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,wr ff! W . -'iw Q1 . fJ.ll,:,1wx-3-A-,Z-:'Q ..,, -,VZ - ' 9 5' 'L ," 1 .I ,, r K. L.L-4 if . ,Thi V wily I :U lf F Q15 lu 45' '. ' . ,. -'Q 'fi 'Q' A' "ix Q I 5' fl.: -A .6,.,.1, , .1 -9 Y.:'.gg,-1, ' , ' ,' . - 1 V: 'I 1 , - . - ,'. 'f-Y-v'-f ' Y'-f,g'ff5gif:mfAI ,,V' V. Q f -- 1 -H 5 iff Q jf,, Kwik 5,31 lf if - ff' , .f ' r -Q: ' -H H 'ii f 4 V f - +, + WH . 4 .f ,. M f 'P -F -. . , Q , , 'ifffrf 'K if -' ' 4 ,1 Ai fn" Q . A ip. Q, 1 Q53 Q , 'Q 0 . 'K I ' , 4 'mxkfif' - ' .' - , 1 , .Eg Q' F3 - Q - 1 ,"' ' z' 5341? 2' ' - f-' AQ' F 'Lp U ' w gp - 5' 1- Q - w , . A it 'N g- Q q 7 W' g -f, 34 -, V ' ik" ' I n 1 1, 1 ,ly 1 mi- ' i' 1 . ' j 1 ' 53, :Q-f f ' 1 ,- ' .. gf-127.97 L -'- P n . nl. - . 5 1-5 1. ' ,. f ,gg A . , .. , 'Wi ' . . ' , ,Q 5 ' gif. 'Q . Q ' N A f?'effP'+ '. , M fbfzsg, f 1 , . nr j ,Z--7 - . r""'11' . , ' . 'T a 1131 9" - 'fig . -" A ' if-.zefzg ' . -5 . ,Tm . Ll, Y 1 , :ilk-V' ' 57, ff. A 'E "' A zlff drffggfi a- Q V .WU f , ,, , N ff:-5, 5 . :sf-P. I G . .5 35- ..,. ' V - .Vs K-,if V iff- 'B . ' ,:.s.iS3S, ' . , 'i " is- ,- "' . Q bf- ' A Wg, .V F, , xl, '- ., :pri -,. .f 'Jw .4 1 J ,. A ., A P ' if fn 1 l ' ' - . g,.ff'f' ff ' a 1 'V A 1 .?.y'ig1:fA5yQ',"g -H A' 5 '- ' 1 Q in , " . A QQ 1' ' ig Y .r. K, K , ., , ,ix ,SS 1, 11 1 K in ':.',. M .H ' ' sf. -my ' - .gif + ' ,.E. ,f t v 5 .Q W ,, 5. - g.,.,. .Sw ' Mg ., 1-- 'M7 QA ' rw ' ' ,A U -, f-Q . ?i1f?1Q . ' .- ' Q71 . , 14 4. , 5,4 . '-"gf .5 '- . 5 is Ji. V ,,.qgQ- -, , in 7.1, ,wr fn ' 1 -4 I D u 5' , 11 ,.. . H .AV g 1 y U Y W' l r 4 0 A 33 J' , - 1, 1 .Q X ... .W-MV, -,e-fx, - 1 . v-10:6 U Q Q w 1 f ' WZ. N I " A fl, gig 3 -I . . .--5, - ,- - . , A v , A' . " , .P A-1:11 .- . . f '.,g"'1.1- I V- ' H ' ' .qv " 'a v " :'f,:f'Y' ff ' ' 'M' ' ' 'IA ' " 5 4 . . 1,5 .I V: - ' " , - -' .1 ' .ig ff., ' ' . 4. 'V - ' ' ' " , 5?Ef?5i5,swef5 ' wi. 45. I v -ilu' ' - V' A '79 2 - . - ' . A fa ' 'F .-.,.f. 3.411 K 'ui 14. 1 V1 DF 1549 R 0 i. l 1 I l l 4 'K Cut Program Leading Roii - - - Ciass ot '49 Dedication Supporting Cast - Underciassmen Administration Prompters ---- Facuity Ciasses Press Agents - - Year Book Statt Activities Director ---- June Hunt Organizations Assistant - Carroii Lindbioom Sports Properties - - Betty Gerds Societies Scenery - - - Ruth Gaziey Side GiaUCeS Farmington High Schooi Acknowiedgments Farmington, Michigan Photography-Poweii Presents the ROLLCALL PrintingfBiand Z.--"P - IIHIICATIII We, the Class of '49, dedicate this Rollcall to the students of Farmington High School, who are both the actors and the spectators of our school drama. SIAIIS llll Ill Slllllll Ill SIISSISS Farmington, Mich., June I7- ln a recent interview exclusive with this staff, the renowned stage family, Class of '49, ably backed by their technical advisers, described their four-year struggle for stardom. The first production in 1945 featured Bill Goers, president, Dick Martindale, vice-president, and June Hunt, secretary-treasurer. The boys of the family, billed as the Falcon Frosh, proved themselves worthy of their supporting roles by trouncing the opposition to win most of their football games. The final show of the season was the Farewell Dance, which received the Critics' Award for '45-46. In preparation for their future conquests the group spent the '46-47 months in dramatic schools under the direction of Fred McLean, president, Betsy Udell, vice-president, and Dorothy Cutter, secretary- treasurer. Managed by Velma Goers, president, Fred Allen, vice-president, Dick Martindale, secretary, and John Buck, treasurer, the troupe benefited by their two years' previous experience when they played in several outstanding hits of the '47-48 season. Climaxing weeks of planning, they presented their first really big performance, the J-Hop, "Underwater Fantasy," on December 6. The Carnival, a circus barkers' heyday, featuring the Sweetheart of F.H.S., was staged on April IO. On May 15 they satisfactorily carried out their greatest undertaking, the Junior-Senior Banquet. Actors receiving special honors were Velma Goers, Girls' State, Dick Martindale, Fred McLean, Dick Wheeler, Boys' State, Fred McLean, Out- standing Athlete of the Year, and Sue Sugden, recognition for exceptional work done in the Scholastic Writing Contest. In the fall of T948 the more daring members appeared in a rollicking comedy, "Brother Goose," on November 20 before a full house. For recreation between shows the boys who had not joined the Athletic Union played some of their directors in a rip-roaring Senior-Men Faculty basketball game. The proceeds were donated to the hard-working Trip Club. One of the highlights of the spring period was the Senior Prom on April 30. The property men and stage hands achieved almost incredible South Sea Island atmosphere. During the weekend of June fourth, the family went on a cruise to Mackinac Island before returning for the finale. Commencement Week began on June 'IO with Swing-Out, when the group first wore quite different costumes, blue caps and gowns. This was followed by the Baccalaureate Service on June 'I2 in the F.H.S. Auditorium. On June I6, in the last scene of the last act, the Class of '49 received their individual certificates of merit. This famous cast, after these present engagements, will no longer act as a unit of eighty-two. Each player will try for a part in some drama particularly suited to his own interests and ability. llIliilIlllIiS A li PlillNlPliliS Orville E. Dunckel, Superintendent Mr. Dunckel, who has been Superintendent of Farm- ington Public Schools for eight years, was graduated from Williamston High School. He attended Western Michigan College of Education iLife Certificatei, Michigan State College CB.S.J, and the University of Michigan CM.A.j. During World War II he served as a Navy officer in the V-12 units at Princeton and Bucknell Universities. Directors Gerald V. Harrison, Mr. Harrison, who has been Farmington High School since September 1946, was graduated from Lincoln High School. He attended Ohio Wes- leyan two years and received his B.A. and M.A. de- grees trom the University of Michigan. ln addition to his duties as principal, he acts as counselor for the Student Council. Secretaries . ":' " Shirley Hatfield Miss Hatfield has been secretary for Mr. .lean Morris Miss Morris joined our staff as secretary Dunckel since July 1946. She is a gradu- I for Mr. Harrison in December l948. She ate of Fowlerville High Schoollgnd LaAns1A ,H L L A- i was graduated from Lebanon High Q N457 BACKSIAGI Plltlll AlIlIlS Ruth Bailey, B.A., M.A. Training: University of Michigan: American Academy, Rome Classes: Latin: English III and IV Years at F.H.S.: 7 M. Elsie Barnard, B.A., M.A. Training: Biblical Seminary, New York: University of Georgia: Business Institute of Detroit Classes: Typing: Shorthand I Years at F.H.S.: 7 Wilma Brandenburg, B.A. Training: Berea College, Kentucky: University of Michigan Classes: Library Years at F,H.S.: 3 Robert Burtch, B.E. Training: Ohio University: Toledo University, Ohio Classes: Social Science Years at F.H.S.: I Virginia Carley, B.A., M.A. Training: Albion College: University of Michigan Classes: Sophomore English Years at F,H.S.: 4 Marian Dammon, B.A. Training: Michigan State College: University of Michigan Classes: Freshman English: Journalism: Guidance Years at F.H.S,: 10 Patricia Dwelle, B.A. Training: Hillsdale College Classes: Art Years at F.H.S.: I Ruth Eckert, B.S. Training: Michigan State College Classes: Home Economics Years at F.H.S.: 2 Louis Gilson, B.S., M.S. Training: Western Michigan College: University of Michigan Classes: Social Science: Civics: Eighth Grade English Years at F.H.S.: 4 John W. Henderson, B.Mus. Training: Wayne University: Yale University: University of Mich- igan: Accademia Musicale di Chigiana, Siena, Italy Classes: Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs: Junior High School Music Years at F.H.S.: 'I Robert Hutton, B.A., M.A. Training: Findlay College, Ohio: University of Michigan Classes: Athletics Years at F.H.S.: lO Margaret Lingo, B.S., M.A. Training: Florida State University: Columbia University: Uni- versity of Michigan Classes: Geometry: Algebra I: Mathematics Years at F.H.S.: 3 Mary Alice Lyngklip, B.S., M.A. Training: Michigan State Normal College: Northwestern Uni- versity, Illinois Classes: Shorthand: Business Training: Economic Geography: Bookkeeping: Retailing: Business English Years at F.H.S.: 5 Tarmo Maattala, B.A. Training: Northern State College: Wayne University: University ot Michigan Classes: American History: American Government: Economics Years at F.H.S.: 5 Joseph Manzi, B.S. Training: East Stroudburg State Teachers' College: Rutgers Uni- versity, New Jersey Classes: Chemistry: Biology: Physics Years at F.H.S.: 2 Dennis McCarthy, B.S. Training: Central Michigan College Classes: Geography: World History: American History Years at F.H.S.: 2 Eldora McCaskiII, B.S. Training: Minnesota State Teachers' College: Western State Teachers' College, Kalamazoo: Wayne University: University of Miami Classes: Junior High School English Years at F.H,S.: I6 Ann Metzger, B.S. Training: Michigan State College Classes: Seventh Grade Mathematics: Health: Girls' Athletics Years at F.H.S.: 2 Alice Montes, B.A. Training: Wayne University Classes: Speech: Spanish I and Il Years at F.H.S.: l William Nuse, B.S., M.S.Ed. Training: University of Michigan Classes: General Science: Health Years at F.H.S.: l Mary Oliphant, B.A. Training: Ohio Wesleyan University Classes: Junior High School Mathematics Years at F.H.S.: 2 Byron Oliver, B.S., M.A. Training: Central Michigan College: University of Michigan Classes: Algebra I and Il: Trigonometry: Solid Geometry: Gen- eral Mathematics Years at F.H.S.: 8 Kenneth Peterson, B.S. Training: University of Washington: Northern Michigan State College Classes: Junior High School Science Years at F.H:S.: 4 Shirley Rowe, B.A. Training: Hillsdale College Classes: Seventh Grade English: English Ill Years at F.H.S.: I Lloyd Smith, B.A. gs. ' Training: Albion College: Wayne University: University of Mich- igan Classes: Band Years at F.H.S.: 5 Isaac Snell, B.S. Training: Northern Michigan College of Education: Ferris Insti- tute: Michigan State College Classes: Shop I and II Years at F.H.S.: 8 Clayton Timmons, B.S. Training: Central Michigan College: Clemson College, South Carolina: University of Michigan Classes: Mechanical Drawing I and II: Seventh Grade Mechani- cal Drawing Years at F.H.S.: 2 ll liltllllllllil I THE SPllTllliHl The curtain arose on a typical scene- A senior rushing to his junior queen. His heart was happy and filled with glee, For today a graduate he would be. "Today" was June 16-a day of cheers, Of laughing and singing, and maybe of tears. The time was eight-with dusk coming on, And deep in his heart there was born a great song. First place: the gym, second: Home Ec. Went Jake with a smile and no sign of regret. He donned a blue cap-with a tassel hung low, A gown to match in color just so. His heart was pounding, his knees gave a knock, He trembled as though suffering electrical shock. With nerves on edge and eyes all wet, He joined the others in the hall where they met. Friends were seated, the lights were all dim, There wasn't a sound all over the gym. The music began more slowly than slow, At first he couldn't move-his legs shook so. The lines were so even, the steps all in time, He felt like a poet composing a rhyme. Up to the center, then turn to the right, Find your seat and just sit tight. Who was speaking from up on the stage? His curiosity almost turned to a rage. "Turn and look!" said conscience to Jake, "No, just sit still-for Heaven's sake." A student was speaking, with voice toned high, On subjects of interest to seniors nigh. The notes rang clear, the words were distinct, Jake sat on his seat like a statued sphinx. Then came the applause, it filled the whole gym. He thought surely it was the moment for him To get on his feet, off that hard seat, And march across stage his fate to meet. Surely enough he had figured right! It was time for him to show his might. He stepped from the wings at just the right time To hear his name called, which made him feel fine. He walked across stage with a strut in his stride And received a diploma and a sense of pride. No longer a senior was Jake now, For this spot a junior would stand and bow, But memories are left of that happy date When Jake, a senior, became a graduate. Bettie Kneeves G CLASSES Molto: Noi al The lop, buf climbing Colors: Blue and Gold R Flower: Yellow Rose Sl lllll MANAGERS Executives William Goers Clreasurerj, Fred Allen Cpresidenlj, James Van Every fvice- presidenfl, Robert Clark fsecrefaryl Trip Club Promoters Bertie Kneeves flreasurerl, Robert Clark fpresidentj, Richard Martindale lsecrelaryl Sponsors Sealed: Miss Margarel Lingo, Mr. Byron Oliver Cchairmanj, Miss Mary Alice Lyngklip Standing: Mr. Clayton Timmons, Mr. Tarmo Maalfala Frederic J. Allen Stop Me If l'm Wrong. Baseball 'l, 2, 3, 4, J-Hop Decoration Committee, Class President 4, Class Vice-Presi- dent 3, Toastmaster, Junior-Senior Banquet, Wolverine Boys' State Ivar Carl Anderson Life Gets Tedious. Student Council 'l, 2, Band I, 2, 3, Vice-President 3, Football 2, Glee Club 4 Nora Bragg All I Do ls Dream of You. Band 'l, 2, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Yearbook, J-Hop Decoration Committee, Falcon 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4 Josephine E. Brodel So Tired. G.A.A. 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Falcon 4, J-Hop Decoration Commit- tee, Senior Play Ticket Committee, Carnival 3 Edward Allen Bryant I Wanna Be a Cowboy in the Movies. Football T, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Property Committee, J-Hop Decora- tion Committee, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 John Thomas Buck Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning. Football 'l, 2, 3, 4, Track T, 2, 3, 4, Student Council I, 2, Presi- dent 4, Class Treasurer 3, Senior Play, Junior-Senior Banquet '1 Brian Stanley Burbank A Little Learning ls a Dangerous Thing. Football 'l, 2, 4, Track 'l, 2 James E. Byrne My, How the Time Goes By. Bowling Secretary 3, Track 3, 4, Cross Coun- try 4, Glee Club 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Varsity Club 3, 4 1 Louis John Charron To Each His Own. Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball T, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 'l, 2, 4, Junior-Senior Banquet, Glee Club 3, 4, Carnival 3 Robert John Clark It's What You Do With What You Got. Football 'l, 2, 3, 4, Band 'l, 2, 3, Cheerleading 2, .l-Hop, President of Trip Club, Class Secretary 4 Leonard J. Desmelik I Don't Want To Set the World On Fire. Carnival 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee, Basketball 1, 2, Cross Country 4, Bowling 3, 4, Treasurer 3 Bernice Emily Dix l've Got Rings On My Fingers. Glee Club I, 2, 3, Bowling 2, Senior Play Ticket Committee, .I-Hop Alma June Elkin Golden Earrings. Glee Club l5 Fal- con 45 J-Hop 35 Bowling 35 Senior Play Patricia Louise Elm My Happiness. Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Carnival 35 Junior-Senior Bonquet5 Senior Play5 Library Staff 35 J-Hop Alyce Ann Fawcett Powder Your Face With Sunshine. Yearbook5 Library Club 45 Blue and White 45 Spanish Club, Vice-President 45 J-Hop5 Bowling 4 Gloria Ann Fenton Sophisticated Lady. Glee Club 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Senior Play Anna Rose Ferrante Smilin' Through. Junior-Senior Ban- quet5 Library Club 2, 35 Blue and White 4 Robert Douglas Fettig Doin' What Comes Natur'lly. J-Hop5 Carnival 3 Beverly Ann Fisher 'Til Then. G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 45 Bowling 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Falcon 35 J-Hop William .I. Gardner If I Had the Wings of an Angel. Foot- ball 2, 3, 45 Debate 3, 45 Basketball 15 Bowling 3, 45 J-Hop Decoration Committee5 Cheerleading 2 Ruth Marilyn Gazley These Foolish Things Remind Me of You. Reserve Cheerleading 35 Carni- val 35 Junior-Senior Decoration Com- mittee 35 Senior Play Advertising Committee5 Trip Club5 Yearbook Betty Jane Gerds Let Me Call You Sweetheart. Falcon 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l, 25 J-Hop Decora- tion Committee5 Yearbook5 Junior- Senior Banquet5 Senior Play Stage Decoration Committee 4 Velma .lean Goers Hair of Gold. Student Council 2, 4, Vice-President 45 Class President 35 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4-Secretary 3, Presi- dent 45 Band l, 2, 3-Treasurer, Student Director 35 Senior Play5 Bowl- ing 3, 4 William James Goers Babyface. Football 'l, 2, 3, 45 Bas- ketball l, 2, 35 Track 3, 45 Class Pres- ident 35 Class Treasurer 45 Varsity Club 3 Wanda LaVone Graham When lrish Eyes Are Smiling. Glee Club 'l, 2, 3, 4, Junior-Senior Ban- quet Frans John Hanson You Were Only Fooling. Football 'l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, J-Hop, Carnival 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2 Virginia Lorraine Harrison You'll Never Know. Band 'l, 2, G.A. A. 4, Library Club 3, Junior-Senior Banquet Hilda Anne Hatch Artist's Life. Glee Club 3, 4, J-Hop Dorothy Jean Hendryx Chickery-Chick. .1-Hop, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Band 2, Falcon 3, Bowling 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee Ernest Hoffman Feudin' an' Fightin'. Football l, Car- nival 3, Glee Club Dorothy Anna Howard As Long As There's Music. Band 'l, 2 Senior Play, Library Club 2 Rose Marie Howie Sweet Marie. Band 'l, 2, J-Hop, Bowling 3, 4, Junior-Senior Banquet, Carnival 3, Senior Play Selection Committee Lillian June Hunt Little Girl. Class Secretary 1, Fal- con 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Blue and White 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Year- book, Editor Esther Lorraine Hupert How Soon? Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leading 3, 4, J-Hop, Senior Play Stage Property Committee, Junior-Senior Banquet, Bowling 3, 4 Otto Vernon Johnson es, Pack Up Your Troubles. Junior Car- XWE nival, Trip Club Katherine Kingsley K-K-Katy. J-Hop, Carnival, Juniore Senior Banquet, Pep Club l 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, .l-Hop, Glee Club 3, Bettie Lorraine Kneeves Love Somebody. Glee Club 'l, 2, 35 Falcon 2, 45 Student Council 25 Blue and White, Editor 45 Trip Club Trea- surer5 Yearbook James Joseph La Prese Run, Joe, Run. Track 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 45 Senior Play Publicity Com- mittee5 Varsity Club 3, 45 Boys' Bowl- ing 3 Dallas Duane Leach Dance, Ballerina, Dance. Glee Club 3, 45 Carnival Decoration Committee 35 Yearbook5 Falcon 45 Senior Play Lore Leidig . Time Waits For No One. Glee Club l, 2, Vice-President 25 Falcon 35 Bowling 4, President 45 Student Council 35 Band 2, 3, Secretary 35 G.A.A. 3, 4 Alvin Earl Lind I Wanna Sleep. Football 3, 45 Bas- ketball 2, 3, 45 Carnival 35 Senior Play Stage Property Committee5 Var- sity Club 4 William Rogers Linolall Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. J-Hop Decoration Committee5 Senior Play Property Committee5 Falcon 4 4: J.. Carroll Ellen Lindbloom Sweet and Lovely. Band 'l, 25 J-Hop Decoration Committee5 Junior-Senior Banquet5 Carnival 35 Blue and White 45 Yearbook, Assistant Editor William Frederick Long Let the Rest ofthe World Go By. Base- ball Manager 'l5 Basketball Manager 2, 35 Carnival 35 Varsity Club 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Finance Committee5 Sen- ior Play Property Committee Margaret Marie Maas Quiet, Please. G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Bowl- ing 3, 45 Falcon 3, 45 J-Hop Decora- tion Committee5 Yearbook5 Library Staff 'I Richard Howard Martindale Racing With the Moon. Class Vice- President l5 Class Secretary 35 Stu- dent Council 35 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Football l, 3, 45 Track 3, 4 Gerald S. Matz Heartbreaker. J-Hop5 Carnival 35 Senior Play Stage Property Commit- tee5 Glee Club l Frederick Harrison McLean l've Got a Way With Vv'omen, Foot- ball 'I, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Class President 25 Stud-ent Council 35 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Elsie Adeline Nichols My Buddy. Bond 'l, 2, 3, 4, J-Hop Decoration Committee, Carnival 3, Yearbook, Trip Club, Junior-Senior Banquet Estell Connie Nichols You Call Everybody Darling. Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Baseball l, 3, 4, Cross Country 4, Varsity Club 'l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, J-Hop Decoration Committee, Chair- man, Senior Play Scenery Committee Evelyn Lenore Nichols Nature Boy. Band l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Secretary 4, Yearbook, Trip Club, Cheerleading 3 Donald Cardinal O'Meara l Knew lt All the Time. Glee Club l, 4, Librarian l, Library 'l, Operetta l, J-Hop and Prom, Senior Play Adver- tising Committee Martha Orofino l'll Dance at Your Wedding. Cheer- leading 'l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, Band 'l, Variety Show 3, 4 Howard Curtis Packard Everything's Movin' Too Fast. Foot- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council l, Varsity Club l, 2, 3 President 4, Senior Play, .l-Hop Dec- oration Committee, Basketball Mana- ger 'l, 2, 3, 4 I Carolyn Marie Paschke I Only Have Eyes For You. Band 'I 2, 3, 4, Yearbook, Carnival 3, Sen ior Play Committee, Junior-Senior Banquet, Falcon 4 Elmer Richard Paschke Delores. Football, Merchant Marines Barbara Lee Putman He's l-A ln the Army, and A-l ln My Heart. J-Hop, Student Council 1, Glee Club 'l, 2, Senior Play, G.A.A. 3, 4, Bowling 4 James Russell Ratlili Wrap Your Troubles ln Dreams. Foot- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, Bas- ketball 3, 4, J-Hop Decoration Com- mittee, Carnival 3, Senior Play Prop- erty Committee Kathryn Ramona Roberts You Can't Be True, Dear. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 'l Vera Laural Robertson Pardon My Southern Accent. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Junior-Senior Ban- quet, Carnival 3, J-Hop, Senior Play Committee if 14 Irene Rose Romanczuk l'll Get By. Band 2, 37 Yearbook7 F. H.A. 'I7 Falcon 4 Gordon Lee Rowe Smiles. Baseball 37 Senior Play Prop- erty Committee7 Bowling 47 Glee Club 3, 47 Junior-Senior Banquet Martha Evelyn Rozenhoom Love That Boy. Glee Club l, 27 J- Hop Refreshment Committee7 Carnival 37 Blue and While, Assistant Editor7 Yearbook7 Junior-Senior Banquet CDecora1ionsD .Iohn Waldemar Ruclberg Hankerin'. Football l, 47 Basketball l, 37 Baseball l, 2, 3, 47 Glee Club 4 George Leroy Scammell You're Asking Too Much of Me. Glee Club 37 Baseball 2, 37 Basketball 2, 37 J-Hop Decoration Committee7 Fal- con, Editor 47 Blue anol White 4 Claude Thomas Sechler l'm Always Chasing Rainbows. Foot- ball 3, 47 Varsity Club 3, Secretary 47 Glee Club, Secretary 47 .l-Hop Re- freshment Committee7 Carnival 37 Trip Committee and Club Clifford Joel Seeger For Me and My Gal. Football 'l, 2, 3, 47 Baseball 'l, 2, 37 Basketball 3, 47 Carnival 37 .l-Hop Ticket Committee 37 Varsity Club 4 Dorothy Patricia Simon Here Comes the Navy. Carnival 37 Falcon 47 Bowling 47 Yearbook7 Blue and White 4 Betty .lane Slusser 'Deed I Do. Senior Play7 Glee Club 3, 47 Carnival 4 Mary Elizabeth Stark They've Got An Awful Lot of Coffee ln Brazil. Pep Club 'I7 G.A.A. 2, 37 J-Hop Decoration Committee7 J-Hop Ticket Committee7 Bowling 4 Walter Allen Stever Ain't Misbehavin'. Bancl 'l, 27 Track 3, 47 Carnival 37 Senior Play Advertis- ing Committee Susa n Markita Sugclen If I Were You. Glee Club 2j Mixed Chorus 37 Yearbook ' Florence Marie Tamm There Must Be A Way. Glee Club l, Library Club 2, .l-Hop Refreshment Committee, Junior-Senior Banquet CDecorationsJ, Yearbook, Falcon 4 Beverly Jean Taylor Some Sunday Morning. Student Coun- cil 2, Band 1, 2, Cheerleading 2, G.A.A. 2, Senior Play Property Com- mittee, Carnival 3 Leonard A. Thomas The Birth of the Blues. Carnival 3, Bowling 4 Bernard Charles Thompson l'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover. J-Hop Refreshment Committee, Carni- val 3 Elizabeth Ann Udell Prisoner of Love, G.A.A. 2, 3, Bowl- ing 'I, Class Vice-President 2, Student Council 3, J-Hop Decoration Commit- tee, Pep Club 'I James Richard Van Every Woodman, Woodman, Spare That Tree. Football 'l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Baseball 1, J-Hop Decoration Committee, Class Vice- President 4 Richard M. Wheeler Anything You Can Do l Can Do Bet- ter. Football l, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 3, 4, Chairman, Yearbook Finance Com- mittee, Prom Decoration Committee, Wolverine Boys' State, Talent Show James Richard White Margie. J-Hop Decoration Commit- tee, Bowling 3, 4 Walter K. Wieland Louise. Football 'l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Student Council 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Delores Adelene Wilke That Certain Party. Band 'l, Library Club 3, Carnival 3, Senior Play En- tertainment, Trip Club USIIARS D. A. R. Honors For the eighth consecutive year the Three Flags Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution has sponsored the Good Citizenship Pilgrimage Contest among senior girls. Lore was elected by her classmates as the 1949 representa- tive for Farmington High School because they believed she possessed to an outstanding degree the qualifications specified by the national organization: loyalty, patriotism, leadership, and service. Lore is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Leidig, 28955 Orchard Lake Road. She plans to enter the University of Michigan in the fall of 1949, where she will be enrolled in the College of Business Ad- ministration. Keith .Iohnson Memorial Award Presented by the Class of 1940 in memory of their class- mate, Keith Gordon Johnson, the Keith Johnson Memorial plaque commends that boy or that girl in the graduating class who most closely approaches the type of citizenship which Keith always practiced. He was known for cooperation, dependability, initia- tive, leadership, promptness, honesty, giving the other fellow 'his due', courtesy, clean habits, stability, and scholarship. By class and faculty vote the name of Velma Goers, daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Goers, 22720 Brookdale, will be in- scribed on the bronze plate for 1949. Velma will attend Michigan State College and will study Bus- iness Administration. National Honor Society B. Gerds, V. Goers, D. Howard, J. Hunt, B. Kneeves, L. Leidig, R. Martindale, F. Mc- Lean, G. Scammell, R. Wheeler Members must be distinguished for scholar- ship, leadership, service, and character. The sponsoring committee consists of Miss Bailey, chairman, Miss Dammon, Mr. Harrison, Miss Lyngklip, and Mr. Oliver. Quill and Scroll Front Row: D. Simon, F. McLean, B. Kneeves, M. Rozenboom, B. Gerds. Second Row: S. Stuntz, J. Hunt, A. Vivier, B. Putman, F. Tamm. Standing: A, Ruch, A. Plumton, S. Labadie, G. Scammell, F. Allen, B. Jones, A. Fer- rante. All junior and senior nominees must have done superior work for the Blue and White, Falcon, or Rollcall in some phase of iournalistic or creative endeavor and must stand in the upper third of their class in general scholarship for the current year. Miss Dammcn acts as adviser. Citizenship Winners Wolverine State G. Barrons, L. Tyler, R. Klees, B. Henke, B. Treweek Candidates, who must be iuniors, are con- sidered by the organizations sending rep- resentatives on the basis of sense of duty, patriotism, and morality, mental alertness, enthusiasm, pleasant personality, honesty, industry, cooperation, consideration, and potential leadership. Barbara will go to Ann Arbor as the guest of the American Legion Auxiliary, the boys to East Lansing, through the interest of the Exchange Club fG.B.J, Kiwanis Club QL,T.l, City of Farming- ton fR.K.i, and Farmington Township fB.T.J HIP Itllll ISS ll IIERSTIIIIIES Seated: Julie Brunette, Beverly Gillespie, Corinne Garchow, Shirley Carpenter, Donna Bryan, Barbara Diehr, Joan Ainsworth, Helena Catlett. Second Row: Jerry Brunk, George Barrons, Mahlon Bradley, John Gere, Floyd Cheek, Jerry Fifoot, Earl Garner, Frank Coon. Third Row: lda Carnevale, George Goers, Charles Ghesquiere, James Crawford, Herbert Deubel, Clark Bates, Fred Giroux, Ronald Dunham, Arlene Fulks. Fourth Row: Richard Bowman, Carl Goers, Robert Erickson, John Boyce, Charles Gronlund, Thomas Clifford, Richard Beam, Robert Chapp, Lawrence Gilson. Seated: Marie Joyal, Betty McKaye, Patricia La Fond, Grace Hebert, Joanne Russell, Anna Ruch, Ann Plumton, Gladys Pyorala, Phyllis Hough. Second Row: Jacqueline Rudberg, Joan Kemp, Dolores Hughes, Suzanne Labadie, Hanna Pettitor, Barbara Henke, Patricia Kelly, Joan Pagel, Barbara Jones. Third Row: Ruth Hamlin, James Patterson, Kenneth O'Keefe, David Robertson, Ralph Klees, Homer Maiors, Richard Louys, James Jarvis, Robert Robertson, Mary Morris. Fourth Row: Louis Hatch, Charles Markham, Robert Peeling, Ernest Hadash, Fredrick Peters, Alfred Hadash, Richard Kosmensky, Andrew Parks, Ronald Powell. ll IIHISTUIIILS Seated: Isobel Weller, Donelda Sundrla, Helen Wolfe, Marlene Simpson, Sally Stuntz, Barbara Smith, Norma Smith, Nancy Snyder, Miss Ann Metzger Kadviserj. Second Row: Mr. J. Warren Henderson fadviserj, Charlotte Simpson, Louella Whitehead, Patricia Wilson, Stella Zarzycki, Lois Smith, Helen Waligora, Mary Welch, Mr. Joseph Manzi Cadviserj. Third Row: Shirley Shaw, Joanne Stroben, Richard Tupper, Henry Sonsmith, Albert Szostek, Glenn Smith, James Whitman, Florence Wallace, Helen Tamm. Top Row: Lloyd Wilson, Donald Thomas, Richard Schreiber, Bruce Treweek, Lee Tyler, Robert Sapienz, Bruce Yanke, Thomas Tata. JUNIOR AGENTS Seated: B. Henke ltreasurerl, Miss Ruth Bailey lchairman of sponsorsl, A. Plumton fsecretaryl. Standing: J. Boyce fpresidentj, S. Labadie fvice-presidentj. ' Jlllll Ili lHlllS Seated: Sharon Andrews, Gertrude Dougherty, Anita Barnum, Annabelle Blair, Gertha Culham, Shirley Gibbs, Barbara Howle, Virginia Fryhoft, Judith Henry. Second Row: Caroline Durkee, Nancy Isley, Barbara Carpenter, Margaret Clupp, Joyce Godair, Sally Giroux, Mary Ann Dunham, Joyce Gunnett, Ann Cunningham. Third Row: Duane Baggott, Thomas Hoffman, Charles Comp, Allan Hallaman, Foster AschenBrenner, Gerald Ditchtield, Donald Bunge, Donald Boyce, George Hayes. Fourth Row: Richard Barber, Michael Ferrante, John Brown, Gordon Harris, James Bates, Gerald Fulcher, William Hanson, Robert Casey, Richard Alexander. Seated: Sylvia Manseau, Gabriele Muhling, Barbara LaFond, Jean Martindale, Charlotte Mathews, Beverly Mitchell, Doris Moffatt. Second Row: Georgina Lewis, Alice Miller, Beverly Kaufmann, Gail Maidment, Sally Lutz, Helen Kullgren, Jean McGowan. Third Row: James Keck, William Mitchell, Richard Morris, Chester Kicinski, Earl Linemeyer, Carl Milburn, James Mecham. Top Row: Charles Meagher, Thomas Mathes, lra Matthews, Paul Joens, John Kargetta, Kenneth Kemp, Donald Munro. JUVI Ill HAIIS Seated: Miss Wilma Brandenburg fadviserj, Helen Siggins, Dorothy Orofino, Adeline Walters, Fern Smith, Jane Quisenberry Deloris Wykoft, Mary Weaver, Florence White, Robert Slusser, Miss Virginia Carley fadviserj. Second Row: Mr. Robert Hutton Cadviserj, Edwina Smith, Rita Pieron, Joan Sundrla, Marylou Petersmark, Louise Wroten Theresa O'Connor, Constance Whelan, Winifred Nolan, Dorothy Smith, Mr. Dennis McCarthy ladviserl. Third Row: Donald O'Keefe, Arthur White, Douglas Thompson, Gerald Plum, Clifford Storey, Max Trowbridge, Norman Rust Jack Ratliff, Richard Yokom. Top Row: Valdimir Regentik, David Turner, Vincent Stock, Charles Wedyke, James Packard, Arthur Olson, James Yuill Kenneth Siler, Charles Turner, Russell Stephen, Thomas Morgan. SOPHOMORE AGENTS Seated: Gail Maidment Csecretafyl, Gerald Plum fpresidentj, Fern Smith ftreasurerl. Standing: Mr. Robert Hutton fchairman of sponsorsj, Paul Joens fvice-presidentl. PRlliiliiS Seated: Doris Barge, Barbara Eichler, Marjorie Conkey, Joe Coyner, Gino Carnevale, Wayne Aldrich, Sue Dickie, Norma Denington, Mable Flick. ' Second Row: Elmer Diehr, George Gravelle, Earl Cox, William Berning, E. V. Clark, Tony Darling, Philipp Curnow, Doyle Buckner. Third Row: John Brunk, Marian Bunn, Arlene Aho, Bonnie Brooks, Josephine Brakke, Theresa Belanger, Virginia Casto, Rita Christian, Ted Brown. Top Row: Robert Brown, Chris Brakke, Radford Devroy, Carl Dryden, Peter Calkins, James Fanzini, John Bunn, Donald Byrne. Seated: Doreen Morris, Geraldine Lombard, Glenda Kellogg, Carolyn Gardner, Ruth Jones, Doris Grecu, Mary Garner, Nancy Holcomb, Nancy Keach. Second Row: Margaret Godfrey, Ann Louys, Edna McKerracker, Howard McCracken, Robert Hoffman, Jay Lint, Lois Garchow, Jane Hamlin, Susan Lange. Third Row: Dale Gillespie, Robert Hammond, Allan McFarland, Robert Hupert, Donald McKaye, John Hood, Warren Laukke, Robert Hutton. Top Row: James Mayer, Josephine Howard, Janet Gambee, Joyce Henke, Eugene McCracken, Geraldine Haskins, Noreen Hamlin, Nancy Greetham. PRIITTGTS Seafed: Joan Rogers, June Slusser, Kennefh O'Nan, Thomas Rowe, Arlen Whitehead, Huber? Thompson, Richard Newman, Grace Toman, Anna Wesferman, Second Row: Mr. Lloyd Smiih ladviserl, Robert Wallace, Phyllis Pringle, Barbara Thompson, Consiance Wright, Sally Pfeiffer, Irene Sherman, Florence Wheeler, Mr. Isaac Snell ladviserj. Third Row: Donald Stephen, Cecil Nichols, David Sonsmilh, Norman Raupp, Glenn Shaw, Fred Raupp, Gerald Sione, Thomas Waligora, William Pressley. Top Row: Charles Tulip, Robert Sizeland, Maurice Wallace, Richard Thomas, Dean Whitehead, William Weber, Edward Yackley, William Spess. FRESHMAN AGENTS Seafed: Grace Tomon, vice-president, Mrs. George Eckert, chairman of sponsors, Doris Grecu, secretary. Sfanding: Donald Byrne, president, Tony Darling, treasurer. ASPIRA TS Seated: R. Gately, C. Buckner, B. Griftith, H. Fischer, P. Black, A. Clappison, A. Frazer, M. Callahan, S. Hayes, J. Hewitt, C. Ainsworth, R. Haskins, A. Corbit. Second Row: J. Elkin, M. Danielson, C. Hardy, E. Atkins, J. Hull, J. Egner, D. Cant, D. Hopkins, W. Dryden, N. Harley, l. Aldrich, N. Hoffman, F. Doublet. Third Row: E. Culham, N. Gamble, B. Calhoon, F. Frazer, M. Hurkett, J. Gazley, R. Anderson, F. Gossett, N. Fisher, T. Frazer, A. Diehr. Top Row: R. Freda, B. Grinager, J. Bryan, L. Clifford, G. Delling, C. Duquet, A. Denny, B. Habermehl, M. Garner, A. Hanson, D. Grecu, D. Harris, A. Durkee, R. Crinion. Seated: B. Mitchell, C. Morris, P. Poole, B. McCoy, M. Robinson, A. Mechcm, D. Lint, C. RatliH, P. Kesti, J. Moss. Second Row: W. Kingsley, D. Osmus Cvice-presidentl, J. Jacobs, D. Mit- chell Cstudent Council representa- tivel, A. Redner, S. Leonard, A. Krafve, G. McKaye, J. Meagher. Third Row: L. Pink, N. Ronk, D. Nichols, E. Klees Cpresidentl, L. Pet- tifor, R. Papini, D. Nichols, S. Long, T. Mulcare. Top Row: L. Paschke, R. Nichols, A. McCollum, M. Roberts, R. Mason, B. Langley, D. McKay, R. Petersmark, R. McGowan. Seated: D. Simon, B. Smith, J. Seitz, J. Williams, G. Stackler, C. Smith, C. Wheeler, J. Smith, A. Tarr, J. Smith. Second Row: Mr. Louis Gilson Cad- viserj, L. Scott, N. Vaillancourt, R. Stone, M. Turner, B. Winn, W. Tamm, S. Wallace, Mr. Robert Nuse Cad- viserl. ' Third Row: G. White fsecretaryl, N. Shattuck, F. Wedyke, R. Spoiler, D. Wyman, E. Sandnes, R. Tyler, D. Sunusack, B. Waters, D. Shaw. Top Row: J. Sundrla, J. Taggart, W. White, J. Whitmore, K. Schoenlein, B. Turner, J. Williams, R. Timte, M. Stanek ftreasurerj. Seated: E. Daniels, R. Byrtus, J. Brunk, G. Diehr, C. Bender, C. Aho, L. Duquet, J. Brakke, E. Buchanan, M. Dane, A. Brakke, L. Bishop. Second Row: P. Cox, J. Downing, S. Evans, S. Bates, M. Altemus, C. Chapp, D. Cox, C. Boyce, N. Banks, C. Brill. Third Row: W. Beuthin, R. Bowers, G. Brumm, C. Christian, G. Clouse, G. Ayres, D. Boyce, N. Clark, C. Dryden. Fourth Row: R. Ainsworth, J. Brew- baker, A. Alexander, R. Dockstader, P. Del Montier, F. Del Montier, D. Cannoert, R. Deeg, L. Barthel, G. Boyce. Seated: R. Isley, R. Markham, A. Fer- rante, J. Fischer, P. McCracken, V. Hallock, M. Godin, C. James, P. Meyers, P. Hoofnagle, D. Morris, L. Kubiac. Second Row: K. Gardner, K. Hol- comb, N. Lutz, P. Fanzini, M. Mc- Cachen, S. Hicks, A. Manseau, E. Hannah, M. Goers, L. Gildemeister. Third Row: R. Jones, N. Mayer, M. Weber, J. Hill, J. Holmes, H. Maas, L. Harden, D. Morrell, R. Malenfant, C. Lind, E. McKaye. Fourth Row: R. Matthias, P. Kos' mensky, D. Gravelle, T. Isley, F. Leach, D. Goodrich, R. Goulet, D. Lorence, R. Goers, W. Maki. Seated: R. Williams, E. Wilson, M. Whitehead, M. Stainbrook, J. Ports, V. Tamm, M. Smith, T. Thomas, J. Rust. Second Row: Mr. Robert Burtch, Miss Shirley Rowe lsponsorsl, M. Wilson, S. Whitmore, J. Raupp, S. Wilkinson, J. Pfeiffer, N. Scott, Mr. Kenneth Peterson. Miss Alice Montes fspon- sorsj. Third Row: S. Schulkins, J. Woods, J. Rozenboom, E. Oke, R. Schmeichel, K. Weber, E. White, L. Wood, M. Smith. Top Row: R. Tilton, G. Walters, D. Whelan, E. White, R. Porter, W. Woods, J. Petty, D. Traeder. STARS lll '54 , , , W I f ACTIVITI Student Council Seated: R. Christian, S. Stuntz, J. Hunt fsecretaryl, R. Hamlin ftreasurerl, J. Buck Cpresidentj, V. Goers fvice-presidentl, J. Hamlin, C. Gorchow, Mr. Gerald Harrison fadviserl. Standing: B. Fisher, L, Whitehead, D. Stephen, W. Berning, F. AschenBrenner, K. Wieland, L. Wroten, D. Mitchell, R. Casey, D. Goodrich, F. McLean. Productions: These class representatives supervised special assemblies, the Get-Acquainted and New Year's Eve Dances, the Hunters' Hop, organized the monitors' system, Food Drive, Student Court, Welcome Committee, planned for cheerleaders' uniforms, and appointed the Falcon editor. Yearbook Foreground: D. Hendryx, R. Gazley, S. Sugden, M. Maas, N. Bragg, F. Allen, C. Paschke, F. Tamm, l. Romanczuk. Background: J. Hunt feditorl, R. Clark, L. Leidig, V. Goers, C. Lindbloom Qassistant editorj, D. Leach, J. Elkin, Evelyn Nichols, B. Gercls flay-outl, A. Fawcett, Elsie Nichols, B. Kneeves, D. Simon, F. McLean, Miss Marian Dammon fadviserj. A Blue and White Seated in Foreground: R. Gazley, A. Ferrante, A. Ruch. Seated in Background: F. McLean, F. Tamm, D. Simon. Standing: Miss Marian Dammon Cadviserj, C. Lind- bloom, B. Jones, F. Allen, B. Putman, G. Scammell, A. Fawcett, A. Vivier, B. Kneeves Ceditorl, J. Hunt. Press Notices: Both newspaper staffs strive to meet Quill and Scroll standards. The Blue and White is edited by the iournalism class, the Falcon by volunteer workers from all classes. Falcon Seated: D. Cant, P. Kosmensky, G. Scammell Ceditorl, C. Paschke, G. Pyorala, S. Stuntz fassistant-editorl, B. Mitchell, H. Siggins, N. Isley, F. Smith. Standing-Front Row: B. Gerds, A. Plumton, J. Henry, M. Welch, l. Romanczuk, B. Howle, J. Jarvis, S. Labodie, A. Ruch, C. Mathews, D. Bryan, L. Hamlin, D. Orotino, M. Weaver. Standing-Second Row: Miss Virginia Carley Cadviserl, F. Tamm, P. Kelly, R. Oliver, M. Clapp, S. Lange, J. Elkin, M. Maas, D. Leach, L. Gilson, J. Pagel, D. Simon. Standing-Top Row: J. Rudberg, J. Quisenberry, N. Bragg. Buenos Amigos First Row: J. Henry, S. Shaw, S. Andrews. Second Row: R. Pieron, G. Muhling, P. Wilson, A. Whitehead Csecretary-treasurerj. Third Row: A. Cunningham, A. Fawcett lvice-presidentj, H. Hatch Cpresidentl, M. Clapp, J. Jarvis. Standing: Miss Alice Montes, Miss Margaret Lingo fsponsorsi. This group of Spanish students was organized in the fall of 1948. Camera Club First Row: Mr. Joseph Manzi fdirectorj, F. Coon, L. Gilson, P. Bradley, G. Barrons, R. Devroy, D. Hendryx, A. Plumton, S. Stuntz, J. Ainsworth, J. Russell Csecretaryi, S. Labadie, A. Ruch. Second Row: J. Gere, R. Beam, T. Clifford, R. Schreiber, L. Tyler, R. Klees fvice-presidentj, J. Whitman Cpresidentl, R. Erickson, J. Pagel, D. Bryan. Members are learning the fundamentals of photography from the clicking of the camera to the final printing of the picture. Senior Play Cast "BROTHER G0O5E" H. Packard, J. Buck, B. Putman, P. Elm, B. Slusser, G. Fenton, K. Wieland, V. Goers, D. Leach, J. Elkin, D. Howard. Director: Miss Virginia Carley. Assistant-director: Jack Clark. Debate Club Seated: D. Wykoff, C. Gardner, S. Labadie, Coach Lloyd Smith, J. Whitman. Standing: R. Schreiber, R. Thomas. Schedule: Detroit De Lasalle Collegiate High School-Novem- ber 30: lnkster High School:-December 15: Lincoln Park High School-January 7, Library Club Seated: J. Rudberg, J. Gunnett, A. Fawcett, D. Bryan, F. Wallace, H. Kullgren, l. Weller. Standing: J. Jarvis, Miss Wilma Brandenburg fadviserj. Major Projects: They made Book Week displays, gave the Faculty Tea, reorganized the card catalogue, and attended a stage play-Henry V. BIIWLI li llAlilllS Girls' Teams Seated: W. Graham fcaptainl, D. Simon, A. Fawcett, H. Siggins, V. Fryhofl, E. Hupert fcnptainj, V. Goers, N. Bragg lcaptainl, L. Leidig Cpresidentj, M. Maas. Standing: J. Rudberg, M. Howle, Elsie Nichols, E. Nichols Ccaptain and secretaryj, F. Wallace, B. Smith, D. Bryan ftreasurerj, Miss Wilma Brandenburg and Miss Vir- ginia Curley fsponsorsj, Girls' Boys' Name Won Lost Nome Won Lost Rolaways ,...,. 37 23 Pin Kings .. . . 43 25 Hot Shots , .... . 34 26 Fooney Flops . 39 29 Hep Cats ...,., ,... 3 2 28 777's .,.,.,,. . .,,. 39 29 Four Fouls .,.. . 30 30 Alley Cats ,.,. 36 32 Alley Cats ..., ..... 2 4 36 Gutter Boys .,,. 29 31 Hell Cats ,,....,,....,..,.,.,,,..,.....,..........,..., 21 39 Hot Shots . ,..... .... ..,........,..... . . ,, .. . . 24 44 Stars: M. Maas, Evelyn Nichols, J. Brodel, F. Wallace Stars: W. Gardner, W. Goers, J. White, R. Beam Boys Bowling Seated: J. Buck, L. Thomas, R. Clark, K. Siler, F. Allen, R. Wheeler, L. Desmelik, G. Rowe, P. Bradley, F. Coon, G. Goers, D. Stephens. Standing: L. Hatch, J. White, W. Goers, W. O'Connor, J. Byrne, R. Beam, J. Galley, J. Whitman, A. Szostek, W. Gardner, D. Whitehead F. Giroux, Mr. Byron Oliver fspon sorj. Girls' Athletic Association Seated: S. Stuntz, J. Hunt, B. Howle, H. Tamm fmaior-sports managerl, G Pyorala Csecretdfyi, V. Goers ipresi dentl, A. Plumton itreasurerl, N Snyder iminor-sports managert, M. Simpson, P. Pringle. Second Row: Miss Ann Metzger Cdi- rectorl, D. Hendryx, N. Bragg, L. Whitehead, B. Jones, A. Vivier, J Pagel, D. Bryan, R, Pieron, B. Henke, L. Leiclig. Third Row: S. Shaw, S. Pfeiffer, R. Hamlin, M. Clapp, F. Wallace, M Maas, J. Hamlin, S. Giroux, D Hughes, P. Kelly. Top Row: H. Siggins, A. Ruch, A Louys, J. Henry, J. Rudberg, M Weaver, C. Gardner, S. Dickie, N Holcomb, C. Mathews. IIIIMML 18 G.A.A.: The Girls' Athletic Association was initiated by Mrs. Charles Luce CMarian Hazeltinej in 1940, with Dorothy Goers as its tirst president. It was discontinued after a few years' activity, but was reorganized in 1946 by Miss Margaret Parker, who worked with Donnalee Rowland as president. Miss Ann Metzger became its adviser in 1947. Varsity Club: This group, restricted to winners of a letter in high school sports, was introduced by Coaches Robert Hutton and Paul Shoemaker in 1939. lt is an athletic service organization operated along the lines of a Kiwanis Club. Projects: They have supervised various dances after basketball games and have distributed programs throughout the basketball season. Varsity Club Seated: J. Buck, W. Goers, J. Byrne C. Seeger, E. Bryant, R. Clark, T Sechler, H. Packard, E. Nichols, J Ratlitt, K. Wieland, R. Martindale J. Van Every, L. Charron, C. Comp Second Row: T. Tata, J. Boyce, W Long, B. Yanke, L. Tyler, G. Plum R. Louys, F. AschenBrenner, A. Lind J. Crawford, N. Rust, W. Stever, P Brennan, J. La Prese, F. Hanson, G Barrons, F. McLean. Third Row: Mr. Robert Hutton Csuper visorb, A. Szostek, J. Whitman, G Ditchtield, J. Bates. Girls' Glee Club Seated: D. Mottatt, J. Brunette, B Fisher, H. Siggins, A. Plum'lon, B Gillespie, V. Robertson, P. Elm, B Brooks, B. Mitchell, S. Andrews. Second Row: K. Roberts, D. Sundrla B. Howle, A. Blair, M. Beckwith, M Dunham, M. Welch, G. Lewis, H Hatch, S. Gibbs, Mr. J. W. Hender son fdirectorj. Third Row: H. Tamm, B. Kaufmann J. Gunnett, H. Pettitor, R. Hamlin M. Petersmark, S. Labadie, J Sundrla, H. Kullgren. Top Row: J. Russell, W. Graham, P J. Pagel, W. Nolan, A. Barnum, H Catlett, L. Whitehead. llllltllll CALLS The Girls' Glee Club has a membership of forty-two, the Boys' Club twenty-one. They sang in many school programs, in the Minstrel Show given by the Farmington Junior Chamber of Commerce, produced the Christmas Concert, sponsored several "record" dances as well as an orchestra dance called "Blue Rhapsody." They have prepared special music, such as "Whate'er May Vex or Grieve Thee", "Green Cathedral", "The Lord Bless You and Keep You", "Gloria", and "Alleluia", for Swing-Out, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. Many seniors will make their last public appearances as Glee Club members in these exercises. Boys' Glee Club Seated: P. Brennan, D. Gillespie, D. O'Meara, J. Gere, L. Thomas, W. Lindall, V. Regentik. Second Row: B. Treweek, J. Ratlift, H. Packard, J. Clark, J. Buck, D. Leach, Mr. J. W. Henderson ldirec tori. Third Row: J. Rudberg, G. Scammell, W. O'Connor, G. Rowe, L. Charron T, Sechler. 1 1 Hough, A. Fulks, B. Henke, P. Kelly, Falconaires First Row: A. Plumton, J. Russell, P. Kelly, B. Henke, R. Hamlin, G. Lewis, S. Gibbs. Second Row: D. O'Meara, J. Clark, B. Treweek, G. Rowe, T. Sechler, L. Charron, Mr. J. W. Henderson ldi- rectori. lIllMIVlllNll APPEARANCIS The Folconaires, consisting of twelve members chosen for their musical ability from the glee clubs, was formed in the tall of 1948 by Mr. J. W. Henderson. Besides joining the glee clubs on special occasions, they sang over the radio twice and frequently provided music for P.T.A. meetings. Reorganized in September 1948, the Mixed Chorus now includes seventy-six boys and girls in its membership. Although no credit is earned, the club meets two days a week during school hours and one evening. Its activities have been similar to those of the other vocal music groups. Mixed Chorus H. Siggins, A. Plumton, B. Gillespie, V S. Andrews, S. Gibbs, H. Hatch, I Carnevale. Second Row: A. Vivier, B. Howle, A mann, J. Gunnett, H. Pettifor, R. Hamlin M. Petersmark, S. Labaclie, J. Sundrla H. Kullgren, M, Dunham, M. Welch, G Lewis, Mr. J. W. Henderson. Third Row: I. Weller, W. Graham, S Stuntz, G. Fenton, J. Russell, P. Hough A. Fulks, B. Henke, P. Kelly, J. Pagel W. Nolan, A. Barnum, l.. Whitehead B. Jones, A. Ruch, G. Pyorala, H Catlett. Top Row: V. Regentik, J. Gere, D O'Meara, W. Lindall, J. Clark, J. Buck B. Yanke, D. Leach, J. Ratliff, T. Sechler J. Rudberg, L. Charron, C. Bates, G Rowe, G Scummell, I. Anderson, J Crawford, B. Treweek, P. Brennan, H Packard, L. Thomas, L. Gilson, D. Gil lespie. Seated: M. Morris, D. Sundrla, K. Rob- erts, D. Moliatt, J. Brunette, B. Fisher, Robertson, P. Elm, B. Brooks, B. Mitchell, Blair, M. Beckwith, H. Tamm, B. Kauf- I BAND Seated: L. Barthel, R. Jones, B. Mitchell, C. Brill, P. Fanzini, D. Cox, A. Frazer, A. Westerman, C. Paschlce, D. Mitchell, D. Cannaert. Second Row: P. Wilson, F. Coon, J. Rozenboom, S. Leonard, D. Howard, P. Bradley, B. Carpenter, B. Kaufmann, L. Woods, R. Newman, Mr. L. H. Smith Kdirectorl. Third Row: R. Schreiber, D. Whitehead, C. Gronlund, J. Bates, J. Whitman, C. Bates, A. White, C. Milburn, G. Stone, K. Siler Top Row: A. Corbit, J. Hill, L. Paschke, F. Wedyke, A. Hanson, R. lngman, D. MacKay, F. Frazer, C. Wedyke, K. Weber D. Wykoft, G. Ayres. Special Engagements: They played at football games, at Briggs Stadium November 21, for P.T.A. programs, for the Decoration Day Parade, participated in the Spring Concert and in the Banclalee. 1 Twirlers Foreground: Audrey Vivier, drum maiorette. Standing: A. Fulks, V. Casto, E. Hupert, Elsie Nichols, Evelyn Nichols, S. Shaw, L. Hamlin. Cheerleaders Front: Sandra Hupert. Back: G. Tomcln, G. Haskins, M. Orofino, E. Hupert, V. Fryhoff, D. Orofino. Sponsor: Miss Margaret Lingo. Little five-year-old Sandra Hupert became the mascot and youngest member of the team at the beginning of the basketball season. R 3 I ff' T' i' llllllltllll Coach William Nuse Captain Fred McLean Assistant Coach Robert Burtch I Resume With two new coaches CMr. William Nuse, head coach specializing in the backfield, and Mr. Robert Burtch, line coachl cmd a veteran team, the Falcons, led by Captain Fred McLean, took to the gridiron in early September. The first game was played under the lights at Plymouth on September 17. Although going into the game as 14-point underdogs, the Falcons upset the Rocks by the score of 44 to O. On September 24 the team met Rochester in a battle that saw the Falcons suffer their first loss of the season 20 to 13. Holly came to Farmington on October 1, only to be trounced 39 to O. The Blue and White met a stubborn Milford eleven under the lights on October 8. After trailing for the first half, the boys finally broke loose to defeat the Troians 20 to 13. Farmington went to Clarenceville on October 15 to whip the inspired Trojans by the score of 14 to 0. On October 22 Walled Lake came to Farmington, only to be defeated 6 to O in a hard fought contest. The last game of the season, which decided the championship, was played at Farmington on October 29 with Keego Harbor. After a bitter struggle the Falcons lost 27 to 13. Football - Starting Eleven Line: K. Wieland, end, L. Charron, tackle, H. Packard, guard, J. Boyce, guard, J. Buck, center, J. Clark, tackle, F. AschenBrenner, end. Backfield: E. Bryant, halfback, J. Ratliff, fullback, F. McLean, halfback fcaptainj, G. Barrons, quarterback. ffm ww Farm W Dec Dec "Dec 'Dec Dec Jan 'Jan Jan 1943-49 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE ington Score Opponent . 3 38 Wayne . 7 40 Plymouth . 10 49 Walled Lake . 14 34 Ypsilanti . 17 25 Milford . 7 26 Keego Harbor . 14 45 Holly . 18 37 Ypsilanti Mar. 3 Mar. 5 Mar. 9 Mar. 10 Mar. 12 Mar. 16 Score Farmington 28 "Jan, 21 29 Jan. 28 28 "Feb. 4 24 kFeb. 11 24 "Feb. 15 28 Feb. 18 19 Feb. 25 29 Tournaments 70 Bentley 44 St. Mary's 43 Marysville 37 Northville 31 St. Gregory 42 River Rouge Varsity Basketball G. Barrons, E. Bryant, L. Tyler, R. Tupper, L. Charron, K. Wieland, H. Deubel, A. Lind, F. AschenBrenner, H. Maiors, C. Seeger, E. Nichols fcaptainl, J. Ratliff, R. Martindale, F. McLean Score Opponent Score 60 Northville 16 40 Walled Lake 20 48 Milford 21 45 Keego Harbor 29 66 Plymouth 37 50 Holly 27 38 Northville 30 fDenotes home games 23 32 20 29 27 44 Reserves Foreground: R. Louys, D. Bunge, J. Boyce. Background: M. Ferrante, C. Mark- ham, D. Thompson, T. Holnfman, G. Plum, C. Bates, J. Bates, A. Halla- man, J. Mecham, L. Gilson, R. Alex- ander. 'I 4 BASEBALL TEAM Kneeling: E. Bryant, captain. Sitting: L. Wilson, J. Bates, L. Tyler, H. Deubel, R. Tupper, L. Charron, J. Rudberg, C. Markham, E. Nichols, F. Cheek, F. Hanson, D. Bunge, W. Hanson, F. AschenBrenner, F. McLean, R. Wheeler, R. Kosmensky lmgr.1. Second Row: Coach William Nuse, T. Brown, E. McCracken, J. Hood, R. Erickson, R. Yokom, G. Ditchtield, G. Shaw, R. Hoffman, J. Mecham, I. Godfrey fmgr.J, W. Weber, C. Tulip, D. Byrne, J. Shutts, W. Kingsley lmgr.1, Assistant Coach Robert Burtch. Top Row: W. Pressley, J. Fanzini, G. Hayes, P. Joens, D. Thompson, J. Van Every, T. Clifford, N. Raupp, F. Raupp, P. Curnow, A. McFarland, E. Garner, C. Dryden. BASEBALL SCHEDULE April 19 ..... ,.,.. C larenceville at Farmington April 22 ..... ..,.,. F armington at Keego Harbor April 26 ..... ......,..., N orthville at Farmington April 29 .,.... .....,...,....... F armington at Holly May 3 .,... ..,... F armington at Walled Lake May 6 ...... ,... . .Farmington at Milford April 16 April 29 May 6 May 7. TRACK River Rouge, Farmington at Ann Arbor Cincloorj ........Keego Harbor at Farmington ..............Milford at Farmington .......Albion Relays at Albion May 10 ...... ...,. May 20 ,..... 1949 May 13 .,.... May 17 ,...,. May 24 ..,., May 27 ,...., SCHEDULE May 13 ...., May 21 ...... May 25 ....... May 28 ...... ,.Keego Harbor at Farmington Farmington at Northville .. .,..,.,...... Holly at Farmington ....WaIled Lake at Farmington ,.,.........Milford at Farmington Farmington at Clarenceville Northville - Here Regionals - Ypsilanti ..,.......League Meet ..,..,State Meet - East Lansing Track Team Seated: J. Mayer, G. Harris, R. Devroy R. Wallace, K. Sizeland, D. Whitehead R. Hammond, R. Hutton, J. Bunn, A Darling. Kneeling: N. Rust, J. LaPrese, D. Bag- gott, J. Keck, C. Comp, W. Goers, P Brennan, H. Packard, J. Meagher. Standing: C. Storey, R. Morris, R. Louys J. Crawford, H. Maiors, R. Klees, D Dirmeyer, K. Wieland, I. Anderson, J Byrne, Coach Robert Hutton. 1 1 EIIIIIIYS IIIIIIIW FEATURE DATE PLAYHOUSE OPINION Howdy Hop Sept. I8 F H S Gym Lots of new faces Twirp Time Oct. 29 F H S Gym The corn flew! Dance Keen Teen N 12 F H s G A ' bl nan Vorieiy Show ov. ym n enloya e eve g . H k. eee'e aw ms Nov. I3 F H S Gym Everyone got his man' Dance Senior Play Nov. 20 F H S Gym Almost professional Snowflake Frolic Dec. II F H S Gym A winter wonderland New Year's Dance Dec. 31 F H S Gym Well planned Heart Throb Feb. I2 F H S Gym Hearts beat in M time Dance Seniors Fazzhy Feb. 26 F H S Gym Very amusing Basketball Basketball District Mar. 3, 4, 5 F H S Gym Exciting moments Tournaments IIIIMI Minstrel Show .,..,....i....i. National Honor Society .,.. Blue Rhapsody i...,i...,.,..,. Spring Concert, Bands. . Inter-Lakes League Dance Senior Prom .,,..,.... ., ..,., ., Bandalee ....i.,,........, Freshman Farewell .i...,., Quill and Scroll Initiation. Honors Convocation ...... Junior Reception . .,,,. , Swing-Out .....,.., Baccalaureate .. Commencement .. lil . ...March I6 , .,March 23 , .,.. March 25 ,. .,.. April 22 .,..,..April 23 ..,.,.ApriI 30 . ,..A.. May 6 , .,.. May I4 ......,No date .,....No date .,.,.No date .,.....June I0 ...,..June I2 ,.....June 16 American History Since this course is required for graduation, the classes are generally large. lt is scheduled as a iunior subject. Mr. Tarmo Maattala instructs this group and two others. Mr. Dennis McCarthy has the fourth. Typing In recent years boys have created serious competi- tion in typing classes. Both commercial and academic students are pictured here. ln the absence of Miss M. Elsie Barnard, regular instructor, Miss Mary Alice Lyng- klip appears with the group. Physics With Mr. Joseph Manzi as their teacher, these students were studying sound. This lone class, twenty-five in num- ber, meets second hour. Although physics is considered a senior subiect, two iuniors enrolled this year. BEHI IllHl SIZE ES Senior Play Name: "Brother Goose" Players: John Buck, Barbara Putman J-Hop Name: Magnolia Manor. Date: January 29. Place: F.H.S. Gymnasium Music: Ralph Bowens and His Orchestra. lAlllVll lilll llllllllliHlS Falcon's Nest The Falcon's Nest was opened on January 15, 1947, by Ed Maas and Robert Russell. Ed, a graduate of the Class of '39, now runs the Nest for the many students who eat lunch and chat there. Farmington Township Bus Eight buses cover regular routes each school day, pick- ing up boys and girls in kindergarten through the twelfth grade. About 500 students ride at least one way. Twenty-four trips are made daily. L. J Office Practice Class Every period one or two high school girls, either iun- iors or seniors, work in Mr. Harrison's office. The girls, this year seven in number, collect absence slips, list absences and tardinesses, record grades, do hecto- graphing, and type report cards for each semester. They are directed by Miss Mary Alice Lyngklip of the Commercial Department. Home Economics The homemaking girls are preparing for the future by perfecting their sewing and knitting under the guid- ance of Mrs. George Eckert. Mechanical Drawing Juniors and seniors seen here are studying advanced machine drawing under the direction of Mr. Clayton Timmons, who teaches pupils from the seventh through the twelfth grades. Mr. Timmons has written, in colla- boration with Ralph Klees and Charles Turner Ctwo of his studentsj, a seventh grade mechanical drawing book. 5-i '- 1 I 1 1 N w w w 1 4 1 Good luck, Gang! Best Wishes J. S. CLARK CO. FARMINGTON RECREATION Roofing and Sheefmetal Ma. 3180 Detroit 32315 Grand River Phone 1586 Good Food BRILL-BRUSTER N I B B L E N O O K Buick Sales Fountain Service Grand River Grand RIVEI' Phone Best Wishes, Class of '49 E. R. SCHWEIER , FARMINGTON RADIO CO. Men s Wear "TeIevision Center" 23622 Farmington Road Phone 2700 33304 Grand River Phone 0047 Compliments B L A K E S L E E Chevrolet SaIes and Service JOHNSON'S FQOD MARKET 33215 Grand River Phone 1400 33314 Grand River Phone 0005 GRAND CAFE HOWARD otls Meals at AII Hours DOdge-plym0Ufh Grand River at Orchard Lake Dodge .IOIJ-Rated Trucks Gust PAPPAS, Proprietor 33015 Grand River Phone 0001 COMPLIMENTS FARMINGTON DAIRY Farm. 0135 Ken. 1-0346 PLUMTON'S BARBER SHOP We cut 'em as you like 'eml Grand River - Near Farmington Bank Congrafulafions FARMINGTON CLEANERS 33208 Grand River Piclc-Up and Delivery Service Call 0329 Besf of Luck LEMUEL H. IRVING TRUCKING C I V I C T H E A T E R Washed Sand and Gravel 33332 Grand River Phone 0444 35704 Nine Mile Road Phone 0732 SMITH-BRADLEY DRUG CO. The Rexall Sfore P-R-E-S-C-R-I-P-T-I-O-N-S 33323 Grand River . Phone CATLETT'S GAS STATION Wrecker Service 0064 33604 Grand River Phone 9022 Congrafulafions, I949 Gracluafes CONROY'S MARKET 23534 Farmington Road Phone 0340 FALCON'S NEST Ed Maas, Prop. MOFFATT'S RIVERSIDE SERVICE Congrafulations, '49ers SANDRA'S SANDWICH SHOP Sunoco Gas and Oils 30520 Grand River Phone 0200 33336 Grand River Phone 2666 CURT HALL PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE 33224 Grand River Phone 2680 Besf Wishes JUNIOR CLASS SPENCER J. HEENEY FUNERAL DIRECTOR Good Luck SOPHOMORE CLASS Esfablished 35 Years Someday We'll Be There 23720 Farmington Rd. Fa. 0470 FRESHMAN CLASS if 'lr ir Bland Printing Company Industrial and Advertising Printing 3760 WV00llVVAIlll AVENUE 0 0 0 TEDIPLE l-6475 IIETBUIT 1, DIICIIIGAN i' 'lr nl' Complefe Banking Service Besf Wishes THE FARMINGTON STATE BANK CARL A. GOERS Farmington, Michigan Coal and Coke F d Ii " Sy 31525 Grand River Fu. 0017 SMITH-TUPPER LUMBER CO. 28575 Grand River LUMBER SUPPLIES HARDWARE PAINT Farmington 0955 Kenwood 2-8530

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