Farragut High School - Admiral Yearbook (Farragut, TN)

 - Class of 1953

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Farragut High School - Admiral Yearbook (Farragut, TN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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THE SENIOR CLASS OE FARRAGUT HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS THE 1953 HHMIHHI DEDICATION We dedicate the ADMIRAL tc Mr T E Cr wder whose kind unstructncn and encouragement mode possable This cmrmo! nw Um 1 Kr -,. , W.-MBR?-:Qi at-uf Q, 'x 0"5kb . 1 - :Z , ' 4 S X. . E ' w 7 .. KKK, ' 1 - A A 1 Z ' .f 6 Q 5 K ' t 5 2 v b. , 1. i 2 A 4 . 3 A I ' ' w f. T . A- f I 3. Q ' K I . N 4- lf. .fgzmvyp ' 1 I 7 , , bb A 6 5991 ,. ' mf V ' ' A fx .' - ' ,, .,- - , ,L adam! r'h'rNx f'N,A!f3 L 1' Eg 4 fxgvxfx yfxffv wwe-1-n '14 WFL ifgrf FACU LTY E V Hendrix B A M S Pnnclpal Wllllam Beeler Nino Reese Phys Ed Phys Ed Ellen Brofwn Home Economics Ray D Burdme Helen Stout Francls Ewmg Lahn Mathematics Muslc English Edna Herron Secretary H E Gibson B S M 5 Agriculture T E Crowder Scnence FACULTY Ruby Sherrlll Ehzabeth Engstrom Roy Flannagon D R Freeman Musrc Typnng History Engllsh Lahn Bond 'Z Home Writ Cora Walker Paulme Klser Eugene J Grant Seventh Grade Eighth Grade Eighth Grade Seventh Grade E STA Frrst Row Jack Watson Assistant Edstor Grnger Benson Sports Jackie Brown Picture Editor Bull McFee Busuness Manager Jerry Armstrong Advertising Editor Carol Marley Lnterary Edutor 6 T H A N N U A L F F Editorg Mr. Crowder, Sponsor. Second Row: Shirly Newberry, Editorg SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bull McFee Norman Lee Carroll Hutchens Dovle Blackburn Presldent Vlce Presldenf Secretary Treasurer N ORS Mary Nelle Adams Daughter of Mr and Mrs P A Adams Rt I8 oxvllle Tenn FHA l 2 4 FHA Par mentanan 3 Athletlc Club l YTeen 3 4 Basket b 3 4 Paper Staff 4 Chorusl 4 FHA n ventlon 4 SPEECH IS GREAT SILENCE IS GREATER Jerry Armstrong Son of Mr and Mrs Elwood Armstrong Martel Tenn horusl Pres Freshman Class l Football l 2 3 4 Football Capt 4 Class Pres 2 Letterman s Club 3 4 Pres Letterman s Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Basket 2 3 SPEAK SOFTLY BUT CARRY A BIG STlCK Ginger Benson Daughter of Mr and Mrs Howard Benson Rt l Concord Tenn Athletlc Club l FHA l 2 3 4 FHA Songleader 2 l-lnstonan 3 Treasurer 4 Camp 2 Conventnon 3 YTeen 3 4 Chorus 4 Trnple Truo 4 Chorus Sec y 4 Football Queen Attendant 3 Football Queen 4 Cheerleader 3 Head Cheerleader 3 Basketball 3 4 Munstrel 4 Sensor Play 4 Letter mans Club 2 3 4 Annual Sports Edltor 4 Paper St t2 3 Class Secy 3 THE WAY TO BE HAPPY IS TO MAKE OTHERS Renee Bard Daughter of Mr and Mrs B W :rd l n cord Tenn Lakewood Hugh D nver Colo l 2 3 Jr Hugh Pep Club Pep Club 2 Trrple Trlo GAA Social Chanrman of the Spanish Club Home Room Secy 3 Lnbrary Staff Jumor Escort 3 Cheerleader 4 Football Attendant 4 Musuc Class Lnbraruan 4 Chorus 4 Trnple Truo 4 Mlnstrel 4 Y Teen 4 F H A 4 Letterman s Club 4 Paper Staff 4 LOVE THE TRUTH BUT PARDON ERROR N O Dovle Blackburn Daughter of Mrs Joe Blackburn Rt 3 Concord Tenn FHA I 2 3 4 Hlstorlan 3 Parlnamentarlan 4 Athletac Club I Llbrary Staff 4 Class Reporter 3 Class Treasurer 4 Y Teen 3 A MERRY HEART DOETH GOOD LIKE MEDICINE Jackie Brown Daughter of Mr and Mrs Clyde Brown Rt I C n cord Tenn Central Hugh FH A I Farragut Basketball 2 3 Lettermans Club 3 4 Chorus 4 Vuce Pres Muslc Club 4 Y Teen 3 4 Program Chaur man Y Teen 3 4 Sec y Y Teen 4 F H A Workshop 4 Mmstrel 4 Y Teen Basketball 4 WHERE WORDS FAIL MUSIC SPEAKS Carolyn Conner Daughter of Mr and Mrs M L Conner Sr Rt I ncord Tnn FHA I 2 3 4 YTee 3 Chorus 3 4 Pres of Chorus 3 Ensemble 4 ETEA 4 Minstrel 4 Paper Staff I 4 Athletc Club I Speech Arts Club 2 Senior Play 4 DO ALL YOU CAN CAN ALL YOU DO Sue Copeland Daughter of Mr and Mrs Wlllxam R Copeland Rt es NHS 4 2 Ath I u Teens 4 Basketball Team 3 4 Llbrary Staff 3 Letterman s Club 4 IT MATTERS NOT HOW LONG YOU LIVE BUT HOW WELL YOU LIVE Ruth Crawley Daughter of Mr and Mrs Raymond Crawley Rt I8 Knoxvllle Tenn Athletic Club I Paper Staff 4 Ll brary Staff 4 Library Reporter 4 Chorus 3 4 Trlple Trio 4 Speech Club 2 Mmstrel 4 Senior Play 4 HAPPINESS IS MADE TO BE SHARED George Davis Son of Mr and Mrs G H Davis Rt I4 Knoxville Tenn Football I 4 FFA I 2 Lettermans Club Hu Y I Mrnstrel 4 Chorus I ALL THE WORLD LOVES A LOVER Robert Lewns Galyon Son of Mr J D Galyon Rt I5 Knoxvulle Tenn BE KIND TO EVERYONE Kent Hatmaker Son of Mr and Mrs K O Hatmaker Rt 2 Con cor Tenn FFA I 3 4 FFA Secretar Basketball 2 3 4 SMILE AND THE WORLD SMILES WITH YOU I I I I I ' - ll ll - - I - I 0 ' ' - I ' I I ' . ' I I - I I ' - I ' ' ' I I - - II II I . . , . . . , Co , e . . . . , , , 5 - ns , 43 ' I I - I ' 1 I I I I I I 5 . , . . I . I I I. I 3, Concord, Tenn. Natuonal Honor Socuety 3, 4, Vice- Pr . . . . j F.H.A. I, g Iet'c Cl b I, Y- I I I I I ll I II . I . I ' I ' I I I I - 4 I n 2 I : I I I I II II - r r - I I - I I I . . I '- A I I - I I I I 4: - 1 I I 4. ll ll . . . , . , I , . ll Il d, , . . . , 2, , g , . . y 4, N 0 Wulllam C Henry Son of Mr and Mrs Elmer Henry Rt l Concord nn Basketballl 2 4 FFA 4 Hn Chorus 3 Baseball 4 ONCE A GENTLEMAN ALWAYS A GENTLEMAN Malcolm Hobbs Sonfof Mr and Mrs C L Hobbs Concord Tennessee WHATS DONE CANT BE UNDONE Carroll C Hutchens Daughter of Mrs Laura Hutchens Rt l8 Knoxville Tnn FHA l 2 3 4 Song Leader 3 De re C alrman 4 YTeen 3 4 Vncepresldent 3 President 4 Outstanding YTeen 4 Delegate to F HA and Y Teen Conference 3 Chorus l 3 4 Operetta l Chorus Secretary 3 Truple Trno 4 En semble 4 ETEA 4 Mnnstrel 4 F Club 4 Socnal Chairman 4 Paper Staff l 2 4 Llbrary Staff 3 Class Secretary 4 Basketball 3 4 Football Queen Attendant 4 Cheerleader 4 Junior and Chapter De gree F H A Sprung Festival 4 BE HAPPY TO KEEP OTHERS HAPPY Carolyn Leotha Irwm Daughter of Mr and Mrs Roscoe C lrwnn Sr Con cord Tenn Basketball 2 3 4 Lettermans Club FHA l 2 3 4 FHA Hlstoruan4 YTe 4 YTeen Warshlp Chairman 4 Athletic Club l Lubrary Staff l Chorus 3 4 Chrxstmas Play Cast Munstrel 4 Model YTeen 3 GREAT THOUGHTS COME FROM THE HEART Carolyn Nodune Johnson Daughter of Mr and Mrs L W Johnson Rt 3 Con cord Tenn Language Club l 2 Athletic Club l 2 Lnbrary Staff 2 Student Councnl 4 Paper Staff feature edltor 4 DAR Representatuve 4 Senior Play 4 STRIVE TO DO THE UNDONE Norman Lee Son of Mr and Mrs Clarence D Lee Concord Tenn otball 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Bas ball 3 Letterman s Club 3 4 Class Treasurer 3 Vice Press dent 4 F F A l 2 3 4 Socual Chanrman of Letter man s Club 4 Hn Y 2 Paper Staff 4 SAY WHAT YOU MEAN MEAN WHAT YOU SAY Ramon Lee Son of Mr and Mrs Ralph R Lee Rt 2 Concord Tenn HIY 2 Chorus 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Base 3 ootball 4 FFA NO MAN IS GREATER THAN MANKIND Johnny Lethgo Son of Mrs Marubel Lethgo Rt 3 Concord Tenn Y FFA l Letterrnans Club 4 Footbal Baseball 3 4 Vuce President of Student Council 4 Chorus 4 Munstrel 4 Qunntette 4 THE FIRST STEP TO GREATNESS IS TO BE HONEST Te . 1 1 1 .. . l,2, 3, 5 -Y 25 j . ll ll 1 F.F, . l, 2. ' I ' I D I e . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 ge h 1 - 1 1 V 1 1 - 1 . . . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 . ' . If H . ' A 1 --,. 1 1 b 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 - Ill I I Y ll . , ' . I . 3 I ' I I I I 41 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - en 31 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 41 1 - . . . . . , . , ' 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . FO I1 1 1 1 1 e 1 41 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 . ' 1 I - I ' 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 - ball 5 F 1 1 . . l, 2. - A 1 - 1 1 1 ' - . ' . 1 H.- 1, . . . A, , I 4, 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 11 11 N O Carol Jane Marley Daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Marley Rt I Concord Tenn Cheerleader I 2 Basketball I 3 Athletlc Clubl FHA I 2 3 4 Lettermans Club 2 3 4 YTeen 3 4 YTeen Basketball 4 Llterary Edutor of Annual 4 Speech Arts Club 2 Paper Staff I 2 Chorusl 3 Operettal COUNT THAT DAY LOST WHOSE SETTING SUN SEES NO WORTHY ACTION DONE Llbble McBee Daughter of Mr and Mrs F T McBee Concord nn FHA I 2 3 4 YTeen3 4 SoclalC man 3 Reporter 4 Model 4 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Captaun 4 Basketball I 2 3 4 AlITournament Team 3 Captann 4 Chorus 3 4 Mlnstrel 4 Letter m ns Club 2 3 4 Football Queen Attendant 4 Athletlc Club I Paper Staff 2 4 Assnstant Editor Paper 4 TO HAVE A FRIEND IS TO BE ONE Bull McFee Son of Mr and Mrs Fred T McFee Rt 2 Concord Tenn Football I 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 apt Basketball 4 Baseball 2 3 FFA I 2 3 4 Secre tary 2 Vlce Pres 3 Presldent 4 Class Presldent 3 4 Lettermans Club 2 3 4 Busuness Manager of Annual 4 Sensor Play 4 Salutatoraan COMMON SENSE IS NOT SO COMMON Jean McKinney Daughter of Mr and Mrs Andy McKinney Concord Tenn Athletic Club I 2 Chorus 4 NEVER LEAVE TIL TOMORROW WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY Norman Muller Son of Mr and Mrs Clifton Muller Rt I4 Knoxville Tenn FFA I 2 Football 3 4 Baseball 4 HE LAUGHS BEST WHO LAUGHS LAST Kenneth Morrison Son of Mr and Mrs Joe Morrnson Route I Concord enn Latln Club I H Y 2 Ba ketball 2 3 Chorus 4 Football 4 Paper Staff 4 Football Man ager 3 THE GREATEST MEN ARE THE SIMPLEST Shlrly Newberry Daughter of Mr and Mrs Harry Newberry Rt 2 Concord Tenn Athletuc Club I FHA I 2 3 4 F H A Vlce Pres 3 President 4 Sub Dlstrlct Treas urer 3 Conventuon 4 Workshop 3 .Iunlor Degree 3 Student Councll 3 4 Y Teen 3 4 Inter Club Coun culman 3 Natuonal Honor Socnety 3 4 Secy N H S 4 Band 3 4 Edltor of Annual 4 Glrls State Repre sentatnve 3 Sensor Class Reporter 4 Sensor Play 4 Valedlctonan Mass F H A 4 BE NOT SIMPLY GOOD BUT GOOD FOR SOME THING Bull Perluns Son of Mr and Mrs W M Perkins Rt 2 Concord Tenn H Y I Chorus 2 3 4 Band2 3 Football 2 3 4 Co Captam4 Presldent Chorus4 Edutor School Paper 4 Lettermans Club 3 4 Minstrel 4 Qunn tette 4 FFA Basketball Team 2 Student Council 4 Band Captain 3 WITH KNOWLEDGE COMES :HE WISDOM OF TRUTH ywf ff ff If W' N O Gene Plullnps Son of Mr and Mrs W E Phsllsps Route I Con cord Tenn FFA 2 3 4 FFA Basketball Team Rfporter 4 Chorus 3 Paper Staff 4 Hs Y 2 Sensor Pay 4 THEY ARE ABLE BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY ARE ABLE Josephme Raby Daughter of Mr and Mrs J M Roby Route I Con cord Tersn Athletsc Clubl Lsbrary StaffI 2 3 4 Pressdent Lsbrary Club 4 FHA 3 4 YTeen 3 4 YTeen Basketball Team 4 Chorus I 3 Chorus Operetta I Speech Arts Play 2 REAL FRIENDS ARE NEVER FORGOTTEN Ora Kathleen Scarbrough Daughter of W E Scarbrough Route I4 Knoxvslle nn FHAI234FHA Jr Degree3 F Chapter Degree 4 Lsbrary Staff 2 THINK BEFORE SPEAKING Jo Ann Sparrow Daughter of Mr and Mrs John Sparrow Rt I Con cord Tenn Athletsc Clubl F H A I 2 3 4 YTeen Basketball 4 Band Sponsor 3 Chorus 3 4 Carnsval Teen 3 4 A SWEET SMILE IS A PRECIOUS TREASURE Betty Jane Stansberry Daughter of Mr and Mrs Earl L Stansberry Concord Tenn Athletsc Club I Carnsval Queen Attendant 2 Language Club I 2 STRIVE TO MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE Jack Watson Son of Mr and Mrs James L Watson Rt I Martel Tenn FFA I 2 3 Reporter 3 Natsonal Honor Socsety3 4 Pressdent 4 Student Councsl 3 4 Press dent 4 Chorus 4 Ensemble 4 Qusntette 4 Msnstrel 4 Paper Staff 4 Asssstant Edstor of Annual 4 Sensor Play 4 TO DO TWO THINGS AT ONCE IS TO DO NEITHER Joe Waldroop Son of Mr and Mrs W W Waldroop Rt I5 Knox vslle Tenn FFA I 2 Baseball 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Bussness Mgr of Paper 4 Lettermans Club 2 3 Football 4 Chorus 4 Msnstrel 4 DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU Patsy Ward Daughter of Mr and Mrs G M Ward Rt 2 Con cord Tenn Athletsc Club I Lsbrary Staff 4 Secy of Lsbrary Club 4 F HA I Y Teen 3 LOVE IS NOT GETTING BUT GIVING - ' . . . . I I - I I I ' I ll - II . 4 . . -. , 5 - I -D I I I I I I I I ' I I ' I I I I . " II - - I I I I Te . . .. , , , 5 . ., . 5 .H.A. 5 . . . , . , ' I I I I Attendant 3, 45 Msnstrel 45 F.H.A, Model 45 Y- , . . . . , , - I I , . I, II - I - I I I I - A - - I I I I I I I 1 5 I :I - I I J 5 I I I I ll I II . . . I , . , ' I - - - - I I I I I I ' . ' I I I I - II II 5 , , . 5 - . -nv-110' ln l94l fufteen luttle theur clumb up the ladder Farragut Grammar School ly Newberry Bull McFee students started ot educatuon at They were Shur Sue Copeland Robert Duusen Son of Mr and Mrs Elmer Duusen Rt l Muartel Tnn Lettermans Club l 4 U S Army 2 3 Korea 3 MONEY IS A GOOD SERVANT BUT A BAD MASTER CLASS HISTORY ung un the Hugh School buuldung next year' Muss Leota Bevuns and Mrs Hattue Wutt led us through our seventh year We uoyfully receuved Pat Ward Robert Duusen Ramon Lee Norman Lee Malcolm Hobbs Lubbue McBee Carolyn lrwun Joe Waldroop Bull Henry Betty Stansberry Nadune John son Patsy Ward Kenneth Morruson Jose phune Raby and John Lethgo Muss Elsue Llewellyn was our teacher Muss Elsue has always been dear to us ln the second grade two more luttle students uouned the group Gunger Ben son and Jack Watson We were sorry to lose Patsy Ward though Mrs Francus Jenkuns and Mrs Thelma Johnson were our guudes The next year Gene Phullups was added to the class Our teachers thus year were Muss Margaret Smuth and Mrs Eula Ever ette Thus was the year we really became unterested un jacks and lump ropes Another year another grade another student Kent Hatmaker Gunger Benson had to leave our happy clan Muss Jean Hobbs and Muss Aluce Smelcer were our teachers The fufth year of our clumb we were sorry to lose Gene Phullups but we were glad to gaun Ruth Crawley Muss Beulah Starkey and Muss Smelcer were our guudes thus year We were begunnung to feel really grown In our suxth year we had only one guude Muss Muldred Luttrell Here quute a few students were added to our group Jerry Armstrong Gunger Benson Jean McKunney and Carol Marley We lost Sue Copeland We were lookung forward to be and Robert Galyon We were now semu graduates The Eughth Grade was a Great Event Mrs Cora Walker and Muss Paulune Kuser prepared us for Hugh School Sue Copeland reuouned us here Now we were really un Hugh School' Here we gathered many new students They were George Davus Norman Muller Caro lyn Conner Carroll Hutchens Joan Spar row Ora Scarbrough Dovue Blackburn Mary Nelle Adams and Bull Perkuns Our sponsors were Muss Ruby Sherrull and Mrs Lulluan Lancaster We were no longer green freshmen but sophomores' Agaun Muss Sherrull and Mrs Lancaster were our sponsors Jackue Brown came to uoun us but the Armed Forces took Robert Duusen Jolly Junuor now were we lt was really a jolly year too Coach Jum Hensley and Muss Sherrull were our sponsors Under theur guudance we had many a happy tume Funally our dream was realuzed were Senuors Wuth Muss Sherrull and Mrs Francus Ewung we were funushung up our hugh school years Renee Burd came to graduate wuth us We were very proud of Robert Duusen who came back from Korea and was able to graduate wuth us Many were our mustakes but all along there were kund teachers to help us Though we look ahead eagerly we look back on fond mem orues . I . , . , 9 - 1 I - - 1 4 ' ll . 11 1 1 1 I , 1 I I . , 1 1 '- I I I - . . 1 I I . - . . . 11 - - 11 ' 1 1 1 - ' I 1 - I . . - - 1 1 1 . , . - - 11- 11 Il' ll , 1 1 - 1 T we ' - ll . ' , 11 . ' Up - . 1 1 . , . I - ASS W We the Senaor class of Farragut Hagh School leave wath you thas wall To the Faculty who have helped us through the years we leave our thanks and apprecaataon Mary Nell Adams walls her abalaty to play basketball to Rachel Sherrall Jerry Armstrong walls has love for Ganger to Kenneth Emert Ganger Benson walls her abalaty to play the paano an Musac class to Loyd Card we Renee Bard walls her beautaful clothes to any one who can look as neat an them as she does Dovae Blackburn walls her manners to Nancy Jenkans Jackae Brown walls her heaght to Jean Adams Carolyn Conner walls her love for Norman Maller to Patsy Raper Sue Copeland walls her fraendly ways to Gretchen Johnson Ruth Crawley walls her love for hallbally songs to Elazabeth Tuttle George Davas walls has abalaty to lay out of school to Cecal Jenkans Robert Duasen walls has abalaty to argue to anyone who can do as well as he can Robert Galyon walls has bashfulness to M L Conner Kent Hatmaker walls has abalaty to make fraends to George Stercha Ball Henry walls has basketball abalaty to Ball Longmare Malcolm Hobbs walls has abalaty to get by wath anythang to Rachard Kelly Carroll Hutchens walls all her good tames to Louase Karyl and Jane Carolyn Irwan walls her abalaty to go steady to Pat Lane Nadane Johnson walls her abalaty to receave the DAR award to Barbara Patterson Norman Lee walls has cute ways to Ball Jackson Ramon Lee walls has love for the West Hagh garls to Gene Lovelace Johnny Lethgo walls has car to anyone who can afford to buy gas for at Labbae McBee walls her tatle as Best Athlete to Louase Crawford Ball McFee walls has As to Bobby Donovan Jean McKanney walls her shapely legs to Walda Karby Carol Marley walls her muscles to Barbara Bondurant Norman Maller walls has love for the Conners to Ross Borang Kenneth Morrason walls has abalaty to be an old bachelor to Charles McCarter Sharly Newberry walls her abalaty to run the Annual to anyone who thanks he can do at wath as much trouble as she dad Ball Perkans walls has love for South Hagh to anyone who thanks he can do better Gene Phallaps walls has love for Mass Sherrall to P R Swan Josephane Raby walls her abalaty to get along wath teachers to Elsae ar brough Ora Scarbrough walls her quaetness to Sharley Johnson Jo Ann Sparrow walls her gagglang to Jo Ann Gheen Betty Stansberry walls her love for Mrs Ewang to Bob Stercha Joe Waldroop walls has good looks to Joe Justace Patsy Ward walls her love for Kenneth to Bettye Walkerson Jack Watson walls has wavy haar and sweet smale to a lucky garl Ca ral Marley 'I3 CL ILL aa. 1 , , .. .V . A .SC- AS ROPHE As I see the class of l953 l see thern as one of the umportant classes of Farragut Hugh School l see Bull McFee has succeeded he us now Agruculture teacher sunce Mr Gubson has retured Shurley Newberry us now teachung Chemustry at Farragut the class has just made an A bomb The basketball coaches Mary Nell Adams and Kent Hatmaker have brought Farragut unto the spotlught they have uust won the State Champuon shup The world s eughth wonder us how Robert Galyon became Dean at the Unuversuty of Tennessee Jerry Armstrong us an electrucal enguneer at Oak Rudge and Gunger Benson us hus pruvate secretary Bull Perkuns Jack Watson and Johnny Lethgo better known as the Helmsmen are now sungung on Arthur Godfrey s program The Lee boys fRamon and Norman? have bought out Cas Walkers Super Markets theur manager us Kenneth Morruson Josephune Raby us now a professuonal yodeler she can be heard dauly on Hullbully Huts l see Norman Muller and George Davus are stull spendung theur tume at Joe McDonald s Pool Room Gene Phullups us now operatung Rose Hull Country Club hus bouncers are Bull Henry and Malcolm Hobbs Jean McKunney and Ruth Crawley make beautuful chorus gurls Ora Scarbrough us now a Pruvate Nurse her furst case us Patsy Ward who us recoverung from the Saunt Vutus Dance Jackue Brown us now workung at the B Bar B Ranch un Texas She s patuently wautung for the bug Round up Carolyn lrwun us now resudung at Lackland Aur Force Base un Texas She s wuth her husband General North Renee Burd us now starrung on Broadway un John s Other Wufe Sue Copeland s Supervusor at Fort Sanders Hosputal Lubbue McBee us now modelung for Watson s Department Store Betty Stansberry us now a haur stylust un Ohuo Carroll Hutchens us now sungung on Eddue Arnold s program Jo Ann Sparrow has just won a bathung beauty contest at Concord Swummung Pool June Nuchols Reagen us now startung her twun gurls un the furst grade at Farragut Nadune Johnson very surprusungly us theur teacher Carol Marley us now secretary to the head coach at Yell Unuversuty Joe Waldroop Robert Duusen us now managung Duusen s Wrecker Servuce Hus slogan s If you can t wreck em we can Carolyn Conner us expected to arruve un Knoxvulle next Saturday after havung been workung for the F B I un Washungton Carol Marley 'll I 1 1 ' II II I I I - , . , I . - 11 I I I 11 - - 1 I . 1 , . 1 11 - - - 11 1 I 1 I ' ' . I A - - - 11 11 , . , . . . . . , . , . . . , . I . . . . . , - . . . . , I . ' 11 . . 11 I ' - - - 1 . . V 11 1 1 H ' I , . 77hmwl77Z644?WS SUPERlg ATI VES VY X F RRAGUTJ ! ff MOST COURTEOUS DOVIE BLACKBURN NORMAN MILLER NEATEST CAROLYN ,IRWIN KENT' HATMAKER BEST PERSONALXTY MOST LIKELY TO 'SUCCEED RENEE BHZD f SHIRLY NEWBERRY BILL HENRY BULL M9 FEE. , ? ' 4 4 Sl- ias. .'1 l- BEST ALUROUND JACKSE BROWN JONNNY LETHGO ww X E f " ,WWW , in , , ,W MOST STU 01005 . My C UT EST JOAN SPARROW MALCOLM H0 BBS ORA SCAR BROU6H if i , M .Qt f FRGENDLIEST BETW -STAN SBER RY JACK WATSON eesr ATM LE 5 ARQAY 45" " N E Presndenf Vlce Presldent Secretory Reporter Sergeant At Arms Wullard Smuth Kenneth Hall Karyl Lone Cecnl Jenluns Charles McCarl'er N O 'ls Jean Adams Bobble Brannum Lloyd Cardwell Paul Casteel Henry Clemmons M L Conner Lounse Crawford Max Cruse Llllnan Darley Bob Donovan Patsy Donovan Don Floyd Mack Grlule Tom Hotmaker Lynn Hanks 18 JU IOR CLASS OFFIC RS JU l RS Q X .JU Q QV my KA, f 'iw r I . 3 YM , N aa 'J .5 1 uw 'NW X,"-Htl' pa ww if 'if .JJ Wnlda Jackson Gene Lovelace Pot Meredlth Ruth Roby Jlm Talley James Johnson Joyce Luttrell Charles Muller Patsy Roper Elizabeth Tuttle Lewns Justuce John Marlus Jane Muller Bob Sterchl Kyle Turner 19 lv 3 n.,.-1' on fl 'WMV fr? 42746 Don Lee Bull Longmlre Peggy McReynolds Joan Medlm Bobbue Palmer Borboro Patterson Kyle Stooksbury Poul Swan Jnm Wells Anno Wnllnams J U l O R S pd A .3 f, lr M 'V A wi ld .F R rlee -fhyfee 1 'vt I , i of , eJ JJ y mf O In V 1' . V A Q -'f 2. v . J , , y ff Q 4 , ' H X .,,- f M ' -Q z ,, Ye U.. I I A 5. ,Q 1 ,, l AVLIA .-,.,, .3 .vi V hy ' ":' ' ,lfil Lg if k 4 I Lv, f 4 ff" ww 3 I ,W 5 ,V h ,X C fl ,,,', X 5, lv, ' I ,f " SOPHOMORES Top Pucture Left to Rught 'lst Row Phyllls Lee Mary Ann Tobias Shlrley Suze more Mary Moore Barbara England Suzanne Clev enger Barbara Bondurant Joyce Jackson Ruth Greene 2nd Row Charles Muller Clifford Barger Martha Brannum Mary McMahon Nancy Bldwell Bobby Holloway Blllle Morton Sherman Green Charles Scarbrough Mr Gibson Sponsor 3rd Row James Huxon Cllfford England Jlmmy Delaney Bull Blevins Malcolm Cobb Jimmy Jackson Charles Fer guson Bob Watt Blll Tlpton Bottom Picture Left to Right lst Row Katherine Worthy Martha Prater Barbara Medlm Sandra Tlpton Phyllis Wrlght Barbara Roby Vero Whute Dons Shanks Jo Ann Gheen Freddie Lee Smlth 2nd Row Charlotte Phlllrps Dons Kung Shurley Phllllps Johnnie Muller Nancy Wlllford L vonlo Moore Nancy Fllcklnger Nellle Scates Ber nlce Donovan Bettye Wilkerson 3rd Row M Crowder Sponsor Carlton Vineyard Paul Lawhorn Harold Harrison Bull Tipton Bull Jackson 2 1 1 ' . I 1 1 I I I - I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 . : . : , . . : , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 U' I I I I I I - , . , . . : , . . : r. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I ' I . I ' 1 1 - 20 FRESHMEN Top Pncture Lett to Rlght 'lst Row Margaret Sowders Wanzle Tuttle Rochel Sherrlll Carolyn Woods Joan Norris Mary Whitten Dorothy McKmney 2nd Row Helen Roper Louise Stonsberry Jane Walker Wanda Palmer Judy Pen Shelton Rodger Leubke Troy Turner Davrd Klrk Warren Robertson Johnny Tllley Lafayette Wllllams Nelson Roby 4th Row Dowd Watt Don Jackson Jem Long Rnchord Kelley George Sterchl Bobby Roberts Ralph Nnchols Jack Ruce Tum Pltts Malcolm Shell Bottom Picture Left to Rught lst Row Revo Alluson Clara Goodman Dorothy Hanks Waldo Kurby Gretchen Johnston Nancy Jen kms Pot Lane Laura Hutchens Patsy Brown Joyce Johnson Nlna Cooper Fanny Dalton Mrs Brown Johnson Jane Crawley Josephine Derrick Helen Long Kenneth Emert Glen Eubonks Jesse Huskey Edwm Huttaker Teddy Brown Arthur Emert 3rd Row Som Humphrey John Fntzgerald Marshall Ellls Larry Graham Wayne Hudson Dovld Crowley A. L. Bronnum Earl Hall Bully Hlnkle James Eubonks Jlm Floyd I I I - I J I I ' I land, Elsie Scarbrough, Vivo McFall. 3rd Row: Buddy Sponsor. 2nd Row: Joy Lowe, David Jackson, Shirley I . I , l I I I I I I I I 1 1 1 .1 1 3 1 I i 1 . 1 I I I ' I I I 21 EIGHTH GRADE Top Plcture Left to Right lst Row Juanlta Slzemore Nancy Henry Joyce Franklm Lauuse Sloan Lucllle Moore Patsy Renfro Jackle Allison Rassle Scarbrough 2nd Raw Mlss Kuser Shnrley Roberts Dorothy Lawson Lorranne Gibbs Margaret Humphrey Bobble Alluson Margorle Beeler Shlrley Copeland 3rd Row Walter Patterson Sonny Brown Duck Holcombe Sammy Hart Terrel Blrd Scotty Ellus Doyle Huffaker Gene Toblas Beecher Klrby Bottom Picture Left to Rught lst Row Dorothy Smuth Judy Newberry Barbara Brown Llnda Laughlin Sue Sanders Joan Jackson Aluce Faye Temple Patsy Lmgmlelter Patsy Jackson Frances Wheeler June Dennus Jane Hull 2nd Row Mrs Walker Floyd Dalton Oscar Nlpper Enc Hull Jrmmy Duncan John Reedy Cluftord Roberts Jerry Brown Jae Muller 3rd Row Charles Gheen Charles Huskey Bud Patterson Ronnie McCurry Glen Long mlre Eddle Ford Jack Bondurant David Galbraith A W Ammons 3 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - 5 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - 7 1 1 1 1 D 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 22 SEVENTH GRADE 4 Top Pacture Left to Rlght lst Row Olwln Raley Barbara Plerce Mary Chesney Betty Campbell Sherry Lee Ann Russell Lunda Coker Marne Smith Julla Cobb Barbara Hobbs Mr Grant 2nd Row Gary Prater Blame Kurby Morgan Green James Snzemore Joyce Butler Joyce Seaton Shelby Seaton Wllma Selber Carolyn Bidwell Jenny Joyce Otls Mayes James Brown Ronnie Roby Tommie McBee Reed Davis 3rd Row Richard Dender James Spraker Dewayne Sneber Alvm Fox Roy Henley Gor don Armstrong Ray Hensley Jack Redmond Earl Watt Everett Penland Stanley Hewrtt Jerry Hall Jnmmy Gambull Bottom Picture Lett to Rnght lst Row Louuse Stansberry Ann Shelton Bessle Sell ers Ednth Redmond Carolyn McFalls Dons McDan :els Ednth Maples Lauase Hull Betty Eubanks Lela England Beulah Dernck Helen Codgnll Rosemary Clark Patty Tollwer Joan Vlles 2nd Row Jummy Johnson Carroll Hobbs Carolyn Wallace Johnme Whaley Dons Wulkanson Frelda McLnn Lena Suze- more J E Klrby Jerry Wheeler Jummy Sharp Mrs Wltt 3rd Row Ted Holcombe Benny Hart Ned Ferguson Alan Goodman Claude Lane Dovnd Jones Charles Justnce Robert Jenkuns Garry Rldmour Jackne Tnlley 1 ' , ' 1 1 : ' , 1 ' - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 I l ' . . I . I I u Q . I . I . . I I 7 1 G I 1 1 1 ' 1 D 1 G 1 1 1 1 . 1 I - 3 l , ' ' , ' , , Wilkerson, Jim Cook, Malcolm Letsinger, Ralph . I I . I . I I I l I . ' I . I I . . . I . . I . I . I . I I - I ' ' . I I . I ' I I ' I I I I I . I 23 NS PIANO CLA 24 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA 25 STA UDENT COUNCIL LIBRARY za PE TA 27 TTERMAN'S CLUB PA R S TRIPLE TRIO QUINTET H 0 R U S SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE CHORUS 28 DRAMATICS Junior Play Cast Chrmstmas Play Cast Senior Play Cast FOOTBALL WRITE-UP Leaving the squad this year are Captain Jerry Armstrong, Alternate Captain Bill Perkins, Bill McFee, John Lethgo, Norman 'I953-54 Schedule Sept. 11:-Carter -Open I8--South 25-Powell " Oct. 2-Bearden 9-Maynardville I6-Lake City' 23-Open 30-Cl inton' Nov. 6-Gibbs I4-T.S.D. " 'l Home Games Lee, George Davis, Joe Waldroop, and Ramon Lee. They wish for next year's team a successful season. Coach Beeler will have quite a few re- turning lettermen next year. FOOTBALL TEAM CENTERS and ENDS Jim Floyd Manager' Jim Wells Charles McCarter Ramon Lee Bill Blevins Willard Smith Johnny Lethgo Bill McFee BACKFIELD Armstrong Don Lee Earl Hall George Fox Kyle Stooksbury GUARDS and TACKLES Bull Perkins David Crawley George Davis P R Swan Bob Stercha Henry Clemmons Kenneth Hall Bill Longmlre 31 1 r 4 1 4 I L Ronnie McCurry, Don Floyd, Joe Waldroop, Bill Jackson, Bobbie Donovan, Norman Lee, Jerry FOOTBALL Capt, Armstrong Ginger Benson, Quee A Capt P k MAJORETTES GRAMMAR MAJORETTES THE BAND HIGH SCHOOL BOY'S BASKETBALL A TEAM Coach Beeler Ross Bormg Max Cruse Charlre McCarter Bull McFee Brll Henry Charles Muller Manager Standrng Jerry Armstrong Wrllard Smith Bull Blevrns Norman Lee Kenneth Morrrson Ramon Lee B TEAM Coach Beeler Jack Rrce Ronme McCurry Larry Graham Bull Longmrre Kyle Stooksbury Charles Muller Manager Sl-andmg .lrmmle Delaney Tom Hatmaker Jam Trlley Kenneth Hall Joe Waldroop 34 ll u I ' I I . I ' I . I , . 5 1 1 I I I ll rr I . I ' I I . . I I , . 3 1 I 1 r - GlRL'S BASKETBALL Left to rrght f cl HI L Lbb M B Kneehng Lourse Craw or een ang n I8 c ee Stand ng Phyllus Lee Suzanne Clevenger Patsy Rape Pat Me ed th Dors Shanks Sh Iey Johnson Shlrly Newberry Mrs Reese Coach F edd e Smlth Lau a Mae Hutchens Ca olyn Irwln Car oll Hutchens Mary Nelle Adams Jane Muller Ginger Benson BASKETBALL WRITE UP tann Bull McFee Kenneth Morruson Norman Lee Kent Hatmaker Blll Henry Ramon Lee and Jerry Armstrong Returning wnll be Ross Bonng B ll Blevnns Max Cruse Charles McCarter Willard Smlth The Glrl s Varsity Team started the sea son under Mrs Reese Late ID the season Coach Beeler took over The gurls fnnnshed the season wlth a IO won ll lost record Leaving the team thus year wnll be Co Captann Lubble McBee Carolyn lrwnn Car roll Hutchens Sue Copeland Mary Nelle Adams Shlrly Newberry and Ginger Ben son Nov Dec an C Catholuc S Ka rns Leno: r Cnty Ru e Powell East South S Carter Lenour Cnty South Karns Gibbs Powell Open Bea rden Cathol IC Rule Carter Bea rden Away Away Away Home Home Home Home Away Away Home Away Away Home Home Away Away Home Home Away Home Away 1953-54 SCHEDULE , 27 ss...,ss ' ssss ssssss sss. , l s.,sss LT, . D. ssss ,,sssss L L . 4 ,,,, ,,,,, .s,s,s ' ll ,,..,s L, I sss, L sssss . 15 s.ssss - .sss L sss,.s sssss L L The Boy's Varsity Team will lose: Cap- 18 ,ss, -,,- G ibbs Ysssss L ss,ssss so ' ' , ' , I9 s,..,sss ssss sssssss T .ssssss L 1 1 Q 1 J . 5 -f--- -- ---f ---- f f ---f , . 8 L s.ss. T. . D. so ' ' 1 ' , i I2 ss.. .L ssss L ' , , , 15 ssss . ' ' L L L ' ' . I9 s,ss L L so ' ' ' - 22s L . . ' , 26 , ' . ' ' ' 29 L L so ' - . F b, 2 ssss L ' ' ' I - 5 sss, so L , , I2 ss,ss L L L , ' , ' - I6 ssssss, - L . I9 ssss L Mrs McCurry Mrs Gulnn Manager Mrs Lawrence Mrs Woods Mrs Armstrong iwgmixl HD gn- , ,f JANITORS Mr. Thompson MY- 'f'0f"':f90H "Fessor" Bef' 666605 WARREN ROBERTSON JOAN NORRIS l I BUSINESS PHONE 3 6442 RES CONCORD TENN A9 RR TOR COMPA NEW USED AUTOMOBILES KNOXVI LLE TENNESSEE Owned and Operated by R B Norns 996 North Central Ave Compliments of AUBRY JENKINS BANK OF KNOXVILLE Federal Deposit Insurance Corporahon GUY F TALLENT FUNERAL HOME In Busnness Snnce 1921 Phone 195 Leno r Cnty Tennessee Compliments ot PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE Dollar for Dollar You Can Beat A Pontlac Phone 6 Leno r Cnty Tennessee 39 N 0 I S M 0 N Y RAY, ERBY, and "That Friendly Bank" . . H It Compliments ot BAcoN s Q Wg ic: CREAM BELL ELECTRICAL FARRAGUT SUPPLY H,,,,,o,,,, rRozEN room BSt CNT LOCKERS H O M T F A Homesteod Broilers JOHN RABY LONE STAR SERVICE STATION SERVICE STATION Q 40 ' Y!! Loudon, Tenness e IO3 reet Lenoir i , enn E S E A D R M Concord, Tennessee Kin ston Pike Kingston Pike BENSON SCAFFOLD 81 EQUIPMEN COMPANY HRBeo RH Scaffolds Holsts Wmches Derrucks o 988 Ile Te essee DONT PLAY SAFE BE SAFE T Beo BARTON Esso 0 D L U 6000 K gsto Pke 6 CLEANERS Complnments f Z E S T O DEALS BARBER SHOP Complnrnents of Bull S Hardware 8: FARRAGUT CLEA st F t Auto Pa rts School S H KELLY GROCERY ROCHAT RIDDICK REALTY 705 M ket Sf eet Po 89152 Lo esFe yPl4e o Ile e SSSGG 41 . . ns n . . ns n P. O. B x -Knoxvi , nn Il I I ll in n i Knoxville, Tennesse ' o I . ' I Oppo i e orrogu - CO or r hne ' W rr I Kn xvi ,Tnn DIXIE LEE MOTEL RESTAURANT and SERVICE STATION Junctnon U S II 70 Martel Tennessee Phone Lenonr Cnty 404J Complnments of DENDER S TENDER CHICKENS Dnxne Lee Junctnon Lenonr Cnty Tennessee 35I M2 Concord Telephone 9406 CLEVENGER S MARKET Grocernes Meats Dnxne Lee Junctnon The fnnest of Hams Chnckens Steaks and Hot Bnscunts Located One Block East of Dnxne Lee Junctnon On Hnghway 70 II Lenonr Cnty Phone 506 R2 GOODWIN DRUG COMPANY Prescrnptnon Druggnsts Snnce I884 Lenonr Cnty Tenn Brnng us your Prescrnptnons Three Regnstered Pharmocnsts to take care of your needs WORTHYS CASH GROCERY GROCERIES GAS-OIL JUNCTION SHELL SERVICE LUBRICATION WASHING Dnxe Lee Junctnon Complnments of ROSE HILL CAFE om: and DANCE STRANGE DRY GOODS Phone 35I R4 Dnxne Lee Junctnon MOORE DRUG COMPANY The Walgreen Agency A good Drug Store on a good corner Lenonr Cnty Tennessee RUSSELL S GROCERY Opposnte Farragut School , . I I ' D U I S E N ' S I I Frozen Foods - - n I I . I 42 FOX TOR COA N H A L L MOTOR COMPANY Compliments f E PP DODGE PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS Visit CONCORD Modernage Fashions in Furniture D 0 C K 4 K gf 43 M O C H L I E S ' o B U I L D R S S U L Y 6200 Kingston Pike Lenoir City, Tenness 540 in son Pike MASHBERN JEWELERS Keepsake Diamonds Bulova Elgnn Gruen and Hamilton Watches Gorham Helrloom Internahonal Lunt Wallace Sterlmg Where your busnness ns appreciated Lenonr Cnty Compliments of FARRAGUT CHAPTER FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA LENOIR CITY UTILITIES BOARD Phones 45 and 46 Lenonr Cnty Tennessee MARY S KITCHEN Good Home Cooking Turkey Creek C MONTGOMERY GULF DISTRIBUTOR Lenonr Cnty Tennessee LINGINFELTER and SON Groceries Feed ESSO Products Phone 394W3 T C FINE FOODS At the Dnxne Lee Junctnon BAILEY BROTHERS L A U N D R Y a n d D R Y C L E A N E R S Phone 224 Lenonr Cnty Tennessee HINES GROCERY Trade here and keep nn step with the people who demand the best of ser vnce and merchandise Phones 9 and 649 Lenonr Cnty Tennessee H 81 H SERVICE CENTER JnctnonU S ll 81 O GOOD EATS ESSO GAS 81 OIL DIESEL FUEL Phone 91 I9 Open 24 Hours Oscar Abernathy Manager I II ' ll A. . Dixie Lee Junction B E R ' S A F E u ' . . 7 44 Complnments of S A Grade A Pasteurrzed Darry Products Featuring Homogemzed Vltamln D Mllk The Milk wnth the Cream Evenly Distributed all through nt B 0 W D E N F L Q R A L Ross Wulkerson Insurance Agency COMPANY 403 East Broadway Lenoir Cnty Tennessee East Broadway Lenonr Cnty Tennessee Representmg STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTO INSURANCE CO The best protectnon money can buy GIRLS' You al a,fs look yo best he ou eth RAYMQN D S PHONE 340 Leno S E SHELTON Western Auto Associate Store IR CITY Lenour Cnty Tennessee For Real Estate Complnments of ee J W WISE C ICGCCI l209E Broadway LenonrCaty Tenn Phone 623 W 45 R U S E L L D I R Y , I N C . Phone 38 H . .H W ' UT W F1 Y WCCH I . som ing from . I ' s Nearest to you anxious to serve you BEARDEN BRANCH TENNESSEE VALLEY BANK 4815 Kingston Pike N W Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporahon DENDER S ESSO Compliments of SERVICENTER RTH SH 4709 Kingston Pike P O U L T R Y F A R M Knoxville Tennessee Leroy Hubbs owner Dial 8 9137 YOUR PROBLEM To get the best business training in the short est period of time We offer complete business training We also offer a choice of Gregg shorthand or the new ABC shorthand speedwriting CStudents who have had Gregg shorthand start in advanced Gregg classes? KNOXVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE PiNKs1'oN s ssnvics STATION ARMSTRONG HARDWARE Phone 8 3411 4514 Kngsto Pike 4951 Kingston Pike HIGHLANDS GULF sisnvics Phone 8 2446 Phone 8 1741 5406 K ngsfon Pke fines Tunes antennas s. Accsssomss R A Y 5 M A R K E T C plete C0 S 4419 Kingston Pike J i-i PINKSTON Mg KNOXVILLE TENN Knoxville Tennessee Compliments of 46 , . N O O R E Modern-Fully Air Conditioned 4-3043 209 West Church Ave. 8 . . I I I " om r ervice" . I 1 Compliments of L DOYLE SUPERINTENDENT OF KNOX COUNTY SCHOOLS OW Compliments f REED 81 HUGH STERCHI f OW FURNITURE COMPANY Knoxvill T FLOWERS 0 LLTHEWORLDBYWIRI I2O West Vane Avenue Knoxvn I Ie Tennessee HAMILTON TIO A BA Gay and Clnnch A SAFE PLACE FOR YOUR MONEY West Knoxvnlle Branch Cumberland at I9th North Knoxvllle Branch Broadway at F fth SOOO K ngston P ke We Serve the Best OLLIE HALE We serve to serve again OLLIE HALE SERVICE STATION K ngston Pke 81 Forest H IIs Blvd 47 MI DRED E. ' o 1 1 ', llllblllltll' was N- I NA N L NK BlLL's DRIVE-IN H Complnments of E LAUNDR BARBER SHOP 2132 E Mognoluo Avenue Knoxville Tennessee I Sw,!,""' MOTOR LODGE TERRACE VIEW COURT 6500 Kingston Pike Knoxvulle Tennessee Compliments of BEARDEN VARIETY STORE Compluments of A FRIEND ER CO"'p"me"'SOf Moron COMPANY L Oldsmobile Sales and Service CHEVROLET CO NEWond USEDCARS Leno r C ty Tennessee 215 Eosf Broodwoy Lenour Cnty Tennessee C. 81 S. A Y F R I N D D R I N N E N ' S 'fi x ref, " A i- ln the Heort of Pork City g s Ig ' us:- 'I I -70 l B R Y P H E P S ' ' 48 R TIONA BA LENOIR CITY TENNESSEE Ray R Hobbs CONCORD RADIO TV SERVICE Concord Phone I5 ESSO PRODUCTS Puck up and Deluvery Work Guaranteed LAKELAN D SERVICENTER Concord Tennessee We Pnnt Almost Anythmg BENSON S CASH GRQCERY Except Money and Postage Stamps May We Do Your Printing GROCERIES NOTIONS LENOIR clTY NEWS E550 PRODUCTS Concord Tennessee Phone 60 Lenolr Cnty Tenn Phone 8 HEADQUARTERS FOR MEN S 81 BOY S CLOTHING COMPLETE CORNER ATHLETIC WALL 8- SHOP MARKET Its Smart to be Thrrfty ANN EAT AIA W Church Avenue Located at the Dnxue Lee Janctlon 49 FIST NA L NK M? - BowER's Dlxls LEE DRIVEIN M '5 TH RE BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE You con moke nt o Successful Future by taklng o thorough business course ot The Droughon Business College o notlonol orgonlzotlon of over 50 yeors experience In trounung young people D R A U G H O N BUSINESS COLLEGE 325 West Clinch Avenue Knoxvllle Tennessee OXVI SANGRA 503 Blount Avenue Knoxvulle Tennessee 0 X V l L Complurnents of SPORTING GOODS COMPANY MAIN sTonE 7l0 South Gay Street Knoxvrlle Tennessee HOME CENTER We sell oll krnds of sportung equipment Knoxvnlle Tennessee OMMERCIA TIONA BA S0 KN LLE VL MATERIAL COMPANY KN LE ' N d C L NA L NK When You Thunk Of Porfronts Thsnk of Your Offucuol ADMIRAL PHO-I-OGRAPHER Knoxvnlle Tenn Artasts nn Photogrophy Compliments of T H E Congrotulotuons Compliments of V S T e Editor Gnd C I f T sfaffofne Admiral Ompgjnso Jock ond Morgoret Smth Hulse rlple Tr Pockonock Loke New Jersey OF1 y s u n n f e 51 S.H.GEORGE8.SONS STUDENT COUNCIL To LE I ON S h . f T' io , d Bo'Q' tte 'X MM 7 .JlJwUN" , -K, L f Q . if xg , K 12 A3 V Q' - v ! Q, A 5 fs if ' vw , - XJ ,N X is gl NX 1 X N' if ., x J X, W sh iw N X X 5. I ,v 5 -rx Z, 31 - L '5- gg Y i B Q 1 ? jr 5 ir I 1. Q1 W3 1 ,1 1 11 5 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 -limi F . ' -V - - ' A , 4 . ,,.,. .,, , . , , , 'I-:Hp 211.

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