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n ' -Q L wif - . ,df 6 " 5 iw Eg, ci? ,, Z- 2' ,- .3. W if 1 .., gr M' 4:1441 ' fm' -L . THE CLASS OF 1948 PRESENTS ITS EDITION OF THE R0l.I.CAI.l. FARMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL FARMINGTON, MICHIGAN ibeclica fion ln recognifion of fheir service +o Farminglon High School and +o 'rhis class, we, +he graduaies of I948, hereby cleclicafe lhis yearbook lo Miss Marian Dammon, our school counselor, ancl 'ro Mr. Roberr HuH'on, our coach. .fdclminidfrafion Mr. O. E. Dunckel lWilliams+on High School, Wesfern Michigan College of Educa- Hon, Michigan Sfafe College, Universiiy of Michigan, Wayne Universi+yl has been superin- fendenf of schools from '39-'43 and again from '46-'48. During World War II he served in +he Navy as an officer in fhe V-I2 uni+s a+ Princeion and Bucknell universiiies. Miss Shirley Haffield, who has been School Secreiary since July '46, was graduafed from Fowlerville High School in '45 and from Lansing Business Universi+y in '46. Mr. G. V. Harrison lLincoln High School, Ohio Wesleyan, UYniversi+y of Michiganl has been high school principal ai' Farmingion for 'rwo years. Previously, he was principal ai' Nor'rhville High School from '37-'46, Mrs. James Youngblood lMary Hamlinl is a graduafe of Farmingfon High School- Class of '45, She became Mr. Harrison's secrerary in Augusi' '46, Rui M. Wil Q-CLClfLAy QOMQI' h Bailey. B.A.. M.A. Training: Universily of Michigan: American Academy, Rome Classes: Lalin, English IV Years al F.l'l.S.: Six Elsie Barnard, B.A., M.A. Training: Biblical Seminary, New York: Universily of Georgia: Business lnsliluie of Defroil Classes: Typing, Shorlhand Years al F.l'l.S.: Six ma Brandenburg. B.A. Training: Berea College, Kenfucky: Universiiy of Michigan Classes: Library Years al' F.l'l.S.: Two Virginia Carley, B.A., M.A. Training: Albion College, Universify of Michigan Classes: Sophomore English Years al F.H.S.: Three Marian Dammon. B.A. Training: Michigan Sfafe College, Universify of Michigan Classes: Freshman English, Journalism, Guidance Years af F.H.S.: Nine James Davis, B.S. EN: Claire George. B.S.. M.A Training: Hillsdale College: Weslern Michigan College: Denison Universily, Ohio Classes: Junior High Social Science, General Science Maihemalics Years al F.H.S.: One and a half 65 X . ining: Worcesier Sfale Teachers' College asses Junior , Sevenlh Grade English Z Years ai F.l-l.S.i One Lou is Gilson. B.S. Training: Wes-iern Michigan College, Universily of Michigan Classes: Social Science, Social Living Years af F.H.S.: Three ZX Roberl' Hullon, B.A.. M.A. Training: Findlay College, Ohio: Universiiy of Michigan Classes: Alhlelics Years al F.H.S.: Nine Margarel Lingo. B.S.. M.A. Training: Florida Slaie Women's College, Columbia Uni- versi+y, Universify of Michigan Classes: Spanish, Geomelry, General Malhemafics Years af F.l-l.S.: Two Mary Alice Lyngklip. B.S.. M.A. Tar Training: Michigan Sia'le Normal College: Norlhwesfern Universily, Illinois Classes: Shorihand, Business Training, Economic Geography, Bookkeeping, Relailing, Business English Years al F.H.S.: Four mo Maallala, B.A. Training: Norlhern Slale College, Wayne Universi'ly Classes: American Hislory, American Governmenl, Economics Years al F.H.S.: Four Joseph Manzi, B.S. Training: Easi Sirouclburl Slale Teachers' College, Rulgers Universily Classes: Chemisfry, Biology, Physics Years ai' F.l'l.S.: One Ernesl' McBride, B.A. Training: Cenfral Michigan College Classes: American Hislory, World Hislory, Social Science Years af F.H.S.: One Dennis McCarlhy. B.S. Training: Cenfral Michigan College Classes: Social Science, Geography Years al F.l'l.S.: One Eldora McCaskiIl, Life Cerfificale Training: Minnesoia Slale Teachers' College: Weslern Siafe Teachers' College, Kalamazoo: Wayne Universify: Univer- sily of Miami Classes: Eighfh, Sevenlh Grade English Years al F.l'l.S.: Fifleen Ann Melzger, B.S. Training: Michigan Slaie College Classes: Sevenfh Grade Mafhemalics, Girls' Alhlelics, Healfh Years af F.l-l.S.: One Mary Oliphanl, B.A. Training: Ohio Wesleyan Universify Classes: Sevenlh, Eighlh Grade Mafhemalics Years ai F.H.S.: One Byron Oliver, B.S.. M.A. r ' ing: Cenlral Michigan College, Universi+y of Michigan asses: AI ebra l and II, Trigonomefry, Solid Geomefry Years al F.l'l.S.: Seven Kennelh Pelerson, B.S. Training: Universily of Washing+on, Norfhern Michigan Slale College Classes: Sevenlh, Eighth Grade Science Years ai F.H.S.: Three Roberl' Sill, B.M., B.A. ' 'ng: Universiiy of Michigan, Albion lasses: Boys' and Girls' Glee Club, Speech ears a+ F.l'l.S.: One Rulh Skilch. B.S. Training: Michigan Slafe College Classes: Home Economics Years ai F.H.S.: One Lloyd smiih. B.A. Training: Albion College, Wayne Universily Classes: Band, Speech Years af F.H.S.: Four Isaac Snell, B.S. Training: Norlhern Michigan College of Educaiion, Ferris lnsfiiule, Michigan Slale College Classes: Shop l and Il Years al F.l'l.S.: Seven Claylon Timmons, B.S. Training: Cenlral Michigan College Classes: Mechanical Drawing l, ll, Sevenlh Grade Years al F.l'l.S.: One I' CLASSQS XX Q5 52, C63 enior Ofhcerd ana! .STQOILJOFJ . OFFICERS: Eileene Whifeliead, vice-presidenfg Carolyn Early, presidenh Frances Hough, lreasurerg Doris Greskowiak, secrefary SENIOR CLASS MOTTO: We build the ladder by which we climb. COLORS: Maroon and While. FLOWER: Carnafion. SPONSORS! Wilma Brandenburg, Marian Dammon lcliairmanl, Roberl Sill, Lloyd Smi+l1, Jr., Isaac Snell. Velma Pearl Adams Blessed is she who expecls nolhing. G.A.C. 3, 4: J-Hop: Falcon Sialf 41 Yearbook: Girls' Bowling League 4: Senior Play Publicily. Harvey Lea Barnes He bore her away in his arms. Fool- pball 2, 3, 4, Baskelball 3: Baseball I, 43 Wolverine Boys' Slale 3. James William Beall Handsome is lhal handsome does. Baseball l, 2, 3, 4,7 Foolball 3, 4. Clemens Bender The greal end of life is noi' knowl- edge bul aclion. Glee Club 4. Thomas Alva Berlin l love lranquil solifude. Foolball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Baskel-ball 3. Richard James Boyce Saddle your dreams afore you ride 'em. Elsie Julia Brakke She is a winsome, wee lhing. Glee Club l, 2: Senior Play Publicily. Louise Brown Laugh and be merry, remember, beller lhe world wilh a song. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4-Presidenl 4, J-Hop: G.A.C. 4. Phyllis Jean Bunge A 'fair exlerior is silenl recommen- dalion. J-Hop, Yearbook, Senior Playg Blue and While 4. Donald Allen Buxlon The silence 'lhal' is in lhe slarry sky. Glee Club 4. F I, Rose Marie Bybee Hail lo lhee, blilhe spiril. Year- book: Senior Play Make-up: Blue and While 4. Ira A. Carley Veracily is lhe hearl of moralily. Baseball 3, 47 Baskelball 35 Boys' Bowling League, Presidenl 41 Year book, Blue and While 4. Sfanley Alizon Chavey Women should be seen, nol heard Clifford Walfer Culham Nor spoke he one word more lhan was his need. Elbridge Lee Dunckel Each 'lo his passion, wha'l's in a name? Debale 3, J-Hop, Sludenl' Council 4, Vice-Presidenlg Year- book, Assislanl Sales Manager, Glee Club 4: Senior Play, Sludenl Direclor. Carolyn Marie Early Merrily, merrily, shall l live now. Band 2, 3, 4: Sfudenl Council 3, Class Presidenl 47 J-Hop: Jr.-Sr. Banquelg Girls' Bowling League 4, Treasurer, Yearbook, Sales Manager. Mary Inez English My hearl is warm wilh lhe friends l make. Beryl Ann Erwin The nighl is young, and so am l. J-Hop, G.A.C. 3, 41 Yearbook, Senior Play Make-up: School Pro- grams I, 2, 3, 47 Choir 2. Pafricia Ann Everly Mum-il is a secrell Glee Club I, 2, 3, Choir 25 Operella 2, Sluclenl Council 2, 4, Secrelary-Treasurer 43 Falcon 2, Co-Assisfanl Edilor 2: Blue and While 4. Palrick Meyer Farrell All l ask is a merry yarn 'From a laughing fellow rover. Band lg Glee Club 43 Senior Play Scenery. Jerry L. Fisher I lrnow you are laughing in your sleeve. Sludenl Council lg Basker- ball I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4, Capl. 4, Traclr 2, 37 Class Presi- denl 37 J-Hop. Mary Elaine Flick ln fellowship she'd laugh and chal. Band lg G.A.C. 31 Cheerleader 3. Dorolhy Clarice Fuller Happiness is speechless. Glee Club 3, 4. Dolores Elaine Garvey Companion of Ihe spring. Glee Club 2, Blue and While 4g Pep Club 2, 31 Librarian 2. Claylon Henry Goers The man lhal' blushes is nol quile a brule. Baslcelball I, 2, 3: Foolball 2, 33 Boys' Bowling League 4. Flora Lee Gosseli' My hearl is like a singing bird. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 41 Choir I, 23 Girls' Bowling League 4. John Edwin Grecu The darling of our crew. Foolball I, 2, 3, 47 Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 41 Baseball 3, 41 Varsily Club 3, 4, Presidenl 45 Class Presidenl 2: Pep Club 2, 3. Doris Helen Greskowiak As sociable as a baslrel of lxillens. F.l'l.A. 3, Presidenl: Glee Club 4, Secrefaryg Class Secrelary 45 Girls' Bowling League 45 J-Hop: Year- boolr. Virginia Lee Gunnelf l would help olhers, oul' of a 'Fel- low feeling. Glee Club 21 Senior Play Ticlcelsg Jr.-Sr. Banquet Virginia Irene Harringlon. A limb of Salan. Cheerleader 3, 4: Senior Play, Glee Club 41 Girls' Bowling League 4: G.A.C. 3, 4. Bernard Harris He is lhe very pine-apple of polile- ness. Baskelball 2, 35 Boys' Bowling League 4. Edwin Henry Hier Why should lhe Devil have all lhe good lunes? Band I, 2, Baskelball I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Track Ig Foolball 2, Varsily Club 4: Senior Play. Joyce Elaine Hill Manner, nol gold, is woman's besl adornmenl. Band Ig Dance Commil- lee 2, 3, J-Hop. Jack William Hinbern I hale lhe sin, bul I love lhe sinner. Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Base- ball I, 2, 3, 4: Varsily Club 3, 4: Class Vice-Presidenl I7 Pep Club 2. Frances Jeanne Hough Thou hasl no sorrow in lhy song. Glee Club I, 2, Librarian I, 21 Class Treasurer 3, 4, Debale 3, 4, J-Hop: Blue and While 4: Jr.-Sr. Banquel. Donald Ray Howard You have nol converled a man be- cause you have silenced him. Band I, 2, 35 Foolball 4. Hilmar James Howard As lhe sun colors llowers, so does arl color Iile. Sludenl Council 2, Track 3: Blue and While, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Senior Play: Varsily Club 4, Secrelary: Yearbook. Mariorie Jean Hunl' Blushing is lhe color ol virlue. G.A.C. 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 4, Sludenl Council 3, 4, Falcon 3, 4, Edilor 4: Blue and While, Quill and Scroll, Secrelary 3, 4, Yearbook. George Gidley Isley A lillle work, a lillle play lo keep us going-and so-good day! Fool- ball I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 43 Track I, 2, 3, 4, Varsily Club 2, 3, 4: J-Hop. Priscilla Grellelle Johnson I would lhal lhis woman's head were less golden aboul lhe hair. Class Treasurer 21 G.A.C. 3, 4, Presidenl 45 Senior Play: Girls' Bowling League, Presidenl 4, Year- book: Jr.-Sr. Banquel. Marilyn Irene Jones Her book and hearl will never parl. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Debale 4: Girls' Bowling League 4. Mary Jane Jurkan For all lhal fair is, is by nalure good. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Year- book: G.A.C. 4: Jr.-Sr. Banquel: J-Hop: Senior Play Publicify. Roberl' B. Kahrl ll does a heap o' good somelimes lo go a lillle slow. Foofball l, 2, 3, 4: Baskefball I, Manager 2: Varsily Club 3, 4: J-Hop. Jacqueline Elaine Kelly Good lhings come in small pack- ages. G.A.C. 4: Girls' Bowling League 4: Senior Play Publicily. Rosalie Diane Kemp I have ofl heard defended-lillle said is soonesl' mended. Glee Club 2 Dolores Susan Kracker A rose wilhoul a lhorn. Library Club l: Falcon 4: Blue and While 4: Monilor Club 2. Dolores Mae Krueger Sing away lhy cares. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Band I. Beflie Lou Kubiac A smile wilh an inlenl lo do mis- chief. F.H.A. 3, Secrelary-Treasurer: Glee Club 4. Marg uerife Lucille Labadie Laugh lhy girlish laughler. Sludenl Council l: Class Secrelary 2: Girls' Bowling League 4: Debale 4: Senior Play: Yearbook. Jeanne Marie LaFond ln silence also 'lhere's a worlh lhal brings no risk. Lee Earl Lafhrup Noi lo be luneless in old age. Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Class Treasurer Ig Blue and While, Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Senior Play: Sludenl Council, Presidenl' 4. Donald Ray Layland Life is a iesl' and all 'lhings show i+. Band I, 2: Baskelball 23 Baseball 2, Jr.-Sr. Banquelg J-Hop. Virginia Joyce Linl' Do you know fhal conversalion is one of lhe grealesl' pleasures in life? G.A.C. 3, 4, Yearbook. Jane! Helen Louys A smile 'from her brighl' eyes. Library Club, Vice-Presidenl' I7 Jr.- Sr. Banquefg Falcon 4: Yearbook: J-Hop. Roberl G. Lueder I make +he mosl' of all fha? comes and fhe leasf of all lhal goes. Dorofhy Ebba Lundberg Happy am lg 'From care l'm free. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, J-Hop. Roberl Lynn Lussenden I had a pleasanl 'lime wilh my mind: for il was happy. Band Ig Baseball l, 2, 3, 4: J-Hop: Jr.-Sr. Banquelg Foolball 3, 4. Hugh M. MacKay As a man lhinkefh in his hearl, so he is. Announcemenl Commiflee 4, Foolball 3, 4: Baseball, Manager 35 Cheerleader 3: Band I. James Joseph Marlin If music be 'Ihe 'food of love-play on. Band 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 4, Sec- refary 4: Yearbook: Music Award 3. Wales C. Marfindale III Simple 'lrulh his ufmosl skill. Bas- kelball I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 25 Foo+baIl 2, 3, 4, Sludenf Council 43 Varsily Club 4. Thomas Frederic McKay I shall ne'er beware of mine own wif 'fill I breal: my shins againsf ii. Announcemenl Commilfee 43 Funny Paper Dance 2. James Alberf Miller I am very fond of 'Ihe company ol ladies. Foolball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4. William George Mifehell The pasl unsighed for, and 'lhe fu- lure sure. Foolball I, 21 Baslrelball I, 2: Baseball 27 Varsify Club 2: U.S. Merchanf Marines 32 monlhs. Donald Morris Who never did a foolish lhing. Glee Club 4. Herberf Arfhur Mundi To be occasionally quoied is ihe only fame I care lor. Cheerleader 3: J-Hop: Boys' Bowling League 45 Traci: 4. Ramon Navarre Nadeau Give every man fhine ear, buf few lhy voice. Thomas Joseph O'Keefe Everyfhing is sweefened by risk. Janei' Marion Pagel The very pinl: of courfesy. Library Club 3: Jr.-Sr. Banquet Blue and While 4. Mary Edwina Pagenkopf SI-ue, on a sudden, clasp us wifh a smile. Jr.-Sr. Banquel: Senior Play, Yearbook: Falcon Sfafi 4: Blue and While 4: J-Hop. John Mahlon Pefiibone My sfyle and senlimenfs are MY OWN, purely original. Track I, 2, 3, 4: Tumbling Ig Wolverine Boys' Sfale 3: Class Vice-Presidenf 21 Yearbook: Blue and While, Edifor 4 Belly Ann Prior Wifh easy grace upon a nag she sal. Yearbook: Debafe 4. Thomas Henry Quisenberry Hail 'lo you, women fair. Baslrelball Ig Foolball 2, 3, 4: Baseball l, 2, 3, 47 Varsify Club 3, 4, Vice-Presi- denl' 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquel. Doris Ann Ray l'll 'liclrle your calaslrophe. Jr.-Sr. Banquelg Glee Club 47 Blue and Whife 4. Margarel' Ella Rouse Wil is lhe only wall befween us and lhe dark. Band lg G.A.C. 3: Senior Play Publicily. Gene Wesley Scllofer Whose armor is his honesl fhoughl. Baskefball l, 2, 3, Foolball 3, 41 Baseball 3, 4. Lawrence Edward Scol"l' As large as life, and lwice as nalural. Baseball 2: Baslrefball 25 Track 3, 4. Paul H. Sechler, Jr. Genius is mainly an affair of energy. Falcon Slaff 3, 4.: Glee Club 3, 4, Senior Play, Yearbook. Wesley F. Smiih The grand Army bullon he wears in his coal. Enlered Army in '42, relurned in '45. William Frederick Soos This long disease, my life. J-Hop: Yearbook, Glee Club 4: Senior Play Publicily. Romayne Mary Sfanek Brevily is 'lhe soul of wif. Sluclenl Council Ig J-Hop: Monilor Club 31 Girls' Bowling League 43 Senior Play Publicily. Naomi Rulh Slewarl She is a breezy brealh ol enlhusi- asm. J-Hop: F.H.A. 31 Glee Club 4: Yearbook: Senior Play Publicily. Thomas Alan Taggarl Good-bad-indifferenl. Foofball I, 2, 3, 41 Baslcelball Ig Baseball I, 23 Traclr I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, Senior Play. Ina Mae Tallman l'II spealr in a monslrous Iillle voice. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 41 J-Hop. Roberl Monroe Tilley Whal a lime! Whal a civilizalionl June Beverly Toll: The soul of music slumbers in lhe shell. Glee Club 25 Falcon Slafl 4, Blue and While 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquelg Dislricl Forensics 3: American Legion Essay Conlesl 3. Donna Jean Turney The besl of healers is good cheer. Cheerleader Ig J-Hop: Glee Club 3, 4: G.A.C. 3, 4: Jr.-Sr. Banquelg Pep Club 2. Ernesl B. Tyler We could manage lhis maller lo a T. Baslrelball I, 2, 3, 4, Caplain 4, Foolball I, 2, 3, 4,5 Baseball I, 3: Track I, 2, Class Presidenl I: Sludenl Council I, 3. Marilyn Kay Vivier Willy and clever, wi+h never a care. Class Secrelary Ig G.A.C. 3, 4: J-Hop: Yearbook, Senior Play, Blue and While 4. LaVerne F. Wadenslorer He was lirmly knil and greal in slrenglh. Foolball I, 4: Traclc 3, 4, Senior Play Scenery. George Roberl Weaver Fools rush in where angels fear lo lread. Football I, 2, 3, 4: Baskel- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Ig Track 2, 3, 43 Varsily Club 3, 4: Senior Play. Elizabefh Ann Welch l am sure care's an enemy lo life. Cheerleader lg Glee Club 2, 47 Carnival 2. Charles Francis Wells He speakefh nal, and ye? lhere lies a conversalion in his eyes. Norma May Wesferman If a woman have long hair, il is a glory 'lo her. Helen Ella While There's 'rhe humor of if. Band lg G.A.C. 3. Eileen Fay Whileheod Messenger of friendship. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President Music Award 37 Class Secrelary 33 Class Vice-Presidenl' 4, Girls' Bowling League 4, Secrelaryg Senior Play Sludenl Direclor, Thomas Waller Wilson The word-coining genius. Clayfon Duane Yoder l've 'lalzen my fun where l've found i'l'. Baslrelball 2, 3, 47 Baseball 2, 3, 41 J-Hop: Pep Club 2, 3: Football Manager 47 Glee Club 4. Doris Marqarel Young Like-bul, oh, how different Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 3: Sfudenl Council 2, 4: Class Vice- Presidenl 35 G.A.C. 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Falcon Sheff 2, 4, Co-Assislanl Edilor 25 J-Hop. THE CLASS OF '48 Presents "TH E BEST YEARS" fHisforical Drama in Four Actsj CAST OF CHARACTERS fln the order of their appearance! Freshmen . . . r . lgreen, naive, starry-eyed youngstersl . . . l4O Sophomores . , . . lwise toolsl ..,...........A..... , l33 Juniors . , . . lindustrious money-makersl . . , , l20 Seniors . . . . . lwise and sophisticatedl . . . 98 ACT I Time-1944-45 Scene I Study hall during a class meeting, President Ernest Tyler, Vice-President Jack Hinbern, Secretary Marilyn Vivier, and Treasurer Lee Lathrup are holding a class meeting under the supervision ot advisors Miss Mildred Abbott, Miss Marian Dammon, Mr. Donald Pounder, and Mr. Isaac Snell. Scene H Gymnasium, decorated with farewells in many languages. Occasion is the Aloha Dance, the first farewell party for seniors, now a custom observed by freshman classes. ACT ll Time-1945-46 Scenel Study hall during a class meeting. Plans for a Christmas party are under discussion. Officers presiding are John Grecu, president, John Pittibone, vice- presldentg Peggye Labadie, secretary, and Pat Johnson, treasurer. Change in cast-Mr. Lloyd Smith for Mr. Pounder. - Scene H Gymnasium, filled with couples dancing to the iuke box in a surrounding of familiar comic strip characters-with Gravel Gerty and B.O. Plenty getting most of the attention in the center of the floor. ACT Ill Time-'I 946-47 Scenel Gymnasium on December 7, transformed into a "Mexican Fiesta" with Nick Jaye and his orchestra providing music for a large turnout for the J-Hop. Scene H Auditorium on the eve of the Junior-Senior Banquet. Junior Class President Jerry Fisher, Vice-President Marge Young, Secretary Eileene Whitehead, and Treasurer Frances Hough share the limelight. Appropriate decorations saved from previous entertainments stimulate nostalgic memories of former good times. Scene Hl F.H.S. Honor Assembly. Marge Young is elected to Wolverine Girls' State, John Pettibone, Lee Lathrup, Jerry Fisher, and Ernest Tyler are named to Boys' State: Eileene Whitehead receives music award, Frances Hough and June Toth are lauded for outstanding work in forensics: many iunior boys receive letters in all sports, Mary Pagenkopf, June Toth, and John Pettibone are recognized for work in essay and poetry contests, Hilmar Howard, Mariorie Hunt, and Lee Lathrup become members of Quill and Scroll. Change in cast-Miss Wilma Brandenburg for Miss Abbott ACT IV Time-1947-48 Scene I Gymnasium. Yearbook pictures are being taken under the supervision of Editor Marge Young and Assistant-Editor Lee Lathrup. They say women like to be photographed more than men, and the officers' picture shows it with President Carolyn Early, Vice-President Eileene Whitehead, Secretary Doris Greskowiak, and Treasurer Frances Hough in the spotlight. Scene H Auditorium, where Willie Baxter lLee Lathrupl is complaining of his bread and butter and apple sauce sister lVirginia Harringtonj to his mother lPeggye Labadiel. The production? "Seventeen", of course! Scene Hl Auditorium. Under billowy white clouds in a blue sky lcompliments ot Bill Soos and his decoration committeel, couples are dancing to the music of Clark Bunn's orchestra. The occasion-Ethereal Lane, the annual Senior Prom. Scene IV Auditorium. Ninety-eight seniors, wearing caps and gowns for the first time, are singing the school song, closing the traditional Swing-Out ceremonies in which Senior Class President Carolyn Early presented the Farmington High School gavel with all the duties, privileges, and responsibilities that accompany it to Junior Class President Velma Goers. Highlight of the program was the presentation of the Keith Johnson Award. Scene V Auditorium during Commencement Week. lt has become a hallowed hall for Sunday Baccalaureate Services and for Graduation Exercises on Thursday, June IO. Juniors have decorated with the class flower lcarnationj and colors lmaroon and whitej. With their motto "We build the ladder by which we climb" well in mind, Farmington High School's largest graduating class ioin the ranks of the Alumni. i onor ociefiefi Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll, an inlernalional honorary sociely 'for high school iournal- isis, was broughl fo Farminglon High School in I946 lhrough 'the eFForls of "The Blue and While." Candidales musl have done superior work in fhe iournal- islic or fhe crealive field of wriling. Sealed: M. Labadie, L. Lalhrup, H. How- ard, J. Pellibone. Sfanding: R. M. Bybee, P. Bunge, D. Garvey, M. Vivier, E. Tyler, P. Everly, J. Tofh, M. Pagenlropf, D. Kroclcer. Absenfees: J. Louys, M. Young, M. Hunl lsecrelaryl. Sponsor: Miss Marian Dammon. sf"U..l Nolionol Honor Socie'l'y The Nafional Honor Sociefy, infroduced in I'-745, induclecl fwelve new members, chosen from fhe upper 'fhircl of fhe class for high scholarship, service, leadership, and characler. Nol more fhan fiffeen per cenl of 'ihe lofal membership is eligible. Miss Rulh Bailey is chairman of 'lhe facully commiflee in charge. lnifiafes: E. Dunclrel, C. Early, P. Everly, M. Hunl, M. Labadie, J. Louys, T. Mc- Kay, M. Pagenlcopf, J. Pelfibone, J. Tofh, E. Whilehead, M. Young. laecia mcognifiond D.A.R. AWARD In 'rhe fall of I94I The Three Flags Chapfer of 'rhe Daughfers of fhe American Revolu+ion sponsored +he Good Cifizenship Pilgrimage Confesl' in Farmingfon High School. Seniors voI'e on Ihe several girls receiving +he mosl' faculfy vofes, wi+h +he privilege of adding fhe names of any ofhers +hey believe deserving. Girls considered for 'rhis honor mus'I' possess +o an ou'rs+anding degree loyal+y, pafrioiism, leadership, and service. Doris Margarel' Young, more generally called Marge, is 'rhe I948 choice of her classmaies. Previous winners are Doro+hy Schowchow lGoersl '42, Irene Liebig llvlorrisl '43, Doroihy Gusfafson '44, Lois Goers '45, Elizaberh Johnson '46, and Doris Lafhrup '47. KEITH JOHNSON MEMORIAL AWARD The Kei+h Johnson Memorial Plaque was presen+ed fo Farmingfon High School by 'rhe Class of I940 in memory of fheir classma+e and S+uden+ Council presidenf, Keifh Gordon Johnson. Made of black walnui' and bronze, if measures +wen+y by 'Four+een inches wiI'h space provided for Ihe names of fen annual winners. The class of '44 made provisions for +he renewal of Ihe award in I950. Qauli'Fica+ions for Ihe award are coopera+ion, dependabilify, ini+ia1'ive, leadership, promp+ness, honesfy, giving Ihe o+her fellow 'his due', courfesy, clean habi+s, s+abili'I'y, and scholarship. According +o Ihe original direc+ions, +he 'Facul'I'y nominafes 'rhree seniors, upon whom rhe senior class and Iaculiy vo1'e. PauleH'e Helgren lGambeel received 'Ihis honor in '4I, John Orofino in '42, E. Ilene Liebig Ilvlorrisl in '43, Audrey Laihrup in '44, Sue Goodrich in '45, Alvin Garchow in '46: Donald Kobman in '47, and D. Margarel' Young in '48. ongrafufafiond Top Row: Bes+ S'ruclen+s - Wi++ies+ - Cu+es+ Second Row: Nices+ Smiles - Mos+ Bashful - Bes+ Looking Firsi' Row: f8igges+ Flir+s - Bes+ A+hle+es - Mosf TaIen+ed 144 OMQM ee A Top Row: Grea+es+ Talkers - Mos? Popular - Cu+es'r Couple Second Row: Mosf Accommodafing - Mosl' Charming Personalify. Firsi' Row! Mosl' Lilcely fo Succeed - Very Soplwisficafecl - Bes+ Dancers I unior icerd anno! .gaondord Junior Class Oflicers John Buck, lreasurerg Richard Marfindale, secrefaryg Fred Allen, vice-president Velma Goers, president ACTIVITIES: J-Hop Hard Times Dance Carnival Junior-Senior Banquef MEMBERSHIP al' 'l'he lime we go fo press is ninel'y-five. "i' in or -- , 2" . ' -A'-. .,.,.,., .laz 2 , :.: M , A rgz 2 -- ZI: SPONSORS: Top Row: Byron Oliver, chairman. Second Row: Margarel Lingo, Mary Alice Lyngklip Firsf Row: Tarmo Maallala, Claylon Timmons. 676444 of 219 Sealed: Anna Ferranfe, Josephine Bro- del, June Ellrin, Nora Bragg, Shirlee Boyd, Gloria Fenfon, Bernice Dix, Doro+hy Cufler, Pafricia Elm, Beverly Fisher. Sfclnding: Fred Allen, Leonard Desmelilc, John Buck, Louis Charron, Ivar Ander- son, Homer Carfee, James Byrne, Edward Bryanf, Roberf Feifig. Seafed: Marie Howle, Rurh Gazley, Lore Leidiq, Doroihy Howard, William Goers, Ernesf Hoffman, Duane Leach, Velma Goers, Dorofhy Hendryx, Kafherine Kings- ley, Beffy Gerds, June Hunf, Virginia Harrison. Sfanding: Belly Kneeves, Esfher Huperi, John Hayes, Howard Jacobs, OHO John- son, Joseph Lapham, Alvin Lind, James La Prese, William Long, Frans Hanson, Carol Lindbloom, Wanda Graham. Sedfed: Carol Paschlle, Vera Roberison, Mariha Rozenboom, Barbara Puiman, Margaref Maas, Joseph O'Connor, Evelyn Nichols, lrene Romanzuln, Elsie Nichols, Kafhryn Roberfs. Sfallding: Fred McLean, Howard Pack- ard, Junior Nichols, William Nichols, Jerry Mah, Gordon Rowe, John Rud- berg, Kennefh O'Keefe, Roberf Pleger, Richard Mar+indale. Juniors Seafed: Bei-ty Slusser, Dorofhy Simon, Mary Sfark, Mildred Taylor, Sue Sugden, Richard Wheeler, Dolores Willie, Flor- ence Tamm, Beverly Taylor, Elizabefh Udell. Sfdnding: Leonard Thomas, John Buck, Thomas Sechler, James Van Every, Keifh Wieland, Clifford Seeger, Waller Sfever, Richard Marfindale, James While, Ber- nard Thompson. The mosl' unusual 'feafure of fhe J-Hop, "Underwa+er Fan+asy," given on December 6, was fhe Grand March, conducfed +o rep- resem' a whirlpool. .S?0l0A0l'l'l0I"Q UACQFJ MIIJ ,SQIUOHJOFJ SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE SPONSORS Roberi' Layland, secrelary-lreasurerg Rulh Hamlin, vice-presi- Top Row: M. Elsie Barnard, Rulh Bailey, chairman Clenfi L99 Tyler. President Firsf Row: Joseph Manzi, Ernesl McBride. Cfaaa 0 j50 Sedfed: Helena Cal'leH', Barbara Diehr, Frank Coon, Richard Beam, Alice Fawce'H, Arlene Fulks, Donna Bryan, Julie BruneHe, Jerry Brunk. Second Row: James Dielrich, George Barrons, Pal Bradley, Jack Boyce, Roberl Erickson, Eda Carnivale, Floyd Cheek, Carole Edwards, Jerry Fifoof. Top Row: Roy Ehle, James Egan, Clark Bales, Dave Dirmeyer, Herber+ Deubel, Ronald Dunham, James Crawford, Richard Bowman. Sophomores Sealed: Barbara Harris, Jeannine Lang- lais, Palricia LaFond, Lois Galely, Signe Lindahl, Enid Kelly, Beverly Gillespie, Louis Halch. Second Row: Earl Garner, Roberl Lay- land, George Goers, Charles Greelham, Barbara Henke, Dolores Hughes, Barbara Jones, Corinne Garchow, Lawrence Gil- son, Irving Godlry. Top Row: John Gere, Charles Gronlund, Ernesl Hadash, Rulh Hamlin, Jerry LaPage, Richard Louys, Suzanne Labadie, Carl Goers, Allred Hadash. Sealed: Belly McKaye, Jacqueline Rud- berg, Joan Pagel, Andrew Parks, Mary Morris, Donald Powell, Palli Lou Kelly, Gladys Pyorala, Ann Plumlon. Top Row: Roberl Peeling, Roberl Rob- erlson, David Roberlson, William O'Con- nor, James Moorhead, Fred Pelers, Joseph Fosen, Charles Marlcham. Sealed: Isabel Weller, Marlene Simp- son, Sally Slunlz, Dorolhy While, Char- lolle Simpson, Louella Whilehead, Norma Smilh, Mary Welch, Helen Wolfe, Don- elda Sundrla. Second Row: Barbara Smilh, Lois Smilh, Audrey Vivier, Helen Tamm, Lloyd Wil- son, Shirley Shaw, Melvin Weslerman, Slella Zarzyclci, Nancy Snyder. Top Row: Bruce Yanlce, Florence Wal- lace, Richard Tupper, Fred Sleinlropf, Glenn Smilh, James Whilman, Lee Tyler, Joan Slroben, Richard Schreiber, Tom Tala. ELQJ l'l'l6tl'l lol A661015 ULIQJ SPOHJOP5 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMAN SPONSORS Firs'l' Row: Nancy lsley, secrefaryg Richard Alexander, presl- Top Row: Virginia Carleyg Roberi Huffon, chairman denh Jean Marfindale, lreasurer. Firsf Row: James Davis, Claire George. Top Row: James Yuill, vice-president A Gfcwa 0 gl Seaifedz Audrey Black, Louise Dryden, Michael Ferranfe, Richard Carpenfer, Sharon Andrews, Shirley Gibbs, Jack Brown, Roberi' Casey, Richard Alexander. Second Row: Gerfha Culham, Joyce GunneH, Mary Ann Dunham, Margaref Clapp, Sally Giroux, Barbara Carpenier, Ani+a Barnum, Marlene Beclcwiih, Caroline Durkee, Virginia Fryhof'F. Top Row: Donald Boyce, Donald Bunge, Charles Comp, Gerald Difchfield, Fosfer AschenBrenner William Barbour, James Bafes, Duane Baggolf, Gerald Fulcher. Sedfed: Donald Munro, Sylvia Manseau, Barbara Howie, Dorofhy Orofino, Jean McGowan, Beverly Mifchell, Gabriele Muhling, William Hanson, James Meagher. Second Row: Lorene Hamlin, Gordon Harris, Kennefh Kemp, Winifred Nolan, Barbara LaFond, Helen Kullgren, John KargeHa, Judy Henry, Jean Marfindale, Charlo'He Maffhews. Third Row: Nancy Isley, Donald O'Keefe, Sally Luiz, Gail Maidmenl, Carl Milburn, Theresa O'Connor, Ira Maffhews, Arfhur Olson, Alice Miller, Beverley Kaufmann, Top Row: Earl Linemeyer, George Hayes, James Mecham, Thomas Hoffman, Allan Hallaman, Willard Milchell, Paul Joens, James Keclr, Richard Morris, Ross Nicholson. Seufed: David Turner, Charles Wedylxe, Adeline Walfers, James Packard, Ora Shaw, Dorolhy Smi'rh, Fern Smifh, Jane Quisenberry, Roberi Slusser, Vincenf Sfoclc, Vladimir Regenfik. Second Row! Joan Sundrla, Mary Weaver, Edwina Smilh, Russell Sfephen, Consfance Whelan, Mary Lou Pefers- mark, Kennefh Siler, Rifa Pieron, Flor- ence Whife, Audrey Rocque. Top Row: Richard Yolxom, Floyd Prince, Douglas Thompson, Norman Rusi, Gerald Plum, Cliliford Slorey, James Yuill, Arihur Whife, Kenneih Reeves, Charles Turner. unior SCAOO! Ji icer5 SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Firsi' Row! Richard Tyler, vice-presidenfg Larry Pink, president Reber? HuHon, secrefary-freasurerg Eugene McCracken, presi Second Row: John Jacobs, secre+aryg Anna Mae Tarr, den-Ig Ted Brown, vice-presideni. Treasurer. JUNIOR HIGH SPONSORS Top Row: lEigh+h Gradei Dennis Mccarfhyg Mary Oliphanh Eidora McCaslrill, chairman. Firsf Row: fSeven+h Grade, Ann Mefzgerg Kenne+h Pefersong Ru+h Ski+chg Louis Giison, chairman. Seclfed: Roberl' Brown, Chris Brakke, Josephine Howard, Nancy Greeiham, Norma Denningion, Rifa Chrisfian, Joyce Henke, Virginia Casio, Carl Dryden, Roberf HuHon, Ted Brown, John Brunk. Second Row: Marian Bunn, Phyllis Bar- ber, Carolyn Gardener, Philip Curnow, George Dovill, Gloria Guldner, Mable Flick, Bonnie Brooks, Nancy Holcomb, Margaref Godfrey, John Bunn, Geraldine Haskins. Third Row: Doris Grecu, Doyle Buckner, Suzanne Dickie, Barbara Eichler, Radford Devroy, Pefer Caulkins, Tony Darling, Josephine Brakke, Mary Garner. Top Row: Warren BaHle, Jane Hamlin, Roberf Huperl, Doris Barge, William Berninq, Roberi Deaven, Gino Carnevale, E. V. Clark, Barbara Thompson, Joe Coy- ner, Mariorie Conkey, Elmer Diehr, giiglzfir granule Seclfed: James Mayer, Huberf Thomp- son, John Rowe, Dick Newman, Grace Toman, Janef Mifchell, Beverly James, June Slusser, James Pufman, Bill Spess, Bud Pressley, Anna Lee Weslerman. Second Row: Eugene McCracken, lrene Langlais, Ardine Kneeves, Ann Louys, Geraldine Lombard, Roberf Wallace, Doreen Morris, Nancy Keach, Joan Rogers, Arlen Whifehead. Third Row: Roberl Sizeland, Erwin Schweizer, Lawrence Vaillancourf, Don- ald Sfephen, Edna McKerracher, Con- sfance Wrighf, Jerry Sfone, William Weber, Glenda Kellogg, Maurice Wal- lace. Top Row: Sally Pfeilifer, Cecil Nichols, Dean Whifehead, Glenn Shaw, James Mayville, Norman Raupp, Roy ScoH, Jay Linl, William McCracken, lrene Sherman. QUQl'lfA gI"CL6!Q Sealed: Belly Milchell, Carol Smilh, Dolores Simon, Joan Sielz, George Mc- Kaye, June Turner, Jack Sundrla, Jim Taggarl, Gail Slackler, Mike Slanek, Janel Moss, John Meagher, Don Osmus, Wilma Young, Therese Malhes, Joyce Smilh. Second Row: John Shulls, Carolyn Ral- lill, Roberf McGowan, Leroy Paschke, Gerald Williams, Marlene Robinson, Joan Smilh, Nancy Vaillancourl, Bill Turner, Shirley Wallace, Barbara Wynn, Ann Redner, Carol Wheeler, Rowland Reid, David Milchell, Colleen Morris. Third Row: Waller While, Palricia Poole, Roberl Spaller, Wilma Tamm, Kennelh Schoenlein, Bob Taylor, Ray Nichols, Alvin McCollum, Nancy Shal- luck, Anna Mae Tarr, Marian Turner, John Whilmore, Bob Roberls, David McKay. Top Row: Dick Mason, Dina Shaw, Kay Wedyke, Elmer Sandnes, Audrey Mecham, Doyle Nichols, Leroy Pellilor, Barbara Walers, Denver Nichols, Gerlrude While, Pal Pilhie, Dick Tyler, Larry Pink, Lois Scoll. Sealed: Jean Fischer, Bob Haskins, Ann Clappison, Bill Kingsley, Palsy Black, Bruce Grinager, Alice Frazer, Alberl Hanson, Shirley Hayes, John Jacobs, lva Aldrich, Bob Galely, Phyllis Kesli, Carl Buckner, Second Row: Allen Krafve, Chrisline Hardy, James Bryan, Marie Alby, Carl Duquel, Dorolhy Canl, Don Grecu, Joyce Hull, Allen Durkee, Wilma Dryden, Del- berl Boyce, Dorolhy Linl. Third Row: Millcn Garner, Thomas Frazer, Frank Frazer, Myrna Hurkell, Jack Cowarl, Dick Anderson, John Gazley, Frank Gossell, Nancy Fisher, Arlene Diehr, Ellen Culham, Doris Hopkins. Top row: Sally Leonard, David Elkin, Ricky lngman, David Harris, Barry Cal- hoon, Nancy Gamble, Nancy Holfman, Belly Cross, Mary Callahan, Bill Lang- ley, Nancy Harley, Gene Larzelere. ""dQf 2,-0 5 Wainfenance Sf Cafeleriu Anna Becker, Clara Rozenboom School Mainlenance Crew Harry Pagel, Howard Osmus, Maurice Brown, James Youngblood, William Lan- casler, Clarence Bell. Absenfees: H. Jacobs, E. Pyorala, l. Snell, S. Packard, Mrs. A. Clappison, Mrs. M. Everl. Quiz Answers I. How many sluclenls ride 'lhe buses daily? l. 600. 2. How many lunches are served daily in 'lhe calieleria? 2. IOO. 3. How many gallons of oil are used weekly? 3. Aboul l,0OO. 4. How many bus drivers are lhere? 4. Seven. 5. How oflen is our school cleaned? 5. Once a day. PCTIW ITIES Q-Cf Senior Play Casf Sedfed: H. Howard, M. Vivier, E. While- head lsfudenf direc'I'orl, V. Harringfon, P. Bunge, P. Johnson, M. Pagenkopf, R. Weaver, Mr. R. B. Sill ldirec+orl. Sfanding: J. Fisher, E. Hier, E. Dunclrei lsfudenf direcforl, P. Sechler, E. Tyler, T. Taggar+, L. Laihrup. Sfudeni' Council Seaied: P. Everly lsecreiary-heasurerl, E. Dunckel lvice-presidenil, L. La+hrup lpresidenil, Mr. G. V. Harrison lad- viserl. D. Osmus, E. Udell, J. Huni, A. Piumfon, A. Miller, L. Leidig, M. Young, R. Casey. M. Hunf, G. Plum, W. Marfindale, R. Mariindale, G. Maidmeni. W. Berning, J. Boyce, R. Louys, G. Barrons. Purpose: This body provides a means 'For sfuden? parficipaiion in legislaiive measures. Proiecfsi Members schedule school evenfs, plan pep meefings and dances, sponsor paid assemblies, aci as coke- candy commissary, encourage civic drives, and draw up regulafions relafing io such acfivifies. MARJE HUNT Falcon Edilor Debafe Club Members: M. Jones, F. Hough, B. Prior, H. Carfee, Mr. Lloyd Smilh, R. Pieron, M. Weaver. Absenfee: M. La badie. The Debale Club, coached by Mr. Lloyd Smifh, was organized for sfudenfs inleresled in public speaking. Each year a nalional lopic is selecled 'for infer- scholaslic argumenl. Falcon Sealed: J. Louys, Miss Virginia Carley ladviserl, M. Vivier, M. Young, D. Kroclrer, M. Pagenlcopf, L. Safely. Sfalldinq: J. Hunl, V. Adams, S. Lab- adie, M. Jurhan, W. Nichols, E. Tyler, I. Carley, M. Maas, J. Tolh, L. Leidig, D. Hendryx, B. Gerds, N. Bragg. Absenfee: P. Sechler. Hisforyr The Falcon, which made ils inilial appearance in Sepfember l945, is a Sludenf Council sponsored news sheel, published weelrly by volunleer workers from all classes. Yearbook Foreground: F. Hough, B. Erwin, M. Jurlcan, V. Adams, D. Greslcowiak. Al' Desk: E. Dunckel, M. Vivier, E. Tyler, P. Sechler. Second Row: R. M. Bybee, P. Bunge, P. Johnson. Third Row: J. Louys, M. Pagenlropf, J. Tolh, C. Ea rly. Fourlh Row: W. Soos, B, Prior, T. Quisenberry. Al Table: N. Slewarf, R. Slanelc, V. Linl, M. Young ledilorl, L. Lalhrup, l. Carley. Absenleesz M. Hun+, M. Labadie, H. Howard, J. Marlin. Sponsor: Miss Marian Dammon. Hlsfory: An annual has been published regularly since l945. 'Rollcall', by slu- denl' vole, became 'lhe official name in I947. The firsl 'Rollcall' was presenfed in I94O. Blue and Whi'I'e Firsl' Row: J. Pagel, D. Garvey, P. Bunge. Second Row: l. Carley, E. Tyler, P. Everly F. Hough, D. Kroclzer, J. Polli- bone ledilorl, J. Tofh, M. Pagenkopf, M. Vivier, M. Young, R. M. Bybee. Absenlees: M. Labadie, D. Ray. Sponsor: Miss Marian Dammon. Hlsfory: The school paper was organ- ized as 'The Blue and While' in Sepfem- ber, I939. The slaff is composed of mem- bers of 'the iournalism class, who edif a seclion in +he Enferprise each week. I+ became a member of Quill and Scroll in May, I946. Library Club Sealed: Miss Wilma Brandenburg lspon- sorl, B. Slusser, P. Elm, A. Ferranle. Sfdllding: D. Willie, J. Kelly, V. Har- rison, V. Adams. Purpose: These girls have been maior faclors in lhe mainlenance of lhe li- brary, assisling bolh sluclenls and lhe 'Facully in securing informalion and ref- erences. Cheerleaders Firsl Row: E. Huperl. Second Row: Evelyn Nichols, V. Har- ringlon, B. Howle. Top Row: M. Pelersmark, V. Fryhol-f, L. Hamlin, D. Orofino, R. Galley. Absenfees: M. Orofino, Elsie Nichols. Proiecis: Under lhe supervision of Miss Ann Mefzger fhe firsl semesler, and Miss Margarel Lingo lhe second, lhey have led yells al games and pep meelings. Girls' Glee Club Firs'l' Row: M. Welch, E. Bailey, E. Whilehead lvice-presidenli, M. Young, C. Garchow, G. Fenlon, A. Barnum, S. Boyd llreasurerl, W. Graham llibrar- ianl, S. Andrews, D. While, Mr. Roberl Sill ldireclorl. Second Row: B. Kubiac, B. Fisher, V. Harringlon, J. Brunelfe, B. Gillespie lsecrelaryl, A. Plumlon, H. Callell, A. Black, l. Tallman, A. MacKay, B. Slusser. Third Row: F. Whiie, N. Slewarl, F. Gossell, P. Kelly, J. Pagel, D. Krueger, D. Fuller, L. Brown lpresidenfl, M. Jur- kan, D. Turney, B. Kaufmann, D. Ray, B. Welch. Absenfees: D. Molfal, H. Hafch, D. Wylcolif. Boys' Glee Club Firsl Row: J. Byrne, C. Bender, D. Leach, J. Marlin llreasureri, J. Buck lsecrelaryl, K. O'Keefe, C. Yoder, Mr. Roberl Sill ldireclorl. Second Row: E. Hoffman, l'l. Mundi, J. Gere, L. Lalhrup, P. Farrell, D. Buxlon, V. Regenlilr. Third Row: J. Grecu, W. Soos, E. Tyler lpresidenll, J. Malz, E. Dunclcel, G. Rowe, L. Charron, W. O'Connor, P. Sechler. HiS'l'ory: Because of popular demand a boys' chorus, which developed inlo 'lhe presenl Boys' Glee Club, was inlroduced by Mr. Lloyd Smilh in 'lhe fall of l945. Proiecfs: These groups have sung al various assemblies and programs, including lhe Chrislmas Pageanfg have lhe A Cappella choir, gave 'rhe masquerade dance and 'lhe Spring Concert and Firsf Row: V. Goers Isecrelaryl, G. Muhling, D. Howard, B. Eichler, C. Paschke, P. Bradley, B. Carpenfer, L. Leidig llreasurerl, C. Early, M. Jones. Second Row: D. Milchell, W. Dryden, S. Leonard, G. Slaclrler, A. Fraler, V. Casio, J. Milchell, C. Gardner, W. Young, K. Wedyke, B. Kaufmann, E. Culham. Third Row: C. Gronlund, D. Baggofl, W. Nichols, I. Romanzulr, G. Pyorala, A. Fawcefl, P. Hough, C. Milburn, C. Wedylle, D. O'Keefe, A. While, W. Barbour, F. Coon, K. Siler, H. Carlee, R. Plegerl presidenll, A. Parlrs, C. Bales, l. Anderson lvice-presidenfl. FOI-lffll Row: Mr. L. Smilh ldireclorl, C. Goers, R. Hammond, C. Nichols, D. Whifehead, R. Hullon, J. Fanzini, A. Walfers. Oll Siege: S. Shaw, L. Hamlin, Elsie Nichols, E. Huperf, Evelyn Nichols, A. Fullcs, I.. Galely. Absellfeest A. Vivier, B. Pressley, B. Roberls, D. Cannaerf, R. Jones, J. Rozenboom, J. Clark, R. Pieron, J. Whilman. Proiecfsi The band marched al Briggs Sladium in fhe fall, parlicipafed in communily holiday parades and presenfed a Band Bandalee in +he spring as well as a Spring Concert Music-il has life, and love, and ecslacy, and sadness- Each wild and vibranl nole has locked Wilhin ils soul lhe very essence of my own. ll is 'lhe lighlning in my blood, il is lhe slufi Of which my dreams are made: To live lhese sfrains shall be 'ro live in glee Unio immorlal ecslacy, and fhen 'lo madness. I have seen lhe savageness and beauly of fhe And primilive beginning of all lhings: I have Ixnown fhe noonday and 'lhe lwilighl Ol all my 'lalhers and lhe falhers of my race darlr of lhe dreams uriic All fhis, 'From buf a sysfemafic group of sounds Consirucled by fhe ingenuily of man, buf born Wifhin his dreams, and dedicaled lo his soul, which hears No aufomalon-bul a symphony of spheres and sings. Harlc! lhe crashing symphony begins anew. Hs lhunder renfs 'lhe air And in ils sfrains I see elernifyg And in lhem, loo, I see fhal, verily, lo live is more- Much more lhan only io exisl. And now, lhe ioyous lruih fhaf I have lived, my lroubled Soul has fell And half in awe, and half in ioy has Imell . . .in prayer. by John Peflibone Girls' Al'hlel'ic Club FirS'l' Row! Miss Ann Melzger, A. Plum- lon, B. Howie, H. Wolfe, C. Maffhews, H. Tamm lmaior sporis managerl, V. Goers lsecreiaryl, P. Johnson lpresi- denil, M. Huni lvice-presidenil, M. Young Hreasurerl, B. Jones lminor sporis managerl, S. Siuniz, J. Huni, B. Fisher. Second Row: S. Gibbs, M. Weaver, L. Leidig, M. Simpson, D. Bryan, J. Pagel, B. Erwin, J. Rudberg, B. Puiman, J. Henry, J. Brodel, B. McKaye. Third Row: D. Howard, D. Turney, D. Cufler, R. Hamlin, V. Linf, F. Wallace, M. Maas, M. Clapp, T. O'Connor, M. Vivier, A. Vivier, L. Whifehead. TOP Row: G. Pyorala, P. Kelly, D. Greskowiak, V. Adams, S. Shaw, R. Pieron. Absenl-ees: N. Bragg, D. Hendryx, J. Kelly. Mdiol' Proiec'l'S: Girls inferesied in acfive sporls meel on Wednesdays fo compefe in soccer, hockey, baskelball, and baseball games. Varsily Club Sealed: G. Isley, J. Grecu lpresidenil E. Hier, W. Marlindale, E. Tyler, l. Car- ley, G. Schafer, L. Laihrup, J. Fisher, R Weaver, J. Peiiibone. Second Row: T. Quisenberry lvice- Dresidenil, T. Sechler, W. Long, H Packard, R. Kahrl, D. Dirmeyer, T. Tag- gari, J. Buck, H. Howard lsecreiary- freasurerl, F. Hanson, R. HuHon lsponsorl Top Row: E. Bryanf, R. Lussenden, T Berlin, L. Wadensforer, L. Charron, E Nichols, J. Miller, C. Yoder, F. McLean Special Fclc'l'S: The membership is re- sfricied io leH'er winners. The club spon- sored a pep meeling and a dance. Girls' Bowling League Sealed: B. Jones, E. Huperf, N. Bragg, J. Kelly, J. Brodel, V. Goers, B. Fisher, C. Earl llreasurerl P Johnson l resi Y 1 - P ' denll, E. Whilehead isecrelaryl. Mrs. Roberl Sill. Sfdnding: M. Maas, W. Graham, M. Howle, J. Ellxin, V. Adams, D. Greskowialr, M. Jones, A. Plumlon, R. Slanelr, R. Hamlin, M. Vivier, L. Brown, F. Gossell, F. Wallace. Absenfee: M. Labadie. S ecial Fqcfs' The lea ue was or an P ' 9 9 ' ized in 'lhe fall of I947. Any girl infer- esfed is eligible 'for membership. Three games are bowled every Tuesday affer- noon al' The Farminglon Recrealion. , J.. ...J Boys' Bowling League Sealed: R. Wheeler, J. LaPrese, H. Mundi, l. Carley lpresidenil, J. Byrne fsecrelaryl, L. Desmelilc flreasurerl, H. Barnes, R. Boyce, K. O'Keefe, Mr. T. Maallala lcoachl, R. Beam. Sfdndillgt C. Goers, W. Gardner, S. Chavey, J. Lapham, H. Jacobs, B. Harris, G. Goers, W. O'Connor, W. Bowman, T. O'Kee'Fe, J. While, J. Whilman, L. Lalhrup, J. Dielrich. SllbS'l'i'l'lll'eS2 R. Alexander, H. Deubel, B. Harris, G. Goers. Ac'l'ivi'l'ies: All boys who enjoy bowling may become members. Compelilive 'reams bowl on Thursdays. MOU! CCl,Ll'l6!CtI" Dear Timothy, Hi! Say, I was just rereading my diary--living over fun we had in high school and--gosh! you know we did a lot! There was the Get Acquainted Dance on September 17. Were those Freshmen shy! They certainly have changed. Did you go to the night football game at Birmingham, September 26? That was a swell game-- close. We won 12-7. The fellows had a good season, except Tom Quisenberry, who broke his knee. Where did you ever find that costume you wore to the Glee Clubs' Masquerade Dance October 25? Black Sambo-H-pretty sharp. I read Booth Tarkington's NSeventeenn after I saw the Seniors dramatize it November 21. All through it I couldn't help visualizing Phyllis Bunge as Willie's NBaby-Talk Ladyn and Tom Taggart as the irritated host, Mr. Parcher. J-Hop decorations CDecember 61 were so realistic that, every time we spoke, our words bubbled out. What a time we had at the New Year's Eve Dance, especially while the balloons were lowered! And next-M-we sweat and slaved over our mid-year exams on January 20 and 21. That's written in my diary in big black letters because I felt I was doomed, but, when I got my card, I wasn't so doomed as I had thought Maybe life isn't so rugged after all. No, in fact, I think now it's rather sweet after that Valentine Valse on February l4. The Class of '50 certainly knows how to entertain. The Student Council did a fine job with their party also. The Inter- Lakes Student Council put on the Inter-Lakes Leap February 28. Milford, Keego Harbor, Walled Lake, and Northville came to our gym for a great time dancing to the music of Les Shank and his orchestra. The most exciting game of the basketball season was ours with St. Mary' of Orchard Lake in the tournaments held in our gym March 4, 5, 6. We lost Q26-285, but the game was tied right up to the last split second of play. I can still remember how grand those Seniors looked as they were initiated into the National Honor Society. I think everybody at that assembly was impressed with the dignity and seriousness of the ceremony. Written down here several times are incidents when the Yearbook staff 'made moneyn. The best one was the Talent Show on March l3. Jim Martin, who planned the show, kept up a steady mike chatter as M.C. Eileene Whitehead accompanied most of the kids. Not many people were aware of just how much talent we had in Farmington until then. You should have seen Elbridge Dunckel as Madame Chaune de Fraune. He was a lusty Carmen all right. Among other unusual things that we had this year was a Carnival April lO, directed by the Juniors. It was the first one in a couple of years, but it was certainly worthwhile. That came only a week before the Senior Prom. Timothy, you and the other fellows looked so smooth in your tuxes. We girls looked pretty nice, too, I'd say. Those Juniors are a swell bunch. They went all out to give us a wonder- ful banquet in May. Just as the Freshmen told us goodbye at the Aloha Dance, I must close for now, but not before I include Mom's invitation for you and your family to come to any of the commencement activities you can: Swing-Out on June 43 Baccalaureate on the following Sunday eveningg and the big day--Graduation -- Thursday, June IO. Come when you can. Farmington, Michigan Your friend, June 1, 1948 Samanthy S SPORTS u C-oofgaf jedlflfl Firsf Row: C. Yoder imanagerl, F. McLean, J. Grecu, E. Tyler, H. Packard, T. Quisenberry, J. Fisher icapfaini, W. Marfindale, R. Kahrl, G. Schofer, T. Berfin, R. Weaver, and Coaches Roberf Huffon, James Davis, Ernesf McBride. Second Row: C. Comp, R. Alexander, D. Baggoff, R. Slusser, J. Yuill, G. Difchfield, D. Bunge, W. Mifchell, J. Hallaman, l. Maffhews, A. Olson, K. Siler, J. Mecham, J. Brown, C. Sforey, G. Fulcher, R. Morris, N. Rusf, J. Bafes, G. Plum. Third Row: J. Boyce, R. Young, P. Bradley, C. Bafes, D. Howard, J. Moorhead, C. Seeger, J. Van Every, R. Tupper, L. Tyler, H. Carfee, R. Peeling, W. Goers, T. Tafa, C. Markham. Top Row: G. Barrons, E. Bryanf, B. Yanke, L. Lafhrup, T. Taggarf, L. Charron, T. Sechler, F. Aschen- Brenner, D. Dirmeyer, L. Wadensforer, A. Lind, K. Wieland, J. Rafliff, J. Miller, J. Clark, G. Fifoof, H. MacKay, J. Buck, F. Hanson. Football Resume The Farmingfon Falcons fook fo fhe gridiron early in Sepfember, when 60 boys reporfed for pracfice, including I7 leffermen. Lead by Capfain Jerry Fisher, fhe feam combined speed, feamwork, and deferminafion fo make fhis anofher successful season for Farmingfon. Sfarfing wifh a home- game, fhe Falcons defeafed a sfrong Plymoufh squad by fhe score of I9-I3. Traveling fo Birmingham for a nighf performance, fhe "Blue and Whife" won fhe second game of fhe season I3-7. Farmingfon suffered ifs firsf defeaf of fhe year af fhe hands of Keego Harbor I4-9, in a hard foughf confesf which was fhe league opener. They refurned fo fhe winning frail by faking a sfrong Milford eleven, fhe score being 27-20. A game under fhe lighfs a+ Walled Lake was fhe nexf sfruggle, and fhe feam made if five wins fo one loss by frouncing fhem 25-6. The fhird league confesf proved fhaf fhe Falcons were a powerful feam as fhey oufplayed Norfhville, piling 'up a 6l-O score. The hearfbreaker of fhe season was a close baffle on Redford Union's field. The score was Redford Union l4: Farmingfon I2 when fhe final whisfle blew. Fiffeen members of fhe firsf feam squad will be graduafed fhis year. W-M-.A xv? M Na I Z?a.Lef6af jeam Dec Dec Dec. Dec Jan. 9 Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Farminglon 1947-48 Baskelball Schedule Wayne ..... Norlhville . .. Easl Delroil . , Walled Lalre . Milford ..... Easf Delroil . Keego Harbor Cranbrook . .. Norlhville , Roseville .... Walled Lake . Milford ...,. Cranbrook . . . Keego Harbor Roseville .. Vorsiiy Baskelball Team Kneeling: J. Hinbern, F. McLean, E Nicliols, E. Tyler lcapfainl, J. Grecu Sfundlng: R. Weaver, W. Marlindale A. Lind, J. Rudberg, J. Fisher. Reserves G. Barrons, J. Boyce, R. Marfindale, E Bryanl, L. Tyler, R. Tupper, J. Van Every R. Louys, L. Clwarron, C. Bales, K. Wie- land, F. Asl'1enBrenner, H. Deubel. O. 28 20 29 28 25 26 30 30 34 32 22 50 33 4I 32 r l w 1 J P 1 I i Q gddegdf H1161 jl"CLCL Baseball Flrsl' Row: J. Hinbern, E. Bryanf, F. Mc- Lean, J. Grecu, G. Schofer, F. Hanson E. Hier. Top Row: L. Wilson, C. Seeger, G. Rowe, T. Berfin, R. Sco'H, R. Lussenden, T. Quisenberry. Track Firsl' Row: J. Pellibone, P. Bradley, H. Mundi, J. VanEvery, B. Harris, K. Wie- land, E. Tyler, L. Lalhrup, J. Boyce, J. Packard, R. Alexander. Second Row: R. Hulfon lcoachl, J. Laprese, A. Szoslek, J. Moorhead, L. Wadenslorer, L. Scoll, D. Howard, J. Rallifl, W. Milchell, T. Sechler, C. Bales. Top Row: Roy Ehle, C. Comp, B. Yanke, J. Buck, R. Louys, Ross Nicholson, D. Buxlon, Ray Ehle, J. Bryne, H. Packard, R. Chapp, W. Goers. TRACK SCHEDULE April I7 ,....,...,...... ..,...... R ouge Meel May 8 .... . . . Albion Meel May 22. .. . . . Regionals May 26 .,.,.,..,,. ..... . . . League Meel May 29 ........... . . ...,....,. Slale Meel' Dual Meelsz Milford, Norlhville, Walled Lake, Holly. Triangular Mee'l': Holly and Norlhville. April I6 April 23 April 27 April 30 May 4 . May 7 . May II May l4 May I8 May 2l May 25 May 28 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Clarenceville Here Milford .,... There Keego Harbor Here Norlhville . . , There Holly ....... There Walled Lake . Here Milford ..... Here Keego Harbor There Norlhville . . . Here Holly ,...... Walled Lake. . , . Clarenceville Here There There STAFF EDITORS Edilor-in-Chief . ,... Margarel Young Assis+an+ Edilor , . . Lee Laflwrup Layouf Ediror . A . A A Mariorie Hunf Arf Edilors ..,. Mary Jurkan, Hilmar Howard Business Manager , A . . A A . A ,Carolyn Early Assisfanf Business Manager . A . Elbridge Dunckel ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Powell Sfudios A A . . . . . A A A , , . . Group Picfures, Porlraifs Class of '48 , ,One Hundred Dollar Donafion lPar+ of fheir giff +o The schooll .All f0gl'6ll9A5

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