Farragut High School - Where the Action is Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1955

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Farragut High School - Where the Action is Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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WF THE LOG STAFF PROUDLY PRESENT TO YOU OUR FELLOW CLASSMATES THE 1955 LOG FORWORD E595 -1 I1 7 xy, I-Q 40? if 4.V' Y: E' .wi IVHI.-Q gl :,1f:' O: ' I V .1 - -- xr FFTL T f f - X f X v 0 n X f X "' I N ':,, XX ' X E X 1 rn 's 1 ,. i :,' L P h Q F L P 22 - ' . if 7 - ' 11 N T' X X G' 4 N N E . A w A - , N 5 r N52 xg, .N 14 i . I Qig ,x X 1. V. Q T M f ff? , ' Ea X ' A 1 ti 1 gg ., . Q :,. ' , in 1 E 7 2 g '-'W . Xw " 'K f 5? . .,.. , L xml' ' . . , , tor--q. ,M .jf 5 , his 5 2 W . ,. 5 ,,2 Qeg.,f,,i .. sf: ' -his x ' ,'?1.v' ' s-pi-??F45'x"f,.,,,A. PRESENTING ALL DEAR F ARRAG UT FRIENDS ,w 'Vhf T957 LUG' EQICEK. of Lis 2-112' 'HTH 11:1 1 .:f3. miss TC CITIES :gum The :asses the fuk c:CT1w"ss, fhv rmwfs, fmfi fiw sfrxfz? Q'.'fv:w's r '11 tics? Qi all :hs friends Cf fh1SQ'9QIY izt Ff1rrf':igw1r. Fir 'ncmy if you 1955 Isrinfxs To ': :life fcxr 'flfjlldfilhil yspfxrs 'rf Ffxrrfz mt, 'ff-scrrs cf fun, of frisndshirs, Cf hard wnrk. fxhfvd frrfv nsw opgvdrtwma "Gs, 'VEV'1I.ld'.'9I'1fLlTGS, cmd NQEVK,1Ch19Y'9fl19!lfi3! 'Vs Qfrch nf ycu we wzs? surfsss in ssrvmfr wel? ymxrsmlwss, yfnwzr f'IfII1!If7L5, -,ffmr f:rvrfrm1mty, 'mn 'jfrur ffsllcw men. Ffrr those Cf us who 'null hr gf 1' si Ffzrrf: gm :ni :fr yf-lr, there 'mil U lFWIUdfIT1f ftpportxlnity' fr' klllifhfi : 'zrzfi i'11grf'.'x:1 1 f wr ye rsmfrf rffgsrd Us 1-:Gil Us Cmdfriiwviiirwq i:iii2'11fi11'rH',' r-rzkwr HN .f'jh'3fl fm Qvsr FO-Nfl! r hfsf. T' 'Wi' ":'i'1'1rN, ' ' ' ', gffirlr :Y iff. 1' , ' 4",' 1- .'I.1PW." Sffifh' " vfvzr. i- . Z -N. , f'YEY.'flI V! ' ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MR W G PROTTSMAN MISS MORGAN Attendance Ofhcer MISS CLARK MISS MITCHELL M155 GEER Admstment Counselor Placement Counselor Admmxstrcmve Assxs om li, ,, . . v I JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Edward Ce-rmcxk VICE PRESIDENT Lon Frank SECRETARY Helen HCII1l'1Sk1 TREASURER Gloria Rcxtkcvic 5 wr'- I UNE CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Iumes Drcbal VICE PRESIDENT Bruce Faber SECRETARY Shgxron Lceffler TREASURER uley Kemps 6 THEY KNEW US FOR FOUR YEARS January D1v1s1ons MISS PETERSON MISS OLEARY MRS MINNE , MR MILLER ,Aan MRS ROBAUS MISS CADY MRS CAUVINS I une DIVISIOHS MISS HOPKINS MR BUCKWALD MISS BURSIK MISS HOHNER I I I C Not Pictured I I I 4, 5 v Q, . I f I N. LOG STAFF January Edltorlal Staff BARBARA LOUTI-IAN MINNIE TATE une Edltorlal Sta IAMES I-IENERY BERNARD IMYAK DAVID IOSE ANITA MEISNER DEENA WINKLER ELAINE WITOWSKI CHARLOTTE FEUDEL ROBERT KALIS Next Years Q' Sta LEE MAIVALD MR STEVENSON ADOLPH FLAKES Smn KAREN UNGER CAROL MELKA ALICE MAE ENGELTHALER MARIANN KOZELUH ROSE DIAMOND F I hm- mf W5 1 it "'N"P :Rx pun 545' 'I' pq IEWEL BARTELS Ambition: Teacher. Favorite Subrect: German with Frau Mills. Activities: National Honor Society, Girls' Chorus, Social Center Committee, Future Teachers' Club, School Council, Senior Cabinet. Awards: Civic Letter, Girls' Chorus Letter. WILLIAM BAUM "Bill" Ambition: Professional Baseball Player. Favorite Subject: English with Miss Hodan, Awards: Basebal. and Football Letters. IUNE BENES Ambition: Receptionist. Favorite Subject: Steno. Ao' tivrties: National Honor Society, Girls' Chorus, Student Guidance, Awards: Civic Letter, Perfect Attendance Pin. EDWARD BLAHOUS "Ed" Ambition: To Ee Sufcesstu. irr My Qhosen Fieru. Favorite Subrectz English with Miss Hzaan. Awards: Boys' Chorus Letter, Football Letters. IOHN BOCIAN "Polack" Ambition: Lawyer. Favorite Subrect: Gerrrrarr with Frau Mills, Activities: Movie Operator. LUBA BOHONIS "Lu" Ambition: Homemaker. Favorite Subtect: English and Civics. Activities: Bana, Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, Student Council, Awards: Band Letter, Civic Pins. IOELLA BOOKER "lo-Io" Ambition: Elementary School Teacher. Favorite Subject: Public Speaking with Mr. Mach. Activities: G. A. A., Gym Helper, Senior Decoratrna Committee. LENNIE BOOKER "Iackie" Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Subject: Geometry. Ac- tivities: Library Helper, Honor Society Class Room Helper. ROBERT CAMBALIK "Cambie" Ambition: To be a Car Dealer. Favorite Subject: German with Frau Mills. Acitivities: Band, Swimming Team. EDWARD CERMAK Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Favorite Subrecu Chemistry and Physics. Activities: President ot Stu' dent Guidance, National Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, President of 4A Class, Movie Operator, Football Manager, Civic Award Committee. Awards: Civrtg Letter, Movie Letter, Football Manader Letter. KENNETH CHERNICK "Kenny" Ambition: To Have My Owr. Store. Favorite Subtest: German with Frau Mills. Actrvrt:es: Boys Chorus, Clean-up Committee. ERVIN CHOCOI.-"Ace" Ambition: Political Leader. Favorite Subrect: Civics. Activities: Student Guidance, Senior and Iunror Prom Committee. Awards: Footl:all, Swimmina, Movie Operator Letters. BERNICE CONGRESS "Bonnie" Ambition: Secretary. Favorite Subject: Steno. Actrvr ties: Honor Society, Flower Color and Motto Com mittee, Attendance Helper. ROBERT COULSON "Bob" Ambition: Lawyer. Favorite Subrect: Sales with Mr. I. Miller. Activities: School Council, Boys' Chorus. Awards: Boys' Chorus Letter. LOLA MAE CROSS-"Poochie" Ambition: Typist, Favorite SLll'Gr'fI .rri with lvlr:: Cox. Activities: G. A. A. RAMONA CUDZIK "Mona" Ambition.: Registered Nirse. Ffrvrtrrte Subretgt: brig lrsh with Miss Hogan. Activities: G. A. A. RONALD CURIN Ambition: To Make a Successtal Ltvrnu. Favorite Subrect: Gym. Activities: Boys' Chorus. RONALD DAMIANI Ambition: Doctor ot Medicine. Favorite Subject: Biology, Chemistry. Activities: Student Guidance Vice President, Senior Cabinet, National Honor Society, Boys' Chorus, Senior Banquet Committee, Color and Motto Committee. Awards: Boys' Chorus Letter. 10 IRENE DIAMENTIS "I" Amhitiinz C. P. A. Fav rite Sri! iects: All. Activities Orchestra, Senicr Cahinet, National Honor Society Awards: Orchestra Letter. ROSE DIAMOND "Rosie" Arnlrrticnz Tt lie a Sur-4-ess :rr 'vVha'eve: Profession -ffhrwase. Fav rite Sihtef-': Pul-lic Speakrni, .Activities Girls' Chcrus, G A., lei Staff. THOMAS DUDAS "Dud" Ambition: Ifiechanrf-al Entgineer. Favcrite Subzect Pulrltr- Srtoakina with Ltr. Mach, Activities: Band Awarfls: hand l.ef'ffr. ROCCO FERRO "Ferret" Arnhiticn: Varpenter. Fav tit" Sttltf-wt. Gerrrian Ar't1v1'1es: Senior Cal inet. MICHAEL FRANCIS "Big Mike" Arrihitien: An Officer ri the Law. l"a'.'C:rite- Suhtect Math and Print Shcfp. .-Af"I'liflF3SI licfys' Chcziis. LORI FRANK "Little Izzy" Ambition: 'llc Get Aheaa tr: the '.-'fra ' , l '. Favcrrre- Subject: German with Frau Mills. Activities: Vice- President fri the 4A Class, President ci Student Ccuncil, Hfys' Chnrus, Sent.: Cabinet, Captain at Basketbalt learn. Awards: Basketball Letter, Bcys' Chorus Letter WARREN FROLIK UWBCISEYH Ambition: Print inspector. Favorite Suintect: Pubhc Speaking, Acnivitiesz Farraaut Brctherhaod Commit- tee, THOMAS GARDNER "'I'om" Ambition: Play Baseball cr Draftina. Favorite Sub- iect: Drattina. Arvrvitiesz Track, Baseball, Movie Operator. ROBERT GEISLER "Bob" Ambition: Barber. Favzrite Sihievt: Prin' Shop: MARIA GOLD "Ave" Arntfitian: lt, he .1 Sdtm-ess as Whatever l Attempt. Favarite Surztect: Pulrlic Speakina. Activities: Na- trtnal Hannr Saciety, Seniftr Cabinet, Student Council, lea and Dance Cmrrtmittee. Awards: Civir: Letter. FRANCINE GOLDBERG "Fran" Arntftticnt Kindergarten Teacher. Favczrte Sur'-s-ck -.jclreae Algebra with ffliss Morgan. Activities' National Hancr Scciety, Student Guidart--e, Future 'lea-'hers' Cturf. Awards: CZ'v'lf' l.e"er. IUANITA GORDON "Nita" Ambition: To Make Friends and Keep Thern. .rvarite Strhtect: Accaintinfg. Activities: G, A. A. RAY GRANDERSON "Larry" Ambition: Business Man. Favorite Subject: SI'l6II1IS'I',' with Mr, Bale. Activvres: Basketball. Awards. Basketball Trcrhy: BARBARA HAFT "Bobbi" Ambition: lcurnalrsx Favzrrte Sui, ect: '-i'Jl'.b, Ac tivities: Manaqma Editor at Scrair, Nafizna. Hone: Society, Iunic: and Semi: Prim fimmittee Talent Shcw "fcrri:rtr':ee, S'L1flF:Fl' f3'.V1G1'1C9, Band, Lrhrary Helier. Awards: band Letter, Scrnt ieue: Q':'.'r' Pins Per: an: Sc: .: Award, GWEN HALIK Ambition: lf. Strive fir S-t"e::, :rr Any r7'.e:r I igfer. Ffrvfrtre S.ilfef"1 Swnf. .51"'1'J:'ie:': fl, A. HELEN HALINSKI Arnrrtiznz Teafhez. I:GIV.f.'9 S.r1e.-': l.f:'r.. Afgxvi- tif-sz Nawcria: Hina: Srcxety, Seniir C'.rr,rneZ, Sef::e"1r',' ct 4A Class band, F:t.re 'ff-':-he-If fur. .5-.vszrlsr Lever, band 1.e"e:. INEZ HARRIS "Blackie" Arnririzn: 'T' re 1 lf : nn: I.ff,'i'.e: " My Future Farnry. F'1'.'r.'e Surf-f": Fin' Sfi-'JICLHQ wzil. LIZ: l-fcrcli: A'T','.':':es7 S'.'1f-n' 'N "'i'.:r: e, Sfifzll, G. A. A., 'Teachers lielper. FRED HOFFMAN "Dirty Ferdie" Arrihitrcn: T' I-furry 'z '.'.':m'1r: f.I:...,:.i..-1, Fxvpzite Suzgecfsz -f' .1n11r.5 :f::r.' Shir: Ac':'.':1zes: Hal: P' - Lguara, II THEODORE HOLMES "Ted" Ambition: Businessman. Favorite Subject: Print Shop. Activities: Basketball. Awards: Football Trophy. BARBARA HONDLIK "Butch" Ambition: Teacher. Favorite Subject: German with Frau Mills. Activities: Senior Cabinet, National Honor Society, lnvitatiin and Decoration Committee, Class Gift Committee. Awards: Civic Award. DIANE HUDEC "Di" Ambition: Lab Technician. Favorite Subject: Public Speakina. Activities: Student Council, Student Guidf ance, Girls' Chorus, Pin Committee, Tea and Dance Committee. Awards: Girls' Chorus Letter. THOMAS HURLEY "Little Ceasar" Ambition: Pilot in U. S. A. F. Favorite Subject: Bioloay. Activities: Boys' Chorus, Hall Guard. Awards: Per- fect Attendance. MARILYN IANDA "Monroe" Ambition: Commercial Artist. Favorite Subject: Ad' vanced Art. Activities: National Honor Society, Orchestra, Demrations Committee, Scrfll, Motto Com- mittee, Tea and Dance Committee, Office Helper. Awards: Civic Letter, Orchestra Letter, Art Scholar- ship and Award. IACQUELINE IARGSTORF "Sexy" Ambition: Musician. Favorite Subjeo: band and Czech. Activities: Band. Awards: Band Letter. NORINE IOHNSON "Zsa-Zsc" Ambition: Poet. Favorite Subject: Public Speakinq with Mr. Mach. Activities: Student Guidance, Honor Society, Election Committee, Decorations Committee, Scroll. Awards: Civic Award. ABRAHAM IONES "Big Abe" Ambition: Carpenter. Favorite Subject: Alqebra with Miss Petersen. Activities: Basketball, Football. IRWIN KAPLAN "Barry" Ambition: Seller. Favorite Subject: Sales. Activities: College Day Committee. Awards: Student Science Fair Citation. CAROLYN KOLAR "Red" Ambition: To Travel. Favorite Subject: Foods with Busack. Activities: G. A. A. MARIANN KOZELUH Ambition: Steno Teacher. Favorite Subject: Enjoyed All Subjects. Activities: National Honor Society, Student Guidance, Civic Award Commitee, Tea and Dance Committee, Loa Staff, Future Teachers' Club, Office Aide. Awards: Civic Letter, Hall Guard Letter, Art Award. ROBERT KOZENIEWSKI "Kozzie" Ambition: Newspape: Reporter. Favorite Subject: journalism. Activities: Scroll. Awards: Football Letter. MARVIN KRAUS "Mouse" Ambition: Printer. Favorite Subject: Gym. Activities: Social Center Committee, Student Council, Hall Guard. IACQUELINE KUBIS "Iackie" Ambition: To be a Success in Anything I Undertake. Favorite Subject: Advanced Art. Activities: National Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, Studen' Council, Dec- orations Committee, lunior Prom Committee, Class Rina Committee, Office Helper, Scroll, Orchestra Tea and Dance Committee. Awards: Orchestra Letter, Civic Letter, Art Scholarship and Award. WILLIAM KUDA "Lefty" Ambition: Flyer. Favorite Subject: 'Nocdsliop with Mr. Burns. Activities: Student Connor. Hall Grrarfl. Awtrrrls: Perfect Attendance. HARVEY LABKO Amliitrrin: Accountant. Fcrvrirve Srilwjc- '12 Af-rttrtntinfi. Activities: Honor Society. ROBERT LADECKY "Bob" Ambition: C. P. A. Favorite Subject: Chemistry. Ac- tivities: National Honor Society, Crvi: Award Com- mittee, Senior Cabinet, Awards: Civic Award, Second Place in State Essay Contest. LILLIAN LAGA "Blondee" Ambition: To be a Devoted Vfife. Favorite Subject: Civics. Activities: Senior Prom Committee, Scroll, Senior Cabinet, Band, Student Council Honor Society. Awards: Band Letter and Pins. IEANNETTE LEFTRIDGE "lay" AmEfi'ir.n: Tfilerhfno OPOYf1'nf. Ffiverzte Stibyofti Enviish '.vi'Ii H1513 II"'1'IN, .A.f"1'J1'10f3I C. A. A. ROBERT LEWIS "Bob" Am:i'1rn: T 2+ Svif"'1is4:2t'11 in 'flhir' I Unfifirtfzkf-. PGV' rite Siik'ef't: .A.fIVUY1f'0fI Ar' Wi'h Miss Kirsfhnfvr. Ar':'.'i'1es: Nf'r'i'ir'fr' If nf: S'f'ie'y, Sfinif! FfII'iI"LF?'. WAYNE LINGER Amtzfifnz Df'1fTi'1II11Ii 'r Frriine-er, Pit" ie Suif 'Q 'ff ishfg tin! IN ittinw. DEONA LOHN "Dee" Amizticnr 'T' rf S: "'- essfgi :ri fly I.IU'1PI"IICiY2ZS, Fcvfrre Suhr-ff': Cheniisvy. Afkvifiesf Ncrirnfif Hamer Sfciety, Girls' hhfrus Sudent Guidance, Scrffi, Senisr CGIITIQV, Senicr Prvrn Cimrnvief-. Awrrzfisg fivm' Iffter, Th its Leiter, Ar' Awfrrfis. BARBARA LOUTHAN Amiiitifin: Ex'-c-:ttivff Sflvrfetqrry. Fuvfvrre S'IIJ7f'CIS2 AIT. Artivitips: Nnrticnfri Iimrinr Society, Teri unfi Dcrnce Cwmmittee, Civif- Award Committee, Ixzfg Stott, Student Guidance, Senior Prem Ccmrnittee, Office Aide. Awcrr'Is: "wir Letter, .Aff Award, Ifziifzuzrfi Letter. FRED MAREK "Fritz" Amiiztidn: T' Le S.if'Cesst',il in Lite. F:r'."r1'e S12 news: English and German, Af'ti'.'i'ies: Rani A,'f."irfis: Ar' .:x'lV'lI'XI E'IN"I Mfffifrls. GEORGIANA IVIARES "Io" Ambition: Nurse. Fuvcrite Sur.:-2-Ct: Pzzi 11" Spefrrcinq. Activities: G. A. A., Heli Guard. GEORGE MATUSKA "Shorty" Ambition: Aritfirrifiiiile Mechanic-. Ffzvorim Siibjm-t: Commerricrl Low with Miss Willett, Aftivities: Colleen ffcmmittee, Senifgr fxfiiiinvh MiPfIl'1 wir' P' rrirnitvw. Awfrrds: Truit Rfrtinfi. HORST MELCHER "SchliiieI" Amrfztion: Eierstricci Enfiirieet. I:-C1'1C,I!'F? Sxiitw-fit: Phy sics, Af"i'.'1tiest Semin! T911 und Dfinfe Hftnwr Sf f1e'y. ADA MITCHAM "Shorty" Arniztifn: Ivgrszrl. Fr:'."ri'L' S'::3ef'f: .+. ".n'tn': '.-:1'h Miss Minne, Af4'i'1i'ies: G. A. A. WILLIAM NEMECEK Ambition: Newspaper Editor. Fcrvorite Subxectz Orchestra. Acriviwesr flrrhestrfz, Senicr Play. Awfrr is. Orchestra I,e"er. IOHN NOVOTNY Arnkitioni TY 'gf " fTf7IiF"jf? 'ind be 'J Sucness in Life. Fflvcrite Siiixwtst Iii:-'dry and Sciifi Geqmpfyy. Aly-. 'iVi'ies: Sf-nv? "'ri inf-'. .:4.Vv"'1Y'ISf I!I"11e OIKGY'I"QY I.e"er. RUTH OWEN "Sugar" ArTrr1'1'.r1Z Pr1'.'f1'e Sent-2'Gry. F':'1f"'e Sgre 'Z C.-Zi CGI f3I':"'1fe fffiss nr".-.'-ef. '1'J1':es: 2 fi. WILLIAM PETERS "Willie" Ami g':'r1: Cf' Ifirrzf-E. Fw" ::'f4 S32 'E Snr wfii fvfr. f'g:n.1. MARLENE POKORNY Amr,1'i.n: He"ff5'1"ni51. Fuvcriie Sxtgectz Stenr-'I':':ns. Acti'.'i!ie:': rfznrr Sf,f:1f,f:y, Girls' Charms, G. A. A. A'f.":rilF: ' I,f"'1if, .-'-."e:i'IfrrtPe pm. MARY POLESKI "Terry" Sgr, N 4 wi.: . .fe Ill. F:'.':1 fr ,fg.1n':. .f-.v'1'.'1'res: F1:'.'.'er, S ' ', 5' .., 'Y 1. v. .. ".Y.,- 11,2 V " ' ' IACK PUSTAVER . . ,-.. A,-vr..l,v-. :J- ,4 C. H -Q f-, Dil" I ,h ,. sr-rmr.sY PYTEL nK1Z1'lCY1I RGC'-f,'.'.R1f5f. ISYS? ite Suzgectz Steno. Af' trvriesi Shifient flizfifznefa, Girls' Chzrxs, G. A. A. 13 PHILLIP RATEIKE "Ticker" Ambition: To W'ork on 'J Cat'le Fanae: Favorzte Stihtect: Print Shop and Gym. GLORIA RATKOVIC Amhitton: Reaistered Nurse, Favor1'e S'ilv:ef:f' "hem istry. Activities: National l-lonor Society. Girls' Chorus, Student Council, Senior Cabinet, Treasurer ft 4A Class, Social Center Committee. Av."1:cis. Chorus letter. GEORGE HEDDEROTH "Smiley" Amhition: Printer. Favorite Subtect: Przntinr. Activa' tres: Movie Operator. Awards: Movie Ooerator letter. MERLE REED DONALD REMES Ambition: Veterinarian. Favorite Sub.ec': German with Mrs. Tvlrlis. Activities: Band and Orchestra. Awards: Band and Orchestra Letters. RITA RICKERT "Beet" Ambition: To he of Aid to Others in the Future. Favorite Suhtect: Home Economics. Activities: Flower, Motto and Cclct Committee. Girls' Chcrrs, C. A. A. LOUIS RIVERA "Lou" Ambition: Mechanical Fnwineer. Favorite Subyect: Gym. Activities: Baseball, Swrmmina, ilall Guard. DOLORES SALVATORE "Dee" Ambition: To be a Success in Lite. Favorite Subiect: Public Speakma with Mr. Mach. Activities: Senior Tea and Dance Committee, G. A. A., Honor Society. Awards: Civic l.etter. IOHN SCHERFFIUS "Pisan" Ambition: lvirntna Enaineer, Favorite Suttiect: Science. EVELYN SCHULZE "Schulze" Ambition: Receptionist. Favorite Subject: Steno. Ac- tivities: Orchestra, Honor Society, A. A. Awards: Orchestra Letter, Civic Awarfi Ph. ALAN SCHUMAN "Big Al" Ambition: A Successful Rusrnessrnftn. Favorite Sub- ject: Puhlic Speaking. Activities: Boys' Chorus, Stu- dent Council, Football Team, Talent Show Committee. Awards: Chorus letter, Football letter. SEYMOUR SHEFSKY Amhrtion: Manaaer 'tt VI Hitt Store. Favotim Subzect: Chorus. Acruvities: Rina Committee, Boys' Chorus. Movie Operator. Awards: Chorus letter, Movie Op erator letter, Service Award. HERBERT SIEBER "Herb" Ambition: Entertainer. Favorite Subtect: Boys' Chorus Activities: Boys' Chorus, Student Council. Awards. Chorus Letter. SELMA SMITH "Candy" Ambition: Sewina. Favorite Subtect: Sales with Mr. I. Miller. Activities: Orchestra, FS. A. .A. Awards' Art Award. NORMAN SODNIK "Sod" Ambition: Research Chemist. Favorite Subtect: Chemistry. ACVl'l1ll9SfR'T7YS Chorus. Awards: Chorus l..e'ter. CARI. SOSTAK Ambition: Enqineerinr. Favorite Suh'ec': llechantca' Drawinq. Activities: Senior Cabinet, School "o'inci'. Clean-ur' Committee. IOHN STILLA "luck" Ambition: Printer. Favorite Subiect: German with Mrs. Mills. Activities: Band. MINNIE TATE "Mona" Ambition: Accountant. Favorite Suitfectz Spanish. Activities: Student Council, Log Staff, Girls' Chorus. Awards: Honor Pin, Perfect Attendance Pin, Fteadina Award Service Pin. 14 DONALD TRYNER "loo" Ambition: Butcher or Policeman. Favorite Subjecti prim Shgpl Af-iivmpsg Band, Awards: Band, Gym Award. SHIRLEY UGRINA Ambition: Secretary. Favorite Subject: Clothing. Ac- tivities: Girls' Chorus, G. A. A. Awards: Civic Pin. GERALDINE VALA "Geri" Ambition: To Be Successful in Life. Favorite Subject: Stenc with Miss Cox. Activitiesr G. A. A. BETTY VALENTA "Betts" Ambition: Beauty Shop Owner. Favorite Subject: Foods. Activities: G. A. A. RONALD VEIVODA "Vei" Ambition: Automotive Enaineer. Favorite Subject: Civics with Mr. Fisher. LOIS VODRASKA Ambition: Business Career. Favorite Subject: Civics with Stevie. Activities: Prom Committee, Band, Or- chestra, Science Fair, Teachers' Club, Honor Society, G. A. A. Awards: Civic Letter, Band and Orchestra letter, Science Fair Third Prize. FRANK VONDRASEK Ambition: To Build a Hot Rod. Favorite Subject: Commercial Law. Activities: Colleae Day Committee, Band. CAROLINE WAWRA "Carol" Ambition: Receptionist. Favorite Subject: Clerical Practice. Activities: Student Council, Honor Society, G. A. A. DAVID WEINSTOCK Ambition: Bioloaist. Favorite Subiect: German. Af- tjvitiosi Scroll, NATHANIEL WI-IITMAL "Nate" Q Ambition: C. P. A. Favorite Subject: Bioloay. Acvzvi ties: Football. nrcj-:ARD wu.soN "Dick" I Ambition: Bra Business. Favorite Subject: History with Mr. Orenstein. Ai-'ivjtiesz Prom Committee, Boys' Chorus, Student Council, Honor Society. Awards: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Chorus letters, JAMES WOLF "Spade" Ambition: Tc Malte a Million. Favorite Subject: Band. Activities Band. Awards: Band Letter. IOYCE ZAROBSKY Ambition: Childrens Nurse. Favorite Subiect: Com- mercial Law. Af-ti'.'i'ies: Orchestra, G. A. A. Awards. Orchestra l.et'er. EILEEN ZELKIN "Rose" Ambition: Receptionist. Favorite Subject: English Activities: Student Guidance, G. A. A., Scroll. Awardsi Civic Pins. fqcfurad imenf WAYNE LASECKI PATRICIA SPACER I5 S-11 fi 'Wi as 'R '13 'gf T 1-ev Seniors 1955 LORI FRANK .w"11fn' f ':nf'1, P DONALD THYNEE Vvzffff? f-.f'ffn"lr1n,- T-1' YNVS IEWEL BARTELS !n1IT1L3"f VIYI T.Qq1:1n RONALD DAMIANI f . 'tffif-f"k'IY1 A f'fU'n DEONA LOHN Sf. 1:5-h.: 'C ' JOELLA BOOKER T931 xlnfi fx A U'l'IYf'iS f -ff-W mf.: .X '. ,I ii r.YT1Efl'f"7Y1 K Puff-.' f Q,f'2 N X if add of June 55 X I1 ff KAREN ABRAHAMSON ALGY ABRAMIKAS "Al" Ambition: Civil Enaineer. Favorite Subject: History. ARLENE AMOS "Trixie" Ambition: School Teacher. Favorite Subject: Geometry with Mrs. Zimmerman. Activities and Awards: Girls' Chorus, GAA, Volley Ball Team, Cha1rman of Senior Tea, Chorus Letter. IOSEPHINE ANDRONACO 'Little Io" Favorite Subject: Enqlish with Mrs. Sams. Activities: GAA, English Helper, Library Helper, Fxuie Nurses flux.. EDWARD ASTA 'Eddy" Ambition: To be in charge at the Garfield Conserva- tory. Favorite Subject: Biology with Miss Cada. Activities: Student Guidance, Fire Marshall. IOHN BACHAR "Buck" Ambition: Linotypist or an accordion teacher. Favorite Subject: Print Shop with Mr. Bloom. 11-:ANETTE BARNES "TiPPY" Ambition: Teacher. Favorite Subject: Clothina, Typing with Purcell. Activities and Awards: GAA, Perfect Attendance, GAA Letter. ORA LOU BEARD "Sis" Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Subject: U. S, History- Miss Poque, and Senior Science--Mr. Garnertsielder. Activities: GAA, Sec. Future Nurses Club, Teacher's Helper. SALLIE BEDENFIELD "Blind-Mighty" Ambition: To make the most out oi lite. Favorite Subject: English with Mrs. Sams. Activities: Scroll, GAA, Volleyball Team. GLORIA BEILOVEC Ambition: Stenoqrapher and homemaker. Favorite Subject: Steno. Activities and Awards: Scroll Editor, Honor Society, College Niaht, Election Committee, Style Show, lournalism Letter, Civic Pin. ELAINE BENDA "Bender" Ambition: To make qoori in the business world. Favorite Subject: Enalish with Miss Hoqan. Activities: GAA, Colleae Niaht, Scroll, Honor Society. EVA BERZINS "Ev" Ambition: To be a success in the field i medicine. Favorite Subject: German with Frau Mills. Activities: GAA, Honor Society. LADDIE BOHACEK "L.R.B." Ambition: To see the world. Favorite Subtect: Trxa wi'h Miss Morqan. Activities: Fire Marshall. SALLIE BOOKER "Nickie" Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Subject: English Lfrs Sams. Activities: Future Nurses Cluic, GAA. VLASTA BOROVANSKY "Val" Ambition: To be a success in the business world. Favcrite Subject: Civics with Mr, Stevenson. Activi- ties and Awards: Scroll, GAA, Girls' Chirgs, Scrill T6-I-C, BARBARA BOX "Bobbie" Arniwitionz Commercial Artist. Favcrrc S'r:'if'ct: Ad- vanced Art. Activities: GAA. ROBERT BRASEN "Bob" Ambxticnz To have a successful business f my cr.-Jn. Fxvrrlte Subject: Acccuntina. DONNA BRONCZYK Arnbiticn: To travel. Activities ana Awards: Scroll, GAA, Scroll Letter. 20 FANNIE BROWN Arntittirrtz Ti' lie I?llC't,'USSIIll in life. Activities and Awfrrris: Scif ll, GAA, Scrcll Letter. LEROY BROZ "Nose" Aniiiitifn: Lferfhanical Enaineer. Favorite Subiect' German wrh Frat: Mills. Activities and Awards: Ffys' C'h':'.1s, Fcfttfail Letter. SOPHIE BYRD "Soph" Amlzttirn' Secretary, Favorite Suhfect: Fnql.sh with lflrs. Sams. Ac't1vi'1f-s and Awards: GAA, Perfect ATtrtri'ifrnr'1-. LARRY BALA RONALD BARRETT ELMER BERG DIANE BRONKEMA HELEN BURRAGE LOIS CADA "Lou" Ambition: Tw lie a success in everythinq l undertake. Favorite Suifiectz English with Mrs. Sams. Activities and Awards: Schocl Council, Future Nurses Club, Library Helper, Electicn Committee, Honor Society, Civic Pin, DOROTHY CAMPBELL "Dot" Arnliitrori: I,1lfIfIIlCII"l. Favorite Suhiect: German with Frau Mills, Advanc-ml Art. Activities and Awards: Pin and Hinfg Vorrimittee, Cheerleader, Student Guid- anrwl, Sticlent Clounfil, Library Pin. CHARLOTTE CAPEK "Char" Amhitian: A well paid office worker. Favorite Sub- Jectz Physics with Mr, Gamertsfelder. Activities and Awards: Band, GAA, Iunior Prom Committee, Civic Award Pins. ROBERT CHANSKY "Bob" Ambition: Musician. Favorite Subject: Art. Activities: Basketball, Fuothall. DENNIS CHORLEY "The Menace" Amiriticn: Baker. Favorite Subiectt Civics with Mr. Stevenscri. Activries and Awards: Boys' Chorus, Football, Smdent Council, Iunior Prom Committee, Ecys' Chzrus Letter. PHILIP CIRKO "Charko" Amliiticn: 'fr,n'ractf.r. Favorite Sqbtect: Print Shop with lllr. DORIS COTTON "DolIie" ,A.IIIlflf1'F1i llX':f'll'l'JQ S f,1f fretary. Favorite Subiectz 'Jnwwl Satfftt llgatzzy, tAiCYl'J1llESI Girls Chorus, Nurses 'jlrii,, lunu.: Prom, Senggr Tea. Awards: Perfect At- 'ffnflanfe ffhcras l.e"er. MYRNA LOY COX "Vemie" Aznzgftfn: Ehyszfal Fiipcdizzn Teacher. Favarte Suh- 'ec': 'Qhern.s'ry. Ac'tv:'tes: 'Teacher Club, GAA, Chair- m'rrg Elf'-'L ,n Czrnmiuee, Pkg S:s:e: Cixi., V'...9YFif1ii Team, DARLENE COZZIE "Dar" Fa'.'.::'e S .1 'fy-'z 'frar1.ai'r.g.t1pn with O'l.e'rry. Afigvztiesi 'J.:,f ','E.,,:..:', Stgierx Guidance. Awards: Girls' if-"f-1, Pflrifft A"ond'1nce Award, TED CUSHNA "Ted" .-5.rri:,.'g r.: 'f.:.':. Fn:1nef'r. Fuvdzzte Subject: lwfeffhani- tal Zravgng, .L.'f'L'flflGS and Awards: Prim Ccrnrnzrzee, Sage C F',z':1a.l, Senicr Cahznef, Hznc: Szvzety. Sage Crew and Swzmming Letter. 21 E' ang Us X 15 avg Q.. 1'-s A I ."' ,.l .LA vi'-Q 1 ,pf-C I? Q'- Ts 6- 15 I" 'NN in - nv Y ts' , xr , : ' DOLORES CALBERT MARGERY CARLSEN ROBERTA CORTESE LEE DAVIS "Dave" Ambition: Baseball Player. Favorite Subject: fflusic, DONNA DORN "Don" Ambition: To have a happy lite. Favorite Subject: English with M:ss Hogan. Activities: Girls' Chorus, S. A, A. Awards: Girls' Chorus Letter. DOROTHY DOUGLAS "Doug" Arnbi.ion: To join the Women Marine i'-.rits Favorite Subiect: History. Activities: G. A. A. IIM DRASAL Ambition: To accomplish what l set out to do. Favorite Subject: Physics. Activities and Awards: Boys' Chorus, Senior Cabinet, School Council, Class President, Civic Award Pins. MARION DUBOSE "Baby Dump" Ambition: To become famous. Favorrc- Subject: Biol- .yay with Miss Cada. IOSEPH DVORAK "Ioe" Ambition: Doctor. Favorite Subject: Band, Health with Mr. lakus, Activities and Awards: Band, Orchestra, Band Letter, Orchestra Letter and Pin. LOIS EDWARDS "Lou" Ambition: Private Secretary. Favorite Subject: Stenoq- raphy - Transcription. Activities: G. A. A. Officer, Division Officer, Orchestra, Flina Committee, Euclidian Club, Spanish Club. FRED EISENHAMMER "Fritz" Ambition: Mechanical Enrjinoer. Favorite Subject: Gym with Mr. jakus. IOSEPHINE ELLISON "Phine" Ambition: Typist. Favorite Subject: Typina. CLYDE EVANS BEVERLY FABER "Bev" Ambition: Secretary. Favorite Subject: Math. Activi- 'ies and Awards: G. A. A., Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, Cheerclub, Gym Office Helper, Colleae Night, Prom Ccmmutee, Cheerletter, Civic Letter. BRUCE FABER "Fabe" Amrition: Successful Lathinzg Contractor. Favorite Sulgzectz English wi'h Miss lizzaan. Activities and A wards: Football, Baseball, Vice-President ff Class, F' 'rwalt and Baseball letzers. CHARLOTTE FEUDEL "Tillie" Ambition: Private Secretary. Favorite Subject: Civics with Mr. Stevenson. Activities and Awards: Editorial Board of Log, l'-lall Guard, G. A. A., fionor Society, Civic Letter and Pin. WILLIAM FREMER "Bill" Ambition: A success in lite. Favcrtte Subject: German with Frau Mills. Activities and Awards: Boys' Chorus, Fcctball, Boys' Chorus and Football Letters. IOHN FUKA "lack" Ambition: Career in the Arr Force. Favorite Spilzjecti Physics with l-lr. G. 22 HELEN GARDNER .'x.I'IIIIlli',I'II Sf1f'rff'f1zy. Fx: nie S14:fjQ1": SWDIX . .l.C!1'.'.- 'xr-S uni .5-.'.-.'f11 isa: 7.1.2 ze- Nglhr, Gym lzvlg f-Z, Sfroll Sch" 1, G. .-3.. EZ r. I S "ivy, CWOP! VT i-ST, 5"'f'fl l.f2"Lt, Thea: L.-LW-1. EDWARD GICLA "Polish Eddie" 4'I4.IIIY1fI'I1I Pz1r1'f-r. I1u'.'111'Q S.1ifDf": flyzu. .5.1"1'.'1t1Qs imfi f'1.'.f.'c11d:s: F:1.':.ull Team, l.l".'10 B T".-19 Frit- zul. l.9t'f2::1, lfl 'IIS Buy l.L'lQI. ELAINE GLASER "Inky" .-K111:1'L,1'1: if-111:'f':w1 ,1l'.1::-2. :u'.',111L' S.1v1f.'i: 1' :GS '.-J1'h lf. li 15 llc. .:4.f'f1'4'IYICS :nil ,:x'.'.'f1ZIF1 315' 'll :1.' 4l1f--Irkzief 'fhflf-1 lffvfi, CAROL GOLES .:'.III!.lf1' 11: fl11'.'11'f- S111 zflutty. Fu'.',11'f- S4539 '11 Sens w17l1 l.l111:113l,+-11y. 1'1't1v.t1e-sp llc1.1 Glllll 1, 13. A. A. MARILYN GOLES A1T1:1t1fn: P11'.':71- S'Af"IPlLIlY. Fu'.'fv11tQ Sxlwf'-gi: Sie-no 'NYII l.l1:':. 'l,l'll.4'IlY. A'11v1'1r-1" llgll ij.1f1:11, fl. A, A. FRANK GORSKI "George" A.IIII..llifY1I Druitsnun. Fcvcrrn Smzyeffrt lfbchuniccll DIG'.'.'lI'I 1, Af-'1v1'1f:1: f1fH"1'r1 K' rr1m."QfA livnfr S3- "1f-Ty, S'1IfI"-Ill "f, 11 1. RICHARD GREEN "Shadow" Amlntlonz A1fh1lPf'. Fuvzrue Sibjeftz ll1StQry and pllflf Shep. PATRICIA GRUBINS "Pat" A111L1t1c11: A1r.1n4- hf:se:'fcxt1.n1F'. f'I'J'I1Yf' Snag-5-Ct: fT.ctl'11n:. .Rc".'.'1t1-er: G. A. A., Gym llfllgqfar, I-lcll .1.1z1:d. MARLENE HARVILLE "Vickie" A1m,1t1Qr1: 111 gpt c ggzd plz. F:1v1.z1trH S111 'pf-1: Com-- 1111Lrf'1f11 lxxw. :'Xf"1'J121f+12 P.. A. KENNETH I-IASMAN "Gunner" !x111:11'1 111 l.11'.-:yf-1. llI'J.ZllE4 S..IJlz'f'I E'l1y..1f':1 wiih Qflz. 5311111-:'fYf-.1lffz. 1'-.f'11'.'111e:: Sflmz V'11l,111f-', Buse- zu.. T.:ZIf"1lI'I, 5c1.Lcet:.3ll, PI9SId9I"If ui Senpr Hcncr S'.f'1Qiy. .5-.wu:'l:1: liumelwcll Gnd 209101-'E'1ll lf-"GTS, RITA HAUPT "Rei1z" Am:.1t1Ln: ll:,n1a-rrmkf-1. Fuvgzme S1,1b1ec1: Crime '.-nth lflz. S1eve1i:sv,r1, A -11v1t1Qfs: Chgrus, l11r11r.11 Prim, School 'E .r1f:1., S',1'1f: "'fAN'f'l, Scrill, G. Il.. A. Awcrdsi "l1 ,I .5 lf-"1-1. MARY MCCRAY ROBERT HITON "Bob" .-.rr1r,,'.:r.: 4 :ff f.x"te5f:.1. I1 'he 14,111,155 Jzr.. Ff:':3I.te S1111-"'3 F.. ' Lr1'.r1i5 w1'r. fvff. lI.Il'C.I. ..'. 'nm' argl .':.'N,!'liI H yd' f'lQ'r1:.', S"1'lf-11' fI..'I'IYT'f9, ljzyfa' 2l'I'.I..ii l,fA"f1.. ROY HLAVACEK e3.r:'1:..'.'r.. Er.:.r.'-1-1. fV:'.' 'f- SA 1- f.f:. G. : S' . nf-ry . IOSEPH HOLUB "Dirty Bird" .. .,. .,.,' ., jr. 5 fi. i',.:1.. 1 1: 211: 'r. C "r IIM HOMOLXA "Big lim" EDGAR HONATH "Ed" 5.:1.: .r. Lf. 1.7. H S .1 f SHARON HOSTAK "Shorty and Shar" 1 - . V- 1 -AM --1- ...!, 5 L 'p....,:A i f fl " . 1.1: 6, Ain ff' 4- 2 uw N ' 1. 71? firfif ffiii ,W 1 '- L ft- 'Ia 'lv' QL' 2? Q.. In K 'YW' il' -wa. Q -asf E 1' WARREN HOSTYNSKI "Hondo" Amhirizn: S.1r-ressfxil in my pincxertakincg. Ffivcrite Spzreftz .11.fi':c:nrec: Azz. ::.CfI'lI'l6'S and Awards: Foot- i,f1.l. SflI'i1i.I fQ'f1:1111f'-1. fhzzxzs, Frfnflii l.e11er and Bur, "h 1.1s Lf-:if-1. FLORIAN HOWANIEC f1111i.111f.11' T' gm :hf Lest gt ,i iiio. Favorite Sub- 'f1": Gym mn W' .fi Shpri. .l.f't1u'g'1f1rs: SfC1iIi Centei ' !I1IIIi'1r.f. Shfg Ifeig f-I. ARLENE HUSTAK "Ar-cr" A1111.111'1i: 'I make .evei-hecdezi jegzspns. Favorite S.i:1er": Ec1g11'1111cs with Mx. Fisher. .5-.ctivitiesz '2. P.. AM Clif' fhcrms, EVELYN HEROLDT KENNETH HAVLICEK IOSEPHINE IACUZZI "Io" ."KIILl1T1C1I'lI iiec'ffg111c.,1iist. ITCIVZXIIF: ei Clothing. . V, . - -11-'1v111f-sz M. A, A., Girls Cjhzzus. BERNARD IMYAK TED IACKANICZ "T.R.I." A1112 1t11,11: 1.11111 ILITVIY Hesecxicii 4.v1,Ii'C1l. ::l.I'JOI1IE Sub 1e1:': Physics wilh Mr. Gc1me1'sieQde:. Activities: fTC,iif'fl6 Nlqhl, Seriicir Hcnzr Society. ROGER MAE IAMESON "Biqgie" Ariibiticnz Dririr-421. Fc.1'1or1'e Suigrecd' Uyrr . . I UI. ROBERT IAROSZ "Bob" A111i211if.1n: Prmtei. Pziwirite Suriiecz: Gyrn with Mi. Iukis. Acfivifiesz Fue Marshall, Holi Ggcnd. PATRICIA IEROME "Pe!ey" Ambition: T11 make fl success of my iire. Fcxveiite Suieiect: Ecrinnmif-sa with Mr. Fisher. Activities and !iw'.11ris: SFEUIUI P1f1111, 'TIICILXS Civic fmd Chiims ix-He: ss. ANDREW IIRMASEK "A.I." A11ir1111c111: Az' Field. Fcxvfrite S'ii'e1"' .3-rivurired Fifi , 1 . 111111 Civics, A1-zivizies :md Awards: Ccuncrii, Smale Crew, Science Fair Cfwfiinutir, Stage 'frew LQTIGI Sfierice Fair IJI1263. DAVID IOSE "Iosie" Amr,11if.11: Television Technician, Physics and Chemiszry. Activit Fczvgriie Subjeck ies: Esys' Chorus, Schxiz Ccuncri., Honfr Scfxefy, Editzricil 510111 of Loq, IHC Hepreserrfliive. ROBERT IURISH A111ivit11,n: Research Chemisi. Fovnxiie Subiecglt i'hf1r111s'1y w1'h Mi. Eule. Ac'1'.'1ties: Sfg?1,:.I Council, !'f .Pie Nzjzh' f'f111:1i1tifQe. IANET IURKAS "Ian" I-IITII 1'1f H1 Tear-hw-1. F11'.'.:1'ff Sgimecxz Surenge with Mrs, SYIIi,Fl. Ar'1'f1t1e:1: G. A. .1-.., Oiixfci Ifeigzer, Scroll Smit, Sfzrifirw' Cqirlrinre, f':1ie'ge Niwhl If rnmiwr-e. DONNA MAE KALAI. "Donnie" f111111'1f,1i: ?I1'Kfli9 Seffr-ewzry. Fav..r1'f- Ssrigectc Steno fmri Enqhsh. I'4."ffi'.'1'i4PS and .l.'.'.rcr1is: Ggris' Chews, Sniaient Ggifiurice, G. A. .3-., Effntr S'C.'3fY, Libmry ifeiei, Gzrs C.'hf111s Qeier. LIBBY KALAS "Kitten" Ami mon: Ta have :1 sufressiul, mn .Jvinfg life. Favorite Suiwect: Ccr11ime1c'ic1i Law with iffr. Lfitcheil. Activities: G. A, A. ROBERT KALIS "Bob" Ariiieiticn: Tx make- .119 L1 success. Fuvszite SLIIJQCII Aiivqnceci Prmt. Arzivzties: Sccici Center Committee, Fin. Taicrshrzii, Edirrifzl Beard :f Liz. 24 SHIRLEY KAMPS "Shirl" .5.:11:1'z 11: Hf'Il'1f'l'II1. E41 :VH SKI! 'L 'l '11111:. .lr- '1'.'1'141: 111.1 .:xZ'f'fII'I.1I 5:1 'f11f1s'1 im: QC:11r1111- I . .1.. 'Sh :Lg ft1'f-: ff 111 S'-iff' fx. P' :-' .11 .-'1'-'1 1 'I1 r.. IERROLD KASPER .5-.1111 1'1 ri: 'I 11:111+- 31. 'i1'.'1'. 11.1 Aw-.' '11 1.. 141.1111-'1 11.. S--11: I 1, F111 f1:11?1.1.' 1 5-'z i1.. IHUI S111 .'1g1'1f' AZ' .5 1' 1' 1:1 BERNADETTE KASSEI. "Bemie" .7-.:11:1'1 11: ' .:r1f1.:114. ISF! :1'- Sgr' 4-f' ': IQ',nLm1f':s, .l."'g'.'1'1e: 1111 .A.'."J',ZI'1F1 'he-QZRGdGf, G. A. A. P3351- n', S1 .., S'..if-11' i5,11'ic1nff4 G. .. P11. Jmd '-1 '11 21. III! "h ,ff- 1 I.-'1"f-'X' ARLENE KAZIMOUR "Ar" .51111111'g.111 5111114 1.' Ei :111'111f11cf-1. E'1'1f,:1w- S1121-cgi: ffnmfl 11411141 1fAr11fA11f, .f3.4'f1'.'111f2s ulflfi Aw-.'C11riS: G, A. A., Sfrwll EXf'I"hIIl if- I'f:3"1 F? 1111 S1f'1f"y, l'11lf41f1 N1:1h', 'QQJII1 Eff-11+-1. IACQUELINE KINGOS "Icckie" A111t11t1f11: 'T aw! 11 1:11f-f-0:15 111 hiv. P'11v1111fr- Suzfgerti 'fy1,11'1fg. Au'1v1110s 111111 Avvr11r,I:2: Gills' Chbrus, G. A. L11 IKIIY He-11 FI Glflbll f'hf',:s I.f9'TD!'. RICHARD KLEIN "Schwcqqer" .:4.I'I'1IJ1f1".HI Ta :few C1 sucresrz. f'Q1vn,11tef Suklfecti Jorn- me1c1f11 Law w1'h M1ss W1.Ir-'. .l.CII'J1T1G-SZ Socml 4il'H'f'I ?Qm1r11n1: l'1n1111"Lff'. IOSEPH KLIMA "Ice" .5xm:1L'Lf1'1: ,L.'.'1ulf.z, I'Y1'1w!1iff SuE.1f1"1: 'hstrzry w11h M155 Geez. Act1':1'1esz and .kwuzdsr BQSQIQG.. Team and Efxsebkul. Lauer, GERALD KNESS "Gerry" .51m1,1t1.r1: 'ff 11, ' C' 11.2 161. Fav 11th Sukww: QL'-HCS. .l.r"1v1'1f4S: " Ik- 11- N11h' i"1'I1TT1I"fAF ARLENE KNOBLOCK "Knobby" .l1.1r1:,1t1'1'1: Nurse Fu'Jf,11'fA S'1:.f'f,-"t: H11 1.1:1I'1 '.-.'1'h 2.1155 Eiffgczn, :x."'1'J1fI"5' f1r1f1 Awfxuisz 511111, -D1f'hws11c1. Q, A. A., F'.lf1LI+p' N.11:1f-:', 'f New fight, band CZ- ..f1s'1'1 f1r1'1 null" f.Q"Q1.1 DOROTHY KNOX .5.mr',1'1u11: E.PIl1f-'R"IYY .rff1f'hQ:. ':'1'J 1'ff S,gLjf9C'2 .-'4.f'1",.r.':n':. Af'1'1'.'1'1f4:a: P.. WARREN KODL "Colle" .l.mh1f1:r1: D1'111s1m1n. Ff1v.:1tQ Same ': Drcztxng. .-3.f"1'J1'1f-ra f1n'1 I-.'.'.'f11fi:a: D1'J1Fl',D 0.f:f'f- Lffrtef' A!- 'Lndf1nCe- SQYIIYH-'ffIS Pm. ROBERT KOIVIUREK "Slim" .l.1r11.1t1pr1: Egyg if 45151. Ff1'J.11'f- S12 'Af "1 Sffr11n1 Scgence 'ruth III, G:1m1ner'1sfe.de:. Af:f1'J1t1-as Gnu Awlrdsi fI','11C' ,DI,f'Ifi"I, Bzyiz' 'fhprzs f,f',v"2f I.f:"f-1, IOYCE KOVANDA .3.mr,1'1'r1: T' .c-111. N' :'hvJh1.w ,1iff. Ff1'.',:.'e Sxznffqi f.ff1fhf-:Y1J'11':. .f+.f"1'.'1'.ff:1: 25.111 Sufzf-'y Sf-nl.: 'fill' .eq Gym F5411 of .Lew Nuh' '1r.': rr.. .5-.2-.'11ffiFt '-gf f- ' bww.. LEONA KOZA "Lee" H: Smurf- Lr. :1 ..f: .fm y I : J, ' 'em w:.F'1x' S .z f- 'S 1 wrk. I.f,:. 11. '.f'5 2. Li.. .. S1111 1 'f' rx: fifzrgigf- fzri MARTIN KOZI "Koz" .l.z:1: r.: .:.:1f-f-1. v- SA: , f :--111. .Z S. 1,'. Lf LOUISE KOZIOL "Lu" F17 S.1 ?,f'j'i... .3. '- GERTRUDE KWIATEK "K" '31-WA -- IP.: ..ff.'1.ff5QI .1 S.':1'f, E.eit r.r:.1:-ee .1.. G 1. :'.. fx. . DON KUSMIERZ 25 C" fn, f-Q. ff' L are Qi' . wt If 'X gn T- ROY LASTOFKA Amhrrrcrr: Prgieesrcrral Athlete, Baker. Favcrire Sub- fect: Prrrr' Shcp, Encrfrsh with Miss Hogan. .Activities and Awards: Fdgtrzcrl, Easehall, and Basl-cetltdll. fug- fam Easerall Team Levers .rr 3 Sperfs. ELBERT LEISTNER "Elbo-E-R-L" Amrzrtrerii 'fe Pliy the Prana. Favcriie Subject: Tyrzrrig the Alisffrice Eurletrrr with Miss Purcell. Actrvvree: Planar Spcrety, S,5h' Sazrrrrz lielper. PAUL LAWRISEK CHARLES LEVERICH "Charlie" Aml,rtrr.rr: Badge and Televrsian Announcer. Favcrife Suhrerffz Errqrsh. Aftrvrtresz Fzvhall, Semcr Przrrr '7fcmrrr.':f-f'-, Fire llarsfhall. SAUNDRA LEVIN "Scxundie" Favurrte Sulzrew: English with Mrs. Sams and Earn- nzrrrrsss with lwli. Fraher. Ackvrtres: GAA, Gxls' C-ih'f'.l5. BETHEL LINDSLEY Arril,.!.frr: Ptrvxf- Sf-wrvgrry. Frrvfxrrre Sur eras: lflerf ftrl P'rfrr'trvf1. SHARON LOEFFLER "Sherry" Arril rtrr rr: 'lr lf' r.: 'r Z.1.., li rrtpy lite. Favurrts- Sdopegti Advarrvcfrl Arr. f-.f1.'.'.'re:'1 arrl Awards: Cfarss Senre tary, f'lrr.ru:1, lft rrrr S' urety, CAA Exerfrrfrve, Chg rrrp-1 l.etle-1. FRANKLIN LOULA "Frank" Arrrlrrrrrrrz Hn grrrw-z. Ffrvr rim Srrmeut: Qhemistry - lvlathernatrrfs. ,L.C,'l1'l1Yl9?S and Awards: Ff:.tr,all, Senrgr Calirrret, Harm: Srwrety, Sqhrgal Clfzrrncil, Vhffrxrs, 7' l- leae Night, 2 F all l.e'ter:1. IOAN MACHALA "Io" Amlirtrftri: 'lr ze tl zzuwess grr everythrncq i urrdertal-re :cf dar. Paverrte Sul 'eww Errcllrssh with Mrs. Sams Ar'- tlvitiesz GAA. ROBERT MANDAT "Bob" Amhitirfri: Make a .gcgd Cgmmercial Lawyer. Favcrrre Subject: Errqlrsh, Hrstcry. Activities and Awards: Movie Orzeratgz, Outside Messenaer, Merrie Leiter, Civic Pin. IEAN MARLAR Ambrtrarr: 'IL r,e a success. Favorite Subtest: Steno with Miss O'l.eary. Activities: GAA, llall Guard Captarrr, Clean-.rr, Teacherk llelper, Honor Sccrefy. IERRY MARTINEK Favuritel Sulxect Gym '.-.wh lilr. Iakus. Activites: Fmptrturr Teani. BEVERLY MAE MAZANEC "Bev" Amhr'i.,ri: Teacher. Faxrzrrre Subtest: Gerrnam with Frau Milne, Acrvrtres and Awards: Barrd, Orchestra, GAA. Band and Orfhestra Letters. KENNETH McKEE "Ken" Amhiwonz Archi'ec't. Favarite Subrect: Advanced Dzawrria with III. Hzriker. Af'trvrtreS: Student foprnerl, Elem.: Stwrety, ""l.e ze Nghf. ANITA MEISNER "Niiz" Arrrlirtrsrrrz Prr'Ja'f- Sffvreary, Favorite Sulvect: f'1'.' A with fflr. Stevehfl .rr. ACfL'JLl.Qf? and Awards: Edrtcrrfl lmarti .1 Lag SUN.: Pram tkmmittee, l.1l r':ry Efegze ,SAA llrrr: S' me I Fxn and f.e"f-1. BARBARA MELKA "Barbs" luv,r.tw S.: fl "1 S'f-rr. will: lffrzafz Oleary. Aairvrirels rrrrr .5f.wrrrr::': flrrlf' 'l1.I1., ll nv: Sacreiy, Sf1hr.r arrrz-f, S' rrjeni ' Sf.tll'Afl' f'21r".rn"+2 fl.:-,A l.irr.:f Vhf rua l.e'1er. VELDA MEYERS "Shorty" Arr1l,rf.r1: Successtx. lidsewrte. Fuvezre Subtest: Harrie lfarrrxrerrieht '.-.'.fh flee: Ptwards. Acirtrrtgesi GAA. ANNIE MIMS "Ann" Amlzrzrrirrz EQxec'.1tr':e Secretary. Favzrrte Suzsject: Eng- Lsh wfh Mrs. Sams. .l.:'i'.'1t:eS and Awards: GAA, Senza: ll-a 'Q':mrh.ttee, Oifzce Helper. 26 BENNY MICHAELS MARGARET MUELLER "Mickie" 17: 1 ' 1111 11.-V Jlllllll 1 iw 11.1 1 VIIQUZ b 1 M11 'C S11 f-T': EZ me f.lf11135D111Q11f. .lac A 11: .5 1113: E1 llel S f'.Q",f SY" E'i.TS'r. ' :- ll. zh' IAQ. Sw .Q l.fl"f-1. ARLINE NEMEC "Ar" .-1111: 1.2 f.fP111"f1. Sf' ':fe111y. l1"1'.'o11tf2 Sunjeffi Ql'l9!l"l- .,'1','. I1 '1:.1 15.2-."11il5: G.1.:U '4l"IIfllS, Sfnieril 1 1,1. 1 S '.f-'y, f,'l1:111:' lf 01. CLAUDIA NEUMANN .l.11111'1f,11: il:,..1ffs2w11Q. Fuvanw Sqmecti l1l.1s1f '.'Jlfll f.l1. Stamnx. Ac-'1'11'1Qs: GAA, Hall Guard. EDNA NEWBERN ,-'4.111l..t1:,11: Klllf1GlQUI'f:?l'l 'l":.1f'l1Hf. FCI'lf,lll6 Sulfgecli llll 1l1:1l1. IESSE NEWTON "Smiley" .5+.1111..z1f,,11: 'lb :Q s1x1c'1gsa::st:1. 111 11lQ. Fuvorlte S111J'QfI: ii11'1.11:h wvhr f.l1s. Sum: Af'f1'.'1f1e5: Cleanup Cfcm- lll'5A5' l:1,1.1 K1..211'i. PETER NORVID ROBERT OLESCH "Bob" .l.11111:1f.1.: Ur111e1'c1:e: F:1vz1.te Su:-rect: lJlTl.l9'i Suites Ei1:1":y. :3.f"1'.'1'1Qs: Sf11C,.Q, S'.f.'1mm1ng lenm. FAITH O'NElLL "Faye" .5-.1111.1t1f.n: Tc 1.9 Q1 S111-1-ess 111 21le. FOVOIIIQ Subgecl: Ty111'1i1. .f5."t1'.11'1QS: GAA, Student Council, Gym lle2lpe1. DIXIE OSWALT .-'11111.'1f.11: 'lv I4 1 .11c'f'f-1-1:1. Fiivrmtc 5111116-cl: Enqllsh '.'.'lll1 lflll. ll11:111. A1'11'11I1ff.21 Sfrfll, Qlfife llfxlpel, GAP.. RONALD OTTIEPKA "Tex" f11111.'1f,11: Tw T',lll Ihr? Hpflhlillfll lfllpflll pl lr1'.'e-:s'1qc1- 41f,.r1. lTc1'1o11tQ Sxzlijed: llfechcnicol DYGWIUQ. Activi- '114:': P119 lflfllilllll, Efxysi' "Thf,111s, Swden' G'lldUUC9. GEORGE PEVITTS .':'.lllZ 31912 T: :ie ll Sxvfess. Fzvcrve SAEIECII lflechdni- 11. D1c'f.'111'g. .L1f".'.'1'1GS ani .L.v.':zrds: Spiris Editor 1 Sv.. Flffl 'fcrihizl Sfrill l.et'91, BERNADINE POCIASK "Bernie" .':.fIll 3111.1 T. 'Se' .luzng Diets. Favazfe Sub- W . ., - . . A f - P . ..,., f f M..- r. Jnr.. ,..,. -.,.... .,..,. . . ,,...,,,., ,.......G... CLAUDETTE POWELL "Dottie" Rx.: ri: 11.12. ?':'.':I.'ff S.: Ld: H11'g..sl1 '.-.2111 fflrs. FSE..-5. 'f,1ff F1219 fl 117115 EDWIN PELKA ARNOLD PREBAN "Amie" ff f.fQ'1,, .Z 1, '1. :.1.f l"1'.',:.'e SJ, -3:11 1 . ff: Ilffff' '-8191. fm: .l.'.-.':1'15: 11 .:.: S' . 1'-11 .11 . 11 1 Sx"1f1'y, bin: If4'f1, FLORENCE PYTKO "Flo" E 11. S.: Q 'z 51 Sf-'.'.1 f CARL RAFFEN "Dugan" 5.11.1 1.1 R. fr. f,-1,f::Z: 25.313111 '.'.'.'11 ..1.sS 1-1 ' .l. " "- ' 15: F'2:t:.':lI, Exsketzclll, III. 'f Qtew, Pfznzz Sg:.e",', Three- " Qffe iskf-itz.. Levers. 27 IAMES REHAK "lim" Ambition: Druqqist. Favorite Subject: .Advanced Art with Miss Kirschner. Activities: Band, Senior Cabinet, junior and Senior Prom, Student Ccunctl. PEARL RATEIKE Ambition: To lead a successrui life. Favorite Subject: Civics with Mr. Stevenson. Activities and Awards: Chorus, Student Guidance, Student Council, Senior Cabinet, l-loncr Society, G. A. A., Loo Statt, Civic Pin and Letter. LEONARD REHAK "Lena" Ambition: Architect. Favcrrte Surgect: Boys' Chorus and Advance Drafting. Activities and Awards: Boys' Chrtrus, Fire Marshal intramural Fccttiall and Basketball setter. TIM RUBALCABA "Ruby" Ambition: Architect. Favorite Subject: Advanced Me- chanical Drawing, Spanish. WILLIAM RELIFORD FRED SVOBODA WILLA MAE SCOTT "Baba" Ambition: Psychiatrist. Favorite Subject: Civics with Mr. Stevenson. Activities and Awards: G. A. A., Per- tect Attendance, G. A. A. Letter. NANCY SILK Ambition: Teacher. Favorite Subject: Band. Activities and Awards: Band, Orchestra, G. A. A., Honor Society, Future Teacher Club, Band Letter, Euclidian Club Pin. ARLENE SIMCEK "R" Ambition: Secretary. Favcrite Subject: Clothing: Activr ties and Awards: G. A. A., Girls' Chorus Senior Cabi- net, Civic Award Letter, Girls' Chorus Letter. NORMAN SIRINEK "Cemo" Ambition: Run a Custom Car Shot.. Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing. Activities and Awards: Movie Boy, and Movie Boy Letter, NANCY SIROS "Nan" Ambition: Commercial Artist. Favorite Subject: Girls' Chorus. Activities and Awards: Girls' Chcrus, G. A. A., l.ilurary Helper, Honor Society, G. A. A. letter, F. H. A. Letter. BARBARA SLANEC "Barb" Favorite Subject: Transcription with Miss O'Leary. Activities and Awards: Girls' Chorus, Honor Society, G. A. A., Chcrus Letter and Civic Awards. PAT SMICKLAS "Smickie" Ambition: Private Secretary. Favorite Subject: Girls' Chcrus with Mrs. Muerich. Activities: G. A. A., Girls' Chorus. CLEBURN SMITH IVORY SMITH "Tinto" Ambition: Basketball Ccach and Physical Education lnstructcr. Favorite Subject: Gym with Mr. Naiman. Activities: Student Guidance, Future Teachers Club, Student Ccuncil. BETTY STANULA "Little Betty" Arnltititinz To have happiness in the tutire. Favorite Subject: Civics with Mr. Stevenson. Activities: Girls' Chorus, G. A. A., Future Nurses: Cl.il LAVERNE STEWART "Verna" Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Subieczz Chemistry with Mr. Bale. Activities: Scrcii, Nurses Club, G. A. A., Prom Committee, Halt Guard. DONALD STETINA "Don" Ambition: To achieve rny goal. Favcrite Subject: Civics. Activities and Awards: Collette Niah: Committee, Senicr Cabinet, Hcncr Society, Rgrserall, Basketball and Scroll Letters. 28 IOAN STIPEK "Little One" A1111 1'1 11. ' 1:11:11-11'1':. I'1'.' rw' S11 'ffi 1 .:Xfi'1'!1'1f'il 4111 .f7.'.-."11fi11: Ah 1 1:4 S fzfi "Stiff, G. F.. -. 31: S.12'f-I 'SIRI 1' 4111: .ri f f-"fA Z :fi Az-."1f'i. YVONNE STROUD "Bonnie" .-'-.1111 1'1 11i E1-A111-H 111: fl .1111-. In 11'1- S .1 W- 'A '.'.'1'Il 5"'41" I.. I1 :4 "IU "" ' Ji K :A ' gif. GERALDINE TUCKER RAYMOND TANTER "Doc" AIilI1'1 11: S7 1-1 1 1- f71'.' 11111 S11 'f'f'fI III1','.,1f':'. Af"1'.'1':f1:1 :ni ,:'.'.'."lI'ii5I 51111, f'fh,111S, Bcskewval., S13- 'ien' '.Y1"1I, 15 7 S ,f'1f1'y I4'1r1'1 f,f1"fJ1, F'1Skf1'1 Lofoz. MARY IANE TAUSK Am11'1wr1: 'I' g 1115 '-'1'J1f'i-. F4l'J'I.ff' S'lIU'C"f QIHZIYIYIYI 'mth F111.. M1ll::. Af'f1v1t11Qs cmd Awards: CLIIIYGIU ot 'f1'1f2e:QQf1r,iG1:s, Girls? f'hc111.1s, Studem C:,11r1f41E, G. A. A. 'D1f1f'fA1, I,IIlf?F7IiF'fIfIt"I fmfi CIIIIHI 'fhff111:1 Lflttflrss. ASCHER TEMKIN "Wet" A1111 1111111 V111ifA:2111f1r1f1. V11 1111111 1If1'I f.c1nfi11f"11. P"1v1 111ff S11111f-1-11 L11 111:1h w1tl1 Mus. Sfxmfs. A1tt1'.'1!1r-15 fmfi f Awcxzris: -J1c:hos1'1c,1, Sffrfli, II-nor Smwery, SOTIICY "'u1,1r1f1f, "wllf-'1f- N11h', '31f'hf-s:'1r1 find Sfrfll Lrfvelrs. CHARLES TREGNER "Chuck" Am1g1':f.n: !Xf'f:f .1n'c1n'. Fav' 1111- SLIII14:-"'I Tffritherziutws 'mth IVIISS Morgan, Af-'1v1f1es: Han' 1 Sf r1e'y, Em: 'ffm- mittee. IEAN THOMAS Amilfiffflf Sf-1-11-t.11y.iV1'.f rw' S'.1'f'f": 'lmrwxn '.-11th FIGLX M11.s. Av11v1t1feS: G. A. A., fffill Guard BARBARA TRACZYK "Bcrby" AIHI,1Tii,l'1i TL. lead u ful. und hzigzyy hte. Pavgrite S111u1ffc't: Afi'J:1r11:'fffi Arr :md Siena. Ar7t1v111Qs and Awfivis: "hf1'1s F51 11f1 S11'1r'-ty fl. A. 1'-.,, Chorus If.-w4:, ALICIA VANEK "Lee" AITII 1'1'1"1Z AI'J.'r1y:'. ' 11 1: 11- ' 11,1 k 'H 'hw :1H'1h' 1111111 fi .zff-, I"1'1f:11f- S'1l1'f -f" 1 E11f1l1:1I'1 with M11-1:2 H1.f1f1r.. !,'."i1'Ji""1-I SU111' 1 'V11 1111 ', S111'if'r1' ff' .1mf'11, Hnnzr S1 f-1e'y. BARBARA VERRI "Bobs" Ffl'J'f17f: S11tf1f"": Gym, !r1."'1'J1IlF:i fmfi fx'-fJllI'lt5I l.'I"1F:f,-Y' ipflfif-Z, S',f'11'l. "'fr1'f-1, "hw11:s, 111111117 Pram, Sfrzll, Semi f"i.1:1nf-', FS. ft. A. Tir-'1:111rf11 'Shit'-Ii"fI'IF'I r:iIiF Shanna, find G. A. A. Lffttffzs. MARILYN VALENTINE "Mar" Am?,1'111r1: T' :ff rx 1sg1"f'QsS 1r1 whul I flil. Ffivzrltfe Suu 1F3'TTi Enfgtlsh w1'h Ilf1:1:1 H '1r1n. Af't1'J1t1fAf:t G. A. A., Sfrwfl, Oiizfv- Elf-.gf-1. PAUL VALENTINE AmE,:'1f.r1: Tm 171.1-f-1-L1 m 'fJI'l'l"':'Jf?I I '1n. Ff1'.",11'p Q S111'.'Lf": Er1'111:11'1. Af"1'1111f,1s: Bryzl' f'h'.!'1:1. KENNETH VAN CUBA "Gorpe" Am:,L'1',n: IJ1F"U.l,fFj1F'. F3w",11TQ S11:,'QC': MC1'hQm'1i.c: AC'1'.'1T1fes- 'intl .-3.'.-J'1:'if1: Pcnd, Otfihflsiru, S6-mc? S fl ne: Pfam 1 S ',f' Lffy, Eirvi 'znfi fTrf'hf':l'r'1 L-enffr NANCY VAN CURA ,:4.IT1Il'l.I1f ' 1:11:11-1f'1 f'f"J.r1'-I S.1'ff : g:f'I',' 'gnft fa 1'-.'11'1Z1 'L A. A., I" zury, "h,r..f, if ry: S ftf 'Nr 'i lfvff-' "L, V fl Thur, DEENA WINKLER "Midget" Rift: 1'1 R, Ekhyt. 1. EI 1 1" 1 .171 '1.f-I. r vifitf- 1: Li" 31131 '::i: S'f:Yi . .3 -SQ F. .5-. . F.. Afflfif Swlff ffiff- 3511.5 L' ' "XI"""Lf- Sf r" ' W" , .11 , , -.1 . ..,. 'ml' r,"KYT11"'?L S: ':r.L. ELAINE WITKOWSKI .-1111: 11 E. 1-' . S.: H f.f7. S'f-'.'1-iii. " F- III '.'.-.":r'1g-: ,. : Sufi .--, A NV., fl ,A M , S ,.., . has ':, TK, czxndlri w11QLf11134S I "willy" 1 ..... . . .1.,-- . "IIN-YI.l. 41, 11, 1 P :ri 1 S ' H F "' C2KK1"f-f- Sf-xx: fl, 3 3. E11-":'1'M 2 ?'1r,': ': "'1'.'1" ' M if it .- JUL 1 ,.,-7 nv L 4 5:1 34. 'sv I-. ' 4 '7 'rx C5 17" lk 'C' WAYNE ZYCHAL I W V Q Amitrtxcn: Desrqrte: :Z .l..1tf::i::L.eS. rivtrxte Survrect 1' German. Actrvrires: Fzys' Chorus. CAROL ZICHA "Little Zeke" Fuvcrrte Subject: liirrre flzznzgerrrent. Actrvrtresz G. A. A., Gym Helper, 25311 Guard. IESSIE LOU WOODS Ambrtxcn: T: Irvf- fx . 459. I'gr'.'ir1tQ SuE'yec:': , 4 Lnglrsh. AC11'Jl'L95 'Jrrir Ax-131155: Semor Gabmfrt, Chorus, X 5. X !.1LrIGI'y', fforrzr Sgwzfty, flvrc Pm, Lrzrzry Pm. LIILDFED DOMENEK CHARLES GARAY FRANCES MALINA ESTELLE LEVEL ESTELLE WHABLIK "Essie" Ambrtrcrrz Secretory. Fuvcrrte Subject: Stems:-Trcmscrrp hon. Activrties and Awards: Grrls' Chorus, Student Gurdcmce, G. A. A., Grrls' Chorus Letter. DON YURACHEK Ambrticnz Became cr successful busmess mcm. Fmvorte Subeci: Gym wrth I.fr. Iakus. Activities: Frre Iwicrrshcrl. ncfurad imen lx, f Seniors 1955 TOP SCHOLARS KENNETH HASSMAN PATRICIA IEROME DAVID IOSE KENNETH McKEE ROBERT IURISH swan- ff-lm P RONALD OTTIEPKA S' fmt' T 1. i':rvQ YQSZCQP Pres ri r ,' ,fffz'ff- 'C ff' freak: 4 lx V Nfl Mgr'-355 71 wi mmf cat lw pw 4"""7A ffw 'QW ...,. ,M is! fx . 'i' r' ma f N , , l:"3j!7"s in tk PM i Y 'PF V ,f" ,MM "mum Q 4 l,"'O' .-Fx 4 x s is-N if xfs-.xx TY Sift? , U , ... ,gl s.,,,,x X M, . 1 .X 'Q ffl -dv' gn 1 N- 'J if g -n Q L... Sf: L i Mi. MISS FLYNN 105 CLASS OF 1956 "K CJ 9 li' ii M MISS BUSACK If J MISS WILLETT 322 38 CLASS OF 1956 MR KROB 202 MRS SAMS 421 MR RINKER 204 K MIS' COUGHLIN CLASS CDF 1956 5141 1' LYLY MRS SYMON 301 hiv MISS COX 328 39 CLASS OF 1956 19 Xxx MR NAIMAN 428 IOP HO 11nC1 H11 CP b1c1gh111f1k Dc1V1d Encsrn Q. 111 L Prem Q1 Hendereon Ei Juni Fakf P 1 F LII 1:1 Imne Newer 1110 john Hcnnm ek Hlrhnrd YGCF Amy Im IMDDLE ROW DNN 'xyskz h1l Ahce W1lI1Gms Mem 11 O mlm Nolan Black DICIDF Sun 1d1'h Zak Roy er, fc I5 I H1416 Chutmun qfIIhGIC' 1 Wm ne 111 cz 'J Zylkl HOIUOM HOW Annu GUI, Iflcxme IGSIHQQI Ehzubeth Hema tee Ann Sk11' G Yvonne N J1OW1C7 CUl'1d1Q H111 CLASS OF 1956 MR STAMM 4 TOP YOX cole uese Elcme Dlouhy Fub Hod Robe1t B'echc. X C101 Sedlcxk Verne SEC! ee mcncld Grann Prnnld B JN n +-murev V111 lmrne Pm11c1f1 Fqdulu ECI I1ne D nnzam' Arn "c11l' MIDDI E PO Ke1y V1V1GI'l r1Gf9'4l"CI Arv n Pren we VIH y FP el. C61 Cn cnx 1 rno 1 QQ 1 PC1111 Brodlry lmn P01101 SUTTON 1 n 1 I1 n Denme H 5 CJWL I'ldOllI1 C1111 fxme my Il 'wi' 1 CLASS OF 1957 MRS SCHELL lil! III CIT CR-1 CLASS CDF 1957 WJ' 5- .nw ff MRS OLSON 311 x, HO! umuy I rn Q-ph Bndncxuk Indy Vr cz 5-.L Jen Sub Frank Petruzcxlek Liners Vlognel Huhurd bf 1 any qu-r e I f Y 112- Sf n n E OVX E um L11 e J ck Burkuru Wf mm I' U Vf is be I nano Vows yn cr f 'NK1 una 1 Ol' 1 ni Q Jn cr nc A nle :fnghws Mcqlaycx E J Fm 1 S mu du os Pu 16-S .xl-' KLASEN xl 1' f ar-P F fl:- h 1 I 'NH 1 lft' V' F- J '. jrll "Au 3, , . 1' , ...jar 14 Px.'.:r '. O r' DH cn cn CD '11 E cn -Q f 1' 1723 .19 ,agglu- MISS LYNCH ' OV 1 41 S 91 11 Q c 11 1,11 111 1 C hu1111f'Gy J11 11111111191 Tl, C1 S111 I1 1111 111 1 on 1 1 1 1 1 111511111 MISS CULVER 117 1 11C DVS. 1V11Ll1911 S11111211 11 1111 141111 F11 1 I 1 S FK Il V111 11111 J f 1 C IFIYIICD I' ke-111,11 111ny f 11 Payne Tho1111 IT Fl l"l 11 42 Ml MHS MUENCH 420 TOP POW 1DlC1"1 rd Koiczndo 101111 2.usQe1 1 111' He-ly Jlfh R1chc11d Bes1du qcllph Vhfko vlch Rushard Chocol Lonme S11dQ 01111 il I'lCIQPf1 GDQ1 Kczcfc 'VHDDLE ROW 1191911 Fates A111119 Suns l111CIl'l BGFYPI Lowell Scndmq P111 H1411 ld Versten S1111 16,1 111'1l'1'lS COIIYITIP lTL11Pl' N315 A1111 Norek A1111 M1 JCIT1 BOT1 OI! DON C111 1111.161 91111111 1,1 1CIIHS lane G Q 1 y Kcziher ne mqmm Be y 1111143 1P'1'1YllI1f1S D 1 Q LEP 1-1 fx l ZW ir. C1 2 L1 ff MR. MACH-319 : rp... I Y., D . :Z 111 If ..r.. . 1 .111f- S' . .ff-1 F111--.-J if: H115 .1, I.f1:1y 371.111-1, f.: 511111191 I1 11 111 ', S'1'1f11Q1 V' 1 W., .J IYI 1515 . QQ IF E- J I 11 E:- -.i :-- Eff. 1.11 1'i+I1 1. '1:1: III? 111-' If-111'.-Wk. 13:-111111 .111-1 :km JP. H11:.xg ' 1115 D+- :1., 1 'L .111 1.1, TL1: , f. " 1111? f'E'f3f.'. " if-Jill ith... 1 . . .11 1, f.f11111y11 E51 y : II 'r1, 4'ZI fl'-1:11, N111.1.'- 121111111111 ' l11.1"11 V- III' 1 i, P 1'fl " f 111 ' " X ' f I '1 We I fy 2 ,, 1 :fix CLASS CDF 1957 4 1 Y n. 'fa ,, Q .H 1, , mf HM 1 ...i ii 151- 1 15 :ii Y -L 4 W' ,f in MRS. La VAN-325 . 1 Hflf., 'Ita' 2161 2' .1 1, 1, U1-r1:.1. rw. ' air.. . 31, 5' 1 'Liv-l..:' . 1.11.1-1, f - ' 1 f:::1:fc, . Y..l, Iv EH.. f.'1f'l1',II 1 'III rlf I I .111, 11111: . f'ff:s.1. . ,,.,,. T .. 211. T IN 11. L.: fffff-. 1 f- 1, mv 51.1-1 1,1 ' M11-, 2' MISS PURCELL-329 'Q iq'-. ,. 1' ,. ,I-.J 'XII . , ,, D , , . 1,1 11, ' .1 :11 . ..1 11. 'f ".i. E- ,Vx Eff S 1 Q .:!.11 5 III. ' 43 CLASS OF 1958 i A MISS EDWARDS I MR BALE 403 OH MR OCONNOR 425 Qu MRS ZIMMERMAN CLASS OF 'V' Af 1958 QQ NI' MR FISHER 215 MISS CADA 302 CLASS OF 1958 MISS HOGAN 305 MISS MEEHAN 417 MR SHANDELSON YZH MISS SMITH 1 S11 11 UQSTI 'T' 'Vo i9 flf' CLASS OF 1958 i -9 9649 1 1 a MISS BENSON .4 MRS BARILEAUX MISS KIRSCHNE H MRS 48 MISS CROWELL rw ff INA 1 L, NJ T CLASS GF 1958 if bfi TOP P ur film 1361 BGA MILLER 422 PO Dx settu Ienmngs E51 lwm Arlen SIP-wart CCIIC W Yard FP-ln JM, fmne from f Jr nfim Pm f f Vlllflf L' IGCQLIQIITIQ I3 rn Ho QQ Y r lSkY Marsha P S ance DuBose pf nd S fffbrt MR ORENSTEIN 7I"I' '1 'Tl 49 CLASS OF 1959 ln DIVISION 315 If r HI PF H L19 C Sflf Y DIVISION 325 50 1x7 DIVISION 323 G C C 1 Hwhi f K TUV Q DIVISION 429 CLASS OF 1959 X DIVISION 326 DIVISION HI 51 N Z' .- :' ,-I' ' 3 ::. M 5 , A. 'L' - "Z4',rT- :'. " Q. . .'Q,, ' fzziifz 11", Q' ':.f:, 72.21 -' :Q ., I - - -- f ', If :,..f If"f . If . ' -- 9 I ik -.'., .L. I 1. ' u -1 -u ""X i.f'- ' ... t. Q ' A ,, .- Tiff-1 fx- F- .. '- .. T W -V ' : 1:11 fi 'fri' :.r.- y Y QR E:ZI..,' ' 1:1 A 4 I . ' 1. ' . ' - ..:1,,,., VJ. - ' "' " "1 ' "' , of Q, 351.1 Ef i:'. h L' N I I -A, Q xjlx 7 g ll n YT Q 4 I kk ff? J . , 1' I x I .Q- ' M512 og ' r L, v,l' :, :s:' 11. ,Q 5' 1 5 ' . j H ,. Nl f jf- f I . S ', 7 - 'f"'E Lfiff if Y-.Fir X' Su".-.'f1:', I yw . Li' '.'.':lti, D :QU Hif'I1'1r if n L I f' -- K N fff :.:y S.:r1f1, 'E P1 mfzg F7 Lrr 4 Pfam: Y Lf'fz.1, T'1YffZH" Sfr ' ' - h ' ,l iif' II :nfy ID 'Tlx m ' -' , - :'. N T,.:1j,a :ni II Jwf 11. , Q' N v' 'A . I 'ff' JKT I'QO'.'.', Inf! in Riih . ' f 5 ' f.. ziy ,f'4.1.HA fi, 'kigj fan X 3.2 I I , 1:f:.T,If:1Ifyf31lf-'It 511 : V ' Y s l'g I'lf, 'JIU rr " Y, EN ' ' ' ' X 11. --Z uvri, Irly fl " W, Y 1 71. iff, P1 :.:'.rz Pft Ii III V 7 1 5 , Y 1 422 1 D ' ' I' tp? 215 ff, in V 'E -" I' -i - ?2fA"'l 'uf .1 .... . A 4 fl , r. - Tru: ':'1f1f- l-- P0 ' N f'. -' ., ff 1.11 f rx-.:, --'Ir.l'If ' ' z - U 1:1.l Zff-Lf, 'fc 1 'I " I 4. if . 1- fi, W- Eff-ff If .E 1 'fr..f-!.'.Z.1-I . 1 K' 1.1, : V -Q .:..: r . Y' tv. ,.1 1- - 4 Q- V ' ' " I if f'.',1 ':.ff,', CLASS OF 1959 I3 er Qt 9 ea f 'luv V- TOP ROW, Left to Riqht: Frances Simik, Lorraine Holka, Warren Kemp, -Unf identified-, Archie Henley, Bob Harris, Ronald Dusek, Kenneth Vadovsky, Illona Vink, Mtldred Homik. SECOND ROW, Left to Riqht: Bulah Mae Edwards, Char- lotte Black, Pauline Hayden, Arthur Kina, Tommre Ousley, Irma Blanton, Ronald Hart, Loretta Matthew. BOTTOM ROW, Left to Riqht: Bessie Cubie, lames Bene dict, Barry Kristufek, E. Wil liam, Paul Sube, Cornell Caldwell, Earlie Mae Drane. SIGHT SAVERS MRS ARMIN MRS FOX Sxqht Savers Specral Drvrston 5 Q-0 MRS ARMIN 327 TOP ROW Benny Mtchaels Thomas Flanagan A I e x Muqnat Leon Hoseh Edward Frannaaan Mrs Armtn BOTTOM ROW Rxta Szyman skl Patrtcra Rutland Altce Ourll Thomas Guenther MRS FOX 125 TOP ROW Mrchael Kovac james Parker Prchard Bez drcek Rrchcxrd Lessrnan Alexander fodnq Helen Holden Arlm Davrs Eugene Prerce Allan Pecka lu a Bead Roger Alexander BOTTOM POW N nme He-dd Dorothy Truhlor Marlene No vak Bemrce Bums Freddre Andrews James Parks -Q? SPECIAL DIVISION 3, H OFFICE HELP MRS COLEMAN MRS O CONNOR MR DOHENY Enqmeer OFFICER LEAHY MRS. F. CORCOHAN Matron MRS. CUSACK Not Pictured MHS. LONG 1 E w 2 m,,- .v..... ,. - L'---21...---1 ..:g - ,- ,g,,'- :'.j-Z.-.-...ai-:J 5 : igiiggiqf- -'E-fE::::'.'f'.j :Si ,V-Q3 2' yi ..-g::2:gg-:2.,'- J g3rg::::.'.1-,-'.'-'g:'1-' ' - ' '--1552112 S-1--fb erase- -."-':i1f?'a - 1111. '3 'ni--u ' ' .. "iz zz-:El:."-E:-1 . ' - :ww Y 'gm 3,341 -g 1 art'-zzzdg .- vw' : 6" Ciffu-1' .---wffi' 'zz' Vg S' . 1 1-'--R Q g- '. 3,f,,.., qi 1- ff--:ff ' Y . , .... - February I P. T. A. OFFICERS 1. Syl' Xu CHQ S+ Om, Ste S'fIC1-' 'Yec uv Llf' 1 Q., .A :1 rooeix' f I Honor Society Q., 1. I, Iliifir 1 f'z111'1tyL . 1111, fl: xf, f'1,Q.'. Il fl III' V F nv. , .yn ,,... ,. A 2' --rf., Sm. vgj 11r1:11:1, If bofmeti , 1101111 11 111 Qllflll 1' . QFCUI1 5--A . f- 1 '11, s,.1C vw 5 1' .1-,T 111 1 Sf1IV!'1j 3 Sophomore Honor Society S D P Q T S J Freshman Honor Society . 5 5 V' .2 Qx V., A fc - f Sr 'hwrzz 'r 'J Q C qgrrw, .r r od., Dlrniani, Sauher. When the Student Guidance oraanizatio consisted of only a few niernbers. ln recent y ship has increased to over one hundred rn still arowina. The main purpose of the Student help the 8A's qet acquainted with the school. At the end ot each sernester qroups of ho r.1wfn'1 .14 -' l'a'hf '3 Y .a Jcrathy rin: .alter Parker, Pat Fudala, fhnmff lf: it .nala J" ".r:1 x-:li '. r'r ie-ttfl ni: 1 Heath Kathy Ne-mec, f lzf f ar, Eeirnnr :1'z'1r.m, Eva S ", 'f-zz' my. 2- .. .gy Sf i. Ik, lwfrlg hrno lffufirl, ' rrkfrze " .11.. f.' 3:5 ,'l"rrk, Carolyn "'fJgk': 12 i:z': Hayes, Anna Vrtek. r 1 'y S"h':'ieri, fri .l Tizmlro, ffzil-cr I . E'-'sf-:ly Srnkw, Donna ff 1'k.rr lr 1 'f- 2' zzz.: rs. Elaine l'l."gliy, l,-1.3 Qxrner, fprdy Zasaarl, ivzffilfl S-Ltalilzne Efclair, Carol f.fLQf:f:, fi.. 1.116-A Huyl-:en nail, Norma Sflll'll. F'..DEN 41 1. ' er :riff Huaiel, ff-.rn Salvgno, fray Ejzia 'essge Lcd ','.'c5f.is, Ber- ri:'.lf.e"e if s Ann C':::,.l, Ernesxrie F: ghf-' r. :H "lITZ1, Sylvia 'if-rrwlr, fr r gee, l':anf:rrie Gild- :A 1 3, .1'x.Q':+ :nae Hn relfhaler, Barbara 1. ithan, F zl Pxterlce, Eefy Virllrams, flrrzarrri K rf-.uh . li wi: Mrrzthr llzxzarka, rr, 'l'Il.l S1rn,ri, Hazlairza sta Pskornrk, fchn Cahay, , Edward Cermak, Ronald f- lf,1-ffpn, farnes Hrouda, efka Ihane Knatl, Ioan tirst started it ears the rneniber- ernloers and it is Guidance is to Q 5. .Q 5 UP Q o 5 the contributing public elernentary schoals and tell thern what lite here at Farragut is like. Qn the day the 8A's register, fguidos take them through the schocl and explain and show thern the different classes, what advantages 'lie course rnay offer, and what equipment we provide. ff? fphn faray, E: me Sur-hy, Art Seiacelc, Eawora Cermak, Ronald imzyn, fist: Flank, it G1f'.a, H',I"'f' l'J"lf1k Ken l.1sl-ca, :nil Yicherer, Heber: ,"1n':r?, T, r.:.'1 l5a:"r. Qflflff 2' Q 'lf Y .4-wt, P. r 7:1 rn, fff :V Q Xiorte l.Yrm, 117111111 Sf-f1r.-ek P ' rnarelc. 4 .. My 'it tt.. XL.. .. h A-...:,:.t , - TOP l'lOlvNlI Uerciltlirte Niko- tlein, Glotifr lttrtlmvtv, Donna lft,r'lrin',3s, Sllfll-I n llostak, lirenda Ptpe, Lots Cade, LG Verne ltufllf, liatntna Cud- ..1l:. liO'l"l'Olt'l HOW: Ann lflargoe, Sally flaltnrzlai, .fizivtw Kritlf larch, Pat Crfortualz, Cjettitiuie Kwiatek, Cathmincl Neniec, lfretta Pitily. FIRST HOW: llolvn lliilmslci, Gloria ltatkovir, Beverly Fuller, lvfllfiirl Cl. Cu wi, losssie lxtu Vtfoods, ltirkw Ktlllflfl, Cflffnifirl llX,lf'I"1tll'CCI. SECQND HOW: liozritxrlofto Kuffsal, litrtllcritr llondiila, Mary lance Ttritsslz, loyvo Ko- vanda, Arlerio Sllllftili, Jewel Bartels, lre n Q Dtarnentis, Pearl Ratieke. 'l'HlRD ROVVZ lulilllbtllil Melku, Luha Bohonis, Robert La- decky, Franklin Loula, Ron- ald Damiani, Maria Gold, larnes Drassal, Barbara Verri, Lillian loga, Alicia Vaneli. FOURTH RCW: Edward Cer- rnak, Robert Lewis, lcirnes Re' huk, Carl boslak, Ascher Ternplcin, Lori Frank, Warren Hostynski, Ted Cuslma, Carl Halfen, Kenneth Van Cura, Kenneth llasinun, Donald lftisinan, lltnrilrl Stctmti, lohn Nt votny. Future Nurses Club Senior Cabinet Q zz Parraguts Future Nurses Club offers to the student, who wishes to become a nurse, the opportunity to learn of an interesting and important profession. lt enables the student to rneet qualifications necessary to enter nursing schools. The Future Nurses Club also offers to the student information on these schools and opportunities of a career as a nurse. Yvonne Stroud, 317 The Senior Cabinet is one of the outstanding organizations in Farragut. lts rnain job is to organize social parties for the incorning freshmen. These students are under the supervision of Miss Geer. A Schccl Council is a valuable asset in any school. lt is an op- portunity for students to get together to discuss various problems dealing with school life and to try to find solutions to these prob- lems. lt is also a democratic opportunity for students to work with the faculty and administration toward the betterment of the school. The Farragut Schcol Council is made up of elected delegates from each semester. ln addition there are three teachers who are members as well as sponsors. These delegates represent their class in making decisions on important issues that are discussed. An Executive Board consisting of the officers and a representative from each semester makes important plans and guides the activities of the group. Nine committees carry on the work of the council. The Scroll has been the official newspaper ot Farragut High School for twenty years. Students are in charge of the newspaper from the beginning of a story until the division rooms receive the printed copies The Scroll is published every two weeks and usually consists of four pages. The Scrcll business Journalism staff tal-ces care of the financial affairs of the paper such as collecting money from activity tee and advertisements. Gloria Bejlovec, 321 TOP BOW: Mary lane Tausk, Helen Gardner, Gloria Be-ilovec, Donna Bronczyk, Robert Olesch, Donald Selina, Ascher Tmekin, George Pevitts, Barbara Verri, Margaret Mueller, S y lv ia Wuensch, Arlene Kazimour. MlDDl.E HOW: Pat lfrdina, Lois Boian, Elaine Benda, La Verne Stewart, Ioan Stauber, Martha llovorka, Bernadette Kassel, Vlasta Borovansky, Rita Haupt, Iudy Bzduch, Barbara lfaft, Beverly Borovansky. BOTTOM ROVV: Pat Gawron, Margie Novotny, Miss Crowell, Miss Kusman, Fannie Brown, Ianet Iurkas. FRONT BOW: Sandra Draut, Barbara Brewer, Mr. O'Connor, Mr. Orenstein, Mrs. Sams, Frances Berd, Yvonne Ahrens. SECOND ROW: Pat Sveda, Iackie Kubis, Carolyn Wawra, Carlotta Kaiser, Pearl Ratielce, lames Novotriy, Betty Byrne, Margey Smith, Carol Melka, Claudette Schwartz. Tl'llBD ROW: lewel Bartels, loe Magee, Karen Unger, Mariann Tesinsky, Faith O'Neil, Gerald Marazas, Loretta Siegel, Anyse Petrus, Diane l-ludec, Marlene Weismeyer, Alicemae Engel- thaler, Carolyn Buzycki, Char- lene Peters, Carol Metzger, REAR ROW: Geraldine Moryl, Robert lurish, Barbara Marhoul, Alicia Vanek, Arthur Sedlacek, Al Schuman, Lori Frank, Michael Hajelc, Andrew lirmaselc, 'Wil- liam Barfield, Patricia Fudala, Carole Williams, Wally Boutin, Lois Carla. Student Council The Scroll Future Teachers Club BOTTOM ROW laclcie Kula Ruth I nes Helen Halnslci it Mitchell Carlotta Kaiser A y Fal s Pat Ierome MIDDLE ROW Susan Ta L Bc an Marlene Pe ersen Fran cine Edelman Mariann 4 zci rt ewei Bartels via 'l C nnie Favnlc Betty X iliams Arrene Lee TOP DOW loan Stauber A Vaneli Ensily Arn Chval Ca o line Wcrchester loyce Sim 1 lc D n Stetma Gloria Tones Bar bara Marhoul Madeline rago Vt se Ann Skirha Socral Center Plarlrurrg Cornrmttee OP RO Rc: e Kaus C afal L, t ta rt lc lon Crag Ken Ltsk ch C t Din s Be-rnia ke t ary cn n snsky 911 e P 4: s BO TOM DOM S l Mary Ann Koh I s he Ge at ine o n Qi k 60 Today when there is such a great need for teachers, a Future Teachers Club in the high school is very important. The club pro- vides the stepping stone from high school tc college and later to the career itself, Many times a student is not quite sure he would like to teach. This clulo may help hirn to decide. Meetings are held regularly and all interested students are invited to join the club and attend the meetings. Nancy Silk, 427 su' f D r Moods, .. v .1 pil , gig, Slvifr, F.3- fign, Hr. Moore- LIBRARY The library piavs a very irripariahi parr here ai Farragut. This adequate library zivanaged by a Capable :md helpful stall, which is ready lo help the student iirid readirfg material far his awn per- sonal pleasure or lor some Class aesiqrfziert. 'Ne are proud of this library arid we feel ll is a real Credit TD Farragut. Edward Asia, 4l9 5l'!'x'i5lf f'Ef1H'.'J: Misa, fjlzlvei, flflrimf' liuaicr, Trffl Sf-lm-fi, F1 ml: Vfrirrflw, 'lax "l1!7llHfI, Ami: f'1' N lilIYll11i"'l'I, Cjirl lxfriff-ri F' niffi ZF-ifzslfifn, FIRE IAARSHALS PCIEELING: Edward ,. .f-1' 11:31, Fppe., Ef'rQ.', Pizrialil Ottfcpka. STANDING: Errieswne ligrskey, Frmkiin Lcgia, lcrrzlfl Kusper, Lezriard Rehulc, Dfrizid Yuzhaik, :.CliZllf: E - l l hacek, lie Hclub. - MR. MOORE MR. FROUMAN 96 BOTTOM ROW: Clavlaleie Schwartz, Pailicia Rutland, GCHT119 Havlik, Osiaiha L ifX7lH1GIT1S, Cora! Kulws, fackie fett, Barbara Brewer. Og MIDDLE ROW: Imam. lurk-es, Shirley Ieffe-ries, Carbs-me Terry, Arte-lia Vhlliams, Michael Kcvac, Cynthla fsck, Ruth Bedenk. TOP ROW: Judy ZGEGOI, Grace Bambs, Barbara Kxrskey, Iean Riha, Claude Hardison, Lee Mazvali Nancy Kcvarlk, Canine Fuller, Elaine Urbanek, Cardle Irutack. SEATED: Eswellfv Naqlaya, Flnrelnfe Oxdaz, Edriz Omz, Eazirza 1wVe'j'iT1K,?I, S ' hh Batiy Bama, I.WlC1HO Licfhamcx, Eva Swim STANDING: Allflmo Pavoska, ,5.l1f:Q- Y'f1H1arr1::, Cfcusrl Huzyukp Fuwy Hfwpfl, Amy jams, Kiexan Skocka, Ioan Hank, Anyssc Pctlus, Lan Sia gg . ig MISS HOGAN MISS McDANIEL MRS SAMS MR MACH MISS HOPKINS MISS CULVER MISS SMITH Not Plctured Mas cAuv1Ns 1 Q r THE ENGLISH W, ,Q ' XY DEPARTMENT In pr sent tunes We hnd more than ever before the necessity of bemq able to speak and wnte the Enqlrsh language correctly We cannot make a success ot our serves ln the Umted States today W1thout havmg mastered Enqllsh Here at Farragut IS one of the tlnest Enghsh de partrnents 1n the c1ty to help us get started on the nqht oo Besldes three and one halt years ot Enqhsh 1n our semor year we have the opportunrty to take pubhc peakmq It our talents l1e m WTIIIHQ We may take Joumahsrn 1n place of Enqhsh hve Charles Leverlch 419 mx, 4 63 Y X , A ' f ',.-4' .ity kgs, I I W xx Q' 0 S -, .. J? ', 'Ti' K X F - x flxll Ill l V A I U vllllnll ' ! ll wax 5 I V, I I 4 to l , F I t f I I I ,X ft I ff t t. .. '- 1 ' - - ' A GRADUATE S DREAM Last nxght as I was sleep1ng In a dream 1t came to me That I was sa1l1ng on a shrp A sa1l1ng out to sea The Shlp was called the Farragut The teachers were the crew My classmates were the passengers Jpon the ocean blue I dreamed that I heard someone ask Where are these youngsters bound And when at last they reach the port What fame w1ll they have found? The gallant Shlp went sa1l1ng on Desptte great storms at sea It saxled lnto falr harbors And safe at last were we Vfhen I awoke the sun shone brlght Twas Graduatlon Day' And as I donned my cap and gown The dream seemed far away But as I sald farewell to frlends That dream came back to me We were upon l1fe s sea I wrshed that we would safely sa1l To land at last and flnd That we had weathered all the storms And left our fears behlnd By LOLA KOSMOND A LETTER TO KOREA Chlcago Ill1no1s December elght Dear Son I got your letter yesterday You satd that Heartbreak R1dge IS now your ate Brace up my sonl There 1S no easy way' A road can be qu1te long and hard and rough St1ck to 1t Thats the Yankee Way they say Stay wlth 1tl Wm' It wrll be hell and tough But Yanks come through They do 1t ev ry day Our Forty SIX 1S on 1lS last legs now That poor dear Ford does grumble spurt and groan The brave old thmg Just k1cks 1ts wheels and wowl For perseverance that car 1S surely known Your Job 1S hard Dont let 1t conquer you My son you re strong My love w1ll be w1th you By MARILYN EDWARDS 64 A PRAYER A pr1mrose by the rlver s br1m A yellow pr1mrose twas to h1m And 1t was noth1ng more Some well worn pages 1n a book lust lmes of punt to hmm they looked Amd they were noth1ng more Cadenzas from a melody To hlm were Just do re and m1 A song and noth1ng more But oh Dear God ne er let me One so bl1nd as not to see The wonder 1n Your art Let rne have llght to apprec1ate Vlforks of all the masters great Whlle on thls earth I l1Ve By AUDRE! KRUZICH AT DAWN 'Were you ever at dawn On top of a hrll To look at the sunrlse Whtle all was yet st1ll By JOHN CERMAK BABY SMILES The angels whlsper ln her ear And Baby sm1les he1r secrets are for her to hear So Baby sm1les Bhe s the sweetest tot we ve seen No wonder they love her llttle queen When she sm1les By ANDREY NOVACEK I . . 1, . . . . ' I - I I . 7 . . . I . I - 4 I . I I , I ' . ., , , . , , be T , , . And it seemed again as in that dream , ' ' . , N . . , 1 I l 1 I - ' 'T' ' . 1 ' A f . L 1 . 1 U . . 1 ' 1 u 1 I Il II I I I I I u .- . , . . FANTASY One evenrng when the hghts were ou' And a11 around was st111 I Iay ln bed and thought about The p1ant on Mother s S111 Does 1t wake up and go to sleep Itke other creatures do? Or does tt romp and dance around In sklrts of purp1e hue? By ADRIENNE OBLOUK I11us1on I The sky IS a canvas On wh1ch the wlnd the moon and the sun Vfrth clouds as the only medlurn Datnt the1r 1ove1y ptctures One by one I11us1on II I Qaw a tree of dlarnonds And cou1dnt belleve 1t true I Iooked agatn and drscovered That the sparkles were on1y dew By ROSEMAHIE STUPKA RAIN SONG The ra1n falls rn s11ver drops OUIS1dG my wrndow pane It fa11s on roofs and trees Beatlng IIS soft refratn By ARLENL. SOUKUP BLOW THOU WINTER WIND Oh b1ow thou wxnd from out the frozen North Away wtth Auturnns s1oW1y dytng sun I wxsh for Spring' Then wtntry ga1es p1ease com To b1ow and hrln 5 your Snowy 1eg1ons forth Yet I know before the vernal season brxngs The sun the How rs the blrds there rnust corn co d Ktng Wrnter w1th h1s freezmg tcy hold W111 crush the hte from a11 the 11v1ng thrngs Then b1ow thou wlnd that once more I can ttnd The Sprlng Tear off sad Autumn s dytng mask Oh W1nd hke She11ey once of o1d I ask If Wrnter comes can Sprmg be far behlnd? By RUTH MISKOVSKY THE WIND The wrnd IS happy today For 1ts song IS gay ID the trees Ihe wrnd has 11S way today And shakes and rust1es the Ieaves By PHILLIP ZEIDMAN 65 I , L , 1 . . I . ,, , , . . L . . . D . , ., 1 . . r . - . ' I I :x I I I "' . , 1 1 1 . 1 . If . If . I I If . . . ft 1 - I 1 4- I fr' - - I . . - 1 . 1 Wa. l 99419, MR FISHER MR STEVENSON MR SHANDELSON MISS MEEHAN MR OHENSTEIN The HISIOIY Department Hlstory plays a very Hnportant part here at Farragut The knowledge garned from th1S course helps the students to become better crtrzens The courses offered here at Farragut are CIVICS Blmencan Modern and Unlted States hlstory all of Whlch present to the students the people of all countnes the1r wants needs and the1r Ways of hte and government Charlotte Feudel 410 - - "' Ili N'vg A Nix xxix- 'X,sJx.zg xx- i t war g , I QI Qu ll!! on DU U Z li. H i BV fl, .11 THE BLUE BALLOT MR MILLER -f 'E ,af KCI .f J No P1ctured MISS MORGAN MISS MITCHELL MISS PETERSEN MRS BARILEAUX MRS ZIMMERMAN he Mathemahcs Department ,4.-J""f -if-1 The students of Farragut are offered a wtde selectlon of courses wluch mclude esserxtral 'nathematlcs algebra geometry advanced alge bro and trlgonometry The rrlathemahcs department can be classed an o proud part of the great team that IS Farragut Arnold Hutter 322 69 ag- 'E x 2 :T , S S r f +3 T'L A 4 - a S at l. tl' - - l 40441 I V I I I - . . -'fm K Q 9 ?3,t 2 :jfs 'I ' Q Q ftkv fx ' l3ggG:e-,e'j,.,1', dQQS?2EgV fkvvagyf 8' HW! 1 , ' 'K X.-f r v , 11 Aj? ifwff ff if it f .4 , QQ? if Q1-A 4 1' 'S 5 2 2 Q, - iiicx Y ." I . 'fh- L 3' WN' figilfu K fifi? 9, i 11 f as aa: :f Y ip: 2 ' va A 2, Q1 x-9' 'Q-.z N Jlifsp A -J' A if U if 'W I 4 1 I E if MISS CFDY MRS MILLS MISS FLYNN MRS. COLISNI The Language Department W HT gg .mm u t f N M 72 LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT The Language Department opens many oppor tt n1t1es to the student who IS thmkmg of attend g College or who may take a language tor tts educational value The ab1l1ty to speak a tore1gn language may enable you to understand and speak to a per on who 1S untam1l1ar wtth Engltsh A sctence student who 1S lntendtng to go to Folie-ge may need thts subJect for the protes ston he IS taklng If he Wants to be a doctor or specxahst a language wlll help hlm 1n understandlng phar tnaceuttcal and medlcal terms Farragut has four languages trom whrch you may choose They are Spamsh German Erench and Latln Robert Chansky 321 Span sh Costume f' 4' 'l ' u att' t u W' . - laws Xt l Lal' lt l fn? Q ' . ' ' ' X: X! , - . . Xlgf A fix' ' f I T ' I T ! --il! t y J A , t t l E ll N X 1 X 5 L I tl A tl " l ll I t s ,,- l ll Lil Tl X 4 avr E "f'I?z.. 1 Y -Q- fgdv, W5 , .,,, ,NM ....a-.-- U M..-.qui -, -5.4 4 'X M 0 .B- U 4 f? - K l -1' QW' 4? on- fwf' VK? -5 A win' ' -' 'vag.L.i-Q., v 'iq- I ,.. ,SCT nqllmmr Tuma 1 .n ,,-,, ,,,,,, MR. GAMERTSFELDER MISS BURSIK MH. BALE MISS CADA MRS ROBAUS MR OCONNOR MISS BENSON T e Sclence Department SCIENCE Our Scrence Department IS fully prepared to teach you all the sclence you may care to learn Thrs sublect teaches you many rnterest mg and valuable thmqs about natural and man made thrnqs Experrrnentatron 1S part of the course Among the SCISDCGS tauqht at Farraqut are General Sczence Broloqy Senlor Scrence PhYS1CS and Chemrstry Anyone who wants to learn some rnterest mg and arnazlnq facts should take one or more of the SCIGUCGS Nancy Van Cura 427 75 X h 'sv I I . I 4 qw ,rl Q iii- Mtn ,,TSs..Ms , se , , 4, 'N 5,.XM,, QA vn- wm' "W"fww fume, ?WW,.,,, A aw ff W Q xx X44 -ag W Q 1 ' - Eff? ' iff? MISS COX MRS MINNE Wx E5 we-y MISS O LEARY f'Q" MISS COUGHLIN MISS CROWELI. ...il Q Q Q QI 43 v N f '1 EVE 1 'Qglzr RJ fx XZ I , 5' 'lk AJZLM ep? -aff' X Commerc1a1 Department COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Farraquts Cornmerclal Department one f lhe hnest 1n the CIIY presents to 1lS students the opportumty to properly equlp themselves to meet he demands of the busmess world A few of the submects offered here at Farragut are typxnq stenoqraphy accountmq buslnes oraamzatron clencal practlce and commer 1al law wh1ch help tram the nd1v1dual to encounter he ever presslnq demands of the buslness world mth knowledge and fGSpOI'1SIbll1lY Anrta Melsner 410 77 ,,:II.'W A 4 I anaraa lx, I .,. gl. 1 I I I e 'E' Th ,, 3 59 , I In , 1 , I N II I I 1 52V l N ' VL Q . 3 " 2 I 4 I ' Jer ' Y I . . . . . I O V l . , I Ir." ' 6 I , I I II kVA' I , 'Q n . Dafa 117'-I XIX . 1 , 5 , I xt? I I I ' . , -I 'Sy f 1 I S ,uw ' '- , ' ' , ' ' , c' ,al 1"' ' sf , ' I I ' ,nl u t , ' ' vi if "'- s"' , X ..- ...',. ' ' I fp if if Y 2 if 5., 1 s I S Y i . f. 5 ,A W w -4. X .L 2 . - ,J X bu W 'W-swf! ' 1 5 f 11' . w I X 3 K' Au., L MR. BLOOM MR. HEIMBERGER MR. KROB vis MR RINKER MR MILLER e Techmcal Departments SHOPS all the techmcal students Here they learn the fundamentals of shop work The shops qrve them practrcal experlerrces for use after qradu atlon Tramlnq IS rece1ved 1r1 the followma shops Tndustrral Arts Wood Shop Prmt Shop and Mechamcal Drawrnq all of whrch w1ll be help lul to those entermq the technrcal held Ioe Holub 304 80 Wo kmq on Jig Saw ftp, 9 p tw... , 1 , K v 1 The Shopshere at Farragut are important to 1 N ?'.,,,x C53 -.. 0. Y f3'n,,, ,Z If My vi fi 4 .vu .gn I X, ,W if? Q95 av 'f-Z fl if ,fm W W it . 9. ag, 'fur ,, fi 4 if In , mfg' 7' if ,. Vw ,, ,,-QsowZT'A . ,, ' "" 2 ' R ' wif '?'WQ. 264. 4 ' 1' wpTf' Wif ,WW f1gQyn,,Q a.,": '1 6 -' , i f 'r., 'f gf' ff.fhAu , .H k ",4H,W anwf ,,,, Z 5 2 5 I, ,V,AA . V 1 4 a X , z,3gZ:i'3H 55961 fs ., , M-.5 . ,. .gf ffv , ,,4, . v.,, g J, ,im Mr 5 , ,ju .V ,. ,fur 1? . ' Il 4? I, QA, 'w9fwifv,-wud W P O., Jani. P O 006,000 4 ,Y Vv ":'o"o'-Sw F , t 6997 4, ww Q . ziggffw ,W 3 1 Q 1 v s YA I wa- , , - N ye' S Q. 2 W -Fx VD! CR a A nw. . Z., J wg, fs '11 fi' 45? '2 '17 f I limi , W, .51 in N335 ffm V H" f ,, N. ,. N...-i.T..... .,,...- A,.. .. T' , A .M ' U., 1' ,, ,WR -s Z Q Q, Q ff'-v H if "W .+ .. 1 Ni.. 1 I lf -V Qg if 2 .3 , 1, . 3-. ,I V 21" - ' ff nr fi! QI? MISS BUSACK 4.1 MISS EDWARDS MISS BONNER THE HOME ARTS DEPARTMENT HOUSEHOLD ARTS 1 faad cmd Qlath1r1f5 are very 1 If nrt Q 1 Qesbary we IIQIF at Farra ut hw areal cpparturuty a learn lath caokmq r11d Sewmg Nana w1th 1111 We are also aff 1111 a famrly hvmq gaurse Home Man 16114 1 By iflklll 1 lwa ar thre-P seruesterq af Fa i C1o1h11'15 and Home Mar1a1er1aer11 r 1Qarr1 to ecararmze for ihe future NV c.ar1 150 bemht by USITIVI what we have learn d Charlottfn fapek 304 3 3? 24,1 V K.. A J 1' 1 1 1 www . f gi , Ag -as 9 :QD .' ' X ' fav' f'1 E.-5 ,V . 7 Q V , S11 ' ' ' , '1 1 11' f,:1'11 " 'nd 1 Q 1 , " , 2 1 if f ' ft a 1 ,f 1 1 f x 1 1 ' 1 ' 3 ' ,I A ' ' 1 ' 1 . ' 'S 9 ,5 ' ' A A " .' , - ai , 1571. ' 1 J J ' - if is, X5 A ' ' c Q ,, , We .a11 4 ji ' K' f '- ' 1 ' . Q ' ' I 4 a 2' A f , . 8 "Wi" ,rf - S n,dM-.MM-M, 3 W., ,Mwmm K -f--'lit A ...rv 0'-Z' x Y If - Q, 1,9 X' Q Tckinq Temperature of Patient Measuring Hemline Picking Out Pcttems 'sing Electric D er and VY Ironer sm .rf Q.. MISS KIRSCHNER MRS SCHELL MR BUCHWALD i Af po -f Y 'Bop ,,.. HT 1: THE ART DEPARTMENT The Farragut Art Department has been very agtrve IH prornotmq constructtve 1deas ln the ern of IJICTUTGS by the students These art classes part1c1pate rn many schoot 0 t1Ce sacrat room and halts were obtamed Raymond Tanter takn 1 f enterp ece S 1 me Today CJ Un ! V1 re Rbgt Tag W -as ,. pa sf . Q,- , r, V YM J' . ' . :E gags!! gi, F Q. V Sl f-. 'Yg 7 I Q " - ll wal. . , . . . ff 1 w' - Q, 4 4 ' T ' l I ' 1 Q D projects. From these classes the pictures in the L ' 1 u5..hes Ca , ' I S ' lgxazxrxcg Is F Self-...g sstrrt PCIVTCIITI Tt X Kt If In -r 0 W: vw -1645 A--i THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT MRS MUENCH MR STAMM MR ACKERMAN MR KLASLNI BAND BRASS FIRST ROW Beverly l"azaneL Helen Hal1nsk1 Nancy Szllc Ioanne Marek Elame Dlouhy Arlene Paveska Mary lxercho Margery Carlsen Carole Wtlhams SECOND ROW Florence Morehead Charlene Peters Barbara We1ner Martlyl Iirol Karolyn Worcester Marlene R1chard Barbara I-lalt Dolores Drab Eva Soto THIRD ROW Nancy Popek Raymond Prochot Amy Iaros Carole GIGSG Mrchael Ha ek George Berq 'lhomas Dudas Gerald Kocr lohn Hanson FOURTH ROW Iacaueltne Iarasotof Arlene Knobloch Iohn May Kenneth Vcn Cara Ierome Fxlrpek Ionme Bonds Ulysses Johnson DOV1d Ertcl-:son Monty Campbell BAND FIRST ROW Ioseph Krenhovsky Roy Berqfors Iames Wolf Kenneth Kw1los Lourse Iurma SECOND ROW Vera Kondrys Conme I-lavlrk Barbara Marhoul Madelme Carqo Paul Lawrrsuk Rrchard Yech arol Schmrat THIRD POW Arnold Preban Fanlc Rac Ioseph Falout Walter Boutm Rlchard Tr aka FOURTH ROW Raymond Tantex Paul Krtz lol-n S1qqeman Ioseplr Dvorak Thomas Karnrs Ierry POSPISII loseph Fr arson Tlo musrcal orqanlzatrons of thrs school out three trmes every year for the contest are C,OIlSld9I'9d the top ranklnq 111 thelr llelds ond two Iestwals The wonderful mus1 pro One of these IS the Band wh1ch cons1sts ot duced plus the fun and enroyment ot partr from seventyllve to nmety players clpatlnq awe the parhclpants a Ieelmq ol d1a The ICIITIIIIGI umforms of blue and gold come TUIY Cmd Dflde Ierome Frhpek 421 Q' A 'Mm ' ,Q 'I - . . . .. . 3 V1 'I l If 4 1 . ' . I l A I I ' - ' ' 1 . -. - , - C , I J , , , - I . 1 1 4 1 ' 1 I I . - France Malina, Ronald Bruninq, Ioseph Stolclasa. 2 ' " . ' ' , , ' , . . ,. . . , , xl . 1 . I I A I , A , - ' - ' s I ' . . . . . 1 . .VN Y I . I ffl LU -1,11 Q! ffl - , 1251. 1 , , . - K X 1A ' Tug ,Bri u -ii JF. x ' Ari' . , mf' X Q .w ,x yy' H' 'fs - y Q7 if ' - K R 'X .Vx , K X , ' - J . H .. . WIN' K., VI' . . fy? n I' v 1lnx., , ' EQ 59 .Q N ' -YU -, !f. hX . ,nf ' - - ' . gf -4 'gr ? . C z 3 K N ,a. ' ' A ' . Q - ' bf wk, 5 " ', ff' .01 ' - ' ' ' ' 7 mi 'Z V2 Q "W A ' . 1 EJ l '1 1- . if Q J.. ,sg gf , ' Q , f Q f . -xg :UI 2- ' f :HA 511, u X ' U2 f I I, 1. ' 'IF' , J X ai ' ,.b 1' . 5 3. .. 4, , , ax .y .5x "' H if '-1. . 51 Q' - J' in . 1' J 1 f "' I , ,- 1 'F 3- , - lj 1 , , ' lu we -Q -we ,Q-. "M .I v. ORCHESTRA ORCHESTRA SPST HLTJI: Y, K'f1IYET, if. iisiviik, G. fffiiriiqi, M. FICIQT, K. Ku-Jiicfs, T. Shklrxsu "J, K. 1' fl i'ri':fi1,-.ik F, Hmirii ITIL-114111 if iii: f flvwzui-1, f. Ps: isi. SECOND U. Kznf-vase-1:1 A, ifQr1ff:.ff'h, Tl. 'irfxn Ei, iwfuzanec, N. Silk, T-illllif V i 'h,:4:r1i1r., 'L Txiiiflif it f K, '. rr. fvlffly 1.2. Heifi, T. ff- Y. QL F' ,it THQFD F.Q'x'.': V Xi -ns, fi. Cjhf.:r1r1i,ri, V. Uimegkz, if Pihler, D. Simi, D. Kxxfl ff. Z,r:L:f1.4, ,125-if, '. Zfrf :sk , 5. 11:11, I. i71r:rieri'Q.1 E. Schulze. . Y fr ' 'TM f'f".'.: .-'flliiiii E, f' "1-iii, ff. Tzri iz 7 T: lil' 'i. I 'L-if, f Ku: ff, TJ. ,. ihiirirzky '. iii '1 V: P. "f-S--"ky, igiere are mcir. ORCHESTRA y udvurriclqes oi hearing time music. There :ire rricre cicivciriiiqes in beiriq cr pciri of the music. Such fII'1 cidvciriicige is fhcit Qi the siiiderirs ef the Grchesirci. The orchesirci 15 rici cm urikriowri orqcmizcrticri to Fcxrrcrqui siudeznis, heiriq gzri iriirivorimii rvrrt iii The iesiivrris cmd tri The .jTC1ClUCIfiCI1 evercxses. Siucierits r.x'ish1ii:g ie be :ri the orchestra de rict hczve io picry fzri izrsir inherit. They :ire iecrried schcci insirumenis cmd Tfiuijiif Linder prixyxie ierichers cr cy the crchesira director. Orchestre SGTIETS rue ciwcided rzirer six semesters cmd pins dr: zziveti fir f'i1f'lCiI,fIilO!T in the Qxztrrxici :ity Ccziiesi, Tee Diff Tflgf 1227 QQBQ ...QEP QQQ at me Q, .app 2 meme! r pe we l-" FIRST ROW: Dennis R1iss,ThomfIs Silas, lohn Lutz, Kenneth Benca, lame-s Faroey, Emily Ann Chval, William Svohpria, Donald Kusmrerz, David lose, Kenneth Van Dine, Rolrert NVarte. SECOND ROW: Stanley Krueger, Ronald Otttepra, Ronald Kropke, lohn Peirson, Henry Kvetrzn, loseph llrlrih, Franklin l.rrrrla, Larry Bala, Howard Firmiss, Bolo Tyler, Frank Fanfa, Merle Rwwl, Edward Bittner, Donald Stach- niak, Larry Laony. THIRD ROW: Vfrllrcrn Blattner, Iames Drasril, lames Nelson, Paul Valentine, Adolph Flakes, Timothy Ruhalcaha, Raymond Reinertsort, Robert Pelka, Wayne Zychal, Ronald Barrett, Rrflrert Hrton, Herlert Sieher, David Smith, Dennis Chorley, Seymour Shefsl-cy, Mcliinly Hawkins, LeRoy Broz, Ronald Damiani. FOURTH ROW: Edward Blahous, Charles Powell, Arthur Goldman, Dwane Stulgo, Richard Chocol, Kenneth Havlicelc, Teuell Scott, Warren Hostynskr, Leonard Rehak, Frank Malina, Gerald Vfehrs, Robert Kogler, 'Nrllzam Fremer, lames Vlagner, Larry Vfallcer, Alnnzi Terrell. BOYS' CHORUS For the fellows who can carry a tune, and who want a little added in their average school day, the Farragut Boys' Chorus is open. The Chorus is a very fine organization corrzposed of boys who get enjoyment from singing, and who participate in different activities for which they are called upon to sing. Some of these activities are the Spring and Fall Festivals, and also the carolling through the halls at Christmas tirrie. Rohert Hiton, 304 BOYS CHORUS H ' THE GIRLS CHORUS 92 FlRST ROW: Pearl Rateike, Pat lerome, Bonnie Thomas, Margie Smith, Shirley Kamps, Sally Halinski, Marilyn Starzec, Geraldine Kroschel, Arlene Zuponcie, lean Saviano, Carlotta Kaiser, Florence Thompson, Marge Novotny, Theodora Tyrarrowski, Iacqueline Kingos, Carol Melka. SECOND ROW: Ruth l-lospodka, loan Stipek, loan Rateike, Carol Kuban, loan Wronowski, Donna Drs, Claudia Koziol, lessie Lou Woods, Marlene Wiesmeyer, Ruth Harrington, Mildred Pokorny, Shirley Pytel, Ruth Bednelc, Arlene Amos, Mary Ann Tesinsky, Nancy Siros, Marlene Pokorny, Betty Byrne, Geraldine Ford, Beverly Borovansky, Beatrice Smith, Barbara Traczyk, Patsy Rutland, Angeline Piatek. THIRD ROW: Lois Bojan, Deona Lohn, lune Benes, Leona Koza, Brigita Vikartousky, Loretta Smejkal, Barbara Slanec, loanne Hemec, Mary Cristoft, ludy Kriz, Saundra Leven, Nancy lanecelc, Simon Corol, Martha Hoxorka, Ellen Runik, lewel Bartels, Mary Grum, Rose Diamond, lanice Lembity, Marlene Peterson, Marion Ublik, Gloria Ratkovic, Doris Cotton. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Loelller, Marilyn Troennes, llene Keith, Pat Smjcklas, Duane Knail, ludy Vrba, Elaine Glaser, Sonia Mikitich, Sylvia Wuensch, Nancy Von Cara, Ioan Vesely, Laverne I-lruby, Rose Olson, Barbara Verri, Donna Rott, Carol Schauifler, lean Riha, Mildred Dominik, Anyse Petrus, june McClosky, lanet Duda, Arlene Simcek, Donna Dorn, Mary lane Tausk, Berna- dette Kassel, Darlene Cozzie, Barbara Melka. THE GIRLS' CHORUS Among the various school musical organizations, the Girls' Chorus ranks high. We believe that any girl who enjoys listening to music will enjoy being a part oi it. To be accepted into the chorus, there are certain qualifi- cations a girl must meet. First, a music credit is necessary. She also must have a "G" average in all her subjects. The final step for her is to audition for the director. li she is accepted, she may then have the opportunity of singing in various school programs, festivals, and at Christ- mas, carolling in the halls and taking part in other programs outside of school. From this the girls gain a great deal oi knowledge, experience, and enjoyment. Barbara Slanec, 419 TI-IE PHYSICAL TRAINING DEPARTMENT fn wx T lali.. a I MR. BOAND MR. CANFIELD MR. NAIMAN X sis X bi f I if I . s u- l 5 X X G.XX.A, OFF1K.'1I131S AND EXE1'fUT1VE BQARD 11. na... . 1., , .115 U 11111 1' if 2111 11ff"f S'1',5xNf1I1'fG: Shllf ,Il 1.1,Eff6f, pffl' Ro'e1ke, fevml Burfels, iii' 11:1'1g', f':'111'.1e SL,-:'11i3', Lil: E51 1' " F "1 1111:QP1. 11 . S1iIN1OHS FHON1 f1ij'.'.: 14+-My 5fJ!'Z..1'1 .'11z1:1 We FL 1 11-1, ,"111ot 1'I1Z " '5f21'1..i1e- K'm.'1'1'a11c .fanztz 11 : S11.i,f" 111111111 lI.1 11 1. 111111111 I' 1'1'f11111i1 11111 1 151,115 'fff' rg, 11111111111 C31 11 111: NQ111 S35 ' 1-11111 KCZC1, 1.f1'- 1e.A11L- WHL "' f'11f- P'k'1'11" '1-V111 riff ' Riff rv? SLT? 'V 17 1.11: fx ::1 1'v11:11f11 1.. Lil 1. 1.1. 1- 1'?:1 u-.'p,f11, 1'1f".'f'I '. 1'111.:, VL 1 'W11f1, NCIIICE' 11.11111 IF1111 1. v'I'1'I, 121 111111 CHU' ff'111'11i11 A Tf..11, S11.11Qy P3111 G. A. A. T119 G1I1S1 1111110112 !1.s5oC1o11o:1 LS TZ sohoo1 1:11111 CCYTSISTIITI M1 more than 116111 of the 631115 111 FC111f-111111. T119 C1111'51S 111CI11Y1 111101f?S1 11: to do-ve1op good ff111Zf11S1'1Qf, wo11f1Q1j11:s1'2d yo1111'5 1f1d1Qs :md 11111161 .yood 1e11ows1111z 'lfld 1Q:1C1ffrs1111i IIII'Q1l1 111. Souw Q1 1119 1C411VE11'QS w111C11 the 131115 ewcy ful T119 Ff9S1'11i4 1:.1T1.,1t1c::1 1,i11f1'?S 1v1TY1S1II1'.IS QUIT!-95 cmd other CQKILS 'he 211115 5111? f1:rC:11.1 11'1et'11se1ve3 11kff 1:ow1111q, SW1IIl1I11IWj Skzmr, 1, 1.'o112y1Qf111, 1ff.151cQ11tc'111 1111d 16f1?1111111tfnr1. .-'X1Q1r1+1 S111.CG14, 371 CHAMPIONSHIP GIRLS VOLLEYBALL TO Clne ofthe popuku oraanHaUons an Fanagutls Us Cheer Club. The Qnds nrthe ciub one of vanous school years ohosencmtthe hasm ofthen-ahnny and hnerem nrthe spans ofthe school Being akie knrwork as a teanris Qdso a very important re-frttlrement. Cheerleaders attend all football and bGSkCdXdlfKUU9S dmpknnnq a hne sense of sponsmcmshqr and team work. VVearHmrtheH undonns offiue and qoki they add Cohn and QGYl9QV'Ofh9 ahnosphere ofthe aarnes Beverly Faber, 321 KNEELING: Barbara Verri, Mary lane Tausk. STANDING: Donna Rott, Beverly Faber, Dorzthy Garxrlell, Elaine Glaser, Helen Gardner, Bernadette Kassel, Margery Pollack, Betty Byrne, Darlene Barda, Carol Metzqer. TOP HOW: ifhaunfcy lwltii- .iw-iz, Vrniefz Vi pc-lririfl, last 1-f Davis, H ci l gi li Nvifkovich, Hal ext Trrvvi, Leonard Ruzy- rki, llrchael flatek, Geralfi Dabney, lames Nelsrn, Mr. fs. Bcantl. BOTTOM li O Vi' 2 lluilcffiri l.la:shaQi, ii '1 fi y Slip-rrcfi, if l a ii Ci e Hardisfn, Xlrrthu: l.fi'J'lT.1IIi, Fcirnrnfi Smirh. 98 BASKETBALL Basketball is 3 last moving :game and a tlirilliiiti ,iaiiio to watch and play. Our Basketball team can supply all the thrills one coula ask for. With both Scph-Frosh and Varsity learns, Farrciaiit ostah lished a lona line of victories. The persis'ance oi the coaches and staniinfi of the players, deserve the credit tor such a record. Sportsmanship, teani work, and skill make our team strona and outstanding. With a team such as this we have much to be proud of. Hats off to the Basketball Team! lim Drasal, 321 VARSITY BP-.SKE4l'5Al.L BOTTOM BOW: Daniel Stur- ino, Andrew Williams, Bay Granderson, Austin lanes, Melvin Mayer, Willie Ollie, john Harnacek. TOP BOVJ: Donald Stetina, Birfharul Vfilsari, Hoy Las- tcfka, Nathaniel Vfhitrnal, Bayrnrpnd Tanker, Lori Frank, Alzraharn Tones, Carl Batten, Kenneth llasrrian, Alonzo Tor- mil, llf'YNlFIf1-'Tl lirrwn, Mr. A. lttparirl. Fi-tOSl l-SOPH BASKEITrtAl.t, P5 FOOTBALL , - or X 5' 9 I5 f, . ----fy. VJ, - .. 1 . . 3..J.f b1.1Q .n'm1. my :rw-mum, ,.1.,11 ' :TL rx 1. -V -X Agar, .mzvi , r1m.y rf-urs n. HVDZQE Ff'3'.'.1 .'5.n':rL'.f.' l'.'1A.:f1r11,1, I4-:xy Tfluxwm-k, Lux: ffxpfh Emu,- Gh' .S Damn f1h',f.6Y, N7'hfIT1iCl '.'.h1'mc1, Rrhiz 1 .'.1.svr1 P111 f P 357.54 fwfr, M. Iukus, A rm' 'IV-zzffll, A. Sf'hw11f11. TfI1f'hc,1L-, FJf'f zmfwzt Kf gl'-t VA.-fIII"f'. fir,S1yrx:1k1, Tw! "'.shnu, Fx: : xh :m ' 1.+.' "Hz, H xi' r"' "I'1ff'f1 V7"HI11!l P mfr, PM 'h H2 F y I.ClS"!k'I, Tr 1:5 'yfwrf' f:f ,tr ,411l Twflflf 1:5 H1 the gm." prf 'I 1: crsdn fw The school m mfmy ways. TMP grffi surf 'max 'neither of our section 1:1 This phase of mhlflilqqs. Edqcr Honczfh, 410 BASEBALL " V "Aix T' 99 ,x Rship Shown by The Te-um mude Fcrrrzzgwxt ll rQay,ff-f' 1 'f""f'1F V X 0, If Img Htl xv. 234 -..1 1,1 ,O .Wa 1 Q, if F! i m"'k all an .ffj yas" , 4 Q, . -gi ,, .ig I x' J, a Gffnf f ' - f 2 gqfw' TY. P N 'I 1 1. ' .E ea x I Q S 72' 1 N , . Y ' A Q, 4 f 'MA A My '- J, e :V fi E A Q ,l , 5 .. ,, In ,H in , , 1 , 14 U7 1 S .fgv '5 v - xfr f Fil: I ' L V A 1 Misa 'life Vi fd M xii 7 ,, Al 'Q .1 5' 2' '4 ,ff JGWMM nic, 0 I fi 2 gl 5 5 iff' ni . . B fn A BEST WISHES FROM High Quality - High Style Clothes for Men, Young Men and Boys 3445 W 26th St CAPITAL FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION A C3006 Place TO Save 3522 W 26th sf cor sf Louls Ave Open A Savmgs Account Here Blshop 7 6900 EDS SCHOOL STORE Good Food Good School Suppl1es l "f"7 .1 C I - - - - - - - - 1 - - 1.1. as l I - - - - - 2 Y - 1 5 h 4 1 2 I I Q ' j A, I 'Q L, -MW, , I V' 'iq V' -sms 93,6 Lf, Good Luck Seniors I OSTEN 'S Treasure Croft Iewelry TOM VOSNOS "Your Clcrss Ring Mon" Ch1CCIgO Ofirce POTUNNO IEWELERS 4105 W North Ave Tel CAp1to1 7 1181 BEAUTY QUALITY DEPENDABILITY Smce 1897 ALICE and LADS NOVELTY STORE 3940 W 31st St X Candy Clgarettes 511 15' Greetlng Cards F'-17 KURYVIAL HOME BAKERY 3424 W 26th St Best Wlshes to the Graduates The Walllnger Stud1o Establlshed 1n 1898 PHOTOGRAPHERS Charnplam Bu11d1ng 37 S. Wabash Ave Telephone: CEntra1 6 7734 Chxcago 3, I11. A11 Negatlves Saved On F11e For Reorders S1nce 1898 I Ati K . . 'R' 4 T ? . x I . Magaz1nes, School Supplles , v' R g Z Z! A -f , E ' I x 1 es 3 I af WL. rv QXDKJ, 8 , I SECOND FEDERAL SAVINGS THE FRIENDLY SAVINGS INSTITUTION Corner 26th St. and Pulaski Rd. Best Wishes To The Graduates Steve s Foods Sandwiches Refreshments 2400 S Christiana Ave DVORAK'S OFFICE MACHINES All Makes Standard - Portable Typewriters New and Used Dependable Service Overhauling Rebuilding Repairs Rentals 3506 W 26th Street Blshop 7 7522 LINKA S STATIONERY 41 Years Selling School Supplies to Farragut Students 3918 W 26th St gif? XL I Kg ROckwell 2 4453 WE CATER TO WEDDINGS PARTIES BANQUETS Antoinette s l BOHEMIAN AND AMERICAN STYLE 2601 So Ridgeway Avenue Carry Out Service Complete Dinners To Go We Also Have Chicken in the Basket French F ned Shrlmps I . , . . . - I - - or .. 43 ' 1 Cgx ww I , 'AVN 2, is N' p D Restaurant I X5 an p7 ,.A,, 1 , . X All li ff j ' , D 4 - - Appreciation . This year the Loq statt have enioyed that sense ot security and appreciation that comes to those who do a worthwhile task tor so larae a qrcup oi loyal supporters as our present senior class. Unfortunately, the successors ot our de- partina Loa statt will tind themselves handicapped by the much smaller size of next year's smaller class. Drastic Cuts in the size and torinat ot next years Log will probably be required. We hope nat. Obviously now is the time tor public spirited members of Farraquts Alumni and community to corne to the rescue. How about enlistina as a patron? Autographs

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