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tg- . . Y , S' W N A yx. 'i Q 3 x .g'l' Q37 gd 3 f v f i . 1 7 :Q Y, . 5' .., ax K - 1- :- I if V JKT' L. 'ff , 5 fgxy. ' . ' AAI' . U " ,H M- 'ighzlb ASQ x ' .. 'ID -b ' :'As - t :A if A Q F ', " 'M--.1 - f , ' ' ' -'N' ' "4 . :fl - 'f -. Q1-' ' .541 '- -4--'-" .f f- 'gf f:"'f1? K'-F' Pg- Q . ,jigsxxu la- 7 i.1,-c,,- 1 fi' Y., 4 ., , "' ' -:M s rw- ff . ' " M' , f 'fl' -iii?" diff" 77! A ' ' T 0 - Lf 1, . I ,f I , D, , A 1 l , . , u 3 1 1 -V14 ' y 4, , , ,Q, v W-..-,,'.g -. -f , i :K ,l f f ,,, ' - , l ,,- 4 ', " :', 1 . ,ff ,, . if x 'f 55- 1 , AF," I V ' lf, xv ' '14-" 42" '35 J ' ' 301g "Viv Vg 1" 4 341 4-'45 4' '. 1 XJ '5"5? 'A-1 ' A " . .. -4 - -- 4- - iff, f-J . Q T fe --,fll 'i 6, 1' , "-2 1-",'j,sfg.',L". ' ,V ...qw QE, . ,Z J,,:: I in . if u. ' ,ri , an Iv' ' :' ,-qv?" f: lvwhe - gi j V 'i, If, A -f gg-12 - fl lf! Q .-:rf " 4 4 Q ' Q' 'EQ bw 5 ' tw' iffy: ' 5. Y. 1 -I l 4 5' I lat? ,Q If . D, AQ x a '- ' 5 Q 5 7, H Y, ' '15 f-r ...f ey dy. W., 4 , . ft A . 0 'fi "' Q H- 'e of -. -,,, " , L 'jf' ' 5 '-. :- f . -A,..,u .- iv 1 ' V 5 T, - 'fegi' . M- L r nuff, s' gif? . :N F. ,Q 'iz Q' -Q 51 f -1--as Q , " A h 1-7 -5 D-Iii A QP' ' 1... , , .....--i 'J ' .rv . MW., 1 , X . 1 1 ' L . Missa! .. . Q gf.: -Nw ' 'f .,.4 n ..j,.- w ,sb 1 ' ,, A " 4vZ"'?4 --LQ-. ...:. - 4sk,,Q,-5 .' A, V . 1, m -- j,: 1 " . x' , 'u ' "' 'Q Y 3,-4 11.11 ani 'Ha' C ,f-V' . 1 "W ,pf- ,-,- .M A A, - ..- u.ya-1.2-M S77-.-... .X - ....a...... .',, -- qvn-n:'nu-.- -- a-Q-s In-pu -M 1 I t1 vv"'f"!Y"""' 5... ..Qf7..., - ...por-f W-7. 'yg - L S,T'-Ln...-M ..., .,-- - ii'1vlnmQ -,.- f E-wg, - ,., .-. .. 5-.-nav,-...-.,T"7 llilabdnwqtuf- as-I An... -. N ....-.-...vm-..... xi , -.f::4:':. ,Q I l 'S I :gm . 'i extras.:-o Q- 1 .L L ' ' sul:-onus-n.EL."l. J ---2.-asf 7 ji y-,xr ' 'Q ' .. fggi. J.: "'--- . .. ,L . - 1 -.Nh , ,1., ' 3' ..,,m A ""'A""- 1..- . .,4 .... I ,V -1 mgv-NM.. ' 'iflif' ',-- - --- 5 xv v D V: ' K, , -.V-, 4-ma ---.lah """v-1. A - .V ' -A.- V-' 35," gQ +., , - V 'M-'--if .,'v1,2ufi' . " "-Alsifgrf'-' '- ,f'f'..',NQva"- "Ay-.s.,sJ.'M"i'KSf'f7e?!" A. ' X --7,-, In- , ' . --.. vw" "' , . "2 .. ' 5 ..,, .N , I .,x.., K , N , , ,. . , ..,A .- x , , . . . - ' , V! "vs, .' , .....J'-,L+ Qi . l ' '17 my v-5i'.,.v-+45 X-'.'.w,,,f. .--fa.-. ,"' A , V ' - '1-w is , JFK-x-'Ll Q-.y - KH' .. ,-. . N 1M..,N-'-vh'hx1 ,r:1. -' ' -. - -' " J -iw ' --. V' ' W -. V. - ' -if-1-.1--.. -.' .- 'Q' . '- '- . Au," H- . . . K .y - , . . ,.' M N .. .1 .-. xv, . -.rv X ul- ' N ' , . L.. , . .s . , . I hw. X Y-1 , X I J 'QA -4 4 -1 if A. gi THE REFLECTOR Nineteen Hundred And Sixfy Two W 'MX 59th Commencement Edifion mlmgf Q L. gA ILL Y, , Q M4019 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIORS OF FARRELL HIGH SCHOOL - FARRELL, PENNSYLVANIA TORIAL REVIEW CLASS OF sixrv Two I OREWORD "It is more blessed to give than to receive," says the Bible. Also, in his inaugural address, the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, said that the citizens of the United States should not ask what their country can do for them, but rather, what they can do for their coun- try. In keeping with these philosophies, we, the Senior Class of 1962, chose as our motto: "IT IS BETTER TO SERVE THAN TO BE SERVED." Not only should the members of the Class of 1962 think of graduating and perhaps of being of service to others, but we should also remember the numerous ways in which we were helped during our school years, especially by those people in the many service organizations and clubs in Farrell and throughout the Valley. These groups are comprised of men and women from all walks of life, who devote much time and energy volunteering their services in order to help the students of our schools. On the following pages we will discuss several of these clubs and enumerate the ways in which they generously offer their unstinting sup- port and service to our schools. TRAW9 THE LIONS CLUB THE LIONS CLUB On the front of the Lions' International Building in Chi- cago, headquarters of the world-wide Lions' organization, is a large and imposing emblem of the Lions International. This same insigniais woven on the Lions' Club flag, and dup- licated on a Lion member's lapel pin. Pictured on this em- blem are two lions in profile at either side and facing away from the center. They represent the individual Lion member facing both past and future--proud of the past and confident ofthe. future. Lion members have a right to be proud of the past and of the many projects they have contemplated and completed. Many great things have been accomplished be- cause of the fine example set by the early members of the Club. Today there are approximately 14,000 Lion Clubs in more than 90 countries on six continents of the world. When the Club began in 1917, its first officers could not have fath- omed the rate of growth of the Club. Its growth was so rapid that today more than 600,000 service-minded professional and business men are taking part in the organization. All those men sincerely hope in some way to alleviate suffering, want, and fear by their many worthy services in their re- spective communities. They have shown their devotion and dedication to this cause by their commendable work during the past and, no doubt, their work in the future. Evenin our own city, the Lions Club has rendered much service during the thirty-two years of its existence here. The local Lions' main concern and activities are concentrated on the unfortunate blind and those with poor eyesight. They furnish eyeglasses for Farrell's needy school children and assist the blind in many ways. Realizing how important good sight is to students in school, the Lions Club provides eye- glasses for children who could not otherwise afford them. Preventing blindness is important to the Lions, too. To further research on a national scale, and perhaps to help save someone'seyes, they donate money to the National Eye Bank. They also have given aid in past years to sight conser- Lion Dr. John C. Borah fitting two childrenwith glasses, courtesy of the Farrell Lions Club. LIONS CLUB OFFICERS L to R Mr. Louis Morocco, Secretary, Mr. Anthony J. Pintar W President, Mr. Joseph J. Reda, First Vice President, Mr. John Pandza, Treasurer. vation classes inthe Farrell elemitary school system. 'ine blind people of the area also receive help by insuring their safety against hazards with the use of white walking canes. In order to have the blind enjoy their summers a little more, some blind people are sent to a summer camp. Also, Read- ers Digest records are distributed to them by the Club. Some of these records offer recreational listening, while others are of amore serious nature and offer cultural readings and classical music. Besides these worthy and laudable projects for the blind, the Lions Club has performed many other worth- while projects in the community of Farrell. They have pur- chased shoes for needy school children and raincoats for the Junior Police of the schools. An audiometer to help check the hearing of school children, and still in use today, was also a contribution of the Lions Club. Another one of the Club's major projects andused throughout the Mercer County area, was the purchase of a 523,000 Mobile x-ray unit. Its pur- chase was greatly aided by a very sizable donation from the local members themselves. This x-ray unit was bought over fifteen years ago and is still in use by people all over the county, adults and children alike. Finally, the construction of the Lions Den in 1949, which is used for lodge meetings and community purposes, is one more reason why our own Lions Club has a right to be proud of the past. All of these activities cost money. Notwithstanding the generous contributions made by the Lion members them- selves, this is not quite enough for large scale services that the organization wished to render. In order to raise these larger amounts, the Lions resort to money-raising methods of which the most successful and popular has been the Lions' Basketball Tournamentwhich takes place during the Christ- mas vacation. The Farrell varsity basketball team is usually pitted against the most outstanding teams in Pennsylvania. Some years the team plays teams as far off as the New York City area, New Jersey, and, of course, our neighboring state of Ohio. The Lions' Tournament has been very successful and the sports fans throughout this area look forward to this annual affair. Ifyou rememberthe Lion's emblem, there is a lion look- ing away from the present and into the future. Because of the Lions' fine past and present deeds, they can truly look toward the future with confidence. One can see the true spirit of aLionwhich is exemplified by this excerpt from the Club's code of ethics: "To always bear in mind my obligations as a citizen to my nation, my state, and my community, and to give them my unswerving loyalty in work, act and deed. To give them freely of my time, labor, and means." In this paragraph the Lions imply their confidence in the future as set forth in their IT10St appropriate motto: "We serve." 6 Mr. Angelo Grande, Principal of F.H.S. presenting Wolves' Club S1600 Scholarship Certificate to s en 1 o r Albert Paldino, Class of 1961. Linda Latsko's winning Poster--on a windy day. Poster contest spon- sored by The Wolves, advertising the annual musical money-raising pro- gram. Wolves Club Officers L to R Mr. August Petrillo, Second Vice President, Mr. Frank Fazzalore, First Vice President, Mr. Thomas J . Nevant, President, Mr.Wil1iam DeCapua, Secretary, Mr. William Rongo, Treasurer. WOLVES CLUB On September 26, 1929 a small group of Italian business and professional men convened at the home of David D. Valiensi in New Castle, Pennsylvania, and organized a civic club to help needy male students finish their college educations. Secretly, these men gave the students financial assistance in the form of non-binding loans. From this one group, known as Den No. I of the Wolves, evolved the National Association of the Wolves, which was founded in 1951. The Association consists of local Wolves Clubs in many communities of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Perhaps you are wondering how the Wolves Club chose its name. There is a truly significant reason because the early club members felt that the name "Wolves" was a true symbol of service. This fact is shown in the old Roman legend of the twins, Romulus and Remus. They were two ltalianprinceswho were cast into the sea when they were babies, by their cruel uncle. By some work of fate or by the will of the Gods, as the story goes, they were washed uponthe shore and found by a she-wolf. The wolf nursed the boys until a sheperd came upon them and raised them to manhood. The man, Romulus, supposedly founded a city and called it Rome. The main point of the legend is the act of charity by the she-wolf. This act of offering help to those in need was characteristic of the main objective the club members intended to carry out, so they chose the appropriate name, Wolves, for their association. From its earliest beginnings, the Club's main profit has been the offering of assistance to college students. In the Wolves Club of Farrell, which was founded on February ll, 1953, this project was accomplished by granting an- nuallyaS16O0 scholarship to aworthy high school senior student. The scholar- ship coversa four-year period and may be used at any college. To choose the recipients of this annual award is a very difficult task. The results of a com- petitive examination and the degree of financial need are the basis upon which one student is selected from the many candidates, boys or girls. ln each den, a scholarship committee is elected to choose a student after examination re- sults have been corrected andforwarded to the den by the National Association. Collectively, the ten dens included in the National Association have donated 374,000 toward scholarship awards. Since 1953, Farrel1's Den No. IV alone, has contributed 512,800 in awards to the graduating boys or girls regardless of race, color, or creed. Past wirmers of a scholarship in Farrell have been Kostos Hrisoulas, 1954, John C. McKetrick, 1955, Mercedes L. Bastide, 19565 Hartwell P. Brown, 1957, Ralph H. Solida, 1958, Gerald Hurayt, 1959, Bernard Sims, 1960, and Albert M. Paldino, 1961. Never could this laudable project have been carried out in any den without the cooperation of the people in the community. To finance the scholarship program in Farrell, an Annual Musical Show is presented by the Wolves at the Senior High School auditorium. Taking part in this program are many talented performers from the Shenango Valley and surrounding areas. The people of Farrell should patronize the Wolves show if they are interested in producing good minds and responsible citizens from our community, so should the stu- dents appreciate what the Wolves want to do for them and their families. We can easily understand the desire of the Wolves Club to render helpful service by recalling their Motto: "Pro Bono Publico", "For The Good of the Public". 7 Officers--Mr. Frank Zurawsky, Vice President, Mr. Joseph C. Tommins, President, Mr. Kenneth Smith, Treasurer. THE KIWANIS CLUB "To provide, through this club, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render service, and to build abetter community," are the fundamental objectives of the Kiwanis Club. The local Kiwanis Club was organized in Farrell in 1956 as an affiliate of Kiwanis International and the members of this organization aid the students of our schools in many ways. In particular, the division of the club especially designated to Youth Services is concerned with various duties to aid students. The Youth Services section of the Kiwanis Club is comprised of three commit- tees, each worlcingwith different phasesof student life. One of the committees, the committee on Boys and Girls Work, studies and suggests methods to help young people adapt themselves to the educational, social, and moral demands they will encounter throughout their lives. It also makes provisions for recreation and enjoyment for youngsters in the followingways: The Kiwanis members sponsor a Little League and a Babe Ruth baseball team in Farrell. These teams make it possible for young baseball aspirants to un- derstand the fine points of the game and to improve, nat- urally, their skill in playing. The club also co-sponsors a civic Halloween parade in conjunction with the local mer- chants and other civic organizations. Prizes are awarded for the best costumes in many categories, and the children, as well as adults, look forward with eager anticipation to this annual affair. Another noteworthy project of the or- Winners 1961 Halloween Parade. nl 7- 1 ganization is the partial financing of the retarded children's classes in Farrell. Because of the great amount of time and effort volunteered by the Kiwanis members, these children now enjoy the facilities of atelevision set, a variety of books, project material for various arts and crafts, and ahigh-fidelity record player. The members give this group parties throughout the year, to make holidays such as Christ- mas, Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, just a little brighter. Another committee of Youth Services is the Key Club Committee, this committee supervises the functions of the Farrell High School Key Club. Two of the money raising ventures of the Key Club, under t.he auspicies of the Kiwanis, are the sale of plastic book covers and car washes held at area gas stations., The boys diligently work for long hours to raise money for school functions and charitable activities. Any money received also might help to send local Key Club members to the State Convention. Besides direct services to the students, the Key Club also works to benefit our school indirectly. For example, the club purchased the beautiful white school flag that now graces the stage of our auditorium. The members also buy and decorate the Christmas tree each yearfor our school. The tree is placed in the foyer, and it adds to the spirit of Christmas reigning in our halls in Dec- ember. A capable man to direct these and the other activities of the Key Club in our school is needed, and in our school the director of the Key Club is Mr. Joseph C. Tommins, the boy's health and gym instructor. He performs his duties efficiently and helps the boys attain their goals. Thirdly, there is a committee on Vocational Guidance. It tries to counsel and direct students into proper vocations. One of the Ways it helps students is by giving them financial assistance. Talented students in the field of art receive a U. S. Savings Bond from the Kiwanis Club to help them pur- sue their study of art. Linda Chiccarino received the award last year, and Nancy Bintz two years ago, when the award was inaugurated. This committee is especially important because it tries to guide students into fields which will lead them to success and a good future. So, as you can see, the Farrell branch of the Kiwanis Club is an asset to our community, our students, and our school. THE FARRELL BOOSTERS CLUB AND OTHER SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS On a Sunday afternoon in March, 1931, a group of ten citizens who were interested in the athletic program of the Farrell High School, met in the social rooms of the Farrell Fire De- partment in order to raise enough money to send the high school band to the Scott High and Farrell basketball game in Pittsburgh. This was the birth of the Farrell Boosters Club. This organization does exactly what its name implies--it boosts Farrell in general and the athletic interests of the town's youth in particular. The ten original members were Jules B. Roux, Jr., Fred Jarrett, Bill Miller, Sam Leyshock, Francis Patt, Sr., Johnny Fabian, George Wetherstein, Clyde Arkwright, A.J. Monaco and Percy Francis. Since its origin the club has compiled an enviable public service record and has contri- buted consistently to charitable organizations. Long-remembered will be the Boosters Club Fourth of July celebrations of past years and the club's present policy of awarding Saving Bonds to students of superior scholarship. Much of the financial support for the organiza- tion's activities stemmed from the amateur boxing matches it staged at the Farrell Athletic Field not too many years ago during the summer months. Many national boxing figures ap- peared here as amateurs, amongthem was Farrell's own Billy Soose who reached the pinnacle of professional boxing when he became the welter weight champion of the world. Last year the Farrell Booster's Club awarded a S50 U.S. Savings Bond to a student with the highest scholastic average .......... John Paul Kahlg also, a S50 U.S. Savings Bond to a student with the highest average in mathematics ........... Albert Michael Paladino. Other clubs and organizations who contribute financially or pay tribute to worthy students are: The University Club of Farrell, to a student with the highest average in the Academic Course, a S25 U.S. Savings Bond ............................. Robert DeMarco The Shenango Valley Section of Jewish Women, to a student with the highest average in the Commercial Department, a S25 U.S. Bond ..................... Mary Kay Andrews The Junior Women's College Club of the Shenengo Valley, to a student outstanding in the field of Modern Languages, a S25 U.S. Savings Bond ............... Annette Krzysiek The Farrell Volunteer Fireman Women's Auxiliary, to an outstanding academic student, and whose mother is affiliated with the organization ................ Frederica Rufio The Parent-Teachers Association of the Junior and Senior High Schools, to a student out- standing in the Home Economics Department, a S25 U.S. Savings Bond . . Charlene Jean Mikulin The Farrell Lodge No. 59 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, to an outstanding boy and girl in view of service, character, and scholarship. Two S25 U.S. Savings Bond ...... Thomas White and Diane Pavlovich A The Sharon Steel Corporation 53,000 scholarship award ....... Michael Francis Sujka The Parent-Teachers Association of the Junior and Senior High Schools, to a student in the Industrial Arts Department, outstanding'scholastically, a S25 U.S. Savings Bond ...... Larry Belcik U.S.Tgjv?:g'5l-E.1622Ii11S1C Guild, to two ougtanding members of the Chorus and Band, each a S25 The Westinghoilge. . . torus--Matthew.Ledbetter and Band--Judith Svirbely titude 01'P0ra ion, a S25 certificate to a student for vocational ap- Thg12215621531-.fltdhlzislAgsbkiliiiniill-A5 ' ' 'f' ' ' ' ' ' f ' ' ' ' 'Pam' Piluttfm bo nd n 1 ' I ogm iono outstandingaccomphshment by a seruor y a gir . College Dictionary .... Adriemie Anne Woytanoski and Andrew Mark Perfilio The Daughters of the American Revolution in recognition of good citizenship based on dependability, service, leadership and patriotism ................. Bernadette Martin The Mathematical Association of American Award. Highest score in the National Math Examination..... .... . .... ..............................GeraldBullano The Proctor and Gamble Award for outstanding achievement in Home Economics Mary Catherine Pasci ' ' ' ' ' ' The Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award . . . R b t D The Thespiall Club Acting Award to ......... .... Senior- ?Di'1ew 12535133 ' Sophomore--Pamela Grande 9 FARRELL AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT LEFT SIDE OF TABLE, Mr. Thomas R. Stanton, Treasurerg Mr. Bernard L. Brysh and Mr. Merle M. Levine. RIGHT SIDE, Mr. Kenneth M. Livingstong Mr. Anthony J. Namey and Miss Cecelia Burns. BACK ROW, Mr. Frank Whalen, Vice-Presidentg Mr. John Hetra, Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Robert T. Flynn, President: Mr. Richard Morocco, Board Secretary and Mr. Edward Turosky, Solici- tor. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. Frank Whalen, Vice-President of the Board of Educationg Chairman of the Instruction Committee. Mr. Anthony J. Namey, Chairman of the Supply Committee. GUIDANCE AND CIRRICULUM COORDINATOR Mr. Louis Morocco B. S. Thiel College M. A. Columbia University STAFF: Seated: Andrea Weber and Pat Hoyney Standing: Carol Roscoe, Carol Marks, Barbara Harkulich and Dollie Martin PRINCIPAL FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Mr. Anthony J. Pintar B.S. Grove City College M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh MRS. VICTORIA BARBU ' MRS. VICTORIA BARBU ...... B. A. University of Pittsburgh ...... English III ...... Junior Class Ad- visor. PAUL R. BOHACH ...... B. A. Westminster College ...... M. Ed. Westminster College ...... N-.-.J General Math I. . .... General Math Q ll ...... Algebra I .... ' . .Advisor of Math Club ...... MRS. THELMA M. BRICE ...... B. S. Clarion State Teachers College ...... M. A. Equivalent ...... Librarian. SAM- UEL CAMPAGNA JR. ...... B. S. Indiana State College ...... M. Ed. Pennsylvania State University ...... A Cappella Chorus ...... Concert Choir. . . .Music I ..... .Choral Director. JOSEPH CANTELUPE . . . . . .B. S. Economics, Duquesne University ...... Englishll. FRANK E. CHESS JR. Educa- MR. PAUL R. BOHACH tio n , Clarion State College ...... Driver Education .... . .Boys In- tramural. MRS. THELMA M. BRICE MR. SAMUEL CAMPAGNA JR. eil MR. JOSEPH CANTELUPE MR. FRANK E. CHESS JR. JOHN CHIODO JR. ...... B. S. Westminster College ...... M. Ed. Westminster College .... . .Physics . . . . . .Consumer Science. . . . . . Advisor of Conservation Club .... . . Advisor of Farrell High Meteorlogi- cal Club. THOMAS R. CIMORIC . . . . . .B. S. Education, California State College, Pennsylvania ...... Wood Shop. RALPH E. DRESCH . . . . . .B. A. Indiana University . . . . . .M. Ed. University oi Pitts- burgh .... . .P.O.D. ...... Athletic Director ...... Hi-Y Club Advisor. JOSEPH DUICH JR. ...... B. S. Youngstown University ..... .M. Ed. Westminster College ...... Typ- ing I ...... Bookkeeping I. MISS FRANCESA.DURITSA ...... B. S. Pennsylvania State University ...... MR. JOHN CHIODO JR. f-"W A M. A. Columbia University ...... Home Economics ...... Head of Home Economics Department. ED- WARD FRANCIS FLYNN ...... B. A. University of Dayton ...... M. S. Ed. Westminster College ..... . English II ...... Journalism ...... Night Rider Advisor. ..... Boys In- tramural. MR. RALPH E. DRESCH ff"""l M MISS FRANCES A. DURITSA MR. EDWARD FRANCIS FLYNN MR. THOMAS F. CIMORIC MR. JOSEPH DUICH JR. MISS ANNE GOJDICS oo, MISS ANNE GOJDICS. . . . . .B. A. L Pennsylvania State University ...... M. Litt. University of Pittsburgh . ..... Senior English ...... Pupil Accounting ...... Senior Class Ad- . visor. MISS OLGA GOJDICS. .... . B. S. Carnegie Institute of Technolo- gy ...... M. Litt. University of Pittsburgh ...... Business Arith- metic . ..... Typewriting H ..... . Head of Commercial Department. ANGELO M. GRANDE ...... B. A. Grove City College. ..... M. A. University of Alabama. ..... World Culture ...... Head of Social Stud- ies Department. MRS. MILDRED GRANDE ...... B.A. Western Re- serve University ...... Engllsh III . . . . . .MISS ALICE M. GRIFFITH . . . . . .B. S. Indiana State College . . . . . .M. Ed. Pennsylvania State g,,, h- MR. ANGELO M. GRANDE MRS. MILDRED GRANDE University ...... English IV ...... Creative Writing ...... Advisor of Se ni o r Tri-I-Ii-Y. MISS HELEN GRIMES ...... B. S. Grove City College ...... M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh ...... Plane Geometry . ..... Solid Geometry ..... . Trigonometry ...... Head of Math Department. MISS OLGA GOJDICS MISS HELEN GRIMES 'FX if . W I MISS ALICE M. GRIFFITH ...ek . l.l. 1 MRS. MARY TEARE JONES ...... B. S. Business Administration, Grove City College. . .... Shorthand I ...... Shorthand II ...... Tran- scription ...... Advisor of Com- mercial Club. PAUL A. KOMAR . . . . . .B.A. Thiel College. . . . . . M.A. Fine Arts, University of Iowa ......ArtI......ArtII...... Yearbook Advisor. ..... Head of Art Department. TUDOR LEWIS . . . . . .B. A. Westminster College . . . . . .M. A. University of Pitts- burgh. ..... Woodworking ..... . Supervisor Industrial Arts. ED- WARD LINDWAY. ..... B. S. Grove City College ..... .M. Ed. Univer- sity of Pittsburgh ...... Chemistry . ..... Head of Science Department. ALFRED A. MALATESTA. .... . B. A. St. Bonaventure University . . . . . .M. A. Westminster College ....LatinI... ...Latin II . . . . . .Advisor Projectionist Club . . . . . .Advisor of Latin Club. PAUL J. MATUSCAK ..... .B. S. Business Administration, Youngstown Univer- sity ...... Bookkeeping I and II . . . . . .Oifice Practice. . . . . . Commercial Club Advisor. MRS. MARY TEARE JONES MR. PAUL A. KOMAR MR. TUDOR LEWIS MR. EDWARD LINDWAY MR. ALFRED A. MALATESTA MR. PAUL J. MATUSCAK MR. ELLSWORTH MCCLEARN MR. EDWARD J. MCCLUSKEY ELLSWORTH McCLEARN. .... . Voc. Ed. University of Pittsburgh . . . . . .M.A.Equlvalent, California State College, Pennsylvania. . . . . Machine Shop. EDWARD J. Mc- CLUSKEY ...... B. S., Washington and Jefferson College .... . .Ameri- can History ...... Varsity Basket- ball Coach. MISS ANNAROSE MO- RACA ...... B. S. College of New Rochelle. ..... Biology. MRS. PA- TRICIA A. MULLER ...... B. S. Health Education, Slippery Rock State College ...... Girls Physical Education ...... Senior Girls Health . . . .Head of Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders ...... Girls Intramurals. . .... Girls Athletic ClubAdvisor. JOSEPH G. NESTICH . . . . . .B. S. Kent State University . . . . . .M. Ed. Kent State University . . . . . .Mechanical Drawing. IRWIN ORR ...... Voc. Ed. University of Pittsburgh ...... M.A. Equivalent, MISS ANNAROSE MORACA MR. JOSEPH G. NESTICH California State College, Pennsyl- vania ...... Metal Shop. MRS. PATRICIA A. MUELLER MR. IRWIN ORR Z r 'B. A. Westminster College ...... ANTHONY PAULEKAS ...... B. S. Washington and Jefferson College . . . . . .P.O.D. . . . . .World Geo- graphy ...... Varsity Football Coach . . . . . .Co-Advisor of Senior Class. MISS KATHRYN POLYZOU ...... M. A. University of Iowa ...... Pub- lic Speaking ...... Dramatics. .... . School Plays ...... Thespian Club Advisor ...... Chairman of Speech Department ..... .MISS MARGARET V. ROUX ...... B. A. Seton Hill College ...... M. A. Tulane Univer- sity ...... French I and II ...... Sophomore Class Advisor. . . . . . French Club Advisor. JAMES V. SCANGA ...... B. S. Indiana State College ...... M. Ed. Pennsylvania State University ...... Director of Instrumental Music ...... Senior Band Director. JOSEPH E. SCAR- VELL ...... B. S. Youngstown Uni- versity ...... American History . . . . . .World Culture. DAVID C. SCHIRMER ...... B. S. California State College, Pennsylvania ...... Electronics ...... GeneralElectric . . . . . .Sound Crew Advisor. MISS KATHRYN POLYZOU MR. ANTHONY PAULEKAS "-9? 4-'If MR. JAMES V. SCANGA MISS MARGARET V. ROUX MR. JOSEPH E. SCARVELL MR. DAVID C. SCHIRMER I8 MISS FLORENCE H. SIRB MR. JOSEPH C. TOMMINS y 5 ' A gf fi- MISS BESSIE STRUCK MISS FLORENCE H. SIRB ...... A. B. Business Administration, West- minster College ...... M. Ed. Kent State University ...... Typewriting I and H ...... Shorthand I. MISS BESSIE STRUCK ...... B. S. West- minster College. ..... Algebra I and H. JOSEPH C. TOMMINS ...... B. S. University of Pittsburgh. .... . M. S. Westminster College ...... Physical Education ...... Senior Boys Health ...... Advisor of Key Club ...... Director of Intramural Program. RICHARD A. TOSKIN . . . . . .B. S. Clarion State College, Pennsylvania ...... Biology. MRS. MARGARET CARROZZI .... . .R. N. Sharon General Hospital, School of Nursing. MISSDOLORES KUDELKO . . . . . .R. N. St. Vincent Hospital, School of Nursing, Erie, Pa. MR. RICHARD A. TOSKIN I9 MRS. MARGARET CARROZZI MISS DOLORES KUDELKO CLERICAL STAFF BOARD OFFICE Mrs. Jean Komar, Mrs. Geraldine Tommins and Mrs. Ellen Galicia. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE Mrs. Stella Ceslak, Mrs. Agnes Mielcarek, Miss Mari- lyn Stefanish and Miss Odelia Misik, secretary in the principal's office. CA FETERIA LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Beatrice Biggs, Mrs. Susan President of the Board of Education, Mr. Robert T. Flynn, former Chairman of the cafeteria committee, Mrs. Mary Smiley. and Mrs. Florence Burns, Cafeteria Supervisor of Farrell Area Schools. Bacon, Mrs. Mary Bruno, Mrs. Victoria Cipriano and MAINTENANCE Head of Maintenance Farrell Area School District, Mr. A1 Knott. Mr. Mike C annon e , Head of Maintenance Farrell High School, Mr. Stanley J. Chestnut. Sie Thomas, Agnes Yandrich, Catherine Stif- tinger and Virginia Zaborowski. Former head of maintenance of Farrell High, Mr. Jack Sposito, receiving farewell gift from faculty member, Mr. Frank Chess. 2 I W 'Ni' it -. VN get? "x , .'-' I' -.--,QJJ gl 57 'Q,"'xg""-2, hi, S - 1, x fgsreptysg.. :W .-1 Xr V U twig 4:-ar qi, b ' Asifgs Mu ' ' 1 ' 'fx ' NL "5Y,: V, .ab :V.-,Y7-xfixq' - ' . N lv A L 'iwkx , V .. 1.qvs,e:r' Q D -I :Q Su t 4, 4-xa . - ' .-:--'- - , . . , V 1 -.9 . ' " +L. ' 15' -5 --ff.+'f'X-5 E -z -gr' 33:1 ,"v L . 1513 tprx., ,ZX-,jg 'fs-'13, :fx 1 5 ff 24 N 1 - AX-rv ig-5 ix -,uk 1 , fwv 'Rfb 'Qgj,fi+s,. s Ts i I' 13,67 it gg-ff Q' sfybq' 5.-5-iff.. D44 . '. , L n ' f- 5 M- F n, ' hiv' 'fqwfrili 1-3.-w, F, It ' . 5 lr ' 4 ' 5, I.. . 4' ,, "'.+ fi - ' - f ' f Q- . ' -ex- ' 113 G .' -. A" A' - ' Q2 4' . Y .f ,' wg, , f.., h , 'i - fi! ., , . '. f fcqgu ' Sl' , f 1: . Af" 'H W 1 . , Fqp Mugg r QQHIQ, , Alt . ' ' I A '--Lama ' M J 4 ,ai ' ' - V' . 1- 351' V: , ' - A - 'ml-fi. if-af .f 2-x. Q . 'F . X IA: ' in -, nr- Ng, M 4 - .im ,... Q SENIORS CLASS O CLASS FLOWER--White Orchid CLASS COLORS--Orchid and White Ig: - V4-4 gxfz ..., .tra-X I .- 'Y n gf -1 '95 J .m,fiz,Sr-4 - V-, 5 N 's J sci , X 'f ij K I 'lgffh V ,. .. SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS Anthony Paulckas Q Miss Anne Gojdics ARENDAS GEORGE W. ARENDAS LAWRENCE RAY AUSTIN LLAN JOSEPH F. BALLUCH MARIANNE BANDZAK ZH Ulu., LMLLCU AUSISLBIIL, Ddllu, I.'I'l'3I1C1 Tri Hi Y and Thespian Clubs. ALBERT S. ARENDAS Industrial Arts Course, Track, In- tramural Basketball, Bowling, Con- servation Club. GEORGE W. ARENDAS General Course, Intramural Basket ball and Bowling, Conservation and French Clubs. LAWRENCE RAY AUSTIN Industrial Arts, Varsity Basketball, Track, Field Day. ROBERT ALLAN BALACI-I General Course. JOSEPH F. BALLUCH Industral Arts, Intramural Basket- ball and Bowling. MARIANNE BANDZAK General Course, Homemakers and Tri Hi Y Clubs, Junior Aid, Reflect or Staff. TONI E. BANKS Commercial Course, Cheerleader, Intramural Volleyball, Bowling, Commercial, Latin and Tri Hi Y Clubs, Chorus, A Cappella, H.R. Rep., Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff, Reflector Staff, Prom Aid, Student Secretary. SANDRA LEE BARONE Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball and Bowling, Latin and Tri I-Ii-Y Clubs, Projectionist, Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff, Field Day, Reflector Staff. ANDY BARTOSH Industrial Arts, Intramural Basket- ball and Bowling, French and Con- servation Clubs, Prom Comm. RICHARD D. BASILE General Course, Hi Y, A Cappella. JAMES BATTYANYI Industrial Arts, Track, Conservation Club, Night Rider Staff. CHRIS BELLICH Academic Course, Varsity Football and Basketball, Track, Conserva- tion, Latin and Key Clubs, Honor Society, Chorus, H.R. Rep., Steering Comm., Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff, Pres. of Junior and Senior Classes, Pres. of Honor Society. ANDREA JEAN BILLAK Academic Course, French, Tri Hi Y Clubs, Homecoming Attendant, Steering Comm., H.R. Rep. Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff. RUDY BLAZIUS Industrial Arts, Conservation Club, Commencement Exercise. JEAN BOBISH Commercial Course, Commercial and Trl H1 Y Clubs. TONI E. BANKS SANDRA LEE BARONE ANDY BARTOSH ,gg .15 , ff if . exif.. N Q, m A 5 ff. is sq . 2 .F . tl--1: Q. z 2-el 3 'Tb "zine: ?,tsT'2-assesses ...tg-1-at ' 9505!-f is i ifif 5215 Si' EE7 FST fl' :El is f K1 L Q fu , 'ef' :' 1m ':f-1:-,'5f-- -3 - 1 , , 'Q' ii.: K K , .ix if 1 RICHARD D. BASILE JAMES BATTYANYI CHRIS BELLICH ANDREA JEAN BILLAK RUDY BLAZIUS JEAN BOBISH 25 CLASS OF 1962 THERESA BOHACH JAMES BRALICH RICHARD BRESKY JOSEPH BUBBA CHERYL BUHOLZER PHILIP CAGIGAS JAMES CAMPERO EUGENE CAPITAL LORRAINE MARIE CARR Tl-IERESA BOHACH Academic Course, Latin Club, Junior Aid, Field Day, Prom Comm. JAMES A. BRALICH General Course, Track, Conserva- tion Club, Prom Comm., Field Day. RICHARD ANTHONY BRESKY Academic Course, Intramural Bowl- ing, French and Hi Y Clubs, Night Rider Staff, Intramural Golf. JOSE PH BUBBA General Course, Football, Intramu- ral Basketball, French and Key Clubs, Field Day Activities. CHERYL GENE BUHOLZER Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, French and Tri Hi Y Clubs, Chorus, Night Rider Staff. PI-IILLIP CAGIGAS General Course, Track, Band JAMES A. CAMPERO Academic Course, Track, Band, H.R. Rep., Field Day. EUGENE CAPITOL Industrial Arts Course. LORRAINE MARIE CARR Academic Course, French, Latin, and Tri Hi Y Clubs, Prom Comm., Field Day, Pres. of Tri Hi-Y, Color Comm., Office Assistant. ANTHONY J. CERRA Academic Course, Varsity Foot- ball, Track, Intramural Basketball, Conservation, Latin and Key Clubs, Honor Society, Band, Chorus, A Cappella, H.R. Rep., Steering Comm., Prom Comm., Pres. of Conservation Club. RONALD CHALUPKA General Course, Football, French Club, Projectionist, Field Day. DONALD CHEZA Academic Course, Latin and Honor Society Clubs, Senior Breakfast, Delegate of U.N. GEORGIAN A. CHICCARINO Academic Course, Latin, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, Chorus, ACappella,H.R. Rep., Prom Comm., Homecoming Attendant, Night Rider Staff, Vice- Pres. of Tri Hi Y, Delegate U.N. Assembly, Gannon College. VIRGINIA LEE COLE General Course, Latin, Thespian and Tri Hi Y Clubs, P.A. Announc- er, Projectionist, Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff , School Play, Jr. Achievement, Citizen Apprentice Program, Thespian Treasurer, Reflector Staff, Field Day. JAMES L. CORDEK Academic Course, Track, Intramu- ral Bowling, Hi Y and Latin Clubs, Honor Society, Projectionist, Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff, Citizen Apprenticeship Program. RONALD FRANK CRIVELLO General Course, Conservation, Latin and Math Clubs, Band, Cho- rus, A Cappella. CECIL CROWDER General Course, Varsity Football and Basketball, Track, Steering Comm., Prom Comm. FRANK O. CURCIO JR, , Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Basketball, Band, Business Manag- er of Band. ANTHONY J. CERRA RONALD CHALUPKA DONALD CHEZA GEORGIAN A. VIRGINA LEE JAMES L CORDEK CI-IICCARINO COLE RONALD FRANK CECIL CROWDER FRANK 0 CURCIO JR CRIVE LLO 27 l CLASS OF 1962 BERNADETTE M. ANTHONY SHIRLEY ANN DeCAPUA DEGEROLAMO DEKANICH MARGARET MARY MARCIA LYNNE KAREN MARIE DERONJA DEws DORULLA VICTORIA ANN DRAPP DALE ANDREW MARYANN DUDASH DRESH 28 BERNADETTE M. DECAPUA Academic Course, Intramural Bas ketball, French and Tri Hi-Y Clubs, H. R. Rep., Prom Comm., Homecoming Attendant, Night Rider Staff, Prom Aid. ANTHONY DEGEROLAMO Academic Course, Varsity Foot- ball and Basketball, Conservation, Latin and Key Clubs, H.R. Rep., Steering Comm., Prom Comm. SHIRLEY ANN DEKANICH Commercial Course, Junior Aid. MARGARET MARY DERONJA Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, French, Latin and Tri-Hi- Y Clubs, Junior Aid, Theme Comm. MARCIA LYNNE DEWS Academic Course, Latin Club, Head Majorette, Homecoming Queen, Band, Steering Comm., Prom Comm. KAREN MARIE DORULLA Academic Course, French, Latin and Tri Hi Y Clubs, Junior Aid. VICTORIA ANN DRAPP General Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, French Club, Band. DALE ANDREW DRESCH Academic Course, Track, Intra- mural Basketball, Volleyball and Bowling, Conservation, French, Hi Y, and Thespian Clubs, Projection- lst, Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff. MARYANN DUDASH Commercial Course, Office As- sistant, Commercial Club, Junior Aid, Junior Achievement, Field Day. JAMES D. DUNKERLEY General Course, Track, Intramu- ral Basketball and Bowling, Con- servation, French, Hi-Y and Math Clubs, Stage Crew. CHRISTINA DYKO Commercial Course, Commercial Club. SAM ELIA Academic Music Manager, Hi-Y and Latin Clubs. ESTHER FEHER Academic Course, Latin and Honor Society Clubs, Band Sec., A Capella, Junior Aid, Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff, Citizen Appren- ticeship Program, District Band. ELMER FLINT General Course, Varsity Football, Track, Intramural Basketball and Bowling, Field Day. TI-IERESA GABRIELE Commercial Course, Commercial Club, French, and Thespian Clubs, Attendance Staff and Library Staff, play participant. ROSE GAGLIARDI Commercial Course, Secretary to Mr. Dre ch, Honor Society, Junior Aid, Field Day. I-IERMAN GALICIA JR. Academic Course, Track, Intra- mural Basketball, Latin Club, Pro- jectionist. NICK GENERALOVICI-I Academic Course, Varsity Foot- ball, Basketball, Track, French, Latin and Key Clubs, Honor So- ciety, H. R. Rep., Steering Comm., Prom Comm., Vice-Pres. Soph. and Jr. Class. J AIVIES D. DUNKERLEY CHRISTINA DYKO SAM ELIA ESTHER FEHER ELMER FLINT THERESA GABRIELE ROSE GAGLIARDI HERMAN GALICIA JR. NICK GENERALOVICH 29 CLASS OF 1962 JOHN GERBASI JAMES GILL RAYMOND GIOVANELLI PAUL GODA UDO D. GRAEF ANGELA MARIE GRANDE GARY GRANDE EDWARD GRAY JOHN GREAF JOHN GERBASI General Course, Conservation, French and Latin Clubs, Field Day JAMES GILL General Course, Intramural Bowl- ing, Conservation and Latin Clubs, Chorus Mgr., Junior Achievement. RAYMOND GIOVANELLI Academic Course, Track, Intra- mural Basketball, I-Ii-Y, Conserva- tion and Latin Clubs, Honor Society Band, V. Pres. of Chorus, Music Council, Home Room Rep., Prom Committee, Night Rider Staff, Mid- west and All State Band. PAUL GODA Academic Course, Varsity Foot- ball, Track, Latin and Key Clubs, Intramural Basketball. UDO D. GRAEF Academic Course, Basketball, Intr B.B., French Club, Color Guard, Music and Band Manager. ANGELA MARIE GRANDE Commercial Course, Intramural Basketball, Office Assistant, At- tendance Staff, Commercial, French and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, P.A. Announcer, Night Rider Staff, School Play, Editor of Secretary Scoop, Reflector Staff. GARY GRANDE Commercial Course, Commercial Club, Intramurals, Reflector Staff. EDWARD GRAY Academic Course, Varsity Basket- ball, Intr. B.B. and Bowling, Home Room Rep, Conservation, Hi-Y, and Latin Clubs, Steering Comm., Prom Comm., Pres. Sophomore Class. JOHN E. GREAF Academic Course, Varsity Basket- ball, Hi-Y, Latin and Math Clubs, Honor Society, Homecoming Es- cort, Junior Aid, Home Room Rep. Prom Comm. so l I 1 SANDRA ILENE GROSS Commercial Club, Junior Aid, Night Rider Staff. JACK D.M. GUNSLEY General Course, Varsity Football and Basketball, Track, Field Day. KATHLEEN GUTTA Academic Course, Latin Club, Band, Music Council, Junior Aid, Prom Comm., Field Day, District Band. BARBARA ANN HARKULICH Commercial Course, Commercial and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, Field Day, Student Secretary to Mr. Louis Morocco, Office Assistant. CHARLES W. HOMA General Course, Varsity Basket- ball, Intramural Basketball, Con- servation, French Clubs, Prom Comm., Field Day. MAURICE J. HOPKINS Industrial Arts, Varsity Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, Projectionist, Prom Comm., Color Comm. BARBARA ANN HORNY AK Academic Course, French, Latin and Tri- Hi-Y Clubs, Reflector Staff, Chorus, Majorette, Field Day. PATRICIA LOUISE HOYNEY Commercial Course, President of Commercial Club, Tri-Hi-Y and Honor Society Clubs, Testing Staff, Field Day, Student Secretary to Mr. Louis Morocco, Reflector Staff, Intramural Basketball, WENDI EYVONNE I-IUNTLEY General Course, Tri-Hi-Y Club, ACappella,P.A. Announcer, Li- brary Staff, Projectionlst, Night Rider Staff. SANDRA ILENE GROSS JACK D. M. KATHLEEN GUTTA GUNSLEY BARBARA ANN CHARLES W. HOMA MAURICE J. HOPKINS HARKULICH BARBARA ANN ' PATRICIA LOUISE WENDI EYVONNE HORNYAK HOYNEY HUNTLEY 31 CLASS OF 7 962 ARTHUR IRVINE HOWARD JOHNSTON JERRY JOHNSON LORENE JOHNSON EARL JONES ROBERT KESO ROBERT KONNEN FRANCIS KOSHAN J OANNE FRANCES ' KOSIBA 32 ARTHUR IRVINE Industrial Arts, Basketball, Track, Band, Prom Comm. HOWARD JOHNSTON Academic Course, Varsity Foot- ball, Track, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y and Latin Clubs, Night Rider Staff. JERRY JOHNSON General Course, Varsity Football and Basketball, Intramurals, French and Hi-Y Clubs, Prom Comm., Homecoming Escort, Junior Achievement. LORENE JOHNSON Commercial Course, Intr. Basket- ball, Attendance Staff, Commercial Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Junior Aid, Volleyball. EARL JONES Industrial Arts, Track, Intramu- rals. ROBERT S. KESO General Course, Projectionist. ROBERT KONNEN Academic Course, Track, Intr. Basketball and Bowling, French, Latin and Math Clubs, Projection- ist, Prom Comm., Theme Comm. FRANCES VERONICA KOSHAN General Course, Intr. Bowling, Chorus, Junior Aid, French Club. JOANNE FRANCES KOSIBA Academic Course, Intramural Bowling, Latin, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, Chorus, A Cappella, Junior Aid, H. R. Rep., Projectionist, Night Rider Staff. RONALD R. KOSKY Industrial Arts, Conservation and Electronics Clubs. JEFFREY KOVACH General Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Conservation Club, Pro- jectionist, Field Day Activities. JOHN EDWARD LACAMERA General Course, Varsity Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, Conservation and French Clubs. DIANE LAMBROS Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball and Bowling, French, Latin and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, Junior Aid, Home Room Rep., Steering Com- mittee, Projectionist, Field Day Activities, Reflector Staff. SIMO LAZICH General Course, Football, Basket- ball, Night Rider Staff. MARY LOUISE LEISHER Academic Course, Latin, Thespian and Honor Society Clubs, Band, Chorus, ACappe1la, Music Council, H.R. Rep., Night Rider Staff, Jun- ior Aid, District Band, State Chorus and Band, Choir Accompanist. LOUIS LE MOS General Course, Track, Band Pres., French Club. ROBERT LENGYEL Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, French, Latin, and Con- servation Clubs, Projectionist. VICTOR E. LITWILER Commercial Course, Track, Intra- mural Basketball, Commercial and Conservation Clubs, Projectionist, Night Rider Staff. RONALD R. KOSKY JEFFREY KOVACH JOHN EDWARD I.-ACAMERA .. sw, 1 -, 4 ' V, ,Ns c .... S'E.TSf?i?i Qi' SS! g'i1it.gQl15f55'Yi7if2 5531 K x di swf if-1. 2 1 f.. . ,exif t .-tum, a.5rfszgg-,f is as .-frffegk-5 fl' ifigff if I1 'T' ' ' 45:.::f,,,,iy5,-,gj,'.t DIANE LAMBROS I SIMO LAZICH MARY LOUISE LEISHER LOUIS LEMOS ROBERT LENGYEL VICTOR E. LITWILER 33 CLASS OF 1962 MARIANNE MACK RICK MALATESTA JOHN WARREN MARIN ,X X GEORGE MICHAEL LENORA JEAN SANDI MATVEY MATSIS MATTHEWS JANET MATUSICK KAREN MCCLAVE RAYMOND J. MEDVEC MARIANNE MACK General Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Latin and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, Junior Aid, Projectionist, Field Day. RICK A. MALATESTA General Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Bowling, Conservation Club, Projectionist, Field Day. JOHN WARREN MARIN Academic Course, Varsity Basket- ball, French, Hi-Y Clubs, Honor Society, H. R. Rep., Steering Comm., Projectionist, Prom Comm., Vice-Pres. Senior Class, National Merit Scholarship Certifi- cate of Commendation. GEORGE MICHAEL MATSIS General Course, Field Day, Con- servation, French, Hi-Y and Latin Clubs, Chorus, A Cappella, Pro- jectionist, Field Day. LENORA JEAN MATTHEWS Academic Course, Cheerleader, Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, French, Latin, Math and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, Junior Aid, H. R. Rep., Steering Comm., Prom Comm., Homecoming Attendant, Junior Achievement. SANDI MATVEY Commercial Course, Commercial Club, Office Assistant, Prom Comm., Secretary to Mr. Dresch, Reflector Staff, Field Day. JANET MATUSICK Academic Course, Intramural Basketball, French, Latin and Tri- Hi-Y Clubs, Projectionist, Field Day. KAREN McCLAVE Commercial Course, Attendance Staff, Commercial Club, Field Day RAYMOND J. MEDVEC Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Conservation, French, and Latin Clubs, Projectionist. JOEL A. MEISLIK Academic Course, French, Hi-Y and Math Clubs, Projectionists, Field Day, Junior Achievement. JOHN MESAROS General Course, Varsity Basket- ball, Conservation, French and Latin Clubs, Projectionist, Prom Comm., Reflector Staff, School Play, Key Club. DENNIS MESSETT Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Bowling, French Club, Honor Society, Night Rider Staff. RONALD E. MILLER Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Basketball, Track ANTHONY MINEO Industrial Arts, Track, Intramural Basketball, Conservation Club, Projectionist, Field Day. PATRICIA ANN MONTESON Academic Course, Cheerleader, Intramural Basketball, Bowling, French Club, Honor Society, Field Day, Junior Aid, Chorus, A Cap- pella, H. R. Rep., Steering Com- mittee, Prom Committee, Sopho- more and Senior Class Secretary. MICHEAL MOROCO Academic Course, Football, Track, Bowling, Hi-Y, Thespian Club, School Play, Field Day, Junior Achievement. BETTY JANE MORRIS General Course, French and Latin Clubs, Junior Aid, Projectionist. GEORGIA MOSCOVITIS Academic Course, Intramural Bowling, Latin and Thespian Clubs, Honor Society, Band, Sec. of Chorus, ACappel1a, Music Council, H. R. Rep., Steering Comm., Pro- jectionist, Prom Comm., Night Rid- er Staff, Secretary Junior Class Mellotones, District Band, State Chorus. JOEL MEISLIK JOHN MESAROS DENNIS MESSETT RONALD E. MILLER ANTHONY MINEO PATRICIA ANN MONTESON MICHAEL MOROCO BETTY JANE GEORGIA MOSCOVITIS MORRIS 35 CLASS OF 1962 SANFORD NATHAN ROBERT NELSON PALMER PACILLO - LAWRENCE PALANTI JR. STEPHEN J. PALKO JULIANNE PARCETICH PATRICIA JEAN ANDREW PAZGAN THOMAS A. PISHKO PASTORE 36 SANFORD MORMAN NATHAN Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Hi-Y, Latin, Math, Honor Society and Thespian Club, Vice Pres. of Math Club, P. S. An- nouncer, H. R. Rep., Steering Comm., Projectionist, Night Rider Staff, Member of C.A.P., Student Gov't Day. ROBERT NELSON General Course, Varsity Football, Track, French, Conservation and Key Clubs, Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff . PALMER PACILLO General Course, Conservation and French Clubs, Band, Chorus, A Cappella, Projectionist, District and State Chorus, District Band. LAWRENCE PALANTI JR. Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Basketball, Hi Y, Field Day. STEPHEN J. PALKO Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball and Bowling, Hi-Y, French and Math Clubs, Honor Society, Projectionist, Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff, Junior Achievement, Delegate U.N. Assembly, Gannon College, Science Fair, Reflector Staff. LULIANNE PARCETICH Commercial Course, Commercial Club, Junior Aid. PATRICIA JEAN PASTORE Academic Course, Cheerleader, Intramural Basketball, French Club, Sec. of Math and Tri Hi Y Clubs, Honor Society, Chorus, A Cappella, Junior Aid, H.R. Rep., Steering Comm., Prom Comm., Field Day. ANDREW PAZGAN Industrial Arts Course, Track, Intramural Basketball, Conserva- tion Club, Field Day. THOMAS A. PISHKO General Course, French Club, Junior Achievement. WALT PREZGAY Industrial Arts, Intramural Bowl- ing, Projectionist. ANNETTE CHRISTINE PUGLIESE Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Historian of Thespians, Latin Club, Honor Society, Band, Chorus, ACappella, Music Council, Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff, Class Plays, District Chorus, C.A.P. FRANCIS G. PUHALA Academic Course, Conservation Club, Band. DONNA JEAN PURICI-I Academic Course, Latin and Tri- Hi-Y Clubs, Honor Society, Band, Junior Aid, Steering Comm., Field Day, CitizenApprentice Program. NANCY JEANE RABOLD Commercial Course, Commercial Club, Junior Aid. OLGA MARIE RAKOCI Academic Course Latin Club Band, Field Day. JOSEPH J . REDA ! ! Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Bowling, French, Math, Thespian and Key Clubs, Band, Chorus, A Cappella., Music Council, Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff, Student G0v't. SALLY ANN REPAS General Course, Band, Chorus. ERNEST ROBINSON Commercial Course, Track, Intra- mural Basketball, Field Day, Pro- jectionist. X WALT PREZGAY ANNETTE CHRISTINE FRANCIS G PUGLIESE PUHALA DONNA JEAN NANCY JEANE OLGA MARIE Pualcn RABOLD RAKOCI JOSEPH J . REDA SALLY ANN REPAS ERNEST ROBINSON CLASS OF 1962 LOUIS ROBINSON JR. EDDIE ALLEN SAMUEL ROTH ELAINE MARIE GERALD A. RUBY MARC RUPERT ROZZI Daw, ,re s i RALPH J. RUSSO ROBERT SAKONYI LOUIS SALATINO 38 LOUIS ROBINSON JR. Commercial Course, Track. EDDIE ALLEN General Course, Track, Intra- mural Basketball, French Club. SAMUEL ROTH Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, French and Hi Y Clubs, Thespian Club, H.R. Rep., Prom Comm., Junior Achievement, Field Day. ELAINE MARIE ROZZI Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Latin Club, Sec.-Tres. of Tri Hi Y Club, ACappella, Jr. Aide Prom Comm. GERALD A. RUBY General Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Conservation and French Clubs, Projectionist. MARC RUPERT Academic Course, Track, Intra- mural Basketball, Conservation and French Clubs, Hi Y, Chorus Manager, Projectionist, Night Rider Staff. RALPH J. RUSSO General Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Field Day, French Club, Sec.-Treas. of Conservation Club. ROBERT SAKONYI Academic Course, Varsity Foot- ball, Latin Club, Honor Society, Pres. of Latin Club. LOUIS SALATINO General Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Bowling, Conservation and Hi Y Clubs, Prom Comm., Field Day. S ROBERT SAMUELS General Course, Varsity Football, and Basketball, Track, French Club. DONNA RAE SARCINELLA Commercial Course, Intramural Basketball and Volleyball, Com- mercial and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, A Cappella, Prom Comm., Field Day. MICHAELENE ANN SCARDINA Academic Course, Secretary of Latin and Math Clubs, Tri-Hi-Y and Honor Society Clubs, Projec- tionist, Night Rider Staff, Reflector Staff, Color Comm., Chorus. CAROL SCARMACK Academic Course, French, Latin and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, Chorus, Jun- ior Ald, Theme Comm. DEANNA SCHUSTER Commercial Course, Commercial Club. ARELA M. SEMBER Academic Course, Latin and Tri- Hi-Y Clubs, Chorus, A Cappella, Junior Aid, Field Day. DENISE MARGARET SIRIANNI Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Latin, Thespian, and Tri- Hi-Y Clubs, Junior Achievement, Theme Comm., H. R. Rep., Pro- jectionist, Prom Comm., Field Day. KATHLEEN SONOGA General Course, French Club, Field Day. ROSE ANN SOPKO Commercial Course, Commercial Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Field Day, Student Secretary to Mr. Campagna. ROBERT SAMUE LS DONNA RAE MICHAELENE ANN SARCINE LLA SCARDINA CAROL SCARMACK DEANNA SCHUSTER ARELA M. SEMBER DENISE MARGARET KATHLEEN SONOGA ROSE ANN SOPKO SIRIANNI 39 CLASSA OF 1 962 Q Q I A get ?ff15i,v. ff, 1 .31 'fit 1 .7 - MICHAEL SORRELLS JACQUELINE CAROL LEE SPRUK SPARGO NPFQ. EM11. STONE LINDA LOUISE RAYMOND J. STULL SW IE CINSKI RICHARD L. THOMPSON AUDREY JEAN SAM TORCHIA THURSTON 40 MICHAEL SORRELLS General Course, Conservation, Latin Clubs. JACQUELINE SPARGO General Course, Chorus. CAROL LEE SPRUK Academic Course, Cheerleader, Intramural basketball, French, Latin, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Society, Chorus, ACappella,H. R. Rep., Prom Comm., District Orchestra. EMIL STONE General Course, Conservation Club. LINDA LOUISE STULL Academic Course, Cheerleader, Latin, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Society, Chorus, ACappe1la,Junior Aid, Home Room Rep., Night Rider , Staff, Field Day. RAYMOND J . SWIECINSKI Academic Course, Basketball, Track, Bowling, Hi-Y, Latin Clubs, ACappella,H.R. Rep., Projection- ist, Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff, Field Day, Sr. Escort. RICHARD L. THOMPSON Industrial Arts, Intramural Bas- ketball, Conservation Club. AUDREY JEAN THURSTON General Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Volleyball, Latin and Tri- Hi-Y Clubs, Chorus, A Cappella. SAM TORCHIA General Course, Intramural Bowl- ing, French Club, Projectionist. ALBERT TREMMEL General Course, Prom Comm., Latin Club. EDWARD R. TUROSKY General Course. ROCKY LOUIS VADALA Industrial Arts, Conservation Club, Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff, Junior Achievement. GARY VERHOLEK Academic Course, Varsity Foot- ball, Track, Intramural Basketball and Bowling, Conservation and Latin Clubs. PETE L. VISELLI Industrial Arts, Track, Intramural Bowling, Conservation and Hi-Y Clubs, Prom Comm., Night Rider Staff, Projectionist, Field Day. JAMES LEON WASHINGTON General Course, Intramural Vol- leyball and Ping Pong, Band, Con- servation and French Clubs, A Cappella. ME LVIN WEBB Industrial Arts, Track, Conserva- tion Club, Intramural Basketball. COLLEEN FAY WI-IALEN Academic Course, Intr. Basketball, Latin, Thespian and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, Reflector Staff, Field Day, Steering Comm., Prom Comm., Projectionist. DONNA L. WHITE Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball and Volleyball, French and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, Chorus, A Cappel- la . ALBERT TREMMEL EDWARD R. ROCKY LOUIS TUROSKY VADALA GARY VERHOLEK PETE L. VISELLI JAMES LEON WASHINGTON MELVIN WEBB COLLEEN FAY DONNA L. WHITE WHALEN BEATRICE E. WILLIAMS ANNE YANAK WILLIAM C. ZIMMERMAN A J f A ESTHER ZOLDAN BETSY CLOETTA GERALD DANESSA ROBINSON CLASS OF 1962 BEATRICE E. WILLIAMS, General Course, In t r a m u r al Basketball French Club ...... ANNE YANAK Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Latin and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs Field Day ...... WILLIAM C. ZIM- MERMAN, Academic Course, Intra- mural Basketball, Hi-Y, Latin Club Honor Society, Flower Comm., Field Day ...... ESTHER ZOLDAN, Aca- demic Course, Latin, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Society Clubs, Chorus, A Cappella, Junior Aid, Field Day . . . . . .BETSY CLOETTA ROBIN- SON, General Course, French, Fu- ture Nurses and Tri Hi Y Clubs . . . . , .GERALD DANESSA, Indus- trial Arts Course. NOT PICTURED: RICHARD A L LE N ROBINSON, In- dustrial Arts Course, Track and In- tramural Basketball. SENIOR GRADUATION REHEARSAL "THE NATIVITY STORY" Joe Reda, King: Esther Feher, Shepherd: Denise Sirianni, Angelg Paul Goda, Joseph: Rose Arbanas, Mary: Jack Mesaros, Shepherd. Angel, Georgian Chiccarinog Mary, Rose Marie Arbanas I A CHRISTMAS PAGEANT FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTED MONDAY, DEC. 11, 1961 8:15 PM Prelude: Processional ................ . The Farrell Sr. H. S. Acappella Choir "The Promise" . . 8th Century Gregorian Melody Scene One: The Annunciation . . . Annette Pugliese, Roseria Pugliese "The Magnificat" .... Linda Spanja, Jean Ulica, Carol Spruk, G. Moscovitis Interlude: "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" . J. S. Bach Scene Two: The Nativity "I-lark in The Darkness" ...... Polish Carol Soloists: Kathy Levrangi, Linda Spanja Interlude: "Silent Night" ........... Gruber Scene Three: The Watching Shepherds Selection from "Pastoral Symphony" . G.H,Hande1 Flute Soloist: Esther Feher "Sheep May Safely Graze" ....... J. S. Bach "Angels We Have Heard on High" .... Wasner Interlude: "Cantique De Noel" .... . . .A. Adam Scene Four: The Watching Kings "The Three Kings" ........... H. Willan Interlude: "Christmas Bell Carol" ..... Kolyada Scene Five: Adoration of the Shepherds "Fanfare For Christmas Day" .... Martin Shaw "We Three Kings of Orient Are" .... ' . Hopkins Postlude: Hallelujah Chorus from "The Messiah" . . G. F. Handel "O Come All Ye Faithful" . . . Arr. R. Clokey CAST Under the Direction of Miss Kathryn Polyzou Narrators .... Richard Yarsab, Mary Lou Leisher Mary .............. Rose Marie Arbanas Joseph .... .............. P aul Goda The Angel .... ....... G eorgian Chiccarino Other Angels ..... Yvonne Klaric, Virginia Cole, Colleen Whalen, Denise Sirianni Shepherds ...... Esther Feher, Jim Cordek, Jack Mesaros, Steve Palko Kings . Palmer Pacillo, Joe Reda, James Washington Stage Assistants . . Dennis Chintella, Alex Kubayko, Mike Moroco, Sam Roth MUSIC The Farrell Senior High School A Cappella Chorus Samuel J. Campagna, Director Accompanists: Mary Lou Leisher, Terry Ursetta The Farrell Senior High Brass Ensemble James V. Scanga, Director ' if x ey ' 7561-' 4' A 1 ' fffsvi "'4'.f 6 N. X5 5 ' " 32 t ,Q W 'mx gi' Q Q u Q X HOMECOMING QUEEN Senior Marv in DL-ws Q7 5 Y -5 0 '-1 Q L 5 F5 fi Uh 393 M tthcw ATTENDANTS b Andrea Blllak Suph 6. J G A Kznly L C "Stardust" was the theme of the annual Junior-Senior Prom, it was held on the evening of May 12, 1961. Under the supervision of Mr. Paul A. Komar, the juniors worked diligently all week to tran sform the gym into a heavenly paradise for the enjoyment of the couples attending. Highlighting the dancefloor was a 10 foot glittering star, banked by blue clouds and potted palms on both sides. Ice blue columns and a white chandelier completed the center decoration. The ceiling of sapphire blue crepe paper and glittering stars completed the decorations. The couples entered the prom through an arch of glittering stars and were greeted by Mrs. Victoria Barbu, junior class advisor, and the prom aides. The gala event started promptly at 8:30 and was officially opened with the Grand March, led by the junior class vice-president Nick Generalovich and his partner Georgia Ragan. Music for the prom was provided by the Joe Cann Orches- tra and vocalist was Jerry Sharell. The post-prom was from 12:30- 5:00 A.M., and music was providedby the Babe Wesley Band And Pat Grey's Royal Lancers. At the end of the prom, the tired but happy couplesleft the "Stardust" ballroom with fond memories to share with their friends and family. ,-1 x if rw do 1 ll' :YV P 1 4"""w+ I 4 4 4 4 Mr. John Barbu and Junior class Advisor Mrs. Victoria Barbu with Prom Ai ds Julianne Parcetich and Nancy Rabold greeting couples as they enter our Junior-Senior Prom. 1 3 E 'W s N 1i ri' -x 47 H ,,,,. , . Q - ,-si..-Q 3 , . . X .W WS Q ..',...-as----V L k f K, W fp... jf? K S . A X9 R . X .. N X 6 tk 7 ia S K x -, X. f:1lg..nQ .. ,F I K- 'ef F'-.sw -2 ji Aiciizx wr '99 .F 1.24 fi. - M .Q 9' In 'Q 3 'L ,, ,w , V' if ,, M 5"'.g fi? . ' ."u ,- M fqf ?".:?fiQ Q V fir , 2, . Q .Q 5 M 2 i ,,fa, Q R I' . 'el ' Q e..' f. A 5 Ll, ,, V fl' fx M YA ' ky In R V, L. ...iii v 'Q ' 23' 9' 5 f W 1 X . nf- Q K 1, 4 fix NW- WA mri i ,v., Q, QW me fix. ga 1 Q "' fx Q" CLASS OF 1963 Junior Class Officers President .......... Fred DeGero1amo Secretary . . . . . . Cheryl Moon Vice-President . . . Lin Stoner Home Room 217 Mr. Edward Lindway FIRST ROW: Steve Savach, Cheryl Moon, Lois Weiland, Lollie Wojtanaski, Donna Yerskey, Fred Somerset. SECOND ROW: John Stey, Rick Miskolitz, Lin Stoner, Ronald Tamber, Arthur Scarmack, Robert Mirizia. THIRD ROW: Larry Sweeney, Eugene Satmore, Mike Mi sik, Rudy Whitman, Dale Roth, Robert White FOURTH ROW: Ed Puhaia, Dave Sever, Sam Toskin, Jack Taylor, Amanda Wright, Charlene Wright. Home Room 10-Mr. Joseph Scarvell 1ST ROW: Janice Koshar, Carol Marks, Shirly Janosko, Kathy LaCamera, Yvonne Klaric, Barbara Kline, Kathy LaVrangi, Keith Lane, Linda Latsko. SECOND ROW: Patty Hornyak, Audrey Herskovitz, Nancy Hoza, Barbara Henderson, Mattie Harden, Jackie Krouse, James Maselli, Dollie Martin. THIRD ROW: Lewis Jones, Anderson Hilton, Donal Jackson, Andrew Kladitas, Ronald Keso, Richard Linger, George Kahl, Gene Malandro,Alex Kubyako. FOURTH ROW: Mike Keryan, James Kaibas, Larry Guerra, Jerry Hassel, Joseph Holloway. Home Room 9- Mrs. Victoria Barbu FIRST ROW: Patricia Fraley, Andrea Evakich, Hilda Beinhardt, Patricia Barbat, Frank Badolato, Mary Ann Guba, Jane Bobish. SECOND ROW: Shirley Ference, Andrea Cannon, Clifford Cole , Wilda Amos, Alexis Generalovich, Marilyn Bennetto. THIRD ROW: Joyce Burger, Sandra Ciccarone, Robert Flynn, Roberta Buchanan, Dennis Antos, Dennis Chintella, Anthony Grande. FOURTH ROW: John DeCello, Don Babick, Tudor Chirila, Marlene Bacich, Richard Carlos, George Franklin, Robert Crowder, Charles Bukovinsky. Home Room 123 Mrs. Mary Jones FIRST ROW: Mary C. Magnotto, Sharra Dresch, Laura Bordy, Cheryl Moon, Dan Vivolo, Sam Falvo, Pamela Grande, Barbara Curcio. SECOND ROW: Carol DeNoi, Donna Nicoloff, Judy Salandria, Stephanie Gutowski, Carl Bobby, Laura Pishko, Thomas Joseph. THIRD ROW: Terry Ursetta, Robert Turner, Richard Yarzab, James Leone, David Nicoloff, Kenny Alford, Eugene Galfand, Louis Guerino. FOURTH ROW: John Stey, John Tutusko, William Morgan, Don Cariagna, Anthony Costanza, Kenny Zolton, Lin Stoner. Home Room 4 Mr. Joseph Duich FIRST ROW: Bertha Friday, Janet Mikulin, Patricia Mastrian, Tom Pryts, Jane Peel, Anita Mastrian, James Parcetich. SECOND ROW: Joe Prezgay, Lawrence Hamilla, Julie Cicco, Mary Sue Sabo, James Starkey, Richard Sposito. THIRD ROW: Donald Miller, Denis Sirianni, Charles Sanitate, Jame s Quinn, Anthony Messina, Robert McMillan, Frank Paldino. FOURTH ROW: Fred DeGerolamo, Andrew May, George Thomas, Gary Bofinger. 52 Home Room 224 Miss Bessie Struck FIRST ROW: Josephine DeFazio, Ju anita Franklin, Sue Oris, Patty Krajcovic, Charlotte Winger. SECOND ROW: Janet Cummings, Nancy Bich, Cindy Saunders, Darlene Yake ll. THIRD ROW: Bernard Chec, Tom Bencivengo, Frank Beinhardt, Ollie Thomas, Thelma Motton. FOURTH ROW: Pat Plnti, Beverly Hopsin, Donna Wesneksi. "PROGRESS IN EDUCATION" Home Room 130 Miss Frances Duritsa FIRST ROW: S a n d r a Santell, J u a ni ta Rubalcava, Dorthy Newby. SECOND ROW: C h a r m a n e Smith, Gloria Reaves, Elaine R o s c o e , Antoinette Preston. THIRD ROW: Carol Scardina, Andrea Weber, Dorothy Steverson. Mike Keryan and Pamela Grande looking over some of the audio-visual aids on display for Parents' Night during National Education Week. CLASS OF 1964 Sophomore Class Officers Secretary .......... Geraldine Aiello President . . . . .John Giroski Vice-President . . . .Samuel Newton .,.1.,. Home Room 213 Mr. Richard Toskin FIRST ROW: Alberta Wayne, Mary Lou Gutta, Sharon Kimmy, Gayle Myers, Lois Pearlman, Marie Testa, Judy Cole, Carolyn Jones. SECOND ROW: Robe rt Kudelko, Ken Miller, William Higgins, Tom Miller, Vihlliam Mackaly, Andrew Thomas, Roseria Pugliese. THIRD ROW: Nick Rozzi, Bob Gasperec, Carl Basic, Richard Benka, Joseph Smegal, Ella Thompson. S4 Home Room 202 Mr. Angelo Grande FIRST ROW: Geri Aiello, Linda Eckles, Linda Costar, Donna Chec, Rose Arbanas, Gloria DeCapua, Carol Buynyak, Eleanor Arnal. SECOND ROW: Nancy Bralich, Connie Brady, Vanessa Dantzler, Pat Borawski, Jerry Ansinger, Rose Calleja, Charles Alongi, Marie DeMartinis, Mary Carmen Bianco. THIRD ROW: Verdis Bridges, Mlle Bell Austin, Lynne Banks, Anthony Secca, George Altman, Nicolina Agresti, Janice Culina, Cynthia Brestelli. FOURTH ROW: Joe Bayar, Jerry Bostocky, Bill Balluch, Earl Adams, Hasco Darden, Walter Bitchko, Forrest Clayton.. I Home Room 203 Miss Helen Grimes FIRST ROW: Linda Graham, Gloria Hornyak, Mary Kahl, Judy Kagle, Patricia Has, Gene Guerino, Marcia Gladys, Cheryl Dressel, Verna Hazlett. SECOND ROW: Elaine Duby, Bill Harris, Leo Dolata, Otha Hilton, Alex Glavasevic, Carmella Grande, John Frisco, Shirley Helman. THIRD ROW: Michael Gracenin, Andrew Franklin, Catherine Dunlap, Linda Jennings, Karen Johnson, Mary Ann Kapusta, John Draluck. FOURTH ROW: Robert Gray, Fred Gagliardi, Hartmut Graef, Greg Jackson, Clarence Evans, Bill Ford, Dennis Jones.. Home Room 204 Miss Margaret Roux FIRST ROW: Jane Kelly, Carol Koshar, Ilona Kuharik, Karleen Kapec, Judith Madura, Ida Mae Lee, Henry Klein, Charlene Mastrian, Marlene Martin, Dorothy Krajocvic . SECOND ROW: Jane Lambros, Jerry Malatesta, Marianne Keckes, Joe Luich, Joe Leavens, Nancy Lampkins, Ruby Lampkins, Katherine Martin, Delfina Knott. THIRD ROW: John Latsko, Richard Mataruski, Harry Mason, Francis Lengyel, Joe Landa, Joe Marino, Michael Luchey, Michael Matusick. FOURTH ROW: Moncilo Matijevich, Jerry Mack, William Lee, Robert Marin, Eric Maschgan, Albert Kocis, Sam Mastrian, Robert Kocis. Room 206 Mr. Edward Flynn FIRST ROW: Cheryl Parsons, Marie Mudrinich, Mary Ann Pacileo, Maureen Messet, Judy Novosel, Sue Nelson, Jeannette McCrae, Al Palermo, Mary Ann Paulik. SECOND ROW: John Penola, Sandra Palko, Michael Mondich, Jane Oris, Jim Messina, Carole Nawrocki, Lucille Patrizi, Robert May. THIRD ROW: William Norman, Edward Morgan, William Morocco, Robert Nicklow, Robert Newby, Sam Newton, Rudy Pavlik, Bob Pacsi, Mary Alice O'Brien. FOURTH ROW: James Moore , Walter Nogay, Andrew Miller, James Pacillo, Eugene Pacsi, Frank O'Staffy. 56 Home room 223 Mr. Joseph Cantelupe FIRST ROW: Angeline Santel, Juanita Samuels, Wade Roth, Rachel Pepe, Charlotte Popadak, Barbara Petsko, Francis Shebeck, Bonnie Skibo, Faye Stahl. SECOND ROW: Beverly Schell, Sue Sanford, Marilyn Reeves, RobertaSchmeiser, Mary Simmons, Linda Spanja, Pamela Rongo, Alexis Robinson. THIRD ROW: Michael Rosenberg, Lester Robinson, John Rossi, Carmen Scarville, Ronnie Schimp, Anthony Severdia, Thomas Reda, Albert Scocian, Richard Rococi. FOURTH ROW: James Sellers, James Schuller, Dennis Ragan, Frank Sinopli, Francis Platterborze, Barry Porter, Richard Ruby, Sam Scales. Home room 225 Mr. Paul Bohach FIRST ROW: Bertiel War d, Michaelene Tamber, Eleanor Zappa, Darla Vlhlliams, Glo ria Wright, Susan Thomas, Charlene Vermeire. SECOND ROW: Charles Tucci, Dennis Stefanish, Mary Alice Williams, Diane Tarley, Joe Timko, Kathy Yevchak, Deloris Tatusko. THIRD ROW: Jonelle Wesneski, Jeane Ulica, Robert Taylor, Rudolph Yanek, Cheryl Vassen, Judy Taylor, Tom Zagger. FOURTH ROW: Tom Underwood, Sterling Webb, Charles Stanek, Dave Sylvester. 57 HERE AND THERE AMONG OUR STUDENTS Amr, X X , I-1 I 'I "'5?giEPr:-Q ' 'M' f . 7-A """"""'fu 54ff'f'5Y'L '31 V, 4 i n em4I?,'f'Q Q - V. I. .b ffiy- ,.f.,.i,i'gix.5gigib 2 41.4 :gn :Qu . ' -.J 93. , - -f ef 6 3 me 1 H ' l A 2- A k , J , .I ' ,za 5' .a F K , .:'1"- DIRECTED BY MR. JAMES V SCANGA THE FARRELL HIGH SCHOOL MA CHING BA 4Q??Qm I -'Q -..-Q . if- Aj '- . ' Marcia Dews Senior Majorette URES - ROW 1: Richard Joseph, John Veign, Mary Catherine Magnotto, Barbara Curcio, Samuel Falvo, Robert Dumaire, Alberta Wayne, Dana Esmond, John Lyden. ROW 2: Carolyn Jones, Ella Thompson, Mary Lou Gutta, Terrance Ursetta, Louis Lemos, Mary Louise Leisher, Eugene Gelfand, Kathleen Gutta. ROW 3: Louis Guerino, Udo Graef, John Tatusko, Richard Yarzab, Richard Gregory, Carl Bobby, Joe Smegal, Bruce Koningsburg, James Leon. ROW 4: Kenneth Miller, Thomas Miller, Mlliam Higgins, Frank Curcio, Kenneth Alfred, Denis Short, V6H1liam Morgan, Kenneth Zolton, Joe Reda. THE FARRELL 62 Y Y- . l l Q , .. M. V .M AM., ROW 1: Andrew Thomas, Thomas Joseph, Marie Testa, Georgia Moscovitis, Sherry Gardner, Skippy Miller, Daniel Vivolo, Gerald Steklachich. ROW 2: Esther Feher, Ronald Aiello, Laura Pishko, Victoria Drapp, Connie Scarboraugh, Annette Pugliese, Roseria Pugliese, Sharon Kimmy, Richard Harakal. ROW 3: Sally Repas, Robert Turner, David Nicoloff, Olga Rakoci, Ronald Crivello, William Mackely, Robert Kudelko, Arthur Irvine, James Campero. ROW 4: Palmer Pacillo, William Roth, Nick Rozzi, Carl Basic, Robert Gasperic, Tony Costanza, Raymond Giovanelli, Phillip Cagigas, Francis Puhala, James Washington. Mr. James V. Scanga F.H.S. Band Director - l mg 4 'LN2Qie'1?al".f- A 1 ROW 1: Richard Sposito, Richard Basile, Ronald Aiello, John Swicinski, George Matsis, Kenneth Alford, Lester Robinson, Mlliam Harris, Alex Glavasevic, Joe Reda, Andrew Thomas, Ronald Crivello, Richard Yarzab, Vhlliam Mackaly, Charolette Popadak, Esther Zoldan. ROW 2: Diane Tarley, Mary A. O'brien, Gwen Huntley, Joanne Kosiba, Nickolina Agresti, Elaine Rozzi, Julie Cicco, Stephanie Gutowski, Carol Scardina, Georgian Chiccarino, Jean Ulica, Nancy Lampkins, Matty Harden, Barbara Bransovich, Ida Mae Lee, Esther Feher. ROW 3: Sharon Kimmy, Gayle Myers, James Picillo, John Stey, Forrest Clayton, Raymond Giovanelli, Albert Kocis, Kenny Zoltan, Palmer Pacillo, Richard Benka, Robert Gasperic, Ronald Capital, Gregory Jackson, William Morgan, Jack Taylor, James Washington. FARRELL HIGI THE FURELS Ro n ald Aiello, Jo hn Swiecinski, Maceo Brown, Louis Guerino and Richard Basile. at THE SENIOR BOYS QUARTET FRONT: Palmer Pacillo, Ronald Aiello, BACK: Joseph Reda, James Washington. ROW I: Barbara Curcio, Mary C. Magnotto, Mary Bianco, Carol Spruk, Donna Yerskey, Toni Banks, Mr. Samuel Campagna, Jr., Cheryl Parsons, Alberta Wayne, Carolyn Jones, Carmella Grande, Sandra Santell, Janet Mikulin, Andrea Evakich, Marie Mudrinich. ROW II: Arela Sember, Darla Vlhlliams, Maureen Messett, Kathryn Yevchak, Ilona Kuharik, Carol Marks, Wilda Amos, Charmain Smith, Anthony Preston, Linda Spanja, Georgia Moscovitis, Donna Sarcinella, Robert Turner, Terry Ursetta, Keith Lane, James Maselli. ROW III: Eleanor Zappa, Rosaria Pugliese, Mary Leisher, Annette Pugliese, Juanita Samuels, Cheryl Moon, Barbara Kline, Kathleen Lavrangi, Linda Kostar, Marian Gubba, Mary Jisko, Mary Lou Gutta, Vanessa Dansler, Cynthia Burstelli, Lucille Patrizzi, Rose Ann Sopko, Sandra Palko, Jane Bobish. SCHOOL CONCERT CHOIR THE GIRLS QUINTET FRONT: Georgia Moscovitis, Annette Pugliese, Toni Spanja. BACK: Roseria Pugliese and Carol Spruk. MR. SAM CAMPAGNA F. H. S. CHORAL DIRECTOR 65 ASE THE THESPIANS -al 'N Curtaintime - April 20, 1961 - the crowd is seated, the cast is ready, and the playis "Meet Me in St. Louis" The story concerns a young man who has four sisters who are determined to run for ruinj his love life. Mean- while their father has been offered a better job in New York and the familyis moving at once! The girls don't want to leave so they unite for action. They resort to an hilarious series of strategies that not only result in their staying, but in helping brother Lon's love life. The sisters were played by Georgian Kocis, Ginny Cole, Pamela Grande, and Georgia Ragan. The Mother and Father were convincingly portrayed by John Kahl and Annette Krzysiek. Lon was played by Drew Perfilio while Sandy Nathan played grandpa. Theresa Gabriele was the cook. Cecilia Maroscher and Beatrice Balluch played Lon's girlfriend and Bill Cardamon and Gary Franko played the boyfriends. JoAnne Kosiba was the irate neighbor and Dave Morrison was Father's boss. Tom Podleyon was the villain and Mike Moroco was the harassed conductor. "MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS" Directed by Miss Kathryn Polyzou The Cast Mr. Smith, a business man . . Mrs. Smith, his wife ..... ROSE . .......... Eiga? their daughters Agnes ............. Lon, their son ......... Grandpa, Mrs. Smith's father . Katie, the cook ........ . . . . . .JolmKahl . . Annette Krzysiek . .Georgian Kocis Ginny Cole Pamela Grande . Georgia Ragan . . . .Drew Perfilio . . . . . Sandy Nathan . . Theresa Gabrielle Mrs. Wilson, an irate neighbor .... Joanne Kosiba Ida Boothby, sweet on Lon . . John Shepard, sweet on Rose . . . Cecilia Maroscher . . . . Bill Cardamon Fred Gregory, sweet on Esther ..... Gary Franko Lucille Pentard, a "menace" fr Mr. Dodge, Mr. Smith's boss . Mr. Duffy, who is up to no good Conductor ........... om East . . B. Ballueh . . . .David Morrison . . . .Tom Podleyon . . . . Mike Moroco The November 17, 1961 production was "Ever Since Eve." The schedule for rehearsals of this play broke all records for brevity. The first rehearsal was Oct- ober 29 and the first matinee performance was held November 15. In spite of the small number of rehear- sals and interruption, the play was a success because of the hard work put in by the play cast. Dennis Messett, Kathy LaCamera, Mike Moroco, and Josephine DeFazio turned in a fine performance. The rest of the cast included Sandy Nathan, Sandra Palko, James Kaibas, Robert Mirizio, Andrea Evakich, Jean Ulica and Edward Gray. The surprise feature of the play was the bit part performed by Lou Guerino, Tony Costanza, Michael Sorrells, and Bob Konnen as the football players. They were a hit. Backstage we had prompters Michaelene Tamber and Ju dy Salandria. Property C o m m i t t e e Pamela Grande,Anita Mastrian, andJudy Cole. Stage Assistant Dale Dresch, James Dunkerly, Rudy Pavlik, Robert Konnen, Michael Sorrells and Jack Mesaros. Business Staff was headed by Sam Roth and Patricia Mastrian Piano was Georgian Chiccarino and James Washington Sets were constructed by Mr. Eugene Leonard and direction was by Miss Kathryn Polyzou. And so the curtain falls, the lights dim, the audi- torium becomes empty until next Spring ...... "EVER SINCE EVE" Directed by Miss Kathryn Polyzou Mrs. Clover . . Johnny Clover . Mr. Clover . . Spud Erwin . . Susan Blake . . Betsy Erwin . . Martha Willard Officer Simmons Henry Quinn . . Lucybelle Lee . Preston Hughes Football Players THE CAST n-. ..- Bull Hank Fatty Nick . . . Sandra Palko . . Dennis Messett . . Sandy Nathan . . Mike Morocco . Kathy LaCamera . .Andrea Evakich . . . Jean Ulica . . James Kaibash . . . Edward Gray Josephine DeFazio . . Robert Mirizio . . Tony Costanza . . Robert Konnen . .Mike Sorrells . .Louis Guerino MATHEMATICS CLUB OFFICERS Steve Palko ........... . .Vice President Richard Yarzab ..... . . . President Michaelene Scardina . . . . Secretary PatPastore................Treasurer The Math Club is one of our newest organizations at Farrell Senior High. The membershipis limited to students of high scholastic standing, particularly those who have an interest in the study of mathematics. Its purpose is to encourage the members to recognize the many facets of the science of numbers and to encourage those who may want to further their education in this field. T El Z-Z 02, Q HI-Y CLUB OFFICERS: President: Jolm Marin Vice President: Howard Johnston Treasurer: Dale Dresch Secretary: Sa.ndy Nathan SENIOR TRI-HI-Y AND CABINET IST ROW: JoAnn Kosiba, Representativeg Elaine Rozzi, Secretary-Treasurerg Gwen Huntley, Representative. ZND ROW: Georgian Chiccarino, Vice-Presidentg Donna White, Chaplaing Lorraine Carr, President. . . . 6 .Y,.. ,... , I.. . r .. .. L ii .. W, 69 JUNIOR TRI HI Y NATIONAL NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ' SQEQY 1ST ROW: Rose Gagliardi, Kathy LaCamera, Carol Marks, Pat Hoyney, Pat Monteson, Esther ig x A Feher, Annette Pugliese, Cheryl Moon, Georgia Moscovitis, Carol Spruk, Pamela Grande, Barbara H3 If' Curcio. 2ND ROW: Terry Ursetta, Mary Roscoe, Carol Scardina, Robert Skonyi, Ray Giovanelli, Q Q Q Ester Zolton, Mary Louise Leisher, Linda Latsko, Pat Pastore, Michaelene Scardina. 3RD ROW: J X Audrey Herskovitz, Alexis Generalovich, Donna Jean Purich, Mike Keryan, Richard Yarzab, A Dennis Messet, Chris Bellich, James Cordek, Linda Stull, Marilyn Benetto. 4TH ROW: Anthony Cerra, Steve Palko, Dale Roth, Andrea Weber, Carl Pandza, John Marin, John Graef, Nick Generalovich, Sanford Nathan, Vwlliam Zimmerman. JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT boys. vo Rocco Vadala,Steve Palko were F awarded t ro p h i e s for outstanding achievement in the Junior Achieve " ment Program. Ten trophies in all were given to students who were out standing in the Sharon-Youngstown area. The Reflector would like to express their congratulations to the THESPIAN CLUB L Q :MM Q' 1 ,,, in , 5 1 ' 3 3 Q! OFFICERS Secretary ..... Kathy LaCamera President ...... Sandy Nathan Treasurer ........ Ginny Cole Vice-President . . . Mike Moroco Historian ..... Denise Sirianni COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS President .... ............ P at Hoyney Secretary ..... . . . Rose Gagliardi Vice-President . . . . Domma Sarcinelia Treasurer ........... . . . Sandra Matvey 71 CONSERVATION CLUB OFFICERS Anthony Cerra ....... President Anthony DeGero1amo. Vice-President Ralph Russo ........ Secretary Melvin Webb . . . . Treasurer Ngnili fiat -x' I P A h A ' if NIGHT RIDER EDITORIAL STAFF KNEE LING-Annette Pugliese, Assistant Society Editorg Ray Giovanelli, Co-Editor - in - Chiefg Eugene Gelfand, Head Columnist and Co- Editor in-Chief. STANDING: Esther Feher, Music Editorg Pamela Grande, Associate Editorg Juanita Rubalcava., Society Editorg Linda Latsko, Assistant Editorg Mr. Edward Flynn, Faculty Adviser. BACK ROW- Victor Litwiler, Chief Typistg Steve Palko, Photography Editorg Sandra Gross, Typistg Dale Dresch, Alt Editorg William Zimmerman, Sports Editor. it , fy , ' . 1 " T, ' K . ' ,. fr- f - K X . , , X .a H. V, - Q' iw N 5' , b , e , L, . 'apes 5. ' A A ,-.i ,v f' K , ' " "" X , :tv Q f . ' y f-QW, ik, 2 3, SQ, , - . i T . 1. we EQ- '- f ' - ' lf ,w!'J'i "- ' A . ,Q . .-, f I , z, ' kk .- K v,.:i. .Q ,Q -f, , , e 72 KL , una sg A, hd. , ,W : KEY CLUB OFFICERS OF THE KEY CLUB FRONT: Linn Sto n e r - Secretaryg Joe Bubb a - Vice Presidentg John Mesaros - Sergeant of Arms. BAC K: Chris Bellich - T r e asu r e r 5 Nick Generalovich - President. THE C. A. P. THE CITIZEN APPRENTICE PROGRAM FIRST ROW: Ginny Cole, Annette Pugliese, Donna Purich. SECOND ROW: James Cordek, Esther Feher, Sanford Nathan. The Citizen Apprentice Program was started in 1958 under the direction of the United Fund of the Shenango Valley. Six students were chosenfrom each of the valley schools and as repre- sentatives met once a week at the Sawhill Memorial Building, where the students discussed the problems of the community and sought means of solving these problems. To help better under- standthe problems, they heard speakers from various organizations, saw movies on various sub- jects, and went on field trips to become familiar with the work of valley charitable institutions. Farrell is proud to have the above students representing F.H.S. 73 FRENCH CLUB I FRENCH CLUB ll FUTURE NURSES THE LA TIN CLUBS LATIN CLUB OFFICERS Secretary Mxchaelene Sca Vice-President Sam Newt President Frank Badolato LATIN CLUB I LATIN CL UB II 0 LIBRARY STAFF PROJECTIONISTS P. A. ANNOUNCERS SEATED: Angela Grande, Georgian Chiccarino. STANDING: Jean Ulica., Dale Roth, Ginny Cole, Sandy Nathan, Richard Yarzab, and Mary Kahl. .fi X sa I ffy' A ' A T- '3' H Y 'XL' y .. A - Y T T5 2 y, 'A ., .X ' T -Y A s Q , "s T51 ' I , ,vi ,, .?- , ng ff - . t . egg? G A i 3 s Kr - , , If ' fi Q X -F . A :f r-R' rm, , wr-Th""IS ATTENDANCE STAFF Karen McC1ave, Thresea Gabriel, Angela Grande, and Lorene Johnson. THE 1961 TRACK SQUAD 1ST ROW: Tom Underwood, Donal Jackson, Anthony Cerra, Ronald Sakonyi, Patrick Sanders, Ronald Sanford, Paul Goda, Tom Popadak, James Campero, Barry Porter. 2ND ROW: H. Garden, Ronald Capital, Lawrence Guerro, Ronald Tamber, James Cordek, Gary Verholek, Gerald Misik, Richard Miskolitz, Ronald Savach, Denis Chintella, James Campbell, Ernest Robinson. 3RD ROW: Coac h Russel Phillips, Cecil Crowder, Earl Jones, Albert Arendas, Andrew Pazgan, Robert Gasperic, Henry Klein, Frank O'Staffey, James Starkey, David Sever, Michael Morocco, John Scarmack, Mr. Steve Karlovich. TRACK RECORD F.H.S. 48 213 Woodrow Wilson 69 113 F.H.S. 53 Youngstown Ursiline 65 F.H.S. 43 1110 Grove City 74 9110 F.H.S. 43 4.15 Cardinal Mooney 44 115 F.H.S. 43 415 Youngstown Chaney 60 F.H.S. 40 Youngstown North 78 F. H. S. 7 1 Hubbard 47 F.H.S. 46 114 Hopewell 80 314 NEW CASTLE INVITATIONAL 1. New Castle 80 2. Butler 66 118 3. Grove City 42 114 4. Ursuline 17 112 5. Farrell 9 318 6. N.C. Union 5 51 8 7. Shenango 3 518 8. Mohawk 112 In the W.P.l.A.L. finals at Cannonsburg, Pa., Farrell ranked 8th out of a field of 11 teams. Pat Sanders won 2nd place and the right to participate in the state final track meet. He set a Farrell High School record with a throw of 53' 6" in the shot put. Mr. Ralph Dresch, Farrell High School Athletic Director with two of his secretaries, LEFT: Rose Gag- liardl and RIGHT: Sandra Matvey. FOOTBALL RECORD Farrell High Farrell High Farrell High Fan-eu High Farrell High Farrell High Farrell High Farrell High Farrell High Farrell High Erie Academy Aliquippa Butler Salem Ellwood City New Castle Beaver Falls Niles-McKinley Ambridge Sharon Mr. Anthony Paulekas Head Varsity Football Coach THE 1961 FOOTBALL SEASON We can be truly proud of our 1961 Farrell High Night Riders. The team responded in a remarkable fashion under the coaching of Mr. Anthony Paulekas, but for a few better breaks our record would read much better than 6 won and 4 lost. With the assistance of Mr. John Popadak, Mr. William Gargano, Mr. Steve Kar lovich and Mr. John Sava, the Farrell Squad at times played great and inspired ball. Farrell inaugurated the ,season with three games away from home. In the first game the Paulekasmen easily overtook Erie Academy and handled the Erieites without too much difficulty. Touchdowns in the game were made by Bob Samuels, Jon Overton, Tony Cerra, CecilCrowder andJoe Bubba. Bubba's T.D. came after a blocked punt. The final score was 34-0. It was an auspicious start for the Riders. The Night Riders traveledynext to Aliquippa. The Indians for many years had been a thorn in the side of our chargers, but the Quips this year were more docile and the Farrell Eleven came away ina romp 28-6. Bob Samuels proved again his scoring ability with two T.Ds, showing great offensive aggressiveness. Farrell's third victory at Butler over a fine Butler team was a closeone, 6-0. The win Started our boys on the right track to the W. P. I.A. L. and Mid-western Con- ference titles. Anthony Cerra. scored the only touch- downg a previous end around play by Cecil Crowder had set up the deciding play and the margin of victory. A The Paulekasmen made the homecoming at Farrell a great success by defeating the Salem Quakers of Ohio 'I-6. Although it was a non-league game, the Farrell boys played likefchampions. Salem took an early lead. in the first quarter over.Farrel1, but our boyscame we life in the second quarter with Lin Stoner passing to Nick Generalovich for a six pointer. Fred Somerset's conversion proved to be the margin of victory as the second half play was scoreless. The victory, though sweet, proved tobe costly as Samuels was injuredearly l inthe game and "rapid" Robert was forced to sit out the next few crucial games. A 26-0 win over Ellwood City with Gary Verholek substituting for the injured Samuels, sparked the boys morale tremendously. Anthony Cerra scampered for two T. Ds., Cecil Crowderpassed to Nick Generalovich for another, and Lin Stoner on aquarter back sneak completely routed the Wolverines. After 5 consecutive triumphs, the Night Riders were derailed by the New Castle Red Hurricanes. The highly spirited Hurricanes defeated Farrell by a score of 18-0, our first loss of the season and also our first in the Mid-Western Conference and the W.P.I.A.L. On a crisp October night, Farrell met the Beaver Falls Tigers at Farrell. Farrell's hopes for a Mid- western Conference tie with Beaver Falls vanished with a 16-14 decision. A field goal by Ryonof Beaver Falls in the early part of the game proved decisive. Cecil Crowder played very well offensively and Tony De- Geralamo playeda bang-up defensive game. Lin Stoner threw two touchdown passes to Crowder and Hopkins, but they proved to be in vain. Mel Webb also stood out on offense. We can truly be proud of the Riders because they completely outfought andoutplayed Beaver Falls, a team that later went on to win the Mid-Western Conference. Niles-McKinley, the second ranked team in the state of Ohio were our next visitors and they proved to be exactly what the Ohio sportswriters had said about them. This was the Night Riders third consecutive defeat. Bob Samuels, injured earlier in the season, ran a few plays on offense. Farrell played their hearts out but the Dragons were just too much to take on. Tony Mason's gridders fincidentally T. M. isa F. H. S. gradl defeated Farrell, 40-0. Any hope that the Night Riders had in placing first in the league was obliteratedby the Ambrldge Bridgers at Ambridge by the score of 20- 14. The boys morale wasn't too high but they almost pulled it out in the last quarter. Cerra scored Ztouchdowns for the Night Riders. The Farrell High Night Riders c 0 mp l e te d their season's play by ripping the Sharon High Tigers, our back yard rivals. Sharon came into the fray with a commendable 7-2 record, while the Night Riders had a fair record of 5-4. However, this did not deter the attempts of Farrell to give a good account of themselves that night. The game was nip and tuck for the first five minutes of play, but the Riders took charge thereafter and continued to play a very good brand of heads-up football. Outstanding on offensive for the Paulekasmen were Tony Cerra, Bob Samuels, Maurice Hopkins, Lin Stoner, and of course, in front of the hard running backs, a reliable and hard charging line. Defensively, Tony DeGeralamo, Elmer Flint, Jim Campbell, and the other boys helped to stop Woodie Lockhart and Co. without too much difficulty. Keyplays in the game were: Tony Cerra's beautiful 86 yard runback of akickoff with Mike Moroco throwing a key block along the way. Both Cerra and Samuels scored two T.Ds, but one of Samuels' was nullified because of penalty. Elmer Flint recovered a fumble deep in the Night Rider territory early in the game, which stopped a Sharon drive and helped preserve a well deserved victory for Farrell. Playing their last game for the Farrell High School Night Riders were seniors: Anthony DeGeralamo, Robert Samuels, Nick Generalovich, Paul Goda, Elmer Flint, Sam Lazich, Melvin Webb, Joseph Bubba, Michael Moroco, Jack LaC am e ra , Robert N e ls o n, Anthony Cerra, Gary Verholek, Jon Overton, Maurice Hopkins and Cecil Crowder. Assistant Coaches: Mr. John Sava, Mr. Russel Phillips, Mr. "BigJohn" Popadak, and Mr. Steve Karlovich. THE FARRELL H - M6 -l f' .Agp-.3 x S ,R QM Sl lgf' 2. X K I N..,,,,,,M- KNEELING Student Managers--ChrisBe1lich and Forest Clayton. 1ST ROW: Charles Alongi, Charles Tucci, Denis Chintella, Lester Robinson, Maurice Hopkins , Lawrence Hamilla, Joh Ove rton. 2ND ROW: Linn Stoner, Ralph Timparo, Mike Moroco, Gary Verholek, Anthony DeGero1amo, Sterling Webb, Robert Crowder, James Campbell. BRD ROW: James Kaibash, Frank O'Stafy, Tim Balluch, Elmer Flint, George Thomas, Cecil Crowder, Melvin Webb. 4TH ROW: Tom Underwood, Fred DeGero1amo, Joe Landa, Larry Gurrera, Nick Generalovich, Paul Goda, Don Carfagna. 80 2 ' fy xii has I 5299i Heidi". 9' OOTBALL SQUAD I srl! KNEELING Student Managers--Henry Klein and Bernard Chec. IST ROW: Arthur Scarmach, Joe Bubba, Joe Leavens, John Latsko, John LaCamera, Fred Somerset and Mike Mondich. 2ND ROW: James Quinn, Sam Mastrian, Sam Newton, Walter Nogay, Ronald Tamber, Francis Lengyel, Donald Jackson, John Rossi. SRD ROW: Bob Nelson, Anthony Cerra, Robert Samuels, Terry Mack, Barry Porter, Michael Misik, Richard Benka, Robert White. 4TH ROW: Ronald Capital, Frank Sinopoli, Francis Platterborze, Andrew Miller, David Sylvester, Edward Perdian, Gregory Jackson, Hasco Darden. 8I 3 F. H. S. FOOTBALL SENICRS 82 5 S ia x . XSSQA9-1: S 'S g l X Sign Q 1 E, SX . SX. ., , x sig X . S fl' K, . .Q f-fi. ,M-S. Q W, sx S Qian, , is I: X fy 1 nw. x rv ,f- ST F, 5 -n 3 Q vi. . ,Q Q- '- I r S a H " f Ky Q Q. x ' 'un .6 P 4 ,Q If ' . ,ws 4 .. -. .Ng vf sq , -.w M k:f?, 5 , . xvlfiq S N :1 A X. X 5 . Q19 '58 gf .J fx Ke I, I CHEERLEADERS 1ST ROW Patty Pastore, Patty Monteson, Lenora Matthews. 2ND ROW Ma r ily n Be netto ,Alexis Generalovich, Linda Latsko. SENIORS Patty Monteson, Lenora Matthews Patty Pastore. RESERVES Pamela Bongo, Delfina Knott, Darla Williams, Elenor Zappa, Marlene Messett, Lois Pearlman. 'w ,tif A, , ..X, -- A Q gig ,,Lk, 5, 2 as-mv, X Sifkzlli. 1 L K1 '3' - may be fi f f,' ,A lf-: Et saggy, Q F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S F.H.S. Scott, N. Braddock Beaver Altoona Pgh. 5th Ave. New Kinsington Martins Ferry, O. Rostraver Adelphia, NYC Uniontown at Bever Falls Ellwood City at Aliquippa Ambridge at New Castle Sharon at Har-Brack Beaver Falls at Johnstown at Ellwood City Aliquippa Ambridge New Castle at Sharon UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH W.P.I.A.L. PLAYOFF F.H.S. 48 .... North Union F.H.S. 51 .... Springdale Semi-finals F.H.S. 38 .... Ford City 27 42 52 41 45 51 41 37X 57X 36 53 48 38 56 33 31 36 41 37 42 35 55 60 33 39 49 KX Lions Tournament "' Section Ill League 12 wins - lost 0 23 wins - 3 losses lk lk iv lk 'K lk lk lk lk lk it IF VARSlTl SEC. IH LARRY AUSTIN JACK GUNSLEY 15 ,si w GX J ln !Q fa! 4 N 'S X I 1ST ROW, James Quinn, John Gunsiey, Robert Samuels, John Marin, Larry Gurrera, Larry Austin. 2ND ROW, Chris Bellich, managerg Lin Stoner, Cecil Crowder, Donald Carfagna, John Graef, Nick Generalovich, Anthony Messina, Richard Carlos, manager. s, , The "Gunner" and Quinn about to clear the boards. MGRE ACTION! Samuels going in for a lay-up A fight for the rebound Varsity Basketball Coach Mr. Edward J. McC1uskey BASKETBALL Mr. Basketball did it again. Yes, for the ninth time in 14 years, th- McCluskeymen have won the Section III Championship. The Farrel Steelers, who eventhe most optimistic fans believed had no chance at the title, ended the season with a 23-3 record, suffering their final loss tc Ford City at the Pitt Fieldhouse. With the loss went our bid for the 6tt P.I.A.A. State title. At the beginning of the season, with three lettermen returning, ever Mr. McCluskey had his doubts about this years' team, but the determinez Steelers, paced by "Big Jack" Marin, proved to all that they were the best in Section III. The season began with an easy win over Braddock. In quick successioi the Steelers beat Beaver, Altoona. Pittsburgh 5th Avenue, New Kensing- ton, Martins Ferry and Rostraver. In the annual Lions Club Tournament, Farrell defeated Adelphi Academy of New York in the first game, only tobedefeated in turn for the second year in a row by the Purple Dragons of Uniontown. The Steelers played a good game, but were beaten at the foul line. After the Lions Club Tournament, Section III play started. Our first opponent was Beaver Falls whom we downed 49 to 36. Next camea 73 to 53 romp over Ellwood City. The Steelers controlled the boards and led all the way. Big gun was Bobby Samuels, who had 21 points. After this came a terrific one point decision over Aliquippa. The thrill-packed game was deadlocked 5 times, the last occasion being at 46 to 46 with a little over one minute to play remaining. Bob Samuels scored a foul shot with 1:00 showing on the clock. Larry Austinthen stole the ball for the Steelers and after several jump ball situations and a traveling violation against Aliquippa, Gunsley broke loose and netted his field goal on a long pass from Marin. Marin was high scorer with 17 points. The Steelers then played Amhridge. In this game, Farrell came from behind to score 19 points in the final quarter and take a 5 point verdict 43 to 38. Marin, with 16 points to his credit, was again the high scorer. With a one game lead in the Section III race, the Steelers' next opponent was New Castle. This game ended in a double overtime score of Farrell 61, New Castle 56. The regulation contest ended in a 50-50 deadlock after Farrell overcame a 5 point deficit in the final period. Great rebounding by Gurrera, Gunsley and Samuels helped the Steelers as Marin fouled out during the first overtime period. Both teams scored 4 points in the first overtime period with Marin and Austin each con- verting2foul shotsfor the Steelers. Jimmy Quinn and Austin opened the second overtime with consecutive baskets to put Farrell four points ahead. A pair of foul conversions by Jack Graef and another by Quinn added our final 3 points. Once again, "Big Jack" paced the Steelers with 20points. Also, Austin had 13 points and Quinn accounted for 12 points. A total of 91 foul shots were shot by the two teams. In the rival game against Sharon, ending the first half play, Farrell showed their best form of the season. The 48-33 score speaks for itself. Marin, with his patented one hand push shot, paced the Steelers with 24 points. Farrell controlled the boards and led by a good margin through- out the game. This contest featured great team work and enabled Farrell to end first half competition, with a perfect 6-0 record, 2 games ahead of Aliquippa. Farrell resumed action on Section III play with a commanding 2 game lead over the eventual runner-up Aliquippa Indians. In their first en- counter, they whipped Beaver Falls. They next went on to down Ellwood City 49-37 before the showdown game with Aliquippa. The Steelers had towinthis game to retain their 2 game lead, and they came through with a thrilling 43-42 victory on Larry Austin's 2 foul shots in the wanning moments of the game. Farrell then defeated New Castle 59-55, and the Steelers were hard pressed before racking up their 10th consecutive win of the section. Only Ambridge and Sharon remained in the path of an undefeated season in Section III. The Steelers, hustling all the way. walloped the Bridgers assuring the Section III titleg and in the grand finale of the year, rocked their backyard rivals, the Sharon Tigers, 61- 60 on Jack Marin's 2 foul shots in the last 20 seconds. The Steelers returned home with a perfect 12-0 record, best in the section, and thus, the Steelers prepared for further competition in the W.P.I.A.L. Tourna- ment at the University of Pittsburgh Fieldhouse in Pittsburgh. The Steelers drew North Union in the opening round game and rumors spread that North Union was power-packed. However, the great efforts from Marin with 27 points, and Austin's 10 points, the Steelers beat the Unioners 48-33. Strong defensive play featured with Gimsley, Gurrera and Samuels, Quinn contributed with Marin and Austin to beat North Union. Farrel1's record of the season now stood at 22-2. Next, the Steelers played the Springdale Dynamos in a quarter-final game. Again sparkedby Marin, Austin, and Gunsley, the boys prevailed, this time to the score of 51-89. Marin was again outstanding with 18 points. The games were getting increasingly tense and teams had great pressure placed on them. The semi-final game was next, with the Steelers facing the Ford City Glasseis. The Glassers were installed as 5 point favorites and they played like true champions in defeatingthe Steelers 49-38 before a jam-packed crowd at the Pitt Fieldhouse. The defeat endedthe year for the Farrell Steelers, with:-i23-3 record. Playing their last game as seniors were Jack Marin, Bob Samuels,John Gunsley, Larry Austin, Nick Generalovich, John Graef and Cecil Crowder. Senior managers for the season were Chris Bellich and Tom Carlos. Assisting Mr. McCluskey were coaches Sam Jankovich, Tom Cimoric and Gene Leonard. Misters Jankovich and Cixnoric did the scouting and both coached in the Junior High School. It should also be mentioned in passing that our great coach, Mr. Edward McCloskey, won "The Coach of the Year" award in Section III, andJack Marin was given the "Most Valuable Player" award. Jack also won the Sec. III scoring title and was noted unanimously to the all - star Sec. III First Team by our opponents. Teammate John "The Gunner" Gunsley received Second Team honors. l-Iustling Larry Austin and Jimmy Quinn, a Junior member of the squad, received Honorable Mentions. We wouldagain like to extend our congratulations and best wishes to Mr. McCluskey and his team on their 23 and 3 record, and ln winning their ninth Sectional title. Jack Marin First Team, All- State Class "A" Most Valuable Player Section IH .ik , ,J ' - x NX f . F. ., ,. W is wg 3 X if ga f 'ln f 1 P Q X -- . Q kr 4, ,Q XTT E ,il Q4 '55 lk ,gag 5 if yf' I X ii -- 'K at ? x xh f X 1 f h , R C :xi i ii J' Q . M , ms ,Q W. 5: lx x BCYS AND GIRLS ACTIVITIES Modern Dance Group Carl Bobby making a giant swing. 3 t ix Q 2 2 STANDING, Barb Curcio, Judy Cole, Maryann Pavlik. Handstand, Mary Magnotto. BOT- TOM, Sandy Palko. Joe Prezgay making the hard ones look easy. Carl Bobby on the rings. G. A. C. The newly-formed Girls Athletic Club has added a new standard of training for the girls of Farrell High School. This new organization was established to promote fair play, new sports and a curriculum of activities which will carry-over after graudation. Any girl desiring membership is admitted to the club. Officers are chosen anda constitution is made up for the girls to follow. Points are given to girls who participate in specific activities. Awards are given to girls who accumulatea set number of points by the end of their senior year. This club is turning out a fine array of sports- minded girls, many of whom will no doubt continue their work in the fields of athletics. OFFICERS: Lenora Matthews, scorekeeperg Dede Chiccarino, Presidentg Ginny Cole, score- keeperg Linda Latsko, Vice Presidentg Judy Novasel, Secretary-Treasurerg and Mrs. Mueller, Advisor. The Meterorology Club was organized in Free Enterprise The Free Enterprise contest was inaugurated by Mr. C. E. Brockway, a prominent attorney and banker of Sharon. Mr. Brockway's attitude is that Communism cannot survive under the American system of freed enterprise because Americans are free to live and work as they choose. However if Americans remain complacent, Communism might get a foothold in this nation. Since this generation of American youth will have to run the nation in the years to come Mr. Brockway believes that they should educate themselves in order to better com- prehend the American as well as the Communistic way of life. Thus inthe five valley schools, Hickory, Sharon, West Middlesex, Sharpsville, and Farrell, the seniors wrote essays on "Free Enterprise" in five catagories: mercantile affairs, agriculture, in- dustry, labor, and religion. These papers were judged by teachers who chose one student from each school in each catagory. Panels consisting of chosen representatives from each schoolwere then formed. After three weeks of preparation, radio tapes were made of the various speeches and broadcast over radio station WPIC. Free Enterprise contestants and their subject matter, Arela Sember, Industry, Annette Pugliese, Agriculture, Mary Lou Leisher,Re1igion3 Dale Dresch, Mercantile Affairs, and William Zimmerman, Labor. FARRELL HIGH METEOROLOGY CLUB FARRE LL MUSIC GUILD PRESENTS SWEATERS TO SE NIOR A CAPPELLA CHOIR STUDENTS. LEFT TO RIGHT: A Cappella Senior Of- ficers---Carol Spruk, Mary Lou Leisher, Georgian Chiccarino, Ronald Aiello, Raymond Giovanelli, Mrs. Victor Giovanelli, KPresi- dent of Music Guildl and Mrs. Carl Bobby, Wice Presidentj. L. TO R. Joe Reda, Treasurer, Mr. John Chiodo, faculty advisor, Frank Puhala, Presidentg James Campero, Vice Pres., Patricia Monteson, Historian, and Kathleen Gutta, Secretary. order to bring together the students of Physics in Farrell High School with the study of meteorology. The faculty advisor, Mr. John Chiodo, and his science students have recognized a great need in the study and prognostication of weather. From these studies, daily weather reports are announced over our P. A. system. The instruments which are available for the students in our miniature weather bureau are a recording barometer or barograph, minimum and maximum thermometers, and a hydrograph. These are official meteorological instru- ments and are housed in a regulation shelter on the Farrell High School campus. In the near future there will be put into operation a wind vane and an anemometer. MR. JOHN CHIODO AND MEMBERS OF THE METEOROLOGY C LUB. Farrell Senior High School FIFTY-EIGHTH Annual Commencement Monday evening, June 5, 1961 nt eight o'clock Farrell Senior High School Auditorium X HONOR STUDENTS Adrienne Wojtanoski, Robert De Marco and Jean Hlinsky. Adrienne Wojtanoski, P.T.A. Award for outstanding accomplishment and Robert De Marco for the Baush and Lomb Science Award and Farrell University Club Award. Graduation e x e r c is e s , accompanyist James Washington and soloist Matthew Ledbetter. Honor Students Kathleen Mes- sina, Mary Kay Andrews, Fredrica Ruffo and Barbara Waliga. Mary Kay Andrews, Shenago Valley Jewish Women Award and Fredrica Ruffo the Volunteer F i r e m e n Women's Auxiliary Award. 94 Honor Student Michael Francis Sujka, winner of the Sharon Steel S3000 Scholar- ship Award and Albert Paldino, winner of the S1600Wolves Club Scholarship and the Boosters Club Mathematics Award. THE 1961 SENIOR CLASS' LAST WALK TOGETHER Miss Griffith, Mr. Paulekas and Mrs. Jones leading the senior procession tothe graduation ceremonies. Fifty-eighth Annual Commencement Monday, June 5, 1961 Processlonal F. Mendelssohn "VVar March of the Priests" The Farrell Senior High School Band James V. Scanga, Conductlng Invocation The Reverend Oscar H. Slngletary, Pastor Friendship Baptlst Church Farrell, Pennsylvania Trumpet Solo "Serenade" V. Bakalelnlkoff l Robert Kidd, Trumpeter James Washington, Plano Accompsnlst Introduction and Recognition of Retiring Professional Employees: Superintendent of Schools Miss Cells Burns and Senior Class President Miss Sarah Cooley Thomas White Introduction of Speaker Jolm Hetra, Superlntendent of Schools Commencement Address "The Plus Factor" Dr. Clara E. Cockerllle Professor of Educatlon Westminster College New Wllmlngton, Pennsylvania Vocal Solo "Homlng" T, Dell-1,50 Matthew Ledbetter, Tenor James Washington, Plano Accompanlst Honor Rfoll and Awards Angelo M. Grande, Principal of the Senior High School Band Selection "Gigi" F, I-awe ' The Farrell Senior High School Concert Band Presentation of Diplomas ' Bernard Brysh, President, Farrell Ares Board of Education John Hetra, Superintendent of Schools , ' Angelo M. Grande, Prlnclpal al the Senior High School Superintendent of schools Mr. John Hetra con- gratulating Miss Cecelia Burns and Miss Sarah --pomp and c,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-- Cooley UPOTI their retirement. The Farrell Senlor High School Concert Band Receaslonal E. EIBBI' 95 CLASS OF 1961 HONOR STUDENTS According to Rank ACADEMIC COURSE Adrienne Ann Wojtanoski Michael Francis Sujka Robert D. DeMarco Jean Alice Hlinsky Annette Joan Krzysiek Cynthia Marie Trop Albert M. Paldino Launa Jean Morar John P. Kahl Ronald Anthony LeVrangi Andrew Mark Perfilio Bernadette Ann Martin Robert Joseph Bresky Carol Ann D'Amico David William Morrison Gerald A. Bullano COMMERCIAL COURSE Mary Katherine Andrews Barbara Ann Waliga Kathleen Ann Messina Frederica Lillian Rufio Sophie Richnavsky Beatrice Mary Balluch Judith Ann Marks Lois Ann Dresch Diane Pavlovich Carol Ann Roscoe Senior Class President Tom White '61 presenting cap and gown to Junior Class President Chris Bellich at Class Day exercises. SENIOR BREAKFAST in S Crossing the Bar Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark. And may there be no sadness of fare- well, When I embarkg For though from out our bourne of time and place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crossed the bar. Tennyson I2 e12201'1kz122 MRS. MARY BROWN NESTICH A.B. Thiel College, M.A. Westminster College TAUGHT IN F. H. S. 1940 - 53 Spanish, Latin, English, Journalism. Faculty adviser of the Night Rider. 98 THE 1962 - REFLECTOR STAFF Much credit for the publication of our school's yearbook is due to the supervision of our staff advisor, Mr. Paul A. Komar. The following are those who have given up home room periods, study halls, and all other free time in an effort to make this year's Reflector the best ever: Sandra Barone, Michaelene Scardina, Ginny Cole, Toni Banks, Angela Grande, Marianne Bandzak, Pat Hoyney, and Sandra Matvey. They busied their fingers clicking away at the typewriter, gathering information, and identifying students, at last, we are able to present to you every written word in this year's Reflector. Because of our excellent photographers, Steve Palko, John Tatusko, and James Starkey another job was created for Michaelene Scardina, Toni Banks, Theresa Bohach, Sandra Barone, Ginny Cole, Angela Grande and Marianne Bandzak, which was the arranging and stamping of pictures. Many of the drawings that you have seenthroughout the various pages were made by Jerry Johnson and Linda Latsko. Chris Bellich and Steve Palko were in charge of writing up athletic events that have taken place since last September. Mary Louise Leisher, Michaelene Scardina, Ginny Cole, Pamela Grande, and Jack Mesaros wrote about several different topics. Copies of our yearbook were sold to the students and faculty members of the high school by DeDe Chiccarino, Colleen Whalen, Michaelene Scardina, Theresa Bohach, and Ginny Cole. We, of the Reflector staff, enjoyed working together. We hope we have done a good job and that you will enjoy your 1962 Reflector for many years to come. - The Staff Michaelene Scardina, sGinny Cole, Sandra Barone. Theresa Bohach, Colleen Whalen, DeDe Chic- carino. l Chris Bellich, Steve Palko, Jack Mesaros. v John Tatusko, James Starkey, Jerry Johnson Barbara Hornyak, Marianne Bandzak, Toni Banks. Angela Grande, Pamela Grande, Linda Latsko. 99 Theresa Gabriele, Sandra Matvey, Mary Louise Leisher. AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS OF MY CLASSMATES OF MY CLASSMATES qt- i I z I K I -- ...Y ,n - , - . ...rggl A A , .., - .,. ., - I ' 1 1 'gif' ' 'f 5 ' ' - - 11 - . ., - 5 ff-" s .,..-.,:' ' - ' U -.I " '1 ., -- -,...q:,-gif ..: .-. WJ:-ay. .. 1 X , 6 ,L I A X M , ,,. ,. F ' -si "- Qi' . . 45, , V , A . V ' Q K . , . n Z - I X 1 .' 1 , 4, , . ' . l x. V . K . -11 A ' : ' , ,. 124 3-. L " 1 , ,. . ' .- , . , v ' 1 4 "' '7"?w5l . ni A "K ' 'JA- fi 'Y , W '1 ' ti Q i f i, f 14. , ang, TV E i5f"TJ -4.5 - ' ' .M Hn :ig gf ,m gl 'N ,fl ,V . Zed: T223 .wg L H 334-fqv, 34- HA- f -4- wg-4.41 . 4i'Iwf:,?f ' :fix ul' ff. . E J I .f Y wa -, .I gl I 1, ll I 9 r 4 1 4 ' m Q ,Q a f, Ml" 1' It V W4 . 6. - "L . ' -rv' 111.1 I I .1 ,. fc,lf" W- Q " , 4 A A Ei, : 'r -- 1 .nw-Mfilw it L, , W L '-'vw-""' ,A'1-i.-f"-,,, u 4 ,gf fu me -eff Mawr .-...n............+...-. F, 1 L, I ..,-.-.b- Hffij A 1 'H fig F " M21- 5 .Wg , .

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