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WA M? fwffw 8' .WW ff? A MA- w y W N Wig. Apdicfflwv-f9?Z?f.Q77gV7f g of xmmsg t fi" Mffvy 'W uv I M WJMQA ,Aff , , Slf,gWpf45S:J1lL,,M W .fi M 35fi5fg? V My R E5 , Qg , W , A f .M N w Mlfilfgy wfgiixw N ff-vffwq mf V M XV ffjfzgfiw Wilwiim KQTWM --rr7v'0"""' ' ' 'E-1 RJ' 'fir-'Ly' .fsfffwfe U4 gr "M" Muouw M ' AM Q AN' f . 93,211-:FMSM bww-Nfmm rV,.4f'. . I , . . W wwf 5 gnwlff .Libya Rza, fd' YW: fffgjim, Wiwwwwf' ff-f KQW " 6 R 3 M 1 0531 S 3 wg . 5 is Q55 +3 S S XY 5553 , N I . I l was 1 if Gland-J M W W' w QW wig 019 'gf W5 ' K Lpxsfglqpvkiffj i f V55 W M vw' 3 MW WV 2 MW WI Wg ff if 533 5 gy 3? 1 5' . v xwfyfwwj d C35 NEW 'Q 35 l Him if WHS " wg ' Mwzxvw JJ M afwbfjjd MMSW Mm ffqdwyffpi , L-0'-rl., 0-W .M,7cL., 3+-fQQ.u.,,9f, My I ., 'N W IV J I ,V 1 , V qv, fp' A U, . J W iz, 2 Pal! Qfafffl-6 WMU Jx ef-fn Ay A"Lf'0T'Q:L H L . 521154 ' .I-4 9. JZ 9.-'Ji lx-I 1 ,, .ff , . VT ' ' , ' 'X ' H , X" " 1 . P. 3 J , ' 1 7 'I 'X -1 , f 4 'J U x X 'fLfLLf4- 5,! lfZ15'f9' ' 1 'f-WWC M 1' ,- ' X - 'V ' ' X- 4 z" 1 ' v M If ' 4-57 1 ,QL43 If rj'-5.3,-g,,,Zgf'!A, XJ 1 N' 1 f X ,V ' r K 1 ' H" T , 547 fjgfA9'f4l'c--lg,-"'411q 2,1-wf1,. 'f,1,,,,L ' . V . ,f TJ N XV, .v ff! J, I 1' , V . I f ,L H, ,A ff , V'Lv,,,L,', . 1,1 A I, , I ll IV, A IQMIAVQ V' M' 'ff' 4f"9 A . Hffffii ff fd Af- ' fx' 7442 .f , ,,,, L5-1 ,., V , L ,gl ,WL fe, Lqct z Lil, fQ,1ff,Q--f,,1,v X X , ,ff I ' -f ' 1 , .f ,ff XV 'A ' Y j 1 'ff ' , , f 1 1 Administration BOARD OF EDUCATION: Mr. Berl Miller,Mr. Elliott Straughan, Mr. Hugo Cozean, Dr. L. M. Stanfield, Mr. Frank Zieba, Mr. John Miller, and Mr. C. R. Bell. Not pictured: Dr. Paul Newman. MR. C. R. BELL MR. JOE M. TOALSON Superintendent Principal 2 VIJWW' f' MR. SCHUSTER, our assist- ant basketball and foot- ball coach and head track coach plus being physical education instructor is, with all this, a very busy man. He also teaches a class in hygiene. He's very talented in art and helped with decorations for the carnival and can- tata. , One of the most enjoyable activities in girl's phy- sical education is tum- bling. MISS LINDSEY, one of the busiest people in school, teaches the commercial subjects, typing, short- hand, bookkeeping, and secretarial practice plus a class in Spanish. She also spends much of her time sponsoring the year- book and Student Council. MRS. ELAYER is another new teacher this year and teaches typing and Busi- ness English and Arith- metic. The latter was a new course this year. MR. LINGLE, our teacher humorist, is a very able coach. He's had some wonderful teams in both basketball and football. He teaches social studies and driver's education. Mr. Lingle and his driv- ers' ed. students are getting ready to venture forth in their new Ply- mouth. MISS HALTER is one of our most beloved teachers. As a guidance instructor,she helps many students with problems which they may have. She provides them with information concern- ing colleges and careers. She is one cfthe sponsors of the Senior Class and Pep Squad. Pictured on the right are Miss Halter and Harriet Boswell who are discuss- ' g colleges. I'-I MISS RICKUS, a hard work- ing teacher, is a wonder- ful sponsor for any or- ganization. She is one of the Senior Class sponsors and sponsors the F.T.A. She teaches English and citizenship . She is shown with her block class which has been quite a success. The picture at the right shows Miss Rickus helping her block class in one of their special projects. MR. CHANEY, one of our most respected teachers, teaches social studies and sponsors several ex- tracurricular activities. Under his sponsorshig the International Relations Club was organized and is becoming very active. He coaches Jr. High basket- ball and the high school volleyball team. He is a Junior Class sponsor also. Mr. Chaney lends a help- ing hand to one of his students. MHS. NELSON teaches Eng- lish and sponsors the school paper which we look forward to reading every month. She is chairman of the assembly committee and is kept very busy arranging for lyceum programs and class assemblies. Mrs. Nelson's publication class is busy writing articles for the next edition. M . MUELLER is new to our high school faculty this year. He teaches math and has proved his cour- age by being one of the sponsors of thePep Squad. Mr. Mueller's math class trying to show up Ein- stein. A I . A , W 5 MR. WRIGHT teaches shop, woodworking, mechanical drawing, and C.O.E. His woodworking students make some beautiful pieces of furniture which they dis- play once a year. Under his direction, students can get Hon the jobn ex- perience while still in school. He is also one of the sponsors of the Senior Class. The picture at the right shows Mr. Wright checking some plans made by a stu- dent. MRS. MCCALL, our home ec- onomics teacher, is a very pleasing addition to our high school faculty. Under her direction, our girls are learning how to sew, cook and become real homemakers. Mrs. McCall also sponsors the F.H.A. The picture at the left shows the home ec. class learning how to sew. MR. ESTES, our band in- structor, has worked hard to make our band one of which we can be proud. The band plays at all sports events andparades. Mr. Estes also teaches English and fundamentals of music. He is one of thesponsors of the Sopho- more Class. The picture at the right shows the band members getting ready to play. MISS CORKEN is kept busy teaching both gradaschool and high school glee clubs. A Christmas Cantata and Thanksgiving Program were under her direction. She teaches a music funda- mentals claSs also. She is a sponsor of the Soph- omore Class and the Stu- dent Council. The picture at the left shows members of theGirls Glee Club practicing some sight reading. ,K .- , 3 ,,n1amwssmgw , sewykil ilgstghass rgsssgsswissssssssss ,. I, YV ,,..V V L, .L,,. ,V , fl... 14? Q., , ff? ,L :L c ,L.. 5, 2 -, ,V .4 . mw:wwi,w,fmasws'r q4utwewfwu?+s ,wmtwagsspsa f I .. gif It t ff' H, -X Q-w,v3Q,:,f,g:gggw,.,5 Wg-QpX..,f,:g. ,ss-,,-Q,gz:k , 7 s it Q M .vs ,f., mmmlii i f- st, ,W .,.. MRS. TUCKER, one of our most talented teachers, teaches both grade school and high school art but she is never too busy to help decorate for some activity. She is also one of the hard working Jun- ior Class sponsors. The art class enjoyed il- lustrating the UNight Be- fore Christmas.n Larry Sullivan and Jim Ogle dis- play one of the illustra- tions. MISS TETLEY gives our students their background in math which they espec- ially appreciate when they attend college. She is the sponsor of the Honor Society and is very much interested in help- ing this group in its plans and organization activities. The picture at the left shows Miss Tetley giving instruction to her gener- al math class. MISS BIRD, librarian and speech teachen has a full time job keeping our li- brary books in order. Under hervery able direc- tion we have built our library from l5OO books to over BOOO books. She is one of the sponsors of the Junior Class. The picture at the right shows members of Miss Bird's speech class pre- paring their rations i.4mJ-"glow ER. RIGGS teachm science, biology, and chemistry. The experiments, explor- ations, and explosions coming from these classes speak for the interest he arouses in his classes. He is also one of the sponsors of the Freshman Class. The picture at the left shows the chemistry stu- dents carrying out an ex- periment with oxygen. F.H.5 DIARY EXPERIMENTING Dear Diary, Well, I finally got back into the swing of things by going back to school today. I was really glad to see all of the gang. I got stuck with the top shelf of our locker again! I don't know why I always decide to have a shorty for a locker partner. The muscles in my arms are aching from carrying so many books to my classes. I got lucky for a change 'cause I have at least five cute boys in every class! The usual thing happened - a freshman walked calmly through the guarded seniu'doors1 The seniors were there ready and willing to explain why he shouldn't walk through them again until he becomes a senior. Well, this day has really proved exciting. I have to go pin up my hair nowg so until tomorrowe--. NEW LOCKER COM INATION BACK TO WORK AGAIN GIRLS PLAY BASKETBALL THE GANG GETS TOGETHER This page compliments of EDWARDS E PLUMLEE THEATERS 7 , ttii 1 H ADVICE FROM THE COACH BEFORE THE GAM VOLLEYBALL GIRLS IN A HUDDLE GETTING READY FOR REPORT CARDS STUDENTS GOING HOME ON THE BUS Dear Diary, I went to the most exciting volleyball game tonight. Both the A and B Teams won. If they play as well all year, we should have a good season. The pep squad sounded swell! It gave me the old school spirit! Our report cards will be due soon, and I have the same old worry. . . nmking the honor roll. We tried to explain to our teachers that the warm weather keeps us from studying. They just don't understand because they say test tomorrow, and so we have a test! My history notebook is due and I'm in the same old rut, I'm behind two chapters. I have a date for the dance tomorrow night with the cutest boy! The seniors are having the dance to welcome the freshmen, and I think I'm more excited than they are. If I don't have time to write tomorrow, it is because I have to spend the day planning what I'll wear tomorrow night. Maybe Mother will let me get a new dress. Wish me luck---. x 533' 1' .. it "' if I SHIRLEY KROPP AND SHIRLEY BLOOM DECORATE SYLVIA DUGAL SINGS AT THE SENIOR DANCE COACHES DISCUSS IMPORTANT PLAY CHEERLEADERS LEAD A YELL Dear Diary, We won!! We beat Ste. Genevieve in a swell footballgame tonight. I think the pep assembly we had today gave the fellows extra pep. They played as hard as they could and they really looked great! Confidentially, I don't think the team or the coaches could be any happier than I am at the present moment. A game like that makes you forget all of your worries Qlike failing a testl. I worked in the junior stand at the half and after the game. My feet aren't what you would call rested, but it's worth it! When I go on the senior trip, I know I'll be glad I did my share of the work. Cleaning up the field was fun because I could watch all of those good-looking football players walk away with a bright smile on their happy faces. I saw Hhimn play in intramurals today and he really looked swell. Here's hoping he'll ask me to go to the next football game. BAND PLAYS AT PEP ASSEMBLY JOH BUHMEISTER BRINGS EQUIPMENT -A THE JUNIORS MAKE MONEY FOR THEIR TRIP This page compliments of DICUS DRUG STORE Mary'Iou Barwick, JUNIORS - Donna Farnham and Jerry Sebastian, RETIRING KING and QUEEN - Carole Eberhart and Bill Zieba, KING and QUEEN, SENIORS - Harriet Boswell and Don Neavill, Susan Watkins, SOPHOMORES - Roy Trout and Janelle Highley, Nancy Cozean, FRESHMEN - Herbert Crites and Betty Criteser fNot Picturedl. Dear Diary, At last it is over! All this excitement and suspense gets you down. Harriet Boswell was crowned queen and Don Neavill was crowned king in our annual Farmington High School Carni- val. The other candidates were: Donna Farnham, Janelle Highley, Betty Criteser, Jerry Sebastian, Roy Troutt, and Herbert Crites. The gals in their beautiful formals and the fellows in their best suits were enough to make your eyes pop out. They didn't look like the same people we see at school every day. The theme of the Coronation was Cinderella, and everyone thought it was very clever! We had our parade this afternoon with all of the class floats and king and queen candidates. Our float looked like one of the best, but I'm not prejudiced or anything, am I? Donna Farnham fell off the float during the parade, but she wasn't hurt fthat is, nothing was hurt except her dignityl. I really worked hard in the eats stand all day, but I en- joyed it. Cooking the food was the most fun because I got out of school all day. Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but who doesn't like a free day now and then! I'm glad it's all over because now we can rest awhile, at least until time to get up tomorrow. 5 This page compliments of FITZ CHEVROLET COMPANY ' 10 .A.. .,..1Lal.. .s M 1. "5"f"av ' cis' 5 W HQ! , 1, sv-'.:Q 55, ff x' ' ' N 1,17 tl if' W , flxvxe ?' 4' f ffl 9' iff x. 1 f 0 W L ' W ""' Q If lvl Q M Q 1- ' 'hp ! + M idx sv, 6 Q 1 J' h '4 tif '-tm. x 4' 7852- 44' jf Q ,Q 'f 1,li4 L, E A Q of,--H J I 1, C, 5 x 9' . k,q'ifa ':-:pri EHS: x wi! , Q , , ',.N.V?.,i ,Lf-F L,U,A Y 9 Q ,., ,yi-+A gun, I ....A ,, ki? 'fggb 'fa ?"'7g"""5f 7' - if Tis.. 'C U' .rib x 1 Q Wf- gvza . ,Rf i,.'bv A lt: f iff, :gifs in T A 3 .Q W' f 'Q 0 'Q' iv"?' 6-. ' ot "E.:?ul gg . if , 'fb 25? 31? t . 'Fha' .L kgfwiii SENIOR FLOAT Don Neavill and Harriet Boswell JUNIOR FLOAT Donna Farnham and Jerry Sebastian SOPHOMORE FLOAT Janelle Highley and Roy Trout FRESHMAN FLOAT Herbert Crites and Betty Criteser IZ gm 43522 LARRY SULLIVAN DECORATES ROOM NATIVITY SCENE IN LIBRARY :Z Dear Diary, The Christmas season is so much fun! About a week ago we started decorating oucrooms and planning parties. The whole school smells like cedar because almost every room has a tree in it. The Cantata was very pretty. We wore our choir robes and marched down the aisle, each of us holding a small lighted candle. It really gave me the Christmas spirit. Then, on Saturday night, the Student Counci.had their Christmas dance. We double dated with another couple and had lots of fun. Mother made me a new red dress for the occasion. The Christmas tree was standing in the middle of the dance floor and all the presents were placed underneath it. About ten o'clock we gathered around the piano and sang Christmas carols, and then, before we knew it, Santa was there to give out the gifts. I got a huge peppermint stick and Jim got a corncob pipe. We did enjoy the candy - that is, Jim did! He ate practi- cally all of it when I wasn't looking. We didn't do a thing this morning. Almost everyclass had a party. We played records, talked, and ate. We had doughnuts, cookies, sandwiches, candy and soda - And Mother wondered why I didn't eat any lunch! This afternoon we had our assembly. Carole Eberhart read the Christmas story as it was shown on the movie screen and we all sang Christmas carols. I think every - one enjoyed it a great deal. Then, at last, we were dismissed for the holidays. ':Tfg3QnIQ STUDENT COUNCIL DANCE SANTA ARRIVES WAITING FOR THEIR GIFTS Hurrah! Ten whole days to sleep and loaf! I wonder what when will give me for Christmas. It seems everyone knows but me. CLASS PARTIES I3 ENJOYING THEIR GIFTS SINGING CHRISTMAS CA OIS FIFTEEN FOR THE TEAM BOB BURNETTE PRACTICING Qi? 5331 dHQp X THE REFEREE EXPLAINS PEP SQUAD GIVES ENCOURAGEMENT Dear Diary, Oh, I'm so tired! I hated to come back to school after the holidays. Now instead of getting up at nine, I have to get up at 6:L5 to get ready for school. --And my homework has been terrific! It seems as though I can't keep up with every- thing. We had a basketball game last night and won both games. Everyone is proud of our team this year. They always play a good game. The pep squad really supported them even though it was an out-of-town game. I'm looking forward to the tournaments - they're always so exciting! We have the region- al tournament in Farmington this year, so I can go every night - don't have to worry about finding a way. I hate to see the basketball season end, but then there's track. We always make a pretty good showing in track--maybe we'll win a trophy this year. I have to study for a test, write a paper, and read a book so I'd better get busy. The semester is almost finished so we're having tests in almost every class. Oh, how I hate tests!! Why couldn't we have school without them? This first semester has seemed short, and I suppose next semester will go even faster with track, the senior trip, and graduation. And, as always, when it's all over, I'll look back over the year and say - Gee, it's been fun! RICHARD KONO IN TRAINING THE A TEAM AND THE CHEERLEADERS WAITING TO GET INTO TH GAM This page compliments of CITY DRUG STORE 14 in 'Z' E' ,.4fff1 f' Vfyflfnmnv M' 'w m V Wm M N W "V , Wf55i3Qix1QQin, fi'ii'S Qi l51xrifg 02 iQ1BEf, 1 ii53 N0. I NEW TEACHERS ENTER gmzsfr LYCEUM or i , , ,, FARMINGTGN YEAR pnssrawrrzu 5 -'UHNS FAMILY PRESENT Among the new teachers A our school this year is Mrs. cy Lester Elkzyer, the mercial teacher, Mrs. Elayer St. Vincent cent, Kentuckv State Collegeg 0 I 4 f BOOKS TO OUR, LIBRARY Members of tggmfaznily uf the mte Mr W L Johns have Thursday, Oct. Ist-, our SPMQEQ was one of the most fortxmaxiie in in being able to see SENIOR KING IND CINDERELLA CRUWNED RT CURONRTION BALL For the s8L'CivZXQI stzxxlghi yenaz' the Class of 1954 c1'of.Vzwd hum und Queen uf :hw F. H S. With the Comnatimx of Cinder- She taugh c Greewfmn. A YG8! N F815 ukei She uways, who Mrs. uf V 1 sent Home ' The F. H. S. E' in paj- classes bv the school they ball west moved to Three twin pared tems F.'l'.A. for year vitzed to The President - Vicevlirewsldent Secretary -- Dianna Treasurer -M Barbara Historian -W Betty Lou The new members are Brewster, Barbara Foster Carole Westerhold. team teams in compwtitifm. The team was cmmposed ofl Donna Mar Lewis, Blue: Marjorie Cfieven Rad: Fatsy Smith, Red. Another nwmbez' wnsr Shirley and you guessed it, . , . GUM!iA11en--Red-Alternate, Same an the spot gum. some late years news. gum, nut 0 work! ediwrlais, gum, do-or tests, a book of tardy exvuse-s. 15 Larry the danc- Annfl tim - coach classes: Don wtxh them led throne. she was crowned by Cnrw and prvsmzted rvitlx bmxcquvt of red mass, All thv Czmw bzwk on thv emo mr i-he vlinmx as Sylvia sang "A Dream Is A wish Heart Makes" STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST RO , LEFT TO RIGHT: Walker, Womack, Stover, Osher, Eberhart. SECOND OW: Yeargain, Richard Kono, Brockmiller, Cozean, Alexander, Andy Kono. Not pictured: Freshmen members - Barbara Burmeister, Joan Larby, and Danny Giessing. Sponsors - Miss Lindsey and Miss Corken. The Student Council has been very active this year in both school and community. The most publicized project was the Planned Progress Program sponsored by the Union Electric Company. The plans from this project are to be carried out by the community in the future and the Council sincerely hopes that it will be successful. The Student Council does many Nbehind-the-scenen things that most students don't know about. Of course they know that it gives a Christmas Dance, sponsors Christmas decorating, helps make rules, etc. but they don't know the many seemingly small things that are accomplished. The Student Council is just what the name implies - a group of students, representing their classes, who work for the betterment of the school. Just one of the many sessions to work on the Planned Progress Pro - gram. nTubN Yeargain, Richard Kono, Danny Giessing, Carole Eberhart, and Chuck Cozean hard at work. W 16 ational Honor Society LEFT TO RIGHT: Carole Westerhold, Harriet Boswell, John Burmeister, Barbara Foster, Larry Meyer, Gretchen Karsch, Carole Eberhart, Dorris Coley, Margaret Johnson, and Andy Kono. Not pictured, Sponsor, Miss Tetley and Charles Cozean. A member of the Honor Society is chosen because he has proven himself to have four qualities--scholarship, leadership, character, and service to his school. The first initiation of the 1953-195A school year was held February 12. Only seniors were eligible and four people: Harriet Boswell, Margaret Johnson, Carole Westerhold, and John Burmeister were elected to the Society. After the ceremony, a tea, under the direction of Mrs. McCall and the Home Ee. Department, was given in Miss Tetley's room for the initiates, their parents and friends. The Honor Society had a busy year. It gave a radio program, sponsored an assembly dedicating a memorial plaque to the war dead of our school, and presented two initiation ceremonies. The officers elected for this year were: Gretchen Karsch, president, Larry Meyer, vice-president, and Barbara Foster, secretary. Membership in the Honor Society is one of the most coveted honors in our school. This page compliments of FAIR DEPARTMENT STORE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kropp, Foster, Parken Cunningham, Karscn Lewis, Donna Farnham, Coley, Dianna Farnham, Boswell. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Chaney, Joy Stone, Osher, Yeager, Eberhart, Ratliff, Westerhold, Simpson, Mr. Bell. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Stone, Hibbits, Cozean, Shoemake, Black, Lawson, Swink, Byrd, Andy Kono. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club came into its own this year and became one of the most interest- ing clubs in school. Programs of special interest to youth in regard to international problems were presented at the monthly meetings, offering a sounding ground for thoughts and ideas that no one would have considered otherwise. The club, with its sponsors, Mr. Bell and Mr. Chaney, has been an addition to our school life A Council meeting to talk over affairs of the club. Barbara Foster, president, Harriet Bos- well, program chairman, Carole Westerhold, Sec- retary, Gretchen Karsch, treasurer, and Mr. Chan- ey, Sponsor. Listening to one of the discussions carried on I, 1, at the meetings. T KNIGHTS IN REVIEW FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coley, Osher, Eberhart, Yeager, Farnham, Boswell, Foster. SECOND ROW: Stone, Haile, Menge, Lewis, Straughan, Jenkins, Denman, Burmeister, Short, Miss Lindsey. THIRD ROW: Miller, McLaren, Kropp, Stover, DeForest, Scott, Sullivan, Cozean. MEET THE M M ERS OF THE ANNUAL STAFF The poor people you see flying around with a harried expression on thet'faces are, you can make a safe bet, members of the annual staff. So many small jobs come up in making an annual that everyone on the staff has to be willing to ac- cept responsibility. This year our editor was Barbara Foster, who keeps wonder- ing why she is turning gray. The associate editor was Pat Stover, who, besides keeping our spirits up,also got a great deal of work done. To the photographers, Dorris Coley, Pat Yeager, and Kathryn Carnahan goes a lot of special credit for getting those extra scenes that really portray our school. Shirley Kropp and Larry Sullivan can get an art award anytime in our book. Those cartoons and illustrations were tops! The reason these annuals are here to read is that the ad salesmen and subscription salesmen, Pat Yeager, Dorris Coley, Joy Stone, Lor- etta McLaren, Jerry DeForest, Janis Short, Connie Osher, Barbara Burmeister, and Barbara Miller, all practically lost their voices from asking, HWon't you please buy an ad?U and HHave you bought your annual yet?H Joy Stone and Dorris Coley got a little sad as they started thinking back over the Senior Class and its doings in order to write the history, while Harriet Boswell and Connie Osher went to the other extreme when they wrote the prophecy. What imaginations! Talking about imagination, just take a good look at the class pages and give the credit to Dianna Farnham, Loretta McLaren, Carole Jenkins, Sheri Sue Denman, and Barbara Burmeister. Add all this together and you've got the combination that makes high school, lasting memories, and an annual, wg hope! The pasting fiends - Pat Yeager, Shirley Kropp, Carole Eberhart, Barbara Foster, Pat Stover, and Dianna Farnham. Silence, artist Shirley Kropp at work! 19 KNI GHT L IFE FIRST ROW3 LEFT TO RIGHT: Harrington, Smith, Cozean, Karsch, Kropp, Boswell Yeargain, Stone, Sebastian. SECOND ROW: Klepzig, Byrd Woods, Hibbits, Dugal Westerhold, Mrs. Nelson, Haile, Lynch, Foster, Ratliff, Sullivan. Every month of every school year an edition called the Knight Life is published. Good material, bad material, rain or shine, Knight Life always comes out as scheduled. The staff strives to work together as a team, believing cooperation is the student jouinalism. There is always the budget, meeting the subscription making up the paper, throwing out bad pleasing both students and faculty, meeting the deadline. only way to jump the hurdles in the necessity of staying within goal, pleasing the advertisers, material, finding good material, cooperating with printers, and All these things combined make working on the paper rather nerve racking but as the staff becomes a part of the wild mad, fury of meet- ing a newspaper deadline, the feeling of achievement well makes up for all the trials and tribulations suffered. hard at work line. This page compliments of 20 Gretchen Karsch and Shirley Kropp, co- editors of thepaper, to make their dead- Members of the pub- lications class dis- cuss the good and bad points d'another school ' s paper. trying THE LAUNDERITE LEFT TO RIGHT: Frances Brewsten Betty Lou Ratlifg Miss Rickus, Shirley Kropp,. Gretchen Karsch, Dianna Farnham, Carole Westerhold, Kathryn Carnahan, and Barbara Foster. F. T. A. CLUB The C. R. Bell Club, Future Teachers of America fbetter known as the F. profitable year jects which the of Dimes drive been interesting programs such as a talk on HWhat T. AJ has certainly had an interesting and of projects and meetings. One of the pro- club sponsored during the year was the March in the high school. Every month there have A Superin- tendent Expects From His Teachersu and a review of HHow To Choose Your College.u We have had a very able group of officers, not our sponsor, Miss Rickus, who helped us greatly advice when it was needed and encouraging us at The executive officers were: Gretchen Karsch, Shirley Kropp, program chairman, Dianna Farnham, Barbara Foster, treasurer, and Betty Lou Ratliff, to mention by giving all times. president, secretary, historian. The officers of the club get together for an informal dis- cussion with Miss Rickus. The N. E. A. Journal and teachers' maga- zines seem to be holding theattention of the members ofthe club. This page compliments of A Q P GROCERY STORE Z1 i. Q5 979: 'U F FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miller, Stewart, Gualt, Jean Woods, Bollinger, Twalla Lunsford, Hill, Tanner, Eberhart, Yeager, Dianna Farnham, Stone. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carnahan, Wade, Alma Tessereau, London, Foster, Osher, Haile, Shirrell, Donna Farnham, Thurman, Cook, Kiepe, Walker. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Wiley, Klepzig, Windsor, Holmes, Phillips, Lenz, Pogue, McLaren, Stover, Sebas- tian, Hunting, Mrs. McCall. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bloom, Casey, Nickelson, Lynch, Menge, Kruger, Edmonds, McClaskey, Straughan, Lewis. NNAKIQS. ,CN I 4, 5'4b A qi? if f fn W 2 , El 12 5 , 'Q 4 Z 'QQZJ '-x 5 New R ffywmaei ' was 1-W ri? W we ig 1 ,A at Eg , Qywif Qi, Q, JJ' f W so - FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Francis, Moore, Laird, Harrington, Ratcliff, Carol Cleve, Sturgess, Weddle, Grindstaff, Rickus, Moore, Smith. SECOND ROW: Suther- land, White, Straughan, Shelley, Marjorie Cleve, Redmond, Graham, Smith, Leitz, Belken, Haynes, Hensley. THIRD ROW: Johnson, Martha Conrad, Womack, Helen Conrad, Cunningham, Lunsford, Blunt, Jarnigan, Smith, Honefkamp, Bloom, Roney, FOURTH ROW: Burgess, Burghaus, Harrington, Smith, Wilkson, Ratliff, Brewster, Johnson, Marshall, wells, Umfleet, Mary Conrad. ZZ LIBRARY STAFF FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Smith, Brewster, Hoehn, Ratcliff, Harrington. SECOND ROW: Stewart, Ratliff, Barwick, Rehmer, Grindstaff, Nickelson, Woods. One of the organizations that serves the stu- dent body all year without much recognition is the library staff. The staff assists the librarian in her many duties. Without the group the library would be open only when the librarian is able to be in the study hall. Miss Bird is the librarian and sponsor of the group and they meet once out of every month on school time. During the Christmas holidays the staff dec- orated the study hall in typical holiday fashion. The following people were elected as officers for this year: President, Mary' Lou Hoehng Vice President, Frances Brewsterg Secretary, Rachel Smith, and Reporter, Mary Lou Ratcliff. ' This page compliments of FOSTER B HIGHLEY DRESS Z3 ,1- L- ,- .- 5 'Xxx -.i'ffX SHOP Chorus FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carnahan, Mary Mackley, Bernadine Ratliff, Stewart, Starwalt, Burmeister, Blunt, Barbara Parker, Powell, Crites, Miller. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Moyers, Berghaus, Wells, Menge, Patsy Smith, Patsy Tessereau, McLaren, Quesnel, Byington, Betty Lou Ratliff, Shirrell, Murphy, Martha Conrad. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barwick, Patty Mackley, Larby, Sherrill, Stone, Walker, Antoinne, Mary Conrad, Umpfleet, Jenkins, Westerhold, Denman, Osher, Alma Tessereau, Kono. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Burcq Womack, Lynch, Dugal, Tanner, Betty Parker, Reed, Coley, Valle, Donna Farnham, Helen Conrad, Judith Smith, Dianna Farnham, Stroud, Foster, Wade. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Linn Yeargain, Hurst, Clark, Don Year- gain, Alexander, Eaton, Cravens, Gifford, Bollinger, Yates, McClaskey, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Schurten Sherrill, Thomure, Miller, Sands, Newman, Fraser, Volt, Meyer, Bollman, Toalson. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Brockmiller, Sutterfield, Click, Hill, Boyd, Neavill, Woods, Overall, Hibbits, Cozean, John Ratliff. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Winters, Short, Mell, Swink, Tessereau, Shoemake, Black, Brewster, Govro, Feezor, Jerry Ratliff, Franklin. Z4 Band FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Westerhold, Mossman, Stewart, Carnahan, Antoine, Virginia Crouch, Lovitt, Dugal, Eaves, Mr. Estes. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Elizabeth Crouch, Cary, Patty Mackley, Nebling, Lenz, Kropp, Yeager, Coley, Mary Mackley, Sta m, Judy Newman. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judith Smith McCreary, Pogue, Wade, Gifford, Tessereau, Benton, Kathleen Clark, Burch, Farnham. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Highley, John Ratliff, Haws, Wright, Jim Newman, Neavill, Schurter, Boyd, Connie London, George Smith, Blaine, Jerry Ratliff, Johnson, Lewis, Gary Clark, Donald Ratliff, Billy London. Leading the way for the Halloween parade, performing at basketball and football games, and playing for pep rallies have been a few of the activities entered into by that organization in our school known as the Farmington High School Band. Two special activities which were a part of the band's program were the radio program which was presented at Christmas and an assembly which was given February lOth. Under the direction of Mr. Raymond Estes, this group has been an active addition to the pep life of our school. The band has effected a new way of organization this year. Officers were elected to govern the group and special officers were appointed to care for the uniforms and other business. Private instruction was given during the students' free time. The band has made a lot of progress during the past year and looks forward to next year with much enthusiasm. The band officers as they meet to talk over the business and activities of the band. Practice makes per- fect--at least these boys hope so. This page compliments of FARMINGTON PRESS Z5 A 2 4' PEP SQUAD FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miller, Kropp, Antione, Wade, Stewart, Woods, Kiepe 3 Sherrill, Nickelson, Barwick, Menge, Nebling, Mary Mackley. SECOND ROW2 Berg- haus, Walker, Parker, Haile, Smith, Tanner, Burlbaw, Lynch, Osher, Stone, Gault, Casey, Alma Tessereau, Kono. THTHD ROW: Stroud, Wiley, Windsor, Coley, Donn V Farnham, Pogue, Lenz, Dianna Farnham, Burmeister, London, Denman, Benton, Carna 3. han, FOURTH ROW: Stoll, Boswell, Jenkins, Yeager, Hill, Patsy Tessereau, Eberhart, Valle, Williams, Quesnel, Ratliff, ohort, Hunting. CHEEH LEADERS: Patty Mackley, Stover, Sebastian, McLaren. LFT'S GlVE FIFTHEN POR THF IF? SQWAD1 Here's a hard working organization made up of the yeygiest girls in F.H.S, if you want proof of this, just walk down the apstairs hall some Tuesday aTter school when they're meeting! The Pep Squai's purpose is to spread good sportsmanship among schools and also to pub- licize the games. They do all this wi5h the many pep meetings and assemblies they plan, supporting their team at games, and of course, planning the ever popular Snake Dance. ln order to raise money for transportation to the games, the girls held a Spaghetti Supper and cleared 3137. The Knight Howlers Qthat's their namel is open to all girls in F.H.S. The club is or- ganized under a constitution and this year elected Harriet Boswell as president and Dianna Farnham as secretary. The sponsors are Miss Halter and Mr. Miller who deserve a lot of special credit for putting up with the girls on the busses. What do you say? Let's give fifteen for the Pep Squadl This page compliments of DE SPAIN MOTORS 26 1 27 Football y y f W' c A me ., FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hahn, Jim Nickelson, Pigg, McClaskey, Ward Overall, Straughan, Whitener, Yates, Blaine, Bickus, Kono, Douglas, Newman. SECOND ROW: Brewster, Toalson, Burnette, Short, Gifford, Kassabaum, Boyd, Winters, Click, Chapman, Belken, Wilson Overall, Mr. Lingle. THIRD ROW: Mr. Schuster, Swink, Shoemake, Mell, Hibbits, Bob Zieba, Neavill, Bill Zieba, Cozean, Stam, Thurman, Stone, Burmeister, Smith, Bequette, Hamel, Ed Nickelson, Mayberry, Thompson. In the game of football, the Knights again proved to be outstanding. Maybe not in the won and lost column, but on the field our team played hard and clean and spread the fine sportsmanship reputation of F. H. S. one step further. Each game was played with the fullest ability each member could exert. Coaches Lingle and Schuster not only found the weaknesses of this year's team, as a method of improving those of the future, but gave that added game play to many young stars of tomorrow. Much praise should go to: the graduating players of this year for the good foot- ball they demonstrated before the local fans and followers, the coaches who worked so hard to condition and secure the best athletes to perform, and you, the supporters, backbone of all high school activities. Here's wishing next year's squad the greatest of success and thanks to the men who carried the black and gold to the gridiron last season. This page compliments of KLEIN PHARMACY Z8 MP- A CHUCK COZEAN Fullback JOHN BUmfLE1sTER Bight End F. F. F.H F.H H F.H F.H F.H H F.H YK DON NEAVILL Center .S. 7 .S. 13 .S. 0 .S. 1h .S. O .S. 20 .S. 0 .S. 12 ANDY SEASON'S SUM ARY Flat River 20 Ste. Genevieve O 5 Desoto 72 4 Perryville Crystal City 33 Herculanean 25 Festus Fredricktown 50 21 L6 wtkf?3 ,Mx W 3 , RON HIBBITS Marshall Mell Left End Quarterback BOB ZIEBA Right Tackle GLEN STAM Halfback BOB STONE DON SHOEMAKE ze L left Guard Left Tackle 29 BILL ZIEBA ' 5 Right Guard , Basketball HAH FIRST ROW5 LEFT TO RIGHT: Albaugh, Alexander, Boyd, Hibbits, Toalson, Brockmiller, Schurter. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Lingle, Cary, Shoemake, Ogle, Burmeister, Tessereau, Coach Schuster. "B" TEAM FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Albaugh, Sebastian, Brewster,French, Feezor, Hughes, McDanial, Schurter. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Lingle , Hawn, Crites, Smith, Mayberry, Long, Kassabaum, Hamel, Coach Schuster. This page compliments of FEDERATED STORE 30 Basketball Climaxing the regular schedule of play with the Class HAH Regional Tournament in Farmington, our basketball team closed another good season of the hardwood sport. Finishing in third place at the Desloge Invita- tional Tourney, the Knights held their own against the more outstanding teams of the local area. Using the characteristics that have left an in- delible mark with the Knights, they played one ex- citing game after another which ended another win- ning season for the fighting Knights. SEASON'S SUM ARY. F.H.S. 65 Bismark 58 F.H.S. 62 Bonne Terre F.H.S. 65 Fredericktown 53 F.H.S. 6l Ironton F.H.S. 95 Doe Hun 6A F.H.S. 6l Frankclay F.H.S. 59 Leadwood 63 F.H.S. 67 Esther F.H.S. 63 Crystal City 69 F.H.S. 78 Festus F.H.S. 5A Cape Girardeau 68 F.H.S. 5O Elvins This page compliments of OZARKS FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 32 CONNIE OSHER BETSY LYNCH SHIRLEY KROPP Volleyball MARGARET JOHNSON , ill 1 -E fl 1 ,Rr J- f 4 I f , 4 , ... - .,, ' , 4 1' ff ', 1..x., Q --4,.n . SHIRLEY KLEPZIG JOAN STROUD CAROLE EBERHART 33 PHYLLIS HAILE VOLLEYBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: FIRST ROW: Phyllis Haile, Shirley Kropp, Shirley Klepzig, Betsy Lynch, Margaret Johnson, Joan Stroud, and Lavena Casey SECOND ROW: Donna Valle, Mary Lee Womack, Carol Cleve, Connie Osher, Shirley Lenz, Carole Eberhart, and Donna Farnham. THIRD ROW: Pat Tanner, Emma Lee Davis, Jean Womack, Louise Redmond, Pat Womack, Wilma Archambo, Coach Chaney, Marilyn Gordon, Pat Tessereau, Phyllis Belkins,Janis Short, Grace Kono, Barbara Nickelson The Volleyball Team of 1953 had a very successful season. The A Team lost only one scheduled game and one tournament game. Both losses were to the same team. The B Team also lost only two games. This sounds very promising for the future. The girls displayed a wonderful fighting spirit whether they were winning or losing. The other quality that was partly responsible for their successful season was their ability to keep calm under pressure. If the future teams will carry on these traditional qualities, success is assured. But remember--a successful season does not always mean winning all the games. Members of the A Team were: Phyllis Haile, Shirley Kropp, Shirley Klepzig, Betsy Lynch, Margaret Johnson, Joan Stroud, Connie Osher, and Carole Eberhart. Members of the B Team were: E ma Lee Davis, Jean Womack, Louise Redmond, Pat Womack, Wilma Archambo, Marilyn Gordon, Patsy Tessereau,Phyl1is Belkins, Janis Short, Grace Kono, Donna Valle, Mary Lee Womack, Carol Cleve, Shirley Lenz, Donna Farnham, and Lavena Casey. Managers were Pat Tanner and Barbara Nickelson. SEASON'S SUM ARY A TEAM B TEAM F. H. S. 16 Leadwood ll, F. H. S. 16 Leadwood 19 F.H.S. 31 Bonne Terre lL F.H.S. 37 Bonne Terre 15 F.H,S. 3b Doe Run 5 F.H.S. 19 D00 Run lh F. H. S. 36 Irondale 11 F. H. S. 31 Irondale 19 F,H.S. 38 Elvins A F.H.S. 29 Elvins 19 F.H. S. 16 Frankclay 17 F. H. S. 11 Frankclay 20 F. H. S. 20 Esther 16 F. H. S. 17 Esther 15 F. H. S. 36 Bismarck 9 F. H. S. 28 Bismarck 12 34 Ye S5 ig Wx H 71 5 S E- 1 ANDREW KONG CAndyD Class President l,2,3,L Nominated Boys' State 3 Honor Society 3,L Student Council l,2,3,L Vice-President 3 International Relations Club 3,A Football 2,3,A Track l,2,3,L Intramurals 2 3 X Junior Play xggy X ,A 'r'wf f -51 vt yi, agxx SL' if Vow' , 734. Ji yi rjjt afigij. , if 5 Ibjf J: r lt J'gg PM wi VI. SENIORXQXYQ! X LARRY M YER CLegsl Class Vice-President L5 Courtesy Award lg Boys' State 35 Sophomore Pilgrimageg Honor Society 3,L3 Vice-President Lg Student Council l,2g Knight Life 35 Knights in Re- view3Glee Club and Chorus L5 Football Man- ager 33 Basketball 3,Lg Intramurals 2,3,A5 Junior Play MARSHALL M LL CMartyD Class Secretary Lg International Relations Club 35 Glee Club and Chorus 3,b3 Football 3,Ai Basketball l,25 Intramurals l,2,3,A CAROLE EBERHART QUglyD Class Vice-President l Class Treasurer 3,L Merit Award l,2,3 Honor Society 3,A Student Council l,2,L Knights in Review l,2,3,A International Relations Club 3,Lg Secretary 3 F.H.A. 3,Lg Secretary 3 Glee Club and WxmiGwmw L3 Pep Squad l,2,3,L Volleyball l,2,3,L Intramurals l,2,3,A F.H.S. Carnival Queen 3 s ,S 5 U rf-x If r XI I 1 , D ,am ,me ,ff Jw f- NJ .I Ahyy ' V'Q .265 I ZYINSD Q?g fb - ff I' Q1 -I iff? iffy? ff .JC 1 gi- Jil if if of 1 . R3 GRETCHEN KARSCH CGretleD Honor Society 3,L President A Knight Life l,3,A Editor A Knights in Review l,3 International Relations Club 3,Lg Treasurer A F.T.A. 3,L President 3,L Glee Club and Mixed Chorus 2 Band l,2,3 Pep Squad l,2,3 Junior Play HARRIET BOSWELL fBossieD Class Treasurer 2 Class Secretary 3 Knight Life 3,A Knights in Review 3,b International Relations Club 3,A5 Treasurer 3 Program Chairman A Glee Club and Chorus l,2 Pep Squad l,2,3,b President L Intramurals 2,3,A Junior Play F.H.S. Carnival Queen L ROY BOWYER CEowieD JOHN RATLIFF CJOker7 Band l,2,3,A Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l,2,3,L Assembly 2 Knight Life L I BRYANT CJe1niel Library Staff 2g F.H.A. 2g Pep Squad l,2,3 Intramurals l,2,3 JAMES BOLLINGER Cskinmry Glee Club and Mixed Chorus 3,L RON SUTTON QDroopyD Basketball lg Football l,2g Intramurals l,2,3,Lg Glee Club and Mixed Chorus 2,3 JO ANN SEBASTIAN fJoieD Fredericktown l,2g Secretary and Treasurer 25 Barn-Warming Queen 1,25 Candidate for Queen lg Knight Life Lg F.H.A. 2,3,Lg In- tramurals 3,Lg Cheerleader A SHIRLEY BLOOM CShirlD Library Staff 2,3g F.H.A. 2,3,L3 Intra- murals A -. Nom C aaa ' Inter ' emi l"'-- A I Gif E and Cwus , - , ri fl A' .Qu ai I 37 NAOMI BURCH CSisD F.H.A. 2,3 Glee Club and Chorus l,2,3,L mrals l,2,3,h W Wk BARBARA BONE CBonesD, Knight Life L F.H.A. l,2,3,A Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l,2,A Pep Squad l,2 Volleyball 3 Assemblies l,2 by X4 ff! BILLY BOB TLSSLLLAU CTessD Glee Club l,3,A Football 2,3 Basketball l,2,3,L Intramurals l,2,3,L JIM OGLE QOglethropeD International Relations Club L Chorus l,2 Basketball l,2,3,L Track l,2,3,L way! DONNA LEWIS CLouieD Fredericktown l,25 Knights in Review Lgln- ternational Relations Club A5F.H.A. l,2,3, bg Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l,25 Accom- panist lg Intramurals 3,L FLOYD LAWSON QKidD International Relations Club Eg. Track 3 3 Intramurals l,2,3,L NORMAN MARSHALL CHighpocketsD FRANCES BHEWSTER fFFaHki6D Library Staff 2,3,A5 F.T.A. AgF.H.A.2,3,b3 X BERNICE MARSHALL QNeicyD F.H.A. 2,3,Ag Pep Squad 2,33 Assembly 2 HAROLD MILLER Caaij 1 N .jiw A 5 iw 38 If J X SHIRLEY KLEPZIG CZiggerD Queen Candidate l Volleyball l,2,3,h l Pep Squad l,2,3 Alternate Cheerleader 3 Knight Life A F.H.A. l,2,h Intramurals l,2,3,b I BETSY LYNCH Csetsb Knight Life L F.H.A. l,2,3,L Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l,2,A Pep Squad l,2,3 Volley Ball 2,3,L MARCEL QUESNEL CFrenchyD Junior Play Freshman Assembly GP 1 N JAM S STUART fItchyD pf of QHUV 4 ' R . 'efri aa -gffjz ' ,--ufwfyfff '- Q kwa Z v i f BETTY JUNE PARKER CJunieD ' Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l,3,h3 Inter- A' national Relations Club LgPep Squad l,2,3, L5 Intramurals 3 JIM wooos Cwoodieb Class Vice-President 25 Glee Club and Mix- ed Chorus l,3,L5 Football 33 Intramurals l,2,3,4 LARRY SILVEY CHorseD Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l,3g Basketball 1,35 Intramurals l,2,3,L5 P.T.A. Play Lg Assembly l PHYLLIS HAILE CJeanieD Merit Award 33 Courtesy Award lg Girls State 33 Knight Life Ag Knights in Review 2,3,45 F.H.A. 2,3,Lg Secretary 2g Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l,23 Pep Squad l,2, 3,hg Volleyball 2,3,L3 Intramurals l,2,3,A PATTY THURMAN fPatD F.H.A. l,2,3,L3 Glee Club and Mixed Chorus 2,33 Intramurals Lg Assemblies l,25 Junior Play DON NEAVILL CRebelD Band l,2,3,Lg Band President L5 Glee Club and Mixed Chorus A5 Football l,3,L5 Track 2,3,Lg Intramurals 2,3,bg Junior Playg F.H.S. Carnival King A LEONIA MOORE Cteeb F.H.A. 2,3,L Intramurals I A ' H ffx ,,s N a4!5jfrfi5f tx Mfiyggy 1 ,,-- - .. 1 N Qi LL I7 I ' tid A ruff? FAYE PHILLIPS CFaye Lipsl R.H.A. l,2,3,L Pep Squad l,2 II'1tI"S.TI1'llI"3.lS l,2 ,3 ,LL Intpamuyalg LL 39 LN of an Hp, CHARLES COZEAN CChuckD Class Vice-President 3 Boys' State 3 Student Council 3,L President A Merit Award 3 Honor Society 3,A International Relations Club 3,L5 President 3 Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l,3,A Football l,2,3,L Track l,2,3,A Intramurals 2,3,L 1 D 40' r- W' ' QV? DALE BARNES fMusclesl Evening of Drama Radio Program V BARBARA FOSTER CCurleyD Merit Award 23Honor Society 3,Lg Secretary Ag Knight Life 2,bg Knights in Review 2,3, A5 Associate Editor 35 Editor A5 Interna- tional Relations Club 3,A5 President Lg F.T.A. L5 Treasurer A3 F.H.A. l,2,3,Lg Officer l,23 Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l, 2,3,Lg Accompanist 3,L3 Band and County Band 35 Pep Squad l,2,Lg Intramurals 2,L3 Junior Play WILLIAM ZIEBA CBillD Football 3,A5 Basketball l,2,35 Intramur - als l,2,3,Lg Class Officer lg F.H.S. Carn- ival King 3 WILLIAM ANDERSON CBillD Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l,2,3,L3 Foot- ball 3g Intramurals l,2,3,L DOLORES STRAUC-HAN Cfrearlessj Knights in Review Lg Library Staff 35 In- tramurals l,2,3,Ag F.H.A. 2,3,Lg Assembly SHIRLEY KRQRP fNigD - Merit Award 2,35 Knight Life l,2,3,Ag Edi- tor A5 Knights in Review l,2,3,Ag Interna- tional Relations Club 3,Lg F.T.A. 3,L3 Vice-Presidwnt Ag Glee Club and Mixed Cho- rus l,2g Band l,2,3,Ag Pep Squad l,2,3,L Volleyball l,2,H,Lg Intramurals l,2,3,b3 Junior Play LARRY SULLIVAN QJayD Knieht Life Ag Knights in Review 3,Lg Jun- ior Playg Assemblies l,2 40 CONNIE OSHER CHambone7 Student Council A Knights in Review 3 International Relations Club A F.H.A. 2,3,L Treasurer 2,3 Pep Squad l,2,3,A Cheerleader 3 Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l,2,A Volleyball l,2,3,A Intramurals l,2,3,A JOYCE SIMPSON CSimpyD International Relations Club Lg F.H.A. 2 Pep Squad I Speech Play A Assemblies ROBERT ZIEBA CBObl hmbdl3A Basketball l,2,3 Intramurals l,2,3,L I5 vluflig Z,,: N 2 l l " sigggggp M I I f MARY HAMOR CRedD F.H.A. 1,2 Pep Squad 2 Intramurals 2 PATRICIA YEAGER QPatD Knjphts in Review 2,3,L International Relations Club 3,L F.H.A. 3,h Vice-President 3 Band l,2,3,L Pap S0uad 3,L Intramurals l,2 JOY STONE Csportb Knight Life Lg Knights in Review 3,L5 In- ternational Relations Club 3,A3F.H.A. 3,Ag Glee Club l,2,3,A3 Pep Squad l,2,3,Ag In- tramurals l,2,3,Ag Junior Play CHARLES WHITE CBudD Intramurals l,2,3,L THOMAS HUlE CNot picturedl GEORGE JONES CNOt picturedl RMERISUMECPmadU International Relations Club 3,q Glee Club lg Football l,2,3,E5 Basketball l,2,3,Lg Track l,2g Intramurals l,2,3,Lg Assemblies DORRIS MCCLASKEY CDOieD F.H.A. 2,3,AgVOlleyball 23 Intramurals l,2 OM Q, W if SH IRL CUNNINGHAM CKidD St. Louis, Central High 2,3 G.A.A. 2,3 Mike Club 3 Book Ends 3 Intramurals l,2,3,L F.H.A. l,2,b 41 Ar CAROLE WESTERHOLD Cwestyl Lutheran High School l,2,35 Student Coun- cil l,23 Knight Life Lg International Re- lee Club and Mixed Chorus 3 A Songster ttes 2, Magorette l,2,3,A, G A A l,2 sydding Club 35 Junior-Senior Banquet lations Club L5 Secretary L5 F.T.A. Lg I I J 5 ' ' ' . . . ,33 G3 CZeroD JOH BURMEISTER KBurrD St. Joseph High School lg Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l,2,3g Football 3,L3 Basket- ball l,2,3,Lg Track 3,Lg Assembly 25 King Candidate 2 DORRIS COLEY QColeyD HwwSmRW3AJmywinkww2JA3 Glee Club and Mixed Chorus hgInternational Relations Club 3,h3 Band l,2,3,hgSecretary L5 Pep Squad l,2,3,Ag Intramurals l,2,3,Qj Oratorical Contests 2,3 SHIRLEY HAYNES Cshirib F.H.A. 25 Intramurals l JERRY CHATMAN Cohan? Intramurals 1,2 x 42 RACHEL SMITH CSmittyD Knight Life A Library Staff 3,A F.H.A. l,2,3,A Intramurals l,2,3,A ANNA RUTH CHILTON fRuthieJ F.H.A. l,2,A Volleyball 3 Knight Life A Intramurals l,2,3,L U3 E' PAUL BUROH Csonb I ROBERT BYRD CBobD NORMA COOK Ccookiej F.H.A. 1,2,3 PAULINE HARHINGTON CHarryD Knight Life L5 F.H.A. 2,3,A3 Intramurals l,2,3,b OSCAR GOVRO fJuniorD Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l,2,3,A3 Foot- ball 2,3g Intramurals l,2 DONALD HLRBITS CDonD MARY LOU HOEHN CLuiuD 5' Library Staff 2,3,Lg F.H.A. 2,35 Intramur- als l,2 K MARGARET JOHNSON Cvaienskib F.H.A. l,2,3,L3Volleyball 3,A3 Intramurals 3,L+ PAUL BYRD CAdmiralD Student Council 33 Knight Life Lg Interna- tional Relations A5 Intramurals l,2,3,L -' is JA, fa 69 1 X214-0 ,4w4L2Aw'7g my M Zgvzrzg, M loD .' , ..,. I ,,EV Avwgasg V5 mxgiffffxwgigig F - H - A- 2 , 3 , L+ i Intramurals l,L S54fff'ifH'Y ,..,,-: i,E,. iiiimfl' 'Q 43 I M' Freshman Assembly till o 9. 1 I 1 CLASS HISTORY 52' J gg CLASS HISTORY 7 a lj wf Q A l., I f Q 'Sh SSX Listen to that rain, Ma. Just sitting here, rocking, listening to that rain on the roof really brings back memories. Just can't help thinking about the things I did when I was just a young boy ........ remember those great times we had in high school, Ma? Those were really the days! Not a care in the world ...... What a class we had! .... seems as though there were about a hundred of us scared freshmen ........... Believe Andy Kono was elected president of the class that year. That's not so hard to remember since he was elected president all four years. What a guy he was! .... Yeah that's right, Ma, Carole Eberhart was vice-president, the only girl officer that year, and Marshall Mell was secretary, and one of those twins, Bill Zieba, was treasurer. Yes sir, Miss Rickus, Mrs. Nelson, and Mr. Lingle were our sponsors that year. I remember the day we elected our first Student Council representatives. We really thought we were important. I remember those three kids, Hummmmm--oh yeah, Larry Meyer, Carole Eberhart, and Andy Kono really did a great job letting everybody know how we UFreshiesN felt about things .... Ma, remember that dance the seniors gave for us? First dance we'd ever been to. I think I must have stepped all over your feet that night ...... We were a little smarter about things like that when we gave our dance for the seniors at the end of the year Hmmmmm that was the year we put up Shirley Klepzig and Chuck Cozean for carnival king and queen ...... Seems to me that Sylvia Matthews served as cheerleader that year and was reelected for the next year. . .Yep, believe you're right, Ma, Carole Eberhart was the only freshman to receive a merit award. . . Yes sir, and Larry Meyer and Phyllis Haile were selected as the most courteous boy and girl in the class. Yep, then we were sophomores, big as anything Cso we thoughtj. . . believe we elected that home economics teacher, Miss Rose, and. . oh - that physical ed. teacher, Mr. Schuster, as our sponsors ..... Andy Kono was elected president again that year, and Jim Woods Cremember we used to call him HWoodyH?D was elected vice-president. Let's see ....... Marshall Mell was secretary that year, and I'll never forget Harriet Boswell, the treasurer, always trying to get us to pay our dues! .... Then there was the carnival, yeah, Ma, I believe the sophomores did put up John Burmeister and Joyce Brubaker .... and if I remem- ber right, Larry Meyer went on the Sophomore Pilgrimage that year. You know, I kinda' believe he was on the Student Council again with Carole Eberhart and Andy Kono .... Oh yes, Shirley Kropp, Barbara Foster, and Carole Eberhart received merit awards that year too ........ And how could we forget our dance the HBunny Hopn .... What a time we had! And you know, Ma, we were juniors before we ever realized it! ....... That was the year we had Miss Bird and Miss Halter for sponsors. They really had a hard job trying to control that upperclassman spirit! ..... That Andy Kono did a good job again that year as president. Chuck Cozean was elected vice- 44 CLASS HISTORY president ...... and I believe Harriet Boswell was the secretary and Carole Eberhart was treasurer. She had a rough job handling all that money ...... Hey, Ma, remember that junior stand we ran at the games to get money toward our senior trip? We sold those artificial flowers for the trip too ....... and remember the junior play? . . . Believe it was called HTwexteenH ..... . . . You know,I still can't help but brag a little when I think how we put Bill Zieba and Carole Eberhart in as Carnival King and Queen. That class really worked . . It seems to me that Andy Kono, Cwhat a boy he was! D was vice-president of the Student Body, and if I remember right, that was the year Phyllis Haile, Paul Byrd, and Chuck Cozean were on the Student Council ........ Chuck Cozean, Larry Meyer, and John Burmeister went to Boy's State that year too. Yep, Ma, Phyllis Haile was the lucky girl to go to Girl's State ...... Can't seem to remember the merit award winners that year ....... but it seems to me that Carole Eberhart and Shirley Kropp received them again, and I believe Chuck Cozean and Phyllis Haile got their names added to the list ........ Connie Osher did a great job that year as cheerleader, she really had the pep .... . Yeah, those first Honor Society members create a lasting memory. Seems as if Carole Eberhart, Dorris Coley, Chuck Cozean, Andy Kono, Gretchen Karsch, Larry Meyer, and Barbara Foster still live up to that honor, even though times have changed a lot. Our Senior year was here before we realized it ...... I remember how we felt all mixed up, proud to be the oldest ..... but kinda' sad it was our last year. Miss Rickus, Mr. Wright, and Miss Halter were excellent sponsors ..... I'm a little rusty when it comes to remembering all this but I believe Andy Kono was president again, Larry Meyer was vice-President .... Marshall Mell was back again as secretary and Carole Eberhart was treasurer ........ Yes sir, Ma, I'll never forget our history-making experience when our carnival king and queen won for two years straight ........ Harriet Boswell and Don Neavill were the candidates our senior year .... That was the year that Joan Sebastian was cheerleader ...... Remember when we sold magazines and Christmas cards and pencils? ..... We never would give up on the senior trip. Hey, remember we got an extra break when we got a percentage of the proceeds from those student pictures ........... Ma, remember when we finally went on that senior trip? . . .That alone was worth all we had worked for and ever hoped to achieve. Then, by golly, Ma, it was all over ..... Remember when they played taps and lowered our flag of 'EL ...... Yep - Leaving behind those senior doors . .. underclassmen .... Yeah, Ma, it was kinda' sad .... graduation, diplomas, honors, and a big challenge as we went out in life ,,,,,,,, guess we can only reminisce now. . . But you know, Ma, you and I have kept a lot of F. H. S. here with us in memories ...... Thinking about those good times, friends, classes, teachers ...... I know we'll never forget F. H. S. and all it meant to us. Q f f -Al S 9 SENIOR PROPHECY The following are letters received by the Committee Chairman in reply to notices sent to the 195A graduates of Farmington High School in regard to a Class Reunion to be held in the spring of 1963. Washington D. C. February 8, l963 Dear Marshall, So glad to receive your letter. I notified everyone in the Capitolabout the reunion. It's about time we're all getting together again. It might be hard for Bill Tessereau, star pro- fessional basketball player,to make it because he is touring the nation urging students to keep their scholastic standing high. Ron Sutton has just received a special award from the President for his fast, effective, and energetic work in the investigation of the Man from Mars found last month near Washington. His investigations proved the Man to be none other than Floyd Lawson, test pilot for the new square saucers. You've probably heard about Senator James W. Ogle. That speech he made entitled HWhat School Has Done to Me and What I Have Done to Schoolu has certainly brought him up the ladder to fame. By the way, Shirley Cunningham, his number one secretary, will be able to come if James gives her per- mission. Do you know Joyce Simpson is chief of the Women's Navy Division? Her main pro- blem now is learning to swim. Bob Stone, a member of the State Department, has just been sent on a secret mission to Moroccog but he hopes to get back to the States in time to attend the reunion. Margaret Johnson, rec- reational director of the Congressmen's Wives teaching her pupils the art of playing volleyball. Chuck Cozean, voted by our class most likely to succeed, is now working as head janitor of the Smithsonian Institute. He is happy in his work for he is close to his wife, the former Carole Eberhart, trusted feather cleaner of the Stuffed Birds Division. As for myself, I've realized my life long ambition to be in politics. I am the only girl messenger- carrier in the Senate. See you soon. Sincerely, Harriet Boswell New York, New York February lO, 1963 Dear Marshall, Everyone here in New York is certainly pleased with the idea of a class reunion. Leonia Moore and Mary Lou Hoehn, who own the famous La Parrie Hair Styling Shop, are now working to perfect the women's crew cut. You remember Betsy Lynch don't you? She is seen on all the billboards of New York advertising Krispy Krunchy Krackies. Jim Bollinger plans to take off work for the reunion. He has been cleaning the outside of the Statue of Liberty for the last four years. You've heard of Don Neaville, of course, and his No. l band of the land. Well, besides being known for his clarinet and band, he is also known as New York's most famous playboy. Bill Anderson has just returned to the Metropolitan Opera Comf pany after being in London where he did a Com- mand Performance for the Queen. Critics all over London praised his golden tenor voice. Are the children in Farmington using the Bloom History Book? Shirley Bloom married New York's leading historian and became so engrossed in his work, she decided to edit her own edition. I couldn't get in touch with John Burmeister. His secretary said he was in Egypt trying to construct a building more substantial than the pyramids. Larry and I are operating the Star Light Night Club here in New York. Our main attraction is a chorus line composed of our seven daughters. So long for now. Shirley Kropp Sullivan Hollywood, California February ll, 1963 Dear Marshall, I've been able to get in touch with almost everyone on the coast. It's really hard to understand how our class got so strung out. Do you know that Don Zieba is running a date bur- eau in Los Angeles? To be sure everything is proper, he personally chaperones every date. You've heard about Dolores Straughan, I guess. She has taken Sophie Tucker's place and is now billed as HRed Hot Mama the Second.H I was really surprised to find out that Bob and Bill Zieba are running a private detective agency in San Francisco and are doing very well. They say the secret of their success is HWe confuse the criminal.n Bud White makes his home in Africa and is the chief explorer for the East Africa Big Game Company. His company's motto is HHelp us bring him back alive.H Connie Osher is married now, but boy does she have troubles. It seems she uses the baseball dia- mond theory when changing Junior's diapers and she can't figure outwhich corner is home plate and which is the pitcher's mound. I turned on the T.V. the other night and whom do you think I saw? Barbara Fosterwas subbing for Liberace. Hollywood is really a swell place to live. Besides the wonderful climate we have lots of beautiful women here. I am quite happy in my job as Marilyn Monroe's chauffeur. Larry Silvey SENIOR PROPHECY Mnnook, Alaska February l2, l963 Dear Marshall, It takes quite awhile for the mail to get up here because these dog sleds are so slow. I suppose almost everyone up here can get back for the reunion. You should see our super highway! Three dog sleds at a time can travel on it. Donna Lewis is up here in Alaska to gain experience as an Army nurse but she isn't getting much experience as a nurse because she has been devoting too much time toone patient, a soldier from Tennessee. Incidentally, Norma in the Cook has been marooned on an iceberg Arctic Ocean for two days. She's been trying to hook a ride with Admiral Robert Byrd who is in charge of the Navy Forces here. The igloos all come installed with modern conveniences now because Jerry Chatman has taken over the plumbing. Well, my ink is freezing so I must close for now. I am becoming famous up here for my trained seals. I train them for zoos all over the world. Until I see you! Roy Bowyer . Terre Haute, Indiana February l3, 1963 Dear Marshall, Sure was swell to hear from you. Everyone here in Indiana plans to come back to Missouri for the reunion. I guess Jim Woods will get home in time from the army. Folks say he wrote his wife he was wounded in battle, but really he cut his finger while peeling potatoes. Re- member Carole Westerhold? She finally became the National Twirling Champion, and now that she is, Norman Black does nothing all day long but shine her batons. I had a hard time trying to get in touch with Joy Stone. You know she started out in Social Work, but she took her job so seriously, she ended up in the County Poor House. If we buy her dinner for her, she has agreed to come. John Ratliff has recovered enough to attend the reunion. He says the next time he attempts to go over Niagra Falls, he'll do it in a stronger barrel. Harold Miller is one of the most famous horse owners in Indiana. He has made millions with his thoroughbred stallion, Water-Bread,named after Seabiscuit. Well, I'd better close for now and wash the kids for supper. You know my husband is one of those farmers who wants the house to be as neat as a pin., We'll be at the reunion early if Homer can get someone to feed the pigs. Be seeing you. Faye Phillips Cheyenne, Wyoming February IL, 1963 Dear Marshall, Boy, I sure was plum glad to get your let- ter. It's a right good idea to have this re- union. I've notified everyone out here 'cause we kind of keep in touch with each other. You know Shirley Klepzig is president of the State Cattlemen's Association here, but she thinks she can get away for awhile. Anna Ruth Chilton married an oil heir, and she said she just couldn't come unless she could bring herFrench poodle. By the way, I saw Oscar Govro last week as he passed through town with thecircus. He was billed as the most daring fire-eater of our famous singing original recording all time. Bob Chilton, cowboy, is making a new entitled HHortense, I Love You.N My dude ranch has been keeping me pretty busy,but nothin' is keepin' me from that reunion. Sincerely, Paul Burch - St. Louis, Missouri February 15, 1963 Dear Marshall, I've taken care of my end of the reunion. Everyone here will come, I believe. Andy Kono is very busy with the executive part of his bubble gum factory. What a blow! Phyllis Haile, now Mrs. Wayne Schurter,was the hardest person to get in touch with because her social life keeps her very busy. Her husband just wrote a book on HThe Technical Way to Reach The Moonn and now she is well supplied with diamonds, minks, and cadillacs. I saw Rachel Smith in St. Louis when she stopped over for the night. She is driving a trailer truck for the East Texas Motor Freight. Incidentally, I saw Dayle Barnes in the city when he came up to buy test tubes for his experimental work in nuclear atomic energy at the secret government testing grounds. He was wearing dark glasses and built-in-shoulders, but I recognized him anyway. Did you know that Pat Windsor has just returned to St. Louis from South America where he was doing color sketches of the birds. His work will be on display in the St. Louis Art Museum all this week. Well, business is call- ing me. You know I own my own chain of tooth- pick factories. Sincerely, Mary Hamor FEP!-FTs'1 I, F.. ' I - - -- SENIOR PROPHECY Honolulu, Hawaii February l6, l963 Dear Marshall, Aloha! Think of hearing from you after all these years. I just can't wait to see all those familiar faces at the reunion. The trop- ical climate here is super. ,Dorris Coley and her husband have been doing deep sea fishing from their yacht. You know she always had an inferiority complex about her heavy weight so when she caught a swordfish that weighed lO lbs. less than she did, she threw him back. Dorris McClaskey's husband is stationed here. Since he is a four-star general, she is kept very busy entertaining the five-star generals. Do you know Donald Hibbits is running a Cadallac Company down here. His firm's slogan is NBuy one of our Cadallacs with a Ford motor.n Thomas Huie is down here vacationing after completing his latest motion picture HToo Many Loves Have I.N Naomi Burch and her husband are doing sky-writing in Hawaiian. They both seem to be a little dizzy lately. George Jones practices his water skiing every day. No wonder he is water ski champion of the Americas. Pat Thurman and Marilyn Wiley have been taking hula lessons from the natives so they can come back to Farmington and open up their own dance studio. I've made quite a success of making leis for the visitors to the Islands. See you in Farmington. Sincerely, Barbara Bone Birmingham, Alabama February l9, 1963 Dear Marshall, Hi you all! My, was I surprised to get your letter. Ever last one of us down here will be coming to the reunion, I reckon. That is un- less Marcel Quesnel decides to stay up on the flag pole for another month. He is on strike because his wife insists that he walk the cat every night. Jo Ann Sebastian has fitted into the pattern of Southern living just fine. She's one of the happiest housewives in town. Betty June Parker has just quit her job as head nurse at the City Hospital to marry a former patient. She plans to devote all her time in helping her husband in his career as State Senator. Pat Windsor has just returned here after touring Africa studying niques of Tarzan. I think I smell my burning so I must close for now. I a Southern mansion here and make my opening it to tourists in the summer. the tech- corn pone inherited living by Sincerely, Jeanette Bryant Farmington, Missouri February 28, 1963 Dear Harriet, Everyone will be able to come to the reun- ion according to your letters. The local group of '5A has made all the plans. Gretchen Karsh has just received her Doctor's Degree from Columbia and is now working as an exchange teacher between Knob Lick and Doe Run. Larry Meyer will be here over the weekend of the re- union, but he'll be expected to return to New York to broadcast the World's Marble Tourna- ment. Everyone in Farmington was terribly ex- cited when Pauline Harrington found gold on her farm. Shirley Haynes and Bernice Marshall have opened up an amusement park on the out- skirts of town. It's certainly a popular place with the young crowd. Paul Byrd is the game warden for the surrounding area. He won't be able to sit down for awhile though because he was mistaken for game. Norman Marshall has just built a new T.V. station here and plans to use local talent in all his shows. Frances Brewster started out as Farmington's Home Ec. teacher and liked her job so well she decided to go into homemaking on her own. Pat Yeager has taken over the band department at school, and her band is considered the best marching band in the state. When asked how this was possible Miss Yeager replied, UIt all comes from my own love of marching.N As for me, I'm just a plain old dirt farmer, but I raise prize geraniums. It will be wonderful to see all our old friends again. I'll be looking forward to seeing you. Sincerely, Marshall Mell .lumuas , FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tucker, Sutherland, Smith, Pogue, Ratliff, Nickelson, Rickus, Stroud, Straughan, Yates. SECOND ROW: Miller, Shannon, Scott, Short, Shoemake, Overall, Stam, Shelly, Stover, Sebastian. THIRD ROW: Yeargain, Tanner, Valle, Thomure, Toalson, White, Vought, Swink, E. Thomure, Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Williams, White, Windsor, C. White, Thurman, Thompson, Winters, Wheelis, Zolman. Qi FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dugal, Gonz, Janis, Hilliker, Hibbitts, Hopper, Honerkamp, Hahn, Hurst. SECOND ROW: Diana Farnham, Donna Farnham, Gifford, Franklin, Fox, Feezor, Cleve, Conrad, Davis, Casey. THIRD ROW: London, Blaine, Mason, Marberry, Korber, Lenz, Killian, Albaugh, Archambo,Alexander. FOURTH ROW: Brockmiller, Cary, Bowyer, Boswell, Bayless, Bequette, Jarnigan, Lunsford, Johnson. 49 4 N al, ,. 15- 5-germ fix. Al 6 fff V y 1 M- if fy, Ifhix P fam X 993. Y QWUQ 5 ,f ix .1. f -o 1114 i l N QI N, ,f it 3- Jf kjiwfd' FN Nu Q, Q3 if HEAP BIG TRIBE! HOW! Me name is Little Rain-in-the-Face. Me belong-um to heap big tribe, the Juniors. Our tribe heap smart and hard working. No wonder! We be ruled by big chief, Don-Sitting Dog-Alexander. To help him is Joey-Running Wolf-Swink, sec- ond big chief, Pat-Little Rockhead-Stover, who writes down all our massacres, celebrations, and tribal meetings, and Larry-Big Boy-Toalson, who tracks us down to make us pay our tribal dues. we also have-um three heap smart counsellors who help make-um tribe run much smooth. They be Miss Bird, Mrs. Tucker, and Mr. Channey. The Juniors have-um Princess Little Foot CDonna Farnham, and Prince Big Feet fJerry Sebastianb who ran for Heap Big Chief and Squa of all the tribes around-um here. w Pat-Little Rockhead-Stover is our heap biggest mouth dur- ing our sports, Foot-um-ball, Basket-um-ball, and Vo1ley-um- ball. In our tprritory, there be-um three other tribes and so we have-um an inter-tribal council. In our tribe-um, Don- Sitting Dog-Alexander be-um second big chief and Don-Little Bird-Brockmiller, Pat-Little Rockhead-Stover, and Don-Short Feather-Yeargain belong-um to the council. All this year wework-um heap hard to get-um enough wampum so we can go down south to Happy Hunting Grounds many moons in the future. One thing we do is sell-um food at inter- tribal sport games. We also present-um heap good ceremonial program CJunior PlayD for more wampum. We still need more wampum, though. One night we give-um Seniors a heap big ceremonial dance because they be leaving our territory real soon. We will miss them. They be heap friendly tribe. All these nine moons, we work-um real hard and play- m real hard. We no learn much at times, but we know-um that when we be double heap big Seniors, we be-um Heap Big Upper- tribesmen because we be good enough to be-um just that! 50 sopunmunfs FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Stewart, Tessereau, Moyers, Walker, Laird, Umfleet, A. Woods, Lietz, White, J. Woods, Wade, Miller. SECOND ROW: Rooney, Moore, Shelley, Sherrill, McLaren, Lunsford, R. Stacy, J. Stacy, Redmond, Ratcliff, Womack, Mackley. THIRD ROW: Schrum, McClaskey, Rehmer, McDaniel, J. Smith, Krueger, Strugess, Wells, Menge, Nebling, Rogge, Kono. FOURTH ROW: Schurter, Stocker, G. Smith, Mayberry, Newman, Sands, Matkins, Long, Wilkerson, Nickelson, Troutt. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Conrad, Antione, Berghaus, Bloom, Grindstaff, Bollinger, Blunt, Cleve, Hughes, Bridges, Clark, Kenny. SECOND ROW: P, Crites, T. Crites, Edmond, Cozean, Douglas, Fox, Henderson, Harrington, Martha Conrad, Haynes, Hensley. THIRD ROW: Carnahan, Holmes, Francis, Gault, Hahn, Burlbaw, Black, Bollman, DeForest, Knox, Highley, Kiepe. FOURTH ROW: Burnette, French, Brewster, Boyd, Kassabaum, Jensen, Gorden, Hawn, Chatman, Honerkamp. 51 SOPHOMORE SAL If 0 homore M 4 p WW' ,, ' ,,,. , , ' t I n 7' 0 1 rlnlll bl 4' -I .1 .ph X., eg., Q pf JB '57 A l .X H1911 I A , .JL . X323 V NLS Well - here 'tis the end of my sophomore year. Last Sept- ember when I come up here from the Ozarks to get some learn- in', I never thought I wuz gonna have this much fun. The first thing they asked me wuz if I had my books. I telled them why shore, me Ma wouldn't send me up here without no books. I shore wuz dumbfounded when them there teachers said books dated as late as l9OO were out-dated. I ain't goin' to tell ya how proud I was of that purty Janelle Highley and King and Queen school had the that cute Roy Troutt as our candidates fer 'cause I ain't one fer bragging. That thar purtiest program ya ever seen at the end of their carnival. It was a real honest to goodness Coronation! We had some purty smart young'uns that were our class officers. They were Richard Kono, president, Phil Boyd, vice-presidentgFrances Shirrell,secretary3 Kathryn Carnahan, treasurer, Mary Mackley, parliamentariang and Roy Troutt, Sgt.-at-Arms. Miss Corken and Mr. Estes were our sponsors and they were really swell. we had some of the best Student Council members there ever wuz. They were Mary Lee Womack, Edith Walker, and Richard Kono. I shore wuz mighty proud of them sophomore gals on the volleyball team and them there sophomore fellers on the football, basketball, and track teams. Ever 55 minutes chimes, or something that sounded like Bossie's cow bell, would ring. Them there kids would jump up and run into them halls like a herd stampeding. Shore was a funny site. One time our class held a shindig in that buildin' called a gym. They gave this here shindig a purty name and called it a dance. Boy, let me tell ya us young'uns really had us a time! Well - guess I better go home and help Ma and Pa do them chores so we can go to that thar graduation tonight. W LV OFFICERS: Frances Shirrell, Richard Kono, Kathryn Carnahan, Roy Troutt, and Phil Boyd. 52 HHESHIHEH FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barnes, P. Belken, Barton, Bohs, Barwick, Byington, C. Belken, Burch, Burmeister, Benton, Callahan, Burgess. SECOND ROW: Mackley, Hunting, Denman, H. Davis, W. Cleve, Click, Crites, Cravens, D. Cleve, Chatman, Chappelle, Gordon, Criteser. THIRD ROW: Kono, Larby, Dotson, Findley, Foy, Graham, Fraser, Giessing, Eaton, Gonz, Lewis, Eaves, Hahs, FOURTH ROW: Lovvern, Kropp, Kiepe, LaBrot,Hahn, S. Davis, Leazenby, Janet Lore, Joan Lore, Kennelman, London. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Huie, Jenkins, Hill, Raby, Davault, B. Hill, Hatridge, Highley, Hurst, Johnson, Hightower. SECOND ROW: Nickleson, Mossman, Montgomery, Honerkamp, Pigg, Overall,Parker, Powell, Quesnel, Murphy, C. Montgomery, Moyers. THIRD ROW: Stoll, Smith, Starwalt, Stewart, Straughan, W. Sherrill, J. Ratliff, Reed, Rickus, Silvey, B. Ratliff, Short, J. Sherrill. FOURTH ROW: Tessereau, Williams, J. Womack, Wilkson, L. Weddle, Swink, Sutterfield, Whitner, P. Womack, A. Weddle, Watts, Yeargain. 53 Fre hmen Dear Upperclassmen, Well, here we are,wandering around the halls of the Farm- ington High School. You all stare at us while we slam our locker doors and stumble to our next hour class. We suppose you have gone past our door and stopped--, startled--,to see a quiet group of green freshmen being con- ducted by just a student. Believe it or not, it's our class president, Tommy Swink. Look there! Assisting him is our vice-president, Robin Cozean. The girl taking notes is Carol Jenkins. Oh, boy! Look who is getting all of our money--, it's Grace Kono, the treasurer. Whoops! Crash! Bang! There goes someone being thrown out by our Sergeant-at Arms, Herbert Crites. We were very proud of our Freshman King, Herbert Crites and Queen, Betty Criteser. We enjoyed showing them off. See those Hwheatie eatin'U kids? Well, they are our volleyball girls: Janis Short, Grace Kono, Patsy Tessereau, Phyllis Belken, Jean Womack and Pat Womack. Our basketball boys are Danny Giessing, Ira Eaton, Wayne Sherrill, Billy Hill, Scott Sutterfield, George Fraser, and Larry Kropp. Also on the football team we have Jerry Pigg, Ira Click, Wendell Hickus, Orley Whitner, Jim Nickelson, Ward Overall, and Charles Belken. Oh! What's all that noise? Why it's our Senior High cheerleader, Patty Mackley, and our Junior High School lead- er, Patsy Tessereau, practicing their yells. At last we had our chance to see all of the High School by looking down over the audience when we gave our freshman assembly. Please excuse us for stepping on your toes at the senior dance given for us freshmen. We enjoyed it very much and maybe next year when we step on toes, we won't step as hard. As we sit and wait for our repongcards from our sponsors- Mrs. McCall and Mr. Riggs, we wonder if we will have such a struggle next year. Boy, we hope not!!! We take much pity on the freshmen next year. Sincerely yours, The crazy-mixed-up GREEN FHESHMEN 2 9 J' S' fi SPONSORS Mrs. McCall and Mr. Riggs OFFICERS: Carol Jenkins, Tommy Swink, Grace Kono, and Herbert Crites 54 Compliments of JENKEN'S VARIETY STORE Farmi ngt on , Mo . Compliments of Farmington Beauty Salon Phono 462 - Io S. 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Suggestions in the Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) collection:

Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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