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THE 1957 FUTURAMIC xr? FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FARRELL, PENNSYLVANIATO THE STARS THROUGH DIFFICULTY Senior class motto Our theme of the futuramic yearbook is more than appropriate to our class motto, "To the stars through difficulty." We, the students of today, are entering a great scientific era, the greatest since the industrial revolution. The splitting of the atom has unfolded new fields of study and achievements, never dreamed of before. Man can now move through frontiers never before attempted, and he hos the power to create a world to his liking, or perhaps in the not too distant future, find one in the outer spaces of the universe. In solving this mystery of the atom he has, also, and perhaps unfortunately, the ability to annihilate himself and mankind. It is paradoxical, however, that the solving of one problem creates a new one. Scientifically we have solved the atom, but politically and sociologically we have not solved a way to accept and live with it. These above all else we must do. The future with its far distant horizons has always fascinated mankind; and to explore the unknown is one of the great attributes of man's inquisitive nature. With the advent of the atomic age, man has all these things within his grasp. We believe that our generation more than any other, hos, what was so aptly described by a former president of the United States, "a rendezvous with destiny."THE REFLECTOR PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1957 PHOTOGRAPHY .......................... SPANO STUDIOS FARRELL, PENNSYLVANIA STUDENT PHOTOGRAPH ...................... RAY D'AMICO PUBLISHER..................... AMERICAN YEARBOOK CO. HANNIBAL, MISSOURI FACULTY ADVISOR ...................... PAUL A. KOMAR 54TH COMMENCEMENT EDITION VOLUME 41 3SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Mr. JOHN HETRA A.B. Westminster Collec M.Ed. University of PittsburghASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Mr. ANTHONY J. PINTAR B S., Grove City College M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh THE SCHOOL Mr. WALTER A. BRESKY Mr. LOUIS MASTRIAN Mr. ANTHONY J. NAMEY Mr. EDWARD A. TUROSKY President Vice-President Treasurer School SolicitorDIRECTORS Mr. JOHN N. PETRIUO Mr. PAUL KUDEIKO Mr. 8RONKO GENERALOVICH Mr. EDWARD S. PURICH AL MALANDRO SENIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL Mr ANGELO M GRANDE A.B. Grove City Collogo M A University of Alabama FACULTY Mrs VICTORIA BARBU English II, III. B.A. Univorsity of Pittsburgh. Mr. PAUL BOHACH General Math I, II; Algebra I. BA. Westminster College. Mrs. THELMA BRICE Library. B.S. Clarion State Teachers College,- M.A. Equ., Clarion State Teachers College. 8Mrs. SAMUEL CAMPAGNA Spanish I, II. B.S. Ed. Indiana State Teachers College. Mr. SAMUEL J. CAMPAGNA Chorus, Glee Clubs, Appreciation of Music. B.S. Indiana State Teachers College; M. Ed. Pennsylvana State University. Mr. JOHN A. CHIODO Physics. Advanced Goneral Science. B.S. Westminster,- M.S. Ed. Westminster College. Miss SARAH COOLEY Biology. B.S. Westminster; M.A. Columbia University.Mr. STEPHEN I. DEIPERO Driver Educotion. B.S. Ed. Clarion State Teochers College; M. Ed. Westminster Col-leae. Mr. RALPH E. DRESCH Problems of Democracy. A.B Indiana University; M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh, Mr. NICHOLAS COSTES Pcrmanont Substitute. B.S. Physical Education; M. Ed. Boston University. Miss FRANCES DURITSA Home Economics. B.S. Pennsylvania Stole University; M.A. Columbia University. 10Mr. EDWARD FRANCIS FLYNN Journalism. B.A. University of Dayton; MS. Ed. Westminster College. Miss ANNE GOJDICS English IV, World Literature. B.A. Ponnsylvonio State University,- M Litt. University of Pittsburgh. Miss OLGA GOJDICS Typing I. II. B.S. Carnegie Institute of Technology; M. Litt. University of Pittsburgh. Miss ALICE GRIFFITH English IV. B.S. Indiana Stoto Teachers College. M. Ed. Pennsylvania State University. 11Mitt HELEN GRIMES Geometry, Trig. Algebra II. B.S. Grove City College,- M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh. Mrs. JULIA W. JENKINS History II, III. A.B. Muskingum College; B.S. Muskingum College. Mrt. MARY T. JONES Transcription, Shorthond I, II, B.S.C. Grove City College. 12Mr. PAUL A. KOMAR Art I. II. A.B. Thiol; M A. Fino Arti, Univeriity of Iowa. Mr. TUDOR E. LEWIS Wood Shop. A B. We tmini»er; M. Ed. Wostmiruhjr. Mr . EDWARD LINDWAY Phyiicol Education. B.S Slippory Rock Stato Toachor College. 13Mr. ALFRED MAIATESTA Latin I, II. B.A. St. Bonovonturo Univeriity; M. Ed. Westminster. Mr. PAUL J. MATUSCAK Business Training. Bookkeeping I, II. B.S. Bus. Admin. Youngstown University. Mr. EDWARD J. McCLUSKEY History II, III. B.S. Washington Jefferson. Mr. ELLSWORTH E. McCLEARN Machine Shop. Voc. Ed. U-niversity of Pitt.; M.A. EQU. Californio State Tcachors College. 14Mitt ANNAROSE MORACA Biology. B S. Columbia University. Mr. JOSEPH G. NESTICH Mochonical Drawing. B S. Kent Stole University; M Ed, Kent State Univeriity. Mr. IRVIN G. ORR Metal Shop. Voc. Ed. University of Pittiburgh; M A. EQU Californio Stole Teochers Collie. Mr. ANTHONY PAUIEKAS P.O.D., World Geography. B S. Washington Jefferson College. 15Mitt KATHRYN POIYZOU Speech, Dramatic . BA. Westminster College; M.A. Dramatic Art , University of Iowa. Mi GERALDINE ANN ROCK Typing I, Shorthand I. B.S.C. Mcrcyhurst College. Mis MARGARET ROUX History II. A.B. Soton Hill College; M.A. Tulane Univer ity. Mr. JAMES V. SCANGA Music, Band. B.S. Indiana Stato Teacher College; M. Ed. Pennsylvania State University. IfiMitt MARY V. SCARDINA English III. B. Lift. Grovo City Colley©. Mr. DAVID C. SCHIRMER Electric Shop. B.S. Colifornio State Teachers Collego. Mitt BESSIE STRUCK Algebra I, II. B.S. Wettmirsster College. 17Mr. ROBERT TROMBACCO English II. B A. Gannon College. Miss CECELIA BURNS R.N. School Nurse. Charity Hospital Clev., Ohio. 18Miss ANNA M. BOYLE "Wisp and meteor nightly falling. But the stars of God remain." Ralph Waldo Emerson 19SECRETARIAL OFFICES SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE SEC. OF BOARD OFFICE Attendance officer, Mr. Joseph Czerwiecz. Judy McCauley, Mr Jomes Fommortlno, ond Mrs. Geraldine Tommies. Shirley Bocon, Margaret Sokony, Agnes L. Mielcarek. 20LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Susan Bacon, Mrs. Victoria Cipriano, Mrs. Mary Bruno, Mrs. Fronces Semons. 21 FIRST ROW: Agnes Yondrkh, Sue Thomas. SECOND ROW: Catherine Stiftinger, Sophie Dudash. Connio Sopko. BACK: Frank Koior and Philip Chiappionella, Head of Maintenance.c L A S s E SSOPHOMORES lit ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pot Remp, Jeon Yerjkey. Nancy Berger, Carol Pasacic. Joann Posacic. 2nd ROW: Rose Messina, Sandra Madura, Judy Meislik, Barbara Quinn, Lucy Curcio, Karen Zolton. 3rd ROW: Ronny Heiman. Marilyn Miller, Jerry Palermo, Ronald Gatty, Maria Couzens. 4th ROW: Tim Moriarfy, John Sifonis, Anthony Liscio, Jerry Huroyt. Rkky Hogue, Jerry Taylor. 5th ROW: Bob Basilone, Kalmon Goncsos, Tom Poczok, Pete Jonkovich, George Hurney, David Jamison. 24lit ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Germaine Hlinsky, Judy Henretty, Harvey Grande, Mae Greene, Phyllis Fosterling. Gladys Harris. 2nd ROW; Frances Takinos, Vollentino Fuchs, Moseonn Ford, Margaret Horklich, Donna Esposito, Mary Elio, Mary Ellerbe 3rd ROW-. Lizobeth Dzurinda. Lois Gunther, Marilyn Evans, Bruce Fahey, Garey Grande, Leon Grande. Anna Mae Ference. 4th ROW; Rosa Lee Henrey, Frank Griffith. Jo Ann Forish, Nathalie Etheridge. Mike Esposito, Robinson Ford. George Dulcba. 3th ROW.- Robert Frank. Bernard Dropp, George Eostlick, John Harris. Robert Easterling, Jerry Dorullo, Jerry Harris, David Dunn 2 ?03 1st ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandra Buholzer, Stephanie Danesso, Veronica Bohach, Margaret Beil, Solly Crosswait, Nancy Churozzi. 2nd ROW: Beverly DeNoi. Joan Crawford. Carl D'Amico. Brenda Bukus, loretto Arci, Rose Boncivengo. Thomas Cooper. 3rd ROW: David Blank, Nick DeMartinis, Francis Adams, Ginelle Barlow, Rosalie Borden. Josephine Berisky, Robert Bianco. Elmer Anderson. 4th ROW: Mary Ann Baker, Thomas Dimofl. John Beinhort, Robert Bernard, Michoel Colundjio, Clementine Booth, Robert Ciatola. 5th ROW: Louis DePreto, Eric Cannon. Rudolph Bower, Jomes Cagno, William Capitol, Michael Cimoric, Andrew Arendas, Alex Amico. 5lit ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeon Mineo, Odelio Miiik. Foith Morocco, Potricio Meckler, Jeon Mozzotti. 2nd ROW: Fred Olinger, Potricio Miller, Undo Palmer, Theresso O'Donnell, Alon Nathan. 3rd ROW: Jean McCoy, Dolorej Medvec, Carol Mikulin, Audrey Miholcin, Anita Moore. 4th ROW: Fritz Orben, Jamej McClendon, John Moldovan, June McCurdy, Helen Murcko. 5th ROW: Robert Meons, Robert McCurdy, John Nehlen, Walter McKethan, Carmen Morocco, Merle Paddock. 2 1st ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Norma Hunter, Carol Keryan, Joan Kubayko, Margaret Homo, Joanne Lucos, Jerry Jara. 2nd ROW: Kathy Kudray. Nancy Kuzen, Darlene Kowalsky, Carol Marino. Pot Kostko, Barbara Levine, John lengyol. 3rd ROW: James Koi, lorroino Holler, Sophie Klein. Edward Madura, Kay Kurpe, Irene Jonosko, Sherry lobl, Beverly Lampkins. 4th ROW: Ronald Keeley, Nicholas Kloditis, Victor Mock, Willie Mae Lee, Donald Mabry, John Marasco, Joe Katakowski. 5th ROW: Ken Klamer, John Kernisky, William Jennings, John Kaibas, Charles Jones, Francis Jones, Lawrence McDonald, Frank Kaiser. 6l»l ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Normon Matvey, George Pcdas, George Scott, Rkhord Rubakava, Pot Russo. 2nd ROW: Marilyn Pondio, Barbara Prergoy, Edward Purkh, Edward Petsko. Barbara Sabo Bonnie Proctor. 3rd ROW: Jerry Sandrock, Pat Regis, Tom Peterson, Gloria Rakoci, Franklin Short. 4lh ROW: Dorothy Richords, Eugene Redo, Annette Reimold, Pot Popadak, Donald Scorvel. 5th ROW: Fronk Sokonyi, Barry Pearlman, LeRoy Pintor, Ira Ray, Fronk Papay. 2 1»! ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Smith, Leonard Viselli, Charles Waller, Carol Steiner. Elizabeth Skarosi, Marilyn Thompson. 2nd ROW: Louis Zoger, Sheila Weiss, Carol Zuschlag, Marie Wells, Mattie Simons. Marguerite Trenga. 3rd ROW: Anthony Zaiac, Lois Smith, Wiley Sims, Calvin Williams. Georgianna Viconovic, Patrick Yersky, Judith Stritzinger. 4th ROW: Wendell Zellefrow, Constance Wilson, Josephine Wright, Mary Wright, Ronald Smith, Goorgo Stey, Joseph Wilson. 5th ROW: Ronald Thomas, Joseph Testa, Robert Taylor, James Thomas, Frank Sincok. Pete White. 7JUNIORS 281st ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Kloditis. Sally Horton, Marionn Kelly, Barbara Hopson, Geraldine Hoines, Seretha Jones 2nd ROW: Harold fry, Elizabeth Gross, Shirley Hossel, Marlene Kloric, Delores Kapurik. Delores Jackson, Janice Konzk. 3rd ROW: Poul Homer, Donna Keeler. Elsie Jarrett, John Freytog, Jody Keeler, Morfho Hornyok, Margaret Hohga, Gwen Hyman. 4th ROW: Sol Golly, Sondro Hillmon, Eva Hontoly, Joyco Hodok, David Harakal, Ernest Hlinskey, Dennis Jennings, Pool Knapp. 5th ROW; Jerry Franek, Georgo Bandzak, Frank Gabriel, Raymond Heile, Albert Hines. David Frampton, Gary Heath, Dan Homo. I lit ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mory Badoloto, Julia Campman, Carol Lee Colvin, Mary Banks, Eallio Atwood, Lorry Brown 2nd ROW: Andrea Berish, John Dreich. Adrienne Arendos, Donna Davis, Elizabeth Costanza. Estelle Caravolios, Carol Flognelli. 3rd ROW: Betty Claiborne, Michaelene Belcik, Ralph Dresch. Ronald Dresel, Joo Batfayanyl, Clare Ann Durney, Mary Lou Evanchan. 4th ROW: James Egelsky, Sam Agresti. Tony Chiodo, Charles Adams. Aaron Smith, Robert Disko. 5th ROW: Stove Sponitz, John Somieh, Mark Davis. Pete Chiccorlno. Robert Bolcik, Homer Roimold. 2910 1 » ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Julia Leak, Barbara Myers, Carl Porcefich, Richard Orendi, Sandra Krouse, Sylvia Matuslck. 2nd ROW: Rose Morio Lenzi, Judy Mochuga, Pot Messina, Sally Llewellyn, Jackie Liptock, Rosemarie Mastrian, Marguerite Trumen, Nancy Maykowski. 3rd ROW: Barbara Anne Niemiec, Gloria Melzlik, Theresso Ortiz, Rosemary Mindicino, Anthony Multari, Martha Lyons, Mary Anne Kopen, Julius Palmer. 4th ROW: Douglas Matters, Shirley Miller, Nick Paldino, Franklin Moyer, Mark Mognotfo, John Monfeson, Anno Matthews, Joseph Kocis. 5th ROW: Robot! Latsko. Richard Wise, William Lockovich, Richard Lee, Alfons Moffei, Richard Morocco. Joe Morsillo, George Krontz. 3 1 » ROW, IEFT TO RIGHT: Wonda Form, Nancy Sottlo, Charlotte Raketich. 2nd ROW: John Koihan, John Solatino, Antonia Spanja, Frank Trenga, Cynthia Tibolot, Jody lampkinv 3rd ROW: John Pavlovich, John Dragash, looi Rosoti, Tom Hornyak, Jerry Chiccarino. 4th ROW: Oavid Egercic, Ronald Pendol, David Quartorwjn, Stovo NovojoI, Fronci Stiftingcr. 0 i 3= Ut ROW. Left to Right: Peggy ©»»i. Jeanette Doro, Judy Scardino. Delores Rote . Judy Sirionm 2nd ROW: Morey Pcdas. Betsy Stanton. Ruth Scott. Almorefta Rupert, Phyllis. Rogon, Shirley Richardson. 3rd ROW; Hazel Robinson, Joyce Rung, Judy San. ford. Mory Smith. Wilhanna Porker. 4th ROW: Carol Ring, Patricia Povone. Rosemarie Potrixi. Michalene Sonoga, Ronald Sever Anthony Pithko 5th ROW: William Platter borzo, William Powell. John Polcho. William Proctor. Ralph Solida, Tom Stanek, Lou Rankin. 31 1st ROW, Left to Right: Joanne Stephanopoulot. Bevciely Vernllle. Elame Tokosh, Joan Yozvoc. Gloria Testosecco. 2nd ROW: Ellen Taylor, Joyce Taylor. Margaret Ul»co. Bonnie Stoyer, Rebecca Wim, Frankie Waller. 3rd ROW: Helen Tatutko, Rotemary Yankovich. Franzetta Williams, Nancy Verholek, Audrey VonGazelle, Nettie Young. 4th ROW: Edward Walker Jr., Dominic Vadolo Gerald Utnarski, Tony Tamber, Ruttell Talbert, Edmund Wo da, Eileen Stefonoc 5th ROW; Fred Wells, Daniel Suso, Hor v Thomot, Jim Taylor, Eugene Stefonick, Jock Thompson. Donald Thurston.» f WE V T wmm m MUSIC COUNCIL lit ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ivey Corcio, Judy Sirionni, Joanne Patacic, Nancy Sottlo, Wanda Ferm. Patricio Bauer, Sally Horton. 2nd ROW: Sandro tyaduro. Karen Zolton, Jerry Chic-carino, Robert Mikulin, Jorry Stiftinger, Jomef Ropa», David Egorck, Rhondc McKnight, Charlotte Raketich. M SENIOR BAND MEMBERS lit ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Gloria Salatino. Pa» Bauer, Sandro Korpa, Carol Fleischer. Dominic Pellis, William Scott, Michael Andrews 2nd ROW: Wilbur Prico, Edward Schwartz. Delma Pearson, Robert Mikulin, James Repos. George Romo. 34The Farrell High School Music Deportment, which includes the A Cappella Choir under the direction of Mr. Samuel Campagna Jr., and the band under the direction of James V. Scanga, have become well known in Pennsylvania for their participation in the district and state music festivals. The various activities of the A Capella Choir include the Spring Concerts, the Farrell Chamber of Commerce Banquets, the Wolves Club Scholarship Minstrels, Christmas Programs, and exchange choir trips to nearby schools. The Farrell High School Band is one of the most active organizations in our school. The diligent members have a busy schedule from the beginning of August, until the end of the school year during which time they spend many hours in practice. The result of this continuous practice may be witnessed in the performanres given by the band during football games, basketball games, pep rallies, spring concerts, and the Chamber of Commerce Banquets, me band is a credit to the school, as well as to the city of Farrell, when seen participating in the community parades. The Music Appreciation Course taught by Mr. Campagna is excellent training for the students who intend to further their musical careers. Mr. Jamo'. Scanga (Band Director) and Mr. Samuel Comoogna Jr. (Head of Music Dept and Choral Director). BAND MANAGERS 36 David Quorterson. Tim Moriarity and Anthony LiscioSENIOR MAJORETTES Myrno Livingston. Mory Ann Flock THE MAJORETTES loft to Right: Joan Yarskoy, Carol Posacic, Rose Messino, Cynthio Tibolot, Myrno Livingston, Mary Ann Flock, JoAnne Pasacic, Wanda Ferm, Barbara Quinn, Nancy Sottlo, Hood Majorette. 37CHEERS! CHEERS! SENIORS Marianne Pott, Dolores Kudelko, Joonn© Messina CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Marianna Kelly. Sally Horton, Marianne Pall, Joanne Messina, Do lores Kudelko, Judith Scardina. RESERVES Loft to Right: Loraino Hollor, Rose Boncivongo, Elizabeth D urinda, Marguerite Trenga, Marilyn Evans, Brenda Bukus 38HEREHOMECOMING doing the honors. 40 "Hail the Queen We only have eye for you.HOMECOMING QUEEN AND HER ATTENDANTS LYNN BALDRIDGE JOAN STEIBLY JOANN FARISH 41 GLORIA MEIZLiK JOANNE MESSINA42 1956 FOOTBALL SEASON The Farrell High Night Riders completed their most impressive season since they won the WPIAL Championship in 1951. Coached by Anthony Paulekas and his assistants John Popadak, William Gargano, Russel Phillips, John Chicodo, and Stephen Delpero, the Night Riders ended their 1956 campaign with nine victories and one defeat. Farrell's first triumph came at home as they outscored an agressive Erie Academy eleven 33—12. The Night Riders attack was sparked by the lightning backficld of Al Lamp-kins, Fred Wells, and Mike Cannone. In their second home contest of the season the Paulekasmen shut out Niles, Ohio, a team which always provides tough opposition, 18-0. This was the first time a Farrell team ever beat a Niles eleven. Farrell went into the Butler contest as the underdog and were out-weighed ten pounds per man. Despite these odds and a steady drizzle during the game, the Night Riders handily took charge of the Butler aggregation and shut them out 20—0. The Farrell—Vandergrift game was the one that really showed the great comeback power of the Farrell team. After spotting Vandergrift thirteen points in the first half, the Paulekasmen came back with renewed power and defeated Vandergrift 21—13. Wade Johnson and Fred Wells added to the comeback spirit Farrell needed to get back in the game. Wells sprinted thirty-seven years to pay-dirt and Johnson fifty-four. Al Lampkins drove over for the winning touchdown. Wells had a perfect night as he booted three extra points. The Night Riders made it five in a row os they easily defeated Elwood City 32—7. Strong line plays, with fancy running by Lampkins, Johnson and Wells, plus the pinpoint passing of Cannone proved too much for Elwood City. Elwood City's lone tally came in the last minutes of the game with the Farrell reserves in action. Farrell defeated New Castle 26—7 for their third WPIAL triumph and sixth straight win. The Night Riders victory over (Continued on Page 44.)THE 1956-57 FOOTBALL SQUAD 1st ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Latsko, Ralph Dresch, Eric Connon, Mork Mognotto John Morosco, James McClendon, Edward Waida, Robinson Ford. 2nd ROW: Coach Paul okas. Bill Jones, Kenny Myers, Franklin Moyer, Bill Bernard, Dick Weber, Roger Chuderewicz Alfred lampkins, Mike Connone, Jerry Haniak, Wade Johnson, Bob Hovrilla, Don Jones Assistant Cooch Popodok. 3rd ROW: Mr. Gargano, Mr. Delpero, Fritz Orben, Walter Me Kethan, Fred Wells, Andy Scormock, English Price, Williom Capitol, Jerry Dorulla, Bill Rooch, Aaron Smith, Harvey Thomos, Mr. Phfllips, Mr. Chiodo. 4th ROW: Donald Thurston, Joseph Testa, Leroy Huntiey, James Tcr fOr, John Kaibas, Frank Sincek, David Frompton, James Johnson, Donald Scarvel. 43(Continued from page 42.) New Castle was their first since 1951 when they defeated New Castle by an identical 26—7 score. The first half was rather even with Farrell scoring only one TD on a short run by Lampkins. Lampkins accounted for two Farrell scores, Johnson one and Haniak one. Johnson scored on a beautiful thirty-eight yard run. Haniak intercepted a New Castle pass and scampered fifty-two yards down the sidelines to paydirt. The Farrell-Beaver Falls game was another which proved the greatness of the ball club. With the score tied 13-13 and only three minutes and twenty-nine seconds left in the game, fullback Wade Johnson cracked through the line to put Farrell ahead. Farrell staved off any hope of a rally by the Fallsmen. The final gun sounded with Farrell on top 20-13. Farrell notched their eighth straight victory of the season in a non-league tilt with their backyard rival Hickory. The Hornets scored first, but they couldn't hold the lead and Farrell easily defeated them 33—13. In their last home game of the season the Paulekasmen made short work of Youngstown Chaney. The Night Riders lightning backfield set the stage in the first fifteen minutes of the game by going ahead 39—0. This early lead enabled Coach Paulekas to use his reserves who were very impressive as they also held Chaney scoreless. This was Farrell's ninth straight '"Ctory and third shut ou». Farrell's perfect season was marred as they bowed to a heavier Sharon eleven 12—0. The contest was not just another traditional Farrell—Shoron clash, it was the first time that both schools went into the game undefeated and untied during the regular season. Twelve seniors played their last game as members of the Night Riders. They were Bill Bernard, Mike Cannone, Roger Chuderewiez, Jerry Haniak, Bob Har-villa, Wade Johnson, Don Jones, Bill Jones, Al Lampkins, Ken Myers, Pete Tremmel, Dick Weber and James Gregory manager. 44THE FOOTBALL RECORD .Farrell. . Farrell. . Farrell. .Farrell. . Farrell. .Farrell. . Farrell. . Farrell. . Farrell. .Farrell Won-9 Erie Academy .... Niles, Ohio......... Butler ............. Vandergrift......... El I wood City...... New Castle.......... .Beaver Falls....... Hickory ............ .Youngstown Chaney .Sharon ............ Lost—1FOOTBALLMIKE CANNONE 47 WIUIAM JONES HARVEY THOMAS WADE JOHNSON ALFRED LAMPKINSBASEBALL AND TRACK RECORD Farrell 9 Union Twp. 7 .. . Farrell 5 Wampum 8 . . . . . . . Wampum 7 .... Bessemer 1 .. . . Wampum 2 Won 2 Coached by Mr. John Popadak Farrell 81 Hubbard 35 Farrell 5316......................................................Ursuline 6416 Farrell 61 Niles 57 Farrell 98 Chaney 11 Farrell 81 Youngstown North 47 Farrell 86 Ellwood City 37 Farrell 10016............................................................Mercer 2616 Commodore Perry 20 Triangular Meet Finished 4th in W.P.I.A.L. Regional Meet. Coached by Mr. Anthony Paulekas Won 6...........................Lost 1 Athletic Director—Mr. Rolph Dresch '-'i Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farre I Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell . .67 Ambridge . .. ..64 Beaver Falls . .61 Aliquippa . .37 Sharon ........ . .60 New Castle . . . . .69 Ellwood City . . . .50 Ford City......... . .71 Ambridge......... . .87 Beaver Falls . . . . .73 Aliquippa...... . . 50 Sharon ........ ‘Farrell Lions Tournament Won 18, lost 6 RECORD Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell, Farrell, Farrell. Farrell. SECTION III 66 New Castle 73 Ellwood City 67 Wellsville, O. 36 43 53 35 57 49 51 48 52 54 Tarentum Youngstown South East Liverpool ....... Youngstown Ursuline . . Altoona ............. Monessen Weirton W. Va. Duquesne Chester....... Canton McKinleyFRANKLIN MOYER THE F. H. S. VARSITY SQUAD JERRY HANIAK WADE JOHNSONNORMAN GARTNER EOWARD JANOSKO ALFRED LAMPKINS MICHAEL CANNONE DON JONES ENGLISH PRICETHE J. V.'S FIRST ROW: George Krontz. Ronald Pendel, Peter Chiccarino, Mr. Bonadio (Cooch), Richard lee, Jock Thompson, Peter Jankovich. SECOND ROW: Joseph Testa, Joseph Katokowski, Robinson Ford, John Kerninsky, Anthony Zajoc, Peter White. THIRD ROW: Berry Peorlmon, Ken Klomer, Victor Mock, Jerry Dorulla, Robert Bernard. Ronald Hoiman, Robert Means (Manager). 52 THE 1956-1957 BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: John Klecic (Monogcr), Miko Connone, Alfred lompkins, Don Jones. Edward Janosko. English Price, and Norman Gartner. SECOND ROW: Fronk Papay, Fronklin Moyer, Jerry Haniok, Fronk Sincek. Wode Johnson Joe Morsillo, and Richard Morocco. THIRD ROW: Ernest Hlinsky (Manoger), Ira Roy, Bill Copitol, Leroy Pintar, Charles Jones. Mark Mognotto, Walter McKethan, Dennis Jennings (Manager).THE 1956-57 BASKET BALL SEASON In December, 1956, with only two lettermon returning from the 1955-56 PIAA Class A State Championship squad. Coach Edward J. McCluskey ond his Farrell Steelers began a season which was to bring them six heartbreaking defeats that would have ruined the moral of most high school teams; but the Steelers, like true champions, gained tremendous respect from both friends and foes for their "never say die" spirit, before relinquishing their hold on the PIAA Class A Crown. Overall the Steelers compiled a fine record of 18 victories and 6 defeats. Against non-league opponents, the McCluskeymen compiled a record of 8 victories and 4 defeats. Triumphs were scored over Tarentum, Youngstown South, East Liverpool, Ursuline, Canton McKinley, Wellsville, and Duquense and Chester in the Lions Club Tournament as the Steelers won their fifth consecutive tourney title. Exhibition defeats were administered by Altoona, 57-56 ending the Steelers 99 home game winning streak, Monessen 49-46, Weirton, 51-49 in a double overtime, and Ford City, 53-50. After amassing a good exhibition record, the Steelers prepared to defend their Section III title. Following are the Section III games: FARRELL 66 NEW CASTLE 47. . .The McCluskeymen opened defense of their crown with an easy victory over on agressive Red Hurricane team. The Steelers were in control throughout after Jerry Haniak led Farell to a 19-13 first quarter lead by scoring the first eight points. Don Jones with 16 and Al Lamp-kins and Haniak with 12 led a well-balanced Farrell attack. FARRELL 73 ELLWOOD CITY 47. . .The Steelers found themselves on the short end of a 15-12 first quarter score against the fired-up Wolverines, coached by a former Farrellite, William Canterna. Catching fire in a second period which netted them 27 points, the Steelers maintained a blistering pace to win going away. Jones meshed 21 and Haniak 16 to lead the Steelers. FARRELL 67 AMBRIDGE 57. . .The Farrell passers chalked up their third consecutive league win by defeating a stubborn Ambridge team. The McCluskeymen led 20-10 at the end of the first quarter and then exhibited a steady attack to overcome the Bridgers. Mike Cannone and Frank Sincek scored 18 and 12 respectively to help carry the Steelers to victory. FARRELL 64 BEAVER FALLS 45. . .By breaking a 24-24 halftime deadlock by outscoring the Fallsmen 40-21 in a furious second half, the Steelers notched their fourth straight section triumph to remain in a firstplace tie with the Sharon Tigers. Jones netted 17 and Ed Janosko 16 to pace the McCluskeymen. FARRELL 61 ALIQUIPPA 51. . .The Steelers stepped out to a 15-7 first quarter lead and then fought off several Aliquippa rallies to win over the inspired Quips. Jones with 21 and Cannone with 15 led the way. SHARON 50 FARRELL 37...The Steelers suffered their first section defeat in a pressure packed game at Sharon. Farrell fell behind at the start and were never able to overtake the Tigers. With the loss, the Steelers dropped into second place in Section III. Jones' 19 led both teams. FARRELL 60 NEW CASTLE 58. . .The McCluskeymen got back on the winning track by fighting off a spirited Ne Ca Hi team in a thrilling battle. The Steelers led 16-14 at the end of the first period and held on to win. Lampkins had 17, Jones 15, and English Price 10 to lead Farrell. FARRELL 69 ELLWOOD CITY 47. . . Farrell padded a 39-24 halftime lead in the second half, to sweep their two game series with the Wolverines. Jones poured 28 through the hoops to lead the Steeler victory. FARRELL 71 AMBRIDGE 46... Overcoming a 27-26 halftime deficit with a tremendous second half barrage, the Steelers retained second place in Section III, a game behind Sharon. Don Jones enjoyed his best night of the season by hitting for 11 field goals, 13 fouls, and a total of 35 points. FARRELL 37 BEAVER FALLS 52. . .The Steelers reached their season's high in scoring by crushing a game Fallsmen squad Jones with 19, Cannone with 16, and Haniak with 15 paced Farrell. FARRELL 73 ALIQUIPPA 71.. .In the section's most thrilling game, the Steelers had to go all out to gain an overtime victory over the Quips. English Price's two fouls in the overtime period proved to be the margin of victory. Jones and Cannone led Farrell with 26 and 17 respectively. SHARON 57 Farrell 50. ..Farrell's reign as State champions ended as the Steelers dropped their second gome to a fine Tiger quintet. The McCluskeymen, fighting for their basketball lives, pulled within 4 points, 30-26, early in the second half, but were unable to get a big drive started. Even with the defeat, the Steelers were able to clinch second place in Section III with a commendable 10-2 record. In addition, Don Jones, who led the steelers with 19 points, copped section scoring honors by amassing 226 points. Ending their varsity careers were Don Jones, Mike Cannone, Al Lamp-kins, Jerry Haniak, Norm Gartner, Ed Janosko, Franklin Moyer, and Wade Johnson. After the Sharon game, someone remarked, "The King is dead, but we are proud to say the King died fighting." Congratulations to Cooch McCluskey and the Steelers for showing their "never say die" spirit. 53 FIELD DAY CLASS DAY SENIOR BREAKFASTDRAMATICS Backstage in the Junior High auditorium some night when the clock's hands point to 8:15—it's a hurried, busy place with Miss Polyzou in a smock daubing make-up on actors who rush around saying, "Now don't forget that cue, give it to me on time!" The stage crew is adjusting that last bit of stage scenery and getting ready to turn the house lights off, and Gori Gaydosh is playing the piano as the actors get ready on stage for the curtain. "You Can't Take It With You" was produced Friday, April 20, 1956, with the following cast: Augusta Stanek, Joan Vlask, Dorothy Bono, John Kocis, Bill Latcheran, Ralph Morocco, Jerry Leonard, John Klecic, Theresa Aiello, Joe Ranallo, Steve Wasko, James Repas, Arlene Fahr, Ralph Solida, Kathy Ruffo, Dan Pustinger, Jim Passell, David Egercic, and Gerry Cerra. This ever-popular comedy concerning the escapades of the eccentric, though loveable Sycamore family produced two Teddy Award winners. John Klecic received the Teddy acting award for his excellent performance as Grandpa, and Augusta Stanek received the other for her portrayal of Penny Sycamore. The Thespian Club also produced the one-act comedy, "Happy Journey" with John Kocis, Augusta Stanek, Jerry Franek, Theresa Aiello, Rosalie Crivello, and Tom DiSilvio. Early in May the club sponsored a variety show featuring Tom DiSilvio and Jerry Stiftinger as a Steve Allen and Gene Rayburn team. The cast included over sixty students. 56The most amusing scene in the show was a parody on a scene from South Pacific starring John Sava, Carley Keats, Jack Work, and Ciro Busiglio with Pauline Gustos soloing. This year the Dramatics Department opened with "Seven Sisters," a Hungarian comedy, which was rather timely due to the Hungarian Crisis in Europe. The cast for this play included: Gloria Testasecca as the mother of the seven sisters, Gloria Meizlik, Mary Ann Flack, Pat Tommins, Joanne Stephanopoulos, Betty Jane Bukovinsky, Sally Horton, JoAnne Pasacic. The "men" were John Klecic, Barry Pearlman, Bob Mikulin, Jim Repas, Ronnie Pendel, and Ernest Hlinsky, This was the first play in which John Klecic did not play on elderly role! The costumes were colorful and Barry Pearlman will long remember his ormor which encased him like a "vise." Yes, the school productions are so much more than that which the audience sees. The plays mean work both on stage and backstage. The fun is in the little incidents and jokes that are constantly happening. And finally, when the curtain comes down, there is the satisfaction of knowing that the actors have done their best for an appreciative audience. 57 Co"P' ’ co" Vo " •'Vo Con'f Tok« It W»»hSENIOR TRI-HI-Y R: Janet Chisholm. Ruth Boron. Ruby Matsis. Emily SemcQO. Dolores Iko. Patricio Uchvar. Mary Coda. Rosemany Bonocci. Francos Postage. es Brodie SEATED: Rhonda McKnight, Lynne Baldridge. Dianne Roth. SENIOR TRI Hl-Y CABINET SEATED, I to R: Ruby Motsis. Rhondo McKnight, Jon«t Chijholm. STANDING: Emily Sem»ga, Mary Goda. Pat Wolgoit. Ruth Baran.JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y CABINET loft to Rights Elizabeth Costanza, Joan Yazvoc, Rose Yonkovich. Sally Horton. Sandra Krause, Mary Ann Kopen. HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES l«ft fo Right: Joan Steibly, Jonot Chisholm, Gloria Solatino, Marionne Patt, Goraldino Gaydosh, Jerome Stiftinger, Ronald Morsillo, Frank Galordo, John Kleoc, Harold Meeker, Robert Havrilla, David Glesel, Robert Mikulin.COMMERCIAL CLUB President ........................... Marilyn Evans V. President...................................Joann Farish Secretary-Treasurer .......... Georgieann Viconovic Chaplain ............................. Kathy Kudray SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y President . . V. President Secretary . Treasurer . OFFICERS Patricia Stone . . Ruth Raran Mary Goda . Helen Biga 60CONSERVATION CLUB . . Terry Kilgore .. . Roy D'Amico . . Larry Multari Walter Stefanish CANTEEN COMMITTEE Left to Right: Mark Mognofto, Leroy P.ntor, George Hurney, Edward Janosko, Steve Novosel, Robert Mikulin, Gloria Meizlik, Joan Stcibly, Peggy Rossi, Rose Messino, Marianne Patt, Brenda Bukus. President . . V. President Secretary . Historian . . 61FUTURE NURSES Geraldine Gaydosh .......... President Adrianne Arendas.........V. President Elaine Takosh .............. Secretary Elizabeth Gross............. Treasurer ? __________________________________________________________________________________________ Audrey Van Gazelle. BACK ROW: Betty Moore, Joyce Johnson, Angie Morocco, Miss Kitting, Pot Kovacs, Rosemarie Bonocci. 621st ROW, L to R: Delores Brodie, Marguerite Trumon. Moseann Ford. Barbara Hopson 2nd ROW: Judy Henretty. Dorothy Richards, Odelia Misik. 3rd ROW: Phyllis Easterling, Dolores Gray, Elizobeth Costanzo, Jennifer Beil. Hl-Y LIBRARY STAFF OFFICERS President ..........................John Klecic V. President ..................Jerome Stiftinger Secretary ....................... Ernie Hlinsky Treasurer ................................ Jack Thompson 63 iNIGHT RIDER STAFF lit ROW, Left to Right: Julia Leak. Mary Elia, Geneva Bridges, Mary Badalota. Norma Hunter. Mortin Austin. 2nd ROW: Delores Jackson. Ellen Toylor, Mary Ellerbe, Judy David. Phyllis Fosterling, Joan Crawford. Gladys Harris. 3rd ROW: Juno McCurdy, Elsie Jorrctt, Barbara Prezgoy. Betty Cloiborne, Callie Atwood, Frances Short. 4th ROW: Annie Hosey. lo s Cherry, Gcnnell Barlow, Mattie Simmons, Gwen Hymon, Rosalie Henry. 5th ROW: Mary Ann Baker, Eva Hunfloy, Dorothy Richards. Annette Barlow, Clomentinv Booth. HOME MAKERS Editor in chief ....................... Delma Peorson Associate Editor ..................... Edward Schwartz Edward Janosko Sports Editor .............................John Klecic Associate Sports Editor ............... Richard Cheza General News Editor ................... David Egercic Society Editor .......................Jeanne MazzottiSPANISH CLUB OFFICERS President....................... V. President..................... Secretary-Treasurer.............. Jerome Stiftinger . Jack Thompson Mary Ann Kopen LATIN CLUB President . . V. President Treasurer . . Secretary . OFFICERS ............ Jerry Franek .............Gary Grande ........ Richard Morocco ........... Margaret UlicaPROJECTIONISTS ft to Right: 1st ROW: Alex Amico, Carmen Morocco. George Dulcba. Alan Nothan, nn Staul. Anthony Tomber. Bob Calvin. Robert Carnino, Mr. Malotesta. 2nd ROW: dy Bauer, Andrew Arendos. William Jennings, Tom Poczak, Richord Chczo. Paul rsko. David Egerc.c. Paul Henretty, Joe Cupurdiio. Lou Rosoti, Gerald Usnarski. 66 THESPIAN CLUB left to Right: 1st ROW; Jerry Fronek, Dav d Egerck, Adrian Arendos, Patricio Povonc, Barbara Myers, Joanne Stephanopoulos, Joanne Koliney. 2nd ROW: Philip Brown, James Repos, Jerry Sliftinger, John KIocjC, Ralph Solido, Edwin Schwartz, Dennis Jennings, Ernest Hlinsky, Pat Lichvar, Bob M.kulin. Geraldine Goydosh, Betty Jane Bukovinsky. Pat Stone. Jean Torrielo. Kathy Goda. Janet Chisholm, Mary Ann Flock.I. to R. STANDING: Ruth Boron. Doloro . Kupcrik, Morionne Kelly SITTING: Shirley lingenfeller, Mary lou Evanchian. Rondo McKnight P. A. ANNOUNCERS L to R. lit ROW: Phillip Brown. John Kle ic. Robert Mikulin, Jerome Stiftinger. Jatfk Thompson, Albert Malondro. 2nd ROW: Sally Horton, Jody Sonford. Joanne Kaliney. ATTENDANCE STAFF 67SENIOR CHORUS MEMBERS L. to R. 1st ROW: Geraldine Gaydosh, Kathleen Boyer, Rhonda McKnighf. Elaine Douglas. Corole Phillips, Helen Bigo, Betty Bukovinsky, Sandra Korpo, Pat Bauer, D one Roth, Lynne Baldridge. 2nd ROW: Ruth Baron, Robert Mikulin, Donald Cagigas. George Romo. David Geisel. Dominic Pellis, Frank Galordo. James Repas, Jerome Stiftinger. THE FARRELL HIGH 68SCHOOL CONCERT CHOIR Mr. SAMUEL J. CAMPAGNA, CONDUCTOR Special recognition should be given to some of the choir members who have distinguished themselves during the school year. Several have attended District Chorus held at New Castle on January 10th, 11th, and 12th. Those who attended include; Lynne Baldridge, first soprano; Nino Cagno, first alto,- Antonia Sponja, second alto; George Romo, Bob Ciotola, and Dove Egercic, first tenor,- William Scott, second tenor,-Jerome Stiftinger, first boss, and Jim Repos, second bass Jerome Stiftinger also qualified for State Chorus which was held ot Wcahington, Pennsylvania. 69 Wmm mmb -i' -'V tTiv.y $ ' ' tmmkMrs. JULIA WALLACE JENKINS "Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal" —Moore tmctHaniTHE SENIOR CLASS CLASS MOTTO: "To the stars through difficulties." CLASS COLORS: Mint Green and Black CLASS FLOWER: Chrysanthemum CLASS OFFICERS President ................................. Vice-President ............................ Secretary ................................. John Klecic Jerry Stiftinger Janet Chisholm 73 RUTH ARLENE BARAN 74ROSEMARY BONACCI MARY ELLEN BRANZOVICH ARCHIE BIANCO HELEN BIGA 75DOIORIS LAURA BRODIE 7f» The old pajama game BETTY JANE BUKOVINSKYSENIORS JOHN CARINE This is very hard on the rope, girls. JANET LEE CHISHOLM RICHARD S. CHEZA LOIS MARIE CHERRYSENIORS 7K JOSEPH NICHOIOS CUPURDIJA JUDITH ANN DAVID Soy "Chooio'GERALD MICHAEL EGELSKYCAROLE I FLEISCHER SENIORS NORMAN GARTNER GERALDINE M. GAYDOSH Toko your colton-pickin' finger off my gal. ROBERT J. GARDNERMARY KATHERINE GODA SENIORS JAMES EARL GREGORY May I have the pleosurc of taking you to the Prom? JAMES J. HARAKALSENIORS TWILA HILLMAN PAUL E. HENRETTY THOMAS T. HOMER Moking oap ADRIAN HORNAK no, soup—no, soapSENIORS ROSE MARIE HRANKO WADE E. JOHNSON DONALD H. JONES DAVID I. HUGHES JAMES GERALD HUTZ With an "F" with an "A" JOYCE JOHNSON 83MARK KIRSHENBAUMGoing to town ond Cut a little mustord. 85 ELAINE KOZMA r ANTHONY LENZISENIORS , r.-4 f ALBERT R. MAIANDRO JOHN MACIEJEWSKI MICHAEL JOSEPH MARINCICH HAROLD R. MEEKER RUBY MATSIS % JOHN MocDONALDSENIORS BARBARA ANN MERCURIO ROBERT F. MIKULIN Who's the stiff in the miodle? JOANNE MESSINA ANGIE R. MOROCCO RONALD P. MORSIllO I ROBERT MILLER 87 BETTY LOU MOOREDANIEL J. O DONNEU 88 MARIANNE PATTEMERSON PERRINE PATRICIA A. PIllITTERI CAROLE LYNNE PHILLIPS FRANCES MARIE POSTAGE MARY ANN PRANIC The Grond Morch JOHN PRIESTER WILBERT R. PRICE ZORA DARLENE PREZGAY SENIORSSENIORS GLORIA SAIATINO JANICE GAIL SARCINELLA PAUL SCHARVILLE HYLLIS JEAN SCARMACK GEORGE L. ROMO91 Charlotte Roketich JOAN BERNADETTE SOLOSKIJEAN B. TORIEUO 92FRANK WALSH PAUL WOLCOTT PAUL N YATSKO PATRICIA WOLGAST 93Michael J. Andrews Academic, Baseball 2-3. Intramural 2-3, Spon-sh Club 2-3, Hi-Y 1-2-3, Band 1-2-3, Music Council 3. Chorus 1-2-3, A Co'vella 1-2-3, Invitation Committee 3, V. Pres Bond 2. Eva Lynne Baldrige Academic, Night Rider Staff I, Latin Club I-2-3, Tr.-Hi-Y 1-2-3, A Coppolla 1-2-3, Honor Student 1-2-3. Homecoming Queen 3, Jam boree Queen 1 Field Day Activities 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y President 2. Sec. Latin Club I Tres. 2 Ruth Arlene Baron Commorciol. Intramural Bowling Office Assistant 2, Attondo.ice Staff 3. Testing Program 2-3, Commercial C‘ub 3, Chorus I, A Cappella 2-3, Night Rider Manoger 2, Concert Choir 2-3, V Pros. Commercial Club 3. V. Pres Tri-HI-Y 3. Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Staff 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Reflector Staff 3, Honor Student 1-2-3. tlaine Marie Barbat Academic, Intromurol 2, Future Nuises l-x-3. Chorus I, Gym Exhibition I, Latin Club 1-2, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2. Annette Barlow Commercial, Intramural Volleyball 2-3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Pres. Homemakers Club 3, Prom Committee 2-3, Commercial Club 3, Homemakers Club 3. Sandra 8arrett Academic, Latin Club 1-2-3, Spanish Club 2-3. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Honor Student 2-3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Tres. Tri-Hi- I. Motto Committee 3. Cop and Gown Committee 2. Patricia C. Bauer Academic, Latin Club 1-2-3, Band 1- -3. Chorus 1-2-3, A Cappella 2-3, CoEditor Reflector Stoff 3, Prom Committee 2, Band Librarian, Senior Ensemble 3. Field Day Activities 2-3, Theme Committee 3. Kathleen Bayer Acodemic, Gym Exhibition 1, Latin Jub 1-2-3, Tri-Hi-Y I, Future Nurses 1, Band 2. Chorus I -3. A Cappella 3, Reflector Staff 3. Jennifer Louise Beil Acodemic, Projectionist I, Librory Staff 1-2-3, Latii. Club 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Honor Student, Cap and Gown Committee 2, Prom Committee 2. Gvm Exhibition 1-3. Lionel Bell General ilichord Bcnetto General William Bernard Industrial Arts. Baseball 1-2-3, Football l-2-o. Intramural Basketball 3, Conservation Club 1. Gymnastic Squod 1, Night Rider Stoff 3, Hi-Y 1-2-3, Honor Student I Archie Bianco Industrial Arts. Baseboll 2-3. Intramural 1-2-3. Helen Biga Commercial. Intramural. Gym Exhibition 1-2, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Commercial Club 3. Chorus. A Cap-pello 3. Honor Student 1-2, Attendance Staff 3 Concert Choir 2-3, Reflector Theme Committee 3. Chaplain Tri-Hi-Y 1. Rosemary Bonocci Voc. Beauty Culture BTY 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 3. Gym Exhibition 3. Mary Ellen Branzovich Academic, Office Assistant 2-3, Homemakers 3, Future Nurses 1-2-3, Chorus I, Latin Club 1-2-3. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Reflector Staff 3, Flower Committee 3, Gym Exhibition I, Field Day Activities 2. Genova Bridges Academic, Intramural 2-3, Homemakers 3. Future Nurses 2-3, Chorus 1, Lotin Club 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Prom Committee 2, Gym Exhibition 1. Louise Broaden Academic. Future Nurse 3, Latin Club 2-3. Doloris Laura Brodie Acodemic. Intramural Volleyball 1-2-3, President Li brary Staff 1-2-3, Latin Club 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Reflector Staff 3, Prom Committee 1, Steer-ing Committee 3, Home Room Representative 3, Invitation Committee 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3. Future Nurses 1-2-3. H. Phillip Brown Academic, Class President 1, Intramural, Latin Club 1-2-3-, Hi-Y 1.2.3, Thespians 1-2-3. P. A Announce 1-2-3, Steering Committee 3. Night Rider Manager 1, CoIPng Cord Committee 3. Reflector Staff 3, Prom Committee 3, Honor Student 3. Florence Bruno Commercial, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Commercial Club 3. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Chorus 1 Betty Jane Bukovlnsky Acodemic, Gym Exhibition 1-3. Office Assistant 2. Future Nurses 1-2-3, Chorus 1, A Cappella 3. Night Rider Stoff 2-3, Lotin Club 1-2. Thespians 3, P. A. Announcer 3. Reflector Staff 3, Prom Committeo 2, Steering Committee 2. Field Day Activities. Donald Cogigas Academic. Basketball 1, Intramural 3, Chorus 1-2; A Cappella 1-2-3, Spanish Club 2-3, Hi-Y 3, Prom Committee 2. Nino Marie Cog no Commercial, Attendance Staff 3, Commercial Club 3, Chorus 1, A Cappella 2-3. Home Room Representative 2, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Prom Committoe 2, Christmas Progrom 1-3. Robert E. Calvin General Course. Night Rider Staff 3, Projectionist 1-2-3. Football I, Basketball Reserves I, Intramural 2-3. 94 Michael J. Cannone Academic, Boseball 1-2-3, Bosketball 1-2-3, Football 1-2-3. Night Rider Staff 3. Latin Club 2-3. W! v 1-2- John Corine Industrial Arts. Basketball I, Intramural 2, Gymnastic Squad 3. Robert A Carnino Industrial Arts. Gymnastic Squud 1-3, Electronics 2. Projectionist 1-2-3, Conservation Club I, Chorus 2. A Coppello 2. William Carroll Industrial Arts, Gymnostic Squad 1-3, Conservation Club 1-2-3. Lois Morie Cherry Vocational Home Economic, Intramural Volleyball 1-2-3, Library Staff 1-2, Homemokors 2-3, Chorus 1-2, Tri-Hi-Y 3. Richard S. Chezo General, Intramural Bosketboll 1-2, Projectionist 1- 2-3, Asslsiant Sports Editor, Night Rider Staff 2- 3. Janet Lo« CniMiuiin Academic. Class Secretary-Treasurer 2-3, Intra-murol 3. Future Nurses 1-2-3, Home Room Representative 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Staff 1-2-3, Latin Club ’-2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3, President 3, Thcspion 1-2-3, Reflector Stoff 3, Prom Committee 2. Honor Studont, Steering Committee 1-2-3, Homecoming donee Committee 1-2-3, Field doy activities 2-3, Cap ond Gown Committee 2. Flower Committee 3, V. O. D. Contest -2-3, Invitation Committee 3, Class Day Activities. Dramatics Club 1-2, Ticket Committee 1-2-3. Bus Committee 2, Tri-Hi-Y delegate U. N-, Senior Broakfast Commitfoe, Reflector Editor 3 Roger Chuderowicz General, Gymnastic Squod 1, Varsity Football 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3, Intramural 1-2-3, Conservation Club 1-2, Hi-Y 1-2-3, Home Room Representative 3. Chris Cosfes General. Basketball Reserves 1-2, Trock 1-2-3, Intramural 2-3. Night Rider Stoff 2. Joseph Nicholas Cupurdija Academic. Latin Club 1-2-3, Projectionist 2-3, Thespian 3, Chorus 1. A Capella 1. Roy D'Amico Academic, Intramural 1. Gymnastic Squad 1-3, Night Rider Staff 3, Latin Club 1-2-3, Conservation Club 1-2-3, Reflector Staff 3, Calling Cord Committee 3, Photographer Night Rider and Reflector 3. Richard A. Daniels Industrial Arts. Varsity Basketball 1-2-3, Football I. Judith Ann David Commercial, Gymnastic Squod 1-3, Attendance Stoff 3. Srwinish Club 2-3, Commercial Club 3, Homemakers Club 3, Vice-President Homemokers Club 3, Night Rider Manager 1-2. Samuol Delane Academic. Latin Club 1-2-3, Chorus 1-2, A novella 1-2, Sophomore Prom Committee 1. John Demicv Industrial Arts 1-2, General 3, Baseball 2-3, Intramural Basketball 3. Daniel DeWeese Industrial Arts. Elaine C. Douglas Academic, Intramural 3, Future Nurses 1-2-3, Chorus 1-2, A Cappollo 3j Gym Exhibition 1, Latin Club 2-3. Marie Drabick Commercial, Intramural Volleyboll 1 2, Attendance Stoff 3, Commercial Club 3, Chorus 1, Cheerlooder 1-2. Reflector Stoff 3, Theme Committee 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3. Eorl M. Dungee Industrial Arts. Harold Ronald Dute Academic, Intromural 1-2, French Club 2, Hi-Y 1- 2, Refloctor Stoff 3, Sharon High School 1-2. Gerald Michael Egelsky Industrial Arts, Track 1-2. Intramural 3, Conservation Club 3. JoAnno Elia Commercial, Commercial Club 3. Spanish CluL 2- 3, Invitation Committee 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3 James J. Fabian Academic, Basketball 1-2-3, Track 2-3, Field Day Activities 2-3, Spanish Club 2-3, Hi-Y 3. William Ferguson Industrial Arts. Intramural 1-2-3, electronics 2-3. Mary Ann Flack Commercial. Commercial Club 3, Intramural Volleyball, Bodminton 1-2-3, Attendance Staff 3, Majorettes 1-2-3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Themo Committee 3, School Play 3, Art and Layout Committee 3, Night Rider Staff 2-3, Spanish Club 2-3, Thespians 2-3, P. A. Announcer 3. Reflector Stoff 3. Carole L. Fleische. Commercial, Attendance Staff 3, Comnjercial Club 3, Band 1-2-3, Chorus 1, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Spanish Club 2-3. Anthony Gabriele Industrial Arts. Frank Galardo Acadomic, Junior Vice-President, Basketball 1, Intramural 2-3, Mu ic Council 3, A Cappella 2-3, Latin Club 1-2, Hi-Y 3 Prom Committee 2, Steering Committee 3, Chorus 1. Robert J. Gardner Acodemic, Latin Cl«b 2-3. Norman Gartner Industrial Arts, Basketball 1-2-3. Geraldine M. GaydoshAcademic, Future Nursos 1-2-3, Choru 1, A Cappolla 3, Home Room Representative 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Staff 1-2-3, Lotin Club 1-2, Thespians 3, Reflector Staff 3, Prom Committee 2, Honor Studont 1-2-3, Steering Committeo 1-2-3. Homecoming Dance Committee. Dovid Allon Geiiel Academic, Bond 1-2, Chorui 1-2-3, A Cappolla 1- 2-3, Spanish Club 2-3. Color Committee 3, Steering Committee 3. Ronald Gierchok General, Basketball 1, Chorus 1-2, Prom Committoe 2. Steering Committee 2, Brookfield High School 1-2. Mary Katherine Goda Commercial, Office Assistant 3, Sec. Commercial Club 3. Chorus i. Home Room Representative 2, Gym Exhibition 1 3, Night Ridor Staff 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-3 Thespians 3, Field Day Activities, Prom Committee 2, Calling Cord Committee 3. Delores Grezjka (Gray). Voc. Beauty Culture, B.T.Y. 2-3, library Staff 2- 3, Homemokors 1, Chorus 1, Field Day Activities 2, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Staff I, Trl-Hl-Y I. James Earl Gregory Industrial Arts, Football 1, Manager Track 2-3 Eloctronics 1, Conservation Club 1-2-3. Frank Gerald Haniak Academic, 8aseball 1-2-3, Bosketball 1-2-3, Football 1-2-3, Night Rider Staff 3, lotin Club 1-2 Hi-Y 1-2-3. Rofloctor Staff 3. James J. Harokal Industrial Arts. Electronics 2-3. James William Harrison Industrial Arts, Track 1-2, Intramural Basketball 1, Gymnastic Squad 3. William F. Houn Acodemic, Latin Club 1-2-3, Night Rider Mona gor 2, Invitation Committee 2 Robert F. Havrilla Acodemic, Football 1-2-3, Trock 1-2-3, Intramural 1-2-3. lotin Club 1-2-3. Hi-Y 1-2-3, Reflector Staff 3, Prom Committeo 2, Steering Committee 2-3, Flower Committoe 3 Paul E. Honretty Industrial Arts, Eloctronics 3, Projoctionist 2-3. Twila Hillman Commercial, Office Assistant 3, Commercial Club 3, Chorus 1, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Dramatics Club I. Thomas F. Homer Acodemic, Baseball 2, Intramuiul 1-2. Lotin Club 1-2. Prom Committee 2, Honor Student. Adrian Hornak Industrial Arts. Trock 1, Intramural 1. Annie Hosey Commercial, Commercial Club 3, Homemakers 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3. Robert Howell General. Basketball 2-3, Tennessee 1-2. Rose Mario Hranko Commercial. Intramural Volloyball 1-2-3, Bowling 1-2-3, Office Assistant 2-3, Attendance Staff 3, Athletic Office Assistant 3, Commercial Club 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Staff 1-2, Prom Cnmmittee 2 Steering Committoe Sr. Breaktast Committee 2, Field Day Activities, Invitation Committee 3. David L Hughes Industrial Arts. Gymnastic Squad 3. James Gorold Hull Acadomic, Football 2, Trock 2-3 Intromural 1 -2-3, Conservation Club I, Hi-Y 3. Edward A. Janosko Acadomic, Basoball 1-2-3, Baskotball 1-2-3, Conservation Club 1-2-3, Night Rider Staff 3, Spanish Club 2-3, Hi-Y 2-3. Elizabeth Jane Janosko Commercial, Intramural Volleyball 1-2-3, Attendance Staff 3, Commercial Club 3 Chorus I, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Staff 2. Joyce Johnson Voc, Beauty Culture, B.T.Y. 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Gym Exhibition 1-3. Wade E. Johnson Acadomic, Baseball 1-2-3, Basketball 1-2-3, Football 1-2-3, Trock 2-3, Conservation Club I, Chorus 1, Night Rider Stoff 3, Spanish Club 1-2-3, Reflector Staff 3. Theme Comm-ttee 3. Donald H. Jones Academic, Bosketball 1-2-3, Football 2-3. Tracx 1-2-3, Latin Club 2-3, Prom Committee 2, Steering Committee 3, Field Day Activities 2-3. Shirley Mae Jones Commercial, Attendance Staff 3, Commercial Club 3, Chorus 1, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Staff 2. Reflector Stoff 3, V.O.D. Contest t-2 Niaht Rider Monager 1-2. William rl. jone Academic, Bosketball I, Football i-2-3, Trock 2. Intromural l-2- 3. Field Day Activities 2-3, Latin Club I, HIY 3 Joonne B. Kaliney Acodomic, Intramural I, Gffice Assistant 2-3, Latin Club 1-2, Thespians 2-3, Secretary, P. A. Announcer 2-3, Reflector Staff 3, Prom Committee 1-2. Honor Student 1-2, Motto Committee 3. Marion Keough General, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Honor Student 2-3. Terry Kilgore Industrial Arts, Electronics 1-2, Cons »'votion Club 1-2-3, Pres. 2-3. Mark Kirshonbaum Acodomic, Intramural 1-2-3, Night Rider Staff 3. Latin Club 2-3, Hi-Y 2-3, Theme Committee 3. John F. J. Klccic Academic, Closs President 3, Bosketboll Manager 2 3, J. V. Football I, Intramural 1 2 3, Home Room Representative 1 2, Night Rider Stoff Sports Editor 3, Latin Club 1-2, Hi-Y 1-2-3. Pres. 2-3, Thespians 2-3, Pres. 3, P. A. Announcer 1-2-3, Reflector Staff 3, Prom Committee 1-2, Honor Student 1 2 3, Steering Committee 3, N-'ght Rider Manoger 1, Homecoming Escort 3, Armistice Day Progrom 1, Christmas Pageant 1, Breakfast Committee 2. Dramotics Club I. Fronx Koi Academic, Inlramura 1-2-3, Latin Club 2-3. Sandro Korpa Commercial, Intramural 2, Attendance Staff 3, Commercial Club 3, Bo.td 1-2-3, Chorus 1. A Coppello 2 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Stoff 3, Reflector Staff 3, Night Rider Manager 2, District Chorus 3. Patricia Ann Kovacs Voc. Beauty Culture, Intramural I, B.T.Y. Club 2 3, Night Rider Staf. 2, Tri-Hi Y 1-2, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Field Day Activities 3. Eloine Kozmo Academic. Projectionist Club I, Gym Exhibition 1- 3, Latin Club 2-3. Dolores Helen Kudelko Academic. Future Nurses 1-2, Chorus I. Cheerleader 1-2-3, Night Rider Staff 3. Spanish Club 2- 3, Trl-HI-Y 1-2-3. Sec. Tri-Hi-Y I, Field Day Activities 2-3, Invitation Committee 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Manogor 1-2. Alfred Allen Lampkins General, Boseboll 1-2, oasketball 1-2-3, Football 1-2-3, Track 1-2, Spanish Club 2-3, Flower Committee 3. Anthony lonzi Industrial Arts, Intramural Basketball 1-2, Conservation Club 3. Patricia Ann Lichvar Academic, Intramural Volleyball 1-2-3, Bowling 1-2-3. Night Rider Stoff 1-2-3, Latin Club 1-2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Dramatics Club i, Thes-oions 2, T'eos. 3, Chorus I, P«om Committee 1-2, Honor Student 1-2-3, Latin Club Initiation Committee 1, Tri-HI-Y Alternate U.N. 3, Cap and Gown Committee 2, V.O.D. Contest 1-2, Field Day Activities 2-3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Sr. Breakfast Committee 2. Shirley May Lingenfelter Commercial, Intromural Bowling and Volleyball 1-2-3, Attendance Stoff 3, Testing Program 2-3. Commercial Club 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Reflector Staff 3. Field Day Activities 2-3, Night Rider Staff 2. Mvrno Mae Livingston Commercial, Attendance Staff 3, Commercial Club 3, Majorettes 1-2-3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Ride' Staff 2-3, Spanish Club 2-3, Re- flector Staff J, Honor Student 1-2-3, Color Committee 3. Kathleen Ann Lutsch Commercial, Attendance Staff "3, Commercial 'Jlub 3. Chorus 1-2, Gym Exhibition 1-3. John MacDonald Industrial Arts, Intramural Baskefboll 1-2-3, Conservation Club 2-3. John Mociejewski Industrial Arts. Albert R. Malondro Academic, Homecoming Escort 3, Art Ed. Reflector 3, V.O.D. Contest 1-2-3, Nigh Rider Stoff 1-2-3, Soonish Club 2-3. Conservation Uuo 3. Dramatics Club 1-2, Thespionj 3, P. A. Announcer 3. Reflector Staff 2-3, Prom Committee 1-2, Steering Committee 1-2, Color Commit-too 3, Night Ridor Manager 1, Soph. Prom Committee I, Homecoming Dance Committee 2-3, Theme Committee 3, Cop and Gown Committee 2, Closs Plays 3. Michael Joseph Marincich Academic. Latin Club 1-2-3, Thespians 3, Lotin Club Initiation Committee 2. Ruby Matsis Commercial, Intramural Volleyball 2, Attendance Staff 3, Commercial Club 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3. Night Rider Staff 3. Spanish Club 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain 3, Cop and Gown Committee 2, Sr. Breakfast Committee 2, Theme Committee 3, Field Day Activities 3. Harold R Meeker Industrial Arts, Conservation Club 1-2-0, Steering Committee 3, Home Room Representative 3. Barbara Ann Mercurio Commercial, Intromural 2, Attendance Stoff 3, Commercial Club 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Staff 3, Reflector Staff 3. Joanne Messina Academic, Future Nurses 1-2-3, Cheerleader 1-2-3, Night Rider Staff 3. Lotin Club 1-2, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Homecoming Attendant 3, Night Rider Manager I, Color Committee 3. Robert F. Mikulin Academic, Closs Vice-President I, Closs President 2. Intromural Volleyball and Basketball 1-2-3, Band 2, Band President 3, Music Council 3, A Coppello .-2-3, Night Rider Staff 3, Latin Club 1-2, HI-Y 1-2-3, Thesplon, 1-2-3, Reflector Staff 3, P. A. Announcer 1-2-3, Prom Committee 1-2. Honor Student 1-2-3, Steering Committee 2-3, Canteen Committee President 3, Vice-Pres. 2, Dramatic. Club 1-2-3, Homecoming Escort 2 Robert Miller Industrial Arts, Football 1, Trock 1, Intramural 1-2, Conservation Club 1. Fred F. Mondok Academic, Baseball Manoger 2-3, Intromural I- 952-3, Conservation Club 2-3, lotin Club 2-3, Hi-Y 2-3, Reflector Staff 3. Betty Lou Moore Voc. Beauty Culture, B.T.Y. 2-3. Angie R. Morocco Voc. Beauty Culture, B.T.Y. 2-3. Ronold P. Morsillo Academk. Baseball 2-3, Basketball 1-2, Home Room Representative 3, Spanish Club 2-3, Hi-Y 1-2-3. Steering Committee 3. Motto Committee 3. Kenneth S. Myers Industriol Arts, Basketball 1, Football 1-2-3, Trock 1-2-3, Intramurol 2-3. Bill McKee Industriol Arts, Conservation Club 1. Rhonda McKnight Commercial, Attendance Staff 3, Testing Program 2-3, Commercial Club 3, Music Council 1-3, Chorus 1, A Cappella 2-3, Gym Exhibition 1- 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Cobinet 3, Reflector Staff 3, Honor Student, Night Rider Manager 2, Invitation Committee 3. Daniel J. O'Donnell Industrial Arts. William E. Polanti Industrial Arts, Intramural 1-2-3. Marianno Patt Academic. Future Nurses 1-2-3, Cheerleader 1- 2- 3, Night Rider Staff 3, Latin Club 1-2, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Reflector Staff 3. Steering Committee 3, Night Rider Manager 1-2, Canteen Committee 2-3, Color Committoo 3. Delma Lorene Peorson General, Intramurol Volleyball 2, Projectionist I, Science Club 3, Bond 1-2-3, Music Council 1-2, Chorus 1-2-3, A Cappella 2-3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Manoging Editor 2. Editor-in-chief 3, Spanish Club 1-2-3, School Plays 1-2-3, Christmas Pogeont, Reflector Staff 3, Honor Student 1-2-3, Concert Choir 1-2-3, Bross Choir 2-3, Field Day Activities 2-3, District Band 3. Band Librarian 2, Senior Ensemble 3, Dramatics Club 1. Domonic C. Pellis Industriol Arts, Intromural Basketball 1-2-3. Bond 1-2-3, Chorus 1-3, A Cappella 1-3, Prom Committee 2, Color Committee 3. Emerson Perrine Industrial Arts, Intramural 1-2-3, Conservation Club 1-2, Gymnastic Squad 1-3. Corole Lynne Phillips Academic, Intramurol 1, Future Nurses 1-2, A Cappella 1-2-3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Latin Club 1-2. Patricia A. Pillitteri Commercial, Commercial Club 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Stoff 3, Night Rider Manager 2. Frances Marie Postogo Academic, Intramural Bowling 1-2, Intramural Volleyball 1-2, Future Nurses 1-2-3, Lotin Club 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Dramatics Club 1. Gym Exhibition I. Mary Ann Pranic Acodomic. Intramurol Voileyboll 1-2, Night Rider Stoff 3, Spanish Club 1-2, Reflector Staff 3, Prom Committee 2, Honor Student 1-2-3, Steering Committee 2, Motto Committee 3, Secretory Spanish Club 2. Zora Darlene Prergay Commercial, Attendance Staff 3, Commercial Club 3. Wilbert R. Price Industrial Arts, Basketball I, frock I, Intramural 1-2, Band 1-2-3. Midwestern District Band 3. John Priesfer Industrial Arts, Basketball 1-2-3, Spanish Club 2. Louis Rankin Industrial Arts. Michael James Repas Academic, Baseball 3, Bosketball 1-2. Intromural 3, Band 1-2-3, Music Council 3, Chorus 1-2-3, A Cappella 1-2-3, Spanish Club 2-3, Thespian 3. Prom Committee 2, Pres. A Cappella Choir 3, Band Secretory 3, Midwestern District Band 3, Home Room Representative 2. Joseph J. Richnavsky Jr. Academic, Intramural Volleyball I, Intramural Ping Pong 2-3, Latin Club 1-2, Prom Committee 2. Steering Committee 2. Motto Committee 3. George I. Romo Industrial Arts, Band 1-2-3, Chorus 3. A Cappella 3, Gymnastic Squad 1-3. Dionne H. Roth Academic, Night Rider Staff 2-3, Spanish Club 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Bond 1-2, Musk Council 2. A Cappella 1-2-3, Reflector Staff 3. Steering Committee 2, Prom Committee 2, Calling Card Committee 3, Band Manager 2, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Field Day Activities 2-3. Gloria Salatino Academic, Intramurol 1-2, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Staff 3, Spanish Club 2-3, Bond 1-2-3. Music Council 1, Chorus 2, A Cappella 2. Reflector Staff 3, Prom Committee 2. Steering Committee 2-3, Home Room Representative 3. District Band 1-2-3, Flower Committee 3. y Janice Gail Sarcinella Academic, Intramural 1-2-3, Spanish Club 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Chorus 1-2, Prom Commitfeo 1, Field Day Activities 2, Gym Exhibition 1-3. Phyllis Jean Scormack Commercial, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Staff 3, Spanish Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Commercial Club 3, Chorus I. Paul Scharville Industrial Arts, Football I, Electronics 1-2-3, Projectionist 1, Conservation Club 1-2-3. Edwin Schwartz Academic, Inframurol Basketball 1-2-3, Night Rider Staff 3. Latin Club 1-2, Hi-Y 1-2-3, Thes-pians 3, Bond 1-2-3, Reflector Staff 3, Prom Committee 2, Steering Committee 2, Band Student Director 3, Night Ridor Associate Editor 3, Theme Committee 3. William Scott Academic. Track 1, Intramural 1-2, Lofin Club 2-3, Projectionist I, Conservation Club 1, Band 3, Chorus 1-2-3, A Coppella 1-2-3. Honor Student 1-3. Emily Semega Acodemic, Intromurol 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3. Fut-uro Nurses 1-2-3, Reflector Stoff 1-3, Honor Student 1-2-3, Treat. Tri-Hi-Y 3, Prom Committee, Theme Committee 3. Frances Louise Short Voc, Homo Ec., Intramural Volleyball 1-2-3, Projectionist 1, Homemakers 1-2-3, Future Nurses 1-2-3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Field Doy Activities. Robert A. Smith Industrial Arts, Conservation Club 3. Joan Bernadette Soloski Commercial, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Attendance Staff 3. Commercial Club 3. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2. Ronnie Sopko Industrial Arts. John Staul General, Trock 1, Intramural Basketball 1-2-3, Projectionist 1-2-3. Gloria Jean Stefanac Commercial, Intramural 1, Testing Program 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Night Rider Staff 2, Commercial Club 3. Walter Stofanish Acodemic, Football I, Intromurol 3, Spanish Club 2-3, Hi-Y 3, Conservation Club 1-2-3, Flower Committoe 3, Homecoming Escort 3. Joan S. Sfcibly Acodemic, Secretary 1, lotin Club 1-2, Prom Committee 1-2, Homecoming Attendant 1-3, Steering Committee 3. Canteen Committee 1-2-3, Gym Exhibition I. Night R.der Manager I. Jerome F. Stiftinger Academic, Class Vice-President 3, Night R.dci Staff. Night Ridor Manager 1, Spanish Clufc 2-3, President 3, Hi-Y 1-2, ViceProsidont 3 Thespians 2, Vice-President 3. P. A. Announcer 1- 2-3, Reflector 3. A Cappella Vice-Presidcn- 2- 3, Band Announcer 3, Steering Committee 3, Homecoming Escort 3, Christmas Pageant I, United Nations Day Program 3, Chorus 1-2-3, District Chorus 2-3, State Chorus 3. Patricia Stone Commercial. Intramural 1-2-3, Gym Exhlbifior 1-3, Night Ridor Staff 1-2, Commercial Club 3, President 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Thespians 3, Rofloct or Staff 3. Prom Committee 2, Home Room Representative 2. Jean B. Toriello Academic, Intramural 1-2-3, Night Rjdcr Staff I, Latin Club 2-3. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Future Nursos 3. Thespians 3, Chorus I. Reflector Staff 3, Prom Committee 2, Steering Committee 2, Sec. Tri-Hi-Y 2, Theme Committee 3. Peter Trommol General, Football 2-3, Track 1-2-3. Intramural 1-3, Gymnastic Squad 1-2-3. Gilbert Louis Truman Industrial Arts, Trcck 1-2, Intramural 1-2-3, Prom Committee 2. Richard Vivolo Academic, Intramural 2-3, Spanish Club 2-3, Hi-Y 3, Chorus I, A Cappello 1, Prom Committee 2. Frank Walsh Industrial Arts, Intromurol 1-2-3. Richard McCoy Weber Industrial Arts, Football 1-2-3, Track 1-3, Intramural 3. Gymnastic Squad 3, Electronics 2, Conservation Club 1-2-3. Marie K. White Commercial, Intramural Volleyball 1-2-3, Attendance Staff 3, Commercial Club 3, Chorus 1-2, Cheerleaders 1-2, Invitation Committee 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2. Reflector Staff 3, Field Day Activities 2-3, Dramatics Club 1. Paul Wolcott Gonoral. Patricio Wolgast Commercial. Commercial Club 3, Gym Exhibition 1-3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3. Secretary Tri-Hi-Y 3. Paul N. Yafsko Commercial, Projectionist 1-2-3, Prom Committee 2. Night Rider Manager 2, Colling Card Committee 3.FIFTY-THIRD ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT Tuesday, June 5, 1956 Processional Felix Mendelssohn "War March of the Priests" The Farrell Senior High School Band James V. Scanga, Concucting Invocation The Reverend Father Walter Suka Pastor of the St. George Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church Farrell, Pennsylvania Clarinet Solo "Canzonetta" Gabriel Pierne Jeanette Giovanelli, Soloist Marguerite Arcade, Accompanist Introduction and Recognition Superintendent of schools of Retiring Teachers: and Senior Class President, Mrs. Hannah Lucas and Mrs. May Richards Ciro Busciglio Introduction of Speaker John Hetra, Superintendent of Schools Commencement Address "Your Tomorrow" Dr. Howard W. Jones, President Youngstown University Youngstown, Ohio Vocal Solo "If I Could Tell You" Ida Firestone Catherine Craig, Soloist Marguerite Arcade, Accompanist Honor Roll and Awards Anthony J. Pintar, Senior High School Principal Band Selection "A Salute to Grofe" Arr. by Paul Yoder The Farrell Senior High School Band James V. Scanga, Conducting Presentation of Diplomas John N. Petrillo, President, Farrell Board of Education John Hetra, Superintendent of Schools Anthony J. Pintar, Senior High School Principal Recessional "Pomp and Circumstance" Edward Elgar The Farrell Senior High School Band James V. Scanga, Conducting HONOR STUDfcNTS Thomas DiSilvio, First Honors Joseph Ranallo Bernadette Belcik Howard Horton John Kocis Stephen Wasko Rosalie Crivello Janice Groff Agnes Richter, First Honors Phyllis Sandrock Rita Phillips ACADEMIC COURSE Patricia Mikulin Eleanor Vermeire Auguste Stanek Mercedes Bastide Judy Freebie Marguerite Arcade Ralph Morocco Dorothy Bono COMMERCIAL COURSE Alan Stahl, Second Honors Rose Holiga Mary Lou Kudray Margaret Charney William Latcheran Geraldine Cerra Virginia Krzysiek Margaret O'Shanic Darwin Teihet Catherine Ruffo, Second Honors Dorothy Chalupka Barbara Regis Joy Ragan GENERAL COURSE Mary Elizabeth Lewis, First Honors VOCATIONAL BEAUTY CULTURE COURSE Sandra Geisel, First Honors INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE Andrew Kubyako, First Honors President Vice-President Secretary Class Advisor CLASS OFFICERS Ciro Busciglio Joseph Ranallo Bernadette Belcik Miss Anne Gojdics 97CLASSTHE 1957 REFLECTOR STAFF Editors Patricio Bauer, Janet Lee Chisholm and Al Malandro. Photographer Roy D'Amico. Sports Editors John Kiecic and Pot Stone Typists Ruby Matsis, Marie White. Shirley Jones and Shirley Lingenfelter. Contributors to Yoarbook: Joanne Kaliney, Doloris Brodie, Emily Smega, Jean Toriello, Joe Richnavsky, Dionne Roth, Bob Mikulln and Betty Jane Bukovinsky. Mr. Alfred Malatesto—faculty advisor in charge of sales. 991 Ifinrfi

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