma. 0 SECOND ROW: Helen Ching, Betty Kaneshiro, Mabel Harvest, Pearl Crabbe, Betty Kim. Lily Nakamoto, Elea- nor Pele, Lida Ornellas, Amy Goo. OTHIRD ROW: 'Stanley Yamashiro, Alfred Ching, Henry Kimura, Gabriel Juarez, Henry Fuiishima, Robert Kubo, Ieifrey Motoya- ma. 0 TOP ROW: Robert Takeshitg ,ouis Kahoonei, Roy Masuda, George Dantsuka, ' sl: Miyashiro, Her- bert Kuwahara. Period 5-6. Mr ' 's Core Classes. G Chorus shepherds, and narrators iorm a part oi the uest speakers are invited frequently to speak to the large cast presenting, "The Nativity," annual Christmas students Baron Goto addresses H1 Y members pageant, FRONT ROW: Iohn Lee, Francis Au, Mitsutoshi Mitsuna- ga, Isamu Ebisutani, Kaoru Suyeoka, George Sato, Shi- geru Kaneshiro. C SECOND ROW: Alma Nishino, Mil- dred Uyehara, Harriet Isa. 0 THIRD ROW: Minnie Koi- de, Elizabeth Takata, Dorothy Sugita, Dorothy Takaha- shi, Gladys Nakagama, Evelyn Oda, Loretta Young, Di- ana Yanagihashi. 0 TOP ROW: Nina Munar, Delphine Auyong, Evelyn Choo, Eloise Ishihara, Nina Castillo, Katherine Mitsukawa. Period 7-8. FRONT ROW: Haruko Shimabukuro, Violet Migita, Bet- ty Dumlao, Iwalani Kanoho, Itsuye Tanaka, Margaret Yuen, Henrietta Kamakele, Violet Itagaki. 0 SECOND ROW: Wai Wing Chang, Raymond Lurbe, Henry Nomi- yama, Thomas Nakata, Thomas Rivera, Edward Isobe. 0 THIRD ROW: Henry Ter ' Robert Nishida, Francis Garcia, William Chung, Tho as Chun, George Lancas- ter, Tadao Akatsuka. 0 TOP OW: Ioseph De La Cruz, Robert Lum, Arthur Chang, Ralph Kogami. Period 9-IU. FRONT ROW: Peggy Hara, Irene Sakai, Betty Lum, Lydia Orot, Faith Tahama, Grace Maruno, Edna Murie- masa, Alice Toyama. 0 SECOND ROW: Sybil Sakai, Sadako Murakami, Genevieve Young, Bessie Herras, Amy Nishioka, Helen Kunihiro, Ianet Hasegawa, Nobu- ko Higa. 0 THIRD ROW: George Yee, Charles Vause, . Raymond Lau Edward Alba, Edward Oki, Hiroyuki Mo- toyama, Roy Iensen. 0 FOURTH ROW: Kenii Shimabu- kuro, Ienki , Lawrence Iyomasa, Edwin Tomita, T3- tomu Ohnu Ia es Nakano. OTOP ROW: Gladys Koyanagi, Vic ' hin, Mildred Chun. Period ll-12. Mr. Kinningha ore Classes. Homemaking girls, taught by Mrs. Dennis, prepare a The caterpillar crawls along but in its wake Victory luncheon and learn to practice good table manners Gardens will soon reappear FRONT ROW: Herminia Rayoan, Iulia Patenio, Evelyn Michihara, Dora Higa, Marian Funakoshi, Betty Ishiki, Betty Nakama, Florence Pang, Rose Wong. OSECOND ROW: Hannah Ching, Katherine Ng, Helen Matsumoto, Helene Mitsunaga, Dorothy Leong, Thelma Silva. Flor- ence Kuroda, Amy Ching. OTHIRD ROW: George Matsumoto, Raymond Chin, David Kosaka, Albert Fukai. Ronald Han, Henry Lum. I FOURTH ROW: Walter Hon- da, Michael Kim, Larry Nakasone, Shoji Uchida, Wil- liam Chun, Raymond Yoshimura. Albert Aono. O TOP ROW: Dorothy Uesugi, Christita Bimbo, Grace Kurihara. Period 7-8. FRONT ROW: Beatrice Abrenica, Felisia Cagata, Flor- ence Tsubota, Helen Minami, Iane Kawano. Eleanor Aana, Annie Young, Iean Kim. O SECOND ROW: Sole- dad Ladao, Midori Sato, Clara Nakagawa, Constance Chan. Viola Faria, Mildred Kurima, Winilred Ouchi. 0 THIRD ROW: Herbert Aono, Herbert Sakumoto, An- drew Hong, George Imos , Ian-ies Sasaoka. Thomas Ka- mikawa, Taneo Ishihara, Richard Kato. 0 TOP ROW: Hong Leong Choy, Rayrrand Fukuoka. Shoji Miyamura, Tsunematsu Mizusawa, liyoichi Fuiita, Ioaquin Chang. Period 9-ID. FRONT ROW: Sueo Nakama, Thomas Tcmouye, Philip Doseo, Mitsuo Yoshimoto, Lawrence Ching, Terry Taka- mori. Buck Yew Chung. 0 SECOND ROW: Pauline Farm. Margaret Takekawa, Mildred Matsuda. Betsy Asa- to. Beatrice Mahi, Hanako Inasaki, Ianet Imamura, Wini- ired Chang, Margaret Kwock. 0 THIRD ROW: Lillian Whang, Bessie Watanabe, Mae Lee, Sue Tokuda, Eve- lyn Nishinioto, Hannah Hipa, Grace Asato. 0 FOURTH ROW: Ioseph Whang, Tsutomu Ogata, Stanley Tom, Frank Yuen, Myles Aimoto, Kennet" K' ,i, Henry Hi- eda. 0 TOP ROW: William Ishim u, tobert Hinoku- ma, Wataru Mochizuki. Period ll- rs. Mau's Core Classes. Farrington boys enter OCD b l t t k h Amy Tanada sells Christmas Seals to Florence Lo and of a First Aid Stationmnot faradnwdlylmlgedlgg lellllzxtfzlligiz Mee lung Pang awaits her turn to make a purchase end man, FRONT ROW: Haruko Teshima, Miriam Tamashita, Loret- ta Tanaka, Lily Nakamura, Eleanor Yoshimura. I SEC- OND ROW: Melvin Tamanaha. Bunsei Arakawa. Isamu Ishimura, Charles Matayoshi, David Shiroma, Wilfred Fuiikami, Fred Hokama. I THIRD ROVV: Betty Kimura, Iane Hahale, Ruth Kopa, Agnes Otake. 0 TOP ROW: Alatau Paakaula. Herbert Nishimo, Kenneth Ishii, Ray- mond Camara. Period 7-8. FRONT ROW: Angeles Abrenica. lane Yorita, Violet Konno, Hisalco Taba, Dorothy Nakama, Geraldine Ka- leohana. 0 SECOND ROW: George Tolcuhisa, Ioe Oda, Fred Shinsato, Warren Mitchell, Hiroshi Shoji, Akira Mi- yashiro. Nobuhide Oganeku, Arthur Inatsuka. 0 THIRD ROW: David Watada, Francis Villanueva, Henry Uye- hara, Earl Wong, Edward Sto , Wallace Young, Ver- non Kimura. 0 TOP ROW: Sho hi Endo, Antonio Con- tento, Minoru Miyashiro, Rosalia idaro. Gladys Mdtsu- oka, Felicia Nakaguchi. Period 9-10. FRONT ROW: Leatrice Yoshimoto. Kazue Oku, Chiyoko Shimizu, Dorothy Yanehiro, Doris Yanehiro, Mildred Fu- ruya, Mary De Lima. I SECOND ROW: Henry Horita, Richard Yoneda, Kiyoshi Tamanaha, Roy Shimabuku, Shigeo Takimura, Alexander Mahaulu. 0 THIRD HOW: Anita Kim, Michiko Miya, Norma Ho, Constance Tsuchi- da, Dorothy Ho, Susa Lindley, Thelma Fautt. 0 TDP ROW: Iames Ka mi Sakamoto, Richard Higa, Suk Ping Chang, rtado, Eugene Florence. Period ll-12. Mrs. Uchi re Classes. Sam Tom .and Ben Fuiimoto, ianitors, ctart away rub Still cheerful at the end oi the day Mr Itoga bid bzsh barrels on the school's "Lizzie larewell to Mr Young FRONT ROW: Caroline Kealoha, Eugenia Young, Bet- ty Yamamoto, Eileen Hayakawa, Iune Matsuoka, Ieanne Kobayashi, George Nakamoto, Robert Oshiro, Robert Kaneko, Yan Fook Tam. 0 SECOND ROW: Ruth Ko- bashigawa. Alice Yoshioka, Nancy Yokota, Lillian Lee, lane Tagawa, Violet Hayase, Teruko Tamai, Ethel Kam, Gladys Evans. 0 THIRD ROW: Alfonso Saromines, Richard Nakagawa, Makoto Shingawa, George Yamada, Conkling McKee, Daniel Fukumoto, Shigeru Yamaguchi. O FOURTH ROW: Edward Yokomichi, Robert Zablan, Carl Ledward. George T. Matsuda, Takashi Kobuke, Ioji Ishiki. 0 TOP ROW: George S. Matsuda, Lindberg Lau, Larry Ikei. Period 9-10. FRONT ROW: Mary Santiago, Sally Takahashi, Iudy Mito, Beatrice Yee, Evelyn Obatake, Shigeno Nakagawa. 0 SECOND ROW: Cecelia Bernard, lean Kawano, Alvira Santiago, Esther Odo, Amy Miura, Beatrice Zukeran, Lily Taguado, Helen Hashimoto, " ' Kaneshiro. 0 THIRD ROW: Cecelia Sharpe. Drew, Genevieve Hook, Mildred Hishimoto, " rinaka, Iustine Hook, Alice Murakami, Betty Yoshimo 0 FOURTH ROW: Richard Fuiita, Thomas Tanouye, T ashi Sueda, Louis Pagan, Frank Nagata, George Kitagawa, George Lau. 0 TOP ROW: Kenneth Oshiro, Kikuo Kokubun, Raymond Chun. Period ll-l2. Mr. Kido's Core Classes. We bid "Aloha" to all of our classmates at the end of a perfect school day 58 A lf 1. W Top: Morale builders with the U.S.O. 0 Bottom: Receiving training as apprentices. Production Service to lessen the shortage of food. Wartime At the outset, sacrifice and se ice found expression at Farrington in the initial act of .urning over our new- ly acquired modern school buildi tg to military authori- ties to serve in the vital Wartime nacity of a hospital. With this serviceable cpntributioht to the nation's War effort as a starter, the students at Ftirrington have tried to show their loyalty to their countrf by participating in various school and community activities. Seniors, lun- iors, and Sophomores have carried projects aiming to do something for the men of the service. The members ol the Territorial Morale Committee speak. at a special assembly. to Farrington bo Iapanese ancestry regarding the procedure involved in volunteering to iorm a combat unit. Mr. Mitsuyuki h B M . Thomas B. Vance, Mr. Masap Kido addresses the group and those standing are Captain Io n urns, r Marumoto. and Mr. lwao Miyake. Community Service to take care oi the labor shortage. I I I ACllVl War bond and ried on with the ner. Victory jobs as typists, pineapple c Some boys School to take girls joined up A few boys Stations cestry combat unit ties 1 sales were constantly car- receiving a Minuteman Ban- have been cultivated. Part-time ambulance drivers, and Workers took many students. to ihe Honolulu Vocational apprenticeship training. Talented the USO. to help build morale. engaged as workers at First Aid , Top: War Bond and Stamp sales to help finance the Amerlcan boys Oi lcpgnese Cin' war. 0Bottom: Preparing for defense jobs. teered their services to form a . the United States Army. High School holds farewell exercises for two inductees of the Iunior Class and Commencement exercises for sixteen seniors. All are American boys oi Iapanese ancestry who volunteered to form a combat unit with the U. S. Army. Mr. Oren E. Long, Superintendent of Public Instruction. presents diplomas to senior inductees. assisted by Mr. Thomas B. Vance, principal. who is seen congratulating Masami Ito. HERBERT OYAMA YEIZO YAMAGUCHI IAMES HAYASE Farrington's Annual 62 Ke liiaaina To have an Annual or not to have one, that was a pertinent question. An inexperienced staff, no completed dummy, no photographer as yet engaged, talk of the shortage of photo- graphic supplies, and more talk concerning pri- orities-all these helped to make things look rather gloomy in the beginning. With the determination to make the year- book a reality, members of the staff organized themselves into a workable group. After agree- ing to increase the price of the Annual because of rising costs, they conducted two weeks sub- scription campaign. Staff me bers were sent to all classrooms to boost sal during morning and afternoon sessions. The S niors responded enthusiastically. Underclassm . hesitated. One or two days were slow and t business be- gan to pick up and before y knew it the campaign Went over the top. ' e were now on our way. We scouted aro d and found a willing photographer. ln the meantime we had completed our dummy. Thiq wa' submit- ted to the printer for constructive ticism. Re- visions took place. Most of the wt : was done during the allotted one pei'-fl 1' the editor and his assistant remaining after ool. Our school work program preve ny staff members from coming after sch ime ALEXANDER PARKER SUSAN KANG Adviser Indexer wors precious top tures from portions, The will rote cont scrutinizing cr discarded proof. Work begcm to move on at scheduhng, selectmg plc- tnmmmg them to correct pro- ldenhfymg, mcikmg copy, omd in rapid succession. which the stuff hopes memory book cmd cm accu- book of Cdl the events, both slgrufi- mt, of this school year. FLORENCE KAKISAKO STANWARD HIRATA STANLEY KITSU ROBERT ISOKANE FRED OBATAKE 63 AKIYOSHI HAYASHIDA Adviser ALBERT ALFONSO President HI-Y The Farrington Hi-Y Chapter is com- posed of the following clubs: Ke Kiaaina, Pal Ramblers, and the Viceroys. Member- ship comprises eighty students who were selected on the basis of their sincere be-f lief in the purpose, "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." The I-li-Y Cabinet, the legislative body, is made up of officers who represent their respective clubs. They are: Albert Alfon- so, president, Robert Katayama, vice-pres- dent, George lto, secretary, Iames Wata- nabe, treasurer, and Mr. Akiyoshi Haya- shida, adviser. Mr. hn Young and Mr. Leslie Eichelberger re active leaders. A Well-rounded a ivity program for the year included busi ss meetings, timely discussions, lecture V men of the com- munity, Wai effort jects, and socials that helped to impro . student relations. Although the War ha handicapped Hi-Y procedure in many W ys, the clubs have tried to make the best f th ituation. VICEROY HI Y Front row Cl. to r.D: Masao Shoji, Tokinori Tanouye, Kenjo ltoku. Iames Watanabe, Herbert Oyama, Tom Okamoto, Hiroshi Ono moto 0 Second row: Robert Tanigawa, Yoshio Koge, Charles Furuya, George Akita. Daniel Uekawa, Howard Fukunami, Yukio Higa Mitsuo Shimabukuro. 0 Top row: Paul Tanaka, Hiroshi Tanaka, Dennis Oishi, Seitoku Arakawa. Yukic Kodama. Masaru Taira. Donald Ching 1 KE KIAAINA HI Y Front row fl to rl Yexzo Yamaguchi Robert Hashimoto. Iames Higa, Iames Hay Robert Katayama Stanley Kztsu Stanward Hirata. Carl Iuan, Nobuo Takeka Ito, Kenichi Na- Kztamura Tadashx Ogata Herbert Kagemoto, Richard Lee, Albert Alfonso, H kanori Taka in these contests and many new acquaint- ances are made. Plans are being drafted to make possible a joint l-li-Y and Girl Reserves conference. Front row Cl to r J Fred Obatake Iames N1 hikawa, Shoso Fuiimoto, Kenneth Yano, Richard Yamaguchi, Wil Yamamoto O Second row Ernest Kxmura Henry Fukuhara, Herbert Ikeda. Allred Arcxkaki, Toshio Kitano, Pe n Top row Tommy Tama: Saburo Sh rnomura, Robert Aoki, George Tanaka, Ken Fujisato, lames Wata i Nakasone, Stanley Girl Reserves The Farrington Girl Reserves have organized themselves into two of the ten high school clubs in Honolulu. These two groups work in close collabora- tion with the Y.W.C.A. Their advisers are Miss lanet Latimer and Mrs. Paul Anderson. They have gone through an active and successful year. Hlmua Lanakilaf' which means onward to success, was the name selected for the morning club. Marian Wakisaka was elected president. Living up to the purpose of the Girl Reserves, "To find and give the best," the members of lmua Lanakila volunteered to make Christmas stockings and tray favors. To help pay for a new floor in the Y.W.C.A. building, the girls of this club made and sold senior class day favors in the form of leis. ln lanuary, approximately twentyefive girls were recognized in a simple ceremony. A social, with mem- bers of the Hi-Y attending, was held immediately after the recognition ceremony. ln March, a eaker spoke on "Boy and Girl Relations." "H " was the name chosen by the Girl Reserves of the afternoon club and ar Yuen was made president. There were fifteen member The girls in this oup engaged in various activities. They filled Christma stock- ings, painted toys for the children of the Day Care Centers, salvaged d col- lected items necessary for use in War production, took swimming lesso , and sponsored a dance in lanuary. Invitations to attend the dance were t to members of the lmua Lanakila and to the boys of the l-li-Y clubs. Both clubs took an active part in the city-wide dance which was h on March 6. The Girl Reserves and the Hi-Y members attended a joint confe nce in April. GIRL RESERVES lMorning Clubj. Front row Cl to r.J: Amy Goo, Marian Wakisukc. Au, Ncmcy Ishilzi. Ianet Youriq. Betty Ikeda. Florence Kakiscko. 0 Second Nittu, Betty Shimizu, Betty Chun, Florence Iwcxmi, Amy Wctui, Grace Tomita Ing. 0 Third row: Mildred Baba, Eunice Wong, Helen Kcxwcxmuru, Florence Tonaki. 0 Top row: Iecm Kunimoto. Betsy Yamaguchi, Ethel Mcrchida, Dorothy Lillian Nakanishi, Iecmne Tsutsui, lane Nckunishi. 9 Q 1- ,fd ,al WSt' , 5" ft 4 2255 , A fl -Q., Q 8, ,, mwqrt- GIRL Ukiternoon Clubl. Front row Cl. to r.J: Sadie Mamiya, Edith Ogawa, Ayleen Nakamura, Sally Maude Yogi, Margaret Yuen. Betty Saito. 0 Second row: Sarah Tanigawa, Mildred Ku- rima, Flore Fujimoto, Katherine Mitsukawa, Betty Nakama, Grace Marumo. 0 Top row: Haruko Shi- mabukuro ara Nakagawa, lane Tanabe, Constance Tsuchida, Ruth Okabayashi, Alma Aoyagi, Hazel Arii. ,A Miss Latimer presents pink flower corsage to Iecm MARIAN WHKISAKA Kunimoto at the Girl Reserves Recognition ceremony. President MARGARET YUEN President 67 gn. wsu V4 X l to rl Gladys Tonakx Es her lwcxx Iecnne 'T' 0 n Kim Gladys Chen lecmette Hxqcr V M rlkawa I ne A lmme Yu lffilllld o 1 O Thxxd row fosluko Yamashlro May Tueko Odaguwu 0 Four h hung Lo mme Lau. Ruth Tomcl, row e ANITA LEE TOSHIO MATSUSHIMA It The Farrington is an organiza- tion composed ot students in the school Whose purpose triend- ship and to encourage for ease, accuracy, and speed short- hand. Every student took part in the annual l'NaA tional Order ot Gregg Artists" contest. ln the past years, the Greggites have made a very creditable showing, Concentrating on fluency, dett, smart joinings ol circles, and the proper handling ot curves and smaller strokes, the Greggites ot 1940 Won the Filth Prize in the National High School and Col- lege Division. The Greggites ot l94l placed second, while in l942, in spite ot the 'lblitzf' the Greggites placed sixth, The Greggites ot 1943 have the unique distinction of being the tirst school outside continental United States to win the grand prize in the Order ot Gregg Artists Shorthand Contest. A large silver trophy with the name of the school engraved on it was awarded to row Wai Nakcrsone, Dorothy Sue Tsuda shiro. row: Ellen Tam Lau, Mitsue Farrington High School and the instructors received War bonds. Doris Uyeda received a pearl pin. Social activities included a dance in lanu- ary at Bishop Hall and a picnic in April at Hanaurna Bay. Both of these affairs Were Well attended and enjoyed by all. Chapter l has 45 advanced students and Chapter ll totals 204 tirst-year students. The otticers for Chapter l are: Anita Lee, ,Q-gl. Walter Choy seeks help during short- Practicing for the Order ol Gregg Artists contest hand dictation at the blackboard. is not a task with Miss Lee giving orders. 69 GREGGITES rl: Rose Ching, Lydia Aialla. Lorraine Yomes, Dominica Valencia, Margaret Young, Bessie Amaki, Sally Migita, Betty Saracum, Lucille Gabriel, Winona Furtado, Laura Park. Second row: Walter Choy, Alvina Lee, Claire amanaha, Muriel Shigemura, Lillian Ota. Lorraine Nakama, M eko Yoshida, Flora Shimada, Lil- lian Suzuki, row: Talceo Uyeda, George Ito, Ioseph Kuniyoshi, Frances Sakaita , Dorothy Loo, Alice Tsutsui, Dale Yanagihashi. Alethea Ferreira, Dora Sunn, Clara lim, Evelyn Shintani, David G s. Toshio Kitano, Pedro Nazarino. lFourth row Motoyama, Mae Park, Florence Nashiro, Clara Shishido, Susan ang, Dorothy Luke, Iulia Folmer. Elaine Tanouye, Chu, Katherine Huch, Frances Takamoto, Georqe Watai. Wilhert engan. 0'I'op row: Ellen Chang, Bertha Lee, Vera Peterson, Marjorie Naipo, Dora Machado, Marie Perry. president for iirst semesterg Ethel Nishijinia, for Chapter ll are: Margar .Youn ,presidentg I president for second semesterg Phyllis Nakarna, Bessie Amaki, vice-presider - S 1 igita, sec- vice-presidentg Mitsuko Kaneshige, secretary- retaryg April Hamaguchi, tr rer. Miss Lee, treasurer. Mr. Matsushirna, adviser. Otticers adviser. GREGGITES CHAPTER II. Front row Cl. to r.J: Eileen Hayashida, Iennie Takano, Florence Ohye, Yoshiko Hatakeyama, Chang, Iudith Imo- to, Clara Maruyama, Alice Ishii, Matsue Tagami, Edna Nishimura, Leinaala Pokakaa, Rose Loo, Betty Ikeda, Katie Uemura e Miyamoto. 0 Sec- ond row: Carol Nashiro, Frances Uemura, Helen Komatsu, lean Kunimoo, Harriet Loo, Dorothy Iunq, Loretta Youna. Uemoto, Alice Miya- shiro, Doris Uyehara, Nancy Yoshinaga. I Third row: Ianet Abe, Irene Kaneshiro, Sylvia Watanabe, Mildred Kuwabara, Lorraine Kuwahara, Yir- ginia Fuiita, Doris Uyeda, Betty Tsuneda, Betsy Iwai, Mary Nishikawa, Irene Fuiita, Lillian Nakanishi. Iean Ishida, Iulia Cagata, Ianet Sato. Wmi- fred Kimura. I Fourth row: Evelyn Motohiro, Michie Oishi, Bessie Okazaki, lane Watanabe. Katherine Lum. Betty Arimoto, Marian Fuiita, Doris Nishikawa, Marilyn Mayekawa, Ruth Terakawa, Thelma Tanigawa, Elain: Sakamoto. O Top row: Grace Chow, Florence Tsuyemura, Dorothy Hx- ramatsu. Florence Chow, Florence Au, Helen Lum, Helen Kawamura, horence Kakisako, Margaret Chinen. Crlee Club Students who are keenly interested in music and singing become members of the Glee Club. The major aims of the club are to develop an appreciation for good music, to encourage participation and coopera- tion in group singing, to feature those who possess spe- cial talent, and to practice diligently in order to pro- vide choral entertainment for programs sponsored by the school and the community. The club is composed of sixty voices under the leadership of Mrs. Naoma Aiwohi. ' The first appearance of the club Was on Christmas Day at the Army and Navy Y.M.C.A., and later in the day the same program Was repeated at the school assembly. lts second performance occurred during the month of February for the Assembly of Birthdays. ln April, the Glee Club participated in the mid-year graduation exercises arranged especially for the Amer- ' ican boys of Iapanes ncestry at Farrington Who vol- unteered for combat uty. Members of the Senior Class in the Glee Club ill sing for their Baccalaureate service in lune. Soloists are: Dorot Toyoda, David Aranio, Albert I-latori, and Raymon Kahilihiwa. Trio members are: Lydia Afalla, Elizab h Lindl , and Edna Manu. The officers of the lub are: David Aranio, president, Elizabeth Lindley, ice-president, Agnes Mengler, DAVID AMMO secretary-tr urer. ln addition there are four func- President tioning commi Membership, Uniform, Social, and NHOMA AIWOHI Award. Adviser Q GLEE CLUB. Cl. to r.J: Lillian Chang, Dominica Valencia, Alice Kawano, Marie Perry, Edna Manu, Maria Gamboa. Felicidad Purugga- nan, Faustina e Ching, Eleanor Ching, Victoria Peterson, Etta Yamaguchi. Barbara Chun. 0 Second row: Winifred Hee, Dorothea Toyq- da, Vera Lui, g, Bessie Asaumi, Alice Don Lim, Lily Young, Helen Strong, Dorothy Miller, Lydia Afalla, Iulia Folmer, Edith Naiapaakcn. 0 Third row: Fl Pua, Takeo Amano, Douglas Cho. Manuel Mariani, Donald Whang, Elizabeth Lindley, Rosemary Coyle, Mavis Baker, Mo- rinobu Nishihira. t Otoide, Lawrence Leong. Eugenia Malanog. 0 Fourth row: Vernon Kudo, William Kamiyama, Austin Kau, Wallace Ching, Ioseph Carvalho, lbert Hatori, Donald Fong, Edwin Cummings, Albert Prestidge, Robert Hashimoto, Kiyoshi Arimoto, Antone Ledesma. 0 Eilth row: Takeo Uyeda, Kwai Fong Hee, Thomas Konno, William Lum, Ken Fujisato, David Aranio, Raymond Kahilihiwa, Stanley Ito, Lawrence Higa. shlgopdrocyg Pedro Nazarino, Ionah Ching, Clarence Kaimi, Ioseph Medeiros. Solomon Chung, William Wise, Kiyoshi Matsuo, Sextolcu Arakawa, ic ar ung. ,- .zlv t is f't' or ,ggi 'i..,, t , 1 1 .,' my th , O P44 " if 5 , tl -mf Q, at in .sq , N, , Q 1 Rosemary Coyle checks overdue library books ln the seven years of Farrington High Schools existence, the library has accumu- lated a collection of five thousand volumes. Farrington students find here, books which supplement the classroom collections and furnish interesting reading materials along the lines of the students' interests: fiction, biography, travel, new books of current problems, magazines, and newspapers. An average of four hundred and fifty stu- dents daily are served by a staff of twenty- two student librar s who are on duty for one ch during the hours that the library is op These students give their free periods to he p in the library. They take care of the book circulation, shelve books, assist in the preparation of new books for the shelves, and arrange material for the bulletin boards. lncreased interest in American history has :L , resulted in the establishment of a reserve de- b partment in that field. 1 LIBRARY READING ROOM. Any one of these activities may be seen throughout the day. dino searching through the card lile. Thomas Vrczndenburg locating a city on the globe map, Robert Aoki taking a book from the shelf, and members of the group choosing newspapers, magazines, and encyclo- pedias for reading material. KENNETH KINNINGHAM Adviser Allied Youth Charles Chang calls a meeting of Allied Youth members m between sessions to accommodate alternoon members. ,A x ,if row ll. to r.J: Eleanor Kaimi. Clara Hong. 'Nilma Margaret Keaweehu. Martha Leona. Florence Au. 0 Second row: Lee. Mil- Eunice Wong. Eleanor Wee, Elsie Nashiro, Charles row: Take- Tani, Nelson Chang. Howard Horiuchi. 0 Top row: Chang. The lf'arrington's Allied Youth Post l73, sponsored by the Temperance League of Hawaii, is an organization run by the stu- dents for the students. lt fosters a most sig- nificant movement for good citizenship. The Allied Youth believes in total absti- nence plus action. Their motto is, "We stand for the liberation through education of the individual and society from the handicaps of beverage alcohol." Conflicts in holding meetings made it necessary for the club to divide itself into two groups. The morning club has approxi- mately twenty-four members While the after- noon club accounts for twenty-eight mem- bers. Several meetings were held during the year. A number of socials were enjoyed by all. A group picture of the morning club and an action shot of the afternoon club Were taken. Elected officers for the post are as fol- lows: Charles Chang, president, Fred Tani and Herbert l-lirata, vice-presidents, Frances Ching and Betty Tonai, secretaries, Nelson Chang and Richard lshii, treasurers. Mr. Kenneth Kinningham is the adviser, 73 Band and Crchestiyx In the past years, the band directed by Mr. Earle Christoph was the recipient of high ac- future. lts first appearanc Was at the gradua- tion exercises for the ATA. Volu ers held in claim for its splendid performances at school early April. lt took part in ay Day and and public functions. This year many hold-over lune Commencement exerc' . members are not among those enrolled. The stu- The school orchest , dire by Miss Helen dents greatly missed the accompaniment of the Cunningham, is mad upils skillful in band at the football games, Practice periods playing their particular instr nt. To date are being utilized to insure a good band for the they have not made their deb Mr. Earle Christoph, band leader, practices with members of the band for their first appearance of the year at the graduation exercises in honor of the ILLA. Volunteers. ELIZABETH LINDLEY May Day is Lei Day Lei Queen ' Lei Queen May Day, with its t ditional Hawaiian page- antry, was observe Farrington High School Friday, April 30, wi a Bon Drive, a Victory Garden show, a L Contest, cl two colorful assemblies on the mpus, one for the morning session students a the other for the after- noon sessi gro . The morning program honored Eliza indtey as Lei Queen. The afternoon progr was presided over by Em- maline Among uee Both assemblies fea- tured presenta ' o 1 s to the queen from the Colonel I. Br Smock of the Tripler General Hospital exte best s to Lei Queen Elizabeth Lindley after the Coronation ceremonies. nds island princesses, hula dancing, other dances, and special choruses. A touch ot the military was added to the Coronation ceremonies when Colonel l. Brad- tield Smock crowned Queen Elizabeth Lindley and Lieutenant Colonel William H. Newton crowned Queen Emmaline Among. Patients and stait ot Tripler General Hospital were guests for the day and were presented with leis by Farrington students. Those who were unable to attend were given leis later. Winners and judges of the Lei contest are, from left to right: Boshard, Mrs. Ka-ne, Thelma Tanigawa, Mrs. Castro. Evelyn Shintani. Mrs. Furtado, Henry Aurio. Betty 75 D. A. R. ORATORICAL CONTEST uf-mr. 1 Winner A. I. A. VCJLUNTEERS Margaret Young, senior, Won the DAR. Ora- torical Contest this year, Excerpts from her Winning oration, "This Word Freedom," follow: "ls freedom really Worth fighting for? l don't have to tell you about how the early pioneers of our country fought for it. Today on the far- flung battlefields of this War, Americans are , again fighting for it. Many of them have al- ready paid the supreme sacrifice. Our brave men realize that they have something Worth de- fending, something that should command the undivided allegiance of every true American. That something is our priceless heritage, our democratic Way of life. This war for freedom is far from Won. All that We know is that this War must be Won. Ours is the responsibility of transmitting to posterity a MM ' WWW less savagery and killing h in which men may live an cannot fail, We must not f orld in which ruth- e ceased-a World Work in peace. We 11 A.I.A. VOLUNTEERS.-Front row il. to r.J: Alfred Arakalci, Robert Hashimoto, Stanley Hashimoto, Iames Horinouchi, Walter Ishiki, Gary Ishimura. 0 Second row: Masami Ito, Robert Katayama, Charles Kubota. Tsuneshi Maruo, Tsutomu Matsuno, Masaru Taira. Thomas Tamai. Fred Tani. 0 Top row: Isamu Tsuchi- moto. Masao Yamasaki. Harry Moromisato, Hidenori Oganeku. WWW HENRY KUSUNOKI Coach FQQT13 ALL BERT ITOGA Co-Coach WALLACE IOE KAULUKUKUI Assistant Coach 78 UICHI KANAYAMA Assistant Coach The tecrm receives last minute instructions before entering u sensational battle. F oo all Preview A record rnout o one hundred players Was in evidence on the fi day of football practice. After givi available players the once-over, Coach Hen Kusunoki and Co-Coach Bert ltoga We ilent egarding the kind of team they could produ t ,is season with the aid of their assist- ants W e Amioka, Ioe Kaulukukui, Uichi Ka- nayam d H twell Silva. Hit hard by gradua- tion, m o ne material had little game experi- d averaged about l5U pounds. The back- fi en were as good as last year's and able to h . eir own but the line was weak and new from end to end. Although rated no better than third by the local pigskin crystal gazers, the Ma- roons have excellent spirit and can be expected to play a Wide open brand of game With plenty of passing and deceptive plays when they meet the Saint Louis Cards in their first tussle. The Governors made their first public appear- ance at a scrimmage with the V,V.V. and a pre- season game against the Hawaiian Pine aggrega- tion. This gave the boys their much needed ex- perience. Later they played against the Naval Cantonment team and showed marked improve- ment. Halfbacks Louis Castro and Louis Hayselden are expected to be the mainstays of the team With Renfro Othello, Dennis Oishi, Fucleo Fujisaki, Hal Kidoguchi, and Yoshito Yakurna making their presence keenly felt. KIYOSHI MATSUO Fullb ack IOSEPH TOM Hallbcxck WILLIAM KAULUKUKUI Quarterback GEORGE KAUKA ROBERT EDWARDS MOSES KIM RICHARD ISHIDA Tackle Center FARRINGTO SAINT LO 1 Entering the game as heavy underdogs, the Farrington Governors shocked thous- ands of gridiron fans when they upset the highly favored Saint Louis Cardinals, league champions, by a 26-12 score in a hard fought and well deserved battle. Herman Wedemeyer, Saint triple threat halfback, took the opening kickoff ninety yards through the entire Farrington team for the first tally of the game. The try for point failed. After this score, it looked as though the Cardinals would annihilate the Maroons, but it only aroused the fight- ing spirit of the Governors, who with dogged determination came from behind and marched down the field. A Maroon grid man refuses to qive way as speedy Kenneth Oqilcmi comes to his uid mmmwuswsuummfwmmw Gucxrd Tackle lt was fullbacku Fudeo Fujisaki who plunged through e Saint Louis line to tie the count. The ki from placement was blocked. From th point on, the Maroons with snappy ball aying took command of the game and ere never in serious danger t ughout e rest of the tussle. After th ball exch ged hands several times, Oishi brought t into favorable posi- tion at the end of a ng r . The Gov- ernors went on to t e e lead when Castro shot a succes pass to Fujisaki for the secon touch n. Castro con- verted. This s followed by another when Ken Ogit sco d several minutes later from the ard line. Conversion chalked up er point. The Saints, aided by a thirty-five yard run by Wedemeyer for a touchdown, threatened in the third period but they were repulsed and held scoreless through- out the remainder of the game. The Gov- ernors salted the game away in the final period when they scored again, this time with Hiroshi Oishi passing to Renfro Othello. Mixing speed and deception with team- work, the Governors appeared almost im- possible to stop and they had the Cardi- nals in a daze throughout most of the game. Outstanding players for Farrington were Louis Castro, loseph Tom, and Ren- fro Gthello. Wedemeyer, Mauck, and De Rego starred for the Saints. 80 YOSHITO YAKUMA IAMES WATANABE ALFRED CHANG ERNEST BAPTIST Guard Tackle FARRINGTON 6 MCKINLEY 25 The unpredictable F rrington Govern- ors were early favorite o take the Fight- ing Micks due to th remarkable per- formance against Sai t Louis. owever, they met with disastr :us fate in eir sec- ond game of the se on when they fell before a pow rful, s iooth rolling McKin- ley machine 2 A in lop-sided game. Unable to diag we the Tigers' offense, the Governors W dazzled throughout the game as the -, , rating from the famous T forma ' , made long gains con- sistently i and on the ground. The Governors' praised offense which was so evi nt in their previous game was conspicuously absent from the con- test as a hard charging Tiger forward Wall, backed up by an alert secondary, swarmed in time and time again to check the Maroons. The Micks showed definite indications that they were out to take the Governors as early as the first period when they marched to the two-yard line, only to lose the oval on downs. Several plays later, the Micks tasted first blood When Al Minn, alert fullback, intercepted a Farrington pass on the 31 yard line and outran the Maroon secondary to score standing up. The Micks duplicated this performance in each of the following quarters to roll up an immense score. 81 Tackle End The Maroons then managed to shave off a whitewash. Lopez of McKinley put the ball out of boundson the Governors' 40- yard line after the kickoff. On a long pass from Castro to Renfro, Ogawa was called for interfering, a penalty which gave the ball to the Maroons on the McKinley 30- yard line. A couple of running plays net- ted a gain of four yards. Again Castro passed to Renfro, who was run out of bounds. Renfro then packed the ball around left end and did the trick. With the above score, and the threat to score in the second period, the Governors seemed to be in good shape but unable to get going, thus leaving the Micks in com- plete command. The Farrinqton inexperienced line does good job holding the title-bound Saints TOP: A Kamehameha qrid man is stopped in his tracks by the powerful Maroon men. BOTTOM: Iohnny Ruiz, Punahou ace, is viciously tackled by Harold Kidoguchi. FARRINGTON 14 ROOSEVELT 8 Taking an aerial attack in the final period as the best solution, the Governors eked out a victory over the scrappy Rough Riders of Roosevelt. Recovering a Farrington fumble, the Rough Riders' hard charging fullback, Nathan Napoleon, finally dove through for a touchdown. Conversion attempt Went Wide of its mark. The game developed into a nip-and- tuck affair with the ball see-sawing back and forth. The Governors after marching to the 29-yard line, elected to pass. Castro faded 'Way back and uncorked a beauti- ful pass to Othell , who broke into the clear and scored molested. Castro split the uprights With perfect placement. ln an effort to taliate, the Riders re- sorted to an aeri litz on the first play after the ickoff. astro intercepted it, laterale Bill Ka ukukui, who in turn laterale to Sam Ch g, ending a brilliant and thrilling play o the season. The Maroons lat yie d a safety when Othello's pass mothered in the end zone. Fumbling the one-yard line in the dying m ents he game cost the Rough Riders a p si victory. l IONAH MAWAE CHARLES CHOO SABURO SHIMAMURA ATSUYOSHI KOBASHIGAWA Tackle Quarterback 82 Guard Gu ard FARRINGTON 19 KAMEHAMEHA 12 The plucky Governors came from be- hind after trailing by 12 points to trounce the Kam Warriors. Taking advantage of a recovered tumble, the Warriors, led by Earl Fernan- dez, ran tour plays to reach pay dirt a few minutes after the opening kickoff. Con- version failed. A few plays later, Fred Kauka, Kam fullback, broke loose around left end for a nice run ot 47 yards and Fernandez plowed through for a second touchdown. 'The try for point tailed. With Kam scoring with such ridiculous ease, the game had the appearance of being a rout. In the second period the Maroons came back iiglking. A series of plays originating at rrlidtield climaxed with a pass from Ogitan to Bill Kauluku- kui and Fujisaki diving ver for the point, Continuing their drivie, the overnors scored again, aided b Torn's s ational running and passing. The Warriors, resort ng to an aerial at- tack, were stopped cild when Kidoguchi intercepted a pas. ar d Kalua took over to score, giving the 'wvernors the game, Seemingly lost witl' it Castro and Haysel- den, the Governo 5 recovered quickly to earn a bril ' t ory. TOP: After a long drive, Farrington's aggregaiion finally reaches pay dirt. BOTTOM: William Kaulukukui intercepts a pass to halt the Pun drive. SABURO OYAMA RAYMOND FIGUERO ARTHUR WEEKS IOHN KAMAE Guard End End End MITCHELL KUKONO KENNETH OGITANI EDWARD LOVELL RALPH MOTOFUII Halib ck Haliback End End FAR 0 PUNAHOU 14 In a fray which saw them eliminated from the pennant scramble and which saw them receiving their first whitewash of the season, the Governors bowed to a well-oiled Punahou eleven l-4-U in a bitter, hard-fought struggle. Tension plus the great playing of lohnny Ruiz, brilliant Pun star, caused the downfall of the Govs. The first quarter saw a scoreless period as the ball changed hands occasionally with neither team making any headway. Midway during the second quarter, the Pun forward wall blocked loseph Tom's kick in midfield and recovered it on the Governors' 45-yard line. A series of plays saw the Buffanblus marching down the field. s Castro smashes through the Saints' line for a long gain. After reaching the Maroons' 13-yard stripe, Ruiz, Punahou fullback, thundered through the whole Farrington team to score standing up. xBill I-lubbell's kick was good to give the P ns a 7-U lead. The Governors ened the second half with a ba g as Bill.. aulukukui returned the kicko Z2 yards o the Puns' 48 yard line. This was follo ed by an ll yard run by Tom, speedy K alfback, who later- aled to Fudeo Fujisalh, but ' was incom- plete and the Puns r o red to repulse the threat. Several tes later it was the Puns who t eatene hen they reach- ed the 7-yard li , to meet a stone wall as the Maroons, fig g dly, stif- fened to halt the assault. e Buffan- blues were not to be de for several plays later they marched 43 yards to score with Ruiz again packing the oval to put the game on ice. Sol Kaulukukui made it 14-U as he kicked a perfect placement. The Maroons threatened to score again in the dying moments of the game when Ken Ogitani, versatile Farrington halfback, completed a long pass to his running mate, Ted Kalua, who was brought down on the SU yard line of Punahou. But Dame Fortune again frowned on the Govs as Bill Kaulukukui fumbled on the next play, a pass from Tom, and the Buffanblues took over the game from then on till the gun ended the contest. 84 ARTHUR KEANINI FUDEO FUHSAKI Guard Haliback Football Review The Farrington Governors enjoyed anoth- er successful gridiron season when they fin- ished in a tie for second place after being serious contenders for the pennant. Much of the credit for the team's success goes to Coach Henry Kusun ' and his staff for their untiring efforts in coming the Governors into one of the outstanding teams of the interscholastic League. The success of the Maroons becomes more notable when it is remembered that they Were hard hit with injuries and losses that would have broken the spirit of the average team and coach. ut t tem, it was just another chal- lenge to arder and they accepted it readily as en by the fact that they had plenty of spirit and hustle in every game. Their brightest achievement Was their start- ling victory over Saint Louis, league cham- pions of l942. Their biggest triumph was against Kamehameha, Whom they defeated after trailing by two touchdowns. This battle was not only a scoring victory but also a moral victory as they played Without the services of Castro, Hayselden, and Othello who left school, and Oishi who was injured. ln their first game the Governors com- bined speed With deception to Win a great victory but in their final games, they were forced to rely more on team play as they Were considerably weakened by the loss of their former star players. 85 TOSHIHIKO KANAKURI AUSTIN KAU Guard End INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE STANDING Team Won Lost Tied Saint Louis ...... .... 4 l U Farrington ...... .... 3 2 U Punahou ...... ..,. 3 2 U McKinley ............. .... 3 2 U Kamehameha ............ 1 3 1 Roosevelt ........... .,.. U 4 1 The Farrington "Board of Strategy" looks over the situation, which seems favorable. CLIFFORD CHUCK RICHARD LUM LILLIAN CHANG HENRY SASAKI HAROLD KIDOGUCHI Cheerleaders Center SENIOR SENIOR FOOTBALL TEAM.-Front row fl. to r.l: Scrburo Shimamura. Robert Takeshita, Toshio Sakata, Atsuyoshi Kobashigawa, Arthur Keanini, Ionah Mawae. 0 Second row: Robert Edwards, Saburo Oyamcr, Moses Kim, Yoshito Yakuma, Toshihiko Kanakuri. 0 Top row: Iames Watanabe, Richard Ishida, Harold Kidoguchi, Alfred Chang, Ioseph Carvalho, George Kcxuka. x 1 S E x i 1 4 s I N' if 'pf ww QA GEORGE AKITA WILMA CASTRO LOVEY KALAU LUCILLE GABRIEL Manager Songleaders FCDCDTBALL SENIOR FOOTBALL TEAM-Front row fl. to nl: Kenneth Ogitani. Charles Choo, Fudeo Fuiisaki, Mitchell Kukono, Austin Kau. 0 Second row: Ralph Motoiuii, William Kaulukukui, Kiyoshi Maisuo, Thomas Vrandenburg, Ernest Baptist, Raymond Kawano. 0 Top row: Raymond Figuero, Sam Chong, Ioseph Tom, Edward Lovell, Arthur Weeks. Iohn Kamae. Ted Kalua. A DWHHUUIU Wm-ami M... ' SbW1'Z1?lM9rlf f ? 11327 IUNIOR FOOTBALL TEA ow tl. to r.l: Manuel Mariani. Adolph Mendez. Ernest Baptist. Herbert Aiona. Edward Torres. George Kakazu. Willi on. 0 Second row: Raymond Yuen. Raymond Teixeira. Mitsuo Takeshita. Toshihiko Kanakuri. Louis Kahoonei. Thomas Roy Masuda. Shunii Tanaka. Larry Matsuo. Robert Kubo. 0 Third row: Iames Escalona. Kanii Mashima. Ioseph Medeiros, dwar arvalho. Nohuo Torikawa. William Wise. Kiyoshi Matsuo. Arthur Keanini. Barney Goo. Raymond Kawano. 0 Top row: Thomas Vrandenhurg, Austin Kau. l I lunior Football IUNIOR FOOTBALL SCORES Farrington ,...,... 42 Punahou ,.,...,,...... U Farrington .,,.,,,. 6 Kamehameha .,.... 6 Farrington .,..,,.. 0 McKinley .,v.,,.,...... 0 Farrington ...,,,,, 12 Saint Louis .r,.,..... 13 Farrington ....,,o. 7 Waipahu ...,..,.,...,, 12 The lunior football team went through the season with a fine record. lts members are luniors and Sophomores who failed to make the Senior team because they were found lacking in weight or build. Coached by Henry Kusu- noki, the team, although small in size, showed great strength on both offense and defense. With heads up and full of fight, their fine co- operation and teamwork was responsible for their fine showing. They rated third place in the lunskol League. 88 ln their first game against Punahou, the Maroon Cubs did not meet much resistance and made their touchdowns so fast that the Pu? eleven was baffled. They W by the over- whelming score of 42-U. ln the second game, which in a tie, they met a powerful Kameha aggrega- tion. lt might have turned out to be a win for the Cubs had it not been for a lucky Warrior pass which tied the score 6-6. The Maroon Cubs played a scoreless game against the McKinley Babes. Penetrating deep into McKinley territory, they failed to take ad- vantage of the situation at hand and did not- have the necessary punch to take the oval over. The game ended O-U. The final game of the Cubs was that played against the Saint Louis Champions, to whom they bowed l3-l2. They put up a gallant fight and made the Saints work for that game. A lucky conversion closed the game in favor of the Saints. ln an exhibition game, the Maroon Cubs played against Waipahu, a country team, and lost to them by the close margin of 12-7. BASKETBALL FARRINGTON 40-ROOSEVELT 18 Displaying a tricky determined of- fense, the Farrington quintet coached by Mr. Bert ltoga, came through with colors flying high by trouncing Boose- velt Bough Riders 40-l8 in their first ln- terscholastic game at the Civic Audit- orium as the season opened Feb, ll. FARRINGTON 38 -MID-PACIFIC 20 Meeting the Mid-Pacific lnstitute, the Governor five dished out enough pres- sure to down the Mid-Pacificans 38-20. The Maroons ran up a high lead and substituted a new team which kept adding to their score by fairly accurate shooting and proved themselves too powerful a team. FARRINGTON 37-KAMEHAMEHA 18 Upsetting all predictions, Farrington carried too much scoring pu against the Kam Warriors and finally nd up a one-sided, 37-18 triumph. The Gov- ernors took the floor with the odds about even, and held the upper hand through- out the entire contest. Arthur Weeks dribbles the hall in the game against Roosevelt with William Kcrulukukui and Harold Kidoguchi at his heels. INTERSCHOLASTIC BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS 'ENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM-Front row fl. to Ll: Wilfred Fujimoto, Tom Okamoto. Kenneth Yano. William 'au1ukukui. Tadashi Ogata. Albert Alfonso. Sum Chong, Saburo Shimamura. 0 Top row: Taro Asato, Donald Fong. Thomas Tamai. Bert Itoga, Thomas Vance, Henry Kusunoki. Richard Chung, Harold Kidoguchi, Ioseph Tom. SAM CHONG SABUHO SHIMAMURA Guard Guard FARRINGTON 24 -SAINT LOUIS 35 The Governor aggregation suffered their iirst defeat after -fought game at the hands of S ouis 35-24, before a huge crowd that packed every available seat in the Civic Auditorium. The Maroons staged a brilliant tight. FARRINGTON 42-PUNAHOU 19 The superior Farrington cagesters reg- istered another victory by defeating the Butt-and-Blues 42-19. On many occasions the Puns threw Wild passes Which gave the Governors better scoring opportunities. FARRINGTON 32 - MCKINLEY 20 ln the last game of the regular series Farrington Won a Well deserved victory over the Tigers of McKinley 32-20. The Governors displayed a lot ot spirit, never allowing the quintet from McKinley to get set to do any damage. Donald Fong, lanky Maroon center, gets the iump on the ball. NIGR HAHOLD KIDOGUCHI KENNETH YANO WILI-'RED FUIIMOTO DONALD FONG Guard Forward Forward Center 90 7 Harold Kidoguchi and Kenneth Yuno scramble for the ball in the Farrington-St. Louis game. BAS TBALL WILLIAM KAULU KUKUI TOM OKAMOTO Guard Forward FARRINGTON 29 -MCKINLEY 27 ln a closely co ted battle, Farrington tossed out a snapp faster game against McKinley. Using th ir five men substitution system, the Maroons outplayed and out- lasted the Micks, Winning the game 29-27. FARRINGTON 35-KAMEHAMEHA 24 The Maroon quintet with good teamwork, passing, and shooting, took the Warri.ors 35-24. A tight defense added to a fast of- fense held the Kams to a standstill. FARRINGTON 23 -SAINT LOUIS 21 The Governors grasped the l943 pennant by defeating the St. Louis Cardinals 23-21. The fast Saints' offense bogged down and the Governors took advantage of every break, using coordinated and intelligent plays to emerge ahead by two points at the end of the game. ARTHUR WEEKS TADASHI OGATA IOSEPH TOM SEITOKU ARAKAWA Center Center Guard Forward 91 ALBERT TADASHI OKAZAKI TARO ASATO Forward Guard Iunior Bcisketbcf IUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM.-Front row Cl. to r.D: Mitsuo Takeshiia. Larry Matsuo. Constantine Y Charles Choo, Takeo Amana. O Second row: Louis Kahoonei, Thomas Vrandenburg, Kiyoshi Ma Victor Dizon. 0 Top row: Howard Shigeta. Richard Chung. Ionah Mawae. Iohn Kamae. BASEBALL Coached by Uichi Kanayarna and assisted by Coach Henry Kusunoki and Co-Coach Bert ltoga, it is probable that Farrington's Maroon squad Will be a high ranking Contender for diamond honors in the lnterscholastic Baseball League. Early season practice began With about 60 boys participating. These boys made up a Farrington baseball league of four teams. Daily games With the teams competing for first hon- ors were held. ln the final round, the Ogitani's took the crown by Winning all three games. The boys showed great spirit during practice periods and produced effective results on the field of play. Eighteen Were picked for the team. These included T. Okazaki, catcherg T. Okamoto, rightfielderg I. Tom, first basemang T. Nakagawa, centerfielderg H. Kuroda, shortstopp T. Arakaki, pitcherg H. Matsuo, second base- mang K. Ogitani, leftfielderg . Zukeran, third basemang B. Tsuruda, leftfi derg R. Motofuji, first basemang and N. Tori pitcher. A practice game was play against Wai- pahu at Kalakaua field, ending 7-4 in favor of visitors. ln a return match Farrington came into her own by taking the game 13-6. .,.,,,,, ,..A,,, , ,,,,, Claude Zukeran. third baseman, beats out the throw for a hit 93 Ioseph Tom catches the ball as cz Mid-Pacific Institute man scurries buck to his base. Baseball THOMAS NAKAGAWA Centerfielder CLAUDE ZUKERAN LARRY MATSUO Third Basemcm Second Baseman 94 TAKEMITSU ARAKAKI KENNETH OGITANI Pitcher Leftfielder FARRINGTON 7 -MID-PACIFIC 1 Before a crowd of 300 anxious spectators, the Governors Won their first interscholastic game at the Honolulu Stadium. Torikawa, starting chucker for the Governors, hurled a 7-l victory over the Mid-Pacific nine, scattering only five hits. The Govern s started the ball rolling in the very first inni . Larry Matsuo Walked. Oka moto hunted 3 Was out at first but Matsuo went on t cond. Ioe Tom made a clean single over first, sending Matsuo over the home plate for the first count. The Maroons scored again in the second inning. ln the fifth frame With one out and two men on base, an error charged to the Maroons gave Mid-Pacific its lone tally. The Governors scored five more runs in the sixth, seventh, an eighth innings The Maroons had nine hits Wit error While Mid-Pacific had five hits an errors. IOSEPH TOM TOM OKAMOTO First Baseman Rightiielder NOBUO TORIKAWA TADASHI OKAZAKI Pitcher Catcher FARRINGTON 9 - MCKINLEY 4 The Governors played an auspicious game by swamping the Mick nine 9-4 to win their second consecutive game. The Maroons started out early in the first inning by scoring tour runs due to two errors committed by the intielders after two outs. The contest was a hitting duel w'th Farrington col- lecting nine hits and makin four errors While McKinley collected eleven ' The Micks were erratic, committing over hal zen errors. ln the sixth and ninth innings the icks were in a position to even up the score but they did not have the necessary scoring power. The Gov- ernors scored one run in the tifth inning and rang the bell again in the eighth inning by adding tour more runs. Arakaki, starting hurl- er lor the G ernors, was sent to the showers alter th inning when the Micks scored one run and cted four smackers. Torikawa shared th mound. Baseball Captain Tadashi Okazcrki waits for the ball at the home plate to tag out a Mid-Pacific runner. TOSHIO SAKATA Centerfielder CHARLES KIMUHA RICHARD TSURUDA KIYOSHI MATSUO BENIQMIN LAI Third Baseman Leftfielder Rightiielder Pxtcher 95 Richard Tsuruda gets set for a healthy cu! at the ball in the Mid-Paciiiccxn game. Baseball FARRINGTON 14 -- PUNAHOU 2 Taking advantage of twelve Pun errors, Far- rington out-blasted Punahou 14-2. The Puns were conceded an even chance to upset the Kalihi nine, but three runs in the seventh and five more in the ninth turned the game over to the Governors. The Maroons charged with two errors in the fifth frame, gave the Puns their two points. FARRINGTON 4-SAINT LOUIS 5 Farrington's squad suffered their first defeat in the Interscholastic League by dropping to the defending champions, the St. Louis nine, by a score of 5 to 4. Pressed hard up to the third inning 2-1, Ogi- tani hit a triple to send in two runs enabling the Governors to maintain a slim margin of one point. ln the seventh the Saints scored again. At the last h ' of the ninth the score showed a 4-4 tie. Th Ittle, one of the most exciting of the seaso -..'d have required extra innings but an yr charged to the Maroons and a hit gave ine Cardinals their winning run. The Farrington nine went haywire by making seven errors and collecting four hits. Torikawa pitched a six-hit game, with Okazaki calling signals behind the plate. HENRY KURODA RICHARD YAMAGUCHI LINDBERG LAU RALPH MOTOFUII Shortstop Leftiielder Catcher First Basemcxn 96 Y --.,--- V w.,..,.,.,,,,.,.-.-f,.... nY V Intramural Basketball Top: Saburo Shimamura gets set for a potential two-pointer. Center: Taro Asato leaps into the air to retrieve the ball. Bottom: Tadashi Okazaki dribbles the ball down the court When the call for basketball players was made by Coach Bert ltoga, one hundred and fifteen boys responded. The boys who signed up had only one thought in mind, that of being picked as a member of the Farrington senior basketball team. Ten team captains were selected to form a Farrington basket- ball league' and daily practices and games were held at the old Kam gym. As these games went on edule, powerful quintets headed by Ara , Yano, and Shimamura managed to for ahead as leaders by pil- ing up one victory after another. ln the final round, these three teams were tied for the honor of first place, but in the elimination that followed, the league championship went to the team captained by Arakawa. The other teams were not to be outclassed for they showed ability in shooting and drib- bling. The boys finally selected as members of the senior team were: T. Okamoto, S. Ara- kawa, D. Fong, I. Tom, S. Shimamura, S. Chong, W. Fujimoto, K. Yano, A. Weeks, l-l. Kidoguchi, W. Kaulukukui, T. Asato, A. Al- fonso, T. Ogata, and T. Okazaki. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Front row fl t J Tom Ok moto Har y Naka Iames Wat nabe Sta ley F pta 0 Top wKKatsuno 1 Y shA oto S t ku Araka a He bet G I m T sato D l Ueka 97 I Wallace Rider Farrington , Memorial Scholarships Announcement ot the establishment ot the Wallace Rider Farrington memoidal scholarships at the University ot Hawaii by Mr. Riley Alfen, on behalf ot the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, came as a complete surprise to the student body at a special assembly held on May 28, 1943. The Honolulu Star-Bulletin established these scholarships "as at recognition ot the lite, activi- ties, and person ot the late Governor Wal- lace Rider Farri n." lt is the intention ot the Honolulu Star-Bulletin to maintain four scholar- ships regularly at the University oi Hawaii. Any student of Farrington high school is, upon grad- uation from the school, eligible to receive!! scholarship, beginning the college year next following his or her graduation. Each scholar- ship is tor a full college year and the recipient may continue to receive the scholarship through the college course it he or she is recommended for such continuance by the university scholar- ship committee. The donors hope that each scholar will complete the tull college course leading to the degree to which he aspires. Award of the first scholarship was made to Albert Alfonso. SPECIAL ASSEMBLY: From left to right are: Mr. Thomas B. Vance. Pr' regg M. Sinclair. Albert Alfonso. Governor Ingram M. Stainlaack, Mrs. Wallace Farrington. Mr. Frank C. Atherton, Mr. Riley H. Allu , I "i , X y Acknowledgments The members of the staff and the adviser of the Ke Kiaaina for l943 Wish t express their sincere appreciation and "aloha" to l the iollowi people who have give-'ri them invaluable assistance in makin earbook a reality: Mr. Thomas ance, principal of Farrington High School l Mrs. Mary ut erland, bookkeeper of the school l Miss Henrietta Freitas, adviser to the senior class Members of the faculty and student helperg Mr. Ben Pang, photographer, and his assistants Iames Uru for the use of the picture on the title page The -ement and employees of the Paradise of the Pacific. ! L a ' r l l P l k I g A L L E Et I. lf ' , 99 l t l s- sodas aAs- 0 2 Autographs -ap- ! ,M 4 -'EY I 1oo 1 , . . , -W . ,.,.. W., , .,,,,.M,,m, as "V"""" aff' X I 4. A-f+'+ L fry ..K 'S-L a""""Ng,

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