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I A 1-..1- Hua, G-13 -' 11-wal 'J N an W .1 WE HAVE LIBERTY - TI-I SHALL WE KEEP E IT? E 1944 LINCOLNEER Farmington H I1 S I1 TO YOU, THE POSSESSOR OF THIS BOOK, THE PIC- TURE BELOW IS JUST ANOTHER BUILDING PERHAPS, BUT TO US, THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '44, IT IS OUR ALMA MATER. MEMORIES WE SHALL NEVER FORGET ARE HELD WITHIN HER WALLS. MEANINGLESS TO YOU, BUT SOMETHING WE SHALL ALWAYS OHERISH IN OUR HEARTS. FARMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL N I u H V I mf-I 'M V f ww H M Page two PROLOGUE "WE HAVE LIBERTY-SHALL WE KEEP IT ?" MAY THIS MOTTO BE AN INSPIRATION TO THE OWNER OF THIS BOOK. WE PRESENT THIS LINCOLNEER WITH THE HOPE THAT OUR IDEAS EXPRESSED WITHIN MAY TRULY HELP TO KEEP OUR LIBERTY. CONTENTS DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMEISITIS AUTCICRAPHS SPONSORS WE DEDICATE .....,.- TO ONE AT HOME To you, Miss Whitlatch, We dedicate this yearbook in our appreciation of your guidance on our long journey through school. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. MARY MATILDA WHITLATCH This year, we the Seniors of '44, dedicate to one who has always worked unceasingly for the benefit, not only of the school, but also the students. Miss Whitlatch has taught at Farmington High School for several years and during that time, has never ceased to keep dramatic activities circulating. She has constantly Worked for the sole advancement of her Alma Mater and has never failed to give guidance or help Whenever needed. Her personality, love, friendship and patience with us, her class, will always be remembered wherever We may be called to serve. Page four TO THGSE WHO HAVE GIVEN "ll iv? mage CAPTAIN GRAFTON SAMUEL STIDGER - fKilled in Actionj Sam, a graduate of .Farmington High School in the class of 1937, enlisted in the Marine Air Corps in 1941 and was later sent to the South Pacific Theatre of War where he served as a Marine Fighter Pilot. It was here that he gave his life on Janu- ary 14, 19.44. He was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries and later, the Air Medal, posthumously, for exceptionally meritorious achievement. Dear Sain: "Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." To lay down one's life for friends, for humanity, for country, for a principle of truth- that is a glorious thing. You, Sam, whose memory we honor, freely gave ,your life as a sacrifice on the altar of love. It seems a cruel sacrifice, and our hearts are wrung with anguish at the need- less waste of this fine lifeg but, time will dim the sorrow and leave only the memory of your bravery, your idealism, and your willing sacrifice that the cause of right might prevail. Truly, no man hath greater love than this. We revere your noble acts, we cherish your memory, and pray that your sacrifice, and that of our other brave and courageous men will not have been made in vain. Sincerely, Willa1'd Malcolm. NOTE: Mr. Malcolm, author of this tribute, is a former teacher and a graduate of Farmington High School, class of 1924. J 4 T E l l if , Page fwe TO Page six THOSE WHO ARE GIVING P.F.C. PAUL DAWSON QMissing in Actionl Paul is a graduate of Farm- ington High School in the class of 1938. He was in the Signal Corps and has been missing in action since Nov. 26, 1943, in the European theater of War. 1ST LT. CORNELIUS ALLEN JENKINS CMissing in Action Over Germanyl Neil, a graduate of Farming- ton High School in the class of 1937, enlisted in the Army Air Corps in June, 1941. He was reported missing in action on Feb. 4, 1943. He was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries and the Air Medal, in absentia, for exceptionally meritorious achievement. THEIR LIVES AS A SACRIFICE 'Wm W' ' ii. M sfif2a iiiH'iii'lii, Wi' 'fr oingwi mu um MXSGT. RICHARD G. TENNENT fMissing in Actionj ' "Dick," a bombardier, has been missing in the Pacific theater of war since May 8, 1943. He is a graduate of our school in the class of 1937. He enlisted in the Air Corps in 1939 and has been in Panama and the South Pacific since that time. ' SGT. DAVID EUGENE HENNIS CPrisoner in Germanyj David graduated in the class of 1942. He enlisted in the Air Corps in 1942, and was an aerial gunner. He is, at pres- ent, a prisoner of the Germans. He was shot down in the early Fall, 1943. Page seven l fl 'ii i l i l FOR FREEDOM WHICH WE AS AMERICANS CI-IERISH ABOVE nj , ' x H ' H , WV N , :HI K J Tw X M C 'TI ES 1 kk Q' an NL ll Meng -6- Q, " . , ' fs Saw . W my ,,, ry gb! . ' Nw W W '. x'g""'v iq. .iq-ia 11' 1 . k 1 s...J sv Q I ,Ulm Jr X R-T' , w-A J X x A I LIFE ITSELF -l MAY VICTORY BE Tl-IEIRS . , ll- . M ..,. NN!!! W " KN? Xggyam wa WW' ,QM . . V.-:3::.:.. .:- - -. .v-W. V - .,. .. Vi. w Mg- ,ww f,,,a,W,. .. ,g'g.W. - .Q f, an :MFC Vx . 'T aaa, Q X' X. gnu' '- . -, . - ...W Mba?wig-:'WE3sAwsgggi5xwxvfw.2W'1.AsfTaZAfW g.'eff+,I,iI'fYf ff .. W, ., ,W . ,,.. ,. FMMW , .o ,,,,,,,,,..,...LgR- . ,. ,,, .W ..,W.,.,,a ffrr . wma. ,,, f-,.',.-,s,a,.,... ..f-fx-,U ,. ' 5-. V: .. ., . -.' -, V wa '4 """'.- . -1 x' .. ,.m.A Y'M4'W , ,717 - . - 'X -7' ,c -.' X ,. ---Y -fI'1fW'x "A-nies -fe l w zljl H i n .V p A , , . .. ,Y ,W L, T:??EwHi,Y.,....,.:. EF.-v"5ff' --f i" Q..',.f'j f . 5 WW I 4 . S-' sf X ' 4- if' ','f-'fit'-NW' PFI .Ji-Q-1.'iif3'5: -- ' gf 4 - 4 A, ,. - ' ' ' , ,x-,,:,f,,,l453 V- :3:,:r:.-. 5, 15.11 - . .5 A '. . 1. . 1:1 'W ' fA1i:.:,w- :I-rbi: ' vratzazlat' 'fn seii fzg ga: ia- 1"1r--- X :Vi " . ,.. lff ailf. with ' - .. ' ' 51 " 1 ' 5' w 3 f fff if 'I 'I 'Pa ,f if 1, f 3 , if 5 " ' f. l- f"""f"F - ' . 1 ' 51 A mi" J -. 5,211 -4a,.5af5g'jEf.fjQ ,g. .. 'T , S :if V - P Q 3. 5L...:i:2 1H- 22135 HP , y '1'-1-,, ' 2-I ettmvfvsff 3"i5:?"fML, ', !,'? 4 gf- ' .f ' ff' A V, 15? f 'f 5' 2 V -fr: 'if " vat:-wif f , "" ' f , - ".x.N-'-- - f ,"',.T'WW 1. " "1 -- --v.A--- . i f' E .39 , T KQV: ,V K , , W-13:4 V, V V. - -iw ...-...EE ..,,. A V . , " ,, ...,. 1 V- 4 :jg . . .-: g ' ------- - R - v,m,,,3:g:, 13' : 231,63-vg :,f,A , .vga 11.5.-,:5.1.:i.5i,:,5f. ,, V l Lg- 79:1 s k up V, I s ..,g ,:., 5.g ...W M 3, - Q 5'--A 1" .1 5,55 - '- H Q . .. :5. ' X .. Q ,',.g,.,g.-,m ,, ,..5.E,.,.EwN .31-'-sr: is ,fwgx "fu V 4' s ' '- :Ay ,- ami ,L -L ,wir-2-0 if A ,l,si'5 3.,3S225:f5:::gr5,sg3-rmgggg 54: .,.. Q LM J.. f V ,I . , , aff.. - ',,,.,, , . . l- . .,.. ,. V X -4 ,. M Q- f. ,-wwwsn .. .h...,..1f,af..e..f.,:-mx .. .W 1.,-'1.-- ., . ,f 1.1 - if . 5, . 1 ' . . I "" ' ,,,, 1 rw. F A' :"'n2"?'i"'-5" "":'??lIf' 'x' "K '---.," i:4' l-1'5?3 -iJ:""" g"5z' .5 '1 gg "Ez JH 'Sf 'f 5,, "'f:'y., -1:9 : 'ieV',',11?X21-"'I4.' li, :, ,,..g.,, ' 'j,,:2f"'4jfSf5:,-, ' ,'j',',"'gEg:-,, , 'sg-rg-f,,:f.-1' ',?L"'4 Ilya,1511?-ziifvb:-1' 2 fl '.:: Par: 1.-H-::i: '.,:g,:.,,f-Mfiqg ':- ,, ::?' 9: , ...E t-"'rs 1-1,-ers,-:-, '2 5 :1-V.. fr-g.:i-.-..aisaz:.,,f. .wk J.: ' ifilisf i1'Lff.:t'.Sis:-aria,:2a1'f-122: . - "" 42 will E r Yff"fi "" ' 'tif t l i' fbift' gt. . " fi 4 ' . 1- - lm-.L ':Ia'fev,f'j' .- was L:. gy- be '. i. . A X 5144, 'lriasittfl-2:22k.f.-'Q.5 H - , 4 X 1 """' - ' - . "' .. -' 1 . , ,Q - ..,.. . , :, ADMINISTRATICDN The axle and the spokes of the Wheel must bear the Weight of the load and serve as the core of the organization. The teachers of our school have coop- erated with the principal and formed a complete unit to serve as the guide for the students. They deserve much credit for their faithfulness and their patience with the students. They have endeavored to preserve this land- "Our Land of Liberty"-by teaching the students to be better future citi- zens of America. Page thirteen PRI NCI PAL JOSEPH C. COTREL A.B.g A.M., W.V.U. Mr. Cotrel, our principal, hails from Mannington High School then received his B.S. and an M.A. degree from West Virginia University. He has served as principal of our high school since 1930. He has made manyfriends among the students and pa- trons. Our school has grown under his guidance and We hope he continues in this posi- tion for many years to come. N EW TEACH E RS i A. D. MODI, who hails from Mannington, replaced Mr. John Yost as teacher of Mechanical Drawing and Shop. He isa graduate of Corcoran School of Art. During the year he has made many improvements around the school and shop. - MRS. LEONA GATES GRIFFITH, our new librarian and teacher of English, comes from Fairmont. She replaced Mrs. Mary 'Lee Zinn. She received her A.B. degree at Fairmont State Teachers' College, and her A.M. degree from West Virginia University. J OANN SLEPESKY PARKS, a former teacher in our school, is replacing one who is serving her country, Ruth H. Hammond, now in the Wo1nen's Marine Corps. Mrs. Parks received her B.S. degree at Duquesne University, and teaches commerce. Her home is in Barrackville. This second semester, Mrs.- Catherine Clark left us to accept a position with the publicity department of the West Penn. Mrs. Mary Lee Zinn is teaching Social Science in her place. . 4 Page fourteen can la If JQX f? hai' a-4-'J' 'FACULTY Q5 , is ,j'n,.:f2U I umm j ' ,Z- , if are-' I n fff-if 1 -M ' x C , 4 fm--3 Y J EE i , 1 ri ,Jw .f 1' W, ., ' 4' ' . , , i Q , Hyff. u 1,-1: 4, 'I A so I A f , W' .,.a1f"'l Iv, I,-5 255:51 1' -ff A it 'H' a VJ, fi I , - iffy S' nM4MWWM'lffw' aall - iiil M A I q 9' 'Q' 7 l ., g w 4 ffifi if f ANTHONY BODOLA CATHERINE CLARK MARJORIE CRISS LAURA DAVIS A.B., F.S.T.C. A.B., W.V.U. A.B., F.S.T.C. A.B.,, F.S.T.C.. Biology-General Science Social Science Home Economics-Art EI1gl1Sh-Latin LEONA GRIFFITH MARGUERITE HUTSON MARY MANLEY ABRAHAM D. MODI ' A.M., W.V.U. A.B., Salem College A.B., F.S.T.C. B.S., W.V.U. , A.B., F.S.T.C. Commerce-Mathematics Physical Education-Health Corcoran Art School English--Librarian Industrial Arts-Mechanical Drawing JOANN PARKS JANET PARRISH FLORENCE PHILLIPS VIRGINIA ROBINSON B.S., Duquesne University A.B., F.S.T.C. A.B., F.S.T.C. A.B., F.S.T.C. Commerce Home Economics-Histo1'y-- Mathematics A.M., W.V.U. Guidance EI1g11Sh CLARENCE RYAN FLORA RYMER MARY M. WI-IITLATCH ARGYLE W. YOST A.B., W.V.U. A.B., F'.S.T.C. A.B., F.S.T.C. A.B., F.S.T.C. Geography - Physical Edu- Social Science Music-English Mathematics-Science ' cation Page fifteen X , n..n ' ,I ,f I, f .ar ia., is , , Q' M 5 ' K A ' 1. 6 ' . Wy, 1550 'w ,I CLASSES It's 7 :15-We hear a bus arrive-the patter of feet-what is it? Why, it's the beginning of another school day and the students are arriving from North, South, East and West. Then we hear a bell-the summons to classes -classes offering a variety of work enabling the student to prepare for any type of a career. ' These students are distinctly American in spirit-trying to do their share toward building a better, peace-loving America, Where liberty and freedom prevail. Page seventeen V,,,W,,,,..,,,F np, Hur-H?- ,fx ks :luv -sl' fi" 55, ,di ,ei ffl -1.-'P "--wg f-5, wr WZ' ,fu-' ""5!' 'fy Page eighteen , . -quad- Jai? :IJ 9 ac., ,Qa- E HARRY ALASKY Glee Club Varsity BILLIE BLANKEN SHIP Glee Club Honor Student WILLIAM COMPTON LEOLA FLUHARTY Glee Club RALPH HESS, JR. Press Club Thespian Campers' Club Library Club Lincolneer RUTH JACKSON Click Club DONNA LANE BALL Press Club Lincolneer RUTH COOK BLANCHE EGRESS G.A.A. VIRGINIA FLUHARTY ERNEST BAKER Varsity MARY MATILDA WHITLATCH Advisor JOSEPH CRAIG Thespian RUTH FLETCHER G.A.A. Thespian Lincolneer MADELINE HALL EDWIN JONES MARGARET JOHNSON Glee Club ji l FRANCES KOLISH MARY CATH- ERINE BOCK Glee Club G.A.A. Thespian Library Club Press Club Lincolneer Valedictorian VICTORIA CORPIEL G.A.A. JULIA ERDELJAC Library Club Press Club Thespian Lincolneer Honor Student DORA LOUISE GRAY Thespian DOROTHY HROLENOCK BARBARA ANN LIPPS Library Club SENIORS SIDNEY CAMPAGN A Serving in the Armed Services MAXINE DAWSON GUY ICE, JR. fill . lmwjlfl I gl' ia , DZ 2 llUf"il5lf v W will ANLQI Louljl slfflf G IFFITI-li Glee Club " Thespian Library Club Lincolneer CHARLE S KEN O SKIE MARY LOUISE LOUGH Glee Club G.A.A. Thespian Lincolneer Page nineteen SENIORS BERNADEAN MAIN MILDRED NAUMIK Glee Club Press Club Thespian G.A.A. Lincolneer Honor Student ROBERT PATTON DOLORES TALKINGTON JO SEPHIN E TEMPESTA G.A.A. JOHN McDOWELL VIRGINIA LEE Varsity Honor Student MARY PANTALON E Glee Club Press Club Click Club G.A.A. Band IDA JEAN RIGGS DENZIL TOOTHMAN ROBERT VEITH MOORE REATHA PIGOTT Click Club JOHN PULICE SARAH TATAR Glee Club G .A.A. Salutatorian HELEN TONKOVICH Glee Club HOMER ORR Varsity Campers' Club Press Club Library Club Thespian Lincolneer MARTHA ANN PITZER Glee Club Library Club Thespian MATTIE SHUMAN McDOWELL Glee Club G.A.A. JAMES TOOTHMAN LEOLA JEAN TOOTHMAN Honor Student GERALDINE MYERS VICTORIA PRICE Glee Club G.A.A. DANNY STEELE Thespian Glee Club Varsity STELLA TEKEILI G.A.A. DON WEAVER Varsity Tliespian Lincolneer NORMA JEAN VVILDMAN CLASS HISTORY "WE CAN, BECAUSE WE THINK WE CAN," is the motto of the seniors of '44. We began to clear our way to success in 1940, when we enrolled as one hundred and six members of the Farmington High School student body. We are now graduating with fifty-three. Our advisor, Miss Matilda Whitlatch, with the cooperation of our fellow students, has made it possible for us to always remember the happy days of our high school years. When Miss Whitlatch was elected our advisor, the following were elected oiiicers: President, Mary Catherine Bockg Vice-President, Ralph Hess, Sec- retary and Treasurer, Anna Lou Griffithg Historian, Mildred Naumik. We selected the Gardenia as our class flower, and the colors, green and white. Page ' twenty F A f i 4:7135 ,Z Qiflfwfgff X l we Qs As we approach the close of our last year of high school, We Wish to expressfifi our gratitude to Mr. Cotrel and members of the faculty for their patience"xK'ir..QA While helping us, and the encouragement We received from them when things ""'.- ' seemed useless and dull. Now as the Way to success is a little brighter, We shall attempt to progress toward our "greatest height," and We shall, for, "WE CAN, BECAUSE WE THINK WE CAN." Page twenty-one IDENTIFICATION 1 DANNY STEELE 3. GUY ICE, JR. RUTH FLETCHER 7. DON WEAVER IDA JEAN RIGGS 11. MARY PANTALONE MILDRED NAUMIK 15. HOMER ORR HARRY GENE ALASKY 19. RALPH HESS, JR. MAXINE DAWSON 23. BOB PATTON MARTHA ANN PITZER 27. JULIA ERDELJAC ANNA LOU GRIFFITH 31. DORA LOUISE GRAY BARBARA ANN LIPPS 35. ERNEST BAKER JOSEPHINE TEMPESTA OF 2. 6. 10. 14. 18. 22. 26. 30. 34. 38. 39. DOLORES TALKINGTON BABY PICTURES MARY LOUISE LOUGH 4. MATTIE SHUMAN McDOWELL SARAH TATAR 8. MARY CATHERINE BOCK N ORMA JEAN WILDMAN 12. JIMMY TOOTHMAN VICTORIA PRICE 16. MARGARET JOHNSTON DONNA LANE BALL 20. MADELINE HALL BLANCHE EGRESS 24. BILLIE BLANKENSHIP HELEN TONKOVICH 28. VIRGINIA FLUHARTY STELLA TEKIELI 32. RUTH JACKSON LEOLA TOOTHMAN 36. LE-OLA FLUHARTY REATHA PIGOTT 40. GERALDINE MYERS SENIOR BABY PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE ARE: BERNADEAN MAINE JOHN MCDOWELL VIRGINIA LEE MOORE ' .JOHNNY PULICE DENZIL TOOTHMAN ROBERT VEITH SIDNEY CAMPAGNA RUTH COOK . VICTORIA CORPIEL BILL COMPTON JOE CRAIG EDWIN JONES DOROTHY HROLENOCK CHARLEY KEN OSKIE . FRANCES KOLISH Page twenty two f at ml ' X -'U' :- g , I Q H ,- 1., b Y , . mg, ,.. w Xu. :Wu W -. H- Q. NH 'Q 1 , .,E,., 1 fe. W: , X sw N' ' L Lf I , ,. ,k""" - ,gc ,ll N w' 5. ,F R " "u'V ' 1 v "Wig ' rA f.f ,1.'1.'' ji'-rhj i,7Q+jE' 1 1 E iff! 1 vf f"1f'xx' 2 , ww, fm' , w "Nc ' 'x' 42.4 ' -.,: in sf N- " , ,,,. W 4 I N-,..fl.5,3f ,.A 5 Ai L . . ,4, J I f, . as--2 ' 1 , " r5'f19j "HMU ,,f.1p1 :5:,.E! , . ' Q 1 9 . P :222sF"' " , f -I " wwf "-:" "" - I G' Wg . 'gg - ' - - . .-.?.E""' ' 'V 5 , " Y' ' ' M I M U" Slw mn" W, -V'.3'grf""1'wf::'-"' ' T. mv, A Lai: X iv 3 L, I N ji .. 1' ' 2 ' H WH W M A 67 .434 .nn-ng wx ,QQQ1 1 ,,,'-- J- 1 SENIOR CLASS WILL We, THE CLASS OF 1944 of the High School of FARMINGTON, having come to our last hours in our right mind, and in peace with all the world do hereby give, bequeath and devise all the following beneficiaries, to-wit: I, Harry Alasky, will my position on the basketball team to my brother Pete, and captain of the team to Jack Talkington. I, Donna Lane Ball, will my hands to my country, my heart to the service, and my head to anyone silly enough to accept it. I, Ernest Baker, will my position as captain of the football team to Johnny Guss. I, Mary Catherine Bock, will my bass voice to anyone who can sing that low. I, Billie Blankenship, will my jokes to anyone who thinks they need them. I, Ruth Cook, will my Shorthand Book to some industrious Junior. I, Vicky Corpiel, will the classes I had to Mr. Bodola to Gean Graham. I, Maxine Dawson, will my ability to make noise to 'Gloria Jean Scritch- field. I, Blanche Egress, will my ability to jitterbug to Mr. Bodola. I, Joe Craig, will my ability to Work in shop to Harry Johnston. I, Julia Erdeljac, will my temper to anyone who can control it. I, Guy Ice, will myfoolishness to Eugene Paxton. I, Leola Fluharty, will my Shorthand Book to Maxine Dowdy. I, Virginia Fluharty, will my black taifeta skirt to Mary Lou Bryant. I, Ruth Fletcher, will my Shorthand Book to anyone who wants it. I, Dora Louise Gray, will my ability in Home Economics to Patty Ann Hoover. W I, Anna Lou Griflith, will my blonde hair to Jacqueline Hess. I, Ralph Hess, will my weight to George Ed Berry. I, Madeline Hall, will my good attention in Advanced Biology to my sister, Gladys. I, Edwin Jones, will my ability to make good grades in English to John McDowell. I, Dorothy Hrolenock, will my Bookkeeping Book to any junior that takes bookkeeping next year. I, Charles Kenoskie, will my quietness to Linda Jones. I, Ruth Jackson, will my ability to work problems in physics to Harold Freeman, I, Margaret Johnston, will my ability to get to my 8:00 class to Betty Jones. I, Frances Kolish, will my Shorthand Book to my niece, Frances Gregurich. I, Barbara Ann Lipps, will my ability to get to 8:00 class to Dot Fluharty. I, Mary Louise Lough, will my cheer-leading position to Angeline Parrish. Page twenty-fam' CLASS WILL CContinuedJ I, Bernadean Main, will my quietness to Jimmy Manchin. I, John McDowell, will my grades in Mr. Yost's classes to Leroy Scott. I, Virginia Lee Moore, will my mussy notebook to Irene Vargo. I, Homer Orr, will my English grades and books to any junior who Wants them. I, Geraldine Myers, Will my Shorthand to any junior that needs it. I, Mildred Naumik, Will my love for basketball to my brother, Paul. I, Mary Pantalone, will my ability to operate on cats in Advanced Biology to A. J. Manchin. I, Reatha Pigott, Will my ability to Write poetry to any junior who Wants it. I, Martha Ann Pitzer, Will my ability to sing to Dolores Bock. I, Victoria Price, will my love for playing basketball to Mary Louise Brooks. I, Robert Patton, will my Weight to Sherman Fulks. I, Ida Jean Riggs, will my Literature book to Mr. Bodola so he can read poetry to next yearis Seniors. I, Johnny Pulice, will my law and good conduct in English class to Phil Murray. I, Mattie Shuman McDowell, will my ability to get a Lt. to Leota Moore. I, Danny Steele, will my ability to have a good time in school to Johnny Guss. I, Dolores Talkington, Will my P. D. books to any junior that is fool enough to accept them. . I, Denzil Toothman, will my English grades to Bob Cochran. I, Sarah Tatar, will my ability to take dictation to Dolores Bock. I, James Toothman, will my algebra grades to William Criado. I, Stella Tekeili, will my quietness in Mr. Bodola's classes to my sister, Natalie. I, Josephine Tempesta, will my quietness in Gen. Science class to George Neville. ' I, Robert Veith, will everything I have to anyone who Wants it. I, Helen Tonkovich, will my good excuses to my brother. I, Leola Jean Toothman, will my laugh to Mary Hollandsworth. I, Don Weaver, will my Way with women to George Neville. I, Norma Jean Wildmaii, will my ability to talk in Mr. Bodola's study hall to my sister, Peggy Jo. Page twenty-five Q ,.,..-v -as 1-v we xr -gf- , sv' 3 Page twenty-sia: vw! ...ff Y? gr ar- ur ..-. ,,.,, iw., y I am 14. 'NP' 1-'s ,,-,v 4.-. wa' 'J' -v ,-5 'ff L ' f ,-111, an r 1-9' N4 N-ii ?1v A03 -.. Q33 , 1 fl j gi' NE 'X ',, ..:s JUNIORS First row: Virginia Besedich, Jack Beuglas, Mary Catherine Boord, A. W. Yost, advlsorg Dolores Bock, William Criado, Louise Bowers. Second row: Frank Galambus, Mary Louise Brooks, Mary Jane Capet, Mildred Cono- way, Mildred Cook, Virginia Crandall, Johnny Guss. Third row: Helen Criss, Wade I-Iartzel, Maxine Dowdy, Rina Frank, Gean Graham, Steve Korsh, Betty Hartzel. Fourth row: John Levitsky, Mary Heck, Jacqueline Hess, Jean Jones, Katherine Jones, Ruth King, James Manchin. Fifth row: Bertha Kochis, Nicky Mudick, Jean Lazorick, Louise Losh, Elvira Martin, Phil Murray, Norma Martin. Sixth row: James Pitman, Juanita Maxwell, Eugenia Mehosky, Norma Jean Morris, Betty Jean Ott, Lena Pasko, Charles Rexroad. Seventh row: Betty Rice, John Sabo, Clara Mae Sampson, Rose Szebenski, Phyllis Jean Shamblen, Jack Talkington, Irene Vargo. CLASSFHSTCRY In 1941, as Freshmen, with the total enrollment of 103, We adopted as our motto, "We Build the Ladder on Which We Climb." Since then the builders and climbers have decreased in number, until at present we have only 46 members in the Junior class. Despite this decrease, the individuals of the class and the Junior class as a Whole have succeeded in accomplishing quite a large amount of building and climbing. Several members of the class have earned recognition for their outstanding abilities. In athletics, Johnny Guss and John Levitsky were on the all-county football team and Steve Korsh was given honorable mention. John Levitsky has since climbed into the ranks of the Army. In music, Dolores Bock and Phil Murray have gained recognition as talented singers. Lena Pasko has served as one of the cheerleaders for the school. In a state-Wide essay con- test, sponsored by the Sons of the Revolution, Irene Vargo and Wade Hartzel won first and second prizes, respectively. James Manchin wrote and directed "My Land of Liberty," which was presented for the class assembly program and also at Barrackville High School. The Junior Class has presented two assembly programs, and sponsored a student mix and several dances this year. "We Build the Ladder on Which We Climb" presents even a greater chal- lenge for next year. CLASS OFFICERS President .............. ....... J ames Manchin Historian .......... Irene Vargo Vice-President ...................... Phil Murray Band Sponsor ...... Betty Rice Secretary and Treasurer .... Dolores Bock Class Advisor ...... A. W. Yost Page twenty seven IDENTIFICATION OF SOPI-IOMORE PICTURES First row: Marjorie Snyder Criss, advisor, Pete Alasky, Norma Arnett, Joe Ball, Della Bragg, Frank Bevan, Betty Lou Brooks, George Ed Berry, Josephine Ciatto, Billy Booth. Second row: Gerald Brand, Jean Cook, Bierne Bryant, Genevieve Craig, Frank Chester, Joanne Cunningham, Bob Cochran, Sara Cutlip, Jay Davis, Nellie Dawson. Third row: June Ann Downs, Bob Davis, Frances Gregurich, Steve Demo, Gladys Hall, Ronny Downs, Betty Hawkinberry, Andy Drodz, Edith Heck, Martin Elekes. Fourth row: Eugene Fletcher, Juanita Hollandsworth, Jack Fletcher, Mary Hollands- worth, Joe Frank, Elizabeth Horvath, Harold Freeman, Martha Huff, Dick Haught, Betty Jackson. Fifth row: Betty Jones, Steve Horvath, Mary Lazorick, Lawrence Hughes, Helen Maichok, Harry Johnston, Anna Marchiny, Herbert Kochis, Betty Moore, Bobby Lough. Sixth row: Dean Martin, Leota Moore, George Menonchick, Catherine Morris, Zolten Nagy, Marie Mullenax, Joseph Parrish, Dora Muzichuck, Eugene Paxton, Mary Louise McDougal. Seventh row: Pauline McNeill, Joseph Pitek, Helen Ott, Carlo Petrucci, Leverne Postle- thwaite, John Plachta, Helen Postellak, Nick Saban, Rose Pulice, Nick Schepis. Eighth row: Leroy Scott, Mary Sabo, Bob Shenal, Violet Sherry, John Sopuch, Susanna Simon, Danny Thomas, Kathern Starrett, Mike Tonkovich, Emogene Toothman. Ninth row: Freda Vandegrift, Dewey Toothman, Harry Vaughn, Bill Weaver, Peggy Jo Wildman, Charles Wilcox, Bob Wilcox, Garret Yost, Anna Zogal. CLASS HISTORY When our Freshman class entered Farmington High School last year, we had a total membership of 109 students. This year We have decreased in number until at the present time, we have only 83 members. We were very proud of our boys last year when, as Freshmen, they won the class tournament. We also had two parties which were well attended and which everyone enjoyed. CLASS OFFICERS President ...,..... ....... V iolet Sherry Treasurer ................ Helen Maichok Vice-President ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,., Bill Booth Band Sponsor..Betty Hawkinberry Secretary ...,,.,,., ..,.,. M artin Elekes Historian .............. Genevieve Craig Mrs. Marjorie Criss is our Class Advisor Class Colors-Blue and White Class Flower-American Beauty Rose Class Motto-"Hitch your Wagon to a star." Page twenty-eight k .X, "' ,X,1 'V mf " jeff' in 'X 4 ' X ' ' V fry" W WW 1 ,F ' I 7 11 11 1 Y J V1,flm,, ' " '124-5-,iv X.X X X , Xi,-TFP J X X-.4 XX XXX11XXX 11XXXXXXX-1 Ti-.XXXXQXF ,,,! XXXXXXXX X X XX XXX-1 5 3511 XX 1111,1'1-, 11,11XX11 1XXXgf if X 1 ' - X "' I X .X X '1 1: ALEX " 5. " "X11' f1z'111" X 211 Q11 11" 11X"1'1WgQ 12 QQX11 23 'X XX X-XXZXZX X, 11 11XX 11? 1. f- IA- XXXX XL1-1F,i.Xf,1f - 1 XX X XX Lg ,xx W 5115 E1 1 X X 11. 1 15 1.1 1 1 X , X X A X 1 V pai IN g ' 1' 'A 51'-9 1 1 f' ylf- ..-Q 11:5-,f 3 5- ' - - 1 ' r- ' - 1 f - ' . . 1 -, 1 , -,1 HE' fb 1' 1 'Q :rw . 1 '-v" . . .1 ' ., 1 -' e- M. I ---LN 1 , , 1, 1 'Tr' 1 J 3'-. 4 1 "J 1 ' J 4:11 ,l , , .,, X ,,i , ., 'E' 'TV' "1 - -1 . -1 'V T ' X1 1 x1 1 1 ' 1 1 ..,- 'X 1 1 X X AQ: XX X111 E2 X- X A 1 XX 1 X , ' ' 'Z 3 .:v,, X xg? Q X XX XXX,3 ' X' .X X-rv-Ei '11 ' 'C4L7"Tf 12' X- :iv 1 ' Yi? f-P' 172, ' 1143411 ,1 L? 'J 1 "1" f fl ,A X .X , f ' ,H X 3 X 1X X X - r 1 A Q, 1 A 1 , X ' X111:.-M 1 f X, Q, ' A 1' f X, , 1 X ,XX K la., " 2-PS. '1 9'-'f '1."2fr.- 'ZS , ff -' l wwe 1 Q N11 -1.11 13.11 ai: I V 1 . -4 "fl , X Q 1 -1 ," 4 '-3.65 1' 1 1' - 1 1 11 f 1 + 1 1 ' .1, 1' -' 1 - --., : -" - ' '14 ' ' 1 ' 1 'LW111 'f' M .X M311 1 " J X" 1 U . 51 f - X XXX . 1l'1 XX , X W' 1 1, ':-2 X 1 zz I 1 1 .-.14 C' -iv' '53 ff' C' 'Ak' an b 'JE-:L 'I' fs r .f-'L , ' 1 1 . . .' 1 ' -, if ,-- A f., ' Y "' 1 1' 1 ' 4 Q 1,11 1' 1 ,T-3 1 '- cf., 'r X - 51 . X,,., ff' ,J 1 1 -A . ' 1.2 "' -1 ' "" ' , 1 -X! "4 X X1-'1 X 1 "" 1 ' 5 , 51. 'f' W X1 ' 9. '1 . . . 'J '. 1 11 1' vw V , 11:1 1 .ff 1 -- ' 'N f , 1 jr 13155122323 ,',:1'75s'1.1': 1 1 1 -1 S 'N V115-1 . 5 1 may 5 , 2 'X L X X ,T 4 XX :U :.: 91.11 Q. 'X Ld X A 1 .WX X 1-HX . X . XXY AX: ' - ' X-MX PX :-: F. X .MQ fb ' , f-Q5 52' . 7' ' .2 - A , 2 J- 'V ' "l 113' - ' 1 7' 55 his-,f 511 I H KD. ' 1 L!-s'-i'.c I W 1 -.4 gf' 11 1' ti' Q ':'7 1 '1 11 f yi 1' 1 vf- 1 A ,'1ff 1 Q11 K '11 E - X 131114 , ' z- -, T 1 -.-. 1 1 -- 1, 1 J. 1' 1 I "': 1 'J ' ' 1' -X X-jXX f .46 f MIK vfxxnig. ff "1 -i Xf11UQl111u7111111lJW1 XXX X XZ, , 7 X., A X .1 , X 3 Y XX , ,, ra-,X A f .X X V -fl-1 ' rg -., ,Z ,Q .ff 1: cg gr , if g X 1 .430 if ' ' . lil- , ,. , M- . A' -fl XX! fx, X ., ' A- 25 - ll LZ: A 1 R 1. 1 1 '7 . ' mf 'T' 1, 1 A' L 1- "' -.C ' 1 . ' 1' . ' 17 . ' 1 .JL ' " ' J . 1- J 4,1-X-LXV1' fx 01" X. 1' 'X ' 7 N5 - , 1 1 ' D f 1-wh X , I 1 lily , 1. 1 gp f XZ- 11 X 1 X1 1 XX X XXX 1, W XX Xi ,XX ' XX 11111 1 X 11 X , Xf. ,. jf r Q 'X 115-' ,f 1 -r, 1 1 ci . X X X,-d :IX :L ' ,.. X .4 Q, ' X, -.r A 11 is ,... X1 1..,. .J '-1' Y , -X X X " 51 1. X 1.-- 1X -f-fv X X5 , XXXQJ K X 4 h X X K ,XX X X X, f R153 l. I 1 X X :1 v- 'A A - 1 - 5 X -.1 1 I Q- 1 , 1X ', 1153 V. gn XXXY7 1 ' if yi V' .f A 1 "f 'f' 'F' ,.1"" ' " 'N ,Y ,,. , " X "-' PW 4' '--1:'1 A-'1 X X X ' A " gg' , f1f---1 z-, 1 1.3.41 , f 1 A ' ' ri 12 11 , :W - ' . W T 1 11 z W ' ' - 1 . 1' ' 1 1 1 1 , X LXX...w65f: ,DX-4. X X' XX X..-X is A L 11 X X 52:21 A Q XX -V ,f-' ,. 1 . 1 1. .,., 1 ,1,,,. 1 1111, -5, 1 - X - - -X X 1gX'XXX 1- - A1.: 11 ,X X111fg11XX1 , XX"XX X .1 XXXYSLX 1 I ' ""1 it " 1-Q' - -1-- " ' ,,L, 1 ' '11 111Q'm':11'f 1 111 "L " X A . X XX 1XX11XX X -XX X XX 1, 911: 11 X XXX XX 511 XEX ,,. X w111'Y1 XH115 'XXXL X 1.-W- ' 1 -'11 .'.- .!EgFLJ'1Z'l WY'-,lfs . ,Q ""....1!11f, QTS QQ' ,,': 1?1f"5 .1g ,f7E:""'l,"'1 .Wk-iQI'mmf Page twenty-nine -wt' fx 44,1 'gf Tj V f 5 J Page thirty V .,., ..., ,mf j f- 'X 4- -fr ,mb hiv- ., I Si w FRESHMEN First row: Flora Rymer, advisorg Tommy Arcure, Alberta Ansel, Joe Barker, Sophie Bazan, Harry Lee Boord, Juanita Boord, Dale Brooks, Violet Bowers, Bill Cannon. Second row: Robert Capet, Nellie Bowman, Richard Carpenter, Rosetta Cain, John Ciatto, Tranquilla Coceano, Domenico Coceano, Helen Crandall, Jack Cook, Norma Jean Downs. Third row: Mary Catherine Duncil, Joe Crandall, Irene Farley, Lyndon Cutlip, Dorothy Fluharty, Tom Daft, Thelma Fluharty, John Davis, Joanne Hamilton, Albert Duncil. Fourth row: Frank Egress, Cora Hartman, Philip Erdeljac, Elsie Elaine Hartzel, Sher- man Fulks, Gladys Hout, Donald Hui, Patty Ann Hoover, Richard Jenkins, Christine Ice. Fifth row: Joan Isgan, Etley Jenkins, Lorrain Gorey, Bill Johnston, Freda Markley, Lyndia Jones, Helen McCracken, Pat Keener, Margaret McDowell, James Kolosoif. Sixth row: Paul Korsh, Barbara Moore, Mike Lapinsky, Va. Lee Morris, George Menas, Mary Myers, Jack Leeper, Jacqueline Orr, Bill Martin, Constance Poling. Seventh row: Elsie Palmer, Bill Martin, Geraldine Palmer, John Morris, Anna Panta- lone, Stanley Monkut, Angeline Parrish, George Neville, Martha Parrish, John Phillips. Eighth row: George Pickett, Agnes Plachta, Ray Pitman, Mary Plachta, Don Poling, Mary Rice, Jimmy Priester, Betty Jean Stout, Gilbert Pyles, Natalie Tiekeli. Ninth row: Betty Tippner, Umberto Raschella, Betty Tomana, Eugene Radcliff, Alma Jean Tootlnnan, Evan Simon, Mildred Ware, James Snyder, Helen Wolfe, Joe Starsick. Tenth row: Harry Tarasuk, Helen Yearsovich, Eugene Thorne, Joe Tippner, Steve Tonkovich, Jesse Toothman, Max Toothman, Walter Vozniak, Kenneth Wyer, Gerald Yost. CLASS HISTORY In September, 1943, one hundred eleven members enrolled in the Fresh- man class. At our first class meeting, the officers of the class were elected: Dorothy Fluharty, original Band Sponsor, resigned to accept the position of Cheer- leader. Mary Cathryn Duncil was then elected as Band Sponsor. Two parties were held during the year. The members of the class have been cooperative and active in activities of the school. They are looking eagerly to their remaining years in Farming- ton High School. u CLASS OFFICERS President .................. Etley Jenkins Historian ............ .......... D on Poling Vice-President .i.... Jimmy Priester Band Sponsor Secretary and Treasurer Mary Cathryn Duncil q Norma Jean Downs Advisor .............. Miss Flora Rymer Flower-Red Rose Colors-Blue and Gold Motto: "We Mean to Do or Die I" Page tim ty one EIGHT!-I GRADE First row: Grace Alberts, Alvin Barker, Helen Bennett, Danny Besedich, Helen Bese- dich, Joe Brown, Margaret Boord, Ted Davis. Second row: John Fancher, Peggy Boggs, Ray Hall, Billie Marie Boone, Steve Hrole- nok, Betty Brand, Charles McClue, Mary Lou Bryant. Third row: Betty Jean Conaway, Charles McDonald, Roberta Conaway, Raymond McDougal, June Cook, Billy Maxwell, Dorothy Crayton, Richard Mehosky. Fourth row: Michell Napalo, Jeannetta Crislip, Robert Nicholson, Margaret Culi, Paul Nauinik, Patty Cutlip, Tommy Poundstone, Betty Joe Daniels. Fifth row: Betty Lou Farley, Earl Sabo, Patsy Ford, Sidney Saporito, Evelyn Haley, Joe Suarez, Jean Hawkins, John Sherry. Sixth row: John Shivak, Delores Headley, Neil Snoderly, Dorothy Hughes, Steve Sobe- lewski, Joanne Hudson, Joe Strauch, Emma Jo Ice. Seventh row: Dorothy Keener, John Swiger, Imogene Lancaster, Charles Vandergrift, Marie Losh, Kenneth Veith, Josephine McCracken, Phillip Wolfe, Anna May Martin. Eighth row: Mary Jane Masters, Margaret Menonchick, Mary Petro, Bernice Priester, Vera Rush, Edna Scott, Delores Shenal, Mildred Steward, Madeline Wyer. Page th'i'rty-two W 1-., H' ' w " Q N-' : , ,V ' ' - '- ,. ' E ' 'L'fl.f'?'e, r TW 1, 'ffff v'-' ' rs-X -5 , W 12,9 - Wu ' ' fi ' 'wi Y , L"-3-'I' , 2? 'E W- 'T ' "7 iii' ::4,JJ.i gf' X " f l We Ji... V ' 76455 . -1-.- Q'1EA'7 ijfiff . F' ' TWV -+ ' . lj.. f" ' 7" " A rm I fi I E 1 - '74--1 YY,, J' I EP? + Eff v f ' .gg QQ? H ff 1 N ' w A VN' z 5-,,. ,. " X , - , V l V V ,VVV:j, eV 'f V ' V Y " K:-1 ,g LLA V ' ' V, ti'-' ,-V -53 S-,N j,' 'QS 'Tvs' , NH, f illvrffff-1r:es:A' f P' ' E. ' -A 1 ' A,.. ,WV V V VV V,-l x-If V ,-v! - , Q K V 1 ,., ' 1 Q ' - 'I X in V -X FEW E' .si l "'-' 1' .. fy A Y 4 In ' :': fi 5 -'- A ia ,,..-' ' ? 7- - ':':'Y: NLE, 2 . nfs? asv ff 1 4, A i": - ., . Eff 1- .d VT' .,.AA i .QQ f 57 . '-:-A- l M W 2 ' - ' .,, 3 , -' NF- .7 V' 9, 7 gy: N' F .-3,425 ,,g, V V QV 'QV' ,Q V 1 TT VA 1 'l " ' " , A ,, ' , 'iff-' , 'T ,',?f '-,Q ' " i4 V 1. --, .. ff +1 1 '-"hy .,--..f I 1 I ,7..j VF., V, 4 V 4 f ,a V -f VL X -", ' lf T 341 f Dx fi EY U" ' Q f mi n-, -E, ,- ' - g ' ' , -1-Q, uv' fa g, ' " ' i , Vi ,J VLVVV , . V ,!- ' ...., VV? , VV V , V V VV V . VQVVAV M VVVVV VVVVAV, TM + X wif N :gg i I. 1' , 3 ,, 1 1 , ,wi V-3,553 H 5,115 ff ,JV . M UW. yy v :.: gm, T gy V , w,-gym ,W V g'u W gn, Af, ,, ' - :': irc fe U nf-- . M,,:?3!f M 1:14 :11-1 1.3. Q V V V. Q :EFW-,,,?q1lN V- V,VV,E,VVQV,v" 1 . I VZVVVV VV V .,vfJV V V I- V mf' '. ,L Q VL X-:ff j x V' L" ,A,, - -,,, V M .A g m ir- P5f-"7' 4-- i-M 'V' " - 'A ' . - I 52" 'i5:21wif5?, '1' 'Y . --" V . -,J '- ' Y ' ' 1:,f1','-.15 H., 1- - T , 1 "A' f A- 'W ,, :ws ,F':.,: ' ' , Kfsfx ,"' ,.-' Si ' ' HT' lf ' " ' !'A' H ' 4 , .E -1 iv A V V M, iw Qqlm .VV-fr VV - VV,J J ,,. : VV: VVEVVVV V it f 5 .4 it " ml I-Eid ' ,1 ' '51'l.1ff ' ' if U 7 " X xy V I WV' ' We 'Vi ?' E 7 , - QIVVVAV my- , ug: w- ' -Um V ,..,. 'li .. , v , V V :li-1 1, ,. ' 1 I Q1 : : li , V . VI Az' VYVVV ,4VgV:iVV, :-: :ZQQVJE VJHV V , VA 1A ----+ .',A .::fg ' -- ' -, f ' ,T sl 1 2' -3, , - 1 1 rf FK QXI 17 " bf: l - - . if 4 :Q ' jp . V1 'W 1 f1VV,,Vueg' I h'f' V. 'VV QV., -'---Q, - LV V 2' i ,JA 1 "ig,T-'A f ' lj - fV , VV Q V V V V V Z in Page tM7't?fl-tlwee 5: ' 5A 15 I 5 5.5 5 A 2 5 M55 A - A 54 ? 4j.gf5',f- if 52.545 xp: - jg an 55-15595. .-.J 5: ...A Na 5 7 5 '-5,5 .,.. A . A zz. A ..,, , .A . , . 1 A A A 5 - . A?'T'1xv'g,f N N I vii! 55 V 5 . 5 E --: . f '-' V f'.E?1 I -'34,-S?" MA " A !:-iii!! ,.tg..44.A.ifQtfH. A.-1 - 5 F 15.55 555- 5 ' 'x 5 A 5 ...fe fr. A ii W 1. A 5 .M ,Q .gl Aff? ff A' ' 'T fl f-ff? ff' 35: ' U' vw WA . z - 5 :gf A I 5 917' Q55 .if A JA5 ' if ' 5 "5 A L 2 Af 5.-Ta". ' , -A-Y r 5 5 A 5- Y - A .-5.5 A ,,A A- - . 51 ,5 5 52 'QQ ' F? 'A 5 A' "" .5,55-EW' 55j. 55 .5T".5. A Aa, 5 A A A A - . 1 5 . A A - 4 AA .A ' - 15 "A-5 .55 at AV 2 55' 5.5 "5 A 1 A+ A . 'Q i f -N 15 5 ",-ga" 5' . A, 5" 4. -H A2 " Q' 5 L R . T 5" F' ' 5.5 2235? I5 55r1' w'-:A ' A- .5 ,, Wm L5 5 537555. j Af55, A 'A AA Q5 , 535 - 555 5 'V-,R ' . Q M ... 1 ' . " 5 " - . W' " ' ' ""' f' ' "" "Z F" ' ' ' . A . A V ' x ' an ., 5' ff' V fl ' . W 'L .Lal Hi ' i".-- I -115' ' -ff-if" 5 " if w 5... A AJ 55 5.55 555 A5553 A5531 1 A 5 5 . K ' -51 . 5 . 4,4 5 5.91. Az- 41- A .-. .Q fn .. ' . 5 2, A - 555 1 5 ' 5 'j -I Q ' A 1 H- 1' 5 iA.-QQ?-1 1 ' 'X . F w Q 21 '-'L' - .. 5 5 . 5 5 25 .' A 2' AAAAA J 2 A -' A . 1 'H . - . T 'gi Lil.- fil ' ev f':AA '1 1 5- i :' 5 .T.5.5 ' 5 55 A :.ff54!5': 5, ,ju 51' .E A ' ,.' A . F V A 5 w .A jf' 5-55A,,A, -. f 51555 Q ' 5 EQ' ' ' E N1 JA L P5 f 'I ,N ,J Q r-fi - J, 5 5 55155555 5 5 AAAAAA 535,555 555,5 1 A ggi . : 55 5 5-55 - AA A A A AA 5 5 A 5iV 5,. -5... 'A A . -A 55 5 5. 5 - fig AZ 5. A 5,55 A A3 '33, ' 'MA -135 T A "w.' 5 - 4 ::: 5 " v"" YL , 2' 5E 5 " 'V 7 "I 7 ' vA H1 ?iii.z"" " A "N - Q? -A Hiesm if ' f 34 ff 5' AA rl 5.5 35 5-R 5 5 5 9 ' A fy A: fsA'sgv,AA -A. 'WN U XHNNZQ5' ' I . .. V' 7 H5 5WkN" ""'i" ,firl WHIRXLU -J". 'Z' 5 5-5- A 4. 4' 5 n Vp ,. L .5 - 5 -I f--'A 51-5 A A gf.. .5 fa V5 ,a ,av -A Af, Af ' ' ' ' AAAAAA. . WW r Af' A r- A5 5.5 A 5- as 5 A .' 1.1 A z::': 'Q 551 5.5 ' 5 .Ai - .5 ' 1555555 - 5-- A5 ' ' I. 1245 WV? . - ff- - ' A ... 'f 5' A 11- .5 .1 1 .- .A - .1 H .f -5 .5 A A Aff .515 -A sf . J. 52. ... .5 5 . fe 5 AX, A 1551- AW-ff vi f-L... fi Page thirty-fam' SEVENTH GRADE First row: Dolores Ansel, Venton Barker, Martha Antonick, Herbert Boord, Minnie Blake, Charles Cole, Eva May Blankenship. Second row: Wilbert Duncil, Libby Lee Bock, Edward Fletcher, Mary Lou Boggs, Bill Haught, Doris Jean Bonnette, Frank Hawkinberry, Iverna Bouch. Third row: Helen Collins, Harry Lee Headley, Ruth Mary Conaway, Edward Hollands- worth, Iris Cook, John Konoskie, Inis Cook, Charles King. Fourth row: Leo McKinney, Rosemary Cook, Eula Covey, George Milak, Josephine Covey, Richard Morgan, Marjorie Efaw. Fifth row: Edith Elekes, Bobby Morris, Mildred Glover, Archy Narog, Barbara Gregur- ich, Bobby Pasko, Sadie Hennis, Paul Pasquariello. Sixth row: Danny Pitzer, Jane Isgan, Joe Plachta, Eva King, George Price, Barbara Kisner, Edward Sezbenski, Patty Kuhn. Seventh row: Sophia Kukulka, Theodore West, Bernice Lazorick, George Whitlatcli, Carolyn Lynch, Ralph Wycoff, Margaret McDougal, Arlos Yoak. Eighth row: Mildred McDougal, Margaret Markley, Emma Jean Martin, Mary Mul- lenay, Nancy Muzichuck, Irene Niezgoda, J eanetta Pigott, Verna Ramsey. Ninth row: Violet Yuchek, Helen Scott, Gloria Jean Scritchfield, Loretta Smen, Ruth Ann Talkington, Donna Lou Thorne, Annetta Wheele1'. The following members are not pictured above: Ira Dale Fraley Jerry Gabbert Delbert Markley Edward Marchiny Anna Jean Fluharty Helen Fluharty Dolores Snider Mildred Tuttle Minnie Talkington Sadie Wa1'nick Page thirty-five WHO'S WHO IN THE CLASS OF '44 MARY CATHERINE BOCK, the valedictorian of the class of '44, and pres- ident of her class for the past two years, has been outstanding in both cur- ricular and extra-curricular activities. In dramatics she has shown her acting ability in the plays, "Best Foot Forward", "Brother Goose", "Pink and Patches", "The Juggler of Notre Dame", and two operettas, "Jerry of J erico Road" and "Belle of Bagdadn. She is a member of the Glee Club, Girls' Quar- tet, Girls' basketball team, and the Lincolneer staff. Not only is she a member of several clubs, but, a leader in many. She holds the office of presi- dent in the Press Club and Thespian organization, is vice-president of the Library Club, and serves as treasurer for the G.A.A. JOHN McDOWELL has been very active in sports and belongs to the Var- sity Club. He has been a member of the football squad for three years, and played as a regular fullback on the Farmington team this year. In basketball, he was on the Junior High reserve as a Freshman, and has been on the Varsity reserve team for the past two years. He has also played in the class basket- ball and softball tournaments. He has been an outstanding student in science and mathematics and hoped to join the Air Corps after graduating. After the war, he would like to engage in the field of scientific research. MILDRED NAUMIK, historian of the Senior class, has taken active part in sports, social activities, and is also an honor student. She is a member of the Girls' basketball team and the Girls' Quartet, president of the G.A.A., member of the Lincolneer staff. Mildred is outstanding in dramatics, having taken parts in the plays "Best Foot Forward", "Brother Goose", "Pink and Patches", "Juggler of Notre Dame", and the operettas "Jerry of J erico Road", and "Belle of Bagdad". MARY LOUISE LOUGH has much dramatic and musical talent. She has played major roles in "Juggler of Notre Dame" and the operetta, "Belle of Bagdadu. She was also in the plays "Best Foot Forward" and "Brother Goose". Mary Louise is an active member of the G.A.A., Thespians, Glee Club, and Lincolneer Staff. She belongs to the Girls' Quartet and the Girls' bas- ketball team. She has served as one of the cheerleaders for Farmington High School for the past four years. HARRY GENE ALASKY has earned a name for himself as an athlete and an actor. He has played on the Varsity basketball team for three years, where he has done excellent work for the school. He played a major role in the Senior play, "Brother Goose". He belongs to the Glee Club and is also a member of the Varsity Club. Other Seniors receiving honorable mention were Anna Lou Griffith, Mary Pantalone, Ernest Baker and Homer Orr. Page thwty-six :pug-saw Mxfwgnf- '-Q 'YY nxzzzrrriiikzxss X is ,. at amfiswim I key, as M fff Q sf ga :Iii i ' '- -2. , f- 3 1 3 W ' 'V 1 ' -f '. :TQ '. 53 rf, ,215 fi A 52,45 93? mi' Qi.55"gf.::I:i 75, ' .X ' 4 'f 2 342 ?3f5,fif'lf3i'15?tif1. sy' -- 1 I 2 3 iiisiiv-a ""- :v,,'fK,,. , 3 qf.g,:V:5 g. - .3 '5.,4,,f...f'gs'.x,q3, MQga...'-fffiili-, '2,5:s .- yy-f,' tl - ' if 57 . , -fi -- Y ,J-, 'sjfjti ' gym - Hx ff . f if " . gf',,g:.2' szizp- iw' ,iff 'QQ:.g'Q-figs-fif'231 -?ff,?Qi'2f5f 2, ' I . W- - 1 '- 1 Q s .M-gyify 2 gi, I fx. :wp-f ,ygfvzf-X 72-',1i5.iQ,qEgg2g1 ' ,I 22-N 'Q ,fi7-eI1.- f i? uf Ciiiipfif' - 3. L 3- ,.. :: Wv--:u!3,Q. V R A , nl Q15 mjgg,,y5g:f,g..f51:g53: .new V155 ,. " ENEL z ':?2"? :'f We ,J w e I., I ' rg:-V -, G " y ' ' Ag 5 em: "1 f " - ., -" M Nav- x Ying. Q sl 3. gcmggeg, i ,px ig 9? 1 ' 'f1'.'za11If-1'94'f'f - ' w sf .UZ V-Iewgfksaki - y f, vw:-1 , 4 gf S 5 f if 4 Q , 4 :' 1 t' -- -If-if' ,s at X v is , it 4 Y 2-Q i LIB 9 ' f W X Q Q f i -QQ.: ,gig - - G..-'ww Mg'-:rs-,gfgiriiffi 2,59 ' 3' x Q Qs, 3' 5 5, me Q Y, 1 2 4 X ff g...,,.- S gg it I2 wg 1 19 5 xg Q R . it .1-qi 0 a.,,.,. ,.,.,,, ..,-- a ,.,, .-'.: . . .Ii J .. . 7 -. 5 ea t- y.-if. 0:--'-.:s...:v::'523ir''-'-:'1'-': 731-' 'Y 3 ligyfilii kg it 1 if Q 2 2 M I W Q53 if 51,46 s-ze, 1 pf 1 eji?4f'g'- nit X ggi Q l y X x 4 Q E it ll If L ZW? Q14 qw: sive- .1 iffwl-tif: N saga 4 , ,Ur M , if ff K, W" In as 1 lag 4 2 f?5Q,.5 .q5., .. iff.: :g'5:s:'fs:.g-.p:'- P 1 W3 Si, nn ff an 5' V, ,ei ,gffggz ...g ,gc 1' :ef ef- ' ff , 9 X QW yy sw 4 I '1 sa, ,,,g,5 v.I :l..,...,gff- :sf . ,, , ya in l sf f ,gf I I 9 gmt, 'al gi . Wy.. . 4 Big? x 3? Q 0 Q, X, W 'fl ' 'X 'Z' Q ff . V i Mfr eta ' Ii 31 it - .Z i , ..,,,t My ..,, . ... ww X may ,li .Q UIZ ,. ' 1 -v-- " I latin 3 ' , 3 "' V V W - A "-'- t W EW - ,L X N xffiz s 253. .?l,"mj' -5' - fQA'fr'eg.?,s.,iEp:gZ J- I j"f,.f: 3 M IWMWS "'-it 4 S 5'45f2535?g1ns1, iIf . aaa F-Stl W gc q 4 3 R . f. 5?-is 14.5 5-I '. age - be,-wfiffgfifv-ac? -J 1. s 1-:ISE-I 2 In -" fv 1. i t?2fW.:F'1.':e 3: "1 '-'U 'f '1.. - Y! ,, '. '-.-'f"ff1:1f5',. . .f.:.-Phig. :ff ' for . Y Wgftr H ::l:l'1.E:if'2,:f.E.:vr3GEL H-fugff '- .-4"Ii5,ijllE,E:2EfE-595 fy H E ft N Q f is" ' .H K 1, a K M 2 ffl ,1..aft-12'-2'..C:,.s15. ii i , - - ,-M - -gg-sbfas vV-V - I -'-"N' '- Q ACTIVITIES Clubs are formed to provide entertainment and a pleasant pastime for their members. Many of the participants join in the parties and other activities they offer. Pleasant Work like this, teaches one to Work harmoniously with classmates, and to make new acquaintances. A club may also be educational, as the knowledge gained by additional or voluntary study of some particular subject may change an attitude or an idea. So may this type of pleasant Work help us to appreciate the ideas of others -the freedom and opportunities of youth in a land of liberty. Page thirty-seven NATIONAL TI-IESPIANS The Farmington High School Troupe No. 435 of the National Thespian has resumed its role as the leading organization of the campus. It has continued to grow through the year and at the present time it proudly boasts of a large group of dramatically-minded young high school students. The troupe has made several tours, one to Mannington High School and three in connection with a local lodge. During this time they were highly feted and entertained. . The annual initiation was held on March 14, 1944. Mannington High School Thespian Troupe, under the direction of Miss Edis Lazear, gave the ritualistic Work by candlelight. It was an impressive ceremony. Twelve new members were admitted to the troupe. If time permits, another Thespian production may be attempted before the close of the year. "Ever Onward" is the theme of National Thespian. With the completion of the Junior Class Play, we expect many others to be eligible for membership. OFFICERS President ...................,. ............................... M ary Catherine Bock Vice-President .......................................................... Mildred Naumik Secretary-Treasurer ............................................ Anna Lou Griffith Troupe Sponsor and Dramatic Director .... Mary Matilda Whitlatch . Colors-Gold and Blue, Flower-Yellow Rose Motto: "Act well your part, there all the honor lies." Page thirty-eight LIBRARY CLUB fel -fm-9 -4- 5 fha .Q..,-- wr- " , "T 481' -Q 'sa' ,H a '25 fi? 'A Y if .,..., if v I ' 5 A, W s , i First row: Mrs. Griffith, George Ed Berry, Mary Catherine Bock, Mary Louise Brooks, June Ann Downs, 'Julia Erdeljac. D Second row: Dorothy Fluharty, Jean Graham, Anna Lou Griflith, Betty Hartzel, Mary Heck, Betty Hawkinberry. V K Third row: Jacqueline Hess, Ralph Hess, Etley Jenkins, Steve Korsh, Bertha Kochis, Mary Lazorick, Jean Lazorick. Fourth row: Barbara Lipps, Eugena Mehoskie, Phil Murray, Horner Orr, Martha Ann Pitzer, Phyliss Shamblem, John Ciatto. The Library Club, with Mrs. Leona Gates Griffith as faculty advisor, has added many improvements to the Library this year. They secured about one hundred new books and dictionaries. The club activities are carried with money collected on overdue books. The greatest event of the year was a Student Mix, which was Well patron- ized and enjoyed by the Student body and faculty. ' OFFICERS President ..,........... ' ................................................ Phil Murray 1 Vice-President ...................... ..,..... M ary Catherine Bock Secretary and Treasurer ....... ............ A nna Lou Griiiith Page thirty-'n'Z'ne PRESS CLUB l S " ' .,.x. . Egg-ll'Hi'lM" in. ,llluf Mfitlia.. 1 Tilt? 5 ' "H 'il v 'l ,Lf ' fo., ' re e A f A S " if T 5 43? v---P 1 Y I VA r ,.. Y V. 1 . N, Q :E g V gage V, R 'A ' , 'Q ' ' .. gr.: ,- :Ia-gn" 'W' E, ,vi .. "N-L .M ig 'll' l i W i '-Q . 1 5 , , ' Q ,-1-pi, M Y 9' ' 5 ' ia has .1 J V A-' ' ,- -Q "J , ,-3 ' , X 1., , ' 'H 1 '5'Q'13.1111'-2 L ,3',- ' - Q-LLL? I A H in A ,X V,-L ' , 51 - K Y W, 5. 'S . 5 -U W ll E4 W, Mg -at 5 -L, ,... .W ..- in isa, L , 1 W -.1 V, 'Y' - g yyyy , -1-' , Q'i'ig,,Qf J , if 4 vm 'H ' A . --- , " N N .-. I 1 I ly ' 1 iz lx - 1 i Qi A H, -un f H H., W 5 WF, , w il ' H: I' , : - if f "' . 1 -'ne ff-. lm ' . f" if - 'IP 'NP - 5, l, . A , , , 1 av N ,, mmv, N l ,. l " L- e ' fi , .: ig , .5531 i J First row: Virginia Robinson, Advisorg Donna Lane Ball, Wade Hartzell, Jr., Dolores Bock, Ralph Hess, Jr., Mary Catherine Bock. Second row: Mildred Courtright Cook, Etley Jenkins, Julia Erdeljac, James Manchin, Juanita Maxwell, Phil Murray. Third row: Mildred N aumik, Homer Orr, Jacqueline Orr, Billy Weaver, Mary Pantalone, Irene Vai-go. The Press Club was organized in 1931 by Miss Robinson, for the purpose of publishing a school paper, and is still under her supervision. The first three years, the paper was printed by the duplication process, but later a mimeo- graph and mimeoscope were purchased, thus enabling the club to publish the paper with greater ease. Until the last two years, it has been a very active organization, keeping itself in supplies and always having a small amount of money on hand. With the rationing of gasoline and the shortage of tires, it has been almost impossible to have parties and other activities this year. Although the mem- bers are widely scattered, the club has grown until at present, it has a mem- bership of seventeen. When peace, again, has descended on the world, may this club and its members climb to a greater height and publish a better paper. Page forty CLICK CLUB "A" T ' A r ' Ki. 3' X V - W :-: V' i if :J i a L llll I, ,W X it are T T ' . 1 ' - 5. ' .1 4 3 y3'w,,if i "bfi -2 ' 2 " 1 'Wy' ' "' 5 - ..-.f N ,"tl,A'1. f 2 gl W,4 Imax.: It 4r,,ss'gr B X C ' M V Lum' 'F -' 'f f:" -- 'if' 11- gi : " 35- - L , ' " sh. .1 :',,, '- Thx , " r ' H H . ,,' 'ff' V ' . , A Wie. rs- X ' " "f YV fi i' A g' A :.,. If" T' 1 i '- A 4 ew Q 2 ' , 1 L 2' ffl. . ir"' 'if ' r 2 , I V , W 1 A .3 In V ' - ' rf' tm-1-rfb Us ,,'-- ...-M SQ, J - A V V . ' V 1 Wt-fri fl? v. PF? T if X Q 2- 5? -is 'Q 'Gif c ' '. . IH -2. ,,,, j' :sv y X' . M X .U I ,N h X :us A ' . .' 'ff' i V T: ' WT r I T . irfw iifr 4 First row: Mr. Bodola, Advisory Joe Ball, Mary Sabo, Bill Booth, Martha HuE. ' Second row: Jay Davis, Betty Jackson, Bob Davis, Ruth Jackson, Dick Haught. Third row: Reatha Pigott, Lyndia Jones, Mary Pantalone, Billy Weaver, Susan Simon, Charles Wilcox. The Click Club of Farmington High Was organized in the fall of 1942 by Mr. Bodola, a member of the faculty. The primary purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in photography and to enable its members to develop the pictures they take with the View of making better and more interesting pictures. The club has not progressed as rapidly as it should have, due to the lack of facilities in equipment and to our inability at the present time to get the films We need. If sufficient interest is taken in this club by the students, in the future it may develop many outlets, some of which may become vocations and some merely hobbies. OFFICERS President ............. ..2 ...,.................. - Vice-President ,...... Secretary ,........... Treasurer ..... ....-...Mary Pantalone .,.....Lyndia Jones .......Susan Simon .....-..Martha Huff Page forty-one GIRLS' ATHLETICS THEG.A.A. The Girls' Athletic Association, under the capable direction of Miss Mary Manley, the physical education instruction, has made great progress this year. We have participated in all sports and activities and have organized a Girls' Basketball Team which has been credited with winning all but one game. We lost this game to East Fairmont by seven points. The purpose of this club is to promote better sportsmanship among the students. To become a member you must have average grades and you are then voted into the club. Actual membership is yours after you have been informally initiated. . The G.A.A. sponsored the class tournaments this year, the Senior Girls and Junior Boys Winning the championships. We are planning the annual party to honor our basketball and football boys. - Every year there are old members leaving and new ones coming in. We, hope to develop, in the future, a bigger and better G.A.A. .- LETTERMEN F., 1 Y V - V f"'+ ffl' 3 1:21-my A l . i 5 l J 1519, 'J 'fi -4.30 we rf pt f ws. ,sa y fi Y . Ad . be-w A, XY lic' A M i! gli. 'A ,x ,V 1 . I.,,.EN-L VQ, , .V .J it-5 f T f r .. . 4 First row: Mr. Ryan, Harry Alasky, Pete Alasky, Ernest Baker, Bill Compton, Martin Elekes, Johnny Guss.' - Second row: Steve Horvath, Paul Korsh, Steve Korsh, John Levitsky, John McDowell, Jimmy Manchin, Nickie Mudik. - I Y Third row: Homer Orr, Jimmy Priester, Nick Saban, John Sopouch, Danny Steele, Jack Talkington, Mike Tonkovich, Don Weaver. Page forty-three l GIRLS CHORAL CLUB 4 aff. Q f I , .ug w V ,slat . 1-- i f,,,".. i "' 7' H i. . r x ii f Q K. r 'I sd - 1 -4' E " 'f Y ff 'Y '7 'F' . . E H 'Y 1 Hi , 4 E ' gl i' 'W M" , C if V 67 'CID 'lf' 4'-I 'fy lying- First row: Billie Blankenship, Mary Catherine Bock, Dolores Bock, Mary Matilda Whit- latch, Advisor and Director 3 Mary Catherine Boord, Leola Fluharty, Anne L. Griffith. Second row: Jacqueline Hess, Margaret Johnston, Mary Louise Lough, Juanita Maxwell, Marie Mullanax, Geraldine Myers, Mildred Naumik. Third row: Lena Pasko, Mary Pantalone, Martha Ann Pitzer, Victoria Price, Rose Szebenski, Mattie Shuman McDowell, Sarah Tatar. The girls of the senior high school are organized into a singing group known as Girls' Choral Club. The club functions under the leadership of Anna Lou Griffith, President. The colors chosen are lavender and Whiteg the flower, laurel blossom, and the motto-"We sing because We love to sing." The group toured to'Mannington High School and presented an excellent chapel program of musical numbers. The girls' quartette, composed of Mary Catherine Bock, Anna Lou Grifiith, Mildred Naumik and Mary Louise Lough, with Dolores Bock as novelty soloist, Martha Ann Pitzer, soprano soloist, and Bill Booth, tenor-aided immensely in the fourth War loan drive by presenting musical programs at the various theaters in Fairmont and outlying districts. In addition, the same singing group entertained the Fairmont Lions' Club and were their dinner guests at the Fairmont Hotel. The Girls' Choral Club, with the assistance of the Boys' Glee Club, will present the operetta, "An Old Fashioned Charm," early in May. All girls who are interested in singing are asked to join the club with or Without credit. Page forty-foufr lab .ai Q .,i,,., ,U I ' E 7' QE-.E-sis F? 525 f f "ffl ig: 311 1.1 i f? tif? f W if is Y '15 Hiifizg "f,.gg,3g- ws? 13' f?V f'g"':,.: : ' .iy,1s?g5,236,-Y'?51"?'f'f?1:1'Q,:,.x-4-X"'3fJ'T- y'ss,i55'3fE' ff' fqlsb-.l:31'ir5f' ' if iff 'gf 'i.sfif?x5:l'5?l 'Mis 'if'i.fE-sQf'a-' is "sim-"f',.Ql?s1t1"?EW3 - wie -W l if -Irigfwi.--5 .ee .,A1:f',sf2if'?'f',, . .. - , -yi' '.Z,,x3W,gQ,,,"saf-swift,,Q-,'2?.?f 53,555-,xg j I 5? ,Q x1l"i'1i' f -'4:ik:"1f, gif .- ' WFWQQ "'-gg, ''f'Q'. fz',",gQ,.ss wx: J-'-Q55-,vssf'0 ,s',Q-18" is ,S 1 13- s- iw. fs ' - " 'Q .ue E A, "f.:rg,s.afr-,.4557 , sf ,mms , r ',.:',.3J 9 -'jg . ,, . , ,gm ,vw, 35- ,I .A .L58,,-gusslg A ,V ,.38f,,,,-me-l, " i V .cv -f i A ' ' fa in 'ws 4 , ef-:w:.3:.- "E-ills . -14. - " fi' F L ' "2f"'. "s is li, .'-:fb-131 ',':fT-l-.ffyd ,.,.vE,J1f. ,,fq'-",-It 1-Nj' W 'V '-'QW' if iggw.::'1m.Eg",,.,gfg:f'ss1 V 135 fQ.5'VqH2j.9?:'? .55' f"'f A+-Sig 'A Rig . .3 if-N5 nl ses. VI,-. NAS 5 4 . w a ,Q-I:,:Fgf'g"+'gf'YQ."I'p- Ag mf,gfws"3?f i im: fxflftfi. ff- ss L'--sw? 2' is ' H fr ' ' 3,3-.134 zge,'s'?ff-2-Fm 5:89, V ff , f:1v,3.,,.f-ff-v ' 'N ' . 4 ss' 1 ": " "4 ' """-l'f3f-'WJFQI':sa 'ff' it 1' X -A 1 'B 5 SQ .82 , . W, , ,,.,x,,.., . asf. ww .a-:P MA-1 ::Q,'gxM,?k ,2W6?:',.n,J iwl. '.l:.:. has 1' News , he , , K .gf .M .-,, , , fi U , . QF x x Q R K - , I ff f css Q' 5 43' 5 E 4' as is ,xxx ef '14 X f x PY M M VH? vm, Af X5 521 Assylxlx ff X 1 A OX asf my .farm j 743 ' 'Q' 'XS M5 A-Q, , K 5, .se if HW sf 4 , .1 N ' sh wffi y six xe' sw ,, ff - f ef' A ifwwrrfiil lmxv M I ,Q .. .W , . ,, . .1 - , . 1 fs, .:f:.'s.ff'a::,, ,iz sg .5-ian. -J.x::2,g1i'fi33'lvl'-135'-.5T12:' ' . .. - . f .2 ,- ww w. as M I gg ,p 'V " .A p.,-fW'1,,'z-53. Aff K f',,:v:gj. 'if 3 21. -.-lf ,Q,.:gg...wSg:-?- 'ss' vi ' . 5'-l'-11' '.,2'22Q.::r--iii ff' ' 'H' 's x,-Q :ig V ".,,jv :fp TM - 1 :Q 4' g -K ,",,.g:i'35"?5'.5: K' f " "' ' Jm-v'X.l9S3T'j- ' 1.115 ig, Q, , .1fj3 .,gg.,-:w '-: " saw- ff 2- E: Y V sv eww- :Q ,. .. - . .22 is-X e.,.- - -fm .2 -4 V tis:--rffk. 1 H 'F' F' 3826 f:::, ,:'-'X-I: gjgxagsfa .6 K X Q-.i.'.Q,wx1-6 'YJ 'n.4:-2.14551 Q, fj , was , Kiss x. 4 fx , . . , ,W ,.,,, 7 ff fa f ,Wf,:.:-w.,f:m , .X n --1 ,:5 -, , Wfc1::::,s5s'zg' ,:,., Sv c ' iwzwfwfile- 541 . . ff- 1112555 , , l .. ,. , 1- el- 1 5lif'aQf?5 ff" W ' , I A 2 Ze :fri-. " A . ' . Q ' z , .V . - w 1 gilt' WGA, 1. - - at . ,, it fi .ef -V .gg ...V-Agbigs ixfiwb V. A -irxlxuet ,.ii.i -A--v.-:E-ij' f :ff '21 ,sgi lpff 5, Y -'gg ,N fl 'Y ,- 'mic-3-Wf -""16 i ' VAT " "'R.-1'9f95'1ff-- ' -:f- gf lfli xfiw , new A 5 " 2 fl! , ,,-.'gzf,,.: 41' ,:,,3W,w 2 f.,-,' .wins ,. -,vi g,'1'is's,2i-'Wife '. ' 1 " 1 Q '4 13 f -' ll -fiilfiilfh 1. 3 'Eg je if , , - , 'gf si ,5 ,6 3 ,455 -1x..:,5A - Q, ' iq --+ , fsgs?M,:f, i. V, Q . ,. if sl wg: f :V f V- if '5 ' 1 i:'l'i'lf"5fE , x gi? or l Q Q X Y L.. . . K i X 2 i Q 4 is ,ww 'WRQ 3 'sfgf Eglfms,fi l Ma Wg. W ,A 1 Qt! A A we is 33 13204 X351 V li 65' l i A X- iga Q llc? WL VXK ,fax sil gli xis pave yy, 2 Ray lib? ffl? '5 ,Ni 5 V55 K wisp 65 ,sim 1, 1' 2 x ,xr 3 1 wp l W KU' xx 631,511 WM ffl wi s if :ZZ l is - X 41 - 1 . f -. ' - W sg 152:-"5 A- W 1-wggaiggf-452' Qi' 9 ,x'::i5:fi.lP5if1f1 ys-Mm-32 r 1: - 21 e:- A' wc w ,455 ff 'fu-3-I-'s'4'51-5-fy Eiilfxfl 'QQ vs' , s'N.-,.-1, 1-:ms-I-vs " T, '-w'1v?ifiKg--A, .'.,:--mg,4::.g.,, ew -H32,:g Q, V-'Mm gg, swab-9 ' -M ,- ATHLETICS A school would not be complete without sports-this provides an absorp- tion of excess energy, builds bodies and strengthens the mind. Life is full of sportsmanship. A good winner is one who can take a loss With an undaunted spirit, and with a will to do better the next time. The American Way of sportsmanship, and the Way American children are taught to "do unto others, as you would have done unto you," is the reason for our excellent defense, cooperation, good spirit, and Winning qualities since the day of the "Mayf1oWer". Page forty-five FOOTBALL The football season for '43 was completed 'With the Farmers winning six games out of eight., Our team totaled 120 points at the close of the season, our opponents 45. Our schedule was somewhat hampered by the war and we had a little trouble getting transportation for the team. Of all games played, the one with Elkins proved to be the best. All of our boys really showed their stuff. This is another successful season to be added to the credit of Farmington High School and our coach, "Cassy Ryan." May there be many more of them. Captain ERNEST BAKER, Guard: Captain Baker was one of the best guards we have ever had. He re- ceived honorable mention for all- state. With another year's experi- ence, he would make all-state with- out a doubt. Being a senior, he will undoubtedly land in some phase of the service. After the war he ex- pects to take up football again, with the hope of being a coach. Baker's best game was at Elkins. STEVE KORSH, Center: This is Steve's second year in this position which proved to be twice as good as his first. We expect him to make all-county next year. He played good oiensive and defensive ball all through the sason. JOHN LIVITSKY, Haifbackz ' John was one of the best running backs in the country. He was a hard hitting, swift running lad who de- serves a lot of credit for the ground gained by his rushing. He was a junior this year, but is now serving in the United States Army Para- troopers. JOHN SOPUCH, Halfback: Sopuch was the passer for this year's team, and he did an excellent job. He was quick on his feet and aimed his passes well. Being only a sophomore this year means we can count on him for the next. STEVE HORVATH, Guard: Steve started out early in his foot- ball career. He is only a sophomore Page forty-sim but played as a regular this season. We are expecting more of him in his next two years. He was in the back- fields of the other teams more than his own. His best game was also with Elkins. JOHN PHILLIPS, Quarterback: Phillips, a freshman, gave the op- ponents a lot of competition in all of the games played. His best was with Elkins. Being a little "tuffy", he could really take that ball through. If Phillips is as good as all this, and he is, wonder what he will do in the next three years ? He really has the necessary qualifications. JOHN MCDOWELL, Fullback: This was J ohn's first year as a regular, but he proved himself cap- able for the position as fullback. He Was a hard-driving backer and when he graduates this year his post will be hard to iill. ,GEORGE TOOTHMAN, Guard: George was a regular guard, but was taken into the Navy shortly after his first game. George was rugged and would have played a good season. He is now in the South Seas. FRANK EGRESS: Frank, a substitute, earned his letter this year and should make the team next year. He played Well and We are expecting him to make a val- uable player. JOHNNY CUSS, End: . Johnny, a junior this year, has had three years' experience playing football with Farmington. He be- gan his football career in his fresh- man year and made the first team. Although he is improving every year we expect more of him in the future. He has played his position well and will probably be captain next year. We wish him luck. His best game was with West Fairmont. BILL COMPTON, Tackle : Compton just came to our school this year. He went out for football and landed the position as tackle. He helped the team a great deal and would have been hard to replace. Compton was liked by the squad, and although he has moved away, we will remember him as a "great guyu. . S FOOTBALL Standing: Johnny Guss, Don Weaver, Jim- my Priester. Lower row: Homer Orr, Captain Baker, Steve Korsh. Standing: Nick Sab- an, Steve Horvath, Pete Alasky, Mike Tonko- vich, Joe Craig, Don Weaver, Johnny Phil- lips. Lower row: Wade Hartzel, Homer Orr, Bill Compton, John Mc- Dowell, Denzil Tooth- man. JAMES MANCHIN: Manchin, also a substitute, was a versatile man playing center and tackle. He has earned his letter and will probably end up as a regular next year. MIKE TON KOVICH, End: Mike is a sophomore this year and will have two more years in which he can improve. He gave the teams a lot of opposition. HOMER ORR, Tackle: This was Homer's first year as a regular and he proved to take his position as a life time job. He would rank with any tackle in the county. He saw a great deal of action. He was hurt in the West Fairmont game, but was back in the next game giving them plenty of trouble. Orr will be lost from the team next year, but he won't be forgotten. His best game was against Barrackville. Page forty seven BASKETBALL The Ryanmen had a good season this year. In spite of tough opposition all along,-,we came out winning 10, losing 6. Of the first live players, only three will be back next year. The others will be graduated. Captain HARRY ALASKY, Center: Harry will graduate this year, after being a regular on the team for three years. Due to injuries in his sophomore year he was unable to be a four year man. He is an ex- ceptionally good shooting lad. He also plays good floor ball. He is the high point man of the team this year, having made 245 points. JOHN SOPUCH, Forward: John left us after the Barrack- ville game this year. He was one of the best forwards that Mr. Ryan ever put out. A goodpasser, floor player and a good shooting forward. His scoring for the part of the year he played was 66 points. . JACK TALKINGTON, Guard: Jack, only a junior, has played a regular position on the team this year. This is his first year, but much more is expected next year. He is an excellent passer, a good floor player, and also a good shot. His scoring for the season is 57 points. JOE PARRISH, Forward: Joe, a sophomore, has seen con- siderable action as a reserve, always playing good ball when he was needed most. Joe is expected to do much more in the near future. He has scored 23 points this season. JOE CRAIG, Guard: Joe is a senior this year. He has seen a considerable amount of ac- tion in his senior year. This is his :first year as a member of the squad. He has scored 5 points this year. Page forty-eight PETE ALASKY, Forward : Pete, a sophomore, will be back with us next year. This is his first year as a regular. He is a good pass- er, and a good shooting forward. There is a great deal expected of him next year. His scoring for the sea- son is 91 points. JOHN GUSS, Forward: John is the only Junior forward that will return next year. He has been playing good ball this season. Although John wasn't a regular at the first of the season he has been a good dependable boy. He was a good passer and a good shooting forward. His scoring is 58 points. BUSTER HELMICH, Guard: Helmich also a sophomore is a veteran of the United States Ma- rine Corps. He received a medical discharge and returned to school. He played good ball this season and is expected to do better next year. He is a good passer and floor player. His scoring for the season is 30 points. NICK SABAN, Center: Nick is a sophomore and has seen a considerable amount of action this year. Much more is expected of him next year. This is his first year with the team. He has scored 10 points. DAN STEELE, Forward: Dan, also a senior, has played where and when he was most needed. He was a good dependable player and also a good shot. His scoring is 10 points this season. BASKETBALL ,,,--.....,- ,,..-,, .,,. .4L,1.. " ..,I Away Away Away Away Away Home Home Away ATI-I LETIC CALEN DAR Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Total Points-120 Home Home Away Away Home Away Home Home Home Away Away Away Away Home Home Away Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. FebL Feb. Feb. Feb. Total Points-617 Page fifty FOOTBALL We They East Fairmont ......... ..,... 7 19 Elkins .........,.......... ......... 1 3 6 Fairview ............ ......... 2 0 0 Monongah ............ ......... 1 9 0 West Fairmont ....... ......... 2 7 0 Mannington ....... ......... 0 20 Barrackville ...... ......... 2 0 0 Rivesville ..................................... ......... 1 4 0 Season's Record: Won 6, Lost 2 Opponents' Score-45 BASKETBALL We They St. Joseph ....... ......... 3 8 30 Mannington ....... ......... 3 3 34 St. Peters ....... ......... 5 5 16 Monongah ......... ......... 4 0 35 Hundred .......,........ ......... 4 9 19 West Fairmont ......... ......... 2 9 31 Barrackville .......... ......... 1 8 27 Fairview ............. ......... 3 6 27 Rivesville ....... ......... 5 3 29 Hundred ...... ......... 3 9 16 Fairview ......... ......... 2 8 47 Barrackville ....... ......... 2 1 29 Rivesville ....... ......... 3 6 31 Monongah ..... ......... 3 6 19 St. Peters ....... ......... 6 6 16 Mannington ................................. ......... 3 0 50 Season's Record: Won 10, Lost 6 ' Opponents' Score-456 - ---- , -,- .. . ,. .. ., . X Y, . - . . ... .... .,., ..-. . fmw ., was U ., as X N ,.. .. .- I .-,,. , me va. , ,, , . ,.... , ,..,.,.,, .,,....,,.,. ...., . . . M. .. ,... . A , ,,, ,, .V V... ,v NQYXWFY N A- We.. swag, , Quwwmungiyefvmffi, -V '53 ff fm . -'-': Q '-XE Q552'53S'i5'i x V--"NeiA 6wv-cMw,uaw1Ee5,rmsf' .. . x . -"' few'M'-faerie,zefmesfxrvifjaQafiudfsafefqwfwf. ,, -Q11-if -A X . A W - idmfff' 'TJ - "-- - ' -. - - . 1 , f -- , 1 www-, ..-t.....,,,..w+fa ew, L wwmwfwff-3':f.,-,-'v"'..i slr' aavwrf- ' nw ,rf , is , " A-Wi, 52- 4 . is +4 1. A , " "f9g..a mM .W 1 '---. - ' z 1. :.:' .::...1 1 - i- " ,,,, ,. . ., , I e . . -,3. ,.,Wd5xW,w..WM .V , .... . ti.. ,Merc V, .im,. L A " ' " : N ". ' 2 ' '35- . :- ffgie , ' ' . . " 'Q "Z .-Jaaieifiktii -F75 , " ' f F.-5:1-ifqlf-,:i.'.:. " " v av "ff,fQ,1,',:f.',:."' ' 21" Q. 1.1 F- " "S "M-'3- ,',. ' i if i.'??.'iv E x if I . N :eu-me C X ,, 5 4 MK. M ,, , nigh, a ,gg ca- ffeaem' Y, aw xi: -f f ' W A N--M -2 '- ,-?'f5.52lQ',x , ' 1 ,INA ' :-' 'V iff. ':f 'EI.. i-' if'-. - , fff ', .yx,Ji.Jw . fe 0 A 1 ,1 :.. ,: V -. f -,-- we :L , . , i A,-A .. New A L., M ,.,,.,.,.....W,i,v.,xw.., 1.:.,:.:,.,,. ,. ft -. I .. .yy e f " . 1 e i"f5r':' 12' 3 ': Q ,weft-M-Zig -1:14 ,f:e,,-.HW 1 ' :-.Q-Nf'ewW:sf.fvL9?'???!?fvg,'L I-' ' W' , . ,- Q -'- E e ,V , . , it f 'wg-W, - ag -we -, , .ww-f143f"f':1 f . -g11sa--"f-:g,:..- ' '- , Q zz .wefj 5 'M',..:., K, " '- 2 .f .,..,x: :. ,., . ' 3.-:''f:':-i ""I '::'?:5i'.: 1:a:-M .: , ---'32-'15 1' W,. ,.m " wa P .. "-" Iffisa - ' -'-' - ' 'a ,I is 1 P ....., ef """ ""' 5:2 Z. ..,: --.,-v,45,,..m..-1 r' ---- Q , - 1, 1.-1, .:. 4-t Qi?-,3, H5 - - -.-,e.e-,:.M.1,.-Wt- 1,,,,, ,,,,,,, my "? z " " ' -- , if ' ""' milf: 1.-: V U ::." ,itZi2::., . , '--f.i,3 i?':2"'S2':f-"" 'lII 5 :- :Q t- .Af 11,5 Q -:- f y:--.,fj,j I. , K ...-,..ji2f-'.:,-.:3 -.,:g'.'2a,. .,' :. - -.Q :-?'1.,'f?ai 2?-1154?-. .- f' ,. " ' - ,, 1-xi wf5:,..'-1 1 .1. -ua: if 1- .:- .:. .E ':fs...e1.,::tw-f.:::ni...5::age-E.-fe-:-4' .-G ,N :Q-?':s15::2:9'?4':', , f i iFt:f::f::fe2:Qef::a::fisf::g,1-iz: ':1:'-e.1:i::a:.::-:-' vziz:-:'1r1.'-'ease '. 2 ..... ...... , fm , . .:- .- ,-,,: ,. : ,:,, ., -. . lim v .:3,v,:.eQ-:: Qgw w rm e::, +:-:-..,,. - -3-if-.5 ADVERTISI NG Our advertisers and other patrons are the possessors of the "American Spirit" which determines the success of our eiorts to maintain that liberty of which We are so proud. May their cooperation aid this book in bringing pleasant memories to its readers, entertainment and courage to our fighting Alumni, as Well as those at home. Page fifty-one Innunnunnunun:nmuunnmum LIPSON'S IEWELRY'STORE 326 Main St. FAIRMONT, W. VA. 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MONONGAHELA SYSTEM General Offices, Fairmont, W. Va. Page fzfty tlw ee Inunululnnumm:nnunulnnulnmmununmmnunmul nnunnu nuunuuun nun H' J' Matthews CO' Stewart Granite Leading Druggist Xvorks Prescriptions Carefully 2 C0mP0Uf1ded "The Nation's Oldest Drugs - Sodas - Tobaccos M9m0F1-31 HOUSGH Phone 28 - , Mannington, W. Va. Ph. 98 Mannington, W. Va. muumuuuuuinmunnuunnnunuunnlmunnmnmnu anlmnumnnunlumnumnmmmmunxun unnnuuuu ll nanulmnuninnu:muinnununumnnnmumuuuuinnunanunuuuuuunmn A. R. CUNNINCHAM ' . LUMBER AND MILL WORK A Complete Line of Building Supplies MANNINGTON, W. VA. Phone 30 nmnm nunnunmnnumnn vnummlumlllunuunuu1nlununuumululnnnnn COMPLIMENTS OF p TI-IE FURBEE FUNERAL HOME J. B. Lazear FUNERAL DIRECTOR Mannington, W. Va. A. P COMPLIMENTS OF THE Cut Flowers - Drugs ' WINTER GARDEN Mannington, W. Va. Phone 211-J Mannington, W. Va. 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Official Engravers For THE LINCOLNEER - 1944 numuuun Page sixty-three STAFF A N Virginia Robinson Mary Catherine Ralph Hess Mildred Naumik Homer Orr Bock ' Faculty Advisor Advertising Mgr. Production Mgr. Business Mgr. Editor-in-Chief J. Erdeljac Don Weaver M. L. Lough John Sabo, '45 Ruth Fletcher Anna Lou Griffith Production Sports Typist Art Editor Typist Production Typist ' Not pictured: Donna. Lane Ball, Production, Typist. BAND is 9 Page sixty-fow- 'Wu s fl' r l ff! AUTQGRAPHS WM Q 2.44 J My ff! Q' 32,053 J. X , LW Q " ZQWVJJWMJZA X w:w4fff f1HW W IJQWM' 4 ,L f ! 111,05 - ' -aw A ,Wffj X1 A Y ,,, 3 YV 'W Wd " in .4 ' T - , 3" fxbgrfit Q26-V ik Q JM img ,, W 'J' QV WP f 5 .- ,pf Pr Pubhslung Go., Inc S I ty-five 1 BOOSTERS Mrs. W. W. Orr, '16 Grace Price, '18 Louise Laska, '26 Matt Kolish, '29 J. F. Gribbin, Jr., '31 Kathryn Matthews, '31 Mrs. Docia Jones, '32 Wesley C. Gault, '32 Pfc. George Kolish, '32 Dr. J. J. Jenkins, Jr., '33 Cpl. Albert Jones, '33 Francis McCulloch, '34 Don Cooper, '34 Lawrence Parrish, '34 Rex Ice, '35 Thomas Woods, '35 Gertrude Gribbin, '36 Mary Butcher, '37 Sgt. Howard Gray, Jr., '37 SfSgt. Donley Steele, '37 SfSgt. Pearl Toothman, '37 Don Graham, '38 Junior Wolfe, '38 William Fletcher, '39 Anna Guss, '39 Cpl. Charles Patton, '39 Dorothy Conoway, '40 Maxine Criss, '40 Pvt. Robert Fletcher, '40 Genevive Ice, '40 Madeline Patton, '40 Pvt. Bob Tuttle, '40 Page sixty-six Sgt. Robert Alasky, '41 Louise Criss, '41 Junior Goodnight, S lfc, '41 John Gray, Am.M., '41 Pfc. Alec Horvath, '41 Betty Poling, '41 Cpl. William Clelland, '42 Pfc. Leroy Fetty, '42 Helen Guss, '42 Pfc. Herschel Lough, '42 Mrs. Jean Lipps Martin, '42 Pfc. Edwin Orr, '42 Junior Patton, E.M. 3fc, '42 Pvt. Steve Postellak, '42 Mr. and Mrs. Junior Robinson Cpl. John Shappek, '42 John Stetz, '42 Paul Toothman, '42 Robert Pyles, S. 2fc, '43 Cpl. Basil Toothman, '43 Pvt. Raymond Orr, '43 Clinton Russell, S. lfc, '43 Irene W. Hartzel, '43 Frances Manchin, '43 Josephine Piccola, '43 Mary Margaret Shamblen, '43 Rose Pollack, '43 William Zahara, '43 Joe Tatar, S. 2fc, '43 Robert Hawkinberry, '43 Gazella Nagy, '43 Helen Stache, '43 James Ed Lough, '43 Frances Kolish, '44 Julia Erdeljac, '44 Dora Louise Gray, '44 Danny Steele, '44 Jacqueline Hess, '45 Mary Louise Brooks, '45 Antonio James Manchin, '45 Dolores Bock, '45 BOOSTERS Anna Maichok Kolish Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Everett Lipps Irene Laska Mr. and Mrs. William J. Leeper, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Mahaney Pvt. and Mrs. Franklin Martin Harry McCracken Mr. and Mrs. John Manchin Johnny Myers Pfc. Charles Maichok Mary Maichok Florence McClain Ted Neizgoda Steve Priester Mr. and Mrs. Murl Pitzer John Parrish Dorothy Poling Louis Piccola M. C. Rosenberger Mr. and Mrs. Ersel Stalnaker In Memory of Albert Piccola Mr. P. W. Riggs Mr. and Mrs. Luke Staley Mrs. Julius Shappek Andy Rapchick ' Kenneth Rice Herbert Strope Lucille Straight Lt. Glen Toothman Chester Thomas Robert Toothman Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Evertt Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Fred Welsh Mr. and Mrs. Robert Starkey Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. J ohn.Yost E. D. Tennant Pvt. Ralph Clark, Jr. Kenneth Rinehart Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Jenkins, Sr. Robert Cooper Mrs. Louise Shappek A Mr. and Mrs. Edward Parrish Blair Wolfe Arthur Anderson, Sr. Ralph Broadwater "Pat" Beiterman Carl Booth Hazel Booth Martha Bland Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Bainbridge Dorothy Bland Mrs. Margaret Brooks Mike Blutro Mr. and Mrs. William Blankenshipf Frank Blankenship Howard Criss Genevive Criss Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Downs Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Erdeljac Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fletcher Sgt. Charles Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Claire Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Harry Floyd, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hawkinberry Wayne B. Hartzel Mr. and Mrs. George Horvath Roy Headley Mrs. Stella Hanus Bill Hunter Frances Capet Hamilton ' Mrs. Frank Isgan Jimmy Ice Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Ice Mrs. Jessie Jones Mr. and Mrs. Lester Jones William Koontz Macie Keener Frank Kolish Alberta King Lowell Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Gango Henry Suzek Page sixty-seven Page sixty-eight EPILOGUE WHEN THE RAINY DAYS OF LIFE CAST A SHADOW ACROSS YOUR PATH, TAKE THIS HOOK FROM THE SHELF, UNMINDFUL OF DUST THAT HAS COLLECTED WITH AGE, AND LOOK THROUGH THE PAGES. LET THE PLEASANT MEMORIES CROWD OUT THE WORRY AND CARE. WE HAVE MADE AN EFFORT TO COMBINE PATRIOTISM AND SCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES. MAY YOU REMEMBER WITH PLEASURE, THE NAMES, FACES, AND CLASS OF 214. THE STAFF 2-'XXX xx X x 5 :xg X ,Q 4, v . 1 1 wr

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