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 - Class of 1958

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Farmersville High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Farmersville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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f' f in 'LTY1 fflawwl yvlkt' X .. r I' f fm . , ,5 M P- ' ' K - Ki. D-Lx LNIS 1958 'Jn v Ne. Soclxml U s 4 lL. q'llYh4e.YS t YBQBYSU1 E., Ohm 4 gr! Board of Educauon V1ctor Focht Bettlna Focht Pa.11Stebbms Marx 1r1 U1r1Ch Dwlght Coffman Me1x1n Sears Dedmcatzd to our Mothers md Fathers .ind thm Bod r d of EdL1C3t1OI1 'W1ose mterests haxe been 1r1 the 1I'1'l 1 proxemewt oi our 1 xeb xxho5e1oxe h bear 11 amd enno11rg1Qemer1t Hue r1t1o1C11 3'1d xhose new r cr1c11r1 5131 1c.r1f1Ce 511f1XC1TUfll1l, Jo:,s11J1L h School thcse foqr yea S of 1-he We dechcate F1ms of 1958 C1155 of 19:13 3 . L , I . ' Q.- , , . . , I T , 1' ,nx- ' L z',1. x"1 - , , , r -, 1 , z O V , Mr. Joe Brubaker B.S. Ashland College M.E. Miami University Mr. Brubaker is our prin cipal. His office door is al- ways open, symbolic of the counsel and friendship which students and teachers alike can find there. ft Mr. Jack Williamson B.S. Ohio State M.A. Miami University This is Mr. Williamson's first year as our superinten- dent. We wish to congratu- late him on the wonderful job he has preformed. Thank you Mr. Williamson for helping us more than we realize at this time. Mrs. Betty Focht Secretary to Mr. Williamson. kv Illllllh... Q3 Y x gagging, 415 ff' X X 6 - I ..- choo , I Q NII4 jigsssgzsgl fn x,'1:::3f1XX ,f .3 -4 X Ann Ludy-Treas.3 Lynn Morrison-Pre QJL11'1iO1' Keene .5 Fred Shaner-Vice Pres. enior Class mafia wi qjiwisxx -fo!Baj3.N TPI OWS? Cx'lYljSQFVtk2.fVLUNL, CAO.-5 JBIUE.. and E. I C Qs to 1958 On a September mornmg 1n the year of 1946 approx1mately 41 scared l1tt1e ch11dren en tered the Farmersv1lle f1rst grade for the f1rst t1me The ones that have gone through all the school years together are Larry B1cke1 Paul Leatherman Duane Focht Don Mlchael Dav1d Stebbms, Don Ph1llabaum Noel Keener, Jumor Keener J1m Powell Lynn Morrxson Ann Ludy Sue K1nd1g Sydney Wheeler, Mary Lou Focht Martha Sue Hoops and Ruth Ann Puls Our teacher for th1s year was Mrs Wolf We ga1ned another new face 1n the m1ddle of th1s year Her name was Myrtle Ann Lakes When we walked 1nto the second grade the next year we saw a new lady stanchng zn front of the class Her name was Mrs Buckley One week end we had a large fam1ly The pray1ng mant1s mcreased her famxly Next year we went to Mrs Oldfather s room Almost 1mmed1ately we were 1n the fourth grade In th1s grade we ga1ned Sharon Holland and Fred Mendenhall Th1s year we ra1sed quxte a smell The boys were play1ng w1th a skunk that they thought was dead but lt wasn M1ss Veatch was our teacher for th1s year Then we moved 1nto the f1fth grade Here our teacher was Mrs Holcomb The s1xth grade came on us almost at once Our teacher Mr Strahler d1sected a ch1cken baked Indxan bread and we drank coconut m1lk Th1s next year we took our b1g step We moved upstalrs We were f1nally 1n the seventh grade Our teacher was Mr Bell We rece1ved a new member H13 name was Clarence Blankensh1p As we were movlng 1nto the e1ghth grade Fred Shaner met us We started early th1s Now we started on our last four years w1th 38 students As Freshmen we felt pretty b1g Thls year we were 1n1t1ated by the Sophomores We galned two more classmates Dorothy Parxs and Jerry Bell As our f1rst project we had paper drlves In the Sophomore class we 1n1t1ated the Freshmen We had the 1n1t1at1on party at Larry B1ckel's house To make money th1s year we had paper dr1ves and an 1ce cream soc1al We started our busy .Tumor year by rece1v1ng our class r1ngs We put on our class play "Shy Guy 1n Apr11 After the play we had a party at Lynn Morr1son s house We also had paper dr1ves and sold basketball schedules In May we gave the Sen1ors thexr beaut1fu1 banquet We are f1nally endmg up our glor1ous h1gh school Journey w1th our BIG Sen1or year e galned one more member to our class H1s name 15 Denn1s Gambrell Th1s now makes our f1na1 total 24 Our wonderful adv1sor 1S Mr Brubaker In October we had our p1ctures taken at Osborne s stud1o 1n Dayton In November we ordered our 1nv1tat1ons and name cards In December we sold Chmstmas candy and shoe pohsh When January rolled around we started work on our Annual, p1cked out the class motto color and flower At the end of February we sponsored the flrst Alumm Allstar game When the flrst s1gns of Sprmng came, we had an 1ce cream soc1al and car wash We w1sh to thank the .Tumors for the n1ce prom that was g1ven for us May 10 We enjoyed the Alumm Banquet very much also T f1n1sh our last year here at Farm ersvmlle H1gh School we had baccalaureate May Z5 and Commencement May 29 The bxggest thr1l1 came after we graduated 1n the form of our seven day tr1p to Washmgton and New York to wh1ch we had all been look1ng forward We w1sh to thank the commumty for supportlng us all 12 years of our school educat1on also r Brubaker and Mr Wllhamson for all the headaches they wmthstood for us 7 0 Q Cl M' , . . . ' 1 - ' ' I s ' 'r. . . . ' . . year to work for our eighth grade commencement. H . . . . I . ' , , . l . . . . . l ' ' , ' i ' . o - . . . 5 - M ' CLARENCE BLAN- KENSHIP: August 12, 1939, Nickname: Blankyi Class Vice President 25 Track 15 Scholarship Test 1,Z,3, Basketball Manager l,4. JERRY BELL: July 15, 1940, Nickname: Jerome, FFA l,Q,3,49 Junior Reporter 35 Basketball l,2,3g Baseball 23 Track 1,Z. LARRY BICKEL: December ll, 19405 FFA 1,Z,3,4: Sentinal 39 Student Advi- sor 4. MARY LOU FOCHT: July 30, 1940, Nick- name: Lou, FHA 1,Z,3,45 Historian 4, Chorus l,2,3g Allied Youth 1,25 Office Girl 4g Echo Staff 3,49 Annual Staff 4, May Queen 35 Basketball 2,3. DENNIS GAMBRELL: July 6, 1940, Madison 1,Z,3g FFA 4. 8 DUANE FOCHT: February 7, 1940, Nickname: Goose, Class President 25 Fund Raising 3, Class Play 3: An- nual Staff 45 Honor Attendant 35 Bas- ketball l,2,3,4g Baseball 45 Track 1 Newswordy 4. 5 ' z NOEL KENNER: September 12, 1940 Nickname: Wilburg May King 39 Basket- ball 1,2,3,49 Base- ball 49 Track 1. Rx SX SHARON HOLLAND: August 20, 1940, Nickname: Sisg FHA l,2,3,49 Vice Presi- dent 39 President 49 Assembly Committee 1,29 Chorus 19, Class Play 39 Allied Youth 1,29 Allied Youth Secretary ls Office Girl 2,4Q Echo Staff 2,3,49 Annual Staff 49 Li- brarian 39 News Correspondent 49 Honor Attendant 3g Cheerleader 19 Government Day 4. MARTHA SUE HOOPS: March 31, 1940, Nickname: Mar Sue9 FHA 1,2,3,4Q Song Leader 49 Chorus l,2,39 Band 1,3,4Q Al- lied Youth 1,29 Echo Staff 2,3,49 Annual Staff 49 May Queen Attendant 39 Librar- ian 2. SUE KINDIG: March 22, 1940, Nickname: Susie: FHA 1,2,3,49Par1imentarian 29 Treasurer 49 Chorus 1,2,49 Band 1,29 Class Play 39 Allied Youth 1,29 Echo Staff 3,49 Annual Staff 49 Basketball 39 Volleyball 4. MYRTLE ANN LAKES: May 4, 1940, Nickname: Myrtg Class Play 39 Allied Youth 1,29 Echo Staff .39 Annual Staff 4. OMER KEENER JR. August 12, 1940, Nickname: Junior: Class Secretary 49 FFA 1,29 Secretary 1,29 Class Play 39 Basketball l,2,3,49 Baseball 3,49 Track l,2. FRED MENDEN- HALL: September 15, 1939, Nickname Freddie5 Class President 15 Vice President 35 May Queen Attendant 2,35 Basketball 1,25 Track 1,25 Athletic Committee 4. ig Q PAUL LEATHERMAN: April 14, 1940, Nickname: Leatherneck5 FFA 1,25 Senti- nal 25 Annual Staff 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 2,35 Track 1,2. ANN LUDY: May 21, 1940, Nickname: Annal5 Class Treasurer 3,45 FHA 1,2,3,45 Reporter 35 County Devotional Leader 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Band 15 Class Play 35 Allied Youth 1,25 Echo Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Honor Student l,2,3,45 Scholar- ship Test 1,Z,35 Music Contest 2,35 Bas- ketball 35 Volleyball 45 Newswordy 45 Buckeye Girls' State 3. JOEL LYNN MORRISON: July 19, 1940, Nickname: Lynng Class President 3,45 Secretary 25 Treasurer 25 Fund Raising 15 Band l,2,45 Class Play 35 Allied Youth 1,25 Echo Staff 2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Honor Student 1,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Track 15 Scholarship Test 1,2,35 Band President 2,45 Basketball Manager 3,45 Government Day 4. DOROTHY PARIS: June 4, 1940, Nick- name: Babe5 FHA l,2,3,45 Historian 25 County Historian 35 Secretary 45 Chorus 15 Annual Staff 45 Librarian 2: Honor Student 3,45 Cafeteria Helper 2,3,45 Al- lied Youth 1,2. 10 DONALD MICHAEL: July 17, 1940, Nick- name: Dong FFA 1,2, 3,45 Vice President 45 Treasurer 35 Class Play 35 Allied Youth 15 Echo Staff 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Track 1. RUTH ANN PULS: January 5, 1940, Nickname: Ruthieg FHA 1,2,3,45 Treas- urer 35 Chorus 15 Chorus Librarian 15 Class Play 35 Allied Youth 1,25 Office Girl 45 Echo Staff 253,45 Annual Staff 4 Cheerleader 1,25 Basketball 35 Volley ball 4. Basketball 3, Volley- ball h. I ,grew if DON PI-lILLABAUM: May 16, 1940, Nickname: Chub5 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track 1. JAMES POWELL: January 21, 1940, Nickname: Jim. DAVID STEBBINS: January 11, 1940, Nickname: Daveg FFA 1,2,3,45 Sentinal 2, Secretary 3, Treasurer 45 May Queen Attendant 15 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Base- ball 4. SYDNEY WHEELER: March 18, 1940, Nickname: Syd5 Class Secretary 35 Cho- rus 15 Class Play 35 Allied Youth 1,25 Office Girl 45 Echo Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Dayton Daily News Correspondent 45 Honor Student l,2,3,45 Cheerleader 1,25 Basketball 2,35 Volleyball 45 FHA 2,3,4. FRED SHANER: June 3, 1939, Nickname: Big Fred5 Class Vice President 4, Fund Raising 2, FFA 1,2, 3,45 Vice President 3, President 45 Class Play 35 Allied Youth 1,25 Annual Staff 45 Basketball l,2,3,49 Baseball 35 Track 1,2. lllIl0l' Carolyn Coffman President Ronnie Harsha Vice President Lois Jackson Secretary Karen Sears Treasurer unior Class Histor September 1955 found Z7 Freshmen in Room 4 with Mrs Noffsinger their advisor By this year there werent enough seats inthe study hall for them so they doubled with the Seniors of that year Getting initiated by the Sophomores was a three day pro cedure ending with a party The only projects of that year were paper drives September, 1956, found 30 Sophomores distributed among three different home rooms. In November it was their turn to initiate the Freshmen. Paper drives were their main objectives in December and May. In March and April of that school year they sold Easter Candy. Also April lst, they ordered their class rings. ln September, 1957, Z4 Juniors were left to go through the Junior year. Their advisor is Mrs. England. In March they were again selling Easter Candy. May found them giving a Junior Play, the Junior-Senior Prom, and having a paper drive. IZ Judy Bc-ll Jun Shell XY Joan Ashton Tom Focht J muh Bowser Alxcu Blankcnshlp Farolyn Coifmcm V? Fr mk Bruedmg Ronnle Hamha Ale ne Corm tt LO15 Jackson A -an M1ke Holland Mrs Fnbland Adwsor Dan Eby Don Ferguson Kenny Focht B111 Kmcaxd Myrtle Jackson Cl d S ht Cxrolyn Nlchols y e pac Q x 1-:dare Napg .F Alxce Swafford Rlchard Prestwood X if Kan n Sears rx' " Q 1 'H o 9 1 i yyr, AN ' 7 I n , Au! ' l wb N". ff, y F ' YA yV..V ' 41 y 'E V. ,JN . A S y Q , rj. 4 V 1 ,Q ,f 'W an g Q , C f"""r '-T'-NN , ,y y HM Q . . , . if y by Sally K1nd1g Pres Ar1edaSm1th Sec Treas Sophomore Class H1stor The class of 1960 started the1r hxgh school career w1th 29 D1ck Erbaugh, V Pres members Mr M111er was the1r adv1sor The b1g event of th1s year was the Freshman 1n1t1at1on Also several paper dr1ves were held As So homores theyhave28 members, and Mr Storer 15 the1r advlsor Th1s year lt P h F shmen Two other projects glven th1s year were the was the1r turn to 1mt1ate t e re sale of pen sets and paper dnves t 14 i r r 5 1 y 1 2 : e 1 if I , J I Dearld Armstrong Loyce Wells Arleda Smzth Demspn Rrchard y R1chard Erbaugh Mary Ferguson Carolyn Sue Frlend Rosalle F ames Gambrell Terry Hager Davld Hawvermale Paul Hawverrnale Reetha Hendmckson Karen Hunt Dee Ingham Robert Keener Conme Kesllng Sara Krndrg Sally Kmdrg W1lma Large Kay Lawson Charles fBoj Null Rrchard Powell Drck Rausch Patrrcra Smxth Andrew Steward Mr Storer Advlsor 15 ' l I 'a ' X . P - ' Eb 5 2 A ' . .1 : i , -' K ' Q I .3 A xx ' :If xo ' M - any r M . 1 A . '.,A A I- fy, i . f K V, . , I , , ' I lg N Lynn Ph111abaurn, Presldent Ed1son Oswald Secretary Treasurer Sh1r1ey Eby V1ce Pres1dent www' ,?,t"" IYS? Freshman Class H1stor W1th the com1ng of September, 1957 a. new school year began W1th xt came a whole new class of Freshmen There are 36 members ln th1s class The1r a.dv1sor 1S Mr Emmck In1t1at1on was the f1rst th1ng they had to contend w1th 1n gett1ng acquamted W1th the new trend of h1gh school 11fe The only projects they have sponsored th1s year are paper dr1ves 16 I Betty Koogle Joan Lauderback Sara Leis Evelena Miller Margaret Moses Patty Nichols Shelley Nichols Edison Oswald ynn Phillabaum e en i ips Marcia Schaffer George Shell Edna Spurlock Danny Toms Lawanda Williams Charles Zimmerman 5 'vw -v A? ll James Ashton B111 Boyer Eloise Briggs Terry Caden Herbert Cllne Joyce Cook Jerry Eby Shirley Eby Patty Erbaugh Irene Erisman Donald Focht Sharon Focht Lenza Hendrickson Patsy Hobusch Terry Holland Dorla Izor Rolla Jackson Virginia Jones Terry Keener Gary Keener Q il , U 1 1 ' I I i f x . - , y a e J Q , H F sf ' it XMJTWZMJTYUJ A 1 Nc' Y Mr. Stanley Arnold AB Degree University of Kentucky Campbellsville Junior College JQZMYJTK 7 Second Period Chemistry Lab. - nv TT , if 23 1 , : 1 E a. "Eg: , ' as w X ' 3' IZLQI fb: 3' Fw 2 Y fr k,,' f.. X Q Q .gm V. . X? was 'w.T V - Q' . f wg 'ww it , 2.1 , r A 1 wa 5 4 , f" M ,. '..,-- V Q K K WYffi gZz1f,5:'af.'wi5g9 - 'QQQ "A ' lg -' at my , l- ,f 2 V fl I is , f,h"' 5: A H - at at ,I P ' ag , A 5 We 4 ia' , -'- lfwgw, xl' ,W .,-.rg iQ iffy! VV W1-1 '9' 2 ., , A , ir G . W N,,,W aw? afy, 1 - " ,af u. N' -W L? 3 X. , 1 +1 , X' . 3 X21 av nfy- K 'Q I W W W. ig L 5, T V, , , , N- , mg Y' - 1 W . 4 QA My ,f "-1-':""S-s 4 Nair? yy ...-'57 F .gl I sa 41 V- 5 ,541 ' 4 . ' ,, 1"g' f f""1?'f'm5 NE, f 99' V , , ' ' :L ,M.1..,4 W , X' H1 Mr' H S Q1 1 Ta-rg . J ' l 2, ,. Q X, f IQ A sb 1 'fl- is Mx Second Per1od General Busmess Qabovej Mr Joseph Brubaker ME 8: BS Degrees Ashland College M1am1 Umve rs1ty Seventh Pe r1od Gove rnment 21 UOXWXWQKUYJOC Mrs. Mattie Pearl England BS Degree Tennessee Polytechnic Institute BEPJK 714 ZA! 7 Third Period- -Bookkeeping Fifth Pe riod- -Typing I Second Period- -Shorthand F1rstPer1od--Typlng I QQ 1' is . Q 'sf A w "-H4 L 2 , ' 1 ff -5, ff ,i if y 4 -- if gfv, 'S I ......,, ' w5,.,.- i ga 31,319 I 43. ef-25 fy f 1 5 5 R 9 ' .. ,A AEM . ,A.,, " ,g 1 ,A ff- X f V, Y ww ij V Q i in Q . Jr, 'S' ,I s I 4 4' I 9 X 'Y :ful X 1 A ,ga H v, ,-an. QE Mtv 4...-Q wmqx ...W-p 1-7' if ' v 5 Q Y 1 Q 4 www, I 'M '4 , ,Q-A -Q ay .l' W - 1 Q, ,m 1 fi., " .7 Mft, Y lf' ". V Jmgx rv? is 6 ig! . W se I we , S hP d G IS sihp dH y UL! YJ 70K 7 JJVB Jcfczfveifi , ., .n - X.,,.V,,-f-Nf.4,1,..AAo l""'. , 5 ' " ll lllllul 'N Sin' WY? -?' , , , 2: 9 I ' -- ., ..,. '- ..,.. 7 mv " if h ff fi if . by . eb Q,-3, .i.1 ,,,,,Q WL,, A . , I ,., M ,A L Q, . , ,K X, ,K TM M fe ' f- ' 4 5 W ,, ff' . -f Q, z Q, , 'K 1 x eng? y 0' fi' 0 Aw ' ws, ' Q. 'N 'bu' nh., ,V .M . . M 5 I'W'f!lY0' E . W M A x A N , Q!! 5 -lv' if I AA V 1 M 5' A1 qu- ' Q if iw' .Mi L H 3-J HQ' 41- N ,. Q 1 , R i A vNi"'Q I ., N Y f."v D -M Q ' . A,.x":- qv H ' ' M., fe-N. fir- 554951 X ' x ' ' '54 1 in 'ffl' Y " 2 -fi wx A V -e-'S ff' 'J g' ' ' ' " 'gVL A N ' , Wm' 155:31 Qlyfigx 38. 2 'Wm ,L . ,m W, ,.., . K f X K ll l ,1 . M S We ,L I f nw 7,11 'f W' an 1 4 ' ff ,',x 4- W mf' 4, U ' W ' 1 Q 'f-'I' 'M' -lf V . ' 'ut v ,, VL Q ju K s 1 H K il X f 6 A, Qx M, "va, w J? Ya" J-if .,4-f"X'Nf'f' M ' li If XR X i 2 T f f i fl 1 Q, 1 y- R Y li A u + 9, V S 8' X A.,---, X 2.7 Sitting left to right: Mr. Strahler, Miss Husak, Mrs. Huston, Mrs. McNelly, and Mrs. Gilbert Standing' r. Be , Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Dillon, Miss McClain, Mrs. Oldfather, and Mrs. QW NQQN 4111 59929 ,MGWQ Arnold ' UE!! Z8 ur' mf -bi' S.-.melhihol 1157133 Frrst Row Larry Kunkle Connn. Holland Wrllram Clouser Joyce Jones Lann Lakes Second Row Judy Alltn Janet lzor Fa1t.h Wood Carolyn Hmkle Thrrd Row Sammy Rrce Sharon Eby Danny Tangeman Brenda Frxend Joyce l-lafer Fourth Row Leroy Gephart Bob Powell Ceul Sanders Norbert Osswald Frfth Row Leroy Smrth Donnre Erbaugh Janet Kerns Johnny Blankenshrp Judy Wells Srxth Row Shrrley Errsman Mrlburn Kmpard Roger Holland Judy Crooks S venth Row Norman Bell John Patterson Mrs Crlbert Trudy Flook Tommy Caden E1ghLh Row' Bobby Worrell Denms Hawvermale Fred Wrllmams Paulme Denrson Nrnth Row Audrey Bowlrng Carol Armstrong xk WM' xl f7r t y ,. Z Eighth Grade fr Iv s . . ,ri ' as . ' , ., - 'LF Q N ra" ' - A 'V 'L A . , : , s , i 4 No, .fj xt. . N -' 4- ' ' , I V A .y . ' It ' L is D W ey I ' Q ,tr ,r wa rig,-1 , gl I A ,- . I Q J' . W ' xv . . , , . . F x X 3 W. , r XX Y L. flv 'y, X - fs, 7 F L77 . Um .A ZLL V I 4g f 071' L' 'fc 4 ,W ,lf W Y , , A Q ,ff VL 1, - ' Lf .. i 6' 'GCI - X Seventh Grade 3uunnduS4nI if F1rst Row Mar1e Lawson Sylvla Steward Edxth M11ler Deanna Howard Second Row Norma Moore Jlm Carson John Crooks Dale Se1gfr1ed Barbara Phllllps Th1rd Row Paul Izor Kathy Garwood Barbara Moses Wanda M1ller Fourth Row Sandra Fnend D R Coffman Terry Rmggs Tommy Ulrlch Charlene Wohrley F1fth Row Rltd Selfr1dge Dale Gambrell Dean 'Wegley Loxs Shell Sutth Row Johnny Vbampler Susan Foreman Mr Bell Llnda Le1s M1chael Roach Sex enth Rovt Tommy Ferguson Marllyn Klnsey Carolyn Klnsey Gary Lauderback Elghth Row Joyce Hager Melxa Nlchols Carolyn Hawxermale Cheryl Phllllps Nlnth Row Robert N1cely Joe Watson Gary Shaner Shlrley Jackson I7 S1Xth Grade Q , sv Q greg? 3 F1rst Row R1cky Cole Bruce Gephart Sharon Eby Gary England Larry Wxllxams Second Row Sh1rley Jones Sharon Burr1s Glorla Henduckson Donna Bowhng Tl"1rd Row Marty Adams Jlmmy Kldder Steven Bmggs Gary Worrell James R1ley Fourth Row Rodney Fore Jo Ann Moore Janet Osswald Delor1s Holland F1fth Row Sh1rley R1ce Brenda W1lson Mr Strahler Barbara Lambert R1cky Stump Slxth Row Budrow Toblas Claudla Mackhn V1cky Re1gel Paul Dans Seventh Row Daxld Koogle Gary K1dder Tommy Tob1as Don Eagle 30 1 ' J, -'ff' ' 'ff-s , ,-Q .9 gr V' rl A ' i .1 V' ' 4 4 . ' ? 1 F' . - 1. ' , L vin' ,z . 4 f 'Sf J ' . ,, Q , A ,, V ' H A Q Q. , A' W Y, ' 41? 4 'X " Q L I 'X v -Pr 131 4 A nm -ad ' A Y 1 'P rn' 3 Q l 4 S521 , a , jg " 'f , Q, . , 5, f x k s S e M 3 1 K 7 ' . jx , 7 v my 9 B Q J e F1fth and S1xth Grade Wx S-as-H L if F1rst Row Tommy K1nCa1d Margaret Osswald Marce1lHavwermale Sharon Lnbeeap Don Keener Second Row Betty Keshng Steven Stoker Carol Ummel Sussanne Focht Thlrd Row Janet Patterson Kathaleen Hawvermale Paul Stockert Connre Howard Conme Howard Fourth Row Pat Ashton Duane Wegley James Bowser Beverly Trlrnble Flfth Row Beverly N1chols Gordon Bowman Mrs Huston R1cky Wharton S1xth Row Sylx1aHawvermale Kathy Shell D1x1e Breedlng Rlta Sears Seventh Row W1ll1am Wharton Mark Llnder '7 F1fth Grade Q 'Q or 01 Lndksinl maui lr ' I' -1 J' F1rst Row Nancy Moses Patrxcla Kr1etzer Gayle Brower Mar1lyn Hmkle V1cky Howard Second Row Ph1111p Coffman Eugene Sk1leS Tommy Arst1ngsta1l Jlmmy Eby Thrrd Row John Ludy Jurua Shlverdecker Llnda Lakes Francls Stockert Jerry Smlth Fourth Row Mary Sue R1ley B111 Powell Gary Weaver Lmda Gephart F1fth Row Rlchard Clme Phylhs Coff man Franc1s Houston Mlckey Pemx S1xth Row Karen Rmhcreek Rrchard Newbauer Hudson Ayers Ronme Dale Seventh Row Da1sy M111er Dean Ratlxff Ronald Izor Cathy Ingham E1ghth Row Terry St1ver Bobby Bell Kenny Izor Margaret MeNelly 31 J J l J x. z I G H X XX xg l . . J xi W A ll 'lx . I ' J uv' - x ' rx, ,V , f , , ' , ,lx N - .r 153 ,. l 1 1 - 9 I - I 1 ' 'I 1 G ' e ' -x , f 4 1, L avg v , .. VN-J 5 Q Xfell l. I . n H Wig X W 'f ix-7, . X - -ze. . J A xx f G' ,, J -....:,:-- 'J 'L -0 K I - S -f , S X AJ ' L . J .. ' ' ' v I g V 'Q-QQ , 'g I M -A. iz, W Fourth Grade First Row: Tommy Sholly. Kay Wharton, Linda Williams, Carma Stiver, Linda Bryan. Second Row: Delores Holp, Sandra Somers, Linda Osswald, Cynthia Tobias. Third Row: Frank Loomis, Donnie Springman, Jerry Mayer, Phil Sears, Darrell Sanders. Fourth Row: Verna Berry. Bryan Macklin, Robert Smith, Joe Tobias. Fifth Row: Doris Erbaugh, Darrell Phelps, Miss McClain, Barbara Shell, Leonard Weaver. Sixth Row: Lloyd Bowling, Paula Stockert, Diana Stockert, Rita Denlinger. Seventh Row: Joe Penix, Sue Newell, Lois Peyton, Paul Rehmert. Fourth Grade First Row: Linda Lenk, Linda Conway, Sheryl Dulaney, Jean Cottman, Barbara Izor. Second Row: Glenda Hughes. David Cole, Richard Lightner, Linda Breeding. Third Row: Ronald Eby, Thomas Hueber, Larry Eagle, Tim Watson, Edgar Sanders. Fourth Row: Sherry Erisrnan, Mavis Ayers, Linda Large, Dean Cole. Fifth Row: Cathryn Laxton, Eugene Zinnerman, Mrs. Arnold, Wade Flory, Linda Erbaugh. Sixth Row: Carolyn Bell, Donald Berry, Rodney Newbauer Joyce Comer. Seventh Row: Donna Kurtz, Beth Garwood, Donna Brown, Dean Erbaugh. Not Pictured: Clarence Brewer, Eugene Freels 32 YV i Q Q mf Q . v Q Q Thlrd Grade 9 xr Sn-n..11SA-vi' 937958 F1rst Row Mark Sk1les D1ana Sm1th Wanda Jackson Pamela Burnett Sue Ann Stump Second Row Johnny Shelly W1ll1am Berry Ecld1e Steele Ronme Rathff Thxrd Row Phyl11s Moore J1mmy Moses Don Flory Carolyn Weaver Rose Marre Koogle Fourth Row Charles Burr1s James Slusser Veromca Thomas M1chael Moyer Flfth Row Steven Moore Laverne Laxton Glenna Brewer Mar1lyn Holland Jrmmy Sholly S1xth Row Doug Ulrmch Vernon Sams R1chard Fr1encl Roy Walker Seventh Row John Davrd Spacht Ke1th Shaner R1cky Eby Glenn Bowman Gary Hafer E1ghth Row D1ana Powell Lmda Mrller Flo Dean Graham Idella Lakes Nmth Row Sandra Lakes Mrs Oldfather Juha Ferguson 'L 'Y ew' N -A No! XL Second and Th1rd I Grade ,,, 3' qw, lg W 'F tx C 3, innings! M uv as Ftrst Row Debb1e Vandergnft Dora Ayers Sharon Masters Allyn Umrnel B1ll1e Ensman Second Row Ronnle Lenk Joy Wharton Mary Beth Null Stevre W1ll1amson Thlrd Row Jack Hanes Kathy Cllne Glenn Izor Sandra Foreman Carol Shell Fourth Row Bobby L1becap Randall Lexs Er1c L1nder Stephen Roach F1fth Row Sharon Brown Claudra Denlmger Mrs D1llon Joyce Llghtner Ke1th Coffman S1xth Row Donme House Conme House Roberta Hughes Stevre Garner Seventh Row Joan Zechar Faye Dale Beth Shell Beverley Estep 33 E3 fl v- I ' ' 'x . . 1 5 fl '7 J" M 1 .lj 51 5 A L Q h 2 A Y V ,A 5 . . .I 'I " LY' -is f ' A A 1 s M f ' l-'X I-' - - 114-. V F wi ' ,Q G A A 1 ' K , 'ft' , I 1 Q" J at J arf J - 'Wi ,ff V Y 5 nudge g Q . ' G Q J l fn. 'W 9 e ' ' 'aff' , ' lj . Y I I ,W K! ihv X Q 'R K , T1 'Y , , .,.. ,,,y 1 ' . kvllz I .N -,K . 1 ' , Y C 14,4 Z 1 4 S I Q -I Second Grade Su-nndlnisfnol if ' F1rst Row Sandy Jo Gephart Ray Davms Martha Sholly Raymond Brown Charleen Swallows Second Row Lowell Ingram Sue Kurtz Steven Fore Nancy lzor Th1rd Row Wayne Barton Phylhs Bowhng Mark Wampler Larry Crooks Beverly Isaacs Fourth Row Glennla Bowlmg D1anne Slusser M1chael Hawvermale Dan Flory Fxfth Row Karen K1nca1d Johnny R1egel M1ss Husak Larry Weaver Carol Macy S1xth Row Mar1lyn Peyton Apr1l Hueber Betty Weaver M1ke Kunkle Seventh Row Pamela Krdder James Hager Bary Wood Carol Gephart Elghth Row Jerry Powell Kenny Tumble Terry Sanders Eddle Shxeverdecker Not Plctured Daryl Weller Randy Freels Sandy Craycraft Grace Stuck W? 11 ve g F1rst Grade -' Q M G M! ., we I Y sm-:Jug-Ld Fa! M75 F1rst Row Donna Howard Ernest Rlley Conme Pease Dell Powell Evelyn Burns Second Row Tommy Weaver Gale Fore Mark Focht Roger Gephart Th1rd Row Jxmmy Erlsrnan L1nda Eby Calv1n Shmverdecker Sh1rley Moore Norma Breedmg Fourth Row Mlchael Howard Jeanette Allen Gay Urnmel M1chael Rehmert F1fth Row Rodney Holtzmuller Dav1d Clark Roger Noyer Tlmrny Garner Danny Zechar S1Xth Row Charles Khpper W1lma Reese Judy Sears Sandra K1nca1d Seventh Row Rebecca Martln Ronn1e Sklnner Mrs McNelly Joe Prestwood Janet Hanes E1ghth Row Sammy Newell Tommy Sears J1mmy Smmth Johnny Denhnger N1nth Row Paul Stockert Glor1a Laxen Carmen Flory D1ana Derrlnger 34 '. ' -. f ,J u .J , J 1 Ed' on f j - .. x 1 f A , 4 M" " S K 1 ' I-Q y 4. ,Q ' y 1 L l n ' , f 167 15 li' fi' y , .1 " , it fr . I I 4? 'K' W 3 13 - J f . Jaw :' FV- 7 1 5. 7. L .1-to J e ' M if-N " -'S' . gl' K I V L.. V- A I I f A Qgwrld. if Q . -S 1 fr 1 I Q4 A 'Qi 4 .f V! QM' "Y if 12' ez! O 2 I l 'X 4 ii- j Q i J ' g - Q g 1550 1 N. ' 75? .-3' I W ,A V I """' 4-Q E CZMDQJ 7? Standing left to right: Jim Shell, Dearld Armstrong, Paul Leatherman, Duane Focht, Fred Shaner, Kenny Focht, David Stebbins, Lynn Morrison, Clarence Blankenship. Kneeling and sitting: Torn Focht, Junior Keener, Fred Mendenhall, Don Phillabaum, Noel Keener, Don Ferguson, Dan Eby, Mr.Emrick, Coach. 36 Farmersville Away 66 34 Lanier 46 Bryan 51 48 Gratisf 46 46 Miami-Central 62 48 west Alex. ' 43 53 Fenwick 79 75 Centervilleff 54 67 Madison , 47 76 Germantownfdf 57 64 Jeffersonifi 67 42 Carlisleiff-1 75 58 Brookville? 72 71 Verona 58 60 Jeffersonzli 52 55 Phiiiipsburgakf ev 54 Wayneif 47 54 Carisle 81 49 Dixieff V 67 Montgomery County Tournament 51 Dixie 60 44 Wayne 56 67 Alumni 63 '1'League 'WI-Ioliday Tournament The boys had a losing record, won 10 and lost 11, for the first time in along time, here at Farmersville. The fans didn't turn out so well, as they were disappointed in the team, but they should have reconsidered, for no one was as disappointed as the basketball boys themselves. Most of the time the boys did their best and should not be ashamed of their record. Nice season boys! The 1958 yearbook wishes to congratulate Dixie on their near perfect season. They won 27 and lost 1. - 1 3 7 4 JCZJVYOJQ .J 3 e 9? From left to right: Joyce Cook, Loyce Wells, Paula Denison, C ormie Kesling OZAJVCYV 0'1z?5R,,EzZa4BY!VQ WJMPJ Joyce Jones, Sharon Eby, Shirley Erisman, Marcia Shaffer Standing left to right: Mr. Emrick-Coach, Kenny Focht, Dick Erbaugh, B111 Kincaid Lynn Philla bamcn, Dan Eby, Don Ferguson, David Hawvermale, Bo Null, Tom Focht Clyde Spacht Ronnie Harsha. Kneeling: Jim Shell, Lynn Morrison, Clarence Blankenship, Dearld Armstrong Man agers. Farmersville Away 40 Lanier 37 40 Bryan 36 29 Gratis Z3 43 Miami-Central 46 53 West Alex. 43 49 Fenwick 41 32 Centerville 21 30 Madison 25 43 Germantown 47 48 Brookville 41 40 Verona 20 55 Jefferson 42 51 Phillipsburg 49 34 Wayne 33 31 Carisle Z7 52 Dixie 51 The Reserves came up with a very fine record of 14 wins and 2 loses in playing good ball all season. These boys deserve some congratuations, and at this time the 1958 Annual would like to wish the best of luck to next year's squad and to all other future basketball teams at F.H.S. 40 .!. .Q ' 4 ,af im g, -A G- A i , ,W ,Nifty affiigsz fffv 44 QW W, A , 3' ? if AE g A 4' ,Q 1 a V vii, 'H U if is EE ' , g Q 4 A 3 rw v jg V2 Q W ,,"5.J '.'4! Q.,-: , X 41, Q "'? ' '-'ff' NW if I I BX fr w ea 3 ,Q W K R I A HW: f " ' W nh z ti, I ii A ii' I f ,gr 1 Y .' , 1- ,I we '73, ,?i,. ' Tb' , ,ffl af-if" , M3 Af z Qs 'X Ki ff ff is A 41? KN 41 I A' lib! .ff it v , QR, Qs' f Q 1' 1 ld 4 1 -Q 3 1 Q A fQ QQ 15 all oxlevl Standing left to right: Mrs. Arnold, Ruth Ann Puls, Sara Kindig, Sally Kindig, Carolyn Coffman, Janice Bowser, Shar ron Focht, Wilma Large, Mrs. England, and Mr. Arnold. Kneeling: Carolyn Sue Friend, Ann Ludy, Sydney Wheeler Connie Kesling, Sue Kindig, Karen Sears, and Rosalie Friend. QYKQEJ' JPG! T725 Standing left to right: Mrs. Arnold, Carolyn Friend, Wilma Large, Rosalie Friend, Carolyn Coffman, Eloise Briggs, Mr. Arnold, Sara Leis, Sharon Focht, Dorla Izor, Jgan Lauderbeck, Karen Sears, and Mrs. England. Kneeling: Virginia Jones, Margaret Moses, Edna Spurlock, Marsha Shaffer, and Janice Bowser. X l ,raw O Standing left to right: Ken Focht, Dick Erbaugh, David Haw- vermale, Junior Keener, Ron Harsha, Dan Eby, Eddie Qxl any g x Napier, Clyde Spacht, and Coach Emrick. Kneeling: Tom Focht, Frank Breeding, Lynn Phillabaurn, Bo Null, Larry Wysong, Noel Keener, Fred Mendenhall, and Paul Leather- JPJQ YJVQ we . JPOR TJ Standing left to right: Fred Shaner, Ken Focht, Duane Focht, Dick Erbaugh, Paul Leatherman, Junior Keener, Bo Null, Lynn Phillabaum. Kneeling: Noel Keener, Fred Mend enhall, Ronnie Harsha, Billy Boyer, George Shell, Clyde Spacht, Terry Holland, Mr. Emrick. L1 if -5-L Q ,V ...LN-.....-, ,,, " ELI' MLS EE! ,A i Z Z f if 58670 57042123 The Echo Staff pubhshed e1ght ed1t1ons throughout thls year The staff was one of the best but at tlrnes they d1dn'tqu1te meet the1r deadllnes Ten staff members w1ll gradu ate th1s year leavlng the staff w1th fourteen veterans Th1s IS the twelfth year for the ECHO at Farmerswlle Members of the staff are as follows Lynn Morr1son Ed1tor Jamce Bowser Ass1stant Echtor Lo1s Jackson Busmness Man ager Sydney Wheeler and Ruth Ann Puls Soclety Edltors Carolyn Coffman and Karen Sears H1gh School Ed1tors Kay Lawson and Rosahe Fr1end Grade News Ed1tors Ron I-Iarsha and Don M1chael Sports Edltors, Sharon Holland, Club News, Martha Sue Hoops and David Hawvermale, Feature Editorsg Bo Null and Clyde Spacht, Humor Editors, Mary Lou Focht, Ann Ludy, and Tom Focht, Art Editors, Dearld Armstrong, Dick Erbaugh, and Sue Kindigg Productiong Ken Focht and Bob Keener, Circulationg and Mrs. England, Advisor. 46 Front row: Evalena Miller, Reetha Hendrickson, Virginia Jones, Joyce Cook, Patty Er- baugh, Martha Sue Hoops, Sydney Wheeler, Karen Hunt, Connie Kesling, Paula Denison. Second row: Rosalie Friend, Carolyn Friend, Kay Lawson, Wilma Large, Shirley Eby, Sara Kindig, Loyce Wells, Sally Kindig, Carolyn Coffman, Shelly Nichols, Janice Bowser, Ruth Ann Puls, Edna Spurlock, Patty Smith, Mrs. Stockslager. Third row: Mar- garet Moses, Judy Bell, Alene Cornett, Karen Sears, Sharon Focht, Eloise Briggs, Patty Nichols, Helen Phillips, Marsha Shaffer, Sara Leis, Patty Hobusch. Fourth row: Arleda Smith, Joan Ashton, Dee Ingham, Rolla Jackson, Irene Erisman, Betty Koogle, Dorla Izor, Ann Ludy, Sue Kindig, Dorothy Paris, Joan Lauderbeck, Sharon Holland. YMMUQ, 4' C0 C9 A iq, 'Z' , 7 5 KX? Si! ENV ,t 111- 1' :P LS.: 'if is 0 NEWYX The FHA Chapter at Farmersville was very active this year. They had a cookie Sale a tea for the eighth grade girls, a style show, and sponsored a valentine dance. With all this they still found time to earn their Junior and Chapter degrees. Three girls were privileged to earn their State Homemaker's Degree, they were Carolyn Coffman, Karen Sears, and Dorothy Paris. Sharon Holland, president of the Chapter this year, received her State Homemaker's Degree last year. 47 nffu' 421' """c4 as ax F1410 0 1: o -5 FXF A16 J S f T ross 5-.1 'Wuxi' Ulu ,MJ Standmg left to r1ght Denms Gambrell Danny Eby Edd1e Nap1er Larry B1ckel Jerry Bell Don M1chael and Fred Shaner S1tt1ng J1m Gambrell Dav1d Hawvermale Jerry Eby Terry Caden Geroge Shell Terry Holland M1chael Holland and Frank B1-eed1ng The FFA Chapter at Farmersvllle was very actwe th1s year also The boys took held trlps to the Natlonal Lwestock Show and C1nc1nnat1 to see the stockyards and a base ball game They had several money makmg projects wh1ch were scrap drwes a car wash and a fox dr1ve The club had many honors th1s year wh1ch were lst place 1n the D1str1ct Land Judgmg contest and 4th place 1n the D1str1ct Llvestock Show Don M1chael was prlvmleged to earn the t1tle of State Farmer 48 . .. , I Q ., , ,'?"g,. 71:15 . f JN. "' I: Q O .. .pw 9 X 4 rg 1 '49 ' S -ii 1' . , Q I b a 0 , T 1 .cf Ei , L , A A y A' Al I U ' T D I 1 1 ' ' 1 I 1 , . . 1 , , .Y 1 D I A J . . WOODWINDS Lynn Morrison Marcia Shaffer Richard Erbaugh Sharon Focht Dean Wegley Marceil Hawvermale Kathleen Hawvermale Pat Ashton Carolyn Coffman Karen Sears Carolyn Hawvermale Carolyn Hinkle PERCUSSION: Leroy Smith, Jerry Eby, Connie Holland, Faith Wood. Mr. Ryan, Director CDSJVYOIQ JJVB The Farmersville Higl School Band had a very busy year this year. They marched at all of the home basketball games. They sponsored an Ice Cream Social in March, and a Minstrel in May. These projects were to raise money to buy new band uniforms. Enough money was made to purchase trousers, with the coats to come later. The band finished the year with a picnic at the Gratis State park. This year, under the able direction of Patty Smith, a drill team was started at Farmersville. The girls put on chorus line routines while the band played at the basketball games. Members of the drill team pictured below are: Patty Smith with the baton, Dee Ingham, Evalena Miller, Pauline Denison, Sharon Eby, Brenda Friend, Jovce Jones, Shirley Eby, Shirley Erisman, and Trudy Flook. BRASS Robert Keener Sara Leis Martha Sue Hoops Paul Hawvermale Nobert Osswald Sally Kindig Tom Focht Lois Shell Tom Tobias Ricky Cline Ken Focht Michael Roach Carolyn Friend Sara Kindig Leroy Gephart BR 705 ,B 742-64114 Ydfff GYKQCJ EQVORZJIJ Betty Koogle, Dorla Izor, Joan Ashton, Wilma Large, Irene Erisman, Joan Lauderbeck, Eloise Briggs, Rosalie Friend, Kay Lawson, Margaret Moses, Patty Nichols, Evalena Miller, Shirley Eby, Arleda Srnith, Sally Kindig, Sue Kindig, Martha Sue Hoops, Virginia Jones, Karen Hunt, Rolla Jack- son, Joan Craycraft, Paula Denison, Reetha Hendrickson, Connie Kesling, Carolyn Sue Friend, Loyce Wells, Sara Kindig, Dee Inghani, Ann Ludy, Accompanist, and Mr. Ryan, JMXWOR 5J!l!B Director. Mr. Ryan, Director Left to right: Donna Kurtz Tom Arstingstall Kathy Shell Rita Sears Joe Tobias Ronnie Dale wrfgv' Wg fliikx Q- ,.' fig 5. 4 a. It ga maxi! W 7 '+'4:h1L,PiQ1Pg.z 1 wg., -- . - -dad... - 1 .ZW ,. 'Eu gk Sinn X im sk 2 12 V, 8, Q1 .. sk A W ,Q . , ,Lx 'N gf: ,wg Q gf? sn Z 59' " 1 A gh ,959 0 ,, I 1 KJ. S I 'ff 'M 1' Q V QA Y 'Q ,, .4 l :if . l .A .,,,g.1,,:Eb.4,,uA:A5M ,. ,. Q I 4 -f 'iq Y 3 ' ., 5-nd': . 'Y -. T 'V 1 ' f ' K W Q3 1 Q.-4, 1 4, ,,a 1 ,.,'-L. M4 3' is ,Nh i. Q 'S L -. -in-u 1 M, -'sf .I T45 .hr-K' 1 ! ix ,A .ng if -1 of , .a' ' Y YQ ii' 19 K , ,M,,.N.v4H'l"" 'vial Wu... Q w 'li am Y., nw, f X ,5f'm4:v. 'Mk 'V' af ff' - f, 'fm . 1, . 1 Af.. , . 1 if " 5, Q, ,c P . .Vs X I 44 x ML ' 47' M A 1 lx AX' H fxqrfv ',,..,,.k-4 Q, x ,ks 'Q 5 1 si nga .x. s. ,, - N-wiv? L- Q A " W 1 :A e fll: Pl: 1 ' 'F d Z I E EH gh zw M fin - ' Q Avis.. el .C ,L u H 1 AH ' I , .I Q. 1'f:" 2: u 5 I - sp -S '1 5.5,-A 0 as-U , vw is .a' -3 K ffgh ,,. F K JWJVMJQC 794 7 ? EDITOR ............ CO-EDITOR ....... BUSINESS MANAGER ADVERTISING . . . LITERARY EDITOR. HEAD TYPIST .. . SPORTS EDITOR CIRCULATION.. PRODUCTION.. ART EDITORS .... ... PHOTOGRAPHERS.. ADVISOR ........ . - FINIS 1958 57 ..LYNN MORRISON .......ANN LUDY ...DOROTHY PARIS ....RUTH ANN PULS ..SYDNEY WHEELER ..SHARON HOLLAND ......DUANE FOCHT MARTHA SUE HOOPS ........SUE KINDIG ......FRED SHANER MARY LOU FOCI-IT MYRTLE ANN LAKES PAUL LEATHERMAN ....MR. BRU BAKER For the Fin aphy OSBORNE STUDIOS INC. 1521 Middl Your Schc hcr UOJMPIYMCSJIITJ 0? MYJWU XMAJD 53528 2564970111 fx' 05190 CH EV ROLET -.I SMITH CHEVROLET SALES 4 Vs.-awj, Dan.. F D I C Member if THE FARMERSVILLE EXCHANGE COMPANY INCORPORATED Grain-Feed-Coal-Supplies Farmer Owned Phone 97 or 111 Farmersville, Ohio Congratulations To The Class of 1958 f FARMERSVILLE BRANCH yhiyikg Q M fmofvpac 56411116 fm 041645 MKG UNION HARDWARE SCHENCK and soN FURNITURE 6972 WCS' Thifd Sffee' 6459 Germantown Pike Dayton Phone TE 55070 Phone UN 6-4591 BARBER AND CONLEY, INC. john Deere Sales and Service 1500 N, Barron St. Phone 10 Eaton, Ohio MEDFORD AUTO SERVICE THE TOOT DRIVE-lN Phone 8-8465 A Friendly Place To Eat New Lebanon New Lebanon, Phone 8-4861 BUD LIGHTNER Standard Oil Distributors Farmersville Phone 38-W Compliments of JERRY'S MALT SHOP Farmersville, Ohio FRED MERRIMAN'S FURNITURE johnsville, Ohio Phones N. L. 8-4529, 8-6152 Typical hallway scene between 7th and 8th periods. ESHBAUGH'S CAROL'S BEAUTY SHOPPE School Supplies and Gifts Walnut Street Phone 112 Milmisbllfg, Ohio Farmersville, Ohio B In l. JEWELERS N. Main Street Germantown, Ohio Compliments of BICKEI. PETROLEUM SHIRLEYYS FURNI1-'JRE Suppliers of Sinclair Products Miamisburg Ohio Phones, Farmersville 26, Dayton UN 6-5766 60 lf! 'TO KOXMPJJW SUTTMAN'S MEN AND BOYS WEAR Main Street Miamisburg, Ohio YEJ7 BKYWE 7075 '5 ZORB SLUSSER'S SOHIO SERVICE Tires-Batteries-Accessories ' fi, Carwashing and XVaxing n I Farmersville Phone 40 Ohio LADIES AND CHILDRENS CLOTHING Open Friday and Saturday Night 6 E. Center Germantown, Ohio Phone UL 5-2195 G9 9 -9 PAFF'S JEWELRY DODD'S FURNITURE STORE 70 South Main Street Miamisburg, Ohio Main and Center Germantown, Ohio IlNdcrhi1I-6-2101 ULSICA'-5-2128 jewelry Gifts For Every Occasion Furniture of Distinction om? NVNELN S OF I-IoIuoeqQ,r ul- HOIP Pura era I Home WQNQ g"b'-I II Ngw I.ELbOsNON .OIX30 K fjlhj THE STUDENT Q SPOTLIGHT is on f ,- , ' JOSTEN CLASS RINGS of i HHLI the' rl1nlIIgI1I rt'Xl'.xIa if Q I 0 Magnificent wunshme IOK gold QFJEN 0 Ex I si-fe orwgn d g v 9 b I v gr ed . D p d - 4 u mg SMR' mms I IMI Icglisd It I fo ' fh H IIIEHH H CIHSS HIIIG . 'OWN ff ' Iq "W I KU QM ... gl GEORGE c. Momzow BOX 15 THE NATHAN HALE sHoP Springfidd' Ohio Farmersville, Ohio Colonial Reproductions Phone Germantown ULster-5-2128 FOREMAN'S HARDWARE Compliments of bales and Service Rural Bottled Gas DRAYER MOTOR SALES Dodge and Plymouth Phfmv P I2 E. Linden Ave. liirriicrsville. Ohio Miamisburg. Ohio Kg' Luum A, 1' on co. FUEL OIL New lenannv .Inu C. CARTER OIL CO. Distributor Sohio Fuel Oil New Lebanon. Ohio Phone 8-8221 SOH REGISTERED PHARMACIST Soda Fountain Prescriptions Sickroom bupplies Baby Needs Cameras-Cosmctics-Films-Perfumes-Developing , - 1 ,,.' ---4 ' ' ' 7-4 Phone 9--4551 XY'cst Alexandria. Ohio P H cj B 0 I A N I C9 R E N A N S P R -UA F :'RPfA 8APTS HNYE' iX"Q.SE NFES S SA - UR, SV PROI F 3 RMC L AERE L R T N 5 R D E C V 1 R E X E E 1 l E A N A L R T 5 . , 1 5 G i x O - I 'E - Y N C O C o AE A Y ll li N D D I 1 O 3 FLOYD MILLIKIN'S THRIFTY "E" MARKET Bowsefs Deponmem were Quality Groceries and Drug Sundries Farmersville, Ohio Elgin-Bulova-Omega CARNAHAN .IEWELERS Eaton, Ohio Columbia and Keepsake Registered Diamonds Dry Goods-Shoes-Notions Farmersville, Ohio DOROTHY'S BEAUTY SHOP R R pil Farmersville, Ohio SUN-GLO DAIRY ' ' Ph0ne93F4 Dayton-Germantown Pike Phone UN 6-1114 L. RIEGEL AND SONS Plumbing-Heating-Construction Phone 1 13-W Farmersville KARNS AND SON Your Home Should Come First New Lebanon, Phone 8-8121 Brumbaugh's Store Phone 8-8551 New Lebanon, Ohio LEE BELL'S GROCERY Grocery and Meat Market Farmersville, Ohio As the old adage goes: "While the cat is away the mice will play." Three guesses who was at a Principal's meeting!!! TOBIAS SHEET METAL CO. 5830 W. 3rd St. Dayton, Ohio AM 8-3841 Heating, Air Conditioning, Sheet Metalwork 64 Compliments of MARCUM'S MARKET johnsville, Ohio VOGUE'S BARBER SHOP CAPITOL DRY CLEANING West Alexandria, Ohio

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