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We the Iomaguu edltors and members of the Senmr C lass present thls 1959 Iojagczn to xou the students teachers and alumm of Farmlngton C ommumty Hlgh Qchool YY e haxe complled this so that os er the X ears the memors of the Wonderful txmes we haxe had here Wlll not be dlmmed but Wlll stxll he und ln our mmds lt IS our hope that ln the xe'1rs to eome xou null recelxe almost Qs mueh enjm ment from the 1959 Voxagezn IS xou ehd ln aetu llly hung the experiences that lt represents The Student Life in Farmington . . . 1959 H. 'x',' "x' . F I Y I ' ' x . ' , e eg 5' .Ng I . ' I ' , F . L I , Q . . record of student life in '58-'59 7 -' ks 7 Y L A H ' 7. , . iq 4 Q , . It S I I I 2 1 l '25, ?H"2g x V! '7 2 2 lr -5 4 145' in X ' ff ' 4, ,, , , -L. 5-. ae. In 7, -V W, , W, , , it .A W , 'z, , .'R-iywil' 'fm A w,.,fL N Q' .Lf N" A " .. , " I, . ,,, xx 4 I af-'Z' 4 s xv. .M Ml YU l lf 1 Wg f , , . , 'Eb 4 5' 3 Wg E. ,Q ' WW. 5 . V ' , A ' f f, 3 sig,-6 b .95 "'- X 4 xx , XX X 1 Z , . . fl V -J I 3,...----.--f-- L 1 Q A Q X S fs affix aivhff -,yd .KX ss tl' I Mm, ,ff"""'Q 10 VN dial? . an Q .ww ,ig sf 4-My l W9 K, . gy ,F i Mlm '99' Www .-1 1 f .rw ..., y ., Ji H335 G -r wg. ', Yi' 3 , fix? V I ll I -slung... -sf 'insane-nw-W n - - I "' .,... -i ,BH Farmington Community High School Farmington, Illinois It is with a great deal of pleasure that we, the class of 1959, dedicate the '59 Voyzgezn' to you, Mr. Fann. Your many hours of service to the class and the wisdom and good judgment with which you have guided us have made you especially worthy of this honor. Your guidance will long he remembered by erich of us. This dedication is just one way in which we can say, "Thank you, Mr. Fannf, Activities . . School . . Sports . Organizations 5 nu in fa Us in Q N.: 'I TW' A Homecoming Initiation Ensemble Winners Cantata FHA Formal Band Semi-formal Junior Play Argus Plays Prom ACTI ITIES WSu?EA J is 327'-viQ?3 L55 , 4 . 'fi ,M , . iraq A, ., ' ai eff I , , , x,, wxmxxii ,QQ UWB Q, im Homecoming Court: Joanetta Lapsley: Carol Kepple: Janice Manuel: Kay Brewer: Mary Jo Sutton, Queen: John Griggs, King: Judy Thomp- son: Pat Severt: Shirley Starcevich. idi- wus-5 The winner! Senior Royalty. John Griggs and Mary Jo Sutton .4147 ' iy.Li..-- i 1 The Senior bid-2nd place. HHMlEllMINE To start this years Homecoming activ- ities, a pep rally, bonfire, and snake dance were held on Thursday evening. Friday morning, finishing touches were put on the floats for the afternoon parade. The Y. F. C. won first place with their float entitled "Victory Through Christ." Second place honors went to the Senior Class with their float "Rocket to Victoryf' and the Freshmen won third place with "Clean 'Em Up" as their theme. Friday evening at the game, the Farm- ers won a 13-0 victory over the Meta- mora Redbirds. Afterwards, the Spot- lighters supplied music for the Home- coming dance. The students chose Mary 'lo Sutton and john Griggs to reign over the dance as King and Queen. The final dance brought to a close one of the best Homecomings in recent years. It is one that is sure to be long remembered. These are Cheerleaders? Touchdown INIIIHIIHN Com' on! Better than that! On September 19, 1958, all the Freshmen were made oHicial members of F. C. H. S. The theme of the day was "Disneyland Characters." Many of the costumes were very clever. The ceremonies started with a parade through town with all the Seniors and their "Freshies" participating. Then, to the delight of the whole student body, a program was given by the Freshmen. It consisted of everything from a hula hoop contest to egg shampoos. Initiation is a day that is fun for all - evcn the freshmen. Flute duet: Deanna Rodgers, Marcia Shotsberger Clarinet trio: Allen Whited, Dick Clark, Ken Sutton Cornet trio: Marcia Moul, Bob Myer, Martha Ewalt These instrumental ensembles received Su- perior rxtings .lt the District Music Contest held in Hamilton. The mixed vocal ensemble pictured on page '9 also received a Superior rating. Baton duet: Midge Steck, Barb Peoples lNSlMHll WINNlHS Mixed brass duet: Bill Page, Bill Wilson Drum quintet: Eileen Butler, Linda Monari, Connie Bigliazzi, Sandra Gould, Pat Bennett Row l: J. Lapsley, M. Sutton, J. Capron, P. Bennett, S. Welker, M. Shotsberger, D. Balagna, R. Welker, S. David. Rcw Z: K. Sutton, A. Rice, M. Ewalt, J. Unsicker, M. Steck, J. Blackman, J. Vernon, D. Rodgers. Row 3: A. Whited, D. Bird, J. Griggs, C. Crice, J. Boyer. EHNlHlH Sunday evening, December 21, the choral groups presented the annual Christmas Can' tata, "Chimes Of The Holy Night," under the direction of Miss Carol Casey. The mixed ensemble opened the singing with "Fanfare to Christmas." Soloists for the evening were 'lean Clapron and Chuck Grice. Pantomime scenes were enacted to give more meaning to the musical numbers. The local ministers participated in the service by giving the invocation. prayer. and benediction. The performance was closed with the traditional candle-lighting ceremony as the participants filed out singing "Silent Night." Pantomime scene fun 1 lHH HWlllHlHHl HHH Mother, crowning Sandra Gould, n 3 . .J Mrs. Eugene Sathoff, Chapter W Queen. Nancy DeFord, Sandra Hensley, Sandra Snyder, Jacki Middleton, Attendantsg Sandra Gould, Queeng Suzanne David, Martha Ewalt, Donna Weber, Attendants. MHHIH MHKlHH' HHH The FHA Sweetheart Dance was held on February 11. Decorations appropriate to Valentines day brightened the gym. Gordon Sundburg and his orchestra provided the music for this event. On March 7, 1959, one of the most impor- tant events of the school year took place. The band presented their annual semi-formal ball in the fieldhouse. The affair was appropri- ately called "The Music-Makers, Ball," and music was supplied by "Speed" Roberts and the Esquires, a very fine combo from Macomb. I could have danced all night. Linda Monari, Kathy Wilson, Attendants: Deanna Rodgers, Queen: Bill Wilson. King: Pat Bennett, Diana Balagna, At- qq tendants. 19 HHHUS PlHYS Again this year the Argm staff presented three one-act plays for the Fireman's Fair. The comedies, "Last Nights Paper," "Little Prison," and "Gratitude," were all directed by the Argnr advisor, Mr. Lawrence Gordon. Members of the staff who participated in the plays were 'Iacki Middleton, Judy Mason, Sheila DeFord, Connie Bigliazzi, Diana Ba- lagna, Marcia Sliotsberger, Janice Manuel, Shirley Bly, Julaine LaRue, jim Evans, jim Boyer, and Leonard Williams. l l I i Cast of "Last Night's Paper": Standing: Sheila Deford, Jim Evans, Leonard Williams, Julaine LaRue. Seated: Jim Boyer. Judy Mason. Cast of "The Little Prison": Julaine LaRue, Shirley Bly, Janice Manuel, Marcia Shotsberger, Jacki Middleton. Cast of "Gratitude": Row l: Jacki Middleton, Diana Balagna, Judy Mason. Row 2: Connie Bigliazzi, Marcia Shotsberger. ...,, K3 FHA ,Q-awww x ws-S IK. Ka 59? A VQ v SIHIHWH IU IH? SIHHS ' , H. 4 W A, .A. gg VAZVAA , Enjoying the delicious smorgasbord "Stairway to the Stars" was the theme ol the junior-Senior Prom of 1958 and it really did provide us with a heavenly night. The grand march led the eager dancers into a star- studded, cloud-covered "heaven." where they danced to lovely music and dined on the most delicious smorgasbord this side of cloud 17. Toward the end of the evening, Linda Long was chosen Queen of the Prom and Ralph Lane was named King. After the dancing was over, a moon-light drive through town led the group to the local theater where they were treated to a movie featuring the movie star, Tommy Sands. Everyone then returned to their private "heaven" where they were greeted by still more stars-fthe Arthur Murray Dancers and Marty Sullivan. Marty spun the records and the Arthur Murray Dancers gave the crowd a few pointers on dancing. By this time dawn was beginning to creep in so the Junior XVoman's Club served a light breakfast and sent the tired but happy dancers on their way. fx K , ' img 2 . :"lI M 'hy U .2 J: ' , , 4 A x 1 ,W rw ? L 0, 4 -,gs W U , 4: , W 'f N 145' ,N , ,a W U4 3 M' J ggi. rf,-Y , "Jr X 3 , ,fi ' ff? -Q? A Q9 av" slit, ' 'T.. .,,v,. T2lo9'1" 4 , U Q 'QYVQ ' If ',,n 's'X Y Administration Faculty Employees Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen SCHOOL NI 5 l l l i 3 9 Row l Mary Wright, Robert Wilson. Row 2: John Wilson, Howard Saunders Edwin Coots, Roy Davis. Not Pictured: Robert Woodcock. HIIMINISIHHHUN The students of F.C. H. S. would like to say thank you to the board, Mr. David, and Mr. Radka for the many improvements you have made in our school. We feel this has been a very successful year. Mr. David, who has just finished his first year as our Principal, came here from Biggs- ville, He directs all his efforts toward his important job as Principal. Mr. Radka, our Assistant Principal, came here from Hoopeston. Besides his admin- istrative duties, he teaches two speech classes. Verle David, Principal BS., MS., Illinois Stair' Normal Unirrr- sity, Uni: frsily of Illinois. John Radka, Assisfanf Principal BS., MS., Illinois Slalv Normal Uniz FT uh, Unizvrsify of Colorarln. Spcrfh. N7 un 'TTT' V!!!-I Teachers have homework, toof? Eugene Aten B.S., M.S., Wrslrrn Illinois Unizvrxilj, Cniuriniu Sluli' Collvgr. Typing. Edith Bishop A.B., B.S.l..S., lnifiuna Cvnlrai Cullvgv, Bull Staff' 7'l'LIf'l7l'YS Collrgr, lmliium Uni- rrrsily, Unirrrsily of Illinoix. I.ilm1riun. Harold Bowen B.S., u',l'X1I'l'1! lliinuix Lvlli1t'P'.NifJ. Cilltlfli, Driz vrx Training. Ralph Brill B.S., Brazllvy Unizvmify. U. llixfurg, Amrriran Problvrnx. Carol Casey B.S., W'i'xii'rr1 liiinuiv l'niz Hxily. Cffwrim lfngiixb. Marianne Clinch ILS., MS., Irma Slat? Collvgv, Xvu Ynrfc Lv7lilt'V'xif-14 llrnmvnafcirzg Ill, Ijnllllil-X Lizing. NJ lf Victor Durchholz B.S., Millikin Uriilvrsity. Bo-ss I'.If., Cozlflr. Ralph Fann B.S., Fort Hays, Kansas State College. Inrlnstrial Arts. Betty Ferguson B.S., Illinois State Normal Uni- versity, Unirersity of Colorado. Typing, Sbortlranrl. Lawrence Cordon B.S., Eastern Illinois Urzirersity. Iinglisli Il anal IV, Argus Atl- Visor. Walter Grebe B.S., Wfestern Illinois Stale Col- lege, Unilersity of Iowa, Uni- versity of Minnesota, University of w"lIXl'0IIYl1l. General Sz'i4'iin', Athletic Director. Ronald Henderson B.S., Unizvrsity of Chicago, Uiiirvrsity' of Illinois, Illinois Slate Normal. Aflz aoeml Algebra, Plane Geometry, Soliil Ciwin- elry and Trigonometry. Richard Kamm B.S., MA., Unirersity of Illi- nois. Uuizvrsitvs of Kentuelzy. Baml. Stephen Kingry - . . , . . BS., Iiastvrn Illinois l iiilrrsitnx, Illinois Stull' Normal Uniz rrsilj, llIlIlt't'.Ylf.1 of Illinois. Agri- eulturr. Eula Larner I3.A., Uniz ersity of lllinois, lll'f'.lll't'71 Stale College. Iimwlumiii Ifnglisli. t Marlin Lowe B.,-l., lllllllllllllfh College. Books kerfviizg, Gerivral Bnsirzess. Louise Mackey B.S., Illinois Shih' Norrmil, S1171 Diego Sliiir' College, Norflrzcvsl- ern l'nizervily, Ur1i1ersil,x' of Illinois. Lafin, World History. Ralph Powell B. SC. If., Bradley Unirersify. Algebra. Wendell Rand B.S., W'eslern Illinois Uni1'ers.Iy. Biology. Sylvia Roberts W'esIeru I Ili n ois Unirersiiy. Girls' P. E. Marjorie Sims A.B., Unizersity of Nebraska. English II and IV. Charles Stout B.S., W'estern Illinois Unizervily. General Math., Pbysirs. Don Walkwitz B.S., Wheaton College. Ciwin- isir3. Ann White B.S., Mql., Eur! Texas Shih' College, Texas Stale College for ll"o1m'i1. Ilomenmlcing I, Ilormv making Il. EIISIHHIHNS HHS IlHIVlHS SlEHllHHllS M. Wilson, A. Muzzarelli, P. Starcevich, J. Fleisher Row l: Row 2: Oldfield. M. Aten, C. Oldfield, H. Cronewold, D. Butler. M. Ruble, R. Dalton, G. Briggs, E. Johnson, L. llll llN These scholastic leaders of the senior class of 1959 have all done outstanding work in their four years here at F. C. H. S. To maintain their high average, the "Top Ten" have worked hard. Most of these students plan to continue their education. We believe that the outstanding work they have done will continue in the future. Jean Capron John Griggs var A--91' Nh! Sandra Gutshall if if Bill Page Dick Polhemus Judy Toohill hr 'ff 5 1 Allen Whited Bill Wilson Alice Windish Ellen Wohlers iii 3 Qi , I Q 1 SlNIllHS In the fall of 1955, the doors of F. C. H. S. were opened wide, and in came 128 green Freshmen, the class of '59. Early in the year we were treated to a line Freshman-Senior party. Wfe were then full-fledged Farmers. For our first Homecoming we chose Jean Capron and Janet Maccanelli as Freshmen at- tendants, and for our first class officers, Sandra Gould, Richard Polhemus, and Pat Bennett were elected. The big social event of the year was the Freshman-Eighth Grade dance, at which we played host to the future Freshmen. As Sophomores, we elected Jean Capron, Deanna Rodgers, and Judy Mason as our class leaders. We chose Judy Mason and Ida Snodgrass as Homecoming attendants, and our float, "Chew 'Em Up," took top honors in the parade. As upper classmen in F. C. H. S., we chose John Griggs, Bill Wilson, and Sandra Gut- shall as class officers. At Homecoming, we chose Deanna Rodgers and Sandra Gutshall to be attendants, and again our Hoat, "Spray 'Em Down," took first place in the parade. Later in the fall, we presented the Junior Class Play, entitled "Outward Bound," and selected our class rings. In the spring we were responsible for one of the biggest social events in our high school career. We were hosts to the Seniors in the all-night prom. Our theme for the event was "Stairway to the Stars." Everyone said it was a beautiful and very enjoyable prom. In the fall of '58, we entered the school to complete our last year, our number dimin- ished to 89. We chose Dave Bird, Allen ?'-no SENIOR OFFICERS Shirley Welker . . . ,.., Secretary-Treasurer Allen Whited .,., .. .. . . . . Vice-President Dave Bird President Whited, and Shirley Welker to be class afiicers for our final year. Initiation came again, and we were able to take revenge for what had happened to us four years ago. For our very last Homecoming of high school days, we chose Mary Jo Sutton, queen, John Griggs, king, and Joanetta Lapsley, attendant. Most of our efforts during this year were devoted to raising money for the yearbook. Now we look forward to the future - jobs, college, or whatever else it may bring. Faculty meeting??? UlHSS IH 'EH SV mir' 4' 53' S 43 Robert Almasi Hmm rn giwx nlmonrfx 10 lbmf' u lm lmw no lfftlv. Randy Alwood W'lwn'for1' url fbou, Romm? Jerry Appell Tim apple grouw xo brigbi and high. Cary Archdale Hilrlw your xtalion wagon In a NfI1V'. Sandra Baggs I,uz4' iv cf funny-vfv11'rnfm'ml ffviuiq. Nancy Baird 1.01 vrx 14110 Im f' IVIIIH do vmf ll riff' 1101111 ffwir' balfvjliflzwx. Pat Bennett Our fulurr Iflnrvun' Xigbtiugalfz David Bird Thr' Jr: il nas flu' firxt Dfmncral. Rowena Bitner Boxxiug right hundred men. G' Gary Boyer Clmflalr. Jim Boyer unifllflllf 41 ll ink of slfrfr. Barbara Burton My ryvs makc' liirlurrs. Jim Callihan I'm Irixb. Jean Capron HH' zuiu' in flll'i1XiH.Q fn Ihr' nn Clarellen Coots llnmr, ulwrz' bapfvirlvss Xt't'Ilft'l.3 ilurlls. Pat Davison But I lifcf gran-ries. George Deakin Sluu uni nf glorifd air. Sheila DeFord Ru1,il lIt'll'V'1liA'k. "janv", , i X ,. 1' - ,pix fiif j A .ISF i ' -"-af R, x 1 - :Q W f 4 1- W I Vx' 5- .46 ei utr' ie:-Y' ww 445 .tr Q-P! 76 Evelyn Derr Lilflz' body zrillz a mighty bmlrl. Harley Doubet Rrjoirr, ob young man, in fby youlh. Janet Doubet Thr only thing uw' haw' lo frar is fear ilself. William Doubet Sobriety is a rirtue. Jim Evans Harmlrss mirflz ix flu' bex! voniiirl againsi Ihr fonxzrnzpfion of flu' rpmz. Mike Feretti The mouse is miracle r-nougb to xlaggrr srxlilliorzx of iufizlrlx. Bob Fontana W'illv lzuifr in band. Harold Fritz Lion among Imlirf. Henry Garlish XVIJF71 I was only a farmvr ami not an agriculiurixl. Marianne Ceber Thr' farn1rr'x Jauglvlvr had soft, l1I'01l'll fvair. Bill Celtmaker Maxim' of flu' rrafl. Sandra Gould Slu' fvaif a fl'lllfH'I' of lmrr nu rr John Griggs Pufi4'11u', umf ifnll lfn' zwrulx. Sandie Cutshall To kfmu is uolbiug ul 41115 In ivmgim' ix 01f'r3llJing. Phyllis Haerle Wim! grealer wisdom than kim!- 71955. Phyllis Helle Considvr the liltle mouse. Janice Hick Dorff gin' up lbv ship. John Holdridge Ou his up to fbi' mx! plwivl. HHSS Hi 'EH Concentration? if his 129' Hi lk mv' oQ""'i, TLT' eb ,ev 3-vw 1974 if 'of' Jim Isbell No Iimilx lm! flu' xlq. Arlo Jacobs Bmzrs and linnx groul and gb! David Johnston Brtuwn jfs! and earnest Joanetta Lapsley Hub??? Julaine LaRue I Jriz r tl rapid rar. Don Lightfoot A Illrlfk lmzlfmr jackfl Janet Maccanelli A uoman aluvzgs has bor rrzvngr rvmlg. Judy Mason jus! Ihr kind for spar! I'm tolil. Carl McCann No man ought to look a giwn borsr in flu' mouth. Larry Melhouse People who make no noise arc ilangrrous. Jacki Middleton Timo is infnilz' moz'c'mc'nl wilb- out om' momvnl of rrsl. Shirley Mooney W'ifb malice louurd nom' . . . Dorothy Morse Sayin' nolbin' is a u'oman's rurrsi skill. David Murphy Man is a social animal. Norma Nannen Quivscrnce and kirzdriess go buml in band. Bill Page Philosophy is the microscope of lbouglnt. Dick Polhemus I Consider friendship my grvatvsl lvossmxion. Louis Polito Diligvnn' is ffm molbvr of goml fortunr. Charles Ray 11's a mad world. Jim Resch Your order please? Dave Riccioni I'll turn over a new leaf. Deanna Rodgers Laugh away my fears. Gene Scapecchi A little folly is desirable in him. Jack Schulz Fed like a farmer. Leta Scott Short but not obscure. Ronnie Sewell Lore and war, the same lhing. Greg Shotsberger Never mimi the girls. Delbert Snyder I han' never seen a greater mon! strr or miracle in lhe world than myself. Richard Sonnemaker Make hay while the sun shines. Jack Stevens Laugh izml he merry. Dave Stufflebeam I fml ibut tba' bm! zirfuv I IJLHK' bm in it .mnzv lir1L'f1u'c' of link Gayla Stufflebeam Lifv ix too short to uqaslv. Mary Jo Sutton W'm1Jir1g is dvxiiny, and banging likewise. Judy Toohill A book of female logir. Steve Turbett Faux am' xlubborn things. Pat Utsinger Tlnw' um llllfllfllx umm' fun llnm L1 nmu EHISS HI 'HH Themes are done at last! GET' 'dns' wg,-'x wg'-:Y Civ," X 65? ,il Come on Steve, make up your mind. 9-Q fri HHSS Hl 'EH Judy Vernon Lf! 1113 urmls bc' few. Margie Wake l'm nlmoxl frightened out of my .wi on xruxvs. Bob Wieland W'lJat's the hurry? Shirley Welker Shr' shall rise up at the voice of ilu' birds. Evelyn White Fair and softly gors far. Allen Whited I ugrm' ui1lJ no mnn's opinions. I bar e' Vlllll' of NIJ own. Leonard Williams uulllflfll Ilflwf V1 tlljfllillg. Bill Wilson I.ifv is :mf lifr- ll lfflllllf Jrliufll. Alice May Windish fvfarl. Ellen Wohlers Pmrr is lwafvfvim-xx Jigvxfiug. Margaret Woodruff Virlm' ix H10 lr'm'xl nnbilify. Dave Zook My Iiff iv nm' rlarzml fmrrilf grind lNOIlJing iS iu1jv1mi11In' fo a u illiug l an 'rf wwf lu 'Y vez' 0 'vt Sweethearts?? if ...nv-v Cary McDonald Tlwix ix ulm! lmpjvwzx zzlwu you gd gour proof in lafc. 45 1' Sharon Akin Marvin Beecher JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Joe Lansford . , . President Carol Kepple . . , Vice-President Dick Chatten , .. ., , Secretary-Treasurer A gi Marjorie Avery Flo Bain Dixie Baird Diana Balagna Kenny Bennett Connie Bigliazzi Gail Boyer Roger Boyer JUNIHHS The class of '60 arrived 126 strong at the gates of F. C. H. S. in '56, To begin their high school days on the right foot, they elected Flo Bain President of the class, Ralph Higgs Vice-Presi- dent, and Carol Gray Secretary-Treasurer. They chose Carol Kepple, Karmen Dennis, and Diana Balagna to represent them on the Student Council. Their Sophomore year was a very successful one, although the class had dwindled to 120. Larry Fatheree, Kenny Bennett, and Jeri Ehren- hart took over the duties as officers. At this time Susan Wagner, Carol Gray, and Nancy Weerts were elected to the student Council. At the start of their Junior year, the class of '60 began the back-breaking task of raising money for the junior-Senior Prom. In charge of this task were Joe Lansford, Presidentg Carol Kepple, Vice- Presidentg and Dick Chatten, Secretary-Treasurer. The prom was worth every bit of effort put into it and the class is now looking forward to their senior year. fn? ul '27 ' Xi., ,A ,lyk xy-g L- fc- A X , 'ix it Carole Hall Dannie Heffern Verle Helle Ralph Higgs John Kay Huey Frank Jines Jim Johnson Carol Kepple Mary Kimzey Anyone for buffalo? ElHSS lll 'HH 2.1 412' M-110' Barbara King Melva Krey Joe Lansford Jane Lightfoot Dennis Quin Kenneth Robertson Ronald Rohrer Helen Sathoff Beverly Seitz Marcia Shotsberger Pamela Sims Roy Sizor Sandra Snyder Karen Stanley True affection! A W iv!! sh David Abel Connie Aery Deanna Albrecht Andy Almasi Walter Black Shirley Bly Charles Bolton Mike Bower Ferris Callihan Larry Cecil Margaret Clardy Carol Connor Karen Dixon Roger Doubet John Dykeman Carolyn Effland W .:.. , V O' R Ol' . I., may rv Berwyn Anderson Larry Anderson Paul Anderson Dale Benson Ronald Boyer Beverly Burbidge Frances Burdess Eileen Dave Coots Harold Davis John Davis Larry Dicks Patricia Emery Linda Evans Lana Ewalt Martha SIIIIHHMHIHS Karen Gooding Secretary-Treasurer Ron Patterson President Bill Swigert Vice-President qw? l QS' George Fulton Jeanette Hall Ann Lewrs Marcia Moul Maryette Gilpin Brian Hoffman Janice Manuel Tim Murphy 1' lv -r' The class of 61 entered hlgh school vuth 149 members Returning rn 58 were only 124 of the Oflglflill mem bers. The class offlcers chosen for thxs year were Ron Patterson, B111 Svugert and Karen Goodmg amce Manuel and Pat Sexert xx ere chosen as homecoming at tendants. Newly elected Student Councnl members were Valerie Hudson and Ray Pensho The sophomores fin ished out the year by serx mg at the unlor Senior Prom .M vu.. Y ir 9 'C' 4 1 L. "' ff w ni H" ' 'J :shim if G- 'lg Nigga 1""' 9 Harold Passmore Judie Passmore Ron Patterson Von Patterson Dian Reid Jack Richards Terry Richards Elaine Rosa Midge Steck Charles Stufflebeam Alan Sutton Karen Sutton Tom Wallace Connie Warner Jim Webb Roy Wheeler Marjorie Williams Dean Wilson aedean Windlsh Dennis Yocum Lois Zessin llHSS lll 'El But we flikel suckers! 52 Judy Thompson Secretary-Treasurer Jim Ehrenhart Vice-President Randy Welch President lHlSHMlN 1? Q 0-5 505: 'J' 'ft' At the beginning of this year, 115 Freshmen, the class of '62, entered F. CQ. H. S. XVork was stopped long enough in the fall so that the Freshmen could enjoy initiation, and later, so they could attend Homecoming ceremonies. The Freshman Hoat, "Clean 'Em Up," took third place honors. Near the end of the year, time was again taken out by the Freshmen to play hosts at the Freshman-Eighth Grade Dance. Gene Anderson Evelyn Andrews Richard Archdale Norman Bain Bob Balagna Mike Balagna Dennis Bankert Jean Baudino John Bennett Lester Bohannon Mac Brawner Kay Brewer Roger Buckley Janice Carson Larry Chatten Alberta Cleavinger Judy Collins Rosalie Columbia Nancy Davis Nancy Deford Robert Edwards Ronald Edwards James Ehrenhart Bob Evans Joe Fennell Pat Fresia Tana Gaipo Allan Gold Carol Gooding Ella Grady Richard Hagaman Dwight Helle ht' sl' bv Q-1 'luis N I if I 'L 9 A fa vi K, , . .5 W2 .. J 1 if X 4 4- fiwfb e W f 6.- aa 19? , Q uv-' er" v, v 164' J 9. 'K A xx ra' 4 4-' if Z9 iv. fr Nui' . fry? i x 2, 5. ef' qv- Q-' ix Tom Hick Mary Lacey Carol McKeever Harmle Muller Harold Morgan Rlckle Noel Wayne Oldfle d Dano Orr Lynn Parr Earl Peters Barba a Phllllps Ronnie Polhemus Janice Ponzel Roger Quin Cliff Ray Ann Rice IHHSS l H 'HZ Q The fun's just beginning, Freshiesl W9 nt'-" Tb ,.-Q5 ,.. . li 'IQ' 93 L l it b Sathoff Danny Saunders Tina Schaer Bonnie Schoonover Frieda Schulz Terry Sewell Vicky Siepel Starccvich Nancy Stear Kay Stevens Sharon Suydam Wally Suydam Cary Swigert Carl Taylor Thompson Jeanne Toohill Stan Turbett Barbara Wakefield Richard Warfield Donna Weber Randy Welch Welker Hershel West Audrey White Kathleen Wilson Daniel Wyss Carol Youngblood Mary Zook I 1 B X .2 Q. 91519 Y ' 4' as ref? W www ,fy 4, ,N 1 .1 Ap Jihjk ,faasiif 1 MH, 3' if Football Basketball Baseball Track Cheerleaders SPORTS Harold Bowen, Walt Grebe, Vic Durchholz, coaches Hlllllll "It was one of the best seasons I've had since l've been at Farmington. I never ex- pected to win half of the games." That was Mr. Grebes comment on the '58 football season, and everyone agreed with him. The varsity football squad, one of the lightest teams in several years, started the season off with an impressive 22 to 6 win against Havana. Farmington ended up on the short end of a 14 to O score against powerful jacksonville I. S. D., and also came out as losers against Chillicothe in a 19 to 7 game. However, the team bounced back to Hnish the year without another defeat, beating Morton 26 to U, XY'ashington I-4 to 6, Eureka 26 to 12, Metamora 13 to 0, Tremont 28 to U, and Canton 13 to 12. In the annual game with arch-rival Canton. the Farmers pulled a thrilling fourth quarter upset to defeat the Little Giants 15 to I2 and to end the season with a very impressive 7-2 record and as second place team in the Illio. IW Steve Carlish, Dick Wilson, managers T 4.-f-lv-rl S1QHlfDI'l,Ii WIS THEY H.lX'.1H.l ..,,..AA.,,,.,A,,,,, ,,,,, 2 2 - 6 jacksonville I. S. D. .... 0 f 14 Chillicothe ............. 7 - 19 Morton .,.. 26 - U XXl.1SlllflglUIl 1-1 - 6 Eureka ....,. 26 - 12 Metamora 15 - U Tremont ..,. 28 - 0 Canton .... 13 - 12 Row l: C. Taylor, B. Evans, T. Sewell. M. McMahcn, J. Rut- ledge, C. Stuftlebeam, L. Anderson, B. Bafagna, K. Welker, R. Welch, J. Bennett. H. West, R. Noel. K. Krey, L. Bohannon, M, Balagna, J. Ehrenhart, M. Brawner, K. Holly, D. Wilson, Row Z: L. Fatheree, H. Passmore, T. Richards, A. Almasi, M. Beecher, R. Sonnemaker, K. Bennett, J. McEIwee, C. Tuttle. R. Riccioni, D. Wilson. D. Chatten, J, Davis, L. Lane, W. Black, C. Bolton, R. Doubet, D. Stufflebeamg W. Grebe, Coach: H. Bowen, Coach. Rcw 3: V. Durchholz, Coach: C. Archdale, D. Snyder, J. Lans- ford, J. Burdess, A. Jacobs, J. Boyer, J. Griggs, H. Carlish, E. Plumer, R. Sewell, J. Evans, D. Bird, L. Williams, L. Polito B. Neal, J. Stevens, B. Crgurich, D. Riccioni. 1. Jr. is M 5 XL ' 50471 5? ' I Q , f - 'ng , 1 ,MKIN4 JV, ff, 1, F 4, ,W A., ,f 1' 4 1 W I ' T ,,, ff I ,, ' W, f , , . " 1 W ,EV fi, , . 1 ........, ...,4. 2 1, i 'H Wx I H095 kg.. A fu., E ' WL- -L +V- V ,, 1.1. Y , 'vzqddf in 4,6 , .,. HSV? W7f""'.u.7m , K 'C - ,A.A Q! .. A an 1 A' m 1 fl'Y'fQ-3? my-.'?f , .Vg M ,gm Lggwznf 'YE -f - C 5 .Q 45 I J -qxy 1 N..,, NM. ,LV .L , 5 IlHSlllllHll The Farmington Farmers, under the coach- ing of Harold Bowen, finished the '58-'59 basketball season as County Champions and holders of the second place title in the Illio, second only to the powerful Morton Potters. The seasons record of 16 wins and 11 losses was not exceptional, but was still an indica- tion that the Farmers won their share of the games. The Farmers' trademark this year seemed to be a fourth quarter rally in which they came from behind to tie the game for an overtime. Sometimes the rally fell short of its mark and the Farmers went down to de- feat, but more often the team came out on the long end of a close score. The games all year long were tense and exciting because of their closeness. For the third consecutive year, the Farmers reached the finals of the Regional Tourna- ment. A powerful Canton team ended any hopes of Sectional play. The prospects for next season look very good. The team does lose Bill Wilson, Bob Almasi, and Gary Boyer, but the Farmers will have three of their starters back, and an excellent bench to back them up. D Murphy, G. Boyer, B. Almasi, R. Rohrer, D. Chatten, J. Lansford, D. Snyder, J. McEIwee, G. Tuttle, R. Patterson, B. Wilson, 3 1 i Harold "Tuffy" Bowen, Vic Durcllholz, coaches. Kenny Welker, Larry Chatten, managers. WE THEY WI THEY Tremont ..... 40 - 51 Canton ........ 65 79 CIIDIOH ..,..., 35 - 51 Metamora ..... 60 55 V21llCy ,... 70 - 61 Valley .,..,......... 58 56 Morton ..... 71 - 68 Corpus Christi 42 46 DePue .......... 61 - 66 Cuba ..............., 73 43 Lewistown ......, 45 - 49 Morton ..... 65 - 69 Xllfashington ..... 66 - 78 Tremont ..,, 53 51 Abingdon .... 53 - 57 Eureka ........ 70 67 Spalding ...... 51 - 53 Chillicothe ..... 62 59 Eureka ....... 76 - 66 LaFayette .... 65 545' Metamora ,... 76 - 68 Elmwood ..... 66 545' Chillicothe ....... 51 - 49 Canton ..... 53 781' Richwoods .... 59 - 44 Lewistown ,,,,,,. 53 - 46 Valley .......... 55 - 45 indicates tournament games Delbert Snyder Ronald Rohrer Don Murphy Ron Patterson We 46+ ae 9 Cary Boyer Dick Chatten Gene Tuttle Jim McElwee HHSKHHHH C. Bolton, M. Brawner, J. Bennett, B. Hoffman, R. Welch, T. Richards, M. Mooney W. Kersh D. Wilson, W. Black, R. Riccioni L. Dicks. lvl?-. 3233 ,A XJ J36l 1-253 'Y10 Q 6 H M' ' f ' xfffvff fa HHSlHHil Batter up! Row I. R. Riccioni D. Stufflebeam, R. Kepler, R. Welch, S. Turbett, Welker, D. Abel. Row 2: Bennett, L. Dicks, F. Fresia, J. Isbell, J. Lansford, J. Burdess. J. McElwee, T. Richards. Row 3: M. Brawner, R. Warfield, D. Murphy, R. Almasi, R. Patterson, C. Bolton, J. Appell, J. Bennett. Q 'xi Walt Grebe, Coach The baseball team, coached by Mr. Grebe, compiled an outstanding record of ll wins and 6 losses during last years season. The team won the Canton Regional tournament, and went as far as the East Peoria Sectional, where they were finally beaten. They shared first place honors in the Illio with Chillicothe. Mr. Grebe and the Players are to be con- gratulated on a line season last year and on another fine one this year. R scarf Xxx JMX 570 BBQ Fa gi 66 Ei ,ing 25 rv rx Nr' Vic Durchholz, Coach This years track team. strengthened hy the return of ten lettermen, should equal or better the fine record set by last years team. The team last year placed 3rd in the lllio and 2nd in the County, the two big meets of the year. Farmington had one representative in the State Track Meet last year. jim Plumer cleared 11' 10" in the pole vault to qualify for the semifinals. but failed to place the next Llgly. lllllll C'mon Bill Row l: R. Riccioni, R. Boyer, J. Davis, G. Archdale, R. Doubet, R P Ih m . Ehr nh rt A. Almasi D. Stufflebeam. Row 2' . o e us.J e a , , . L. Chatten, J. Burdess, J. Boyer, J. Evans. R. Sonnemaker, L. Polito. J. Resch, B. Crgurich, B. Hoffman. Row 3: D. Wilson, A. Whited, R. Warfield. B. Celtmaker, D. Murphy, B. Wilson. C. Boyer. C. Deakin, D. Murphy. J. lsbell. H. West. 3 " , Y M4 X D it if -Uh - ,if he Av ,., s. 1 as J :S i 'P Q ' ana l J g X ll T . f 'r 1' .sk f J fx I L c' 4 A T T ' ' va, .ef T . f' . Q Q' -' , l' Q S 41 K! Q i l ' v up 5 ' f 3 I ' g 4 W 0 I i i 3 l 'J f x 1 ' Q 5' ,QB 1 ,J My ,mn .yi-S--v.i.,.,..-,ww.pmawv W , QR, EHllHllHIllIlS Ten enthusiastic, hard-working girls did a good job in cheering our athletic teams on to victory this year. The varsity cheerleaders, all of them veterans of lSNl"s Cheerleading Summer School, worked very hard during the year. Linder the direction of Miss Roberts and Mr. Grebe, pep meetings and programs vvere organized to strengthen school spirit. The junior varsity cheerleaders also did an excellent piece of work. Although Linda Monari was the only experienced member of this group, these girls helped give ideas and spirit. Varsity basketball cheerleaders: Judy Mason, Pat Bennett, Carol Kepple, Diana Balagna, Beverly Seitz, Deanna Rodgers. Football cheerleaders: Beverly Seitz, Pat Bennett, Carol Kepple, Judy Mason, Diana Balagna, Deanna Rodgers. Junior varsity cheerleaders: Kathy Wilson, Von Patterson, Linda Monari, Karen Sutton. -twt 5 69 . K , d ggi I R Q. 1 ':-:: " V af: 'E X --rf GAA Band Chorus Voyageur Argus Library FHA FFA Pep Club Student Council Science Club ORGANIZATIONS at df' R wl L Zessrn M Zook C Painter S Starcevlch P Morgan B Sertz T Galpo J Maccanellr J LaRue B Peoples M Steck J Thomas K Sutton J Hall L Monarl A Moll L Ewalt M Morgan Row 2 N Weerts M Youngblood K Terry M Francisco M Chockley J Carson T Schaer P Fresra M Williams M Ewalt M Moul D Reid J Unslcker C Connor S Bly C Warner L Painter Row3 C Aery S McEIwee J Schilling H Swanson M Workman B Kung C Cray J Toohlll R Columbia A Rlce J Colllns V Kersh N Davis K Wilson L Evans R Powell Row 4 C Stufflebeam R Bltner K Dennis R Swanson S Penn J Doubet J Harper N Baird J Blackman R Welker C Kinney D Albrecht C Gibbs S Suydam K Brewer J Baudrno C Gooding S Starcevlch. GAA The GAA girls of F C H S participate in an interesting and widely varied program This year under the advisorship of Miss Sylyia Roberts they enjoyed another successful year. During the fall the girls sponsored a dance and a slumber party in the field house. Winter activities included bowling, swimming, Sylvia Roberts, advisor Row 5: M. Gilpin, C. Morris, M. Gilpin, J. Edwards, D. Baird, V. Mudd, J. Chaney, F. Bain, C. Bigliazzi, S. Akin, A. Lewis, K. Dixon, E. Butler, M. Plumer. J. Capron, S. Welker. M. Sutton. Row 6: R. Wilcox. J. Williams, A. Postin, H. Mudd, K. Passent, B. Gilstrap, K. Gooding, J. Ehrenhart. D. Balagna. K. Huey. C. Kepple, M. Shotsberger, D. Rodgers, P. Bennett, J. Lapsley, J. Mason. h.1sketb.1ll, x'olleyh.1ll. and 41 play day with the Yates City GAA. In the spring, activities such as Camping trips. 1 spring c.1rnix'.il, and slop hop were enjoyed. The girls also attended the spring play day at Canton. At the end of the ye.1r, awards are presented to the girls xx ho have successfully met the require- ments set up by the organization. Two hits! 73 0 ' Zigi Row l: A. Whited, K. Sutton, C. Youngblood, A. Lewis, S. David, N. Martin, L. Ewalt, M. Steck, G. Boyer, C. Hall, D. Rodgers, M. Shotsberger. Row 2: M. Youngblood, D. Balagna, K. Bennett, K. Sutton, D. Reid, R. Higgs, J. Toohill, J. Toohill, H. Sathoff, M. Brawner, G. Tuttle, D. Baird, S. Snyder, V. Lane, J. Blackman. HHNH Every sixth hour, strains of music can be heard issuing from the band room. The band members and their director, Mr. Kamm, do a lot of hard work and Farmington High School is proud of the results they achieve. This year's band has had a really busy year. The concert band played for three major concerts -the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, and the Fulton County Band Festival in Canton. The band also gave summer per- I formances, played for all home basketball and C football games, and participated in the contests 3 . A in the spring. The band members should be commended Louis Polito, Vice-President ' q Wanda Campbell, Secretary-Treasurer for the excellent job they have done this year. Bill Wilggn, president l ft x ,559 Row 3' J. Hick J. Hall S. DeFord, C. Coots, K. Dixon, J. Baudino, B. C-ilstrap, M. Plumer, M. Woodruff, W. Suydam, K. Fahnestock, M Morrl B MMers R llohrer M Ewan, s. wnsorr, P. Fresia, F. soar, J. Holdradgo, K. Possorrr, J. Thomas, R. Dorrbor, s. Starcevich, W. corrroboii, B. arlrrorr. Roml 41' R. Korrrrrr, orrocror, P. Bennett, s. could, D. Hagaman, N. Boar, L. Morrorr, c. Baglioni, E. Butler, B Peo les W Black J Hick L. Polito, M. Clardy, J. Mannock, C. Connor, T. Hick, M. Balagna, J. Bennett, A. Sutton, C. Crice. . p , . , . , B. Page, J. Unsicker, K. Wilson. Majorettes: Betty Gilstrap, Margaret Clardy, Midge Steck, Deanna Rodqers. Lana Ewalt. Sunr-no David. K:-on S--fton. 0 U 0 O I . ,. .call dll 1 1 ., uno o '00f coo Az QJ Q - . J,- v . 2 4 7.27 Richard Kamm, director. J. ,gg Row l: J. LaRue, R. Welker, D. Baird, D. Albrecht, E. Butler, V. Hudson, J. Manock, B. Peoples, A. Moll, A. Windish, C. Aery, C McKeever, C. Youngblood, L. Monari, J. Hall, L. Zessin, F. Burdess, C. Gibbs, C. Kepple, M. Shotsberger, B. Wakefield. Row 2: J Collins, S. McElwee, S. Starcevich, M. Lacey, E. Rosa, N. Stear, K. Sutton, J. Vernon, L. Johnson, J. Ehrenhart, A. White, C. Gray D. Rodgers, S. Welker, P. Bennett, J. Capron, M. Sutton, J. Lapsley, B. Gilstrap, C. Warner, B. Neill, B. Seitz, K. Wilson. Row 3 M. Gilpin, J. Carson, M. Gilpin, J. Edwards, M. Ewalt, N. Martin, J. Unsicker, K. Gooding, G. Painter, N. Nannen, V. Lane, H Sathoff, J. Hick, M. Steck, L. Ewalt, S. Mooney, C. Kinney, M. Zook, C. Morris, B. Schoonover, E. Andrews. Row 4: P. Helle K. Brewer, S. Suydam, N. Davis, R. Windish, M. Francisco, D. Balagna, E. Grady, T. Schaer, A. Rice, C. Connor, M. Moul, J. Thomas P. Sims, D. Reid, K. Dixon, S. David, C. Hall, A. Lewis, K. Dennis, S. Snyder, J, Baudino. The Clliristmas C3.flf.1f.l, Spring Concert. .ind County Cliorus Festival were the higlmliglits of the year for the hard-working girls division of time chorus. The girls xx'm'l4eLl lmrel for these events, .inil tlie result xxpis very pleasant inileeil. '- . TY Carol Casey. director . II, lllllll EHllIllll The mixed chorus. one of thc- finest vocal groups in lf. CQ. H. S.. gnc several tinc perform- .inccs during the school yc-.1r. The first, .intl one of the hcst, was the Christmls C.1nt.1t.i. The group .ilso piirticipatccl in thc Spring Concert. thc Fulton County Chorus Festival. .intl thc chorus contest. Row l: A. Moll, J. Hall, J. Manock, E. Butler, V. Hudson, A. Lewis, C. Cray, B. Seitz, K. Sutton. J. Vernon, J. Lapsley, J. Capron, M Sutton, S. David, C. Hall, L. Monari. Row 2: M. Shorsberger, C. Kepple, R. Welker, D. Balagna, M. Francisco, K. Dixon, M. Ewalt M. Moul, C, Connor, S. Snyder, K. Dennis, J. LaRue, D. Rodgers, S. Welker, P. Bennett. Row 3: K. Holly, D. Abel, J. Fennell, L. Ewalt M, Steck, K. Gooding, N. Nannen, V. Lane, H. Sathoff, C. Painter, J. Unsicker, J. Ehrenhart, P. Anderson, G. Archdale, D. Polhemus Row 4: D. Coots. C. Sathoff, H. Fritz, J. Boyer, C. Grice, J. Griggs, B. Wilson, B. Page, D. Wilson, A. Whited, P. Hoffman, D. Lightfoot L, Dicks, J. Davis. , s 9 --sQlflC S , -fi 14,1 N. -pf' DIC U 2 32 In Row I: K. Welker, J. Fennell, G. Archdale, J. Davis, P. Anderson, D. Polhemus, D. Abel. Row 2: K. Holly, L. Dicks, D. Lightfoot, B. Hoffman, J. Boyer, H. Fritz. E. Safhoff. Row 3: D. Coofs, C. Grice, J. Griggs, B. Wilson, B. Page. D. Wilson, A. Whited. Accompanists: J. Ehrenhart, K. Dennis, E. Butler, V. Hudson. BUYS HHHHIIS Although the boys chorus was small in number this year, they made up for it in enthusiasm and musicianship. Under the direction of Miss Casey, the boys participated in the Christmas Cantata, the chorus contest, and the Spring Concert. They did a very fine job, and Miss Casey can be proud of the excellent work that she did with this group. The ensembles act as unofficial good-will am- bassadors for F. C. H. S. During the year they provide entertainment for various organizations in the community besides participating in the vocal contests in the spring. The membership of these groups is determined by competitive try-outs early in the fall, and being 1 member is considered quite an honor. :pour 1' :Nu u Wald I F . e .. l l 1 1 I 7. V 4 , . Girls uartet K Dixon, K. Sutton, C. Connor, L. Ewalt, Mixed Ensemble: Row l: P. Bennett, J. Capron. S. David, D. Rodgers, S. Welker, D. Balagna, M. Shotsberger. M. Sutton. Row 2: D. Polhemus, C. Grice, B. Page, B. Wilson, D. Bird, J. Griggs, J. Boyer, C. Archdale not present. Girls' Triple Trio: Row li C. Hall, R, Welker, E. Butler, N, Davis. Row Z: L. Ewalt. J. Ehrenliart. K. Dixon. C. Connor, M. Ewalt. -U Tv Jean Capron, make up editor: Judy Too- hill, editorg Bill Page, editor: Bill Wilson, copy editor. VHYHHHIH y si 12447 Af 'QQ' 'iN.x A 3- ... 3 L2 , i X ' X t 'f .V,.,,,. . ff H Louise Mackey, Betty Ferguson, advisors -f'w'? Pat Bennett. Evelyn White, Alice Windish, typists af' 'J 'VTX sf 1 .l' x J , : 1 .w.c,f,x:sfi'if..-:With' ...ff l just can't seem to find it, Mrs. Bishop. lIllllHHY lIHIlllS Replacing books on shelves, keeping the magazine rack neatly arranged. Checking out booksgthese are only a few of the jobs which the library cadets do in our school. These students donate their own time to this task. Under the direction of Mrs. Bishop, our librarian, and Miss Casey, the cadets keep the library in tip-top shape. 4' 'Y -Ar G' Row l: A. Windish. V. Hudsont E. Derr, M. Workman. H. Mudd. I ' ' A Row Z: N. Baud, J. Shilling, L. Painter, C. Hall, S Snyder, B, Burton, M. Ferguson. Row 3: S. Cutshall. J. Harper, R. Bitner, V. Mudd, J Williams, M. Williams, R. Powell. vi 'NJ .14-nf uv- 'Nl - Just think, someday they'Il have to cook for us! Row l: V Hudson. F Burdess, B Cilstra ,J Middleton J. La sle D. . . . p . . p y. Rodgers, A. Lewis, J. Manock, E. Grady, L. Zessin, D. Weber, S. Hensley Row 2: J. Biederbeck, A. Windish, J. Lightfoot, S. David, P. Fresia, B Morse, M. Francisco, K. Stanley, B. Wakefield, L. Johnson, C. Effland T. Gaipo. Row 3: R. Windish, J. Lightfoot, J. Burbidge, B. Burton, C. Coots, E Andrews, J. Toohill, M. Zook, S. Snyder, S. Could, S. Cutshall, W. Camp- bell, M. Haist. Row 4: S. Starcevich, C. Gooding, M. Kimzey, M. Ewalt, M. Williams. M. Krey, J. Toohill, N. Nannen, G. Boyer, H. Sathoff, K. Gooding, K Passent, B. Schoonover, P. Utsinger, C. Hall. has 'Y T? """ifo'u Row l: C. Hall, Presidentg J. Manock, Treas- urer. Row 2: P. Helleg L. Johnsong S. Snyder: B. Morse, Vice-President. Row 3: J. Light- foot, H. Sathoff, Secretary, J. Burbidge. 5 -14 4. Mrs. Ann White and Miss Marianne Clinch, advisors. One of the most actiye and worthwhile organi- zations F. Ci. H. S has is that group otiicially known as the FHA. The purpose of the club is to prepare high school girls for their future jobs as homemakers. There are many facets to the program which is set up to accomplish this. The most enjoyable side of this program is social activities. The Farmington Chapter annually sponsors the FHA Formal Ball and the FHA- FFA party. They also participate in family out- ings and family nights. A second side to this program is the com- munity projects, ranging from Christmas caroling to charity work. These projects are carried out on a local, state. and national level. The last and most important facet is that of self-improvement. By working for the different degrees awarded for achievements, the girls in- crease their knowledge so that they will be better homemakers in the future. 85 EK Miss Roberts, Advisor: Mary Jo Sutton, Secretary-Treasurer: Mr. Grebe, Advisorg Dave Stufflebeam, President: John Griggs. Vice-President. Pile on! Pill EHIH The Pep Club, under the direction of Miss Roberts and Mr. Grebe, worked hard this year to carry out its obligation to the school. The task of this group is to cheer the teams on to victory. This year's Pep Club was led by Dave Stuffle- Oh, when the saints . . . beam, president, Mary Jo Sutton, secretary- treasurerg and john Griggs, vice-president. The Pep Club cooperated with the Student Council in planning a program to honor the ath- letes. Toward the end of the year, a party was sponsored by the club for its members. Lookit, Mama. paratroopers! we Sing pretty. girls! SlllUlNl EllllNlIIl Row l: F. Burdess N. Davis, S. Wa ner, C. Kepple, J. - S Middleton, K. Brewer, E. Butler. Row 2: V. Hudson, D. Balagna, C. Gray, N. Weerts. N. Nannen, J. Toohill, K. Dennis, B. Burton. Row 3: R. Polhemus, L. Parr, J. Boyer, R. Higgs, B. Page, R. Perisho, J. Appell, J. Stevens, D. Coots. as . 1 5 E f J Jw'-wr. M - "TW .- ' kr ,, 4' "Q H Row l: D. Balagna, Reporterg R. Polhemus, Sergeant-at-Armsg S. Wagner, Secretary. Row 2: J. Stevens, Vice-Presidentg J. Boyer, President: Miss Mackey. Advisorg B. Page, Parliamentariang J. Appell, Treasurer. Wielding the gavel in this years Student Coun- cil was President, Jirn Boyer. The Council held monthly meetings here at school and a few night meetings. Because the Council was limited to these meet- ings, there were, perhaps, not as many projects as in former years. During the summer, the student handbook was revised and then distributed near the beginning of the year. At Christmas, food for needy families was collected. After the spring convention and election of officers, the Council sponsored an honor assembly held in the evening. Parents of the students were invited to attend. fi , av' Sllllll Ellll F. C. H. S. students, or at least those mem- bers belonging to the Science Club, go right along with the national interest in this very important field. The Science Club is one of our newest or- ganizations, with this being its second year. The members have been slowly adding equip- ment to their array of apparatus. At the meetings. the science teachers have given some interesting talks and demon- strations. Mr, Bowen talked and gave a demonstration on the use of civil defense equipment, Mr. Henderson showed his tele- scope, and Mr. XXfalkwitz demonstrated the printing of negatives. '13 5' . 7' Row l: H. Fritz, Vice-President: W. Colvin Secretary Treas Ufef. Row 2: Mr, Walkwitz, Advisor, J. Holdridge Presld nt M Henderson, Advisor. 15 Q. Row l: A. Roberts, D. Benson, T. Lucas, W. Suydam, R. Boyer, T. Murphy, R. Myer. Row 2: F. Nelson, T. Buckley. H. Fritz, J. Hick, J, Stevens. W. Colvin. Row 3: J. Richards, J. Black, J. Fahnestock, G. Deakin. J. Holdridge, R. Perisho, L. Melhouse. Don't let it get you down. Billl 59 X-. W we 'W FW 'MW V A -- ,f Q f, f.f af i A f wy.. 'y if' nf f .fwifw Vigg, .0 W , ,. 7 -f , f r Hal V3 I 3 f!4 M l ' I F-39961 . Q: ' ' 1, M55 . 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