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,fi if s S S S 1 .E- X seaou. AND A 1 gnunum. U ' O o Q Nov So CPR-r N ,R C-'lp lpk5bq. X' f- Q I W 0 - iyefwo 0' P-'-P5 N I I ' 5 Q '-:mR9 3 5 E fl on an 10 wow! Je' 1 M I A P EF? 5 J N 9 X X - ,l '-- pmggpg 5 from 'rr-nR'rY runoff-55 'i is 393 HA-'12 N 'N H N f- , l X N' K Na- Q -r-' " "Q: wnca-1 v FW an W Q E Q95 1 E V" 0 -S '- TE :MER - 4 A Loevczik ? -Z, I 4, 'Y ' - . I pgs? pialoo Q, E, E. xx, gig STOP AT 50.5 . 0 5 t A - ' rl A 'R ef" - ' Q 5 Q Xt ' N hh., P 8 u-f'Qgll?o's-4-fl Kf Rx 'A :ND A ' - - ' E E ' , J' 'W' K NT A sxar - rm 9 7 1-. ' ' I X ,,,,,,'! I otha -rem -2' 0 "' ' vo 5 ' 55,397 'f - --'f f " V 1 U , 0 up I 459 :1G""' 1'mEb AGAQN 96, b I 7, p - G 0. mn 'rrlmNsLE 1'-Mt L,-.,, f C 3 - if ga -eww Flvnmue- ' A A J, 5,5 A I ws--,vi,,q, A aspen-moons, X .LV f ASW'-rg., pemob Q5 A I L. DAYS f , A - 'Hans-' I I . E 5 E '1 5 2 1 5 Q A i E 5 2 3 Q E 1 I M I - Q i 1 i 1 E 1 1 F 1 I 1 E 3 . 5 E 3 I g i i a 2 E i 3 Q H K Q 3 5 5 5 . I ,.,W....,n.....,.,..,,,..f...,.,. AL 0 All0Y -sl Q FABRAGUT l 1 l l 1 1 31 5 rl E! E3 fi E 5 ON .BOARD THE "HARTFORD," BATTLE OF MOBILE BAY. IFROM A PNNTWG BY Admiral Farragut in the rigging aboard the Hartford at the Battle of Mobile Bay. AI the left in the painting is the flag which the Admiral gave to the father of Mr. Moses Hoppoclc whom you see in the lower right inset. Mr. Hoppoclc kindly donated this flag to Farragut High School on, March 3, 1941. IDUB ADMIBAL AND 0Ull ll0NOIl i-I' LOG 4 I 1 o Q E 9 4 'I Q l ' ta PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF FARRAGUT HHHISCHOOL 2345 SOUTH CHRISTIANA AVENUE C H 1 C A G 0 Gflmziversary Cggifimz FUBE IDBI! With cries on all sides demanding a speeding up of national defense, what can high school students do? In our day-to-day behavior, in all our relationships, we can, by giving our best to whatever job needs to be done, build up a morale that is an answer to all who fear for America's future and for democracy. Everyone of us who refuses even for an instant to lose faith in the American ideals of freedom and testifies to that faith whenever he has a chance is doing something for his country this very moment. We do not forget that democracy teaches us to live and let live and so we do not listen to malicious criticism, we do not tolerate racial nor religious prejudice. Any attempt to stir up dissension or unrest among us is quickly denounced and squelched. , We know that our nation is one of youth, made of her steel alloyed with the blood of many peoples, not too stubborn to bend but too strong to be broken. Our nation is made up of peoples of common stature not cursed by class, and vaccinated against all isms, cults, or crack pots. What can we do to survive these desperate times? We must be cheerful, confident, know what we believe in and stick to it and, most important, have no fear. Directed by the principal and teachers we take part in all' activities of the school wholeheartedly, knowing that fair play, qfooperation, clear thinking and active participation teach us how to appreciate and respect our fellow men and fit us for the places we as citizens shall sometimes occupy in the community. ln our classes we gain skills, atti- tudes, knowledge and training knowing that only an educated nation is free. We know too that our country to defend itself properly has need of those who know, and those who can. And that is why the anniversary of David G. Farragut's birth was taken as a fitting theme for 1941 because throughout his life Farragut prepared himself for the oppor- tunities he was sure would come and when they did he was ready for them. So in closing this year, which was full of satisfactory accomplishments, we say with Farragut, HFull speed aheadf, DAVID G. FABBAGUT FIRST U. s. ABMIBAL AVID GLASGOW One hundred and forty years ago on July 5, David Glasgow Farragut was born fnear Knoxville, Tenn.J son of George Anthony, a full blooded Spaniard whose family history showed fighting blood as far back as 1229. Since his father became a Master in the United States Navy when David was six and he himself was adopted by Commodore David Porter a year later, he grew up with the smell of the sea in his nostrils. In 1807 his father was sent to New Orleans to command a gunboat. Often he took his children out on a yawl on the trip from New Orleans to Havana. Once when during a bad storm he was criticized for exposing his children to such dangers, he answered, "Now is the time to conquer their fearsf' David under Commodore Porter's expert training had many such experiences which taught him to face peril with unruffled composure. He became a midshipman in the Navy when he was nine years old. At twelve David was put in command of a prize whaler, which he was ordered to convoy to Valparaiso. While other boys spent their time on "larks" he studied and made notes on the rigging, guns, fittings and practices found aboard foreign ships. Farragut learned that having an influential foster-father proved an impediment to his advancement. Commodore Porter always considered him "too young for promotionff Although it rankled that many who entered the Navy after him became lieutenants before him, he was never soured by his ill- fortune. He never lost pluck or ambition and worked all the harder to fit himself to seize the opportunities when they came. When he was 23 he took command of his Hrst naval ship in the war with the West India pirates. The Civil War found him the best equipped man in the Navy and although he applied for an active command he waited months for an appointment. As an ofhcer of Southern birth leaving Virginia when it seceded and moving to New York, he was looked upon with suspicion. Ordered December, 1861, to take command of an expedition against New Orleans, Farragut hoisted his flag on the U. S. Hartford and spent months making preparations for the capture which took place at the end of April. On August 5th, 1864, occurred the battle of Mobile Bay where he spoke his s FABB famous words, "Damn the torpedoes. Full speed aheadln That year he was promoted to Vice-Admiral, the first to hold this rank and two years later became the first Admiral in the United States Navy, "as a national recognition of distinguished service and exalted patriotism." In 1867 he was permitted to take Mrs. Farragut with him on a European coastal cruise of good will. To his death on August 14, 1870, he lived up to the words published about him in the British Army and Navy Gazette after his capture of Mobile-"his feats of arms place him at the head of his profession, and certainly constitute him the first naval officer of the day as far as actual reputation, won by skill, courage, and hard fighting, goes." When David G. Farragut was but ten years old he was referred to as "three pounds of uniform and seventy pounds of fight: because even then he had self-restraint as well as self-respect and he would fight when the proper time came. Although as a grown man he attained a stature of only five feet seven inches he continued to command respect wherever he went. Rear Admiral Schley, writing about him during the Civil War period, declared: "His gait and step were those of a very young man, and in conversation he was an animated and interesting talker. His information and experience were general, and upon almost all subjects- professional, scientific or political-he was interesting and attractive. Like all great men he was affable and accessible. His manner was one of great mildness and self- poise. His ideas were clear and his methods of doing things were always decided. In any of the emergencies of battle, his towering genius was readiest and his cool self- possession was an inspiration to everybody. The wide difference that was apparent between this sprightly, kind, mild and pleasing gentleman, even when under a heavy load of responsibility, and his lion-like character and presence when battle was going on, was the contrast between sunshine and storm. His judgment of men was excellent, as the choice of officers with whom he surrounded himself indicated. The unvarying and complete success he met in everything he undertook in that great war was due largely to his strong personality, unerring purpose and dashing examplef' SES ll0PPOC Mr. Moses Hoppock fwhose picture you see on page two alongside the one of Admiral Farragut in the rigging of the U. S. Hartfordj was born in 1858 and lived at Shadow Lawn at Hastings-on-the-Hudson where Admiral Farragut came to live at the beginning of the Civil War. On the United States Frigate Hartford at the battle of Mobile Bay fsee picture of the painting by W. H. Overend on Page twol was a huge flag which will have a particular interest to all students of Farragut High School because it came into our possession this spring. In 1865 the Admiral was given a reception in the Dutch Reformed Church by the people of Hastings. Seven year old Moses was sent to get the Hag from the Farragut home, to drape over the pulpit. After the reception the Admiral gave the flag to Mr. Hoppock, Moses' father, saying it would look fine on the tower of Shadow Lawn, their home. It flew over Shadow Lawn until 1889. In March, 194-1, Mr. Hoppock kindly donated this memorable relic of the Civil War to our school with an affidavit giving its authentic history. On the back of the flag is discernible U. S. Hartford and Admiral Farragufs name. There are 38 stars on the blue field. Each stripe is 1121 inches wide and the stars measure eight inches from point to point. Almost 12 feet high, the Hag is 15 feet wide. When the Hoppocks used to hang it out of the cupola window at their home in Westfield it came so close to the ground that the children hung on it and tore it. Some of the blue field as well as two stars have disintegrated. Mr. Ernst Josi, shop teacher, is making a dustproof glass case for the flag and affidavit so that future generations may view this historical memento. A bronze tablet will bear Mr. Moses Hoppockys name and the date of the gift and will hang in our library. DEDIC TIO X SH ,fur 1,4 ,,,,,,,,x t J wl1fW"' uvvu lM ' 5 5 w ww v,ii,,w,, " J'-' ,fmmfliff ' Z W, 5 4 ,,,Wf,. .,,i.f,,,,,.,,HZ Ty ff, ,WA : .nu Q, 5 2 QQ- 1 1 oi J E E 4 V MZ 7 ? . 5 5 2 ee W1 5 Z Z? A 6 119. J: 1 Y 3 A 1- ,tl It "nf 1,4-U., I , ' A '. Fwy? 9' rfffra 2 l I .E as . , "u,,,vl" To our "First Matew-lVlr. William C. Prottsman, we proudly present the 1941 edition of the Farragut Log in appreciation of the time and effort he spends in making a perfectly co-ordinated school as evidenced by the fact that classes start promptly on the first day of each semester. Among his principal duties are assembling the entire school programg preparing individual programs for pupils entering from other schools and evaluating their creditsg planning programs for pupils entering the school after the first week of the semester, supervising prospective graduates, adjusting the scholarship and attendance, and answering numerous questions of pupils and teachers. Our 'Tirst Matev came to us in 1934 and since that time has built an unshalceahle niche for himself in Farragutis halls. It is with sincere gratitude for his patience and tolerance with our stumbling efforts that we dedicate our Log to "Prottsie" as he is affectionately known among the students. Graduating Classes of 1941. SCll00L PQILICY Under Skipper Ritzma,s able steering with efficient assistance from Ship- mates Clark, Schultz and Geer, the counselor group plays an increasingly important part in the lives of Farragut students. This year the objective stressed was that it is the patriotic duty of every student to remain in school and graduate. Even though jobs are much more plentiful at this time, Mates Schultz and Lupe urged second and third year students to continue with their school work so they would be better prepared for these jobs. Of 569 Freshmen who entered Farragut in September, 1933, 229 were graduated in June, 1937, or 1L0.2W. But of the 514 freshmen who entered Farragut in September, 1937, 322 are graduating this ,Iune or 62.6'k. Shipmate Clark consults with the teachers to adjust programs to individual students whose likes, dislikes, interests and abilities are considered in this planning. All pre-testing and classifying of freshmen is done by Miss Clark and her personnel assistants. As administrative dean Shipmate Geer checks senior records and supervises the socialization program, organizing clubs, teas and parties. In the 4A semester Ship mate Schultz secures social security employment cards and interviews for the graduates, placing those who need part-time or permanent jobs. Ship Clerks Hogan, Bergson and Bonner handle volumin- ous records and their chief delight-collections. In the library, Miss Vetter assisted by Miss Leona Fiala, and Mrs. Kent find all the answers to the students, "Information, pleasef' All the works under- ground that make the wheels run smoothly are han- dled by Boatswain James Doheny who is besieged with written requests to usend up more heatn or 'Lput on the cooling systemfl With his cheerful gobs, Boatswain Doheny looks after the health of the school by keeping the building clean, providing a sterile swimming pool and suits and in general seeing to our physical well being. FLORENCE CLARK Personnel Adjuster, Ph.B., M.A.-U. of C GENEVRA GEER Arlminislralivv Dean B A.-U. of lf., Il' . If PEARI, BERGSON, VIRGINIA BONNER, MAUDE HOGAN J- was dvd Q-W LAURA Slllllflflxl Plnvvnufnl lfnunsvllur is MRS. LUPE Truant Omrrr AGNES VET PER I ibrariun JAMES DOIINEY Enginvvr-lfuslollian Page Eleven Iii? L A I' .fu it h VV L' -T .., V H . ., 51.5 igwgs' F., 1 fl., -1 CIIMIVIERCIAL K -XTIIERIINE O'I.E.XRY. I'l1.R., Loyola. ROSE COX, ILS., IN. Y. U.: M.E. Loyola, MARGARET NI. JOHNSON, R5-.. Dv Paul. DAINA CROWELI., BS., ll. MILDRED LINSKEY. BS. De Paul. CECILIA WELl.S, AA., Lewis lnsl. XIARGARET COUGIILIN. PILB., Dm- Paul. .IOSEPII MILLER. RS.. U. of I. GUY IIOCC, KS.. MS., U. of I. ALICE POWER, BS.. U. of C.: INLE., Loyola. GEORGE CAMDEN. RS.-Emi., No. East Missouri 51:11:11 Nl..-X.. N. Il. ENGLISH LOUISE McDANlEL, AB., U. of Ind. IIELEN I.. CULX ER, ILA.. State U. of Iowa. AGNES DRALLE, Pl1.R., U. of C. MABEI. LEIIMAN, B.Sc.Ed.g KLA., De Paul. FRANCES IIILLMEYER, Ph.B., U. of C. RUTH THOMPSON, B.A., Drakl- U. FRANCES NICVEY, BS.. De- Paul. KATHERYN K. HOGAN, Pli.B., De Paul. ALICE LEECII, AB., Drakf- U.: M.A.. Colum- lria. fX1ARllUERl'l'l9I WATSON, ILA., l.Pwi9 IHSI. MARIE l'I. INIUDRA, PILB., U. of C., ALA., Columlvia. BEATRICE DUDA, B.A., RS., Lewis Inst., Chicago VIICHCIIUTSI Collm-go. MARGARET HO- CAN, Pl1.R., De Paul. lIISTORY ALICE POWER, BS.. I'. of C., M.E., Loyola. BUD FISHER, BLA., HA., Slate U. of Iowa. MORRIS STEVEN- SON. M.A., Loyola. PAFQUALE DI ORIO, BA., Central Y.M.C.A. College. GENEVRA GEER, PILB., U. of C. NEVA DAVIS, Pl'x.B., U. of C. RUTH BECK, Ph.B., U. of C., M.A., N. U. CATHERINE MCGRATH, Ph.B., Loy- ola. MARY MEEHAN, Pl1.B., U. of C., NLE., Loyola. HORACE WYSONG, AB., Ind., lVI.A., Columbia. ART IOl"l'lE SCIIELL, B.A.E., Art In I NIARCARET BIRO. Ph.B.. l'. 4 fl XIRE CVSIIINC. R.X.E.. Ari Int lIOME ECONOMICS ELIZ.-XBETII EDWARDS. AB., U. of I. BICSSIE BONNER. B. of E.. I. State Normal IV. EMILIE BURSIK. Pl1.B.. U. ut' lf.: NLE.. Lttynlu. LANGUAGE .Fkmtztis cAm', lm.. xvaslttmm. BLA., U. of C. PAULA PIHNN, A.B., St. Mary of thx- Wootlsg AAI., U. of C. MARY RIIEITDE. B.A.. M.A., Mar- quette lt. BERNADETTE HOPKINS, AJS., Intl. Stalt' Tcacllcrs, College. JAROSLAY MICA'V, A.R., U. of Prague: M..-X., Creighton U. BEAT- RICE DUDA, BA., RS.. Lf'Wis InSt.g lf. ,l'4'ill'llt'l'h, llnllt-ge. EMILIE MILLS, PILR.. U. uf C. ELLIS LITTLE, A.B., It tf I . F . MATHEMATICS ALILI4. Ml'l4IllEI.L. RS.. Imxxis Inst.: KLA., N. I. MARY MORGAN, PILR., KLA.. Lnynlu. MYRTLE DOYLE. M.A., RS.. Dt' Paul. AGNES DUNN. RS., U. of ll. EDWARD M.MfKl'fY. A.R., Dc Paul. GEORGE CANIDIGYN. 8.8.-Eel., No. liar! Nlissutlrig MJT.. N. U. GUY IIOGG. RS.. WS.. l. nf I. l,liSI.llC COOK. Ulf.. Hastvrn I. Slate- T1-ar'l1c1's, ifnuvglv. MUSIC SYLYAN WARD, fXI.Nlus., Clticagu Mus. Collcgv: MS., N. lv. MARIIC EHRENWERTII. R.'Vf.. Ame-rif'an Con- servatory of Musicg M.MuS., Chicago Cmtsc-rvatory of Music: PILB.. U. of C. GEORGE ARNOTT. BA.. N. lu MAR- GRT, AGKERMANN, Gllimtgio Musical Collvgv. P-Xl I. ll lNIIlR'I'SI-'HI.IJIiH. Ii.'I.. Nu SCIENCE l.l'lllI:iiI Ilnllf-gn-. BORIS IIIISKIIY. ISS. l. ut I.. Rl III NIAREII. ILS., II. of 1 IXIDIX IXIJX PI I3 l nfl ' ' I v . . f . 1, .. . .., N'l.fX.. IM- Paul. MARY AWN BENSON, B 9 . l .uf II. UICORKQIC NON IIHICIIIER. IIS I OR Y. lf: NI.,-X.. Ilr- I'uuI. ICI.ICAN I..-INIJON. Iii. ll. of I. UICOHCIC IIl'N'I'INlQ.1I'f1I.I'I.. fo. iI.1Slz1I:- 'I'r'ar'Ile'rs' lIuIIl-gc. BIH.I.I.I'. l,RIxI'.NBAlIM. ILS. l. HI I.: l.IlI4'iifl0 Nurnlul l.oIIe-gf' ICDN M Al 'X LIINI-.R. ILS.. II. uf lf. PHYSICAL EIDUCATION IRIIIIC WIl.l.I.-NMS. 3.8. in Iill., Ile Paul. ROSE IA IVAN. BS., IN- Paul. Ii-IRI. l.'XNI'II'.I.U. B.I'... Dv Paul. AININ.-X SI.O'I'SKY. IJILB., I.oyoIa. .I :X XIICS FOX. BA.. I4IaI1n, INI.S.N.lI.. H.I'.IC.. 'XIIlt"l'II'i1ll lIuIIe'g1' uf Phy. lid. REI.I.I-1ILRIIIINBAINI, ILS.. linflilni- cago N4 vrmul llnllf-gl-. TECHNICAL Sitting I-IIIWXKIJ PASIIIIKIC, ILS. in I..I'... :Xrlnmll' Insliluiv. ICRNEST ,IOSL BS.. X5.. IA-vis Instilulv. OTTO 5IIflJI'1NS'I'H'XNll, HS. of OIC., Armour IIISIIIIIII' of Tvvllnuluggy. ORYIIIIC I'.fXRKIIlIRS'l', fIOIlIIllQ'l'I't' DipI4nuu, IN l II I u I I . .. .wk Inslilutv. Slnnring IFRXNK ISKLTIIIS, R. nf IC., N. III. SIEIII' 'I'c-am'I1m-lx' llullf-gl-. WIIIIMNI RIOONI. BS.. IN.lI. MECHANICAL DRAWING I IfNl.IIi COOK. Ii. uf I'I1I.. I'ILlSll'I'Il Illi- '- I Il-we-. IIOWs l'1lIS Nall IKQIIIIKIN lol ,, XRD RINKICH. XI.X.. Ile' I,uuI. lII'IOHlII'I PIC 'X COCK. BS.. Ill- Paul. FRICIJH- RICK SWXNSON. BS.. OIQIQIIIHHHI S1-In NUI UI XIIIN 5. rlI1 v AZ It is a privilege to ex- tend on these pages our heartiest greet- ings to all students of Farragut and espe- cially to those for whom this year is their last in our High School. In this volume of the Log we commemorate the fact that the school bears the name of David Glasgow Farragut who not only served his country as Admiral in the Navy, but who led a life which holds much of inspiration for all youthful Americans. He entered the Naval service at the age of nine, and at the age of twelve commanded a boat. He continued to assume responsibilities and rapidly rose to higher positions. In our complex life today we do not enter service at such early SKIPPEB' ESSAGE years. It is necessary that we prepare our- selves more thoroughly because our civil- ization is more complicated and our indus- trial processes more involved. We can, how- ever, display the same desirable traits of character, emphasizing responsibility, ini- tiative, and perseverance in our daily duties. As we do this from day to day we shall give the best assurance of maintain- ing those qualities in the future and rend- ering acceptable service to our country. It is because the stu- dents at Farragut have been displaying these desirable attitudes and encouraging us by their aims and actions that we are especially happy to include our greeting in this volume dedicated to the great Admiral of the Civil War. Page F i fleen 'ff' !!y!f,,A ' Vs IDSHIPME PL BES 125A 125A lll First Raw Slastny, lllarovilz, John- son, Hlava, Gabrovie, Kostal. Sevond Row-Mr. Balthis, Froula, Vilumis, klllllllall, Kuccra, .la- necka, Jaskiewiez. Third Row---Yalenta, Klondike, llofl, Weller, Broz, Holub. Fourth Row- -Phillips, Krostenko. Goetz, Reltinger. Weinberg. Votava, Rooney. 212A 212A-IB First Row lllensik, Darrell, Beran, Kriclievsky, Salava, Finkel, Krusina. Ser-ond Row -Miss Rbuede, Dominik, Herodes, Srail, Silbavy, Robinson, Reiss, Komerska, Bm-bring. Third Row f-Flider, Snobl, Bc-linski, Matejovsky, Celsomini, Prachar, Kalny, Ruzicka, Felczak. Fourth Row-A Kubistal, Braun, Kriz, Koontz, Kettenliofen, Stilli- pec, Vvsselak, Kviah. Brooks. 215A 215A--IB-First Hour- Levin, Newcomb, Wora- zek, Sebramm, Hodina. Pocllobradsky, Pavlakos. Second Row-Miss llillemeyer, Miehe, Drew, Saf- rancek, Hodcs, Cerveny, Albert, llenning, Mus- Sared, Petranek, Cordon, Dobbertin, Kubice, lllad, Karamas, Greenwald. Fourth Row-V--Pavlus, Brouk, Zarat, Keller, Sestak, Holpucll. He-sik, Silver- man, Klf-einan. 223A 223A-IB'--Miss Culver -First Row Lougway, Marlinec, Gabriel, Wilhelm, Tabor, Slejskal, Cor- rlejev. Serond Row---Sladivik, Yoldricli. Hofrich- ter, Novak, llruby, Biros, Knkral, Stary. Third Row- -Vastlik, Kommer, llnetynka, Elias, Gorss, Rus, Dvorak, Kmetec, Pearce. Fourth Row V--Vrba, Kufrin, Fleisleber, Cikanek, Skala, Drlina. Turler, Martine-11, Kinkfus, Wlelvk, Dunovsky. Pugr l'iitQl7fl'l'lI PLEBES 305A 305A IB---First Row Pesa, Silk, lllalinu, Kou- ha, Sigalos, Kesel, Taylor, Iluebuer. Sevond Raw ---Mrs. Cainer. Sulla, Snlillly, Goldman, Zamazal, Safyer, Vlasicll, Fowler, Yavra. Third Row Kar- nik, Tourgee, Vrla, Karasiuan, Liska. Pr-Irueha, Sadlo, Hansen, Solmelle, Missie. Fourth Row A Musil. Bingaman, Sykura, Canilra, Darmmly. Klei- don. Miller, Mikeska. Talmr. Novak. 403A 403A-IB-First RlI1U"fill3lllS, Pokurny, Yasek, Kazda, Masek. Clloclmla, Klm-ka, Rapala. Svrond Row- -Mrs. Schell, Mariotti, llurejs, ,'21l'iillll, Pop- elka, Shelper, Macllalek, Cnslellu. Third Row - Marousek, Sczecll, Talla, Lalnprupulos, Makal, Kunes, Gustafson, Tulverman. Svulmda. Fonrlh Row----Popla, Durnbaek, Flick. Carralmtta, Miller, Krueger, Supol, Slrutz, l,ol1an, Kryslofek. 415A 415A--IB -Firs! Row- -Ylaella, Kraft. Yrelunla, Wellitch, Killeen, Murphy, Oleiniek, Fox. Serond Row----Miss Cady, liilllliifl, Mal-ha, Burilaval, Tischler, Goldman, Barlos, Supsiek. Third Row - Cap. Trembac, Wojcik, Mlynarski, Pitlik, Lewis, Anlado, Stejspal, Sebesta, Culilman. Fourth Row Lonergan, Polkowski, Clock, Olsowske, Knjmlt- ski, Skolniek, Kalfas, Kalmar. Kopecky, Seliwek. 427A 427A IB ffllr. Yun Bremer Firxl Hou' Kor- eslko. Lapporle, Pojman, Mysivka. Kaiser. Nlnjzis, Koulra. Second Row Kuulvenev, Lalal. Yokaty, l"rani'eItim', Plelielxa, Lauth, Blavin, Antlumy. Third Row---Wagner, Cliraslka, Zlit'll3lllllx. Rilselle, Hap- paport. Sclrumaelier, YllI'll'il. Sarrasin. Fllllffll Row - Kuulny, Krueger, Bizek, Barlugu. Pl'lIl1'4'. Pirlxa, Puwlelx. lllayzis. Page Nim'Ii1'l1 101A 102A 103A uutllr QW l-- I V sv 117B 101A 'lA--Nlr. Arnntl' First Row- Rmfbivki, King, wllllll, lxlilllf, llir:-lnnan, Paxlik. SPWUIHI Raw v Culian, llurlak. Trvpton, Pom:-r. llwrker, Pmlucll, Maclmlc-lx. Thin! Row- SIH21l'lli, Swlmomla, lxlLllPlillSlL', Uulmina, Yavlavilx, Yasak. Pm-el, Rlllll. Fourth ROIL' Kruzcl. llvrlugll, Knupp, Wimlsor, Mills, Hf'ff'HllL'll1l, lloupv. Yana, Rchicck. 102A- -1.-N First Row---Koulmvlg, Malejovsliy, Skarpiak, CvI'i1Ilbt'Q'. Tyli. Dnslal. Nm-nu-my YZ1l'lllll3, llvrllolml. Sefonri Row--Mr. Sieclvnslrang, Koslncr, l,I'Hl10S, Danvlx. llluc-ky, llansr-n, Rulll, Bencik, Krizek. Tizirzl Rauf--V-Sliilmlwr, Svlialkuwski, Ralisrllc-Illia:-ll, lxlf'lll'll2ll', Kiss:-, llurr-ni, Rf-hik, llvinz, Punmnar. 103A--IA-First Row Sliwa, Behensky. Ballaglia, Tislcxr, Bfvlliif., Pearson. Swami Row---Mr. Parkhursl, N1-jerlly, Xitturio, Wiilliay, Bart. Third Row' -Janus. Rudman. Cllilla, Crylmvxski, Packo, Vrlwl, Seeker. Fourth Row -Hulrla, Rm-no, lllyers, Vlfoodrick, Silwrvin, Pisuya, lwinski, Ilrvlas. l17B---IA-"ML Sl6V6flSHIl'fFiI'Sf Row Kolauk, Ekl, Sl:-jkal, Lunivh. Nuavk, Larwa, Yanvura, Klapul. SPFOIIIZ Row---Sullflrl, llorak, Sumosk, I-lolilwli, Lukavll, Exwrt, Koclxa, llm-plum Tlrirri Row --Tic-hy, Svnbocla, Marko, Langusch, Jarkv, Seckar, Pekarek. Kocliar, Rakosnik. Fozirrlz Row-- Yonfl1'a, Raflvanovsky, Zi-ri-k, Kucvk, Zelenka, Ralias, Phillips. 'flu-isa. Yawra, lllaclik. 55B 317A !3A 326A 2253 IA-l"1'rsI R0wiPalnn-r, Telnplelnaln, St'IIll'llll3lI, ,loin-s. Srnka, Casin-k, Wvulln-r, XvK'i2it'il. Sevonzl Raw---Miss Linskvy, Morgan, Balilino, Pniir-r, Sli-ginaiin, Froliriep, Y3IltlllCil. Tlzirzf Row - Ccrny. Yicvk, Frenigcn, llulkslra, Kvlakowski, Svhwager, Stix-he-r. llam-, Lanigan. 130111711 Row -- Baronak, Kovarik, Be-quisilh, Holek, Gabriel, Kaspar, Rislig, Runge, Krnpka. 317A- -1.-X-V-Firsl Row-Svlinltz, Bastyr, llalla, Suma. Kndrnmssky, Burundi, Sinid. Sevnml Row-- Miss Hopkins, Trinka, Schultz, Wilson, Neuman, Witchcr. Pierrily. Third Row'-AFirycl1, Philo- mc-ne, Wrablik, Sladek, Rilmnicck, Frelivh, Senico, Swartz. Fozzrlh Row--Cuvli, Mass, Couch, Valal. S1-liultz, Sanlavy, Tcrs. Xesm-ly, llomolka. 323A-ff1fX -Ffrs! Rau' Huvel, Voss, Chou, Pavlovsky, Hjelle, Kular, Yisek. Blliiillli. Serum! Row -Mr. Hogg, Minvcr, Kostal, Slrop, Bernstein, Dielhasa, Karlera. Ilnnnnel. Third Row--Royston, Wfesley, Coles, Mikola, Dumalmyl, Wolf, Brda, Pomianc-k, Pashvk. Fmzrth Row-4Koontz, Plocar, Iloracok, Matson, Pclrovic, Frusblone, Zcleny, Krause, Plnckvlmauni, Ilrncar. 326A- JA- -First Row Seman, Pruliola, Shovkley, Bernard, Forin-ur, Bovvk, Bn-ner, Nusinu, Petrzilka, Miss Cox, Curin. Laws, Siusarczyk, Shamrock, Sernluicki, Klein, Drew, Novotny. Thin! R0wfAKllll1Hll'lZ, Sliorkley, Kania, Ruth, Svvtic, Knjawa, Craine, Novolny, Rabansvh. Fourth Rowe Bovinsky, Martinek. Dunda, Ylastnik, Ycdral, Demkov, Soukup, Narovec. MOIlE 411111, WM JM ii A Page Tzwniy-one 327B 327B--IA' Mrs. Mahin- -Firsl Row- iliaplan, llaelmney, Misek, Dorobiola, Scanlon. Second Row f-Mack, Erickson, Nan Cura, Wojlanek. Third Row- 7-Nechula, Aguinaga, Goldstein, Eppa, Ca- poralv, Fleishnian. 410A 4-10A--IA--Mrs. Biro First Row--Kaspar, Ka- lousek, Slawina, Osrnanskc, Kovar, Schwartz, Mandelson, Hosticka. SCFUHII Row---Svcjnoha, Hanzlik, Hellunfl, Pikal, Soukup, Pardubsky, Dvorak, Manak, Brinklvy, Bloozynski. Third Row f--Straka, Roylil, Auburn, llamlrava, Brkan, Mara- cck, Kraus, Winkler, Placek, Kelley. Fourth Row - -Marlinek, Eoxnier, llusarik, Tysl, Cizf-k, Kipia, Simana, Lielmerman, Warnick, Kormunda. 419B 4193,-lA--'First Row'-Borucki, Kluczynski, Dousa, Egeness, Orzvcllmvski, Bison, Tc-sar. Ser- onrl Row'-Miss Watson, Rejsf-k, Preban, Rivers, Malflk, B3SIf'I'H.Sll, Morowczynski, Vonora. Third Row---Cohan, Bitsky, Stalmach, Mobvrg, Prange, Lachky, Bc-zclek, Mc-Class, Bivek. Fourth Row-W lVlnaC0k, Slll'liHi'll, Sliclla, Suliicz, Lazarowicz, Murawske, Brodnim-ki, Kruszyuski, Mac-hura, Lisak. 422B 4-22A-1A-First Row-- Kvacik, l.Olll113l1, Jcdlicka, Feuclol, Pawluczyk, Palumbo, Smokovich, Zozos. Second Row-Mr. Mackey, Rojek, Tumpach, Du- desek, Ondras, Vanek, Arzig, Popek, Sikorski. Third Row-Semenck, Olsen, Brown, Steininger, Babka, Cervenka, Czajka, Gurga, Kosar. Fourth Rouw -Czerwien, Margolis, Rakley, Bonfivld, Ma- rek, Mittal, Maciejewski, Urzvndowski, Hall. Page Twenty-Iwo 0BE 425A 425.4--1A First Rau' Nezgmia, Kueiila. filen- ahlik, Neumann, Hansni-r, Zin-liso. Donirvse, Pan- zer. Seeomi Row Bernard. Slrnlninmi, lirlnan, Filip, Holub, Hoffman. Xran:-y, Uulik. Ili-jlial, Nr. Cook. Third Row- Kliepka, Sc-ekar. Bauer, Pujelka, Divis, Eggers, llaffler, Yvaniata, Garb, Benson, Peters, inlpae, Knjawia, Si-liek, Williams, Dwnnrese, Snjak. Parker, Biaha. 428A 428A JA- First Row Olmadai. Yanek. inniiierg, Mark, Hicks, Skaiak, Juseuieli. Sfwnrnl Row - Miss Thompson, Hubeny, Caslle. Kirian. llaus- kneeht, Krapek, Janega, Knez, Barta. Forsyllie. Thirri Row-Tmnek, Hamer. Kasper, llroilkie-wiez, Preneil, Schwarz, Kinil. Spaevk. Zi-illiainmm-l. Fourth Row- Peterson, Jirik, Kruse-c', 'l'0i'ksli'in, Stashe, Knnysz. Sutryk. Sli-linfvr, P1'iu'ha. 104C 104C--2A"-Firsl Row Lo Pairs, Radike, Lein- deeker, Bavelz. Beirne, Mraz, Worst. Serum! Row -W-Mr. Paschke, Wiiller, Kontsky, Ruse, Iiudzin- ski, Hervert, Bndzinski, Boniinek, Soknl, Klert, Minarik, Franeetlie, Paste-wski, Klinies. Fourrh Row-Majer, Banc-ica. Koners, Svreek, Tuniezak, Havlik, Li-lieeka, Uhiarik. 105B 105B---2B---Kliss Fiynnr- Firsl Row Navy, Pro- chaska, LeMar, Iironee, Ti-ssmann, Koyar, Znrko, Boubelik. Serond Row---Kadera, Bnrie, Novak, Spalenka, Clajeh, Moree, Kasik. Third Row- Stiblo, Riinsa, Sauer, Pawlak, Kysela, Mijusko- vieli, Knnel, Hlonsek, Riha, Talak, Leireda, Kndr- novsky, Penlselir, Conroy, Sawyer, Bartow, Zitek. Page Twvnty-lbrer .....-....... -, - - A- ......... .- :,:. --- 2 - "iA.?'1 N Q "ll '1i!', ,-1 L V J, Vx" '!7'.- Fl ,W 'M' 51553: If A, 1 1 -1 fr f 34 NK 4' I N' -453' 2131: UN- 2I3B --f- 2B--First Row-Popelka, Svec, Prucllaska, Wruck, Nlylu, Muncil, Novotny, Coy. Second Row --Miss Morgan, llakel, Kozlik, Loudell, Svoboda, Slavicek, Knap, Krsak, llansknecht. Third Row- Bc-yer, lvani-C, Stipek, Mulacek, Johnson, Kasper, Beranek, Saher, Ryva. Fourth RowYBrackman, Welch, Zwick, Slriska, Kanarik, Fister, Sichrovsky, Schabingvr, Schocnhofvn, Wisniewski. 302B-'IBB--Miss Cada-First Rowillanllicek, Parker, Pavlicek, Husa, Ylcck, Stanck, Swade. Second Row -Stvrnfvld, Panek, Lasso, Harris, Weiss, Cesal, Slecllla. Third Row--Krapck, Rempert, Gillian, Motal, Miller, Sekulich, Tischer, We-irauch. Fourlh Row' -Waddell. Svamlwra, llamlwrger, Burda, Ackerman, Golden, Sinsky, Zraly. 3103--f2BfFir.St ROM7fSCllIlllC?f, Panik, Tvarozek, Florian, Mir-eli, Fink, Boehm, Zeman. Second Row-Miss Cushing, Kafka, Kartsman, Raggo, Yonilrak, Sykura, This-man, Smejkal, Eckarl. Third Row-AWorst, Miceli, Fort, Frai, Krusina, Bucek, Stolecki, Swanson. Fourth Row--Kraft, Cosentino, Navek, llalaska, Javorsky, Dull, Haris, Truhlar, Slade-k. 3238-ZBA-First Row-Delllc, Ilirsh, Finkelstein, Zajicek, Spali-nka, Forbes, Honsa, l.askey.Seron1l Rows--Miss Wells, Kupka, Kanofsky, Meyer, Kirchoff, Jawurek, France, Pieshcs. Third Row- Schullz, Krnf-ger, Davis, Zivlke, Vilous, Matlws, Morgal, Jensen, lNlvMahon. Fourth Row-Tyser, Housuk, Kisln-l, Friedman, Nagel, Svharrf-r, Tosky, Branligaln, lloralvk. 302B 310B Page T'wf'11fy-four 323B 7B 5B 'TER K' 4278- IIB Xli., Lanmlon First Rnu' Svfla. Rejmk, Sr-ynlour, Novak. Soukup, llrovlwtl, Holm-0. Sevvnd Row l'eL'l., Bnrofak. Hales, Nlaska, Brczina, Fiala, Smith. Thirzl Rou' --Wvrlik, Prazak, Margly, Manslir-lrl, Supinski, Kl't'Hlskt', Zalmvsky. Fourth Row- Nlangus. Bs-irgla, lfmsscr, Yastlik, Yolm-vk, llarlt. Le-nclzion. l05CA2A-V-Vfllr. Pvacovk' Firsl Huw Yt'l'lIlQ2,'1'l', Bn-nnan. Jasvlski, Zvman. Nl2ll'llHlQ'li, Bvam. Orsali, Kryl. Svronrl Rnu' ljlY0llli3, fllalmlmrg, Calla, llaswa, Domino. Calla. Te-llln-tts. Spavvk. Third Raw ---llc:-k, Kaspare-lx. Sann, Yasivky, His, Flulll, Pavinrka, Yvlvlma. Kamlva. Fnurlh Row Sllulak, l.aPoint. Fiala, Wm-iss. Pmllxarmlsky, l,ikas, Prusinski. Kuvvra, Ze-lina. Hunk. 11515 ZA Nlr. Blounl lfirxl Row Knulvk, Kiral, Slaclvk, Hojvk, Svanrara, S1'lIllllZ. llzmll. Svmrzfl Raw- Smsa. Ruth, Kills, Nlartykan, Vanvk, Naval. llvvlllvl. Zajicelx. ll9B-- LZA' -Nlr. ,lofi Firsr Run'--Brlwl, Tvzak, Kalny, Starosta. Papp. Paja, Kaspar. Yanmlun. Burkv, Cuvaomiak. 591111111 Rau" Burzynski, Sasvk, tlllliilllf, Daly, Kaspvrski, l,au1plul, Koran, Huvsaral. Slwl. l.a1'Ilmmi4'z. 105C X s all H il 0 -1 1 9' 4 9 QA le RSX N . Cf lex Sl , n 0 0 lo YQ l i co A "ur fi 1 1'- 6 Q1 119B Pugr' ,Iill't'Plfj'Afi1'F UN- i 222C 222C4-2A---Mrs. Mills-f-First Row-Mednansky, Prchal, Lulich, Geiger, Smith, Neruda, Miller. Second Row-Pitlik, Mincer, Lisy, Koulaxes, Sed- lacek, Janacek. Third Row-Sladek, Oestreicher, Pernecki, Frederick, De Cries, Novak, Long. Fourth Row--e-Cech, Havlik, Hinds, Prachar, Sob- kowiak, Corga, Strachota. 229B 229B--2A-First Row-Malina, Beranek, Harri- son, Radeck, llallis, Jes, Samocki, Svoboda. Sec- ond RowvvMrs. Lehman, Slak, Rieger, Herda, Jerka, Fontany, Rasich, Ptacek. Third Row-Hej- na, Kovanda, Koppel, Lambersky, Sosfia, Wolin- ski, Skibicki, Nowicki, Lauber. Fourth Row- Fisher, Danylciw, Lach, Breda, Sedorg, Buziuk, Stawarz, Lesick, Tomaszewski. 304C 304-C-2A-Mrs. Liska-Panek, Paust, Wiltes, Miczuga, Burch, Richer, Kase, Martinjak. Second Row-Stroller, Chejlava, Marsh, Preminger, Re- bout, Shea, Janovsky, Narovec, Levine, Theisen. Third RowgSlocel, Koudelk, Majelko, Ronald, Brennan, Deil, Marquardt, Slraka, Skowronek. Fourth Row-Janacek, Pancner, Kriesberg, Janda, Toms, Hitzeman, Peters, Kolin, Johnson, Kaiser. 322B 322B-2A-First Row4Gizewski, Nailen, Vlk, Konecy, Pribyl, Basterash, Gengel, Krysiak, Kap- sa. Second Row-Miss Meehan, Mazer, Bienick, Hardt, Wieza, Koranek, Slernisha, Kazda, Doerr. Third Row-QCzerwien, McDowell, Dawiec, Peca, Sink, Musil, Gambo, Latos, Fencka, Jaworski, Greenman. Fourth RowARichter, Pycuir, Fuka, Kokaisl, Cernansky, Kadlec, Nunzio, Wolski, Shibla, Kerer, Lohrentz. Page Twenty-six F T E t 3230 323C -2A First Row Unis-kannc, Mvllanivl, Simvk, Krafka, Miller, Krnpka, jircr, Brmlnicki. Semml Raw---Miss Crowvll, Kink, Hour, Allard, Slarlek, Tarala, Kratovlivil. Skorepa, lllansfis-lrl. Peterson. Third Row Cs-rvenka, Zt'llll'lli, Meli- cliar, Novak, Klouser, Millvr, Mc-lkus, Ze-nian, Gin- clrig. Fourth Raw Dvorak. llalinski, Ye-ssc-ls. Colin, Lacllkv. Nvlsun, lluruga, Kovurik. hunk. Arthur, Zajiciik. 417B 4-ITB 2A First Row Pilrv, Castle-, Rumlv, Bol- lurlf, Denwmul, Knvhla, Wivlwr. Sf'r'or111 Row - Miss Cllllgllllfl, Zaryvzny, Krvjva, Yivik, Prnsa, Drska, Brain-v, Twarug, Hvnnovk, Ruth. Thirrl Row- Clmlmt, Prilmyl, Strnacl, Janecek, Kmlaile-k. Miller, Mikulaslik, llorn, Colflslvin. Turvk. Fourth Row Daugirmla, Barlos, Kozina, Kral, Pe-trailis, Dinga, Lisak, McCarthy. Costs-lln, Schultz. 425B 4-25B QA- l,npav, Elcnitz. Froka, lil:-, llarcal, Prochaska. Pasternak, Pavlnvic. Svvoml Row Mr. Bunting, Yaguniv, Spacil, Mangus, lllilllltilltl, Nan- dico, Meisner, Yaclavek, Bohav. Third Row -Zilm, Robak. Hritz, Vondrasvk, llolnbc-k, Kurlvli. Wi!- kowski, llxorak, Cernak, Youngvr. Fourth Row - Sinknler, Me-rmann, Unilvrka. Nlvyvr, Molll, Moore, Kulmik, Musil, llagvn, Zi:-Ike. 426B 4263- ZA- First Row--Knlwrna, Kolrilca. Foltz. Skin-ll, Niklian, Oslick, Trislano, lilrlnul, Baluinvv. Sevorzzi Row---Miss 1tPt'l'll. Yau-k. Mas:-lko. Zap- vovarsky, Svolmorla, Mlllarvk, Bavllan, Tmnsliin. Third Row Malirmwski, Vnkovic, Fagnlvv, Rud- man, Skorm-pa, Zima, Re-gal, llosticka. Rm-sekv. Fourth Row Talnnan. Zack, Km-iv, Sinner. Clironst, Rlllllilllll, Bniilosilc. Drasal, Novak. Eggers. Pagf' Txiwrtjf-.wi'r11 1 . :'Ti:-1.1.15 '-U22 if N,-v-nw vi '71 l yr 1 W ,Q f n' 1 'Nil f Qui' , K' QV fi 2 210C ..,, UNIO 210C-3B-First Row-Weiner, Keller, Gilclen, Jenicek, Hornieek, Stajenka, Cerny, Lindberg Second Row-Mr. Wysong, Kremske, Hrodey, Bannes, Bisio, Blastik, Linhart. Third Row- O'Brien, Kipta, Horky, Semik, Kopecky, Wessel, Drozd. Fourth Row-Turinsky, Shay, Svec, Hon olka, Kalina, Kusic, Dinse, Hoffman, Holman. 212C----3B-fMr. Swanson -First Row---Purcell, Peters, Burman, Gelsomini, Kacena, Pesa, Walte Second Row-Vlasich, Miljlski, Zwetow, Jonas, Klotz, Mares, White, Koncal, Cox. Third Row- King, Palumbo, Stastny, Banker, Saurin, Miller, Jarolimek, Novak, Ruzicka, Zizos. Fourth Row- Svetic, Crystal, Sejnost, Vesely, Felix, Walczak, Kocek, Krueger, Boueek, Rousek. 228C-3B-First RowYSolnar, Ciger, Hovorka, Nowicki, Riha, Novak, Donda, Dolejs. Second Ros -Mr. DiOrio, Selirein, Jukor, Becker, Ponshe, Masa, Stevens, Koslner, Hradsky, Bernie. Third R01 -Stejspal, Halacek, Bowden, Mardvitz, Esralew, Bartnik, Mitchell, Kamis, Koulxa. Fourth Row- Frana, Kratoska, Wolf, Kilens, Himmel, Sedey, Mulacek, Miller, Taber, Weinberg, Smetana. 319C-3Bf-First Row-Soukup, Noha, Maurin, Honda, Pivotla, Rokusek, Latkovic. Second RowA Nohen, Valenta, Broz, Korbel, Hamm, Pokorney, Liska, Miss Duda. Third Row-Dlouda, Bayli: Zasteran, Maliehek, Milcezny, Kratoehvil, Mikes, Chodora, Zastera. Fourth Row--Kleidon, Bai tunek, Higgie, Konopasek, Leher, Rude, Tauchen, Miller, Novak, Langer. 212C I - S I E l I 1 E 2280 319C Pugz' Tu wily-aight VIID HIP 22C-3B-First Row-Marcus, Soululp, Choc, Janecka, Dvoracvk, Karel, Kmen, Janfla, Buclilm- y. Scromi Row-f Miss McDaniel, Welnak, Talach, Kozcl, Horak. Simek, Pawlek, Ylnllllllllii, Nov- ek. Third Row---Rozhon, Olsen, Carrabolla, llaupt, Vacdvsky, Lauth, Miller, Pnsateri, Balwlvin, 'agn0r. Fourth Row--Karagvorgu, IIOHIIIBII, Saul, Weiner, Ward, llolan, Svobocla, Kouha, Tropton, Julia. 9C-3B--First R01U+ll3llJf'flll, Gorup, Masek, Someroff, Balaty, Zika, Zils-nf-k, Woeltje. Swami Jw-Mr. Camden, Gasparik, llanus, Bauer, Hofrichter, Pvlranek, Cole-s, Mc-liall. Thirri Row--Pima, 'anvP, Rada, Botlliolv. Sliaff. Paiskcr, Mielke, B. Pipvroff, li. Pipvroff. Fourlh Row-Prvlnar, anak, Linhart, Panosll, Misek, Milan, Dvorak, Johnson, Beimal. TD-3A-Miss McCrall1--First Row--Shelpur, Mickalak, Kmovh. Yalvorla, Lalin, Pilny, Sfllllillp. axslra. Svforzrl Row Kunvalinka, Oul, Kastnf-r, Malesovsky, D1-itz, Alnramsson, Janata. Stanf-k. akacvk. Third Row--Nusck. Kovalsky, Laycock, Vessels, Wcvnclrascfk, Sf-mme-lman, Slavliowiak, was, Lisak, Nt'Zg0flH. l"our!h RUM!--Zt'lll2illUli, RlllltfIl5lL'iIl, Blaa, Wvslpllal, My:-rs, Hicill, Suvlly, irasi-k, Loner. OD---3Af-First Row - Krsak, Arlalns, Pavi-14-liik, Bunlv, SlZ1L'llUWl8li. Slipe-lx, Bore-li. SUVOIIII Raw4 iss Milcllvll, Cf-rmak. Kamholz, Baumann, Frank, Liss, Nil-man. Freitag. Krwjca. Thirrl Rows hwerin, Kukiz-lski, Winlvr, Zif-linski, llavr-l, Pospichal, Borlick. Sarznla, Palo. Fourlh Raw-f osnivli, llornik. Kaspar, Alf-sh, Polivka, Bc-lokon, Lavaty, Yisotrky. Kluvxynski. 22C 429C I Z l Ga "Lv 13 0' 'Q f 4 o C+ Vg .. iff QS? NX 0 x S Gi 'S at A Q K' Q "1 'QQ l7Il 210D Page Twenty-nine 222D 222D 3A---Miss McVey'-First Row--Kuja, Cho- chola, Vesely, Targos, Krob, Hirsch. Second Row -lic-rhold, Vranek, Grudnik, Prchal, Nedved, Oster. Third Row--Cihal, Sagal, Jiranek, Cerbin, Blazek, Gillman, Gronkiewicz. Fourth Row' -Divis, Krejsa, Vasicek, Kamha, Troher, Simonec, Schwa- ren, Trochim. 229C 229C 3A-First Row' Klier, Wolny, Kaiser, Hickok, Koson, Tumpaeh, Hruska, Becklin. Sec- ond Row--Miss Power, Karpiel, Simek, Ken, Musur, Nemec, Hercik, Malyszko, Kroll. Third Row-V-Kveton, Kyznar, Conopa, Choutka, Bro- volny, Johnson, Sierocinski, Borosak, Domino. Fourth Row -Meyer, Nouzak, Beran, Pipek, Dud- uzyk. Kilts, Ducla, Filip, Borosak, Pechan, Bere- sheim. 303C 303C---3A4First Row-Stachniak, Born, Novak, Buhen, Moyzis, Miller, Skorepa. Second ROWA Miss Benson, Huebner, Unruh, Hayes, Malek, llock, Cohen, llorak. Third Row- -Kozak, Sehesta, llyhl, Voska, Miller, Mahr, Marchwick, Gardner. l"ou,rtl1 Row--Basner, Husak, Fontany, Slominski, W'ojviechowski, Svelec, Engelmann, Oulehla. 3250 325C-f-3A-Miss Bonner-First Row--7-Diener, Bartoszek, Simon, Slosar, lloltzman, Filip, Wood- rich. Serond Row-Palucki, Marquardt, Richter, Minarik, Kratky, Reinhart, Westphal, Culczynski. Third Row-Cillian, Dudesek, Rahauseh, Ouper, Kummer, Vodraska, Mitchell, Mares. Fourth Row -Ander, Airhart, Musij, Wisniewski, Philipp, Klom-ek, Nowicki, Pitre. Page Thirty 0IlE 3260 326C+3A-Miss Johnson' Firs! Row'-Struhing, Petran, Berg, Bottarff, Smazik, Cwik, Petran, Beranek. Semnd Row--Besterfeldt, Iloynacki, Eichstedt, Genske, Kratky, Rus, Yendroeha, Michal. Third Row-'Maslo, Hurlilovsky, Starek, Yrhei, Misok, Miller, Chmiele, Zajieek, Novak, Siek. Fourth ROW---K0fli8Sil, llralnal, Masek, Se- kulich, Hensen, Kacer, Hog, Cekal, Simik, Stevens. 402D fl-02D-3AY-First Row' Zwick, Nanda, Mrmz, Straka, Miss Marsh, Krieg, Hude-ook. Sevmzd Row ---Wanner, Simon, Schuetller, Sima, Mara-sh, La- hedz, Miller. Third Row-Zirnba, Geruais, Rada, Ross, Prindiville, Kotora, Casey, Zu:-hsow. Fourth Row-Manske, Schmidt, Renkiewivz, Hocketl, Hnddy, Dohnal, Novak, Kuchar. 420C 4-20C-3A-Miss Ehrenwerth-V-'Firm K n w '-Ro- gala, Maslowski, Ohnstin, Vobrnba, Plys, Kava- naugh, Schlicht, Rice. Semnn' How 7 Martinek Tichy, Kello, Kosinar, Ryva, Corner, Netolicky. Third Row-Sus, Tefo, Chervenak, Suddie, Kraus, Tony, Suk, Junek. Fourth Raw l.avko, Losos, Kubat, Michna, Landbcrg, Nowak, Dulik, Swan- son, Behensky. v 421C 4-21C -3A--First Row--Kvasa, Mrfforrnavk, Bat- taglia, Naybar, Burke, Beiger, Prihyl, Blaha. Sec- ond Row-Miss Dunn, Zettek, Massa, Peter, Otra- lek, Snltwiseh, Miller, Turner. Third Row Davis, Kadziela, Michalec, Haase, Cerny, Cizek, Mik- satka. Fourih Row--Coulson, Bacleaux, Louzen- sky, Onrlracek, Zelenka, Mcmadii:-ry, Ruzak, Bur- esh, Wlezen, Jermakowicz. Page Thirty-one 22611 401D S IOB XM Yami' u Pug? Tbirly-Iwo 301D 405D 412D 226D-AB-V Firsl Row D. Mase-k, Xlu-k, lluir-xxsku, km-rim, krmlu, Nanuk, Marinuvsky. Serial Raw---Mrs. Davis, w't'SllYIl, Mikrul, Sm-tllark, Luukulu, P. Mus:-k, Simcik. Tllirri Ruzu--"l'isc'hls N:l'llN'L'K'lx, Spark, Sticha, Ta-sar, Thulnas, Klirzpvra, lisnvr. Ifuzzrllz Row- Polokar, kosos, Karvl, Link VVinklc1', Kaslnn-r, Krupc-r, Polak, Yonqlra. 301D--ALI? fl"irsl Row Prusa, Ile-nzlik, Frirsm-h, Kuxa. Kociara, lfsclxwc-gr: Miller. Scronrl Row Nlr. Duskin, Lains, Muzika, Skrixan. Prazak, zhrxllwrllflc-1', Vwlxif-n. Thin! Row -Ilunlvr, Kruse kalrak, Allie-rt, Fivbf'l'gL, Kolynvk, Slrnacl, Piku. Funrllz R1PlL"f'3l3L'llll, Ylm-k, IJUIIIIICI. Drazi SL-qnc-ns, Fara, Hula, Brenton. 40113-2143-V--Nlr. Cazlwrtsfeldcr--First Row' fflilsroanl. Furmiar, Musvs, Clickauf, Cree-rlwulml. Arm Serum! Row 'XVlll'llIlil'Z, Lnvlnnan, Hnvk, Killhoff. Skulina, Blfblllllfitqll. Pavunuwski. Thirii Rvw- Yan Zyl, Nalla, Kupka, Svclic, Pluvhy, Taylor, lXfwluil'k. Fnzirlli Rau' llvnningr. C0lIll!iS, lfxyilu ski, Hllllrocky, Zajiwk. Zormlani, Basla. 4051-Ji4+BW Firsl Row Nevlcr, Krbc-r, Nlilqlllliflllllx, Buika, Ilolda. Noss, Dunias. Svrmnl Kon' --Mi Hogan, Pavlin, Bill-k, Ze-holen, Pre,-ish-1', Nenlemze-k, Klir, Lavrenrlf-r. Third' Row-V-Filip, Kotovsk Kadlcc, Martincc, Ralnvr, MCDOWA-ll, Magffl, Sas:-k. lsllllffh Row- -Simons, Hatrinski, Szymansl Rountry, Chalko, Lass-ck, Szfhillne, Ryan, Kupka. 412D-4B--First Row----Xojtisek, Slark, xIlk0Vi1'll, Pm-xa, Cibnlka, C1-sal, Rada. Svroml Row-M Mican, Parker, Moravec, Knablcin, Kubista, Tc-sar, Ze-If-k, Sovis. Thirrl Row -Jacklin, Wagne Paloncek, Arbanas, Pfvifffzr, Klos, Uhcnrauch, Markup, Kesslc-r. Fourth Rflllfufxv. Ccsslm-r, Ja kowske. Patrk, Bocinsky, Dulla, Uldrych, Sebek, H. Gmslf-r. vw R,- I HICIJ CROSS GIRLS NIAKIC ,X BHD. 2 fllli-NIAN. 3 S'I'ANI,FIY IQN'I'ICR'1'AINS IIIS NXIC Ol R XOIIIICS RAISIC. 9'---'1'l'INII3I.Ii OI Tl I0 NN I-HI.5IIIIzS. NIONIICNTS 'VND I2 SICRIOITS. IJIYISION. I SNXI' SIIOOTICR SIIO'I'. 5' I,O.XIlIXG I'I'. 6 IIICIIIC I COMIC. 7 :mel 8 -MAY II- IN IIIS I,ICII'I'I'fIi Page Tbirlkyvtbrre ullllr sh J. SEPTEMBER 0CTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY Page Thirty-four YEA Sept. 3-I rolled out of bed and couldn't find my books after a two months' vacation. Sept. 27--I still can't figure out how Tarbell did some of those tricks. Sept. 28-The Admirals battled with the Hornets but didn't get stung, We won 12 to 7. Oct. 1-3-Freshmen are off to an early start as honorary members of the Student Guidance at the first Freshman Program. Oct. 4FI'm bubbling over with school spirit after that inspiring Band Program. Oct. 9-What a rush to get into new clubs today. Five were filled before I got there. Oct. 10-Pm more mixed up than ever. Those voca- tional films make all work seem so thrilling. Oct. 24-Four more outstanding people received recognition by being elected ofiicers of the Scholarship League. Oct. 29-The whole Fall Festival was ust too-too- but l especially enjoyed '6All the Things You Area' by the Melodists. Oct. 31-Cats and witches spells Hallowelen around these here parts. Nov. 7-fSam Campbell can make me believe that l even like skunks. Nov.11-,Snow school. The roller skakting party tonight proved economical as the great wind blew the kids all over. Nov. 14--I'll never forget Sumayeh Attejeh the Syrian lecturer and her joke about preservingg "Cod Bless me and can mef' Nov. 19-Mom and Dad are coming to school to- night for Parents Night. I hope my Division teacher isn't around. Nov. 21-Thanksgiving: I've got one thing to be thankful forg a four day weekend. Nov. 22-Yum! Yum! we had turkey yesterday, but Oh! my tummy. Nov. 25-The 4B Primary elections eliminated some of the aspiring office seekers. l hope the best person wins. Nov. 26--Extra! Extra! 4B Election Results!! Nov. 29-Beautiful girlsg stunning creationsg an- other Style Show. Dec.25-Let's give a Yea Santa! a Yea Santa! Seven Rahs and a Yea Santa! Jan. 9-Time out for a few laughs. Went to see the Senior Play '4Elmer." ,lan.10-The National Honor Society held its an- nual initiation 7th and 8th periods. fWe had to state this formally because it was a very solemn affairj Jan. 15-lt was suggested we start the diary today. ROLL Y!! Jan. 28-George Zuk and ,lack Swik rode to school today on their little red sleds, Oh Well! they saved seven cents. Jan. 29-"Sniff, Sniff,', it all came to an end too soon. Feb. 12fVladimir Krajcewczkewski is willing to settle for a shorter name if they'll declare a holi- day on his birthday. Feb. 14?-All the girls wept when Major Davis left for an Army position at Puerto Rico fand he was so nice! . Feb. 22fWashil1gtor1's a fine onefhaving his birth- day come on a Saturday. Feb. 28-B.A.A.! B.A.A.! Begun for "Black Sheepf' Mar. 13-Joe Rahn promenades around school ardently gazing at his proofs singing, "You Look Good to Mef, Mar. I4+Mr. Stevenson suggests installing frosted glass in all doors. Mar. 27fSo1nething different! One woman hater and fifteen girls in the Senior Play Cast. April I-Our diary still isn't started. April 141-1-2-3-4. Thatis me getting fit for the Posture Tea. April 22--College Day! Gosh! How I wish I could be a Texas Aggie. Was the representative ever handsome! April 28-I can't come down to earth yet. I met the most wonderful fellow at the Roller Skating Party last night. May 7-All the secrets are out now. Gap and Gown measurements. May 21-I'm still trying to figure it out. All the 41B officers are boys. May 28-It's funny so many Seniors are bow-legged and canit sit down in their classes when all they were supposed to do was watch the R.O.T.C. parade yesterday. May 29-Third marking period today. Summer School receives a number of prospective grad- uates. May 30-Freshman Percival Vander Horn believes they hang out the flags today because it's his birthday. June 6-National Honor Society Initiation. It would have to come seventh period when I have Civics. June 12-I saw all my old Pals at the Alumni Tea sponsored by the Student Guidance. June 14'-The Day of all days. The PROM. June 25-A class of 324, the largest in the history of Farragut, left tonight. My, but the school will 4 fy b am, J FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE look empty. I bet they'll miss us. Page Thirty-five WILLI G IIAN Will! America has need of all willing hands: Those that wield the ham- n1er, saw or guide the machine in the shops, or shape the clay on potter's wheel. Those sensitive lingers that bring music, the universal language, to trou- bled minds. The hands that move the pen may prove mightier than the Sword. Those that perform the simple everyday jobs of cooking, dishwashing or sewing. The artist's hands, creat- ing heauty for others to enjoy. All these are encouraged at Farragut to express themselves in the successful practice of democracy. 1.'4Hands that the rod of empire might have swayid. As waked to ectasy the living lyref' 4- 5 6 Page Thirty-xix l t . Q f fr ...V 7 8 9 l' FAIIBAG 2. 'iThe time demands strong minds, great hearts, true faith and willing handsf, 3. "Would shake hands with a king upon a throne." 4. Hln our own honest heart and chainless hands." 5.'4Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doethf, 6.Wllhe hand that rocks the eradle is the hand that rules the worldf, 7. 'gShe hath a fear for pity and a hand open as day for meeting eharityf, 8. "Many hands make light workf' 9."Stretr-h forth your open hands and while ve live, Take all the gifts that Death and Life may give." IO. g'Fine art is that in which the head, the heart and the hand go togetherf, ll. '6And still adore the hand that gives the blow." 12."Whatsoever thy hand findetll to do, do it with thy niight.'7 10 ll 12 ,f , 1 Qi :VT - - S -1 Pug: Thirty-srwn "I corzsider it cz great mlvanlagc In 01Il'l1l'II 4-mnnuzml young llllllfllg observed as a gemfral thing that persons who FUIIH' illl0 aullzorily Iale in life shrink from rvsp0ns1'b1'11'ty, nflrn fnrcfnlf IIOIVII lllIl!Fl' ils Il'6'I.gl1f.,. THEY LL SER Pugr 14171711 -mm C0 CERT BA The Farragut Concert Band is composed of ninety industrious, talented, and hard-working students, who meet each day under the expert baton wielding of Mr. Marcel Ackermann. The majority of the players had no previous music instruction before entering Farragut. Band members are not required to own an instrument as the school furnishes them to those interested. The average student spends one semester in a beginners, class, one semester in the Cadet Band and then is ready for the Concert Band. The band plays for various assemblies, community events, and for the football games. It takes part in city and national con- tests, and recently received a superior rating in the Chicago High School Band Contest. Opportunity for travel is offered to the members of the band whenever the time for the National Band Contest comes around. These contests are held annually in dillerent cities and states. Our band also furnishes the snappy music for the Spring and Fall Festivals. After each performance, the Band establishes more firmly its record for consistently line music. MA RCEI. A CKERMAN N, DIRECTOR Page Forfy QT BAND+First Row--Fremgen, Semenek, Hlarlik, Hurtak, Ben- Kuchta, Urban. Second Row! a, Blavin, Manak, Tichy, Visek, ey, Soukop, Rebicki, Vlastnik, 0, Marlinck, Pashek, Albert. Third -Demcov, Krause, Fornear, Rap- t, Yomlra, Bollac, Witcber, Albert, n, Stary, Greenwald, llirscll, No- Pvarce, Labor, Kamis, Mills. Cil- Koslal. Fourllz Rowf- Staflnik, rn. Papp, Longway, Novy. Ray- , Frusolone, Freclhoff, Brown, IAGUT MELODISTS --First Row -ritz, lantz, Weller, McCormack, vki, Krafka, Pilny. Second Row! ny, llrarlsky, Dvorak, Parmlnbsky, ley, Kamholz, Krejca, Krbec, . Third Row,-f-Jiruc, Nemecek, well, Tcbbfftls, Potokar, Caba, Soukup. Fourth Row--Ramer, Kelley, Kasparvk, Cizok, Hu- Rlls, Mvlivllar, Bile-k, Zvtck. DET B MELUDI SYLVAN D. WARD, DIRECTOR C CERT 0B IIESTBA Page Forly-two FlHSlll . . . Wesley Hradek, Concertmasterg Jerome vanek, Principal, Ralph Ilarla, Jerry Kubicka, Agnes Krupka, John Mil- Walter Santi, Richard Sequens, Mildred Zika, Miriam Novalicw, Joseph Ka Milan Svambera, Nunzio Avanzo, Yladmir Straka, Anthony Ruth. SECflND . . . Helen Jirec, Principalg Alice Kr Robert Drtina, Donald Worst, Olga Fontany, Lorraine Nowieki, Martha ly Georgiana Balaty, Helen Hadrava, Mildred Musil, Joseph Osmanski, Hradsky, Ervin Perina, Arthur Hellund, Rudolph Dulik, Richard Siehro Mary Baker, Edward Jedlicka, Joseph Yoldrich, Eleanor Vlastlik, Vera Petranek. VICJJAAS . . . Frank Paloueek, Principal, Robert King, Frank Sy Betty Pieshes, Blanche Winkler, Allen Hostieka, Nada Brinkley, Ray! Svejnoha. . . . Janet Melichar, Principalg Frieda Jantz, Marion Tebl Leta Spira, Georgiana Kasparek, Helen Caba, Marie Skrivan, Cera Simana, Elaine Mundil, Gloria Kelley, Lillian Dvorak, Estelle Husarik, G Humlicek. . . . Louise France, Principalg Walter N Richard Philipp, Georgiana Tyser, Ervin Gulczynski, Joseph Votooek, , Hanzlik. l4lllUlllES . . . Rohert Melichar, Marie Krajcovic. URGES . . . Robert vacker, Riehard KHSPKT. . . . Dorothy Dunovsky, Dorothy Sehrein. CIQARINETS . . . Richard Pokorny, Eugene Kubat, Frank Brat, . . . Gloria Vaeek, Rose Benda, Pearl H: Jane Vacek. . . . Norton Hinunel, Charles Kolar, Robert Lach llllil . . . Lee Uldrych, Lillian Prohal, Dolores Kulmie . . . llenry Yoska, Ruth Prehal, Adrianna H Robert Kadera. . . . Joseph Skel. ..., lerr3 Prilnyl, Albert Jenik, Willialii He George Koutsky. CERT AN The Farragut Concert Orchestra is composed of 75 diligent students who take a keen and actixe interest in their music. Not only have these people won for Farragut seven first-place ratings in the annual City contest, but a high percentage of them maintain honor standing in their school work. One of the most popular at-tix ities at Farragut, the orchestra is growing steadily. This is evidenced by the fact that the orchestra now has 85 members in its string depart- ment alone ftotal of regulars, intermediates, and beginnersl, com- pared to 20, only four years ago. This yearis crop of beginners is the largest in the orchestra's history. Anyone interested in playing an instrument is invited to see Mr. Ward, director, about joining the beginners, classes. Instruction and string instruments are furnished by the school to those showing abliity. The Intermediate orchestra has played on several programs, appearing at special assemblies and P.T.A. programs, while the Concert Orchestra furnishes music for a large variety of programs. The latter participates in the Spring and Fall Festivals, and community programs. lts series of programs at the various neighborhood grade schools enables the younger child:cn to become familiar with good music. This year we have had the privi- lege of hearing our own string quartet, composed of Wesley Hradek, lst violin, Jerome Krivanek, 2nd violin, Frank Paloucek, viola, and Janet Melichar, cello. An interesting auxiliary of our orchestra is the Melodists, a group of girls trained to sing with orchestral accompaniment. . . . Richard Pokorny, Eugene Kubat, George Fuka, Henry Martin, Earl Rayspis, Evelyn Kratky, Willard Holman, Victor Husak, Eleanore Jurca, Richard Pitlik, Lorraine Buschauer, Glenn Mroch, Dorothy Hamm, Charles Kukla, Robert Sagal, Lorraine Hovorka, George Lamhersky, Mary Zorko, Alice Veringer, Florence Svohoda, Bennie Stoller, Norman Novak, Bernard Le Mar, George Gambini, Robert Straka. . . . Marie Krajcovie, Robert Melichar, Vincent Trunda, Evelyn Milcesny, Dorothy Lachky, Eleanor Hurtak, Adeline Kaplan, June Horacek. . . . Robert Vacker, Richard Kasper, Angela Hjelte. . . . Dorothy Dunovsky, Dorothy Schrein, James Straka. . . . Leo McMahon, Charles Havel, Ronald Rosengarden. . . . Frank Brahek, Margery De Gries. . . . Gloria Vacek, Rose Benda, Pearl Havlik, Jane Vacek, Evelyn Hosticka, Vivian Rogala, .lack Sternfeld. . . . Henry Voska, Otto Nagl, Ruth Prchal, Adriana Hanus, Robert Kadera, Milton Dulik. . . . Norton Himmel, Charles Kolar, Rudolph Zemanek, Joseph Lachky, Adolph Zeman, Dolores Zink, James Blaa, Lyle LaPoint. . . . Norman Wagner, Louis Petrasek. . . . Rudolph Stauber, George Kouha. TROMBONES . . . Lee Uldrych, Lillian Prchal, Glenn Krueger, Dolores Kuhik, Alice Oslik, Charlotte Broz, Helen Hruska, Dolores Pitlik. . . . Robert Mraz, Warren Sackhoff, Eugene Hocket Clarence Paciorka, George Rousek. 4 T . . . Joseph Plaehy, Joseph Skel, Richard Mitz, Alfred Great- house, Julius Levin. .... A llmert Jenck, Jerry Prybl, William Hensen, George Koutsky. Page Forty-three BOYS' CHORUS--SIXTH HOUR -flfirst Rowfliozellih, Kubista, Kozak, Cermak, Carrabotta, Lay- cock, Drnek, Charboni, Davis, Ves- sels, Muzika, Chott, Kessler. Sec- ond Row-- Masek, Dantino, Polak, Losos, Kraus, Filip, Johnson, Kutchan, Krejs, Jiranek. Third Row -- Simik, Donarski, Thoele, Karel, Moorehouse, Lavaty, Suchy, Basta, Held, Hornik, Oulehla, Winkler. Fourth Row-Slominski, Shayatovich, Fara, Divis, Riedl, Maloney. Pcvitts, Wojciechowski, Polivka, F-nstck, Ducla. BOYS, CIIORYS -- EICHTH HOUR-First Row-Hojnacki, Bloomheld, Chicla, Yaoousky, Ban- ncs, Blastic, Prazak, Rose, Arm- lrrustcr, Marchwiek, llavcl. Second Row -- Miller, Znclisow, Mitchell, Kratoska, Karageorge, Manak, Kyz- nar, Uhlarik, Pfeiffer, Stevens, Rinkiewiez. Third Row-Hofrich- tek, Suk, Konopasek, Chervenak, Lavko, Cekat, Behensky, Brenton, Felix, Plosnich, Doroga. Fourth Row-Kutlrnovsky, Dvorak, Kasel, Dulla, Belokon, Donmel, Epps, Sekulich, Masek. Ward, Misek, llolan. B 0 Y S ' CIIIDBUS Page Forty-four Q 9 i s S If you happen to be Walking along the fi floor any day during the sixth or eighth periods and you hear the sound of lIl2lSf'l1ll voices coming out of the deep for what we call the first floor at Farragutl yor know that the Boys, Chorus is blending their 103 voices together in song. Growing steadily in membership the Bo Chorus in its seventh year is under the sponsorship of Mr. George Arnott tl semester, while Miss Marie Johnson is on her sabbatical leave. Twice each year I boys assist at both Spring and Fall Festivals. They also perform at the Annl Chorus Contest and at various school prograins. Negro spirituals are tops with all the me bers but Latin songs run a close second. Outstanding members of this organizati are Ray Muzicka, William Kozeluh, Richard Moorehouse, Raxmond Kasel. Nathan Fipps and Richard Divis. i Vivian Rogala has faithfully served pianist in all programs in which they have participated. 6TH PERioD CuoRUs: President ........ .... R ichard Divis Treasurer. . . . . .Erwin Kozet Vice-President ........ Nathaniel Epps Secretary. . . .... John Malo: STH PERIOD Cnomisz President ............ Raymond Kasel Treasurer. . . ...... . .Ronald DL Vice-President ..... George Armbruster Secretary. . . . . .Richard Moorehoa IRIS llI.IiI'1 CLUB- SENIOR I First Row 7- Novak, Danvk, ewa, Kralovvc, Wvitvr. Kroslak, lkasik. SUFUIIII Hou' Miss Ifhren- lrth, Yah-s, Sawyvr. Kat'zrna1'vyk, 'IIIIIZIIIIL Rogala, Slit-Iley, Kosar. iirzl Row -Wojt-ik, Pavt-IQ, Pilny, P, fNIartinox'sIq', Sonknp, Sonknp, liz:-. Fvzirtlz Row- -Stvrhisha, tok. Inipav. Mvlkiis. Gratclincr, ansfivhl, Wiojtisvk, Rys, Ylcek. fllz Raw Plys. Langt-r, Sakowivz, clianf-k. Moore, Sulvicz, Rainer, nkf'I, Kratot'IniI, I'avIin. :2:'5E2:g,5.4f1:+'1:: sim-1 'f'-4'11Z""- 1:.:t-rf E?-xxrlf-2: :,f7:- ,-- xr- ',.:'-f '-1.1. f-L :'g,-z ,- .... vrxg-'L7'1.. Ajax-- -Nf-:'-A-...e .4-'Q- Si.-4.27 .4 ffliizg- L 1:: 1: E22 2.:if:1'E1 ---- ---f---:. :. 5E'QiQ:7:?E. 5?':N:'7fT ff-:,Sg,F F'ZC":T Ari?-7-1' ,, 1-ET Zauff E' 27:11 is: --1-.r---:::,.f -r :'..3 yr,-1,14 1 , 2:.:.H::' 7-2:.-:g:.-I, '24-li fm? rr-' T-9 .,.N,,,-E., ,, L., ' .' .' 'IA 1. 7 11:5 azfwifffrszm? iEEFELE?f'555E' 2 :'.-'fx--.g.gi:.4.Z":-f"' -1 .v, :a,.,,,g .1 TF-',?fbFF7'FfT?'!I IJ IRL 9 LEE IJ 1- A-C QA V.. C-21" 4,- 275' ff- ,- V-:ri .41 -.,.. LC Q12 F.- iith, Ixolu-rna. XIOIIIIPISOII. iIc'n. Ilarrison. Otto, I'astvrnaI4. fond Hour- Nliss I'iIl1't'!1Wt'l'IIt. nn-roII. Kona-cy, Xlk. Zapivovar- r, Svolmotla, B21l'II2lIl, Sinn-Ii. utovlivii, Short-pu. Sann. Tllirrl I i Bt'ig1t'1', 14' I'.I1'111tZ, I'rnsu. rzmvk, Schultz. Zmnan. Hoyht.. I'illI2l. Iiviinorix. Ilarris. Faurlfz It' -Krvjm-ai, Yosivky. Viv. Kvllont. liIPgIl'l', fat" - Ilcjna. It Yu .itz cit'1'l'IllltZltt. Rot-st-kv, I.0siL'Ii. ffl: Row - I.oI1rt-ntz, Pima, IIll'l', Ifis, Fiaia. Novak, Rnzvk, Iam-k. Hozhon. Onilvrka. Dercr, nluxvs. Undvr the sponsorship of IVIiss Mario Eltron- werth, thc Girls' Chorus is now in its sPvP11tI1 yvar with at IIIPIIIIDCFSIIIII of npproxinmtciy one I'IllIldI'Pd-Islfiy. This is quite an iIICI'9iiS6 owl' the first thirty invinlwrs with whicil Miss Ifhrcnwerth started. Both the junior and st-nior groups pnrtivi- palv in many in-tiritivs. Thi- UIIUITISPS sing at the scini-annual Spring and I"aII Music I7estivaIs, and Ilan? sung owr tho rariio. At the National IVInsit' lfontvsl tht-5 rntcd 6Xc'eIIent. Ihitqt' I 11113-ji! r' ur arents The Band and Orchestra Parents' Associa- tion again continue their active work by taking care of the many financial matters pertaining to school band and orchestra, such as purchasing instruments, paying for an electric record machine for the band room, sponsoring a roller skating party and the sixth Annual June Concert and Dance. 'llo interest the community in supporting the Bands and Orchestras of Farragutg to use all suitable means for supplying equipment: to cooperate in city and national movements in the interest of instrumental music: are the objects of this organization. Membership totals about ll5 and meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, in Shedd Fark Fieldhouse. and are well attended. Officers for the past year were: Mr. ll. Zink. Presidentg Mrs. J. Havlik, lst Vice Presidentg P. B. Ritzma, 2nd Vice Presidentg Mrs. J. R. Blaa, Recording Secretaryg Mrs. J. Vacek, Treasurerg Mrs. F. Kroll. Correspond- ing Secretaryg Mrs. J. Kostal, Financial Secretary and Mrs. Z. Dunovslcy, Historian. The Farragut P.'F.A. was organized to pro- mote better understanding and co-operation between parents. teachers, and students. and to further the best interests of the school and community. This year. the P.T.A. presented a pageant. 'LMy Country, ,Tis of Theef' at a Parents' Night Meeting. The members represented various nationalities, in order to arouse interest in Americans of other nationalities. A candle-lighting ceremony was held cele- brating the P.T.A.7s thirteenth birthday on Founderas Day, Feb. 13. HBringing Up Father and Mother," a dis- cussion presented by four students at the May meeting, brought an enthusiastic response. This year's officers are: President, Mrs. F. Rosenkig Vice-President, Mrs. L. Schoenhofeng Second Vice-President, Mrs. J. Blaa: Recording Secretary. Mrs. J. Cilliang Corresponding Secretary. Mrs. C. Vlack: Treas- urer, Mrs. L. Martinovskyg and Historian, Mrs. J. Kocek. Page Forly-six' P.-T.A.--- First Row-- Mrs. Frei Sprugel. Nlrs. .l. Blaa, Mrs. F Kocek, Mrs. L. J. Shot-nhofen, Mrs Edwin Moravec. Second Row --- Mrs. l.. A. Polka. Mrs. J. Cillian Mrs. F. llartinovsky, Mrs. J. C Yacek, Nlrs. Hattie Jonkel, Mrs X iola Born, Mrs. ll. C. llaase, Mrs Walter Trnc. Mrs. J. J. Sellesta Mrs. Z. Dunovsky. Mrs. l.. Frem gen, Mrs. J. A. Safranek. .-T.A. B. P. A. B.P.A.--- First Row Mrs. Z. Dunm sky, Mrs. J. R. Blaa, Mrs. S. C Yacek. Second Row - Mrs. J. Cil lian. Mrs. l.. Fremgen. l HANDBOOK STAFF-First Row-Miss Louise McDaniel, Vlcek, Martin, Slosar, Haupt. Second Raw-Janecka, Choc, Mrs. Dvorak. Organized in 1936, the Handbook Club, under the supervision of Miss Louise McDaniel, has put out its annual edition of the handbook for five years. Each new edition since 1936 had 46 pages while the 194-0 edition had 80 pages. The purpose of the handbook is to acquaint students with the rules and regulations of the school, outlines the various courses offered, and gives information about extra-curricular activities. Every student in the school receives a handbook as part of his activity fee. STAFF OF THE HANDBOOK MILDRED CHOC ........................... 322C MARYANNE DVORACEK . . . ..... 322C WILLIAM HAUPT ....... ..... 3 22C ELSIE IANECKA ...... ..... 3 22C HENRY MARTIN . . . ..... 321C COVER DESIGN EVELYN SLOSAR ................... ..... 3 25C LEROY VACOVSKY .... ..... 3 22C ELSIE VLCEK .............................. 419D SPONSOR ......... ..... M ISS LOUISE MCDANIEL PRINTING SPONSOR ..... MR. WILLIAM BLOOM DISTRIBUTOR ........ MISS MILDRED LINSKEY Page Forly-seven Illll PLAYS Directed by Miss Helen Culver "Elmer,'Fthe story of a mischievous I4 year old boy, and "Thanks Awfullyw-a two-word comedy were the Senior plays pre- sented this year under the direction of Miss Helen Culver. Those playing in '4F.lmer" were: Henry Ehrich, Violet Lehman, Frances Slosman, Edna Svoboda, Roy Natzke, Elaine Kotrhaty, Joyce Meden, and Roland Moeller. In the cast of 4'Thanks Awfullyw were thirteen girls and one boy. George Gambini played the part of the lone male during the third period, while August Machura had it fifth. The thirteen girls were: Lorraine Vilojcik, Lorraine Kysilka, Marie Kryl, Betty Ferree, Lucille Cole, Virginia Kosar, Irene Knize, Geraldine Neuzil, Rita Adamaitis, Dolores Shelley, Jean Brown, Frances Chrastka, and Rose Benda. Together, the plays earned about two hundred dollars to help defray the cost of engraving for the I94I Log. SENIOR PLAY-Left-First Row-Jeanette Slocum, Do- SENIOR PLAYA- Right-First Row-Geraldine Neuzil Rlt lores Shelly, Lorraine Wojcik, August Machura. Second Adamaitis, Lorraine Kysilka, George Cambini, Irene Kmze Rnwillflarie Kryl, Jean Brown, Virginia Kosar. Rose Benda, Frances Chrastka, Betty Ferree. Page Forty-riglnl 3' ii LVNCIIROOM STAFF--First Raw-Miss Emily Flinn, Nlrs. Emily Heinliartlt, Mrs. Ellllllil Wind, Xlrs. Margaret Fuller, Mrs. Anna Ritter, Mrs. Stella Stoj. Mrs. ,lulia Tristano, Mrs. Alma Warnlw. Mrs. Anna Downs, Mrs. Arnie Menkllister, Nlrs. Bessie filirnelieli. Mrs. Nluric' lfinm-ritz. UNCHB00 ST AFI? lMIC'SCl2llllOS Bessie Clinic-lieek. Anna Downs. Marie lfnieritz, lflmily Flinn. Margaret Fuller, Anna Mefkllister. Anna Ritter. Stella Stoj. Julia 'l'rislano, Alma Warnke. and lfnnna Wind are the hard working ladies who do the general work in the lunc'hroom. They wait on tahles. serxe food. set out the food anrl wash rlishes. Mrs. Chinelieek. Mrs. l'llll0I'llZ. Mrs. Fuller. Mrs. Ritter. and Mrs. Wind. eook. Mrs. Downs makes the pastry. Mrs. MeAllister makes the salads and also the lllilllvll niilks and Mrs. Flinn helps with the iee ereani. Mrs. 'l'ristano makes the sanclwiehes and helps Mrs. Stoj with the vash register. and Mrs. Wiarnke floes gen- eral work. Mrs. lfmily Reinhardt. the head of this ellieient stall. is the inanager antl daily menu maker. The entire sc-hool is inrlehted to this stall for the many clirision room teas. cluh and teachers' parties. Their smiling and willing eooperation make all these soeial events a SIIUUPSS. Pngt' Fmfy-riim Page Fifty HALLGUARD-4-First Row-Muzika, Rapata, Srail, Slutch- ta, Velek, Castle, Raygo, Thiernan, Novak. Second Rowf Fencl, Schulz, Sann, Karnba, Jaroslava, Danylciw, Fiala, Fisher, Malmborg, Hanus. Third Row-Baronak, Prazak, Lonergan, Krusec, Sticha, Krusec, Winters, Freitag, Horeni. Fourth Row-Zimba, Brennan, Myrs, Woronicz, Lamplot, Seharrec, Hitzke, Krapec, Krueger. SERVICE GUILD I---First Row4Harris0n, Esner, Spak, Hyman, Misek, Prazak, Mezgoda, Beranek. Second Row! Sigalos, Pavlakos, Husa, Hauskhecht, Svec, Soukup, Holad. Third Row--Vrhel, Sliwa, Marovitz, Kroslak, Paciorka, Luidolt, Mansfield, Prucha. Fourth Row-Burda, Novak, Peea, Tesar, Sokol, Felix, Hornik, Rudman, Sladek, Ters. SERVICE GUILD llilfirst Row' --Kaufman, Tesar, Esnel, Stachniak, Skorepa, Choutka, Spak, Zuehsow. Second Row -Michalec, Prusa, Keller, Haase, Blastik, Barcal, Kosar, Pawlak, Parker. Third Row-Dvorak, Philipp, Kudrnovsky, Nlarik, Higgie, Chervenak, Francik, Rimsa, Iankowske. SERV CE ILD SCIIIDLARSIIIP LEAGUE Two seniesters ago the FitI'l'2lQQlIl Selmlur- ship League was urgzniized as u resnll of the great interest of lmth faculty and students in preserxing the ideals nf denmeraey in sehnnl and in later life. The goal of this cvlgziriiztitixwii is "Per uspera Ad Astra" t'l'ln'ough Hardship to the Starst. Only through leadership. seholur- ship. serriee and ellurueter are worthwhile things an-emnplished. ln fields of edneu- tinn students are getting a foundation enabling theln to purtieipute intelligentlx in zifluirs relating to our nation. lhe Lezigne s nienilmerslnp is upprwunmtely eight hundred students. Miss Aliee Mitehell is General Cllillfllltlll nl the Sc-holarship League. The Misses Mary Morgan. Katherine 0'l,c-ary. llernairdette llnplxins and Mrs. lflnily Mills are the sponsors of the divisions. SERVICE CL l DICNT COUNCII. Firsl 'U -Tliieinan, tlerinak. Kli- , Snslek. Zeholen, Kessler. f, tlreenxxaltl. Semin! Role Vilt. Sxejnuhu, lljelte. Ku- iarezyk, Sl'lll'i1lllIll, Zslenek. inger. Rejsek, Pri-han. ffl Row Drew. wlorst. clrieh, Knneey, Reiss, Fur- l'. Wesley, Flielt. Rahanseh. zrtli Run' Kvasa. Klrateh- . Frank. 'l'ers, Winkler. galnan. Spaeek. l.llli3I'll, 'li Rau' illflllltlil. lfrieksun. farik. linlipp. Winkler. alia. Kudlee. Nmuls. fiupu- ', N hnunek. YIOR ff AB l N ICT- -First tr-Sehnlrert, Yaeek. Trep- . Krieg, Danelx. Zetek. Miss -r. Sf'4'0llll Run' lirajeu- Km-ritz. lxlZlflllt0X'Slxy. Kn- a. Krhee. Parker, Cnnk. 'rd Hou' Muzika, Charlto- n. lluelx. Sltnlina. Chott, nlxa. Nlaehnru. l"011rI11 Rrm' lpak. ,-Xrlruiias, True. .lan4la. iffer. Janknwske. Kelley. . lfiflli Rauf -llnnter, Qua- te. Hnnnlry, Sehillne. Kill- li. Zajieek. St'llllllllI. Kole- . .'Xlitlnniy. Pug: llfli 'INN THE 1941 LOG STAFF "Who put that write-up that I worked on so hard somewhere? If I don't find it I'm sunk. I had to look up all that material in such a variety of places, I'd never be able to get it all again." "Won't someone please help me proofread these galleys that just came back from the printer,s?7' 'L0h Nuts! I always have to wait for a typewriter. Please hurry, I just must get this done today." L'Bet you couldnit guess what happened. I got three more ads, wrote my story, and even typed it last nightf' '4Oh if those Seniors would only get their proofs inf' "I finally finished identifying those glosses. Gosh! I knew it was late, my stomach told me so. But I didn't think it was 5:30 alreadyf' These are only a part of the troubles torturing the poor editors. This year we attempted to give Farragut a bigger and better annual. Since we,re celebrating the 140th anniversary of Admiral Farragufs birth our book has 32 extra pages and loads of special features never included in our book before. The 1941 annual will long be remembered and referred to because of its historic material. Facts presented in its pages were gathered from various reliable authorities, and were compiled by the sponsor and staff, which numbers about 50. Please note the unusual arrangement of the Senior panels with the enlarged pictures of the outstanding students. These students were chosen upon the recommendation of their teachers and fellow classmates who felt that here were people that worked faithfully and to the best of their ability with no thought of reward and who performed some special service to the school. The numbers found in the senior write-ups refer to a key on page 131 which lists the activities seniors participated in during their high school life. We are most grateful for the kind and useful help of the photographers, Root Studio, Miss Mary Ann Benson, Joe Karel, to Phillip Vessels for the Art work, to the students who contributed snapshots, and to the many teachers who excused members of the Staff from their classes in the rush to meet the deadlines. Thanks are also due to the fine Log Salesmen in each division room, who kept their records so well and promoted sales. LITERARY Fzrsl Row Otralek, Celsomini, Sawyer, Wle- PHOTOGRAPHY-First Row-Haupt, Krusec, Potokar zen McDowell Second Row Cilden, Ross, Pesa, Celsomini, Pika, Minarik. Second Row--Moses, Burman, Carrabotta WCISS Miller, Schwerin, Fritsch, Karel. Xwgw . it P' may :xt 1 ::.' x gs- -4 Q: X Y ix xx X 5 X AX X is N fx +2 .. ,Q X X X M X wg, wx Q Q ' . k':' ,f,.: mf' fx 5 2' E NNKEF THE STAFF DORIS SEIDENSTICKER January Editor HILDEGARDE IIORENI June Editor CHARLOTTE SAWYER Literary Editor ALW'YN CHODORA Photography Editor LORRAINE ZETEK MARIE II. MUDRA Advertising Mgr. Adviser CHARLOTTE KAZDA lfl18illPSS Illgr. IGl?lYER'l'l51NC-First Row-f-Kryl, Kazda, Sticha, Koza, i er, Zetek. Serond Row-Zielinski, Chodora, H't , ,, , Y ,Y Y S4-lwslu, Cilmlka, lliI'Sllllll1l1. 1 Zeman luDl lORb A1 W' ' Q-SN? is SLROH RILPORILHSV--F1'l'.vf Row 'Bt't'lxllI1,Wvl'3Ilt'li,l"l6'H1- SCROLL RliPOR'l'l:iRS ll- First Row'--Ilukok 5lxlXIll Palktr 'N le 1. Scconrl Row---Zielinski, Schwcrin, Rodman, Cohn, Nesscls, Gardner, Starck, 'N ui Bacleaux 'Nlikrut Xhramsson, Unruh. Tliirrl Row' Cohn. mbcrt lilaa Beit hcim, Prchal, 'll-fo, Kvcton. "Who took my pencil?'7 "Come and help me with my dummyf, Hvllhat kind of a head should I use?" g'Wouldn't it be better as a feature?" 6'lVIarie, should I write the head in 18 pt. Bodoni regular or Italics?" 'gHurry with the typewriter, l'm nextf' 4'Did the galleys come in yet?7, 'tllid you copy-read page proofs?,, Just step into the Scroll room when the paper is going to press and you will be sure to hear this chatter above clatter of typewriters. You will see reporters running around trying to get the five Wis in with details for their stories on the last minute. Editors trying to organize their pages, and typists pounding away as fast as they can. What is the result of all this work, rush, noise, and worry? The Farragut Scroll filled with interesting news, features of current interest, humor columns, instructive editorials, interviews, etc. ls it worth it? Some fellows and girls spend all their free periods in 227 and it is not an unusual sight to see the lfditors still working at 4:30 when all Farragut students have been gone for a long time. When at the end of your Senior year you receive a Quill and Scroll Award, you het your life ills worth it. But it isn't only the award that makes your work worth while, but the genuine enjoyment and the worth- while experience you receive. Most staff members come in contact with people they would not have otherwise met. The business department of the Scroll is kept busy collecting money, keeping hooks, and folding and distributing the Scrolls. This last semester there were 90 active members on the Scroll staff. BllSlNl:.SS LUI l H TOR'-fI"1'rs! Row- -Kamholz, Yanclnch, BUSINESS ADX IQRTISING--First Rowe- Maslo Bush Krtyca loidoh Dohesh, Weiss, Klemchuk. Second Row- A Talla, Esner, Thomas, Kocrilz, Cesal, Wagner .Second Ron Mlams Dyorauk Dolcjs, Cwik, Choc, Janccka. 5 Spak, Tesar, Bauer, Casparik, Tefo, Sprn cl Gabriel l"Ii:X'l'lfRlCS l'vl'I'Sf Run' llunlvr, Urine-V. lfis, Milllllflllllilx. K4-II4-y. Sauyvr. 5111111111 Row 'KK'!44K'l, Hylsl, .-Mlarnailis, llrllclnik, Nm'4lssim'k. lmukola. SCBULL TAFI? ICDITORS 'l"irxI Rou' Kallat, Jankowskv, Mrs. Mllxha. Durfnmn, Zusnum Sc-rnrzrl Row' --Kryl. SPORTS REPORTER Firxt Row Will:-r, Clualku, Kill- lmff, Coupcr. l,iIt. 54-lu-sta. Svrnnrl Hou' Kullisla, Korrlcsll. Mill:-r, Zusman, Rountry, Pff'if'ff'r. ...Q Fon STUDENT GUIDANCE- First Row-Horeni, Sawyer, Vaclavek, Janda, Dorfman, Kabat, Zink, Petran, Stuth. Second Row--Miss Clark, Maslo, Stadnik, Simmons, Ta- rala, Kozak, Bingaman, Mil- ler, Leheda, Cervenka. Third Rowgflwik, Vessels, Gratch- ner, Skowronek, Rudman, Zahradnik, Koe, Krystosek, Kessler, Pavek. Fourth Row- Sarzola, Coulson, Truc, Tysl, Swanson, Cohn, Krueger, Pet- ran, Vales, Miller, Eis, Schu- bert. Fifth Row-Trunda, Do- narski, Jusewich, Straka, Ma- loney, Craine, Polivka, Jawor- ski, Lonk, Kordesh, Gardner. KSEE PAGE 65 FOR WRITE-UPJ The Farragut Forum this year has been very successful and has proven to be extremely practical. An interesting new feature of the Forum is the arrangement of having a tea before each Forum discussion. This aifords the students the opportunity of meeting socially and talking with the Forum speakers, all of whom are leaders in their fields. Ray Kasel, who was elected president of the Forum for the year, proved to be very efficient, and was aided by an interested and dependable Executive Council. Among the outstanding speakers during the first semester, Mrs. Robert Platt, an authority on Pan American affairs, spoke on uAnother American Democracyf, Another interesting meeting of the first semester was addressed by Mr. lVlaClear, principal of Harrison High School. Once during each semester, representatives of large universities were guests of the Forum. During the first part of the year a representative of the University of Chicago Forum discussed the theme for that semester, 4'Democracy.,' The theme for the second semester being 4'Youth," the repre- sentative of Northwestern University discussed '4Educational Opportunities for Youthf, Page Fifly-six IAIBNVXRY S'l'XIfl" lmfl In High! Vin Yvllrr. K4lNiI1Lll'. Nliw lfiulu Nh'-. Kvnl. llvlllv. Ba-rg. I3ulurni'f IHQIJ CHUSS lIl.l li First Hou' Nliss l,l't'A'll. SLllllUl'lxi. silllllll. Lou Zl'IlNlxf'. I'ifljl4'l'N. Svhuzlrlz. Svrrzm Run' Kzbpur. Hulw. Ya-nlunlu l"1'iIf1'llm'. Xml:-uuhlik. Chru-Iku Tfairrl Rllll' Iluflivkzn. Killlllhbll Pe-va. Rnlrulx. KI'1'kil'll. Kupku MilIliYtlX2ll'5kQ. Vzmlvk. VOX Ili Ul'l'IR.X'l'UHF l"ir.vl Run ---lfruimz Srvliv. Svlllllll. CUIIUII Kmlr. lln-1-kvr. Uuslyly llugan , llilllm-. SUVIIIIII Run' Pllillulll. .Inlin- fnn, filwll. My-S, Ilavvl, llmlivku l I um-I. llrvw, llny. Bulwn, Slvjspalz Swkur. xilllil. Third Run' YQ-sm-ls .lzn'llrm'lx. liarllkv, Yana, Yillllitbll Nlvu-lx. Klum-I, Kmulvlik. Pmlhradi sky. Sl:-hfwfr. Fourllz Ron' Rau- ahwk. Klimvs, Muruwski. T311 Xflllllll Pe-lvrs. Risw, Fivlwrgz. Ne-I4 mn. Knupp. Zwivk. Fiflh Rau' Silmwin, Wills. Jllsefwivll. Raklvy. Likals. Kufllm-, Svvliv, Innk. Viviu- lwrgl. Rug. SPQIIPIIS, Dinglu. S'l'Mlli ICQUIPM ENT CLUB' f Firs! Rau'--Mr. Plll'kllllI'S1, Shulak lvvellslxi. Lllpllf, Kovarik, Knnfrasl. Sefnruf Raw- -Iluusnvr, Ilusticka Kapsa. Uralms, Uivis, Bibllillllqk Hulllu. v v v V ' x Y 1 ff- f 1. 'Rf Q ' E A Q5 3 -Q ,.L V f, -as mwgrwv Q fi l5 . if Y W? xi A f .. , .,L . 7 1 V. - 5 3' iffmkk ' :'A' ' I f , - K ii M13 M65 V Egggeiv kwa? 'GV , Xpgxg N Q 3 2 by xi gm safes! f Q K' 'Wg f ., V. ,V 2, 2' -Q i X' awk ix ' L fr' - A V 47 if K . . ,gf K 7 .g If A 5 V 3 - . ,Ju wx K 3 R X i sigh 79 X 4 A IQ ff' i x xy' was M w 53 H0 0B IICIETIES National Honor Society members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. All students in the upper third of their class are eligible. Every division teacher comments on his eligible graduating seniors, and after their trait ratings, activities, scholarship, athletic ability, and awards are taken into consideration, the sponsors, Miss Mitchell, Miss O'Leary, Miss Morgan, Miss Hopkins, and the rest of the committee, Miss Clark, Miss Ceer, and Mrs. Schultz, go over all the data and discuss each student. The committee then votes and those who receive a majority become members. The judgment is as fair and impersonal as can be expected. Thirty-nine students from a class of 324 were initiated this semester. The ceremony was the seventh and eighth periods in the Assembly Hall and Social Room on June 6. Parents and friends of the initiates and outstanding members of leading organizations of the school were invited to attend the ceremony. SPEAKERS AT THE SECOND lIONOR SOCIETY INITIATIIIN SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY l--First Row' "KIll0Cll, llc- Dowell, Sawyer, Selnnidt, Burda, Koe, Zetek, Pexa, Talla, Bush. Second Row-Plocar, Spak, Esner, lzydorski, Jarzalm, Cesal, Wojcik, Kosar, Rys, Cunk, Formanek, Presto, Voss. Thirn' Row-Loukoia, Tesar, Zaliradnik, Muravec, Miller, llricar, Trepina, Srmek, Martinovsky, Parker, Klos. Fourth Row-V-Buschauer, Gratchner, Wagner, Aclamaitis, Pele, Schu- bert, .landa, Dorfman, Jankowske, Kryl, Kamek, Potokar. Fifth Row-Machura, Vessels, Held, Rountry, Sykora, Polivka, Straka, Husa, Henning, Jaworski, Bloomfield, Fuka. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY ll- -First Row--Janlz, Kaztla, Koe, Schmidt, Burda, Polivka, Kessler. Second Row4Miss Hopkins, Krajcovic, Vacek, Wojcik, Rys, Plocar, Talla, Sclioenllofen. Third Row-Vlcek, Micllalclluk, Krlwec, Busch- auer, Formanek, Kakacek, Zaliradnik, Cunk, Frank. Fourth Row-Parker, Tesar, Knablein, Klos, Lieberman, Ortncr, Carrabotta, Kroslak, Arbanas, Vojtisek, Thomas. Fifth Row -Kratky, Prclial, Sarzola, Held, lloreni, Zusman, Husa, Ouatrine, Colin, True, Rodman. Page Fiffj'-llillt' Pagf' Sixty EBVICE CL CLEAN UP CLUBV- First Row -Wolf- man, Richter, lleld, Wooclrich, Swpa- nek, Dcsvhamheau. Ser-and Raw-"Miss lxlt't'll3.fl, Matcjovsky, Bclinski. R114 zivka, M4-mlelson, Voss. Tllirlf Ruwg Pawlurzyk, Kovalsky, Tysl, Linka, Pcca, Km-. Fnurlh Row' Krapvc, Dr-itz, Karvl, llilzcman, St'lll'Illfll, fllillefr, xlHOI'f'll0IlSC, Wyorulrasvk. FIRE MONITORS Nlr. Pvuuwkf- First Row- 'NlQ'lll'llii1', llllZt'1Ili1Il, l:I'3lllQ', Marclmivk. Sc'r'un1l H0 141-4Wn-lxiell, Cohn, Mills-r, Kolora, Rolriv. Third Row Karvl, Swanson, Polivlxa, Douarski, N. Polivlxa, Zlmllsms. PRINT SHOP CLUB -First Row Ku- valsky, Mr. Bloom, fajiwk, llrowckzl. Swami Row Kraus, Lobe-T, Martine-k, Nlalek, .'Xrmln'uslPr. Tfzirrf R010-'xl21l'8l, Plosnicll. Sm'l1al1i11gc-r, Divina, Marlin, Yimlrlxy. IIUBBY CLUBS SEWING--First Row-Habinovilz, Miller, llagen Gulezynska. Second RowiTrojak, Umr-k, Simek Spacil, Zvman. Third Row-Uricar. Miller, Schui ellller, Mikrut, Cernak. Fourth Row-Coulson Kulakowski, Fort, Macik, Koslowski, Beresheim li'l'lQUET'1'E- -First Row-Pcvitls, Lanier, Keh- lusck, Burcla, llilzcnlan, Miclma, Brousil. Second Raw---Mr. Di0rin, Vicik, Neracl. Yitvk. Smrha. Yi-rslala, Zorrlani, Patek. Knstal. Walla. Pav- lakos. FRlEND5lllP--Firsl Row-a-Weston, Beranek, Barlos, Pvtranck. lluepke, Walter. Yesllko, Shelp- cr, Novak, Florian. Seronll Row-Mrs. Davis. Simcik, lllasek. llamm. Broz, Esnn-r, Masck, Zei- lwrl. Thirrl Row- .la1'L'k. Kujawsa, fllarkvarl, Yales, Pospivllal, Mivllalak, Danylciw. Svolromla, Seckar. 'l'lCliNS-1"il'sl Huw-Miceli, Pesa, Wagner, Park- cr, Wanncr, Abramsson, llirslnnan, Pesa, Pika. Seronrl Row-fr-Nlrs. Mmlra, Gilmlcn, llallis, Gaicw- ska, Millvr, Kazfla, Hickok, Koza, KI1ll1f'h. Third Row-V-Brown, Lains, Cerny, Klulacvk, Nevler, llvnzlik, Morgan, Knnvalinka, Fink. Fourth Row -Palmer, Cesal, Pernecki, Krapek, Vaclavik, Gimlrig, Unrull, Baumann, Becklin, Cohn. Fifth Row-Minarik, Jopa, Sticlla, Sinkuler, Novak, Nedwick, Tomaszewski, Golsomini, Homlanovac, lllarovitz. 9 7 - LAN UAG CL JUNIOR BESICDA---First Row -V-Ondras, Ylvck, Korvas, Sy- kura, M1-lka, Sladek. Sworn! Row----Mr. Mican, Slmwknvivll, Yanek, Plocar, Obadal. Third Row---Krallxy, Kudrnovsky, Moravec, Sfillkllp, Formanck, Mavhalvk, Yondra. l"o11rIh Rau f fflomolka, Knvz, Fisher, Blalla, Simana, Se-luck, Klll'llllI' Kral, Nuvotny. LATIN FUN-First Rauf Miss Rlwlulv, Slilmlo, Klir, Pav lin, Ste-rnfclld. Second Row Bouln-lik, Ruzim-ka. .lanovsky Riha, Stachniak. Thirri Ron' Marlim-v. Mills-r, Hnlal Monte, Kratoska, McDowell. SPANISH+Miss Flynn Firsi Row fNm'aL. Slraku. Ku. cccki, Carrabotta, Ylcvk. Doncla. Sevoml R010--Slam-vk Smetana. Rozhon, Barlnik Ralmausvll. GERMAN- First Row Svlxultx, Drahos, Nluxmslw. Kem-lllh Svetiv, Cunk, Tomsvhin, lilvmlt. Sefmzrl Rau' Tunlan, Ullu Zaryczuy, Novalicll, Haasv, Nl0iSlll'I', Numlim, Mrs. Mills Third Row--Sakowicx. Subivz, Mm-yvr. KI'lISQ'L'. Krusvs' Labak, Svejda, Gasparik, Bauer. Pngr' Slxly ,rlwv 14 MILIT.-XHY CLUB- -First I'c0l,l,'f Kwlun, HllI1ll'l', Oule-llla, Slunxinski Scromi Row Ze-llc-ck. Sihlllll., Knslro Burman. Thin! Row Kalal, Carralmtta Allwrl. Br:-nlml. Fourth Row -Knablein, I,HlIlllQ'I, Fm-lix, Warfl, Miwk. Holan. .'Yl'lll,ETlC l l'yirsI Row Burlxllarmll, wriIl'l1t'l', Pnplka, Prim-, Pojzis. Second Row---Lawlxmmiuz, Chef-hy, Shocklex, l.isf'l1I1-r, Slilipw, Koontz, Kupka. Third Row-f-I.r-inrlvvker, Golmlslcin, Strnaml, FHIIUV, Dummsky, Kuupv, Hujwactki. Fourth Row- -Maciujvwski, llinkvus Lollman, Room-y, Kurlupasck, Burianrk, Yam-k. 1 A'l'llI.E'I'lC ll 'First Row' fMulik, Bisml, Sivluw, Mavk, Soracsniak, Wrri- rauclx, Kc-il. Serum! RuwfSlrulming, Slraka, Sllf'hoIm'l, Krull, Muzika. Hallm- svk, Riiflligll, lima. Thirrl Row---SkL bin-ki, Prazak, Dc' llvrtogxh, Truinsky, Tre-plon, Rapura, Sverzk, We'lmPr, Hardt. Fourth Row Brennan, Lonergan, Mil- lvr. Kaspvrski, Horky, Tnsky. Fistvr, Jalnorsky, Maison, Yilllfllift Fifth Row-Y Kfme-tskiv, Saul:-y, Kovarik, Tumozak, Skalak, Slmuninski, Oulvhla, Sallil, Bon- iii-lil, Jullllsml, Bf'l'CSht1iIll. .vX'l'llLlC'I'lC Ill l"irxl Row-Sm-llillnv, Huvk, Krivln-vsky. llousnvr, Bvrnarml, fiI'0Ill'iK'iYYiI'Z, Uurga, Gillman. Seroml Row -0l'zH'lumski, Mnzika, Huw. .lan- Pvc-lx, Yvinlis, Pvlrullvk, Krnll. Slavlm- wiak, Thirrl Row---Sulryk, Uoras, Krvnslw, Tlwisf-n. Ulmlarik. Agruinaga, Braun, Klilvln-4-. Fourth Row Sevkal' I.agal'msi4'z, xYh0l'0I'liI'Z. Vcclral. Hawkins, Pvlroxk, Dmlvzyk, Sic-roncinski, Bizek. Um-inx. Fifth Row-llorvni, Kaiser, Hitzflman, Konf-rsi. Kysta, Zajicek Steve-ns. Svhalkowski. s 1 C.-XRDEN CLUB -First Row- -Dvorak, CAMERA Clllll- f-First Ron' Poltornv Franz-ilx. Sllllll, Wlolny, lllalvltovie. Sec- Dt- Cries. Sll't1l'll0l2l. l,nlit'll. llollrnan nuff Rau' Nlartinoxslq. Armlt. fuellsou, llvnson. llranvy. STUDENT GUIDANCE KPICTURE ON PACE 561 Five years ago the Student Cnidanre Conl- rnittee began a venture that has grown to one of the most active student projerts in the school. It is composed of representatives from earh of the eight semesters in high school. lluring the sehool year, the Connnittee's major avtixities include Fresllnian Day, College Day, and Vocational programs. On Freshman Day the incoming students are conducted about the svhool, and during the week they attend three programs whivll give them an idea of the activities and opportunities presented at Farragut. On College Day, representatives from Universities and Colleges most popular with the Farragut Students, are invited to speak to all seniors interested in the respeetive colleges. A month before the end of eat-h semester, members of the Committee go to the elementary schools in the district and explain to incoming Freshmen the aetivities and courses of study offered at Farragut. CHESS Cl.llB Firsl Row Miss llillv- l30Vl'l.lNC Il l"irsf Ron' Killlfllilllllx. meyt-r, llnsa. l'alont't'k. 501111111 Row--s lllivlialak. SUFUIIII Raw---lisnt-r, l.al1n, Pitre, Br-qreaitll. ,lac'klin. Novak. BUWl.lNCI First Row lliggic,Bn1l- BOWLING III First Hou" Pierson. ilovslvy. Sevonrl RlI1U'71xl'Il1ll, Martin- Novak. Seroml Rau' Prorliaskil. Nlina- ovsley. rik, 'l'iscl1lm'r. Page Sindy-five EUCLIDIAN CLUB -Firsl Row -'Sl'lJl'Sl8, Poliv- ka, llalacek, Turner, N. Polivka, Novak, Maslo, Piperoff. Second Row--'Miss Mitullvll, Cwik, Donda, V4-ssuls, Koa, Balaly, Talla, Anthony, SCh1'3.1llIll, Wnrrazek, fhl't'f'l1VHdlll, Miss Morgan. Third Row-Slaveck, Pavwlok, Friedman, Kriz, Zielinski, Marvhwick, Kopvcky, Scllwichon, John- son, Carrabolta, Yrlma, Pelrucha, B. Pawlek. Fourth, Row Laycock, Karasvk, Kulmice, Sarzola, Horeni, Snvhy, Vvojvivclnmski. llolpnck, Snwtana, Hiller. llavcl. Riilvr. WRITING GAMES CLUB Firsf Row- -Mc-llle-es. Beslerfeldl, Naybar, Egelwss, Souknp, Janda, Bndilovsky. Second Row--Miss Johnson, Koller, Mehall, Zaslvra, Zasu-ra, Blalla, Novacek. Thin! Row---YE-ndroclla, Cllov, Janvcka, Pribyl, Vlk, Dvoracr-k, Priluyl, BQ-iger. Fourth Row4Klicpera, Vasa, Rada, Zajivek, Yrhel, Frana, Kopccky, Kdl1liS, Kakavvk. QUOTATIONS AND PROYERBS CLUB-First Row--Ce-rvf-nka, Rejzek, Slaflck, Boot, Yrba. Sec- oml Row--Miss Wells, Lasky, Cvrny. Soda, Taralo. Third Row-Zib, Dlllll1'L'SC, Panzer, Ziflkcr, Parkehr, lIaf'fer. OPERA CLLB--Mr. ArnolIfl"irst Row--Zwick Samocki, VVieza, Gizcwski, Jaworski, Krysiak Bean. Second Row-Hake-r, FI'0llI'iPI', Nijuskovichi Skowxrone, SLlIllUk'ki, Knpka. Knap. 9 MANICITRINC lfirxl Rnu' Nexgocla, Lalkuvif' Burlim-ki. Novy. Svman. Curin. XVFSIIJIIHI, Barlos- ze-k, Prusa. SPFUIZII Row- Miss Crowell, Suma, Pc-trans. Rm'nnm'k, K3X3llHlIflll. Ursak, Olson, No- wlny, llruska. Third RlIlL'f"SPIllFHik. Rilmicvk, Mike-s, Z4'!Ill'ik. Kosar, Ycsvly. TxI2lllZ11'l"k, Maliclwk Slaxicvk. Vaurin. Fourllz Row-llladik, Ondnlrka. P:-Iran, Kulmik. Stivha, Marx-k. Sujak, Bruukmrm. Killlloff. Nfrlxa. IND. ARTS ULIB First Ro14'-- Kaisvr. lllavu. Blll'llI'iIl21, Calrrnviv. Sullu, Kuslal. Seroml Run' Ur. Ballhis, Yilumis, ,laskif-xsicz. Brnz. llululw. llunlvr. Third Run' Dulrlwrlin. Maruvilz, Xa- Ie-nlu. Syknra. Slasny. Ynluva. fllsmwkv. lfl,ElI'l'RlC tII.l'B l"I'fSf Ron' Swanson, Sykura, Haw-tx, Sl'lllllN'l'. Kun-4-ky, Rawllkr-, Wlursl. SPVUIIII Row 'Frm-k, Jum-k. Svllm-nlllofe-11, Lo Palms, Ham- llt'l'glt'l', llaxlik. rrl'lIllldI', Valmwsski, Pin-gal, Xlr. Pascllkv. WOOD TINKICHS -First Row- Kosak, Cmlwr. Polka. Soukup. Klluwllula. Sm-om! Row Cimbal- Isla, Z1-lvznik, Wnjvik, XYllkllYil'll, Rada, lJi:lW'It'Ilik. Novak. Tlzirrl Row Flmla, Pom, BHl'lllUllllllQ"XY- Mvllall. Krize-k. Hilmul, Kralky. l"011r1l1 Row- k Kr:-me-r, Dxurak. Rivgvr. lllu'lr1w1'. Sillltxll I,lIllllY- sky. Polak, Hawk. I BALLAD SINGING I--Ilricar, Sclioen- BALLAD SINGING III-Ortner, Miss BALLAD SINGING II--Mitchell, Mrs liofen, Moyzis, SCIICCII, Srmek, Kroslak. Eleanore Landon, Kotovsky, Lavender. Myrtl Doyle, Kessel, Dunias, Michol- chuk. IIIDBB CL Hobby clubs have been a successful ven- ture at Farragut. They provide closer social contact, they give the students practical experience as a member of a democratic organization and in associating with fellow classmates who have similar interests, they develop poise, confidence, and initiative. Meetings are held on alternate Wednes- days and the forty minutes allowed for club meetings llys by as they become en- grossed in their work. Under the leadership of a faculty sponsor and a set of student olhcers, the meetings are conducted in an informal manner. Membership in these clubs cannot exceed forty. Each semester there are new clubs offered such as the Woodtirikers Club for girls, the Ballad Singing and the Spelling Bee all organized this semester. Some of the very popular clubs which have to turn away many who get there after the club is filled are the Athletic, Swimming, and Teens Club. Whether it be handicraft, athletic, literary or any hobby one likes, one is sure to find a club to meet this interest. MItI0lllX'l'lIXtZ III Talla, Bush, Land- SPIQLIING Blili 'KIt't'lllHll, Cuslcr In-rg, llebcrnian, Raslccki, Casllc, Miss Mc! Daniel, Yes:-ly, Supinski. ACCOUNTING II-Chodora, Loulmta, ACCOUNTING I' -Yvinterrotli, Maget, Kordesll, Thomas, Kase. Novak, Tesar, Spak. Page Sixty-eight L ':." 5. H--': W 'D N1 gh X S 1 IP , U 1 f N K' if .Ugg 1 K HN , 1 P A i 21'l cfm-C! 'ik 'H T .-, , 5 '.. 2.-A r-. 41 1 -2-' z -,ax it "L X ff - QQ- U 553515 6 , -M14 POIlT FOOTBALL TEAM -First Row-Airhart, Kucera, Pacanowski, Gervais, Schillne. Second Row --Kveton, Rohs, Krek, Harris, Hunter, Wolfman, Prazak, Kaczor. Third Row- Buck, Kasel, Killhoff, Kolncler, Zajicek, Kozeluh. FO0TBALL 1941 Achieving a small measure of suc- cess the foothall team was content with its one and only victory over their neighborhood rivals, Harrison High. This was obtained through the fine playing of Johnny Zajicek, Joe Koluder, and John Rohs. After two very heartbreaking losses at the hands of Hirsch and East Rockford, Farragut virtually steam-rolled their Way to a 12-7 victory over Harrison for their first league victory. Following this game, Farragut played Englewood to a scoreless tie and a defeat by Kelly 7-0, the team in both games showed fight and determination which without a small portion of luck proved to no avail. Lindblom and Tilden came next with our gridders taking a -17-0 and a 31-0 defeat which was accomplished only after our first team was tired and injured and with a lack of reserves this was primarily the reason for many of the losses throughout the season. Next came the Phillips and Du Sable elevens who after a hotly contested battle overwhelmed our hoys in the second half. These games concluded the schedule for the Farragut Admirals after a disappointing season, highlighted only hy their very impressive victory over the Harrison lads. For their hard and determined work throughout the season the following boys deserve special men- tion for their services, co-captains John Rohs and Ed Killhoff for their able direction of the team upon the field coupled with their superior playing, lrv Kozeluh, for his relentless driving when carrying the ball, John Zajicek, for his plunges and outstanding defensive work, carried the hrunt of the attack in many of the gamesg Clar Airhart, and his fancy jitterhug steps on the field, also for their fine work mention must he given to Joe Koluder, Benny Buck, George Kucera, Bob Hunter, Jim Gervais, Don Schillne, and Sid Wolfmaii. These players really played their share of each game and took more punishment than any previous team at Farragut. Pagr' Srl only BASEBALL Coach James Fox this year had another contender for the Central Section Championship, which Farragut took last year. Even though they lost practically all of last year's players by graduation, the Admirals put a bang-up team on the field. The regular squad was composed of Joseph Nezgoda, Edward Gorga, Raymond Kasel, Frank Marek, Charles Kaper, Richard Divis, Edward Forbes, and Emil Strnad. Henry Thoele, Raymond Muzika, while Jack Trepton carried the pitching duties. Farragutis games were featured by the hitting of Kaper, Marek, Nezgoda and Thoele. Some of the Ad- iniralis finest pitched games were also turned in by Thoele. His best performance was a one-run-two-hit game against Lindblom. Captain Chuck Kaper, with continual chatter from his catcher's position was another factor which drove the team through another good season. With some of this year's squad returning next season, the Admirals expect to keep on winning most of their games. Meyer, Corga, Strnad, Svan Vlcek, Kaper. Trepton, Mu zika, Kotora, Nezgoda, Zueh sow. Third Row'--Thoele, Di vis, Kasel, Forbes, Marek Simonec, Mr. Fox. l Pugv Scwrniy-om' BASEBALL-First Row-- cera, Reavy. Second Row- IMMIN -- 5 TEAM CLUB SWIMMING CLUB-First Row- Waibel, Peck, Mulacek, Pivonka, Hlinka, Kacer, Mrotz, Sinker, Kusic, Drbec, Krapec, Machalek, Faikus, Hejna, Synakiewitz. Sec- ond Row-Chalus, Gillman, Sinker, Sinker, Huebner, Nadler, Petruch, Subicz, Skrivan, Domeraski, Tour- gee, Adams, Klier, Klett, Rappa- port. Third Row-Stawarz, Bauer, Musil, Sichrovsky, Paisker, Svrcek, Buresh, Dvorak, Deutscher, Subicz, Krueger, Shochley. The season of 1940-41 was the most suc- cessful the Farragut Swimming Team has had. In its history, winning nine, the Seniors tied one and lost four. The Juniors won eleven and lost three. Domeraski and Synakiewitz in the ,Iunior and Senior Breaststroke, respectively, remained undefeated. Both were undefeated in the dual meets and so was the Junior Medley Relay Team. In the city championship, Domeraski took second place and Synakiewitz took fourth place in the 100 yard Breaststroke. Getting set for the 1941-1942 season, the team has high hopes for only a few losses will weaken the team and the boys who will fill their places are good material. Individual standings for members of both teams follow: 1940-41 SWIMMING SEASON .IUNIORS POINTS SENIORS POINTS SYNAKIEWITZ . . ....... 112 DOMERASKI .... . . . 108 MULACEK . . . .... 108 I-ILINKA ...... . . . 104 PIVONKA .... . . 88 MROTZ ...... . . . 95 PECK .... . . . . 65 KRAPEC . . . . . . 72 HEUNA . . . . . 59 KREBEC . . . . . . 57 BURESH . . . . . 55 KUSIC ..... . . . 57 PAISKER . . . . 48 FAIKUS ...... . . . 52 DVORAK . . . . . 33 MACHALEK . . . . . . . 46 MUSIL ......... . . 21 KACER ......... . . . 42 DEUTSCHER . . . . . I4 MALINOWSKI . . . . . . . 11 FRANCETTI . . . . . 7 xxygf I 4 rl fx ' f PIIBTS ABE I P0llTA A BASKET BALL JUNI0llS BASKETBALL JUNIOR-First Ro. Mikota, Urbancik, Nezgoda, Bakos' Rapata, Mr. Fox. Second Row- Li: Masek, Visotcky, Kilens, Wolf, Pic-11 Erchull. SENIIJBS BASKETBALL SENIOR--First Roz Marek, Sokol, Misek, Pribyl. Erch Second Row-Kordesh, Oulehla, H ard, Holan, Bonlield, Hula, Hitzke, Fox. Five won and three lost was the record of the Junior Basketball team for the 1940-41 season. The squad finished in a tie for second place with Manley. This gave the Admirals a shot at the championship but they were whipped by Parker in their first playoff game which eliminated them from further competition. The squad up to February consisted of captain William Kozeluh at guard, Joseph Nezgoda also at guard, John Zoubek at center and William Urbancik and Seymour Wolf covered the forward positions. Another guard and regular, Arthur Vondrick alternated with the others in that position. At graduation time the team lost Kozeluh, Zoubek and Vondrick. Their positions were taken up by Bapata and Masek. The captain's position from there on was given to Bill Urbancik. It was largely through his leadership that the team kept on winning. Scoring honors were divided between the two 4'Bills77 Kozeluh and Urbancik and 4'Art'7 Vondrick. For the Seniors the season was none too good. The squad finished in fifth place with three won and five lost. Graduation took captain Joe Vukasovic and center Henry Ehrich but Frank Marek captained the team for the remainder of the season with equal skill while a newcomer, Charles Prybil, handled the center spot. BOWLING-First Row-Duda, Budilovsky, Arndt, Martinovsky, Esner, Voss, Jenicek, Knize. Second Raw-Kukalowski, Kessler, Novak, Tischler, Pierson, Zahradnik, Klos, Schubert, Witoher, Mr. Rinker. Third Row-Kupka, Burzynski, Halinski, Radosh, Zima, Jensen, Kostner, Bartunek, Sedlak, Karageorge. Fourth Row-Kupka, Rayspis, Shevla, Deschambeau, Ritter. Zuehsow. Roth, Kraus, Held, Sedlock, Lachnowicz. Fifth Row-Cowser, Hamherger, Schabinger, Donarski, Ezydorski, Cam- bini, Hlubocky, Miller, Dub, Killhoff, Fuka. B0 LI With the beginning of the 1940-74-1 bowling season, it at once became necessary to find a larger and more suitable bowling establishment because of the larger turnout for the teams. Approxi- mately 60 boys and 25 girls bowled regu- larly throughout the season, forming 12 teams in the boys' league and 6 teams in the girls' league. The West End Recre- ation Parlor was chosen as the best loca- tion for a bowling center. Eleanore Bielek per- formed with exceptional skill in the Christ- mas Bowling Tournament by breaking the previous high series total with a 589 series. By bowling 190, 199, and 200, Eleanore achieved her high series. The Boys, Leagues were divided into two separate leagues, The Junior and Major Leagues. Tops in the Junior League were the Rinkydinks with the Alley Whoops as runnerups. In the Major League the Rolling Aces topped the All-Americans who finished second. The Cadets proved to be the big gun in the Girls' League followed by the Ad- mirals. Medals were awarded to first and second place teams in each league. TEAMS Leading teams of each league were selected for the sectionals with all the representatives from Farragut being eliminated with the exception of the Rinky- dinks who finally ended up by defeating Morton High School for the South West Section title. The members of the Rinky- dinks were awarded bowling balls and bags as deserving awards for their effort in the playoffs. At the annual bowl- ing banquet held at the Stevens Hotel in the Grand Ballroom on May 11, 194-1, the medals and bowling balls were presented along with an excellent program prepared by the Bowling Proprietors of Chicago. A few of the high bowlers of the Boys' Bowling League in- cluded Ray Kasel, 159, Donarski, 157g Miller, 151, Killhoff, 1483 Ezydorski, 144, Schabinger, 1443 Rayspis, 144g and Bar- tusek, 14-2. Composing the fine high bowlers of the Girls' League were Bernice Martinovsky, 1435 Helen Tischler, 137, Dorothy Novak, 130, Wilma Voss, 127, and Emily Zahradnik, 126. Pugz' Sci 'wily-fi Page Sr'w'nlg WRESTLING-First Row-Suchomel, Ban Comer, Kryl, Miller. Second Row-Koppel, If Mika, Fister, Cooper. Third RowfPojman, zika, Rathburn, Vokaly, Hardt. GYMNASTIC TEAM-First Row-Pivor Krbec. Second Row-Zaman, Domeraski, Hli Husak, Fairus. TRACK-First Row-Zwick, Yondra, Bloomi Sawyer, Polivka. Second Row-Wexler, Malt Belokon, Straka, Wisniewski, Scott, Myers, Canfield. Third Row-Sedlak, Koo, Vessels, hal, Sulicz, Sokol, Welch. E M EER I-li'KllliIiS'--'l"1'rst RlI1l'f' fWexler, Marlin ky. Yranek, Alilqlklllik, Arlmanas, Mr. Canfield oml Ron' -Kasik, Morie, Prihan, Hejsek, Nez- a. Yleek. White. Third Row-Pavlin, Zetek mger. Slade-k, Kratky, Kuja, Novak, Shelper 1rIl1 Ron' Zielke, Buidosik, Neiman, Weill- gl. Kleidun. Yale-S, Sawyer, Skmxrunek. TON TWIRLERS -W Firs! Row W Prnchaska ngur, Klima, Yaeek, Yacek, Kubezna, Zink 'ond Row4Arzig, Smid, Kozlik, Langusch mek, Miller, Stanek. Third Row--Margly 9 -idnn, Cnehy, Ruzieka, Dousa, Kular, Battaglia. C SKATINC-V Firs! Row C. .Ail'll8l'I, Ymmdra- . B. Airhart. Hansich, Oul, Breda, Kocek eek. Curnp, Paeanowski, Schillne, Bobek, orsky. 1' Srl rlllj'-.u'1'1'11 G.A.A. OFFICERS-June Krieg, Florence Srebro, Eleanor Loidolt, Camilla Burda, Dolores Miller. . . . J:i95'v,L. l 9 4 Most popular organization among the girls at Farragut is the G.A.A. boasting of a membership of nearly one thousand athletic- minded girls. Recreative games have provided many hours of fun and an opportunity to earn points towards awards. As always the G.A.A.'s activities have been popular with both boys and girls, Skating parties, the Bow Dance, and the G.A.A. play, uGlamour Girl Trouble at Lawson" have proved quite successful in filling the G.A.A. treasury. Many more awards were presented this last semester because of a thorough check up by the gym department. Girls who had no intention of getting an award received one by keeping a health chart in addition to the points they discovered had been recorded. Choosing three final winners from twelve 'crunner uppers" was the result of the new method of judging the posture contest in April. Medals were awarded to three girls from each assembly, making twelve in all. From these twelve three were judged as utopsw namely: Arlene Jankowske, Dolores Korbel, and Martha Skorepa. We must admit that the C.A.A.'s activity program is growing considerably and that this is partly responsible for the large membership. Page Sci cnfy-righl X. PIAY- CIIIHIIITH. Knsar. Bu' g, Sum-k. Srvbro, Yaclavek, Budi .y. SkilXi1'Il. Sahk, Loimlult, Shelley mils. X. I-fXliCl'TlX'E CONIMITTEE- la. Yavlawk, Rodman, Karasman. xivk. Janda, Loidoldt. Krieg, Budi Qy. Kaelnvr, Olll, Richter, Srebro. LEAD Pagr Sl'l'!'V11y-YIIPII' Pagf' Highly l1.I-XA. HI'.I'RI'.5I,IN I A I IN lub - - I' zrxr Hou' YIIIPHIIIIIHII. YVIIIIIIIIU. We-slpllal Xlasino, Bvranvk, Tvarozvk. INIvn4I4-I- son, Ilanus. Seronrl Row He-jsx-IX. Roi gxer. Yranvk. IIorny, KUZIIIQ, San:-r Hiller. Iioranek, Dvrvr. Sann. Tllirrl Ron' Pre-Iran. INIvI1aII. Pika. DanyIm'iu Yah-S. IIigg1i4'. Ile-ill, Provlmuska. Te-rw I"c'm'I. GROIP I First Row Nlavik. Plarvk Kralky, rI'is1'Iwr. Bollorff, INovotny Florian, wIHXSl'H. Seroml Row I"ran4'iIg Dvorak, Kysilka, Frai. Thirzf ROIl' Ur sak, Oul. Kaslner, Raygo, Langcr. Yaxra Krat0cI1viI. Winkler, Brinklm-y. Souknp Rilla. Fourth How- -Novar'e'Ii. I,iss Moses, Languscll, INIinarik. Dumlesa-k Ric'I1tf-r, Wm-iss, Piperoff, Wovltje, Kru- sina. Fifth Row--Bl1s1'I1a11f-1', Els. Ruth Uricar, Kubik. SIIDSIIH, Bakvr. Klll'IlHT Santavy. Orme-r, Kakam-Ia. IQHUIIP Il First Row Nail:-ll, link Dvorak, Reszr-k. Soukup, Simvik. I"inIx Nliwli. Sevnnfl 1x'uu'- -Cm-sal. Slam-IX Miller. Paw-I1-Ilik. Wagner. IIBIIIII, Fran: celtic, Lasso. Ifenvl. Sm-vkar. Thinl Kon Y '.Ii1'r'c, Nanclivo. Turalna. SIHCIIONVIHIQ ilindrig, Knja, Slilrlo, XI:-islwr, Ilanuf VI'aI1v1'. Fllllffll Row Kraus, Novak Urudnik, Wamldx-II, Min-Iwll, S1-Imllz I,0Ill't'IlIL, II'.oruIx, Iiumiman, Ioni4'Iq KIIIIQUS. Fiflh IIOIU'-'PI'0I'IIHlIiZ'l. SImIn-Ii Kraft, Jarkv. Yyllallunr-Ir. NIansIw FisI1t'r, Zillkv, Txarozvk, Maroxilx. ffouI- SUD. v v v 1 1 Q ll.-X.,N.--llR0l7P lll' Firsr Rau", llnmlivf-k. PilI'kl'IA, Kl'Hjl'13Nil'. Slmlennx- sky, YQ-sc-ly. Zorku. llusa. Xvlvk. Svrnlzzl Rau' -Pzlxlic-s-k. Svlnxarlz. Svhnllx, Al'- zig. Uulelnlan. Halla, Haslyr, ylllllifil. Swv. Thin! Hou' .Machale-k, Trinka llvsul. Bcfts-rfvlkl. Sauvr. Mangus. Tum- sllill. Hair:-. Vim-n-ll, Nuyluar, Pzxllnvr. Flillffll Rau' -Pvlvr. Haasv. Yranvk. Slamh-k. Za-in-k. Truv, Brackman. Nlvli- vhar. llnrny. Snlnar. FIIII1 Row Wag:- nvr, Nlilh-r. 'lblxmasze-xxski. llululvik. x1l'yl'l'. Kzlraslnan. Jam-s. llurave-k. Pvlc, Milfalku. Flivk. llm-k. ll.-XA. -UROVI' IN First Rau: - l,ilI'1illllSky. Krvjvll, lligrm-r. llarrisun, l'm'l1ulvramlfkv. Finkl-I. llvlsmnini. Ko' xar. Sf'l'0IHl'VIf0ll' TIIHIPZIUII. Bin-ck. xlillllldil. Jamla. Hem-js. Puplar. Safra- nvk. Bmlilnwky. Pm-Iran. Baslvrash. Thinl Ron' Panik. Fiala. Z1-ithamme-k. llne-tynka. Ile-ukvr. lladraku. Oslf-s, Lou- dvll, xIt'lllIl'lS0ll. Thim-man. Fllllffh Run' l'urk4'r, Wan-sh, Sl4'jSll2ll, xxriflbl. l,l'1'll1'iL Kim. Hanna-r. Km-llc-y, Slallnavh. llizr-uski. Hamm. Isl'-,lfh Rauf Eggvrs, Onclvrka. llusarik. Cin-k. llnlpuvll. Knrmuncla. ilunopa. Pvlran, Kuulva, Ric-har. Slil'IlZl. il..'k.-K. llR0l'l' Y Firsf Row-- Bndilmsky. Hurda. Olramlal, Kaspar. Ralninmilz. Wurazek. Kazmla. Kle-vka Sw-mzrl Run' Rapata, llofl'i1'l1Im-r, Nu' vak 5 1dIt'Ilkd Sm h09I1ll0f4'!l Yavok. Tallu. Bush. Flu-Hey. Kusur. Third R014 - 'Wl4'f1lw'S. l'il'Ulll'it'Il. Yan-k. Gustafson Yasllik. Bm-'linski. lNm'ak, Nrla. Yuss linrumll. liurin, Fozzrllz Rau' Slam-vs-k Kinvl. Wilson, Tllvisml, llvjna. .larnlii mvk. Novak. Nlansfirlcl. Pblllllllhil. Swv- bmlu. S1-In-llv. l"1'ftl1 Raw V-Huzicka Pvra. .lamurske-. Svlxrvin. ,lankmsskv Killlloff. k:llK'llj'. Haslvrasll, Svlwslu Rulmak. Shm-u. Karlvll. lflgfvly-1 lndoor and outdoor clubs are the main interest of the G.A.A. girls. Approximately fourteen clubs fall into this group-seven outdoor and seven in- door. Without question the Hiking Club is the most popular and draws the most mem- bers. Girls hike to and from school and on Saturdays and receive twenty-five points toward their G.A.A. award. Girls who own their own bicycles can earn their twenty- five points by signing up with the Bicycle Club. Tennis enthusiasts may join the Tennis Club, You donlt even have to own your own roller skates in order to join the Roller Skating Club-the G.A.A. supplies them for you. Our spotlight focuses on other outdoor clubs-they are the horseshoe, ice skating, and horseback riding clubs. In order to receive an award every member G.A.A.-'GROUP VI-First Row-Wilhelm, Hodina, Pesa, Schramm, McCafferty, Marquardt, Kvasa, Coha. Second Row -Piperolf, Prochaska, Kratky, Spak, Rieger, Kroslak, Srmek, Petranek. Third Row-Tesar, Arndt, Marko, Zden- ahlik, Kozel, Knablein, Moravec, Sovis, Bilek, Esner. Fourth RowfBocinsky, Klerdon, Coulson, Elias, Bereshcim, Subicz, Mikrut, Goldman, Thomas. must have points from both an outdoor and indoor club. The indoor club equipment is supplied entirely by the G.A.A., Badminton, Shu Quoi, Shuffle Board, Ping Pong, and Bowling have always been popular. Some- thing new and going in a big way is indoor tennis and fencing. There's always some- thing to work for in the G.A.A. Medals are awarded to girls participating in various club tournaments. The contests are run by the process of elimination, with winners both losing teams and winning teams. You can enter a tournament singly or in part- ners as both members of a team are awarded prizes. These clubs are really the basis of this Athletic Association and are one of the main reasons why the G.A.A. boasts such a large membership. Girls can join a G.A.A. club in any season of the year. G.A.A.-GROUP VllfFirst Rowfllmek, Koeritz, Kryl Fritsch, Chochola, Urchota, Suma. Second R0w4Stejskal Slechta, Latal, Pawluczrk, Gabriel, Taylor, Koza, Pexa Third RowiEkl, Castek, Lahn, Prchal, Lukach, Walter Silhavy, Novak, Cibulka. Fourth Row-Glickauf, Greenwald Chrastka, Hruby, Liska, Mussared, Fritsche ,Haker, Vohen Fifth Row-Knap, Domrese, Spacek, Ters, Adamaitis Kremer. Skrivan, Prncha, Smid. Page Ezgloly-tuo l,EfXlJl'fHS 1Il,lVB First Row'- Rl'IltlQ". fLk'lSUIllilli. Dervr. Eis, xlt'Ildl'l50Il. Masislo. Seronrl Row- 4 Bollorff. Dvuwood, Krvjca, Vaneli, Siam-llmxigk, Kannfsky. lfvrmlvs, Lauth. Cohan. Third R0wf--fYaCla- wk. lioram-k. Allard. Zeithammel, Morggal, Yxilsnn. Fl'PIllgIl"ll, Mans- tif-lml. Ymulger. Fourth Row- Mor- gal. Rivhtvr, Lollrf-nlz, Jvkmako- uivz, Kukaisl. Zaral, Ters. Prucha, fuvk. l.li'I"l'lfH KNIT KIIIICX ROY CLUB l"irsl Run' YHCI21Y1'k. Jamla, .lullkmxskm-. Karasman. Richie-r, Swlrru. l.ui1lult. Svrnlzrl Rau' Olll, Uumla. SkliXil'll. Kria-gr. IIUIIIIIHII, limlilm-ky. K2lNlllt'l'. R0l,l.lfR SKATINU CLIYB Firsl Row--Prm-llazka, Sauvr, l,lIk21l'll. 'I'him-nlull, Raluinnilz, Harrisnu, Ilirslmman. Masin. Seronzl Row-4 Nr-lavha, llmlna, Lukavll. Prucha, Knkaisl. Kirian. Maybaslyr, Kannf4 sky, Davin-v. Thin! Row -- Trinka, Kin-rs, lluhan, Trvpton, Panik, Novak, Murev, lllajvll, Ekl. Fonrlh Rowf -Moherg, Nlorgal, Subirz, Piporofl Morgal, Sladek, Kraft, Kraus, Marie-kxwz, Smill. 1' Iflglrly-fly Pagr Eighty-fulzl' RlQCRE.'Yl'lYIf GAMES - W Firsl Row Masinn, Ralminovitz, AIPIIIIPI- sun. Remie. Z1-man, Weslphal. Dc-lmund. Sfvonri Raw Ulm-lx, Hkl. Yaclavek, Suukup, Zvilham- mvl. Koran:-k. Youngr-r. S4-lunltz. IrllkE1i'll. Thin! Row-Bnhav. Rich- ter. Killa. Sauer, D1-rs-r, Eis. Mans- fir-Ill. Nlillvr. Pruvlxa, Kratky. TENNIS' --Firsl Rllll' f Stochouialx, Trinka, Obaflal. 3w0l'l'i', Novak, Clajcll, Nlachalvk. Seronrl Row- Ondras. Cizek. Mansfin,-ld, Baurin, Miller. Yaclavvk, Mansfield, Balaty. Third Row-Miller, Riha, Zvitham- mel, Pruclla, Couch. Sann. Svkn- lich, Bciger, Prusa. Fourfh Row! Kastm-r. 0111, Slamlvk, Yram-k, Grudnik. Cihal, Parkm-r, Maresh, Lnhreuiz. Yaclavvk. Fifth Row -- Novak. Barleaux. Run-k, Danylviw, Novak. Fiala, Mvlkus, Fishvr. .If'l'lll3k0WiI'Z. Wlvzen. C..-XA. BUWLINU W- Firsl Rau' -- Nlalvkovic, Kryl, Liska, Tlllupacll. Tumpach, Spacvk. Seranrl Rau' A VC'0lny, Z6-ithammel, SOBQHQ, Rn- zicka, Bvlinski, Tomschin. Third Row- Ms-ism-r, Rzlygo, Burmla, J3.Ilk0XYS1xl', Fish:-r. Diillylfik. Conopa. . ,-. .. , H' 1,..'X..'X. Hli.XU,INl, C.I,l If 1'lI'5f Hou' Rupata, Sanlaxy. 'IH-rs. Rich- lvr, Karasman. liumlu. Swmul Row Suma. lfnwk. SCIIIIIIZ, Sunkllp, SVIIIIIZ, Kll4ll'l1llX'Skf'. ljl!'lil'llH. C.gX.,X. ll0RSICB,Xl1k RIIJHXC l"ir.vI Row KH4'ZlllUl'l'Zy'k. Pc-- tru.-lla. Pitlik, Flivk. Klivr. Niullvr. 5 4: V071 fl R n 14' - Iluasc. Flslwr, l,2iIlyll'iXN, Rus. Tl'lu'. .IilIllx0WSkt'. hulvim-1, Sukxmivl. l,.fX.A. FICNCINC --First Row--f Rallinmilz. llirshlnau, Musino, 'lil't'Illl5ll, XYAIIIIOF, Soukup, Pilny. S!'l'0l1ll Rl?1l'f"Sf'kll1kl1, Flys, Rich- l4'l'. Mar:-slx. Burwla, Purkc-r, Krivg. Ulrulvk. Tflird Hou' Smill. Yuvlu- wk. Cm-lly. Klll'llUl'. Ku1'n1un4la. P lx-lvrs, KlIl'Q'l'H. Ftruclmla. Pugr Iiiglnfj'-fin UQ, Pfwudlq, p!LQA.QI'lf, .... THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW ENSIGNS NINETEE1' IUNDIIED FIIBTY 0NE ANDERSON ARIENT ASIRE ATKINSON E.BARTA L.BARTA BARTOS BEAM BENCA BERAN BEZDEK BIELEK BLAZEK BORUCKE BRAUHGAN BRNKO BURANDT BURKHARDT BURNETT CABRNOCH ESENTHER SHIRLITY ESEVTHEI6. "S1u'r"- -Interested in aeronc1uiil's-- --Action in 42, 30, 43, 45, 19, 69 ILvt.L'rx and CIlL'Z'l'0llJl'HdX ulzoxcu tcavhzng as a ulrwr-Salutatoriau of the January flaxs, 3.713 average. Januar C ass of 1941 LORRATNE ANDERSON. "Trish" --Interested in stamps and photography- -Member of 75, 42 fpinlfCle1'ica1 worker. FRANK ARlENT. '1Lefty"- Dislikes conceited girls -Special weakness for roast chicken and steak- --Active in 44, 45, 35 fLetterD, 58 fClll'1lI1.D'NNvOlllCl like to enter Civil Service. DONALD ASIRE. "Don"-Dislikes Ususpender-pu11ers" and blondes One of Farragufs few "l1an1s"--Active in 45, 63, 71, 72, 75. 59fDesires to enter the Held of radio. ROBERT AITKTNSON. "Ackie" Enjoys swimming and pho- tography- -Likes good music---Member of 63, 3. 23-Desires tu enter the Field of radio. EMIL BARTA. 'KProfessor"---Interested in Hrearms-Dislikes helm: called a "mad chemist"--Active in 44, 83 CPres.l- VVou1d like to become a veterinary. LORRATNE BARTA. "Lor"- -Enjoys swimming. dancinsf, and skatimgf--Active in 43 fLetterl. 42 CLetter and Clievronsl. 45, 69, 19-Hopes to become a teacher. VIRGINTA BARTOS. "Virg"fEnioys all sports-Snecial weakness for spaghetti-Member of 19, 50. 33, 42, 72-An1hi- tion not determined. LORRAINE BEAM. "Red"fLikes to design her own elothes +Enjovs a good turkey dinner with all the fflll'1I'l1lIlgS'1I'3l'KlDE'l' of 45, 75, 52, 44, 42-A future Portia. YERGINIA BENCA. "Vim"-Interested in interior decorat- mg. ROSIALIE BERAN. "Trish"-Enjoys both tvnes of skatingf Special weakness for uniforms-43 fLetterJ, 52, 58, 42, 44, 51 CTreas.J-An undertaker. Page Eighty-fight CHARLES FEZDEK. "Chuck"----Likes to go hoatinQYSpecial weakness for redheads Cfemalesjn -Member of 9 QVice Pres.. Letterj, 45, 52, 23fA future drummer. ELEANOR 13lEL1K. "Lefty"- -Enjoys all sports--4ACtive in 42 fLetter and chevronsl. 23. 47. 09, 75. 61, S Cllledal and other prizesj-Hopes to live a full and happy life. ROBERT BLAZEK. "Rlaze"- -Enjoys hunting and skating- 17, 9. 44. 12 CChmn.D Hopes to "Sprout VN'ings'l in the near future. LORRATNE BORUCKE. "Lnr"gLikes to attend basketball and football games-Member of 50. 42, 44, 22-Hopes to see the world before she dies. LORRAINE BRAUTIGAN. "l3londie"fLikes to read and skateiDis1ikes gum crackers -42 CRep.l, 62, 22-A career woman. EMILIE BRNKO. "Emy"- -Likes badminton, roller-skating and dancing-Member of 23, 71, 19, 42, 43 iLetterJ, 53, ,75- Travel. ORVILLE RURANDY. "NVhitey"-Dislikes conceited people but not if they're pretty-Active in 71, 79, 72, 26, 17. ROBERT BURKHARDT. "Spats"--Tnterested in photogra- phy- -Dislikes gum snappers-Active in 9 CPres.j, 32, 17 CPres.j-Hopes to remain a bachelor. FLORENCE BURNETT. "Bernie"-Interested in all sports -Dislikes egotists-Member of 42, 45, 21, 72, 79-Hopes to be avlatrlx. ELSTE CABRNOCH, "Dimp1es"QEnjoys both roller and ice-skating--Goes in for uniforms in a big way-Member of 43, 53, 45, 42, 72, 70-A future song bird. souvenirs--Member of 42, 45, 75, 74 CTreasur.b, 44, 5- Business. LUCILLE CHMELAR. "Lu"-Dislikes persistent people- Member 36, 43 fLettei-J, 42, 53, 75-Travel. LILLIAN CHODUR. "Lil"-Likes Convertible Buicks- Member of 42, 75, 8-Wants to be a dress designer. STEVEN CLEMENIC. "Steve"-Likes to be in the great outdoors-Dislikes snooty girls-Member of 44, 61-A future millionaire. LEROY DARMODY. "Spareribsne-Likes baseball and foot- ball-Always ready for a good meal-Lawyer. JOSEPH DOBROVOLNY. "0ly"-Likes to play baseball and sing-Member of 22, 82, 27-Another Bing Crosby. HELEN DONGRES. "Don"-Enjoys reading and debating -Special weakness for good music-Active in 39, 42, 59-A future aviatrix. WILLIAM, DORNBRECK. "Tiny"-Special weakness for southern frled chicken-Member of 9, 13-A future machinist. HENRY EHRICH. "Bud"-Likes sports of all kinds-Pain ticipates in 7 QLetterD, 71, 38-Vice Pres. of Class of jan. '41-Ambition, an advertising agent. RUTH FENNEL. 'Run-Interested in boat 1'acing-Partici- pates in 57 CLette-rj, 42. JACQUELYN FIALA. "Iackie"- -Likes to roller skate and dance-Vice Pres. of 43 CLetterD-lllember of 23, 8. 42. 45- A future star reporter. SHIRLEY FLICK. "Shirl"-Saves post cards and snapshots -Dislikes jealous people-Member of 42, 44, 52, 43, 23, 79- Spends her time making others happy. ANTON FRANA. "Tony"-Likes baseball and stamps-Dis- likes "know-it-alls"-Likes to eat-Member of 12, 26. JERRY GABA. "GaaBoo"--Likes sports--Active on 70 CEd.5. 71, 79 CChmn.D, 26-NVants to live a slow life. LYDIA GAJDA. "Mickey"-Make-s a hobby nf collecting autographs -f-' -Enjoys going tn the opera Memlmcr of 45, 42. 69, 5-A private secretary. SEYMOUR GARDNER. "Sam"-Likes football and swim- ming-Dislikes painted women-Member of 75, 70, 76, 21- Mgr, of a Super Mart. STEVE GLUTTING. "Red" -Collects pcnnzmts-Appreciates beautiful girls--Memlmer of 23, 4 CLetter and 11 medalsl-A future railway expressrnan. JOE GOLDMAN. "Joe"-Likes to lvox and Fish 'Dislikes loud people-Member of 79, 7, 23-Radio Engineer. ALFRED GINKEVVICH. "Al"-Interested in Plxotograplly- Likes plum dumplings--Member of ll. 5, 72, 45 1Vice l'rcs.J -A pharmacist. GEORGE HADAC. "Hodge"-Indulges in as many outdoor sports as possible--Special weakness for Oldsmnlrilrs V-lllemlmcr of 75, 44 fCapt.j-U. S. Coast Guards. Januar C ass of 1941 M'ARIE KROC. "Kr0c"--Enjoys dllllflhllfl and 1'm1d1'1rg1--.41rtiu' in -I2 fLr'ttvr and chev- 1'm1.vj, 53, 45, 71, 1, 61' I'rii'41fi' S4'rrf'fary- l'nlrzI1'rtu1'i1111 und 5i't'1'i'n1r'y nf flu' j'l4'l7f1H1Vj' i'la.v.v- WVU!! 11 3.331 fl'Z'L'l'llf!l' for flu' four j'I't17'.V. KROC CHALOUPKA CHMELAR CHODUR CLEMENS DARMODY DOBROYOLNY DONGRES DORNBRECK EHRICH FENNELL FIALA FUCK FRANA GABA CAJDA GARDNER GLUTTINC COLDMAN GRINKEWICH HADAC HANZLIK HARRIS HASNER HOF RICHTER HOLDA HOLEC HOLUBIK IIORAK HRADSKY HRON EC HUBICEK ILLICH JEROUSEK J EZEK J IRAN JOHNSON KACZOR KALAL KASALOVSKY KASE MEDEN JOYCE MEDEX. "Tots"- Enjoys ddllfliilfl and kvcphiff a xrmfvbook on dares--Dzlrlikes pemoiis putting on a big frozxtfflflembmf uf 43, 35, 42. 2-I, 71, 70. 1. 61-.-1 future nzwse- Con.vz'a'rrvrI Fa1'rafmt'x gflumw' girl--Popular 7:11711 tradzrrx and xtzadcizts. anuar C ass of 1941 RIFHARD IIANZLIK. "Rich" Enjoys music and photog- raphy Likes chocolate ll1ZiitCfl4 Memlwer of 58, 34. 45. 15--- A future agriculturist. ROGER IIARRIS. "Slap" -All sports are his hubby- -Member of 38 QSX, 39. 40 Letterl, 7. ti. 22. 84 LM:-tlalsJfAn army air pilot. VVILLIABI HASNER, "Italie"-I.ikes all Sports-Dislikes "Alibi Ikes"---Member nf 61. 44 tCapt.l---Hopes to play foot- hall some clay in spite of his handicap. THOINIAS IIUFRICIITER. "Hutt" Interested in radiof VVeakness for pork chops anrl potato salatl---Member of 2, 17, 9. 44 A radio announcer. CHRYSTAI. HOLDA, "Chrys"- -Likes to read novels--Dis- likes stouges Memher of 75, 72. 45. 08 A future C. P. A. MILDRED HOLEC. "Mills"- -Likes to play and sing with a guitar Dislikes lmmewurk and "sl1ow-Otis''----Member of 42, 50, 51, 45, 33, 48, 85, 44- -An opera singer. ROBERT HOLUBIK. 'lCurley"- -Interested in photography anzl sports Likes potato salarlf-Menzher of 29 CLetter and Chcvronj, 17, 71, 75fA draftsman. IRENE HORAK. "1key"fI.ikes to dance and ice-skatc-- Yum Yum ice-cream -Memher of 74, 42, 70, 45, 80, 48 CChmn.l ROSE IIRADSKY. "Rosie"---Likes to sing: and skate-Cub lects pictures of movie stars--Memher of 43 CLetterJ, 65- Hupes to limi a good jolm, ROBERT IIRONEC. "Iiuhhy"--Interested in music and radio --Dislikes "painted" girls-Memhcr of 75, 25, 40, 9---A future orchestra leader. Page Ninety ELEANOR Hl'l5lCEK. "Link"- Likes to play piano NVilfl ahout "french fries"- -Active on l. 80 1I'res.J, 70, fChmn.J. 48. 43. 41. 42 QRep.J, fLetter and Chevronj, , . 22, 79 75 14 SHIRLEE I.. ILLICH. "Lee"-fEnj0ys all sportsfspecial weakness fur 'I'-lmne steaks Has taken part in 42, 45, 65, 21, 81. 72. 51. 33---A tuture Movie Commentator. EDWARD JEROLYSEK. "ju Ju"--Enjoys all sports-Extra special weakness fur Kneclliky and Zeli Active in 44, 75, 60 - Printer. GEORGE JEZEK, Favorite sport, hasehallf Active in 3-A Engineer. RICHARD JIRAN. "Dick"fEnjoys 1NIodel Building and all sports---Special weakness for Hamburgers--Active in 12, 9, 17 - A future aviator. LAVVRENCE IOHNSON. t'Laurie"+Spc-mls time collecting souveniers-Takes part in 44, 39 Capt.j, 20, 6, 7 QMgr.J-A future airplane mechanic in the If. S. Air Corps. FRANK KACZOR. 4'Lefty"- -Likes all sports --Bfemher of 6 QLetterl, 38 CLetterj. 9. 72, 39--Hopes to further his education. JAMES KALAL. '4Ji1n" Plays the accorr1ianfInterested in stamps--Active in 3. 13 fPres.J, 44, 75--Automobile dealer. ANTOINETTE KASALOVSKY. "Tony'liInterested in the opera---Dislikes gossips- -Memher of 44, 42. 43 --An opera star. IIELEN KASE. "Kaskal'- Likes to bowl----Dislikes conceited people--Member of 42 fOutcluor Chairmanl, 71, 45, 5 fChmn.D, 57 CChmn.D. OLGA KLENIFHUK. "Klein" Likes to play haselxall and FRANCES KERSTEIN. "Kers"--Likes to read. swim. and hike- Enjoys thc works of Tchaikowsky- -Memher of 42. 39, 19 ---- Psychiatrist. EVELYN KLEBBA. "Evie"fAll sports hold her attention-- Dislikes noisy eaters-Memher of 43 tLetter7. 42. 03, 45- Vt'ould like to be a nurse. other sports -Dislikes homework-Member of 79. 58. 42. 57, 72 -A future Red Cross Nurse. JAMES KOCEK. "Jimmy"--Likes to ice skate. but dislikes snolsluish girls--Can't resist good Bohemian t'oodfMemlwer of 46 C2 lettersl, 38 fletterb- -Hopes to retire at 35. JOSEPH G. KOLUDER. "Jay Koo" -Farragufs fashion leader Enjoys good food, music and girls--Member 38, 75 42 yrs.J, 72 tl yrs.l. 39 -Gym 'llL'HCl'l91'. ELA-INE ROTRBATY. "Motts"- -Enjoys swimming and dancing-Dislikes gossips and stag linesfftlember ot' 4 Qletter, 14 ineilalsb, 57, 42. 80. 13, 25, 58 A dress designer. XYILL1AM'KOZELI'H. "Koz"--Likes to build model air- planes Active in 6 tLetterl. 7 Cffapt., Letterl. 71. 61 tClnnn.J -- llopcs to continue his education, JERRY KR.X1lEf', "Jenn Appreciates lioth girls and food - Neinluer of 9 CLettcrj. ROBERT KRAL. A'liuli"--lnteresteil in all sports Dislikes unladylike girls -VVild about kncdliky and zeli lllemlwer of 44. 79 Hopes to secure a steady jolt. LEONA KRASOVVSKI. "Eb"--Likes horse- swimming-Member of 2, 5-Commercial art hack riding and her goal. ROBERT KREK. "Happy"fLikes all sports-Dislikes "crum- my" parties---Favorite, roast duck--Member S4 Cltledalsb, 22, 9--An army pilot. of 38 tLetterJ, ELAINE KRISTUFEK. "Bunny"- -Enjoys dancing--Member of 42, 23, 16, 44, 29, 794A future mannequin. MILDRED KUKLA. "Kukiel'- Likes to dance and play volley ball- Member of 42, 73. 50--A future othce girl. RVTH KRIZ. "Krizie"- -Likes to read- -Hates gum chewing --Member of 53, 43 tLetterJ, 44 CCapt.J, 01--A red-cross nurse. JOSEPH KYONKA. "Joe"---Meinber of 75, 45, 4 C14 medals, Band and Ensemlxlej, 57. CHESTER LACH. L'C'has." Enjoys all sports. Chemistry and Reading---Has taken part in 45, 75, 85, 67, 0, 5- -Chemical engineer. GEORGE LAHOTKA. "Ezra"fEnjnys flying4Active in 38, o Hopes to secure a steady job. VIOLET LEHMAN' "Y"-Enjoys swimming, skating. and dancing- Has a special weakness for good dancers Active in 42, 25, 71, 44, 45, 19 and 69 Ambition to he a great dancer. PEARL LEVINE. "l'ecky"- -Likes dancing- -Extra special weakness for tall. dark. and handsome lioys-AActive in 42. and 52- NVill lie a future teacher. LE ROY LINHART. "Bud"--Enjoys all sports---Has a special weakness for pretty girls Active in 8. 44. 2.1 Am- bition to travel. anuary C ass of 1941 ROLAND JIOELLIIR, "Ronm't"'- Liktxr all A'fl0l'f.T Iiixlikzu 1111111-t'II1"1L'fl1!l g1'rl.v--Gozxv in for turkcy di-HIIFTSY".4t'if1-Tl' in 55 IPrcs.2, 8 ISrr.j, 78, 19 fflinnj, 45, 39, 75-- A dz'r'rf1':inm 11'hu'. MOELLER KERSTEIN KLEBBA KLEMCHUK KOCEK KOLUDER KOTRBATY KOZELUH KRABEC KRAL KRASOWSKI KREK KRISTUFEK KUKLA KRIZ KYONKA IACII LAIIOTKA LEHMAN LEVINE LINHART MACIK . MADI, MARKO MARTINA McCORMACK MIKO MILLER MOREC MROFKA MUEHRCKE MUNDIL MUSIL NADLE NATZKE NEBRENSKY PAGANI PANCNER PAROWSKI PETRI PETRICK PESA I?Lli.'1.YORIf PESA. "Bt1Ivy Rr'zz"'- fllujoyx .vnz'1'11f1 .v01r1'1'111'r.v,' c0Il1'rfz'nf7 f1a111N1IvI'.v: and n1l1t'r!1uyf pivtzriuxv of Illyrmi Lay .4t'l1'z'f' in -12, 69. 71. 711. 70, am! 80 -.-lozlvilfon is tu Ivwnuzf' an llIIdl'f0V' --Bn.v1'm'.rs ,'lIar1t1g1c1', azrdztor, rrporlw' and ,lltziuiyfingl vzlifur of .Siwullf 'Quill and Scroll tlTi'f1l'A1. .ianuary lass of 1941 IIICNRY Klklilli. "iinlliv8r" Likss all sports -Dislikes 1'ccll1carlsf tion-s in for lvlonilc-s in a lvig: wayffllt-inlmCr of 004' A good printvr. CLAIJYS BIAIJL. 'tiilaclu Likes to rvacl anfl skvtcli Mom- lrcr of 45, 34. 74, SU, 42 .X care-cr woman. llliI.l'IN MARKO. "lllon4lic'V -.X territiic lnovic fan WBIBIII- lmer of 19. 811. 29. 42. 44 .X future CIPA. LaYICRNli lXl.XR'l'IN,X. 'tI.oVey"- 'Enjoys seeing good movies 4--Dislikes 'tsliow-otts'V AIt'll'llIC'l' of 42, 80. 2U A C0llllilOIIll'tl"l' operator. FRANCICS NICCORINIAVK, "Sis" f'ollcv:ts sonrenivrs Grcat weakm-ss for uniforms Bleinlucr of 42 Ilopt-s to lvccomc "func 1nau's stL'uo." JOHN MIKO. 'lMik" lntc-rcsteml in stamps - Dislikes "hack slapping" frienrlsff-VYQ-akut-ss for steak ancl frcncli fri:-s Mem llcr 55, 23. 58. 27, 82. 9--.Xu aviator, RICHARD MILLER, "DiCk"fInteresterl in rarlio and all sports- Ilislikt-s pcssimists Hcinlmcr of 17, 63. 67. 3. 134-A future radio QI'lgI1lt'C1'. IZYELYN MORICC. "Evcy"-Likes to see lwskt. lwall ggamcsf- Dislikes wc-ak-niinclerl lmoys Mciulrer of 42, 14. 44. 43 -I-Iopes to be a success. DOROTIIY MROFKA, "Ilottv"- Likes to rc-afl anrl tlance. Dislikes sarcastic peoplcf lNIem11er of 42. 62, 65, Rl. 72. 51. 23' -I-lopa-s to lrcconw a good stenograplier. MARIE HTVICIIRCKE. "lXIurpl1v" -Interested in flramatics - -Ilislikcs gossip -ale-lnlurr of 45769. 71, 30, 42 CLette1'1. 31. 41. F9 Au accountant. Pagf' Nilwfy-fu'0 XY I-IS LEY M UNIJIL. "VVes"4Plays a "nu-an" clarinet- DIt'llliJL'l' ot' .3 tI.L'ttcrJ, 5 tLm-tterj, 71. 30. JU, 17, SSYAH orchestra leader. MARY MI'SlL. MT. R." Enjoys sports anal reamlingffDis4 likes lJr:u4'g'arts-fSpL-cial weakness for clothes- -IlIeiul1er of 40. 58. .io .X typist. FLORENCE NADLE. 'iFlossie"-Enjoys roller-skating and souvenir collecting fXYcakncss for organ swing 1llllSlCr 1Xct1vC in 42. 45, 75. 37. and 42' A future stenograpller. RAY N.X'l'ZKl'l. "Gnats"--Spends time on plmtography and piano accormlian- Ifxtra special weakness: plum flnmplings and small girls---Active in 72. and 11--A future Civil engineer. MARILYN NEIERIENSKY. "IlIair"-Finds special enjoyment in C0l'l'r'SlJU!lIllIlgI NYeakncss is llauana splits- Active in 42- Amlmition is to speak foreign languages fluently. .XDEIJXF1 PACANI. "SatCl1"-Enjoys playing the piano anfl ilancing Special weakness for RaviolifActivc' in 14. 44. 75. XO. 43. and 22 .Xmlnition to do secretarial work. FRIED PANCER, "Pants"fEnjoys all sports-fActire in 45. 15. LORRAINE PAROVVSKI. "Lot"-Enjoys playing the ac- cortlinn-Active on 53, and 45--Ambition to be air hostess. SHIRLEY PICTRI. "Susie"-Enjoys dancing. swimming and footlmall games -.Xctivc in 44, 42. and 48. GEORGE PITTRICK. 'KI'cte"f Enjoys saving' stamps. clancinfz 4 Active in 75. 72. 44. 51, and 60'-flinginr-er. LONRAINE PINTA. "Pima"-Enjoys bowling. plmn-grapliy. swinnning- -Special weakness for inalu-cl milks Activa- 44, S, 42 and 36- Wishes tu Ivccume an c-Hicicnt we-cu-tzii'y. LURRAYNE POPOVICH. "GrEenie"-Enjoy- dancing anvl full:-1' skating Spa-cial weakness lui' rake-s ,Xctivu in 75. 14. 42, 77, and 08--XYisl1e-s to he a social vvurki-r an4l trawl. IQSTIIICR RABINOVITZ. "lCssie"- Lilac- In wfiu- Nlmrt elnriesfllislikes siilu-i'inr people Gm-s in fm' -wing music-- Mcinlrur of 52, 42, 75, 39 ,X Ri-cl Vruw Xinxu. WILLIAM REILLY. "Bill"-Likes to nmkc CZITIOUIIQ Liki-N Bohm-inian people ML-inlmcr of 78, 9. ll.:-tu-rl I-7 flax-5.1 llopcs tu bcvnnlc a cnnnncrcial cartoonist. ,IUIIN ROHS. "Rosey"1Activc on 68 lX'ic:--1,11-4,3 SN 11.1-tic-rl 71. 31, 54 .X fnturi- L-lvctrical l'lIgllIl'l'I'. RORIQRT ROLONEC. "BuI1"fC0lluctS sIannw lim-s in fm' "lIInn1Ic-Q' in a Ixig way- Enjoys fnotlrall anel Iva-elmall -,X machinist- M1-inlwcr of SS. 7. 0. YIIJIA SADA. "MickCy"- Cnllvcts fasliiun picture- Dil- likca Cmuimm-ite-il people Gm-Q in fur potato cliips Active on 44, 42. 80. 16, 43- -A private si-crctary. NORMAN SCHULTHESIS. "SchulIz"-Intcrf-Nic-fl in stznnp- -Dirlikvs "L-xlliluitionists"---Likes Iwcaclcsl iwurlx clumps Active in 72, 35 1l.L-Itcrl. 41 QLCIICYI- -An eiigim-cr, XLXDELINE SETGESTA, "Lyllnv.-"-- Enjoys luuwlimz anil Nwini- ining-Cm-5 in fm' hm fnilga- snnilacs INIL-n1Iwc-1' uf MJ, 45. 42. 75. Qlgllnpm-N lu sonic' clay visit Taliiii. DORIS SITIDENSTICKER, "Doi'ry"---Colle-Cti dancv ri-crn'iI4 f-Gm-S in fur Imim-cunkiiig - .Xctivv on I. HID. 75 Private se-orc-tary. FRANK SEJTKA. "Shake"-Can't ftanml fm-llnws who fall for the same girl lie mines Liki-5 gnml ilam-i-1'w Klcnilucr nl 2.1. 45 Ll'rcs.J. 57 Ihlemlalrrl, 09. I3 'l'ri-af, of flaws A chunical i-m.:im-cr. ,IOSl'Il'l'l SINSKY. "jus"--Dislikes "Mm-I4-1111 girl-" lim-N in ini' Imriiiic-tics anzl :luck dinners Sli-inlu-r of 4-I. 55. Ss Iii-I rich. FRANK SKACII. "SkatcI1"-Plays Il "nu-am" Nax Likw :III Npnrls Blelillur uf 23, 4, 5 .X 1'I'IN'iIll' anvil-t:ix'3. I"Ii.XNCliS SLOSMAN. 'KFan"- Lila-5 In fciica- Sli-inlwi' of 43. n9. 42. UQ. 23. fn llopn-f In lbk'C1IIlIx' a pwyrlinlugist. SUl'llll'2 SlNlAii.XJ. "S, Il."- l,ikL's :ill wpnrleg nicc Clullh-Q Xl:-nllvei' nf 42. 4.3. 53 l'l1ysiL'aI uliirziiimi In-iivlu-1'. IMXIIIDIIC SMEKAL. "Lad"-Iiiti-1'i-stwl in iiri-arnis Kln-inlu-1' uf 9 KIA-ttci' ansl Clic-vrunl. 52. If. J5i'n"yI XYan1s In inakc ninnc-5. I.I'L'll.l.I-I SHIRT. "Li1Cy"+l.il4L-4 in nlamcm- -HIL-iiilwi' nf 4.5 Llxhc-i'I. 42. SU. 22. 53 ,X C:li'i-ci' wnnlan, NIARIIC SNYDICR. "flIcx"'- -lin-iny plaiing Ilim- niann and dancing: Me-inlwi' ut' 4 lla-tti-1' :incl NI:-mlalsl. 42. Stl. 141-F53 57 - l'rivato Sm-c'3. I..X YICRNIC SUl'Kl7I'. "law:-y" I.iIii-s tu play Ilia- niann ancl colli-ct Qniivviiin-i's Xlcinln-1' nf 711, I. 42. and SLI Office Rctcptiniiist. i'.X'l'llliRlNli SOVIS. "K:i5"- lawn-Q sliuwing' Kim-llilu-r of 42. 43. 4.3. anrl 75 XYisl1c-4 In ini-ct many nici- pc-nplv. anllar lass of 1941 Ix'l'l7OI.1lll 1'l'Z.'II.-IX. "lx'1nly" Ifu'r'uy.v all .rf'm'l.v, uv'rln'1'y. amz' Imilrlfzlff nmn'rl yiivfafx - 11 -I I 7 4 .-Irfxfw nn-mlvw' nf ll, J, 7 , -If, Fl, .3, lf, and 67 -Ifu1yr1'1u'r1'---I?.1'f-Nt Lay ,SIIILWIIIIIII - Stroll R4'furf1'l'. PIIZKI AN PINTA POPOYICII Rl-XBINOYITX RIilI.I.Y ROHS ROLEN ICC S.-XDA SCI IULTHEIS SISBESTA SIEIDENSTIIZKER SEJTKA SINSKY SKACI I SLOSMAN SNIAGAJ SMEKAL SKIRT SNYDIER SOIIKLTP SOYIS ELSIE STEJSKAL. "Els"-Likes to dance and skate--Dis likes "Know-it-alls'5 :Member of 75, 42, 50, 32, 33---Stenog- rapher. VIOLETTE SVETCOV. "Vi"-Likes to play piano-Has habit of getting "crushes"--Member of 4, 42 CLetter and Medalsl. EDNA SVOBODA. "Midge"-Interested in dramatics and in books-Dislikes dull people--Member of 70, 44, 42, 75, 45, 69, 25, 59-A librarian. DYMITREA TEMPLEMAN. KiDlHlH1lCly+ElljOj'S letter writ- ing-Special weakness for fried chicken--Active on 44, 52-- An air hostess. MILDRED TRAXL. "Millie"-Enjoys swimming and sun bathing--Special weakness tor a car--Active in 75, 45, 69, 42. -Spanish correspondent's private secretary. EDVVTN TRIECLAFF. "Trigger"-Enjoys all sports and dancing--Weakness tor pretty brunettes and malted niilks--- Active in 45, 56, 69, 71, 7. 23, 9.-A future Fire Prevention Engineer or radio announcer. BIARIE TUMPACH, "Mit"---Enjoys writing, saving book- marks and souvenirs-Extra special weakness for being stub- born-Active in 39, 42, 80, 1. EMIL URBAN. "Lefty"-Enjoys music and stamp collecting: -Extra special weakness for malted milks-Active in 45, 72- XVishes to become a great musician, EMMA URBAN. "Millie"-Enjoys playing the piano. collect- ing recipes and souvenirs-Special weakness for music-Active in 37, 42, 72, 62- -YVishes to become successful in the com- mercial world aml to travel. FAY H. VAVRINEK Likes reading and hiking-VVeakness for ice-cream-Member of 53, 43 CV. Pres. and Letterj, 71, 45, 42-Wishes to become a comptometor operator. OLGA VENHUDA. "Donna Rita"-Likes writing short stories and collecting autographs of famous people--Member of 70, 42, 75. 10, 64, SO, 45, 69--Vl'ishes to be an author. JOHN VITT. "Vitt"- Likes all sports-VVeakness for roast chicken and dumplings-Active on 10-A future printer. JOSEPH YUKASOVIC. l'Joe"- Enjoys all sports---XVeakness is pretty girls-Active in 6, 7. 79, 9, 72---VK'ishes to be a major league player or a machinist. NICHOLAS VVARDELL, "Nick"--Enjoys good books-Dis likes "Pep talks"--Likes pretty girls-fllember of 38 fLetterl -Wants to make a lot of money. GEORGE VVILLIAMS. "VVilly"-Enjoys all sportsf-VVeak- ness for "loud" clothes--Member of 5. 17-VVants to be a commercial designer. GEORGE VVTMMER. "Lefty" liocs in for swimming and lee skating-Member of 44. 75- -lVants to travel. JAMES ZACH. 'lJimmy"-Interested in all sports- Dislikes snoblnsh. girls--Member of 6 and 38 Ccliampsj 60 To get along with people. GEORGIANA ZEMICEK. "Georg"- Likes to sing and ice skate--Dislikes 'Sshow-olfs"- lllember of 42. 43 flctterl, G5 - File clerk. JOHN' ZOUBEK. 'lZoub"--Goes in for basketball and horse- back riding-Can't understand women- -Member of 7 CLetterl ' Vocation unmlecimlcll. anuar C ass of I9-41 ARTHUR F. VONDRICK. "S1iark0"-Likes dancing, singing, and all ,vportx-Actf'L'r' on 7, 45 II'res.j, 9 fl"1'Cv l'1'Ps.j, 70, 75, 69, 23, 6 f.'lIg1'.j, 31, 71, 21-Barkvtbnll roach-- Spovt columnist, prc.v1'dm1t of Honor Society-Clz0.vrn for this More berrrzfrc he is a ffm' mnmple of a typical, wlzolcsome, all-round high school boy. STEJSKAL SVETCOV SVOBODA TEMPLEMAN TRAXL TRIECLAFF TUMPACH E. J. URBAN E. M. URBAN VAVRINEK VENHUDA VITT VUKASOVIC WARDELL WILLIAMS WIMMER ZACH ZEMCIK ZOUBEK VONDRICK T0 2,11 emnriam NORMAN ROEHRIG 1 9 2 2 - 1 9 4 O We miss him sorr, whose eager soul, Poised high for sjzorfs and szzddmz mirfh, Had almosf in xvholasiic' ran' Rz'ua'hc'r1 gfl1dIlHfi0l7,S cherishvd goal. His lowly 7I10fb!'I',S joy and f7l'I!Il', Ha marfr fond plum for fufzlre yrars, 111111 nighflvy whvu his 'work was flow, Hz' knvlf in jrrayvr uf hw' Jvar xin'z'. Thwz l'dlIt'II' fhf Lord in Lll'l'l'IlfS swrvf In ronffrmufioifx sarrml rifvg Thr' las! fimc' af Lake Cdfl7l'7'ilII',X shorr, "Como, follow Mr' fo fuflvlfxs light." Om' cry for hvljv. The 'zvufvrs rlosvzf. Ana' our lowrl frivml in 110660 rc'fmsr'zf. By Miss MARY B. RHEUD12 NORMANIS DIVISION TEACPIER CLASSM TE Y 4' ehiraieh 7 Ig iz- Qfler,-asa Ejanusrrg 1541 Pugc' Niwly-hw CHESTER LACI-I HENRY EHRICH FRANK SEJTKA MARIE KROC INVITATION AND DECORATION COMMITTEE .... IRENE HORAK BIRs SCHELL CLASS DAY COMMITTEE ............. .... R OLAND MOELLER BMS RHEU CLASSCWTTCERS RING AND PIN COMMITTEE ............ . . . . . .FRANK ARIENT President Hhs HHLMEYH CHESTER LACH SENIOR DANCE COMMITTEE ............. ELEANORE HUBICEK MISS CADY V ice-President SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEE ............ ..... F RED PANCNER HENRY EHRICH hdws CULVER Treasurer CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE .......... .... R OBERT BLAZEK T MR. PROTTSMAN FRANK SEJTKA COLOR, MOTTO, AND FLOWER COMMITTEE ..... EMMA URBAN Secrezary MRS. SCHELL SENIOR TEA COMMITTEE .............. .... J ERRY GABA Elms CADY PRINTING COMMITTEE ............. I ..... EDWARD JEROUSEK MRBumM COLORS! SENIOR BANQUET COMMITTEE ......... ..... H ELEN KASE Red, IVIIIIQ and Blue MISS- HILLEMEYER FLOWER: FINANCE COMMITTEE ................. ..... F RANK SEJTKA v . , MRS' SCHELL M lute CEIPIIZIIIOII SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE ........... . . .WILLIAM KOZELUH LIOTTO: MISS CULVER Full Sp90cI AIIRQIII CLASS GIFT COMMITTEE ............. ..... H ENRY EHRICH Elms CADY CHAIRMAN OF CENTRAL COMMITTEE. . . . . . .Miss CULVER ELECTION COMMITTEE ............... .... NI ISS Page Ninely ' CULVER RALPH QUATRINE WINFIELD HELD CHARLES HLINKA FRIEDA JANTZ JUNE CLASS 0F 1941 C CLASS OFFICERS CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE ........ MR. PROTTSMAN .JARMILLA TALLA P'eSide"t DECORATION COMMITTEE ............. ..... L EOM LANZEL RALPH QUATRINE MISS EDWARDS . . SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEE .......... .... . AUGUST MACHURA Vzce-President MISS CULVER WINFIELD HELD v 1 PIN AND RING COMMITTEE .......... .... S IDNEY ROTH Treasure, MR. FISHER CHARLES HLINKA FINANCE COMMITTEE ............... ..... C HARLES HLINKA MRS. DOYLE 5eC'e""Y SENIOR TEA COMMITTEE ..........,. .... E LEINOR LOIDOLT FRIEDA JANTZ MISS BURSIK SENIOR GIFT COMMITTEE ......... ..WINI-'IELD HELD MISS O,LEARY COLORS: CLASS DAY COMMITTEE ............. ..... H ENRY SCHMIDT EIIIDIQIII Red and XVIIIIO MISS DRAU-'3 N Y SENIOR BANQUET COMMITTEE ...... .... V IOLA KROSLAK I4 MR. RINKER R94 Calmfloll PRINTING COMMITTEE .........,.... ..... H ENRY MARTIN MOTT0: MR. BLOOM , Fumu, Not to Disappoiut the PROM COMMITTEE .................. .... C EORCE SUSTEIL MRS. BECK Hope Of the VVOIIIII ELECTION COMMITTEE ............ SENIOR DANCE ............. MISS BURSIK . . . .MR. MILLER . . , ..... .... L ORRAINE EIS Page Ninety-seven ADAMAITIS AIRHART BAJ EK BAKER BARDA BARTA BARTEK BARTHOLOMEW BENDA BLAHUT BLOOMFIELD BLUMBERG BOBEK BOBISUD BONFIELD BOUZEK BRAUN BREDA BROUSIL BROWN l BURDA CAKLIILLA HURDA. "Hrj?ir"--A11 amatrnr fwlayfiiriylzt- -Artzbe in 42 Kieffer and flirt'- 701152, 39, 45-A foreign currc.vp0nde11!tfActizfc mvmbvr in 9 dlif4'TC71f gr0u,'v.r-Special Sl'P'T'1'L'U in G. A. 11. and Forum. 'une ffass of RITA ADAMAITIS. "Ritzl'--Goes in for baton twirling- - Dislikes history outlines- -Member of 70, 45. 72 and 42 -A novelist. CLARENCE AIRHART. "Clar"-Interested in all sports-- Hates cut slips and teachers who send them---Member of 38 fLetterJ, 46 QLette-rj, 23, 3--A professional football player. EDWARD BAJEK. "Ed"-Goes in for basketball-Likes girlsfMember of 07, 75-4A machinist. MARY BAKER. "Mar"-Likes to play a violin-Pet peeve: conceited people'-Member of 57, 42, 45, 69, 70, 52, 39, 50 and 23-A business woman. CHARLES BARDA. "Chuck"-Enjoys traveling-Special weakness for rescuing Hdanisels in distress"-'A business man. JOSEPH BARTA. "Joe"-Likes bowling-Despises home- work-- Member of 3, 75- -A commercial artist. EMIL BARTEK. "Lefty"-Likes to solve mysteries-Enjoys hearing the latest hit songs--Future big league player. DOROTHY BARTHOLOMEVV. "Dutch"-Like to read and dance-Dislikes noisy eaters-Members of 42, 23---An ad- venturess. ROSE BENDA. "R0sie"f-Plays the 'French Horn -Likes roller and ice skating- --Active in 3, 55, 43, 40 CLetterD, 674 To continue her education. MTLDRED BLAHUT. "Millie"-Likes all sports- -Dislikes snohs---Member of 40, 43, 50, 42, 6, 23, 39, 15--A private Selffetilfy. Page Nirwfy-eighl 1941 LILLIAN BLOOMFIELD ."Harris"-Enjoys sports of all kinds--Special weakness ior tootball players-'Member of 22, 40-A professional model. STANLEY IELLMBERG. "Pr0fess0r"- Interested in poetry and great masterpieces. Enjoys beautiful music-Member of 37, 73 Business man. RAYMOND BOBEK. "Bing"-Enjoys ice skating, fishing and dancing- Active in 44 tpetterj, 223A future basketball coach. ROBERT BOBTSUD. "l3ob"- -Likes to make model airplanes fDislikes false friendsfMember of 43. 67-An airplane mechanic. JOHN RONFIELD. "Bonnie"fLikes to loaf- -Enjoys good hooks-Member of 84 CL:-tterb, 36 fLetterJ, 69, 70 CPres.j, 42 fCapt.J-VVants to live a happy life. BIARJORIE BOUZEK. "Marge"fLikes to roller skate- - lylember of 40. 27. 70 -Has hopes of becoming an air hostess. ROBERT BRAUN. "Bob"fEnj0ys swimming' and dancing-N Likes milk-shakes---Member of 72-A "grease monkey." EILEEN BREDA. "I"fEnjoys dancing and swimming+Dis- likes gunrcrackers--Member of 72, 42, 69, 29-A stenographer. FRANK BROUSIL. "Sil"--Enjoys all sports Has grievance against women bowlers Member of 8fVVOuld like to travel. TEAN BROVVN. "Red"-Passion for red clothes and chop suey-Membei of 42, 72, 39, 75-A dress designer. DOROTHY BURCHFIELD. "D0t"ffLikcs to make scrap- booksfllislikes untidy llCO1llC"lN1C1llll61' ut 42, 73. 43fA "songbird." JAMES BURDA. "Jimmy"--Interested in pliutographyf Spe- cial weakness for blondes -Likes to bowl- fVVants to take an aeronautics course. LORRAINE BUSCHALTER. "Butch"- Likes to dance and roller skate- -Member ot 4.1. 69. 4 Qlxfttcr and Medalsh, 45, 75--A successful business woman. ELAINE BUSZKIEXVICZ. "Sentimental"- Enjoys bicycle riding 'Dislikes conceited people--fMember of 42. 70. 43, 45f- A career woman. FRED CAKORA. "Fritz"fSaves stamps- Dislikes girls who look like painted lndiansf-Enjoys bowling To bc a good sportsman. CATHERINE CANIK. "Kitty"---Enjoys bowling. swimming and tennis-fLikes bruncttcs Member of 42, 75. 45. 42fA good nurse. TERRY CARPENTER. "Red"f Enjoys hunting and Fishing - Dislikes fads-AMember of 6 llopes to get a good job. MARY CARRABOTTA. "Mar"- Likes dancing and sketch- ing--fDislikes "two-timers'V Member of 42 CLcttcr and Chev- roni, 72. 45. 43, 69, 32--A secretary. RAYMOND CECH. "Check" Likes to play king-kong' Of Course his weakness is girls XVants an ordinary job with ordinary pay. PETER CHARTIONNEAU. "Pete"---Makes model airplanes - -Dislikes conceited girls-f Member of 71, 9 CLcttcr5. 119. 45' - Hopes to bc a success, llll FRED CHOTT. 'tFritz"-'Likes to draw cartoons Dislikes "fair-weather t'riends"f Member of 9. 45. 119. 7l- A commer- cial artist. FRANCES CHRASTKA. "Dollie" Likes all sports Crazy about chocolate ice cream ltlembcr of 14, 42, 44. 23, 39. o9 f A successful business woman. AGNES CIMRALISTA. 'tlllackieu Makes a hobby out of meeting people Great weakness for olives -ltlember of 42. 47 CPres.J- A dress-designer. LESTER COHN. t'Les"- Enjoys classical music Kleinber of 30, 75, 45. 69. 70. 51. 70. 59 'A research doctor. LVCILLE COLE. "Frenchie" Enjoy- dancing and bowling - Likes soft romantic music Member of 23, 42, 7ll NYants to go to Texas. BETTY COMER, "Nets" Likes all sports Dislikes con- eeited people Member of 4.2. 72 XVants to become a grad- uate nurse. ALVIN COOPER. "Al" Enjoys sports anil reading Dis- likes hypocrites Member of 38. 75. 70 A criminal lawyer. NVILLIAM CRAINE. "Bill"- Iuterestefl in radio work Member of 35. oi. 55. 76. 1.9 .X radio operator. HELEN FVNR. "Red" Likes dancing and skating' llisl likes nosey people Member of 79. 42. 45, o'-J, 72. .ill To be. come an BLD, ELEANORE DANEK. "Norie"--Enjujs skating and dau"- ing- Member of 43 LLctterJ. 53. ZS. 71. 119, 42. 44 .X good stcnographer. C ass of 1941 .4I.H'Y.Y CIIOIJOIC.-I, 'I-11" ffujujx-.r roller Xlfllflillfl and dllllflilljl' fDi.vI1'l.'1'.v f01zn'z't4'r1 fwufvlv--JWz'n1lvFr of 68, 85, 43, 67, 71' -I.Sim'.2, 48 fTr4'u.r.Q, 22, 37- -C'.l'.."1.' --17111 out- Sftllldlillff work on flu' '-IU and '41 1.017 as fvlmtourafliy cdffrlr. CHODORA BURCHFIELD BURDA BUSCHAUER BUSZKIEWHCZ CAKORA CANIK CARPENTER CARRABOTTA CECH CHARBONNEAU CHOTT CURASTKA CIMBALISTA COIIN COLE COMER COOPER CRAINE CUNK DANEK DANTINO DEAL DEMPSEY, .l. DEMPSEY, W. DESCHAMBEAU DOBBERTIN DOBESH DONARSKI DRABEK DRNEK DUNOVSKY DVORAK M. DYORAK DWYER EIS ERCIIULL FAIKUS FARRELL FENCL FERREE DORFMAN CERTRFIPII DOIfF.'ll.4A'. "Orrin" 'LI'kt'.Y to wan' Drfcxfx T111'di1n'.v.v-A.4ri1'z1f in 76 fl'rt'.v.l. 70 fIfr1'.!. 45, 62, I9 .4 fulnrr Iilwurialz All nruzrlid 1'.rt'1'II1'r1t slildmif, .vfrfml .rt'rz'zt't' wr Hn' Scroll 111111 Siirdcllt G1r1'dam'f. tune ffass of JOSEPH DANTINO. "Cutic"fEu,ioys lmasclmall and tlauciug - Mcinlmcr of 9 Hopes to lat-couic at luig league player. JAMES DEAL. 'KJiui"--Appreciates good music Enjoys trav- eliugff-Mcuilzer of 72, 9- Hopes to join Cliieagtfs police force. JACK DEMPSEY. 'KStrap"fI.ikes all Sports-fActive in 78 Cl.etterl, 3. 44 tf'apl.,J, 75. 72, 58' Desires. to enter cn- giueeriug Held. VVIELTANT DEBIPSEY. Ullilll'-+Likes ping-potlgg'-YYiltl allout milk shakes -Active on RS. 7. o fAu electrical cngineer. GEORGE DESCHAMREALY "Dasl1"-Collects pins and nictlals- Member of 8, 55, 35. 9. 21 f-Hopes to succeed in all he undertakes. DORIS DOI-HZERTIN. "lJoliln"- Collects soux'cuirs-flJi:- likes conceitcd people Likes to catffllenilmcr uf 42, 4444 VVants to get nlicacl. AGNES DORESH. 'tAg"fl.ikes lvicyclingz :intl roller skating: ffActive on 70 COftice Blg.I1'.'fT1l4lllE'l'l, 44, o9, 42. 39- An ottice receptionist. EUGENE DONARSKL L'Gene"-Likes all sports Appref mates lreautiful girlsf-Active in 75, 70. fi, 35. 23, 9'-An electrical engineer. STELLA DRABEK. 'KStc'l"?DislikQs conceitetl pcoplefLovcs cauclysllfenilver nf 42 -VVoultl like to tour Soutli America. EDVVARD DRNEK. "Eddie'y-Plays drums with small lwanvl gllislikes jittcrlmugs-f'Member of 9 fLetter5. 75fXYants to be a success. Page Om' Hundrvd 1941 DOROTHY DUNOVSKY. "Dot"-Intc-rcstcrl in lmth typcs of skating --Sp:-cial weakness mr atliletcs -Aitinlrcr of 69, 4, 57-fA pharmacist. ETH EL DVORAK. "Etl1"-f'LikcS to keep SC1'Zl1!-l.JOUkS'-hIClll- ber of 42, 72, 73, 39fA private secretary. MARY ANN DVORAK, 'tMickey"--Likes all sportswlloes in for footlvall lteroes---Meinlrei' of 42, 44, 23--'Ari aviatrix. JACK IJXVYER. "'lack"f fl,ikes all sports' -Dislikes home- work -XVild aliout corncd beef and calmllagef-Melnber of 34 A sports star. LORRAINE ETS. "Tsh"- Enjoys dancing and lmwling-Dis like-s conccitctl boys' Menilicr of 76, 71, 45, 80, 75, 42, 69, 70 -WA typist. DALLAS ERCHULL. "Dal"-Likes to roller skatcfllasket- hall mauagerfA "grease monkey." TONY FATKUS. "Fake"-Enjoys Swiiiiiiiiilgffloes for K'lJlUllfl6'S,,7'luE'I'IllJCf of 78, 23- -Tn join the U. S. Navy. JOSEPH FARRELL. "Joe"--Likes basketluall-ltfenilrer of 37. 3' fA future sports star. GLADYS FENCE 'Ktilacl" lutercstecl iu all sports -Goes in for beautiful clotliesf-Menilmcr of 45, 72, 42, 23, 29-A beauty operator. BETTY FERREE, "Bets"-Likes swimming and dancing-A llemlser of 43. 23. 47, 42' A future air hostess, EMIL FILIP-Enjoys all sports, Hshiug and liuntingfSpe- cial weakness for girls- Active in 9, 69, 38-VVants to travel. EDWARD FORBES. "Frog"-Enjoys roller skating---Special weakness for good food -Active in 0, 46, 23-A good job with little work and good pay. HELEN FORMANEK. "Boots"-Enjoys collecting coins and pinsfVVs-akness ia banana splits :it a certain placef-Member Of 75, 69, 42, 50, 39, 45. ROSE FORT. "Ro"-Enjoys collecting photographs-Special weakness for ice cream-Member of 42, 73 Wishes to get a good job that pays well. AIILDRED FRANCIK. "Mida"-Enjoys crochetiugfSpecial weakness for cokes- Member of 72, 4.2, 13- -A future stenog- rapher. GEORGE J. FUKA. "F0oka"+Enjoys reading dime novelQ-- Sociable redheaslw bewarew Member of 4 ffour yearsl, 45. 39, S, 23fTransport pilot, RILL GAGO-One of Farragut's ilhZ11llS,'fDElEStS jazz-how ties-lllember of 03, 394 Commercial radio operator. GEORGE GAMRINI. "Jay---Enjoys music -Detefts red nail polisll-lllemlwer of 4. 7 fManag.:erD Draftsman. LEONARD GARDNER-Enjoys discussion groups-Active in 15, 39-Biocllemiwt. CIIESTER GASIOR. "Greek"---Enjoys pliotoginpliy-akctive ln 13, 45, 9, 69--Business man. PATRICK GEARY. "Bud"-Enjoys all sports---NVeaknt-ss for good foodf-Member of 40, l.lf--Salesiuan. VVALTER GENIBALA. "XVally"-DetcSts being' called Gum- balls"-Rlondes beware Member of 13 Orchestra lender, WILMA GRATCHNER. "VV'ilIie"-Weakness for pretty clothes-Active in 70, 45. 45, 42 iLetterJ-Future private secretary. THADDEVS GRONKIEXYIVZ. "'l'e4l"- -Deli-sts conccitccl girls'-Member of 44, 45. l-'AVL GROSSBIAN. HJl'.H+lllfLl't'4f in re:1tliug4Men1bcr ot' 36, 25. MARGARET GULEZYNSKA. "lNIargie"fEnjoyS all sports -Yveakness "dark eyesu- Member of-12. 72, 39, 7---Secretary. RVTH HANVS. "Rutliic"-fliujoys tennis--YVcakticss for beautiful clothes- Member of 71. 42, 23. 29, 73fXVatits to travel. RALPH HARLA-Enjoys pllotograpliy-Loves fried chicken - Active in 57 Lpinsl, 75- Architect. GLENN HEINZ-Enjoys all sporta--Active in 3--Special weakness for liamhurgcrsw Pilot, XVINFTELD HELD. "XYinuic" Enjogw all sports- -Active in 6. 31 fchillflllllllj, 39, S, 25 Claw Vice-President-f'l'ool and die maker. une C ass of 1941 IIILDIIGARDE HORIi.'YI. "Il1'Idv"- -Collvfts llllfUfU'llf'Il.V of f41HLOH.V .vpi'tlkm'.t, mwmm'f:1'.v .filly fl0!'Wl.Y'M'IllILf.Y fa follow tvarlrirrgf or jour'm111'.tvx p1'of4'.v.tio11---.'lI4'mbvr of ffl, 7fm, li, 44, 69, 19, 26, 5, 51, 75 Quill and Scroll lzruzlrd L'o-rdllim' of tllt' IGH Iafgr, .Y..S'.l'..I. Ct7Il7'l'lIfft7l7. HORENI FILIP FORBES FORMANEK Y FORT FRANCIK FUKA GAGO CAMBINI GARDNER CASIOR CEARY CEMBALA CRATCHNER GRONKIEWECZ GROSSMAN CULCH HAMIS HARLA HEINZ HELD HINICH HITZEMAN HITZKE HLINKA H OJ DIK HRADEK HRDINA HROCH HUEBNER HU SA J ACIK J AN DA JARZAB JAWORSKI JINDRA JONKEL J U RCA JUSEWICH KABAT IZYDORSKI VIOLET IZYDOKSKI. "Vi"- fI1ztz'rf'.rfe'd in 7Ilft'I'f01' dCf01'GfIil1!l"DiS1ik?J noisy z'att'r.r and Imfd 1111711 clirfwnyz- fArti7m uuvazbvr of 42, 30, 69, 45, 42, 51' ls ills' .S7l1lHfllf01'1'HY1 of Juni' rlrzss Firtnrz' Tmrlicfz une Class of l94l SOPHIE IIINICH. t'S0pl1"- Enjoys all sports and collecting pictures'-Active in 42 A future beauty Operator. NORRERT C. HITZEMAN. "Hitz"ffDetests Speed Signs' - Special weakness is reckless driving -Active in 4, 75, 3, 67- A future undertaker. HARRY HITZKE. "Hitz"' 'Goes in for all sports- -Likes lmrunettes Memlmer of 7 tLctterl, 73. S ClNieclalsDfA mechan- ical engineer. CHARLES HLlNKA, "Cl1uck"fEnjoys collecting airplane picturesw Active in 71. 39. 78 13 Lettersl, 77. 23. and Class Treasurer- City Champion in Gymnastics-A future airplane mechanic. PAVL HOJDIK. "Hnnk"- -Detests girl smokers- Active in Xe -A future Arco mechanic. LEONARD HOJNECKT. "Leiy"- Enjoys all sportsf-fActivc in 21, 9 CLetterl, 75-fVK'isl1es to lie a C.P.A. VVESLEY HRADEK. "VW-s" Enjoys ping-pong Active in 57 CLetter, 4 yearsl- A future violinist. GEORGE HRDINA. "Howl" -lieware blondes--A future Aeronautical engineer- fTaken part in intramurals. TRENE FIROCH. 'llke" -Enjoys howling and swimming-- Active in 42, 44. S VVislies tn gn tn South America. LA VERNE HUEHNER. "Lnvey"--Enjoys sewing--XVealv ness for chocolate ice cream Active in 42. 45 and 72 A future stenuggraplier. Page Om' HIl71tlV't'tl Tu 0 HONVARD HUSA. "Go0se"f' Enjoys driving.:--fWVcakneSS is inferiority complex Active in 75. 69f -Wishes to lie a success. DOROTHY IACEK. Hjaseur Enjoys parties-Weakness for flirting Active in 51, 49, 80. 42f -A future traveler. HEATRICE .lANl1A. "Believe Enjoys all sports Active in 71. 76. 42 tLetter and Clierroiil, 45. 75, 39, 76, 69-f A future wnrker in science. VALERIE JARZAU. "Val"4fEnjuys all sportsfActive in 75, 39. 42 QLetterJ, 72. 70. 09- A future teacher. FRANK JAVVORSKL "Frankie"f Enjoys swimmiuy:ffActive in 9, 76, 69, 35 A future mechanical engineer, JOHN JINDRA. "Honza"---Makes nindel airplanesf-fDislikes school' 'Member of Z1 QVice l't'es.JHAiin's to lie a family man. HATTIE JONKEL. "Hatl"f- Likes swimming Dislikes cow- lmys Active memlmer of 42, 43 tLetterJ, 77--Aims to be a good stenograplier. ELEANOR JURCA. "Jurc"- -Likes all sports Member nf 23, 45. 42. 75. 4 tStuclent Dir.J--A commercial illustrator. MAX JUSEVVlf'II. "Maxie"' Likes lvtmks auil stamps Active member of 70, 75. 39. 35. 45. 70. 119 'A clieniical engineer. ROBERT' KAHAT. "lS0l1"f fEnj0ys bowling: and dancing - Likes girls Alemlpcr uf 70 tEtl.J, 70 tYice-I'res.j, 39- A lawyer. FLORENCE KACZMARCZYK. HLilltH"lxIt'1lllJf'l' uf 42, 41. -43 and 72 A future SlCllUgl'8l!llCY. LOl'lS KALOVSEK. "L0uie"- Special weakness for Pepsi- fula .X nwinlwr nf 13. anil .1 Future salesman. LOl'lSE KAMINSKI. "Red" Enjoys collecting pictures nf Efrpl Flynn Xlcnilrcr of SU. 51, 42, 69 and 49 NVould like tn travvl. CHARLES KAPER. "Cliuck"- Enjoys all sports Special vvcaknt-ss fm' fri:-il chicken lllenilrer of tv tLette'1'Jf -llaselmall playcr. IRENE KARASKIAN. "lkey"- Plmtograpliy. Scraplmnks. lif-r favorite liulrlrirs Mc-iiilu-1' nf 42 tl.vtt0rj. 45. 09. 75 and 1-H Sz-c'i'vtai'y. HELEN KAZDA. "Hanan" lNlen1lrei' dt' 09 anrl 75. l7ntin'v Cuiiiptuiiit-ten' operator. HON KElll.l'SEK. "Ki-lilly' Likvs l'l1ntogi'apl1y Nlcinlwr uf 411 XYants to travtll. MARION KESSEL. "Maii"'ff'Likcs dancing and swimnnn - Mviiilmr ut 42. 45. ln. 9. 70 NYants to travrl. lilJXY,XRD KILLHOFF. "Killc1"'--Likes inorlc-l plant- linilrl- INLI Nloinlu-r nt' tv. 71. SS. 70. 78. S. rm. 23 Cnpmin tif fnptlmall team. lfI.ORENl"E KLEBCHUCK. "Klein"-'Likes zlanring :intl pnng-pmng AlK'Il1l!t'1' nt' 42, 45. 09, 711 Future -tcmiuvaplu-11 'une flass of MILDRED KLIPERA. "Klip"-Likes fnilgc suntlacs- Mein' her of 42 -VYants to travel. MILDRED K1.lMA. "M.illic"+fLikcs baton twirling anfl dancing Mcnilmer of 42 l"ntni'v privatc score-tary. ETHEL KLOVZER. "lllnmlie"f'l.ikcs tlacing and roller skating llenilvcr of 42. 43 lfiitiirc t3pist. ROBERT KNAHLEIN. "Hob"-'Likes airplane aml liant models' Rollei' skating and dancing, IRENE KNIZE. "l"fLikes dancing. bowling. anml swinmiinp.: - Moxiiliei' nt' 42. 4.1, 8 l"ntui'c- nursc. GEORGE ROE Likes dancing. swiinining and lmrscliack riding Mcnllzci' of 45. 74. 39. SID. REINHOLIJ KOENIU. "Rcenasy"- Likes spnrts Mn-iiiluur of 55 and 44. XYll.LlAXI KOIIOUT. "Bill"-Likes skating Mcnilmr nt' N1 anrl 72 lfntnrc interim' tl9CU1'2liU1'. DALE KOONTZ Likvs to reall. likrs all spurts Mcltllvcr uf 111. 42 ancl 47 l'i'u.,:-:imial pl14n1igraplici'. GEORGE KORUIK. "Rt-cl"f Likcs tisliing antl hunting Klvinlmci' nf SS and 44. 1941 FI?l1ilIA JAXTZ. "1"1'i!:i" flliixir Inv' f1l'Z'U7'l-fl' Imlvby .lll'II1l7l'f of 42-, 57. 09, 72 and 75- Futzm' Stt'fm1m1f'ln'r Svrrrtliry of fum' Class 1,l'l-l1t'lif'l1l Cvllzxt in On'ln'.vtrt1, nmx? 1't'fU'l'X4'lIfI1flT't' lllllilflitlll in hrr flaxs. JANTZ KACZMARCZYK KALOUSEK KAMINFKI KAPER KARASNIAN KAZDA Klil l LITCIEK KESSEI., Kll.l.ll0FF K!.EfllCflll'tIK KLICPFR -K KIJMA KLOUZER KNABLEIN KNIZE KOE KOENIC KOUIIOIFT KOONTZ KORDICK Ha 1 i I . KORVAS KOSAK KOSAR KOZELUH, E. KOZELUH, L. KOZLOWSKI KRAL KRALOYEC KRATKY KRBEC KREMER KRIVANICK KRIZEK KROSLAK KRUK KUBICKA KUCERA KUCHAR KULAKOWSKI R,f1I'.lT0.Vl7 lx'f1SIff.. "I'?r1y" f'nIlm'f.v Krizitk-ki1al'k.v -Hairy kvwfc'-if-n1l.v -.A1r't1'f'r in 0. 17, 6, 384-P1'L'.v1'di'ri! of Furizmf Prvx. pf Bojuv' Clzorzr.Y-falfvdill in Iwwliflgl -I.Uttz'r5 in Inrsvlvllll, Inlskcfball, and Boyx' CflU1'1lS'gf,411U?l1I'S uf Iizirrmiizrul sfmiv. une C ass of 1941 SYLYIA KORYAS. "Syl"f-Like-Q clzincin: and most :ill Qiiurts- Hates getting up in the IllU1'llIIlQ"'3U. 42 ilftter and Pink, 69, 7, 3 -A good 5fC!lOQ!'ZllIIlt'l'. ICI.IZAIlIC'l'H KOSAK. "Bctty"fAilores rnlloi' skntiiig-Div like-Q cmlilmy pmiplt- 1'I:iniIuiii'g'ui'5 :mil fiwncli fi'iesf42, 44 - A xi-l'i'n'I:li'5. VIRGINIA KOSAR. I'Virg"-Likes dancing and swimming C:1n't ftnnil rrfurikwl -L-:inn nn girl-' finclsinuf Sweets her vv'E:ikncsQ -42 llmttci' :mil Pinl. 45. 69. 39. 23, 43, 72. I.l'IDMlI.A KOZICLIIH. "I.iirli1y"-fl',uve5 listening to Swing nniwic Ilixlikg-Q :i -Iiiiiiiy ilrcsfur- I'Il!'I!TCl'S 42 l'LCtter and 7 Pini. Sli. ...I A stewnrclcss. IERXVINIKOZELIIH, "VVl1itcy"fCuIle-ct: pictures of fn- mnus zirlwtr fXVn-zikiieff. vnc girl .38 QLctt6i'I. -Hi Cllettcrj, 71, 75, Ll. 9 An t'It'L'll'ICIIlll, IRENIC KOZIJIXYSIQI. "RviiLc'4 ilillecting ivicuirs' D051 cards Ilntcs Qniilw Dick Icrccnf inuiic her fzivoritefllfetn- Iier uf 42, EMILY KRAL. "Snm1'ty"- XYcz1lc11ss4: I1 tzill. dark. and IIZIHIISUZIIC num 12. 39. JS. nfl St:-iivmi':ii1Iiei' with ri handsome Iiuss. lNlARl"IfI.I.A KRAIJJYICG. 'i3I?ll'lf'H' Allivvc-F nice Clothes- 43, 42. 44, ICVIZLYN liR.X'l'liY, "l'liiL'kiL"' Liliex Swift! fuul CDIIECt5 pliotrwggrziiwllf Active in 4 fLl'liL'l',. 42. 45. 06-' Bluwic. RUIEFRT KRIIFC "Holi" Plmtn i"1 ilu Imlulwic' FIHKIF . A . ,. - .Q .i 5 -- sclinul Ins pet in-eve I.nnQ ziiitrnucilnle trip ole: Member of TS Mzikv 11 lot uf inruncy. Pugr' Om' HlllllIl't'l, Four KUTCHAIN KASEL IJULORES KREMMER. "Dynni'nite"+Likcs to ili'nw4A Dislikes ziinzitcuit Iiirnrx Mcinliu' of 42. 70. 75- A dress de- Sigiisix .IICRUME KRIYANEK. "Itza"AALik0S Iiriwling and tennis-W Finds uimil ioocl Il xv:-ziliiiv-N 57 flmtie-i'r. LN, 75--fAn1biti0n: X iiiliniwt. IAIRRAINE KRIZEK. "Lo1't'y"fColIects souvcuii's---BIcin- liar of 42. 72--fXY:ints in iiiur the ll. S, A. YIOLA KROSLAK, '4Vi"- fEn-iuys d:n1cin2fGocS in for fontlmll Iici'0eifAUtive in 75. 45. 69, 43 KIA-ttcrl. 39, 30, 42, 55'-'A private Secretary. ARTIIVR KRUK. "I.cfty"-'ffiillerti liair riliImnSfDiSlikcS "te:acl1z-fs 1lCfi7."'BICYllIJSl' of fi. Cm. 6. S f-Xhints to join the navy. JERRY Kl,'BIC'K.X. 'llnrwlav' - - Collects books - Active in 57. 75- A chemical czigiiivw. GEORGE KUCERA. 'IKutCl1"- Gtici in for Spnrts-Can't stand quiet peugiic--fllciiilmui' uf SS LI.cttCrD-A family man. MARGARET KVCIIAR. "Kncliie"+Likcs to drmccfActive in 42 CPinD-A ilivticizzn. VIRGINIA KULAKOXVSKI. "Cliickic"-Collects records-- Disliko: snnlms-Meinln-i' nt 42-Wants to be a success. ROR ERT KUTCIIAN. "Kutch"-Builds model airplanes- llislikes Hnnl cxainb Mcnilmer of 9 CLetterJ-A tool and die nizlker. I ffl LURRAINE KYSILKA. "Kysic"-Likes all Sports nurl dancing Goss in for nicc clotlius Mcxulmcr of 42. 09. 45, 73, 39. 52. 25. 43- XY:mts to travel. I.Il.l.I.X5 Ll'li,XSIli. "Lil"-'fl.iki's :ull spufls Nlcililu-x' ut 4.2. lvl. 1... 4a .Xu .ui Ntcxnxinlwf. N.XlillC l..'XllllCL. "May"-Collects "snaps"-Ui4lilies cou- Ccitwl puwpli- Xlenilwl' of 42, 41, 50 A acc'i'vt:i1'y. Jicmu' LANIER. '4Jer',fLikeS iioxingffrmigiiki-Q Clmimi R.lU'AlRl'.3lAlUilf' i'RlCl",'.li"i"f'S H11 w+H'lN UW 1 uuwic lm! guts iu for swing in 11 big wily' Nlvmlxcr of 3. UA-2 ludll 'll 1-"Nl lulul' m"ll"""t' LICUNA LANZEL. "Lee"--Lilies to dance :mil sketch 4 EIIXXQXRIJ Mjfli. K'Bifl1op"f--Enjoys:illspark l':u'iirip:uw Mcmln-1' of 42, 45. 09, 23, 52. 41, 75 A mln-NN nlcaigucr. in ilitle-rent spurta Tn join tlu- UlliC2lQlU Pulicu l"m'ri'. LEONA LEO. "Ymicy"-Collucts old uc-w-pznpcrs-4314-iuluci' FRANK BlACll.Xl.lili. "M:1c"- Swimming tl-mu. uf 419. 42. 45, 72. 75 A future surguml. YLAIIIMIR MACIIALEK. "Y1ck"-fL1l,ca :ull xp-mx IL- l'4li.X'l'Rlf'E l.lElll2RM4XX, liliCllC,,'EI1jl7j'i all sports - ture "jun bmw" tics--fllupcs to lm-cuuic si li-Maul. Liks-N people with Il an-uw of humornlllciixlyci' of 42, 72, 44. CLARA LYSEK. "ll:xl1u"---I.iliCs to Nlillll' :mul Ii-ll llislilwx cmicritml prrple Mi-mln-r of 41. 44. 75 .X mliuu- wlixll' clerk. 39. SU. 45 A Court i'c'pm'tur. l'IS'l'lll'1R BLXCIK, "Xippic" f Follcfts "snaps" 4 f llvu-N14 cmmccixml pi-uplc Blcullwr uf 73, 4.2, 44, 77' -.X gnml lmim- STANLICY LTSS. "l7ux"- Coos in fm' lll1flU1LfI'IlDlIj' Likes wifc, only certain typus rf girls Mcullmcr of 75 ,X stcilograplle-i'. IIICLEX M.XLliKOYlC. l'l3lm1clie"- Likes tall. clzxrlx, :nu MICYER Ll'l"l'. l'Xlikc"'f lim-4 in fm' :ull sports---Ilislikce liznulwuv pcuplc Nl:-uilwr uf 42. til. 23. ui .X lumlvl. lmnlcwurk Bli'lI'llM"l' ot 3. 70. l5 -A grvixt CllCllllSt. CASIMER Bl.Xl.INOXYSKI. "C:1scy"f-'Likvs mllcr Nlvmting ICLIEANORE LOIDOLT. "lil"-Likes to ice mul rnllc-r :kzxtr - lim-s in fur smnlu-rn frii-ml rhickcu -Blcuilnsi' of 4.2 Qlmttvr :luml flu-vrmll. 45. 79. 6944-'1'ypist. ROIIICRT LUl'KO'l'A. "l!ulu"f -Likes Swimming :xurl lnaicluzill llctwt- "Npui1gci'N"- Illvurlvc-r of 9 All :lii'pl:mv pilot. and awimuiiug Xlcmlmer uf 78 Kl.c1tcrJ, 77. 75 'lkml :nu-l -lie 1UElliCl'. IUHX MALONEY. "Irish"-Goes in fur tiqurc 5k:xtiur:'--4 llctests l1uu1ewu1'k Meiulwi' uf truck fc-zuu kl,c'ttn-rl, 2.5. 77. 0 Ll.6M6'1'5f'-XY:l11ts tu go tu cnllvsgv. une lass of 1941 KRAJCOYIC KYSILKA l IAIBEL LANIER LANZEL LEO l IICBICRMAN HSS LITT LOIDOLT LOUKOTA LUKASIK LYSEK MACEK fXlACl'I MACl'1ALEK,F MACIIALEK, Y. MACIK NALEKOVIC MALINOWSKI MALON EY ZLIARIE Kli'.A1JC0l'lC". "S'11m'1y" Iinjulvx jiutv f'ltI,Yl-IH! ,'lll'l1Il'1'l' of 4 flvtlwrl, 57, 45, 69, 75, 71, 424--lV1'.vlrv.v tu Iuvunli' a fL'l1L',IL'l",il!A1Xfl'l' f1'uti.vt, x41fi.vfii'a' will: lmflziug 11195 than f'A'l'ft'L'!l.UlI. MAREK JUNE KRIFG. AKB1'FI1dHi,'G0F.V in fm' all sports, especially arrhvry-fDet1':f.r f'g0ti.tf.rW .4ctz'w in 39, 42 KI'rr.v,j, 45, 44, 69, 20---Izztwior l7er01'afor---Clroxrn bernnxc fo her fue n'iu'lc in the lj. .-1. .'1. zrlzcrc size :von her letter and four elzermizs. une lass of 1941 FRANK INIAREK. 'LTootQ"-Likes all sports-fMen1ber of 6, 7f-A physical eilneatinn director. MILTON NIARIES. AAMuttS"-fflnteresterl in pl1otograpby-- Illember nt' 23, 44. 07. HELEN NIARKYART, "lNla1'ge"--lines in for ice-skating - Likes tn have fun- ,Xleniluer nr 13. tw, 42- A STCTl02'I'Z1Dl19l'. HENRY MARTIN. "Hank"-Plays a "mean clarinet" - Bleniber of 4 il.ette1'j. mf. aa. 13, .VJ A printer. GEORGE MARUSZAK. "Polak"-Saves airplane pictures MASEK. "Mnsl1"-Interewted in artf--Goes in --fDIember ut' 44, 67, 63. 3. RICHARD for lvlnncles- Member 9. 7 tl.ette1'J. RICHARD likes slmw-offs lines in fm' pnpnlar mnsicfA successful business man. MARY MCCAFFERTY. loud eaters- lNIember nf MAXINE 42, 7- --To ROBERT - -Dislikes 39. 70, 75 Page One MATOVSEK. "Mutt,'-Likes all sports-Dis' "lIael'fEnj0yS boatingfDislikes 39. -il. 29--A stenographer. MEHALL. 'Max"---Save-Q pennies- -Member of be a secretary. MELICHAR. "Mel"- Enjoys all type: of music "big heailsu---Meniluer of 4 CLetterj, 78 fLetterD, . 15, 35W-A chemical engineer. Hundred Six LILLIAN MELKA. "Lala"fEnjoys reading Dislikes peuple Member or 52. bu A Bohemian teacher. MARES MA RKVA RT MARTIN MARUSZAK MASEK MATOUSEK BICCAFFERTY MEHALL MELICHAR MELKA MEN DEL METLICKA MIC! IN A M IKA MIKOLEJESKI MILLER MILLER, ROY MISIK MITCHELL KRIEC silly EDVVARD MENDEL. "Mouse"-Likes baseball and basket- ballffllislikex cfmeeited people" lllember of 72- -A tool and die maker. ELYSE METLICRA. "Dee-dee"-Enjoys emicerts-Member nf 4lf- An accountant. JOHN MICHNA. "Jol1nny"f-Likes all sports-f-Goes in for linme-cooking: Member of 38- STANLEY MIKA. "Mike"f 7, 38. 6, 84' Hopes tn travel MAX MIKOLEJESKI. 'ljns and liockey-ffAppreciates girlsf maker. LEROY MILLER. of S--fVN'ants to join ROBERT MILLER to travel. VVILLIAM MISIK. woman drivers. A master machinist. Enjoys S110ff9'GOCS in for far and wide. t Plain Max"-fLikes bowling Member of 44- Tool and die "Roy"-Goes in for lmatingfAMember e n. S, boast tjnard. "Bob"-Loves turkey dinners - VVants "Bill"-Likes to go tisl1ingfDetests DOROTHY MITCHELL. "Dots"+Colleets buttons--Merm ber of 69. 75. 45, 72, 42 -To be a snceesstul stenographer. RICHARD MOOREHOUSE. "Dick"-Enjoys sports and dancing -Vkleakness for brunettes--Active in 9, 79, 23vA future draftsman. ROBERT MRAZ. "Bob"- -Enjoys golf and music-Weakness for new cars -Active in 4 CLetter and Medalsl-A future pressman. JOE MFKLEITVICZ. Enjoys sports and reading-VVeakness for whipped cream pies-Active in 44 fCaptainJ. RAYMOND MUZIKA. "Muz"f-Enjoys music and baseball -Active on 6, 9, 09, 71---A career in music. IJOLORES S. NELSON. Enjoys tobogganning-VVeakness for fudge sumlaes Active on 52, 23, 42, 69, 39'VVisl1es to be a good stenographer. RAY NERAD. Active in intramural sports-Wishes to he- come a pilot. I-IAZEL NEUINIAN. Enjoys roller skatingfMember of 43, 424VV1shes to be an air hostess. GERALDINE NEUZIL. "Gerry"-Detests cracking of knuckles--Member of 14 tLetterJ, 42---Success in business. FRANCES NOVAK. "Blondie"-Likes dancing-Member of 92, 44-fA future nurse. NUI-lllklll. NOVAK. HBO"-Likes baseball---Member of 44. 72. 55. 4l-- A future accountant. DOROTHY B. NOVAK. "Dot"-Likes saving love poems-M Member of 72, 42, 39---A future dress shop owner. MIRIAM NOVALICH. "Mir"-Enjoys collecting stamps- Member of 45, 69, 39, 57, 42, 52, 41, 10- -A future dietician. ESTHER ORTNER. "Es"-Enjoys basketball and badmin- ton'-Dislikes unfrienilly people Member of 45, 42, 69, 10--- Travel. SYLVIA PAZEREKAS. "Sip"--Likes swimming and roller skating-Member of 42, 44, 65--Wants to work in an office. ELEANOR PECA. "Honey"--Collects wish bones-Iklcmber of 42-Appreciates gcod art---Cuninlercial artist. VIRGINIA PELKA. "Peewee" -Likes roller skating and dancing-Member of 45, 69, 40, S0-A stcnographer. ERVENA PERENA. "Lefty"- -Enjoys baseball and skating - -Iaetests stuck-up people- ---- Iwlcniber of 57, 69+Tool and die YII3 Cf. LOUIS PETRASEK. "I'ete"f-Collects stamps-Special weak- ness for food- Member of 4 1MeclalsJ---Tool and die maker. ANNA PETROS. uSCllDllfllU' -Enjoys dancing and swim- ming--Member of 44, 42. 43- -To sing with swing band. EDVVARD PEYITTS. "Ed"- Likes to roller skate Meni- ber of 9 QLette1'jf'I'nol and :lie maker, une Class of 1941 MARIE CHRISTINE KRYL. "Mimi"-Fond of Ice Cream and jiJtcrbuggingAAr1iw' mem-ber of 70, 1, 45, 23, 19, 59, 42, 69, Senior play cast-lllanaging Editor of tin' Scroll, Quill and Stroll award, Student Chairman of '39 N.S.P.A. Convention at Hofrl Stvvms and attrndcd '40 C'a111'vut1'011. KRYL MOOREHOUSE MRAZ MUKLEUVICZ MUZIKA NELSON NERAD N EUMANN NEUZIL NOYAK, B. NOYAK, D. N OVAK, F. NOVALICH ORTNER PACZEREKAS PECA PELKA PERIN A PETRASEK PETROS PERITTS ' PICKA PIERRITZ PIERSON PITLIK PLEWA PLOCAR PODBEVESEK PODOLAK POLIVKA POLKA POLLACK POTOPA POZNANSKY PROZAK PRCHAL PREBAN PRESTO PRIBYL PROCHASKA, H. PROCHASKA, L. MACHURA AUGUST F. MACHURA. "Augie"-In so many act1'z'itiv.v his Izard to lcvvk trark of-- Active in. 25, 21, 71, 45, 76, 67, jgfcillllifll for sfwrial lzonor In'ruxl.vr' of lzfx :c'il1i1:g11e.rs Yo voofvrratv, lzfx dramufir ability and lzix friv11f1Iim'.v.v -l'rz'n1i'r. 'une ffass of GEORGE PICHA. "l-'stew' fEnjoys wrestling and boxing--De lights in chocolate malted n1ilksfPrinter. EILEEN PIERRlTZ. "I"-Hates eating potato chips in public places -Member of 42. 21, 69' Interior decorator. RVTII PIERSON. "Pierson"- Likes all sports -Member of 8, 72, 69, 42, 39, 79, 14-Hopes to own hor own business. RICHARD PITLTK. "Rig Time"--Hates "Daisy Maes"- Mcmber of 4 Qlettcr and 6 medalsj, 75, 23, 39-Orchestra leader. GERALDINE PLEVVA. K'llerry"fAdores brunettes fmalesl who aren't bashfnl Member of 42, 45, 69, 43 Qletterj, 52, 23, 05 Stenograplier. ROSE PLOCAR. 'll5ubbles"fDetests 'icopy Cats"fXVisCousin farm boys her favorite' 'Member of 42, 39, 69, 45, 85, 75-e Telephone operator. ANTON PODBEYSEK. 4'Tony"fFlies kites in his spare timef-Hopes to own his own gas station. BULDRED PODOLAK, "I'aflclles"f eCollects photose-Adorcs a sailor--Member of 42. 73, 32- -Xlfants to earn a lot of money, NORBERT POLIVKA. K'Soupy"ffSpends his spare time read- ing and playing ping pong-ffHatcs students who ask for home- work-Member of 9, tletterj, 76, 75, 45, 35, 30-Stationary engineer. BETTY LOU POLKA. 'l4'10""-Despises conceited people! Member of 42, 72 -fArtist. Page One Hundred Eight 1941 LEONQRD PAl,I,.fXl'K. "Purlg0" Dislikes people who comb their hair in public NYants a good job. STEVE PATOPA. "Hart" Likes to Hx thin5.1's Member of 72, 44 Printer. ,IOE POZIXIANSKY. 'tllabby' lleantiful girls make his heart tlutter- -Member of 84, 57- Surgeon. JOSEPH PROZAK. "Joe" Delights in reading good booksf Hates "knows-it-ails" Member of 38 Kletteri. o7, 72, 44 lLapt.j' Hopes to join the army. L-ILLTAN PRCHAL. "Tall"' lletests cranky people Mcrnber ot 4 fletter and niecialsb, 57 tpinj, 42, 70, 45, 4,9 Secretary. RAYMOND PREILXN. "P1'cb"f Enjoys movies and sports - Member of 3, 13 Printer. EYELYN PRESTO. "Prestige" Collects boy friends'---Menr ber of 42 Clctterj, 45, 72, 69, 52, 53, 43---Stonographer, CHARLES PRIIIYL, "Prib"- Makes model airplanes-V-Potato salad his favorite lllember of 78 C39-'40J, 7 L'4lT-'Airline mechanic. HELEN PROCHASKA, "VValker" Aclores Tony Martin, plays the accordion and twirls a batonfffMember of 42, 8, 72 Secretary. LIHBY PROCHASKA. "Lib"f'-Hates wallflowers -Loves dance ing -Member of 42, S, 41----Piano teacher. CHARLES PYRCE. "Chuck"- -Enjoys dancing and tishing ---lletests individual exhibitions. RALPH QYATRINE. "Skeczix"-Enjoys dancing and roller skating- Meinher of 75. 69. 71- President of Senior Class-- VYants to trade a Buick in every year. GVYENDOLYN RADKE. 'iGwen"fLikes to roller skate and cook Ilislikes ''scandal-niongers'I- lileuilier ol. 41. 7. 21, 72 f-A roller clerlmy star. HONYARD RITTER. "Spooks"fIntei'ested in pliotograpliy and radio work Member of 23. 78. tu. 7 LlXIgr.I- -Electrical engineer. Rl'TI-I RODMAN. "RutIiie"+Enjoys sports and dancing-W Member of 42, 45, 69. 70. 59. 52, 40. 23. 44 tLetter and Chevronsb Vfants to travel. ALICE ROTH. 'Pat"---Enjoys dancing and 5N1'iIll11lIIlgf'DC- tests Conceited people---Member of 42, 50. 43- -A piano teacher. SIDNEY ROTH. "Sid"fLikes roller skating Bfenilier of 78 QLL-ttert Lf S. Naval otticer. ELSIE RYS. 'AStutt"'---Collects "snaps"---Dislikes conceited people- Alemher of 45. 43, 0 Ll.e-ttnr: A radio singer. XYARRI-IN SACKOFF. "Sacky"fLikes music and sports-- Dislikes silly girls- Member of 4 CLQ-tterj, 2.3--To go to college. CHESTER SAHK. "Careless" -Goes in for loating-fDisIikes teaeliers tl..X.A. play, Comm., 44. FRANCES SAKOVVICZ. 4'Red"--Likes dancing and skating f-Dislikes coneeitecl people- -Member of 43 Ql.ettei'J. 69, 39, 42. 41. 52. 45- Sta.-nographer. XYALTER SANTI. "Uncle XValtcr''---Interested in photog- raphy---Ilislikes selfish people----Memher of 57. 74. .XIJELINE SCANLON. "Acl"- Saves picture post cards - Memlrer of 42. ALBERT SCHALKOWSKI. 'IVVl1itey"f Likes to play golf --Appreciates good looking girls BIGIUIICI' of 44, tu, 7, Jtif An expert machinist. YERNA SCIIECH. "Vern"- --Likes to sketch and dance - Loves liorses--Meniher of 4.2. 69. 23, 75, 52. 45, 4I--Fashion illustrator. IIOII SCHLEHOFER. "Schlag"-Likes hunting and Fishing - Detests girls who slnoke----Memher of 9, 7.2. 44 Outdoor job with good pay. MARIE SCHOENHOFEN. "Murphy"-Interested in pho- tograplty Member of 42. 72. 75. 45- -A typist. MARION SCHUBERT. "Schubie"-Likes howling Member of 71. 70. 45, 70, 42, S-Secretary. ANNA SCHULTZ. "Hon"-Detests hook reports- ,Menihcr of 42. 72 XVants to travel. ROBERT SHALEK. "Sharky'I-Enjoys hockey and Iiase- lwall- -Dislikes cut slips and teachers who scml them--A pro- fessional Iiockey goalie'-38. une Class of l94l LILLIAN PAVEK. "LiI1"- Enjoys creative art, ftfnno and cooking--Has bvivz active in 43 fP1'cs.j, 42, 76- 61105611 for xfrcial lzmmr lien' brr'r11f,fc sim was the canary of Hu' Class, giving all the PIl'll.Y1lI'l' of lIf1'i'l'lI!1 lin' bfrdlikv 'voice at z'a1'io11.v fvroyrums, :Heard a.v.vz'mbl1'vx and fr'.ft1'1'11l.v, PAVEK PYRCE QUATRINE RADKE RITTER RODMAN ROTH, A. ROTH, S. RYS SACKHOFF SAHK SAKOWICZ SANTI SCANLON SCHALKOWSKI SCHECH SCIILEHOFER SCHOENHOFEN SCHUBERT SCHULTZ SHALEK SHELLEY SHOTA SIMAK SKAVICH SLADEK SLAVICEK SLOBODA SLOCU M SMETANA SOUKU P SREBRO SRMEK STADNIK STALMACH STAN CL STARR STEPANEK STILIPEC STORCEL STRAKA SAWYER CHARLOTTE SA WYER. "Char"-Likes all sports, reading-Active mrmbvr of 1, 45 fLettcr2, 14 ILetttersj, 70, 43, 76, 69, 42, 79-Journalist-Girl Reporter lfVz'm1er KSSQ, Quill and Scroll Award, Literary Editor of 1941 Log-Riportcr and feature writer on the Scroll. DOLORES SHELLY. "D0die"-lntcrested in Clancing--- FLORENCE SREIXRO. "Fl0"- --Participates in tennis, swim- Hates stubborn people Vteakness: liiue eyes--40, 67, 37, 70, 22, 41, 43---A future business woman. RLANCHE SHOTA. "Blondie"-Roller skating is tops-- People who feel much better than you- -A six-font Blonde is O,K. -40, 42, 22, 71. 4.3 Air stewarcless. FRANK STMAK. "Zeke-l' All sports are fun Final exams 0-o-h-VVeakness for blondes-Machines or tool and die maker. ELVIRA SKAVICH. "Elvie"-Dancing and sports-Learw ing to mix with people Cookies---43, 67. 37, 50, 40, 42, 22- Dress designer. JAMES SLADEK. "Iimmie',-Pretty Girls-Good Dance bands-41, 22- Sometime in future tn he Draftsman. IRENE SLAVICEK. UI"-She loves playing the accofdian- A certain Irish fellow--40, 6. 41. 27- --To be successful in more ways than one. SAM SLOBODA. "Slam"-Despises conceited people- Blondes main attraction- Medals in 6, 7-Army Man. JEANETTE SLOCILM. "jen"-Enjoys dancing. horseback riding-Member of 14, two letters, 42, 72, 43. 39--Stenog- rapher. ARTHUR SMETANA. "Bud and Yosh"-Raises tropical fish-Likes sports and photography-Engraver. MILDRED SOUKUP. "Shorty"-Likes skating and swim- ming--Active in 42, 72, 66---Typist. Page Om' Hundred Ten ming and dancing 42 fl.etter and Chevronl- -Secretary her aim. ANNE SRMEK. "Annie"--Sketching is her holxby-Menr ber of 45, 43. 30, 32, 09, 04, 115 Fashion illustrator. RERNTCE STADNIK. K'l1unnie"- Collects stamps and pins --72, 76. 42--Xvants to he a nurse. EUGENE STALMACH. "Stella" -- Collects stamps and model airplanes- --VVants to make a million before he is twenty. GEORGE STANCL, "Stunt"-Weakness is girls- -Active in 38, 54- -Aims to be a tool and die maker. CHARLES STARR. "Chuck"-Collects photographs of base- ball players -Member of 72-Diesel engineer. RAY STEPANEK. "Legs"-Weakness is banana splits- Memher of 8. 21. 44- Machinist. DOROTHY STILIPEC. "Snacks"--Enjoys swimming-A0 tive in 42. 43 CLetterl. 77- -Stenographer. JOHN STORCEL. S'Starny"- -Active in golf team-Holr bies are the collection of stunes and golf balls--Pressman. ANNE STRAKA.. "Honey"--Enjoys dancing, swimming, and skating Dislikes conceited people--Member of 42- Typist. DOROTHY STUTH. "DimpIes"fHolJbies are dancing, play- ASTON SYKORA, "I'rufeswor" llultlriew are writing :mtl ing pianu and singing Pet peeve wallrlowers Member ut tlaneing Member of SU tY. Preab A future n-T.""'-j ' 70, 42, 23 -A future orchestra lcarler.. . umn owner. . HENRY TIIOELE. MBI' I' "-- Ijk-3 Izstlzll 1 I l:,k - r:Lr:,xNoRE SUBICZ. 'f1zt11e"-ltiembcf of 69, 43, 42, sv, ,mu M..,.,,,..,, of 9, by .,,..,l1fljfe I L' " ' " "N "Q N 44, 52-A future stenugraplter. ICLYNORE TOMAN. "Bamlage5"" State Cluunpitmslmip GEORQQE SUSTEK "IIil1bes"- Member of 75 76 9 72. Ilatnn Twirling '40ff--Nlentlver of Sl. 42. 09, Stl. 71. and 41'- ' I i I I I A future nurwe. VIRGINIA SYAIZ. "Rerl"- -Likes to swim and ice Skate! ICYELYN TREPINA. "'l'rep" Likes switnlninxf, erinie sim-. A tuture nurfe. les and collecting: things- Blenmlmer uf 45. 71. 42, 68. 30 'A future aviatrix. UORUTIIY SVEC- 'AD0f"rMf'k0S "Olle"'fkMi'?Pf her l'Ul'l'f' eH.xRLo'r'rr: TROJAIC. '-L'1m'wfI,ikl-Q I., 1-ntl-.-I .rltmw IIPQEIFKTEYIWQN f-""'I1'Wlffr Mlillllmi "I 'Il' 74 A Iuture Ilemlty :tml dance fhlentlmer of 39. 41 A future stenugrztpltetxi LYIJ-YIiX TFRUC. "Lyd"fEnjoys lmreelmek riclinyz' Henxlter Aruer srl-:1DA. '11mdgia'41x1enmet- nf 42. 69, 39, 41, 44. Of 41, fl- ffr A fltttm' 'litem 1f'1'fI'f'1'- YlNl'I':N'I' 'I'RI'NIJ.X "Skipper" Iluiltlx tnmlel nirplzmei. CARULYN SVOBODA. 'lCarol"fFnjuyS roller skating anrl plays in :lance Imntl AICIIIIIUI' nf 4. 75. To A future :irc-It volleyball 'BISIIIIPCI' of 42, 39. 09, 75. engineer. fII'IR'l'Rl'IJlC SVRCEK. "tIertie"f -Enjoys dancing, sewing RUIIERT. TIYREK- wlilttlii' I.ike4'tn1I1lelit1t:' 1lI1'I'I1UN" ' mul ,kmiml Mt.n,1,L.,- uf 53- 394 Memlrer ut .v Vtislies tu Ire xt mzteluntet. XYARRICN SVVANSON. 'Wvintpy"gPz1rticip:ttes in all sporty Hliccxvmii-Y Imwili uf an SPUI-is I --Member uf 76. 3. 75. 417. 41. 4 A future tnetul specialist. A ' 'U I MARY VRICAR. "Bright Eyes"fDiQIikes euueeitetl people v .XLIEXANDICR SVVOROXVSKI. '4Al"fEnjoys driving. Irike Lover nt' all sports- filemluer of 43, 43. t-'-J. :mtl 4.2 A future ritling 1lII4I tulmgganning A future airplane nleelmnic, prirnte Qeeretary. une C ass of l94l IIISNRI' SCHMIDT. "Hm1Ic"- Likes all sports--,'IIm11lvr'r of 71, 75, 45, 55. 69 -Prexidwzt of the Honor Suc'1'f'!y-Slw1'l'l1 LIlIt1I'YlIIt1lI of Honor Soriety Award .fI.r.remlvly. SCI I MIDT STl'TH SYBICZKOWICZ SLSTIEK SVAB SVEC SVEJDA SVOBODA SVRCEK SWANSON SWOROWSKI SYKORA TIIOELE TOMAN TREPINA TROJAK TRUC TRUNDA TUREK URBANCIK URICAR V ACEK V ACKER VACLAVEK VALES VAN ZYL YERSTALA V ICIK VITEK VLCEK VYHNANEK WAGNER WAIDANZ WEBER WEITER WILLIAMS WINTER WINTEROTH WOJCIK WOJ TAS WOLFMAN SPRUCEL FRED SPRUGEL. "Fritz"-Hobby, automobiles-Member 23, 75, 44, 70---B1r.r1'ne.r.v fllnnagfcr of Scroll ,-1r!1'1'c in Business Journalism-C. P. A. une C ass of 1941 GLORIA VACEK. "Glory"vEnjoys bowling-NVeakness for apples Member of 42, 4 fMerlalsj, 57, 45. 7---A future French horn player. ROBERT VACKER. "Bob"fCo1lects Stamps and picture post cards-Member of 4 CMedalsJ, 57-Hot sax player. LORRAINE VACLAVEK. "Vacie"-Loves steak and french fries- Member of 42, 69, 45, 39- Beauty culturist. VIRGINIA VALES. "Virgie"fMeml'1er of 14 CZ Lettersb, 43. 76. 69, 42--Interior Decorator. ROBERT VAN ZYL. "Bob"-Spends much time playing his accorclian--Expert log salesmanfMe-mber of 72, 75, 39. 44. 51. FRANK VERSTALA. '4Franz"fDelightS in making model airplanes and in photography--Dislikes conceited Dt'f.VDlC"xVIJ11 a gas model airplane-Transport or army pilot. MILTON VICIK. "Mitt"-Stamp collecting and model air- planes are his hobbies--Airplane transport pilot. GEORGE VITEK. "Vette"-Enjoys roller skating. Swim- ming. and playing baseball -Member of 75--Happiness in future. ELSIE VLCEK. "Blondie'lfLikes bicycle riding, skating. and dancing- Member of 69, 50. 42 Typist. ADELINE VYHNANEK. "Ad"-Member of 43 CLettc-rl. 75, 21, 42, 69, 50-Nurse. Page Ont' Humlred Twrlrr VTIRMAN VVAGNER. "Wag"-Collects coins and Imp.-4 I travel- Member ot 4. 13. LOIS NYAIDANZ. Spare time dancing and swimming--- Member of 42. 23 Scientist. JAMES VVEBER. "Dimples"-Collects recorde of popular music- -Comnlercial artist. .IEANETTE VVEITER, ",Ieanie"- -Saves movie stars' pic- tureS---lllenxber of 76. 42. 43, 45--Private secretary. SHELBY VVILLIAMS. Detests jazz-bow ties-Adorcs horses -Member of 44--Got his own car. ARTHUR VVINTERS. "Doc"-Look out showoffs- Likes all sports Member of 9 QLetterJ, 23, 44. EARL VVINTEROTH. "VVint"--Enjoys good music -Mem- ber of 54- -llrags of making Honor Roll once- -Accountant. LORRAINE VVOJCIK. "Woj"-Enjoys dancing and motor- ing- -Likes "nice people" and good food-Member of 45, 39, 68, 42. EDWIN VVOJTAS. "Spider"-An agreeable fellow with no hobbies. no weakness. and no pet peeves-Realizes that he learned to think in high school-Electrical engineer.. SID VVOLFMAN. "Buttercup"-Earned tive school letters- Member of 38 138-'39-'-103, 84 C39-'40-'41j, 9 f'39J----Grouild aviation mechanic. 'IARY YESHKO. "Merchl'-Enjoys collecting old com- and writing letters-lNIe...-in of .ne +2 V-becretary. FLORENCE YURICH. "Flo"fLoves to collect autographs! Member of the 42-VVants to travel. EMILY ZAHRADNIK. "Emmy"-Enjoys swimming aufl dancing-Member or fn. U. fo, 43, 70, 80, 23, 45, 39, 42- Secretary. OTTO ZAMAZAL. "Zammy"-Enjoys working on radios-H Member of 23, 77-Radio telegraph operator. WALTER ZELENKA. "Wally"-Enjoys photography, camp- ing and horseback-riding-Member of Student Council-Mfr chanical engineer. JOSEPHINE ZELEZNIK. "Little girl"fLikes dancing, ten- nis and riding-Member of 69, 42, 72, 21-Wife. CLARENCE ZUEHSOW. "Clar" - Enjoys painting and studying automobiles- Member of 44. 35-Automobile mechanic. DANIEL ZUSMAN. "Suzy"-Likes to sleepiMemlser of 70 CSports Editork, 45--Wants to own a car. une Class of 1941 TALLA YESHKO YURICH ZAHRADNIK ZAMAZAL ZELENKA ZELEZNIK ZUEHSOW ZUSMAN JARMILLA TALLA. "farm"-Enjoys bike riding, reading and dance music-Active in 42, 39, 70, 45gCourt SteuographerfValedirtorian of her class-Average 3.85-Quill and Scroll Award460 word Typing pin. Page One Humlrml Thirteen 4?u1nn--nu- - 1m-1n-1--un-nuznn-n - --u-uu1n,?, BEST WISH ES I JUDGE 1 I I I GEORGE B. WEISS I I I I f I T T l l 5 E I E ll T 1 5 . 1 i IFORMER FARRAGUT CLASSMATEI 1 I +--.--.......-...-..-...-.......-...-...-..-....-...-..l. 1 n g1l.1.,.-..1..1 1,,.1...- 1...-.m1.,,1uu..nn...1 '!' 'E' I I , I Members of Florisf Telegraph I DELIVERY ASS'N I I I 5 Telephone Lawndale 5500 5 LAWNDALE FLORAL COMPANY i Nor Inc. E I KOHOUT'S FLOWERS I 32I2 W. Cermak Rd. I I I I Bi' I I I ' FINE FLOWERS-PLUS QUICK I . I SERVICE I II..-..-.L..-....-..-..-..-..-..m.....,g .1..,.-........,..-.liI.H...III-....Ilm.-M..-Im-1-.1..g.g .....1....-.uu.....1..1 .- 1. iug1up1u.-In-4.1 p1,.q1..1.,,.-l.-.g..1I.M..-IIIllia.-m..-.m...un1.,,,.-.,.i. 'I' 1 METROPOLITAN BUSINESS COLLEGE I I 691+-1 SUMMER TERM OPENS JUNE 30 I Hours 8:30 'ro I:00 Special Rafes I Secreiarial and all Business Training Free Employmeni Service Boolclei on requesf I Two Convenienfly Locared Schools I 9 S. Pulaslri Rd. Nevada 3680 I as s. Wabash Ave. Randolph 2637 I I -4- '!' CHARLES ZAK I I I I I I I I New and Used TYPEWRITERS and I SEWING MACHINES Sold, Renfed, Repaired and Exchanged i I 3554 Wes+ 26+h S+ree+ Lawndulo 6422 CASH OR cREon I I ----------------- -------------..-........f. P ge Om' Hundred Should I go to College? Each student who looks forward to graduating from a high school asks himself this question. College Day was in- stituted at Farragut in 1934 for the sole purpose of interesting seniors in acquiring a higher education by presenting a series of discussions and conferences to help them decide on the institution and the vocation. llnder the sponsorship of the Student Guid- ance Teacher, Miss Florence Clark, a Col- lege Day Committee assumes the task of preparing a program that will successfully meet both these ends. By conducting a poll among the graduates themselves, the Com- mittee finds in what institutions their in- terests are centered. To assure the senior of an excellent choice only schools accred- ited hy the North Central Association are extended an invitation to present a pros- pectus through a representative. Page Our Hlmdrwl Sl.X'ft'f'7l To simplify the proh- lem, the student is asked to choose live of these schools which he does on the day preceding College Day. On College Day, the graduate attends the conferences with the representatives he selected. each con- ference lasting about twenty minutes. The day begins in the Assembly Hall where the Seniors and rep- resentatives are entertained by some one of the musical organizations of Farragut. Then after an address bv Mr. Peter B. Ritzma and the chairman of College Day the students disperse and proceed to the various sections of the building where the conferences are located. Members of the Stu- dent Guidance Committee were assigned as hosts and hostesses to the visiting repre- sentatives during their stay at Farragut. Manv of the visitors commented on the carefully planned and timed program and on the courtesv and helpfulness of the Student Guidance memhers. lCOLLEG AY APRIL 22, 1941 WELL, c0ME IN' THERE THEY ARE THE COLLEGE COMMITTEE n1nn1m,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ..- 1 1 1 1 1..1..1..1q'1.l1..1 1 1 1 1 ilu 1 ' I Phone: Cen+raI 4652 6+I1 Flo I I I Esfablished 1920 I I B. J. KESL co awww I I I Manu'Fac+urers of High Grade I CLASS RINGS, PINS, MEDALS, FRATERNITY I AND CLUB PINS I I I Farragu+ I937-4I Pins and Rings I Manufacfured by Us I I no s. WABASH AVENUE I CHICAGO, ILLINOIS I I I I 4...-...-...-........-...-...-..-.,.-....- -..-..-.-...-,...-..n..I.. ....- ..-......,.-..-. .. - - .i. O H1'dEgh .iun1n.1n,iql1n.1. 1..1,,,1,.., 0 SUMMER BOWLING 0 WEST END BOWLING INC. I8 STREAMLINED ALLEYS FARRAGUT HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE COMPLETELY AIR-CONDITIONED 3425 W. 26+h SI'ree'I' nn1ll1un1lu1u1.u..-qu1..n1.u1u nn- 1 1 1 .- 1 1 1 1 LICHAMER DAIRY COMPANY 24I9 S. Spaulding COMPLIMENTS OF B. LINKA CO. 39I8 W. 26Ih S+. Home of Model Airplane Sup- plies-Sporling Goods and Everyfhing for School ..m.1uu1u ..un1u.- I -4. -I- 1.-spin Phone: Rockwell 6500 --n..n-ll-.4u..uu1un1qp1uniuui.n1ul1lg1qn-an CompIimen+s of ED'S Farraguf School Supply Siore 240I S. CHRISTIANA AVE. 'I 1 I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I --iv u1nn-u-un-an--I-nn-u------u1 --1-11:59 I I I I I I I I I I I-M ........... .......-..i. THE CALIFORNIA LAUNDRY A. T. DOLEZAL 81 SONS wer WASH-HYDRO Rough, Dry, and Fine Finish Worlr 2448 Souih Kedzie Avenue Phone: Rockwell 0708 P ,g O Hundred 1- I I I I I I I I I I -4- Nn AT CLASS DAY A grand elimax in the graduating! Seniorns life after a gay round ol aetixities is Class Day whieh takes plaee the day hefore graduation. All -lA's attend the Senior llanqnet held in the lnnehroom. Teaehers and speeial guests ineluding fill ollieers are eseorted hy prominent memhers ol the elass. The lunehroom takes on a festixe atmosphere with the deeora- tions and arrangements prepared hy those eommittees. lfaeh 4A ollieer gives a short speeeh related to the theme ehosen hy the elass. Alter the luneheon memhers ol the Class Day Committee put on their show in the assemlily hall. skits are presented portraxinir student life in one form or another. Talented students of the gxradilating elass entertain. Next eomes the most humorous part of the program-S lzgr Om' Ilinnlreif Tueuiy the elass propheey is read. Street eleaners. life guards. vegetahle peddlers and on down to shoe shiners are just a few of the various oeeupalions prophesied for the fu- ture eitizens leaving Farragufs liosom. lint its all in lun and exeryone enjoys it. As a final gesture to those they are leaxing hehind. the Seniors then read their Last Will and 'liestanienl presented in a very solemn manner but reallx' verv humorous in eontent, ' ' Th " PII l'YCl'y0IIl' IS Ill- vited to the Boys' Gym for the Senior Danee. At lite cfeloek itis all over and the Seniors go home with full S-ltllt1ilt'llS, and tired feel hut smiling laces. The Senior Class ex- tends its appreeiation to the lnnehrooni stall. waitresses from the Home lfeonomic elasses. the Stage hands and the danee orehestra sinee mum-li of the sueeess of Class Day is due to their willing eoopera- lloll. THE LAST MILE ALL READY! COME AND GET IT JANUARY SENI011 BANQUET CLASS DAY 'Q' ofa. aiu I .lm One ..un1m1 1 1lnn1un1u51qu1..1g.1. .-...-...-....-...-...-...-M-.,.-........-....-...-..-..5. 4...-..-...........-.......-....-..-u.-.........-.I-....-. EVERYTHING IN FARRAGUT SUPPLIES a+ K O L A R ' S 3l47-49 W. Cermak Rd. Convenienf Iocafion in fhe shopping disiricf close by Open Evenings 1uu-.un-un1un1nn--un-unu-nn-1uu1nu-un--anim-n Jobbing and repairing promprly a+Iended 'ro See your aufhorized dealer: M. J. SCHWENK FURN. CO. for combinafions, ranges and hea'rers 37OI W. 26'rh S+. an1nn1nn1nn1n-1.1.111.m1nn1.1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -..l.1u.1-..-u1pq1u-- n.-11111 1 -.uu1um1u,1uu1uu1g-ul1ln1u1n1u "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" .11 u1un1n p1uu1uu1uu1nu1uu1uu1uu11111nn1un1nn1nn1-nm--nu1n1un1nr -r I FARRAGUTI I CAFETERIA I Good Food is Good HeaI+h, Good HeaI'Ih makes good S+udenI's. T Good SI'uden+s make a beffer school. I 3 good reasons for eafing your II I I I I IINIOEE llimmf :oo9',.?+5g-Z 1Ifn.2':fs3 .i ML -IQ - 51 Ii335?m wi lifes? rni 139:-gg, Z2 "9,LoSU I I Ori "' ms I I uw. 33-'11 901 ' mi! 3111! Z I 4- QOI I -I I 3. , DJ Sir 2- Z, gig: g, -4I E-. I':r0 3' W lib! T55 Img OC 'io -1 I-150, ' 131, Be ,: 0 I g?5 2 -I I i S I 'S rl -al u1u1qg .i........... "P Lawn. 8580 I I . I Flowers for all Occasions SOUKAL FLORAL CO. 3 1 T STORE GREEN HOUSE i 3237 W. 26TH ST. L 5330 S. MASON AVE. Phone Rockwell OI76 Phone Porfsmoufh 7055 Hundred Twentysiwo 1 121 1 1 -- 1 1 1..1...1......,.-..u1.q...g1.,.-.qu1.g'. LIIIII IIIIIIIIE IIIITIIIIIIII 517 SOUTH JEEFEESON STREET o CHICAGOLEILLINOIS QDVOCQLLCEVS of SLLPEI' 14126 GQIZIZLLQLC COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL PUBLICATION PRINTERS ImTw.uwTw-mmm.--WTmuIIumIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITwmmm.TTT1-ww---.T-WTWTIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT- TITIIIIIIInuum.-ImumfmTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTIIIITTIIIIITmITmTm....TmmmT.Twmmummmnnn POHIIT b THE LAST WILL We, the Senior Class of the sixth month in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-one of the High School Farragut, of the City of Chi- cago, of the County of Cook, of the twenty- second district, of the State of Illinois, of the United States of America, contrary to the belief of our co-workers, do claim to be of sound mind, body, and bones, and hereby make known to whom it may con- cern that this is our last will and testament. Item I, We bequeath to the future graduates of this school our facial expressions as we went to have our annual pictures taken. Q15 we request that they be reminded that they are not going to have a few teeth pulled or an append- ectomy performed. Q21 We bequeath the outlines we copied day after day and never looked at, the few test papers we were fortunate enough to get back, and Q33 the dignity of the three hundred and twenty- four of us, that we Seniors have attained in this our last semester. Item II, To you all we leave Q15 the stories of imaginary ele- vators and escalators. Q21 The old stories to the freshmen that being a freshman isn't half as bad as it sounds because in four years "you'll be seniors and then-" Q3J We leave them the embarrassing moments theyill live through when the Seniors make them suffer on G.A.A. Freshmen Day and we hope that they will eat their spinach and wheaties every day so they'll get just a Page Om' Hundred' Turnly-four tiny bit taller so that upper classmen wonit trip over them, Item III. We leave to the school Q15 a suggestion that a fund be established to buy paper, pencils, ink, etc., to eliminate all moochers, and to show our interest we donate the enormous sum of five pennies to this worthy cause: Q25 we leave you the initialed desks, the over-sat-in seats, the school Qanyway it is too large to wrap up and put in our pocketsj. Q31 We leave you our principal who is probably tired of being left, but what would the school be without him, our assistant principal who will probably dream about the many pro- grams he fixed for us, Mrs. Schultz who will try to find jobs for us, our predeces- sors, and successors, and Miss Clark who will help the lower classmen in choosing subjects. Item IV. To the Senior Cabinet and Miss Geer we leave our own recipes for punch, tea, cheese and jelly sandwiches, the chocolate and pink frosted cakes. Q21 We leave also our manners and the tea etiquette we acquired by attending the social events. Q 35 To the parasites, we leave ten trays of cake and tea and hope they won't eat themselves sick. Item V. We bequeath to the gym departments, Q15 the swim- ming pool and the diving board, and oh yes, the water or is that at all necessary? Q 25 We also leave Mr. Williams and his queer sense of humor, our broken shoe IIE J E CLASS strings, sprained ankles and wrists, dis- located joints fand we don't mean the ones you doj and the gym leaders who never could pronounce our names right. Item VI. To our teachers as a group we leave book reports that we acquired from the preceding grad- uating classes, the foolscap tests we failed in, the forged passes we sometimes got away with, the unreasonable alibis we could never talk them into believing, the "ain'ts', and "I seen its" from our classroom dis- cussions, the ice cream sandwiches, and potato chips we finished eating in the classes after lunch, the State and Federal Constitutions, one-thousand half sheets of paper for guess who, a dummy row with the suggestion that a few dunce caps be acquired so the dummy can really look the part, cold creams and cosmetics that made us open the windows, the jokes we heard many times during a semester, and the bells that disturbed our daily siestas. We leave to the Senior teachers individually the following: to Mr. Miller the plea that while he looks very handsome in his jazz bow ties, we would like to see him with a full-sized tie just to be diflerentg to Mr. Fisher his ever popular baton which he twirls at willg to Miss Dralle the thousand word themes that we sweated and slaved over and the sighs of relief when they were finished, to Miss Edwards we leave the assurance that we tried very hard to learn those manners she talked about for the four years, to Miss Bursik the burned food of her cooking classesg to Mrs. Doyle those great unknown answers of life, what is x and why is yg to Mrs, Beck we leave her Forum speakers and the thanks for helping us have a prom, to Miss O'Leary we leave the nail files we used after trying to learn how to type, also the inky hands we had after we used the duplicating machinesg to Mr. Rinker we leave the other eight senior teachers and we hope he handles them with kid gloves because all kidding aside they are pretty swell. The aforesaid repre- sent our major bequests, lesser bequests have been spurned, and so we hesitate to offer any more. We hereby constitute and appoint the otlicers of the class 1. President-Ralph Quatrine 2. Vice-President-Winfield Held 3. Secretary-Frieda Jantz 4. Treasurer-Charles Hlinka to administer this our last will and testa- ment. In witness whereof we have here unto subscribed our names and athxed our seal this twenty-fourth day of the sixth month in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-one. Signed Senior Class of fune, 1.941 Page One Humlred Twenty ve AUTIIGRAPII, PLEASE Page One Hundrbd Twenty-six AUTIDGRAPH, PLEASE Page One Hundred Twenty ,.1,mv1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1..,. 'lv -.m- .--- -...I-.m-....-. .... -.i..-..-.- --1--1111 ..,.1 Q, I I I ROBERT TI-IORPE i Indiana Farm Producls 5 2223 So. Home Ave. I DR. J, S. OWEN 3955 W. wh S+. I KRAMI. DAIRY I 24I5 So. Kosfner Ave. Z R. PLACI-IY T 2433 So. Pulaski Ave. Z-A fvy. - ,... ---- .... - .,.. - .,.. - .,.. - ..., - ..., - , .- 'fu'-' '1" - - "" - "" - -'i-- '1-' ---- ' +I- I I Those we have served i will vouch for our service . HITZEMAN I Funeral Service PATRON ADS OK. LUNCH 392215 W. wh S+. OUR WELL-WISHERS ALTBACI-I 84 REINI-IART, INC. JOI-IN'S MEAT MARKET MR. GEORGE I-IORNA LAWNDALE DELICATESSEN 1 1 1 1 ..im..nn.-.IHI1nn-mi-nu-..im1uu1mi1nu-mi1u..1nn...n -.mi1i 'S' I COMPLIMENTS OF A - I I E 4I I5 W. 26TH ST. I T I Lawndale 3808 I I I I iw- "-i ---- '-f' - - ii-- - Iill - Iifi - - -m- iilf -H-fl iw- 'i-f -I ----- - - - - -I-I Page Om' Ilunrlrcd Twculy-sigh! :cs COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVES LIKE TO EAT, TOO DISTINGUISHED VISITORS YOUTH DAY PHUTIJ-ENGRAVINGS IN EVERY KNUWN MEDIUM WALLACE-MILLER C0. 9 466 W. SUPERHDR STREET ' CIIICAGO TELEPHONE sursnlun 7440 OFFICIAL PHOTO-ENGRAVERS 936 937 938 939 940 94l FARRAG UT LOG POHIIT 101-A 102-A 103-A 104- C 105- B 105- C 115- B 1 17- B 117-D 119- B 125-A 210- C 210-D 212-A 212- C 213- B 215-A 222- C 222-D 223-A 225- B 226-D 228- C 228-D 229- B 229- C 301-D 302- B 303- C 304- C 304-A 310- B 312-D 317-A 318-D LOG Ray Kruzel Ralph Risse Charles Witkay George Koutsky Arlette Kasik 1202-CJ Alice Veringer Arthur Radosh Lorraine Tiehy Frank Vessels Robert Borzynski Harold Gilban Valerie Kopecky ,lean Adams Sylvia Gelsomini Evelyn Gelsomini Dolores Wruck Irving Greenwald Donald Geiger Marion Vranek LaVerne Hofrichter Clara Walter Bernice Martinovsky Emily Masa Raymond Bobek Mildred Harrison Virginia Hickock Edward Prazak Georgette Weiss Bertram Miller Elaine Rieger Mildred Vrla Blanche Vondrak Robert Schlehofer Mary Santavy Eleanor Jurca Page One Hundred Thirty SALESMEN 319- C 321-D 322- B 322- C 323-A 323- B 323- C 325- C 326-A 326- C 327- B 401-D 402-D 403-A 404-D 405-D 410-A 410-D 412-D 413-D 415-A 417- B 419- B 419-D 420- C 421- C 422-A 422-D 425-A 425- B 426- B 427-A 427- B 428-A 429- C Violet Zastera Lorraine Kysilka Evelyn ,laworski Evelyn Soukup Charles Havel Irene Morgal Helen Jirec Lillian Richter James Narovec Anne Rus Henry Mack Carol Moses Rose Sima Mary Jane Gustafson Marie Krajcovic Martha Dunias Ann Kraus Frieda Jantz Lorraine Zetek Helen Cunk Eugene Amado Rita Daugirda Harriet Basterash Frank Marek Francis Losos Florence Wlezen Eleanor Olsen Viola Kroslak Dorathea Panzer Gloria Kartch LaVonne Eggers Mildred Pirka Kenneth Cowser Mildred Hubeny Emma Piperoff KEY T0 SENIIIB ACTIVITIES A 1. Annual Staff 2. Art Exhibits 3. Athletic Club B 4. Band 5. Banquet Comm., Sr. 6. Baseball Team 7. Basketball Team 8. Bowling Team 9. Boys, Chorus C 10. Camera Club 11. Campaign Manager, 4B Elections 12. Cap and Gown Comm., Sr. 13. Checker Club 14. Cheer Club 15. Chemistry Club 16. Chinese Checkers 17. Civic Service Club 18. C.lVl.T.C. 19. Class Day Comm., Sr. 20. Class Gift Comm., Sr. 21. Clean-Up Club D 22. Dance Comm., Sr. 23. Dancing Club 24. Democracy Committee 25. Dramatic Club E 26. Election Comm., Sr. 27. Electric Shop Club 28. Boys, Etiquette Club 29. Girls, Etiquette Club 30. Euclidian Club F 31. "FU Club 32. Farragut Choir 33. Farragut Sing 34. Financial Comm., Sr. 35. Fire Marshalls 36. First Aid 37. Flower, Color, Motto Comm., Sr. 38. Football Team 39. Forum 40. Freshman Play Committee G 41. German Club 42. G.A.A. 4-3. Girls' Chorus H 4-4. Hallguard 45. Honor Society I lce Skating Team Interior Decorating Club Invitation and Decoration Comm., Sr. International Friendship Club .l Junior Beseda L Latin Fun Club Library Staff M Melodists Military Club Movie Operators N National Honor Society O Orchestra P Pin and Ring Comm., Sr. Play Comm., Sr. Print Comm., Sr. Prom Comm., Sr. Public Speaking R Radio Club Reading Club Recreative Games Roller Skating Club S Safe Drivers Club S.P.Q.F. Scholarship League Scroll Senior Cabinet Service Guild Sewing Club Spanish Club Student Council Student Guidance Swimming Club Swimming Team T Tea Dance Comm., Sr, ,Teens Club Tumbling W Wood Shop Club Wood Tinkers Wrestling Team Writing Games Club Page One Hundred Thirty-one CIXIC JXWARIJH Silling f A I im- Spak, Uurullly 'IH-Har. Nlilmlrwl lfsl1vl'.Uf-l'l- rnrlc IjIIl'flllE1Il, lI4'm'gu- Su-- lvk llfirst Cixir' I,1'll4'l'I. Sian Jin g Fr:-:I Sprugvl, Ilymvn Kvsslvr. DRESS DIES I ll N I TNG-- Margarf-I Pr:-ielvr, Ill'-sie Slrac-Inna, Pauls-nv lfar- Imnf-, RllSIllill'y Klivr. fXllSfIICl.l,ANlC0lIS Adri- anna Hanna ruling in Sax Suln City lfonlvslg Riclxard Umm-raski. Ifrank Synakivwitz, ICQI. Killlloff. THE INNEBS! Tl-lEY'llE THE TOP Farragut students are known for their industry, willingness to co- operate and their efforts to maintain at least a good average scholastically. There are, however, certain students who excelled in various fields this past year, and to these we devote this page. In swimming, Dome- raski placed second in the City Champion- ship 100-yard breast-stroke, while Synakie- witz came in fourth in the 50-yard breast stroke in the same meet. At the Chicago Times meet at the University of Chicago, Jack Bloomfield of 4-OID won fourth place in the 75-yard dash, receiving a gold track shoe as his medal. Our ice-skating team covered itself with laurels, winning forty- three medals last winter. Top skaters who won a berth in all meets were: Don Schillne, Dorothy Oul, Jim Kocek, Ted Pacanowski, Ernie Wondrasek. fWe regret exceedingly that the pictures taken of the trophies and medals were spoiled and could not be taken over in time for publicationj We were proud, too, of the excellent record of the bowling teams which reached the southwest finals. Those who captured first place medals, bowling bags and balls were: Deschambeau, Step- anek, Veseley, Held and Malyszko. Second place medals went to Edward Kupba, Kula- kowski, Jensen, George Kupka and Ezy- dorski. Charles Hlinka came in tenth in the International division of the Gymnastic meet at the U. of C. Edward Killhoff, co- captain of the football team, was given the Noble Kizer award from Purdue University. He was voted as the most valuable senior football player by all the coaches and ref- erees in the city. From the February class Mildred Traxl received a gold medal from the D.A.R. for service, citizenship and leadership. The first to win his Civic chevron was George Sustek who agi- tated for years for a Civic letter to be awarded to students who participated in various activities other than sports. Three members of the Electric Club passed their federal examina- tion which permits them to operate their own amateur radio stations. These "ham" operators are Don Asire Feb. '41, Tom Marchwick, 303C, and William Gago of 417D. , This year was a popu- lar one with the essa ists of whom sixtv n s I y I participated in contests. Virginia Kelley, 226D, was the cash winner of the unit and district prizes in the National Defense Essay Contest sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. Her topic was '4Selective Service. Its Effect on Youth." Charles Basta of 4-01D came in second, while Estelle Diamond of 4-25B came in third in the same unit. Choosing 6'American- ismf' as their topic, Carol Moses of 4-OID won first place with a prize of three dollars and Emily Fagulec of 426B came in second. receiving two dollars. Both received certifi- cates of merit. Last fall Edwin Trieg- laff placed first in the '4Speak-Up for Amer- icau contest conducted at our school. Page Om' Humlrml Thirly-thru' Page Om' ASSISTANTSf.lAN., 1941 ILL AN SCBULL Cl-I PTEB Quill and Scroll, the International Honor- ary Society for High School graduates, was formed April 10, 1926, to reward individual achievement and to encourage individual initiative in work in high school journalism, creative writing and allied fields. One type of organization functions to serve the staff in judging its work as a unit through its publicationg the other type, repre- sented by Quill and Scroll, functions to serve the staff member by recognizing and rewarding his particular talent and ability. Members of the Quill and Scroll belong to an international organization, this membership widens their horizon, increases their journalistic perspective, and in addition gives them the prestige of belonging to an honorary scholastic society. Prospective members must meet the follow- ing requirements: before they are initiated into the organization they must be in the upper third of their class at the time of their election, they must have done superior work in some phase of journalistic or creative endeavorg they must be recommended by the adviser and they must be approved by the executive secretary. H1u1111'r'r1 Thirty-four SECOND IIN ITIATIONA- -JAN.. 1941 Farragufs Chapter of the Quill and Scroll was organized in June, 1936. Ofhcial initiations were not held until June of 19-1-0 when Miss Mildred Linskey and Mrs. Marie H. Mudra, co-sponsors, conducted the first candle-lighting ceremony. Deserring members of the Scroll, Annual and Business journalism staffs are initiated into the society each semester. Every new mcmlier receives a gold pin bearing the insignia of the organization, a memhership card. and a year's subscription to the Quill and Scroll magazine. At the last three initiations the theater orchestra performed under the direction of Mr. Sylvan D. Ward. Appreciation is also extended to Lillian Pavek, Raymond Muzicka, Marie Krajcovic and Vivian Rogala, who assisted at the programs. FIRST HNITIATION -JUNE. 1940 l Pagc Om' Ilumlrml Tlurly KT -i LL. - Established I889 ROCT STUDIOS Farraguf Log I935 I936 I937 I938 I939 I940 I94I Telephone Sfafe Ol I3 I85 N. WABASI-I AVENUE SUITE 3IO CHICAGO, ILLINOIS SPECIAL RATES TO EARRAGUT STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES AT ALL TIMES X IH x rmffffm I x Hundred T 0-at S 4 a if .wwgfmumn-2 uma uma-vbwunfnaun :v.,.a.,..r .f f., .alnmr .:--afmf-u:1nm -'aims' mum-vrxo M A faux.-Lv -Q' azumw eu A Scion- me ' O b EVE SPINNUIN. V W . . af' F 1 l X N" S' vw C 0 ,-Liv E .f K 0 "P f '- - N 'ax " S86 --?f7""" N X f K, G YHVRD, I 2 QNWWN sz-r -ro wow! 4, f' Q P STOP LOAFING Q-7 x Q X Q3 x . , N 'b5-'1s FAAAQ! f CFQR -eHlR.l,Y 5 I X 3 l x .4 4 "HNu'rfs Q Q-72 X Nw- J' ,. W n LUNCH. ' QF' 'Y' , F 0-N I . f E -K -S V '--0 V ' TE CHN . Lo RER? -3, .1 kph Fmsw- Pismo ECE W' gi? 3,o,,AT EUS 51ART X? 0 J: . 7, I A I-" I QA , - Pl iw ' ZZ... fQ2'Ql2J'osIs-.,,l ix! I Rx xl, i-.,.k -If C 'mo .P :r:,,. X if ENTER I 7 Q , X 4' Exrr 3' U' U 4 PX WK ' ' -.:. Gow. 0 I nina 'rmrn -7' Oc. 6 55,1206 T Q -,q v ' Q U gl up I ago IIGRTK TXRED Acme-l '-'QQ 1 p 0- 0 THAT TFKKIBLE TIME --., 4 0' B 7' xy' EVBAY Fnvrweeus- oo A J, '- 5+ ,f Nw -5 , gee Ripon? eoonef rx' X U sf -qv 'SX A 'D - f ,""l-l PERIOD UP I o Z no 1. DAYS ,mi ' :ELS-

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