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5. 5 3 5 Z 2 . E . H SE ' '1i4EllJZ7-ix3' 5l.f .--A P A Cf xg! I , X n Z K 'J X, , V r ' , -ff,-1. ,-ff f K " fi iff, , MEMORIES OF FARRAGUT -ii .4 H E W v C-"i--E09 Y Y-YQ bf: C9 rx v0 xq u OK 'S 'P :- .Qfflhv " Mi? f if V V 9 'fs .1 SL' ww, z ,I f V .: 'T'-Qiiff -- WN "--5' fftfga we RTW all-"7 -SQ. - 'L' 4 In N I ...Y 4-W .Nqr MIL' .- S- . .. 4 77,5 ,V N 41,4 13: Q- '?, , . ,lg-.. 1.-:?A,Q,Q '484gwxb 4 ' ii,-5. " ,?1'.4,fTx5EH?" -if-iffii 1. qivfrq' Z: ,wi f 'iff 'fi'-'Ja!J,'.fi f ' T I! .. .: "'IQ. -11" 'i :ICH V. ' '-3-':'fh2v'w!' . 'A . -1 -wgtgsqi-Liv:-'. 7 3, Nz wif 'Tiff 'H7l'R ':M.. f '-le -'E Q ,A .-'ff ' nf fjlfjiv -' 'M ' -is A '.'..., , -- 4-f1g2,1"-'Q ....-M., A M .-Ef"0,g,n-ii' 15 1lgS',v ""ff5'- - - ' ,' ' 'Q' ,f f if ' .. - '1-we-f' '. il" , f " ' ' '. f . ,. - ,, , '-1 -' nfl. x L , Q v FT "5 ' ' ,J nfhlfn' V , 4 q 1? . an ,SEN '..., xg, Q ni Q 'I Qkrl-1,178 'L ' .'F"g:.J Qu' 3 .N A ' .r-' vt' 'kgpl' .ME ww -Hr wifi wwf K w 3'- ' .i."x, ' . Jn' f -,.,!'trE :Fi-fzfegfp . , Van. .' C.1.'S3L,-3 5' f V. , QV. 5... mg, PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS I OF FAR RAG UT HIGH sc:-IOQL IN CHICAGO it 2 , Ill! 1 --fl? ,- S 2 . , is .J 4-I -J 7- ' - . l A' 'D s "Q-5-5 F OREWORD 4- -s..:.,4,c,,6 The Youth of America is the living symbol of freedom, the dream that so many young people all over the World are denied. Here at Farragut the activities planned by the teachers and adminis- trative force only re-emphasize that American youth is free, "Free to live and love and laugh" and so face the world4a war World or post-war world unafraid. ln these pages of the Log we endeavor to show how closely our training, our work, and our entra- curricular activities develop the physical, intel- lectual and moral qualities required by the various divisions of our armed forces and how we are pre- paring ourselves to be the kind cf person needed in the present emergency and the kind of citizen America will need after the War. The lune class has selected as its colors "steel and flame" and as its motto "SEEK VICTORY THROUGH 'THE STEEL OF REALITY AND THE FLAME OF IDEALS '." May We then work at our sports, studies, clubs, and, yes, our parties, to become more and more the type of citizens America wants--ready, where- ever we may be needed, eager to fan the flame that blends with the steel to weld an indestructible character for the foundation of a better and safer world of tomorrow. This year the Log is not dedicated to any one person or group but to all who have contributed to this purpose from the smallest freshman to the stateliest senior, the teachers and parents, and the boys and girls who have gone forth from Farragut and are fighting on all the battle fronts of the world while we hold the home front to preserve freedom for those who will come after us. LIFE AT FARRAGUT AT LAST! BOYS IOIN THE AND GIRLS LEARN ALL COOKING CLASS ABOUT PLANES Fa. 'W -'ft' WHILE OTHERS ASSIST MISS POWER HERE THE BOYS MAKE MODELS IN PACKING KITS FOR SERVICEMEN FOR THE ARMED FORCES FROM t OUR W .......-4 We extend our heartiext greeting to all member: of our .fchool whoxe picture: appear upon the pagec of thix book and we expecially congratulate the clauef of 1943 to whom hat come the honor of Jpomorfhip. Thi: markffjthe 10th year of the exixtence of Farragut Senior High School following the reorganization of the junior High School in 1933. The period has very definitely been one-'of advance. It if a pleaxure at thi: time to compliment thoxe member: of the stag' and the Tfchgolgvho during thi! ten year period have helped to build the traditions which are continually leading uc to greater height: in Jcholarchip, in Jervice, in moral develop- ment, and in thoce Jpecial activitiec which mark our Jchool. The record of thoxe who have attended Farragut for the pact ten year! ic one of which we can juxtly be p,roud. Some 500 are already in the armed service: of our country and thouxandx of other! are engaged in varioux activitier, They are putting to good uxe the training they received here and we enjoy receiving from time to time reporty of their perxonal .rucceu and of the Jervice they are rendering to mankind in general. AJ we live in the difturbed conditiom of the precent day, we look forward to the time when this war Jhall ceaxe and we turn again to wayx of peace. To us it will be a period of greater opportunity and we therefore urge our prefent and- future Jtudent: to accept greater refponribilitiec, to maintain high idealx, and to work valiantly for a better world. M GREETINGS T ADMIRAL GENEVRA GEER Administrative Dean B.A.. U. of C.: M.A., N. U. OUR LIEUTENAN TS MISS AGNES R. VETTER B.A., U. of C. OUR CAPTAIN WILLIAM G. PROTTSMAN B.A., Iowa U.: M.A., N. U. SERVE YOUR COUNTRY WELL BY TRAINING NOW To stay in school or to join the armed forces, tion are questions tlriaftf confront the young per- son in high school today. Certainly it is more dramatic and exciting to be on the battle front or in the factories where tanks, airplanes, ships are being rushed off the assembly belt. lt is pleasant to be called a hero MISS 1:-LQRENCE CLARK or, to work beneath the floating Army-Navy E Ph.B.. M.A., U. ot c. bamef- The great percentage of students at Farragut, however, have foregone these immediate ex- periences to serve their country in a less spectacular manner. They have believed that those also serve their country who train now to serve their country later. The Farragut faculty members have been working constantly to assist each student to equip himself and herself physically, mentally, and socially. Physical examinations and physical education, which aims to toughenf Vocational and academic classes of many kindsg clubs and other student activities, which offer an opportunity to develop leadershipfall form the program of training for Farragut students. The personnel services of our school seek to assist each student to plan his high school course so that he may discover his abilities and develop them fully' to serve. As we finish one year and prepare for a new one, let us all, faculty members and students alike, determine to make, during the coming year, our school as busy as a defense factory and as crowded with hidden heroes as the battle fronts. "Schools need not preach political doctrine to defend democracy. If they shape men capable of critical thought and trained social attitudes, that is all that is necessary."-Albert Einstein. FLORENCE CLARK. to stay in school or join the workers in produc- FACULTY PETER B. RITZMA WII.LIAM G. PROTTSMAN MARCEL A. ACKERMAN HYMAN AFRICII WANDA BABCOCK FRANK BALTHIS CORNEAL BARRET EVA BARRY CASPAR BARTH RUTH BECK MARY ANN BENSON MARGARET BIRO WILLIAM BLOOM BESSIE BONNER FRANCES BORG EMILIE BURSIK LYDIA CADA GEORGE CAMDEN EARL CANFIELD FLORENCE CLARK LESLIE COOK MARGARET COUGHLIN ROSE COX DANA CROWELL HELEN CULVER CLAIRE M. CUSHING NEVA DAVIS CATHERINE DONLON MYRTLE DOYLE AGNES DRALLE BEATRICE DUDA AGNES DUNN BORIS DUSKIN ELIZABETH EDWARDS MARIE EHRENWERTH BUD FISHER PAULA FLYNN IAMES FOX EDNA GAINER PAUL GAMERTSFELDER GENEVRA GEER BELLE GREENBAUM KATHRYN HOGAN GUY HOGG BERNADETTE HOPKINS HARVEY HORWICH MARIE JOHNSON - MARGARET IOHNSON ERNEST IOSI ROSE LaVAN ALICE LEECH MABEL LEHMAN MILDRED LINSKEY ARNOLD MACH CATHERINE MALONEY LOUISE MCDANIEL FRANCES McVEY MARY MEEHAN ROSTER FOR IAROSLAV MICAN IOSEPH MILLER EMILY MILLS SIDNEY MINTZER ALICE MITCHELL MARY MORGAN MARIE H. MUDRA ARLETTE MURPHY KATHERINE O'LEARY THERESA O'SULLIVAN EDWARD PASCHKE GEORGE PEACOCK ALICE PETERSON NELLIE POWELL ALICE POWER RUTH A. PRESSELL MARY RI-IEUDE HOWARD RINKER HAROLD SAFFIR LOTTIE MAE SHELL LAURA L. SCHULTZ OITO SIEDENSTRANG MORRIS STEVENSON RUTH THOMPSON CONSTANCE TRULLI SYLVAN WARD MARGUERITE WATSON MAURICE WILLIAMS AGNES R. VETTER TEACHERS ON LEAVE: LT. COL. CLARE R. DAVIS N SAN IUAN. PUERTO RICO LT. IAMES I. DOHENY EDGWOOD ARSENAL. MD. PVT. WM. G. HEIMBERGER BILOXI, MISS. CAPT. ORVILLE PARKHURST CHICAGO. ILL. LT. CATHERINE M. PAYNE. WAAC CONWAY. ARK. LT. COL. FRED SWANSON CHICAGO. ILL. CAPT. GEORGE VON BREMER LONDON. ENGLAND MRS. CELINA LISKA TUSKEGEE. ALA. MRS. ANNA SLOTSKY FLORIDA MRS. MARIE SEVIC DOWNTOWN OFFICE MISS CECILIA WELLS N. U. MISS FRANCES CADY ON SICK LEAVE MRS. MABEL LEHMAN ON SICK LEAVE MRS. MARGARET MAI-IIN SPRINGFIELD. ILL. - L. Ililqc Tuul: t "Bl , COMMERCIAL r . Katherine O'Leary tl-lead of De-pt.J, Ph.B., Loyola. George Camden, B.S., N. E. Missouri: S. T. C., M. A., N. U. Mavyarrt Courrhlin, PEB., De Paul. Rose Cox, B.S., New York University: NLE. Loyola. Dana Crowell, B.S., M.A., N. U. Guy Hogg, B.S., S.T.C., B.S., U. of I. Margaret M. Iohnson, B.S. in Ed., DePaul. Mildred Linskey, B.S., DePaul, M.E., Loyola. Beatrice Duda. B. S., B. A. Lewis Institute. Harvey Horwich P. H. B. I. D.-U. of C. M, A., B. S. Ed.--U. of Cal. Caspar Barth-B. S.-I. I. of T. M. Ed. C. T. C. In war time all studies assume a new importance. Art and music give us release from war time duties. Art students made posters for the various drives winning scholarships as they did so. The Music Department excelled itself, the only school to receive superior rating in all its entries in the city contests. The pride and joy of the Commer- cial Dept. this year was the outfittinq cf room 413-415 which now houses the latest equipment in office machines showing what the up to date modern office should Wear. Lottie Mae Schell Il-lead ot l.lept.J, 1:l.A.E., Att Inst. Mai'- garet Biro, Ph.B., U. oi C. Claire M. Cushing, B.A.E., Art Inst. Sylvan D. Ward llrlead ot llh-pt.J, M.Mus., Chicago Mus. Colleqep M.S., N. U. Marcel A. Ackermann, Chicano Musi- cal Collefqe. Marie C. Ehrenwerth, Ph.B., MA., U. ni C., BM., Ameri- can Conservatoiyg M.M., Ch'- catio Conservatory. Marie S. Johnson, B.M.Ed., W e s t e r n Conseivatoiy, M.A., North wrstein. ART and MUSIC "W PHYSICAL EDUCATION Earl Canfield tl-tt-ad of Dr-pt.i, B.E., De-Paul. lames FOX, BS., U. ot Idaho, M.S., N. U. B.P.E., American College of Phy. Ed. Belle Greenbaum, FRS., U, ol l. Rose Lavan, B.S., DwPaul,, Katherine Donlon. B.P.E., K.C. Phys. lTcI. l3.S,, Maryqrovo, Col., Maurice Williams, B-S4 iN Ed-. DePaul, Amer. Col. of Phys. Ed. Louise McDaniel tl-lead of Deptj, A,B. Indiana, Frances Borg, Ph.B., U. of C., Helen Culver, B.A., S. U, I., Agnes Dralle, Ph.B., U. of C., Arnold Mach, B.A., Beloit, Kathryn Hogan. Ph.B., M.A., Loyola, A110 leech. A.B., Drake University, M.A., C'olumbia,, Mabel Lehman, B.Sc, Ed., M.A. Llepaulg Frances M:Vey, B.S., DePaul.: Marie H. Mudra, PMB., U, of C., MA. Columbia, Ruth Thompson, B.A., Drake. Not in picture: Mar- guerite Watson, BA., Lewis Institute. ENGLISH Completely revising its program this year, the Phy- sical Education Dept. initiated exercises to toughen up the youngsters, to meet the rigid discipline and demands of the Army and Navy requirements. In the language classes the main purpose this year was to torm a better understanding ot the foreign nations thru a study of its languages, customs and peoples. The English depart- ment was called on repeatedly to assist in writing slogans, letters, and enter contests to promote the various drives in the war ettort. LANGUAGE Paula Flynn 'l-lord ut Dert.J, AB. St. Mary of the Woods ol A.M.,--U. of C. Constance Trulli, Pl1.B., M.A., U. of C, Certificate, II. of L.. Grenoble, tFranceJ Bernadette Hopkins, A.B., Indiana S.T.C.g Iaroslav Mican, A.B. U. of Pragueg MA., Creighton U., Emily Mills, Pli.B., U. ot C., Ruth Pressell, Ph.B,, U ot C. Not in picture: Mary Rheude, B.A., M.A. Marquette U. Page Tbif-fmfn HOME ECONOMICS TECHNICAL Elizabeth Edwards. A.E., U. of I. ll-lead oi Doptj, Bessie Bonner, BE., Ill. State Normal Emilie Bursik, Plx,B., U. ol C.: M.E., Loyola. I.. M - as gl- Gd 4.3 . sikiw- -Qi. Hifi' 'Pa -rl Neff . I 3?4'g: mf.. Alice Power II-lead of Dep1.I B.S., U. of C.: M.E., Loyola Huih Beck. Ph.B., U. of C. M.A., N. U. Neva Davin. Ph.B. U. of C. Bud Fisher, B.A. M.A., State University of Iowa: Genevra Gear. Ph.B., U. of C.: M.A., N. U. Catherine Ma- honey, Ph.B., Loyola. ' Mary Meehan. Ph.B., U. of C.: M.E. Loyola. Morris Stevenson. M.A. Loyola. Wanda Babcock, B.S., U. of I.: M.A. N. U. ' SOCIAL STUDIES Pago Fourteen George Peacock, B.S., DePaul ll-loam ci Depml, Leslie Cook. B. of Ed. Easiorn I., S.T.C, Howard Rinker, M.A., DePaul: B.A., U. of C.: Ioseph Miller. B.S., U. of I.: 'Edward Paschke. B.S. m E. E., Armour Institute CI-lead of Dept.l, Frank Balihil. B. oi E., N, Ill. S,T.C.: William Bloom. B.S., N. U.: Ernest Iosi, B.S., AS, Le-wxs lnnmutef.: Otio Siedenstranq. B.S. of C.E., A1- mour Insfltuie. f Q F n Paul Gamerlsfelder il-lead of lie-pt.J B. A., North Central Col- lege. Mary Ann Benson. B. S., U. of C. Lydia Cada, Ph. B., ll. of C.: M. A, f DePaul, Hyman Aifrick--B.A., M.A. -A U of C. Harold Saffir, B. S.ffU. of C, Boris Duskin B. S.-U. of C. Edna Gainer Fl. S. A U. f-f K' Not in picture: Corneal Barrett B. S. DePaul University: Eva Barry, B. A. University ol Wis- consin? B. M. ClllC5flO Musical College. SCIENCE 0 MATHEMATICS Alice Mitchell llaleacl of Deptl B. S. Ill. Tech. M. A. DePaul? Myrtle Doyle, B. S., lvl. A.- DePaulg Agnes Dunn, B. S. - U. ol C, Mary Morgan. Ph. B., M. A., M. Ed. Loyola. Not in picture: Alice Peterson, B. S. - U. of C. "Oh, how I wish I had studied harder in physics" or "Why ciidn't I take more math when I was in school, I could then be eligible for officers training school" are the complaints most often heard in the letters our boys write back home. Both science and math have suddenly become vitally useful and interesting to students who before the year is over or Within the next year are to be called into service in the armed forces. They have learned from their friends already in the service that their chance of promotion or further training lsuch as they could not possibly afford in civilian lifel depend on their back- ground in science and math. Page Fifteen CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION .... SERVICE GROUPS .... UNDERCLASSMEN .... . . HOBBY CLUBS .... . . SPORTS ........ . . SENIORS ............. . . SPECIAL FEATURES ...... 8-15 17-45 47-62 63-67 70-88 89-11 1 18-12 2+ J FARRAGUT HIGH SCHOOL OUR WAR EFFORT is Q A Q : W te? V Whatever is needed to bring this War to a quick finish, the Farragut students and teachers are ready to do. On these pages you will see what they are doing on the home front in the way of building morale by baking and cooking goodies for the soldiers, sailors, and marines, sending them kits, buying war bonds and stampsg saving fats and tin cans: writing to the boys who are serving all parts of the World: honoring them by service flags and rolls, etc., as they con- tinue in their full time job of learning to prepare themselves for their future places in the world. P.:gc Svfwllcen E t WHAT THEY DID FOR VICTORY Students Did: Wrap packages . . . Sew on buttons . . . Entertain for Service- nten's Center downtown during holidays and every weekend . . . Collect old stockings to be niade into parachutes . . . File food defense orders for defense plants , . . Supply rnusic at special booths to help sell war bonds and starrips . . . Pack kits for our boys in service . . . l-lorne Nursing and First Aid courses for senior girls . , . Collect metal, old clothes, paper and magazines for scrap drive . . . Save tin cans . . . Save Waste fats . . . Contribute hours to local draft lfoards to help file,starnp and fill out questionnaires . . . Assist in Civilian defense. And the Teachers Did: Take l-lorne Nursing and First Aid . . . Serve as Nurses aides in hospitals . . . Drive trucks and delivered for the Red Cross . . . Knit for the Red Cross . . . Donate blood . . . Register civilians for Raticn books No, l and 2 . . . Register draftees . . . Serve as blcclc captains . . . Serve as wardens, etc., in Civilian Defense. EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR WE ARE AWARDED TWO MINUTEMEN FLAGS OUR BOYS AND TEACHERS IN SERVICE SAVE THE FAT AND BLOW UP A IAP Page Nincleen 'Melvin Aberman-Richard Adamaitis-Elroy Ahrens- Fred Albrecht-George Alfirevic-Henry Alfirevic--Dan Anderson--Raymond Anderson--Wilbert Anderson-Henry C. Anthony--George Anton-Frank Arient---Iames Arient. 'Clifford Badendick- Leonard Badendick---Casimer Bajek Rudy C. Barda-Eugene W. Barta-Emil I. Bartek- George Basta-Albert F. Bastyr Ir.-Charles Bastyr--Ray- mond I. Bastyr-Charles Baumann--Iohn Becvar-Robert Beimal -Boris Belekon--Walter W. Belokon-Iames G. Benda -William E. Bergeron-Charles I. Bezdek-Miles Bielek-Edward Bieryla -William Biros-Iames Blaa-Laddie Blazek- -Robert G. Blazek-Iohn Bonfield-Walter Boryskie - Ioseph Borzym-Val Brodnicki--Charles Borasak-George Borasak -George F. Boucek-Iohn Brhan-Louis Brodek - Iohn M. Brown--Thos, C. Burek--Iames Buresh--Roy Bur- esh- -Iames Burton. ' Francis I. Caba- Iohn W. Cagney-Terence M. Carpenter - -Edwin Cekal----Dennis R. Cermak-George King Charvat -Ierry Chmelicek- Alvin I. Chodcra- -Fred Chott--Peter Charbonnease- -Ierome Chraster-Lawrence Chrastka-- Frank Cimbalista---Steve Clemenic- Ias. A. Combis- Robert I. Combis-Charles Coovling-Cruzan-Raymond Czaika---Henry Czelusniak. 'Wilbur Danes --Bernard Darmody----Edward Dau-Iohn I. Dempsey---William M. Dempsey---Victor Deutcher-Ed ward Doerk---Edwin Doerr-Gilbert G. Domrese-William I. Dornbreck -Charles Dragisic- William F. Drasal-Ted. Drwal- Robert Dussman---Iohn S. Dvorak---Ernest Dvorsky. ' Warren Eggers --Raymond Ehrick--Miles Eisenhamrner -- -Wally Enz--Bernard Esralew. 'Anthony Faikus----Miles Faikus----Henry Fairbank-Emil Fara- Iames A. Farrell-Emil Filip--Robert Filip-Charles Filipek-Edward Fisher--Florence Fister-Edward Forbes - -Robert Fortner-Richard Foss-Rudy Foucek-Garvis Fowler--- Frank Frak-Ioseph I. Frak-Louis Fredette- Robert Fredette---Ierome French-Robert Fuka-Robert Fukal. 'Ierry Gaba--Henry Gabriel--Robert Galt-Edward Gasi- enica--Chester Gasior-Iohn Geiger-Iack George--Herman I'.1ge Twenty IN THE SERVICE M. Gillman-I. Ginsberg-Stepnen Gluttmg-Gordon Goethal-Marvin M. Goldman-George Gorqol -Arthur Gouczniak--'Theodore L. Gradisek-Leslie Greenman-Ralph T. Grimse-Thod Gronkiewicz-Stanley Guega-Walter F. Gurqa. 'George Hartman-Iohn Hach- -D. Dadac -Clarence Hallas -Anton Hanuska-Iames Harty-George Hausknecht --Ed- ward Haut-Ioseph Havel-Ierome Hercik- Heitmanek- - Fred Hennings-Arthur Hess-Ioseph Heylek--Arthur Hilgendorf-Richard I-lirchert-Norbert Hitzeman-Arthur W. I-fockett-Eugene I-lockett-Iames I-Iodak--George Hofrichter -Ierry T. l-lofrichter-Iohn Hofrichter--Thomas I. Hof- richter-Richard Horky-Wesley H. Hrodek--Bob Hronec- - Louis Hruza--Lawrence Huddy-Phillip Husarik. ' Kenneth lllich-Ralph Iuatrine. 'Milton E. Iakovec-Bernie Iaklinski-Russell Iandus - Iames Ianecek--Edward Ianega-Alvin Iankowske -Norman Iandus-Edwin Iaskierny-William Iaster-Frank Iaworski --Iohn Iindra-C. A. Iohnson-LeRoy Iunge. 'Elmer Kadera-Ioseph Kadlec--Albert Kahoun- Calvin Kaiser-Louis Kaiser-Robert Kaiser-Floyd Kalessa- Russel Kalessa----Ioseph Kalina-Edward Kalmar- Nick Kara- qeorge--Raymond I. Kasel-Donald Kaspar-Bennett Katz -Eugene Kendzierski-Leslie Kesel---Chester Kidrowski- - Edward Killhoff-Walter Kirchoff-Charles Klauda- Alfred Klima-Edward Klimes--Emil Knafl-Martin Knafl Charles Knot-Robert Koci--Iames Kohout-Iames Kolar Ioseph Koluder- -Ioseph Konfirst-G. I. Kordik -William Kosar - Iames Koss---Arthur Kostal--Lou Kostal-Elmer ostka--- Iames Kostohrys-Clarence Kotora-Harold I. Kotora- - George Kouba--George Kourim---William Koutnik-Ierry Koutsky-Edward Kowalski---Ioe Kowalski -Erwin I. Koze- luh-William Kozeluh-Robert Kozina--George Kozlik- -Ed- ward Kral-Raymond Kral- --Robert E. Kral--Earl Kratochvil- Frank Krebel-Chester F. Krecisz-Edwin Krecisz-Iohn Krenek-Henry Kristak -George Krtous-Charles Krueger- - Edward Kubes-Felix Kubik-Allan Kubista- George Kucera --Milton Kukac- Franklin Kukral-Geolrge Kupka-Edward I. Kusman-Frank Kusman- --R. T. Kutchen Ioseph Kyozika, 'Chester Lach--Robert I. Landberg- Ierry Lanier---Sidney Lasker-Edward I. Latal-Richard Lauth-Charles Laver- George Laycock-George Laycock- --Raymond Leber Gene Lendzion-George Leo-Warren Leonhart---Ierry Lesak- - Ioe Lesik-Ioe Lesik-Alva B, Lesick -Edward Lesniak - Honore Levinson--William Lhotak- -Charles Linhart -Fred Lohrentz-Richard Lotto-Frank I. Lukes- -William F. Lund- qren-Iames E. Luzadder--Robert Lydon-Edw. :d Lysek. . . I . ...fbia- f ,. . . :3vfA'7."l- 1 .'- "Q-1 'Q ' ' 'Lf' , Lk . .ia . : --P .-g' cz ' . .f-..1'1 ' .' - X ' 5 . . I . I ' I .. . - I 1 13 .'!-'fff",f.f'.':3!.-: D. ,.1..: Ai- 9 , - .QQ ri... l - Xs1fw11.5,',1.g'g-3j,i'L-',:g:Ir-r1'f.'j:,:2R 7-0 ' , . -'Fl "--f- 'xv ' - 4, 5 !-I tc E "' ' .224 Q, .1 di N H : A it --K - ..:' '- .1 X xi- - "+ -g? l- -t - 'I -E Q- f Alf ' JV 41 , , 2 X .,x HX ,L 1. -fy. OF OUR COUNTRY 'l'Edward Machalek-V. P. Machalek-Howard Maleh- Casimer P. Malinowski-Frank Marek-Raymond Marek- Milton K. Mares-Gerald S. Maresh-R. M. Marich-G. I. Marla--Henry Martin-Leonard Mazanek-Charles McDowell -Edward Mendel-Ernest Menqler-B. G. Meyer-George Michalek-Walter F. Michna-lohn Miko-Max Mikola- lewski-Ioseph Miller-loseph Miller-Richard D. Miller- Robert Miller-Rudolph Miller-Iohn A Misek-William E. Misik-Richard T. Mitz-George Mlynarski-Roland F. Moeller-Charles Molcar-Richard G. Moorehouse-Ed- ward E. Moravec-Leonard E. Moravec-Louis T. Morow' zynski-Robert C. Muehrecke-George Mukleuvicz-Wes- ley R. Mundil, Ir.--Raymond Muzika-George Myrtle-AL bert Nemec--lames F. Nemec-Adolph F. Neruda-Andrew Noack-William Novotny-Kenneth I. O'Connor-Rudolph Otepka-Frank Pajdal. fEdward Palicka-lohn Pantlik-Charles Papousek-John Pasko-George T. Patek-Glenn F. Paulus-Alex Pawula- Louis Peck-Louis Pelc-Iesse B. Phillips-George Picha -Otto Pihera-Ernest R. Pirka-lames E. Pillik-loseph R. Placky, Ir.-Iohn M. Plosnich-Anton Polcorny-George M. Pasternak-Anton Podbervsek-Iohn G. Polansky-Ed. Polivka-Samuel Porter-Ioseph Prazak-Ierry Posteck- Charles Pribyl---Robert Prince--Dick Paill-Iames Prevaz- nik----Richard Frank Prokes-Charles Prokopec-Otto Pru- cha--Ioseph M. Pusatiri-Leonard Paitl-Stanley Prusinski -Rudolph Puzman-Charles Louis Pyrce-Frank A. Quater --Ioe Rackaj-Edward Rada-Ierry M. Radostits-Edward Radous-Leonard F. Rahn-George W. Rapata-Henry Rathowski--Peter Ratkovich-Richard Reboul-loseph L. Refesky-Edward Regal-Robert I. Rehka-William F. Reilly-lames l. Reninqer-George Remp-lohn Revy- George Reynolds-Richard Rezac-Adolph Ricker--Ioseph Ricker-Ioe M. Ricker-Edward Richert-George Riemer- Charles Ringl--Clifford Ritter-Norman Ritter-Norman C. Roegner-Iohn Rohs-Raymond Rojek-Frank Roman- George Rousek, lr.-Anthony R. Ruth-Ray Rychecky- George Safronek--Chester Scelonge-Walter Scelonge- Clarence Schobinger--Albert Schalkowski-Bob Schlehofer -Ioseph Schlehofer--Paul Schnider-Meyer Schwartz. 'A' Norman Schultheis-George Schwendner-Charles Sechen -Frank E. Sejtka-Daniel Sekulich-George Sevik-Rob ert I. Shalelc-Donald F. Shockley-William Shibla- Richard I. Sichrovsky-Alvin Silha-Raymond Silha- Frank B. Simek-Frank Simek-Ioseph F. Simonek-Ray mond Simundza-Walter Simundza-Wm. V. Sinkovic- Ioseph Sinskey-Iames F. Sirola--George B. Skarda-Ru- dolph Skodacek-Edward Skibicki-Ray Skulinua--Benjamin Slouf-Ioseph Smazilc--George Smilh-Richard Snobel-F. if ,, cp 4 QC gg 'T Q , . I Au f Wu. E, I Q ,gr 1 -,I 'I xiii .11-:-hi-' 'ggi -f: J .sein I X . R'-'-Q .l-Z W. Sobkowiak-Harry Sobotnik-Steve Soboinik-Edward Sokol-Iames Soucek-Elmer Soukup-Milton Soukup- George Spruny- Fred Sprugel-los. Sranek-Ray Sranek- Iames Srdeny-Eugene Stachniak-I. C. Stadnik-Edward Stanislawski- Wm. T. Staroba-Meils R. Stekl-Louis Stejs- pal-Raymond Stepanek-Leonard Stunf-George-Sustek- Victor Svetic-George Suk-Ice Supol-Frank Sus-George Sustek-Anthony Sveda-Clifford Swanson-Alix Sworowski -Anthony Sykora-Robert Soukup. i'Milan Tatak-Julius Taus-Richard Taus-Robert Seinost -Henry Thole-Milo Tobory-Henry I. Tonika-Stanley Trzeciak-William Tresnak-Arthur Tuic-Arthur Turek- Chester Turner-Raymond Turek-Edward Tyk. i' Rudolph Uhlik-Lee Uldrichd. Unterirorz-Stanley Urba -Emil Urban. 'kLeroy Vacovsky-Robert Vacker-lerry Vachata-Iames Vacherlon-lames Vojsak-Olio Valenta-Bob. Vales- Iames Valestin-lerome Vanduch-Ludwig Vanduch- George Vanek-lohn Vasicek-Robert Vavrinek-Charles Vedral-Frank Vedral-Ralph Velk-Arthur Vesely-Frank Vessels-Ioseph Viskocil-Anton Visothe-George Vitek- Iohn Vitt-Charles Vlach-Arthur Vladiha-Edward Vlasak -Emil Vasicek-fWounded in Actionl-William Vodnasky- Charles Vojik-Robert Vlacek-Emil Vosicky-Rudy Vrbsky -George Vukasovic. i' Sol Wachovsky-Ioe Waibel-Tom Waibel-Nick Wardell -Robert Weinberg-Harry Wisniewski-Dave Welsh- Francis White-George Wido-Micheal Wido-C. Wierdak -George Wilson-Anthony Wimmer-Irwin Wimmer- Orville Wincek-loseph Windor-Alan Winholt-Earl Winterroth-Earl Woltje-Edwin Wojtar-Edward Wolf- Merle Wolf-Roy Wolfman-Sidney Wolfman-George Wondrasek-Leo Wozol-Fred Wrablik-Fred Wrablak. i' Leonard Yukuis. Yloseph Zalon-Iohn Zaiicek-C. Zedrek-Edward Zeman -Richard Zeitek-Henry Zieblinski-lerry Zeman-Iohn Zoubek-Clarence Zuebsow-William Zuehsow. Page Twenty-One IN THE SERVICE CHARLES VOIIK FRANK FRCEK LOUIS STEISPAL I ERRY ZEMAN WILLIAM LUNDGREN ALBERT BASTYR CASIMIR MALINOWSKI ROBERT SCHLEHOFER IOSEPH SCHLEHOFER KDeceasedl HENRY ALFIREVIC ELMER KADERA IEROME HERCIK GEORGE SEVCIK Twenly-Two , ,.7 g Q v- ,W KI 7 ,l :L H. X 'H x if in I, xx ' ar 'I ,MVN X ,Q :K -1, . MH L ' if-L-"' M al- V' 2' NV LETTERS FROM OUR BOYS 1 I M6 X I4 4 lJ7fgvyC'raf,Q, uZf4L4.,43-50 544 JL ..?,oz.,z',zz,, ,u,.A?.,.L..,,1x..z,aa,.... ZSJMQ ,vawt Www L MM! aZ,1.,m1, ,ALM ,ywrflnjflbp .M .MJ flu, Mmm of MM. .f,zkmZLf4nu MAMVLAMJ-3 .,..4 .z..Zf.,, .N JC-.- .'.f.x.....4,4, w12.f.., 7l5m.,n1w,Wb USM U My LQ ,756 .MJ Jumw, ,M .. ,......,.zf.,f.J Jn..-,.z?.4 R Q- M14 A r NLR , JRQ-,.,Jk,9LwA3 A' ,.,,,rf:,, ,5,eW,.,, Q... U, 1 f M WM-QM Q , - ,XJ -M 1.-:K tu U14 ulw-.. R dc " .,f....r .7 LL... 11-1-,G-if-.1 ohm.. fi.-W., fm, mm.. "W vv.M.+,xLN up hu J I iff, 'L ,.,f,.,,,, i?.v.,,.7..fj .,,.4.v.-.,f,ff..f J.-..d,fg ,..,.2.g M! Mug, Ra cud.. ...wifi me w.Lm-.f H 1 ,QW ,arf ..4A...g,i . 5.41-p,.n ,427 ,1...J..4?.L m.1..,4..U .79 ,yu L f Cfuuwffl L1 ,B W' lbiT14,xlU-n.HlJ..3.',Y K?-Um - Q l kr'MJLf., WLQQ. 4 7u.f.i?J' ..f.-ml-,.,. ...,.L ,L .f,..7.e'.61.V,,Z11.4L7-f .4.f4.4'uzE,44 Fw AMN any-L .MQ 1 MX W1 xl 4' fi, 'aukIt""'Qi1- imlu:'uL.,wQ L bf!! 'AA 421.1-MJ f'H.u.-if L-my-QA,-Q. vw M1.fxi.,, A1 A My limb Aw. . MA vi 'n,w1...L Ln. Jjfefli.-... L 11,1 LLL iq:-lr..E.W .f.w.7.,,Hu .iuM,W4Z4AffmZ gfflmxxf til ily T A+TLL BTU, J w4cjLwxwl'-vfxu .16,y.vli.1 ,4 E .Ag Ai 1 1, :H T K' I V QKAAL, ww 5.311 fe unudqlntd L Liv:-Q .QV 1 M fmktwui Ll' V QT X ki ft: YF .,,.Y 1-Q -,t -IKE' iii wvnmw ,IN L L Adu.. LM' Jw LuLE44.1,..U4Q5MtgL gi + f kv. 'X-'xi -.. ' V vw' 'X RY A 'E 1 ' '5-S, xg, '-.-.4 L., "P "x .E 'i 57, y X .1 we my E -, 'X XY "-, 1 'v QQ "r ' X0Q,,.J3M ML Y 1. 37. RL Rexx .L W, "bg u FEJXL VUX ll ,W R .XX ,X ,H-Taq wiv? gi J mx -,wg -:M ,mx ,'X"'fV 4-NL2 R iwql J..,Q,Uv-...J .L gt ,Y 'H Ri 'QQ 'x klvxxjxl "gE:yx'Tb- ig 3 'H-1 'JH 'U w UJNTN WPQU e sv-'vJTf,vLeA R mhvuiu 'N Sk x-E .4 K ' 2' S 2. .RN- , ll w ,K X x . .U M 'X ...-N.'..X XZUM-,xkJMYL,.5., KET. uM'LM'1K Y LX Ik 'Y Y' N, X- 'C NX '-,, "- 1. .tix x. MM ll by V-,r -N .xhtml Lia... ,Ex r,L.!l,u.f,3 'il ., ,-N.-- K5 "V yn ,van NF 'MN mi' xxn..u..R1,L WN A ,K !"7IUkfN1f"X AM.-Y LANKA ,Q ff xv 'IN-,P ,I .xmg..w...mN A ' RAW -M RNLQLJQ You Y + Y .IW N. J 'Ui M-53 L: Xxx" Wim l' ' A TXUTU Sw Ri 'X 3 27 Rfk' vgiwx. X R ' . 'N M' 1 N9...x 'H RN ' W, v - - sin U 'VL-A, J 1 X1 ,Rx-.X Nfl, N xy: n,Q.,.. 1,41 ln V73 'F K, 'QA 'ykrfuw gk Sis. W vlwx-QB. X ..A3-- QXMA.. Lru,N.v.,iQ A M-YMQQAJ -,S xg E. fi 'gn 1: X? M " ' 'K-WL 'xy-fx.sv-kvU1..l ' AWN.. H W. ...R 'X ' 1 3' Y . X --..' X: Y., Thi- Rhwwsx. X X ETX? Q y Dx NK XM RY 1 .X U N w, E .v ., r- I., x V .-.Mu fI,,..M! 'Y N Nix xy 4 'Y 1 -, ,RQ J OR X V25 ix x. L. wt .Q,,'i ...xi ma. Wu 1Qwt.A!guLWU A me V. R YQ 4, xl .,..A..... 4 Wu V Elm MV pk , g R R Tv Qxxgkg X X Xxx E? ,V 5 'EZVXQ 'age x. A . 7.,,.C-, ,,y'.,fZ2.5, 'A..,,iLf H.. i:Z.,.' auf .N ,f2...A...1.v 3 X-if? 'f x, gk -XQi-'v.xX'S A171-4' m1Y4YZ...1.,- ,?f"e'f l-1-ffl, .1...J' 34-wfdddxniaihlnr 4-L-.P-U R h Iii.. TN , v - 121 ..',..1.x'frlw.- Mi L-JI.-.,.. ALC., 1... 'Mfr 4.,.'f1.3,f' MAL, ,.1..' w-,X Xxi 'x Q i NX Y Y. K ,um ..'. , rf. . ti ,Af dd .1.-....'... .nal CJQL1' dufw-1 ny 'lf'-ff'-f 2 'HL R".'gfk TX 'Q Xu- 3 AQKLEJ5 .rift-Ll CfQA474f7f'fl Rexx? XSS? A xxx ' X f1n4-Luffy! Az... fm wich ..:,.11,w.-W C M ,M--f 14 .Y .NX O Y- -R-gs , wx Auf? ,.12..4-....,v ..',-r Ju 7414401 L bf-ILM' Q. TQ X Disk 'At 'sul R- -,C ,ilu-...1,l..4. f"f..'1l7 Ml.. nl! .mihin Af,-W. fmfm- 'QNXXSXL XX K X ,xg ' .LX X myiu ...f Jfzfx.f..,1f f1. 'IJIW-5 gl S: Q' 'XS' V.-A. 'QR Q Rv ,4 ff, g,,.,,z,.L fm L...Lf,fJ..-..... .-x,.,,,.',..L.m .v 1 5' N ., N, fam, .LN m,.fA44.4...!f,U,.. V Sqlmz 7,0 ,aff 1.12-w'h',...1 .9 ' XX Ti., 'F NCQ -X R M M 1. E ww 1--um.. A ,I ,,,.,ga, fz,-,.N ,.. uf.:-12... Y . -, in 7 .1 f ' fx 2 xi X R ' , x YT R' -.P I Q.QOf'T 3 XX R ak, Q A9 -1 'I 'itil MVT' ' PM ' L Iv, :Q RFQ-PRX K Sb! PM W I' ' bl A. JJ ,ff .v if 3,-' 5 X , IPL " 1' ff 1 ff," ,,-V pp 1' 'H+ L ' f . in ,1 . i ' J 9 cyymyywy YI, B., I v lf. Yffiff fl J :lv V x X M If LJ' 5,-' A-1 l2'j,,f,1 I' rf! ,ff 5' if V-4' I, 0!,fi,,y,A"'fll1' J" ffdf A." if fl! 'i J! " can m,ff,,fn my .'A4z',1?..wmff .'Zma.6twf'vf WA I,-vi ,N 'P' yn ju ',' ,.1'AJf 1f'V.-DJ ," F r!r7rvf,fQv,,1'zr-zfg. 1 LC'-1.1 ,uflrn-,-Lil',..1l4'h1zvevf1fff,-f.'-fL-K.j' fl' 'M ,HJ V .- 9 . 'L r vi 1 ff' ffl 'H 115154121 'fffff-'D -11-' fd.N,.1:',.:cfzrrL ...f1f:u.qA,v.Q,,14.1r,:'fcr,-f' VX .V .5 Y' 1' ,I 1 I f I 1' . ,. f ' 4 pr' 'V -X fri' ." JK' .r' U' J," Jvc VJ' .fa-f.yLffm .fa-:-.4r7uz-JL.:d4ngQ7,.f.ffm.A1',g " I ' .f..,..' ww f 1" ' M ww- f'F'L4f--'uf-A-L-242144lf-ff-iffy--fx "' lf fr' FV tw: Af.. if F, J! M3 If ,lk ,Llz.g4r424EI4 -'nrf.vnff.t44,.14,,44.+12,.:,5f.fg.f 4.fT4uA,, cc, ,Q ?, rg" YL' W' kf'v J A- pf' 'vw' ,??fZ,re7::Y,zff-rpg:-11215, ' f1.1L.L414f.1.ai5fff. . hx .' r I . Gyn' Vp li' 5 V V-' If cy 'Li' tn' J M 'Q5j5.u.p-,-flc9u,m,,fuf..-...4ffQZi.wv.cnz4M ,qflpyyp V- 'tj Vw J' A :.'.J,'S..ff Ap ,.vf:.'f.2...I.4J'cn2f.a4:uf.u'rz?'.41':fz'6'7efuftftl,3f1jA':zu?6'f 'Fo' r' ,W 1" ny' . V ,1 jc.-' f L M of M f' VJ if v" ,-'. LVL! ' .Lf A N, kj' 'QI' N: A IJ I X A , I., , V fi fir' .yW"T'45t" LlN'fJ-IiJl:'l LJ pp' fri" ,V fVr'SJ'ALv' 'J VU Q' 1 KA Www Vkf' Page Twenty-Three IN THE SERVICE STANLEY PRUSINSKI FRANK SOBKOWIAK ANDREW NOACK RALPH GRIMZIE RAYMOND BASTYR DENNIS CERMAK GEORGE MARLA CLARENCE AIRHART GEORGE ALFIREVIC WALTER FLASZA JOE WAIBEL BORIS BELEKON IERRY RADOSTITS FRANK IAWORSKI EDWARD WOLF Page Twenty'Four T110 former stzulents of FUI'l'lIgIl1 11110 are IIOI-lt' in the Sf'flJl'l'l'S 580 Io date. These are the ones Il'1IOSl? names 11.1111 IIIZIIFFSSPS 11'e have receiverl. There are prolmbly many 0l11ers 11110 ure Hiltllgl 11110111 a11o11I. about. We regret to say that of t11e 580 t11ere are now six 10110 have lost heir lives in line of duty. They are: Jerome French, E1111far11 ClL9l'8III.CH, 101111 Hofriclzter, Lester Kuclzar, R1'c11ard Mitz, and Joseph Schlehofer. We express our syrnpathy to their relatives and friends. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES L' f nt, CADET BAND 'First Row Brindac, Tyle, Pinter, lnderk, Cerveny, Leniar, 1 0 N ' E R N B A N D Hury, Drotziger, Pollcowsl-ci, Krolopp, Second Row-Papacli, Valek, Kreiss, El-rl, Sirouatka, Baldwin, Zitny, l-lallis. Third Row-Minkus, Schingl, Amado, Xlilillis, Fannin, Matouselc, Witte, Teren, Meyers, Each member of the Farragut Concert Band selects his instru- ment the first semester he enters and is required to spend a semester in the Cadet Band where special training is given to prepare students for the Concert Band. This group plays for assemblies, football games, community affairs and festivals. Every year it participates in the Chicago ' City High School Contestq Where they have received a superior i rating for their performance for seven consecutive years under Mr. Ackermanns direction. f W '-'-r--w l . i l Q L - MARCEL ACKEHMANN FLUTES Flor, Hmch, Kutzondoifer, Sziczesny, llorat-plc, l.ar-liky, Kaplan, fturtalc. CLARINETS First Rowgliruluy, Svoborla, Veringer, f'roirmori, Senienelc, Manak, Zorlca. Carelc, Veseiy. Second Row-Kasper, Baronalc, Kolar. Bottom- Naql, LeMar, Choc, Filip, Mc,Mahon. Third Row- liadraba, Lamlwersky, Nlartiner. Ililllz' Tu'w1lQ-Six CONCERT ORCHESTRA 13:-1' ' - - flflfll4'llSfSlUN Skala, Prilwyl, Novy, Zeliria. WSECOND VIOLINS. First Row-Vastlik, Klein, Tausk, Vcnliuda, Kyzivat. Second How - 'l'i1cl1-r, Dr-Neva, llolkwwicz, Zomcik, Kasper, Spevak. Third Row-Vilok, Ziln, Toclcstein, Maleiovic. 'BRASS First Row--Sturm fold, lluslivkfi, Vacffk, llavlik. Second Row-Lacliky, Kolar, lonik, Tabor, Pitlik. WVWOODWIND. First Row-llustak, Kutzomlorlos, l'lI'Om'll. Second Row-llyolto, Filip, Sell. 'FIRST VIOLINS. First Row-Iirec, Krupka, Osmanski, Worst, Hlava. Second Row - Stmka, Svamlwra, lrlmina, Miklian, Hadrava. WVIOLA. First Row-Stipsky, Wilhelm, Samoc, Pavlakos. Second How-Kadlec, Winkler, l'1r'sl1vS, Sykcira, lflfisticka, Anton. l'.1gr Tuwnfy-Eiglwt BEGINNERS ORCHESTRA 'First Row--Satxannl-:, l-lulik, Filny, 'l'vltlwtts, ltallstroin, Norman, lkilak. Second Row ll.n11s, Krnplm, Snnr, llvsik, llntt. Third Row llartzcnian, S in 0 k A l, lvlanm'--k, Novak, 'l'up.x, Vlavlty, 'llwpay, llatkgw. iuzr, Koss, lH-itqal, Smctana, C' Sorovatka, Stiniola. fFirsl Row ltalwa, ltarter, Slapalc, Fink-il, ltlnltpp. Sec- ond Row - Ltmmas, ltusarik, K., .wn1i.ana, Kaslmivk, 'l-ililwtts. CELLOS BASS 'Hfirsi Row Hanzlik, Tyser, Kessler, Suadlwilc, F r y Q C+ k, llosman. SYLVAN l WARD The Farragut Concert Crchestra under the direction ot Sylvan D. Ward has attained the highest standard in the city's music enterprises. "S" has been their rating now tor some years. To play a string instrument lB's may enroll any time during the semester without the need ot a previous musical education. You may tind a career by joining the orchestra. For some ot the mem- Chicago Civic Orchestra under the direction of the Chicago have gotten their start here at Farragut. The orchestra surpassed itself at the '43 Spring Festival with the brilliant playing ot Moussorgskys "Night on Bald Mountain." The previous sextet that played at various programs here at Farragut consisted ol regular members, but this procedure has been changed. bers ct the Symphony llrgr '14ll'cIIl1'-Nfilr i BOYS' CHORUS-GROUP 1 ffirst Row Riirxzynski, Skoch, 5 lf- BOYS' CHORUS an ond Row laros, Koudelik, son, Saselk, Kiral, Riirko, Pm- char. Third Row Frarwvttic, Siiliirz, Flasza, Svrcek, Divine, Rartos, McCa1tl1y, Pr11si11ski, Shutak. BOYS' CHORUS'--GROUP II ffirst Row - -- Kurera, Louisa, Che'-rvenak, Meister, Wf'llftf, Pearson, Nkkworiirig, Rattaglia. Second Row Rercisak, Zt1iFiY'1, Cervenka, Pmrak, Miss l11h11' SGH, l.esh111a11, Weiralicli, K111- zol, Garli. Third Row--Ruth, K ru p lc a, Neiedly, Cimnek, Sawyer, Vavra, Pritiyl, Kon- Vdlllliict, l1i111s11 Fourth Row lf:rl11l,R.i11:l Il11lIf1, V.1::11l:, YX11.-r-1, Cldillffi, ww 1, if11111t Hwy. R1 'it' lc lt.11l 11.1. BOYS' CHORUSfGROUP Il "fl-'irsl Row fDoleis, Kourny, Poirnan, Gura, Moizis, Kalny, ond Row Miss Iohnson, Ve- selak, Tohor, Krnetvc, Rivlwr, Kocka, Relticek, Zuchsow, perky, Marovitz, Hoff, Kuncs, Ryva, Brodnicki, Driz, Komv mer, Moyzis, Tischler. Fourth Row4Statastny, Dolak, Koon- tz, Kalmar, Becker, Weirittorq, Kurhar, Soukup, Mateiovsky, Kierstein. Consisting of two groups which meet the third and seventh periods the Boys' Chorus once again under the leadership of Miss Marie S. lohnson received "S" rating in the Annual Choral Contest. Twice each year the boys assist at both spring and fall Festivals. Bella Finkel has been their faithful accompanist for two semesters. The officers for this semester were: Third period'-Pres. lulian Svrcelcp Vicevpres. Ierry laneceky Treas. Al Rose, Secy. Edmund Subicz. Seventh periodwf Pres. Robert Garnettg Vice-Pres. Richard Weinberg, Treas. Ralph Kalmar, Secy. Glenn Sawyer. Some outstanding boys in the Choruses were lulian Svrcek, Louis Prachar, lerry lanecek, Robert Burzynski, and Robert Garnett. Vandon, Minarik, Ianecfik, Ilo- i11a, Rose, l.ei11dec'kOr, Sec- Rouctriek, Meyer, Miss lohn- Drew, Holec, Lapportc. Sec- Hall, Kmawa. Third Row-Kd Both the Iunior and Senior groups, besides singing at school, are heard in radio broadcasts, contests, and semi-annual spring and fall rnusic festivals. At the National Music Contest the girls received an "S" rating. Lucille Konecy has faithfully served as pianist in all programs in which they have participated. The officers for this semester were: Third period- -Pres. Errninia Sciaccag Vice-Pres. Blanche Novaky Treas. Betty Sedag Secy. Antonette Hahn. Seventh period4Pres. Eleanor Smith, Vice- Pres. leanne Ruzelcg Treas. Maxine ldeg Secy. Ruth Prchal. GIRLS' CHORUS GIRLS' CHORUS i'Gron5t I First Row Smith, Into, Siinc'-k, Prclvan, Sviacca, Vanck, Qlwatial, Malina, Mae sitio, Itcisvk, Crockett. Sec- ond Row - Bastyr, Schultz, Binqaman, Plntivlia, Sann, Se- da, Novak, Lanigan, Hamer, Pikal, Third Row - Lupac, Urctial, Hoeseko, Zorko, Mil- kIlS, Gnlifnian, Donialiyl, Stei- mistta, Konwy, Porter. Fourth Row --Monro, Ontiml-za, Ru- zvk, Iioloutiok, Xcnian, Fish, vlior, Senica, Coucli, Pmvlia, Iitimti, Kizwik GIRLS' CHORUS icilkitlit li First Row Peters Iioicsilsek, Steininqer, Grant, Farrell, Ters, Anton, Iiornoff, Kotitia. Second Row Ptutti Pcvspisil, Lattal, Mayen, Miller, Divntinl, Iiasm an, Karaka Itlys, Sit-dtarvlc. Third Row- Tnpiv, Kayl, Schwartz, Karnis, S c' It w a r I :', Imsos, Sterha, Moorv, lireiisn, Ifiitzi, Kovarik. GIRLS' CHORUS fkirotlp IIII First Row- Idatka, lXntII:'oiewski, Grether, l.lIIlLIIIlt", Gabriel, Zastro, Vi- zvk, Vitivqar, Ivanec. Second Row '-KUIIIOIOIIS, Neras, Hor- vni, Konvalinka, Sip, Hahn, Cisar, Minarik, Francik, Ma- cttacek. Third Row -Devaney, Villa, Mlatitv, lllivr, Nemwv, Hruza, S ink u I a, Nomecek, Flaiivik, Rotuik. i' B. P. A. First Row-Mrs. Care-k, Mrs. Spevak, Mrs. Tabor, Mrs. Havlik, Mrs. Lacliky, Mrs. Skala, Mrs, Kadera. Second Row-Mrs. Hockett, Mrs. Zelina, Mrs. Hruby, Mrs. Fremgen, Mrs. Vacelc, Mrs. Novy. Third Row-Mr. Zink, Mr. Kadera, Mr. Vacek, Mrs. Kaspar, Mr. Fremgen, Mr. Tabor, Mr. Novy. BAND PARENTS Financial matters pertaining to the band and orchestra such as purchasing instruments, equip- ment, repairing instruments, sponsoring a roller skating party and the eighth annual Iune Con- cert ancl Dance and purchasing medals and pins for the band and orchestra every year as a result of winning contests are the continuous Work of the Band and Orchestra Parents Association. The proceeds from the Concert and Dance help pay for these new instruments and repairs. Membership totals about ll5 and meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month in the Shedd Park Fieldhouse, and are Well attended. Page 'I'ffnlI-Two Meetings comprise lectures by professional musicians and talent taken from the band and orchestra. Parties are given occasionally for members of the band and orchestra and their friends. President ........... .... M rs. I. l-lavlik First Vice-President ...., .... M rs. A. Spevak Second Vice-President .... .... M r. P. B. Ritzma Recording Secretary .... ...Mrs. I. Tabor Treasurer ........... .... l Jlrs. I. Lachky Financial Secretary .... .. .Mrs. R. Skala Historian .......... .... M rs. E. Kubat STUDENT GUIDANCE STUDENT GUIDANCE COME AT 7:45 A.M. HO! HUM! The Student Guidance is one of the most im- portant group of students at Farragut. The mem- bers of this committee are recruited trom all semesters and have equal opportunities to serve. Among the projects undertaken are Freshman Day Assemblies, College Day and Tea, visits to the grammar schools, and conducting tours ot the school tor prospective students. At the start of each semester, a series of in- structive and entertaining assemblies are held for incoming Freshmen, explaining the extracurricu- lar activities in which they may participate. ln April of each year, College Day is held. On this day, members act as hosts and hostesses to representatives from selected colleges all over the country who come here to speak with the Seniors about their future educational plans. In Iune, the College Tea becomes the big event, for former Farragut students return to tell interested students about lite at college. Before the end of every semester, groups of Student Guidance members are sent to local grammar schools to speak to graduates about the courses, activities, and publications Farragut has to offer. Shortly after these trips have been completed, the grammar school students visit Farragut and are taken on a tour of the building by members of the committee. Aspirants to the Student Guidance Committee are given the privilege ot becoming members if recommended by their division teacher or after applying to Miss Florence E. Clark, sponsor, having had their records inspected and their ad- mission approved by the members of the group. The ofticers for the year of l942-43 are: Mar- cella Vaclavek, President, Blanche Prucha, Vice- President: Arlene Kirian, Secretary and Uldine Horeni, Assistant Secretary. Meetings are held every second Friday at 7:45 A. M. in Room 205. fFirst Row Miss Clark, Ka- tlvra, Misa, Porter, Spalenka, Farrell, Conrad, Soukup, Za- iivek, Zottek, Kotrba. Second How - Miller, Mladic, Blevins, Grant, Vaclavek, Bastyr, Bal- lan, Smith, Spalenka, Stanek, Pavlicck, A u b u rn, Slapak, Stipsky. Third Row 'Kamis, Novak, llilna, Kirian, Knex, lloreni, Latlal, Kadlec, Hos- tivka, Couch, Prnclia, Haikow- icft, Fagnlec, Bunisek. Fourth Row-Vitek, Miller, Mellon, lrliksa, Bowden, Gardner, Har- rison, Novak, landa, Tysl, l.onk, Ross, Svnliocla. Page TlJifty-Three BUSINESS IOURNALISM 'Collectors-Fin! Row--Musicka, Umek, Talman, Kraus, Sak, Dominik. Second Rowe -Dawiec, Ruth. BUSINESS IOURNRLISM 'Advertising 'First Row- Miss Linskey, Taraba, Castek, Frohriep, Kraus, Heine, Frerngen. The business journalism class, third per- iod, is the business department oi the Scroll. As business manager We have Irma Allard: as advertising manager Eleanor I-lejnag as advertising set-up girl Mary "iron handed" Anne Krausg as advertising salesmen are Lillian Castek and Ruth Proh- riep. Their duties are to collect money from the various Scroll advertisers. The book- keepers are Lorraine Herodes, in charge of the accounts receivable ledger: Lorraine Taraba, in charge of the division ledgersg and Georgiann Prince in charge of the gen- eral ledger. The collectors are Adeline Candra, Helen Daviac, Mildred Dominek, Rose Mlynarski, Vlasta Ruth, Vlasta Sak, Audrey Talman, Lillian Tesar, and Ann Umek. The duties of the collectors are many. They must collect activity fee from the division teachers daily until the room is 10071. They told and distribute Scrolls every other Thursday. The girls learn how to keep books, operate the adding machine, and learn how a newspapers advertising is obtained and set up. The business journalism is under the supervision of Miss Mildred Linskey. 'X Fremgeny as office manager or "boss" is 5 FARRAGUT SCROLL 1943 STAFF O EDITORS "fStandinq Boubelik, Mrs. Mudra. First Row Riha, Cesai, Parker, Likas, Verin- qer. SPORTS 'fflfirst Row-Ray Svoboda, LeRoy lirik, Gene Likas, Eleanor Miller, Irwin Dia- mond, David Zwick. REPORTERS 'Standing' - A Schultz, Schulz, Czajka, Kryl, Stielier, Horeni. First Row Tictliy, Mansfield, Lattal, Murawski. FEATURES i'Standinq-Parker, Pavlicek, Boubelik, Stanek. First Row-Husa, Velek, Wad' dell, Miller, Cesal. fri 1 mm Q YIIIIIINIII ' gasaxunnuuni Behind the Quill and Scroll award you receive in your Senior year for work done on the school paper is a career of hard yet interesting work. When the paper is going to press, the Scroll Room is one of work, noise, rush and worry. You know it's work wheneeditors stay until 6:00 P.M. finally assembling an unrecognizable piece of paper which will be transformed into a Scroll and de- livered to your division room on time every other Friday. When 'you rack your brain for a head that will fit for stories that don't. When you're counting the inches of a story until you know more figures than Morgenthau. You know it's noise theneyou try to talk to Butch across the room, repeating so many times you're sure your vocal chords are strained. When typewriters are going at such a speed you wonder why the world's champion typists haven't come from our own Publications Office. When' -Asomeone meets a waste- basket and makes a perfect three-point landing on the fielde--oopsAfloor. When reporters are rushing around gathering bits of information from editors who are still sane enough to give it to them. You know it's rush when-it's six o'clock and you thought you were going to get dummies to the printer so you could have galleys the next day. When reporters are handing you the line that all the typewriters are busy in order to be sure they've got the 5W's in their first sentence. When you just discovered galleys haven't been proof-read and you make a futile effort to control yourself long enough so Mrs. "M" will not discover this for herself. You know it's worry when-the dead- line is here, and you haVen't even de- cided how to begin your feature. When fpoor cub reporters have lost their one last brain cell because you scared them out of their wits and you hope they won't require a doctor be- cause you're broke as it is. When no friend or foe will even sug- gest to you an idea for that tiller in the wide open space. fl filled this space OK., didn't l?l u 'I'l1irly EDITORS Gloria Sladek, Evelyn Pav- licek, Richard Vana, Alice Cizck, Ruth McDowell. THE LOG FOR 1943 MRS MARIE H. MURDA IAdviserl The l943 Log has as its theme the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Farragut Senior High School. lust exactly ten years ago in September, 1933 Farragut ceased being a Iunior High. For our birthday cake see the title page. Vivian I-Ioloubek, 222D, coaxed her father to make this beautiful cake for us and we express our sincere thanks to him for it. This year the Log Staff worked under the strain of Wartime difficulties with a deadline that was weeks ahead of other years and a shortage of metal, films and paper. But the problems have been worked out with the help of the Scroll Staff, some of the Senior rooms and the many teachers who excused students from class to get the book done. The Staff Wishes to thank all these and also the Root Studio and Mr. Dick Mitchell, the engraver, for this cooperation. OUR STAFF ' ' ' EDITOR Gloria Sladek ff BUSINESS MGR. Richard Vana W MAKE-UP EDITOR Ruth McDowell if CIRCULATION MGR. LeRoy Iirik f SENIOR WRITE-UPS Evelyn Pavlick f PHOTOG- RAPHY EDITOR Alice Cizek. P.1ge Thirty-Six PHOTOGRAPHY fFirst Row-- Likes, Borosalc, Prchal, Smith, Silha, I-Ironec. Photography Group plans the pliotographefs schedules, takes, arranges, and identifies pictures and snaps those candids everyone dreads. LITERARY fllow 1- -Stanek, Spacek, Waddell, Novak, Ide. Row 2- Miller, Kormunda, Zeithammel, Boubelik. Literary Group gathers all data on the Seniors, clubs, clnssesy writing, copy and proof reading everything. CIRCULATION 'First Row lloroni, Lattal, Kryl, Spalenka, Ho- inolka. Collectors give up division periods to collect Log monoy from room salesmen. ADVERTISING flfirsl Row - Tyle, Giles, Pike, Vololc, Tischer, Husa, Stachniak. Second Row Mrs.Mudra, Riha, Zraly, Tichy, Fagulec, Ryva, Kupka, Kamis. Third Row Prclial, Krueger, Gelsoniini, Svoboda, Car- ralnotta, Kouvalinka, Kelly, Ftinganiaii. Business Stall promotes sales, avts as Log distributors, and sells ads to local businessmen. Puge Thirty-Seven STUDENT COUNCIL ' SENICR CABINET Composed of forty 4A and 4B boys and qirls, the Senior Cabinet inenibers are elected by the faculty and the 4B's. The club, sponsored by Miss Gonovra Geer, is equally divided between 4A's and 4B's. Meeting with the Freshmen, the Senior Cabinet plans talks wit htheni or the finer points oi etiquette, and sees that every division has at least one party in the Social Room. t The Cabinet niernbers are chosen lor their willingness to serve, depend- ability and general qood citizenship. SENIOR CABINET 'First Row llmil-zu, V1-iinqti, Navy, llusa, Vavwk, Sntlkup, Parker, Kolvcrim, llnrnlif'-'k. Second Row- -Miss Genova Gvnr, Mnrwv, llnina, Kainlna, Priliyl, Gwiq-ti, Krmva, llxllllrt, Ktxnlvra. Third vS'N'H5 E I xfriitill A , r I I How llilm, Stilwln, fivolwoila, Ktispiirol-1, lfis, Dnrtiiy llrarlmi, lliidinan, Horosak, Fourth Row Kohn, Lnnk, Cnwswr, llam- iviuvi, Ilvivf li, lair lil-:gy It nik, Klfnnf-tt, Nmil. STUDENT COUNCIL flirt up l First Row lVlm'lm, SCllIdl11IIl, llnnfin, Kiiwm, llulfiis, Kulmt, llall- ratrwin, lv'ltm11fif', livioiiswlz. Second How l.fvoinriL', limi, Vfistmlo, Mydak, l.i ltvi, filxwlrwlfi, lifnivtl-1, 'l'--pin: Third Row Anfl- rasttn, It vers, Vulnininqs, Slnistrir, lint-1 kiimni '-" v, Mtilifli, l.aniar, Miller. Fourth Row tiilws, llnnsl-1.1, Tlnirstnn, ll-isszalwi, lliniimiiiil-1, lliiiplm, Cfardiinr, lWr'1iltit'xvsk1, Fsin-fl, Cnlvs. STUDENT COUNCIL fflrttiip ll First Row Dviiiwtmrl, Bas- tyr, Naval-1, l,,-isfan, llitigllz-1, Vostatok, Otto. Second Row Drfwv, l.ii1fllwf'rft, lfitkaisl, ifotivli, 'l'tilrnan, fltnrnislia, Third How Koutsky, Vfiutnilc, Gabriel, li0vho1', 1'1liurnn, Ni-val-:. lhzge Tbirtyljigbl SERVICE CLUBS FARRAGUT FILMSTERS flklirafz llmusim Firsl Row Pnplai, liul iuiii, lvlivliim, Spm'lm"lc, l'1'Oislwr, lifiinliii. FIRE MARSHALS WML l'v.ic-lick First Row Lilcixs, Kulixi, Llilm, lliviumri. Second Row Qlviimxi, , ,,. . V' . l.l. l'n1i1l, lmfmilcu, lxulws, lxml, buvlm ma-l. STAGE EQUIPMENT flvlr. lifillliiu Firsi Row liivois, Sma- lxik, 'l'm11'qvO, MIC. Fallliis, Kimi, Kynrl, Iivsiuvislur. Second Row Lavl-cw, Pw- pwllm, Vmicim, lccsnivislwr, Siccllarwk, SmiIl1,MamSliPld. Third Row liovarik, Cnknra, Kovarik. CLEAN-UP CLUB flvliss lwlwwlilm First Row klikninakli, lilispm, Wfmier, 'l'ysl, Miisil, lllciii, Col- lins, Kaiiimlli. Second Row Ivliss Muolmii, Spalvnlca, Similulvlz, Zomrilc, Smici, Mm'lmn"Ok, l'ml, l'lUSI1l-lil, Lvliv. Third Row Nlxllllidiiil, lllli0lliPSOIl, llwl' kowirz, lVlriI'f'lC, Lfumliws, Tislvr, Zvlwlz, l lill, Malmo. Fourih Row liirlilor, Slnmsllcu, Svliwnrz, Klima, Daliuslrcm, DOIillWI'dWSl'1l, Kunz, lvlcmricli, Mojzisc-lc. PJQQL' Tlmirly-Nille Page Forty 'li T. A. First Row Mis. N. Kru- ger, Mis. L. Front' gen, M rs. l. A. Safranek, Mrs. ff. Svlicw-riliofc-ri, M r s. C. l. Vlacli, Mrs. ll. Zelina, Mrs. O. l. Hauskrietfit. Second How Mrs. ft. Dnv rak, Mrs. A. Nnvy, Mrs. F. Aclrnnaitis. Mrs. A. Havlik, Mis. H. Wailwel, Mrs. M. Kohriut, Mrs. L. A. Polka. PARENT TEACHERS ASS'N The Farragut P.T.A. was organized to promote interest and co-operation among the faculty, students and parents. lt has proven a great success and the interest and cooperation have never waned. The final meeting of the Farragut P.T.A. was field on lime 10, in the Social Room. Mrs. Louis Brookman, Ir., of the l.C.P.T. High School Service installing Officer, had the honor of installing the new officers in the P.T.A. at Farragut. New officers are: President, Mrs. Elsie Schonhofeny First Vice-President, Mrs. Otto Hauskv nechty Rec. Secretary, Mrs. Lawrence Fremgen and Treasurer, Mrs. Iohn Cillian. The past year was a busy one not only with parties but worthwhile activities. At an exhibit of posters and publicity books held at the Austin Town Hall, 'x'Ved., March 31, for the Council of District 23, the P.T.A. achieved high honors. Two posters out of four presented by Mrs. C. I. Miller, poster chairman, and made by Mrs. Martinovsky, a past poster chairman, were awarded blue ribbons, and are going to be exhibited at the State Convention. The posters selected were on membership and homemaking. Mrs. Martinovsky has also been elected and installed as an auditor of the High School Council P.T.A. of District 23, at the Annual Spring Conference which was held at the Marshall High School, on March 25. Mrs. Ierome A. Safranek, received a certificate of merit for her publicity book which was voted as being the best book of the High Schools of District 23. "Where is that dictionary?" is no longer the cry in the Scroll and Log room. Why? Because the P.T.A. has generously donated a beautiful Webster's New lnternational Dictionary-WSecond Edition, to the young journalists. This dictionary is set on a movable walnut table on casters which make it easy to slide from place to place. Now the searching and rumaginq through drawers, filing cases or cupboards has been eliminated, for now with a twist of the wrist the dictionary comes sliding toward you. Pretty nifty, eh? Cn March llth, at the regular P.T.A. meeting, 'Wilma Boubelik, editor of the Scroll, accepted the dictionary from the president, Mrs. Frank Louzensky, expressing the gratitude of both the Scroll and Log staff. She also said anytime the mothers wanted to know how to spell a word they were welcome to run over and use tho new dictionary. Again, a million thanks to the P.T.A. SERVICE GUILD SERVICE GUILD I tl.litlt'llI'UUtIl Sponsors First Row- Dolois. Second Row Howdon, L. Novak, V. Novak, ldwiricwri, Smnenok, Manak, Zorko, Third How llorni, Sladok, Spon- lock, Wliito, Divis, Drtina, Scliwiltla. SERVICE GUILD II fAssomltly llall Sponsors First Row-- Horoiisr-k, Byclilik, Arziq, llokoska, Frniiiqon, 'l'l1i0r, Dvorak, Roininqor. Sec- ond Row 'Miss Culvr-r, Srninolia, Srliu- lwr, Prncflia, Fromqori, Koontz, Plys, ll--nqoporos, Pocliolvradsky. Third Row Poplar, Hakkan, Lamo, Boliinc, Eimvrs, Rudman, Vitok, Roth, Doqri0s.I"ourth Row Allold, Piclia, Burke, Klinichok, Zalina, Kipta, Yolniclior, Cikanok, No- votny. SERVICE GUILD III illall Guard l First Row--Kurzawn, Kobylak, llospopke, Gabriel, Smekal, Schmidt, Noblwa, Kluczyrislcv, Second Row - J Billik, Volconio, Gordoyciv, Grovny, Rims, Tozibiatousk, Sindlocl, 'l'o1wic. Third Row, fConrad, Gardner, l7'arr0ll, Karaka, Polil, Corny, Freinqon. Novak, Satranok. Fourth Row Dranror, Roriclia, Riclitor, Novak, Hlavar, Krsak, Vrla, Piksa. SERVICE GUILD IV fllall Guard Il--First Row- -Maclia, Vozromka, Waddoll, Fiadvanosky, Zotvk. Killlittlf, Novak, Sann. Second Row- Roininqor, Losick, Danylciw, Hawkins, Rousvk, If-vororiz, Liss. Third Row- llosok, Anivovotny, Storlia, lvlooro, Stn- kiyolioam, Bdfitftli, Boliinc, Miller. Fourth Row Ryva, Gzaika, Koudelik, Vtlliito, DCIllfSC'ilf'I', Novak, Fioudnok, Kruoqor. Orqaniztud in lflflil, tliri Smvico Guild is now made up of tivo different qroups: luncliroom sponsors, office lielpors, liall quards, assonilily liall sponsors, and study liall lifilpvrs. A studvnt may tw- conie a nimnlior of the Service Guild by volunteerinq tor duty, and must lie rocoinniondod by liis division teachers. A liadqo is worn by mmnbors as a mark of autliority and distinction. A qroup of students from tlie Student Council plan tlio activities of tlio Servico Guild. 'l'liis connnittvci of tho Student Council and ofticors of the Service Guild liold conferences with students wlio sliow poor citizenship. The rvprosontatives receive five points toward tliciir civic lettvr. Prigc lfurlj-Om' WE READ ABOUT THE WAR 1501111155 have s1r111k Q1 PGITGUU11 Books Books 11111 I11 110 13111111-,V 11113 0x1011s1v0 bo111bard1110n1 is 1h0 10811115 O111OW 11111 10s1 W111111 is sp1r01:1d1ng11k0 w11d11r0 111 11y1u11o11 111111111011 Qo1110111oorary h1s1ory War 111110 o1b1111a111o11 our 111x1door 11o111hb11rs and postwar 11111111111111 T111 y 111 now 11111 ks' U11111 111110 books on b111JJOL1b 1111111111 1111011 si 111111 Q11 books111Farr1111u1s 111 L11111y 11011a11111111 111Q1v111a11 d01011s0 V11.1ory 11ard0n 1111 w11r WC11'C 111111 11 o books 121111191 111 1110 aqqres 11 r1s0 111 11ow11 A111111111 111020 ar0 C1v11111n 0 11115911 111 1110 U11i10d 511193, by Q, 11. 11. E. Dupuy and 1.i0u1. H. Q,ar10r- "This 1s Your War by Q,h11ds and IGdfC1CWIlS for V1C1o1y. 15111111-cg 1or uso 111 1110 now P10-1i1i11111 111111111111 Course 1111111 P11-11111110111111 R111di1111s 1110 to b0 1ound 111 abund- .1111'0. T11 vy 1110111111 A11 1111111111 and M13111011111 ics 111 AV11i111I1." '1'111f 15111111111 "L1111111 Noi11111,1o1"' sorios is lJd111111Lj 11113111 11o11111111i1y Wl111131l1f.1CI11S, O11Of1I1gJ such books as, "Noi111111111s 111 11111 501111111 by Goo1z 111111 "Good N011411- 111.11511 by 110rr11111. 111111i111y 111 111:15 1110 1136311113 s01:u1'0d 1or 1119 119W 10121131- 11111 17IiUH,11'dI11 Whi1511 11115 110011 11'1s1111110d in 1311 high s1'11oo1s 111 1111111 511111111115 to 193111 1o r0ad wilh und0r- 13111111111111. Books 0x111'0ssi1111 1110 1110115 o1 our AII19f1CdH Way 111 Life 111111 101111111 111 our 1'0sourC0s C1a1I11 n1uCh of 1119 S1l1C1OI11S' 111101051 and a110111ion. A11 of 111959 books 111011111111011 1110 now 111 FdITdlJ111lS Tr011sur0 Chesi, 1-011dy 111111 wi1111111 1or G11 10 us0 1h01n. T110 library is 11 10s0rvoir 1or 1h0 pro1no1ion of in- 111111110111 1111111411111 1111 a 1101101 and happier post-war world! .".l.QL f'4H7f1',ll11 11 LIBRARY STAFF LIBRARY STAFF 'f1.1111.11'y Staff Firsi Row 11-11-1, W.1 11UI, 171ys1'11, 11r01S11, f'311.11'11, 111111:a1111111 Snrnk, Kaf-irnk, 111111, 1-I-1r1111. Secon Row Miss V01101', 1'111111'0k, 1'1-11c.1, 1111 111111 ZIIIQY, C'1101111v.1, 111'11IIIY, 'l'i.'111 1111'1s11:, A11111111111, K111111s, 1V1111s1111. Third Row 1V11111111', Z11s1111, K1111111-11, V1'ys111'11:1 '1':11111f1, 1i11111101k11, V1111-11111, 1,o:s11s, V1 1111111, 1111ss1111, K11:s1.11, 1111-1114. l ALICE MITCHELL Chairman MARY I. MORGAN EMILY MILLS KATHERINE O'LEARY BERNADETTE HOPKINS SCHOLARSHIP LEAGUE During the past few months the members of the Scholarship League have participated in a series of programs entitled, "Air Age Education." These programs were planned to encourage students to interest themselves in aviation. They explained the many points of interest in the aeronautical field. Movies and stories explained technical facts which help students understand their study of pretlight in their regular classes. General informa- tion tor the novices helps to create an interest in aeronautics. The aim oi the Scholarship League is to encourage students to raise their scholastic averages and to attain fine citizenship. Membership is open to any students whose citizenship and earnest endeavor quality them. Excellence in scholarship is necessary to learn even a small part of the vast knowledge man- kind has systematized in the arts, sciences, history, and literature. The motto of this organization is truly, "Per aspera Ad Astra" iThrough Hardship to the Stars? for only through leadership, scholarship, service and character are worthwhile things ac- complished. The war has taught us the necessity ior clear thought and progressive intelligence because only through intelligence can these students become worthwhile citizens who will be better able to prevent the carnage through which we are now strug- gling to emerge victorious. They are the men and women who will continue to keep the ideals of democracy alive. Every semester the members oi the Scholarship League hold a general rneeting with otiicers of the Honor Society presiding. There is also an induction ceremony for outstanding students who are made members of the National Honor Society. This program, which is always inspiring, contains talks that are given by the respective presidents of the Iunior Honor Society, Service Guild, Student Council, and Senior Honor Society. Musical selections given by the Concert Orchestra and soloists add to the beauty of the ceremony. ln addition other special programs and parties are enjoyed by the members throughout the year. Once again this year we had the annual Honor Society Skating party which was greatly enjoyed by everyone as the capacity rink plainly showed. The money that was turned in for the party enabled our school to send the Victory Boxes to 5lU men serving our country so gallantly in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Corps. Cakes were sent to the Servicemen's Canteen in the campaign that was conducted last term. Miss Alice Mitchell is general chairman of the Scholarship League. The tour groups are sponsored by the Honor Society sponsors: Miss Mary Morganflfreshmeng Mrs. Emily Mills- Sophomoresp Miss Katherine Olearyeluniorsp Miss Bernadette Hopkins-Seniors. Page Forty-Three lhge Forty-Four SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY I ffirsf How Otto, Kr-rfirirfr, Mrirvt' Krupkfa, Pavlicrik, Bririhvlik, Smikup Parker, Hurrilirink. Second Row Smith Velek, Ivarrnri, Nfvvrvtriy, Himsa, Cristal Veririqor, Caha, Prchfri. Third Row- Sodiacvk, Saufr, Vosiwky, Torrischiti Barham, Marisiiwlfi, Hfisrrk, Ifis, Iiaqrrlm- Fourth Row Marsh, Svohofia, Tamlm Zaman, Lohreritz, Zmrifrrr, Zraly, Sfikrrl Rousbk, VI-Tok. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY II 'First Row -Wioza, Korivry, Krriir-fr, Iirec, Novy, Stairs'-k, Ihisa, Smith, Vrrrfvk Frederick. Second Row Vrnoiwrrrrri Hoiria, Stiiilo, Riha, Vitwris, Krrrmrvk Florian, Zorko, Lasso, Third Row Inrriri Crick, Rudrrrarr, Hrrzzvk, Dorrir, Iiifila, Peitersorr, Karriha, Strarliwtfr, I"r.ri, IIN: ticka. Rourth Row Krrkfrist, Kmrtsky I'IEiIIlIXOITIF'I', Vfiwrwr, tI.irririt!, IW-rrrmrr Kolar, Ntfwro, Karsimrfik IUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY i'I"irsl Row Roisnk, Grrrrifiyrv, Sykr-1.1, Gairrioi, Pruvhd, Sw-tiodra, Iirrkfii, ihvitv, Pose, Vlroctir-ia, Second Row Miss O'L-Gary, Zciormhlik, Srirrifr, Arrin, Sutra riek, Bolirisko, Saiiollc, Svhrarrrrrr, Novak, Klifirricivsky, Pr vfrrr. Third Row Star-ti niak, Vlasich, Kouha, Biricrarrmri, Novak, Winkler, Soukup, Kiriari, Krruz, Srravok. Fourih Row Drew, Frvrrrqvrr, Krucqrrr, Kormunda, Tysl, Iloravvk, Iiostivka, Lauth, Hamer, Hruhy. HONOR SOCIETIES 5:aT.b4...g... ,, 7---ef. . J SCHOLARSHIP To be eligible lor the National Honor Society a student must be in the upper third ot his class. The members of the faculty then send in their recommendations. SERVICE Service is another characteristic on which the teachers base their choice. Willingness to serve and cooperation, and dependability are the chief factors. The committee also discusses awards that the candidate has received. SOPHOMORE HONOR SOCIETY ,, "fl-'irst Row Likas, Forst, Pribyl, Porter, Slapak, Stipsky, l'arrell, Conrad, Zettek, Kotrba, lvanec. Second Row- V- nlnitla, Souknn, llutlcc, Gasparik, Ferl, Steininqer, Snurny, Spacil, Spiegal, Klein, Rychlik, Peters, Svetal, Dvorak, Ga- briel. Third Row Bowden, Kunz, Ploc, Kyzivat, Mlady, Malirh, Benisek, Kutzendorfer, Hrocli, Veselka, Lomos, Hai- l-znwivf, 24-nivik, Kml, Ttlwic. Fourth Row Strangli, lN'w'e.i, Carek, Kasper, Kvidera, Spevak, Kristufek, Husarik, Hyva, Ross, Pencil, Devaney, Horeni, Bute, Vitek, Lattal, Piksa, Cliodt-ara, Komorous. SPEAKERS AT THE THIRD HONOR INITIATION CHARACTER A student is also judged by his character. Trait ratings are taken into consideration by the sponsors of the Honor Society and by the Committee. LEADERSHIP A committee composed of Miss Clark, Miss Geer, Mrs. Schultz, and the Honor Society sponsors, Miss Mitchell, Miss O'Leary, Miss Morgan and Miss Hopkins, vote on the stu- dents who are selected. They are initiated and receive membership cards and pins from Mr. Ritzrna. Activities a student is engaged in also are taken into consideration. FRESHMAN HONOR SOCIETY 'First Row Rezac, Kunicki, Gardner, Hosek, Uher, Killhoff. Second Row Zaman, Langer, Bohinc, Starck, Novak, Pur chal, Third Row-Hallstrom, Prochaska, Townsley, Kulr-sh, Kluczynski, Dushek, Harvet. Puig? lrllflvj'-I:iI't' :Nr 5, Q1 .".. Q . lf- 1 C NMS. W I 1111 llllll il," ymlls Williv. 7 Rrflaxiu' i11 Sp1'i11q. 3 'Mrs Tui19'll Fix It. 4 Last T11111-111-::. F1 0011! F U11 43 11l '17 lVl1-554. H WH l5i1l11't llmn ilu- Boll! E3 Slmll WO C11 ln? lfl VVU l71111'I li-'liwv-1 ll. ll I l11 ll ll 1 l 4111 H1-1111-11. lil M i s I 1'-1 W.111il lf? Flaq Duy 1111 lVlir'l1. Hlwl. I-1 A l'l.1sl1l IF1 'll-11.1 l'i111111 'X11111' lb 111 lllf' lX1l::. I7 llllx'lFl H8111 lVl1111'l111ss Hy. I3 Dwwn 1111 H10 l'111111Y lf? 'l'11111'E1w1' Lvl 1l1-- M1111k-1 lllll ll 1111 ll 11- l'l11.e::11. LTI F511 W1- fllwll Quill. fl? ff'-1-i1111 N. Y. 23 Wi111f11 31"-111-, 74 Mr, "ll," 'll ll l111 vw: llwll l11. N1 ll11-:azz f'l11il1l lVlw11l:1. UNDERCLASSMEN AT FARRAGUT 105A-1B f104A-IB--Miss Peterson-First Row- Hinv'-l, fivrw, Milkovirh, Vizrfk, Twirefv, IMI-visa, Dv:-mk, Immvfik. Second Row- Hinsss IW-ts'-xfwll, Krystirmk, Iplwm, Siqqw vnmu, Vwrst, Pilllvly Hllilrir, 5:-hlllllll, Third Row Vw:-'ly Kulqr, Sc'iixUvr10l', Kassl, W1-Nlrivk, II.mk-wwifzr, Iiviimmwk, Pari- lf-lf, Viitmrin. 106A-IB 'IOSA-IB - - Mr. Miller i First Row - Ifrixlfmli, Wmm, l'f11wll.xl1vl1, Mika, ffiluui- lm, Z.1fl:I11.m11, iimlwllrik, I'-JYSYIHJG, Iluilxt' llhill, N111-'11, Second Row Mr, Millwi, I"-I-'11, Hwi.nln1, ilfxlrvrislwill, Klilllbl, H-wi -mln-l wx, 1.11-lvxk, hkvblcll, Novak, Vvxlimk, i'1i lm, M-111, Mo-Ilww, vvkikllikd. Third Row - I'riim.m AflI1il'i1, ffummimjs, Tfqvlx, -"'iCl1l14'il, Iffrif-ei, H1:'P1!f1r, Imllv, Vi :sI.xI. 1101-X-1B i110-IB -Mr. Horwichwlfirsl Row- I'-irxn-fky, 'I'rSySffli:', Hmrata, Krwliylak, f'.1l1l1-Ll--fun, l'L'upli4'ki, Iluri, Kuxiui. Sec- ond Row MI. Iimwivlx, Sebek, Paw- I1 Wsliil, Iilwtzy IZI1-wklvy, Pinkn0I',STm- fum, Third ROW-fIil1lf'kSIlliii1, Lm-hel, Ilrlspv-1-1, i'iIl'i4'i, Bri-'h.1In, fixmvi, Wiliffx, T.11k1x1w'l:'w. 304A-1B H3045-IB Mr. Airick-Fits! Row- Krrh, 'I'P1wilw, Dmva, Fwltz, Fmnma, Imxriws, MuM.ahnnl1, Vilimwk, Swanson. Second HOWMMI. Aflivk, Wmrazvk, Ot- mlf-ic, H4111 in v, fivillrillllll, M'lSSIlldIl, Ifrlixxl-cw, Hrnimyku, Ihysvh, Moran. Third How -- VX'wn'i1'f'hww::ki, Silflljidll, Iriskri, Hi1I1fI"Ii, PQI'-rllskw, Z'-I4-l1k.1, I1fI1l1::wn, If.nH'f-11, IW-'lf-till. 1' :fy lifrli lfikqlfl YEOMEN 310A-1B 5310-IB-Miss Cushing - First How - Poliatka, Fremqen, Cech, Schmidt, Skach, I-loluls. Second Row-Hlosta, Misl-ca, Ballan, Anderson, Slokrwilllia, Miller, Krinch. Third Row Goles, Swanson, Novak, Manek, Kalas, Younq. 322A-1B 41322-IB-Miss McDaniel-First Row- Sentivanac, Berq, Kucera, Talusek, Pavelick, Soukup, Beran, Kainrath. Soc- ond Row-Miss McDaniel, Thompson, l-lejtmanek, Novoiny, Patrick, Deeqan, Hora, Stachniak. Third How----Paloucek laster, Dahlstrom, Witkowski, Zamis, lennu, Zupanich, Dovaney, Smoiil. 4271-X-1B i427-l-B - Miss Barry - First Row - Rulh, LeMar, Novak, Hesik, Rulik, Smekal, Roll, Slutt, Tausk. Second Row-Hospodka, Brindac, Ekl, Ziiny, Baldura, Sinkora, Waiclanz, Teren, No- volny. Third How-Emory, Ribnicek, Tyla, Gordon, Theisen, Uher, Sedloff, Filer, Schinaql, Plewa. 102A-IA WIOZA-IA-Mr. Siedenstranq - First Row Kreiss, Poplar, Gustafson ,Good, Kurzawa, Hradecky, Suhajcla, Vesely. Second Row-Mr. Siedenstranq, Vysko- cil, lirka, Rifle, Klecan, Gessler, Bilek, Fletier, Spravka. Third Row-Borkick, NZelenc, DeClue, Maqdiziarz, Willis, Levandovski, Taibl, Friedle, Marion. Page Forty-Nine 1081-X-1A i'108A-IA-Mr. Camden-First Row - Gffiio, HHIISFNII, Z1-umm, Zink, 'l'rHrs, Sod orsliom, ilarvvi, Tiximrwik. Second Row -Mr. Cmndfm, Giriiiriq, .UI'i3dTl, Svfwik, Uhor, Vosfijpka, Imww, Davis. Third How -Pmvk, Crlaliv-rifiw, Kiiiuivki, Urlmli Diiqmmis, Mama, Piviial, l-Jvenwood hifxiifl.. Fourth Row r-Frwitoq, Caproa, Snsviz, Kmi, Nf'VKWiIiy', Siuiwfk, Tvssar, Lip- 1-ziiwiizt. 125A-1A i'l25A-IA-Miss Petersen-First Row-- Mivliaol, Sifiiifilfflg Val'-ic, Tlwyii, Miilioiii, I-liulivoclii, filliilii. Second Row-Miss iiotvrsmi, Minkuis, Viivk, Wwrsi, Tlipa, Sqiiiliuck, Iliimiiii, Kimi, inmsik, Third Row fiiiiisivr, Kvivliizswk, I'l.u"i1y, HOW- imi, friiwilnivil-2, Miillsfif'-hi, ifilwixiais, Mikol. 2101-X-1A WZIOA-IA V-Mr. Minizer-First Row- Viipf-Ikii, Vwiim, Imlivslfx, 1-usfllski, Koiliv- sky, Nwviik, Culllil, liiilik. Second ROW4 Mr, iV1iIlil"'I, Aiiiii-lwsz, Zwlliik, Sililifxldf, Mu-iwv, Ibwlimi, VVii-iigifrs, Mivii, iiixpnia, I,iip.iii:s. Third Row I-fiinrvi, iwmlq, Ymiiie-I, ilinifilmz, fi.iImiiI4'I, H01 Imm, Illifhik, Kiiiilwfi, iiriifi. 212D-1A "f2l2D-1A--Miss Rheude-Firs! Row-d Sifiili, P-lil-tn, Piluy, Simvaikn, Gromi- mmi, 'IV'-lwlwiitsa, Dmskiu, ilailsirom ilwrwk. Second Row W1-xi-fr, Harris, Diamoiifi iiwriqoporvfs, liilum, Kilpatrick, Marcu- snk, Papafvk. Third Row-Witte, Af! iiorwiil, Vimis, Iiafmiwk, Corvony, Prifi dy, Bllivxll. Fourih Row-S-fhwmlz, immin, IXIIIUS, Sillfflfwiifxillil, Harrison, fx' Omims, iiivlitvr, Mnrfifok, rmwiana. Page Fifly YEOMEN ix mhv XMI YEOMEN 223A-IA Yf223A-IA-Miss McVey-First Row- Kasper, Swiech, Townsky, Slomski, Kasper, Kluczynski, Korinek, Molik. Second Row-Benisek, Halack, Re-zac, Molik, Mylak, Flasza, Ierz, Krizka, Drai- nol, Krolopp, Vachata. Third Row -- Chewenak, Soukup, Yelnicker, Kolar, Genske, Korycki, Sojka, Vachuta, Zena, Stankiewicz. 229A-IA i229-1-A-Mrs. Maloney-First Row - Hill, Klebba, Zinqq, Mussman, Lains, Kulesh, Lancy, I-Ijelie, Spalenka. Second Row-Kubkouski, Lampropulos, Zingq, Langer, Samocki, McCafferty, Kilens, Slusarczyk, Plys, Lenz, Third Row- Lacko, Burek, Dimoff, Pecin, Urzendq- Wski, Ianouch, Razz, Larsen, Simcklas, Koudelba. 319D-1A f3l9D-IA - Miss Duda - First Row - Liss, Mesik, Qhevrofi, Meister, Levin, Bruha, Rivers, Pease, Panek. Second How' Dobbratz, Sauer, Falle, Tuma, Flak, Laska, Pariyka, Kacin, Mike-ska, Gardner, Miss Duda. Third Row - Aumann, Reininqer, Lembitz, Kaifas, Kranzer, Vales, Korinek, Sustek, Chu- doba, Wickenkamp, Macha. 417A-1A i417-1-A-Miss Couqhlin-First How- Sindler, Canty, Neidzvivki, Noworul, P-Hvlovic, Schneider, I-iorak, Kacirek. Second Row-Miss Couqhlin, Pacek, Zorin, Dundd, Krhounek, Miller, Iarzab, bran-ez, Slaueiz. Third Row' Meisner, Beimal, Nowicki, Henqles, Ryjacek, Goldman, Weber, Ward, Price. Page Fifty-One 420A-IA i'420R-1A-Miss Ehrenwerlh-First Row Lvvnrvnz, Horkinqs, Mlnarik, Simolko, lmzacloor, llroiso, Anton, Honzlik, Baliia, llaisl. Second Row-Soslak, Richards, Polka, lianrinski, Minarik, Marek, Fran- rik, Lucas, Warner, Cervslnka, Blevins. Third How - Hrluacok, Balas, Tansini, Koontz, Hallis, Bornardo, Zill, Vavra, lfrupka, Rarnott, Popisil. 4211-X-IA i'42lA-IAW-Miss Dunn--First Row-4 Svoc, Blunvk, Pospirflml, Dvorak, Zdwnvk Dona, Pnvolcliik, Spalonka, Purroll. Sec- ond Row - Suloyk, Dvorak, Slolocki Wisliriowski, Suiak, Klouzelr, Balaly Sloclivy, Yanql. Third Row-Monaqlian llorrnann, Marirh, Svlmllz, Naqol, Mirli- nn, Kral, Slanrl, Losnwislor, Graninqor 425A-1A i'425A-lAiMrs. Barrel!-Firsi Row- l'rolik, Ylvlmrfonhorq, Tosinsky, Vlaclar, Wolcomf-, Zaslro, Ryan, Spruqol, Tom- snviv. Second How-Mrs. Barrolt, Star- ostkn, Hahn, Masok, Smolak, Novak Dr-limala, Tourqof-, Tislor. Third Row- llinris, Boliinr, Younqquisl, Sansky Prokoy, Smith, Koslkn, Galurifhl, Wosol- sky, Kynrl. 104B-2B '10-1B-2B-Mr. Paschke - First Row - Kilts, Gabiner, Moehrinq, Natzke, Kazda Otto, lrlbacker, Venliucla, Mika. Sec- ond Row -Mr. Pasclil-ce, Hamer, Gorss Hucllro, Botlom, Lanqner, Huebner, An- flor, Hamer, Doels. Third Row -Vokac, Curran, Vilumis, Stock, Forbes, Fisuck SlY'f'llld, Wrfirauclr, Mlaclvnoff, Marek. 1 Page Fifty-Two YEOMEN F" BOATSWAI NS 221B-2B f221B-2B-Mr. Cook-First Row-Tom- cik, Tosar, Miller, Drysch, Soukup, Vob- rouvok, Mision, Haaso, Hurt. Second Row Mr. Cook, Chodora, Sykora, Svarn- liora, King, Thurston, Soukup, Sliumak. Third Row-Zdenfik, Pavlas, Hozucha, Polivli, Telwbcis, Galway, Voss. Fourih Row-Nomoc, Schumackor, Mares, Fial- ka, Hand, Polianka, Opiolinski. 226B-2B 152268-2B - Mrs. Davis - Firs! Row - Corny, limp-ok, lliolrowski, llorsl, llrillyl, Prosok, llolik, Ekl, llardl. Second Row -Mrs. Davis, Lisak, Golik, Machek, Houpy, Ringer, Bowrion, Carsiens, Ru- back, Third How-Tomsak, les, Ed- rnier, Hladik, Choo, Sukup, Maclidla, Speck. Fourth Row-Rapinac, Klam- Chnk, Horny, Ward, Sliopok, Zolona, Linhaii, Houska, Goodman. 228B-2B "f228B-2B-Mrs. Babcock-First Row- Moldniod, Plosnicli, Spovak, Diamond, Fachlik, Eminqor, Spioqol, Broke, Second Row Frulmuii, Aronouski, Ruzicka, Brlis, Matoiovic, Third Row--Otto, Hoz- hon, Kariolick, Czorwinski, Schrein, Ko- varik, Heindl, Feinberg, Hadraba. Fourth Row-Bonca, McKinnon, Klir, Opll, Lin- hari, Fonrl, Knopf, Glancoy. 405B-2B '1'405B-2B-Miss Hogan - First Row - Ticliy, Svojoa, Kyzival, Hanak, Zemcik, Vonhuda, Smrz, Uquna, Kilpalrick, Svo- boda. Second Row-Miss Hogan, Sim- mons, Roqin, Matson, Ploc, Piksa, Phol, Vanvata, Husnak, Snniok, Andrzejfiw- ski, Spurnn, Third Row- -Stich, Viduna, Kukielski, Mikes, Havlik, Sykora, Mich- alok, Klimcliuk, Frederick, Kolar, Kosir, Hold. Page Fifty-Three 412B-2B i'4l2B-2B-Mr. Mican-First Row-V-Bin lek, Stelzer, Lanqusch, Crockett, Novak, Sinqer, Pariek, Hrody, Swinarski, Havel. Second How- -Mr. Mican, Ulman, Huriec, Schultz, Pytlik, Kilts, Batka, Polak, Nnre man, Spacil, Thiery, Mlady. Third Row - -Ondracek, Nosek, Kessler, Wroluel, Bieber, Vilim, Steven, Ielinek, Vitous, Hawkins, Besterteldt. 1 15B-2A fl15B-ZA - Mr. Bloom - First Row - Krivacek, Buff, Gransee, Udovich, Kinq, Faith, Hlavin, Second Row--Mr. Bloom, Stastny, Siek, Felbab, l-lolesovsky, Prchal, Stepanek, Schutli. Third Row- Smazik, Kriz, Suta, Kc-ft", O'L,onnoi, Borik, Pinc, Veselak, Kalny. 1 19B-ZA "fll9B-ZA-Mr. Iosi-First Row 'Thomp- son, Vitek, Halicka, Karamas, Freeburq, She-lper, Sirovatka. Second Row- Kiima, Rmicka, Vanek, Kazria, Steinmetz, Kai- piel, Nemecek. Third Row-Ponshe, Kokoska, Tuma, Woeltje, Urbanek, Syno- kiewicz, Plondin, Schwartz, Stajenka. 210B-ZA f2l0B-ZH-Miss Mitchell-First Row- Fister, Kral, Doerr, Tintera, Doerr, Ienik, lzfvzvsny. Second Row Trorhim, Shi- mak, Henson, Vasicek, Voriclrak, Ka- lemba, Mateja. Third Row4Vlach, Dom- browski, Zeithammel, Szerwint, Zelina, Izczesny, Koudelik. Pug: Fifty-Four BOATSWAI NS 303B-2A f303B-ZA-Miss Bensondlfirsi Row- Pavlik, Saves, Samocki, larcfk, Kubai, Cavanauqli, Beiqfir, Second Row Mil' ler, Hamatz, Philipp, Sirilcula, Tymiriski, Vrtis, Calm, Hlinlaa. Third Row -Hruza, Nomec, Buresh, Polrailis, Frisli, Nvmrr- cck, Missar, Strxzallco. 312B-2A f312B-ZA-Mrs. Beck-First Row-Trzef luialmwski, Vysa, Karaka, Kadora, Misa, Blazicli, Sclircwr, Coiimd, Kusman, Da- iielc. Second Row Mrs. Bock, Wood- iiiq, lldLlSIlf?I', Karuis, Kryl, Kirsch ,An4 del, Mayer, Indcirk, Willcowski, Pluih, Calif-ll, Urban. Third RowgSte-riqle, Ross, Sirovatka, Skucli, Kroslariko, Kon- valinlca, Crirda, llusarik, Mellow, Kvi- dvra, Sak, Vosely, Friedman. 318B-2A 'f'3l8B-ZA - Miss Bursik - First Row- Smelaua, Kouvaliiika, Srp, Wellitch, Gasparik, Pusatori, Rychlilc, Iolmson. Second Row -Miss Bursik, Macliura, Korres, Loses, Moors, Muridl, Price, Si- morielc. Third Row- fliericha, Roman, Dolak, Dulla, Kovanda, Turck, Dolansky, Sevcik. 319B-2A f319B-ZA - Mrs. Doyle -- First Row- Chodur, Ma-rik, Zoorlyk, Wojkowski, Peters, Dvorak, Wostplial, I-llava, Mar- tino. Second Row Olin, King, Houda, Steparielc, Relvik, Rancik, Chrastka, Klein, Otto. Third Row Kmoch, Klapp, Voska, Roth, Murphy, Wobster, Moncek, Loehrnari, Zib. Page Fifty-Five 326B-2A "'326-ZA - Miss O'Leary - First Ro w - Fc-ri, Steininqer, Machacek, Likas, Nriras, Brandi, Gratchnor. Second Row Hulmr, Voba, Dunovsky, Malich, Req- ner, Dvorak. Third Row - Frycok, illavac, Kahovnc, Mrilichar, Dolnovolnyu Svariliik, Stoika, Poksa. 403B-ZA 4038-ZR-Mrs. Schell-flfirst Row- Iadm, Cisar, Valvocia, Picka, Rokos, Oioinick. Second Row -Billik, Kalina, Hvrq, Klomchuk, Duiwok. Third Row- Prrrnicka, Kasper, Kristufck, Davis, Kry- stinak, Nowa. 404B-ZA i'-104B-2AgMiss Edwards-First Row- Marcol, Masvk, Horeni, Sodlarek, Far- rvll, Hornoif, Zottok, Kottek, Kotrba, Ivanwc. Second Row-Miss Edwards, H-nisrek, Kutzefndorfrlr, Klima, Babinec, Laisrln, Silha, Mlariic, Grant. Third How Trojan, Kulvknwski, Srnoiak, Doutschor, Erznoznik, Ryva, Kcvmorous, Laiial, Ka- houn, Vana. 419B-ZA "MSB-2A - Miss Dralie - First Row - Schwihla, Skoropa, Mraz, Uqrina, May, Cornirvk, Pospisil, Vizok, Vidnqar. Sec- ond Row-Drowriuli, Hasman, Hatz, Krojsa, Pearson, Thicl, Topic, Hooch, Vosekla. Third Row-Trezek, Deqries, Kalvlwic, Fnncl, Palirka, Manns, Schwartz, Dvvarwy, Mikulocky, Uhsr. lllgff Fifly-Six Pin BOATSWAI NS MIDSHIPMEN 429B-2A f429B-2A-Mr. Barth-First Row--llus man, Slapak, Portvr, Klriin, Stipsky lafolis, Will1Olm, BOI'IlSlfXiH, Sanimf. Sec- ond Row- Mr. Bailli, Szapifilak, Wy- srwcki, Kunr, llajkowivz, Loomos, Man- rirli, Kozina, lloslicka. Third Row- llruzok, Taurlion, Pwrina, Trvxlor, landa llavranok, Provinsky, Kadlm-, DfiNava. 107C-3B f107C-3B-Mr. Rinker-Firsl Row- -'lvla' lUllSC5lC, Pol-corny, llvrmlvs, Klvuka, Ma- sfk, Finkril, Clmvliola, Posa. Second Row Mr. Rinkvr, Kmilia, Lapgvnitri, Ma- rifwlli, Karnik, Gustafson, Vasvk, Hoicils, liulli. Third Row Dornliark, Svoluwla Makal, lNortnD, Poplar, VVaq1iw-1', Pran- m'olliC,l.fn1lli, Fourth Row laskiciwimr, Sacllcw, Braun, liizrvk, llnnlor, Silvrsy, Sykura, Snolil. 215C-3B "f2l5C-3B--Mrs. Borg-First How lla' nxvr, liaraniasa, lllvilivlia, Kmslal, Vlnnrxll-2' llcinninq, Safrannk, Dominik, Mysirka Kvsol. Second How Mrs. Burg, Silk linvrira, Drow, Zarat, Canmira, Sarrasin, llosik, Vrla, Ruzicka. Third Row- llolulw, Ianficka, Vonclra, Sopsivli, Wil- liams, Barloqa, Weirilicirq, Pwarcc, Misic, Kuncs, Vokaly. 223C-3B "f223C-3B-Miss Murphy-First Row- Boran, l-lruliy, Novak, Vasllik, Kaplan, Tabor, Galirivl, Malina, Kormlkfi. Second Row -Novak, Srail, Mouzis, Fornwar, Salava, Manners, Popvlka, Lonqway, Sliocklcy. Third Row Siqalos, Marli- noc, Kukral, Kmiecic, Woilrir, Stary, Tolmr, Daly. Fourth Row Cfikanvlc, Knnm mer, Moyxis, Koontz, Malvjovsky, Myurs, Blaha, Snyder. Page Fifty-Seven 305C-3B f305C-3B -- Mrs. Gainer - First Row-1 llf-lmslci, ilwlwillv, Swliramm, Klllfilllni, lnxxlprfyvlllfwrz, lflcmlla, Gmflwy-iv, Pfwlm lmflasky, Second Row Mrs. Khmwx. ii'NlSf+lllllll, ll:-lrlwlm, lllll'S:lf'll, llrwlyu lm, Nwvulc, llullirlmlwr, llinfmumll. Th'r'i Row l'l'xiSS, llxlxwqril, fltavlxllinl-1, Kaul mlm, l.l1llf'r, iillVV'llIllil1, Vl.1:s1f'I1, lwlm ruin. Fourlh How lfrcnstvlll-aw, Mfmxflvilr, lllmfwri, llvll, llxvlnkwas, fll-ml-1, Mxlzfwalul, lfufriri. 327C-3B f327C-SB'-Mrs. O'Sullivan--First Row lrllullz, ll.1lw, llcllllll'll Sefond Row livlsfi, llmvcwrlcfi, Mdlllirfw, lilUlSlllllvll1. Third Row Mis, CySlllllVclll, llwlllf-, Nr' Vlllllfi, lpl-lvlla, 401C-3B "'40lC - SB' -Mr. Gamertsielder ---- First Row llvmvy, Vfflfivlm, l'mumn, Gwlxl rxnm, lA'wI'f1z'vl-Q, llwlfm, Vrvlwln, irllrllllflllli, lllnvirl. Second How Mr. Galuvrlslf-lllfil, 'l'i:svlxlw1, llff xml, lkxyl KiOlliIl1dll, lirmllly, lllwfziyiifski, Sfilwissm, Mlyxmrski, Olwiniwk, lwlnrlm, Third How llllllld, Anllxcmy, iVllS"WSlCU, llus, VVIHQP, llwlgnlvll, Tll1'lWY', llwywflcy, linlmnx, lflvillvxm, Almmrlw. 101C-3A "l0lC-3A--Miss Iohnson-First How-4 Krausrg Duliirm, liwlmil, Brown, llurlfxk, l'ilip. Second Row Hall, Wnrsliasky, llfrlvifrflc, Svrvlfwfla, Krupwl, CMV:-rilca. I Third How lllvis, lflmllzw, llfunllfg llu- l1l-1 ffm--llwy, llmim, lll,70lCSlld. llzgu Flfa'.1'Eigl7f MIDSHIPMEN MIDSHIPMEN 229C-3A "f229C-Miss Powers-Firsi Row Se' me-mek, Smokovich, Tumpach, Vanek, McGinn, Pawluczyk, Hjelle, Neumann. Second Howa -Tisler, Chott, Kadera, Kla- put, Voss, Czajka, l-loracek, Koontz, Do' mabyl. Third How-Zelenka, Wolf, Schultz, Mikola, l-lolub, l-lerhold, Plucke- baum, Kielbasa, Novotny, Steininqer. 302-3A i'302C-3A-Min Cada-First Row- Pa' sliek, Rakonsnik, Kocka, Hellund, Phil- lips, Mincer. Second Row -- Noack, Seckar, l-loupe, Ebner, Plocar.., Um 1, Vana. Third Row--Sumoski, Matson, Slrubinq, Vasak, Price, Windsor, Pucml, Kuchar. 321C-3A f321C-SA-Miss Hopkins-Fira! Swarlz, Trinka, Kudrnovsky, Baslyr, Arient, Schuliz, Schulz, Smid, Suma. Second Rowf- Miss Hopkins, Firych, Senica, Row- Ters, Morqal, Cuchy, Burandt, Ribnicek, Wilson. Third How--Prahl, l-lomolka, Vesely, Couch, Wooclrick. Waniala, Kalal, Kurlirst, Sawyer. 326C-3A f326C-3A - Miss Cox - Fira! Row ,- Kania, Latos, Peirzilka, Drew, Seman, Hipsley, Masino, Breuer. Second Row --Miss Cox, Bernard, Sveiic, Gall, Ku- iawa, Baitaqlia, Slusarczyk, Curin. Third Row-Wilkay, Bencik, Soukup, Dunda, Sikorcin, Vlastnik, Se-bek, I-lore-ni, Mara tinek. Page Fifty-Nine 405C-31-X 'f405C-3A - Miss Watson-First Row- liirnk, Mnlvorfz, Basterasii, Tnsar, Rive-rs, Prviian, Vnndra, Eqfnoss, Rmsck. Sec- ond How Miss Watson, Mnacok, Md- vinnn, Lisnk, Stainmcii, Lariiky, Bezdok, Dnmrvsv, Colm, Marqnan. Third Row Stiriia, Si1iWiC7, Hifjns, Golan, Rudman, Tmskn, Mnrawski, Sfxfkrif, Pisnya, Bison, 410C-3A "HOC-3A Mrs. Biro -First Row Linn imp, ilmnzn, Vvillkifqf, Brkan, Anivnrn, ::il1X'VdiiZ', P11-ml, Kfwvm, Second Row4 l'-.Trey Niro, Manixk, flinmnn, Niisarik, Virvic, K-Wfliiiilllbd, XN'fn'lw-'k, Kfillfiy, Pal- vinlwsky. Third Row Svmnniia, Osman- zski, Simian, Tysl, Knvaiik, Noiofily, Vlafi k, iinsiicka, Ii.in:tlik. 415C-3A "HSC-3A - Miss Linskey-First Row- l'ilSlr'k, Stinlwrng Vmll1liilt'Il, Innns, Srnka, Hnliiuin, Fonvivl, Inrios, Second How- Miss I.inskny, Vv'alto1', Mfvrqfni, Ffflilfifif, lianvk, Varian, Pfmison, Pwrivr, FIPIUGPII, Twrnpirinmn. Third How Bamimk, Siy- lnvski, Srlniltlinis, Hisiiq, Hawkins, Ga- lirivi, Boqilfiaitli, Kniakowski, Qiillliitxliifl, Vx'mnnqn. 422C-3A f422C-GA-Mr. Fisher-First Rowf link-3 ilvmimcin, Tiriiy, Scivkar, Hnlnlvik, Arrifi, ilwml, filwiskal. Second Row- Mi. Vislwr, Gmiw, Wniss, Lulicii, Tyk, iiniivfarmvsky, Ianvs, Zetok, Vavra. Third Row Viilliiiiiun, ilnrak, Rausvhnniwach, Uliulll, lhtniwifwi, Lnsiiwistniy Znnlisow, uiiifm, L w. us. llzge Sixty mah!! i 0 n P10 MIDSHIPMEN ENSIGNS 428C-3A 'l428C-3A-Miss Thompson-First Row Eqqers, Krapok, I-lulueny, Zdenahlik, Cliarron, Vanek, Oliadal, Kvacik. Second Row Miss Thompson, Sluacek, Zuilham mol, Prucha, Kirian, Knoz, Olsen, Schwarz, Hamer. Third Row Cook, lanaqa, llausknovhl, Gronkiowicz, lirik, Tockslsin, Hcvlulv, lrrseawivlr, Kaspeir, Limllwrq. 105D-4B il05D-4B-Miss Flynn-Firsi Row No- vak, Marsik, Lasso, Spalenka, Kadnra, Morsc, Husa, Novy. Second Row' - Zorko, Slilvlo, Roussk, Talak, Kupka, Himsa, Sauer, Tvssmann. Third How Schultz, Liska, Sykora, llarnlw-a1'qc'r, DFfLllSCllPI', Garlt, Walman, Garnwtt, Prazak, llroxwr-. 1 17D-4B i117D-4B-Mr. Stevenson-First How - Hirsh, Gordoy, Tyser, Riha, Allen, Cook, Korecky. Second Row Zwick, Mulacvk, LeMar, McMahon, Kysnla, Wllllflf, Coy, Sternfeld, lohnson. Third Row Fort, Trclca, Golden, Cowsor, Svamlvma, Mor- ris, Fislflr, Frinclxnan. 213D-4B i2l3D-4B-Miss Morgan-First Row - Knap, Ryva, Kuzlik, Krsak, l-laire, Slechla, Prorhaska. Second Row Miss Morgan, Svolwocia, Kasik, Kisksl, Borosak, Hora- lek, Braclcrnan. Third Row WC1lIBl1Fl1, Eckert, Kasper, Tezak, Vutocwk, Srlroon- lmfvn, Bwranolc, Kupkaf Page Sixiy-0116 ENSIGNS 301D-4B "'30lD-4B - Mr. Dunkin - First Row - Glajch, Stanek, Spalenka, Soukup, Za- jicek, Pavlicek, B o u b el i k, Parker, Boehm. Second Row-Mr. Duskin, Vit- ous, Sekulic, Cesal, Kuncl, Kraft, Velek Tischer, Smith, Kartsman. Third How4 Novotn Polka Mille , Y. . r, Rempert, Nagl Sinsky, Tosky, Finklestein, Morqal. 402D-4B f402D-4B-Mr. Safflr-First How-Rei zek, Tvarozek, Zajicek, Vondrak, Panik Fink, Crockett, Miceli, l-fumlicek. Sec- ond Row- Mr. Saffir, Mansfield, Wad dell, Zraly, Sladek, Frai, Miller, Krusina Brezina, Florian. Third Row-Schubert Worst, Starosta, Cillian, Vacek, Halaska Krueger, Cosentino, Holec. Page Sixty-Two 'kActivity Fee-September, 1942. C11 229D Mrs. M. Lehman, C21 212D Miss Rheude, C31 117D Mr. M. Stevenson. 'kEaster Seals for Crippled Children amounted to 330.00 'kThanksgiving Fund for School Children's Aid Society was 3346.60. 'kNationa1 Foundation for Infantile Paralysis-320442. i'Red Cross Fund-tota13741.39. 3347.14 from students, 3394.25 from faculty. 'A' Victory Fund-3175.55 for kits for the boys in service. 600 Pocketbooks were sent to the boys in our armed forces. P.'1'.A. donated 'for the 'A' Victory Box Fund 310.00 and 3100.00 from the student body. Iune Class 1943 bought 3166.50 bond for the building of a new U. S. Cruiser Chicago. The leading rooms in the war bond and stamps sales are: 428C, 3925.00 bonds and 347.45 in stamps: 302C. 3303.007 3l2B, 319245: 305C, 3122.955 426C, 311000: 422C, 3l00.00. i'Copper. Brass. Bronze Drive-March 12, 117D first with 123 lbs., 419B second with 33 lbs., 226B third with 25 lbs. 'A' 10th Salvage Drive-February ll, 1943, 40lD, 5,555 lbs.y 4l0C, 3,408 lbs., 225C, 2,454. Euclidean Club collected 1,855 lbs. at dance. 'kScra.p Drive completed 66,212 lbs., 32l2.49. 626 cakes were given to the U.S.O. 'lr Red Cross Production made 200 sewing kits, 25 bedside bags, 25 Navy kits and one scrapbook. 'k Highest in Log Sales: Mildred Svoboda 422C, 3Ap Clara Walter 415C, 3A7 lean Cerveney 2l2D, lA, Mildred Homolka 32lC, 3Ay Evelyn Pavlicek 301D, 4135 Anna Kraus 4l0C, 3A7 Dolores Krusina 305C, 3B: Violet Kryl 31213, 2.5.7 Beverly Barnett 420A, lA, and Dorothy Kil- was the very first on March 22, 3131, Robert Kadera 229C, 3A. CLUBS AT FARRAGUT Page S ixiy-Tbrve fx Nm? HOBBY CLUBS This club is making sewing kits and kit bags to be sent to the Red Cross and then distributed among the eniliarking soldiers and sailors. So far 50 kit bags have been made and 500 sewing kits have been made. This is a nation wide organization which had its start here in lllinois. Magazine stories, articles and jokes are clipped and pasted into scrap books which are given to servicemen who are going to new camps and have no reading material. The 55 members of this mixed club are learning the fundamentals of first aid: stopping the flow of bloody carrying the sick: and giving artificial respira- tion. They are also taught how to make bandages. The members of this club are learning the Morse Code from recordings. They are trying to take mes- sa-irvs down as rapidly as possible and it will help them when they enter our cmiinlry's service. Piqr Sifft'-1:12117 RED CROSS PRODUCTION ""lVliss lseecli First Row--Vanis, Keiiegt, Vl.Yt'li'4tIII", Xi-iiitni, Vrchota, Ivanec. Second Row-Miss Leewii, Stanwstka, Swin- enek, Manak, Tichy, Spurny. Third Row llahn, ltivhti-1, Wysorki, Ondras, Starek, Royal-, N4-cafe. RED CROSS KNAPSACK LIBRARY 'kltfliss Hin, First Row l"av+1lii'l:, liawiiy, ll. vi-li, llf: ll llalik, Kulesh, Popelka. Second Row lvliss Him, Mwflif- ferty, Lisak, Kyzivat, llairis, lleintll, llanak, liiisliifk. Third Row Minarik, Aiisnak, Witkowski Sariinvki, l.BtIIf1t"I', Man-ls, Dobhrats, Francik. FIRST AID CLUB First Row Papach fpatientl, Barnes, llnetynka, Kmnciroiis, Schlicht, Witte, Balaty, Bakken, May, Zettek, Kotrba. Second Row-Mr. Canfield, Diamond, Klc-tuba, Kasper, Kliiozynskrt, Rengepares, Smetana, Petrucha, Lowe, Hofrichter, Fliiiiliilm. Third Row-Zeman, Kryl, Horwitz, Pulos, l'W1ivaiif-y, Mellon, llrireni, lattal, Kahoiin, Harrison, Grant. MORSE CODE fMrvrse Circle First Row V-Friihaiiff, Stock, I.:-l-ella, Voss, Mika. Second Rowe-'Siiikma Waictanz, Brtis, Marek, Mc Kinnon, Iarosik, Torncik. HOBBY CLUBS This group of girls entertain us on the football field, and at our Festivals. They know their work and do it well while at the same time being a cute little eyeful in their pert maiorette uniforms. The girls in this club always present a pleasing appearance when the curtain goes up on Festival night. Their song is one to be looked forward to as one of the highlights of the evening. Members of this club find real pleasure in listen- ing to the stories of their favorite operas and some of the outstanding selections contained in them recorded by famous stars of the musical world, This club is teaching its members parliamentary procedure and how to conduct itself in a court of law. Several court trials have already taken place with a judge, jury, defendant, and attorneys. BATON TWIRLERS 'First Row- Vizelc, Mraz, Langusch, Schultz, Senica. MELODISTS 'First Row -Spiegel, Venhuda, Hallstrnm, Porter, Gordeyev Smrz, Wilhelm, Same-c, Stanek, Smekal. Second Row' Mr Warml, Marecek, lfrocli, Pilny, Perkol, Slapalc, Caba, lfamer Klein, Klllllkd, lin-ct Third Row Winkler, Vufztlik Kun! Loornos, Kadlec, Horacelc, Kasparek, Karnis, DeNava, Hai kowicz, Zernick, Safrauek. OPERA CLUB 'First Row- 'Meyer, Hosek, Robak, Michka, Marhacek Hielte, Hielte. Second Row Miss M. S. Iolinson, Polorny Koulwa, Kaplan, Hesik, Mal-cal, Vonclrak. Third Row Palambo lioruliack, Duluina, Cervenka, Bauer, Kielier, Krause, l.acltky LAW CLUB 'First Row Baliiner-, Henning, Masvk, Yagunic, Pasternak Vukovicli, Diamond, Lasso, Zorko, Second Row Mr. llor- wirli, Kocic, Svancara, Sirovatka, Kasper, Blavin, Colin Third How 'l'olior, Gcirarrrlialc, lfml, lilalta, Fi?-ak, Raciafl Breda, Avant'-1, Mottl. 55 Page S ix! y-Fiw' HOBBY CLUBS lntornfttod :stndcnts are heinfr fyiven instructions on how to nsn the many hand driven machines in tho ntticw atmosiihore of room 4l3f4l5. This is the qirls wood chili, with a few boys assist- in-r, and thoy have already made hook ends and at thn rircsoiit time are heincr tanfrht how to plane mi that their worl: will lvo straiqht. Tho ht-tys in this cliilv do the school a qreat service lwy dn:':itminfy and printinw the proqranis that are nsml as a qnidc to tho many entertainments which ani -iivcn dnrinny thc school year. Stnflvntf: who f-onio to this club find a social at- iiiosiilioro in which to train inspiration to qo on with their stntily of mathematics. They have teas and talks which help thom to lind their place in the many fields in which math is a factor. OFFICE MACHINES 'First Row Fiala, i-l1'W'l' l, llnw lx, Finiiiii- it lT -imltzx Second Row Haffvr, Lfniin, lfctttiiivss, lxiimvflt, lilni-it-, lialiiinl, VniIlfil1i'll. Third Row l't-'i:'ill:.a l.l.ntin-li, lltillizi, iltnln, C.-istfflc, WOOD TINKERS i'Firs1 How fltiilvrstiwiii, NHTVI vla, llfr'l.t11l:, l lm:z n, lifni sek, Uloiiiivlz, liasitr-1, lN"l.ilm.i. Second Row l'mf Iiwit -'tn K-ilina, Pospiail, vllllllltttliil, lvN'11l11xv:sl1i, lltilinv, Nttifl. lit Third Row fl-ikttl, lift-ii1'1', lfiiim 'lirlir' I' ln, lliiitwivi, Milrillerky, liail-ufviv, Vit'-l-it PRINT SHOP 'First Row Cnlan, Pnivl, lii.tl+-my Tutti, Ytigwiwlt, lfinv. Krivacelc, l'aith, lllavm. Second Row Mr. lil im Yti ln, Boiilc, Zutan, ll-'li-sttvslzjr, l'alivl1, ln th, lllw lin ill li. Third Row lsfalny, Kii:'i,f1ii1a1'il:, lb' fit, XY :xt lily Yal' nm, l'- llitilq Pinv, O't'tti1ritai. EUCLIDIAN CLUB 'First Row Svliranini, Noval-1, llnwt':nl:.t, Vila, N -':.tl1 IM! ranelc, Fort, Swift-ll, lfllfflfllxt. Second How l.ii:::a l.hI 'hilt Salzenst-Hin, Volcaty, lfi iithy, lTtil.i'.m, lxl.i:tm4 l-Ishii, :ini lo, Miss Morrgan. Third How flylziiia, !Xn'h nv, lin l 'mrzltr ll' It Wf1lllli'1'IK1, Kalintn, 'l'i:1f'lilti, llittna, lfinutliniitt, linlzitil. llzge S1 vryi 'Six Us.. G ..,.. ur-y i HOBBY CLUBS 'l'hi:: club irels some practical experience iri the liulcl ol pulwlit' spoakiuq. lt is not only useful to lhvul iu busiuoss but also iu everyday life. lt one mural talk il ir: lwesl to talk Well. llliqiiello is a uecessity to all who care about the iiiiiirvzzfzioii they will make when meetiriq people socially or iu lmusiuess. Your livelihood may depend ou thu way you impress the people you come in coulacl with. The utils lu the Teens club are taught how to couliout the mauy problems faciuq them today. Short slqilzz are preseuted at the meetiriq to show them how to cope with these problems it and when they coiuo up. This Qllillllbi of studeuts who have a kriowledqe of lttlllllltillii play qames arid other thiriqs in which this lauuuaue plays a part. Most ot the members either have taken German or are now taking it. PUBLIC SPEAKING WM11 Mal-h First Rowe-lfillhnil, Gullliimri, llosal-lt, llluuvlc, Kuuiwlzi, Xiuk, ZllllVl'li, lit lfvlc, ll--raik, limes, Mi. Mavh. ETIQUETTE 'Miss Fouqhlin Miss Row Nowoiul, llauek, llieisa, Au- lou, Sliiurjel, Kavii-ik, K-iviu:-la, llflillii. Second Row -- K Ztleuvlc, Novak, Slallirlc, lil-lull-, lwflllllwlll, ll-Ih--l, l.i:ss, Waru- wi, Dvumk. Third Row flvllal, ltiucql, l'.ulyk.i, lillfllltll, Knvaiik, lialka, fiiumk, l'tisyiil'lmI, l'lvoi.ll:, llfrlilca. Fourth How- -Ruth, l'llu::1iil'l1, fliwviili, l'l-uliluu, liuvvilvu, fliuilh, Fhull. im, Miller, VriVIlllii. TEENS fMrs. Murlra First Row-Glalrh, fiuma, SltPllftlllCIt, l'lavlic0k, Botilvelilc, fitialerilca, Zaiivt-lc, Ptiliik, Mivwli, fipuls-uka. Second RowfM1s, Mucha, Si'ltlllIl, lwrolirit-qi, Kl1llIl1l'7VSlCY, Sauiuvlci, Velek, W-ilttir, Smith, Smith, Slariek, llusa, llumlicn-lc. Third Row-Cesal, Krsalc, Svow, Klnlltflll, Sli-ilwer, liulien, Zeitliaui mel, Spavelc, Ceruiak, fllall+-lc, llruiiwlka, lflyvfi. Fourth Row Samocki, liupka, Trai, Zraly, Saher, C'i:'ul:, Klitltllltlll-1, Novak, Slallwk, Kamiuski, Mausliolil. GERMAN CLUB 'Mrs Mills First Row Siwlllaiwk, Ziuk, lWmitsr'lirir, Kolarilc, Pasteruak, Uhlarilc, lburoqa, Siruvallca, lliliau. Second Row Mrs. Mills, Pavelrliilc, Vauek, lwlol-lli1I'q, M-iisziiwr, Vaclavolc, Svetic, Brackmau, Sl-kulir, Hour. Third Row -- Gwinur, Wiritsar, l'rimlm.ui, Krall, Oiitlc-ilza, Nf'fr'iilla, lqiwrlwrivlz, Toms- chin, Schultz. Pagi' Sixri-Suzuz Firft Prize Wfirzner Z P g' Sixty-Eight PRIZE WINNERS Semrzd Prize Wjl1lIEl' BEST SNAP-SHOTS Third Prize Winner Fourth Prize Winner IN CAMERA CONTEST Mm, maybe I can get it from a better angle over here. Urn-rn-rn, ug, oh-at lastl Now lets see. Oh bosh, I guess I was better off in the first place. Oh-h, down at last. Now the sun's gone. Here it comes-click, click. Got it? You're sure you can have it developed by the eleventh? 2i55, 2:56. 2:57, 2:58-the bell. The clock's slow. Phew-in at last. 3:01. Made the deadline. This is what contestants in the Annual Snapshot Contest went through before getting their entries in March 12. The judges were Miss Mary Ann Benson, Mrs. Margaret Biro and Mr. Richard Mitchell of the Wallace-Miller Engraving Company. Awarded the first prize was Iohn Miklian of 426D for his snapshot of a beautiful sunset. Arthur Hajkowicz of 105A was awarded the second prize for his entry pictur- ing a sailboat at sea. The candid shot taken by LeRoy lirik of 428C of his friends won him third place. Fourth place was attained by Emilie Hajkowicz whose picture revealed her brother meditating on the fish that got away. Some of the other entries that did not win prizes are featured on page 46. The snapshots could be on any subject revealing some characteristic action or interesting setting like catching trout beside a running stream, swimming in the ocean, interesting poses from camp, or nature scenes. We were wonder- ing why so few students entered pictures of their teachers while they were trying to teach them something. The first place winner received three dollars in war stamps, and the second place winner two dollars in war stamps. The third and fourth place winners won a leather-covered and paper-covered Log, respectively. Page Sixty-Nine ANTHONY SLECHTA WALTER SKIBICKI GEORGE VANDON RICHARD VANA NORMAN NOVAK '43 CITY CHAMPS Congratulations were showered upon the "Hearts" howling teani which won the City Championship. On the winning teani with individual scores were: ltichard Vana 11581, George Vanden 11371, Norrnan Novak 1121151 'Walter Slcibicki 11451, Anthony Slechta 11701. The bowlers were presented with a large trophy and individual trophies lor the Championship. Their radiant taces retlect the shining red color ot the lar-ge trophy which they affectionately call "1ire plug." 1'l'he "tire plug" and individual trophies and the bowlers are shown in the picture abovel Mr. lint Hayden, student president of the club ex- pressed the sentiments ot the rnernbers when he said, "'l'he luoys and girls ot the Chicago High School Bowling Chili are proud to loreqo their annual bowling banquet and in its place present this Victory show which will allow us to give the Servicernen's Center tor the inain- tenance ol the bowling alleys at this center the nioney which we would ordinarily spend tor our banquet. The pleasure which the nien of the arrned services ot all the Uriitecl Nations will experience here, will arnply repay us lor our srnall sacrifice. You know, within a tow short rnonths niany ot the rnernbers ol our club will he in unitorni and then we, too, will enjoy the privilege ol bowling on these alleys." HAIL TO THE HEARTS SN! SPQRTS AT FARRAGUT HIGH scHool. fl? r ' ' U W... 9 .J f 1 ' . ' F, 15- . 'L l""' f"'sQ,-' v .. rl. ' Q , -. . 1. " ,-1,4715 , 'M' . -V . VA' ' , , - ,. A A tk . . . Fi..v4, 'A' -.1 1541! 3' Zi " I 'Wil' 'r ' ,'9V!., ' . Us XX .ir N +352 :L 1 fs: Ai.. 51' QA 'ff Page SUl'c'lll'j'-0216 I 112 Wk' X In FOOTBALL it's . . . Bill Mottl quarterback, Bob Kocek, opentield runner and Bob Garnett at center. In BASEBALL it's . . . Pitchers, "Dan- ny" Price, Glen Randle and battery mate "Gand" Meyers with heavy hitter lim Holub at shortstop. In GYMNASTS it's . . . Muscle rnen Linka, Al Rose, Clarence Woeltje and George Zeman. In BASKET- BALL it's Urs? . . . Glenn Sawyer, George Moyzis, George Tischler. CSrs.l . . . "Wally" Kilens, "Bambi" Vana and Frank Holan. In SWIM- MING it's . . . "Killer" Killian, Cdivingl, Urbanek, IQU yd. free stylel, Clarence Woeltje, Melichar, C40 yd., breast strokel and Ioe Texler 100 yd. tree style. In TRACK it's . . . Glenn Sawyer and Ed Fencl. In BGWLING it's . . . Richard Vana, "Poochie" Hitzrnan and Richard Iensen. sg, .C wwe P Q X...+s:?' Page Seventy-Two FOOTBALL 19 4 3 An impressive 2-U victory over a strong Engle- wood squad opened what looked like a promis- ing season ahead for the Admirals. Mr. Maurice Williariis proved to be the most versatile coach of the year by supervising five out of the eight athletic teams including foot- ball, when he was called upon to fill in for Capt. George Von Bremer in the Army Air Corps, now in England. A From here our boys went down in five con- secutive defeats. Du Sable took the next game in a thriller, l9-l3. Kelly shut the Admirals out l2-U and Lindblom rolled over the Vikings 30-U in vengeance for the 6-U defeat last year. Tilden, Chicago Public League Champions, over- whelmed the boys 48-O and Gage Park ended the season with a 6-0 victory, putting Farragut in last place. Fumbling and incomplete passing proved the greatest handicap and meant the difference be- tween victory and defeat. Bill Mottl, captain of the Admiral eleven, displayed defensive and offensive playing with good field generalship. Co-captain Kocek, spark plug for the Admirals, passed and ran to keep the opponent constantly on their toes. Head up ball carrying by "plung- ing" Victor Deutcher proved effective. The re- maining backfield who put in hard fought quar- ters of football consist of Matson, Bonfield, and Tosky. Witli the boys now being drafted, next year's team is still a question mark. fFOOTBALL. First Row-Stevens, Suchoinel, Lamberson, Mottl, Kocek, Kruo qer, Korinek, Kryl, Divina. Second Row-Phillips, Schultz, Kral, Deutscher Garnett, Mills, Hawkins, Golden, Krostenko, Fister, Bonfield. Third Row- Neiedly, Prchal, Noack, Kalmar, Weinberg, Subicz, Matson, Tosky, Murphy Fourth Row Marsh, La Point, Coach Williams, Lipkowitz, Trcka, Mraz. .aa , ----1 Page Seventy-Three E, WTS ,, ..1.,,....4..-...z-Tm., 161- SENIOR BASKETBALL. 1,11 Fm: Firs1How 111111111 1111u1'a, V111111, 1 111'-3 11111111 111lI1fT'3 Second Row 11111 L f'11S1:e' 111111 1 rfs, 1x111111, 11112111111 ', .r111kf1, Mr. 1'11x. IUNIOH BASKETBALL 'MIL Fox Fits! Row I ' " , , ' , .111wyf'1, 1,11y.'1 '1'1s1:11111r. Second Row 1.1111 1.f1111'1'1111', 1311111111111 1 '-111111 V.'f11s11f11s1cy, K1111111111, 11 .1 BASKETBALL 1943 11111 15112-43 11111131111 511111011 C3111 W1111 cl 176111441 .111 1111111 1111111111 111111: 1111111 111::1 11111111115 1111111 KO11y, 11111111-1111114 w1111111111 211 113411141 1111v111111111s 37-33. 11111 111111111111 1i11111111111111 1111111 Il1dI'C.l1l 11y 1411411111 11111111113 QSIIZZV W111111 11111 1111111115 C1r111111Qd 111911 41111111111 47 211. '1'111jw 111111115 W11111 1LlfI1Qd 111 111e11c1x1 1111111111 NV111l 1,1111'111111111 113 111Q1111111'11'5 WO11 35-32, '1.'J1111'1 11111 11111111713 111:21 11 13111150 111113 43141. 1311111 11111:1:11w11111111111:1:11111'11c11111'k11f1'1'111'11111 1111111111111, 111111 11:1 1'11,13.'1, 11111111111-1 43-411, 1411111111 111111 111111111 1 1119111111111 l1111111111s111111111scv1111111s. A1 1111111:1111:s1111 1111111 115111115 51111151 W1111 111169 VJ111111111 1 111111 111311. '1111OiS1W111fJI'S, 113511111 111G1F1WO 1111111 11111111 1111111, WLXII1 11111311 1111111111 111111 1111111111211 1. 1,1,1:1,1u,.'1f 111011 1111111111111111 111111 9111111015 111111111111 111 111111 111 1110 SfNCf11O11. T110 1111111 171131111 111011 C111 11111 111111111111 W11112 K11OI15, 111111111 111111 V111111 111 111111 11111111. NQXI yo111":s 1041111 s1111ws 11111111 1111111111411 W1111 1111111511 1111191111 M11Q11111, 171150, and RC111l11D 51,1111 11111 back. O111S1111111111y1 11111y1'11':1 1111 11111 111111111:2 W111l1 MC,DyZ15, L1111c11, S11wyo1', 1111d T1sQ11101'. 511wy111 W11s111r111 1101111 1111111 W111l 1151750111132 1111111 11111111 11111131213 111111 'T1s1:11111 111 111111 order. W1111 1111 11113 1111111115 1011111111113 1111111 year 11 11111143 111411 1111- 1943144 501131111 1:1 44Il.?l111j 1171 be 1110 10e1s1111 111 1e111C11111o1' 111 1111:1ke1111111 111 1'111'ra1j1111. 1 FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT SPCRTS AT FARRAGUT vs. TILDEN ..... vs. LINDBLOM .. vs. ENGLEWOOD vs. GAGE PARK vs. KELLY ...... vs. HARRISON . vs. ENGLEWOOD BASEBALL 9-1 5-2 8-3 3-5 7-4 6-I3 6-2 FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT TILDEN .... KELLY ..... GAGE PARK PHILLIPS .. HARRISON LINDBLOM . PHILLIPS BASKETBALL JU N IORS vs. KELLY .............. 37-33 vs. PHILLIPS ...... vs. LINDBLOM .... vs. TILDEN . .. vs. KELLY .... vs. PHILLIPS ..... vs. LINDBLOM .... vs. TILDEN ..... ....26-47 ....35-32 . . . .43-35 FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT SENIORS ... .28-I6 ... .30-27 ....31-43 . . . .43-40 FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT FARRAGUT HARRISON . MANLEY . . . GAGE PARK DU SABLE . HARRISON MANLEY . . . GAGE PARK DU SABLE . PLAY-OFF JUN IORS FARRAGUT vs. PARKER ............ 34-45 FOOTBALL vs. ENGLEWOOD ....... 2-0 FARRAGUT vs. LINDBLOM . I-2 ...0-2 ........10-9 .... 16-2 3-I0 9-6 . .... 14-13 ..... 23-36 .........34-42 ........30-3b ..... 54-44 .... 31-47 .........32-55 ........33-40 .... 23-51 . .. 0-30 FARRAGUT vs. DU SABLE .... .... I 3-19 FARRAGUT vs. TILDEN .... . .. 0-48 FARRAGUT vs. KELLY ...... .... 0 -13 FARRAGUT vs. GAGE PARK . .. . .. 0-6 CITY MEET ...... 10th place oui of 14 schoo1s TIMES A.A.U. ..... ..... F ourth Place FARRAGUT-Disirict Meet ........... Third FARRAGUT vs. ST. IGNATIUS ....... 30-42 FARRAGUT vs. HARRISON .......... 21-45 FARRAGUT vs. ST. RITA ..... .... 4 5-44 FARRAGUT vs. HARRISON .......... 23-43 Page Severzly-Fin' Asuk YBASEBALL TEAM. First Row-Paja, Randle, Gorga, Meyer, Moyzis, Forbes. Second Row-Kuchar, Likas, Price, Sojka, Holub, Howard. Third How- Kipta fmanagerl, Provinsky, Kristafek, Borlick, Zeithamel, Dulla, Vachuta, Vana, Fox lcoachl. BASEBALL AT FARRAGUT HIGH Triumphant in four of its first five games, local fans saw great possibilities for the baseball team but then fate and bad breaks virtually eliminated the Farragut nine, as it suffered three losses in its next four games. Although outhit- ting their rivals, the Vikings lost to Harrison l3-6, because the Hornets piled up a 12-O lead in tak- ing advantage of pitching wildness and mis- plays. Then they lost to Tilden 2-l in a game in which all the runs were unearned and then suf- fered their fourth loss, to Kelly 2-0, which could have been avoided with one or two timely hits. Mathematically there was still a chance for the home nine to finish in the one-two playoff slots and at this printing you can rest assured that the boys were trying with all their might to win the remaining games. A bright spot in the campaign was a 10-9 upset of Gage Park, tied with Harrison for the lead. Hank Meyer, Mr. Fox, Edwin Gorga. Page Seventy-Six Hurlers, Randle, Price, Likas, and Vana performed with finesse while Gorga, Paja, and Meyer were rounding out their last year fighting for the batting crown Coach Iames Fox is very fortunate to have his entire infield of Forbes, Moysis Holub, and Souka coming back next year and thinks that they, along with Hurlers Privinsky, and Vachuta, will mold into championship material next season Milton Kipta, Manager, handled his numerous duties very capably. I I TRACK 1943 SENIOR TRACK 'kMr. Canfield -tOn Floori- Sliuster. First Row - Ristiq, Buresli, Vane-lc, Rappaport, Horak. Second Row-Mr. Can- field, Rausclienliach, Czer- wien, Prazak, Sasek, Zwick Rowe, Svancara, Breda, Ruth Rartos, Coy. IUNIOR TRACK WML Canfield tO'n Floori- Mariotti. First Bow i Valek Friedman, S e m e n e lc, Ross King. Second Row-Mr. Can- field, Harrison, Cerda, Ar- thur, Opielinski, Trezek, Ed- wards, Aft. 1 I Under the able guidance of coach Earl Canfield, the Farragut track team scored minor success in the 1943 season. Farragut tell victim to Harrison and St. Ignatius, placed third in an interscholastic meet with Harrison, Von Steu- ben, and Du Sable, but scored a victory over St. Rita. Sparking the junior team was Captain Edward Fencl who showed his heels in every school meet. His record: eight firsts, two seconds, and two thirds. Losing Glenn Sawyer to the Navy was a great loss to the senior team. Glenn, being an all around athlete, starred in running broad jump, and high jump. Continually improving, the junior team, with time-cutters Robert Becher, Ierry Edwards, George Marriotte, Dave Cerda, Art Friedman, Michael Semenek, and Sam Ruth shine as future stars for seasons to come. Other losses to the senior team, through graduation are, Frank Bartos, hali- miler, Edward Francettic and Norman Novak, star hurdlers, and George Svan- cara, dash man. Returning to next year's senior team are Frank Czerwin, quarter-miler, Frank Horak, dash man, Alex Krostenko, shot put, Richard Prazak, halt-miler, Richard Rappaport, also a half-miler, john Rauschenback, star high jumper, manager Le Roy Coy, pole vault, and Captain David Zwick, low hurdles. Iuniors tboys under 16 years of agel are urged to come out for the track team, in which many events are now open. the ZOO yard low hurdles, shot put, Page Sffzfenly-Svzw : SWIMMING TEAM 'fMr. Williams -Flnt Row- Hejna, Dobak, Musil, Killian Urbanek, Woeltie, Texler, Ot to. Second Row-Hlinka, Kos tecki, Klein, Kukral, Zeman Curran, Willis, Huchro, Mr. Williams. Page Seventy-Eight OUR SHARKMEN Sparked by loe Killian, Clarence Woeltje, and Vincent Urbanek, the Farragut Iunior sharkmen won tour meets out of seven, while the seniors couldn't do any better than one victory out of seven attempts. Phillips, Kelvyn Park, and Harrison 127 all iell before the mighty junior tankmen, while the latter only succumbed to DuSable, Crane and Morton. The Seniors paced by Howard Dolak, 40-yard breast- stroker, victimized only Harrison who later retaliated and sank the Admirals twice more. Coached by the competent Maurice Williams, Ioe Killian versatile diver, topped off his almost perfect season by attaining second place in the city diving competition. Clarence Woeltje, 40-yard junior breaststroker, an- other one of Coach Williams' prodigies remained un- defeated rolling over every competitor coming his way to end up in the finals of the city swimming meet where he took a close sixth. Another spark plug that ranks with the big three is "Tarzan" Urbanek, the 40-yard tree styler. Vince also topped his teammates by swimming off with the two-mile marathon, an annual affair staged by Coach Williams. With very few of the boys leaving Coach Williams expects to have a city championship team, next year the by-word will be "Watch the swimming team go!" CHEERLEADERS 1943 -all FA-FA-FARR-AG-AG-AGUT!! CHEER LEADERS. tlSlGIlC'llIlQl ll-w1q.- DIUW. First Row V4-1.x llwizawlr, ll-nw 11'n::Ivi11, Alllvlilw lllr-lml, HSD Mfzlim lVlwIw', l.fJlTdlllP vlmltzt. CHEER CLUB 'Miz Cfarlfivlpl, Sponsor Flrll How+Roso Bmnsleixm, Phyllis lvltllmlllltxll, Killlmff. Second Row f Shilley Luvas, Lillian Novak, Dolores Spalenka, Vera No- vnk. Plzgf SL zwlfrm-Nim f BOWLING 1943 One of the greatest seasons was put in the books for Farragut in the past year. The boys' major and minor bowling leagues played one of the hardest fought seasons in which there were many close games combined with many up-sets. This year there were only boys' leagues with no girls competing from Farragut. Due to the war there were many changes to put up with priorities and boys going to the service of their country. Again this year the leagues bowled at the West End Recreation, Farragut's bowling center. In the competition this year were the Hearts who won the south-west section title and the City Championship. The boys were awarded individual trophies and bright red trophy for the City Championship. Because of a shortage of food and orders from the government office the sixth Annual banquet was cancelled. Instead the secretaries of the different teams of the city voted on a "Victory Show" for the bowlers which was held May l, l943 at the Auditorium Theatre Service Men's Center. The 52,000 that woud have gone toward the banquet was presented to the Service Men's Center to maintain the bowling alleys for the men in the armed service. Champion bowlers with individual scores on the Hearts were Richard Vana 058l, George Vandon 0375, Norman Novak 0807, Walter Skibicki 0455, and Anthony Slechta 0707. Team bowlers whose teams came in first or second in the leagues were presented with individual medals. BOWLING TEAM fMr. Cook-Fits! Rowflvloizisek, Longway, Sigalos, Weber, Skibicki, King, Schuber. Sescond Row -Mr. Cook, Vasirek, Konopasek, Vanden, llausknecht, Chervenak, zufan, Third Row Kielbasa, Gabriel, Novak, Likas, Fister, Rafiosll, Cowser. l'.1,qv Ifiglaly l 3 Y flfirst Row-Mrs. Mudra, Miss Rheude, Mr. Duskin, Miss McVey, Miss Wells, Miss Crowell, Mrs. Pertle, Miss Geer. Second Row-Miss Cada, Miss Morgan, Miss Vetter, Mr. Miller, Mr. Mills, Miss lohnson, Miss Benson, Miss Ehren- werih. Third Row---Mr. Mach, Mr, Ward, Mr. Proitsman, Mr. Mintzer, Mr. Pea- cock, Mr. Ackerman, Mr. Coow. Ending the bowling season the Dummies have led the league with a won-lost average of 27-12 for a percentage oi .692 A close compan- ion to the Yehudi team were the Radio Operators and Navigators who have paced the tield to come out on the top of the league with won and lost averages for the Radio Operators 36 and 12 lost. The Navigators have won 36 and lost 24 with averages for the former .600 and the latter, 583. The two teams with the high three games were the Navigators C2070l and the Flight Surgeons 120745. Individual leaders in high three games were Mr. Sylvan Ward C5649 and Miss Genevra Geer 64595. High single game leaders for the season were Mr. M. Ackerman 12237 and Miss Mary Ann Benson fl96l. Players on the Radio Operators are? Edward Paschke, Capt. Miss Agnes Vetter, Miss Mary Ann Benson, and Mrs. Marie Mudra. Navi- gator keglers are: Capt. Miss Lydia Cada, George Peacock, Miss Marie Ehrenwearth and Miss Dana Crowell. Straight shooters of the "Gunners" are: Mr. Prottsman, Miss M. S. lohn- son, Mr. Mach and Mr. Siedanstrang fCapt.7. The "Mechanics" are: Mrs. Mills, Miss Wells, Miss McVey, CCapt.i, and Mr. Miller. Miss Morgan, Miss O'Leary, Capt. Mrs. Reinhardt, and Mr. Cook call themselves the "Pilots" Capt. Mrs. Pertle, Miss Rheude, Miss Geer, and Mr. Ward are named "Flight Surgeons." "Bombardiers" squad is made up of Mrs. Sullivan, Capt. Mrs. Swartz, Mr. Mintzer, and Mr. Ackerman. No. 8 team is made of non-existent individuals, the "Dummies," To make up an even tour games this team was credited. When a team is playing the Dummies it bowls against its own averages. Page Eighty-One Six "huskies" of the gymnastic squad showed how much a team can accom- plish by Mr. Maurice Williams, who busy with football and swimming put the team under the direction of Captain Zeman while the team worked out at nearby Sokol gyms. The squad consisting of George Zeman, Al Rose, Anthony Linka, George Smetana, Ioe Killinn and Clarence Woeltze entered the Y.M.C.A. city-wide gymnastic competition consisting of fourteen high schools. Representing Far- ragut in the intermediate division was Captain Zeman, Al Rose, and Anthony Linka. Out of the fourteen competing high schools, Farragut ranked tenth. ln the Times City A.A.V. gymnastic tournaments, Zeman, Linka, and Rose, the "Three Musketeers" of the gymnastic squad took the fourth place berth with Linka capturing first place in rings and winning a beautifully engraved medal for his performance. There are three classes which the in which anyone may participate. ln over 70 points or more in order to every gymnast looks forward to, but Captain Zeman last year entered the Novice Class and took fifth place. This year he accounted for five points in the intermediates, taking twelfth place in city competition. Coach Williams is proud of the squad and as he puts it "This team does more with less than any other in Farragut." Mr. Williams is looking forward to a larger number of prospects to make up the ranks of the gymnastic squad for next semester. gymnasts may enter. The Novice group the Intermediate group one must achieve complete. The Champ division is what must have 80 points or over. George Zeman, A 'WB 505 Xa, ,My . MTN 50,1 aflganko Hora Mai 5 K1 O5 SO., aol GYMNASTS GYIWASTS WML Williams-First Row-Al Hose, X 'Liam thony I-llinka, Mr, Williams, vt x. W' sow' ' 'n. B me ' -me Kel 'N 804,12 My Xtboanekl XC If ing! nov!! ,O UT 195-"T Q96 HOXX1 ' INTRAMURAI. BASKETBALL Pa e EI bf -Two i'First Row-Alvin Anthony, Joseph Koutny, Ralph Kalnar, 8 8 J' Robert Drtina, Leonard Goldman, Victor Pojman. The Commandos Have Noihing on Us AT FARRAGUT G. A. A. OFFICERS President CECILIA EIS Corresponding Secretary DOROTHY PESA Vice President LCJRRAINE HERODES Secretary-Treasurer SHIRLEY DERER ln the year just closing the G.A.A., as all other organizations at Farragut has gone all out for victory. On March 8, at a meeting of the G.A.A., Shirley Derer, secretary-treasurer presented Mr. Ritzma with 3525.00 from the club treasury towards enlarging the sChoo1's Victory Fund which sends boxes to our former students in the service of their country. Mrs. Cathrine Brenemen Cnee Payne? a former gym teacher gave up her position here at Farragut to join the W.A.A.C. where she is now a first officer. Importance of all vitamins in our daily meals was stressed in a selection of skits put on by Mrs. Rose LaVan's health classes for the P.T.A. Meeting, March ll, 1943. ' ef ., , a. gag - . , K 1 as ' ,,..,.,,.' f.. , 4 4 .tr GAA. SENIORS 'kfirst Row -- Nowiclci, Vos tatek, Krupka, lirec, Parker, Humlicek. Second Rows- -Kor- anek, Krsak, Riha, Cesal Sladek, Prchal. Third Row- Sternislia, Melkus, Hinds, No- vak, Zelina,, Derrvr, Kamha. l'.1.qu lfilqfvly-Four :xg 4' fi Q' ... X hi the past eight months the girls ot all the gym classes have experienced the new victory exercises which build up their rsistance as well as improve their figures. Swimming must now be taken by all girls during their third and iourth years so they can be good swimmers by the time they graduate. The G.A.A. silk stocking drive which began lune l, was a great success. Nylon, rayon, and silk stockings were brought to the containers in the girl's gym. The girls can now feel proud that their stockings are being used in the making oi parachutes. ft G. A. A. REPRESENTATIVES First Row-Novak, Gasparik, Borousek, Wtalcoiiie, Sentiv- anac, Schmidt, Spalenka, Grant, Svoboda. Second Row - - Odohual, Ryva, Koranek, Konvalinka, Hasman, Ekl, Tis- ctier, Sauer, Galik, Novak. Third Row - Marcil, Mladic, Bicha, Lukach, l-Iosek, Derer, Lauth, Rieqfir, Miller, Pleticha. G. A. A. LETTER AND CHEVRON First Row- ff-- Sauer, Krejca, Lauth, Miller, Pesa, Pleticha, Herodes. Second Row - -Tischer, Svetal, Dvorak, Prucha, Derer, Koranek, Ekl, Odetinal, Tislor. Third Row-Kirian Pernecki, Iopa, Strachota, Lohrontz, Peterson, Eis, Lukach. Page Eighty-Fiw FRESHIE INITIATION---G. A. A. LO! THE POOR INDIANS QWE MEAN FRESHIESJ On March 30, l943, at 3 PM. the girls' gym resounded with girls' shouts and wild screams as the new "Freshies" were initiated into the G.A.A. Dressed in gym suits put on backwards and wearing cute little paper bunnies on their heads, the Freshies were initiated by the Seniors who had waited four years for the great event. Seniors walking down the halls wearing their "S" emblems with a little duck on them were commonly seen making Freshies carry their heavy chemistry or physics books. Other tasks the poor suffering Freshies were required to do included reciting poems, carry trays in the lunchroom, and asking those handsome Senior boys if they would take them as their wives. After the agony during the school day, the Seniors got their final chance at the Freshmen in the good ol' paddle line. Refreshments served at the party consisted of cookies and ice cream bars of which everyone had their fill. After the dancing and the many games which the Seniors somehow always managed to win, the tired "Fresh- ies" went slowly downstairs to their lockers, relieved that the ordeal was finally over and that they were full- fledged members of the G.A.A. Page Eighty-Six GJ-LA.-FRESHMEN i'First Row llwllz, Iim1i0y, Spaleuka, 'l'a11sk, Vilimvk, i2wa11s:1111, Barnes, Mv- M.111u11, S11.11w11ka. Second Row 'Kill- lmff, 511111111113 Maqm-, Kukuska, Smolcal, Mo1m111, Krvli, liv11isvk, 'I'l1uwlo, Krava, lI110ty11l:11, K111'vm. Third Row A11111a1111, Kos::1111, W111111, Pwlkowski, Novak, Hwszik, Dxysvlx, l?v11Iivn11m', Clwqlava, Kcwicwvsky. Fourih ROW Zdlllifl, N0111011 I,vM111', Z111m111ri1:11, llmauk, Bn11111cf, KAI- f.1::, X111-11l, Y111111q, Vivlm, Novak. GJ-LA.-SOPHOMORE ffirsi Row liwmik, SVGIIHWPIEI, Drysuh, iikillkllji, Nwras, Kal1c1v111', K1HISiE'xI1S. Sec- ond Row llns11n1ik, Mmrwl, Fort, 310111- i11q1-1', i1.'1v11::, fildlll, I111111111se1h, Third Row i.111'.1::, M.11'i1vk, f1l01'i1a, MUOFP, Ii11wki11:4, TH1111, V1l111, lhllfw, Rioqwr. G.A.A.---SOPHOMORE WI"irst Row Slllllf, l111'11l1::, Elk, Pmsvk, Svc1lw1l.1, Hwlik, DM1111111, Iiwkn. Second Row -Kil1m11i1'k, H011111swk, Canwil, H111111ll, May, Kuvmik, i'111'sl, P1il1yl, Swif 11n1'ski. Third Row Kdl1o1111, Ilobmii, Kl11111vl111k, Simi1a1vk, N111111a11, Iiuniy, Kyztivat, V4111I111d11. Fourth Row Pow' fi-111, Simik, Rf111vik, Svwlmaia, Polak, Iiv1slv1fwl-II, M11ls1111, Llwlik, lffruy. G.A.A.-IUNIOR ilfirsi Row 5111.11-wk, Mysicku, Komilr, H1111--11113 G1'l::1+111i11i, I3-111.1si11, Kullvy, P1111-1111, I?--11i14.1. Second Row Vnuok, lR1xl111l11111l:aky, Vv'111.1:'vk, Kwulva, Latal, Ifkl, k'.1::l11k, Ol-.11i11l. Third Row Hu' ::1111k, U1111111111, 1.1111-Le, C'i.'vl-1, Iiolmivli. QH111111, t'1'.1i1111, 1111111-11, Cl111vi1. Fourth How Ki1i.111, LT.1f1111111k, Nwvnk, K111si11d, 4'l11.1::!k.1, W11II1'1', Vwlwk, PUIil'l'. Fiflh How l-Q11 -1.' , lI111l1y, lIv1111111q, Matmlsuk, H11:'i1'k11, 2311111-IIN, Ml-11111, Mamcvk, E11'l11.1111111, l'1'11l11i1-11, I.11kavl1, PFITLICIIG, ilvliullxr, IVI-lxilnl. Page Eighzy-Seven G. A. A. VOLLEY BALL CHAMPS First Row - iimofiws, Prvsa, Vrizfha, Kwmuvk, Uorvr, Sec- ond Row Puhl, Ifis, Pvtfirsun, Vikfsn, Fl"IvWlISf'k. INTRAMURAL GAMES. First Row Hinds, Smith, P1-rr lwfki, Irma, Second Row- Lulifh, Nvrmia, Kuvrira, No- vnk, Plvhal. G. A. A. GAMES First Row-Pastf-wash, Novak, t'Prr1irvk, SiTif'If"I', ffastok, Str'-L rvr, Hmfiy, Swinarski, Second Row Stillkllfi, Iaworski, Wie- zwi, Dawicv, KUIIVNCY, Biiek, M-arfqliart, Flanfil, Third How - - Hlifirw, Fvivvk, Hawkins, hfuxmna, Kali-uv-WC, Polak, Sko- wpa, I.lk5S. Page Eighty-Eight u K it f-if G.A.A. CLUBS PRESENTING SENIORS FOR NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Page Eighty-Nine KEY TO SENIOR ACTIVITIES ik ex .' I. 'ig . lu " BHIQIII' dtrig. I ,. 'l,'- N,"v ,f1 ,. " ff "IU M11 I I ', I g f ,,tff'f'I' In the past three years the senior classes have been so large that it has been necessary to add more pages tor the senior pictures and Write-ups. This year with 492 graduates, the Log statt was again faced with the problem of finding enough space without adding extra pages. Ci course some will notice that there are students included who are not graduating with their class, but these are finishing in summer school or notice of their failure to graduate came too late to take out their pictures. Some of the boys lett tor service in the armed forces before they were graduated but the Log statt telt that these should be included with their class. On the opposite page you will find not all but inost of the activities that seniors participated in actively. For example, if a girl belonged to the G. A. A. and earned a chevron, letter or medal it is recorded as 38 Cchevron, letter or inedall. lt a boy belonged to the band tor four years and earned a letter and won three medals, his record would be 3 C4 years, letter, 3 medalsl. All others are similarly noted. It the students be longed to clubs no longer in existence, the nantes have been omitted. Many seniors had more activities than we have recorded but each graduate was restricted to only three lines ot type, so that accounts for some omissions. g lxflflffly A Air Raid Wardens Annual Staff B Band Banquet Comm. Sr. Baseball Team Basketball Team Baton Twirling Club Blue Print Club Bowling Team Boys' Chorus C Camera Club Cap and Gown Comm. Sr. Cheer Club Chemistry Club Chinese Checkers Club Class Day Comm. Sr. Class Gift Comm. Sr. Clean-up Club College Day Comm. Sr. D Dance Comm. Sr. Dancing Club Docorative Comm. Sr. Division Room Officer Dramatic Club E Election Comm. Sr. Electric Shop Club Etiquette Club Euclidian Club F Farraguteers Farragut Filmsters Financial Comm. Sr. First Aid Flower, Color, Motto, Comm. Sr. Football Team Footlight Chorus Forum Friendship Club G G. A. A. G. A. A. Bowling Games Club German Club Gift Comm. Sr. Girls' Chorus Gymnasts H Handbook Staff Honor Society I lce Skating Team Industrial Arts Club International Friendship Club lnvitation and Decoration Comm. Sr. Intramural I lournalism fBusinessl K Knitting Club L Latin Fun Club Law Club Letter CS Chevron Club Library Staff Log Salesman M Melodists Messenger fOfficel Military Club Morse Code Club Movie Operators N National Honor Society Navigation Club O Office Machines Opera Club Orchestra P Pan American Council Party Favors Photography Pin and Ring Comm. Sr. Play Comm. Sr. Printing Comm. Sr. Prom Comm. Sr. Q Ouiz Kids R Red Cross Council Red Cross Napsack Library Red Cross Production Riding Club Roller Skating S Scholarship League Scroll Senior Cabinet Service Guild a. Assembly Hall Sponsors b. Hallguards c. Luncheon Sponsors Slide Rule Club Stage Equipment Student Council Student Guidance T Tea-Dance Comm. Sr. Teens Club Theatre Orchestra Track Team V Volleyball Champs W Wood Shop Wood Tinkers Wrestling Team Misc. Recording Music Club Victory Certificates xg- , i . " 'E vw 'iv' I .if ' I5 ,f.' -.. : , F V A 2 . . 1 . Bmw 3, - BALATY - V - N I -A , . BANKER In 9 , ft 1. in . ,A BAN-NES ' . g y ' y ,L V g Bmrrnnc ' 'M' - gjy . " BARTUNEK . A -as rs. M r -W I K . , I BAUER BAYLIS BEN DA BENKOWSKI BISIO BLASTIK BOUCEK BOWDEN BROZ BUDILOVSKY BURMAN CARRABOTTA Cl-IOC CHODORA BECKER IOHN BECKER. "lack Esq." High school taught him to argue, which, with his liking for history will help him in his ambition radio work. Member nt 88, 36, 77, twti, 46, 812, S3 triage editorl, 16, 64. JANUARY CLASS 0F l943 FRED BABBIN. "l'rtvl. Baht." llojios to he a baclerioloqisl. I1llPl'0!1l!1 are Vliviiiistiy, zatanijis, and microscopy. Member O1 14, 86, 412 GEORGIANA BALATY. "Int" llccomplislimenl fjcttmg things done on time. Future dVldl11X. Active in 68, 46, 82, 12. IUNE BANKER. "lun1e"- Mad about groovy music. Likes to spend money. Wants to be a houswiie. Member of 85, 38, 28. IOHN BANNES. "Trigger",-His great ambition is to become a Navy admiral. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. Activi- ties, 13, K2 Letteisl, 84, 90, 97 ILE-tterl. FLORENCE BARTNIK. "F1ossie"--Hopes to be a secretary. Enjoys singing and sewing. Learned to do things on time. Member of 66, 46, 38, 43 lLetterl. GEORGE BARTUNEK. "Corky"- Hopes to be a math teacher. Has weakness tor sweet potatoes. Collects stamps, coins. Member of 35, lO, 73, 9 tLetterj. DOROTHY BAUER. "Dotty"-Her ambition is to be A-1 secrel tary. Weakness "1-Iawiian War Chant,"-Hobbies are dancing, psychology. Member of 46 lice-presj 8, 73. VIRGINIA BAYLIS. "Virqie"--Future nurse. Learned to respect elders. Saves letters, postcards. Member of 33. ELEANOR BENDA. "Elo"---Hopes to be a secretary. Likes jew- elry and photography. Membr ot 40, ll, 37, 38, 85, 46, 31. EDWARD BENKOWSKI. "Benny"- --Likes steak and more steak. Dislikes people who sleep on street cars. Collects stamps. Wants to be a navy pilot. Member of 15. I age Ninety-Two IAMES BISIO. "Cisco"- His ambition is in the field O1 aviaa tion. Has a special weakness for food. His hobbies are hunt- ing, fishing, camping. Active in 46, 74. IAMES BLASTIK. "Blast" Desires to be an Aviation cadet Weakness chicken. Saves stamps and coins. ls active in 85, 88, 46, lO, 31 lChairmanj. RICHARD BOUCEK. "Booch"ffBohennan is his tavorite subject. Learned to take orders which will help him in his ambition ot a music teacher. Member ot 21, 61, 15, 1, 85. BETTE BOWDEN. "Bet"f-Stcnoqraphcr. To get alonq with peo- ple was her chief accomplishment. Collects cards. Active in 21, 38. CHARLOTTE BROZ. "Cliar"---Hopes to bc a music teacher. En- joys maklnq scrap books and eating ire cream. Member of 66, 70, 3, 68, 4. GLORIA BUDILOVSKY. "Blondie"--Wants to see the world. Writes many letters. Member of 38, 46, 82. ALLAN BURMAN. "Al"-Collects silver dollars, stamps. Wants to be a successful business man. Member of 21, 61, 83, 2, 42. BASIL CARRABOTTA. "Rathbone"- Radio technician. Dislikes grouches. Member of 88, 61, 19, 90. MILDRED CHOC. "Mil"--Hopes to be an office worker. Likes music, art and books. Favorite subject is shorthand. Mem- ber of 36, 38, 46, 57, 45, 69. MILDRED CHODORA. "Millie"--Wants to be an office worker. Likes dancing, skating, and music. Member oi 38, 82, 12. VILMA CIGER. "Vi1" Stenotrrapher. Treasures keepsakes and enjoys transscription. Member of 88, 38, 82, 8Sb. DORIS COLES. "Dorry"- -Likes typinq but dislikes makinq errors. Favorite expression, "Are you krddinrrf' Member of 38, 59, 90. BETTY COX. "Bots" Worked hard at steno. to perfect her- self to 38, 90. CHARLES CRYSTAL. "Chuck" -Likes "Ma's" honie-made apple pie. Take it easy, is his advice. Member of 61, 32, 46, 82, 12. be a receptionist. "Sleepy'time Gal." Member of 88, CLARENCE CUKOR. "Cuke" Won honorable mention in na- tional contest for search for science talent. Research chemistry is his qoal. Member of 36, 65, 14, 88, 812, 18, 46, lil, 57, 64. Class Will and Prophecy lPres.J. GEORGE DAVID. "Dave" Army Arr Cori-s for him. "What's cooking, qc-od lookmq?" is his favorite rrreetintr. Loves medals. Member of 88, 73. BLANCHE DOLEIS. "Blondie" She learned to be on time or else?. Adores Khaki-Wacky urrrtorrrrs. Active ln-10, 46, 82, J8, 52. GERALDINE DONDA. 'Gerryw Hopes to be a stenoqrapher, She really learned Spanish. Member of 70, 121, 46, 38, 82, 36, 712. ROBERT DRNEK. "Bob" Future machinist. Beware of him for he likes to lift weights. MARY ANNE DVORACEK. "Mar" Performs as vocalist for the servicemen at the U.S.O. Member ut 57, 46, Stl, 83, Silt, Quill and Scroll Award, 64. IRVIN DVORAK. "lrv"e-eVVants to be a Tool and Die M Active in swimming, received a letter and t 10-mile mara award. Member of 42. WAYNE ERICKSON. Enjoys physics but experts to be a owner. Hobbies bicycling and stamps. BERNARD ESRALEW. "Bernie" clrernrst. Develop-rlrl hi: sonality in school. Enjoys dancrntr. Member nl l ROBERT FELIX. "Bob"--l..earnec'l to handle rr "tech" course. Hates women drivers. Member ANN FIRTIK. "April" Likes sentimental music Qi. nclirries in of Gl, 84. but htrtr-s ce-ited people. Member of 38 tl.etter and Flrevmril, 77, 46, 57, 12. LIBBY PRANA. "Lib" -Learned to make frrwrrrlrz. t'.:ll..wr'ts titres of baseball players. Active in Alll, -tri, 243, 38, 43, 82, 64 lQuill and Scroll Awardl. LOUISE FRANCE. "Lojz"- -Orchestra and collect her favorites. Future nurse. Member rut 46, 811, received medals from orchestra contests and -- VERONICA GASPARIK. "Verne" A slrtntlrarirl intr rr,-r'rur'ds 711, 88, 68, student olrv crvrrlefs secretarial ambition. Likes to rr-,rd best sellers, Membe 27, 46 lSecretaryl, 16, 64. EVELYN GELSOMINI. "FV" Sinus and plays: riker. thori attire rr-it lrrf: f'l'3ll' Hhls, pit' Silt , arr- anti ts. with r tif the prairie as n hobby. Ambitious to be n nurse. Memlwr til ltl, Iltt, fill, 4.3, 83, 2, 73. MARVIN GOLDMAN. "Marve" loined the O MV. in Army Air Corps. Member of 55, 07, 71, lib, 73. JANUARY CLASS 0F 1943 LILLIAN CERNY. "Wee Wee' Wants to be a secretary. Active in 38, 40, lP.i:wt Pri-::.j, 75, 91, 64, 82. ll. A. R. Representrve from Farrarrut. CERN Y CIGER COLES COX CRYSTAL CUKOR DAVID DOLEIS DONDA DRNEK DVORACEK DVORAK ERICKSON ESRALEW FELIX FIRTIK I-'I-IANA FRANCE GASPAHIK GELSOMINI GOLDMAN Urge Nirlrly-7'lwf ,.. I 234' 7 J ' tv- 1 comormsxv cormsn r-rnusnrn X. r-umm A A minus HAUPT ., an HOFFMAN HOFFMAN HOLAN HOMOLKA HORAK HORKY HORNICEK I-IOVORKA HRADSKY HRODEY IANDA iauscrm 1Anor.rNr:1c mmcsrc r-rAr.Acr:rc MILDRED HALACEK. "Holly" Salutatorian of lan. '43 class. Member of 43 tletterl, 59, 28, 36, 14, 46, 82, 38, 31, 64. American Legion Essay Contest. JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 BERNICE GOMOLINSKY. "Bern"---Future doctor. Enjoys study- ing tnatts. Member ot 36, 118, 82, 46, 43, 38, 90. DOROTHE B. GOTTLIEB. "Dot Gott" lournalism her "meat". Studyinq plays and recitations are her hobbies. Active in 24 libres. and Sec.l, 83 tPq. 4 Edl, 16 lQuill and Scroll Awardl. W-tn S5 for feature story. BEHTHA HALPERIN. "Beatr'ice"fff"l'lep to the jive." Collects pictures of famous interpretive dancers. Member of 21. DOROTHEY HAMM. "Sunka" Hitrh School taught her not to sit track and lot others pass her by, to get somewhere on her own. Member of 3, 84, 88, 49, 75, 64. ADRIANNA HANUS. "Tillie" Wants to be a model. Learned how to win friends and influence people. Member of 84, 75, 611, J tMt-dals Solo Contestl. WILLIAM HAUPT. "Willie" A future "mouthpiece," Likes l'rtfnrli pros and blondes. Active in 15, 2, 45, 31. MELVIN HOFFMAN. "Mel"- Wants to be an Aircraft assembler. 11111: hobby is Model Building. Likes all sports. ROBERT HOFFMAN. "litters"f--From his favorite subject U. S. History he learned how to vote riqht when the time comes. Metnber ot Ill, 20. FRANK HOLAN. "Gu1liver"- lTall, dark and handsomel. Future sports announcer. Likes history. Member of 84, 6, 46, IU, 61, 16. ROBERT HOMOLKA. "Bob"-Hopes to be an electrical engi- neer. His hobbies are camping and swimming. Member of 12. P1 ee Ninety-Four HELEN HORAK. "Drmples"- -Excels in the German lariguultft- Emoys bowling. Member of 28, 46, 38, 85, 88, 33. RICHARD HORKY. "Dick"---An army mechanic. Hobbies are photographing and fishinq. Active in 10 tLetterl, 74. EMILY HORNICHK. "lonnie"-Ambition to become superior to men, including military service. Collects phonograph tr-voids Active in 46, 82, 38, Typing Award. LORRAINE HOVORKA. "Lolly"-eWants to tio to college. En- joys reading music and roller skating. Member ol 38, 3 tMedal and Lettersl, 43, 82. HLSIE HRADSKY. "L. C."-fContmerCial artist. lfnjoys must and drawing. Member ot 59, 64, 82, 22. LEONARD HRODEY. "Len" Mechanic. Likes tisliintr. Member of 72. L'l'HEL IANDA. "lan"-fMusic's aid is her goal. Loves to write letters and clothes. Active in 38, 82, 75. ELSIE IANECKA. "El"- Excels in Shorthand and Typing. Likes steak and trench fries. Member of 83 tAdv. Mqr. and Ass't. Bookkeeperl, 46, 85, 36, 57, 45, 84. Quill and Scroll Award. BLANCHE IAROLINEK. "Sleepy"- -A future housewife. Collects popular records. Member ot 21, 88, 38, 40, 7. RITA IANICEK. "Pudgy"-- Her goal is to join the WAAC or WAVES and help do her share. Collects records ot popular music, Active in 7, 38, 43, 33, 95. WARREN IOHNSON. "Swede"--Hopes to be an architect. En- joys Fibber McGee and Molly. Member of 8. EVELYN IONAS. "Evie"-Wants to be a commercial artist. Col- lects stamps and reads. Draws as hobby. Member of 38, 42, 4. HELEN KACENA. "Kacey"f-An all around qoocl fella. Steno her favorite and hopes to be a typist. Member of 88, l5, 16, 38. MELANIE KAMIS. "Mel" -To qo to college. Learned to balance a cup of tea. Enjoys Civics. Member of 91, 36, 28, 38, 43, 3, 812, 46. 90. NICK KARAGEORGE. "Nickey"- Wants to be a Civil Engi- neer. A technical course. Likes social lite. Preiers blondes. Member of 21, 8. MARGARET KELLER. "Margie"--Her ambition is to become a nurse. I-las a special weakness for black hair. Member of 83, 46, 88, 38, 33, 64. WALTER KILENS. "Wa1ly"feFuture Physical Education instruc- tor. Acquired manners while in school. Member ot 21, 6, 84, 3. ROBERT KING. "Bob"--Hopes to qet into defense work as a drnttsman. Appreciates mashed potatoes and roast chicken. Ac- tive in 4, 26, 8, 74, 48, 68. DOLORES KIPTA. "Butcli"- -To learn all clerical machines. Weakness for tall blond fellows and chocolate. Active in 88, 811, 2, 811, 16. VIOLET KLEIDON. "Susy"--Wants to be a kinderqarden teacher. Likes Latin and horseback ridinq. Member ot 46, 82, 21, 38, 7, 3. ROBERT KOCEK. "Bob"--Loves good food. Wants to retire be- fore he begins to work. Member of 21, 88, 34 tCapt,l, 2 Letters -Noble Kizer Award. Pres. of Class, Feb. '43. VIRGINIA IONCAI.. "Din"- -Wants to be a commercial artist. Dislikes bragqarts. Collects match book covers. Member ot 37, 40, 88, 38, 33. CLARENCE KONOPASEK. "Connie"-f Favorite subject: Wood Shop. Pet peeve, Guy Lombardo's Band. VALERIE KOPECKY. "Val"-Lite's ambition is to live, learn and write her autobiography. Weakness is tall people. Active in 88, 83, 36, 46, 82, 85, 20, 64. DOLORES KORBEI.. "Bunny" -This future singer collects puc- tures oi Nelson Eddy. Won two medals in Posture Contests. Member ot 90, 38. RICHARD KORINEK. "Goat" Plans to be a chemist. Has learned to attack problems from different anqles. Member of 88, 85, 25, 84. I2 Lettersj. IAME KOSTNER. "Kos"-Doctor, a lapidarist at heart. Likes bowling and blondes. Member of 65, 14 9,,64. CHARLOTTE KOUBA. "Char"fAims to be a real good stenoq- rcpher. Collects keepsakes, sketches, and plays the piano. Member of 27, 85, 38, 46, 82. GEORGE IOUBA. "Kob"- Has a commercial course. Swinqs a mean trumpet. Member of 65, 12. Wants to enlist in the Naval Air Corps. GERALDINE KOZEL. "Gerry" Has a commercial course. Dise likes a poor sport. Likes to read and wants to travel. Member of 38, 36, 18, 85, 88, 75. JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 BERNICE HIGGIE. "Hiqqie"- -Wants to be a reporter. Member of 35, 84, 91, 83, iMqr. lfl.J, 88, 46, 82, 38, 16, 64. Received Quill and Scroll Award. HIGGIE IOHNSON IONAS KACENA KAMIS KARAGEOHGE KELLER KILENS KING fy KIPTA KLEIDON KOCEK KONCAL KONOPASEK KOPECKY KORBEL KORINEK KOSTNER KOUBA KOUBA KOZEL ,--w Z . L... M is ii'-f ,P . E wt, Page Ninety-Fir e -..-f 'vi -at gs L 1 aku- lt Q KRATCHOVIL KRATOSKA KREMSKE KRUEGER LA MBERSON LATKOVIC LAUTH LEBER LINDBERG LINHART LISKA MALICHEK MARCUS MAROVITZ MASA MASEK MEI-IALL MIKES MILCEZNY MILLER HOLMAN WILLARD HOLIVIAN. "Ironman"- -Ambition is to be an aviator. Active in 7, 84, 46, totttceij, 20, 64, 3. Americanrsm Essay Contest. JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 MARGIE KRATOCHVIL. "Marne" Writes poetry as a hobby, Pet peeve: People who ask questions and street cars. Mem- ber of 59, 43, 38, 43 tLetterJ, LEONARD KRATOSKA. "Lenny"--A successful orqanist. Ap- preciates good music. Dislikes corny jokes. Makes recordinqs as a hobby. Member ot 98. Likes baseball. RONALD KREMSKE. "Ronnie" Ambition is to get in the U. S. Air Corps. Weakness for chicken dinner. Member of 85 tCapt.l, 16. GLENN KRUEGER. "Groovy"f' Wants to play "Tram" in a biq name dance band. Appreciates qood Iood and plenty of it. Goes in for dancing and swincr music. Member of 1 tLetter1, 85, 17, 34, Vice-Pres. of Class. PAUL LAMBERSON. "Lambie Pie" Lite's ambition. air plane mechanic. Hobby--model airplanes and motors. Member ot 24 tPres.1, I0 tVice-Pres.J, 34 tLetter1. EVELYN LATKOVIC. "Eve" -Ambition is to qo throuqh col- lege. Weakness- pretty clothes. Member of 16, 36, 46, 82, 43. RICHARD LAUTH. "Dick" Wants to enter the technical field. Hobby-collectinq stamps. Member of 61, 12. RAYMOND LEBER. "Leo Wetcff1" 1.ite's ambition to be a irrw' eler. Weakness--lobster tails, Hobby collecting quns. Mem- ber of 72, 52, 85. LARUE LINDBERG. "Cheese"f Ambition is to become a nurse. Has a special weakness tor qood music, Member of 43 tLetterl, 38, 50. GEORGE LINHART. "Ice"-'Ambition -To be the owner of a Gas Station. Hobbies are tinke-rinti with qas: enfrines, and col- lectlnq coins. Member of 65, 4. P :ge Ninety-Six ALICE LISKA. "A1"- Ambition to have a home and family. Weakness--Steak and French tried potatoes, Member ot 43 tLe-tterl, 35, 20, AMELIA MALICHEK. Ambition to have a musiral career. Spo- cial weakness for steak and tnaslt-ici potatoes. Avtive in 351. 46, 82, 36, 33. SHIRLEY MARCUS. "Porky" Ambition to travel around the world. Likes to type. Member of 138, 57, 85b, 111. ANNETTE MAROVI11. "Scatterbrain"- -Ambition to be a photo- qraphic coloress. Pet peeve -prevaricators. Member of 91, 18, 38, 83, 2. Merit Award. DJIILY MASA. "Millie"--Ambition -stenoqrapher. Likes danc- ing and swimminq, Pet peeve sqirls wearinq short stockin-is with hiqh heels, Member of 21, 46, 82, 38, 73. GRACE MASEK. Wants to be a private secretary. Pet pnnve - people who borrow homework. Member of 32, 24, 38. BEVERLY MEHALL. "Beaver" Ambition to br- ti niirsrri. Wink- ness--ice cream. Member ot 33, 38. ANNE MIKES. Ambition private secretary. Dislikes: people who seem to know all the answers. Member ot 36, 38, 46, 82, 43, 42. EVELYN MILCEZNY. "Ev" Ambition to be a sc-liool trwirlivr. Weakness---anythinq chocolate. Member oi 36, 38, 46, 82, 3, 50, 64. KENNETH MILLER. "Lori-rdr'nk" Ambition to sittrrfwd. lhfslikos people who think too much of themselves. Member ot 11, 527, 86, 74, 9, IERRY MISHK. "Irish"-Ambition-to be a Physical Education Instructor. Pet peeve-girls who think too much ot themselves. Member of B, 88, 46, 10, 73, 85, 82. NOHBERT MITCHELL. "Bud" Ambition diaftsnian, Weakness -strawberry sundaes. Member oi 34. Swimminq awards. VLASTA MOTAL. "Val" Ambition to be a doctor, Weakness is earinqs and expensive clothes. SHELDON' MULACEK. "Shu1tze''flnterested in medicine. Weak- ness-chocolate cream pie. Dislikes loud qirls. VIRGINIA NCHA. "Virq"-fTo be a success in lite. Pet peeve --people who are always complaminti, Member of 13, 15, 46, 36, 38, 84, 4. VIOLET NOVACEK. "Vi"-eWants to travel around the World. Weakness Chih. Pet peeve -people with a lack of humor. Member of 38, 85, 88, 18, 4, 21. LORRAINE NOVAK. "Lor" Ambition typist. Weakness candy. Collects nicknacks. Member ot 21, 28, 46, 20. NORMAN NOVAK. "Ace" Wants to be an engineer. Weak- ness'-sport Coupes, Active in 46, 88, 85, 19, 78, 64. LORRAINE NOWICKI. "Lorr" Ambition to be an Art Teacher. Weakness---Borsht. Member ot 59, 36, 92, 68, SU, IOHN O'BRlEN. Ambitzon Mechanical Enqineer. Weakness-- new tires. Member oi 89, 18. IOSEPH ONDRAS. "Harry Iames"-Ambition to have a good job. Received three medals in Band Contests. A cup for jitter- buqinq. Member of 75. AUGUSTINE PALUMBO. "Augie"-Ambition to be a housewife. Pet peeve-fur coats and slacks. Member oi 38, 88, 85, 75. ICE PANOSH. "Ioe"eOne thinq learned in school was wood- shop. BONITA PAWLEX. "Bonnie"- -Ambition-to become bookkeeper. Likes to play the piano and to roller skate, Member oi 90, 46, 82, 43, 38, 85, 79, 36. EVELYNE PESA. "Mabel"-Ambition-nurse. Collects snap- shots, Member of 91, 49, 2 tiiditor, Ouill and Scroll Awarcll, 43 tLetterJ, 84, 46, 82, 38, 90. VIVIAN PETERS. "Viv"--Ambition-interior decorator. Weak- ness--pretty clothes. Dislikes noisy eaters. Member ot 38, 32 tcertificatel, 48, 9, 50, 72. RICHARD PI-ITRANEK. "Dick"- -Wants to be a chemist. Likes fried liver and onions. Pet peeve -qirls who think the're some- thing. Member of 74. EVELYN PINTA. Ambition -dress desiqner, Weakness choco- late ice cream soda. Member of 91, 38. EMMA PIPEROFF. "Em"- -Ambition -Secretary. Pet peeve - people who brag. and Chevronj, 84. MILAN' POKORNY. ness- hamburgers Member of 31, 84, 85, 46, 82, 58, 38 tLetter "Mill"--Ambition commercial artist, Weak- and malls. Member oi 21. JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 IOHN MIELKE. "Milky" 1-lad Charqe of supply room. Member of 84. Winner of Senior Tribune Poll. Outside me-ssentier. MIELKE MISEK MITCHELL MOTAI. MULACEK NOHA NOVACEK NOVAK NOVAK Nowicxi o'nmsN owmms PALUMBO , 7 Pimosl-1 t PAWLEK , s F rf .g H K k Y Pssn - 'A Pmns PETBANEK fq, 5? ,, PINTA Pivsnorr 4 POKORNY V . t if ' .et K- .' I Page Nirlety-Sewell w POKORNY PONSHE PRETNER PURCELL RADA RIHA t -5' ? e"""' N5 if-Q ROKUSEX ROUSEK ROZHON RUDE we Q iff? -Q -nb RUZICKA SAUI. SCHREIN SEDLOCK SEINOST SEMIK 1'- si-IAI-'F U sl-:AY SIMEK SMETANA sPmA LETA SPIRA. "Lee'-would like to become a pianist. Hobby is school. M-iinlwi' tit 68, 84, 50, 46, 3, 36, 28, 64. JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 RICHARD POKORNY. "Porky", Received medals for contests in band and orchestra solo work and letter. Active in 3, 68, 46. 82. ALICE PONSHE. "Pooch"- Will enter the commeicial field. Likes bowlinq, Member ot 9, 82, 31 tPinJ, 85b, '73, WILLIAM PRI'f1'N'BR. "Scollo"--His ambition is to be a pilot with Marine Air Corps. Weakness tor hamburgers. BETTY IANE PURCELL. "Irish"-Wants to become a housewite, A weakness for "hepcats" and "low down jazz." Collects "Groovy" records. Member of 80, 85b. ELEANOR RADA. Ambition is to qet a nice workinq position. Her weakness is ham and potato salad. Member of 46, 4. ALICE RIHA. "Fat"AWants to travel. Collects postcards and writes letters. Member ot 21, 13 tLetter1, 38. CHAROLETTE ROKUSIX. "Char"--Ambition is to become a telel phone operator. Weakness tor hamburgers and coke. Active in 38, 88, 13, 90 tChairmanJ, GEORGE ROUSK. "Ir,"-Takes tech. course. Maiorinq in Mech. Dr. Wants to be a draftsman. Likes to dance. Member ot 3 tLetter and Medalsi, 46, 26, 95. RUTH ROZHON. "Gir1qles"-Wants to do her part in defense gvlorliia Nitgeakness is tryinq to keep quiet. Member ot 38, 88, ROBERT RUDE. "Bob"fLife's ambition is to be a tool and die maker. Weakness for qirls. Page Ninety-Eight GRACE RUZICKA. "Gracie"f Hopes to become a ttishion int-del. Likes attractive clothes and ice cream snndat-:1. Mwnilwt-r :it fl, 13 tLetterJ, 33. HENRY SHUI.. "Cisco"- -Wants to be a naval officer, 'Pvt peevv is boys who set Waves in their hair. Member fit til, 515, ti, 48, 4. DOROTHY SCHREIN. "Potty" Wants to tw fi tmiwli-ii ot litfnn' nnrsinq. Likes tall husky blcndi-sw Attivw .n .tri t, mt ttwt-fcttill 43, 33. FRANK SEDLOCK. "Sed" Favoiitt- SLllJl9VtS wvrv utiiiiriii-ivitil law. Has a special weakness for music snniz liy it choir. Active in 85, 84, 10, 9 tMedal1. ROBERT SYNOST. "Shanie"' Raises qold fish as a hnhluy. Inst wants to be a success at whatever he may decide to du. LORRAINE SEMIK. "Bnriny"AAmbition to armri-ie popular dance music. Weakness tor potato chips. Awtivw in 38, ftlt t1.etterl, 35, 85, 4. RICHARD SHAFT. "Dirk", Ambition if: to lv-t-iiriiv a traffic' manaqer, Favorite sport is football. ROY SHAY. "Shey" Ambition is to hvcoinv an inzzpector in the Dept. ot lnteiior Vtfildlzte ljiiiwaii. At-tive in 34, U7 tliittt-il. ADELINE SIMEK "Addis" A tntniw voiiiptoiii-its-I u5ei.it4it. "Eating" is her down tall. Hobbies are dancinq, roller :rkatinq and bowling. Active in 94, 87, 36, 15, 31, 38, 8Slv. ROSE SMETANA. "Rosie"-Weakness for strqiwht-ny snndaes. Likes dancing and skatinq. Member of 54, 46, 82. BLANCHE SOLNAR. "Slirimii" Weaaknihss fqood lookinq fel- lows. Enjoys roller skatinii and swimming, Letter in 43. IOSEPHINE SOMEROFF. "Io-lo"--Would like to be a private secretary. Pet peeve is plaids and stripes worn together. Mem- ber of 24. EVELYN SOUXUP. ''Souky"--Jlblephone operator. Hobby is coin Coliectinq. Has a weakness for tried chicken. IOSEPH STASTNY. "Irie" Ambition is to be a success. Dis- likes women drivers. Likes pork chops and sauerkraut. Mem- ber of 21. SHIRLEY STEINLAUF. "Rod" Dancer. Crackino qum gets her twat. Meniber ot Sll, 88, 38, and 73. ANNA STEISPAL. "Stays" A comniercial student, wants to see the U. S. A. Active in Ell, 4, 43, 38. STEVE STEVENS. "Grook"n This future bomber pilot is inter- ested in electric sliop. Likes clanvinq. Member of 34, 97, Sl. WILLIAM SVEC. "Bill" is qoinq to be a marine qunner. Has a woaknoss for wine, women, and sonq. Active in 10. RALPH SVETIC. "Tooiles" Hopes to become a radio operator. Doesn't like "stuck up" people, Member of 15, 41, 46, 63. FRANK SVOBODA. "Skip"- Likes chemistry but hopes to be- voine an enqinevr. Moiwlmisv lwwaiel Active in 61, ll, ill. VIRGINIA TAUCHEIN. "Ginny"- -Wants to qo tlxrouqli college. Goes for football, swimming, horseback, ridinq and collecting pictures. GEORGE TURINSKY. "Lefty"--Would like to be a top notch bowler. Weakness for past tense speakers. Active in 9 lLetterl. LEROY VACOVSKY. "Lee" -Electrical draftsmanship will iill his future, Shy women are his weakness. Likes all sports. Member ot 75. LILLIAN VALENTA. "Lil"--This qum che-wer will be satisfied with a good job. Active in 43, 88, 79, 38. OTTO VALENTA. "Ots"-Wants to be a success. Makes model air planes as a hobby. Member of 15, 75. RUTH VAUGHN. "Blondie"-Has commercial course but likes science subjects. Teaches piano as a hobby. Member of 38, 85, 18, 46, 36, 57, 20. CHARLES VESELY. "Ves"--Will be an aeronautical eriqineer. Models airplanes and collects coins. Member of 88, 63, 9, 72. EDWARD VESELY. "Ves"- -This meteoroloqist likes to bowl and raise tropical fish. Active in ll, 61, 74, WILLIAM WAGNER. "Bill"fTo really qet into a good trade is Lhis man's ambition. His favorite sports are football and base- all. MARIE WALTER. "Mani" Future nurse. Collects poems in her spare time. Active in 43, 38, 46, 37, 42. 'JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 BERTHA VENHUDA. "Eeidie" V Hopes to become a faimerette. Valedictorian of Ian. '-13 class. Member of 38, iletter and clievronl, 43, fletterl, 79, 64, IB, 36. VENHUDA SOLNAR SOMEROFF SOUKUP STASTNY STEINLAUF STEISPAL STEVENS SVEC tl l L :al W Y V .7 ,, 3 if i , f--' A ii svsric svosona , 'muci-:EN 'runmsxv viicovsxr N-w VALENTA . 3 'as V.. q .. y .is , VALENI' A VAUGHN VESELY ' r VESELY WAGNER WALTER .- Page Ninety-Nine ., iQ. ., i l 1 l 1 VLASICH WARD WEINBERG 'L WELNAK WESSEI. WHITE STEVE VLASICH. "Steve"-Would like to be a sport editor. Member of IZ tSport editorl, 46, 84, 25, 31, 71, 97 tletter majorj, 64. WITT WOELTIE WOLF ZASTERA ZASTERA ZDENEK ZIKA ZOZOS MAN AK NEMEC TABER JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 FRANK WARD. "Frankie"fDraftsman. Dumplinqs and sauer- kraut is his idea of "the" meal. Member of 61, 63, 21, 50. LOIS WEINBERG. "Liz" Wants to become a model. Favorite subject is civics. Member of 38, tLetterl 84, 85, 13, tLetterl 91. photoqraohens ANNABELLE WELNAK.-Life's ambition is to be a nurse. l-las hobby of collecting perfumes. Member of 38 and 85. ELMER WESSEI.. "Wes"-Life's ambition is to be a drafts- rnan. Active in 88, 61, 73. MARILYN WHITE. "Whitey"-Hopes to be a dress designer in near future. Active in 89 and 38, 4. Won third place in Posture Contest. GUSTAV WITT.-Future Mor-tician. Likes jazz and those who plaiy 7i5. Hobbies are photoqraphy and art. Member of I1 an . SHIRLEY WOELTIE. "Shirl" --Ambition is to become a steno- qrapher. Favorite sport is swimming. Active member of 90 and 38 tLetterl, SEYMOUR WOLFE. "Wolf"-Goes in for body buildinq and danrin-1. Member of 6, ftwo Lettersl 75 and 84. Page One Hundred MAE ZASTERA. "Maisie" flirt-f .irribrt WAAC. Hobbies are skatinq arid :rtnru of 38, 21, 85, 42. VIOLE1' ZASTEHA. "Vi"--Wants to be tures and roller skates. Member of 88 GEORGIANA ZDENEK. "Georrr"-- A con ambition is to be a steriorrrar-lim, H Member of 12, 36, 82. MILDRED ZIKA. "Red" -Desires to iw a rrrri rf: ttr lr..-.rrrrrr r rr roilovtirirt, Mvrrilir-ri a typist. Saves pic- , 38, Sir, 511. irrrervral strrdvrit wlio's ur lirrluliy if: ciririrtiriq. tent-lr--r. Dislikes bad mannered people. Merrrlr-ir of 68, HH, 46, 42. Won tiirrri place in Posture Contest. GEORGE ZOZOS. "Greek"fWorrlcl like playboy. Active in 46, 82, 95, 97, 16. to br- .1 rrrillirrnnirr- RICHARD MANAK. "Hoppy"- Has toclrriicnl voursr-. l.ikr':2 mechanical drawing, drincfinfr and all szportsz. Mriruiwr ot Ill, IO, 34, tLetter'J. ls now servrrrrr Ilrrrlo Marine. ALBERT NEMEC. "Al" Amliititrn tri lin tive in 85. Member of 711. Srrrrr rrr the Morrliririt fi rnrlim mrrorrrtrrr, Ae. IERRY TABER. "Ierry"- Future U, fl. Arruy Air Pilot. Weak- ness is fudqe. loined thc- Air fifrrrrfz in Nrrvnrrrlovrri, lVlPtiil7ur Of 89, 57, JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS CLASS OFFICERS ROBERT KOCEK President GLENN KRUEGER Vice-President VIOLET KLEIDON Secretary IAMES KOSTNER Treasurer COLORS Peach and Blue FLOWERS Peach Gladioli and Bachelor Buttons MOTTO "Look-Up and On" GIFT S5100 War Bond COMMITTEES DECORATION AND INVITATION COMMITTEE. .Elsie Hradsky Mr. Boris Duslcin CLASS DAY COMMITTEE .................... George Zozos Miss Louise McDaniel RING AND PIN COMMITTEE ................ Raymond Leber Mr. Ioseph Miller SENIOR DANCE COMMITTEE .................. Alice Liska Miss Beatrice F. Duda SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEE .................... Jerry Misek Miss Helen Culver CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE ............... ......... Mr. William G. Prottsman COLOR, FLOWER AND MOTTO COMMITTEE.Dorothy Schrein Mr. Morris Stevenson SENIOR TEA DANCE COMMITTEE ........ Charlotte Rokusek Miss Beatrice F. Duda PRINTING COMMITTEE ................ ............ Mr. William Bloom BANOUET COMMITTEE ..................... Virginia Noha Mr, Boris Duskin FINANCE COMMITTEE ................,.. ............ Mr. Morris Stevenson PROM COMMITTEE ........................ Dorothy Hamm Miss Beatrice F. Duda CLASS GIFT ................................ Glenn Krueger Mr. Morris Stevenson ELECTION COMMITTEE ................. ............. Miss Genevra Geer JUNE CLASS OFFICERS CLASS OFFICERS IOHN LONK President CLARENCE PACIORKA Vice-President RUTH PRCHAL Secretary BLANCHE KREICA Treasurer COLORS Steel and Flame FLOWERS Carnation and Gladioli MOTTO "Seek victory through 'the steel of reality and flame of ideals'." GIFT S100 War Bond COMMITTEES ELECTION COMMITTEE .................. .......... Miss Generva Geer CLASS DAY COMMITTEE ............... .... H elen Miller Mrs. Ruth Pressell FINANCE COMMITTEE ...................... Blanche Krejca Mr. George Peacock RING AND PIN COMMITTEE ..................... Betty Fiala Miss Margaret M. Iohnson GIFT COMMITTEE ....................... Clarence Paciorka Mrs. Mabel Lehman BANOUET COMMITTEE .................... Iacqueline Long Miss Alice Leech SENIOR TEA DANCE COMMITTEE ............. Lyle La Point Miss Bessie Bonner PROM COMMITTEE ........................ Norman Novak Miss Mary Meehan CLASS DAY SENIOR DANCE COMMITTEE ...... George Toms Miss Dana Crowell SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEE ................. Iohn McCarthy Miss Helen Culver PRINTING COMMITTEE ........................ Arthur Keil Mr. William Bloom COLOR, FLOWER AND MOTTO COMMITTEE .Frances Koranek Mrs. Emily Mills INVITATION AND DECORATION COMMITTEE. .Dolores Otto Mrs. Emily Mills CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE ................ Dennis Heina Mr. William G. Prottsman COLLEGE DAY COMMITTEE ................. Emily Fagulec Miss Florence Clark df , I J! II ARTHUR AUMANN AVANZO BABINEC BACHAN BARCAL BARTOS BASTERASH BIENICK BIERYLA BOHAC BOOR BOTTORFF BOUDNEK BOYER BRABEC BRENNAN BRHEL BUDZINSKI BUIDOSIK ALLARD 2 . ' . -i we 6' tl? IRMA ALLARD. "Wormy"-Active in 52, 46, 82, 88, 38, Sl, 20, 13, 99, 64. lntramural medal. Business journalism award for Mgr. Quill and Scroll Award. JUNE CLASS OF 1943 FRANK ARTHUR. "Frankie"-Wants to join the Navy. Has a special weakness for teachers. Active in 87, 85, 89, 74. BERNARD AUMANN. "Bernie"-Wants to be a pilot in the Army Air Corp. Most worthwhile thinq learned at school is courtesy. His weakness is pie. Actve in 9, 5, B, 34, 74. NUNZIO AVANZO. "Duke" --Wants to be a qood sport. Likes dancing, Active in 68, 81, 9, 90. MILDRED BABINEC. "Baqqy"-Desires to be a war nurse. Pet peuve scratctiinit on qlass. Hobby baking for service men. Member of 85, 38, 42. IRENE BACHAN. "Ikes"-Wants to be a nurse. Hobby-skab ing. Member of 46, 43, 38, 82, 42. DOROTHY BARCAL. "Dot"-Would like to become a Social Worker. Enjoys collecting pictures. Is in 43 fLetterl, 38. FRANK BARTOS. 'Mus"--Would like to be a pilot. Has a special weakness for sugar. Enjoys athletics especially 6, 34. VALE BASTERASH. "Honey" -Wants to be a qood wife. Likes oifice work. Active in 38, 9, 16. FLORENCE BIENICK. "Flo"-Private Secretary. Enjoys horse- back ridinq. Collects perfumes. Active in 38, 82, 12. RAYMOND BIERYLA. "Ray"-Meteoroloqist. Wants to get in the Army Air Corps as a meteoioloqist. Active in 85B. IANET BOHAC. "Ian"-Ambition is to be a success in the business world. Hates conceited people. Member of 38, 20. BETTY BOOR. "Bets"-Wants to be a teacher. Has a special weakness for chocolate candy and ice cream. Active in 38, 46, 33. VILMA BOTTORFF. Life's ambition to work in China or India. Favorite subject History. Weakness--temper. Member of 72, 83. RICHARD BOUDNEK. "Smoky"-Would like to become an Air- craft Inspector. Enjoys making things work. Member of the 87, 85, 78, 10, 99, 16. LORRAINE BOYER. "Lory"-Has the ambition to become a good cook. Belongs to the 38, 85, 99, 16. FRANK BRABEC. "Tailspin"-Favors the band and cute girls. Member of 7, 8, 4, 68, 20, 3 fLetter, 9 Medalsl. MARTIN BRENNAN. "Slaughter"-Ambition is to become a big dealer. Likes to work with cars. Active in 1, 85, 36, 10, 73. RICHARD BRHEL. "Dick-Wants to make good money. His weakness is breaded tenderloin. Active in 6, 5, 34. HENRY BUDZINSKI. "Hank"-Wants to join the Navy. Weak- ness for Pork Chops. Hobbie-camping. Active in 65. LORRAINE BUIDOSIK. "Skipper"-Desires to be a good typist. Dislikes people who bite nails. Hobby-playing the accordion. Member of 88, 13, 4. Page One Hundred Three 'H VIRGINIA BURDA. "Virqie"-- Farnrer's wife. Favorite expres- sion is "Are you krcldrnrr?" Active in 38 C4 yearsl, 22. ANTHONY BURKE. "Tony" Radio Technician, Enjoys roller skatmq. Likes rnath and qirls. Active in 81, 34, 72, 42. ROBERT BURZYNSKI. "Burns" -Naval Air Corps Pilot. Enjoys roller skatinq. Active in 21, 10 Cchevroni 23, 31. HELEN CABA. No information, LAVERNE CABA. "Vernie"-Housewife. Has a special weak- ness for creamed corn. Active in 38, 25. WILLIAM CAKORA. "Brll"fRetire at an early a-re. Detests :stuck-up people. Likes bowling. Merrrber of 1, 46, 82. GERARD CARNEVALE. "Dark Eyes"f fEnqineer. Dislikes qirls usrnq too much make-up. Member of 3, 68, 31. THERESE CARPENTER. "'l'essre"f-Teleplrone Operator. Weak' ness for chocolate candy. Detests conceited people. Member 90. ANTON CERNANSKY. "Tony" Arr Plane Mechanic. Saves stamps and likes to print. Member of 15, 24. EDWIN CHOBOT. "Kobotsky" Maclrrnrst. Favorite expression is "Ah!- -3 o'clock!" Likes baseball and football. ln 42. EMII. CIZEK. "Caesar"- Boxer. Liked Machine Shop in rsclrtml. Has weakness for chili. Member oi boxing club. EVELYN' CZERWIEN. "Suzie" 1-lcnxaowrle. lmzrntacl to rrrrrrrlv with people in school. Member of 12. 38. 46. MELVIN CO1-IN. "Mel" Has a weakness for Harry larnes. Likes Commercial Law and to play drums. Active rn 55, 21, 85. WILLIAM DALY. "Bi11"- General. Most worthwhile tlrnrq learned in school was to study. Active rn 21, 47. VICTORIA DANYCLIW. "Vicky" Flyer. Hobby on nrt. lxwrrrrml how to appreciate study periods. Active in 88, 32, 40, 4. HELEN DAWIEC. "Davy"-rf Bookkeeper. Weakness lor Ice Cream. Likes to write to people. Active rn 38, 52, 42. MILDRED DENWOOD. Fly to Enrrlancl. Enjoys prnq ponrr. Has weakness for food. Hobby is scrap book. Active in 41, 712. MILTON DINGA. "Tex"- -Own a ranch. I-las a weakntss for ice cream. Hobby rs nrodel airplanes. Member of 63, 85. MILAN DIVINA. "Div"--Naval Air Corps Pilot. Weakness lor girls. Likes to model airplanes. Active in 14, 19. LAVERNE DOERR. "Red"v Private secretary. Hobby collectrntr pictures. Active on 41, 38, 40, 75. JUNE CLASS OF 1943 SHIRLEY DERER. "Dear" As a rcsnlt of her doing secretarial work for Miss Clark, she hopes to become a private secretary. Active rn 38 1500 pt. pin. letter and 3 cheverons, sect-treasi 46, chr, 4U, 82, 36, 85, 43, 84, 64. Medal for captain basketball. DERER BURDA BURKE BURZYNSKI CABA LZ-5 CABA CAKORA CARNEVALE CARPENTER 11 Page One Hundred Four cr:nNANsxY cr-ronoi' gr CIZEK " CZERWIEN corm DALY DANYLCIW DAWIEC DEN WOOD DIN GA DIVINA DOERR DOMINO DOROGA EIS EGGERS ELINITZ F AGULEC FIRTIK FIRTIK FISCHER FLASZA FRANCETTIC FREDERICK F REEBURG FUKA GEIGER GENCEI. GINDRIG GIZEWSKI GOLDSTEIN GORACZNIAK DRSKA all LA VERGNE DRSKA. "Lovie" - Is Working for a rwsition as private socretary. Salntatrvrian ni Innc '43 class. Active in Rccicativc Gaines, 56, 46, 98, 33 tlottcl ani 3 cheveionsl, 16, Li-4. JUNE CLASS CF 1943 CASMIR DOMINO. "11tnt1 lltnm' Allllvlllttll ln: tw lWUx'UIIlt' ti mtxitvr. Ilis wr-akin-:::: iz, vlivrwlatv 1lldlICkIfi. PQI ycvvo is ti ln.i-mail. PAUL DOROGA. lim: liwym: vi lwvuiiitlltt nn Otlirr' t'xDt.'i1tlvi'. 1.11-:Os sinqinri and slmm. Aftivr- in 10, 46, 11, 6, fl7. CECELIA EIS. "Guozlnv" A iutinv WAAC. lla: X wwaknf-fn. tor soil iiiuloiivlioly 1l1I1Slt', Activv in 38, 510. LAVONNE EGGERS. "Laqooii" A piivatv scnit-tary. Hubby ir: dfiriririq. Mrfinlum' uf 77, 33, 58, 84, 89, 35, 36, Eltl. ISABELLE ELINITZ. "1:::ay" Rosy tlio Flivotm, Likvs tyynnq, danuinq and tobugtmiiiii-1. Moinlwi ut 38, 4. EMILY FRGULEC. lntvrosts liv in intliimlirxiii. Likus sinfnnri and reading. Active in 89, 57, 43, 83, 2, 64, 10, 25. EUGENE EIRTIK. "Bud" Vtfwuld 111-so to wmk in fin otlico. Hts weakness is iuucl and lvlniid-wa. Ltktrs iontliall .init vtwnnnurcial qvcnglapliy, IOHN FIRTIK. "limlrly" l'lvt'v1: tw tw' an wnttvzu-wt. lik-'S tw model qas envrniics and the subiocl of inatli. Mcinbcr of 46, 65. ESTHER FISCHER. "l'i:sliitA" Tu be happy is her ambition. Has a weakness for sailors. Autrve in 43, 35, 46, BS, 38, 75. CHESTER FLASZA. Nu intmiuation. - EDWARD FRANCETTIC. HIv1'f'lll'llYH Wants tw lu' fi Naval Pilot. Has a special weakness tor tall blondvs. Mvmbm wt 75. DOLORES FREDERICK. "Fritz"f T110 WAALTG lor lim, l..l1E5llkL'1i Women wlio wraar alaska. Mmnbm ul 07, 41, 46, 42. ARLENE EREEBURG. "SkeQts" Futuic teacher. Ltkcs inullci skalinq and playing tlic piano. Mmnboi of 81, 41, -1U, 33, 33. RUTH FUKA. "PiClq0" Fllllllif' Brass Earhart. Likwzs black lmii and brown eyes. Activa 111 38, 85, 12. DONALD GEIGERt "Shorty" Would like to ily with tliu navy. Likes wrcstlmq and dancing. Member ot 84, 31. BERNICE GENCEL. "Blondie"--The comptometcr intmosts hvr. Likes broiled steak. Member of 38, 21, 40, 77, 351. EVELYN GINDRIG. "Evo" -A future secretary. Likvs ay-plz: pin: with icc Crvam, Member of 38, 82, 42. MARYANN GIZEWSKI. "Mal" Piivt-itz: svcivtniy ir: lmr alnlvi- tion. Has weakness for Gcoiqc Mont-yoincry. Artivo in 38, B11 25. IEROME GOLDSTEIN. "Gt1lvby"- -Naval Air Corps man. Klullncts sports pictures. Member of 85, 61, 6. CHESTER GORACZNIAK. "GornCy"f His ambition is "to kill ii few million laps." Likes rod licads. Member of 96, 55. Page One Hundred Five EDWIN GORGA. "1'111u" Wc,111lc'1 11110 111 1161-1111111 an dVtd111Jll 1.1r1r1t 1.114115 :1kat11111 and 1141w1111q. Acttvr? in 211, 61, 47, 9, 5, INA LEE GREENMAN. "1.rw"' Wfwnld 111:11 t-1 bo a stonoqralulmx W1-a1c11-11:11 1111 zztvak Morzt w111t11w11111- 111IIl'1 1L'dI'1'19C'I at 51111001 wf1:: :1t111111. Avttvv 111 311, 411, 43, 117, 510. STEPHEN GRGULA. "F111:s:si-111" 1.111611 1116 and 1111114 Wants to 111' .1 1111a1111.11'1::t 111 c1f.w1't111 111141115 1111ok:: and 11a111-I-11. Acnve 111 14. IOYCE HAGEN. "lay" S11'11'ta1y 1101' wvaknvss 1:2 a 11dl1f'1' 13111110 1111111110 11.111-:z 1111111111 r'1111:1: vatwn 111 t11P theatm. Acnvo 111 113, 711, 33, 47. EDWARD HALINSKI. "Hal" AItt111114Jl1 to fyvt :mod 10115 Weak- 111-::1v 1111 pwgutlal' I'lll1filt'. Avtuvv 111 tl, 87, 15, 88, 74. ELAINE HALLIS. "Fl" A11111it1o11 tru 1:0 an ofhce wmker - W1-.1k11v:41: 101' 111111 Kf1llL'1CI.'I1 Hublvy w11t111q lottors. Acnve 111 '17, 54, 70, 38, HIT, 50. PEARL HAVLIK. "171111" H01 1101 pvvvv 1:1 1-1abby toauhcrs - 1211111311: sC1r111vc. Avnvr- in 3 l1.r1ttt1l, 68 L3 pmsl, 38, 33. DENNIS HEINA. "Dr-11" 1111111111011 tra 1111 a 1aWyC-r Wf'akr1r's:s 1111 .1101-.SM 111' 11. ar:t1V0 111 111, 84, Flu, 46, 1, 29, 9, 51, 12 . ELEANOR HEINA. "Til" W11n1r1 likv tu lwrwnnm .1 gqtrgnmqraphgr 1101 1101111y 1:2 1'11110f:t111q p11:t111f'::, Avtlvff in 67, 38, 12, 46, 83, fvff, 82. FRANK HERVERT. 1113 gmt prwvv 1:2 t11a1'11ra1fs Would 11krr to 110 an l'IlfllIll'l'I 1ll011rlw:. f11v 11113 wwaknofss. Irs a1't1vcv 111 15. IOAN HINDS. "B1f1nd1e"'--Catty praoplo arv 11f'I' 1-Pt peffvos L1kQs outdoor Sports fW0ak11ess 1:3 fond. Actwf' 111 38, 33. RICHARD HITZEMAN. "Pwor'l1y" Wo111r1 111:11 tfw 111- 1n t11rv Army An' Corps H0 loves schrwol. Actlvr- 111 6, 9, 99, 76. MARION HLOUSEK. Ambihon 15 tm wmk a f'1111111tfw1111'tP1' Weak- ness: 1:4 a qoml bowl of soap. Avtwv 111 67, 40, 111. VIVIAN HOLOUBEK. VIVIVH' Nuzsr' Hatvs Mrmrlay 11101n1!1qs L1kf1s oannq and swimmxnq. S110 1:2 act1v0 111 38, 43, 21, 85, 12. MARY ANN HOSEK. "1'1ers11f'y". A111b1t1r111 11: to 13061111113 a nurse Her weakness IS tor 1'111Ckc'n 1110. AKIIIVYN 111 38, H, 46, 21, 31. EVELYN HOSTICKA. "Has" StO11r1f1ra1111e11' Wm1k11v::1: ia: 51111111- rnental so11f1s S110 1s avnve 111 59, 77, 3, 65, 43, 46, H11, BQ. EARL HOWARD. ,lGO!3U'1ffWOtl1d 111m to he a d1att::111an Weaknfnss 15 for Clfncke-n. Active 111 S, 34, 6, 51. ANNA HRITZ. Wants tw be a 11m1svw1t0 1.1kr-1: 11111111 1:kf1t111v1 and da11C111'1 Weaknfass 111 101' IIICU c'10t110:1. S110 11: ac't1v0 111 38, 511, 7U, 21, 67, 42, MAXINE IDE. "Max" Wants: to hr' a WAAK' l1f1tr-1: 111-1151111 w111'1 IWIEICI about t11c'1111sf'1v0:: Lcvfas Spfwttzi. S1111 1:1 avtlvr- in 43 tPr0::. Tmas, and Lcttml, 67 lS0r't.J, 21, 38, 46, 851, 351, 54, 23, '10, ROSALIE IVANEC. "Ivy"--lj1ot11i1111 tr1atf11111 1'--t pm-vv 11: tw bo Called "Ros10." Acfnvo 111 38, 46, QU. JUNE CLASS CF 1943 BETTY FIALA. "N101f1dy" Would 11141: 10 nmdol and fly a plann Va1r'd1FtOr1ar1 of 1111111 '43 f'1f1::::, l7r1111'f't A11'l'I1F16II1Lf0. Lcattcnk 111 Skdllllll F11111. 1Vlr'1111w1 wt 1-1, 39 flfxttml, 43 111-111111, 83, 88, 72, 64. FIALA GORGA GREENMAN GRGULA HAGEN HALINSKI HALLIS HAVLIK HEINA HEINA HERVERT HINDS HITZEMAN HLOUSEK HOLOUBEK HOSEK HOSTICKA HOWARD HRITZ IDE Pugv Om' Ilundrvd Six IVANEC IANACEK IANECEK IARES IASELSKI IAWORSKI IENIK Q nv 'I' 'if 1 IES IIREC IOPA IONES KAISER KAMBA KARTCH KASE KASPAR KASPAREK KASPERSKI t KIEL '2 l KILTS KIRAL KOLAR 4 Q S' tk CHARLES KOLAR. "Chuck"-Mechanical Engineer. Active in 13 U3 medals-4 solo contestsl 68 tletterl 46, 82, 84, 16, 64. JUNE CLASS OF 1943 GEORGIANNE IANACEK. "G0ott1v' Vxlaiitra to be ti vvelder oi riveter. Likes football and basketball. Active in 38, 40, 67. IERRY IANECEK. "GOOGZlG"'-W5HlS to become a musician. Likes baseball and football. Member of 75. JOSEPH IARES. "lee"-Draftsman. Pet peeve are qiils wlie walk down the halls holding hands. Active in 51, 75, 5, 94, 34, 6. EDWARD IASELSKI. "Butch" Pitclior. Pet pceves are people wlie use big words. Active in ll, 15. EVELYN IAWORSKI. "Lynn",-Secretary. Dislikes conceited people. Active in 22. ALBERT IENIK. "Al"-Tool and die maker or a musician. Dis- likes conceited people. Active in 31, 68, 84. STELLA IES. "Stel"--Ambition is to fly. Collector of airplane pictures tor scrapbooks. Active in 42. HELEN IIREC. "Lamie"-e Her ambition is to become a music teacher. Active in 59, 66, 85C, 85A, 58, 42. IEANETTE IOPA. "Yunk"- Collects souvenirs. Likes bowlmq ancii dancinq. Active in 38. tLetter, 3 chevronsl, 3 lield ball me a s. FENTON IONES. "Fen"-To become a qood public speaker. Dislikes conceitecl people. Active in 40, 19. VERNON KAISER. "Kay" Drattsman. Weakncszs is ice Clvdlil. Active in 46. Pet peevc-ff"'l'he know it all type." BEATRICE KAMBA. "Sandy"- Warits to follow some line of art. Vtfeakness for ice cream. Active in 38, 8, 21, 84, 73. GLORIA KARTCH. "Glo"-W Wants to be a nurse. Hates girls who talk too much. Member of 67, 32, 35. FRANCES KASE. "Frankle"" Wants to be a bookkeeper. Loves to talk and dislikes jazz bow ties. Awards in G.A.A.- 500 Pt. pin, G.A.A. Letter. Active in 46, 82, 38, 50. GEORGE KASPAR. "Kap"--Wants to become an aviation IHC- chanic. Active in 65, 73. GEORGIANNA KASPAREK "le" Wants to be a model. Dislikes: jealous people. Awards in Orchestra. Activities: 66, 38, 88, 83, 46, 84, 68, 16. CASIMIR KASPERSKI. "Kaz"- Hopes to become a millionaire. Hobbies are sports, like Volley Ball, Basket Ball, and Baseball. Active in 74. ARTHUR KIEL. "Art"--Hopes to become a printer. Active in 74 and has an award lor Intramural Champs. WILLIAM KILTS. "Kiltz"-Hopes to become a draltsman and he has rio pet peeve. Active in 74. EDWARD KIRAL. "Ed"-'Wants a job that has a future in it. Received awards lor making airplanes and a cadet award. Page One Hundred Soren GEORGIANA KOBERNA "liz" Teaclrrn is her ambition, She RICHARD KLETT. HkfIl1tClI""'VVdII1S to be a chemical enqineer. Favorite sport is swrmmrnq and basketball. Member ot 72. IUNE KLOUSER. "lime Apples" --Hories to be a nurse. "That's tourrlr," she says. Member oi 38, 89, 36, 16. First place award in volleyball and basketball. enjoys music and horseback Drum Marorvttos awards. WILLIAM KOBES. "Bill" Man rnodrils. Active rn 65. SYLVIA KOCIC. "Sillic"'-Alter took fr likrnfr to bookkeerirnfr rn Bb, 88, 45, 38, 43, 21, 25. THOMAS KODADEK. "T. K." rrnv Corps. Collects stanrris. GLORIA KOKAISL. To be a Weakness Food anri .tlrincrs 'l sl U rrdrnq. Member ot 43, 84, 90, ot leisure, ernoys constructing takinfr a roninieicial course, she llnroys collecting sonqs. Active Future Top Sergeant in the Ma- Meniber of 15, 76. ood secretary. Hobby cooking. ie cari't have. Active in 88, 36, FRANCES KORANEK. "Franchisco"4Studrcd hard in Stone. Collects souvenirs and likes traveling. Member ot 56, 40, 88, 36, 38 C500 point pin, 3 chevrons and letterl, 46, 43, 82, 85, 33. IEROME KOUDELIK. "Ierr"-To be a policeman. Builds model airplanes. Member ot 21, 63, 20, 99. GEORGE KOUTSKY. "Kouts"-Hopes to be a rirrntcir. Member oi 58, 88, 46, 3 tMedalsl, 99. RICHARD KOVARIK. "Skrn"- fWants to be an eritririeei, llrshkvs teachers who qrve homework on Friday. Member of 87, 72. ALICE KRAFKA. Ambition-a Doctor or Nurse career. linroyr: silence in school. Member of 88, 59, 68 lMedalsl, 38, 73. FRANK KRAL. "Kocour"-Plans to be an air eondrtronrn-r writti- neer. Likes shows. Member of 8, 24, SSB, 34 12 Awardsl, 97 L2 Awardsl. HELENE KRATOCHVIL. Future stonoqrapher. Has a mean turn- per. Active in 38, 72. tm, 8.'., .Kb 1.100 point rirnl, 31. LOUIS KOLARIK. "Rod" Future teacher Collects souvenirs, lfnl-'yzs lmzwluall and howling. Member' of 82, 12, 19. ROBERT KOLIN. "Polity" Wants to be an advertiser. Favorite 1-rwrts, swrrrrrrrrnq and bowling. ROBERT KORAN. "Coke Technical Course. His aim is Ma- vhiriu irunrrvr in Army or Marines. Member of 27, 95. BLANCHE KREICA. Commercial course. Collects souvenir 51. Member of 38 Iletter and chevronsl, 46, 79, 85, 59, 31, Treasurer ot June '43 class. BERNARD KREISBERG. "Kris", -To be Radio Continuity Writer. Hobbies Son AGNES KRUPKA. "Texas"- fVrolinist lonq cars. Active in 88, 68 C3 Medalsl, ball. JUNE CLASS OF 1943 LUCILLE KONECY. "Lucy" Future Dancer. Has hkrn-1 lor Spanish. Member ol 88, 43 tletterl, 38 trirn and letterl, 4, 46, 82, 64. President oi the Spanish vlub. I 155 One Ilundrcd Eigbi in lA IU. S. Armyj or fr wrrtrncy and clrarriatrcs. Weakness Doqs with 38, 73, modal in volley- KONECY KLETIT KLOUSER KOBERNA KOBES KOCIC KODADEK KOKAISI. KOLARIK ICOLIN KORAN KORANEK KOUDELIK KOUTSKY KOVARIK KRAFKA KRAL KRATOCHVIL KREICA KREISBERG KRUPKA KRYL KUBES KUBIC KUCERA LACH LACHKY LAMBERSKI LA POINT LEHECKA LEINDECKER LENC LESICK LEVINE LISAK LOHRENTZ LONG LULICH LUPAC MALINOWSKI MALMBORG LIKAS EUGENE LIKAS. "Gene" Sport pane editor ol Scroll. Member of 2, 46, 63, 83, 82, 1, 9, 5, lEl, 42. Civic cheveron and letter. Quill and Scroll Award. Hase.i.a.l ltuti. r llivisieu eiiicer. Intramural Games tl. clieveronsl. JUNE CLASS OF 1943 teacher learned te be IOHN KRYL. "Irish"---This future tiym sociable. Member of 10, 57, 34, tI.etter1, 517 tl.etter and Medall, li tlfriibleiiil, 75. do not use their sense WILLIAM KUBES. Dislikes people who :lug hiuinor. Enjoyed science and llnqlish. Active in 46, 8513, DOLORES KUBIC. "Lorrie" Enitiys cltiiicinti and roller skat- inq. Has weakness tor chocolate sodas. Active in 79, ill, 38, sir, 70, tr.-tier-J. MARY KUCERA. "Mana"- Hopes to be Collects horse miniatures. Member of medals. a switchboard operator. 4, 38, 88, 46. Fieldball WALTER LACH. "Lack"- -Wants to lead a soft and easy life. "You den't say!" is his favorite expression. Active in 14, 88, 40, 46, 5 tlsetterl. IOSEPH LACHKY. "lee"--Would like to become a musician. His hobby is photography. Active in 3, 68, 84. GEORGE' LAMBERSKY. "Lambie"- To play in a dance band is his ambition. Learned ce-operation at school. Member of 3 tLettr-rl, LYLE LAPOINT. Will he an executive. Weakness is lendinq money. Member ot 121, 32, 34 t1.etter1, 3 tLetter1, 90. ALBERT LEHECKA. "Kelly Brown" Would like to become a Diesel engineer. Member of 21. KENNETH LEINDECKER. "Ken"-Locomotive enqineer. Does medial railreadinq in his spare time. Member of 88, 95, 26, 42, O. GLADYS LENC. Future Coniptometer operator. Collects im'- tures ot her favorite actresses' and actors. Active in 412, 151, 411. CHAHLFFTE LESIK. "Chucky" Hopes te lxe a nurse. "Wilma knows? I don't," she says. Active in RH, 88, ttiib, 517, 411, 115, 21, 40. IULIUS LEVINE. "Irish" 'Wishes to help humanity. l1i:slil-:I-:z his name mispronounced. Active in 3 tMee1a1J, fwfr. ICE LISAK. Wants to be a qunner in a bomber. llnitwyf: teet- ball and hockey. Active in 27. ALICE LOHRENTZ. "Bibs"--A qood stenotirapher. "Wouldn't that frost you?" so she says. Active in fill, '77, 38, 88, 43, 855, 46, 82, 9U. IACQUELINE LONG. "Iackie"- -A counter-spy is her anilsititin. Collects lipstick autoqiaphs. Active in 21, 24, 46, 3, 821, 4. ANNA LULICH. "Annie"ffFuture nurse who has a weakxiess for white uniforms. She is active in 39, 5141, 512, 47, 121. VBA LUPAC. "Ver"--Her ambition is to fret ti t'ivil H1-i-vice job. She is active in 43 fLetterl, 46, 82. EDWIN MALINOWSKI. "Trir1qei" 'Wants to lin a football player. Active in 15. 33. HOSEMARIE MALMBOHG. "Ros"- Wants to become a secretary. Dislikes people who chew their nails. Active in 11, 41, 21, 510. Page One Ilumirrd Nme DOLORES MANGUS. "Mar111if"' Wants to hvcntiifa oflirfv Cleik. W1-11k11s-sf: l'111 rl r'l11m'k1111. M4a111l3111 wt 33, 85, 33. GLORIA MANSFIELD. "Glo" Toaclier of physical education. Hcilvhy 1:5 1-la1y1n11 p1a11o. M1--nibcli' oi 38 1LPtte1'J, 43 U..Qtterl, 19. GEORGE MARSH. "Swa11111y" -Navy Aviator. His favorite ex- 11'vss1r111 "Ht A111h1t1n11s." ltislilcnfz t111'l:1 who st1a111l1te111 than :1tt11'ki1111:1 111 s'l11f:::. Mwtttlim OI 74. CHARLES MARTYKAN. "Q7l1111'k" Navy Pilot. l'latPs selfish 11-wiflv l'f1v1n1t11 ::11l1jn'c't 11: rl1w1111::t1y, Mebiiiben' Of fi, 34, 73. FRANCES MASELKO. "l'1'.111" Ftivoiitp suhjoct Gr-nvral Sciencfe. VV--.ulziiuxas t'l11i1-11l.1t1- lm- Cis-ani. Mmiihrii' of 67, 38. GLORIA MASELKO. "Mila" Wants: to he a clmical workvi' and ty111::t, W-1f1l:11--1.1: 1-t1t1n:1 rswwits. l.ik1-1:3 to mud iiovpls. MQIIIIDQI' .it 117, 38. RAY MAURER. "l'.111111-1" Wants: tn lin in wayutalifst. Ftivutitei srulijn-f't 1:1 Al4lWl3Ict, IVIUIIIIJPI of 651, 46, li, 34, lil. IOHN MCCARTHY. "Mac" Wants to bv a boxm. Favorite sub- 1'1f't 1:: Hifztoly. W1-akneszs suqai. Mvriibvr ol 51, G, 34, 10. DOROTHY MCDANIEL. "IJ11trl1" Wants to bn a satmioqiiaplipr. W1-aklivss clntlieis. Likvs to 4-ullelrt peitiiiiisvs. Mflinbwr of 38, 9. RUTH MCDOWELI.. "Flnnt:s" Wants to lui w1tl1 tho Ballot Russta. ll.1:: .1 wi-tiktivfzs tot :'l1r'1c'1il.1tw and t'laf:s1:'nl inusic. M1-fnibeir Ht LY, ill, 812, 73. EVELYN MEISNER. Hf,:lll1"lYH Wants to lava Q dancor. Favoiitv i111l11't'vt Dlvfifi l'111i-111111i1. Mwnitif-1 uf 33, Sit, 41, 46, fit. WQ11 1.1:111.1ll 111-'tl-1l. IANET MELICHAR. "Ian"- Wants to be a 1wl1y:11c'al education IPGCIIHIQ l'avo11tzf sulni-ict Math. Weakiivssvfs me pink, duxnpl- inqs, and saiiaikmut. Menibei ot 36, 38, 46, 28, 219, 89, 82. MILDRED MELKUS. "Mil" -Wants to eaxn money and not IIIOIP education. Weakness for mon in blue. Member of 38, 46, 43 Ilsetterl, 21, 96, 4. HENRY MEYER. "Hank" Wants to Catch for the Nvw York Yankees. Wmikiiwzwa qnncl food. Favoiite subject Law. Meni- lnui' nt 11, Li, 31. Flat: thi.-111 lvttpis in Bnsvball, WALTER MEYER. "Wally" Wants to ho L1 dtattsrnan. Weak ness is strawheny pin. Most worthwhilo thinq leained is: "Think before you act." Mvnibwr of upem. ANNA MICHKA. "Ann" Wants to bv an Ordnance IIISIYFCQOY. Favuiito suhjvvt n1t1tl1t-111at14's, W-nilciiess IS tu :xml what 111t1kv:1 thinqs iun. MQWIIIIJPI' of QU, 99, IOHN' MIKLIAN. "M1vk" W.111t:: tn ha a tool and div 111-iknx. We-aknwss a cuittiin gimtty 1111l. Favoiitv subyf-ct is 'l'11q. M9111- hor of 68 tlfttelil, 33. HELEN MILLER. "B11hal:" Wants tn lm an artross. Favoritn subivct Ellfllifill. V!-mlciuwfzfz 'mini inusic, Me-111b-1-11 ut 38, 83, 89, 82, 24, 10. ROBERT MILLER. "B1onr'r1" Wants to bf- a tool and div 111t1kv1'. Wvakness is blo11d+1s. Hnhlzy :wnvinq stanipzr twin tint-11111 Countrios. Active 111 15, 27, and 74. EDWARD MINARIK. "Manny" Wants to bw a 111lnt. WF-akiif-sr: is Cliivkfpn and potato salad. Htilwhy li::t1-111nt1 tri thu mdni, Mijlllllklli nt fll, lU tlnltfivitixil, 90. JUNE CLASS OF 1943 JOHN LONK. "Iohnny" Future- Science Tearlier, Clase: President of Iune '43 c.l:1ss. lVlE'IItlD6'1 of 84, 46, 63 lolt1ce1J, 86, 3, 41 Cotticcail, 99, 64. Ho iwcfeivod civic lettm: Pvge Om' IIIHILJITLI Ten LON K MANGUS MANSFIELD MARSH MARTYKAN MASELKO MASELKO MAURER MCCARTHY MCDANIEI. McDOWELL MEISNER MELICHAR MELKUS MEYER MEYER MICHKA MIKLIAN MILLER MILLER MINARIK MINCER MOORE MOTTL MROCH MULACEK MUSIL Musrr. NANDICO NAROVEC NELSON ,5- Nsnurm NIEMANN NOVAK NOVAK NOWICKI ONDERKA OSLICK PACIORKA PAIA PANEK NOVAK 1 ll+"'!J NORMAN NOVAK. "Phinney" To retire at an early ogre is his ambition. Active in 3 lletter and medalsl, 88 tPrefs.l, 82, 88, 93, 8511 lca1rt.l, 751 tn'hr.l, 9 Sotrtltwecst section bowlrnq, first place. Civic letter. JUNE CLASS OF 1943 FAYE MINCER. "Faz1qie"--Office worker. Hobby is buyincr War Bonds and stamps. Member of 21, 38, 85, 72. SHIRLEY MOORE. "Irish" Would like to teach Llvm, and join the WAVES. Member of 67, 54, 38, 43 tLetterl, 35, 46, 85, 20 tChnr.l, 19 tChm.J. WILLIAM MOTTL. "Meato"- Future Mr. Fox, he hopes to qc to colleqe. Member of 21, 34 t2 Letters, and Captj, 93, 75, 1. GLENN MROCH. 'Glenny"--Wants to be another Rockefeller. Member of 21, 3 lLetter'l, 58, 12. LILLIAN MULACEK. "1.ily"fAAn office worker who likes to cook. Member of 91, 70, 67, 38, 33. ARTHUR MUSIL. "Art" Hopes to retire after qood hard work. lnterests are aeronautics and fishrnq. Member of 74, letter for fswimrninq. DOROTHY MUSIL. "Pinky" lnterests sway toward dress fle- siqninq and interior decoratinq. Member of 13, 38, 18, EVELYN NANDICO. "Evie" Office clerk. loves tried chicken. Calls cts picture post Cards. Member of 41, 38. LAVERNE NAROVEC. "l.ovey"nhas hopes of becominq C1 nurse. Collects airplane pictures. Member of 21, 38, 88, 85, 50. CLARENCE NELSON. "Nels"-ffl'lis interests are in the field of aviation. Weakness is new clothes. Member of 50. HARRIETTE NEHUDA. 'l'lndy" Future dress desiqner. llrrjoys symphonic music and Cltaracteroloqy. Member of 78, 38. ANNETTE NIEMANN. Accountant is her ambition, Her weak- ness is olives. Member of 38, 40, 13 l1.etterJ, 46, 85, 16. ELEANORE NOVAK. "El"-f-Would like to be a teacher. Hobby is keepinq a memory book. Member of 21, 38, 88, 77, won medals in intramural qames. IUNE NOVAK. "Timer" This receotionrst has a special week- noss. Loves to collect combs and proqranis. Member ot 38, 89, 2. MARCELLA NOWICKI. "Marcy"'--Future stenoqrarrlrer, and can- did canrera trend, Member of 38, 21, 811, 12. GLORIA ONDERKA. "Glo-bint" Fntuve Iktnah Shore. Vtltttes letters as a hobby. Member of 38 C500 pt. Irinl, ill, Ell, 83, 12, 43 tPin and Letterj. ALICE OSLICK. "Shorty" An office worker who likes music -not swing. Active in 3, 59, 38, 33 tC1rr.l. CLARENCE PACIORKA. "Titty" Army doctor. Vice-president of lune '43 Class. Member' of 61, 46, 1, 858 tCatrt,l, 42, football and wrestling letters. Al-BEFTA PAIA "l'llrrprty lrlu-1.1" Future Babe Ruth. Active in "1 tLetterl, 42. HELEN PANEK. "Pee Wee"f Nursinq is her career. She's crazy about popcorn and fudge. Member of 38, 63, 12. Page One Hundred Eleven MARY PASTERNAK. "Tiny"-Future housewife. Has a weak- ness for men. Hobbys roller skatinfr. Member of 38. IOHN PASTEWSKI. "Pesty"- -Wants to be a marine, Weakness for qrrls. Favorite subject Shop. Hobbies, airplane, builder, stamp and corn rollecttort. Member ot 5, 34, 9, 41, 26, 95. MILDRED PAVLOVIC. "Dutchess" Wants to be a riveter, lavrrrrte :ruins-ct typrnir. Weakness, steak and French tries. Member of 21, 38, 4. MARION PAUST. "Parstre" Hopes to be a radio srnqer. Collects ancient music. Member of 43, 85b, 75, 88, 59. DORIS PECA. "Dode"---Wants to be a stenoqrapher. Certain nveaknesfz tor blondes. Favorite subject music. Hobby wrrtrnq to servicemen. Member of 18, 21, 85, 38, 90. VIOLEI' PERNECKI. "Vi" Wants to be a switchboard oper- ator. Favorite subject- German. Weakness fnien. Hobby letter wrrtintr. Member of 38 tlaetter' and Two Chevronsj, 33, EDWIN PETERS. "Fd" Wants to be a pilot in the U. S. Air- torrae. Weakness shows. Favorite subject Chemistry. Pet P+-eve tnrls who wear flannel shirts outside ot their slacks. Nlerriber' ot 63. GEORGE PETERS. "Pete" Wants to be an Aeronautical Fnrr- im-!-r'. Weakness toorl, Favorite subiectf Math. Member of 10. DAGMAR PETERSON. "thier" Wants to be a Hrqh School Entr- lrslr Teacher. Weakness a stood book. Hobbiesfphilately and wood Carvrnq. Me-rnbm ot '77, 46, 38 tLetter and Four Vhevronsl, 31. THOMAS PITRE. "Pee Wee" Wants to be a Electrical Fnfr- slow inf-er. Weakness mood music, not jazz. Pet Peeve -a spotter for bowlrntr. Member of 05, 8, 31. JUNE CLAS DOLORES OTTO. "C'Tookie" - Would like 63 fsectl, 41, 43, 10 tsectl, 50, 77, 82, 64. f 4 Page Om' Ilrlmfrerf 'l'1zfel1fe DOLORES PITLIK. "Pit1ik"---Wants to be an Office Worker. Favorite subject--typinq. Weakness---dancing and eatmq Member of 3 t Four Medalsj, 21, 67. MARY PLUTH. "Baby"-fWants to be an Fntertainer. Favorite subject--Aclerrcal practice. Weakness -qood dancers. Member Oi 38, 21, 82. HENRY PODHRADSKY. "Hank"- Wants to be a permanent member of armed forces. Weakness strawberry srrndam: Hobby--stamps. Member of 63, 85, 90. LOUIS PRACHAR. "Lou" -Wants to be an Aviator. Weak- nessiblondes. Favorite subject history. Most worth white thinq learned at school is pre-tlrqht. Member of Ill, 84, 10 tChevronJ 16. DOROTHY PREMINGER. "Dot"- -Wants to be a Nurse, Weak ness--broiled steak and French tries. Hobbies pliotorrrariliy and collectinq pictures. Member of 21, 39, 40, 85, 77, 32, itll. BLANCHE PRIBYL. "Babe" Course taken, Home Arts. Weak- ness--tall, dark, handsome men. Hobby hurnorous: prctur--:: of animals. Member of 38, 752. IERRY PRIBYL. "Boom-Boorn'9 -Wants to be an Orchestra Fon- ductor. Weakness cute Girls, Hobby music. Member ul 7, B, 3 tLetterl 68 tLvttt-rl 34, 20. GLADYS PRUSA. Wants to be a rrood Housewife, Weakness that Certain someone. Favorite expression "practice what you preach." Member of 38 tLetterl 43 tl.etteiJ 21, 66, IZ7. PETER PRUSINSKI. "Pete" Wants to join the Marines. Weak- iugssrgcandy and some rrirls. Hobby readin-1. Member ot GERALD RADTKE. "lerry" Wants to own a resort. Favorite subject-f-wood short. Hobby -radio. Member at 95, 31. to be an arflieolofrist. Mernber :rt RR, 40, OTTO PASTERNAK PASTEVI SKI PAVLOVIC PAUST PECA PERNECKI PETERS PETERS PETERSON PITRE PIT LIK PLUTH PODHRADSKY PRACHAR PREMINGER PRIBYI. PRIBYL PRUSA PRUSINSKI RADTKE 2, 3 RANCICH RATKOVIC RENDE RENNOCK RICHTER RIEGER RINGL HOBAK ROESEKE ROSE ROSEN GARDEN BOTH RUDMAN RUTH RUZEK SAMOCKI SAMOCKI SANN SASEK SCHULTZ PRCHAI. t x RUTH PRCHAI.. "Ruthie"- Future secretary. Enjoys horseback riding. Active in 43 lletter, secretaryl, 46, 82, 38, 2, 51 C3 medalsl, 21, 64. Secretary of Iune 1943 class, Quill and Scroll Award. JUNE CLASS OF 1943 LEONARD HANCICH. "Lymn"-Wants to be a Transport Pilot Weakness-convertible Buick. Favorite subject-physics. Mem- ber oi 21, 46. BETTY RATKOWIC. "Bet"-Wants to be an Air Stewardess. Weakness--chocolate candy. Hobbies--piano accordian, tap dancing and singing. Member of 38, 33. ELEANORT RENDE. "Ely"AWants to work in a defense plant. Weakness-dumplings and sourkraut. Collects souveniers. Member of 41, 38, 16. LOIS RBNNOCK. "Blondie" - Wants to work satisfactorily. Weakness-singing, roller skating. 1-lobbies-piano, collecting pennants. Member of 96, 38, 43 tLetterJ 50. LAVERNE HICHTHR. "Love"-Wants to be court stenographer. Weakness-football players, Hobbies-skating and sketching. Member of 82, 38, 85, 75. ELAINE RIEGER. "E"--Wants to travel to California. Weak- ness--Tommy Dorsey. 1-lobbies-skating and collecting photo- graphs. Member of 21, 38. HOSEMARIE RINGL. "Rosie"iWants to travel to California. Weakness-hamburgers. Hobbies--roller skating, dancing. Member of 38, 96, 15, 85, 90. HELEN HOBAK. Wants to be a dancer. Weakness-roller skat- ing and dancing. Member of 38, 21, 77, 16. MARILYN ROESKE. "Mutt"-Wants to teach. Weakness- Creamed carrots. Hobbies-roller skating and dancing. Mem- ber ot 35, 77, 73, 19. ALBERT ROSE. "Bucho"-Wants to be a U. S. Marine. Weak- ness-Dotte. Hobbiesistamp collecting and dancing. Member of 29, 82, 44 lLetterJ, 47 lLetterJ, 10 tLetterl, 74. RONALD ROSENGAHDEN.-Wants to be a doctor. 'Neaknesse food. 1-lobby-playing instrument. Favorite subject-chemis try. Member of 21, 3 fLetterJ, 68, 59. FRANK ROTH. "Roach"-Favorite subject--woodshop. Pet Peeve-little kids who yell in the movies. Hobbies-ice skat- ing and swimming. Member of 76, 34, 47, 50. DOLORES RUDMAN. "Del"-Wants to a Dancing Instructress. Favorite subiectvclerical practice. Member ot 88, 84, 46, 89, 38, 85, 21, 75, Civic Letter and Chevron. VLASTA RUTH. "Scotty"-Wants to travel around the world. Weakness-chocolate ice cream sundaes. I-lobbies-collecting souveniers and dancing. Member of 38, 21, 83, 90. IEANNE HUZEK. "Ieanie"-Wants to be a Private Secretary. Weakness---soft, sweet music. Pet Peeveihomework that lasts till all hours of the nights. Member of 66, 82, 38, 83, 43 ILetter1 42, CECILIA SAMOCKI. "Cel"-Wants to be a Bookkeeper. Weak- ness-apple slices. Enjoys good music both popular and classical. Hobbies-movies, reading. Member of 67, 38, 31. GENEVIEVE SAMOCKI. "Gen"-Wants to be a secretary. Fav- orite subject-fclerical practice, Hobby--collecting programs of different places I go. Member of 21. DOROTHY SANN. "Dot"-Stewardness. Weakness-for good popular music. Hobby-making clothes. Member of 47 tLetterl, 88, 38 t1.etter and Chevronl, 85, 12. RICHARD SASEK. "Dick"-Wants to be a draftsman and has a weakness for blondes. Hobby is building boats. Likes mechanical drawing. Member of 10. DOROTHY SCHUL11. "Der"-Wants to be an office worker and has a weakness for Dick Iurgens. Her hobby is collecting pins. Member of 41, 38. Page One Hundred Thirleen ROBERT SCHULTZ. "Bob"- Wants to det in the Air Corps. Weakness- -fried chicken. Hobbies-camping and dancing. Member of 10, 95, 80, 85, 99, 19. ERMINIA SCIACCA. "Ermie"---Wants to be a bioloqy teacher. Weakness- -blue eyes. Hobbies -collecting stamps and sinqinq. Member of 66, 21, 43 Nice presj 99, 25. EMILY SEDLACEK. "Emie"- -Future orchestra leader. Weakness ice cream. Pet Peeve slacks with fur coat. Active in 38, 46, 823 tTreasurerl 42. EDWARD SHAYOTOVICH. "Shay"-Wants to be a commercial artist. Weakness milk shakes. Hobbyfdancinq. Member ct Zl. FRED SHUTAK. "Fred" Airplane Mech. Favorite sport---toon ball. His hobby model builder. Active in 8, ll, 35. IENNIE SIMEK. "lean" Wants to be a war worker and a housewife. Hobbies roller skating, reading. Member of 43, 38, 21, 4, 46,36 VIOLET SIMMONS. "Pee Wee" Nurse. Weakness movies Hobby--collecting stamps. Active in 63 lSeC.J 38, 46, 89, 88, 46, 16. WALTER SKIBICKI. "Skippy"--Tool and Die Maker. Likes lemon cream pie. Hobby photography. Member oi 88, ll, 99, 31. CHARLES SKOCH. "Scotch"---Wants to be an Artist. Weak- ness- tood and quns. Hobbies modeling and drawing. Mem- bor of lO, 50. ADELINE SKOWRONEK. "Adie"- Ambition, Chemist. Weak- ness sundaes Hobbies -sewinq and swimming. Member of 32. 13, 89, 38 tLetterl 72. 4. DOROTHY SLADEK. "Dottie" Ambition, to become a war worker. Hobby-makinq scrap book. Weakness sailors. Mem- ber 38, 46, 12. IOHN SLADEK. "Johnny" -Wants to avoid working. Weak- ness-beautitul qirls and ice cream. Member of 76, 95. ELEANOR SMITH. "Smitty"--Ambition, to be a sinqer with an orchestra. Weaknessf"Pete." Pet Pe-eve People who braq. Member of 38, 43 tLetter, Pres.l 46 CPres.1, 72, 91. ANTHONY SOKOL. "Tony" Wants to see the South Sea Islands. Weakness--sports. Hobbies---stamps and movies. Member ot 93 U..etterl, 6, 74. HARRY SOWIL- -Arr:bit'cn to be a captain in the Navy. Wvak- ness-coming to school early. Hobbies-tarminq, waterinq the qrass. Member of 88, 76, 73. BESSIE SPACEK. "Slacks" Wants to meet people. Weakness -boogie-wooqre. Hobby-collecting snapshots. Member of 77, 38, 45, 4, 82. LILLIAN SPACIL. "1ill" Wants to be a buyer. Weakness fried chicken, olives. Pet Peeve--high heels and anklets. Hobbies-collecting dog and baby pictures. Member ot 38, 66. 85. RUDOLPH I. STAUBER. "Rnd"--Wants to be a trumpet player. Weakness -"T" bone steak. Hobbies -fisliinfi, liuntinq, chess. Member of 3, flsetterl 68. STANLEY STAWARZ. "lim" Wants to be a pilot. Weakness -fblondes. Hobby- following up sports events. Member ot 88, 44, 33, 97. DOLORES STERNISHA. "Dolly"'-Wants to bc a nurse. Fav- orite subject transcription. Hobbies--clancinq and reading. Member ot 43 tLetterJ, 38, 82, 73. JUNE CLASS OF 1943 GLORIA SLADEK. "Glory"fWould like to be a qood housewite. Member of 2 tMaq. Ed.l 38, 89, 86, 46, 82, 99, 13 fPres.l Letter Monogram 2 Field Ball Medalsj. Quill and Scroll Award. SLADEK SCHULTZ SCIACCA SEDLACEK SHAYOTOVICH his SHUTAK SIMEK .rv-J W SIMMONS SKIBICKI SKOCH SKOWRONEK SLADEK SLADEK SMITH SOKOL SOWA SPACEK I!" I :QL Um' ll1n1rfuJlfr11n'1ru1 SPACIL STAUBER STAWARZ STERNISHA STOLLER STORCEI. STRACHOTA SUBICZ SUCHOMEI. SVANCARA SVOBODA SWADE TALMAN TARABA TEBBEIS TOMS TOMSCHIN TWAROG UHLARIK UMEK VACEK VASTLIK VELEBA VERINGEB SVRCEK IULIAN SVRCEK. Joe"-Would like to see a pair of Marine pilot wings pinned cn his shirt. Member ot 10 tPres.l, 84, 89, 88, 16, 34, 29, 59, 47, swimming team I3 letfersl. JUNE CLASS OF 1943 BENNIE STOLLER. "Ben"-Weakness-cherry pies. Pet Peeve ---people with eqoes decidedly inflated. Member of 3 tletter and medalsl 81. IOE STORCEI.. "Stormy"-Interested in airplanes and wants to become a pilot. Pet Peeve-a person showinq off. BESSIE STRACHOTA. "Bess"-Favorite hobby-saving snap- shots. Member ot 38 tl Letter and 2 Chevronsl 56, 82. ARTHUR SUCHOMEI.. "Such"-Wants to qc to college. Pet Peove is people who break dates. Member ot 34 tLetterJ, 4l, 42. EDMUND SUBICZ. "Soub"-Wants to join the Navy. Weak- ness -chicken soup. Hobby--building airplanes. Member of 10 tLetterl, 34, 97 t1.etterJ. GEORGE SVANCARA. "Swan" Wants to get a nice job. Weak- ness -tears. Hobbies -reading, roller skating, and dancing. lvlvmber Of 5, 47, 42. ' MARY SVOBODA. "Svoboats"-Hopes to become a photo- grapher. Likes dancing and ice skating. Member of 85a, b38, 43, 82. MARGARET A. SWADE. "Mamie"---Wants to be a nurse. Weakness-V steaks and French tries and a fellow who dresses nice. Member ot 23, 6, 38, 85, 83, 91. AUDREY TALMAN.-Wants to become a secretary. Her weak- ncss is the song Brazil. She is an active member ot 38, 66, 82, 25. LORRAINE TARABA. "Proxcide" Commercial inspired her to be a sttinoqraplier. She also collects postcards. She is active in 38, 26, 46, 82, 79, 85, 89, 19. MARRION TEBBETS. "Teb"'fW1ll play or teach the cello. Her weakness is chocolate sundae, She is active in 59, 82, 38, 68. GEORGE TOMS. "Tommie" Drafting is his future. Doesn't like girls who put on to much make-up. 1-le is active in boys' chorus and received a letter. ETHEI. TOMSCHIN. "Tommy"-Wants to be a secretary. Her weakness is Italian Spacietti. She collects articles from dit- terent states. Active in 41, 40, 46, 82, 38, 90. VIRGINIA THAROG. "Virgins-Favorite subject is Latin. Pet Peeve is long artiticial eyebrows. She is active in 88, 54, 66, 46, 38, 16. EDWIN UHLARIK. "Sugar"-A future Naval Bornbadier. Hobby is knitting. He is active in 21, 9, 10 lAwardl, 25, 74. ANNE UMEK.-Likes to use office machines and wants to be a secretary. Weakness is potato chips. She is active in 66, 38, 79, 12. IA-NE VACEK. "Jinx"--Wants to be a singer. Weakness is tor strawberry short cake. Favorite subject is music. Member ot 59 13 Medalsl, 68 tPinJ, 43, 46, 82, 84. RUDOLPH VASTLIK. "Rud"-Wants to go in the service. Plays an accorclian. Active in ll, 21, 74. SYLVIA VELEBA. "Sil"-fOnly wants happiness in her life. Weakness for books and candy. Member ot 21, 15, 38, 82, 50. ALICE VERINGER. "Al"--Wants to be a reporter. Weakness for banana splits. Her hobby is collecting photographs. Mem- ber of 88, 66, 38, 83 tEditorJ, 46, 82, 84, 31. Page One Hundred Fifteen PHIL VESSELS. Wants: tu be a Clwnnral vrmlnovr. PQ! Pevve xg: vxfuwdzt. l,11:v-:s lv draw. Actlvltlr-vs, 2, QU. EMIL VICIK. Tonk Gvnexal Course and wants to be a plmoto- -uaplwr. Hts wr-txkrlrxss ls: szpurls. lVlPllllJOl' of 63, 87, 3513. MILD VLCEK. "M1" Hrs: Tvrglmical Course spurs lnxn to 1111 .an lfrxfqlxwmy W'walf:ne-ss is rnfxnoy and Candy. AkIllVl1lQ17, 111, ll, 1-il, tll, 87, lltm, 4. LILLIAN VLK. "l.1ll" Favorite :subject IS shorthand. Wants 4U S1 71 4 to lw A WAAC or WAVE. Atftxvmes, 38, , VIVIAN VONDRASEK. "V1V"f Llkps art wants tu lv n but 1:13-fwril 5--wrwtaxy. lim wuakness 15 strawberry sllurt cake, Mom- f. t lwr ul 1.1, 40, fltl, 8.1, SU, IARMILA VOSICKY. Hldlllln- Wants to be a WAAC. Lllcos tw wash cluzlmzz llfllll Actlvltlcs, 35, 43, 38, 82, 33. AGNES VOSTATEK. "Suzin" Favorito subjmct is funds, Wants 4 38 66 90 tn lw an Otllwh wurkm. Af'llVlll9S, , ' , , FLORENCE VUKOVICH. Upklkllxn Art Course. Wants to ho tx dross dosiqrwr. Actlvltws, Ill, 38, 43, 811, 46, 82, 85, 7'3, Rod Cross Nurse Traunntr L:E?IlIflCdl0. CLAHENCE WAIBEL- No information. GEOHGEITE WEISS. FdVO!'ll4? sllhwvt ls r:1v1Cs. Allll3lllOIl tw lw A journallst. 1A7C!6l'Cl'l0iSS saddle shoes. Actxvulss, 38, 85, 28, City, 46, 88 ,2, 83, 90. WANDA WIEZA. "Wlndy" fW'ants tw be A 'lwmlst Hubby is movxe stars. Pet Pr-uve IS zuot suits. Aftavltws, 33, 14, 8.2, 46, 31, DOLORES WITKOWSKI. "Do", Arnbltlyn 1.: tu play in a lmnd. Hobby IS savxnq Souvcnxcrs. A-:t1v.t11-13, 36, -10, 41, 7.1. MATTHEW WOITANEK. WN 3 inlsx mat: 'n. CLARENCE WALINSKE. "Dac"- -ls 'mmm 'tv lm-3 J 1'lr.1lt::m.xn. 7 Actlvztms, ll, ltJ, 3... Took a Te-ch. courss. ROBERT WORS'1'.f- No inloxrnatmn. MARY YAGUNIC. "Sunny" Mwst XA'-Dl'lllVVll1lf' llllll'T 1'1'1ll'l"f1 was lypxnq. Wants to be a dat-mse wnxkwa. .lM't1x'1txu1:, 91, 7 38, 21, 33, Baseball Medals and Rvllar Skating lun. LUCILLE YOUNGER. UL5UH'fAI!ll'llllO1'1 to be a bxluzrwsfz wwnmn. Lxkes Laurence Welles musxc. and Volley Ball Medals. Actavznos, 33, 82, 411, lil, Hmwlmll IOYCE ZACK. "Zaf?1cy" Learned nit t3 lv :wlffr-rug:-'wrxm-, Am. bltlon dxaftsman or buysr fur 11119 :Un-ivln. AVllVllIUS, 38 la Letterj 41, 21, 89, 46, 82, 79, 85. IAMES ZAIICEK. "Flabbit"- Took 51 Teclxnlrnl Course, A fu- ture Army Flyer. Actlvxtzes, 13, 74. NOBMA ZAPPE. "F'reckles" -Course, Comuwrrfml. Amhltmn lS to be-Come comptonmster operatar. Actlvmus, 79, 27, 36, 82, 38. 43, 12, 85, JUNE CLASS OF 1943 MARCELLIA VACLAVEK. "M 89, tPres.l 85, 38, tletter 1 yr. Gym helper. arcie-"--Destmed to be a private secretary. lvlanm--1 or and 599 pt. pull, 46, 99, BB, 64. Miss Clarks asszstxnt tm VA CLAVEK VESSELS VICIK VLCEK VLK 'if Cd VON DHASH VOSICKY VOSTATEK VUKOVICH WAIBEL Q 'P P.1tEL' One Hundred Sixteen WEISS WIEZA WITKOWSKI WOTTANEK WOLINSKI 3- WORST YAGUNIC YOUNGER ZACK ZAIICEK ZAPPE ZELINA X znivum 4 A 0 . an if zmvuw A T y 'ig zf:ivuxN . A zm K zlzucs znvm zmx nnzmx ivmnz mxnosn VANDON wma AND SO WE SAY FAREWELL, SENIORS RICHARD VANA. "Rich" Aeronautical enqineer. Member of 10, tietterj 89, 6, fletterj 9, tC1ty Champsl 5, 28 lPios.i 2 tBus. Manaqerl 23, 31, 51 tChanips-tootballl 46, 82, 59, 64. Qu111 and Scrcli Award. JUNE CLASS OF 1943 EMILY ZELINA. "Ernie" Wants tc be a WAAC. Her weakness in swuets. She is active an 32, 27, 36, 43 timttexi, 46. ADOLPH ZEIMAN. "Zekc"- Ambition is to be a C. P. A. Put Pvovv are hypocrites. Active in 15, 71, 3 KLE-tterl, 50. GENEVIEVE ZEMAN. "Curly" Wants to become a secretary Avtivo in 27, 46, 36, 82, 31. GEORGE ZEMAN. "F1appy"A - Wants to do qymnastic work. Avtivitios are 14, IU, 44, 72. ANNA ZIB. "Ann"- Future white co11ar qirl. Dislikes bxaq- civrs. Active in 38, 27, 66, 15, 82, 46, 72. DOLORES ZIELKE. "DoQ"- -Hoyies to do office work. She is avtive in 38, 13 tlvttvij, -QC, E5b, SG. CLARENCE ZIMA. "Babe"YWants to be a orease monkey. Hobby is arguments. Active in bowiinq CM-edali. DOLORES ZINK. "Dei"--Hopes to become a private secretary. Hobby is savino photographs. Active in 89, 38, 40, 3 C4 Medaisj, 90 lMedaU. HOWARD BREDA. "Hotr0cks" ls ctointi to be a tool and div maker. Enjoys ice skating. Active in 9 tLetter1, 47 tLetter1. ROBERT M.RAZ.fNo information. ARTHUR RADOSH.-No information. GEORGE VANDON.--Electricai engineer is his ambition. Hobby is photography. Active in 88, 63, 9 tChevronJ, 10 lChevron1, 63 tChevronJ, 19, 25. Pugc Ona fIIf77d7t'l1 Seventeen SENIOR PLAY OH! COULD I GO FOR YOU. KOSTNER. YOU'RE A FAKER. DAD TAKES A REST CURE Jud lzzgfvluwz N Y A 4 .X X . SENIOR PLAY To help defray engraving expenses for the Log the graduating class of every semester has given a play under the guidance of Miss Helen L. Culver. A rollicking comedy entitled, "DAD TAKES A REST CURE" was presented by Farragut's l943 February class. The cast Was composed of eight senior members who Werei lames Kostner, Doris Coles, Dorothy Gottlieb, Adrianna Hanus, Evelyn Gelsomini, William Haupt, Prank Sedlock, and Sheldon Mulacek. In the play the Father decides to take a rest because he has worked much too hard. He goes to a sanitarium but instead of relaxing he is annoyed by the patient in the opposite bed. All this noise makes him feel Worse and he tries to secure a private room but to no avail. Then he meets his roommate's sister and falls in love with her. The receipts for this play totaled Sl 16.38, almost double what we collected in previous years. Admission to the Senior play was eleven cents. Przge One Hundred Nineteen "1fwz-ig zzzcfcfzzy. Hljllf'-T. mn. Tri zrlvirli mffcge .fluff 1 gf1?"' Every April, that question arises in the minds ot all students who expect to graduate from Farragut. ln l934, nine years ago, College Day became a part ot the yearly activity program. lts purpose was to encourage more young people to continue in the pursuit ol education. This year, it has been even more important because ct the present day conditions. The need for leaders is great and will be still greater a tew years from now. Each year, a survey is taken among the 4E and 4A students to determine their choice of colleges. Alter a list has been compiled, invitations are sent to those schools chosen, and preparations are furthered by the College Day Committee, in charge ot Miss Florence E. Clark. With the assistance of the Student Guidance Committee, Registration Day is held. On this day, each student is asked to sign up for tive colleges ot his choice. The following day, College Day, twenty minute conferences are held by the college representatives with the students here at Farragut. A short program is also presented on that day with Farragut's String En- semble participating. The entire group is welcomed by Mr. Peter B. Ritzma and started oft for the day. Only such institutions as are accredited by the North Central Association are invited to attend. This year, committee officers were: Emily Fagulec, Chairman: Shirley Moore, Vice-Chairmanp Dolores Otto, Secretary. I W DAY I IL Um Ilunfwd Twcmy W COLLEGE DOES SHE REALLY WANT TO BE A TEACHER? YOU WON'T SMILE WHEN YOU GET THERE! WHERE ARE ALL THE MEN? OH! PROFESSOR LOOK AT THE BIRDIE! SIGN UP, NOW. CAMPUS LEADERS AT FARRAGUT 'rm-Tu 0 AS CARICATURED BY "ROGALSKl".. giffmn 3 - A !!gx 1? ff fr . ' ixjf! I I fm 5,355 Xij' ,' ,w I fi M9 X XM 'ff 6 r Q 1'7' L if FL '?.Fx VY xcxgt,-, E V gn K7 kj 7 1' K V7 9 is rSLi g'iN' ml is t , iw, F-,,.. gx QE, fb? 'X 134 X 'K f' N ,T XX 1 f 7 7 ,BQ Wi? Q 7 1 ,S N X ka wfbkfx S? W K K 'VG Q'-ff"5 36 U Q26 Cal X N7 fu-x f 4?75fJ5'5W W P.1ge One H1411 ,fred T 'Ph-. ENGINEER-CUSTODIANS IAMES D. DOHNEY ...................... Chief Enqineer THOMAS LONERGAN .... .. .lst Assistant Engineer EDWARD KUNA ..... .... 2 nd Assistant Engineer IOHN B. DOHNEY .... ............. l st Fireman IAMES EAHEY ....... .......... 2 nd Fireman EDWARD GLEESON . . . ........ Ianitor THEODORE BELL ..... .... I anitor IOHN BALOUN .... .... I anitor IAMES PAY ..... .... I anitor FRANK ROTH ........ .... I anitor IOHN ANDRUSKA . . . .... Ianitor CLARENCE PETERS . . . ..,. Ianitor ANTON VESELY ...... ...... I anitor STELLA PAROWSKI .. .... Ianitress ALMA TENNISON ..... .... I anitress EDWARD ZUSCHLOG ......................... Carpenter The major responsibility of the Chief Engir neer and his staff is the heating and Ventilating of our school of 250,000 sq. ft. of floor area. With a power plant of 3,000 horsepower in its boilers and engines each pupil is supplied with 30 cu. ft. of fresh air per minute at the proper temperature and humidity. Steam for our pool, showers, and cafeteria is 1, Om' Ilmzrfrnf Trmlzlj-Fu! generated from 3 water tube high pressure boilers with under feed stokers with a coal storage of 200 tons. Approximately l,000 tons of lllinois screenings are burned per year. Also maintained is an automatic Electric Telephone and Clock system. Six ice machines control refrigeration for cafeteria. The entire school is swept and dusted daily and all woodwork and floors scrubbed monthly. Ianitors at present are baling approximately l ton of waste paper per month for reuse. i'Log Salesmen-First Row-Barnett, Svoboda, Kalfas, Brawn, Latal, Kacirek, Holub, Chodora. Second Row-Novak, Killhoff, Kraus, Hamer, Lattal, Kryl, Miller, Cerveny. Third Row-Kilpatrick, Gabriel, Berousek, Cibulka, Vondrak, Stelzer, Giles, Dominik, Preban. Fourth Row-Kobylak, Udovich, Zenz, Tyle, Gordey, Glancey, Vasicek, Poplar, Hora. LOG SALESMEN Another year, another Log and another lucky, lucky person who collects the mazuma and orders the Annuals. Then the super-salesman hands over the money to Business Manager, Richard Vana. Receipts straight, we get our Logs through our hard selling salesman Cor womanl. This is harder than you think! Day in and day out it's col- lecting money, Writing out receipts, taking money to the Log Room. ln the Log Room it is recounted, recorded, and then de- posited in the office usually by little lanell Spalenka. Selling Annuals must be fascinating Work for the same sales- men apply for the job every semester. Of course, it couldn't be that if the representative sells his full quota CIOOW in his divisionl he receives an Annual for nothing. First person to achieve this l00'Xp mark was Adeline Preban, 405C, 3A, whose report came in on March 22. 2A division 4l9B, Betty Drendul and 3A, 229C, Robert Kadera are the other two l00'k salespeople. All three will receive leather-covered Logs for their hard Work. The following ten divisions sold the next highest numbers of Annuals: 422C, 3A, Mildred Svoboda: 4l5C, 3A, Clara Walter: 2l2D, lA, lean Cervenyg 3l2C, SA, Mildred Homolkap 3l0D, 4B, Evelyn Pavlicek: 4l0C, 3A, Ann Krausf 305C, 3B, Dolores Kru- sina, 3l2B, ZA, Violet Kryl: 420A, lA, Beverly Barnett, and 405B, ZA, Dorothy Kilpatrick. Total sales made by sixty-one representatives are 650 leather- covered Logs and over 1,300 paper-covered Logs. Heartiest congratulations, go-gettersl Page 0 ne Hundred Twenty-Five D. F I SCKOLL u 'G ff, al my ni 1 Q, fi 'S .. ' ' l' I ww It K 'a !' W' , 1 I! !! QI! N 1 lsxzflll' 1 H , . i f .Shi , - 'Y DH .Rh . I ' w av x 'Q it! 'H , f ,NX -Y- l Q13 W ,ni -V' V !, L ' ,nf , L 1 ,N . . vi 1 I 1 j W !!!f . 2. 447 ,' 1 ll AI- 55.17" JI ' ' i g '35, ' NI 77 f ' ,. NJ ! ll! t Rx 4 ' 1. g fi.:-f 1 X - 'T v 'wg f in 'i V l TVQ I! 4 W A' X' , ji' fp i t Qi X ,.!,- . fm X Ill!!! 'J 1 w i , ,4 I X : Y fa.-L5 ' ,B rf if ,, ,J ,X l i' liilqi Om Hnrzdnd Tu'n11y-Six Wu TEX SEPTEMBER-1942 7-School begins-Welcomed Miss Powell, fl. our new Lunch Room Sponsor. ' I ' 12-What a cute new room full of office ma- ' chines. lt's just like a real office. 25-Scroll wins honor rating again! gr' K my aaron: AFTER T 'Q :-4' OCTOBER-1942 r" L 7 wg, 9-My! My!! Did you see all the muscles? T 53 That's due to the Commando Exercises. K 20-Oh Boy! Did the freshies get it today. I 29-Scrap drive dance-Everyone brought KN, some junk. yn ,, V Q . ' I " ' ii NOVEMBER--1942 X K, W 6-Home Nursing classes began. iRun! Boys! ,fflji - -L Run!! My 'J 17-Everyone had a grand time at the Fall J'-W-M L ' Festival E L K if 20-The Big Day-Final Senior elections. 'rf' J 5 M X-xii AXXS Slgmivi DECEMBER-1942 Nl NUYD 4-February Graduating class presented, "Dad B Takes a Rest Cure." F' SCR PP 12-250 kits sent to service men. QAOR JPN? 20-Winners announced in the Scrap Drive 6,55 Slogan Contest. I , N IANUARY-1943 -X L: 5,518 6-Brought cakes for the Service men. iHope 8' 'A' nobody got sick because some of the girls baked fl' D -'sg ln theml. f U. ll-Girl's Chorus achieved a rating of S. K V yu!!! 27-Commencement Day is here again! Grad- L 2 HX t 4 uates say goodbye. ll' it iii! CALENDAR OF YT Q FEBRUARY-1943 H ' urs crow uvuznzg 1-2130 students rose to start a new semester ff W-- -'ft I ' 3 X '5 A J-il ' tand also 15 minutes more of schooll. N x - Mil U "" I t l x 5 5 14-Clean-up Slogan winners were chosen. i I X, 26-Click! Go the cameras hoping to win the j W W ' X Annual Picture Contest. X . A 'il in ' '. X LE mum cLmU,,,,m f- ,fm I MARCH-1943 lt, if I ' 79 Q1 A - 1.4 ll J 12-Students are certainly carrying a lot ot -Y - ' Books! I CSh! They're for the Service Menl. Em . jk " is H U 1 4 20-Well! Well! the boys are learning to cook Q , gl QR W y R, - jwl f' tguess they want to be sure of getting something ' 5.4.54-.,, A to eatl. ' j 26-Iune Class buys bond in the "U. S. A. fig M W - t WS ff' Chicago" Drive. 5' -4 Q5 1 NX L X APRIL 1943 X S W C t - veg , f W' 4-650 students received Victory Certificates. Af' X 1 14-Senior boys were given a test from the WZZQ ,Q XX Navy. KNO wonder they are all scratching their X p f L! 7 . heaasn. tl ' 1 ., i 20-Win City Championship in bowling. 5 Q Qxyiy A , xg t fx I t ck t ffte-fi I V MAY-1943 X 562 H Y Zl-Dedication ot Service Flag. l, it K 21-Minute Man award. RN Al V l L 27-Won Latin Contest tFour certificates and 5 My X W t medall. xanga' 44' 1, ' KWXN , f IUNE-1943 Q Q i 1-Better get those scare-crows up it you Want A fp 4 a victory garden. 22eMy, wasn't the tood good at the Senior gg S C XJ 1 41, in-.gm Banquet. fx i It? ll ,gy 5' I-5? 24-P well to the Grads. "'1l4"' . ,"'-15, f f . 't ' it 7 It ' 'Q' , are itil J l xi ka' jj-31,11 I "" -?,.-gr.. If Fl Y f fl u ll jll.T' , A '1..,.i- X : if EVENTS -- 43 'ff ALL Qt -VKFYW l P.1gc Ona Hundred Tuferzty-Suez: HONOR SOCIETY - r . ,j bg . 3 iii! . X, W.,-,,fi af ,Qfx X At the rnideyear National Honor Society lnduction Ceremony on Tuesday, lanuary l9, 1943, lohn Becker, Iames Blastik, Lillian Cerny, Mildred Choc, Clarence Cukor, Maryanne Dvoracek, Libby Erana, Ann Eirtch, Veronica Gas- parek, Mildred Halacek, Dorothy Hamm, Adriana l-lanus, Willard Holman, Bernice Hiqqie, Elsie lanecka, Margaret Keller, Valerie Kopecky, larnos Kostner, Evelyn Milcezny, Vlasta Motal, Norman Novak, Bonita Pawlek, Emma Piperott, Richard Pokorny, Bose Smetana, Leta Spira, Charles Vesely, Bertha Venhuda, and Steve Vlasich were the initiates. Speakers at the candle liqhtinq service were: Ioseph Gabriel-Scholarship: Clarence Nelson-Service, Marcella Vac- lavekf-fLeadershipp Norman NovakfCharacter, and Eleanor Smith --Prayer. The Becessional was sunq by the Girl's Chorus who were accompanied by the orchestra. Helen Tabor qave a vocal solo, and Leta Spira a piano solo. The National Honor Society Induction Ceremony of the Iune class was held Tuesday, lune l5, l943, during the seventh period in the auditorium. The initiates were: Irma Allard, Shirley Derer, La Verne Drska, La Vonne Eqqers, Emily Eaqulec, lohn Eirtik, Arlene Ereeburq, Betty Eiala, Maryann I-losek, Evelyn Hosticka, Georqiana Kasparek, Sylvia Kocic, Gloria Kokaisl, Charles Kolar, Lucille Konecy, Violet Kral, Blanche Kreisa, lohn Lonk, Dolores Gtto, Daqmar Peterson, Ruth Prchal, lerry Pribyl, leanne Buzek, Adeline Skow- ronek, Eleanor Smith, Anthony Sokol, Bessie Strachota, Virqinia Twaroq, lane Vacek, Richard Vana, Marcella Vaclavek, Alice Verinqer, Iarmila Vosicky, Mildred Vrla. Ilr U1 llumlr J Tu nlj I1 lu Reading from lett to right around the table are: Mr. VanCura, Mrs. Serdiuk, Mr. Masek, Mr. Kurtzon, Mrs. Weiss, Dr. Poslusny, Mr. Kopecky, Mrs. Hamel, Mrs. Kominek, Mr, Ftitzma, Mr. Truc, ludqe Weiss, Dr. Tysl, Mrs. Woli, Mr. Cook, Mrs. Truc, Mr. Heistad, Captain Piksa, Miss Daves, Mr. Korninek, and Mr. Feinstein. YOUTH LUNCHEON At the Youth Luncheon on Thursday, May 6. outstanding businessmen and leaders in the school community met in the Social Room at Farragut to discuss what the community and school are doinq for its youth. The quests after a hearty luncheon Cin spite ot war time restrictionsl toured the various classes to see what student lite is like durinq war time. lt is visits like this that promote friendly relations between the students and their neiqhbors. Among those present were prominent businessmen, judges, and others who are interested in youth Welfare. The following quests were present: Messrs. Masek, Kurtzon, Kopecky, Truc, Cook, Heistad, Kominek, Feinstein, Van Cura, Drs. Poslusny and Tysl, ludqe Weiss, and Capt. Piksa. Mesdames Serduik, Weiss, Hamel, Kominek, Wolf, Truc and Miss Daves were also invited. The program was presented by the Concert Band which played "Lady of Spain," "Teddy Bears Picnic," "Thumbs Up," "0verature of Rienzef' and a march. Charles Kolar played a solo, "Carnival of Venice." Following the luncheon, the visitors saw several rooms includinq the library and swimminq pool. The visitors were impressed by the work the students do at school. llrgt Um Ilnmlv I llltllll rm Cliff Hall-101C Lorraine Poplar-107C Adeline Fister-QZIUB George Drew-215C Maryann Safranek Georgianna Prince Lilie Novak-223C LaVerne Kotrba Bob and Dot--229C Ioan Koontz "Cup Cake"-222D "Shorty" Geiger loan and Valarie Eddie Uhlarik Emily and Dolores Bessie Strachota Louie Kolarik len and Vl Iune and "Ir." Petey and Elly Lou and Arlene Mac, Cyclops, and Mus Mary and Anne Butch and Ted "Rudy" Pearl Havlik Gene Llkas-226D Sylvia Veleba Pvt. Richard Clemmensen Ieanne Ruzek Cecelia Eis Pvt. Harold Wisner George Marsh Frank Kral Iuanita Edington Arlene Freeburg A. S. Dale-A. Freeburg Betty Fiala Sqt. William Lhotak Hank Podhradsky Alice Veringer A. S. George Rousek Dorothy Sann Clarence Paciorka Leonard Karel Sandy Kamba Marion Tebbetts Stanley Podhradsky Mary Pluth George Adlszko Milo Vlcek Roe and Ioe Adolph Zeman Emily Zelina Rudy Zelina Fred Shutak Dennis Heina Lillian Fiala Iohnny Kryl lohn Pastewski Lorraine Boyre-229D Anna Miehka Rosalie Ivanec Stella and Tes Eleanor Hejna Marcella Nowicka Bessie Fischer Fenton Iones Vernon Kaiser Genevieve Samockl Henry Budzinski George Vandon Richard Sasek Georgiana Fral Carimia Kasparskl George Kaspar Kenneth Leindecker Richard Hitzeman Erminla Sciacca Page One Hundred Thirty WELL WISHERS Charlotte Lesick Mary Ann Hosek Stanley Stawarz Walter Skibicki Victoria Danylciw Natalie and Danny-301D limmie and Elaine Mel and Gini Chuck and Gladle Vil and Er Chicken and Tisch Audrey Sobelle-305C Dorothy Ruiach Fred Hoff Natalie Gordeef Earl Marovitz Gloria Novak Melissa Blngaman Anna Mae Bastyr-312C Lorraine Couch Miss Crowell-323D Dorothy McDaniel Betty Boor Vera Lupac Mildred Melkus Eleanore Novak Helene Kratochvil Iennie Simek Dagmar Peterson Iune Klouser Dolores Zink Dorothy Sladek Ianet Melichar Helen Iirec Helen Miller Edward Halinskl Roe and Joe Paul Doroga Iohn Lonk Ioseph Lachky Alvin Anthony lean Matousek Dorothea Kruegar lean Pletlcha Sylvia Gelsomini Lilee Belle and Maryann Edward Minarik Frank Arthur Lucille Younger Irma Allard Evelyn Gindrig Phil Vessels George Toms lohn Firtik loe Storcel Melvin Cohn Adolph Neruda U. S. Navy Valerian Brodnicki U. S. Army Alice Krafka Clarence Nelson Lorraine Taraba Richard Vana-325D Hank Meyer Iohn Sikorcin Mary Lou Sebek Eleanor Curin Shorty and Bud-402D Elabor Miller Dotty Waddell Dorothy Krusina Ierry and Helen Georgiana Fral Anita Mansfield Alice Sizek-410C Dolores Kubik-412D Charles Prakopac S 2-C Pvt. Bruno Chmielewskl Sgt. Tmohas E. Coats Hagen and Hritz Bobby and ??? Stephen Grgula IV Ioe and Maxine Dorothy Barcal Ioe and lay Ray and Shirley Hank and Vivian Rav and Shirley Ioe and Lill Marcella Vaclavek Sunny and Tiny lanet Bohac Pvt. Le Roy Miller Evelyn Nandico Iohn and Max Dolores Witkowskl Wally and Gloria Mr. and Mrs. I. Zib Anna Zib Gerald Radthe-415D Rosemarie Ringl Adeline Skowronek-417D Wanda Weiza Gloria Kokasil Lucy Konecy Pinky-Love-Stinkey Evelyn Iaworskl Maryann Gazewskl Cecelia Samockl Lt. and Mrs. R. Dvorak Pfc. Edward Doktor U. S. A. F. Pfc. Albert Bonnema U. S. A. F Vlasta lean and Louie Sergeant Iohn Truhlar Adeline Dvorak Pvt. Le.Roy Miller U. S. A. Bobby Sladek Edward Young George W. Campbell U. S. N. Bozena Campbell Vernon Crawford U. S. N. Bob Kutchan U. S. Army Mrs. Ek Melkus Charles Melkus Ed. Vlasak U. S. N. Pete Longl U. S. A. Walter Boyden U. S. A. Earl I. Hallman U. S. N. Robert I. Melichar Lillian Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Boris Duskin Ruthie and Bunny Duskin Mr. and Mrs. G. Allard Richard Rebout U. S. N. Frank Onderka U. S. A. Posquelli Mr. and Mrs. F. Sladek, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. F. Sladek, Ir. Tommy Sladek Pvt. and Mrs. G. Mills, Ir. Iames Charles Mills Mrs. Emily Novak Mr. Edward Novak Mr. Iohn Boor Mrs. Katy Boor lean Mkiuleky-Flower Tech. Trixie Evie and Lyle Eddie Cherico and Eric Pvt. E. F. Sedlak U. S. A. Corporal Eddy R. Gorga-222D Nunzio "Duke" Avanzo Pvt. Bud Laycock U. S. A. Cadet Ralph Grimes U. S. A. C. Mr. and Mrs. F. Kratochvil Emily Hornicek Pvt. Iohn T. Maloney Marine Mrs. M. M. Mudra Pvt. Stanley Liss U. S. A. C. Pvt. Al. Nemec U. S. S. C. Qwl z zwwg Nlllll llNfWf W X VIETIJRY No mn: would reasonably deny ohar ri: Inry is worlh whulever rl costs Peace with viclory is what we are working and lighting for Bul, il will be u hollow vi: tory indeed il we lind that in producing the engines ol war we have forgotten the machines of peace You may be surprised and chugrincd haw quickly the public can lorgcl your once well udverhscd producrs and Scrviccs To the other "Keep 'Ems" 4Kccp 'Em Fly ing, elc.l we odd "Keep 'Em Remember ing", A conlinuous direcl mail campaign will keep your rrghrhrl place in the hgh: lor business lliul will surely follow thc war. We have some suggestions that may be helpful GENTRY PRINTING COMPANY Polk and Sherman Streets, Chicago WN XX fffffllllllll W f rr ,,r, on X Zfffffl c NWS Page Om' Ilnrzdrvd Tlrirry-One X ..-p 'Rv-4.-cfs.: DEPENDA BILITY Every assignment here at Wallace-Miller Company is an important one. From the largest four-color process jobs down to a minimum zinc, care and constant attention to every detail is apparent. Day after day and year after year we continue to give the same dependable high quality in our plate work. Telephone Superior 7440 for a Wallace-Miller representative to estimate your next important job. We are always in . . . day and night. V A!.l.ACE"IVll!..!..ER CO. phab-Ehquumms 466 W.SlIPERIOR STREET Chicago PIOTU-EIIIIVIIIGS Ill EVERY KNIIWN IEDIUII P13 0:1 Hundred Thirty-Two BEST WISHES JUDGE GEORGE B. WEISS i , IFORMER FARRAGUT CLASSMATEI HUSA FRANK HusA R.PH. Drugs G Trusses, Abdominal Sup porters and Elastic Stockings 3220 W. Cermak Road ROCkwell 2000 Compliments of MIDWEST STORE STANLEY BUCZAK 2400 S. Christiana Avenue Phone ROCkwell 4158 "Brighten Ihr' Hours With Soukafs Flowers" SOUKAL FLORAL CO. 3237 W. 26th St. Phone ROCkwell 0I76 THE CALIFORNIA LAUNDRY A. T. ooLEzAi. o soNs WET WASH - HYDRO Rough, Dry, and Fine Finish Work 2448 South Kedzie Avenue Phone: ROCkwell 0708 THE FARRAGUT CAFETERIA The Farragut Cafeteria has gone to War. For less money and no points, vou cet delicious nutritious Victory Lunches Page One Hund d Tl 1yTl ee Members of Florist Telegraph DELIVERY ASS'N. Telephone LAWndale 5500 LAWN DALE FLORAL COMPANY Not Inc. KOHOUT'S FLOWERS 3212 W. Cermak Rd. Fine Flowers - Plus Quick Service HERFF -JONES CHICAGO 32 West Randolph Street Telephone STAte 2378 CLASS RINGS AND PINS, MEDALS AND TROPHIES, Commencement Announcements and Personal Cards - Club Pins, Service Awards GO TO ED'S for SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE LUNCH and CANDY ED'S FARRAGUT SCHOOL STORE 240l S. Christiana Ave. EVERYTHING IN FARRAGUT SUPPLIES AT KOLAR'S 3147 W. Cermak Road Convenient location in the shopping district close by DU LLA'S DRUG STORE S. J. DULLA, R.PH. 2357 So. Drake Ave. Chicago Phones ROCkweII I0004 and I0007 Om' Hundred Thirty-Four AUTOGRAPHS JOE JASELSKI MEAT MARKET AND GROCERY 3224 W. 23rd Street ROCkweII 7457 GEORGE J. DVORAK, R.Ph. Sruwvssor to Vilinfs Pharmacy NON SKID SPOT PAD TRUSSES 3233-35 W. Cermak Road ROCkwell 2921 COMPLIMENTS OF B. LINKA co. A Rockwell TTO ECLIK 2931 3918 W. 26th Street Home of Model Airplone PRESS SHOP Supplies - Sporting Goods and A 2301 so- Kedzie Avenue Everything for High School FARRAGUT SCROLL Page One H undrvd Tb ir! I E' Esfablished I889 RCOT STUDIOS Farragui' Log I935 I936 I937 I938 I939 I940 I94I I942 I943 Telephone Sfafe OI I85 N. WABASI-I AVENUE I 3 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS I I SPECIAL RATES TO FARRAGUT STUDENTS AND THEIR II FAMILIES AT ALL TIMES K x IH I IIIIIIIIIII dT lIll'fJ"Sl.X' E 2 5 3 E Q LY .Q 5 5 ,,. i f

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