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iiiiiiiiiPil iiSISlIlillSiliil ' a5» ' -J ' i ii piiSKll teal , ' ' M ri. y- ' S A- V iyy-» tp ' :A ’hi»r ' f3VW‘ ’• ■-■Jw.. •1 ••? - ' .( ' Vi •« -I ». ' v .j J ' j- ‘« • v: iym ' tfiit t ' yJ-- ' - ' -,, V’- ! ? ;i;i, i ' -;i.4’ .1 ■; ' ilipil ll ipi ' ' Mss sAi .• 1?|E 0ilp0K0y 00 - ' 0. ' $i ' y.A ' ' ' i. ' ' •r ir;AV.h,i ' ’i ' v: 4i, T r.v s ' A Vv V ' ; .» ,•♦ » .il;-;i‘w;7?iC ' j Upon the education of our youth, the future of our world depends. Senior of 3armviIIe High 32LrmviUe, North Presents Chss Sehool Caro ina 2 ICHWAY 3 !!| « TABLE OF CONTENTS 3oTewovd 6 Dedication 7 Principal’s Message 8 Administration 9 3aculty 10 Seniors 13 juniors 33 Sopdomores 39 3resfimen 5 3eatures 51 Organisations 69 Atfiletics 83 Advertisements 93 FORE May this annual in time become, for all of us, one of " The pleasant books, that silently among Our household treasures take familiar places. And are to us as if a living tongue Spake from the printed leaves or pictured faces. " The Editors 6 DEDICATION You ' re typical teens— making fun out of work— sharing nterests—you like bermudas but can change to glamour vhen it fits the occasion. Yes, you ' re typical teens— Go steady— about five nonths— Dress up— heels for her-tie for him— Youknow I low to drive— rely on the family bus — get it— say twice a sreek to date, to go to the Snack Bar— You snack— atch television— listen to the radio while doing home- ork. You ' re typical high school students— You go out for ports one himdred per cent— You hold down a job— baby it— sometimes into the earlyhours of the morning— You rark in stores— garages— up late— little spare time. Your daily schedule is a familiar pattern of high school life — get up at 7:30— maybe 8:00— s o m e t i m e s oversleep— ride the bus— maybe walk— go at break-neck speed to cafeteria for lunch— drink pepsis— munch candy bars and hamburge r s— now and then you order a real feed— You enjoy school but hate to admit it— study some —three hours a night— no— a week— Average " A " — well, " C " — Anyway you make the grade— just— but you ' re sat- isfied because you are a teen-ager. And so since you have all the qualities, be they good or bad, comic, pathetic, or otherwise, we, THE SENIORS, DEDICATE THIS 1960 ARCHWAY TO YOU, THE STUDENTS OF FARMVILLE HIGH SCHOOL. ns 7 THE PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE In the process of living there is always change. So it is with school and education. Young boys and girls fenter high school and in four years de- velop, progress, and then move on to college, business schools, nursing schools, armed services, and jobs. It is a constant pattern and the class of 1960 has begun the pattern. It has been good to watch the development of this class individually and collectively. We are certain that many of them will move on to higher learning and we hope none will be satisfied with their present status. The school is better for the class of 1960 having been here and the school wishes each member of the class the best that life has to offer. I must advise you that, if you want the best in life, you must go after it. Good luck to you— The Class of 1960. SAM D. BUNDY Principal 8 IPPPFFP lIPBIHI ipppp I j i I MR. SAM D. BUNDY Principal MR. D. H. CONLEY County Superintendent ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. T.S. RYON, Chairman Mr. D. E. Smith, Mr. J.Y. Monk, Mr. B. M. Lewis, Mrs. Carroll Oglesby 9 FACULTY MRS. BEATRICE P. AYCOCK M. A. Typing I and II School Secretary MRS. WILLA HARPER BULLOCK B. S. Music MR. FREDA. DAVENPORT B. S. Bookkeeping, General Business, Shorthand Typing II MRS. JOSEPH BATCHELOR A.B. Librarian MR. ROBERT BRUCE A.B. , M.A. U.S. History, Civics World History MISS ELIZABETH EDWARDS A.B. Algebra, Plane Geometry, Economics Sociology MR. JAMES M. FERRELL B. S. English I and III Journalism 10 FACULTY MR. W.A. GLASGOW B. S. Band MRS. MARGUERITE HART M.A. English II French I and II MRS. HOPE ROLLINS A. B. Algebra Solid Geometry General Science MISS ELSIE SEAGO, ' A.B. Home Economics MRS. EVELYN JOYNER A.B. English III and IV I MR. ELBERT MO YE ' A.B. ! Physical Education i I MRS. HAYWOOD SMITH A.B. Music MRS. LURLINE WHELESS A.B. Biology, Physics 11 Seniors KAY RADER ALLEN EDWARD SMITH. , . .... .President Vice -Pr esi dent 4. O, 14 SENIORS CONNir KU nil ALIEN 1. I I. A, . IS [)JMi y CliiJ) RONNIE KjW ALLEN L-i , BiisLt-ihall , Bast ' Lull, Sup I li- ' inci-Ohiiiu) Kuk): K vCI ' iI EDWARD CAHROLi HR, DY r K. ' l.j];, B.usUclbjIl (|n. ul» u RUBY 1 AYE ALLEN l.K.A. ircjsurcr. PlK’U fjr jplici , C ' U ' ir Pl v ' » f ijrjpljor. KcyciU Clul», Vkc Presiiici.i . Clw-c Clu ' ILisLfl l)all , PljysiL jl Kdin. , C l.tsb Plays h,B. L. A Siipci lativi . 15 SENIORS GERALDINE DAVIS Glee Club; F. H, A. , Officer; Physical Education NINA MAE DAVIS Office Staff; F,H.A.; 4-H Club; Glee Club; Physical Education 16 SENIORS ANN JEANETTE CASEY 4-H; Library; F. B. L.A.; Physical Education; Library Assistant; Math Club; Superlative LILLIAN ORA DILDA Library Club, President; Squared Circle, Officer; •i-H Club, Secretary, Treasurer,. County Treasurer, Reporter; Annual Photography Editor; Superlative; Keyette, Program Chairman; Band; Basketball; Marshal RALPH LEE CASH Football; Baseball; KeyClub; Math Club, Treasurer; Monogram Club; Keyette Club Sweetheart SHIRLEY CAROL ELLIS Glee Club; Girls ' Chorus; Squared Circle, Officer; F.T.A,; F.B,L.A. ; Library Club; Annual Co-Literary Editor; Keyette Club; Chairman Junior-Senior Com- mittee; Co-Chairman Stuiit Committee BERTHA CHRISTINE EDWARDS Glee Club; Library Club 17 SENIORS FAYE AVERY EVANS Glee Club; Girls C h o r u S; F. B. L, A. , R e o rl e r; junior-Seniox Waitress; 4 ' H JANE ' I ' marie FORREST i-. U, A. , Gle e Club, Pliysleul Education; F.B, L»A. RAYMOND A riJ-:E GRAY, JR. F.F.A. . ' l-llCtub ULSTER IXDUGLAS GAY I-.l ' .A. , oilicer; FJi.L.A. ; Glee Club WARREN DOUGLAS GURGANUS ootl)a)l, liasi ' tiall, Kt-y Cluli 18 BETTY ANNE GAY f, 0, A. , Glee Club, L»b?.iry Citii ; Class Play ELIZABETH rULPORD FiMsA.i Fi B, LA. , PftyMc. ! Eclucattoi?, CUi P 1 y IXDNALD WINSTON FULfORD FaoXhali, Fn Ca-jHamj Jtiiuctf V at? 1 1 y B sktHbaUj F. r. A. ; Key Clttb: i H CAROLYN meu HEATH Fi. M A. , Officer; Glee CluJ , F. B. L. A- , Annual Assistant Typist, OHice ALTON LOUIS HFUGEPEHl F, F. A . Ot fleer. 4™H, Feot i» a 1 1 ; Olficc Staff; Hriver William citvyton Hathaway, |pl Band. Science Club; F, B. L A, 19 FRANKLIN WILEY HINSON F F.A. ; GEORGIA TULL HOCFO DAY Keyetle Cl«b, Science Club, F, B, L A. , Glee Club, Superlative Annua 1 Assistant Flioiograpby Editor, Library Club, Class Plays , Dramatics Chib, N Views " ’ Stall . ANNE PALMER HODGES Science Chib, Dramatics Club, Vice-President, Chief Majorette, Girls ' Stale, Superlative, Marsbal, Class plays, Homecomuvg Cotwi, KcyetlcClub, Secretary, A iStaii® Ediior ot Annual JOHN QUINCY MATTHEWS, JR. f _ F A, j Bus Driver, Office Stall; Glee Club WILLIAM HORACE LEWIS, JR. Football, Baseball, Class Play; Key Club, Vice- President, Boys ' Stale, Glee Club, President; Presi- dent of Athletic Association, Science Club; J-iomecoining Court, Superlative, Annual Stall 20 AiBERT RAY M6WBORN Raiul, Bjskcif all, Rasefealt, f. A. omm jASo f jOYHta Dfivgfi f, F A. j Batefeiill; 4 M BOBBY LEE JOYNER Football, Manager; Kay Club Presideruii F F, A- ; Mai haJ MARY CAROUHE LEWIS Marshal, Co-Chief; Class Secretary; Keyctte Club, President; Athletic Association, Secrataty; Science Club, Secretary; Girls ' State; D, A. R. Award; Secretary-Tr e a s ut e r of Glee Ciub;Junior-Seiiior Waitress PARMIE LUCILLE MOORE Basketball, Band, Library Club, Keyette Club, Re-‘ porter; Class Plays, A ii li u a ICo-Buslness Manager; F.B.L.A.; F.T.A., Officer; 4-Hi Officer WILLIAM clarence MOORE Baseball; Football; Key Club BERNICE MAXINE MOORE Library Assistant; Library Club; Annual Assistant Typist; F. H»A. ; Glee Club 21 SENIORS HOWARD DEWITT MOVE, JR. Football, Busoball, Baskclbali; Marshal JimiOf and Senior Class President; Class Treasurer; F.F.A. ; Key Club; Class Play; Superlative y. . BURNEY RAY RIVENBARK Football, Key Cliil , Class Olficcr; Junior-Senior W.nler GLADYS MAF. MOZlNCO Physical Eilncation BARBARA JO ANNE OWENS 4-11; K. II. A. j Odicer, Glee Club, Dratiiatics Club, Annual Assistant Sports Ediloi, Class Play; Science Club, Majorette, Assistant duel CUSS ROSS ROEBUCK Basebafi, Science Clut., 1 ffClttb LOUIS KENNEFII ROEBUCK ] U; Oflii e Stall , Footb.ill ' . Baseball 22 SENIORS BARBARA INEZ PHILLIES Library Club, F.H.A- ; 4-H: F.B.L,A. , OHiccf; Mujorclte; BaskcLbaU GERALD BENNY OWENS Glee Club; F, F. A- ; Science Club; Library Club; Assistant Librarian JOYCE ANN SMITH Class Rejwier; Class Plays; Glee Club, Acconi|)aiiisi; Dance Baiul; Basketball; Physical Education, F,H,A.» Ofliccr; F.B.L.A.; 4 H; Annual Cbiel ' Tyi ist; Home- coming Court f SANDRA EARLE PHILLIPS Cheerleader; F, T, A. ; Science Club; Class Olficer; Superlative; KeyetteClub, Officer; KcyClubSweet- beart; Superlative Editor; Glee Club; Girls ' Chorus; Class Plays; Homecoming Court; Dramatics Club JERRY EDWARDS SUMMERLIN Bus Driver, F, F. A. , Football EDWARD TYSON SMITH Band; Class Treasurer, F.F.A. ; 4 H; Science Club, Key Club 23 SENIORS BETTY CAROL TUGWELL Glee Club; F.H.A.; F.B.L.A.; Library Club; Physical Education ROBERT LEE WILLIAMS Glee Club, Journalism HARVEY LEE TYSON F. F. A. ; 4-H; Bus Driver WILLIAM EARL TYSON, JR. Marshal; Class Plays; Class President; Junior Varsity Basketball; Band; Dance Band; Science Club, Vice- President; Science Fair; Vice-President of Athletic Association; F. B, L, A. ; Typing Contest ERNEST WILLOUGHBY Science Club, R e p o r t e r; Library Club, Reporter; Library Assistant; Math Club; Glee Club; Annual Assistant Photography Editor 24 SENIORS RHODERICK THOMAS WILLIAMS, JR. Marshal, Co-Chief; Class Pld-y; Basketball; Band; Science Club, Reporter; Science Fair; Boys ' State; Key Club; Annual Staff; Typing Contest; Woodmen of the World Award; Superlative EMMA FAYE WEBB 4-H; F.H.A.; F,B.LiA. , Officer; F.F.A. Sweetheart BARBARA JEAN VINCENT Library Club; Library Assistant; 4-H; F B. L. A. Physical Education; Math Club; F. H A. BARBARA ANN WOOTEN Glee Club; 4-H; Library Club; Library Assistant; F.H.A. ; Basketball; Physical Education JOHN THOMAS WINDHAM, JR. Math Club; Marshal; Science Club; F.B.L.A.; Class PlayS; BaJid; Library Assistant; Library Club, Vice- President; Dramatics Club;Superlative;AnnUSl Staff 25 MASCOTS DANNY KAY NICHOLS LURA EVA MURPHREY CLASS SPONSORS MR. ROBERT GLENN BRUCE MRS. LURLINE BASS WHELESS 26 CLASS POEM IF- If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or, being lied about, don ' t deal in lies, Or, being hated, don ' t give way to hating. And yet don ' t look too good, nor talk too wise; If you can dream — and not make dreams your master; If you can think — and not make thoughts your aim If you can meet with triumph and disaster And treat those two impostors just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you ' ve spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools. Or watch the things you gave your life to broken. And stoop and build ' em up with wornout tools; If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue. Or walk with kings— nor lose the common touch; If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you; If all men count with you, but none too much; If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds ' worth of distance run— Yours is the Earth and everything that ' s in it. And— which is more— you ' ll be a Man, My son! RUDYARD KIPLING FLOWER COLORS Pink Carnation Silver and Blue MOTTO " United we stand; divided we fall. " 27 DRAMATICS JUNIOR PLAY " BACKWOODS ROMEO " Larry McNeil. ... ...... .HOWARD MO YE Rex Simonds. . .EARL TYSON Romeo Montague. .............. .BILL LEWIS Connie McNeil. . . SANDRA PHILLIPS Billie McNeil .GEORGIA HOCKADAY Orpha Finley. ANNE HODGES Rachel McNeil. .......... SHIRLEY SUTTON La Reina. ................... JOYCE SMITH Sue. KAY ALLEN Forewoman. PARMIE MOORE Four women furniture movers. .... .ANNE GAY BARBARA WOOTEN NANCY BUNDY MARY FULFORD SENIOR PLAY " THE GIRL IN THE RAIN " Julie KAY R. ALLEN Thomas BILL LEWIS Alicia Underhill ANNE HODGES Karen Bennett SHIRLEY ELLIS David Underhill EARL TYSON Natalie Price SANDRA PHILLIPS Eve. GEORGIA HOCKADAY Will Moody HOWARD MO YE Larry Cotton. ........... ROD WILLIAMS SOPHOMORE PLAY Velma Warren. . Patricia Warren. Mrs. Warren. . . . Olivia Louise Temple. . Mrs. Noster. . . . Miss Emerson. . . Earl Wakefield. . Sharp Matthew Warren Robert Moore. . . HOT ICE " ...... SANDRA PHILLIPS ANNE HODGES -LIL DILDA . KAY ALLEN SHIRLEY SUTTON PARMIE MOORE FAYE AVERY JOHNNY WINDHAM DONALD FULFORD ROD WILLIAMS ....... EARL TYSON 28 CLASS HISTORY In 1956 we entered Farmville High School as " green " Freshmen. We were young and inexperienced but we were willing to try, and try we did. Success was ours! Our first achievement was to have Bonnie Kay Allen I One year after our frightening debut as Freshmen, we walked the halls as gallant Sophomores. We rated again at Homecoming with Sandra Phillips ' winning I second place honors. Our first big projects came in 1957. I We sponsored the annual candy sale and a movie, " The i ! ' In 1958 as Juniors, another big money-making pro- ject was in order for us, selling magazines. Our play that year was " Backwoods Romeo, " a delightful comedy. Aime Hodges, our Homecoming candidate, was runner- Dignified Seniors!? Our first venture was to sponsor three dances following the football games. OnNovember 8, we left for five wonderful days in New York City and Washington, D.C. It was our privilege to edit this 1960 ARCHWAY as a record of our high school achievements. Our Senior play, presented in the spring, was a big suc- crowned king and Kay Rader Allen, runner-up to the queen at Homecoming. Our presentation of a fashion show with an all -male cast won the cash award at the annual Stunt Night! Sheepman. " On the schedule also was our Sophomore play, a delightful mystery-comedy. " Hot Ice. " During the year we took our first class trip. Accompanied by the Freshman Class, we went to the State Fair. up to the queen. It was our honor and pleasure to give the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom of which the theme was " Romancing on the Moon. " A climax to our Junior year was the receiving of our long-awaited class rings. cess. Preceding graduation the Junior Class honored us with an impressive Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. School has been fun for the past four years, but as Seniors we realize the value of the work we have done and the friendships we have made. With mixed emotions we look forward to graduation. We won ! Out in Space ! Candy, Ma ' am? 29 SENIOR New IJor On November 8, 1959. fifty-six excited Seniors met at the Farmville Bus Station to board the two awaiting buses for the glamorous city of New York. We arrived at 6:30 P.M. During the following days we toured New York City and visited many points of interest. Wednesday morning we left for Washington, our Nation ' s Capital. 30 TRIP VJsishingion On November 11, we arrived in Washington, D,C. While there we visited many historical sites. En route home we stopped at Mount Vernon,- home of George and Martha Washington. At 9:30 P.M., November 12, we arrived in Farmville very tired, but happy. Many parents and friends were there to greet us. 31 1 . ' uniovs Pi " f ' Ri ' 34 Stanley Bailey Bruce Beasley Myrtle Brady Billy Briley Ray Brock Mitchell Cannon Junior Cannon Donnie Carrawa y Kathryn Carraway Linda Chesson Alex Corbett Kay Corbett Herbert Cox Maxine Dail Bobby Eason 35 Shirley Everett Henrietta Fulford Carlton Gardner Kathryn Gardner Jane Hobgood Linda Holloman Todd Holmes Glenda Jenkins Myrna Kinlaw Noel Lang Edith Ann Lee Eva May Lewis- Robert Lewis Jean Little Robert May Johnny Mewborn J. Y. Monk Ben Moore Doris Moore Earl Moore 36 Moses Moye Joyce Norville Harriett Paylor Monty Pickett Jimmy Pollard Gordon Prescott Bill Roberts Jack Rollins Mickey Shirley Darlene Strickland Shirley Sutton Eddie Thomas John Tugwell Melvin Vandiford Douglas Wainwright Billy Walker Elaine Walston Jerry Weisner Barbara Wheless 37 Sophomores 40 Jerry Bailey Jean Allen Brenda Corbett Danny Dilda Melda Dixon Doris Bryan Leon Davis Sally Donat Frankie Duke Doris Dunn Lynette Ellis Anne Everette Beasley Everette Jimmy Everett Robert Fields Sue Flake Billie Sue Forbes Betty Gay Judith Gray s i 41 Ray Hardee Timothy Hardee Faye Harris William Harris Drew Hedgepeth Rex Hodges Bobby Holloman Linda Jefferson Lou Jones Patricia Jones Linda Joyner Bobby Lewis Howard Manning Andy Martin Ben Monk Annette Mosley Edna Mosley Teresa Mosley Peggy Moye Carrol Mozingo Charles Mozingo Ricky Murphrey Betsy Nichols Johnny Nichols 42 Margie Nichols Carroll Oakley Dean Oglesby Chester Outland John Owens Anita Pickett Wilbur Reason William Reason Joseph Rose Helen Russell Sylvia Smith Nancy Stanley Dennis Strickland Harry Taylor Linda Taylor Durwood Turner Irene Tyson Sam Wainwright Ronnie Webber Dean Willoughby Alma Worthington Faye Young 43 3veshmen ' K sf FRESHMAN GLASS OFFICERS BOBBY FISER } ' PHYLLIS CORBETT. . TOMMY JOYNER NCYEi KE- i .. . I’residcnt ■ . . • . .Vice-President ’ I I ' ii 46 Johnnie Allen Marion Allen Sandra Allen Mary Avery Irene Baker Linda Baker John Baker Tommy Baker Bobby Bass Perry Beaman Joel Blalock Carroll Bradshaw Rachel Case Bruce Casey Edmond Cauley Phyllis Corbett Jim Craft Leon Crumpler Ted Dail Madeline Deal Kenneth Dilda Su-Su Dixon Win Donat Nancy Drake Carol Dunn Chester Ellis Bobby Fiser Gloria Gardner Mike Gardner 47 Melvin Gay Carey Gaynor Newell Harper Wilma Jefferson Carol Jenkins Julie Reid Jones Tommy Joyner Wilbur Joyner Charles Justice Larry King Susie Letchworth Van Lewis Linda Lloyd Franchion McLawhorn Billy Martin Curtis Ray Massey Brenda Matthews Doris Moore Kenneth Moore Nick Moore Scott Morris Wright Morris Brenda Moye Hardy Moye David Nelson Claude Nethercutt 48 Dottie Newton Sue Nichols Lou Oakley Evelyn Owens Louise Owens Diana Pollard Jack Powell D. J. Rasberry Julia Rives Eloise Saulter Judy Saulter Henry Smith Louise Speight Mitchell Stepps Nancy Thomas Daisy Tyson Bruce Vincent Emma Vincent Rebecca White Sandra Williams Danny Windham Sondra Windom Glenda Wood Jimmy Wooten Becky Young Billy Young 49 1 i : ■i ifS « uSji 1 1 % p ' ?» BEST ALL AROUND BONNIE KAY ALLEN and ANNE HODGES i 52 BEST LOOKING 53 CUTEST ALTON HEDGEPETH and GEORGIA HOCKADAY 54 FRIENDLIEST JOHNNY WINDHAM and JEANETTE CASEY : ■ ■ -yy. 55 56 MOST DEPENDABLE 57 s V -f -s ' - " . «l 5 m mm MOST INTELLECTUAL LIL DILDA and ROD WILLIAMS 58 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BOBBY JOYNER and CAROLINE LEWIS 59 60 61 1 D. A. R. GOOD CITIZEN’S AWARD Caroline Lewis was chosen to receive the D.A.R. Citizenship Award this year. The award is based on patriotism, citizenship, service, and dependability. Caroline has excelled in all of these and we 11, de- serves the award. ■“ TAR HEEL BOYS’ AND GIRLS’ STATE In their Junior year at Farmville High School, Anne Hodges, Caroline Lewis, Bill Lewis, and Rod Williams were given the honor to represent Farmville High at the annual Girls ' and Boys ' State. The pro- gram is developed to increase the high school stu- dents ' knowle dg e of city, state, and national governments. 62 MARSHALS ROD WILLIAMS Co-Chief CAROLINE LEWIS Co-Chief Gina Allen, Jean Allen, WestleyAnge, Junior Cannon, Mewborn, J. Y. Monk, Ben Moore, Margie Nichols, Donnie Carraway, Me Id a Dixon, Sally Donat, Jimmy Monty Pickett, Eddie Thomas, Billy Walker Everett, Jane Hobgood, Noel Lang, Eva Lewis, Johnny 1 . 63 KEY CLUB Mr. Sam D. Bundy Sandra Phillips Sponsor Sweetheart Howard Moye Westley Ange Treasurer B Donald Fulford Douglas Gurganus Jerry Bailey Rex Hodges Johnny Mewborn J. Y. Monk Moses Moye Dean Oglesby Edward Smith Earl Tyson Rod Williams Kay Allen Clarence Moore Burney Rivenbark 64 KEYETTE CLUB Ralph Cash Sweetheart Vice-President Gina Allen Anne Hodges Secretary Kay Allen Treasurer Parmie Moore Reporter Lil Dilda Program Co-Chairman Linda Chesson Shirley Ellis Georgia Hockaday Glenda Jenkins Eva Lewis Monty PicJ ett Barbara Wheless Sandra Phillips Program Co-Chairman Noel Lang 65 SENIOR CANDIDATES Alton Hedgepeth Joyce Smith JUNIOR CANDIDATES Alex Corbett Gina Allen Homecoming KENNETH DILDA 66 FRESHMAN CANDIDATES Madeline Deal Kenneth Dilda QUEEN GINA ALLEN SOPHOMORE CANDIDATES Dean Willoughby Jimmy Everett ' til nri i j| 1 1 i 1 1 « h 1 1 Organisations MAJORETTES JO ANNE OWENS Assistant Chief Sandra Allen, M a de 1 i n e Deal, Su-Su Dixon, Nancy Drake, Anne Everette, Anne Hodges, Jo Anne Owens, Barbara Phillips, Anita Pickett 70 FARMVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND JOHNNY MEWBORN Drum Major E. Allen, G. Allen, G. Allen, K, Allen, J. Allen, B. Bass, T. Baker, J. Cannon, M. Cannon, S. Chesson, H. Cox, J. Darden, J. Dilda, L. Dilda, W. Donat, S. Donat, F. Duke, S. Everett, C. Gaynor, B. Hathaway, R. Hodges, T. Holmes, N. Lang, S. Lang, R. Massey, B. Monk, P. Moore, M. Moye, R. Murphrey, D. Newton, D. Nichols, J. Nichols, C. Outland, C. Phillips, M. Pickett, B. Roberts, J. Rollins, D. Sauls, E. Smith, H. Smith, I. Smith, E. Tyson, G. Wainwright, K. Wainwright, B. Walker, E. Walston, R. Williams, S. Williams, D, Willoughby, ]. Windham, R. Wooten 71 FARMVILLE HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB BILL LEWIS President MRS. WILLA HARPER BULLOCK Director CAROLINE LEWIS S ecretary- T re asurer M. Avery, I. Baker, S. Bass, K. Bell, P. Corbett, B. Forbes, N. Harper, C. Jenkins, G. Jenkins, L. Lloyd, B. Matthews, D. Pollard, L. Speight, N. Thomas, B. Wheless, S. Windom, K. Allen, M. Allen, L.Chesson, 72 C. Dunn, C. Lewis, E. Lewis, D. Moore, A. Mosley, B. Moye, S. Nichols, E. Owens, £. Saulter, R. White, B. Lewis, C. Mozingo, C. Beamon, J. Craft, L. Crumpler, T. Dail, K. Dilda, C. Ellis, M. Gay, V. Lewis SWING BAND Mr. W.A. Glasgow, Director; J. Cannon; R. Hodges; T. Holmes; S. Lang; R. Massey; B. Monk; P. Moore; J. Nichols; C. Outland; J. Smith; Earl Tyson; R. Williams. DRAMATICS CLUB Mr. J. Ferrell, Sponsor; E. Lewis, President; A. Hodges, Vice-President; K. Allen, Secretary-Treasurer; G. Allen; S. Bass; B. Beasley; K. Bell; J. Cannon; L. Chesson;A. Corbett; S. Donat; F. Duke; A. Everette; B, Forbes; 73 N. Harper; G, Hockaday; N. Lang;J. Y. Monk; J. A. Owens; H. Paylor; S.. Phillips; M. Pickett; D. Pollard; J. Rives; E. Thomas; B. Walker; E. Walston; B. Wheless; J. Windham; G. Wood NEW ' N’ VIEWS MR. JAMES FERRELL Advisor BILLY WALKER Editor-in-Chief EVA MAY LEWIS Managing Editor SALLY DONAT Assistant Editor JEAN ALLEN Feature Editor GEORGIA HOCKADAY News Editor J.Y. MONK Sports Editor J. Allen, K. Allen, S. Bass, K. Bell, E. Brady, B. Corbett, S. Donat, B. Monk, J. Y. Monk, P. Moore, D. Oglesby, J. Owens, S. Phillips, F. Duke, A. Everette, B. Forbes, G. Hockaday, R. Hodges, E. Lewis, S. Sutton, B. Walker, E. Walston, B. Williams, D. Willoughby 74 LIBRARY CLUB Mrs. J. Batchelor, Sponsor; L. Dilda, President; J. Windham, Vice-Presi- Edwards; S. Ellis; B. Fiser; M. Gay; J. Hobgood; L. Holloman; J. Jones; dent; P. Moore, Secretary; M. Dixon, Treasurer; E. Willoughby, Reporter; G. Owens; S. Smith; L. Speight; B. Vincent; G. Wood C. Allen; B. Bass; N. Bundy; D. Carraway; P. Carraway; K. Corbett; C. OFFICE ASSISTANTS C. Bagley, P. Carraway, B. Corbett, C. Dail, M. Dail, N. Davis, E. Flake, K. Roebuck, D. Tyson, B. Young D. Gurganus, A. Hedgepeth, O. Joyner, E. Lee, J. Matthews, H. Paylor, 75 SCIENCE CLUB Mrs. L. Wheiess, Sponsor; B. Moore, President; E. Tyson, Vice-President G. Allen, Secretary; M. Pickett, Treasurer; E. Willoughby, Reporter k. Allen; M. Allen; S. Allen; W. Ange; B. Beasley; B. Briley; J. Cannon L. Chesson; P. Corbett; H. Cox; S, Dixon; W. Donat; F. Duke; C. Ellis S. Everett; B. F i s e r; M. Gay; B. 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Publicity Editor Bobby Joyner Asst. Publicity Editor Rod Williams Literary Editor Jo Anne Owens Asst. Sports Editor 4 Barbara Wooten Asst. Typist 81 ' ■ ‘ ■ ' , r»- .-A. " Atdletics BILL LEWIS EARL TYSON CAROLINE LEWIS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President BEN MOORE Vice-President WESTLEY ANGE, JUNIOR CANNON Secretary Treasurer Reporters 84 CHEERLEADERS KAY ALLEN Chief fm Gina Allen, Kay Allen, Marion Allen, Linda Chesson, Frankie Duke, Sue Flake, Sandra Phillips, Monty Pickett, Barbara Wheless 85 FOOTBALL 1959 Mitchell Cannon, Ralph Cash, Donald F u 1 f o r d, D o u g 1 a s G u r g a n u s, Alton Hedgepeth, J. Y. Monk, Clarence Moore, Howard Moye, Burney Rivenbark, Billy Walker, Jerry Weisner JERRY WEISNER Tackle BURNEY RIVENBARK Center DONALD FULFORD Guard DOUGLAS GURGANUS Guard MITCHELL CANNON Tackle HOWARD MOYE Quarterback CLARENCE MOORE Fullback 86 FOOTBALL 1959 Bobby Avery, Jerry Bailey Tommy Baker, Alex Corbett, Danny Dilda, Bobby Eason, Rex Hodges, Todd Holmes, Ben Monk, Hardy Moye, Moses Moye, Dean Oglesby, Jimmy P o l 1 ar d, Eddie Thomas, Douglas Wainwright BOBBY AVERY End DANNY DILDA Fullback RALPH CASH Halfback J.Y. MONK End BILLY WALKER End JIMMY POLLARD Halfback ALTON HEDGEPETH Halfback 87 BASKETBALL I BOYS’ I Kay Allen, Jerry Bailey, Edward Brady, Alex Corbett, Donald Fxilford, Rex Hodges, Billy Martin, Ben Monk, J. Y. Monk, Ben Moore, William Reason, Sam Wainwright, Rod Williams EDWARD BRADY BEN MONK J. Y. MONK BEN MOORE ROD WILLIAMS 88 BASKETBALL GIRLS’ FAYE ALLEN Forward BILLm SUE FORBES Forward LINDA CHESSON Guard Mr. Robert Bruce, Coachj Sandra Bass, Manager; Faye Allen and Parmie Moore, Co-Captains; Marion Allen; Mary Avery; Kay Bell; Linda Chesson; Brenda Corbett; Geraldine Davis; LilDilda; Su-Su Dixon; Sally Donat; Doris Dunn; Sue Flake; Billie Forbes ; Anita Pickett ; Julia Rives; Louise Speight; Sandra Williams; Barbara Wooten PARMIE MOORE Forward SALLY DONAT Guard SUE FLAKE Guard 89 BASEBALL Ralph Cash Infielder Bobby Avery Pitcher Stanley Bailey Catcher Robert May Outfielder Douglas Gurganus Outfielder J.Y. Monk First Base i Ben Monk Pitcher Rex Hodges Shortstop 90 1 £ttEIVrWYE. MK. rfCE Bobt) ' ■j ' yiwv ‘ " “iV itager •piu’ ci ' k i ' «ti! . ? ir ■ml S - .V - .«• . . 91 Advertisements Congratulations ! From THE OFFICIALS AND OTHER CITIZENS of Farmville North Carolina Help Make the Finest Town and Community in the Entire South Even Better By Making It Your Permanent Home When Your Education Is Completed MAYOR, CHARLES S. EDWARDS Commissior ers; W. C. Wooten Oliver Murphrey Will Joyner Town Clerk and Treasurer: Harold Allred Howard Moye John D. Dixon Utilities Supt. : W.A. McAdams Street Supt: Eddie Carraway Chief of Pol ice: L.T. Lucas 94 JOYNER ' S MEN ' S WEAR Compliments of LANG ' S STORE Formville, North Carolina W.E. Joyner W.C. Joyner General Merchandise Men ' s and Boy ' s Clothes Formal Wear Sold and Rented Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of NATIONWIDE Compliments of MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. NASSIF CANNON John D. Dixon, Agent Phone SK 3-3019 102 South Main Street Farmville, North Carolina Farmville, North Carolina 95 Flowers for All Occasions Wilson Sfreet Phone SK 3-3056 Farmville, Norfh Carolina BELL BYERS FARMVILLE BUS STATION CONTRACTORS Sandwiches - Smokes Ice Cream - Candy - Soft Drinks Pole Line Building and Rebuilding Magazines and School Supplies Wire Stringing and Transposing We Welcome You Phone SK 3-3430 Farmville, North Carolina Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of DR. CHARLES E. FITZGERALD Fitzgerald Medical Center Farmville, North Carolina Students Please Be Careful EASON MOTORS Compliments of PERKINS-PROCTER The House of Name Brands Fifth and Cotanche Street Greenville, North Carolina Compliments of JEFFERSON ' S FLORIST Greenville, North Carolina Compliments of RESPRESS BROS. BARBECUE CHILDREN ' S SHOP Owners: Smug and Ronald Edna and Harvey Hedgepeth Quality Barbecue Farmville, North Carolina Greenville, North Carolina 96 Best Wishes to the Students of Farmville High School A C MONK AND COMPANY, INC, Farmville North Carolina 97 WBTL 1050 K.C. News on the Hour— Sports-Special Events Music From Dawn to Dusk Compliments of DR. S.H. AYCOCK, JR. Optometrist Farmville North Carolina Compliments of SPEIGHT SERVICE CENTER Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of CHEERLEADERS ' 59-60 Gina Allen Marion Allen Linda Chesson Frankie Duke Kay R. Allen, Head Sue Flake Sandra Phillips Monty Pickett Barbara Wheless Be Sociable Have A Peosi PEPS I -COLA BOTTLING CO. 98 Compliments of W.C. MERCER, JR., D.D.S. Farmville, North Carolina FLORENCE MAYO NUWAY COMPANY Maker of the World ' s Best Tobacco Curers 1935— 25 Years of Progress— 1960 Phone SK 3-3165 Farmville, North Carolina BLOUNT-HARVEY COMPANY " Eastern Carolina ' s Shopping Center " Greenville, North Carolina Compliments of POPES AND $1.00 " Where You Get The Most For Your Money ! " Compliments of PITT COUNTY TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Local and Long Distance Hauling Cargo Fully Guaranteed Phone SK 3-3109 3-3100 Farmville, North Carolina 99 Compliment ' S of THE SMITH-DOUGLASSCO, INC. Agent B. F. " Jock " Lewis Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of K. CANNON Compliments of D.R. MORGAN ' S Farmville, North Carolina CLIFF WILLIAMS ' Meats - Groceries - Vegetables Gulf Oil Products Route 2 Farmville N.C. Compliments of BRILEY OIL COMPANY Farmville North Carolina Compliments of LOniE ' S BEAUTY SHOP Phone SK 3-3908 Farmville North Carolina Congratulations WILKERSON BROS. Fruit and Produce Company Wholesale - Retail " Eat Fruit and Stay Healthy " Compliments of FREEDMAN ' S Latest Fashions At Popular Prices " Your One Stop Shopping Center " Farmville, North Carolina WARREN ' S TEXACO STATION Groceries - Meats Car Washing Greasing Phone SK 3-3971 Marlboro, North Carolina 100 ALLIED FARM SERVICE Wholesale Distributors Gasoline, Kerosene, Fuel Oil Ammonia, Liquid Fertilizers Cotton Ginners Charles Lee Evans, Plant Manager Charles Hotchkiss, General Manager Farmville North Carolina Compliments of THE 3-D RANCH Hertford Cattle Farmville, North Carolina HARRIS GROCERY AND MARKET George Garris, Manager Fancy Groceries and Fresh Meats " It Pleases Us To Please You " Phone SK 3-7219 Seven Pines Highway 121 N. Compliments of BEAMAN ' S GRILL Farmville, North Carolina STEINBECK ' S Smart Clothes for Men and Boys Rhone PL 2-7076 Greenville, North Carolina MOVE DU ROC FARMS We Offer The Best in Purebread Meat-Type Duroc Swine Manager, Joe Moye, Jr. Farmville North Carolina L. M. SHELL STATION Oil, Gas, Groceries Phone SK 3-3000 Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of N. THOMAS 101 Compliments of THE ROUSE PRINTERY FARMVILLE FLOWER SHOP Publishers of Mrs. W. E. Davis The Farmville Enterprise Compliments of Quality Commercial Printing Farmville North Carolina MEADOWBROOK DRIVE-IN Greenville North Carolina WAYNE DAIRIES WILLIAM ' S JEWELRY STORE " The Milk That Can ' t Be Beat " " A Gift For Every Occasion " Watch Repairing WAYNE DAIRY BAR Jev elry - Engraving Farmville, North Carolina Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of PEELE ' S SUPPLY STORE General Merchandise NORMAN GARDNER Fountain, North Carolina Fountain, North Carolina 102 CongratulaHons Seniors From FARMV I LLE BEAUTY SHOP The Shop That Appreciates Your Friendly Patronage Compliments of JOHN HILL PAYLOR Attorney-at-Low Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of FOUNTAIN MILLING COMPANY Fountain, North Carolina B. W. CHEVROLET CO., INC. Phone SK 3-3122 Farmville, North Carolina Congratulations CENTRE HARDWARE CO. " Don ' t write in this space. " Phone SK 3-3672 Farmville 103 Compliments of MORGAN OIL AND REFINING COMPANY Phone SK 3-3183 Farmville, North Carolina Fertilizers - Coal - Fuel Oil - Cotton - Soybeans Compliments of BANK OF FOUNTAIN Fountain, North Carolina Compliments of J.W. JOYNER Pitt County Insurance Agency Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of MELVIN ELLIS JEWELERS BELL ' S WAREHOUSE Expert Watch Repair Good Sales Every Day Bell ' s Sons Farmville, North Carolina C.C. Ivey Sons and Brothers Farmville, North Carolina Call CAROLINA DAIRY For Quality You Can Taste Phone PL 2-3658 Greenville, North Carolina 104 Compliments of __ JORMlc It CORPORATION 1 Subsidiary of Cyanamid Phone SK 3-3154 Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of FARMVILLE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Farmville, North Carolina PIERCE INSURANCE AGENCY Life, Accident and Health Phones SK 3-3582 3-3177 Farmville, North Carolina LULA ' S BEAUTY SHOP Route 1 — Box 299— Greenville " For A Lovelier You, Phone Lula " Phone PL 8-1844 Compliments of H. 0. BALDREE Well Drilling Pipes, Pumps, Points, and Well Casing Phone SK 3-3096 Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of FARMVILLE RETAIL LUMBER YARD Building Supplies Phone SK 3-3787 Farmville, North Carolina 105 " Everything A Farmer Needs. . . " THE TURNAGE COMPANY Farmville, North Carolina General Merchandise - Hardware - Building Supplies Dry Goods - Groceries - Feeds - Seeds TURNAGE IMPLEMENT CO, Farmville, North Carolina International Trucks and Implements Formal 1 Tractors TURNAGE MILLING CO, Farmville, North Carolina Purina Chows - Custom Grind and Mix Feed Mill Services " Trade in Friendly Farmville — It ' s Pleasant, and It Pays! " TOMMY ' S DRIVE-IN Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Barbeque, and " Short Orders " Try our Thick Shakes, Lemonades, Coca- Cola, Pepsi-Cola, and Milk We invite each and every one of you to drive out to Marlboro and try our menu of fine food. TOP HITS Sell Your Tobacco With Gordon Lee and Carl Rowan —At— DON BRYAN ' S GROCERY AND MARKET LEE ' S WAREHOUSE Free Delivery Formerly Greene County Warehouse South Main Street Farmville North Carolina Phone SK 3-3552 Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY CO. ROSES 5-10-25(f STORE Farmville, North Carolina Automobile Parts Supplies at Wholesale Phone SK 3-3859 311 South Main Street Farmville, North Carolina 107 Cotigratulations to The Senior Class JACKSONS ' SHOE STORES ROLLINS CLEANERS AND DRYERS 400 Evans Street 509 Dickerson Avenue Phone SK 3-3803 Greenville, North Carolina Farmville, North Carolina 108 Compliments of PLANTERS AND MONKS WAREHOUSES Farmville, North Carolina GARNER FURNITURE CO. Congratulations " Furniture At Lower Prices " To the Future Leaders of Farmviile 1 Know Our Town Will Be In GARNER GAS Good Hands " The Modern Fuel " Farmviile, North Carolina CHARLES E. EDWARDS Compliments of Compliments of OLIVER MURPHREY ' S TRANSFER JOSEPH D. JOYNER Dealer in Grain Home Mutual Insurance Phone SK 3-3151 Farmviile, North Carolina Farmviile, North Carolina Compliments of CEDRIC DAVIS Agent for Morris Gold Bond and Vertagreen Fertilizers Sales and Service 1 12 Wilson Street Farmviile North Carolina 109 FARMVILLE TRADING CO,, INC, Royster ' s Field Tested Fertilizers Fuel Oil Kerosene, and Gasoline Farm Supplies Phone SK 3-3106 Farmville North Carolina TRACTOR REPAIR SHOP FARMVILLE LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Steel and Welding Phone SK 3-3458 120 East Wilson Street Farmville, North Carolina Phone SK 3-3192 Jim Craft Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of PRESCOTT ' S H. W. SELF-SERVICE HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY Fountain, North Carolina Farmville, North Carolina Phone SK 3-4827 Compliments of Compliments of BRODY ' S BELK-TYLER ' S Greenville, North Carolina Greenville, North Carolina COMMERCIAL Compliments of INSURANCE COMPANY Shelby A. Roebuck, Manager DR. PAUL E. JONES Phone SK 3-3439 Main Street Farmville, North Carolina Farmville, North Carolina 110 Compliments of DUPREE ' S HENDRIX-BARNHILLCO., INC. DEPARTMENT STORE Greenville, North Carolina Fashion Leaders WILLIAIVIS ' SUPER MARKET " The Best For Less " Farmvi lie... Saratoga North Carolina Complete Food Center Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of Use WALTER B. JONES White Goose Flour Office Supplies ORMOND WHOLESALE CO. Office Equipment wholesale Distributors Farmville, North Carolina Greenville, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of LARRY ' S SHOE STORE SOUTH 11 DRIVE-IN Greenville, North Carolina Greenville North Carolina Ill Compliments of J, H. MILLING COMPANY Phone SK 3-4290 Wolstonburg, North Carolina DUKE BUICK-PONTIAC CO PODITIAC... Buick - Pontiac - Opel - G.M.C. Phone SK 3-3137 Highway 264 By Pass Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of FARMVILLE STAFF —Representing— HOME SECURITY INSURANCE CO, H.G. Chesson Staff Manager H.R. Baker C. E. Everette D. F. Langley Farmville North Carolina Come y Best Wishes and to the Get It! y Class of ' 60 wl nBONNIE ' S cafe i " Meal A Minute I " Farmville, North Carolina 112 Compliments of LEWIS AND ROUSE Attorney-at-Low Farmvilie, North Carolina Comoliments of Els™ WESTERN AUTO Tires, Batteries, Radios, Home and Auto Supplies Bicycle and Sporting Goods Phone SK 3-3170 109 N. Main St., Farmville, N.C. Congratulations Seniors HOWARD D. MOVE, SR PLANTERS-PREWITTS TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, INC. Farmville, North Carolina B.S. Correll Clellan Prewitt Charles Newell Chester Worthington Compliments of BILBRO WHOLESALE CO. Distributors of Roller Champion and Light White Flour Greenville, North Carolina 113 Compliment’S of CITY DRUG CO Your Dependable Rexall Druggist Prescriptions Whitman Candies Sundries Drinks and Sandwiches Farmville North Carolina FOUNTAIN MOTOR COMPANY W.C. Redick Congratulations and V illie Ki Hebrew Distributors Esso Products Bottled Gas Best Wishes Wholesale Retail Fountain, North Carolina GEORGE C. MOVE Compliments of PARAMOUNT THEATER " Get More Out of Life Go See A Movie " Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of SMITH YELVERTON CO. Fountain, North Carolina PARKER ' S GROCERY Dealer ' s in Fuel Oils - Kerosene - Gasoline Oil by the Case Groceries, Meats, Vegetables RED FIELDS Day Phone 3-3028 Night Phone 3-3256 Marlboro North Carolina 114 Compliments of DR. R.T. WILLIAMS Farmville, North Carolina S. H. CLEANERS " We Clean Everything but the Baby We let Mom do that. " Phone SK 3-31 10 Farmvillej North Carolina Compliments of C.A. LILLY Compliments of BELK-TYLER CO " Farmvi lie ' s Shopping Center " Compliments of R.A. GARDNER CO. General Merchandise Fountain North Carolina FARMVI LLE FCX SERVICE Farmer Owned and Farmer Controlled Farmville, North Carolina Congratulations Class of 60 FARMVILLE FURNITURE COMPANY " Furniture Fashion Center " Farmville North Carolina 115 Compliments of HOWARD MOVE, JR. F.C. OWENS Nutrena Feeds NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Seeds - Farm Supplies Mules General Merchandise Feeds and Fertilizers B.S. AND R.L. SMITH Phone SH 9-3231 Fountain, North Carolina Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of DR. E. BRUCE BEASLEY Fountain, North Carolina Compliments of FARMVILLE SAVINGS L0AN ASSOCIATION Farmville, North Carolina NEWTON ' S RED WHITE Food Food Stores Stores Farmville, North Carolina 116 Compliments of WOOTEN TIRE SERVICE TYSON JEWELERS WOOTEN OIL COMPANY and Jewelry and Gifts THORNE-WOOTEN FURNITURE COMPANY Phone SK 3-3611 Phone SK 3-3900 Phone SK 3-3040 103 N . Main Street Formville, North Carolina Farmville, North Carolina Compliments of PIONEER SEED CORN 309A It Yields— It Stands Up A Great New Yellow Hybrid For The South J . A. Moore SH 9-4526 Fountain, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of G.W. JEFFERSON RED ' S RADIO COMPANY T.V. REPAIR General Merchandise Family Outfitters Farmville, North Carolina Fountain, North Carolina 117 Compliments of DR. JOHN M. MEWBORN Farmville, North Carolina 118 it

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