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ffl-MA MATEQ, fb-'Q YES 341 .P 'Le...P"! W Qi Eg? E3 ll Cjillififl F 3 V 55? i5FEZ 3j iii 3 f I EF HQ 1 . pf 3 5 55 L gg 1 v 5153 ' 1 -f 5 A bi 3 , if if rf 5 fi F 5 :Bb J J ' is A P Hail, I +L Hvc mu gud, Hljr, C-vc? 14-1iI3 A f P' H Te 2' 75 g V nw 5.,,,,,,fH1 vwm bad Tkff PVC' 'Eff- b B b ff g g 1' F 5 Ugg. GD: b J 'I 4? el J A J 3 J b b Our hgrfs gill a.l-ways be lata! - and ive' L bf . E+. arg ' J 4,4 .g if J A A 'Ib' an F- vor an fof eo-1rF'f ati: UC' pil Bl wr WEE'- wfawe- v 9 dv if M '1 of ,PM -ennvww' 116156 Y H S HQ 3 .ff .Y Nw, , , V uf . ., -gg I nv 7lre 195 4 effector VOLUME THIRTY-EIGHT PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS Farrell Senior High School FARRELL, PENNSYLVANIA Mr George J Wethersteln We pay tribute to Mr George J Wefhersieun who has rehred after servnng thnrty flve years as Qecretary to the Farrell Board of Educatxon Mr Wethersiem has performed has dunes well and leaves behnnd an envlable record He wull long be remembered for has smcerlty has frnendlmess and hls many personal and professnonal contrubutlons to the Farrell Qchool Dnstrnct 4 6 z 9 4 ' 0- . . I f V . Miss Anne Gojdlcs To Mnss Anne Goldlcs coordmator and head of the English Department chanrman of the evaluatlon commnttees teacher and friend we the Class of 1954 dedlcate our yearbook The Reflector In apprecnahon and ln recognntlon of her unturlng efllorts frlendly spnrut fine servuce excellent cooperatuon and outstandlng contrnbutuons to the success of the evaluation program of our school 5 , . f iw I I P , 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 :vii 14dminiA tration Board of Education mp' xrL:Z M Amhony J Namey M' w"l'e'A B'e5kY Mr Bronko Generulov ch P"e5'den' Vice President Treasurer Q3 jf! Mr Edward S Punch V Ffunk J UYSSNU Mr Lows Magnon I J . f.,- . Mr, Jphn N, Peffillg Mr. James Fommortino Atty. Anthony Perfilio Secretory School Solicitor 8 Board of Education Mr Walter Bresky Mr John Hetra Mr Anthony Namey Mr Anthony Tor torete Mr Bronllo Generalovlch Atty Anthony P9ffIlIO Mr John Petrlllo Mr Frank Ursetta Mr Edward Punch Mr Lewis Mastrian Mr. Anthony Tortorete Mr. Tortorete, acting secretary to the directors from July 31, 1953, to Janu- ary 'l, 1954, was a member of the Farrell Board of Education for eighteen years, from 1936 to 1954. We acknowledge and appreciate his tenure, service, and his many contributions to the Farrell School District. 9 ' ? v ?ii F Mr. John Hetra Superintendent of the Forrell Public Schools A, B., Westminster College M. Ed., University ot Pittsburgh IO Mr. Anthony J. Pintar Principal of the Forrell Senior High School B. S., Grove City College M. Ed., University of Pittsburgh 11 Administrators Mrs Elizabeth Broderick principal of the James A Farrell School Mrs Hazel McCreary principal of the Eclrles School Mr Angelo Grande asslsfanl principal of the Farrell Senior High School Mr Lewis Sar cmella principal of the Junior High School M John Helra superlnlendenl of the Farrell Public Schools mentary Schools Mr Sfephen Marin assistant principal of the Junior High School Miss Nedra Ingram principal of rhe Pargny School Athletic Council Mr Walter Breslty Mr Edward McCluskey Mr Anihony Paulekas Mr AnthonyJ Puntar president Mr Buonko Generolovlch Mr John Hefra Mr John Popadak Mr Ra'ph Dresch director of alhlehcs and secretory freasurer 'I2 I A . , ' ' . 1 . , ' ' Mr. Anthony J, Pintar, principal of Farrell Senior High Schoolg Miss Alice Nicolls, supervisor of Yhe Ele- Q J I 1 - 1 - f A I I I Q M Mr Angelo M Grande Assistant Pnncnpal A B Grove Cnty College A Umverslty of Alabama Bucknell Umversnty edlcal and ealth Staff School Dentist School Physmcns School Nurse Dr Dcuvnd T Wllluams Dr Peter DeSantls Mlss Cecelia G Burns Dr John T Namey Dr Maceo E Patterson t Dr. David T. Williams, Miss Cecelia G, Burns, Dr. John T. Namey, Dr. Mateo E, Patterson, Dr. Peter DeSantis. '23 ac If "' 48 1 ' Dr, J W Smoke, PiHs- burgh, chairman, Miss Lois Thayer, Me-czdville: Miss Ruvh Podblelski, BuHer Mwss Aww Beile Hcmihoo G':ve Cvy Dr Morgoref' Rosoqis S1.pper, Rock My VNow'erJ Doverspwke C or now uss,sVu:wv qhowrmor Mr J A MwNPr New Kem swfgwn M' G V Beduscv- Lee-'szfol Mf J L Marks Suqvsmfg Mr Chmh-s Sm'-nf Tow-mum Mr E W BNF Coucvv Mr Ed Nw Pwsf1.ffy- -rv '-1 D L't1'-V1-ww E" '-" J, -K D Gr- E1- ' F -v f, rw- '.' Hggvg fe L Nvm E Un- nr- P-muff: . Nom- Buwl .. ,. ,nv -V..-. EM'-' : J nu, N v ' 1:-HL' " U K ,f,,, vw., ,. A, r,,,, 954 .hw qC.gc,E,. pcu, gf, John Hrvro Supsru-fem flew' c' 'he Fovw-11 Pobfwr Schoo-s Mrs Vwcvcuo Loco Barb, 'Mss Gkzclys Tvn mum N+ss Aww Hmm, Mrs Berwce Su-vunsou Zohmser Muss Helen Orimcs, Mrss Ido Nugent Mrss Muvguvef RL-ess Miss Rose Bwovvco obse-M The vouchers were honored by the Boovd of Educuilon cmd We Superumendenv of Sdwook ov o dhmer and 0 rvcephon heNd m the hwgh school cofeverlo :md gym ncxsium on Moy ll, 1954 Evaluatlon The current year In the Farrell SGDIOF Hugh Schcol was a full one for the admInIstratIon the faculty and the student body The school was evaluated In February by the MIddle States Asso ClClIOn ct the CooperatIve Study of Secondary School Standards The purpose ot thIs evalua tIon was to see whether our school met the stand ards set up by the General CommIttee represent Ing thIs AssocIatIon To gUIdS us In thIs evalua tIon we used the l95O edItIon ofthe EvaluatIve CrIterIa Although we worked hard we feel that we accomplIshed the malor purpose of the evalua lIOn whIch was to call to our attentIon our defl our school a better one to serve the youth and the communIty From the report glven by Dr J W Snoke AssIstant County SuperIntendent of the Allegheny County PennsylvanIa schools and chaIrman of the EvaluatIon CommIttee of the Farrell SenIor Hngh School we feel that the work done and the tIme spent on It were well worth the effort We as a group gaIned most beneit from ratlng our selves our school and our school s GCTIVITIGS so that we saw clearly the merIts and defects from the overall plcture the evaluatIon gave We ap precIated the recommendatIons for changes sug gested by the vIsItIng commIttee and as far as we are able we Intend to follow thelr recommen datIons By checkIng the lIsts In the varIous areas of school functIons and by exchangmg Ideas wIth each other we soon gaIned an InsIght Into the Inner worklngs of a complex school plant The numerous reports of the commlttee chalrmen and the agreements and dIsagreements of the school personnel on VOFIOUS phases of the reports were InterestIng InformatIve and valuable However and above all we saw the problems and solutIons of departments as well as of IndI vIduals and If the evaluatIon served no other purpose thus result was satnsfymg because It made us stronger In Unlfy and understandIng We reallzed to what extent each person In the In the maIntenance department has a place of Importance In the school system and wIthout hIm the success of each day would be lackIng The entIre staff Includlng the professIonal and the nonprofesslonal employees took an ac TIVE part In appraIsIng the school We are grate ful to our admInIstrators for havIng guven us the opportunuty to take part In the evaluatIon and for grantIng us the means by whIch we wIll be able to serve the youth and the comrnunlty In a better way Anne GOldICS ChaIrman ofthe EvaluatIon CommIttee Mrs Mary T Jones, Mr Anthony Paulekas and Miss Anne GoldIcs EvaluatIon Steerlng CommIttee 15 I . . . I . I . . . I . I Q - , . . I A - . . I . . I ' . . . . U . . . i I I , , , ,, . . . . I I - , , H . . . s l , , , I . . . I . ciencies, so that we might correct them and make school, from the superIntendent to the indIvIduals , . , . . . , . 1 1 . , - I . . . . . . I I . I . 1 , - . . . , . . . , f , . . , , Who 6' K 'QW' it Xfx 'hr Facult Mrs Victoria Barbu Farrell Pennsylvania Englush Unlversnt o I s burgh Westmlnster College Youngstown College Pennsy vomo State College Mnss Anna M Boyle Sharon Pennsylvania Gen era Mathematics Ill Trlnxty College Youngstown College Allegheny College Mr Samuell Compagna Farrell Pennsylvanla Vocal Music BS In Muslc Indlana State Teachers College New York Umverslty St Bonaventure College M Ed Pennsylvania State College Choral Director Advisor of the Music Councll Mass Teresa Bomto Wesleyvllle Pennsy l v a n I o Health and Physical Educatlon BS In Health Educatuon Slnp pery Rock State Teachers Col lege Unlverslty of Callforma Unlverslty of Mlaml Advisor of the Homecomlng Program Ad visor of the Gymnosuum Exhn bntnon Advusor of Fneld Day Mrs Thelma A Bruce D a y to n Pennsylvanla L brarlan B S and Equavolent Masters Clorlon State Teachers College Advusor of the Library Stott Miss Sarah Cooley Conneaut Lake Pennsylvanna Blology Chairman of the Sc: ence Department BS West mlnster College MA Colum bra Umversuty Allegheny Col lege Advnsor of the Scxence Club Library Cosmetology and Home Econorrucs Department Evaluutton Commuttees if -of YW? nf IU! -1' wr -Q- u gr ll -Qllla 32111 Staten rn.: Facult Mr Stephenl Delpero Sharon Pennsylvania B S Carson State Teachers College MS Ed West-nmster College Youngstown College Drrvers Education Mr Ralph Dresch Farrell Pennsylvania Prob le'ns of Democracy A B Ind: ana University MEd Umver stty of Pnttsburgh Pennsylvania State College Westmunster Col lege Dlrector of Athletncs Ad vrsor of the Hu Y Club Muss Anne Goldlcs Farrell Pennsylvama English IV World Llterature Coordma tor and Chalrman of the Eng lush Department A B Pennsyl vama State College M Lutt Unlverslty of Plttsburgh Unlver stty of Wnsconsm Advnsor of the Assembly Programs Chan man of Evaluatuon Miss Florence B Donlm Farrell Pennsylvanla General Typewrmng Shorthand I A B Allegheny College Meadvllle Commercual College Supervnsor of the Student Lockers Muss Frances A Duntsa Farrell Pennsylvanua General and Vocatuonal Home Econ omucs Supervlsor of the Home Economlcs Department B S Home Economics Pennsylvania State College MA Columbna Unlverslty A visor of he Homemakers Club European Travel Mlss Olga Goldlcs Farrell Pennsylvanua Type wrltmg lll Commerclal Arlth metrc BS Cornegle Institute of Technology M Lltt Unlver slty of Prttsburgh Umverslty of Wusconssn Westminster College Business Manager f e Noght Rader The Englssh Department Evaluahon Commuttee fx 5 ou... !! ,- ,-f' All l I1 llllllii lla DQS Facult Mrss Alrce M Gr mth Farrell Pennsylvonro ng lndlano S o e Teachers College M Ed Penn syrvanra State College Unrver srty of Pittsburgh Advisor af the Senror Trr Hr Y C ub Lrterary Advrsor ot The Nrght Rr er Stat? Mrss Mary Barbara Hardy Farrell Pennsylvanra Gen eral and Vocatronal Home Econ omrcs BS rn Home Economrcs Pennsylvania State College Calrfornra State Teachers Col lege Youngstown College Unr versrty of Mramr Advrsor of the Homemakers lub Mrs Mary T Jones Farrell Pennsylvanra Short h n III and Transcrrptron Ol'Y1l'TlEYC9 JfOVe College Advrsor of the Assern bly Programs Advrsor of the Commercral Club Advrsor of he Attendance Stott Mrss Helen Grrmes Farrell Pennsylvanra Plane Geometry Solrd Geometry Trng onometry Coordrnator and Head of the Mathematrcs D partment B S Grove Crty Col lege M Ed Unrversrty of Prtts burgh Pennsy vanra State Col lege Edrnboro State Teachers College Westrnrnster College A vrsor ot the Junior Trr H Y Club Mrs Julla W Jenluns Farrell Pennsy vanro rs tory III Washrrrgton Semrnary A B B S Muskrngurn College Cambrrdge Unrversrty Oxford Unrversrty European Tra vel Study Advrsor of the .lunror Class Advrsor of the Junror Senror Prom Chorrman f Pennsylvanra Week Program Mrss Lrllran R K ttrng Sharon Pennsylvanra Voca tronal Cosmeto'ogy Cleveland Elysee School of Beauty Marr nello School of Cosmetology New York lnstructronal Center of Beauty Unrversr y of Prtts burgh Pennsylvanro State Col e e Advrsor f Club Advrsor of the Sophc more Trr Hr Y Club The Ca'nrnerclol Department and the Mathematrcs Department Evaluation Committees R 1 'bd' L 0-5' .stsua Facult Mr PaulA Komar Farrell Pennsylvama At I Il Art Dnrector of the Farrell Publnc Schools AB ahlel C I lege Indlana State Teachers Co ege MA Unuversnty of Iowa Mr Davld C lewls Farrell Pennsylvama Phy sscs Consumer Scnence Grove Cnty College M Ed nn versity of Pittsburgh Advisor of the Progectuonlsts Advisor of the Scaence Club Director of Vlsual Education and Intramural Sports Mr Edward lmdway Farrell Pennsylvama Chem lstry BS Grove Cnty College Unlverslty of Pittsburgh Adv: sor of the Scuence Club Mr Wllllam H Lauer Sharon Pennsylvama Book lr eplng I ll OFl'Ir:e Practlce Chanrman of he Commercial Department A B Westmlnster College M Ed Unrverslty f Plttsburgh School Accountant Advisor of the Attendance Staft Advisor ofthe Commerclal Club Mr Tudor E lewis Farrell Pennsylvama Gen ral Woodshop lndustrral Arts Westmlnster College Pennsylvama State College Callforma State Teachers Col lege Supervisor of the Indus trlal Arts Department Mr Ellsworth E McCIearn Stoneboro Pennsylvama Gen eral Metals Industrial Arts Unlverslty of Pittsburgh Cal: forma State Teachers College Edmboro State Teachers Col ege The lndustrual Arts and the Art Department Evaluatlon Commlttees Facult Mr Edward J McCIuslmey Farrell Pennsylvania Amer :can History World History BS Washington and Jeffer son College Coach of Varsity Basketball Mr Joseph G Nestlch Farrell Pennsylvania chanucal Drawing Shop S Kent State Unuversuty Youngs town Colege M d Kent State University Mr Franclsl Part Jr Farrell Pennsylvania Durec tor of the Music Department Du rector of the Farrell Senior Hugh School Band B S In Music Edu cation Indiana State Teachers College M. Ed., Pennsylvania State College. Advisor of he Music Council. Miss Annarose Moraca West Middlesex Pennsy vama Biology BS College of New Rochelle Columbia Unlver stty Advisor of the Science Club Mr lrvln G Orr Sharpsvllle Pennsyl v a ri I a General Metals Industrial Arts Unlverslty of Pittsburgh Call forma State Teachers College Edinboro State Teachers Col ege Mr Anthony Paulelxas Farrell Pennsylvania Prob lems f Democracy World Geography BS Washmgton and Jefferson College Unuver sity of Pittsburgh Edlnboro State Teachers College, Coach of Varsity Football, Coach of Varsity Track. Music, Health, and Safety Departments Evaluation Committees 21:- IQ-r' 5 4? f'N 4 .y Facuh Miss Kathryn Polyzou Farrell Pennsylvania Public ealcung :rector f ra matics A B Westfmnster Col lege MA State University of Iowa Pennsylvania State Col lege Advisor of the Announ cers Advisor of the Thesplans Coordinator of Activities Mlss Mlldred A Roux Farrell Pennsylvania Latin I II A B Westminster College M Ed Westminster College Unrverslty of Pittsburgh Penn sylvania State College Advisor of the Latin Club Miss Mary V Scardlna Farrell Pennsylvania English III Lltt B Grove City Co e e Westmnnster College Pennsyl vania State College University of Iowa. Director of Farrell Schools Testing Program. Ad- visor of the State Scholarship Contestants. Miss Margaret V Roux Farrell Pennsylvania Chair man of the Foreign Language De artment nch I and lstory ll AB Se n HII ol lege MA Tulane University Sorbonne University :nf Pans France Columbia Uruversuty Advisor of the Sophomore Class Advisor of he French Club Mr JumesV Scunga Farrell Pennsylvania Assist ant Band Director Junior High School Instrumental Teacher B S in Music Education Indiana Sta e Teachers College M Ed Pennsylvania State College Mr DavldC Schumer Farrell Pennsylvania Elec trlcal Department Industrial rts BS California State Teachers College Advisor of the Electronics Club, The Language Department and the Science Department Evaluation Committees 65 3' J .. if x 'ff 7, Ne 'QAC7 ' fum 2,5 X7 Facult Mlss Bessle Struck Farrell Pennsylvanna Alge a l I B S Westmuns er Col lege Advnsor of e Cheer leaders and the Pep Rallies Mr Robert P Trombocco Farrell Pennsylvania Amer: can Hlstory and World Hustory AB Gannon College Coach of Basketball Reserves M ss Esther A B Zentz Farrell Pennsylvanla Eng V AB and Music T IE Co ege Unlverslty of Pl s burgh Advnsor of the Semor Class Advusor of the Cap and Gown Committee Advnsor f The Reflector Staff Advisor of he Homecommg Dance Mr Joseph C Tommms Farrell Pennsylvama Health and Physical Educatson Unlverslty af Pittsburgh West munster College Pennsylvanna State College Advusor of the Gymnastic Squad Trauner f the Football Squad Mlss Mary Zahanou Farrell Pennsy vanla Span Il Eng Ish Il and Journ :sm A B Westmunster Col lege Cornell Unlverslty Adv: sor of The Night Rider Staft Advisor of the Spanish Club The Socual Studues Department Evaluatlon Commnttee Q g, 'SIX fi Secretarial Staff Schools of Absence Mrs Agnes L Mlelcarek Mrs Siella M Ceslak Secretary fo ihe Superxnten Secretary to lhe Board f ent f the Farre Pu IC Education Secrefary On Leave 'C' Miss Elaine Choollich Mrs Geraldine D Tomm ns Secretary to the Prlnclpal of Temporary Secretary 10 'he the Farrell Sensor Hugh School Board of Fducahon Secrelory Q Q Miss Margaret Sakony Miss Ellen Balach P B X Operofor Gnd Clefk Clerk Board of Educaflons Q., IX. In lhe Superlnlendenf s Omce and Superlnlendent s Omces Supermtendenf s Office 23 xl remix Board of Educaiuon Office ' - . 0 d o ll bl' ' , I. X- . . I ' ' - . . V . . fLf"' -fri' V - , ,Cu QQ VL l 'I x , t , 'J ' , , Ugg 1 '31 V ,fs , 2b V QA ll Q11 " ,Q 'fx' . f , l M ,' l i J A 3 , Jumor Hugh School Focult Mrs Vuctorua Moldovan Mlss Dolores Callahan Mr Gene C Vance Mr Edwardj Franczek Mr Lewus Sorcnnella pruncupal Mr John N Gennock Mr Wnlluam Canterna Mrs Angela Moderellr Mrs Helen frankenberry Mrs Hannah Lucas Miss Mary Nonefl Mrs Margaret Ranollo Miss Helen Sage Mr Wnlluom A Pelunl Mr Felux A Bonadvo Mr LoulsJ Morocco Mr George Roskos Jr Mrs Florence E Durst Mnss Eleen Zaharlou Mrs Pearl Bartholomew Mrs Grace Bechtold Mr Stephen Marin assistant prrnclpal Mr August Muller Mr Joseph G Nestuch Mr John Chnodo Mr Robert P Trornbacco Mr John Popadak James A Farrell Facult Mrs Irene Wnrnmer Mrs Mary M Davis Livermore Mrs Elizabeth Broderncls principal Mass Edna K Martin Miss Gladys l. Tennant Miss Dorothy Woods Mlss Ellen Frltchman Miss Josephnne Zarella Mrs Helen Davis Mrs Thelma Garster Mrs Annabelle Mntchell Miss Evelyn Yurenovlch Mrs Bernice Zahnnser Mr Samuel Sava Mlss S Leola Phipps Mrs Mary Verrnelre Mrs Audrene M Batten 4. Pug 7-1 I I ,t I I f '71 Q 1 , ' . r , , . I I , . ., , , - , , - f , . . ' , , , I , , h , . . , . , Mr. Alfred Malatesta. O . , . . , . , : ' , ' , -4 -v ' 4 , A Y ' .,. ,, A . ,- -O --f A r. - " A '3 .. li' ,, , . J 1. g-' -. f X , Eckles Facult 4 1-1 w-vQ S., L if' ,- Mlss Margaret Reese Mrs Hazel McCreary prrncnpal Mrs Margaret Terpack Mrs May Ruchards Mrs Elhel Plntar Mlss Josephine Kallney Mrs Mildred E Cloffey Mr David Joseph Miss Margaref Marflnr Miss Ida Nugent Mlss Anna Salanh Pargn Facult Mlss Myrtle Slcuse Mrs Vlrglnea McGhee Miss Nedra Ingram principal Mrs Margarel Erceg Mrs Mary Morocco Mrs Margare1SmnVl1 Mrs Eva Telllwev Mrs Nelle Bechlold Mass Mildred Sarcmella Mr Wllllam Lombardo Mrs Mary Hogue Mrs Marne Wellman Mrs Wrllle Smllh Mrs Lucy Kallney Mrs Sara Ingram Mr Joseph Molmaru ,- 9 25 NWN up A , 1 1 w - - . . . A l 6 ...mills ' . ,N . A . N . D ' S ' ' .5 . Q il ' ' - A 'sl ' . ' lr ,, as 4 , X - - y xxx.. x N ,. ,N all M - , n A - - . V ' 1 l , f an ,, .t 9 1 , - i l xx , -- . fa 'rr .M .J M M lr ' . 4 L S x j ' ix? a ' . . ' . C1444 e4 C ass of fx I X 'L w, ir I954 Floyd A Agostsno November 28 Sharon Pennsylvania Home Room 29 General Course Band The Nsght Rsder Staff Intra mural Basketball Team Gymnassum Exhsbstson The Reflector Staff Anthony James Asello June I3 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room ll6 Academsc Course Sensor Class Pressdent Junsor Class Vsce Pressdent Sophomore Class Pressdent Varssty Football Team Track Squad Intramural Basketball Team latsn Club Thes plan Club Canteen Commsttee Donna Jean Asello September 3 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room ll6 General Course Cap and Gown Commsttee Future Nurses Club Gymnossum Exhsbstson Homemakers Club The Reflector Staff Chrssty Alter Decemberlt Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room T16 General Course Varssty Football Squad Track Team Intramural Basketba'l Team Gym nassum Exhsbstson Gymnastsc Squad The Re flector Stat? Georgsa Anastasas September 23 Canonsburg Pennsylvansa Home Room 'l'I6 Commercsal Course Junsor Class Bus Commsttee The Nsght Rsder Manager Gymnossum Exhsbstson French Club Trs Hs Y Club Cap and Gown Commsttee Commercsal Club The Reflector Staff The Nsght Rsder Staff Patrscsa A Andrews November9 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 29 Academsc Course Future Nurses Club Freshman Sophomore Dance Commsttee Ma sorette Concert Cl-sour Glee Club Sensor Break fast Commsttee The Reflector Staff Prom Commsttee Cap and Gown Commsttee Honor Student Latsn Club Gymnossum Exhsbstson Mschael A Androsko June I9 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 29 Com mercsal Course Intramural Basketball Team Band Com mercsal Club Junsor Sensor Prom Commsttee Junsor Class Bus Commsttee Freshman Sophomore Dance Commsttee Hs Y Club Domensc C Apssa August T5 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 29 Academsc Course Intramural Basketball Team Freshman Sophomore Dance Commsttee Band Spanssh Club Thespsan Club School Plays Junsor Sensor Prom Commsttee Mary lousse Arcade May 23 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 29 Acc demsc Course Band Concert CI-sosr Mussc Councsl Sen sor Ensemble Chorus Gymnossum Exhsbstson The Nsght Rsder Manager latsn Club Sensor B eakfast Commsttee The Reflector Stafl Junsor Sensor Pro'n Asd Cap and Gown Commsttee Honor S udent Dsstrsct Band Clarence Austsn J May 20 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room T16 General Course Wheatland Pennsyl vansa Varssty Football Squad Track Team Class of IQ54 '11 can-7 X! tl Q-J. Bacon Boker Baldwin e Benya Berlin Bohach C Branzovlch J Branzovlch Burok Shirley Ann Bacon October 26 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 29 Commer clal Course Malorette Office Assistant Chorus Commercial Club Freshman Sophomore Dance Committee Concert Choir Senior Ensemble Cholr Gymnasium Exhlbrtron Thesplan Club School Plays Prom Committee The Reflector Staff Raymond E Baker April 7 Wheatland Pennsylvania Home Rao'n ll6 General Course The Reflector Stal? Katherine Baldwin December 30 New Castle Pennsylvania Home Room ll6 Commercial Course Concert Choir Senior Ensemble Tru Hn Y Club The Reflector Staff Commercial Club Spelling Contest The Night Rider Staff Testing Program Attendance Staff Senior Breakfast Committee Cap and Gown Committee Honor Student Public Address Announcer. Donald Bell June 25 Farrell Pennsylvania. Home Room 'll6. General Course. Concert Choir Chorus Glee Club Senior Ensemble Junior-Senior Prom Corrtmittee Midwestern District Chorus. Christine Catherine Benya October 9, Farrell, Pennsylvania. Home Room ll6. Commere cial Course. Class Basketball Team, Attendance Staff, Gym- nasium Exhibition, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Cap and Gown Committee, Commercial Club, "The Reflector" Staff. 29 Donald R Berlin December 9 Wheatland Pennsylvania Home Room dustrlal Arts Course Margaret Irene Bohach July l9 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 2l2 Cosmetology Course Office Assistant Lunch Ticket Staff BTY Club Library Club Future Nurses Club Concert Choir Trl HI Y Club Gymna slum Exhibition The Reflector Staff Charlotte Ann Branzovrch March 2 Sharon Pennsylvania Home Room ll6 Commercial Stenographxc Course The Night Rrder Staff Co'nmerc1al Club The Reflector Staff June Marie Branzovich June 30 Farrell Penn-y vania. Home Room l33. Vocational Home Economics Course. Homemakers Club The Reflector Staff. Patricia Josephine Burok August 26, Farrell, Pennsylvania. Home Room ll6. Commer- cial Course. Gymnasium Exhibition, Commercial Club, "The Reflector" Staff, Tri-Hi-Y Club. Class of 1954 'Q '99 Buscrgllo Carrne Carnrno Carroll Caruso Castlglrane Ceccaccl Cheatham Cherhlt Chess Mary Buscrglro November 4 Alessandrra Della Rocca Srcrly ltaly Home Room 130 Home Economrcs Course Homemakers Club The Reflector Staff Gymnastufn Exhtbrtlon TrrHrY Club Future Nurses Club Mary Ann Carrne February 27 Farrell Pennsylvanra Home Room 116 Commer clal Course Attendance Staff Testrng Program Staff Future Nurses Club Trl Hr Y Club The Reflector Staff Commercial Club Dolores Ann Carmno September 5 Sharon Pennsylvanra Home Room 116 General Course Latrn Club Gymnosrum Exhrbutron Cap and Gown Commrttee Junlor Senior Prom Commrttee Future Nurses Club The Reflector S aff Intramural Basketball Team Margaret Jeanne Carroll November 7 Transfer Pennsylvanra Home Room 133 Co'n 'nercral Course Commerclal Club Spanush Club Homemakers Club Gymnasium Exhrbrtron Cap and Gown Commrttee A tendon e Staff The Reflector Staff Sensor Breakfast Com tee Tr H Y Club Homecovvng Queen Honor Student Her ry Albert Caruso Novet ber 13 Sharon Pennsy vaua Hove Room 116 Gen ere' Cours The Reflec or Stag Intramu al Basketaal Squad 3 Audrey Mane Castrglrone March 23 Farrell Pennsylvanra Home Room 116 Commercral Course Offlce Assrstant Commercral Club Concert Chorr The Nrght Rrder Manager Trr Hn Y Club School Plays Attendance Staff The Reflector Staff Venrce Ann Ceccaccr Aprrl 28 Farrell Pennsylvanra Home Room 116 Academtc Course Scrence Club Gymnasrum Exhrbrtron Senror Break fast Commrttee Cap and Gown Commrttee Jumor Sensor Prom Commrttee The Night Rrder Staff The Reflector Staff Fresh man Sophomore Dance Commrttee Tn Hr Y Club Concert Chorr Chorus Glee Club French Club Honor Student Office Assistant School Plays Mrldred M Cheatham Aprll 2 Butler County Greenville Alabama Home Room 130 General Course Greenvllle Trarnmg School Senior Breakfast Commrttee Cap and Gown Commrttee Homemakers Club The Reflector Staff Honor Student Johanna Arleen Cherhlt August 7 Farrell Pennsylvanra Home Room 116 Academlc Course Concert Chorr Glee Club The Nrght Rrder Staff latrn Club Tru Hn Y Club The Reflector Staff Intramural Bas ketball Team Science Club Frank E Chess J Noven ber 26 Farrell Pennsylvanra Home Room 116 General Course Progectronnsts Junror Class Bus Commrttee Thesplons Scnool Plays Glee Club The Reflector Staff JunrorSenror Pro-n Commutree Homecomlng Dance Commrttee Publlc Address Announcer Class of l95-4 La rry C h lotto October 25 Farrell Pennsylvania Ho'ne Room 'II6 Academic Course Spanish Club Intron'-ural Basketbo Team The Reflector Stat? George Wrllnam Chrls ot? September 24 Farrell Pennsy vanla Home Roo'n IT6 Academrc Course French Club Hr Y C ua The Reflector Stal? Robert Wullram Churko September T5 Sharon Pennsylvanra Home Room 29 Academrc Course Band Concert Chorr Muslc Councl Senior Ensemble Chorus Glee Crub Lam Cub Club Intramural Basketball Team Thomas F Cnmonz July 3 Farrell Pennsylvanra Home Room ll6 General Course Manager of the Footbal uad Intramural Basketball Team The Re flector Staff Junror Senror Prom Comm: tee Baseball Squad H1 Y Club Electronlcs Club Aprrl 5 Farrell Pennsylvanra Home Room II6 General Course The Reflector Staff Intramural Basketball Team Racheal Mary Jane Cum February 20 Farrell Pennsylvanra Home Room II6 General Course The Nrght Rrder Staff Homemakers Club The Reflector Staff Intramural Basketball Team Edward Thomas Crlvello January 30 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 'II6 General Course Intramural Basketball Squad Senror Breakfast Committee Hr Y Club The Reflector StafT .lunror Senior Prom Commrttee Track Team Francis J Crosthwarte May 28 Wheatland Pennsylvanra Home Room TI6 Industrial Arts Course Naoml Shlrley Dahnnger December 31 Hartford Ohro Home Room I30 Aca demlc Course Intramural Basketball Team Homemakers Club Future Nurses Club Freshman Sophomore Dance Committee latrn Club Trl Hr Y Club Senior Breakfast Committee Junror Senior Pro'n Committee The Re flector Stal? Cap and Gown Commrttee Honor Stu dent Edward Dans November I0 Wheatland Pennsylvama Home Room II6 General Course Varsrty Football Squad Intramural Basketball Team , . . . , . , . .r , . , . . , . ,, ,, ' I I I I ' I .- I ' , , , - I , H'-Y , . . I I v Sq " I A ' r I l I - Rrchard Robert Clprlano , , . . rr rr - , r , . r, . . rr rr rr , , r I , ' ' I1 11 I ' I I , r - I I ' I I l ' I I ' I ' V I I , , - , . Class of 32 1954 Mary Ann De Carmen July 31 Farrell Pennsylvanla Home Room 212 Cos metology Course Intramural Basketball Team B T Y Club Future Nurses Club Cap and Gown Committee Concert Cholr Chorus The Reflector Staff Gymnasium Exhlbatuon Dolores Mane Del losso Aprll 3 Sharon Pennsylvania Home Room 212 Cosmetology Course B T Y Club Gym naslum Exhlbltlan The Reflector Stal? lntra mural Basketball Team Tru HI Y Club Future Nurses Club Carmen De Martlnrs Juy 10 Sharon Pennsylvanla Home Room 116 Indus trlal Arts Course Dolores Jean Dems June 24 Sharon Pennsylvania Home Room 116 Academic Course Future Nurses Club Concert Cholr Glee Club The Nnght Rader Manager Latln Club TrnHuY Club Sensor Breakfast Commlttee The Retlector Staff Cap and Gown Commlttee Honor Student Rose Mane Dlacoganes November 24 Yorkvulle Ohlo Home Room 116 Com mercnal Course Ottlce Asslstant Homemakers Club Commercual Club The Nrght Rlder Manager 1'ruHl Y Club The Reflector Staff Cap and Gown Commuttee .lo Ann M Dobrowolskr Room 116 Academic Course Future Nurses Club Freshman Sophomore Dance Commlttee Chorus Gymnasium Exhlbltlan The Nlght Rider Manager Latun Club Trl HI Y Club Sen vor Breakfast Commcttee The Reflector Staff Cap and Gown Commlttee Honor Student Janna Drake June 4 Farrell Pennsylvanna Home Room 120 Com merclal Course Oftlce Assistant Junior Senlar Prom Commlttee Future Nurses Club Canteen Committee Gymnaslum Exhnbutnon Tn Hu Y Club Homecommg At tendant Chorus Joan Patrlcla Dyll January 15 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 120 Commercual Course Attendance Staff Cap and Gown Commuttee Intramural Basket ball Team Homecoming Dance Committee Gymnaslum Exhlbrtlon James Edwards June 16 Farrell Pennsylvanra Home Room 120 Gen eral Course Prolectlonlsts Gymnastxc Squad The Re flector Stal? Marlene Eluzabeth Elzce November 24 Sharon Pennsylvanua Home Room 120 Commercual Course Glee Club Gymnaslum Exhlbltlon Trl Hr Y Club The Re flector StaR Attendance Stat? Commercual Club 1 1 - - ' . , . . . I r . I - ,, H - , , , , . . . . , - - - - I H H I I - I - I I I , , - . - I I I ' . . , ' H - - H , , I I l - I - ,, H , , , . I f 1 ' - ' I ' I I I . ,, . . ,, . . . I I . . ,, 1, - , , - November 30, Farrell, Pennsylvania. Home I ' I . . . . ,, . , f . ,, . . . I I ' ' I ' - - H H , . . , . f , . . - . , - , , , I I I I . - , . , , - 1' ' ' 1 - , , I . ' ' 1 H ' Class of I954 Kathenne Frances Emench Aprll 24 Sharon Pennsylvama Home Room 120 Gen eral Course Homemakers Club Future Nurses Club The Night Rider Staff The Reflector Staff Ma rtxn Alfred Fabian October 6 Detroit Michigan Home Room 120 General Course Glee Club Latin Club Hu Y Club The Reflector Staff Chorus Manager of the Band Junior Senior Prom Committee Woodrow W Michael Fennell June 22 Sharon Pennsylvama Home Room 120 Gen eral Course The Reflector Staff Manager of the Band HI Y Club Junior Senlor Prom Committee Jacob Michael Flack November 22 Sharon Pennsylvania Home Room 120 General Course Basketball Squad Prolectlonlst Junior Senlor Prom Committee The Reflector Staff Freshman Sophomore Dance Committee Varsity Basketball Squad Andrew James Frank October 18 Farrell Pennsylvama Home Room 120 Academic Course Science Club Spanish Club Thespian Club School Plays Junior Senior Prom Committee In tramural Basketball Team Junior Class President The Reflector Staff Freshman Sophomore Dance Committee Dorothy Elizabeth Fntchman December 12 Sharon Pennsylvama Home Room 130 Academic Course Homemakers Club Science Club Concert Choir Senior En semble Glee Club The Night Rider Staff Latun Club The Reflector Staff Junior Senior Prom Committee Cap and Gown Committee Trl HI Y Club Gym Exhibition Isabelle Fuoco May 16 Farrell Pennsylvama Home Room 212 Cos metology Course B T Y Club Gymnasium Exhibition The Reflector Staff Future Nurses Club Cap and Gown Committee Homecoming Dance Committee Theresa Jean Gagllardn December 30 Farrell Pennsylvama Home Room 120 Commercial Stenographlc Course Library Staff Tru HIY Club Senior Breakfast Committee The Reflector Staff Cap and Gown Committee Honor Student Commercial Club Senior Breakfast Committee Constance Gancsos December 2 Farrell Pennsylvania. Home Room 120. Commercial Stenographic Course. Commercial Club Senior Ensemble Concert Choir District Chorus Junior- Senior Prom Committee Cap and Gown Committee Tr'- Hi-Y Club The Reflector Staff Chorus Freshman-Sopho- more Dance Committee Office Assistant. William Albert Gardlock November 30 Brookville Pennsylvania. Home Room 120. General Course Basketball Squad Intramural Basketball Squad, Junior-Senior Prom Committee, "The Reflector" Staff. if iw kk' -5 1 M 33 Q: -avfff 1 gi-K, Class of I954 Gargano Gatty E Gessel G Gessel Gsancarlo Goda Hamslla Harakal Havrslla Hedrsck Antosnette Geraldsne Gargano October 21 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 120 Commer csal Course Homemakers Club The Nsght Rsder Manager Commercsal Club Future Nurses Club Trs Hs Y Club The Re flector Staff Cap and Gown Commsttee Arthur A Gatty August 12 Farrell Pennsylvansu Home Room 29 Academsc Course Junsor Class Bus Commsttee Band Concert Chosr Mussc Councsl Sensor Ensemble Chorus Glee Club Latsn Club HsY Club Thespsan Club School Plays Junsor Sensor Prorrs Commsttee Msdwestern Dsstrsct Bond Esther Helen Gessel Aprsl ll Farrell Pennsylvanso Home Room 130 Commercsa Course Commercsal Club Homemakers Club French Club man Sophomore Dance Commsttee Gerald R Gessel January 27 Sharon Pennsylvanso Home Room 29 Academsc Course Intramural Basketball Team Freshman Sophomore Dance Band Concert Chosr Mussc Councsl Chorus Glee Club Gymnossum Exhsbstson Gymnastsc Squad French Club Sensor Breakfast Commsttee Hs Y Club Honor Student The Reflector Staff Msdwestern Dsstrsct Band Ronald Gene Gsancarlo August 28 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 29 Genera Course Intramural Basketball Team Band Spanssh Club Robert C Goda February 3 Wheatland Pennsylvansa Home Room 120 Aca demsc Course Reserve Basketball Squad Varsity Basketball Squad Sophomore Class Vsce Pressdent Freshman Sophomore Dance Commsttee Sponssh Club Baseball Team The Reflector Staff Sensor Class Vsce Pressdent Raymond Eugene Hamllla August 13 Farrell Pennsylvonsa Home Room 120 General Course Jean Harrsett Harakal March 24 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 120 Academsc Course Scsence Club Future Nurses Club Freshman Sopho Exhsbstson The Nsght Rsder Stat? French Club Trs Hs Y Club Sensor Breakfast Commsttee The Reflector Staff Cap and Gown Commsttee Honor Student Homecomsng Dance Com msttee Carl R Huvrslla February 15 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 120 lndustrsal Arts Course Scsence Club Latsn Club Sensor Breakfast Com msttee Honor Student The Reflector Staff Rosemary Hedrsck September 27 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 130 Voca tsonal Home Econornscs Course The Nsght Rsder Staff Con cert Chosr Prosectsonsst Trs Hs Y Club Homemakers Cl b Gym rsassum Exh bstson Sensor Breakfast Commsttee lntramural Basketball Squad The Reflector Staff Honor Student Publsc Address Annc.sncer I I F ' ' F I I I ' ' - . H - . H ' ' . , , . , . . . ,, . . I I ' F I F I I - ,s - - - ss 1, , - , , V , . ' . ' D ' , ' .1 1 1 . . . r r , . , , , 1 , s ' I I I . ' l I ' , , ' I s , U , , . - 1 1 1 ' . ' I ' ' ' F "The Reflector" Staff, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Attendance Staff, Fregh. more Dance Commsttee, Concert Chosr, Glee Club, Gymnossum . . , . ,, . . ,, . . , 1 s 1 ' ' s - - H H , , - - , , - . - s ' - r I I 1 ' I - I 1 H H , ' . . . y .- .1 f U I ' 2 , ' I 34 Class of 195-4 John S Herrsck May 24 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 120 Indus trsal Arts Course Basketball Squad Freshman Sopho more Dance Cammsttee Gymnassum Exhsbstson Gym nastsc Squad Spanssh Club Junsor Sensor Prom Com msttee Intramural Basketball Team School Plays Home comsng Escort Donald Louss Herskovstz September 28 Alsqusppa Pennsylvansa Home Room 120 Academsc Course Honor Student Latsn Club Junsor Sensor Prom Cammsttee Bas ketball Squad Track Team Intramural Bas ketball Squad Publsc Address Announcer Elec tronscs Club Spellsng Contest Contestant John B Hornyak Ma 12 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 120 General Course Basketball Reserves Intramural Basketball Team Hs YCIub Beverly Jean Hosfelt June 'I9 Sharon Pennsylvansa Home Room 120 Commercsal Course Commercsal Club TrsHsY Club The Reflector Staff Future Nurses Club Attendance Staff Chorus Charlotte Ann Hougelman December 15 Wheatland Pennsylvansa Home Room 120 Commercial Course Commercsal Club Future Nurses Club Trs Hs Y Club The Reflector Staff Cap and Gown Cammsttee Attendance Staff Chorus Kostas Hrssoulas November 13 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 120 Academsc Course Scsence Club Latsn Club Hs Y Club Sensor Breakfast Com msttee Honor Student Homecoming Cammsttee Robert E Hudak December 26 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 29 General Course Basketball Reserves Intramural Bas ketball Team Cafetersa Staff Band Canteen Commst tee Gymnassum Exhsbstson Spanssh Club Thespsan Club School Plays Junsor Sensor Prom Cammsttee Msd western Dsstrsct Band John Douglas Hudson June 22 Greenvslle Alabama Home Room 29 General Course Greenvslle Trasnsng School Track Team Intramural Basketball Squad Cafetersa Staft Prosectsonsst Band Chorus Glee Club Sensor Ensemble Arlene Suzan James August 8 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home Room 120 Gen eral Course Homemakers Club Freshman Sophomore Dance Cammsttee Concert Chosr Sensor Ensemble Cho rus Reserve and Varssty Cheerleader Gymnassum Ex hsbrtson The Nsght Rsder Managers TrsHsY Junsor Ensemble Junsor Sensor Prom Cammsttee psan School Plays The Reflector Stat? The Rsder Reporter Homecoming Attendant Betty J Juranovsch March 31 Farrell Pennsylvansa Home 120 Academsc Course Trs Hs Y Club Chorus Reserve and Varssty Cheerleader Club Thes Nsght Room Chosr Thes psan Publsc Address Announcer The Nsght Rsder Staff Dsstrsct Chorus Latsn Club Junsor Sensor Prom Cammsttee Gymnassum Exhsbstson Honor Student School Plays Sensor Ensemble Senior Breakfast Committee. lima' y 5' Class of 36 IQ54 John Joseph Jurlna October 8 Farrell Pennsylvama Home Room 116 General Course Band Reserve Basketball Homecomlng Escort Junior Sensor Prom Committee Intramural Bas ketballTeom Cherie Ann Kelly March 6 Wheatland Pennsylvania Home Room 130 Commercral Course Llbrary Staff Junior Class Bus Commtttee Spanlsh Club Trl Hu Y Club Cap and Gown Commlttee Home makers Club Commercial Club Attendance Stal'T Night Rader Manager The Reflector Stal? Lanxy Kelly J Apnl 13 Bay Springs MISSISSIPPI Home Room 120 General Course Bay Springs Hugh School Basketball Squad Baseball Team Football Squad Track Team Wnllram M Kemp October 3 Montgomery Alabama Home Room 120 General Course Track Squad Foot ball Squad Gymnastic Squad Wnllnam J Kidd March 3 Sharon Pennsylvama Home Room 120 Com merclal Course Concert Choir Chorus Sensor Ensem ble Glee Club The Reflector Stat? Homecomnng Dance Committee Senior HI Y Chrlsanthe S Kladms June 6 Farrell Pennsylvanla Home Room 120 Academlc Course Gymnaslum Exhlbl tuon The Nlght Rader Managers Latln Club TrlHuY Club Science Club The Reflector Staff Senlor Breakfast Committee Cap and Gown Commuttee Honor Student James Gregory Kollar December 4 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 120 General Course Varslty Baseball Squad Basketball Reserves Varsuty Basketball Squad Jumor Senior Prom Committee Freshman Sophomore Dance Commuttee Hr Y Club The Reflector Staff Stage Crew Homecommg Dance Committee Anne F Kopnlcky May 2 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 120 Commerctal Course Attendance Staff Home makers Club Commercual Club Junior Class Bus Commlttee French Club Tru HuY Club The Reflector Staff Cap and Gown Com mrttee Geraldrne A Kowalskr Apnl 12 Farrell Pennsylvanra Home Room 29 Aca demic Course Science Club Freshman Sophomore Dance Commuttee Band Concert Chow Music Councul Chorus Glee Club Gymnasium Exhlbltlon French Club Tru Hr Y Club Sensor Breakfast Commlttee The Reflector Stal? Cap and Gown Ccmmuttee Honor Student Robert S Krznar March 3 Farrell Pennsylvanua Home Room 120 Industrlal Arts Course Varsity Football Team Intramural Basketball Team , , . . 1 1 1 I l I 1 . . , I I ' . I I . 1 1 11 - 1 11 11 11 1 1 , r. , , . . 1 1 1 - 1 1 - . . , - , . s I . 1 1 - ' I I ' 11 11 - 1 1 1 I ' ' 1 1 - - 11 - - 11 - 1 1 1 - - - 11 11 l I I I 1 1 , . I. 1 1 - - I I ' I ' I I 11 11 - 1 1 1 . , - 1 1 11 11 I . I 1 - - A 1 1 1 1 1 I I I . . - - 11 11 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 I , . 1 . V Class of l954 fi IO' M Lampkln B Lampklns Lanshcak Lopuh Lucas F Machuga Martha J Lumpkin June 16 Sharon Pennsylvania Home Room 130 General Course The Night Rider Staff Homemakers Club Trl Ht Y Club The Reflector Staff Intramural Basketball Team Fresh man Sophomore Prom Committee Betty Jean lampluns November 12 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 130 Gen eral Course Tri HI Y Club Homemakers Club The Reflector Staff Intramural Basketball Squad The Night Rader Man agers Joseph John Lanshcak June 14 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 208 Academic Course Intramural Basketball Squad Concert Choir Senior Ensemble Glee Club Latin Club Hr Y Club Chorus Philip Dale lee Moy 5 Sharon Pennsylvania. Home Room 215. General Course. Eugene S. Leonard December 24 Farrell Pennsylvania. Home Room 208. Aca- demic Course. Chorus Manager of the Basketball Team Man- ager of the Baseball Team, Latin Club, Hi-Y Club, School Plays, "The Reflector" Staff. 37 ee Leonard J Machuga Marasco JoAnne M lopuh November 11 Sharon Pennsylvania Home Room 29 Com mercial Course Gymnasium Exhibition Commercial Club Band Concert Choir The Night Rider Staff Trl Ht Y Club Senior Breakfast Committee The Reflector Staff Cap and Gown Committee Honor Student Homecoming Queens Attendant Glee Club School Plays Stella lucas July1 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 208 Commercial Course Testing Program Commercial Club Concert Choir Music Council The Night Rider Staff Trl Ht Y Club Senior Breakfast Committee The Reflector Staff Cap and Gown Committee Honor Student Chorus Frances Ann Machuga September 14 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 130 Aca demic Course The Ntght Rider Staff Latin Club Home makers Club Future Nurses Club Senior Breakfast Committee The Reflector Staff Tri HiY Club Gymnasium Exhibition Honor Student. .Ioan Pauline Machuga October 30 Farrell Pennsylvania. Home Room 130. Academic Course. Oftice Assistant Homemakers Club Future Nurses Club Gymnasium Exhibition latin Club The Night Rider Staff Tri-Hi-Y Club Prom Committee Cap and Gown Commit- tee The Reflector Staff Intramural Basketball Team. Concetta Marie Marasco November 8 Walston Pennsylvania. Home Room 208. Gen- eral Course. Library Staff The Reflector Staff Chorus. C ass of I954 Kimi! X '35 Maselli Matthews Matvey McCoy McDonald Mclaren Mikota Miller Mineo Myers Donald J. Maselli July 19, Farrell, Pennsylvania. Home Room 208. Academic Course. Football Squad, Concert Choir, Glee Club, Chorus, Latin Club, "The Reflector" Staff, Freshman-Sophomore Dance Committee, Track Team. Eleanor Ann Matthews April 20, Sharon, Pennsylvania. Home Room 208. Academic Course, Science Club, Freshman-Sophomore Dance Committee, Latin Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club, "The Reflector" Staff, Cap and Gown Committee, "The Night Rider" Staff, Intramural Basketball Team, Future Nurses Club. Ernest Matvey December 3, Farrell, Pennsylvania. Home Room 208. Industrial Arts Course. Larry McCoy August 3, Farrell, Pennsylvania. Home Room 208. General Course. Varsity Football Squad, Track Team. Sidney McDonald May 9, Masury, Ohio, Home Room 208. General Course. Football Squad, Track Team, Junior-Senior Prom Committee. Margaret Rose Mclaren February 28, Sharon, Pennsylvania. Home Room 208. Com- mercial Course. Future Nurses Club, Freshman-Sophomore Dance Committee, Concert Choir, Glee Club, Gymnasium Ex- hibition, Junior-Senior Prom Committee, Tri-Hi4Y Club, Cap and Gown Committee, Intramural Basketball Team, "The Reflector" Staff, Commercial Club, Attendance Staff. Joseph Milrota June ll, Farrell, Pennsylvania. Home Room 208. General Course. Reserve Football Squad, Intramural Basketball Squad, "The Reflector" Staff. Frances Mae Miller August T4, Farrell, Pennsylvania. Home Room l30. Academic Course. Homemakers Club, Future Nurses Club, "The Night Rider" Staff, Latin Club, Tri-Hi'Y Club, Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee, "The Reflector" Staff. Mary Ann E. Mineo July 27, Farrell, Pennsylvania. Home Room 208. Commercial Course. Gymnasium Exhibition, Future Nurses Club, Cap and Gown Committee, Commercial Club, "The Reflector" Staff, In- tramural Basketball Team, Attendance Staff. Charles Elmer Myers, Ill August 25, Sharon, Pennsylvania. Home Room 208. Academic Course. Science Club, Gymnastic Squad, Gymnasium Exhibition, School Plays, Freshman-Sophomore Dance Committee. Class of I954 Victoria Kathryn Nakich December 3, Farrell, Pennsylvania. Home Room 208. Academic Course. Latin Club Tri-Hi-Y Club The Rev tlector Staff Junior Senior Prom Committee Cap and Gown Committee Thomas T Nastoff June 23 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 208 Academic Course HnY Club French Club The Night Rider Stal? Concert Choir Glee Club Track Senior Breakfast Committee Public Address Announcer Honor Student Freshman Sophomore Dance Committee John F Nlemlec November 25 New Kensington Pennsylvania Home Room 29 Academic Course Band Concert Choir Music Council Senior Ensemble Chorus Glee Club Spanish Club Midwestern District Band George W 0Kreslk July 7 Donora Pennsylvania Home Room 208 Industrial Arts Course Basketball Squad Baseball Team Football Squad Science Club Latln Club Larry Michael Ondic December I4 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 208 Academic Course Baseball Team French Club Mary Ann Orendn December 17 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 208 General Course Library Staff F ture Nurses Club Gymnasium Exhibition Latin Club Tru HI Y Club Cap and Gown Committee Intramural Basketball Squad Geraldine Mae O Shell November 19 Dorseyville Pennsylvania Home Room 208 General Course Elders Ridge Hugh School Penn sylvanla Trl HI Y Club lntramural Basketball Team Lu brary Staff Edward Palm November lb East Liverpool Ohio Home Room 208 General Course Intramural Basket ball Team Cafeteria Staff Prolectionists Sci ence Club Gloria Anne Parcetlch August 4 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 208 Com merclal Course Intramural Basketball Team Gymna slum Exhibition Commercial Club Raymond Charles Pavllck November 20 Sharon Pennsylvania Home Room 208 General Course Intramural Basket ball Team Concert Choir Glee Club 'l Class of 'QR 40 I954 Rose Mane Perell May 19 Farrell Pennsylvanra Home Room 212 Cos metclogy Caurse B T Y Club Future Nurses Club Gymnasium Exhrbrtron Freshman Sophomore Dance Committee The Reflector Staff Cap and Gown Com mrttee Homecomnng Dance Committee Helen Adele Plullrps May 5 West Mrddlesex Pennsylvanra Home Room 130 Academic Course Homemakers Club Future Nurses Club Concert Chorr Cho rus The Night Rrder Staff Latln Club Tn Hr Y Club The Reflector Staff The Reflector Hnghest Sales Honor The Nrght Rrder Mon ager Norma C Prlrpovuch October 26 Farrell Pennsylvama Home Room 208 Commercral Course Office Assistant Lunch Trcket Staff Commercral Club Concert Chorr Glee Club Gymnasium Exhlbrtron The Nrght Rrder Staff Trl HI Y Club Senlor Breakfast Committee Cap and Gown Committee At tendance Staff The Reflector Staff Honor Student Frank John Prsanr October I3 Farrell Pennsylvonra Home Room 215 General Course The Reflector Staff George Samuel Postage August I0 Farrell Pennsylvanra Home Room 208 Gen eral Course Football Squad Track Team Basketball Team Baseball Team August 17 Bethel Pennsylvanra Home Room 208 Commercial Course Future Nurses Club Commercral Club Sandra Jean Purosh October 2 Farrell Pennsylvanra Home Room 212 Cosmetology Course Future Nurses Club B T Y Club Gymnasrum Exhrbrtron Trl Hr Y Club Junlor Senlor Prom Commrttee The Reflector Staff The Nrght Rrder Manager Homecommg Dance Commrttee Iona Lee Rapp October 3 Sharon Pennsylvanra Home Room 130 Academrc Course lrbrary Staff Home makers Club Future Nurses Club Concert Chorr Chorus Gymnasium Exhrbrtron The Night Rider Staff Spanrsh Club TnHrY Club School Plays Junlor Senior Prom Commrttee Cap and Gown Commrttee The Reflector Staff Honor Student Carl J Reda November 8 Farrell Pennsylvanta Home Room 208 Academic Course Lottn Club Joseph Robert Rococr November 1 Farrell Pennsylvanua Home Room 208 General Course Football Squad Track Team Intramural Basketball Team Pro lectronrsts HI Y Club The Reflector Staff 1 1 ' ' ' I . V - ,t U I I ' , . , , - I I I . ,, . . ,, . . - . , , ' I I - ,, - - H , , , - . .. ,, . . ,, . . . I I T ,, ,, . , - , , - H U 1 1 - - ' I ' I I X , . Marlene louise Powell , . - I, , J . -.. i -' , , . . . , . . . , I . . I . - H H ,, ' - 1, , , , . , , . 3 J l . . . , , , . , , . I I I . . I I 1 ' 1 - H H I , , . .II I I , ' Class of IQ54 Slurley Ann Rogan December 1 Farrell Pennsylvanna Home Room 208 Commercral Course Commercral Club Tru Hn Y Club The Night Rlder Stal? Sensor Breakfast Committee The Reflector Stott Cap and Gown Comn-lttee Honor Student Intramural Basketball Team Carol Jean Sabo May 24 Sharon Pennsylvanla Home Room 208 Academlc Course Future Nurses Club Freshman Sophomore Dance Committee Con cert Cholr Cheerleader Glee Club Gymnasium Exhlbltlon The Night Rlder Editor Spanlsh Club Trl H1 Y Club Junior Senior Prom Com mrttee Loretta Sadowslu Aprll 14 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 130 Vo catnonal Home Economrcs Course Homemakers Club Future Nurses Club Gymnasium Exhlbltlon The R flector Stat? Gerald Anthony Salatlno Aprll 27 Farrell Pennsylvanla Home Room 208 General Course Basketball Squad Track Team Intramural Basketball Team Band An nouncer The Night Rader Manager Latun Club HI Y Club Thesplan Club Publlc Address Announcer School Plays The Reflector Staff September 20 Sprott Alabama Home Room 208 I dustrral Arts Course Brdwell Hugh School Brdwell Ohio Varslty Basketball Squad Varsity Football Squad Varsity Track Team Varslty Baseball Team Alnca Marla Schiller June 8 Wheatland Pennsylvanra Home Room 208 General Course Library Staft Gymna slum Exhlbmon Spamsh Club Trl HIY Club The Reflector Staff Barbara Grace Schroyer June 29 Werrton West Vlrgrma Home Room 208 Com merclal Course Library Staft Future Nurses Club Com merclal Club Intramural Basketball Squad Vmcent Joseph Scoccna October 12 Farrell Pennsylvama Home Room 215 General Course Thomas S Scopack August I3 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room General Course Intramural Basketball Team Richard Thomas Sed March 11 Farrell Pennsylvama Home Room 215 General Course Varsrty Football Squad Basketball Squad Track Team Intro mural Basketball Team The Nnght Rlder Staff Latln Club I I il' -7 41 , , - . , ' ' 1 ,, . . ,, . , . , , Il Il 4 , A f , . , , , , , I ' ' I A - ,,, of f , . 1 1 ' - ' . , . . . . ,, I f e- H , , - I I v ,, . - 1, - , , I A I I H H I , , - ,, Edward John Sanders I 2' 3 , , . . n- y I - , , , . , , . . . , - I I ' - I H U , 5 1,6 , sl I I 1 1 - - ' ' I I ' , . Z , , . f x ' , , . 215. , , - ' I I - , H . . H 1 , . I954 John Nrcholas Senlck September 6 Farrell Pennsylvama Home Room 215 General Course Basketball Squad Intramural Basket ball Team The Night Rnder Stat? Thesprons School Plays Junior Sensor Prom Commlttee Nicholas Thomas Serblc August I8 Farrell Pennsylvanla Home Room 215 Industrial Arts Course Intramural Bas ketball Team Junuor Sensor Prom Ralph Lewis Settle March 16 Wheatland Pennsylvania Home Room 215 General Course Intramural Basketball Team Gymna slum Exhlbltuon HI Y Club The Reflector Staff Junlor Senlor Prom Committee J Elizabeth Short December 20 Cheraw South Carolma Home Room 130 Academac Course Intramural Bas ketball Team The Night Rider Staff Latln Club Trl HI Y Club The Reflector Staff Cap and Gown Committee Homemakers Club Fu ture Nurses Club Gerald Martin Slezak November 18 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 29 Academic Course Intramural Basketball Team Band Concert Chorr Music Council Senior Ensemble Chorus Glee Club The Night Rider Staff Spanush Club Thes plans School Plays Junnor Senior Prom Committee Mad western Dnstrlct Chorus Hr Y Club Senior Ensemble March 31 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 130 Academic Course I.atm Club TrsHl Y Club Homemakers Club The Night Rader Stat? Cap and Gown Committee Future Nurses Club The Reflector Staff Gymnasium Ex hrbutlon Donald Paul Somnch January 7 Sharon Pennsylvanla Home Room 215 General Course Basketball Squad Intramural Basket ball Team Science Club Prolectlonrst Hr Y Club The Nnght Rader Manager Electronncs Club The Reflector Stal? Joseph Edward Staul February 29 Sharon Pennsylvanua Home Room 215 General Course Varsity Football Squad Track Team latrn Club Thomas Eugene Stetner May 23 Farrell Pennsylvanua Home Room 215 Gen eral Course Intramural Basketball Team Gymnasuum Exhibition Gymnastic Squad HI Y Club Junior Senior Prom Commrttee John I. Strrul July IO Youngstown Ohro Home Room 29 Academrc Course Varsrty Basketball Squad Baseball Team Band Concert Chorr Chorus Glee Club The Nnght Rrder Staff Latun Club HI Y Club Junior Senlor Prom Committee R serve Basketball Squad Honor Student The Reflector Staff I ' ' I I I 1 F f , r ' A I I I I - - , , ,, - - ,, . , , , r I ' I ' I ' r - Deloro Eluabeth Somerset , I - . r r ' ' , , , , ,, ,f - r I I I I ' ' . , ' I I I I I , , ' , - , e- H Class of I954 sql l 'T' 'E' mr' I, Susa Svlrbely D Talbert J Talbert Tamburro J Thomas W Thomas Toslun Truman Valeriano James M Susa July 23 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 29 General Course Intramural Basketball Team PYOIECTIOHIST Band Concert Choir Music Council Gee Club The Night Rider Stal? Chorus The Reflector Stott Midwestern District Band Bonita J Svlrbely November 29 Hutchinson Kansas. Home Room 215. Commer- cial Course. Hickory High School. Oflice Assistant Projec- tionist Homemakers Club The Night Rider StaH Tri-Hi-Y Club Senior Breakfast Committee The Reflector Staff Intra- mural Basketball Squad Commercial Club Honor Student. Donald llovell Talbert September 3 Farrell Pennsylvania. Home Room 215. Industrial Arts Course. Varsity Basketball Squad Varsity Football Squad Varsity Baseball Team. James Joseph Talbert October 24 Macormic South Carolina. Home Room 215. Gen- eral Course. Cafeteria Stott. Susan Dolores Tamburro April 15, Wheatland, Pennsylvania. Home Room 215. Aca- demic Course. Intramural Basketball Team, Future Nurses Club, Concert Choir, Chorus, Gymnasium Exhibition, latin Club, Tri- Hi-Y Club, "The Reflector" Staff, Senior Ensemble. Judith A Thomas April 11 Sharon Pennsylvania Home Room 215 Academic Course Basketball Team Class Secretary Freshman Sophomore Dance Committee Music Council Senior Ensemble Chorus Cheerleader Canteen Committee Gymnasium Exhibition he Night Rider Editor Spanish Club Trl HI Y Club Senior Break fast Committee The Reflector Staff Prom Committee Honor Student Midwestern District Chorus All State Chorus Sopho more Junior and Semor Class Secretary William John Thomas June 2 Farrell Pennsylvania. Home Room 215. General Course. Intramural Basketball Team Gymnastic Squad Hi-Y Club. Richard Anthony Toskin June 30 Farrell Pennsylvania. Room 215. General Course. Varsity Football Squad Reserve Basketball Squad The Night Rider Staff Spanish Club. Elsie Mae Truman March 5 Bellview Pennsylvania. Home Room 130. General Course. Intramural Basketball Squad Proiectionist Future Nurses Club Freshman-Sophomore Dance Committee Concert Choir School Plays Baseball Team Homemakers Sophomore Prom Committee Cap and Gown Committee. Diana Julia Valeriano October 19, Farrell, Pennsylvania. Home Room 29. Academic Course, Band, Concert Choir, Music Council Cap and Gown Committee Glee Club, Gymnasium Exhibition, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Latin Club, "The Reflector" Staff. Class of Q4 44 1954 Betty lou Veltn February 29 Sharon Pennsylvania Home Room 215 Academic Course Concert Choir Chorus Cheerleader Gymnasium Exhibition The Night Rider Manager Spanish Club Trl HI Y Club Thesplans School Plays Junior Senior Prom Committee The Reflector Staff Senior Breakfast Committee Homecoming Dance Com mittee Pauline Patricia Vermlle December 10 Sharon Pennsylvania Home Room 215 Commercial Course Trl HI Y Club Attendance Staff Cap and Gown Committee The Reflector Staff Commerclal Club L brary Staff Dons Mae Welches November 10 Sharon Pennsylvania Home Room 215 Vocational Home Economics Course Homemakers Club Future Nurses Club The Reflector Stall Trl Hi Y Club Intramural Basketball Squad Freshman Sophomore Dance Committee William Robert Wells January 17 Sharon Pennsylvania Home Room 215 Industrial Arts Course Intramural Basketball Team Varsity Football Squad Stanley Anthony White June 12 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 215 Gen eral Course Varsity Football Squad Track Team Var Reflector Staff Intramural Basketball Squad Gymna slum Exhlbltlon Wtlllum Joseph White May 24 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Home Room 215 Industrial Arts Course Intramural Bas ketball Team Spanish Club The Reflector Stal? Gerardo Joseph Yucullo July 2 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 215 General Course Track Squad Basketball Squad Intramural Bas ketball Squad Cafeteria Staff Freshman Sophomore Dance Committee Homecoming Dance Committee Prom Committee The Night Rider Manager HI Y Club Eleanor Yurcich April 23 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 215 General Course TrnHlY Club library Stal? Lunch Ticket Staff Oflice Assistant In tramural Basketball Squad Homecoming At tendant Intramural Basketball Team The Re flector Staff Homemakers Club Annette Dolores Zagat June 8 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 215 Com merclal Course Harnemakers Club Commercial Club Chorus T HI Y The Reflector Staff Intramural Bas ketball Team Attendance Staff Victor Joseph Zorella January 20 Farrell Pennsylvania Home Room 215 Industrial Arts Course Varsity Football Squad Track Team Intramural Bas ketball Team , , , . . l ' -I I I - tt - - H , I I ' I I I I - - - ,t tt ' I I I . I I . ' , ,Q , . 5 all I 1 , - - . , ,t tt - - V I - - I l . , , - , . f I I I - - ' ' I I - sity Basketball Squad, "The Night Rider" Staff, "The I, I I I -ei I I - 'XV U 1 . . - t. H , , , , . . ' I I ' I I . t , - tt . . ff - an fi, f f ' I C.. A . I I .l - - ' ' I I I I - N, I , . I ' V , ' . I ri, V- I ., t, V - , . N' 1 - . , - 1 The Class of IQ54 In the fall of 1951 we entered Farrell Hugh School as sophomores We elected Anthony Auello presudent Robert Goda vuce presudent and Juduth Thomas secretary When the Senuor Homecomung Queen was crowned Eleanor Yur cuch was our class representatuve In our Sopho more year our school had the dustunctuon of wun nung both the W PIA L champuonshup un foot ball and the state champuonshup un basketball Wuth everyone workung together under the guud ance of our class advusor Muss Margaret Roux we made a success of our maun socual event of the year the Freshman Sophomore Dance We started our Junuor year by electung An drew Frank presudent Anthony Auello vuce presu dent and Juduth Thomas secretary Anna Kap Frank Chess were selected as members of the Junuor class transportatuon commuttee for the out af town games As homecomung attendant we elected JoAnne Lopuh Before the prom was held we sponsored a Sprung Hop to help rause funds for the Junuor Senuor Prom Then wuth the help of Mrs Julua Jenkuns our class advusor Mr Paul Komar and the prom commuttee we gave the annual Junuor Senuor Prom for whuch we chose the theme Under the Sea Benny Janes and hus orchestra furnushed the musuc whule the P T A furnushed the acts durung untermussuon and also sponsored the post prom On May 15 the Senuors defeated us at the Fueld Day Actuvu tues by a score of 66 64 The honor students of our class were selected to serve at the Senuor Breakfast held on May T8 The students who volunteered for the Cap and Gown Commuttee then took care of the caps and gowns for the graduatung Senuors To lead us un our Senuor year we elected Anthony Auello presudent Robert Goda vuce presudent and .luduth Thomas secretary Wuth the help of our class advusor Muss Esther A B Zentz we made a success of the Homecomung Dance held after the Farrell Beaver Falls game Margaret Carroll who reugned as queen was crowned at half tume ceremonues by the co cap tauns of the game George OKresuk and Vuctor Zarella Her escort for the evenung was Robert Goda vuce presudent Senuor attendants and escorts were Arlene James and Jack Herruck and Janna Drake and Jack Juruna Margaret Balluch escorted by Ralph Marks was the Jun uor attendant and Monuca Clovesko escorted by Dennus Bayer was the Sophomore attendant Muss Teresa Bonuto was un charge of the crown ung ceremonues At a class meetung we chose whute carnatuon as our flower The motto we chose was In God we trust un God we succeed Then we began takung our photographs for The Reflector and orderung callung cards and unvu tatuons Soon we were the guests of the Junuors at the prom and the Farrell Senuor Hugh School Branch of the P T A at the post prom Fueld Day was agaun held and then the Senuor Break fast After the Senuor Breakfast we attended the Farewell Assembly and later went to ldora Park for a day of fun On Sunday May 23 Baccalaureate Servuce was held and on Tuesday May 25 Commencement As we passed through the doors of Farrell Senuor Hugh School we re aluzed that we were begunnung a new lufe apart from our fruends but we wull always have the wonderful memorues that Farrell Senuor Hugh School holds for us Dolores Denus , 1 ' , . ' . , . . . I . I I . . . 7 I . , . ' . I I - I . I 1 ' I . , - . . I - . I , , . I I - I ' ' I I ' I n n - l I . , ' 1 ' , ' - '- ' I I 1 - ' ' nicky, Georgia Anastasas, Arthur Gatty, and black and fTamingo as our class colors with the ' ' ' 11 - 11 I . 4 I I ' Il . ,, . . . . , . . , 5 . , , II Il . . ' . 1 1 o . . , , ' - , - 1 f - . I I . , I 4: Class Ufficers Class of I954 Presldent Anthony Alello Vnce Presndent Robert Godo Secretc ry Judith Thomas Class Advusor Mlss Esther A B Zentz Class of l953 Presndent Eugene Emelko Vnce Presudent Albert Borowska Secretory Moruono Moldovon Closs Advusor Mrs Julno W Jenknns Class of l956 Presndent Clyde Holl Vuce President Howard Horton Secretory Carol Hall Closs Advusor Mlss Morgoret V Roux 1 1 1 , . . Q 1 1 f I f 1 , . . , . -16 Class of l955 ROOM 4 First Row Shlrley Arendas Sophle All: Margaret Adaur Rosalie Agostmo Albert Belluccu James Carrey Betty Blga ROOM 9 Flrst Row Eleanor Gozdnck Joanne Davis Second Row Helen Branzovuch John Carly Davld Cernea Frances Beslch Katherme Bridges Betty Allen Marilyn Chalupka Second Row Guy Guerlno Patrncua Fetsko Thard Row Fred Askerneese James Capparelln Joann Blro Dora Andrle Mona Cole Albert Borawslu John Bernard Third Row Bernnce Grnttln Katherine DeMartunls Saraloulse Freytag Deanna DeBrakeIeer Marcella Furtado Elaine Cllne Margaret Fleischer Kathleen Dellse Caryl Castor Davud Germano Benlamun Grande Florence Davls Marian Ford Augustine Gerbasl Betty Dunkerley Josephlne Dnrenzo Gene Emellra Nuehla Cordek MISS ANNA BOYLE Fourth Row Juanita Bridges Sandra Brown Margaret Balluch Andrew Churllll Patrlcna Cannon George Cloveslxo larry Bucclno Patrlcla Balluch MISS ALICE GRIFFITH Fourth Row Melvin Choolltch Austnn Cooper Ernest Crust Marian Cullna Edward Grega Joseph Dellasso Frank Dormlsh Wulluom Emerlch Class of l955 ROOM I0 First Row Mary Ann Ivan Margaret Klzxma Elaine Janosko Faye Liberty Irene Kidd Geraldine Klamer Marlene Martini ROOM Il First Row Adeline Morocco Bertha Mnliluch Mary Ann Pontera Elnzabeth Salatino Pauline Rauch Arlene Secovitch Kathleen Miller Adeline Mercuruo Second Row Anno Hamilla Margaret Lee Rose Klalch Charles Knott Jessie Roberson Patricia Katllus Iradell Henderson Second Row Louise Splltstone Third Row Paul Hoskins George Iliff Theodore Marlnclch Betty Lmgner Josephine Lazlch Samuel Kartalss Roy Hood Third Row Fred Stone Barbara McFarland James Petway Lila Moyer Coe Orben Albert Prezgay Joann Polcho Norma Splsak Richard Muller Arlene Rupert William Stanton Julia Pegues James Steiner MRS JULIA W JENKINS Fourth Row Paul Gustas William Houston Melvin Lampkms Charles Kemp John Martino Anthony Lopuh Ralph Marks MISS BESSIE STRUCK Fourth Row Frank Pontera Joseph Popadics James Schxmp Walter O Kresllc Lee Roberson James McCoy Ronald Nixon Patricia Kelly Marion Harrison , . , . 42 Class of l955 ROOM 217 Furs? Row Rilo Tomber Regina Wurueckr Frances Yazvac Aliamese Wullrams Dolores Taylor Jovan Taylor ROOM 102 Furs! Row George Nauman Jane Nucasiro Nancy Adler Marlana Moldovan Arlene Brady Eleanor Broscoe Second Row Audrey Tennanl Francus Whalen James Wlllaams John Vernllle Barbara Yonchak Second Row Mary Jo Marasco Arlene Pasaclc Margaret Egelsky Wilma Amos Deanne Pearson Thnrd Row Edward Zappa Joseph Yatsko Joseph Taluslmo Ernes1Verrlll Roberv Thomas Wllluarn Truman Third Row Dale Hogue Allan Bowe Lawrence Thomas Jack Taylor Thomas Lewus Larry Schurmer MR EDWARD LINDWAY Fourih Row Eugene Talbert Rlchard Zagroclu Phullup Watkuns Alvun Wiley MISS LORENCE DONLIN Fourfh Row John Ondlch Michael Ballush Andrew Feclk George Budehch John McKltrnck ,f rlqgfd li! i 4 F . ll S , , A T 4 ' - X f 1 , J . ' f X, Y ,fi ll ' I 'V 1 V ,Dr , ' 1 l - - ,. 49 Class of I955 ROOM 203 Flrst Row Dolores Bono Dorothy Bono Judith Burger Sally Baldwnn Theresa Arello Rnchard Cannon Joann Bohach Mercedes Bastude Bernadme Alello First Row Marne Fuoco Sandra Gelsel Geraldine Dlgnan Martha Gates Catherine Craig Arlene Fahr Glorla Gray Dorothy Chaluplca Bernadette Franelc Second Row Donald Carnrno Barbara Askerneese Julru Balluch Sidney Beslun Mabel Campbell Norma Jean Carr Mlchaelrne Bobnsh Mlchael Berks Second Row Donna DeMarco Barbara Crosthwaute James Cashgllone Audrey Flelscher Geraldrne Darlington Frances Drablck Monrca Clovesko Thnrd Row Bernadette Belcrk Theresa Bonaccr Frances Campbell Wnlberta Amos Muchael Balluch Andrew Bukovrnslcy Frances Belcrlc Shrrley Balmer Loretta Burt Thrrd Row Ronald Gardlock Rosalie Crrvello Carole Casacua Anthony DeMartmls Irma Crum Lynn Garfunkel Margaret Charney MISS HELEN GRIMES Fourth Row Curo Buscrgluo James Carlos Mrchael Baclch Andrew Adams John Bayer Charles Adams Thomas Bowser Aaron Borthwlrll Fourth Row Judnth Freeble Michael Faber Marva Gaftney Raymond Fuoco Thomas Ganzy Geraldlne Cerro Carolyn Godfrey Jacquellne Cline ROOM 204 MISS MARGARET ROUX 50 OM 206 Frrst Row James Hedrrck Dolores Hansley Patrlcra Knapp Betty Hranlco Mamie Hudson Sandra Hoffman Theano Kladltls Pauline Gustos ROOM 213 Frrst Row Class of I956 ' c Second Row Dawn Homa Odessa Houston Ruth Hoyney Pete Krzlma Fay Hancock Rebecca Haynes Anna Kautz Second Row Mary Frances Llchalr Sherry McFarland Elizabeth Marcuccl John Magnotto Margaret McCluslrey John McLaren Adrianne Mcllvarn Mary Lou Kudray Fay Myers Judrth McCauley Larry Newman r-ns xg.: Thlrd Row Alma Leslie Thomasuna Kapec Veronica Krznar Andrew Kubyako Rose Marne Hollga Vurglnla Krzysrek Janice Grof? Lee Harsh Thlrd Row Corrine Muller Sylvia Moore Mary Beth Lewis Robert Naluch Carol Matthews Constance Mason MR DAVID SCHIRMER MISS Fourth Row Howard Horton Jerome Hornyalr Clyde Hall Frank Klecrc George Kalbos Pete Klarch Carly Keats SARAH COOLEY Fourth Row Davrd Levine Wrlluam Needels Anthony Moclr Daniel Mascaro 2 . l il I J X' ll Y .I lllll L 1 RO . , l F W. , A , il , . l T 5 J l ' l y ,U l - '25 - I ' l Al ll l i 51 Class of l95l5 ROOM 214 First Row Agnes Richter Joy Rogan Shurley Rongo Margaret Parcetuch Ruta Phllllps Frances Palermo ROOM 223 Fnrst Row Raymond Yevchak Vurgunla Zappa Shnrley Thomas Connue Svurbely Teressa Yonchak Kathleen Splsak Loree Wlse Phyllis Sandrock Janice Zelch Second Row Joseph Palanh Eugene Quartersan Rose Penolo Catherine Rulto Leon Ponder Robert Phllllps Second Row Robert Scott Ronald Squatrlto Ronald Staul Jamce Thomas Stella Wasko Steve Waska Audrene Splntstone Robert Scarvel Third Row Frank Prezgay Barbara Regus Margaret O Shamc Wulllam Phlllvps Vera Preston Jeanette Rang Therd Row Augusta Stanek Anthony Zarella Darwm Tellhet Ottue Tolone Jack Work Thomas Weston Joseph Supel Allan Stahl MISS ANNA ROSE MORACA Fourth Row Donna Pearson Frank Powell Nlck Patnzl Roy Rankm Stanley Newton Theodore Pedas MRS VICTORIA BARBU Fourth Row Charles Talbert Frank Scoccua Jack Sanford James Tolbert Wnlllam Tinley John Sava Bruce Wllllams ' ,..., 1 V ,,,. J A l 'x 'l' xx 'I F ll 52 Class of l956 ROOM 225 Flrst Row Jeanette Glovanellr Marguerrte Arcade Joseph Ranallo Joann Vlosk Patricia Mnkulln Eleanor Vermerre Rosemary Cvargano Second Row Vrctorla Mudrlnlch Danrel Pustrnger DanrelAn1onrno Theresa Goda Ralph Morocco Carol Hall Puprl Accountant Mr Angelo Grande First Row Mary Ann Carrne Maraaret Carroll Chrrstrne Benya Charlotte Hougelman Thrrd Row Thomas DrSrlvro Ralph Bentley Steve Banlak Gerald Leonard ar es Latcheran John Kocrs MISS MARY ZAHARIOU Fourth Row Joseph Lazrch Phrllrp Berger Wrllram Latcheran Robert Gregorlch Attendance Staff Attendance Officer Mr Joseph Czerwrec Second Row Marlene E zre Cherue Kelly Joan Dyll Esther Gelsel Mary Ann Mrneo Margaret McLaren 53 Thrrd Row Anna Kopnrcky Annette Zarac Norma Plllpovlch Paulrne Vernrlle Beverly Hosfelt Marlene Powell . . . . Ch 3 Advisors: Mrs. Mary T. Jones, Mr, William Lauer . I . . I Y J Y nk 8 H5 4,55 4? ff v 1 1 A lg " 1 S B. ,.1 .1 . Y pq 5't 'k W' '?', HI!! 0- mi Gi- Ky If 1234 Sa VA alibi s O aef ' f-.' J.-...+ 'U' ,. s 'll 'Ju--A U - ., v 'S' -in A qu, Shops ' iff? 91 55 If I 3 S xg, I , A, 4 A s Q 9 ' t 3 1 , Q f 'I 'A 1 is vf- I , Q l 0 D ' ' . g .J I4 -N5 g' xv 3 ix W - X. wi Q ",:?":4 Na is nl , - in 'f' 'V' j ' lf. , 'b ' 1, 1. , A Sk 5 ' lf, 3 J fig! -0 fu - .-3 I " -..,-1-1 -' v ' Q.,-'-mf-Fl ,H- vf , . ,gp -ard- 2151A 7' 5 -.3 vm- L 1 'nl U. lx L' v-. , 'Y . -.+?h Lucille Ann Agresti William James Allen Hessina All: Willnaml Amos Jr Jo Ann Apa Rose Marie C Balluch Donald W Bechtold Margaret Ann Belcik Raymond M Benclvengo Marcia Helene Berks Joseph Carl Besich Marcia Rita Bianco John E Branzovich J Nada Brklch Martha Anne Broscoe LouiseJ Bruno Mary Ann R Bulrovinsky Patrick Anthony Buzzeo Jerry Sherwood Campbell Sandra Lee Carroll Eltzabeth Marie Celenzi John Richard Charny Peter Adam Costar J Shirley Mae Cummerick Theodoro Ann Cupurdija FredJ DeBonis Russell L DeCarmine Anthony V DeCello Theresa M DeMarco Eugene Carmen DeMark Freuda Duacoganes WilliarnJ Diteo Elaine Annette Dimoft Richard Paul Doblartski Patricia Louise Dzuedzic Betty Ruth Edney Frank Thomas Egercic JosephJ Estock John T Fecuk Paul Roosevelt Flint Betty Flynn Aldo Dionesia Furtado Elizabeth Germano Marlorle Jane Glroski Ruth Elizabeth Golub Elaine Marie Grande John V Griglak Shirley Susan Gutowski Mary Frances Halula Priscilla Mae Hetra Dolores Rae Htttle Deceased Septembero T953 Russell DeCarmine Donald Bechtold Lois Marks Miss Esther A, B. Zentz Class Of I953 Alberta M Horvath Harriet Mae Hosfelt Norma Jean Hoyney Loretta Claudette James William Edward Johnson Frederick Jones Ronald E Jones Walter T Jones Stanley Paul Juchnewich Phyllis Jean Kellum Norbert Eugene Kisegy Julianna M Klester Roseanna M Krantz Anna Mae Kraynak Geraldine R LaCamera Lambros John Lambros Mary Grace LoRocca Edward P Lrchvar Robert C Linaentelter Margaret Carolyn Lisclo Virgil L Locke Frances Malal: Mildred Marmcich Lots Marte Marks Shirley Joann Marks Nick T Marnelon William D Mason J Edward M Moykowski Leonard Lee McCrory Nina Joanne Messina Geraldine Ruth Miles Evelyn Mrlikich Adela Patricia Moldovan Robert R Mondok Betty Jane Moore Ernest Louis Moore Betty Morocco Charles Morrison Ronald Moss Br-tty Rose Mudrlnich Donald T Mularskl John K Myers Serena Patricia Nicastro Betty Jane Ochaba Allan Joseph Ondrch Edwin A Ondich Ellen A Ondich Rose Palanti Rosemarie Jean Palanti Rochelle Palazzese Arlene F Panzo Class Ufflcers Fiftieth Annual Commencement Tuesday, May 26 1953 Darts Delores Pegues Marco Anthony Pendel Donald M Perrine Frank Anthony Petruccl Rosemary E Polcha LaVerne June Ponder Albert H Preston Jr Mary Katherine Prezgay Norma Louise Ray Rita Ann Ricci Florine Richardson Elizab th Eileen Ring Gerald R Rogan Mardella June Rogan Louis Joseph Rosoti oyce Yvonne Roseboro Thomosina Ann Ross Denise A Royal Rob rt R Rudolph Mary Elizabeth Rufto Alice Marion Rupert Irene Saba Margaret Mae Sahn Louis John Sakony Carole Joan Salae Joseph Scarmack Jr Mildred E Schuster Connre Ann Scoccua Ruth D Scott Wrlbert Leroy Shannon Sheryl Ann Sholtis Thelma Solsokx Robert Stanger Helen Louise Stefanak William John Steiner Stanley F Susinsku Clarence E Thomas Gerald Steven Trop David Michael Uiselt JohnJ Veselosky Robert Regis Was"o Rose M Weber Carol M Whalen Claudia Sydella Williams Richard R Winslow Shirley A Yazvac Pauline Yurclch Patricia Ann Zappa Rabertl Zets Dan Scott Zimmer President Vice President Secretary Class Advisor Processional-"War March of the Priests' F. Mendelssohn Head ofthe Education Department ' ' ' C ll Farrell Senior Hugh School Bond WU5l"'19'0"' 0 E99 Francis J. Patt Jr., Conducting Chestertown Maryland Vocal Solo- 'A Perfect Day Carrie Jacobs Bond Invocation l . The Reverend Ernest V, Rupert Flollne Rlchmdson ' 'ld d S h t A t Pastor of the First Methodist Church M' re C U5 er ccompunm Instrument Solo-"Hungarian Melodies' Vincent Bach Eugene DeMark Honor Roll and Awards Anthony J, Pintar Senior High School Principal John l-C'mb'05 A'5c0mPCml5l Band Selection-"Overture to the Recognition of and Honor to the Class of T904 New MOON' Sigmund Rombe,-9 By Russell DeCarmine, President, Class of 1953 panel' Senior High School Band To Mrs. Grace Brauchle Rigby, Class of T904 Commencement Address "Education in Action" Presentation of Diplomas lnl"0dUCfl0f1 of Speakef A John HGVVC President ofthe Board of Education, Edward Purlch Supeflnlendenl of Schools Superintendent, John Hetra Principal, Anthony J. Pintar Dr. Frederick G. Livingood Recessional-"Pomp and Circumstance" Edward Elgar Vice President and Dean ofthe College Farrell Senior High School Band A A The Fiftieth Class U U I L 4, . 9 . V . 4 - - J . . ' .ll V. . l l . A , I ' Har-old E,'MarsteIler, Jr. Natalina Edo Scarpino J I Class of IQ53 Honor Students ACADEMIC COURSE Betty Edney Jullanna Klester l Jullanna Kester, Frrst Honors Betty Edney, Second Honors Mardella Rogan Eugene DeMark LaVerne Ponder John Lambros Carl Besuch Norma Roy Mildred Schuster Shirley Marks Lots Marks Martha Broscoe Betty Mudrmuch Mary Ann Bukovmsky Marcia Berks Rosemarie Palantl Gerald Trop Carole Salae Donald Bechtold Connle Scoccua Pruscllla Hetra Edward Maykowskl Geralcltne l.aCamera COMMERCIAL COURSE Shtrley Cummertck Fnrst Honors Rochelle Palazzese, Second Honors Fretda Dtacoganes Nada Brklch Ruth Golub VOCATIONAL HOME ECONOMICS COURSE Florme Richardson, Furst Honors Awards 'l952 1953 Muslc Eugene DeMarlx Clarence Thomas Farrell Music Guild Sctence John Lambros Farrell Booster Club Vocatlonal Home Economtcs Alda Furtado Farrell Parent Teachers Assocratlon Honor Keys Juluanna lester Betty Edney l G Balfour Company Mathematlcs Eugene DeMark Farrell Booster Club Hnghest Academuc Course Average Jultanna Klester Umverstty Club of Farrell Athlettcs Sportsmanshtp Pau Flmt Fteld and Court Club of Farrell Et-glush Martha Broscoe College Club of Sharon Science Carl B9SlCl1 Bausch and lamb Optical Company Vocattonal Beauty Culture Mary Prezgay Natlonal Hairdresser s Gulld lndustrlol Arts Draftnng and Machines Robert Ltngenfelter Sharon Westinghouse Electric Company Amerucan Legton Honor Award tr ey Cummertclc Donald Bechtold Farrell American legron Hughest Commerctal Course Average Shfrley Cvmmefldi Farrell Chamber of Commerce 58 ,, ""f if E. Adela Moldovan Dolores Hittle Marcia Bianco . K I . u , I . ' ' Sh' I ' , QPU Mr AnthonyJ Puntur Farewell Assembl - l953 Mr Hetra teachers guests and studentsl bud you welcome to thus final assembly of thus school year Wuth your indulgence I address my remarks to our honored fruends the members of the Class of 1953 Senuors ut hardly seems a year sunce you were suttung un Sectuon B front as lunuors whule I l952 Now twelve very short months later you are un the goodbye seats and your publuc school career us lust about finished Youll leave wuth added acquured prestuge as the fiftieth class to graduate from Farrell Hugh School I know wherever they are the thousands of Farrell Hugh graduates who have gone before you your parents maybe your superintendent I and many of your teachers among them honor you as the symbol of success of our public school sys tem on thus Golden Anniversary I know that they and we would be very happy to exchange places wuth you uf you un your youth do not real uze the opportunutues of the new Iufe that stretches clean shunung and beckoning before you callmg thoughts from my remarks ofa year ago two stand out un my mund Our tume us a good tume to Iuve ut challenges the best un us and Thus tume luke all tumes us a very good one f we know what to do wuth ut " An old sayung tells us It us easier to look back than ut us to look ahead Have you ever noticed when you can look back upon a record of progress and achievement how easy ut us to look ahead full of confidence to a future that us brught wuth the promuse of success Right now as you stand on the threshold of your new Iufe us a good tume to look back and wuth the unspuratuon and confidence born of past progress go on to stull greater achuevements If ycur progress has not been all that you mught have made ut then you know ut us tume to forget the past and remember that the things you do today are forerunners of what your lives wull be un all the comunq tomorrows In my last school bulletun there was a quo son and each of us can be a great person even though luvung un a small communuty and not par tucularly recognuzed by those about us You are a great person as long as you are the factor that keeps the communuty doing the rught thung It us our wush that you attaun such greatness If un five or ten years you have not reached your dream of success dont become discouraged for opportunutues come agaun and agaun to most of us during our lufetume Dont let passing years duscourage you Youth us not a tume of Iufe it us a state of mund Nobody grows old by luvung a number of years People grow old by desertung theur udeals Years mught wrunkle the skun but to guve up enthusiasm wrunkles the soul Dont sut around wautung for somethung to happen Op portunutues do come at the level of your prepar atuon so keep constantly umprovung yourselves Abraham Luncoln meant lust that when he saud He would study and prepare humself and then some day hus chance would come Profit by hus example And now senuors we the admunustratuon and your teachers extend to each of you our congratulatuons and friendly wishes for future happuness and success As you leave today we wush you Godspeed May God bless you and keep you until we meet agaun Goodbye' Anthony J Puntor, Pruncupal h I z IQ I , 5, ,L I' . ' , ,J if , ,ggi fu , . I 4' , ff' -ga' I- ' ,..g 32' R. flf' i' ! I .Fi I ' I I I I . I ' - , , I 4. ' was bidding goodbye to your predecessors of tation: "It is a great privilege to be a great per- ' I . ,, ,, . . . . . - . . . , . . . . . . . . ,, . , . . . . . , . 1 ' ' I I . . I . I Re- . . . u , . . ,, . . . . I , ' . . . . ,, . . . I I I ' ,, . . . . . . . . . I I 1 I 1 . . ,, . ' I . ,, . . ' -1' ' I - ' ll I I I . I . . . . I . . I I ' a u n ' ' ' I . I . . a Class Da Activities Senior Breakfast Program Welcome Speec Grace So o Class Poem Songs Announcements Announcements Program h Russell DeCarmune Frederick Jones Norma Ray LaVerne Ponder Senior Class and Honored Guests Mr Pnntar Miss Zentz s directed by Miss Esther A B Zentz Senior Class Advisor 60 Q , . , r 1 We L' l 7 .'f .47 I t P 1 N If ff '. A l . YM ll f ' r . , .y ' , I '-- , lf - U V 1 5 I I Class of IQ53 Farewell Assembl Program May l3, I953 Processional Class of 1953 "The Star Spangled Banner" Audience Devotionals and Pledge of Allegiance Robert Rudolph Welcome Speech Donald Bechtold "What My High School Means to Me" John Lambros Solo Ernest Moore Presentation of Awards Mr. Anthony J. Pintar Principal of Farrell Senior High School Trumpet Solo Eugene DeMark To the Faculty Lois Marks SQ 0 Flornne Richardson Class Will Betty Edney Songs Margie Glroski Rosemarie Balluch Denise Royal Theresa DeMarco Mary Ann Bukovinsky Lucille Agrestu Betty Morocco Frances Malak Edo Scarpino and Shirley Yazvac Presentation and Acceptance of Cap and Gown Senior Class President Russell DeCarmlne Junior Class President Andrew Frank Speech Mr Anthony J Pnntar Songs Carole Salae Roseanne Krantz Priscilla Hetra Helen Stefanak Rosemarie Palantl Martha Broscoe Marcia Blanco Dolores Hlttle Margaret Llsclo Geraldine LaCamera Shirley Marks Marcia Berks Mildred Schuster and Adela Moldovan So 0 Norma Ray Farewell Speech Julianna Klester Dismissal Speech Mr John Hetra Superintendent of the Farrell Public Schools Alma Mater Audience Recesslonal Class of 1953 Farrell Senior Hugh School Band Accompanlsts Mary Rutlfo John Lambros Mildred Schuster -NS XX se- 1111111111 61 Junior - Senior Prom, I953 Homecoming - I953 D Q Q f al ,Q 5, Homecoming Queen Margaret Carroll Homecoming Court Queen Margaret Carroll Senior Attendants Janna Drake Arlene James Sophomore Attendant Junior Attendant Monica Clovesko Margaret Ballish l I "Ffa N86-V 3 ny-9 pl' 4-- x . 9 , 369,59 wus BA BQQQ K 1 T f, 7 7f:ff4 fi' 65 14th le ticA The I953 Football Varsity September September October 2 October 9 October 16 October 23 October 30 November November Ftrst Row George 0Kreslk Donald Talbert Edward Sanders Joseph Staul Anthony Atello Sidney McDonald George Postage Victor Zarella Char es Kemp Second Row Frank Pontera Fred Askerneese Clarence Austm Rlchard Sed Wllllam Houston Stanley Wh te Ro ley Samuels The I953 Football Squad Flrst Row Manager Thomas Cumoruc Robert Chuderwucz Thomas Lewis Fred Askerneese John McLaren Guy Gueruno Roy Hood Damel Balluch Wade John son Leon Ponder Rowley Samuels Manager Coe Orben Second Row Assistant Coach John Popadak George O Kresuk Rnchard Sed Victor Zarella Joseph Staul Sidney McDonald Anthony Auella Christy Alter Clarence Austun Joseph Rococl Stanley Whute George Postage Coach Anthony Paulekas Third Row Donald Talbert Frank Pantera Wulllam Tmley Wtlluam Houston John Martmo Charles Kemp Melvm Lampkms Clyde Hall Frank Klecnc Ellls Broaden John Sava Edward Sanders Fourth Row Assistant Coach Wulluam Gargano Clro Busctgllo Jack Sanford L C Cleveland Damel Mascaro Trauner Joseph Tommms Charles Adams Thomas Bowser James Carlos Anthony Mack Assistant Coach John Gennock The l953 Football Record 11 Erne Academy HarBrack At Vandergrnft At Ambrldge New Castle Beaver Falls Conneaut Ohio At Altoona Sharon 66 Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell 2 1 7 0 6 O O O O J rg, . - 1 li- at A I .I . I I .. I ll ' il W : I I l ' 14 19 40 ' 20 ' 6 0 7 25 . , ' 14 9 7 0 13 13 -7.-,, ,iii- Couch Anthony Paulekas The T953 Farrell football squad enloyed a very successful training period at Great Lakes Camp for Boys Under the excellent guidance of Head Coach Anthony Paulekas Assistant Coaches John Popadak John Gennock William Gargano and Trainer Joseph Tommnns the boys were molded into a promising team Erie Academy took the lead un the first game when fieetfooted Charley Baker dashed eighty three yards for the first score of the game Early In the second half Farrell started a slxty four yard touchdown drlve which ended when Roy Samuels scored from the four yard llne Larry McCoy added the extra point to tue the score at 7 7 In the same quarter Erie Academys right halfback Jim Letcher ran twenty two yards for Erles final score The game ended with Erles downing Farrell T4 7 Farrell suffered its second defeat when the hugh powered Har Brack eleven crossed Farrell goal lane sux times to wln a 40 0 victory The Tigers scored three times an each half which gave them their Impressive vnctory Although the score ended with a 20 6 vuc scoreless in the second half Farrells forward wall stopped the Lancers three time on downs wuthln the Night Riders own ten yard line Far rell s lone score came as a result of Clyde Hall s passing and a two yard plunge by fullback Larry McCoy Farrell s first win of the season came with an impressive 20 6 wan over the Ambrudge Brtdgers The Night Riders who were on the short end of a 6 0 score during the first half bounced back to score twenty points In the sec ond half Leading Farrell to its victory was back field ace Fred Askerneese who raced thtrty three yards for the first touchdown then sprinted sixty five yards for another Clarence Austn clumaxed the sixty three yard march by adding Farrells third touchdown Larry McCoys two placement kicks added to the score and gave Farrell a 20 6 victory over Ambrudge Before one of the largest crowds of the season Farrell played a magnificent exhibition by holding the highly favored New Castle team to a O O tue In the fourth quarter Although the Night Riders were only once In the Red Hurri canes territory they displayed a dazzling de fensuve that stopped the enemy seven tnmes with The I953 Football Season in Farrells twenty yard line The Night Riders yielded only once to give New Castle a 7 O vac tory over Farrell ln the homecoming celebration game Beav er Falls eleven defeated Farrell 25 0 The stage was set for the Tigers victory by outstanding ninety one yards seventy yards and shorter runs by halfback Wtllle Taylor For Farrell Clarence Austm provided the fans with a few thrills as he broke away on several occasions only to be stopped by the last man in the sec ondary Although the Night Riders fought hard to get unto the scoring column they were held an tact by the impressive Tigers and by their own fumbles Farrell s second victory cf the sea on came when they snapped Conneaut Ohio s four game winning streak Spotlughtmg the victory for Far rell was Larry McCoy who scored three touch downs Sharing the honors with hum were half backs Clarence Austtn and Fred Askerneese whose bug yardage enabled McCoy to score A last quarter touchdown gave Farrell tts T914 vactory over the visiting Ohuoans the Paulekas men played their first deadlock of the season Because of the extreme weather conditions the game turned into a battle of punts Farrell s forward wall held the Mountain Lions on the Farrell two yard lme after two fum bles gave Altoona scorlnq opportunities A hard fought T3 O loss to the traditional rivals Sharon ended Farrell s T953 football sea son The Tlgers scored early an the first quarter Although the Paulekas men battled all the way a number of costly fumbles and dropped passes cost them the aame The final score of the game came when Sharon s Joseph Bosco drtvmg over the goal line from the one fard line insured a Tiger victory over Farrell Playing the final game for Farrell were four teen seniors Anthonv Auello Christy Alter Clar ence Austin Larry McCoy Sidney McDonald George O Kresuk Georqe Postage Joseph Rococl Edward Sanders Richard Sed Joseph Staul Donald Talbert Stanley White Victor Zarella and Thomas Cnmoruc manager George O Kresuk and Sidney McDonald were elected honorary captains for the year by the member of the squad 1 K- I I ' ' . . . , . . I . - ' I 1 ' I I ' T ' I . . , . , . - I I , c I ' P I I - J . , . . , . , - . ,g . . . - - n . W - tory for Vandergrift, Farrell held the Lancers Battling at Altoona in eighl inches of SHOW, . , . ' s . ' - I , 1 I . I ' ' . A n . . . . ' , - I I , - - I ' - I i . . I ' I I I . I . I - I I I . - I ' : I I . o 1 I I I ' 4 I ' n ' - I I . . .. , I I , . . . . I I . . ' ' ' ' . - I ' , . . . ' I- I - J 67 The I953 Football Varsity Seniors Donald Talbert George O Kresnk George Postage Stanley Whnte Joseph Rococn Alter Coach Anthony J Paulekas Sidney McDonald Anthony Anello Clarence Austin 68 Richard Sed, Vlctor Zarella, Larry McCoy, Joseph gtaul, Edward ganders, Christy arsity Basketball James Kollar James McCoy Charles Kemp Paul Gusfas 69 George O'Kresik, Rober? Goda, Donald Talberi, John Sfrizzi, Coach Edward McCloskey Varsuty Basketball Champuons The Farrell Hugh Scwool Steelers opened their 1953 1954 season by defeat ng s rang Washungton Hugh School qutntet 7157 The only tume that the Stee ers were behund was un the first quarter when the Presidents took a 65 ad vantage As Farrell uncreased theur lead Coach McCluskey experimented wuth several combunatucn d put rn h ent re thurd lune reserves un the last three munutes of the game James McCoy scared wenty one pounts Charles Kemp eleven and John Struzzu ten Pomu Coach Edward McCluskey Defeatung a strong and stubborn Akron North team 66 52 Farrell held a five pount lead at the end of the first quarter and what appeared to be a safe e even pount lead at the end of the half Then the Vukungs started to roll and contunued to match the Steelers pount by pount untul the late stages of the game John Struzzu and James McCoy were hugh wuth nuneteen and twe ve pounts respectuvely The brughtest spot of Farrell s 64 38 vuctory over the Beaver Hugh School quuntet was the fine defense whuch held Beaver scoreless from the field for the enture thurd quarter and sux mun utes of the last quarter Donald Talbert was hugh wuth suxteen pounts The rest of the scorung was duvuded among Coach McClu5 key s first eught players Paced by Donald Talbert the Steelers scored a 61 54 vuctory over an aggressuve quuntet from Warren Ohuo The game started as an easy one for the Steelers who led 32 19 at halftume The Presudents moved ahead 41 40 un the thurd quarter and tued the score 44 44 at the end of that peruod Led by Talbert who was scored the Presidents 1710 un the last quarter For the first time un five years the Steelers lost a preseason game when they were defeated by a powerful McKeesport quun tet 42 43 Farrell led at the first quarter and at the half by four pounts but fell behund by one pount un the thurd quarter Wuth only five seconds left James McCoy made a goal to put Far rell ahead then McKeesport wuth three seconds remaunung scored the wlnnung bucket McCoy scored thurteen pounts and Struuu ten pounts Bouncung back from theur first loss the Steelers defeated Yo'-'n9519WH South 61 46 After traulung un the first quarter they had thungs theur way and led 33 22 at halftume They uncreased theur lead to twelve pounts at the end of the thurd quarter The 'F'9""9 WCS Clliffllbvted among the first seven men wuth Donald Talbert and James Kollar hugh wuth eleven and ten pounts Paced by Charles Kemp the Steelers defeated Charlerou 52 32 The COUQUVS WUC hampered by a tught Steeler press whuch lumuted them to only seven field goals They were able to score but one field goal un the first quarter whule Farrell con trubuted eighteen pounts to lead 18 6 The Steeler attack slowed down un the second and thurd quarters but pucked up un the last quarter un whuch Farrell scored eughteen pounts wuth Coach McCluskey clearung the bench Kemp scored seventeen pounts and James Kollar eleven pounts The Steelers opened theur defense of the Luons Club tourna ment tutle whuch they won last year by defeatung he Meadvullg Bulldogs 57 44 In the first quarter Meadvulle led 91 then the Steelers employed an all court press that completely bewildered theur foes and brought Farrell wuthun one pount at the end of the 'iff' qW"e' Ferrell pvlled away ro Q 2617 uma at the end of the half and a 54 22 lead at the end of the thurd quarter Coach McCluskey gave the enture varsuty a chance to play un the last quarter McCoy wuth fifteen pounts and Kollar wuth fourteen pounts paced the Steeler attack Wunnung theur second straight tournament champuonshup he McCluskeymen nupped Homestead 6463 In the final game f the Farrell Luons C ub tournament At the end of t'ue first quar ter the Steelers topoed a 2512 score but Homestead narrowed the lead to five pounts 33 28 at the end of the haf The score was tued 48 48 at the end of the thurd quarter and numerous tumes un the last quarter Wuth one second left and wuth the score tied 63 63 John Struuu made good hus free toss to guve the Steelers theur eughth vuctory thus season James McCoy who netted fifteen pounts was named the most valuable payer of the tournament Char es Kemp Robert Goda and Donald To bert accounted for twelve pounts each Wuth an umpresslve 71 51 vuctory over a s rong New Cas le team the Steelers opened theur quest for the Sectuon 3 tte The ease wuth whuch they handled the hugh y acc armed Red Hu rucanes surprused even the experts The Stee ers had a 2911 first quarter lead on four field goals by Robert Goda James McCoy who led the Steelers wuth eughteen pounts found the range un the second quarter wuth four field goals Farrell led 38 17 at the half They uncreased theur lead to 52 28 at the end of the thurd quarter and won 71 51 Defeatung the Ellwood Cuty Wolverines 60 32 the Farrell passers won theur second straught Sectuon 3 game The powerful Steeler machune started un hugh gear puled up a L1 4 lead un the first quarter then settled back to coast the rest of the way Meanwhule the famous all court press of the McCluskeymen was huttung uts seasons highest pount un effectuveness allowung only one field goal un almost thurteen munutes Out of the fourteen men that played erght contributed to the scorung wuth Donald Talbert huttung for fourteen and John Struzzu for twelve pounts Farrell s hopes for a Sectuon 3 tutle were dealt a severe lolt at Ambrudge where the Steelers dropped a stunnung 66 68 ver duct to the Brudgers un a thrull packed contest Farrell trauled un the contest untul two munutes and forty seconds remauned un the thurd peruod when McCoys fielder tued the score for the first time at 4141 The lead changed hands four times before the 48 47 Wuth four munutes left Farrell lost James McCoy vua per sonals Thus was a costly blow to the Steelers Ambrudge un the last thurty four seconds made two fouls to wun the game McCoy was hurth wuth eughteen and Kollar wuth fourteen pounts By defeatung Beaver Falls 90 41 the Stee'ers gained their huqhest score of the year They puled up a 26 5 lead and then added twenty three pounts un the second sessuon to lead 4912 at half tume The Steelers htt theur peak un the thurd quarter by con trubuttng 32 pounts The first strung left the floor on the long end of an 81 23 count Aggressuve John Struzzu led the Steelers wuth twenty seven pounts Robert Goda had thurteen James Kollar eleven and Paul Gustas and Donald Talbert ten each Coach Edward McCluskeys classy Farrell passers won a first place tue wuth Sharon un the Sectuon 3 race by downung Aluquuppa 44 34 John Struuu and James Kollar the two fiery backcourtmen of the Steelers paced theur teammates to the umportant wun wuth Struuu huttung for fifteen pounts and Kollar who was tnlured the first half scoring eleven The Steelers fashuoned theur vuctory wuth a sparkling defensuve performance whuch lumuted the Qulos to eught field goals The Steelers who were behind most of the first quarter pulled ahead to lead 30 16 at halftume Farrell re tauned a 13 pount edge 38 25 at the end of the thurd sessuon and later won 44 34 The hugh powered Steelers set theur sights an the Sectuon 3 champuonshup as they polushed off the Sharon Tugers 66 39 The Steelers who were never behund worrued Sharon s zone defense wuth theur scorung power from every pasutuon John Struzzu scored eughteen pounts James McCoy thurteen James Kollar eleven Charles Kemp ten and Donald Talbert nune The Steelers soared to new heughts when they handed Greens burg theur first defeat of the season 73 50 Coach Edward McCluskeys charges made theur move late un the second peruod after the actuon had been nup and tuck un the early stages They led 28 25 at halftume The Steeler offense contunued to puck up I I . Z . . . . . . I I . I . I I . 0 I a ' ' l , ' - 7 I i , , A , , . . I . I I - X . . . . I II . I I . . . . . . Q ' , , . . . I , . . , , . 5 an ' is ' . I . - . . . . I . I l . I , ' ' I l . , . . . , , . II ' n n ' r , . . - I . .I I I I I . . . I I I I . I I . . I r 1 ' - ' ' v 1 . u n I n I 7 I I . . . . . I . .. I . . . . , , , . . , . . , , . I - , u . , . . . I I . . - I I , . - ' I I .l u 1 I v , I ' . , ' - . hugh man for the nught with twenty-six points, the Steelers out- session ended with Charles Kemp putting the Steelers out in front . b ' I I I ' ' I ' . i G r . 1 . I r 1 r ' . ' - I Q . I v I I .I . . I . - I I - . . . I . I I I - - 1 . 'I . 1 ' I I - . . I I . . - I I I I . . . I I , I . I I I I I I . I . I I I - 1 - - . , I .I I . -- . ' . . . . - I ' ' in . . . , I ' I h I I ' ' I I , I . . . - . , . . . . . , - . . ' ' . . - - I f , 1 I , , , , . ' i i G , 1 i I , 1 , - , - , . I . I I I ' ' . , . . . I I I l ' I I 1 . - . I I I I . I . . 70 arslt Basketball Champions and led 52 36 at the end of the third quarter Donald Talbert accounted for twenty three points and Kollar for sixteen points Farrell gained another step toward wlnnlng the Section 3 title by defeating the New Castle team 74 58 The Steelers had a ten pomt lead in the first quarter and malntamed It throughout the game They led 23 l3 at the end of the first quarter 42 34 at ha ftume and 59 47 at the end of the third quarter James Kollar led the scoring with twenty polnts followed by John Strrzzl with fifteen and James McCoy with thirteen ln the Section 3 title race the Steelers led by two games fo lowing a thrllllng 57 54 overtime win over a stubborn Ellwood Cnty quintet Foul conversions by James McCoy John Strizzu and Rob ert Goda lh the three minute overtime added to the important victory Coach Al Comos passers matched the Steelers pomt by point In the third and final quarters Charles Kemps field goal with 45 seconds remaining knotted the count at 54 54 to send the game Into an extra period James Kollar and Charles Kemp each scored twelve points With one of the lowest scores an recent years the Steelers defeated Monessen 30 29 The score was knotted 9 9 at the first quarter and 18 17 In favor of Monessen at ha ftime The Steelers led 24 2l at the end of the third quarter ln the last session Man essen went ahead 29 28 with less than a minute to play James Kollar then sank a set shot to win the game for the Steelers Char es Kemp was hugh man with nlne points and Ja'nes Ko lar had eight points The McCluskeymen with James McCoy In full command staged two sensational comeback rallies to defeat a keyed up Am bridge quintet 65 63 The Brldgers led l5 9 at the end of the first quarter but the Steelers knotted the score 28 28 at the end of the half The score was tied at the end of the thsrd quarter 44 44 To lead his team to victory James McCoy who totaled twenty eight points nn the game came through and scored fourteen points in the final period By defeating the Beaver Falls Tigers 66 49 the Steelers cllnch ed the Section 2 title With the score tned 12 I2 at the end of the first quarter and the Steelers leading 30 26 at the half the McClus keymen pulled away In the final periods and defeated a fired up Beaver Falls five Charles Kemp with seventeen points and Don ald Talbert with fifteen points bore the brunt of the Steeler attack James Kollar who continued his consnstent long range artistry contributed twelve points After tralllng seven points In the first quarter the Farrell High Steelers rallied to defeat the Altqurppa lndlans 58 47 They led 25 l7 at the half and 44 31 at the end of the third quarter Paul Gustas starttng his first game was hugh man of the evening fol lowed by James McCoy who had twelve points This victory the tenth in eleven league games set the stage for the Steelers final game of the regular season agamst Sharon When the Steelers defeated the Sharon Hugh School Tigers 63 50 they defeated the Tlgers for the third straight time and only trailed them 41 39 un the overall series The Steelers who took command at the opening whistle on goals by James McCoy and Donald Talbert were never behind rn the game They led 22 7 at the end of the first quarter and 32 26 at the end of the half From then on the teams fought on even terms and the S eelers led 44 34 at the end of the third quarter High scorers for the Steelers were James McCoy with twenty points and Donald Tal bert with fifteen points The McCluskeymen entered the sem: finals of the WPIAL tour nament p'ay offs by scoring an Impressive 69 53 wm over Wash mgton the Section 4 contender Farrell scored twenty two points in the first quarter fifteen points ln the second fifteen tn the third and seventeen points In the last quarter where they payed possession type ball trying for a goal only when they had an open shot To lead the scoring for the evening James McCoy netted twenty points and Donald Talbert nineteen points Farrell High School s powerful quintet advanced to the finals of the WPIAI. tournament when they snapped a twenty two game winning streak of Rankin s and won 65 43 The Jackrabbits could not cope with the dazzling speed of the Steelers Their only threat came when they moved ahead l7 T6 with five and a half minutes left in the second quarter James McCoy who was hugh with twenty five points paced the rally that carried hrs teammates to a ten pomt lead at halftime Sffllll added eighteen points and Talbert twelve points The Steelers won the coveted WPIAL tltle when they defeated McKeesport by a score of 52 37 This was the third time an four years for Coach McCloskey s passers to win the crown and thus estabhsh a modern record The Steelers who were tied 2l 2l at ha ftnme had a nlne point lead by the end of the third quarter Once agam James McCoy was hugh with twelve points Kollar and Kemp each had eleven points and Talbert who unlured his foot during the game had ten points To advance to the Western Regional sem: finals Coach McCluskey s sharpshooters defeated the Section 5 representatives Berlin Brothers Valley Hugh School 64 36 Without the services of their mlured prvotman Donald Ta bert the Steelers maintained a ten pomt lead throughout most of the first half ln the second ha'f they broke the third quarter wade open with an eighteen pomt lead and ended fourteen ahead In the final quarter James McCoy led his teammates with fourteen points John slfllll had eleven and Robert Goda who rep aced Tu bert and James Kollar had ten points each Kollar gave a fine long shooting demon stratlon The McCluskeymen advanced a step further to their second state championship when they broke Johnstown s 26 game wan ning streak by a 52 43 wan ln the first half of play action was close and the score was nip and tuck but the Steelers were lead Ing 29 25 at halftime The Trolans cut that lead early In the third quarter but the fine shootmg of McCoy and the outstanding board work of Kemp pulled the Steelers out of any danger They led 40 33 at the end of the session The Steelers were paced by James McCoy who was hugh with twenty paints and Charles Kemp who had thirteen points When they downed Meadvrlle by a score of 65 56 and won the Western Regional crown for the third time In four years the Steelers gained the right to represent Western Pennsylvania for the PlAA Class A championship Farrell was on the short end of a 2l 9 lead at the end of the first quarter They showed their championship calibre when they overcame a 15 paint deficit early an the second quarter and narrowed the lead to 3l 27 in favor of the Bulldogs at halftime ln the second haf play the Steelers tied the score at 35 35 and 37 37 before they went ahead never agam to drop behind and won the game 65 56 James Kollar who was deadly with hrs long range shooting was hugh man with twenty points Charles Kemp had fifteen points and Robert Goda had twelve pomts The cry State Champs was heard throughout the Unuver sity of Pennsylvania Palestra ln Philadelphia when the shot ended the game for the state champnonshsp In this game the McCluskey men defeated a strong Chester team 58 52 to regain Pennsyl vanras top basketball title for the second time In three years Although Chester had the height advantage the Steelers outran them and led 17 'l3 rn the first quarter After Chester knotted the score at 1818 the Steelers rallied and gained a 3125 score at halftime They mamtasned a sux to nine pomt lead throughout the third session and won 58 52 after a rough and tumble fourth quarter McCoy took scoring honors with thirteen points for Far rell while Stnul netted twelve Kemp eleven and Goda ten Playing for the last time for the Farrell Steelers were seniors Rob ert Goda John Strrun James Kollar Donald Talbert George OKreslk and Jacob Flack Eugene Leonard was the senlor manager Under Coach Edward McCluskeys tutoring the Farrell Hugh School See ers at arned an Impressive record over the past sux years Hrs team won l34 games and lost only 27 agamst top ranking competition They won the Farrell Lions Club tourna ment two years In a row and the Section 3 tlt'e four times In sux years The Steelers were the WPIAL tltllsts an 1951 T952 and T954 and the wmners of three Western Regional crowns Allen town defeated them an the PIAA final rn l95l but they gained the T952 tltle by defeating Coatesville 63 55 and agam IH T954 by defeating Chester 58 52 I I - . . , . . - , 1 ' - 1 1 . . - 1 ' - . , . 1 , . I 1 ' ' 1 , 1 . , - 1 - ' 1 - . . , . . . . , 1- . ' 1 - 1 1 ' 1 - ' 1 . A . , . . - 1 . - , - . 1 - 1 . 1, , . , - . - . . . . , . . . , . . , 1 . . . . . . . , . ' 1 ' I 1 - 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' - ' 1 1 1 ' 1 ' . I . l . , r 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - . I . I . I . , . . . . . 1 I 1 - ' 1 , . . I 1 A 1 1 ' - ' - 1 1 ' 1 ' . . 1 1 ' - . . . ,, ,, . - 1 - , 1 1 1 ' 1 ' . . . . . . , . . . 1 , - . D I , . . ' - 1 - ' ' , 1 1 1 1 - ' ' 1 1 I I I . . . . D . , , . , . 1 - - . . . . , , . . 1 , 1 . . . , A , t . . . . , . 1 . 1 - . . .. - 1 - . , , 1 - ' . , . . . . . 1 1 1 ' - 1 . ' 1 . ' , . 1 arsrt Basketball f. l QJJW 15 lid -LL Edge George OKreslk Robert Goda Donald Talbert James Kollar John Strlzzr Guy Guerrno James McCoy Stanley Whrte Charles Kemp Paul Gustas Ralph Marks Augustine Gerbasl manager Jacob Flack Melvm Larnpklns Dennls Bayer Clyde Hall Eugene Leonard manager Basketball Reserves James Schlmp Coe Orben Albert Borawslu James Talbert Mr Wllllam Canterna coach Walter OKresrk John Ondrch John McLaren Rrchard Danrels Robert Scarvel manager Wlllnam Phrllrps John Magnotto Robert Phrllups Andrew Adams Joseph DelLosso Roy Hood George Kabos man ager Edward Zappa Steve Waslxo Charles Adams Daniel Mascara Frank Scoccra Howard Hor ton Joseph Larnpluns X, 72 L,. .W :ul v' Q il ...ve S.. xfxrjxgj uf? 1. .1 y- v-.NQR In iw, 1- fb 'A I HN, Hin f I va U iff: 3 li 45 ww ,v Qc C eerleaders -. 0" 'M Ax i' R 9 u,'-migif 's D' x Befty Lou Velfn Judnh Thomas Mary Ann Pantera Arlene James Dora Andrle Betty Juranovuch Reserve Cheerleaders Theresa Alello Frances Drabuck Frances Palermo Ar ene Secovnvch Adruanne Mcllvaun gen- L M it 73 . . ' 1 L Q MQW- 1 ' 1 F Q I I . O 'X ! 9 ' l . ll ' x "' .1 ' N A . ,- ,, , , U , ' '- . J, . will A IH' I . ' A l ',ll r' mir., " I 'i ,., :M p A . , ' ' ' 7.1 ix YL, in V, 4 I In A xl I 1- Y . 'I all 5 , . 4,, I K V W I ' 1 .4 ,A " 'l X, L52 I . 4.1. I ' ' , -.uf 2a'6l"'-w's'if ,h L' ' r ' 1 .if-'z"f -rf ' ,fir A 'f 1 .Q ' MK' .Y ' 5 M .., " ' fy W ' , . t ', -' ' ' ' xXx I X . ' , V h f x 'Q r ' nfl , A r xc ,I 4 a r 5 I First Row: Frank Egercic, Fred Jones, John Bran- zovich, Edwin Ondich, Robert Mondolm, Anthony DeCello, Nick Marneion, Joseph Scarmaclm. Sec- ond Row: Larry Ondic, George O'Kresik, Mr. John Popadalc, coach- Walter O'Kresik, An- thony Lopuh. Third Row: Albert Borawski, James Kollar, Eugene Leonard, Thomas Cimoric, John Strizzi. The l953 Baseball Team THE l953 BASEBALL RECORD Farrell 10 Farrell O Farrell 2 Farrell 2 Farrell O Farrell O J Ellwood City Aliquippa Beaver Falls Ellwood City Aliquippa Beaver Falls THE 1953 TRACK RECORD Farrell 44 Hubbard 56 Farrell 52 2 3 Youngstown North 56'Ex Farrell 46 Zelienople 20 Mercer 49 Farrell 18 3 5 Girard 49 3 5 Struthers 50 1 5 Youngstown North 35 3 5 Farrell 'l5'2 Butler 35 New Castle 98 Youngstown Ursline 54 Sharon 'lllz Regional W.P.l.A.L. Meet Farrell-7th l3'f2 First Row: Christy Alter, William Allen, William Mason, Fred DeBonis, Er- nest Moore, M e l v i n Lamplmins, George Pos, tage, Gerald Yaculla, 00. 5- I Sidney McDonald, Sec- -llf ond Row: Asst. Coach John Gennoclc, Clarence Austin, Joseph Stau', Allen Bowe, William Tinley, Frank Pantera, Salvadore Mancino, Fred Aslnerneese, Coach An- thony Paulelcas. Third Row: William Houston, Richard Sed, Charles Kemp, Edward Sanders Stanley White Chcries Adams, Daniel Mascara Anthony Aiello. Fourth Row: John Fecick, man, ager, L, C. Cleveland Clyde Hall, Gene Emellso Joseph Popadics, Thom as Lewis, James Wil liams, Coe Orben, man' ager. Em M 73.1 ur EL. Field Day Activities Mav I3 I933 'Fi Ill!!! in 'U ,I-,.,,. Class of 'I953 and Class of 1954 Directed by Mr. Joseph Tommins and Miss Teresa Bonifo Assisted by Mr. Anthony Paulekas, Mr. Edward McCluskey and Mr. Ralph Dresch 75 Mm,, TW, ,-1, ,...a4., ... if A' P' 2 5,29 4, 'wr f-4 4? M l. I.. lata l', la. 'S' 4 v ...iii .HE . 1 fy Q 5 N ' . f B if K' mf - ' QS , ' if '-aww ' , ' . A ' ju, E ' w , 'ff' Q I 5 I . wa? . W '. 1 1 9? -ff- 0 fj i I G vw - yn!! .- b--4 4,4-. ILALN 77 - 14ct1 lfle Majorettes Head Drum Magorette Eleanor Broscce Asslstant Drum Ma gorette Sh rley Baco Malo ettes Patricia And e s JoA e Lopuh C ol Hall Mary J Marasco Arlene Pasacc The esa Goda Farrell Hugh School Band Mr FranclsJ Fatt Jr Mr James Scanga Mr Samuel Campagna Du ector of the Band Asst Dlrectar of the Band Choral Drrector The members of the Farrell Hugh 'chool Band are Mnchael Andrews Sandra Hnllman Thomas Horn yak Steve Novosel Rosemary Gargano Frank Trenga Carole Fleuscher Domenlck Pellns Glorla Salahno John Koshen George Nou man James Passell Edward Damels Mar guerute Arcade Mary Lou Arcade P trlcua Mukulun Davud Gelsel Jane Nlcastro Jean Gnovanellu Dlanne Roth Joseph Ranallo Ralph Morocco Arlene Brady Deanne Pearson Barbara Bobby Nancy Adler Wllma Amos San dra Korpa Mariana Moldovan Fred Culp El ancr Vermeure Gerald Geusel John Pavlovlch Margaret Enel ky Joseph Laznch Larry Schnrmer Dale Hogue Mnchael Androsko Ruchard Morocco Allan Bowe James Repas Danlel Antonlno Ron ald Giancarlo Patrucra Bauer Duana Valerlano John Hudson John Strnzzl John Kocls Gerald Leonard Ralph Bently Robert Churko John Nue msec James Susa Charles Latcheran Thomas DlSnlvlo Lawrence Thomas Domemc Aplsa Ger Wulbert Prlce Gerald Slezak Mlchael Balllsh Wal ham Latcheran Robert Hudak Arthur Gatty Floyd Agostlno John Ondlch Delma Pearson Phnllp Berger Steve Banlak Robert Gregoruch Vrctorla Mudrmuch I . . , . . , 'r . ' ' I " 1 J 1 J 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 ' ' ' U , ' U 1 1 ' ' I I I I I I .I . , 1 1 ' ' , , 1 1 1 I I I - . u I I I , , a- . . . . . . . . . . . . , , , ' . '. . ' ' aldine Kowalski, Daniel Pustinger, Jack Taylor, I I I . 1 1 n 1 1 I 1 ' 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 ' . ' ' ' ' I . I I I I I 9 , , , 1 1 1 Q . . . . . . H "' I I I ' I 1 .xl 'Nor , i n. ' r- ' ' 1 w , nn , ar , o , i , re 78 G ee Club Dolores Adellne KlCdIlIS v Hansley Dorothy Bono Dolores Bono Jean GIOVChEllI Julla Ba uch Geraldlne Dlgnan Pau ne Gustas Janlce Zelch Morocco Bertha Ml lklch Betty Hranko Dorothy Chaluplra Sally Ba dwln Marllyn Chalupka Betty Dunkerly Theano Ar ene Fahr Sandra Hoftman Shlrley Thomas Frances Palermo Barbara Askerneese Margaret Parcetlch Theresa Ale lo Javon Taylor Llla Moyer Mlchalene Boblsh Rosalle Agostlrlo Frances Drablck Catherlne Rut"To Paullne Ralch Con stance Mason Frances Campbell Joanne Vlask Theresa Bonaccl Irene Kldd Eleanor GOZdICk Janlce Thomas Josephlne Dlrenzo Mary Jo Marasco Ruth Hoyney Rose Penola Margaret OShanlc Carol Hall lda Schultz Kathleen Del.lse Carol Matthews Marlon Cullna Betty Llngner Wllberta Amos Josep-llne Lazlch Jeanette Rlng Veronlca Krznar Judy Freeble Mary Ann Pontera Ka herlne Baldwlrl Sara Loulse Freytag Margaret Klzlma Shlrley Bacon Patrlcla Andrews Catherne Cralg Marguerlte Arcade Judlth Thomas Mary Lou Arcade Arlene Brady Audrey Tennant Patrlcla Mllculln Dorothy Frltch Jean Carr Anna Kautz Geraldlne Kowalslu Gancsos Agusta Starlek Gerald Gelsel James Stella Lucas Rosalle Crlvello man VICJOYIO Mudrlnlch Elsle Truman Caryl Castor Eleanor Vermelre Norma Marlclna Mo dovan Betty Lou Veltrl Monlca Cloveslro Arlene Pasaclc Ccnnle Susa Joseph Lazlch Lawrence Thomas Ralph Morocco Joseph Ranallo Arlene Ceccaccl Janna Drake Iona Lee Rapp Joanne Blro Coe Orben Melvln Choolltch Gerald Leonard John Nlemlec Ralph John Hudson James Capparelll Joanne Lopuh Betty Juranov ch Ar'ene Rupert Geraldlne Cena Dolores Tamburro James Venlce Marks Phllllp Berger WllllCm Kldd Joseph Lanshcak Thomas Nastoft Arthur Gatty Doncld Bell WIllIGm Latcheran Charles Latcheran Ger ald Slezalr Robert Churko PUTVICIG Katllus Janlce Graf? 79 l A Cappella Choir Kalherine Baldwin, Shirley Bacon, Dorothy Fritchman, Judilh Thomas, Mary Lou Arcade, Robert Churko, Consiance Gancsas, Berry Juranovich, Arlene James, Gerald Slezalx, Donald Bell, Joseph Lanshcak, William Kidd, Arthur Gafvy, John Niemiec Senior Ensemble ? 5 L 41' G ee Club 4 SC Michael Berks, Ralph Mo rocco, Gerald Geisel, John Vernille, Howard Horton, Donald Maselli, Joseph Ranallo, Augustine Ger. basl, John Hudson, Ralph Marks, Frank Chess Joseph Lozich Marvin Fa bian, James Susa, Ronald Nixon, Coe Orben, Gerald Leonard John Niemiec, James Copparelli, Dale Hague, John Slrizzi Rob err Churko, Gerald Slezak Charles Lovcheran, Steve Banlak Jorm Sava, Law vence Tho-vias Melvil- Clwoolilch Williavvx Kidd Joseph Lanshcak Thomas Nusrofl Arvhur Gafvv Donalu Bel Phillip Be' ger William Lavcheran Mary Lou Arcade, Stella Lucas, Diana Valeriano, Geraldine K o w a l s lc i, Shirley Bacon, Mary Jo Marasco, Carol Hall, Marguerite Arcade, Jane Nicastro, Mariana Mol- dovan, Eleanor Broscoe, Arthur Gatty, Gerald Geisel, Caryl Costar, Ar- lene Rupert, Gerald Sle- zak, Patricia Milrulin, John Niemiec, John On- dich, Arlene Pasacic, James Susa, Lawrence Thomas. Theresa Aiello, Eleanor Bros- coe, Judith Thomas, Janna Dralre, Adrianne Mcllvain, Ralph Marks, Daniel An- tonino, Steve Baniack. Rob- ert Hudalc, Coe Orben, Mar- iana, Moldovan, Anthony Aiello. rf' .I . "Clementine" November 20, 1953 Directed by Miss Kathryn Polyzou I 5 Ax r r , The Cost Mariana Moldovan, Betty Juranovich, Arthur Gatty, Frank Chess, Pauline Gustas, Andrew Frank, Gerald Slezak, Melvin Choolitch, Arlene Pasacic, Arlene James, Joanne Lopuh, Patricia Andrews. "June Mad" April 10, l953 Directed by Miss Kathryn Polyzou Adela Moldovan Shirley Bacon Richard Winslow Robefl Rudolph Beny Edney Gerald Salafino . Carl Besich John Fecilm . . Audrey Castiglione Arlhur Gally Andrew Fecilx Theresa DeMarco Mary Ann Bulxovinsky "Cinderella of L0reland" March 5 and 6, 1953 Directed by Miss Kathryn Polyzou The Cast Adela Moldovan, Andrew Frank, Denise Royal, Betty Edney, Margarel Giroski, Norma Ray, Gerald Slezak, Roberi Rudolph, Margaret Safin, Roseanne Kranfz, Carl Besich, Gerald Salaiino, Mary Ann Bukovinsky, Robert Hudak, Gerald Campbell, Betty Lou Velfri, Arlene James, Venice Ceccacci, Iona Lee Rapp, Janna Drake. Thespian Club Beffy Lou Veltri, Domenic Apisa, Gerald Slezak, Arlene James, Andrew Frank, Shirley Bacon, Miss Kathryn Polyzou, advisory Arihur Gaffy, Frank Chess, Gerald Solalino, Anfhony Aiello, Belly Juranovich, Mariana Moldovan, Robert Hudak. l i I f----- - ,. Q 1 Si TTB t- J, i The members and othcers are Anna Kopnicky, Jean Harakal, Gerald Geisel, Esther Geisel, Mercedes Bastide, Georgia Anasta- sas, Venice Ceccacci, Tha- mas Nastoft, Augusto Stanek, secretary, Carly Keats, Alan Bowe, Darwin Teilhet, George Christaft, Miss Margaret Roux, ad- visor, Larry Ondic, Leslie Domonokos, vice presi- dent, Anthony Mack, Jack Work, treasurer: James Capperelli, president, i 'ic French lub Shrove Tuesday, better known as "Mardi Gras", is a red-letter day for the mesdemoiselles and messieurs ofthe French Club and is usually celebrated with a gala breakfast amid an atmos- phere of elaborate floats and colorful balloons and streamers. Collecting imported dolls in provincial cos- tumes, adopting a family in France, and acquir- ing a more appreciative outlook on the language and customs of the French people are the aims of the club. Senior Tri-Hi-Y The Tri-Hi-Y aims to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, the school, and the community high standards of Christian charac- ter. ln doing so, the girls render their services by ushering at athletic events, concerts, and vari- ous other school functions. During National Edu- cation Week they serve as excellent aids on Par- ents' Night. Thomas, president, Castig- lione, Juranovich, Veltri, secretary, James, Carine, Kopniclry Lopuh, Drake, Orendi, Zajac, Benya, Mc Loren, Ceccacfi, historian Anastasas Carroll, treas UrergC3UrgUr'tO,DlC1COQOl'1ES, Bwok Ggncsos Busciqlio Ge-iss-l Fritchman, Dobro WOM., sf,mW.tt, ci-oploatt, Soho Harakal, Cherhit, Nakich Machuzyc Dahrin ger Machuga, Phillips, El zie, Miss Grigith advisor Dellasso, Hostelt Purash, Verrmlle Somerset, Miller Mattne-ws Kelly Vurcich. Tamaurro Pilipovich Lu cas rice president Kladi tis Rogan POOL? Und Schiller are the otfcers and nw-rubs-rs at the club trues- , . 3 ' ,ff 50 f ' W- 'P L . t..-if " x t,,"',i.j I hw! AX- W I 1 0 5 faifa B4 a Taylor, Moldovan, c iller, Spisak, Bobish, I a Veltri, Carroll, Tho- rnas Sava, Saba, Apisa, Rapp Hudok, Frank, Nie- miec Crist, Gustas, Kar- ta ls O'Kresik, Whalen, Cernea Orben, Miss Mary Zahariau, advisor, Quar- tersan Kocis, Levine, Dor- mish Toskin, Slezck, Go- d Ballish, and Gerbasi are the members. :mg giggle ' ,..., 4 lllltli I I A A Spanish lub The Spanish Club was organized by Mrs. Mary Nestich in 1942. lts purpose is to provide a social atmosphere in which students use their knowledge of the Spanish language, customs, and ideals. Miss Mary Zahariou is advisor. At present the club is active in meetings, dances, programs, parties, and banquets. .4 85 av bl 1...- Junior Trl-Hi-Y Among the charitable acts of the Tri-Hi-Y are the packing of baskets during the Thanks- giving, Christmas, and Easter holidays for needy families, the adoption of a war orphan, and the annual contribution to the American Red Cross, the Community Chest, and the YMCA. tar, P. Balluch, Spizak members. 1-7- ... 'A Q 1 m' Q . Q VN I in J L '. Juli Klaich, Agostino, Miller treasurer, Freytag, vice president, Rupert, pres: dent, Mercurio, Adair, D Brakeleer, Chalupka, Cos Balluch, secretary: Split starve, Lee. Bridges, Ford Biga, Besich, Andrie, W niecki, Tamber, Martini Morocco, historian: Aren das, B r o w n, chap ann Kidd, Fetsko Schutz Cordell, Biro, Yazvac, Pon tera, lvan, Katilis, Kizirna Lingner, and Miss He en Grimes, advisor, are he s The members of the club are Joseph Popadics, Samuel Kartalis, Eugene Emellco, George Nauman, Carl Havrillo, John Mc- Ketrick, Donald Somich, Kostes Hrisoulas, Jean Harakal, Venice Ceccacci, Chrisanthe Kladitis, David Cernea, Anthony Gerbasi, Mary Ann Ivan, Patricia Katilus, Miss Sarah Coo- ley, Mr. David Lewis, Mel' vin Choalitch, Nancy Ad' ler, Arlene Rupert, Frances Besich. -r , Science Club Sophomore Tri Hi Y To encourage each member through indi- vidual proiects to develop as far as possible the skills, the talents, and the aptitudes that he pos- sesses in preparation for a career or hobby in science is the purpose of the Science Club. The advisors are the science teachers: Miss Sarah Cooley, Miss Annarose Moraca, Mr. David Lewis and Mr. Edward Lindway. The platform of the Tri-Hi-Y is clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living, and the slogan is pure words, pure thoughts, and pure actions. The objective is to seek, to find, and to share. The colors are red white and 1 I blue exemplifying sacrifice, purity, and loyalty. The members and officers of the Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y Club are J. Balluch, Clo- vesko, Honsley, Asker- neese, Aiello, G u s t a s, Charney, Kladitis, Drabiclr, Bastide, Belcik, Hoffman, DeMarco, Penola, Chiodo, Bobish, Yonchak, Knapp, Zappa, Garfunkel, Homo, Chaluplxo, Cerra, Carr Burger, Dolores Bono, Dor- othy Bono, Mcllvain, Pal- ermo, Krzysiek, Dignan, Kudray, Fuocs, Fahr, Free- ble, Gates, P e a r s o n, O Shanic, Lewis, Ring, Mil. ler, Rcngo, Amos, Haliga, Campbell, Mason, Wasko, Hancock, Matthews, Moore, Bohach, Hranko, Leslie, Campbell, Miss Lillian Kit' ting, advisor --..,. .II Commercial lub The purpose of the Commercial Club is to provide for the students experiences that nor- mally would not take place in the classroom. Speakers inform the group and field trips are made to the offices of the valley plants each year. Parties are held several times o year to provide the student with social activities. Many of these girls do part time secretarial work for the administrative oftices, faculty, man- ager of athletics, testing and guidance program, and the heads of departments in the high school. The members of the club are as follows: Cordek, Gustos, Zappa, Morocco, Dignon, Aiello, P e r el l. Milikich, Askerneese, Svirf bely, secretory, Tornber, vice-president, Goz d i c lr, McLaren, Machuga, Gor- gono, DeMorco, Collier. Fuoco, DeCormen, Cornino, Miller, F o r d, Hoffman, Welches, Dohrinaer, Ma' chuga, Besich, Fahr. Lee, Crivello, Graft, Chorney, Yonchak, Davis, Yozvoc Mcllvain, Carr, Mineo. Ku- droy, Krlsiek, Baldwin, Saba, Hosfelt, O'Shonic Fetsko, Thomas, Raich. Di- renzo, Emerick, Schroyer, Campbell, M o tt h e w s, Moore, Mason, R o p p, Brown, Costar. Orendi, president, Tamburro, Holi, qc, Cerra, Culina, Preston, Purosh, Matthews, Del- Lossa. Carroll, Powell, Burok, El- zie, Cosiigiiorie, Bacon. Baldwin, Geisel, Anasta- sos, Benyo, McLaren, Gar- gono, Diacogones. Mrs. Mary T. Jones, advisor, Porcetich, Rogan, Corine, Lucas, Mr William Lauer, advisor. Kopnicky, Canc- sos, Lopuh, Vernille, Hou- gelmon, Mineo. Drake, Pilipovich, Hosfelt, Kelly, Dyll, Schroyer, Zaioc are the members of the club. Future urses Club Under the supervision of Miss Cecelia Burns, the Future Nurses Club was organized in T951 to inform the girls of the many opportunities in the nursing field. Margaret Sabo ofliciated as its first president. Advisors of the Club are Miss Burns and Miss Sora Jean Clark, Directress of Nurses at Sharon General Hospital. P.. . yan' Hame- makers lub To enrich and to pro' vide for greater per- sonal growth of each member by putting the practical aspects of their classroom training into use are the pur- poses of the Home- mallers Club, which was organized in l95O by Miss Frances Duritsa. ome Economics Kitchen Miss Mary Barbara Hardy, Miss Frances A. Duritsa, Mr. John Hetra, and Mr. Anthony J. Pintar, examining the new equipment in the remodeled Home Economics Kitchen. Members: Esther Geisel, Dorothy Fritchman, June Branzovich, Loretta Sadowski, Rose Hedrick, president, Donna Aiello, Delora Somerset, Elsie Mae Truman, Martha Lampkin, Mildred Cheatham, Betty Lamplzins, Elizabeth Marcucci, Frances Campbell, Irma Crim, Theresa Bonacci, Bernadette Franek, Alma Leslie, Mabel Campbell, Audrene Splitstone, Doris Welches, Joan Machuga, treasurer, Naomi Dahringer, Fay Myers, Audrey Fleischer, Adeline Mercurio, Louise Splitstone, Joanne Polcha, Helen Phillips, Eleanor Yurcich, Lor- etta Lenzi, Iona Lee Rapp, Cherie Kelly, Margaret Carroll, Frances Machuga, Patricia Kelly, Rose Klaich, Marcella Furtado, Jessie Roberson, Rosalie Agostino, Betty Allen, Anna Hamilla, Regina Winiecki, vice president, Patricia Cannon, Loretta Burt, Elizabeth Short, Margaret Adair, Mary Busciglio, secretary. Advisors: Miss Frances Duritsa, Miss Mary Barbara Hardy. X., XJ 88 Projectionists In order to show films for the visual education program, the proiectionists were taught to run the moving picture machines by Mr. David Lewis. The programs are presented in Room 210. I -dl, The projectionists are Raymond Yepchak, Sandra Giesel, Martha Gates, Dawn Homo, Arlene Fahr, Dorothy Chalupka, Gloria Gray. Elsie Mae Truman, Connie Svirbely, Rose Mary Hedrick, Virginia Zappa, Theresa Yonchak, Iradell Henderson, Michaelene Bobich, Alto- mese Williams. Fred Askerneese, Robert Scarvell, Frank Chess, Ronald Staul, Joseph Palanti, Stella Wosko, James Castigliane, Mr, David Lewis, Anthony DeMartinis, Andrew Bukovinsky, Dale Hague, Mary Beth Lewis, Marion Harrison, Anthony Zarella, William Emerich, Sidney Beskin. Frances Campbell, Patricia Cannon, Bruce Williams, John Hudson, Thomas Ganzy, Wilberta Amos, William Truman, Thomas Weston, Raymond Fuoca. Ben- jamin Grande, Ted Pedas, Donald Scmich, James Edwards, Joseph Rococi, Michael Fahr, Geraldine Cerro, Mary Ann Gaffney, Ottie Talone, Michael Berks, Thomas Steiner, Ralph Morrocco, Joseph Ranallo, Sidney Beskin, James Cairey, John Magnotto, Dale Hague, Kostas Hrisoulas, John Hornyak, Mr. Dresch, advisor, Martin Fabian, Gerald Geisel, Paul Hoskins, Howard Horton, Albert Borawslci, Samuel Kar- talis, Anthony Aiello, Gerald Yacullo, Thomas DiSilvic, Donald Somich, Thomas Cimaric. John Strizzi, Ralph Marks, Coe Orben, Eugene Emelko, James Carlos, James Capparelli, Joseph Popadics, Gerald Leonard, George Christoft, Benjamin Grande, John Sava, John McKitrick, Carl Harvilla, David Mascara, Steve Banjak, Paul Gustas, James Kollar, Eugene Leonard, Robert Churko, William Lacheran, Melvin Choolitch, Peter Hall, Joseph Rococi, Edward Crivello, Gerald Slezak, William Kidd, Dennis Bayer, Joseph Lanshcak, Arthur Gatty, Thomas Nastolf, Robert Goda, George O'Kresik, and Thomas Lewis are the mem- bers ofthe Hi-Y Club. rx GT 4- 7-.-1. . 5 i i-Y Club Responsible for the organiza- tion ofthe Hi-Y Club in T935 is Mr. Ralph Dresch, present advis- or. Since that time, the club has been active in both school and community proiects. Annually the boys sell pro- grams at athletic events, spon- sor the "Cage Dances" follow- ing the basketball games and give banquets in honor and ap- preciation of the football and the basketball teams for their efforts in behalf of the school. Public Address Announcers Mlss Kathryn Polyzou advlsor Betty Juranovuch Gerald S lotuno Andrew Frank Frank Chess Katherine Baldwin Thomas Nastoff Rosemarie Hedrick Steve Wasko Arlene Rupert Library Staff Mrs Thelma Bruce advnsor Shlrley Baker Mary Ann Orendl presldent Geraldme OShell Joann Vlask Adellne Mercuno Loulse Splltstone Mary Beth Lewls Pauline Vernllle Elizabeth Salatlno Regina Wlmeclu treasurer Eleanor Broscoe Mercedes Bastide vice presldent Phyllis Sandrock Anthony DeMartunus Sally Baldwun Glorna Parcetlch Margaret McLaren secretary Diana Valerlano 44- Q The members of the B T Y Club are Ida Schultz, treasurer, Beverly Tennant, president: Sandra Purash, Dolores Dell.osso, Miss Kitting, advisor, Eleanor Gozdick, Norma Spi- zak, secretary, Irene Kidd, Elaine Cline, Mary Ann DeCarmen, Marlene Martini, Rose Marie Perell, Isabelle Fuoco, and Margaret Bohach. B T Y lub Electronics Club To aid its members in making psychological Under the direction of Mr. David Schirmer, adjustments, in developing social fellowship, the Electronics Club was organized this year to and in understanding professional laws and promote and develop interest in the field of ama- ethics is the purpose of the B T Y Club which had teur radio both as a hobby and as a profession. its beginning in 1948 under the direction of Miss ln the future, the club plans to establish an ama- Lillian R. Kitting, present advisor. teur radio station at Farrell High School. The members and the officers of the Electronics Club are Daniel Antonio, treasurer, George Kaibas, Joseph Popadics, Eugene Emelko, secretary, Donald Somich, vice president, Charles Myers, president, Eugene Quarterson, Michael Bacich, Robert Nakich, Aaron Borthwiclr, Mr. David Schirmer, advisor, Thomas Cimoric, Donald Herskovitz, Jack Taylor, Ottie Tolone, and Joseph Supel. The ight Rider Editors iw C7 S.. Judi h Thomas Carol Sabo The Night Rider Staff The Night Rider the school newspaper, us published by the lournalism stu dents From T942 until she resigned on June 8 T953 Mrs Mory Brown Nestlch served as the advisor Miss Mary Zahariou us the present advisor Miss Alice Grit fith as the literary advisor and Miss Olga Goldncs us the business manager The editors ofthe paper are Carol Sabo and Judith Thomas Audrey Castigllone Arlene Fahr Dorothy Chalupka Dolores Bono Dorothy Bono Dawn Homa Gloria K'amer Theresa Alello Georgia Anastasas Jean Harakal Kathleen Miller Lynn Garfunkel Dorothy Frutchman Sidney Beslan Stella Lucas Sandra Chlodo JoAnne Lopuh Betty Juranovnch Eleanor Yurcuch Carol Sabo Arlene James Annette Zagac Gerald Whalen Thomas DlSIlVIO Gerald Slezak Floyd Agos tnno Thomas Nastoft Geraldine Cerra Richard Tosknn L...A 92 I I I 's- J 1 H Q N 4 I A W ,i ' 7 F , s 1 ,A g x. I I ,, . . ,, . . . . I - . , , . Gray, Rosalie Agostino, Judith Thomas, Betty Lou Veltri, Betty Biga. Miss Mary Zahariou, Geraldine v lr a f " H ' K 4 r . W if 4 ' 1 J ' Y l 1 Q N i J ' c I I t . I I A ' ' Q . I I 1 Au The members of the Latin Club are Fahr, Morocco, Gustas, Cor- dek, DeMarco, Tamber, Besich, Askerneese, Hama, Aiello, Dunkerly, Balluch, Ivan, Dig- nan. Knapp, Miller, Arcade, Milrulin, Vermeire, Drabick, Svirbely, Adler, Bono, Bono, Freytag, Carnina, Hudson, Carr, Mcllyain, Kizma, Nicasf tro, Pontera, Broscoe, Zappa Kladitis, Brady, Valeriano, Ranallo, Andrie, Ponder, Kil- ma, Pustinger, Magnatto, Was- lco, Beslxin, Bukavinslcy, Bel- chek, Pasacic, Yonchak, Fetska, Collar, Miss Mildred Roux. Thomas, Yonchalr, Charney, Lee, Crivella, Garfunlrle, Pen- ola, O'Shanic, Rupert, Hoskin, Krzysieck, Bridges, Kartz, Bauer, Kudray, Moore, Ma- son, Graft, Ring, Lewis, Bare den, Stahl, Hague, Bernard, Katilus, Thomas, T. Lewis, Cer- ra, Holgia, Busciglio, Demos- cos, Williams, Matthews, Bel chek, DeMartinis, Rongo, Stone, Schirmer, Miller, DiSiIvic, Mc- Kitriclr, Mascara, Latcheran, Leonard, Pedas, Verrile, New- ton, Adams, Leonard, Marks, Emelko, Tatuslro, Fabian, La- zich, Berlrs, Ondich, Papadics, Banjalr, Culina, Hall, McCoy, Houston, Bayer, Kemp, Latch' eran, Budetich, Martino Fecik, Klecic, Choolitch, Del Lasso, Salatino. The ight Rider Managers ,ri ,-.... ,..i.' " . yt. Re ina Wimeckr Mar aret 9 t 9 '- McLaren, Shirley Ann Af. enclas, Adeline Morocco. Audrey Castiglione Mon- ica Cloveska, Frances Ann . Besich, Mary Lou Arcade, Chrisanthe Kladitis, Betty Lou Veltri, Miss Olga Gaj- dics, Rita Phillips, Arlene - James, Sherry McFarland, Florence Davis, Georgia An oslasas, Anna Kautz, Bar' 901. ei bara Yonchalr, Augusta Stanek, DeAnna DeBralre- Y L leer, Josephine Direnzo, 'QU' Catherine Rufio, Theresa Bonacci, Anna Hamilla, Kathleen DeLise, Constance Mason, Cherie Kelly, Judy Freebie, Frances Campbell, Donald Scoccia, Betty Lampkins, Somich, Frank C h a r I e s Myers, James Schimp, Sandra Purash, Pa- tricia Katilus. Te atin lub The Latin club provides the Latin land ll students opportuni- ties to participate in projects showing the relationship between classical and present civilization. John McKitrick, president, Clyde Hall, vice president, Mary Jo Marasco, secretary, Patricia Katilus, treasurer, Adrianne Mcll- vain, assistant treasurer, Arlene Rupert, program chairman, and Patricia Mikulin, assistant program chairman, are the officers of the Latin Club. Miss Mildred Roux is the advisor. ..- .rm '4-tid 1 4 ., -ggi, sup: Y, B , . ' , ? 'L' . ' ' 462' sir: f w5.,,, jf' .,'."-+5,J-532.1 rvagvfg' ,,r -P, ef f-. 'A Y., ,'.g3,,,,r AQ'-fit' 7.-. Av- , x The I954 Reflector Staff in Mi Q ,as 'Z I9 Lx an H' 624' we 7 94 Mr. Alex Zebrun fi or Charlotte Hougelman Dolores DelLosso Joan Dobrowolski Naomi Dahrlnger Chrlsanthe Kladltls Dolores Dems Venice Ceccacci Joan Machuga Woodrow Fennell Floyd Agostino Edward Crtvello Helen Phillips Helen Phillips Edward Crlvello Mary Busciglio Norma Pilipovich Frank Pisani Rose Mary Hedrick Eleanor Yurcich Diana Valeriano Elizabeth Short Delora Somerset Clarence Austin Thomas Cimoric Dorothy Fritchman Donna Aiello Dolores Cornino Henry Caruso Esther Geisel June Branzovich Donald Somich James Susa Mildred Cheatham Loretta Sadowski Robert Hudak Stella Lucas Cherie Kelly Andrew Frank Photograph Spano Portrait Studio S B. P, Spano, Photographer Farrell, Pennsylvania Ma- X 0' The Editorial Staff Donald Maselll George Christof? Carl Havrilla James Kollar Gerald Gensel John Strlzzl Georgia Anastasas Patricia Andrews Mary Louise Arcade Christine Benya Patricia Burok Audrey Castuglione The Subscription Staff Dolores Dellosso Joan Dobrowolsku Naomi Dahrlnger Chrisanthe Kladitis Venice Ceccacci Joan Machuga Donald Maselli George Christolf Patricia Andrews Mary Louise Arcade Christine Benya Georgia Anastasas Patricia Burok Audrey Castiglione Marlene Elzie Arlene James Joann Lopuh Margaret McLaren Sandra Purash Pauline Vernille Doris Welches Thomas Nastofl Stanley White Katherine Emerich Jean Harakal Charles Myers Advisor Miss Esther A. B. Zentz Printing and Binding Kurtz Bros. Mr. Alex Zebrun Clearfield, Pennsylvania Johanna Cherhit Joan Dyll Marlene Elzle Beverly Hosfelt Arlene James Annie Kopnlcky Geraldine Kowalski Joann Lopuh Margaret McLaren Sandra Purash Pauline Vernille Doris Welches Racheal Crum Ralph Settle Jacob Flack John Hudson Martha Lompkin Victoria Nakich William Kidd Judith Thomas Shirley Rogan Bonnie Svirbely Isabelle Fuoco Anthony Aiello Annette Zaiac Mary Ann De Carmen Eleanor Matthews Joseph Rococi Joseph Mikota Rose Marie Perell William White William Wells Theresa Gagliardi Alice Schiller Mary Ann Orendi Iona Lee Rapp Mae Miller Constance Gancsos Covers The Craftco Company Chicago, Illinois Engravings The Northern Engraving and Electrotype Company, Canton, Ohio Mrs. Helen Dougherty 'Highest Sales. 95 The l954 Reflector Staff C J "' . 214 V I 9, H , . U x 'il Q Cafeteria Staff 4-Q was-13 FFX- Y Mrs Florence Bums Mrs Anne Lopuh Mr Frank Kozar Supervisor of the Cafeterna Cashier Chuef of Malntenance In adclmon to preparung hot lunches for the students and the faculty the Cafeterla Staff under the supervision of Mrs Flor ence Burns and rn plannnng menus and table clecoratsons for the Sensor Class breakfast the French Club breakfast the Hu Y ban quets for the football and the basketball teams the twenty live year servuce banquet for the faculty and the special dunners for the guests of the school They also serve refreshments to the parents and vtsltors on Parents Nught durnng National Educa tuon Week The students look forward to the specual Thanks gnvnng Christmas and holiday dunners that are given un the cafeteria durung the school term The members of the staff Include Mrs Florence Burns super vusor Mrs Edna Grande Mrs Susan Bacon Mrs Florence Wheeler Mrs Mary Smiley Mrs Carrie Crawford Mrs Mar garet Davis and Mrs Anne Lopuh f' N. I rl NI' C.- A 96 l ,jx

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