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F' ff L Lf ,gif 5, eQT l L Mif ECHOES OF 1952 Published by SENIOR CLASS of . FARMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL FARMINGTON, N. C. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING IIKB AUDITORIUM W get QX Qs 3x O! bo .izseclicalfion x. .A- 9 We, the Senior Class of '52, proudly dedicate this annual to Mrs. E1izabethGrahamWi11iard as a token of appreciation for her helpfulness through her years of service in our school. As we leave this school we shall always carry with us the mem- ory of her cheerful words, her love for each student, and of her untiring efforts in behalf of Farmington High School. 131' . v... . . ' . . Moeasum, gg C' 616111, ! w 'Q' uw . 1 4--., V PRINCIPAL Y' S. G. WALLACE i f . W . ifgt- . .- A .5 ...x -3- ,fp 1 . I , swyiqflf '1 vf . -rv, , ' W.. Ya' ' Q ' ' s s L ' I Q, J . 5 ,gf .. .-.-, 1 2" if , '- HR: V' , 4 , f - i fx ,..,, , ' A . 'VFR A I M, it V. .. GM 1 V i xr' -1 15 , . xxx. x,, r Y,- , K M k ,, M wife'-w I I , . .. X Q -N. it ff .ix NX ff . -.zz- f ' wi if S' ' . . S4 ' gj - 1 - ' :'- Tak ? i . 3 , - nf '--. 5 ,: XX 'GE' . - ' A' - -3 V -'QP ' 31-'ii , . - N i A N- 'ws -e i f 'A'A' 1.2 X: -- Tx .Sgt I X 'gf K. fgx 8.5, ,,1l. I .15 . , b , X -, M A r f we J M 86"-J, . qu X, kj Mrs. Elizabeth G. Williard Lacy M. Venable Mrs. Lucas J. Conrad G. W. Pendry B. G. O'Brien Mrs. J, F. Hawkins Miss Ade1iaPoindexter James R. York Miss Lena Mae Harmon Miss Vada Johnson Mrs. Nell H. Lashley Mrs. Lucille A. Brown - ,, . N OA? X we S C5 ff:-2 X S, H 4 sly? I I I uw- QS, WI- 2 M Jr NPV 55 V fx. ' M MAN p I J' - fp""7i" . , . ' -Qffffvfvi , W- WM M 1"!! r. ' ,saw 1 O M' W J M YV nf 'rl . 'J 11,11 . li!! ' 11 ., ' g "" .f I J Q' v' ' ' . . f 65. ,gj,,W1,2,y,,..fLM.JAu,.. Gfjl yfgvfw ,Wy 6L'f1J-.lya--QZ'f4rf7..9 M7...,4Q,4f:.NrMJ,L.4,, ,WU wwf? 5.4. IjiflTi22:ify04Jfliig,. 1 X ,mmf my N 'I .' "i l .1-.,l I "wr VY! MOTTO Build for character, not for fame. COLORS Gold and white. FLOWER Daisy Wa5cof5 Q 4 G, N I0 2 . -L.J" g I ., l It ,7- 'M q ' ' ,,..-- BENNY DAVID ALLEN CAROLINE BROCK wtf, -5' 1. A . l 1 .VOX ls, 'lr-www! eniom Q , ev.-V , 'Wm f gif ff ' 1 'QR g, 5 yQ7v--rf' j, , ,a,1x.2' , ' te was:-2 ::i.ql . 'Ci 4 V 5' X, wi Q . ,gf-3,5-sg iff , -'- 1 'Kiki 1995. ,SWWWN R5 w--an-.ng1 LILLIAN ALLEN Annual Staff 3,45 Beta Club Z, 3,45 Beta President 45 Bus Pa- trol 35 Class Secretary l, 2, 35 F. H. A, Club 45 Library Club 45 LibraryStaff l, 2, 3, 45 Marshal 35 4-H Club l, Z, 45 Spotlight Staff 2, 3,4. EULA MAE BECK Annual Staff 45 F, H, A. Club 1, Z5 Marshal 35 Glee Club 4. MARY KATHRYN BOWLES Annual Staff45 Beta Club 2, 3, 45 Beta Club Treasurer 45 Bus Pa- trol 35 F. H.A. Club 1, 2, 45 F. H. A. Club Treasurer Z5 F. H. A. Club President 45 Library Staff Z, 3, 45 Library Club Secretary 45 Marshal 35 Spot Light Staff 2, 3, 45 Spot Light Editor 45 4-H Club 1, 4. RICHARD JOSEPH BROCK Basketball Ball 2,3,45 Basket Ball Captain45 Base Ball 45 Bus Driver 3, 45 F. F.A. l, 2, 3,45 4-H Club 1,z,3,4. LAURIE BROCK F.F.A, l,2,354-HClub1,2,3, 45 Basketball Z, 3, 4. DON BUSIEK Jamaica Plain High School 1, Boston, Mass. Basket Ball 1, 2,43 F.F.A. Club Z, 45 4-H Club 2,45 BETTY BUSIEK Boston, Mass. l,2,35 Current Events Club l5President 15 Glee Club lg Athletic Club 15 French Club 25 Latin Club 2,35 Latin Club Vice-President 35 Forum 35Beta Club 4: F. I-LA, Club 45 F. H. A. Club Secretary 45 An- nual Staff 4. CARROLL HANES Baseball l,3,45 Bus Driver 45 F.F.A. Club l, 2, 3, 45 Vice- President F. F. A. 4: Beta Club 3,43 Beta Club Vice-President 43 Class President 45 Annual Staff 4: Class President 2, 3. THURMAN HOWELL Courtney High School 15 Cheer- leader lg Class President 45 F. F.A. Club 1,2545 F.F.A. Re- porter 45 Annual Staff 45 4-H Club 1. NANNIE SUE IRELAND Annual Staff45 Home Economics 1, 25 Marshal 35 Glee Club 4. EDITH KING 4-H Club 1, 2, 35 Annual Staff 45 Class Reporter 2. LUCILLE LAKEY Wichita High School 1,25 Girls Glee Club 1, 2,45 Mixed Chorus 15 Rainbow Girls 15 Commercial Art 25 Halloween Queen 35 Annual Staff 45 Library Club 4. eniom 'mn 'be-O 'lmmwo 'www mfs? ,"'Qnn' XJ N""'WivUb' . wavy' EDNA LEE NAYLOR Annual Staff 45 4-H Club 1, 25 Bus Patrol3,45 F. H.A. Club l, 2,4. EDNA ANN SHELTON Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 25 4-HClub l, 2: Class Treas- urer 45 Annual Staff 45 ,Bus Pa- trol 2. 3: F. H. A. Club 1, 2,45 Halloween Queen 4. ROBERT SEATS Basketball Ball l, 2, 35 Base Ball l, 2, 3, 45 Bus Driver 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Club l, 2, 3,45 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 4. SARAH JUNE SMITH Farmington l, 45 Walnut Cove 2, 3, Drivers Training 35 Glee Club 2,35 Student Council 2,35 F.H. A. Club 15 4-H Club 1, 2, 3. BONNIE BELLE SPEER Annual Staff45 Beta Club 2, 3, 45 Beta Secretary 45 Bus Patrol 15- 3,45 Class Treasurer 35 Class Secretary 45 F, H, A, Club 1, Z, 45 President F, H, A. 25 Treas- urer F.H. A. 45 Library Club 3, 45 Chief Marshal 35 Spot Light Staff 2,3,45 4-H Club 1,4. LARRY WILLIARD Courtney HighSchool 1,25 Base- ' ball l,2, 3,45 Basket Ball 154- H Club 1,25 F.F.A. l,2,3,4. 676055 Adforg All was a bedlam of coherent sounds on August 30, 1948 when thirty-two of us freshmen, with knocking knees and glaring eyes started our high school career under the direction of Mrs. Florence Miller. Some of us were timid, while the rest were eagerly waiting the opportunity to be as mischievious as we hadbeen in the grammar grades. Through that first year we played a small part in school activities, but we were getting a "running start" into the work before us. We were proud to have Lillian Allen and Carroll Hanes as representatives from our grade at the Junior-Senior Banquet. In the tenth grade, with Mrs. Miller again as our home-room teacher, we began to realize some of the true meanings of high school and what was expected of us. To start raising money for the banquet, we presented a one act play, "Elmer and the Love Bug". Kathryn Bowles and Edgar Woodwere our banquet representatives. Many of our class mates dropped out during the year, leaving just seventeen to start the eleventh grade. It was that year that Lucille Lakey from Wichita, Kansas joined our class. Mrs. Elizabeth G. Williard was our director in the eleventh grade and with her help we be- ganthe year with two main goals, which were accomplished with much success. Our first goal was to raise money for the banquet that was held at Reynolds Grill at Winston-Salem at which we carried out the Hawaiian theme with Harold Gregory, Richard Carter, and J. C. Caudle of our own F. F. A. band furnishing music and Myra Davis, Bet Montgomery, Louise Seats, and Elizabeth Seats dressed as Hawaiians doing the singing. Our other goal was presenting our class play, "Mama's Baby Boy", which was well-received at both Farmington and Wm. R. Davie. The year of which we had dreamed so long nnally rolled around. We wondered about this last year with so many new teachers, for Mrs. Williard and Mr. O'Brien were the only ones re- turninggbut we soon got acquainted with and were glad to have Mr. S. G. Wallace, Principal, Mrs. Doris Conrad, Home Ec. 5 Mr. Pendry, Businessg and Mr. Venable, Coach, with us. We welcomed Sarah June Smith and Laurie Brock back into our class, as well as Don and Betty Busiek who have moved from Boston, Mass. into our community. We now had eighteen seniors. During the last year we had many problems and difficulties, but we solved them very well. We think it is fitting to recognize Edna Ann Shelton as being the one member in our class who went all twelve ofher school years at Farmington. This year was full of exciting happenings as getting our rings, visitation day in Winston - Salem, talking of our trip to Washington, learning our class play, "The Red-Headed Step Child", and presenting it March 28, the class party April 8 given by our grade mothers Mrs. B. C. Brock and Mrs. I. N. Seats at the home of Mrs. Brock, planning for our Baccalaureate sermon, class exercises, "The Southern Rosary," and last of all graduation! Since all good things must come to a close, with sad faces and fond memories we said good-bye to dear old Farmington High and plunged into the unknown future asking our- selves, "What Next?" enior zfzloerfafiuw WITTIEST MOST TALKATIVE QUIETEST MOST LIKELY TO Larry Williard Thurman Howell Carroll Hanes SUCCEED Lucille Lakey Edna Ann Shelton Edith King Don Busiek Betty Busiek FRIENDLIEST BEST-ALL-ROUND BIGGEST FLIRT MOST DEPENDABLE Lillian Allen Thurman Howell Lucille Lakey RiChaI'd B1'0Ck Robert Seats Kathryn Bowles Laurie Brock Nannie Sue Ireland gf J. CUTEST MOST LIKELY T0 BEST SPORTS MOST CONCEITED Edna Am shenon MARRY Robert Seats Larry Williard Laurie Brock Larry wiuiard Eula Mae Beck Bonnie Speer Edna Lee Naylor enior M NW! 1 ll 1110.5 1, lf" J MOST POPULAR BEST LOOKING COUPLE MOST TALENTED NEATEST Carroll Hanes Lucille Lakey Edith King Thurman Howell Edna Ann Shelton Larry Williard Thurman Howell Sarah June Smith MOST ATHLETIC Richard Brock Edna Ann Shelton , J' W BEST DRESSED Thurman Howell Edna Lee Naylor . f ,, ,. MOST INTELLIGENT BEST Carroll Hanes Betty Busiek .ar - Rl CONVERSATIONALIST Carroll Hanes Lillian Allen MOST STUDIOUS TEACHER'S PET TEACI-IER'S PEST MOST DIGNIFIED Bonnie Speer RObBI'1C Se-HS Larry Williard Don Busiek Don Busiek Mrs. Williard Mrs. Williard Mary Kathryn Bowles Bonnie Speer Lucille Lakey W' 'ff ! N7 QXWWM HM! WW JN! N, - KQV we Aa 46 .221 15 i 'Z ...wi V w cf... Q.. W, By 1974, Thurman Howell will have settled down with a cute wife and will be a well-loved coun- try preacher of this community. f By 1955, Bonnie Speer will be happily married to Charles Lashley, living in Farmington, prov- ing that children are cheaper by the dozen. MaryKathryn Bowles, by 1962, will be wearing horn rimmed glasses, due to the hard work as private secretary for William Brock. By 1958, Edna Ann Shelton will have become Mrs. Grady Beck, living in her palatial home on Patterson Avenue in Four Corners. By 1966, EdithKing and Bob Beck will be happily united, taking much pride in their successful marriage career. By 1960 will find Sarah June Smith on active private secretary to one of the prominent busi- nessmen of Walnut Cove, N. C. By 1982, Eula Mae Beck will be seen touring the country with diamonds and furs galore. Nannie Sue Ireland, by 1964, will be making headlines--her picture will be on all the T. V, pro- grams announcing her marriage to one of the world's greatest millionaires. By 1960, Lucille Lakey will be one of the world's greatest singing sensations over T. V. 1967 will find Betty Busiek in Paris, attending the annual meeting for famous designers. By 1958, Edna Lee Naylor will be a sailor's wife "when Merriel comes marching home." She will have a large formal wedding at which Edna Ann will be bridesmaid. In 1987, Lillian Allen, an old maid school teacher, will quite suddenly and mysteriously van- ish leaving no clues to her disappearance. By 1971, Richard Brockwill have his M. D, shingle hung out on the main street of Farmington, now having a population of Z, OOO. 1969 will find William Brock, a prominent lawyer of Mocksville, defending his best friend, Robert Seats, in a minor auto wreck. Robert Seats will be married to Nellie Plowman by 1958 and will be successfully operating a Grade A dairy. By 1948, Carroll Hanes, one of the world's greatest scientist, will have discovered the cure for "LOVE SICK PEOPLE." Larry Williard will be a successful service station operator and will be the father of twin boys. 1981 will find Don Busiek, a stern school master of Boston, Mass. , correcting some of his students for the same wrong deeds he did at dear old F. H. S, Jai W an cidamenlf We, the Senior class of l95Z, of the Farmington High School, in the town of Farmington, the County of Davie, and the State of North Carolina, being declared sound in mind and memory by our principal, Mr. S. G. Wallace, and fully realizing that our days in Farmington High School are limited, do hereby make our last will and testament, placing all our treasures, rights, and many privileges at the disposal of the rightful heirs. To our beloved faculty, who have been such a help all along our way, we wish to express our deepest gratitude and bequeath to them our continual friendship and good will. To the Junior class we leave all the burdens we have had to bear and all the difficulties we have had to overcome, with the assurance they will all be cherished memories when they shall have departed from high school life. To the Sophomores we bequeath our good will and ability to persevere through all unfavorable circumstances. We leave to the Freshmen four years of hard work. Our advice is to "Grin and wear it." Lillian Allen leaves her place as Beta Club President to Betty Montgomery because she wants to see the women stay in power. Edna Ann Shelton wishes to will her place as head cheer leader to Myra Davis and her dimples to Clarence Eaton, hoping they will make his twice as deep. Robert Seats leaves his place as teacher's pet to Bob Montgomery and his friendly disposi- tion to Annie Kiger. Eula Mae Beck and Nannie Sue Ireland will their many secrets to Nellie Baity and their ability to get along with the teachers to Vestal Riddle. Kathryn Bowles bequeaths her dignified ways to Dorothy Salmons and her unneeded height to Mary Kathryn Smith. Don Busiek takes pleasure in willing his love for an argument to J. C. Caudle and his ability to deceive the teachers to Nancy Seats. To Sue Caudle, Carroll- Hanes wills his desire to cruise the world, because he no longer has that desire. Edna Naylor bequeaths her love for the Navy to Nancy Ellis. She is very generous with her will--keeping for herself only a' small portion of it. I Lucille Lakey wills her desire to be an old maid to Louise Seats, hoping that Louise will be as successful as she has been. Lucille also leaves to Mary Ann Carter her ability to not study and still pass. To Harold Gregory, Betty Busiekwills her ability to know her lessons and hopes he will never have to study. Thurman Howell-bequeaths his blonde hair to Richard Sheek and his secret of how to get along with the girls and not fall in love, he leaves to Bob Smith. After much consideration, Richard Brock leaves his swaybacked comb to Harvey Pilcher. He hopes it will be more useful to Harveythan it has been to hirn--he hasn't used it in five years. Larry Williard wills his ability to make his teachers think him a "perfect gentleman"to Leonard Seats and his excuses to get out of class to Joyce King. With much regret William Brock wills his monkey shines to Susan Hanes, but he is happyto pass along his brains with them. Edith King leaves her love affairs to Edith Howard--that is with the exception of one. Sarah Smith bequeaths her neatness to Mary Elizabeth Seats. Bonnie Speer wills her love for Farmington to Frances Baity and sincerely hopes Frances will defend its name like she has. We hereby appoint Clarence Eaton, Junior Class Staff Representative, executor of this, our last will and testament. In witness hereof, we, the Senior Class of '52 do hereby set our sign and seal, this the twenty- third of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand, nineteen hundred and fifty two. Bonnie Speer, Testator ? M X gf.: is Cfmj 'xI"' , A 'I P: J? DQv ' ': XSS I -f T23 E . WJ X T1 L .,,,- - ix v ' ' - f fu! '-4' 'D X 'L-""9 'JS' IN 1 Lf- A' tv LL, ' b LJ f.3,.gj4,-"Wilt ' ' M 2, . f " j ' i 'k V 4 ' -'ldv I f ' ' WW LUL if A MJ xfx' vp' f'H- QL! N Fa CW .fix , V Jil, . J - .QI l U' My Eb I i b By I JUM lj fqrywx ' QV 'lfl A' W HW! X' I flivfyf N '- 01 WM T' MJ 4 J Xqlfyfb :ff - 0415 I EUS! I 'V ,IJ 4 WL quxf' . I. 1 I, ' ' WM M X wx- 'J . ,, W t " , . ' '4 k wwf?" 'WT' - my .' ' ff' My F n 1 t ! . ai W + Aibtmkjf f - fi-"-"J ff, 4 WWW '1 5 gQ M MWA , i'fiff1Q i' , Q ' 6 ,I aj 2Li,1f,L.I J 6 ,L-.fffvf-ff K 47 1 'Neill Q, .wa A W Q . M , K X ' a9f"Av ,-YL0lJTvf' A A 1, H, 'A',.,.,'A 4' ,A 1- ff '1 film ' QQ -yr' I flx Q Y JN Z m,,i?,ff'fx'+ Xi' I, 'K ' gm! 14,040 K 'Yu ' fly V fa 156' A WV A ,XY ' jf' wbfjf,v?Q1j,,M 4 I Frances Baity Nellie Baity Mary Ann Carter Sue Caudle Myra Davis Clarence Eaton Nancy Ellis Harold Gregory mfaiom 'A Q "5 Us N w 5-Tx 'v ,x -ax v c., ,, s X M 'Q- "' 'N vs " 'F " ' L 5 1 ., 5-I . 4. s',lm . ,-x "'m i 4" tri -If - A 4 ' ' I A Susan Hanes of M gl I A 'A Edith Howard O, - Ax Annie Kiger ,w - -3- f Joyce King . , I W pq I ' x. X I D. . F ' 'ng ' Betty Montgomery Bob Montgomery Vestal Riddle Dorothy Salrnons Leonard Seats Louise Seats Mary Elizabeth Se Nancy Seats Dick Sheek Katherine Smith Bob Smith Mary Sue Trivette 3.115 ,gm ' '05 , i 'W' In X Z1 F, A ' -'S 'D cv. Q 1 I Dx l SL alvqayxtx Wife I I I if 1 ' Ax !'l 'Nt Q 'QT fx ami, ,ve ff, 1 Y-T""i Ar . wwf Lf 1 x fx-x 'Q' '.- -i Q la Q , in V My QQUJ 'T if-1 V V ,, r, ,FIJ jx rf f?jv.x'lf"LQ 1 I ' H Vsqfwvvl, i ,MJ fxfn-' .K f A59 Q A Qu UBGDJ KK qlxfjj' ,, - Xiu ' - xwb HY JCC X f 0l'1'L0l"85 sae? .za ' Q "nr t Q "Q ,Q ,gt .. Q f 4 A . if , F my . X , ,, , .', ,,. .sa Q . ,' , K Fin I , . 4 -.Q 'vi :ww me I 4 'P -L A - - . V! A vu-W-5 , "V A 'Pras- 3 "L ' X X., ' mc'-'I 'V ig' . , . . - . .Q 'ua 5 x xi Ln if xii Y 1 , a in G , ' J ik my 'f: M- 1 2 -'A1lf1 .1,: V x 1 -WA i , N-rr, . E X rj IK-.. QWS sl f N 'V' ff it if W, ilk f, i 15 Q el XI' 3 s FQ ' ,1 '1 ,M n f ' . .. . W , K 5 M W ji J,'h-T2 -5 fe' if K' 'N ef gk n f f B Rt , ,va k 2' ah 4 , 2 A QQ'-if 'as J, Edward Beck Lewis Booe Hubert Boger Johnny Boger Sherrill Brinkley Emma Sue Brock Betty Carter Beggy Davis Ruth Douthit Nola Foster Patsy Hendrix' Betty Johnson Carl Lawrence Joan Lowery Emma Rose McC1annon James Phillips Vestal Pilcher Emma Lou Ratledge Jane Reavis B. L. Trivette Billy B. Smith James Speer Billy Walker Ike White . J, . vi L 1 .1 I sfbl K 51 . 1 U 1.- .I . L ' " l 1 Ls 1 fl ' ,h L ii , if I ' 1 L-I . ' " , 1 , I , A' , 7 w , 1 -- 1, f V ' I .,f , , 1 ,V K N 1 X . A L red men Q ,F it if X ri Y' JZ ' P' '1 W6 .2"1lJ JH . YJ ' i I A L7 7 1 41 r i WX .QeiBb9iNG'4ne Plllen if -'Eugerh Anderson '-' 1: ti' IC Q 69 i .5 f '15 2 N lf JJ Phillp Beauchamp -,Qui ,ff 'a K M X rt yl Amortxian Blake 'a tx Q - ,S I I xi" X 'Z h N - x,.. 'F -3 , ' K . ik ia X aaill . E111 VUL!! . V Virginia Boger ll. BQ: N I 8 ' Jo Ann Bowles fa 5 'F 1- 5, I I 'SI -gg. Beatrice Bracken '1 " A . w Rufus Brock xg NS S ' 5' I -1-I W hi' l xv' zft Alai ffp- al- L .A fx 1 ni fn- -Q Jimmy Carter i -' 'DJ ' H Anne Caudle f' Q ,N Q, A I' ,-fr, , Peggy Cornelison 'I 'B ' A M . K 4 Q' Francis Ellis -:- '33 -f f- . X N wr , 5 L, 5 f . 4 L m Q ' , J Shirley Hanes 2 ' Q. L' - Katherine Kiger 1 ,N "" fi. Maxine Langston Q , - W 'N Mary Faye McEwen , ll ' "' 'Ri .1 ,X xg 1 S .-QP? Bobby Phillips B Mary Lillian Pilcher Betty Lou Ratledge Kerman Ratledge Thurman Ratledge Dorothy Reavis Lu Ray Reavis Emma Riddle Roy Speer Leroy Stanley Roger Wallace Dorsette Whitaker Glenda White John Wishon Betty Wishon , -Q . D an -W ,vi N ,, : - ., 1 I X -x X s A . X 0-f M", " sf' N - xl fl. fX ff 3 ,7 A '- ' Q if F' 2 -'P Ea x-l, 65' 'R' H'-TLA v Q 5 tu, QJ'j"',f4LflX e ei ,1 i ff W 5 5. 4 lf -x ' ' "' I? ' 'J' " J 'N Q A x -, .. X, , -., i x. L- KQ' I xn ' fh N' fl ,IK K 'le 13 ,Q K "' 1- f 1, 1..- R r .I Vg -.- K v... 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' 1 kw 'sgwx X W f X fx In - xg f'T,.gsA TN.. fm -J , 'fi' N 3- . ri. -1- WI if W , -Thr Y :YE f -Q V ,FQ 'S 4- 51 L I ' - Y' 0 if I M V s ,I X , A ' 'yy ix ' V, C- J ,jlimf Gu e x :'4" ',-6-wir. -'Y' 'Kin ,Y ' ' QQ 'L '-,,,' N Mwx 153' X L 'Wuxi' ' if 2155: ' . 1 r., . 1. 5? A f - ' 'a. Q 1' " 43. , . - , , ? If ,A - ,Y - x f 1.145 5 ' -fmt ' is ,Nh K i . A X 'L ill 1 -Sith 'N fx, 5 .M A V . 4-11' .A - igqv, t it Q I J X 3 A fl A X AQ 2- a - ' - T - , ' ' ' .I -' , T T X 'j l' ,481 . -X -. 3' V 4. 9 - , LST? 1- 'Axial 15 F9 A - . Q ls, rx Y if M Q X Af' L y 'X X ii P mx Xi -1 YN ,fgcfiuifiegi B E T A C L U B iw' iw 2 ,Q no as x.,,5,.,:, I Nl Seated: Bonnie Speer, Carroll Hanes, Lillian Allen, Kathryn Bowles, Lacy Venable. Standing: Betty Busiek, Susan Hanes, Mary Carter, Nellie Baity, Bob Smith, Clarence Eaton, Bob Montgomery, and Betty Montgomery. LIBRARY STAFF MMMHM Hllllll 3 ilffllilmli -M r 7 QQ! V Q Seated: Sue Caudle, Lillian Allen, Lucille Lakey, Bonnie Speer, Kathryn Bowles, Betty Carter, Mrs. Williard. Standing: Peggy Cornelison, Virginia Boger, Ruth Douthit, Myra Davis, Francis Baity, Dorothy Salmonsg Mary Lillian Pilcher, Lu Ray Reavis, Anne Caudle, and Joyce King. ,xgcfiuifiefi SENIOR 4 -H CLUB H S H ,,-,,, MISS WOOSLEY'S MUSIC CLASS fx-.- Miss Woosley, Jimmy Groce, Carol Spillman, Diana Grocel, Sarah Michalove, Billy Ellis. Second Row: Carolyn Boger, Hilda Spillman, Polly James, Gar- nette Layman, Doris Hutchins, Camilla Jarvis, Barbara Wright, Gary Groce. Third Row: Kay James, Patsy Ellis, Gail Bennett, Olena Groce, Dorothy Reavis, Johnsie Ellis, Helen Collins. Fourth Row: Joan Lowery, Emma Sue Brock, Dorothy Salmons, Peggy Dull, Rachel Hanes, and Vivian McKnight. Elaine Davis, not present. GIRLS BASKETBALL Kneeling: Louise Seats Bet Montgomery Emma Sue Brock Edith Howard Nancy Seats Mary Lillian Pilcher Standing: Lacy Venable Dorothy Kiger Annie Kiger Joan Bowles Joan Lowery Emma Lou Ratledge Maxine Langston Catherine Kiger CHEERLEADERS Susan Hanes Nancy Ellis Myra Davis Edna Ann Shelton Betty Carter Mary Ann Carter BOYS BASKETBALL Kneeling: Leonard Seats Bill Smith Richard Brock Laurie Brock Don Busiek Bob Montgomery Standing: Lacy Venable Veiial Riddle Francis Ellis Thurman Ratledge Johnny Boger Richard Sheek Sherrill Brinkley Hubert Boger .xgcfiuiLLie5 I I 's.,,,f ff ff .4 S If ft '71 W., if Rl"-f" Q .5 m 4- 'hz- Y 1 lem i S 5 , X ' .--- ' 4-tw, L We r f r Eg ,' J ii ' I t - -J '-t, . 'li' Q - V, 5 4 t' rf" " S .. .,i. Q' is i ,E D Ll.. - - ' ' 1 , ' X 4 "4'- .JL I '- ,Q ,,,V ' , vsvf u Q1 N c dr..-.' N ig xx ' ' ,E I V , ' 1 , WX F - K ,5 I at A A ' i ,f i g- - ' Qi 1' K , E3 it Q, Q '- f Y - ' il, - EQ' .fgjcfiuilfied QRS 5. wmwq 'V' V lk F. F, A, CLUB F. F. A. BAND Richard Carter Harold Gregory J. C. Caudle Ray Hendrix Clarence Eaton State Winners 1950 8: 1951 F. H. A. CLUB lKDVERTl5EI1ENfk xii H4 J A x es QQ :fa L - .J Sim fX zSFi' P 1. ,g. P 1 J 1 4 I if I 1 w V Q i N- W V. Compliments of MQCKSVILLE FLQUR MILLS, Irtc. Manufacturers ot Southern Biscuit Flour and Selected Big Rose Feeds PHONES 3 and LD3t3 MOCKSVILLE, N. C. . 17 ,W M e""te --9'-'lv' I Q4 L' ' For Photographs L You Will I V- C Treasure -1-'ix' JM A 'Le , -v SEE MY DADDY JOE I-I. LANGSTON z2outE 1 ADVANCE, NORTH CAROLINA t EPSI'G 01 C. D. JAMES 84 SON Groceries - Feeds - Ferrilizers Sinclair Gas and Oil FARMINGTON, N. C. Compliments of BELL BAKERIES, lric. VVINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA DrP p ' Compliments of HORN OIL COMPANY Distributors ot Cities Service Petroleum Products, Gasolines, Kerosene, Fuel Oils ancl Motor Oils Glass Work a Specialty PHONE 31 MOCKSVILLE, N. C. HENDRICKS 81 MERRELL FURNITURE CO. Furniture and Electrical Appliances "Where Comfort and Economy Meet" PHONE 342 MOCKSVILLE, N. C. VVILKINS DRUG CO., Inc. The Rexall Store PHONE QI MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Prescriptions - Drugs - Veterinary Products - School Supplies Fountain Service BANK OF DAVIE Your Home Bank Member FDIC COMPLIMENTS OF IBILTMORE DAIRY FARMS BILTMQRE DAIRY WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF COCA-COLA BOTTLINO COMPANY VVINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA A HEALTH FOOD ICE CREAM ICE CREAM Zhafdffvl' - A Tas're The Fresh Cream COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND I I I Compliments of J. H. Brock Manufacturer of Concrete Blocks FARMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Arden Farms Packing Co CLEMMONS, NORTH CAROLINA "Highest Quality Meats From the Farm to You." i FARMINGTON, N. C. l . l Hardware - Burks Water System Siler Funeral Home Star Brand - Wolverine Shoes ang Ball Brand Rubber Foot Wear l:lOVVel' N'3'W Ovefalls and Slilfls 1 MocKsviLLE, N. c. - PHONE ll3 Groceries A 7777 7 7 . 1, Tfff: Central I Carolina Motors, Inc. Fine Used Cars Corner West 4th 81 Spring Stree' WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Your Cadillac and Oldsmobile Deaer Phone 4-OO38 SALES-MEN Hubert Drawdy and Mack Whiterirrgton Compliments ot Yadkin Cleaners and Laundry YADKINVILLE, N. C. Phone 333l Compliments of Bocock-Stroud Co. Your Sporting Goods Supplier ir WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. L. S. Shelton 84 Co. Kaiser 81 Frazer Cars case Farm Machinery PHONE 186 MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Compliments of Goodyear Service Stores l 4 l WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. - FIRESTONE HOME 84 AUTO SUPPLY G. H. C. Shutt, Owner PHONE T32 MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Nissen Bldg. Barber Shop Deon's Beauty Salon VVINSTON-SALEM, N. C. i Davie Feed 84 Seed Co. "Your Friendly Purina Store" Baby Chicks, Poultry Supplies Purina Chows tor All Livestock DEPOT ST. MOCKSVILLE, N. C. i Compliments of McClamrock Seed Co. PHONE 307 MOCKSVll.LE, N. C. Mocksville Implement Company Dealers in Genuine Farm Machinery Oliver - Minneapolis-Moline PHONE 23 MOCKSVILLE, N. C. J. P. Green Milling Co. Flour, Meal, reed Stuft and Grain Phone 32 Neal' De . 3? MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Pennington Chevrolet Company Genuine Parts, Tires, and Batteries PHONE l56J MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Compliments of Davie Cafe MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Compliments of Davie Tractor 84 Imp. Co Ford Tractor ROUTE 4 NIOCKSVILLE, N. C. Irvin 84 Cornatzer PONTIAC AND GMC TRUCKS Wilkeslooro Street Phone 35 MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Compliments of South Eno Barbecue NIOCKSVILLE, N. C. Compliments of DSQM Harvester Co. ALLIS CHALMER and NEW IDEA Farm Equipment MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Compliments of I-lill-Top Barbecue NIOCKSVILLE, N. C. Dine With Friends at Mocksville Grill Enioy-Get the Best-Get Sealtesn ICE CREAM Carolina Lunch "PETE'S PLACE" I-ligInvvay1,:Ol MOCKSVILLE, N. C. ,,.,,,,. A r . V -. --W . l Mocksville Princess Theater I Hcme 84 AUTO Supply MOCKSVHLEI N- C- PHONE 36 Mociqsviuc, N. cp For Your Entertainment in the B. F. Goodrich Store Best of Moving pictures K r Owners: GL6nYdSFeStsgOOQdZgl3Fy Merrell I 4 y . . l t i i Compliments of . i y Compliments of T he Clerlds Ottice 3 l 1 OF DME COUNTY i Heritage Furniture, Inc. l By: S. H. GriFHri, Clerk Superior Court 4 Mocicsvinc, N. c. HIGH POINT, N. c and Faye E. Naylor, Deputy Clerk. l l Compliments of y Martin Brothers Davie l:UI'FilTUFS CO. PHONE 99 MOcKsviLLE, N. c. HOW The SQUSVGH Feeds - General Merchandise Complete Home Furnishings Fertilizer MOCKSVILLE, N. C. John Deere Farm Equipment - H. R. E - C. VV. E . Wayne Eaton an an Moclcsvi l le Laundry and I! Walker Funeral l-lome Dry Cleaners "Home Of Thoughtful Service" phone 190 Depot Street Ambulance Service MOCKSWLLE N' C' "The Good One" PHONE 118 MOCKSVILLE, N. C. i -Z O , .- QW Y l - . -.-.- ' l 4 W i w 4 x 1 F i u 1 1 Q 1 f 1 . x ., ....4..... . . N Q.1"'- . if... N QQYY7

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