Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO)

 - Class of 1947

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Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1947 volume:

Z" ff 'C X x xx ,fflxwlff xx 'I ,V wh - X' if' I "MX, XM 'X V ,4 I fl V I YN f QT . 7, X . 'F .J Zu 2 ' ,. ff X My ' V ff 'I' R - , f f .Wd ff 'X cl' if I ff , ' V' 'ZZH , 3' nl' I , ' A 1 A ' -Y . X A W , . k f X 4 If 5N ali . ' 5 F9 "lu.l."lh."lln'l.'K'W MMR Il XXKXKKW. 'MN MXN li.. MK 'L :if I w. m m w Q 'll "W 'Q s 'N w u 'E "ll-."l. 'XWL 'lhfl 'MYSQL MK KK 'M ix 61 'S' ,xflga My Win. "ll-."'lu."lu."'lu."'L"k 22 422 X ri f I 4L"'lh..'4lh."Iln."llaS'llh. In.."lu.."llu."'lu.. 'ik Wu.. "llu.."u.."llC4h.'lIh."lIn. 'lh'k"k f 1 Yiii iiifiiii iii!! iii!! I ii: i gr 15 A' 5- 55355 F' 5 5 5 ' r 1 A . R 3 , V ' j , , ,, ". I - f vi '. r ' -4 u 2 W y,m. w+MfX-H X . ag-wax A" V - Q 'iz 1 ' v- . " p 4. ,f qiaiivll x y 'Y - .K , Q gli' X I X 5 6 :Qt V Io J K Q , F 1 x . A' S, I ' 0 .1 ff,- dx gsm, If , nw " "ill 1 " M I K Q , f' Af- V-LZ. M .---.-. 1 I' 1 I D all Liz. I j 4 -X 7 I ,f , ,,.g , f V' M , ff , f . , f xp,-,,, ' .L,f',1., A 1 -rf' ' H ., -M7 . A f lr..,.,-17177. Y I I '-,, , 2 , ' ff I If f - , WL, Z1 , !, ,f -in 4 ' " - f ' f'f"' , 7 A a , Q , 1 - . . ilagf g,,-,ffjhr ,' 1 V, - ' g V - sh-4. Ee-x7 .rf Q F ' i ' ' ' ,I " 5 ' ' 5 if 'i 4 I "'lm'4llu 'kwwu 'M 'Hsin T: "lu W1 'M 1' lu. 'lu '01 all 'N Wu. 'M 12 N. "N '01 'M 11 N N 'flu N in u."'lIu. Wu. 'UHLWL Ill MMM MM 'I XNW. NKW. 'Ilv.."llL. Mk 'M "'lC"lu. M 'IICFIL Qmmmm N. M N 'M 1. M 'u m 'M Wu 'M M 'u lm w m 'M N 'm Us 5245 Elm , 33' , , Kieffer. ' X wks To the teachers of our schools we dedi cate the 1947 Kniggts in Review Their daunt less enthusiasm and uplifting examples of cour- age and sacrifice offer ua inspiration in our searoh for the Holy Grail the highest and best in life J -N, a?nw'?1F 0 'H I-IA Qllflllfnm WW Qzjf 'w 'KW W 'Wt KW "lh."la."4h."'lIn. 'lk MW "IL 'flat ltlla. 411 r- ' . " A "I ..' 'lu t L l U I iq. ' - 1. ' 559 . - r l ' - ' ' n ally! ' .-" I' 'R ,f f ygx e QD' X ' U, Kofi 5 ' LATQ N ' at F ff L Q e ' 'May ' "5 'In ' 5.533 ' I fee' U7, W , -si? 'lllr A' -xi ' if ',' -sh ' V1 . R 5 'A v -Us Isl il: 'V . IQ' oy," A f Vin H.. fi if L 0 .X T. L 1 .' Z 'I 12 Ai t- I5 " . If' 'b x' -- ' A ' 'M l N4 N 'lah n ' 'Ill' ' ' ull: I. I I nl.. 'lpn 'lu' 'll' 'I 'lL"'I "l n., I 'N ' I 'lil "' ' n. "' ."'lln.. l-.' 'U 'llluf ' ' ' I.. lln."llu,"'lu.A"lllu. "ll " A ' h flfmammh !'l i:anl':.n"MI!' lll"" gn. :il nt. sm. "'h..'ll"' WW "lu."ln. lu. 'Ulla 'WI 'll lt. Nl.. ln. "na ll.. "IL 'ill "lim lull. Egg Q if 5 I 'Q 'H tr NSN N Q -X 'L Feature Editor m5.4QE5Ehsm5d R5,?hHHli E51 A QHSE HI HFKQQ - 2--H ,fn KNIGHTS IN HEVIEI STAFF fJ f,!4542'5f1l1111f11l Euitor-in-Chief rat leger Associate Eoitor Bob Hunt Assistant Feature Editor Business lanager advertising Manager Production lanager Girls' Sports Editor Boys' Sports Editor Art Editor Subscription Manager Artist Typlsts Clase Editor Class Reporters Senior Junior. Sophomore Freshmen Picture Editor Photographers. Subscription Saleemen .QQ largaret Jo Smith Betty Puckett Donalu Uoughty Edward Etfrein Shirley Straughan Fern lcClanahan Jim Biggs Earl Scott Evelyn Gault Imogene Schwarze Joe Powers Chirley Schremm Vera lcDan1el Jack Bryant Colleen Cleve Roy lilkerson Jackie IcDan1el Lee Lewis Duane Thomas Helen Zlebe Charlotte Detrlng Dorothy Mueller Audrey lossman Helen leimer Herb Cotter Don Bruno Denman Hertshorn Tom Hell Leslie Saylor Doris Shannon Dorothy Roat lary Lou Cartee ,HKKH NIRH flfliaziiififfxiilfll 'M H fo Nw ,Q 3 4 QQ L 1 VH - f ',,. ' A I -....-.- ..,. --.Q 'iff' ,, Q ,A ., , M Q, , A A M A 44 A 4 -A i W 2- .. 4.1! Q 'W' 1, W .. I," SN .. A W ,y 1, Q W, 'Q 4 ' Y x 1 i r f D- I 4 4 0 1 'I 4 , 0 5 : . : l S I I Q Q e I Q Q Q I gg Q Q Q Q Q . Q Q Q Q I , 2. . . I . . . . Z . - 0 e e Q Q e e Q e e 0 I 1 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q q g Q Q Q Q 1 Q Q Q Q Q Q i, f 2' - . - : . z : ' : , Q Q Q Q Q - Q ' . . . Q . . Q I ,X , Q f Q 94 I 1 J I E 'lx : Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q e Q Q Q I ,Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q , ,l Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q z - Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q :U Q 0 ' I '1 I 1, d 4 I :: gi v H ,' 7' '1 . 1 Q '1 . 'ff' 1' it I , . X . l 1 ,. 5 Q Y. 24, I -Y gh all ' f . gi . 4 h . ,,'53,3, t 1 ,,h 4- . Y n4?H,n Qu 5 It H 4, 1..,.Q.n 3. Q ,ms 1. , .......-,..m..,,..,.-..-..,........-....--.,.e- Q.- I "gi . .w.. ...B-,...t..W.,..s...-- ,.-.,... N- N . V .. 1--. Lx: 'Lyle-"N ry! 1 ,nfl "uni wff V 4' 3 1 ' V ff f X. JlllllliiilillllifillllllllI XXXXXXKXXKKX XXKXKXXXXXXXXK IKXKXKX KKK X I A-4",r,,f.f Mg... flfllllllllllflfllllillflllllfllll 1. ii. X1 XXXKXKIKY. 'KX XXKXXXX XX XXX X. KX. XXXKX 'WL Ki AKXX N Y' fi' g 4 " A r" ' . I J. U W. ' A j Q. x " ' -1 ' I . x- - ,fir ku W H, . XV 1,1-f K- xxx Q , I b ill'-xx A 11' P I' , Q , f- ,f ,,' x ' ' 1 V. ' ' X , A4 , , V W N' 'A A JSI ,Mm anlmfnnwvrk 'V M W .vo-A144-inuiha-Af..4g'n. ....A. MH- ., A f Q . -Q ' '1' ' N I f , ' E A A A - 2, i':,f', ' ff' , WA 1 , : hi I I kr. C. H. beli lr. H. C- Haile 3upQr1:te:ie1' ?rin0ipHl i QKXKX KXKXXXKK KXXN KXXXX XXXRMIXXKXXK KKK 'hmm m 'Q m M m M' 'lm R 1: "N Wu M m N m 'Q 'fn fm N N N M- 12 M N It 2 lg x nm 'W H., 'N m N w s 'H N Q x N Wu 4"k"4-PM "lx"k"k"k"k"'s.k'l KRKXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXK1 'K "IW An. 1-FK FE g v - I W.. 4i - CF, ww 1, , ' - . E, x - ..,. 5 4 K LLL, lilfi 11, fr 'j'.f'L 2-Ziff',a 3:61, I-41' lfffxf 5 ni fi i.1,,ff:.f6.' i":w:" A111 EILJJJ ..'3f' 'J fl! ' 3 l G. 3- - - s- - -,. Y , "ffl ' A - LZ-J. jk-.gel llelgif,-11 ITL. Ii: ie' L, Q 'f,.:1 l..i. 3 J' :f1':C I. if "YHA :dy ' CQ.. 1 ,gk-:A 5 A , V v ,i 2 ' A 'A E -f' Q. 1 -Q1 - f -fu , 1 l, K " I W X Xi 4 gs , 1 Q 5,1 - Z, - Q' tg, 1 4 gf BH 5 ,-' -C ' Z..1::., Q?.ot fr1..: T-'tlejr Dir. 305 I.. T- ZA T1 ..1 A I z, PM ' 1.,,fEf-5Ag.ric.- 5 E' 5' 5' , E AE A gYIIIiIIiIiIfI'.fIfiffiillllll1 KKK!! 'KKK K1 'MH XKKKKXVL XX XXX. KX 'X HX, YC! K KX X. X 'LX 1 N N K N N N N 'N N N N N N 'N 'N N 'N N -'Q N E N N I N it N N N P' Jimmy Biggs Biggs Our s orbs enthusiast Lulu Lovely diSDOS4t1OH beautifll smile 'VX 'H-1 Donald Brune Roscoe Jerks b t Nou rather not 1 Blondie :hv oy demure -'fl' Charlotte De ring Ra h Detring Cutie Coor Jack Bryant His worries are few fix? xx A Herb Blarney is his chief occupation Donald Doughty Dout Charm gr ciousn ss Shy qliet and whom study is a r and Hoi e serious or matter in educatio '11 '11 'MY XXNWKXMMKKMKKM MN XKXX MX KX WRX. XXXKKXKXX X. NM 'f x 184 'na x 4 I 1 1 I f A 'J X I , ' ' , H' . I . lsx X I I1 I1 ll N HJ. 3.1! V 0 p U ' , u v d ll .21 N -,, X Q Lu., . 0 5 Q I I I - ' nh, JV .C A - I Mary Lou Cartee Coleen Cleve Herbert Coffer A D N N P1 W VI vu . " ,, n . ' I M D ' I ' ' 1 , " . N C "'- ,Q . of - f . .. ., Q . A - as Y -,, Q dx 'l T N 1 " 'S f y , 1. ' . 1' so V Al ' t lp ' rv 'v n All ll It ' , a N e A , 1 , H To ' ,in- ' 3 . . h.' 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A-- .. Eyes." 'O a 'v - fu A f 5 . Q X ' - s , -, 4 'H 4 " '1 ' ' Ll sr: ' E. ' full licr N n HA, d 1 n " ' A ." ""', V ' , '. Reese lable ' esonrce- xi . f':1 'nd r, z is ble." m,YlIiIIli1'I.fififfiiilliillii4' XXXKXXKXKHKX RKXXXXXXXXKKXVL WSKKXYX 'KKK 'K I 1 Eupere Odor Pudgy He s quiet but h like to tease f--7 Dorothy Rest Dixie lways gay and nappy 1- '25 .411 X Scottie H ma orirg ir extra curricul r 'D 'Y Joe Po Fe tu Devilish smile but a capab e per 'R 4 Leslle Saylor Les Brawn and s1deburns Q Jeftv W1 P tt Pak Our v lk ng cwatte box Chir e Schra Chlr Pol ed and Lerite Doris Shannon Darrell Shirn Do Do C rl Thoro in all that e e d 11 1.1. X1 XKKXXXKX XXKKKX XX XXX XXX XX XX. XXKXKXXXX X 'X flllllillillilllllillllfllfllllllIf 4' N X .. " V 3 lib 'N - 1 s A S -.f- 2 . J , wer4 ' , H 1x0.c W ' Q ' '. ' , e ' -- ' - . - S . 1 son .N 'ilk' ' N ' 'MIX if - , l '-111 of R7 V ' 1 y zu. N N H ll ' 'L HA ' v.W H ' U' S Tr - 'Q w ' 'o ' ,N 'Q V' Q Y Q' .Ns b 1 ,f : 1 I ' .x4T'A i ,, J gf", , fb ' n n n vv n Us vw 6 ' ' NL tgel ftL-:t. - ' sh S LYIii5slIf5 'Y' -su, Larger do m I cm br ul Wt Frlda S ulet 1 ll. fiis 'iifig 'iffi' 'iiiif 1. '12, flffifffiilflllllff X V' iiiiiiiili WLW 'WL 'ML KK '1u.'lu."h.'K'k"k'k't."k'Ki.i MW Xi 'RWM MXK 'MW KW. MK "k"'lh.."'h.. 'UPN 'MMM 1'- 4"'l.. S 'S . his A A . . 5- - v1 I , X W2?viL . ,i,,,5:T5?,w' vfwflv . ,iz ' 'A if . .Ln,Lr,, 1-Q' " l'5ll:?:.ZD " . leggereax. Jo Tfi., g.S 'P f- -, We P ir. 1 in you-:e. 'Ye ,Me Eff: curl :end ,J . v- , ., n - -A .K I, V x' lf'? , Linn Thurman Esth rn ti-r .. , l'eL'-r ' " ' j LFG' Y. - . 'Jay 1 d R f.'1j,' 1.rd'vi4Ji: ' ' 01, .rwgii A rcsfgrvm ' as -f A Q I A n "7 - .1 r r. . - 'Q H Q "url F. 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' A QQ Q X Herb Coffer 11:4 y Kell Churio ' ring President Vine 1:-,si 111115 T - z "" ' f . 49: 'f "-' ' ' g 5 if M x f 1 1 Q' l. ,.ly"3- Leslie Saylo f F1513 Mfr' .,5:L. at L.:-' I ii i' if 5' E' A V1.1 N 'A N N N It N N 'A N N N N I N N 'N N I N N 'N N N il X111 K KKXXHH 'KX X 'K XX Jim Biggs Donald Brune Jack Bryant Mary Lou Cartee Colleen Cleve Herbert Coffer Charlotte Detring Ralph Detring Donald Doughty Edward Effrein Evelyn Gault Alma Jean Haney Denman Hartshorn Richard Hill John Klob Melvin Kollmeyer Fern MoClananan Jackie McDaniel Vera McDaniel Betty McDowell Millie McDowell SENIOR INFORMATION Basketball Manager '44 '47, Football Manager '46 Track Manager '46, Varsity Club '47, Yearbook, Knight Life Football '43 '46, Varsity Club '47, Yearbook Football '46, Varsity Club, Yearbook Track Glee Club '43 '47, Orchestra '45 '47, Letter r Club '45 Glee Club '45 '47, Yearbook Football '43 '46 Captain, Track '46, Varsity Club '47, A Capella Choir '43 47 Senior Class President Knight Life Staff, Yearbook taff, Senior Play Knight Life, for Carnival Softball '45 Football '45 book Yearbook, Cheerleader, Senior Candidate Queen '47, Varsity Club '46, Varsity Club, Track '45 '47, Year Knights in Review Football '44 '46, Basketball ' '47, Track '45 '47, Dramatios Club, Varsity Club Best Citizen of Sophomore Class A Capella Choir '44 '47, Editor of Knight Life Knights In Review, Senior Play Knight Life Staff Football '43 '46, Varsity Club, Knights In Review if Y-.'l. X. XXXKXXXMKXKHXN. XXX. XX A Capella Choir '46, American Legion Auxiliary Repre X sentative for Missouri G1rl's State Football Fredrloktown '43 Softball, Farmington Banquet Com mittee Choir '44 '46, Softball '43 '47, Basketball '47 Varsity Club Varsity Club, Glee Club '43 '47, Knight Lite Staff Yearbook Staff, Volleyball '46 Glee Club '43 '47, A Capella Choir '43 '47, Yearbook Staff, Drum and Bugle '43 '47 A Capella Choir '43 '47, Drum and Bugle '43 '47 Yearbook, Glee Club Glee Club ' Senior Play '43 '47, A Capella Choir '47 XXX XX. KXXXKKKXXX X N s x x x N. w. s x x N x N x x w N 'Q 2: x 2 w x Q x I x s 5 fi 3 N ' 0 - 5 . , - 45- ' n Phyllis Hill 1 - " ' I . A i E ,ua ' ' QW - - 5 at f ' ' 9 ' 47. f .1 L ll 5.1181 V1 H ' m ' I-" ' I-' U1 E I3 '1 0 e O Cf' U' e o o ID I-' I-I e I , Q Q IF- bl I I I I I I I 0 . Q IF I I I U' -v e o a m I 0 I e J s 0 I u Ill PT I 0 ff e U' D I-' I'-4 O 3 4 o o ph e GI . I I 4 IF Q a v o 0 Pi H D 0 I B' I I I pt- e U1 e I I 0 I IP 0 I N1 I I I 9 - I. I 'l. If uf Xi. X1 'KX Xl George McGuire Jack Martin Thomas Hell Patricia Meyer Audrey Mossman Dorothy Mueller Eugene Oder Joe Powers Betty Puckett Dorothy Rest Leslie Saylor Earl Scott Chirley Sohramm Doris Shannon Margaret Jo Smith Shirley Straughan Don Tessereau Linn Thurman Esther Treaster Helen Heimer Earl Nlgger Roy Wilkerson Arcella Wills Betty Yeargain Football, Banquet Committee, Track '47, varsity Club Class Artist Football '43 '46, Track '47, Varsity Club, Knights In Review A Capella Choir '43 '47, Drum and Bugle '43 '47, Senior Class Treasurer, Editor of Knights In Review D A R Citizenship Award, Glee Club '45 '47 Drum and Bugle '45 '47, A Capella Cholr '43 '47 Knights In Review Staff Softball '45 '47 Band '44 '47, A Capella Choir, Dramatics Club, Bas ketball '44 47, Varsity Club, Knight Life Staff, Knights In Review Staff, Track Volleyball '46 '47, Dramatics Club, Knights In Re view Knight Life Staff, Knights In Review Staff Football '45 '46, Track '46, Varsity Club, Sgt at Arms of Senior Class, Carnival King '46, Yearbook Football '46, Track '47, Glee Club '47, Dramaties Club, Varsity Club Drum and Bugle '45 '47, Senior Play, Knights In Re view, Cheerleader Knight Life Staff, Knights In Review A Capella Choir '47 Drum and Bugle, A Capella '43 '47, Knight Life Staff, Knights In Review, oenlor Play Fredricktown, Secretary Beta Club, Orchestra, Far mlngton, Glee Club '44 '47, Knights In Review, Senior Play Prompter Home Room President, Freshman, Secretary, Sophomore Knights In Review Softball '43 '44, Volleyball '45 '44 A Capella Choir '47, Knights In Review, Dramatics Club, Volleyball '47 Football '43 '46, Varsity Club Football Manager '45, Track, Senior Play, Knights In Review, Banquet Committee Volley Ball '44 '47, Knight Life Staff Volley Ball '44 '45 N N N N N 32 N In 'M 'M N N N Q N 'N 'N N I N N Il N -.E 'ki X KXXKK XXXXXXK XX XX XXX XX RX KX XXKKKXKXXX 1 Q K N N K N N N N N N N K N 'M 'Q -I 'N 2: N N E N P. N N 5 AX 4' N .I s o I ill.: W Im nh wh N Ill.: W "I "ln 'lin QM '15, 'lm 'N 'li 'lln W 'lm kill' "v' ,,IfI 1 ",.',3i:I' ' ' e I I I , . , 'Ili 0 O Y- f I4 0 e . e 14 s I I 9' I UH-' 1 s 0 l H 0 I-'I' W 0 . H e I If . . . p' 0 D B ' I 0 I 0 ' Pl I v-5 e . rg e ' 0 Q e e I 3 . I II :I e e . F jx, . 5 P- . Ions' A gg I m . ' rg, -1 Q m ' U' 1 ., , S' , ' ' . S' Q . I A . 0 e e g 1 ' I 0 I S . ' 'I .. . n 9 gs' - 2 H 0 I-' 2 . . . I . Q 'S ' 'I I O 0 I-' P a ' I I I Cf I 0 0 I I I I l IC I . ' I ' ' , A ' Q 4" ' p ' ' ' "n 'I1'IgH7Q!'1. , nl E l. "A N fi? mmmmmmmmmg Im M lm lm IIIIUL 'NI 'la '1l. Il Lf! vu 'Xf 'SYQIEK' '53 Q 'liz iE,ll Cl' !!!!5jlig::: "'lL'Ilu."'k"'lu.'l- In the year of our lord and Savior, nineteen hundred and forty three, the spacious corridors of F H S resounded to forty nine slightly flab bergasted, awkward, eager beavers, namely the new crop of green freshmen The Seniors gazed at us reprovingly ln dignified solemnlty, and the sopho mores were quite seriously wondering if they had ever acted so infantile Of course, none of the upper classmen could resist the traditional pranks of selling study hall seats, selling rides on the elevator Cwe paid in ad vance, naturallyl, and selling cheap book labels Cspecial price for the freshmen only! Yes, we were given all the privileges "l'!l."'lh."la"Ihn."lm"lnr"llln "lllu"Ilh- "'lu.'!u. 'lla Our class sponsors, Mrs Newman and Mr Toalson, wondered after look ing reluctantly at the mob of eager, ignorant pupils lndustriously pre senting themselves before them, if their endurance could stand the strain of another year of their profession "M 'lu"'lh."Ih.'la"Ik After we had settled into our daily routine and were becoming a nece ssary function of I. H S ,the Seniors welcomed the freshmen with a school dance Of course we were enthusiastic promoters of the sale of war stamps and bonds during the whole year At Christmas, home room 9A and 91 had their own party, where of course, the main features were eating, dancing, and the distribution of presents In January, Patsy Meyer represented the freshman class in an Oratorical Contest We chose for our class officers for our freshman year President, Patsy Meyer, Vice President, Chirley Schramm, Secretary, Herbert Coffer, Treasurer, Edward Effrein, Sergeant at Arms, Donald Doughty K 'lu '1h.'Iln.Yu.1r."Ilu. 'h."h.. "k."lu."b."LWn. la"Un."la"l.."h. When we came back to school in the fall of our second year of high school, we righteously assumed the dignitles of upper classmen We could no longer loathingly be called 'green1es', and we gawked at the freshmen as though we had never had to pass through that stage of high school W enrolled with fewer members this year, but we gained some newcomers to F H S Mary Leu Cartee from Pueble Colorado, John Klob from this county, Betty Puckett from Lincoln, lissour , Earl Scott from St Louis, Standfcrd Jones, from Alton, Illinois During the year Butch Grader left for Man hatten Beach, New York, where he was to join the Coast Guard, and Homer 'l,'W H In Iebruary home room 10A gave home room 10M a Valentine party The ro m was beautifully decorated, and on the table was a huge flower bouquet of red roses and green fern made into a heart, which served as a center piece We had plenty of dancing with 'hot music' The class officers for this year were Edward Effrein, President, Charlotte Detring, Vice Presi dent, Earl Scott Secretary, Tom Hell, Treasurer, Ellis Jones, Sergeant at Arms In April we had a Jinx Dance planned for Friday the 15th, but due to President Roosevelt's death, it was postponed Every time an attempt was made after that to set a date for the dance something would unexpectedly appear out of nowhere to postpone it still further Finally the class gave up the idea in desperation There was no time left for it anymore, as of high school KXXYWXKM -T 'm 'ln 'M 'N H 'In N 'N Wu 'ln N 'M Nu N In 'In M 31 in Q N In 'Q 11 N N N 5 4.15. it was drawing to the close of our second year year with sadness at part unveiled eagerness for the We ended our second hilarious high school ing with school friends and teachers, but with summer vacation year of attendance at I H Iinally we launched on our third glorious S The first thing we did was to elect as class officers Edward Effrein, President, Tom Hell, Vice President, Charlotte Detring, Secretary, Patsy Meyer, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, Leslie Saylor WLM i er 1 ga xii W-L 'lu in 'fu in 'M 'm 'll 'Ha 'ln 'Wh 'Nu Wu N, 'M I1 N Wu. 'M N. WI., M N N 'N 'lu -.E "lu."h.lI.'l-."ls. 1 as Qc. t'.lQ3? GJ .I ' New A 4' Qtrff A 2" ' I sriylll The activity that most interested the Juniors this year was the big Junior-Senior Banquet, which we began planning at the beginning of the year Naturally there were differences of opinion over the theme to be used, but at last we all agreed on the 'Knight Club' Wh. As winter progressed, the Junior class, along with the rest of the school, was noticeably decreased in attendance There was an epidemic of flu A few haggard pupils carried on for the majority of the students un XWANXMKNWMK turies before us have enjoyed til it finally left Farmington Christmas week the Juniors sponsored the concession stand at the basketball tournament We all had fun It was a wonderful experience for all of us After that we were again worrying about the banquet We spread all sorts of rumors about a western theme, but everything came out perfect, as we all knew lt would somehow We gave a short introductory play in Assembly in which the curtains opened on s scene of soft lights, tables decorated with flowers, and girls in formals dancing with their partners to soft music Edward Effrein was Master of Ceremonies, Charlotte Detring said a few words about 'Gold' and Herbert Coffer spoke on 'Knight' Then the two cigarette girls gave the invite tions to the Seniors, faculty, and board members We played 'the early bird who got the worm' again by ordering our senior rings in May, so we could prove beyond any doubt that we were the possessors of Senior Privileges at the very beginning of our Senior Year By this time we were all anxiously awaiting the Candle Lighting Ceremony, the Seniors turning over the cherished middle doors of study hall to us, and the numerous other traditional privileges that the Seniors for cen- On September 1946 we enrolled in our last self righteously honorable W a ded the Senior Doors with the ealous ride of a mother pro year e gu r j p tecting her fondling We held up for our privileges as sole publishers of the Yearbook we did not suffer a complete defeat or victory there we XMMXN the cast is as follows Ed Walker Edward Effrein Mary Walker Vera McDaniel Harley Allen -Joe Powers Lester Gray Herb Coffer Dave Wilson Tom Mell M1 Between all these engrossing compromised, in order to afford the continuous stream of students after us a more thorough understanding of their sacred duties as the leaders of the small cog in the great wheel of education The first activity of the year, the Senior Dance was sponsored by the faculty, welcoming those in the pitiable state of Freshman Our Senior Play 'Date Bait' was one of the highlights of the year Mrs Walker Evelyn Gault Emily Walker Marg Jo Smith Anna Gibbons Betty Puckett Officer Benson Earl Scott Harold Smith Mel Kollmeyer activities the teachers used the rest of our spare time, what was left of it, anyway, in trying to cram down us what we had missed or skipped or just plainly forgotten in the three pre vious years of our intermediate education But graduation day dawned with all the sparkling radiance and glory of the highest ideal It was the idea of encountering something new which lies in the promising future of young lives rather than getting away from teachers and the so called stuffy books, although they were a minor aid in obtaining this goal 'MK W 32 N N N W. N. N 'ln N 'ln N. "M N. H M Vu 'Wm 'Hn 'lu Va 'fn 'u 'Im Wm in 52 'n M Wm in 'M 'mt wus. mmnummmm m mxmmmxmmxxmmxx 'nt mn. 'nt m we mm. m -we n.. we X -g., -1... Y' F f N f., bi . ' -i "' J A Mr. Allen:::::-Darrell Shinn Patiwalker-:::Chlrley Schramm 7 TI--- III- ' A , as D R J Q- 5 A ' 5' - 3' -- 5 ' 4 4- -- 3 g J4 A LfifigiiigifigfiffifiilllfllI CLASS Swan le, the Senior Clase of 1947, preparing to l eve old F. B. 8. have made this, our last llll and Testament, and hereby bequeath the follow- ing to members of the Farmington High School, of the City of Farmington, State of Missouri, County of St. Francois: 'K "k."llu."'In."l"ih."la.'M X. "ltl.K'l'lt"lh.'lll.. Jimmy Blggs wills his sports Ifltlhg ability to Billy Joe Brannon Donald Brune gives his right to drive a beautiful '46 Buick to Earl ' odel A' Burch Jack Bryant wills his slow, somewhat la , method of acquiring know ledge to Allen Goodman. Mary Cartee bequeaths her attendance record to Kitty Detring Colleen Cleve wills her smooth quiet personality to Patty Puckett Herbert Coffer hands down his Leadington law office to one lr 'S uefoot' Jones Charlotte Detring wills her '46 Chrysler to Carl Shannon Ralph Detrlng hands down his height to Archie Counts Donald Doughty turns over his Junior High coachlng to Carl Zolman Eddie Eftrein wills his spasmodlc interruptions in class to the freshmen Evelyn Gault wills her place as 'office girl' to Joe Mereeal Jean Haney gives her pleasant disposition to the faculty of the Farmington High School Denman Hartshorn wills his small waistline to O'possum Knight Phyllis Hill wills her telephone switchboard to Joe Baker 'kk XX Richard Hill wills that Lee L wls take over his high scholastic standing John Klob bequeaths his Knob Lick ranch to Melv1n Shearin Melvin Kollmeyer wills his milk ranch to 'Swami' Barter Fern McClanahan wills her way w1th the opposite sex to Forrest Overall Jackie McDaniel w1lls her height and quiet manner to Bob Thompson Vera McDaniel hands down her way with the men to Blanche Ramsey The McDowell sisters, Betty Jo and Millie, bequeath their auc tloneering experience to their big brother, Johnny McDowell George McGuire wills his graceful manner to Ralph Brlckey Jack Martin wills his pep and hard work in the classroom to Jim Clemens Tommy Mell wills h1s way wlth the women to Lonzo Stuart Pat Meyer H1118 her pleasant manner to Martha Roberts 1.1 "'l."'llt. 'lb."'lu. "I KKK KX 'I KXXNNXXXMNXXXM 'MX 'la.'Vla."k"ls.'k"la "N- 'KW 'Wk "k"llu."Ulu. 'K ix I e 1 . . 4 . " f - - - 4 ffiiffiiii!iiiifiiiifiifiiiffflllfl giiiiiiliiifiifiiiffiiiiiliiIf Cl 55My.L KVA!!-K1 'nt mms Audrey Mossman wills her little fits and giggles to Shirley Ruth McCarty 'KK 'KK X 'K KKK! W. xxmxxxwxm mxxmxxmmmwtmmxmwt 'uxm xv.. fn.. mmmmx Dorothy Mueller bequeath: her efficiency to George Graves Eugene Oder offers his act of sleeping in second hour study hall to Blanchard Lenz Joe Powers wills his bass voice to Donald McGuire Betty Puckett gives her curly hair to Jean Morris Dorothy Host bequeaths her position as head of the Copenhagen ladies Aid Society to Claradlne Hays Leslie Saylor gives his quiet manners to his brothers Chirley Sohramm wills her salesmanship of spude to Don Effrein Earl Scott hands down his wavy hair to Joe Albaugh Doris Shannon wills her studious manner to Bill Saylor Darrell Shlnn leaves his driving of Ford cars to Alice Fitz Margaret Jo Smith leaves her well worn math books to Larry Eaton Shirley Strsughan leaves her scholastic ability to Jimmy Koen Donald Tessereau bequeaths his visits to County Club to his brother Delmar Linn Thurman leaves his size and quiet manner to 'Corky' Bell Esther Treaster offers her seat on the Oak Hill school bus to her sister Joyce Helen leimer wills her blue Chevy to Bob Mclilliams Earl ligger wills that 'Burr' lomack take over his role as mayor Barelydo Roy Wilkerson wills his ability with books to Bob Puckett Arcella lille leaves her collectlon of sweater styles to Helen Betty Yeargaln leaves her ability to sell merchandise at Fair Department to Kenny Bohs The one last thing we as Senlors will is our rights to leave assembly first as well as the use of the Senior Doors to the Juniors and to none other IHESENIOR cuss rffffiflff!fffffiiifffiififffffiff I 3 I ' 5 of . Brockmiller. . , ju ' W ' .1 F A Johnn Klob from down Knob Lick wa Yiiiig 555.5-':qi,?'iis7f'ifi'i5i!!!5i "lb.'k"'k"lIL'K "k"k'k"'lm"k"'k"k"m WKYKM WKIWMII 'RWM CLASS PROPB CY OF '47 Harry Carey received quite a Jolt Jimmie Biggs has just taken 'hol Donald Brune a bold young gent 5 Ill drfves,the Buick without a dent Jack Briant now busy with hounds S ays c ose to home with Patsy around Marg Lou Cartee, the aocordian chick, t radio 5Ig-wigs now does click Colleen Cleve, HE broken the Herbert Coffer I His sfde Is Charlotte Dotr demure and co heart of many a boy is now living fanc sweet little Nancy isn't much bigger I ever she his a trim little figger Ralph Detring's around, especially at noon e s so darn familiar, we all call him 'Coon At Notre Dame, where the athletes train ughty now holds the supreme reign Eddie enjoys his well earned fame 3'TI'Ing shoes with the Effrein name Evel Gault of the DeLassus clan, Ever gs seeking to find the right man Denn Hartshorn ls broadcasting good news Wffhlslfm-Her waist line he can now tie his shoes We know Phyllis Hill will ne'er live alone At switc oard she earns, as she answers the phone Y Is farmias usual, pitching the hay Melvin Kollme er isn't ready to marry F nIng EIS dafry still leads him to tarry Fernie in sports finds enduring delight 55 still plays volleyball from morning 'till night The pianist great at Carnegie Ball Is Jackie McDaniel, known by all Vera McDaniel who loved big cars N w has a tfme riding handlebars Bett McDowell 1sn't a shirker We find her now a Missionary worker Millie McDowe11 who I Eept rather busy George McGuire, the ow owns a factory, married Paul Linn, with their vigorous man you can't beat title 'Trimfeet CBD "ll '1- 'Wt NW KNNWXNMWKMMK Xiu 'NICK 'KN WIA. MN MXXKKKYMKX KXKKR 1 'N N 'Is N N. N N N M N 'N 'M 'N M 'N M 'M N it N 12 M N It N Q N N 5 AK N . 5 -2 H ' - J ' - f ,hi , - . sf. ' 5 . Q . t Q A yo C s . P t sr' A ' B H' no f N. !i Do e , e . I , . ' un . ' I I a.aa e . Q , EX sv' o . , 8 . H. ' F' s W L N M Wu Nu "lu 32 Wu 'Hu Wu 'Il 'Q Nm 'lm 'll lu N Wm 'Hn 'I 'ln 'In N 'N N 'W 'M WXKKKK Tomm hell, well past his Casanova day, s llVlDg on the farm raking the hay Patsy Meyer, that cute little gal, s still, as usual, everyone's pal The industrious stenographer at Fitz Chevrolet, Is Audrey Lossman, by the way Doroth Mueller, as you will see, K Is your head checker at A and P gene Oder now has gray hair Teaching hopefuls in good Bonne Terre KKKKWKK Our sweet Dorothy Rost She took a state prize Leslie Saylor king of E taken t e,place of We find Festus Powers, now living in ease At a state institution the super head cheese Betty Puckett is dancing down Mexico way, gay Senforfta the troubadors say is garnering nickels, with a gallon of pickles them all, the actor, Jon Hall Chirley Schramm, our sweet Juliette Is true 'Date Bait' and a teacher's pet KKK Shakespearian actor is Firestone Scott With his eloquent all, 'to be or be not ' A pitcher from Farmington, batting 3 10, Is no other one than Darrell Shinn "lL'la'Ws."l.X.'!u"ILY..WhW.'!.1u'M'Wu1u."ln.'Wht'WL'X. "lu"M'Wt Doris Shannon, still young and pretty, Ha married a guy by the name of Mickey 'KX Mar aret Jo Smith now middle aged Stlll plays 'Emily' on the stage , Shlrle Straughan, the smart 'Seniorlter fs ready to help whenever you need her 'kk Don Tessereau still drives around 'H'yar HE father bought ham a brand new 'cyar' Linn Thurman, commonly known as 'Friday', N w drives a truck, and works on the highway Esther Treaster, who knows what's new, F s a Beauty shoppe in Barleydoo Helen Weimer, the second Kate Smith, Has found a dream that's not a myth Earl Wi er a two gun cowhand I ridfng Herd in the western plow land Roy Wilkerson is a very great scholar, owledge brings him many a dollar Arcella Wills, the tall blonde 'lassle' Rides around still looking 'classy' Bett Yeargain 'all hep' in ladles' wear Brings aris fashions to the Fair 'M NN KKK KX KK. 'XXX-.M KXKK 1 'N N N N 'M X N X N N N 'N N K 'N N It I 'N I N M h N I N 'N 5 41. i 3 l 1 3 v 5 P - EAI .ti iii-lv 1 I as q n, ' rv O 0 . . f I . 1 AB! un ' S - n - a i11- I JUNIOR I " 41.94, S ofvkovnore uvxgpbfx X 0V rcs?-n'-rv-:an A f X ,154 K 9 VI.. N N 'N N 'N T2 'W 'hu 'Hu N 'N W 'M 'Q 'N 'N 'H 'M I N N 'H N -.E X11 xx 'XX XKXXWIK K KKK 'WL 'Xl KX Bonnie Abbott Joe Albaugh Jean Asher Marian Barron Elbert Bell Kenneth Bohs Ralph Brickey Earl Burch Barbara Cleve Hoyt Crabdree Mary Crites Kathryn Detring Alta Ruth Douglas William Dugal Larry Eaton Alice Fitz Maxwell Graham George Graves Norma Hammers Graham Bell Mary F Berghaus Michael Bequette Robert Best Charles Bowyer Helen Brockmiller Doris Campbell Raymond Chapman Jim Clemons 'iliene Crabdree Rex Denman Nadine Detring Jewell Duncan Nancy Eaton Donald Effrein Mary L Forshee Lester Francis James Franklin Alan Goodman Mary Grandhomme Mary Harrington John Hartshorn Evelyn Herbst Melba Highly JUNIOR Clara Harrington Claradine Hays Blondy Hunt Bob Hunt George Klein Anne Knight Francis Lee Lewis Wilma Lovvorn Shirley McCarty Bobby McWilliams Mona Laverne Meador Joseph Merseal Barbara Meyer Marilyn Mueller Shirley Jean Nations Doris Jean Overall Forrest Overall Patty Pickett Lester Pinkston Bob Puckett SOPHOMOHE Lee Hoehn Ruth Horton Hilda Mae Huber Beatrice Hurst Mary Jarnagln Harold Jones Joe Kerlagon Jimmy Koen Rose Kono Blanchard Le z Peggy Leonard Dorothy McClanahan Mary McClure Peggy McCoy John McDowell Donald McGuire Robert McGuire Carol Masters Marcella Maxson Lloyd Mecey Claude Mitchell Lorraine Morris Doretta Moyers Helen Mueller Vivian Nelson Helen Ogle Dorothy Penberthy June Hagsdale Blanche Ramsey Martha Roberts William Raby Nancy Rutherford Burl Saylor Earl Saylor Carl Shannon Barbara Smith Ellen Snider D R Stroud Leanna Tessereau Bob Thompson Geraldine Wade Virginia Walker Ruth Welch Clarann Westmeyer Henry Yancey Dorothy Yeager Carl Zolman Mary Powell Royal Powell Pattie Puckett Fergene Rea Mary R Rickard Dolores Santoyo Bill Saylor Imogene Schwarze Jean Seitz Melvin Shearin Barbara Simms Don Stocker Evelyn Spradllng Margie Stover Dorothy Tessereau Duane Thomas Kent Toalson Imogene Tucker Ruth Vandergriff Ernie Weinand Betty Westmeyer Mary Windsor James Womack William Wood Betty Worley XXWKKXXXKIXKXX Xi XXXX KX KX XX. '1l'l."la'l'1.'l."'ki.. it K X. S N 'A N 'N 'vu 1. 2 'lu N "Q 'N 'lla 'Q T2 'ln N 12 N N T2 :T Q N 1'- 4' Sam Barter Jean Morris Donald Wiley A Qt Q f - .g' -,gf -',, 1 'M M H 'lu 'Wu H W 'fu 'Il "la M lu 'Nu "w tl lu lu ll lu N "In "W Wa M lla il "Ulm Wht wt 'mt President Vice president Secretarv 0 D O'77'!0r'2S Uwe Will Be Smarter Iext Year Colors Blue and White Flower Lily the Valley Song Stardust Nancy Eaton Bill Savlor Peggy hcCoy Treasurer Helen Brockmiller WML 'ies Janice Tate Sponsors Miss Helen Corken President Alan Goodman President Ernie Weinand Vice president Rex Denman Vice president 'arcella Naxson Secretary Joe Ferlegon Secretary Peggy !cCoy WHL 'ht 'lh.'lL WM 'lt hd U. Prettie t girl S Handsomest boy Best dressed girl Best dressed boy lost studious girl Girl apple polisher Boy apple polisher Sophmore Venus Boy with the best physique Best girl soort Best boy sport Best girl athlete Best boy athlete Best girl citizen Best bov citizen Boy with blggest mouth Firl with biggest mouth Boy with the funniest laugh Girl with 'he funniest laugh Bov floor walker Cirl floor walker Shves+ girl Shvest boy Girl with biggest feet Boy w1th smallest feet Lazlest girl Laziest boy Ieatest girl Neatest Loy Best bov dancer Fest girl dancer Biggest girl flirt Biggest boy flirt uittxest girl Wittlest boy Best girl personality Best bov person lity lost promising girl 'ost promising boy '!L.'ht 'NL 'is Treasurer Helen Brockmiller Treasurer Bob Vell 5 o 'H o-mov-e 2:1171-'eelba Highley Duane Thomas Barbara Simms Ernie ieinand Rose Kono Babe Horton Don Effreln Peggy McCoy Ernie Weinand Harcella Naxson Rex Denman Helen Ogle Duane Thomas Helen Brockmiller Ernie Ieinand Alan Goodman Evelyn Herbst Alan Goodman Helen Ogle Alan Goodman Narv Joyce 'cClure Imogene Swartz Charles Bowyer Helen Ogle Tohn cDowell Imogene Swartz 'ames Womack Helen Brockmiller Ernie Weinand Ernie Reinand Patty Puckett Patty Puckett Duck Wiley 'argie Stover Alan Goodman ency Eaton Pob 'ell helen Brockmiller Robert Best "Ill "lln."lt X1 "lL."lln."lh.'1l."llu."lh. 'MWA-. 'KKWKXWKWKKKMXN "'llt"'ll."'h. Wh. 'KX "!l..'ls"ln.. KK HW 'ki Q' N. N 'lu N X M. N M N 'M M N 'M la lu M W 2 M. -'L N N. Q N 2: N N 1' if at Qi' as " ' if 55' ' ' -2 -F 55 c' ' " :',Y 05 4 1 N 1 z W-of- - ' Z N . ,, V . , I' I , - - of A , . - 4 at . 0 P 1 il G C s M 'T Host studious boy Rotert Best 1 . . . ' V ' .' ..' I 1 X , ,Q-5.5 . ' s, 5 . WL N In N In 'I I 'I H 'I In 'I N N I 'N 'N 'Hn N I N N 'H Il N KX XX XX!! XX XX FEESHIAN CLASS NEWS OF 1946 Sponsors George E Van Ronzelen Juanita Ruth Cook Class Motto 9, B Natural, but never B flat Claes Flower Rose Class Colors Green and lhite Class Role with lho's lho Roy Adams Laziest boy Delores Allen Prettiest hands Joe Baker Cute farmer Agnes Best Always somethlng wrong Farrell Bloom Biggest sissy Billy Joe Branon Our reckless driver Betty Bryant Most love slck glrl Ruth Burch Insiste on last word Barbara Burnette Ya ta ta' Charles Chapman Where's his blonde? Laverne Chapman Never ruffled David Chilton Scared o' women Archie Counts Small fry Bernice Denman Blonde bomber Charles Dixon Our artist Janet Effrein Bismarck, here I come Jack Finney Mischxevous Boy Betty Gordon Blushing Betty Cencritia Govro Our qu1et blonde J D Harter The absent gum chewer Mar1anna Hartshorn Always happy Donald k Ronald Hunt Pete 'n Repete Barbara Huff Best dressed Donald Hays Quiet b b player John Johnson Quietest boy Carol Jones St Louis' contr1but1on Eugene Jones Pest Gerald Keathly Show off John Knight lost independent boy Gordon Kono Tiny but mighty Dennzs Lewis Our King Clarence McKinney Hard to understand Thelma Mathews Most frank g1rl Gene Medley Quiet reigns Officers John Montgomery Blank loo Jane Mueller Cutest girl Joe Mueller Apple polisher Jim Oglivze Typical flirt Betty Phillips Most studious Goldie Pogue Maid o' Honor to Carnival Queen william Pratt Grinning 'n clomping Mary Raby Absent in mlnd 'n body Dorothy Barlden Blonde cheer Bernice Revoir 'I wuz a wittle wabb1t' Shirley Rhodes Our child Donald Rickus Duck walk Kenneth Rickus Best natured Norma Roberts Laughing red head Jeanne Robinson Shyest girl Jean Sapp Quick tempered of boys Dorothy Shannon Never a word Lonzo Stuart Huh' lac Sullivan Moet g1rl crazy Marian Sutton Our King's delight Anna Mae Swink Maisie to boys l1lla Dean Thurman Wittlest girl Joyce Treaster Meanest girl John Vogel Know it all Florence Watkins Most bashful Fay leiler Hard to understand Pauline Westmeyer Best thlnker Chester Wigger Water boy' John Wilkerson Gray boy Peggy Wzlliams Typical flirt Helen Zieba Imagination galore President Barbara Huff Vice President Helen Zieba Secretary Goldie Pogue Treasurer Joe Mueller Sgt at Arms Malcolm Sullivan Compiled by a Committee of faithful Freshmen if U 'O "1 '0 - et' U' 'Q C3 0 II 4 I I I II II 'I I I III IO' I I II II I I I Ie I I II I I I - ' I o CU I 0 I I a -- pg I e Q . . . o I - I I I I ' I I I M I .. I '- La . 4 - P 5 . ID .. I Cp nh 0 Q . pf Q . 'I WI I ' II B' I B Il II I I I I 'U I I I o III II '1 III I I IGI I I I . E' h I r' I I '42 ' 0 Cb - m , 'I - I-I FG' ID In D. CD '1 4- ' I. vo ,I 'X X XKXXKXKKKXXXK XX XX XX XX XX X 'K KXXX 1 x x x x x x I x x N I N 'Q x N I Q s it I x I x Q I x 5 X in 'H ...v"llQx!,,.....5 t -- f x , I ' , Xnyfl -'WI' '21 X fs f I lHHl.lIIllI5 Jw QR KW Wu' .siiisfsiii iii? iiiifiiiiilfi 57 'mx kukkwhwu 1hu."lm"L'l..WUh.xX1u. xxxxxxmmxxxxxxxxmx N.. Ni-.1 FOOTBALL The prospects for the 1946 season looked favorable, as about forty youthful asplrants reported for practice Ten of these were lettermen The inaugural classic of the season was the hard fighting Crystal City eleven. With the team making their usual costly first game mistakes the club suffered a 12 to 6 loss at the hands of Jerry Linderer and com pany. After their first loss the Knights' luck changed when they played the Valle High Indians and beat the Catholic eleven by the score of 13 to The club traveled to Arkansas for the next contest which was played with the Mohawks of Piggott It was a See-Saw battle until the third per iod when Larry Eaton returned to an intercepted pass 97 yards for a touch down This sparked the local eleven to a 12 to O victory over Piggott The next week the Knights downed an 1nexperienced Festus Team by the score of 31 to 0 Farmington next met their ever powerful r1vels,the Ste Gen Dragons, the local eleven were hampered by fumbles and by overconfidence Due t these handicaps the Knights came out on the short end of the 55 to 12 score. The next game was played on the home gridiron in a driving rain storm True to the previous contest with Valle, the Knights came out on top to the tune of 16 to 0 Playing in a sea of mud on Principia's Taylor field, Farmington lost by the score of 15 to 6 The Knights' touchdown was made by Eddie Effrein on a 77 yard sprint The final contest was with the tough Ste Gen. Dra gons The Knights drove deep into Dragon territory twice in the first half, but were thrown back by the hard charging forward wall of Ste Gen In the last half the Dragons caught f1re and pounded out two touchdowns which were the margin of victory The score was 12 to O BTSKETBALL 1 K 'll XXXXXXXXX XXXXX XX If 'ls I It 'N 'N w. N '-. '-. x H. w. N. w 12 w C N S. it 32 N N. 5 From a stand point of games won and lost tn1s year, Farmington's bas ketball season was a great disappointment Of course, the success of all season does not hinge on the games won or lost This season found the Knights fighting against great odds composed of older and more experienced opponents. Our five wins of the season were chalked up against, Doe Run ltwicel Kiwanis Christmas Tournament The locals suffered defeats at the hands of Irondale, Festus, and Frankclay CtwiceJ,Desloge, Bismarck, Ste Genevieve, Greenville, Leadwood, Elvins, Bonne Terre, Flat River, and Esther After drawing a bye in the opening session of the Ironton Sub Region al, the Knights lost to Doe Run in the quarter final round by one point, with the score reading 38 to 39 Bob Thompson, rangy center of the locals, led the scores for the sea son with 255 points Shorty Lcdilliams was next with l7l tallies The following boys received letters in basketb all E Effre1n,Geo Graves, Bob Mcwilliams, Joe Powers, Bob Puckett, Darrell Shinn, Bob Thomp son, Ernie Weinand, Don Wiley Lanager Jim Biggs I: N 2. I . e. 0 O n Herculaneum, Belgrade, and Ste. Genevieve. We also finished fourth in the .gfsigi p imc! ummm, 'lu if W1 'Hu 'N 32 N "M "I 'lu N N W I N N N 'N I N N 'H N N "I-."'k"l'l XXX ,f,f'5iLgf, -Z: SOFTBALL After abandoning softball for a year the Knights came back this sea son under the able guidance of Coach Toalson to win 2 of their 8 games for a percentage of 250 The local nine would have had a much better season if the football N. players had been able to play, but those boys that did play gave their best and most of the games Tarmington lost were by one run If the Knights could have got a couple breaks in a few of these games they might have finished The Pups and XMMKWMH The with a 500 percentage or better two contests they won were at the expense of the Leadwood Puqle the Frankclay Eagles locals lost to these schools Flat River, Bonne Terre, Desloge, Esther, Bismarck, and Elvins The following boys earned a letter in softball Bob Mcwilllams, Mel vin Kollmeyer, Bill Raby, Bob Thompson, Ralph Detring, Eugene Oder, Joe Powers, George Graves, Lee Lewis, Bob Puckett, and Jim Clemons VOLLEYBALL The 1946 47 volleyball season got off to a good start with a large squad of determined girls reporting for practice regularly After several weeks of intensive practice under the supervision of Miss Helen Corken the 'GUM teams were selected The first team won four out of the nine games and the second team won six out of nine For the first games of the season the volleyball team or squad jour neyed to Doe Run and were defeated They were not discouraged, but in stead fought harder XKKXX Next game was played against Frankclay Frankclay played a wonderful game and defeated the first team F H S second team was the victor The third game of the season, the Knights met with Elvins Though the first team lost, the second won by a large score Hard battles were fought when F H S met Ste Genevieve and ended with the Knights as the losers The last four games of the season the Knights snlped Ste Genevieve, Esther, Leadwood, and Bonne Terre The Knights could not have thought of a better way in which to close their season. Letterman of the first team are' Betty Puckett, Geraldine Wade, Nancy Rutherford, Patty Puckett, Ruth Welch, Fern McClanahan, Barbara Meyer, Helen Weimar, and Clarann Westmeyer and Marcella Maxon. Second team lettermen are Jackie McDaniel, Audrey Mossman, Helen Zleba, Jean Sapp, Helen Ogle, Mary Crites, Norma Roberts, La Verne Meador, Alice Fitz, and Clara Harrington. Arcella Wills dropped due to being needed at home. Jackie McDaniel filled her place. 'SX 'K WLKKXXXKKKXKWM RN. KX "k"lu. 'K 'lik KK KK KXKWHKXKX 'N 'N 1 32. 'M 'lu 'M M M 'M Wu 'N 'N 'M 'M "ft 'M 'M 'Wm 'N P. N 2 "w N. E 'N N Y: N fi SPGRTS 1? kYii5Ii5ifi?fi'5'ffiffiiilllliI SPORTS CJ 'mx Bn A.TBnLL Biggs Niley Mclilliams Levis Shinn Powers Puckett Thompson einand E nffreln raves Coach Van Ronzelen D Effrein Mall Denman Stroud Good man Thomas Hunt Kollreyer Coach Bell FOO B LL Bruno Shinn Hartsqorn Bryant W Wffrein Coffer hell D t D Lffr 1 Bi ough y e n ggs igger Jianand Stroud McGuire Thomas nav or e ring baton Scott Coach Van Ron elen 10 or her eil Sheron Ric 3 mort shorn hell oullivun Brie ey :aylor Jig! ' 4 ,I f o , A, . x h fy V' 1' ' o ' A V I' Y .4 tj . ' I X " ' t 'A nv' 1 I 5 1 mix r f J 1 H fs 1 o o x J I N., yr .Q v-l"'s . A l?'9'?i3iAll , : , E , I 2,133 V-'lc' ,Sh I , M' jgor. in , W, - iii!! iff! ff! llfizifififfflffili fr gYi!Iii!lff!iI!'ffffflflilffl5' SPORTS n Il :xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxm xxxxxxx xxx xx 'N N N N N N N 'N N N N it N 'N 'Q it 'M 2 N X 2 N Q 'in N EK. KKXKKXXXXX KXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX1 X'KXXYX.'X XXXL 'K 1 O fl YQ.. ui First Row e c L yer erford M Max c e e McC anahar O le b Second Row r lfgtCH L C tes L e or obs L ba Third Row Fitz Mossman C est e er H Lieba J McDaniel QSGV First Row Mator L G ire Second Row ffer harbshur e e me r1rp oach ia e Third Ro: 3 e 'inf 4 f N V , ' ti' A X " Q f d ' d , 1 I VOLLLI3nLL ' : R. 31 1 h, 'H ,11. Ruth , . ' S 11, G d F A 1 1 ., H. 1 . : M. Ha r',' - , '. ri , . E fd , N. R A'- J R p ' A. , A. , . H m 5 ' ' 'W P , 'V . . ' 4, . . g - Q7 V . f - . is ii , if ii VA? JEACL ': V ., Tho du DovVut5 h'L TJr',Ql h h5SWL ftrxxl 'c u . : Co , ' ' J,irun fc. t ' l mil? J-CI ' U ', C ' il . : Kol P IST, bfvt 1TLI2 Lqwis Z Tffr 1 B ffr. 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M N N It 'N N 'Q N 'Q "w N 3: N 'N Q N N N N N N N 'Q 32 '43 xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 5 Q K BUSINESS ST FF I G 1 ff lalk I L T E f b g lx 3 A c u re, Asher, Powers, D. E rein, Puckett, leinaud 5 er, Z lman, Beck t, Toal R f, Q' 1 I , i l I ,I f V x 'Q ' A . ., , f V "li , V s , l anmoa A s AFF f Bi Ef i li "b'n ton, Detri g S 1 , Y g Q Q ' b . . .. , EL - , 5 ff'ff1f1,':-A 5. -.a gf..xr:::,f+H1f5H?f5ifiE:'i?Bws6view:s,' 'RW 'IL 'lk '11, Wu. MKNXXKKXXKXX XX MW. XXXX 'M KX Wu. KK 'XKXKWLXKX Wh. "lu, 1 'm 'N N W 'N M M Wu Wu Wh Wu Wu 'N 'N 'M N 'M 'N 2: M 2 N N 2 'x Y: in Ns 5 41 g?ii5ii!!E.5'5iiI'fifiiiiilliliI 'lL'HL"h.'lL."inf'h.'lh.'1I.'1h.'ll.'Wh.'!L.'Iu'1lL"lL.1lL"l.'!hf'lL'!L'lhl 'ln.'lm 'h.'lL 'lm 1lm'!ln"lL"Iu'1hn'lh Wln 'lL.1mL1lx Wlu Wh. .umuuax y'i 5 -,an-l---1- with awk' tilt 1' X' !e- 1'-.ef 3 I . ! - -' .'9 ,' , I' n . 5' Q "jg, . av A 1 ' a eg- W """"' ' ,ff ' X U - "Z-4, l'l3I1fLZz'lL LIFE. . ' 'bLi3!'e.1 :1 1.2. T, TQ' 1.1 'r 5.3- 1' 5 TI '. .1 1 IJE. 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'lu m 'M x x - 'H 32 31 -. 51 :Z Q x 'N 'Q w H 1 'LUBS 7 or ,D 1-II If' TD.: First Row McCoy, Moyers, Nations, Pickett, Yeager, Meyer, Harrington, Jeimer, Puckett, Rea, Burnette Third Row neathly, Toalson, Powers, Stroud, Scott, Nlenand, Graves Effrein, Bloom, Best, McGuire Mir V Q ITE CMDB First Row Biggs, Hartshorn, iollme, L3 is Won rs ffrein, n'fre1n, ahinn, uraves, Brune Aerseal, Cork n second Row Jan Ronzelen, Roberts Q p,, ueiba, Uuckett, Vestmeyer, Velch McC1anahan, rit Fitz, Earring on, Meyer, Aaxon, Header, Ogle Ruther Ord, ade Thiri Ro: Dctring, Tho as, einaud Bryant, strovd cailliaus, Thomas, Eator, scott, Doughty oaylor, ell, cGuire vigger, voffer, Baylor if K fx 5 5 1 YM'-T s s x Q . V A -. 1 . I o , fo , 5 ' ' '. -1' fs, Q , , J V f . 3 I Y 4' . Q 3 U- ' , M l .J f ifvfgj? - - 5 t- c s if l Second ROL: gtover, Morris, Phillips, Snider, Mueller, Effrein, Puckett, vw' 1 -H f I W I v 1 lx .I I o ' 'I 1: 5 I1 1 ' . 4 fr., I : ' "cr, 'Viv , . ' e , E 'r ' ' A ' , ' 'e . 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Suggestions in the Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) collection:

Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Farmington High School - Knights in Review Yearbook (Farmington, MO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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