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Farmington High School - Voyageur Yearbook (Farmington, IL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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QLA3:m- --M' - f -3 - 't ' : '-f f' .R 1, 5.4. Q 3 1 .Hx 1 -1 E' 1 9 3 iQ 3' 3 H 3 7-i ,! wr in if 4 1 sf it xi ff ,F 'C j, ,. 'V 1, if ,F I , f r The VOYAGEUR staff at Farmington Community High School Farmington, Illinois invites you to look at the 1966 VOYAGEUR with accents on . . . MICKEY MASON LINDA GUTHRIE Editors Academics 8 Organizations 50 Activities 84 Sports 68 acquiring Aaaic rfiffi for fufure e required e orf laarficiloafing wiflz a group for fun ana! larohf requireg efforf 1 ,LE,,,, Q 2 Pi N 'Q -4 ,vo A w,,1g,Zg5. ,I K X at 'H 2 ss.,.,NNN,,,,,,x u l"7 2 1-M :" Lg , ? X ' fn ,f'?" Q-Wi K. , , , , :L .N , X . , N: ,LL i re axing ia cw neceaaarg aff ef Off . , LV.A W ...I E 1: g gi. Zz :- cooiaerafion anal foi ACCENT ON I ACADEMICS OON CHERYL YOUNG Editors . 14 W53 T! 'YL u qi I ,Hu I 1, If :ff is Terry Bolton S.A.R. Award Mickey Mason D.A.R. Award :Senior awar A I I Diana Yeast Dowd Kep er American Legion Good Citizenship Award American Legion Good Citizenship Award American Legion Sportsmanship Award I1 JOHN AGNOLETTI I SUSAN ALLDREDGE ALFRED ARCHDALE GARY ARENDS DAVID BACH PATRICIA BALES tAe Cfblifif 0 KOOLJ fo fke fufufe Clif GARY BAUGHMAN ROBERT BLUE TERRY BOLTON NANCY BRASHERS DOROTHY BROWN STEVE CAPRON ROBERT CHATTEN CINDY CONNOR DAN COWSER DENNIS CULVER DONALD DAVIS MARY ANN DAVIS co e e oun fieniorfi an fo :Sloan a JAMES DENNIS ROBERT DEPPERMANN RODGER DEPPERMANN EDWIN DIEFENDORF PEGGY DIXON STEVE DULEY FRANCES DYER DONNA EVANS TYRONE FIELDS JOANN FITZPATRICK MIKAL FLEISHER JUDY FOSTER com inec! fofa! of 784 yeara in a uance JOYCE FRITZ RANDY GALLINGER CONNIE GELTMAKER DUANE GERKIN BENNY GILSTRAP JAMES HALL DEAN HAYDEN WILLIAM HEDDEN BOBBE HEFLEY MARYLEE HERRICK DONNA HOFFER WILLIAM HOLDRIDGE fraining X I unc! e6!ll,Cafi0l'l fo eaffl LHCAQKOI' SHEILA HOOVER KIM HUDSON SANDRA HUGHES DOROTHY HUNT NATHAN ISBELL WILLIAM ISBELL VICKI JENNINGS DAVE KEPLER DORIS LACKEY LINDA LANE RANDY LEEPER DONNA LOVELL egfm, 2 mmfefl, 1 dum, 1 PAUL am! 1 WL STANLEY McBROOM LINDA MCCOY SONITA MACCANELLI SUSAN MAJDIC MICKEY MASON STEPHEN MEYERS GLEN MILLER BOB MOLETTI KATHY MOONEY MIKE MURPHY DELMAR NANNEN VERNON NICHOLS in I2 iK6I'l0iJ ana! 5 ouf 0 afafe co egeri an PHYLLIS PARR MARIE PASSMORE RON PERISHO NINA PINKERTON CLIFFORD REED ROBERT RENNER ROGER RIEKENA SUE RIEKENA JOSE RODRIGUES EILEEN ROSA JACKIE RYER LINDA SAUNDERS 7 uniueraifiezig cw CL umni, 69 of fAe c 045455 JOHN SHYROCK ROBERT SMITH CARL STANLEY LEONA STARCEVICH JEANNE STEPHAN ALLEN SUYDAM TIM TURBETT MARSHA UTSINGER TYRONE VLAHOVICH MICHAEL WASSON TERRY WILCOXEN DYLE WILSON rifualenfo laolae fo Ave an wor in i inoid GORDON WRIGHT DIANA YEAST JERRY ZABORAC Common things in the life of u senior: math implements, shop projects, and Mr. 'Henderson's humor. I am the class of I966. Many things have happened at Farmington High during the four years I have been here. The south wing was new when I first came here, and the next year an extensive language laboratory was made available to me. The teaching facilities and equipment have been improved every year, and the educational opportunities available to me have been tremendous. After I came here, F.C.H.S. ioined the American Field Service, and during my senior year I was priv- ileged to have Dionisio "Joe" Rodrigues from Brazil as one of my members. As a freshman class of l27 members, I first entered F.C.H.S. in the fall of l962. I was the last freshman class to take part in an initiation parade and to suffer the indignities thereof. At my first class meeting Rick Lansford, Linda Lane, and Sonita Maccanelli were chosen to be my officers. Under their leadership my Student Council representatives were chosen, and my attendants' to the Homecoming Queen were Linda McCoy and Sonita Maccanelli. The business of obtaining an educa- tion became my primary concern, and my first semester exams were endured. A successful year came to a close when I hosted the annual Freshman-Eighth Grade Dance. As a sophomore class, under the leadership of Dave Kepler, Sue Riekena, and Gordon Wright, my members busied themselves with money making enterprises in preparation for the following year. Sonita Maccanelli and Diana Yeast ably represented me to the Homecoming Queen. It was nice not being the youngest class in school, and I looked forward to receiving the class rings I had chosen at the end of the year. My third fall at F.C.H.S. was filled with activity. With Dennis Culver, Steve Capron, Jeanne Stephan, and Dave Kepler at the helm, I learned how difficult it is to host the year's most important social events. By operating the concession stand at football games and by having bake sales, I sup- plemented my treasury. Homecoming week proved to be a frantic five days. I was glad when my float "Breakfast of Champions" captured third place. The Homecoming Dance entitled "Autumn Leaves" displayed my member's initiative and hard work. My attendants to the Queen were Mary Lee Herrick and Jeanne Stephan. In November the auditorium shook with laughter as my members put their "Best Foot Forward" to present an excellent play. A most wonderful social year came to an end with the presentation of my Prom, "Fantasy of the Sea," in an exotic South Sea setting complete with beach combers, palm trees, and sea shells. In the fall of l965, Bob Renner, Kim Hudson, Bob Chatten, and Tim Turbett were chosen to lead me, a mature and eager senior class. My homecoming float "Bar-B-Q'em" earned third place honors. My Homecoming Queen and King were Sonita Maccanelli and Dave Kepler, with Phyllis Parr and Kathy Mooney serving as senior attendants. Rather than have a senior play I decided to have an all-school musical entitled "Check Your Worries." In the spring I attended Prom as guests of the iuniors. On graduation -night in late May, I was proud to see my 99 remaining members receive their diplomas, and I knew that no matter where they went or what they did in life, they will remem- ber all the fun and laughter they had as a part of me, the class of I966. 20 .Q- Q' ,sfwal QV' 1 i"-- "h gi. - 04, 352. it-,A Z' Q-,cp C.O.P. students gain office experience by working complex problems. The new foundry is put into use by a shop student. Mr. Devore tells an American history class about local activities of the Underground Railroad. Mr. Pulliam directs rehearsal of one of the speech plays to be presented at the Fireman's Fair. JUNIOR OFFICERS Brad Guidi . . . Dan Bollinger . Julie Fulton , Vic EwulT . . . A deTermined ond resourceful iunior closs re- enTered Fc1rmingTon High in The Toll of l965. Plons were soon TormulciTed Tor o "Homecoming A Go Go." Becky Dickerson ond Volerie Snider were chosen To oTTend The Homecoming Queen. 22 . . . . . . Presideni . . . Vice President . . . . . Treasurer . . . Secreiary LoTer, in November, The closs presenTed Their ploy, o dromoTic mysTery, "The UnsuspecTed." The winTer wos spenT looking oheod ond loy- ing plons Tor The Junior-Senior Prom held in The spring. 5 f rl 16 Marilyn Abboll N James Agnolehi Bobby Anderson f X y ,fe Patricia Archdale Rebecca Afierberry Sally Bankert juniord meef new year wiflz alalare endian Jeanne Beecher Roger Beecher Sue Beeney Wayne Bifner Danny Bollinger Stanley Bollinger Alice Bolt Audrey Bolton 7 l A Bobby Brashers Dennis Bruniga Mike Butler Vicki Clark Alana Coleman Chrisfine Cummins Sherry Danz William Davis Barbara Deal Raymond Dickerson faclgng nge fiocia l"25l00l'L6i6iAfi2J Rebecca Dickerson Loretta Diefendorf Robert Duley Carol Evans Vic Ewalt Pamela Fefter Charles Fields Jane Finnie Evanne Fisher Chrisfine Fitzpatrick David Fleisher Diann Fleisher Margaret Flynn Diana Foraker Julie Fulton VA Wh Joan Gellmaker Gloria Gerkin Carol Giagnoni l Al, g oofing Jucceddfuf lzomecoming an yarom xiii 5 X. Cherrill Gibbs Linda Grafelman Brad Guidi Donald Gufhrie Linda Guthrie Janice Hammerich Judy Hensley Linda Herron David Hill Alberta Homan Linda Hunt Janet lngold Gary lsbell Neal Isbell Key Jennings Gary Johnson Ronald Jones Dannie Kauzlarich a waya remem erin? flue primal' concern 0 Peggy Kelley Paula Kellsiadt Michael Kepple Teddy Kindred Judy Lee Philip Lindley William Lucas William Lynch Kenneth McCoy Tricia McGinnis Brent McMeen Elizabeth Maberry Fred Maior Marilyn Marlehe Verle Melz Susan Michela Linda Mitchell Susan Mooney COI'lUeI'fil'lg 0l9l00l'tbU'lifg fo LHOWLJQQ Karen Moore Clancy Morgan Louisa Morris Mary Morris Van Munson Judith Newcomb Rodney Nickerson John Nolan louis Ori Paul Overcash Terry Overcash Marilyn Page Marvin Parr Eddie Passmore Roger Passmore Carol Pfahi Michael Plumer Judy Polhemus flue flzirc! ear ad many laro ifagd experienced - 'ina r f . K Y Teresa Porter Linda Ray Mike Redlingshafer Cheryl Richards Dennis Riekena Susan Rodehaver Janice Rodgers Roy Rogers Jerry Saunders David Schaer John Schmidt Lissa Schnetzler Cindy Seidel Dennis Severt Marsha Sipp Cheryl Slater Rebecca Small Valerie Snider an mem0rie5 never fo Le forgoffen I Paula Sprowls Susan Steck Kent Stein Barbara Stomberg Sherry Taylor Scott Thomas Roger Thompson Dianna Threw Jim Ulm Tim Ulm Robert Untz Jane Vaira Kathleen Wagner Eleanor Wakefield Rodger Wasson Gayle: Welker L Cindy Wesferby Dolly Whife 0 1 I d'Q .H . Q .S I I ng .5 rg tk? C CL65 yef af KCAJ Add l0I'0U2 Linda Williams Don Woods The rules are different than boy's, but the game is played just as hard gf ..m.--NA su, xc if X . 1 23... Wk rw.: Y X SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Ernie Rutledge . . , , . . Secretary-Treasurer John Agnoletti . ......., President Dave Diefendorf . , , , . , Vice-President tAe 50,0 OITLOFQ C G66 C0lfI'l06 G yea? OKCIQI' if' K I. C. K, us e 3 fi 'S ' J W xffxy V JK 545 ' 'shammi -L1 if ' ee 'Til t qs'-iv Q X M AA 'VU' lim? - Jwg. S5522 VE-gk , X X W 4 ei 0 X as MEM t Q 2 n Q Z W ? -I -,a swai Rv fu-x. " 's 4' r ,ax 'Y N pr-Q 'un-1' 32 Jerry Agnoletti Michael Agnoletti Monica Antle Gail Arrenholz Bill Balagna Roy Bales Beverly Barnhill Mike Bean Larry Bernovich Connie Bitner Shirley Bolton James Bowen Janet Bradshaw Terrence Briggs Arthur Burgard John Clardy Brent Cochran Carol Coffey David Copple Bradley Culver Michael Damron Mary Davis Kathy Despines Richard DeVries Linda Dickerson Leon Dicks David Diefendorf Jane Dolly Dennis Doubet Janice Doubet Pamela Doubet Floyd Estes an CL 5 i:'54:2 i ,all. r . of ,. K .1-V.-ff A. . 1. as ,gs-M ,. fits'-gliv4:Q'25Yihfs J ff: ?'i?'?"1 irwiirfisgii f 41' 'bJ915z't A aim ag. ,,. - . , .. -- -si fist--wt 2 - ' "?1Zgi5L:-Hz ' Slfrisfss s 'ix - K S '50 N. wi +31 5 'gf' W' .1- A-, X s N' Ag -we 1 A Hp: 1 vw i2i:39i':E?:iEi:.-522 : ' : ' .F "Z: . if iii: K 'F Lilfvivi , - -tags: i ts tr 1 -Fx Q was 4 y M, SPN ax W an sm 8 X K1 E A xi s Q me . qua- ,uwf 52.4. . ' Q I f, xxx -7l..,vgY. as f. 's 1 ifism ea . -LA A -K. A is-D msg in is X W , Ng X is so .sii wg' ' ' D H X. .X :ff-Q L 2 is t . 'X . ll". J ear wider fo fella 'Seam fe my iifxlllii Siiiiiiiiiiiifiii I .. J iifzskssfgssfgs-in-1 ' 55925535-ggibvvfs ' - 1.--315-11:15:19-Q i f. 5lr5f?i'f": ll'Zf55ifl3ffi iffxftil . I .L ik' S iascwmsn 33 Roberta Feeser Diana Finnie Gary Ford Nancy Fresia Michael Geier Patricia Grady Diane Gueldenhaar Sharolyn Harper Della Hartmann Sandra Hartmann James Hedden Laura Henderson Susan Hitchcock Gary Hoover Hazel Hovenden Randy Isbell Jay Johnson Jerry Johnson Rozella Jones Billy Kauzlarich Sheila Kelley Stephen Ladd Larry Leeper Nola Lopeman Daniel McKeever David McKeever Nicholas McKeever Pafricia McMeen Rollin Mahr L. Thomas Mohr 2 ' . . itfigf-iff' . i . iff Linda Molchm 8 L ,1':f1:4vwEHk5?i23f flw Wim ,fa , 1 .., E G+ s 5 X- J D , ii ' is V iq. Q3 W'-, Q, fm- -I , ,XS mv' 922 5 6 X v si ss vw of iiiiii isfaw5sgg,g E 5 K niggas is M ,Si mi s K Haxxl 1 Z?EW4f5?9SZE?iZ3fi?Ei'ii?Eiifswligslr, 5QQt3H"l'i3,f X? E,59E4S:ifei,.fz - '51 7436292355555 Till , ' " I -355 X ,. fi I . -M, 'sm A -. 'TS-he ss, 'Q aff, ad 5 0,0 0l'l'LOI"e6 5esisies?g?fSiw 2 s 4S35EQNQi'H Mangan. ssfgss-so sfefreifsgs fe s limes my fr In- 11 K1 .11- ms .If A ,E A , as X V L. ..,A.. LQ. 1:55 si 1- i gags, 'f fsfisfifs: Q mil: L, Lie, A s:- mz .. l d s uv Nqr, QS 5 SK X or ' , S ' kg Q X f Ms ,gi , Q 5. .ms 1.3 ,Ls -Q s ,ff Q K A sigma l K fm' sg i Q55 K X X X N' ,S , 2 , X K aa 34 Carol Morby Connie Morris Marilyn Morse Raymond Morse Doug Moul Bill Munson James Murphy Jeffry Murphy Thomas Neill Jerry Nelson Kay Nichols Bobby O'Brian Sleven Passmore Cynthia Perelli Diane Porler Kathy Purdum Diana Putman Donna Ramey Lyle Reed Gordon Rohrer Ernest Rutledge Linda Sheckler Richard Shyrock Carolyn Sipp Carol Slater Sharon Smick Carl Smith Wayne Smith Tracy Snider Mary Sprague Larry Starcevich Brenda Stone Laura Stranz Jackie Stutsman Mark Thomas , .... U ,,.. gii i S wi H. M al PN 525' 1, Jer- .. . t Mir. , - WE: .Q X iw Q X S' f . N XX xx . 1 X S :disf- . E 5 Q X sf . X 3223? I-fix T' ' 'Y ir ex .3 . , K D5 5 , 11... . is ft 2 ' ouercomin flreir A085 l'lfLCl,l'L QCLP5 ,.,, It. , A r'rr Debbie Threw . . '. Phill: Trae er M K p 9 . Q - -M Martha Turbett J . . I ' Vicki VanHouten f E' Aleeta VanPetten X lata., 4 1 5.5mm-I . ,,,, 1 - 'f-- N v ef f , T ' Debbie vc-mes ' T , T ' ,- S .5 iz Q D"""Y V"Y'es la, - , 'A li 1 -3' 1. K F IE " Ji- fat K' 'Vf lif Mark Ward 8 L ,gi I f trr. be S ,f it 265,-f e.e ii" . is , "" y I y Michael Warfield ' - J Stephen Wasson '-.- f 'if' T, . .sf ' ' T S Qfi553iERaX?lXxx We 1 3355335 T - , it v--' --.. Ztlgiiiihiiiliitliim ' fs - MUD ff-i 5 VR T, K -an-i ii Q 'WJ X 5 5 t ii E 1 , LX TFP 'E R:1f:f'EE "" . ,t,,, . Mtfii 155' .mf KEYS? ,3,AM,,r-M ttt -, is W f' 1: i"fl:ffQfQQff1,ts . L X33 David Webb Michael Werderits Donald Whaley James Whitmore Sandra Wolford ' ' We HW Vs A 9, ' ' E ,ii-Q ., . :. Nlikyiisss -- . : 5 i , ,E 'Nt - JSE '- . . 7, ,saw -F . ': , ' ' !YitTi5i -w'-'.- - f iissrr K we TR: QQ XS Q We K H 5 Sfgsgggi QZFQY' 2 5? ak SS it Q ,, if t SN' xg iT55'H9:::'Qzg3s Lilmifii -5 Q32 ' ' "i l 'M' ,. . lg 4: X 2 'il 4 2 G x s K X X 3 tw ns 35 Deborah Wren Janet Wright Cheryl Young Elliott Young A new irophy case was added to 'Phe F.C.H.S. foyer ond o new bullehn board fo ihe cafeteria. fine? confinue e ucafion in new hefclo Janet Bradshaw has fun with a dissecied frog in biology while the lub helpers observe. Mrs. Renninger uses the new overhead proiector in her English ll class. 36 l A Typical busfling scene at 3:45 A typical deserted scene at 3:49 . .. At 3:47 FRESHMAN OFFICERS T005 Wfighf Vice-Presidenl Jane Whited Secretary-Treasurer David Higgs President frefi men come excifec! -lfff fig 1 ww , " yr Slfsgfseii-f :Q szzmigii J e wel" ff - - ks? b, 1 ' K arvldgfig , ff. K 'fi 1' x.. W1 - "f5E,ffi5?5?E X31 : '. ' . . 'E L , , .. 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Kathleen Bartley Dale Baughman Larry Benson Sandra Bollinger Charles Brashers Elizabeih Brashers David Brenfz Carol Broadfield Randy Brooks Mark Brown Janet Burnelf Janet Capron David Celia James Chatten James Clardy Ronnie Cook Anne Deal Connie Dennis Karlabeth Dennis Kirby Dennis Marilyn Deppermann Rebecca DeVries Sharon Diefendorf Dane Dilfs Jeanine Doubet Verle Doubef Richard Downard Auf , X 5, r r in :egg we M we frrgsggwizglrrr . if at Jw , it w 1 alrgfg fo fella 39 -' Q wig 1 X X5 cc, N X X X N 'imma Ronald Duley Margaret Dykes Martha Feeser Mary Feeser Kathleen Finnie Phillip Fisher Rebecca Fleming Dean Foraker Ricky Foraker Mike Forbes Jane Fornengo Harold Foster Michael Fulton James Gerkin David Gilsirap Laura Girard Linda Gomes Danny Gronewold Jane Grzanich John Guihrie .Q xxx NOX x X Mxxi Dwi P N wx X X x x X X ? ga so Mg Q e X F w, 7 J J- ' - ci -rf 1125 1 :N 1 - ' i David Hartmann Kathy Hayward Sarah Henderson Gayle Herbert Ray Herman David Higgs Kathleen Hoffer William Homan Harold Hopper Mary Howell Susan Hurst Daniel lhnes J S, Q P Lleex 2 2 axe N fe NPN, 5 K JN f X, 3 x a J x 2 fi inn 8 Pi . fe, r,,. . .. ' n . 0.19 1 : 1 1 . -:. .5 I ,A ,T . H ez, 5- - ,. SEE is-Tl' ff 7 A ij' 1 . 5 .ii , .ga fkeg lzoaf flzeir annuaf frefi man- Lab, ,gf W QU, ' ' ,I L , ' 55-:'.'4?'2,'i . -,.,z'131.fmE,z1 - 5' .'f1E':,?'t'fll 35. iff Q ll ilk? K 'f 1 -,:" 3 .l.., K I Z.: ....a --.- . . f f ,-'iw'-- Q1 . ,,.. , ,.. A 3 dh . 5.65 .,., . L vfff' r W , aj 5 K5 B all Q ef i My 1 M , Q as 94 M5 si +3 23 ff Y Shi if! -x M -a w . ' I 11 1 53- ' e'1--, ! r A K ge is in . lx Q W kgmjfy . eg M Q., X wg X K Q: Q REX rs 5 Q Q r i " ' .rf ga mfs V .. iz' i , '-" B 5 ' li 'K i3i""" - - ,I - ni -1 Dennis Ingram Jerry Johnson Valerie Johnson Donald Karrick Brad Kepple Lyle Lamprechf Charles Law Margaret Lawson Robert Lawson Johnnie Lovell Vicki McAllister Joseph McAllister Zayna McGinnis Deborah McMullen Larry Maricle Lance Meinders Robert Meyers Diane Miller Jill Miller Paula Miller Tanya Morrow Florence Morse Teddy 'Morse Mickie Murphy Suellen Myers Ronald Negley Duane Nolan Jimmy O'Brian Carolyn Perardi Charles Pfahl William Purdum Kent Quin - " ' ral ' Mx F' X K , N x X X X X X Q X 'X X X X '-1 iff 55 fi fig ,, x is i . wg Ex if arg X, X R You +3 X I ' f racle clance in flue 5.1-ew of .- X .3 -X, ..,... , ,..,, i . i ' f f-aw--M J X ah XX E' X .,,.. ,, 1-1 1-if .:.. . Ak. 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' 2211 'Sass '- ' ,R ww "' , CL !l"06 7 ife ia hfecl ,gja .,1 ' 1:gf1,s 2Q ,. f ei Q sfv sxs ies sl s -NW' isfii k5Q13g:l5g5L,g11iPZ Sfiliiiiir'if"-f'i.xi?7s:9Q?iTi?i'isizsji 1 Qswfiixzw, :fr we nw sw-z si,ssii.sf'4wf- 5122?-fiifiwiifww W 2 -- s f, m , , r , w n sfw e- Az ' -Qfffsl?f5i??5:i!??2sSfg5f2giffiessifQfiisiigilfgiiQg5Ss:fgQQQ:igg?Eigg5'r5Q935 fmmf-fywwiz-zswiiw fwh fl!-521-fa--S:-5Q2fiP5i'??+5!2 -Eigsilffxggw ' . Sgi??fs??fsWf:fgfvsz1Sl3fQ l Science progresses. Marta Anderson and Put Clordy hook boiteries fo gel o charge in general science while Randy Gallinger, Bob Smith, and Dyle Wilson take data to figure the velocity of cu falling object in physics. 42 I 4 Nick McKee-ver ciimbs to his A in p.e. wifA new acfiuifiezi This clock in Mr. Dcuvid's office is "the heart beat of ihe school." June? Ccipron, a freshman, con'f get her locker open because her hand's on the door. is s Mr. Donley's freshmen practice their lines for "Romeo and Juliet." 43 Janet Adams, B.S. Business Education Illinois State University Edna Anderson, B.S. Girls' P.E. Illinois State University Eugene Aten, B.S., M.A. Business Education Western Illinois University Colorado State College John Blessent, B.S. Vocational Agriculture Illinois State University Harold Bowen, B.S., M.S. Driver's Education General Science Business Math Western Illinois University Denise DeGraff, B.A. French, English University of Illinois K COI'l'l,0etel'lf MCLCLLA te6tC 05, Cl, vided James Derks, B.S. Mathematics Western Illinois University Hal Devore, B.S., M.S. History Western Illinois University Richard Donley, B.S. English Bradley University Ronald Ellberg, B.S. Boys' P.E. Western Illinois University Ralph Fann, B.S., M.A. General Shop Fort Hays Kansas State College Colorado State College Dean Frost, B.A., M.A. Guidance Director English Coe College ' Bradley University I John Fulkrod, B.S. Chemistry, Algebra Physical Science Eureka College Annice Gouveia, A.B., M.A. English, Guidance Councelor Bradley University Walter Grebe, B.S. General Science Driver's Training Western Illinois University Melvina Green, B.S. Biology Western Illinois University Ronald Henderson, B.S., M.S Physics, Mathematics University of Illinois Illinois State University Gail Hopkins, B.S. Spanish, French Illinois State University an aziziidfd Jfuclenfzg cz do iuea Leda Hungate, B.S. Librarian Southern Illinois University Linda Johnson, B.S. Business Education Western Illinois University Charles Pulliam, B.S., M.S. Speech Eastern Illinois University Ann Renninger, B.S. English Western Illinois University Charles Shirar, B.S. Mechanical Drawing Biology Eastern Illinois University Georgana Watkins, B.S. English, History Illinois State University Wanda Williams, B.S. Social Science Wesiern Illinois University Nancy Wurmle, B.S. Home Economics Illinois Stale University William Vandeveer, B.M., M.S. Band, Choruses Illinois Wesleyan University Illinois State University 5fLl,6leI'lf fe6LC QP!! C GHC? Ol' QXl08l"i0l'lC0 Phyllis Clayberg Kalhleen Hall Beverly Krider ci i2 ' - ! Roger Lavrin Gail Shadick Harold Shaw Elaine Swartz Martha Sweney Wendy Thornion TH' if , , 'N .X rv J 1-MQ-f -V R 92 ff 1-If 'K X ' X fs? S' vis . I T 4. fn, 1, , . 1 1 X X' i ffl". . - I iffmgg 1 ""5T,5f Q ff ms S 1 W' X 1 is N. Q0 . f ,N Eg... JSF if Q ' 1 sf hm Y gf w .I lb Farmington's School Board: Row I: Harrison Dennis, Secretary, Edwin Coots, President, Nolan Dicks, Vice-President. Row 2: William West, Ted Harding, Verle David, Principal, Herman Gronewoldy Lewis Stranz, and Charles Pulliam, Assistant Principal. 9006! aalminkifrafion aridef of fclw Mr. David checks school bus assignments. Mr. Verle David, principal, and Mr. Charles Pulliam, assistant principal, have a combined total ot tvvelve years' administration at F.C.l-l. S. Both men have a real interest in school activities and encourage student participa- tion. This interest is proved by their presence at nearly every school function. ln addition to carrying the numerous responsibilities of the principal's ottice, Mr. David is also presi- dent of the Farmington Rotary Club. Mr. Pul- liam is also very busy. l-le teaches three class- es ot speech, is the adviser to our Student Council, the head ot our AFS program, and performs many student personnel services. We are lucky to have such able administrators at Farmington High. Guidance counselors Mrs. Gouveio and Mr. Frost busy at work. Good counseling and up to date college information are necessary for any student to plan the most benefi- cial curriculum. Mr. Frost and Mrs. Gouveia do an excellent iob in this area. With their knowledge and the available information they can help a student decide vvhat his college or vocational interests may be. They also aid students who are applying to spe- cific colleges and see that the required tests are made available to them. Mrs. Dixon and Mrs. Fann are re- sponsible for our efficient main office. They perform many services for stu- dents, teachers, and clubs. They also keep all of the school records and are of great assistance to Mr. David and Mr. Pulliam. 5ilfL6!6I'lf l06l"60l'lI1e 5el"UiCe6 Mrs. Dixon ond Mrs. Fann sort mail and type tests Mr. Pulliam is one of the early cirrivers at F.C.H.S. ACCENT ON ORGANIZA TIUNS J NC O G S C SCU MNS BRAD GUIDI Editors n -Q.Qm-u- Tim Turbeit, Robbie Schmidf, Don Kouzlurich, and Phyllis Parr prepare Red Cross chest os port of service proiecf. fifuclenf counci deruea ACAOO! an communif Row 1: L. Lone, D. Yecisi, K. Moore, P. Parr, C. Young, J. Dolly, Butler. Row 3: D. Kepler, T. Turbeif, S. Thomos, B. Uniz, M. Ward B. Yeast, M. Herrick. Row 2: D. Kciuzlurich, D. Culver, R. Schmidt, B. Davis, J. Rodrigues, Mr. Pulliam. G. Arrenholz, M. Anderson, S. Mo:Qnelli. B. Guidi, V. Ewolf, M. 52 1 -...1 N .5 ,-.J . img- Q' L . Y. l ,.. me Chuck Stevens, Glen Miller, Linda McCoy, Janice Rodgers, and Dennis Culver share an anxious moment during Christmas play "Not Even a Mouse." rama CELL offerd flzeafrica exyoeriencezi Raw l: T. Snider, L. Lane, M. Herrick, S. Morse, L. Antle, Snider, J. Stephen, P. Bales, J. Foster, M. Murphy, D. Brown, Mooney, J. Vaira, L. Dickerson, G. Herbert, B. Barnhill, M. P mare, D. Fleisher. Row 2: B. Moletti, D. Culver, K. Dennis, Whited, L. Diefendorf, C. Cummins, C, Slater, S. Diefendorf, U Fitzpatrick, S. Smick, J. Dolly, C. Young, L. Guthrie, K. Nichols, Threw, K. Moore, L. Saunders, D. Yeast, B. Deal, C. Giagnoni, Yeast, J. Johnson, F. Dyer, C, Stevens, S. Thomas. Row 3: Guidi, B. McCrae, S. Steck, S. Michela, P. Doubet, L. Stranz, Capron, G. Redlingshafer, L. McCoy, D. Varnes, V. Clark, B. Hef ley, T. Porter, C. Westerby, S. Danz, J, Rodgers, E. Wakefield C. Perardi, T. Wright, J. Doubet, S. Alldredge, R. Jones, S. Rode haver, G. Miller, D. Fleisher, Mrs. Renninger. Row 4: J. Hall, B Davis, N. Pinkerton, C. Pfahl, K, Dixon, S. Taylor, S. Maccanelli P. Miller, B. Stomberg, S. Madiic, J. Fernango, M. Anderson, P Parr, G. Arrenholz, P. Kelly, H. Hovenden, M, Davis, M. Damron B. Anderson. Row I: M. Forbes, R. Zaborac, J. Ulm, G. Ford, R. Jones, P. Foster, R. Downurcl, T. Hefley, J. Murphy, J. Lovell, D. Nolan, C. Law L. Starcevich. Row 2: D. Hill, W. Bitner, B. Munson, T. Reed, T Neill, R. Welker, S. Passmore, C, Smith, R. Isbell, R. DeVries, B Purdum, R. Schaenbein, R. Bales. Row 3: B Chatten, B. Isbell, B. Renner, G. Bcughman, C. Stevens, P. Lindley, B. Kirkley, T. 1 Fletcher, D. Skaggs, K. Stein, D. Boughmon, K. Wilcox, D. Anderson B. Cochran. Row 4: S. McBroom, T. Kindred, L. Leeper, J. Mac canelli, R. Kosowski, D. Nannen, D. Hayclen, N. Isbell, D. Schaer D. Bach, D. Doubet, M. Fleisher, K. Hudson, R. Riekena, G. Isbell T. Ulm, Mr. Fann. incluafriaf arid cfug Jeuefolofi uocafionaf ffgifff Row I: J. Murphy, M. Fulton, D. Gronewold, C. Brashers, R. Foroker, D. Celio, T. White, R. Morse, M. Gier, T. Morse, M. Thompson, P. Strunz, M, Atterberry, J. Gerkin. Row 2: R. Roberts, J. Guthrie, L. Maricle, R. Lawson, H. Hopper, A. Dilts, H. Stufflebeam, D. Hartmann, J. Johnson, D. McKeever, B. Homan, C. Pfahl. Row 3: 54 D. Ihnes, D. Copple, D. McKeever, J. Chatten, P. Smizer, W. Smith, T. Morse, J. Nolan, B. Burgard, E. Diefendorf, D. Ingram, B. Williams. Row 4: D. Wilson, B. Smith, C. Reed, J. Nelson, P. Fisher, M. Warfield, V. Doubet, D. Whaley, N. Isbell, E. Rutledge, J. Smith, S. Foraker. LIBRARY CADETS: Row l: B. Deal, C. Westerby, J. Foster, D. Lackey. Row 2: H. Sipp, K. Hayward, D. Lovell, C. Bitner. Row 3: G. Arends, H. Hovenden, C. Coffey, A. Coleman. u-sunr- Joyce Fritz, Linda Saunders, Donna Lovell, and Donna Evans are the secretaries to our guidance counselors. Aeruice an 15100145 acfiuifiw open fo afuolenfo GAA Row 'l: S. Riekena, A. Deal, K. Finnie, S. Kelley, L. Herron D. Porter, C. Gibbs, H. Sipp, J. lngold, M. Passmore, L. McCoy J. Fritz, C. Evans. Row 2: C. Fitzpatrick, E. Wakefield, M. Davis, J. Bradshaw, G. Gerkin, J. Hammerich, J. Hensley, C. Coffey, J Fitzpatrick, J. Ryer, D. Ramey, L. Williams, P. Doubet, L. Stranz, J. Newcomb. Row 3: M. Sprague, B. Deal, J. Wright, C. Morris, D. Gueldenhaar, D. Threw, D. Threw, S. Harper, S. Smick, N. Fresia, R. Feeser, C. Westerby, M. Abbott, Miss Anderson. 55 The honor of Sweethenrf Queen wen! fo Bobbe Hefley. Mary Davis and Eileen Rosa put to test Their skills in sewing. CL l0l"eIOCl,l"e1f lflflelffl elaif Ol" fke ,0l"efJel'lf anal Afltlfllde Row 1: K. Walters, D. Porter, C. Bifner, S. Stomberg, B. Fresio, S. Bollinger. Row 3: Miss Wurmle, P. Wilcox, Hefley, P. Dixon, C. Morris, M. Sprague, S. Hurst, V. K. Finnie, L. Molchin, W, Schneizler, L, Ray, S. Banlcerf, Johnson. Row 2: J. Newcomb, D. Wren, J. Finnie, S. Wol- D. Finnie, S. Hitchcock, H. Sipp. ford, M. Ufsinger, C. Coffey, S. Madiic, S. Harper, N. 56 Row .li M- AYTCFLJEFVY, R- COOK -l- Sluismun, L. BCHSOFM 3: P. Overccsh, 'M. Plumer, R. Leeper, J. Shryock, L. D. Kcrrick, T. Briggs, R. Muhr, K. Quin, B. Bunkerf, W. Sfarcevich, G. Johnson, D. Culver, B. Blue, T. Martin, Zessin, P. Strcxnz. Row 2: S. Wasson, N. McKeever, R. B. Duley, D. Miller. Row 4: Mr. Blessent, A. Archdale, Shryock, G. Rohrer, L. Maricle, D. Riekenu, D. Severl, D, Nunnen, J. Johnson, B. McMeen, R. Perisho, S. Duley, B. Meyers, L. Dicks, G. Show, R. Duley, T. Mohr. Row R. Wasson, T. Bolton. a feac eri mem era 6Li!5 0 mo ern arming Mr. Blessent gives Roger Wasson advice on soil testing. 57 ACAPPELLA CHOIR: Row 'l: S. Henderson, S. Kelley, L. Starce- vich, C. Giagnoni, D. Hartmann, B. Small, D. Finnie, D. Guelden- haar, L. Stranz, K. Moore, P. Kellstadt, A. Deal, L. McCoy, J. Whited, L. Diefendorf, S. Bankert, Row 2: L. Guthrie, L. Henderson, L. Morris, L. Williams, S. Michela, T. Porter, P. Sprowls, J. Fitzpatrick, J. Finnie, P. Doubet, J. Rodgers, S Steck, C. Young, J. Wright, C. Perelli. Row 3: G. Redlingshafer G. l"erbert, K. Dennis, D. Hartmann, M. Redlingshafer, B Kepple, M. Butler, R, Wasson, C. Stevens, S. Thomas, M. Parr D. Bollinger, J. Chatten, J. Bradshaw, B. Deal, Mr. Vandeveer lfl'Llfl,fJiC gl"0ll,l06 l0l"e58l'lt ilfI'I,l0l"e1J5iUQ l0l"0gI"6l.l'l'l:5 CANTATA: Row 1: R. Schmidt, K. Moore, C, Giagnoni, D. Guelden haar, M. Herrick. Row 2: Mr. Vandeveer, J. Whited, K. Purdum, C. Young, L. Henderson, S. Henderson, D. Hartmann, R. Herman, B. Lynch, B. Williams, J. Chatten, B. Culver, R. Wasson, R. Nickerson, M. Redlingshafer, D. Bollinger, J. Saunders, B. Kepple, B. Guidi - B. Barnhill, C. Pfahl, R. Morse, J. Morse, D. McKeever, K. Dennis, D. Kauzlarich, M. Butler, S. Fleming, G. Haynes, D. Cowser, D. Culver, B. Blue, M. Fleisher, B. Holdridge, G. Baughman, F. Maior, C. Stevens, D, Webb, S. Bankert, B. Deal. Row 4: J. Bradshaw, Finnie, L. Stranz, L. Lane, S. Diefendorf, S. Taylor, S. Steck, R. Gallinger, R. Negley, T, Briggs, D. McKeever, P. Doubet, D. L. Williams, S- Michele. J- R0dQ9l'5, P- Gffldy, 5- HGFTFNCIDDI K- Hartmann. Row 3: C. Perelli, P. Kellstadt, J. Wright, S. Morse, I im ...Q gm. Qs, ,Y Gail Redlingshafer, Pam Doubet, Janet Bradshaw, Jane Whited, Karen Moore, and Carol Giagnoni improve chorus by accompanying on the piano. Wagner, T. Porter, M. Passmore, L, McCoy, C. Cummins, J. Fitz patrick, P. Fetter, C. Richards, P. Archdale, L. Starcevich, G. Her- bert, G. Redlingshafer, S. Kelley, C. Seidel, P. Parr, J. Stephan Row 5: N. Pinkerton, S. Madiic, D. Yeast, M. Davis, S. Smick, C Fitzpatrick, L. Diefendorf, S. Harper, B. Fleming, B. Small, V. Clark L. Guthrie, J. Finnie, H. Hovenden, H. Sipp, C. Bitner, L. Ray, A Bolton, K. Mooney, A. Deal, A. VanPetten, S. Meyers. Row 6: P Wilcox, L. Antie, B. Hefley, C. Gibbs, K. Despines, V. VanHouten M. Dykes, D. Threw, M. Abbott, C. Morby, C. Westerby, P. Sprowls M. Sprague, S. Hitchcock, S. Stomberg, J, Vaira, A. Homan, D Ramey, C. Pfahl, E. Brashers, J. Hensley, R. Jones, M. Deppermann J. Newcomb. f Row 1: J. Rodgers, C. Perelli, K. Dennis, S. Steck, P. Grady, B. Anderson, D. Higgs, L. Stranz, J. Fornengo, 5. Diefenclorf, P. Miller, Yeast, K. Bartley, S. Hurst, J. Doubet, M. Passmore, P. Doubet, C. S. Myers, T. Wright, N. Pinkerton, S. Hartmann, B. Barnhill, A. Giagnoni, V. Clark, D. Fleisher, P. Dixon, K. Nichols, J. Dolly. Bolt, G. Wright, C. Connor. Row 2: S. Michela, S. Kelley, J. Whited, P. Parr, P. Fetter, M. flue mufiic elaarfmenf Jfriuefi fo reoenf STAGE BAND Row 1: Carol Gingnoni, Mickey Mason, Beth Muberry, Marnaieon Simpson, Dave Fleisher, Mark Ward. Row 2: Mike Redlingshafer, Janice Rodgers, Marvin Parr, Paul Stranz, Gayle Redlingshafer, Cindy Connor. Row 3: M. Mason, B. Maberry, J. Doubef, M. Simpson, K. Purdum, M. Thomas, R. Perisho, D. Fleisher, M. Ward, G. Herberf, M. Parr, B. Holdridge, E. Passmore, P. Kellstadt, T. Vlahovich, P. Slranz, G. Redlingshafer, M. Murphy, D. Wilson, D. Moul, J. Capron, S. a yea? l'0bU'l l0l'0gl'ClJ'YL 0 gg, , A f V mr: ,A-, -- Morse, L. Henderson, K. Moore. Row 4: J. Hall, T. Evans, C. Young, B. Purdum, D. Buughman, M. Redlingshafer, Mr. Vandeever, T. Bernovich, B. Bologna, B. Kepple, S. Thomas, J. Bowen. infifrumenfa exce ence MAJORETTES Kneeling: Susie Michela, Cynfhia Perelli. Slanding: Alice Bolt, Gayle Herberf, Kar- labeth Dennis, Drum Maior Dave Fleisher, Jane Dolly, Kay Nichols, Beverly Barnhill. The ' 3, 'H'-i . 1 +1--'.,,, .fu-s'3,. rw .ns . -. nf W1 ,Q Row 'l: B. Kauzlarich, T. Hefley, P. Lindley, J. Rodrigues, Bill Davis, D. Kauzlarich, G. Haynes, R. Perisho, D. Fleisher, D. Cowser, M. G. Ford. Row 2: Mr. Henderson, J. Agnoletti, R. Gallinger, E. Thomas. Wakefield, L. McCoy, B. Chalien, D. Davis, Mr. Fulkrod. Row 3: Acience cfug laroui 26 for incbvialuaf exla orafion Science Club members Dave Fleisher, Bill Davis, Bill Kauzlarich, John Agnoleifi, and Don Davis explore the mysteries of the microscope world. -nl ui - 1- we -ww ai- -1 - -- ' 2 .2 3 x -L W - 7 es- w Janice Rodgers participates in National Honor Society's "Student Teaching Day." 7 n A Jing eo auf fomorrow A ea em foclag Seated: Terry Overccish, Linda Guthrie, Gloria Gerkin, Chris Cum- mins, Audrey Bolton, Dennis Bruniga. Standing: Louis Ori, Cindy Terry Bolton, Donna Lovell, Steve Duley, Clifford Reed, Randy Leeper, Westerby, Becky Small, Janice Rodgers, Judy Polhemus, Bob Renner, Mrs. Gouveia, Miss Johnson. its: 63 Organizations editor Janice Rodgers copies triplicates with assis- tants Chris Cummins and Brad Guidi. Class lists are checked by school editor Terry Bolton and assistants Cynthia Perelli and Cheryl Young. Editor-in-chief Mickey Mason checks final layout with her assistant Linda Guthrie and Miss Watkins, adviser. 64 uogageur Afa comyai ea a gear 0 un an wor in A004 form Activity editor Julie Fulton hunts layouts with assistant Janet Bradshaw. Sports editor John Agnoletti checks deadlines with his assistant Ron Perisho. Typists Linda Williams and Phyllis Parr proofread copy as copy editor Audrey Bolton makes final check. 65 Row 1: M. Herrick, L. Diefendorf, M. Turbett, T. Overcash, P. Kell- sfadi, L. Henderson, A. VanPe1'fen, B. Maberry, L. Lone. Row 2 G. Arrenholz, D. Threw, J. Rodgers, D. Lovell, J. Fulton, V. Clark, D. Evans, J. Polhemus, C. Westerby. Row 3: D. Wilson, M. Wasson B. Small, C. Evans, D. Ramey, C. Young, K. Moore, D. Davis, G. Isbell. Row 4: B. Anderson, M. Clardy, N. Isbell, R. Schmidt, D. Kauzlarich, D. Cowser, S. Thomas, Miss Adams. ringing fo flue zifuclenf goal? fke newri of fckfi Argus fypists Julie Fulton, Donna Evans, Becky Small, and Loretta Diefendorf proof- read copy. 66 Mark Ward, Susie Rodehaver, and Marty Turbett admire French proiecf. Cl, new cfug !0l" 6tlfLC!el'l-iii of !0l"ei9l'l Clflgblfl-geff ROW T: M- Morris, J- Frifl, 5- Henderson, C- Perelli, K- Hayward, DeGraff. Row 3: S. Wasson, M. Wasson, D. Cowser, L. Guthrie, J T- Overwsh, B- Muberry, M- Page, L- Henderson, D- Lackey- Row 2: Bradshaw, V. VunHou1en, S. Harper, C. Westerby, S. Smick, J Mrs. Hopkins, D. Yeast, L. Williams, C. Young, P. Doubet, D. Threw, Agngleni, M, Wqrd. N. Fresiu, R. Feeser, J. Douber, S. Rodehover, M. Turbeff, Miss 67 ACCENT ON SPOR TS JO N AGNO RON PER S O Ed We -aw V,-Q SA , , K L iiiwrr E., 'Q 51 -iv f -132 ' ai: qgggg gi -A . P, -.WA X i. ' Q vs uusuumgm. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Sherry Taylor, Phyllis Parr, Becky Dickerson, Jeanne Stephan, Morylee Herrick. The VarsiTy Cheerleaders did a fine iob This year boosTing our school spirif. Fresh-Soph Cheerleaders also generaTed spiriT by cheering for our Fresh-Soph baskerball Team. Frequenr pep rallies were held To help boosT our lagging school spirit These rallies were planned and sTaged by The eighT cheerleaders. Skifs and dialogues presenTed by various groups aided The girls in promoTing enThusiasm among The sTudenT body. This yeur's Varsity cheerleader captain, Phyllis Parr. 70 VARSITY: Row I: T. Mahr, M. Kepple, D. Kepler, S. Capron, M. T- Ulm, J- Ulm, J. Zaborac, M. Bufler, 5- BOIIIUQGYI G- ISIUSII, Wasson, B. Isbell. Row 2: Manager D. Bollinger, M. Redlingshafer, P. Overcash, R. Passmore, D. Doubef, Coach R. Ellberg. Row 4: M. Hedden, B. Molefii, B. Renner, G. Miller, J. Rodrigues, T. D- SCIIUEFI G- JOIWHSOH, R- NICIKSYSOFL M- CIUFCIYI D- Kcwzlvrich, Turbetf, Manager T. Wilcoxen. Row 3: Ass'I, Coach H. Bowen, B. Hedden, B- Unfz, B. Gilslrap. CLl"l'l'lel"5 CCl,l0flfl,l"0 VARSITY SCHEDULE Dave Kepler picks up valuable yardage for Farmers. We I Havana I9 O Levvisfown 6 7 Chillicothe 20 9 Morfon I2 6 Monmoufh I4 O Eureka 6 6 IVIeTamora I9 7 Tremont 35 O Canton 6 13 FRESH-SOPH Row 1: J. Chatten, E. Rutledge, B. Williams, P. Negley, D, Brentz, L. Starcevich, J. Wooster, S. Wasson, D. Gil Clardy, B. Kepple, J. Agnolefii, G. Ford. Row 2: H. Stufflebeam, strap, K. Bain, Coach H. Devore. Row 4: V. Doubef, D. McKeever J. McAllisfer, J. Johnson, P. Fosfer, T. Morse, C- Sfevens, D- Celia. R. Zcborac, D. Bqughmun, C. Smith, R. Isbell, D. Anderson, T W. Zessin. Row 3: Coach J. Derks, D. McKeever, N. McKeever, R. Bernovich, D. Moul. CON, el"el'lCe Cl"0lfUlfL Assisianf coaches Derks, Devore, and Bowen plus managers Terry Wilcoxen and Danny Bollinger prepare team for game. Steve Capron Ben Gilslrap Bill Hedden Bill Isbell if S Q 0 K , Q N a WMA 4. 1 W uw- n:uu.uauM -nn-wsu game strategy with ieam captain Dave Kepler. , k,:,k . .,,,, A . QR: 5 X x x .N i -fb xx' is In QU E . ,wk , .Q i ' ssl' QQ 5 1, J ,f Turbetf 4 g I Mike Wasson 5 2 wunsur-num ...ap 1-mmap -ws-was aw-ummm-w aww - as Q Q X.. 5 N jk VARSITY Dennis Douber F Keppfe, tam Tmlrb en, Dave Kepler. , Kim Hudson, Brad Guidi, Dan FRESH-SOPH SCHEDULE lvlcicomb Conton Morton Hovono lvletomoro Tremont Cubo Chillicothe Eureko Volley lvletomoro Lewistown Conton Morton Tremont Eureko Abingdon Chillicothe WE THEY 42 49 42 49 3l 55 42 33 32 43 50 43 44 52 i9 50 29 65 44 45 29 43 5l 62 31 43 49 48 5l 64 4l 50 54 57 37 69 4 wo 1, Steve Cap,-0,-,I Bob Ren. CLl"l'l'leI"6 Mocomb ConTon Mor'Ton Hovono Wefnersfield Mefomoro Cubo Chilliconwe Eureko Lewistown Metomoro Monmouth Lewisfovvn Confon Morton Tremonf Eureko Abingdon ChilIicoThe V. I, T, H' 77 x. P . g.5Ff ff 3 rp- , A - Pixma! ya..-Aw i IFf?"""'f vi wk J, 1... J' f if 4 in ff it Q 6 'K I o "wifi-ar A :wi a4"N Wh W 1 'f 1 ,iq 'SME INTO! EMM QKXKDTK MHOIT IKTANORA ?l,6 'f Donley Row 'la R. Foruker, T. Vluhovich, B. Isbell, D. Kepler, S. Copron, T. Turbetf, T. Agnoletti, J. Bowen, P. Stronz. Row 2: D. Diefendorf, V, Doubef, D. Brentz, D. Higgs, K. Hudson, S. Bollinger, D. Doubet, D. Nannen, D. Guthrie, J. Johnson, G. Johnson, K. McCoy. Row 3: H. Shaw, Couch E. Afen, R. Welker, M. Whitmer, R. Nickerson, M. Butler, D. Moul, D. McKeever, M. Damron, W. Zessin, B. Williams, D. McKeever, N. McKeever, Coach W. Grebe. armerd win cfiofricf Fresh-Soph Coach Eugene Aten and Varsity Couch Walter Grebe BASEBALL SCHEDULE We They Volley 7 5 Lewistown 3 5 Eurelco 3 4 Golesburg 5 3 Chillicothe 3 6 Morton 8 5 Glostorcl O 3 Tremont i4 3 Elmwood i9 9 Dunlop 7 O Cube 3 l Volley 8 2 Metomorci 9 4 Brimtielol 9 l Princeville 9 O Peorio Centrol l 7 L Track Coach John Fulkrodh Dave Diefendorf gains points for Farmers in the sho? puf. fuaon C0ll,l'lig C GIWLIQJ Row I: R. Riekenc, M. Kepple, V. Ewalt, B. Young, S. Wasson, R. Negley, D. Gronewold. Row 2: B. Chc1Hen, M. Thomas, R. Gullinger, D. Higgs, D. Kauzlurich, J. Johnson, L. Mohr, V. Doubei, D. Diefenclorf, Coach J. Fulkrod. L T R B Y g, F. Moior, D. Higgs, J. Johnson, J. Bowen, B. Smifh, R. Riekeno, L. Mohr, V. Ewoli, R. Gollinger, Coach J. Fu inexlaeriencec! farmera owe ducceddfuf deadon Team goes Through culisThenics before T ATTer o slovv sTorT, The cross counTry Teom greofly improved. Finishing vviTh o Tinol record of 5-3-l, The Teom vvos very successful. Climoxing The yeor, The Teom ploced eighih in The Peorio DisTric:T lvleeT. The new ovvord given Tor running one hundred miles during The seoson vvos presenfed To Rondy Gcillinger, Roger Riekeno, Vic EvvolT, Joy Johnson, LeRoy Mohr, Jim Bovven, Dovid Higgs, Fred Moior, ond Burr Young. Steve Capron Randy Gallinger Ben GHSLVUP All Conference Quarterback lllio Conference 880 Champion All Conference Tackle Little All State Quarterback Little All State TOClile Most Valuable Player, Baseball oufdfancling aflzkfic ac ieuemenfzi Bill 'Hedden Bill Isbell Little All State Tackle All Conference End Dave Kepler Mike Kepple Dave Schaer All Conference Linebacker All Conference Halfback All Conference Tackle Highest Batting Average Little All State Halfback lllio Conference 440 Champion ig, 83 ACCENT ON AC TIV I TIES JU ULTON AN S AW Editors WN , A if if , Q ifggg-i..: K if Mit .- wifi K ,ft ' .. qfil .H ' .53 K! 5 ' ' ' fa. X gk. Ski vi iw sgilfix fur' er xwnfa wav. -Yfrf: If fi SSX 4 ' 31 N., T "M ,,A, N X. .six yy X X E 5 fig 5 . . X :A K . y . .g 55 -Q S3 .. 'X k 4, ss Q ' S 1. n ,J , 1 P' , mn I C .1 Q-za' , 1 nf Q Q 'im 'iii i "Eff ,mm I W K 4513 , 'ls is-2. 14555, iv' .Ni Q f sk . . ,ig E52 2 mm " Y ., . 322 E N ' 1 -,"' . f . 5 W- , Q 5 O. . . z , 5 - ff' awww. .. . . NS ff, ', ,. ', V -Jw' 2 lu -,X ,,,x . , -1 ff A2532 4 - W up SNQZ, xii? 5, -,J nf, Q , 35252 27. A 5: Vigffiiifiw 1 2 Q A -f A Es'fmggpe'ffs 'F- , :iv v+:g. ?4A A , " 1' X, f in,,,Mw2s.,'::zifge?figi':455i,,Q,225-55.:ng2s:2I,a ha- , Wu,-1,1 , ,g . 52 ::, 'A I ,gi fy ' Y" 35. Q l , rf I 3. 3,137 W 552535: ' :jr ' 1' I 1 M , gg 3565 3 W ' Six: SE ,. 1' f f V I: ,, .mm.c"f Sxw, fgw J,X I965 M2211 ff' Q. whamnuh Woga g , -I M D Aisxiifk ' Lonifazr dccanefh - e x Qing' aue .Icp er K if mfr " ' T x 1 U, wg.-' 7 ,. mln s gina-xg N ' -as '- X: Qi gg Sb xg? -x R5 All i? Nm-nv' x if X X 8 X a ,Q N X 5 Q' P Q W Q Q X 1 21 f 5 E 1 A "3 I 39 X59 -9 'N?"'u X is S nu v u num. - Kookie clothes add to the elevated spirits at the pep rally. Cheerleaders 5. Taylor, P. Parr, B. Dickerson, J. Stephan, and M. Herrick, boost enthusiasm at bonfire. laela ra!! inifiafed Women faculty display their talent and enthusiasm at rally. 88 ,ff F ., x i The "hot" idea of the Seniors won third place. The P-T-A- SWIG 5eC0f1d with their "WiTChy" idea. ,ff ,av ' omecoming F.F.A. captured first with their contrary theme. Blast off! The cost included F. Major, S. Rodehuver, L. Roy, R. Nickerson, C. Pfahl, B, Deal, J. Hummerich, J. Rodgers, S. Thomas, R. Rogers, cmd B. Guidi CC 77 flue undurilaecfeal Ag flue junior C arid Directors of fhe Junior play, Miss Hungofe and Miss Anderson, prepare actors with mokeeup. 90 The cast of the sprung musical Check Your Worries sung a welcome to their llttle Idaho town 6 rin mudica refienfd uirfued :ima fown, i e Directors Miss Anderson, Mrs Rennmger and Mr Vandeveer correlated the efforts of dancers actors vocalists and musicians ,PN N... - 1-Q-.hi M , K N W,m.....,u,,,,.,.,.,..v.,,,,.M..M , . M. --...MW -N ,, " Wuwmwww N . .. . 3 an W."--., . '?""'XTMf M---..,..,.M..,,.,...W,m..M.. A A U 'L " M W. ,. -- V .WM WNNNA , , Wm.,..A.,, MV., . , - ,. . A-M .M ffge--.,.....,W-A 'f'2fw.WM:M .,1.. " -' QW, ..., . . . . ' f-...m:,.e,Wj'1-1-'..Q.M,,.vL,,, A k Ak A ,M ,.,A..,, -Y, W A W, -1 'Nw-owskk ' . ' fl W M ,M-W, ., - NWN M-...Q.M..V -W1 Nlwrmww mum ww: -Q, Wim' 3-,..,,,,,,.Qb,,,w,MWwwMnM W MMM LL,,, W - K "-Wm-m....w,.W ""'W'w-- vW1...:,,1g ,Y -f ,...,kM - .. ..,. .,-:.:1:1:1.H:,g:3-N-V-P-....,, ' "G-W'-..1:,q-...,.,w MM --M V--f-ww.-Aw .M,,-.,, , . , fm- 1 , '-W-W.-+-f.w..W A "'W"WvWWm.-mm ,,lgghQWMwwf,Q-mv.. l-ZL.L.," W--.,.ggZQ.,Qfm'W '-www-41m,5,,,,Qjfff' 'V "" N ,.,, Wwffm-N, WW. M .Y .iI,.MimQwlVN ,k.. K ,, , wm,,,W,w ,VL as W, ,, u -.-....... , ff N-Q' 1 '22 ' ,..:1"' ,. ,fy I I K Q, m.W W.,,W,MA 2 9. w lv mfw N I 'RW-n. f aw, 'X s F o 1. 43 P - " . ii .1 K F fx'-hz, m,l,X....1A15 'Ir f.. ,Um 5 Fran Dyer and her escort enterinto"Shangri-La". Advancing up the aisle, Judy Foster and her escort portray a happy couple. CC 77 uruord an deniord uifiif if angri- a Friends and relatives gather minutes before the Grand March begins. Q gif! S Krs.m Oriental royalty: King Dave Kepler and Queen Diana Yeast. li H li f ey nof ln? C0l'YLl'l'l0l'l Second attendants: Randy Gullinger and Jeanne Stephan. First attendants: Phyllis Parr and Bob Renner. ph . e i , V fi , , rrss X-V - 1 7' , V4 1zr1rzf5 i A .1 4 - -,ifgiva-5.4f -.L TSG, "Nl, A, K 4 "sbp ., V f s 1 gr' N125 -X: ,, 1 M.: ' 1 X 5 1 N sa - . .,r- 94 Delicacies of the Japanese were enioyed by everyone. 77 ll,l00I'l l'l'l0l'l'l0l'CL 0 JCQIQQ Oriental flavor . . . "Keep me to the end." 95 We lin .P Vadim? ' ' ,. FY! l qxf ,3 ,f 'gf X iz-lux ,L 'ff w ai 5-. ,- if x 3' --., The Rodrigues family and Joe. To oll of you, When you will be reoding This, l probobly will be in Brosil omong my fomily ond friends Telling Them Whof l leorned here ond how you Americons ore like. Cerfoinly, l will Tell Them ThoT Republicons ond Dem- ocrofs "like" eoch ofher very much ond Thof girls do noT weor moke- up. Well, if hos been o very good yeor This yeor l spenf vvifh dll of you. To oll of you who were my friends ond olso To oll of you Whom l sow buT l didn'T hove o close friendship, To oll of you who po- Tienfly helped me when l couldn'T undersfond or speok your lon- guoge, To oll of you who ployed CC 9? foe, our a 5 dfuclenf rom razi ond Worked Wifh me, l give my be-sf wishes of o wonderful fufure in The yeors To come. lf There is somefhing Thof I con never forgef, iT is your smile, your oTTenTion, ond obove oll Things, your friendship ond undersfonding. Good luck To oll of you, Americons. You ploy hord buf work hord. Don'T forgef Thof The copifol of Brosil is Brosilio ond Brosilions speola-"Chinese" Alwoys your friend, Jose Rodrigues Guidi family, Joe's American hosts. Gordon Wright and Judy Foster march up the aisle to the be- ginning of Class Day exercises. C 0,66 Nancy Brashers reads the last will and testament of the Class of 1966. ay Joe receives a football autographed by the team-a novelty to take back to Brazil. 97 vi. Av F d d I i ly f graduation exercises. Jusf a few minutes more gracluafion laromofefi flue Aeniord fo The Senior Class of 1966 98 ". . . farewell and thc: k y Soon-to-be alumni . . . fLe Afafuo 0 gracluaferi an a umni Now if's all over. Terry Bolton Joyce Fritz Bill Holdridge Steve Duley VALEDICTORIAN 0,9 Randy Leeper Clifford Reed SALUTATORIAN Donna Lovell l l Ron Perisho Bob Renner Dyle Wilson awar ri an ficlzofardlciyofi Steve Duley Illinois State Scholarship F.F.A. State Farmer Award Donna Evans Business Education Award Ron Perisho Illinois State Scholarship Paula Kellstadt Crisco Award Eileen Rosa Sterling Silver Award Peggy Dixon Betty Crocker Award ar- Y, 'IOI Terry Bolton Illinois State Scholarship Bob Renner Illinois State Scholarship LaVerne Noyes Scholarship Clifford Reed Edmund J. James Scholar Illinois State Scholarship Moth Contest Winner Dan Cowser Illinois State Scholarship Randy Leeper Illinois State Scholarship F.F.A. State Farmer Award County Agriculture Scholarship S ,.--,-.,i.-H s. x,e,- .,-.5 X-.,MSf4i.i-,-x ,giis.-sfs V - ....,WL. M ,-. . year at F.C.H.S. draws to a close, we on a new English department, more stu- a new pop machine, lasagna, Batman, Fatman, action boots, wooden rings, granny dresses, and new innovations. Vo ng each maior sec- school has helped show the importance 'of each and experience in making our high school career way to prepare ourselves for life as adults. We would like to expressour gratitude to Mr. Kalies, com- pany representative- Mr Guidi h , . , p otographerg and Miss Watkins, adviser. ' We, the 1 o express our -thanks for all the time and effort given by the staff in an attempt to make this Voyageur an accurate pictoral record of life at F.C.H.S As'we look back at this t pas year, we see a year filled with opportunities to gain knowledge and experience through st-"""' activities, sports, and organizations. ' yageur stafli hope that accenti editors, wouldialso like t Abbott, Marilyn 23,55,58 Agnoletti, James 23 Agnoletti, Jerry 32 Agnoletti, John 12,80 Agnoletti, Michael 32,62,65,67,73 Alldreclge, Susan 12,53 Anderson, Bobby 23,53,66 Anderson, Anderson, David 38,54,73 Marta 3B,42,52,53,60,71,B7 in ex Deppermann, Robert 13 Deppermann, Rodger 13 Despines, Kathy 33,58 DeVries, Rebecca 39 DeVries, Richard 33,54 Dickerson, Linda 33,7l,87 Dickerson, Raymond 24 Dickerson, Rebecca 24,70,7l,B7,88 Dicks, Leon 33,57,77 Antle, Monica 32,53,58 Archdale, Alfred 12,57 Arends, Gary 12,55 Arrenholz, Gail 32,52,53,66 Atterberry, Michael 38,54,57 Atterberry, Rebecca 23 Bach, David 12,54 Bain, Karl 38,73 Balagna, Billy 32,60 Bales, Patricia 12,53 Bales, Roy 32,54,77 Bankert, Barry 38,57 Bankert, Sally 23,56,58 Barnhill, Beverly 32,53,60,61 Bartley, Kathleen 38,60 Baughman, Dale 38,54,60,73 Baughman, Gary 12,54,58 Bean, Mike 32,77 Beecher, Jeanne 23 Beecher, Roger 23 Beeney, Sue 23 Benson, Larry 38,57 Bernovich, Larry 32,73 Bitner, Connie 32,55,56,58 Bitner, Wayne 23,54 Blue, Robert 12,57,58 Bollinger, Danny 23,58,72,73 Bollinger, Sandra 38,56 Bollinger, Stanley 10,23,72,76,80 Bolt, Alice 23,31,60,61 Bolton, Audrey 23,58,63,65 Bolton, Shirley 32 Bolton, Terry 11,12,63,64,100,101 Bowen, James 32,60,77,80,82 Bradshaw, Janet 32,36,55,58,59,65,67,71 Brashers, Bobby 23 Brashers, Charles 38,54 Brashers, Elizabeth 38,58 Brashers, Nancy 12,97 Brentz, David 3B,73,77,80 Briggs, Terrence 32,57,58 Broadfield, Carol 38 Brooks, Randy 38 Brown, Dorothy 12,53 Brown, Mark 38 Bruniga, Dennis 23,63 Burgard, Arthur 32,54 Burnett, Janet 38 Butler, Mike 23,52,58,72,80 Capron, Janet 38,43,53 Capron, Steve 12,72,74,76,80,83 Celia, David 3B,54,73 Chatten, James 38,54,58,73 Chatten, Robert 10,13,54,62,81 Diefendorf, Diefendorf, Diefendorf, Diefendorf, Dilts, Dane Dixon, Kay David 32,33,80,81 Edwin 13,54 Loretta 24,28,53,57,67 Sharon 39,53,58,60 39,54 53 Dixon, Peggy 13,31,56,60,10l Dolly, Jane 33,52,53,60,61 Doubet, Dennis 33,54,72,76,80 Doubet, Janice 33,60,67 Doubet, Jeanine 39,60 Harper, Sharolyn 33,55,56,58,67 Hartmann, David 40,54,58 Hartmann, Della 33,58 Hartmann, Sandra 33,58,60 Hayden, Dean 15,54 Haynes, George 58,62 Hayward, Kathy 40,55,67 Hedden, James 33,72 Hedden, William 15,72,74,83 Hefley, Bobbe 15,53,56,58 Hefley, Tom 54,62 Henderson, Laura 33,58,66,67 Henderson, Sarah 40,58,67 Hensley, Judy 25,55,58 Herbert, Gayle 40,53,5B,60,61 Herman, Ray 40,58 Herrick, Marylee 15,52,53,58,66,70,71,88 Herron, Linda 25,55 Higgs, David 40,60,77,80,81,82 Hill, David 25,54 Doubet, Pamela 33,53,55,58,60,67 Doubet, Verle 39,54,73,80,81 Dawnard, Richard 39,54 Duley, Robert 24,57 Duley, Ronald 39,57 Duley, Steve 13,63,100,101 Dyer, Frances 14,53,93 Dykes, Margaret 39,58 Estes, Floyd 33 Hitchcock, Susan 33,56,58 Hoffer, Hoffer, Holdrid Donna 15 Kathleen 40 ge, William 15,58,60,100 Homan, Alberta 25,58 HomanfWilliam 40,54 Hoover, Gary 33 Hoover, Sheila 15 Hopper, Harold 40,54 Evans, Carol 24,55,66 Evans, Donna 14,55,66,101 Evans, Thomas 60 Ewalt, Vic 10,24,52,76,81,82 ' Feeser, Martha 39 Feeser, Mary 39 Feeser, Roberta 33,55,67 Fernengo, Jane 39, 53, 60 Fetter, Pam 24,58,60 Fields, Charles 24 Clardy, James 38,42,73 Clardy, John 32,66,72 Clark, Vicki 23,53,5B,60,66 Cochran, Brent 32,54 Coffey, Carol 32,55,56 Coleman, Alana 24,55 Connor, Cindy 13,60 Cook, Ronnie 39,57 Copple, David 32,54 Cowser, Danny 13,58,62,66,101 Culver, Bradley 32,58 Culver, Dennis 13,52,53,57,58 Cummins, Christine 24,53,58,63,64 Damron, Michael 33,53,80 Danz, Sherry 24,53 Davis, Donald 12,62,66 Davis, Mary 33 Davis Mary Ann 12,53,55,56,58 Davis, William 24,52,53,o2 Deal, Anne 39,55,58 Deal, Barbara 24,55,58,90 Dennis, Connie 39 Dennis, James 13 Dennis Karlabeth 39,53,60,61,87 Dennis, Kirby 39,58 Deppermann, Marilyn Sue 39,58 Fields, Tyrone 14 Finnie, Diana 33,56,58 Finnie, Jane 24,56,58 Finnie Kathleen 39,55,56 Fisher, Evanne 24 Fisher, Phillip 39,54 Fitzpatrick, Chris 24,53,55,58 Fitzpatrick, JoAnn 14,55,58 Fleisher, David 24,28,53,60,61,62 Fleisher, Diann 24,53,60 Fleisher, Mikal 14, 54,58 Fleming, Rebecca 39, 58 Fleming, Steve 58 Fletcher, Terry 54 Flynn, Margaret 25 Foraker, Dean 39,54 Foraker, Diana 25 Foraker, Ricky 39,80 Forbes, Mike 39,54 Ford, Gary 33,54,62,73 Foster, Harold 39,54,73 Foster, Judy 14,53,55,93,97 Fresia, Nancy 33,55,56,67 Fritz, Joyce 14,55,67,100 Fulton, Julie l0,25,65,66 Fulton, Michael 39,54 Gallinger, Randy 14,42,58,62,81,82,83,94 Geier, Michael 33,54 Geltmaker, Connie 14 Geltmaker, Joan 25 Gerkin, Duane 14 Gerkin, Gloria 25,55,63 Gerkin, James 39,54 Giagnoni, Carol 25,5B,59,60 Gibbs, Cherrill 25,55,58 Gilstrap, Benny 14,72,74,83 Gilstrap, David 39,73 Girard, Laura 39 Gomes, Linda 39 Grady, Patricia 34,58,60 Grafelman, Linda 25 Granewold, Danny 39,54,81 Grzanich, Jane 39 Gueldenhaar, Diane 33,55,58 Guidi, Brad 10,25,52,53,58,64,76,90,96 Guthrie, Donald 25,80 Guthrie, John 39,54 Guthrie, Linda 2s,5a,5s,e3,64,67 Hall, James 14,53,60 Hammerich, Janice 25,55,90 103 Hovenden, Hazel 33,53,55,58 Howell, Mary 40 Hudson, Kim 10,15,54,76,78,80 Hughes, Sandra 15 Hunt, Dorothy 15 Hunt, Linda 25 Hurst, Susan 40,56,60 lhnes, Daniel 40,54 Ingold, Janet 25,55 Ingram, Dennis 40,54 lsbell, Gary 26,54,66,72 Isbell, Nathan 15 Isbell, Neal 26,54,66 Isbell, Randy 33,54,73 lsbell, William 15,54,72,74,80,83 Jennings, Key 26 Jennings, Vicki 16 Johnson, Gary 26,57,72,B0 Johnson, Jay 33, 57,77,80,81 Johnson, Jerry 40,54 Johnson, Jerry 33 Johnson, Judy 53 Johnson, Valerie 40,56 Jones, Ronald 26,54 Jones, Rozella 33,53,58 Kauzlarich, Billy 33,62 Kauzlarich, Dannie 26,52,58,62,66,67,72,76 81 Karrick, Donald 40,57 Kelley, Peggy 26,53 Kelley, Sheila 34,55,58,60 Kellstadt, Paula 26,58,60,66,101 Kepler, David 11,l6,52,72,74,76,7B,80,83 86 94 Kepple, Brad 40,58,60,73 Kepple, Michael 26,72,76,81,83 Kindred, Teddy 26,3l,54 Kirkley, William 54 Kosowski, Richard 54 Lackey, Doris 16,55,67 Ladd, Stephen 34 Lamprecht, Lyle 40 Lane, Linda 16,31,52,53,5B,66 law, Charles 40,54 Lawson, Margaret 40,54 Lawson, Robert 40 lee, Judy 26 Leeper, Larry 34,54,57 Leeper, Randy 16,63,72,101 Lindley, Philip 26,54,62 Lopeman, Nola 34 Lovell, Donna 16,55,63,66,100 Lovell, Johnnie 40,54 Lucas, William 26 Lynch, William 26,31,58 McAllister, Joseph 40,73 McAllister, Vicki 40 McBroom, Stanley 16,54 McCoy, Kenneth 26,80 McCoy, Linda 16,53,55,5s,62 McCrae, Bill 53 McGinnis, Tricia 26 McGinnis, Zayna 40 McKeever, Daniel 34,54,58,73,80 McKeever, David 34,54,58,73,80 McKeever, Nicholas 31,34,43,57,73,80 McMeen, Brent 26,57 McMeen, Patricia 34 McMullen, Deborah 40 Maberry, Elizabeth 26,60,66,67 Maccanelli, James 54 Maccanelli, Sonita 16,52,53,86 Mahr, Rollin 34,57,81,82 Mohr, Thomas 34,57,72 Maidic, Susan 16,31,53,56,58 Maior, Fred 27,58,76,82,90 Maricle, Larry 40,54,57 Marlette, Marilyn 27 Martin, Tom 34,57 Mason, Mickey 11,16,60,64 Meinders, Lance 40 Melz, Verle 27 Meyer, Robert 40,57,77 Meyers, Stephen 16 Michela, Susan 27,53,58,60,61 Miller, David 57 Miller, Diane 40 Miller, Glen 17,53,72,74 Miller, Jill 40 Miller, Paula 40,53,60 Mitchell, Linda 27 Molchin, Linda 34,56 Moletti, Bob 17,53,72,74- Mooney, Kathy 17,53,58,87 Mooney, Susan 27 Moore, Karen 27,52,53,58,59,66 Morby, Carol 34,58 Morgan, Clancy 27 Morris, Connie 34,55,56 Morris, Louisa 27,58 Morris, Mary 27,67 Morrow, Tanya 41 Morse, Florence 41 Morse, Marilyn Sue 34,53 Morse, Raymond 34,54 Morse, Teddy 41,54,73 Morse, Timmie 54 Moul, Doug 34,73,77,80 Munson, Bill 34,54 Munson, Van 27 Murphy, James 34,54 Murphy, Jeffry 34 Murphy, Mickie 41,53,60 Murphy, Mike 17 Myers, Suellen 41,58,60 Nannen, Delmar 17,54,57,80 Negley, Ronald 41,58,73,81 Neill, Thomas 34,54 Nelson, Jerry 34,54 Newcomb, Judith 27,55,56,58 Nichols, Kay 34,53,60,61 Nichols, Vernon 17 Nickerson, Rodney 27,58,72,80,9O Nolan, Duane 41,54 Nolan, John 27,54 O'Brian, Bobby 34 O'Brien, Jimmy 41 Ori, Louis 27,63 Overcash, Paul 27,67,72 Overcash, Terry 27,31,57,63,66 Page, Marilyn 27,67 Parr, Phyllis 17,52,53,60,65,70,71,87,88,94 Parr, Marvin 28,31,58,60 Passmore, Eddie 28,60 Passmore, Marie 17,53,55,58,60 Passmore, Roger 28,72 Passmore, Steven 34,54,77 Perardi, Carolyn 41,53 Perelli, Cynthia 34,58,60,61,64,67 Perisho, Ron 17,57,60,62,65,76,79,100,101 Pfahl, Carol 28,53,58,90 Pfahl, Charles 41,54 Pinkerton, Nina 17,53,58,60 Plumer, Michael 28,57 Polhemus, Judy 28,63,66 Porter, Diane 34,55,56 Porter, Teresa 27,53,58 Purdum, Kathy 34,58,60 Purdum, William 41,54,60 Putman, Diana 34 Quin, Kent 41,57 Ramey, Donna 34,55,58,66 Ray, Linda 28,56,58,90 Redlingshafer, Gayle 41,53,59,60 Redlingshqfer, Mike 2a,5s,eo,72 Reed, Clifford 17,54,63,100,101 Reed, Lyle 34,54 Reissen, Clara 41 Reissen, Margaret 41 Renner, Robert 10,17,54,63,72,74,76,78,94,100, 101 Richards, Cheryl 28,58 Riekena, Dennis 28,57 Riekena, Roger 18,55,81 Riekena, Sue 18,55 Rikard, JoAnn 41 Roberts, Robert 41,54 Rodehaver, Susan 28,53,67,90 Rodgers, Janice 28,53,58,60,63,66,90 Rodrigues, Jose 18,52,62,72,75,96,97 Rogers, Roy 28,64,90 Rohrer, Gordon 34,57 Rosa, Eileen 18,56,101 Rutledge, Ernest 32,35,54,73 Ryer, Jackie 18,55 Saunders, Jerry 28,58 Saunders, Linda 18,53,55 Schaer, David 28,54, 72,75,83 Schmidt, Robert 28,52,58,66 Schnetzler, Lissa 28 Schnetzler, Wanda 41,56 Schoenbein, Richard 54 Seidel, Cindy 29,58 Severt, Dennis 29,57 Shaw, Glen 41,57 Sheckler, Linda 35 Shryock, Jorn 18,57 Shryock, Richard 35,57 Simpson, Marnaiean, 41,60 Sipp, Carolyn 35 Sipp, Holly 41,55,56,58 Sipp, Marsha 29 Skaggs, Dennis 54 Slater, Carol 35 Slater, Cheryl 29,53 Small, Rebecca 29,58,63,66 Smick, Sharon 35,53,55,58,67 Smith, Carl 35,54,73 Smith, Jerry 54 Smith, Robert 18,42,54,82 Smith, Wayne 35,54 Smizer, Parker 54 Snider, Tracy 35,53 Snider, Valerie 29,53,87 Sprague, Mary 35,55,56,58 Sprowls, Paula 29,58 Stanley, Carl 18 Starcevich, Larry 35 Starcevich, Leona 18,54,58 Starcevich, Luke 41,57,73 Steck, Susan 29,53,58,60 Stein, Kent 29,54 Stephan, Jeanne 18,53,58,70,71,88,94 Stevens, Charles 41,53,54,58,73 Stomberg, Barbara 29,53 Stomberg, Susan 41,56,58 Stone, Brenda 35,87 Stranz, Laura 35,53,55,58,60 Stranz, Paul 41,54,57,60,80 Stufflebeam, Howard 41,54,73 Stutsman, Jackie 35,57 Suydom, Allen 18 Swanson, lvan 41 Taylor, Sherry 29,53,58,70,71,88 Thomas, Mark 35,60,62,67,81 Thomas, Scott 29,52,53,58,60,66,90 Thompson, Michael 41,54 Thompson, Roger 29 Threw, Debbie 35,53,55,58,66,67 Threw, Dianna 29 Tolf, Randy 41 Traeger, Phillip 35 Turbett, Martha 35,66,67 Turbett, Tim 10,19,52,72,75,76,79,80 Ulm, Jim 29,54,72 Ulm, Tim 29, 54, 72 Untz, Robert 29,52,72 Utsinger, Marsha 19,56 Vaira, Jane 29,53,58 VanHouten, Vicki 35,58,67 VanPetten, Aleeta 35,58,66 Varnes, Debbie 35,53 Vlahovich, Tyrone 19,60,B0 Voyles, Danny 35 Wagner, Kathy 30,58 Wakefield, Eleanor 30,53,55,62 Walters, Karen 41,56 Ward, Mark 35,52,60,67 Warfield, Michael 35,54 Wasson, Michael 19,66,67,72,75 Wasson, Rodger 30,57,58 Wasson, Stephen 31,35,57,67,73,81 Webb, David 35,58 Welker, Gayla 30 Welker, Randy 41,54,77,80 Werderits, Michael 35 wesierby, Cindy 30,53,55,58,63,66,67 Whaley, Donald 35,54 White, Dotty 30 White, Tony 41 Whited, Jane 42,53,58,59,6O,71 Whitmer, Michael 42,80 Whitmore, James 35 Wilcox, Kevin 54 Wilcox, Penelope 42,56,58 Wilcoxen, Terry 19,72,73 Williams, Bruce 42,54,58,73 Williams, Linda 30,55,58,65,67,80 Wilson, Dyle 19,42,54,66,100 Wolford, Sandra 35,56 Woods, Don 30 Wooster, Jerry 73 Wren, Deborah 35,56 Wright, Gordon 19,60,97 Wright, Janet 35,55,58 Wright, Toni 42,53,60 Yeast, Bonnie 42,52,53,60 Yeast, Diana 11,19,52,58,67,94 Young, Cheryl 35,52,53,58,60,66 Young, Elliott 35,67,81,82 Zaborac, Jerry 19,72 Zaborac, Robyn 42,54,73 Zessin, Walter 42,57,73,80 Faculty and Special Services Adams, Janet 44,66 Anderson, Edna 44,55 Anderson, Lee 47 Aten, Eugene 44,80 Baggs, Ruth 47 Blessent, John 45,57 Bowen, Harolcl 44,73 Butler, Delwyn 47 Clayberg, Phyllis 46 Coats, Edwin 48 David, Verle 48 Davis, Charles 47 Davis, Melba 47 Dennis Harrison 48 DeGraff, Denise 44,67 Derks, James 44,73 Devore, Hal 21,44,73 Dicks, Nolan 48 Dixon, Dorothy 49 Donley, Richard 44 Ellberg, Ronald 44,75,97 Fann, Betty 49 Fann, Ralph 44,54 Frost, Dean 44,49 Fulkrod, John 45,62,80 Gouveia, Annice 45,49,63 Grebe, Walter 45,80 Green, Melvina 45 Gronewold, Harold 48 Grgurich, Iona 47 Hall, Kathleen 46 Harding, Ted 48 Henderson, Ronald 45,62 Hopkins, Gail 45,67 Hungate, Leda 45 Johnson, Linda 45,63 Krider, Beverly 46 Lavrin, Roger 46 McCoy, Lois 47 Malmgren, George 47 Muzzarelli, Anne 47 O'8rian, Rita 47 Oliver, Kathryn 47 Pulliam, Charles 21,45,48,49,52 Renninger, Ann 36,45,53 Shadick, Gail 46 Shaw, Harold 46,80 Shirar, Charles 45 Stranz, Lewis 48 Swartz, Eileen 46 Sweney, Martha 46 Thornton, Wendy 46 Vandeveer, William 46,58,60 Voorhees, Kenneth 47 Watkins, Georgona 45,64 Welker, Jerry 47 Welker, Ralph 47 West, William 48 Williams, Wanda 46 Wilson, Mary 47 Wurmle, Nancy 46,56 Young, Emerick 47 ran .41 i Y , 1 5 i .. I I Y i Ai I U 1 H E If 1 E ! 1 v 1 3 J 4 L I Q I K Q x

Suggestions in the Farmington High School - Voyageur Yearbook (Farmington, IL) collection:

Farmington High School - Voyageur Yearbook (Farmington, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Farmington High School - Voyageur Yearbook (Farmington, IL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Farmington High School - Voyageur Yearbook (Farmington, IL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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