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AZ- fwffw 'yrs I.. ' E4 . 9 V. C . E S2 l an 12 . fab 0 Cf C 1, 0040 he 0. 40640 GU WWW KW -,lag V X5 bat X60 195 6 ,ff fffff f f 7 X Xffffxt f X 7 X Wf W 7 W7 ff W X y YQZWWZ X ff f y WW , W ff X X J fy !VVV f W MW x Qf X X X , f I 'J I!! M 9 f N 37 L fy, 1 1 ,X I ' f M X ff? I7 f f f 7 'V f f ff, f ,f f' MM ' f I f 5 f , ,, Q Q 'fu , 4 Z1 ap" W f .f -4,4 X f f , X f, fl ,XXX M Zzfy ,if Q! M' 174' ff f "WWI fff Zgff f 1 MZ? fgpf ff If I, f 1 W' ,fl 7 y7gLAWW'! 44, Mil, - X uf IQ" I HH J f N395 ,gf , v N Q I X -N ZZ? fl I f ml, ly lf! ! 0 W f 595420 X if f X X y , 2250 X fl " XZ f X ff X in f A 1 L X X fi HALSEY B. KNAPP KK --..,------- .... ..,.... - -A , .. - .11--Q-1-f-I-Q?l-li-Q-Fiif f a I 175' ' - 1 DEDICATION In 1923, Halsey B. Knapp came to Long Island Agricultural and Technical Institute as Director. With him came the conviction that pupils should be better men and women than before. During his years at the Institute, he has seen the seeds of learning planted, cultivated, and reaped. He has furthered the Institute by molding better rela- tionships between students, faculty and the nearby communities. His vision of a college emerging from, and integrated with the life of New York State, has been carried far beyond the boundaries of the American continent. It is to this loyal man, who for thirty-three years has not only taught thousands of students in the funda- mentals of everyday living, but has left them with the influence of his directness and generosity, that 1 ' ,fiii -S iffy ix, we dedicate the 1956 ISLANDER. ff' NX u I iiiza-.. W7--I I 2222322-L- I TIT I eeeegeeieiz s f - iiiiiiiiiiiaae.. " 'I ' M. I-5, , iiiiifgiiiiiiiiia- I NX I 1 Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeiseeei f f' f iiiiiiiiiiiiiigiiggl-. I 3222555522225ggggggggggzr gp, , f f EEEEEZEEEEEEZE25222525235if ,JW .fLs,,M ' c I' ?E??E?EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEiii It 'A I, ., ''QQEEEEEEEEEEEEE2252552EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEQEQQL- M MII' ' i--' , f f, V1- 11131112:i::::::::::::::::--- ------ ----I V I f"fI'9Gw Y ' fyfm ' .zg--------A------..----------- ---- ---- ------ ff' 'I 'WU 'W' f f Vw 'lliiiiiiiiiiiiEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-25555 eff IWITI 'lit I f ig WW cf -ieeeeiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesseeeeesieeeiiiiififi if' I W f c--53522223355222222222Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffi f1W'f?,l'f m sg, I W' 12:11:22:::::EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE::::E55EF wif f ff ' ff 'f ' ff' Y I 12222552225525552255Efzffffffffffffifiggf? " 2 5 ' :WM IMI al. N Miw 770 42 I -1::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-- ' ' ' 'ff ' it Il If ' V' ' '1111222225Ezsssszgzszzzzgggss. ' t' ff f 1 if " X . '72222EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL- IWW I ,qui I ," -1:::::::::::::EEEEEEEEEL I I, J lx I , 1:ffaee2ee22ieeesses:-----' M+ztlIl.'.Ill ,, mm seeeeeeeeezaeaseseeesc. ifg'lfHr'iillll f .- Q.:-.naeeieieiieeeeii222222222iiziizssssssfssgs::--, I ' "lv tt'I'M " -1.-1 --:.l::1::::::--.-----------------------------------sang--- ------------------------ --------------------:::::::------------.I f55.s:-L-:-3-5E.?.:'.-?: ' ' ' ark., , .1:'.T::2,- 1 l - fy -I4 . 'ff' l HALSEY B. KNAPP Director STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK LONG ISLAND AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL INSTITUTE FARMINGDALE. New YORK OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR NH? 15 p 1956 To My Classmates: Yes, I have joined your Class, You did not expect it or approve it, but here I am. It has taken me much longer than you to graduate. I hope that this may not be held too much against me. I have always had it in mind to finish, I became interested in many things and time slips away. I cannot claim that I have never failed an assign- ment. I do believe that I tried. I always wanted to pass. Well, for that matter, so did you. The years will bring and make a different Institute than we have known, This is because times and needs will be different. But the leadership will he good and the re.. sults will be good. Basic principles and values will not I, be set aside. We shall wish to return to remembered scenes XMI' 7 , and associations, QIII A, I nm I ' X I I f I It has been a pleasant journey, It is nice to X. II' X N. ' I, X Z A complete it in your compamf, ,I . M,4g4,l,If1 . l'slIIlIIII'y'I'yl u ,IW I K N EN, , I! Mum, J MZ Sincerely, 9 NNSUIIMK if Y illlli X 1 "un m IIN! ,K I Vlyyl, Sum ,I My fffy W QW! xk".w'1f' O f ff '- I S1115 fl' l IIIIII 2 InIre,IfngHmW4,AV1 4, V W , S WA fff Z in rg 555735 E5 V fgggg L- , giifge' f ,tl ' 'E 2- -aiu X S' jig' 4155- N-A :ggi fig-Lf-,FET 55553 7 Y-V ' 5 :fiffefi vi-A,....T55s EF' '.3:--11: 7-1' 'L' . fi Tar- i Q ,.,-- gg YW f -. -AY -I Y Y Y ri Jsfg- - A --3--5:1 7 if 1 ' - Qi -:7':-17, -1 ' fi- 55-i 'izgdzie-S 2-441515372 - '5 V, - l- 5:55 :-:,- ,Y 'i 7 E" , J Z: E +lg i T g 1 'i 'T --, - -, ,-iii, fi ,bf--ii:.v -ff'-4 i fm 1 - ff:-f ,rfgr-k' f ..-if-if -3 I: f55?2?efi??5L' ,4'51'Fr L gf11:..-ii,-i'4 EB ' -:fii :5?fj Y 35353 L ' , : 315 W" '1?!J-'lr - f A.:55i- , -5 - 'ff gt- . T5 - ,if 1 f5-.-- f-: f-ig:+1-gi-"' - 2, ,-?-g -3 g:l ' , ,il -j .gr N Qgiii i "fi-3i1 :: V , ,i:51 i' ' .,.,. ---I 513733-li 1, X -fag. S Y - - 15L-2:27 ' .-.-. isn- ...LL 3-255 4555 2:4 :.-.-:, :iq J 'QEE f- ---- ---Sf .Til -Z Y ih:1:ggf::::: ' --. Y ? HE-.. , Y::Y T gmt ii , -Z'.'E".-'. -1 : .:,il,,1-- - 1+-----W , , , - 'I' ,,,--f:::g- T gig -gi, it -21--:ilu '-2.1 iz- , ' - --.i.., rg-g..::i-'M 'Y MA -Y,- --.J-, 4- 74 Y ?, :: ?:. -. f ,Q -1 L.35 lei Y 7.- I 'T' 'Tl' ---1:3 1 ADMINISTRATION DAVID W. ALLEE Assistant Director for Industrial and Related Education WILSON P. MERRITT Assistant Director for Evening and Extension Division CARL F. WEDELI. Assistant Director for School of Ornamental Horticulture ' BERTHOLD D. WILLENBROCK Counselor, Industrial and Related Fields Pe gf' ROBERT C. DAVIDSON LOCKE JAMES ROBERT MCLAUGHLIN Assistant to the Director Assistant to the Director Counselor, Agriculture and Ornamental Evening and Extension Division Hg,-ficulfure 9 Board of Trustees FRANK C. MOORE, LL.B., L.H.D., LL.D., Chairman .... . ,..,... ..BuI"ll'-11 MRS. JOHN A. WARNER, Vice-Chairman .,............ ALGER B. CHAPMAN, A.B., LL.B ............. . MRS. BETTY HAWLEY DONNELLY .......,........ WALTER D. FLETCHER, A.B., M.A., LL.B ..4......... . CHARLES GARSIDE, B.S., LL.B., L.H.D., l.l..D .,..... .. NORMAN S. GOETZ, A.B., LL.B ........................ . BOYD E, GOLDER .,....,..........,..............,..........,.., FREDERICK F. GREENMAN, A.B., LL.B ........ . SAMUEL HAUSMAN ...... ..... . ...........,............... . KEITH s. McHUGH, s.s., LL.D., Eng.D ............ PETER MARSHALL MURRAY, A.B., MD., D.Sc ..... ..New Yor ......PawIin5 ..New York .....,Glen Head ..New York ........New York ...........Utica ..New York Great Neck ,.New York ..New York JOSEPH J. MYLER, B,A., M.A ........................... .... R ochester EDWARD N. SCHEIBERLING, LL.B., LL.D ......... ....... A lbany DON J. WICKHAM, B.S ...............,................. ........ H eCl0r INSTITUTE COUNCIL JAMES H. MAGEE, Chairman .... ...,.... B ellerose, N. Y AMHERST DAVIS. ................,. .......... M t. Sinai, N. Y RAYMOND O. FISH ........ ....... E ost Meadow, N. Y CYRIL E. FYLES ..........,... .......... F luslting, N. Y MORTIMER J. GLEESON ...... WILLIAM T. LOWDEN... MRS. WALTER PAGE ....,..... ......., MRS. MABEL E. REINER ....... .. ALFRED w. RUSSELL .,... 10 ............Manhasset, N. Y ................. Edst Meadow, N. Y Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y ......,. .,... Freeport, N. Y .........Farmingdale, N. Y WILLIAM S. CARLSON, A.B., M.S., Ph.D., LL.D., D.Sc President, State University SIJY af ' ' - 'emma - ,948 LAWRENCE L. JARVIE, B.S., M.A., Pll.D. Executive Dean for Institutes and Community Colleges I l 3' Q in 1 131 il 1 4373 emu. A1 'aw Qi .K 1 if , 'K v 5. 2 'F' . ww FRESHMEN Leff to Right, sifting: B. Lotz Csecretcryi, J. Schoonover Kpresidenh, W. Cotthaus Ctreasurerb, A. Jens Cvice-presidenth. Sfanding: Mr. Mac Arthur, F. Riciglicno, R. Bissell, Mr. Abbcatiello. BOARD CF GCVERNORS . 'P 9123 -4 5... -3 F34 SENIORS Left fo Right, fronf row: E. Schoenfeld R. Polhemus, J. Gallagher. Back row: J. Whitefield, D. Hunier. STUDENT COUNCIL First Row, Officers: J. Simpson, Treasurerf J. Migncarri, Presidentg J. Jukofsky, Secrefaryp P. Basilin, Vice Presidenf. RAYNOR W. WALLACE Sfudenf Council Advisor Vi1JViHiHi1 L...i5 12 X, i 'Q my EEUU 13 ZiW1..Mm'fWf- 'Q'A"3""""J f L1m ,seiifi LQQCK ASX? Axxf -5:33 gif'-WXNX -:AN x- . T , Acc' -3 . vi I"O'::?:: Q' k' ' " - L.Z 5 'A ' if -:Z vt?v.'4--E- an Az-- , . . 1-9 .. -1 4001! 1' 'sq lf ggi: Agxaxxv gf QP :gf Aggxaxxt' Q X: s 51: .ging- ' - - 1 H x x - N' 2. Amr' 5 , - .--,, , iv N 1 xx' , x - . i Ali ,," 55: ' nxi' ' .EXY x . -x 3 n x'x Q52 XXX! x - - . .QXXP .QXXV A - - u -x x - .- - - - - . 3' SE' .S -- W ., . v" X .san--' -..:"' 42E"::' A . .--IIE' an-.F 1 . A. ' 1.5- . .. .-,lf - ,., 55' ,. , , .-.EET ':: :ii 561 nllllll .uuuun -, ..m..m. 1 -.. ,, -:::,'u In ,u .:...ILv' A -......:' uri "" mn -n..-f, J..-Til' -f. ., .- : ..... . .-..ii g':::. -HZ -un V:-:.-.. " .::--' ..., g,"', :asm . ,a..t:::' ,,. -.,4..- -..f ' -Y? A 1 - X ,f f' .ii ff, ll- , Y i 2 A Q4 I- l jk 1 1 1 1 9 A ' th, ,1 -'Z 1- 41,1 'WI Y nv THE SENIORS , , - - w fynfllu., New- V Q il S I llll N I X F v' ,ow ,awww .S Q5 'xv 9 l I Q Q W 5 ' 4 X E N1 QNX s v wx S nnllw S S -Nl' N 3 yi A e Q x . Q .- ,. X N lx " X Oxxxxs i X iF . -Q. 1. 11,155 1 f"9.,---1-'I""'Il"l"XI Zi" -1 ..,,,,,1l -...--.'-F' ,,,,,-1,...,.w4-1-" 'I n--,-,,-1 Q."-I ',"'.-I..- .. '7--7, 1 ,Mtn , , ,.- ....,..-..,...,.,1,,.,-.,,.-14,14 -7111111111111 ax: 1 11 1,1 1:1 at K 1g,,,,,',,,,, I I, I I I Q lllllllm fl. 4 - h, . l- :I Y 2 , f ,.i.l. -Ui ' Ti " .-.-. ii- Q E gg , Yin- ' ,c if if? 7 Y -r i fx, s R- 17- " i I r -11 , ,1- Qi i Q 1- -3 A i X hi l- - . . , ,. ' x iii. i - T wi T A 3 l 4 - X , ,. Q ' Q ill i .. as 4 Q -. Q Q .... ?-- if - .-. i if... hi Y ii Q .1- 7 iii- -iy,-is -.. ,1 ,ii i ..-- 7.-gi is 1 - 1 i - ,4-1 i l '- f 1.,1.1 , - f l -J'-as 1- 1?-1 T Q L lj i ..1:r 1. -- -1--e ... i, " Y L' 1 Y' - Y, i-f-,-ni' Q " ' L-1 , vi 1 ' , - .1 'Z - , ,Z -,.. -f- i'- ..i , -- 5 Xl - 1? g For it so falls out That what we have we prize not to the worth While we enjoy it, but being lack'd and lost Why, then we rack the valueg then we find The virtue that possession would not show us While it was ours. William Shakespeare The final review of the Class of '56. We know already that the passing years will mirror many nd fortunes, but the friends and friendships of our Institute days will remain changes in our faces a constant and enduring. 15 GLORIA J. ACKLEY Valley Stream, N. Y. Technical Secretary Advertising Ski Club, Keys and Characters, LIATINS, Art Association. Q? if -QW' GARY V. ANDERSEN Flushing, N. Y. "Charley" Advertising Art 81 Design Art Association, Islander, Dance Bond and Orchestra, Wrestling Team. BRADLEY F. ANDERSON Brooklyn N. Y. Aircraft Operations WALTER C- QNDERSON R-H Cl b. West Nyac , N. Y. l e u Automotive 81 Diesel ' Hg gg wwf' 1 f - 'uf' ' ' . f ',"0wff, .. 6 y, Y , , Q will ' 'Y' '95-J 'ii' , Q! KVA. . K K ,, ,W . M355 'ig H WALTER R. ANDERSON WILLIAM E. ANDERSON ROBERT W. ANDERSSON Northport, N. Y. Glendale, N. Y. Freeport, N. Y. Ddlr lndustry Radio Communications Advertising Art 81 Design y Art Association. Dairy Tech Club. Ski Club, Cross Country. ANTONIO APAP Lake Carmel, N. Y. Aircraft Operations tlltv 3' f , in . . . . A l ike 'H A f""' D 4 V A, y 3 D315 fi Y r 5 X A if' ' ' ' A f, EDWARD J. ARNOLD . Locust Valley, N. Y. i f ' H I Automotive 8- Diesel A. Rifle Club, S.A.T., Intramurals. ii . 3 NORMA R. ASHE Baldwin, N. Y. X Dental Hygiene N Dental Hygiene Club, LIATINS, Dental Hygiene Club Committee. FRANK ARRE Brooklyn, N. Y. Animal Husbandry 'ua 'Mia- ROBERT W. ATTRIDGE MARY K AUGUST OISBERT P. AUWAERTER Merrick, N. Y. Monsey, N. Y. Bayport, N. Y. R9fI'lQ6fUflf19, l'lEC1llf1Q 8' Advertising Art 8- Design f'Giz1y" Honiqulfure Alf Conditioning Cheerleader, Dorm Council, Mixed Chorus, N,A,G,, Intramural Soccer, Art Association, Islander, LIATINS. GUSTAV F. BAHRUTH ROBERT F. BAKER Babylon, N. Y. Bronx, N. Y. Automotive 81 Diesel Animdl HU5band"Y Wrestling. Cattle Club. Yrrv GERARD E. BARRY little Neck, N. Y. "Buster" Automotive 8- Diesel S.A.T., Intramurals. -r"""' 'wif RONALD O. BARRET Buffalo, N. Y. "Hollywood" Nursery Management-O.H. Student Council, N.A.G. LAWRENCE P. BALLAS Yonkers, N. Y. Floriculture-O. H N.A.G. lRecording Secretaryj. K' cs Q i mi ilif TQ if 2 .fiiffeffifff V- A -5 fait f i - 2532524 -.:.fw.:H 2 -' - .ftsiaw .5 - -gn wi fr ,f s?w.'2RS-mam: JA" ai RICHARD J, BARBARINO West Babylon, N. Y. Mechanical Technology A.S.T.E., Intramural Football. RICHARD D. BARRY Hempstead, N. Y. Advertising Art 81 Design PHILIP J. BASILIN South Farmingdale, N. Y. Radio Communications Student Council lVice-Presidentl, Hew and Cry, Radio Club, Newman Club, Wres- tling, Cross-Country, Intramurals. PHILIP A. BECKER Glen Head, N. Y. "Artie" Automotive 8- Diesel S.A.T., Intramural Softball and Football. WALTER BERGSKAUG North Merrick, N. Y. Building Construction . 44, 1, .,,'.,,J :r-,H I ".l:, gf. V' ,f UI. C 'galil JW, I ,fl . 'iff' 4' pf ' ff I "' "" llln INH11 ,,f. 7 ,,,.,.i-...!.":f.f 4,55 ,, 11.191 rfglwl ,-.- . - A mr 1afn,, lllhliff, f . . CAROLYN J. BAUSCH Farmingdale, N. Y. Technical Secretary Industrial Student Council, Mixed Chorus, LIATINS, Keys and Characters, Islander, Girls' Sports. JOSEPH F. BECKER Massapequa, N. Y. Mechanical Technology Program Committee, A.S.T.E., Intramural Football. in 762 KENT V. BERCHIOLLI Northport, N. Y. Aircraft Operations RONALD C. BERGER North Floral Park, N. Y. Technical Administrative Assistant Intramural Sports. I ll I DONALD W. BEYER RICHARD J. BIRD Bayside, N. Y. Advertising Art 8- Design Varsity Club, Art Association, Cross Coun- try. fi' 5 DONALD E. BLOOMER Franklin Square, N. Y. Aircraft Operations South Huntington, N. Y. Advertising Art 81 Design Wrestling, Cross Country, Varsity Club, A" Ass"'l"'i""' CARMINE w. Bisxxcclo Hicksville, N. Y. Aircraft Operations ROBERT BIRMINGHAM Floral Park N Y Animal Husbandry has-.W THEODORE M. BLAKE Yonkers, N. Y. Advertising Art 8. Design Islander fArt Editorj, Student Council, Art Association, Sketching Club ,env U73 RICHARD L. BOKSER East Rockaway, N. Y. Technical Administrative Assistant 4-ff-9 ' Aga 'K A . 'f . X , fo , 'Q ,, x A A . ray, ,w.,,f+.s fs I-ti" v V A., Hi JASON BOLEN i Laurnlton, N. Y. Building Constructia Ilel. , ARLINE M. BORN Lindenhurst, N. Y. "Red" Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene Club, LIATINS, Twirling, Business Manager of the Rambler, As- sembly Committee. MICHAEL J. BOYLE Albertson, N. Y. Mechanical' Technology Ski Club, Football, Baseball. auf' Vis w,,p X17 PATRICIA BOYLE Bronx, N. Y. Plant Protection Technology JOHN H' BRADLEY Newman Club, N.A.G., Student Council, Buy Shore' N' Y' Aircraft O eratlons LIATINS. P f'. . RWD fs ive EZ' ROY J. BRASWELL JUDITH BRAUNSTEIN Bronxville, N. Y. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Frozen Foods Dental Hygiene Vice President of Freshman Class, New- President of Hillel, LIATINS, Dental Hy mon Club. giene Club, Secretory of C.I.S.G.A., Mixed Chorus, Rambler. .RJ 5, CAROL l.. BRIGHT Palchogue, N. Y. Technical Secretary Advertising Cheerleading, Glee Club, Treasurer of Freshman and Senior Classes, Keys and Characters, LIATINS. -'ss 'K JOHN R. sRolcH Greenporf, N. Y. "Willie Sultan" lnduslrial Chemislry .gf gy .,5tz--- , Z Q. .J-,bqf JOHN A. BROSNAN Hollis, N. Y. "Jack" Animal Husbandry Caifle Club, Ski 'Club, Basketball. THOMAS J. BRUNO Babylon, N. Y. "Brownie" Building Construction Advertising Ari 8- Design A.l.A. Islander, Art Association, Skeiching Club. ROBERT E. BROWN Sufiern, N. Y. HELENE N. BROWN Soulh Glen Falls, N. Y. "Brownie" Denial Hygie Hillel, Mixed Chorus, Rambler, Dental l giene Club. ,, ' -vs 510- gil ... igg H U VV Q. fm mgwf iiil k Q' PHYLLIS R. BRUSH Freepori, N. Y. Technical Secretary Adverlising Radio Club, Ski Club, Mixed Chorus, Keys 81 Characters, Art Assocation, LIATINS. i THOMAS I.. BUCKMAN Baldwin, N. Y., icky" Refrigeration, Heating 81 Air Conditioning 'amural Basketball, Intramural Softball. IRVING J. BUCHANAN Groveland, N. Y. "Duke" Automotive Br Diesel S.A.T. 4rf"'f"' A.S.T.E., ERNEST D. BUBEK Broad Channel, N. Y. Mechanical Technology Ski Club, Tennis. 'T' 3' ".?Qvc 'Rv' ii liiiif fi LAWRENCE H. BUTCHER Rockville Centre, N. Y. Advertising Art 8. Design 5 lnx mv, 13, '41 Q5 .oot ..... 6 . IRA CAPLAN ANNETTE J. CARAMANICO RICHARD C. CARLSON Bronx, N. Y. Amityville, N. Y. New Hyde Park, N. Y. "Cl1ipmunk" Plant Protection Technology "Little One" Advertising Art 8- Design Industrial Chemistry N.A.G., Intramural Sports. Radio Club, Art Association, Islander. ELEANOR A. CARSON Lindenhurst, N. Y. Advertising Art 84 Design Drum Maiorette, Art Association, Home- coming Art Float Committee. JAMES P. CARROLAN JAMES CARROLL Salem, N. Y. Floral Park, N. Y. Refrigeration, Heating 8- Industrial Instrumentation Air Conditioning Secretary of Varsity Club, Vice President of Newman Club, Fire Department, Track, Intramural Softball. fi f r """' I 1 A V I ff: , . if F I ai .. iff fit it ttsr 5: NEIL CARTER Hollis, N. Y. "Dusty" Animal Husbandry Fire Department, Cattle Club, Saddle Club, Intramural Softball, Intramural Volleyball. pil.. 595 '!'.I',.""' 'KE' GEROGE A. CHAMBERAS Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Electrical Equipment Fire Club, Students of Other Lands, Rifle Club, Cross Country, Track. CAROLINE E. CASSIS Spring Valley. N. Y, ERNEST A. CHRISTOFFERSEN FIUYICUIIUVG North Valley Stream, N. Y. N.A.G., Rambler, LIATINS, Campus Store. "Ch,-is" Highway 3, Bridge Band, Crass Country. 82? 95+ JOSEPH CIVELLI Lindenhurst, N. Y. Aircraft Operation: f -fA' . Vs-.Q f tis . ibn inn... if ., 'U' -1--"' RAYNALD R. COLEBURG East Northport, N. Y. Automotive 81 Diesel S.A.T. EDWARD F. COLLINS JOAN COLLINS Rochester, N. Y. Rockville Centre, N. Y. "Ted" Landscaping, O,H, Advertising Art 8- Design President of Freshman Class, Rambler, TWlfl6V,SBC-Of Af? Assoc. N.A.G., Basketball. fi? "Cookie" N.A.G. f-nw" JOHN M' COOTE "Pai" Poultry Husbandry Wlllislon Park' N' Y' Cattle Club, Kitchen Staff, Poultry Club, "Jack" Radio Communications Intramural Bqskefball. Student Council, Radio Club. GREGORY A. COOKE M , N Y DONALD F. COURSELLE orris . ' Rft , N. Y. Nursery Management-O. H. I on Radio Communications JOHN B. COSGROVE Brooklyn, N. Y. "C055ie" Animal Husbandry Cattle Club, Dlnlng Hall Walter, Intra mural Basketball. PASCAL M. COVELLO Bronx, N. Y. '-cv' QN- 'Newt ROBERT L. CUNNINGHAM Bellmore, N. Y. Refrigeration, Heating 8: Air Conditioning DAVID R. CROSSAN CAROL E. CROWNINSHIELD Setauket, N. Y. Valley Stream, N. Y. Technical Administrative Assistant "Cr0wny" Technical Secretory Advertising Radio Club, Keys and Characters Club, LIATINS, Ski Club, Keys and Characters Newman Club, Assembly, Rambler, Basket- Club, Art Association. ball, Baseball, Track. GEORGE DAHER Bronx, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Cattle Club, Intramural Sports. PATRICIA J. CURRIE Baldwin, N. Y. Dental Hygiene D. H. Club, LIATINS. JOHN R. DAHLMANN Amityville, N. Y. "J, D," Advertising Art 81 Design Art Association, Twirling, Male Chorus, Quartette, Drum Maior, Mixed Chorus. K i"i' s ..'i Q. ij- . ii' .Q on A 3. A o ALBIN E. DANELL ..- ' 4 1. 12.2-. sf . Ffeepofff N- Y- Tahfs Technical Administrative Assistant LOUIS C, DARIENZO Egzffggqigflgig ,V . -5 Football, Varsity Club, Radio Club, New- Seaford, N. Y. ' man Club, Keys and Characters, Theater "Spike" Nufsery Mom-,gemenf-on H. 55122324 --, fi Club, Rambler, Assembly Committee. N.A.G., Intramural Softball. -cv' ROBERT A. DAY Flushing, N. Y. Building Construction Ski Club, Rifle Club, A.I.A. MICHAEL R. DeLUCIA FRED .l. DENTON Bvbylon, N- Y- Brooklyn, N. Y. Advertising Art 81 Design "Frebby" Plant Protection Technology-O. H Senior Class Representative, Fire Deport- mehf. 15 RITA A. DESCHLER Bellmore, N. Y. Technical Secretary Indusirial lslander flixeculive Secrefaryl, Rifle Club, LIATI NS, Mixed Chorus. EDMOND J. DeVlNCENTlS Brooklyn, N. Y. "Joe Dingos" Dairy Industry Dairy Tech Club lSecre1arY5. Baske?ball, 'le'-l J 5 Q 3 ..,k llll All RONALD F. DIEM New Hyde Parlx, N. Y. LOUIS K. DEUTSCH Brooklyn, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Calfle Club, Hillel, lnlramural Softball. .'iraaa -,Q Q., . .. 'view .f 5 .5 X' avg?'is?.'i,ifw:..,,,. .1 vm J 3, w l 'iw ' .F MF: L N is 34 . .IB-1' X ... ef. EK .. .M . '71 Z, . ' if ' ' .fag we - ' 'lx f? 4. ' -S 1 'uxnfd .V . .,g.'a: . 'A F V5.3 fg.-1 A W -h--5 ,, QT I Zhi f V ROBERT .l. DlETRlCH River Edge, N. J. Animal Husbandry Hkedff Animal Husbandry Cuffle Club- came Club, ska Club, nmmmuml.. Um GEORGE F. DIEHL 'o ndale, N. Y. Building Canslructian A.l.A., Rifle Club, Intramural Football. va - l Y x Q , ,,.. , A 8 A if M EDWARD DiToMAs Roosevelt, N. Y. Hi ghway 81 Bridge ff f Zq 3 Q33e5xx1.w.xxs-f ' I , Z .-Wm M- A f ' , '77' 0 Wgflf WW , Q 1 A mga - - -5-N X , , I , X W' ' I' f I O Ere:-re! ' , if . f -'ff as 7 w:.vw . 14. 1 ,X s'g',o'f" I I l . ,W ff X805 IX' , , -, M j I lflllgiif Nw Wi' 0 f , f Q . A.l.A. ' ROBERT J. DONALD Oakdale, N. Y. ! Building Construction T EMILIO J. DONISI Oyster Bay, N. Y. 'Dee" Landscaping-O. H. N.A.G., Intramurals. 37 , 4:"":""' ff MICHAEL J. DOYLE Babylon, N. Y. Technical Administrative Assistant 'bl 'ss,,.5 ' Al.. Lf' . gf 'if' x , ff' .1 DONALD R. DREWS Huntington, N. Y. Mechanical Technology A.S.T.E. lTreasurerD, Ski Club. a 'K,,5, y Cargill I - fi fr, , Q g I 1 ii It I .. ' W.. JAMES P. DUNN, JR. LEONARD E. DUFFEE JAMES J. DUHAMEL Astoria, N. Y. Babylon, N. Y. EOS? Islip, N- Y. Floriculture-O. H. Frozen Foods "WI'IleYI' Newman Club, N.A.G. Newman Club, Intramural Sgftbgll and Technical Administrative Assistant Basketball. Keys 8. Characters, Radio Club, Intramural Basketball, and Baseball. 'Qui in-sg, "Pied FRANK K. DYER Averill Park, N, Y. "Kadara" AHC, gen. ag. Radio Club, Dining Hall, Cross Country, Intramural Basketball and Baseball. 1 'r . gi -.te L "Z 'R M ..... A H' . 1.555 1 :wma ku x X , D4 "'f'....-P' ALAN G. EDWARDS New Hyde Park, N. Y. Aircraft Operations WARREN E. EARLE Massapequa Park, N. Y. Aircraft Operations 6'0" ADELAIDE EHLI Freeport, N. Y. Dental Hygiene D. H. Club, Radio Club, LIATINS. We ELLEN T. EIGHMEY Hoosick Falls, N. Y. Dental Hygiene D. H. Club, LIATINS. CARL V. EHMIG Bethpage, N. Y, Mechanical Technology 55 Club, A,5,T,E, LOUlS J. EISENMAN Forest Hills, N. Y. Radio Communications ,fling ALBERT F. EITH Franklin Square, N. Y. Technical Administrative Assistant Band, Dance Band, Intramural Sports. C lj HENRY ELS Freeport, N. Y. "Elsie" Industrial Chemistry Intramural Softball, Basketball, Football, and Soccer. PERRY H. FAIRBANK Jamestown, N. Y. Landscaping-O. H. N.A.G. fVice Presidentj. V- .lf mmf '-' -5 . f 44. A" ""F'--Y' 'N PATRICK W. EMERY Highland, N. Y. "Pat" Technical Administrative Assistant StudentnCouncil, Newman Club, Keys and Characters, Trainer-Manager of Football Team. rfACen A.S.T.E. JOSEPH J. ENNESSER Mastic Beach, N. Y. Mechanical Technology fa: LEONARD ENRICO ARNOLD ERLER Brooklyn, N. Y. Franklin Square, N. Y. Aircraft Operations "Hans" Building Construction A.I.A., Varsity Club, Varsity Baseball MATHEW F. FARRELL Oyster Bay, N. Y. Industrial Instrumentation JOSEPH J FEE Wantagh, N. Y. Industrial Instrumentation EDWARD S FERNER Amityville, N. Y. CHARLES J. FAUSNER Aircraft Operations Uniondale, N. Y. Automotive 81 Diesel S.A.T., Intramural Softball and Football. FRANCIS C. FELICE Geneva, N. Y. "Cl1icl1" Highway 8- Bridge ..w"""' fi' FRED FETKOWITZ FERRIS S. FIELD Melville, N- Y- Lewiston, N. Y. "Fat" Industrial Instrumentation Landscaping-0, H, Intramural Basketball, Baseball, Football, NIAIGV Islander, and Soccer. 'Nl DOUGLAS A. FINLEY Richmond Hill, N. Y. Frozen Foods Intramural Basketball and Softball. DANIEL J. FLYNN Hollis, N. Y. Radio Communications Radio Club, Ham Club, Intramural Soft- ball, Basketball, ancl Football. ROBERT J. FISCHER Valley Stream, N. Y. Highway 81 Bridge 'ii WVU is-...- EDWARD I. FORDSMAN Rockville Centre, N. Y. Refrigeration, Heating 81 Air Conditioning J' l 'S' 51 PAUL .l. FORTUGNO Brooklyn, N. Y. Building Construction 4 ' CARL A. FORSBERG Montauk, N. Y. Aircraft Operations LAWRENCE H. FORT Patchague, N. Y. Mechanical Technology A.S.T.E., Ski Club CPresidentl. Nagy 11'-"V 5 X 1 ROBERT A. FRANK New York City, N. Y. "F0riCh" Radio Communications Refrigeration, Heating 8- Radio Club fVice Presidentl. Air Conditioning FRANK S. FORTUNATO Queens Village, N. Y. 35355: 2:.gE5EEE:5EE?EEEjggia ' ,,kV E J. ROGER FRITZ gggglsar ' :::::5p "'f"i-222 l u'::::- :iam .. Aziz:-ffilllll Iiililtti IE??5:I"I. I' im" Wes' Vallevf N- Y- AE..-j'i!l:v:f5 12:55 liigiII,., nv 3, . 1" ' p 1' -"' "Rod" Aufomofive 2- Diese' Milf" lines? ifieiffllllwzfzivi 47-fe!! !r"f2zf:.. Fire Department, S.A.T. it N4 ass.. ag: C 4252201 fy X Qziaaiaigif lgiggis ... , lgfflllfkzf' i 'f r 112'-did!!! II.f..::i lL2:2:,.',e:,11f:e F . -1lE:.5g:i:g!g,,.:::.:ggfY .:::-:,5ffg.g5n:f eigsiigzigtgiaiiaasaii' ::.g.gCgfg':.Pf::. X 15555 -.IjQ5.:'.:::: az' yy- 'ifz , . ...!!:!t.r f eHlIll im ' Hpassias 1 1 'Q-i 55255, X :il-4. , - r X f?:2F::1. I ..!::' 'i2::. s X "'255s. . '::::' webs N: 'a,,,23i!IiiIi jf2:3P,., .gi255g.,. 11 gqlhlajfifgglllv , f u....-4-.:,,,,,-H I. I ..,:fi 1, - i5F1:::::::..-:::e:::::ggi55,5 5i5,,,j,4,, f JOSEPH A. GALLAGHER Jamaica, N. Y. F 5 Automotive 81 Die A S.A.T., Board of Governors, lntramu Sports, Baseball Manager. RICHARD A. FULLER W2 Valhalla, N. Y. tr-'I . Advertising Art 81 Design 'EI' Mixed Chorus, Art Association, Islander, Sketch Club, Homecoming Float Committee. . - ,V f V L fi., Aff . 'S ' - - -ne: T " .4 :ff 4, ,fyrffs , . ARTHUR G. FUNK Franklin Square, N. Y. A.S.T.E. Mechanical Technology 4"- will wx---..,y Oil' FREDERICK H. GASSMANN, JR. IRWIN GEI.I.ER DEAN GEORGES Hollis, N. Y. Hempstead, N. Y. Rockaway Beach, N. Y. Mechanical Terhrwlvgv Technical Administrative Assistant ffninoff FloriculturedO. H. A.5.T.f-, IYWYUWUVUI FOOIIWII' N.A.G., Orientation Committee, Intramur- al Softball, Basketball, and Volleyball. BARBARA R. GILBERT Rockville Centre, N. Y. Technical Secretary Advertising Islander, Hillel, Mixed Chorus, Keys and Characters, LIATINS. Rosenr L. ciesissn ....-.. Islip, N. Y. FV' , - Radio Communications Intramurals. t ' N , wg I s 2 .J 'wi D'f-...r- SALVATORE J. GIORDANO Port Washington, N. Y. Salbug Plant Protection Technology-O. H N,A.G. ALFRED G. GERMAIN Glen Cove, N. Y. A.l.A. Building Construction N!! 1r:':+i""v' A CAROLYN M. GIRAULT ELAINE A. GLAUS ANTHONY T. GODY, Baldwin, N- Y. Valley Stream, N. Y. Patchogue, N. Y. "Cathy" Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene Electrical Equipment D. H. Club, LIATINS, Mixed Chorus. D. H. Club, Mixed Chorus, Rifle Club, Intramural Softball and Football. LIATINS. 'Q 'full 4-'W-Q CAROL S. GOLENSKY PATRICIA A. GOULD Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Freepori, N. Y. Technical Secretary Induslrial Technical Secretary Adveriising Hillel, LIATINS. Sludenl Council, Keys 8 Choroclers, Mixed Chorus, LIATINS, Radio Club, Art Asso- ciaiion. r ,, ' pm MQ, 0 '13, ' . 'Qf::w- A i T K' I X WILLIAM B. GRAHAM Tarrylown, N. Y. "Ichabod" AHC, gen. ag. Callie Club, Dining Hall, Male Chorus, Quartet, Mixed Chorus, Intramural Basket- ball and Softball. l ""'uq.n PAUL F. GRILL Long Beach, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Bee Club, Track Manager. "16u.,,,-sv' ROBERT B. GRAFFIN Dumoni, N. J. "Graf" Landscaping-O. H lnfram ural Softball, Volleyball, and Bas ketboll. Radio Cl .- Q my ,W JOSEPH A. GUCCIONE Bay Shore, N. Y. Aircrofi Operaiicns WILLIAM R. HAID Brighiwaters, N. Y. Induslrial Insrrumenfaiion ub. 5 9 mils km." iv'i QM "' i ' Z . :. I , i-I I Q -. A ...if N, "'f.'.7' GRETA A. HAGSTAD Oceanside, N. Y. Dental Hygiene D. H. Club, Mixed Chorus, LIATINS. DARYOUSH HAKIM Tehran, Iran "Dury" Agricultural Engineering Students from Foreign Lands, Agricultural Engineering Club, Tennis. MAURICE G. HANNON Brooklyn, N. Y. "Moe" AHC, gen. ag. Poultry Club, Cattle Club, Newman Club, Kitchen Stott, Radio Club, Intramural Sports. I fi, vw- g , 'K VK S 6 '- iff, ,1- be my fa wi' 'Q If 14 - NY. .fag , LESTER C. HALL Williston Park, N. Y. "Chuck" Advertising Art 8- Design Homeconing Float Committee, Art Associ- ation. JOHN D. HALIK Lake Ronkonlcoma, N. Y. nRedn Intramurals. Radio Commu nicatio ns 1. 32.-is , 'ii 'ti 25+ v l 3152 I T' it ,. ,f J xr., PATRICIA E. HALL RONALD F. HALL WUNIUQIII N- Y- Verona, N. J. Advertising Art 8. Design Floriculgu,-e-O. H Art Association IPresidentD, Islander CAs- N,A.G, sociate Art Editort, Radio Club, Home- coming Float Committee, LIATINS. fl- 38 SANDRA B. HANSEN Scotia, N. Y. Technical Secretary Advertising LIATINS, Dorm Council, Art Association. WILLIAM H. HAYES Baldwin, N. Y. Radio Communications . 3 t Q 9 I 'Cf . Q fill'-do 4? f A CONRAD HEINZERLING East Meadow, N. Y. NEIL L. HANSON Au, omotive 8- Diesel Little Neck, N, Y. Radio Communications Intramurals. .,.-W4 t A Q'-up swf! BARBARA A. HEITMANN WILLIAM B. HELLEGA5 Brooklyn, N- Y. Montclair, N. J. Advertising Art 8. Design AHC, gen. ag. Art Association, Islander, LIATINS. Waiter, Cattle Club, Mixed Chorus. v y 5 we Y AUGUST N. HEIMERICH New York City, N. Y. Landscaping-O. H. Student Council. f 5 269 Venn frm- T .Q Tfx xx, ur I' KENNETH L. HELLER Spring Valley, N. Y. Automotive 8: Diesel Hillel, S.A.T., Islander, Tennis, Baseball. JAMES D. HENRY Wilmington, Del. M h ' IT h I . ec umm ec no ogy Building Construction A.S.T.E., Intramural Sports. EDWIN F. HENN Bethpage, N. Y. Varsity Club lPresidentD, A.l.A. Ureasurerj, Orientation Committee, Soccer, Wrestling. CHARLES H. HENSLER North Bellmore, N. Y. .... ' i s , X I E48 Q 1-,K ,, HARVEY M. HERBST Levittown, N. Y. "Herb" Frozen Foods Intramural Softball. I.- cfm.-f JOHN J. HERBA East Islip, N. Y. RICHARD V. HERBERT Industrial Instrumentation . East Monches, N. Y, Student Council. Highway 81 Bridge Bee Club. 3: if THOMAS J. HEWITT FREDERICK HINCK, JR. Medina, N. Y. Bellmore, N. Y. Refrigeration, Heating 8. Building Construction Air Conditioning Rifle Club, A,I.A., Varsity Club, Soccer, Wrestling, Track. LEWIS l. HOCHBERG Brooklyn, N. Y. Refrigeralion, Heating 8 Air Conditioning Rambler. v fj WALTER H. HOFHEINZ Easl Nassau, N. Y. Aircrafi Operations .-,Way 1 '42 JOHN H. HOFFMAN 1 cl . Bay Shore, N. Y. 1 lncluslrial Chemislry -.,k ,' ., - ,K f X 1 K vi . i ,J A I .-fr x 'T' 'Qs HQ fy-9+ . 1 ivi as .ak inn.. ' PAUL M- HOPPE ANN C- HOSFORD IRVING w. HOWLAND Br00lKlYN, N- Valley Slream, N. Y. Rochesye,-I N. Y. HTlnYH Ammul Husbandry "Chris" Technical Secreiary Advertising 11551111 Animal Husbandry cil. Cafile Club, Fire Deparfmeni, Dorm Coun- Newman Club, Keys 8, Chumdersl Ski Bee Club fsecremryjl Club, Arl Association, l.lATlNS. - FRANK L. HUBBARD , , 1'1" fllf' Norfhporl, N. Y. i'r- , ..., C ,. . ,. ,gr 1 'f 'N."M 1 f ,ylffllf - 2,557 zz!! .. Rf -i'.,'qNx " ' " if "Hub" Aulomoiive 81 Diesel 1 Ex , .,,',, " f "' ' S.A.T. o V' ' , , -Q 'Iv' lx X 7 'lf I vi FQ l Q' iili f V . f v . Y' M X f f 4 "W '-:XQ1-'a4N'2-.e..-Qpg5-,- l- " -3' y , .':,j-ip,'.'."4 . . l 5-"WW, '.' 'vial 41 , .M I 41' 1- :war -y xi ,- X, vlfxvziff-ti., it QNX ! f I 4, X thy' ,gf xl ,-iw I 1' W Q5!"!7g.J.lZ1,?f. W x x 9 ' "NW - , l ff . f f -W " , . 1 , iff 7. Q. l SS :iff Ml m . ,, V. .. I , . f aI 'aifl y fw al X, s . J I f N ,pl N y ,, ' l , ,, w,,,,,, 1 if , f 1 ,A . 0 . if ff if l r, 'W' l. "l, .,Zi 'L F, Y X . . . I V il I . 3 ,f.. , A A law- ' ,-.f'l1,M,,-'.-,..,' JERRY H. HUBSCHMAN New Hyde Park, N. Y. Animal Husbandry udent Council, lslander iPhoto Editorb, e Club, Volleyball. '47- ill 4 JOHN W. HUBBARD Babylon, N. Y. Alrcraff Operations Foolball, Baseball, Wrestling. GORDON L. HUNT Elmira, N. Y. Advertising Ar! 8. Design Dance Band. 1,5 r ,M '-Q., 'Cla-5, , KT? ni. .VK x-I 1' DONALD H. HUNTER BARBARA A. HURSH HOWARD B. JACOBS Highland Millgl N, Y, Hicksville, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. l "Yukon" Nursery Managemenl-O. H. Denial HY9lene "Jake" Frozen Foods N,A,G,l Senior Class Represenfgfiye, D. H. Club, Mixed Chorus, LIATINS. Student Council, Frozen Foods Club. ELIZABETH M. JENSEN Wantagh, N. Y. industrial Chemistry Newman Club, Theater Club, LIATINS. STEPHEN JANOFSKY MALCOLM A. JARDINE Brooklyn, N. Y. Bellmore, N. Y. Agricultural Engineering Technical Administrative Assistant Mixed Chorus. WARREN S. JOERCHEL New York City, N. Y. 'fgufclf' Poultry Waiter, Poultry Club, Wrestling, Track Team. JOSEPH A. JERANSKY Farmingdale, N. Y. Technical Administrative Assistant Rambler. GEORGE W' JERVAS FLOYD A. JOHNSON Wllmont, N. Y. , . Baldwin, N. Y. Animal Husbandry H H Bee Club Flerd Poultry ' Student Council, Dorm Council, Poultry Club, Dining Hall. x!""!' JOAN E. JUKOFSKY Long Beach, N. Y. Technical Secretary Advertising Student Council KSecretaryD, Rambler, Hil- lel, ICorresponding Secretaryj, LIATINS, Art Association. , , X foiif K .5 ' 'gf M FRANCIS L. KAczYNsKi L M 'I W , Bay Shore, N. Y. , x 1' gs M ., - 5 A.S.T.E., Varsity Club, Football. I iii L ' ' 'ff , wt aw ' cinl A - ie ,ciii FRED A. KAFFKE West Orange, N. J. AHC, gen. ag. Cattle Club fPresidentJ, Head Waiter, Dorm Council. CAROL G. KALFUR Babylon, N. Y. Technical Secretary Industrial Band, Mixed Chorus, LIATINS, Islander. ANDREW KEEN Bayside, N. Y. Building Construction gov- vii?-' Qs, 1 in HAIROLD R. KATZENBERGER ALDEN J. KAUFMAN Mineola, N. Y. Bay Shore, N. Y. "Katz" Radio Communications Building Construction Radio Club, Intramurals. 'il' KENNETH F. KEEN A.S.T.E., Basketball, Track. FRANKLIN F. KEEVER Long Beach, N. Y. Technical Administrative Assistant PAUL E. KELLY WILLIAM s. KETENAN Kew Gafdensf N- Y' N r owsbur N. Y. AHC, gen. og. a r g, . I Mechanical Technology Dorm Council, Dorm Supervisor. A.S.T.E., Intramurals. .,,.-. . A' , 3 W ,ff -fr -' L ,4.kygySV't ff RONALD KENYON PRISCILLA A. KERN Roosevelt, N. Y. Freeport, N. Y. Advertising Art 81 Design Dental Hygiene Intramural Football. Radio Club, D. H. Club, LIATINS. ROBERT T. KELLER Roosevelt, N. Y. Mechanical Technology Farmingdale, N. Y. A.S.T.E. Nice Chairman T, Chairman 25, Mechanical Technology Intramural Soccer and Football. QC! am:rf1"" ROBERT N. KERR Rockville Centre, N. Y. Art Association. Advertising Art 8- Design JACK P. KESSLER Woodmere, N. Y. Electrical Equipment Sfudenf Council, Radio Club lCo-Presi- denll, Intramural Soccer and Softball. "Chri5" Mechanical Technology A.S.T.E., lntramu rals. WILLIAM KEZEMA PAUL E. KERSTEIN Hollis, N. Y. W Hastings-On-Hudson, N. Y. I Mechanical Technology A.S.T.E., Inlramurals. Q gbiififggi MALCOLM H. Kms:-:MAN iN I New Rochelle, N. Y. ,Q jg., "Mike" Frozen Foods X7 A if 'JFIF' I , I . ' Wi' of ., V 'k.- ix f .Q-tj X I R, 2' HERMAN KLEIN Brooklyn, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Caltle Club, Freshman Class Governmenl, Tennis Team. WILLIAM B. KIRKCONNELL Bay Shore, N. Y. Aircraft Operaiions 'R WILMA D. KNABBE Wanlagh, N. Y. Technical Secretary Adveriising Baton Twirling, LIATINS, Mixed Chorus, Keys 81 Characters, Islander, Ar! Associa Dion, Girls' Sporfs. 1 EDWARD A. KNAPP Bellerose, N. Y. Radio Communicalions Radio Club, Ham Club. JOHN A. KOBURGER HJ ku Forest Haus, Nggiry Indum X . X Sfllilsenl Council, Dairy lndustry Club. I f .. .... , , r lx' I ji llll I I Kiln 'WK Wai LLL,, .. 1' 'W iw. ,., ,,,, HJ, Newman PHILIP KOCH DECICI , ' I I D ,flfl ,, . ,f 5, I 42 1 Rosedale, N. Y. f Ornamenlal Horlicullure -f f Club fPresiden0. I - HENRY C. KOENIGSAMEN Bethpoge, N. Y. Technical Adminisiralive Assistant uil ing Construction I 1, jf ROBERT M. KRETCHMER Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Calfle Club, Dining Hall, Intramural Sporis. SIEGFRIED KREYE IRENE KRQLL Willislon Park, N. Y. New Hyde Park, N, Y, l-0nd5CaPln9-O- H- Dental Hygiene LIATINS. KENNETH R. KROPF Brooklyn, N. Y. "Crazy Kropl1" Floriculture-O. H. N.A.G. JANE B. KUECH Bellport, N. Y, Technical Secretary Advertising ATINS, Mixed Chorus, Keys 8- Characters, ander, Art Association, Girls' Sports. L: y 1 459- : Q GEORGE E. KUCK ' Ozone Park, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Cattle Club, Campus Village fVice Presi- dentj, Mailman. GEORGE KUHLKIN Bellmore, N. Y. Aircraft Operations 'if' Ylkaub ,,...,,, A . X l Y A2 WALTER E. KUHNLE ALBERT W. KUNTZ EDWARD R, LACKEY Lynbrook, N. Y. Huntington, N. Y. Bellerose, N. Y. Nursery Management-O. H. Aircraft Operations Mechanical Technology N.A.G. A.S.T.E. l ,L E'-if -Z? SHELDON B. LATINBERG NORMAN LAWITZ Forest Hills, N. Y. Bronx, N. Y. Landscaping-O. H. N.A.G., Wrestling. l x A E-J' ALAN LEDERMAN Forest Hills, N. Y. Dairy Industry Dairy Tech. Club, Basketball, Softball In- tramurals. Landscaping-O. H. TREVOR K. LEE LUM Port of Spain, Trinidad DANIEL F. LEAHY Seaford, N. Y. Industrial Chemistry MARY J. LEHMANN Glen Cove, N. Y. Technical Secretary Industrial Mixed Chorus, Newman Club, Islander, LIATINS, ANDREA C. LERNER Oceanside, N. Y. "Candy" Technical Secretary Advertising Rf' t' , H t' 81 , engemlon eamg Keys 81 Characters Club, Girls' Sports, Air Conditioning Islander LIATINS, Hillel, Ski Club, Radio Student Council, Students of Foreign Lands, Club' AL' Associmion' Tennis Team. V fi X S Q NY 1 sa , -J-I ' ':1'iH,.' :S ' , Z 5 'if' Is' 4 I af: K 8 ' tj'--"" "i.,l'ev. . r Y L "" ., L RUTH LEVINE Bellmore, N. Y. "Riff" Dental Hygiene D. H. Club, LIATINS MARGARET A. LiCAUSI Franklin Square, N. Y. Dental Hygiene LIATINS, D. H. Club Ureasurerj, Mixed Chorus. RICHARD LOMAS Flushing, N. Y. Building Construction A.I.A. ,-.4.... . '- ,. ,. L, A--5 I' if! MARIO M. LIONETTE long Island City, N. Y. Freshman Class Vice Softball. Automotive 81 Diesel President, Intramural DIANA LIPSCHITZ Bronx, N. Y. "Dee" Dental Hygiene TINS, D. H. Club, Girls' Sports. '5- VU! JESSE LIRA Corona, N. Y. SIGMUND LOCKER Sunnyside, N. Y. Eledflfal Equipment "Voice" Agricultural Engineering Waiter, Ag. Engineering Club, Cross Coun try, Wrestling, Track. MICHAEL LOMBARDOZZI Huntington, N. Y. Technical Administrative Assistant Intramural Sports. DAVID E. LOW Baldwin, N. Y. Building Construction A.I.A. A 54 'Car -.rv JOHN F. C. LUCAS Long Beach, N. Y. Refrigeration, Heating 81 Air Conditioning Intramurals. V EQV N X 2. I ESTER J. LUYSTER Huntington, N. Y. BRUCE E. LONG Dental Hygiene 5"YVi"ef NHY- D. H. Club, chorus, LIATINS. Refrigeration, Heating 8. Air Conditioning 9-QA 'Y2'j'J,"' 1'--'Q-'Y JOSEPH LYZUN, JR. SARA B, MABE Westbury, N. Y. Manlius, N. Y. MeCI"0niC0I TSCIWOIUQY Technical Secretary Advertising A.S.T,E. LIATINS, Art Association, Cheerleading. 'ii' g.,,,r CHARLES A. MGCDONALD Mahopac Falls, New York "Art" Industrial Instrumentation Intramural Baseball, Soccer, Football. RONALD W. MACKENZIE ARTHUR G. MacDOUGALL oyster Bay' New York Greenwich, Connecticut "Mack" Advertising Art and Design HMGCH Floricuhure AVI Associalion' Newman Club, N.A.G. Wy' 'VY'-our PATRICK W. MALLEOLO Farmingdale, New York I Plant Protection Technology 'A Campus Village CPres.J, Baseball. I 'E 1 ggi. ' It -.I . s-,yt Ag -. X .S . ' 5 gr sffi ANA. BETTY J. MARKLE Ellenville, N. Y. Advertising Art 81 Design Art Association, Mixed Chorus, LIATINS. M. DONALD MARCOTE Long Beach, New York Automotive and Diesel S.A.T., Softball, Football. 5-49- ROBERT S. MARKOSKI Franklin Square, N. Y. "Marty" Mechanical Technology A.S.T.E., J.V. Basketball, Intramural Sports. JOSEPH D. MARESCA Centereach, N. Y. "Thumper" Automotive 8- Diesel WILLIAM MARKOVSKY Brooklyn, N. Y. "Skip" Poultry Cattle Club, Men's Chorus, Dining Hall, Poultry Club, Bee Club, Radio Club, Track Team, Basketball, Intramurals. BETSY A. MARLOW Bellmore, N. Y. 5 ik Technical Secretary Induslricil Islander, Rifle Club, LIATINS. 55311 KENNETH C. MARSHALL gr Ridgewood, N. Y. Building Consfruction A.l.A. fPresidenYJ, Dorm Supervisor. GAIL A MARTIN Malverne, N. Y. Technical Secretary Adverlising Rambler, Cheerleading Squad, LIATINS, Islander fliferary Slaffl, Ski Club, Ari As- ROBERT MARTIN socicfion. Baldwin, N. Y. Adverlising Ari 81 Desi rv., 1 F "fi, ,, , J A K If fu'-"' -sl --ff f rl JACK G. MASER EUGENE H. MCADAMS WILLIAM M. MCBRIEN Mineola, N. Y. Glenwood Landing, N. Y. Northport, N. Y. Eledriwl Equipmenf "Mac" Eleclrical Equipmenl Nursery-O Fire Deparlment, Intramural Sports. Fire Department. LeROY D. MCCALL Schenectady, N. Y. - Floriculture-O. H. le Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Newman Club. CHARLES J. MCDONALD Freeport, N. Y. Technical Administrative Assistant Intramural Sports. UMUC.. Baseball. JOSEPH A. MCCLOY Smithtown, N. Y. Aircraft Operations E xl 7 i, ,. i 1, I ' E? 5 agp JOHN MCCARTHY Huntington, N. Y. Highway 81 Bridge 1'-sv.-pr hnnrf' . 'Z if - Q 1 fv .haw 1, . a ff? 4 ..,, JAMES J. MCCONNELL ., Brooklyn, N. Y. 4 Hag AHC, general agriculture Student Council, Bee Club, Parent's Day Committee, Volleyball, Intramurals. ""'5- PAMELA A. MCDOUGALL KATHLEEN E. MCELWAINE Bay Shore, N. Y. Port Washington, N. Y. Dental Hygiene "Kitty" Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene Club fPresidentJ, LIATINS, LlATlNS, Islander iLiterary Stattj, Dental Mixed Chorus. Hygiene Club, Cheerleading. f Q AWK? www' h cy ,V , S . :'A: T h ' l"' i I 1 A f f 1 1 ..itisrl v5'5F A A.l.i ROBERT w. MCGOWAN ooNALo K. MCNAIR Blauvelt, N. Y. Windsor, N. Y. "Mac" Radio Communications "Mac" Flariculture-O. H. SOCCBY, IHIVUUIUTUI If I II, Oftbcll, Gnd N.A.G., Student'Council, Intramural Sports. Football. if A A ,W 41,2 54 if . VIRGINIA M. MECKING Merrick, N. Y. Technical Secretory Industrial Mixed Chorus, Girls' Sports. PAUL A. MELZER Wantagh, N. Y. "Ralph" Industrial Chemistry EILEEN T. MEAGHER Copiague, N. Y. "Mugger" Technical Secretary Advertising Art Association, LIATINS, Keys 81 Charac- ters. ROBERT J. MEYER Bellmore, N. Y. "Dexter" Technical Secretary Advertising Keys 8. Characters, Art Association, Base- ball, Cross Country. JOHN A. MIGNARRI Larchmont, N. Y. "Pop" Nursery-O. H. Student Council fPresidentJ, N.A.G., New- man Club, Faculty Student Corporation. RAMUTIS K. MIKLAS Great Neck, N. Y. Radio Communications Radio Club, Varsity Soccer, Intramural Baseball. S.A.T. in DONALD A. MOESCH East Northport, N. Y. Automotive S- Diesel VIRGINIA A. MURRAY Plainview, N. Y. Dental Hygiene LIATINS, Dental Hygiene Club, Mixed Chorus. rx FN I DONALD E. MONINGTON Rosedale, N. Y. Mechanical Technology A.S.T.E., Intramural Football, Soccer, and Softball. I N CARL H. Moi-ILENHOFF IX A6 Staten Island, N. Y. M KQQZJ GL., Floriculture-O. H. fp! ' N.A.G., Waiter, Intramural Softball, Soc- . cer, and Volleyball. 1? c .7 4v""""' JAMES I- MONSEU RICHARD F. MULLEN Gfeenvoff' N' Y- Southhold, N. Y. Eleffnwl Eq'-'lPme'1' Automotive 8: Diesel S.A.T., Student Council. IRENE K. NELSEN , RONALD E. MURTHA . Valley Stream, N. Y. H H Baldwm' N' 'Y' Advertising Art 81 Design MW' Ammo' Husbandry Art Association, Ski Club. Cattle Club, Intramural Softball, Intra- mural Volleyball. ROGER E. NEFF Downsville N Y Basketball, Track, Baseball. ARNOLD H. NAGER Farmingdale, N. Y. Automotive 8- Diesel Industrial Chemistry Student Council Varsity Club Soccer ROBERT NELSON Wantagh, N. Y. Aircraft Operations Q .. ,T ROY G. NELSON ARLTON B. NICHOLS East Meadow, N. Y. Vestal, N. Y, "Nellie" Industrial Instrumentation "Nick" Dairy Industry Intramural Sports. Dairy Tech. Club. All"'hz :ascii 13-g-rim, I' A ...,,.. s kk. , II' I .qs ji ,A x Q I ' ' , ' .,,. ig li I an 'iff Q' ' f 3. 1 I 77-Ti . I: ' ff' 7, , ' 'L A 1. 'Q 5 Zi 1?t.ff5. 2 2 JOHN B. NICKERSON "Nick". Mechanical Technology A.S.T.E., - Basketball. DONALD A. NIEBLING Huntington Station, N. Y. ROBERT I' NICOLL Radio Club Radio Communications K' AI Williston Park, N. Y. Industrial Chemistry Radio Club. ARTHUR NOBLE Queens Village, N. Y. Aircraft Operations 'Gif 'wn...-- MVC ff' ki VR 'ti ttzzfff' iq., ALBERT NORTHRUP Massapequa, N. Y. Aircraft Operations JOSEPH NOCAR Bohemia, N. Y. Building Construction JAMES J' NOLAN Babylon, N. Y. A.I.A. , , Industrial Instrumentation Intramural Sports. WN. I "'-'-' 'Ilfor- ROBERT W. NUFER JOAN O'DOWD Bellmore, N. Y. Flushing, N. Y, Industrial Chemistry Dental Hygiene D, H. Club, LIATINS, Islander fLiterary Stafll. ' uni' ALLEN R. OLLENDORF Islip, N. Y. "Ollie" Electrical Equipment Intramural Sports. J 'RP if sf' ' NY ski lrfl if I KENNETH A. OLSEN Glen Cove, N. Y. Aircraft Operations 'fig mm? BARBARA OLTCHIC Bronx, N. Y. Dental Hygiene RUSSELL K. OLSEN W Mount Vernon, N. Y. I AHC, gen. J Islander Editor. , an AXU s CLARENCE OLSEN A Brooklyn, N. Y. I , Agricultural Engineering 4 . K i-Qiiifrmll ' ' f L . 'wifi fvtf' 545,11 - gi-2.7 ,-j.' , i:.1'f.'4-fcgtlf A .gun K,'3l"- S .. Wh' . .g- Swfex -51,21 L-41:4 we ' w.iff1fs2af'sg+e R 1: .wrfefzesoe 2:-:Mila A-A . fit . .. 0 5 A i"i"- I .bli . t,. ., wg JACK R. OTTO Rochester, N. Y. Landscaping-O. H. of Freshman Class, JOHN G. O'ROURKE Inwood, N. Y, Automotive 8. Diesel 5.A.Ti, Intramural Basketball, Football, N.A.G., Treasurer Baseball- Wrestling, Intramural Soccer. li- f ,vi 8 3.,.,,, 1-. ,ee 1.1" 0-Kaoo L MAX J. PAAPE Port Chester, N. Y. "Rogky" Animal Husbandry Cattle Club, Dorm Council, Dining Hall, Radio Club, Grange, Intramural Basket- ball. '9fv'! yu...-v-0 RICHARD N. PALMER Westbury, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Debate Club, Cattle Club, Grange. H5314 ...Qs up-f 4'-F-"' CHARLES A. PALMER Bellmore, N. Y. Landscaping-O. H. N.A.G., Wrestling, Track, Intramural Soft- ball, Volleyball. SALVATORE N. PANTANO Babylon, N. Y. Q Mechanical Technology , A L A.S.T.E., Intramural Softball, Soccer and Football. CHARLES F. PARSONS Malverne, N. Y. Highway 8: Bridge f f .., H L . V M T 9 PAUL E. PAPP CHARLES E. PARKER Bronx, N, Y, Rockville Centre, N. Y. "Puppy" Dairy lndustry POUITYY Dining Hall, Dairy Tech Club, Cuiile Club, Islander lAssistant Photo Editorj, Volley- l t I n ramura Basketball, Intramural Softball. bull- L JEROME M. PEPPITO Lynbrook, N. Y. Mechanical Technology Band, A.S.T.E. .B N-ANCY M. PATTISON ELLEN M. PEDERSEN East Islip, N. Y. Deer Park, N. Y. Technical Secretary Industrial Technical Secretary Advertising Mixed Chorus, LIATINS, Keys 8- Characters. Islander, Rifle Club, Mixed Chorus, LIATINS, K Girls' Sports. K ' I 4 1 will ., I u ., iq .Q I 1 f i ,Av EV' WILLIAM H, PETERS Lindenhurst, N. Y. Automotive 8- Diesel S.A.T., Intramural Basketball, Softball, and Football. 'sg-,, enum RAYMOND PEREDNIA New York City, N. Y. Dairy Tech Club. Dairy lndustry JOHN E. PERRY Yonkers, N. Y. "Romeo" Nursery Management-O. H. N.A.G., N CI b, I I S f- bun ewman u ntramura o t PETER PETERSON Electrical Equipment ,sw 78' CHU' GEORGE D. PETTIT Merrick, N. Y. "Dave" Industrial Chemistry Rifle Club, Intramural Softball, Football and Soccer. 845' FLORENCE C. PEZZUTO East Meadow, N. Y. Food Distribution Student Council, Merchandising Club, LIATINS. ROBERT W. POLHEMUS Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Mechanical Technology President of Senior Class, Parents' Day Committee, A.S.T.E., Homecoming Com- mittee, Student-Faculty Cooperation. W norm.-zamzslzxmazmi 2-Hifi MARY R. PICOZZI Huntington, N. Y. Technical Secretary Industrial Mixed Chorus, Newman Club, LIATINS. PHILIP PIANIN Lynbrook, N. Y. Frozen Foods .54 ,lv , Ik I UXNRQX ' lst. D . 1 W pi- 5,5 ,. T. iii Ii. 7 L if 5 ANGELOS PILITSIS ALAN l'I. PILLING Salonica, Greece Oceanside, N. Y. HPGGCITGSH AVIIFTIGI HUSIIJCHCIYY "Bud" AHC, Oeneral Agriculture Students From Other Lands fPresicIentD, Cattle Club. Mixed Chorus, Male Chorus, Soccer, Var- sity Club, Dining Hall, Intramural Basket- ball. Ig 'ir- C174 GAIL E. POWELL Eastport, N. Y. CHARLES A. PRUDHOM Tech nical Secretary Industrial RICHARD E. POWERS Spring Valley, N. Y. Radio Communications Intramurals N! 'ici Ds. 'Uv 'ww DAVID M. PURSHALL Glenwood, N. Y. PATRICIA POWELL Aircraft Operaliorls Queens Village, N. Y. Technical Secretary Industrial l.lATlNS fPresidentl, Girls' Sports, Keys 8. Characters. Y ki? MICHAEL D. RAIMONDI WILLIAM C. RAISER lf1W0Od, N- Y- Queens Village, N. Y. "Mickey Ray" Landscaping-O. H, Frozen Foods Band, Male Chorus, N.A.G. QTreasurerl, Intramural Basketball and Softball. Newman Club, Radio Club, Dance Band, Intramural Soccer, Basketball, Softball, and Volleyball. Seaford, N. Y. LIATINS, Mixed Chorus. Mechanical Technol09Y Ga.,-r K. . . . ..LL,.. DICK H. RATHJEN Roosevelt, N. Y. Electrical Equipment BETTY M. kAYNon Freeport, N. Y. Technical Secretary Advertising Cheerleading, Radio Club, Ski Club, Tech Theatre Club, Student Council, Chorus, LIATINS. Lp, TEV ' -qv-rf 'Sa Ns-f ARTHUR B. RICCI Mount Vernon, N. Y. "Amos" Poultry Husbandry Poultry Club, Radio Club, Kitchen Stott, Intramural Sports, Wrestling. N.A.G., HENRY W. RAY Brooklyn, N. Y. Refrigeration, Heating 8- Air Conditioning -2291... . f . N 'QWWSV MARTIN D. REILLY Yonkers, N. Y. "Red" Animal Husbandry Cattle Club, Bee Club, Dining Hall. Worx-r N A RICHARD A. REISER Spring Valley, N. Y. Landscaping-O' H' JosEPH H. Rensem Intramural Softball and Basket- Wanmgh, N. Y. ball. Radio Communications Newman Club, Amateur Radio Club fOfli- cerl. k '2P"yr - if I VER n ,r' .. KA . 2 f VINCENT RICCA JOHN A. RICHARDSON l5llPf N- Y- Douglaston, N. Y. Building C0n5l"UC'l0f1 "Jake" Radio Communications Fire Department lChiefl, Radio Club. PAUL RICHTER Woodside, N. Y. Agricultural Engineering Waiter, Ag. Engineering Club. 76' 29: ALBERT RIERA Philadelphia, Pa. "Tico" Plant Protection Technology-OH Band, Male Chorus, Mixed Chorus, N.A.G. 'Ev LEE J. ROACH Franklin Square, N. Y. Automotive 8t Dies KENNETH W. RILLINGS Rockville Centre, N. Y. Automotive 81 Diesel S.A.T., Basketball, Intramural Softball. f 4? ,fab "bv-of Qfy qw-"" SS 1 2 N. Y A S' Q., . 7, ig. CAROL B. ROGALA JOSEPH M. RODGERS HARRY R. RODMAN Bethpage, N. Y. Massapequa, N. Y. Floral Park, N. Y- Electrical Equipment Radio Communications Technical Administrative Assistant 'fi Cl b. Intramural Sports, Newman Club. Mixed Chorus, Ri e u X X I ROBERT J. ROSS j " Valley Stream, N. Y. f ' Mechanical Technology , m A.s.T.E. its I QA... H... I, E M, . ,ji I iz? 3 I va! EDWARD c. ROSE V 'V - iw! Medford, N. Y. 15 ,-,, Industrial Instrumentation Band. 'ti ROBERT J. ROIZMAN PAUL J. ROSSI Valley Stream, N. Y. Garden City, N. Y. Aircraft Operations "Big PauI" Radio Communications . ' dd' tl' , I ! ,l j MX? 'ff-il mi CY-end x I ,EJI ,f C Q'-s-A KAREN V. ROSWELL DAVID P. ROWAN WILLIAM H. RUF -lUCk50n Hel9hfS, N- Y- Central Islip, N. Y. St. James, N. Y. "Swede" AdVe'il5ln9 All 8' Design Landscaping-O. H. Aircraft Operqfiong Students From Other Lands fsecretaryj, N,A.G, Radio Club, LIATINS. -eQ""""' "WE W A , ... A tis.. I ' , .A tsit kr - ,....,1 . 1 A w1LuAM T. mmsxv MARK A. RYAN Sea Cliff, N. Y. "Moe" Nursery Management-O. H. Syosset, N. Y. Nursery-O. H. N.A.G., Varsity Basketball, Cross Country, Rifle Club, N,A.G., Soccer, Track' Intramural Softball. ALDEN H. SAGER Oceanside, N. Y. Mechanical Technology A.S.T.E., Intramural Basketball and Baseball KENNETH D. SAUSSER Southampton, N. Y. "Sous" Industrial Instrumentation ELWOOD M. SAUER Wantagh, N. Y. "Woody" Technical Administrative Assistant Intramural Baseball and Basketball. DAVID A. SALERNO Flushing, N. Y. Landscaping--O. H. JAMES R. SAVOLD Valley Stream, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Cattle Club. 47" 'ffl CHARLES L. SCAGLIONE Elmont, N. Y. Aircraft Operations he Q21 1 JOHN F. SCHEPPER Bronx, N. Y, Advertising Art 8- Design FRANCIS J. SCHLEIDER Jamaica, N. Y. Industrial Chemistry Rifle Club, Intramural Softball, Football, and Soccer CManagerl. Q-,,,..M'vv' .., . r , gy. fi C, v' xc ii 2 1, N KW 791' xl' rf' THEO W. SCHACKLINSCKY Mamaroneck, N. Y. "Schack" Building Construction A.I.A., Intramural Sports, Soccer. JOAN P. SCHAFFNER Center Moriches, N. Y. "Jg.J0" Dental Hygiene D. H. Club, Band, LIATINS, Islander fLit- erary Staftl, Girls' Sports. 'av rn.. 1 age Q R. I i W. 1 is .ff gr J 5 jg, E KN. sf' X K 'H RICHARD C. SCHERRER HENRY SCHILLO Bay Shore, N. Y. Syosset, N. Y. Mechanical Technology Mechanical Technology A.S.T.E., Slxi Club, Intramural Football. av' NANCY C. SCHLICHTING Mineola, N. Y. Technical Secretary Industrial Islander, Mixed Chorus, LIATINS. ERNEST H. SCHNEIDER Centereach, N. Y. Floriculfure-O. H. N.A.G., Band, Intramural Soccer. FREDERICK T. SCHONBRUNNER New York City, N. Y. Frozen Foods ARTHUR SCHMID Bay Shore, N. Y. Ornamental Horticulture F' , . WARREN A. SCHRICK EDMUND SCHUBERT Farmingdale, N. Y. Huntington, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Landscaping-O. H. Cattle Club. N.A.G., Intramural Softball. ERNEST SCHOENFELD New York City, N. Y. AHC, gen. ag. Vice President of Senior Class, Hillel CVice Presidentj, Parents' Day Committee, Waiter, Radio Club, Spring Festival Committee, Storekeeper, Intramural Sports. , H , in . i:iM3'9" i , A ... 5... if . if .Vi -' f I l se.. , W5l:.jg,., V X ,,,.. .: -.. , ,, , ,E g if .,1' i ' ia 5.1.6. 1: ff. , aff re ,ffz few., RICHARD SCHUMACHER D Bronx, N. Y. "Willie" Automotive 8- Diesel S.A.T. MYRNA R. SCHWARTZ Saratoga Springs, N. Y, "Mymergia" Dental Hygiene President of Dorm l, Mixed Chorus, LIATINS, D. H. Club, Rambler IEditorI, Islander fRe-write Editorl, Faculty-Student Corporation. ,uf 'Q""" I . .1 - ' ii ieef RICHARD A. SEARS Livingston, N. J. Animal Husbandry Dorm Council, Cattle Club. -ml HAROLD . MQ I Manhat , . Y. Poultry Husbandry Poultry Club, Waiter, Football, Intramural Sports. WILLIAM L. SCOLLAY Wantagh, N. Y. Radio Communications . . RY r '1'f'WIx, - ,. ig ""f ff'-3 N"--e PAUL W. SEARIGHT Great Neck, N, Y. Advertising Art 81 Design Intramural Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Baldwin' N' Y' Refrigeration, Heating JAMES F. SEAGER Intramural Football. g Air Conditioning Constitution Committee. ROBERT H. SEELEY RICHARD M. SHAND , Hollis, N. Y. Blue Point, N. Y. DUIVY lndU5i"Y Food Distribution Male Chorus, Dairy Tech Club. Food Distribution Club, Varsity Club, Soc. cer, Track. 'Qin 8- RN KENNETH A. SHANER Bolivar, N. Y. Aircrafl Operalions si .li 1"-5 ff! ik'- 1705 SUZANNE A. SICARD Franklin Square, N. Y. Technical Secretary Advertising LIATINS, Art Associaiion, Newman Club, Keys 8. Cha racters. PHILIP .l. SHEEHAN Roosevelt, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Islander QBusiness Managerj. DOROTHY B. SHIELDS Greai Neck, N. Y. Denial Hygiene Club, Mixed Chorus, LlATlNS, Rifle D. H. Club, Girls' Sporls. ,. ffw'9",.. - ' K' ' ,Gigi 1:1 - ' we ' Y 3 WN 'J L' M e-...Q JOHN R. SIMPSON Farmingdale, New York "Red" Agricultural Engineering Sludent Council CTreas.l, Ag. Eng. Club, Campus Village Associaiion CVice-Presi- denfi, 'U' SYLVIA E. SHILENSKY Rego Park, N. Y. Denial Hygl Rambler, Islander, Band, LIATINS, 4 4 s , s 1 11. JOHN A. SMITH Farmingdale, New York "SmiHy" Floriculiure-O. H. Band, N.A.G. JOHN C. SMITH Greenpori, N. Y. "SmiHy" Mechanical Technology 4, A.S.T.E., Dorm Counselor, Iniram ral Fool- ., ' Domi- ball. I MISS 'T an 2,00 6 Ml so 'J- 'vo "..?' 45- 905 eg.,-S '4-0' 794 WSW' wg:- 011' LAWRENCE B. SMITH Bellmore, New York Highway 8- Bridge 92 of-Q, 'Kru- 'swf' KENNETH N. SMITH Freeporf, N. Y. Radio Communications LILLIAN E. SMITH Amityville, N. Y. "Siella" Technical Secretary Induslrial Keys 81 Characters LIATINS Ski Club Thea Ire Club, Newman Club fSec.-Treas.J, Inlra- mural Sports. .4v--- 3. - V.k,lI I I fi fv- :. - -' ' WALTER J. SMITH, JR. WINIFRED H. SMITH NEAL A. SOUTRA Islip, N. Y. Hollis, N. Y. Pearl River, N. Y. "SmiHy" Highway Bn Bridge Technical Secretary Adveriising "Shorty" Floriculiure-O. H. Vorsify Club, Soccer, Bqgkefbgll, Baseball, Islander, LIATINS, Keys 81 Characiers, Mixed N.A.G., fCorre. Sec.J, Basketball, Tennis, Chorus, Girls' Sports, Intramural Volleyball. NJ 5 , W' W nd 'UT9' 'uni' CAROL-JEAN SPEYER MICHAEL F. S-I-ACH Locus? Valley, N. Y. Nyack, N. Y' lnduslrlul ChemfS'fY Radio Communications Tech Thealre Club fSec.fTreas.D, Rifle Club, Radio Club. LIATINS. N-.lf-1 NICHOLAS A. ST. ANGELO Amiryville, N. Y. Aircraft Operalions 4:5- JOHN L. STAPLES Pearl River, N. Y. Radio Communicalions A CORNELIUS D. STACK Flushing, N. Y. "Deg" AHC-gen. ag. Bclskeiball. RK vi 'D-nr DONNA Y. STAHL Fabius, N. Y. Denial Hygiene Cheerleader fCapfainJ, Islander fliterary Ediforl, Mixed Chorus, D. H. Club. ETHEL STEGINSKY Huntington, N. Y. Adveriising Ari 8- Design 'QS' Advertising Arf 8: Design STUART N. Y. Elecirical Equipmenf ASTRID V. SWENSON Wes, Islip, Nl Y. PAUL F. THIELKE "Viv" Technical Secretary Industrial New York City' N' Y' Refrigeration, Heating 81 Air Conditioning Rifle Club, Radio Club, Islander, LIATINS, Girls' Sports. EDGAR .l. TAYLOR Valley Stream, N. Y. Electrical Equipment S : 4 Y 'i l i n 5. W, 'W' mf: " 'ET' MARILYN E. THOMAS Sayville, N. Y. DONALD D' TAYLOR Technical Secretary Industrial Hempstead, N. Y. Highway 8. Bridge Q rl i fi 1, 41. 54 4, W A ' .r si ' T W4 .A ' V.. "-2 M -L .. ,. ' A I Y 2 ROBERT J. VALENTE x " in ' Bellmore, N. Y. I L "Rocombulay" Mechanical Technology . x Q A,s.T.E. Al-GIE J- URBONAS RONALD S. VAKASSIAN Great Neck, N. Y. Rye, N, Y, Radio Communications ffgondoff Augomogive at Diesel Radio Clllbi V0f5lfY ClUbf SOCCBY- S.A.T. Nice Presidentl CFreshman-yearj, Wrestling. EMIL A. VANCURA Queens, N. Y. Hyun., S.A.T. 'fe Automotive Vh.' ., I..- iz hi . f i I ELW I ' ' . Q at Diesel Patchogue, N. Y. - 2.1 MARION G. WAKAL Brooklyn, N. Y. S.A.T., Rifle Club. Automotive 81 Diesel JOHN P. VALENTINO Electrical Equipment Football. RONALD F. VERITY Amityville, N. Y. AHC-gen. ag. Fire Department CSec.-Treas.J, Bee Club Canterbury Club. ROBERT C. VREELAND Little Neck, N. Y. Frozen Foods Islander, Intramural Softball. WALTER W. WAJDA Patchogue, N. Y. Industrial Instrumentation Intramural Sports. fa- , .1 ' if . 3 . , . -. his . . C, s JOY A. WALDRON West Nyack, N. Y. BRYAN WALKER Madison, Connecticut Technical Secretary Industrial Landscaping-O. H. Debate Club, Senior Class Sec. 'figs' lim...-1 READE A. WALl.EY Huntington, N. Y. "Young Doctor Walley" Advertising Art 81 Design K I IA E-fl f ROBERT J. WARREN Lourelton, N. Y. Radio Communications GERALD WEIR New Rochelle, N. Y. Refrigeration, Heating 81 Air Conditioning "Jerry" Rambler. 4f""- IQ! HOPE E. WARNER Millbrook, N. Y. "Hopie" Floriculture-O. H. N.A.G., Newman Club, LIATINS. I'U'h N Xa RICHARD M. WENDLEK Northport, N. Y. f ,, 15" 2 wars 4 V wtv A . H! I -. uiffiiv xl. ws . gt Y' 'E 'is lv' If M. M- . .3 R. L. WARNER . .ff , cl.. . :sn o N .. , XT, A-1 2. sf JOHN V. WHEELER Elsmere, N. Y. Building Construction "Jock" Building Construction A-l.A- Student Council, Sports Reporter, AIA Tennis Team, Basketball, Intromurol Soc cer, Football, ond Softball. ,.:!:+ a-w X LESTER E. WHITE Q WX - - .Tx Rutland, Vermont -1- S X Mechanical Technology V L '- Student Council, A.S.T.E. 5?-7 f ws- ,S 5' 1 ' I 3 'Q i ,.f ..- ,5?. .. " -4-' -f N,-f, CN 'a i??- C -V .l-1 lig- S jk-f , lll, J V li ' f ,ff 4 ' f 1 . app - 4 . 9. ruff' .-Sgt . . if I A 2 ,." K 'iw 3,-is BARBARA E. WHITAKER DONALD R. WHEELER Quogue, N. Y. Aircraft Operations --...Q V:.V,.T I . o te JOHN W. WHITEFIELD Staten Island, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Cattle Club CVice-Pres.I, Dining Hall Cline Capt.J, Dorm Council, Senior Class Oiticer. Rifle Club, Theatre Club, Newman Club. Valley Stream, N. Y. Industrial Chemistry SHARON L. WHITE Williston Park, N. Y. Dental Hygiene 5 H 6 'b il' ,. 1: , Q -9 Q Mig.: 1 Iggy. 11-,., THOMAS A. WICKENHAVER WILLIAM E. WILKINSON Amityville, N. Y. Syosset, N. Y. "Doc" Mechanical Technology Building Construction A.S.T.E. A.l.A., Band, Dance Band. HARRY S. WILLIAMS Roosevelt, N. Y. Refrigeration, Heating 81 Air Conditioning IIB,-,dw Hank" r . '. . , f t GEORGE E. WILSON Absecon, N. J. Dairy Industry Dairy Tech Club, Newman Club, Dorm Supervisor, Dorm Council, Student-Faculty Corp., intramural Softball, and Basketball. ft. iQ ,. , .4 6 ' '9Luu. ibn' ALAN J. WOLF Port Washington, N. Y. Refrigeration, Heating 8- Air Condiitoning JOHN WOLLHEIM Oceanside, N. Y. Frozen Foods Egg: Jw " " -. f - M " ,, ,. r frwullyff LEE C. WISH Sayville, N. Y. "Pinky" Floriculture-O. H. Mixed Chorus, Male Chorus, Cross Coun- try, Intramural Softball. hz . 12411,- ,,,, .. . ml.. .K-U . ' . , J ,fo-, ww A ,qi ,H-4 yiyg. ,tx -di ' qw A Z . 2' K L ' ff X if ,L V- Q R 33d Q YW 5 K S 2 . 2. . .. . I -- 'f f . . zzz.. :sw JON G. WOLYNIES Westbury, N. Y. Highway 8. Bridge JOSEPH G. YUZZI New Hyde Park, N. Y. "Joe Music" Nursery Management-O. H. N.A.G. CPresidentJ, Fire Department fCap- tainl, Newman Club, Intramural Softball. ANN ZANER Great Neck, N. Y. Dental Hygiene Student Council, D. H. Club, Secretary of Freshman Class, Orientation Committee, Parents' Day Committee, President of Council of Institute Student Government Association, LIATINS. ,pf-. '73- ix K JOYCE A. ZEMIDAT W. Farmingdale, N. Y. "Zemie" Technical Secretary Advertising Keys 8- Characters, Student Council, Mixed Chorus, Islander, LIATINS. EDWIN H. ZOBRIST Mineola, N. Y. "fha 19" Radio Communications Fire Department. JOHN WESLEY BRILL Nyack, N. Y. "Wes" Floriculture--0. H. Christian Association, N.A.G. FRANK M. CALARCO Mamaroneck, N. Y. Building Construction ROBERT FONG Baldwin, N. Y. Highway 81 Bridge JAMES H. FOX Huntington, N. Y. "Reggie" Plant Protection Technology N.A.G. HENRY O. GILBERT Flushing, N. Y. "Silent" Ornamental Horticulture, Plant Protection Technology RICHARD GROVER Hewlett, N. Y. Ornamental Horticulture HOWARD T. HOLLAND Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. Technical Administrative Assistant CURTIS KREJCI Great Neck, N. Y. Technical Administrative Assistant LEWIS D. MAHLER Franklin Square, N. Y. Mechanical Technology Softball. Wal' JULIUS ZUCKERMAN Bronx, N. Y. Industrial Instrumentation WESLEY E. MASCH Springfield, N. Y. Industrial Instrumentation FRANK MATHER Blue Point, N. Y. Building Construction JOHN H. MIRSCHEL Hempstead, N. Y. Building Construction JOSEPH F. PENTOLA Malverne, N. Y. Industrial Chemistry RONALD REISER Bronx, N. Y. Ornamental Horticulture THOMAS J. RUSSELL New Hyde Park, N. Y. "Tom" Advertising Art 8. Design Art Association, Golf. JOHN R. STRANG Glen Cove, N. Y. Advertising Art 81 Design RUSSELL C. SUTHERLAND Islip Terrace, N. Y. Advertising Art 8- Design JOHN MAZZANOTTE Dairy Industry THOMAS M. SCHRATWIESER Rockaway, N. Y. Building Construction 2 f li, 4iI' 742 ,-. ,,- 441.1 ,J f' ' if 'f,f-fi A ,if" 2. Zf? 4ofJAf ! f -1, - 4 :1,i-2 47 ,jj -gf: ,-, , fsff -7.12" 71- 1 T 4 4'-Y., , iL -Z, 4-7 ' , "' .2 l X, X 2 l ':L,:.A"":'534'-"' -15712. Y Ar-'A-f' ,. iii, Ati' 1' -"jj",'11'7 136-T 5.11 K '1- 'i ,IT AMERICAN SOCIETY OF TOOL ENGINEERS 1 , . , 4 f"' - , jc- e s Q ' , 5' ,ff Q. v ,ff-' . . - TH , K Wa' ts. I ' 4 ' 2 L V, -. I I sr :J,' .Qi U YA, .V Al -I 1 x The social part of afI'echpI'rRJl.heart. " if .4 -'I A' if I , '-I ' fr I :W I ' V' .P JN ' 'I I " V' I . ' px JV. .y,l,,J , V rw., D I fl! . ' 55' 'Y' 5" 41. K". . fr. Q .da f ,' .1 ' I ll J 7 ' v IJ v1.1 If 1 ' JJ YI AJ 1 . ,1 1 V x , 1 .J,1q' YZF 'ffxi . asf! I .f y I, I 7-41, x I3-J'IfIs,.fCu ld V if 4 'KM AT .,.X R .egg 1 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF TOOL ENGINEERS Left to Right, Ist Row, V. Yepson, Mr. R. Keegan, Faculty Advisor, W. Keenan, Historian, D. Drews, Treasurer, R. Keller, Chairman, A. Jens, Vice Chairman, Mr. C. Rakowski, Faculty Advisor. 2nd Row: R. Scherrer, A. Funk, J. Peppito, R. Valente, C. Kratunis, W. Kezema, D. Henry. 3rd Row: S. Pantano, C. Ehmig, D. Monington, J. Becker, A. Asaro, J. Ennesser, E. Bubek. 4th Raw: H. Marcus, E. Lakey, J. Smith, R. Makowski, J. Paolillo, F. Gassman, P. Kerstein. 5th Row, J. Lyzun, A. Sager, R. Ross, T. Wickenhaver, G. Angell, R. Barbarino. X f ,fx xv f 5-U ' 04 I 81 The Art Association is com- posed of members of the Ad- vertising Art and Design Cur- riculum. President Pat Hall leads the club in carrying out various projects and field trips. Many of the attractive posters seen around our campus are a result of this hard-working or- ganization. Many thanks to these "prodigies of paint." Left to Right, Seated: M. Brustf E. Carson: J. Collins, Secretary: P. Hall, Presidentg Mrs. Phelps Faculty Advisory R. Kerr, Vice President, P. Searight. 2nd Row: P. Collinsy I. Nelseng K. Strnadg D. Patchellp C. Sourbeckg L. Rottnerg E. Parthg A. Aveniusp N. Kershf R. Manningp P. Fortunatop B. Marklep E. Steginskyy R. Sutherlandp C. Leise. 3rd Row: J. Schepperp R. Walleyp D. Fullerf T. Blakey G. Stylesp R. Malin: M. DeLucia7 L. Butcherp R. Malinp R. Martini J. Strang. 4th Row: G. Huntp R. Kenyonp T. Brunop F. Giambalvog B. Tromdsenp E. Wardp T. Russely R. MacKenzieg D. Beyer. 1 ART ASSOCIATION X f? .-, g A ii X I T - I 82 .x - 1 I X 7 fff - 1x Cz if AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS This sterling aggregation of embryonic architects carried on a split-level existence. Professionally, they conducted student symposiums on Recent Trends In Architecture, and, on the side, they sponsored the B C Ball-and, on a reverse run, they copped the Phantom Cup. 83 BEE CLUB -S' ,eiggii , 1 'Vex ,V Y C ' 1 4-5 ,e' .', -f 4' I.. 5 ef I SW . 1 'f N' 1,1 4 '-f , ' I 1 -, iwzf N nu, . l ek 'I -'..i'-' , nv' From Left fo Righr- P. Grill, R. Verityg J. MCC'onnellp C. Porkerg ATU Sl-,Q C. Bolzp U. Wilson: I. Howland: G. Goldzungg C. Sturdyg J. N' Hubschmunp P. Andreesen. f-f I an . ' V 1.5 Y at ,ww f mg ,f T53 1 X fx Sweetest ihing 'this side of the Ag. Campus CATTLE CLUB Left to Right, lst Row: Mr. Ingham, F. Kaffkey J. Whitefield, N. Carter, G. Daherp W. Hellegas, W. Markovskyp G. Kuckp L. Deutsch, W. Schrick, M. Hannon, Mr. Farrancl. 2nd Row: P. Grill, J. Cosgrove, J. Brosnan, W. Graham, R. Birmingham, R. Baker, R. Dietruky M. Reilly, H. Klein, R. Pawlikoski. 3rd Row: Miss Hooper, Mr. Franke, P. Wintherp A. Meyer, R. Schramm, C. Bolzp P. Andreesenf Three weeks before "Open House" you can catch glimpses of Cattle Club members run- ning frantically to and from the barnyarcl. With currycomb in one hand and brush in the other, eagerstudents groom their cows to the strains of the "Cattle Call." But on the day of days the silken shine of the LIATI herd is satisfaction enough for the many hours of work. The Cattle Show is our annual contribution to the Institute. The informative lectures sparked our interest in various phases of animal husbandry. The meetings are over now, and the ribbons and dwards have all been given out-and the barn- yard is quiet once more. R. Hinchnar, G. Marr, B. Kenney, R. Polak, R. Odorfer 4th Row: J. Stanczukg E. Gren. 5th Row: B. Gould, D Murthap J. Grady, P. Paulding, D. Woodward, D. Allen, A. Pudisy, J. Misuroea, M. Della Rocco, J. Cunningham W. Kablacky R. Cruz, C. Bardusch, W. Schultz, D. Chapek G. Archer. 53.5, I . S Standing: C. Hansen, A. Alls0PP, R. Dietrich, L. Forte, C. Wilcott. Sitting: E. Bubek, G. Grimm, J, Sillman, J. Brosmon. Gusts of wind, blinding white snow, and the swish of hickory over twisting trails com- bined to form an unforgettable experience for the Aggie skiers. Some went up a slope with a sidestep or herring bone, while others used the rope tow or T-bor. Coming down the hills it was cz symphony of christies, slaloms, and snow- plows. The skiers etched their patterns in the new fallen snow as they wended their way downward to the bottom, where they felt the wonderful exhilarotion of their run . . Y. . 'they finished standing up. 86 X iii SKI CLUB Y A 2 me ll .s v w'k f I X , Wi - Qu fi . 6,. RIFLE CLUB At Home On The Range. Q . -.. ,.wt. GPG' sc' fir ist Row: C. Speyerp B. Whitaker CSec.ip E. Pedersen. 2nd Row: R. Roizmanp C. Sccgiioney D. Montcninof B. Anderson Nice Pres.J. 3rd Row: T. Boydg F. Schleider CPres.7p R. Nufer iExec. Offjg G. Pettit iTres.7. 4th Row: M. Kovarcikp A. Noblep Mr. R. Richards iFaculty Advisorl. X I l Z ff Y' ,.. Left to Right: B. Whitakerg M. J. Bradyg Mr. Thomsong J. Ki THEATER CLUB X Y-L' x . vkfixfbf. - :Q 54- r,.Q,,, H i ., ,.,,. .. M y A .,. T -, fi.Qgg.'3 Fl, X . ,,, ,, M,,,,,. ,Qt - X ff fh 4 .. , it ...W , . finite, XM.. '- mx A, , - ...LQ V' ' " r "fe ' .... ' 'T' 'W 'H ' T '- ' ' 'ffl ii AFV ' .EQ E -ig-, Th, L ,-.5 ev. , .Ei-nf.:-siiffg Y , ,, . 55. JR. , ,,,, Q 5. , X J, f '1W"" Q' Y' -F2-1 if -i ik . if ff if fi ' ' wif- - .7 T- f Sm ' it . ' J 5, . f itfijii l ' H 1 - as T l.,g?-3? QQQ 1-1 ft K4:..1.t,f, Wi 5 .i ,l T ESL. V. 5, ,f . yn, ibm, '-we M- . w-1. 1- .f 'nw' , f ' s, sg-wr gg,.NA.,':y.- .. b!:25,,.'g Lf al. 1 A K 'A I I-emi f A Ui 3 , fav ,., ,FIA .. , X v 1715: 'N mi "k i um . N J .w . , -, - J - 4 , TECH THEATER CLUB Stage fright at first-followed by delight From the applause we heard on opening night. Thespians True, through thick or thin- Twenty years from now--still "East Lynn." rkonnelp K. Jukowskiy R. Schaubelg DAIRY TECH CLUB 5 rw 1' 5 5 l I O O G " "' From the cow to the bottle, Then into the gloss Goes the milk from our cows, By the honds of this class. W Left to Right, Front Row: H. Sushanksyg G. Wilsonp B. Levinep P. Nasodowskip A. Nicholsp C. L. Stchlmcln, Instructor. 2nd Row: J. Hezzonottep J. Gcvrilaikisg A. Lederman..3rd Row: E. DeVincentisp R. Peredniay T. Roidlg M. Geringery J. Koburger. Top Row: V. Tulumelloy R. Seeleyf J. Loinoy J. Conroyg P. Poppy R. Schromm. 89 f-, JW FROZEN Foons X57 r"'7f"' -.Q-,. L-it f J. .gm X 9-A 'rw WZQWW4-R Fresher than fresh fx' J li ll'5.:i,rL"::g.L3'?3fg'::z.- 4? Go the frozen food way. fn f w 'Z67f"2, FROZEN FOODS CLUB Left fo Right, lst Row: B. Rosenbaum: H. Herbsh M. Kirshmang D. Finley, Presidentg Mr. G. Cook, Faculty Advisory A. Bernecker, Vice President: J. Wallheimp F. Schonbrunnerf R. Bissell. 2nd Row: W. Lutockag H. Davis, E. Koreff E. Soregarolig E. Davisp W. Cotihausg R. Braswellp R. Vreelandf J. Duhamel. 3rd Row: W. Troyg P. Bradwayp R. Goldeng J. Gungenhauserp J. Schoonoverp I. Raffmany H. Albinderf P. Pianing J. Greenhutp W. Raiserp H. Jacobs. 90 SOCIETY CF The SA T ns mode up of members of the iliaxlcgscrgd Dnesel iurruculum Thiy butsy Elheml H N y pr sen mg movies o ca ec mcu nature field trups lectures and engage nn social events ell Q T, it .mlm lllll If STUDENT CHAPTER OF H fi, I TT,iT,J1llllt1 THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION 1 NHT -tl'.1,' l Tliilll .gm I sf ,A 7 , T OF GARDENERS . A , f . T W is 'Q I - X ' , r i R' - AXSX. I I Xt! JL "' if ' The National .Association of Gardeners is f- , ' I' 1 0 " fltllltlh a national 'alTTl1atlon. The olficers are ln- W -, X f 6 If stalled by national representatives. XM , ' .I ' .xx X 0 Besides giving the largest dance of any! ' W 5' . , 'ld " f' , ' h lb durin the school ear the 1 alll'- . img H , f wt ffffu ot er c u g y , y X W T? x If T6 WA -Q QW' K fy always present a beautiful float at Home- fi ,X V ' EN I , fym A ' ' coming. A -X MZQQ 'ff V' ff Md gp- iff ' .. f h Exgerylfall the hN. A. G. Club ngoves Iltnto 11" My Q if X I X: ef . ' l ., X V ' t e ime ig t wit its impressive oa. is I IM f Q X ' fi X W I ample proof of the long hours and unselfish ld l All 'l Mill T Y 6' llliw l ll ' work that make it such an unforgettable I .y Ny X! ff sight. l i I LHR M- y y, A N- yi Club meetings promoting the beauty of X L, N- f - tg- " . J Q flowers are both informative and fun. Our if 'l ... l it :fg1:'3::.::3li:.:zrzsw'd be XXX XXF px ? ,gf :tip i f! , W f T l i lit ft ff T CWIQ I ll fl X i t All X Will 'I I X . X is I rw ' Q- WW t fic. f f Left to Right, Front Row: Don McNair, Branch Directorp K. Kropfp C. Cassisp S. Coffeyp E. Schneider: E. Vohringer. Mike Raimoncli, Treasurerp Joe Yuzzi, Presidentg Perry 4th Row: D. Hunter: Harvey Barke, Advisory S. Goodnoughp Fairbank, Vice-Presidentp Larry Ballas, Recording Secretary: Ferris Field, Program Chairman. Absent: Neal Soutra 92 Corresponding Secretary. 2nd Row: J. Guginop E. D'Alberto J. Clarke: B. Schmid: B. Kaplan. 3rd Row: G. Cooke C. Sturdyp C. Boyleg B. Napier: W. Rolfe. 5th Row: J. Smith: R. Reiserf S. Giorclanop J. Dominf R. Meleikef C. Germannp H. Wrede. Back Row: R. Trenklerg R. Hall: A. Reuterf S. Creightony A. Sterenbergg C. Smithp V. Sakowski. KEYS AND CHARACTERS The members of this club are kept as busy as the proverbial bee. Every Wednesday they can be found up on the third floor of the Conklin Street building learning through lecture or demonstration something which will make their work easier for them and more economical for their future employers. These little bees have their fun tco. Along around Christmas time the Keys and Characters had a party in the Log Cabin complete with Christmas tree fcompliments of the TSI senior classl and other festive decorations. As long as this club under the able guidance of Mr. Purcell and Mrs. Roberts continues, our business students will be the happiest little bees you ever did see Za KEYS AND CHARACTERS CLUB Left to Right, Front Row, Sitting: C. Hosfordg C. Crownin- shieldg E. Pedersenp B. Gilbertp B. Geantasiop B. Longmanp B. McDonaldg A. Hustonp J. Bozzella. Standing: C. Hanffp M. Shieldsy B. Conlonp J. Stecherp B. Kazlauskasp J. Johnstong J. Buzzuttap M. Abertisp N. Clarellip D. Mangesg D. Kentp H. Holmbugp A. Regellg B. Smithg A. Kissp J. Hoeyp G. Ackleyp D. Yoemansp W. Smithp J. Zemadat. DENTAL HYGIENE Xxx X T f f I ff ff f . . 'X l C I Qf X X Q W K ' ' -. X0 'K "'- gg , , l4 ,ff Y ' A "' W X , .ff f , A f .7 if ff? if ffyff fi f X 7 ,fji'ff'1Z5"Vf fy . 'ff ff f,fjff.fQ, L 5 If Meeting, parties, teas, and dances . Qfff, X ' 'Q 1, , fyfff inf Q Jackets, emblems, prolects, finances X ff f X A 2 Freshmen and Seniors talk of Romances f X' '. W ff ,yy , f ., if X ff, ' N ff .4 I f ,,,,,, ,f 4 . ff X , X i These make up the D. H. Club. X I 5 Left to Right, Front Row: A. Barn, A. Ehli, P. Currie, A. Zaner, M. LiCausi, P. McDougal. 2nd Row: B. Hursh, P. Kern, E. Gluus, M. Schwartz, N. Ashe, G. Hagstad, R. Levine, V. Murray, I. Kroll, S. White. N54 .Q .A X Left to Right, Top Row: R. Demersg B. Ottog J. Urbonskyg J. Poshobronskyg H. Schwortzg E. Eisen. 2nd Row: W. Joerchl, W. Morkowskyg E. Selfg B. McGee: D. Ccardosonto. Front Row: H. Hickish, Faculty Advisory A. Reccig J. Milch, Vice-Presidentp F. Johnson, Presidentg P. Coveilo, Trecusurerg B. Goutch, Secretory. POULTRY CLUB They talk about the chickens They tcilk about the eggs And during intermission they talk About the legs fchicken's of coursej 4 5 5 i .-9 fr I, 1 .-1'.T'J1f , ' .Janus .,. ix.. ,Q Il' V f..'1Li .s '15 'X L., N' 0-R 5,14 I tix :,,u -.1 g.. : 4 ,..,. ..- ,GE x,Ai:..L.. 'Jw U-i K : ,-I . "' t' ' , .mf',,tif c.K'..ufAft'.Qg'J f X 1 f - ,i , ,..,,-. , 'iifmwf "P A 1 gf, lu- K .twin ff . ' f, CQ ,LQ up L - f hz- . nt ' , K f"J Ax '. x 1.-fl ' ' JI: X Jgvrf.. ,X My vias, f 45:24 .- ' "JJ . I T7 .- . ,ua 1 . J-:rf-,,x X , in if 1 lt I , u ..- - - X ik " '5-went! QW it in ilnid--" -A JM R xiii' Mer. 4' "-tk XWR. ff xg-.-xg,-f-L 'if' t' N x-' " 55- pw -gf x ,. , ,. . . . 2,4 QL. U- -:fr ? X 4 ' if .J , N gg --.v.:, 3 uw "-Liz X .lf -'L Q 'xi I' 1 ' A ' VKX . -.WXBVXX j f1x,Q.iQ:p. ': ,if ":".5-- .-- 'JH1 ,Z-11 A ii 95 THE BAND x . R D L.l.A.T.l. boasts of the only chickens that lay eggs to music. This Feat is accomplished while the Institute Band rehearses under the adverse conditions of the "old poultry building." But music is said to belong anywherey so under the experienced hand of Dr. Edwin Ore, the band practices several times a week. Their repertoire of popular selections and marches is enthusiastically received by assemblies and Homecoming Day audiences during the year. Strike up the Band! I ' Classroom instruction and interesting labs still can't satisfy the needs of the Aggie Engineers, with their tre- mendous enthusiasm and quest for knowledge. The newly formed Ag. Engineering Club is their attempt to learn more about their field of study and have a good time doing it. The club meets during activity periods to view films and informally discuss various aspects of engineering. The get-togethers also give both freshmen and seniors a chance to meet as a group and keep posted on all of the recent activities within the department. X V 1-to X QR AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING CLUB l I I? , 5 ig rx px Left to Right, Ist Row: Mr. Maybing D. Harkimg C. Olseng J. Orrp J. Simpsong A. DeRancellottig G. Warner: S. Janofskyg Mr. Fairbanks. 2nd Row: Mr. Flood: Mr. Mowryg Mr. Stephensp L. Maccag G. Thompsong S. Lorkerg J. Derovang J. Karuss. 3rd Row: E. Fabackg I. Krupskig R. Koemmg D. Starkg C. Sheldon. Sirk ,L irq . if KUgg5,sQV Kr CX! A ji CQ 5, Q ,ik fi fi t X XC J A931 , a J7 MDGD CHCRUS 98 The 1955 Christmas Assembly featured the Mixed Chorus in a program of interesting and unusual Christmas music. The novel and colorful eFfects produced under the enthusiastic direction of Mr. Walter Witherspoon have made the chorus a popular attraction on both campuses. Left to Right, lst Row: J. Vernon, N. Luderman, V. Hart, B. Hedler, B. Karrel, N. Schlichting M. Stewart, C. Kalfur, M. Picozzi, C. Loveland, Mr. Witherspoon. 2nd Row: D. Stahl, E. Pedersen P. Smith, B. Eddy, J. Wright, C. Cregan, D. Hough, B. Bogutzski, M. J. Lehmann, A. Leher R. Deschler, V. Mecking. 3rd Row: D. Vaivoda, E. Luyster, W. Smith, J. Zemidat, E. Turner J. Daniel, J. Pattison, J. Levitan, J. Novesky, B. James, W. Blaz, V. Jacobs, W. Reynolds 4th Row, W. Mclrkovsky, R. Gould, G. Whittard, W. Hoftheinzg S. Rossi, R. Mencarell. Sth Row E. Gren, W. DeVries, A. Pilitsis, R. Matthews. , This punlication is put thly by both freshmen and tudents. Anyone is WCl-yASSQCIA'1'ION be : 7 in R s only the residents of Cam- Club - A very active 1 this campus is the Radio fhe members of the club e campus radio station ntl they maintain it. All interested in radio are in- join thc club and produce n pro3gi'inns. G. - The National Asso- f Giu'i,lcnc'rs has proven it- l rcat viiluc to the liort stu- l'he business meeting is scconil Tuesday of ciich 'a fi' ,arc he' S vi Ricli g , T P , N MQ l T 4? rli H1 ' is Q . . . - , . Y for r illx 'ned out . ,cts rd Bl M tur If A Season piosgp 5 plill tlw UU Y V lwkcd VCYY Porting three 5036 uhor Block, , .. porin . . c tlhwc mei ,X 1 liil md one the bwt I ,Ag year ,been J Y up to Q to be ile. wie our Yen nmtii Mei i MC USU' l ,V , Cl- gnc I A XX Am vi xvis written thfff ' - - 1 T t ' . this mi- 5 , W Nurs and H rr UN , 'ou L rcrrlly too mul on the team vc things do not M i UI-ITl'E'-IIDl'C1I'1CS OI D Ulf. 'qaj' flied ' .30d"lG,S "Ur yrs! 'srby f laqd' CAMPLM VILLAGE - .TU l1WGffe1i111I7it7l.llI of H Aflic Assfkljqd ,-pep-3fim0f22lsfCaP1Liq V1' U mu is re t I t d d Revenge? The days when you hunted around campus for your copy lg g P SHCC to an The Smiling of The Rambler will soon be a thing of the past. This, the sf,-I Mage It exists solely as 3 Zhe Church, campus newspaper, has served us well by being both humor- de A 1 - ' fiend t0 lt' ous and informative '22- social and 'overnn b d 'th' ' ' , Q Campus Viiage gait lsfdgi Q? fuegg' Composed of both Ag and Tech students, the hardworking 1111 . U l 1 s O the Village is a member of the as- hissede if staff has a well-rounded view oniall sublects. I O Sociation' dsc do Under the guidance of their faculty advisors, Mr. Ken- ,UIQ him fm neth Floyd and Mrs. Jock Purcell, many changes have been It made in The Rambler during our two years at the lnstitute. 2,774 , , With the help of many hands, we know that it will con- lo' Hi-Fi, Low Resistance Njtyht gut nn e To improve 5 'f' u . Our son has bought the latest hit,' Th' ffzggfyle 017 01:6 Cjaisfolv-Tidbaveufzhlorii It's quite ii record, I'll admit Q61-ambjet CO17St1'7 as 1776. foil- f . A , t, Q C Co ruff' We! U" for as thc playci no Olpm, QQ, 'oo I ' ' as I6 XC t-Ffa? T 11,3 was i AF N . ,ith , Ou Q I .5 iihaverhlafge Q if ed to 1' ad nl DPS O be xx Cli good. jerry Vfhcn h3LlUlt it was Segfifl. tell who Vt fves uit Stu W 6 el' d Ith "U arjpartmen d make 7 s De P71 3-iollf er, . e I lnstru gi 'V- . Ctol fn 1lj.x1j:LLZl1ca. indH51?ySI.iT- 5 saifne, , Di I 1611722 Ui 7- Iac 7511. 900 1 'opiuft l few trcsnmcn .,.-iihc 'twm Amon? Alfthuy, s, v L llllv -dog oi 3 c. -ffz Ei YA Y . ' W i P imgkag, Q Q 9 Wm yt the addr J KX C 0 1 I 6 ff S 1 Qvyilsv Ex K, ET ' Pihieiiul- llflmsoni othei TCM fcgr X977 'A V52 P ' u pagano. lfucx LeWsOl ok tbl E Ck tn, I Arr 1' Bowman Y Korth Stahlmkllh lson l Kimi bcilan bl oi ' S L' i ved Moxxfr , ' 1 it au 1 ,, m 1 hm W be ' Hen' - Weidenh0 3 fc wil , Ads Be gl bguld Q L ' A Cn , f d '5 Bflght' a - Via QE the S - ear W 't x the bcwjl m lo0lX bt 1 ' vhtin. . the - Y this Y" ffyeoi . gl KLA' rgkrxf- Y . . mclraub . ffrcerS f0f mf- c mms T e oi ' Ot. - ,rum Howexer, ll l--tion of o . ht -I mst ye31,'xlTl , X QU .5gb0 Ougrc X An e CL day 018 t corcr ,Cali Q oul w to- nt all. 1 'ear school league will be held Tblsglxing' Noi? ly fl brad back. ASMM- Qioud Sdwwd Q1 .ne Xen: Teckxnft ted l' 006 WOW - - fll fm 'uSl befofe mmit- deal R we tn ' E UWB . Um with ont leduye thmgs wh Sept. .-il sented by the C0 ku hun 11 great Xhft mphrc qb ox m the . 2 six MCC' SU , - ir s, COM -nations Pfe . c. Rakows l' . T rhvwgl r SC 0 -ect- olil flwlxlllllytlbe eaSY- Nexeltlhixilje fOY a lee arel ,PreSldentCoogan3 Secrei "Peaches, taddmon lg- QV. N0 M225 KW5 Sabi mleaa' ,gh too. Ed Bright cxpresse ViCe.Presideg1g,tJ.uO' Treasurer, Lk S ith are theenmgorx Pam -Qwwg tcnc Year progfzi A550. t , ' L I ie , I m A. - . 1 - I . 115 many r successful YNY' NYY M' A has is the Sixth year O L Pilitsl Bfotheri um ll ls GNT C degree t 15 Ae Sttute5 M UJX0 axe class D ieshmcp fw , , . , . .U T 1 the bc: S y Ei- res . . Y - 1111. DQ1 ll PyCI150.n' f the xeague and a h .1 8 Juikng, the Cog-ly I P to thi? CO, A Sgyiince OCX gtadg Freshmcflrg 2 T l operation Of ,ard to a success- . Smith 15 ,J risked YQ in-rx ,ml E Applte high sch 6095 if leg-36 Cfiuldl members l00k filrvln 8070 handicap halfbaCl4: Sale smorfi loccgfbe claw li to U2-tn. at Occupafeld l ' 3 - . C . 1 ' . l l ful season. his is at MHYWOOA back, retne Old K0 them' 685. 9906 got technbc Service echanlc .1.,. pnt'lVl - l1-,.mm B0Wllng . 1-.nn - 11100 .citgne 'NAS in i., HS-QS, . .cnlialjln t,,.'1c2Lls m., .g lf Xuan V X : I I . .. .. if .X . , K . , ,, W,... K I fx .X I Left to Right, Front Row: J. Kirkonnel, M. August, D. Stahl, Captain, C. Bright, E. Molter, B. Pfannschmidt, 2nd Row: G. Martin, M. Thomas, K. McElwaine, N. Harder, B. Raynor, S. Mabe. ll F' . CHEER LEADERS 46 0 --0 "A cheer for the Aggies. A cheer for the Q7 Aggies. Are you ready? Let's go!" From the time she "tries out" and "makes it" , through all the games in the year, you can count on the spirit of the cheerleader to cheer . f her team to victory. The girls follow the teams S to every game to urge the crowd's support. if Stiff ioints are soon ironed out, practice, ' practice, practice-the best cure. Mistakes and ' aches are soon replaced by smooth coordina- tion., This synchronization of motion is put to , test on slippery courts, and rain-soaked fields. Even after the completion of her days at L. l. A. T. l. she can still hear the memory-filled echoes of her many cheers. "Sis boom Rah-Rah-Rah-Yea Aggies." WATI This is WATI, your State University on the air. Since 1952, we've brought the campus news, music, and variety programs to you. From Monday thru Thursday noon we are carried over the air waves at 640 on your radio dial. Our organization is open to any student who is interested in the field of radio, be it engineering or programming. Now that you've heard a little about us, here's some music for your early evening study. Happy listening! "Hey Frank! Am I oft the air? Jack! where's my script, l'm on in tive minutes. O.K. Ed. l'm ready." Good evening everyone. This is WATI on the air . . . X' A L Q - V f A i i KW A sf "if l f i L 1 TWIRLERS MAJORETTES Left to Right: A. Borneg J. Collins: E. Carsong D. Johanseng J. Wrightg J. Dahlmann. Strike up the band! Those crazy batons are twirling again. Here come the Aggie twirlers stepping real high and peppy to the beat of a stirring march. The green and white uniforms and tasseled boots add a bit of sparkle to the assembly. A real feeling of football spirit sweeps over the Homecoming crowd as the twirlers go through their routines. Twe-e-et! Left, rightp left, rightg forward march. Gee-those routines always end too quickly. Help! Fire! But don't despair Our gallant firemen will soon be there. Running and shouting, they race to the scene Scorning the road, the engine takes to the green. Up with the ladders, on with the pump. You in the windows get ready to jump!! But where's the fire, where's the smoke? Or is this iust another Dorm I ioke? Sadly, woefully, they roll up the hose Waiting again hopefully till the fire whistle blows. FIRE DEPARTMENT 3 A wmfi Left to Right, ist Row: R. Verity, J. Yuzzi, J. Richardson, P. Kock. 2nd Row: R. Schramm, A. Meyer, W E. McAdams, R. Hinchman, R. Pawlikoski, J. Fyfe, E. Urbanczyk, J. Karczmit, T. Maclnnes. 3 H. Wrede, J. Smith, J. Lira, G. Chamberas, P. Baker. rd Row: W. Lutocka, W. Silleck, E. Zobristg J. Schoonoverg N. Rohlfs, J. Weiss. 4th Row: J. Maserg ,..,,,,,.....-of-v-vw ,.,......-Q.-nv-v' x . 1 ,fs QQ NEWMAN CLUB , G' Q O i to U O68 Left to Right, ist Row: J. Carrollf P. Kockp H. Warner, R. Baum. 2nd Row: C. Yanarellag E. Smith B. Lotzf S. Coffeyg B. James. 3rd Row: C. Wilcotty P. Boyle, C. McEniffy B. Begoodskyg M. Hogan M, Morris, R. Mencarell. 4th Row: D. Cardosantog T. Puglisiy W. Eisslerp M. Hartmann. The gavel of President Philip Koch calls the Newman Club to order twice each month during the school year in Knapp Hall Lounge. Prominent Catholic priests and laymen ofter us the spiritual and intellectual guidance so necessary in dealing with the many besetting problems of toclay's life. Our faculty adviser, Mr. Thomas J. Ladonsky, together with our program committee made this a memo- rable year for Newman Club. HILLEL FW :rbi Kalki 485 First row: B. Levine, B. Gilbert, J. Julcoislmy, J. Braunstein, B. Oltchic, A. Lerer, Doctor Pyneson, J. Gunzenliauser. Second row: H. Brown, J. Morris, E. Davis, C. Lerner, L. Hochberg, J. Levitan, I. Rafiman. Third row: H. Shapiro, S. Brodell, E. Koref, H. Albinder, J. Weir. Not presentg G. Eisen, B. Rosen- baum, H. Davis, R, Golden, I. Kaplan, M. Schwartz. Hillel-one of the sages of Israel, a man whose life is the inspiration for the activities of Hillel at LIATI. Basic studies in Judaism are the major concern of this club. Business meetings, programs, and socials fill the calendar ofthe school year. IO5 V N S STUDENTS FRCM OTHER LANDS Mala, '111' . i Left to Righi, Ts! Row: H. Hamilton, B.W.l.y D. Hakim, Ira - A Pl? Greeceg K. Rosswell, Swed K Leelum, B.W.I.f Mr. Dougher, Faculty Adviso 2 d R V S beran, B.W.l.p C. Yu, Ch a R Fo t er, Germany, Mss S yk, Fac Ity Ad P B E do Q 3 N The U. N. of our campus. 1 I HH a S K+. , . ,,, LLLL , .api . - l f In 3? f' J I, v .3 6-ii. s fl " yy. i 1 ' A A , . if ' Ty Q , J - . ff 'rf if .i , A' 6 t 4. .M g -x First row: A. Urbonas, G. Koch Ctreasurerj, E. Henn lpresidentl, J. Carrol lsecretaryl, R. Shand. Second row: J. Guccione, J. Hubbard, D. Beyer, J. Urbanczyk, S. Schiller. Third rowg J Bradley, G. Dana, R. Miklas, A. Blau, A. Erler, B. Barnes, R. Terpening, D. Hakim. Fourth row: D. Taylor, R. Neff, R. Meyer, G. Chanberas, G. Warner. VARSITY CLUB Eager beavers--lettermen-Aggie athletes-this is the Varsity Club. These fellows foster school spirit and encourage athletic interest. The club publicizes, boosts and sponsors many campus athletic functions. The "Eager beavers" work hard to get that varsity letter which earns them their invitation to ioin the "V" Club. One last cheer for the fellows who wear the big green A. WAITER ICHEN CREW . ,A M gt Y . I .,V. S . , . rf, gll WELS? Q L . ,-. 4- .... . nm i n - L55 A .f II , 51 ,-N... . lx L . . . P I i. I We , Crotty Brothers with o white iocket, and wearing a sn - 3 ,1. t.,- .. I l', ff' t.,,.,,,. . .F I . Y l . or J i . 109 f 1, P cv3 q- DINING HALL CREW Left to Right, Bottom Row: F. Johnson: F. Dyer: W. Hellegosg R. Kretchmerg W. Joerchelg C. Yu. 2nd Row: S. Lockerg R. Villolbop W. Grohomg P. Kochi H. Schwartzp R. Dummerg R. Fritz. 3rd Row: W. Hofientzg J. Whitefieldg A. Rodrequezg R. Eiseleg D. Fagoneg W. Morkouskyf R. Yoemonsg R. Fosterf F. Koftke. OCC? 5 S2231 ff oe---A OC o 17 'iv it Ii .misinii 108 Wm L N z , N 'V xg,-f ,, Y, xi x t L I' 'ia' . I 1 Bottom Row: P. Poppy G. Doherf P. Covello. 2nd Row: L. Deutschy M. Hannon, Billecif M. Paape. Top Row: A. Riccig E. Schoenfeld. CAMPUS VILLAGE The Campus Village Association is the "governing body" of our ASSOC IATIO N village, Each family unit helps elect two representatives who are the liaison between Campus Village and school activities and regulations. Home life and campus life meet and merge in this organization. l X .--1:3 Wfflafgi , MW, , 5 f,. AQ sg--I iQ75?,,.,5,,, we ,is 2 M' flg 5 iii t try.:- 109 if Q Qlli NJ sf .3 lx, W' Z ISLAN DER This was the year when the Islander Editorial Board carried on its lofty deliberations in a setting appropriate to the status and prestige of the lnstitute annual chronicle. Each Wednesday evening Mr. Allee's conference room, replete with oak tables, leather chairs and crystal ash trays, resounded to the hush of quiet desperation which was the prevailing mood at Editorial -Board meetings. ln the nearby editorial production office, by day a prosaic typing room, controlled and coordinated bedlam was let loose during the course of the evening. We began our excursion into the strange world of college year-books in the peaceful summer of 1955. Many a quiet summer night was broken up by the alarming arguments and disagreements which boomed forth from the open windows of Room 'll5. By the time classes had begun in September, we knew what kind of a yearbook we wanted-and we also knew what we would have to settle for. There were those who complained about the tight editorial discipline but what would you expect when the tive men on the Editorial Board were all ex GI's. Despite this, the morale in the ranks was excellent, probably because of the esprit de corps generated by our four lady editors. Would that we had the eloquence and wit to do justice to the staff members, your classmates, who labored long and lovingly so that you might have this record of two memorable years. Graduates of 1956-Your entry to the past. cali-be ' !T:ff'AvXi" 1 li' Gsm S.- E B , Left to right, seated: M. Schwartz, R. Deschler, R. Olsen leditorl, g A X P, Hall, D. Stahl. Standing: T. Blake, P. Sheehan, Mr. Palmer, Mr. l X ' Smalley, J. Hubschman. G-'V f Z 5 4 Ks , ,,- Z. X Vx 5 I Left fo right, seared: C. Wilcoii, C. Loveland, J. O'Dowd, K. Heller, K. Mc Elwaine, J. Schclffner. Sfunding: E. Sieginsky, R. Fuller, K. Sirnad, B. lolz. ff !,s 1 ff ' 25, 1 6 S 'Wlllng Siffing: J. Zemidat, W. Knabbe, N. Schlichting, C. Kolfur. Sfand- ing: A. Swenson, C. Hampf, M. Lehmann, M Siewart, F. Fields, H. Browne, R. Diemer. 'Ill SOCIETY OF THERMAL TECHNICIANS 'Qu fl! Q, " Q5 Z I I lull II2 A new club has been established on the campus of L.I.A.T.I. this year. The Society of Thermal Tech- nicians is composed of students from the Refrigera- tion, Heating and Air Conditioning curriculum. Various professional men have spoken to them about related subjects at their meetings, and the members enjoy and profit from their membership in the club. Congratulations and good luck to the charter members of the Society of Thermal Technicians. FOCD DISTRIBUTION CLUB L I I I s I wi I Leff fo Right: O, Hcnsang M. Shine. J. O'Sheoy H. Menzerg H. Jacobsy S. Mcxllcchg K. B. Floyd R. Shand: F. Pezzutoy A. Stiefeh T. A. Dedowitz. Ofher Members: R. Moller: M. Smithp W. Milky L. Feldman, J. Westervelt. C ,-"N 1,-.--- f- ff I FH - '-ft!-lfi W"" f-IL-7 ' , YY - f X I FAC U LTY AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERIN "When duty whispers low, thou must," the youth replies, "I can!"-Ralph Waldo Emerson. The art and science of developing natural power and resources in ways useful to man, in the field of agriculture-Agricultural Engineering has swung wide its doors to the fertile minds of those willing to pursue this course to its fulfillment. Two years of textbooks and lectures, barn and "supie," disappointments and achievements, hard work and good times-and lasting friendships have brought to a close another term of Agricultural Engineering. Let the ways of these memories light the future paths of these graduates to let them better remem- ber that few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Left to Right Mr W Fairbanks Mr A Maybin Mr I Flood, Mr. R. Dennison, Acting Department ANIMAL HUSBANDRY AND DAIRY INDUSTRY s III is I' Zi l Y .pi .-,, Vikk A T I T 'I The Late F. H. PLETCHER Left to Right: Mr. Baileg Mr. W. Raskopfg Mr. E. Walkamg Mr. C. Stahlmang Miss A. Hooperg Mr. L. Ingham. C. P. FARRAND The room was dark save for a desk lamp which shone out across the campus. That horrid mechanical box that, for fourteen long weeks had defiantly screamed five a.m. at him, sat boldly on his cluttered desk. A pair of muddy boots and crumpled barn whites were flung in one corner of the room, and yes-in another there were texts of all species-ranging anywhere from "Bacteriology" to "Dairy Science." He sat in his bunk looking at the stack of books as though through osmosis he had learned their content. He turned and looked out into the night at a dimly lit window. Memories-there were many of them: field trips, summers at Stoneykill, runaway honey wagons, night rides from the stable and his buddies -what great times he had with that crew! The bells chimed twelve o'cIock-he fingered his class ring. No, he would never forget! G. L. FRANKE Department Head G. G. COOK FROZEN FOODS J. P. VISCO Here at the Institute, the students enrolled in Food Distribution, and Frozen Foods, prepare themselves for positions in two rapidly expanding industries. We were shown scientific sales techniques and deciphered statistics. From those first term courses with awkward attempts at lab work, come graduates ready to serve the American consumer. ' "The Freezing Preservation of Foods"-is retention of quality, ease of T. A. DEDOWITZ preparation, and long storage life. Some of the things that seemed unrelated to Frozen Foods a year ago have finally taken their place in the overall picture. In years to come, all of us will look back with gratitude to "the old wooden shack" where we spent so much of our time. K. B. FLOYD PCJULTRY HUSBANDRY 'mg-,F I""'S .QQ , 5 'fsizi V wk, s.. Q if ,, ,KW Left to Right: Mr. D. Richter, Mr. A. Woods, Mr. H. Hickish, Mr. J. Hart, Mr. R. Stockbridge, Mr. W. Becker. Breeding, brooding, rearing, feeding, laying, grad- ing-and marketing. What is this all about? Poultry, of course. From the breeding of White Leghorns to the genetic variation of turkeys, the Aggie students control the life cycle of the Institute feathered flocks. Poultry farming, for the production of meat and eggs, is Big Business in the United States. And just as in the business world, good stock and good man- agement count. The poultry student's day begins with cz pailful of the best fowl nutrients-which he takes to the hen house. An Institute chick deserves the best. And hard-shelled though our poultrymen may be, they're all good eggs. D. H. HORTON Department Head '-6'2" I .4r+"'N ,. .ik Q-jfs 'S' 1 Q 1,152 we L H. F. NEVILLE Deparfmenf Head AGRICULTURAL, HORTICULTU RA AND CONSERVATIOP l 'Gen. Ag." "Shepherds of the Field." ry Q l Leff to Righf, Front Row: Mr. Currubbop Mr. MacDonald: Mr. Paterson. 2nd Row: Mr. Corrubbag Mr. Smalley, Mr. Bach, Mr. Scorcip Mr. Cutlery Mr. Umazowa. Stony Kill Farm: Mr. Mullerp Mr. Ehlers: Mr. Dorn. ORNAMENTAL HORTICULTURE Take to the woods, men! The Hort students are on the loose again. Keep a watchful eye on your prize petunias, bug collections, and household pets. Invigorated by chlorophyll transfusions and stimu- lated by faculty exhortation, they swarm over the campus with hoes and nets. Meanwhile, back at the greenhouse, mixed groups of plant-life fertively carry on photosynthesis. These plants are coaxed into bloom by skilled Aggie-green thumbs. We all agree with Joyce Kilmer that-"only God can make a tree," but our Horts also help in the Lord's work. -F T X .. A i cm, A 1 E J l 1 l... . J ws-.bak gy Jn 3 kv Left to Right, Front Row: Mr. C. E. Lewis Mr C F Wedell Mr H Gray Back Row Mr Morman Mr. C. Rissmeyer, Dr. L. L. Pyenson, Mr J F Roesch Mr S Doskotz M H Burke Mr J Gianfagna. ADVERTISING ART AND DESIGN "Nw-J. ....-...J Hands with brush and paint are trained to transform a creative idea into a spar- kiing advertisement. E. J. ROBERTS Department Head Left to Right, Seated: Mrs. L. Bonner: Mrs. M. Fitzgerald. Standing: Mr. W. Travisp Mr. R. Halls Mrs. E. Phelpsp Mr. W. Fogep Mr. T. D. Greenly. 122 A60 'D' Q M -'lbw VH! if 5 3 l P' X v .3 r A t,.y y, ,. AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS I if A h I As far back as ancient Greek civilization, man has had the dream of propelling himself through space with the swiftness and agility of the bird. The twentieth century has seen this dream become a reality. lf, upon entering a ballroom, your date casts an aeronautical eye on the dance floor and figures its length, width and surface for a miniature landing field, don't feel slighted-he's an A O student. You are relaxed in your bunk listening to the weatherman sing his litany of weather conditions. Suddenly your roommate orders you to get out the sand bags "for you'll not fly tonight." Before you consider him beyond help, ask him if he takes A O. Lastly, when your DC-6 taxis smoothly down the runway, give a nod of thanks toward the control tower. An A O grad may have guided you in. We wish our A O boys success in the safer and surer planning of our "highways of the sky." MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY XS W. W. ROGERS S N ,Lx Deparfmenf Head A ,J 'X xxx 'V .,5MP 1... Le-ff fo Right, Seated: Mr. J. Keegang Mr. F. PynepMMr. H. CICIPPI Mr. C. Diamond. Standing Mr. J. Gibbons, Mr. G. Drenneng Mr. C. Rakowskig Mr. W. Mooreg Mr. L. Parsonsg Mr. H. Korfh Mr. W. Tobin. 124 A8rD, M.T. AND RHAC the cool 81 comfort curriculum ln the winter they work with refrigeration and air conditioning and in the warm months they beat oft the atmosphere A 81 D the "Knights of the Road"-embyronic auto stylists and designers. They take mechanisms, power trans- missions, and diesel engines in their stride. Drag races on H0 and speeches in Modern Comm. are all part of a day's work for these boys. Summons any- one? ? M. T. tool designers of the nation From a bar of steel come accurately designed tools and cutting bits The use of the lathe and shaper flycutter and back saw are taught and retaught from the beginning to " the end of the two years at LIATI CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY BUILDING CONSTRUCTION The blueprints have been filed away, the drafting tables cleared off and our model homes reduced to neat piles of lumber, stored in the experimental lab. R., Eager hands will take up the task again and accept the challenge of the "BC Boys." HIGHWAY AND BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION Roads of the past, highways and bridges of to- morrow-steel across water and concrete across land, are all created by the hands and minds of the D. E. WAITE Highway and Bridge technicians-past, present and Depaffmenl Head future. Left to Right: B. Mr. A. VanSindereng Mr. C. Schumann, Mr. F. Pagano, Mr. S. Young, Mr. W. Truex Mr. R. Culver. I26 J. E. LUHAN Department Head A lady in white carrying a bright red dental kit rushed across the Tech. campus. Entering the Science Building she walks past lOl-S. The echo of her first lecture there can almost be heard. "Dem Bones" in anatomy-wax teeth-borderline in Bact-full mouth series and coffee breaks-are memories long to be remembered. Trained hands have captured the skill which a Dental Hygienist must possess. This sense of touch is the reward of two years of hard work and study. The spirit to go on, tenacity, and perseverance are the keys to D.H. Now, with caps in hands we slowly walk down the quiet corridor and another day at clinic comes to an end. DENTAL HYGIENE Miss S. Wein and Miss J. Galluzzo fx Dr. I. Jackson and Country Life Program Visitors. 127 ELECTRICAL TECH NOLCGY With a flip of a switch, the students in Electrical Equipment, Industrial Instrumentation, and Radio Communication are positively charged with current information. These three curriculums have gone along a direct circuit to step up their voltage and manpower in one of our nation's leading industries. After taking a vast variety of scientific subiects, these students are now able to go out into the keen competition of their field, knowing that with their minds and hands, they can see a iob through.- R. LINCOLN Department Head B. Mr. W. Thievony Mr. A. Flanterp Mr. R. Lincoln, Mr. J. Irwin, Mr. E. Bach, Mr. N. Lurc Mr. A. Levey. 128 BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY 12-J K x lg K Left to Right: Mr. J. Purcellg Mr. W. Kingkadep Mrs. E. Roberts: Mr. A. Haas. T.S.l., T.S.A., AND T.A.A. Dear Sir: Slam! went the carriage of the Smith-Corona. Another piece of paper was wrinkled up and disposed of. Oh! for just one perfect copy. This was just one event in the day of our Technical Secretaries. A groan of agony came from the accounting room. The problem just wouldn't balance. Why was there more debit than credit? There were also those shorthand classes with the letters that were dictated too fast for our hands to cope with. But, after the first term, everything became a familiar routine. These young men and women acquired a complete background of commercial subjects and were also initiated into the particular type of business they would "secretary" for. Our young apprentices in accounting and specialists in shorthand will be welcome in any office. Sincerely yours .. . 129 INDUSTRIAL I ' CHEMISTRY MATH 81 SCIENCE 1 .41 Y K f :2"Tx"""-T-idft' use ,J .tl MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE Left to Right, Seated: Mr. E. Griffith, Mr. L. Young, Mr. J. Waldron. Standing: Mr. R. Game, Mr. R. Richards. Math and science are the heart of technology. They develop minds able to think as scientists. They teach its students to search for the truth, to analyze and to develop. Together, math and science are the explanation of our world. Their study brings about televisions, heating systems, and vitamin pills. Their value is reflected by the L.I.A.8tT. technician. I ,J A ,fl . 'EBV K - H CHEMISTRY Left to Right: Mr. J, Coogan, Mr. W. Pfister, Mr. G. Smith. C, JUDD 'I30 .wf AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY Leif fo Right: Dr. O. Eichmanng Mr. R. Chin. AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES if , SCIENCE AND BIOLOGY Left Io Righf: Mr. E. Christenseng Mr. H. Burke Mr. M. Abbatiello. Dr. L. Pyensong 131 GENERAL EDUCATION T. Hallahcn T. J. Ladonsky Left fo righf: R. A. Dougher, "The scholar who cherlshes the love of com fort is not fit to be deemed a scholar ...... AN - f R. W. Wallace, B. Palmer Dr. E. F. Ore A. H. Hallock . "' 'H ... ,, rw 'Nm ... . l ff.. Q. -.- QHEUUII ms .af una - I U u .Q ,,. ... - my 11 sz mrs R A' 'l' Holub C. T. Thompson 133 'ff If 5 f Q H G5 wwf Z .fx pl ,g 5. 1 ' mlif l5fQ1f'iQ, E fff ff MW w ' x ., ..., . . tt V "' l i 7' 2 i Q H ' f M . C-K wgfy X , ff L .K A . Ill Y: -I ' , . 'ff if t f , mf FO I --,' JI g ' , 'W .- I , , 'N X , ' fg- .f.'-' 1 ' tying . - has Q, N 'li 1' . .il ,,. A . 5? ' 7'h.'f'La-.'f1f' ' LLL. ' 1' ':L'1L"LL'L" - T LW'L" - rj if ' 5 T' 2 I If ' l ' N 'Q' sfx f muy, 'Q , , ,xqliyy A 5.-,ffl -, rf K 1 N, I ,N 'l:-l,.ij'wX .ii ,dwzff 71 mi" Q'-J-'W f,. This fall, 1955, again found our Aggie football team on 5' ', , .-A. . , . . . fhe gridiron. Our maternal looked very promising. Some first 2.1.1, L ,jf a",, all , string veterans were back plus a large number of eager Fresh '- fs f We . xg?-.QXX men. Our backfield was composed of fullback, C. Lease, quarter- ,H5s,!:..'11s .fx u I back, J. Hubbard, and halfbacks, C. Thiel and D. Venten. This V-":sl'iRi-c.. X 7 "'f' . backfield was supported by a sturdy line: ends, Lofts and Sale, ,5',lEEEEE5.'y '11 tackles, Reilly and Aleken, guards, Quick and Blau, with .'1f:'7i2af.II:'," "UT" "7 . . ,'.5?,z' !l,g"tgZQQ2:QH Hemzerling at center. Coached by Thomas Watt and Robert ff2H1:xE:i'f iw: fin, . . . . , 3-1Qa.5,iEQ: 'f N' 1 MacArthur, the team provided L.l.A.T.l. with many thrilling games. . -22-wg J - 1 N "--e..-'ggwfsf TYQQEQ -,, I ,LL L. - X intl , X -lf' I -" " 72 'Z' YL. Jqt , ., J f '-:- A11 f - Wltillllll ""55 f '-'1 .' "j1,J'. T ' ZA - . . ' """:,:,14 W -IE--. 'T-,,...r:"' -tglltlhl .,-,nf-" ' - "- -..- .-,.,,?s-2. Q-. ' ' rdf! "4"'-T-:."- G- 'ff-'f -4 ,251 , Q L4-,. 'l ,gg-3 --f -.. fff- ,. 4'-.241-.1-'-1 L: " 'T' f? ,"..i-" .C ' 243-' .liz "V" "' ff,-:-S.-'r-if -W' ' -23'-EP." E-5' 1.15: 1- ff"-,jf-' A- --gs:-r ', A g ....,-g-,ze-. L---" - .1 X.. - 3' ff '.-2-:S-l:..Zs'ff f -' ' f f- --,....,"-S--av wtf, , 22,1-1 ,f .-'3f'F,-f '- I - -t, 1. ff . qv -f' J- ,-- f 4-':5' Q1af3:.."F.,-sf"- 1 5 I A , t -I ,'nfJii"5gf6 ."'l..1-- "3-"'.l-'-Tar- - 1 .'?":1- A ' I ..,-" -. ... -fa.:-Z ...s v I ,? 136 V . fl X y is X N J, f:'::,. 'Q '- ,If :" "a. .1 .v'. T4 -t. ,.,... ' g:.:1,T " Ti -zzg. -iz: L- -3115 -T325 : .- -.,-- . r i i 'x l 'g' J l ' xi ' , .Ing ga:- '. 'Tm fi' riff .. ,Ll-'ff-is -5 ll' "1"?Q1'3' 'fx ' fffl ' ' - 11:-1 " "lx ,- . -1-3' - v- :.,?.:,-- - ":'..:L- if S, -:X ggi- '15 5, :iv 1- Q5 1: :asia-S5 - - gh? '-1.1 I 1 ,N g--1'-Q3:-:1---5 I--" Elf- il 9 - 1'i1":"f-' , -- - - is-LT-,g Ii ' ---, " ,:x.- -'- -' -' .-K., - Ik: . -PU'-Ga: '- -H :-r.- - -Q -ik -r'. als 1 15:42 - L -- Bang!!! They're OH! Aggie hill ond dczlers speed out through the wooded hills of Bethpage State Pork. 4Vz grueling miles later our tired but happy messengers of Mercury breast the tape to bring home another hard won victory. X COUNTRY iii-ZQEEQEEE J Q 'N F - 137 ,rc -,, :-'Z.l1-:.v-.?- .. .. ,? ,L -, -..Q r ii,?4" r 1' f ' W' 5.9 ,r f X l i f 1 , I ffff 2 3 A Z, fa 5 1 ! 5 z , fcfg f '05, , 1 If f 4 W 4 Z C 4"ff BASEB At last, our own backstop . . . now the catcher has no excuses for passed balls . . . no more hurdling ditches to pull down those long Hy balls. Strike one! . . . Ball onel . . . Strike two! . . . There goes a long one heading toward the cow barn .... lt's going . . . going . . . going . . . gone. Chalk up another win for L.I.A.T.l. That old spirit of "never say die" has pulled another one in oft the fire. 1, ! A lilwpl JZ w2f!l li' W JIQEHS J B! . f ,li ' 5 2 5 1 3 'wwf ' , as 1 1 ' 1 'Q f -rw.: '15 2, f T ff 'Z Y' "af, J-'17..,f':22 , 1 r w, l " .Y L 1-Egg.: Ar, , Age 3 rf, 31 ,. ' ' 2"" A.,- "" 1 QSGWQN: .Ek " .sf fs 2 f . 'ifhierea wwgam v Q ' S ' ii F2212 he V? at 'JL !fil5?:2we,f3: -- ' flilswzs. : avi' r i' ,JV wf- s14iZ7.fr2:i"' 2 ' 1 1 '- f- l an - S f 1g .g5ggw,SgsElfvl :,a l t . Z l L l Q ml E ,X-.ft s 35 gi if l ' 5 1. '-,e W, 95:6 E- W 3971.5 .gas 4- ,,. , Nl AW N' X ul -1, Q: E 'lf W !l'i' f 1-if A ,E- Q s ,- ,- rw: '-'. F NX - . l W .4 ii' ,JE .1 "1Z,:f.5 X K is is ' Q .ts..,.. mr.. X . ss. 4, Pe is urge ww H im. : 'E' 'i H 4 W iiila H2 MSP. " 9 Els ie -- 1?3'Hi?,v:E4r.,i5KiN:27L2i2 ' ' 'ff f",, V -'32, M y '.,,. an 3 Pass, dribble, shoot, and the Aggies come through with another win. With returning seniors Larry Butcher, Dave Crossan, Roger Neff, and Walt Smith, Coach Allard had plenty of height and good shooting ability to work with. New players Ed Shapiro, Al Huston, Paul Huston, Bill MacDonald, Tony Kimer, John Sanford and Jerry Karzcmit also proved their worth to make this one of our best basketball seasons. BASKETBALL GE!! 9615, "' 6 'si 14 TRACK V I, x x , 1 1 K u ' japfl , 1. - . , -QQ .,- , 1-1 . ' Y', 1 ,,: .P' bi, ff 5 -L I r- S ,ffl .AMY r Jl J J I f 6 -f ,fd L ff, ,l ,ff fi fy lj .J ,vw I f , I 1 , fr 1 . 7 V f ,I Q Jac' ,1,1f'Wf Nr 5907, ,gg . MIG!" Hina aj,4 -PJ' , 1M ff . . fl MH! 71W 'X' W na A , C. ?,i2f'fJ72f3? ft '-i " ff an WK V61 llllflflllllil-rig, 'I ,Lk A it fy gi ,Ii .., , mi M, 1, ,iff 1" lyafy 1-f-ffv ',,1'7'l: 'VZRLQII D lwd ll e ff' ff if X ,D-'LJ' ,L fj l ' S VD Oi 1' X. If you think you are beaten, you are If you think you dare not, you don't If you'd like to win but you think you can't It's almost a cinch you won't. Victory cloesn't always go to the stronger o But sooner or later, the man who wins Is the one who thinks he can. r faster man Q SCCCER Running . . . passing . . . kicking . . . blocking. All in a day's work of soccer .... When Coach Pine leads us to victory. Uniforms sweaty, dirty, tatiered . . . bruised shins . . scraped knees . . . all in the winning ofthe game. Always ahead of us . . . ihat goal . . . the - ff 'ZA ',fl lie. 'Q K Xl It 'lj' 1 2'f,lr,,il' ' vw xi 4- XXN fl X XX j gfzx Xi , ew 1 4 'iz , Qc,.sY , 7 ,zx ' N 'Q Q Kr-.4 ' . fb K ,7!N 9 . s .Z f X f 5 ll -, f - , !f- : X ' f, I . X I X 4' f L x X XX!! . . . ', - X: - championship. And then that memorable day in the ' X X f ' K XT n - x 61' Y N . asse31bly . . . the :awarding of the letters for out iw X 1, l tx , XX . . A KX , stan mg sporismans rp. h X l. a , -4' ' 4. l X fag, 413- ll Q X W I ' R if i 40' I-i lil . rf ff, - 1 ffl s V , -fx A 71m 3 i Nl' ,V 'ra ', 5x45 I Q. 1 ,. xyw 'ff 1 y K 1' :Rbvb-Q n-in ,,4. L, X ' 'f f-ffl is - X i ,ink ggi , i - I g e- f ,rl if i E e?f1-55-'sf gf? Y i--1 -' e r X, ,if ll' I X - - Y , Qi f f .fee 1--. 4? , ' 'ff 'Aff - -fi' " ' 5 If '1 - - - .M s - - L "-291 '-" 'fl + 5 - -F-gf! ,z.-Lif- - - ....- "" - 'wif' ' fi 'i',,..f1:, 77 '-A. ' L-5 X T ei-3 41v gi '5ieor?' Oh! 'only the down in the wrestling room. . The "gr0nf,qnd groanersff . 1 have 'he The is amen. l 12 1 1 One, two, 'three--ono1heQ one pinned. It time to get in shape im G 'of bvfii 2 1 The I f Bhofher il i'hh 1 l L Ili-Nil 142 L.I.A.T.I COACHES f f A M Athur, in... D Allard, T. Watt 143 wk: .za 4, QM Q Q , N , Y. 4 ' - H- -is V - M535 2 ' 1- ?f 5 K, . Q . W UALQ, . 1, ' Qi ff if FQ f 1 , ffss ' ,. . 15 4 jf' L f ':'f5g1.f: , ,-,X 3 if rn, t . ' -f if , mx Lc,i51,,.., -X Yun. 4- P4 W7 hall' ...ff- -ov ff-, ,W AMw,,,.,. WK, i Ns K' Nw, 1 A Lx N,-J. "'- wf-.. .,k, 4' ' V -X dv - ' . ' X'-N: ' 'XFX-Ns HX-N . ' 1 , L.m, X 4 ., ,X , M-15' . 343.4 K W. , W C fl' . V X X , . E l fi..-H.-..a-L. Hyun: i. H I k . .4-., S ,..: ' ru- 1 'W if-Q Q.. -kd ,f ,- 1 . .Q--.3- ,-s,.:, ..., - .1 . . .LEW ' 1 rw ' 5 ' A r ,. , A . .,-,..,,,. '- i.,:ffm.gz..-- ' Iv f: -:. . W ,sv .,,5P22,,.,i. E IN, ,4eg,5.9V , ' f ,""f?3'- W I -' 4 .Q Q ,X . K- -febf ' 'A 1 ,ff- gf f ,MF Q4 5 All All .--.-- . -Iliff" " 4.-m ' ,' .......::f7 vi -:gum-..... 4lllll - " " 'QI ll! 5 I I . . . 1 ,:'5:3::1::w - ilil INK! 4:5..:::v.. - . lurlnm. -uw---. ,, lltllllfu - . . 'llhnuu . N :lun V ' J!"--RER? m.:::'Au:n-.. li -4- " 'l:aunuuXl-1 " Affffsminuv. ' ,,,..'.....uu u llxllulln-ami' 3f"!f'f"' s -ew. in Q ggllllmu ii ' u v -2, l12Ee!fff!fll.'fnnx' w , I "l'Illu:uq,:T,L ' 2 . ' A IWIIIUQQ mn X 1 1' Y li'i'r'f::s-'--.EET .'w' lllll iiig-M - X -V -4 H mi. i..::"Mxxx-. mm--I-nn W, Wliiiiiiqslffffxxl' ' 1 , , -5313-It'---122'-'f ' '- . 'lun "Nun "' V X Q:-:.":""-In-:'l'.T' ' - '-NN' Inq... n .. Ns :-5 Jquv , X :?-Tm--:ilu 4 - .W ., lg 1... 1--.,,g - 'Q -.'--...'K'1.. ,- u,fi..,:s,-R.. , 3 . --. Q., . -..., 3 -X 'QEEE::2E::'-,Qui-J . . --. SN. Sq:-Z 71:- iiiiiealzzx, -af .s.4.- H-, 5 -Q -Q KW! iqlx-3s..g,Ss.-. - in 'N- 5- X - "Q, 'Mug 'lim '- N ,ul -, '-A -MN-2:-.--ea:-.fx r ,Qm.:lu., -----..... .-gA...,Q4:,-51212131-..f. , .NQ-...H .,'lnn.,,,1.': x LN- .E--. .,!!u:'-In-Q 1- ff ' .2--.Q:N:,-it-X - x lg--., xx - 'Q' ' ' . -- -'T'-1'3.'fi5 N -.4 '--:w-Iivqlxfn. 1 ., 5.,Q'NC.'3LE..l'I " ' . . Etsx' ' 'ip ma Sv.: 1 XX x -. . w ikxxx ,. - -If xv x N, , , :Qs - -xxxx " ...N -xx ' x,Q:3M,. gw-X Hfqxi 31' kr: . 55u.yRxF -. gk x-,QE-:Sax xL , lib , . .xi .xi M. 'Il 1xQC. z7f gf J'-1: ' p 11" 1 'a. i :ff DANCES We were no different from those other awed freshmen, that first night. The Hangar was o big place-and we were just little frosh, a little embarrassed with those beanies perched on our heads-and more than a little proud. But the suc- cession of dances-the BC Ball, the Freshman Prom, and more-all testified to our coming of age. And finally, our Senior Ball, the night we bid farewell to student friendships and take away cherished memories of student days. 'Nix 1 5 1i 1 W, C3 nfl x wr xr MK W , , Q .L x C53 as-bi tv-4" ,lux .. ..., E 5' fpf! ,AN CZ? X an A iff? may 5 . sf Q . , Q - - Q Q '12 K' A ,,.f-'fy' - Jw ' if . -., 'W fix. m Ti 5 4, , 5 . Q kg s . N' . P L . fm w s,4 . CCJUNTRY LIFE AND Q - s sr, , x V ' ss X x '- X sts: S S 4X X. s X I I' EQ . 5 XX .C -Q, 1 -- f X ,:,, -, - P , ,V 4 , Z' , V ' ri ',-.: K 'Xu Q. in A J iv! A 4 -A 1 W - 'PMI jf? ',,,.,,-i-rfli'f2 Q N 5 Lim i t ' ' wi 38-3 I- TY- f H 1 wav, il -cl - 'f M-'EKMQ rg if ?If:. isix'-. ,v:?-A5655 Q11-wwE"'?w'1 Y Q- X 3 :.""N -R' ei 'anfql i' .wif 4 J ug? i "1 93: 5-LA 's.'f.,4.. Y. N N L 4 H . ,.-.f'v,.vvA.Lw.35 5 ' ' ' "WL" Q T "' w--'Flin 7733A Veg- fi wgikafy .N ' I' Iiwwmumg . -YA ,m LA J. hi ' -- . Q? f W f HIA 'wA"'f'1s3 N . ff, - 'v '11 , 1 . ,. , Q , 'Y' ' .. N ,s ' ,ga , . 1 . , ' In ' A - f , ,. ' 1W'Tf 1- A, 5 I f N .b ' x MC! A, .,X. 1145 3 Afifi ' ' 'Z .F-25131 R 'ifrff ,ijnftnp u dj. , ' g, m ' - I 1 'L gal, 1 ' '..'w. 1 ,, Z7 ' HQ- ' 1, ,.,5, l fu -Q asiiisf 'W' . ., Y- .al V ? A -1 ,Sf iff .,,. , - I' , ' Y. .. 0 ,, 'J' . mf . j nfyigffw . N ' T Q . N-'S' ,"'W , X 4 150 OPEN HOUSE One often wonders what life in a glass house would be like--a good sample would be Country Life and Open House weekend at L.I.A.T.l. During this weekend which takes place in late February our school is open to the pub- lic. Each department has a demonstration or display of its work-there is the cattle show, exhibit of latest models of tractors and farm machinery, "The Food We Eat" exhibit, the Dental Clinic, the demonstration of the Art Department on airbrush technique, a display of automotive engines and power transmis- sions-and many other attractions. Our Country Life and Open House pro- gram hos attracted over 30,000 people for many years and we, the students of L.l.A.T.l., enioy living in a glass house-for one week- end! :r,, Q. f,,.: '- K s i BUILDING 63 Rv M Ps-A Gee, those old familiar faces must mean Homecoming Day. Alumni and families are all welcome. The large chrysanthemums depict that i autumn feeling. The brisk air sweeps and the crowds cheer at the football game. Halftime, and here come the floats. Which one will be the proud . winner of the "Phantom Cup"? The evening ends with the Alumni dinner-dance where old friends 6 K reminisce and make plans to meet again next year at Homecoming. x f K R I rxj ' . R 0 1fTiN , C ll l 1 f F. j e 4, - ff 1 i l 4 f X Ii K 8 l ' I 1' l I N T , C, f 7 Q I7 M .Qs t f 595.35 W Q. , K ig - lnfsmiff --j?L-l5 - -if-?ff?QLg'!l f . X531 - of if fer :f"'2I'!3f' -eee --scifi? Pie- 112.iigg1ef9,ig3if e--eelffif S3111 so - s 52 S N wi fi? 41 Agn L I 4 Z. 1 f X, 7 5 f 3 . , ' , 4 I Xi W, - ti .1 x 54 ,a- 5 iy ! A ,Aff 5 if f , f E 'id xxx W5-Rm! -X153 'f" 1' if! f ' 5 Mfg, Q N g' -b- f - . ---- j Z ,,,,...!1f" KX QigLi1iii!2 ,,,- l ,,- :iii .f.A.7'. i. - .450 Orientation was the beginning of their first year at L.l.A.T.l. for the freshmen of 1956. They were led through the entire campus and al- though they were excited and bewildered, they will always remember the experience of Orien- tation. They fondly recall the welcome speeches on the football field, the square dance in the hangar, and the chicken barbeque as the bright spots in their first few days at L.l.A.T.l. Tr , '7 .5 bo, 47 NN W WP' ANIMAL HUSBANDRY .Iva wif ANIMAL HUSBANDRY ELECTRICAL Tfci-mo-LoGY ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY W4 W . vw 1 1, K., ' E, . '. ,A , ' , 4' xnkw .- -" L4 ,Q ' , , ' ' -, An., -' , ...j ,A K-1 4. - - -, ffry., 5 Qi-A 3' . K . 4 7 f , ,-+1 ... ' -1 -,ff 'A .W- 4 - V :?,.af' ' V r W , xy :yn 1 - AH iff ' ' Nffwa... f't""':- f 9' L 4 , . ,J Q N , 3 4 .,,k K , . J, In xr ., ,V g A, E X. ,,, - f- 4 , V' '.f,,' ' ., ' .' , V I A' rf , .' 'Q' 5-1, , '1ffgQU'L' ,- . AGRICULTURE, HORTICULTURE, CONSERVATIGN I FROZEN FCODS TECHNICAL SECRETARY ADVERTISING TECHNICAL SECRETARY INDUSTRIAL V?D FOOD DISTRIBUTICN 162 DAIRY INDUSTRY ADVERTISING ART AND DESIGN DENTAL HYGIENE TECH N ICAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY . - 3.1 A , I PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY ISOULTRY fff, ,i,4:lQ?2 -1f:.r1'..:1 1 AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING AIR CONDITIONING, HEATING AND REFRIGERATION ,Q-iltii , i ii WWW, V X ,fi X ORIENTATION ? ifzl P ,Sy E? f !f fv QQ Q5 Qi 5 Q -V K Q- ,.- nl 169 SENIOR CLASS HISTCRY When the class of '56 invaded the academic groves of LIATI, we were greeted royally by Director Knapp with a tea in the Rose Garden, open-heartedly by the Student Council with a chicken barbecue, and hard-handedly by the Senior Class with a Hazing Program. We lined up outside the bookstore with money iangling in our pockets-and by the time we exited past the cashiers, with armloads of books, slide rules, dental instruments, banners, and souvenirs, only our nerves were iangling. Beanies and Student Handbooks were the uniform of the day. The serene autumn stillness of the campus was regularly shattered by off-key renditions of the Alma Mater, done to the imperious commands of sophisticated Seniors. Somehow, we survived Orientation and Hazing, with the promise to ourselves that we would do things differently. Our roommates became our buddies or enemies-as fate and room assignments would have it. About this time, we began to appreciate Mom and her home cooking, despite the best efforts of Crotty Brothers, Incorporated. However, the lines at the Dining Hall never did get any shorter. Freshman year was over before you could say "Spring Festival." And there's so much to remember from that first year-but we'll wait and tell that story to our grandchildren. It was another lazy day in September when Senior class registra- tion was held. Last year's freshmen were now seniors. Yes, we had made the grade! Familiar faces, possibly reluctant to emerge from their summer hibernation, but surely eager to see old friends, peeped over, around and between massive throngs. Financial matters were settled and class programs were distributed. With dismal awe those parties concerned found out that the lower tech campus was still in existence. The mechanics of the dormitories were once again functioning with one exception-there were no senior girls to be found. After much research on the part of numerous scouts its was reported that all senior dorm students of the female species were hiding out in town. Sad, but it had its compensations, or so said the senior girls. Freshmen were greeted and treated by the upperclassmen and soon shed the title of "worm," hung up their "dinks" and became mem- bers of the Institute family. Again the whistle sounded and the old pigskin was kicked into action to take the beating of its life. Through rain, rain, rain and more rain the class, mud up to their ears, saw another season of spirited tournaments on the football field. Between football games and classes we found time to venture far into the back woods of Wyandanch and invade a once peaceful little business establishment, better known as the Chateau. You didn't have to "sprechen sie Deutsch" to know its red-faced proprietor with a heart of gold meant business when he rasped, HCHILDRUN! YOU GOT TO BE GOOT OR OUDT YOU GO." But Aggies will be Aggies and a good time was had by all. Z"' 'iv "wx x-,TF , +, . 115 my 5. 2. 5? f , -. A , n .X , '23 ., 52 QQ, m.,.h, J-.- Nw--'f . V "K '45 F ' ,, "A N - My A 5 94'5f'1gz"l me if" 4 4, W Kg.. - , "3 . ,.'-- J- 991 - ' . 1 ,.,.-. 3 . sg-dey -f - L , wg p s'f."m-t - 3 A A Q- Q, , N - I L, a s , I D- 7 557' I XX xii 14+ I 'F-'il :V L 1 5 E If xx A. nw X x ' ' A ff' xf -gm M, la L W e, , ,fs YM. 4- . w A n My ff. 3, Y l ,iw M f ' ab' P x lw ii' Ii I 5 B x ' Ami? mf! an 3 :DYV1 ""?!.. CAMPUS QUEENS ff-f' "Mary Kay" fl? :HH-le Queen see H 6 5 'Q u ' K 'dbx ff ff a ' i f uv C ,,MOde r0fO,, C X xi Yf 1 f j " XVN , ' X i , ,, L L ,. K I Q. 'A a Y 8 ui B : M l--' ' ' 11 Campus Queen and Couri "Slaugh1er on Tenfh Avenue 0,7710 U5 Queen Eledlb fu" O X Z HORTS IN ACTION K K S' X N f BARN DUTY paul Fgffa 1 K xx ff Hfddie w I W I f I N V fx, NE 'W if 1 t 14, f 4 H N N ,.,:1.J f- ..w any ..- N8 arber Cojjege 4- 1- 4- K ,fc 1 2 5 f RN 47, Straw Harvest , --may v M Kay s I ii d XX :-QW. ' . X K wqfw-'Q v. - A w 1 xx, . I ' K - '- X W.. v , IL' Parry ...X K Vins . wx W' fix ,Vu fqclo r - X A - . Brlgfldeu ' '. pm' A I SUMMER NSUPIEH Chasada Pebble Beach Rex Canary Walker I 3 x Z S Q IX y 'A I, ,fi I .,f . x E 'X ,e X ,sf .1 'fMusfer 177 YW, qh' Hn. yan, 178 P1199 2 0115 on een Wh e -WS' S Vv -ff M MMD Mr oncld and Mr. F, 'FQ M'-0' ge anlre and 1,27 7331, Mr. Rissmeyer Jflyufe A4 Oriel I 4' -ran , E W m " -- 3 " wh Bees Buzzm fs' xv. P f uryeyo fa , . Hifi? 'W sw Rambler Recruifing Slqlign ? N fl? 58 t , , S of Pep X f 3 K vfn xx wfwf - 2255 BLGOD BANKS ,. w w www., ,.,. , Irene, John, and Ann W ally' ww' 'he usual g . rm . May 601, Miss Hooper gen! U oo ve ds ls U 9 Wh 1 :his C0U""Y nee H q cigd rn S umme, 1955 N 3-5 ,QL ,Q -9"!R 1 'Z' i ks- 'QS ll hes Pecc 9 eflm' a C' gn Did if fit? -41' Frank and Max p,.e,en, , umner Music?" I See You Lale5 Aljigworf, ,X L ZX i ? Y + S xy xl x Q, f EX i f A W-, y 0 EJ X Miss Senyk and Child Psychology ,i -V5 .1 ffl v y 1i M i i i , y y iili .U l ll H X 'i K' R ....., Q In . A. Y ,fi fxxn . fr M ,J .A"--3 xi-W X . my , Y V, ffjgjn Jyy, ,Q Q ' .,, . W. J ' fl X l ,fi lg. i ' i l I tgp, ,,. , ang, -aw I 'Qs-I ci, --li 1 Q - .." ' Viv'-1,.:. i f -W X "' fi , y i i i i f if ,i "4 i J Ae: i A . i M x rl A 5s,.4'a2,5f, in A 2 1' Jw-' " A Two DH girls jus! staffing xx - b - .- ' B M 'zjzx ' . . 'J ,, KN--g , 'W ky ffa ,..fJfi M y 'ff l ,ii,ii .N A 4 A i-ii wr i'i', A Will if fly, fellows? 1 W and on AA: S one 182 T ,, "Nip 8: Tuck" rf 3 4? xi . vie 5 , iw fz course we have girls here fp DEDICATICN OF LOG CABIN c M- ? 1, 0035098 5 f'o'o'45'o',' ' Mm uf P? l ',. ff X X X I lb xx I , . Ht N-! f 7 ik J designers and builders of the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation F'I1F-'I SUPERSONIC TIGER AND F9F-8 COUGAR JET FIGHTERS SA16-A ALBATROSS RESCUE AMPHIBIAN S2F SUB-KILLER AEROBUILT TRUCK BODIES METAL BOATS BETHPAGE AND CALVERTON. NEW YORK ALUMNI ASSOCIATION X AGnlcuLrunAL I 'Sinn u rf,-Ill: X Cf My Q fl 2 JV E A I , - 3 4- I 0 P I ff' S' 'L 8 V K A vf og' 0 -r V 55 N . f . REP u n L I c Avumon convommon Farmingdale, Long Island RCJCSEVE LT RACEWAY STATE UNIVERSITY'S FARMINGDALE NEW YORK INSTITUTE '15 f .f ,,. K , , ,. ,ii li vw Where technicians are trained for effective careers in AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY ORNAMENTAL HGRTICULTURE Where young men and women are educated for living in a democratic society ARTHUR'S Auto Parts, Inc. COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE" I80 FRONT STREET Hempsiead, N. Y. iVani1oe 3-7827 Uniied Mofors Service Cranksnafi Grinding Bonded Brake Shoe Exchange COMPLIMENTS - of - FARMINGDALE Federal Savings and Loan Association FARMINGDALE, NEW YORK ' iii xx Wherever ships sail, aircrafi fly, iargeirs are iocaied or guns fired-wherever bombs are dropped or radio beams pierce The aimosphere- -you will find Sperry precision ins+rumen+s, SPEHBY GYROSCOPE COMPANY GREAT NECK, New YoRK Division of Sperry Rand Corpora+ion Vykwu Li'9'7F' H i NAQ4s.,,:Q: S, ,,,. , ryrk i I ,, xy , v , 'bf if , The ISLANDER regrels Ihal The Class Prophecy was noi available for publicalion. OMAR I-IAN- NON, seer of Ihe Ag Campus, had prepared a derailed and corrobo- raled Iorecasl for 'rhe Senior Class. I-Iowever, Ihis priceless documenl was los'r in Ihe Greaf Snow of '56, as was OMAR'S cryslal ball. And wilhoul Ihal cryslal ball, OMAR can'+ find Ihe Class Prophecy. L. G. BALFOUR CO. "Known wherever fhere are Schools and Colleges" CLASS RINGS and PINS Commencemenl Invilalions Diplomas - Personal Cards Club Insignia - Medals 8: Trophies WILLIAM H. FOX I03 WILLIAMS STREET Porl Jefferson, N. Y. L E 0 ' S BRAKE SERVICE Specialisfs in WHEEL ALIGNMENT WHEEL. BALANCING STEERING - BRAKES 37 I-IEMPSTEAD TURNPIKE Farmingdale, N. Y. I:ArrningdaIe 2-I285 DELMA STUDIOS 52I FIFTH AVENUE New York, N. Y. 'Z'-!'++'F-Z"Z"Z"Z'-202'-Z'-2--2'-F-2'-I-'Z-'Z"!--ZW!-'I-'Z''!"X"2"!"I"!-'X'-!"!"Z"Z''E'-H'-Z-'Z'-Z"Z"Z'I OUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER 'H''X''I-+'!-'F'!"i"!'-Z'-302''P+'I'-P+'P+'!"Z"Z"i"!"!"!"!"Z'+'!"I"!"!"!"I"Z"!"!"X'-I-'XMI' Main Office and Labora+ory 9 WEST TWENTIETH STREET New York I I, N. Y. Phone WA+kins 9- I 880 3,Ls-. 1 , f' U 3 Ilpwp P K HM: HOLLOW ROAD X 2 1414, QXRU TJ RINGS D K1 3 2 Nb x 5 g 1,.f ML. E 9 2 'I' i A S3 , D 5 2 I Q, 5. Aj T E ww L' 9 T We S' 2 ,ML zoLoNT.xL sp P -T MWA :J 0 D f I' f 5 5 L no ISLAN Ava. QQ, ' 2I"""' 7.9.1 m rf' THE CHATEAU RESTAURANT CONKLIN ROAD Wyandanclm, L. I. One mile norII1olWyandancI1, Long Island R. R. Slalion Dining, Dancing, Bar, Coclclail Lounge, Garden Cafe, Weddings, Club Dinners, Banquels, Baslcel Lunch Picnics and Oul- ings. Dancing every Friday and Salurclay niles all year. Phone: Midland 37776. NICK KALKOFEN, Prop. CROTTY BROTHERS OF NEW YORK INCORPORATED RESTAURATEURS a+ LONG ISLAND AGRICULTURAL and TECHNICAL INSTITUTE ll I VJ: f COMPLIMENTS o of . BOHACK FOOD MARKETS J ? Ling? I "SERVING LONG ISLAND SINCE l887" COMPLIMENTS , of , VON LEESEN'S CONFECTIONERY 282 MAIN STREET Farr'nInqdaIe, N. Y. XT Ut I LLQN y COMPLIMENTS A F R I E N D fl TeIepI1one: CI"IapeI 9-IoIO "THE BROWNIE" Is The Bake Slnop everyone Is IaIkInq abou?-so nerd Iime you need Bwead, RoIIs, Pa5Iry, Cake or Cookies, Iry us and find ouf wha? FresIwIy Baked reaiiy means, THE BROWNIE BAKE SHOP Coen Sundays Io 7 pm. CIosed Mondays Cpen Frldays Io 9 pm. Ofner Days Io 8 pm. 222 MAIN STREET Farmingdale, N. Y. SQ hd' . W ' '-If " 'I 'V A' V .,Agq,,m,, wr . , ' ' 1,35 -x.,,, In ,mf ,kf'Q 1, - f.. ,v -....,, ' jff.-Z',"'-X.. I ,, Q - '- wi-233 af. 1' AGRICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL POWER EQUIPMENT M A l V E S E TRACTOR 8. IMPLEMENT co., INC. JERICI-IO TURNPIKE NEW I-IYDE PARK, N. Y. FORD TRACTOR SALES AND SERVICE LOADERS - ROTAVATORS - SEEDERS SNOW PLOWS - MOWERS - TRENCHERS XX I COOPERDALE DAIRY CO. INC. 8846 COOPER AVENUE Eoresr Hills, N. Y, Cornplimenfs of . . . TURNDALE DINER HEMPSTEAD TU RN PIKE Farmingdale, N. Y. BOX 38 Complimenls of . . . TRIPLE A-MARY A F R I E N D COMPLIMENTS . of . EDDIE'S DELICATESSEN 234 MAIN STREET ESTABLISHED l882 F. D. CROCE 81 CC., Inc. FARM IMPLEMENTS ancl SUPPLIES Mill and Dislribuling Agenls Pruil and Vegelalole Packages Vlfldxllier 5-6255-6-7-8 Office X: Warehouse 3868 Waslwinqlon Sl NEW YORK I3, N. Y. BRANCH AT MODENA, NEW YORK Telephone CLinlonclale 7-3357 or 3358 Cell Carlons - Layer Slweefs - Corrugaled Slieels 4, 8 and I6 Quarl Baslnels for Roadside Srand Use Apple Boxes leirlwer wooden or corruqaledl Purple Crepe Liners We Carry a Complele Line of All Accessories 'For +I1e Progressive Packer of Fruifs and Vegefables. CITY OF GLASS FARMINGDALE, Lowe ISLAND JEN'S FAMILY Cornplimenls ol . . , CRAMER'S DELICATESSEN CENTRAL AVENUE Beflwpage, L. I., N. Y. ANONYMOUS NASSAU G.L.F. SERVICE INC. GARDEN, LAWN and FARM SUPPLIES WEST BARCLAY STREET Hicksville, L. I., N. Y. WElIs I-0342 WEIIS I-0343 WE DELIVER Slore l-lours-8 lo 6 lvlon.ll1ru Sal. M COMPLETE BANKING sekvlcss THE FRANKLIN NATIONAL BANK FARMINGDALE OFFICE ernber Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion CHARLES BRUNING COMPANY INC. Copyflex Machines - Copyflex and l TETERBORO, NEW JERSEY Blueprinl Papers Dralling and Engineering Equipmenl X Q uv N ...L sl' xh u Q ffff ' , if' N434 S 5 asf:- THE COMET PRESS, INC NEW YORK 14 ?Mz ffi4fLf5:ffif,2P fzf 25Vj Dif9"?7'2"f"VJJjl'-,KT,Zl511gy2Vf:V'!afC,7' Wf,QQj,ff?2fjfl?f,eff5fQEg?ff W,?Cff filW75jg2lf' gfyvkygfvwx ffyQ??'5"',f 2' 3,322 f:lHfW5'27kff3W5"j5'W3ffff5f' AP' 5: 3 3' " X mf! Qfy 60 Q nf 4 gil 4 -- .AA ,. . ,,. ,. , -. ,., ...4....,.,.......... ..,.,..-,',, ,..,......-an-..n...nm....,, ,,,-......4-..- , A , . - ., we , Q lo F Wfll-Q. zcwfs ,ln

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