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R, u 2 w .W ..,, M 'M J .-' A ' " ggL'5fw'EUwf,., ff .f.-M , ,H M-1' M' W 4 ,Q ' ," ' . lp LM-'5,:,':11:ff' f . ., v,f.. .f f"'2"'f" ,' . ,Q ' - - .Vg 2- wiv' 'MW' , ,. ww 4' W ,1 ,, :3yf"" ',-1wvQ""ff, ,J ' fb if f' 3 Q, fl' ' , " if .., ,, A ffl f' 7Q7'?Z"'A53d1'f'3'5'?wk 'x:lfT',i,,.',w2sfffWf9"' Nm f W ,, 'Q ,f , K f V T7 ,- ' Y ,f ff ,,,,3,g'.s'3,H'14Hi"'4 ' Vi ... Q . -' ' J N - WTJ.,,i,:w:f,:.+mm1',1x,. sm f , , ff' f ff" - f ' A , W M , ..f.,w,f--W ' f -' - .- 1 .,,,,w, fl , muff" ,M W .... Mfw, 'ff ,f M , 1. Lf -, -",1,s'im1lM--1' W , M 5 ' A H' " M , NA p ,H .3 ff" gf, . ' 'qw , .f "" was41"fXPQ"Y""7i4f?WNf ""' "MT-My 1 if! - ' A My W 59 . . 'f"'4'12ff,A,..-i'Ww,L.,w'2'W"3' '. k ' ' 6 A ' "LM A , -- M, W- f H122 'rf,,4'Q,gQQMi-,"f" ""' . .' - lf' ' ' ' ' H J ' ., +""'. V. vf A ,L b . z L' +g,.'wv mv-A?"U'i'f"":7, K 4 ' T,n","4z " H ' ' - ' ' -i 2 L "Qi ?,.g','fJf' A A - 4 5 " "' A 5 i 1. H 2' ? 1 T . 2- ' . yr ' i + 1 ' 13 ? 1 3 , L , , Y, , f . ' . A , 4. ' ' X5 ,, 2 i? W ' 1 . .W if , .1 1 ra 2 it - 5 ' fy g Z3 f 15 5 uf Z ' my 3 5 ,gg :I .4 K , -ai s ,4 gi . S 5 in f K gif i ' if 2 - " ij , 5 fi 5: 1' i: i A Z" - Q , :ng 1 V , Q LQ., N 5 Q 111 ? S 252 2 Eff f' 2 If . M1 ' W K ,ff 5 Q 'I L ,iz g , , 5 - Af rg: 3 'N HH a gg 1 W1 Q if S' Z 5 ri 3 1.5 1 fi? Q , Q fa e 45 -E 2 V. f f an 5 V- .L iw u4""w ' n W . .. r. g . 3 S b 2 ,.. ,u w mf 53 Q4 wg -fa 2 3 6 3 A F Www-Y 1 E' M: vi , . ,M A,,, , ,W ,. , -,,,,,W,,. 4 ,,.,,,,..,,,,-. ww, ..,, ,f-wwf' -,-A-W-ww-M, 7' , , gr? xi ' ' 'K "' Q15 fig ' 3 Ni. Q5 'MW Q , A ww- f 42 'ff 51 4 - , ,, Y'-Nmggyg , K 3. V . ,, , fs 1 . if ff 1. Q Y 1 1: z pijwwlwfj f E ' f ? s 5 :Q Y . .Nm M4 , 1, E 3 fl , . X Z5 3' - 5f':f7m,, '5 S1 iv i is 2 f, if g A- 21 : .f 'f. if I 1 iv 12 1 '5 g ig - 3 5 3 ' Ir: m fx 53- fig , ' 31 if if a 2 i 53 ly if 5 V Q 2 j I E lu g rf if " f 5 1 4? 3 , l ., ,L ,,,,,A, , 1 if L Q 3 S 1f'Tff'l!f1Z I f f 7 . , ' 2: I gs . ll - .1 'L ? 36 ' A- ww r ., , 5 3 A nj 3 ,Q Q , .. " 3 3 f : : ' 2 .-A A it 6 5 r A f Mwfff' -bf? , 1 Q f ' 235 V, K V .4 5 6 W," I-'fgglsi , XM , , V 4, aj , e K -. ' W-rm, wfif, -b-.6 , ,r .Q lwsfmggghv'-Q Qty? , 1 ' 'ff.ggn.,: ,icq , X wat Lf.,:,:W7 M., 1-'Q 3 ' 2 A A. ,., 3, " , 7 355' '! ff, 'vga-,, 1 I ,Q . C " v K ,. ' M YJ ,X ' yu: A 3' 'X ,af "4 ' ' Q ,, ' " A A X, X , wav ,K ,, . f,. Q b '1 g A fm, A fra- . s 1 .J wg, v f , . mf 2 My 3? ix ' .- , A Una, QQ 4, huh- X ww, 5 'R' .-MM, X . ji President Thomas Jefferson 61st Commencement Edition ?e,.,,,,-m --. , ii, Q J W ,L ze- . - fx f 1 xx X, f gE.'g.ll'i'lll' f'Fv'Fv"' V XXxNs PUBLISHED BY THE SENIORS FARRELL HIGH SCHGOL Farrell, Pennsylvania 2 M 41 rrrr riii ,M W ,W gd fy wf4'f -age-vfiii .- wrrfwr' H,'VL , F ' k.myW'f , . .. If V A l W ',Hf.,fr:w"i rf? wie F' 5 1 5 1 L- we President Abraham Linco1n's "few and ap- propriate remarks" have become an American classic. They are presented here in tribute to, and in memory of, a great Americanvwhose mes- sage to his people remains as timely today as it was when delivered one hundred and one years ago. H54 Superintendent FARRE LL AREA SCHOOL DIS TRIC T 9 3 . The ieve of homeland inspired Sir Walter Scott, to write these stirring lines in "The Lay of the Last Minstrel" . W X , dqqgtgah ik 5, :V-,K -,-.'.f"Wi' ' .5-EX ' ,f , - ,Q ' 'T',:eL f..4-J:-g:,5-E,"-:+-M W .-K ,lk ix V-rj I 5, - Z f, A xx 1 , :1-H,-Z,-ij:-... ww -,A Q -. t A ff f f'A'f7'f C If F-:ff .. N if ,af ',, Q ",,yl'iN , 5 . I' -' Qtr- gd , . .f5 1' lf! '--S:,...,...v-Zi..:.47S X if J! f, H we M -1 -,- t figei'-if , fe .e 4 .ff--L teew , C555 2 et- 3.ff1Ltf'f'1' ' W .,,, Principal FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL N UNDER THE DOME OF FREEDOM The home ofCongress is at once the heart and symbol of the American system of representative government. Under this dome and behind the thick walls of the Capitol the activities of the elected officials furthers the powerful idea traceable to the city-states of ancient Greece--that free men and women have the right and ability to govern themselves. MrsQ Barbu Mr- Bohach Mrs. Brice' Mr. Burns Mr. Campagna Mr. Cantelupe Right, Mr. Dresch seated Xa 'friend , . fri? A Mr. Chido I. Mr. Duich ,M 1 h Mr. Flynn V K Misshgojdicsu ff IW -,4,... K l A wang S 'N-.,,.,N. W? Miss Gojdics Mr. Grande Mrs. Grande ff' Miss Grxffith -.W 55 55 2? 1' 2 F M1ss Hardy Mr. J ankovich Miss Grimes .2f .. -av ' 11 ' MFS. Jones ei. Mr. Lewis 4. f Right, Mai and friend. Mr. Kumar and Pam. Mr. Lindway X ypf. 5 V. r , W W - fir dl' ,, Q , Mr. Malatesta Mr. McC1uskey 5 MISSVKMQTRQH ,,,,,,,,.,1: ,V.,, ,. ,K x.,, Mn, Muroeco, Mrsf M1ie11er Mr. Orr Mr. Paulekas Miss Roux ,f J U H, Mr. Nestich Q V, 'Z MN, If ggi? K Q15 , .V 9 -- 'S 5 "'A M! 2 , M - h Mr. Scarvell and Steve Mr. Scimga Mr. Schirrner h , Mr. Tommins . M 32, M qw my ,smug if L24 hx' 7 M Miss Sirb S Miss Struck . .. 'fee-,F-iv,-my , .wsu - , L 1 5 1 , 'fx' . I . . . 'I M W gf,...,3' - , , V an 1 - Mrs. Carrozzi and Miss Kudelko Mr. Toskin , President Mr. Merle Levine .1 f,e.i:e! 2 L?1.ggf,P Liirif 'ffl ' x?ff'5fi 355135 - ,p rev - ,, ... fiieegieiivv V 4 I L,,LS,. , . ,A ff: ' 1 , .1 :-:: .: f 11 Q M 21-glzwygn. ' ' ' ' ii. f ' ifiQE2?3,i6! ' L 'mfr' .. V- V V.E. ,c Lf ,L Mr. Paul Kudelko ' -Q95 Treasurer Miss Celia Burns Vice President Mr. Frank Whalen fe--sf' lk , Mr . Henry Gondek Mr. Leland Chisholm '2 Mg, , 1 . Mr. Anthony Namey ' 5. - s Solicitor 5' ' K T3 5 1 if 3 ST -3 QT: 5' 'iii Q , ww" i Mr. Robert T. Flynn Secretary Mr. Edward Turosky Mr. Richard Morocco BOARD OF DIRECTORS Stanton who was on military leave. O STAFF ' supefiiifsgiaenffs Office R Mrs. Stella Ceslak Mrs. Victoria Schmeisser Principa.l's Office A Mrs. Odelia Yoursh ,if f-if 'f Board Office V Mrs. Rose Jankovich Mrs. Ellen Galicia MAINTENANCE Cafeteria supervisor, Mrs. Florence Burn s and Mrs. Betty DeMatteo, cafeteria clerk. CAFETERIA STAFF L. to R.: Mr. Anthony Rotell, Head of Maintenance Farrell Area Schools Mr. Al Knott, Head of Maintenance Farrell High School Mr. Michael Cannone, Mr. Joseph"Peppy" Costa if ,....,....-1 Our school painters, Mr. Paul Pendel and Mr. Gerald "Hop" Flynn getting up in the world. an L. to R.: Mrs. Edna Grande, Mrs. Sue Bacon, Mrs. Doris Klaric and Mrs. Beatrice Biggs. 16 James Campbell and Hasco Darden take "breathe r" during milk de- liveries in the morning. truck driver and Mr. Stanley Chestnut. RANDOM PIX AT F.H.S. Mr. Dresch with his able assistants Rose Calleja, Darla Williams, and Mary Ann Pavlik. ff- 51:4 L : w22:'i'Y 5' Mr. Morocco and Mr. Grande with their clerical staff. Diligently working with them in the Guidance Department were Geraldine Sve da, Mary Jean Vicozi, Linda Jen- nings and Gail Jennings. Mr. Burns demonstrating to Yvonne Balach, Marlene Palko and Peggy Daugherty a little known female fact in Driver Education--How to change a tire. Damtui Gracenin looks on. I7 Miss Anne Gojdics, in charge of student accounting, pleasantly excusing Sandra Michaels and James Guerino for whatever they did. YH"- f .if M? 6 Y i f ff! Er if . -A gig, ,cc. AAKALA N ,K imkw he t , z A ,i,g Aw Q, L ,M ' -'ff ' A 1 Mrs. Mary Gray ac cepting money from Tyrone Bartosh for another one of our delicious ltuiches. Richard Farley looks on skeptically. "Our goal must be-not peace in our time-but peace for all time. HARRY S, TRUMAN ' nv Qi lr ., 'MN 1 I 8 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pres .... John R. Giroski Adviser .Miss Anne Gojdics Secretary . . Pamela Rongo V. Pres .... Sam Newton Our work for peace must begin within the private world of each of us. DAG HAMMERSKJOLD ,f SENIOR STEE RING COMMITTEE L to R, SEATED around table: Judy Cole, Sue Bralich, Bob Pacsi, Rick Benka, John Giroski, Pam Rongo, Bil1Ba1ach, Eleanor Zappa, Mary Ann Kapusta, Mary Alice O'Brien, and Connie Brodie. BACK: Fred Gagliardi, Sam Newton, Bill Morocco, James Moore, and Ralph Timparo. We almostforgot Lois Pearlman, she's third on the left. I9 1963-64 Only the educated are free-- EPICTETUS E IORS CIJXSSGDPV 1964 4 fc-J 'F A WW ' gf- : 115854 A Wi ,ffl - -t L f .6 KM, 4 f ' won 20 EARL FRANK ADAMS Ge ne ral Course5 Track 1,2535 Conservation Club 1, 2, 35 French Club 2,35 Latin Club 1,35 Projectionist 1,2,3. NICOLINA AGRESTI Academic Course5 Future Nurses 35 Home- makers Club 35 Junior Achievement 2,35 Latin Club 1,2,35 Math Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 35 A Cappella 1,2,35 Night Rider Staff 1,25 Retlector Staff 35 Prom Committee 25 Field Day 2,3. GERALDINE AIELLO Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Latin Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y 25Attendance Staff 35 Junior Aide 25 Home Room Rep- resentative 15 Prom Committee 25 Homecoming Attendant 15 Class Of- ficer 15 Homecoming Queen 3, CHARLES ALONGI Industrial Arts Course5 Varsity Football 2, 35 J.V. Football 15 Track 1,25 Intramurals 35 Conservation Club 35 Hi-Y 3. GEORGE ALTMAN General Course5 Latin Club 1, 2, 35 Pro- jectionist 1,2,3. ELEANOR ARNAL Commercial Course5 Intramurals 1,25 Commer- cial Club 35 Homemakers Club 35 Junior Achievement25 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 G.A.A. 25 Field Day 2,3. WILLIE BELLE AUSTIN Commer- cial Course5 Intramurals 1,2535 Com- mercial Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Field Day 2,3. MQW w JJLJ gwgaf .1 v--1' , jar Ci. fdzigi aaa, M 3332. WILLIAM JOHN BALACH Academic Course5 Intramurals 1,2,35 Hi-Y l,2,35 Honor Society 152,35 Latin Club 1,25 Home Room Representative 1,25 Steering Committee 35 Prom Committee 25 Homecoming Escort 35 Hi-Y Club President 35 Motto Committee 35 Auto Club 3. TIM BALLUCH General Course5 Conservation Club 2,3. CAROL LYNNE BANKS Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Latin Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Attendance Staff 35 Projectionist 1,2,35 Prom Committee 25 Night Rider Staff 15 Field Day 2,3. CARL A. BASIC Academic Course5 Track 1,2535 Intramurals 35 Conservation Club 35 Latin Club 1,2,35 Band 1, 2,35 Music Council 1,2535 Projectionist 1,2535 Auto Club 35 Night Rider Staff 3. JOSEPH J. BAYER Academic Course5J.V. Basketball 15 Track 35 Intramurals 1,2535 Conservation Club 35 Hi-Y Club 35 Honor Society 1,25 Latin Club 152,35 Auto Club 35 Intramural Bowling 2,3. RICHARD A. BENKA Academic Course5 Varsity Football 2,35 J. V. Football 15 Conservation Club 35 Latin Club 1, 2, 35 Meteorology Club 35 Band l,2,35 Chorus 1,2,35 ACappella1,2,35 Senior Steering Committee 35 Flower Committee 35 Auto Club 35 State Band 25 Key Club 3. MARGARET ANN BENNETT Academic Course5 French Club 1, 2, 35 Future Nurses Club 1,2535 Future Teachers Club 25 Homemakers Club 25 Junior Achievement 25 Math Club 35 Thespian Club 1,2535 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Auto Club 35 Junior Aide 25 Night Rider Staff 2,35 Thespian Club Historian 3. MARY CARMEN BIANCO Academic Course5 Intramurals 2,35 French Club 2,35 Future Nurses Club 152,35 Homemakers35 Latin Club 1, Chorus 152,35 ACappella1,2,35 Prom Committee 25 Field Day 2,35 Night Rider Staff 15 Treasurer of the Future Nurses Club 35 Vice-President of the Honorary French III Club 3. 21 SENIORS MQ' 6' Qgyaef WML EMM ...X M25 dfwfvjh, Umtali, Q. www fa 444631 Qykmem,-,,,L Helga WALLACE BITCHKO General Course3 Intramurals 13 Conservation Club 23 Junior Achievement 23 Latin Club 1. JERRY BOSTOCKY Academic Course3 Hi-Y 1,23 Key Club 33 Latin Club 1,2,3Q Thespian Club 1,2,33 Pro- jectionist 1,2,3Q Color Committee 33 Night Rider Staff 3. SUSAN BRALICH Academic Course3 French Club 2,33 Future Nurses Club 33 Future Teachers Club 2' Homemakers 33 Latin Club 13 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Home Room Representative 33 Steering Committee 33 Prom Com: mittee 23 French Club Cabinet 2,33 Night Rider Staff 13 Secretary of Future Nurses Club 3. CYNTHIA BRESTELLI Commercial COUFSSQ Intramurals 23 Commercial Club 33 Future Nurses Club 2,33 Honor Society 1,2,3Q Chorus 1,2,33 ACappel1a1,2,33Junior Aide 23 Field Day 2,3. MARIE BRIDGES General Course3 Intramurals 2,31 C.A.P. 23 French Club 2, 33 Future Nurses Club 23 Homemakers 23 Junior Achievement 23 Latin Club lg Meteorology Club 3: Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,33 Projectionist 1. CONSTANCE T. BRODIE Academic Course3 French Club 2,33 Future Nurses Club 1,2,3Q Latin Club lg Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Home Room Representative 23 Steering Committee 33 Prom Committee 23 Chairman of In- vitation Committee 3. CAROLE J. BUYNYAK Academic COUTSGQ Latin Club 1,2333 Office Assistant 33 Field Day 2,33 Night Rider Staff 1. ROSE MARIE CALLEJA Commercial Course3 Commercial Club 33 Homemakers 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Office Assistant 33 Attendance Staff 3. 22 JIMMY R. CAMPBELL Industrial Arts Course5 Varsity Football 35 Track 35 Intramurals 35 Field Day. RONALD P. CAPITOL Industrial Arts Course5 Varsity Football 2,35 Varsity Basketball 2,35 J .V. Basket- ball 15 J.V. Football 15 Track 1,2,35 Chorus 1, 25 ACappella 1,25 Theme Committee 35 ProJectionist 35 Prom Committee 3. ANTHONY CICCO Industrial Arts Course5 Intramurals 1,2,35 Conser- vation Club 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 2,35 Pro- jectionist l,2,3. FORREST L. CLAYTON General Course5 Intramurals 25 Conservation Club 35 Latin Club 15 Chorus 1,2,35 ACappella 1, 2, 35 Boys Quartet 2,35 Football Manager l,2,3. JUDITH ANN COLE Academic Course5 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Future Nurses Club 2,35 Homemakers Club 25 Latin Club 1, 2, 35 Math Club 35 Thespian Club 1,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Band 1,2,35 Chorus 1,2,35 ACappella 35 Majorette 1,2,35 Music Council 35 Secretary to Mr. Scanga 35 Thespian Club Historian 25 Assistant Head Majorette 35 Band Librarian 35 GAA 25 National Thespian Society5 Field Dayg Prom Committee 2. LINDA COSTAR Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Tri- Hi-Y25 Office Assistant 15 Chorus 1, 2,35 A Cappella 2,3. JANICE MARIE ANN CULINA Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 French Club 25 Latin Club 15 Office Assistant 3. HASCO DARDEN Industrial Arts Course5 Varsity Football 1, 2, 35 Track 1,2,35 Intramurals 1,2,35 Meteorology Club 3. GLORIA DECAPUA Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Tri- Hi-Y 2,35 Field Day 2,35 Office As- sistant 1,2,3 5 Homecoming Attendant 2. Q 1 5'7- - ., 1 I .,. N v as I 5-1-V ' "' 5. . 5355 15'!2-Q '15--.a ,p -:J 9--J QSM 3- faq with C4000 15:1 ?nA,uJC Qbffybif A a2.,,f.. MZ, wa aw QMLMU Af roam E IOR Dean, Z acc! Q map Aafwf a. Mama CQLMLQA - M ar .Ov 79,5 W, 24 LEO DOLATA General Course5 In- tramurals 1,2,3. JOHN DRABICK Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 3. CHERYL ANN R. DRESEL Com- mercial Course5 Commercial Club Treasurer 35 Homemakers 25 Tri- Hi-Y 2,35 GAA 1,2. ELAINE MARIE DUBY Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Meteor- ology Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Projec- tionist 1,35 Prom Committee 2. ROBERT A. DULEBA Academic Course5 Varsity Basketball 2,35 J.V. Football 1,25 French Club 2,35 Future Teachers Club 35 Key Club 1,2535 Latin Club 15 Auto Club 35 Home Room Representative 25 Projec- tionist 1, 2, 35 Prom Committee 25 Field Day 3. ANDREW FRANKLIN General Course. JOHN A. FRISCO Academic Course5 Intramurals 1,3 5 Conservation Club 35 Hi-Y Club 2,35 Latin Club 1. FRED GAGLIARDI Academic Course5 J . V. Basketball 15 Intra- murals 2,35 Hi-Y Club 1, 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 2, 35 Honor Society 1, 2, 35 Auto Club 35 Steering Committee 35 Prom Committee 25 Color Commit- tee 3. JOHN R. GASPAREC Academic Course5 Track 1,2,35 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 H1-Y Club 35 Latin club 1,2,3, Thespian Club 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Chorus 152,35 ACappelIa 1,2535 Music Councilg Boys Quartet 2,35 District Band 2, 35 State Band 2,35 Honors Band 2, 35 District Chorus 35 Mid- East U. S. High School Band 25 A Cappella Chorus President 35 Band Section Leader 35 Field Day 2,35 Pro- jectionist 1,35 Homecoming Escort 3. Ti, ffm im mm awamda 7711 4634.92 ZASLHJL5 .naw tyyzmfmwtfnf 25 . 'mama 'za 696.112 ,gaimaig JOHN ROGER GIROSKI Academic Course5 Varsity Football l,2,35 Track 1,25 Intramurals 1,2,35 Golf 1,2, 35 French Club 1,25 Future Teachers Club 35 Key Club 1,2,35 Math Club 15 Prom Committee 25 Sophomore, Junior and Senior Class President. MARCIA GLADYSZ Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Office Assistant 25 Field Day 2,3. ALEXANDER GLAVASEVIC Industrial Arts Course5 Chorus 1,25 A Cappella 1,2. MICHAEL GRACENIN Academic Course5 J. V. Basketball 15 French Club 1,25 Hi-Y 1,2,35 Hi-Y Officer 3, Homecoming Committee5 Night Rider Staff 2,35 Projectionist 2,35 Auto Club 3. HARTMUT W. GRAEF Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Office Assistant 35 Prom Committee 2. LINDA GRAHAM Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3. CARMELLA ANN GRANDE Commercial Course5 Intramurals 2,35 Commercial Club 35 Junior Achievement 25 Chorus 1,2,35 ACappella1,2,35 Night Rider Staff 15 Reflector Staff 35 Field Day 2,35 GAA 25 ACappella L1- brarian 25 Prom Committee 25 District Chorus Alternate 3. ROBERT WILLIAM GRAY Academic Course5 Conservation Club 35 Hi-Y 2,35 Latin Club 1,2,35 Thespian Club 35 Projectionist 1,25 Intramurals 1,2,35 Auto Club 3. 25 E IORS fx Ama fiazifgaia Www asm, owl, ,Zf,Z..g., affirm' 7A,mW-Q' ' ,vm MARY LOUISE GUTTA Academic Course5 Honor Society 2,35 Vice-President Honor Society 35 Latin Club 1,2,35 Math Club 2,35 Meteorology Club 35 Office Assistant 35 Band l,2,35 Chorus 15 ACappella 15 Music Coun- cil 2,35 Band Historian 35 Projectionist 152,35 Prom Committee 25 Senior Breakfast Committee 2. PATRICIA HAAS Commercial Course5 Intramurals 15 Commercial Club 35 Projectionist 15 Night Rider Staff 15 Field Day 2,3. PATRICIA ANN HALL Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Junior Aide 25 Library Staff 3. VERNA I. HAZLETT Academic Course5 French Club 2,35 Junior Achievement 25 Latin Club 15 Night Rider Staff 15 Senior Breakfast Committee 25 Projectionist 1. WILLIAM H. HIGGINS Academic Course5 Intramurals 35 Conservation Club 35 French Club35 Junior Achieve- ment2,35 Latin Club 1,2,35 Band 152,35 Chorus 2,35 ACappella Chorus 15 Projectionist 1,2,35 Prom Committee 25 Night Rider Staff 1,2,3. OTHA W. HILTON Industrial Arts Course5 Track 25 Intramurals 1,2,3. GLORIA MARIE HORNYAK Academic Course5 French Club 35 Future Nurses Club 1,25 Future Teachers Clubg Honor Society 2,35 Junior Achievement 25 Latin Club 1,25 Latin Club Secretary 1,25 Math Club 1,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Night Rider Staff 15 G.A.A. 1,25 Projectionist 2,3. LINDA JENNINGS Commercial Course5 Intramurals 2,35 Commercial Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Junior Aide 25 Guidance Office Assistant 1,2,35 Projectionist 15 Prom Committee 25 Reflector Staff 35 G.A.A. 152,35 Field Day 35 Secretary Scoop Reporter 3. 26 KAREN JOHNSON Academic Course5 Intramurals 2, 35 Future Teachers Club 2,35 Honor Society 2, 35 LatinC1ub l,2,35 Math Club 1,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Prom Committee 2. CAROLYN ANN JONES Commer- cial Course5 Intramurals 2,35Com- mercial Club 35 Future Nurses Club 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Band 1,2,35 A Cappella 1,2. DENNIS RILEY JONES Industrial Arts Course5 Auto Club 3. JUDY A. KAGLE Commercial Courseg Commercial Club 35 Tri- Hi-Y Club 2,3. MARY MARGARET KAHL Acade- mic Course5 Intramurals 2,35 French Club 1,2,35 Future Nurses Club 2,35 Future Teachers Club 35 Thespian Club 1,2,35 Auto Club 35 Chorus 1,2, 35 ACappella2,35 P. A. Announcer 1, 2, 35 Home Room Representative 25 Projectionist 1,25 Prom Committee 25 School Play 1,2,35 Reflector Staff 35 Field Day 2,3. KARLEEN YVONNE KAPEC Com- mercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 French Club 15 Homemakers 25 Tri- Hi-Y 2, 35 GAA 15 Reflector Staff 35 Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain 25 Co-editor of Secretary Scoop 35 Field Day 35 In- tramurals 2,3. MARY ANN ROSE KAPUSTA Com- mercial Course5 Intramurals 35 Commercial Club 35 Future Teachers 2,35 Thespian Club 1,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3 5 Junior Aide 25 Home Room Rep- resentative 1,35 Steering Committee 35 Projectionist 1,25 Prom Commit- tee 25 School Play 1,2,3. MARIANNE KECKES Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Tri-Hi- Y Club 2. JANE M. KELLY Academic Course5 French Club 1, 25 Homemakers 35 Honor Society 1,2,35 Math Club 1,2,35 Meteorology Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Junior Aide 25 Home Room Repre- sentative 25 Prom Committee 2. ,Qwm QW , ff 723, fffgygm ffgazwi 27 C2 . M0-2717 mud! l"N' W in fw- 'X I SE ICR Jfam-,J O 34.3 M7-'..,,,.z., xwaawt 28 SHARON KIMMY Academic Course 3 Intramurals 1,2,33 Future Teachers Club 2,33 Latin Club 1,2333 Math Club 1,2333 Meteorology Club 33 Tri-Hi- Y 2333 Band 1,2333 Chorus 1,2 33 A Cappella 1, 23 33 Projectionist l,2,33 Intramural Bowling 1,2,3Q Field Day 2,3. HENRY KLEIN Commercial Course3 Varsity Football 1, 2, 33 Track 132,33 Intramurals 1,2333 Com- mercial Club 33 Commercial Club President 33 Conservation Club 33 Key Club 132,33 Key Club Secretary 33 Meteorology Club 33 Auto Club 33 Night Rider Staff 13 Office Assistant 33 Prom Committee 2. DE L FINA M. KNOTT Academic Course3 Cheerleaders 13 F r e n c h Club 23 33 Homemakers 2333 Junior Achievement 23 Latin Club 13 Tri- Hi-Y 2,33 Home Room Representative 13 PromCommittee 23 Flower Com- mittee 3. ALBERT G. KOCIS Academic COUTSOQ Intramurals 13 Golf 132,33 Conservation Club 132,33 Latin Club 1,2333 MathClub 1,2333 Chorus 1,2333 A Cappella 1,2333 Projectionist 132,33 Conservation ClubSecretary 23 Con- servation Club President 3. ROBERT PAUL KOCIS Industrial Arts Course3 Track 23 Intramurals 1,33 Golf 3. CAROL MARIE KOSHAR Academic Course3 Future Nurses Club 1,2,33 Homemakers Club 33 Junior Achieve- ment2,33 Latin Club 1,2333 Math Club 33 Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Chorus 13 ACappella 2,33 G.A.A. 13 Tri-Hi-Y Historian 2, 33 Reflector Staff 3. DOROTHY KRAJCOVIC Commer- cial Course3 Commercial Club 33 Homemakers 23 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Office Assistant 1,23 Prom Committee 23 Reflector Staff 33 G.A.A. 1. ROBERT JOHN KUDELKO Acade- mic Course3 Varsity Basketball 2,33 J.V. Basketball 13 Conservation Club 132333 Honor Society 1,2333 Key Club 13 23 33 Latin Club 132,33 Band 1323 Home Room Representative 1,23 Pro- jectionist 13 23 Prom Committee 23 Auto Club 33 Band Vice President 23 Color Committee 33 Night Rider Staff 3. ILONA MARIA KUHARIK Commer- cial Course3 Intramurals 1,2,33 Com- mercial Club 33 Future Nurses 2,33 ACappella 1,2333 Prom Committee 23 G.A.A.3 Field Day 2, 3, Reflector Sales Staff. 415 ' W Gm ...Mau C. ?Z O a,NfaJ iiaie 5? 'UW I ol Janie Wfce Jamwl A -20-JUQQ M, ill? fwggff MARY JANE LAMBROS Commercial Course5 Intramurals 2, 35 Commercial Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Office Assistant 25 Home Room Representative 15 Reflector Staff seller 35 Vice-President of Commercial Club 3. PAUL ALLAN LAMPKINS Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Meteorology Club 35 Field 253. JOSEPH C. LANDA Industrial Arts Course5 Varsity Football 1,2535 J.V. Basketball 15 Track 2,35 Conser- vation Club 3. JOHN LATSKO Academic Course5 Varsity Football, 2,35 J.V. Football 15 Track l5 Intramurals 1,2,35 Golf Club 1, 2, 35 Conservation Club 35 French Club 1,2535 Math Club 152,35 Meteorology Club 35 Night Rider 35 Theme Committee 35 Hi-Y 3. JOE LEAVENS Industrial Arts Course5 Varsity Football 35 Track 35 Intramurals 35 Conservation Club 3. IDA MAE LEE General Course5 Library Staff 1,2,3. WILLIAM H. LEE Industrial Arts Course5Varsity Basketball 2,35 J.V. Basketball 15 Track 25 Conservation Club 35 Prom Committee 2. FRANCIS A. LENGYEL General Course5 Varsity Football 2,35 J.V. Football 1,25 Track 1,2535 Intramurals 152,35 Conservation Club 1,2535 Future Teachers Club 35 Hi-Y Club Secretary 35 Key Club 1,25 Home Room Representative 25 Library Staff 2,35 Prom Committee 25 Field Day 2,35 Night Rider Staff 2. 29 E IOR Kant WQJU 77,-J-5 'PJJUQY 5426 K v RANGE CJ. C A MICHAEL A. LUCHEY Commercial Course5 Intramurals 1,2535 Golf Club 35 Commercial Club 35 Meteorol- ogy Club 35 Office Assistant 35 Bowling 1,2,35 Bowling Secretary 2,35 Night Rider Staff 1. JOSEPH LUCICH Industrial Arts Course5 Conservation Club 3. TERRENCE M. MACK Industrial Arts Course5 J.V. Football5 Intramurals 152,35 Conservation Club 152,35 Hi-Y Club 35 Key Club 3. WILLIAM J. MACKALY Academic Course5 Intramurals 15 Conservation Club 35 Honor Society 152,35 Latin Club 1,2,35 Math Club 2,35 Meteorology Club 35 Thespian Club 1,2535 Band 1,2535 Chorus 152,35 ACappella1, 2,35 Music Council 35 Projectionist 15 Delegate United Nations Assembly Gannon College 1,2,35 Delegate Saiety Convention Slippery Rock State College5 District Band 3. JUDITH ANNE MADURA Academic Course5 Honor Society 2,35 Math Club 1,2535 Meteorology Club 3. WILLIAM TERRANCE MALATESTA General Course5 Varsity Football 15 Track 15 Intramurals 1,25 Con- servation Club 1,2,35 Hi-Y Club 1,25 Junior Achievement 25 Projectionist 1,2,35 Prom Committee 2. ROBERT THOMAS MARIN Academic Course5 Varsity Basketball 2,35 J.V. Basketball 15 Track 35 Intra- murals 15 ConservationClub 1,35 Electronics Club 35 French Club 1,2,35 Hi-Y Club 1,2535 Meteorology Club 35 Projectionist 2,35 Prom Committee 2. CATHERINE MARTIN Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Library Staff 3. 30 MARLENE L. MARTIN General Course5 French Club 1, 25 Future Nurses Club 25 Future Teachers Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Office Assistant 1. ERIC RICHARD MASCHGAN Acad- emic Course5 Track 1,35 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Bowling 1,2,35 Conservation Club 2,35 French Club 1,25 Key Club 1, 2, 35 Meteorology Club 35 Pro- jectionist 2,35 News Editor of Night Rider Staff 35 Motor Club 3. HARRY MASON Industrial Arts Course 5 Intramurals 15 Conservation Club 35 Meteorology Club 3. CHARLENE H E L E NE MASTRAIN Academic Course5 French Club 2,35 Future Teachers Club 35 Junior Achievement 2,35 Latin Club 15 Me- teorology Club 35 Senior Breakfast Committee 2. SAMUEL MASTRAIN Academic Course5 Varsity Football 1, 2, 35 Track 25 Intramurals 1,2535 Conser- vation Club 35 Key Club 1,2535 Latin Club 1,2,35 Meteorology Club 35 Pro- jectionist 3. RICHARD F. MATARUSKI Acade- mic Course5 Projectionist 1, 2, 35 Night Rider Staff 2. MOMCILO MATIJEVICH Academic Course5 Intramurals 1,2535 French Club 1,2,35 Hi-Y Club 15 Prom Com- mittee 2. MICHAEL N. MATUSICK General Course5 Track 15 Intramurals 1,35 Conservation Club 1,2,35 French Club 152,35 Key Club 2,35 Latin Club 2,35 Band l,2,35 Music Council 35 Pro- jectionist 35 Prom Committee 25 Flower Committee 35 Band Officer 35 Night Rider Staff 2. ANDREW R. MAY, JR. Industrial Arts Course5 Conservation Club 1, 2,35Junior Achievement 1,2,35 Prom- Committee 2 . c'2:94..4...-4. Bafrrwzfg ' Wlmifmw w.a,,-..,..1- ' ffaaggy WMM WZ' E IOR WWC ,afmmg 7771,a,o,w-iw. ext 43 .5333 'Fx lm ' 1- ' 'Y af f vflwfma 72543 3. WH: QFLDLL, 4,,w4,,,, 02444 WA!! -W 2'K W WZQZ?-A C7 Www 32 ROBERT A. MAY Industrial Arts Courseg Conservation Club 3. JEANNETTE ELIZABETH MCCRAE Commercial Club 33 Intramurals 33 G.A.A. 3. MAUREEN MESSETT Commercial Course3 French Club 2, 33 Junior Achievement 33 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,33 Office Assistant 1,23 Chorus li Junior Aide 23 Night Rider Staffg Commer- cial Club 3. JAMES C. MESSINA, JR. Academic Course3 French Club 2,33 Auto Club 33 Bowling 1,2333 Field Day 233. ANDREW MARK MILLER Acade- mic Course3 J.V. Basketball 1,23 J. V. Football 23 Conservation Club 3g Key Club 2,33 Latin Club 1,2333 Math Club 1,2,3Q Meteorology Club 3. KENNETH MILLER Industrial Arts Course3 Band 1,2,3. THOMAS B. MILLER Academic Course3 Hi-Y Club 2,33 Latin Club 1, 23 Band 1,2333 Chorus 1,2,3Q A Cap- pella 1,2, 3g Music Council 33 Boys' Quartet 2. MICHAEL G. MONDICH General Courseg Varsity Basketball 2,33 J.V. Football 13 Conservation Club 3g French Club 3. JAMES C. MOORE Industrial Arts Courseg Track 2, 33 Intramurals 23 Steering Committee 33 Prom Com- mittee 2. 'Y' , ., fr-2-f 5' Sf 77 0 EDWARD J. MORGAN Academic Course, Track 1, Intramurals 1,3, Latin Club 1,2,3, Math Club 2,3, Motor Club 3. JAMES V. MOROCCO Industrial Arts Course, J.V. Basketball 1, Track 1,2, Intramurals 1,3, Intramural Bowling 1,2,3, Field Day 2,3. WILLIAM ANTHONY MOROCCO Academic Course, J.V. Basketball 1, Intramurals 1,2,3, French Club 1,2, 3, Future Teachers Club 2, Key Club 1,2,3, Vice President of Key Club 3, Chorus 3, ACappella3,Steering Committee 3. MARIE LUISE MUDRINICH Academic Course, French Club 1,2, Honor Society 2,3, Math Club 2,3, Meteor- ology Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Chorus 1, Field Day 2. GAYLE M. MYERS Academic Course, French Club 2,3, Future Teachers 3, Latin Club 1, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Chorus 1,2,3, A.Cappella 1,2,3g Majorette 1,2,3, Head Majorette 3, Music Council 2,3, Girls Trio 3, Home Room Rep- resentative 1, 2, Projectionist 1, Prom Committee 2, Homecoming Attendant 3, Class Officer 2, ACappella Secretary 3, French Club President 3. CAROL ANN NAWROCKI Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, French Club 1, Homemakers Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,3, Attendance Staff 3, Junior Aide 2. ROBERT NEWBY Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, French Club 2. SAMUEL L. NEWTON Academic Course, Varsity Football 1,2,3, J.V. Basketball 1, Intramurals 2,3, Var- sity Golf 1, 2, 3, Honor Society 1,2,3, Key Club 1,2,3, Latin Club 1,2,3, Math Club 1, Meteorology Club 3, Motor Club 3, P. A. Announcer 2,3, Home Room Representative 1,2, Steering Committee 3, Prom Committee 2, Class Officer 1,2,3, Delegate U. N. Assembly Gannon College 1,2,3. .53 E IORS 5, A.. 3- ef1...,e 67' 4441, qrmu ZZQML fund UYUQAJ Olqgf ROBERT NICKLOW General Course5 Conservation Club 35 Library Staff 35 Intramural Basketball 15253. WALTER J. NOGAY Academic Course5 Varsity Football 2,35 J.V. Football 15 Track 15 Intramurals 1,2,35 Conservation Club 35 Key Club 1,2,35 Latin Club 1,2,35 Prom Committee 25 Motto Committee 35 Key Club Officer 2,35 Field Day 2. WILLIAM NORMAN Academic Course5 J.V. Basketball 1,25 Track 2,35 Intramurals 2,35 French Club 1,25 Future Teachers Club l,2,35 Hi-Y Club 35 Math Club 1,2,35 Field Day 2. JUDY NOVOSEL Commercial Course5 Intramurals 2, 35 Commercial Club 35 French Club 1,25 Future Teachers Club 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,3. FRANK NOVOTNY General Course5 Ambridge High School 1,25 Projectionist 3. MARY ALICE O'BRIEN Academic Course5 French Club 2,35 Future Teachers 2,35 Honor Society Club 2,35 Latin Club 15 Math Club 1,2,35 Thespian Club 1,2,35 Office Assistant 35 ACappella1,2,35 Junior Aide 25 Home Room Representative 35 Prom Committee 25 Night Rider Staff 1,2,35 Secretary Thespian Club 3. MARTHA JANE ORIS Commercial Course5 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Commercial Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Attendance Staff 35 Junior Aide 25 Girls Athletic Club5 Field Day5 Reflector Staff 3. FRANK S. O'STAFY Industrial Artsg Varsity Football 1,2,35 Track 1,2,35 Conservation Club l,2,35 Vice- President of Conservation Club 3. 34 MARY ANN PACILEO Academic Course5 French Club 1,2,35 Future Teachers Club 2,35 Math Club 2,35 Night Rider Staff 15 Reflector Staff 35 Invitation Committee 35 Secretary of French Club 35 Senior Breakfast Committee 2. JAMES RALPH PACILLO Com- mercial Course5 Commercial Club 1, Hi-Y Club 1,25 Junior Achievement 1, 25 A Cappella 1,2,35 Night Rider Staff- Art Editor 1,25 Photographer-Night Rider5 Reflector Staff-Photographer. EUGENE C. PACSI Academic Course5 Intramurals 1,2,35 Conser- vation Club 1,2,35 French Club 1,2,35 Hi-Y Club 2,35 Junior Achievement 2,3. ROBERT ALAN PACSI Academic Course5 Intramurals'1,2,35 Golf 1,2, 35 Conservation Club 25 French Club 1,2,35 Future Teachers Club 25 Key Club 2, 35 Meteorology 35 Steering Committee 35 Prom Committee 25 Auto Club 35 Night Rider Staff 25 Field Day 2,3. ALFRED PALERMO Industrial Arts Course5 Intramurals 1,25 Con- servation Club 35 Junior Achievement 15 Projectionist 1,2. MARY SANDRA PALKO Academic Course5 Cheerleaders 1,2,35 Intra- murals 25 C.A.P. Club 25 French Club 1,2,35 Future Teachers 2,35 Honor Society Club 1, 2, 35 Junior Achievement 25 Math Club 15 Thes- pian Club 1, 2,35 Chorus 1,2,35 A Cappella 1,2,35 P.A. Announcer 1,2535 Home Room Representative 1, 25 Prom Committee 25 Night Rider Staff 1,2,3. CHERYL L. PARSONS Academic Course5 French Club 1, 25 Future Teachers 2,35 Junior Achievement 25 Thespian 35 Tri-Hi-Y Club 1,25 Cho- rus 1,2,35 A Cappella 1,2,35 Theme Committee 35 Bowling Team 15 G.A. A. 15 Cabinet Member of Jr. Tri- Hi-Y Club 25 Field Day 2,3. LUCILLE ANN PATRIZI Academic Course5 French Club 1,25 Future Teachers 15 Latin Club 15 Chorus 1, 25 Prom Committee 25 Night Rider Staff 1. MARY ANN PAVLIK Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 25 Home- makers Club 2,35 Latin Club 15 Tri- Hi-Y 35 Office Assistant 35 Junior Aide 25 Library Staff 2,35 Night Rider Staff 1. 7Q1fca50J ffilafa 164443 0571! Zvufrw 35 . I k'QaSeJuv-'O' M644 Zia .ff 495' 5 If 725.23 'db fizif. -T-.""2 333222355 SE IGRS R 420122 Q QJMM 606,-ME . JT Voccfmoflax .,2I..cc.L.. fffafil-17,2 gas., 'Un 'U ' . 36 STEPHEN PAVLIK Academic Course5 Intramurals 1, 25 Conser- vation Club 15 Junior Achievement 25 Latin Club 1,2. LOIS ILENE PEARLMAN Acade- mic Course5 Cheerleaders Capt. 1, Capt. 3, 1, 2, 35 C.A.P. 25 Future Teachers Club 2, 35 President 35 Honor Society Club 2,35 Secretary 3, Junior Achievement 25 Latin Club 1, 2,35 Math Club 152,35 Secretary 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2, 35 President 2,35 Junior Aide 25 Steering Committee 25 Prom Committee 25 Night Rider Staff 1,2,35 Society Editor 25 Theme Com- mittee-chairman 3. JOHN T. PENOLA Industrial Arts5 Intramurals 25 Conservation Club 3. RACHEL G. M. PEPE Commercial Course5 Intramurals 25 Commercial Club 35 Homemakers Club 15 Mete- orology Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Office Assistant 15 Library Staff 15 Prom Committee 25 Reflector Staff 35 G.A.A. 25 Field Day 3,25 Homecoming Committee 35 Secretary Scoop Re- porter. EDWARD J. PERDIAN General Course5J.V. Football 15 Track 1,2,35 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 French Club 15 Night Rider Staff 1,2,3, Field Day 2, 3. FRANCIS EDWARD PLATTEBORZE Industrial Arts Course5 Varsity Football 1,2,35 J.V. Basketball 1,25 Track 1,2 5 Invitation Committee 3. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH POPA- DAK Commercial Course-5 Com- mercial Club 35 Chorus 1, 2, 35 A CappellaChorus 1,2535 Prom Com- mittee 2. ROSERIA PUGLIESE Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Home- makers Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Band 1,2,35 Chorus 1,2,35ACappella Chorus 1,2,35 Music Council 1,2 35 Girls Trio 1,2,35 Band President 35 District Chorus 1,2,35 State Chorus 15 Band Head Librarian 25 Chorus Treasurer 25 Honor's Chorus 25 Night Rider Staff 15 Senior Class Breakfast 2. DENNIS G. RAGAN Academic Courseg Track 1,25 Intramurals 1,2, 35 French Club 1,25 Prom Commit- tee 2. 'F W? if 2' Jjawu, mow? moe, ,Q ' Qfsww sit- 5 '53 tl alma Ama 3 mix! .fr MARILYN REAVES General Course5 C.A.P. 2 2,35 Junior Achievement 25 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Projectionist 2. 5French Club 1,25 Future Nurses Club 1,25 Homemakers Club THOMAS J. REDA Academic Courseg Track 2,35 Conservation Club 35 French Club 1,2,3. ALEXIS REGINA ROBINSON General Courseg Tri-Hi-Y 35 Junior Aide 25 Junior Tri-Hi-Y 2. LESTER ROBINSON General Course5 Varsity Football 1,2,35 J.V. Football 1,25 Track 1,2,35 Chorus 1,2,35 Projectionist5 Prom Committeeg Field Day 2,35 Motor Club 3. RICHARD ANTHONY ROCOCI Academic Course5 Intramurals 2, 35 Conservation 1,2,35 Latin Club 1,2,35 Meteorology Club 35 Night Rider Staff Sports Editor 2,35 Conservation Club Historian. PAMELA RONGO Academic Course5 Cheerleaders 15 French Club 2,35 Homemakers Club 35 Latin Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y Club3g Home Room Representative l 2' Steering Committee 1 2 3' Prom Comm'ttee 2 H ' , , , , , 1 5 omecoming Attendant 35 Class Officer 2. MIKE ROSENBERG Academic Course5 Conservation Club 35 French Club 2,35 Latin Club 1,2,35 Math Club 1,2,35 Meteorology 35 Thespian l,2,35 Projectionist 1,2,35 Auto Club 35 Bowling l,2,3. JOHN F. RO SSI Academic Courseg J.V. Basketball 1,25 J.V. Football 15 Intramurals 35 Conservation Club 35 Key Club 1,2,35 Meteorology Club 35 Home Room Representative 1,25 Field Day 2,35 Motor Club 3. 37 E IGRS MAA W k D am lid! i Twp -I-T9 ' JMW ,J '2A Juju WADE NORMAN ROTH Academic Courseg Intramurals 15 French Club l,2,35 Hi-Y Club 2,35 Field Day 3. WILLIAM J. ROTH Industrial Arts Course5 Intramurals5 Electronics Club 35 Band 35 Prom Committee 25 Sound Crew 2. NICHOLAS A. ROZZI Academic Course5 Intramurals 15 Conservation Club 2,35 Future Teachers Club 1,25 Junior Achievement 25 Key Club l,2,35 Latin Club 1,2535 Band 152,35 Music Council 1,2,35 Projectionist 152, 35 Homecoming Escort 35 Senior Invitation Committee 3. RICHARD N. RUBY General Course5 Conservation Club 15253. JUANITA L. SAMUELS Academic Course5 Intramurals 2,35 French Club 152,35 Future Nurses Club 2,35 Homemakers Club 25 Math Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Chorus 15 Field Day Activities 2,35 Constitution Com- mittee of French Club 25 Co-Chairman of French Club 3. ROBERTA SUE SANFORD CommercialCourse5 Intramurals 25 Commercial Club 35 French Club 1,25 Tri- Hi-Y Club 2,35 Field Day 3. ANGELINE SANTELL CommercialCourse5 Intramurals 25 Commercial Club 35 Homemakers 35 Latin Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y Club 35 Prom Committee 25 Color Committee 35 Reflector Staff 35 Field Day 3. SAMUEL W. SCALES Industrial Arts Course. 38 BEVERLY J. SCHELL Commercial Clubg Commercial Club 35 Home- makers Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2. RONALD LESLIE SCHIMP Indus- trial Artsg Intramurals 1,2535 Con- servation Club 1,2,3. CARMEN B. SCHUVILLE General Courseg J. V. Basketball 15 Intra- murals 1,2,35 Conservation Club 1,2, 35 French Club 2,35 Key Club 15 Latin Club 15 Home Room Representative 25 Prom Committee 25 Homecoming Es- cort 15 Night Rider Staff 1,2,35 Night Rider News Editor 2. ROBERTA SCHMEISSER Commer- cial Course5 Commercial Club 3. JAMES SC HULLER Academic Course5 Intramurals l,2,35 Conser- vation Club 35 Latin Club 1,25 Math Club 1,2,35 Meteorology 35 Thespian Club 2,3. AL SCOCCIA Commercial Courseg Commercial Club 3. JAMES L. SELLERS Industrial Arts Courseg Track 1, 2, 35 Intra- murals 1,2,35 Motor Club 3. ANTHONY SEVERDIA Academic Course5 Honor Society Club 1,2535 Latin Club 1, 2, 35 Math Club 1,2535 Meteorology 35 Motto Committee 3. FRANCIS JOHN SHEBECK Indus- trial Arts Courseg Conservation 1, 2,35 Bowling 1,2,3. 315 Wmall afwwyt XZ nf" 'N Qs ff,A,Zf yfaa.. " .J L JAM S? . --sf.-93 S- 3.5 .vys limi. ' 9-14 . QMJVZLM Jiwwliab 5Ji.Lw!a 39 E ICR ta fffufff F., . ,cffcdla Java! ON QM-. iii 0A.,J.,.f awww J, Z ., fduuiai Q WAYNE SIDES Commercial Course. MARY LOUISE SIMMONS Com- mercial Courseg Commercial Clubg French Clubg Homemakers Clubg Field Day 1,2. FRANK JOHN SINOPOLI Industrial Arts Course3 Varsity Football 13 Varsity Basketball 1,2,3Q J.V. Bas- ketball 1,23J.V. Football 13 Track 1, 23 Band 1. BONNIE SKIBO Commercial Course3 Intramurals 23 Commercial Club33 Homemakers33 Latin Club 13 Library Staff 23 1963 Senior Break- fast Committee 2. JOSEPH PATRICK SMEGAL In- dustrial Arts COUFSSQ Band 1,2. FAYE MARCIA STAHL Academic Course3C.A.P.23 Homemakers Club 33 Junior Achievement 23 Latin Club 1,2333 Math Club 1,2, Tri-Hi-Y Club 2, 33 Junior Aide 23 Vice-President of Tri-Hi-Y C1ub33 Night Rider Staff 1, 2, 33 Associate Editor of Night Rider staff 33 Field Day 2,3. CHARLES F. STANEK Academic COUFSGQ J.V. Basketball 13 Track lg Intramurals 1,2,33 French Club 1,23 33 Prom Committee 2. DENNIS J . STEFANISH Industrial Course3 Intramurals 1,2,3Q Conser- vation Club 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y Club 233, Junior Achievement2,33 Prom Com- mittee 23 Motor Club 3. LAUREL STINEDURF Commercial Courseg Commercial Club 3. 40 1 ewes TMJM JME7 if-Tires-X, -:5Lnu.3A. ef fwfr, Jwza. GERALDINE SVEDA Commercial Course5 C.A.P. 25 Commercial Club 35 Future Teachers Club 35 Honor Society Club 152,35 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Office Assistant to Mr. Morocco 2,35 Motto Committee 35 Reflector Staff 35 Editor of the Secretary Scoop 35 Latin Club 2. DAVID EUGENE SYLVESTER General Course5 Varsity Football 2,35 J.V. Football 1, Intramurals 35 Con- versation Club 35 French Club 1,2,35 Future Teachers Club 35 Key Club 253. MICHAELENE ANNE TAMBER Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Junior Achievement 25 Thespian Club 1,2535 Tri-Hi-Y 2. DIANA LYNN TARLEY Academic Course5 C.A.P. 25 Future Teachers 35 Honor Society 1,2535 Latin Club 1, 2, 35 Math Club 1, 2, 35 Meteorology Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Office Assistant 35 Chorus 15 Editor-in chief of Farrell Night Rider 35 Senior Breakfast Committee5 Executive Committee of Motor Club 35 Treasurer of Honor Society 35 Treasurer Math Club 2. DELORES TATUSKO Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 Homemakers Club 3. JUDY ROSE TAYLOR Commercial Course5 Commercial Club35 Night Rider Staff 15 Senior Breakfast Com- mittee 2. ROBERT TAYLOR lndustrial Arts Course5 Conservation Club 1,2,3. MARIE B. TESTA Academic Course5 Intramurals25 Future Nurses Club 35 Future Teachers Club 35 Junior Achievement 25 Latin Club 1,2,35 Math Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Band 152,35 Music Council 3. 4l E IORS wr" Jfzwf ffl-'MJ . ."'. fig ix . k .I if sa ' 0 5 KQWWM 4 QW' ANDREW R. THOMAS Academic Course5 Track 2, 35 Intramurals 1,25 Conservation C Latin Club 1,2,35 Motor Club 35 Band 1,2,35 Chorus 1,2,35ACappella 1,2,35 P. A. Announ 1,2,3. SUSAN THOMAS Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 35 French Club 15 Homemake 2,35 Junior Aide 25 Prom Committee 2. ELLA THOMPSON Commercial Course5 Intramurals l,2,35 Commercial Club 35 Home Hi-Y 2,35 Field Day 2,35 Band 15253. JOSEPH R. TIMKO Industrial Arts Course5 Conservation Club 2,35 Meteorology Club RALPH J. TIMPARO Academic Course5 Varsity Football 2 3 J.V Football 1' Track lub 35 Hi-Y Club 35 cer 35 Projectionist rs Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y makers Club 35 Tri- 3. 2 3 Intramurals 1 . . 1 . 2,35 Conservation Club 1,2,35 Hi-Y Club 2,35 Library Staff 35, Projectionist Future Teaciieifs' 35 French Club 1,25 Home Representative 35 Steering Committee 35 Prom Committee 25 Reflector Staff. CHARLES A. TUCCI General Course5 Varsity Football 1,2,35 Conservation Club 1,2,3 JEANNE LOUISE ULICA Academic Course5 Junior Achievement 25 Latin Club l,2,3 Chorus 1,2,35ACappella Chorus 1,2,35 Girls Trio 1,2,35 P. A. Announcer 15 Home Room Prom Committee 25 Accompanist for Chorus 2,35 District Chorus 1,25 State Chorus 2. CHARLENE R, VERMEIRE Commercial Courseg Intramurals25 Commercial Club 35 F Achievement 25 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,3. 42 . 5 Thespian Club 1, 35 Representative 1,25 rench Club 15 Junior BERTIEL WARD Academic Course, Intramurals 2,3, French Club 1,2,3, Homemakers Club 2, Math Club 2,3, Meteorology Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,35 Field Day 2,3. ALBERTA WAYNE Academic Course, Intramurals 1, 2, French Club 1,2,3, Future Nurses 2, Junior Achievement 2, Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, A Cappella Chorus 2, Field Day 2,3, French Club Steering Committee 3, French Club Constitution Committee 3. STERLING B. WEBB Industrial Course, Varsity Football 2, Varsity Football 2, Varsity Basketball 2,3, Track 1,2,3, Color Committee. GARY RONALD WEISS Academic Course, Intramurals l,2,3, Golf Team 1,2,3, Latin Club 1,2,3, Thes- pian Club 3, P. A. Announcer 2,3, Steering Committee 1, 2, Projec- tionist 1, 2, 3, Prom Committee 2, Bowling 1, 2, Theme Committee 3, Auto Club 3. DARLA JEAN WILLIAMS Com- mercial Course, Cheerleaders 1, Commercial Club 3, French Club 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,3, Office Assist- ant 3, Chorus 1, Prom Committee 2. MARSH LYNN WOOD Ac a cl e m i c Course, Future Nurses Club 3. GLORIA WRIGHT Commercial Course, Intramurals 2, Commercial Club 3, Junior Achievement 2, Tri- Hi-Y Club 2, 3, Projectionist 1, 2, Field Day 3, Captain of Volley Ball Team 2, G.A.A. Club 1. GEORGE W. YANKOVICH General Course, Intramurals 2, French Club 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, Projectionist 1, Intramural Golf 1,2, 3, Motor Club 3. K.ATHRYN Y E V C H A K Academic Course, Intramurals 2, Homemakers 3, Junior Achievement 2, Latin Club 1,2,3, Chorus 1,2,3, ACappella 1,2,3, Reflector Staff 3. 1, I fb ,yay e 252 4,2226 Mem , Y . ww Arr Jima 9 Y 43 CDQIDA, , . C L27 sz -, -- If .43 f ' Q ttflff 1 Q " ,tiff K I w if -fgg , .L ' 'I , 'QW -Lf UJLLQQ -may ffmf. K'-SSN, exhaust THOMAS E. ZAGER Industrial Arts Courseg Intra- murals 1,2,3g Conservation Club 1,2,3g Hi-Y Club 1, 2,33 Junior Achievement 2,33 Math Club 2,3g Thespian Club 2,3. ELEANOR ZAPPA Academic Courseg Cheerleader 1,2,35 Future Nurses Club 1,2,35 Homemakers Club 35 Junior Achievement 2g Latin Club 1,2,3g Chorus 1,25 Steering Committee 35 Girls Athletic Club 1,2. Bill and Geri, a regal couple. K I - - :L'l2Tz.fa31is-fir m' P1 ' A' -1 ' " ,p wrwsfzg ' ,.., ' .Lf ' ' - -- ff 'KT 'H ' , W ,, , . an W " fv , Q, gb ,g -' Mud, ' V' W cj di H 1 tw , V55 Q f 4, Ni :. fam ' T' W ' Wy 4 f 'gm 7 R A E rf? 1 R V jj 4 if x fe i 5 ' 4 A 1 A 2 M5 Q I K 1 S ?v"igg.'fW F? K vf ii 'M , 'eb , 1 sv gal 1 may iz Q , , 6 E xii :ge V wk" J 'HA W A ' og 'y"wL,'Q EM K Ai 1' ' mx Y fb .. A 5 V 'wigs' my Q - G MSM? ME, Q x 3125? 6 s ,f 5 5 F' 5? V 5 A 95 5 I if 4' y " 5 K H A: QL 3 'K Q9 vf, A+ QW ' I X ki g, , THE QUEEN AND HER COURT LEFT TO RIGHTQ Gayle Myers, Senior At- tendantg Joan Perry, Sophomore Attendantg GeriAie11o, Queeng Mary Chirila, Junior At- tendantg Pamela Rongo, Senior Attendant. John R. Giroski doing the honors. 'EEF ' Y' jgjfjia, ifaar iu?Ql1Q5f,,f 3 N 851. ' ,.v' I .L I A ..y, , Q A N . ' Q xfx f T W .Q I-9 1 4 s A . I ' PR V iv ,ZW N . ' X V ' 1v' 1 . WK! 1 A NE, 0. X, , -K A , SX -,4 xxx 1 Avi ' 0 The Granch march to the band shell fa 5 wa W 25" - li Q , , 5, q,w', ., 'W We M, 6 W A 3 fx wg , ki ,Q -rn' fp, Q A y 4 ,gash wiv? I AM A 'C .. V F Q -0- 'Y W . 21:2 DEP q " sfvfsefi: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I J" lift my lamp beside the golden door!" JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ...... . .......... Gene Rossi Vice President . . . . . . Steve Mirizio Secretary .... . . . Kathy Sujka I, J JUNIOR HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES FIRST ROW Susan Hoyney, Kathy Curcio, Beverly Musone, Kathy Sujka. SECOND ROW Larry O'Kresik, Bill Matsko, James Scharville. THIRD ROW Candise Campagne, Damin Gracenin, Kathy Koshan, James Alcaro. 48 LASSME 'iiiz A "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ............... Will Samuels Vice-President . . . . . Louie Monico Secretary ..... . . . Kathy Mack V,,v'v,l U' ,f SOPHOMORE HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES FIRST ROW Mark Stofan, Sam Perry, Beverly Boatner, Delores Dyll, Fern Simon, Kathy Mack, Lou Monaco. SECOND ROW Dave Kudelko, Ronnie Gurrera, Stanley Brysh, Mary Rose Marks, Joan Nathan. 49 JU ROOM 9 FIRST ROW, Kathy Curcio, Gloria Clarke, Nancy Carlos, Janice Bindas, Denise Alcaro, Josephine Carnelius, Christine Ash, Bernice Bridges, Yvonne Balach, Margaret Banjack. SECOND ROW, Carol Allen, Judith Adams, Sherri Carnino, Margaret Daugherty, Louisa Chiccarino, Vernon Carr, Gary Banks, Jean Bowser, Mary Chirila. THIRD ROW, Pearl Askernese, Donald Bandzak, Madison Barlow, Richard Cannone, James Barone, Irvin Camp- man, Richard Caszatt, Gwendolyn Campbell, Levio Balderelli, Gary Budanka. FOURTH ROW, Dennis Ciccarone, John Crosby, James Alcaro. ROOM lO FIRST ROW, JoAnn Grande, Janic e Dyko, Severina Dionisio, Susan Hoyney, Mary Ann Esposito, C onstance Farley, Marie Grace, Virginia Jones, Emma Fischer, John Geisel. SECOND ROW, Sandra Foster, Martha Zipay, Barbara Hammond, Velma Philips, JoAnn Gagich, Joseph Dorogy, Rudy Fischer, Patrick Gunsley, Louis Falconi. THIRD ROW, Dave Galicia, Robert Grande, Richard Funelli, An- thony Dekanich, James Freeble, Walter Haniak, James Johnson, James Fritzinger, Homer Dahinger, Henry Glady. FOURTH ROW, Clarence Evans, Damun Gracenin, Gregory Jackson, Robert Kahl. ROOM 121 FIRST ROW, Connie Deflin, Connie Scar- borough, Bernadette Lisicio, Judy Butala, Candie Campagna, Gerald Steklachick, Henry Russo,Judy Savach, Sherry Gardner. SECOND ROW, Anthony Perfilio, Frank Madura, John Lyden, Linda Roach, Richard Harakal, Dana Esmond, Robert DuMaire, Tommy Latsko. THIRD ROW, Keith Farmmartino, Joe Vullo, William Struck, Richard Repas, Richard Gregory, Gary Vernille, John Miller, Mathew Miller, Denis Short. FOURTH ROW, Bob Kapusta. DRS ROOM 213 'IRST ROW, Edna Koser, Letitia Marks, Jane .evice, Patricia Mohonovich, Charles Lauder- ian, Michael Kelecseny, Donna Lombardo, Iathy Koshan, Geri Machuga. SECOND ROW, .awrence Lengyel, John Kubyako, Barbara lrlin, Tom Koab, Yvonne McNeal, Joan Kurpe, 'irginia Kapusta, Mary Ann Lolla. THIRD LOW, Thomas Macchia, James Meizlik, William atsko, David Kerr, William Machuga, Richard aykowski, Joe Marasco. ROOM 224 'IRST ROW, Genieve Pavlik, Wanda Ragster, .orraine Mondich, Michele O'Dal, Marilee Locco, Geraldine Puhala, Janice Pryts, Barbara Lusso, Ka t hl e e n Russo, Donna Mecurio. ECOND ROW, Erika Reichart, Francinia 'orter, Mary F. Morocco, Carol Podleyon, Leah 'ringle, Patsy Monaco, Marlene Palko, Mary 3. Morocco, Patricia O'Brien. THIRD ROW, Locco O'Kin, Darlene Purich, Beverly Musone, lene Rossi, Toni Ortez, David Miller,George Zipay, John Pilipovich, Thomas O'Brien, Robert abo. FOURTH ROW, Arthur Reagle, Steve Iirizio, John O'Staffy, Robert Lockovich, Larry b'Kresik. Absent, Michael Rakoci. ROOM 225 'IRST ROW, Joseph Salatino, Paula Terpack, andra Somich, Donna Veltri, Rosanne Stabile, teve Vecheren, Frank Smith, James Scharville, oseph Severclia, Linda Simon. SECOND ROW, lose Taylor, Denise Smith, Kathy Swiecinski, acqueline Sullivan, Michalene Wolgast, Kath- een Sujka, Mary Vicozi, Joyce Valimont, John 'eign. THIRD ROW, Charles Szabo, Sandra linger, Dennis Sarchet, Michael Stowe, Mary inn Sincek, Robert Townsend, James Stey, Ihristine Smegal, Sharon Shaver, Stella Sava. -a Q ,. ,, as I . xfvmwt 3.1 ,-.u,Lf -N, .r'ra,iiwgeee:w,g-e:"9v3'ww'i M45-s"' -M ,JM-.'?+,Q -,Qafidfg C orn- ROOM 202 FIRST ROW, Billie Lynn Cianciola, Kathy Basile, Tyrone Bartosh, Joseph Bonacci, Donna Ciccarone, James Budaska, Laura Brgant, Joyce Craig, Lawrence Beinhardt, Nick Busco. SECOND ROW, Bonita Bonadio, Patricia Bra- lick, Do r othy Bowser, Patricia Brown, Lawrence Chec, Charlotte Brown, Stella Brodie, Beverly Boatner, Lena Mae Brown. THIRD ROW, Virginia Zupo, Myra Covington, Felix Chess, Charles Draluck, Tim Chapman, Earl Chapman, Harlee Campbell, John Dayle, Jesse Coon, Helene Drozdae. FOURTH ROW, Stanley Brown, Stanley Brysh, John Biro. ROOM 203 FIRST ROW, Michael Flood, David Harris, Wilfred Gully, Leander Flint, James Harakal, Lillian Harsh, Roberta Hughes, Beverly Hen-, ning, Niomi Green, David Grande. SECOND ROW, Richard Haas, JohnGrzejka, John Hosey,I Curtis Hilton, Samuel Iacino, Roberta Fisher, Lilie Harden, Patricia Fulkerson, Phyllis Jaco-I way. THIRD ROW, Danny Harris, Thomas Fulton, Edward Groff, Danny Evans, Edward Zipay, NaomiGodfrey, Bommie Gladysz, Carol Galicia, Rochelle Kelfand, Delores Dyll. FOURTH ROW, Joseph Gaydek, Richard Farley, John Dunkerly, George Scott, George Gartner, Ronald Gurrera. ROOM 204 FIRST ROW, Patricia Kovach, Bonnie Krist, Elizabeth Keatz, Carolyn Miller, Sandra Michael, C h r i s t i m e Lucas, John Kimmel, RudolphJones, Terry McCluskey, David Kostka. SECOND ROW, Delores Johnson, John Keough, Patrick Keryan, Randolph Jones, Marlene Mataruski, Karen Konnen, Gail Jennings, Kath- leen Mack, Kathleen Jones. THIRD ROW, John Kushner, Joe Meadows, John Miess, Thomas Krzysidk, Paul Marino, Larry Manilla, Louis Monaco, Linda Misik, Kathleen Miklos, Gail McDonald. FOURTH ROW, Nicholas Kukyako, Neal Zam, Victor Miskolity, Terry Kromka, Anthony Mesaros, David McKenna. IORE ROOM 206 FIRST ROW, Jo Ann Prince, William Reagle, Margaret Ruffo, Bill Yavorske, Gary Schar- ville, Michael Roscoe, Donna Scott, Betty Satmare,John Nakich, Evelyn Russo. SECOND ROW, Mary Lou Nelson, Susie Saunders, Thomas Sever, Robert Santell, Robert Schuster, Joan Nathan, Thomas Namey, Clara Quarrells, Rose Nainey. THIRD ROW, Richard Schenker, Gary Orendi, Rocco Russo, Lorraine Ragster, Michael Secich, Sharon Owens, Beverly Ray, Linda Rubalcave, Samuel Perry, Joan Perry. FOURTH ROW, Harry Sever, David Sanford, Mark Schevarty, Richard O r b e n , T h o ma s Platterborze, Gene Rubeo, Peter Moon, Gerald Mutari. ROOM 217 FIRST,ROW, Richard Joseph, Linda Steiner, Patricia Anderson, David Duresko, Kathleen Gasparich,Joanne Hedrick, Dana Hazlett, Amy Williams, Olivia Reda, Olive Wayne. SECOND ROW, Mary Kay Penclel, Mary Rose Marks, Paula Borawski, Marlene Messina, Marcketa Flint, Dana Kluka, Janese Zurawsky, Betsy Livingston, Maredith Wachter. THIRD ROW, David Kudelko, Michael Kline, Charles Crowder, Robert Houston, Alexander Broom, Leslie Hudak, Linda Milankovich, Mary Sever- dia, Kennis Gill, Gregory LeDonne. FOURTH ROW, Joseph Kardos, Alexander Sember, Joseph Jarocki, Andrew Palisin, Alex Portal, David Morgan, Ronald Lolla. ROOM 223 FIRST ROW, Loretta Williams, Helen Williams, Lois Squatrito, Geraldine Tomczak, Bonnie White, Rodney Wojtanoski, Gary Steiner, Fern S i m o n, C hr i s t i n e Townsend, Geraldine Williams. SECOND ROW, Lorraine Walker, Thomas Sakolah, Charles Witzigman, Carol Williams, Vera Shephard, Jesse Wayne, Carol Vernile, Andrea Turosky, Mary Hall. THIRD ROW, James Smegal, John Sopko, Frank Vuckovic, Sandra Steverson, James Shavers, Mark Stofan, Ray mond Timparo, Terry Williams, Jackie Singletary, Lelicia Williams. FOURTH ROW, Anthony Walzer, Patricia Shannonhouse, James Wilson, Richard Weber, Richard Telega, James White, Willie Smith. Q I ".,- wget.. . , fu, ,fwzb-lips , I 3,,5,i 'Wirr- Q' ' 71-wM"f-X Y T 'fc' WV-3. 45 5 5, G ,ri KRW q 'Q pa, Q-cf ----ff can ,I S-Z4- 'Q 1- 5 lv, .. iff: 1 M K N vt My F x A in 'lin I' P 4 1 v .. .Q Q dvi J, 1, ,,,, 2 L' A S lu-.gb " . . C J- K ' -as 'M' ' A E t a, gif' y 71, ik,- I 6 " 1 L V Y' . in .1 fx " 5 .9 in f I X wx ,. 1 b f F A ,. QW W 3-gay ,fmt :nge-5 A 'Q' w -W ,, V x -1 'K Q ., 1 f if if yr. 4 4 if 5 fn' M' ., f uf? .J-Qi, I ' 2 fn Q I . uf . L... I '2 wa., re untill WMM., m,,NM,-,v, , ,gf I -1 I ,V -- , , is .df S ,, :5Q r ltr A7 V vi. . h X i ggi? WHO AM I? 5 Y dz , J N 'gm 1 ikx A . X REHRA 1?-152115 f ff: gW.wQ MFEFTEQ mi X 1 if 4 zi' A lz z l U . ,f K Q V vm . i P X fn 5 5 f " 143 e Mf I f A , - , 'K' . as ' 2 K IW ' -- Q-ia ii- S it '-V 1 i,g,J,h LN W ,S Q L Q f '25, ' ,WA at ju 'YI' L" . ,551 Q . jg, K -:,k I K I 1 f f 5 , , . ' if , 'A' "" ' W fwfh 1 ,t sq, ? f-f' , - M - L . m A 1 L -5 0, 'J' li-W W 'M' L "T" - in 1 V 5 '-- 4--' f - V ' Q "" "f"' xl I 4 X X 4' -'2i, 'l ' 1: L 4 f X A . -?"'+f,. ' 'W Y i Z ia nn, 5 if 5 Q A':: ' W E V y L, r A L, V I -v L 'W' - fx '- 'f' e :L . W. V V H K "'Q!,ii ia is KE xykk f, J W , X 1 " mn- an-"" Q W in it s if ax fy if 45 si if K ,. Y hy - ,. W- ni i In .5 A ME Em -M . f' L if f , i .F ,A sv X N P . - ,,., A J 'fy . . ,. 1 ., l,Q,' 'Ii TE' i ' L f .E A L "" V V. A E SENIOR VARSITY CHEE RLE ADE RS: Lois Pearlman Eleanor Zappa, Sandra Palko . Children are helpless and we must, at any cost, be responsible for them. because we are their models SENIOR MAJORETTES: Gayle Myers Judy Cole FLAG BEARERS: Michael Klein Gary Vernille Anthony Perfilio Dennis DeMartinis and they are our hope. JAMES BALDWIN 5 3 ., G 3 . It I I , if- K, . im . ,wx 'it-ww smw are fx W'eswwfsafgamsnwg .V L rf' S9 wi- . ff - - , . , -is ' V, , A 1- HE. 1, : , i x - -- wi ai lx Exam rllwaf ' Weak 'wiw ffm N1 'V fa mwwggag 1. fig sw - izf igifr, ,Il ff' an ffl X ,f'Z. f' A ie bm 45" 'fi aff 445 V5 in Jw YQ " A Q wiimw if -mi. , fa I ' . 5 -f K K ' - 'Fa K . - ,gala gfavzqw-2 V- 1' xv 'N , H M G M 1 , "W , - " w H "" ' . . 'ff " fa" Q ,I u ' QL f- 1 rgw 7 '1' G , -pn" K ' ,, 44" ' ' QQ a 5, B M , .. 1 ' ,.. , f W' W G M 5 :15 I i i , V 'Ii Q , ii K ,J A V, . 1 ,. .' 3 1 . wi 59- gg ,- , V, .. i,,., 1, A ., 'mafia .g , , p wma ' J -1 -- iw V' 2 nf yet?"-f ,L "ff Q 1""'fA ., 1 :iff " IK if ,. -1 f ' Hip' , N 51 WeE'g 5 1,5 Ji ,,,.,gi,.f,7,fgf ff? -Q -ww, - 4-gafz..-- mt: apr fi" F Y' - si . i If . VA . mf . VL- '9 f .r .-P73 M . ' .X A x it-mt . V 2-V. -. ,W -. .Nl -A mm NY, -Q' fr . ,wfs w X, if ik 1 i s .f ., 7 A Z 57 FOOTBALL , ,, 1 5 in , ft. Sw A , , ,xl " 'F .1 . K a u. as A 4 ... f t .--,,, K . ll l AE .Q 31.5 'S if 0' .A .F e A 'A H 1 A we .. F . Going over! But We needed more in '64. ,,,y:V . U: l, ,., E- ,f,f"'S'FPI'lb4l-,.'z-.y,,,,,Y,, 95- ""' '4'Lf'y5--f.-: ' air- . , .. - - ----- ---. -- if" Xrx, . L 1. Farrell . . . 8. . . Campbell Memorial .6 Farrell . . . O. . . Aliquippa . . . . . 19 Farrell...6...But1er.........2O Farrell...40...Sa1em..........7 Farrell. . . 6. . . Ellwood City. . . . . . 19 Farrell. . .13. . . NewCastle . . . . . . .7 Farrell. . . 6. . . Beaver Falls . . . . . 15 Farrell...6...Niles..........2'7 Farrell... 7...Ambridge 20 Farrell...7...Sharon.........13 ' f fn Won 3 Lost 7 'N71:,.jg, ' W 1 A " 77 V " A-' -:Lv 1, 1 Lg2,sgQf.45. , 351 , 9w :,m1...,. 58 RESUME The Farrell High Night Riders under the coaching of Mr. Anthony Paulekas and assistant coaches John Popadak, William Gargano, Steve Karlovich, John Sava, and Russell Philips, com- pleted the 1963-1964 football season with a record of three wins and seven losses. A series of injuries to key players through- out the season hampered, to a great extent, the Night Riders potential. With a healthy squad our record would have been no doubt better than 3 and 7. September 6, saw the season open with the Riders winning over a tough Ohio squad from Campbell Memorial. Farrell's two point con- version after touchdown was the margin of difference. In our first league start the Night Riders met a tartar in the Aliquippa Indians and were trounced to the tune of 19-O. With the first loss of the season, the Night Riders were determined to make Butler their second victim but in the third quarter Butler went ahead after a good first half showing by the Night Riders, the final score 20-6. The following Friday the Night Riders rode over the Salem Quakers and completely domi- nated the play over the Ohio rivals. The score was cheering news to the F.H.S. followers who many thought the Riders had lost their scoring punch. The 40-7 score attested to the power of the team. Ellwood City didn't figure to give the Paul- ekasmen too much difficulty, but the squad was somewhat surprised to find themselves on the short end of the score at the final whistle. The score 19-6. The one highlight of the football season was the Riders stopping the New Castle Red Hurri- canes. It was probably one of the best games of the season for the Night Riders and the team played true to form. The H u r r i c an e s were turned away to a breeze with a 13-7 defeat. Back to the defeat trail Beaver Falls con- tinued to keep the hungry Night Riders in search of a victory streak. The Tigers took the mea- sure of Farrell to the tune of15-6. Perhaps the squad was looking too much to the Niles game, a team coached by Farrell's own Mr. Anthony Mason and his number one rated team in Ohio. The game was played before a large crowd at Farrell, and for three quarters the Niles Red Dragons got more then they bargained for . . Farrell scored first and at the end of the half Niles McKinley led by a 13-6 score. The power- ful Niles offense ground to a halt the third Assistant Coaches Mr. Steve Karlovich, Mr. Wil- liam Gargano, Varsity Coach Mr. Anthony Paul- ekas, Mr. John Popadak. Front, Mr. Russel Phil- lips and Mr. John Sava. quarter and Farrell was still behind by only seven points. Unfortunately the fourth quarter saw too many mistakes made by our boys and Niles won going away 27-6. Nobody likes to lose but moral victories are sometimes in order and our boys didn't believe that Niles could beat us by forty points as predicted. The Night Riders ended their season by losing their last two games, Ambridge 20- Farrell 7, and Sharon 13- Farrell 7, on our turf. This was the Tigers first defeat handed to the Night Riders in five long years, probably not an interesting way to end a season but, as they say in Brooklyn, "Wait til next year! " At the conclusion of the seasons play, the boys selected Damun Gracenun to lead them in the fall. The following seniors played their last game under the Blue and Gold, Hasco Darden, Francis Platteborze, Joe Leavens, Sterling Webb, Frank O'Stafy, David Sylvester, Charles Alongi, Ralph Timparo, Charles Tucci, John Giroski, Fran Lengyel, Walter Nogay, Richard Benka, Lester Robinson, Sam Mastrian, John Latsko, Sam Newton, and Ronald Capitol. wAw-.mf :ss Siififfi 1: nw. W A My ,f,, A ,,AZ.,..,:,:,g,,,. 5 , . f. ,,... ul: - ' A .fm 9 A 'L+ 35 A qw , EW , zz Fri 1 LW V.f,-, .,,, WHAT,-'r M, 5, .. L,.,,,- Q .. A Wim uffvm , A Y' 3155512 W 5,4-1 A Qu1y:3?, , 53f3Qzjfg:4E- V A nl. A SiL , b A I F ARREL1 sig :S Q Q' Eli f' U f '- r sh ' W? ' Y 2 1 .. 2- , A - A ', w ,f3E-?f1f'7Hkf' A 'K A iw . Nnwt A fZ2:ffQ:A-yy, iff? 3.53. ?5'ff?.', 55325,-1 V 'f3YV!,-5 is Z' ififyg -A as 2, Q NX HAsco DARDEN 'fl L, H ,,,u.u.v.w-W'-W' 35 5: ' A A A ' 63 65 X Q79 'iw FRANCIS PLATTEBORZE JOSEPH LEAVENS STERLING WEBB FRANK O'STAFY S 1 Yfzv A K Ax 1 L :z- R-'A VVIV X1 , . . . is 7 5 A lag, A,,E fr K 1 25 n E 6:3 -A A f ' '3 J M C-'. A 01-Q ' 1' A. A A A A . A A A- A I n A-A 'Q ' f' fm' -- , A yvwx Q 4? x ,,.., g A , f X A . ,ff A S w s ,,, , A 8 ,, mi . , , S 1 gig ,.. ax 2? ' 1- fa , 1 N, If H, if ' ' -- - . .,,. g A , - .. ' 'V -f f, 4-f a 'i': - . .,' fMm A ' ,wt ,Q A, 'jg M -fr 5-3 ,S 'YE . .. -' , Q, ,gg H155 if ' Y' K Q51 w,, L Ig, ,Mlm qi U F Q A W' QQ A A ' ' A . ., f A : A 'S-Z .'-L Aff : " flfk 'W Q-llail. f'xQ'-431 -' 17 'fp 5' K " " ' " . f,.1 f5 L-7' - 5. S, 1 A Kwai- CW-A A fl-fx-fb-Afn,,XvpW-Liza Lwgfg-',f, -gm bk-'WFS-Alia-Q-, gy! f5fiT1A521S: - 1, f A ,.. ,hw s:ff:f?wgZ.ffzZWr, .K-L A V, '4.,c:.- 1 .gfzffw 8,,3,j'k5 fii gf iih 2-iiff f 2, 3iw5A'i.SKn.'?c?gJ, F? 5-95' Jjf'ff'7i"'l4KfQ'zJW """' 35 n3'ff' f4'4'g9W-Qgvf Qi2v'5fg'ff"" ff, 4 f l' f3fi2.'99Zif35Qf 2ffL V ' 'Wi e-!',"2' V' DAVID SYLVESTER CHARLES ALONGI RALPH TIMPARO CHARLES TUCC1 60 HI SCHOOL SENIORS 5,9 xWllluVuWW4'm ,z 5 tag 'Y . I Fi 5 fy., y ZA 5 , In ., Q ,.gwW,. ff-2.1-r,.,y.:r f 1. ' N, W' " V W P N ' .Q V , M -V ,., I 1,3411 nga-L, - ,4"::5"'fgE,g5Bjk7 3' M , A , , gash.. L N A N '- V M. wr?-iw JOHN GIROSKI 5 - ff- Y' .. ' I A - ' A ,A I f 'ix Xi QL A , A ix A ,,-" iii I A " Q fi A I X A f X rn- ' ' ., "" J . , - ., , ' 1 -A r I . I X 3 N - 1 5 1 5. I ,- K A-K I y ' J-A ' K ,yn .ik ., . ' K V4 I X 5 K If X S 5 vkkk 5 , ' X rr Rx F Q wf r 1 A . S , , .2 E W' . " 1 - w , J,,M?fz:-33' . - - L '-'Q' 'L M 1 I L- L. - . ' '- , l ,.,L I 1 .L ' -'-, 15. .ft Q ..,. Nil .fx - fa ,. +71-, , V f , , ,- im- N., , ,., . Jai J, ,.., . W -w4m1,...x I , B: , A O V K , Eg: Ln! A . A 7.5. F , K . , ,fx ,uk 4,-e, ., ,.g.jt1fk af, i :ll :gil H .w-inks.. ,I 7,13 . s f f'fft2?f A - an 51 .. A 1?f"155H"Q"'K' A 5 W.. ., N N- -f -N: .nag .ff ,WI I Ji.-W -V - - . ,. ,. ..wf1ww.fsfgff,4im, .,,.-mf -' . '14- V 5, A ' mf' ---- ' A, N -iw ' -- ':'.,, :r-:'- :' -Tig? 5 Lp " .V I i W if V- '.'- neg YV A A ' E-W T5 f 5T'ST ff- 'fi '7,, ' ,' , -:- -"'-' ' "' Y" '. ' 5115-' " -, .-51.5 if -.1 H' - I A I . . 1 ' , .N ,, R . ,. , M I O, ,,L, FRANCIS LENGYEL WALTER NOGAY RICHARD BENKA LESTER ROBINSON A UV ,. ,c f XA WT, L' .2 , if 4. f ' N , A 7. J g " X, p y , Q ig I Y X . -, H41 E- .-4 I :A I N6 A 5 Q I .4 A ' ul 'K Q j -3 I R A Y I 1 ' A 2 2 ik J ' X 1 '- K. f 1 ANL ' N. - . , Q- Q., , ' " ' L,-- - '- Q e gg, A I N1 I ,, I ' FV4- A' ' ' - uw if ' .S 1 ,, - if g .V f.w - z- ' E-2 AIAIA ,A f I I A iff A I , . SAMUEL MASTRIAN JOHN LATSKO SAMUEL NEWTON RONALD 61 CAPITOL FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Steve Gurrera, Steve Mirizio, Mike Stowe, Bill Samuels, Sharkey Flint, Sam Mastrian, Chuck Alongi, Chuck Tucci, Lester Robinson, John Latsko, Francis Lengyel, Joe Leavens, Abby Timparo, Frank O'Staffy. SECOND ROW, 1. to r.: Homer Dahinger, David Harris, Terry McCluskey, Jimmy Guerino, John Nakich, Dave Kudelko, Dan Harris, Richard Cannone, John Miess, James Wilson, Mike Secich, Harry Sever, Henry Holden. SEATED: Forrest Clayton, Manager. a fr K fz Q.. f ,Eelke I 96, WY 62 or L H FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Francis Platteborze, Walter Nogay, Ronnie Capital, John Giroski, Richard Benka, Sterling Webb, David Sylvester, Sam Newton, Hasco Darden, David Kerr, Bill Wright, Damun Gracenin, David Miller, Willie Smith, John O'Staffy. SECOND ROW, l. to r.: Richard Orben, Robert Kahl, Larry Zec, Samuel Iacino, Anthony Walzer, John Doyle, Charles Drabick, John Sopko, Ronnie Gurrera, Larry Chec, Lou Falconi, Tom Latsko, Rocky O'Kin, Lester Nelson. SEATED: Henry Klein, Manager. CJD x 3 O L r 1 X I A """ .t 'N ' xx tai- V W 63 TRACK 'X J ' D321 .1 ' f P ' KW k Jerry Misik breaking the tape. TRACK SQUAD L. to R., ROW 1: Tom Reda, Nickolas Kubyako, Tom Sever, Tom Namey, Charles Drabic, Dave Harris, Terry Mc- Cluskey, Frank Smitt, Victor Miskolitz, James Moore. ROW 2: Richard Repas, Sam Scales, Hasco Darden, Terry Williams, Leander "Sharkey" Flint, Lester Robinson, Tom Latsko, Rocko O'Kin, Dave Miller, Tim Chapman, Bob Kahl, Billy Samuels, Willie Smith. ROW 3: Alexander Broom, David Sever, Frank O'Stafy, Sterling Webb, John O'Stafy, James Campbell, Mike Misik, Don Carfagna, James Sellers, Mike Rakocci. ROW 4: Mr. Steve Karlovich, Earl Adams, Carl Basic, Damun Gracenin, Bill Wright, Ron Capitol, Greg Jackson, Steve Mirizio, Bob Gasparec, Tom Underwood, Coach Mr. Phillips, Mr. Zipay. GOLF ,. Tix 0 Q 00 Y g ' f' A L .ge . :Q .Jw . 0 ' Q Q2 Q, . Q- if 5' STANDING, L. to R.: Aikocis, Bob Pasci, Al Weiss, Mr. George Salem, John Giroski, Sam Newton, Chuck Szabo FRONT, L. to R.: John Latsko, Gary Budanka, Gary Weiss. BOWLI G - two 0 xxx ox , Wwe Francis Shebeck addressing the pins and preparing himself for a mighty strike--maybe. One of the more exciting intramural activities at Farrell High is bowling. Bowling was inaugurated a number of years ago andproved to be a very popular sport. It is still going strong. Each Saturday morning many students make the trek to Sunset Lanes, Idaho Street, during the school year and compete against each other. They are entered into either one of two leagues, American and National. Each league consists of ten teams and there are five to seven bowlers on each team. Miss Rose Bianco and Mr. Michael Gagliardi are the faculty advisers. The leagues are open to both Junior and Senior High School students. At the end of the season the highest scoring teams of the National and American leagues play each other for the bowling championship. Trophies are given to each member of the winning team, and runner-up trophies are given to the losers. Individual trophies are also awarded to bowlers with a high game score and high three game series. Small gold pins are given to all bowlers with a perfect attendance record. During the Christmas holidays an All-Star tournament is held among bowlers having high scores. At the conclusion of this tournament awards are given to individuals as well as team champions in various catagories. en M ,, X i 1it" ix 4 t ,Q . X . fr' xf,-. X 'arm- F1 f'f"'1Q '.Q'. . W-:Em Senior bowlers Joe Bayer, James Morocco, Francis She- Hafckworking bowling Secretary Mike Luchey flanked by beck, Chuck Stanek, Sharon Kimmy, Bob Gray, and Mike bowhng aces James MOYOCCO, Joe Guefifle, and three Rosenberg interrupt their game briefly for a Reflector Other Ulfefested Student SPeCfHt0I'S- photo. 65 . W 1 f Q, mm- THE FARRELL HIG FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Alberta Wayne, Carolyn Jones, Olive Wayne, Richard Joseph, Bernadette Liscio, Olivia Reda, Amy Williams, Paula Borawski, Mary Rose Marks, Robert Androsko. SECOND ROW: David Durisko, Richard Verneo, Tom Pedas, David Kudelko, Gregory LeDonne, Dennis Gill, Henry Russo, Gerald Steklachick, Jack Lyden. THIRD ROW: Frank Madura, Ronald Lolla, Dana Esmond, David Keryan, Robert Dumaire, David Morgan, Joseph Kardos, Robert Huston, Alex Broom, Joseph Jarocki. FOURTH ROW: Tom Miller, Andrew Thomas, Drew Palisin, Nick Rozzi, Bill Roth, Carl Basic. H lil? Mr. Scanga directing "Sweet Georgia Brown." One ana Two ana Three ....... "Well we ended together anyway." we an Mr. James v. scanga, director FIRST ROW, 1. to r.: Donna Kluka, Candy Campagna, Dana Hazlette, Judy Butala, Kathy Gasparich, Meredith Wachter, Linda Steiner, Patricia Anderson, Mary Ann White, Sherry Gardner. SECOND ROW: Sharon Kimmy, Mary Lou Gutta, Marcheta Flint, Rosaria Pugliese, Janice Zurawsky, Connie Scarbrough, Betsy Livingston, Jo Ann Hedrick, Marie Testa. THIRD ROW: Bill Struck, Richard Repas, Richard Harakal, Kenneth Miller, Joe Vullo, Alex Portal, Linda Milankovich, Ella Thompson, Bill Mackaly, Bill Higgins. FOURTH ROW: John Gasparec, Bob Kapusta, Dennis Short, Richard Gregory, Matthew Miller, Alex Sember, Keith Fammartino, Michael Matusick. BAND OFFICERS: SEATED L. to R.: President - Roseria Pugliese Assistant Head Majorette - Judy Cole Secretary - Marie Testa STANDING L. to R.: Historian - Mary Lou Gutta Business Manager - Tom Miller Vice-President - Robert du Maire E510 DISTRICT BAND MEMBERS SEATED L. to R.: Bass - Torn Miller Oboe - Roseria Pugliese Clarinet - John Gasparec STANDING L. to R.: Baritone - Robert du Maire Clarinet - Nick Rozzi Trumpet - Bill Higgins W"""u 1 1 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS L. to R.: Mary Frances Moroc- co, Kathy Sujka, Sandra Palko, Yvonne McNeal, Lois P e a r 1 m an , Eleanor Zappa. kk? ,qi fd' wi 'I' J. V. CHEERLEADERS KNEELING l. to r.: Beverly Henning, Patty Kovach, Billie Lynn Cianciola, Kathy Jones. STANDING, l. to r.: Kathy Mack, Bonnie Bonadio, Yvonne McNeal. BASKETBALL By Richard Rococi The Farrell High Steelers wound up another Section Ill season in third place, sporting a record of 9 and 5. The five losses suffered at the hands of New Castle, sec- tion champsg Aliquippa and Sharon, second place holders, and Butler and Ellwood City. The Steelers over-all record was 15 wins in 22 games. The Steelers opened their season in exhibition play with a 49-44 win over Beaver, followed by a 69-54 loss to Altoona. The next four games brought Farrell added victories when they downed Pittsburgh Westinghouse, 73- 48 5 New Kensington, 53-52, Pittsburgh South Hills, Section II champs, 89-74, and Warren Harding, 59-34. Farrell then came into the annual Lions Holiday Tourney with a 5 and 1 record. The first evening we had little trouble dispo sing of Howland 81-57, but lost the second night's action in the fourth period to Uniontown. This marks the fourth s u c c e s s iv e year that Uniontown copped the tourney, with Farrell placing second. The long awaited Section III action began on January 3rd as Farrell romped over Beaver Falls, 74-49. The next game saw Ambridge easily erased by a score of 69- 48. The highlight of that game was Bob Marin's 36 points, that nearly equalled the record of 40 set back in the days of Julius McCoy. Alarge crowd jammed the Steeler gym to see Farrell and New Castle tangle . The Hurricanes tied up Marin, but failed to check Sam Iacino who pumped 26 points through the nets, and Bill Lee who did a terrific job under the boards. The 65-46 victory brought up an interesting tie for first place between Farrell, Aliquippa and Sharon. The next game, despite inc le ment weather, drew another fine crowd who watched the Steelers defeat Ali- quippa 56-45. Bill Samuels' 14 points kept the Steelers ahead throughout the first half, and Bob Marin came on in the second period with a burst of 26 points to sew it up. With Sharon losing to New Castle the same night, the Farrellites gained Section III leadership. The first place position held by the Steelers was short lived as they lost a heartbreaker on the Ellwood City court. Having a little more than two minutes to play in the contest, Farrell made a stunning comeback from a 51-42 deficit only to lose it on fouls, 59-57. On January 21st the Steelers visited Butler to chall- enge the newcomers from Section I. Again fouls proved to be the deciding factor as the McCluskeymen dropped it 59-56. Still unable to come out of the slump, the Steelers bowed to the Sharon Tigers by a score of 57 to 46 on our own court. The second half of Section III action put the Farrell squad back in the victory column as they whipped Beaver Falls for the s e c ond time, 59-49. Bob Kudelko led the scoring with 20 points, Samuels had 12 and Flint netted 11. For the second time this season the Steelers beat Ambridge. As early as the second quarter coach McCluskey began substituting until the bench was cleared, and every player got at least one shot in varsity action. High scorer was Bob Duleba with 12, and Bill Matsko topped off the evening by some fine board play. The final score was Farrell 67, Ambridge 51. ln one of the c rucial games of the season Farrell visited New Castle, but couldn't pull out the victory. The Hurricanes took it 59-45 along with a first place tie with Sharon. Marin had 17 points, and Kudelko was exceptional on steals. The following game against the Aliquippa Indians b rought another loss to the Steelers. After the first half nip and tuck battle, the Quips pulled out and took it, 59-37. 69 Sketch by Danny Debonis Varsity Basketball Coach Mr. Edward McCluskey On the 14th of February the Steelers hosted the Ell- wood City Wolverines and had a score to settle from their previous e n c ou nt e r . Ellwood just couldn't contain the Steelers after the half as we racked up eighte en quick points. High scorers for the game were Bob Marin with 30 and Leander "Sharkey" Flint with 15. A newcomer to the varsity lineup, Richard Wright, also put in a fine showing with 11 points. The second squad finis hed the game, and the 77-56 romp gave the Ste ele r s a well de- served victory. Entertaining the Butler Tornadoes in their final home game of the season, the Steelers ran wild as they bombed Butler 81 to 59. The reserves finished out the last quarter getting plenty of practical experience. Marin had 24 points with Samuels second on 14, Lee's 13, Flint's 12 and Kudelko's 10. The Steelers wound up the season in a blaze of glory, by defeating Sharon, 50-49 on the Tigers' home court. For the first 5 minutes the Tigers were held scoreless, but came on in the second period to tie it up. From there on the game was nip and tuck, and action-packed. The boom came in the last few seconds. Just after coach McCluskey called a timeout, with Sharon leading 49-48, and Farrell in possession of the ball, Bob Marin got a screen shot and cut the net for the Winning two points. Kudelko, Lee and Marin saw action for the last time, and did their usual great playing. This probably made up for a so-so season of the Steelers. With the end of another season the senior members of the squad, Ron Capitol, Bob Duleba, Greg Jackson, Bob Kudelko, Bill Lee, Bob Marin, Frank Sinopoli and Sterling Webb, retire to the ranks of ex- Farrell basketball heroes. r L f , ,gf gsimmgsg f .-:rw-.g,,gXk W f-WM f as li"--f115'E,6lL 5 ?'C.' 17? rv X l 51 4,342 ,QQ-'As -zz-Ld VARSITY SQ AD Manager-James Scharville, Bob Kudelko, William Lee, Bob Marin, Ronald Capitol, Leander "Sharkey" Flint, Man- ager-Mike Mondich. STANDING: Bill Matsko, Sterling Webb, Gregory Jackson, Frank Sinopoli, Robert Duleba, Bill Samuels, Sam Iacino. "Tiger" Bill Lee and Bob Duleba converging 011 the Bill Matsko inatense moment fighting for possession. ball. 70 Our own Bobby Marin, with the delicate touch. Sam Iacino doesn't quite reach it for the rebound this time. 'Y if in .t,T ,i ,T ,wat If-1,5 ,, Af :ZFX 3-321 ? FIRST ROW, Lto R: David Kudelko, Ronald Gurerra, Lu Monaco, John Nakich, Felix Chess, Tim Chapman. SECOND ROW: Gary Stiener, Richard Wright, Tom Fulton, John Biro, Jonathan Ganzy, Harley Campbell, Bob Townsend, Richard Gregory, Tom O'Bricn, Gene Sarazen. THIRD ROW: COACH--Mr. Jankovich, James Stey, Charles Mc- Donald, Drew Palasin, Richard Weber, Stan Brysh, Stanley Brown, Earl Chapman, Bob Grande. 71 V ,im Vw , .J 'f x Q THE 1963-64 BASKETBALL RECORD Farrell 49 Beaver 43 Farrell 54 Altoona 69 Farrell 73 Westinghouse 48 Farrell 59 Warren, Ohio 34 Lions Tournament xFarre11 81 Howland, Ohio 57 xUniontown 71 Youngstown Chaney 57 XChaney 64 Howland 51 xFarrell 58 Uniontown 65 X-Winner of Lions Tournament- Uniontown Section 3 ,kFarrell 74 Beaver Falls 49 D'fFarrell 69 Ambridge 48 "fFarrell 65 New Castle 44 "'Farrell 56 Aliquippa 45 "fFarrell 57 Ellwood City 59 'FFarrell 56 Butler 59 'Farrell 46 Sharon 57 "cFarrell 59 Beaver Falls 49 ,"Farrell 67 Ambridge 51 l'1Farrell 45 New Castle 59 "fFarrell 37 Aliquippa 59 "'Farrell 77 Ellwood City 56 'Farrell 81 Butler 59 ,"Farrell 50 Sharon 49 "'Section HI League xLions Tournament :CX Frank Sinopoli Gregory Jackson Bill Samuels i- Sterling Webb x ,f" BASKETBALL .1 -Q We The shot that sunk Sharon, 50-49. How enthusiastic can you get? J, Q 1 L Bob Kudelko on a drive! Bill Samuels driving through! Score two. IGH-LIGHT Our illustrious faculty in action! CRASH! Our own W.F.A.R.'s Fred Cole, Statistician Pat Gray, and an exuberant Farrellite. St 3 it 3 E Z WPAPA IS ALLM b Presented by the Dramatics Department directed by Joseph E. Scarvcll ThuriiaiaiifliiZ2?,rAPiifSZilfigf 1963 8:15 P. M. 'rr' SITTING: Gary Banks. STANDING, L. to R.: Louie Guerino, David Keryan, Arlene Scarvell, Peggy Przewodowski Pam Grande. THE CAST SYNOPSIS OF SCENES Mama . . . . ........ Peggy Przewodowski The action takes place in the kitchen of the Aukamp Jake ............ ...... G ary Banks farmhouse, north of Lancaster, Pa., in the heart of State Trooper Brendle . . .... Louis Guerino Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Emma .......... . .Arlene Scarvell Mrs. Yoder . . . . . Pamela Grande ACT I-An evening last May. Papa ,,,,, , , David Keryan ACT II-Scene I-Six o'clock the next afternoon. ACT II-Scene II-Daybreak the next morning. ACT III- One week later. COMMITTEES COSTUMES-Sue Sabo, Chairman, Judy Salandria, Kathy LaCamera, Yvonne Klaric. PUBLICITY-Janet Mikulin, Chairman, Ralph Timparo, Jerry Bostocky, Donna Yerskey, Mary Ann Kapusta, Gary Weiss, Janet Koshar. PROP- ERTY-Lin Stoner, Chairman, Mary Alice O'Brien, Mary Morocco, John Lyden, Peggy Bennett. STAGE MANAGER- Clarence Evans. SET-Tom Zager, Chairman, Steve Savach, Bill McCauley, Jim Schuller, Frank Paldino. BUSINESS- Linda Latsko, Chairman, Gloria Hornyak, Judy Cole, Linda Simon. FRONT-Mary Kahl, Patty Mastrian, Letty Marks Mary E. Morocco, Amanda Wright, Roberta Miezlek, Elaine Duby, Janet Mikulin, Andrea Evakich, Michalene Tamber Connie Farley, Candise Campagne, Leah Pringle. I ! 76 6cFINIAN,S RAINBOWM PRESENTED BY THE DRAMATICS AND MUSIC DEPARTMENTS OF FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL DIRECTOR .... MUSIC DIRECTOR . . Keith Fammartino , , James Guerino. . John Gasparec . . Thomas Namey . . William Mackely .... Mary Alice O'Brien . . Bonnie Bonadio . . . John Miller ..... Clarence Evans . . Linda Roach Carolyn Jones Billie Lynn Cianciola Bonnie Krist Alberta Wayne Rose Namey Mary Carman Bianco Lorrain Mondich Paula Borawski Carol Galicia Roseria Pugleise Cast Chorus . . . MR. JOSEPH SCARVELL MR. SAMUEL CAMPAGNA, JR. . .Finian . .Woody . Buzz . Sheriff . Sharon . . Susan . .Rawkins . . Howard Peggy Rufio Christine Lucus Clarence Evans Lester Robinson Forrest Clayton Thomas Macchia Thomas Miller Dennis Short David Harris William Machuga Jeanne Ulica DIRECTOR .......... MR. JOSEPH SCARVELL MUSIC DIRECTOR . . . MR. SAMUEL CAMPAGNA, JR. 77 Benny Jones leading the Grand March 1 Kathy Curc1o makes a pretty hostess Benny Jones says "take five". THE UNIOR ENIOR PRGM Preparations for the prom were made many weeks in advance. Money was earned, decorations were bought, and many Juniors under the guidance of our Junior class ad- viser Mrs. Victoria Barbu and Mr. Paul A. Komar generously contributed their time and effort to bring a "Parisian Holiday" to us. The early part of the week of May 5 found our gymnasium in a mass of confusion. As the week progressed, the general con- fusion gave way to beauty. The decorating committee observed its work and beamed with pride at their achievement. Above, a soft azure blue sky s t r e t c h e d across the fantasy below. Swirls of white crepe paper enclosed the gy m na s iu m on three sides, lovely palms and ferns with fragrant flowers in pushcarts surrounded the famous Parisian landmark, the Eiffel Tower, painted in pale pink and sp arkling with glitter. Another faculty member, Mr. David Schirmer, and a group of his boys, worked on the construc- tion of the tower many weeks beforehand. Old fashioned white wrought iron benches were placed on either side of the tower and m i niatu r e baskets of magenta carnations hung from the ceiling, adding final touches to the beautiful scene. On May 10, the day had come. The girls discardedtheir rollers,blue jeans and sweat shirts. That evening, the transformation was c o m ple t e . The girls entered charmingly arrayed in billowy gowns of many styles and hues e s c o rted on the arm of a schoolboy turned prince for a very enjoyable evening. The members of the P.T.A. helped make the evening asuccess by providing and serv- ing refreshments and acting as chaperones with our own school faculty. Benny Jones provided the music for the early part of the evening. Disc jockey Fred Cole of W.F.A.R. spun a fewfavorites during intermission and Del Sinchakplayed for the Post Prom. In the wee hours of the morning the boys and girls reluctantly left their land of make believe and went home with their special thoughts of a very special evening. A panoramic view of the festivities. Now let's have a few cheers for our lovely cheerleaders Our own beautifully gowned Farrellites. 79 Who said I could have danced all night! f-.g . - Q : V' i , .QVV x, are ,' we VVV5 ' VV -, ' , . A Aw 4: .ai is. 2 I f , V ' :- . - s ,. . ., , 'Qi . ,V , ., -3' K' i ,-"7 r I J " f ' , , " V, k ,L I : f 2 wiv fa J V "if 5 1 , It f fa uf gy '1 W' ' -'?f55:f,1fL.Q if A A ,L fall-Q' 'I is M fa, we A f Q A V M V , , A , ,r - ' f. it I V -,. fun, . rw-wg: I I' '- Q, - 1 -1. 5 Z . ' ,. Lf V I 4 r ,J ,Q f H f :J V ,Q 'gf xv My a vg :,.M ffl, V -V sl' ,, ' HQ' Ia. A Q ' N f ,,,x, i V Ziff A f 5 , ,f,, ,W . fl yzrrf 1 ,V VV V VV . , . V V Vywf V V it ff -ff 3 sf' is ,K ,,,, , with gig V i i 7 e ., , . . VV V V., ,, V img, Six U ' , 1 - X' L , e I-. . Q ,WV Q ,... , " lq aa. il. af if .f-1,4 V .,,,, P 5 "fi A V V W g in A J , M, , aw 2'Nf ' V 'ff' . , ,,-, af -- H...-tt. ' f ,--A A ,Q if A I, y V VQVVVVVV. .,. V ...V 1 1. ga, in "'lf L. "',Vx ' ifr: V 5 Q - f1VVrfsi Z : I V VV VV VV VVVV ,i VSV , V ,V i - J . 3 :K iili lt' ' - if Q "ig, S- gf' .. e, T . ,,,,,,,, , ,, I I, VW y fav: 1 , 5 : ' Qi' J . , ' fir' mf' 'Z' Z A in A - 7' M ,N . ,+ 4: ?'NN Q 'QZN 2 Zg- 'G ik? " . W., Va ,V V,V, . ,V ,V V , H ' A fy x. ff ,, - 'N 33" 19, ' fn, af 5 I' 'V vw Q : 2 no uf' g -I U - R Zig? 'wx A 'sf Q f Q wg 1 f ix: ,Q 1- 4 ' eff- f , gf?" 7 1 C , X, ' swf aw, ,Q I fha' uf? sf 'W - T B 5 ,igmff 1, fa .QD FARRELL HIGH FIRST ROW: Edna Koser, Christine Ash, Cheryl Parsons, Ilona Kuharik, Kathy Yevchak, Carol Koshar, Rosanne Stabile, Elizabeth Klotz, Mary C. Bianco, Carmella Grande, Wanda Ragster. SECOND ROW: Mary Kahl, Connie Scarborough, Linda Rubalcava, Patricia O'Brien, Linda Roach, Lorraine Walker, Denise Alcar0,Gary Steiner, Dave Harris, James Budaska. THIRD ROW: Gayle Myers, Nicolina Agresti, Anthony Perfilio, Lester Robinson, Tom Morgan, Richard Repas, Samuel Perry, Thomas Namey, John Ganzy, Peggy Daugherty, Sandy Palko. FOURTH ROW: Lorraine Ragster, Thomas Miller, Bill Machaly, Edward Zipay, Stanley Brysh, Dennis Short, Bill Morocco, Albert Kocis, John Doyle, Paul Wasko. FIFTH ROW: John Miller, Richard Benka, John Gasparec, Forrest Clayton, William Higgins. Mr. Samuel Campagna, Mrs. Carl Bobby, Mrs. Anthony Liscio, Mrs. John Steklachick, Mrs. Paul Borawski, Robert Gasparec, Jeanne Ulica. The Farrell Music Guild presents a piano to the Music Department at F.H.S. During the years the Guild has been active in raising funds for such worthwhile projects. Mrs. Carl Bobby is shown presenting to Mr. Samuel Campagna a key for the new piano which is to be used for rehearsals. 80 .:,,f-is I ws F :law . CONCERT CHOIR FIRST ROW: Billie Lynn Cianciola, Judy Cole, Roseria Pugliese, Bonnie Bonadio, Linda Costar, R059 Namey, Meredith Wachter, Bernadette Liscio, Margaret Ruffo, Kathleen Russo, Bonnie Krist. SECOND ROW: James Schar- ville, Marlene Messina, Carol Vernille, Judy Butals, Marcheta Flint, Karen Konnen, Candise Campagna, Beverly Boatner, Joan Perry, Christine Lucas. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Bowser, Sharon Kimmy, Carol Podleyon, Virginia Zupo, Yvonne McNeal, Jacqueline Singletary, Mary K. Pendel, Sherri Carino, Mary Alice O'Brien, Cynthia Brestelli. FOURTH ROW: Jeanne Ulica, Charlotte Popadak, Leslie Hudak, Richard Harakel, Richard Maykowski, Thomas Macchia, James Stey, Linda Misik, Carol Galicia, Kathy Miklos. FIFTH ROW: James Pacillo, Andrew Thomas. BOYS QUINTET: 1 L. to R.: John R. Gasparec, Andy Thomas, John J. Miller, Richard Repas. FRONT: Tom Macchia. GIRLS TRIO: L. to R.: Gayle Myers, Jeanne Ulica, Roseria Pugliese. 81 "The Constitution is color- blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens." JOHN MARSHALL HARLAN Nations are the citizens of humanity, as individuals are the citizens of a nation-- GIUSEPPE MAZ Z INI NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Pres. William Mackaly Treas. Diana Tarley Vice Pres. Mary Lou Gutta Sec. Lois Pearlman 83 X S CLUB f-H. xx .9 OFFICER STANDING: Advisor Miss Griffith, Lois Pearlman, Pres., Carol Koshar, Historian: Judy Novosel, Sec.g Peggy Bennett, Rep. SITTING: Fay Stahl, Vice- Pres.g Maureen Messett, Treas.g Marie Testa, Chaplain. 4 ...qv SENIOR TRI-HI-Y CABINET -. , rf if W4 KEY CLUB. FIRST ROW: Sam Newton, Pres.: H K1 . T ' SECOND ROW, W lt N HI-Y. FIRST ROW: Bill Balach Pres.'Gary Banks Sgggant-?3'Arr:.2?SBi11 Morocco Secdlyghn Gijgsgf Vice-Pres.: Francis Lengyel, Secretary. SECONI3 . . ' ' ROW: Mike Gracenin, Treas.g Tony Cicco, Sergeant- ki, Vice-Pres. at-Arms L 5 nav'-.X C O NS E RV A T IO N CLUB. Faculty Advisor, M: Chiodo, President, Albert Kocisg Vice-Presiden Frank O'Stafyg Secretary-Treasurer, Jim Freebie Richard Rococi, Historian. .Fx's?"'i'ne.i,., any I fair 4 I JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y. SITTING, 1. to r.: Beverly Masone, Erika Reichart, Mary LynnChirila. STANDING, l. to r.: Nancy Karlos, Wanda Ragster, Sandra Singer, Louisa Chiccarino. BAND OFFICERS. SITTING: Gayle Myers, Sharon Kimmy, Judy Cole, Marie Testa. STANDING: Mary Lou Gutta, Mike Matusick, Gary Vernille, Robert Dumaire, Bill Higgins, Bob Gasparec, Roseria Pugliese, Tom Miller. I I I COMMERCIAL CLUB. L. to R.: Henry Klein, Jane Lambros, Susan Thomas, Cheryl Dresel. THESPIAN CLUB. FRONT to BACK: Mary Alice O'B rien, Peggy Bennett, Gary Banks, Tom Zager, Dave Keryan. FARRELL ASSOCIATION FOR SAFETY EDU CATION, Executive C o m m i t t e e Members, James Scharville, Gary Weiss, Michael Ro- senberg, Robert May, Dennis Stefanish. CITIZEN PROGRAM APPRENTICESHIP KNEELING: Sandra Palko, Faye Stahl, Diana Tarley. STANDING, L. to R Lois Pearlman, Verdis Bridges, Mr Louis Morocco, Marilyn Reaves, Geri Sveda FUTURE NURSES CLUB Pres. Eleanor Zappag Vice Pres. Kathy Russog Sec. SusanBra.1ich. STANDING: Treas. Mary Carmen Bianco, Program Chairman Carol Koshar. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Letitia Marks, Vice Pres.g Lois Pearlman, Pres , and Denise Alcaro, Sec. F.H.S. CHORUS OFFICERS Wanda Ragsterg Denise Alcarog Gayle Myers, and Gary Steiner. BACK ROW-Mr. Samuel Campagnag Rich Harakalg Bob Gasparecg Bill Mackalyg Candi Campagnag and Judy Butala. FRONT and CENTER-Jeanne Ulica,President. 36 4 L fi PUBLIC figffxxxuign , . cnzzazrzsifz? fi 355:42 ANNOUNCERS Wg? aezzseziszasasiiga STANDING L. to R.: Sam Newton Sandy Palko I Gary Weiss Mary Kahl SITTING: Judy Cole 0000000 'Y mnufeimm OFFICE ASSISTANTS STANDING L. to R.: Mary Lou Gutta Mary Alice O'Brien Martha Zipay Hartmut Graef SITTING L. to R.: Gloria DeCapua Diane Tarley 87 ATTENDANCE STAFF L. to R.: Rose Calleja Lynne Banks Geraldine Aiello Vanessa Dantzler Carol Nawrocki Jane Oris HONOR SOCIETY TH ESPIAN CLUB JR. ACHIEVEMENT SR. TRY-HI-Y J R. TRY-HI-Y HI -Y if 'fgfiig E " 89 W as an SIU' 43 ij "" T M I 5 ff" K' 1 ,,,.g, ,UNE ,,,,, ff,- 'wng 11 'V' v,,,,,,,, rv!! 'MT - vm vw VM! T45 'ffm' 'Wm' ww J' 2 A gg' C M-za rw -M' I- ,Q KM MN, 51, M H ' E3 is si as Si 9' --, . 5, ,,,,.,, Q--'P ,,,...-ov """"" HHH MATH CLUB FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA FUTURE NURSES COMMERCIAL CLUB AUTO CLUB PROJECTIONISTS ' ' ' -7 I ' i 7 W X , ff -,Q .pl W, f .H gt, - R, M' - f is - K ' ' ' ii Q-V ., .Wx-1 G ,-st ,. - '- f ' -it lv' Q- .wif i " 1- f f ' K P, Q, ,av-3 .w,w,, ,kk A ,gi I -5:-g5.,s,f.,i... , , - ROW 1: Mr. Edward Flynn, Advisory Bill Higgins, Music EditorgDiana Tarley, Editor-in-Chief, Faye Stahl, Associate Editorg Henry Russo, Associate Editorg Carol Allen, Chief Typistg Lois Pearlman, Society Editorg Mary Alice O'Brien, Assistant Society Editor, and Peggy Bennett, Organization Editor. ROW 2, KNEELING: Gary Banks, News Editor, Clarence Evans, Chief Photographer. ROW 2: Richard Rococi, Sports Editor, Edward Perdian, Typistg Rocco O'Kin, Copy Editor, and James Pacillo, Artist. NIGHT RIDER STAFF KEY CLUB Q gums as Wiiiaiiufiii 3' N' NCQ..- Q9 Y' 0 E1 CONSERVATION CLUB SENIORS CONSERVATION CLUB J RS- SOPHS METEROLOGY CLUB HONORARY LATIN CLUB LATIN II SENIORS LATIN I FRENCH II 8L III FRENCH I LIBRARY STAFF Well, it was fun while it lastedg but wait 'til next year! FIELD DAY I NN f?6NlQfR5'l ff I 1 fax A 3 5, B W 'I When last seen these two seniors were still going The wheelbarrow race was awfully hard on the girls' strong! chins, knees and tummies. Is it a bird? Is it a plane ? No--it's Ron Capitol The seniors score some needed points. scoring for the Juniors! 96 CLASS DAY -'diet I H-sro! To The 5 E N aiming President John Giroski '64 accepting the traditional cap and gown from President Keith Stoner '63 during class day exercises. V ---1 R, . Y 1 s 5 The senior girls sang a few selections Seniors making the grand entrance after their break- fast. 'iwwu Yr 'iv ' ., i f-W 1 n s 1 in fx". S And the senior boys sang a few selections. "NO IUOPE Pencils, U0 IUOTG b00k5"" Farrell Senior High School SIXTIETH Annual Commencement Monday evening, June 3, 1963 at eight o'clock Farrell Senior High School Auditorium Principal Anthony J. Pintar awarding S1600 Pr-occasional F. Mandelilohn 'War March of the Priests" ' The Farrell Senior High School Band James V. Scanga, Conducting Invocation Rabbi Bernard Brown B'Nal Zion Synagogue Farrell, Pennsylvania Clarinet Solo E. Avon Fantasia De Concert Anthony Costanza, Soloist Terrance Ursetts, Acoumpanist Presentation of Special Academic Awards: Superintendent of Schools Senior High School Principal Richard F. Yarzab Terrance T. Ursetta Linda Latsko Barbara Ann Curcio Alexis Generalovlch Elaine M. Roscoe Pamela K. Grande Introduction of Speaker John I-letra, Superintendent of Schools Commencement Address "The Challenge ot Belng an American" Imre Kovacs Keen Student nf World Affairs Dynamic Exponent of Democracy Receiver at the National Best Teller Award Coast to Goa-st Lecturer Vocal Solo "I Shall Not Pass This Way Again" S. Effinger Jack Taylor, Tenor, Terrance Uraettaa Fleno Accompanlst Honor Roll and Awards AHUIOHY -Tv PUW91' Principal of the Senior High School Band Selection "West Side Story Selection" L. Bernstein The Farrell Senior High School Concert Band Presentation of Diplomas Daniel Vlvolo, Presldeut of Farrell Area School Board John I-letra, Superintendent of Schools Andiony J. Plntar, Principal of the Senior High School Recesslonal E- Elk!!! "Pomp and Clrcumstance The Farrell Senior I-Iigh School Concert Band ACCORDING TO RANK ACADEMIC COURSE Richard F. Yarzab Anthony Joseph Costanza, Jr. Linda Catherine Latsko Alexis Generalovich Pamela Kay Grande Cheryl Lee Moon Barbara Ann Curcio Terrance Thomas Ursetta Marilyn Louise Benetto Carol Ann Scardina Carl M. Pandza William Charles Morgan Michael John Keryan Jane Anne Peel Kathleen Ann LaCaniera Tudor Chirila Barbara Branzovich Stephanie Marie Gutowski Sharra Ann Dresch Mary Catherine Magnotto Thomas Andrew Joseph Donna Jean Nicoloff Lauralee Bordy Edward Stephen Puhala Patricia Ann Hornyak Eugene Marc Ge-lfand John George Tatusko Daniel Lee Purich COMMERCIAL COURSE Mary Elaine Roscoe Carol Ann Marks Dollie M. Martin Wolves Scholarship Plaque to Dale Roth. 98 Andrea Lee Evakich Andrea Louise Weber Hildegard Beinhardt Principal Anthony J. Pintar presenting an award to Richard Yarzab. Looking on are Miss Anne Gojdics Senior Class Advisor, and Mr. John Hetra, Superintendent of Schools. Students next to Richard are Linda Latsko Mary Roscoe, and Alexis Generalovich. Seated are Barbara Ann Curcio, Terrance Ursetta and Pamela Grande af - iw., , ,, . ,f ntal T , Wolves Club of Farrell 351600 Scholarship Farrell University Club 3525 Bond Shenango Valley Section Council of Jewish Women, S25 Bond Farrell Music Guild, A Cappella Chorus, S25 Bond Farrell Music Guild, Band, S25 Bond Booster's Club Science Award, S50 Bond Booster's Club Award, S50 Bond Junior Women's College Club Language Award, S25 Bond Farrell Volunteer Fireman, Women's Auxiliary, 3525 Bond Odd Fellows S25 Bond Odd Fellows S25 Bond F.H.S. Key Club fFarrell Kiwanas Clubj S25 Bond Art Award College Club of Sharon Jr. and Sr. High School P.T.A. Award Jr. and Sr. High School P.T.A. Award Future Nurses Club of Farrell Kiwanis Club of Farrell, S25 Bond Math Club of Farrell Senior High School, S25 Bond Bausch and Lomb Honarary Science Medal Proctor and Gamble Award for Home Economics The Daughters of American Revolution Award The Shenango Valley Y.M.C.A. Hi-Y Award The Shenango Valley Y.M.C.A. Tri-Hi-Y Award Dale Roth Richard Yarzab Mary E. Roscoe Jack Taylor Carl Bobby Richard Yarzab Richard Yarzab Linda Latsko Kathleen LaCamera Pamela Grande Richard Yarzab Linda Latsko Pamela Grande Carl Pandza Anthony Costanza Donna Nicoloff Linda Latsko Richard Yarzab Richard Yarzab Dollie Martin Pamela Grande Daniel Vivolo Mary Sue Sabo Sharon Steel Scholarship 4 year, S3000 Michael John Keryan v A y ,Q 55 Q. ,mf I, 5 K' 1 xx THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED. 99 SENIORS CONGRATULATING EACH OTHER ! THESE ERE THE WEEKS THAT WERE 1st week, We d ne s d ay , today is the first day of school. Best behavior is p r e v ale nt. The poor misdirected s o p h o m o r e s are completely lost! Seems strange that after eleven years as s t u d e nts we are starting off the mornings without the "Lord's Prayer." 2nd week, Tuesday, the big election is on! Who will be president? The candidates for the senior class are: Ronald Capitol, John Giroski, Sam Newton, and Gary Wiess. The battle of the ballots will tell the story Thurs- day. The returns are in, the senior officers are: president, John Giroskig vice president, Sam Newtong secre- tary, Pam Rongo. The junior class officers are: president, Pie Rossi, vice president, Steve Miriziog secre- tary, Kathy Sujka. The sophomore class officers are: president,William - Samuels' vice president Louis Mo- Donna Bastlde nacog secretary, Kathy Mack. 3rd week, Monday, quiet prevails this A.M. as there are no announcements today because we are getting a new P.A. system. We had our first fire drill and it was slightly chilly today. Thursday, today we hadourfirst assembly. A representative of the Bell Telephone Company came and in- formed us about "Project Apollo." We were saddened to hear that a former superintendent of Farrell Schools, Mr. W. W. Irwin died today. Friday, the homecoming court is: Queen, Geri Aiello and her attendants are: Seniors: Gayle Myers, Pam Rongog Juniors: Mary Lynn Chirila, and Sophomore Joan Perry. 4th week, Monday, a few of our students came to school today with bandages as a result of stone throwing at Butler Friday night. Friday, today we had a pep rally for our first home football game. The junior varsity cheer- leaders were int r odu c ed and there also was a competition cheer. The seniors won, of course! 5th week, Monday, the Commercial Club had its first meeting today and officers were elected. The president is Henry Klein, the vice president is Janie Lambros, CWhat a team.J Secretary is Susan Thomas, and treasurer is Cheryl Dresel. Wednesday, did you ever watch someone eat spaghetti? Well, someone did and got hit in the eye, of all things! 6th week, Monday, the Seniors chose their colors, flowers, and motto to- day. Light and dark blue won out over burgundy and white, and olive green and charcoal grey. White orchid won out over candy stripe carnation and a yellow rose. "To serve rather than to be served," won out over "Law, truth, usefulness," and "Just as to our fathers may God be to us." Friday, today we had a football rally and Superintendent Hetra gave our boys a pep talk to spur them on to victory. No competition cheer today--no luck! 7th week, Monday, there are new shiny, pastel desks in thebookkeeping room. The Thespian Club had a meeting today and from the looks of the attendancethere are going to be many new members! Wednesday, the girls in gym today went into their second childhood, they played leap frog and farmer-in-the-dell. Boy, were the chemistry kids releived when they didn't have a pop quiz! 8th week, Monday, if you are interested in how long your nose is, just ask any Senior girl, she will be glad to measure it for you. Mr. Chiodo's Con- servation Club rabbit trappers are going on their first outing this weekend. Thursday, our little pep rally in Senior lunch period was short lived. The Snake dance after school tonight was abig success. Report cards today. D-day. 9th week, Monday, one of our senior girls is hiding a cat in her locker fits only made of paper.J One of our student's cars was a victim of a hit-and- run accident today in our school parking lot. How about this crazy elephant joke, why did the elephant paint his head yellow? Blondes have more fun. 10th week, Tuesday, a new Senior boy is sure making himself known with his squeaky shoes, a little less noise Frank. Friday, today we had a foot- ball pep rally. We were lucky enough to see a preview of the Farrell vs. Sharon game, portrayedby a few members of our student body. Fred Cole, the D. J. of WFAR, came and cheered on the boys along with the students. Guess who won the competition cheer ----- Seniors! 11th week, Monday, since today is Veteran's Day we are fortunate to have an assembly first period. Three American Legion and two V. F. W. repre- sentatives spoke to us. Wednesday, everything looks bright and clear and in order. To keep it that way we are getting out at twelve thirty. Tonight is Parent's Night, teachers, please be kind! 12th week, Wednesday, too bad all the stocks we buy in Economics aren't for real! We would all be rich! Friday, November 22, today we were shocked and saddened to hear of the assassination of our President, John F. Kennedy. Words could not express how we felt whenwe heard the tragic news. 13th week, Tuesday, lthink we should congratulate two of our male faculty on that big game they brought home from their hunting trip. Better luck next time! Wednesday, today starts our Thanksgiving vacation and you can imagine what it was like when the final bell rang to be dismissed! ! 1 0 ! ! O 14th week, Monday, today a representative from the Chamber of Commerce came to speak to us about the progress of the Shenango Valley. Everything went fine until he showed us a picture of that school to the north fSharon, of course.J Thursday, with three filled rooms of detention and that pizza sale after school we should have a real swinging party--I hope! 15th week, Wednesday, our tree looks beautifulbut the boys look like snow- men, covered with artificial snow. Thursday, our lovely Christmas tree seemed as if it would fall forward any minute, as if it were coming at you but have no fear,our Key Club members rescued it from its would be fate! 16th week, Monday, it's too late to join that cookie crunching party in Mr. Dresch's Government class,but lucky for us because we would have gotten two mornings detention for not eating the cookies while they were warm! Friday, l'll give you one guess to the reason why everyone was lackadaisical in school today,of course, we had to go home to face Christmas vacation-- all that time without school! 17th week, Monday, well, everyone looks bright and shiny today. They're sporting their new Christmas clothes. Thursday, well, maybe the receipts in Home Ec. are good, but if eating cake that's like soup is the new style, a few of our senior girls can keep it. 18th week, Monday, snow, snow and more snow so no school today, unless we all buy snow shoes and dog sleds! Tuesday, well, I don't think one day vacation was enough for some kids. You should see the absentee list! 19th week, Thursday, did you hear those brakes screech? Well, one of our bright senior girls made a complete circle driving to school this morning. Friday, today at the pep rally a Tiger, portrayed by one of our fellow stu- dents, was defeated by one of the all-powerful Steelers! 20th week, Monday, today the Home Ec. room looked like the United States Mint with all that French Club money being counted. There was almost thirty whole dollars there. Tuesday, the Math Club made some crucial decisions today, one was, where the annual banquet is going to be held. 21st week, Monday, if anyone knows where I could find chicken feathers please tell me or maybe there will be a bare rooster in Finian's Rainbow. Tuesday, with all that noise and screaming at the Commercial Club meeting it sounded like a jam session. 22nd week, Tuesday, Candy '? Anyone for candy ? Today in health, not only money was put in circulation, but candy also. It was like having a candy store in school. Thursday, to make English class complete, along with the records all we needed was some popcorn and candy! 23rd week, Monday, Beatlemania is invading everywhere and every thing in our school. A few of our boys have been reprimanded about their hair- cuts. Wednesday, the screams you hear are from the Home Ec. room, an eraser caught fire and the ironing board was going up in flames. Thursday, today the seniors attended their last pep rally and in behalf of their basket- ball team a poem was read in their honor by Joanne Prince. 24th week, Monday, today we had a pep rally to celebrate our victory over Sharon. Our secret weapon is to have more poetry read at rallies instead of all that shouting. This week saw our illustrious faculty members lose a heartbreaker in basketball to the Junior High School faculty inathrilling overtime game. Mr. John Chiodo coped the most valuable player award. In the prelim, the Hi-Y boys took the measure of the Key Clubbers. 25th week. Maybe it's a fad, but there seems to be more boys on crutches lately, our class prez has returned to form, he's on them again. Friday we were all saddened to hear thatone of our Sophomore classmates, Donna Bastide, has been taken away from us. Our sympathy is extended to her family and her many close friends, may she rest in peace. 26th week saw our Finian Rainbow production a smash hit. The cast did themselves justice and all three evening performances were well accepted by the audiences. Much credit should go to Our persevering faculty members, Mr. Joseph Scarvell and Mr. Samuel Campagna. 27th week. Mr. Komar, our yearbook advisor, informs us that the deadline for the last page of the year book is upon us. This is it. Sadly, or with relief and some misgivings, we must bring this synopsis of our school year to a close. We hope that our weekly reviews will help you to re- member, in years to come, some of the highlights of our lastlschool year together at F.H.S. Briefly, though, here is the remainder of our school calendar--- 28th, Hi-Y basketball banquet. 29th, Tri-Hi-Y Mother and Daughter tea, and our practice teachers leave today. We enjoyed having you. 30th, We and our school are being evaluated by a visiting committee for three days, a very interesting experience. P.T.A. dance Sat. 31st, Senior High School music concert Fri., and Senior class dance Sat. 32nd, Senior Tri-Hi-Y dinner at Eagles Grille. 33rd, Junior - Senior Prom. It was lovely as ever. "Over the Rainbow" was the theme. 34th, Commercial Club banquet. 35th, Sunday Baccalaureate services. 36th, Commencement. 'l -I - fffffi f.1f'flf'C7'0l? , --"' B39 1 xg X X XX sb. 5 TAFF x Q Pam Rongo K- Ha-in F ' Clarence Evans , Patsy Monaco - is 'Q w Richard Rococi Y .f f Susan Bralich F H Nickolina Agresti Kathy Yevchak Mary Ann Pacileo Carol Nawroc .lk Ilona Kuharik Janie Lambr ki Geraldine Sveda Frank Novotny Francis Lengyel os Rachel Pepe and Carmella Grande 7 ,Q so we Q Linda Jennings X, v Qtr: Q ,. A f es F A 'i ., . RQ' 1- x F i n-...- Virginia Jones We are indebted to these people for helping to put together our 1964 yearbook. qDcu-'Q CQ' Kavvxaax, Faculty adviser "And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country." F l I This mass card, designed by Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, was distributed at the door of St. Ma.tthew's Cathedral to each guest as he departed for Arlington cemetery. The card contained a picture of President Kennedy on one side and the above words, excerpts from his. inaugural address, on the reverse side with his name and the dates of his birth and death. ' UPI TELEPHOTO 11f25!63 WASHINGTON, D. C. Courtesy of the Sharon Herald Q .N f THE DAY THE WORLD CRIED A child saluted and the world cried. A caisson's wheels creaked, the horses' hoofs beat a steady tattoo on the pavement. A drum rolled, its solemn cadence repeated in the throbbing heartbeat of the multitude. The muted tone of a bugle penetrated the barrier of mankind's prejudice and fear, and the world cried. A woman wept brokenly, achild whimpered, a man's muffled sobbing could be heard mingled with the solemn wailing of the bagpipes. The jets roared overhead and screamed their indignation. Quiet enveloped all. Arustling flag was folded, a sputtering flame was lit, a day ended. A child saluted and the world cried. . by Marilee Rocco F.H.S. CLASS '65 Peace is better thanwar, because in peace the sons bury their fathers, but in War the fathers bury their SOIIS. -f A -lhx - v- ., CROESUS We W ,Q fn if if YA ing if R M' , ,YV rj! ,m,-M f Y -ip Liiirgf 1 LS? J -.-ff --1 A M-Ll 1 A x l1,- x 7 .Q X 1' ,X i--X -gf . TX- :Xf g.x ,Aifft 'iii v, Y ' 4, ...-'1L'lff,-f T- 1, A Tj gj ,' Q '- - "1 Q, : r Y Z 2:5 'ff Y al' f: -'u,y-:HH 911,-, X , ,g,Jg',,pi-1' 1 ,..i... , ,. , 1Y1?"'Z3J'2+,., H , af-ff1Z:G:'., . 'Mya 2, tag 1p,TwLG.::2-9X,f3ij5j.4!1:5,. - nv, " ., --2:2 N H 104 We deem e v e ry o n e of whatever nation, tongue or language equal parts of the great Government. GEORGE WASHINGTON 'G , L' ' T Q: .3 5 E 2 C2 W w W 1 P 1 . 'X ,, ' ' W. --PM "N ,- sw 'I-ff!"79 V ' 5 A .mf fffv , li J '?5UlWf'A Wx gfq., ff F gf P' 1 ' fi f Q 557 , 1 f , in , 1 1 rv gg" !""" 31" -1 35' is 5' ' ' Y' 2' ii E sr w , ,fp--' ,'..,--f 16.4, 5 Q , V A A f .- ff' 1,10 'f yw,', f, Wfffff' jg 5...-H Q ,W A i 15 YRFNQ M. i 55 QQ 1,,.-an 47 1 , c . Q Q ....- -f-H """ ,W f Q Ayn . 93 55. ig? :img ,fe ' Q ifwfw X '- fflf. Q, if' w1' 1 nQ W f 4 f , V , . . ' n , . ,. ,Au . 42, I fssxfwl Q1-np gm...-'V gf ' f A 5 f i Q" f. 5 Xi fm Q g W , N mu QM? find Ks. ,,..,,f,. f 1 , .,,P-,,,,,,,, Y 5 ,.....-,Q . V- ,- ' ' W? 335255 f L..-,---v-- .v v ff? fi S- um k. WL ' , ,N W V :wM . XKQ. X x, X is f . 0, ... 4

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