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Class of 1984 Flower: White carnation Motto: We are never content with where we are. But we are proud of who we are. SENIORS Senior Class Q Officers and Representatives 16 Individuals 17 UNDERCLASSMEN Juniors 34 Sophomores 40 Freshmen 46 EDUCATORS Board and Administration 54 Faculty 56 TABLE OFCONTENTS SPORTS Basketball 66 Football 72 Track 76 Swimming 80 Volleyball 82 ORGANIZATIONS Clubs 104 ALMA MATER Hail to the blue and gold hail ev-er hail Thy sons with voi-ces bold thee ev-er hail Our hearts will al - ways be loy - al and true Hail ev-er hail to thee our gold and blue14Kinston anzy, F Senior Representative® I. to r.: Dary Jame Bodth. Vice Plsident; Leroy 'illiam Hawkins. Donna John sident; Sherry Jennings. Secrc tor OfficersDarrin Barber. "Calvin" Academic: Band 34. Cap and Gown 3. Class Officer 3. Conservation 34. Field Day 34. French Club 124. Golf Team 123. Gym Aide 4. Homeroom Rep. 12. Intramurals 1234. Junior Achievement 2. National Honor Society 234. Prom Committee 34. Volleyball Club 1234. Volleyball Team 1234. Yearbook 34. Century III 4. Computer Club 4. Teresa Barber. "Tree" Business: Cap and Gown 3. Library Aide 23. Track Team 12. William Bishop Comprehensive. James R. Booth Academic: Basketball 1234. Class Officer 4. Commencement 4. Computer Club 4. Field Day 34. Football I. French Club 123. Homeroom Rep. 12. Intramurals 12. Key Club 3. National Honor Society 234. PA Announcer 4. Principal's Office Aide 3. Volleyball Club 1234. Volleyball Team 1234. Winfred Bournes. "Wimp" Comprehensive; Basketball 124. Cap and Gown 3. Field Day 34. Football 1234. Gym Aide 1234. Intramurals 1234. Prom Committee 234. Volleyball Club 234. Volleyball Team 234. April Brown. "April Bee" Comprehensive: Basketball I. Cap and Gown 3. Chorale 2. Chorus 1234. Commencement 4. Drama 1234. Field Day 34. Guidance Officer Aide 3. Intramurals 123, Plays 1234. Steeler News Staff 12. Track Team 1234. Attendance Office Aide 4. 17 Christopher James Colella. "Chris" Academic: Band 1234. Honors Band 1234, Basketball I. Class Officer , Commencement 4. Computer Club 4, Conservation 34. Field Day 34. French Club 124, Homeroom Rep. 2. Intramurals 1234. Key Club 34. National Honor Society 234. PA Announcers 4. Prom Committee 34, Steeler News Staff . Track Team 4. Volleyball Club 1234. Volleyball Team 1234, Century III 4. Aaron Van Crawford Basic: Band 1234. Chorus 34. Conservation 12. Field Day 34. Spanish Club 4. John Dragicevic, "Geech" Academic: Band 1234. Basketball 13. Cap and Gown 3, Computer Club 4. Conservation 1234. Field Day 34. French Club 124. Key Club 34. Science Club 34. Frank Evans Comprehensive. Stage Crew 234. Swim Team 34. Science Club 4 Joe Evans. "Chilly J” Comprehensive: Stage Crew 34. Cap and Gown 3. Field day 34, Football , Gym Aide 4. Library Aide 123. Mr. Duich's Aide . Nurses Aide 13, Prom Committee 1234. Sound-Light Crew 24, Steeler News Staff 12. Track Team 1234. Arnold Erieson. "Dr. Fri" Comprehensive: Chorale 4. Chorus 4. Field Day 4, Sound-Light Crew 4. T. V. Crew 4. ISLeroy Ganzy II. "Hankie" Basic: Stage Crew 3. Cap and Gown 3. Chorus 23. Class Officer 34, Drama 3, Field Day 34, Football 14. French Club 34. Homecoming 3. Homeroom Rep. I. Intramurals 34. Nurses Aide 4. Prom Committee 34. Sound-Light Crew 3, Track Team 34. Ray Gibson Comprehensive Eric Gilchrist. "Gill” Basic: Field Day 34. Football 1234. Track Team 4. Presley Gillespie, "Sweet Pee” Academic: Commencement 4. Computer Club 4, Field Day 34, French Club 124, Homeroom Rep. . Intramurals 1234. PA Announcers 14. Track Team 23. Wesley H. Gillespie. "Wes” Academic: Computer Club 4. Field Day 3. Homeroom Rep. 12. Intramur-als 1234. Library Aide 234. PA Announcers 4. Spanish Club 124. Track Team 234. Gloria Grande, Academic: Band 1234. Honors Band 134. Cap and Gown 3. Chorale 23. Chorus 3, Class Officer 4, Field Day 34. Intramurals 34. Junior Achievement 34. Mgr. Swimming 123. National Honor Society 234. Prom Committee 3. Spanish Club 123. Student Advisory Board 2. 19Darlene Gregory, "Dar" Comprehensive; Stage Crew 4. Basketball 2. Cap and Gown 3. Chorale 34, Chorus 1234, Field Day 34. Intramurals 234, Track Team 234. Traci Lee Hailstock, "Boody" Comprehensive; Stage Crew 4, Chorus 3, Drama 134, Mr. Reed's Aide 34. PA Announcer 4. Plays 14. William Hawkins Darlene Henry, "Darcy" Business: Business Club 1234. Cap and Gown 3. Chorus 12, Drama 123. Field Day 34. French Club 12, Home Ec. Club 1234. Junior Achievement 1234. Key Club 23. Library Aide 34. Math Club 34. Mr. Dutch's Aide 4. Nurses Aide 34, Plays 34, Steeler News Staff 4. Track Team 34. Pep Club 3. LaTrenda S. Hilly. "Man-Tucket” Comprehensive; Field Day 34, Intramurals 4. Plays 3. Track Team 4. Melinda Jackson, "Missy" Business; Cap and Gown 3. Commencement 4. DEC A Club 3. Field Day 34. Guidance Office Aide 123, Junior Achievement 3. Prom Committee 34. Spanish Club 12. Steeler News Staff 3. Sign Painting 34. JOSheila Jackson Comprehensive: Band 1234. Basketball 234. Chorale 4. Chorus 1234. Commencement 4. Field Day 34. French Club I. Flomeroom Rep. 234. Prom Committee 3. Track Team 234. Volleyball Club 234. Volleyball Team 234. Sherry Jennings. Sherry" Academic: Chorale 4. Chorus 24, Class Officer 24. Field Day 34. French Club 124. Golden Girls 234. Flomeroom Rep. 13, Intramurals. 1234, National Honor Society 234. Nurses Aide 4. Track Team 34. Donna C. Johnson, "Cookie Academic: Chorus 12. Class Officer 123. Computer Club 4. Drama 123. Field Day 1234. Golden Girls 1234. Guidance Office Aide 123, Homecoming 4. National Honor Society 123. Plays 3. Spanish Club 12. Linda Kagle Business: Cap and Gown 3. Chorus 123. Commencement 4, DECA Club 34. French Club I. Guidance Office Aide 3. Mr. Dutch's Aide I. Prom Committee 3. Jeffrey D. Lampkins. "Jazzy Jeff" Comprehensive: Cap and Gown 3. Chorale 34. Chorus 134. Drama 1234, Homecoming 4, Homeroom Rep. 3. Junior Achievement 3. Library Aide 3. Mr. Reed's Aide 34. PA Announcers 4. Plays 134. Steeler News Staff 4. Clifferette Locke Business: Business Club 3. Cap and Gown 3. DECA Club 234. Drama 34. Home Ec. Club 3, Intramurals 4. Track Team 4. IICarol McLean, "Classy Carol” Business: Business Club 1234, Cap and Gown 3, Field Day 34, Track Team 234. Cynthia Metz, "Cindy” Comprehensive: Field Day 1234. Intramurals I, Junior Achievement 12. Key Club 12, Library Aide 123. Material Production Aide I. Nurses Aide I. Prom Committee 1234. Spanish Club 12. LaShanda M. Moore, "Shan da” BusinessBasketball I. Business Club 3, Cap and Gown, DECA Club 3, Drama 12. Field Day 34. French Club 12. Homeroom Rep. 3, Nurses Aide 4. PA Announcers 4. Prom Committee 3. Steeler News Staff 23, Track Team I. Volleyball Team 2. Frederick J. Mosley. "Queelt” Comprehensive: Spanish Club 12. Thomas Mosora Academic: Astronomy 1234, Audio Visual Aide 1234, Audio Visual Club 1234. Stage Crew 1234. Band 1234. Field Day 3. French Club 1234. Golf Team 3. Material Production Aide 1234. National Honor Society 234, Sound-Light Crew 1234. Ecology Club 1234, Planetarium Aide 1234- Ruth Ousley Business: Business Club 23. Cap and Gown 3. Commencement 4. DECA Club 1234. Drama 1234, Field Day 34. Golden Girls 23. Homecoming 4. Key Club 1234, PA Announcer 4, Spanish Club 12, Student Secretary 1234. Attendance Office Aide 4. 2JLonnie Pearson Comprehensive. Football 34. Linda F. Phillips. "Cuddles" Comprehensive: French Club 23. Gym Aide 4. Intramurals 34. Library Aide 4. Louis Dominic Piciacchio. "Pic" Comprehensive: Stage Crew 34. Band I, Cap and Gown 3. Conservation 1234. Field Pay 34. French Club I, Intramurals 12. Material Production Aide 2, Photography 234, Prom Committee 1234. Sound-Light Crew 4. Steeler News Staff 3. Swim Team I. Track Team 4. Thomas Platteborze Comprehensive: Basketball 1234. Field Day 34. Football 1234. Homeroom Rep. 12. Intramurals I. Karen Purash. "Lynne" Business: Cap and Gown 3. Commencement 4. DECA Club 34. Field Day 34. Prom Committee 34. Spanish Club 12. Steeler News Staff 3, Sign Painting 34. Matthew D. Raver Comprehensive: Stage Crew 34. Bowling 3. Chorus 13, Material Production Aide 34. Swim Team 4. 23Daniel Ricci, "Moose” Comprehensive; Field Day 34. Track Team 4. April Lynne Richardson. "Richie” ComprehensiveBasketball 123. Cap and Gown 3. Chorale 4. Chorus 1234. Drama 3. Golden Girls 34. Homecoming 4. Melvin L. Riley, "Benny Will" Comprehensive; Basketball I. Field Day 34. Kenneth Rogers Comprehensive; Bowling 123. Field Day 3, Track Team 4. Thomas Safranic, "Tommy” Comprehensive; Astronomy 3, Audio Visual Aide 34. Audio Visual Club 34. Chorus 3. Commencement 4. Field Day 34. Material Production Aide 34. Phyllis Sanders, "Sweet Phill” Business; Chorus 2, DECA Club 34. Drama 2. Field Day 3, Golden Girls 2. Guidance Office Aide 3. Homecoming 4, Homeroom Rep. 2. Intramurals 34. Nurses Aide 2. Plays 2. Principal's Office Aide 4. Prom Committee 3, Track Team 23, Volleyball Club 234. Volleyball Team 234. 24Mary Rose Sava. "MRS" Academic-. Band 1234. Chorale 12. Chorus 12. Class Officer I. Commencement 4. Computer Club 4. Field Day 34. French Club 12. Gym Aide 4. Intramurals 1234. Key Club 34, National Honor Society 234. Prom Committee 34. Steeler News Staff I. Swim Team 12. Swim Aide 12. Volleyball Club 1234. Volleyball Team 1234. Yearbook 34. Century III 4. Lanaii Savage. "Nana" Academic; Basketball 12. Cheerleader I. French Club 12. Guidance Office Aide 1234. Homecoming 4, Homeroom Rep. 123. PA Announcers 4. Track Team 12. Attendance Office 4. Jeanne Sharpies, "Cuddles Comprehensive: Chorus 4. Field Day 34. French Club 12, Guidance Office Aide 4. Nurses Aide 4. Khristine Sherrill. ' 'Khris Business: Basketball I. Business Club 34. Cap and Gown 4. Drama I. Field Day 4. Junior Achievement I. Library Aide 4. Nurses Aide 4. Steeler News Staff 4. Kimberly Sherrill Business: Business Club 34. Jo Ann Slattery. "Jo" Business: Cap and Gown 3. Commencement 4. DECA Club 34, Field Day 34. French Club 12. Intramurals 24. Prom Committee 34. Steeler News Staff 2. Sign Painting 34. Andrew Smith Comprehensive: Basketball 1234. Field Day 34. Football 123. Intramurals 13. Pamela J. Stinedurf. "Pam" Business: Commencement 4. DECA Club 34. Field Day 34. Junior Achievement 234. Prom Committee 34. Spanish Club 12. Steeler News Staff 3. Bill Sundy, "To Isa" ComprehensiveField Day 34. Football 1234. Track Team 234. Stephanie Vengren. "Stef" Comprehensive: Band 123. Cap and Gown 3, Chorus 23. Drama 23, Field Day 34. Guidance Office Aide I. Key Club 4. Mr. Duich's Aide 4. Nurses Aide I. PA Announcers 4. Prom Committee 3, Spanish Club 124. Science Club 34. Catherine E. Vuich, "Kit Cat" Academic: Cap and Gown 3. Chorale 4. Chorus 1234. Drama 123. Field Day 34, French Club 124, Golden Girls 23, Guidance Office Aide I, Homecoming 4. Homeroom Rep. 123, Library Aide 4. Mr. Duich's Aide 4. PA Announcers 4. Prom Committee 3. Steeler News Staff 12. Swim Team I. Attendance Office Aide 234. Mona White Business: Basketball 123, Field Day 34. Gym Aide 2. Intramurals 3. Library Aide 4, Track Team I. 26Daryl Wayne Winston Academic: Band 1234. Class Officer 4. Field Day 34. French Club 1234. Flomeroom Rep. 4. Intramurals 14, Key Club 34. National Honor Society 234. Volleyball Club 1234. Volleyball Team 1234. Century III (1st Place) 4. Not Pictured Kelly Crawford Kemp Fazekas Sandra Gardlock Lamonte Hodges Alfonso Jennings Ryan Lampkins Michael Lee Anthony Russell Charles Short Ronald Weary Jelane Whiteside V' V-M1 • oxV.V ‘p' Hr C .''vA j Lljfo A- fv '" o a'" o A %f fe ■ t » f, j Asa ',"®. L 5 V ,JL ‘ . V -,e i-% SH v§ V: o p “» -4a, Vs- v) ’A •a •J d rv rl trt - % « ce“ .. Jtfs vAo °ra X , ,] » " V' O e£ '» 1 c t " $ ,. daJ f, . Booked For Success The Shenango Valley Campus of Pennsylvania Stale University began a new tradition this school year. The campus in downtown Sharon started the High School Senior Honors Year Program. This project enabled area high school seniors to take college credit courses while fulfilling their needed required courses to graduate from high school. Selected by their high school principal, the students were carefully counseled as they made out fall term schedules. Although there have been other similar programs, this is the first which enables a student to attend college full time and apply for financial aide. Although attending college, they are still permitted the same privileges as high school seniors. They will also graduate with their senior class. Tom Mosora and Gloria Grande A Cut Above For the second season in a row. Captain Winfred Bournes, a two-way player whose defensive domination helped the Steelers to the championship has been selected as the Most Valuable Player in the Keystone Football League. He played fullback on offense, but it was on defense, as a linebacker that he made his big impression. He was also selected for the first team both on offense and defense. Winfred was the leading scorer with eleven touchdowns and he also had over 100 tackles in the 1983 football season. He received Player of the Week awards from Channel 33 news, the Classified Shopper and twice from WMGZ. WMGZ also selected him for Most Valuable Player of the Shenango Valley We would like to acknowledge and congratulate these students for their outstanding achievements. Winfred BournesScenes The Year Pacsi Falconi DeMasy Victorious Jumbo Jet Carrying 269 Missing Mayor Eugene C. Pacsi sees his re-election as a sign that Farrell residents want redevelopment to continue, but he isn't sure what displeased about 900 people who didn't vote for him even though he was the only mayoral candidate. Meanwhile, incumbent Councilman Louis A. Falconi has his eyes on higher positions after being top vote-getter all three times he's run for council. Falconi drew 1,496 votes and newcomer David DeMasy got 1,363 for two seats on council. They beat Harold Matthews, the only Republican in any Farrell race, who got 759 votes. Pacsi. who has been mayor since 1978. said he hopes to help all neighborhoods with continued redevelopment programs during his next four years in office. He said he also wants to find a way to satisfy apparently discontented residents who didn t vote for him. A Soviet fighter plane shot down a South Korean jumbo jet carrying 269 people. Pentagon sources said today. Japanese and South Korean officials also believed the airliner was shot down near the Soviet island of Sakhalin. Among those aboard was a US. congressman and a search was under way for any survivors in the frigid waters off Sakhalin. Pentagon sources in Washington said the Korean Air Lines plane was downed with a missile fired by a Soviet MiG-23, and said that the U.S. Air Force had confirmed the attack. The sources, who spoke on condition they remain anonymous, did not say how it was confirmed but indicated that radio monitoring devices may have picked up conversations between Soviet ground control and the MiG pilot. Japan said it "appears likely“ the Soviets downed the airliner. "If this (attack) is true, it should be regarded as very regrettable indeed. ” Foreign Minister Shintaro Abe told a Tokyo news conference. Japanese radar indicated the Korean Air Lines jumbo was pursued and shot down at an altitude of about six miles by three MiG-23s about 3:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. EDT Wednesday - and plummeted into the Japan Sea. The Soviet Union denied an earlier South Korean claim that the airliner landed on Sakhalin, but has said nothing further. In Seoul, South Korean Information Minister Lee Jin-Hue said it was "almost certain" the jet was "attacked by a third country" near the Soviet coast. Japan's foreign minister appointed a task force to carry out contacts among the Soviet Union. South Korea and the United States, a Foreign Ministry spokesman in Tokyo said. Lawrence P. McDonald 30In Review Michael Jackson Injured During Filming of Commercial Megastar Michael Jackson, hospitalized with severe scalp burns today, was "dancing around with his hair on fire before his singer-brothers helped snuff flames sparked during filming for a TV commercial, witnesses say. The 25-year-old pop singing phenomenon was in good condition this morning despite second-and-third-degree burns, said a spokesman for Brotman Memorial Hospital in suburban Culver City. "Michael is OK. ” Jackson's father. Joe. told a reporter after leaving his son's hospital room late Friday. Jackson, who won eight American Music Awards on Jan. 16 and is nominated for 12 Grammy awards, was burned during filming of a special-effects scene for a Pepsi-Cola ad at the Shrine Auditorium near downtown. Fans sobbed and shouted when Jackson was rolled out of an ambulance at Brotman with his head bandaged. He waved to the crowd with a silver-sequined. gloved hand before disappearing into the hospital. 84 In Focus World Champs LA Raiders Peel 'Skins for 3rd Super Bowl Win With poise and precision, never rattled and always ready, the Los Angeles Raiders are National Football League champions again, one-sided winners over a Washington team whose title hopes were drowned in a sea of mistakes. And. the Raiders gladly declare. it was never in doubt. Ce rtainly. their 38-9 devastation of the Redskins in the most lopsided Super Bowl in history Sunday, makes it hard to argue the point. "We outplayed ’em. out-muscled ’em.” said linebacker Ted Hendricks, surveying the destruction the Raiders had wrought. "We just gave them a sound beating." Pro football's dead-end kids, an outcast organization seemingly locked in perpetual litigation against the league's establishment, became only the second team to win a third Super Bowl championship with as complete a demolition of an opponent as this game has ever seen. In strength against strength, the Raiders won. 31Cutest Eyes Presley Gillespie -Darlene Gregory Class Clown Shennan Hilly Best of 84 Best Smile Mona White -Alfonso Jennings Most Talkative Theresa Barber - Ryan Lampkins 32 Best Personality , Sherry Jennings - Darrin Barber Most Attractive Chris Colella - Cathy VuichMost Talented April Brown - Daryl Winston Best Dressed April Richardson - Darrin Barber Most Intelligent Mary Rose Sava -Chris Colella Most Likely to Succeed Gloria Grande - Chris ColellaJuniors r-L. »: i X . «k' Kneeling I. to r., Ramon Wright, Alan Pic Sitting: Lorj'e Ballish, Yvonne Malloy _______ Standing: Anthony Motion, Vice President; Jeffrey Platteborze, Tracy Ellerbe, Donald Scarvel. ■ Secretary. • —Dwayne Allen Ralph Arcuri April Avery William Bagnall Tracy Baldwin Lorie Ballish Charles Bender James Berisky Michael Bishop Cynthia Blackwell Darlene Booth Tammy Borio Darlane Bruce Malinda Buzzard John Byers James Cary Brian Chec Joseph done Jerome Clark Richard Cole Darwin Crumby Michael Cuzzola Leopold D'Amore Cedric Downes Rita Dunlap Tracy Ellerbe Marlon Evans Steven Evans Theresa Evans Toni Fleet 35Scott Franks Ezell Frieson Diana Fulton Daniel George Kelly Gianoglio Karla Gilchrist Rachel Graham Andrew Green Jeffrey Green Genevieve Hannibal Todd Harrison Desiree Hassell Sherrie Heckathorn Dawn Hopkins Lisa Hopkins Terrall Hughley Brenda Ivey Yulanda Jarrett David Johnson Eric Johnson Christopher Madura Yvonne Malloy Todd Marimpietri Christina McKee Paul Mirage Cynthia Mitchell Charles Moore Scott Morocco Kimberly Morrison Jill Mosora 36Anthony Motton Richard Muntean AnnaMarie Napolitan Thomas Nevant Dianna Newby Deborah Newlan Samuel Nicastro Warren Nixon Elizabeth Pendel Alan Piciacchio Jeffrey Piciacchio Ja verna Pickett Valencia Pierce Jeffrey Platteborze Michael Pope Valerie Pope Ronald Pulliam Craig Rainey Ruth Ray Daneon Riley Tracy Riley Shawn Roberts Peggy Robinson Donald Scarvel Steven Shuttleworth Richard Slattery Lisa Smith Shawn Speed Robert Stafford Tracy Stanton 37Rhonda Stewart Barbara Sundy Brain Talbert Rodney Talbert Stephanie Talbert Kathleen Taylor Michaelene Taylor Dylan Thomas Michael Thomas Stacey Thomas Jonelle Toth David Trombitas Kim Venable Lee Ann Vuich John Wheaton 38W S CiSophomores ja BgLL. WISH S CMCM-i T Sitting . to r.; Devone Hughes, Sybil Lampkins; Kneeling. Paul Williams, Secretary; Standing; Joe Bonacci. President; Wesley Campbell. Chuck Roberts. John Whiteside. Vice President.Rhonda Ackley Michael Adams Maurice Atwood Brenda Baker Jeffrey Baldwin Joseph Baroni Charlotte Bender Joseph Bonacci Mary Bonacci Viola Bournes Diane Brodie Robert Brodie Walter Brodie Richard Bucciarelli Kelly Buchanan Wesley Campbell Eunice Carter Raymond Cary Kelvin Chester Kurt Chester 41Clifford Elliot Eric Evans Terry Fair Lisa Freeman Eugenia Ganzy Michelle Gordon James Grande Marcia Gregory Celeste Harden Glenda Harris Lauri Hart Jacqueline Heath Hope Hilly Anthony Hnida Laura Hudler 42Christopher Mitchell Danny Moore Barbara Mosley Steven Mosley Henry Newby Lynette Newman Harry Nicastro Phoebe Norris Daniel Odem Ruth Odem Edward Orlosky Yvonne Parker Anthony Phillips Victoria Phillips Ronda Pierce Heidi Folding Rosetta Ramsey Gerald Riley Kamberly Riley Yolanda Roberson Charles Roberts Kimberly Robinson Joseph Roller Leah Runyan Daniel Sadowski Teresa Sanders Paula Scarmack James Slater Terry Slater Jahn Smith 43Gordon Somerset Daphne Stewart Felicia Tatum Shawn Taylor Terry Thomas Jean Toskin Sonya Townsend Marcus Vuich John Whiteside Paul Williams Shaun Williams Steve Williams Yolanda Williams Diane Woods Norman York 44Joe Arbuckle Damon Avery Troy Bacon Anna Marie Bag nail Jennifer Baldwin Renee Blackburn James Blaire Marla Bridges Lynette Brown Rosalind Brown Terry Bruce Ron Burns Regina Campbell Regina Caputo Cecilia Chapman David Chec Brian Clarke Bobette Coats Mary Cole Alice Cook Lisa Cottle Althea Crump Ronald Dorogy Kelly Dougherty Sean Egercic Cynthia Elliot Clemacie Evans Deidra Eavns Deanna Fazekas Anthony Frieson 47Bernadette Gardlock Frank Gargulio La Tonya Gash Stephany Gash Sherry George Leona Grande Susan Grande Leonard Gregory Jessica Griffin Jody Griffith Eric Harris Lyndelle Harrison Mary Ann Heckathorn Alicia Hilton Cory Hilton Bobbie Jo Hinds Julius Hopson Tonya Hopson Brent Howell Patricia Ion Mary Lou Jackson Timothy Jackson Lavina Jacoway Angela Jones Hazel Jones Thomas Joseph Dieter Kienast Monica Klamer Carl Lampkins Michelle Lee 48Torrence Locke Monica Marcella James Mason Pamela McKelhan Mickey Michael Shelly Mirage Melissa Moody Michele Moody Carol Morris Cynthia Murcko Jacqueline Newman Frank Opalenik Michelle Orndorff Arthur Pate Tracy Petrillo Diane Pfieffer Samuel Phillips Lee Ann Piciacchio Yolanda Pope Kimberly Powell Ramona Ramsey Samuel Raver Margo Ray Brian Roller Monica Royster Christy Salsberg Norman Samuels Paul Samuels Eric Savage Paul ScalfNicholas Scarmack Maureen Scarvel Lora Scott Oretchen Shepard Robert Smith Arelette Somerset Ross Stanek Patrick Stewart Kimberly Stinedurf Paul Sundy Todd Thomas James Weiser Lenora White Mark Williams Tracina Williams SO5 Michele Moody Twins Wesley Presley Gillespie Kathleen Michaelene Taylor Mary Joe Bonacci Double Your PleasureTwins Khristine Kimberly Sherrill At Farrell High Melissa Moody Dawn Lisa HopkinsMr. Anthony DeMartinis President Miss Rosemarie SaboI Mr. Anthony blarney Mr. John Chiodo. Jr. Middle School Principal 5 4 Board and Administration Mr. Guy Zupo. Sr. Miss Rose Marie Kaliney Mr. Lester Robinson. Jr. Mr. Russell C. Phillips Director of Administrative Services Mr. John Sava Superintendent Mr. Sam Jankovich Dean of Students Mr. Edward Turosky Secretary Solicitor Mr. Ronald Pendel Mr. Thomas Nevant. Senior High Principal Dr. Louis Mastrian Supervisor of Elementary EducationFACULTY "Trying To Build A More Literate Society” Pupil Personnel Miss Mildred Perry Guidance Counselor Mrs. Tina Martin Life Preservation Skills Mr. Scott Andrzejewski Psychologist Business Mr. George Salem Accounting I, II, Business Law and Math Mrs. Margaret Ristvey Shorthand, Transcription. Office Practice. Mrs. Victoria Schmeisser Distributive Education Mr. Joseph Duich Typewriting , II Math Mr. George Joseph Introduction to Algebra. General Math I Mr. Paul Bohach Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus Mr. Albert Szakach Algebra II, General Math II Mr. Thomas Sever Algebra , Comprehensive Math 45 6 History Mr. George Tatusko U.S. History, Government and Economics Mr. Louis Falconi Civics Mr. Donald Scarvel World Culture. Government and Economics Mr. William Morocco U.S. History English Mr. Anthony Aiello English III Mrs. Rose Johnson English II and IV Miss Mary Elizabeth Moroco English II and IV Mr. Ronald Reed English I Modern Languages Mrs. Mary J. Campagna Spanish Mrs. Pamela Fanone FrenchIndustrial Arts Mr. Thomas Cimoric Mechanical Drawing I. II. Wood I. II Mr. Stanley Goleb Machine I. II, Welding I, II. Wood I. II Mr. William Shuttleworth Mechanical Drawing. Metal. Spray Painting Mr. David Schirmer Wood I. Electric I. Spray Painting Science Mr. Frank Sincek General Science. Earth and Space Mr. Joseph Marasco Modern Biology. Life Cycle Biology Mr. Wallace Huels Chemistry I, II Mr. Steve Karlovich General Science. Life Cycle Biology Home Economics Mrs. Judy DeJulia Adult Living Miss Mary Barbara Hardy Home Economics. I, II. Ill 57Fine Arts Mr. John Perfilic Art, Photography Mr. Clyde Crooks Vocal and General Music Mr. Louis Colella Instrumental Music and Band Physical Education Mr. David Rotthoft Aquatics Miss Harriett Morrison Physical Education Mr. Charles Montgomery Physical Education Health and Safety Mrs. Aleta Kudelko Health I, II Mr. Thomas Burns Driver and Safety Education Mrs. Anita Shaw NurseMr. Ted Pedas Planetarium Director Mrs. Marlene Hudler Learning Disabilities Mrs. Frances Baldwin Special Education Mr. Charles Fortine Gifted Program Exceptional Education Programs Mr. George Pedas Audio Visual Coordinator Electronics Technician Material Production Mr. Charles Branca Librarian Intramural Director Assistant Athletic Director Assistant Basketball Coach25 YEARS OF SERVICE Mr. Thomas Cimoric Mr. George JosephIN MEMORY OF ... Mr. Richard Toskin CROSSING THE BAR Sunset and evening star. And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar. When I put to sea. But such a tide as moving seems asleep. Too full for sound and foam. When that which drew from out the boundless deep Turn again home. Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of farewell. When I embark; For though from out our bourne of Time and Place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crossed the bar. - Tennyson Mrs. Adeline Decapua 61SECRETARIES Superintendent: Agnes Mielcarek. Debbie Bordell. Betty DeMatteo Board: Ellen Galicia. Rose JankovichCafeteria and Janitorial Staff Row I: L. to r.. Sarah O'Kin. Eleanor Roth. Alice Row 2: Stella Preziozo. Rose Viselli. Gloria Cathaline Andree. Ann Tomzcak Maintenance Supervisor: Joseph Costa Mario Piciacchio. John Dunlap Supervisor. Ann Drapp: Secretary: Rosemary Evanoski Bernice Jacoway. Barbra Ceslak. Penny Nawrocki 63Farrell Steelers Cop 18th Loop Title VARSITY 1983-84 Season Farrell 73 Butler 57 75 Seneca Valley 59 79 Blackhawk 70 40 Am bridge 37 62 Mew Castle 50 78 Butler 56 86 Seneca Valley 45 59 Blackhawk 58 49 Ambridge 46 65 New Castle 67 Overall Record 18-8 row I. I. to r. James Booth. Douglas Lee. Jeff Platleborze. Ramon Wright, row 2. Gerald Riley. Tom Platleborze. Winfred Bournes. Shawn Roberts. Rodney Talbert. Andrew Smith. Charles Short. Tracy Ellerbe. Head Coach Frank Sincek Assist. Coach. Joe Young Assist. Coach. Robert Blackwell 66Add Another Banner J.R. VARSITY 1983-84 Season Farrell 41 Butler 22 44 Seneca Valley 42 42 Blackhawk 46 42 Am bridge 36 42 New Castle 38 SO Butler 47 55 Seneca Valley 35 59 Blackhawk 40 48 Am bridge 34 34 New Castle 38 Overall Record 16-9 Row I I. to r.: Michael Zajac. Robert Brodie. Wesley Campbell. Shawn Cromartie. Row 2; Kelvin Chester. Brian Chec. Joe Jackson. Michael Adams. James Grande. Michael Kelly. Kurt Chester. James Slater 9th GRADE 1983-84 Season Farrell 57 Reynolds 37 51 Kennedy 44 59 Mercer 26 45 Butler 28 54 Riverside 33 35 New Castle 34 35 Seneca Valley 25 53 Blackhawk 41 34 Butler 33 69 Riverside 20 68 New Castle 70 66 Seneca Valley 33 54 Blackhawk 62 Overall Record 12-2 Row I I.to r.; Ron Burns. Paul Samuels. Troy Bacon. Row 2; Samuel Raver. Thomas Joseph. Robert Smith. Norman Samuels. Row 3: Frank Gargiulo. Mark Williams. Coach Sarazen. Cory Hilton. Ross Stanek 67A Hoop-full FutureSteelerettes Sitting I. to r.-. Yvonne Malloy. Rita Dunlap. Peggy Robinson, Daphne Stewart. Viola Bournes. Sheila Jackson. Cynthia Blackwell. Valerie Pope. April Richardson. Kneeling; Assistant Coach. MaryAnn Bralich Season Record Farrell Kennedy 34 29 Sharps ville 52 31 Sharon 50 38 New Castle Union 24 54 Hermitage 45 32 Neshannock 34 45 Ell wood City 2 75 Shenango 42 48 Slippery Rock 21 67 Riverside 39 44 Mohawk 40 49 Laurel 34 50 New Wilmington 22 35 Kennedy 40 29 New Castle Union 36 59 Neshannock 41 26 Ellwood City 17 94 Shenango 50 48 Slippery Rock 37 52 Riverside 24 51 Mohawk 55 41 Laurel 34 49 New Wilmington 54 41 70 Sheila Jackson, center Coach: Mr. Nick CannoneJunior Varsity Kneeling I. to r.; Monica Marcella. Cynthia Mitchell. Michelle Gordon. LaVina Jacoway. Susan Grande. Standing; Nora Dowling. Celeste Harden. Javerna Pickett. Margo Ray. Genevieve Hannibal. Monica Royster. Alicia Hilton 71VARSITY: KEYSTONE KINGS Row I: I. to r.: Alfonso Jennings. Ray Gibson. Lonnie Pearson. Tom Platteborze. Winfred Bournes. Louis Falconi. head coach: Charles Short. Mike Lee. Bill Sundy. Anthony Russell. Eric Gilchrist. Row 2: Charles Bender. Ronald Weary. Lamont Hodges. Leroy Ganzy. Andy Green. Jeff Platteborze. Steve Evans. Warren Nixon. Terry Hughley. Tracy Ellerbe. Row 3: Tony Motton. Cedric Downes. Todd Harrison. Danny George. Scott Franks. Tom Nevant. Doug Lee. Joe Jackson. Row 4: Mike Cuzzola. Rick Muntean. Kendall Davis. Damon Jarrett. Tony Phillips. James Slater. Henry Newby. Kurt Chester. Walt Brodie. Row 5: Anthony Frieson. Norman York. Mike Pope. Jahn Smith, Kelvin Chester. Norman Samuels. Row 6: Mike Laukaitas. Tom Sever. Sonny Fleet. Nick Cannone, Riley Smoot. Frank Tamber. John Benigas, Jim Falconi. Steve Karlovich. Dr. Erme. THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON The S3 football season was certainly a real surprise for Coach Falconi and his staff. From the outset they had hoped for a season record that would at least be "respectable". As it turned out. they were more than respectable, they were awesome! They won the Keystone Football League Championship and ended up with a record of 9 wins and I loss and I tie. With their championship season came All-Conference recognition to fifteen of our players, five for both offense and defense. Winfred Bournes was named Most Valuable Player of the Keystone Football League and our own Coach Falconi was hailed "Coach of the Year.” Congratulations Coach. Staff, and TeamI It certainly was a 'Championship Season Coaching Staff. Front I to n Frank Tamber - "offensive line coach. J.V. coach". Lou Falconi - "Head Coach". John Benigas - "defensive co-ordinator" Back: Steve Karlovich - "trainer". Riley Smoot - "8th and 9th grade coach", Nick Cannone - "defensive back coach." Jim Falconi - ",8th and 9th grade coach".Varsity Record Farrell 36 Hubbard 12 28 Sharon 12 18 Hickory d 14 Oil City 7 38 Reynolds 21' 15 Erie Academy 14 13 Grove City 7 20 Sharpsville 6 28 Kennedy Christian 14 0 Erie McDowell 0 6 Greenville 7 9th Grade Football Team Row I. I. to r.: Ron Burns. Carl Lampkins. Paul Samuels, Damon Avery. Arthur Pate. Derrick Odem. Marc Mosora. Row 2: Andre Smith. Dave Chec. Sam Raver. Tom Joseph. Robert Smith. Cory Hilton. Row 3: Mike McKenzie. Patrick Stewart. Paul Sundy, Nick Scarmack. Fred Haynes. Sean Egercic. (Missing from photo, Sam Phillips and Mark Williams) Farrell 31 32 6 28 20 12 48 Farrell 6 0 0 6 22 14 Junior Varsity Record Sharon Hickory Reynolds Hubbard Grove City Sharpsville Kennedy Christian 9th Grade Record Sharon Hickory Reynolds Hubbard Grove City Sharpsville 22 0 24 73 O O O O ODETERMINA TION LEADS TO A WINNING SEASON The offense exploded for 216 points, an average of 19.6 points per game. Seniors, Tom Platteborze, Winfred Bournes, Mike Lee. Lonnie Pearson, Bill Sundy, and Eric Gilchrist demonstrated their skills and talents from the first game to the last. Their leadership was evident, on and off the field, and it was directly responsible for the success of the season. Defensively, our team was lead by seniors Bournes, Pearson, Gilchrist. Anthony Russell, Leroy Ganzy and Charles Short. A total of 100 points was scored against us, an average of 9 points per game. From the start our defense was labeled as "young, inexperienced, and aggressive’’, but they soon developed into one of Farrell's best. fullback lipebacker1984-OFF TO A GIRLS TRACK Row I; J. Whiteside. Y. Parker. M. Gregory, F. Tatum. S. Jennings. T. Riley. V. Bournes. P. Sanders. S. Jackson, D. Gregory. Ms. Bralich. Row 2; L. Cottle. D. Henry. T. Riley. S. Hilly. M. White. C. Locke. C. Harden. T. Fleet. R. Stewart. Row 3; J. Baldwin. P. Scarmack. G. Shephard, M. Scarvel. D. Brodie. S. Talbert. T. Sanders, D. Evans. T. Evans. L. Phillips. Row 4; R. Graham. M. Jackson. D. Newby, D. Lampkins, K. Venable, S. Townsend. Y. Roberson. L. Freeman. Y. Jarrett. B. Sundy, Row 5; D. Bruce. D. Stewart. C. Chapman. L. Jacoway. S. Gash. K. Morrison.BOYS TRACK Row I; Mr. Sever. A. Green. S. Franks, T. Hughley. W. Nixon. L. Ganzy. M. Pope. e Y- C. Downes. B. Sundy. E. Gilchrist. Mr. Falconi. Row 2: R. Gibson. L. Pearson. J. Evans. A. Jennings. D. Lee. C. Bender. W. Brodie, E. Johnson. K. Chester. F. Mosley. D. Ricci. Row 3: D. Jarrett. R. Odem. T. Motton. C. Rainey. K. Chester. L. Piciacchio. N. Samuels. P. Stewart. FI. Newby. A. Phillips. Row 4: E. Frieson. N. York. K. Davis. C. Roberts. T. Slater. C. Mitchell. M. Williams. R. Kay. J. done. S. Morocco. Row 5; S. Mosley. G. Somerset. A. Pate. M. Evans, E. Orlosky, N. Scarmack, R. Cole. A. Frieson. P. Williams. RUNNING START 77FARRELL HIGH SWIMTEAM m In the water. . to r; Don Scarvel, Steve Shuttleworth. Kneeling: Captain. Eric Johnson, Brian Talbert. On the blocks: Maureen Scarvel. Melissa Moody. Michele Moody. Standing: Rick Kay. Norman York. Chris Mitchell. Rick Muntean. Gary Leipheimer. Pictured above Coach. Dave Rotthoff. Diving Into Action soThis year's swimming season can be summed up by saying that only four school records have not been broken. Between Eric Johnson. Chris Mitchell. Reenie Scarvel. Rick Muntean. and Steve Shuttle-worth the team has erased twelve varsity records this year. Of the above swimmers and divers Eric. Chris, and Reenie have qualified and participated in the Junior Olympics held at Bethel Park. Pa. The above swimmers plus Melissa Moody, a diver, qualified in the semi-finals at the Midwestern Athletic Conference. Medals were received by Eric Johnson. Chris Mitchell. Steve Shuttleworth. and Reenie Scarvel. Many school records have been broken throughout the year. The times are: 200 Medly Relay: Eric Johnson. Chris Mitchell. Rick Muntean. Gary Leipheimer 1:55.36. 200 Free Style: Chris Mitchell 1:59.18. 2001.M, Eric Johnson 2:11.83. 500 Free Style: Eric Johnson 5:28.00. 100 Breast Stroke: Chris Mitchell 1:09.55. 100 Backstroke. Eric Johnson 1:01.76, 200 I.M.: Reenie Scarvel 2-.39.22. Lettermen Dolphins Sprint To New RecordsVolleyball I SI Silting from I. to r.; Steve Shuttleworth. Tim Jackson, Andy Janosko. Joe Costa. Chris Colei la. Daryl Winston. Arthur Hunyadi. Mike Zajac, Eric Evans. Darrin Barber. Standing: Chuck Montgomery. Ron Pulliam. James Booth. Joe Baroni, Gerald Riley. Marcus Vuich, Jim Grande. Dave Trombitas. Todd Marimpietri. Kurt Chester. Bill Bishop, manager. Walter Cannon. Last Year's Record 135 - 37 'f W-Y Ey Vr J Cl M Head Coach Charles Montgomery Assistant Coach Walter CannonGIRLS VOLLEYBALL Row I. I to f; Yvonne Malloy, Susan Grande, Vicki Phillips. Row 2. Kim Morrison, Stephanie Talbert, Mary Rose Sava, Kelly Buchanan. Row 3. Tracy Sanders, Javerna Pickett, Margo Ray, Sheila Jackson, Phyllis Sanders, Eunice Carter. 1983 Season Record Northgate Farrell 0 3 Quaker Valley 0 3 Quigley 0 3 Richland 0 3 Western Beaver 0 3 Northgate 0 3 Quaker Valley 0 3 Quigley 0 3 Richland 3 1 Western Beaver 0 3 Section Playoffs Richland 0 3 10 Wins 1 Loss WPIAL Semi Finals Geihel 0 2 Apollo Ridge 0 1 2 Fort Cherry 0 2 Springdale 0 2 WPIAL Finals Geibel 0 2 Mon Valley Catholic 0 2 Richland 0 2 Head Coach Asst. Harriett Morrison Walt CannonSheila Jackson Hitter Phyllis Sanders Hitter Mary Rose Sava Setter SENIORSIntramural Champs Excellence Without Uniform 86FIELD DAY 1983 Juniors Triumph Over Seniors Seniors Beat Juniors Field Day has been a tradition at Farrell High for many years. Juniors and Seniors compete in track and field events to see who has the better athletic ability. There are individual and group running events and sac races. The main event is the tug of war which the juniors triumphantly won over the seniors last year. If they keep tugging, this year's seniors might be able to do it again.8889Farrell High Band We Might Be Small, But We Are Sensational Row I. I. to r.: Golden Girls. R. Stewart, A. Richardson. D. Newlan M. Taylor R. Ousley. D. Johnson. K. Taylor. Announcer, i. Smith. Row 2. S. Grande. J. Deflin. T. Fleet. S. Slaugenhaupt. L. Stafford. B. Hinds. P. Ion. G. Shephard. J. Mosora. G. Grande. Row 3. G. Leipheimer. T. Hunter. D. Ragle. B. Harkless. P. Scarmack. M. Hajduk. L. Tonkin. J. Baldwin. D. Gianoglio. Row 4. A. Crawford. D. Winston. S. Shuttleworth. D. Barber. S. Jackson. T. Mosora. A. Hunyadi. R. Mackin. D. Pfeiffer. M. Scarmack. J. Dragicevic. Row 5. C. Roberts. R. Mask. M. Sava. K. Winston. G. Somerset. L. Somerset. V. Callahan. J. Baldwin, J. Costa. C. Colella. P. Williams Why Do We Teach Music? Not Because we expect every student to major in music. Not because we expect every student to play or sing professionally. Not so every student can have a relaxing fun experience. We teach music to help every student be more human, recognize beauty, be more sensitive, have more love, more compassion. more good. In short........More Life!Ill Director: Mr. Louis M. Colella 90Saxophones and Brass Bold and Brassy Row I. I to n S. Shuttleworth. D. Barber. S. Jackson. T. Mosora. A. Hunyadi. R. Mackin. M. Scarmack. D. Pfeiffer. Row 2-. C. Roberts. R. Mask. A. Crawford. D. Winston. C. Colella. M. Sava. P. Williams. Row 3t 6. Somerset. L. Somerset. J. Dragicevic. J. Baldwin. J. Costa Flutes and Clarinets There’s Music In The Air Row I. I to n J. Deflin. T. Fleet. S. Grande. G. Shephard. J. Mosora. G. Grande. L. Stafford. P. Ion. B. Hinds. Row 2i D. Kagle. B. Harkless. P. Scarmack. K. Giangolio. G. Leipheimer. L. Toskin. T. Hunter. M. Hajduk. J. Baldwin 9 Senior Band Members Seniors Have Class D. Barber, S. Jackson. T. Mosora. A. Crawford. J. Dragicevic. C. Co lei la. D. Winston. M. Sava. G. Grande 92Practice Makes Perfect 93Varsity Cheerleaders Row I. I to r.i Tracey Petrillo. Stacey Thomas. Sonya Townsend. Row 2, Darlene Booth. Tracy Baldwin. Lorie Ballish Standing, captain. Stacey Thomas Kneeling, co-captain. Darlene Booth "Cheerleaders SparkJ. V. Cheerleaders Row I. I. lo r.i Cindy Murcho. LeeAnn Piciacchio. Sybil Lampkins. Row 1. April Avery. Terasa Sanders. Kimberly Robinson Captain. April Avery The cheerleaders have the longest season of any athlete. Unlike other schools, our cheerleaders cheer for both football and basketball season. This means they must dedicate themselves all year long. They must be willing to give 100% of themselves. It takes a lot of patience and practicing to get ready for the games. They work hard all year to promote spirit in the school and community and to spread Steeler pride to That Spirit”All That Glitters Is Golden Girls Seniors Donna Johnson April Richardson Sherry Jennings Row I, Michaelene Taylor, Sherry Jennings, Donna Johnson, Debby Newlan. Row 2. April Richardson, Rhonda Stewart, Kathleen Taylor Now everybody, cheese!!! Freeze! "Smile" Hi there!!! Taking a break Let's go guys Go Team!!! Take off Oh say can you see High kickinU!Voices In Harmony.. CONCERT Row , . to r-. A. Johnson, D. Pfeiffer, M. Moody, M. Moody. V. Phillips, D. VI'foods. A. Brown. A. Richardson. J. Whiteside. C. Roberts. E. Savage. B. Howell: Row 2: R. Graham. C. Elliot, R. Caputo. L. Vuich. K. Venable. K. Robinson. T. Sanders. Y. Pope. E. Carter. A. Crawford. D. Sadowski. J. Whiteside. J. Costa: Row 3: N. Dowling. K. Gilchrist. R. Ackley. B. Mosley. S. Jackson. C. Vuich. G. Riley. N. Crawford. J. Lampkins, D. Lee. E. Evans. too CHORALE Row , L. to r: M. Moody. A. Richardson. J. Whiteside. A. Brown, C. Roberts. P. Williams. B. Howell. D. Hughes. V. Pierce. C. Bender. R. Pierce. M. Moody: Row 2: hi. Dowling. J. Costa. E. Evans. S. Mosley. M. Marasco. D. Sadowski. L. Smith: Row 3: E. Carter. L. Vuich. C. Vuich. S. Jackson. S. Jennings. D. Gregory: Row 4: A. Crawford. J. Whiteside. J. Lampkins. J. Beyers.CHOIR Row I, I to r. R. Lampkins. P. Williams. R. Pierce. T. Riley. C. Bender. V. Pierce. M. Davis. T. Hopson. L. Hart. R. Campbell, T. Newman. M. Royster,; Row 2: D. Hughes, M. Pope. M. Atwood. L. Smith. A. Somerset. S. Currie. L. Phillips. C. Chapman. M. Jackson. G. Shephard. L. Cottle. S. Townsend. H. Hilly. L. Runyan: Row 3: J. Beyers. J. Roller. M. Marasco. S. Mosley. A. Crump. R. Dobie. E. Ganzy. S. Jennings. D. Gregory. J. Sharpies. S. George. G. Harris. SENIORS DIRECTOR Row I. I to n A. Crawford. J. Whiteside. A. Brown. R. Lampkins. A. Richardson. J. Sharpies; Row 2; L. Phillips. C. Vuich. S. Jackson. S. Jennings. D. Gregory; Row 3; N. Crawford. J. Lampkins.Murder On Row , I. to r.; Jeffrey Lampkins. Felicia Tatum, Row 2. Marcia Gregory. John Whiteside, Michaelene Taylor, Althea Crump, Paul Williams, DeVone Hughes Cast Staff Helen Blestar Alice ........ Terry ........ David ........ Sharon ....... Mike ......... Miss Shotwell Jessica ...... Mr. Stanley ... .. DeVone Hughes ... Althea Crump ... Felecia Tatum . Jeffrey Lampkins ... Marcia Gregory ... John Whiteside Michaelene Taylor ... Rhonda Pierce ... Paul Williams Director .......................... Mr. Reed Assistant Director .......... John Whiteside Sound Props ....................... Paul Scalf Scenery ........................... John Byers Costumes Make-up ............ Sherry Jennings Darlene Gregory Program .......................... Alicia Hilton Publicity Usher ............. Kamberly Riley Tickets ..................... Terasa Sanders Lights ...................... Anthony Phillips Construction .............................. John Byers. Paul Scalf. Joe Evans, Aaron Crawford, Anthony Phillips, Matt Raver. Paul Williams. Jahn Smith, Charles Roberts. Dan Sadowski 103STAGE CREW "Behind the Scenes DRAMA CLUB "Entertainment up Close” STEELER NEWS STAFF "Making Headlines”RGANIZA TIONS The Drama Club deals with the performing arts and the production of plays. Ronald Reed is the adviser. He enjoys working with the students to create new experiences. Theater arts is his area of concentration. Throughout the club's existence many changes have occurred. There are new advisers, new facilities. and more musicals are being performed. Also the Community Theater and the Children's Theater are part of the Farrell High School Community Theater Project. Anyone who is interested is eligible for membership. Requirements are the willingness to sacrifice time and effort to create the artistic environment for the growth of performance skills. The purpose of the club is to provide the opportunity for students to experience performing and to develop new or unfamiliar areas of the arts. It's a demanding behind-the-scene job where the adviser and a small team of students and faculty must work hand-in-hand tackling each expected and unexpected problem. There are deadlines to meet, an inexperienced staff to train, copy to write, meetings to have, artwork to draw, photographs to take and process, and the final step lay out. The purpose of the school newspaper is to give the students a working knowledge of publishing a newspaper and to serve the school with a newspaper. The newspaper benefits the school and community by giving them some knowledge of the happenings in the school.Mr. Dutch's Aides Home Economics Club Jr. Achievement T.V. Production 106Science, Exploring the World The purpose of the Science Club is to further the interest of the school and community in science. Membership is open to all members of the high school who are currently enrolled in a science program. During the school year various students participate in contests involving science. The production of a Science Fair is planned in the future. Conservation Club The Conservation Club is a group of students dedicated to the preservation of our natural resources and wildlife. Mr. Marasco is the advisor of the Conservation Club. It was founded in 1953 by John Chido Jr. and in this same year an award in the name of Stanley Novak for the most outstanding member during the year was instituted. All F.H.S. students are eligible for membership, there are no restrictions or qualifications. Throughout the year various beautifying projects are performed and the purpose of the club is to help young people get together in the outdoors, doing conservation work and enjoying the camaraderie of togetherness. Ecology Team The Ecology Team is made up of students from the elementary, middle, and high schools. Four students are chosen from each level with alternates, to compete against other schools in the area. They compete in different facets of environmental education. The first and second place teams move on to district competition. 108National Honor Society The Mary V. Scardina Chapter of the National Honor Society exists to acknowledge those with high scholarship and character. The chapter is to provide services to its school and community. The students involved are to be role models for their peers. The National Honor Society's colors are blue and gold. The flower is the yellow rose, and the insignia is a blazing torch or candle. Ms. Perry is the sponsor. She advises the Honor Society’s proceedings and activities. She supervises the election of members by the professional staff, and she acts as a liaison between the chapter, administration, faculty, and community. The National Honor Society has been in existence since 1921. It is governed by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. The title of our local branch is the Mary V. Scardina Chapter. Eligibility is open to any sophomore, junior, or senior who has been enrolled in our school for at least one semester. The minimum scholastic average is a 90%. Students are elected into the Honor Society by the high school professional staff. The criteria for membership is based on scholarship, service, leadership, and character. .Spanish Club French Club inMATH CLUB The Farrell High Math Club is an integral part of Farrell High School. The Math Club makes it possible for students who are capable of realizing the beauty and the power of mathematics to associate. The purpose of the Math Club is to stimulate and maintain interest in the subject by extension of knowledge beyond the possibilities of class instruction. Membership is open to seniors, juniors. and second semester sophomores who have a "B" average or better in mathematics the previous semester. To retain membership a student must remain enrolled in a math class and maintain a 'B'' average. Mr. Joseph is the adviser of the Math Club and throughout the school year he organizes activities to raise money that is then donated to several different charities. A field trip or a club party is planned in the future. The objective of the newly formed Apple Computer Club. The Slipped Discs, include: assisting club members in educational growth and development; developing leadership abilities through participation in educational and civic activities: and developing the ability to plan together, organize, and carry out worthy activities and projects. As an example. the Computer Club and the district's Parent Educator Group (PEG) are collaborating on sponsoring a series of microcomputer workshops for parents and their children. The Apple Computer Club's project is a nationwide effort to help elementary and secondary school students to understand and use computers. The club will establish a network of personal computer users to exchange expertise, skills, and information. This network will be a valuable resource for the entire community as students with special expertise will be available to anyone in the community for consultation on computer-related problems. COMPUTER CLUB KEY CLUB 113Supporting Staff First row . to r.; Mary Bonacci, LeeAnn Vuich, Mary Rose Sava. Darrin Barber. Jonelle Toth. Second row: Christine Klutcher. Jill Mosora. Laura Hudler. Chris McKee. Tracy Baldwin. Co-Editor. Mary Rose Sava; Editor, Darrin Barber This year the reflector staff would like to dedicate this book to our advisor Mrs. Kudelko and to the class of 1984. We would also like to thank the school photographers and A bey Studios for supplying these photos. We have tried to show an accurate picture of the 1983-84 school year so you may look back through the pages of this book and remember Farrell High School.COMMENCEMENT 1983 Class Rank Michael Nicastro Gina Fetsko Marcie Clark Nada Grkinich Debra Bonacci Patricia Heckathorn Janice Leno Holly Chiodo Dawn Zaborowski Marcia TalbertmWALS WORTH PUBLISHING COM PAN Y MARI 1 IN» MIKNOCRI » A

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