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THE LAUREL 1956 , , wg lWl,n.1,l,ga .., 4 m llil Pulnlmlqecl T C Ldufe Boar arlnlngton H Schoo Farmlngton, Malne . 0 r I!! .f L ff' , Y' .71 s mx fQ.,q vi Q Ni C s. 4 1 . 1 C n Q 1 1 ' S 1 X n X7 -- 1-F V , - 'N 4 N 3 . . . .' , . ,- , , , , 1 Y : Q xf - f- 3' 1-"i Eg .4 ig -' , .J . . N Q ' 4 5 71 'fl " " ' , ' mfg ' 71 'ag "H 'J' ' A -'i Lf "mx 5. 5. ix L iiui-i 1 , n U -1 :: u Q ..: .fl 47- -T I ' , A "-: -'f V "" , 4 r - 1, , - . -, v 'laid I. QM A as ,z fi - -' M.. ..,, 5 ,Qin 5 , A , ' vs. " - - T.. . L , , gf: ' " ,K R 31 - if - LQ Z:':"' Tp ,., A-W, 'TL ' ' Y 4 1.-f ., fa-. ' '-- i NN' --'LLYfuk5Q1ng l bv U of F ' ' 1 C C Dedication N K We the Class of 1956 respectfully dedicate this edxtlon of the LAUREL to THEODORE P EMERY In m apprtcnatxon of has nrelcss efforts and fnendly gundance durmg the past four years His helpfulness and mterest have been exceeded only by a full measure of dcvotxon on our behalf School Administration SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION Len Rght Leo lu 1 Arth The Laurel Board Front Row, Left to Right: P. Beal, Frary, C. Bragdon, F. Akcrley, D. Starbird, L. French D. Pike, B. Ranger. Serond Row: A. Fronlc, S. Thompson, B. Pratt, Benson, B. Atwood, C. Barker, S. Stinch- ficlcl, B. johnson, C. Reed, C. Pillsbury, Woodward, VV. McLcary, P. Small, Berry B. Thompson, S. Spear. Third Row: L. Frost, C. Bell, Flint, B. Besaw, S. Bennett, S. Howard, D. Clement, A DiStcfano, A. Hobbs, Lidstone, M. Nottage, D. Maguire, D. Hodgkins, B. Andrews. 1955 i, xi f P u It ,ff The Laurel Board Fo Fdztor B14 me Mmager I ltant Builflfa Managcr Phofogfaphy 4 lzstant Photography 11: Editor C Iafr Edztors Semor lumorx Sophomore: F2 wh men Typzxt -illumm Edztors Exchange Edziors I ztermy and Mzscellarzeous Editor Conznbutzom' Fleld Hockey Gull Ba etball Boy: Bax etball Gul S 1 Team Boy: Sly Team Traelg Bu mes Club Foofhall Softhrzfl Baseball Dmmatzcs M unc Intramural Sport and Checffezldez Frances Al-:erlcy Dxukht Starblrd C erald Brabdon I awrence Frentlm Dennis Pulte Darryl Clement VV1lfred McLeary Bruce ohnson Charles Plllshury Carol Reed Marrlyn Nottagc Shelba lean Howard Loxs Frost Anne D1Stcfano Sally Spear Beverly Besaw Sandra Stmchfield Carol Bell lean Benson Ahce Fronk Barbara Ranger Shuley Thompson Barbara Atwood Conme Barker Ioseph Frary Paulme Small Patrxcxa Beal Rodney Stewart Illl Flmt Ronald Smrth Charles Twltchell Sandra Stlnehheld Rodney Stewart Rlchard Thompson Roberta Bruce Damcl Magurre Alan Hobbs lack Berry Betsy Andrews Dxane Hodgkms . -1 ' if ....... ' ' V. Y . 54 55 z ...... I . Y .- 551: ' '5 ' . . . . ' 1 A". . . . . ' r ....... I t ' Betty Pratt ' x .... . . ' JE . . . Vx' 'S . . ' ' , . . J' 5 ...... ' 5 . . . . f Facult Front Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Dorothy Sayward, Mrs. Marjorie Reed, Mrs. Elizabeth Knox, Miss Iola Perkins, Mr. Harold Blood, Mr. Arthur Green, Mrs. Thais Linscott, Mrs. Estella McLean, Mrs. Leone Perkins. Second Row: Mr, Robert Friberg, Mr. Robert Greenleaf, Mr. Davis Bumell, Mr. Walter Reed, Mr. Norman Cray, Mr. Alden Mitchell, Mr. Timothy Mayo, Mr. Richard Could, Mr, Leo Ryan, Mr. Robert Downes, Mr. Theodore Emery. Past Present . ,X 3 Mr. Diehl Mr. Blood S may Q58 N52 9 58. f, C2 PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT V C' .. Q42 5, 'Tj . all X '1 SECRETARY al. CHARLES EDWARD TWITCHELL " Ape shape, i' " Twitchit " College Intended Vocation: Music Teacher Happy go lucky, noted for his physique. Track 1-2-3-4, Football 1, Boys Choir 1-2-3, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3, Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Senior Play 4, Class President 4, F. H. S. Minstrel Show 2-3, Ski Team I, Maine Music Festival I-2-4, Sandy And Music Festival 1-2-3-4, Musical Greyhounds 1-2-3-4, Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-4, Intramural Volleyball 1-2-3-4, jr.-Sr. Prom Committees 3. "It,s better to wear out than to rust out. " ELMON JOSEPH DYAR " Elm " College Intended Vocation: Engineering His quiet exterior can't hide his sense of humor, a nice fellow to have around. Senior Play 4, Vice President of Class 4, Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-4, Intramural Volleyball 2-3. " A friend when in need Ls' a friend indeed. " JEAN MARIE BENSON " Jeanie " College Intended Vocation: Teacher Always smiling, truly an all-round girl. Field Hockey 2-3-4, Co-captain 4, Basketball 3-4, Co-captain 4, Band 3, Orchestra 1-2-3, All-State Festival 1-2-3, Eastem Maine Music Festival 1-2-3, Girls' State 3, Chorus I-2-3, Carnival Queen Candidate 3-4, Public Speaking 1-2-3, Thanksgiving Dance Comm. 2, Ir:Sr.Prom Comm. 3, Sandy-Andy Festival 2-3, Laurel Board 1-4, Senior Play 4, Class Ring Comm. 2, Intramural Volleyball 3-4, Intramural Basketball 3, Commence- ment Comm. 4, Fair Booth 2-3-4, Class Secretary 1-2-3-4. " If you say nothing, no-one will repeat it. " RONALD WAYNE HOAR " Ronnie " College Intended Vocation: Radio-TV Production Quiet, sincere, a hard worker who is sure to succeed. Baseball 1-2-3-4, Captain 4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Class Treasurer 2-3-4, Audio Visual 2, Foul Shooting Contest 3, Ir.-Sr. Prom 3, Senior Play 4, Commencement Comm. 4, Intramural Volleyball 2, Laurel Board 4. "A man can reach no higher than he aims." FRANCES CAROL AKERLEY " Fran " College-Commercial Intended Vocation: College Always ready with a good idea, our head cheerleader. Cheerleading 1-2-3-4, Head Cheerleader 4, Freshman Play 1, One Act Play Contest 3-4, Graduation Dance Committee 1-2, Girls' Choir 1, Mixed Choir 1, Music Festival 1, Class President 2, Thanksgiving Dance Com- mittee 2, Mystery Dance Committee 3, Student Librarian 3, Softball Man- ager, Girls' State Alternate 3, Ir.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Senior Play 4, Co- Editor of Laurel 4, Thespians 4, Driver Education. " You must look into the people as well as at them. " DEANNA ALEXANDER " Dede " " Alex " General Intended Vocation: Service Outstanding in all sports. Field Hockey 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3, Softball 1-2-3-4, Girls' Choir 1, Mixed Choir 1, Band 3-4, Senior Play 4, jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3, Fair Booth 2-3-4, Art 1-2-3, Office Girl 3-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4. "Most people spend more time and energy in going around problems than in trying to solve them. " BARBARA IEAN Arwoon " Barb " Commercial Intended Vocation: College Fine writing ability, lots of talent. Field Hockey 1-3, Cheering 1-3, Laurel Board Exchange Editor 4, News- paper Stall 4, Public Speaking 3, Commercial Club 4, Health Council 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Student Council 3-4, Secretary and Treasurer 3-4, Secretary 4, Thespians 4, Senior Play 4, Fair Booth 4, Secretary for Mrs. Sayward and Mr. Reed 4, Assembly Comm. 3, Girls' State Altemate 3, Carnival Ball Comm. 3-4, Ir.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Sophomore Dance Comm. 2, Commencement Comm. 4, Holiday Ahoy 3, Driver Education. " I love such mirth as does not make friends ashamed to look upon one another next moming. " CONSTANCE MARY BARKER " Connie " " Stance " Commercial Intended Vocation: Secretary A big help to the basketball team and an eilicient sec- retary. Girls' Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus 1, Fair Booth 1-2-3-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Commercial Club 4, Thespian Club 4, Laurel Board 4, Exchange Editor 4, Basketball 4, Holiday Ahoy 3, Secretary for Mr. Reed 4, Driver Education. "Lovers who love truly do not write down their happiness." 'TT ti ' fx I , W' ' A - 2 'Ph wi ful' fun- A z PATRICIA BEITY BEAL " Pat D " Patty " College Intended Vocation: Physical Education Instructor A good sense of humor. Field Hockey 1-2, Basketball 2-3-4, Softball 1-2-3-4, Class Trip Comm. 4, Ir.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Senior Play 4, Fair Booth 2-3-4, Art 1, Laurel Board 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4. " Happy am I, from care I'm free: Why arenlt they all contented like me?" GERALD NIEL BRAGDON " jerry " College Intended Vocation: F. S. T. C. and U. S. A. F. Our class jester, always willing to give a helping hand. Football 2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3-4, Freshman Play 1, One Act Play Contest 3-4, Senior Play 4, Ir.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Thespian Club 4, Student Librarian 4, Intramural Basketball 4, Intramural Volleyball 3-4, Laurel Board 2-3-4, Boys' Choir 1-2-3, State Music Festival 3, Audio- Visual Club 1-2-3, Chess Club 3-4, Eastem Maine Music Festival 1-2-3, Thanksgiving Comm. 2, Holiday Ahoy 3, Intramural Wrestling 4, Intra- mural Badminton 4, Graduation Dance Comm. 1, Mystery Dance Comm. 3, Sandy-Andy Festival 2-3. "Better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. " EILENE CAIN General Intended Vocation: Nursing Very quiet and neat, has a nice smile. Girls' Choir 1-2-3, Mixed Choir l-2-3, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, String Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Eastem Maine Music Festival 1-2-3-4, Eastern Maine Composite Orchestra 2, Sandy-Andy Orchestra Festival 2-3-4, Sandy-Andy Choir Festival 2-3-4, String Quartet 3, Senior Play 4, Office Girl 4, F. H. A. 2. "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." EDITH MARIE CAMPBELL " Marie " " Ree " Commercial Intended Vocation: Secretary A nice smile. Fly casting 1-2, Office Girl 3, Treasurer of Business Club 4, Driver Educa- tion. "Education today means your lifetime tomorrow. " DOANE BURR CORSON Industrial Intended Vocation: Carpenter An ardent horsemang all around good fellow. Baseball 1, Band 2, Senior Play 4. " God is frst Others are second 1 am third. " CHARLES GORDON DAVIS " Chuck " College Intended Vocation: Undecided Our sports car enthusiast. Football 1 Basketball 1 Ski Team 2 Class Pla 1 jr -Sr Prom Comm. 3 r 1 x Y I ' ' 1 Band 1-2, Orchestra 1-2, Intramural Basketball 4, Intramural Volleyball 4, National Merit Contestant 4. SYLVIA ANNE FREDERIC " Syl " College Intended Vocation: Nursing A very talented girl, our class musician. Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Orchestra Librarian 2, Concert-Minstress 4, String Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Girls' Choir I-2-3, Mixed Choir 1-2, All State Chorus 1-2-3, One Act Play 1, Girls' Basketball I-V Manager 2, Second Violin Quartet 3, Holiday Ahoy 3, jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Eastem Maine Music Festival 1-2-3-4, Eastern Maine Composite Orchestra 2, Graduation Dance Comm. 1, Thanksgiving Dance Comm. 2. " Make up your mind what you want and keep after it until you get it. " Iohn W. Gates LAWRENCE HARRISON FRENCH " Larry " " Frenchy " General Intended Vocation: Physical Education Instructor A willing workerg always cheerful. Basketball 2-3, Baseball 1-3-4, Track 2, Boys' Chorus 1-2-3, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3, Art 1-2, Senior Play Usher 3, Fair Booth 1-2-3-4, Ir.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Eastem Maine Music Festival 1-2-3, Sandy-Andy Music Festival 2, Intramural Basketball I-4, Intramural Volleyball 1-4, Color Guard 2-3, Class Trip Comm. 4, Laurel Board 3-4, Advertisement Comm. of Spring- field 2, Audio-Visual 1, Fly Casting 3. " What good is a hand without fingers? What good is life without an education? " ALICE LILLIAN FRONK KK 7, KC ,Y CK 7, Intended Vocation: College A wonderful sport about everything. Field Hockey 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Co-Captain 4, Softball 1-2-3-4, Co-Captain 4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, String Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Girls' Chorus 1-3, Mixed Chorus 1-3, Maine All State Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Eastern Maine Composite Orchestra 3, Laurel Board 4, Senior Play 4, One Act Plays 1-3-4, Fair Booth 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Public Speaking 4, String Quartet 3, Sandy-Andy Orchestra 2-3-4, D. A. R. Candidate 4. "A busy person is a happy person. " MAUREEN GREENE " Rene " Commercial Intended Vocation: Airline Stewardess Full of fun, always ready for a prank. Commercial Club 4, Field Hockey 1, Laurel Board 4. " Live each day to its fullest, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. " ROBERT E. HAYES " Bob " Industrial Intended Vocation: Air Force Quiet, the newest member of our class. Gardiner High School, Track 1-2. "No one knows what he can do until he tries it." PI-IILLIP ALLISON HOAR " Phil 'i Industrial Intended Vocation: Undecided A big grin and a wonderful athlete. Basketball 1-2-3-4, Co-Captain 4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Senior Play 4, Ir.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Student Council 2, Intramural Volleyball 2, Thanksgiving Dance Comm. 2. " Not everyone can do great things, but everyone can do small things in a great way. " JOHN EVERETT HowATr " jack " General Intended Vocation: Barber Friendly and well liked, we enjoy his tall tales. Football 1-2-3, Track 3, Basketball 1, Baseball 1-2, Intramural Basketball 2-3, Intramural Volleyball 2. "If you try hard enough, you can get or do anything you want. " JAMES BRUCE JOHNSON " Bruce " " Ionce " College Intended Vocation: Engineering A good leader, always has something constructive to add. Football 1-2-3-4, Co-Captain 4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Track 3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Class President 1, Student Council 2-3-4, Vice President 3, Presi- dent 4, jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, One Act Plays 1-2, Laurel Board 4, Class Ring Comm. 2, Audio-Visual Aids 1-2, Intramural Volleyball 2. " TRY and TRUST can move mountains. " IOHN R. KERSHNER " Long John ', College Intended Vocation: Engineering Quiet, a wonderful person to have around. Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball I-3, Senior Play 4, Student Council 3-4, Intra- mural Basketball 2-3-4, Intramural Volleyball 1-2-3-4, One Act Play 4. "Work slowly and do your job right." HORACE LABREE Industrial Intended Vocation: Undecided An extremely hard worker. Newspaper Staff 1-2, Senior Play 4, One Act Play 4. " Success, the mark no mortal wit or shewest hand can always hit. " ,an 4-Q 1' X, -'KHP' 5' ar 1-4 f 5. 3 4-QQ, KENNETH ALPHONSO LAMBERT JR. " Ken 'i " Jimmy i' Industrial Intended Vocation: Mechanic or Camewarden Our grass-roots philosopher. Senior Play 4. " If you want to have a friend, you have to be one yourself. " KENNETH R. LIBBY " Rocky ', " Uncle Ken " Industrial Intended Vocation: Farming One of our better actorsg a fine sense of humor. Track 1-3-4, Senior Play 4, One Act Play Contest 4. " I'm not afraid of workj 1 could lie down and go to sleep beside it. " CONSTANCE IRENE LUCE " Connie " " Con D Commercial Intended Vocation: Housewife and Secretary Full of life and fun. Field Hockey 1, Basketball 2-3-4, Carnival Queen Candidate 1-3-4, Senior Play 4, Commercial Club 4, Class Ring Committee 2, Driver Train- ing. "I like workg it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. " '55, DAVID LAURENCE LUCE " Dave 'i Industrial Intended Vocation: Undecided , A small bundle of joyg noted for his blush. Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-4, Intramural Volleyball 2-3-4. i " Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. " 1 'i MARIE ELIZABETH MCCORMICK " Mike 'l " Mac 'i " Skinky " " WeeWee " Commercial Intended Vocation: Housewife Well liked, a line school citizen. Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Maine All State Festival 2-3, Sandy-Andy Festival Orchestra 2-3-4, Sandy-Andy Festival Choir 1-3, Sandy-Andy Festival Band 1-2-3, Eastern Maine Music Festival 2-3-4, Band 1-2-3, Girls' Choir 1-3, Mixed Choir 1-3, One Act Plays 1-4, Senior Play 4, Field Hockey 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Intramural Field Hockey 1-2-3-4, Intramural Basketball 1-2-3, Ir.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Minstrel Show 1-2, Cheerleading 3-4, Camival Queen Candidate 4, Dance Comm. 1-2, Dramatic Club 4, Softball 1, Secretary to Mrs. McLean and Mr. Emery 4, Fair Booth 3. " A live wire never gets stepped on. " WILFRED LEAv1T'r MCLEARY " Mac " " Willy " College Intended Vocation: U. S. Navy Noted for his artistic ability. Track Manager 1, One Act Play 1-2-4, jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Art 1-2-3-4, Laurel Board 4, Senior Play 4. " Youth - it's a shame to waste it on children. " RONALD MELVIN MITCHELL " Mitch 'i College Intended Vocation: Civil Engineering A great guy with a wonderful personality. Baseball 1-2, Intramural Basketball 1-2-3, Senior Play 4, Intramural Volleyball 1-2, One Act Play Make-Up Comm. 4. "Experience is the name everyone gives to his mistakes. " MARION L. MooDY Commercial Intended Vocation: Undecided One of those peppy little people. Field Hockey 1-2-4, Basketball 1-2-4, Softball 1-2-3-4. " Only one life will soon be past, only what is done for Christ will last. " R 'sum 'ZX l ' R fix 'ww is 5' fl 4. 1 'N 'Q 1- Q .. QS" ' -an DENNIS COURTNEY PIKE " Den I " Pike " College Intended Vocation: Electronics Our class businessman. Art 1-2, Boys' Choir 1, Mixed Choir 1, Audio-Visual 1-2-3, School Photog- rapher 4, Class Treasurer 1, Football Manager 2, One Act Play 1-2, Ir.- Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Laurel Board 4. " Do unto others as you would wish others to do unto you. " CHARLES LAWRENCE PILLSBURY " Chuck " " Pill D College Intended Vocation: Ministry Sincere, a good athlete with a good personality. Basketball 1-2-3-4, Co-Captain 4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Track 3-4, Intramural Volleyball 1-2, Public Speaking 1, Audio-Visual 1-2-3, Student Council 1, Intramural Speedball 3, Laurel Board 4. " All men's souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are both immortal and divine. " IOHN ARNOLD PILLSBURY " Pills " Industrial Intended Vocation: Undecided g Happy go lucky, very easy to get along with. Minstrel Show 1, Audio-Visual 1-2, Ir.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Senior Play 4, Senior Class Trip Comm. 4. " When angry, count ten before you speak, if very angry count to a hundred. " IACQUELINE ELLA POWERS " jackie " Commercial-Industrial Intended Vocation: Undecided Quiet, often blushing. Freshman Play Usher 1, Majorettes 3, F. H. A. 4, Senior Play 4. " Love that is hoarded moulds at last Until we know some day The only thing we ever have is what we give away. " ROSALIE MAE RACKLIFFE " Shortstutf " " Punky " " Peanut " General Intended Vocation: Housewife Petite, friendly, low boiling point. Field Hockey 1, Music 1-2-3. "It is better to be safe than to be sorry. " BARBARA JEAN RANGER " Barb " " Barbie " College Intended Vocation: Teacher Makes friends easily, good all around girl. Student Council 4, Cheerleader 1-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, String Orchestra 1-2-3-4, String Quartet 3, Mixed Choir 1, Dramatics 4, Girls' Choir 1, Sandy-Andy Festival Orchestra 2-3-4, Intramural Volleyball 3-4, Ir.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Senior Play 4, All State Orchestra 3, Eastern Maine Music Festival 1-2-3-4, Laurel Board 4, Eastern Maine Composite Orches- tra 2. " Maid of wisdom and of fun." CAROL REED College Intended Vocation: College An outstanding school citizen, always ready to give a helping hand. Orchestra 1-2-3-4, String Orchestra 1-2-3, Girls' Choir 1, Mixed Choir 1, Maine Music Festival 1-2-3-4, Sandy-Andy Orchestra 3, Field Hockey 1-2-3-4, Co-Captain 4, Girls' Ski Team 1-2-3-4, Captain 3, Softball 3-4, C0-Captain 4, Nation Merit Scholarship Contestant 4, One Act Play 1-2, Senior Play 4, Class Vice President 2-3, Student Librarian 2, Carnival Queen Candidate 4, Girls' State 3, Thanksgiving Dance Comm. 2, Ir.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Laurel Board 4, Intramural Field Hockey 1-2-3-4, Intra- mural Volleyball 1-2-3-4, Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-4. " There is nothing truly valuable which can be purchased without pains and labour." RODERIC SARGENT " Roddy " " Sarge " College Intended Vocation: Printing Small, easy going package of dynamite. gziketball 1, Baseball 1, Senior Play 4, Music Festival 1, Intramural Sports "Success Ls like a closed door. Push!" f" L.. 'l!""" 'NPN JULIA ANN SEAMON Commercial Intended Vocation: Secretary Nice disposition, quiet ways. Girls' Choir 1-2-3, Mixed Choir 1-2-3, Orchestra 1-2-3, Eastem Maine Music Festival 2, Senior Play 4, Oflice Girl 4, Public Speaking 1-3-4, Secretary for Mrs. Linscott 4, Sandy-Andy Music Festival 2-3, jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Intramural Volleyball 3, String Orchestra 2. " Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone. " DONALD HOWARD SEAVEY " Don " Industrial Intended Vocation: Undecided Big tease in a friendly way, makes friends easily. Intramural Volleyball 1-2, Basketball 1-2-3, Football 2, Baseball 1-2, Intramural Basketball 4, Track 4. " Better to be happy than brilliant. " PAULINE GLADYS SMALL " Polly " Industrial Intended Vocation: College An accomplished homemaker, a nice girl to know. Basketball 1-2-3-4, Field Hockey 1-2-3-4, Softball 1, Softball Manager 2, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, String Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Girls' Choir 1, Mixed Choir 1, Eastem Maine Festival 1-2-3-4, Eastern Maine Composite Orchestra 2, Laurel Board 4, Intramural Hockey 1-2-3, Intramural Basketball 1-2-3, Intramural Volleyball 1-2-3-4, Intramural Softball 1, All State Orchestra 1-2-3-4, F. H. A. 3-4, President 4, Sandy-Andy Orchestra 2-3-4, Instru- mental Trio 3. "Cheer-fulness is the sunny ray of life." ROGER LY1-'ORD SMITH IR. " Reg " Industrial Intended Vocation: Navy Carefree, class wit. Track 3-4, Senior Play 4, One Act Play 4. " There are a lot of willing people in the world. Some willing to work, and others willing to let them. " RONALD WILBUR SMITH " Ronnie " College Intended Vocation: Accountant One who is sure to succeed. Ski Team 1-2-3-4, Track 2-3. "What good is fun if you can't have It?" DWIGHT ALDEN STARBIRD College Intended Vocation: Engineering Jack of all trades, noted for his math ability. Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 3-4, Laurel Board 3-4, Co-Editor 4, National Merit Finalist 4, Sandy-Andy Band 2-3-4, Sandy-Andy Orchestra 3-4, Eastern Maine Music Festival 1-2-3-4, Eastern Maine Composite Band 3, Track 1-2-3-4, Senior Play 4, Onc Act Plays l-2-3-4, Newspaper Staff 2, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Chcss Club 3-4, Audio-Visual 1-2-3-4, jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Thanksgiving Dance Comm. 2, Thespian Club 4. "Achievement is the result of planning. " HELEN BARBARA STEVENS Industrial Intended Vocation: Undecided Quiet, happy and always ready to help. F. H. A. 1-2-3. " For we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, " Romans 8:28 RonNEY GOIXIJAD STEWARD " Rod " " Stew " College Intended Vocation: Forestry Management Class flirt, a real swell guy. Baseball 1-2-3-4, Basketball I-2-3-4, Football 2-3-4, Co-Captain 4, Class President 3, Intramural Volleyball 1-2-3, Intramural Speedball 3, Laurel Board 4, jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Scnior Play 4. " The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. " 'Z rbi -e""' 'NF MTH My' .M 1' SANDRA CHRISTINE STINCHFIELD " Sandy " Commercial Intended Vocation: College A good secretary, pleasing personality. Majorettes 1-2-3, Girls' Choir I, Mixed Choir 1, Eastem Maine Music Festival 3, jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Laurel Board 4, Senior Play 4, Office Practice 4, Drzunatics 1-2-3, Business Club 4, All State Chorus 1, Secretary for Mrs. Knox and Mr. Mitchell 4. "A sunny disposition is the very soul of success. " RICHARD THOMPSON " Dick " College Intended Vocation: College Silent, a good football player. Football 2-3-4, Intramural Basketball and Volleyball 1-2-3-4, Track 4. " Make wisdom your provision for the journey from youth to old age for it is a more certain support than all other possessions. " Diogenes SHIRLEY TITCOMB THOMPSON College Intended Vocation: College Diligent Worker, easy going. Cirls' Choir 1, Mixed Choir 1, Laurel Board 4, Intramural Volleyball 4, Intramural Basketball 3-4. " No one is perfect, but a blending of positive factors is the best recipe for success. " ARTHUR FRANKLIN VOTER " Art " Commercial Intended Vocation: Business College Quiet, but a hard worker and a friendly person. Band 2-4, Orchestra 2-3-4, Sandy-Andy Band and Orchestra Concert 2-3-4, Eastem Maine Music Festival 2-3-4, Audio-visual 1. " The harder you work the better the work will be. " FLORENTINE BARBARA WELCH " Tina " " Blondy " " Little One ii Industrial Intended Vocation: Telephone Operator and Housewife Talkative and friendly. Cleo Club 1, Usher at Pop Concert 3, Usher at Band Concert 2-3, Minstrel Show I, F. II. A. 2, Intramural Basketball 2-3, Candidate for Carnival Queen 3, One Act Play 3, Majorettes 3-4, State of Maine Apple Pie Queen 2, Usher at U. of M. Concert 3, Eastern Maine Music Festival 3, Holiday y Ahoy 3. "I can resist anything but temptation." IUDITII ANN VVOODNVARD " Judi " " Woody ii General Intended Vocation: Undecided Noted for her creative ability, a good conversationalist. F. II. A. President 3, Chorus 3, Senior Play 4, Laurel Board 4, Art 3. Saugus High School, Saugus, Massachusetts Band I-2, Cirls' Club I-2. " Worry is a rocking chair that never gets you anywhere. " LINNVOOD IIEIIBERT Yom: " Bussie U General Intended Vocation: College Laurel Board I, Basketball I-2-3, Football 4, Commencement Committee -1, Intramural Volleyball 1-2-3-4, Intramural Basketball 4. "lVlmt ever you haue, spend less. " CLASS INSIGNIA Class Flower White Carnation Class Colors Blue and Gold Class Motto We worked, We won. Best Students Most Athletic Most Popular Best Singers Best Dancers Student Poll Carol Reed Deanna Alexander Iean Benson Sylvra Frederlc Frances Akerley Best Muslclans Sylvla Frederrc Best Artists Iudy Woodward Most Lrkely to Succeed Carol Reed Best All round Students lean Benson SPRING There lS 1 loxely tlme of year W hen the b1rds begln to sxng lhe rohm chlrps h1s merry song Tellmg us 115 sprmg lhe young whxte l71I'Cl1CS spread thelr branches And don therr brxdal gowns And all the stately evergreen trees lose thelr snowflake crowns ln the near by brook the water flows 'l he woods aw aken as the blrds begln thelr song I'he sun shme hrrghtens and exeryone knows 'Ihat now at last 1ts sprmg Sandra Ross A SMILE You land ll here you find ll there Its always somethmg you want to share A smrle can chmge the wexry gloom, And hght up the dark 1n a room lt can p1erce the mght wrth a beautlful glow And help make loxe and understandmg grow Wherexer we go let's wear .1 smile lt wrll help us traxel that long, rough mrle Patrncla Hall Best Actors ......,.......................,.......,,........ Alice Fronk .,.......,...,..,......s...........,.,......,. ' K6 71 , . . . . . , . A f . 4 1 , 1 . . Y , Y , I . , . 3 7 ' , . Dwnght Starbxrd Bruce Iohnson Rodney Stewart Charles Twxtchell Doane Corson Kenneth Lxbby Charles Twxtchell Wrlfred McLcary Herbert York Bruce Iohnson N XS 57 A XL QW ,xg Q U 5 5 ,j 7 0 . J 1--v1v4iRX+ WGS mandar- ali' -sw -1 3338: :qu lv' as 'P ,. gif. -,.' 55: M 'vw' qw mx l 'Q B Z 'iw 'lie 'WG if Qin? ' ,QFWQQ my IDEALS Physique Persistence Sense of Humor Conscientxousness Industriousness Drmples Laugh I-Iorsemanshxp Personality Sportsmanship Integrity Sltunb Ability Blush Sports Ability Intellect Spealtrnb Ability Food Humor Eyes Grin Vkaxy air Co ordination Norte X itality Easy C omg, Ways Music Ability Frrendlmess Height Dummy, Ability Talkativeness School Spirit C ood Spirit Frecltles Iouality Consistency Retiring., Manner Originality Mcthamcal Ability Leadership Mrschtevousness Quretness Independence TOTAL IDEAL BOY George Gilbert Edward Maguire Charles Parlm Wendell Luce Bruce Hodgkins Lyndon Clark Ralph Hopkins Bruce Patterson Ierry Oliver Fred Iackson Walter Taylor Norman Twrtchell Ronald Greenleaf Dale Gomgs Ioe Frary Alan Hobbs Lawrence Greenwood Chester Iackson Clayton Wrlluns ames Goodwin Ixan Howard Fred Ross Leslie Richardson Colby Ryder Ierry Ingalls Gordan Keach Donald Spiller Richard Hargreaves David Knox Lloyd French Donald Ayer Dennis Norton Dale Rosenburger Mark Haley David Balser Herman Longley Keith Norton William Hiscock William Rounds Lawrence Turner Evan Churchlll Eduardo Ibarguen Bobby Nichols Larry Smith Wendell Kolreg IDEALS Hair Complexion Eyes Smile Lixeliness Good Taste Freckles Art Ability Good Humor Laugh Frrendlrness Athletic Ability Poise Disposition Serenity Iovxahty Horsemanshrp Neatness Personality Integrity Conscxentrousness Easy Going Manner Pe Sknng Ability Quretness Manners Vitality Emcrency Sense of Humor Independence Consistency Talkatrveness BOYS OF 1957 TOTAL IDEAL GIRL Marcia Sayward Mar1lyn Nottage Pat Van Derhoff Iudy Sawyer Rosemary Racklrff Anne Adams Ada Daggett Charlyne Paul Ioanne Marquis Elizabeth Welch Ioyce Stevens Eleanor Osborne Beverly Smrth Theo Averill Ruth Hall Mary Guest Diane Richard Beverly Roberts Lucille Wrllrams Sonja Pearson Mary Sue Kxlponen Rachel ohnson Anita Smith Roberta Bruce Suzanne Luce Marlene Hayes Beverly Besaw Kathryn Straw Mavis Mitchell Iean White Margaret Scott Eva Hoyt Carol Bell GIRLS OF 1957 ,.' Y . . . .......,...,.... ...., . V' 7 ' ' i ................., ......... . ,........ . I v t v---'v Iltii I . .............. ....... , . ,. 1 . H' I M A My I ' N .....,..,..,, .,.r.., .... . . .. l 1 -. my ..r..,,r......,.,..... ' 7. . 1 n . . ' I' r .,,. .,.,,.....,....,.. i I H -'-- ' ' ' ' uuvrvqpur H Abuu V .."A.v...4. Dancing Ability .,.. ..,.,.....,., . ' .Y N- ,-'v'. --A,-. ,----'4..--4.,- . . ' .......,.............,..,..,. ....,..... - 'i Y il ,,,, . , i' G ,.........,.....,..,.,.,..,.... I ' ' .,.., ..... . .,..,...,......... . -,--'-..-...4-........,......, .,.... i ' ' . I Y ..... .. , .....,..,v,....,. I . - - -mr., .. - . 'Y' i ..,,..... ........,. ,.... , . .. p .,..,......,....,...,....,.........,.....,.. 'hm Bbw I IM' if 'W' Q, ID-fl . x54 sg' Q D 5 ,Q . 1.3"- 31 NAME Betsy Andrews Clyde Barker Harruet Barker Sarah lane Bennett Robun Bugelow I-red Brahmer Gary Bergeron Robert Burton Dennus Butterfield lanet Campbell Pat Campbell Barry Davus Angela DuStefano lohn DuStefano Uleen Doyen Duane Ellus lull Flunt Keuth Fronk Lous Frost Aluce Greene Patrucua Hall Robert Haley Sherry Hemuneway lanet Hunkley Duane Hodckuns Beverly Howard Shelba lean Howard Warren Hunter Beverly Hutcluuns Danuel Hylan Nancy Ielluson 'lonya loseph lune Kennedy lay ne Knowlton lane Knox VValter Lamkun tlenn Lehto lane Ludstone lean Ludstone Feorge Lord Avus McCluskey Bernuce Meader Burton Meader 1 lyde Meader Suzanne Muller Maxune Mutchcll Anuta Mowatt Feorge Nash Fduth Nason Bobby Oluuer Frank Osborne Davud Puerce Burpy Pond Ronnue Pratt Leona Racklufl' lohn Ranger Vuncent Redlevskc Pat Ruchards Roland Ruchardson Gayle Ruchmond Arlene Robbuns Leslue Robbuns loyce Rosenburger Sandra Ross Bruan Rowe Roger Ryder lane Scott Gary Smuth Peter Spear LeRoy Thompson Brenda Voter Nancy Watson Avus Webber Norton Webber Carol Wetmore Sandra Wheeler Clarence Wyman Sophomore Class WHAT YOU AIM TO BE Nurse State Poluce Undecuded Aur Force Flught Nurse Teacher Draftsman Undecuded Servuce Farmer Nun Undecuded Undecuded Secretary Telephone Operator let Pulot Artust Surgucal Nurse Health Nurse Carpenter or Farmer Secretary Secretary Secretary Professuonal Ballplayer Secretary Nurse Secretary Undecuded R N bndecuded Undecuded Busuness Manager Secretary Secretary 'slurse Commercual Artust lab 'Ie-chnucuan or Musuc Teacher Poultryman U S M C or State Poluce lntcruor Decorator or Scuentust Aurlune Hostess U S M C Nurse Housewufe Busunessman Naval Officer Beautucuan Nurse X Ray Technucuan Undecuded Secretary Machunust Farmer Forest Fnguneer Chucken Farmer and Store Clerk Phys Fd Durector Womens Aur Force State Trooper Nurse Aur Force Nlusuc Teacher Secretary and Housewufe Farmer Nurse Teacher and X Ray Technucuan Mechanucal Enguneer U S Aur Force Mechanuc Womens Aur Corp Naval or Coast Guard Officer Rusunessman Chucken Farmer Housewufe Secretary Secretary Mechanucal Fnguneer Secretary Bookkeeper Store Clerk WHAI WOUI D HAI Pl 'SI ll She couldnt be 1 Nurse He couldnt hc funny? She wasnt good un sports? She dudnt tulte Druver Fd ? He dudnt have a Plymou He dudnt have a lord? Wasnt a straught A student? lle doesnt make the servuce? He was 6 feet 2 unches? She wasnt so quuet? She gut As un Geometry? llc couldnt be a clown? lf she wasnt always happy? He couldnt show off? She couldnt wear glasses? She couldnt druve? 'lhere was no Skuung? 4 H wasnt orcanuzed? A certaun boy duslulted luer? lluere was no New Sharon? She wasnt allowed to tool around He couldnt play ball? lhere were no boys? uc couldnt tulce lluoloey Suc couldnt bowl? Sue wasnt quuct? ue snt thc llc th u lle wusnt new un tluus school? uc couldnt luuclu at other peoples un? e pot an un ty uun lhere was no peruod Il study hall unuors ceased to exust? She dudnt huue a duamond? Slut dudnt co for boys She dudnt take Druver Ld ? lhere were no chucltcns? He wasnt bashful? She c uuldnt sut un the corrudor suxth peruoc lf she dudnt belong, to Student Louncul? llc couldnt tease the curls? She wasnt un the band? S e dudnt huue her brother to munuce hnancual accounts? Wasnt born a busunessman? cre was no ll tame to school on tume? Vvasnt a 4 H er? Someone moved Sugarloaf? lle wasnt tall and lanky? Dudnt have lony., black haur? Dudnt fool around wuth Dennus llutterhelt Dudnt luke llurpey Bt Ieslue Robbuns? Wasnt a fruend of Robun s? tonldnt fool uround wuth the other two? lhere wasnt anv sports? She became General Racklutf' Stanwood Park was closed? Dudnt have curly han? Couldnt talk to Gay Ile lost hus vouce? Couldnt play the puanof Wasnt any New Vuneyard? Dudnt complete the three some? Wasnt luked by everyone? Dudnt know where she could hnd zu Latun book? Dudnt druve a car? Wasnt quuet as a mouse? Couldnt dance? lf he had moved to Farmuncton sooner? Couldnt sku? Wasnt always smulung? F H S was a gurls school? Dudnt belong to Theta Rho wuth Lous? wasnt un all Sports? lf someone called luum Norton? She wasnt always lauu,hunp,? She was nousy? Dudnt work un the A 8: P? 4 - , it H , ' J ' ' ' ' ' 1 - th? , V - 1 -Y ut In h ' ' . , '.' ', I 1' ' ,, v L u s " . . f v 'I - su- A ' V- ' ft? 4 1 '. c ll' ' ' . . . Sl ' way ' ' u" of e party? -' ' sr-"'11 uf. v V I . uu f f "A" 4' KP ' L " s s rv- s' N- V f F , . . . . 'l ' l "Q 7- , l . e l .4 ' 4' - 1 ." her 1 t Y 'rub V . Y. FQ? ' , . .. B t ' Y Q 1 D '. l ', , l . u l ' ' I, v A ' ' 1 -1? ' h h ' ' le? . " l ' "" ' V l V. I ' .X . K K . " k . f Y-iiilfnwai ' N ' :X -.Qlxs-wwf . - ww-sgwf.xes1w,Agv was iw . ,wx . mf, Mg P535 'L W M... . Q M A MANS?" yr Y' li ' .,,, K A. 6?.."u- g s gif I A, 1 4 an 3 1 4 K' , 1 n M ,qw . Q ,Ax 5 . .Nm ..4-, N 0 A- n 1. x N Tk V s -wmv.. . ., xy S Q Y A R . ..:1 W ffmamfw .LV x u P bi ,..,,iq Ne E ,rn - L . ,fl 4 , Q 44 ., .. ......,.,r, . " -A-1 .. mqnwmww N ,, w m,...N..,,.....l,.. ' K f""'L-f- .. X ,f WNW. , .X U U' ,Y , -w..,....w-.mwxm-, . 1' ' Q ,YI ,. ., Q A ... M. ..W.....W..Q,.. .., ,V ., W.. Mx A A K , .. :M 1 Q - k , N ' 'Q Q ,L I , .,..4sk,.y ' A W' ' g-53,2 ,, Q - 4 - uf-.1,.,.?5fHN-2 -1- -, - '- W K ,. . m4,asxMw-.wwffisb . N ...rp flw -Q-..,, : . m ARf'Q:'I'T 1 az., - . qw mfifs-RW' X f f. W ' s 0 mlm 'R' ,s Pffe Bmw: ' A , N345-wwf, 7 F Q Qu 1 'ur Y NAME Gary Adams Maxme Barker Carolyn Barrows Harold Beal Barbara Besaw Gtlbert Belletleur lack Berry Betsy Brgelow Mane Blamey Terry Brooks Hazel Brown Davxd Clark Darryl Clement Guy Collms Kenneth Curner Ray Daggett Richard Daggett Laura Davts Iosephme Doak Glendolyn Dunham Clyde Dyar Wnllard lackson john Kenney lacquehne Kennedy Sally Lander Edward I..angen Sandra Locke Ernest Lowell Earl Luce Damel Maguire Wtlham Marcous Norman Marquis loseph Matthreu Chester Mlllett Lee Moody Eva Nuttmg Douglas Ohver Purlwood Oram Max Perkrns Louise Pnllsbury Donna Porter Ehzabcth Pratt Helen Pratt Nancy Rackhff loy Rrchard Patncla Robbins Rrchard Robrnson Charles Rounds lames Ryder lanet Sargent lanrce Sargent Rebecca Smskr Sally Spear Marilyn Tyler Noella Tyler Carohne Van Derhoff lulra Walder Stanley Walker Edith Webber Kenneth Whrtney Myrna Wnlkms Manlyn Woodsrde Phthp Wyman Constance Young Freshman PET PEEVE School Eatmg wrth someone Brllfold pxctures Algebra My height Enghsh Bexng smart Asparagus School Hot Lunch Teasmg Fxsh Nosy gxrls Cxvxcs Fat people Women School Dnmples Ianets taste of color Dnrty whxte bucks French Studymg Math Twln snsters and boys C ass Study hall students rn classes Bemg a blond Englrsh Englxsh Typing Lxttle brothers Bug srster Certam gtrls School Math Crvrcs Studying Englrsh Fngllsh People who ask questxons Macarom and Cheese People who ask questions Dentxst Boys Dennst CIVICS Grrs Latln Onrons Sprarned ankles Workmg for my sxster 56 Graduatxon Studymg Carrots Drrty bucks Saggy knee lengths School Baked beans Studylng Studying Latm English Home work FAVORITE SONG Rock and Roll Waltz The Great Pretender Teenage Prayer Drrsel Smoke The Great Pretender Brble Tells Me So Dungaree Doll Razzle Dazzle The Great Pretender Memories Are Made Of Thus Its Almost Tomorrow Its Almost Tomorrow Dungaree Doll Ballad of Davy Crockett Yellow Rose Of Texas Go On Wrth The Wedding Yellow Rose Of Texas Its Almost Tomorrow Moments to Remember Ballad of Davy Crockett Stxteen Ton Moments To Remember Memories Are Made Of Thus Great Pretender Thats My Gxrl Band Of Gold Cham Gang Srxteen Ton Great Pretender Srxteen Ton Its Almost Tomorrow Srxteen Ton Srxteen Ton Its Almost Tomorrow Great Pretender Its Almost Tomorrow Memories Are Made Of This Rock And Roll Waltz Its Almost Tomorrow Rock And Roll Waltz Why Do Fools Fall In Love Poor People Of Pans Rock And Roll Waltz Love Is a Many Splendored 'Ilnng Memorres Are Made Of This Rock And Roll Waltz Rock And Roll Waltz Teen Age Prayer Rose Marne I M4U Lrsbon And Trgua No Not Much Rock And Roll Waltz No Not Much Great Pretender Rock And Roll Waltz Rock And Roll Waltz Co On Wxth The Wedding Thats Your Mistake He Rock And Roll Waltz Tender Trap .. .. . . . .. ,, . . ,, ,, ' ll Y I! . . .. . ,, - -- .. - -- ., A nl n .. - - .. ' H ' n . . .. - .. - .- .. . . . .. ,, ' 5' !l .. - - ., ' I- n . . .. . ,, ' ' " He " . . ,, H .. .. . .. . ,, ' 5' ll . .. . . ,, . . ,, N ' li I ' ll - -- ,. . ,, . ,, . ,, . U . . . ,, ,, . . . ,, . ,, Betty Merchant " Oh Pal Of My Heart " . ,, . ,, H ' n . . . ,, ,, . . ,, , H . ,, . , H . . ,, H ' . . A ' .I . ,, . K. I y' . - .. ,, . .. . ,, ' H -n ' ' tl V 4 . . . . . - .. He .. . . - I .. Q K . ,, ' 'I uv ' 'I n ' I' I1 . A 1 u It - ', . . ll A ,, , . ,, . , U . - 4. 5 ,, U -- - ' ' H ru ' H uv K I' ll - H u . - .. y - . ,, . . - .. . . ,, . . K ' ll ll . . - .. ,, ll ll First Row, Left to Right: M. Gardner, T. Brooks, Lidstone, F. Brahmer, R. Hopkins, W. Hiscoclc. Second Row: I. Richard, S. Lander, P. Spear, T. joseph, R. Bruce, M. Nottage. Underclass fficers IUNIORS President - William Hiscock Vice-President - Ralph Hopkins Secretary - Marilyn Nottagc Treasurer - Roberta Bruce F RESI-IMEN President - Terry Brooks SOPHOMORES President - Fred Brahmcr Vice-President - Ianc Lidstonc Secretary - Tonja Ioscph Treasurer - Peter Spear Vice-President - Merle Gardner Secretary - Sally Lander Treasurer - Ioy Richard hm VIUQS Student Council First Rmb, Loft to Right: B. Ranger, Kvrsllncr, B. Iolmson, D. Spill:-r, B. Atwood. Second Row: Limlstonv, C. Rounds, R. Hargreaves, F. Ross, R. Bigelow. Newspaper Staff First Row, Luft to Right: Liclstonc, A. DiSti-funo, Frary, D. Clement, N. NVclnber, C. Smith. Second Row: S. Bennett, B. Andrews, II. Pratt, D. Iloclgkins, B. Atwood, S. Howard, Fol- som, F. Estey, P. Spear, D. Maguire, M. Gardner. F. H. A. First Row, Left to Right: B. Roberts, S. Howard, Hinkley, A. Fronlc, P. Small, B. Voter, 1. Sargent, B. Besaw. Szrcoml Row: Mrs. Linscott, F. Estey, B. Besaw, Doalc, Sargent, E. Nutting, Marquis, M. NVoodside, Folsom, Powers, P. Robbins. uidance Left to Right: C. Bell, Mr. Recd, C. Barker, B. Besaw, R. Burton. A-A, E f S, 1 'iw K... F 3 Q P 1 x -x M ' we , .- , ',",N's'. , 5 ir V Q 5 Q D. A. R. Candidates Left to Right: C. Reed, A. Fronk, Benson. Boys, and Girls' State Left to Right: C. Reed, 1. Kershner, 1. Benson. .mi '7-I3 ' ara' . ,u 'fit .Q vi, ,f 3 4 -an F1e1d Hockey Wllll the flne LO'lLl1lI12,, of Mrs Pstella NILLCIII the gurls 1 lfS1ly held hotlsty team had a very suctesslul suson th1s yur Tht 11st ALIINC H1111 xvlllflll was a hearthreaker as 1t was the only game we lost but our 3.,1r1s rully made a good Sll0NX1I1L, The season hmshed w 1th four 311115 one t1e and one loss Il1e 11n1or X ars1ty record showed fave WIHS and one loss The VHISIIY 11ne up w as as follows Left Wmg Mme 1XlCCOI'f'lllL1x Left Inner Sue Luce Centef Fozuazd Iean Benson Right 1711151 I1l1 F11nt R1ght Wzng Dede Alexander Left Ilalfbarlq Polly Small Center Hal but Carol Reed Left Fullback Marcta Sayward Rzght Fullbzulq A11ce Fronk Goalrc MHTIOH Moody Subs Charlyne Paul D1ane E111s Scores for the gbanaes were F U'lllll1gtOIl F 1r1111ng,,ton Rents H111 Rents H111 Chomel Cawayj F U'll1lI1Qt0I1 1' lTIl1lI'lQtOY1 F lI'I11lHQt0I1 F lI'Illll1Q1OI1 X1 111011 Cony Cony XX 11ton KawayI fawayI lhomel fhomeI Our jblflh basketball tt 1111 captamed hy Allce Fronk and lean Benson worked very hard th1s year In the W11ton game as IH many Farmmgton H1811 lost the game on foul shots F H S showed extellent team play 1n the Kents H111 game and due to the efforts the team we broke our 11nx and won 28 27 We are losmg e1ght SCUIOFS C Luce C Barker M MLCOfm1Ck I Benson A Fronk P Small P Beal M Moody 1l1e undergraduates though show dehmte prom1se of lmproung the basketball fortunes for another year Forward: C Luce C Barker M 'VIcCorm1ck Ianc Lxdstone A Adams M Sayward N Ielhson LINE UP Guards I Benson Fronk Small Bea Bruce M Moody G AME SCIIEDL LE QXIARSITYD FtU'lIl1l1gt0I1 21 40 Piifllllll ton 28 24 Farmlngton 21 29 Parmlngton 31 36 FdI'IT'llIlgtOIl FC Farmmgton F armmgton Farmmgton Farmmgton Farmmgton 21 30 Mgrs C LIVCIIIIOYC Sltovs he-gan Ixcnts H111 hy lay LIVCYIHOTC NV11ton Skowhcgan he-nts H111 XV11ton 26 21 fhomel 27 28 38 36 32 32 fhomcl fawayb fhomcl fawayl Cawayj fhomel fawayI 21 fhomel 30 Cawayl Paul, S M111er, S Spear, I Rlchard I V. V., .N ,. I. , .n Right Iialfbarlq ...,. ..,.. .......,. E 1 eanor Osborne 1 ' j T ' ' ' 1 1 ' Y 3 ' S ' 0 41 ' I 1 1 1 ' A 3 1 a 'X 2 0 1 'A 0 1' 1 ' 7 V' " . 'A , . .' ' . , ' . 7 , 4 v . .Y i. of , ' " ' - . ' ' ' : . , . - , . 1 ' ,. , . , 1 , n , 1 u Y L , Y 7 . . A. . 1 ' P. ' P. 1 - R. 3 S u--uni! BPS? 'lg f Girls' Varsity Basketball Front Row, Loft to Right: P. Small, C. Barker, Benson, N. jellison, M. McCormick, P. Beal, M. Moody. Scmnfl How: Mrs. McLean, Coach, C. Paul, R. Bruce, A. Adams, M. Sayward, A. Fronk, J. Lidstonc, S. Milh-r, C. Luce. Girls' V. Basketball Front Row, Left to Right: D. Ellis, E. Webber, S. Lander, H. Brown, B. Bcsaw, S. Hem- ingway, N. Raclcliif, B. Andrews. Second Row: 1. Richard, Manager, 1. Lidstonc, B. Pratt, D. Richards, C. Barrows, D. Hodgkins, A. Daggett, J. Folsom, A. McCluskcy, Mrs. McLean, Coach. Bragg., kfm5e S at f""'wr"-s nil '1' "WZ ,x -Q sy x L A M' 512 x x X .J Q, xx-Ja A Q1 1 ' n 1 fs ' 3 - -Si sms' xv: ANN 9 5 1 X o i I' 0 - 1.1 X. . . MX f fx v 6 N v W' ' : C , Ni. x ' ' i. ff. "'2::f-"' 33189 ,fm W.. . wi - " K -1 , vq - xx'-M 'L R , 451 R A.. I .K 1 v x , 'A 1 . ,. , 4 , A 'R I EQ? ,, if V gm EW' -4 1 56 if '95 wa Y x Q H 15 14 X df if v A4 L, 1 M ' ' AaQ,.,4sv-U"-f ' - - First Row, Left to Right: C. Smith, R. Roux, C. Pillshury, L. XVehlwr, C. Bergeron. Second Row: Coach Frilwrg. S. Ross, D. Ilardy, R. Iloar, P. Hoar, B. johnson, N. Twilehell. Baseball 1955 The Farmington Iligh School Greyhounds ended their 1955 campaign with a two and four record, to place third in the Sandy Andy circuit. The Creys opened their season on May 3rd against their arch rivals NVilton Academy. Charlie Pillshury led the F. ll. S. ellort with one hit in two trips. Mr. Friherg's Diamond Cadets evencd their record to one and one on May 10 when the Greys met Livermore Falls at the Hippach Field. Led by Bobby Roux and Charlie Pillsbury the Creys collected an eight to six decision over the Andies. The Creys were set hack six to two hy a strong Iay team on May the 12th. Lucius Welwlicr led the Greyhouinds with two hits in four trips to the plate. F. H. S. met defeat again on May 17 when they were edged six to five on their own diamond by Wilton. The Greys were led hy Charlie Pillsbury and Bruce Iohnson collected one hit in two trips apiece. The Greys traveled to lay for a game with Livermore Falls on May 19. There F. H. S. collected their second win of the season seven to live. First Row, Left to Right: C. Bragdon, S. Butler, L. Richardson, B. Wing, R. Roux, G. VVt-hher, C. Ryder. Sermul Row: Coat-h Downes, R. Bigelow, D. Frohhins, F. Iaelcson, B. Johnson, C. Pillsbury, R. Smith, D. Alexander, G. Nash, R. Smith, I. Howard, F. Ross, L. French. Track The 1955 track season opened with a turnout of thirty hoys. The season's record was a successful one, including a win over Class I. Stephens High. F. H. S. won the County Meet for the eleventh successive year, though pressed hy runner-up Iay. Five hoys qualified in the State Meet for the New linglands: Bruce Wing in the 880, Gerald Webber in the hroad jump, Charles Pillsbury in the 220, Les Richardson in the javelin and Ronald Smith in the 440. FQ ur..-., -. Qu' 3 53' I ,,f. M ip M M First Row, Left to Right: W. Rounds, N. Twitchell, R. Smith, C. Ingalls, F. Ross. Second Row: P. Spear, D. Hom, N. Webber, R. Bigelow, Mr. Could, Coach. Boys' Ski Team The ski team with Norm Twitchell, Fred Ross and Bill Rounds leading the way as four event men, did well this year. They took the Edward Little Carnival for the first time of any team from Farmington High School. A good cross-country run at the end of this meet pulled them through on top. The team missed 2nd place in the Easterns by only one half point. Robin Bigelow came through in this meet with a fourth in cross-country, only a few seconds from the winning time. He proved himself to be one of the best runners to come from this school. Robin has two more years to help the team with his good running. They can hope for a very good season next year for they are only losing one man this year. The results are as follows: Farmington 2nd Rumford Meet Farmington lst Edward Little Camival Farmington 4th Rumford Camival Farmington 3rd State Meet Farmington 5th New England Meet Farmington 3rd Eastern Meet Farmington lst Kents Hill Meet Farmington lst Colby Freshman Meet Basketball First Row, Left to Right: C. Ryder, M. Haley, B. Davis, F. Bruhmer, R. Pratt, L. Robbins, D. Roscnburger, B. Hodgkins. Second Row: Coach Emery, W. Taylor, G. Gilbert, G. Nash, D. Spillcr, C. Lelito, E. Churchill, M. Maguire, Manager I. Frary. Freshman Basketball First Rmr, Lvft to Right: R. Daggvtt, D, Oliver, L. Cr:-cnlnw, R. Daggvtt, D. Clvlllvllt. gl'l'H7lll Ilmr: Conn-li Frilwrg, Il. liml, G. Ili-llofli-iir, E. lAlllgL'll, T. Brooks, S. XViilkcr, NV. lloar, E. Luce, Ryder, Couch Downes. First Row, Left to Right: l. Howard, C. Pillsbury, P. Hoar, R. Hoar, B. johnson, R. Stewart, D. Coings. Seeoml Hour: Manager D. Knox, L. Clark, Goodwin, C. Parlin, F. Iaekson, Coaeh Mayo, Manager Frary. Varsity Basketball At the beginning of the season Farmington was classified as a class " I." school. After bowing to a strong Lisbon five we went on to defeat Leavitt. Farmington lost to lay, then was edged by VVilton in an overtime. l7arniington was defeated in the next three games by Skowhegan, Madison and lay. We then rolled over Wilton before bow- ing to Livermore and liridgton. The next two games resulted in a win over Leavitt and a loss to Livermore. We defeated Kingfield and then lost to Wilton in the Semi-finals. The following week we edged Strong for third place honors. VVe trampled Windham after falling to class " L " Madison. lligh scorer for the season was llruce Iohnson with 159 points, followed by Phil Hoar QISSQ, Charles Pillsbury HSS? and Ronny Hoar 41009. Farmington Opponent Famiington Opponent 47 Lisbon 53 48 Bridgton 65 50 Leavitt 26 59 Leavitt 37 87 lily 59 38 Livermore 57 32 Wilton 35 58 Kin gfieltl 45' fovertimel 33 XVilton 40' 65 Skowhegan 75 50 Strong 49' 37 Madison 43 44 Madison 66 44 Jay 46 80 VVindham 56 49 Wilton 34 58 Skowhegan 60 31 Liverm ore 63 54 Alumni 47 Franklin County Tournament " s?'v A Front Row, Left to Right: F. Ross, I. Kershner, C. Ryder, R. Thompson, B. johnson, VV. Rounds, C. Nash, D. Spiller, Coach, Mr. Friberg. Seeorul Row: C. Rounds, Manager, N. xVl'lllX'I', I. Howard, G. Smith, R. Pratt, F. Brahma-r, F. jackson, H. York, Bragdon, M. Maguire, P. Spear, Manager. 'Fliird Row: T. Brooks, D. Maguire, Berry, R. Daggett, D. Clark, C. Lord, R. Daggctt, D. Horn. Football 1955 Although we had a hard year in the '55-'56 football season, we think that next year's teams will have profited from the experience they gained this past year. YVe had a rela- tively young inexperienced team this year because of the fact that not enough cared or wanted to go out for the sport a couple of years ago. VVe had only four returning seniors this past season where we should have had a whole team of them in a school the size of Farmington. We hope, and we are sure everyone hopes, that more enthusiasm will be shown toward football in the next few years. lf enough enthusiasm is expressed next year in the school and its male population, next year's score should be reversed. The four returning seniors were Bruce Iohnson, Richard Thompson, Iohn Kershner and lerry Bragdon plus Herbert York who came out his last year and made the team. Rod Stewart was out because of a shoulder injury. After a long, hard season we had the following scores: wins 0, losses 9. Farmington Opponent 6 Wilton 13 7 Madison 27 7 Livermore 12 14 Winthrop 40 0 jay 26 0 Brid gton 14 0 Lisbon 4 1 0 Mexico 39 0 Wilton 18 S 307 C 5.55 Q? S Eng? 'W 1 A 5 I L, 1 ,W 1 Xf A J WHAT HIGH SCHOOL MEANS TO ME AND WHAT VALUE I PUT ON WHAT I AM LEARNING To me hugh school us the most umportant step un all our school years I have learned to work as part of a team whether un sports or un the class room I have learned to luve wuth dufferent personalutues to help them as well as myself My hugh school days have been vocatuonal traun ung for me un the fuelds that I am unterested un most and un what I am best suuted for Thus work us the first step toward a career I have found easuer ways to solve problems and I have found an aum un lufe Hugh School to me us a concentrated college where I learn to narrow down the dufferent types of occupatuons to the ones I luke best I have passed the stage of the three R s readung wrutung and aruthmetuc as un grammar school though I have not forgotten them I am de votung more tume to luterature to wuden my held of thunkung I have trued to get a well balanced educatuon and develop unterests and hobbues to help occupy my spare tume to good advantage Our schools today encourage our unterest to books musuc and art as well as athletucs and hobbues Our hugh school traunung has helped us to adyust to the rapud pace of modern luvung con dutuons Hugh school has taught me how to be a good cutuzen to vote wusely and to carry out responsubulutues how to hnd unformatuon and to keep unfornued on current events Through hugh school traunung I have been taught to express my opunuon to make decusuons to duscuss problems calmly and to know the purpose of scuentuflc thunkung I lcnow how to take an actuve part un the affaurs of my commuuuuty state and natuon Uur hugh schools today show more unduxuduul unterest un the students and theur aum IS to pro duce 1 well trauned cutuzen Shurley Thompson AMERICAN MUSIC Musuc us the most unuversal of all languages It can express more eunotuon and untensuty of thought and feelung than any other language Musuc us found un all parts of the world un habuted by man In fact ut was here before man Dont the bcruptures tell us that the stars sang together at the Creatuonp The musuc of every people has some out standung qualuty or characterustuc whuch dustun guushes ut from that of every other type thus makung ut dustunctuvely typucal of that people The harsh atud crude barbaruc musuc of the swarthy New Lealand aboruguml presents a very deep and strukung contrast to the rehned musuc of the temperamental European What us true of the musuc of all other natuons should undeed apply to that of our own natuon Iuu fact ut us true that our musuc us more or less typucally Amerucan But Amerucan musuc us stull un uts unfancy and not untul some future tume shall we be able to express our udeals and aspuratuons un our musuc Our musuc dud not begun at the landung of the Pulgrums or at the recognutuon of our unde pendence as a natuon Our forefathers had no tume for musuc They were wrestung the coun try from the wulderness and establushung homes They were lendung every effort to organuze and form a government There were many elements from all parts of Europe present each one contendung for domunance over the other These elements finally converged unto a harmonuous unut wuth the result that our musuc commenced to gaun uts unduvudualuty The culture of our cuvuluzatuon unfluences our musuc and musucuans Even though an Ameru can musucuan us of foreugn burth or parentage ut does not follow that hus musuc also be foreugn He us unfluenced by the character of our people and country and by other composutuons and the guven great beauty and character to our musuc Many Amerucans of foreugn burth luke Hoffman and Rachmanunoff have helped to make our musuc what ut us today At the present tume there us a confluct between two dustunct types of musuc the classuc and popular It has been preducted that some tume the classuc and popular musuc wull become so enmeshed that they cannot be dustunguushed from each other Pessumusts thunk ut wull de grade and lower the standards of the classuc However those who are blessed wuth a broader outlook feel that the resultung combunatuon wull be one that wull Iittungly represent the hughly cultured natuon of whuch ut wull become a part Amerucan musuc has taken only a few tot terung steps toward uts goal It us stull un uts unfancy I belueve that as we grow older and stronger as a natuon our musuc wull grow wuth us and wull become stronger and more expressuve untul at length ut wull be as an expressuve re Hectuon of us of our udeals and ambutuons Thus wull be the new musuc that wull be dus tunctuxely and typucally Amerucan Sylvua F rederuc Q . . Y . . , 1 ' ' , . . . , . , , . . . f . Y Y ! 7 . H - 1 , I y . . . . . . - ' u ,Y L . . . . . . . Y 4 3 ' ' Y , , - tume peruod. In many cases foreigners have 3 . . . . ' Y I . I . . I 1 . a I . l I 7 ' . . . .1 ' ' 1 I , U . . Y . . , l . I . T . . .. . . . - 1 ' ' ' , . 'limb -Q agar' nf' pau if "ff ,fi 1 .Tf ' ff JL F ' V "1 P' , 6 .v, ,f 5 S ff ,, 3 M ,A as K A mi' , -1 . , c 1 k Q Y l if ,xv P Q H f it 'skx Q It Q Nw any X ,V I , x I X: 1 5' 71 T, X I 5. -rn QM LII A 'F' V ig -,ID LU A 'I ,J ' ",f"' Mk ,.., -1- y I 'li' 1 Jswmff' NW Nfl!" 'f .lilly X , f,4r'1 fl 5 55555 3 E K.: ff? .fs s Q , it 1- YQ 2 93' A-IV! Q M 'K 'QP' 'xl N.. Music In the hind this year, there ire thirty fixe members The hind furnished music for one 'issembly find sexeral rallies ind footbill games ln the orthestm there ire lorty two members The orthestri his pl iyed it the Senior Play tor txxo nights ind at 1 public meeting during hducation VVeelt This organimtion won nitionil retognition lor 3 second time by being muted to 'appear in the First Chair of Rmerici 1 n ition tl year book that honors outstanding music groups in the country who make up the girls tnd boys choir The chorus sang :it in 1ssemhly 'md gmc .1 Lhristmts concert which was brotidtast oxer WRUM In the string orchestra there are nineteen members The string orchestra played at two 1ssemblies All the groups will talte ptrt in the Fmnlclin County Festix 11 to be held in ay on March 73rd and will iudxtion in Bingham at the Ertstern Maine Festnal Lentral Dm sion on Mty 5th Farmington High School will be represented at the All Qtate Festnal held in Bangor April 4 7 by eighteen students from the three milor organtzitions i U . . ' ' ' ., 1 . . i . "1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 ' Q ' ' ' . The chorus is composed of forty-two members, including thirty girls and twelve boys v 1 v y ' -' , -' . - v I x ' . . ' . , , . , V . V 4 V. I . . K. , l 1 I . . . N . . -. , . . - ' Q '- . . Y .Q . A x I . Y . , A l ' , 4 i i c A . QL Mixed Chorus First ltozr, Imft to Right: Richard, Pearson, S. Ross, M. XVilkins, C. Barrows, C. Rich- mond, Ni. Scott, M. Sayward, C. Dunham, L. Pillsbury. Svroml How: Ni. Bhmwy, IC. Nason, T. joseph, A. Mowatt, B. Bigelow, Rosenburger, M. NVoodsidi-, S. Milli-r, II. Pratt, Knox. Third Row: Doak, N. Rackliii, B. Pratt, Lander, H. Brown, Kcnncdy, M. Kilponcn, I.. Raclaliii. Fourth Row: Ranger, C. Smith, Frary, N. NVcbber, L. Crcenlaw, K. Fronk, D. Rosen- hurgcr, B. Patterson. First How, Lvft to Right: S. Frederic, A. Fronk, A. McCluslccy, Richard, S. Howard, Flint, B. Ranger, T, Averill. Second How: P. Small, E. Cain, M. McCormick, A. Hobbs, M. Sayward, A. Adams, R. Bige-low, Ingalls, B. Voter, M. Kilponcn. Third Hmr: IJ. Rivhard, A. Smith, IJ. Horn, A. Votcr, H. Brown, A. Burton, R. Bruce, C. 'I'witi-ht-ll, NY. Rounds, D. Clement, IJ. Knox, R, Pratt, S. Hawes. Standing: Knox, C. Richmond, D. Ellis, Miss Perkins, D. Hovcy, C. Recd, Ross, D. Starhird, Lidstone, Lidstone, Berry, M. Scott, F. Ross. rchestra FX if? mg, E 921' wa V .N- ,I 1, 2, ent , - 1 ,, 2 ,HM 5 , flfgx' . flu 5 . 11 9? ni ? x :Q E ' F i.!"1:l 'lull 4 M TT 2: SQ , Q 4 ,,,Q Al: X. 1-51 .. Q 3 is f .RQ ,l t 6 K V, I N 9 6 'S A F Q It "5 fx f , J Y ' W . 5 ' b ,fl i Q iqi Q 1 ' W. f .Q V 3 ' i fb ! ' sz I f 4 I . A i 'U Q -Ffh Q Carnival Ball First Row, Left to Right: C. Reed, C. Luce, S. Spear, Benson, R. Bnxce. Second Row: M. McCormick, A. Adams, I. Flint, Carnival Queen-Tonya joseph. Qs f, -Q.. Q I- ,,,,, W X A A , an fy Q XS S l . -. . A-f--1--W--M - his - 1 0. - Q-. ' ...T-if Public Speaking First Row, Lvft to Right: A. Holrlms, A. Fronlc, Frairy. Svvmul Row: S. Bm-nnctt, U. Doycn, Sc-muon, M. Cnrclncr. RIAINE ALL-STATE BIUSIC FESTIVAL Firxt Rmr, Left tn Right: Knox, C. Ricllmoncl, A. McCluslcey, D. Richard, A. Adams, M. Saywurcl, M. Scott, Richnrcl. Sevmul Rmr: T, Averill, A. Fronk, E. Cain, C. Rounds, XV. Rounds, G. Ingalls, P. Small, Flint, A. Smith. 5 5 J 5 3 I. V. Cheerleaders First Row, Lvft to Right: B. Pratt, M. ML-Cormick, Captain, S. Spear. Scvmul Hour: P. Vim Dcrhofl, C. Burrows, B. Ranger, C. Dunham, A. Mowzltt. Audio Visual Group Seated: D. Maguire, M. Cnrclnvr, D. Hylan. Standing: Mr. Emory, XV. Hiscock, D. Spillcr, L. Clark, F. Braluncr, D. Oliver, D. Starbird, I. Berry, XV. Lamkin, L. Greenwood, S. Walker, C. Meader. . - - Q A V ,, ---,,,, ,. -r , S --v.. ' P ' ,. ..z. me M -- if 5 5 h ..-v-vi' W ' ,,,,whi . - X Q . - f r" 55 , I gg' rf... J K QA? mm Q., T N-an.. First Row, Left to Right: j. Richard, B. Bigelow. Sccmul Row: P. Van Derhoff, S. Pearson, F. Akerley, Captain, M. Willcins, Flint. Varsity Cheerleaders Under the guidance of Mrs. Linscott, the Varsity cheerleaders made up a very good squad. They were full of new ideas and always looking for suggestions to put into a cheer. The result was a number of new cheers and routines. Three remaining from last year and five more added this year the members are, Frances Akerley, Sonia Pearson, Pat Van Derhofl, Diane Ellis, jill Flint, Ioy Richards, Betsy Bigelow, and Myrna VVilkins. Frances Akerley was elected captain. ffice Workers First Row, Loft to Right: P. Br-nl, SL-amon, S. Stincllficld, Flint, A. DiStefano. Second Row: B. Andrews, M. Mita-lncll, Sawyer, B. Meader, S. Howard, C. Young. C. Vim Derholf. X Q A Q., iw, li Driver Education Front Sent: C. Barker, Mr. Mitchell. Back Seat: D. Hoclgkins, N. jellison, P. Van Derhoff. :aw f , IM 'E 'R Q jg . v 4 if .5 if 4 L-.N-X N514 ,Em mg 9? an ,'?""""'0 u0Hff3'l CCA Wwmw .-vw... ..X...r. ,A MM- ' " .- 'S 'Wil if ' E VEHHEEL ,b 4 t. Xf3',,,...-1, we 'N i Senior Pla Left to Right: Dwight Starbircl, Marie McConnick, Charles Twitchell, Connie Luce, Barbara Ranger, Gerald Bmgdon. ne Act Play Contest Imft to Right: Frnnvvs Akcrlcy, Alice Fronk, Barbara Rzmgf-r, Gerald Bragdon, Alan Hobbs, Mario McCormick, Kenneth Libby, Roger Smith. fDircc-teal by Dwight Starbirdl X Dramatics Front Row, Left to Right: Richard, j. Knox. Second Row: Hinkley, C. Young, B. Pratt, M. Woodside, S. Spear, Mr. Greenleaf, Faculty Advisor, Frary, D. Knox, D. Starbird, A. Hobbs. Third Row: P. Hall, H. Pratt, Folsom, Lidstone, A. Fronk, C. Reed, C. Barker, B. Ranger, B. Atwood, F. Akerley. Fourth Row: F. Estcy, D. Clement, Bragdon, G. Smith, P. Spear, N. NVebber, R. Smith, K. Libby, M. McComaick. Thespian Society A Thespian Club was formed this fall to encourage more students to go out for dra- matics. The ambition of the club is to become a member of the National Thespian Society. The club has promoted three plays this year. The First was the Senior play, "Green Valleyfl Il three-act comedy-farce. lt was presented on November 17th and 18th. Two one-act plays were also given. The one-act play chosen to represent the school at the county festival was " The Bracelet of Doomf, The other play, "Wilber's Wild Nightf' was given at a school assembly. rg- 4? f ik- Fzrst Row Left to Right C Reed S Luce Knox Second Row Flint A Mowatt G1rls Sk1 Team They had a few scheduled meets which were canceled A meeting was held and Suzanne Luce was elected captain of the team in which are Carol Reed Iill Flint, Anita Mowatt Betsy Bigelow Suzanne Carol and Iill are all class B skiers and have been racing in Vermont and New Hampshire Anita Mowatt won the Senior State Championship and Betsy placed well Next year the girls hope to have a more successful year and scheduled meets The girls have been invited to North Conway and Canada at h I K K V ' , 1 ' : . , . , . : , . . I , I The girls' ski team has had a difficult season this year because of snow conditions. A Q 2 , . . . I . . LL yy v 1 p 7 9 K5gqz.j?. .,1 4 . '. 44- .m..a.. v - S? f P u . ss , f -. ' f' F L ' L--J V l . IP 4 f I iq, P. I . T Offay x . Q 1- Qu' Ag 1 V fn . - ff . K f ff X 1' Q Q' swi' , X R X' r, A a ' K'X?l,fY A' Mfffl 2 if ' U E F F 7 R. ,J F R y - 0 its Q X 'Z 1 fffgqfw ,, 3 ,, R , EE 'Db 15 V as N I W N Q 1 ' ' ,gQ fpQo 0 f X W X .iv x , x E gk ' 4' ' ' Q . 1 1 MKS Q I '." :lil '- " J ,E,. Xw X h h L , l A in -Y ... + ws' ae XM Y v-. 0 0 A ' Q ,I , , .4 w - - The Softball Team lhe softb 111 In nn nnrlrr Nlrs NMI c H1 xx IS know n ior its sprrn ind wonderful sports nnnxhrp M ry It urtu Int s o ms nur Snnlh Sunnn lk ' Lll ell ro nu lI'Lll lux lrn liucry u us Q X LL lronk Mir ll Woody Noreen 'NIJ ornmk Donna XILXIIILICI' ll fl rl lrnndx Your mu Q nnpbnll Sherry IILIUIIIEXX 15 x1lXlIlL Nhuhrll bllllllllif 'Wrllcr Xrlcnc Robbms Ihr. lI1ll'l112:CI'9 xxcrc Xnnc Iknrsc Mrlxcnnmy Rolnrll lirnu xml lrlnncs Akcrky Won 5 Lost 2 4 I fo ff m Lf 4 . 5 ' . ll Ian ' Sl "1 , Cg1pt11in,aml nj I' llc In ' .' ' , .' 2: c l.l'c, l1nri": B4,Cn lR"l,M1"4 S:"': 1. X' l1'R-ll-'sk-. IH" 5 ',.4ic1 . , ' 1-t '4 ,li fix. The l.V.'s consisted of lane Lidstonc. Ican Lidsronr. Tonya joseph, Diane lillis, 5'1",Ig'fg r,f ""'.',.LQ"."',".z .", Q 0' E Xq 3 , .X , -f M XJ X 1 . X K, Y ry X f' N' fx , f X ,xr 1' S 3 o .sy W r J Girls' Intramural Sports Intramural sports provide an opportunity for many girls to participate in the sports program. If a girl does not have the time after school or if she does not make a varsity team she may, however, participate in the intramural programs. This program is carried on during the noon hour at the Community Center. The most popular sports are basket- ball and volleyball. There is no limit to the number of teams that may participate. Everyone has an opportunity to play. Boys Intramural Sports During noon hours boys activities consisted of volleyball and basketball games Team L won the volleyball tournament by beating Team F 15 7 ln absektball Team C won by beating Team G 16-15 Team C consists of Herbert York ohn Kershner Rodney Sargent Charles Davis Ierry Bragdon Richard Thomp- son Dwight Starblrd and Edward Langon g X I 7 , . y y . Q . Y I F Y 1 7 , . X X f f I . X! , l o lf, ,' ly .lu L-37' 1 -LW Egg: y safe, s . JL1-ligliwv, AX fi -ggi-SEX A SHORT DISCOURSE ON TI-IE POSSIBILITIES OF MARTIAN LIFE Frrst let us consrder a few undrsputed facts about our lrttle nelghbor A Maman day IS 245 hours long a Maman year 687 days Mars ns approxrmately 141000000 mrles from the sun tts drameter IS 4220 mlles at the equator and rt has two moons Phobos and Dremos Though mxllxons of mlles away the all seelng eye of the telescope bnngs Mars to a drstance at whnch we can easxly observe most of the major pomts of interest Perhaps the most 1n tcrcstmg markmgs on the planet are the polar caps whxch wax and wane wxth the seasons rn the wmter Thxs xmplres that they are com posed of snow and rce but because of the swrftness with whrch they drsappear ll IS prob able that the thrckness of the snow rs a matter of mches The orange patches whtch glve Mars 1ts color are probably desert waste land A very well known theory suggests that the colormg IS due to the rustlng of lron oxldes The Mar tlan deserts are w1th1n all probabrlrty qulte Hat wxth an occasxonal sand dune here and there The dark green areas were thought by the ancients to be seas and were called Mana Very recently a new green spot was dlscovered of canals Thxs brmgs about another pomt the ever present canals reported by Schxaparellr and Lowell towards the turn of the last century It was then belneved that the canals were a huge lrrlgatnon system constructed by an xntel llgent race to conserve tts dwmdlmg water supply Thxs mterpretatxon xs accepted by few astronomers today The theory that they are natural rmpressxons due to erosron or some other natural cause rs also accepted Surroundmg the canals are as we have sand the dark green areas These are belreved to be composed of moss or lrchens Thus has not been proved but nt ts generally accepted It IS the opmton of thas writer that thus rs a fact If we are to serxously consxder the possrbrlxtres of lrfe on Mars we must also conslder the con tent of the atmosphere To begin wxth there rs twrce as much carbon d1ox1de rn Mars at mosphere as rn ours Water vapor has not been detected and we have mstruments whxch could detect the presence of thus gas even lf rt were only a thousandth as common as tn our atmos phere Water vapor has not been detected m the atmosphere but mfra red bands due to ree have been observed rn the polar caps The atr pressure on the surface of Mars rs perhaps a fifteenth of nts sea level value here Wrth thrs mformatron we should be able to eonsnder the aspects of Maman hfe Frrstly the fact that the Maruan atmosphere contams very lrttle or no oxygen rules out the thought that forms of anxmal lrfe mrght resemble Earths We can also safely say that any ltfe would probably be ln the green areas th deserts and polar reglons could not support lnfe as we know rt Both the plants and anrmals would have to be able to breath carbon droxrde We are already sure that there lS plant l1fe as I have stated but the outlook for ammal lrfe rs rather cloudy To any anxmals which mrght exrst procurmg food would be a major problem Of course rt mnght be possrble for the ammals to manufacture their own food and water H G Wells once wrote that nf there were bemgs on Mars they would have an oval body wxth an egg shaped head attached and decorated wrth suck luke arms and legs and sard lrkely as not they w1ll be covered wrth feathers Photographs of Mars are blurred by the at mosphere Wells mlght have been rlght Who are we to say? Merle Gardner THE MAN FROM WHOM I LEARNED THE MOST To me our prmcxpal who has just departed o a better posntxon IS the person responsxble or teachxng me the most It was not always e three R s as one mlght thmk but some of the other thmgs whlch wrll always help a per son on the long hard road to becommg a better person He was always known as a stern dlscxplmarran But m spxte of thls fact he was a person wrth whom you could get along after school hours Take for nnstance the dance band whrch he kept gotng durmg hrs years here He would mvxte the members to hrs house for rehearsal and we would have a httle snack afterwards Whenever we had a yob he never accepted any money In my oplmon Charles Drehl rs one of the fmest men I have ever known Anonymous WHY? Boy' What a game thls has been sand the announcer as he wxped his perspmng brow wrth an already soaked handkerchxef The score as xt stands now IS Long 49 Farmmgdale 50 wnth only three seconds of actual playxng trme left - Q . n a Q s Y l ! ' J , . . . , g ' , . . , - . . . . . . , , I . , u s u ! ' l . . . . .- . M - ' 9 Q 0 I ' ,Y 1 , 0 ' ll ' ,Y and like all the others was attached to a series o I ' . , 7 Y u n - - f r , u f ' . ' th ' ' r ' , o 0 u u , ' 1 ' Y ! I a I 3 ' . 9 , . , u , a n I , l , , . . . . . . . , . 4 o ti n ,, 1 ' 9 Y I 'K n I I ' 9 9 ' 9 Tonrght before .1 jam packed crowd we have seen the Long Braves pace and even be wrlder the Farmrngdale Dachshunds rn the hnal playoffs of the Ranklrn Lounty Basketball Tournament The odds heavrly agarnst them thrs small class 5 team has greatly surprrsed the specta tors who thought thrs would be an easy xrctory for the Dachshunds who have had the County Champronshrp tor three consecutrxe years and are a class L school The crowd rs tense as the ofhcrals ready the ball for the yump Longs cheermg settron rs really full tonrght and strangely enough Farm rngdales sectron has only a few people Theres the lump' The ball rs tapped to Irm Smrth of Long Hrgh who passed to Tom Lrowetsr who fakes then goes rn for a layup and 1 s rn' Theres the buzzer Lrsten to that crowd cheer What school sprrrtl Yes what school sprrrt But wart just what rs school sprrrt? Is rt so powerful as to let a one? It rs a brologrcal prrncrple that man has a pack rnstrnct, re bandrng together as one to face the common enemy That would explarn Iong I-lrgh bchool but what about Farmrngdale? We have learned through experrerrce that the publrc rs hckle It wants to get rts moneys worth and hates to see a loser ls that why Farmrngdale fell down? If not Why? In consrderrng Farmrngdale, lets go back to when they were county champrons Farmrngdale was rn rts peak rn athletrcs Therr teams were made up of experrenced junrors and senrors Crowds turned out rn numbers to see therr teams capture vrctory after vrctory Also rt was a good trme for the schools musrcal organrzatrons The band boasted shrnrng new unrforms and swelled ranks The school became famous and the townspeople were proud of therr school Then the upper classmen graduated and there were many places to be taken bone were the experrenced leavrng the new recrurts and last years second and thrrd strmg men to frll rn shoes that were many srzes too large The coach left for another yob The next fall the new coach found hrmself wrth a greatly over rated team to whrp rnto shape durmg the com mg weeks before the first game of the season The first game wasn t too bad rt was a loss but anyone could see that the team was not lrke that of last year or years past But as losses contrnued less and less people appeared at the games The publrc always searchrng for an excuse blamed the coach Boys qurt the squad and more and more losses were tallred More apparent than rn years past was that fine lrne of drvrsron between the boys that work ed for the team and those that worked for themselves The same thrng happened rn foot ball skrrng baseball track and all the rest ot the actrvrues The leaders had also changed rn the student body The heroes were drfferent and settmg a drfferent example Frnally the only supporters were the band core ot followers and parents of the players Along wrth the supporters but not so welcome were the ever exrstrng thats my boy parent who always encouraged rndrvrdual scorrng tn stead of teamwork fhrs parent was consrstent ly comparrng hrs son wrth someone elses whether he was on hrs team or not So there you have the rrse and fall of Farm the people rncreased wrth vrctory or decreased wrth loss That rs school sprrrt Dont be shocked every hrgh school goes through thrs cycle rn fact lrfe rs lust lrke thrs Most people say rts yust the way the ball bounces I thrnk rf we do somethrng about the small cheerrng sections and thats my boy parents and exercrse better teamwork not only rn sports but rn lrfe we may be able to drrect that bouncrng ball Dont you? Robrn Brgelow THEDOOR There s a cute lrttle gadget called a door That no one yet has found a use for Some say tts hardly used any more, Except to make a scratch rn the floor Some say rt plugs the hole rn the wall Some say rt s there so the roof wont fall Some say rt helps to find the hall Others have no explanatron at all Some say rt s there just to look at Or maybe to go wrth the doormat But all I can say to Frnrsh that Is the good old doors all rrght at that Wrllram A Marcous l 1 ' I' ' 1 ' Y ' D . , - , y 1 l ' Y K6 YV , . - -, , y , 1 ' ' . , 1 ' l 1 I 1 ' I - . . . . , , N ' ' ' ' it 7 Y! 7 small team defeat a larger, more experienced ingdale High School. Notice how the favor of . . . . , I .. 'H J ' 1 1 ' ' ' '- Cl' ! ' . , , ' - ' u 1 ' 1 ' 1 . , , ! . . , 1 . - . 7 ' 3 , . . . ' . ' 7 . . Y . c . J I Gi ' Y! . . l ' I I . . . . i 1 ' . I . . , . . Y . . . - I I ' Sl 1 ' li . 7 ' ! l ' . J I A DAY AT SCHOOL If a person had been looking out of the high school wmdow they would have seen my brother and me sliding head on into the last parking space When I recovered from the screeching of the brakes I could farntly hear the tardy bell We lumped out of the car and headed for Mr Mntchells office for a tardy slip I forgot my books so I ran back to the car I couldnt find them anywhere until I peered under the car and found them lying ln a mud puddle When I hnally came in sight of the beloved office I saw my brother racing around the cor ner of the hall waving his tardy slip patrlotlcally I qurckened my pace and hurriedly arrived m the office only to find Mr Mitchell not there I saw a teacher standing by and soon I had a tardy slip signed I ran out of the office and Oooops yes I bumped into our principal who had mconvemently come out of one of the doorways in the hall Then came the ex pectant question Wheres your corridor pass? I sadly shook my head A seat nn the library was already and waiting for me after school that day and many other days Betsy Blgelow THINGS The world IS so full of many beautiful thlngs Things not necessarlly solid obyects but thmgs such as love kmdness faith the urge to help handicapped people But things have their bad points too Things like stealing greedmess selfishness and others Why is it that some people yust can t seem to do the right th1ngsP Is xt because of their bringing up or IS It they themselves Do they get the enjoyment out of doing or bemg bad or is it for attention? Maybe they want more than they ve got It could be yealousy but you see nt isn t always solid things that cause trouble It IS the mmd The world IS mixed and troubled but why do we have to have troublemakers to mix it up more? The people who have things such as faith love kmdness will help these people but why Within the time you have and with good things Love Kindness Hope and others you will have the attention and care from people that you lacked in the past not be satisfied with what you have Illl Flint TERROR IN THE NIGHT It was a cold night the wind was howling like angry dogs The snow was falling heavily The httle path that led to the deserted farm house was covered with snow The small figure that was struggling hurriedly toward II seemed frightened It kept looking back at the path Finally the figure reached the deserted farm house went 1ns1de and put a chair against the door for you see the lock that had been there was old and rusted The small figure pulled back the musty smelly curtains and looked down the path Way down the path he could see a light that kept coming closer ID the direc tion of the farm house Then suddenly the blg black figure rushed to the door and pushed hard on it and wide open the door Hew Now boys and girls loin us again tomorrow for the next exciting episode of Terror In The Night Barbara Besaw Then theres the sad story of the man who had a self wmdmg waterproof shockproof un breakable antxmagnetic watch and he lost Ioseph Matthieu GOD IS CALLING Yes God is calling Calling for more be hevers more disciples We may say we believe but do we really? Are we using it as just another figure of speech? For if we believe why dont we show tt? Why dont we tell the whole world that we believe in our Father and in Iesus Christ our Saviour? No one and no thing is Stopping us yet very seldom do we show that we do believe in the Holy Father In fact we often show that we believe lust the opposite that we do what the crowd does be cause we mlght be called a party pooper f we dont that well do what we want to and everyone else for himself that we have our own l1ves to lead and its enough w1thout giving so someone else can llve physically mentally or spiritually first comes me and then you and you go your way and Ill go mme These are a few of the many things that we may choose to believe in if we want but it s our duty and privilege to choose if we want to believe in one of these or if we want to believe in one God and believe as he believes Lets take the latter and believe all together Let s go to church in a group as one b1g happy family each to his own church each in his own way each with his own similar behefs Our 2 . Y . . . y - - 7 ' . - , . . . , . - s - I - a a . . , . ..... , . - as a - , , , as . . , , - , . Y Y ' masons , lt. 9 ' ' . . V . . . 1 ' s 9 ' - a 1 x . , I 3 ' 1 as - ra - - . . 9 1 9 ' ' 1 - - - n . . . , , , ' ' ' - ta 91- I . . . ,I , ' a Q ' . . . , , . . , - - . ., . . . ' Q . - . . ' 9 1 , 3 . . , . ' I Q - Q ly 3 J , g Q 1 - - ' ' , , . . ..... - . 1 ' Y , . 1 9 - . , , . 9 ' . . 5 ' , . God depends on us to butld our churches I would be a beautrful sxght 1f our churches were over runmng so crowded we had to attend outdoor servtces Lets make ll that way W would be surprised at how much more fun we could have workmg and playmg for and with God' If only we could make our school stand out as one of the very few whose every puprl lrved for each other' Lets pray to God and maybe I-IE wxll help We mrght ask what can God do to help? I thmk thxs explams as fully as necessary ln a brtef manner LEAVE IT TO GOD Does the path seem rough and steep? Leave xt to God Do you sow but fall to reap? Leave ll to God Yleld to Him your human wrll Ilsten chlldllkc and be stlll Ixnow that Love your mlnd can f Leave lt to God Is your lxfe an uphtll fight? Leave ll to Go Do you struggle for the r1g Leave rt to God 'Ihough the way be Sorrow w1ll gnc pl Ice to song drear and long C ood must tnumph over wrong Leave lt to Cod Beverly Hutchms THE ANTICS OF PERIOD SEVEN Ilere 1t ts room ten perrod seven Lust penod of the day students heaven When Mrs Styward leaves the room Well thats when things really begm to boom BeIlHeur and Daggatt start slmgmg chalk And Ronme C reenwood starts to mock Iohn and Prof are domg thelr Latm But they re bu171ng so much I use battm Iosephme and Clyde are exchangmg glances And ln Ios eyes lovellght dances Ns an excuse Ray asks Betsy for mk And then he s Hurting before you can wmk Xll II once a shoe goes Slllllllg by X dtrty vvhttebuck must be Carol Greenes my oh my Someone shouts Mrs Sayward' Here she comes Then we scatter on the dead run 'Ihe smtle on her face when she appears lells thtt she suspects we re not llttle dears But thus seldom htppens It doesnt occur every day Somehow Mrs Sayward goes :bout her work Pretendlng she doesnt see the knowxng 5II1lI'lxS Although Mrs Sayward we may thmk we fool We dont really after all she went to school C lendalyn Dunham DRUC NET' This IS a school Farmington Hngh bchool I work here Im a student' Thursdly March first eleven forty four A M my classmates and I are stttmg 1n room 7 our home room Its a warm day and vve re vvartmg to be dts mlssed for lunch Same day eleven forty four and a hllf A M Mr Gould vvalks mto the room and the norse dres down to a dull roar I stt rn the first seat flfth row from the door My partner ohn lxershner sxts behtnd me I turn and look Iohn IH the eye I can tell by the glassy stare that thxs tlme he means busmess' He thrnks that th1s txme he s gomg to beat me to the coat rack' Izleven forty Hve A M The bell rtngs and Mr Gould dtsmlsses us I yump from my seat at the same mstant Iohn does We race neck and neck to the door but so do thirty other members of home room 7 Ihcrc IS a tremen dous crash as twenty of us squeeze through the door at the same time' We enter the hall way st1ll neck and neck but now there are thou sands of people pourtng out of every door All of them golng ln dtffercnt d1rect1ons' ohn sl1ps and falls and I tumble over htm I bang my head on the wall and a hundred people over my eye and trtckles down my face I stagger to my feet there are two small freshmen betvveen me and my coat I get one vvxth my slxde rule and the other vvlth my knee I fmally reach my coat and bolt for the door but, forty of us cant go through the door at the same tlme' I crawl up on somebody s shoulders and grve a leap I land on the steps and roll out mto the snowbank My face IS covered wxth blood and my leg feels ltkc lt s broken' I st lg ger to my feet yust as Iohn llmps dovvn thc staxrs he feebly speaks to me Bruce ea You gotta walk I-Iows that? You see the guy crushed under the mob? ea You gotta wllk home lt vvts Mr Mayo' DUM DE DUM DUM"""" To those whom tt m ty concern Thus IS true' P S I r1de home every noon wrth Mr Mayo Bruce Iohnson , . . t . Y L . . . . , . . r 7 7 ' Y . . 9 ' Y - , . , . . c , , . ' N I Y . T . . I 0 . ' x I I A 1 Q - I , , . , . 1 . 1 , , g , . ., . . , ' . Il 37 v v 1- .- , , . ' . , ' 1 1 . ., , - - , I 3 ' 3 Y . . g 7 t ' ' . 4 'i 9 ' . . 7 , . . N , . . ' tll, , , . n Q 7 Q , ' ru - d. YY 'rhlp . v ' l I Y 1 1 ' . Y ' ' . - - . . K ' ' r r X ' l I . . V Y , , . V . ' Y . ' 1 . Y . wall-1 over mel The blood rushes from a cut , 1 . , , . . . 77 , c ' ' ' . - 1 1' , ' 1 s . , , . . . , . n xt S ' , Y Y 7 T , . a , T 7 7 ', . v . , . 1 ', . V n n - - . , - , , . Y . . . . , 1 . , , . . , r ' ' . 1'- . , . , 7 - c ' I , A Y U ' Y li H! 14 r ' Y ' . . 1 1 . , HY ,Y , . . . . A Y r' ll ,Y A 1 1 1 l I ' ' 9 at a 91 A . v I -v I I A 7 7 H Y H ' ' ' ts rs - .t Y . . , . . ,K 1 , . I H ,, . . , . . . . I . I I I Y q - . .. 4 1 Q v - g ' 3 , - 1 ' . . 1 . . . Mm N 1 52 55 54 Guy Alexander Employed m Florlda lxelth Alexander Ma1ne Dowel Co Farm xngton Ma1ne Iohn Ayer Employed by Tltcombs Dalry bsther Babb Employed by Eastern Ma1ne General Hospltal Bangor Marne lxenton Balley Farmmg marrled Farmmg ton Mamc Iou1e Barker Employed by Horn Motors Farmmgton Marne Hazel Baud Peoples Natxonal Bank Farm lngton Ma1ne Rxchard Beedy Sprnngheld Mass College Iean Black Rumford Commumty Hospxtal Ceorgna Cochran Mrs Arthur Ankere Wll ton Ma1ne Fred Cole At home Helen Conley Deceased Cuy Davls Falrbanks Ma1ne Clarlta DeWolfe Mrs Donald Luce Oak land Ma1ne Robert Eaton Ma1ne Vocatxonal Tech I SIIIUIC Prxscmlla Edwards Mrs Alden Small Davrd Ellls U S Marmes Farl Farrnngton Employed by G H Bass Co Wrlton Ma1ne Irene Foster Mrs Lester Benson Lxsbon Falls Marne Anne Frary Mrs Paul Stevens Paul Heath Employed by Forster Manu facturmg Co Inc Lorra1ne Redlevske Mrs Foss Mercer Marne Norma Haney Mrs Harland Parkman Claude Hodge Informat1on Desxred Ruby Langen Mrs Sherman Tracy Ioan Legere Mrs Wxllard Douglas Cec1lL1bby U S Navy Ioseph Lxnscott Marrxed employed by Wrxght and P1erce of Brunswxck Home Skowhegan Ma1ne Eleanor Lovell Mrs Malcolm MacLeod Rxchard Marquxs Burdett College Myron Moore U S A1r Force Ehzabeth Mosher Mrs Wayne Smxth em ployed as a Home Ee teacher at Iay Hugh School Ramona Newell Marrted Davld Patr1qu1n U S Navy Rlchard Paul Ma1ne Consohdated Power Co Basrl Powers Employed at Stratton Ma1ne L1ll1an Racklnife Mrs George Atwood Mass achusetts Rlchard Racklxff U S Navy Ieanne Rounds Teacher Connectlcut Rxta Roux Mrs Iames Gllbert Mrrxam Salo Employed at Peoples Nattonal Bank Inez Sargent Employed by Harold Spear Pearl Smxth Mrs Ernest Steward Donna Sommers Mrs Louxe Barker Anne Staples Nurse at Rumford Community Hospltal Paul Stevens Employed m Vlenna Ma1ne Denms Straw U S Axr Force George Swam Ftlter Queen Health Umt Stoneham Massachusetts Lawrence Vlolet F S T C Wallace Watson Car salesman Portland Marne Barbara Wheeler Employed by Berman and Berman Lewtston Marne Glenwood Whxte Employed by The Knowl ton 8: McLeary Co H1lda Wh1tney Mrs Harold Allen Farmlng ton Ma1ne Leon Wyman U S N Key West Florida R1chard York Employed m Farmington Mame 19 2 Laurxs Ba1ley U S A1r Force Davxd Bosworth U of M Hazel Bosworth Mrs Iohn Dorlty Theodore Bradley Marrled Gomg to school and workmg 1n Bath Kenneth Churchxll U S Army Dons Conley Employed at Raytheon Natick Mass Marrxed Mrs Lanbry Freda Farrlngton Trammg for nursxng t C M C Hosp1talatLew1ston Daud Ferran Employed at the State House Iudtth Fl1nt Employed by Dr Crane Port and Nad1ne Folger New England Telephone Rumford Barbara Gove Mrs Lawrence Letoureau Gal1on Oh1o Clare Greenlaw U S Navy Marrted Glennys Haley Employed at Rays Market Farmlngton Velora Harrls Mrs Bernard Pressey Farm xngton Falls Ehzabeth Hawes Mrs Kexth Alexander Farmlngton Ph1ll1p Hobbs Marrled U S Army tn Ger many Iohn Hodgkms U of M Sylvxa Hodgkxns Employed by the town of Farmlngton Vernon Hodgklns U S Navy AVIS Hodgkms F S T C Peggy Lou Iohnson Secretary Marne Turn pxke Assoclatlon Portland Arthur Lambert Marrled Employed at Fxrst Natxonal Store Farmxngton Glenda Lamkm U of M Q . . T ' 7 V ' 1 ' . '1 ' -' . , 1 - 1 - . 4 1' 1 ' ' ' . . s 1 1 . . 1 .... , . I ... , , 7- , o , , ' 1 '- . . . . 41 . . 7 1 9 . ' , - , 1 ' 'P 1 1 , Y., , . 1 -' . , - , 1 -' . , - 1 W- 1 a 4, , I - , 1 , u , ' 1 - . n- S -1 1 D 41 I l l . a . . 1 , ., , v , ' . . 1 ' ' 9 1 ' 's 1 ' - - -- a . , , . . ., . . . 1. t '- ' 1 1 l 1 .... . ... I , . -. I ,-. , 'W I 0 11' a , 3 J . . . N . l 3 ' ' 7 ' 1 Y I .1 .. I , . ' 1 ' 1 1 . .. , I . - W a I W l 1 1 1 W- I , T W- J u .. . ' 1 , - 1 1 1 . 1 , 1 1 Iulranne Lxncoln Art School Boston Mass Elxzabeth Metcalf Marrxed Mrs Harrrs South Dakota Arthur Mltchell Marned G S T C Loraxne Nles Telephone OH:nte Farmington Mrs Hodges Frances Osborne Worlung ln Brlstol Va Fred Plllsbury Shoe Shop Livermore George Prllsbury Teachmg at Bethel Marrled Roberta Porter Hudson Mass employed by Thomas Taylors Plant Flxzabeth Robbms Mrs Donald Crover Gardlner Blame Robinson Burdett College Boston Mass Mamed Davrd Russell U S A1r Force Alan Smlth U S Army Dianne Soule Mrs P R Exqunvel Casper Cxty Wyommg Rachel Stexens Mrs Rrchard Damren Bel grade Harr1etSturtevant Mrs Norman La Verdrer Greenfield Mass Goldena Thomas Mrs Carrol Small Albron Tracy Marrled employed by T O Moody lndustry Donald Turner Calrforma Cost Accountant Walter Webber Mount Vernon Ioyce Wnght Mrs Arthur Rtdley North Chestervllle 95 Arnold Akerley Boston Umversrty Herbert Allen U S Army Maryorxe Andrews Mrs Robert Grover Ioseph Besaw At home Dxane Butler Mrs Bernard Rackhff Margaret Butterfield Mrs Furnell Whxtuer Arthur Conley U S Navy Lawrence Cook Employed at home Bernard Davxs Surveymg for Government Iames Davxs U S Army Donald DeRoche U S Arr Force Sally Dlngley Mrs Gearry Ranger F Roderlc Bowdotn Larry Ellrs U S Arr Force EarlFenw1ck U S Marmes Robert Godxng U S Army Stewart Goodwm F S T C Dorothy Gray Mrs Frank Berry Robert Hall U S Army Manlyn Harns Forster Manufacturing Co Inc Nora Harrls Mrs Thayden Farrxngton Louise Hxnkley Mrs Mrlton Farrmgton Richard Huart Colby College Constance Hutchlns Mrs Wendall lxolry Betty Wrthee Hutchrnson Mrs Lester Hutch mson Marlon ackson Mrs Frederlck Pratt Kathleen Kershner Worlung in Boston Nathalxe Lovell Mrs Mrlton Kelly Barbara Luce Mrs Mrchael Atarogeu Davrd Luce Employed at home Raymond Magno U S Arr Force Nadxne Merchant Mrs Theodore Fxscher Arlene Merrlll Mrs Guy Davxs anet Morrlll Mrs Glen Washburn Elmor Nles Florlda Francis Orcutt Employed at home Helen Osborne At home Roger Parlm State Trooper Dorxs Pond Mrs Harold Small Lloyd Porter Norrwock Shoe lay Sxmonne Poulm Marrned Yvonne Poulm C M G Hospltal Bernard Racklrff Husson College Cecllla Rand Mrs Ioseph Lalrd Cearry Ranger U S A1r Force Arlene Rxchard Mrs Robert McNev1n Iohn Rxchards At home Orono Martm Savage Western Auto Store Thelma Schank Mrs Ernest LeM1eux Alden Small U of M Roy Stewart At home Gayle Taylor Mrs Edgar Davls Arthur Tyler U S Arr Force Donald Watson F S T C Peter Webber Mrddlebury College Arthuretta Welch Waltress at San Antomo Texas Arlo Whtte U of M 19 4 Ioyce Adams Mrs Robert Lovell Wxlfred Atwell U of M annce Besaw Mercy Hospntal Portland Marne Vernon Brown U S Marmes Iohn Brownrrgg New England Furmture Farmrngton Marne Mrnme Butterfield F S T C Shrrley Cook At home Edgar Davls Self-employed Ellen Davls Mrs Paul Currxer Wnlham Dxehl U S Arr Force Marnlyn Farrar Mrs Lloyd Porter joseph Frsh Employed at paper mrll 1n Ltvcr more kenneth French Sea Bees Phxlllp Gagne Employed at home rn Skow hegan Carltsle Goodme Employed rn Portland Howard Greene Ir Employed at shoe shop ln Lrvermore . . - , y . . . - I 1 1 ' x S T ' , B cssl T. ' ' -1 - 2 J 1 ' - . . . , ' . - -3 , ' - . . T 9 'a T ' A . . - u I P , . . F. . . . - , , - Q, W- I i . . T y 1 . . . - , l . L l , T l 1 Bu V T ' I , - . T 1 T ' K n , I 1-1 ' N. ' , , A -T Q - D .. , - . , . I . . - , '-T l 11 . . , 1 I I Ieanette Waite-Art School, Boston, Mass. Carolyn Stevens-Mrs. Thayne Heath T. I . y N 'W I , 1 3 - ' 1 -' a ' - . ' 5 1 I I 1 ' x 1 - . . ' ' - ' Co., ' - . , . S. T. ' , ' C. - . . . . ' Dyer- ' ' - .-4 . P, 7 i Rrchard Grover Zxon Bxble Instrtute East Proudence R I Lors Guest Mercy Hospntal Portland Marne Donald Haney Employed by Mr M110 Haney Sherrdan Hargreaves Employed at home Charles Harrls Employed at Metcalf M111 Farmlngton Catherxne Htscock Mrs Richard Davls Elame Hoar Mrs Leo Stevens Ioyce Hobbs Employed ID Connecucut Iudnth Howatt Wheelock School Boston Mass Myrtle Hoyt Mrs Donald Haney lerente Reef U of M Betty Labree Mrs Ralph Whttney NV1ll1am Mtbormlck U S Arr Forte Autxce Moore Employed at Franklm County Hospltal Farmlngton Malne Llmabcth Osborne Employed at Sargents Restaurant Farmmgton Marne lawrente Parent Ir U S Alr Force Qlllllll Parker U S Army Brenda Perry Mrs Eugene Morris C lorxa Porter Mrs George Prllsbury lane Qulmby U of M lola Redlevske Mrs ohn Murry Regma Robblns At home Ronald Robbxns Workmg at home Anne Schafer F S T C Iudxth Soule U S A1r Forte Xlary Anne Tarbox Westbrook Iuntor Col e e Maryann Tardy Westbrook umor College Phnlllp Tracy Employed at null New Vme yard Malne Iannette Walker F1rst Nauonal Bank Farm mgton Marne Mlthael Walsh U S Arr Force Raymond Webber Employed at the shoe shop ln Lxvermore oyte Welch U S Arr Forte C all NVestott Mrs Stanley Whxttrer l'lnora Whetmore F S T C Donald Whxtney U S Marxnes Mrthael Wrllxs Maxne School of Fxne plxed Art Irene Cushman Mrs Charles Gxven 1955 Donald Alexander U S Arr Force George Andrews U S Army George Beal At home Shnrley Benson Pracuctng XRay Techmcxan at Rumford Community Hospltal Bettie Black Nurses Atd Franklln County Memonal Hospltal Farmmgton Allan Butterheld U S Army Anlta Butterfield Mrs Clyde Allan Thomas Cochran U of M Edlth Conley Workmg rn Boston Davxd DeForest U S Amr Force Beverly DeRoche Forster M111 Paul D1 Stefano Employed by the town Melvm Dummeny Workmg ln Connecttcut Iolean Flrnt Westbrook Iumor College Phrhp Folger Holderness Prep School Iohn Gay Bowlmg Green Ohro Davnd Grant F S T C Iohn Guest St Francxs College Louise Hall Burdette College Bxlhngs Hannaford U of M Donald Hardy At home Roland Hargreaves Workmg mn woods Shlrley Hobbs Mrs Guy Brann Douglas Hodgklns U of M Rosalyn Howard Reglster of Deeds Office Ieanette Hutchms Forster Office lean Iackson Bmgham Assoclates Dons Kelly Mrs Robert Whxte Garl Luce W T Grants Lewtston Raymond Luce Marne Dowel Co Noreen McCormick Thomas Buslness College Anne Demse McKenny Mame Medlcal Cen Deborah Mallett Westbrook Iunlor College Bertha Mason Workmg m East Wxlton Donald Maxwell Un1vers1ty of Mame George Ann Moore Mrs Buddy Lake Beverly Nxes Florlda Dorothy Nottage F S T C Robert Oltver Stowells Restaurant Kexth Parker U S A1r Force Beverly Paul Mrs Regmald Gammon Ann Pxllsbury Thomas Busxness College W1ll1am Pratt Colby College Sonya Pulsxfer Westbrook Iunlor College Beverly Redlevske Forster Office Donald Robblns Carnegxe Instttute Lloyd Rob1nson Cahforma Sayward Ross F S T C Robert Roux The lxnowlton at McLeary Co Ieanette Smxth Burdette Drew Stearns Ir F S T C Amta Stewart F S T C Ethel Straw Workmg at Skowhegan Mary lane Sturtevant At home Scott Tolman U S Arr Force Iean Trlpp At home Beverly Webber I I Newberrys Gerald Webber U S Arr Force Luclus Webber At home Ceceha Welch Mrs Blame Robxnson Stanley Wheeler Workmg ln shoe tactory Bruce Wlng Umversxty of Marne W ' H ! W 1 s , , ' . . - ' W Y ! Y 'W c . iq . , i . l T' Q a -" D , Q E S ' 1 ' y I . Q -" . I ', . s - 1 ' , , , ' ' - . . l A J S I 9 l " . . l . 4 T f ' - ' i . ' 7 1' ' T . . , Y. - -g . - . . - Frederick Pratt - Self-employed fer 1 . - . Y - , 1' ' ' A -- ' ' - - , I g ' . - . . ' W - 1 t Y D A . H . y. . . 7 , "" . . , ,1 1 ' , , Z- ' ' , - . .- . . - . . at AP- . - R vi ln- Y 5 , . gn- . . . Wafzclgb 7 THE PRESCRIPTION STORE 26 BROADWAY FARMINGTON MAINE TOYS BABY DEPT DIETETIC PHOTO DEPT COSMETICS FIRST AID GREETING CARDS afes the support of the lndlvlduals and business concerns whose patronage has made possible the 1956 Laurel The Edlfor The Laurel Board sincerely appreci- Congratulations Class of " 56 And May Your Future Years Be Prosperous Ones LEROY A WOODMAN 74a .face Stcwlca o I 0 Mllllll QQQTOGIQQ, .3 nv I Park Vlew Servlce Statlon Tures, Batterres 8. Accessorles MOBIL OIL 8. GAS is-rf Mgmt umm E erythlng Electrical mama Power Company Compluments of E K AY COMPANY FARMINGTON MAINE Franklm County s Leading Department Store Compliments of B 8. E Motor Express Inc 19 Knlght Street Auburn Servrng Between Portland Auburn Lewiston and Llvermore Wilton Farmmg ton Klngfleld Stratton Phllllps Strong Rangeley Lnsbon Falls Bath Brunswick Rockland Camden and all Intermediate points JACK 84 BENNY HOWATT Barbers Compluments of Currier C 8. Joseph F Holman LAWYERS Farmington Marne Joseph C Holman 18661917 Curraer C Holman 1909 Joseph F Holman 1951 FRIEND WWW "BASS WEEJUNS" for lGuys and Dolls, Il v ' ' ll 0 o I .N Opposite Court House Dial 4831 I ' I I D I I F ' I . I I - ' 3 Compl'ments of Compl'men1s of Fowle' S M"'ke' IsIIooKsIuL FILLING STATION Where dIscrImIna1'Ing people buy food WIl1'on MaIne Comp' em of Jack s Tradmg Post D644 Grocerles Clothlng Hardware Broadway Sporhng Goods DW 4523 FAIRBANKS MAINE Compl ments of C""""""e"'S of RIVERSIDE GIIIsLNIIousLs Farmmgfon Mame DIAL 2868 OLIVER STORE Wllton Road Compl menis of SHOE WARREN MCLEAN Owner 5 1' Q R 5 1- I VVILTON MAINE I I I ,, . . . . n I im I ' . , I I Fqrmingfqn - - Maine Open seven days a week, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. l I l YV E B E ll .Q11f!'u4a1zceJf el1t' INSURE AND BE SURE BEST WISHES from FARMINGTON LAUNDRY 8. DRY CLEANERS RANGER S FEED 8. GRAIN STORE DON T FORGET STANWOOD PARK Dan ng from 8 30 to 12 ROLAND RANGER Compliments of M. E. KNAPP 8: SON FARMINGTON BEN BUTLER USED CARS Repair Service Welding Radiator Service ! rnmmnmon - IJIHLBBUU ! Franklin Journal Farmington Men s ancl Boys CLOTHING 8. FURNISHINGS Compliments of Dr and Mrs CI1urIesE Thurlow The Red Store Inc Phllllps Maine FARMINGTON MAINE DAVIS 8. ROLFE We Sell Better Llvmg On Broadway W ' LT O N 5 2022 Comp' "M 0' Rlvfnsms sfnvlcf smlou Sun Dlagnosls Equipment MARBLES MODEL CLEANERS F kl C t L est mn In ounys arg Electrical 8. Carburetor Servlce Quality Cleaners Tel 4517 FREE SANEX MOTH PROOFING RAY HMI Prop Dual W Iton 5 8533 Intervale Road Farm ngton Ma ne 1 1 O . Q O . . . 1 Q u - ' u Compliments of I I - 1 , . . , . ' I - . . I , I EARSON S Sporting Goods Work Sport Clothes Radlo Televuslon Sales 8. Servlce DU PONT PAINTS FOR EVERY PURPOSE Pho e 4546 20 Broodwo FARMINGTON MAINE Compl me ts of Probert s Market STRONG Compl ents of PHILLIPS OIL CO TEXACO Range 8. Fuel Gas 81 Oul D Rlchurdsons Jewelry Store Dlamoncls Watches Gifts for all occasions I 4 55 39 Broadway FARMINGTON MAINE Coca Cola Bottling Company Farmmgton Mame Harvey Smuth s Service Statlon pl ets Lowell s Market Groceries 81 Meats WEST FARMINGTON Tel 3326 Compl ments of STEWART'S DINER I - i n I -O I D ' n ' Y im 0 I ic: 9 Compllmems of Compliments of . ' ' I ' o 0 Com im n of v 1 I Your local New Car Dealer Supporters Apprecrate Your Business BACKUS GARAGE W 81 W D BARKER HORN MOTORS MORTON MOTORS NEWMAN MOTORS Try Us for Servrce Farmlngton Wllton New Car Dealers Assoclatron Farmington Farmers Unron Frank Vonderhofl Farmmgton Morne REAL ESTATE Towle Gavlanl JOE S MARKET ACCORDION STUDIOS Complete I-me of Portland Lewiston MEATS 8 GROCERIES LEWISTON 4 634 FARMINGTON FALLS MAINE For ngton Areo N E 2360 J. . . . ll ' ll I I O O . I . N. E. 4520 N. E. 20l2 1 I O I TEL. - - ' mi RICHARD H BELL INSURANCE Farmmgton, Malne TRAINING FOR BUSINESS Secreturwl comp: ments of A t ccoun mg The Flrst Natlonal Bank Buslness Teacher Tralnmg Business Admmnstratlon W te o II for C ee Booklet a d ou l test Catalog Member of Bhss Buslness College FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE 'I60 Lisbon Street CORPORANON LEWISTON E, , ' i . . - - of Farmington, Maine ri r ca free GI' I' I'1 I' G BEST WISHES ithfauhlin Cfuuutg Saniugs Blank The Old County Bank Established 1868 FARMINGTON, MAINE 88 years record for service and stablluty Resources December 31 1955 S8 208 113 A secure place for your savings sm! HIDDEN ACRES DAIRY ADRIEN PILLSBURY Pasteurlzecl 8. Homogenlzed Mllk 8. Cream Dual 2115 Farmington Maine F R I E N D MAINE DOWEL CORPORATION Darling Auto Company QEQTFIW 4 W5 I I I 4x,L5Av:ngsaW 0 Orzjfni. Compliments of O I O I Compliments of ' xi-'-Lf .,-5 - . D y A l I " ,K .. ' ,Q fr- -fx Wm Wm amen IDEAL AND WORLDS FAIR BRANDS - Your Guide to Quality In Woodenware For Over Slxty eight Years MFG CO INC FAnmNe'roN MAINE Outfitters t Summer Camps Comphments of Schools DR R D STODDARD Colleges Hcmold Outfittlng Co optornetrlst STANDISH MAINE THE C B D0lGE COMPANY WILTON MAINE Chemnccls for Maintenance Tel 5 2347 Id y MR H B RAGSDALE P O B WATERVILLE MAINE O I, O I O I . . WESTPORT, CONNECTICUT Represen e b : . . ox 498 n rm uv I John Deere Quulrty Farm Equrpment WE SELL GENUINE JOHN DEERE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES AND HAVE TRAINED MECHANICS TO SERVE YOU Texaco OIIs and Grease Goodyear Farm Trres Farrbanks Morse Planet Jr De Laval Mrlkers Clay Barn Equrpment Papec Us FOR IIEIIAAIIIIPIQIIQIIIIIIII I PAPA! JIIPPD' FARMINGTON DIAL 2031 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE SPORTING GOODS TOYS a d WHEEL GOODS HOME APPLIANCES and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES MGS! J8 Zers GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS FARMINGTON MAINE QUALITY TOOLS and HARDWARE Everythmg for the Aufomoblle for Less 3 5 BROADWAY FARMINGTON Dral 4888 Compl ments BIack's Barber Shop UI I- -If O O A a o a o u 1 i .. .T ,. ... 1 I n 1 1 s 0 . I . l.lVERMORE FALLS TRUST COMPANY 13x Member of Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporation THE KYES AGENCY Insurance Real Estate WILTON MAINE Strong Wood Turning Ksmxzm s. Hnnoun F05 ER -!JilnAIi f -- ,Elf 'll 0 GG GENERAL CONTRACTING AND y Rzmoosums RESIDENTIAL 8. INDUSTRIAL TRANSIT CONCRETE WORK wnmu U 5- 77 J xr. . ji, 7.1- Compliments of Compliments of 0 .4 H,-TTI.. WJ' --F W A j' I 'WDEPUSITURS Trans! Company Wllton, Mame Mcmb o Federal Deposzz Insurance Corpomt on You are Lordmlly ll1Xll6d to me thu Fomplclc Company VVC ll wxclconm ll1L oppo1l11111ly to sc-ue you Colne 111 md get llflllqlllltll Compliments of Complsments of KEN FRENCH M E A T S J J NEWBERRY CO Compllments of L k am In s Poultry Farm WOODY HUNTER BABY CH'CK5 Farmington, Mame Sephc Tanks Cleaned DIAL 2407 JH , .. ' 'F cr f ' ' ' '1' E .L . Y. n X A Banking Services of the Depositors Trust , 7 X v . Y .... 'z 1z'.'1. O U O 4 O I LeBLANC S RECONDITIONERS H B LEWISTON MAINE D I4 91 Shoemakers Slnce 1876 PHILIP B CHASE M D wlLToN MAINE JOHN W FRIEND MD Wallace H Duffy MD c pI f c pI f Hayes G Bowne MD A FRIEND I G . . A SS 'IO Lafayette Street ' -87 Compliments of o I 0 s ' Compliments of Compliments of , I , . 0 I 0 0 om iments o om imenfg Q I ' O C Q69 . AN 051,791 FARMINGTON MAINE Member of Federal Insurance Corporahon LW! 0771 COLLEGE BANGOR MAINE Malnes Largest School of Business Tralnmg Termmal Courses SECRETARIAL STENOGRAPHIC GENERAL CLERICAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTING These are of one and two years duratnon Degree Courses BS IN ACCOUNTING BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, BS IN BUSINESS EDUCATION These are of four years' duration Noie' Husson College ns the only school In Mame whlch ofTers a degree In Accounhng Complnments of COMPANY HARDWARE PAINTS 3 STOVES -We PYROFAX GAS SERVICE DIAL 2770 Farmington, Maine '95 0 L B xl ' df 4' - 4- 6 ,Q Wiuffffl ' 'Q 2' E B1 'R .,ggjyQ,?g,,g4g w 'W y Q 4+ M I ' I . . . ' M 8: Q 1 1001, FARMINGTON, MAINE ROTHERS MARKET West Farmington TEL 4461 Metcalf Wood Products Co LUMBER Bullders Supphes WEST FARMINGTON D I 2 0 Compl me ts of Herbert M Zlkel M D pl 1 J J Nissen Company Bakers of HOLSUM BREAD senvs IT fa -1+-'JS' WITH HOLSUM HAP B gdo 81 MAC ud Compliments of l ia 18 Com imen s of i n o u k in Q . I . 0 X num nl""" 'Il lf . . ill' 4 u ll! ' l -.1.T-v"".-ln . Y ,. II ll n ll II B r Wrlght Lumber Company LONG s. SHORT LUMBER Farmnngton Marne R F D 2 B D MOORE Frlgldalre SALES 81 SERVICE HAPPY COOKING METERED GAS Service T05 HIGH STREET DIAL 4755 Thomas Cash Market GENERAL MERCHANDISE MAINE Compl ments of TlTCOMB'S DAIRY Farmington Dual 4959 Wacky 77K49owze4 VARIETY STORE AND PORTLAND PRESS HERALD NEWS BUREAU 46 Ma n Street Farm ngton Compl ments of Sargent's Restaurant Comphments of Farmington Dowel Products Company, Incorporated Farmington Marne C O O ' I I I 0 In 9 f'f.j4g . ,V f' NORTH CHESTERVILLE h ' I o II I ' , i i - i i O ' I

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