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Farragut High School - Where the Action is Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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1 mu.-am. wand-vu lmmww- .M . mmm-man ..mnu.y.Am.v-2 mmf. ,mmm Q ,, ...1 f..4.,.:, . .1-.uw M, ,N ,.., M., mmm-.1-n, .fiv Z dr' , fi' f5'ffn-aim!-if-C4..'+4'-Aoff-.1-af ' ' .,, zw,f,,.,,,. if 6.22.-...J QM, Z? '56 og, 4-M 7 ' -- EL.. 54-nf Ala., xffzz, l Q, Wm .f D ' N Q, ,ef --w-4 64257: Q ' gif? 6 ' n uid ffb-fc AQ . ,,,,, ,...,., 5 4 , ff 0' af ' V' Aflac? alaff' f-ff? , 0. X if 'H ' 1 M mf!! , Mm Lf M wwiim Jw .NL wfj K gf 1 I 3 A 9 d D D gm! M Muir PM A ff iff Klwg-8 W Jfff wfw W Kiggjgw A ETHE .xi 'V , J 'xx X HH 15. ' -' XJ fi' A 5, , E 1939 FARRAGUT HIGH SCHOCL CHICAGO, ILLINCIS 'D Q 2 , I '13 2' . REW v The world has ceased to listen to the quieting effect of soft lullabies cmd lovely harmo- nies, and turns itself instead to the beat of martial music that stirs youth to action-action that has death as its goal. But at Farragut Where "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life," it is our purpose to show that there is a place for music in all our lives. Music that reaches the deepest crevices of our beings, that releases ambitious desires for accomplishment, for a life that builds us Whole, that harms no one. A victorious life that has as its cornerstone-service. Service for one another. Therefore, the Log staff chose music as its theme because Farragut's halls resound with music all periods of the day. We have planned the book in the four movements ofa symph- ony, reflecting life as We lived it in 1938-39. The allegro movement sets forth the subject-our faculty and student body with a little fantasy inserted. Second comes the Andante--a slower movement including all the hard working, cooperating organizations serving the school. The Rondo or Scherzo form covers the sports and the lighter movements in our lives, ending in the grand finale with the Seniors rounding out their four years of hard labor. This theme was especially fitting this year with the Band, Orchestra and Glee clubs earning highest honors in all their contests. It is then with deep appreciation and heart felt gratitude that we, the graduating classes of 1939, dedicate our yearbook to Mr. M. Ackerman, Misses Marie Ehrenwerth and Marie S. Iohnson, and Mr. Sylvan Ward. Not only for the honors they have brought to our school, but for their patience and kindness with our clumsy efforts in song and our stumbling mis-steps in marching as they rehearsed with us for graduation. Perhaps "When Music and courtesy are better understood and appreciated, there will be no war." We know we shall be better men and Women because of the love of music you have instilled in us. Again We salute you, all four, and "Thanks a Million." Tl-IE FARRAGUT SYMPHONY Movement I -Allegro-Faculty and Divisions Pages l-26 Movement ll -Andante--Service Groups Pages 27-58 Movement Ill-Ronda--Sports Pages 59-68 Movement IV-Finale-Seniors Pages 69-93 With Our Advertisers Pages 94-104 DOIN' THE DAY AFTER DAY SO HELP ME MY REVFRIE QUIZ X W Y -4 I. ij X x xws ALLEG tk illilt tin ini trrrtiyr .twin I, I ,I A ,, f x "Music is a discipline, and a ri istress of order and good nianners, she makes the people milder and gentler, more moral and more reasonable."e'fLuther. This could very well be the motto of Miss Geer's Senior Cabinet. Supervising the socialization for the school, Miss Geer organizes clubs, and freshmen teas and parties, given by the caliinet. Besides enrolling students at the end of tne year, it is her desire to GK. all the seniors for graduation, when checking their records. Mr. Ritzma, Maude Hogan 5 x I - gh X" 4 Pearl berasixii, l'iF'C1lI1LIk3It'iSlttill llLDltl Nlll' fflufkftlf l rs nrnl Ailiiistrfr' ltr li N. A. ll, ril C. SCHOOL PGLICY Believing with Ruskin that "All life is music it we touch the notes rightly and in time," it has been the policy of the Adnnnf istrative body and Personnel Department to follow the likes and dislikes, interests and abilities of the pupils in planning their programs. Since it is Miss Clark's desire to keep the pupils happv So they will at least "Whistle While They VVork" tif they can't singl, courses that fit the needs of each individual were planned with the division teachers. lt has resulted in fewer failures and more satisfied students remaining to finish their four years. A MESSAGE TO THE GRADUATES Our heartiest greetings are extended to all members of our school who are represented upon the pages of this book and especially to those classes of 1939 who have the honor of sponsorship. This volume portrays a record of effort and achievement. Accomplish- ments in the field of scholarship show a marked improvement and indicate an ever-increasing attention to that phase of school life. Physical training with its emphasis upon the development of the body and upon a health- building program deserves an important place. A carefully-planned schedule of social activity indicates the recognition given to that which aids us in living with others in a manner agreeable to them and pleasant to ourselves. lnterwoven with these are the provisions for civic and moral development for only that training is complete which leads us to conduct all of our activi- ties on a high moral plane and leads us to live, not only for ourselves, but for others. Our theme is found in the realm of music, an art especially valuable in reminding us that back of every achievement we find painstaking practice, preparation, and study. A real service will have been rendered if our theme leads us to think more seriously of the importance of building our foundations carefully. lt is our hope that this yearbook may be an inspiration to present and future students for greater accomplishment, increased responsibilities, and higher ideals. PETER B. RITZMA, Principal "I-IOVV CAN WE BE WRONG" MAESTROS 1939 ART 1 Lvl: If' zmht HELEN IAQUES. I-Lil., IXIA., IX! I"111I. MARAGARET BIRO. I'I1.I4.. II. I C. LOTTIE SCHELL, Ii A I ,. XXII Inst. - COMMERCIAL .. SI-QIIII If II If IIIIII1 DANA CROWELI., IIS.. N, II. ALICE POWER, .3.II. II. III U., IVI.IQ., L IyI I:1. KATHERINE O'LEARY. PILI1., I.Iy.I'1. CECELIA WELLS, I-...fx Lwwis Inst. f5II:r1IIL1xI1 MII 'I IIWIII IOSEPH MILLER, I'II.II.. II. I T V. MARGARET M. IOHNSON: MILDRED LINSKEY, IIS., III' II:I1I. GEORGE CAMDEN, IRS., III. NI. Ins! IvI1:::s.r11l SMITH, IVI.A.. N. II. ROSE COX, IKL3., N. Y. II.: MI., L1 vi III ENGLISH ilfIIxI1-IIIIItI 11f1Ipt LOUISE MCDANIEL, XXII.. II. of IIIII. HELEN L. CULVEH, HA., Stmf II. I vu z. MARIE H. MUDRA, IIILII. II. vI V. IIA., OvI1mx II1c1. AGNES DRALLE, EIILII., II I! U. KATHERINE HOGAN. I'E1.Ii. I.I yIIII1. iwtc111:I1:1f1 I+-II 1 :11'1' ALICE LEECH, A.II.. IIIQIIQ' II., III fx IH .IIIIII I'1 BERNADETTE HOPKINS, IX I' , Irm. Slain' 'I'P1II'I1fI:f ' ." 'If . RUTH THOMP- SON, FA. IIIIIIL' II. FRANCES HILL- MEYER, I'I..I"., II 1 If MYRTLE DOYLE. Iff ff ,W N I'1'1I. MABEI.. IEHMAN, 3 1. I1. I.I fx. II- I' mf HISTORY Smlfl .I I+ II Iv III'7I1I NEVA DAVIS, IIILII.. II. fwt C. GUY HOGG, III1.. IKIL3., II. vf III. BUD FISHER, INLA.. UNI-I II. vi Ifvwrx. RUTH BECK, IIILII., II. .II IVLA., N, II. WANDA TAESCHNER. IIS., II. IIT III. IVLA. N. II. 1it111Ii111I1 Iwft I IIFIILI MARY MEEHAN, III:.I'I.. II. :ti If. IVLII I.I y.'II1. LAURA SCHULTZ, IIA., II. .II Wm. CATHERINE MCGRATH, II1.Ii,, I..:y. II1. GENEVRA GEER, PELI4.. II. It U 1 Na 1939 MAESTRCS HOUSEHOLD ARTS I'mm IMI to riqht BESSIE BONNER, II. of II., III. SICIIQ NOIHMI U. EMILIE BURSIK, PILR., U. mf C., MIT., I.m'0Ic'1. ELIZABETH EDWARDS. AB., U. .-I III. LANGUAGE I'1wl11 IwIl In 1IqI1I PAULA FLYNN. 1'I.II., SI. Mmy, IVI.S., U, wi Lf. BEA- TRICE DUDA, IIA., BS., Imwis Inst., Lf I'4'cIx'IlUI5I CcvIIs'c1w'. MARY RHEUDE. IIA., M.A., Mmquwtto U. FRANCES CADY. IIA., VVLISIIIIIIIII, AIXI., IXIA., Dv Paul. EMILIE MILLS, IIIIB., U. of C. IAROSLAV MICAN. AB., U. of Prague, MJI., Cxviqlxtwll U. BERNADETTE HOPKINS. 1'I.II., Ind. Smto IIINTIFIIF-IS' L Ullwqw. 1 i,K Aja' 1 ...- MATHEMATICS I'mm IwIl tu miqht AGNES DUNN. HS., U. uf lf MARY MORGAN, FILE., NIE., Imyulu, ALICE MITCHELL, IIS., Imwus Inst., IVIA., N. U. CATHERINE DOH- NE, IIS., U. UI C. MYRTLE DOYLE. IIS., IVIA., IN- I-ILIIII. SCIENCE ISIOIII Iwft In riqlxt CELINA LISKA, PILH., Do Paul. ELEANOR LANDON. ILS., U, of C. LYDIA CADA. IIILI9., U. of C., M.A., Dv Paul, MARY ANN BENSON, IIS., U. of C. BORIS DUSKIN. IRS., U. of C. GEORGE BUNTING. I1I.I'I., S. III State Touclmers' CQII, CLARE DAVIS, BS., MS., III. PAUL GAMERTSFELDER, RA., Nmth Cwmml. MAESTROS 1939 TECH 4 P10111 left In 1iGI1t FRANK BALTHIS. B. of E., N. III. Sims' 'Iex1r'I1O1s' CON. ERNEST IOSI, Lewis I11st. EDWARD PASCHKE, BS., 111 EF., A1111:1111 I11s1. ORVILLE PARKHURST. HS., Imwis Inst., Diploma III CO111., N. U. WILLIAM BLOOM, BS., N. U, FREDERICK SWANSON. BS., Oklm. SH1111-I 111 Mi11c1:s. OTTO SIEDENSTRANG, HF., AIIIIIJIIIL. lNot 111 1116111191 LESLIE COOK. HIL., EGSTQI11 Ill. S1010 'IcXr1c'I1f'1s' lbllfkcgfx GEORGE VON BREMER. HS., U111v, vf Vxfis., NIA., Del Paul. PHYSICAL ED. GIRLS 4 17145111 Iefl 11: IICIII' ROSE LA VAN, IRS., D0 Prlul. ANNA SLOTSKY. I'I1.II., Loyola. ,Q A xzcilrpf-rv--." 1 ' UL.,-L ,- 7 PHYSICAL ED. BOYS 4 F111111 loft '11 1ir1I11 EARL CANFIELD, HIL., UD I3f'111I. IAMES FOX, In A. I1I11?11 M.S,, N. U. MAURICE WILLIAMS. HE? 111 HI., IV P1Q111l, I LIBRARY 4 P10111 loft ti: riqht MARIE MRAZEK, THELMA IVIICHAELSON, AGNES VET- TER, AB., U. ff Q". IIIVI III 111111111-I, SOPHIE LANG. MHS. t'A'l HLHINH HAFSLOOP Mtitruri LAUGH YOUR TROUBLES AWAY" ff "DON'T PLAY WITH FIRE" TAMES DOHNFY LxllfjilIE3FI"l.1lISfCtdiI'1Il The Way to the students' hearts is thru their stomachs." Mrs. Emily Reinhardt Lurichraarii Manager You'd better watch autp You'd better came to school." Mrs. Lupe, Truant Officer st is FACULTY AT PLAY "Whistle while you work" "When the Circus Come to Town" H When you're in the room" "Little Skipper" "Think it over" "I ups to her onol she ups to me" 11 You're qonno see o lot of me" "Those Sly Old Gentlemen" "Hove you forgotten so soon?" "Could be" "lt's the Stronqest Thing" "Simple ond Sweet' "Mollie-s no difference now" t 'You must've been ot loeoutiful baby SMALL FRY 1 Miss McDaniel-101A-IB. First row Sukup, Ward, Svoboda, Holan, Pusalori, Siwuk. Second row Purcell, Leiluiq, Horak, Dvoracek, lanecka, Ncvolny, Choc, Goldberg. Third row Venliuda, Nlnvacvlc, Pavlik, Stoinlaui, Cecliura, Wagner, Nonasek, Vacovsky, Fourth rcw Saul Weqlard lxnulva, Olson, Pawlck, Stochl, Talacli, Kazel. 1 Mr. Siedenstrang-102A-IB. flirst row Slapalc, Lains, Petranek, Gadore, Wirinick, Yack, David, Svetic, Blaslik. Second row Kavar, Krpal, Lauta, Sodlock, Pretrar, Kina, Slim, Nagel, Vosely. Third Rcw Svec, Cipza, AIl0l4'iI,,f3Il, Saclii, Manak, Kmrolc, Rousolc, Lamlulrson, Frcok, Simpson. IUIA 102A 328A 310B 4 Miss Tueschner-228A-IB. First row Esralew, Stevens, Giaer, lC'LiliClCfI, W6fiIll,l6xlQ, Baitnik, Sadis, Boclwr, Kastnelr. Second row Kopfscfky, Danda, Novak, Penske, Shaman, Chalnupka, Glass. Mitcliull, Baitnian, Cukor. Third row Hulan, Mulacelc, Boucek, Nlelye-rs, Sovlvy, Wall, Solnar, Sclirom, Gomolinsky, Doleis. Fourth row Steispal, Holacelc, Nasa, Kculla, Srnerfanzx, Bcuclcln, Nlaimnvilz, Slavock, Taber, Miller. 4 Miss Iuques-3101-LIB. First row lelinek, Kcvncal, liloitlon, Bartunek, Mikulski, Krmnsko. Second row Kurlirst, Soulcup, I-lornicsk, Budilovsky, landa, Wlcnipt, Bisitl. Third rcw Rika, Kmen, Garup, Nowiclci, Hvcilca, Papp, Slaslny, Caircxlwolla. Fourth raw VVvs11wl, Nvvalc, fustpllcv, llmnollca, O'BriGn, Polcolny, Stale-nka, Maur-3, Mas-ok, Page ll 4 Mr. Slmll, SMALL FRY Peacockf312A-IB. First row Seinost, Formcmek, Pmzd, Dmok, Lezwi, Mikulric KUSIC. Second row Veswly, Lur1dqrQ11, Lcltkovic, Muuim, Mikes, Nwlm, Raglan, Ply, Ellruwlc. Third row VfJllE?ll, Ritfvwcvur, Post, Soulcup, Nocick, l3tc1CQk, Llslcci, Slcla, lVlilCc"211y, 1 Mr. Swanson-317A-IB. First row Halal, Spumy, Flwimcx, Vlasiulm, llsipcllri. lflvtz, Knrmwcu, Trylmr, Gwlsommi. Second row Cox, Thomas, Burmcn, Pczlumlzf, Vlfliito, lums, Faisal, Fcxiwlimok. Third row Swist, Shay, Krueqehr, Hqlok, Hcmlzowslcl, Pelvis, l-Qxpywf. Tymiuskcx, Bmqebr. Fourth row Crystal, Hotfmml, Solllw, Kflrdq-Xorcxff, BFZIINYYII, ll rllnfi, W:1lc'2c1k, livmitli. li, Fwllx Liriluut Vvswlcilc Zwwtfww Solui-BIA' L lxlmwll llluimis 312A 317A 319A 429A 4 Miss row llm Klouf lax, Zur fl fi fr, Hull ivlmtf Mwllcill, P4 -pwrrilt Pmtzx, P' Duda-319A-IB. First row Mqlichrkk, Sernik, Rude, Hiqqif?-, Skutl, Bumws, Rokuswlc. Second uclwy, lurirlsky, Pokomy, Lfmdcr, Pivodu, Korlvol, Betula. Third row Holmml, Buzz, Knut! Hmlcy, Clmclorci, Olson, Pclvlrvr. Fourth row Zrxstevin, Srfiil, lfamm, Drlhefy, Kmtmvlty C5IllSliOVCXli, Vczleutcx, Lcmqrwr. 4 Mr. Camden-429A-IB. First row Ktnllnwl- -r, Iillllltlllll, Boyd, Pcmosh, Mlsek, Linllcrt, Dvorak, Second row Hfrlclfislz, lQu.'vr1 WC7f'lllF', Ztlonwlc, Zika, Masala, Oqodzinske, lenicelc. Third row Burrwrl, liefllwr, Popwwr Bnlcity, Mciirlxrxcwk, lands, Hcmus, Cemy, Coles, Fourth row Rumi, Grlspmik, l,lntllw11 srrlkwtf, Nrvrtldu, Micllkci, Omlrfrs, Pflislcor, lolmscu. SMALL FRY 1 Mr, Pcxrkhurstfl03A-IA. First row Swanson, Grinnns, Meyer, Svolo, Klocp-lc, Riedl, Zcilnndek, Second row Cvrny, Nwzqnvln, Sebesiu, Orzekowslci, Tuclcscln, Znnlvu, Third row Pcnek, Znanscqw, Mnmwski, Amlww, Malolc, Olnorq. Fourth row Kolom, Mcizer, Flenurd, Golan, Rina, Rada lwI'illt'llVlllP, WiSIllPWSk1. 4 Mr. Bulthis-125-IA. First row Kcnnlvc, Hornik, Tmlulr, Rvnvx linrosnk, Clmvliolq, Enqelxnnnn, Second row Hornicmn, Robic, Luvotz, Pollvka, Kosofsky, Ciclion Third row Slmikioxvicz, Mares, Bniosnk, Michal, Kokiolslci, Gnlik, Sclmwvrlrirwl. Fourth row l'ilnc':wynski, Crtmlcli, Shnixwr, Flnndl, Borliclc, Kriflq, Schultz, Pokmny. 103A 125A 223A 322A 4 Miss M. S. Iohnsoni223A-1A. First row 'VVOOf'lTlCl1, Fisher, Rislun, Zmlkowski, Wopsir, Dos' vlmmnlvmni, Sovlior. Second row Henson, Rico, Slosor, Roqcllcx, Schliclil, Bublik, Bottaqliu, Niv- kqmp, Third row Eolnlmrt, Pnlncki, l-loose, Olmlek, Rvczilc, Casey, Uliucsz, Ryrnut. Fourth row Szolicqowski, Milcsnlktx, Poclicn, Ne-Inoc, Renkiowicz, Peter, Pochocki, Cilliun. 4 . Miss Okeson -322A-IA. First row Harris, Bunn, Divis, KIPJSCL, Ne-dved. Second row Osler, Dolezal, Gron klvwirxr, Cilnil, Nenxnnnn, Halopup. Third row Vesely, Hrnslccr, Choclfiolci, Tcirqosz, Vronelc, Glenn. Fourth row Klum'-k, Kmlw, Knjrx, Mnsok, Mnmsli, Grndnilc, Prchcil. J SMALL FRY 4 Miss M. M. Ichnson--32615.-IA. Firsi row Krcitky, Besterfeldt, Siuvflu, Fmuk, Swkulivh, Mf15Exk, Kdcpr, Cwik, Winholt. Seccnd YOW Geriskv, Smrz, Lirxhurt, Bcirq, Olszewski, Yflrldmchu, Bmmwk, Pmhin, Bfuftoriff. Third row Kmdosh, Sink, Sykora, Misek, QThI!lilii'5CIkl, Sturefk, Triskru, Pmmn, Pwtron. Fourih row Bcirdn, Zcxuicek, Budilovsky, Vlhel, R115 Rmq, Vulehstm, Cokul, Musica, Vllbxii lcmdwr. 4 Mr. Hoqq-417A-IA. First row Iohnsori, Vessels, Vukrisovic, Mcirchwick, Mahi, Kozuk, Blliyxll, Studeriovsky. Second rcw Wopechousk, Foy, Slcmins-ii, Oulihlc, Blau, Husuk, Pmfkm, Third row Skwwpri, Huevbriwr, Hock, Chmvuu, Millm, Pfevhi, Ncvzik, Fcurih row Yiljik l ".xrrifici, Cmrinwr, Hfxzrlxfi, Chmioin, Moyzis, Hybl, MUGS. , lf' .. mv., if XJ , 326A Nw W ,fl 417A 421A 425A 4 Miss Dunn+42lA. Fits! row Krueger, Ruzuk, Olszrwski, Srzltwisvlz, Millvx, Pnwls, VVw:st- ylml, Second rcw I4,1mc1kowi:t7, Kullnin, Tumefr, Domi, Plilzyl, Znhzu, Huriis, Burk-X, Ncmlwir. Third rcw Burvsh, Lficliorl, Ouper, Pcmcxkowski, 'I'rczc'hi1r1, Micthulric, Cizekk, Blahu, Knstxri Mmqwlls. Fourth row Wlfzzem, Coulson, Bclfipciux, Loumwisky, Mcfllcuiciery, 'PoniLmz11y, Dmmwrcvskri, Zwttvk. 4 Miss McGrclfh-4255-IA. Firsi row Kcrkmftsk, Kmrxch, Piluy, Kmcxssfk, PGH-nxiy Kink, Myrna. Second row Soukup, Sholper, Palmer, Wuwrc, Laycock, Kovulsky, Konvulinkc. Third row Cul, KL1:s1nvvr, Alvrfrmssou, MG1PlOVSkY, Rflskcl, Lchn, IGHCIQG Nosvk, Fcurlh row Michulcik, Stfluwk, f1i1H1LliPSiCi, Iezek, Suchy, Deitz, Zdseriek, Hcilencxr, Martin. r 141 I4 YOU NEVER KNCJW 1 Miss Dohneyw--4285-IA. First row Zieqler, Surlirh, Studiu Gulczyrrski Philipp Musil Kur il f - r f K 1 W f llcwllurcrrdt. Second row Iurzomkowslce, Vlfestplrul, Slunczak, Mayer, Bcxrtuszsfk, Kummotz, Nziurclc, Dmrlmnovlrli, lcrrzoiukowske. Third row Icmco, Novak, Krcrtky, Vovlruzkci, Mrrrcrrik, Rvclrlorovrv liic'lr1sir', liierlrmrsvlr, Hyun, Fourth row Dirrrorr, Pitree, Mcirslrcik, Prluluy, Mmivrski, Duciwsvk, Drill mrrrm, l'llll'IIli1llIlCU, Filip, Svlrolz. 4 Miss Mitchell-210B-IA. First row Rokcrveicy Bur: lluvvl, Pfiwlirrskr, Q'fulvrkw, l'QGspcir', Srlmttorrlvmq, Dokludcil. Second row Liss, KUSYIIOI, Aelrrrrrs li-rmlrwlir lQIVln'UI S.rrLtnlcr, Cwrrrmk, Freiiriq, Feirickfx. Third rcw Frank, Bimini, lVl1kr'ut, Kusou llrrrlrrwill, Crrrlvrrw, Arrllitwrry, SCllWOIlII, Puvilrflrik. Fourth rcw XA7iIllr'I, Z-Alas, Holrirlrtwr, VVHI1 rimsvk, Vrsvtvky, lllusrrirlr, lQulcl.r, Brlis, Alosli, 428A 210B 229B 302B 1 Miss Powerf229B-IA. First row Modqlill, lsllrrmqvr, Turxrpuclr, Boron, Nmsfxl, Dudcr, Hiclcok, Krvsmr, Kuisor, Lmrq. Second row Nouzuk, Kroil, Hulek Chuutko, Borok, Iolmsorr, Simek, SiOIiOC'iIl ski, Mrrlrpzkw, Dolwrovcluy, Musur. Third row Bockin, Hrusku, Klier, Deymurr, Biel, Wolrry, Hercik Sxrmsrry, Krrrpiell. Fourth row Kvetorr, Dudczyk, Kyzrrcr, Zcrryczny, Filip, Meyer, Beroslrr-in Crullopcr, Krrlsxtyrrskr, lforrrirlo. 1 Miss Ccldd 3023-lA. First row Schwartz, Strcko, Hocketl Zwxvk, Drnrrmrrri, liuirrrmlr, Second row Wcmner, Mc1lys7ko, Skiby, Mierrle, Bervzvwsho, lirrclmwk Vrmrlu. Third row Murrske, Delvil, Simo, 'l'olJe-rrrrcm, Lcbedz, Schuettler, Miller, Fourth row lkvlrmrl, Nuvuk, Ross, Susok, Pekorek, Pe-trik, Kuclrfxr, Kozub. llnrq 4 Miss Ehrenwerlh---420B-1-A. 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Third row Sedlocek, Mikrut, Vcmek, Vllbek, Mcxsek, Mcxsek Woston, Kristl, Slochowiok, Fourth row Thomas, Tischler, Hoespllqzsljoukotu, Klicporcr, Tesm Svolwodcr, Mvnsik, Sticho, Spuk, Esncr. Nw- 'fb ' .Y , Y .U if Y .v", . X! ' 225B w . ,, 226B 0 ' ' ' is ' Q ' 3 319B 405B 4 Miss Meehan-319B-2B. First row Miss Meehan, Glifikonp, Foss, lvloyvr, Wisxlfhr, llwsulvl, liouluxls, lvlosvs. Second row Svetic, Cmnhis, Brichtcr, Henning, Zcrpicek, Trillinq Esrcrlcw Con- , , 1 currrrmm. Third row Fviqeribuurn, l'oI'nQc1r, Stern, Greonwolci, Shen, Kolz. Fourth row Nodwicilt lxlllhvll, Cikmwlc, Dnnovsky, Hawkins, Shoo, Arncll, Chilivelis, Tolccrrski. 1 Miss Hoqan4 405B-ZB. First rcw lkllrqot, Simons, Sykora, Lrrvemlelr, Dunios, Binkrr Hlnrnlrcrqvn Krrrlvvl Rylvirki. Second row lvlonlrsy, lirivcrnek, Hluvaty, Filip, Birnbaum, Leif, Brlcovich, Kodlvc, Snisvk. Third row lkrvlin, Klir, Ikfurtrrrvv, Vnss, Slivlcu, Wonorski, Hearn, Miclmlchlik, Krhcc, Holdu. 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'lhird row Kulousek, Kcmvul Lexer, Yeshko, Admnoitis, Amos, Woitus. Fourth row Heinz, Mcilirxowskx, Slulmclclx, Vorsmlu Hans, Brophy, Bono, 4 Miss Drcxlle--419B-ZA. First row Calcorcx, Polivko, Wonysiuk Zcihrczdnik, Potuzcilc, Marek, Vucker, Comer. Second row Franz, Carpenter, Drnek, McClellan Vlcek Ploccrr Zeleznik, Koczmclrczyk, Troicxk, Third row 'Huebner Donelc, Els, Kuzuselc, Forma nek, lrflorkvort, lcmdcr, Korovus, Rudke. Fourth row Burdu, Munrich, Dvorak Dahl Gulezynslm Kuper, Hoinclclci, Mukleuvicz, Mendel. YOU NEVER KNOW 4 Mrs. DoyleK422B-2A. First row Rys, Muziku, Misik, Kucom, lixxdm iiuuifx Pmirm row Lwimmniwfmx, Hush, Taillcx, Plvwu, Klomchuk, Cmnicpk, Huuqutsi, Drciiwk, Third row Klivpwm, Krwslnk, laws, Swomwski, Ciicnli, Fobisud, Chclllvcvxlmlciu, Mitciwll, Fourih row KBIIIIUF, ivx, k,N1IlrliV'iixI, buuvk, Pmsok, Kndivf, Kuchur, MOSQS, VYi1IlCII14ii. 4 Mr. 423B-ZA. Firsi row Hosni: Struvv, He-rzfll, Srcbk, Hocious, Scmfi, Klllhofi. 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Fourth row D9SCl"lGHil!E?Ull, Schmidt, Miller, Howard, Kuala kim, Sykmra, Rutlcowski, Starr, Gamliini, Lafin. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FGR 4 Miss Coughlin-326C-2A. First row Knivo, Kuchta, Genibaia, Gmnkinwicz Kasoi Eohok Second rcw Kial, Siacuni, McCafferiy, Dohcsh, Kosinar, Vacek, Sue-c, Neumann. Third rows WiII'lilII1Z,FiSi1OIi,IGI'7CIb,PfOC'hGSkCI Graninaer Topa Forms- Fourth row Shaiok Airhart Gin vor, , , . i A I V- r 1 . f I Liss, Kovnia, Schwarz, Griffin, Pierson. 4 Miss Edwards-404C-ZA. First row Siadnk Miknlaiwski, Iusvwich, Svohla, Dorfnian, Potrasek, Donarski. Second row Kraicovic Polka McVitty, Sedwy, Leonard, Bartholomew, Ryva, Tursvk. Third row Pyzik, Harla, Kubicka, Podolak Gratchnnr, Buschauwr, Kabai, Kuchta. Fourth row fohnsnn, Snivtana. True, Elqenson, Sawyer, Valos, Novak, Macik 326C 404C X 1 2120 , , ' V zisc 4 Miss Rheude-212C-3B. First row Petrick, Macik, Grinkewich, Roehriq, Ehrich, Miller, Ianus. Second row -Hadac, Iorka, Burnett, Mroika, Holes, Hradsky, Chmeiar, Iliich. Third row Chciloupka Nadlo, Zenicik, Kieinchuk, Greenman, Bartos, Kalal, Vin, Ie-rousek. Fourth row Gaba, Natzke Movllwr, Iohnson, Ziemann, Kankovsky, Zach, Buranot, Asirei. 4 Miss Hillemeyer-215C-3B First row Krasowski, Lelko, Prana, Iiran, Sniekal, Harris. Second row Holubik, Boehm, Burk hardt, Vonorick, Kozeluh, Kriz, Krek, Goldman, Third row Levine, Traxi, Petros, Sebesta, Donqres Slosnian, Gaida, Biehk, Musil Fourth row Kerstein, S ' D R b Arioni, Kral, Sinsky, maqai, e O ertis, Zeman, Baldridqe, Blazek Page 21 WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR X -4 Miss Culver--223C-3B. Fits! row Hfmzlik, Miko, Pummm, Esvutlwr, Svcrmihz, Kurlvmy liytkw, Seccnd row Kullsvkk, Ifc,ffQr1ci, Bw-lik, Chociul, Zflllilfxk, Uzlxcm, Skfxch, W'z1rT1wvsky'. Third row Ufwrwvihxy, Kyoukri, Pe-sexk, 52:'l1Q1wr'r, Buxtcx, Lehmcm, Kuklci, Ixflxmlxrvkw, Fourih row Ptillilii, Williams, Lnch, Atkinscm, Pfmcner, Hfzfrichulr, Mmkn, Rpilly, Druhn. 1 Mrs. Marie Schell 403C-3B. First row Trivqlcif, Adams, Roluffki, Marko, Flulcl, Lrihutkrx. Second row Sndrx, Stmskml, Pima, Hczmik, Homk, Soris, Sum, Third row Boris, Soukup, Medan, Mudl, Mcirik, Kohn, Kxisfufwk. i Fourth row Mcmirm, Sviiri-irmsiickrr, Lciskm, Gluttiuq, Iolvis, Pc-111r1vll, Icivrirlwk. I X 223C 403C 415C 425C 4 Miss Cady-415C-QB. First row Srhuhhfwis, Kamik, Kcxriirri, Mcirlmlek Allrm Sitxllliiilll, N1 vcxk. Second rcw ciIPl'Il, TL1rm:m'lx, Alxcifvrsmz, Cnlwrrmfvch, Fermi, Pcxmwskl, iVii'fiWTII1i'IFk. Third row Pinvr, Hmm, Kfisel, Huliicek, Priqomi, Nebwnsky, Lcihu, Zorko, Muleki Fourlh row Holdfx, EU'1uplf'r11mx, Pmvmsky, Knsmifuvsky, MOHDC, PPM, Zvlrimrx, Snydpr, Bvmu. 1 Mr. Bun!ing-- 425638. Firsi row Pwsa, Sumiermayer, Vonhudu, Flick, Kml, Mpnqlesr, Second row Vukcxsnpvy' Vlwkczylw, RKJIUIIYWC, Mzasr-iz, KOil,lliEiI, Ullwnm, KIOC. Third row Mumiil, Zxricilirk, K41s'r1+'11, Hrlyxmlmm, Yfvllllil, iK:Q1f7iiII'. Fourlh row Vaxvrivz, Pf'-miska, Prrucri, Irxrl-dm, Viskfvil Kwzfluix, Lirwhixv, Plus w, hulk. 1' uw WHAT ARE VKEMJAITING FGR V 1 .f ' j 1' 1 Ml. Stevenson-117C-318. First tow MC 'wQll, Pcriiok, Kusfiim, l115kio111y, lluivvivk, D1111'1lw- N wivzt, Diuqisic, Moresh. Second ref D 11, SJ111ps:111,X,N5wtn11,tS:oCl111iok, l.os11iok, Dvomk, liuliitski, D111111111owski. Third I V St Rishe, l-le1111o1i, Vfcfsltie, lvguios, Slcxk, Kualvll, Sllll' shine. Fourth row--Louz 1 , Bu sh, Eckstmii, Filip, Beriius-1 ,' Kmicik, Moyer, Mvclmislci, ' K Klikox 1 Miss Hopk' allows. First row smym, 1301111111, Koridrivk, 11 IQ, liutuic, X Lukos, Vukosovic, Ruskin cgndt w Pokorriy, Whit? CDPSlIE?iCliOT, Be11'c111ek,' Oilfizq, KroCl1- 111411, l111po1'l, Dvorak. 15-wig p 107, MLIEWQQQHHCI -K11?jl, Siq111:,111, St11y1isk1vyski, Rirkwk, Gil1l1o11s, Kc111ocl1. ffinthlrp -Q ids-rcif Bvlusliok, Woeltileg, W11kQ11!, Frflix, Bqclnor, Aronowski V k ' , -, ' 1 1 If ' f ' . ' Q nv 1 . 1 1111 111, lxtuiriitrsku l'l1Ck . L, X ax , R , I - I 'F ...cy K ' . I 11 u , 1 I , JY R . X, 4 1'-' .lw 'Q' 4 ' ,Qt 11 A rj " 9? f , I. Q N ,it lt 1' -' 0117C ,, ' ' ' 317C ur' f' ' -- 1 f 1 3.1, -' ,x .O . , 42zc ., , '. ' 'I ., VJ' 42BC" , '1 , 1'f' ,fd-Lf,Af.,f , . ' . - - ,iff-f J J ' 1 ,1 .-vv'-"' Q . ,N - , I . I ' I h ' v 1 j 1 Mrs. Schultzh422C-3A. First row Voles, Nolners, Walker, Cicliori, Chvcil, Ceriiy, lstvcxiie-k,' i Porpe-r, Second row Boldo, Voncoto, Tobisz, Cenek, Polivko, Skocli, Schwordt, More-k Mark- 1 ,4 A1 vurt. Third row Novak, Finek, Korun, Kufriri, Tescxr, Klickct, Whitinq, Price. Fourth row Arini, Vuriek, Stonek, Bctrtusek, Rosenthal, Pocourek, Hechtel, Eotho, Pribcm Laycock. 4 Miss Thompson-428-3A. First row Wolf, Kcmdl, Kepler, Ste-pina, Kctdlec, Hurt, Svotos. Second row Schultz, Smrz, Kuta, Geary, Ne-mec, Busterosh, Liscrk, Vcmek, Rende. Third row Hora, Hot- richter, Botheri, Kovctl, Rodke, Holds, Zctlesky, Gowerido, Wollrob. Fourth row Pokorny, Liss, Cottrell, Sekeror, Vosicok, Rimncic, Tyk, Voiik, l-lruby. Page 23 -YN N ' n H CERTAIN AGE 4 Mr 1 trow Doerr Stanley Kowalski Munn Ccrrt Krenek Dunfrt, Second row Bl if X k um x Kondeiik Hall Hirche-rt Holub Clomerirc Third row Lorrdbprq, Qchwob Clk Rcxdtke Asbrrdqe Doerr Contos 4 Miss Lmskey-225D-3A. x n Q , Q1 5. X f 1 X AX so 4, x . I K K N K . X' X' -3 v , , , ', , , , , ' Q X ' First ro rw-U s, Gobeille, Finszu, Prince, Miller, Bloczynski. Second row Guzzo, Byczrry- V ' x H Y ski, Su on uso ky, Munn, Povelec, Drz, Soucek. Third row -Skornu, Stostny, Stephen, ' L ' ' A f f - ,f,.y,:,,. , Y fr r, W1 Y, 4 ' ., x t I 1 It A x C: Y U fy- 1 T J J A 1 l L - I My f - Dvorak win cxvko Kemps Dreshcr Izydorskr Fourth row Cerny Cummmqs,SrivPr1y, it ',, Sirrrm , umcmrr, Stich, Loehmcm, Br c Hybl. 'Q A A ,-.L fir ET L,,, 1 jg f ,yvf 1 W 212D V ' " , ., QZSD t ' f V A ' J' J R . D , ' 8-N, . c zzsn - 1 .' , ' " " ' 410D 1 -' ' , r-,'Z.fv' ., . . 'Y A , v K 1 1 D ' S 0 ry- ' v- Lb ,I , -x . f v lr 4.1',,.. ' 4.6.46.g . j A 4 Miss Coxf225D-SA. First row Wirltifztt, Dovsrk, GIIPYICG, Muldk, Stomlm, Mrikkovic, Pcxvh- , A 'J vtrrm. Second row Myrttv, Buciil, Hlinkrr, Kasper, mdborq, Ptraitpr, Smlwrt, Prlswrrrrrk. Third J j row Kcustkrr, Deiiuczyriski, Kulsces, Hitzke, Vosvcky, Chiochl, Koubffk, Srrtrd. 4 Mrs. Biro . 410D-3A. First row Frrrrtcr, Vlfrdikcr, Lukevich, P1 , Porirrske, Musii, Micircrtuk. Second row: .Porn Sto1mr1Dt7, Fiuick, Tomsovic, Margolis, Bubur , Fort, Stich. Third row Hrrzrwc, Mcxtousek, , iirwtwl, Gurqcr, Bfnrrrcrth, Cohon, Korinek, Hart. Fourth row Schrririez, Kurtz, Schwartz, Svotv, 5 v Victor, Hirstrrrrcrrx, Kotriurrty, Suitz, Stebel. lf f P , Pcrqe 2-1 7 J! 'Y 4- fs , 2 , ,4,,T1V ,X A it THAT CERTAIN AGE novo, Grier, Ehlert, Vfjicvci, Koudevlkci, Dobicis, Hellas. Second row Kuiricku, Krutoskci, Laycock, McVitiy, Slorcel, Otto, Greenhouse. Third row Ven- vlilc, Tnrrrcisvk, Kraus, Volk, Teirev, Supol, Woiiyszck. Fourth row lunge, Kolodzimslci, Hargrove, Fisclimy Knvcirik, lezzo, Wnrniotci, Wilkcvy, 1 Miss Iuckson-327C. First row Scanlon, Kc:- lricki, Cnllwciirri, Srnitli, Lieivort, Erickson, Hcplon, Grudzinski, Epps, Rontos. , 6 . I . 412D , ' azvc, 9 . ,.., , .. . -5. 1 u..f. N, V -.. I 1, x 'g ' -,-4-W . Av F' fr47,ff"' 1- VJ" M ' , -f N39-f .f , , f 213D 4 f . ,JL ll, .V in M 4 Miss Flynn-105D 4B. F' i - irs fy ow Silhri, Holes, Kotom, Roth, Nelson, Hcch, Vlcch, Vlcok. Second row Gmrirrimor, Bory iff, Forms, Kmrtnik, Soluctkcis, Slapcrk, Tresscll. Third row- licivvl, Mminil, Liiiioil, Gilpin, GSU, Wrmioriicz, Tvorozmsk, Srcimek, Knizzo, Kullicirizlk, Fourih row - liiilucvk, Yunqvr, Spurnvy, Hinz, Flcncrbo, Sykorc, Kcrlivoda, lcnnius, Sevcik, Knlcislski. 4 Miss Morgan-213D-4B. First row Doll, Vilim, Morcivevc, Voiocsk, Buschauer, Silha, Palcck, Second row lrikovvv, Koslul, Fefciriur, Siivntlm, Sc'liro0fivr', Svevtlik, Herr. Third row Ryan, Vollrnei, Kriirnlov- slcy, Mnlrrrirnm, Wilirrrcwvslcy, Mlcrdiv, Kncrp, Stnnf. Fourth row---Czcnkswski, Roriq, Melkus, Kclin, Lyscik, POIOIillUCI, Pciilos, Vilufi, Hitler. Puq Q 2 Fiist in Activity Fm? First in Lnq Sales Mis liflfilwl LOilITlf1I1'S Division WUC IUUW 301D CSr1"1?Ai.N Pcrqe 26 J Y 402D 4 Mr. Duskin430lD-4B. First row Kmiec, Voko, Pleticiia, Anderson, Pounun, Vcxi-wk d W Sliriiu Mouhcxiek Singleton Mutz Miicezny Vlcisok Third row SGITiLl0iSGI1,C3fxSS Secon ro , , ' , , , , , , . let, Vocek, Fmrni, Krboc, Zettek, Musek. Fourih row Sekany, Nviciom, Krmfcwvivii, Bfxiifnki, HGH Strom, Grubinski, Lefyfior, Trinka. 4 Mr. Davis-402D-4B. First row Rettinqer, Celvenkn Vuchci, Szkilonliz, Scheiipl, Y-iimylix, Win hoit. Second row Sinuiny, Prusho, Riedl, Luridrnork, Niekomp, Senkpeii, O'Cc:nn4pr, Svociix Iuworowski. Third row Cerveny, Benes, Hmbe, Iiiek, Drvviknvsky, Baron, Soukup, Rcxdwrxnskx Kubistn. Fourth row Koscxk, Veivodrl, Kcirismun, Oriciewkri, Selrnik, Kullfizynski, Pr kkws, Zmfxt L Q O 1 Us as Q N my " ik 09 S15 W mfg Q i 'J 11 , 1 k 4 x Ns ? dl sf ,L i 3. - n if ,, . a 3 J - xr fx '1 .YJ X X Q 5 9 V W nl V x L V wg P V' v f L 3 F KM A TY? ""' -w 11"5fj:' TN' iammwsg Jw EA w 5-S i Q1 ' QQ ?m ,Af 2 A SEPTEMBER J ' 'N PQ jti . A , f wx' 9 4 VX 0 K-3 ocroaf QI J' I f A ,W EM?-P NOVEMBER p u A E ' 1 'I at 'A , l l' 1 0 R l 'P 5 at f. 40 R pic' WJ DEEEMBER 47 JW f' We .. cf u , .Qs '1 II-- JANUARY CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 2,458 amateurs return to improve their musi- cal knowledge. "School Days." 28-Spanish Club promotes dance in Gym. "Music, Maestro, Please." 29-New freshmen music lovers welcomed. OCTOBER 13-14-Senior Play, "Bill Escapes." "Get Out Of Town Before lt's Too Late, My Love." 26-Girls' Glee Club sponsors dance. Witches, goblins, and black cats attend. 28-G. A. A. Hallowe'en Dance. Lots of contrast between costumes and every-day clothes. NOVEMBER Farragut takes third place in West Section football. 4-Tuberculin Tests. "Heaven Can Wait." 23-Household Arts Fashion Show. "Lovely To Look At." DECEIVIBER 2-4A's hold Senior Circus. "And the man in back yelled 'Peanuts, popcorn, cracker jack and candy'." 7-Posture Contest winners named. "This ls My Lucky Day." 9-Senior Revue. Performance of "Lambeth Walk" in all forms possible. Prince and Prin- cess of Personality Contest presented with lov- ing cups. "Delightful, Delicious, Delovely." 16-School closed for two weeks. Christmas baskets distributed to needy families. "Thanks For Everything." IANUARY 20-Seniors' gala promenade at Oak Park Arms. "Let's Dance." 23--Farragut holds Roller Skating Party at Madison Gardens. Plenty of variation-Ups and downs. 24-A melodious Class Day and Senior Ban- quet. 25-Commencement Exercises held at Harri- son Auditorium. "Farewell." Y or EVENTS 15-Iunior Honor Society promotes hop. "After The Ball Is Over." 16-Freshman Day presents student leaders at Farragut. "On Parade." 17-Tarbell, The Magician. "How Strange." 20-Glee Club Letter awards. "The Angels Sing." 28--The Kwalwasser-Dykend Test of Musical Talent given freshmen who made high scores. MARCH 6-Sam Campbell shows movies to Honor Society members. "I Go For That." 17-Seniors present "Comin' 'Round The Mountain" "She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain When She Comes." 30--Modern dancers present minuet, and folk dancing for Farragut rhythmists. "Ieepers Creepers." APRIL 3-Honor Society Roller Skating Party "This Is Madness." 8-Farragut on the air in a special studio broadcast. "Mr. and Mrs. America." 14-Seniors think of future, College Day. "Could Be." 21-Clean-Up Pageant the theme of Clean- Up Week. "I Promise You." 31-Women faculty mow down G. A. A. champions. "For The First Time." 4B's select their class officers. "You're So Very Necessary." -.J-E ,Mmiiii 51. . . SUBJ .if lp' F R A R Y I Condnfg, 'T'0UrItl W 5MJ1 THE Nh sim Mountain 4955, U f' xg SDSU MARCH T mwk.MJF?, , NOT . 6' 1 RE Dm Y my R l pmv" ff 'N APNL Lf ef MAY , 1 as 4-Band Parents present Music Carnival to K raise money for instruments. "Penny Sere- nade." f tl I ll-Farragut Orchestra competes in City Contest. "This Is lt." 1 12--Forum Play presents a farce, "Trysting 4 Place." "I Must See Annie Tonight." .1 - 20-Iunior Beseda sponsors dance. Proceeds will finance trip to World's Fair. "You Look Good To Me." M A Y ..Il-ll-I ia'-.n....' JUNE mul I Imam l-Annual Spring Festival to be held. "Sim- 'J 4 lzll ple And SWeet." I ' 3-Senior Prom at Edgewater Beach Hotel, X I which will include the Boardwalk. "A Room - - - - With A View." - ig: 20-Seniors frolic at Class Day and Ban- quet. "Let's Stop The Clock." - 21-Commencement Exercises at Harrison Auditorium. "Undecided." - KOTORA ls' JUNE "Y O U'R E H E T O P S" X 4 Topflrene Mazurk. D.A.R,q Princess Verna Scheck and Prince lack Kepler: Seymour Levine, Chrn. Clsonvllp Cilrrlr wltirli won trophy. 4 Second row loseph Kozak. February Valedictorionq Lydia Georgoll and Mary Petro. Fnltrucrry and lune Salutotorions, respectively: Dorothy Sumerleli Irina Valedictoriun. 4 Third row-Anna- belle Waibel Bryant and Stratton Scholarship: Personality Runner-ups Scaled: Violet Becker: Betty Mraz: Lorraine Victor: Catherine Mutz: crnd Princess Verna. Standing: lrank Rozic: Le Roy Schwerin: and Morris McWheiter: Charlotte Burkhardt lnstrurne-ntol in Vtfinninq Clean-Up Trcphy. Bottom: Dorothy Phillips Prima Wiriner: in Essay Con tr-st: Ioseph Albrecht Winner of First Annual Swimming lvfcetp Bruno Visotcky All Stats Pocwtluzrll Slfllf Norman Cohan Winnrrr in Essay and Orutorictnl Contest. lrlqrr ffl 152 I, Rigger 5 . 0 5 K X Q :J N ' XA PM gf '-.ii 1 S A' 5 5 - 2 1 Af lf 1.5 x mW E 1 X xx l X xx 5 , g 'g ' X ,X Q S if Z M. noroqm ANDANTE w w ,ummm , , REHEARSIN' TO SWING + 4 Concert Band-Mr. Ackerman. First row Bernstein, Mundil, Ritter, Fukcr Strrstrry, Second row Kyarikcx, Rayspis, Kratky, Vilirrr, Pokorny, Lirrcliwrq Saqal. Third row Silcornki, Storrct, Srlverry, lurrtri, Svutvs lrrrrfiriss, llculziwtll Vcrctck, Brrrdci. Fourth row Milcezrry, Pirrer, Pitluk, Firrstk, Martin, Fusrlrriuvr Gurnlmirri, Pospisil, Saqal, Cemy. Musa, Silha, Krvsak, Hirrrrrrvl, Kulharrvk Fifth row Schmidt, Yack, Choutka, Seidensticker, Pavcucvk, Plmthy. Bassoons: Clarinets: Srcirrwy Hvrrrsstvrrr W:-falvy Murrfirl Ncsrrrlrrr1H1tte-r Gvcvrqt-l'i1kcr lirswplr Kymxkrr lI'rrl llcryssprfz l1vrlyrrKlr!lky Hrvlxfrrrl llrvkurrry l2dwrrrrlS1kur::kr Nvfvrr Strnw llfwrlrllry Srlrrrrry lllt-frrrrar lirkcl ltcwlwrt Fvcutfirs fllrrlle-y lfrrxciuss Ruth Mrlrf-sny Milton Plrmr Hrrhrird Pfitlrk Roy Vilrrrr Prank Yrrrefk Hvrrry Martin lnrrfrrrw Buscha Gvorqe Garrrbirn Eh Clarinet: lohn Staslny Alto Clarinet: Rrssre Krurach lllrmles Kuklrr Llfirx Bass Clarinet: Donald Lrndhfrrqh Robert Scmal Flutes: M0110 Krcirrrrvrr' Harold Vvrdrrk Vrrrlly Pfrsovsky FlubortMrrlrvlrr1r' Ellarnv- Kotrbrity Blanche Lrrrhart Oboes: Gooraer Mulcirrr-lc Robert Vcrcker ildwrird Frlrrrrttrr Drtrrtthy Drrrrrrvsky Roy Klvtrlvitv Clrrrrlvrs Mvlkm: Alto Saxonhones: Wrllrcrrrr fcrrwt Hfrrrry Vrusslcrr Gmrrcr Srrrm Tenor Saxophones Arir1c:rrrr4rH1rrru:1 Rrl:wrtBuxri1vlrk 1 Cadet Band-Mx. Ackerman. First row Slave-ck, Hovorka, Enqelrnann, Schultz, Golriluerq, Straka, Kubal, Holman, lohnsorr, Schrein, Minurik Trurrda, Glenn, Blew, Second row--Yack, Taber, Forbes, Boucek, Choutlca, Schwartz, Lrvrwr, Poloucrik, Fitzrnaurice, Kruvqer, Hruska, Petrasok, Wilson, Hrtvkvtt, Hcrlclash, Lirrkri. t x f I 1 t I 4 1 , J t W1 ljq IJ i I, K AAXXALAUTJ tb ' 4 Concert Band-Mr. Ackerman. First row-Linhart, Kotrbaty, Melichar, Po sovsky, Verdak, Krajcovic. Second row--Korach, Kukla, Kotrbaty, Melkus Dunovsky, Schnitta, Vacker, Mulacek. Third row- -Ryva, Kresak, Mraz, Sack hott, I-lanus, Voska, Sima, Zarat. Fourth row' -Culbertson, Klicka, Viskocil Snyder, Prchal, Ulcrych, Rousek, Zernanek, Ondras, Dushek, Ludomil, Boubelik. Filth row-Findor, Glutting, Ritter, Enz, Brnko, Iurich. Ban Saxophone: Trumpets: Ludomil Chaulka Norton I-Iimmel French Horns: Anita Kresak Tony Ryva Gloria Vacek Rose Benda Ruth Radziwell Cornots: Charles Pospisil Iohn Sagal Laddie Cerny Iosephine Masa Alvin Silha William Kozak George Kulhanek Flueqal Horns: Adolph Zemavek Joseph Ondrus Charles Dusek Baritone: Warren Sackott Buphonium: Robe rt M raz Trombones: Iune Culbertson Iames Klicka Virqinia Viskocil Marie Snyder Lillian Prchl String Bass: Sidney Kominsky Norman Siedensticker Sousaphones: Clifford Ritter Robert Findor Steve Gluttinq George Paloucek Ioseph Plachy CONCERT BAND Tympani: Orville Schmidt Percussion: Walter Enz Carl Iurich Olga Brnko Robert Yach Iohn Svoboda Richard Choutka Driun Maier: Gloria Sima The Concert Band's hard practice culminated in the production oi its best quality of music and a victory again at the Chicago High School Band Con' test. Musical jousts for the Band were April l9, l939, when it came through with flying colors and a coveted Superior rating. The tempo changes and the Band is practising for the Spring Festival, its Iune Concert and Dance. Wielding the baton, we find one who has shown his capability in previous years. Have ing studied public school music at the Chicago Musical College, Marcel Ackermann was able to fill the important position ot band conductor. He had obtained his practical training while playing trombone in the Chicago Civic Orch- estra tor two years, With such musicianship there is no question as to how the many achieve- ments ot the band were attained. "SAY IT WITH MUSlC" M. ACKEHMANN Page 3 3 Page 34 CONCERT MASTER: Iohn Svoboda First Violins: Ierry Kubicka Otto Zarnazal Fiank Sejtka Ralph Harla Wesley l-lradek Charles Kankovsky Muriel Frank Richard Seauens 4 Concert Orches Pasovsky, Verdak. tru-Mr. Ward. First row--Svoboda, Hradek, Kadlec, Zilca, Second row' Kubicka, Kankovsky, Musil, Perina, Mundil, Kyonka, Third row Frank, Sequent, Harla, Krivanek, Reczek, Novalich. Fourth row Santf, Zamazal, Sytka, Balaty, Baker, Dulik, Benda, Vacelc. Fifth row Enz, Schmidt, Second Violins: Mary Baker Georqiana Balaty Rudolph Dul Martha Musil Miriam Vovalich Ervin Perinct Edwin Rezak Walter Santa Mildred Zika Iaseph Kadlec Iurich, Rrnlco, Ortner, Prince. Violus: Frank Paloucek Ierome Krivanek ik Ruth Fennell String Basses: Sidney Kominsky Norman Siedenstickei Robert Prince Iacqueline Fiala Esther Ostner Raymond Van Zyl Cellos: Bernice Gusthouse Emily Slapak Teresa Petrowsky Lydia Truc Frieda Iantz Helen Kotz CONCERT ORCHESTRA There was music in the air and lovely music too, when the Orchestra played at the Chicago Public High School Orchestra Contest on May il, 1939. Represented hy winsome ladies in long gowns and well-attired males, the Orchestra is the proud possessor of the only Superior rating in Group ll of forty to sixty pieces. This achievement was gained through the untiring efforts of their director, Mr. Sylvan Ward. An accomplished violinist, Mr. Ward also played the baritone and french horn in his high school band in Wyoniing. Winning a trip to Chicago to compete in a Violin Contest, he remained to attend the Chicago Musical Coi- iege, There he earned a Master of Music Degree and continued his education, receiving the Master of Science Degree at the North- western University. "WE'LL STRlNG ALONG WITH YOU" W TW. 1 Concert Orchestra-Mr. Ward. First row Krajcovic, Paloucek, Marshak, Fmxnell, Fiala, Petrowski, Slapak. Second row Mulncek, Dunovsky, Katz, anlz, Truc. Third row Ryva, Kresalc, Saqal, Ce-my, Masa, Culbertson, Vis- kofil, Klivka, Fourth row Seidensticker, Kominsky. Flutes: Maris Kralcovtc Harold Voxdak lfmily Pasovsky Oboes: Goorau Mulacefk Robvrt Vackmr Bcxssoons: Dorothy Dunovsky Ray Katxbaty Clarinet: Wesley Mundll Ioseplt Kyanka French Horns: Anita Kresak Tony Ryva Gloria Vacelc Hose Benda Trumpet: Iohn Saqai Ladcile Cerny Josephine Masa Trombone: lune Culbertson Virginia Vlskocxl Mane Snyder Tuba: Clntord Hmm Tympcxni: O1v1lle Sclmndi Percussion: Waltel Enz Olqa Bxnko Gcorae Kullxanek 1 Theatre OrchestruAMr. Ward. First row Svolwoda, Hradek, Krivanok, Kraicovic, Kyonka, Mundil, Second row Kankovsky, Paloucek, Kubicka, Zika, Bmko, Ryva, Masa, Viskocil, Culbertson. Third row Slapak, Petrow- ski, Iantz, Kominsky, Seidensticke-r. Page 3 !NL11 4 Boys' Glee Club-A-Miss M. S. Iohnson. Seated V111c11ty, N11v11k, VP111111111, 11111111111- w1117, M155 11111151111, 1'111i1c11, 111111111, 11111111119 iff-W1111111'. Second row 14l1I1'Q11I1111 1111111 1'lIl1!11, 1v!11S11'l, Sw11111w5k1, 1.151119 5lk111i1111, S111w'1'11111-.1, F111111'k, 11I1Y1114, 1-011115, 1111111111, 1111111111111. Third IOW-'W1111v, 111111111, 111:9- 11111111y, M11191, 1111111111111, 1'i1111111', VV11::1111, S111111, 111k'1V11', 1"111k95. Fourih row N1411111, 13111111111+1'1c, 1111111, S111111111, 11111111'111111', 1'111'11, S1-111111 1i.11t111111, 1111111111111' f311111111'111, 1111-1-1, 11'I1I1S, 1 11111111132 4 Boys' Glee Club'--'Miss M. S. Iohnson. Sealed 151f11w.11z, H11115, V11111-11111, M11111, Dfbfllk, 111111111111 1'111'f1, 1111115111111. Second row C11111111, 1311111111 M1111'111, K115111-1, K11v111, M115111c, S1111111111, My1'119, K111c11115111, Wi11111111, S1i1f111, 1'E11111zy1151a1, P111111'k. Third row f KI111111"1I1, C'111z1111, 11111111113 11l11.1I, M1111111- 11111512 H111111, W1111111'11c, 1Q111111c, 1,YS1l1C, 141151 1111, K11111111111, 1'7111I'111, V115i1-wk. Fourth row P115111111111c, 1Y1v1ID!'1, M11111V11z, 211111-11111, 1'11jA 1111111, 11111111111 V115111'1cy, 111111111 1'11l1111:1, 11117- 119 11911135 17- :'1'2y115k1 231-1111, 14113 1111, 1111155- 1111111, 171111. BCDYS' CHGRUS A 1119'5 1111111111o11 was roa11Z911 W11C11l M155 M11119 S. 111111151111 111111 1119 ODpOT11lI111Y 111 5111113111113 Pu1111C SC11oo1 Mu51c. VV1111111111 toward a 111115113 po5111on, 5119 1111911131931 1119 NOF111WGS1QT11 11111 v9r511y. With 11115 51ar1, M155 111111151111 11QCG1I1G 1119 Mu51C S1111111' v15or 111 South Bend, 1I'1d1C1I'1G. W11i19 19ac111r111 11111519 111 11111 Iu111or H11311 SC1'1oo1 o1 Chicaqo, 5119 I'GCQ1VGd 1119 BaC1191o1 111 M11511: D9ar99 and W111 co111p1919 1191 Ma51915 DSC41199 11115 5u111 11161. S111119 day M155 101'1TlSOI1 11111395 111 1a119 a SCI1D1T1T11CCI1 191119 and 51udy abroad. Uno19r 1119 9xp9r1 19ad9r5111p of M155 1o11115o11, 1119 Boy5' Chorus was q1V911 a ra11r1q of 9XC91161I'11 a1 1119 C111CGlYJCD H11111 S1111oo1 Music Cor11951. T119 1:1ub has 5u11a at 1119 F951iva15, 517110111 programs, C19an-Up Paq9a111 and 1'1a5 war1v1911 ov1f1 1119 radio. STAY AS SWEET AS YOU ARE" 4 Senior Girls' Glee Club-Miss Ehren- werih. First row Schroeder, Sirvatlca, Tres- solt, Donaiska, l'lDll', liionlciowicz, Rendl, Sun- shine, Hman. Second row Blasholc, Poliv- ka, Koiinnk, llavok, lalsisz, Chaious, Guides, Rys, Krnpa, lbtios. Third row Koval, Wili- uiovslcy, Malmlwoia, Zeiss, Tetiov, Turolc, Finn-itat, Stolwl, Smaqoi, Svoc, Geary. Fourth row lnmis, Lanzel, Contos, Cum- mings, Cfvrny, lloclitvl, Kulakowslci, Rosen- thal, l"t-rnicka, Kasalovsky, Lavkv, Modem, liioc. 1 Senior Girls' Glee Club---Miss Ehren- werlh. First row Mikiut, Marek, l-lohn, Aivliiiiqoi, Wiuck, lfnqel, Victor, Ames. Second row Colton, Kral, Presto, Meyers, Chval, Plcik, Smit, Ffsonthor, Homolka. Third row Kovarilc, Hank, Brnko, Zemcik, Do- Rolwortis, Sebcck, Hollunci, lilobba, lluiclc, Kysilka, llaclice-k, Kolacki. Fourih row Moyoi, Kozlowski, Kiumlovsky, Aronowski, Winklc-r, Vavrinolc, Bcrrta, Kriz, Hulvicek, Paqani, Fistri, llavtusok, Arini, Musii, 4 Iunior Girls' Glee Club-Miss Ehren- werth. First row Kitwr, Calmmcli, Luka- sik, Stilipoc, l.ayc'oclf,, Yunaer, Soukup, Aus- tis, Nouzil, Neumann, Diamond, Second row Kosar, F-tastny, Stoplion, laros, Kios- lak, Polak, Shields, Loidolt, Lieberman, Ada- maitis, Provinsky, Sovis, Plewa, Third row Kialovvc, Hiadsky, Laycock, Vyhua- nok, llis, Zalircidnik, Danek, Gallacher, Grit- lin, ljotoi, Salcowicz, Gratchnei, Uricar. Fourlh row iloifman, lnnkel, Bacher, Elqon- son, Sawym, Caiialvotta, Srmok, Prosolc, Kadlov, liotli, llivina, Novak, lioivas, Proc- liazrlmi, Sliluatlcowivxt, Pazoiolqas, Wolcik. GIRLS' GLEE CLUBS Under the sponsorship ot Miss Marie Ehrenwerth, the Girls' Chorus, one ot the oldest organizations in the school, has steadily grown in membership. The "do re mi's" of the Glee Club have been heard not only at school, but also at Orchestra Hall, radio broadcasts, churches, and contests. To give the girls an opportunity to develop an appreciation ot music is the purpose oi their director, who is well equipped to lead them. An alumna oi Harrison, Miss Ehrenwerth attended Chicago Normal College and the University ot Chi- cago, coming to Farragut in February, l934. After studying piano for seven years, she decided to major in music and entered the American Conservatory. Though carrying the added responsibility of teaching, Miss Ehrenwerth received both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music. . . U 0 4 ,f. e I 4 'v 3' v' f' 4 , . .1 . Jie MARIE EHRENWERTH BAND PARENTS P.-T.A. 1 BAND PARENTS. Stonriinq left to ricrht Mr. Kroll, Mr, Vocelc, Mr. Worri Mi. Avluiimiriii, Mr. llitter, Mr. Krnicrro, Mr. Sihlo, Mr. Tetrev, Mr. Pokoriirfy, Mr. lyiilrwisriy, Mr. lirlirfny. Sittinq Me-scifiriies: HlE55CilGI'lE'f, Vocelc, Koscrk, Mundi, Vnrdrilc, Cfciiriovk, Milcffsny, Rittfr, Srlveny Dononski, Kroli, Silhri, liiuiliwkii, Kiiilwrii, Millius. 4 P. T. A. Switrri Mrs. Cillirrn, Mrs. Wrriliel, Mis. Hirshrnon, Mrs, lioy', Mr. Ritvnirr, Mrs. 'lruii Mrs. l,oiwensky. Sricctrirl row Mesrlcrrries: Srlicveriliolf-r, llcriisif, Allen, lffrrcclc, lViUlfIVQ1, Hlrrri, Qit'!IlC7K'il. yeor, with rnfrny successful crctivities. The members once oqcrin ottended the AllfCliicor1. Bond ond Orchestra Parents' Associdtion held ot the Lyon ond Heoly Concert Holi. The B. P. A. takes core of oll tincrnciol rnotters ot the school bond ond orchestro, such ri: liuyinfi instrurnents, qivinq cr lune Concert ond Donce, ond olso Q Music Cornivol. The otticers for the post yeor were Mr. Zink, Presidentg Mrs. Silho, lst Vicefprosidenl Mr. Ritzrrio, 2nd Vice-President: Mrs. Mundil, Recording Secretory. Mrs. Vcrcok, Treasurer Mrs. Dunovsky, Hisloriorn. P. T. . Vxforlzinq tor the henetit oi the students ot Forroqut, the P.-TJ-X. hds Krone lor durinq tlir post yeor. The Ccrrd ond Bunco Porty dqoin helped in the prrynient ol physicol exornincr tions held lor lB ond lA students. Meetings held every second Thursdoy of the rrionth were well ottended. Ctticers tor this yeor were: President, Mrs. I-lortq First Vice-President, Mrs. F. Kocek: Second Vicefpresi dent, Mrs. F, Louzenslcyp Recording Secretory, Mrs. I. Hildebrand: Corresponding Secretory Mrs. M. Hehng Treosurer, Mrs. E. C. Blockg ond Historicrn, Mrs. W. Truc. Pcrriw fifi . P. A . The Bond ond Orchestra Porents' Associotion hove continued their octive work rrqoin thi: l"+-'ff 4 Dramcxtics-Miss H. Culver. Seated Srliliclif, Mgselc lenicek, Mgclium, Glass, Hroiiw, Koi iwslz llllfltttill Chez' 'lm Second row Wliitt' Meywxs, Otto, Pip-Holt, Zil-id, Fisher, Sv wir wt 1, lim nit-ntl. Third row Vwiiislzm, Stwlwl, Musii, Zilw Pgnlcott, Bauer, if-tiny, ffoles, Peigor DRAMATIC CLUB Meeting eighth period dolly, the Drcrniotic Club hds presented o senior ploy for ench groduoting gldss, the proceeds helping to deiroy the expenses ol engraving tor the Log. "Bill Escapes" ond 'Comin' 'Round the Mountain" were the two successful ploys given by the Seniors under Miss Helen Culvers direction, this vegr's eornings totaling over Sl5U. Slcits were presented heiore the P,fT.A. ond Freshmen ot specidl progrornis. IN A lllll'kAlNl' "WHO BLEW OUT THE i'l.AlwlE?" s . 1-rub -.441 i'5i":f.Ju "lll"lANl:vll PAH'l'Nl'ltS" o 'ik Nl. T 4- li-:Rx E ,nt . .X 5+ . ,N , , ,L it Page F9 9 w llaqcr 4U 4 Student Council. First row Il-lix, lltnvk- vit, Pciuosh, l'ICI!F1'l, KruQC1Qt', liiwvkftt, Sec- ond row Ktrifky, Polcottty, Ku-tvci, lltxvts, Novulc, Cwilc. Third row Lcxulli, l,Abt'tItvlC, O'BIlFlt, Hmiso, liomolkfr, Pipnroff, Rfilllllflll, Fourth row Kocevk, Coulson, Koulm, Mwymt, Alitmnszwrt, Hiqqiv, Wood1'iCli. 0 lr 4 . vztlyir' tw J X A ' , :wat L. ,ff 4 Student Council. First row llolubtlc, Zubntcrri, Gur, lusewich, Roehtiq. Second row Ring, Luikct, l-litzemon, Horerti, Kriz, Scltfch. Third row Zchrcduik, Krosluk, Flqfjttsctt, lzsfrimx, Bumltlielci, Lottkotfi. 4 Student Council. First row fftwttwll, Vltmstkri, Sustevk, Riocll, Vwkuty, L1-tour, 'l'txus, Second row Stone, Sucltcxrt, Pnscvv- sky, Fwrrtcitlt, lriluisz, Kmivc, Ryan, Third row Kulukfxvski, Filip, Pokumy, Nmlvms, 'l'yum7olc, lfQmc'1f"l4i, Engel, Sl0Vf'IlS, l,ottl4o'u, Swtwst, Lam? "'i l. VICE CLUBS ' t I A 9 , 1 -,, .'. xi' ., s 1 . 4 Student Guidance. First row Ge-hrke, Cottrell, Weiter, Katz, Schnider, Stepina, Miss Clark. Second row' Micliuda, Bothen, Mann, Otto, Chval, Pasovsky, Suchan, Singleton. Third row Prosek, Bokott, Rambousek, Pokorny, Flashek, Kotz, Lavlco, Wojtyszak. Fourth row Georqotf, Vaclavek, Hirshman, Stolet, Sumerfelt, Wooding, Ringl, Kachnak, I-lickok. STUDENT GUIDANCE In its third year ot existence the Student Guidance Committee has con- tinued its major activities Freshman Days, College Day and Vocational pro- grams and initiated the new program ot visiting grammar schools. On Freshman Day, the incoming students are conducted about the school and during the week attend three programs which give them an idea of the activities and opportunities presented at Farragut. Representatives from the various colleges and universities, chosen by the students are invited to speak on college day to those seniors interested in the respective colleges. A month before the end ot the semester, members went to the elementary schools that they previously attended and explained the activities and courses of study at Farragut. 4 Teachers' Guidance. Seated Miss Crowell, Miss Morgan, Miss Rhoude, Mr. Ritzma, Miss Clark, Mrs. Schultz, Miss Mitchell, Mr. Saiier. Standing Miss Leech, Miss Thompson, Miss Power, Miss Cox, Mr. Davis, Mr. F. Swanson, Mr. E. Swanson, Mr. Prottsman, Mi as rlillemeyer, Miss Okeson. lr X 1 4 Page 4l , 121' fr ff lEAN WEISS Page 42 CO-EDITORS IEAN VOLLMER ADVISER THE L04 4 Questionaires were sent out to 2600 pupils at Farragut to unearth their musi- cal talent and interests. The lA boys, ZA girls, 3A boys, 3A girls, and 4B boys proved to be the least musical. 4 Piano, violin, and accordian are the most familiar instruments played by the entire student body. In almost every family, sister is the most musical, playing an instrument. Forty-five per cent of the students have the ability to read music, to play by ear, or both. 4 Among the many who can play in- struments, a few have entered various amateur hours. MARIE H. MUDRA Many succeeded and were awarded cash prizes, scholarships for lessons on a particular instrument, wrist watches, fountain pens, season passes to theatres, and medals. The girls appeared to be the most active in entering the amateur hours. 4 Statistics show that ninety-four carolers have been fortunate enough to take singing lessons. Approximately thirty-seven per cent of the entire group of scholars are either in the Glee Clubs or Mixed Chorus. 4 It is universally believed that every one has a radio, but there are exceptions. Only eighty-two per cent of the students have this instru- ment in their houses: while twenty per cent have instruments which are most often found in the American home, namely the radio, piano, and victrola. 4 Of all types, the students prefer popular music. Only seventy-three like all types, including swing, popular and classical. 4 Kay Kyser, Hit Parade, and Benny Goodman are the musical programs listened to by eighty-nine per cent. The Ford Sunday Evening Hour seems to be the classical type specified by all. 4 When the students were asked which of the following they at- tended most frequently-song festivals, operas, or radio broadcasts-the lat- ter received the most votes. 4 The pupils aren't the only ones who are musical in their homes, for one hundred sixty parents also had the opportunity to study music, vocal and instrumental. 4 Most of the musicians here are of Bohemian . Cy "? -n. 1 'J -A 1 Q . descent. The next greatest per cent are German and Polish. Minorities are Croatian, Swiss and Lithuanian. 4 These statistics have been gathered and tabulated by lrma Rohr. Her as- sistants were: Emily Loukota, and Helen Mikrut. The Log Staff, changing every semester, sacrifices and labors long weary hours Cwhile others play ball or follow their hobbiesl to meet deadlines tor pictures and copy, We are most grateful tor the kind and useful help ot the photographers, Root Studio, Miss Mary Ann Benson, Felix Kubik, lrvin Felix, loseph Stepina, and Anton Pojman, to Mrs. Margaret Biro and Harold Kotora tor the Art Work, and to the many teachers who excused members of the Stall from their classes in the rush to meet deadlines. Thanks are also due to the iine Log Salesmen in each division room, who kept their records so well and promoted sales. STAFF E Pictures on opposite page, left to riqht Rose Soukup, Sales Mqr.g Elsie Pokorny, Promotion Mgr., loseph Stepina, Photograph Mai.: Bessie lienda, Business Marg luuw Kelley, Lite-:ary Pditorr llarvc-y Putz, Sales Mai. 1 Photography. Seated Kulnik, Stopina, Viha, Poyman, Felix. Standing Miller. MM 4 Business. Seated O'Connor, Zettek, Krlwec, larzab, Ianus. Standing -Sumerfelt, Woodinq. Second row stcnding--Miller, Pika, Sticha, Buhany, Tumpach, Zetek, Ar- lwanas. 4 Literary. First row seated Meyers, Rendl, Wruck, Kendxora, Selnost, Donarska, Second row standing Waiter, Zimnierman, Bartunek, Ringl, Kotz, Kresak, Turek, Svec, Renkiewicz, Polak, Georqolt. Page 43 THE SCROLL llit- riirmitors, Miss Mildred Linslcey and Mrs. Marie H. Muclra raise their lwatons, and on tliv LitJWIl'll0I1l the statf sets out Hcrlloqrow and increases to Halloqro assaif' Staccuto notes are hoard 'is the typists pounrl out chords on their instrurnents at a hrilliant tempo, The writers and reporters write the niusit' for the Htypinq musicians." As the finale is roacfhed, the tortissiino dies down to tr planissimo, the tempo lwocoriius ralleritando and presto, the Scroll qoes to press, The Loq and the Sriroll play a duet throughout the year. Co-operatinq with the Laa in its Per- sonality Coritcvrst, the "Scroll" published news items, feature stories and qiestianncriies to discover the hoy and qirl with the most pleasing personality, poise and good-grooming. ln a tnuscial survey, questionnaires were sent to the students to find their alvilities, desires, and niusictal satistirs. tfoniposod ot Mrs, Mudras louinalisrn Staff, and the Business Department, Conducted by Miss liiislcey, the Sfroll is a tour-paqe, lui-rnfinthly newspaper edited hy fifty-tive students, Durinq the past semester, the editorial staff of the Scfol was under loseph Doll's ctliarqw, , . ll:-watiso ot her Consistency, Rochelle l'lirshrnan edited the front page, Mary Byers and Hairy -4 I 4 Upper Left-Business Iournalism4Miss Linskdy. Seaied Baker, Brautiaani, Kroslalc, Czarneulci, Dfxllnian. Siandinq Klernchuk, Axelrod, Stucker, Doilman, Dohesh, Grittin, Tonisovic, Miss Lin skey, Peso. Upper Right-Advertising. SeatedqfPrince, Moeller, Cuithaml, Gessler, Katz. Stand- ing Marovitz, Muqqenborq, Samuelson, Spruqeli Lower Left--Scroll. Seated Rohr, Liss, Falk, Lisak, Polcorny. Standing Hora, Bubariy, Blyczynslfi, lzydorski, Woo-iinq, Surnertelt. Lower Right----Scroll. Sealed Venclik, Prlashelt, Bowen, Basterash, Polcorny. Standing Poinan, Pvrpoi, Stepina, Mann, Cohen, loniaseli. i 1 sa large 44 X 'K A .- .L N A 1 J, ' X ,Q ' - . xr . . f Rx-U is MW' ff' 'Y t A M J' 7 fu, ? Standing-Mary Byers." page two editorg Louis Lysak, Editorial page editor: Seated-R el op Hirshman, front page editor, Ioseph Doll, Editorin-chief and Harry Ratkowski, sports W, , , I I I t MM ,O VJ Vu I f I I LO C D 'V 1 J ,V It .f Ratkowski, both Iune graduates, supervised pages two and three respectivelyg Louis L s was editor of the editorial page. Each semester 3B students are trained in a Iournalism class and after one semester of train' ing, the best of these are selected to work on the staff. The Business Department takes charge of securing ads, collecting activity fee, and distributing papers. Cajthaml, Advertising Managerg Alice Czarnecki, Office Manager: and Myrtle Dallman, Audito Managers of the Business Staff are as follows: lerome Marovitz, Business Manager: Cami and Circulation Manager. lerome, who has been on the Business Staff since lB, is graduating along with Alice Czarnecki and Myrtle Dallman. . PICTURES AT LEFT Upper I.e!t: "At a Table for Two" Upper Right: "Look Down, Look Down" Lower Left: "Come to Me My Melancholy Babies" Lower Right: "That Old Gang of Mine" Page 45 K JL Handbook Miss L, McDaniel. Seated - -Thesselt, Mutz, Masek, Zarat, Marchwich, Kreycovich, Simek. Standing Vacovsky, Pavlik, Krob, Miss McDaniel Vacek Senk eil ,, , , p , Vonasek. Press Mrs, M. Mudia, Seated Mrs Mudra, Hickok, Vollmer, Zarzab Chval, Korinek, Kalda, Sawyer, Po korny. Standing fO'Connor, Lains Iedlicka, Pritsch, Tomasek, Byers Kohr, Bartusek, Pilca, Cibulka, La godny, Miller, Voitisek. Page 46 HAND BOOK CLUB 4 Under the guidance of Miss Louise McDaniel the first edition of the Handbook was issued in the spring of l936. New books are published under the direction of the Handbook staff each year. The purpose of the book is to provide information about the rules and regulations of the school, outlining courses of study, electives, and extra activities. All students receive this book through the payment of their activity fee. PRESS CLUB Organized is a hobby club, the Press members met on club days' and alternate Tuesdays after school. This year the club joined the West Side Historical Society, looking up material on important firms in the School dis- trict. A scrapbook was kept of clippings on events occurring in the neighbor- hood, that may be important in history years later. A conducted tour to the Chicago Historical Society proved fascinating when the students discovered belongings of Admiral Farragut. 1 Red Cross Club. First rcw lkhinwt, Bu liimy, Vtwivt R, Misra lwtwiz Niisii, lwircvii it-R, Lltilliiwlivi. Second row liiwvii, Kam lit-if, Hwiiutiili, Sliiwiizs, lltizt iifixkivxvivx, Viv 1.t1,lQt-riiiwlq, 4 Fire Marshals. First row 1, .'s' ami, livytlli, lwivwlvlxik, Mx, ll-Mi rXL'r K, KI'-1 ri, ifiivlismw, llituiik. Second row lklvllnxvr ii, livslicil, Los- xiitik, Klwlilk--, Viiiim-, iliiis Sntitil, lltwmilisky, lit-lilwlik, ut-my llifn' iwwi' 4 Movie Operators. First row Mis. Lisku, liulwii, llkllllll'S, lvlwwflvi, liiitss, Ziivlisow lit-lmiiiit, Vt-svly, Ki-sslvi. Second row Rilim, iiimik, lliivk, Aiiiilwiiistwi, Kiivfwy, Mvlii, Miko, Olwimxiirli, Smqtil. Third row Kimlwy, Bus, x'll4lllt'l, lIilllIIi', llwltiii, Si-l-uilivlz, Niniiti, Mil- lwi, Vlwsllivli, lM::t'l1iiiiil-flxl. I V Y 1 'f b tiff- . A K, 'V 1. 'I J I I' rf-' . Ll . ,Lx 'ir' ljglfl I 2-V ,. l Hall Guard Captains. First row Mnmvecy tlliik, liytm, litiikwi, Vwiitimswlc, Fimlci. Sec- ond row l'iil-fic, lklliiiiv, l.xiwii', liiitiiiinski, KKISTIIUI, qi 4 Freshman Honor Society --- Miss Hop kins. First row Zrrrifwk, Dtrtiwse-k Drwlrrrnrl Wrzfwirirlr, Wirrtfir, Strrrkti, Hwrrsurr, Vivhurr Prvlivkrr, Second row Divis, Krvir-rr, Slrrsrrl Krrrrwrir, Rrwqrilrr, Tfrrcqrusz, Potrurl, titwvurrs Sefkiilivh, Krrrtuvhvrl. Third row Vviwr Mcrrefsh, Vrzrriok, Ostvr, Grrrrirrik, Urrrrrir Hruskfr, Brrurrrfrrrrr, Clit-rtrriw, Alvrmrrrrs, Kruoq cr, Hickok. Fourth row Svhrrotllwr, Millor Pruchovki, Stfrrsrk, Pfltrcirr, Mrrslm, Simrr, Rich ter, i:"fIUi0Y, Mvcicrrski, Doklmlcil, Skiiwy Mif'iiil'i. 1 Sophomore Honor Society--Mrs. Schultr First row Ccrrrubottu, Dorirrrcxri, Hodrnrlr Chodofcr, Skcvich, Zusmcrrr, Kryl, Horan Von Zyl, Erenberq. Second row Uricm Vlcek, Mortirrovsky, Worcik, Kusur, Icrrrtz Phawrr, Icrlicr, Bush, Kruycovic, Banda, Prchcr' Third row Kroslok, Brrsclruuor, Grcrtchne' Icmdo, Ffis, Icrrrkowske, Dfrrrek, Znhrcrdnilr Mikrut, Waqner, Spok, Krcrtky, Vocal Fourth row Krieg, Suiiclr, Huobrrorg Elqer son, Suwyer, Subcrtkowicz, Schubert, Srrrrel Prosek, Dvorak, Blnhut, Trrrv, Pwtm, Trepirrc 4 Iunior Honor Society--Miss Mitchel First row Lcrsker, Hitzke, Gobrfillw, Dr Michcrlak, Hechtel, Grirrkewiclr. Secon row Scrdcr, Soukup, Hirshrrrcrrr, Otto, Trcrx Svobodcr, Greerrrriurr, Woeltie. Third row' Berrroth, Muehrckv, Steirrrrwtz, Horuk, Sche win, Dvorak, Wcrrtyszuk, Pcrvelofi Fourt row Giiwlvorrs, Krrnr, Liss, POkOl'IlY, Win' lwr, Bcrrtcr, Chcrlcwrrrvkrr, Nmilw, t'hr'us:t0l, Klikt HONCJR SOCIETIES fit 4 Iunior Honor Society-Miss Miichell. Fira! row Peso, Tornsovic, Klebbc, Esonther, Vonhucin, Suchun, Lisuk. Second row-AB1u- shok, Ruirk, Munn, Boihen, BC1SiPICISi'l, Don- qros, Slosmun, Chvcl. Third row Voncirick, Puzmon, Modl, Zielinski, Hcxvel, Bieflek, Pos- ovsky, Bubuny. Fourih row Filip, Srbeny, Aronowski, Sehnmn, Snyder, VGVIiIlE'I', Kas'-, GIGOIIO. 1 Senior Honor Society-Miss O'I.eary. First row- Hiizke, Eednur, Niekcmp, Vcxcok, Woiler, Havol, Muiz. Second row- Turek, Stolot, Soinost, Vcxvrosky, Simoncik, Kuko- winski, Simu, Sperl. Third rowfKnmp, Georqoff, Rinql, Milcezny, Boron, Drevikov, sky, Wolqumoll, Renkiewicz, Polak. Fourih row Kocek, Trzfcicxk, Kresnk, Stonv, Silnuk, Wind, Kominsky, Kostol. 4 Senior Honor Society-Miss O'Leclry. First row Doll, Gahxke, Ames, Brkovich. Mvnqlor, 'I'c1us, Hmbe. Second row Wood inq, Prosok, Autos, Slcxvhniclk, Vvhibol, Zim IIIOHHGII, Zettok, Sonkpeoil, Houser, Kulhcmok. Third row Kulnkowski, Iczndus, Kulivcdf: Loukolcx, Chulmxpkn, Stevens, Hron, Kozak Sumorfolt, Gosslwr, Fourih row Sokuni' Ryman, Rwluj Vnrhivvk, Knxivc, Pr'Hmn1e1s imvinw, Kollwy, Yuunq, Hlwk, HONCR SCCIETIES Page 49 4 Senior Cabinet-Miss Geer. First row f Amos, Krumlovsky, Appel, Geer, Sumerfelt, Bn-ries, Taus. Second row Kulhanek, Ha- vcl, Slapak, Prosek, Dongres, Woodirig, An- tos. Third row Georgoti, Bel-lannessy, Les vine, Cohan, Lysalc, Kolora, Kubik. Fourth row Prince, Poiman, Stokl, Doll, Pleticha, Goliike, Krnif-rx 1 Clean-Up Club-Okeson. First row Lo- vine, Burkhardt, Phillips, Kominsky, Start, Nudera, I-linz. Second row-Pirka, Boyan, Karel, Hitzke, Mrotz, Krumlovsky. Third row Chochola, Moses, Klier, Kocek, Her- odes, Krumlovsky, Rolcusek, Rende, Benda Fourth row- Richter, Hirshman, Fieml, Bla- shek, Gruclnilc, Prchal, Starr, Herman, Ah- Page 50 TCXIUSSCD. SENIOR CABINET 4 Thirty outstanding Seniors selected by the faculty compose the Senior Cabinet, a new club at Farragut. The group is called upon frequently for voluntary service. Sponsored by Miss Genevra Geer, it serves as the cen- tralizing unit tor the social program of the school. This semester the Cabinet planned three meetings with each lB division roomy a party, a discussion of manners, and a tea. CLEAN -UP CLUB 4 For the second time the Clean-Up Club has brought home the bacon, win- ning a silver trophy for its presentation of the original Fire Prevention Play written by Dorothy Phillips. The Clean-Up Pageant, the scrapbook recording the club's activities, and meetings with contributing grammar schools were the projects undertaken by the club in 1939. 4 Library Service-AMiss Vetter. First row 'l'11111pn1vl1, limltmll, Silxlivlxt, lrlmdok, Kru- iwxvivz, Ltlkws, Nivkmiip, Bcrttciqlicr. Second row Mvlku, llml, Klistl, Otmlok, liwclitoro- vir, li.-iq, Vmnvk, liluv, Gnrwmuln. Third row jliilliitl, Millwr, Mwlisik, Milcsmkcr, Pin lu, Nllvlilv, Kmtwvlivil, Autlmrmv, Prvslcu, livmlw, Fourth row Rus, Sulcuuy, KrC1ioCh- vil, llciwm-kms, Uikuiivlc, Buuiu, Blcrliut, Bu- xvslx, liwrrrk, Ostvi, llmuli, Pwliclila. 4 Printing- Mr. Bloom. First row Mi. lilmmx, llnmiowlvxi, lVlu1L1s7Lxla, lL:1:ws,l31'ilwyl, Ktuulcl. Second row Mtrvlmlok, lolousvk, SOY4'lil, Pmitm, Clmiustvk, Vlflluxiyxislci, Vicik. Third rcw Ntiltlti, lQUSlliOI, Vlillil., lmwmski, llwiira-ik, Mnrknwski, Svlmittir. 1 Camera 'Miss Benson. First row 7 Mtuvliwivk, llnyvs, lfsmlww, Vtlissvl, liupp, Vmswly, iillilkill, lvitililil, Miss Bwxxsvli. Sec- ond rcw Atllkill, lcxvkliu, lluiiimiiauvirli, Si! mwk, liutyuwl-1, l'vl:ru1rxy, lnvkw, Suuslmiuo, llvwmk, Third rcw Elpuiuy, Vvllliiltli, lliwlx- All Vlmll lwms l'vlt" YI'-il: lH:1t.1,L':1xl, 1 Cheerleaders -Mr. Canfield. First rcw Wvxlwy, lilrwixiliwlil, Nvuvll, Wim S1iUt'L1iii, Viivml, iit'llWt'liIl, Krmivsli, Second row KI.-lvlm, lVlv1m', llvrxf, lircrswlc, Svvlwmiti, Pu- livlur. Third rcw lDlUlSVll, lvlfritlvvf-vflcv, ln-:-'kwwski, Slxutm, Giswixxvrrlri, Shui, liuli- nwlc, llllltil. Fcurth row irugirrll, linvtx., licrxttl, Kurtis, lluivvsky, Vnmwk Vt'lli'illi, Kvllwy, Y 1 'f ' 4 . 7. , .T ., t J. . SERVICE CLU ., f'-"1 . , BS Page Sl xAn Ax A Lx"N K qt V5 N-1 Lair Qing J i ' 4 . A 'J g ', U I .- 1 "V-I J 4 Farragut Choir--Miss M. S. Iohnson. First row ADfQ?iill1U, Rozczbvk, Mcilrr, Llttistrry, Klicrpora, Yiuich, Klicpom, Sf-twwsta. Second row Lorur, Trmkrr, Wi1sc,xri, Vvsocky, Vrtm, ifikccoc, Volk, Prwfiolrik. Third row Til srrwskr, Cervffrry, Liss, ibrrrrwll, Frrrrrwv, Srrrciqaj, Krxsalovsky, Pavwlf-cf. Fourth row Marovitz, Porpflr, Vcirwk, Svtwtte-ll, Prim'- Srvnrik, Kuiws, ilrrziwr. f -' , , ' ,. ' I ' -'?,r.,f,f-f,,,,-.,c,X -f lu - 14, L , ,J 4 Farragut Choir-Miss M. S. Iohnson. First row Roqfilfi, Uhorsrk, Kuzvluir, Srrrokrii, Amos, Vanerkcr, Doork. Second row Star- Obu, Prokfss, Myrtle, isivcrrrvk, Svlrultyt, Wrrrrlr mb, Polka, Lisak. Third row Mwyur, Nwvrrk Rys, Korrrpc, Kociara, Kociurcr, Gaim, Uwrrry. Fourth row Kufrirr, Courtrivy, Wlritw, irirrl-ivr, Prlrkhcirdt, Liss, Vfisicok, Srirwfrrr. 4 Farragut Melodists -- Mr. Ward. First row Kfllloy, Trwssolt, Kfzsculrrici, Lfihri, Norri- Qcsrk. Second row Mrilrrrlwrfr, Kfwlwvvfxkr, Baker, Filrry, Schroeder, Studirl, Kooritrn Third row Mcisok, Massbk, Tesar, 'Hrrwrrrrria Potokar, Krusos, Krieg. Fourth rowrf Frrtsr-tr, Dcxllrrimr, Pfiir, Zvterk, Mirrfirik, Siwirrrr-, GGiffI'fi. 4 Farragut Sing-Miss Ehrenwerth. First row Meika, Suluckas, Cooper, Montoya, Koiin, Krfrluok, Vcrchm, Combis, Vlcrwk. Sec- ond rcw Schwartz, Lukasik, Oqodzirrski, Esemhpr, Ccrbrrroch, Borcm, Varicata, Smit, Homolka, Barts, Posodel. Third row--Meri crl, Arirrr, Kaplcirr, Youriq, iiolfhcr, Chrrrolur, Prociioskfz, Hehrr, Lurrdrrrurk, i.l1i30I'i, Svodti, Cohorr. Fourth row Vylrrrtirroki, Lvlrrrrmr, Novak, Mcrqat, Durrovsky, Corrmpu, Huivivelk Paqarri, Ros?-rrthai, Pacourok, iimlw, Iiicik, NN ' frfwrrtfvsrcy ifrrkwl, Bnrtrvs. RVIC CLUBS 4 Genncm-AMrs. Mills. I-'irsi row Swan- son, Lysuk, Hmcielc, Ralm, Sykmu, Dall, ZP- lonkn, Moyms. Second row H.-ms, Doll- mumx, Loehmuu, Cmlnou, Guspmilc, Vlfesl' plxcrl, Wocfltlv, Kucom, Lailul, Kolioul. Third raw Koscik, Muvlirckv, Kllfllbiiwlll, Families, Sfllcowicz, l7'uul0y, Kwlw, Kcxcziucuczyk, V059- ly. Fourlh row Zviss, Iurzomlcowski, Fisch- or, Kummvlz, Nivmun, Mvllickn, Sillintkmvim, Sveidfi, Numlivo, Glnriiuqm, 1- - 4 K 4 Ir. Beseda-Mr. Micun. First row Ven- rlik, Sivpimi, Zulvsky, Smid, Cliodom, VO- icirclk. Second row Lirilicnt, Novocelc, Smrz, Milrfevny, Pl1lCOll, Svolwodu, Holder. Third row Kratocllvil, Bullici, Seflcorci, Hvclilel, lfvmy, KllllC74'llVll, lnvko, Kcvvl. 4 Spanish -Miss Flynn. First row- Miss l'iYIlll, llzivcl, Mobil, Mvyois, Prcasvk, Coliml, Knizv, 'l'1ic1x1, Nice, Doolk. Second row J Smumy, Kulivodu, Wilimnvsky, Dehobmtis, Slvlml, l'ilFSlllllCIIl, Slolul, 'l'Ot1ev, l'lo1'C1lc. Third row Stcipimi, Kums, Seideristicker, Mulciuok, Kolom, Kmiov, llallstmm, Kfulxlwcxty llwmmoll, Riha. l . W wi , ,I-Mft! .4 , . , 1, lar k f su ' Juv U L 'J' my ' a, D J J 4 Friendship-Mrs. Davis. First row - WnlkrH1', Slcik, Vulws., Prusci, Salim, Mink- vurl, Pcivlik, Simclc, Kozuswk. Second row - Cline, Zcimwk, Smllucck, Weston, Byczynski, Pesa, lzydorski, Kllvoc, Zettek, Tomplemun. Third row Nolwmisky, Svolvodn, Bcxlclu, Skcich, Posvic, l.ulwv1'l, Mcxlilm, Yefslilco Cohon, Slcmvk. LANGUAGE CLUBS Page 5 3 .? as-v' fr HF :ff5'A,71 RJ' ' I W I - E i 4 Public Speaking--Miss Hoqan. First row Wcucfcliiicg, Rllllkl l'Nli,'1f, Iltfwlf-1, lliiralmirm, Itmclus, Glwiqofl, Siirxwifvlt. Second row fiflirmifior, Gmssixmri, Hzitktwwski, llrimw-, Clrliikw, Lciskvi, Krwisti. Third row l'msawk, Nicliiitlfi, lrticy Mfiuiivli lificikm ltirws, Kim fvivir. 4 Etiquette-Miss McGrath. First row Dvrxmk, Mitfis, Vticvk, Ouiwizmi, kllzwlpwl, Nw- vclk, Mutz, Second row Krcimwvivli, Cul ,w1fiTf'f'l. Luc-itsmi, Musa Viskuvil Stmiwk, Wilkefv, ff 'YV J f vii- ' IX Q sJ fa A Q M? 4 4 Reading--'Mrs. Doyle. First row Vltwk, Sk. Hifi, l'f1'!21t1r11l, ffiilirrixiiirqrs, Kiiiyiw Hlllllll Hurmrntf. Second row Hwziva, llyll llvlwi Mflrifsm-21, Fiztifk, ll! s k l'v:' Q'ft1'1-vilz. 4 Euclidiun--Miss Mitchell. First row Millfi, M vsitilc, Pwlivkfi, liuiwk lliisslmilm, Svliwezm. Second row lwlwfws, Mmm, lilti shfk, Awlvisnii, Hiwiifv. Hhird row Gt l-ville C:lijSSIlltlll R: tlz, Vlwv. willy lwllvkti, Zilllfl, l A vm". 'f ' 'vw' 'W Y I' Q' 'cb' Y' Z ' Y I Y rl 'VIL an f nab l,41'1, 544. v,4,.:l41, . ,'- ' I if V ' 1 ..- Vim 'nfl I fLx V I- I, -7 lj! ' .4 V1 r, i 1, ' .1 , -, ', .I 1 e , P 4 v 4 I ' ,, ',. A ' f 1 " 4' 1:- 1 Stamp Club'-vMrs. Biro. First row Kos- irmr, Grimm, Iliutti, Htimoski, Le-0, Novcrlich, Oirtims. Second row Muiawski, Sus, Ku- iiwlski, Hitfflllllll, Nvmtiti, Dvniith, Korirlek. 4 Games Club- Mrs. LaVcm. First row Liwlstwinixiy, VIVIYICCIIL, Kurmm, Hrusku, Tcxroli- m-Xk, Ctiilwtuxw, MiL'iill1t1k, Htislwr. Second row Imms, Kvllvr, Immm, K-rnvulinkci, Stillkllp, Hittxllhtlli, Ply, Nnvtik. 4 Knitting Club --Miss Cudu. First row Ktmtiwlkn, Ulivkuuf, Kwtv, Feiqmiimurn, Zdon, Harris, Shim, Tmluk. Second row Frcmz, l5tv111lwivt'k, Vciflcwvk, Svrikpvil, Sioclly, Krall ky, Moyzis, Mf'Vitty, Kmocli. Third row Mttslwwski, Xtik, Hiiolmvr, Skowpu, Kal-:cicek Gulwvynskci, irfsmlww, Vyimruy, Pospicfhcll Hwmim, Piwvhciskrr, Klwidmi, Stuuek, Ned wiwk, Mmuszcrk, DllII1L1I1UW5ki, Rmiko, Ieli xivk, Ktivlixmk. 4 Sewing Club-Miss Bonner. First row Klimn, 'I'r'oskowSki, Dtmovsky, Futik, Plys, Hmrli. Second row iltuth, Svec, Vlcek, Ptwtvltxk, Pmrlicisku, Hymut, Dtviwsli. BBY CLU Puqe 55 lim' Zvi, I 1 Chinese Checkers-Mrs chell. First row Miclinci, Cmiwinski, lKlIllf"C, Millor, Svulos, Dmnpsoy. Seco d row llcnipl, Bui- lcci, Scnlcup, Zollo sk' yllanus, Krysicik. Third row Marko, ululflnik, Knlzn, Kris- tifek, Smlu, Bean ora, Hlwrski. Fourth row Ryan, 1 ' wr, Zvlv n, llrfllx, Bocinl sky, lifvrfrk, dl, Sir G. I I Y 1 Chinese Checkers-Miss Flynn. First row Kostcl, Miller, Olwrq, Kmiec, Zielinski, Allcinl. Second row Komiiq, Wuilvefl, Icmco, Tuinporh, Kotrlmty, Muscle, Liss, McCor- xnuck Pzimwski. Third row Vwmlrcisvk, Ablwy, Woronicz, llolmln, Kolouslcy, Mikrul, Klos, Sxciirxek, Svolwllri. Fourth row Gcinl- nei, Unclelsek, Moclorski, Roulziwill, Sono- sclifill, 'l'17fiCifik, Sykorcr, Sykrnrfx, Bulilik. 4 Checker Club--Miss Dunn. I-'irsl row,-A Zelleelc, Tiocliini, Miss Dunn, Doiiilnock, Ur' bon, Rnzfik. Second row Pwtios, Cichon, Ponlccwslci, Krups, Sinks. Third row Polopa, Mciluncll, Pitiw, Kristin, Vlclwii, Nowicki, Slew' ns. 4 Lexicon Club-Miss Crowell. Firsl row- - Ruyspis, Nlnirtincwiislcy, Knwl, lusmr, Cottrell, Wcicilflfi, Sircwvwlkn. Second row Krmulnik, Arncll, Kryl, lvOIlGCTll, Svwv, Vfwlmir-C, Sunfl- lclcq, Cifflizn, l-lrislik. HOBBY CLUBS 1 Athletic-Mr. Von Bremer. First row - Fpps, Si1111w11, KIiIl'iI'i1, VV4i11i0ll, Pupp, B0 II111111vsy, Ulm-111v11i1'. Second row PCISTGIK- 1111k, HiIt'1lUI'IPI, Mwvk, SL'P1iQFP11, Poles, Haag, K11I111iv1. Q, 'K 4 W h 5 'NH ,.f""-"H" - .-... in K X V ' ' I , 'D -Y' ' 3 V- v - , , u ' la I h 1 'x , ' 4 0 ' x ' 1 ' i 1" If X Ihr x ,- v . .ga I I 4' ve ,Q 4 Party Planninq- -Miss Webs. First row P1'-111111, Hvstew1t0l1i, Kl0Cvk, Cimbclislcl, Svluillzt. Second row Pot11i11, G1o11kiowocz, if-t1111f, Kmip, Cizou, Hiusko. Third row-- Mvhcill, IWol1v1iy, Mntorcwvsky, f711l11k Reill- hint, P11l111'ki, Mc11l11u'vk. L vw vef-gf! ,1 flvjglljy 1 Advanced DuncinqXM Fisher. Fir row Mt3IAIVf'i', Svl1111idt, F k, 'ToCks111i1i, Nel- ::1111, So11k111w, Mk'Qf14'llCIIl, IILWGIXCHC, Atkinson, Misimu. Second row Vxilllll, Boryskit, W111- hull, Hmllwlik, Plotisliti, Kuceru, Fiuvk, H01- vik, Mivlkv. Third row M11C1qe111borq, H101- ::11, litilirki, BUIIHIIIIUSY, Ckal, Piivozriik, Ktxvux, I'11v11Ivl1ik, Piksn, Stichu. Fourth row F11111, lf1o11lv1-1q, lfIUYLIIl,, Iohnsou, Stcist- IIY, I'111z, U11111lwi11i, Zami, H1t7kw, Mvlkurr. 1 Advanced Dancing--Mr. Fisher. First row S1111l111I, L5c11n1i1t111ski, O1Li1'vl11wvskc'1, Cv- ::111, L'p'vl11::11111k, U:ir111, Huvvl, Kuizv, Quat- I1Il1', W111-11111, Puprlku. Second row Emi IIKII, l,1111yi111, l'111w1', IILIIQTOVU, Pv111i1i, Mv- lmll, SI111111, S1'l1w1vvi11, Dvorak, Fvurl Yiwu. Third row f'1Iv11111111ivu, Mnsvs, VV111d, VVGKBQ- 111, I.11y1'1wk, Vtivmsky, Baku, G1ih's Col" Ih'y1111:11, lwl111s1v11. Fourth row KNOIITOS, Pa 1111w:sk1, Kcxlivmim, RPIMIII, H1i1111s, Ijiskc, llI111!11, i3111.11y, Vwl11i11, PI111'-ik, 'Vuskfi Poxncf 11iI, Suvvik. ' I I, .4 1 f J f'4'u1A,o-f,fJ,k . HCJBBY CLUBS I ci qf ESPECIALLY FCR YCU 1 k I. fl VIL .JQD 7 C I s , C . 'CZ Cx Q - a fl. ll L n.uoroaa RON D Q ,aiuvlwvlf m,2VMHJ5f442v'QQ ff-0-Kyiv WNZSWWU fwfwfk Dewi bijwwr f 'Lf'fv MJ M iwwpwxfy ,WQZ4 "" - MMWWMWM MJ 0f""'ff A -9ffJZC?iw2L Wwj fgww "SLK,-fyw-QQ? Md VMWMMXWALWMJQM ffgwvwfw CLMJ"WUjwz.uw17? Mfg Jmiffjmgfm f'2""""U'an AMI X790 MJ , c,MQ,l?f, . 441 My ' f-Q0-8 ,-gf. '1,:AJfkCg:'v-4214 X 4 Football Team-Mr. Von Bremer. Sitting---Pojman, Krek, Vistocky, Ma- resh, Scheitel. Standing-Stekl, Koze- luh, Vokoty, Harris, Haag, Komrska. . gf y. "RUNNIN' WILD" '0 "How 1 FELL" LZ4f,vrx 19140 FOOTBALL TEAM l:'arragut's impressive win over Harper heralded the opening of a success- ful football season, With only a handful of gridders the Admirals finished a very heavy schedule with six wins and five losses. Contributing factors to I-'arragut's successful season are the following boys: Struska to Rohs, the touchdown pass combination: Visotky, all state fullback: Kaiser, unbeatable leader and a fine offensive tackle: Kallal, full of fight and determination: Kucia, shifty and tough: Stekl, first defensive end: Komrska, finest offensive end: Maresh, the nucleus of the line: Krek, A-l guard: Scheffel, aggressive tackler: Courtney, a liitle big football player: Haag, the brains of Farragut's offensive: and Pojrnan, the leader of Farragut's interference. Page 59 X . -f Il " . , 'J' ' , , f!A,LfK.4' fx ' 1 I 5,1-XQCQ gfkcf-,siyb ., Llwkggg, l VL xfkfgl CUTTING UP AT THE SENIOR REVUE BE A GOOD SPORT WSW as ,191 IN LEISURE MOMENTS taht 4 Sr. Basketball-First row Vacek, Koukl, Marek, Krilcich, Mann, Podolak, Bachoincr. Second row Wolf, lmninvli, Sutula, Voiek, Fox, Koniocar, Vukasovic, lohnson. 1 Ir. Basketball-First row Vankat, Wolf, Zoubek, Kozelun, Katz, Vondrick, Korun, Kostal. Second row Wttlt, McDowell, Novak, Krejca, Fox, Popp, Bel-lannesy, Bieryla, lohnson. BASKETBALL The Senior team, after getting off to a bad start, pulled an about tace and came dawn the honie stretch winning its three final games against Lindblom, Manley, and Harrison. The Vikings tnost outstanding victory was in its grudge game against Harrison when they swatted the "Hornets" 37-19. Mike Pasternak scored 60 points to lead all the senior scorers. Farragut's junior basketball team had a successful season and was within striking distance of second place until it played Harrison. The juniors lost the game 28 to 21 and all chances of getting a play oft berth. Frank Krejca and Matthew Bieryla were mainly responsible for Farragut getting third place in the Central Section. Together they scored 96 points, sharing high scoring honors, each 48 points. Page 61 lrollkfl Page 62 4 Swimming Team-Mr. Willi Seated-el-lercik, laskierny, Domerc Linka, Kwiatowski, Mrotz, Mach Second row Mr. Williams, P Skrivan, Budil, Kucia, Albrecht, Strom, Roth, Louzensky, Alesh, Nov Mulacek, Kal. Third row--Poznai Hitzke, Lawrence, I-lercilc, Kindle, Linka, Melichar, Pribyl, Krepek, Dr wicz, Misiora. M. ' l ,W JNL - V ,iffy bf! Sag ,f Lljlvilf ' n ' v 'Hin' 'L f-f' Jn.-A . . 4 Swimming-Mr. Williams. Sec Gibbons, lanus, Labak, Arbanas, 1 an, Bunta, Oul, DeRobertis, Conca Peck, Victor, Swab, Ruick, Busch Second row l-lercik, Melicher, K kowski, Kuss, Zalesh, Domeroslzy, dowicz, Mrotz, laskierny, Roth, lf Skrivan, Hallstrom, Petrick, Louze Machalek, Budil, Roth, Linka, A Albrecht, Holrichter, Mr. William t SWIMMING The Swimming Team did its singing in the tank instead oi in the bathtub, spurting ahead of the other sport teams in competitive activities. Though only in its second year, both the Senior and Iunior teams have won nine out oi the thirteen meets this term. The high point men for the season were Gerald Hallstrom with 66 points, loseph Albrecht with 52 points, and Roy Hercik with 51 points. Remaining for next year are Robert Roth, Arthur Sherman and Iohn Budil tall tree stylel and Robert Niebicha, Richard Pribyl, Frank Michalek, and lames Bazata, breast strokers. Edward Hlinka returns with his brother, Charles, to do fancy diving. Iohn Mrotz, who started in the middle of the semester, won for himself a total of titty points and remains for next year. There are about twenty-tive promising swimming stars in the lA class. 4 Boys' and Girls' Bcwlinq Team- Mr. Rinker. First row Kwsslvr, Marr Iinovsky, Pima, Vuss, Kllllxlk, Svlizcmwi- vi, Komizom, Stcrvlwwicxk. Second row Mr, Rinkvr, ijtlxlii, Rlllllllllf lyk, Hivl- Pk, Hreitixiqfw, Kiuqozs, Armit, Yuriqcir, Third row Kvplwl, Vrlk, filllllflii, Allvn, Kotora, Wilstm, Filip, Yuxss. Fourth f0WffiifI4'il, W1lli4'i111::, f:llllVf', iiwlwfa, Moollvr, Zirmi, M+'ln'11:s, Hyun, Ntvsik. 4 Intramural Champs -305D. First row Mmiqlwr, Dibxlllllli, Stekl, Kulmik, Second row Kuviri, Hrkovirli, Wiehrricik, Goinwy. 4 Captain Basketball Champs-3l8C. First row Ilmwvsky, Slmtu, Dumvvsky, Tiirrsvk, Pmclmlksi, liurmii, Kurcxsrlmrl. Second row Molmll, Sulirlm, Dulfimr, ClllliJCIiiSTC'l, Zui wx, Lmitiwlt, i1PIlL'i, Pom? 63 Page 64 Q G.A.A. First row .3111 W111k111, 1,11- v1 112, v1I'J11,11' 1-111.1111 1111111114 1211-1111, 1111'I1l Second row 11111l, 1111-v1k.1v::ky, 111111111, N11 1CC'lIi1I1, S1111k1'1111, .3111c1111i1111, 14qk91, i-l111v1111 111y, Third row 11111.1:1:s, 111111-1, 111.111, K111 1V111:s1 11, Gf'1ss:s1+11, 1Q1q11w1v11'11 H1111111, S1'11Wu111 Kc1sk11. Fourth' roi -41111111 1., '1'17+1c111k, S1111 s1'111111, 1Q1111.11'11vi1, 111117, N11 hang, 1iy1111, V11 111-1, '111ve1ry, 1'v11'1c, Kliliizll' S111-c1111y. if . 1 ff -. J I 4 G.A.A. First row .lv 1-1111, 1Q1111', 11111 cs'-1c, Oc'11S11k, V111s111-Q, 1111111, 1411141111 1V1c1yr11 Second row K111121-, 2-111111:, 111111111111 Si1'vc ku, SC11IC,W114'I, S1I11fI, 1V1l111', '1'11-sw 11, 14111111 Ho111o1kc1. Third row W111111-1, K111111111, V rfvk, 110111411 w1:'1', 1Xf1111s111w1:, Qj1Yl'k'1111Wii1C Houselr, Sc111111w1:s:111. Fourth row Slllllllk Selwyn, G1111111 K111+1f1111, 15111111115 V11'11 VC1I1C'f11C, i'11111c1111'11c.1, 1. '11c11'11, 1111111111111sf 1 G.A.A. First row 1-Q1-1111111, X11, :11ll1ll Blmshok, 1-1115111111113 LH1111111, 1Q11v111. Seco row Such, 11v1CIX1, G11-11111111111, 1'i111s1111, P111 Kroicik, C11vc11, Su11111w111, Third row 11f1r'111f-1, C1'111y XIV1111c1111, 1'Q1i1cr1, 1311111111 Srnwk, Dvmcxk, 311:11-1. Fourlh Row 111 1111111s, 1..1'111111Q111, 1i111'11, C 11'11-11, 19111111, N11 W11, 511111-11111, 1311111111 1 . G.A.A. First row E1111a1::, 1'-1111-1, 13 uvsky 11111 1.1 1.11 111111 411111111'11, 111111111 VVm111,1 1111151 Ll.1vi::. Second row 111111 Kcvzirguveki PQ1111z1L1,wski, W1114111111:', 1.11111 1f1fs", f1111'11 141111111111111-1w, IJ111111111, N11 11111-1 . Third. row 3.1111111111 1111131115 1ivc1 zk, Iil1'1. 111 S111 w:11c1, 15111111v::ky, 1 1111, ' 'gr 1 ,-'1:111111'1,: 1'1111-1111::14.1 111 Fourih rcw 17: '21, 1Q111v11s, 1lc1111:s1111111, ef 1, lt: 1:1 :rs "1'::1'1' 11111: 5111111111 1l111'1 1 : ' 1' 1 1311111-11111, G. A. A. Like a lovely melody composed of harmonious notes ending with a final glorious burst of music, the series of Social activities 'sponsored by the G. A. A. end with the impressive merit award assembly. Mass meetings are held once a month, and at the last one of each semester the awards of pins, letters, chevrons, and trophies are presented. Begun four years ago, the G. A. A. numbers a thousand today. This semester special awards were given to several members. Wanda Bokoff, secretary, earned her third chevron, a gold bar pin, the second girl in Farragut's history to do so. LaVerne Benes, Gladys Vlasak, Estelle Yunger, and Geraldine Blasek won their second chevron placed on their G. A. A. letters. Social functions sponsored by the G. A. A. such as the Masquerade Dance, a Roller Skating Party, and the presentation of the entertaining play, "Campus Queen," have all reaped profits, which were used to purchase two steel pingpong tables, provide Christmas baskets for ten needy families, and made possible the donation of two chromium coffee urns to the Social Room. The climax tof each semester is the selection of a posture queen. A gold medal is givefi to the girl with the best posture in the school. Also, splash parties, Freshman lnitiation Parties, and tournaments make the G. A. A. the girls'-favorite extra curricular activity. s f K X., 1 G.A.A. Oiiicers. Reading from leil to right. Ioanne Bokoff, secretary-treasurer, Ger- aldine Blashek, vice-president. Gladys Vla- sak, president. Marie Kroc, recording secre- tary. Marshak, Modqlin. Page 65 1 G.A.A. First row---Schlicht, Niekamp Rogala, Targosz, Glenn, Vranek Sloser Tumpach, Budilovsky. Second row Miksa tka, Haase, Minarik, Kostner, Due, Iohnson Maresh, Piperoff, Kucera, Barcal, Woeltie Third row-Raclziwill, Milrut, Mladzc Prc hal, Pochacki, Cillian, Wolny, Sze-hgowski Piperoff, Peter, Otralek. Fourth row Fisher Woodrick, Kruszynski, Conopa, Michalak Rokavec, Pankoff, Doriqan, Meyer Maslo 4 Recreciiive Games. First row Zmiczruk, fl 111 111 1:11 11 "111'111111a L1111. I ,l'1l1f1i, fD1'c1Lsr1k ,:11I1', 111 1I1Y. Second row L31111k, Knphrxui I, 111 ' I11l11111, M11111k.1':11', Mf11,11, 41111111 1 11., H111111111, Third row 1111111- 1 :1:' P1 1'W111:.,1L1:,11111111,if-111.4l1'11f11,l111:11'l111' I 11- '.'111:11. H1 111111: 1 Q K ' 11- 1111. 4 GJLA. Executive Board. First row -- Kwcwk, B1f1sI111E:, V111s11k, K1 M11 !1111i11, Iiivkuk. Second row O1'11::k1, f:l1'i1i1l, VV11lk- H1, I,1y1:f11'1-Q, Y1111r1111, I'Q11s11, 141111-.1 I,1yw111'11. 4 G.A.A. Play. First row M11111v11,z, liokutt, 'I'1'0sse1t, Blclshfvk, P11111111, I'11lix Second row Lysdk, K111wqv1 O1'c1:a11k, S1111-1115, l'11111.1,g Dvriolwcrtis, Kovrxr. 4 Leaders' Club. First row L1.,111.1i11, lull I111111, Cliiiiiwllfi, H,11i1111v::ky, li111lwk, 1l111111:sk11, Oc'c1s1ik,K111-11. Second row VV1111i1111.: Mc1111ic'i1, 311112, 31111113 Vmss, l'111:a111, Trcrxi, Vf1r1h11ci11, f3?11'i111w111k, l11i111s,111. Third row K11:'i1111, i.'111111i1111t11, ic1111i11, EL1111111-151111, Hc1w11s1111, .31.1':'?z:1111 251114111 f?i11::1111111, 151' 1111111, I411111, H1.1.'l1 Iv vk, I-I11111:11111111, V1'1i1'1'1'1. 4 Tennis Club. First row Vivfvx, I-Laval, Iiiyvtvk, Wiilki-1, Flitsvtl, AILLIIICIS. Sec- ond row Kmsm, Hiilwmy, limi, Rminlun, ilknivivll, ihiiixi, Eiivlmw. 1 Hiking Club. First row Hixshmuri, Kuvek Iiurims, Liil'UilIiILlIi, Vliilillltil, VQ1IlilUdU, Stu- vlmwitik, Second row Pcmkoff, Mcrresh, iuyvuvk, Vcutricok, Baker, Kozlowski, MGI- timwvsky, I,c1ycoc'k, Third row Wcueltje, kilvwru, ficirrcil, Cvmy, Bulaty, Piperoff, iilniswk, Piprimtf, 4 Roller Skating. First row Bluho Kurbin R1rhu11, Nwvuk, Imhnson, Modem, Brez. Sec. Gnd IOW Mule-kovic, Wolny, Donqress, Slos- IIIUII, Tmxi, Venhudu, Hmmm, Chodorq, 'Iihird row Hudilovsky, Prochuzka, Kamik, ikGIGSIHfIil, Mivhrllclk, Koudu, Bamoif, Cher- tub, Hlushok. G.A.A. 1 GJ-LA. Representatives. First row Lum kgiq, Chvcil, Klf-Hin, Blushvk, Kumi, Vlusuk Vonhufio. Second row Ruiuwtt, Clie-xmlw Amdt, Kosm, Hmmm, Pirmtu, Ulllcxrtfs, I'u1"11 Third row VK3lK,If,'4ik, Sinutfi, Gvsslwr, Knut? Ftenkiowicz, Loyrofk, Svmlmvln, Stiuim, Venn- hudn, Fcllflh IOW Kivfvk, villftwk, Sillilik Mifimlrzk, Kuvcil, Hmm, Krusztynski, YIIIIGVI VVc1iks1f!. Puqv Gi' ,.,. 4 Horseback Riding. First row Ktxstnt-r, Owl, Cixvfii, Blnshwk, Kxtcwifi, Hiwtil, Hivkctk. Second row Giiutmms, iZll'itiHV:ikY, titiflwr, Sfilllilifli, Dtzrxiiiicil, Hcitil-if, Vtitst-li. 4 Badminton. First row 'Vmw-ifik, Simnk, Vtfind, Krvsuk, Dmimizik, Kamik, Minrhfilcik, Second row D1'I1KTifiS, Sidfllttlilt, Mmm, Tidxl, Hitzkfr, Grmliiiiiuxi, Kiiizw. Third row Kosku, Sciitv, Smiiio, KKJUIIIUI, My, SLIXVYUI, Flqevriscri, Kritilpr, Kglivwdn. 1 A 1. I f, , , ' J", 1-A ff' 4 Li H X' I . ' -' I ,f f . F' I 1 . I 1 s I I 1 P 1 1 J I., 1. 4 Shuffle Board and Shu-Quoit. First row KOCOIC, Kristi, Htliflvvk Vtuuivvk, i.ciyt'wvk, WGik62T. S9COl"ld YOW Ai.t1t'Uk1, iiitqtqiv, Duk- ilrdcti. Vorilitnicd, Viliiillltitl, Wwitvr. Third row Touicisefk, Biciim, Lrzfnti, L4iyt'tir'k, Wrxi- iiol, Icinris, i"iiclr'olu. Fourth row iflqviistm, Suwycir, imifiq, Vtxvrwsky, Hitslimtm, MEW4it'll, Cillcitchxivi, iitiiiitvti. I I lf I A., 1 .fi Aj ' .7 I jydftfb fulu rr I. X, gf I 'G K , n i f 'V' Q rl ff" K W I 4 Letter Club. First row Amis, Vins'-tc, Elokoff, Blustwk, Kitvv, Hivk ik. Second row Hutvicvk, Ytuiqvt, VVtilk-ii, iiiytmvk, hiy- c'ciCk. Third row Slmsxmiii, Kvitiwm, Kiuqtts, Hron, Krum-im, Qmiswk, Htwnws. Fourth row Korwk, Wiriti, Simfik, if-isv, Hiwlwk, Donut- skcz, Vavrwsky. 4 Bicycling and Ice Skcxtinq. First row E KOSCIF, Novzimk, I-Qwsst 1, Othifix, Dwtiluiwii, Kadlor, Kfwiiiwi. Second row Vtmxrwwzal-ci, Kamal, Kmwk, Htiiiix., l7flmillwi::, Kim-11111, SCIWYFJI, VVL-11 irtisswk. .-xv. ww eiiiiki 2251 25111 1' 1 Y -' . if .mm mf. .jglgn giggiiiiils mv IEE!!! 1 ii?" :iii - - , ew., 11 I :SIP ' Y ll 'EF 1 1 12 ,.:::! , ,.A,. -.. , f11s111:f1111.11111E1 'L va 1. I- Juror. Y, 1 g,,115111:,1,1,1-1 1 111. glg.v111:s:' 1 , Nfl 1 3211-3 z Eu.. . 1 :. ,-- - . , 1 1' " 1 11 ... M11 Ui" - 1 Il i.1wg1 -11111: 1 In H I '1 i I 11 1 I F -1 . 4 ' 1 M' 1 ' II M"4"I"'111 l 'l1Il rli """'mI111b711 'FII 'W 1' Irlllim IW' N1 1 l111 la? '.'. N xr A . -5-- 111' ' ' 1 E- f+' """"1"'11"111 W' 111-1"1 , 1 5 QQQI f if 1 iz, .. E1 .7- - +1 i 1 F I R --- V. NALE if ,, Wwwfwww 2+-f,f WMJW W2 Swri FAREWELL, SENIORS 4 ROY BURESH. Music hath charm for him . . . seeks a seat in symphonic band . . . Hon. Student . . poor sports irritate him. IAMES CARROI... "lim" . . . musically in- clined . . . member of band and choir . . . indulges in favorite pastime during lunch. GERALDINE CEIKA. "Toots." Lovely lass who intends to travel . . . Scroll editor . . . chief Joy is collecting snapshots . . . Honor student . . . A happy go lucky sort with never a single care in the world. 4 DOROTHY CEPUDER. "Doree." ldeal secretary . . . avid sports fan . . . Chm. Sr. Play . . . Hon. Student . . . loves pie-a-to-mode IOSEPH CERNY. "Ioe." Songster in Glee Club . . . active in sports . . . dancing club . . . future electrical engineer. IARMILLA CHMELAR. "lerry." Honor Student . . , finds fun in dramatics and saving picture postal cards . . . ambition, tends to be a math teacher... lr. Beseda . . . Hall Guard . . . active in all sports. 4 BENIAMIN CIESLA. "Dompsey." Revels in training and racing pigeons . . . has a fondness for southern fried chicken . . . basketball champs '37, '38 PEARL CONSEN- TINO. "Waffle," Has a yen to travel far and wide . . . songstross in Glee Club . . . loves to strut in a ballroom . . . G,A,A. rnernber. WARREN COURTNEY- HVVGY-H An athlete in more strenuous sports . . . letter award in foot- lrall . . likes to see good movies . . . ambition is to be an auto designer. 4 ROBERTA CUMMINS. "Bobby" An ardent sports- woman . . . chocolate candy is her supreme ioy . . . Hon. Student . . . hopes to be a secretary. HEDWIK DVORAK- "Hattie." An inspiring radio singer in our midst . . . hap- piest when singing or playing piano . . . Hon. Soc., An- nual, Scroll . . . active on Class Day Comm. RAYMOND EHRICH. "Ray." Enioys popular music . . . interested in all athletics . . . hopes to find a busy career in becoming a Congressman. 4 WILBUR ABRAMSSON. "Will." An all-around fellow and willing worker . . . Class Pres. nrenrber ot the Sr, Cab. and Annual Staff. ROSE ADAMEC. "Rosie" First girl editor of Scroll and Bus. Mgr. of Log . . . Quill Scroll award . . . Honor Society . . . lr. Besoda. ALBERT BASTYR. "Al." Has vision of becoming a printer . . . spends his time on sports and woodworking . . . -:lub acti- vities interest hrm . . . Honor Society . . , A happy go lucky fellow. 4 GEORGE BATISTA. "Steve" lack oi all trades . . . strums on guitar and piano . . . Pres, of Gloo Club . . . future radio expert. VIOLET BECKER. "Vi." Pet diver- Sions GT qO1Q-jgqiaacwincing . . , found pleasure in sing- lee - ubz . . iirtthds to beja Cctirtroom reporter. NNA BELCHAK. "Bubbles," Gay with a keen sense of humor . . . G.A.A. member . . . life saver . . . tumbler' on Class Day . . . quick and light on her feet . . . happy go lucky girl with never or care. 4 FRANK BERAN. "Squeaky," Fascinated by printing . . . chief interest in school and chosen vocation . . , danc- ing and movies take care of his spare hours. GEORGE BERNY. "litch." Has exhibited musical talent in band . . . spends most of his leisure time fishing . . . Blue Printer Club. MILDRED BOBEK. "Mie." Quiet ladylike . . . sports are her side line . . . has a yen to see the world quite soon . . . also detests all gossip-ers. 4 HENRIETTA BOK. "Henry," Busy stenograplrer career ahead of her . . , Hon. Student . . . seeks solace reading and traveling . . . Annual and Scroll worker. GEORGE BOUCEK. "Cecil B. De Boucekf' Bohemian rrreals are his weakness . . . Chem. Club . . . attention centered around photography . . . seeks the adventures of Newsreel camera- man, IOSEPH BOUDNEK. "loe." Whiz on the basketball court . . . a friendly fellow . . . delights in drawing . . . dislikes jokes that aren't iunny. 4 MILDRED HYBI.. "Stormy," Studying airplanes are her chief joy . . . flying as an air stewardess is her desired vocation . . . Hon. Soc .... Cvlee Club member . . . Dec. and lnv. Comm, IERRY IANDA. "Butch," Receives pleas- ure from athletics . . . enioys good cooking , . . wishes for success as a C,P.A ..,. Hon. Soc .... Pin-Ring Committee. CHARLES IANOVSKY. "Chuck" Scientifically minded . . . likes stamp collecting . . . movie operators club . . . wants to become a research chemist. 4 BLANCHE IARES. "Blanch" Glee Club member . . . pet diversions are dancing and croquet . . . lr. Beseda . . . Comm, Club . . . traveling is her ambition. ANNA IENNY. "Annie." A zealous sportswoman . . . enjoys working on publications . . . Chm. Menu Comm .... Council member . . . hopes to specialize in secretarial work. CARL IURICH. "lerk." All-around music-lover . . . a sports lover . . . weakness is soft beds . . , wishes to become a success . . . says, "will remain a bachelor." 4 EDWARD KAISER. "Butch" A well-known figure on the gridiron . . . Capt. of football team '38 . . . enjoys fishing . . . hopes to be electrical engineer . . . pet peeve, women drivers. EDWARD KALLAI.. "Elmer." Super-sport lover . . . letter man in football . . . yodeled in Glee Club . . . seeks success as machinist. LILLIAN KAMIS. "Lolly." An enthusiastic girl enioying life . . . enioys reading as a pastime . , . lion. Soc .... has planned for a career as a writer. 4 MARTHA KASTEMIS, "Marty." An active member in the G.A.A .... pet joy swimming . . . Camera Club mem- ber . . . hopes some day to be wealthy RUSSEL KENT. "Rusty," A true sportsrnan . . . his interests center on bas- ketball, football and baseball . . . has high hopes of join- ing the Marine Air Corps. CHESTER KIDROWSKI. "P'oopek." lnclined toward sports . . . Glee Club . . . admires the fairer sex . . . proposes to be a successful printer. 4 WALTER GOW. "Wog." A likeable fellow . . . finds joy in dancing and all sports . . . Chem. Club . . . Election Comm. FRANK GROBSTEIN. "Grub" Collecting oddities is his favorite hobby . . . spent time in the Chem. Club... hopes to retire at forty with a million dollars. GEORGE HARTMAN. "Hart," Admires athletics of all kinds . . . goes in for dancing . . . intends to fly to fame . . . guiet and loveable person . . . baseball, basketball, football, and volleyball fan. 4 IOSEPH HAVEL. "Benny." Active in many club activi- ties . . . enjoys hunting and horseback riding . . . future diesel engineer . . . skimmed through the pool . . . band member. RUTH HERMAN. A leading figure in all she undertakes . . . bicycling favorite pastime . . . sings in Glee Club . . , hopes to travel. ARTHUR HESS.. "Art," Future "Benny Goodman" all music appeals to him espe- cially swing . . . all food is his weakness . . . Farragut's dance orchestra leader. 4 FLORENCE HILDERBRAND. "Flo," Songstress in Glee Club . . . G.A.A., active in Council . . . Vice-Pres. Comm. Club . . . future court reporter LESTER HIMMEI.. "Cun- ningham," Cheerleader . . . letter award . . . haunts the dark when pursuing his hobby . . , future "Dr. Himmelf' ARTHUR HOCKETT. "Dub." Likes music and claims it as his hobby . . . strums his time away on a guitar . . . ambition is to become a millionaire very soon . . . A quiet and loveable person. player . . . av' an . . . Sc oll ff . . . menu com .... pe peeve, musical soup-eaters. DOROTHY HOVORKA. "Dot," Aspires to be a successful stenogra- pher . . . activities include G.A.A., Comm, and knitting in having . Hon. every- 4 LORRAINE HOF ICHT ' , ping-pong club. DOROTHY HRUDICKA. "Dot," in s fun . . . flute player in l and Student . . . Prom. Comm. . . thing else in the world. 1 KATHLEEN LANIER. "Kay." Swing music addict . . . dance club . . . despises conceited people . . . sports fan . . . looks forward to travel. LOIS LA POINT. "Frenchy." A music lover . . . songstress in the Glee Club . . . parlia- mentary law club member . . aspires to secretaryship. CHARLES LAVER. "Chick" Extremely interested in guns . . . enioys wrestling and boxing . . . intends to be a machine gunner . . . his pet peeve is a girl-friend being late for her date. 1 WARREN LEONHART. "Babe." Main interest bowling . . . a dancing addict . . . pet peeve is women drivers . . . has high hopes ot becoming a commercial artist. PEARL LUKE. "Fluff," Popular music addict . . . warbling like a canary is her favorite pastime . . . dancing club . . . plans a career as a singer with an orch. ROBERT LYDON. "Funky," Star on the basketball court . . . an all-around sportsman . . . admires lrish Colleens . . . intends to be a civil engineer. 1 WILLIAM MANN. "Bill," Enjoys all indoor and outdoor sports . . . dancing club member . . . yearns to don a uniform and lead a military life. FRANK MARKOWSKI. "Whitey." Main ambition is to be a success in life . . . hobbies include golf and baseball . . . member of hand- book club. ELMER MAROSE. "Nigger." Sports, collect- ing pictures and dancing are his favorite hobbies . . . served on library staff . . . to have a home is his ambition. 1 ARTHUR MATZ. "Feet" An avid sports fan . . . swim- ming team . . . singer in Glee Club . . . to be an archi- tect is his ambition. IRENE MAZURK. Awarded D.A.R. for being an ideal Farragut girl . . . ioys in meeting other people . . . social-minded . . . main desire to learn. VERA MELICHAR. Her specialty is Bohemian style food . . . lr. Beseda Club . . . her hobbies include swimming and ice skating . . . aspired to secretaryship . . . quiet and lady like. 1 CHARLES KNOT. "Charlie" An easy going fellcw . . . interested in both sports and school work . . . Glee Club member . . . future draftsman. ELAINE KOIVIOROUS. "B K." Goes in for dancing and excels in it . . . Pres. Camera Club . . . G.A.A. worker . . . wants to become a nurse. RALPH KORINEK. Interests dwell in sports and dancing . . . warbler in the Glee Club . . . has consum- ing desire to operate a service station . . . weakness in- clude fried chicken and custard pie. 1 GEORGE KOURIM. "Smokey," Stamp collector . . . pet peeve, one-arm drivers . . . a music lover . . . hopes to attain success as a linotypist. HERIVIAN KOVAR. "Windy." The radio and movies are his absorbing interests , . . cam- era club member , . . main goal in life is to be a photogra- pher. IOSEPH KOZAK. "Zeke" Honor Student . . . fond of shooting, with camera . . . appreciates music . . . has plans to be a Certified Public Accountant and later study law. 1 ROBERT KRAL. "Bob." Music attracts him . . . Glee member . . . admires feminine beauty . . . ambition unde- cided. ROBERT KRALIK. "Bob" Glee Club, Vice-Pres. . . . chief pastime is dancing . . . emoys a good musical movie . . . seeks just enough money to have a good time. CHARLIE KRAUS. "Charlie" Member of Handbook Club . . . going places and stamps appeal to him . . . weakness, strawberries . . . aims at engineering . . . pet peeves are very queer teachers 1 ALICE KRENEK. "Al." Fascinated by window shopping . . . Hon. Soc .... S.I3'.Q.F. member . . . yearns to travel around the world. WALTER KUBIAK. "Wally." lnclines toward swing music . . . when he plays his accordian, everyone starts to dance . . . Prom. Comm .... seeks success as orchestra leader. MARY IANE KUCHAR. "Margie," Interest revolves around sports . . . prominent member of the C.A.A .... letter award . . . Hon. Soc. . . . has a yen to see the world, 4 RAYMOND OTTO. "Babe" A fast car and an open road is his idea of paradise . . . would like to hold world speed record . . . Camera Club member . . , lover of sports. IRENE PALACEK. "Renee" Likes her friends, music and food . . . active on the Annual Staff . . . interested in club activities . . . aspires to secretaryship. EDWARD PASEK. "lVlooney." Heads for a future on baseball . . . a real out- door rnan . . . courteous to ladies . . . despises pessimistic people. 4 LEON PAUL. "Maxie." Excelled in basketball . . . letter man . . . reading and dancing fill his spare hours . . . vocation slants toward being a prominent business man. VIVIAN PEASE. "Viv," Eating and reading is her idea of perfect bliss . . . possesses dramatic ability . . . belongs to the G.A.A .... aims to be a teacher. LADDIE PETRA- NEK. "Pete," A sportsman on the side-lines . . . a lively tempo sets his feet dancing . . . warbled in the Glee Club . . . wants to travel. 4 MARY PETRO. "Pete" Short in stature, big in brains . . . has been of service to many clubs . . . Vice-President of Class . . . Hon, Soc .... sports fan . . . aims to be a chem. teacher. THEODORE POLASHEK. "Ted," Amateur photographer . . . derives joy from class discussions . . . clubs occupy his spare time . . . chosen vocation is to be a successful salesman. FRANKLIN POMAZAL. "Poma." Wishes success as an aeronautical engineer . . , St. Coun- cil . . . "F" Club . . . Prom, Comm .... Chem. Club. 4 EVELYN PORTER. "Ev." Ambition, to travel . . . tennis occupies her leisure time . . . Glee Club . . , Scroll . . . Annual . . . Hon. Student . . . HG .... G.A.A. . . . Camera Club. AGNES POTOPA. "Sparky" Devotes her leisure hours to swimming, hiking, and baseball . . . plans to succeed in the commercial field . . . song and poem comm. RUTH PROKOP. "Ida," Aspires to stenography as an ambition . . . plans to travel . . . library . . . Beseda . . . enjoys boat riding, hiking, and dancing 4 PAULINE MILKOVICH. "Paul" f-lon. Student . . . enjoys all sorts of sports . . . her weakness is a good movie . . . ambition, to succceed in the commercial field . . . Pres. of Commercial club. MABEL MILLER. "Mibs." Thrives on making scrap-books . . . annual staff . . . plans to travel and to become a success. MARGARET MILLER. "Margie" Class secretary . . . sec. of Comm, club . . . ambition, pri- vate sec .... likes to dance, hike, or roller skate. 4 LEO MISIASZEK. "Pard." Dotes on the aroma of a chemistry lab . . . ambition, to make a hit with all . . . noted for his dancing ability . . . Chm. of Pinfliing and Prom, Comm. GENEVIEVE MOREK. "Blondie" Her inter- ests center around sports . . . G.A.A. Etiquette. LADDIE MOTTL. "Windy," He has an underground ambition, an undertaker . . . his hobby is up in the air, model aircraft . . . safe drivers and Boy's Glee Club . . . likes to play his trumpet very often. 4 ESTELLE MOZER. "Red," Her ambition will keep her within the law, court reporting . . . enjoys dancing . . . St. Guid . . . G.A.A ..,. Hon. Soc, . . . plays badmin' ton during her idle hours. HELEN NAUS. "Mousie." Honor Student . . . ambition, hazy as yet . . . enjoys roast duck and movies . . . Glee Club . . . Sr. Tea Comm. IAMES NETOLICKY. "Andy." Enjoys all sorts of sports, espee cially baseball . . . member ot recreation club . . . weak- ness is hamburgers . . . seeks a career as a printer. L,-J E K, . 4 LQRIATNE NOVK. 'l"Lorr." A future journalist . . . active member of the council and St. Guid T'. . spends her spare time swimming, , . f.,' Hon. Student. IUNE O'HEARNE. "Tlny." Aims tqx' follow the steps of Adrian . . . loves to des' n her own 'gowns . . . Glee Club songstress . . . S993 a greatdeal of hsr time dancing. HELEN OSLAKE. "Ozzie."- A lover of fun . . . Sr. Dance Comm . . . enjoys sentimental music . . . Scroll Staff . . . has decided to be a newspaper reporter. 4 EDWARD SHRAMEK. "Ed," His fine qualities are hid- den by his quiet manners . . . clever at writing . . . active on Scroll Staff, Ir. Beseda . . . aims to be a lawyer. IOSEPH SHRAMEK. "Pep" Engages in all sports espe- cially bowling and baseball . . . letter award in svirim- ming . . . pet peeve, his nephew . . . all he wishes is an easy job. TONY STAROSTA. Tony has a scientific inter- est . . . a future newspaper man . . . loves da ' g an spent a great deal of his time darrcirizu V 4 ELSIE STERBA. "El," A typical sportswor an . . . chosen vocation is to be a private secretary . . . Hon. Student . . . Treas. of Comm. Club , . . interest in traveling. RUDOLPH STRUSKA. "Rudy," An outstanding athlete on the gridiron . . , all types of sports appeal to him . . . earned his letter in football . . . hopes for a big league baseball career. LORRAINE SYKORA. "Kid." Has a yen tt-r traveling . . . appreciates all sports . . . favors skat- ing . . . helped in library. 4 STANLEY TETREV. "Stash," A lover of good music . . . member of band . . . bad music haunts him . , . enjoys hunting and hiking . . . active in council . . . Pres. Latin iflulr. ARTHUR TICHAVA. "Tick." Appreciates all sports . . . awarded "F" . . . eating is his favorite pastime . . . spent considerable time in Chem. laboratory. ROBERT TOSKY. "Bob," Efficient worker who can successfully mix business and pleasure . . . Football manager . . . dancing fiend , . council member, 4 RAYMOND TUREK. "Mad Scientist." Excrferit violin player in the orchestra . . , swimming is his favorite sport . . . enroys a good movie . . . hopes to become an MD. or PhD. MILTON VACEK. "Milt," lnterestod in engineer- ing . . . collects stamps as his hobby . . . music, baseball and swimming appeal to him . . . amateur photographer. DOROTHY VANA. "Dot." Hon. Student . . . derives Joy when splashing around in a pool . . . Annual Staff . . . music sets her feet on fire. f'v 4 EDWARD RADA. "Eddie," llreanis :rl being a high school orchestra director . . . collects souvenirs as a pastime . . . Beseda . . . Class Day Comm . . . Orch, '35, '36, '37, '38. RAYMOND RADOSH. "Radoshes." Hi! Yol Silver! wants to own a ranch . . . checker club . . . spends his leisure time taking pictures, hunting and fishing. ELDO REED. "Al," Wham! future maror league baseball player' . . . Glee Club . . . lntra-rnural basketball champs '37, '38 . . . Sr. Tea Comm. 4 TOM REZAC. 'Curley' Aims to succeed in radio . . . dances in his spare time . , . baseball '36, '37, '38 . . . Glee Club . . . library . . . St. Council . . . Dancing Club. GORDON RICKER. "Dinky." Vocation slants toward being a Physical Ed. Teacher . . . football '36, '37 . . . "F" Club . . . Freshmen and Sophomore Coach, FRANK ROZIC. "Franz" Plans to succeed in the technical field . . . has a Weakness for cars . . . band '33, '34, '35 . . . is inter- ested in hunting, flying, and bowling. 4 FRANCES RUBIO. "Fran." lnterested chiefly in travel- ing, dancing, tennis and boat riding . . . pet peeve is a rainbow outfit. MAX ROSEN. "Mickey" Wishes to suc- ceed as a chemical engineer . . . Chem. Club . . . devoted to chemistry . . . very quiet. AGNES RUZEK. "Blondie," Acrobatic tap dancing is her past, present and future . . . to make it her life's work . . . engaged in all activities of the G,A.A .... a faithful friend to have. 4 IOHN RYAN. "lrish." An easy going fellow . . . took part in orchestra . . . amateur radio bug . . . weakness is a good steak , . . would like to swing a baton in a band. ANTONETTE SAMEC. "Tony," Proved her ability to be an accountant by being Bus. Mgr. of the Scroll . . . cello player in orchestra . . . lr. Reseda, Cap-Gown Comm. MIROSLAV SEKERA. A patient personality . . . likes radio and photography enough to have it for a hobby . . . am- bition is undecided as yet. 1 MILDRED VAVRUSKA. "Milly" Aims to see the "Seven Wonders of the Worold" . . . Hon. Soc .... dislikes con- ceited people . . . an avid sports fan . 4 , chief interests at school were, Sr. Tea Comm. IOSEPH VESELY. "loe." A Sportsman . . . music makes him dance . . , warbled in the Glee Club . . . ambition undecided. MARY VESELY. "Mal" A quiet personality . . . delights in making her own clothes . . . spent 'time in sewing classes . . . Annual and Scroll J. 'Alias' plans to enter into the field of bus, 1 IRVIN VISKOCIL. "Sl-cocky." lnterest centered mainly on sports . . . member of swimming club . . . second Rip Van Winkle. BRUNO VYSOTCKY. "Brunko." Hero of the gridiron . . . letter award in football . . . has a yen to travel . . . Pres of "F" Club . . . Glee Club member . . . hopes to become a forest ranger. RUTH VLCEK. "Ruthie" A bundle of energy . . , Glee Club member . . . likes to ride her bicycle . . . sees only sunny sides of life . . . aims to be an accountant. 4 ADELE VODICKA. "Dell," Pretty clothes and outdoor sports l h. ' pease er most . . . Hon. Soc .... active on the Sr. Play Comm .... Scroll Staff . , . future private secre- tary. CHARLES VOLHNEC. "Chick," A lover of the salty seas . . . future sailor . . . spare time is spent fishing . . . activities include Checker Club and Recreative Club. IEAN WEISS. "Jeanie" Cheerful in nature . . . always ready for fun . . . dislikes jealous and bashful people . . . sports are her favorite . . . Class Treaesurer. 4 WILLIAM WOICIK. "Bill," Here is a future baton shaker . . . ambition, orchestra leader . . . leisure hours are spent raising tropical fish, music and all sports. IOE ZOLAM. "Spike," Thrives on fun . . . dislikes homework . . . leisure time is spent skating, baseball and other sports . . . would like to meet a perfect blonde. LEONARD ZEMI-IK. "Len." Swimming, dancing, boxing and baseball all appeal to him . . . active in Glee Club, dancing and council. 4 CHARLES ZOUBEK. v'1QkeQ' A ttuppvbqoelufky S011 with never a care in the world . . . future Wall Street broker . . . letter award. FEBRUARY 1939 GRADUATES SENIOR COMMITTEES t 4 Waitress Committee-Miss Bursik, Alice Krenek, chm. 4 Clean Up Committee-Miss Bursik, Roy Buresh, chm. 4 Reception Committee-Miss Bursik, Frank Grobstein, chm. 4 Ring and Pin Committee - Miss Du- da, Leo Misiakzek, chm. 4 Prom Committee - Miss Duda, Thomas Rezac, chm. 4 Class Day Com- mittee - Miss Taeschner, Lorraine Novy, chm. 4 Class Gift Commit- tee H Mr. Camden, Mary Petro, chm. 4 Senior Dance Committee - Mr. Camden, Pauline Milkovich, chm. 4 Program Committee- Mr. Camden, Stanley Tetrev, chm. 4 Song and Poem Committee - Miss Hogan and Miss Ehrenworth, Kathleen Lanier, chm. 4 Senior Play Committee - Miss Culver, Dorothy Cepuder, chm. 4 Finance Committeee-Mr. Peacock, lean Weiss, chm. 4 Menu Commit- tee - Mrs. Reinhardt, Anna Ienny, chm. 4 Cap and Gown Committee -eMr. Prottsman, Estelle Mozer, chm. 4 Printing Committee - Mr. Bloom, Charles Laver, chm. 4 Senior Tea Committee - Miss Taeschner, Mil- dred Vavruska, chm. 4 Color, Flow- er and Motto Committee-Miss Duda, Leon Paul, chm. 4 Decoration and Invitation Committee - Miss Duda, Edward Shramek. Page 76 COLORS: Nile Green and American Brauty FLOWER : Hollywood Rose MOTTO: Wafrb Us Climb CLASS GIFT: Two sefs of lypr' for lbr' Prinf Sbo WILBUR ABRAMSSON MARY PETRO President Vice-President MARGARET MILLER IEAN WEISS Secretary Treasurer vi 'J it RJA D u A T E S , CGLQRS: Forgvl-zridnof bluflauil Ilalianl Coral , FLOVVERS: JJ' , Ffjlrte!-:rig-11013, arzrixiggw SillJl'l'f peas ' LL ll it - it S E N I 0 R O ,f frzunjrql nofes to victory -' , T, CLASSGIFTI i c,oMM I TT E E s Puglia Addrvss Syxfrm I T 7 KENNETH GEHRKE ROBERT PRINCE President Vice-President LIBBY TUREK HELEN RENKIEWICZ Secretary Treasurer X . 4 Financial Committee-Mr. Fisher, Helen Renkiewicz, chm. 4 Banquet Committee.-Miss Landon, Anita Kre- sak, chm. 4 Banquet Service Com- mittee - Miss Edwards, LaVerne ung, chm. 4 'u Committee- dred Dongres. . ,4 ss Day Committee - Miss o Gloria Sima, chm. nio ance Committee - Mrs. 'sk ichard Taus, chm. 4 Color, and Motto Committee-Miss W , lor ce Stachniak, chm. 4 ecdrbjgnnizlid Invitation Committee -Miss Liska, Ruth Stedry, chm. 4 College Day Committee-Miss Clark, Bernice Kotz, chm. 4 Senior Play Committet?Miss Culver, Libby Tur- ek, chm. 4 Prom Committee-Miss Benson, Charles Bel-lannesy, chm. 4 Program Committee-Miss Hogan, Sid- ney Kominsky, chm. 4 Class Gift Committee - Miss Landon, Robert Prince, chm. 4 Cap and Gown Committee--Mr. Prottsman, Adeline Kocek, chm. 4 Song and Poem Com- mittee-Miss Ehrenwerth, Miss Hogan, Felix Kubik, chm. 4 Pin and Ring Committee-Miss O'Leary, Richard Veselka, chm. 4 Senior Tea Com- mittee-Miss Wells, Libby Hron, chm. 4 Printing Committee - Mr. Bloom, Ierry Zeman, chm. 4 Clean Up Com- mittee-Miss Gross, Charles Barta, chm. Page 77 4 MARY BALANGER. "Bubbles," Hair dressing her spe- cialty . . . G.A,A .... Dancing, Knitting Clubs. CHESTER BANASEK. "Red," Sharpshooter at billiards . . . Glee and Dancing Clubs . . . intends to find a steady job. ELEANOR BANK. "Honey." Talent tends especially to art . . . future Farragut Commercial Artist . . . Honor Society . . , Forum Club, Glee Club . . , hates all boring people, especially the younger generation. 4 EDITH BANNES. "Edie." Enjoys dancing . . . hopes to be a nurse . . . G.A.A .... Senior Tea Committee . . . Dancing, Camera and German Clubs. CHARLES BARTA. "Chick," Basketball and baseball hold his attention . . . Received letters for his athletic activities . . . modern book, crossword puzzle clubs. FRANK BARTA. An en- thusiastic fisherrnan . . . quiet and yet friendly . . Dancing Club . . . hopes to be a traffic manager . . activities include baseball and volleyball. 4 WILLIAM BARTA. "Bill." A lover of sports . . . Glee. Dancing, lr. Beseda Clubs . . . desires to become an avi' ator. IANE BARTUNEK. "Dirnples." Piano playing chief liclilry 4 . . Council . . . Red Cross . . . desires to be an interior decorator . . . Election Comm ,... Annual Staff. CHARLES BE I-IANNESY. "Baron" Basketball star . . . rinioys iitterbug dancing , . . Band, Orchestra, Senior Malririet . . yearns for medical profession . . . Chairman ct Eioni irfrirnrnittee. . -4 BESSIE BENDA. "bebe." Ernoys hcr mother's cooking . . . Business Manager of Log . . . intends to be a private swcretary . . . fills licr hours dancing and reading. SIDNEY BERNSTI-IIN. "Sid," Likes rnusic . . . has ambition to be rr rich man . . . band, Orchestra, Gorman, Dancing, Har- niony Clubs, and Dance Band. DOROTHY BERRY. "Friday," A tiny bundle of energy . . . active in swim- ming and dancing clubs . , . aims to be a telephone operator. 4 LOIS ABBEY. "Red" Welcome in any group . . . hor fun lies in sports . . . aspires to the position of a beauty operator . . . active in G. .A. Rep ..,. clit-ck club and Annual Staff. MELVIN A ERMAN.. "Abe," lntorrist corr- ters chiefly around movie cameras . . . has a weakness for chocolate candy . . , a tall silent type of person . . . undecided gs to what he will do in the near future, IRENE ADAMS. Mikey." lnterested in typing, weakness is potato chips . . , dancing club . . . lexicon . . . orchestra. 4 ETHEL AICHINGER. "Eth." Gets a thrill out of basket- ball and baseball . . . Sec. of Glee Club . . . loves candy . . . Farragut Choir. IOSEPH ALBRECHT. "lite," Swing music and pretty girls enchant him . . . swimming team . . . interested in mechanics . . . wrestles , . . Senior play . . . aims to be an airplane engineer. RUTH ALLARD. "Ruthie" Ambition goes along the artistic lines, espe- cially designing . . . press and camera clubs . . . G.A.A. . . . likes spaghetti the best of all. 4 ALEATHA AMES. "Duchess" A lover of sports and dancing . . . Senior Ggbinet and Council . . .-dislikes stag lines . . .lGlee Club, G.A.A., Honor Society., Pres. Spanish Club . . . desires to bE, Q dress designer. ,JUNE ANTQS. "Tuddy." An ajyhsports fan . . . Senior Cabirlet . . . Finance Comm ..., Honor Society . . . hopes to lie a dietitian, RUTH APPEL. "Ruthie," Whiles the hours away reading . . . playing ping-pong and tennis . . . a member of the Senior Cabinet . . . Senior Honor Society . , . G.A.A. 4 BERNICE AUSTIS. "Bunny," Enjoys dancing and otlier fun . . . Senior Play . . . Glee . . . Dancing Club . . . Honor Society . . . looks forward to college . . . Scroll worker. HARRIETTE AXELROD. "Toots." Loves traveling and intends to do some . . . Honor Soc ..., Comm. Club . . . enjoys knitting and skating . . . member of the G.A,A. FRANCES BAKER. "lrish." Goes along tho line cf ri stenographer 4 . . enioys dancing and swinirning . . . Dancing . . . Glee Club . . . Senior Banquet Comrnittee. 1 LILY CESAL. "Boots" Wishes to be a bookkeeper . . . delights in dancing . , . active in Student Council . . . Dancing Club . , . G.A.A .... Hall Guard. LOUISE CHALOUPKA. "Lou." I-las a yen for chocolate sundaes . . . law office stenographer is her hopes . . . Council, Honor Society, lr. Beseda . . . hobby is bicycling . . . Dramatic Club. SHIRLEE CHAROUS. "Sari," Interest cen- ters on being a Spanish correspondent . . . ardent member of G,A.A .... enjoys seeing .Spanish people sing and dance. If .K X 1 LAWRENCE CHRASTKA. "Larry." Aviation captures his fancy . . . a lover of candy and girls . . . Intra-Mural champs football '38, basketball '39 . . . hates a back seat driver. NORMAN COHAN. "Ice Cream." A friendly talkative fellow . . . chief joy is ice cream . . . desires to be an optometrist . . . Vice-Pres. of Glee Club. LOUISE CONTOS. "l.ou." Ambitious to become a court reporter . . . derives ioy from dancing and roller skating . . . Glee Club . . . GAA .... Etiquette and Dancing Club. 1 BETTY COTTRELL. "Bet," Warits to take temperatures and smooth pillows for the sick . . . weakness i candy and ice cream , . . belongs to St, uid., Le 'co CHUZAN. "Greg," Collector f 'ends' ' goal in life is to be a doc . . . member oi Glee, .G., ai "Culbie." Musica y ' cliestra, nd Sci l ho csc: U to . . - P e is rs 1 ' , N. - r . . I B , cr S L s to y a tr ml Xiu 'J-" ' ltay liutton's O cl ra. I' J 1 ALYCE CZARNECKI. Chief joys are reading, tennis and golf , . . member of Honor Society, Latin Club, St. Guid. . . . main goal in life is to be a C.P.A. EMILY CZELUSNIAK. "Emmy," Good things come in small packages , . . in- terest centered around dancing and swimming . . . mem- ber of G.A.A .... Dancing Club . . . future secretary. MYRTLE DALLMAN. "Myrt." Collecting charms is her pet pastime , . . weaknesses are chop suey and banana splits . . nieniber of Scroll, Pres. of German. 1 IUNE BLACK. "lunie." Ambition is to travel . . . favor- ite pastimes are dancing and swimming , . . member of Etiquette Club and Dancing Club. IOANNE BOKOFF. "Recl." Prominent in G.A.A ..,. engages in all sports . . . Senior Cabinet, Student Guidance, Prom Committee . . . chosen vocation is to be a social worker. ROBERT BOUBELIK. "Bob" Tends toward political relationship . . . brunettes attract his attention . . . Honor Student . . . Concert Band. 1 HELEN BRABEC. "Smiles" Ambition soars to be a nurse . . . derives joy from tennis and bowling . . . Prom Com- mittee . . . G.A.A .... Scroll Staff . . . St, Guid. EDNA MAE BRICI-ITA. "Honey Moe." Loves to dance and swim . . . abhors conceited people . . . nursing is her ambition . . . her activities are Etiquette, Dancing, GAA. Clubs. .. Library Staff. EMIL BRKOVICH. "Brky." Ardent sports fan . . . would like to be a drafting engineer . . . dancing and reading is his life. 1 OLGA BRNKO. "Ola." Appreciates music . . . enjoys dancing . . . desires to be orchestra leader . . . Lib. Ass't . . . belonged to various clubs. 1 ALICE BUBLIK. "Al." The happy-goelucky sort with never a care in the world . . . weakness, eating between meals. . . Press Club . . . Annual Staff. 1 CHARLOTTE BURKHARDT. "Char." Believes in numbers as in accounting . . . looks forward to a future as a missionary . . . Pastime is singing church songs . . . Clean-Up Comm. 1 MARY BYERS. "Red," Skating invigorates her . . . be- longs to Scroll., G.A,A., Student Council, Spanish, Press Club . . . weakness is sweet and low music, DENNIS CERMAK. "Den" I-Iis fun lies in sports . , . belongs to checker and safe driving . . . his pet peeve is loud mouth . . . future traveler. LADDIE CERNY. "Vally." Music hath charm for him . . , seeks a seat in a maior U. S. sym' phony . . . pet peeve, gossipers , . . belonged to Band, Orchestra, Ir. Beseda. 4 t 4 IAMES FARRELL. "Bud." Enjoys building model air- planes . . . weakness is blondes . . . desires to be a U. S. army pilot . . . active in printing and Printing Comm. IRMA FEANOLIO. "Emmie." Would like to be cr stenogra- pher . . . finds joy in dancing and roller skating . . . active in G.A.A., Volley Ball, I-LG. IRVIN FELIX. "Irv," A candid camera fiend . . . desires work as a commercial photographer . . . pet peeve is peanut eaters . . . weak- ness, brunettes. 4 AGNES FILIP. Likes all kind of sports . . . special weak- ness is sweet and low music . . . looks to a paper and pencil career. IOSEPH FINEK. "Moe," An enthusiastic boy enjoying life . . . likes to dance, ice skate and play tennis . . . has plans for a career as a craftsman. RUDOLPH FOUSEK. "Foo," Ouiet with a nice personality . . . haunts the dark when enjoying his hobby . . . despises homework . . . hopes to become a printer . . . printing committee. 4 MURIEI. FRANK. "Mike," Gets a thrill out oi writing stories and music . . . ambition, to be a writer . . . pet peeve, people who say "youse" instead of you. LILLIAN FRANZ. "Dynamite," Sweet and sincere . . . hopes to be a dress designer . . . hobbies are art, hiking and sewing . . . active in G.A,A., Knitting Club, and Pres. of Art Club. IEROME FRENCH. "lerry." A follower of all sports . . . pet peeve, girls with loads of make-up on. 4 IRENE GALE. "Stormy" Very independent in her ways . . . finds swimming as a pastime . . . aspires to be a second Florence Nightingale. ROBERT GALT. "Bob" A bundle of energy . . . chiefly interested in swimming and wrestling . , . Camera Club member . . . S.C .... Swim- ming team. KENNETH GEHRKE. "Ken" A natural leader . . . Class President. . . Sr. Cab .... Pres. of Council . . . ambition, mechanical engineer . . . Scroll editor . . . Honor Student . . Student Guidance. 4 EDWARD DOERING. "Sarge" A sport-lover . . . weak- ness chicken . . . champion of volleyball '36, baseball '37, football '38, basketball '39 . . , job preferred is undeter- mined as yet. DOROTHY DONARSKA. "Dee," A friendly talkative girl . . . dancing, swimming and roller skating . . . seeks success as a private secretary. MIL!-INA DONGRES. "Sunshine" Sweet ,and sincere . pastime, reading, icle,skatihg and swimming . . . member of Stk Cabinet, G.A.A., Scroll Staff. I 1 K I 4 ALICE DORIGAN. "ludy." A sociable obliging girl . . . pet peeve, gum cracking . . . main joy, dancing . . . active in G.A.A., Bowling, Tennis, Lexicon and Booster. VIOLET DORNBRECK. 'Vi." interest lies in getting ahead . . . possesses a good natured spirit . . , enjoys making scrap- books . . ..,G.A.,A., S.P'.Q.l7 .... dancing and knitting. MILDRED DRAGELQ "'tVlillie," Sweet and sincere . . . pet peeve is a two-tirner . . . weakness is ice cream . . . likes dancing and ping-pong . . . future, beauty operator. 4 GEORGIANA ECKSTEIN. "George" A good natured and lively personality . . . centers her interest in dancing, swimming and reading. RENETTA EGAN. "Netta." Read- ing or dancing is her idea of perfect bliss . . . pet peeve, high heel shoes and anklets . . . aims to be an efficient stenographer. IUNE ENGEL. "Susy." Cheerful in nature . . . always ready for fun . ,. enjoys playing the piano . . . member of Student Council, St. Guidance . . . Vice- Pres. of Glee and Piano Club. 4 IOHN FAKO. "Curly." An ardent swimmer . . . finds special delight in eating and sleeping . . . detests a pessi- mist . . . hopes to be a success in the iuture. GEORGE FALK. Chief interest is fun . , . enjoys saving snapshots of the places he's seen . . . desires to be an interior decorator . . . Prom Committee and Sr. Play, IOSEPH FARA. "Whitie." Friendly and good natured . . . desires to be a diesel engineer . . . enjoys modeling buildings . . . member of dancing club. 4 IOSEPH HODEK. "Ioe." Friendly and good-natured . , . especially interested in swimming and motoring . . . took part in Student Council, l'l.G., and Handbook Club . . . dreams of seeing the world. HELEN HOLLMAN. "Holly," Greatest interest is dancing and story writing . . . pet peeve is pipe smokers . , . yearns to be a political leader. GRACE HOMOLKA. "Small Fry." Sweet and sincere . . . interest lies in cultivating new friends . . . pet peeve, people who brag . . , plans to ravel. 4 WARREN HOOPLE. "l-loop."' Flying toward an aviation career . . . pet peeve, stuck up people . . . enjoys building airplanes and collecting stamps . . . weakness, blondes. EVELYN HOUSER. "Eve." Her favorite pastime is collect- ing autographs . . . likes sports . . . her pet peeve is her sister. . . G.A.A .... St. Council . . . Glee Club . , . Honor Soc. LORETTA HOUSER. "Lore." Sports, movies, and reading are her diversions . . . Secy. of Glee Club . . . Recreative Games . . . G.A.A .... Dancing Club. 4 IOSEPH HOUSKA. Spends his leisure time making model aircraft and radios . . . Orchestra . . . Dancing Club . . . Hon. Soc .... would like to be a diesel engineer, EUNICE HOWARD. "Smiley." Loves to sketch and swim . . . Pros. Cliineffe Checker Club . . . Class Day Comm. . . . intends to be an archaeologists artist. LOUIS HRADEK. "Lou." A collector of stamps, coins, and antiques . . . pet peeve, sophisticated people . . . Library Staff . , . Lt, Fire Marshall . . . Euclidians . . . likes scientific designing. 4 FRED HREISA. "Fritz." Good natured and lively per- sonality . . . enjoys well cooked food . . . people who cry over nothing bother him . . . Glee and Dancing Club. LIBBY HRON. "Lib," Interested in office practice . . . Hon. Soc. . . . German . . . Beseda . . . indulges in all sports . . . pet peeve, people that remind her that she blushes. IVHL- LIE HUSAK. "l-lusy." Eating and sports are her ideas of perfect bliss . . . G.A.A .... Swimming, Dancing and Eti- quette Clubs . . . looks forward to be a stewardess. 4 LYDIA GEORGOFF. Salutatorian of her class . . . mem- ber of Class Day Comm .... planning to be a secretary . . . l-l.S .... St. Guidance . , . Sr. Cabinet . G.A.A. ...Euclidian Club. IRVING GOLDBERG. "icky," Enjoys fishing . , . ambition is to be a sports announcer . . . Activities, Euclidian, Forum, Comm. Club. ARTHUR GORACZNIAK. "Gorr1ey." Sports hold his interest . . . his pet peeve is stuck up girls . . . Glee Club member for two years . . . future accountant. 4 GEORGE GREGER. "Greg." Hopes to be an industrial designer . . . radio experimenting and photography pro- vides him with thrills . . . has a weakness for art and classical music. BERNICE GRILEC. "Bee" A good-natured and lively personality . . , dancing, swimming, and bi- cycling are her diversions . . . member of Dancing Club, Sr. Tea Comm. WALTER GROSSMAN. "Wally." Derives joy from class discussions , . . wrestles, future doctor . . . enjoys reading and music. 4 IRENE HAVIDICK. Yearns to travel . . . interest centers on dancing and swimming . . . member of Gift, Etiquette, Dramatic and Steno Clubs. IEANETTE HEHN. "lean," Music holds her attention . . . a lover of dreamy waltzes . . . activities include Glee Club, Spanish, Piano and Honor Society . . . future stenographer, ADA HELLUND. "Chris" Writing poetry, swimming and playing piano are her joys . . . pet peeve, talkative people in a theatre . . . . Glee Club . , . G.A.A .... Ping-Pong. 4 ROY HERCIK. "Curly." Quiet, neat and efficient . . . aims to be a jeweler . . . a car and girls are his weak- nesses . . . member of Glee, Radio, Dancing and Swimming Clubs. MARGARET HERODES. "Smudge," A drawing addict . . . inclined along artistic lines . . . is looking longingly toward a career as a commercial artist. LOUISE HITZKE. "Susie," sincere, intelligent, and delightful . . . very active in sports . . . active in Stu. Coun., G.A.A., and, Hon. Soc .... desires a business career. 's V 1 n' ' I 4 GLADYS KNOPP. "Gay," Music hath charm for her . . . indulges in both band and orchestra . . , G.A.A. . . . Dancing Clutt . , . aims to be a success. ADELINE KO- CEK. "Ad." Good natured and easy-going . . . enjoys sports . . . a lover of flowers . . . Honor Society . . . G.A.A,, Executive Board , . . Clean-up . . . Student Council and Clnn. Cap'Gown. LEO KOCHIN. "Koch," His talent tends toward dramatic lines . . . Honor Society . , . Current Events Club . . . Enioys Dramatic Skits . . . Hopes to be a cliriracter cictfzr. 4 HARRIET KOCIARA. "Hattie" Sweet and sincere . . main diversions, collecting post cards and dancing . . . gossipers annoy her . . . desires a promising position. SOPHIE KOENIG. "Soapy." Very active in sports . . . her soul is in music . . . hopes to dance to professional fame . . . G.A.A .,.. H.G .... Comm. Club. IANET KOHOUT. "lan." Addict of a good time, watching a game or sport . . . goes in for Girls' League Activities in a big way . . . Lexicon. 4 ANN KOIDA. "Kitty," Always friendly and good na- tured . . . entoys singing and dancing . . . detests high lieels and short stockings . . . hopes for a paper and pencil career' as a reporter. PEARL KOMMER. "Erenchy." Friendly and good natured . . . enjoys playing the piano and collecting souvenirs . . . G.A.A .... Glee , . . Danc- ing. MAURICE KOMACAR. "Morrie." Avid sports fan . . . Swimming, dancing and baseball take up his spare time . . . Easketkall team 'fi7e'38-'39 . . . Baseball champs '36, 4 EDWARD KOMRSKA. "Speed," Football '37-'38 . . . Wrestling '38 . . . Ice skating . . . shows interest in sports and stamps . . , looks toward being a civil engineer. LOHRAINE KOSKA. "Lory." Member of Hon. Soc. . . . Steno l... Checker . . . Etiauette . . . G.A.A. . . favorite saying, "I don't know" . . . ambition to become an expert typist, FLORENCE KOSOBUD. "Tynee." An enthusiastic dancer . . . interested in swimming and tennis . . . Glee . . . Etiquette . . . G.A.A .... Orch. . . has makings of a capable stenographer. 4 LORRAINE ISTENIK. "Lorrie." Unusually musically tal- ented . . . weakness, Italian spaghetti . . . Hon. Soc. . . German, Dancing Club . . . future concert pianist. VIC- TORIA IANOS. "Vicky." Interests center on shows and paintings . . . weakness is handsome cowboys . . . G.A.A. . . . Knitting . . . stenography is her aim. IAIVIES IAVUREK. "Iirnmie." Another sportsman . . . pet peeve, twisted girls' stockings . . . golf team . . . Scroll Staff, Prom Committee and Camera Club . . . loves lobsters. 4 EVELYN IAY. "Eve.' Activities include G.A.A., Scroll, Spanish, Etiquette and Party planning . . . pet peeve, gum cracking . , . chief ioy is figure skating and swim- ming. HELEN IINDRICH. "Toy," Favorite pastimes are swimming, dancing and reading . . . Honor Society . . . Pres. of Reading Club . . . inetnds to be a secretary ELAINE KACHNAK. "E n c ef t nioyfa sw'mming glancing . . .- . .Au en ouncil, Be . . sh ' signer, 4 If 4 EMII. KALLA. "Curly." A camera fiend . . . weakness, French fries . . . Hall Guard .. . Dancing Club . . . hopes to be a photographer. MILDRED KARAFIAT. "Millii." Interested in sports and reading . . . Hon, Soc .... G.A.A., Steno .... weakness, hot dogs. IUNE KELLEY. "irish" Her idea of heaven is to curl up in a chair, with soft music playing, a box of candy, and a good book . . . Lit. Ed. of Log . . . Band . . . Sr. Tea and Class Gift Comm. , . . Hon. Soc .... future lab. technician . . likes outdoor sports . . G.A.A. 4 MARION KENDZORA. Hates "wallflowers" . . , "Bowls over" . . . loves dancing and swimming and making her own clothes . . . Lit. Staff of Log. Feels she will be wasted in a bookkeepefs cage. IRENE KINGOS. "King," A sporty little trick always ready for fun . . . cultivating her Voice to say, "Number Please." CHARLES KLAUDA. "Chuck," His fun lies in sports . . . homework bothers him . . . likes girls . . . ambition is happiness and success. A fir l, . ,.A v ' 4 VIVIAN KRUMLOVSKY. "Viv." Names ner hobbies as art work and dancing . . . wants to be a private secretary , . . Honor Society, G,A.A., Clean-Up, S. Guid., Annual Staff. RUTH KHUSEC. "Ruthy." lnterested in office practice . . . pet diversions, reading and roller skating . . . Stamps . . . G.A,A .... Knitting . . . Steno Club . . . enioys a good hot dog. FELIX KUBIK. Candid camera addict . . . pho- tography and radio building interest him . . . Council, Glee Club, Sr. Cabinet and Dancing Club. 4 EDWARD KUCIA. "Kuch." An enthusiastic builder and Sportsman . . . enioys model railroad building . . . swim- ming '36, '37, '38, '39 . . . football '39. BERNICE KUKO- WINSKI. 4 IEAN KULAKOWSKI. "teanie." Spends most of her time reading, sewing and playing outdoor sports . . , weakness, dark, handsome and intelligent boys. 4 STANLEY KWIATKOWSKI. "Stash." The happy-go-lucky sort with never a care in the world . . . finds delight in collecting coins and studying nature. ELAINE LANZEI.. "li" Hopes to be a designer . . . hobby is drawing . . . took part in Glee Club, Council, Dancing, Lexicon, Decora- tion and Invitation Committee. GILBERT LASTOVKA. "Gil," A real outdoor man . . . indulges in photography . , . plans to own an automobile .. . Student Council, Lexicon, Dancing and Hall Guard. 4 SEYMOUR LEVINE. President of the Clean-Up Comm. , . , helping to win the trophy , , . speaker at Town Hall meetings . . . Euclidian Club , . . Senior Cabinet member. ELSIE LOUKOTA. "Fts." A quiet person who desires others to be tho same . . . pet diversions, sports, reading and making scrapbooks . . . Beseda . . . future school teacher. IAMES LOYDA. "lim." Likes to have his head in the clouds . . . as a pilot he will get his wish . . . believes in "See America First." 4 ERVIN KOSTAL. "Erv." l-las scientific interests . . . wel- comes arguments . . . gets recreation from bicycling . . . Finance Comna. . . 7 Chinese Checkers . . . dreams of bee comi gfta great lawyxeb ,BRRNLCE KOTZ. "Red" Friendly and livell31J,f1'."dntoys making scrap books anti playing bas Till . . . Annual Scroll , . . Spanish . . . Clnn. ot College Day . . . aims fto be a secretary. VIOLET KOURIMSKY. "Vi," Dancilng and skating are her divers sions , . . Annual . . . Sr. Play Comm. . , , Fuclrttian . , seeks success as secretary. 4 EDWARD KOWALSKI. "Kavval." His fun lies in sports . . , enioys baseball, and ice skating . . . wvrkness is red-heads . . . Student Council, Fire Marshall and Hall Guard. IEAN KOZAK. Quiet, neat and efficient . . . loves dancing, skating and swimming . . . can be heard saying, "l don't know" . . . Etiquette, Library Staff . . . lion. Soc. IAMES KRAI.. "Pro," Broad-shouldered, athletic type . . . has a mania for basketball, no love for homework . . would really like to become a craftsman. 4 LORRAINE KRAL. "Lor." A friendly girl . . . a sport enthusiast . . . conceited people and homework peeve her . . . office practice is her desire . . . G.A.A ..., Dramatics. MILDRED KRATOCHVIL. "Milf Reading anti writing letters are her hobbies . . . active member of thu C-.A.A., Ir. Beseda, Library Staff, Dramatics and Public Speaking. FRANK KREICA. "Boots." Celebrated basketball star . . , Fire Marshall . . . Honor Society , . . excellent G'.fifOIdlGll player. 4 ANITA KRESAK. "Neets." lnterests centered on music . . . finds time for favorite sports . . . Band, Grwlrestra, G.A.A., Public Speaking Club . . . Chm. Banquet Comm. THOMAS KRILCICH. "Tucker." Wants to maki the big ague . . . likes singing and sports . . . HC. Capt. . . . Baseball, Basketball, "F" Club, lntra-mural teamf. ELAINE KR GER. "Lane," Wants to be a beauty operator . . . ls dancing her hobby . . . likes anything with a zipper on it rj. V! G.A,A. Executive Board. f ' Y X if 4 RICHARD MILLER. "Rich" Give him a gun and wide open fields to hunt and his day is complete . . . aims to he a professional baseball player . . . cletests homework. GEORGE MLYNARSKI. A future draftsman . . . at the sight of a red head his heart does flip-flips. ROY MUG- GENBORG. 'Muggsief' He's in seventh heaven while hes dancing , . . aims to stand in front of an orchestra and direct it . . . belonged to Pin-Ring Committee. 4 MILTON NOUZAK. "Milt," An all around lover of sports , . . active in swimming, volleyball, and basket- ball . . . when asked anything always answers, "pre- cisely," VIOLET NOVAK. "Vi," Her singing is welcome any- where . . . delights in playing volleyball, basketball and baseball . . . aims for a reporters career . . . pet peeve is a gum cracker. GEORGE OBERG. "Swede" A lover of the great outdoors . . , his chief joy is hiking . . , active as a hallguard during his four years. 4 MARION OCASEK. "Spry." A gay personality . . . a lover of sports and in seventh heaven while dancing to some popular dance band . . . dancing club . . . hopes to become Air-Hostess. KENNETH O'CONNOR. "Ken," A grand person . . . weakness is Gene Krupa's drum- ming . . . pet love is any form of art . . . enjoys pho- tography . . . future commercial artist. HELEN OGOD- ZINSKI. "Shorty," Chief interests are dancing and sing- ing . . . plans some day to sing with a leading orchestra. 4 IOHN O'KEEFE. "Irish" lnclined toward sports . . . give him a gun with a target to shoot and he's in seventh heaven . . . active on football team . , . "F" club. GER- TRUDE ORZECHOWSKA. "Gert," A good natured person with a live personality . . . likes dancing and sports . . . desires a good position . . . active in G.A.A. . . . Honor Soc. THERESA OSTER. "Terry." "Service with a smile" best expresses her . . . member of Library staff, Honor Society, and hopes to become a private secretary, 4 ROSEMARY MAHR. "Rosie" A lover of sports . . . hobbies, dancing, bicycle riding, roller skating and ice skating . . . active in Honor Society, Euclidian, Dancing Clubs. JAMES MAREK. "Baby." An ardent lover of swim- ming and baseball . . . weakness for brunettes . , . active in Advance Dancing, Lexicon, Checker Clubs. MILDRED MAREK. "Millie.' Aims to fly high as an air stewardess . . . spends her spare time playing her accordian, collect- ing stamps, poems and souvenirs. 4 IEROME MAROVITZ. "lerry." Aims at being an adver- tising man . . . Business Manager of Scroll, Glee Club, Treasurer oi Division Room, College Day Committee. FRANCES MARSALEK. "Marsh" Appreciatos all sports . . . active in G.A.A., H.G., Capt. ot Volley Ball, Capt. of Baseball, Capt. Basketball . . . is cultivating her voice to say, "Number Please." DOROTHY MARUSZAK. "Dottie." A lover of sports and dancing . . . weakness for nice clothes . . . active in dancing and Glee Club. 4 RAYMOND MASEK. An amateur radio builder . . . a lover of finshing, hunting and chemistry . . . active in the Radio Club . . . ainxs at a radio or an electrical engineer- ing position, VIOLET MASOVSKY. "Vi." A lover of good music . . . a rare steak and French fries are hor weakness . . . belongs to Hon. Soc .... S.P.Q,F ,... Pres of Camera Club. ERNEST MENGLER. "Ernie," Good natured and easy going . . . his fun lies in fun . . . to be amachinist is his pet ambition. 4 LILLIAN MEYERS. Talent tends especially to dramatics . . . belonged to Senior Play Comm .... Glee Club . . . Vice-Pres. of Dramotics . . . spends time swimming and studying dramatic art. IRENE MICHUDA. "Moia." To live a life worth living with all its pleasures is her ambi- tion . . . active in G.A.A ..,. Public Speaking, and Stud. Guidance. LAWRENCE MILLER. Enjoys doing chemistry experiments . . . delights in taking snapshots . . . belongs to Hon, Soc. and Chinese Checkers , . . aims to be a civil service man. 'affx Q:- 4 HARRY PIKSA. "Pix," A conscientious fellow, who delights in doing things right . . . loves ice cream and turkey . . . detests "cut-ins" at a dance. ARNOST PIRKA. "Pirk." Delights in class discussion . , . pet peeve, nosey people . . . chief interests, Clean-Up Club and Red Cross Club . . . undetermined as to future. CHARLES PODOLAK. "Chuck," Loves all sports . . . especially baseball . . . active member in checker and swimming clubs . . . pet peeve, homework. 4 EIVIII. POKORNY. "Eniyie." Swimming, fishing and hunting are his diversions . . . belonged to Dancing Club . . . Hall Guard . . . main goal in life is to travel. LOUISE POLAK. "Lou." Very independent in her ways . . . spends leisure hours playing tennis and dancing . . . Sec. of Sr. Hon. Soc .,.. Glee Club . , . Council. CHARLES POSPISIL. "Pops" His Student trumpet is his key to fame . . . ambition, lst trum- peter in Chicago Symphony Orchestra . . . Band member. 4LORRAINE POSVIC. "Lor." "Hello" there's a future telephone operator . . . dancing, swimming, roller-skating interest her in leisure hours. ROBERT PRINCE. "Bob." Ambition to be a C.P.A .... his varied interests revolve around model airplane building, stamps and old coin collecting , . . Class Vice President. IAMES PRIVOZNIK. "lim," Hall Guard Captain , . . camera club . . . dancing club , . . Farragut's litter-bug. 4 GRACE PROCHASKA. "Gracie," Shy, quiet and re- Served - - - DOY peeve, people who brag . . . dancing and playing piano take care of her leisure hours. EMIL PRORAK. "Em." Finds satisfaction in playing his drums . . . finds his seventh heaven while listening to Gene Krupa . . . Glee Club. DOROTHEA PROSEK. "Dot." Good natured and lively personality . . . member of Sr. Cabinet . . . Student Guidance . . . Honor Society . . . College Day Committee. 4 BERNARD PACOCHA. "Bernie," Musically inclined . . . saves music . . . looks to the future as a mu- sician . . . member of Checker club and safe drivers. CHARLES PAPP. "Paddy," A friendly, talkative per- son . . . on basketball and baseball teams . . . future civil engineer . . . intramural baseball champs. LENORE PARKER. "Norie." Ascending the stairs of music . . . ambition to sing with an orchestra . . . Pres. and Sec. of division . . . pet loves are dancing and playing horse- shoes. 4 ELEANOR PASEK. "Blondie," Tennis and swimming are her joys . . . member of the G.A.A .... and steno club . . . ambition, future private secretary. FRED PAV- ELCHIK. "Fritz," Chief interests are eating, dancing and loafing . . . pet peeve is a "cut-in" while dancing . . . member of Hon. Soc . . . Clean-Up Club. FLORENCE PECK. "Flor" A robust good-natured girl who likes nothing better than a good meal . , . loves chocolate candy . . . member of G.A.A. 4 GWENDOLYN PESACKA. "Gwen." Shy, quiet and re- served . . . enjoys bike riding, ping-pong and ice skat- ing . . . undetermined as to her future. MILDRED PESIR. "Millie," Her flashing smile and happy-go-lucky nature makes her a favorite with all . . . enjoys baseball and basketball . . . G.A.A ..., future dress designer. TERESA PETROWSKI. "Terry." Adores milk shakes, candy bars . . . yearns to travel . , . member of Orchestra . . . Cello x ' Q f , Club- 7, -of XE.,-6nf,.,.,, 1 '-L4 ,, H. . vqpu, I A!'4,. ni ,L '19,-iff 4 DOROTHY PHILLIPS. "Dot," A good natured person- ality . . . saves pictures of coiffures, which she tries out . . . has a weakness for candy and sheer stockings . . . member of Clean-Up Comm. DOROTHY PIEPER. "Dot," Always pleasant and friendly . . . hates tattle- tales . . . active in knitting club, student guidance, G.A.A. EILEEN PEIPER. Loves to read and take pictures of friends . . . favorites, fried chicken and apple pie . . . member of Hon. Soc . . . Latin Club . . . nurse to be. 1 VIRGINIA SANOW. "Virg" "Hello" here's a future telephone operator . . , her leisure time is spent dancing, bicycling and skating . . . Farragut Choir. EDWARD SCHNITTA. "Ed" Delights in tinkering in a chemistry lab , , . friendly nature . . . concert band and orchestra . . . hopes of becoming a mechanical engineer. EDWARD SCHULTZ. "Dutch" Hates blondes . . . future army of- ficer . . . loves fried chicken . Glee Club Club 4 , . finds enioyrnent in writing letters. Military 4 ALICE SCHWANDT. An obligirig soul . . . Hon, Soc . . . G.A.A. Desires to take up teaching as a profession , . . German Club. GLADYS SEBECK. "Glad," An all-arounl girl who can illuminate a whole room with her smile . . . weakness, shoes . . , ambition to become a singer or piano teacher, NORMAN SEIDENSTICKER. "Cy." Talented bandsman . . . happy all the time . . . finds delight in basketball, baseball, and football . . . future lies in engi- neering . . . detests all snobby people. Q RUTH SEINOST. "Susy." A perfect lady, always neat and attractive . . . stamps and old coins delight her . . . aims to 6 a legal stenographer . . . Hon. Soc. G.A.A. IEAN SENESCHALL. "Nettie," Eager to learn . . . her p love is reading and drawing . . . Hon. Soc. . . . det s gum crackers . . . aims to be a commercial artist. ANOR SHIELDS. Has a yen for traveling . . . sincere, i elligent and delightful . . . enjoys sketching . . . Pres. of dramatics . . . dislikes musical soup eaters. 4 HENRY SIEZEGA. EDWARD SIKORSKI. "Ed," an easy going fellow . . . finds delight in collecting stamps, and good music . . . wants to be a good musician . . . mem- ber of Band. GLORIA SIIVIA. "Molcey," Key to her life is baton twirling, which serves as her hobby, ambition and main activity at Farragut . . . State Champ Twirler, Won National Title . . . Sr. Band . . . Chm. Class Day Comm. 4 EDWARD PSAIDI.. "Ed," An all around good fellow . . . finds enjoyment in raising tropical fish, playing soft- ball and swimming . . . uncertain as to future. LEONARD RAHN. "Flash." Pet pastimes are roller skating and col- lecting match books . . . Glee, German, and Safe Drivers Clubs . . . detests a person who nurses his hair. HARRY RATKOWSKI. Harry intends to be a sports writer . . . one gages in golf, bowling and baseball . . . Scroll . . . Hall Guard . . . Public Speaking. 1 STANLEY REBICKI. "Stash." Delights in taking pic- tures and in debating . . . admits his weakness is girls . . . detests a person who thinks a lot of himself. IOSEPHINE RENDL. Typing demon . . , "Pep" typed the Senior write-ups fcr the log . . . capable . . . aspires to stenography as a career . . . finds time for her favorite sports and . . . dancing. HELEN RENKIEWICZ. "Suzie" Smiling Class Treas. of lune, '39 . . . tennis, dancing and singing take up her leisure time. 4 ADELLE REZABEK. "Parmer." A good natured person with a lively personality . . . looks forward to the future as a private secretary . . . Honor Society. ELSIE RINGI.. "El." Enjoys dancing, sewing and all sports . . . ambi- tion is to travel . . . Student Guidance . , . G.A.A. . . . College Day Committee . , . Etiquette Club. MARCELLA RITTER. "lVlarcie." Sincere, intelligent and delightful . . . pet loves are swimming, dancing and tennis . . . Sr. Tea Committee . . . Senior Play. 4 IRMA ROHR. Should have no trouble getting a job as private secretary with her patient, persistent efforts . . . Honor Society . . . Scroll, Log . . . Sr. Banquet, IAMES RONTOS. "Demetrius," Fond of baseball and rnusic . . . member of Orchestra . . weakness is barbecued larnb . . . wants to become famous. IOHN SAGAL. Top-notcher in band . . . photography and model railroading take care of his leisure time . . . Sr. Banquet Committee . . . Hon. Soc. . . Band, Orchestra. 4 MILES STEKL. "Mila" Broad shouldered, mysterious type . . . right end on football team . . . his bass voice thrills all . . . favorite, "Knedliky and 7eli." CATHERINE STEVENS. "Cathy." A good natured and lively person- ality . . . is in heaven while swimming and dancing . . . Student Council . . . private secretary is her ambition. GEORGE STICHA. "Streaky." Fills his flippant hours dancing . . . member of Glee Club . . . Dancing Club . . . giggling girls are his pet diversions. 4 EDITH STOLET. A willing worker who shares a desire to serve , . . Honor Society . . . College Day comm. . . . Program Committee . . . Annual Staff, fills her empty hours. NEVA STONE. "Red" Talented member of Sr, Band . . . an all-around lover of sports . . . hopes to achieve success by pushing a pencil as a clerical super- visor. LILLIAN STUCKER. "Lil." Loves to make her friends happy . . . enjoys dancing and any kind of sports . . . ambition soars to be a C.P.A. 4 WILLIAM STRUTZ. "Bill" An enthusiastic lover of avia- tion . . . plans to swing his way to success . . . spends his leisure hours playing ball. LOUIS STRUVE. "Lou." 'l'ardy people are his pet aveisions , , . bowling, Glee Club . . . finds special delight in bowling and playing basket- ball . . . hopes to become a traffic engineer. DOROTHY SUMERFELT. "Dot," Valt-tlictoiian of Class, lune, '39 . . . an ardent hater of people who copy others home work . . . College Day Committee . . . Honor Society. 4 GERALDINE SVEC. "Gerry," Loves classics . . . rates Vivian Della Chiesa as tops . . . hopes to sing her way up to success . . . Treas. of Glee Club, ELAINE SVOBODA. Goes in for sports in a big way ..,. decidedly dis- likes soup-gurglers . , . social committee . . . dancing club . . . loaders club . . . future air stewardess. IOHN SVOBODA. "Swab." Finds self-expression in playing the violin . . , finds special delight in eating . . . active mem- ber of the orchestra . . . violin teacher. 4 ANNE SIMAK. "Annie," Shine, shine, she collects gold pins . . . Hon. Soc .... G.A.A .... letter club . . , full of fun . . . looks to the future confidently, HELEN SI- MONCIK. Personality and charm are her prize posses- sions . . . finds delight in walking in the woods . . . craves nursing above all. ROBERT SIROVATKA. "Bob," his main pastimes are baseball, basketball . . , pet peeve, people who show-off . . . Gift Comm .... lr. Beseda . . . hopes to be a publicity agent. 4 GEORGIANA SMID. "Smiddy." Aims to further her edu- cation . . . likes dancing and swimming . . . orchestra, Ir. Beseda . . . shuns people who are hypocrites, LILLIAN SPERL. "Lill." Friendly nature . . , aims to be a librarian or salesgirl . . . dislikes flirts . . . has a weakness for food and sleep. FLORENCE STACHNIAK. "Flossie." En- joys reading and making novelties . . . wants to be a journalist or social worker . . , Chm. of Flower, color and motto comm. 4 ANNETTE STARR. "Eddy." A lover of books . . . quiet sincere . . . member of Student Guidance, Clean-Up Com- mittee, Honor Society . . . Hopes to be a second Florence Nightingale. LILLIAN STARR. Brilliant student . . . her quiet manner should soothe fevered brows . . . Clean- Up Club . . . Honor Society. IOHN STASTNY. "E Flat." Talented bandsman . . . hopes to come back and lead the sc ool band . . . Student conductor of ?a1:td'!'f . a fello withoutla careidirthp world. 4 X Q . Y ' 7 4 MILDRED STASTNY. "Millie" Dancing, skating and swimming take up her spare time . . . a small bundle of energy . . . Honor Society . . . Glee Club . . . future sec. RUTH STEDRY. "Ruthie" An all around sport . . . has a special weakness for clothes and ice cream . . . Chm. of Decoration and Invitation Committee. VIOLET STEDRY. "Vi," Finds delight in dancing and drawing . . , Snobbish people need not apply . . . Prom Comm .... Basket Ball Champs '38, " t jx. S 'T .lx l,'4 v . I' -up , -'ki t I at L. tx 'Nix P V , 3 1 s 1 I Ext 4 RICHARD VESELKA. "Rich," Plans a high future, aero'- nautical engineer . . . Chm. Pin-Ring Committee . . . C1155 Day Committee . . . Honor Society . . . hunts for slam s.x EDWARD VOLENEC. "Curley." Chosen vocation is office Work . . . Hall Guard . . . Pres. of Lexicon Club . . . spends time at tennis and horseback riding . . . is at all times a gentleman. DOROTHY VONDRASEK. "Von," Head- ing her life toward a secretarial position . . . Hall Guard Capt ..., attends movies and baseball games. 4 VLASTA VYBORNY. "Vlast." Ambition, to be a child nurse . . . Knitting Club . . . G.A.A .... dancing, swim- ming, camping and hiking are her major interests. ANNA- BELLE WAIBEL. "Bright Eyes." Vocation-to-be an ac- countant . . . Bus. College Award . . . Treas, of Honor Society . . . Prom Committee . . . G.A.A .... Social Com- mittee. VIRGINIA WEISS. "Virg." Will make a decora- tion in some important office . . . Student Guidance . . . Student Council . . . Dramatic Club . . . collector of charms. 4 GERTRUDE WHTER. "Gert," Willing and smiling worker . . . hopes soaring toward her goal of stenog- rapher . . . Secretary of Student Guidance . . . Honor So- ciety. EVELYN WELZIEN. "Mickey." Has secretarial as- pirations . . . active in basketball, capt. basketball and volleyball . . . enjoys crunching potato chips. IOHN WESLEY. "Hon"a." Happy-go-lucky . . . finance comm. . . . intra-mural champs, baseball, football and volley- ball . . . building plans for being aeronautical engineer. 4 IAMES WHITE. "limmy." Desires to become an execu- tive in civil service work , . . Boys Chorus . . . Choir Club . . . H. G .... collects stamps and works on auto- mobiles. WILLIAM WICKER. "Wicky." Has high hopes of becoming an aviator . . . H. G ..., lntra-mural Champs, baseball, football, and volleyball . . . has a yen for photography. FLORIAN WIERDAK. "Wierd." Ambition soars to aviation . , . Glee Club . . . Library . . . Dancing Club . . . lntra-mural Champs, baseball, football, volley- ball. 4 KENNETH SVOBODA. "Ken." Delights in collecting scientific data's . . . pet peeve, being interrupted while listening to the radio . . . stamp club. WILLIAM SVOBODA. "Bud," Friendly, talkative and lively . . . Sr. Tea Comm. . . . hopes to direct a great orchestra . . . hobbies, sports, dancing and music fill his time. ROSE MARIE TARABA. "Terry." Dancing, swimming and playing the piano is her idea of perfect bliss . . . Etiquette, Dancing, Beseda . . . Future piano teacher. 4 RICHARD TAUS. "Dick." Aims to cut up as a surgeon . . . Senior Cabinet . . . Honor Student . . . dabbles in chemistry . . . Senior Dance Committee . . . Public Speak- ing Club. GEORGE TOCKSTEIN. "Tucker." Lite, one fix after another . . . ambition, mechanical engineer . . . German Club Treasurer . . . builds model airplanes . . . enjoys fishing. ADELINE TRZECIAK. "Ad." Aspires to stenography as an ambition . , . Honor Student . , . Glee Club . . . Variety Club Secretary . . . interests dwell in baking and reading. 4 LILLIAN TUCEK. "Lulu" Plans to succeeed in the commercial field . . . interested in swimming, roller skating and bicycling . . . G.A.A .... Honor Society . . . Hall Guard. LIBBY TUREX. "Turk" An outdoor girl . . . Sec- retary of lune Class, '39 . . . secretarial work appeals to her as a vocation . . . Pres. of Senior Honor Society , . . Chm. Sr. Play. GEORGE TURNER. "Bud" Spends leisure time looking for a golf ball . . . pushes men around a chess board . . . Honor Student . . , College Day Com- mittee. v.4 GLADYS VACLAVEK. "Glad," Cooking odors are her specialty . . . future cooking demonstrator . . . Honor So- rciety . . . G.A.A. . . . Student Guidance . . . Camera Club . . . Knitting Club. DOROTHY VAVROSKY. "Dot." Here we have a future doctor's assistant . . . G.A.A .,.. Honor Society . . . Banquet Comm .... Student Council . . . swims, roller skates and dances. HAROLD VERDAK. "H. V." Would seriously like to be a court reporter . . . Band . Orchestra . . . Student Council . . . Dancing Club . . . loves to crunch candy at the movies. . 7 1- 1 4 STANLEY WILCZEWSKI. "Stan," Attention. Eyes Rightl here we have a future member of the Annapolis Naval Academy . . . Manager of '38 football team . . . Glee Club. DOROTHY WIND. "Did," Desires to travel a long way . . . G,A.A .... Pin and Ring Comm .... Hon. Soc. . . . H. G .... Council . , . skates, plays tennis, and dances for pleasure. EARL WOELTIE. Has hopes of becoming a C.P.A. . . chief interest is photography . . , H. G. . . . lexicon Club . . . German Club . . . Dancing Club . . . Public Speaking Club. " V - ' N.. x e JNJMC- - 'i ' BERT' WOLF. 'SYinky." Defres to becomeTa qivil 'Q-'ngil neer . . . "F" Club . . . Camera Club . . . Student Coun- cil . . . cheer leader . . . builds model airplanes and boats. LUCILLE WOLGAMOTT. "Lew," Honor Student . . , G.A.A .... Art Club . . . hopes to become a professional model . . . interests dwell in sketching, swimming, and her piano. AGNES WOODING. "Ding" Plans to fly . . . Senior Cabinet . . . Annual . . . Scroll . . . Student Guidance . . . Hon. Soc ..,. G.A.A .... College Day Comm .... collects stamps. 4 MILTON WROBLEWSKI. "Mitty." Heading his life toward a trip around the world . . . is interested in sports . . . Checker Club . . . Chess Club. EVELYN WRUCK. Dress designing her ambition . . . "Evie" has designs on "men in white" , . . loves dreamy Waltzes with good- looking partners . . . Pres. of Glee Club '38, '39 . . . Lit. Staff on the Log. LA VERNE YOUNG. "Lovie." Earnestly desires to succeed as a private secretary . . . G.A.A. . . . St. Guid ..,. finds pleasure in swimming and danc- ing. 4 ANNA ZAPOTOCKY. "Fled." Chosen vocation is social work . . . G.A.A .... indulges in reading and swimming in leisure hours. IERRY ZEMAN. "Shorty." Good-natured and friendly . . . joined the Printing Club because he likes to be clean . . . a future printer. ELMER ZIMA. ln- .4 ., Jkt, definite as to future plans . . . Chess 4 IDA ZIMMERMAN. "Buddy" Honor Student . . . G.A.A. . . . Annual . . . Pin-Ring Comm .... plans to drive a car . . . hiking and reading occupies her spare time. GEORGIANA ZVERINA. "George" Hopes to be a stenog- rapher . . . G.A.A .... Glee Club . , . Dancing Club . . . Knitting Club . . . dancing is her pastime. Club . . . enioys sailing and bowling. Club . . . Camera Page 90 HALL OF FAME 4 ROSE ADAMEC: because she was the first girl editor of the Scroll, and business manager of Annual, fulfilling her duties, efficiently and graciously . . . a perfect type for sweet girl graduate. 4 IERRY IANDA: because he is always there when needed, setting his shoulder to the wheel and making it turn so easily that teachers and students know their troubles are over when he appears. 4 LORRAINE NOVY: because though a fine student she doesn't neglect to lead ot Well rounded life, joining in all school activities . . . she is a gracious loser and a generous winner . . . her smile does things to you. 4 MARY PETRO: because she is absolutely herself, unaffected, poised and considerate . . . she served her class well as Vice-President and was chosen to represent the February class at the Civic League Assembly . . . did a fine job as editor of page two of the Scroll this year. 4 EDWARD SHRAMEK: because he has a subtle sense of humor, admirably expressed in his Writings for the Scroll . . . he works hard, expecting no rewards . . . brilliant, but silent about his successes. 4 NORMAN COHAN: because he strives to serve and gain recognition for his school by entering various contests . . . he is popular and a leader among his classmates . . . and finally because he maintains a fine scholastic standing. 4 LYDIA GEOR- GOFF: because she is sincere, reliable, conscientious, and intelligent . . . always exceeding her grasp, her goal shines steadily before her . . . she was chosen to represent the lune class at the Civic League Assembly. 4 FELIX KUBIK: because he is outstanding in everything he does . . . held in high regard by teachers and students alike . . . we predict that passion for photography will lead to something. 4 ROBERT PRINCE: because he is not ashamed to be a gentleman . . . he leaves a record of excellent scholar- ship . . . he accepts responsibilities willingly . . . he is friendly and sincere. 4 DOROTHEA PROSEK: because she is alive, enthusiastic and thorough . . . she has initiative and ability to lead . . . she was the enticing Widow in the Forum play, "The Trysting Place." 4 LIBBY TUREK: because she is one of the most capable and reliable girls at Farragut . . . her humor is subtle and appropriate . . . she has kept a level head through all the honors she has received . . . she is everybody's friend. 4 ANNABELLE WAIBEL: because she is shy, petite, and always a perfect lady . . . works efficiently and accurately with no fanfare. aid' ' T. N. T. CLUB MEMBERS Muriel Frank Grace Homolka Pearl Klos Q Dorothea Prosek ' Ieanette Seneschall Ieanette Sremek 6 W Elaine Svoboda Annabella Waibel Aqnes Woocling it s Eleanor Woronicz Zin Memory nf nur Scbunlmate To EDITH MARIE Oh, Edith Maria! You loft us too soon For that beautiful islr' of Somawhara. Nou", was it your gypsy fear, Or the heart of a troubadour That sat you wa11d'ri11g afar? Or did the balls of the folrstial school Upon that distant isle Entire you away to studies profound On subjocts nc"c'r drcarmfd boforr. Wa know in Somvu'hc're thwra is a studrut Eurollvd as Edith, Mario, And wc' hope' thc' angels will low' her Evan as wa. Page 91 AS HOST WE ARE WHERE ARE THE GIRLS? LLEGE D DE PAUL, "HERE WE ARE GUIDANCE COMMITTEE "GO YOU NORTHWESTERN HERE AY COLLEGE DAY Since l934, College Day has been a tradition in the affairs of the senior classes, both 4B's and 4A's. When in a more serious inood, the harrnonyf loving 4B's and 4A's stop to consider their plans for the future. The tnenihers of the College Day Committee consisted of Bernice Katz, Chairman, Georgiana Eckstein, Emil Proralc, leronie Marovitz, Elsie Ringl, and Ada Hellund, who worked very conscientiously preparing for College Day. The Coniinittee conducted a survey, to find out which colleges and uni- versities were inost popular among the Farragut seniors. lnvitations were sent to twenty-four colleges and universities of the students' choice. College Day was divided into two days, naniely Registration Day and College Day itself. Cn Registration Day the seniors registered to see repre- sentatives of five different colleges and universities for five twenty-rninute periods, each. Cn College Day the seniors had conferences with the college representatives, to hecorne acquainted with the requirements, tuition rates, and life at these institutions of higher learning, which dernand a high school diplonia. College Day, under the sponsorship of Miss Florence E. Clark, and the cooperation of the Student Guidance Coinrnittee, was held on April l4, l939, with an attendance of twenty-one representatives of the following colleges and universities: De Paul University, Loyola University, North- western University, illinois University, Chicago Teachers' College, University of Chicago, Art lnstitute, Armour lnstitute, Lewis lnstitute, North Park College, Herzl lunior College, Illinois State Teachers' College, lllinois Wesleyaii University, Eureka College, Wheaton College, Mundelein College, Bradley Polytechnic lnstitute, University of Southern California, and Central Y. M. C. A. 1,,,.1.,,1.,,1,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,1,,,.1.m1-m1uq1W1 1 1 1 1 .-nn1m-1' Phones: Central 4652 Sth Floor -u u1au qe 94 Dearborn 9054 ESTABLISHED 1920 B. I. KESL CO. Iewelry Manufaciurers of High Grade CLASS RINGS, PINS, MEDALS, AND CLUB PINS Farragut 1936-37-38-39 Pins and Rings Manufactured by Us ' SILVERSMITHS BUILDING I0 s. WABASH AVE. CHICAGO, ILL. W? SWB X as 02-si SMS" Q2 Q22 ILIINIDIEN IDIRIINTVIING Q00 Rf X wx 5 Cp7"OC!MCQ7'S Qfizpevjgnlginnuals WSQM KUIDILILIEGIE ANID VHTIIGHH JCUWUJUIL J IPUKBILIICMVIIUN IPIPJHQHFIEIPJ 5 : S2552 Qi? 'X i' -i- +.--..- .... --...- .... -.t...-.4.,- .,.. -....-....-....-..,.-...,-.......n-...-..,.......-H..- .... ...,..- .,.. ......- ,.,. - .... -..,.......-.,.,-. I 'P I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Page 1.m-...1111...i111-1..1111111111 Telephone State 0113 Suite 310 ESTABLISHED 1889 ROOT STUDIOS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FARRAGUT LOG 35-36-37-38-39 Special Rates To Farragut Students and Their Farr1iItes At A11 Times 185 N. WABASH AVENUE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 96 1 1 1,-I... IUHUIS UUUH EHGHHVEH? H' ' ,i lm , , I Nl I . N K ' I 5- , , xx 2 Y gr Q. . X V V if, Tjf X f. I 1 il. ., i v., 4 WHLLHCE MORE IN YOU The success of any printed piece ot advertising begins with your choice ot an engraver. 0 Our job as your engraver is to duplicate in metal every shadow ond highlight of the original copy. 0 We would like to moike the plates on your next important job. 0 Call a Wallace-Miller representative at Superior 7440 doy or night. HHLLEH EHGHHVIHG CU 466 UIESTSUPERIUHSTHEET - CHIUHBU ALL TELEPHONES SUPERIOR 7440 R PLATES WITHOUT COSTING MORE YTIOSGI' COLLEGE 'S' The Business College with the Univer- sify Atmosphere-Famous for the High Type of Employees if Develops ONLY FOUR YEAR HlGH SCHOOL GRADUATES ENROLLED Bulletin Free on Request 'E' H6 South Michigan Avenue Chicago Randolph 4347 You re money ahead when you eot 1U the FARRAGUT HIGH SCHOOL CAPETERLZX ED S FARRAGUT SCHOOL SUPPLY STORE Phone Rockwell 4083 2401 South Christiana Avenu Pq98 "Quality Shoes" Feltman and Curme 3425 W. 26th Sl. Chicago, Illinois Books- Stationery F. Pancner 3505 W. 26ih St. Chicago, Illinois Blanche Beauty Salon 3639 West Cerrnalc Road Chicago, Illinois CRAWFORD 0727 cfs --I ----------- lm-I+ Phone: Lawnclale 5500 LAWNDALE FLORAL COMPANY I V. A. Kohoui, Proprietor 32l2 West Cerrnak Road CHICAGO, 1LuNors Choice I I CUT FLOWERS I I For All Occasions i Us 'l'l1I1U1H 1' 11111111 ll-lllil Siationery B. Linka 3918 W, Zerh Si. Chicago, Illinois Pianos Weiser and Sons Zl 00 S. Kedzie Ave. Chicago, Illinois "Good Shoes for Everybody" C. F. Krctmetbauer 2457 S. Kedzie Ave. Chicago, Illinois giguluu--I 1 -11u-uu-nu-m-mv-un- w1nn1nn- ,P I I BEST WISHES I I I JUDGE E i . GEORGE B. WEISS : . -I 3 . I I I I I . . I I - I I CFormer Farragut Classmatel I I 'I' Page 99 -I- - 1. - 1 1 1...1..1 1.1 1 1 1....1....1.,.-, 1 1..,1 1.1 1, Me ll I BUSINESS CQLLEGE 66TH SUMMER TERM OPENS IUNE 20 1 SECEETAEIAL AND ALL BUSINESS TRAINING - INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION, FREE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE TWO CONVENIENTLY LOCATED SCHOOLS I El Soutli Pulaski Road phomm Npvmgq Lgggf, I K7 South Waluasli Avenue plmmw Randolph 2635 I1...I1...1I...1m.1.m1my11m1Im1.m1I.t.1.m1u.,1w 1 1 1 -.IIH1..V1Iu1,...1Im1u..1....1.m Everything in Farragut Supplies at KOLAR'S 3147-49 W. CERIVIAK RD. NEAR KEDZIE AVENUE A Loiivraiiieiit Location in tho Sliogipinq District Neal' School School Sweaters Made 5 To Order I 1 SPATT I KNITTING MILLS I I 3504 WEST 26TH STREET I -in IRI:-It IUO I-...m.-un1nII11.II11..I-III-...IIII..m....nn...Im..uu..uu-u I. V. CIZEK and SONS The Store For Men 3259 WEST 26TH STREET I1-III1uH1nI-1tu.1t.I..-.HIt-.m1..tt1m.1u..1nu1 WELL WISHERS Marie Eilek, Iuno '35 GIGIISIIOFEIS Candy Store Graduating Division 321D Graduating Division 323D Graduating Division 304D Graduating Division 305D Graduating Division 303D Graduating Division 329D ,.1.tI.-.I 1,.,.1.,,1.m1m4..., 1 1,,,1,.,,1,.,.1,..1 At Left Reading Down: 1. "Lullaby in Rl1YlllIllll 2 6 Me?" Al Right Reading Down: lcz. "You Better Move Along CYGILT Pork Here" Qc! 341. "Dizzy Fingers" 40. "This ls Madness" APS AND POS . "I Get Cr Bong Out of Life . "When You Look in Your Lookinq Glass" 3. "You'r0 ihc Very Last Word in Love" 4. "Gel Out of Town, Before 11's Too Lute" 5. "You Look Good To Mu" . "What Hove You Got Tlmi Gets , You ES Pogo 101 LOG William Wagner Charles Vesely William Zuehsow Bennie Buck Estelle Yunger Frank Iaworski Edward Sampson Iohn Vondra Ierome Cichon lean Adams Robert Van Zyl Ierry Gaba I Arthur Rice Norman Ritter Ruth Kriz Art Kostal I William Henson Chester Lach Elaine Cibulka Norbert Gobeille Ruth Sticha Melvin Debczynski Sheldon Mulacek Fern Conopa Ge-orgiana Zettek Florence Diamond Lillian Meyers Anita Kresak Lawrence Chrastka lames Bissio Alice Liska Stanley Mika Mr. Swanson Elsie Pokorny Agnes Cimbalista ge 102 SALEASMEN 101A 102A 103A 104B 105D l 15B 1 17C l 19B 125A 210B 210C 212C 212D 213D 215C 222C 223A 223C 225B 225D 22613 226D 228A 229B 301D 302B 303D 304D 305D 310A 312A 312C 317A 317C 318C Margie Kratochvil Lucille Arndt Howard Husa lane Bartunek Mary Prchal Dorothy Sumertelt Eleanore Starek Della Iopa Harriet Kaplan Bernice Austis Iune Kelley Rose Soukup Gladys Madl Virginia Vales Martha Dunias Bosal:-12anY Lorraine Parker Mildred Venclik Bernice Kotz Eugene Stalmach Mary Tumpach Marion Hybl Norbert Polivka Francis Losos LeRoy Miller Theresa Arini Marie Schoenhosen Henry Kosinar Alfred Kovalsky Marie Kroc Lorraine Kysilka Paul Damianovich Rose Zalesky Irvin Dvorak 313A 319B 319C 32113 322A 32313 32311 3260 327C 329D 40113 40213 403C 404C 405B 41013 41-2B 41213 413D 415B 415C 417A 419B 420B 421A 422C 422B 423B 425A 425C 4233 428A 428C 429A L pg tl v Lffpyf 1 r I - H HM N IIN" "M Aim WO Gm! I'11l1'?" "I Lcssi My Ywllww Nasal-101 Hmfw Qfllflw Lllilw Hut Ll umluy Mumxlimf' "Slumw XNOQIXIN-1" a K N Stcup Hfwitilm' vlqwllllli ih- Rush" Posixfu DIITHINI cmd DI4NC1!l1iIlfl" 'Now It Crm Hu 'I'wl1l" 'Fmxu Nuw On" In Our LIUIIX l'11sl1111wiX1l Grvorilfyw, My IXIWKIINS, K 'Clap Hmwis, Clap Hfmli lvvk lull lr: MIIIIWWWIIY UNH yn Pogo 103 f1,. N 0 T E H e an ' ' ., 1', , . 'J' T , ,. '- . ,- .6 ww- 1' ,Qi ' f. V. 94, ' - 4-- - :am-"' .A 3' I '. M' Will You Remember? When we were . young?- R ! Ibaclg - --f ,,,,eM' U file. e 1 41.1 U ?W2f Qu-1 Mem? 6, If f H71 225 W My ,Jw ITJJD -WP sv. O , ' e j'j'7":L eegpff 'J+ ' 44.15 "'Wk+lw iff-lbw'-049'-1 'W-U-f-ws' if u :Lu-deff' ,.'fY-,'. f' 5-' A s 3-.4 f- ' f X I ' f. f , , , If 4, Lf- . f - 'V I x, pwmwu , 'V -3-1 if -. ' V' . V -'Cf V i-V " 'f 'f' ' 1' '.'. LU,-' " if - W..f'W'T?' .f'1W ':f Vw a' "W F?" - "SKY sg ' .575 ' ef "HV-f "-"fk1 ' T'V . -- 1 - EVEQQ V V' 3.5 6. wi'-4',gV? VV . - 2 f F-P' k..V ri ' -' "LV V -V - ' V' f if . 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