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 - Class of 1952

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W my - ASW, Wffdff Wyffffff' R ,ff 6, ff Q? ' f fy U' 555 QMZWNE Mir WW New JMWMMM fifgffwfglff Ms? s QQ af- 5 SX WW fswwfw N W Qw ff 1 gf XX Ag mm 0 W Q qi ok QJifN'QyiWY W WU ,,, Q ' Q I 4 ,, ,,,,,,f- ,,f ',V .,v W3 J X f' ,ff f ,Y f Q SL -0- JW'f , .4 ww fl' dh! My bfi"1+1?5f'Eff,'i-3-fv1M.f. UWHZQLJ ,,p3ff5f',W?75WWaf A WMMQZSKJ' fijffgx S QL 'Qvyx r' SY d l? 5.19 gf ,. Vffw QW f W N5 ' A ,Kim W X6 wi W M f 'f 4' ff vfjf'f,fW,w'f,,1.u H5521 A WTF, 'QQ gy Wm " -,- ,.1' 4 A L Q' A I I ,- f, .f,. Uv + Viwj W WWW aw W is gifiig Tw gf UWM' NX x X 5 x X - 1 . 5 Qifiif' , gg S i Assisi . RRS 555: x x x i ,, i, i X5 H swf' fx N A O WLM f W M JQ"f3'1.'Ji ' fl ff uf WV 'T ,L P 1 ,QQ AV JQ,5 , X 0,1 114, b JI' U ,FL 4'-.Q7"' Af Q- 4,0 kv X s 1 A ' W , ' Q,-.y1,b,,- Mixfr' I jf X V v, ,M L.-cI!.,,fx., ,f KMC me 1 Z' 16 y.. ,far ,,O II7 fu df , , X 941' 4,4 D ,I 4,441.1 A l 'f"?9eg,Nq 4 Bfwxtw 1 1 ff' '23 ,,r""f'y-.e...,,.. Y- M 'Z-, FARMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL FARMINGTON, MISSOURI I v '4f..f1 LWGL7 QpM.,..J QL f IN I, pful,-?,Y f' fy, K, ' - J ,f ,- fnny' ,I- . ,A 'xx , , s K X X 'Ap , fx -M , L Wil' ,ii ,pk Q Q fc' v 'X gf' ' ff f 7 X ln wr X. SCHOOL SONG all Cl? Our dear old high school that we love Will always share our dreams, X And its colors, black and gold, X I Will ever be supreme 1 Farmington High School, Farmington High School, Our thoughts with thee will sta Faithfully each day The inspiration of our school ,I Will lead us on in life, For all its loyalty and glory We will ever strive, 'Xl F' f N - Chorus: k ? limb! an f' in Weill strive to keep your honoryilean 7, vi VZN . f KJ l M a XR C27 . X X N ill: f I f f 9 un " S' f K KU' ww Mx g i 4 f f M - gwfofxfdi V X . QM Lu ss ki.. U' K XWIWWJII Q' X X br N Xllfxqcl l4 EM If x " WMIL, Ylfivg 0 AM X N-N-, 'Cul g NM! X vvtmw 0- ,M x9 Z 1 W Q W M Q.3'f4fm .N x XX , X if , 2 ADMINISTRATION YQ A fx J '9'f f7 fkx X'SJ ,lv W ' QQ AQ all 2 , X go 4 XM N W' ff W1 ,A X W ' I x- I X . I , K I FACULTY 7?wf577bMff'jDfj. f X ja-wjii QQ NXx 4,4 CLASSES M l Pl V mlm Q xo 9 - vi 4 I iommxxuk Y x' Q w 4, 4' mfy N-y W1 U I o ? ' . I ' 4. .vp . I, X A If - ' , . fl . u x -My .'1, J- ' 7 AJS-1:51 x I It 1' ,Q . mm :H I W M-W 'ff 1 M51 Y' - v "' a 'ru --- HI N117 qfll-l ':'gixFLV,A-1, If If -I I 1. 'I W qw A AP M35 Xx I x 9 .x ix?- XA . XE 4.x-s N A 75155 xiii Nm A 1 I I G ig. 7 .,:,,-, z . ,..-. .... W 'W ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION: Mr. Warren Stover, Dr. L. M. Stanfield, Mr. Hugo Cozean, Mr. C. R. Bell, Mr. Frank Zieba, Mr. Berl Miller, Mr. John Miller, Dr. Paul Newman. I mal... MR. C. H. BELL M . JOE M. TOALSON Superintendent Principal 4 FAC LTY MISS LEILAH RICKUS English MISS VESTA HALTER History and Guidance MRS. MILDRED NELSON English MR. HAROLD WRIGHT Mechanical Drawing, Shop, an Diversified Occupa ' Milf MISS NELLIE S. BIRD English, Speech, and Libra MR. SHELBY G. DY ' A by fy MES BEHTA TETLEY hematics S HELEN CORKEN Xghfi j Music W gg, yxAS?X!lW FACULTY ipj' ' HP A if x M3 L 4 . is MR.jTROY LINGLE Social Studies, Drivers Education Football and Basketball Coach MR. ROBERT SCHUSTER Physical Education Assistant Coach M f X Y , ji -I MR. HAROLD LIM AUGH Mathematics M EUGENE MCKINNEY Science MISS PATRICIA ROSE Home Economics M SS MARY JANE LINDSEY Commerce '1f,,.,,,,a,,Qm,.v,12-v-Q-9'-. . ,,,., "tfL.A- EW QV MRS. C. H. KETRING fNot Pictured? X Citizenship 6 dm M,Jf',,Mf , W ' 2fUwe, af, fWf'ffJQ'J' L7AJ A A ,,-44 5 ff M f Q if 4 - "W X Q N l X 1 R M NN ix xx N 'f X X f , .1 F5335 . k X Isl - ff V MW, Dear Diary, here. Why, it high school days but we were such appointed as our 'xi I Just think! Tonight we graduate! After twelve long years we finally got seems as though it were only yesterday that we were starting our as Freshmen. Really it was way back in September, l9L8. Heavens, children then! There were 73 in our class and poor Mr. Ruddy was sponsor to help us get started. CThat's a year he'll never for- get!D And, let's see, yes--Wally Schramm was president, Bonnie McClure, vice- presidentg Nancy Graves, secretary, and Carl Wray, treasurer. I remember we chose Gloria Giessing and Ray Detring as our representatives for Student Council. We all thought it was a great honor for them even though we didn't know exactly what it was. Jodie Edwards was our cheerleader and did a grand job all through high school, even if she did take a few spills her senior year! We really felt honored when the Seniors gave a dance especially for us. All the Freshmen were supposed to make a green hat. Carla Lewis and Gaylord Meyer won prizes for making the best hats. we were thrilled when it came time for us to choose 'king and queen candi- dates for the school carnival. We chose Jodie Edwards and Ray Detring then set about working on the float. we thought ours was best, naturally, and were very proud of it. Jodie and Ray both received second place. Sixty-eight of us came joyfully back the next year, eager to let people know that we were no longer those'Little Green Freshmen.H Miss Tetley and Miss Halter, our sponsors, had a terrible time with us the first few weeks because of our swelled heads! By now, we felt very experienced and elected our officers very confidently. They were: Ray Linn Kollmeyer, president, Lorraine Brooks, vice- president, fa new girl that yearlg Loretta Chatman, secretary, and Ruth Bell, treasurer. We let Ray Detring use his brawn for something besides football and made him sergeant-at-arms. We elected Loretta Chatman and Jim Roberts to be our class representatives for Student Council. Loretta later was elected vice-presi- dent of the organization. Jim, the lucky boy, also went to Jefferson City on the Sophomore Pilgrimage. For our carnival king and queen, we elected Jim Roberts and Betty Joe Koen. Our class assembly was very clever, we thought, and brought lots of laughs-- especially Bill Sutherland, dressed as a woman having trouble with her twins, Rex Fuller and Obie Dunlap Cdressed as a little girl and boyj The square dance fever reached us in the spring, and we gave one for the school. we even went so far as to hang saddles from the basketball goals! We felt a little sad when the Seniors graduated, but we couldn't help being glad that we were to be Juniors the next year. Then all of a sudden we were back in school and known as Wupperclassmen.n We certainly thought we were something, but I'm afraid Miss Bird and Mr. Wright, our sponsors, didn't entirely share our opinion. At our first class meeting, we elected Gaylord Meyer president, who tried his best to keep us quiet, Gloria Giessing, vice-president, Geraldine Ramsey, secretary, and Earline Swink to take care of our small amount of money. we chose Pat Bryant and Wally Schram for Student Council representatives, and later in the year, Ray Detring was elected vice-president to serve during our senior year. we started planning our senior trip,even even have enough money for a trip to DeLassus their gentle hint and started selling cookies operating the junior stand. Near the end of we did just about everything from raking leaves to ironing clothes and shingling a house. though our sponsom said we wouldn't if we didn't get busy. So we took and cards, having bake sales, and the year, we had a junior work day. 000000OOO00OOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000 8 Before we realized it, the carnival season had arrived. We elected Mac Biggs and Shirley Jo Harter as our candidates for king and queen. They rode on a float decorated as a football field. That night Shirley Jo was crowned queen. Since we were doing so well in football, we had a sudden burst of school spirit and honored our undefeated team with a dance. we asked the team to elect a football queen and her attendants. we kept the winners a secret until that night when Betty Joe Koen was chosen queen. Jodie Edwards and Lorraine Brooks were her attendants. Jodie was later elected basketball queen at the sophomore dance. We gave a school amateur show for our assembly program. Rex Fuller stole the show when Mac Biggs and Ray Detring carried him on the stage in a tub as an ad- vertisement for nSoapsy Suds.n At the end of the year, the fact that we were to be Seniors was made real to us when we chose our senior class rings. From the very first, our senior year was a continuous whirl of work and fun. we knew that this was definitely going to be our most important year. Every time something happened we'd say, nJust think, kids, this is the last time we'll ever get to do thisln we chose Miss Halter and Mr. Wright for our sponsors and they were just thrilled to death! We elected Jim Roberts, president, Wally Schram , vice-presi- dentg Geraldine Ramsey secretarygand we entrusted Pat Bryant with our accumulated savings. We chose Bill Sutherland for sergeant-at-arms. For Student Council, we elected Gloria Giessing and Ray Detring. They were about the only ones with a one average in conduct! we immediately began selling things. At first it was magazine subscriptions, for which we set a new record,then football pencils and later basketball pencils. Our motto became, UA pencil for every season.n we sold picture frames and theater ticket books. hhren't we busy little kids! ' We gave our senior dance, after it was postponed once because of heavy snows using the theme of the Mardi Gras. The boys dressed as girls and did a chorus line to HWe are the Girls of the R H. Chorus.n Mr. Wright was the chorus captain. They received an offer from the Garrick, I believe! we ended our Christmas festivities by giving an assembly program, and everyh one went home filled with the holiday spirit. Before long you heard everyone saying, nSixty more packing days until the trip.W Everyone became very excited and lessons took second place to our prepara- tion for the trip. we hated to come back to school after such a wonderful week of adventure and travel, but, due to certain circumstances, we came! This morning we held the traditional services of lowering our flag and rais- ing the junior flag and leaving all our treasured possessions Clike the Senior Doorsl to the care of the Juniors. It was a very sad and serious occasion for it made us realize how very soon we would be leaving good old F. H. S. And now, in a few minutes, I'll be leaving for the high school where I'll meet the rest of my classmates for our graduating exercises. we will be both proud and sad--proud to have reached our goal at last, and sad because our high school days are ended. Gee, Diary, I certainly hope the kids will take good care of our school and its traditions. Maybe once in a while someone might even rememf ber us! I hope we've succeeded in being good Seniors. It's time to close, Diary,and I feel that I am also closing the door on four of the most wonderful years of my life. Well, wish me luck and pray that I don't fall off the stage! . Goodbye, Diary, Love, Janet 00060000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOO000000 9 15,4 u,-K if 3 1 , I , , N - 1 ..fJ' - .,.,,z 'W V46 ??,W PRESIDENT James Roberts HA born leader.n Class President b3Student Coun- cil 23 Sophomore Pilgrim- ageg Class King 2gKnights in Review bg Glee Club l, 2,3,A3 Basketball l,2,3,L Track l,2. WALLACE SCHRAM Cwallyb -- VICE-PRESIDENT Ulf people uld listen, I would tell them some- thing.n ss Presid ' Class Vice-president Lg Stu sembly Com ittee 2. 5 -- SECRETARY hg?rZwn.U Class Secretary 3,L3 Knights in Review A5 F.H.A. 2g 5 Pep Squad l,2. PATSY BRYANT CPattyD -- TREASURER nHer greater interests are not in school.U Class Knight Life L3 Knights in Review 3,L3 F. H. A. 23 Glee Club l,2,3,L3 Mixed Chorus 2,3,L3 Sextet 3 5 WILLIAM SUTHERLAND CBillJ -- SERGEANT-AT.5w.Mi A USolomon isn't the only wise guyJ'Sergeant-at L3 Football l,2,3,L5 Track 1,23 Intramurals le ,3, A3 Class Assembly 2. ' I0 Treasurer Lg Student Council 35 Queen Candidate L3 0 Pep Squad l,2,3,L,. al, K LM' ttf Q ' ,,,QgAw, W I nl A '.-- '-,' ji X DONALD ALLEN QRedD v, W-A H HI always eat wheaties.n Glee Club 2,3,hg Assembly 'S 25 Intramurals l,2,3,L,. RUTH BELL QKittyQ URich in brain power.n Honor Society 3,L5 Knight Life 35 Knights in Review l,L3 F.H.A. 2,33 Library Staff lg Glee Club 23 Pep Squad l,2. FLORENCE BOWYER CFloj NHer friends know her worth.N Junior Play, F.H.A. l,2,3,hj Glee Club 33 Intramurals l,2,3. MELVIN BARRON fShOrtieD "The makings of a real farmer." Glee Club l,2,3,l+g Intramurals l,2,3,L+5 Assembly 2. ,fn-Q, LORETTA CHATMAN QAsmareldaD '.' WMaking friends is her delight, her aim is to be ,Wil 5 ,yg polite.n Class Secretary 25 Student Council 2,33 C32 s'iq A PM g?N Q , Student Council Vice-Pres. 33 Honor Society 3,Lg ww? 3 u Q is Knight Life L3 Knights in Review 3,A3 F. H. A. 23 ' ,g'Q5'1i. Q 49 fr Glee Club 1,33 Mixed Chorus 35 Pep Squad l,3. M ,Q U X "W AW ROBERT BLOOM fBobQ nThere should be more hours for pleasure and fewer N for work.H Football 2,3,b. Oolglld- ggk pg. I 4 Q jg -, s . . 1 , ,.f -,:,, 5 xg Qlip MAC BIGG CDuffieD USomeday I'm going to do something drastic--like study.n King Candidate 33 Football l,2,3,A5 Bas- ketball l,2,3,Lg Track 2,A3 Class Assembly 2. JANET CHILTON CJanD nl can resist everything except temptationJ'Knight Life 3,L3Knights in Review 3,L3 F.H.A. 25Glee Club W 1,2,35 Pep Squad 1,2,3,L.g Volleyball 3,l+. Ma, ' 11 ,df if ' K2 WWW JERRY BRANNON HSomeday I'll be ambitiousJ'Junior High Basketball 13 Junior High Track lg Football 1,35 Basketball 3 Intramurals l,2,3 If RUTH CLARK CRuthiej UDancing is her pastime.H Knight Life hs F.H.A. l,2,3,AgPep Squad l,2,3,Lg Intramurals 2,3,L3 Min- j strel 2,3 RUBY CLEVE CClevej nAlways in a cheerful mood.n F. H. A. 2,33 F.H.A. ,agar Assembly 25 Intramurals l,2,3,Ag Volleyball A LEE CHATMANCTommyD HTrouble never troubles me.U HARRY LEE DENMAN QKillerD nStudy is a pastime, why overdo?n Knight Life l,2, ww 3,L5 Knight Life Editor 3,Ag Knights in Review 2,3 Basketball Manager 2,3,L3 Intramurals l,2,3,L , MARGARET CRITES CMargieD USurprise ! A girl who doesn't talk much.N Glee Club l,2,3,L3 Class Assembly 2 NELLIE DOTSON qnottiey Aliznvzr , c NI think but dare not speak.U Bonne Terre lg Dra- Q .,.... 1 .":,, A -idr' matics Club lg Knights in Review bg F.H.A. 2g Glee 1 Q Club l,2,3g Mixed Chorus l,2,35 Pep Squad 2 ran' -.,,. 4 ax RAY DETRING CDugiel 'ig Qi? nBehold! An athlete.U Sergeant-at-Arms l,2,33 ,,H,,,gi? .,,,. V"' Student Council lg Student Council Vice-President 4 aufif 53 Lg King Candidate lg Glee Club 3,A3 Football l,2, A,s" J 5 3,A5 Basketball l,2,3,b3 Track l,2,3,A ' r 2 .42, , '2 Z fiQa,fjf?Fii545ifeQ7 ff'.f....T -f'!-.L ' v i 5, .b,Y-- vv ---- 1 I I V I 1'-5' N . 3- ,lou LA. Labs' - . JL WM-N C. 1.0.4. 0-Lv ' f tr ,wad ,,,.-A.: 53" W- R F A .,.,, R? 'wsR,iiF? xv 3 fWQFMM:r- STANLEY DETRING CS+anD WPut your cares on the shelf, I come to school to enjoy myself.n Carnival King A3 Football 2,3,AS Basketball 3,h3 Track 3,43 Intramurals v CONSTANCE JOAN EDWARDS fJodieQ nMen interest me not--not much.N Merit Award 33 Latin Club 33 Queen Candidate I3 Football Atten- dant 33 Basketball Queen 33 Knight Life 3, A3 Knights in Review 3,h3 F.H.A. 2QGlee Club l,2,3,Q5 Majorette A3 Pep Squad l,2,3,hjCh6ET1S3dGT l,2,3,A 'o DIXIE FARNHAM CSlimD NFull of pep and ready to go.U Knight Life 33 Knights in Review 3,A3 W.C.T.U. Oratorical Contest 33 F.H.A. 2,L3 Glee Club l,2,3,Qj Mixed Chorus 3, bg Pep Squad l,2,3,L B f , Uk Q -A-if OBIE DUNLAP DONALD FRITCH CDonl nwhat a cute baby he must have been.H Boy's State 33 Glee Club L3 Mixed Chorus A3 Band l,2,3,L3 Football 3,A3 Basketball l,2,33 Track I3 Track Manager 3 CHRISTINE FLEMING UTrue to her words, her friends, and her work.H F.H.A. I3 Band l,2,33 Pep Squad L3 Basketball l3 Softball l,2 INA ALINE FRASER CPeggyj nlt is not good that man should be alone.U F.H.A. 2, Library Staff 2,3,L3 Glee Club l,2,33 Mixed Chorus l,2,33 Pep Squad 2 REX FULLER nMen are not measured by inches.H Track 13 Intra- murals l,2,3,A3 Class Assemblies 2,3 WQuiet! Genius at work.U Library Staff 2, Glee Club 2,35 Intramurals l,2,3,L3 Assembly 2 I ,Au 5 JV La mwgwl I .... ,g 3' My IWW V E .3355 S A552131 I 1 ff Zh' ff, '59 , qi I ' ' If aan wg..-n...m Sa x K Q'u . ' X , 5' i s I 5 fuplaff In A JM? A ti' ,kALf CLARA FAE GRANDHOMME CClaraJ UEven if work is to be done, Clara is bound to have her fun.H Knights in Review bg F.H.A. 2,b Glee Club l,3,h5 Band 1,2,3,Li Pep Squad 2,3,h. LESTER JARNAGIN CLesQ nSometimes I sit and thinkg sometimes I just sit.H Glee Club 35 Football l,2,3,Lg Basketball 33 Track 1: Intramurals l,2,3,L. KIRK JONES UBecause a man doesn't talk is no sign he hasn't something to say.U Football 33 Class Assembly 2. NANCY GRAVES CStormyD nSilence is golden, but it has no charm for me.n Merit Award 33 Knight Life 3,A3 Knights in Review 3,L3 F.H.A. 25 Glee Club l,2,3,A5 Pep Squad l,2,3, A5 Volleyball l,2,3,Lg Volleyball Captain 3. ms HADSELL Cromyb UThe boy has grace--he blushes.n Track l.23 Class Assembly 2. CAHOLYN GIBSON CGibbiej UA steady lass who's always there, in any work, will do her share.U Ironton l,23 Knight Life Lg Knights in Review A5F.H.A. 3,bg Pep Squad lg Intra- murals 2. GLORIA GIESSING CTubberj UNot exactly a man hater.U dent Council l,L3 Knight Life 3,A5 Knights ' Vice-Presid ent 3 3 stu- ILH Review 3,16 F.H.A. 25 Glee club l,2,3,L,g Mixed Chorus l,2,3,L3 Pep Squad l,2,3,L3 Volleyball l, JOHN HUFFOHD, JR. Cauadyp HGosh, how will the women get along without me?H Football 2,3,LS Track l,2,3g Track Manager 2. 3 vw- V W" f""1'V 11"- 1,91 5,0 " V 4 'TP' I4 A L 'S QW WJ 'PTY HELEN HUBER CPepperD HI'll move to town someday.H F.H.A. Assembly 23 Intramurals l,2,3g Class Assembly 2. FREDRICK MURPHY fFredD 1001.1 ,A RAY LINN KOLLMEYER UA very studious boy is he, but girls he really cannot see.U President Sophomore Class 23 Student Council Ag Glee Club 2,3,L5 Track l. RUBY HAMOR CRedD nSilence is more eloquent than words. F.H.A. l,2g Pep Squad l,2,Lg Class Assembly 2. ulffyl wiki? I Y ILA, 50 ly. ,, Y, J f UC, . -Q .1 .Ji V K' AL rj sf, " ' -4,4 Ulu J I, fl- f ' A' 'J- ,fv,,.f,,L . ,Lf-'.,,,f fed., If ,,-I f 1 " 'r SHIRZEY Jo HARTER Qsiendiej- 'fy , S .r.+f ', Q, 4 NEven the Greeks admired blondeswabove'aIIofHers.n Retiring Carnival Queen LgF.H.A. l,L3 F.H.S. Queen 33 Knight Life Lg Glee Club l,2,3,L.Qf U ' A'f 1' f 'fd 1. GAYLORD MEYER l,4,M, W UFarmers need men like him.H Student Council by Csf' Intramurals l,Lg Class Assembly 2. VICTOR OSHER CVicD nThe cares of the school rest heavily on me and the faculty.n Band l,2g Track lg Intramurals lg Class Assembly 25 Radio Programs. KATHRYN KELLY CKatieD UA saucy lass with twinkling eyes.H Fredericktown l,2,33 Junior Play 33 Knight Life L5 Pep Squad l, 2,3,L3 Radio Program L. ,,f"-ffl iwwrif or x I5 is a regular fellow--take him for all infalln President 35 Track 23 Class Assembly 23Radio QU' 'K' was-wal' GYM ,. fr N r 1 - "1 o S fi 'M" at 145' R 1 as ,uw "' E ,Q Y jc' W , -'-V its gg ' X 5 f Y xii? w 1 i. 2 f s yn an ROY PECAUT fwilliej NFew people know how really great I am.U Basket- ball 2g Intramurals l,2,3,h3 Class Assembly 2. BETTY JOE KOEN fBetsj innocent face, but you never can tell.n Knight Life 3,b3Knights in Review 3,L3F.H.A. 25 Glee Club 3,L3 Band l5Pep Squad 1,2,3,L3 Pep Squad President L5 Queen candidate 23 Football Queen 3 HAH CARLA LEWIS CCarlieD WIf love is madness, then I'm insane.n Knight Life 3,L5 Associate Editor Ag Knights in Review 3,A5 Editor bg F.H.A. 25 Glee Club 1,2,33 Pep Squad 1, vw? 2s3:1+' , Me' ""t"'fv wal-'25 N i f a sa 6,0--C ddfaafy. 1AA6iu4L ,ZLg2gl,.4Li?4- VERNON PINKSTON CPi yy ,ii,12f- nHe's a quiet industrious farmer.H Intramurals 1,2,33 Class Assembly 2. DONNA McCLASKEY fMacD nThey call her the Crisco Kid.n Knight Life L3 Knights in Review A5 F.H.A. l,L3 Glee Club 1,25 Pep Squad l,2,3,L DARREL PLUM ER WLet others do the labor, I'l1 do the rest.n Knob Lick 1,25 Fredericktown 3. J?-' 2' .gli Q H . gt, 5 W- f',RK Y . 3' 4 'M M' A . Rwwvewi 3 fs rifgil, PERRY RARIDEN CSon.nyD "The more I study the harder' q11GSti0f15 they asks" Basketball 1,2,35 Track 13 Class Assembly 2. BONNIE MCCLURE CBarnieD NI play the piano mostly for my own amazementf' Class Vice-President 15 Knight Life A5 Knights ln Review L45 F.H.A. 23G1ee Club 1,2,35 PGP Squad 1,25 Volleyball 2,3. 'I6 N W N -w-ada , 5 dm" f PWR up-he Y ww- U- UWB 'M fl il 2, A M I DELORES SIM SON CDee Deej UHer sense of humor never dies.H Night of Drama 25 F.H.A. L3 Library Staff 2,33 Glee Club l,2,3,L5 Intramurals l,2. DONALD WADE QTuffyD nWhen you call me that--smiIe.N Knights in Review Lg Glee Club l,2,3,Lg Mixed Chorus 2,35Football 2, 3,L5 Class Assembly 2,3. ALBERT WEDDLE nNever speak loudly to one another unless the house is on fire.n Glee Club 3,L3 Intramural Bas- ketball l,2,3,L3 Class Assembly 2. EARLINE SWINK nBlest with each grace of nature and art.H Class Treasurer 35 Knights in Review Lg Glee Club 2,3,L3 Mixed Chorus 23 Band l,2,3,L5 Pep Squad l,2,3,L. CHARLES SCHRAM HNow'if I were president...H Glee Club 2,33 Mixed -fCh4rus 2,35 Band 1,35 Football 2,3,Lg Track l,2,33 :Intramurals l,2. SHIRLEY POTHETOS Cwilkiej HI never let work detain me from pleasure.n F.H.A. l,2,L3 Glee Club l,23 Pep Squad l,25Class Assembly 2. BESSIE RAMSEY QBessieD nWith a laugh, laugh here, and a giggle, giggle there.H F.H.A. l,2g Intramurals l,2,33 F.H.A. as- sembly, Class assembly 2. FRANKLIN STRAUGHAN QFearlessD IIA -1f.'I'W-n- Pnwmnw 4m lam ll U,-U-x+kn'I7 'Y 'I I f Tw-F v-famnwnl .- qgg SCF' GES7' UD L C Mi! I7 qw xx CARL WRAY CCorkyD Class Assembly 3. 7 GEORGIA VANDERGRIFF ' "A' ' SHIBLEY WINES Cshor-typ nlt is less effort to smile than to frown.H Glen Club l,2,3,Lg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,A3 Football l, nHer mind is like a sundial,itreflects only pleas antness.n Knights in Review L5 F.H.A. 2,A3 F.H A Sweetheart A3 Gleo Club l,2,3,hQ Mixed Chorus. J .NVE 1-" 1 HNeat as a pin.n F.H.A. l,25 Pep Squad lg F.H.A 'eva Vffl ".V Assembly 1,23 Class Assembly 2. A7 A BARBARA WILEY Cwallol , J,ga :-' UI am a lover and have not found a thing to love' nl' 'lli F.H.A. lg Glee Club 33 Pep Squad 35 Assembly 2. Ragga is E-my WILMA WALKER UIt's nice to be naturalwhen you're naturally niccn Clarksville, Arkansas High School, Beta Club 25 Who's Who, Most likely to Succeed 23 Latin Club 23 Rainbow l,25 Panther Paragon Staff 23 Editor, Panther Paragon 23 Glee Club lg Farmington High School, F.H.A. Lg F.H.A. Sweetheart attendant A3 Glee Club Lg Mixed Chorus Ag Pep Squad L. Y W vm Kaz' f WA? L fl. A yi nj I IE .19 A:eij5A NINA WILLIAMS CNinij nwith a head as level as her heart is big.n Iron - tong F.H.A. 2,35 Glee Club l,2,3g Pep Squad A. 18 W' :Ip .. ' ' Q 93 I-W l Jr 'af K V s-if W is " CLASS PROPHECY I stifled a yawn and gazed blankly at my crystal ballwhich looked blankly back at me. I hadn't had a sucker--pardon me--customer for a couple of hours. In my boredom, my mind C?j began to travel back through the years and finally came to rest on, of all things, my high school days! I began wondering what had happened to all of my class- mates and, remembering all of our dreams, wondered just how they had turned out. I decided to consult my crystal ball and check up on the class of '52. I,went into my trance and the crystal ball grew misty, then sud- denly-! before my eyes a dim figure appears. As it becomes clearer I see that it is the inside of a church. Say, whois that preaching the sermon--why--yes sir, it is Donald Allen. The rest of the congre- gation becomes clearer and I see Bob Bloom, the town plumber, seated next to Melvin Barron, owner of a large farm on the outskirts of Farm- ington. The scene changes suddenly and I see a large room filled with all sorts of important looking people. Heavens! It's a U. N. meeting and everyone seems to be quite interested in what the speaker is saying. And who should the speaker be but none other than Ruth Bell, explain- ing the Hydrogen Bomb. As I look about the roonyI see Loretta Chatman, secretary for the American Delegate, Qgn Fritch. Over there is Clara Ggandhomme, first lady senator from Missouri. Sitting next to her is Victor Osher, a well-known politician. This scene disappears and another takes its place. This time I see swaying palms and largphouses. I do believe thatI'm in California. Yes, and who is this I see standing under one of the palms, it's lgmmy Hadsell. He has become a cocoanut millionaire. Who's that Orneryh lookin' critter bow-leggin' it across the street? Say, I do believe that's UDead-gygn Dunlap, the famous cowboy star. With him is his right hand man and singing star, Carl Wray. Looks like they're going over to that movie lot. There's Margaret Crites. She's doubling for Betty Hutton now. Over there, it looks like they're getting ready to shoot a scene. Yes, here comes the star--it's Wally Schramm! He's being cast as Valentino and his co-star is Ruby Hamor, who is taking Susan Hayward's place. Again the scene changes and this time I find mysglf at Blue Dia- mond Cafe which is now owned and operated by Darrel Plum er. Upon going inside,I see that Darrel has one of the new Usmele-visionn sets. On the screen appears none other than Gaylord Meyer, Master of Cere- monies for the new Hsmele-visionn program nThe Bonfire Theater,n writ- ten by Katie Kelly. Hex Fuller is in a tub doing the com ercial for Sudsy Soap. The beautiful strains of nChop-sticksn, as played by Earline Swink, on her trumpet, now reach my nose--I mean ear! I Next, on the program, gat Bryant sings the lovely Love-bug Scratch.N The owner of the station, jim Roberts, is just coming on stage when the scene changes. It looks like I'm on a college campus this time. I wonder what that large crowd of boys is doing over there? I should have known,it's Jodie Edwards. She's here at college on a scholarship for cheerlead- ing. There's the basketball coach,Mgg Biggsg he's talking to the foot- ball All-Star, Hay Detring. Here comes Ray's wife, and better half, Betty 222 Koen. Those two people over there look familiar. Certainly, O I9 CLASS PROPHECY they're Albert Weddlg,the'college Dean,and Delores Simpson, the speech teacher. They're talking about the speech Professor Einstein Fred Mugphy just gave. Golly! A carnival! Isn't that side-show barker over there Kirk Jones? Yes-and that Stock Car Driver he's advertising--, that's Lester Jarnigan. This side-show isn't half bad. There's the weight lifter over there--oh no! It's Pergy Rariden! So that's what hap- pened to Carla Lewis,--an acrobat!! She's pretty good though. 'Well, here I go again! Gracious, I'm hot! No wonder--LOOK! A snake charmer! Why--I must be in India. Now who could I know here? Impossible! But--yes-- it's Stanley Detring, king of India and owner of a large harem!! Here come some dancing girls. My, who's leading them? Mercy! It's Ruth Clark! A sand storm arises, and I find that the scene is again chang- ing. I now find myself in a radio station. The nTumblin' Weed Twins,n Nancy Graves and Franklin Straughn, are in the midst of their program. Their guest stars for tonight are Peggy Fraser, the well-known Metro- politan Opera singer, and her accompanist, Dixie Farnham. Again the scene changes and this time I see nurse Nina Williams reading a newspaper. The headlines seem to interest her. No wonder-- Jeryy Brannon, Air Force pilot, has just broken all speed records. Here's an advertisement for nTolegateU toothpaste and the model is Wilma Walker. This paper seems familiar-of course! It's the Farming- ton News, owned and edited by Hargy Lgg Denman. Here's a social note, Christine Fleming, Southern Belle, entertained three of the spring brides,Shirley Pothetos, Barbara Wiley, and Shirley Wines at her home. I see an ad for a trailer--Charles Schramm is moving out to Arizona. Here's a sports item, Egy Pecaut is being signed by the Cardinals. And here is the Lonely Hearts' Club, written by Shirley Q9 Harter. Another society item! Georgia Vandergriff has been chosen National F. H. A. queen. This scene fades away and in its place I see a corridor in a school. The home ec. teacher, Florence Bogyer, is talking to Rugy Cleve, the volleyball coach. Coming down to meet them are Gloria Giessing, the typing teacher and Carolyg Gibsog,the shorthand teacher. Outside I see the driver's education car and the teacher is none other than Bessie Ramsey. This school looks like--why it is--the Farmington High School! And now I'm down town. There's the Farmington Swimming Pool,owned by L22 Chatman, and on the high board I see Bill Sutherland giving diving lessons. Up the street a little way is Robert's Supply, the name is being changed to Hufford's now, as John is the new owner. Standing in front of it are the mayor of the city, Egy Linn Kollmeyer, and the City Street Commissioner, Dale Pinkston. There's the Wade Garage, owned by Q93 Wade. Going in just now is Donna McClaskey, Don's wife. Across the street is the dime store owned by Nellie Dotson. Next to that is the bakery with Bonnie McClure as chief baker. There's the Ritz Theater, Geraldine Ramsey bought it just recently. And say!! There's a new place. nFortunes told--Past, Present, and Futuren-- Prophet-Janet Chilton. Hey! UThat's mev' ,29. ' .. ..., 3 ,1i'?"5, fl 4 , .. . , V K , 55 fig A I xjffi 94 1 4--Z' I Ill? W ii :Mk WN' A 5 This page compliments of WICHMAN NASH 21 QL UN IOR CLASS Y 1 I? A P ' SRM i x .A , M , 2 A W fx PQI ,Q S if if at 5. 5 5N,gQwwaS z 7? bv- ! V f , ax E Q f Nr rr iw FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Johnson, Griffin, Janis, Ische, Feezor, Boyd, Eaves, Dugal, Crites. SECOND ROW: Counts, Coley, Canterberry, Davis, Ha Honerkamp, Bruce, Blake, Best, Berghaus. THIRD ROW: Brewster, Bob Grief, Grief, Chartrau, Bryant, Findley, Clark, Barron, Asher. FOURTH ROW: Jennings, Highley, Kinney, Holland, Gerlach, Hill, Best, Graves. "" fx FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Overall, Jones, Shinn, Woods, Pulliam, Moors, Parker, Shelton, Wallace, Watts. SECOND ROW: Vogelsang, Vandergriff, Shannon, Smith, Klob, Stone, Taylor, Fay Wood, Mossman, Allene White, Adaline White. THIRD ROW: Wayne Smith, Yeargain, Sailor, Trokey, Pinkley, Stocker, Thompson, Schurter, Rehmer, Merryman. FOURTH ROW: Neaville, Nickelson, Mullins, Miller, Pigg, McCarty, McKinney, McClintock, Medley, Rickus. 22 THE J UN IORS?? -.- ELASSES 5,1553 SPORTS ..: gl 23 SOP 0 ORE K I I FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hoehn, Chilton, Clark, Burch, Haynes, Bryant, Brubaker, Briley, Foster, Boswell, Bone, Bloom. SECOND ROW: Hightower, Head, Coley, Haynes, Bullock, Harrington, Hamors, Eberhart, Brewster, Cunningham, Cook. THIRD ROW: Byrd, Chilton, Burch, Helms, Chatman, Byrd, Bowyer, Barton, Barnes, Kono. FOURTH ROW: Lawson, Jones, Marshall, Meyer, Black, Burmeister, Huie Govro, Cozean, Harrington, Hibbits. .i w Q Cz 5- nf -wak- V Mg! FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Leona Moore, Jane Moore, Simpson, Shelley, Smith, Osher, Storie, Parker, Wiley, Matthews, Kropp, Klepzig, Stone. SECOND ROW: Straughan, McClaskey, Nichols, Johnson, Phillips, Thurman,5tinehart, Lynch, Wilkerson, Marshall, Karsch, Yeager. THIRD ROW: Miller, Stuart, Woods, Bill Zieba, Bob Zieba, Pigg, Wines, Murphy, Windsor, Ratcliff, Sullivan. FOURTH ROW: Stone, Mell, Sutton, Don Zieba, Silvey, Stinehart, Ogle, White, Miller,Quesnel, Watts, Neaville. This page compliments of THE LAUNDERITE 24 ' il BEST LOOKING: Marshall Mell and Joyce Brubaker WITTIEST: Anna Ruth Chilton and Larry Sullivan MOST POPULAR: Carole Eberhart and Jim Woods FLIRTS: Sylvia Matthews and Larry Silvey BEST ATHLETE: Shirley Kelpzig and Billy Bob Tessereau SOPHOMORE CLASS WHO'S WHO FRESHMA CLASS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hurst, Barnes, Alexander, London, Curtis, Johnson, Conrad, Dugal, Diana Farnham, Lenz, Albaugh. SECOND ROW: Fix, Miller, Grifford, Elsie Barnes, Clark, Davis, Mackley, Donna Farnham, Layne, Hilliker, Gonz. THIRD ROW: O'Neil, Callahan, Cleve, Bradshaw, Killian, Honerkamp, Lenz, Wanda Jarnagin, Buchanan, Fleming, Franklin. FOURTH ROW: Bayless, Bowyer, Bequetto, Harrington, Darlow, Cary, Boswell, Detring, Hibbits, Melvin Jarnagin, Henson, Britton. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mason, Yeargain, Thomas, Yates, Stroud, Robinette, Rickus, Straughan, Helen White, Williams, Zolman. SECOND ROW: Winters, McDaniel, Tucker, Nickelson, Windsor, Stover, Smith, Short, Marberry, Shelly, Korber. THIRD OW: Morris, Mann, Vallie, Tanner, Pogue, Toalson, Shoemake, Overall, Swink, Sherrill, Pyatt. FOURTH ROW: Wheelis, Thomure, Scott, John White, McKinney, Thurman, Wray, Stam, Lynn White, Shannon, Vought. 26 FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORS: Miss Tetley and Mr. Limbaugh CLASS OFFICERS President ....... Donald Brockmiller Vice President . Paul Detring Secretary. . . Treasurer. . . Sgt. at Arms . , , Pat Tanner , , Pat Stover Ronnie Hibbits MR' 1 AROUN CHOOL isnt! i Miss Lindsey, Typing II Miss Bird, Speech: The future Speed Demons nwalter Winchelln nunngff Mr. McKinney, Chemistry: Brave, aren't Mr. Wright, Shop: Oh! Oh! Watch your they? finger--you might need it some day ld gig WN Intramurals: Champions--lst, Edwina Mr. Lingie, Driver's Education Class: Harrington, 2nd, Nancy Graves What! No accidents yet? This Page Complimemts of A 6- P STORE Farmington, Mo. 28 h SNAPS Q 1 af 6,-. . g . v.-n --P This page compliments of MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY E O. KLEIN, PH. G 29 5 3 S u v Qwf' Q SPORTS FOOTBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Schurter, Brewster, Smith, Sutherland, Straughn, Bob Grief, Bill Grief. SECOND HOW: Govro, Bryant, Best, Cozean, Nickelson, Jarna- gin, S. Detring, Jennings, Fritch, Bequette. LAST ROW: Coach Lingle, Stone, Wade, Sailor, Trokey, R. Detring, Biggs, Coach Schuster. Members of Squad not shown: Blaine, Bloom, Boyd, Darlow, P. Detring, Franklin, Gerlach, Graves, Hibbits, Hill, Hufford,Jones, Kono, Korber, McKinney, Mullins, Neaville, C. Schramm, Shelley, Sherrill, Shoemake, Short, Stam, Stinehart, Sut- ton, Swink, Tessereau, Toalson, Wray, Yeargin. A i:l'i'2:'i E ' SEASON'S SUMMARY A F. H. s. 18 Fredericktovm 6 A F. H. S. 33 Herculaneum 7 ' F. H. S. 27 Crystal City O F. h. S. 2O Festus 7 2 F. H. s. 33 De sono o 3 F. H. S. lA Ste. Genevieve 2 4 A , .wif F. H. S. 7 Flat River 6 Q? , h 1 F. H. s. 13 summon 13 9 5 13g..l-41 ' A1 Captain Captain HEY Detfiflg Lester Jarnagin Robert McKinney Coaches Schuster Donald Wade Tackle and Lingle Fullback 31 DON FRITCH Tackle SONNY JENNINGS Quarter Back JIM NICKELSON Guard BILL SUTHERLAND Half Back ALLEN HILL Center The Farmington Knights ended a most successful football season this year, in fact, one of the best years Farmington has ever had. They again, for the second straight year and last three out of fOU13WOH the Mineral Area Conference Championship being un- defeated in those same years. In their last game, and only non-conference tilt of the season, the Farmington eleven met the strong Sikeston Bulldogs at Farmington. In this game, one of the most hotly contested played in high school football, the Bulldogs held the more powerful Knights to a 13 - 13 tie. Coaches Lingle and Schuster should be highly praised for the wonderful football team they pro- duced for our school this year. We wish them both the best of luck with Farmington in the coming years. FRANKLIN Guard STANLEY DETRING MAC BIGGS End Football queen, JODIE EDWARDS and the two captains, LESTER JARNAGIN AND RAY DETRING 32 BASKETBALL f Elvins Leadwood Potosi Ironton Esther Doe Run Ironton Frankclay Flat River Esther Elvins Leadwood Potosi Ironton Flat River Esther This Page Compliments of D E The Farmington Knights again played an outstanding season of basketball. With their height and accurate shooting, they rolled over the weaker schools in this area and easily took the Kiwanis Tournament held in Farmington. Later in the season they played in the Desloge Invitational Tournament taking third place. They lost to Flat River in the semi-finals of the tournament and also in county plan costing us the County Championship. The Golden Knights were defeated only once in county play and just twice in regular play counting the two tournaments mentioned above. This has been a very successful season in anyone's book with much credit go- ing to Coach Lingle and the loyalfollowers of the team. SEASON'S SUM ARY A TEAM 37 F.H.S. 59 Bonne Terre 35 L7 F.H.S. 65 Herculaneum 56 M9 F.H.S. 51 Crystal City A8 35 F.H.S. 53 Flat River 5A 27 F.H.S. 5h Festus 31 M3 F.H.S. 77 Fredericktown 36 hh F.H.S. 6O Desloge 54 33 F.H.S. 5h Pefryville 25 62 F.H.S. 60 Doe Run LL 36 SEASON'S SUMMARY B TEAM 38 F.H.S. L2 Bonne Terre 30 31 F.H.S. Q7 Fredericktown 39 27 F.H.S. hh Desloge 37 32 F.H.S. 17 Perryville 37 L8 F.H.S. A7 Doe Run 30 L2 F.H.S. 26 Frankclay 22 S P A I N M 0 T O R S 33 II All Kneeling: Tessereau, Jennings, Fritch, Hill, Schramm Standing: Coach Lingle, Bryant, Stanley Detring, Biggs, Ray Deiring, Roberts, Coach Schuster. 1 X bl C' . ll Bl! Kneeling: Mell, Bob Zieba, Stone, Bill Zieba, Yeargain. Standing: Coach Lingle, Ogle, Meyer, McCarty, Burmeister, Steinhart, Brewster, Coach Schuster. 34 JIM ROBERTS Guard STANLEY DETRING MAC BIGGS Forward Forward or Center SONNY JENNINGS BILLY BOB TESSEREAU Guard or Forward Guard DON FRITCH ALLEN HILL Forward Center WALLY SCHRAMM Forward 35 JU IOR HIGH BASKETB LL JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SQUAD Kneeling: Alexander, Kassabaum, Yeargain, Swink, Pyatt. Standing: Coach McKinney, Brockmiller, Toalson, Hibbits, Detring, Sherrill, Shoemake. The Junior High basketball team won four and lost four of their county games. They finished the season by taking first place in the Elvins Junior High Tournament. SEASON'S SUM ARY F.J.H. 27 Elvins 22 Elvins Tournament F.J.H. LI6 Desloge 28 F.J.H. 59 Fredericktown 18 F.J.H. 33 Bismarck 18 F.J.H. 28 Leadwood 19 F.J.H. 30 Flat River 32 F.J.H. 36 Frank Clay 21 F.J.H. 37 Bonne Terre LL F.J.H. 37 Esther 31 F.J.H. 25 Leadwood 28 F.J.H. 25 Frank Clay 23 F.J.H. 32 Esther 37 This Page Complimenks of OZARKS FEDERAL SAVINGS G- LOAN ASSOCIATION 27 VOLLEYBALL LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Stroud, Dugal, Harter. SECOND ROW: Haile, McClaskey, Chilton, Giessing, Lynch, Kropp. THIRD ROW: Miss Goggins, Klepzig, Parker, Pulliam, Edwards, Overall, Osher. FOURTH ROW: Harrington, Honerkamp,Graves, Eberhart, Cleve, Miss Corken SEASON'S SUM ARY F.H.S. 29 Leadwood 9 F.H.S. 21 Elvins 15 F.H.S. BA Frankclay 5 F.H.Su M5 Bismarck 11 F.H.S. 35 Esther 8 F.H.S. 21 Doe Run 1A F.H.S. 27 Bonne Terre 15 F.H.S. hh Desloge 3 The 1951 volleyball team became COUNTY CHAM IONS this year by winning all their games. The only defeat was in the Esther Invitational Tournament. We lost to Doe Run and received the third place trophy. The second team won all eight of their games this season. 38 U! X X X as WM X X XXX-. J 1 ORGANIZATIONS HONOR SOCIETY LEFT TO RIGHT: Ramsey, Bell, Kollmeyer, Roberts, Meyer, Chatman, Miss Tetley Q I f ian C NYE., Di V5 STUDENT COUNCIL SEATEDI Giessing, Detring, Jennings, Eaves, Farnham Standing: lst row: Miss Lindsey, Murphy, Kollmeyer, Schurter, Meyer, Miss Corken. 2nd row: Toalson, Eberhart, Overall, Kono, Alexander. 40 T' President. . . . . . . Nkmxkfgx. . . . . Clara Fae Grandhomme Vice-President . . . XFN milf . . . . . . .Patsy Eaves ?ecretar'y. . . . . ' A ,sig . . .Pgyllis gaile reasurer. . . . . . af . ff . . . ormie Sher Parliamentarian. . . if . . Jackie Pulliam Historian. . . . - . a s JI . . Beverly Curtis R TL . . . . 7 z . . . ' Sssgziidef. . . , . . , w ill-gs, . , Baiiiiiasiiiz Chapter Mother . . . . . . 747' 195 . . . .Mrs. Berghaus Sub-district Historian . . . Nfv. W . . .Wilma June Denman 41 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Karsh, Moore, Koen, Ische, Brooks, Eberhart. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Chilton, Chatman, Ramsey, Lewis, Woods, Bell, Swink. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Lindsey, Gibson, Edwards, Graves, Bryant, Fleming, Dixie Farnham, Denman, Overall, Diane Farnham. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vandergriff, Kropp, Yeager, Smith, Roberts, Schram , Meyer, Haile, Coley, KNIGHTS IN REVIEW Editor in Chief. . ......... . . . Carla Lewis Associate Editor .... . . Shirley Woods Feature Editor ...... . . . Janet Chilton Assistant Feature Editor , . , . Wilma June Denman Advertising Manager . . .... Jim Roberts Girl's Sport Editor . ....... Nancy Graves Boy's Sport Editor . ........ Larry Meyer Art Editors ............ . .Ruth Bell, Earline Swink Typists Geraldine Ramsey, Loretta Chatman, Carolyn Gibson Class Reporters Senior History - Janet Chilton, Jodie Edwards, Dixie Farnham Will - Pat Bryant, Christine Fleming Prophecy - Janet Chilton Junior - Elma Overall Sophomore - Barbara Foster Freshman - Donna Farnham Picture Editor ................... Betty Joe Koen Advertising Salesmen Jim Roberts, Wally Schramm, Judy Ische, Shirley Woods, Elaine Jones, Gretchen Karsch, Wayne Smith Subscription Salesmen Barbara Foster, Clara Fae Grandhomme, Jane Moore, Faye Brooks Georgie Vandergriff, Dorris Coley, Carole Eberhart, Shirley Woods, Elma Overall, Shirley Kropp, Phyllis Haile, Pat Yeager 42 rw KNIGHT LIFE SEATED: Graves, Chilton, Harry Lee Denman, Lewis, Harter. STANDING: lst row: Bryant, Wilma June Denman, Giessing, Chatman, McClure, Mrs. Nelson, Farnham, Clark. 2nd row: Edwards, Kelley, Koen, Fleming, Gibson, Dugal, Stone. 42, gg, LIBRARY STAFF SEATED: Overall, McClaskey, Story, Bryant, Klob, Fraser. STANDING: Shelley, Hoehn, Bloom, Miss Bird. 43 AQ GLEE CLUB SEXTET LEFT TO RIGHT: Parker, Shelton, Shinn, Dugal, Jones, Bryant, Denman. DOUBLE MIXED QUARTET FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Parker, Grandhomme, Jones, Graves. SECOND ROW: Allen, Roberts, Detring, Kollmeyer. 45 BAND ' Il I PEP UAD This Page Compliments of FAIR DEPT STORE 46 1951 SCHOOL CALENDAR 1952 6 7 10 ll 13 lb 2 A 5 9 12 16 l 2 16 A 6 7 7 ll lL A 8 ll 18 1 1 5 12 A A 13 First First First First Snake First Dan Senior Class Meeting. Junior Class Meeting. Pep Squad meeting. volleyball game with Leadwood. ce. football game with Fredericktown. Volleyball game with Frankclay, First Lyceum program. Football game with Festus. Volleyball game with Bismarck. Football game with De Soto. Volleyball game with Esther. F. H. A. Assembly. F. H. A. Sub-district meeting. Football game with Sikeston. First basketball game with Elvins. Senior Dance. Lyceum program. Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game Speech Assembly. Basketball game Basketball game -7 Class A State Junior Assembly. Lyceum program. 13-lb Junior Play. lh 17 1 5 Band Festival. -18 Senior Play. Award Day. -9 Senior Trip. with with with with with with with with with with Leadwood. Potosi. Ironton. Frankclay. Flat River. Esther. Bonne Terre. Desloge. Perryville. Doe Run. Tournament. SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY 47 18 Home volleyball game with Elvins. 21 Football game with Herculaneum. 2A School parade. School carnival. 28 Football game with Crystal City. Volleyball game with Doe Run. Football game with Ste. Genevieve. Volleyball game with Desloge. 18 19 23 Volleyball game Wlth Bonne Terre. 2A 26 Football game with Flat River. 29-Nov.2 Volleyball Tournament at Esther 20 Puppet Show. 21 Sophomore Assembly. 16 Christmas parade. 20 Christmas Cantata. 21 Senior Assembly 21 Student Council Dance. 26-28 Kiwanis Tournament 22 Pep Squad Assembly. 22-25 Desloge Basketball 29 Tournament. Basketball game with Fredericktown. 30 Honor Society Initiation. 15 Basketball 19 Basketball 22 Basketball 26-29 Class A game with Bismarck. game with Perryville. game with De Soto. Regional Tournament. 21 County Teachers' Meeting. 25 27 Music Department Assembly. -28 Music Festival at Cape. 17 Freshman Assembly. 13 Honor Society Initiation. HONOR SOCIETY INITIATION The first Honor Society Assembly of the year was held February A to initiate the Seniors who had fulfilled the qualifications for entrance into the Society. The new members initiated were Geraldine Ramsey Ray Linn Kollmeyer, Gaylord Meyer, and Jim Roberts. The program was opened by Loretta Chatman, President of the Society, who acted as Master of Ceremonies. The meaning of the emblem was given by Ruth Bell. Kent Toalson, accompanied by Mrs. Taylor Smith, Jr., sang nBless this House.n Following the musical selection, the four Attributes of the Society were presented as follows: Character - Martha Roberts, Scholarship - Pete Mell, Service - Ronald Kuhlman, Leadership - Don Effrein. The pledge was administered by Loretta Chatman. Geraldine Wade described the flower and what it symbolized. The program ended with Kent Toalson singing NThe ' Lord's Prayer.H Initiates, former members, their parents, and friends enjoyed a tea given by the Home Economics Department. . Q 5 R D e e D 54' CARLA LEWIS LORETTA CHATMAN RAY DETRING lst place County American D. A. R. Citizenship Award Rotary's All American Legion Oratorical Contest 48 HIGH SCHOOL CARNIVAL KING: STANLEY DETRING QUEEN: MARILYN GRIFFIN ATTENDANT: SHARON DUGAL U. Carol Cole, SENIOR: Pat Bryant, Gay Lynn Fleming, SOPHOMORE: Joyce Brubaker, John Burmeister, SENIOR: King, Stanley Detring Sharon Dugal, JUNIOR: Queen, Marilyn Griffin, FRESHMEN: Ronnie Hibbits, Donna Valle, Joan Lang, JUNIOR: Wayne Brewster This Page Compliments of LAWS 6- JENNINGS DRESS SHOP 49 ,Md ff SENIOR FLOAT JUNIQR SGPHOMORE FLOAT FRESHMAN FLOAT F. H. A. FLOAT JUNIQH HIGH FLOAT This Page compliments of HOWARD TETLEY JEWELERS 216 E. Columbia 50 I SHOES FOR THE GROWING YEARS TRIMFOOT COMPANY rnlmroor IERRACE FARMINGTON, MISSOURI 51 Compliments ol: Stoll Furniture QS- Appliance See Television's Finest Philco - Admiral - Emerson BAKER'S SHOE STORE Complete line of new shoes and Repair work Phone 57 Farmington, Mo. Compliments or Wulfers G' Petry Furniture Co. Farmington, Missouri "Everything For The l-lame" Phone I82 2I8 East Columbia JENKEN'S VARIETY STORE The Friendly Store Phone H25 - Fountain - Drugs - Prescriptions "We Wish You Were Try Serums - Magazines Try In our Shoes, Lee Lee First First We Give Eagle Stamps Lee Lewis Drug Store Fvrminswnf MO- EFFRElN'S SHOE STORE GIERSES The Farmington P R E S S CLEANING .QTAILORING On The Square WORKS Published Every Thursday Art Freeman JDS! SUUWBW PHONE 302 FARMINGTON, M0 IIEIl0IlI'S IIEII 8: WIIITE FINE F0008 EXCELLENT SEIVIIE COURTESY 8 QIIILITY G0 IIIIID I IIIIII 'F ,-'. ,ij , ,- Q!! . ,Li If .E l -7 7'f, Ji 555165 I I , B. H. Jennings 81 Son, Inc. Lumber Co. "EVERYTHING FROM FOUNDATION TO CHIMNEY TOP Phone 192 FARMINGTON, MISSOURI GENERAL HARDWARE Paints and Oils Plumbing and Heating Supplies Phone 388 We Deliver Farmington Hardware MueIIer's Cabinet Shop FEATURING Morris Paint A Complete Paint Service as S. Henry St. Farmington, Mo. - Phone 771+ Compliments of Gower Insurance Agency Rozier Store Co. Enffn Farmington, Missouri COMPLETE LINES Ladies Ready to Wear Gents Furnishings Dry Goods - Clothing - Shoes Wurlitzer Pianos Norge Appliances Zenith Radios AND Gifts DAVIS MUSIC STORE 6- STUDIO For The Latest In Men's Clothing CONGRATULATIONS STUDENTS! Come To . We hope we have entertained you well RONNIES MENS SHOP through school - and we want to continue it through the coming years In at any Farmington, Missouri Nationally Advertised Brands ntertainment A leasu,-6 N' Reasonably Priced D Complete Line of Men's Clothing T H E A T R E S WESTERN AUTO ASSO. STORE HOME OWNED BY BEN LEWIS See Us For The BeSt In Auto Supplies - Sporting Goods Household Appliances B A NK WI T H imiIfe1dl'Balm1lQIgglff"iI'giimmi'm15g'QL1g1ll ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY'S LARGEST BANK FEDERAL RESERV I-' MEMBER I- svsrsm .J Unexcelled Banking Services - Modern Equipment and Facilities Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 54 Compliments of Two - One - Four Package Stores Farmington - Elvins For Fine Food Come to SMlTH'S CAFE For Quick Service phone 234 for a DIAMOND CAB IF lT'S FOR SCHOOL Compliments ot ROBERTS , Woods Drug Store HAS IT Farmington, MO, ROBERTS OFFICE SUPPLY phone 35 Compliments BEN FRANKLIN STORE NO. 4 EAST COLUMBIA of FARMINGTON, MISSOURI SELF SERVICE Rige - Stix St. Francois County's Shirt Factory Largest Home Owned 5 8: 10 cent Store Compliment s Scotts l-lome 6- Auto Supply of -:- The Firestone Store -n- Home appliances, paints, Athletic Equipment, Bicycles Ozark Village Cafe Phone 60 Intersection of Highway 61-62 Mr. 8s Mrs. Milton Simms Compliments of Farmington Beauty Salon Phone 462 - li S. Jackson Bernice Coley Bring your perscriptions to GRAY CLEANING QTAILORING CO. FREE GIFT WRAPPIN G CLEANERS Laakman Drug Store TAILORS DYERS R. B. Dillard mms Compliments of Chatman's WISHING WELL BLUE . G1ft Shop DIAMOND GIFTS FOR EVERYONE HALLMARK CARDS PHONE 660 UN IIIGHWAYS 61 and 67 56 C0mP"me"ts of BARGAIN VARIETY sions . Furniture - l-louselwold Items - Appliances MCCARTY S R Farmington, Mo. Ellis Sides, Proprieto Home of NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE X co. Pr-lun: 9U TELEPHONE I5 JEFFERSON ST. FARMINGTON, MISSOURI DAIRY, HSS Nptoausi-nv FEEDS ',: 23-5 CUBTDM GRINDING We Buy Cream and E555 : , Compliments of L. C.'S G R I L L FARMING DN MESDURI Tllll FITZ EALE5 IIII. "YOUR FRIGIDAIRE DEALER" MAYTAG APPLIANCES FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES 57 Compliments of Radio Station KREI Affiliate of Liberty Broadcasting System Listen To All F. H. S. Games on KREI the 1350 Spot On Your Dial GO TO LEEE' SUPER MARKET AND LOCKER PLANT The one-stop shopping center of St. Francois County H. C. MELL HARDWARE, FURNITURE, WALL PAPER, PAINT RUGS AND LINOLEUNI PHONE 372 Compliments of The Hamburger House LEAD BELT OFFICE MACHINE CO. PHoNc 293 o 4 eAs1 HARRISON sr. Hyaledll FARMINGTON, MO. Ilgxmubav Schramm Bottling X: Creamery Co. Manufacturers of Carbonated Beverages Ice, Ice Cream, and Butter Compliments of CITY DRUG STORE LAWRENCE 6- WI-IITE, PROP. THE RELIABLE PI-IARMACISTS Compliments ' of Your International Harvester Dealer WEINAND EQUIPMENT COMPANY Air Port Site - Farmington, Mo. U N N Y D A L E M A R K E T Perrine R Yale Streets Open Sundays A Hollidays George Koen MODERN ART STUDIOS Portrait - Commercial Farmington Fredericktown Phone 832 After the Show and All Times Rush Down To LONDON'S PARK-N-EAT Have a snack and chat with Carl and Mary Lou. Open for the teenagers 8-11 week days, 8-12 Sat. E Sun. Compliments of FITZ CHEVROLET O S W E L L H A R D W A R E 'A House of Service' The Home of GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Plumbing k Heating A. J. BUTTERFIELD GREENHOUSES Flowers since 1910 Farmington - Phone IL8 Compliments of DE LUKE SWEET SHOP Ysiwia W7 WM .ent S WWWW W9 gif. qtqx BY C n.,,..,,,.,s 253: S of 'icij-'S:""e 6 RMINGTO MOTOR COMPANY af gp :ii Q , ' H o A U 'r Y ,Of our F erc ry'Dealer Gp by . hy argaret. YJ S71 -- Phone 136 -A JW ah ,f-M' W'- Qjio '1 THMVG2 KET C PM c. w. Thal - H. M. Shelton f More 8a Better Cheaper CHI EN I B T C 0 Q 3 XX n e stit 1: on o rv ce in Farm n t exte s ut on an ur e w shes or S Casso ' '- as is Q3H53bEEi Q33 ngi OS KSEIQ w iii 'S 60 C' i ' 79WwffWW Zffgfwiaf ff. 220,344 KM f'f'r4QNA g,7,.,Mf..,A'J "W, awk ' WWWfJMW"Mwf!WJf,iZf'7TWi4fk 24ff4fff+f"Mf"'Ai'i"'.. WWW, ,45M2:f5"AvM'7' DDQ M Wifi? Mw75 6, Q h QQEEQQEEHQN 5? giigssfi Q Seiiiiliiifil gum UM ' - W h Wfffv 'WP' 'M JU m,2gWj?'liif,iJ,ZT? MQW We . Wi.. it ff da' MQM by f 'MMWA W! H3 gp J T wg fmcqg , 7""'i46' H SQ if' Sgr? ff. ' 1,0 ,lo fe? gifs ' !Mf+wffMw! 4, if u . 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Suggestions in the Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) collection:

Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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