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THE R 3 E F L E C T O R 1938 N'MNW'lMPM' .ff I x - ,ff "i 54 5 x A if ll ' ii, in ' I J ll ll ll w li I I lu " - "F ". i - K 'iso ,j I ,g nllii Ill H, If i ll I, X- Liz. 'fill ll -. t 'l p S-- nl 'l J ,X lug il Il ll llg E M lll-EF 'z 1 I 1 lag' II ll ll ll' , 'Q' M aw E nf lull l w-F .-EEE -f .-- -N -f "nl -1 1.4 I - 11- 3 l , W--Y-1'af':,, .. , -1, F - -El l --S - -...- - -F . F -- sl.-inxrlrfgw lll':.ifllI'l JEJ 9- Q'-'D .,,.. ,,,., i.,..l, - ... , -.ll-.ll f A . . ,5.i:5.4ie:-,L3M.4g,lgq!5g!g5ggggiggzEggg1:,u!f!!llq:!5gil:nLLn X Q au.. f - My ,S ..-f Q53 A . ..,.. :1.'!1!-,. ,,,ig::uB- : K ,ij .1 3,, ,L U. ,-xx" A' l A ramis -4 ' .K U-ff ' . .-fm, '-1 "' ,R f K-119:13-f.f , 1'i S ' ' FARRELL HIGH SCHOOL QTu thc tune of "On Wisconsin", Farrell High School, Farrell High School, To thee wc belong. We are for thee-we adore thee. Stnlwnrt, staunch, and strong. Farrell High School. Farrell High School, Colors-gold and blue, School days with worlds of friendship, We love you, THE 1938 REFLECTOR l Farrell Pennsylvama Pblhdb hCl F1938 V 1 XXII 13" i -'-' S e , 5 Q :Wil X H ji Q X Q Q i-- ' L ' a . ' 1 H E FOREWORD Happy are we to publish the 1938 Reflector in commemoration of the thirtieth anni- versary of Farrell High School where we have spent many pleasant hours in study and recreation. To our readers, we present our Annual as a record of one of the great- est years in Farrell High School History. 5 -f1- 5 . fi' D E D I C A T I O N To the directors, the administrators, the faculty, and to the students who have rep- resented the personnel of Farrell High School, we dedicate the 1938 Reflector in appreciation of all they have accomplished in education, in athletics, and in student activities. FARRELL PUBLIC SCHOOLS LINCOLN SCHOOL, 1902 I. A. FARRELL SCHOOL, 1914 6 FARRELL PUBLIC SCHbOLS PARGNY SCHOOL, 1917 I X! ff Ecxuss SCHOOL, 19,9 7 2 E5 E-1E X CONTENTS 0 ADMINISTRATION O CLASS OF 1938 I CLASSES 1939, 1940, 1941 O ATHLETICS O ACTIVITIES I BOARD OF DIRECTORS TAR. I. B. ROUX MR. I. li. RICHARDS DR. I.. R LANDAY l'rrsnIf-nl Vifr I'v'rxi4lrnl Trrmarrv MR. IOSIEPH GELETKA MR. A. PODOLSKY MR. ANDRI XV SAGF MR. ANTHONY 'l'0ll'I'0RF'I'Tl MR. G. I. XVIETHERSTFIN Snrrlary m :br lem.: of 1m,f,.-mf. OUR SUPERINTENDENT MR. XV. XV. IRWIN, M.E., li.I'sl. 11 .,,. .1 ffg-1. ay - 1 1 tis .if N. if f h in g5,f"- - an H -'J 9--A . I . . 'liz ini . 1- amy :fa g Piggy?-k Q41 4 - :L 5: .J -w.'w1i1:'v.! E 152 4.1 W5 Jw' 4 'A .Ji X XR ' - . ILL: 2 'X i f' M " I -'A ' ' E? M'345" . K 12: 25.1 'Vu ' . ' -:- E Fi " l AVE E 1: : E 222 A 2' Y ' 1' ' E Ev' -2 I-43 i' L E' -A11-liqhu Q . - ll, gs - lvl. ' V1 3. r-sy ,V ' . --- -" If 5 ld., ' ELI .Q ' ul '. ' PE: I4 E' ' Euixvf-Put.-,' X' Hf"122fw- - 5,3212 MU, .E V YR ' f ir' gif . -l il 1. I FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Farrell residents are watching with interest the erection of the new senior high school which has a motlernistic "streamline" style, The exterior of the building will be light gray, manganese spot brick, trimmetl in polychrnme terra cotta with symbolic plaques and Case- ment steel sash. The building will be arranged in three separate units which are adminis- trative and academic, physical education and shops, and boiler house. The ground floor of the school will contain six standard class rooms, four large shops, a mechanical drawing room, band and music room, gymuasiutu-auditorium, and a library. lfcononiic conditions have made it necessaiy lor the architects to plan the gyninasiuxu and .nnliloriuni in one unit. The stage, 33x9o, can be used as a practice gylll while the main gymnasium is in use. The gymnasium floor will he 50x94 and will have a seating capacity of 2,400 people, The entrances to the auditorium and gym will be sheltered by a beautiful marquise, with concealed lighting, The library will be complete with a worltroom, conference rooms, lihrarianls room and charging desk. lt will be finished in red gum with travertine walls and ceiling. Since the lilarary will he used by both students and the public, it will have two entrances-one fro"n the academic department and the other from the street. One of the outstanding features of the new school will be the domestic art tlepartnwnt. This department will consist of a large cooking laboratory, a clothing laboratory, and a modern housekeeping suite. The cafeteria, equipped with kitchen senice Counter, cup- boards and storage, will prove to be complete in every detail. On the left of the central entrance will be the superintendent's office, while on the right will be the principal's ollice. Both olfices will consist of a private olfice and a clerk's work room. The school hoard will have an olfice adjoining the superintenclent's ollice. The top floor of the school will be used chiefly for the study of sciences and art The physics, chemistry, and biology rooms will be equipped with stzutdard laboratory equip- luent which is essential to the study of science. The entire building will be equipped with a public address system similar to the one in the present high school. lt will he possible for the superintendent or principal to talk to any or all rooms in the school over this system. Vllhile the work is progressing steadily, future students of the new school are waiting eagerly for the completion of the building. To these and to the citizens of Farrell this building, when eoiuplercd, will be a dream come true. 13 1. GROUND-BREAKING CEREMONY F ' ',' ""a"' 1, l LV." . -. V2 W F Farrell visitors, citizens and high xclmnl stnzlvnrs, rleinonstrargcl their appreciation for the new high school building when they artenmlecl the grnnnnl-breaking ceremony on Tues- day, Ianuary 4, 1938. at 3:40 P, M. Mr. B. Roux. Preximlunr of the Bunrrl of Eilncarion. turned the First shovel of earth. He was assisted by Nlzlyczi' Lewis Levine, who wielrlegl a pick to loosen the frozen soil. hir. NV. VJ. Irwin, who acted as cliairinzm, imrorlucerl many prominent visitors ro the scene: lvlayor Fred Thninns, Sharong Burgess George ivlnlmncy, Sharpsvillc: Burgess Dennis Sweeney, XVheatlanclg Fred B. Quigley. superintendent of the Farrell Wiirks of the Carnegic-lllinois Steel Corporation: anal lacob Snrrz. Harrisburg, PVJA engineer in charge of construction: Superintendent XV. D. Gamble anml Principal P. A. Iones of the Sharon Schools: members of the Fancll Board of Education. Nlnyor Levine, Conncilrncn: Nlicliael Nevant, john lvliller, Roy DcBraclccleer, Charles lVlcCarLhy, and Postmaster Iames Ncvant of Farrell. After Reverend Father Vacanti clelivererl the iiirncatinn, Superintendent XV. XV. Irwin spoke on the advantages of a new schuul. Nlayur Lewis Levine then cuinplinienterl the Board of Education on their excellent work in mal-:ing the hnilcling of :i new school a reality. The Farrell High School Baml, under the direction of lvliss Virginia Iamison, accompanied thc nurlicncc in singing uAinerica" :incl "Farrell High School." 1-I 1 . . ,e.-...a..h ., ..--..... 5w - OUR CURRICULA Farrell I-Iigh School offers three curricula to ics students: the College preparatory, the general, and the commercial courses, At the beginning of the ninth year pupils select their curricula. The greatest care should be exercised by the pupil and parent in the choice of curricula. Selection should be governed by the pupil's ability, special aptitude and choice of a profession. However, in any course, sixteen units of work is required for graduation, The unit in physical education will be in addition to the sixteen units. Two periods of physical education will be required of each student unless excused on account of athletics or bv a doctor's certihcate, Only students of superior mental ability, preparing for college, ur nurses training school, should take the college preparatory course. It is intended that the students enrolled in this curriculum should be of high scholastic aptitude, and should be able to maintain high standards. Success in this curriculum is indicated by all averages which will rank the student in the upper half of the class. Required studies in this course are: English, 4 units: Social Science, 4 units: Foreign Language, z units: General Science, 1 unit: Physics or Chemistry, i unit: Algebra, i unit: Plane Geometry, i unit: Physical Education, 1 unit, Elective sub- jects are French, Latin, Biology, Mechanical Drawing, Introduction to Business Training, Chemistry, Shorthand, Iournalism, General Bookkeeping, General Typing, Solid Geometry, Trigonomeuy, Algebra II, Physics, Music, Students who do not intend to go to college are recommended to enroll in the general course. It provides a broad, civic, scientific, and cultural training for 11 life of active, in- telligent citizenship. Students who want the best training for life should rake the general course. Its required studies are English, 4 units: Social Science, 4 units: Science, 2. units: Ivlathemarics, 2 units: Physical Education, 1 unit, Its elective subjects are General Science, Latin, French, Biology, Geometry, Commercial Geography, General Bookkeeping, General Typing, Science III, Science IV, Physics, Senior Business Training, Music, Algebra I, II, General Mathematics I, ll, Ill, Mecliaiiical Drawing, Chemistry. The commercial course is a vocational course. It is designed to prepare students for positions as stenographers, typists, hookkecpers, and clerks, Students who desire a high degree of specific training for the business, professional, and industrial world should enroll in this curriculum. Specialization in the commercial course begins in the eleventh year, Required studies of this course are English, 4 units: Social Science, 4 units, Science, I unit: Ikflathematics, i unit: Bookkeeping, 2 units: Shorthand, 2 unim: Typing, t unit: Physical Education, 1 unit, The superior student may take both bookkeeping and shorthand. The electives of this course are Latin, French, Algebra I, General Science, Introduction to Business Training, Business Training, Biology, Mechanical Drawing, Commercial Geography, Com- mercial Law, Senior Business Training, Music, Science III, IV. 15 OUR PRINCIPAL NIR. W. R. ANDERSON AB., Grove City College Hlfrl., Uniuvnvity of Pit!.rlnnglJ 16 THE REVISION OF THE HIGH SCHOOL CURRICULA lt is evident that our secondary school currieula is not adapted to the present day American youth. There was a time when the enrollment was small, and a selective minority remained in school, that the curricula was adapted to thc needs and interests of the pupils who remainecl in school. lncteased enrollment and legislative enactment which will raise the compulsory age for School attendance to 18 in 1939 have added unsolved problems. lt is ohvions that the present program is inadequate to meet the needs of the present increased enrollment and the expected incrtase due to legislative enactment. Secondary education is to be consirlered an experience for all youth I4 to 18 years of age. A common education for all is a new concept. There never has ht-en an occasion in the history of the school when there was a necessity to meet the needs and interests of all the youth. These needs and interests differ for youths who range from superior to very low scholastic aptitude. Obviously to meet the needs of these pupils an innovation will be made in this area, Ive are concerned with giving all pupils the common elements which will fit them for living and will prepare them for good citizenship, The school progrzun should he diversilied so as to meet the needs of dillerent students. ln order to do this, there must he a dilIerenA tiation in the curricula. l-low can we adapt out program to meet the needs of the increastd enrollment? Experience indicates that many puliils need further training in tool snhiects, such as the use of language, spelling, and arithmetic. We can meet this need in English hv sulmstituting a line reading program in place of the emphasis on formal grantmar and the classics. The group enrollment in algehra should he limited and a more practical mathematics pro- vided for consumption. There is a need for advanced courses in science for those students who are following a commercial, vocational, or general course. These courses are for those students who are completing their formal education with graduation from high school. These few specinc instances are cited to illustrate that we can adapt our school program in material and content so as to meet the needs and interests of the youth who plan to continue their secondary education. W. R. Asnrusox 17 ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL NIR. lOl-IN HETRA AB., l'Vr.rtmin.vlcr College Dirvrlvl' nf Allrlrlirx MRS. GERALDINE DAVIS TOMMINS MISS CORNELIA GHENEA Farrell, Pennsylvania Farrell, l'clmsylvanin lim-fell High Schnul B.B.A., W4-smxinxrer Cullcgc Sn-rrtnry rn :ln Snprrinlfnzlmf Grove City College Srm-:ary n- :In Prmripnl 18 A MESSAGE The Farrell Teachers' organization is a unit of the Pennsyl- vania State Education Association. Although we have only II7 members, which is 1oofQ5 membership for Farrell, the whole state has 6o,ooo members. At the beginning of each year, we organize and choose offi- cers for the ensuing year. This year, the organization chose for vice president Mrs. Elizabeth Broderick and for secretary lvlrs. Mary lones. The alternate and the delegate to our State Con! E, I. SCHROT vention were Miss Grace Stuck and Mr. George Dvoryak. These two people reported interesting progress that is being made in our educational setup, Each year, the local association sponsors social events to better acquaint teachers with one another and to create a spirit of good fellowship. Two such activities have been held to date. The constitution of our organization states: "The purpose of this Association shall he to promote the general educational welfare of the State, to protect and advance the interest of its lllCIlll3Cl'5, to foster professional zeal, to advance educational standards. and to establish and maintain helpful, friendly relationships." I desire to comment on the last of our live objectives that is to establish and maintain helpful, friendly relationships. If we ourselves have enough character to he able to do this with one another here at home, by example and through o11r teaching. there should be a carry over that should reach far beyond the immediate horizon. We all realize the ncetl for cooperation not only within our ranl-ts, but far reaching enough to include the whole world. Today, the world is seething with competition and unrest. It behooves each of us to elucidate not only on the contributions the various countries made toward civilization, hut also the Deal l'ina11ci:1l interests back of the cause of all war. XVhen propaganda is being spread to try to upset the emotions of our people, to prepare them in the right frame of mind for war, we should try to combat these Hnancial wizards by educating our people concerning the dreadful price of war. lt is not what men know, but what they are disposed to do with what they know that determines the rise and fall of civilization Civilization has fallen because gullible people have been fooled into doing what their conscience told them they should not do: namely, mtlilessly destroy property and lives. We want peace! We must have tolerance and appreciation of rights and liberties of others. We must also have a sincere heartfelt devotion to the well being and happiness of all. My message then for the year 1937-1938 is to stress cooperation, not competition. PllllllCIZC more the heroes of good fellowship and peace. XVith these thoughts in the fore- front. the last objective of our organization may ultimately be realized. For it is only then that heaven may pour out its choicest blessings on you and your future life. E. I. SCHROT, Prexizlz-:xt Farrell P. S. E. A. I9 FACULTY wluaulz v. BAUER HARRY A. BERKOWITZ EMMA BOBBY Aff Problrms of Dunn-racy Engfffb 1-11 Farrell, I'cllllsylv:llli:l.4 B.S., Edin- Farrell' 1mmmyh.m,gu' AB., Uni- Farrell. l'ellllsylvallia,- A.B,, West. lworu Qnlrc Tcacllcrs Lollcge. Penn' versity uf pm5lm,gl,A Advgsm- of ern' Reserve Unlvcrslry.' Pcllllsyl- sylvrlllm Smle Collcgc. Ar: Ad- Liwnfry Cmmsn vama Smre College, Ulxlvcmry nf visor of "The RcHccror." Pittsburgh. l X - se 'R f ffl. ' ' .nv .- MARGARET la, CANTELUPE s.-xRAll A. comm' LE ROY PA DAY Englillz 1-II Ilwlflgy Swivf Sffflfff Farrell, Pellllsylvnllia. A.B.. Mercy- Cmmwlr Lake. Pellnsyll-.lllill. XVSSIWY1-ZYOILAPfllllSylV1ll1l1l. B. S.. hum Cl-llegf, lwllllsylvmlil sms las., xvmmlmm clllll-gc, AM., MAS- Wnfllyllgwll-Ipffvifvll C01- collfge, Unll-wily .ll llimlmfgll. colllmllall Ulm.-Sal,-. haf-llglllvmlxzvfglffslfllfsll- CHI DOI J OIIC . Ml'-DRED C- DON DER0 FLORENCE B. DONLIN RALPH E. DRESCH Hirwry, Pmmfmflffp snmmmfl, Typfwfilfllg, Hifwfyl Cifffff Farrell. Pelmsylmnall. AB., ww- Cumpwmfm F9ffv'l- Ul'?'lf'S1'1V1'H'b .A-Bu lui Cm Reserve UnlVcf5lfY' George Fnrrc-ll, Pellmylvnllial, A.B., Alle- glanl limexzlryf 'tlwcrslty P0 llVilSl1illgIOH UIUVPFSIWY- -A-AVISUY ghvny College, Mcalllvlllc Conllllcr- t nfs ' f 3502, 12:1 Tn? C IE' Qf Eaglllll Gmac. call school. lx? Coggin' 0 " " - ' 5 ' D . 20 GEORGE tv. DVORYAK Problems nf nfmm-my FACULTY MARY I. FREISBLIQ History Civli'-V lfatrrcll. Pennsylvania. Grove City Farrell, Pennsylvania. B.S., Slip- College. AB., XVcstniinsu:r Cnl- pcry Rock State Teachers Cnllcgc. lege, Univcrsity of Pitttliurglt. A.B., New York University, Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. OLGA COIDICS Commrrviill Arillimslic Farrell, Pclutsylvanin. B.S., Car- ttmirruix 11. GOLDEN 15..g1.i1, II-Ill negie institute of Technology, 'riiafi contig.-, cnt.....t.a.. una Westminster Cnllcgc. B u si n e s s Manager of "TItt- Night Rider." HELEN K. GIIIMES fllgelmi, 111,111.11 ,tfiiilmminfs Grove City, l'cnttsylvunitt. B. S., Grove city ctnllfgc. Mm., Um. versity of Pittsburgh. Life Ment- ber, National Etlncntinn Associa- tion, Advisor of lunior and Senior Tri-Hi-Y Clubs. County Round-Up Coach. ANNIE GOIDICS lfnglul: Ill-ll' Furrt-ll, in-iimylt'iiii,i. fra., veit.,- syiwiiii suite cnlifgt-, uiiitvttity of Pittsliurglt, Llnivuraitt- nf Wis- consin. Atlvisnr nf the Sopliotnuru Class, Assistant Advisor of Student Forum, Associate Advisor of "The Night Rider." Aucts M. QRIHATH lfnlqlrtlr, .ima- Grccnvillt-. PeunsyIt'.tui.t. A. li., Farrell, Pcnnst-ltxtnitt. B.S., Intliatua my sim Tcaclwrs College. Unit-may sity. of Pitttluiriglt, l'citntt'lv.ttiitt State Cnllcgc. Atlvixnr nf thc Sttulcnt Fnrtun. .i l DOLORES GULLY GENEVIEVE M, HFAGNIEY English, History, Spelling Sprrrb Farrell, Pennsylvania. A,B., Mount Farrell, Pcnnsylt'ntti.t. BS.. Synt- Uuinu College, M-A-. l'enusylvanitt cus: University. Advisor of Liter- State College, European Trax-cl. ary Contestants. Assistant Advisor Delegate to National Cvuhril lil of Student Fotuiu, Dramatic Di- English Teachers Convention, Bnf- rector of Olicrctttt, falo, N. Y. Z1 FACULTY BESSIE In HUMMER MRS. MARY INGLEFIELD Alggbm, firm-nil-:. Gmmz .Mammnm Srffflf 1'amwi1ie Pennsvlvanin. Aix.. Al- WCS' Mfdfllfsfx- l'v'1'1Sr'lv11'i-L lcglieny College: AM., cm-.moan Mi- Wwffllimw' Cvllfuf- Ml' University, Pennsylvania sow col- ffl Sf-ldfnf Forum- lr-gc. isor VIRGINIA M. IAMISON llluxir, linml, Un'lrr.rlrn Farrell. Pennsylvania. Il.M., Grove Ciry College. New York Univer- siry, Pennsylvania Srarc College. Advisor of Music Contestants, Di- rector of Orchestra and Band, Di- rccror nf Opcrerm, Advisor nf Sm- mlcnr Forum. In LOUISE IQHNSTQN MRS. MARY T. IONES ANTHONY I. KILBERT fzmffmm Hmwy S'1f'f"1f"f'1- TyPfw'f'iHg i C"J"'5' Pffmvy , Fumcn' l,wmylWnia. G,-OVC qty, pU,,my1vA,,.i',- BASIC.. l-nrrcll. Pcinisylvnlnn. B.5..' Slilqjjcry Mx.. xvmmarmf College. Grvvv Ury Cffllfszv- Svfffmfb' Of Rall? Sm' 'l"l"""l Cl'll'P"? 'Hi Local Brnncli of Ivfimwlnmir som- vvfvfy Uf,l"l'Sb"iL:11- flglvlwf ffl Ed,,G,tg.,,, A,,,,cgu,g,,,,4' junior Police, Advisor nl I-rr-slnmni Claws. TUDOR IE. LEXVIS VICTORIA M. LUCA lvlRS. HANNAH LUCAS Iirmkkccping. cfwm English nl,rm,m..n.-5 Farrell, l"cnnsylvuni.i. A.B.. XVcst- Farrell. Penmylvnnizi. A.B, Uni- Frxrrcll, Pclmsylvaniai. minstcr College. Pennsylvania State versity of Pirrslanrgli, llcnnsylvnnia Slippery Rock Srzm- Teachers Col- Collegc. Vnrsiry Baskcrbnll Conch. Sure College. lege. A.B.. Tliicl College. 73 l FACULTY .aaa :QS STEPHLQN T. MARIN MRS. RUTH BREENE MEI-IL LEO MEIZUK G"'4""ff Gf-wHP'fy ' English, sparing, Gwgmpby Farrell. Purim,-1v....a... B.s., Du- Farrell, Pt-nnrylvcxriia. A.B., ww. ,f.,,,c,L pc,,,,Xy,,,a,,i,4 A-Bn my qucsnc University, University of minsrcr Cullugt-, Indiana Smu- College nf New York, U,,ive,,gry PifHbHfsl'- ASSiS'1"'f F00"H'l Twflwfs Cvllvgc- Pvlimylwwial uf Pimimfgli. Atlvimf of chm- Coach, junior High Sclmol Bunker- Smtc College. 1,mlm-5. :mu Coach. l HELEN V. MICKULONIC ANNAROSE B. MORACA T. ELMER MCDOUGALL Lzliu I-II-Ill-IV Biology rlfullremalirs Hnnu-stand, l'cnnsylv:miu. A, B., Frrrrt-ll. Pennsylvania. Farrell, Pennsylvania. XVcstnximtcr College, Xllcstcrn Re- B.S., College of New Rochcllc, Cul- l'Ii.B., Grove City Collcgr, Penn- scrvc Univcrsitv. A.M.. Univcrsitv umbin Univcrsiry. aylvania State Cullcgc. nf vamlmrgr' lEuropc.m Travtil Srmlv, Advisor of Latin Club, Atl- vimr' nf Litcmry Cunt:-sr.mrs, Atl- visnr nf Latin Cluh lilznh. ANTHONY PAULEKAS, IR. Hislury Waehingon, l'cnmylv:mi.1. xvrmi. ington-Iclfcrsun College. First As- xistanr Football Conch, Mcmhcr of Green Bay Packers, ANTHONY PINTAR Gmmnry lirrrrcll, Pennsylvania ll.S., Grow: City College 23 HARRY G. PIRRUNG Phyrirr. Cbrmislr-y Farrell, Pennsylvania. Washington- Icffcrson College. B.S.. Thiel Cul lege, University of Pittslmrgli. w , ' . ,. A , lcnnsylvatua State Colley.. il visor of Plmotugrnpliy Cluh. MRS. VIRGINIA PIRRUNG lfngr.,ff,, 1....m..lf,m, X1-rllmg I.mrrull, l'cnns3lv.nn.u. A.R., VVcsr- mum.-f c:..1l-gl-, 1-.-...I-5-lv..m.. smv College. Aalviwr ul -4T1ll- Nighr Rider." I'Il?l.I2N 1.. sms :5,.gr..f1,, sffnmg lf.-ffm. 1w.l...y1u..la.., ns., c:.m..-gag Inannxrc .lf Trell- ...,1.,g,-. L1..amlaK,4 .lf xxfim-ma... FRNIEST I. SCHROT Comnlrrrial .flrnhmrrug Grnrml .lllzrlrrmalm Clmrliulnl. I'c1lmylv1nn.n, Lock Hav- cn Suu- Tcallwrx Cnllegc. lim: Stmudslmrg State Teachers Collcgu Indian.: Slate Tcaclucrs Collcgv. Llnivcrsixy of Pirrsburglm. B.S.. Pcnnsvlunxiu Stare College. Presi- .uvm hr Local B.-:meh of Pennsyl- vania Suu- Iimlncnrinn Association. FACULTY MARY E. R1sYNol,ns u1mm..,, cm-Q cal,-, Ifulmylmill Ms.. cfm can- Cum-gf LEYVIS G, SARClNlEl.l,fX General sm... . mfmu, vQ.m5ylma... B s . ., Univcrsiry nf Pimlmrgh, Car- negie Institute of Tcclunolo fv. Uni- P-. versity nf l'insIxnrgl1. FDNA M. SHORT Azgfzm., General Alarlumarirs NVln-anlnnd, I'ennsyIvnni.u. BS.. Xlfcstlninster Cnllcgc, Pcnn- sylvnnin Suu: Colle-gr, University of llinslxnrgh. 2-I MARGARIET V. ROUX Frm.-b I-ll Farrell. I'cnm3lv.uni.u. Ali.. Scion Hill College, C-llnmlxia Univcrsixy. Ulxivcrxily ol l'nris. France, Advis- nr of French Club, Advisur of Lir- rrary Conn-sz. Sociexc des Pm- Icsscnrs Framcnixc cn Ameriqnc. MARY V. SCARDINA linghjh ll-Ill Farrell, lwlmyll-mm. Liu.B., crm- Cixy College, I'cnmylv.nli.n Sure College, Wcsnninxrcr Cullvgc, Uni- vcrsixy uf I'cnnsylvania. English Cuach for Cnnnry Conn-sr. Delc- gnnc ns Nariunal Council nf Eng- lixlx Teachers Cnnvunxinn, Bnlfulu. N. Y. LEONARD G. STEGAILOV Mechumm! Drawing Sharon, Pcxmsylvanin. AB., Uni- vcrsizy of Piuslxnrgll. Art, Edin- Imru Stale Teachers College. Wes!- minsrcr College, Carnegie Insrinne of Technology. Head Faculty Ad- visor of Snnlenr Fnnnn. FACULTY WILLIAM I. THOMAS I0SEpH C. TOMNHNS NORA I, UPTON Enmlrrnn Hixmry phwi,-1,1 L:d,,m,,,,,, Pbysiml Liilnmriun Furfrll-I'v1msylw--iw Fartnll, Pcimsvlvnnin. its., uni- Mlmhnllv l'C"'1S5'1VH"i1'- Slllllufl AB.. Wesrminswr Cwllvgf. Mid., versity of ifiukimfgir, Westminster Rock Swv TMI-CIS Cvllvnfj- UI" University of Pitttburgli. Member College, p0.,.,w1v,,,,i, gms Col. versity uf l'vlmsylv:1nm. UllWi'ffl'V of State Legislnturs. leg, A5xi5m,,,'F,,m1,1,11 Cond, uf XViscunsin. llirrcmrs of Girlx NVOODRONV VAN EMAN sbfrffrmmf, czrimfrnmem, Gymnasium Exhibition. VAUGHN E. WAGNER nfyfirkffprng 1-11 IULIA S. XVALLACE Enrvpemi, American Hixrm-y E C'?f""""im' G"'Sf"l'l'3' Dvrry, llcnntylvania. Farrell, Pennsylvania. Vfashingtmx Grove Lily, Pcitlttylvqrrm, B.S.C., Grove City College. Assist- Sclninary, A.B., B.S., Muskingum B.S.C.. Grove City Collage. All- :mt l3nntlmll Conch, Cullr-gc, European Ttalvcl Study visor of lunior Xlforkcrv. Advisor of Student Patrol. Astittamt XVrcst- ling Coach. .Atrium of the rumor Class, Assn: ant Advisur nf the Student Forum Advisor of Literary Contestants. SADIE WEISSBERGIER ESTHER A, BA ZENTZ Il-I.1rl1.em11rir-s Englig, IV Faff'11'Pf""Sv1v1-'ii Fwrrell Punnsvlv-mia AB Cer- B154' WfS"""'S"f' LE'll'HC'. GWR' umm in rviusif, Thiel college, City College, Columbian University. University of mtnlmrgh Life Member. National Education Asso- ciation. Advisor of Senior Class, Director of Class Plays, Advisor of "The Reflector." 25 FARRELL PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS LINCOLN BUILDING: Grace Struck, principal, Elizabeth R. Rudlcy, Mildred Sarcin- ella, Anne Dvoryak, Gladys Tennant, Ellen E. Fritchmnn, Pauline M. Rnsenhlunl, Nancy Manunarella, Geraldine M. Bianco, Vlfilliam White. PARGNY BUILDING: Mrs. Nan Scowrlcn, principalg Ruth Horcvitz Pilsner, lvlary M. Davis. Mrs, Mary Morocco, Catherine M, lvlunm, Mary E. Zimmerman, Sara B. Rosenberg. Gwendolyn Brown, Margal'et G. Schwartz, Anita Salanti, Margzlret Nlarlini, Bernice L. Zahniser, Beatrice B. Vllard. 1, A. FARRELL BUILDING: Mrs. Elizabeth Broderick, principal: Florence E. Ark- wrighr, lvlargaret E. Reese, Hazel C. Bracken, Catherine Gelutka. lilnrrnre L. Schell, Nlar- garet E. Iohns, Nlyrtle Skuse, Bertha A. lvlachuga, Helen Somngyi, Gwendolyn lvl. Icy- shon, Rose lvl. Grande. M. Agnes Wheeler, Myrtle M. Rnsenbluiu, Rose M. Bianco, Ruse V. Carine. ECKLES BUILDING: lvlrs. Hazel lN'lcCreaty, principal, Milrlrerl E. hllorris, Nedrn C. Ingram, lvlary A. Wetherstein, Mrs. Alice Leon, Pearl E. Fowler, Mrs. Mae Richards, lda 1. Nugent, Marguerite I. Gatct, Lillian Garfunkel, Roberta C. Hunter, Ann I-letra, lvlrs. Nlaric Wellman. SPECIALS: Alice NI. Nicolls, elementary supervisor, Helena E. Spisak. elementary music. Health - Attendance DocToR 1, E. ROSENBERG CEUA BURNS Emi-eu' .pennsylvnnm . Farrell. Pennsylvania AB" Ulllwmty 0f"f'1"Sr'1"a'1'1' R.N.. Cleveland Charity Hospital Mn., Temple uniwmty Q sdmnl of Medicine S'l"'n' Nm' Scluml Durmr AGNES LATSKO MRS. W. I. DALY RALPH MILLER Farrell, Pennsylvania Farrell, Pennsylvania Farrell, Pennsylvania Office Clerk Attzndanez Offirer Attendance Officer Z6 l 77, l .t TO THE CLASS OF 1938 Congratulations on your graduation from High School and best wishes for a successful, happy and useful life. The only sure way to he successful, happy and useful is to End the work you like and for which you are Htted and then do it well. As high school graduates. you ought to know what kind of work you would like to du. You may become a teacher, a lnechainic, a nierclumt, ai laborer, a doctor. a salesman or an artist. You can he successful, happy and useful if you choose any one of tlicsc, or any one of many other lines of endeavor. You will be most useful to yourself and to society only when doing the kind of work you like and for which you are best prepared. lt is your duty to aim for the career toward which instinct and desire lead and then perfect your- self for and in this career. W. W. lRWIN, 28 CLASS OF 1938 Class Advisor MISS FSTHER A. B. ZENTZ Chu: Flower PINK CARNATION Class Officers FRED DON DERO, "Baron" March 27, randi. Pa. Academic course. Class President 3-41 Hi-Y Club 41 French Club 3-4: Alpha Literary Society 35 Orches- tru 3: Band i-1-33 Weiner Roast Committee ig Operettn i-4: French Club Executive Corn- mittee 3: Rellector Stall 4. FELIX A. BONADIO. "Blues" Iarnmry 23. Farrell, Pa. Academic Course. Class Vice President 4: Alpha Literary Sn. cicty 2: French Club 3-45 Hi-Y Club 4: Va'- sity Football i-1-3-4: Varsity Basketball r-1-3-4. FRANCES TINLEY. "Fran" August 27. Farrell, Pa. Academic Course. Class Secretary i-1-3-4: Latin Club i-1-3-45 Tri-Hi-Y Club 34 Monitor 3: Prom cum- mittee 3: Rell:-etor Staff 45 Library Assistant 2: Class Dance Committee 3-4: "Don't Ever Grow Up" 4: Student Forum 4, RICHARD V. NORRIS, "Dirk" April 3, Sharon, Pa. General Course. Class Representative 4: Dance Committee 3-41 Hi- Y Club 4: Reflector Plrntogrnph Editor 4: Monitor xg "Don't Ever Grow Up" 4: Senior Usher 3-.gg Commencement Play x. Class Color: FUCHSIA AND GOLD Claus lllollo AIM HIGH! THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM AT THE TOP CARL ADLER. "Curb" Seprcmbf.-r 13, Farrell, Pa. General Cuursc. ALICE ANDREE, '4Ally" Innuary 24, Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course. Alpha Lircrary Society 2-33 Gym Exhibit 45 "Don'r Ever Grow Up" 4: Prom Committee 35 Rcllcczor Staff 4. IOHN APPOD, "Iubm1y" April zz, Farrell, Pu. General Course. Wrcsrling 4, Cmnmcncemcnr Play x. IOHN N. ASKERNEIESIE. "lurk" may ls, xamfll. im. General calm. mini-11 3. IAMES BACON. "Im1my" April 13, Furrvll. Pa. Acaulcrnic Coursr. Lnriu Club I-1: Open-ru 1-4: Bnnrl 1-1-3-4: Moniror 3-4: Srudcnr Forum 45 Music Comesranr 2-3-4: Alpha Lir- crary Society 3: Prom Ccmmirrec 3: Commencement Play rg French Club 3'4- MARY BAKMAZ sepwmim 30, Farrell. lu, Gcncral Course, lirrnch Club 4g Gym Exmbar 4, 30 FRANCES ALONGL "Funny" Nuvcxnlycr 6. Farrell. Pa. Cnlnlncrcial Course. Rcflccrur Stull' 4g Home Ronin Basketball 4. MARTIN ANDRUSKY, '4Slvrlmp" April x6. Farrell, Pu, Gen:-rul Course, Class Buxkctlmll 3. IOHN ASAFAYLO, "Fuylu" Sr.-picxnbcr 27, Farrell. Pa. Gum-nil Course. WILLIAM H. ASKERNEIESIZ, -'lmr' Nm-cmbur 7, Farrell. in-. cram.: cum. DAISY MAE BAKER. '4Rurkic" March lx. Sanford, N. C. General Course. MARY BARON March 1, Ifurrcll, Pa. General Course. Tri-Hi-Y Club 43 French Club lniria- rion Connnirrec ag Prom Commiucc 3g Reflector Sun! 4: Usher 4: Tcachcrk Sccremry 4: Oliice Pracricc 3a French Club 1-z-3. ST... -i 'ECI-.-. ..,. ,..-...,..,... ,W -f-114 '+lQ..:..L,. ,,,:.N. .. .. , ,..:..f,f..,-.,N,1Q FLORENCE BARTALON, "Flaps" November 22, Farrell, Pa. Commer- cial Course. Alpha Literary Society 35 Dance Conunittec 3-4: Student Forum 4: Gym Exhibit 44 Rcncctur Stulf 4: Office Practice 4, Prom Commitrec 3: "Night Rider" Staff 45 Class Play 4. IOHN BASTA, "johnny" August 15, Farrell, Pa. General Course. HELEN BIEGOVICH December r, Farrell. Pa, Curumcrcial Course. Rellecrur Stall 45 Art Club r. ANNA BIENYA, 4'l:'nk" Ocruher 4, Farrell, Pa. Ctuumcrcial Cnursc. French Cluli 2: imirrr ti.-rrrarama 3, airmimr 3. l'vlARTlN l3lfRKOXVlTZ, "lirrky" lunc 12, Slmmn, Pa. Cnrumercial Course. Tcachcfs Suc- rcrary 4. MARY ANN BONADIO, 4'.llarm" Ntwcrubrr 22, Farrell, Pa. Commer- cial Course. French Cluh I-2-3-41 Alpha Literary Society 3: Rell:-cror Stall 4, Gym Exhibit 4: Tri-Hi-Y Club 4, Ring Committee 4. GRAYCE BARTALON. 4'Cl:nbby" Iuly 4, Farrell, Pa. General Cuurxc. Class Basketball 3-4: Commencement Play rg Gym Exhibit 4: Prom Crun- rnirree 3. LENA BASTECKY. "Lnf' August r5, Tamisvar, Hungary. Academic Cnursc. Latin Club 3-4: Alpha Literary Club 3, Library Arau- ant 3: Student Forum 41 Rcilectar Stall 4: Operrrta 43 Pliutugraphy tina, 4. HOMER BENDER, "Hnmr" Nrwcrrrlwf 7. wircrraarra, nr. General Course, Freucli Club 1: Scu- iur Usher 4. HERMAN BERKOWITZ. 'ilirrkyn October ig, Sharon, Pa. Academic Course. French Club 3-4: Cunuucuccrucur Play r. PAUL BOGDAN, "Buggy" Iuly 6, Farrell, Pa. Gent-ral Cnurse. "Dun't Ever Grow Up" 4: Iuniur Po- lice 4: Safety Patrol 3-4. IOHN H. BOUCHER. "lurk" February 19, Wheatland, Pa. Commercial Cnurse. Senior Usher 3-45 Score Board Operator 45 Rcllector Staff 4, Dance Committee 4, 31 MILDRED BRACIC, 'Ul11lly" November 25, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. Monitor I-2. BERNARD BRYSH, "lions" October 13, Farrell. Pa. General Course. French Club 4: Hi-Y Club 4: Basketball 1-2-4: Football 3. KATHRYN HURT, "Kay" August 25, Newport, Kcntnckv Gcncrzll Course. c:t1'1uEN c, CARRE, --c:y,-I Mm-Ch 5. Farrell, 113. ctttttmffit-1 anim. PAULINE CEPRICH, "l'a111'ic' March 15. XVltipplc. XV, Va. Commercial Cuutte. Student Forum 4: Gym Exhibit 4: Rt-Hector Smtf 4. IOHN ALEX CHESTNUT, "ll'impy" September 1. Fat-fell, mt. Gent-ral Course. 32 KATHERINE BRALICH, "Kny" October 12, Farrell, Pa. Conuncrciztl Course. Reflector Stall 4: Open.-tm 1-4: Prom Committee 3. MARY ELLEN BURNS, "Sparky" October 11, Wlteatlnnd, Pa. Commercial Cnurse. Alpbn Literary Society 3: Reflector Smrf 4: Dance Committee 3-42 Prnm Committee 3. ANTHONY H. CAGNO, "Orgs" February 18, XVest Middlesex, Pa. Gt-nctnl Course. Senior Usher 3-42 Prom Committee 3: Score Board Oper- tttnt 4: Rcllcctut Stull 41 Ring Com- mittee 4. SALVATORE CASTIGLIONE. "Sal" Jimmy 1, Farrell, tn., Con1n1erci1tl Course. THERESA CHECK, "Shorty" September 3o. West Leisenring, Pu. Conuncrcial Course. Office Work 4. PAULINE CHEZA, "Pnl" Match 7. Farrell, Pa. Conxxnetciail Course. Reklccmr Stal? 4: Tcacltctk Secretary 4. LEO CHURULICH, '4OIen" Augusr 8, Pimlzurgh. Pa. - General Course. Monoror 3: lunmr Police 3-4. MARION COSYAR lilly il. Farrell, Pa. 1 Commercial Course, Alpha Literary Society 3: Prom Commirree 3: Class Dance Committee 3. HENRY D'AMlCO, "Perle" November i. Farrell, Pa. General Course. LOUISE B. DAVID, "l.nu" ummm-f -3. iamii, ru. cm.-uumini Course. Opererra i-4: Retlecwr Srulf 4: Larin Club 1: Pram Cnnnuirree 3. sem? DEAR, "Puppy" April 1, Sharon. Pa. Academic Course. Class Baskerball 3: Larin Club z-3-4: Gym Exhibit 4: Orchcsrra 41 Banrl 4. SAM DOBRESK December 13. NVheaLland. I'.x. Commercial Course. Iunior Police. ISDNA MYRTLE CLIEIE. ",I1y1l" March zo. Ynnngsrnwn. Ohio. Cum- mercial Course. American Legion School Award iq34. New Kensingran High School: Opcrerrn i-41 French Club x-2'3'4C Alpha Literary Society 3: Srudeur Forum 4: Gym Exhibir 4: "Night Rider" Stull 4: Class Dance Committee 3: French Clxxlw Dance Commitree 3. VICTOR COSTAR. "l'n"' Iune 3. Farrell. I".l. Cnnimcreizil Cnnrsc. Cheerleader 4. LARRY DAURELLE, '4Rbn.'lr.w" Augnsr 9. Sharron, Pai. Academic Course. Varsity Fnnrlmll 34: Varsity Buskerhull -3-4: Hi-Y Chili 4: French Clnh 3-4: Lurin Clnh x-2: Prnni Cunnuirree 3. ROBERT DAVIDSON, ".Ynuduu'n" October S. New Virginia, Pai. Comnwrcinl Course, ANGELO MICHAEL DI FEC. 4'Unle" April 23. Farrell. Pa, General Course. Prom Commiuee 3: Class Dance Cnmmitrce 3-4. HELEN I. DROZDAL lilly 1, McMecken. XV. Vai. I Academic Course. Class Team I: Lur,n Club 13-4: Oreliemu 3-4: Moiiiror 5: Phorograiphy Chili 4: Prom cum. mittee 3. 33 Q 1...,.q--,,w..,,,......,. . .. . vw... . XVILLARD DUFFEE, "VVbig" Scptenxher 26. Farrell. Pa. Cmurncrcial Course. DOROTHY DVORYAK. "Dot" September 5, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course, Latin Club 3-41 French Club z-3-4g Alpha Literary Suciety 3: Gym raxmbir 41 "Dnu't tai-ef Grnw Up" 4: Mnnitnr 1-4: Rellecmr Stall 4: "Night Rider" Stall' 4: Student Furuul 4: Ring Cunnuirtec 4: 'Fenclit-r's Secretary 4, MILDRED ELLERBEE. "lllill" December jr, Bennettsville. S. C, Commercial Course. Class Basketball Team 3g Gym Exhibit x-4g Reflector Stull 4: Vullcy Ball Tcuux 3. MARGARET LENORE EVANS '-.iriiggs-' lrunuiry i, Farrell, ni. Commercial Course. Art Club tg NVeiner Roast Conunittce 3, Dance Cummittee 3, Rerlcrmr Stall 4g Tench- cr's Secretary 4, Student Forum 4. XX'lLLlAM FAHR, "Hill" February 15. Farrell. Pa. General Course. Varsity Football 1-4, Hi-Y Club 4g Photography Club 4. LILLIAN MAE FEIGERT, "Lilly" Fehnlary 7. West Middlesex. Pa. General Course. French club 1-3: Murtitot 43 French Club Committee 3: Reflector Sufi 4. ROBERT EARL DU SHANE, "Dulce" March 5. Ncw Castle, Pa. General Course. KATHERINE ALBERTA DVORYAK "Kay" january 31, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. Music Contest- ant zg Ollice Assistant 4: Rellector Stall 4: Student Fm-um 43 Mitlweslern Churus 4: All State Clwrus 4. GEORGE EVANS lanuary I. Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course. Motiitnr 4. NICHOLAS FABICH, "Nu'l:" August 16, West Middlesex, l'.i, Academic Course, Latin Club r-zq rmidi Club 341 Basketball Reserves 1-3: Monitor zg Football 1. IRENE FARROXV, "Rana" September 15, Farrell, Pa, Commercial Course. Class Basketball 3-45 Gym Exhibit 4. cfxsimm 1. mt. "cliff ocmim 2, ramn, vi. Commercial Course. 34 X WINFRED FLOWERS, "ll'mmz' November 28, Chetaw, S. C. Academic Course. lRVlNE KASSEL FREED, "Irv" May 9, Farrell, Pa. Academic Course. Opcretta r-4: Monitor 2: Orchestra z-3: Latin Club 3-4: Photography Club 4: Reflector Snapshot Editor 4: Class Dance Committee 3: Prom Cunn- xnittee 3: "Night Rider" Stall 4. IEANNETFE RUTH FULFORD "Iran" February 2, Wheatland, lla. Commercial Course. Reflector Stall' 4. CAROLYN THERESE GAYDOSH "Cure" December ro, Farrell, Pa. Conuuetcial Course. Monitor 4: Re- flector Staff 4: "Night Rider" Stall 4: Dance Committee 3: Teaeher'x Secre- tary 4. ANNA KATHLEEN GLUVIER. "Kay" March 30, XVheatlantl. Pa. Aeatlemic Course. Arr Club 1: Home Room Monitor trzg Band a-3-4: Gym- nasium Exhibition 4: Dance Com. 3'4: Prom Com. 2-3: Latin Club i-z-4: Reflector Stall' 4: Operetta t: French Club 3-4: Advisory Board French Club 3: Alpha Lire:-.try Society 3: Tri-Hi-Y Club 4: All County Band 3-4: Student Fnruin 4. MICHAEL GOLUB, ",llikr" lanuary 9. Farrell. Pa. General Course. Monitor 2: Clam Basketball 2-3-4: Varsity Football 3-4. 0 IOSEPH A. FRANEK, IR., "Inc" September 13. Farrell, Pa. Academic Course: Latin Club x-z-3-4: "Duu't Ever Grow Up" l4: Commencement Play 1: Monitor 3-4: Alpha Literary Society 3: Band 3-4: Senior Usher 5-4: Pltomgraplxy Club 4: "Night Rider" Smtf 4: Reflector Stall, 4. RUSSELL FREW, "Run" August x, Farrell, l'a. Commercial Course. Senior Usher 3-4: Hi-Y Club 4: Commencement Play tg Reflector Business Stall' 4: Dance Com- nuttec 4. MlCHAEL IOSEPH GAGLIARDI "Cnlnnfl Hrndleyu May 7, Xvalstun, Pa. Academic Courxe. French Club 2-3: Latin Club 3-4: Photography Club 4: Dance Com- mittee 3-4. ELEANOR ANNIE GAYNOR. "lil" February 29. XVheatlaml, Pa. Gent-ral Course. Att Club 1: French Club 2-3: French Club Dance Committee 243: Tri-Hi-Y Club 3: Oflice xvnfk 4: Reflector Stall 4: Student Forum 4. RICHARD GLOVER, "Dirk" September 18. Clarksburg, W. Va. General Course. Monitor tg Senior Usher 4. GEORGE GOTCH. "Drz" April 8. Farrell. lla. General Course. Class Basketball 3-4: Latin Club I. 35 CHARLES FRIED GRANDE. "Cl1m'k" September 16, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Cnurw. Senior Usher 3-4. ANNE ALICE GLINTHFR. '4Annir" Fehrnary 23. Farrell, Pa. Ctinllncrcizll Course, Gym Exhibit 4: 'l'eacher's Secretary 4. ROGER C. GWILT. "Ruger" Iannary 7. Cambridge, Ohio. Central High School, Cambridge. O. General Course. Prom Committee 3: Dance Committee 3: Senior Usher 3-41 Home Room Monitor 2. WILLIAM LLOYD HAMILTON 4'BilI" December 4, Farrell, Pa. Acatluniic Cmirse. I-li-Y Club ag Latin Club 3-43 Monitor r-23 Alpha Lirerary Snciery 4: Class Vice President 3g Sen- inr Usher 3-45 "Dnn't Ever Grow Up" 43 Class Basketball Team 3-45 Prom Committee 3: Football Manager I. HELEN HUNT HENDERSON "Popeye" March 11. Anniston, Ala. Commercial Course. Library Assist- ant 1-4. FRANK HETRA, "I-'mnkirn Inne 8, Farrell. Pa. Academic Course. Class President i-zg Monitor i-z-3-45 French Club I-2: Alpha Literary So- ciety z-3: Innior High Basketball 1: Varsity Basketball 1-3-4: Varsity Font- ball 2-3-4: Prom Committee 3: Dance Cnmtnittcc 3-4. 36 MAFALDA GRANDE. "Malia" March 27. Farrell, Pa, Commercial Course. Reflector Stall 43 Monitor 3: Gym Exhibit 4: Olliee At- rixtant 4. LUDIMA GUS. "I.nriy" April 28, Farrell, Pa. Acatlentie Cnnne. Latin Clnb 2-3-4: Alpha Literary So- ciety jg "Night Rider" Stall 4: Com- mencement Program iq Literary Con- KCSLIIII 2. MARY HALL, "Hally" sqrrrmbcr 8. Cohoes, N, Y. Ctihoes High School I: Coninncrcial Course: French Clnb 3-4: Monitor 3: Class Basketball i-1-3-41 Gym Fx- hibir 4. EDWARD I. HANLEY, IR., "Tal" December 25, Sharon, lla. Academic Course. Inninr I-Iigh Bask- etlxall I: Baskerhall Reserves 2-35 Foot- ball Reserves x-2: Basketball Manager 4: Latin Club 3-4: Alpha Literary So- ciety 3: Hi-Y Club 4: Senior Usher 3. SELMA L. HENNING, "Dalek" Ianuary 17, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. Class Basketball Team 1-3-4: Gym Exhibit 4: Reflector Staff 4: Dance Committee 2-3-4. OSSIIS MAE HILL, "FIns.rl:' November 9, Sharon, P... General cram. Alpha Literary sn. cicty 1: French Club 3: Reflector Stall' 42 Class Basketball 3. -I IOHN B. HOSEY. "Chu-k" December 4. Lake Como. Mist. Connnt-rcial Course. ADAH HONOR IACKSON. "Red" April 9. Farrell, I'a. Cunnnercial Course, Reflector Bmint-ts Stall' 4. DOROTHY IOHNSON. "D, G." March 13. Pittsburgh. Pa. General Course. Roosevelt High Schotvl i-2-3: G.A.A. z-3: Glec Club I: Coru- merce Club 3. PAUL ixnwfuzu IOHNSTON "larry" irfiirrufy 4, xviwunua. lu. Gent-ral canst, Sunlent tram... 4. MARLIN THOMAS JOSEPH. -'r..ny' time io. Farrell. P... General Course. Class Basketball Team 11 Varsity Basketball 3-4: lirench Club 3-4: Senior Usher 3-4: Hi-Y Clnlr 4: Dance Committee 3-45 Prom Cont. rnittet- 3-4. CARLFIEN KALINIEY, "Cnr" August 16, Farrell. Pa. Acarlt-mic Cnnrw. Latin Club 2-41 French Club 3-4g l'ltorngr.iphy Club 4: Alpha Literary Society 3: Monitor 45 Operetta tg "Night Rider" 4: Class Dance Committee 3-4: Relleelor Stall 4: Stntlent Forum 4. RALPH A. INCERTO. 4'Slrr-fry December zu. Farrell. Pa. General Course. Senior Usher 4. MICHAEL RUDOLF IACER. "Inga" April 7, Farrell. l'a. General Course. Senior Usher 4. VVIESLEY IOHNSON. "Sunni-x" May 7. niuuiugium, Ai..b...u... General Course. lnniur Police x-2-3-4g Innior High Basltt-thall I: Varsity Bnslterlmll 2-3-4: French Club 3-4: Dance Committee 3. lllET'l'Y LOUISE IONES, "Belt" May 21. Sharon, Pa. Commercial Conrxe. lnninr Prom Com- mittee 31 Opercrra I-4: Student lfnrnm 4: Gymnasium Fxltilwition 45 Teaeherk Secretary 4: Relleetor Stull 4. lRlENl2 IUDITH IUBACK. "Renee" May 3. Farrell. lla. Commercial Course. Class Basketball Team 2-3-4: Dance Contntittt-e ji Gym lixhihit 4: Reflector Stall 4: Clxecrlcatler 2-3: Ollice Assistant 4. CASIMIR KAROLEXVSKI. "Kay" December 5, Farrell. Pa. General Course. Orchestra t-2-3-43 Band 2-3-4: Suze Orchestra 3: Mid- NVestcrn Orchestra 4: Pltorngrpalxy Club 4. 37 ALOIS A. KARPINSKI. "Karp" May 23. Farrell. Pa. Cununcrcial Course. Ring Committee 4. IELLEN MARIE KING, "El" March 4. Farrell, Pa. Conuncrciul Course. Monitor 1: Alpha Litr-tary Society 3: French Club 3: French Club Dance Cunuuittec 3: Prom Committee 3: Rollcctor Bmiin-ss Stall' 4: 'l'caclwr's Si-crr-t.iry 45 Oper- ctta 4: Clasx Play 4. l'ALlLlNlE KOVACEVICH. "l'lml" March 9, Farrell, Pa. Acatlcmic Course. Latin Club i-1-4: French Club 3-41 Alpha Literary So- ciety 3: Operetta ig Monitor 3: Stu- dent Forum 4: "Night Rider" Stal? 4: Prom Committee 3: Reflector Stall 4: Gym Exhibit 4. SOPHIE M. KUSTRON. "Y" March 23. Farrell. Pa. Cnmmcrcial Course. Gym Exhibit 4: Tsachcfx Secretary 4. ALBERT E. LASLOW, "Al" Iaunmry zl. Leechburg. Pa. General Course. GERTRUDE LENGYEL, "Grrlir" I.nnu.1ry 30, New Castle, Pa. General Course, Class Basketball 1-2: Opcrctta I-4: Monitor 2: Alpha Liter- ary Society 2-3: Latin Club r-243-4: Literary Contestant z-3g "Don't Ever Grow Up" 4: French Club 4: Rc- Ilcctor Stnlf 4: Vice President nf Latin Club 4: Olfice Assistant 2-3-4: Gym Exhibit. 38 PAULINE KECHKO, "P, K." October 21, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. Monitor 4: Class Basketball 3: Reflector Typing Stal'I 4: Tcachcr's Secretary 4: Dance Com- mittee 3. NALA KATHLEEN KING, "Kil1y" Iune 1. Birmiuglmm. Alu. Conuuercinl Course. Home Ronin Vnl- lcy Ball Team 3: Gym Exhibit 4: Rv- lloctnr Statl' 4: Home Room Basketball Team 3. IOSEPH KULNIS, "Utah" April 16, Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course. Monitor I: Prom Committee 3. CAROLINE LA CAMERA, "Care" Iuly 17, Farrell, ru. Commercial Course. Opcrctta i: Alpha Literary Society 1-3: Dance Committee 3-4: Prom Committee 3: Gym Exhibit 4: Student Forum 4: Office Assistant 4i Reflector Staff 4. WILLIAM LATSKO, "Bill" lanuary iz, Fairbanks, Pa. General Course. Varsity Football 3-4: Alpha Literary Society 3: Monitor 3: Art Club tg Poster Club 1: Football Reserves I-2: Rellcctor Stall 4: Hi-Y Club 4. IOSEPH LEVINE, "Putter" May ro, Farrell. Pa. General Course. Varsity Football 3-4g French Club 4. - f-af.. ,bf -----3, A -H va. - -, ,- , T, ,.f ,,.i,Q,.r HELEN LICHAK, "Helena" October 14. Farrell, Pa. Academic Course. Latin Club 1-2: Operetra 1: Prom Committee 3: Re- flector Staff 4, Dance Committee 4: French Club 4. THOMAS LIVINGSTON, "Tammy" December lo, VVhc:ttl:tnri, Pa. Comtnt-rcial Course. Bantl 3-4: Or- chestra 344: Inninr Police 31 Stnrlent Forum 4. HELEN LOSIK February 26, Farrell, Pa. General Course. Latin Clnh 1-3443 Alpha Literary Society 3: Prom Coni- mittec 3: Alpha Dance Committee 3g Gym Exhibit 41 Ollice Assistant 4, Reflector StaE 4: Monitor 2-3: Class Dance Committee 3. IOHN MAKOWSKI October 29. New Kensington. lla. Commercial Course. New Kensington High School 1. WILLIAM F. MARKS, "Bill" lnly 13, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. Alpha Literary Society 3: Senior Usher 43 Class Bas- ketball Team z-3: Prom Committee 35 Reflector Business Staff 45 Class Dance Cnmtnittec 4: lnnior Class Vv'orker 4, LUCY MARTINO. "Siz" December 7, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. Library Assistant 3-43 Reflector Staff 4. ANNA MAE LIVINGSTON "Cbnby" lilly 5, XVhe:1tla11cl, Pa. Commercial Course. Operetta 1-4: Prom Committee 3: Orchestra 4g Stn- dent Forum 41 Reflector Business Staff 4. VIRGINIA MAE LLEVVELLYN "Ginny" May 13, xvhcaaaaa, Pa. Commercial Course. Band 33 Orches- tra 3-4: Office Assistant 2-3: Home Room Monitor 1-zg Dance Committee 3, Tri-Hi-Y Club 3-4, student roma- 4, Gym Exhibit 4: Reflector Staff 43 Prom Committee 3. NICK LLIDU, "Nick" Inly 21, Farrell, Pa. General Course. LENA VIOLET MARKICH, "Lf-r" October 13, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. Class Basketball Team 1-243: Gym Exhibit 45 Stnrlent Forum 4: Reflector Stall 4: Tcacltt-r's Secretary 4: Dance Cotnmitrce 3-4. MARGARET MARTINI. "Maggie" February 18, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. Class Team 1-2-3, Reflector Staff 4: Gym Exhibit 45 Stu- dent Fnrum 4: Class Dance Committee 3'4- FRED MASON Murcli 28, Farrell, Pa. Acanlcntic Course. Latin Club 2-3-41 French Club 3-4: Hi-Y Clnb 4. Alpha Literary Society 3. 39 .'..Sf'1'i'+. Y" 5 F' D HELEN MASON Inly 7, cmmmrvalie, im. General Course. Art Club 1: French Cluh x-2: Latin Club 3-4: Dance Conrmlttcc 3-4: Prom Committee z-3: Alpha Literary society 31 Tri-Hi-Y Club 4: Monitor i-2-3: Gym Exhibit 4: Student Forum 4: Rcflecznr Business Stall' 4. YOLANDA MASTRIAN. "Iv" luly 13, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. Alpha Literary Society 3: "Don't Ever Grow Up" 43 Rcfluctur Business Stall 43 Gym Ex- hibit 4: Alpha Club iuauft- 4:01.1- nnttct- 3. IOHN MAXXVELL, lk.. "I.u'l-" january 23. Farrell, Pa. Academic Course. Opctettn 11 lnnior Worker 3: Dance Committee 3'4: Phomgmplry Club 4: Hi-Y Cluh 4: Wrestling 4: Usher 4. ROBERT MCCLAIN. "Nur" Match ix. Mercer. Pa. Gcncral Course. Hi-Y Club 4: Senior Usher 45 Monitor t. ELLOUISE McDONALD, "aim-" omam 5. New Port News. va. General course. liVl2RE'l'l' McKlNNlS, "Indy" sqitfmim 9. me ctium,-, Aiumm. General Course. Varsity Fnntlmll 3-4: Varsity XVrcstling 4: Track Tc-.un qi Lertcruuufx Club 3-4. 40 ELIZABETH MASTRIAN. "Liz" November 14. Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course. Reflector Busi- ness Stull 4. ETHEL MATTSON, "Touts" Augurt ry. Farrell. Im. Acanlcniic Cnursc. Latin Club 2: Alpha Literary Society 3: French Club 3-4: Tri-Hi-Y Club 4: Prom Crunmittcc 2: Rt-Ilcctor Business Stall 4: Gym Fx- hiliit 4: Class Dance Cnnunirrer 31 French Club Dance Cmmuittct- 3: cam I-in 4. IOSEPHINE MAYERCHAK, "Io" March 29. Farrell. Pa, Commercial Course. Reflector Stall 45 Teachc-r'x Secretary 4. ROSALEE MCCOY, "Ln" September 4: Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course, Gym Exhibit 42 t-mm Committee 3: Renmm Ty,-ang sim 41 Tencht-r's Secretary 4. MARIE McDONALD. "Red" Innuary ig, Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course. Reflector Business Srntl' 4: Student Forum 4: Monitor 4. MrKRGARl2T METELSKY. "iUnrgle" luxuary 30. Farrell, Pa, Commercial Course, Tr-:lchrr's Secre- tary 4. ANTHONY I. MILLER, "Tony" November 16. Farrell. Pa. Coxnrnercial Course. Senior Usher 3-4: Varsity Wrestling Team 41 yiminf Police 3. ALBERT CHARLES MISSORY "Bam" january I, Shnrnn, Pa. Commercial Course. Iuniur Police 1- 2-3-41 Class Basketball 'learn 3-4. DAN MOROCCO. "Dapper Dun" February 3. Farrell, Pa. Academic Course. Latin Club tra.-3-43 Class Basketball Team 1: Pram Com- mittee 3: Dance Committee 3-4. XVALTER MROZEK sqyrrmber 1, Farrell, Ps. General Cnurse. Nllrestling Club 4. IOSEPH NAMEY, "Irie" November 4, Farrell, Pa. Academic Course. Literary Contestant x-2: Latin Club 1-3-4: Senior Usher 3-4: Prom Committee 3: Alpha Liter- ary cl-in 34 French Club ,Q Lara.. Club Dance Committee 2-3-4. LIENORA ELAINE NESTOR. 4'I,rr' April jo. Wlieatlalxd, Pa. Acadenlic Course. Latin Club I-2. ., JU. W,, MARGARET MISIK. ".lIargie" September 27. Dsnnra. Ps. Commercial Course. Teacher! Secre- tary 4: Reflector Stall 4. BIETFFY ll. MOROCCZO, "llrIIr" nntnry 13, Farrell, vs. Aczitlemic Course. Latin Club 2-3-41 Tri-HLY Club 4: Dance Cnnunlttcc 3-4: Hnine Ronin Basketball Team 3. LOUIS NIOROCCO, "Lon" March x, Farrell, Pa. General Course, French Club r-2-3-41 Prom Committee 3: Dance Committee 35 Monirnr ig Alpha Literary Society 3: swarm milf.. 4: Phntngrapliy Club 4. ROBERT S. MUNRO, "Hub" February r7. Farrell, Pa. General Course. Senior Usher 3-41 French Club 3-4: Hi-Y Club 4: Dance Committee 3-4: Ring Comniirree 4. MORRIS NATHAN. "llntrl1" Ianuary 17, Farrell. im. Comniercinl Course. Monitor 3: Re- Hector sun' 4: imrelifrx secretary 4: wwe-string curl, 4. MARY ROSE NEVANT May 13. Farrell. Pa, General Course. Operetm I-4: Re- flector Business Stall 4: Dance Com- mittee 3: Prom Committee 3. 41 ..,,,,,,. ., , - when. ... , . , -v.. .4r,'.e-1-A.,-fn-. . ---.. . .W ya- mf VINCENTINA A. NEVANT "Vinnie" lilly 5. Salem, Ohio. Academic Course. Latin Club I-2: Operetta 1: French Club 3-4: Dance Committee 3: Alpha Literary Society 3: Tri-Hi-Y Club 4: Gym Exhibit 4: Band 1: Reflector Staff 4, DOROTHY NORRIS. "Dat" August 15, Williamsport, Pa. Academic Course. Student Forum 4: Tri-Hi-Y Club 4: Latin Club 2-3-4: Dance Committee 3: Alpha Literary Society 5: Reflector Stall 4: Gym Ex- hibit 4: Home Room Baskctlmll 3. EDWARD PACZAK, "Eddie" February 17, Farrell, Pa. Academic Course, Latin Club 2-"3'4i Student Forum 4: Photography Club 4:l Senior Usher 3-4: Dance Cum- mitrce 3. lDA ROSE PALLADINO. "Pal" April 27. Farrell, Pa. Cnmlucrcial Course, Gym Exhibit 4: Reflector Staff 4. THOMAS PAPAY, "Trim" December 29. Farrell, Pa. General Course. Student Manager of Athletics I: Senior Usher 4: Iunior Police 2-3-4: Latin Club 2-3. CATHERINE LOUISE PAUL, "Cruz" February 4, Farrell, Pa. Academic Course. Art Club I: Latin Club 1-3-4: Alpha Literary Society 3: Tri-Hi-Y Club 4: Home Room Mon- itor zg Student Forum 4: Dance Com- mittee 3: Gym Exhibit 4: Library A5- sistant 3-4: Reflector Stall 4. 42 LEONA MAE NIXON, "Lee" November 18. Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course. Dance Committee 31 Prom Committee 3. HELEN OPALENIK, "Tiny" August 19, Allenport, Pa. General Course. Monitor 4: French Club 4. STEVE PADENICH August 5. United. Pa, General Course. Orchestra 1-2-3-4. VIOLET PrXLMER. "Vee" May zl. Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course, Gym Exhibit 4. KATHERINE PASACIC. "Kay" September 30. Muhawk. Pa. Commercial Course. Class Basketball Team 3: Cheerleader 1-2.-3-4: Gym Exhibit 4: Dance Cnnuuittec 3: Mou- itor 4: Tv.-acher's Secretary 4: Prom Committee 3. BARBARA PAVUK, "Barb" March 18, Hccla, Pa. Commercial Course, French Club 2-3: Reflector Stuff 4: Art Club ig Tench- er's Secretary 4: French Club Dance Committee 3. ...R ' "1 .e'?f?3"..f' ' ALICE AMELIA PAWLAK, "Al" lanuary 5. New Kensington, Pa. Commcrcial Course. Monitor 2: Tri- Hi-Y Club 4: Dance Committee 3-4: Prom Committee 3: Reflector Stat? 4: Tc:lchcr's Secretary 4: Gym Exhibit 45 Usher 4, ANGELO PERRY. "Ang" September G. Sharon, Pa. tzurwru C0-rm. mari: clan 1-3-4: Prom Conuuittcc 33 Monitnr 2: Senior Usher 3-4. ROSE PHILOMENA IIINTI, "Rosie" Iune 25, Farrell, I'a. Commercial Course. Reflector Staff 4: Ring Committee 4. MILDRED PODOLSKY, ",'llulgr" Dr-cr.-mbcr jo, Farrell. Pa. Academic Course, Dance Committee 3-4g Alpha Literary Society a-3: Gym Exhibit 45 Prnm Committee 3: Rr- llector Surf 4: Student Fnrum 4: "Night Rider" Subscription Manager 4: Latin Club 3-4. EUGENE PRATT. "lim" December 14. Farrell, Pa. General Course. Varsity Football 3-45 Hi-Y Club 43 French Club i-2: Ring Cmnmittcc 4, THLLMA PRIZANT Toby August 9 Farrell Pa Commercial Course Home Room Bas kctball Team 3 genre-4-an 1 ANTHONY G. PENDFL. "Punt" May 23, Farrell, Pa. General Course. CARL ANTHONY l'lCClO'l'I'O irmrrry r, rrmii, Pr. Academic Course. Latin Club I-1-3-4: Alphn Literary Society 1-3g lnniur 1-0. lice r-2-3: Student Forum 4: Monitor 1-1-35 Prom Committee 3: Senior Ush- er 4: "Night Rider" sun' 41 Literary Contestant 3: Basketball Team x: Mill-Western District Cbnrux 4, IOHN POCHAL. "Pml:" April 16. Farrell. Pa. General Course. Class Basketball I-ap Varsity Basketball 3-4: Basketball Re- serves 1: Hi-Y Club 3-4: French Club 3-4: Prom Committee 3: Monitor 2: Dance Cnnuuittce 3: Hi-Y Dance Committee. ADELINIE MARIE PORTAL, "Ad" March 16. Farrell, Pa, Academic Course. Band I-1-34: Or- chestra :-2-3-4: Latin Club 1: French Club 3-4: "Don't Ever Grow Up" 4: Alpha Literary Society ji Photography Club 4: Music Contestant 2-3-45 Rc- tlector Stall 4: All-State Baud 2-3-4: Mid-Western Band x-4: All-Eastern Orchestra 3: Mid-Western Orchestra 4: "Night Rider" Stall 4. CLARENCE PRESTON. IR.. "Burley" September 28. Whcatlaml. Pa. Commercial Course. Football Reserves 1: Vanity Football 3-4. MAE PATRICIA l'RUI:NT Pallvy luly 31 Dc Laney P.: Commercial Course Sharon Hnnh School i Basketball I 2 Tn Hr Y 4 n.w of MILAN PURICH, "Milo" October t2. Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course. ARTHUR G. REAGLE, "Red" August 17. New Castle. Pa. cmuiumiii Crum. Senior Usher 4. LOUIS SAM REDA. "Lorrie" April r7, Farrell, Pa. General Course. Senior Usher 4. FRIEDA A. REINNERTH, "Fritz" April 7. Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course. French Club 3-4: French Club Dance Committee 3: Latin Club Flash Stall 4: Reflector sun 41 Home Room Valley mn Trim 3: Gym Exhihit 4. SHIRLEY ROSENBERG May zo. Sharon, Pa. Academic Course. Latin Club t-1-A-4: Alpha Literary Society 3: Student For- um 4: Orchestra t-2-3: Latin Club Flash Stall 1-3-4: Literary Contestant I-1: Co-Editor Alphalite Magazine 3: Monitor 4: Etlitor "Night Rider" 4: Dance Committee 3: Mitlwt-stern Dis- trict Orclu-srra 1. BERTHAREEN RUSSELL, "lfrrly" May t6. Dora. Alabama. Commercial Course. 44 DORIS MARIE QUINN, "Dad" September 6, DuBois. Pa. Commercial Course. Class Dance Com- mittee 3-4: Prom Committee 3: "Dunk Ever Grow Up" 4: Rt-Hector Stall 4: Tcacher's Secretary 4. MARCELLA M. RECKIERT, "fIlilrr" September t3. Farrell, Pa. Academic Course. Latin Clnh 1-3-4: Monitor 3: Tri-Hi-Y Clnh 3-4: Claas Dance Committee 3: "Dnn't Ever crow U,-" 4. Gym Exhibit 41 Reflect- or Stall' 4: Student Forum 4. GLORIA A. REDDINGFR, "Ginny" August 11. Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course. Literary Context- aut 2: Alpha Literary Society z-3: Monitor 3: Teachcr's Secretary 4: Stu- tlent Forum 4: Home Ronin Basketball Team 3: Reflector Stall 4: Hume Room Volley Ball Team 3. PETE ROCCO. "Cal" Maid. .3. Farrell, vi. Ccncml Course. HARRIET DEANA ROSENBLUM "Drums" December 24, Farrell, Pat. Acatlemic Course. Latin Cluh i-2-3-45 French Club 3-4: Student Forum 4: Literary Contestant t-2: Gym Exhihit 4: Dance Committee 3: Alpha Literary Snciety 3. NEAL RUSSO, "Hill" Innc iz, Farrell. Pa. Ac.ulemic Course. Latin Cluh t-1-3-4: Latin Cluh Flash Editor 1-3-4. Alpha Literary Society 1,35 Student Forum 4: French Club 2-3: Literary Contestant 1'3: Dance Committee 3: Reflector Stall 4: "Night Rider" Etlitorg Hi-Y Club 4: Class Play 4. RICHARD SABC. '4Dn'k" Novenibur x4, Farrell, Ps. General Course. Art Club lg Senior Llsher 4. EVELYN SARCINELLA. "Envy" lun- 4, lkirrcll. Ps. Aczuleniic Cnursc. Latin Club I-2-3: French Club 3-4: French Club Execu- tive Committee 3-4: French Club Dance Committee jg Alpha Literary Society 3: Pmni Committee 3: Mun- itor 1-3: Operettu 1: Class lhnct' cirmrmarm 5-4: lflmrogm,-ity tim. 41 Student lfnrum 4: Rcllector Stull 4. FRIED SCHUSTER. "Freddie" November 19. Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. Senior D.uu:c Cununittee 4: "Dnu't Ever Gran- Up" 4: Senizir Usher 3-4: Reflector Stall 41 Stage Artist for Senior Class Plays qi 'l'e.ichet's Secretary 4. PAUL cz. SIERBIC November rr. liirrell, im. ctmm-ft-a.-1 cum-. Rellcctnr '1',-,tang sun 4: Mmnwr 4: Tc.icber's sect-- tairy 4. MARY Sl IAPQNA September 15, Farrell, Ps. Acarleuiic Course. Lririu Club i-2-3: lfreneli Club 3: Alpha Literary Society jg Class Basketball Tennis I-143: lirencb Club Dance Committee 3: Class Dance Committee 3-4: Pruxn Cunuuirree 3: Student Fnruni 4. CYRIL M. SHOLTIS. "Von" Iuly 5. Farrell. Pa. Comlnerciall Course. SAM SALEM. "Sammy" lanurtry io, Farrell. Pa. General Course. Stutlcnt Safety Pn- trolmau z-3-4: Iunior Police z-3-4: Monirur i-1-3: Senior Usher 3-43 Wrestling 4: Gym Exhibit, SAMLTIEL SCHENKER, "Xnmmy" April 29. lfrirrzll. Pa. Coninicreiail Course, Varsity Basket- ball 3g Class Basketball I-1-3: Pmiu Commitree 3: Class Dance Committee 3'4- MINNHE SCHUSTIER. "Rini" sqsmubfr zo, nmeil, in.. Conunerciail Course. Class Dance Cont- mittee 3: Rc-Hector Stall' 4g Pmni Coni- niittce 3. PETER A. SERRIAN. "Gibby" May 26. w'..lrwn. vs. General Course. Class Dance Coni- mitrec 3: l'ioln Committee 3. l'HlLll' IBFLIJON SIIERWOOD "Phil" November 14, Sharon, I'.i. Academic Course. Class Vice Presi- dent zg Hi-Y Club 3-4: Latin Club 2-3-4: Alpha Literary Society 2f3: Stu- dent Forum 4: Mid-Western Pennsyl- vania All High School Chnnis 4: All County Baud 4: Baud x-1-3-4: Orches- tra z-3-4: "Dou't Ever Grow Up" 4: Commencement Play I: Dance Coni- mittee 3-4: Open-tt.: I-4: 'Night Rider" Business Manager 4: Music Cuntesmnt i-2-3: Rt-Hector Sralf 4. DOROTHY SIMONIK. "Dm" liebruury 7. Farrell, Pa. Academic Course. English Club I-1: French Club 2-3: Latin Club 4: Stu- deur Fnrutn 4: Prom Committee 3. 45 THOMAS SONCER. "Tom" October t, Farrell. Pa. French Club 3-4: General Course. Latin Club 2-3-4: Monitor ig Alpha Literary Society 35 Senior Usher 4. MIKE STANOVICH, "Alain" September 7, Farrell. Pa. General Course. French Club t-2. ANDRENV A. STEFANAK, "Stal" November 6, Farrell, Pa. Aeatletnie Course. Prom Cntutnittec 33 Latin Club i-1: French Club 45 Alpha Literary Society 3: Mtisic Literary Contestant 1: Football Reserves 3. BIESSIE STEWARD, "Belly" April 4. McCatll. South Carolina. Commercial Course. Class Basketball Team 3. FRANCIS SUCHY. "Sue" October it, Farrell, Pa. General Course. HLNRXI SUP!-L Soup February 25 l-arrell Pa General Course Pennsylvania Mid Western All High School Chorus 4 Monitor 4 Student Forum 4 RAYMOND SPETAR. "folly" August 23. Cleveland, Ohio. General Course. ANTHONY STAWIASZ, "Uni" Iuue 13, Pittsburgh, Pa. General Course. DOROTHY STEFANICK. "Dat" February I. Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course. Reflector Stall 4: Student Forum 41 Gym Exhibit 4. IOSEPH l, STIFFINGER, ".Yliffv" April ii, Farrell, Pa. Gent-ral Course. Alpha Literary So- ciety 3: French Club 3-43 Hi-Y Club 4: Football Reserves 2: Basketball Re- serves 3: Varsity Football 3-4: Varsity Basketball 4. ELIZABETH SUDZINA. "Liz" Febnlary x7. Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. Gym Exhibit 45 Stutlent Forum 4: Volley Ball Team 3g Class Basketball Team 3. lxATHLRlNl SVETINA hav january 7 Oklaj Yngoslwla General Course Class Basketball Team 1 Reflector Staff 4 Class Dance Com mittee 3 46 -fm A 'A'-' ff W ff --1 A -V .. f - s..-B-,ss s., N ....."l.,- ftff' ,. . . - N - , . 1 TL..-tt. --1-.H e MARGARET SZABO, "Margie" December 11, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. Monitor 43 Rc- Hector Staff 4: Terrcher-'s Secretary 4. GENEVIEVE TELEGA, "Iennie" August 18. Farrell, Pa, Commercial Course. Volley Ball Team 3: Monitor 2. CATHERINE THOMAS, "KnIz" November 15, Farrell. Pm. General Course. Student Forum 4. IOHN A. TOTH, "Dmfry" November 1. Alliance, Ohio. General Course. French Club r-zg Alpha Literary Society 33 Photography Club 45 Senior Usher 3-4: Class Dance Committee 3-45 Reflector Stall 43 Ring Cammirtce 4. IRENE TRUNICK March rl, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. BILLY TURANYI, "Bill" November 29, Farrell, Pr. Commercial Course. junior Vtlorker 3. WALTER F. SZMYD, "Smitty" lanuary 19. Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course. Iunior High Bais- ketball ig Class Basketball 1-25 Varsity Basketball 35 Monitor 1-3. TED TELEGA. "Tex" September 15, Farrell, Pa. Cunuucreial Course. junior cum Worker 3. G EORG E THOMAS November 16, Farrell, Pa. General Course. French Club 15 Sen- ior Usher 3-4. NICK L. TROTTA, "Trot" August 16, Uniontown, Pai. Commercial Course. Monitor 2g Senior Usher 4: lnniur Police 4, Inuiur Worker 3: Reflector Soul 4. IOSEPH TUCCI, "Toms" lime zl. Okmulgec. Oklahoma. General Course. Class Dance Com- mittee 3, HAROLD UIAKOVICH, "Champ" September 3. Sharon. Pa. General Course. 47 STEVE VALETICH, "Brel" December 15, Farrell, Pn. General claim. Inniur Pulicc 2-3-4. IOSEPH VALIDZICH, "lun" November 21. Farrell, Pa. General Course. Opererra 1: Music Contestaiir x-z-3-4: French Club 3-45 Alpha Literary Society 2-3: Prom Cunimirtec 35 Band 41 Orchestra 45 Seninr Usher 3-4: 'il7nn'r In-cr Grow Up" 45 Class Dance Cinunuuee 344: Commencement Play I. CHARLES VARRO. "Huck" lnnc 3. Farrell. Pa. General Course. Class Dance Com- mitrce 3-4: Prom Committee 3: Var- sity Football 4: Wi-calling 4. PAULINE VOZAR. "Polly" February iz. Farrell, Pa. Cnmmercial Course. Teacherk Secre- tary 4i Reflector Srall 4: Monitor 4. MARY VUAROBIEXV, "1lIar" Iunc 5. XVashington, Pa. Commercial Course, Alpha Literary Society 3: Moniwr 3: Dance Com- mittee 3: Prom Committee 35 Teach- cr's Seercrary 4. MAE XVHARTON. "Allie" May is. Farrell. Pa. Academic Course. Latin Club 143-4: French Club 3-4: Student Farum 4: Tri-Hi-Y Club 3-4: Band 3-4: Orches- tra 3-4: Prom Committee 3: Library Assislnnt 3: "Night Rider" Stall 4: Re- flector Stall 45 Monitor 3, 48 ANNA VALIDZICH, "Billie" September 24, Farrell, Pa, Cnmniercial Course. Prom Committee 3: Mnuimr 3: Student Forum 45 All State Chnrns 45 Mid-Western Chorus 45 Teacher's Secretary 4: Opercrra 15 Class Basketball Team 3: Poster Club ig Class Dance Committee 3-45 Art Club x. ROSE VANCE, '4Rn.riz" Nnwnuaf 25. Farrell, Pa. cmami-mai claim. PATSY VENETTI. 'I'nl" December 28. Farrell, Pa. General Course. Monitor 35 Dance Committee 3-45 Alpha Literary Society 3: Traclicr's Secrerary 3: Senior Usher 31 lauira Patrol 3-41 yuaarlf xxuifkff 3. CATHERINE VUKOVICH. "Kay" May S, Farrell. Pa. Conunercial Course. Rellccror Sralf 45 Te.iclwr's Secretary 45 Ring Com- mittee 4. SAMMY WAUZZINSKI, "lfl'uzz:r-" October 28. Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course. Inniur XVorker 3-45 Dance Committee 3-45 Teacher's Secretary 45 Reflector Staff 4: Senior Usher 45 Wrestling Team 4. RUSSELL WILLIAMS, "Mapr" April 7. XVheadand. Pa. General Course. V-4. :iffy-fa M- Q-rw,-gg-:1 i aa. :... ...Aixam 5 '.2M"......1kz .11x':.z - av-..f- f vw 1.-, f -.V--U -. - 4 LOUIS WOLFE, "Mrglv" October iS, Farrell. Pa. General Course, Plmmgraphy Clnb 4. GEORGE YONCHAK, "Yrmry" April 3. srmrinvesr, lm. Commercial Course. Dance Cunnniuee 3. MARIE ZAKAN, "Blondie" December 3. Pittsburgh. Pa. General Course. French Club 3-43 Srurlenr Furnm 42 Gym Exlubir 4. nommict 11. ZARIQLLA. '-Iam," N.,w.n1m 29. 1-mein, P... ball Team I: Reserve Fuorball 2-3 lfrenclx Club 4: Senior Usher 4. IOllN ZISBRONVSKY, '4Rn.vly" Ocrnber 27, Sharon, Pa. General Course. IOHN Zll'AY, IR., "Zip" lunc 17, Farrell, Pa. Gcncral Course. Senior Usher 3. General Course, Irnnnr High Barker- HELEN YANKOVICH, "Squirt" luly 15, Farrell, lm. Cmnmercial Course. Mnuimr 2-3: Dance Cnmrnlrrcc 3-4: Alpha Lirerary Society 31 Prom Committee 3: Olllce Assistant 4: RcHecror Staff 4: Gym Exhibit 41 '-iurm Ever Gmw up" 41 Tri-Hi-Y Club 45 "Night Rider" Srall' 45 Srurlenr Forum 4, ALFRED YURlCH, "Dm"' August 21. Farrell, Pa. General Course. junior High Baxket- mn T,-.rm rg sqm.-f Usher 3-4. CARL ZAPPA. "Corky" November 2.8, Farrell, Pa. General Course. Reflector Bnsineax Scarf 4. NVILLIAM ZANVAKA, "lliII" Ianuary 31, Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. ELMER ZIMMERMAN. "Huu'l'in.v" lannary iz. Farrell, Pa. Commercial Cnurw. Dance Cornrnirrec 4: Class Baskerball Team 3. HELEN ZOLDAN, "Hal" March .4, Farrell, rm. General Course. French Club 2-3: Alpha Literary Soclery 3: Student Fur- nm 4: Mnniwr 4: Photography Club 4: Teaeln-r'x Secretary 4. 49 CLASS OF 1938 In Memoriam IRXVIN GELFAND DORIEEN THONIAS rl-mul, Pvnnsylvania Ifarrull. lmmylvnnan Nnvumlu-r 23, xgzo lfchruary 22, xgzo March 21, 1937 Novcmbur 24, 1937 F AREWELL NVQ, :lic Class of '38. Lcavc tlxcsv walls of famv behind, Bur, the Key of Knuwlcclgc and Faith We bcqnvutlm tu the Class of '39, Our fricmlship, our sclmwll spirit, Aml our short yuars of fun. XVQ give tlxcm, yes, cvcry lair, To tlw Classvs of V40 and '4I. To our tcaclxcrs, L-vcr so rruu, NVQ express our apprcfiatiou For their instructions and guidance, mn l7rom the Grarlcw :llrouglx Graduation. Anal now ir's dun- to say good-byc, NVinh sorrow and regret, For wc must lcavv: you Farrell High Anal tlxosc wlwm wc shall never forget -The Class of 1938 Mmm' Ham. 50 THE CLASS OF 1938 COMMITTEES Mary Bonadio Anthony Cagno Dorothy Dvoryak Alnysius Karpinxki Virginia Llewellyn THE RING COMMITTEE Robert Munro Rose Pinti Eugene Pratt Catherine Vukovich lnhn Toth THE INVITATION COMMITTEE Lena Bastecky Iohn Basta Willard Duffce Berry jones Lucy lvlartino William Latsko Marcella Rcckert Fred Schuster Helen Zoldau Carl Zappa FIRST SEMESTER HONOR ROLL Iames Baton Iohn Busta Ho I11L'r Benclcl' 'williaill Latsku Angelo Perry Carl Piccinttu Neal Russo Tholgias Sanger Mike Stanovich Andrew Stefaniclt Iohn Zebrowsky 0 Flo rcxmc e Bartalon A xnxmax Benya Theresa Check Dorothy Dvoiyak Kathleen Glover Lualima Gus Selma Henning Ellen King Pauline Kovacevieh Gertrude Lengyel A Imlm a Mac Livingston Margaret Martini Helen lvlason Ethyl Mattson Bertha Pavult Atleline Portal 'Shirley Rosenberg Ha 1l'r ie! Rosenhlum Evelyn Sarciuella Frances Tinley Mae Wharton American Legion Award Medal: Honor. Service, Courage, Leadership. 51 CLASS HISTORY OF 1938 As we took the last step of our journey up the rocky, narrow path that we had followed through the four years in high school, we breathed a sigh of relief and regret. We had reached the pinnacle of our school career as the past four years stretched out below us, every happening exposed to our sad, observant eyes. When we entered the portals of Farrell High School as Freshmen, we were under the illusion that we would meet no obstacles on the broad road to fame. But we were jolted into reality when we hit the first hump in the road. The Sophomores, whom we looked upon with reverence, left their pedestals, seized our handsome classmates and ruthlessly re- moved their curly locks. While we were bewailing this calamity, the members of our class met with our advisor, Miss Wible, to nominate our officers. The following seniors were elected prtsidcnt, Frank Hetra, vice president, Larry Daurelle, and secretary, Frances Tinley. We were cheered and encouraged by our motto, "Aim High! There is always room at the top!" Fuchsia and gold were chosen as our class colors, and the pink camation proved to be the most popular Hower. After our brilliant commencement exercises, we received our diplomas. We held them aloft with pride as we rrodded enthusiastically up the road and completed the first lap of our journey. At the beginning of our Sophomore year, we totally forgot our past experiences and sheared the Freshn1an's locks with conscientious unconcern of their protests. Soon wearied of this pastime, we eagerly elected our class olficers with the aid of our advisor, Miss Ann Gojdics. The olficers elected were president, Frank l-letra, vice president, Philip Sherwood, and secretary, Frances Tinley. Our journey upward continued to be pleasant but uneventful, and we were glad to be set free to enjoy our three month vacation. VVe could almost see the goal of our dream in the golden haze when we entered our junior year. Our pace quickened, VVith Miss julia Wallace as our advisor, we selected Fred Don Dero, president, William Hamilton, vice president, and Frances Tinley, secretary. We were swept into a whirl of social, literary, and athletic events. Some members of the class joined the various clubs, some gayly entered social life, others carved for themselves praise- worthy fame in athletics, and a lucky few ranked brilliantly in literary attainments. The theater party, the junior dance, and the Prom were highly praised by all critics. We cer- tainly did look back on our junior year with satisfaction as we wearily left for our vacation. With our goal in sight, we elected the following as olficers for our Senior year: presi- dent, Fred Don Dero, vice president, Felix Bonadlo, and secretary, Frances Tinley. XVe did not have the life of ease we anticipated, for our instructors unconcerning gave long and hard assignments. If our junior year had been full, our Senior year proved to be twice as full, We had our pictures to take. class rings to select, calling cards and invitations to buy, our Reflector to publish, class plays, dances. and the Prom to attend, and commencement exercises to leam. Miss Zentz, our advisor, deserves our praise for her untiring efforts in helping to make our Senior activities a success. Now as we leave Farrell High School with our diplomas clutched in our hands, we can tmthfully say we have loved every twist and turn of the road which had led us to our long cherished goal. LUDIMA Gus 52 X A MESSAGE FROM THE J UNIORS To you zu farewell message. Dear Class of Thirty-eight: These lines of comnxcntlattion, We fontlly cletlicate. We lalutl you worthy Seniors And hope you may succectl. We pray you may be noble ln spirit and in tlectl. You'll linger on in memory, Long as the ages roll. Wlxc1'c'er you nrc, we assure you We'rc with you! Mintl antl soul! We'rc proutl of your achievements: Of all the victories won! Autl now, to you, the victors, We say, in rruth, "Well mluncln Anal ns you lcavc these portals, We hitl you sntl ndieuz To Farrell Highs ideals We trust you may bc true. Anil in the tlismnt future, Wherever you may roam, May your old Alma Mater Ever be your "Home Sweet Homenl -funn S. WALLACE 54 . , r r PETER IACINO Prrxidrnt MIKE LEAVENS Vive-1'rz,vidnil ELVIRA PRITZ Secrelary 1939 CLASS HISTORY Eager, yet a little terrified, we entered the Freshman Class of llarrell High Sclmol. NVe did nnt have to wait long before the upper classnien practiced a feat new to ns. Amid shouts and laughter, we watched them clip the beloved locks of our boys, but we were very thankful that we girls slid not have to endure such lnimiliating initiation. After this. we carefully elected the following class officers: president, Richard Wachter, vice'president, Adam lvlarlts. and secretary, Kathleen Pandolfi. We chose as our Hnwer, colors and motto: "The American Beauty Rose", "Grey and Silvern, and "We Seek Higher Things". Under the cliicient guidance of our class advisor, Mr. Thomas, and with the aid of Miss Olga Goitlics, our class pref sented a successful theater benefit, "Smilin' Through", the pro- ceeds of which were deposited in the class treasury. As the school year drew to a close, we made preparations for our Innior High Commencement play. "The Dear Boy Gradu- atesu. How proudly we marched to receive our diplomas which gave us permission to enroll in Senior High School! As energetic and enthusiastic Sophomnres, we immediately entered dramatic, literary, and athletic activities. Our oliicers this year were president, Richard Wachter, vice-president, Frank Sinopli, secretary, Elvira Pritz, and class advisor, Miss Anne Goirlics. We sponsored a Magic Show for the purpose of paying for our class pictures in the yearboolz. Our junior year began with a semester of hard work. Once again came the election of officers, who were president, Peter lacino, vice-president, Mike Leavens, and secretary, Elvira Pritz. The first event sponsored by our class was the lunior dance, which proved a great success under the direction of our class advisor, Miss lulia Wallace. The crowning event of the year came when we entertained the departing Seniors at the annual Innior-Senior Prom. Ervum Pmrl, Class H istonan 55 Row 1-Eleana Seartlina, Ruse Nevant, Evelyn Drivere, Victoria lvlaykowslci Helene Stefanish, Lucy Vcnetti, Veronica Pasaeic, Elizabeth Repax, Cornelius Richardson, Eugene Valles, Benny DeMartinis, Mike May- erchak. Row zfcarrie Burr, Marjorie Dunkerly, Edna Brown, Anna Mae Bracken, Adele Davis, 'Mary Cliristolf, Martha Santell, Albert Harenclmr, lvlildred Crowder, Stella Lancla, Inlia Ference, Garnet Campman, Lucy Conricelli. Row 3-Irene Riniku, Stella Lands, Sue Karp, Nellie Cnstea, Dormhy Sever, Elizabeth Hnrney, Aurelia Costar, Wilton Griffith, Roland Vermiere, Ulysses Steele. Carmen Tamluer. Row 4-Ernestine Saunders, Ethel Sheiwood, Dolores Levitt, Nellie Herrick, Iessie Gladys, Sylvia Despnt, Catherine Will, Mary Lazar, Edward Dlnohoslti, Edward Sinkle, Raymond Reed. Roy 5-Catherine Piller, Harriet Zoldan, Ruse Horzich, Catherine I-Inza, Eleanor Pintar, Stella Antlrocovich, Edward Doblunski, Pauline Despnt, Iames Kihash, Matilda Crago, Ialnes Vellenti. Row 6-Betty Purash, Gertrude Waskn, Ruth Satterwhite, lost-pliine Lom- bardo, Ieanne Currie, Anna Tarcy, loe Meleky, Francis McCltmsl4t'y, Harry Iackson, David Sweeney, Steve Matlura, Robert Chanssartl. Row 7fRuth lvlitclzell, Anna Warobiew, Pearl Solomon, Luuise Elia, Nora Nlnroceo, Mary Napolitan, Marie DeCarlo, Iennie Tomicll, Ioe Nagay, Andrew Klutz, Iohn Regan. Row S-Steve Check, Antoinette Zarella, Esther Newman, Margaret Uhalie, lvlargaret Sinaltz, loc Yacnllo, Albert Zipay, Albert Caruso. Row 9-lollh Cheeh, Vincent Elia, Emile Iuich, Mike Miller, Iames Pearce, George Moldovan, james Scott, Iolm Iarocki, Edward Stefzmowiez, Ralph Nfarks. 50 Row I-DOI'0EllD' Grande, Sarah Vushell, Mary DcGernlumo, Mitzi Hassan, Ella Kuvach, Carolyn Pamlolfi, Nick Mnrcu, Frank Tucci, Patsy Nicasrru, Mike Paclenich, Charles Znbych, Terl Binlko. Row 2-Grace Gugliorrn, Nlmy Dudash, Karliryn Polyznn. Grace Wil- liams, Beulah Wrigllr, Nathan Simon, Nlario Gallegos, Carman lacino, Kathleen Pamlnll-I, Audrey Sliellenhergvr, Gloria Dun Dem. Row 3fl-lclen Xvlorlarslcy, Helen Levin, Pearl laclcsun, Esther Weiser, hilary Gaynor, Ben Gnnncinlc, Franlc Sinupnli, Charles lVlZlSClCill, Elmer Bnhlvy, Emilio Cznnpns. Row 4-Anna Buzzeo, Helen Bean, Drmnliy VVeiss, Frances Perry, Nellie Miller, Harry Gusmcchini, Ernear Pr-trick, Bob lohnsmn, Arthur Ccrra, Arthur Chin-l. Row 5sDnvirl Blaxllcll, Charles Bresky, Nlxiry Sliemlrnvieli, Rocco Gug- linrra, Nick Parisli, Louis Sqnatrim, lohn Siciliano, joseph Azlaznchilc, Vincent Gallichio. Row 6-Tum Davis, Charles lvlinzlicino, Herman Nathan, Eleanor Christie, Eugene Schreiber, Iohn Cherhir, George Monganis, Frank Iennings, Sam Canipngna. Row 7gVValrcr lvlarrini, Rulmerr Linder, Aubrey Iackson, Cnse Mostrog, Shaheen Nnzler, Louis Nicolofl, Leonard Rosenberg, Sicliicy Taub, William Ioho. , Row 8--Jack Schmirlr. Nlike Padenich. Lewis Innes, Iohn Butchko, lsamlnrc Schreiber, Boris Milankovich, Donald VVilcox, Peter Baxilonc, Michael Lenvens. 57 Row I-Elizabeth Rupert, Iennie Miletta, lvlarjnrie lvlaclura, Terra Allen, lvlymth Flint, Nlary Kurtonick, Steve Puhala, Howard Drake, Robert Lloyd, Sam Frankel, Iames Sanitare, Peter Grande. Row 2-Theresa Sarcint-lla, Marguerite Cipriann, Elizabeth Mnsinslcy, Elvira Pritz, Madeline Volansky, Anna Gelcsky. Paul Sirb, Steve Skibn. lulins Tnperzer, lvlarrin Kristonko, Arthur Williallxs. Row 3-Mildred Hesko, Bertha Telvky, Louise Mancini, Mary Sanitate. Helen Miktllili, Florence Salae, Albert Stranslcy, Charles McKnight. Znlrun Bordy, Francis Sherwood, Richard Wachter, Iames Hnusman, Alex Mirizio. Row 4-Catherine Dobrenich. Bnnna Cliffs, Agnes Golub, Frances Sarcin- ella. Elizabeth Karolewski, Margalret Bruce, Henry Sxanek, Carl Fleisher. Carl Ebcling, Iohn Slezak, Iohn Dunn, Morris Prizanr, Row 5-Martha Rayknvich, lime Dickman, Phyllis Rcdfoot, Frances Valid- zich, Pauline lvliller. lvlargaret Laurlerman, Iulia Arcade, lrvin Camp- man, Bennie Ostrowsky, Leo Zolrlan, Frank Basilune, Urae: Brader. Rnw 6fDuminick Tlerno, Sam DcC:lrlo, Peter latino, Leonard Kosibu, Iohn Ciechansky, Ellsworth Smith, Howard Gibbs, Charles Curry, Hamld Rosenblum, Peter Keryan. Row 7-Tll0IllHS Andrasko, Paul Dzaja, Soloman Gully, Iohn Chnrlik, Marie Stubbs, Ruse Mary Vasile, Emil Biga, James Wilson. 58 HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1940 Marking stages of rapid development and progress, the "historical record" of the present Sophomore Class is one of excitement and adventure mixed with a graduating increase of knowledge gained through earnest endeavor. Because the milestones of school life have been kind as they passed us by, we are grateful for the fruits which they have so graciously left behind, The first milestone, "Elementary Grades", gave us the foundations for all future study, discipline, and organization of thought. Our most recently passed milestone bestowed upon us the graces of valuable preparation for true culture and the development of character appreciation. That milestone was "junior High School." Last year, when we were graduated from the boundaries of our second milestone, we entered into new boundaries. Across the wide expanse as we gazed with untold curiosity into the future, we saw at the end of a pathway, strewn with books, essays, oratious, pencil stubs, and other student regalia, the tallest and most dignified milestone of all-"Comple- tion of Senior High School." As a special mark of distinction, it wore a golden cap and gown. During our Hrst year of "important" school life, We gained a privilege that we had heretofore been denied. We were given the opportunity to select our class officers, class colors, Bower and motto, under the direction of Mr. Kilbert, our class advisor. For the oliicers, we, as Freshmen, chose president, james Munro, vice president, Betty Rose Broder- ick, and secretary, Doris Rager. Our colors were midnight blue and silver: our motto was "Excclsiorl", and our Rower was "Forget-me-not". I As Sophomores, we again were given our now annual privilege. During this term, we selected president. Iames lvlunro, vice president, Betty Rose Broderick, and secretary, Martha Frantz. With Miss Anne Goidics as our capable advisor, our sophomore year was Well exe- cuted and of great henelit to all. Xklitli milestone after milestone slipping away through our fingers, may we. the Class of '4o, look forward to "Senior High School Completion" with a new feeling of respousif bility and loyalty toward bettering "Young America." BETH Rosa Buonriucx. IAMES MUNRO BE'lTY ROSE BRODERICK MARTHA FRANTZ President Vie:-Pmidmz Seemiiry 59 Row 1-Emily Kochlcr, Anne Komar, jcssic YVilliums, Thclma Richardson, Marie Rula, Ruse Casriglionc, Virginia Frcw, Ernest Laslnw, Silvio Dcpnscnle, Nick Nlavrapczlux, Vxlalrcr Henning, john Nawroclci, Emile Tobias. Row Zf-GCIICVH Sanrlcrs, Mable Coleman, Maury Folsomc, Virginia Znlman, Phyliss Minclicino, jcnnic Kress, David Rliamcs, Paul Stcfanowicz Colenza Trncsrlalc, Albert Swiecinslcl. George Nlarenclnn. Row 3--Anrelia Sirb, Carniclla Timparn, Victurin Pcsani, Clara Wayrnlr- nwslci, Doris Spangler, Stanley Bornlsccl-1, Robert Nlycrs, Vincent Gag- liarcli, Paul Yonchak, Thomas Lienbcrgcr. Row 4MPctr:1 Campos, Rosaria Galarclc, Ellen Vcnutri, jane Cornclimls, Ann Tarnsku, Sara Hann, john Fall, john Karp, john Lnlxlmc, William Dizmlar. Mike Cagno, joseph Grande. - Raw 5-julia Burr. Anna lX4ae Rogers, Barbara Lncic, Betty lXflcCauley, Stella Shapona, Kathleen Fabish, james Kcrins, William Hinkin, Samuel Robinson, Mike Graccnin. Row 6-Plxyliss Drcsch, Milrlrcal Cupic, Nla.1'gar::t Gcletlia, Barbara Ceslak, Nlary Rock, Archie Frcw, Sam Gucrino, joseph Nagy, Henry Deck, Prank Ynkich, Tony Chavku. 00 Row 1-Emma lane Carlos, Mai'ie Bastecky, Ioan Sarchct, lvlarjnrie Gutch, Matilda Palko, Marry Popoclics, Myrtle Bernard, Catherine Parish, William Pearce. Inlin Audrusky, Cornelius Robinson, Leo Bobby, Nick Busco, Louis Nicastro, Walter Gonrlck. Row 2-Freda Zink, Anna Kovak, Anna Mae Bernard, Regina Swiecinski, Gilda Stroma, Kathleen Abraham, Albert Repas, Dominic Perrell, Lawrence Reagle, Henry Gladysz, Sam Srauovicli. Row 3-Pauline Pipicella, M3IilllRl Sucich, Betty Sullivan, Catherine Carin, loan Capozzoli. Nlarie lager, lohn Duirh, Albert Province, Williairii Turk, Louis Pastuer, james Durlash, Victor Iarneki. Row 4gAnastasia Hrisuulas, lvlary Opavsky, Doris Rager, Sophie Vuflarsky, lvlargarer Richarilsuu, Ruth Saunders, Inhu Srabile, Harry Vermire, Casmir Matak, Iohn Zelcli, Iohu Miirtlriiicli. Row 5-Launi Mac Holby, Anna Kciler, Elizabeth Flack, Caroline Vnka- sich, Sara Mason, Dorothy Iolinson, Beatrice Perry, Iohn Paczak, Emile Weiss, Francis Srefzniark, Ambrose Robinson, lvfartin Bicck. Row 6-Bolene English, Norma Boyer, Nlyrtle Vnxhell, lvlargaret Solanilria, Stella lvlason, Emily Iuieh. Nlartin Bnrich, Inst-ph Vuksick, Guy Conti, Eugene Stepanchak, Roger Bouseges, Thomas Evans. Row 7-Fred Salem, Nick Cashier, Frcml XVeiilliaas, Edward lvfatusik, Iuhn Hnirla, Oswalml Nlaseligan. Albert D'Onufriu. lack Ring, Emile Szabo, Lawrence Urerta, Alex Bogdan, 61 Row I-lXliIl"lC DeChrixtofaro, lrene Salvo, Antoinette Riccartli, Peggy Day, Helen Ontlich, Anne Sluypiki, Flizahetli Capson, Nlary Lnit, liloytl Retla. Rocco Cataltlo, Iohn Farrow, Gene Planchalt, Mike Celns, Antlwny Sex-ich, Paul Preston, Row 1-Alberta Crowrler, Frances Bucholsik, Dorothy Quinn, Norma Stuhhs, Sylvia Zoltlan, Iaines Farmatino, Harold Lloycl, Richard Galigas, Robert Egolf, Robert Thomas, lolm Stawaisz, Dominic Mangone. Row 3-Gertrnsle Zinlerly, Marjorie Richartls, Elizabeth Tomack, Nlargaret Orensli, Ethel Pnllto, Lenlta Nemeth, Mary Zagorie, Cornel llolog, XVilbert lvlcCoy, Mike Dnby, Tony Danlcoff. Row 4fBt-tty Kmetz, Irene Poranda, Rose Bnran, Victoria Becturyak, Anne Lengyel, Elsie Dvoryak, Emanuel Gelfancl, Andrew Russo, Matthew Stefnnak, Martin Banjack, Steve Sal-toni, Iuseph Schcrmer. Row 5-Selma Holmes, Stella Busta, Elizabeth Campbell, Margaret Rogan. lrene Bacon. lane Stcfanowicz, Mal'tl1n Frantz, Tony Tutnseo, Paul Karakinicil-t. Ernest Squatrito, Samuel Ujalcovich, lvlark Speizer, Eugene Etlwalrtlx. Row 6--Shirley Owen, Mary Thcahlos, Catherine Rock, Anna Bohn, Ruse- nmiy Vllelches, Annette Chit-l, l-lowartl Vsflmrtun, Ioizas Nathan, Iamcs Chenny, Francis Norris, Benny Prizant. Row 7-Anna Pellis, lcln Vnrro, Laura Zoltlan, Harriet Polangin, Kulma Greenstone, Angeline Rocco, Iohn Voznrik, Ioscph Buckovinsky, joe Peruzzi, Harvey Satteiwliitc, Miltoii Makowski, George Gurgurich. 62 Row I-Miltlretl Paddock, Ianet Berlton, Helen Vasil, Ruth Gigliottn, Dor- othy Marstellar, Elaine Rodgers, Margaret Kohut, Valenka Vlaskovich, Helen Diatko, Cornel Breaz, Iohn Kacerski. Merle Berman, Mike Caputo, Iules Glubish, Melvyn Cole, George Berger. Row 1-Helen Zabych, Florence VVoloshyn, Dorothy Pokrajac, Beatrice Testa, Wilniai Sopko, Ann Cesta, Leona Gus, Nick Gotch, Daniel De - Bonis, Andrew Stefanck, Patsy Pugliese, Henry Russo, Lewis Martin. Row 3-Pauline David, Helen Christolf, Dorothy Sanders, Eleanor Tora, Vera Churlick, Rose Lombardo, Helen Singletary, Iohu Moldovan, Sam l:!'ZIlGl, Iamex Munro, Frank Butolyaek, Tluunax Latsko. Row 4-Amelia Nestar, Helen Kushner, Julia Gusik, lrene Danes, Irene Drescal, Helen Grezeszczak, Ioe Decarmen, Thomas hflcclusky, Car- men RuHa, Robert Dignan, Mike Klutcher, Fred Zrenchak. Row 5-Helen Hall, Violet Vukovich, Laura Wydanosky, Betty Rose Brod- erick, Mary Duhrenich, Helene Pesignia, Frank Chestnut, George Banjak, Steve Fischer. Ioseph Katakowski, Evan Ferencc, Anthony Napolitan. Row 6-Emily Chunchiek, Gladys Mattson, Marian Hawthorne, Mary Gabriele, Francis Kulnis, Steve Cica, Milan Zipay, Edward Borsewicz, Albert Linonis, Hugh McKinuis, Frank Hammond, Tony Missory. Row 7-August Mason, Frank Mlakar, Wallace Geuss, Harry Christman, Edward Frank, Patrick lxlastrian, Frank Kiefer, Vwlaltvr lVlCCartney, Sitleris Lambros, Ioseph Gaydeck, Albert Nenmetz. 63 CLASS OF 1940 Junior High School Commencement Thursday Evening, June 3, 1937 lxlnxical Selection. . lnvoeatiun. . . Reading ..... . . . Saxophone Duet .... . Chalk Drawing.. Play-"Burldy Buys An Orchid" .... ....... CAST Buddy B ralm lluy ........ Mrs. Bradley, his Murher.. Alicia, his Sister ....., . Belle. thc Hired Girl. . . . . Bill .,............... .,........... Scene: The Bradley Living Room, Time: A Rainy Night, Stage lvlanager: Harry Venneiu. . . . . ,High School Orchestra ...............Rev, ll. B. Logan United Presbyterian Church . .... Anastasia Hrisoulas Roger Bousiges aml Rocco Caraldu . . . . . .Leolvulil Perry .... C. Nlclvlnllen . . . .Roger Bunsiges . . . .Margairet Geletka . . . .Laura Zoldan , . . . .Stella Shapona . . . . .Edward Frank Vocal Duet-"Come to the Temple". ............................ ....Rnheinstein Florence Wolosl1i'l1. Nlarjnrie Richards Presentation of Diplomas. Acceptance of Diploma for Class. . Musical Selection.. 64 . . . . .Nhx W. R. Anderson High School Principal . . . . . . . . . .lanies lvlnnrn . . . . .High School Orchestra I OHN Mcli AY l'rcanli-ul DARRELL MAXXVELL Viclfllrriidfnl EMILY I. SHERNVOOD Sn' relary Mr. Anthony Kilbert Class Advisor 1941 CLASS HISTORY Ding, dong! Ding, dong! The dulcet tones of the old school bell rang out clearly that sunny September morning as the boys and girls came tripping gaily toward the Iunior High School. For six long years, we had watched with interest and a bit of envy as the upperclassmen wended their way schoolward in response to that familiar sound. Now, from North, South, East and West, we, the members ol the Class of 1941 were to get our first glimpse of High School life at close range. We tried hard to imitate the actions and mannerisms of our personal idols in various school activities, and during this last year of our Iunior High School Course, we have taken our place in the cherished circle of Farrell High and are not ashamed of our achievements.. Our male members bowed their heads revcrently to the tra- ditional Sophomore clipper, then proceeded to hold them up, along with the girls, to seek new worlds to conquer. We have been one of the main factors in reviving the Farrell High School Spirit by taking part in the pep rallies and we have heen loyal supporters of the "Night Rider." Our class was well represented in both the band and the orchestra. Several of our boys earned places on the football and wrestling squads and our girls' basketball teams won much praise from the upper Classmen. The Operctta gave us an opportunity to demonstrate our vocal and dramatic ability. Most of the clubs found Freshmen among their members. We were proud to take our place at the various social functions to which we were invited. Now as our Freshman year draws to a close, we pause to pay tribute to our teachers whose patience and untiring efforts have maele us realize that our time has been well spent, and we are looking forward with pleasant anticipation to the next three years in our new school. We trust that our class, which has had such a promising beginning, may prove to be one of the most outstanding in the Farrell High School History, . EMILY laws Si-usizwoou. 65 Row x-Emily lane Slmrwood, Hazel Lloyd, Katherine Scrrian, Wanda Gondek, Katherine Allrnnte, Betty Karilus, Gertrude Grey, Charles Chavka, Berry Paplumatis, Doris Agusti, Anna lvlontan, Leonard Stef- anich, Elmer Scanlon. Row z4ElizalJeth Apcsn. Alice Evans, Tlusresa Lnin, Barbara Skcndnvieli, Ann Krukar, Casrina Cella, Stella Kuncio, limmy Polyzon, lack Vkfeiss, lay lnckson, Henry Pratt, Harold Smith. Row 3-Frances Pipicclla, Sylvia Schwelling, Beatrice Nathan, Thelma Pa- trizi, Vnlunda Drivers, Becky Yurcich, Eileen Lloyd, Anne Genius, Edward Chester. Andrew Thomas, Donald Blasdell. Row 4-William Smith, Martin Papp, Lois Yersky, Eleanor Paczak, Mildred l-lnida, Carhcrinc Skody, Ann Vranjes, Matilda Stongcr, Angelo Nicas- tro, Albert Suchy, Mike Senich, Williaunx Ford. Row 5-Mary Bibuh. Emma Vnrro, Mary Kisady, Mary Focvich, Vv'an:la Pr.-ndal, Olga Turanya, Helen Kirlck, Rose Socci, Sonia Bearlvsr, Mike Smbilc, Adam Karaliowslci. ,, Row 6-Mary Bivich, Anna Churlilc, Elizabeth Tsantes, Rosita Weiss, Emanuel Spiros, Anthony Knrcco, Peter Pavnk, Gene Millirolx, Vernon Moracco, Leo Ottrok. Row 7-Ioseph Kaufman, George Dzurinda, Ioseph Lenzi, Anthony Stalsile, Ioseph Morrison, Iames Golub, Mike Backovich, Hugo Moracco, Andrew Gladysz, Thuinas Salem. 66 Row x-Ruse Rrcln, lvlnry Parish, Dorothy Lntsl-ao, Dnrorliy lX4nycrclmk. Angeline Nlnrtino, Hclcn Gibcl, Catherine Mzivraxpinlos, Herman Marg- nnrro, Ivlnrio Mancine, Richard Prisiusu, Andrew Zolnicr, Samuel Priznnt, Incl: McClai11. Row zfAlicc Nliros, Carolyn Rorcll, Dorothea Evans, lvlurgaxrcr Ray, Icssic Faro, Anna Di Mm-rinis. Elizahctli Lcclcrcr, lohn Holmlnok, luliu Ham- mnml, Concctta Cclcnzi, Sarah Duffy, Catherine Evalzicll, Marie Glzlclysz. Row 3-lane Grezvszczak, Mary Hclcn Kee, Blanche llarrclli, lohn Sroplmn, Ioscph BL-rlcos, Leo Pauline, lX'larg.1rcr Miclilos, Nlnry Hurnyalc, Florcncv Lobliowicz, Ioan Ring, Gram: Knjnm. Row 4-llinc Egolf, Hcnricttn Zclrrmvski, Rusahcllc Nathan Huwairrl Thunms, lohn Kvocnli, Dominic Failvo, lcnnie lvlnrks, lvlary lvlicknlns, Darrell Maxwcll, Daniel Yankovich. Row 5-Vera Pawlnk, Helen Kustron, Milcll'ecl Durcsko, Eula lvlac Aclaiir. lnmcs Palmer, Matilda KL-ul, Iulia Hnmchoskic, Howard Rosenberg. Harry Yolman, Henry Kcrkoskic, Row 6-Charles Homchosky, Philip D'Alcssamlw, Arthur lvlalrlis, Erlwaml Orr, lnlius Gross, Charles Nlcicr, Eclwaircl Burnwski, Durorhy lvlillcr, Sarah Vcllcnti, Gerailmlinc Iaclcson, Rose Brucv, Ezlwarcl lwllnlwr. Row 7-William Miriziu, Nick Mnschnl, Alhcrr Mctclsky, Mike Snlml, lohn lvlclfaiy, loscph Zcnsnrski, Stanley Kuzncnr, Iohn Philipovlcli, George Opalcnili. Iohn Billich. 67 Row x-Inseph Gorlel, Genevieve Nader. Elizabeth Granrlv. Emily Russo, Paul Frantz, Charles Nliller, Esther VVachrcr, loseph Rnlln, Ralph Nevant, Robert Fantlolli, hlilrou Katz, Frank Zalac, Iuninr Knltal, William Puchal. Row 2fCatherine Yurcich, lennie Kosrlta, Emma Russ, Yolanrla D'Onofrio, Loretta Sanirate, Gloria Yapnncich, VVanrla Antlrokowicz, Vllilliani Zamhelli, Kenneth Collins, Frank Drivere, George Dnrirxa, Frank Babas, Frank Iennings, Ianics Elin. Row 3-lvlatilrla Bncholzer, Theda Soloinen, Eunice Evans, Ellen Porlolsky, Dorothy Franck, Kathleen Phillips, Stella Vilarobiew, Lena Marinovich, Lucille Lafayette, Mary' Farlenich, Theresa Pisani, Zory Gorichlcy, Lillian Pascal. Row 4-Sugar Spanos, Frances Rosenberg, Nlnrjorie Weiss, Elsie Mae Thomas, lohanna Vleirllmss, Sue Arci, Pauline Perschlta, hilary Asa- faylu, Isabella Ailanis, Mary Thomas, Clara Lanila, Catherine Garnek. Row Egllaynmntl Smith, Samuel Bona, loseph Paul, Leroy Hosey, Earl hloore, Frank Bnrrly, Cecilia Repas, Velma Druzrlal, Dorothy Luther, lvlargarel Kavulla, Lillian DeCarlo, Grant Taylor. Row 6-George Lupcho, Steve Karlovich, George Gaincr, Ioseph Hassen, john Zappa, Alex Bransovich, Alexander Dyll, Stanley Trnlculja, joseph Falconi, Saul Santell, Francis Fiscns, Iohn Pavlich. 68 Row 1-Thelma Wiley. Ioscphinc Inmcs, Steve Kohler, Paul Bnstccky, Paul Suchy, Gi-acc Sulairino, lvlnrgnrct Mailarchicsk, Chrisrinn Knnkis, Eunice Roth, Billy Williams, Chcsrcr Kmkoxki, Arthur Nawrncki. Row 2--IUC Pinti, Ioc Bcrkas, Edward Oralish, Mac Sabo, Mary Sonlatican. Naomi Bcnrlcr, Edith Katz, Mary Tnrcy, Margaret Smlzinn, Anthony Doclmlnm, Stanlvy Ianusko. Row 3-Josephine Brnlich. Marie Nmncy. loscph Lncish, Elizabeth Camin' itri, Annu Hnmkail, Mary Klnpnck, johnny Mac Calnlmn, Virginia Ronge, Maury Barber, Amlri-y Brown, Lonisc Stcfnnak. Row 4-Patsy Swvcncy, Hclcn Vnlnnxlry, Vnlcriri Tclcgal. Verna Gzllnrzlr, Annu llutchko, Nlnry Liulu. Na-rvinc Lofmn, Rnsc lncino, Anna lvlnmlurn. Row 5-Gr-rtruclc Wnrlm, Blanche Slmpicnis, 'Mary Fukalr, Dumrluy P1011- incc, Anna Malrkicll, Eleanor Domincn, Iamcs Griffey. Cm-I Blasnvich, Paul Low. Row 6-Martin Raiknci, lack Yahich, Zigmoml Karolcwski, Nick Bmlich, William Lzlfnycttc, Peter Bnhnis, Inc Shziponn. Philip Dnlcssnnmlro. Iohnson Ragsrcr. i 69 Row I-Iennie Nlattozzi, Valeria LaCamcra, Dorothy Lucas, Lytlia lacino, lvlaly Ann Stefanak, Carl Guest, Nickolas Nasser, Mike Rosecki, Alfrecl Capnto. Mike Szabo, Bill Toskin, Peter Barber. Raw 1!Mai-y Vlacl. lane Bean, Elaine Martin, Ivlatlcline Mangone, Sam Uretta, Iacqucline Steele, Proxetly Grossman, Lena Baker, Eclnioncl Vfaska, Angelo Rossi, Sam Patron, Dan Bnzzeu. Row 3-Genevieve Vxfarha, Carolyn Higgins, Anna lacinn, Ruth Leichman, Elmer Slezak, Frank Baniel, William Taylor, Cecelia Karpinski, Frank Fazzalore, lsotlore Piciacehio, Albert Casacio. Row 4-Eileen Kochis. Maury Schell, Nlilelrerl lvl:-iss, Victor Miller, Anne Vavanus, Rose Arci, Lucy Gcrvase, Marcella Blair, Stella Vasile, lvlike Svetina, Albert Ryhicki. Row 5-lcnnie Dizrlar, Sophie Churnlich, Sophie Sl-trypski, Francis Mahone- vich, Alice Bnrprich, Milton Grcenbnrg, Elsie Gnancialc, Chester Burger, Eulia Ragster, Grace Feigert, Dan Tntasio. Row 6-lrenc Popatlics, Alberta Birchko, Dorothy Wilcox, Mildred Pokra- jac, Vslalter Nagay, john Zagore, Vililliam Schuster, Olive Smiley, Roy 7-Mary Dcrloni, Violet Zakan, Millie Conricelli, Catherine Grande, Angeline Bnnaclio, l'7hilonierm Ronge, Anne Cntowski, Louis Vatovnk, George Roskos, john Karney, Eugene jackson. Row 8-Inlins Szabo, William Nicastro, Iohn Manmne, Andrew Danos, Ioseph Voselli, Nick Cannone, Inhn Bosxfk, Mike Fignia, Atlam Ze- browski, Dan Vivolo. 70 L-A X ATHLETIC COUNCIL MR. HETRA MR. IRXVIN MR. ANDERSON MR. TORTORI1 Il DR. LANDAY COACH DAY COACH LEWIS COACH DRESKH ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The following representatives make up the personnel of the Farrell High Athltti: Association of 1937-1938: VV. VV. Irwin, general chairman, VV. R. Anclerson, presitlent antl secretary, Iohn Hetra, tlirector of athletics and treasurer, A. Tortoretti and Dr. L. R. Lantlay, school hoartl, L. l'. Day, football, T. Lewis, basketball, :intl R. Dresch, wrestling. The athletic association tletermines the general antl the individual policies of the sports of the high school. Such matters as the anltlition and feasahility of new sports, making ol schedules, requirements for varsity letters. setting asitle fuutls for varsity awarmls in com- pliance with the I7,l.A.A. rules, setting the prices and disposition of tickets for all varsity contests. the purchase of equipment antl the general maintenance of the athletic program come up for atlvisement anzl consitleration of the athletic council. lt is the function of the council to promote :intl maintain athletics on a plane consistent with the ucceptetl place in ollr high school in accordance to the stantlartls and requirements as voted into the constitution and by-laws of the P.l.A.A, of which Farrell High School is a memher. An athletic program shoulcl he so arrangetl antl enriclietl whenever antl wherever possible so as to get the widest and greatest student participation. In the past, this partici- pation has been cunhnezl to football antl hasketball, This year, however, wrestling .intl track have been atltletl as major sports. The institution of wrestling has been warmly rt- ceivetl antl appreciated by the students. The number of sttulents engaged in these new sports is equal to the student participation in varsity basketball. The new one-quarter mile track on the high school athletic lieltl, one of the liest among the schools in Pennsylvania. is :in outlet for stutlent participation that will approximate the number enjoying the football facilities. I. Hema. 72 Spirited spa-c roles in ilu' stagiuf ring :lnwn thc cur Oli fruqlu'iu l pupils mulgvml llu thu gm-sl syn-ailxvrs public auliln-ss xyst lxuul iucmlicrs wh the xpccclx-lnalu-l'x tion ul thc snulunr Among :lu i Brofcou Rcwiciul B-icon, Mi Upmi 1- -ir nu-rrv wav nm ilu- PEP MEETINGS hos! Coorclinating cliccrsl Mvloxlic iuarchcsl All playcxl important v of our popular pep rallies which roused :hc xtuxlcuts' intcnsst :uul lu-lpcxl min on a siiccvssful atlilctic year. uoruings: prior lo fooiliall and lmxlwrlvalll frayx, lumzlrclls of loyal F, H. school gymnasium. Tlurc. confronting tlu-m. wx-rc ou om' mln- uvar thc microplmiu- which was but a part of our momlcruizcml cm. Svarcil in sph-xulul fonunrion opposin' ilu' spcakcrs wurc thc school o srirrcd up ilu- procculings with thuii' livrlv musical numlu-rs. NVlulc l'cccivcrl mosl of thc applause, our clu-crluaulrrs alwavs won tlu' zulluira- holly. muy speakers who canu-llul previous t'llg1!gt'IlXl'l'lIS to appn-ar lmcfurc thc Farlwr Vacauui, Posnuasrcr Iamcs Ncvaur, Rcvcrciul Logan, Nlr. Earl i Close, Nliss WallncL', Nlr. Snsgailov, Ivlr. lnviu, Nfr. Amlcrson, Coach ' 1 rhromgs of uiuluisiaslic spcctamra wx-rc Attorneys Benjamin hlarks, F11-ml larrctt, zuul loscph 5 Day, Coach l.uwi:, Walxlxzllmaliigli. A rcliaissalicc clu-criug prognxuus :uul ilu' school. Coach Xvagncr. Tvlr. Iohn Hctra, lvlr. john Stoclyci, Nlr. Gmvvr T. of school spirit in lrarrcll High School was thc ultimate rccull of Ihuxv which Iclulml ro mriigtlwil thc- warm ra-lationslups lictwccn ilu' srlulcnrs 7.1 ' SSSS BOOM BAVV ! S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sfs Boom! Baw! Farrell High School! Rah! Rah! Rah! NINE RAHS XVhat's the niattcr with I'h"s all right. VVhu's all right? Nint- rahs hurl-P Rall-rali-rahl Rah-rah-rah! Rah-t'ah-rah! F.H.S. l5.H.S. rah! If.H.S. rahl F.H.S. rah! F.H.S. rah! Yra, Fan'cIl. KICKOFF S-S-s-S-S-s-S-s Baum! A-li-h-lrh-h RAHAR rah! rnhl rah! rah! Ral -s-s -h-I1 AH 1! -h-h! CI-IEERS YEA FARRELI. Yea, Farrell! Fight! Fight! Fight! Yea, Farrell! Fight! Fight! Yea, Farrell! Ifiglir! Fight! Fight! Fight! CENTER END Ct-ntcr, End, Tackle, Guard Hit that line, And hit it hard! Ccntcr, Etid, Tackle, Guard I-hr that Iinc, And hit it hard! Yea, Farrell, Fight! WITH AN "F" NVith :in F, XVith an A, Xvith an F-A-R. XVith an VVith an Xvith an E-L-L, F-A-IFR-E-L-L. Yca, Fnrrcll, Fight! R, E. THE CHEERLEADERS DOWN THAT FIELD Yea, Farrell! Down that Field, Yea, Farrell! Down than Field. Yea, Farrell I Down that Ficld. T-E A-M TYE A- M T-E A-M T-E AAM Team ! Team I Team ! LOCOMOTIVE Clap ............,... ! Clap. . ,....,. ....... ! F-A-R-RAE-L-L ! F-A-RAR-E-L-L I F-A-R-R-E-I.-L ! Yea, Fam-ll, Fight! FIGHT TEANI FIGHT Fight, tram, light! Fight, team, Gght! Fight, tram, Fighr, tram. Fight. team, fight! Yca, Farrell, Fight! Victor Custar, Veronica Pasacic, Carhcrilit' Pasacic, Louis Nicastru 74 SONGS FARRELL HIGH scuoot liarrcll High School, Farrull High School, To thcc wc belong! We are for thcc: wc ntloru thuc, Stalwart, staunch, and strong, FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Farrell High School, Fnrrcll High School, Colors Gold :uul Blum School tlaiys with worltls of fricmlship. We lovv: you. RAH! RAH! RAH! DRUM MAIOR MAN Thcrc's ai clivt-r from the stands nucl thc bleachers, When rhcy sci: him marching by. Thcrc's at yell from thc students :uul teachers, Whcn hc lifts his hccls up high. At the half, you can tell why they :ill crime, Inst to sec him lcnrl that bnntl, Wl1o's thc hem of unch ball gnnic? lt's that big slrum major man! DOWN THE FIELD fTune, "Over Thcrcuj Down thc liclcl, down rhc ficlcl, Golil and Blur, Goltl :intl Blue, :lo not yiulrl. Farrell High is coming, thu Baud is drumming, The xtutlcuts shouting, "Do not yield!" Do your bit, Show your grit! Victory is our goal, Do not quit! Wt-'ll be ovvr, wc'rc going over, Anil we wou't give up 'till the boys all :lo tlit-ir bit! DOWN THE FLOOR Down the floor, tlown the floor, Gold anal Blue. Goltl :intl Blue, mnkc al score. Fzirrcll High is coming, the Bnntl is drumming, The students shouting, "Make it more!" Do your bit, Show your grit! Victory is our goal. Do not quit! Wc'lI he scoring, and keep on scoring, And we wou't give up 'till thc buys have done the 75 ir bir! FOOTBALL COACH DAY: "I'l"S YOUR TEAM, MY TEAM, OUR THAN 76 Marin Hardy Paulekas Day Wagner Tommins COACHING STAFF Resigning from NVashington4leIferson College where he was head grid mentor for live years, lvlr. LeRoy P. Day, during the past season, made his dehut as Head Coach on Farrell High's foothall coaching staff. Other new meinbers of the coaching stall were Assistant Coach Anthony Pauleltas and Equipment Nlanager loseph Hardy. Both men played under Coach Day in their college days. Rounding out our scliool's most complete coaching stall in history, these newcomers joined Assistant Coaches Vaughn Wagner, joseph Tommins, and Stephen Nlarin of the arevious ear, in makin a success of the I - football season. The were instrumental in l Y S 31 laying the groundwork for Farrell High School's football teams in the future. ln late August, 1937, Coach Day, along with the assistant coaches, sounded the call for candidates on the Farrell High eleven, More than ninety lads, eager to play under a new coach, sought positions on the squad. After several sexions of gnielling practice in which Coach Day introduced his new system, the squad was reduced to less than half of this number. In order to have the team ready for the early season, it was necessary to east aside many of the important fundamentals. Nevertheless, the 1937 football season proved to be a successful one, 77 -1 XII' J! in 1. 2 4 Q tr Q. rg 343 .sr A bw- f' H rf' '-rs. 4 40 gm sr 55? ' Ai ,rl , L Q., -, i.,-,Z'vm i 4 . li .2 .r , ' ,, giipns 4' W Krew 1: I ., '-,Q .. : "" get f t L ' ' V -IQ,L:1i::V iw' 5 ' . ar' 2351? 3 Q V- if I '1' :ef -- ' no W V L 31 i F fs' '5 gn ge miw- 56,5 Q, : .gi ,,qA .5 if 39 19 as 2 41 ' 55 lf , ti K . - . V ' Ay il 1 l x G MW K h 'H x ' 5 , 'jg V 5 " 5' ,, '11 X, 6 9 L 6 Q- ' 1- -r-- , VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD lintsr Row: Preston, Robinson, Linonis, Keryan, Iacltson, Gugliotta, Fahr, Danrt-llc, Santcll. Sl:coNn Row: Russo, E. McKinnis, Lcavcns, Levine, Wayne, Stinson, Caruso, Schmidt Staccine. Stiftinger. Tnmn Row: Davis, Dzaia, Sanders, F. Buricb, Varro. Blasdell, Bitehko, Golub. FOURTH Row: Latsko, Thomas. Hetr.1, G. Burich, Bonadio, lacino, Pratt, H, hleliinuis, Basilone, FOOTBALL September 17 NEXVTON FALLS-0 FARRELLfzl QI-Ionic, Farrell's gritlders made Coach Days debut a pleasant one by trouneing a small but Classv Newton Falls team. The varied attack of the Steelers gave local fans hopes for a successful season. September 24 CHANEY-26 FARRELL-6 Qblolnej ln their second game, the Night Riders inet a powerful Chaney squad that won the Youngstown city title the :previous year. A series of bad breaks left a lighting Farrell team on the short end. The dc eat was our first of the 1937 season, October 9 SHARPSVI LLE-o FARRELL-0 Qawayj A steady rlownponr of rain on a soggy gridiron formed the setting for our visit to Sharpsville, our first county opponent. The Steelers completely outplayed Sharpsville and frequently threatened to score, However, eaeh advance was halted by a stubborn Sharps- ville line and the fray ended in a scoreless tie. October 15 GREENVILLE-o liARRELLf31 fHomej Our next opponent was Greenville, another county league member, After a close first half. Farrell displayed a dazzling type of football and scored a decisive triumph. Hugh lX4eKuin1s's four touchdowns featured the one-sided victory. -78 FOOTBALL October 11 ELLWOOD CITY-25 FARRELL-r 1 fl-lzrn The following week, Farrell played host to the Ellwood City eleven. On the first r'av' of the game, our star center was injured and had to be carried off the field. Early in the fray, Ellwootl City scored twice, but Farrell retaliated with two touchdowns of their own. Ellwood's olfense was too tricky in the closing periods, and our boys Fell before the invaders. October zo YOUNGSTOWN SOUTH-fx3 FARRELL-19 fHon1ej Our next fray saw Farrell rally to score thru: touchdowns, overcoming an early lead ol Youngstown South. The Ohioans themselves put on a rally, scoring :mother touchdown and advancing to Farrell's goal line with seconds remaining. Farrell's stalwart line stopped two plunges as the game ended. November 6 SHARON-zo FARRELL-o QAwayj YVith the county championship at stake. Farrell journeyed to Sharon for their annual battle with the undefeated Tigers. Injuries and fumbles beset the Steelers from the outset of the game. Sharon took advantage of three Farrell misplays to gain a convincing victory. November I3 GROVE CITY-o FARRELL-zq Ql-Iomej Finishing strong after a scoreless Hrs: half, Farrell drulnhecl Grove City in the season's linale. Through this triumph, Farrell gained second place in the county league. This also completed one of our most successful football seasons. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT Row: Wallace Bitchlto. REQ Eugene Pratt. RT: lack Schmidt, RGQ Felix Bonadio, C: William Sanders, LGQ Peter lacino, LTQ George Burich, LE. REAR Row: joseph Stiftinger, RHg Williatix Latsko, F: Frank Hctra Q: Everett Mc- Kinnis, LH. -E 5 ll 79 L .EW VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT Row: Paul Dzajn, RE: Frank Buriclx, RT: Humy Russo, RG: XVillinm I-Tlxr C Albert Linonis. LG: Hcmy Thomas, LT: Ivssc XVnync, LE. REAR Row: Harry Smccinc. RH: Idikc Lcnvcns, I31 Rocco Gnglinttal, Q: Clnruxcf. Preston. LH. ' 1938 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 7 OCTOBER I4 OCTOBER 2, NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 9 16 23 30 5 I2 ERIE TECHNICAL BROOKFIELD CHANEY ALLIANCE ACADEMY SHARPSVILLE AT WARREN STRONG VINCENT SHARON AT GROVE CITY RESERVES FIRST Row: Hnida, Iohnson, Davis, Kerins, Linonis, Ioho, Guerino, Rufio, Muscarella, Gibbs. SECOND Row: lvlissory, Lamhros, Stabile, Milliron, Maschgan, Davis, Ostrowski, Donatelli, Capital. THIRD ROW: Snead, Latsko, Zelch, Thomas, Adams, Dignan, Stabile, Henkins, Steve Carrol. FOOTBALL RESERVES Although they played no specially arranged schedule of games, the Farrell High School Football Reserves did their part in building up the varsity squad. As did members of the first and second teams. these Reserves engaged in brisk daily workouLs to keep in shape for the forthcoming games. In their training with the varsity, they aided immeasurably. By serinuuaging with the Reserves, the regulars gained considerable competitive experience. one of the deciding factors in the success of an athletic team. Then too, instead of being east adrift, these Reserves learned the spirit of cooperation, as their work showed. We have yet to come to the outstanding value of a reserve squad. That valine is be- coming the varsity of tomorrow. Consisting mainly of undcrclassmen, this group must strengthen weakened positions and must H11 the gaps left open by graduation. Similar to the reserve army Hanks who replace wearied soldiers, these Farrell High Football Reserves wait in readiness for an opportunity to engage in combat. They are the backbone of any squad, Bearing in mind the old adage, "A team is no stronger than its weakest substitute", Head Coach Day devoted a great deal of time to his Reserves, or substitutes. Since they are to make up the Varsity in the future, they should he schooled intensively in the funda- mentals of the new system which Mr, Day recently introduced here. S1 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Physical education is an important part of our daily lives. Like all forms of education it must continually adjust itself to the changing conditions of life. It should never be an end in itself, but should always strive to further the accepted aims of general education. The modern physical director looks upon bodily exercise as tools by means of which definite worth- while tendencies within the individual may he developed. From MR. TOMMINS Pbyxicnl Dimmu this viewpoint, physical education as a school subject has cer- tain deFinite functions, It provides conditions that will give the boy an opportunity to indulge in vigorous physical activities that are satisfying in them- selves, It creates conditions that will help to develop the youth mentally, and it places him in situations that will favor his growth as a social being. Physical education is a procedure guided by philosophic and education criteria that give promise of helping to solve some of the problems of modern civilization. lt is not concerned merely with teaching a technic, nor in mastering a stunt. All the accomplish- ments of the gymnasium, the playground, and the athletic Held are to be taught in relation to their possible contribution to human happiness and fulness of life. The industrial world is realizing that work is a human product. that men and women who labor are living and breathing, that the working process is motor and subject to the laws of physical training, that the efficiency of the worker is dependent upon his health and happiness. To the capitalist this is of great concern, for it means dollars and cents, to the labomr it is of greater concern, for it means life itself. The social and moral standards of a people, a cum- Illlllllly, or a home are built up by education. No agency of the school is so potent as physical education in helping to establish and maintain such desirable standards. Character education is precisely this reaction to standard ways of conduct. lt involves the standards that each pupil may accept as a type of indiviclual conduct, and standards that he may approve for his group in dealing with other groups outside his own environ- ment. These standards must be built into the lives of the student. They cannot be acquired by talking about them, but by engaging in activities in which there is an oppor- tunity to exercise them. The game, the contest, the meet is the laboratory in which the accepted standards are tried out. In fact, the entire school life should be a laboratory of this kind. Under no conditions should these standards of character and conduct swm to apply only to the athletic activities of the youth. His class examinations may illustrate fair play 82 PHYSICAL EDUCATION :mtl huncstyg thc class uivctilig, the sfhnol plays, or thc school Picnic, may illustrate co! operation, All thcse help to foxtcr the uttituzlc of accepting him flllll others as worthy. The gootl Sportsman on thu athletic Iii-lil shoultl hc a gooil Sportsman at lmnu' in relation to his parents, his brothers and his sistcrsg in school, in relation to his classnmtcs. Thr.-rc is no athlctic aristocracy in conduct. WL' all want to sw: our boys particilmating in soma- form of rccrcatiun. VUL' waiu tn soc unc humlrcil l:L'1'cv1u cligagiltg in avtiritics. XV1- want cvvry lxuy tu rlcvclnlv xumu spurt, some hohhy, hccansc as hc grows olilcr cvrtain of thc inorc strvnuous must hc "lnppcil" ulf as will some phases or rcaililig which may not hu intcrvsting, :mtl we wxlnt him to he traincrl in thcst' nctivitius lwransn' wc huiltl our Clmractcrs aml our strungtll in our pn'- ailolcsccnr pcriml. XV1' hllilcl it up to thc cml nf our high sclmol ilays. In arltlition to that, wc want every lxoy to have thc stamina aml thc strungtli that will permit him to staml the wcar :mtl tcar of motlurn lilic. XVL- want to sue him go out with iutvrcst, not only to src activitivs hut with iittcrcst to participate in actiritius. NVQ- want him to hc a man who will tlonhlc thc amounts cxpcnmlul in our city for athlutic lit-lzls alul playgroumlx when hc laccrmics a votvr. Vile want to scntl our youth out into the liliv of tht' collntry with sounxlcr constitutions, with hurtcr health, anzl with hcttcr physical habits for life-anything that will scrvc that purpose ccrtainh' tlcscrvcs a high place in an mlucatiunal prograin. All in ull, hc will ht-gin lu xr-Q that liliysical vtlnratioli has real educational vahivs for his future. Iosiivu C. T-OMAIINS. MR. TOMMINS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS S3 CLASS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT ln the annual Farrell High School Class Baxkc-thrill tournament, nmlcr the ilirccrinn of Miss Upton and Mr. Tonnnins, thc Sophomorcs carried off honors in rhc boys' rlivision by rrouncing the Freshmen in the finals 33-19. Retaining the girls' rirlu which rhr-y won rhr' prcvious year as luniors, thc Seniors toppled the Freshmen lnsscs 29-I8 in thc linails. An inscribed Plaque was presented to rhc winners :ind the procccrls of :ill ganics was arldcml to the Varsity Letterman Fund. The opening night boys' games found the Svninrs rnniping over the lnnintx, 30-iz, and the Eighth Graders defeating thc Seventh Gradrrs, 18-8. Thr- Snplinnmrr- hnys nnsccl our thc Seniors in a thrilling zz-21 cnntcst in thc scnii-finals while the Frcslnncn lads downed thc Eighth Graders, 29-i3. ln thc Hrs: round girls' ganncs, thc Seniors nnrclasxczl the Iuniors, I8 to 9 and thc Seventh Graders nippccl the Eighth Graders. I4-iz. Suni- finals saw the Senior lasscs winning ovcr the Sophonmrcs, 23-I 1. Mczmwhilc thu Frcshmen easily topped thc Seventh Graders, 1578. 84 GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Our girls are ambitious, alive, eager for activityg activity that will release such energy,-the kind of which reveals a true all-around girl. When a girl is absorbed in an activity suitable to her liking, one cannot help observe her facial expression, her grace. If we recognize a few of these qualities in a girl and really arc interested in her well-being, we will provide all the activity possible to satisfy this energy. One can't begin to express the need for this. She demands it for growth mentally, physically, morally, and socially. M55 NORA l- UPTON Adults not only in the educational Field who are expected P"W""' D""'i'm' to take care of every phase of her growth, but those who are concemed with her growth outside of school must realize the need for a center where both our boys and girls and adults for that matter, may indulge in a program of worthwhile activities. After a few hours daily in a center of this sort, expounding most of their excess energy, our young people would im- prove in every way. There would be so much more harmony as far as the need of discipline is concerned both at home and at school. Although with good intentions, those concerned with this problem keep :neglecting it year after year when actual realization would bring about an amazing improvement in our community. Why are we so absorbed in every phase of developing our conuuunity except that of our youth? It is tnie that we do think about it and plan a lot, but these boys and girls need action, much more than our schools can take care of. For instance, the girls have been attempting an intramural program in the High School, the last few years, where each home room and each one of the clubs compete in basketball. It takes about two and a half months to run olf a schedule for home rooms in basketball alone and although more than two thirds of all the girls in the Iunior and Senior High participate, just a few play in more than one game, so that ic takes quite an extensive after school program ro give every girl an opportunity to participate in more than one activity. Over two hundred and Hfty girls spent the Hrs: semester of this year working out a program to present to the public: one which would demonstrate their ability in dilferent types of dancing, tumbling, sports, games, marching and calisthenics. When the girls pn:- sented it, one couldn't have looked upon a more finely developed group. Last spring saw two new sports developed, volley ball and tennis, so that thtse two new sports will take up every minute available for extra curricular activity during the second semester of this year. This gives one a slight picture of the attempt at extra curricular activity for one school term, but to realize the ahove center would be ideal. Nona I, UPTON. 85 .MM , ., W., ,. , ..I.-..,, , , A ,-, - ... GIRLS GYMNASIUM EXHIBITION IUNIOR SKATERS' WALTZ-SENIOR MODERNISTIC DANCE-SPORTS GROUP 86 GIRLS GYMNASIUM EXHIBITION CALISTHENICS W MARCHING GROUP h- TUMBLING GROUP 87 "" "' ' "'A"'?"'il- Ella'-E S11 ' fill , ,ggl ,ffl ,L , , , ' , .i.f,.,Q..,A ,I+L-L1 TID NORTHWEST REGIONAL CHAMPIONS Wcslcy Iohnson, Brrnaml Bryslm, Iolm Puclml, li-lix Bonnrlxo, Coach Tudor Lewis Henry Thomas, Frank Hfstrn, Iusnpll Kzlmkowski, Willianl SIlHllISl"S. 88 VARSITY BASKETBALL lnnugtirating their first seaso11 under their new basketball coach. Tudor Lewis, Farrell High School's 1937-1938 Hoor squad aimed their gu11s at the Mercer County Crown which six times had belonged to a Steeler Quint. To make ir title NUMBER 7 -that was the question. Farrt-ll's veteran passers had too much power for a strong Alumni team in their opener. After gaining a1'1 early lead. the Steelers eoasred to a 28-to triumph. "Snooks" Iohnson tallied I3 points to feature. TUDOR LliNVlS l l-.' f li l'ltl-llf--tl n :1 ow scoring ray turing wuti it eat rtqutn 1,1 Rtubnlmll Cmnh changed h:1nds, Farrell bowed to a clever New Castle squad 24-21. Chielly responsible for the locals' defeat was "Blackie" Nocera, sensational New Castle forward, who played a hang-up defensive game besides chalking 11p 11 points. After trailing 20-I5 at half-time, Farrell put un the pressure to take a close battle from Erie East. 32-28. The spear head of the Steeler attack in this tussle was "Big Bertha" Thomas, elongated pivot man, who caged four goals and added two free throws. An invasion of the Aliquippa court proved disastrous to Farrell as they fell before the home-towners, 29-17. The Steelers hattled their foes on even terms in the Hrst half, h11t wilted in the later periods. Erie Academy was Fai-rell's next victi111, bowing to the locals, 29-19. Because of the Steelers' strong defense, the Erie lads scored only four baskets. The Farrell scoring was evenly divided. Farrell crushed their next Erie opponent Strong Vincent, by a score of 31-14. Coach Lewis used all of his players who kept increasing their margin as they entered the fray. The Farrell passers started the new year right with a 31-zo triumph over Erie Academy at the larter's floor. Soon after he entered the game in the second period, Thoruas tallied live baskets to lead the assault. ln their first Mercer County League fray, the Steelers bowled over Nlercer High by a 32-12 score. Point-getting honors went to Btysh and Iohnson with nine and eight points respectively as the locals captured their fourth straight tilt. Although they trailed I6-IZ at half-time, Farrell put on the pressure and overwhelmed a Courageous Youngstown South squad. 37-19. Bennie Brysh Hippetl seven field goals and a foul to head the onslaught. Ellis was the Ohioaus' star performer. Farrell's next visit was to Greenville who fell before o11r powerful olfense, 46-zo. Thomas paced the scoring with iz points as the Steelers rolled up their biggest total of the Sfllson. Another last-half splurge gave the Farrell cagers a 28-25 victory over Sharon High. Behind 17-13 ar intermission Brysh and his mates counted from all angles to end Sharon's eight-game winning streak and to stretch Farrcll's string to seven straight. 89 VARSITY BASKETBALL Hickory threw :1 scare into Farrell and held a io-7 niargin at the half. However, tl1e Steelers finally regained their stride to chalk up an impressive win. 33-21, Brysh and john- son topped the scoring. After the Farrell regulars had piled up a 28-3 lead early in the final quarter at Sharps- ville, Coach Lewis nished in his substitutes. This fray, which was the Stu-ler's ninth con- secutive victory, resulted in a 31-I2 score, Brysh again led the locals with to points. Fa1'rell's 11ext foe, Erie Tech, was the fourth Erie school to bow to the Sm-lets. lnst1'11- mental in thc 44-22 rout of tl1e Erie lads were llonadio and Thomas, who alternated at center. They chalked up ten points each. Iourneying to lvfercer for a ret11rn clash with tl1e County Seaters, Farrell marked up its eleventh straiglit success. During the game, Brysh took sick a11d had to retire. johnson headetl the scoring column with five goals and a free throw. Hickory invaded o11r court and bccame our twelfth victim in a row. Taking a 25-io lead at half-time, Farrell coasted to a 42-25 win. With flrysh on the sidelines, Thomas was the spearhead for the locals, scoring I0 points. ln a hectic thrill-packed contest Sharon High staged a remarkable finish to subdue Farrell 32-26. This was the iinx fray for the Steelers wl1o sought their thirteenth straight win. Except in the early minutes, Farrell led tl1e entire fray. However with the score knotted at 25 all, Brysh went out on fouls to ease matters for the Tigers. Thomas and Brysh topped the scoring with 13 and to points respectively. Although they led only 23-19 at the close of the third Canto, the Farrell passers exe- cuted their best offensive tricks to rout Grove City 44-25. The Grovers fought desperately for three periods, b11t they wilted as the battle wore on. Brysh was outstanding for the victnrs with 16 points. Sharpsville. our next opponent, surprised friend and foe alike as they extended Farrell to the limit before bowing 28-24. After the first half, when they led zo-iz, tl1e Steelers staved off numerous threats to gain .1 close triumph. Bernie Brysh again paced the attack with nine points. Rolling up their biggest score of the season, Farrell won handily over Greenville, 51-26. Coach Lewis used his entire squad in the combat, bn: the score kept mounting. Iohnny Pochal. substitute forward, tallied 13 points. However, Thomas' I4 counters topped the list. ln their final clash, the Steelers received an unexpected jolt by Grove City and trailed the Grovers at the end of the first quarter, 14-4. Farrell gradually cut tl1e margin and trailed hy four points with a few minutes left. Pochal tl1e11 caged two baskets and Brysh a foul to give Farrell a 27-26 lead. This win gave the Steelers :1 tie with Sharon for Mercer County l.r:ague honors. With a record of four straight wins dangling at their belts, the Farrell Steelers fared Sharon i11 a county playoff fray at Thiel College. When Brysh and l-letra ke mt clicking from long range, Farrell piled up a 17-9 lead at half-time. Sharon gratlualy cut the Steelers' lead, but the final gun found them behind 33-30. Bernie B1-ysh maintained his sensational pace by rallying 11 points. This triuntph gave Farrell the Nlereer Counts' championship for the seventh time. In the first game of the District io playoff, Farrell trampled Erie East 41-16 at Thiel College. Again the Steelers took an early lead a11d coasted to victory. Henri' Tliomas broke the season scoring record with zz points. Franklin next fell before Farrell 44-zo in the District 10 Hnals at Grove City. Only in tl1e first quarter, when they nailed 12.-8, did the Franklin boys threaten. Continuing his brilliant play, Thomas tossed in 16 points, 90 VARSITY BASKETBALL Spa-ul, ahility nml fight carricil lfarrrll un tn a 46-39 win over Taylor Alltlcrmlicc High, Pittthnrgli City chalnpionx at llv.n'vr lialls. Afrcr a hcctic lirst half, whcn Allilvrmlicc was in front 14-13, liarrvll captnrL'il the lcaml and ncvcr rclinqnisluwl ir throughout the contest. Rogvr Iiwgcitxun sparklcil for thc llittslmrglwrs with 24 marltcrs while Brysh was lfarrclrs acc with 14. Scvking thx-ir ninth cuiiscctltivc trinlnph liamsll tanglcml Warrcnls Dragons in the W'csn-rn regional an-ini-finals at Shawn. Thi- Srcclcrs stcppul out to a 17-I5 lcail as thc lirst pt-riml elim-il. Huwcvcr. XVarrcn wlnttlctl thc margin to 22-iq in the rhirtl pcriml only tu lall ln-hinil as the gann' ncarcml its linish. Although hc lcfr thc fray early ilnc to per- vunal fouls, Thomas ruturnctl antl conrrihntcnl 17 points tn Farrcll's 42-35 success, l7lilxt'-lwaitiitg action and a galaxy of thrills prcvnilctl as thc Altoona Lions nnsud ont Farm-ll 35-34 in thi- KKK-stul'lt Pt-nnsylvania Regional Finals at l7irtxhnrgl1. Ono ul thu must stirring, linixhcs ul' all tinics was tvitxicsxcil with thc score 35-34 in favor of Alttmna :intl n inn-rc xt-cuml to gn Katnlcowski rhvn lifu-il in a Held goal ln-fun' thc final gun sonmlctl, but Unipirv: Shi-rinan rulcil stops on rho play. Thomas lcrl liarrull with 15 points mul Frccl Anwkv was Altuonifs lcaclur with 17. The lliuiiilxcrx ul' thu sqnarl arc: just-ph Katakowski, Wcxlcy Iuhnson, Bcrnaul Brysh, Henry Thomas, l7rank Hvtra, liclix llunanlin, Iuhn Puchal, Nlanagcr Eclwnrrl Hanlcy, Albert Caruso, hflarlin luxcph, luscph Stiflingur, Frank Enrich, john Bntchko, Wallace Bitchkn, Paul Dzaja, XVillian1 Sanzlurs, lvliku l.t'avn-ns. 91 """' -L '--All-,gr f Y Y 1 1' 'iffafj-4, 'I' VARSITY BASKETBALL AT THE FARRELL-SHARON AND THE SHARON-FARRELL GAMES 92 YYY rv. QTIJIV-2 P-ig? ,Y , ,Ti T -Y 1, .-,ye-V w....i,..t.. ,Wk ' 1 Yfirffiii' 1. 1'-ff? 1.:.Ll1L,1, '?':1T".-fr:-i"'E!2"1 ' fill I-L--Eil'5'L,-ttf BASKETBALL RESERVES l5111s'1' Row: Conch Marin, Russo, Ray, Mnschgan, Caruso, Linoms. Gayzlck, Kcrins, Mc- Kinnis, Zolzlaul, Lvnvcns. SECOND Row: Hlumlzl, Priznnt, lVI1sso1'y, Ujalkuvich, MKICR, Tauh, Kosm, Sorokuch. Als- nzuncr, Zclch, Osrrowski, Lnrskn. FARRELL RESERVES A viral lurmr of success 111 Farrell High cage rcnlms is thc Rvssurvu Squalcl. Consisting nf boys wlm .uv nm lunkc up thu vursily rcaun of :hc futurr. this group has always mllsplzlyvsml lupf11ulcl1 work. Hrsnlccl by C1mrl1rs l.r-11-is :uul h'l11r111, 1I1u Rcsrrrc Squml swept aside pralclicallly alll opposition. Only thruc defeats wurc s11Ilrrcal in eighteen ll'llyS, The Fnrrcll Reserves hnwcml to S. E. U., Nvw Castle Resewcs, xlnxl Sharon Rcscrvcs. At one stage of thc scnsun, rhcy nmrkcml up nine consecutive wins. Thu sc-alxou rccnrrl of the Farrell Rus:-was is as follows: Farrell-New Castle, I6-ISQ FnrrcllACr-ltics, 22-192 Fnr1'cll--Aliq11ippa1, I7r9Q Fun-ell-S. E. U., 33-34: FLl1'l'C'll-SE. A1lclbcrt's, zz-193 F111'1'cll-Tvlvrccr, 35-14g Farrell-ExfHi-Y, 26-zog F11r1'cll-G1'cenvillc, zo-153 Farrell- Sl1:1ru11, 23-12: Fn1'1'clI-Sharpsvillc, 24-Ili Farrell-Varsity "F", 29-zo: Fnrrcll4Mcrccr, 35-21: Farrell-Hickory, 34-8: F:1rrc'll-Slmmn, 19-28: Farrell-Grove City, 40-14: Fan'cll-Shnrpsvillv. 25-15: Farrell-Greenville, 41-17: lT1Ifl'L'll-GI'KlVC City, 29-19. 93 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Aece11t11atetl hv 11 keen anrl livel ' siirit of 1vo1'k111a111sl1i , Farrell's nnior Hi I1 s uatl l .1 I l P S Sl gazed back at their 1937-38 rucortl w1tl1 pmutl feel111g, They had won 17 contests and had bowed onlv thrice. Besides Sluiron, who trium nhetl over the Farrell team o11 two occasions, , l tl1e Saxons were the only other quint to tr1111 our boys. Xvith hlr. Stephen lvlarin filling the mle of Cllllfll in a praise-ivortliv 111an11er, the junior High came through with flying colors i11 their first I4 contests. l11 close contact with l1is cantlitlates, Coach h4ari11 inllaliietl their ca1e1'11ess to lla' anml likewise easccl their 5- l D passions when thev becaxne over-exutetl. The niemhers of the Iunior High Bnskelhall Sqnatl are H. Nlorocco, Toslftin, l7ncl1:1l, Glatlyz, Stabilc, Marks, Conch hlzlrin, Donatclli, V. Nlorocco, C:1l111o11e, Ortlish, Shaponri, D. Zarella, Scanlon, Petrillo, W. Schuster, H. Tlminais, K1-oko1vski, Piciacchio, Mngliotto, Ret-tl, lwlnlinari, Nevant, Bilich, Decapua, Viselli, Wasko, Pavuk, Kerlek, Stiftingcr, G. Shapona, Dnich, Pcrruzzi, Rt-tltli11ger, Karolewski, Dyll, Davis, Miller, A. Gmntle, Szabo, A. Thonias, Vivolo, A. Zarclla, Sattcrwhire, lXfl11sca1'ell:1, Tikuja, XValiga, Bihlis, Antlrnslty, Greco, R. Grande, Palumbo. l..icl1var, Knczcrski, Falvo. Their season record is as follows: Iunior High-Aces, 28-163 Iunior Higli-Soplioxnorcs 30-19: lunior High-lvlanagers, 18-14: ltlnior High-Coyotes, 26-T42 Innior High-Troj:111s, 22-14, Innior High-Boulcvartl. 31-155 Inninr Higli-Hickory. 32-19: Innior High-Sllarpsville, 26-221 Innior High-Boy Scouts, 34-zo: Innior High-Aces, 14-.zzz lunior High-Sharon, 10-29: Iunior High-Blue lays, 16-121 Innior Higl1-Bo11lev11rtl, zo-181 lunior High-Sophoniorcs, 24-18, Innior High-Bantl. 36-7: Iunior High-Trojans, 25-133 Innior Higli-Batul, 32-22, Innior High-Saxons, I6-l91 Iulnor High-Sliarpxville, 28-18: junior High-Sharon, I9-30. 94 WRESTLING Adopted as a varsity sport for the first time in the annals of Farrell High School, wrestling gave local athletes another opportunity to display their talents. Owing to thc decided interest shown hy candidates who reported for last year's mat drills, school officials added this novel sport to our list of activities. Named as coach was Ralph Dresch, once a star grapplcr at Indiana University. Assist- ing him in that capacity was Woodrow Van Enian, also a wrestler in his college days at Grove City College. Vx'ith these capable men at the helm, the wrestling aspirants began their training in earnest. After many weeks of grnelling practice, Coach Dresclfs inexperienced squad was ready to npen its dillieult schedule. However, .ts the season wore on, the Steeler Wi'estlers felt the strain of competitive inexperience. Since thc Farrell matmen had scheduled marches with rival schools that sponsored varsity wrestling teams for many years, the Steelers mer with only fair success. Despite this mediocre success, our wrestling championship hopes for the fnture were rather promising. Beginning in early December and continuing through lvlarch, the Farrell grappling team played a total of six matches, two each, with Grove City and Greenvillcg there were single meets with DuBois and Erie Academy. Farrell finished second in the District io Tournament at Erie with Pratt and DclVlartinis carrying oH' individual titles, The members of the wrestling team are Dear, Mancine, Stefanick, Biastecky, Pearce, Tobias, Mnnganis, DeMarrinis, Tucci, G. Burger, Bonibeck, C. Burger, Borysewicz, Lloyd, Natwocki, Assistant Coach Van Eman, Robinson, Szmyd, Stabilc, E, McKinnis, Bordy, hflaxwcll, Tnrariyi, Wolfe, Nlorocco, Coach Dresch, F. Basilone, Zappa, Nathan, Pratt, hlrozek, Varro, Salem, Nlclcky, Laslow. 95 TRACK The introtluction of Track and Field as a major sport activity . at Farrell High School will give a greater number of students ' the opportunity for outdoor physical training and development. Height and weight are not physical rcquisites for this sport. Many of our best track men have been small in stature. This sport will permit from 56 to 70 boys to participate :is a team in actual competition in an inter-school meet. Our worlt this year is that of builrling anrl it will require much patience, perseverance and iletermination on the part of COACH DAY those interested in this program. As in any sport which involves so much intricate tletail and tcchnic, much time must be spent in the building of a fonntlation. The acquisition of the fundamental principles in any of the events is a tedious and painstaking process. It takes from one to three years for thc average athlete to become proficient in the huirlles, pole vault and weight events. Few boys have natural ability anrl as a result they must be rleveloperl from the first fundamental principle to the point of well balanced performance. In the sprints the progress of develop- ment is more rapitl and it is probable that We shall have point winners in this ilivision the first year. In all fairness to the athlete, we shoulil not expect championship performance the Hrst year. If we can further ilevclop and carry ont our school spirit into this new major sport, we will do niuch to inspire those who carry our banner to greater progress in development anrl ultimately a winning team. EVENTS INCLUDED IN TRACK AND FIELD COMPETITION TRACK EVENTS: Sprints: loo yartl tlash. zzo yarrl tlash. 440 yard sprint. Distance Races: Half mile mn f88o yarrlsj. Mile run. Hurdles: izo yard high lnirtlles. zzo yard or izo yard low hurdles. Relays: Mile relay fcach boy runs 440 yartlsj. Medley relays fvarying distances with teams of 4 boysj. FIELD EVENTS: Pole vault. Running high jump. Running broad jump. Weight Events: Shot put. Discus. lavelin. LEROY DAY. 96 L.: f,,,, BAND Nothing was more inspirational at our Friday morning pep meetings than to hear our hand play our own "Farrell High Schooll' song in their hest spirited manner. This organi- zation, led by Miss Virginia Iamison, gave our new pep rallies that final touch of vim, vigor, and vitality which was carried out of the gym to the football field and which was also kept in the gym for the evenings basketball game. The fighting spirit with which the band played was transmitted to our teams with pleasing results. Without the hand, we could not have sung our pep songs: Farrell High School, Down thc Field, Drum hdaior hflan, Yea Team, or Everybody Whistle. To them, we are grateful for making our pep rallies a worthy and successful enterprise. To them, we are also grateful for representing the school in parades, programs, and band contests. Islay their instruments continue to luring forth notes of success in thc coming years. The officers of the band are Iames Bacon, president: Casimir Karolewski, vice president: Mae Vllltarron, secretary: Rocco Cataldo, librarian: Thomas Livingston and Peter Grande, monitors: Philip Sherwood, reporter. The members of the band are as follows: lilnsr ROW: Emile Szabo, drum major. Louis Nicololf, Sam Campagna, Philip Sherwood, Nlae Wharton. bliss Virginia Iamison, director, Thomas Livingston, Calvin Vermeire, Norma Stubbs, Cornel Bolog, lack Staunch, loc Validzich. SECOND Row: lvlarl-t Speizer, Danny Yanltovich, Dorothy Plodinec, Kath- leen Glover, Adeline Portal. XVilliam Dizdxlr, loseph Pranel-2, Lydia lacino, Peter Grande. Inles Glubish, lvlario Gallegos. THIRD Row: Charles Alsnauer, Darrell Maxwell, Anthony Cluirko, Bebe Dear, Iames Vellente, Harvey Sattenvliite, Ice Moliniere, Rocco Cataltlo, Roland Verincire, Iantes Bacon, Casimir Karolewski. FQURTII Row: Sam DeCarlo, Andrew Tlwnlas, lack Clotves, lohn Capson, Xvilliam Armour, .Sammy NVeitzen. james Wilson. Iohn Ellis. Herman hffagnotto, Dominick Ticrna, Dan Davis. Absent: Iunior Drum lvlaiorsz Iohn Paczals, lohn Pearce, Elmer Szaho, Hector hfloroceo. 98 ORCHESTRA XNL- owr our uzany congrzttnlattionx tu lvliss launison .intl to the high xrhool oi'clicstrn, with which tru were able to cnjoy music at our zlssctnhlirs, plays, opcrrttats, and grauluzition uxcrcisrx. The well arrttngcil. well halautccil, difficult music tnzistcrccl this yrair hy our nrchcstrn is something of which we may hc proutl :uul proves at challenge to those playing in thc organization in yours to route. VVQ-, thc graulnaitcs, :irc honorctl to lmvc hcnrcl or oncc luccu at part of such a tnlrntctl group. VV1- nrc alxo plum-tl when wi- rcvicxv the occa- sionx on which our orchestral has gone to neighboring ritius that it might rcprrsunt Fatrlrll High School hy taking Part in thi-sc cvcnts: forums, rlnlw, circles, holitlzty prograuns, :intl others. XVt- xlmll :tcknowlrtlgr thrir triuinplt in fulurc vt-.u's. The olliccrm of tht- orclirsliui nrt' Philip Slu-rwootl, lxrn-sitlo.'nt: Ernest Pctrirlt, vicv presi- tluntg Ailcliiic Portal, sccrcturyg Louis Nicololf illlll Hairoltl Rosruhhun, lilmu'ialnS: Vifilliaun Dizmlnr :tual Darrell Ivlalxwull, inonitorsg Dominic Ticrno, rcportcr, The mcnlhcrs of tht' orchcstra :irc first violin: Casimir Karolcwski, v:on1:crt-innstcr. Calthvrinr Skomly, Stvvu Pzulcnirh. Harry Vcrutcirc. Autlrcv Slit-llcitlu'i'gct', Ernest Pctrick: Sccontl violin: Ioan Cnpozzoli. Anna Matt- Livingston, Hnroltl Roscnblum, Sltztltrcn Nanlcrg clarinet: Ailclinc Portal, Philip Shi-rtvootl, Williniti Diztlzlr, Dalnicl Yankovich: piano uc! cortlinn: Helen Drozilal: E flat alto snxnplmncs: Rocfo Caralxlo, Virginia Llcwcllyn, Dor- othy Ploiliucc: ll Hut tenor satxnplioltc: Louis Nicololfl tromhoncs: lvluc Wharton, Thonms Livingston: trumpets: Rolnntl Vrrntcirc, lack Clowcs, llvln' Drnrg baritone: Darrell hflrlx- well: cnphoniunt: Charles Alsluiiirii ilrumsc Dominick Ticrno: bell lyrc: lor Vulitlzich: Piano: Carolyn Pnudolri, Sain Cntnpnguatg tlircctor: Mixs Virginia lzunison. 99 Gallichio, Andres, Richards, Shellenbergcr, Gauss, Bacon, Lengycl, Paul, Crago, Clcc, Sherwood, Wachter, Picriotto, Nicololif "ROSE OF THE DANUBE" Au Opcrcmz by Ge-oHrey F. Morgan Dimctcd by Miss Virginia Iamison and Miss Genevieve Heagney February 22, 23, 24, 25, 1938 CHARACTERS Darrell Davis, a camera man from Hollywood ,....... . Galooski, prime minister of Eurolanin ........,. Belladonna, a lady-in-waiting .... . , Montmorcncy, king of Enrolania. Queen Florinda, his wife ...., Rose, his elder daughter ..... Daisy, hisryounger daughter. . . , . . Prince Karl, his son .............,..., Count Sergius Von Popova, a conspiraror. . . Demetrius Doodlcdorf, his right-hand man. . Trombcnius Tootletop, his left-hand man ..... Percival Mepipp, a moving picture director. . . Mrs. Priscella McPipp, his wife ........... . . . . .Vklallare Geuss . . . . . .joseph Paul , ......,. Matilda Crago . . . . . . , .Vincent Gallichio ..,,..........Alice Andrew lean Ann Shellenlaerger . . . . . . . .Maijorie Richards . . ,....., Iames Bacon . . . , . . . ,Carl Piccintrn . . , . .Richard Waclxter . ,..... Louis Nicoloff . . . . .Philip Sherwood . . . . , . .Myrtle Clee Pamela McPipP, his daughter ......,...... . . . , ., ....... .... G ertmdc Lcugyel Courticrs, Nobles, Soldiers, Peasants, Tourists, etc. SCENE: Garden of King Montmorency's palace on the banks of the Danube River. TIME: Summer, during the annual Rose Fcmtival of Eurolania. ACT I. Moming. 1 ACT Il. Evening. Benefit: Band Uniforms. 100 "ROSE OF THE DANUBEN l Musical Numbers ACT I Overture , Roses Climate ,........,. Hurrah! Hurrah! .... . Cnnspiratnrs ............, King of the Walrz ,..,.... ln a Nloving Picture Show. . .. . . Dishes in the Sink .........,,., Put Me in the Movies ........... Only OneRosc..... .,..,.. Wc'll Make a Super Super Special .....,..,...... . . ACT Il lvloonlight on the Danube ..,. . .,... . . . Orchestra . . . . . . , ...... . ...... Chonxs . ......... Darrell anrl Chorus . . . .King, Queen, Rose, Daisy, Karl, and Chorus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Popova, Demetrius, Trombonius . ...............,,.,.... ......... R use and Darrell .. .McPipix, Darrell, King, Rose, Pamela, Mrs. McPipp . . . ......... Queen antl Daisy Daisy, lvlcpipp, and Chnnxs He's Putting Us All in the Movies. .... ...,.....,... . . ..... ....... . ..... E nsemble ...... . . . . . . .Rose and Darrell . . , .McPipp, King and Chorus .Chorus, Toe Dance, and Duet Sara Mason' and Emily Sherwood Typical, Topical Tune ..,..... Though You Walxdel' Away .... Give Me a Banner. ,. Tanganyika ..,...,.. King of mlm Screen. . . Instrumental Interlude .........,....... That ls VVhy the Blue l-lurralil HnrralLL Hollywood .......... The Plot ls Failed .,.. Finale ..,,......,.. ......,.................... THE OPERETTA CAST .... . . , . .King with others .............Karl and Pamela . . ...... Darrell anal Ensemble . . . Dueen, McPipp, and Mrs. McPill Rose, Pamela, Darrell, and Karl .Entrance of Popova, Demetrius, and Trombnnius Danube ls Blue .......,...,.. Popova, Demetrius, and Trombonius . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .King, Queen, lVlcPipp, Mrs. MePipp, and Chonls ..........,.................Principals and Chorus . . . . . . . .Principals and Chorus 101 The Class of 1937 Prcsfnt: "WELCOME HOME" A Fnrcu Comedy in Thrcc Acts hy Clmrlcs George Dircctccl hy lvliss lfsthcr Zvntz IIARREL HIGH SCHOOL ALIDITORIUM, FRIDAY EVENING. C.XS'l' OF Cll:XRAC'l'lERS Winifrul Wirxliclzl, ai young ntnicl ......,..........., Mrs. Alice Winfivltl, her mother. . Sally Winfield, her sistvr ....... Nvlson Crawford, a cl1utlllctil'. . . Edgar Archer, at hutlcr .......... Nlrs. lxlincrvn lvlatnning, at gossip .... Nliltlrcml lvlnuning, hcr clatxiglitw. . , , . . . "Hill" Spangler. at high sclmnl laul.. , . . . Roxnnnn Green. at young newspaper rt-porter. . Dutton Astorbilt. ax fitinnciur ............ Mrs. Dutton Astorhilt. his wife ........ Carter Trowbridge, ax rich young man.. Mrs. Wcnzlcll Trowhritlgc, his mother., .. Toll Cullman, at chicf of police. .......... ........ . Swovsus or Scizmas NIAY 7, 1937 . . . . .Bussiu Binge .Esthcr Scht-rmcr .lfliznhctli Snczn . .livan Williatitis i. i. I. . . .joseph O'Da1l Nlairy Inns Foster . .l-lnzul Alsnanivr . . .Arthur Davies . . . . .Dolores Orr . . .Robert Shaffer i i .i .l7rnnr:cx Rctlfoot .VVilli:im Horton Ulvlaulalon Evans . . . .Alhcrt Tarty ACT ONE-Scene Ono: A corner in thc servant quzirtcrs at thc Astorliilfs in Ni-w York Citv. An :iftcnioun in sumnlcr. Scvnu Two: The living room of tht- lvinficlll hotnc in Fort Plain, Now York. Nt-xt slay ACT TWO-Tlit' living room of thu Yvinlicltl hoinc. Thi- following day. ACT THREEATI11: living room of tht- Winlicltl hmmm A few minutrs inter. FURNITURE: Courtesy of hlycr Frantk Furniture Company. MUSIC: The High School Orchestra clirectccl hy lvlisx Iiunison. BENEFIT: The Senior Cap and Gown Fund. IOZ The Class of 1938 Presents "DON'T EVER GROW UP" A Comedy of Youth in Three Acts hy Iames Reach Directed by lvliss Esther Zentz FARRELL HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM, FRIDAY EVENING, CAST or CHARACTERS Mr. Meadows, the father ............ Mrs. Meadows, the mother .......... Mimi Meadows, the younger daughter. . . . . . Elaine Nleadnws, the elder daughter. . . Cravath Meadows, the only son ...... Dudley Norton, Cravath's Friend ...,. Glenn Stevens, the tutor ,.,............ .... Indy Arling, Elaine's College friend ..... Hal Kenny, the college football hero .... .. Molly McTavish, the maid of all work. Carrie Smith Velma Roberts Rae Brown Debbie Ioncs Friends of Mimi lean Carter lohnny Davis Slim Summerville , 2 2 SYNOPSIS or ACTS ACT ONE: Late afternoon of a mid-spring day. ACT TVv'O: Scene One-About one week later. Evening. Scene Two-The following night. ACT TI-IREE: Shortly afterward. The same night. FURNITI.IREfCourtesy of Myer Frank Furniture Company. IVIUSIC-The High School Orchestra directed by Alice Grilfirh. BENEFIT-The Senior Cap anrl Gown Fund. 103 NOV. 19, i937 . . .Richard Norris Adeline Portal .Helen Yanlcovich Frances Tinley . . . .Ioscph -Franck Phillip Sherwood .William Hamilton .Gertrude Lengyel . . . . .Paul Bogdan . . . .Alice Andrea- Ethel Mattson Marcella Reckctt . . . . .Doris Quinn Dorothy Dvoryak Yolanda Mastrinn Ioseph Validzicli Fred Schuster "NAPOLEON, J UNIOR" Capacity audiences filled the Farrell High School Anflitorinm on lvlay 5 aml 6, 1938. to enjoy thc second Scnior Class play, "Napoleon Innior", n cnmccly in rhrcc acts hy john Hersh:-y. The prmluction, nmlcr rhc ilircction of Miss Esrhn-r Zcmz, was pn.-scnml for the hcnufir of the Senior Cap aml Gown l7uncl. Tlac play is ilu' story of an average American family ansl an amazing miraclc that changes their livcs. The characwrs arc Hcnzlcrson Rngglcs, a mumlcrn Napoleon, NL-al Russo: Lindbergh Rugglcs, his younger sou, Eclwanl Paczak, Wilma Rugglcs. his clxlcr slaughter, Carlccn Kalincy: Evelyn Rugglcs, his younger daughter, Florcnci- Bartalon: Hun- llcrson Rugglcs, Iunior, his clalcr son, Thomas Papay: Clay Sauclcrs, a sporting ynung man, Iohn lvlaxwcll: VL-rua: Nlartin, Clays sister. Lena Bastvclcyg Oliver Snulllc, a young intel- lectual. Arthur Rcaglc: Granuna, Hciulvrsolfs mother-iu-law, Kathleen Glover, Katherine Rngglcs, his wilc. Ellen King: Muriel Sinclair, Kathcrinc's friend, Mac Wharton: The Stranger, a visitor in thc night, Carl Zappa. Thi- umlvrsuuly in the Cast was Betty Ioncs, 104 SENIOR USHERS Senior Ushers is the title given to n group of young men, chosen in their junior year i11 high school, to size and pack raps nlul gowns, They also :ict :ls home room ntte11rlz1l1ts nr ushers at both the luniur :mtl the Senior High School Colm11ence111e11r lixereisex. I11 their senior year, :hey net as ushers amcl as members ol the stage crew at their rlaxx plays .uul are again i11 elizirge of the ealu :intl gowns, They are to he congraltiilaueil for thvir ellicient work nt thexe activities. Uncler the supervision of Miss Zenrz, the following xxit- mb t'rs ol 1l1c Clnsx of 11738 were nctive l' i'cit n May, 1937 to May, 1938: lack Bnugl 1t'1-, H t1111 er Bcmler, Mike Inger, Ioscph Vnliclzieh, George Tl 1i111111s, Antl 1m111 y Miller, Robert McClain, Ioxcph Frmiek, Andrew Stcfnnick, S1 1111 Sal 1-111, Thomas S r111 ger, Carl Picriotto, NVilli:11n Hamilr t111, Dominic Zairellu, lvlarlyu Ioxeph, Nick Trottn, Russell Frew, Charles Grnnrlc, Frczl Scl111srer, Neal Russo, Riclxartl Norris, F 1'11 nk Hctra, Eilwnrfl Hamley, I tmsc ph N1 1111 cy, F 1'4-1 I D Q111 Dero, William Marks, Sz 1111111 y Watlzziilxki, T 1111 y Cag 1111, lohn Toth, Ralph l11certo, Th 11111a1s llalpny, Roger Gwilt, Eel 11'111'1 l Pncznlc. 1 05 106 --A' ' . - - .1-'sgrfr-Ax -- ----za-P-wif -V 4- -- w ,v-vi.-' ' new-ai:-44,-' .Q- -, QW ,Y M WW, , .,.,L . gA,.r:a:..n:a:s.:-.1r3,fg,,i,: .-LLL? , - ,, Wihsd , 'fpw Manager . . . Amlminisrrarion , Class ol ro-38 ...., Classus...... Athlurlcx . Avqriv il ics Florence Barralon lack Boughcr Anthony Cagno Pauline Cuprich Pauline Chvza Louise David Dorothy Dvoryak Ioscph A. Franuk Lena Baslccky Karhurim' Bralirll Eleanor Gaynor Kathlccn Glow-r Aulah jackson Carolynv La Camera G1-xrrumlu Lcngycl 1938 REFLECTOR STAFF THE EDITORIAL STAFF . .Evelyn Sarcinclla . . . . .Hclcn Yanlmvich .. . . .hla Pallarlinn .Mililrul Pomlolxliy . . . . . . .Neal Russo . , . .liraurcs Tinlry Photographs . . . . . Snafshnrs . , . . , Art ....... .... Assistant .... .... Assistant ..., Assistant .... . . ASSOCIATES-TYPISTS . .Richard Norris . . . .lrvinc Frcml .XVilliaxn Larskn lvlarcclla Rcckcrt . . . .Mary Baron . .Mac NNl1arrun THE Carolyn Gayslosh Batty Innes Carlcvn Kalinuy Rosalie McCoy lvlargarur Misik Mary Nuvanr Barbara Pavuk lrla Pallaclinn BUSINESS STAFF HONOR Anna Nlau Livingston William Nl .il' ks Lucy Martino Hclrn lvlasun Nlary N n-x'a mt lila Pallaaliuo lvlilcl x'1'1 l Poclolsky ADV ISORS Art .lrluixor MR. XNILBUR BAUER 107 Rose Pinri Arlvlinc Portal Gloria Rcclclingvr lrrucl Schuster Paul Scrbic Paulina Vozar Carhcrinv: Vuknvich ROLL Frm-ml Schuster Philip Shcrwnml Kalhcrinc Srcrina Sammy XVauzzinski Ivlau Wharton Hslcn Yankovich Carl Zappa SMH fldvixor MISS ESTH ER ZENTZ THE NIGHT RIDER STAFF Sensing the neerl for :1 course i11 creative writing, Inst year, the tnembers uf the English rlepnrtnwltt of Farrell High School suggested that n course in lournatlism he installed in the curriculunx. This course, whose project work was to inclumle the puhlieaitimi of 11 school newspaper, became :1 reality nu: the opening of the 1937-38 school te1-111. The Night Rider was lirst issnetl on October 18, 1937, under the supervision of hflrs. Virginia l7i1'ru11g, journalism i11st1'ucto1', Miss Anne Gojtlics, nxsistmtt zulvixorg :mtl Miss Olga Gojrlits, faculty business m1111z1gcr. None thu less important than the io11rn.tlisIic stall, who unilertnke all the problems e11co1111tere1l in the production of nn all-11hsorb1ng newspaper, and volunteer cnntrihiitotx, is tl1e home rount xnanager stuff, who are greatly responsible for the increasing circulation of the publication. The Night Rirlcr is :1 font'-page newspaper, twelve ivy eighteen inches in tliinensiun, xvhith 1'e111lers receive hi-weekly for fifty cents per yezu' or live rents per copy. It i1lrl111lex :1 full page of news, n sports page. eclitorizils, poems, short stories, liealtnte colu111nw, society notes, and n1a111y otl1er articles of interest to sturlenls and ontsitlers. The tnentbers of tl1e Night Rizler stall are Elia, lones, Bother, l.o111l1a1'ilo, Slit-rwoo1l. Brotlerick, Portal. Rosenherg, lvliss O. Gojalics, Ivlrs. Pi1'r11ng, Ivliss A. Goiilicx, Russo, Hrixntilalsi, Knliney. Gatyilosh, l,n11tlolf'i, Droztlal, Clee, Dvoryxlk, Wharton, Kovatccviclt, Chiel, Gus, XVeiss, Greenstone, Kress, Frantz, Don D1-ro, Bmnheek, Bousiges, Picciotti, Srhernter, Ffilllli, Freed, Frmielc, Alsnauer, Rosc11hh1n1, Hrisoulas. 10S PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB ln nrtler to supply the neetl for a worthwhile extra-curricular activity, the Photo- graphy Cluh was organized untler the supervision of lvlr. l-larry Pirrnng, instructor in acl- vanceml sciences. As a purely non-social organization, the Pliotograpliy Club was instituterl for the purpose of teaching amateur photographers the basic principles in the developing, printing, antl enlarging of pictures. The fifty club melulvers enjoy the bi-weekly meetings at which time they participate in photographic activities. The xtnilents antl teachers helonging to the elulm are tht- fortunate possessors of some excellent plaotograpliic equipment pm-eliasvrl with money securerl from niexnlmersliip assess- nlents :intl tht- sale of pictures xnatle hy the club. This equipment incluzles a printer, an enlarger, inilivirlual tleveloping alul lixing trays, ferro-type rlrying plates, printing paper. ellenlieals, anml other necessary accessories. As an outstanding project of the year, several particularly interestetl cluh menlhers wnrketl with lvlr, Pirrung :luring several weeks antl marle intlivxtlnal snapshots nf the high school teachers. It is expected that the Photography Club will become n permanent :mtl useful amlclition :unong the extra-curricular activities at Farrell High School. The xnemhers of the Photography Club are Mr. Pirrung, advisor, Irvine Freed, presi- rlcnt, Vincent Gnllichio, vice presitlent, Caroline Panclolfi, secretary, Weiser, Droztlal, Kaliney, Bastecky, Lengyel, Sarcinella, Vnshcll, Portal, Shellenlvcrger, Don Dem, PantlolH, Zoldan, Borcly, Campos, Nicastrn, Wolfe, Ccrra, Dunn, Pierce, Prizanr, Maxwell, Bnsilone, Parish, Petrick, Toth, Nlorocco, Gagliartli, DeCarlo, Karolewslti, Talib, lncino, Gibbs, McKnight, Wachter, Franck, Fahr, Nader, Mouganis. 1 109 HI-Y CLUB Striving tn carry out its purpose, which is "Tn create, maintain, anal exteml tluwiughout the school :mil community, high stanilarmls of Cliristian cliziraictersh, the Hi-Y elnh enjoyed a very successful year. The four planks in the program nl Hi-Y clubs are Clean Speech, Clean Sports, Clean Living :intl Clean Sclmlarsliip. This clnh is a member ol an association nf clnhs lunnvn as the High School llraneli of the Young lVlCl1'S Christian Association. Althmigh only in its secnnil year, the cluh nnmler the ilirectiun nl lN'll'. Dre-sch. has matle rapiil progress, .unl ranks nun' among ilw leading clubs in the state. It has attainell this height Kllfllllgll its sewifes tu the school, Some ol its activities are selling prugrainx at football games, aiiling in newspaper suhscriptiun cam- paigns, "pep" meetings, gym exhibits, dances, school parries, and ushering and keeping urcler at hasketlxlll galnes. The olliccrs :mil members are as follows: William Hamilton, president. William Latskn, iiee presitlent. Philip Sherwi mlst l, secretary, Eugene Pratt. treasurer, hlr. Dreseh. advisor. liohert lX'lcClain, luhn Dunn. Freil hlason. hlarlvn just-pli, Neal Russo. lfilwaril Hanley, li i-i' naril Brysh, Peter laeinu. lielix Bnnailio, Sgnn Canipagna, Francis Sliurn-will Riclmrll xVilCllIl'l', Davitl Blnxilell. Fretl Don Dero. Rielizlril Norris, luhn hlaxwell, William Fahlk Robert Munro, lack Schmidt, Louis Nicolull, Iosi-ph Siiftinger, Charles McKnight, William loliu. Rudolph Stiftinger. lohn lmnclial, l..u'ry Dam-ullc. 110 l l TRI-H1-Y CLUB To rrmu- and maintain an high stnmlaml of chnracrcr in ihc school mul community. Suplmniorc :mil Iunior girls unirccl :xml formvil the Tri-Hi-Y in the fall of 1936. Miss Helen Grimes proved to lv: :i caipnblc iulvisor for this organization. Thu ollicrrs :mil members of thc Sriiior Tri-Hi-Y arc ns follows: prcsiclunr, K. Polyzou, vice prcsimlcnt, G. Don Doro, sccl'cml'y. G. Williams, rrcnsurcr, A. Slicllcnbcrgcr, Miss Grimes, l.. Vclivtti, M. Dunkcrly, H. Yanhovicli, H. Miisoii, A. Pziwlak, M. Ciprinno, M, Pomlolsky, K. Pnnclolfi, V. Llvwclyn, E. Slicrwoocl, B. Nlorucco, M. Skcndrovicli, M. Hussain, lvl. Gaynor. E. Christie, E. Pinti. l.. Elin, K. Glovcr, Nl. Durlaish, E. Kairoluwslci, M. Baron, Nl. Honaulio, C. Pailulolfi, F. Sclhw, lvl. Hcsko, hi Rcckrrt, V. Ncvamt. D. Norris, Curriv, E. hlnrrson, C. Paul. D. Granclr. Fercncc. ln rho lull of 1937, thc Frcslinian :incl Sophomore girls voiced their Llcsirc to become mcmlxcrs of the Tri-HifY. As a result, the Iunior Tri-Hi-Y was formed umlcr the lender- ship of hiisx Grimes. The olliccrs nml mcmlrcrx of rhc Iunior Tri-l-li-Y arc .ls follows: president, H, Polangin, vicc prusiclcnr, Kress. sucrcmry, E. Dvnryalk, trcnsu1'el'. P. Campos, Miss Grimes, M. Rich- amls, L. latino, V. Pnwlzik. C. Skocly, A. Brown, R. Socci, K. Grccnstone, D. Plocliucc, G. lvlntrson, B. R, Broderick, E. Poslolsky, E. Waclxtcr, D. Ruger, M. Frantz, A. Lengyel, Martini, L. Zoldnn, E. Vcnctti, E. Sherwood, F, Woloshyn. 111 ...f.i..,, ' 4,.-u. THE STUDENT FORUM ln thc fall of 1937, a group nf the faculty ollcrcd students an opportunity to join a forum which might give them :I broader and a more intelligent outlook on current affairs. Thev cagcrly accepted the opportunity and thus they organized the Student Forum. The three-fold purpost' of the Student Forum is to discuss current topics of interest at hnxne and abroad, to give the student thc opportunity to ask questions and to voice his opinions, and, above all. to support rho literary activities of our high school. The club meets semi-monthly under thc capable guidance of Mr. Steguilov, the club advisor. and hliss Anne Gojdics, lvlr. Berkowitz, Miss Wallace, Mrs. lnglcflcld, Miss Griffith. hfliss l-leagncy, and lvliss lamison, faculty advisors. The officers of the club arc xuoderator, Philip Shcrwoodg vice moderator, james Bacong secretary-treasurer, Hanict Rosenblnm. May thc Student Forum contimxc to accomplish whatever it attempts and keep its members abreast with the social, economic, and political trends of the day. 112 THE MUSIC-LITERARY CONTEST ln thc sixteenth animal Ivlercer County music-literary round up held at Sharon High School on April i, 1938, the Farrell Contestants won third place in the county, and second place in the Class AA meet. Six hundred students from thirteen high schools participated in the contest in which Sharon High School Won first honors. The Farrell contestants who won county honors were Shirley Rosenberg, Hrst in essay: Iohn Nlcliay, first in Lacing Neal Russo, second in general scholarship: Catherine Skody, first in violin: Adeline Portal, lirst in clarinet solog Dorothy Pludinec, second in saxophone: ames Bacon. third in trum vetg ose uh Validzich, first in vocal solo: Carl Picciotto and l l Marorv Richards, second ui voeal solog Sam Camvavua, second ni Mano solo: Gertrude I , l r- l Lenfvvel, fourth in vocal solo, and laulnua Gus, fifth in extern voraneous x weakino. -Q. l r- The following students represented Farrell High School in the eontests: Vincent Gallichio, Carl Picciotto, Shaheen Nader, Lurlima Gus, Arthur Reagle, lvlatiltla Crago. Garnet Canipman, Shirley Rosenberg, Mae Wharton, Sam Campagnn, Caroline Panclolh. Catherine Skotly. Gertrude Lengyel, Gladys MllIKSllIl, loseph Vnlidizclz, Wailltice G':usS, Sara lvlason, lvlarjory Richards, Philip Sherwood, Dorothy Plodiner, Adeline Portal, Louis Nieololl, lames Bacon, Casimir Karolewslti. lx-'Iaty Klapack, Robert Linder, Eugene Schrieber, Iohn lvlCKay, Genevieve Nader, Sue Korp, Arthur Chiel. lvlargaret Geletkn, Anastasia Hrisoulas, Neal Russo. Andrew Stefanak, Their advisors, the lvlisses Golden, XVallace. A. Goidics. Heagnev. and Nlr, Berkowitz in the literary events. hfliss V. Iamison in the music events, and the Misses Grimes, Iohu- ston, lvliclculonic, Luca, Scartlina and Roux in the Academic contests, deserve much praise for the many hours spent in training the contestants. Congratulations to all who brought honor to our school. 113 4x, UNDERSTANDING FRANCE Realizing the importance of education for peace and the necessity of developing a deep feeling of International understanding between our native and adopted lands. our programs have been based upon the theme: "Understanding France." ln order to secure an appreciation of French custonix, traditions, and culture, we launched upon thc floating palace "La Normandie" for "Our Tour of France." VVe visited the picturesque provinces of Normandy and Brittany, thence through the inysteriuus llusque country to the Cote il' Azur. After enjoying the Riviera playground, we continued on our way to the Battlelields of the VVorltl XVar and then to Paris, a city with a cultural background of 2,ooo years, VVC saw the glorious past of France as portrayed in the beautiful Gothic Cathedrals of Notre Dame, Chartres and Rheims and in the Palaces of Versailles, Fontaine- bleaux aud the "Chateaux de la Loire." Vxlhile standing under the "Are de Triomphe" looking down at the "Grave ol, the Unknown Soldier", we sought to stretch forth our hand in liriendship to Fraure because we hatl learned to understand the French people. The olficers of the French Club are president, Adeline Portal, vice president, lost-ph Stiltinger, secretary, Kathleen Glover, scrap book editor, Florence Salac, advisor, Miss Roux. THE FRENCH CLUB 114 JUNIOR SAFETY PATROL Outstanding in its services to the school, the Iunior Safety Patrol helps to make our school life safer. The boys in this group are situated at definite posts- outside the school at all dismissals. Uniforms which were presented, last year, to these patrol boys by the Farrell Motor Cluh distinguish them from the people they serve. The members of the Safety patrol were honored with a dinner given hy the Lion's Cluh. The guest speaker was Attorney lsenlxerg, a member of the Valley Safety Council, who spoke on the dangers of the highways and how to prevent accidents. Nlr. Harry Tennant, King of Lions, and lvlr. Ralph Dresch also spoke to the boys. After dinner speeches were given by members nf the patrol squad. The boys were compliinentrd on their line work as junior police. Thus far, tl xrimti gh the Safety Patrol's efficient joh of directing tralfic, no accidents have been recorded at any dismissal. The following boys are members of the patrol: Captain Sam Sale itx, Paul Bogdan, Alex Bransavich, Anthony Miller, Thomas Papay, Thomas Salem, 1 iiit l Patsy Venetti. This group is 1 lixt l er the capable lcaclcrship of Dr. Dresch and Mr. Van Eman. AFTER THE l-ION'S CLUB DINNER FRONT Row: Mr. Dresch, T. Papay, T. Salem, P. Vcnetti, Mr. Tennant. REAR Row: A. lvliller, Captain S. Salem, A. Bransovieh, P. Bogdan. IIS THE LATIN- CLUB Time: 4:30, at the close of a Latin Club Nleeting. Place: ln the halls of Farrell High School. Characters: lvlarc, a senior Latin Club member antl Cleo, a freshman Latin Club member. Nlarc: Ditl you enjoy the meeting? Cleo: Oli. yes! lmmenselyl Why even answering the roll call is lun when one answers it with a Latin verb. However. l especially enjoyetl the program. Are your programs: always so interesting? Mairc: Yesl Miss lvlickulonic prepares a wellfbalanced program of erlucation antl enter' tainnzent. There is enough talent in our club to carry out any plan. Cleo: Are we going to have any social activities? lvlarc: Certainly. Being on the Advisory Boartl, which is our presitlent's cabinet, l know that we shall have a l-lallowe'en party, a swimming party, anal several other allaris. The climax of our social activities is the annual rlinner-rlance honoring the senior members. Cleo: Oh, that will be grautll lvlarc. you mentioned the President,-who are the ollieersr Marc: Richard Wachter is president, Charles Iv1cKniglit. vice president, Shirley Rosen- berg, secretary: ancl Helen lvlason, reporter. Cleo: But someone mentionetl annual trips, W'liat are they? Nlarc: Every year the members of the Latin Club take a trip. Thus far, they have visitetl Washington, D. C., the VVorltl's Fair at Chicago, New York City, antl Detroit. The last one was fliftcrcnt because it was a boat trip. Cleo: To thinlt that some stutlentx miss all this bew:.n1se they think Latin is tlillicultl Marc: "There is no argument against Latin, at least for the really thoughtful student, that it is hard," saul Ianies Russell Lowell. "l-lc is not accustometl anyway, to buying things of xnurli value on the bargain counter." 116 ,l.A... PLEASANT SCENES - ENIOYABLE ACTIVITIES 117 iff COMMENCEMENT ACTIVITIES xv, R. ANDERSON High s.-bmi: 1'rincifaI lvlay 5-The Senior Class Play. lvlay 6fThe Senior Class Play. May 6gThe State Scholarship Examinations. May io-Iunior Cap and Gown Club Named. May l3fIunior Class Dance. 16-Senior Practice for Coni- mencemenr. May lvlay I7-Yearbooks Arrive. May 19-Final Examinations for Seniors Nlay zo-Senior Farewell Program, lvlay 17-The Iunior-Senior Prom. hflay 19-Baccalaureate Service. May 3iiSenior High Cnmmencenu-nr. june 2-Innior High Comniencenient. june 3fThe 1938 School Term Ends. june 4fA Happy Vacation! Senior High School Commencement TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 31, 1938 Processional .,.. lnvocalion, . Select inn .......,...... lntroducrion of Speaker. . . Commencement Address. . Vocal Solo .... ,.,...,.., . . Claw Awards and Class Honor Roll Llalrinel Solo.. ..... ..,.. .. Presentation of Diplomas .... Roll Call of Seniors ..... Recessionnl ...., PROGRAM. . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . .The High School Orchestra . . . . .Reverend David Blasdell . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . .The High School Orchestra . . . .Mr, VV. W. lnvin, Superintendent of Schools . . , .Dr. M. M. Pearce, President of Geneva College . . . .....,.............,..,.. Ioseph Vzilidzich .. .... Mr. W. R. Anderson ...,.,...........................Adeline Portal Mr. B. Roux, President of the Board of Education . . . . . . .Mr. W. R. Anderson, High School Principal .. . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . , .The High School Orchestra 118 lvlay 1-Senior Class lnvirzitions Arrive CLASS OF 1937 Mary Dolores Adamchik Elmcr R. Adams Samuel I. Arfronte Lindo E. Agnsti Antoinette M. Agresti Dorothy M, Aleksa Iosephine Alongi Hazel M. Alsnauer George Andrusky Raymond Anric Thomas H. Armstrong. Velma Bahnis Peter Bakmaz Stephen F. Baldoslzi Vllilliam H. Barrel Mary Bellich Dorothy R. Bender Nellie Berltos Harrier Berman Bessie Bicgc Thelma M. Blair Eleanor R. Blusrlell Chester A. Blazavitch Mary Ana 1. Biazaviteii Marie Bleier Paul L. Hobby Charles Borcly Margaret T. Borysewicz Charles H. Bowman Violet G. Bmce Charles S. Brysh Iennic M. Cannone Samuel A. Capson Charles A. Charriere Yvonne A. Charricrc Iohn A. Crago Nina M. Crivello Maty Curtician Arthur R. Davies Margaret E. on-is Rose M. Derloni Frank Desput Nicholas V. DiCello Albert G. DiFco Mvion I. Dmolioski Iohn Dobresk Collins Drake, Ir. yr. Dororhy l. Dunkcrley Arlene Duritsa Frances Eisenberg Katherine R. Emerich Betty Iane Evans Madalon U. Evans Dorothy B. Feigert Ann G. Fencky Catherine I. Fencyl: Mary Iane Foster Iohn F. Fowler Florence M. Framz Herman Furlan Marie P. Gaydek shiaey Gaim Bessie C. Gelfand lRENE KLAPACK REPAS Valedicmrian Average 93.07 Commercial Course Catherine M. Gnldenich Eva M. Grrancialc Ioxcpli A. Guglinrta Anna Marie Hall Frances B. Harenchar Agnes M. l-lavrilla Iennic Hench Marjorie V. Higgins Margaret L. Hlas George Hnida Elizabeth M. Hoak Mabel D. Holby William I. Horton, Ir. George B. Hoza Alfred C. Hunter Ioanne I. Ianusko Peter Iaroclri Elvin Ieffetson Sara Iesano Edmund A. Karolewsk Aim A. Kavulla lohn L. Kelly Larry Kerins Charles Kcrlelt, Ir. Iohn W. Keul Mary M. Knietz Violet M. Knezevich Eleanor I. Kozar George Kmynak Stephen M. Kristonko Catherine Kubyako i ESTHER SCHERMER Snlfmamrinu Average 92.66 Academic Course Estelle M. Kuczynska Thomas W. Kunkel Agnes M. Latsko Edna E. Lienherger Chester I. Linonis Wilma M. Lloyd Pcter P. Losik Stephen Carl Low Iulia M. Luther Iohn E. Macaski Iohn C. Madura Albert NVm. Malarchick Vincent Marimpietri Iohn Marinovich Mary Marinovirh Mary C. Marltich Iohn N. Marovich Charles Mason Tenoria A. Maykowski Thelma Ianc McDougall Marguerite G. Mehlcr Ieannette I. Messina Theodora W. Merz Helen Michniewicz Angeline L. Miletta Mona LaRue Milliron Angelina T. Miudicino Peter I. Mirizio Sophie Miros Wanda B, Mitcheltrec Iennie E, Moldovan Margaret A. Monteson Rose S. Moore Thomas A. Moore Hnrcnce G. Morocro Louis A. Morocco Chris N. Mouganis Budder S. Nader Raja Catherine Nader Lilyan Nathan Ioseph A. cron. Ir. Rudolph S. Orhen Dolores A. Orr Anna Paczalc Iohn Palis Helen V. E. Palltn Henry C. Payton 119 Amelia Pellis Carmen P. Pipicella Paul A. Popadak Sylvia I. Popovich Victor M. Fopovich Frances D. Ports Rose P. Potts Mary Iane Prczioso Victoria M. Pritz Sidney N. Prizant Iohn T. Rakoci Peter F. Raykovicli Ioscph I. Reda Frances G. Rcdfoot Enuna Repas lrene Klapack Repas Eli A. Richards Edward Rohich William C. Robinson Sarah E. Robson Leonard I. Rosenberg Mildred B. Rosenberg Ioscphine E. Ruby Martin D. Rupert Anna F. Russ Paul I. Salxo Regina V. Sahorsky Allred N. Santell Mary T. Sarcinella Estelle Saunders Iennie Scardina Esther Schermer Irene P. Sebastian Doris E. Seco Thomas R. Sod Michael I. Serrian Robert A. Shaffer Harry R. Sherwood Matthew F. Skiljo Andrew Smegal Mildred N. Solomon Leo I. Soniich Edward I. Sranger Constance Staunch Anna Steverson Ioseph I. Stolcosky Elizabeth M. Susza Mary Catherine R. Sulw Edward Supel Lon Ella A. Sweeney Raymond Swiecinski Eugene L. Szmyd Albert I. Tarcy Michael Tatnsku Milton R. Taylor Gertrude F. Thomas Iames W. Thomas Howard O. Thompson George A. Thur, Ir. David O. Tinley Francis R. Tobias Anna Toperzcr Helen M. Trier Filomena Tucci Ernest Turanyi Mildred F. Turzak Nell Validzich George Viconovic Catherine Vlad XVilliam B. Vlasl-rovich Andrew I. Volansky Phillip llirie Voshcll Walter Wachter Michael Vilaliga Bernice D, Wansuvitz Olga Xvarobiew Iohnuie Bell Washington Gotthold Hugo Weirlhaas Betty I. l.Vet.hcrstein Elmo L. Vlilliarns Evan I. Williams Llewellyn YVilliams Morgan D. Williams Vilarren H. Williams Grace Wonner Rosalie Yandrich Priscilla R. Zaopa Elizabeth A. Zarclla Iulin Zipay Arthur Zoldan Algird I. Zukas FARRELL PUBLIC SCHOOL VVASHINGTON SCHOOL, xqo3 FARRELL'S FIRST HIGH SCHOOL MR. FRANK SPARANO c,,.fm1mn rn,-mu High sum: my, .gm ? MAIN ENTRANCE TO FARRELL HIGH SCHOOL 120 Photographs THE ELITE STUDIO MR, IOHN KOPNICKY Farrell, Pennsylvania Engravings THE NORTHERN ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPING CO. Canton, Ohio Printing and Binding THE BEAVER PRINTING COMPANY Greenville, Pennsylvania Covers THE S. K. SMITH CO. Chicmgu, Illinois

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