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W K gf 7 D X fl yffyiffww f E pjfpfx x MQW fifjlywwigj W' f' ff eww WW 1053 M Aww YlimtQA4kVJ '+ J 0,0 MKG wf"! ALMMMWH Akwyevol MW . my rh. I' if'-f-9 Qs1 f Q X V M A ' ' 57 W f i ,W l 9 WW V of . ff 0 U . ' ff! ff . ' ' J fif' - ' M yi' ,yy Q X, jd 4 X 1- O . e Nl W N mmf f 'Nil ' o Qs A 0, .' I I V ,A .Q . W , V ' I ' 0 Q ' f E ' .11 -f 5"A 4' ' LEA, r 'WN fy: ,T k ' ' , V 5 kv 'X . V 1' ? . ' L W W Ng, j V-54' T sf I L - , ' ,322 ' f ff.4l.-9""' I x 03, kzx 'X 4 X h X Tiki W .. 1 0 md? ' Y X ' M 3 is ,J . . I X I , Uk 3 , J-I-Z x. Qfjxb' , fl K 'X r I ciljj i E QV - ww fw 4,,r0Q -42512, QF J' Q9 ' JQH f 'i ' Q F N., X A I N f x.' . 1 X gk Q ?3 1 E5 A F! L E NP in lv Q -'Z K' ,. X M im 'X , E3 I 'X tlfwlitrj. CN' n I M A A v Q tp, x I 2 Y F M Y Cu x 3 Rfk! 1 X K 'J LL ,145 WR Rl V DJ' bjqy A 35 X0 X 'l,J'f I fi J 'syjbg jf J X K . . 54- jk, ,f X H f' e,'? v I. I N ' F 5 ,ff 1 W' PF fl ' Q ,- .-'- j Q 'A CQ NJ ,Min-'riizzfedmlriuivlirlim-24' Q v' ' - . ' , .Q 1H3'Q1rmmf. ifv 1."'1ns'Mm1f:2rmaMEcI. 1 NN-9 f-an :ZBR:.m'm4u Xu!-"1u4a:...i1l5f xi.:rH-:fiSw'5!f'1.. .4e. Wa.. , , 1-X ' rl J Ng. i Eif' A P by N ' W-'tv 1, , , ' xl f '51 wan 42-'Q . , - iag . gf - Q C1213 -Af . A2240 ,Q A fy G Q f SQ . G rg, 1, . gg jaiy -Q N xii: 'F X . J X "ew ' v jg: 1 X J ' ' . P3 - Q - ' .W 5 ' . P if ' te' if 1 . K L 4 ! K - ' 4' ' , ' ' CW! W Q , K if K 1' . l 1 N f V-,E ' Y Q 5, , Q- ze 1 1 ' 9 1 ' LM, ., , A W W bk 'SQ Q If' A ' ' g ,. ' H ' LVM M W' Qu ft, W2 A Y V . 'K 51" I A , ' X JW A 6 h I W ' l QW ' xjxvj, 'K 1 FJ' 'A .A 4, N U79 ,J M555 I I - ,- V if 3:1 ' , , A I L .M . ,,,. , x,W, A . ,A ,, , 1. F, , 33 . I4 In .' , H, 1655: YZ.. W W Kgs. 'A 1: ,' I A Liv-fiplkrw fx j g, . L4 NIM .,x,:. K : , L, Z, J., ,, . ! was ,zzflzrwi-f," xawm 'ff Mi M5 m93ifggM3i2 M gl ffWgm, mf? Y ff 3 U 31',,fQffU5fye 54,1f?l5'5ff Dfdmfg gym W my w j 352553-Aj JJ 1 ff, A ?'arra9ut fog I 5 4 5 'sw 'WQZNESX War' fx +-nif' .Ri ' , , , '1i-gm' 9' i - rf KM, fi iq if tl 1 5 . ' Y! . .r w 1 n ' .ll 5 til . f X I 'g 'XX . 1 . ' f' 31 J, Yarragut Freparw 'lfoutla or vmorl-ow In dedicating this issue oi the Log to the theme, "Farragut Prepares Youth for Tomorrow" we do so in lull appreciation of the tremendous responsibility which rests upon students and staff, working and living together day by day. to the end that education here and now may contribute to the finest and highest development oi all the abilities of all the young people who pass through these halls. Education will meet this obligation to youth only as it builds more efficient, more intelligent, more sympathetic and understanding citizens for the tomorrow that is to be. May we all continue-"Full Speed Ahead"-to work together to make this a genuinely real objective ot education at Farragut. Truly, "Educa- tion is a debt from the present to future generations." Page 4 S f s E- .xy-,gssgxf-Q ' 'lfkimiifiy E- .vw f E355 , N, . . me - 5 ,W . - bfi SQwE'iZS5if -sf . A A 12:4 522522: -F-. 5 ' wa 2 1YaWQSLL -is MN' xx 175 YEQfgf'?Ei fe Qs? ji 1 .1 I-531 gifs, A f. Yf 1 Q", BQ gif? r 'K frwvipgiitg 5 Dfw'-r,'4fnff:v Rf, Ku ' ' 'gr 'Yr Db ,. M-, ,w'sr,':, at mf ,Q w,'rJ:,"1,'wX2 ,- 'I 'f"ar"af Y " in Q -1 li, ' Li MA N. - re: 4 14-,sv v V lf, iw Q +M'iG :wk W ii' 44' widiftb MQ ,s'4x,+-ssfii git fygxiwk I 3,49 Um ,wav ff' are ' ' f'.e4"M-f Qty H'-f"Q"2.im4' x Q vumq ,,t,d4 H4wN.1v,,+s4, V5 H ' . '14 3455- H' l 'Vi Aj, gli., kgqgai 4 -11gv.n:27,Ie luvx-V Vffxf, m""'l"'?,4iQ'i mf. .A guy: ,mu L , .1 J tai M., Aixiqwkw .N 4,922 Q vi ,Hex ,qu M J' -,Mx 4 5 X ii z I .4 I 1 Q. Au X . 1 f ,f M Q Q at H Us ,K fd M 5 H , It . an if 3 is Q but Q , J Y Ni .,., an " ' Y Ni, 42 wb 1 vf?'SxXX x.l:x 'fqi-:tw . A L - A , W ggispig x fm 'tfgelwggw is N .. , X i fit .:.f' -X. i V --4 3 DQ UE, Ffxfffni ii 5 Q ,.q,,::5 M T yr- :eg N ,aff Semi gi? Nw mx S gk f . zx 16 A XX Q SX WW r , 5 Us 5 , My Spa , 1, 535325. :E Q fQ'.:1E ,, l it W aj' gs Q 3, U QQ wfziivix I' ::z,.f?:?. 13' W4 ,,,,,... TM? W., E 1.1" i. if Q 6 'S j..eg5f:,: ,,,. ,. H.. pm N H my Mm ..5.5 :af a W kj? v gg if , Q , ii Q SQ? -2.1.2-:ww Q 5 if Sf X f' W ,-4, fins Milf if 5 53. , if ff -mamma-1-nlI"'Q arie ty in fn term tA The Concert Orchestra perlonns at the Spring Festival. The Red Cross Home Nursing Course in the Home Management I Class gives the girls practice in feeding and caring for the patient in bed. Q , MMQSQ .-. -K W: :- +3 ff' Z . S 9 V w ' Q N X X 'X M S X ' f.. +35 fi .X .. -5 Y F Q X .,... x, ff' 22 ..,, 2 N' X Wm , A PSE M N 'is ig f w - QQ.:1 3. is X a y y X L Aw "fl ,,,. X Sk 'R Qs' x E 1 -N 2 f Agfsaiffliq Ig A KX J K 1 Q 'E fi. W' - ":' ,V QV - wig W Y ,gs 116 ifng Q 31 1411 So:-tis of C'laAAeA make up the Student! bay Acting in a Spanish Play. Adiusting a pattern beiore cutting. Cutting the material from the titted pattern. swvk Sewing the seams: Hanging the hem. Future Engineers Dishwashing can be pleasant. Food classes produce tantalizing odors. Making Iodine in Chemistry. The Drinking Song from the play "She Stoops To Conquer." Page 14 .lav- 'K X Amis? .iw . M is ef M: X . Q :SWK ...X-YM' ,ww . was , vw Lag? mg? ww. - - as Q xg 5: wi Svciali ing the Studen tA Mathematics - Made Easy. Taking Dictation - Part of a Secretary's Training. Let Me Show Up. Concentrating on the Minute. Transcription Class - An Opportunity to Develop a Vocational Skill Looking Into the Interior oi Frogs. Machine Bookkeeping. State Government - The 19th District of the General Assembly. Pugv 17 Preparing 040' Studen tA for Their fi e Work Young Draftsmen at Work. The Library - A Materials Center. Sharing Reading Experiences is Fun. Preparing Toys for the Kindergartens. Getting Ready to Feed the Press. We Learn About the World and Its Problems. Farragut's Portrayal at Christmas. Preparing Toys lor Hospitals. 1 5 ' .rs 2 Blew OFFICE STAFF Miss Coleman. Registrar M , rs. O Connor, Treasurer Mrs. Long. Clerk OUR LUNCH ROOM The M e School. ost Popular Place in th The Farragut Lunchroorn, under the supervision oi Miss Nell' P the pride ot our school Th ' , re owell, is . e various menus are made up to please both teachers and students. The food cook, Erna Rauchenherger, puts nutritious and appealing food on our counters. Credit should also loe given to the pastry cook, Signe Ostrorn, tor her tarnous hornernade pastry, and Bessie Chnielicek, tor her delicious salads. The lunohroom would not be as efficient as it is without the untiring work ol the rest ot the lunchroorn stait. Due to the lull Cooperation ot the entire group with Miss Powell, the Farragut Lunchroorn is o ' ' ne of the finest in the City. Page 20 Q' NSE it ., .BTN x ., 4 'Q N Qi K , , 'X ,- W, ., ,. fi .5 'Eff 6' x K 5, v S Q . ..f. wc- HS? 1, Q 1 f 5 59,5 G we X' , iigiis A fu' S 'Qia I g X L 4 W wg fi: 535 - g. ' ., fs W sig if , Q2 ww ' " .P : F ,lg S E 'M ' Q fix., W3 ei? 56 . M Q ,QM 5.35 R if , S , .Y wk ' Q N-524 wg, SV iw? 5? T? X Q f we ' 5 K as ,gg iii M31 54 S H The 55 il , , X ff? Yaculty . . . ART MISS IULSTROIXI MISS POTTER HOME ECONOMICS MISS BONNPR MISS BUSACK MISS EDWARDS SHOP MR. BLOOM MR, SIEDENSTHANG MR BALTHIS MR. WARNER GIRLS' GYM MRS. THOMPSON MISS CLAAS BOYS' GYM MR. BRUSCIII MR. CTANFIELD MR. BOAND Pagc 23 '3 SY N Senivm Say ?arewel The big moment has arrived. After four long years of hard Work, combined with a little pleasure, the graduates of lanuary l949 are about to leave their triumph and glories in their Wake as the time of graduation arrived. For four years the students have waited for this day, yet now that it has arrived, they find that they are not as happy to leave as they had expected. ln years to come these students will not forget such gala events as Wienie Roast, Sand Dunes and Hard Times Party, the Senior Play and the pinnacle of them all, the Senior Prom. Under the capable leadership of lohnny lvicek, and Ioe Ancona, Whose hard driving, friendly and certainly Winning personalities, the classes of l949 have reached new heights as united groups. Page 24 . MWNM-as J qw f f W at 'fm ff' ' ,F 5 ll lv l i E a i- S ZZ lil!! il Z! iQ fi L. 2 W ' 8 X V 'fi LL HJ .l, X 1A , is S X N. 9' Zeadem uf The ?e6ruary CIMA JOHN IVICEK President RICHARD LaRUE Vice-President SHIRLEY PRESTO Secretary GEORGIANA LOSGS Treasurer One of the popular, likeable and energetic fellows proved successful in his attempt to occupy the office of presidency in the Ianuary l949 graduating class. I-Ie is probably just as famous tor his band which has played at many of Farragut's festive oc- casions. Prom these hints and with the aid ot his photograph We should all be able to identity him as Iohn "Ivy" lvicek. "Follow Thru with La Rue" Was the campaign slogan which helped Richard La Rue become vice-president. He Was a member of the band, Senior Cabinet, and treasurer ot the lunior Honor Society. Shirley Presto's fortune-teller gazing into a crystal ball tore- saw that she would be secretary and secretary she became. The person who was thought to be most capable of handling the "moolah" was Georgiana Losos for she became treasurer of this, the Ianuary I949 graduating class. Page 26 14nd Tlame af The June C'laAA IOE ANCONA President RICHARD DOCEKAL Vice-President ROSE HROCH Secretary CHARLES KARASEK Treasurer The Iune l949 Class had quite a time back in October "48" with their election of officers. "Be a He-many Vote for Zeman" "Get on That Van, 'Cause Ancona's Your Man!" Be a Slick Chick and Dick, Vote for Hondlik." Yes, these were but a few of the carn- paign slogans. Signs illustrating some slogans were plastered in the lunchroom and halls. Truly, confusion is the Word that des- cribes the weeks that these students ran for office. But in the end Ioe Ancona won out for presidency by beating Neil Ondracek. Ioe Was quite an active student being a member of the cross-country, track, baseball, and basketball teams. On the other side of the picture he was in the Boys' Chorus, and Senior Cabinet. Richard CDocD Docekal was triumphant in his quest for vice- presidency. He is on the basketball team, a fire marshal, member oi the Senior Cabinet, Honor Society and Service Guild. The office of secretary was Won by musical Rose Hroch. She Won the D.A.R. award for her leadership, character, citizenship and scholastic record. This class was quite musical considering that Charles Ka- racek, an accordionist won out as treasurer. Page 27 The C'laAA of ?e61-uarq 1949 ALICZ. IOHN "Iackie" Ambition-To learn Sonar. B.A.A., Hall Guard. AMKIN, LEON "Amp" Ambition-To be successful in all my undertakings. BARICH, IERRY "Sleepy" Ambition-To go to college. Gift Committee, Basketball Team, B.A.A., Baseball. BELEK. GEORGE "Bashful" Ambition-To learn how to dance. B.A.A. BEQUEAITH, PHYLLIS "The Brow" Ambition-Nurse. Orchestra Letter, Pin, and 2 Guards, Decoration Committee, Hall Guard, Honor Society, G.A.A. BUTCHIN. LEO "Butch" Ambition-Top grade salesman. Swimming Team-2 Letters, Life Guard, Swimming Club, Cap and Gown Committee. CASTEK, DOROTHY "Lone Ranger" Ambition-To be happy. Chorus, G.A.A., Senior Play Committee. CHALMERS. ED "C.C." Ambition-My goal is to so enrich my life, that I may attain a greater degree ot happiness in living and by so doing perhaps give happiness to others. Band, Orchestra. . CHRISTENSEN. RUTH "Ruthie" Ambition-To have a happy life and get the most out of it. Student Guidance, Prom Committee, G.A.A. Representative. CIPRA ANTOINETTE "Toni" Ambition-To make my boy friend, Ioe, a good wife and to be happy. G.A.A. Representative, Cap and Gown Committee, Hall Guard, Cheer Club, Sewing Club. ' EDELMAN, MARION "Mare" Ambition-Home Economist. G.A.A. Secretary-Treasurer and Letter Award, Girls' Chorus-President and Letter Award, Student Guidance, Class Day Committee, Hall Guard, Honor Society, Scroll. ELSLAGER. RICHARD "Dick" Ambition-To get along with people and retire at an early age. Student Council, Movie Operator, Student Guidance, Boys' Chorus, Service Guild. ERCEGOVAC, ROSEMARY "Rosey" Ambition-To travel. G.A.A. ERDMAN. ROSEMARIE "Rosie" - Ambition-Teacher. G.A.A., Semester in Concert Orchestra, Hall Guard. EVERAKES, CONRAD "Con" Ambition-Retire at an early age. B.A.A. Representative, Boys' Chorus, Student Guidance President, Class Day Committee, Movie Operator. BOROVICKA. VINCENT "Vince" Ambition-Mechanical Engineer. Hall Guard, Election Committee. BOYDE, RICHARD E. "Spider" - Ambition-Drafting Engineer. Movie Operators, Stage Crew, Fire Mar- shal, Movie operator letter. - BRILLIANT, MARILYN "Mare" Ambition-To be a good wife and mother. G.A.A. Representative and member, Library Helper. BURKHARDT. HELEN Ambition-To be a teacher. Girls' Chorus, Student Council, Honor Society, G.A.A., Gift Committee, Library Helper. BURSTEIN, AARON "Bernie" Ambition-To be a doctor. B.A.A. Representative, Finance Committee. Assembly Hall Sponsor, Movie Operator and Letter. COHEN, HAROLD "Hersh"l Ambition-To be a pharmacist. Senior Bow Committee, Hall Guard, B.A.A. COOPER. IACK "Cookie" Ambition-To get good grades in college. B.A.A. Basketball Champs, BJ-LA. Baseball Champs, Swimming Team, Basketball Team, Hall Guard, Senior Tea and Dance Committee. CYGAN. EDWARD F. "Red" Ambition-Barber. Football Letter. DERER, GLORIA "Gloi"' Ambition-Secretary. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Senior Cabinet, Honor Society, Senior Tea and Dance, Student Guidance, Service Guild, Girls' Chorus Letter, G.A.A., Pin, Letter, lst, 2nd, 3rd Chevrons, Civic Chevron, Senior Volleyball Medal. DRYSCH. LILLIAN "Cookie" - Ambition-Comptometer Operator. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Class Motto and Color Committee, Service Guild, Library Helper, G.A.A. Letter and Pin, Civic Letter. ' FARBER, GLENN "Glermy" Ambition-Draftsman. Student Council, Printing Committee, B.A.A., Service Guild. FARRELL, WALTER "Wally" Ambition-Business Executive. Senior Cabinet, Service Guild, Senior Play, Class Day, Senior Banquet, B.A.A. President, Stage Crew, Ring Committee, Student Council. FELDMAN. PAULINE BARBARA "Ci" or "Polloy" Ambition--To be a success. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Student Guidance, Senior Cabinet, Honor Society, Co-Captain-Cheerleader, Editor in Chief of Scoll, Sports Editor, Ir. Prom Committee, Finance Committee, G.A.A. Representative, 3 Cheerleader Letters-1 Captain, Quill and Scroll Editor Pin, Civic Chevron, Civic Letter. FETTING. ALBERT "Feddie" t Ambition-Flying. Movie Operator, Finance Committee. FISTER. LORRAINE "Smiley" Ambition-Nurse. Mixed Chorus Letter, Senior Cabinet, Ring Committee, Hall Guard, Honor Society, G.A.A. Representative. Page 28 ig Y AN' X K s Q Q 5 K x A Q , K -9: bf ?s:ff3y,i W ff zf K QQSX C , dkigs, . NI' 'h " uma- , A. 9- if g 5 :M-1 , x ' .. 5' X f as 2 'A ' M X ": -6 v- f 1 .rm QS? Nb' uv' 'Q- gdh : . 1,51 gi JM, : . AQQQWQ , R... 3. ,Q 1.3.53 N ' 'I .v z QQ? N32 xx Y fy Y we wr.-W 'QQ' Q.. Page 29 Ylae Claim 0 ?e61-aarq 1949 FORST. CAROL MAE "Kaye" Ambition-To travel. Senior Play Committee, G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Girls' Chorus Letter. FRANCE. SHIRLEY IUNE "Chow" Ambition-To travel over the World, particularly to Asia and Europe. Student Council, Farragut Concert Ensemble, Orchestrae-Ensemble and Solo Medal, Pin and 3 Guards, Orchestra Letter. GARBER. MARYIANE "Peanuts" Ambition-Happy Musician. Concert Orchestra, G.A.A., Ir. Honor So- ciety, Senior Play, Ring and Pin Committee, Hall Guard, Service Guild, Ensemble Medal. GAWRON, LOUIS "Brooklyn" Ambition-Undecided. Football Team, Mixed Chorus, Movie Operator. GERSTEN. SHELDON "Gersh" Ambition-To learn and utilize my knowledge. Hall Guard, B.A.A., Gym Captain. HARRIS. MARILYN Ambition-To make a certain someone happy. G.A.A. HEIKAL. LaVERNE "Slim" AmbitionfTelephone Operator. G.A.A. HIRSH. HOWARD Ambition-To become a successful business man. Lunchroom Sponsor. HITZEMAN, CLARENCE "Sonny" Ambition-Lawyer. Election Committee, Senior Tea and Dance Com- mittee, Banquet Committee, Service Guild, Honor Society, B.A.A. HLADIK. IOSEPH "Pep" Ambition-To make my first million. Boys' Chorus, Movie Operator, Senior Gift Committee. IAROS. BERNARDINE "'l'om Mix" Ambition-To live and learn. Senior Cabinet, Cheer Leaders, G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Student Council, Prom Committee. IAROS, RICHARD "Bruce" Ambition-To become an Architectural Draftsman. Senior Cabinet, Cap and Gown Committee, Mixed Chorus. IELINEK, GERALDINE "Gerry" Ambition-Secretary. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus. KAFKA. WILLIAM I. IR.. "Chesswall" Ambition-To be a lawyer. Stage Crew, Honor Society, Student Council, lvy's Dance Orchestra, School Band, College Day Committee, Chairman ot Prom Committee, B.A.A., Chairman of Student Social Committees, Stage Crew Letter, 2 Band Medals. KAIN, DOLORES Ambition-To travel, G.A.A., Service, Class Day Dance Committee. GORUP, THOMAS "Gorp" Ambition-To attend college and become an engineer. Scroll, Movie Operator, Invitations and Decorations Committee. HALLER. R'LENE "RL" Ambition-Court Reoorter. Senior Play, Girls' Chorus, Senior Dance, G.A.A. HANDELMAN. SONIA "So" Amliition-To be a singer. Girls' Chorus, Student Council, G.A.A., Scrol. HANE. IUNE "Iunie" Ambition-Medical Secretary. G.A.A., Cheer Club, Iunior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Prom Committee, Service Guild. HARASEK. IAMES IOSEPH "lim" Ambition-Physical Education Instructor. Football. HOFFMAN. EVELYN "fluffy" Ambition-To be a private secretary. Girls' Chorus, Senior Cabinet, Class Ring, Volleyball Club, Honor Society, Service Guild, G.A.A. HUNT, MARY ANN "Bunny" Ambition-To be a private secretary. Senior Tea and Dance, Girls' Chorus, Volleyball Club, Orchestra, Service Guild, G.A.A. HUSA. ETHEL "Eth" Ambition-To enter into the Olympics Tournament. G.A.A., Senior Tea and Dance Committee, Honor Society President, Service Guild, Salutatorian, College Day Committee, Senior Cabinet, Latin Certificate, Volleyball Medal. HUSACK. CHARMAINE "Hz" Ambition-To write a novel. Senior Cabinet, Valedictorian, Cellist, Treasurer of Orchestra, l Orchestra Pin, 3 Guards, Z Orchestra Solo Medals, Page Editor of Scroll, Quill and Scroll Editors' Pin and Badge, Log Representative, Service Guild, Class Day Committee, G.A.A., Honor Society, Student Council, Delegate to Illinois Press Convention, Third Place in Posture Contest-2 Honorable Mentions, Civic Letter and Chevron, Latin Certificate. IVICEK, IOHN RICHARD "Ivy" Ambition-To someday be a great singer. Farragut Swing Band, Senior Cabinet, Senior Class Officer-President, Boys' Chorus, Letter, Mixed Chorus, Scroll, Student Council, Football Manager-Letter, Service Guild, Class Committees, B.A.A. Speaker. KANTER. ROBERT "Bob" Ambition-Trouble Shooter-Phone. KERIAKE. LILLIAN "Trigger" Ambition-To be a singer with a band. G.A.A. - KNEZ. GEORGIANA "Georgie" Ambition-Secretary. Girls' Chorus-Letter, G.A.A., Student Guidance, Student Council, Service Guild, Honor Society, Senior Dance. KOHLBACH, WALTER "Professor" Ambition-To make a million. Chief Fire Marshal, Chief Stage Hand, Student Council, Service Guild, Senior Gift Committee, Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, B.A.A. KOMADA. ROBERT "Bob" Ambition-To make good in life and to live where it never gets cold. Page 30 . ' '- -Mak 'Q' s www'- X -M 3 'Yap IFN Page 31 X Y x. . 4 .,.. . X ., ,.,.---N gt if 1 3 The Claim ffefraal-1, l949 KOVALSKY. ROBERT "Loverboy" ' Ambition-Play with the Bears and be a coach. Football-2 Letters, Student Council, Orchestra, Scroll, Co-Chairman of Iunior Prom, Chi-Does, S.A.C. LA RUE. RICHARD "Pierre" Ambition--Architect. Student Council, Student Guidance, Senior Cabinet, Hall Guard, Officer in Honor Society, Class Officer-Vice President, Senior Play, Band-2 Medals, Chi-Does, S.A. Committee. ' LEIBOVICH. HELEN "Character"t Ambition-To be a successful secretary, and to make a good wife for a certain someone. G.A.A. Representative, Senior Play Committee, Student Guidance, Scroll Typist, Mixed Chorus, Election Committee, Library Helper, Student Helper. LEVINE. ALVIN "Al" Ambition-Dentist. Track Team, B.A.A., Movie Operator. LIBERMAN. LLOYD "Libie" ' Ambition-To become a successful Lawyer. Football Team, Student Council, Student Guidance, Senior Play Committee, Hall Guard, Boys' Chorus. MBIERCZYK. EDWARD "Ed" Ambition-Architectural Engineer. Stage Crew, Fire Marshal, Ring and Pin Committee, Senior Cabinet, B.A.A. IVIALECEK. IEAN "lean" First Aid Club, G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Honor Society, Hall Guard. MARFS, ARLENE "Mars" ' Mixed Chorus, Class Day Committee, GJ-LA., Student Guidance. MATCHB, IOYCE "Lonnie" Ambition-Marriage. Girls' Chorus, G.A.A., Student Council. MAXA. BLANCHE "Max" Ambition-To eventually get married. Assembly Hall Sponsor, Lunch Room, Sponsor, Student Guidance, Band, G.A.A., Finance Committee. OAK, ROBERT "Oukie" Ambition-Dentist. Stage Crew, B.A.A. OGAWA. ALFRED "AI" Ambition-Sun-Times Reporter in Russia. Movie Operator, Senior Banquet. PAC, FLOYD Ambition-Engineer. Track Team, Cross Country Team, Honor Society, Sports Editor-Scroll, Track and Cross Country Letters. . PASCUAL. IUANITA "Nita" Ambition-To travel. Cheer Club, Student Guidance, Senior Cabinet, Girls' Chorus, G.A.A., Service Guild, Banquet Committee, Honor Society, Ivy's Band, Girls' Chorus Letter. I PISKULE, ARLENE "Ar" Ambition-To be a good housewife. G.A.A. LINDHOLM. RUSSELL "Russ" Ambition-To be a teacher of chemistry. Student Guidance, Euclidean Club, Mixed Chorus, Latin S.P.O.F. Club, 3 Latin and l Scholarship Contest, Senior Play Committee, Ivicek Band Manager, Honor Society, National Honor Society, Scroll. LISS, IRENE "Lissky" Ambition-To be happy and make others happy. Student Council, G.A.A., Student Helper, Election Committee, Giit Committee, Library Helper, English Class Chairman. LOREK. AUDREY "And" Ambition-Study Psychology. Service Guild, G.A.A., Scroll-Feature Writer, Chairman ot the Cap and Gown Committee, Senior Activities Committee. LOSOS, GEORGIANR "Iiri" Ambition-To be a nurse. Orchestra-Pin and Guard, Student Guidance, Service Guild, Librarian, Honor Society, G.A.A., Treasurer of Graduat- ing Class, Clean-Up Committee. LUMME, CORRINNE R. "Corky" Ambition-General office worker. Senior Banquet Committee, G.A.A. Representative, Office Helper, Library Helper, Hall Guard. NADON, DENNIS "Tiny" Ambition-Archaeologist, or History Teacher. Student Guidance, Scroll, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Chorus, 4A Dance Committee, Swimming Team, Football Team, Movie Operator, Honor Society, Service Guild, Library Helper. NEIVIEC. IANE "Hana" Ambition-Clerk. Honor Society, G.A.A. NEMECEK. IRVIN "Irv" Ambition-Manufacturer ot Bowling and Billiard Supplies, Stage Crew, Ivy's Band, Class Day Dance Committee, B.A.A. NOSIL. CHARLES IB. "Chuck" Ambition-Flying. Swimming Team, Liie Guard. NOVOTNY, ANTOINETTE "Toni" Ambition-Secretary. Concert Orchestra, G.A.A., Volleyball Club, Library Helper. POPEK. IOHN "lack" PRESTO, SHIRLEY "Presto" Ambition-To be a good housewife. Cheerleader, G.A.A., Secretary of Graduating Class, 4A Party Committee. PRICHASON. ROSE "Rosie" Ambition--Successful Reporter. Student Council, Scrollf G.A.A., Class Day Committee, Class Day Cast, National Honor Society, Service Guild, Red Cross Committee, Student Helper. PROKOP, IEAN "Iednnie" Ambition-'Private Secretary, and to be happy. Senior Play, Class Ring Committee, Student Guidance, Service Guild, Honor Society, G.A.A. RAIVIM, ANN MARIE "Annie" Ambition-To travel. Senior Tea and Dance Committee, Service Guild, Honor Society, Cheerleader-Captain, Senior Cabinet, G.A.A., Senior Play, Student Guidance, 2 Cheerleader Letters, -Volleyball Letter. Page 32,3 ' x ...ez 3 S QQ X Y Y x .-nr x ,. Y X X ..,. X 3 M S Q Y k W Page 33 eg. Q Jw The CIJAA 0 Yehuarq i949 RAUCH. HENRY "Roachie" Ambition-Teacher. Senior Play, Student Council, College Day, Orches- tra. Honor Society. RETTINGER. EUGENE "Gene" Ambition-Retire early in life. Hall Guard, Checkers, Finance Com- mittee. REZAB. DOLORES "Del" Ambition-To be a success. G.A.A., Hall Guard. ROBINSON, KENNETH GENE "Tennessee" Ambition--Engineer tCivilJ. Senior Cabinet, Student Council, Track Team, Cross Country Team, Honor Society, Class Day, Senior Play, Library Helper, Social Center, College Day. ROGALA. ROBERT "Bob" Ambition-To be a millionaire. ROHR. HARRY "Harry" Ambition-To see the sea. B.A.A., Service Guild, Printing Committee. RYCHLIK. VIVIAN "Pepper" Ambition-Private Secretary and successful housewife. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Honor Society, Election Committee, Gift Committee. SCHROEDER. ROBERT "Fuzzy" Ambition-Florist Designer, Orchestra, Track Team, Hall Guard, B.A.A. SCHUBERT, GEORGE Ambition--To be a craftsman. Red Cross Committee. SCHULTZ. NANCY HSCIJI-IIIIIBH Ambition-To make a certain person happy, G.A.A., Election Com- mittee, Cap and Gown Committee, Dancing Club. SHAPIRO, NATHAN "Nate" Ambition-To be successful. Student Council, Service Guild-Captain, Mixed Chorus, B.A.A., Band. SIMCEK. RUTH "SChlieId" Ambition-Homemaking. Girls' Chorus, Hall Guard, G.A.A., Banquet Committee, Honor Society, Girls' Chorus Letter. SIVIICIKLAS. LORRAINE "Smicky" Ambition-Telephone Operator. Hall Guard, G.A.A. Treasurer. SMITH, GERALDINE "Gerry" Ambition-Stenographer. Color-Flower-Motto Committee, Hall Guard, G.A.A. STARY, CLYDE "Larry" Ambition-To play professional baseball or a physical instructor. Baseball, Basketball, Boys' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Senior Cabinet, Senior Tea and Dance, Service Guild, Movie Operator, Baseball-l Letter, Baskeball-l Letter, Choruses-2 Letters. STEHLICK. TONY Ambition-Government worker. Orchestra, Dramatic Club. STIBLO, GRACE "Gracie" Ambitione-Secretary. Cheerleader, Girls' Chorus, Service Guild, Senior Tea and Dance, G.A.A., National Honor Society, Log Representative, Library Helper, 2 Cheer Letters. STIFTNER. DOLORES "Dee" N Ambition-Secretary. Banquet Committee, G.A.A., Library Helper. SUNICH. IOAN "Sunny" Ambition-Stewardess. Student Guidance, Cheerleader-3 Letters, Girls Chorus-l letter, Prom Committee, G.A.A. SZELEIEWSKI, ADRIAN "Aden Ambition-To be happy. G.A.A. Secretary, Honor Society, Service Guild, Cheerleader, Prom Committee, Pin and Ring Committee. TOMSOVIC. PATRICIA "Pat" Ambition-To marry a farmer. Orchestra-4 years, Service Guild, G.A.A., College Day Committee, Senior Dance Committee. TUREK, EVELYN "Og" Ambition-To be a nurse. Student Guidance, Scroll, Service Guild, Iunior Prom, Class Day, G.A.A., Honor Society, Quill and Scroll Pin, Volleyball Award. TYMICK, RICHARD "Dick" Ambition-To be a research chemist. B.A.A. VESELY. OTTO "Ves" Ambition-Physical Education Instructor. Basketball Team-Captain and 2 Letters. VINARSKY. EDWARD "Terrible Ted" Ambition-To reach the peak of success in being an attorney-at-law and marry a beautiful girl. Senior Play, Hall Guard. VITEK. CHARLES "Beans" Ambition-To do the best I can. Cap and Gown Committee. Hall Guard. I VOSTAI.. MILDRED "Millie" Ambition-To find a "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow. Girls' Chorus, G.A.A., Treasurer Honor Society, Service Guild, Prom Com- mittee, Pin and Ring Committee. WAGNER, IRENE IOY "I" Ambition-To travel through the world. Scroll, Orchestra-2 years, Student Guidance, G.A.A., Election Committee, Hall Guard. WARD. DELORES "Ward" Ambition-To be a stenographer. Mixed Chorus, Student Guidance, Hall Guard, G.A.A. WEAVER. PATRICIA "Pat" Ambition-Interior decorator. Library Helper, Scroll, Band, Cheer Club, Student Council, Honor Society, Hall Guard, Ring Committee, Invitations and Decorations Committee. Page 84 pw 5 Page 35 1- Q -3- '21, Q X, X N .S SX , xy Q.:- The C'laAA ffehuarq 1949 WEINBERG. SHELDON "Shel" Ambition-To be a printer and get along with people. WENZEI.. CHARLES "Chuck" Ambition-Sport Player. WINTERS. EDWARD "Ed" Ambition-Stay a "Bachelor", Basketball Team, Senior Cabinet, Boys' Chorus, Banquet Committee, Fire Marshal, B.A.A. Awards. ZABAN. SEYMOUR "DOC" ' ' - ' .A.A. C 'tt on Decorations and Invitations. Ambitlon Designer. B , ommi ee ZARTH. WALTER "Wally" " ' ' ' C b' t Student Council, Fire Ambition-To get along in l1fe. Senior a me , Marshal. ZIMMEHMAN. PAUL "Zim" " ' ' ' - ' B.A.A. H ll Guard. Ambition-To be a millionaire. Clean Up Committee, , a V .. 9 Page S623 44" 4 V Q 5 K 0 Yan at the ?e6rua1-9 Prom Page 37 The C'laAA 0 ANCONA, IOE "Daqo" Ambition-Draftsman. Track-Cross Country-1 Letter, Baseball Letter, Basketball Letter, Boys' Chorus, Senior Cabinet, Honor Society. APPLEBAUM. RAYMOND "Ray" Ambition-Retired Businessman. B.A.A., Hall Guard. ARONESTI. ROBERT "Bob" Ambition-To own my own shoe business. lune Prom Committee, B.A.A., Cross Country Team-Captain, Track Team. BABINEC. ANN "Annie" Ambition-To travel. Cheerleader, G.A.A., Honor Society, Hall Guard, Library Helper, Senior Cabinet, 3 Cheer Letters. HACKER GERALD "Ierry" Ambition-To be a pilot in the Air Force. Iune Prom Committee, Service Guild. BAVETZ. FRANCES "Fanny" Ambition--Secretary or Nurse. G.A,A., Girls' Chorus. BELTRAN. IMELDA Ambition-Bi-Lingual Secretary. Student Council, G.A.A., Orchestra, Senior Dance Committee, Service Guild. BENES. ELAINE "Cris" Ambition-To have a Classical Singing Career. Girls' Chorus, Senior Dance Committee, G.A.A., Senior Cabinet, College Day Committee, Girls' Chorus Letter, 2 Posture medals, G.A.A. Letter. BENIGER. MYRA "My" Ambition-To be happy and make others happy. Orchestra, Band, Student Guidance, Service Guild, Senior Cabinet, G.A.A. Senior Ban- quet Committee, Honor Society, Girls' Chorus Letter, Civic Chevron, Orchestra Pin, 2 Band Medals, Latin Certificate. BERAN, EMIL "Buddy" Ambition-Printer. Prom Committee, B.A.A. Letter, Advanced Printer, Honor Roll. BRUNCLIK. EDWARD Ambition-'Radio Technician. Football Team, Boys' Chorus, Movie Op- erator, Ir. Prom Committee, Financial Committee. BUDKA. DONALD "Don" Ambition-To be a success in life. B.A.A., College Day Committee, Honor Roll. BYERS. MAX Ambition-To find a job that pays about Sl6.00 a day, working from 12:00 to 1:00 and get an hour for lunch. CAMPBELL, SHIRLEY "Lee" Ambition-To become a Physical Education Instructor. Cheerleader, Library Helper, Service Guild, Log Representative, Gym Office Helper, G.A.A. Representative, Student Guidance, Advertising Manager of the Scroll. CERNY. LORRAINE "Cemy" Ambition-To cook one meal that my husband can eat. Student Guidance, Girls' Chorus, Honor Society, President of the G.A.A., Vice gretsident of the G.A.A., member G.A.A., Scroll, Class Day, Senior a inet. une i949 RAIN. BARBARA "Barbe" Ambition-To get my P.H.D. in English and be an efficient English Teacher. Student Guidance, Hall Guard, Library Helper, G.A.A., Cum Laude, Latin Certificate, Civic Chevron. RALLON. LILLIAN "Lila" Ambition-To travel. G.A.A., Orchestra. BALLON, LORRAINE "Bridget" Ambition-To enjoy life. G.A.A., Cap and Gown Committee. BARBAICOW. SYLVIA "Syl" Ambition-Private Secretary. G.A.A., Student Council, Girls' Chorus. BARTEK, ARLENE "R" Ambition-Physical Education Teacher. G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, Flower- Motto and Color Committee, Scroll, Honor Society, G.A.A.-Pin and Letter. BERCIK. CHARLES "Chuck" Ambition-Millionaire Bachelor. BRADAC. HELEN Ambition-Medical Secretary. Student Guidance, Honor Society, G.A.A., Flower and Motto Committee, Girls' Chorus Letter. BRAUN. ANTON "Iuni0r" Ambition-To be another Art Tatum. Boys' Chorus, Iunior Prom Com- mittee. BRENTON, SHIRLEY "Shirl" Ambition-To be a writer. Girls' Chorus, Log Helper, Honor Society, G.A.A., Election Committee, June Senior Prom Committee, Hall Guard, Library Helper. BRICHTA. DONALD "Don" Ambition-To own a Hunting Lodge. B.A.A., Clean Up Representative. CHESTER. ANNIE "Sugar" Ambition-Private Secretary. College Day, Senior Play, G.A.A. mem- bers, Mixed Chorus, Scroll member, Hall Guard, Library Helper. CHESTER. HOLLIS "Chester" Ambition-To see the world. President Camera Club, Senior Cabinet, Keen Teens, Quill and Scroll, Scroll, Log Photographer, Mixed Chorus, Track Team, S.P.Q.F. CICHON. RONALD "l"renchy" Ambition-To have a private secretary. Boys' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Advertiser on Scroll, College Day Committee. CILEK, FRANK "Shorty" Ambition-To join the U.S. Navy. B.A.A., Gift Committee, Hall Guard, Library Helper, Swimming Team. CIRKO, IOHN IACK "lack" Ambition-Plastering Contractor. Football Team, BJ-LA. Page 38 .......i,.,..i....- , C, ...u.....,.. ...,..,. .... ,l .. I1 Pagv 39 Aw - u A Nm lee C1444 of une 1949 CLINTON. ROGER "Rodqe" Ambition-To be a success in life. B.A.A., Hall Guard, Honor Roll, Invitation Committee, Class Day Committee DAREN, SHIRLEY "Shirl" Ambition-To be a good secretary, and have a considerate boss. Mixed Chorus, G.A.A., Honor Society, School Reporter, Pres. Student Guidance, Student Council, Finance Committee, Office Helper. DAVIS, BEATRICE "Bea" Ambition-To lead a happy life. G.A.A., Student Guidance, Honor Society, Hall Guard. DEETS. ALICE "Al" G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Student Guidance, Honor Society, Clean-Up Representative, Senior Banquet Committee. DOCEKAL. RICHARD "Doc" Ambition-Physical Education Teacher. Class Vice President, Senior Cabinet, Fire Marshal, Basketball Team, Senior Tea and Dance, Honor Society, Service Guild. DUNDA. RAY "Scrooge" Ambition-Owner and President of my own business. B.A.A. DUNNE. SIDNEY "Sid" Ambition-To be a big Businessman. Football Team, B.A.A., Iunior Prom Committee, Honor Society, Hall Guard, 2 Football Letters. DVORAK. CAROL "Bugs" Ambition-Commercial Artist. Cheerleader, Decorations and Invitations Committee, G.A.A., Library Helper, Hall Guard, 3 Cheerleader Letters. DVORAK. DOLORES "Curly" Ambition-Medicine, Concert Orchestra, G.A.A., Scroll, Library Helper, Hall Guard, Banquet Committee, Honor Society, Orchestra Pin and 3 Guards, Solo Contest Medal. DVORAK. ELAINE "Red" Ambition-Model. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Gift Committee, Hall Guard, College Day, Home Nursing Certificate. FRUHAUFF, IOAN "Devil" Ambition-Secretary. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus. GABBERT. AUDREY "Gabbie" Ambition-Nurse. Girls' Chorus, G.A.A., Student Guidance, Honor Society. GARLT. DOROTHY "Dot" Ambition-Radio Singer. Orchestra, G.A.A., Honor Society, Class Day Committee, Hall Guard, Orchestra Pin and 3 Guards, Ensemble Medal. GOLDBERG. MARGARET "Margie" A Ambition-To be a good wife. GJ-LA. GRWDYS. EDWARD "The Pro" Ambition-To get out of the dummy row in Stevenson's Class. Boys' Chorus. N DOYLE. DORIS ARLENE FRANC "Doris" Ambition-To get married. Girls' Chorus, Clean Up Representative, Prom Committee, Posture Contest, Service Guild. DRAPALIK. JAMES "Rambo" Ambition-Physical Education Instructor. Color, Flower and Motto Committee, Movie Operator, Clean Up Committee, Service Guild, Lunch- room Sponsor, Honor Roll, National Honor Society. DRAZDIK, MARIE "Angel" Ambition-Office Worker. G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, Honor Society. DUBINA. IIM "MH Anlbud" Ambition-A Bachelor, Electrical Engineer. B.A.A., Boys' Chorus. DUDAS. BIBIANA "BibS' Ambition-Commercial Artist. G.A.A., Honor Society, Girls' Chorus, Pin and Ring Committee. DVORAK. IOSEPH "Ice" Ambition-Pharmacist. College Day Committee, Invitations and Decora- tion Committee, Finance Committee, B.A.A. Letter. DZIEDZIC. LEONA "I.ee" Ambition-To be a nurse. Band, Service Guild, Student Council, G.A.A., Student Guidance. FEINGOLD, ANNITITE Ambition-Private Secretary. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Iunior Prom Com- mittee. FENCL, LORRAINE "Laurie" Ambition-Lab Technician. Band, G.A.A., Senior Cabinet, Student Council, Student Guidance, Library Helper, Hall Guard, Honor Society, Scroll, Gift Committee, A.P.S.L. Latin, Band Letter, G.A.A. Pin and Letter, 9 Band Medals, Latin Certificate, Perfect Attendance. FREHVIAN. ROBERT "Bob" Ambition-Agriculturist. Student Council, B.A.A., Election Committee, Class Day, Hall Guard, Library Helper. GROSS. IOHN "Ambitious" Ambition-To see the world. Band, Student Council. GURZEHK, IOSEPH "Ice" . Ambition-To get rich and retire young. Boys' Chorus, B.A.A., Senior Tea and Dance. HACKBARTH. RAY "Hack" Ambition-To go into the electrical field. B.A.A., Honor Society. HALAMA. MARY ANNE "Mare" Ambition-To be a model. GJ-LA., Senior Tea and Dance Committee, Girls' Chorus, Hall Guard. Girls' Chorus Letter, Home Nursing Certifi- cate, Red Cross Card. HALIK. DOROTHY "Dory" Ambition-To enter the Commercial field. G.A.A., Hall Guard, Concert Orchestra-Pin and 2 Guards, Ensemble Medal, 2 solo medals. Page 40 Ng, xx XX' . -knu- 'i Page 41 The C1444 HANSEN. AUDREY Ambition-To become a good housewife some day. G.A.A., Hall Guard, Senior Tea and Dance Committee. HECK, BETTY "Betts" Ambition--Nursing, maybe-if the Squirrels don't change my mind. G.A.A., Senior Ring Committee, Senior Dance Committee. HEIMALIK. LORRAINE "Lott" Ambition-Doctor. Orchestra, G.A.A, HILLAM. IOANNE "Ioanie" Ambition-School-teacher-then a home-maker. Student Guidance, Sen- ior Cabinet, College Day, Girls' Chorus, G.A.A., Honor Society. HOFFMAN, ARLENE "Stuff" Ambition-To get along with people and work and do my best in future years. Girls' Chorus, G.A.A., Invitation and Decoration Committee. HOSS. GEORGE "Gunner" Ambition-To get rich and retire young. Boys' Chorus, Basketball Man- ager, B.A.A., Senior Dance. HOSS. MARION "Mar" Ambition-To he successful in everything I do. Girls' Chorus, G.A.A., Class Day. HOVORKA. VERA "Blondie" Ambition-To be happy and make others happy. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Prom Committee, Office Helper, Hall Guard, Honor Society. HRNCAR. STEVE Ambition-To be the owner of a string of jumping horses. Printing Com- mittee. HROCH. ROSE Ambition-To enter the musical field. President oi the Orchestra, Senior Cabinet, G.A.A., Secretary of the Senior Class, Editor of the Log, Honor Society, Senior Banquet Committee, Orchestra Letter, Pin and 4 Guards, 2 Ensemble Medals, 2 Solo Medals, D.A.R. Award. IIRSA. FRANK "Snooks" Ambition-To visit the Empire State Building. Hall Guard, B.A.A., Clean-Up Committee, Senior Play, Basketball Queen Committee, Basket- ball team. IOHNSON. BETTY "Candy" Ambition-To become a good secretary. Band, Orchestra, Student Coun- cil, Student Guidance, Honor Society, Service Guild, G.A.A., Iunior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee. IUSKO. RUTH ELLEN "Reii" Ambition-To find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Band, Orchestra, Student Council, Student Guidance, Honor Society, Service Guild, G.A.A., Senior Play Committee. KAMPS, WILLIAM C. "Bill" Ambition-Navy. KAPLAN. SONDRA "Sandy" Ambition-To be a success in the business world. SPOE, G.A.A. une 1949 HOIDIK. RAYMOND "Ray" Ambition-To become educated. Printing Committee. HOLESOVSKY. FRANK "Hole" Ambition-To get rich and retire young. B.A.A., Boys' Chorus. HOLIK. IOSEPH "'Ioe" Ambition-To be a printer. B.A.A., Student Council. HONDLIK, CAROL IOAN "Cure" Ambition--To study Home Economics at Michigan State and get mar- ried. G.A.A., Student Council, Prom Committee, Senior Cabinet, Honor Society, Scroll, Mixed Chorus. HORAK. MARIE "Mattie" Ambition-To move out of Chicago. G.A.A., 500 point pin, Hall Guard, Student Council, College Day Committee. IANACEK. ALICE "Al" Ambition-To own a sewing shop. Service Guild, Scroll, G.A.A., Danc- ing Club. IANOSKO, GEORGE "Iohn's" Ambition-To be an accordion player. Band, Orchestra, B.A.A. IILEK, IOAN "Ioanie" Ambition-Career Woman. G.A.A. IELINEK. RONALD "Ielly" Ambition-To own the most modern gas station in the city of Chicago. Boys' Chorus, Scroll. IEROME. RAMONA "Moe" Ambition-To hold a professional position in the field of music or art. Band, G.A.A. KARASEK. CHARLES "Chuck" Ambition-To be a success in the musical field. Treasurer of the Senior Class, Prom Committee, Boys' Chorus, Senior Cabinet, B.A.A., Honor Society. KARASEK, HELEN MARIE "Hal" Ambition-To get married. Girls' Chorus, Student Council, Gift Corn- mittee, G.A.A., Service Guild. KATZ. CHARLES "Chuck" Ambition-fTo become successful and maybe get married. Cadet Band, B.A.A., Student Council, Division Treasurer. KATZ. DOROTHY LYNNE "Dot" Ambition-To get married. Student Council, Senior Dance, Clean-Up Committee, G.A.A., Service Guild. KLEIN. DANIEL "Decline" Ambition-Army Officer. Hall Guard. Page 42 Q Q . Y K ,fi iw! a SN ww W. Q 3 ?3bf2z. iQ X 43' Q, X X Ki " Q ,S fs, , X X? K :H Kgfu hir-K Ni-N, 4 3 fg Q Page 4:3 . XM .Ni ,A- Q s N0 Y? w'X f X X iw .K '13 fy R .zx K t: ix f '- x' 4 A lee 61444 of une 1949 KOSNER. DOLORES "Koz" ' Ambition-Laboratory Technician. Student Guidance, Girls' Chorus, Honor Society, H-:dl Guard, G.A.A., Senior Banquet. KOSTAL. HENRIETTE "Hank" Ambition-To attend college. Co-Captain of Cheerleaders, Girls' Chorus, College Day, Senior Play Committee, G.A.A., Library Helper, Hall Guard, G.A.A. Representative. KOSTKA. CAROLYN "Care" Ambition-Artist or Singer. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Honor Society, Serv- ice Guild, Invitation and Decoration Committee, Girls' Chorus Letter. KOVARNIK. IVIILDRED "Dollie" Ambition-To enter the religious field. Hall Guard, G.A.A., Senior Play Committee. KOTESKY. DAISY "Blondie" Ambition-To be a tarmer's wife. G.A.A., Cap and Gown Committee. KRIVSKY. ARTHUR "Art" Ambition-To play with Dangerous things. Baseball Team-2 Letters. Basketball Team-l Letter, Senior Cabinet, Hall Guard, Boys' Chorus-1 Letter, College Day Committee, Class Day Committee, B.A.A., Senior lgrom Committee, Student Council, junior Prom Committee, Honor ociety. KUCERA. LEONARD "Len" Ambition-To make a fortune. B.A.A. KULAKOWSKI. RICHARD "Dick" Ambition-To be a Stationary Engineer. Hall Guard. KULICH. ALICE "DumpIinq" Ambition-Old Maid. G.A.A., Mixed Chorus. KUNCL. CONSTANCE "Connie" Ambition--Laboratory Technician. Girls' Chorus, G.A.A. LICKO. ANN MARIE "Annie" Ambition-To enter the political tield. Student Council, Concert Orches- tra, Hall Guard, Library Helper, G.A.A. LOTARSKI. DOROTHY "Darth" Ambition-Secretary. G.A.A. MANSKE. RONALD Hall Guard, Cap and Gown Committee. MAREK. DOROTHY "I"reckIes" Ambition-To be a success. Band and Orchestra, Student Council, Stu- dent Guidance, Senior Tea and Dance Committee, Honor Society, Serv- ice Guild, Band letter and 9 medals, Orchestra Pin and 3 guards. IVIARGOLIS, BORIS "Blackie" Ambition-'To retire at 25, a millionaire. Hall Guard, B.A.A. KOUPENY. MARGARET "Margie" Ambition-Housewife. G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, Student Guidance, Student Council. KOZEL. CHARLES IAMES "Chuck" Ambition-To be a Master Printer. Boys' Chorus, B.A.A., Printing Com- mittee. KRABEC. BARBARA "Bobs" Ambition-To become a nurse. Honor Society, G.A.A., Library Helper, Election Committee. KREICIK. VERDELLE "DelIe' Ambition-To become a good secretary. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Honor Society, Prom Committee, Service Guild. KRESSEL, IARMILA "Gerri' Ambition-Private Secretary and then a wife. G.A.A., College Day, Senior Finance Committee, 2nd place in Posture Contest. KUSMAN. ROBERT "Rush" Ambition--To be a rich executive. B.A.A. LAPINSKI, RONALD "Lip" Ambition-Salesman. Senior Cabinet, Scroll, B.A.A. LEAVITT. MARVIN "Bullet" . Amhition-To be a rich man. Swimming Team. LESKO. GHRTRUDE "Gert" Ambition-To travel all over the world. G.A.A., Finance Committee, Hall Guard. LIBERMAN, LEON "Lee" Ambition-Teacher. Senior Tea and Dance Committee, B.A.A. MARINKO. LORRAINE "Lofty" Ambition-Private Secretary. G.A.A., Senior Tea and Dance Committee, Mixed Chorus, Honor Society, Scroll. MAROSE. DOLORES "Kitten" Ambition-To be a model and a wife G.A.A., Senior Prom Committee, College Day, Student Guidance, Home Nursing Certificate. MARGUART. ALICE "Dizzy" Ambition-To own a ranch in Arizona. Mixed Chorus, G.A.A., Finance Committee, Service Guild, G.A.A. Pin. MARSHALL, DOLORES "Dolores" Ambition-To be a singer with a certain orchestra. G.A.A., Girls' Cho- rus, Mixed Chorus, Honor Society, Decoration and Invitation Committee. MASCI, CARMEN "Conn" Ambition-To be a successful businessman. Band. Page 44 in , . 4 xy. 'if .-x rw 'Vik - '.... .. , ': Q tt ff XR h Xi1 Q N is xx. sv f 2 . .X sw , x x X: NY X Page 45 T f x ix gg fs A X x.x. Q.,Q 1 QQ Ck 5 5 K' an 5 fiff i' si N15 3 Ylte Claim 0 une 1949 MASEK, IRENE "Renie" Ambition-To be a success in life. G.A.A., Student Council, College Day Committee, Student Guidance, Hall Guard. MASEK. RMERT "Bob" Ambition-Commercial Artist. Student Guidance, College Day Commit- tee, Service Guild, Scroll Artist, Senior Decorating Commit.ee. MASIN. DORIS "Dot" Ambition-Secretary. Orchestra, Student Council, Student Guidance, Senior Dance Committee, G.A.A., Honor Society. MELICHAR. ELMER Ambition-Mechanical Engineer. Hall Guard, Student Council, Serior Cabinet, Honor Society. MIKETA, IOHN "Mighty Mouse" . Ambition-To go through college. Hall Guard, Senior Dance, B.A.A., Honor Society. MORYI.. LORETTA "Lorrie" MIKITA. EVELYN "Eve" Ambition-To get through with school. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Honor Society. MILBURN. ROWLAND "Rollo" Ambition-Doctor. Boys' Chorus, Mixed Chorus and l Chorus Letter Football Team, Football Letters, Pin and Ring Committee, Senior Play Committee, B.A.A. MILLER. IORDAN "Iordie" Ambition-Physical Education Instructor. Basketball Team-3 Letters Baseball Team-1 Chevron, Boys' Chorus-1 Letter. MINARIK. CHARLOTTE "Char" Ambition-To marry or be a Dress Designer or an Art Teacher. Girls Chorus, G.A.A., College Day Committee. MLADENOFF. VIVIAN "Bibs" Ambition-To be a successful secretary. G.A.A., College Day Commit tee, Class Day, Election Committee, Hall Guard, G.A.A., Pin and letter Mixed Chorus and l Letter, Library Helper. Ambition-To make a place for myself in this world. Concert Band, Con- cert Orchestra, Student Council, Student Guidance, Library Helper, G.A.A., Honor Society, Election Committee, Iunior Prom Committee. MUDRA BETTE "Moody" Ambition-Hair Stylist. Gilrs' Chorus and Letter, Color and Motto Com- mittee, Scroll, G.A.A. MURGAS. ROSEMARY "Rosie" Ambition-To succeed in all my undertakings. Student Council, G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, Honor Society, Ring and Pin Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Civic Chevron, Scroll, Library Helper. NEIDICH. BEVERLY "Bev" Ambition-To become a successful Stenographer. G.A.A. NELSON, ELMER I. AmbitionfCommercial Pilot. ONDRACEK. NEIL NELSON MARIORIE "Shorty" Ambition-Switch Board Receptionist. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Hall Guard Prom Committee. NIEMIEC. DOLORES "Dolly" Ambition-Professional Baseball Player and Physical Education Instruc- tor. Band NOVOTNY. and Orchestra, G.A.A., Finance Committee. IANE "lanie" Ambition--To be happy. Girls' Chorus and l Letter, G.A.A., Hall Guard Invitation NOWORUI., and Decoration Committee, College Day. IOSEPH "Digger" Ambition-C.P.A. or C.M.A. B.A.A., Scroll, Hall Guard. OMILINSKY. EUGENE "Yeanie" Ambition-Marry Money. B.A.A., Boys' Chorus, Senior Play Committee Ambition-Musician. Band Letter and ll medals, Orchestra Letter, Pin and 4 Guards, Service Guild, Senior Cabinet, Senior Tea and Dance Committee, Honor Society, Civic Letter. PANGRAC, FRANK IOSEPH "Pancreas" Ambition-To be a professional Photographer and open my own busi- ness. B.A.A., Hall Guard, Finance Committee, Boys' Chorus. PARKER. MARGARET "Scottie" Ambition-To help others and be a housewife. lunior Prom Committee, Class Day. PAULICH. MELVIN FRANK "Mel" Ambition-Machinist. . . PECHOUSEK. DELORES "Dolly" Ambition-To marry a millionaire and travel. G.A.A., Senior Tea and Dance Committee, College Day, Scroll, G.A.A. Award, Home Nursing Award. B PECKA. AUDREY "Aud" Ambition-School Teacher or a Medical Secretary. Band and Orchestra Band Letter-9 medals, Orchestra pin, Honor Society, Library Helper Iunior Prom Committee, Finance Committee. PELC. IEAN "Pussy" Ambition-Stenographer. G.A.A,, Honor Society, Student Council. PELKA. LAVERNE "I.ovey" Ambition-Nurse. G.A.A. Representative, Library Helper, Hall Guard. PLESKO, VERA "Veer" Ambition-Nurse. Orchestra, G.A.A., Ring and Pin Committee, Log Rep resentative, College Day Committee. PODEIMEK. CAROLE "Podzie" Ambition-Laboratory Technician. Girls' Chorus, Service Guild, Student Guidance, G.A.A., Finance Committee, Clean Up Committee, Honor So ciety. Page 46 m ,x , Q K Q ,,A,, .,.,., W Q is is Qi Q ' J N 1-5- Page 47 wg., .Q ' ,ar Q, wx iWK The C1444 0 POGGETTO. RITA "Del" Ambition-To lead a happy life. G.A.A., Senior Tea and Dance. PRENTISS, EDITH "Edee" Ambition-To settle down after working for a while. G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, Color, Motto and Flower Committee. PRIBYL, DONALD "Don" Ambition-To be like Mariace. Senior Dance, Student Council, B.A.A., International Sports. PRIBYL. RONALD "Prib" Ambition-To be a college graduate. Student Council, Student Guid- ance, Senior Play Committee. RADTKE. RICHARD "Dick" Ambition-To go to Michigan State College and become an Electrical Engineer. Honor Society, B.A.A., Fire Marshal, Finance Committee. une 1949 RAIMAN, LORRAINE "Lor" Ambition-Private Secretary. G.A.A., Scroll Reporter, Girls' Chorus, G.A.A. Representative, Honor Society, Color and Motto Committee, Hall Guard. RANDOLPH, TOM "Randy" RE RE RE RICHMOND. RONALD "Slewfoot" Ambition-Dentist. Basketball Team. RICHTER. MARY ANN "Mimi" Ambition-Model and wife. G.A.A., College Day. ROHR, MARY LOUISE "Mary" Ambition-To find success and happiness in life. Honor Society, G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Library Helper, Student Guidance, Student Council, Scroll, Representative to Keen Teen oi the Chicago Daily News, Senior Cabi- net, Senior Gift Committee. ROSE, ALLEN MELVIN "Al" Ambition-Architectural Draftsman. Boys' Chorus. ROSS, ELAINE "E" Ambition-To work in an office at Sears. Tea and Dance Committee, G.A.A., Hall Guard. Ambition-Business Man. Football Team Captain. DDING, GEORGE WILLIAM "Red" . Ambition-Analytical Chemist. EVES. WALTER "Walt" Ambition-To make a lot of money. Student Guidance, Honor Society, B.A.A., Senior Dance, Dancing Club. ZAC. CHARLES "Chuck" Ambition-Electrical Engineer. Student Guidance, Honor Society, B.A.A. ROZHON. ROBERT "Bob" Ambition-Politician. B.A.A. SCHAUER. AUDREY Ambition-To study medicine. Concert Orchestra-Solo and Ensemble Contests, Student Guidance, G.A.A., Honor Society, Senior Banquet Committee, Service Guild Orchestra Pin. SCHMIDT. EDWARD "Smitty" Ambition-Draftsman and to get married. Basketball team, Track team, Boys' Chorus-Letter, B.A.A., Track Award, Service Guild. SCHULTZ. GERTRUDE "Gerty" Ambition-Beauty Operator. G.A.A. SCHWED, ISADORE "Sonny" SEDLACEK. CAROLYN "Kitten" Ambition-English Teacher. Girls' Chorus, Student Council, G.A.A., Hon- or Society, College Day Committee, Finance Committee, Student Guid- GIICE. SEKERA. FRANKLIN "Fritz" Ambition-To make my lite worth something. Honor Society, Student Council, Band and Orchestra. SELAK. ELLA MAE "Ellen" .f Ambition-High School Band Director. Concert Band and Orchestra, Stu- dent Guidance, Solo and Ensemble Contests, G.A.A., Service Guild, College Day Committee, Senior Play Committee, Orchestra Pin and 6 Band medals. SHAFRAN. GLORIA "Glor" Ambition-Housewife. G.A.A., Girls' Chorus. SHUMAK. VERONICA "Ronnie" Ambition-To be a success in business. College Day Committee, Band- Letter and 7 medals, Class Flower and Motto Committee, Student Coun- cil, Hall Guard, G.A.A.-500 point Pin and Letter. Ambition-To he a doctor or engineer. Student Council. SIMAK. IOAN "I oanie" ' Ambition-To be .an efficient secretary. Gift Committee, Honor Society, Service Guild. SIMONIDES, ELEANOR "Ellie" Ambition-Public Stenographer. G.A.A., Honor Society, Girls' Chorus, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. SLAK, GLADYS "Bubbles" Ambition-To be a private secretary or professional model. G.A.A., Sergor Play Committee, Hall Guard. SMAHA, ELEANOR "Ellie" Ambition-Secretary. Election Committee, Banquet Committee, College Day Committee, Home Nursing Award. qi SMETANA. ED A Page 48 Ambition--To make money without earning it. Football. ad. .. "" EF , .SQ - We 5 -ZPIE Q s A A 3 A.: K W bylaw 31?-A PN im, if ., ., ei il A 'nw 5 X 5:,w:E.gI ' ,. . 3 'Efz-5-rw' Fix: sb.-1 155255151 .yi-1.3 1 ,,.. , Y X ' ' Q. Q. Q Q S399 R, 'X X .Nr S HQ ' Q RMT" .II xmfa X155 vis? Q X ' 'if f 5 ,. 1, 1 X,-u gas K 5 Q-iff Mfg X X 'HQ ii ' B. My P 5 mx If Q X X Q! ' .,' 'Q Ai w. V . .,..,,q . ..-,, 3 K x '.-- V ' :. , ,,:-,A. 1 413, 6 MF' 5 . 5. fgfxg, Page 49 '- W W. ' Elif N31 .... Q 3, . sf gfli win! ww .x . . . ., . .:, A 1: W - .z gk KX X M Q sixx 1 x .:. Q 1, ffm: M. s Mk' lg -Q - x..:'. 4 'fx , a 5 x I , - 4 ' ' - , .K as ff: m,. .QQ Sf Q X 'R X - X , x v f N vs Y, gf 1-rv ws,-, y I The 61444 SMITH. PAUL "The Brain" Ambition-To be successful. B.A.A., Student Council. SOUCEK. RICHARD Ambition!-Commercial Artist. SPEVAK. IO ANN MARY LYNN "Blondie" Ambition-To he a good Stenographer. G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, Orches- tra. SPRINGER. BETTY "Betts" Ambition-Nurse. Girls' Chorus, G.A.A. STANEK. VIVIAN "Vic" Ambition-To grow tall. G.A.A., Orchestra Pin and Guard, Senior Tea and Dance Committee, Hall Guard. une 1949 STEININGER. IAMES "lim" Ambition-Electrical Engineer. Honor Society. STEPANEK. PAULINE "Paul" Ambition-Dress Designer, G.A.A. STU DNICKA. RICHARD "Stud" Ambition-To get out of the city and live. B.A.A. SUBE. CARLA "Red" Ambition-To go to the University of Michigan and be an Air Steward- esslgtudent Council, Student Guidance, Honor Society, G.A.A., Service Gui . SVETAL. NORMAN "Norm" Ambition-Automotive Engineer. Senior Cabinet, Honor Society, Senior Gift Committee, Service Guild, College Day Committee. TAUB. LEONARD "Nellie" Ambition-To be Mayor of California City. B.A.A., Prom Committee, Football Team. TAUSK. ED "Bubbles" Ambition-Lawyer. Football Team, Iunior Prom Committee, Boys' Cho- rus, Mixed Chorus, Scroll. TI-IIERY, NANCY IEAN "Nan" Ambition-To be successful. G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, College Day Com- mittee, Honor Society, Election Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Li- V brary Helper, Red Cross Home Nursing Certificate. THORMAN. PAUL PHILLIP "Phill" Ambition-Electrical Engineer. B.A.A., Printing Committee. TlL,LlN. KENNETH M. Student Guidance-Vice-President, Honor Society. TFTELMAN. BERNARD "Bernie" Ambition-Commercial Flyer. TROIAR. SYLVIA RUTH "Slush" Ambition-To have a full and happy life. Student Council, Band-6 medals, Solo and Ensemble Contests, Orchestra-Pin, Honor Society, Service Guild, Scroll, Civic Letter. TUCKMAN. HAROLD "Tuckie" Ambition-Physical Education Teacher. Basketball. VANA. ELSIE "Punk" Ambition-To fullfill all my fondest wishes. General Manager of the Scroll, G.A.A., Girls' Chorus, Student Guidance, Honor Society, Prom Committee, Service Guild. VELEBIL. BETTY LOU "Dolly" Ambition-To attend Wheaton College and then become the best mother l can. G.A,A., Girls' Chorus, Service Guild, Student Guidance, Honor Society, Senior Banquet Committee, Clean4Up Committee. VERR. GERALD "Ierry" Ambition-To become a Commercial Artist. B.A.A., Service Guild. VESELY. DOLORES "Dee" Ambition-To live a happy married life with "Sonny." Girls' Chorus, Scroll, G.A.A., Honor Society, Class Day. VRLA. VLASTA "Val" Ambition-Air Stewardess. G.A.A. VOKURKA. EDWARD "Pickles" Ambition-To hit the "big time." Student Council, Senior Cabinet, Band, Orchestra, School Dance Band, Three Band Contests, Two Orchestra Contests, 8 Band medals, Orchestra pin and 2 guards. VRBA. VIRGINIA "Virge" Ambition-To acquire new friendship and preserve the old. Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Student Guidance, Service Guild, Student Council G.A.A., Honor Society Officer, Iunior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Latin Certificate, 9 Band Medals, Civic Award, Band Letter, Orchestra Pin and 2 guards. WARD. ARTHUR "Archie" ambition-Ball Player. Boys' Chorus, B.A.A., Playing in Ivy Dance and. WEBER. DELORES "Whiz" Ambition-To get an "S" from Mr. Stevenson. Mixed Chorus, G.A.A. Representative, Student Guidance, Honor Society, Senior Play Com- mittee. WEISS, DARRYL H. "Tafyob" Ambition-Big Businessman. Swimming Team, Senior Play Director, B. .A. WIECZOREK, GEORGE Ambition-To succeed. Student Council, Honor Society, B.A.A. WOODS. WILMA "Willie" Page 50 Ambition-Professional Model. G.A.A. X iw 4 'X 2 K ' XE K si A , ra J AMQ sg-'M X X 5 Page 51 The C1444 0 une 1949 WOITKOWSKI, WILLIAM "Bill" Ambition-Lawyer. Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Letter. YANGI.. FRANK "Frank" Ambition-Artist. Band lB-3B, B,A.A. ZAIICEK. VICTORIA "Vickey" Ambition-Stenoqrapher. G.A.A., Honor Society. ZARYCZNY. CHESTER "Ches" Ambition-To be successful. B.A,A., Boys' Chorus, Hall Guard, Clean Up Representative. ZEMAN, ARLENE "AR" Ambition-To be successful, G.A.A., Student Council, Honor Society, Class Day, Hall Guard, Office Helper, Division Ofticer, Iunior Prom Com- mittee. We 1- ...bil 1 t Q n as .-A ZEMAN. IUNE LAVERNE Ambition-Successful Secretary. Student Council, G.A.A., Girls Chorus Assembly Hall Sponsor, Honor Society, Senior Tea and Dance Com mittee, Hall Guard, Division Officer. d . ZERING. GEORGE "Win y' Ambition-Millionaire. Basketball Team, Boys' Chorus, Mixed Chorus Honor Society, Senior B.A.A. Finance Committee, lunior Prom Committee ZIZEK. TOM "Booble ' Ambition-To be rich. Mixed Chorus, Student Council. ZOLA. RICHARD "Rich" Ambition-Draftsman. ZVERINA. IOSEPH "Ice" Ambition-Draftsman. Mixed Chorus. I E t 939 gl ,I 9 iv-Il Gnavrw Ole XX 49 !.. 3. P , 5 A, 3 5 0 fi f i X all 9 1 X fs, L 'oo 'sf l 1 I U K -7 6"' - ' If ..rf A, S' an Q 5 V7 J . . U94 E H l I Page 52 1 ,kffaf in Na sf"-4 rr I K1 I W , -Ll-Ol mag Summer School graduatwf Row l-Dorothy Brook, Harriet Flcxmcxn, Dale Goldman, Robert Kanter. Row 2-Marvin Kaufman lNo Picturel, Ann Silverstein, Sheldon Weinberg, Leonard Zeedyk. Page 53 reparing 'lfvutln Social! A solitary figure, the "freshie" stands at the main en- trance to Farragut, little realizing that the gay, chattering groups are completely oblivious of his presence. A minute longer, the widened eyes stare, mirroring fear, wonder, and pleading for help. Seeing no signs of any imminent danger, they move forward, borne by short, trembling legs. Once more, they glance around, as if that one faltering step was the sign for the attack to begin. Then, gaining in assurance, the stubby figure walks swiftly down the crowded halls, with one purpose in mind. "l will get help in my division room." Thus, from the first day on, the student goes to the divi- sion room in need of help and guidance. Helping to plan their programs, and their lives, the division teacher is a high-school "parent" to countless students, and her duties resemble those of the mother. Pupils do not usually enter high-school as mature people, their personalities must be molded, and the teachers victory depends, to a large de- gree, upon the "pliability" of the student. Behind every high-school success, behind every proferred diploma, is the hard working division teacher. Meeting 45 minutes a day, the division is a family which must stay together all through the four years of high- school. All is not only work, and the average "family" holds many parties and gatherings during the year in the social room. Page 54 1 'QQ MR. STARTER . . . 101B Row l-V f Harriet Milstein, Dorothy Lee, Ida Williams, Doris Reich, Margaret Suchan. Row 2'--Anita Iacobs, Lorraine Eencl, Mr. Staater, Arlene Bilelc, Rosemarie Uva, Barbara Schrnoll. Row 3'-'Shirley Zdrubecky, Evelyn Dobson, lean Krrnaschek, Ruth Skokan, Pearl Cirko. Row 4 ---JoAnn Bearden, Thomas Cothard, Marie Kubilc, Eileen Longshore, Wayne Sedlack. Row 5-V Arnold Kramer, Charles Kuzelka, Richard Tomasiewicz, George Kiwasik. Row 6 Carl Pomey, lemme Riendeau, Allen Boschan, William Brown, Wayne Pytlak. Carl Pomey playing his first year on the baslcetb he has the makings of a real player. Hoping to become a Cheer Leader, Pearl Cirlco, already a Cheer member, is busy practicing two days a week for the annual tryouts. all team, has shown that MR. SIEDENSTRANG . . . 102A Row l -Mr. Siedenstrang, Philip Mintari, George Mil-zolajczak, Kenneth Thorell, Arthur Gold. Row 2- lerrold Soble, E. Mandel, Ross Wagner, Eugene Paladino. Row 3- V-Martin Smulevitz, Marshall Klieman, Howard Baich, Ioseph Flores. Row 4- -Howard Cooper, H. Belinski, Donald Cohen. Row 5 'Richard Ward, lay Sax. Mr. Sieclenstrangs Div. 102A is now divided among seven other divisions. M . . . . . any of the boys in this division were wood shop fellows who made bird houses for their own back yards. Page 56 MR. Row Rcw Row Row Row Row Row BALTHIS . . . 103A l-Martin Ondrus, Kenneth Sengstock, William Davis, Charles Benes, Ray Stachniak. 2-Wayne Czerwinski, Leo Gradzielewski. 3- Richard Stehmeir, Sherwin Kastel, Ierry Weiss, l-lenry Kohout, Ronald Budzik. 4--Charles Stephan, Mr. Balthis, Albert Skalak, Frank Schwartz. 5---William Cervenka, Frank Sotosek, Donald Breskey, Roger Koudelka. 6-'Henry Dorn, Robert Fremer, Ioel Bartels, Robert Peters. 7 - Phillip Osterman, Bernard Feder, Gerald Firmiss, Andrew Mikas. This division can well be proud of itself. lt not only has the highest scholas- tic standing of any shop division, but also, not a single discipline sheet has ever been issued to a member of this section. With a beginning like that, Mr. Balthis can expect to see every alumnus of lO3A to graduate in 1952 with high honors. Boasttul can this division be ot their fine musicians since Leroy Feldgreber MISS FLYNN . . . 105B Row l V -Blanche Bercusek, lune Vesely, Sylvia Sachs, Iacqueline Novak, Pat Riha. Row Z-fflohn Novotny, Arlene Vesely, Yarmella Svoboda, Eleanor Glaser, Carol Psorki. Row 3- Alvin Noftz, Carol Chrastka, Marian Draqisic, Karen Hosek, lim Hausfelcl, ,lames Qdchoon- icky. Row 4-Marvin l-lctfrnan, Elizabeth l-lastik, lordan Cokee, Icseph Bouse, Wilson Moter. Row Row 5 -Iules Lasser, Bernice Berk, lean Schendel, Alice Sterba, Walter Stack. 6- Laddie Peknik, Robert Verr, Beverly Satek, lack Dachman, Le Roy Feldareber. and lack Dachman belong to the band. The orchestra boasts of such members as lacqueline Novak, Arlene Wesely, Alvin Nottz and Armand Belsham. Vocal talent is also quite common here because Carol Psorki, Pat Kicka, Elizabeth l-lastel and Shirley Taibl exercise their voices in the Girls' Chorus. Of athletes there is only one from here that is Iordan Cekee who is on the football team. The honor society also has its share ot 105A because Elizabeth Hastik, Karen Kosek and Advin Mottz belong. Page 57 MISS MORGAN . . . 213B Row l loan Byrne, Charlotte Nagl, Dolores Kurz, lean Bowser, Row 2- Lorraine Mayzis, Anne Hrnciar, Lillian Rehor, Meredithe Sweda, Lavern Kubellca. Row 3- Charles Gosse, Dorothy Koran, Marlene Schmidt, Richard Musil. Rowll Luella l-lolodziejske, Carolyn Rozhon, Pauline Learalccs, ludith Michelson, Ron Src-dl. Row 5 Marlene Schwartz, Audrey Laznicka, lack Zak, Ray Sichrovsky. Row 6 Adeline l-lofrichter, loe Svehla, Wfrlter Chmielo, Marvin Sperlina, RoliAnn Stznriririitirm, Members of 213B are active in varied organizations. Pauline Learokos re- ports all news to the Scrolls-'as well as from G.A.A. representatives. As Clean' Up representative, Marilyn Sweda reminds them to keep the school neat and clean. Several talented members are in the Band and Orchestra. Student Guid- ance members are Audrey Laznicki, Bob Ann Sannerman and loseph Svehla. Arthur Gola and Audrey Laznicki represent them in the School Council. MISS COUGHLIN . . . 215A Row l Eunice liitzenian, Arlene Albrecht, Eleanor Styble, lVl41:ic'irro lirizek. Rcw 2 lean Torch, Dorothy Saliny, Marilyn Siggernifzn, Bessie lirdela. blow 3 Emil Vlfuensch, Ge-rold Goldbaum, Charlotte Novotny, loyce Mesec. Row fi Charles l3ikon'iy, Donald Coulson, Ray Pazerelcas, Dtrnicl Polowski, Alltfii lVir:1liL'. F t1W 5 Norbert Lima, Demo Dainas, Dennis Kodlawic, lack liroll. Rt w 6 Ronald Nemec, Richard Swon, lrving Drobny, Richard Rerke. Under the direction oi Miss Coughlin, division 2l5A is very active and co- operative in school activities. Donald Coulson is the president, and Grace l-lullca is the secretary oi the class. Arlene Albrecht our delegate to the Student Council, Also in our division we are active in the following: having movie operators, and orchestra. Qur division is proud ot having seven on the Honor Roll. Page 58 Pot-.i-, l'tc3borttr MISS POWER . . . 2295 l-Iowl Grove Rcrterke, Pearl Stoinlvero, Viviun Lrvher, Charles Krtrl, ltrqueline Cohen. Huw fi Ruth Wolf, Morris Einbund, Alive D. Power, lohn llurnenilc, Bessie lllI'Ql1l1l. HUW3 Mcrrilyn Edwards, Betty Lou Husu, Roberto Profdnt, Bttrbtrro Sdrhqrn, Ruth Durlcovit, Blanche Miller. How 4 Allen Kovtrrik, Arnold Eoin, Morton Goldsmith. How 5 Edwzrrd Kornorus, Vivtor Cibelli, Raymond ldvobus, Donatld Behlk' Donald Mttniszkcb. Miss Powers "bright, young" students, not hovinq been ot Forroqut long, couldn't voice onythinq but proise tor their new "ploce of business." Peorl Steinberg, Division Reporter, wos especidlly impressed by the friendly rnonner of Forroguts Citizens. MR. RINKER . . . 212A tif w l l.lllltlIt Drzrnlurou, Gr t1t'rt Zendlcwfk, L41 Verne' Mivus, Huw 2 Coristtrrire lfsnieslu, Beverly Turek, Kdthorine Sirirdnek. Vlrpw 3 Front: Mivhfrlok, Glorirr Kinoos, Morthcr Turhlnn. How 4 l..rVorne SlIlJUI, Btrrlirrrrr Cdvtrntruqh, Dorothy Buehvinfq, Bevfrly llftllllll, Lt1Vt rnv bo.'liv1it'l:, How fn B. Stepfrriek, Chcrrlos Bellod, lohn Zitek, Riclldrrl lones, Don Mtrsnj tk. How 6 Mtzrshrrll Moskowitz, Elinor Younq, Don Ccrrdoni. Division 212A hos indeed some celebrities in it. Richord lones ond l-lenry Dorn ore Student Council Representatives. Mdry Lou Murrell won on honoroble mention in the Posture Contest. "Boss" of this triendly roorn is Fronk Michelek, whose job it is to oct os President oi this division. , .7 Pa gc' 59 ggi .. ttlltiftftf tt' MISS Row Row Row Row Row Ro MCNAMARA . . . 3101-X l--Thomas Hines, Floyd Schermer, Richard Strojny, Myrna Robin, Larry Keer, George Skudina, Dawn Hainrihar, Tobey Katz, Gerry Adams. 2- loan Pechous, Gloria Stejr, George Klaisner, Marlene Swanson, lamos Smith. Dolores Zaremba, Ronald Duske, Evelyn Nitzsche, Marilyn Miller, Virginia Vanrura, Ion Babor. 3- 4-Iames Liberacki, Rose Lambert, Pearl Chudzik, Merle Honath, Charlyne Nied. 5- ilbert Stas, Rosemarie Drake, Charlotte Satranek, Arlene Valasek. 6 ert larolim, Andrew Sawchuk, Rochelle Berg, loseph Truhlar, Ronald Hrabe. Our division is represented 1002 in the BAA and the GAA. Larry Keer, bert Stas, Marlene Swanson, Dawn Hainrika, and Evelyn Nitzsche are in the rchestra. Iohn Babor, and Virginia Vancura, in the Band. Marilyn Miller, and Tobey Katz are on the student Guidance Committee. Their unusual hobbies range from wrestling, hunting, hockey, tlyinqf Ding pong, horse-back riding as well as nine of the more common ones. MISS BUSACK . . . 318A Row Row Row Row Row Row Row isa l-Phyllis Mikaitis, C. Sichrovsky, Howard Lang, Mildred Hauser. 2-Shirley Blazina, Sandra Brown, lean Lewis. 3-Helene Forman, Miss Busack, Iames Kosmond, Bob Sobeck, Howard Oser, Leonard Pasco. 4-Marilyn Sovyak, Sandra Gerber, Alvin Hirsch, Marshall Safran, David Einbund, 5k Pat Tresch, Helen Mesik, Bernadette Ziemba, Elaine Novak, Irene Hosek, Sonin Marcus. 6-Delores Goldberg, Helen Deitchman, Anita Silverman, Sandra Goldshall. 7-Carol Lyle, Sandra Tuma, Ann Kotes, Io Ann Kricensky, lack Grossman. The busy little city of division 318A under the supervision ot Miss Busack lively group ot twenty-seven. The fine co-operation and splendid citizenship make it a quiet but homey family, all striving to achieve high goals. Like any other city we have our president and staff, and when out ot line, need help or in trouble, we know where to turn. We treasure the friendliness and sociability evident at all times. Paie 60 MISS CROWELL . . . 323A Row l-Frances Erazmus, Donna Neumann, Iacqueline lose, Phyllis Chaloupka, David Prochaska. Row 2-Dunitz Nelson, Evelyn Marsden, Mitchell Sabat, Eva Nikeuy. Row Sfloseph Tichy, Dorothy Marshall, Alex Patrick, Ralph Surowiec. Row 4--Ruth Tomich, Donna Vandine, Marie Nilles, Ierry Bedell. Row 5-A1ice.Nawiesniak, Florence Dusza, Barbara Chesne, Louise Sinople. Row 6eDennis Thorfeldt, Arlene Daniels, Marion Gorgan. Row GTG 73, -Don Klier, Sherman Levin, Marjorie Furlet, Doris Havlicek. Can you find the musicians, magicians, and a quiz kid in this group? They there in room 323Ae-just watch them during the next four years. The seven members of the honor society are here-Arlene Daniels, Phyllis Chaloupka, Doris Hazucka, Marie Nilles, David Prochaska, Iacqueline lose, and Florence Dusda. Can you find their bright and shining faces? The band members, Dennis Thorfeldt and Iames Reynolds, the girls' chorus members, Donna Rae Neumann and Donna Van Dine, and the orchestra members, Phyllis Chaloupka, Marjorie Furlt, Louis Sinople, and Donna Van Dine look "musical", Division 326A points with pride to its ten members who are Honor Society don't you agree? MISS COX . . . 326A Row l Eric Wesley, Charles Harris, Thomas Janata, Steve Wielgus, Kenneth Kassal. Row 2--Leslie Prizant, Leslie Frailich, Charles Schwartz, Robert Buric, Richard Burns, Frank Kuta. Row 3-- Donald Dragel, lames Kummerow, VVayne Musilek, lune Finley, ,lo Ann Triner, Betty Vrchota. Row 4- 'Shirley Meyerson, Patsy Kalas, Lois Zoufal, Viola Ianosko. Row 5-- Helen Lieberman, Elaine Kruse, Ina Friedman, Dolores La Valle, Ioan Bene. Row 6-V-Libby Davies, Virginia Codack, Arleen Kahn. studentsg twelve who have not been absent or tardy during the first semester: ten who are members of the Orchestra or Band, three who have been elected to the Student Council, and two who are taking part in Student Guidance. This division is also proud of Lois Zoufal, who won first place in the Book Review Contest, and of Bruce Landry, who, at the end of the first semester, had a grade of "S" in every subject. Page 61 David Hollander, Duane Yates, Rosemary Anglet, Maryann Smith. MISS HEIDENBLUTH . . . 402B Row l--Audrey Ewing, Adrienne Birds, Virginia Franic, lerry Kmen, Blanche Zahalka, Edward Kulakowski. Row 2 f-lerry Lausk, Lewis Reven, Ted Kujawa, Mary Rezab, Row 3- Row 4--W -Grace Zuno, Alice Friedman, loan Poverand, Paul Ondracek. Standing Ronald Kamykowski, lean Masek, Louis Wegrzyn, Ioseph Nemec, David Bender, Robert Martinec, Phillip Grisolia, Marshall Levin, Robert Broz, ,Terry Rosenthal, Ioseph Watka, Fred Klonak, Miles Stetlca, lack Sedivy. This division seems to be musically inclined. They boast ot tive Orchestra members and a number ot Chorus members. They are also represented on the Football Team by Fred Klobnakg in the Student Guidance by Phil Grusoliag in the Student Council by Paul Ondracek and Duane Yalts. Three members ot this division are in the Honor Society, one ot whom is vice-president. MISS DUNN . . . 421A Row l Carol Mattel, Kay Ve-ntirniglia, Ioanne Katek, Karen Wc':f'ker, Patsy King. Row 2 Stella Scids, Howard Goldman. Row 3 Maxine Moore, lcla Lifshultz, Vera Dunovsky, Lois Kaplan. Row 4- lames Dvorak, Dolores Pazarslcas, Adrienne Bluver, Patricia Mlller, Row 5 Richard Parma, Frank Bowling, Don Burda, Frank Sterniisha, Row 6 Robert Palaoino, Marvin Stroube, Bob Sramek, Tohn Wallace. Row7 George Musica, Richard Erce, Lawrence Goldberg, Merwin Sigal, Row 8 Iris Pechota, Thelma Shatter, Alberta Siegel. This division seems to have tendencies toward music, fourteen students partalcing in the schools musical organizations. Talent is not limited here, though, as the students are also active in such notable extra-curricular groups as the Honor Roll, the track team and as library helpers. Miss Dunn deserves credit for having a tine class with a bright tuture. A talented girl, Carol Mattel, plays the cello, takes piano lessons, sings solos in church, is on the honor roll and has had perfect attendance. Page 62 MR. Row l Row Z Row Row Row FISHER . . . 422A tformerl Gwen Suckman, Shirley Portugal, Sharon Feldman, Vtfayne Matousek, Harold Esraltrn. Barbara Wiesner, Iohn Kuta, Benita Friedman, Alice Feldman Robert Hirsch, Ronald Baton, Donald Sherpan Edward G l b , - o u , Barbara Pokorny, Dorothy Sinclair, Betty Zupancich. loan Kriz, Lillian Grnner, Paul Bulmash, Ronald Lejack, Alice Bene. lt ambition is any measure ot success th' d' ' ' , is rvrsion is bound for the top, well provided with a sense of humor, intelligence, and industry to reach their goal. Besides eight on the Honor Roll-ffseveral are in the Girls' and Boys' Choruses, Student Guidance and Council, Orchestra, Band and on the track team. Most of the m b ' em ers ot these clubs are taking part in more than one activity as they really want to be a t t tone, Arthur Bereshcim Allen Curin. par o the school. MRS. SYMON . . . 4255 Row l' Marie Vescio, Connie Chavez, Mildred Guleiva, Rita Draplik, Dolores Sroczynski, Row 2- Lorraine Segal, Patsy Beran, Bernice Milcolcljewslci, Sharon Pazul, Laverne Steta. Row 3 -Barbara Forsman, Iean Miller, Eileen Zuckoft, Mary Mack, Robert Hirsch. Row 4 Shirley Svoboda, Iames Fosco. Row 5 Row 6- Row 7 Beverly Quick, Grace Barnes, George Holt. Marvin Worst, Donald S lohn Hansa, Ronald Iackson, George Kodadek, Bill Capouch, Evesf Bouie, Edward Bavotz, Edward Psenicka. Our division though almost forgotten in a corner of the school is not left out on its activities. Most of our 32 members are in some activity. We have three on the honor roll, one in the student council, five in Student Guidance, two in girls' chorus and one in the boys' chorus. The girls have gone out tor the G.A.A. while the boys are lO0'Xv for the B.A.A. The cheer club has two of our members, one which is a tumbler. Mrs. r as lB'sl to determine how many of original will rad g uate. Three have dropped so far, How many will survive to graduation day?? Symon is keeping original seating cha t K Page 63 MISS IORGENSEN . . . 426B Row l Miss lorgensen, Donald Vejvoda, Barbara Bucek, Carole Sinclair, Charlene Vavra. Raw 2' -V M. I. Prock, lda Riley, Myra Motefi, lean Rosen, Marvin Libert, Dorothy lfuka. Row 3- Lorraine Fragale, Gilbert Libert, Marie Zverina, Audrey Talpa, Audrey Sering, Korrrievth Kozel. Row 4 Nancy Baurnrucker, Sherwynn Binstcck, Ierry Lett, Boris Rapport. Row 5-f-V-Lillian laneka, larmila Suda, Allen Teitelman, lerry Kogen. Row 6- lerome Brown, lerry Vinarsky, Ioanne Zavesky. We, the students ot 42613, think ot our division as our school home. ln every Way we try to keep it clean and neat. Co-operation in our division is at its highest level. Our meetings during short division are run on a parliamentary system. Our president calls us to order and the secretary reads the minutes from the day betore. li there is no business to be discussed the meeting is turned over to Miss lorgensen who then reads the bulletins or any noticesg after which the meeting is adjourned and We have the rest ot the time to study. MR. MACH . . . 117A Row l-Emil Fako, Ron Razim, Don lim Rczhon, lsadore Graber, Iames Malek. Row 2-V lim Ludvik, lohn Stachniak, Frank Voseipka, Richard Kalebic. RCW 3-- Arthur D. Manns, Bill Sells, Gerald I-leiser, Robert Butler, Torn Kaufmann. Row 4-Ted laydorski, Bob Rose, Anthony Brodnicki, Henry Brownlcw, George Evans, Leonard Cerny. Row 5-W Eddie Hribar. Mr. Mach's former Division 104-B was made up oi boys from 2B to 4B. Iohn Stachniak Was cn the track teamfewe were all proud ot him tor he was the only one in the division interested in sports. This division lasted for only one semester- A-we were then divided among many rooms. l Page 64 MR. BLOOM . . . 115B Bow l lohn Dudas, lulius Heck, lerry Froida. Bow 2 Bill Walters, lames Boll, William Freck, Florian Kasperski. Bow 3 Mr. Bloom. Row 4 Walter Bock, lerry lurasek, Charles Sasiadek, Orville Brezina, Thorn rs Kuratko. Row 5 Charles Dvorak, Marvin Bogda, Tom Nernec, Alon Obluck. Bow B Sherwin Alop, Doniel Trnoska. The group oi boys in division ll5B spent one very enjoyable semester to- gether. They participated in various school activities, Tom Nernec and Ierry Froida went out tor Football, Chuck Dovark played Basketball and other fel- lows played Baseball. Laddie Bilek was in the Orchestra and lohn Dudas in the Band. Two boys, Orville Brezinal and lulius Heck were on the Honor Boll. The boys also planned and enjoyed a very successful Xrnas Party. We sort oi regret to see this semester end as it means the boys will be separated, each going to new division roorns. MR. WARNER . . . 119B llow l Mr. Wctrricrr, Billiard Farrell, Eugene Gallina, Dennis Crockett, Solomon lclolrnvs, lorry ltcyttcrr. How 2 larnes Vevtrktr, Don Kriz, Sheldon Lipner, Victor Kos, larnes Ster, Bill Kusrnan. How 3 Stephen Kaczrntrr, lrwrn Lowenthol, lack Lzruber, Robert Maenner. HCW4 Ronald l-lilgcr, George ll-rvlivk, loe Riedl, lcseph Tyrner, l-lorry We rnberg. This division ll9B is made up ot boys taking a Tech. Course. Being a shop division we are called upon to do extra work tor other departments in the school, but we are very willing to cooperate. Also various projects were rnade tor a PTA exhibition on April l-4 displayed in the assembly hall. A drill press has iinally been installed in our shop room, Some ol the boys who have some space time are putting up the press. Page 65 an , orc estra and both choruses. These students' MISS MCCLELLAN . . . 222C iFormer Krobl Row Lorraine Siedare, Elaine Kaspar, Rosalie Crarnarosso, Charlene Cohen. Row Helen Schwed, Anna Gorkowski, Marianne Gorkowski, leannette Crisci. Row Lenore Yarmulnick, loseph Krob, Sara Lee Weismari, Ruth Rosenberg. Row Philip Katz, Neil Dorenfeld, lrvin Zalutsky, Ronald Zdrubectky, Dolores Kulns. Row Row Row Row loyce Miller, Lois Witt, Patsy Malek, loan Hasrrian. Francine Halarna, Arlene Wilson, Alfred Wiesmeyor, Howard Olson. Antionette Krapek, Estelle Dunne, loyce Krawitz. lohn Vesely, William Domabyl, Melvin Cohen, Seymour Zelener, Gene Vosivky, Music, in all torms, beckons to Division 222C, as we point with pride to our students represented in the b d h names may also be tound on the Honor Roll ot our division, tor while music is their pleasure, a good education is their aim. This semester four ranking girls oi this division took a test to see whether or not they will quality to try tor a scholarship to attend the University of Chicago. MISS PETERSON . . . 228C Row l Dorothy Blecha, Vilma lose, Ruth Presto, Noreen Mingori. Row2 Lorraine Kam, loan Masek, Karen Epstein, Marion.: Rott. Row 3 loan Novak, Carol Ruback, Barbara Colangolo, Rosemtzry Alexa Row 4 Dolores Becker, Martha Ondrus, Marion Kronek. Row 5' Nanvy Ruscitti, Gloria Fraser, Charmaine Krai. ROWG Letty Lerner, leanne Carlson, Richard Gaiicar, Fraiikliri Studrawxi, Franklin VVtilI. Row 7 Charles Spevak, Don Sponholz, Sheldon Cohen, Art Tyinick, Norman Simon. Cree, whiz, will they ever stop talking and telling jokes? A da n . y ever passes without a giggle from the tront ot the room and a whisper trom the hack But we have our good points, too. Activities and talents are plentitul in 228' W h ' ' ' e ave everything from an ice-skater to a clarinet player. Some oi us should be comedians and give Bob Hope a little competition Could it be we are too modest or too corny. Cur smothered laughter shows signs ot devilish pranks. Yet, when silence reigns something is definitely wrong. The only time we lower our voices is on report-book day. We greet this with low grunts and murnhles. Page 66 MISS CADY . . . 317B How Row Row Row Row Row 6 Like any other division in the Diana 1 Miller, Arlene Lipson, Veronica Murphy, Lillian Malan, Ruth Hanuslca. Shirley Mack, Merrill Zabelka, Virginia Stawarz, Annette Warkel, Mary Vesely. Audrey Wagner, Sheldon Shapiro, lohn Kucera, Richard Verba. Fred Will, Gus Novotny, Leonard Marek, Bob Stavenger, Robert S hwartz. Miss Cady, Barbara Congdon, Anna Accettoro Eta Deutchman Elizabeth iskerka El , , , , aint Hnatek, Constance Sobota, Leotta Burcham, ludy Sidlowslci, Ruth Knobloch, loHanne Malzr- ski, Sam Oleinick. Peter Cothard, Henry Mlekush, loseph Meyerowitz. school we have our music-minded in the Orchestra, Band and Boys' and Girls' Chorus. Then we have the sports minded participating in th thl t' t' ld ' ' e a e ic ie . All our members acting as a team, we find our division a pleasant one, being a d l goo p ace to study, but also to have a good time at a division party. Every third period and short division period our class functions as a family, making things better tor ourselves and others. MISS HOPKINS . . . 321B Flow l Catherine Guzzo, Phyllis Marrese, Mary Eberle. Row2 Barbara Visek, loan Peslculski, Helen Kovalslcy, Nancy Passine. Row 3' Mary Kucera, Ramona Pascual, Evelyn Krejcik, Iohn Koreja. Row 4--Ioyce Dunham, lune Pritsche, Alice Fridrich, Evelyn Kavalir, Ann Frola, Norman Iottrey, Otto Bultas, Paul Zazulak, Phil Denenberg, Stanley Loula, Philip Lazar, George Schric-der. Row 5- lerry Curri, Arnold Horwitz, Ed Little. We use our short division as well as long division for a study period lt was a surprise to all of us how much can be accomplished in that h t u S OI' time by actual study. Now Division 321B works together like one big happy family. We also boast of three members in the Student Council. WV v. W SX, Page 67 m MISS Row l f Row 2-- BONNER . . . 325B Gloria lakovac, Darlene Lahn, Maryann Zamparelli, Betty Burkhardt, Stanley Ulijasz, Barbara Phillips. ludy Eerrini, Henrieta Trzebiatowski, Gladys Straub, Audrey Albrecht, Paul Micus. Row 3-Loretta Skudrna, Hazel Brown, Geraldine Ludinqton, ,lean Butqereit, Arlene Chabus. Row 4---Barbara Trumbetash, Leroy Bendel, Antonet Zamparelli, Yetta Weintraub, Corrine Lewan, Harriet Vaudrin. Row 5- -Mary Trexel, lackie Glaser, Iris Nudelman, Mildred Havlicek, loan Truda. Row 6-- -Edward Steininqer, Carl Bearden, Paul Gross, Eugene Vlasak, Edward Kuliqowski. Our division is like one happy family. Of course, we have our faults which appear every so often but we have our qood points too. We try to co-operate with Miss Bonner and when asked to contribute to funds we try to go over the top. The Student Council of our class sent a box to the T.B. hospital at Christ- mas time. Arlene Chabus and Barbara Phillips are the mad artists of the class, both winning art awards. Eight of the 36 in the room are on the honor roll. MISS POTTER . . . 410C Row l--loan Ruback, Mary lones, Evelyn Witkiewicz, lean Lenoch, Harold Bolotin. Row 2--Shirley Rudman, Rosemary Suchomel, Maryann Hahn, Kenneth Doumel. Row 3--Marie Novotny, Marge Stepina, Bette Toborq, Miss Potter, Dorothy Iaeqer. Row 4---Walter Sobek, Robert Kafka, Peter Hruby, Tony Kral. Row 5- Row 67 lacqueline Boucek, Maxine Schneider, Edward Kohleck, Sam Harris. lohn ledlicka, Charles Cervenka, loseph Cibulka, David Allen. Four ten is the most versatile division boasting of several members in nearly every organization in school. In basketball there are D. Allen, B. Kafka and R. Wolf. ln football, there are A. Kral, M. Broadway. ln orchestra there are S. Harris, R. Hrubyp Band P. Hruloy, I. Cibulka, E. Toborq. In stage crew are I. ledlicka, W. Koleck. Cheerleaders are: M. Hahn, I. Lenoch. ln Girls' Chorus are M. Schneider, S. Pudinan, R. Suchomel, M. Hahn. In Boys' Chorus are K. Doumel. Student Council R. Hruby, and in the Clean-Up committee M. Zeman, M. Stepina. Cross Country are K. Doumel, and L. Schulman. Honor Society? Everyone in 4lUC is a brain. Page 68 MR STEVENSON . . . 419B Row l Lumir Dvorak, loan Mason, Virginia Papucci, Maryann Vanc, Nancy Ierome, Ann Majerczyk Row 2 'Pat Nelson, Marlene Isaacson, Annette Kastrow Row 3 lim Hans, Don Billenstein, Rich Hrubecky, lean Kase, Eva Zahour. Row 4 Eugene Neverovski, Daniel Zid, Frances Fuka, Geraldine Gabriel, Barbara Berger. Row 5 Ronald Moll, Wm. Vacko, Charles Pojrnan, L, Gulczynski. Chavez Gerardo, Robert Holik, Ronald S Row 6 akovic. We know our div o e people in it and the way we run things in a democratic way. We elect officers who take up and discuss with the class all matters concerning the division. All questions are de- cided by a majority vote. ision is interesting just because t th We are th m ers serving on the election board, and as a result ot the election we have three members serving in the Student Council. e only second year division with me b MRS. MUENCH . . . 420B Row l Roberta Kastner, Barbara Rodenak, lulia larosz Gcrdldin K l , r e teas. Row2 Mary Ann Svach, Marlono Caba, Vivian Vanourek, Ioan Malin, Rose Marie Ruhacek. Row 3 Lillian Hlrnka, Paula Baltax, Marion Leska, Lillian Iarzi. Row 4 lorry Gold, Elaine Piskule, Frank Losos, Prank Thomas. Row 5 Berntird Feinstein, William Zerin, Barton Weisbond, Robert Adams. Rowo M 1 1' ' ikr Ptrlowski, Ken Alter, Allan Cohon, What luck! Two girls tor every fellow! Gur honor students are William Zerin, Frank Thomas, Geraldine Kielas, lulia larosz and Lillian l-llinka. Marlene Caba, Iulia larosz, Marianne Hare, Geraldine Kielas and Mary Saenz are members ot the Girls' Chorus Paula Boetax i ' tl B . s in re and and Allan Cohen is on the lunior Basketball team. Page 69 MISS BURSIK . . . 427B Bow l Leonard McCracken, Dorothy Cerrnak. Row 2 Beatrice Dvorak, lanet Videqar, Donald Nowicki. Bow 3 loyoo Sirota, Dolores Booian, Tema Friedman. Bow 4 Helen Barbakow, Cscar Gans. Bow 5 Ieanne Marose, Frances Krahulik, Henry Stejskal. Bow 6 Sherwin Klassman, Norman Hanson, Marvin Chart. Row 7 Thom lsempkovvski, Louis Kacllec. Miss Bursilds division 427B boasts oi six members on the honor roll and a qood number that are musically inclined. Those on the honor roll are Dvorak, Gabriel, Kohout, Lempkowslci, Shimanelc, Sirota. The band claims loyce Sirota and Iohanne Shimanekg the Girls' Chorus, loan Kassel, and Betty Gabriel. Betty Medinah shows the trend ot art definitely "South of the Border" has a Mexican baokqround. MRS. MINNE . . . 429C Carol Paqlia, Ruth Monzel, Dorris Stolsrrart. Bow l Hoxv Q2 Geraldine Sroozynski, Barbara Mellon, Marilyn Novak, Geraldine Kutfis. " ' Albin Meznarich, Norman Sturt, Mrs. Mtnncr, Barbara Scliellerilifra, Timothy Finn, Lkmiinnt Gold. ' Gerald Samuels, Ierry Gubin, Lorraine Gwnvlielc, Dorothy Caritelltz. RCW 4 now 3 How fn larnes Sebela, larries Lechner, Elcianor Nieirncro, Berttye Masft. Brew E3 R. llornik, Robert Werner, Mildred Muryliy. Division 429C are all around loes and loans. They are represented in a aood number in the Band, Orchestra, Choruses, and Student Guidance. They have orqanized into a student body with Iames Sebela a student leadina them as class president, They are the future ot this country. Page 70 ttf f kj f ' , T ,H I MRS. SIEWERS . . . 210D Howl Leo Slezak, Mike Vestino, Andrew Papucvi. Row 2- -Fannie Stevens, loyce Shay, Ronald Molik, Bill Svec, C-:role Kassal, Allen Mim-s. l'iow3 Mrs. Marjorie Siewers, Shirley Fleisleber, Betty Wood, Geraldine Snnt, Gwitildino Pitiztik, Shirley Teska, Dorothy Bicoks, Marvin Schneider. We have here a "bunch of brains' with the great masses on the Honor Roll. Shirley Fleislieber and Emily Martinec are in the Band and Orchestra respectively. This division also claims that cute model in the Fashion Show, Shirley Fleislieber. The girls' chorus has no grudge against 210 tor we keep them well supplied with "voices that satisfy." MILLER . . . 213C I Row Shirley Pogacnik, Naricie Cizek, loe Morarin, Ray Harvzin. Row 2 'Helen Fiala, Dolores Petting, Mr. Miller, Clarice Mideiskt, Mary Ann Ncilsc n. Row 3 Norman Mazanec, Mitchell Tuchten, Sheldon Kogen, Arlene Maztinek, ROW4 Charles Velek, lrving Lielerman, Dolores Bush, Ioyce Shay, Row 5-H lune Klicka, Iune Anthony, Dorothy Kohoiit. Maybe it was because this group was such a lively bunch that it was decided to give Mr. Miller's nerves a chance to recuperate. Anyway the room was split up and sent to 302, 405 and 4l7, during the second semester. There the exiles are sighing for the "Good old days" back in the tall ot 1948 in room 2l3C. Page 71 lu- fViW,,1tf" Ng ,J IVV, N 5 71 H ofgjji J P Y I ,f t M ss CADA . . . 302D K, I Bow l---Howard Prahl, Bernard Harris, Bessie Thomas, Margaret Pfiifner, J ' Row 2--Marilyn Segal, Gerry Bazzle, Anna Ioch. I Row 3- -Rita Soukup, Dolores Singer, Betty Iaffe. Row 4 -loni Lance, Walter Lee. A N 5 Row 5- Earl Gross, Allen Kramer, Leonard Spiwak, Mark Narancich. X l . yy ' J J Division 302D-Many people think of it as just a name and number, but this senior group thinks of itself as a procession. Yes, a procession, of personalities W and characteritics which Works, plays, and studies together with little friction, L 1 ln ,find smooth matching. The Student Guidance members lead the parade, with the band and orchestra following, Next come the GAA girls and varsity ball Q M if N In OJ J fklly Ill? ju All l t rf A 'JJ' A fliyljl if ,Mg fin if . it 7' ff' A Ny MAI players, resplendent in blue and gold uniforms: The clowns dance along and last, but not least, the intelligent, scholarly pupils march somberly by. That isn't the whole of the tale: At the head of it all, strides Miss Cada, the true leader, inspiration, and breadwinner of 302D-eTo some it's just a procession . . , MISS BENSON . . . 303C Bowl--loan Schumacher, Bonnie Hunciley, lrene Kuchan, Loretta Hardt, Mary Foulton, Iudith Placek, Edna Cesal, Audrey Fingl, Marion Plattner, Ray Klimczak, MW 2-f-Ioan Bragiel, Edith Tunick, Ruth Neil, Dagmar Skrdlant, Arlene Perch, Robert Hartman, Sheldon Snett. Row 30 -Betty Vitek, Darlene Dvorak, lune Benak, Shirley Fencl, William Slodki, lulius Stevak. Row 4-V-Patsy Mikaitis, Miss Benson, Irene Podzamsky, Frances Kovacich, Ellouise Womack, Hugo N Havel, M 6 this division brains, there are few: o be exact we have only two, mbers, there are, of the orchestra and band, hich proves in all activities, we have a hand. There is a football hero and a track star, And Scroll members make 303 Way above par. Last but not least there is Miss Benson, one gal, Who is by all means we think a great pal . . . Page 72 MRS. BECK . . . 312C X Row l Millie Ramey, Alice Zoltowski, Mary Ann Porowski, Rose Lerner, Georaiana Trexel, Row 2-Maryanne Smith, Kay Hicks, Louise Peterson, Anna Finqoust. Row 3 Mildred Anderson, Katie Belle Anderson, Ioan Gorisch, Vera Brasic. Row 4---Frances Vileta, Mildred Pokornik, Darlene Pearson, Lorraine Soukup. Standing--Privoznik, Larry Schulman, loe Klaput Ed L Katz Robert P l , orr, Iames Hladnik, Carl Iakovoc, Henry , a uaa, Herb Billenstein, Bob Vashinko, Bill Luth D ' Frank Trnka. er, ave Pierson, Mrs. Beck, An active division is 3l2C, with the students participating in activities such as: the girls' and boys' chorus, the football team, the basketball team, the band, the Scroll, student council and orchestra. Everyone in the division is friendly and willing to cooperate in a plan the majority of the division would like to have done. Any parties that are held by the division are enjoyed by all and turn out to be a qreat success. We all lik ' ' ' want it t h e our division, and we wo o c anae. ulcln't MISS MITCHELL . . . 317C Row l---Lois Lukes Enid Goldst ' , ein, Fern Schalund, Arlene Malek. Row Zffloan Planiqer, Barbara Ewing, Blanche Kirch, loan lezek, Monty Hill, Miss Mitchell, Lorraine Kupka, Lorraine Kozeluh, Bob Meyers, Arlene Strabel, Mildred Schwarz. Row 4--Ralph Halter, Albert Fraqale, Richard Bernard, William Havlin. Bill Yates, Carl Christoff, lames Ruzicka, Bill Knobloch. Row Gflames Ceschke, Richard Slama, Morris Broadway. Division 3l7C broken u ' , p in Ianuary, was an active one under th of Miss Mitchell. Row 3-W Row 5-- e guidance lt boasted ot two members in the Band, four in the Orchestra and seven on the final Honor Roll. The Scroll claimed two editors, Monty Hill, Pa. two editor, and Bob Meyer, Sports Editor. Room officers were Bob Meyers, president: Bill Hockinqs, vice-president: Mildred Schwartz, treasurerg Fern Schalund, secretary. Page 73 MISS DUDA . . . 319C Standing-Miss Duda, Bette Lue Laabs, Dolores Wood, Dorothy Mark. Row 1-Corinne Small, Tina Tose, Arlene Vosejpka, Mildred Schilt, Mary Ann Ienicek. Row 2-Helen Boyd, Betty Mutter, Rochelle Oratowski. Row 3-Lillian Kourim, Judy Vanek, Margaret Brown, Blanche Hustak, Iune Fragale. Row 4fFrank Ruzicka, Dorn Rizzi, Richard Hansen, leannine Townsend. Row 5-Fred Cohan. Row 6fAl Chernick, Richard Frish, Ioe Drapalik, Raymond Gebauer. Blanche Hustak has illustrated her journalistic ability by twice winning the Book Contest. Richard Frish is Make-Up editor of the Scroll. Other talented students might include Ieaninne Townsend, posture winner and Betty Mutter and Helen Boyd are swimming "stars". 319C also boasts ot a large Honor Roll enrollment. MISS WELLS . . . 326C Row l Row 2 Eva Solotky, Violet Rozhon, Beverly Blecha, Doris Hood. Alvina Fanta, Gloria Goldstein, Miss Wells, Shirley Blaha. Row 3 Libby Turek, Mary Anne Levine, Pat Leaney, Darlene Owens Row 4--AVirginia Posta, lean Pfeiffer, Alberta Steinhurst, Sally Kaslo. Row 5 Ioe Dvorak, Ray Fritze, Don Gramza, Calvin Isaacson. Row 6-Russel Svetic, Jerry Yesia, Casimir Adams, Robert Gajewski. In 3A division 326C there are 36 members, those in outside activities are: Band: Donald Pyskacek, Floyd Vlasakp Orchestra: Virginia Posta, Alberta Stein- hurstg Boys' Chorus: Russell Svetic, Ralph Otto. Sports include Basketball: Floyd Vlasakg Football: Ray Fritze. Student Guidance members are: Donald Pyskacek, Ray Fritze, Ioe Dvorak, Floyd Vlasak. Those with Perfect Attendance and also on the Honor Roll are: Robert Gajewski, Virginia Posta, Alberta Steinhurst, Russell Svetic and Libby Turek. Page 74 MISS HOGAN . . . 405D Row l-le-wel Baloun, Dorothy Couch Edith Fam A , ey, udrey Kruzich. Row 2-Richard Krob, Barbara Frolik, Arthur Kahanovich. Row 3YGeorge Krupicka, Iohn Sterba, Francisco Lopez. Row 4-Frank Tumpack, Gorden Cohen, Terry Hayes. Row 5-eThomas Lonk, Don Malik, Larry Grika, Harvey Weiss The girls in this room are exceptionally happy, since they have two boys to every girl, tAnd handsome ones indeed! It The strong and able rule of Miss Hogan reigns supreme over "the young Wildcats" who are beginning their fourth year at Farragut. MRS. BARILEAUX . . . 412C Rowl-Shirley Michael, Serna Goodman, Kozlowski, Mrs. Barileaux, Lois Schumacher, Donna Finkelberg, Florence Skoc. Lorraine Papes, Lillian Sklenicka, Draschner, V. Michaltrk, Mary Lou Kubos. Row 3-Sonia Lawrisuk Arlene Fa k h , y os , Goldie Factor, Verna Kozak, Geary, Gregorowiuz Row 4-Melvin lohnson, Geraldine Smolik, Robert Herhold Clr ' 1 ' P , urence Craggs, Emil RL1C'kklY,.Rt1Y eters. Klicpera, Robert Kanter, lark Amato George Carson, D. Delgade, Edward Schikora, loe Mielke, Ray Sweitzivr. Row 2- V-V Row 5- Row 6-- Division 412C has 36 members, 6 of which are in the orchestra, 1 in the band, 5 in the boys' and girls' choruses, 7 in Student Guidance and Council and 5 on the Scroll As you can . see we have a busy division with someone always participating in some activity We als b . o oast Richard Voldrich who has 112 S's on his course book and never had a G, and who is also a member of the Youth Symphony Orchestra. Durin , one o the divisions which made up a package of toys, games, coloring books, crayons, and candies tor the children's hospital We also donated ou t . r ree which was decorated entirely by ornaments made by our division such as painted pine cones, walnuts and a variety of paper ornaments. Through un as a group but also to work together as a group. g the Christmas season ours was i our activities we learn to have t gy MISS MEEHAN . . . 417D l -Elaine Hess, Vera Setl, loan lanasek, Eleanor Kuliselc. Row Row Z Bill lones, Laverqne Caithaml, Virginia Kulisek. Row 3-V-Richard Hanqren, M. Meehan, Ronald Kalman, Leona Osowski, Laddie Veir. Row 4--lim Hora, Sidney lacobson, Paul Nandico, Emil Spal. Row 5 Iohn Blaha, loseph Blaha, lim Mysicka, Richard Riedl. hall." Now where else would you find "Pick up that please, Clean up the a cleaner division than 417D? Vlfhy are we so adept at cleaning floors, you ' 'l - sc M' Mary ask. Why, because our division teacher, is ine clean up sponsor, iss Meehan. ' ' ' o l We have probably the most ac l l in ludina the captain two baseball players. stars, three basketbal players, c , ' ' 'ce And it there We could even ora is a tire we have 9 tire marshals. tive division in the school with two iootbal anize our own chorus consisting ct ll voices. MRS. PRESSELL . . . 428C Row lfLillian I-lriatek, Carolyn Adccck, Helen Kastus, Ccrcle Heaner. Row 2-Annette Cervenka, Barbara Becker, Ann Woideman. Row3 feve Arlene Hejkal, Elqene Nemec, Mrs. Pressnell, Claudette Cermak, Sara Anderson. Rcw4 ---- Dorothy Pence, Marlene Vrba, loan Novak, Arlene lackson. Row 5-Bruce Horaz, Iames Handlon, Rich Iurkus, Carl Iochens, William Krushina, David Cohen. Row6 -lack Sadounick, Louis Harris, Robert Zimmerman, Ierome Kraft, Iohn Mahony. This division could be called a versatile division as they are well repre- sented in all activities. The musical organizations are represented by 2 band members, 5 orchestra members and 4 in the qirls' chorus. This division being very athletic minded claims members ot the football, track and baseball teams. l 'thout the 6 future writers who work on A division would not be comp ete wi the Scroll. And last but not least is the sponsor, Mrs. Ruth Pressell. Page 76 MR. BALTHIS . . . 103A Htwl Robert Havlavi D'1l Y . ., i e ates, Tommy Battaglia, Paul Kcstdl. How fl Hay Craggs, Pnul Plotkin, Ronald Lains, Charles Rehor, Morris Cohen, Rrw 3 Edward l3elct'irQ k, Martin Kadlerik, lwh ' ' ' li:'w 11 Ed ' ' Q n Michiewic, Fred Schultz. win Stack, Richard Le-Strange. This freshmen division consists ot 26 boys, 6-lA's and 20 lB's. Three ot its members are in the orchestra, and three belong to the band. 'While boasting ct l member as candidate tor the student council and two on the Honor Roll, l2 students ot this division regularly visit Miss Floren period. ce Clark every marking MR. MACH . . . 117A Vt ,',',' l lstarisliital Arnold E. M trt' h, tsittinql Henry Gale, Wlryne y re'irri:i.gli, Geraldine! Alrlzatc, Elaine Maries, lcuxn Cor rrit tk, LII Vornc Kostner. t J Y lfnnvs ljrws t'ci, lorry Strvny Drniol Vltrdir, lohn Slroube, Dawn DN zney, lieatrirc Sdldtit. ..tw3 Sha rczr i Di iriri, Charlottrv lvlzncla, lain Cc-inirik, Louise Visqcuglicsi, lficlba lones. Flaw fl Mxxitmirt Klustik, Hicliuzrd Kispxzak, Glenn Drxipilili, Robert Slxiiftielc, lfrxirigcs liysizk. Hf'A'i1 Lvrioiff ljottcr, Lsrrtxiiir Duisofsky, lack Zztvatsky, Arthur Btifslieizz. llvwb Hwy Butiier, Marilyn M ivlick, Violet Rojzeklc, lvlxldiod G,IllQii!, Soc: :ci iNest. Mach's Marvels which is really division ll7A seems to have a great tuture ccnsidering the many activities that its students participate in. Members of the band, orchestra, and choruses are not uncommon in this division. Cn the other side ot the picture there are hall guards, library helpers and clean-up represen- tatives. lean and loan Cermalc are the twins that have fooled many an individf ual who thought they saw double. And to top it art there is a blues singer, Louise Viscogliosi who entertains Mr. Mach and his clan d l ' uring short division, Page TT -4 MISS SMITH . . . 225A of treshmen who Miss Marian Smiths Division 225A is an average group have rnade a good start in making a place lor themselves in Farragut Society. Three are in the Orchestra and tour are in the Band, and three in Boys' Chorus. Filo Camodera plays in the drum and bugle corps. Sheldon Miller, a Tenor in the Boys' Chorus, is to appear on the Morris B. Sachs amateur hour. Sandra Schopiro is an accomplished pianist out side of school. The honors on the Honor Boll go to only one person, yes a girl, Shirley Ann Karas. lf you ever walk into 225 and think you're seeing double, you're not. lt's twins Leon and Bernard lrgang. Howl Christine Frankowski, Mary Lucerne, Mary lane Sansone, lreno Ziwrnlva, Annette ltolnns. Bow? Bose Arnato, Arlene Czerwirnski, Sandra Shapiro, Marlene Fricdniari, Bow 3 Barbara lean Zika, loan Gorski, Miss Marian Smith. Rowll loan Brown, Carole Miller, Harold Siegel, Arnold Ochakoft. l-low 5 Marilyn Patten, Rochelle Singer, Fay Moskovrtz, Shirley Ann Karas, Sandra Lonawttz. Bow 6 Eugene Harbin, Sheldon Miller, Elmer Young, Russell Kosatka, lay Stattnirn. l-tow 7 -Fay Tallnian, Tilio Carnodeca, Bichard Lornor, Leon hating, Bernard lraanq. Bow 8- Richard Blaha, Ralph Kruzic. MISS BABCOCK . . . 226A Howl Alice Bozhon, Mildred Alter, Eunice Mrnsky, Dorothy Vaudrrn. Bow 2 lulia Di Benedetto, Diane Polston, Sharon Gantrnan, Beatrice Kolar. Bow 3- loyce Beall, lris Dinoft, M. Plotkin, Richard Serra, Harvey Curry. Bow 4' Sandra Bandell, loan Barcel, Audre Tesar, W. Babvoulc, lrene Abrantsin, Cynthia Cushntr. Bowfi- Albert Forman, Charles l-lnetynka, S. Borott, lgrrncs Hoina, Norman Cook, M. Gains-tt. Bowti-V lerorne Sklar, Lawrence Lazar, Bernard Shetsky. Division 226A could be considered as the Musical Marionettes because ot all the musical talent they display. Seventeen students are in the Band, Qrchestra, or Chorus. Twenty eight others are in Community Clubs such as: Boy Scouts, Boys' Club, B.B.B., Marcy Centerp and B.C.B. Twenty one are civic minded serving the school in many capacities. loyce Beall had a piano concert at Curtis Hall where she played the "Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy by Tschaikovsky. ' d' ' 'on is that one-third of them come lrorn An unusual thing about the ivisi the Robert Burns Elementary School. Page 78 MISS MITCHELL . . . 210A Howl Barbara Szeleicwski, Miss Mitchell, Arlene Lislcti, Ptiulti Mdrkez Lciverne Estelle, Mtirilyn Ruzicka, lennio Schulve. Row 2 Normun Prokey, lrwin Friedman, Ethel Goller, Ruth Lupin. Row 3 Dorothy N' ' 'S Y' f M l ' Stdlistoit. Row 4 Ralph L Row 5 lohn Fiicha, ldrnes Svohka, Marion aror How 6 Phillip' Tcixmdn, lrvinq Saltzinan, Nathan Nisson. Row 7 Bold Luther, Dorothy Kennedy, Virginia Flak. Morton Litvtik, Eileen Biedri, Niiniiy lalcowtiv. Ruvhtis, Arlene Neuhdued, Audrey Thomas, Lncrrlts holdin, evin r owler, Ctirol Cormak, Maryann Meiuskti, Bertram Roslcin, l,CI'IJ1I1:1 Vqiles. M i, Kenneth Rokos. How 8 "Five Live Wires" is the term used by Miss Mitchell tor her Division 2lOA. They're a great bunch ot kids tor they represent almost every organization in . . . . , d B , hool There are tour in the Qrchestra and eight in the Band. Girls an oys sc . Choruses are represented with one apiece. Arlene Neubauer, Philip Taxman, lrwin Friedman, Virginia Flalc, Dorothy Ruchar are on the Honor Roll. The room has its share of champions too. West Side lunior Ping-Pond L lc t F nklin Park, with Champ Charles Gilden. Swimming champ Arlene is a o ra three tirsts and a second. Philip Taxman Honor Student and Scroll reporter in this division is to be thanked tor the information in this article. MR. BALE . . . 301A Howl Mr. B-Ile, lorry Brenner, Atrron Elster, loan Nov-ik, lune l'lerricl:. Row 2--Patsy Malek, Rita Gorski, Audrey Brezin. Row 3- - Fay Zirnmernirxn, Eltnne Grant, Carole Tetrev, Virqinid Kormiriek. Row Row 5 Annette Brooderson, Harriet Palmer. 4' Mildred Ovfirdits, Dolores Turk, Roberta Robin, Alvin Platt. Row 6 Seymour Keeshin. Wow! What a division is 3OlAl Thirteen of these freshmen have pertect honor roll, and three are members ot the Student attendance, ten are on the C uncil. This room also holds one Concert Band Member and two gym clerks. o Others are in the beginners band and orchestra. Some are representatives for such organizations as the G.A.A., and Clean-Up. Mr. Bale and his Buzzing Bombs have ct "super delishu time discussing gags ot our time. Page 79 'W VG' '1fS'?774'3f?"-'W' 'f I ' 'fx '1 ' ,r"f'!:argm'W7 V , , T g M L A' . V 1 H - V H ,fi t - zgw- .-4 MIAA lllaryuerite Wawon Sad good-byes were exchanged on February 25, 1949 when Miss Mar- gureite Watson, an English teacher at Farragut for nine years and the log adviser from 1943 to 1948 left to teach English at Chicago Vocational School. There she will also be supervisor of the school paper, "The Trddernasteru. Although Miss Watson has already made many friends, and enjoys her new job very much, she misses Farragut's friendly faculty and the children with whom she liked working. Farragut realizes it has lost a fine faculty member and wishes Miss Watson the best of luck in her newly acquired job. In appreciation of Miss Watson's fine work on the yearbook in the past five years, the Log staff, the students and faculty of Farragut affectionately dedi- cate this 1949 Log. The following quotations express our feelings for Miss Watson: "A lovely lady garmented in light From her own beauty" and "Gentle in manner, strong in performance" , . , Pagel80t .t .4 . i H 3Z7...SigIat Sa ing Zoom CHARLES KATZ IOSEPHINE CORBI MARLENE ROSS MARIE FRONTERA IOVITA CONTRERAS KENNETH TILLIN GEORGE SCI-IUBERT To help students whose eyesight is impaired, Farragut has established a sight saving department so that these pupils may have special help. Seven students under the direction of Miss Eva lulstrom are enrolled in this department. They are: 4A- Kenneth Tillin, Charles Katz, 4BeIosephine Corbi, lA-luanita Contreras, Marie Frontera, William Malecek, Marlene Ross. These pupils come to Room 327 during their study periods and with the aid ot special equipment do their work. Anyone that has passed 327 has probably noticed that the room is painted green. This is done to make the room light, and green is easy on the eyes. The ceiling is painted white and white globes are put over the light bulbs to retlect the light upward and to avoid glare and shadows. Six powerful indirect lighting fixtures provide illumination and the movable desks are placed in the area of maximum light. Some of the equipment that has been provided for the sight savers are specially built typewriters that write tour times as large as regular onesg unglazed yellow paper: and textbooks that are printed in large type to help them read. Only nine schools in Chicago's 46 high schools have a sight saving department. Thirty-tive more gram- mar schools in Chicago have this special department to make up a total of 44 schools in the Chicago area to have classes to help the sight-savers. The United States and its territories have provided 631 such classes, 85 of which are in Illinois. Farragut is proud to be able to help these Students. Room 327 is equipped to hold ten students and while there are only seven here at present, two more are expected shortly. This division has produced some oi the school's outstanding students. Page 81 .L.i. ..Tm , W repariny lllcwicallq or Tomorrow Music is an inspiration for people all over the world, and so it is also at Farragut. There are about 500 young people interested in the musical activities which include the Band, Orchestra, and Choruses. The faculty and stu- dent body, are always confident that the groups will re- ceive top honors at all contests in which they participate. With the inspiration of fine music teachers, and the enthu- siasm and diligence of the members in the groups, what else can result but victory in achieving their goal? Page 82 V A 1 .luwl - --A-H V A--:Annan---aadunrf-A 4-HM - ,S S .g F' , aiu: ,S . , ' XSS 5 QW, ,. .Q , xx 1 From Bottom to Top: Row l Sylvia Trojar, Franklin Sekera, Shirley Daren, loe Ancona. Ftow 2 Melvin Cohen, Rose Prichason, Pat Viloaver, Norman Svetal. Row 3 Pauline Feldman, Ruth Simcelc, Evelyn Hoitman, Mildred Vestal. Row 4 is-an Prokorr, Ethel llusa, Graco Stiblo, luanita Pascual. Row 5 Gloria Derrtr, Wr.rltei Kohlbach, Henry Rauch, Ann Marie Hamm. Row 6 Floyd Pac, Gene Robinson, Shirley France, Phyllis Bequeath. Row 7 Conrad Evwrakts. Clarence l-litzdman, Charmaine Husaok, Russel Lindholm. nation I Honor Society Each semester the seniors wait with bated breath to see who will be elected into the National Honor Society. So that underciass- men may know what is required ot the sen- iors, we print the new rules by which Far- ragut senior division teachers and those in charge oi senior classes and activities make their decisions. l. Each student must have a 3.0 or higher average. 2. Must have a high percentage ot above- average trait ratings Ccourtesy, dependabil- ity, service and leadership? 3. Must have been active in at least one oustanding activity. The lower the student is in rank, the more he needs extra-curricular activities and school service to balance the scholastic average. 4. Must have a statement ot activities, veri- tied by the sponsors ot the activities, to show that he has given quality service to the school. 5. Must have written, up-to-date comments trom a great many teachers, obtained by the National Honor Society Chairman. These comments must be overwhelmingly favor- able. 6. Must have a minimum oi necessary ab- sences and tardinesses. Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row l Row 2 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row l Row 2- Row 3 FRESHMAN HONOR SOCIETY Howard Lana, Roluann Sanneniann, Paul Ondraeek, Charlene Vixvl 1. Audrey Talpa, lasquellne Novak, Howard Asn, lacqueline lose, M II'lOlI9 Srhniiilt. lo Anne Zavesky, Audrey Laznicka, Alice Friedman, Carolyn Rozhf n, Kareri Hosrk, Boris Rapport, Elizabeth Hastik, Lois Zoulal, larrnila Suclii, Alive Ste ilxi, Dorothy lriikii. Alvin Noltz, Arlene Daniels, lean Swhewoel. SOPHOMORE HONOR SOCIETY loan Novak, Carol Rulmwlc, Bette Toborq, Nancy Ruscitti, lean lsenovh, lohn ledlirka Marlo Movotny, Dorothy laoaer, Barbara Schellenlvera. IUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Don Pyskacek, Ann Woidemaii, William Slodki, Fern Schalund. Sonia Lawrisuk, Richard Hanqren, Virginia Pcsta, Paul Nandico. Irene Kuchan, Bob Vashinlco, Betty Mutter, Helen Boyd. Ruth Neil, lim Hora, Sara Anderson, Leona Osowski, Vera Sell. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY Mildred Vostal, Adrian Szelejewski, Elsie Vana, Rose Hroch, Shirley Brenton, Dorothy Garlt, Mary Rohr, Elaine Benes. Carole Podzimelc, Carol Forst, Lillian Drysch, Gloria Derer, Evelyn Hoffman, Kenneth Tillin, Gene Robinson, Bill Kafka. Shirley Daren, Lorraine Fericl, Myra Beniqer, Sylvia Trojar, Ruth Simcek, Vivian Rychlilc. Row 4-V-Charmaine Husack, Rosemary Mureals, Arlene Bartek, Lorraine Cerny, Ethel I-lusa, Ann Row 5- Marie Ramm. Carla Sube, Arlene Zernan. Page 85 Scroll Staff Confer V542 MTEYKUH SCROLL PAGE EDITORS CI-IARMAINE HUSACK poge one BOB MEYERS sports MRS. MUDRA adviser CAROL HONDLIK page four PAULINE PELDMAN managing editor SCROLL REPORTERS: IONI LANCE RITA SOUKUP PAT LEANEY BOB VASHINKO DARLENE OWENS PAT GEARY ARLENE IACKSON RICHARD FRISH ROSEMARY MURGAS ANNIE CHESTER Try to understand. We realize that Scroll reporters and editors h ave many eccentricities. lt's very natural because after all, there is printers' ink coursing th ' ' ' rough our veins. Whats that you ask? lt s not real ink or even blo d f . o , or that matter. That fluid flowing through one's system is pure sweat, with bits of t 'f k ' ' ' ' ypewri er eys, dead stories, and sticky glue giving one energy stamina e , I D D, vim, and vigor to do a good job, and to get each issue of the Scroll to you The rinter' ' k fl p s in ows only when the staff is busy and buzzing, so now you know the secret of our existence . . . And exist we do, for though the Scroll comes out every 2 weeks, the w rk b ' h ' ' ' you get your paper. o egins t e Monday following the Friday on which So if you see a young reporter, chewing on a pencil, sitting in 227 at 8:00 in the mornin ' ' g as you come into the building, and then when you glance into 227 at 3:05 on your way out of the building and see that same reporter te ' s wing and chewing on a pencil don't laugh, he might be working on the same story f th ' ' ' or e tenth time . . . And that s not as funny as 1t sounds. Page 86 f el-qbvdq Work The stoii thdt tgkes core of the iincrnces of the Scroll is mode up oi special Commercicrl Students. These students work diligently ond occurotely --collect- ing Student Activity Fee, selling Advertising, Writing ond setting-up the crdver- tising in order thot the Scroll budget will bglonce eoch semester. All in dll they gre g very busy group trcrined to tdlce over ony clericgl duties in on emergency. They ore efficiently led by Elsie Vgnd gs Generol Mondger, Rosemary Murggs os Assistgnt Giiice Mdnoger, Blcrnche Berousek ond Pguline Leorokos os Corshiers. BUSINESS STAFF MISS MILDRED LINSKEY, Business Adviser ELSIE VANA, General Mdriogerg SHIRLEE CAMPBELL, Advertising Mcirioger FEATURE WRITERS EVELYN TUREK, MONTY HlLL, RAY SCHVVAB, BOB MASEK, AUDREY LOREK. li ' Eiziw it Page 87 The log . 5 . I .K .am Fgifi- 2112 F w Miss Marguerite Watson supervising Dorothy Brook and Ann Marie Woide- mann as they type and check Log copy. Rose Hroch, Gloria Fraser and Shirley Brenton take care of the many small details that cannot be overlooked in preparing the Annual. Hollis Chester and Robert Kanter concentrate on the tedious, but fascinating iob ot counting money. Surrounded by dummy sheets, Rose fits captions and copy to pictures and layouts. Ioyce Sirota looks among the Annuals and pauses in her search to admire the '48 Log. Hollis Chester selling an ad to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony, who have the school store across from Farragut. MORE MONEY . . . this time it's Iune Kolinger taking a down payment on the Logs from Fern Schalund. Page S8 "Preparing youth for tomorrow," is the theme of this, our fifteenth Farragut L 1 ' ' og, se ected by Miss Marguerite Watson and her staff last fall. Before leaving Miss Watson and her staff put in many hours of hard Work, taking pictures of the seni d' ' ' ' of the senior write-ups. ors, ivisions, clubs and sports, and the typing up When Miss Watson, sponsor of the Log from 1943 to 1948 left Farragut at the end of this February, Mrs. Marie 1-1. Mudra resumed the jlob as adviser which she had from 1935 to 1943. W Was able to finish this semester Where Miss Watson left off. Finishing copy for pages, soliciting all the ads, reading copy, taking last minute pictures sellin , Q bows and various colored beanies to make money to help defray expenses of the Log, were just a few of the numerous tasks they performed to get the book out before graduation. ith the help of the Scroll Staff and the Iournalism classes, the Log staff As a final accomplishment this semester the Staff checked with Log re D- resentatives to boost sales and collect money from the divisions to have the divisions all paid up before the yearbook comes out. VIOLINS-Edna Cesal, Georgirrna Losos, Antonette Novotrry, Mary lane Graber, Dorothy Garlt, Larry Grika, Rose llrct k, Blanche Kirsch, lrene Kuchan, Boris Rapport, Lois Schurnocher, Leo Slezak, Bessie Thomas, Rick Voldrich, Frtrnk Wall, Rose Anqlet, Claudette Cerrnak, Arlene Chabus, lune Fraoale, Delores Goldberg, Dorothy Fuka, Frances Krahnlik, Blanche Miller, Diana Miller, lackie Novak, Darlene Pearson, Barb. Phillips, Marion Plattner, Marlene Schmitt, Lrzrrarne Siodare, Peter Sharma, Norman Symon, Mary A. Srrrith, Audrey Talpa, Mary Trexel, Oravrr Tronrk, loo Tyrner, Arlene Vesoly, Mary Vesely, Merrill Zahelka, Pat Nelson. VIOLAS-Mary Baixrirircker, Pat Tomsisk, Shirley France, Phyllis Bequeith, Nelson Dnity, Delores Dvorak, Alice Fried- rn.rn Lrllrr , Lorraine Hernialrk, Lillian laneska, lean Kose, Howard Lanoe, Alvin Nolty, Harriet Pavlus, Vera Plcrsko, rn Relroi, Andrey Shance, Katherine Svetic, Herb Weismeyer, Duane Yates, Eva Zahovi. CELLOS-Chrrrrnaine llnsack, Beatrice Dvorak, Arlene Faykosh, Bonnie lrlundley, loan lezek, Roberta Kastner, Lorraine Krizf illifli, Andrey Laznrcka, Arlene Malek, Florence Skoc, Loretta Skndrna, Allwerta Steinhurst, lo Anne Zavesky. BASSESfMyrt: Bc-nioor, Lacldie Bilek, Dorothy l-lolik, Sam l-larris, Frances Kovtrcrck, Sonia Lawrisik, Ftosernary Mor- l..rn t, Evelyn Nitzsuhe, Virginia Posta, lean Rosen, Frank Stoinisha. Page 90 FLUTES-Daqrnar Skrdlant, Sylvia Trojar, Shirley Fencl. CLARINETS-Don Pyskacek, Virainia Vrba, Loretta Morril. OBOES-Georqe Krajcavic, Fern Schalund. BASSOONS-Shirley Fleislher, Dorothy Marek. TRUMPETS-Peter Hrulvey, Gorclon Cohen, Ed Vakurka, Ed Clralrnors. TROMBONE-Neal Ondracek, Dolores Ne mer-, Al Banen. HORNS-Paul Ortdraccrk, Donna Horne Patsy Molik. SAX-Ruth E. lanaske, Betty Rose lohnson, Franklin Sekera, Ella Mae Selak. TUBA-Harriet Vaudran. DRUMS 6 TYMPANI-George lanosko, Sam Kessler, Robert Frerner. Concert rclneA tra The above group is the Concert Orchestra consisting of 150 mem- bers while the complete Orchestra, including beginners, numbers around 300. Thirty-tive members participated in Solo and Ensemble Contests. This year the Orchestra received its thirteenth straight "S" rating in the city wide contest. During the Christmas holidays, Mr. Sylvan Ward gave his last program here entitled Christmas Fantasia. On Ianuary 28th, among much weeping and wailing by the orchestra members, Mr. Ward was promoted to teach in the Music Department of the Chicago Teachers' College. Replacing him is Mr. Walter I. Friedman, who studied at the North- western University and the New England Conservatory ot Music at Boston. He received a Bachelors Degree in music at the illinois Wes- leyan University and a Masters Degree for the violin. The orchestra members have given their whole-hearted cooperation to Mr. Friedman as they had promised Mr. Ward. After seeing Mr. Ward at Farragut for l2 years, present and iorrner students can't believe the school will be the same without his comical programs that did so much to draw the school together. Page 91 Ql'C'lwuA t t 1 l l I 5 Q it GROUP 1 Row-l-Shirley Taibl, Lucille Kujawa, Bette Mudra, Ruth Rosenberg, Karen Epstein, Ioyce Dunham, Marion Edelrnan, Ioan Ouska, Shirley Pogacnik, Dolores Vesely, Lorraine Cerny, Dorothy Caster, loan Sunich. Row 2ASylvia Lukes, lune Zelenit, Donna VanDine, loan Kassel, Carol Mottel, loan Malaske, Phyllis Marrese, Ioan Laicha, Lois Witt, S. Rudman, Anna Gorkowski, Enid Goldstein, Dolores Krch. Row 3-Geraldine Kedar, Vivian Rvchlik, Gloria Derer, Iune Koma, lean Masek, Vera Hovorka, Maryanne Halama, Dorothy Pence, Ruth Hanuska, Betty Gabriel, Audrey Serin, Grace Stiblo, Georgiana Knez. Row 4-Ruth Serncek, Irene Hosek, Marilyn Edwards, H. Suchomel, Ioyce Matcha, Betty Springer, Constance Kuncl, Helen Bradac, Elaine Benes, Blanche Miller, loyce Krawitz, Margaret Stepina, Arlene Wilson. GROUP 2 Row le-Mary Ann Hunt, Mildred Hladik, Arlene Hoffman, Charlotte Minarik, Marieann Gorkowski, I Barbara Colangelo, Charlene Prindiville, Carol Psorki, Annette Cenvenka, Elaine Kasper. Row 2-C. Moskal, Mildred Vostal, loan Fruhauff, Marian Hoss, Io Ann Triner, R. Alexa, Ruth Knob- loch, Carol Poglia, Lorraine M., Phyllis Mikaitis, Val Castro, Maryann Hare, C. Adcock, L. Yarmulnick. Row 3-loan Suchan, Maryann Hahn, lean Pfeiffer, Gerry Psenicka, Margie Rott, Mary Iones, Marlene Dvorak, Barbara Grzala, Rosemarie Pearcy, Hillam, lune Zeman, Frances Bavetz, Corryne Paris. Row 4-lane Novotny, Elaine Dvorak, Dolores Pazarskas, Geraldine Kmen, Barbara Becker, Caba, loan Brichta, Bettylou Huss, lulia Iarosz, lackie Glaser, Iosephine Benes, Carolyn Kostka, Audrey Gabbert, Mary Ann Sovyka. One hundred and fifteen beautiful girls display their talents by harmoniz- ing in Mrs. Marie Muench's Girls' Chorus. The Spring and Fall festivals would not be successful Without these lovely ladies singing. Besides the festivals they participate in Freshie assemblies, contests and programs for the P.T.A. Some of the special appearances they made in 1948-49 were as follows-Singing for the Superintendents monthly meeting of the Principa1's Club at Kimball Hall, Dec. ll, a program for the Farragut P.T.A. and on March l2 twelve girls' sang at the Morgan Park Baptist Church. Their most recent activity was to present a program on March 28 for the High School District 23 Illinois Congress of Parents and Teachers association. Page 92 We Zi t 0111- Uoicelt in Song Mixed Chorus? Nope! Guess Again! It's Mr. Ward's beginning music classes singing the words to "Ii I Loved You and "Iune is Busting Out All Over". Am I Dreaming? Can it be True? No! Yes! Its our Girls' Chorus displaying both beauty and talent. That's the Girls' Chorus again getting ready for the first performance. Page 93 We Celebrate C'lariA tmaA 1943 Around the Christmas Tree we're singing. Art Students make omaments and decorate the tree. Girls' Chorus goes Caroling thru the Halls. Page 94 0111- ?uture 141-tiA tA The month is December, place-Miss Potters art room and the activity is the making of transparencies to decorate the windows on the second floor rooms and halls facing the street. These transparencies were made on cellu- loid and transparent lacquer. "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth," Sings Mr. Ward at Or- chestra Christmas concert. Halloween masks being made to decorate the halls for the brown and gold season. Masks were later sent to Great Lakes Naval Hospital to amuse Vets. Poster making. a iob often given to the art students, requires much talent. Ioan Gorski demonstrates for Ioe Morgan. ' Ioe Morgan, Bibiana Dudas and Shirley Teska paint murals depicting sites of Amenca. These were given to the library, YMCA and stores in the community later. Page 95 'four are 14lwaqA Popular Even going to see Hamlet was greeted enthusiastically considering there was no more school tor the day. Here are some of the intellectuals en route. At Olivier's most tragic moments a few ot these "intellectuals" were seized with laughter. Qne of Americas largest home appliance factories, the Hotpoint Range Plant Was visited by 70 oi Farraguts students in November. Their interest was held by such processes as the unloading ot raw materials, production of heating plates, and assembling of a stove. Free milk and doughnuts, compliments of Hot Point, topped ott this day. Mr. Rinker and Mr. Miller acted as chaperones. Page 96 li ing in af bemvcrac To aid us in choosing wisely which college we wish to attend in the iuture. Representatives from diiterent colleges mostly in the Chicago area come every semester and give talks on the advantages ot their institution. Here is Principal Wilson greet- ing some oi these delegates. Each student signed up for five colleges and went to the designated location Where the representative ot that college was. Here is such a meeting with the dean ot women irorn the University ot Illinois. The group that sponsors this day is the Student Guidance under the supervision oi Miss Florence E. Clark. The whole group in the accompanying photograph with Mr. 'Wilson are discussing the plans tor College day. Another democratic proced- ure is illustrated in the accom- panying photograph. The Stu- dent Council representatives of each division are reporting their votes for the ratification of the constitution. The results proved to be in tavor of the constitution by a ratio ot 3 to l. Page 97 NJ' "N-.. i 4 STUDENT GUIDANCE Row l- Charmaine Kral, Shirley Daren, Fanny Stevens, Miss Clark, RobAnn Sannemann, Karen Epstein, Marion Kren- ek, Gloria Fraser, Lorraine Fragale, luanita Pascual, Laddie Bilek, Frank Losos. Rcw 2--'Pauline Feldman, Barbara Bain, Kenneth Tillin, Gloria Derer, Georgiana Knez, Shirlee Campbell, Sylvia Trojar, Georgiana Losos. Row 3- -loe Svehla, Ronald Beton, Myra Beniger, Lorraine Fencl, Elsie Vana, Audrey Schauer, Rita Soukup, Ella Mae Selak, Carole Podzimek. Row 4--Tom Lonlc, Lloyd Liberman, Ann Marie Ramm, loyce Krawitz, Mildred Koudelka, Dorothy Kohout, Dorothy Brook, lune Klicka, loanne I-Iillam, Audrey Laznicka, Ioyce Sirota. SENIOR CABINET Row l- 'Elaine Benes, Ann Babinec, Rose Hroch, Lorraine Fister, Evelyn Hoffman, Lorraine Cerny, Charmaine Husack. Row 2--Carole Hondlik, Gloria Derer, Bernardine laros, Miss Geer, Iuanita Pascual, lohn lvicek, Grace Stiblo, Pauline Feldman, Edward Majerczyk, Richard LaRue, loanne Hillam, Ethel Husa, Elsie Vana, Lorraine Fencl, Ann Marie Ramm. Row3 loe Ancona, Charles Karasek, Hollis Chester, Gene Robinson, Clyde Stary, Richard Docekal, Neil Ondracek, William Kohlbach, Elmer Melichar, Norman Svetal Walter Zarth, Edward Vokurka, Richard laros, Art Krivsky, Walter Farrell, Edward Winters, Ronald Lapinski, Myra Beniger, Mary Rohr. STUDENT GUIDANCE The hundred or more members of the Student Guidance Committee have developed a well- crganizcd program, which orients the incoming students from all the neighboring elementary schools to the school lite at Farragut. This year they have sought to serve also in other ways: by initiating a project to send care packages to teen-agers in three countries in Europe and by promoting, with the Student Council, a program of better human relations at Farragut itself. THE SENIOR CABINET Each semester ten 3A boys and ten 3A girls are selected by their classmates and the faculty to serve during their senior year as members of the Senior Cabinet. These students pledge themselves to be honest, dependable, and constructively cooperative in working for the good of the school. Their principal responsibility is the Social Room and they serve as hosts tor all of the Freshmen parties. Cabinet members are often called upon for "special assign- ments" and therefore they must express a large amount of dependability. The Cabinet is un- der the supervision of Miss Genevra D. Geer. Page 98 1 Iune '48 Play I E en r d A LAUGH IN THE DARK 9 Hillbilly Band lerry. Herb, Ted, Neil, Virginia and Mary The Entire Cast Who Could This Be? My, Such Mink! February '49 Play TERRIBLE TEMPERED TED Richard LaRue, lean Prokop. Love Scene The cast: Ann Marie Ramm, Swedish Maid: Arlene Haller. Ted's Girl: Richard LaRue, Sweetheart of Carol: Helen Leibovich, Mother: lean Prokop. Carol. Ted's Sister: Mary Icme Garber. Wash woman: Gene Robinson. Walter Farrell, Ted's Boy Friends: Ed Vinarsky, TERRIBLE TEMPERED TED. Page 99 iv wwf :W if wif pfffff gg Preparing 'lfoutla Plupicallq Q . tw. M454 ,.. 1' . 1- . .nu . Aside from the dismal drudgery of every day school studies, We have our sports. The tenseness of a close base- ball game, thrills of a tie basketball contest, the hard fight- ing in an evenly matched football struggle and the speed of the swimming and track meets combined together to ease every day problems. Whether on top or on the bottom there is always a certain respect for the members of the various teams who contribute their time and service to the school. Good par- ticipation and good coaching give a superior satisfaction when subduing a foe or being beaten in a good try. Q Aiding the teams is naturally the school spirit which gives the players confidence and fight. High School sports contribute greatly in the moulding of the character of the students. Besides developing physically the players learn to work together as a team facing problems together, strong and capably. Page IPO Q ff 1 Wag si-1 1 3 i, ii .A ,A K Q Y X ,A wx 1 , L+ 5+ X xv 4 5 X, xx W wma, L. , . .ww sw ,.,. if .Z ,.., . . ..,. E ,. . . " " 'f5:E:'E:'Tf:.'i'.gg::f.f5..., "" BJ, ggmw V53-wg N, lf' HSN' Nw.: Wk ,ffwixy CZW W ?arra at 14 We tba!! Team Starting Line: Iohn Cirko, Right End: Melvin Cohen. Right Tackle: Carl Iakovec, Right Guard: lack Marshall, Center: Bob Kovalsky, Left Guard: Lou Gawron, Left Tackle: Clarence Caba, Left End. Coach Bruschi with Co-Captains Lou Gawron and Tommy Randolph. Starting Backiield: RH, Bill Iones: FB. Dick Smith: LH, Tom Randolph: QB, Ray Harazin: Linemen: Iakovec, Marshall, Kovalsky. Page 102 ydffdgllf fd riddem, 'n' at bm Chosen tor Honorable Mention in the Second String Section Was Lou Gawron, tackle. Honorable Mention in the Central Section Went to Bob Koval- sky, guard, and Roland Milburn, end. Coach Bruschi is still in a hospital with stomach trouble we all hope he returns in time tor April practice. GAGE PARK GAME Making a 73 Yard Touch- down run against Gage Park Gage Park Man Run Out of Bounds on One Foot Line F, Knoblock Throwing a Pass to Cirko Tommy Randolph-passing Emil Spal-kicking Iohn Cirko-running with ball Ray Harazin-scoring touch- d.own Page 103 ydffdgllf Z Ea leet6all eanw SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Row l-Barich, Cerda, Hora, Coach Boand, Winters, Machos, Richmond. Row 2eLutherm, Dvorak, Blaha, Gold, Weber, Kafka. Row 3--Poeny, Docekal, Starey. IUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Row l-Miller, Stoller, Ancona, Coach Boand, Tuchten, Harris, Vlasek, Starey. Row 2---Tuchman, Isaacson, Gold, Golds- weig, Matazuski, Kriskey, Horwitz, Morgan, Cohen, Vestino. SENIOR BASKETBALL Looking impressive in their practice games, even though handicapped by lack of height, the Farragut Senior Quintet ended up with a fine record of seven wins against four losses. Starting off their league season with a 45-39 victory over Lindblom, last season's runner-up to Farragut, the Central Section Cham- pions looked like they might repeat. High scorers in the Admirals attack were Co-Captains Iim Hora, Otto Vesely, and Phil Gold. However, mid-year graduations took away both Vesely and Gold, in addition to Ed Winters and Ierry Barich, which left only Hora and Docekal of the starting five to carry on. Farragut fans had high hopes though, because of the capable reserves like Sonny Marcus, Ronald Richmond, and Iohn Blaha who filled the vacancies left by graduation. They proved to be good enough to gain a playoff berth but lost their first playoff game to Calumet Hi by a score of 53-36. IUNIOR BASKETBALL With a surprising wind up of five victories and five losses, in practice games: the Iunior Admirals, who weren't too impressive in some games, later concentrated on their league opener, Lindblom. Highly rated Lindblom, central section champs of '48 went down in de- feat to Farragut 39-36 in a terrific game. The following week, Farragut lost to Tilden, 49-31. Even with the loss of Iack Cooper, thru graduation, co-captains Edwin Stoller and Bernard Harris aided by Iordon Miller, loe Ancona, Mickey Tuchten, Dave Allen, and others the Iuniors produced a winning ball team. Page 104 uniof-A and eniom Kawlzetball Nation Rebounding Irs. Harris. Miller, and Allen Pass-oi-I-Play Cerda, Marcus, and Richmond Captain of Seniors-lim Hora Iarnes Hora. captain of Seniors: Ed Stoller. co-captain of Iuniors: Bernie Harris, co-captain of Iuniors: and Coach Al Boand Lay-up for two points. Ed Stoller shooting, Ancona guarding Seniors Banick dribbling and Weber guarding lump ball, Iuniors Harris and Stoller Driving In, Tuchten dribbling and Cooper guarding Page 105 Row 1-Hora, Pikal, Krahulec, Kielbasa, Bieber. Row 2-Burrows, lochens, Anderson, Kraft, l-lrdina, Kucha, Cohen. Row 3-f-'Coach Boand, Smith, Oesar, Homolka, Bertino, Krivsky, Slaber, Krushing. HITTING A LONG ONE - Icchens. Catcher: Kielbascx. Batting. FIELDING A BUNT - Bieber. ?arra at 14 Ka eball Team The high spot in the '48 baseball season was the first game of the season when Farragut played Lindblom at Douglas Park. At the end of the fifth inning the Admirals were leading 5-3. ln the sixth and seventh innings Lindblorn scored a run so that in the last of the seventh the score was tied, five all. With bases loaded and two outs, lim Hrdina stepped up to the plate. lt was a tight spot with the count 2 and 2 on him, but he came through with a hard hit single to center field to drive in the winning run for Farragut. Needless to say, Iim was the man of the hour. Page 106 KaAe6all . . . Robert Pikcll on one end ot a double play Carl Iochens catching a foul I-Irdincx stretching for an out on Dick Smith Coach Bound Says- "The team this year will be good, if they practice, for they lack experience. The pitcher, Alex Gordey, a 4B, who played last year as a substitute, is a good pros- pect for l949." Here is good news! Ioe Ancona, Ed Stoller, Iordan Miller, and Mickey Tuchten of the Iuriior Basket- ball team will be members of the '49 baseball squad. Watch the papers for the scores! Page 107 55" YV ,155-.'-itf Track Team . . . Co-captains: Robert Arnesti. Iames Handlon Richard Gancar, Sophomore Flash The Track Team: Left to Righty lst row-Kenneth Doumel, Iohn Mahoney. Chester Hollis, Iohn Stcfchnicxk. 2nd row-Larry Schulman, Ed Golub, Richard Gcrnccr. 3rd row-Robert Amesti, Iames Handlon. Waiting for the big race The start oi a two miie run Page 108 loaleliert of ?dI'I'd at 51:01:14 Close up ot the bathing beauties Demonstration of artificial respiration Girls demonstrate cross-chest hold used so frequently in lite saving Skimming through the water doing "tandem back stroke" Breast stroke gets girls where they're going fast! Bang! and they're off on a racing dive Clubs shows ability as members complete a water star ballet Page 109 lame ou 9 .. 5154 '5 5r':EfEi52v'3f',:i' Row 5- OFFICERS loni Lance Treasure A , rg nn Marie Woid ' ' eman, Vice-President, Lor raine Cerny, President: Dolores Pechousek, Secretary and Elaine Benes, Corresponding Secretary. SCENE YURS! Row le-Kressel, Nelson, Doyle, Liss, Heck, Velebril, Husa. Row Z-wThiery, Podzimek, Stanek, Fencl, Hunt, Dudac, Koupeny, Simcek, Vychlik. Row 3-blusko, Vrla, Kain, Szele- jewski, Davis, Ramm. Row 4-Capar, Losos, Brenton, Feldman, Chester, Bartek, Hoff man, Hovorka, Haller, Sunich, Novotney, Raiman, Cerny. Vostal, Tomsovic, Pech- ousek, Presto, Forst, Saticiklas, Derer, Sube, Hroch, Trojar, Plesko, Christensen, Prokop, P' k 1S ule, Horak, Vesely. Row 6YCampbell, Halik, Schauer Schultz, Spevak, Kulich, Flax man, Slak Husack Ko tk . . S G. Gabbert, Garlt, Iohnson, Vrba, Benes, Richter, Diedzic, Male- cek, Beniqer. IUNE YURSI Row leleless, Boyd, Tose, Lerner, Kozeluh. Row 2--Caithaml, Plattner, Couch, B l aoun, Small, Ouska. ROWS-Planiqer, Podzclmsky, Foltan, Placek, Sell, Fencl, Benes. Row 4-Becker, Ianasek, Skrd- lant, Mikaitis, Tunick, Kastus. Row 5-V-Soukup, Wood, Schiff, Pence, Ioni, Annie, Adcock Koudelka, Cervenka, Elqienel Nemec, Griffith, Turek, Lukes, Brook, Mutter, Benak. Page 110 I Ntluletic 14ma vm! SOP MORES Raw l Rnsenlierq, Sipla, Lenocli, Cuen- wliek, Hahn, Miller. How2 Minqori, Presto, Masek, Kain, Becker, Ondrus, Epstein, Hasman, Clialuus. Row 3 Fraser, Calia, Colanaelo, Alexa, Blecha, Kaspar, Vauolvrin, Laurienie, Krejcik. How4 Rudman, Mellon, Novak, Ru' back, Cernak, Kubis, Lipson, lanc. Row 5 Monzel, Friedman, Bouchok, Maf lan, Murphy. Howil Mach, Doutchrnan, Ceimak, Burkliardt, Zalielka, Zomparelli, Zannfarr-lli. Haw'! Katz, Zeman, Krawitz, Siraub, Dvorak, Balluara, FIllSl'lSlFP, VVCIQIIPT, Avceturo, Passlni, Plskulo. FRESH MEN Haw l Schmidt, Talpa. Row 2 Hauser, Leoracos, Mikaitis, Riha, llosok, Psorki, Lasky, Michelson, Sachs, l'?aurnruckor. Howli l7'orman, Vesely, Sanneniann, Rozhon, Bowser, Kurz, HOW4 Neil, llrnciar, Kolodziejski, Tuma, Fuka, Vavra, Zavesky, Relior. Row 5 Doran, Moyzis, Zverina, Serinq, Mesik, lanuska, Blazina. How6 Masek, Naql, Boucek, Prock, Hosek, Laznicka, Novak, Glaser. FRESH WOMEN Hc w l Suuhan, Kina, Ruiteiko, Stein luera, Feldman, Portugal, Wacker, Po aul, Van Dino, Urollola, Trerer, Myer-- son, Lukes. Raw2 Murrell, Iacobs, Sucfhner, Lich ner, Chavez, Dropalik, Mottell, Venti- rniqlia, Vescio, Katz, Zuckoff, Lip- schultz, Furlet, Sinople, Honrath, Row3 Edwards, Friedman, Katz Davies, Duza, Moscow, Segal, Rose mario Grace. Row 4 Kpam, Betty, Venom, Shirley loss, Zaufol, Nowiezok, Ioan, Connie Beverly, Marilyn, loycto. Howb Daniels, Betty Padjarskas Moore, Levitsky, Newbowor, Manaras Mack, Sterba, Vancara, Proline. Row6 Dolores, Blouver, Cohen, Nied Treflick, Kotek, Scious, Dunovsky, Kriz, Ginner, Wolf, Benes, Levitsky Bilek, Uva, Ioyce. Row 7 Quick, Sinclair, Guleica, Wolfie witz, Pope, Wiesner, Hitzner, Dvorak, Newman, Svoboda, Ruth, Terch Elaine. Page 111 Y uw tandin S g eniv FA... e6ruary, 1949 Cl-IARMAINE HUSACK GENE ROBINSON ETHEL HUSA Valedictorian Master of Ceremonies at Graduation Salutatorian American Leqion Medal ANN MARIE RAMM FLOYD PAC EVELYN HOFFMAN Basketball Ouecn Renssalaer Faculty Speaker PAULINE FELDMAN IOHN IVICEH RUTH SIMCEK Scroll Editor President Accompanist American Leqion Medal Page 112 uwtanding Seniom . . . une, 1949 FRANKLIN SEKERA SHIRLEY DAREN Valedictorian President oi Student Guidance Union League Medal IOE ANCONA SYLVIA TROIAR President of his Class Salutatorian Chosen rnost outstanding student of class Chosen one oi ten outstanding students RCSE HROCH RICHARD DOCEKAL D.A.R. Medal Vice-President Secretary of her Class Basketball Honorable Mention in Section CAROL HONDLIK IORDAN MILLER Editor of the Scroll Most valuable Basketball Player Chosen one oi ten outstanding students Page 113 010' lllatrvrw MRS. TUITE On November 28, 1948, Farragut lost Mrs. Mabel Tuite, the kind, gentle Woman, who had acted as matron for seven years. Students and faculty alike expres- sed deep sympathy upon hearing of Mrs. Tuite's death. She had left school for the Thanksgiving holidays, apparently in good health. lt was a great shock to hear upon returning Monday, that Mrs. Tuite had passed away. During her seven years at Farra- gut, Mrs. Tuite had administered first aid, and had helped in any emergen- cies, regarding teacher or student. The cause of death was a diabetic coma, from which she never regained consciousness. MRS. BURKE To replace Mrs. Mabel Tuite came Mrs. Ann Burke. She was orig- inally from Chicago Vocational and then substituted at Gage Park before coming to Farragut. Mrs. Burke is a graduate nurse and her duty is to aid the ill and help the injured as she is shown doing above. ln the other picture the students are looking over the lost articles to see if they own anything before these are auctioned off. Page 114 SOLAR'S MUSIC HOUSE The Home of Fine Musical Instruments Appliances and Furniture 3215 W. 26111 ST. PHONE Blshop 7-6690 JOHN SINDLER Furniture and Stoves 3226 W. 26th ST. Bishop 7-6505 FRANK NOVOTNY FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings SIMPSON'S FLOWER SHOP 3656 Ogden Avenue LAwndale 1-3201 3835-37 W. 26th St. ROckwell 2-9036 Grace Le Mar, Manager Compliments of EVERYTHING IN FARRAGUT SUPPLIES KAPSON'S Good Clothes QI FINE FURS KOLAR'S For Men and Women Hy Pepper, Mgr. 3251-53 W. 26th Street 3147 W. Cermak Road Convenient location in the shopping district close by THE CALIFORNIA LAUNDRY A. T. Dolezal 8. Sons WET WASH ' HYDRO Rough, Dry, and Fine Finish work 2448 SOUTH KEDZIE AVE. Blshop 7-0708 B I C E K FLoRisT "FLOWERS OF DlSTINCTION" 2500 S. Christiana Ave. Blshop 7-2500 COMPLIMENTS OF SECOND FEDERAL SAVINGS CORNER 26th AND PULASKI ROAD Page 115 B. Ll NKA CO. 3918 W. 26th Street Model Airplane Supplies ' Greetings Cards ' School Supplies ' Sporting Goods FURNITURE BARGAINS Every Day at ALOIS A. VESELY 3148-3154 west 26th street East of Kedzie Ave. THE LAWNDALE NATIONAL BANK of CHICAGO 3343 West 26th Street CHICAGO, ILLINOIS TYPEWRITERS-All Makes SOLD . . . RENTED REPAIRED AND EXCHANGED ZAK'S TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 3506 West 26th Street Phone Blshop 7-7522 x I I oooosve scuooi. oAYs 'f Hsuo Jose ' ,4 special invitgtion to Grads I X 1 tl il I X , it l l to come n and land a steady Spiegel iob. All kinds F work to choose from in the fast- moving, progressive mail order world. Good pay... and a chance to advance when you do good work. Let us show you what we have to offer in a full- time iob. SPIEGEI. - A GOOD PLACE TO I I SPIELEI 2 g....f"".."'.ff- 1,7 WORK - 'ID38 W. 35th ST., CHICAGO, Ill.. Page 116 Compliments of CLAIRE'S LINGERIE SHOP ED'S FARRAGUT'S SCHOOL SUPPLY stone 3634 W. 26th Street Latest in blouses, skirts and School clothes 2401 Christiana Ave. LAwndaIe 1-1267 MARY v. TICHY SOU KAL FLORAL CO, Proprietor Say It With Flowers LAWN DALE STATIONERY FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Greeting Cards, Party Decorators, Toys, 3237 West 26-th Street Gifts, School and Office Supplies, Chicago 23, III. Stationery and Books G H Teen OUSES . Store Phones 5330 S. Mason Ave. 3615 W- 269' Si' Ch'C0'90 23' 'll' s1Shop 7-1000 - 1001 Phone Porfsmouvh 7-7055 dai lmifsllea fo flue Cfaars of 7949 I FROM THE GIBSON STUDIOS .xdrfidfic l9AofogralaAg . . . .gnfefhgenffy Cwafecl THE OLDEST PORTRAIT STUDIO IN AMERICA All Pictures appearing in this book are available at the Studio THE GIBSON STUDIOS OF CHICAGO 'I09 N. Wabash Avenue CEntral 6-3982 Official Photographer for . . . The LOG Page 117 Anthony's School Store 2337 So. Spaulding Avenue SODA FOUNTAIN SCHOOL SUPPLIES Blshop 7-6477 I ' 'T Ready to Wear and Custom Made Clothes , ' lv X ' . Come in and Meet Your Friends 34-IO W. 26th SL Chlccgo is 14 M, 'T ix' . 'Aix 5 1 X, V- 4 THElg3oLD's FLoRAL sn-loP ATLAS , Y L 2,75 Q' Wet Wash Laundry ,I A Formerly FRlEDL's I I I I 4 1 3538 West 26th Sf. xx vp I ROckwell 2-1368 LAwndale 1-7241 5432-5436 West Cermak Rd. Cicero, Ill. I COMMUNITY SURPLUS Susina's Children's Wear STORES, Inc. 3355 W. 26th St. I 3316 w. 26th sf. 3442 S. Halsted St. 3318 W. Madison St. 1527 W. Madison St. 1618 W. Chicago Ave. 3624 W. 26th St. LAwndale 1-7799 Most Complete Selection in Children's Wear Infants to 14 years Also Chubbette and Pre-Teen Dresses CAPITOL FEDERAL COMPLIMENTS sAvlNos a. LoAN AssoclATloN OF A FRIEND Open a Savings account here 3501 West 26th Street Cor. St. Louis Avenue Page 118 f,,Qg b4-0' '54 uu,,,,,l.qJ if fiffmiyw Q 1 0,1 x g . y V X 7 4 1 ,XJ W if I-lc A l A a ,V 3 5 5, alla O1 5 ic -"v ....... ' f -H l i ct ities .... 1 x ' 3f'ctiv ' . 0 'IIIU . . ' ax ad 9' s ............. 1 ' February Class Officers ..... Iune Class Officers ...... .... Divisions ............................ Dedication to Miss Marguerite Watson ..... Sight Saving Class .r .................. Band Pictures ......... u . National Honor Society .... Scroll Stait ............ I Log Staff ........... ' Music Department Christmas Activities .... Student Activities Physical Activities ................... February Class Outstanding Seniors .... Iune Class Outstanding Seniors Memorial to Matron ......... Adve sements . . . Ta of Conte . Autogra h . .. . .foy- fff' t ,-n,.,,,,. M, , ,,,. - ,, . . , . . -Nl.. s . - , . Page 119 ra 4' V Page l 3 4-7 313 14-19 20-23 24-53 26 27 54-79 80 81 . 82-83 6 84-85 as-97 aa-09 90-93 94-95 96-99 100-111 y 1 ' is 113 4 1 14 1 15-1 18 119 A 120 ts A 1 1 it tx . , A ,-,,r.gVrf.3 3.9, 'M " ' 4 .L " , , 'ff ":. ,ty , , ' K ' ' if ' " ms." than 51.211-..wuhf1" 1' ' ' t ufogralo A.. , fx 72 -M7f'W" 1 . s 5 - M, ,dw 44-we- , M' H ff z,,,,.g WW Q E' 0 v 1 wfffgifffffwf gwjigmqlh N igifwliffeg QW U7 +R: W M 0 QWQWQ " , yywffftsw W WW W 1 WW Qwmgfffwfgfw , ' 4 ' V 5215 1 , V. W-' , 1: ' - ' , - . :'y',Jl"' " ,.'?' an I' Ll, 3 " , . ' f fr . 2' ' ' f " ' , ' - Y. , ' 2'2"N.1L U 3 W 1 'K t My ' I L' ' , - V-in .. N24 ..QL:,,,f..:..'.r4,..i,-Q..q,Q.i -.J L: ,-FN x .w , kiln' XZL wp . 1 OcfifQQAoEiJiZk15Q450f Q Q22 'PD U ZZ? mgukgf N0 A io g ' '51 vb :T UW J? - 923 fi? Q QR.. an g?kZ Jf ZZ 9 1 iw VM f K WJ , M ff W2 Qfff . -if fwx JM i A2x F QQQM ZX 4 'L Xa , Rlwffiifag M 522 gg if Zfffw

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Farragut High School - Where the Action is Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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Farragut High School - Where the Action is Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Farragut High School - Where the Action is Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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