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Farmington High School - Voyageur Yearbook (Farmington, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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M.. fQ Qf5fQY . 1 ' I 1 60 IWW! M J ffpffpwk 'JIU -X R AES? X3 fi x KN, wx NX JW! M? K Iliff Q, 15 ff J- I ff. f ! . af X-5 I' A J' V I ,VW 0 jfs' r Nbr' Qcylli -I ,bf 5 vw 4 gb . MMV V ' ,AV ff7"'dZ0 " , ff , .f ' 'J ,aff U 4 P' 4!'44 I f jr ry! I A A EL Qi - -X ,, Aff gi' 'f V 1 , 1 1 ,ff -fl' -I ,. A' 71'-.X 'Fe K , '31 47 +1 Ni f Q1 I 1,43 1 -23 BQ 'xi 5 K ' 1 , , X. YQ N R K fx- l' j' , X' - m s :A ,ks , ff' ijitxi Nil -N I - V .S xx A- x QW , Tv" ilu U , NW: 1 X N X ' 51+ 5 7 zz N x il , ' J D :LW W V.,.4,.,zAQc' 1 I x f v 1 ., X N.. ,z 1 UU , - J ff f ' A ' , ', 2 , 1 ' 1' 4 r 41 . gf ' ' -. ' , N S , Vw x -. ,, - is h xg - x. .Q- - Q - X sf X , , . -- .b . X R . x I ,, . 'N 5 . xx " .f Mx AX . Y D X9 IN THIS ISSUE YEIIII ENDS WITH SIXTY SIX GIIIIIIUIITING '95 If 11 MY' 1950 EDITIUN S250 - X .L xxx .K QL fa 7 . . RA 'N N X X Xxx It I f, 3 I ' 1 1 x I . , , f , X X x xx I yy 7 ' N 5 is I K A N 'X "X X yu x 3, A!! ti fin, ll, , ,W S X X x Xa I gs A 1 I 1 f , , 1 if , ' I ' K x xx x s I Qc f - , 1 'II' W If I 1, I if y ,fi I I. gl I ,,, -M ,I ff ,,f ,,-f V . IX x r- f H ,-..-I., ,, W- .. , I, N-S . K X x I f ' if 1 1, ., ,,,.., M, w ff , I In X , ' 'lr' W 1 , f- .- IC-'T I . . - - 4 , , ia, ' .MX NN a 1 I I l 5 'Q " -4 L. in 9 Letters to Editor LIFE Txme and Llle Buxldmg Rockefeller Center New York 20 No Jombcr In l9fl9 Dear Mr Gronewold Thank you for your letter ot November l t vvhtch Mr Henry R Luce has reterred to tht olhce lor a reply We are glad to gtve you permlsston to base the format ot THE VOYAGEUR on an rssue ot LIFE However m order to conform wtth U S olltcral trademark and copyrtght regula ttons We must ask you to observe the Iollowlng rnodthcatrons The word LIFE must not appear tn a box regardless ol color etther on the cover or else wnere m the annual It you plan to pattern your cover deslgn alter LIFE s In addttron to the above ruhng the band at the bottom must not have a Jag but should be a tratght lme all across In tm connectton too the tttle ot your annual should not approxtmate LIFE s logotype It must be stated on the cover that the annual 1 publtshed by Farmlngton Communtty Hlgh School 4 Qur copynghted ubtttle such as LIFES Reports Speakmg of Prctures LIFE Goes or VISIIS etc should be changed enough so there ts httle chance of tdentttymg them too closely as commg from LIFE Magazme The above permtsston does not extend to the use ol any actual photographs or text from an Issue ot LIFL ol course And to avotd any po slble mtsunderstandmg would you be good enougn to send us a comprehenslve layout of your cover forma' before tt goes Into hnal form? lfeanwntle many thanks for your ktnd comphment to LIFE Srncerely yours Dorothv L Smlth Ldltortal Services i W , ,, I ', Q, . . fm . , . , ' , . I , , - , . 2. , , . , . ,F , S . ,J 3, . S . Q . . F t. , , . , U Ol I f to...,, ., ,, . . ' N sf , , I . . . , I A , Pictures Speak tv Graduating Class of 1900 Farmnngton at Corner of Mann and Fort Fifty Years Ago Page 2 HEMI QUARTERS 'U-an-pg-.1 lwwx ,Ei R. !llllll Page 3 Voyageur Reports Txhdfv ' rK,.:4S 11 VOYAGEUR CGNTENTS r wr ,J :CHQ O VOYAGEUR STAFF Edltors Bus1ness Staff . w C C rev cf bnorg ee Crare LL 0 we mc nmc Jn L I L QIIUM Make up Commlttee Ed1tor1crl Staff L LM fro' 11 ea Q fzurcllw vcr R Typlsts L. P4191 Pagg Sidi? T-if.: Ifi, l5',t',' 5 Dice fgff -YQ ff5'.-.' f5:g3.1.'t1::'f-1 35 'vu K .. .rf,. 4A lxwhwn. 'Q .. - L14 TIi1"x'-i:1'ff-f Li: ' L" 1 1 '17 fi If QTCBZ, 1 Pfnrigor.. 49 fhj' ff1':"g QQ H,.n..f.,. 5'4" ', "I'L.,,, VU. L' Pe? T111 f5'1'Qf1: Spf' ' -f firityiiiji Fifi lf F132 fthziz 52 Oi ine S"1fI'? ,,.. 27 , , nity flr Cent S1171 34 Qixwf :f Cl'g1:.ie1f fora' 33 Y- . H , A LM ' .M - ttilre I:11rn'1.1.::': So VCY33'5'47 C3V?Tf1TU1'17'f- 34 Student fliifeir Lefiifi 58 Hard Wcrkeir Lock 2: 51 36 IiE2Y11lf1C',1'.fY1 ii: fhorgg' 55 fd.i3rfgr.fg.1'f fC1f',' feizzi f.f:rgH1 pgtirii ..+32L1. I'."1x Blix k Pix TEL, Di l. f.f32:e-gp Edigr Dgrirpix Hayley :xr Amen . ' .j,, L4 ri ' A , TTC Qfglviiatzsm .jCfQl':'ff jf'lITG :i1Ti1QQ, IC-ixicti Gr, Aifw' ' FY . y D - .. , K. WM fgny K A, ,. ,YW ,, if 3',1Slfi6ES i.1GRC,1QI'3f Qiiizfg Stine.-:Q.d 03,5 HMC -L31 11 fwuuern, .1 .. NSCA-S. N ' ' X A ' " T Y :L .' vm 'V - ,Tx ' f.TGr1.'A:rg Lgggzet Dlllil YG. -Q ., gnc, FQMII H ,. EC, Filly HFLIQGQ GAY ff ','--vf Q A A nf., .-f.. .4 .f.,. , x ,, J Az: V55 fl1g:i1:,2ig1 TTCCI' -7"fCf1 Si-ririett ' u. Cn, f,fA..,n, MM .,-,.-,A.,..,. F119 5 IOHN DICK MARILYN Iohn Rutledge a newcomer to F' C H S hatled from East Peorla Commumty Htgh School hrs rumor year was GSSIS ant band drrector thrs year as Nell as class presrdent He led the class through a very successful year as presldent and was on the ed1tor1al staff of the Voyageur was 1n mrxed chorus and Lattn Club took part rn the tumor play was on the track eam and played on the neversweat teams entered state muszc con te t for clarrnet and bass horn A Senlor Tells Hls Story The year l946 1S marked as an 1mportant year rn the hves of the 1950 graduattng stu dents For that year We entered Farmrngton Communrty Hrgh School for the f1rst trme On September 9 1946 we had our ftrst class meet rng and at that meetrng we elected the fol lowrng Oll1CGfS presrdent Glenn Duhs vrce pre rdent Lyle Hayward and secretary treas urer Gay Eccles Cur most memorable expenence that year was ln1t1at1on lV'ost of us looked forward to that day wrth horror but now rt IS a memory That year we sponsored a dance rn the gym and we entertamed the efghth graders at a party ln September l947 after our frrst summer vacatron from hrgh school approxrmately seventy etght students returned as sopho mores At therr frrst class meetmg Btll Muz 7arell1 was elected class prestdent Dtck Bar ley v1ce presrdent and Donna Negley retary trea urer Thrs year the ophomores sponso ed a Vrc tory Dance whlch was one of our f1 st at tempts toward makrng money Then came the lmportant task of servtng for the luntor Semor Prom whrch was held Apnl 23 On Aprll 30 three ophomore students went to Taylorvrlle to compete rn the State Solo Con tes On September 7 IQ48 our class convened a upper classmen For our cla s offrcers thrs Marllyn Crane outstandlng rn the musrc department was a member of the ensemble mrxed chorus and Cantata so'o1st for three years band and en e ed drstrtct and state muslc contests Sh was a member of F H A ln whrct she held ofrc s 1n local drstr ct and the state organlza t1on belonged to the Argus Qurll and Scroll Lrbrary Cadets A A and Latrn Club Secre tary treasurer of the senror class her senror year she also was ed1tor1al edr or of the Voy ageur and took part 1n the Junior play Drck Lmt the manager of the baske ball team h1s yuntor year was vrce presldent of the class thxs year He belonged to Qurll and Scroll Argus band Lrbrary Cadets mlxed chorus A A and Lattn Club was 1n the Argus Play played on football basketball and neversweat teams was on the make up commrttee for the Voyageur and was rn the Cantata pantomlme year we elected Don Gronewold as prestdent Baylor ecretary treasurer Thrs year proved to be a very busy one for tne srxty four tumors They made money by cllrng pop and hot dogs at the football and basketball games The money went for the lumor Sen1or Prom Whrch We sponsored The tfrerne for our prom was A Nrght Among the Co als and the gymnastum was beautrfully de orated rn aqua blue crepe paper We also sponsored the Homecomlng dance whrch turned out to be one of the most outstandmg good trmes of the year Durrng the month of November our class play Chlna Boy three act comedy was glven After thts busy year we recessed untrl Sep tember 7 l949 when we reached the peak rn our hrgh school term For now we are semors and have come to Wnte f1n1s to the best days of our lrfe We were lead thrs year by class presrdent lohn Rutledge v1ce presrdent Dlck Lrnt and secretary treasurer Manlyn Crane Now came our day of revengel On October 77 we 1n1t1ated the frrghtened freshmen Then the next evemng we entertatned the alumnr at the annual Homecomrng dance Later 1n the year we taged the Senlor Class Play Now comes the most rmportant day ot all We Walk down the atsle at Baccalaureate and Commencement wlth gnm faces as we leave F C H S forever X I 7 ' , I r ' ' A ' I .I e A ' , , 4 !. A . . 1' ' ' 7 . I s ' I . . - ' ' ' - o ' A I, V i . . I 7 . I I I I A ' - . - - Bob Youngblood-vice-presidentg and Carroll , ' -s - . . Z - I 7 s ' s - p - - . 7 H ' A l . . - 1 L! A. U " I ' ' ' I ' ' , c . H I .. . G - ' - ' 5 -sec- . . . S It . - I - . I i l I . l. , ' , is I ' ' Page 6 1 Y IOE DICK CARROLL MARCIA I MARILYN IVAN DALE NORMAN Year Ends With 66 Graduating Al aw n outetandtna ahlete '1 lr four years, at I C H S played on tHe lootball baiketball ba cball and never weat tearw He belonged o Arguw band and A A Rrchard Ba Iey NGS p rructpated ID ba eoall track tn bo L he un we e er an all arolncl student havmg ath etrc basketball football and never weat He took par or ana A Que plays was an re Lto a Cadets Latm b A A ana Vovagetl ente ed the sae rc cate 5 oe ot 'n wed c oru ro AG vce he eye ro B nd rr e nbe I qu C Ive f"'I'uJl'6 'C C OIC Page 7 lfarrlyn Blrol Claes monrtor for two years was on the edrtorlal stall of the Voyageur a member of the F H A A A Lrbra y Cadet and the band lxan Black r cervma rnanv honors rn F F A held the otltcee of r porter and secretary rn tha' o gan1za1on I-re played on the varsrty football wr ad and wae rn ll'l9 band He was on the l95O Vo ,fageu t 're varetty football and q on 3 also on he track team L eoall a He played on or ne A Lg ar ISIIC GblllI1eS L P ootr wears and was I f 1n 0 nfwfr N9 rt '1 N05 f A en er 0 o loo st, a , ' I I. " I ' ' , ' ' , I A , A - , - , I 4 . ns- rs ,rg . , ., , ,, ' r S, . - Y' t 5 , , E - ' , e ' ' J . .A ' . . ,, L ' ' l. .s -- C I A 5' ' l ' I. ' . 4 T ' ll . I .I .r , , ' A ' . I - - I . j , - , - .nu . , CIC , N. mb of fs- ', ,H , . - . ' r rs aff. Cla , ' A 4 'r . r it te :nas C .. sta, was a :ri -in' r ' o h 5 and 131 the :antaia It rrzxzrie He " is I - president of Z - Clase lips .sophonior '-ar ,, . . 'v.t. 'H n V ,W , W -' . -,ar ll amor, cutsta :Q tr: :por was 4 rig. r arf BMCKHQ' C r9f'h' C" " f -' f .- H - r r 1 V Lagketbzll LLA. w. s ' t oi Irie 'sarstty ioocan ann bzxftetbml aa. He 1 V V Q ' ,dlhuee on ,hp r,D,,,,,:,,,,-,,, .6 who ,Y W ann ztiariajea :ne ae- te rn ,, I .. .. , .e.,,.,.. L. . .A .... -, .. as a ,. beg of ine Athlon: A.'.:oCz2t1o: and was cla1s,z if neverswect ECTS' WGS in the Gamma pan' ,FWLW , F P-A Eg toziipife and bel .Jed to tl A ee-. Wqrv- r,., fr Az: 'LL not up- r -''C1a Bennett an ':c.:'.'e zgetiber of lr A for ICJ TICTYYCY 3l'3Ck17-'53 Cufficfwiw 37 mf? fu- E M E . ':e':r.' 1-iz: 1.5 iz Clark' t' in 'ot ff',f:f'L6T of fne Fl'1':"?7i "'f1Yf71T'1' foci' ill All 5 ' jf 1'-,-I it bg fm - f., Arr ry,-v-,-ff ff, 331, f,j,f, Qyy. of r:ier:1bf,-r of if 'Vzolt ear" he W 1.1 ' th. Q, 4, 11 fm- , ,QA -A434 f, I- ,7 gf., ff "':n!': a y,':.ff g,l':','-'-l on tlxft ,' 4 ,1' I' TQ .l,l.:.Y: Cl Izi. iz.-3 'rife :QL and fl tvpigi 7535133 C71-u ' -if A ff Y b - I r the V Qzgenr ARDEANNE EDWANNA GENE ON EILEEN BARBARA Ardeane Brunlnga who came from Roosevelt lumor Hlgh School her freshman year was a member of the Latm Club glee club l.1brary Cadets and was a class momtor Edwanna Clayberg cheerleader her sen1or year was an GCllV6 member ol F H A L1brary Cadets mlxed chorus A A and a regular class mon1tor member ana entered the d1str1ct music contests He was a member ot the Latm Club A A and played on the basketball football baseball and neversweat teams Ion Clayton twm brother ol Gene was a stellar at tractron ol the VGTSI y football basketball traclf and ba eball earns a member of the band and entered the d1str1ct drum contest He belonged to the Latum Club and A A Page 8 IEAN MARILYN Etleen Crane a hard worklng Arguslte belonged to the Qu1ll and Scroll F H A L1brary Cadets Latxn Club mlxed chorus and A A was on he busmess staff of the Voyageur and was in the yunxor play Barbara Doubet qulet and reserved l1ttle blonde from SCIT1 Hanna C1ty kept up her work at home last year whrle recuperatlng from an accldent Barbara belonged t F H A A A and was mth Canta a pantorrume Doubet a lovely newcomer to F C H S her se-mor year halled from Prmcevxlle She was a nember ol ne band and glee club Marllyn Doubet photographer lor the Voyageur was al o a merrtber of F H A band Lxbrary Cadets Latxn Club and A A She was a class monltor and was rn the pantomxme for the canta a 4 f - - I - o . . ,, , ., ' e . L 4 Gene Clayton, one ol our class twins, was a band l 1 -'4- . - A V A V , M- . . s 1 . .p . , , ' ' , ' A , . . L , Nancy Dunblaz1er wa NANCY LITA DORIS MARY IANE IEANETTE DON secretary ol the Qmll and Scroll her sen1or year and upheld the motto Btg thmgs Come 1n ltttle packages She was a 'nember ol F H A A A band Llbrary Cadets alee Club and Araus played on the glrls baske ball team and was 1n the Junlor DIOY Llta laralll an energet1C worker was VICE pres1dent Do ts Marv ol the band her jumor year a contestant 1n d1str1Ct and state Contests a member ol F H A Argus Llbrary Cadets mxxed Chorus ense nb'e Voyageur A A and he Latrn Club She was pres1dent ol Qu1ll and SC oll her semor vear erber wa e C l H A C a all tour yeas She belon,ea o A A bard ana Ltbrarv Cade s S e s n, ln the 5 ee C D txea C o us ane Gtra nch Cantaa l tte V1 year C x f Ice Cup andrnfe Cu Latln Club l. bra y C A Page 9 WILMA LAEI.. leanette Greenfleld was on the busmess staff for the Voyageur thls year She sang IH the glee club rmxed Chorus and was a member ot F H A whrch she was a reporter and treasurer wa tn A A played on the glrls basket and She ba squad and was a Class monltor Donald Gronewold or S o everyone was our 1umor Class pres1dent He managed the football team hls sophomore Junlor and seruor years and played on the baseball teams He was a member of the Latxn Club of whlch he was v1Ce pres1dent bustness manager of the Voy ageur secretary treasurer of Lmbrary Cadets belonaed to he A A and was ID the rumor play N lma Guth f 'to at ended Clearwater Hlgh School ln Flo taa he ophorno year was a member of the F l-L A A A arta Tumbllng Club She aa, rt me gurls glee lub and rmxed Chorus Lael Hagqe tv ery qulet y I trlendly belonged to H A A A and the Latln Club She as 71 Q fe C ll , - . S L . , 5 . . L . , r . .. ., . ,, , ' -of ' , , Y, , , : S ' . ,, ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ll , ' . I Y I U - ' - v . ,. . . . . . t . - j - r G s aciiv in .he lc a. F, . . . n pier l 1 . ., t ' ' ' ' r . ' a ' 1 . . ' l , r" r s . re , ' ' A 1 . 'a a ' . al lu' . Y U, - ,, .' A . and1:'Vhr . Q' C ,rj , . A I 'we ' r, . .eo als! l' last lr-ee 7 " ' 9 ' A als a znexztb'-r ol the rg-n.:e::.'al -, F 'V ' " ' ' 1-O 'il 1- 'l " , ' :E ,Li :lx r .1 She wa.: in ilm :mlm m L F' 1' I k' .' . " , l r Cadets and A Betty BETTY GORDON HARRY BARRY BERNIECE ELIZABETH lean l-ledden another hard work1ng Argustte was also a member of the Qulll and Scroll She belonged to F H A band Tumbltng Club glee club and A A was stage manager for the Argus play played basketball and was IH the cantata pantomtme three years Gordon Helle an act1ve member ol F F A was on Harry Barry the d1str1ct and sate cropludgmg teams H belonged to A A Lattn Club and played on the neversweat teams Holmes an all around student took part tn many F C H S act1v1t1es as a member of he Argus Qulll and Scroll ensemble A A Lat1n Club Voyageur and band of wh1ch he was v1ce prestdent hrs senror year he also was active 1n sports football track and neversweat teams sang tn m1XSd chorus and bass solotst for the cantata lacobs who atended the St Francs Hospttal School tarted hrs sophomo e year at F C H S He belonged to the band Ltbrary Cadets A A Latm Club ol whlch e was prestdent boys chorus and mlxed chorus Page 10 MARY IEAN BILL Bermece Kauzlartch who took part IH the cantata pantomime three years also belonged to F H A Ltbrary Cadets alee club and A A El1zabeth Lacey one of the very busy typlsts for the Voyageur thrs year was also a member of F H A Tumblmg Club glee club and A A She wa a class momtor and played on the gtrls basketball and baseball teams Mary lean MOTOIII ou stand1ng tn yournallsttc ab1l1t1es was busrness manager of the Argus edltor tn chtef of the Voyageur and a member of Qutll and Scroll Was a member of F H A Llbrary Cadets A A and Latrn Club was manager for basketball and played baseball sang rn tnxed chorus and was the lluo conference re porter B111 Muzzarellt was our class prestdent hrs freshman year He played on the basketball football track baseball and neversweat teams He was a member of band and A A , t . , . , . . ., V - ., . f , . , 1 4 -, . . , . - - 4. , . - . e 4 , ,, , . . .- . ., , s . , V - , 1 - 4 I - - . . . A . . , . . . t , , , , - -. , V - -, 1 t , - t. , ' 1 1 I - - , , .. - , .J ., , . . . , . - ' I 1 - f , , ., GLORIA ROBERTA DONNA BERTHA AUDREY IOHN Glorxa Muzzarellr was trea ure f the Ourll and Scroll th1s year She was a member of F H A of whlch she was V1C9pI'eS1del'1l Argus band A A maxed chorus ensemble entered the mus1c contest all tour years and was rn the Latxn Club on tne edrtorral staff ot the Voy ageur took part rn the Argus Play and played on the glrls basketball and baseball teams Roberta McMullen an F H A member for three years belonged to Qu1ll and Scroll Argus band Lxbrary Cadets mlxed chorus A A and Latm Club played on the grrls basketball team and was rn the Argus and lunror plays She entered the dls rlct mustc contest ln Clar1net Donna Negley captam ot the cheerl aders th1s year has been varsrty cheerleader for three years oftrces ot reporter secretary and CTGIYTHGH f recreatton Qutll and Scroll vrce presrdent Argus Lrbrary Cadet VICE presrden mlxea horus ensemble A A and Latrn Club played on the glrls basketball team Make up edrtor ot the Voyageur and was the sophomore secre tary treasurer She took part rn the Argus play Bertha Parkhur from Trtvolt belonged to F H A rm l A A She also ang rn the glee club CLAYTON MARILYN Audrey Pte1tfer the qulet but frtendly g1rl from Eden was a member of F H A for three years sang rn the glee club and was 1n A A lohn Record was a member of F F A lor three years He played rn the band and was a member of mrxed chorus H played on the neversweat teams and belonged to A A Clayton Reed carrymg ou the Reed tradrtron b longed to A A and Latrn Club He also played Cantata pantomtrne Mar1lyn Reed the stud1ous frrendly g1rl W1 h a smlle ror everyone was presldent ol the F H A th1s year She belonged to A A glee club and tl! T 1V'tbllYlf'I Club wa rn the lumor play and rn ata yln ommi rlayed on the gnrls ba netball and baseball teams Page ll She bel01'1Qed to F- H- A- Of Wl'1iCl'1 She held the on the neversweat teams and took part in the , , l ' o - St ' ' , ' Cf 1 1' 1 ' Q, , , Q .' s ' ' y GENE VIRGINIA DON LILA Gene MARTHA MARY EDWIN SYLVIA Ross the boy w1th that wonderful votce was a member ol the ensemble mtxed chorus band entered the state 11us1c contest A A and wa secretary of the Latln Club as well as a cantata solotst He was 1n the tumor play played too ball was on the neversweat teams and was on the ed1tor1al staff of the Voyageur Vtrglnta Sale took parts tn both the 1un1or and Argus plays was tn F H A of whtch she held the ottrce ol parltamen artan Qutll and Scroll Argus band Ltbrary Cadets mlxed chorus and wa on the busmess tall of the Voyageur Don Schoonover was on the varstty football squad lor the last two years He belonged o the band Llbrary Cadets glee club and A A managed the basketball team hts sophorno e year played on the baseball and neversweat tears and was m the cantata pantornme l.1la Schoonover a typtst for thts years Voyageur be longed to F H A Ltbrary Cadets Tumbltng Club glee club and A A She was a class monltor played on the gtrl ba lcetball team and was tn the Cantata pantomtme lor two years Martha Septch has been one of the mstlga ors ol the Mary gtrls ptys cal educatton clubs She played on the gtrls basketball and baseball teams and was a member of the Tumbltng Club belonged to F H A band glee club A A and entered the dtstrtct contes s Stmp on was GSSISIGDI commandmg drum major ette thts year She was also a member of F H A Quill and Scroll Argus Tumbltng Club mtxed chorus A A l.at1n Club and entered the dtstrtct muslc con est tn twtrlmg Edwm Slagel or Eddy to hrs Irlends was a regular sports partlctpant He played on the football baseball basketball track and neversweat teams played tn the band four years was 1n the cantata pantomtme and a member ot A A Sylvta Snyder an acttve member of F H A was Page 12 secretary her semor year She belonged to the Argus Qutll and Scroll band mlxed chorus and A A She entered the dt trtct mu xc conto t 1n a French horn quartette . ' -. , ' ' l i ' . . . . . A- I ' f I A - -I I 1 A -I I I ' ' 'V 1 I 4 ' ' ' ' A I - Vt I 1 A, A. and Latin Clubg was a cantata soloist, - - - - ' - s ' s t . 5 'J I I C ' ' ' 3' 5 1 ., ' , I I - 7 ' ' . , . 4:5 ' 52' ,S K A ' NORMA ALLEN VANITA PAT IOANN DONNA PEGGY IULIA Norma Stremmel was 1n the g1rls glee club lor tour years and she was a class monrtor as well as a member ot A A and F H A Allen Strong or Al to h1s classmates was one of the hard worktng Argusltes l-le belonged to Ourll and Scroll band glee club A A a Cl the Latln Club played on the football and neversweat teams was manager of boh the basketball and baseball teams took part ln the Argus play and was on the buslness stall of the Voyageur He also entered the chstrrct muslc Con est 1n he llute drvrsron Van1ta Stuttlebeam wa tn glee club he lour years o hrgh school She was a me ber of A A and came here from Canton l-hgh School a Threw an out and ng F lf' A efrtb r recerved 0 trol: weat far' ook par tn rro pr '1 boy choru and rnryed cn nd o h usrness sta o ne Voyager, IoAnn Thurman short lrrendly g1rl from Norrls Was Page l3 an F H A member durmg her four years of F C H S She sang 1n the glee club belonged to band and A A Donna TIGZZI ano her enthuslast IH the g1rls physlcal educatron clubs was manager of the basket ball team and played baseball A member of F H A she belonged also to A A was a class monltor and was on the buslness staff of the Voyageur Peggy Tuckey the grrl wrth the sweet smile was a uha member of band l..1brary Cadets mrxed chorus and A A She was secretary ol F H A her rreshrnan year was a class mon1tor played basketball ana was on the bustness stat of 'ne Voyageur Tusek was secretary cf the F H A her Junxor year She played on the glrls basketball and T rmrlrn 1 Club an l A A ang rn rn? d choru w 1 antata olor ht year ani wa an IO Conference queen attendant her sophomore year , , - , , . ' 4 , . . . A xx If - , l I , f , A ., Tl I A ., r . I i A . , . . I 3. Y i l , , g. . , ' . ' . YH . . A ' ' I . , f I ' r ' ' . . . ' ' P t , 'T.3t,.. Sl . . rn-.. e , ' H ' ' the State Former degree this year. He played baseball teams and WGS G member of the on th, .a ' all, frack, and nevers 1- .111 l J' , C S - Y-E S. 1 J t . the ru. r lay i. as' 2 r ,: C 53 lst t , r Ill' A ' Qs lotus a ' n 1. e b' .. . ll i r' 'r. . ,alms fb EMMA Lou BEVERLY DONNA GENE ff'N. SAM ELLEN BOB Emma Lou Vter secretary treasurer of the Library Cadets was also a member of F H A Argus Qurll and Scroll band Tumbltng Club glee club A A and the Latln Club She was a lass monltor took part IH the Argus play was on the busrness staff ol the Voyageur and was rn the cantata pantomxme Beverly Workman was an actrve member ol F H A whlle rn hlgh school She sang rn the glee club was a member of A A ana was tn the oanta a pantomrme Donna Workman has been '1 member of the glee clu F H A and A Gene Wrrgley an outstandlng F F A member wa on the judgmg team and was awardea a tate dearee He also sana tn th boys choru Page 14 tack Yanclck better known as Sam played on the loo ball basketball and track hrs four years at F C H S He managed the baseball team two years and played on the neversweat teams Sam belonged to A A and was on the make up commlttee for the Voyageur He was also m the can ata pantomtme and whenever there was anv art work Sam obllgmgly gave h ervrces was a member of F H A glee club A A and took part 1n the Cantata pantomlme Bob Youngblood another outstandmg athlee durrng hrs hrgh school career was a regular player ot the football basketball baseball track and neversweat teams He belonged to the l..1brary Cadets of whrch he was presldent h1s senlor year and was VICE president of the class hrs tumor year He sang 1n the mrxed chorus be longed to A A ol whrch he was a sophomore epre entatrve ana was tn the Cantata pan omrne .A " Q J' FS. lt X ' W , ' ' is - - - , - I I Ellen Yarnell, quiet reserved girl from Hanna City, b ,.t, , . A. - ' I t f , J 3 J A . e .' s I A . ' t FARMINGTON GROWS UP From horses plodd1ng along pullrng wagons over deep muddy ruts to b1g shrny automo brles wh1zz1ng down paved hlghways Front a nrght at home around the kerosene lamp W1th the famrly to an evenrng spent at home watchrng a wrestlrng match over televrsron Yes lrfe rn Farmlngton certalnly has changed durrng the past hfty years The bu1ld1ngs rn the mam busrness sect1on have not changed much except for a new front here and there and many remodeled 1n terrors The buslnesses have changed hands several trmes wtth the result that each burld mg has a hrstory of 1ts own Of course there were no garages or gasol1ne tatlons back ln 1900 but they qulckly came 1n and replacea the buggy shops and blacksm1th shops as the horseless carnage came 1n and replaced the horse and buggy The general stores flourrshed 1n 1900 but they branched out rnto the super market the grocery tore the frurt store and dry goods e tablrshments The res1dence sectrons have changed con slderably wrth many new sectlons of town be mg added on durrng the last half century The town started expand1ng West but the d1rect1on was changed to northeast and south New srdewalks roads and shrubbery have helped At Mud Pomt of Century F Farmrngton l'l1gh School at the m1d pornt of thrs century has had a total of 1945 grad uates 137 of these graduatlng pr1or to 1900 and 1808 graduatrng smce then ln th1s year of 1950 approxrmately srxty ome students w1ll graduate from F C H S whxle rn 1900 twenty l1Ve enrolled at the be g1nn1ng of the year and elght graduated Also rn 1900 ten junrors seven sophomores and twenty one freshmen completed the year Thls year approxtmately 50 1un1ors 79 sopho mores and 89 freshmen w1ll complete the year At the turn of the century tho e wantmg to secure an educatron could do so for very lrttle money TUITION was S2 00 a month or S16 00 a year At the present trme 1t IS S250 a year Farmrngton Communlty 1-lrgh School rn 1900 was located where the Chapman school IS today The entlre student body of the hlgh school was placed rn one large room wrth the freshmen occupying the frrst three rows sophomores next two rows and the Junlors the two m1ddle rows and the SGHIOYS the last row next to the wxndows Tne students were requlred to carry the same number of sub1ects that are requlred at complete the change and to QIVG Farmrngton a more modern appearance The lrves of the people themselves have been greatly changed Occupatrons entertaln ment and rnterests have all changed Farmlngton boasted of several factorres through the years These factor1es employed some of the men but the greater ma1or1ty of them were m1ners and farmers There are four mam group today factory workers mer chants m1ners and farmers Farmrngton also offered 1ts resrdents a w1de vartety of amusements Farmlngton has sported many dlfferent movre houses and a few opera houses rn 1ts days Of course for a lrttle less culture there have always been tav erns and saloons to keep the populace 1n good sprrrts The show houses however decreased rn number as the automoblle led many res1 dents to entertalnment rn the larger c1t1es It wrll be rnterestmg for us youngsters to look back rn the year 2000 when we become a lrttle older and see how much Farmmgton wrll have changed ln the years 1950 to 2000 Wrll the changes brought about by the machrne age compare wrth the changes to come durlng the atomrc age? Perhaps and then agam maybe there wont be a Farmrngton C H S Has 1 945 Graduated the present trme that number belng four The subyects drd not vary to a great extent they drd not have foretgn languages but they d1d have Engh h algebra geometry and scrence The last srx weeks was devoted to a very 1n tensrve study of astronomy and Amerlcan Hxstory There were no clubs at th1s txme but a muslc teacher from Canton came once a week and trme was allowed for s1ng1ng Track was the predomrnatmg sport and Farmlngtons track team was rated very hrgh at thrs trme Very lrttle football was played and Farmlng tons brg game of the year was played on Thanksgrvrng Day when the Farmers met the Elmwood team Instead of havlng assembly programs as we do now the class of 1900 put on therr own programs Every Frlday afternoon was de voted to puttlng on short skrts and slnglng At commencement tfme out of the twenty f1ve senrors who had enrolled wlth the Class of 1900 erght graduated S1nce 1t was such a small class each one gave an oratlon on the prog am Because of the burnlng of the school the commencement exerclses were held 1n the burldlng where the Negley Hardware Store stands today Dage 15 . , . . , ' , . . . , , 1 . as . , - - ' 1 1 1 . , ' . 0 . . .1 . . , 1 - - 1 I - . . 1 1 1 , . . . ' 1 0 A . . . -P 1 1 .1 . ' . 4 1 . - 1 - f . . - 1 - I 1 - ' ' 1 1 ' f I 1 , ' .ci . , . 0 1 1 1 - I - . . C . Q . . . ., - 1 ' ' . , 1 1 1 1 1 -1 ' , . - l 1 , e .J , . . . I 1 1 1 I . . . -. I ' 1 1 , . 1 , . 1 w A . , , , V NJN Q loe Alrnasr senror tackle was Drck Barley sernor quarter 205 lbs of TNT loe was a back always gave the game deadly tackler and blocker hrs best ' 1 ,uv JR .,.. T KW 'AW' ' Carroll Baylor en1or end wa Ivan Black senr r center Wa lerf good rn bustrng up end a worknor e playrng rn almo t runb and catclrnng passes every Offerlswe play page lo I ,. 4 I I I - . . , lm 1 rl , 7? . . b s .- 6 . , ,wh ' .,- ' 'Q C y :V , ' D ,, ,ffm . ' n ,- ' v ' A x fl, A .' 9, ,, ,vt or ,5 3. . ., ,Y W ' ' ' l G ' r ' 3 A Those Farmers Drovtng that the1r outstandtng record a year ago was no fluke tho e Farmers contlnued thetr w1nn1ng way to have another sensa ttonal season rn football ID 49 lt was the thlrd undefeated season for F C H S 1n the last flV9 years Durtng tho e TIVG years F C H S teams lost only two game and hed one Very few teams tn the state can match that record The Farmers were really pressed ln onlv two games th1s year the Washlngton game and the Canton game ln the other games the Farmers walked all over thexr opponents The Farmers started out the season by trounc1ng Tremont 26 to U The team may have looked ragged but they outcla sed the Turks Then came the Washtngton game Our players had mo t of the breaks and came out on top 24 to l3 The next game was a 24 to U vxctory over a sure Morton eleven whlch wa followed by an easy 33 to 13 Wln over Ch1ll1 cothe The Farmers were really rolhng now and a h1ghly touted Lewtstown team tnvaded Farmmgton Would the wmnmg streak be broken? Once agam the Farmers rose to the occaslon and defeated the lnd1ans by a score of 20 to U A l9 to 0 vtctory over Eureka and a 38 to 12 vm over Dunlap came next assurtng the Farr ers of the lll1o crown The quest1on that was now IH everybodys m1nd was Could the Farmers shp past Can ton for an undefeated season or would they dc as they had done IH the past two years? lt was a terr1f1c battle and the Farmers thrllled thousands when they stalled on a last m nute Canton rally and ended a great eason by beattng Canton 18 to 14 Page 17 Coach Walter Grebe Assrstant Coach Cec11 Stmson Managers Pat Threw Allen Strong Gene Ro and Don Schoonover entors were valuable llne substltutes Dale Blackmer senlor guard was the heavrest and most popular player on the team Norm Blackmer sen1or guard was bothered by 1n1ur1es a lot but always played to W1n Page 18 hm Brentz 1un1or guard IS the only returntng regular lrneman for next year lon Clayton senror end was the lastest lmeman Wlnch makes tum good on spot passes lim Pollit, Lyle Morgan, and Bill Muzzarelli, sophomore, junior and senior, were three reserve backs. 42. -cw bu Ketth Pete Colvm Jumor r1ght halfback was the hard RUY Fffthefee lumof end WGS est dfwmg back used as a lme backer most of Leshe Tex Franks luruor fullback was the fastest player and Ieadmg scorer the year Harry Holmes seruor guard was the ott1c1al messenger boy and was good on defense Page 19 1 Z 4 Gene Muzzarelh 1un1or left hallback was a tuple threat on offense and defense Bob Youngblood senlor r1ght nalfback was a team player de p1te h1s stze Sam Yanclck senlor tackle excelled ln downtleld blocktng and was Very fast loe Malban Don Gronewold Page 20 Cagers Reach "Semi" of Regional :nl D 3 o R Path ee I Clayton G uz Second Row 'I P 141, L Mcrjxcm, 3 Muzzdrelli, T Elica, , Elcckxer, C B yl r, . er , ' , M - L"fCl11 I Barley' E Yspgijrlzlccl First Row: 'ff fivi f ff:.i':..f. F iii-2' P f.1:g:i Basketball Season Keeps Fans Guessmg The 1949 50 basketball sea on started off with a bang with a win over Metamora and ended with l5 wins against 12 losses This wa a sea on in which anything could happen and usually did Many of the games were high scoring The Cuba was one of tnese lt ended with a score of 86 55 in favor of the Farmers This is one of the highest scoring games in the history of F C H S basketball The team played its be t all around game of the eason again t nighly favored Ab ngdon even though the Farmers lost 65 54 A clo e econd to thi was the Peoria Woodruff game in which the boys played outstanding ball the first half the iiain tay on Coach Grebe s basketeer were eniors Carroll Baylor 6 4 high cor ing three year letter man forward Dale Blacq m talwart high Jumping center lon Clay ton rel able and high free throw percentage guard Dick Barley late season fast break ng forward Junior Ray Fatheree pivot shooting hard fighting forward sophomore lim Pollitt fast dribbling guard Reliable reserves were Tom Elias Bob Youngblood Barney Morgan Pete Colvin and Don Brawner The team was handicapped very much after the first few games by the lo s of Gene and Bill Muzzarelli. C-ene a Junior underwent an operation on his knee which he injured in the Canton football game. The second team was coached this year by Cecil Stin on. The team had a very succ ssful season with l7 wins and 4 loose . This tedm was led by Brawner Tuttle Williams Doube, Colvin and Beed. The reserves won the Fulton County "P" Tournament and will be of great help to the varsity next year. Page 22 Managers-Sam Yancick Ed Macklin Av Fxrst Row I Shaw B Hedden P Fogl1an1 S Long W McK1nney S Srong S Suydarn M Morgan Second Row I Scott L Sutton N Stalter P Elhot B Grlstrap BDo..1bet G Muzzarelh M Capron 'l'h1rd Row M Reed M Bennett B Ctardt D Galloway I Greenheld N Eb rly B Loven D Koller D Bennett Fourth Row M G1nger1ch L Schoonover A Burnnga E Vrer D TISZZI M Morotl M Plumer S Yanclck R Blackmer Senlor Girls Are Champs The eruor gtrls under the leadershtp of Betty l-ledden won the class tournament by deteatmg the Junlor thus makmg the fourth stra1ght year that the sentors have won The hrst game was played between the treshnfen and sentors the semors emerged as vtctors by a score of 42 12 The second game was played on March 6 between the sopho more and 1un1ors The Jumors had a hard tune deteattng tne ophomores and when the lna Wm tle blew ne Core wa led ttreemmute overttme was played and tue nal score was 36 32 On March 8 the champtonshlp game was played between the 1un1ors and sen1ors w1th the sentors emergmg as the v1ctors Pnor to the tournament all the gtrls regard less, ot thetr class were d1v1ded tnto seven d1f ferent teams Practxce began shortly after Chrtstmas Donna T1eZZ1S team won all the four games played durmg the tournament and emerged as v1ctors of the seven teams Th1s year 1nstead of play1ng accordmg to boy basketball rule the team followed alrl rules oongratulattons Senlorsl' Page 23 , 0 f ,- 1 V ., f We x , N. ' ' ' . 4 , Y 1 . 3 V J .. . 1 f If -g - . . , , 'X I 7 . ,L 1 J J vii g X , i N . I . f rfivtllr A . , S 0 1 - V - f - 1 - T I t - A , - l I, . -Af - V - I 1 - r 0 0 4- . o , , I - . A I - A I w ' . I' l "'sA',,t' s t'. A A s , , 1 , iw , .. . A , , ' . Q 5, FI gg, 1? E ? , , - -..,.- S' , w -sv' 1 ' 1:90 one - , 3 Qhlnev' 4. B . lwiwsftw 52 5 A GEEIEQHTEBQQ mulls F1rstRow S Strom f' Cr nf S Suycm W Guth B Hedien G Ryer I Per lno M Morgan W Mc Kmrwel Second Row P H1101 B Gdvrczp D Benre-It D Kol'er D Galloway B Loven N Eberly L Th1rdRow M Emile-wor B Cmrd R Blackuer M Gmqerlch E V1er M for L C nccrox ew D Benne M Re C1 Push Cart-Pull Cart 'Q fl o Q e 5 X , 1 I ' Q ' .1 Q D : A ", -9 Q ' -3 'A 1 4 'uf , . " A ' ' " .1 - .1 ' 1 ' ' F Q 4. Q 6 . 5 f ' -ff 5 1 .1 'J I, .,, , f 5 , .d . I' f f w I , . T N ' : Qz, V F1 f, ' H, . , K , , . r' , . , . - Suttorpl Scott, D Wgllxfzrrga ' : A : l, X 1, 1 , . ' , ' , . ' , S11t1,.5 ., ..,:' 1 . 'er I H "1t, A tt, . ef ll 7, . 1 , , . d W4 " ' V V , M S.. ' V 1- ' K, 1 Q l f ' x 1. 'T V' J, -, I I 'Q X , V' 'f 1 Pep Club Backs Sports of F C H S F1rstRow I Ferrxna I Shaw W McK1nney B Dorsey B Gtletrap P Elltott S Polhemus N Dunblaz1er V Wtlcoxen D Bennett S Suydarn P Barlow G Byer M Morgan B Vanl-louten Second Row E Clayberg M Capron W Guh V Sale A Scott S Strong C Crane L Sutton N Stalter M Trocel A Scott B l-ledden I Scot D Gronewold D Moll Thlrd Row B Slagel D Galloway E Thomas D Wlll1GmS I Gagharclo N Eberly D Negley K Sale B Cardt E Crane C Troxel M Eagleson S Long D Kohler A Walker Fourth Row P McMaster G Varnes B B1cc1on1 I Shaw K Whtted lf Lacey B Al asr B Btdley P Ancler on I Geenheld I Tusek H Molchrn E Rock R Stmmon O Beard D Mttchell F1fth Row B Blackmer A Bodktns S Snlder V Doubet M Petrrnr K Crawford D Ttezzt B Iacobs I But l clge M Septch S Holmes C Elltott M Morottt T Hardmg M Plumer M Crane Your pep your pepl rs the war cry of the Pep Club newly orgamzed thrs year by a group ol students tntere ted tn followmg the team and really cheermg for them When the Pep Club was organtzed thts fall each member contrtbuted a small lee Thr va u ed for the purchase of megaphones lor tro cfteertng sectton tl e e eventy ltve members met wtth cheer leaders and practtced tne dtlferent cheers to fy er n order to make a good showmg at tne gat es Tfref were requtred to attend all 'rome nd stt tn a sectron that Wag reserved I rd Tfte Pep ters elected as thetr otltcers Donna I f , re tdent Ieanette Greentted vtcc p eetdent ard Gene Varne eecretar, teas urer Page 26 Donna Txezzx Iecmette Greenheld Gene Varnes o o o o . . . . . , . , , , . t, . , . , I ' - f-N 4 . , S S tS . . 'S ' 3'S r A 13 c - ' . I . 4, kill 1 rift 4 X U pw-Q N I 1 4- " cgexthe, o.. . S c. Lf A . l-DA UCD.. I ' ,, ' I: . I . 'D , l,lT7l, c. F5 - , I Y , l, I: wr fy I r A X 3, f 'ul f-in On the Stage I .f Huck Flnn Rouses Laughs The lurnor class olFarrn1ngton Commumty l-hgh School presented the play Huckle b ry F nn la t November l7 and l8 lt was g eeted Wrth applause and laughter The play was under tne dlrectton ot lvhss Lots Felthoven Englrsh teacher and 1un1or advt or Thts play was adapted trom tne famous book ot th same name by Mark Twarn The cast of the PGY Huck Tom Sawyer lffeloa Whlte Ruth Watson Wlary lane Aunt Polly clara Wopplnger Amy Woppinger lonn Finn Fred Rayin nd LEWIS Harman Claude Elhott Betty V1er Farlene Green llary lane Kepple Elo ne Rock Helen lflolcnin LaVonne Derrickson Raymond Penn jQni Brenp ge 27 He Couldn t Marry Flv V1 tv' My N755 The Argus play He Couldnt Marry Ftve was pre ented on the opemng mght of the l'1remans Farr February 8 Thts comedy was a great success The cast was Conme, the mother, Emma Lou Vter, Apr1l, the oldest daughter, Donna Negley, May, the second daughter, Betty Vter, Iune, the thtrd daughter, Glorta Muzzarelll, Tarus, the fourth daughter, Vtrgtma Sale, Leona, the youngest daughter, Mary lane Kepple, Raloh the father Allen Strong, Granny, Ralphs mother, Mary lean Morottt, Etta, Ralphs srster, Roberta McMullen, Donald Regan, Ralpqs loosss son, Harry Holmes The play was under the d1rect1on ot Mtss Margaret Lewts Page 28 Senior Play Goes Into Rehearsal li rly rn lflarcn tne senrors megan TGTSCITS tj for We Snook the Famrly Tree Wfnch wa to e errted on March 3U and Sl Tfte play centered around l-lrldegarde a lo year old grrl who nearly started a rrot rn wer orne town l-ler mother arranged a date or her wrth Freddre Saerrner a nrce boy W o actually wore knrckers wnrle Parge a mtschrevous chrld drstrrbuted Nr Dolsons old love letters all over town The rest ln tne cast added amu rng srtuatrons to make the humor ol the play CAST l-lrldegarde Nancy Dunblazler Mr Dolson llratherl Barry lacobs Mrs Dolson CMotherJ Mar1lyn Crane bally lulra Tusek ob Ioe Alrnasr Patge lxm Lourrsbe ry Ell1e May leanette Greenheld ltll Llla Schoonover Freddre Sherrner D1Ck Barley Mr Sherrner D1Ck Lm Mrs Scherrner Ardeane Brumnga Dage 29 I '31 ' ' l r ' ' ' ' l iz , l ' l' s f Q l . . . A . , . ,v , A , l n .r . 1 f ' ' . lr , ' , .5 , , . . , , , . . , ll , , 1 g l . , , G, . . . . . Lb , limmy ,H ,,,, ,, ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, W ,, ' Gene Ross . . r . , y r f Y Cantata Heralcls Christmas wig.-.,.,m4v,,,is-.lf at 'H M Y 4 if I 'x' I 1, , ,I A A ' ' X I ' .s lr . QI k. ass . 'Rs 0 5 . x W1 . if Ng' 5 lf? 'wa -M C N QQ I 1 S Q . t My M . 'H 4 155-9'-'E Z I 'fi 4-353-5? A M A A 1 Soloists Featured With Chorus LJ 4 ,. ' W f. 7 sg X 4. lr Qfli ' 1 uf t ..... e.zQ?QeE,, egf Sopranos-Haig' time Kepple, Mary jane Gltigefgfh, Mirxlyi CfCiQ 'EY1 Hclziiefs Altos--Bcity' 'her falls Tuxek, Mary lean Tfvroiti, VM 31:16 Sabi Bass-Ifwrry HCI' 2,2 Drk R'II1f:'j', Tr-fi Hitting, Merlff Ccnkllri Tenor-X' --'.f F: . Kffnrf-' 1 L-.-rag' Lf: Gere Tff-Iso: - AA -D .3515 JC ill uf. Pg,31 iw RRY IRE FSA "T' ll: age 32 Leaders of Classes Pose for Cameraman N Sophomores Freshmen Ed Mackhn Carol Larson Pat Ellrott Page 33 Semors Iohn Rutledge Drck Llnt Marrlyn Crane Iumors Marrlyn Petrrnl Helen Zeglen Gordon Wnson v-' gs x A 1 , r " h ' I .X 1 if 1 ' - U ' - .XV ' ' Q N Mick Kimbrell, Bonnie Van Houten, Gary Clark 4 S JA . . .I I .. I' it 5 Voyageur Congratulates Th1s year the chorce of the semor class to recetve the D A R award 1S Donna Negley Farmmgton l-ltgh s peppy captarn of the cheer leaders Donna gualtftes as an exemplary school crtrzen for she has been a busy and versattle student all four years Argus execu ttve edttor Voyageur edltor en emble mem ber honor student and class offtcer bemg typtcal of her actrvrttes Dale Blaclcmer was Cho en by the Farmmg ton lettermen a the wmner of the Cood Sportsmanshtp Trophy to DG presented by the Amertcan Leg1on Iasper has done out tandmg work m ootn football and ba ketoall oy alway flaytnq lu harde t and by be-mg steady calm and de pendable Page 34 v-the-Q -'ma The Vofageurs efftcrent busmess manager Don Gronewold rated the Amerzcan Legtons cttrzenshxp award for boys The Class of SU ould not fall to appreciate the Worh of a member w1th S1 s record as the Jumor pre 1 dent a football manager a L1brary Cadet offtcer an honor student and a conststen worker leanette Greenheld fnl th b1ll for t o A ertcan Legton Good Cttrzen h1p Award be cau e tne class of SU ha always found he dependable whether neadtng a commrttee worktng on tne Voyageur servtng as an F H A oft cer or playtng on the vlctortous qtrl na ketball team E i x W tl, l '41 , e - to Q yi , , . 1. f A We kim 5, ' ix g 4- na U t 1. 4. A- . ' .A A t W., f . . , , , . . . , A t- , ' C A t . . - tt .V 1, . , O. ,J Y A 1 ' I . . . F . . L I I 'J - I I I' f 1 I - - . .1 F .. . H , Q 9 fl A N - . . , . , - W1 . .J LA S . S A ' 1- f- ' ' - ,. . , . -J - 1 A . . I - . , , ,. ,t . . . , t , . 3 r - - 4 S , , X ' F5 ,f ' T3 I V 4. ' fi 53 , Q - 1 1 Fourteen Share Scholastic Honors In Senior Class pert r r t e aC orastc reld a always oeerr keen ass DC At We close ol me f1r t se nester of me u een students lad lamta ned an average of Dove IH n1g'1 scaool Tae Voy ageur congratulates Varrlyn Doubet D1Ck Barley Rooerta UC fullen Don Schoonover Vlrglma Sale Emma Lou Vrer Wary lean Morottr Marrlyn Reed Ieanette Greenheld Donna Negley Glorla Muzzarelh Don Gronewold Harry Holmes and Barrv Iacoos Page 35 Bosemary Alrnasi Earlene Bearce . Qs, It? ? 0 ald B b 'W luanrta Brtner lwobert Bollrnger larnes Brentz Genevleve Burgess Kerth Colvln Merle Conkhn lames Crawford LaVonne Derrrckson Betty Doubet 17K ds. Tom Doubet V1ola Douloet Brll Eagleson Thomas Ehas laude Ellrott Dorothy Fatlreree Raymond Fatheree M, ,.. Patrrcra Ferro ane Frleroo Leslre Frank VVanda Fulton -gg rarlene Green lxrenard H ll Lew s Harrr an K Booert Haynes -,..,f K Helen Holmes .f In Page 36 , . y 1 Ger . ie er N Y ""' Q ' livin! : w , V y , , V y Q ' L F1 - K1 . ,V 1 If ' r 5 B my fi I i 1 . , y 1 . 2 ' l 5 ' N , V 1 if ' fi- f 'AI' My f 7 y .5 lr i J , W l if G . Hard Workers Stephen Holmes Clrfford lohns Mary Kepple Robert Ltnn Helen Molchtn Carolyn Morgan Lyle Morgan Eugene Muzzarelh 4' Raymond Penn Martlyn Petrtnt Delores Phtlhps Btll Porter Elatne Rock Altce Scott Look 1 73' wt ""' mth za-,9 tw '-f X6 3 if at W is Von Slone Nancy Stalter Dorothy St Clatr Lura Lee Sutton QB Ioe Terrtnl Vtctor Ventun Betty Vter Davtd Wake Kathleen Whtted W1ll1arn Wtlltarns Gordon Wllson 17 Donald Woodcock Q 4' Helen Zeglen 45' 'cf l Mtldred Yanctck 1: if T I R Sf .2 4 Page 37 '5 .AA 3 9 t o 5 1 ' . y A 6. V - Q A Y 'l'll' V SDD . .1 ' g y,':l 'i" A M' . V, fi V' A ii S L ,- ' vffvf- , A' V t S- 'A . ' W y sr 'K' 'F g , . r. 13 A A ,Q X gil A 4' t , . . . y V, ' ,yr ' K- , 17, . ' , Once Green, Now Sophisticated 'T' Fxrst Row I Gcrglrcnrdo B Loven I Doubet P Anderson D Northrup B F1dler Second Row I Show R Salter T Hardmq W Heed L Keel B RICCIOYH Th1rdRow N Eberly M GIUQEVICII M Doubet A Mor tm B Rlclley B Blcxckmer F1 st Row D Glll'iOI1 I Tusek I Polhtt L Helle D Strernr I C Hogg rty Second Row B Arrow mth T1 Wel H M Hodqk more P Wagner S Wrlsow M Plu re Thlrd Row G Clark D Chaney D Bra N 0 ne lf 'nbrell -4 I V. ge 38 0 o I ,- f 'I 5 Q 1' JA If I Q I 5' c rg . -- f I 2 . ty S 9 "' - I r , I M , r 1 f - , S - 3' r 6- R. 'F Q - ' 5- - .,,. - ,V L, if 1. V' 'Q 0 1. 'r : 1 ', , ' , , , , , ne, e , : . ' - 1:1 ., .J C., , i. S ., , , 'J ., . rr r ' : '. , . , , . ' r1er,B H II. 3, B Trtle, M fi.. rf? gf Q Wg IW? T , -fs I . - 6 - I -5 3 gg, L: I V I I r K- I S. Q 7 ff, ., 'f ' I , . L, 2 ' Q , I I yr 4 tx 5 k , I , I X t 2 , .. M L' L 'T I as -5 Y A ' 'QTE- K' N' g G K I I 0 sic A i I I -wifi ,se 'Jfwf . ,A fx Fxrst Row P Barlow N' Sorenson M V1er D Gronrewoll .J Arney B Vanriouten Second Row B De Writ B West W Sone K Sale D Haynes B Reed Thxrd Row P Moraan I Fennell I Walters M Troxel I Scot M Capron M Lucas F1rstRow F OIO on B Bale L Keel K Dav D Brown A S ot! Second Row P McMa ter G Varnc O Beard B Slmrr ons D Mrtcnell I Car on Th1rdRow D Wrllrarn P Wrllrarn I Sutton M Doubet C Torel M Sswaau C N1 shell Page 39 A Great New Student Supply 2 Fufsl Row L Berne M Bo chgnon C Crane V xflcoxem S ,mono W lvlcK1nney Second Row R Whlled R Mor W Dovnmd D Rlchcxrclw R W1lllC me I Scheckler Thlrd Row B Doreey P Tomlm B o A 'nllc r P Emot B G11 tr F1rstRow F L l lflo mn R Second Row H Dalton J L Pc Poll' C 4 nm.- . lllll s 0 o s t -l - V ,522 ai? - S ' 9 - 1 ' ' v 1 g' S. " 'T 7, fu. , Q ' 6 .J 5 -1 ' p. I . Y I sf ' :3,l1i r' . . ."i.' O 7, " , :, , se, . 'f ., . "1Q,, . : . .,, . ', . FERT , VN, 'e, D Koller, 1, , s up ' : , c3r13k3Grr'y,lwf '-'fQblLer,l lierrlnfd G Rycer JT . rf, , Morne. : , ll Molclim, Lf lfffxtkllri, C Thurtticri R Bziner, B Bljfgifff, S Lovfiln Third Row: M Plulllprs, S St Clair, S S' yicitg , liiiefs, S ue-rtiigs, C Larson, l. Shim' it We -'Z E 4. - s i , 5 sr - A' ' - ., 6 . Lk sr 1' 4 v . ' : U L . V' L. 1 - . 4 ' l I . 5 - j -V 1 1 1 . .' , ' , til .. ,I . , . A ,NN V K f If V P U QC 'nm ow tat r L Lmn R mme 1 Thxrd How Lame on S Balblrot M Luca F1rstRow Qcccrd G H2115 I Ccrdm F1 LCIG1' MN1 I1 n How C Km SRWFSC1 G AYCR IDrm b Rfolfm BSIc1geISecon Q Lord E Tkoncx Thxrd Row Second I GC g C- Russell B Troxel A B M A Mr Troxel attended lll1no1s Wesleyan Um vcrsrty Un1vers1ty ot lll1no1s and Cornell Un1 Ver rty He came to Farrnrngton Communtty Htgh School from San lose lll1no1s and assumed the dutres ol prrnclpal At the present trme Mr Troxel does not teach any class but at one trrne dtd teach physrcs at F C H S If ever you are 1n trouble he IS the rtght person to The Masters ' " ' I ' FRED CLAYTON Prcstdent ol Board Ralph Bengston A B M A Mr Beng ton attended Augustana College the Unlverslty ot lll1no1s and Northwestern Unt versrty He IS assrstant pr1nc1pal and teachc chem 1stry and physlcs He also teaches the Drrver Tra1n1ng Course Whlch was organrzed 1n 948 He attended a specral school dur1ng the sum rner 1n order to teach th1s course Mr Bengston IS also actlvrty chatrrnan Board of Education Qs in fqygg Ang., 'WDW HARRY BLACKMER EARLE MOUL TUNIS KYES FRANK IACOBS Page 42 'L l 3 ' . 'Y , . , . . M- . , , . . . ' ' . S , , I - - S . . S . . . . . . A, , . .J I - , . SCG, 0 ' , Q5 t a Q W., Q '. R 5 'mf l Flay Bear B M l41ss Bear attended lfhlwaukee Teacners College lll1no1s Wesleyan Un1vers1ty lXlOfl'1 we tern Umver llV and had pr1vate vo1ce les ons w1th Ellen P Mann l 1 s Bear IS 1n charge of all the Vocal mus1c mcludmg t'1e fresnman g1rls glee club ad Janced g1rls glee club boys glee club m1xed cno as and the ensemble These choruses pre sent a spr ng fest1val the annual Cantata and lG red cnorus part1c1pates 1n the county lest val soea B Be r attenaea We s S a L 11ege Un vers s ve s N rt we terr r s aqde W rx at 'de ers New York e teacrt s s p 1' L arae o w rlc te lllO9C sadv o dr Jdret Brooks B Ed B oks lS the at e a s tedc er tructmg the Algeora 1 and ll ol d nd plane geometry classes S' e attended We tern lll1 l'lOl State College Colorado State College ol Educahon and Carthage College Th1s year IO 1 a 1stant act1v1t es c11a1 man and 1 1n c1arge of tne Castmg and d1rec1ng ot the pan lOlNlT1'lG for the Chr1st1nas Cantata Mar1anne Clmch B S ll S M Cltnch rece1ved her college educahon at lowa State College and New York Un1ver s1ty She teaches home econom1cs Under th1s 1ead1ng Come the Food Serv1ng Home Man agement and Home L1v1ng classes M1ss l1nch has charge of the F l-l A wh1cn has rece1ved much recogn1t1on tor bemg an out standmg group Th1s year tne club was pre sented w1th a plaque for the outstandmg work tnat they had done Vw C4 a I Q 4 A l ,. 1 1, . . W - A I 1 1.31 ' Y D, 1 ' f.f1ss a ' ' ' 7 stern lllQYZClf St tb - 'C' l' . L.. I "'.,4 .N f' k..,,.' . , Co , 1 1t, o1 , Co1a111pa Un.- ,. W.: ,Y ' A 1 .,, MM, Y, ' ,, . 1 .ty, o 2 s 1 .1,,a..d1s dong gra ' I o 1 ' .1 Umm' 'ity oi Syrdcase 1 hw . 1 Sh le ,sophomore Englqsh is 1 1 on J Af an 1-A f 1- nl W' 1 G 1 .nn Lf ,1 11 1 .ary o .....C1 head: U.- 1o.-.., ,N , A , , Y HMA 6 W . Cadets. 'l'n1s year 1.11ss Lear 1:1 one of l.lC sopzo 1 r las. rr KI Kr -ge 1A . . l.l1ss ro 111 .11 111 tic: ' ll ', Ill' s ' K .1 , .1 1 a 1. .1 s .D ,, 11. 3 1 s r 1 s 1 . . , 4 L 5 . 1 C ' ' l . . "VA C' , ., 'A. . ,N , . . . , . , , A ' im,-. ' ' l ' 1 ss s s A, . - - 1 1' 4 - 1 . -J - . , ,N . . . . . . ., s l s, , f A 1 B , A . l , , C 1 . 1 ,l . - ' s 1 , , . - ti Ml' , 1 . , 1 . . 1 11.. 1 i 1 l ' ' " l ,fa , , a- l Q54 1 ge 13 Lots Eelthoven Mrss Felthoven attended Macltflurray Col lege and has done graduate work at Wash rngton Un1vers1ty She IS one of the 1un1or class advtsors and teaches yunror and semor Eng l1sh Mrss Eelthoven has done consrclerable work rn speech and dramatrc and both the 1un1or and senlor class plays have been under her d1rect1on Walter Grebe B Ed Mr Grebe better known as Coach t tended Western lll1no1s State College Iowa Umversrty Un1vers1ty of Mmnesota and the Umversrty of Wrsconsm BeS1d9S hrs phys1cal educatron classes he teaches the freshman scrence class and 1S one of the drrvmg rnstruc tors for the Drrver Trammg Class He 1S coach of the football basketball base ball and track teams In the past years he has had much success wxth h1s football and basketball teams Newell Kessmger B Ed Mr Kes rnger IS a graduate of llllnors State Normal Un1vers1ty Mr Kessmger rs the dxrec tor of the F C H S Band and also grves m drvrdual lesson The band plays for all football and basket ball games and rt takes part 1n the sprmg and county festlvals Margaret Lewrs B Ed Mrss Lewrs attended We tern lll1no1s State College Unrversrty of Wrsconsm Unlversrty of Wyommg and Colorado State College of Edu Catton She IS the grrls physrcal educatron rnstructor and also teaches freshman Engl1sh MISS LEWIS rs a senror class advrsor and has been an ad vrsor of thls class the past two years She rs also the advrsor of the Argus and the Qulll and Scroll The members of the Argus put on a play for the E1remans Farr Page 44 tt H G ' I I - , I 1 I I , . f I - , . S. . - 3 I f S . . . , . . . , 1 2 A ' JZ Mg 1 Maxme ONe1l B Ed MISS ONe1l attended State Normal Un1ver S1lY and has done graduate Work at North western Un1vers1ty She came from Streator two years ago to teach bookkeepmg short l1and and typmg She 1 cha1rman of the semor class adv1sors Voyageur Although not an Oll1C1Gl adv1sor ot the Argu her counsel and co operat1on 1n typmg have made her essenhal to the success ot every ed1t1on George Mooerly B Ed Mr Moberly attended lll1no1s State Normal Un1vers1ty Coe College and 1 now go1ng to Bradley He teaches World I-11story General Busmess and C1t1zensh1p He IS a semor class adv1sor and was 1n cnarge of th1s years freshman 1n1t1at1on He star ed teachmg 1n l948 LOUISE Mackey B Ed M1ss Mackey attended lll1no1s State Normal Un1vers1ty and the Un1vers1ty of Ill1no1s She teaches Latln l and Il and World H1story MISS Mackey ha1ls from Streator lll1no1s and came to E C H S last year She IS a freshman ad v1sor lohn Parks B S Mr Parks attended the Un1vers1ty of lll1no1s NSFSITY Mr Parks mstructs the agr1culture classe and IS the E E A adv1sor The E E A IS a well known organ1zat1on act1ve 1n agnculture and 1n school act1v1t1e Ax. Page 45 3 s 0 ' - . . Q . . . o . 4 . H. . . . , - . I . 0 I - and has done Considerable Work on the Colorado A. and M., -and Michigan State Uni- Cecrl St1nson B S Mr Sttnson attended Western lll1no1s Statc, College He teaches brology and physrcal edu catlon He lS assrstant football and basketball coach and has led hrs reserve football and basketball team through many vtctorres Thrs IS Mr Strnson s ttrst year teachrng and hrs ttrst at Farmrngton Betty Knussman Mtss Knus man 1 a graduate of the 1949 class of Farmrngton Communlty Hrgh School She IS employed as secretary and regrstrar takrng the place of Mrs Vrolet McCord Ann Flemtng Whtte B S M A Mrs Whtte attended East Texa State Col lege Commerce 'lexas and Texas State Col lege for Women Denton She teaches homc, economrcs Whrch consrst of freshman home economrcs and foods Thxs rs Mrs Whrte s frrst year at F C H S VIOLET MCCORD Vlolet was a graduate ol the class of l944 and alter graduatrng took the secretarral rob at F C H S She matntatned thrs po 1t1on for hve and one half years res1gn1ng 1n Octo ber 1949 Page 46 v V .xg . . A-if 1 4 I 4 ,H I 'T , - . a . . . ' - I Y - I X . , , S F . . . A . . . , . Q . . . . , f . . . . vi" S .J . . . . 3 , 1 . . I ' Q 9 f' nfl, L ,JN ..,. Thlrty three Cadets Work To Malntcun Library Desk Th1rty three Junlor and senror student known as L1brary Cadets assume parttal re spons1b1l1ty for the F C H S l1brary They are chosen by and are under the leadershfp of Mlss Lots Bear The Cadets held the1r ftrst meettng of the l949 50 school year dur1ng the second week of September and at tnat meettng the mem bers elected the followlng ofhcers presldent Bob Youngblood vtce prestdent Donna Neg ley and secretary treasurer Emma Lou Vter The Ltorary Cadets have certa1n duttes to perform and at least two cadets are 1n charge of the llbrary desk dur1ng each penod of the school day and before school takes up ln the morn1ng Sorne of tne duttes of the Cadet are a follows the shelves C25 The frst cadets on duty dust the shelve C35 Each day tne Sfl9lVGS are checked to see that tne books are tn tnetr p oper order fill A ltst of tne rs posted on the olack ooard tne fourtn oenod eacn day The tne ollected y t e adet are used tn Dhlflfll addttt hal DCOKS that they do not feel tte have tue r gnt to ask tne scnocl board to buy Flrst Pow E Clayberg D Phtllp N Salter P Tuclcey E Rock D Nealey F Green B Doubet V Sale Second Row D Gronewold H Molchtn B Young olood L Schoonoxer M Crane A Brurunga M Doubet M Btrd M Gtnaerlch Thxrd Row M Petrmt L Harman E Vter C lohn B lacob D Wake H Hal nes M Morottt S Yanclck C51 They have charge of all magazlnes and college bulletrns After the m1d year Mtss Lots Bear appotnts certatn entors who wrlte to the dtfferent college for bulletm to dtsplay The bulletms are then put on dtsplay tn the study hall Thougn one may tntnk that th1s orgamza hon nas only tlme tor work they also take tune out for parttes and other socfal affalrs ln Qctober near Halloween the Cadets had a wlener roast Tnts yea lt was held on the wC100l prenlse Bestdes tne wlener roast cavenger llUI'1l At tne end of the annua school year ttey have tnetr ptcntc wmch 1 fleld at tfte Canton Parlf Every year at Crtrt trras ttme tne Cadet dave coarge of dec rattng tte study hall A few of tne members go to the woods for Cnrtstrras tree The trees are decorated by 1 adets and t e r nt of tte study ha ts ec rated wltr t pe of Cnrtstmfzs orna II ents Page 45 ' ' A 'Z , , . ' l 5, . , . . O U f I ' I ' A ., . , - ' 1 . . 5 5 , . . , . r fll Tl19Y Titke CHGYQQ Of Ull Of U10 l9OOlif5 OU they entertained tnemselves by going on a i ,V ' , , , . . . .Q l . . A I , ,Q T l. l .l A , . . . , A Y Q . , . A t. . o . 1 , Q 1. 3 Q ' f A 1 3 bf C . ' ' 1' Q tHe C f X . .ft fo. .1 . f ll '. "Q ,X 'J' L f Q y d - o t ' 1 all ya 's ,. l F. t. .Y ' t ' F ' . ' 1 . . . F H A Looks to New Horizons l Row 1 Betty Vter Dorothy Fatheree Kathleen Wh1ted Bobera McMullen Peggy Tuckey Donna Neg ley Erlleen Crane Martlyn Crane Darlene Kollar Madel1ne Bordlgnon Margaret Lucas Mary Malban Rosemary Foghanr Vtola Wtlcoxen Ahce Scott l.uc1lle Barnes Donna Bennett Bonnte Gtlstrap Mary Srmpson and MarC1a Bennett Row 2 Pat Tornbltn Barbara Loven Farlene Greer' Martlyn Petrtnt Margaret Eagle on Emma Lou lean Per rna 'Nlorma Eberly arol Crane Pa sy Ander on Shtrley Arney Mary Ann Capron Back Row lan Mclnye Sht ley Polhe us ludy Shaw Cry ta McCullough M1 Cllrch Mrs Whtt Wrlma MCK nney l-larrtette S yder Auarey Scott The standtng motto tor the Future Homemaker ot Amertca a nat1onal orgamzatton ts Toward New l-lorrzons and rn keepmg wlth thts the Farmmgton chapter has been respon stble for a radto program wtth another school eacn month for the past three years Tht year a plague of dtsttnctton was presented to the F H A by the llltnots Bankers Assocta t1on tn recognttron of out tandtng Work rage 49 o o o o at n X - . 1 y A , A Q '5 i V - Xu ' . f l - 4 ' Q ' x Lf 0 - L - . I A I A M . , .V 4 'S I Vier, Lila Clark, lola Dringenberg, loy l-lewitt, Barbara Slagel, Glorta Ftyer, Sara Ann Srong, Betty Hedden, 7' , 1 . , C , t s , ' ' , . - . . ir, r , ' , s t , ss Q , , e Advancement is F. F. A. Motto Row l Gene Varnes Dtck Mttchell Lewts Harmon Cltfford lohns Tons Doubet Paul McMaster Von Slone Iohn Shaw Robert L1nn Lyle Ross Dtck Strernmel Pat Throw Leroy Grtgsby B111 Wes Roger Tuttle Gene Nelson and Mr Parks Row 2 Dtck Morse Lawrence Helle Oren Keel Clarence Haggerty Ray Stmms Wayne Slone Robert Plumer Earl Stalter Dtck Bradbury Leroy Ltnn lohn lones Paul Iohnson Roger Bttner Lloyd Cramer Ted Hardtng Phtlltp Melvtlle and Duane Molchtn The motto of the F F A IS Learnmg to do dotng to learn Earnmg to hve ltvtng to serve 'lhts sttmulates advancement The agrtculture chedule began thts year tn Apnl wtth the electron of otltcers The otltcers elected were Von Slone prestdent secretary Tom Doubet treasurer Gene Varnes representattve Ted Hardmg crapbook Robert Ltnn newspaper Dtck Stremmet The freshman class deals wtth ammal hus bandry Here they learn to judge hvestock and care for ammals Last years freshman 1udg1ng team was one of the top ten tn the state and competed tn the ltnals The sopho more ctas studtes sotl and crops They learn orl types crops culttvatton and ludgmg ot both The tumors have a shop course where they recetve tramtng tn metal work rope Work wood work and work wtth motors BLACK WINS F F A AWARD lvan Black was voted the most outstandmg sentor agrtculture student of l949 50 He was awarded the DeKalb medal and hrs name wa.. engraved on a permanent plaque Pat Threw and Bob Bennett were awarded the State Farmer s degree at Champatgn Tune l949 Thts degree IS gtven to students who excel tn leadershtp rank n tae upper 40 per cent of thetr clas scnola ttcally and earn ovet S250 tn projects Page 50 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 . . . . A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . .1 . . . . U . . . , . - ' , ' 1 . , . I w . . . S ' Y-- 1 . I P . 4 . . , . 1 -9 1 a , ' . 1 ' F . . .Q L . 3 1 1 if . . . . 1 1 1 g- , , . ' 1- 1 . , . . . H I i. V , L , t A - A t' '- pn' 1 .Q . n t t , A Monitors All Do Their Port f'? " -.v 3 IROW I Q he E C yb rf: Second How L Rod' M Bormrftt L Schoon 0 f Thxrd Row 0,1 L L CI 1 1 L J1or A Brumn C 1 Q Qzrbowce lr rc 1 each 1,1 and um 1 fn CUC1 pm d Uno per Il col ects me 51p 1 of CCI 1 ENSEMBLE SINGS '? Farmington Community High School Band Is The Farmmgton Communrty Hlgh School Band under the drrectron of Newell Kessmger for the last three years has proven ltselt a credlt to the school It has placed trrst and second rn the State MUSIC Contest 1n class B and hopes for a hrst thts year 1n class C lt has entered many talented sololsts and out of erghteen entered 1n 49 seven recerved hrst place 1n the state It ha had an excellent Drum Malor Rrchard Hall One ol the out standmg m mayorettes has been Mar1lyn Petrml who has not only taken a trrst rn the state but was voted Mlss Malorette ot the Peona area The band has appeared at all football and basketball games Sprmg Fest1 vals and school programs The band recently rece1ved new gold colored unrforms wmch add to 1t snappy appcarance Ye tm l and 1 one to boast about Horns Glona Muzzarell1 Ruth Blackmer Lrta Faralh Rose mary Almas1 Nancy Dunblazrer Mary Ann Hodgkin son Trombones Gene Ross Dlck Barley .Emma Lou Vxer Merle Conk lm Ralph Dalton Pete Yancrck Claude Elhott Bantones Betty V1er Kenny Sale Basses Stephen Holmes Gene Varnes Barry lacob Gene Drums lon Clayton loyce Scott Martha G1nger1ch Pat An derson Sarah Strong Bells V1rg1n1a Sale Tympam Marllyn Crane Flutes Betty Hedden Allen Strong Oboe Mary Ann Capron Page 52 I - - V I , - group of majorettes, under the leadership of Nelson. ' fx A . l 's 1 : . 's . . Something You Can Boost About Clarmets Iohn Rutledge Edwtn Slagel Bob Holmes Kathleen Wlnted Iarnes Cowo cl Manlyn Dcubet lean Dou bet Wanda Fulton Marlon Doubet Dtck Mrcntell loloeta N'clv'ullen Peagy Tuckey Ray Strnmons Carol C ane Oren Beard Madehne Bordrgnon Donna vf1llC!F" Ba ba a Slaoel Dtclc Wlnted Alto Clarinet Bob Rrcclonr Bass Clannet lx arrlyn Trox l Alto Saxophone Lura Lee Sutton lun Pollrtt Betty C1ard1 LeRoy L1nn Tenor Saxophone Harry Holrnes lvan Black Carolyn Troxel Bass Saxophone Cornets Gene Muzza ellt Hmlxard Hall Lavonne Derrlckson Mar ha Septch Ge ala Bteb r lantes Conklin Luctlle Ba re Svlvra Snvd Marga et Eaqleson Alma Bot krn Ce ala Hatst rage 53 O . . C 0 . r r l , r ' , r fr, ' 1 , - . . . A., l.,r . . , 4 . , ' , U ' ' ' ' 4 l ' Marilyn Petrini. t r r 4, . : 1 Y 1 ' , ' . 1 . I T , , EI A .V . ' I r.s, A ' .A er, r , - 5 , 9 . .F , .I I 1 ' 'Q .7 - -1 l D H S ooo ts 170 vorces m rts glee club thls yegr The ooy hove 10 members ond the glrle hove g totol of l3U The glrls ore d1v1ded mio three groupe They gre second hour group Wuh 48 vorces S1Xfh hour group wrth 48 volces grd fre hmgh g rlb WITT 34 volces The Iuxed uorus rs mo en from me srxth hour grrls cmd F3 e e, en oer e C red rained and e w med cworu ' x x. U5 IG:-T vCI' 'Q Q 3 x, r e Wedeewd lfv Lk, e wg W e J Q, elxff 995 TWLCG Ci WGEEK QYCEED ISU Cin ABC D 9 VVHLCLA 1- weex T 19 e w9IID1G 'meets every N' 72 30 Tve CI ee C1LlOw me open La 5C1'lCIWl ewoys eng g -1 lf'-'Haw 'Q fulrwp LLKVN, 1 J J Q- ETQ'-1 Cgirigfef ?gft','ft'.-J: T313-es :take uc the senile izt tl: ewritixtn Dserw' chorus X11 11' 11.13-:eu 3151 .f: 113111 11114 g:r:1gj: 3 5111311 ext- 112: taxes :Tift YI1 311151. 1 . te1t':.1'..:i51 111155 Silleci the erisezzible 3:15115 Cencezt 1:1 111, 'Ping ff" 11 5 V-Q - -fe, 1-vi.--e f-H - -0- ni wwf- A 7 Y -fv + - Y lx fx. -. ,J nf -- ' - , . ' ,11,,.,, --m.e.: V. pe,p1e. p21.11,1fQ3,e. 1..e cwmt, 11,1 , . 1' , 11,e:11:e1 pzrt li i11e 'exrgszztizs Every dee et 111, 2 1 1 1 ,i:1it,.t'. 3 rye f71Sf frie eise111:-e HQIS 2:1 tzxe 11111 Cactus ed err II1 1 '11 A dL1r1i'1 1133 Cfffiffifif at tgie Cantata T215 yecz 1119-1 :ine 3 1 1 .. . ' ffeefz. 111'.'1t5:t1:ie were sent 21.11 tc 31. tc xi r 1. 3 e.. 1 U 1. 1' f Y'Qff.CL-T.' Czsfcgig: fjlfifil it it: ti en- ii Qri TQJII F 1 C 10 ., H .1 :nu 1 1' li! 11 Q gf!! 2 naw! rg 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 f . A P A s , - K v 57' A w 'V x fx,-f 1' -r g . X ,, 4 J 1 X 2 1 . 5, fx Q v S , lf' ' V , .4 9 S ., . F C H S Otters Tralnlng ln Journalism For Students Row 1 M1 s Margaret LEWIS Glorra Muzzarelll larv lean lfo o tr Ha ry Holrne Allen Strong Row 2 Marrlyn Petrtm Betty Vrer Be ty Heclaen Nancy Dunblazre Row 3 Erleen Crane Vrrglnra Sale Mary lane Kepple L ra Lee S t n Robe ta McMullen Mary ounp on Donna Negley Lrta Varallr Ernrna Lou Vrer Svlvta Snyder Po se s1ng an tdeal etup the Weekly school wh ch very few school tne stze ot ours can boast ol The Argus puts out a paper usually con tstrng of srx or seven pages brtngtnc school news sports and socral hte to the stu dent every Prtday The Argus also serves a l purpo e ln the tact that tt provtdes ex ol tts stall 1 one we e to drop tn on the Argu members on Fr day atternoon to watch thern at work ne would h rclly guess that out ot all the con Intent' Amused' 'G .4 B un wwe ri: 'N Page 50 - ' , I' ' ' ,I , u uic , .r , f.. S . ' , . . . s s ' ' , clio . 3 , ' ' ' f newspaper of F4 C. H. S., accomplishes teats collcnt yournalistic training tor every rnernber i ls l ' ' . . , U I w , 0 .,' ' ' ' ' A .J 1 Q J . 1 . . . - 1 I S . I ,y J - V? X f vp- I H w , , - ,, 'S Lg I 51 1 ,, ' . 1 I ,l ll v' , f ! B , 0 R E D T' il " wt f 1 lO"1 will come a paper What lS really being done lS the assemblying of that weeks paper and the formulation of the next issue At the ound of the bell for fifth hour on Pri day the staff assembles in the Argus room For the first part of the period the staff listens to Miss Lewis as she points out errors in last weeks paper that can be corrected Then a iournalistic test is aiven to the first year re porters While the test is being given the other reporters assemble the paper The exe cutive editor helps the person who IS to edit next weeks paper make his assignments Meanwhile the other editors the managing editor and the circulation editor take care of their duties The paper is passed out at the end of the period and the assignments for next weeks stories are also given out The reporters write tne1r stories over the week end and hand tnern in at me first of me week The stories a e copy read and on Tues day typists set up the stories. The editor-of- theeweek places set-up stories on dummy sheets the way they are to be put in tne paper. Tnen on Wednesday and Tnursday, typists copy the dummy sneets off on stencils, The stencils are run off on a mimeograph machine and tne pages are ready to oe assembled on Friday. Quill ond Scroll for Honor The only honorary society in F. C, H. S, is the Quill and Scroll a part oi an international ' omry ir111r11.1i-1, 'rc a inf: if , 15? Q1 A and Scroll server the purpose of encouraging and rewaraing individu l achievement in Page 57 QNX? iournalism and allied fields Argus members in Farmington are potential candidates Quill and Scroll was organized April lU l926 by a group of high school advisers and this society has gone through the years rais ing standards in its field and directing the course of high school iournalism The official magazine Qu1ll and Scroll is published every month bringing practical information concern ing every phase of publication work to editors staffs and advisers Membership in Quill and Scroll IS secured through a local chapter only after careful ex amination with regard to qualification To be in the Quill and Scroll a student must be a Junior be in the upper third of his class scholastically at the time of his election must have done superior work in some phase oi iournalistic creative endeavor must be recom mended by the adviser or the committee gov erning publications and must be approved by the executive secretary, All the electees are initiated in a candlelight ceremony at which time they received their pins and membership cards. ln F, C. H. S. the Quill and Scroll has a ban- quet and initiation twice a year, The election and installation of officers is held at tne second oanauet during the year. The oificers for this year were: Lita Faralli president- Donna Neg- ley vice-president Nancy Dunblazier secre- tary- and Gloria Muzzarelli treasurer. Six new members were initiated at the last candlelight cereiiiony TllE'f were' lflarilfn Petrini, Betty Vier, Dick Lint Allen Strong, Mary lane Kepple, and Lura Lee Sutton. Student Officers Lead Clubs F F A Lxbrcxry Cadets Ted Ho cllng Robert l.1nn Woyne Slonf Emrncr Lou V1er Bob Youngblood Donna Negley Parks Von Slove Tc Dcnbet Dlck Sre rnel Gene Vo nes Quxll cmd Scroll FHA Lnlcrlo Mgzzorgllx Lltc Forollx Donna lefglcx Nancy Dunblozler Row l Betty Doube-1 llc y Ann Copron Mnnlvr Band Reed Lo o nv F eree Syl mn Sn JP1 P oo 1,cJb G '1 woo Page Gen Rom lohn Rutledg l-lorry Holmes Y . l- , 1, Mr A , , ' - I S . A. . , . , , X r fy sth --, , 'fer . ' A , X . .e .r, - . e, . Row 2 Lzlfonne Derncnson Betty Viet, lfonnf: Ifegley, Kzthleen Vfh:'e'j, led. 'X obey lvfcrlenf 'W ' et, Donna rome" l' Just Plain "ll "'1 Page OO df 1 'x 4 if , - 44,4 l -J' 4 4 Wm mf iii li! JN 'WI01' -r-mgxtvlvuv NX Lsili V11 -nm mpgg Q Mr vu uw l C. I 51' f 1' ,,f-4 CHORUSES IDENTIFICATION st Row J F I 12 f fc Second Row M1 B P1 Mo from D St CICII L r' F Cro r L S1 Thxrd Row B V In rio E Rock E C01 P Threw R IVIIICI9 on D v 1pfJr11tI E C fx C Fourth Row H I oIcI11r1 fro IC 'IT 1111 o1'1 1 B Bcxrl v H Homes nvde B McM11IIer1 P Tuckew F RowIGer1I If1MC I r IICTOUKIU 'O H I Doub F st Row R D lor E V11 I-:In 'wer Me V1 I Emory L L1r1r1 B De 1 D MCI h1r1 S Loven Second Row M1 Q Bear K S I P McMc1ste G VCITY19 P Threw D M1tcheII I Conkhn B Wet G Ne-leon M Crane IGCCOWIDGDISII Th1rd Row B Yourmblood R Barley T Hc1 dmg C Hctfzqerty L Hc1rmGr1 I MGccaneII1 C Iohns T Doubet D Bradbury H Hohnes Fourth Row R S emr eI C EII1ott L Cramer B Ict ob H Fa heme I IIutIeIr1e B Holme D Chaney M Cor1kI1r1 R HQII ISI Row B V11'Ho11t ft S A hey P Barlow L Derr1CI4 on D VIo1Ic11f1r1 rf11 OTI V er OFCAOII I JIOII IGVIDU1 I 1J11r1bIr1z1er W F1111 on M Th11rr11c1n Second How P Mo cm M L1c I Ferne-II G IVIU2 c1reII1 W Guth V Sfxle A Scott F OIo111or1 E 1rd Row A S o B fx e ro Nh 1 mm 0111 1 or f1r1 C C11 e G P r 0 I 1er o GJ I 1G"l ee M1 Bertr Fourth Row H MCI m E Boca I Sut F1 M Douoet C Tro1ceI I Gcrdrl mio B Filer I Sch ckler B Jer crm 1 1' uv G 1tcr1eI Wo 1: on e er reen I 1 r 1 Row E C ,1 S Shy er Doune K IJIvh1ted H Holrnes I Greenheld B BIc1CIc111 r Armerso I Do h B Pc 1ch11 S D Fctweree I Tcsek H McIv'11II Tl D Ie-gIey D Iworthruc Slxh Row M Dc D S Yahc ck M PI mer A B I'11"1'I11I M Mor t1 M C r'1'1e M S1mp or M S pch I II I2 A M G1r e ICII M GIHTGTCI L cr xrst Row I V r r S QJIVG r on C ,cz Second Row M L Ho Crcm V IVIICOISH D KoIIfr B Fe OIIIITI Sto W McK1rr1e 1rd Row A J In C1c1rc1 D Gc1IIov1c1y I DTIYIGEHBPTQ M Luca C Bock B ITOQIIGFI B SIcgeI B Dc we Fourth Row 19 P ' od! k If1Ibur1 V Sr1vfI JG I Fir : If '1I'or1, I7 Gr-If-7, II CIc1','IJcr'1, V1 G11th, L Ff1rf1II1, C Tro:-1-1I V 5S11If-, G M1 z'1'11:II1, M V103 L Derr1C'.10r1 : :gs Q r, C 7 , ,, ' r, ' MQCIQI11 L L','r1:1, K fSf1Io,B Dc-W1't, 1 ,er1, II Strzhe , :tton ' : , 1cr,I Gfmr r' , , IfeI:1cn, B Yo'1hf1hI C Iiwfrfgerty, ' , ' I II, H ZeqI , IlewIeA Vzcccrt . gs ,, r. T1 : 1 ff ,1' ,I T1L.2eIc,M GEYKA r h, T H, d F, C I I1:1, D Stre:11111'1I, I S S A r, 1 - , A' ifth : r C110 1 rfme, M SIITIIISOH, C. E.I1oi5, B Iicobn, I TI11!I:'1'1c, V C 'I' , It HGII, Il IV1 I'O,f1, Holmex, D ' ei ir : . 'fl 1, 11 C 1 ,I SCheCkIe-r, B PILLS , P. I IIe, 1, 1 1 , . , Wit, - Fr : r. Q., r , 1 1, ss, '11 ,M So2.x,M 1,D Gr1"f,JII1,EC,A1j,TD ," 1, 1 . : 1rfI. , 1 125, 1 , 1 2 ' . 1 S . Beorce, L Fczralh, M TroxeI, D Geher, I Scott, M Ccpron, I WcI'er:s, N SITQYIIIIYOI Th' : C tt, S I gs, D B ' 1, P WII' 1.2, B D bet, L S1tton, C, M fy, , D. St I r, M B ed, TJ S1 Iter, E Lfxcy, 1 Fe r , In FI b ,K D 1, D. NQII 11:s, L K VI, 1:11a - , Lo' -1 B AI4. H Zegle 1, M SI'Ad C M ' I1, B ,A PI :II ,F G H ,BI fe F'fth : Crane, P T1cIcey, ' fl , I D V ', I ' , 11 ' , . .e P 1 ' S rx, D Tj et, r'1 'r.t, I , . ' , 11 e , . It L , I A 't :1 3'-ey, 11,1 31, rulv, 1st, r1, jfs e11, P Wcgrwer, .vt Jelgh, M Pe1r1r11, V Dcu' et, B R1CiIey, B rrovxsrzth, 11 17 r 1, ' , i I, , H Q- gerty F' : 1 or 1 I Shf:w, S St Clcur, L' A Ifziri, D Bennett, S PcIhf?:r111.i, C L11 .s , 1 H" -r 2 11.111 Bent, 1 1rt1e.s, C e, 1 1 , 2, rro, P. T r ' , S r ng Th' 1:1 '.'f:'er,B I1, J ' , '14 - , .15, , ' 1, A : S Be:Iki,1r1ct M Ez':Ie.:Or1, C I.1CC1I'OL1gh, A B 1'.1r11s, L CIf:r , M IJ1 1 , 1, A ,er, L Sixties, I PQ' ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS HV' THREE Y Fl Wir Eri':rf1'J1:1f11-a by E'CTf'f'I!Xff 'fJfwAV."1Kl',' 'TQ I "1..LTI'1"', I1 v 1 1I,.,.Y1'I r,',' IQUHINAU f7OUTfTY inf VUI5I.If'A?I ff ENILYRCKI 1 V fi.I1'Qi.YlfJ by 'N'-""'T' "2 " 1 "X "ff, J P' J ' :'r.:1A,, 1. A ,,1.,5.r. 5 y1.Q.f3,2I4, . 1.0 35 if i MM, ,MM My Q I 0' My , My

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