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'Q-'Jai , ' ,MR V. 1,22 E ff' 'VV ' 5 I1 ze., -.- f, 51, Mn- ,Wm 1, -A.Hl475'."'-fi 'Sr " ' 1 - . , f: ?ffr5,4ff?,f'f Q 'f1'vZ,. 1. ,, f - - wr 1. ' 1 Q' J: W'-W ' gf- 015.325 " ' rv tn? 11 'F , . if f! , FL...-V . ' Q , mpeg , , my . .7 41' ,. R? N . X 1. . ifi ffr i 3, 4. W 'QawwAaQ 5' C, i f ff f 5, Hfm ff? f- 2235 535 TQ MEM , is if s 'ak f Q EL , .M g ff 2 fx gf! 1 ,a iw 935 my is , 3 , L,,. g Q, 3. w a fr :f g aa W if L- Qxgg. ".- 1 I wif "m"'f:i,, I 'R Q x fajiig .,5f,'Q'i,Qi.,A4 13' f3i2.gw1-WH -3524 Q, ab '57 ,gi sw ,R 'M N .Q , Q' , ,y -W 5 W w fn ,. X, UA ' , ,A Xe. Tiigsl-Q My vw , ff ff xv an 'mis' we f sr 5 5 q J W W' if " My R Q Q 1 M UPN F,,fi'ffx5fj,D' 4 ' WX gf Wmifigxgagi A + Q! RK. S I, iz? Q j 2 MV! ,ff E i fiifd X W 2' 5 NpiP?4'p:f?75 6X pi 2 . - 55: rgrhgr i fa q Mfjjgfi ax? Ri' fi ., F X V J E if NWXQVVHY 1 fL:7g"i,j,6iL53 'x ,.. 'Jes LJ y ,fgf ULD' QF X JT fm ofyfp Pdf my' Q3 91 W, . QF' Q Nf5w.9b W 5? Q 5 1 , 1 b . , - -. ' . ' . -J . -' ' , . '. ' ' . v , ,V 3 f' 11-? . , V 4 l X Q A '1 V ,A f - '-g Al ' 4,5 -Tfwji X -w if Sm www ww W NNNWF Wx WW Volume LIII Pulvhshcd IW the studcnts of Fargo Senior High Fargo, North Dakota 'lr Hy f1ll' ffm 1111111 I'llIf70l'- fllllf f11'ff 1.11 11111' wflofv fflllt' is ffm! fbr the Ill 11011 ,v 10 ll of ,411 11 11' fe11f,gv 11111111111 ffm fveofvfc. 1Vo 0f!Il'l' A'lll'L' f11111111'11f1'o11 1'1111 fn' llU'Z'l'.S'UIll for th 1? f11'1'.v1'1'-z11111'o11 of frac- 1i 11111 111111 fl 11f1f11'1111v.v. 'I '1'11111111.v f11 f111'.s-011 1954 B3 :xg E? De 1111.6 cz tio zz "The way in which education starts a man will determine his future life." Education has been offered to us on a golden platter. Some have partaken liberally, others bitten and rejected. That is our choice and right. We have studied the classics, marveling at the ingenuity of past civilizations. Science, possessing and pursuing knowledge, has captured us. Iviathematics demands our conf centration and logical reasoning. All this and more, education offers us. lt is through the pursuance of knowledge that youth is able to meet the complexities of adult life. Therefore, we dedicate this yearbook to Education. Many its torch burn brightly. Wim . sr- Forfw om' M- xxx, :A As September rolls into May, students engage in many activif ties. This year the annual stall has divided the yearbook into six different phases which, we believe, constitute our school life. First comes WE LEARN, the section which includes classroom pictures, teachers, and administraf tors. Next WE ORGANIZE into honor organizations and clubs, WE HARMONIZE in the varif ous music groups, WE DRAMA' TIZE plays and the operettag WE PLAY at basketball, foot' ball, bowling, and the other numerous sports which attract us. Last WE BELONG to our school ,W class and to Fargo High. Fun, use E I In Apprecia tion Many of us students do not realize the services which Mr. Kirk has rendered us. We are familiar with the work of our classroom teachers and school officials because we come in contact with them daily, hut Mr. Kirk works behind the scene. Few of us knew who the man entering our gradefschool classroom every so often wus. With his supervision we have received the benefits of education under a well' organized system. For your years of devoted service, Mr. Kirk, we'd like to thank you and wish you success and happiness in the future. Fire 'am WV Q Q 1 . :fu we S A, sg 'S X Q i 5 -ff' N, ww ig- .. is 5 S K X8 x . 8 ww Q ,X x ky t .sf M 9, 59 5... XP x,...,,J,- M lam 5 We 1,6059 SQ i e. U bout the s nc f lf MAJ M5 T b f g y to prepare ourselves for a vocation. . . . to roduce throu h coo eration P S P beautiful harmony. . . . the basic requirements for a hornernaker. We Learn . . . . aboiit the complexities of physical forms or energy. . . . to make tools and machines work for us. Tm . . . to understand the languages of foreign nations. V , Y ml Iwi 5 Q Us YN A RUTH RAMSTAU Secretary to Principal WARREN Evi2NsoN Principal, Central High School lviuch of what we learn we owe to those who guide us during our school years. Mr. Kirk, superintendent of schools, has been a familiar figure to us since our gradefschool days. Mr. Evenson, our principal, not only handles the administrative duties ofthe school, hut also is a good friend and adviser to every student. All of us become well acquainted with Miss Rainstad, Mr. Evenson's right hand. She patiently gives information and help to all the students. H. H. KIRK Superintendent of Schools Rosr llstixniw Secretary to Supermte11du1it n K im... wi i as 7 Dean of Girls H Gi.,-xnvs C. CZARNEY, HS., M.A. We might call the Deans "the sophomores' best friends". Mr. Bricker and Miss Carney are the Hrst persons with whom the new students become acquainted. As the years go hy, we find ourselves turning to them for advice on everything from schedules to personality traits. They also teach courses in social education for sophomore boys and girls and for senior girls. jfxmss H. Biucxtx. BS. Dean of Boys Twelve Board of Educa tion ,mf- Ruw 1 Vs'arm'r Lslrcn. hirs, J. P. Simpson. Mrs, R. O. Frvcman. Edward R. Stern. H. H. Kirk. Row 1 O. S, Amlvrsun, Glfnn Hill. Grvx Jun Uwcns. lwhll-in A,I1uvsack. Phillip Voucl. H U Anderson. if B, NVmglu, This group of civicfmindcd citizens, the School Board, secs that We are sheltered, fed, and taught hy cnmpctcnt mcn and women. This organization is indispensable to the Fargo puhlic schools. To inform the Barents ahout what thc schools arc doin is the maior Hur Hose of the P.T.A. This l g . l l orvanization mccts oncc cvcr month, The vroframs consist of a "BackftofSchool" ni ht, a Christmas -0 Y l 5 g program, and in thc spring, an exhibit of what their children have hccn doing. The group also fostcrs a hcttcr rclationshi 1 hctwccn arents and teachers. l P . T. Af. Officers lair ru rumen Mr Arthur Nclsun. rrcasurur: M's Glcnn Smith. sccrctarvg lvlrs. Phillip Vout". nrcsitlcnrz hlrs. T P. CH-lwli, minmil i.'plvsviir.iiix'.- Tlnfn-rn ss sf ' Seze me Department Mr. Charles Metzroth. B.S.. Chairman. Mr. C. A. Olson, B.S., M.A. Mr. Arthur Dronen, B.A. Mr. Arthur V. Olson. B.S.. M.E Mr. Richard Voth, B.E. Mr. Otto Bernhoft, B.A., M.S. Seated Metzroth. Standing C. Olson. Dronen. A. Olson. Voth, Bernhoft. We are guided into a knowledge of living things, the elements, and physical forces by the Science Department. Mr. C. A. Olson, Mr. Voth, and Mr. Dronen teach biology. Mr. Metzroth and Mr. Bernhoft explore the wonders of chemistryg Mr. A. V. Olson directs the physics course. The big project of this department is the Science Fair, in which demonstrations from all the classes are incorporated. These teachers are very active in extrafcurricular work. Mr. C. A. Olson, known to us as "Acey", coaches the football and basketball squads. Mr. Dronen is the coach ofthe track team and is the assistant footf ball coach. Mr. Bernhoft advises the Sportsmanship Club. Mr. Metzroth, Mr. Bernhoft, Mr. Voth, and Mr. A. V. Olson advise the various sections of Science Club. Our mathematical geniuses solve the problems of plane geometry, advanced algebra. solid geometry, and trigonometry under two capable wielders of the slide rule, compass, and equations, Mr. Bridgeford and Mr. Bredell. These men leave their classrooms to advise National Athletic Society and coach football and hockey, respectively. Seated Bredell. Standing Bridgeford. Mez th Department Mr. Donald Bredell, B.S., Chairman Mr. Harry Bridgeford, B.S. F-my we 1 l Englzklz Departmem' Mr. john Howard, B.S., M.A., Chairman. Mr. Gabriel Kuhn, B.A. Miss Marvyl Wheeler, B.S. Mrs. Mae Page, B.A. Miss Dena Eikenes, B.A. Miss jean Witmcr, B.A. Mrs. Mildred Seydel, B.S. Miss Margaret Uthus, B.A. Miss Nancy Stewart, B.S., Litt. D. Seated'-Howard. Standing-Kuhn, Wheeler, Page, Eikencs, Witmer, Scydel, Uthus St wart Under the guidance of the English Department, the students are able to further their knowledge of English grammar, literature, speech, and journalism. These teachers are not content with merely developing our academic nature, many of them engage in guiding our extrafcurricular activities. Journalism is Mr. Howard's specialty, and he advises the Cynosure BifWeekly literary staff. Miss Wheeler pilots the Student Council, Miss Uthus directs our dramatic efforts, Mrs. Seydel advises Harlequin Club, and Miss Eikenes is adviser of the National Honor Society. Mr. Earhart, as head librarian, sees that our library has the newest and best books available. He is assisted by Miss Witmer, who also teaches sophomores. Earhart, Witmer. Miss Jean Witmer, B.A. F4 Library Department Mr. Herbert Earhart, B.S M A Chairman. I 'Q Art Department Miss Alice Wright. B.A, Sntrru F OFKZLQIZ Language Department Mr. Theodore Vavrina, B.S., M.A Chairman. Mr. Gabriel Kuhn, B.A. Miss Marlyjlowatzki, B.A. .lfdftfff Seated Vavrina. Standing' Stewart, Kuhn, Nowatzki. F. H. S. students get a taste of the foreign element in the French, Spanish, German, and Latin classes. "Parlez vous franciasw comes from Mr. Vavrina's classroom. Miss Stewart's Spanish students lift their voices in "La Cucarachan. "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" query Miss Nowatzkfs German students, the pupils of Mr. Kuhrfs Latin classes are content merely to read "Caesar" Other activities of these teachers are Tripolitan Club, advised by Mr. Vavrinag Red Cross, directed by Miss Nowatzkig and the Cynosure Bi- Weekly business staff, supervised by Mr. Kuhn. The beautiful Christmas decorations at Fargo High proved the existence of a very active art department under the able leadership of Miss Wright, who also advises the Palette Club. Students can take a course in water color, oils, designing, architecture, or interior decorating. Wright. Miss Nancy Stewart, B.S., Litt. D. Social Science Department Mr. Glenn Horlocker, B.A., Chairman. Mr. joe Teie, B.A. Mr. Philip Rognlie, B.A., M.S. Mr. Bernard Legrid, B.A., M.A. Miss Mary Fowler, B.A., M.A. Miss Mary Nowatzki, B.A. Mr. John Benson, B.A., M.A. Seated-Horlocker. Standing--Teie, Rognlie, Legrid, Fowler, Now itzki B n on Keeping us informed on world events, both past and present, is the work of the Social Science Department. World history is taught by Miss Nowatzki and Mr. Benson, who is also assistant debate coach. Teaching American history, a required subject for juniors, are Miss Fowler, Mr. Horlocker, Mr. Teie, and Mr. Rognlie, debate coach. A required subject for seniors is American government, which is taught by Mr. Legrid and Mr. Rognlie. Music, a study that enhances all curricula, is offered either vocally or instrumentally at Fargo High. Mr. Berquist, superintendent of music in the public schools, directs our orchestra. Mr. Morrau has charge of the marching band, concert band, and special wind groups. The vocal department flourishes under the guidance of Mr. Gidmark. These groups give musical programs for P. T. A., play at athletic events, and combine to put on the operetta. Seated- Berquist. Standing' Gidmark,Morrau. H Mr. Howard Berquist B E M M Q Chairman. M.M. Matte Department Mr. Lawrence Gidmirlt B E B M Mr. Ray Morrau, B A M A Plzysieal Edztea tion Department Mrs. Bernice Ihlenfeld, B.A., Chairman. Mr. Joe Teie, B.A. Mrs. Verna Blood, B.S. Mr. Glenn Melvey, B.S., M.A. Seated-Ihlenfeld. Standing-Teie, Blood, Melvey. Home Eeononziey Department Miss Katherine Rowlands, B.S., Chairman. Miss Mary Pfeffer, B.S. Exgluecn We heartily agree with the Greeks, who wanted "a sound mind in a sound body". Sound bodies are built under the wellfdeveloped athletic program. Various activities, such as swimming, basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, tennis, dancing, and a wellfrounded intramural program, are offered to the students. Teaching the girls are Mrs. Ihlenfeld, who also advises G. A. C., and Mrs. Blood, Pep Club adviser. Mr. Melvey, swimming team coach, and Mr. Teie, B squad basketball coach, direct the boys in their athletics. "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach", and many girls are learning to End that way in the cooking and sewing classes taught by Miss Rowlands and Miss Pfeffer. Miss Rowlands has the job of seeing that the cafeteria turns out a good meal every day, and Miss Pfeffer keeps very busy with the active F. H. A. Club. Rowlands, Pfeffcr, Commercial Department Mr. Earl Nygaard, B.A., Chairman Mr. Arthur Nelson, B.A., M.A. Mr. Raymond Krueger, B.A. Mr. Francis Galvin, B.S. Mrs. Lillian Anderson, B.S. Seated- Nygaard. Standing -Nelson. Krueger, Galvin. Anderson Training our future businessmen and women is the job of the Commercial Departf ment. Business arithmetic is handled by Mr. Galvin and Mr. Nygaard. Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Anderson instruct the future typists and stenographers. Mr. Krueger informs us of the legal aspects and problems which one may encounter in the business world. The Cooperative Education division is under the guidance of Mr. Krueger. The able adviser of the Cynosure Annual is Mr. Nelson. The art of working with one's hands is taught by the Industrial Arts Department. Mr. Skonnord teaches the boys how to make useful things from wood. Mr. Rice is in charge of the metal shop. Printing, a valuable trade, is taught by Mr. Meliiie. Iviechanical Drawing is handled by Mr. Skonnord and Mr. Rice. Advising the business end of the Cynosure Annual is Mr. Skonnord. Mr. Meliiie helps with the printing of the Cynosure BifWeekly. Seated Skoniiord. Standing IVIel1ne.Rice, D Iadastrzal Arts Department Mr, Theodore Skonnord, B.S., M.A., Chairman. Mr. Bud Meliiie, B.S. Mr. Henry Rice, B.S. 'Nlnxrrumi Cafeferzkz Staff To the cafeteria staff and Miss Rowlands as chairman we tip our hats for lIl'I rw kiiaui Mrs. Mae Collins. Mfs, Sophia Seversnn, ldiss Gena llraateil, Mrs. Emma Nurhy. Miss Katlierine llnxx'l.1mls, cliairlnau, Twins, Rvgln.i XX'rli,ige, lvlis. llniline NYcliag.'. l.li I' IU kluur Cflinliin Dowling, Tullell Tlunsgai'il, Eelnlie Mntson. I.i11' rn uusiir jnlin Bulger. Clement Brunette, Alfreil Holm, Tiwwirv many .1 fine meal. Cll5f0ffZhH5 We try to help, but these line fellows are the ones who keep our school in "TIPfTOP" shape. Fireman amz' Engzheer Many thanks to these fine men for keeping our school heated and ventilated at all times. ,X Saw NQK if gi ,s xx fx W e Organize . . . Tu :nly'!wn Row i -julie Person-Vice-President, Kay MyhrafSccvctary, Sharon Elliot. Row 1ffMiss Wheeler -Adviser, Sue Urevig, Beverly Cummings, jean Monson. Row 3fBernard Altcnhurg. Wesley Brown-fPvcsiiicuz. Marvin Miller, Row 4fRoy Smlllie, Tom Engh. James Norris. Student Council . . . into Student Council, which is made up of twelve students who are selected by the votes of their fellow classmen. In our organizations many and varying interests are met. Palette Club, which has for its members people interested in furthering their art knowledge, is one. The dramatic clubs, Thespian and Harlequin, help students get interested in the production and dramatization of school showsg Science Club offers to its members the choice of being in one of five sections: radio, photography, chemistry, nature, or astronomy, Chess Club proves that the game is interesting and can be learned easily. Because Tri' politan's adviser has just returned from a stay in Europe, he provides the club with inf formation about the customs and peoples of England, France, Spain, and Germany, Debate acquaints its members with constructive thinking which they put to good use at debate meets, Pep Club is composed of girls who serve as a cheering nucleus at sporting events. We also organize into clubs that have nationwide membership. Two of these are F. H. A., which shows ways to help girls to become better homemakersg and Red Cross, which spreads good will and friendliness around our school. Girls' Athletic Club promotes girls' intramural sports. 333' CC in sports. Ro w Row Row Row Row llow Row Julie Person, Anna Mririe Paulson, JoAnn Vklootls, Kathleen Farney. lvlarlys Wentz, Harriet Rertlword, Sonya Tallakson. Linda Foster, Marilyn Siegel, Peggy Brooks, Jane Tomlinson. Susan Frathne. fMeredrrh Moordale, Gail Drew, Deanna Carter, Shirley Weisz, Sylvia Sarher, Janet Magnuson, Jean Hcisler, Mary Beth Jackson. Barhara Johnson. Rita Stillman. Nancy Frederick. Mane Johnson, Kathleen Vannatren. Donna Reynolds. f -Joanne Osal. Jean Monson, Janice Sprattler, Veta Robbins, Audrey Ferguson, Laverne Dahl, Donna Johnson. Carol Cress, Karol King, Joan Jensen, Jan llurdrck, Frances Oxton, Brenna Persellrn, Karen Cornell-Secretary, Carol Forslverg, Joan Brunsvold. Sonia Leyerson. Lois lyers, Jean Tvlacliregor, Beverly Neilson. Carolyn Peterson. Diane Snyder, Carol Thorpe, Joanne Mrcliels, Beverly Scluclwold, Carol Vraa, Faith Smith. Ivlargaret Anderson. Linda Nelson, Sharon Elliot, Janet Anderson, Crystal Cofell, Caroline Virnig. lvlarlys Lahren. Peg Baldwin, Marilyn Mcidell. Donna Sealvurg, Karen Dahlen, Paula SnaPP- hilary Heglie. llernadine Scott. Sylvia LeMar, Jean Skaarer. Carol Vennersrrom, Annelrne Lynch, Janyce Roel, Valoyce Nelson. Marcia Judd, Mahel Nather, Marcia Delger, Kathryn Loklten. Alice Engen, Janice Krahhenhoft, Barhara Kranch. Jean Sanhorn. Beverly Johnson. lean Scott, Mrsl V. J. Blood, Ruth Monk, Pat Larson, Mary Ann Hess, Marilyn Gronland, Ann Vklhitrng. Carol Haugen, llrrlene Reich, Carolyn Fast. Lorraine Rezac. Row Row Row R o xx R0 w Ro w R o w Pep Club Dorothy Elolson, Lavon Hanson, Darlene Anderson, Sharon Lelloy, Diane Snull, Shirley Lmke, Joyce Brownlee, Sharon Broekwav. Nlarlene Thinigan. Kathryn lvlcCullough, Karen Eddinger, Kathy Studer, Sharon Laylne, Sheila Wlalker, Joan Melting. Sally Schroeder- -P1'esi.lev1t, lvlary Ann Peterson. Bonnie Adams, Marx' Ferris, Sharon Vvhlliams, Betsy Hawn, Carol Rell, Nancy Branrcli, Shirley Rugroden, Pat Vogel. Sherry Byorklantl, Rosalie Vogel, Josie Vasquez. Ruth Heltlman. Lavonne Otrerson. Ivlarcia Foss, Trcya Gust. Barbara Mzirtrri. Eleanor Burke, lvlarlene Ellingson, Janice Swenson, JoAnn Nelson, Layonne Gerrells --VicefPresident, Ivliriam Johnson, Anita Nellermoe, Ivlargaret Ranger, Sandra Jones, Colleen Krlloyl. Elizalweth Green. '-Geraldine Boyer. Noamr Devolcl, Helen Haugrutl. Judy Lathrop, Gail Miller, Fretltlra Burr, Patty Mellirire, Vel Rae Neeli, Fern Johnson, lviargaret Buckner. Karen Rondestyedt. Karen Vannatten. Marlys Moum. Doris Sorenson. Jutlv Clausen, Joinne Lewis, Gayle Joos, Soma Scott, Anna Jane Camp, Lois Graham, Janice Olson, M.irf garet Platt, Jackie Osal4Tn:asurer. Kay lvfyhra, Sharon Zuehlke, Carolyn Hanson, Priscilla Thompson. - -Barbara Manncs. Lois Williams, Mary Lusk, Ilene Gronnaas, Nancy Thompson, Carol Ivloore, Ann Threltall. Kathy Rhiem, Beverly Cummings, Mary Ann Olson. Corrine Goodman, Anna Marie Paulson, Anita Eveleth. Jornn Johnson. Astrita Gergsns. Darlene Moll, Susan Eggman, Nancy Braniek, Carol Frank. Sue Ureyig. Fearn Anderson. Charlotte Aamodt, Kay Ale.-,ander, Ethel XValvatne, Ivlarilyn Strahl, Sonya Tallakson, Meredith Holm, Ivlarilyn Burr, Gloria Lrkness. W Tu'rn!y'tlirrc ,A ,sswffp Pep Club helps pro mote good .Sportsman ship in our school and To further tm interest in learning and playing chess is the purpose of Chess Club. Ch ess llmv n lillzlelwxh His.-11, lilnuulrc Xklvlwu-r. Marv Ann Olson Srcrumw-Tvrusuvcr, -I.ncl41v Os.nI, C.u'vul lforslwcrg. H.nrr1cl Rrxrlmnl. -ln,mur llrunsx-ulll, ilrvsml Cot-'Il. ilmxl Iverson. li.-vrrlv -If-lu1sun. linux: .V I - '- 'H -' :'rrusun. I 1 as lu rs,C .ul Mllltr, huehux Eg,L,m.u1. Autlrtx It y, Ibnuuu' Lynn. Alullx' Eclwx'-'.x. .lrfl lluulurr, 1 Ilrww 3 l7.ulcur Dulwrlv. l.urm.n Larson. M.nrx' Ann Hess. Row XX',nm'rv lung. .5 Srvplwlu Aus, llrcntuu Surllcn. Paul Surlwu, Conlon Kcplwr. Smnlcx' Sclxrfmlcr, lim' Mct:g.xr, Dlnvul PAWI' umslrr. -Iulm I.-mhrrg Presulenr, Rum' Q Huw.ml Erickson. Llurv M4wlwr,u.urt'rx. Vsfoxuar Buscla, llvufl- l3l.nu. l..urx' Onkcv, Mr. Evrusfm Atlvxsrv, Palette Club is devoted to art and befmtifying our school. Row I lluw z Row jg Row 4 Sluxlcv Aullvrson, M.ullvn lvhtzck. Ku' Cul' Palette 4l.uv !i.uullvurg. Ulm' Olson, l5.url'mr.u -Ioluxsfm. ,Inn llurllnck. Alsfquw Dunkcllwrgrr. Vcrlvu lllul-ul-I, Mus' l.uu Slmrp. ,Irmu lnrlrr. Lu' Rm' XVlulrlu'.ul Vnee'l'vcsulevu. Slmruu l.l'Rux', Dl.uw Svvrrsulm. Chrnlllrw P-'h'rS1vlx. M.ug.u'vr Hcrtcl, Gum' Krlru, Clmrlvs Huml.-v. Klulwrlnc Stullrr. Gul N'lx'lln'. l.mlx l.ullrr. llruc Urun.n.ns. Arlvur K,w.usr,ul, Cmvlxur Vuuug. Huh juluxson Prcsulnu. Burlmm Krnnclw. well Secrrmry-Tvmmm. l.-us l'mr-a.u'l, lim-llv Vovllvr, Miss Wlruilu. Txvcnw-fum F. H. Afs motto, "Toward New Horizons", helps to make its members better homemalqers and citizens. FH.s. Row I Murlcuc lluucc. -lover Olson. D-vnu.: Ikcu 'Trmsuvtr, Darlene Rlscl- Prcsnlcut, Arl.-no Hcntschclc VxfcfPves1.lent. ,lovccl.osrr. Srcretmxz l.urr.unc Rcxnc. V.1luvcv Nelson. Row 1 ,lmnuuxc Shmdr. l51.uw llnxmlsoxm, l..xvunm' johnson. Lo Ann Stulv son. M.xrly's L.1lm'n, Miss Pf'rtll'r Allvxsfr. lluw 3 Carol Harrlsuu. Elovcc Nclson. llunuw l7.ul.uul. Clxcrvl llrrclxlm, ,luufc Pctrrsfm. Red Cross collects and packages gift canons which are shipped to needy people in warftorn co11nt'ries. Raw 1 R011 Huw ' Row .1 Row Rea' Cross V.1111x'cc Nc1s1111. A111111 Nc11cr11111r. ,111x'cc 13r11xx'111cc, L11.1 Bclkcr. S11.1r1111 XK'1111.1r11H.S11111.1L1-1--rs1111.K.1rc11C11rnc11,,l-111vcc1l11s1.11rc1111.1Pcrsc11111. 1.111 13111111ck. P.111l.1 311.1111-1. Iv1.1r111'11 Flcm. -111111111' Lc1x'1s. C.1r111 1v11111r1:'-Secvenrvx-. 51151111 Egg1111.111, M.11'x' A1111 Hass. K.11' Lc111111111111. ,1.1111cc Kr.11111:1111111'1. 11.1r11.1r.1 Kcprmr. 1v11r1' Hc1g11c, 1'1c1cr1 T1111r11111. DQ1111 Mc1111' V1cc'Prcs111cv11. Bcvcrlx' Sc111c1111111 Pres111e111, F11-11c 1"1.111s1111. P.1tr1c1.1 McLT111rc. Eluvcc N1'1s1111. A1111.1 M.1r1c P.1111s1111. ,111 A1111 Nc1s1111, ,1c.111 N1.1cGrug11r. 11cr11.1r1.1 N1'1s1111. ,1.1n1cs C.111s1111. 411-rry 1711srr11d. C1.1rk Shultz, Vv'.111V C.1s1cr, 171:11 K1c11.11111. .11m D111.1r11. 1711114111 Kr11g11. M155 N11w.1t:1i1' A111'1scr. S1n1 Papcr. Ted 1'1111IC, XX'.1r11 D1111111rk Tre11x111er, D.1r1'11 G-111111. R11114111 1"crcrs11:1. ,1crr1' ,11111.11111s1111. D.1v111 A.1kcr. Tripolitan is devoted to learmnv more 111111111 England, France Germany, and Spam Rzxxx 111111 Rww Rrxw 1i11w Urck 1511119 111 r M1 1 A 1 -. 05:11. M1r1 sk 1111 -. 1 ue: nv S111r11-1' R111gr11111r1 1 11 111111111 1r1 N11 1 A11c1r1'y Pu 111r1111.. P Lu 1111111 T 11 11111 A.1n111111. 9 1s 111 E J 11111 111 ru 1,,11 111 1 1 1111s 1311111 51111151111 kmn Vx 1111 ,111.11111c NX 1r11cr Sv1x'111Lc1v11r V111,11111 A111 rs111 1x11 M11111 11 T A1111 Thr111111 P rr1 V111 1 C11r111y11 11111151111 1111111111 A 11111 lux L 111111111111 11 111 S1 11 1 112111 M1 r 11 r 1 r 1 1 eu K1111111 r111r 311 1111111 11 V.1vr111.1 A 111 1 1 11 ww w.sm5:""- 111115 'wmv . Q ..mwuimxW' 1 vin: 1'-P' Q11 Wor m Debate helps a student to zhm of both s1des o the plctwre Rmb. Rmx Row Raw R11111- 'To act in or help produce CL school play is the goal of every Harlequin and Thespian mem' ber. Row Row How Row Row Raw Row Row Row Row Row Rrwv Row Row Row 2 3 4 5 6 7 joannc Lcwls. Katlxlccn Farnvy. vlanycc Rrwl, ,lanifc Sprattlcr, Francrs Snggi, Susan Fralllnc, ,luely Slxalfcr. lan: Turnlrnsnzx. Puggy Brooks, Gall Drew. Karen Curnull, Gloria Lrkncss. Marilyn Mmlfll, Linda Nclsrn. Mxry Ann Pctcrsnx. S:u:11aS:o1L VrcefPrr:srJenz, Paula Snrpp, Wanycc lung, Soma Lrvcr- sun. M IYQLAYCE Rrngcr, Karen Vannatrcn. Mxrglrct Anllsrsun, Mlrv Hulclnk. Miss Utlxus, Anna Ncllcrmnc. Shirley Wcrsz. ,luAnn Paterson. Mrrrlyn Rrngwald, Karen Romlcstvmlt, Kay McCarthy, Tcrrv Bnml. Sm' Torgcsun, Josie Vasaurz, Ilo Rnlwlvins. Brcnna Pcrscllm. Slnmn Ellmr, Juan Osal. Sharon W'rlllamS, l.1la B:lkcr, -loan Brunsvold. Priscilla Tlmmpsun. Ann Vkllnllng. ,luycc Mlllxrullrxn, Brenton Sarllcn, Mlkc Srallrn rs. Kay Wlqclwrr, Donna jolmnsrwn, Carol lvcrson. Marrlvn Alalnrv. .lurlxtlx Lathrop, Maru' -Iolmson, Barlwrra Kraus, Cunnrc Hrunvll, Gayle Inns, Barlwara Martin, Aluan jfnsun. lvlxrilyn Wlagncr, Hnwars.l Erickson. Clurlcs Amundson, Bula Srucxvig, ,lanrcc Mrllcr. Ruta Sullman, Eleanor Burkc, Nancy llranirk Trmmrrr. Mrrrlvn Burr, Bula Hcgrcnvs, Brll Mover. Ronald Nvlsun, ,lun Law, Clxarlrs Bolmcr Prevxrlc-nr, Tum Rlwl, Tr-rry Mcllmwll. IJav1d Drwn. Flfwll XVrcsz. T lzeypian H l ' ll-'tsy Hawn, Ilrvslal Cutcll, Elcannr Hcrzrug Secretary. Dean lhkrr Pvesnrlewnr. Marcia Fuss 'Vncefl"rumlr'r1l. Darlrnr Dulmcrtv Trmxurzr. Tvlarlvs Vvlcntz. Tvlarrlvn Slcgrl. Durotlxy Elnllsrun. Hclcn Haugrurl, .lrwcu Brownlcc, ,loan Tcrgvn, Carol Klllwrnls, Marlvs Russ, Karr-n Erlrngvr. Mcrcrlrrlx Mrxvrll.xlr. Sharon Lavinc. Mrs. Scyrlcl Arlrxser,Slxc1la Vafalkcr. .lean Hclslcr. Nancy Frrxlsrlrk, Ivlarrlvn Mrllcr, Vrl Ras Ncrlw, ,lean Sanlwrn. Darlcnc Rvlclx. Marilyn Brunsvolll, Nauml Dcvulrl, Gcralrllnv Bwycr. Maury' Bctlm Kllnc, Soma Clxrrstransnn. Marv Bcrlx xlafksnrr, Carnl Furslasrg. .lancr Mxgnusrm, LursGral1am, janet Arulcrsun. Phylls llnrrlrrunl, Bulwrlc Amlcrsrm, Marla Lcalw, Ethel XValvarnc, Rolucrta Low. lvlarlcnc Tlmngan, Sharma Brrsclzway, Sharon Zucllxk-3. Hazel Vance. Frvllllra Burr, Dall' Buwr, Slurlcy' Wr'1sz, Lrus XV1ll1ams. Bcvrrly Alulxnsun, Trsva Cust, Mlr1lx'r1 XV1llums, lvlnry Hrgllr, Rosalie Vugvl. Fanh Smith. Parrlcra Larson, lvlarlcnc Harrulrlsun, Slnrlcy Links, Vera Rnlwlnns. Sam Papur, llarlrm- Anderson, Carol Olsrm,Ga1l Hwxulr, .lanicc Paulson. Beverly Sclxiclmlrl. ,luannc Mrslxals. Anita Evr-lvrlr, Margarct Nr-lsun, -ldllillil' McCullough. l.ilV'lI1lW HQIHSUII. M-lfll5'l1 Grrxnl.1ml. Carol Haugen. Gall Mrllcr, Shsrry Bjurlclaml. Marcia vlurlrl, Annu ,lam Cxmp. Marv Ann Hess, Karul King, Rnlvcrr llolllns. Darlvm' Ilrnscn, Srmlra ,lrwlmsurn Barlura Blltifdul. N1 lrgarct Briclvmvr. Lavmnns Orr-'r'sun. juann lrvlmsuu, Dranna Carter. lvlaruvrrc Culwls, Lrns lvcrs, ,lcrrv Mammrl, XVaync Braarcn, Terry lvlqliuwull, Marvrn Slcgcl, Paul Surlxm, Alnlm Ru. QR!! Tu snrvfxrx Row Row Row Rn w Row Row The work of Science Club is to let their members learn more about science. G. A. C. gets girls interested in intramural sports. Carnl Thorp. Kathleen Farnev. jrranne Lewis. M,rrlx's XVenr:. Lwunne Orterson. Bsv jnhnson, jnvce Brownlee, Harrier Reulurrd. Beverlx' Seluelwlel. Kathleen Vannarten lvlarrlyn XX'rlhams. Donna Reynnlels. Bernaeline Senrr, janet Anderson. Duane Snveler. Frances Suggs. Eleanor Burke. Gaul lvlrller, janet lvfagnusun. Nanex' Freelrleks, jean Hersler, Sherry Bjnrklunel, .lrranne Mlelxels. Kathryn MeCullnugh. joyee Tucker, Svlx'1aSarher. Fern johnson. Phyhs Bnreleruel. Kay Myhra, janet Freeman. Mane jnhnsnn, FYJIICIS Oxtnn, Karen Dahlen. Sue Urevlg, Vel Rae Neelw, Susan Eggman. Vlrglnla Anelersrrn. Carol Vennerstrnrn. lvllrram jnhnsnn. lwlarlys lviuum. Anna jane Camp. Carul lvinnre. llene Grunaas, Marry' Ann Hess, Kay Alemuuler, Bea lhlenf lelel Treasurer. Ii.-anna C'arter. Currrne Ufuulm.u1. juhe Person, Ann XVlut1ng, Tvlarxlvn Flem, lvlrs. lhlenllelrl, G. Al. C. Science' Club lluw I Durwur llhregel, Roy Snullle, liernarllne Senrr.jnanMelr1ng:.Annehne Lvneh. Lavlrnne Uerrells. Kaihleeu Vanuarlen, Kathryn Txleifullnugh. Harriet Keith:-rel, Mvrna Durus, Tvlarrlyn S1egel, Anna Nellermrg, Anna lviarne l'.u1ls-rn, Karen Dahl.-rr' james Brever. lhll Thnrsun. Rim- 1 lvllke NleCl.un. D.rvul Turlgelsun. Srllv Schrneeler. Drrnna Revnulels. Nlzreeluh Hrrlm. Beverly' Cumnungs. Laverne Dahl. janet Freeman, Iviarlys Mmrunr, Eleanrrre XVehsler. Nlrrxlyn Srrahl. jean Anelersnn. Sac Urevlg -SeCremry.j1un Sells, jnhn Huntlev. jerry Dusrrud. Unrllun Kepner. Row 3 john Sehnuelr, Clary Berhn. Duane Nelson. Darlene Mrrll, Beverly Nlelsrrn, lvlary Meeksrrulh. Phvlis Burrleruel. jean Mrrprsrrn, Mxmrn jnhnsnn, jamee Krahhenhnlr. juhe Person. Row 4 lviax jensrrn, lllehard Rxeharelsnn, Donald Krngh, Pluhp Smlrh. Phil Running. james Herlanel.Sr.u1ley Franek. Canal Ivlnzrre. Ethel Lu Vfalvatne, Vel Rae Neeh. Fern jnhnsun, Rxeharel Teichmann. Herman Wleylaml Presnlent. Bea Ihlenllelel, jernme Shaw. Vvhxyne Kerr. NYally Casler. Richard Hicks. jay Bereuusr. hlerrxll Lewis. Row sr Eelehe Pnwers. Dun Persons. Rrrllie lvlartin. Charles Ewan. Huh Pratt. jerry Vklalrers. Kenneth Krrskela, jaek Kuppxeh, Genrge Saxulersnn, Bill jenkmsun- Tom Seahnlel. jay julwsky. Frernarel Alrenhurg, Davul Vxlayne Anelersmrn. Blll Cone, jlm Ulsrrn. Rl-nahl Solberg, james Nurrrs. Mr. Vrrrlxf-Arlmser. llmx' fx -Mr. Sknruurrd -Arlrxser. Larry Nhrhraaren, George Hugen. Allen Herulersuri Treaxurer, Gale Taverna, Slanlev Shrueeler, Bruce XVeher. Bruce Kassnn. Dlek Vvalsnn Vxce-Pr'en.leiu. Hxrulel Hllwrrsnrw. jun Dxllarel. Eugen: Revell, Bryan N,-lsn-1. Turn H1xrl4,DavulAmeS, Wnurer Bnseh. George Wrav, PaulBranv1k.jaekG1llv:rr.KenlevBurkhart.lv1r.l3:rnhrrl't Arlvmfr, Mr. lvlet:rurhffA.lr'1ser, Kenneth Srune. Mr. A, V. Olson--Arl1'1ver. Tn'er113"se1en ' X-em sr s.ev..e,, . X 'wanumm Honor 111.11111 ,111l111f1-11. .1w.111 Hvislvi. A11111'l1111' 1,1'11nl1..111.111111' N1-1s1111. 111111 A11111'rs1111. l.111d.1 1711s1c1.S1ll1' Scl1111.x11'1, V1't.1 l'x11l111111:. A1111.1 N.'ll1-1111111-, 1211111 M11.111'. l'.111l.1fi11.11111. K.11' A11"..1111l1'1. M.11111'11S1r.1l1l, '1.11'141c 04.11, 11.11111 H.111111'11. llfisy H.11x'11. 1'.1t1'1c1.1 1,,1rs1111. N1111-1' T1111z11pq.111 K11l111-11 1.1111l11'11 lf11,111111l1' A.1111111ll. 1.11is l1'1-1s. llvxn-111' 1T11111111111gs. 11.11111 Tl1111111'. S11:111' 111111kl.1111l, 1111111 Vv1111rrs1r11111. M1111's M1111111 14.11 111-111'l1. M.11'1' A1111U1s1111. K.1r1-11 Willa, 11.111 M11111. 1l.1r1111.1 Vwgsl. 1?.111r111' 1711111-1'i1', A1111.1 Maris I'.111ls-111, A11111'1'1 l:1'1'1111s11:1. 111'11r G111111,1s. 111c.111111' XYcl1sl1'1. S111-1711'x'11g. A1111X'1'l1111111g.K.11' M1111.1. 1.11111's 1x111111s1'. 1X4.1lx'111 Sxrgvl. 1.11111 U111'1'1, lv1.1l1-1116 CY111111. -1.11111 1:11'1'111111. 41.11111 lw1.1g1111s11,1. l..1v1111111' l7.1111. lV1.11g111'l 1'1.11I. 1115114111 '1'1'1111111.11111, 511111111 Sl1.'p.1ul Ml. N1-1s1111 .1111-1s1-1. H11w.1r1l 1ir1r14s.111. 13'-11 If11g.111. 111111 H1-gr.-1111s. S1s111 Egg:11.11111. K,11'.' 1.1-111111111111 iT11r1111- 1111111111111. XX'.1r11 I31111k1r11. M1111- 1.11'11. IJ11'111 13111111 Quill and Scroll T11c lllfnlfllllfllllllll Quill Scroll 1111s for its mcmlvcrs, studcnts doi11gjo11r1111listic work. To bc ll 111c1111Ucr. .1 st11Llc11t 13218 to 1111110 :1lwovcfz1vcr11gc grndcs, ldc rclinblc. l1z1vc done outstxmding work in jourimlism, lic rccomf IHCI1L1CQl lwy rlw advisors of thc p1111lic:1tio11, Lllkl must l111Vc the approval of the N:1tio11z1l Sccrctzlry. r6lfl.071dl Alz'lzlofz'c' Solzolorslzzlo Society 111 ordcr to lvc il mcmlvcr of the Na1tio1111l Athletic Scholarship Socicty Z1 lvoy has to have czlrncd 21 lcttcr 111 Ll 11111jor sport or two lcttcrs 111 ll minor sport. He also 11115 to ll2lVC z1lwovcfz1vcrz1gc grades amd be ll good sport .md citizen in SC1100l :md outside of it. 111111 1 T11111 l1l111'ss. -11111 151111111, XX'.111c11 i111l11q11s11:1. 11.111 151'1111'11. ,I1-111' XY.1l1u1. il,-11mm P1111. lx41'11111 XV.11g111'1. U111' l.1c11. 141111, 1 111111 Pmrt. link -l111111s1111. 131111 K11er11'11:. 1"r1'11 Sliwcr, 17.1r1'l1 R11r1l, H1'r111111 XVcvl.1111l. D.1x'1.1 A111:s. Ibm' 3 U,1r1 T1111111.1ss1111. 51.111 S:l1r11rd1'1'. 11:1-1 Hsrzog. 11,111 H1'grc11fs. P1111 Ruud. R1111 Solhsrg. 1l111,1' 4 lT.111111' A1l.1111. ,1.1c11 U11lw1I, CT.11lc11111 l.1l1l51'. 15111 M-11 rr, Ken l3111'1-111111. 11:14 H.11c, lvlr. Brnlgcfurd. .1d1'1scl'. V11 rl f-111: S o oieiies lluxx 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row s ik Row 1 Estelle Voelker. Luis Ivers, lvhrilvn Srmhl, M,irlx's Iwlrvum, TvlurilynS1.'e:l.,lx1l1e l'rls+v:1.S.v:1v,i T.xll.lksun. K.u'en XV: Foster. Sully Sshruetler. Veta Robbiiis, Row 1 Kaye l.ehmlchL1l. Lois Bursrick, Leah Lurler, KJV Aleruxntler, Bsverlx' ff11'u'uxngi. lfnrwl Hnugsu. -lem M msnu. knllnxu Lokken. ,laclcle Os.il, Ann XVlniing. Susiin Eg.igrn.mn, Row 3 Bernice lhlenteld. Cxrul Thorpe. Lynn Oliver. D.ulen: Dnheriv, Ivluinzie Cwhb. Shirrv llioiklmrl, Amlwx' li x us n Cirol Vennersirum. Anna Ivhri: Puulson. Sue Urevig. Puirieil Vogel. ' .4 Bernard Altenlwurq. Bruce Kasson. pluck Her:ng. jerry NV.ilr:i', l7.ivi,l IDI-mn, Rzclixrtl Ti-it-Im Platt. ' s - I.enn.rrd Vnelker. P.iul Br.1ntlvig. XVeslex' Brown. Bob Pmtr, Arr lluelimxn. limes l'oumi luntl, Edwin Forsyth. john Huntley. Miss Eikness uilvisel, D,u'x'll lluril. linux Rav. ' rational H ofzor Society Members ure selected by the iiculty on the bxsis of leadership, scholarship, service, and The club is composed of five per cent ofthe junior class und hftezn per c:nt of the senior class. churaieter. Sp orfymazzflz if The purpose of Sportsmanship Club is to promote good sportsmanship in school :ind in school events. It is made up of five per cent of the junior und senior classes who are elected by populzu' vote und the approval of the faculty. .nren XVxlk. Suv Lhexig, Auiliex' l'n1eliei'1ng. klrvmll Nelswi. .luhr Person. ,lain Munson. . A1111 Xvlillllill SLTICT-lIY. Lois XX'xlliuns. hlirilvn Ahh.-v, B:x'ei'ly Cummings. Cuol 'I'lwipe. S--ni.: Smit president. K Lois Gr.ilx.xm. Kay Mi-lim lhrul Vennersrrum. Iviurvin Miller. Rieh,u'd Teieluxunn, Divirl Ames, liek Herzog. lhry Tlrmissow, XV.u'ren ll,1ll1ek-mn. Bali Brown in-.lsr urer. Ivir. Beriilxnti .ulx'iser. Bernard Alrenb:rg. ,lvrrv XX lhrvll lined. Fred Stover Tum Engh. Bob Eggan. ,Lu '.mlrer. XX'eslex Brown. Herman XYevl.intl. Arr lluehinin. llzxlv Pmtr. Dick Egein. Ce president. Bob Hegrenes, Edwin Fursvth. lhll Miwer. Chirles lliwliner. W.u'tl lluulurlx. nes Norris , U Fawn ,, 3 ol! .ss ,. mashu- 1 it so mu. llfxiuiu XY.--.'luw,1 K r ', lfhulr-4 llvxnilw-.'.,lulivS1k We Organize "Wlwistle while you work" could well he the theme for this year's Annual staff. Room 3 literally hums with activity from Septemher to Mgiy. At the first ofthe year, the staffers turned their talents to enter' taining the student hody with the skit which hegan the drive for suhf scriptions. Some canfcanned in candyfstriped costumes, some toastf ed "Dirty Harrys' milk, while others acted out the tragic story of Maine, the chorus girlg Slippery Stan the Exfcon Nlan, the villaing and Ivfurgantroyd, the redfhlooded American hoy. Karen Wilk, EdlfOY'fTI'fTl'llE.f. Q 111105106 As school events hegan to happen, the editors made a faithful record of them in pictures and copy. Starting slowly hut gaining momentum with time, the makeup of the pages was completedg the pictures were sent to the engraver, the final page,comf plete with pictures and copy, was delivered to the printer. Patricia Vogel, jackie Osal. ffm-Axsorxtitc Editors. Patricia Larson, Beverly Cuminings, ,Iinimr Editors, Corrine Goodman. Club Editor. Anita Nellermoe, Miixir Editor Anneline Lynch. Girls' Spnrtx Editor. iry Ann Olson, Kay Colwell, Art Etlitnrs, Carol Haugen, Drinmitics Edxwr Roh Hegrenes, Boys' Sports Editor. Annual One of the unique features of Room 3 is the nle box. If any alien spy were to enter to search the files, he would be quite unsuccessful. The staff has Worked out its own Hling system with the seniors filed under "U" for us, the music pages under "H" for harmony, the reports under "P" for progress, and girls' sports under "A" for Anneline. . . . Info Pub!z'ecz!z'0n.v Audrey Ferguson, Business Manager. The business staff has been kept busy all year keeping records, getting advertising, and collecting money. They, too, have their trials and tribulations. Once a Hrm that had already contributed was rebilled. We Annual staffers sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading the year' book as much as we have enjoyed composing it. jo Ann Nelson. Assistant Advertising Manager. Mr. Nelson, Miss Eikenes, Mr. Skonnord, Advisers. Margaret Platt, Advertising Manager. David Dixon, Faculty Editor. Kay Alexander, Gail Miller, Senior Editors. jan Burdick, Mitzi Ivfallarian, Sophomore Editors. George Hagen, Photographer. -my Top to Bottom Gayle Joos, Assistant Advertising Manager Carol Thorpe. Advertising Manager. Ann Whitiiig, Maxrlys Ivioum, Linda Foster Desk Editors. Mairjorie Cobb, Feature Editor. Kay Lehmkuhl, Associate Editor. joan Meltiiig, Librarian. Carol Moore, Exchange Editor. Laverne Dahl, Kay Myhra, Sherry Bjorkland, Marciai Foss, Susan Eggman, David Schickele Reporters. Every other Thursday room 18 is busy with activity as the circulation staff of the Cynosure BifWeekly gets together to distribute the papers. The BifWeekly publishes school news which is of interest to the students. This includes writefups on sports, interviews of Personality Parade Seniors, reviews of school plays and the operetta. plus winning essays and speeches. The business staff is made up of circulation, financial, and advertising departments. The cir- culation staff takes care of distribution to the students. The job of the financial staff is to pay the necessary money needed to put out the paper. Collecting advertising from local merchants is the duty of the advertising staff. Advertising and student subscriptions are the only means of income the BifWeekly has. Cynosure Thirty-mo Richard Teiehmann, Editorfm-Glnef Bi- Weekly xrzvfilxie Top to Bottom Lynn Gliver, Girculation Manager. Carol Vennerstrom, Business Manager. Peggy Freeman, Girls' Sports Editor. Ward Dunkirk, Sports Writer Charlotte Aainodt, Girls' Sports Editor, Gordon Kepner, Sports Writer. Jim McHose, Sports Writer Bob Eggan, Sports Editor. Mike Lien, Photographer. Mr. Howard, Mr. Melilie, Advisers. Not Pictured --Mr. Kuhn, Adviser. Kathleen Vannatten, Sue Urevig, jean Anderson Joann Johnson, Jean Sanborn, Howard Erickson Qwzomre of the Air Fnom' now!Nancy Thompson, jean Anderson, Darlene Doherty, Vet.: Robbins, Sonya Tallakson. Bficx mow- Mr. Rugnlie, Adviser, Kathryn Lokken, jim McHose. Charles Huntley. Weslex' Brown, Howard Erickson, Lois Ivcrs. "The students of Fargo High bring you Cynosure of the Air." These words begin the program over station KFGO every Ivionday night at 7:30. The Cynosure of the Air staff is chosen by essays which the applicants write in the spring and recordings which they also make at this time. The grades of these are averaged together, and the persons with highest scores are admitted to the staff. Each week the students give news of what has happened and what will happen both in school and in the social life of F. H. S. They also have on every broadcast some talent from our school. The staff has eleven members who work long and hard to collect their many exclusive stories. The Board of Publications determines the work and approves the staffs of the pub' lications at F. H. S. Sumo Karen Wills, Darlene Doherty. Cirol Vrnncrsrrom. Audrey Ferguson. Sr'-moist: -Mr. llognliu, Mr. N:lson. Richard Tclchnimn, Mr, Skonnortl, Mr. Pvlclinc, Mr. Howard. Board of Pub!z'catz'om Thirty-firm' XQSPSQ X i .: wr x Q QQ .. 2 SX? g, 14 fla k X f, - :,,, , 'ig' X gk f 2 K V..-5, .- F i, sz " ---. Kg x W: I 51. 1, I: . f .:g::'I" ..,: M xi E3 :,. :' C W A"' ' 2 X N Y ' .X Dire ,xx I A.,' , V 12 - X 5 Q S X3 Y' is - ff ., 5 X z X . Q fs EX X wk f Iiou i Ilul--ni Moll. Mailvs Mnuiii, I--.uune I'i-ieison. IlcvC'iiiiiiiiii1gs, Eleaiiiii' XVeIisiei, ,Iudv lickeiea, Iluiurlix Iflorsi-.i, Sillx S:Iw:.-xlsi. lxliiivu Ioluis--iw, flu-il INIH-ilc.Sil-'IIti'N1i1,II.iii-lviilI.iIIi'IIIi.icIx, Dun I'eison. Iliun : la-ii Xii-vlkei. ,lv.ui5iuIwoii1. ,Ivan Monson. k.uIwSruiIi-i, Iloinona IK-rsoii. Iwlariiarei Iiaiigei,fforiiiie kiln-vl, IxavIXI1N1itl, Ilw Ni'I:o:1,Niii:x haax a '. M ux Ann I'eieisoii. Pai laisoii. -Ianiee Dietrirli. Duane Iiuskr, Alcan Skaarrr. Iiiiu Q I'ii Ilosiuitl., Iiieliaiil Hiiks, -Ioanne Peterson, Bonnie Kverrells, Drinna C .irleiy Iriowaril Ilriclison, M une lailili, I'n:n Malkmus, Ton XX iigIu,t lui I, x J w XX I Ilioziu son, I urls l'ii ei. 'aviie Keir, George Hagrii. Rox' Srnillie, Li is Ivers, Bruce Kasson. Lowell Shelton. Ilivitl Mailts, Don Kit-gli 1 - 1 - V u - Rim i I .win Ia-iuil. Ilill lieire, I.x'Ie Ilikei. Ieroiiir Shaw, I .iuI Iiearson, -Iames Flesland, Male Taverni. l..irrx lawn-nsoii. ,Iaiurr I eieisi in. -I ixlt kuppiili. Unk l 3 I'Iioiupsou, IIiiI Iiunnintg. Stoll Nloiugom--rv. Ilirvll Ruetl, Iaul Br.imlx'xk. Dennis Schriinpl. lliixs R ,livlvx Seiltlanil, Nlr lxiorrau. Comer! Balm' We harmonize hy uniting the deepest and heaviest sounding instruments with the trills of the flute and piccolo. Besides the Concert Band there are these organizations: Pep Band, which contrihutes to the school spiritg Iviarching Band, which perforins for par.u.Iesg and Second Band, which prepares students for Concert Band. These groups have participated in many things this year: pep assemhlies. athletic contests, parades, festivals, clinics, playing for other schools, and greeting President Ijisenhower. Our Band promotes the school spirit and creates a thrilling pride in the hearts of Fargo High students as its meinhers march down the street, clad in their purple uniforms, Plzzfz' Qzzarfev I rumpez Quarter Clarzmff Qzzczrfff rlys Mouin, 'Ieanine Ileier-on. Ilexzrly Ilernard Altenherg, lkorge Hagen. Roy Smillie, Vvlaynf Carol Moore, Ixliriain Iolxnsori, Su: Urevig iluiiiiiiings, Daileiie Moll. Kerr, -lean Sltaarer. A535 ' ss W e , .X 'X ' .Q if . French H ora Quartet Bonnie Gcrrcls, Deanna Carter, Marjorie Cobb, Allan Henderson. Q-S Trombone Quartet Scott Montgomery. Phillip Running, Dennis Schrimpf, Paul Brandvik. Tliivlx-ar' Special Group! These small instrumental groups have par' ticipated in the Christmas program and thc competition at the Spring Festival. Brass Sexfef Donald Krogh, Dennis Schrimpf, Jerome Shaw. Allan Henderson, Lois lvers, Bruce Kasson. Woodwz'ad Quintet Judy Eckerea, Sue Urevig, jean Monson, Marjorie Cohh, Donald Person. fi - e 3, , ll xx 1 K,uvluxrxl,flLlx.-l1.lm-l.u li-11.-r.SslzuzxT.mll.lks-m.Sus.m ffgqrmux.Annl'.n1lqw1,S.1vllr--x'1g.,Is.nlu1Nflel-:1.Slx,mrnnZ',1vlxlkr. Hlnzvl V.nm':.l,vnnvl llucluumm Il xx lxxm Ulxwx, ,lam lxl-vr1slm,Vvl.4liwlvlum.tllmmnwlX'lc1s1m.Su1.l1,nglwlxvwm,I3uun'5'v.'1sv.1.,I-wwf'll'u.x'.1lJ:.lx1nrllx'nS1l,ml1l,lluwl Kxllu1.lv,IHn.mn: l um. lX1.mx.m lullll. lxhlx' luck, All-,um lmxxla. lux' Alv-Hlmlcr, Vcrlyu l'lu."cl, 4. Ii mu ' llvmll-'llxlfnlvlll,l'1cll5l1vx'vI,lN1u1wlxl'l.wlHl'.,l.ncl4 Hvrzng, Q ..nr-ul M - wr. Art llu.-lun-u.,lu'1.-Il-rs--gm. W.u'1.-wl,.1ll1.L,m,1.-us XXnll1,l:uf.l'.ml N-xllcu, Mx l :xx I ull lxmll xl.nvn,Iuluw1n. Alum Nrllvrr1wx,llm , '. T ' 4 sun. l7.w1lll31'.-m, ll: xx 5 llull Nl I ll l-I mn lx .V-,V , fl 131. . cu llurklmxx. jun IM-n.-nv-.. liwllw lN'1nrlm. l'l1lyll XM-lsz. l5,lv1llf-.-In-k.-. h1.ukll'ns4nl. Rmx' I lil xx 2 l'l1nrwlllu 5 Q' Ememblf' Vluykl Vfcxxz. -lim lxmmwroy. Katlmryu Lulilwn, .Iolmn Nclfrm, -Iullc l'srswn. Sonya T.1ll.lkffm, Audrey Pucker' mg, Elxmlwctlm Urccn, Marvm Mlllcr, AI.n:k KllPI7lCl!. llmll Moycr. l'.1ul Sorlwu, Rollin Martin, Hazel Vance, Bm llulcnlrlkl. Knyc Lchmkulml, Slxcrry lijurkluml, lVl.ll'llyl1 llrunsvolll. XVgml Dunlurk. Clmrlmc Bolmct. Vv'sf llruwn. J Cappvffcz Boys ' Qzzarfff m Pomcroy. Dxck Tc1clm1.mn.Vv'Qs Brown M.xrv1n Millar. lloxx R xxx llinx Rim ' 4 3'illx'cv Piiclwring. joan lvlelting. ,lan Blxlic. ,limnn klolnison. Sherri' Biorkliinil. Mirilvn Brunsvold. l.i: Green. Ivlarlcne Tlnmuan. Ivlircla l ' ' l l'xx n ll ulwlwins Au lr x l' rgus n Klan x llrun lx l'.itii:i.n Vogel, Luis llursack, Pwgx' Baltlwin. lkavc lglinikillxl. ,lean Nlicl-reww. luivrrnc Dali, i 'c 1 :. t v' 'ir i 'ii , i . i' A F lisicllr Voclker. Marx' Lou Sliirp. Pcnnx' l.iglitrn.-i, K xy Millmllan, N mini Dixfivltl, Bsttv Slnplcv, lliviwwliv Arnssan, V--rlyn ltlusgvl, lvlr, Ui lm lk ilirttlm. Dorxxin Flurgcl. .lim liariicv. Dun Krngli. Vilard Dunlurli, llolw lfggan, llicliird livrg. ,livlin lieu. U irv Brattlainl. M irvin Miller, l'li'fIh.lIl Wm llcrgilnist. ,lack liuppich, Dick Piper. Uarx' Thuinasson, Arthur Andsrsun. ,lim Carlson, Holi Hnnson. link Ti'icli:n.inn. EJ F-irsvrh. 'l'ci'rx' Mcliuwcll. Charlie llulmct, li:.in lhksr, XYQS llrown. Hash Hegrcxies. Cirletiwii lavlisv. llwxil Ain.-s. We harmonize fwith carefully selected tones, qualities, and voices in a group of well over a hundred, with dynamic and inspiring results. There are many pleasant memories for the A Cappella members of this past year: singing the Nutcracker Suite at Christmas, the recordings for radio, television appearances, the presentation ofthe Firefly, and the Choir's annual visit to the Rotary Club. A Cappella is truly a line organization, offering vocal experience to the students of Fargo High School. It furthers the music interests ofthe school as a whole and brings a thrill not only to those who hear it but to those who participate, Row I Ihrlvvm-' Duhrrtv. Karyn Etllngcr. l.aVnnnc Ottcrsnn. Cnrol lwrson, Crystal Curbll. Harrirt Rntbnrtl. M irilvn Nxilliims. lmnn: l vh'1sw,1. linct Amlrx Row lluw I. lk: lluw Iluw Row nlx' Row ' i 5 if , Q Q gf f 1 , son. D1-nna llsvlmultls, ,loves lawsvv, Ann XX'lnling. I7i.xnnr Ruqhirlls. Arlcnr Hcntchvlc. Yxhrilvn Siegel. Lu' Ann Stubsmx, Sillx' Sglirolulsr, Dxrlcn: Rim-li. Sliarfm lsnvinc. Darl-'ni' jrnsvn. Mvrna Dimis. Cnrnlvn Cillcrwlmiclx, Dnrutliv Elolson, Smtlra loncs, Kathv Stutlsr 1 M r. llitlinarl-1, M nrlcnu Illlmqwn. I5s.xnn.n Cirtur. Mirlt-nc Bunch. Slllflfk' Mihoncy, Bnnnlc Grrrvlls, llsx' bliclssm. Mmlvn Motlvll. llrrnuli ur S: vit. 1,an-IV.-nvwrsirnm,bl.-,mi-r'XX rbstcr. Nanrx' l,.l.'sun, k.ithli'cn V.mlmttc:1. AnnasIancC.unp.Shrrlcx' Linlux I7.vnmSv.il1i1rg. Dlannc Sn ill. lanirc Krablvn hui 'Shu an lin lux B 1' t.. , f ic' uw. sv muunings. Shirlvv XVc1s:. Hclrn H,ulpru.l. Mvrvtlith Mzuirilils. jnnm: l"ctcrsn-1. llcm'Gm:1,us, -lim.-1 L4 .Q mg 11 ', ml Kung, lflcanoi' Burke. .luyrc Olson. klanlcv Sprattlcr. ,lumnv XV.u'nur, Kay Mvhra. Pauli Smpp, ,laclcin Oaal, llwlf thus, .lows Mulh vll in. Iirrn . . , - . tlulmsivn, borna Scott. lcggv l'r'vcr1mrx,C,.nrul Ruff. D.-on Tv1.'lbv.Cll'f1l Thurpc, Allis Engsn, BIISX' Hlwn, Anita Evvlvth, B.mn1v Ailims. Svlvxm l.vM ir. Mari1.m'l Nrlsun, Barlura Ivinnncs. Rav Czvwcll. bxrbara Kranch. Mirv livrrls. Mlm' .lnl1ns1v:x. Nanci' Frcclsrick 4 l'irllx!1l"lll1 n Virol frank Dunn im l N1 l l ., I ' . sn . V, ' . '. 4' r w sr. uri vn lxlrt, Shirlcv Ratlkc, l'r:x'5fl1ivlvolil. lmnnc Mich,-ls, Uhxrlottv Aammlt. Txlalgavrl Platt lil uni" i things, Frixlillxi burr, M,mg.uwt Anil.-rson. Ann Thlvlall. Darli-nf Amlsrsori, Cm l llulgi-nz M mrilvn Gnmlinil. l N H Glee Clubs Wu harmonizc with thc voices of the girls and boys who makc up thcsc glee clubs. Throughout thc ycar's activity it is thc objective of thcsc music groups to train thc voices of th-:ir members and to instill in thc hearts of thcs: singers a real apprcciation of thc music of our timc and of the past. Among thc activitics of the ycar Wcrc rccorclings for radio broadcasts, Christmas programs, and thc opsrctta. 1 laiwt-ll Slwllivil. llob North. .luhn Humlrun, XN'.n'iic Kon. ,lohn H'1ntlsx'. Gait' Rrvi-ll. l.-urn Urlis, Paul Stxnn'n'n. Kvnnv M nxsuii, -lFH'X Maznznvl, z H ' ' ' ' iilvill-C.unsrm-.ilu-1, I'rixl XX vnili. lim lircvci. Dick Vx ilsin. Hill Th.-ms. fflairc Swlllcrs. lim Lun l, 'Twn lllnisl. laik llIllW.'I'l. Mclrxl lxxvls 2 Ml.lllillnurk.hlllnlilcara,Paulllr.1nilx'ilt.lhrvllRxlcil.l31tliK1vll.u1tl,XX'.ivnc Brmlun, UW: llliptrnmslrr, Tixl Hunsi1.'G.-wg' lfl.un'l'.l'lcrnartl Allcnbrlu. -4' Row llqw ' Rim ll xxx' i ll.-:tv Hanson, Patti' Fisher. Helen Turnm, Dnrurhv Bjnrnsnn, Gail Hovde, Dianne Swallers, Delores Kalk, Peggy Brooks. jane Tnmlinsnn. .limi laifhv Gail Du-xv, Mi llielinirlx.lhrlmllallllstael.C.irulOl5ui1. Astritla Ilurl-uns, Patty Anelersun. Ruth Held nan. -Ian Burtliek, .lnsis V.ns,nie:. Sheila NX',ilkei. ll i Ri-lwlun M uv liuksnn, Shirlev Anileisnn, l3,irlwu,i Kennel. Dave Clisev. I7,u'xll Gnlil. Iierrcl H.u1sun. ,lerl Fnr1g:rt.,Inlin Altenhsrg. Drniun Dreisler, Lvle lniaker. Dun En ilvnn. l'x1.uuuel ll, 1, lin .ix lN1eii.irrln'. Terri' linnil, N1 wx' Hi-gli.-. hf1u'c:ll,iUri-n'.v.ihl. l,1lli.ln B:rnh.xrt. hixrgxret Antlerscvn, Tvfary Hillvlnlx. Diana lvficr, Patsy Bnam-it-k. Dick -luluns-in. Ili-n IW-is Birlmxi M vrrin, Pain' Meliuire. B.u'hrr.i rlnhnsun, -lanyee Ruel. Judy Eckerea. Faith S nnh. K Sophomore Ch oir We harmonize with two enthusiastic groups of sophomores. This choir gives lmekground training to the sophomores who are interested in singing in on: ofthe other choral groups. The activities of the group include getting acquainted with the art songs, learning tone qualities and how to use them, and blending voices with the group. ll-vw 1 M ulsiu- Walker. Malilxn llingxmlel. Rav Vslslwer, Rita Stillman NX'.uix'ee mining. Lila Razlnilmulle. Sonia lxvelsnix, Slramn Williains. Qluilx Shih-i. .lllll Rim llrwxx llnxx -QQ N,ix.uin. Glailvs Eglaml. Gloria Rock. L1.unlSu.uis. N.u1cx'Sxx'.n'ne. Barhuxi Kraus. Marie Lahev, Pvrenna Perscllln, l.inil.i Nelson. Susan Tnigesun. Karen liumleslxxxlt. Alninne Owl. lun Shi l.il.i l,.ihex. Connie Pmiugerr. Myrna lnhnsun. Marx' Ann Pelersiui. laniei' L.-esun XV.n'ne Mclviaines. l3rentn:iS irlien. Dinihl Anelersun, E.l.lie Powers. Lirrv Swensnn, Riu- Snillli-'.h1ilw h1.'lll,un J V Nin i N l-.nn Rimini Vis el Altivil Melting. I isle Pilgrim. . c' ec . :Q ' gt V 4 Piieilla Tlrnmpsnn, Line Munlu. janet Snapp, Carol Hendrickson. Connie Burnell. Clieryl Hrechly n. Sum.: Clhristxansun. Mr,l?itli1i,irk, l5,ulxu,i liilsi i ' Fl--use Nelson, Vnnna Lou Mullins.Sus.1n Freelven. Sharon Elliot, Suzanne Upie. Lila Frelker. i Q 3 2 f -5 luhw Pi-isiiii, mi l',uiis-iii. M ii.ii lu.lil. Mu:ivi1uTliiim1iu. lfli:.iin'ililIii-i-ii. l3ixi.iSjii1ckvic.Paul5ii'ii.'ii.5hiiiv:iZlviiiis-' A fX1,1iii'.iiS'i4iii.h1i. Ii-vis,-ii. Ili. hurl T-'irhiiiiiur IT: ui' I.xiui. M :ix Aim Hi-ss. Siifplifii Aus. M iigiiwi Uiikiiri. M uihii Iiiiiiixcilil. Ali-iii M iii N -ii. -. liriiii. ls, W.--f, i. lhuxxii. Higwi X',iii..' . , , , . .- ., . , liiiiii li-sii-i. Nisiii igi1 uuui. N1 ucii lips. l,i X viii' lhlil. Xviii liiiiihiiis. 1 .iiiii N 'is i i. Nurx lh -ups vii. llsilx' N.iiiii.'x.i iiiiikiii-1.1 ii X ii Ixiiviilliiihlisix.-.l1. N1 iiiliivi Hvllwi. lfixx ml lkiiiv, Ahi.-.1M,-huw.ViisiilliThi-:vig-s-ii.I,xiiii.-Wlliihiiim. lk iihinu liikkwfi Nh N i iiiisi I7 iixliu. If-his S'lRi.iiiil. XK'iihim lhiisivis. I 'vis l5'iisi.l. i,ifkll'ii1'iii'.Dum' Vissili Orrlzfy fra Wir h.irmoiuzc hy hcxirmg with our cycs thc music wc sec amd sccmg with our c.irs rhi- music wc hcqir. This group consists of sturlciits who hgivc gm .ictivc intcrcst in music .xml s wud hours wiuicticiii-i thc tcchni ucs which wroducc thu succcssfui rcsults for which I I r- this circhcstixi is knovvu, Thi- music phycri hy the Orchcstrai this yciir has rauigcd from ai Buch "lim11dcvih:wg Cfmicurtu" tu this coiiipiusitioiis of LcRoy Amlcrsou. A sclcctcd portion uf' thc Orchcstini pl.iycrl for thc opcrcrm. This orgaiuizuiou iiclcls to our wcllfclcvclopcd music program gimi cuiitrihul 's grcgitly to rlii- i-LIITIXCITIIICL' of music aippivciaitloii. 4 n WW f1'1'11g' Qufzrff' f nu. .Mui Uiiii-iwii. Shqrwii Qiichikc. llivici Scliickulc 1855, Q We L'K"'9'm..,q xg AW., Q 6. mmcziize . . . . . . Sezzior Clays Play VAST R-nn I Vi-tu Rnliluns, li-,in An.li-re-4-n. laikiv Usal. Sally Scln-mlm l'il I'-nsvlli. Rim' I Row 1 Rnw x ifmnim: lliiiialil Nelson, Karen XX'ilk. Mila- l.icn, Tvlarilvn Sir-gel, Davnl Dimn, Mis. Srvilel Sl Hin Pai Viii1i'l.,l-li'lilm'fl5ll, finlvlnin The Senior Class Play, "The Late Christopher Bean", was presented on April 2 and 3. It was a threefact comedy centered around the Hagget family. The scene was laid in a typical New England village. The actors, speaking in the vernacular of that section, portrayed a story of selfishness and greed. But virtue triumphed, and the heroine, Ahhy, received the wealth. The play was a Htting climax to the dramatic year. PRODUCTION STAFF Harriet Reillwurtl. Cris Cnlell. Carnl Iverson, Sliirlex' llugintlen. Karen Filingrr. Marv Ann Olson. Katliv Fariwv, ,lnanne Lewis. Maiilxn Miller, -lnAnn Tvigcn. 'lnan lvnscn. llev. Selni-lwnlil, ,liunne lirnnsx-nltl. lfnnl Fnislwerg. K.illii'x'n lvleffiilliielu, Kai' AlciL.iiulcr. ,lanei Ixiagnusnn, Anna lsA.ii'ie Panlsnn, Susan Ifgginaii. Geraldine lliwrr, Sx'lx'i.i Siilici, Val Ras Nveli. Gail Miller, vlnAnnc Mieliels, Nanci' liinlelick, Gayle lima, Kaien Dalilin. Main' glnlinsnn, Ilene Gi'on.i.is. Phyllis llurrleiud. Dick NYnnrlw.iitl, ,lem Heislrr. Dick XVilsi-n, -lndv lautlurnp, limi llilmlclil. ,lf'Ann Sells. . . . One'-Ale! Play Each year Fargo High School holds a onefact play contest. The plays "Isle", HA Sunny Morning", "The Taming of the Shrew" were presented on Mzirch 19. The judges, Mr. Earhart, Miss Wheeler, and Miss Uthus, chose "The Taming of the Shrew" as the play to represent Fargo High at the Speech Festival held in Grand Forks on March 26. "The Taming of the Shrewl' was an adaptation hy Ken Corwin of Williziiii Shakespeare's famous comedy. Katharina, the shrew, Petruchio, the tamer, Baptista, the long suffering father, Bianca, the sweet sister, and the various servants stepped from Shakesp-:are's time on to the Fargo High stage. i K .dxf 11 Row 1 f-Fairh Herndon. Carol Olson, joyce Brownlee, josic Vasquez, Row 1 f M.xrily'n Siegel. Nlargaret Anderson, jean Anderson, Margie Cobb, lvlarilvn Brunsvold. Row 3!Tom Goldberg. David Dixon. john Rex, Chuck Hunrley, Tom Roel, Rohan Srucwig. Bruce Kasson, Dean Baker, Lois lvers, Williarn H. Spence. . . Hope Spence ..... Hartzell .... Eileen ,.... Dr. Romer. . , Louise ,.., Maria. . Molly. . . Ronny. . CAST . . .Dean Baker . . , . .Lois Ivers Charles Huntley . . . .Carol Olson .. .john Rex .Faith Herndon . .josie Vasquez .Marilyn Siegel . . . . .Tom Roel One Foot In H eofoen Larry .,....,. Mrs. Sandow. . Mrs. Digby, . . Georgie ....... Mrs. Cambridge, . . Mrs. jellison .... . Major Cooper. . . . Bishop Sherwood. . . Fraser Spence . . . .joyce Brownlee . , . .Mzirjorie Cobb ,Marilyn Brunsvold . . , , .Robert Stuewig .Margaret Anderson . . . .jean Anderson . .Thomas Goldberg . . , ,Bruce Kasson . .David Dixon PRODUCTION STAFF Row ifllenc Gronais, Gail lviillcr, jancr Magnuson, joAnn johnson, jridv Lathrop, jcan Hcislcr, Darlene Doherty. Bev. Schiehold, joannc Michcls, Karan Eddingcr. Row 2APuggy Freeman, Paula Snapp, Marilyn Burt. Carol Rell, Bev Cummings, Deanna Cam-r. jean Sanborn, Frances Oxzon. Soma Snort, Marcia Foss, Crystal Cofell, Row flxflarvin Siegel, Charlotte Aarnodr, Ccrry Hover, lvlarlys Ross, Caroline Peterson, Karen Dahlcn, Karol King. Fern johnson. Vel Rae Nccb, Carol lvloorc, lviary Ann Olson, Laverne Dahl, Marlys Moum. Sylvia Sirhcr. Row .4--Tom Dunn, Sharon Shepard, Terry McDowell, Norman Bower. jim Flesland. joann Sells. Dick Wfoodward, Wiiy'ne Braaron, Fred Stover, Charlie Hohner, Herman Wayland. 3 Fuv'!y'fil'd ff? . iff iii A1326 ' M ivilxv- llvvimwlil, Cvili Knviilwiin. PM Vivqvl, S-mxxi 'l'.ill.ilx-sim, -lnlxn Kiippigh, I2'ig.ilwi-ili klii-vu. .lim l.iw, Xii'v x lu lx im l nil 5 Ili vi M iilxvv Si 1, l limliml Pit H ni . .1 , ,m . ..l iig...1,, llrinliiccil By S'I'lTIlliN'I'S inf F.-xium Hii.ii IJITUCICJ By Lixwiinmui Giimfxiix MA1u:Ai:R'r llTIlllS Hiiiiniiivi' E.'xlilIAll'I' H.-xiimw lliiiiqiiisr l".,,ixf,ix . .i '.v'i'. . X.. ug.. Ninn. . . , . Sybil Van Dare, Sinzette, Pietro. , . , . Mrs. Ogleslvy Viin Dina jenkins. , . . . . Geraldine Van Diirc . john Tliuxrston . Herr Franz . ,lack Trailers . , Antonio Colunibo, Correlli. . CAST "The 1 ,VP Firefly! . .Eliznlwstli Grccn Mairilyii Brunsvolil Aiidrcy Puclicring . . . Piiiil Scrlicn . . . Pzitriciai Vogel . .Curtis Kmidsoii . .Sonya Tgillgiksim , .hlolm Kuppicli . ,Patrick Hogan Llninss Law Mairilyii Sicgcl limos Limil A Tvip tn Hermuilii Tow Millie u man of her. A cast of almost 250, an orchestra of 22, and a production staff of many ambitious students and teachers collaborated to make Rudolph Frimils operetta an outstanding event in Fargo High Schools history, The pounding of hammers and the swish of brushes graduf ally brought to realism the beautiful scenes of Bermuda and New York City. Slowly the tall palm trees and breezy veranda began taking shape, and before long there was a huge yacht in the background, shining with all the splendor of the North Atlantic Ccean. Almost anytime of the day one person, or a group of persons, could be found on the stage rehearsing speaking parts or sing' ing strains from the many songs in this operetta. The presentation of "The Firefly" on three evenings, February 25, 26, and 27, brought to a close the long and tedious hours of work. To all who participated, the success of the operetta was the fulhllment of their efforts and dreams. Finiw- ui 1 Artists ut uor Production Stuff. f,, ZH Q1 ers fgnm Put the Blame rm Nfmm' s The Ihrrv. Rurrcn Vxlhlm 1f,,,,0 my U ,f-,QI QW' Swskc Throw Hun, mg' BMI Sicily S I 1'g1!f4.g'f --xv u . ,nf Y x X! Ny F X Q' 6 . ' 5 x 41 ?e'v:a3?"fff e f M. 'S We Play Booz' E x s .1 5 Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Line ENDS Ron Ndbou, Gcorgf. Flumr TACKLHS Leroy Bmgert, Frrd Stovrr GUARDs Czrlylh Adame Clrlrton CENTER jury W lltcr ll , l O1 1 ONEN1-s Jamestown Minot Bismarck Fergus Falls Grand Forks Waxhpctoii Valley City Moorhead Shanley Lme ENDS: David Ames Dick Kjellmd TACKLBS: Dudley LiPlmt Don Damier GUARDS: Jim Dill ird Tom Ulmss CENTER: Myroii Wigiigr Fxftylmzr 3 gwv . i Z 'ma ... i. Q ... I 641 ,, Squaf! Row i l1:i.IIcx- l.iI'I,-nt, ,I-'iw XV.iIiei. Mvifm Wagner. Holi Ilruwn. XVai'ren GiiIIicksoi1. Gan' Tlwinisson, .lack Herzog. Carleton I.:-Iisr. Skip Revell. Row 1 Davnl Ames. I5.ux'II Rui-il. lxlliw Ilangt-il. RieIi.irtI Hicks. -Inn l7xII.n'd. Gary Lien. Ibn D,inn:i', Dick -Iolinsozi, .It-ri' Thirv. IMI Thiunis. Ron NcIsiin R iw 1 lT.iiIvIv ALI un-.. IhII Iv1iwi'i'. Arr IIiichin.in. George I"I.nner. Iired Stover, Paul IIr,iniIx'ik, XX'.wne Br.i.itcn, Tosn Ulness. Dick KieII.ind. M irhn Anderson Ifii,iiIu--N Dun Iii-'drII, Aii llwiiirii. if Arm OIsivn. ' ' ' ' Squad Ilow i -INII'IiIniv.I3.iIi'I.i'xw-is:-ii.II.ivi.ICY,is:x.Ihin'N1ii:giii.I,:iinI.-'llinI,Stiilix'h1iii1lgiiix1elV,Mvion Wagiwl. I5iII I'ii-ii.-, link Iiilinsiin. Chix I.n'n. Iliww 1 KI.nI-'lim Iii-Ii-.1-, IlnIi.lid Illuks. Peter V.iIcnl.i. Kennv Kwik.-II.i, IIiII Thiiinas, Iaurx' Swenson. Dick ll--ss-'II, Skip licx'rII. I'.ul I1iIIiin. Van S'Ix'ig Row X Holi Mtilliiskv. l1,nIvIi' Adanis, lining- IiI.iin.'r. Paul IIi'.imIx'iI4. Ri,'IinriI 'I'Ixii:xipsim, RieIiirtI Mi-wus. The Purple and WIiite eompleted a ehaIIenging season with a 5f3fl record. The inighty Midgets rode on the crest of victory for the Hrst half of the season hy smothering their opponents Hvc games straight. The Hoinecoining game with Vvfahpeton spelled out our first defeat. The Midgets were unable to tote the pigf skin to pay dirt after that, and ended the season with 2 Iosses and a tie with our erossfriver rival, Moorhead. Fil v uw , ' ' Coat hes Don BredeII. Aeey Olson, Art Dronen. fibxf- ill ,fw- Z Row l Attendants -Ian Bllftllil-ll Sharon Elliot, Carol Haugen. ow 'J Attendants -lulie Person, Audrey ljuekering mx' 3 Queen Ann Wliitiiig. "Be Bop the Wee Worms" ushered in the Hoineeoining weekend. The festivities began with the Coronation of Queen Midget II. On Friday morning floats and convertibles paraded down Broadway. Following the parade, a rousing pep asselnhly, with some foothall players lead' ,Q-it 90" ing a few extra cheers, was held in the school auditorium. That afternoon Fargo and Vyfahpeton tangled on the foothall field. The holiday closed with a dance at Canteen. ' " if A .t - "-- T' , K 5 : ,.,.: K ,tu ., , ,632 ., . ,:.,.g .,.,: t.t , ,Q , - r 2 t .i...... .. N ' Raw if Q :-- -Z .,:, A - E Qi in lvlitliget ll, Ann Whiting. 'lg 2 Qjiem, L f .fmt Trirolitan Club lwiinriyflicppcrl to ai third-place ti: With their danging puppets on a revolvm turntable with the Pep Club float. Palette Club tack first place. The afternoon of the Homecoming game with Wahpetori brought perfect football weatherg but though the weather was with us, luck was not. After Fargo tied the game at 797, Wahpetoii went on to score again late in the third quarter. Fargo was not able to reach the Wzihpctoii posts again and went down to a disappointing 1237 defeat. -fm 1 . ,Mmm Fifi 324' L 59N-4 53 Zifjvv 1 Affiim fy A , Q X342 s 3 mf 3 2 13 ,,, M av I AV E -'A"V 'L , f Z ,M A-, ,w..Q.--M ,. 4 - f z 1, my W mwe- WWA? 3' 3 I 1' W fir, Q.: 5 SQ ,Q-W EE: , W 141111 1 l.11.1111v A1111':. R111w1l lx111:111'. 1.111111 l111111.g111 " ' ' Squad WON 13 1,135,116 Row 1 13111T111v11.1s,A11'r11 ,111l1.111f .1--, -C1 T 1' QQ11. P1111 R111111. -Ic1'1v 1 1 R111 5111111 K111 11 ,11vc Tum. Rmvz k1.111v1v A1,1.1111s. l3.11'1' 111'.111.11111. l'.1! 171l11111. 11111, T1111'y. 131111 Knutf s1111, T111111111' W1111111. "A" Squad linux' 1 P1111 R1111.1. 9111111111 M1111-'. XX,111'c11 K-1111zc1u1111. K-.11'1' T1111:11.1ss1111. 111111 111'111x'11. R111111 1'11c11111.111 Iluxx 1 I5.1r1"! R111'11, .I1111 1'1s111.'111-. 1511111 S111v:r, XX'.11'111' 151.1,11s11. 131111 H1'g1c111's. 13111 M1111'1, 111.1511 Assy U15 1111 " " Squad T111111111s1111. D1'11r1111 l71cs1l1'r. C111'11s 1111111k1'11. KI11.1q11 151111 B.-111111111 luv. I '1'11111Ss,11w111. 1111Ii1' 1V1r1H11111, 111111 C111111' 11111. 11-111 17,1113 1l1c11.1r11 Nrss. 1:1511 1:1--1111-. Track lx I ,ff rt Q.. ' W 'S 1' 1 The Athletic Commission, pictured below, has me job of setting the policies and regulations for me athletes of the school. One of its duties is nat of determining letter winners and ordering rtters. The sophomore, junior, and senior classes re each represented with one memher. Atl: lf? fic' Comm zlvsion The track team, under the direction of Coach Art Dronen, had an excellent nucleus for a good team this year. Some ofthe veterans from the 1953 season who helped lead the team are: Moyer, hurdlesg Herzog, Thomasson, dashesg Forsyth, Weylziiud, high jumpg Brown, polevaultg Wxulter, distances. These veterans, along with several new hopefuls, practiced diligently in the gym and on the track when the weather permitted. Several meets were scheduled, and the season ended with the State Track Meet at Valley City. ' 9 Bill Tlwims. iuniui. Mr. Galvin. lvlyrun NV.1gner, sivpliunuwrc. Mr, C. A. Olson. Mi Bricker. David Ames. senior ,I ini - Fiifvniiix Szw'mmz'ng Afitcr winning its first two dual mccts at homc, thc swimming tcam had to travel to Ivlinneapolis and Northern Nlinncsota to get competition. Coached hy Glcnn Mclvcy, thc Fargo tankmcn had a 5f2 record in dual mccts, whilc placing third in a triangular m-:ct at thc Univcrsity of lviinncsota. Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Crookston Morris Roosevelt Chisholm Hihhing Crookston Morris U. High Roosevelt . "f .. ,JKJQLQLZ ,, . ...,....,........H.......................i.......m................... . ....,.... ............ . .. . was un un Fiilliivx' :hc lrum mp ru hnrmm Student lvianagrr 'li-lin Nvima. Dick Pilgrim. Dick hlnlinsivn. -l-lCkkilll'1N'l',klIH1 Lund. Gxorgc Flamrr. lloh Pratt. llsrnard Altcnlvrg. Miki- Stallings. Brunton Snrllcn. lim l.rhr, Ki-nl.-v llurkhart. Darvll Quick. ,lay Di'fl,L.lUlSK. Dick Klrlland. H ocleey Row r -Bula Larson. Douglas Lyhcck. George Platt, Flnvd Weisz. Nlyron Xklagner, Ted Hanson. Tom Engh. Don Krisrutitz. Ed Treat. Row 1 fWally Caslcr, ,lim Dillard, Alcrrv Monson. Boh North. Gary Lien. john Rex. Dick Hannestad. Morris Cirlsnn. Row 3 -Roh johnson, Ross Phrpps. Coach Don Bredell. Dick Peterson. Ron Solhzrg. Dnn Person. Srudcnt Manager Pet-f Valenti. Boh Rehn. Don 'Wangrnd, Tom Dunn. 'WH 5,84 gp Q 9 of " 'S Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo l 'ii Detroit Lakes Grand Forks Devils Lake Devils Lake Shanley Crookston Grand Forks Si x rv-out 'F an V X . 13 :,!..f,. ' V si . ,Ii 'lmmdz Im I Q N 1 ' ,ut w"',xg, is 'Xi - A 3 - s 13 QSM Under the direction of Coach Don Bredell, the hockey team was ahle to compete in 7 games before the short season ended on account of had ice. The Midgets rounded out the season with a 46 record. The pucksters scored fre' quently and had 46 goals to their opf ponents 39. 'Z'-3 b -fr x'N . loin Row I ll l l I nl lnvalwv. ll.-mer Platt, 'll-in lfngli. l'lul llnnil R in Swllii-ru. if The Intramural program flourished with action this year under the guidance of Mr. Mclvey. The Intramural Council was set up as the governing hody which determined the rules and regulations of the sport that was in progress at the time. Along with the regularly scheduled games. tournaments were an added feature that made the program more interesting. The Intramural schedule was well planned and well balanced in accordance with the time alloted for it. Gobf liuv. : lnliu lailu ug. llnlw lfegan Srl- l:Hi'sx'1li, Ttxl Hans'-n. Dun lx:isnili1:, 4-winless lwpn 'I Touch Football! TEIIIZILT Quit' hixrxffn Ki.-urge l'l.ul. lion Rn-glz, Tum hugh Row i Ward Dnnlurlc. Dun kristullu. Tell Hanson, Aluhn Kuppnh, Row 2 l..n'rv Nielson. llnlw Nmxlw, l..n'rv Muliimiren, .lohn llurtnrss. Bafkefball l 1 Burtness, Duane Nelson. flnl- Eguan. l..lrrx' N1-ulXr.i.lren. Paul llrandvllq, eumls The year started off with touch football, Jhile a tennis and horsefshoe tournament vere held in the side lights. A very successf ul golf tournament was staged at Edgewood lolf Course for the second year in a row. vlore than fifty participants entered. Along vith a good season of water polo, there were battle hall contests for a few weeks. Basketf mall was the longfawaited sport and conf inued until the end of March. The race or hrst place was close and Hnally ended in tie. An elimination tournament was set ip and the winner took first place for the eason. xl f' ss ax If? ix, An Intramural Bowling League was conf tinued all winter, as the AC. howling alleys were put into use every Saturday morning. Quite a sustained interest for howling was cultivated in most of the hoys. In hetween sports the apparatus and trampolines were put into good use also. In the spring, volley ball teams were chosen and organized inf to very competitive leagues. Even Intraf mural wrestling matches were paired up after a demonstration on highfschool wrestling was given. The program ended with the summer sport, softhall. Smile-lli'r.' We Play . . . Girls' Sporty Tennis, anyone? These girls would give you stiff competition if you were to take them up on their offer. ln the first row are Shirley Weisz and Carolyn Hanson, runnerfup and winner respectively. In the hack row are Beverly Nielson and Iviiriam johnson, the conf solation winners. i'Forel" That term is huniliar to all these girls. These golfers participated in the girls'golf tournament. The champion was Linda Foster, ln the front row, left to right, are Marilyn Siegel, julie Person, Linda Foster. The second row consists of Karen Wilk, Sue llrevig, Sue Eggman, Liz Green. hlixlvjiiiii- "The Champf' "Heads up!" Wliiit gained oes that signify? Why soccer, of course. Pictured here in the first row are Mary Ann Hess, Eleanor Wehster, Jean MiicGregor, Lois Williiiiiis. In the second row are Bonnie Gerrells, Bev Cummings, Mziry Beth Kline, Bev Nielson. In the third row are ,lean Monson, Deanna Carter, Maury Meckstroth, Anna jane Camp. am Here we see a lively game of soccer in process. This game is played much the same as field hockey and originated in England. Action is the keyword in these pictures. Bowling, swimming, soccerfall these sports offer not only good exercise but lots of fun too. Girls ' Sports Strike! That expression is becoming a familiar word to many girls around Fargo High. Bowling proved to be more popular this year than in any previous year. Sixtyffws Swimming to the soft strains of music, this class is in the process of learning life saving. Girly' Sports Pixies! These are the sophomore champs. Reading from left to right in the lirst row. they are Gail Drew, hludy Shafer. Gail Hovdeg second row, Yvonne Ahlwey. Sharon Elliot, and Karen Cornellg third row, Mzirf cia Edwards and Connie Gergen. 2 Tlit Champs, or hetter known hy their team name, the Chimps, he' came the school champs hy defeating hoth the sophomore and senior haskethall champion teams. Left to right in the first row are jo Ann Nelson and Shirley Weisz. In the second row are lviiriam johnson, Mzirlys lvioum, and Darf l:ne Anderson. The third row consists of Lois Williziiiis, Anna jane Camp, and Carolyn Hanson, Kigmies! The senior champions. They are, left to right in the first row, julie Person and Mziry Lusk: second row, Ivlarilyn Ahhey, Kay Iviyhra, and Ann Whitiiugg third row, Carol Thorpe, Sue Urevig. and Gail joos. Looks like a basket! Although the girls are restricted to half of the playing court, they can make their game as exciting and full of action as any of the hoys can. Sixlviix Plfe Plegaf . . . Cheerleaders ,wiv NN SYN X Weekend Fuzz Qne of the nicest things about high school is the companionship with our classmates. We see them every day. We talk about the rough French assignments. we gossip about a new boyfriend, we flirt with a special boy or girl, We rub shoulders at games and scream for our team to win. If we do win, we drive down Broadway and really disturb the peace. We disturb the peace in other ways toog for instance, at allfnight slumber parties, by just plain goofing around. Friday night finds us dancing at Canteen. Some like it Eist, but most like it slow and smooth. Cur favorite outdoor sport on weekends is hounding. If you've got a car, you're in. We work together on dramatic productions and pray that the other fellow doesn't forget his line. Athletics absorb much of our time, and through them we learn the "go and get 'emu spirit and the "one for all" idea. We're typical kids, and we spice whatever we do with fun. Because were young, we like life, the veryliving of it. Best of all we, like being teenagers, and we like each other. ,Ak ,VV W' , Ns mf Ng MW Nw , mf" err vxeirn This is our lzfe A P di Fargo H igh N r P1 , vp 71411531 'by sqnulrcs, .S ,x Q ,J fr Ihr' -funrfmll pfuw Xsi Q if wx 353391 NWN K 5: ,ww-N we gym? Seniors CHARLOTTE AAMODT: Quill Eff Scroll, Girls' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Cynosure Bi-Weekly, girls' sports editor, Pep Club, council, junior Red Cross Council, G.A.C., Harlequin, Tripolitan, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses, production staffs, "One Foot in Heaven", production staff. MARILYN ABBEY: Sportsmanship, Intramural -Q Sports, Cheerleader, Pep Club, junior Red Cross " Council, secretary, G.A.C., Thespian I, vice-president, "The Red Mill", production staff. KAY ALEXANDER: Quill E99 Scroll, National Honor Society, Band, A Cappella, Intramural Sports, Cyno- sure Annual, girls' sports editor, senior co-editor, Pep Club, G.A.C., secretary, Thespian I, "The Red Mill", chorus, "The Firefly", chorus, production staff, "The Late Christopher Bean", production staff. DAVID AMES: Athletic Commission, National Athletic Scholarship Society, Sportsmanship, Sopho- more class, vice-president, A Cappella, Boys' Glee Club, Football A Ei B, co-captain, Basketball B, Chemistry Club, "The Red Mill". chorus, "The Firefly", chorus, production staff. -IANET ANDERSON: Girls' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Pep Club, G.A.C., Harlequin, Photo Club, "The Red Mill". production staff, "The Firefly", chorus. IEAN ANDERSON: Quill Ei Scroll, Intramural Sports, Cynosure of the Air, reporter, feature editor, Cynosure Bi-Weekly, advertising staff. distribution staff, reporter, Pep Club, junior Red Cross Council, G.A.C., Thespian II, Photo Club, "One Foot in Heaven", "The Late Christopher Bean", casts, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", production staffs. Charlotte Aamodt Marilyn Abbey Kay Alexander Dean Baker Paul Bearson Robert Beauchamp Charles Bohnet Phyllis Borclerud Wouter Bosch Most of all, WE, the seniors, BELONG to Fargo High. Our purple and white jackets adorned with the numerals 1954 identify us with our class. Each morning We congre- gate around our lockers in the "Senior Hall". While stuffing coats into a space already bursting with broken pencils, slightly used kleencx, discarded test papers, overdue library books, costumes from the last pep assembly, and any other refuse it is possible to accumulate, we moan about the exam we're sure to flunk second hour. At 3:15 we meet again admitting the test wasn't so badw-in fact, we might have passed. For three years our goal has been to graduate from Fargo High. But, as May and graduation loom closer, the realization that we shall miss F.H.S., our friends, and teachers hits us. We've enjoyed our stay at Fargo High as 247 individuals, differing in heights, weights, appearances, and tastes, yet we are united in our membership in the class of 1954. Seven! v VIRGINIA ANDERSON: Girls' Glee Club, Cynosure Bi- Weekly, distribution staff, Pep Club, junior Red Cross Council, G.A.C., Tripolitan, Photo Club, Majorette, "The Red Mill", production staff. JOHN BAILEY: Entered from Mandan, North Dakota, Co-op. DEAN BAKER: Orchestra, Band, drum major, A Cappella, Boys' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Harlequin, president, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses, "One Foot in Heaven", cast. PAUL BEARSON: Band, Orchestra, Stage Crew, "The Fire- fly". production staff. ROBERT BEAUCI-IAMP. ILENE BENSON: Entered from Minneapolis. Minnesota, F. H. A., "The Late Christopher Bean", production staff. RICHARD BERG: A Cappella, Track, Chess Club, Radio Club, vice-president, secretary, "The Firefly". chorus. wifi Dixid Ames janet Anderson ,lean Anderson Virginia Anderson john Bailey Ilene Benson Richard Berg Sherry Bjorklund Bruce Blair ,lanice Blilie Qtr xldine Boyer Wziyiie Braaten Nancy Braniek james Breyer Boh Brown SHERRY B-IORKLAND: Quill Ei Scrollg National Honor Societyg Band, flute quartetg Orchcstrag A Cappella. ensemhleg Intramural Sportsg Cynosure BifWeekly. reporter, feature writer: Pep Cluhg G.A.C.g Harlequing "The Red Mill". "The Fireflyu. orchestras, BRUCE BLAIR: Intramural Sportsp Chess Cluhg Chemistry Cluh, -IANICE BLILIE: A Cappellag Girls' Glee Cluhg Intramural Sportsg Pep Cluhg G.A.C.g Harlequing "The Red Mill". chorus. production staffg "The Firefly". chorus. CHARLES BOHNET: Sportsmanshipg A Cappella. ensemhleg Thespian I, presidentg A'The Red Mill". A'The Firefly". chorusesg "One Foot in Heaven". production staff. PI-IYLLIS BORDERUD: Orchestrag Intramural Sportsg Pep Cluhg C.A.C.g I-Iarlequing Nature Studyg "The Firefly". uThe Late Christopher Bean". production staffs. VJOUTER BOSCH: Intramural Sportsg Dehate Suuadg Chess Cluhg Science Cluhg "The Red Mill". production staff. GERALDINE BUYER: Intramural Spcrtsg Pep Cluhg G.A,C.g Harlequing Thespian Ig "Que Foot in Heaven". "The Late Christof pher Bean". production stalls. WAYNE BRAATEN: Bandg Boys' Glee Cluhg Foothall A Q9 B3 Basketball A Ei B3 Harlequing "The Firefly". chorusg "One Foot in Heaven". production staff. NANCY BRANICK: Speech Festivalg Orchestra. string quartetg A Cappellag Intramural Sportsg Cynofure BifWeekly, advertising stalfg Pep Cluhg -lunior Red Cross Councilg C.A.C.g Thespian I. treasurerg Tripolitang "The Red Mill", "The Firefly". choruses. production staffs. JAMES BREYER: Boys' Clee Cluhg Intramural Sportsg Coll' Teamg Photo Cluh. secretary. treasurerg 'tThe Firefly". chorus. BQB BRQVJN: Athletic Commission: National Athletic Scholarship Soeietyg Sportsmanship. treasurerg Traelrg Foothall Ag Baslaethall A if Bg Cynosure B1fWeelcly. cartoonist. Sci mfvn Senior! WI2SI.IiY IIROXVN: National Honor Society: Sports' manship: Orchestra: A Cappella, ensemhleg Boys' Quartet: Boys' Clee Clulag Intramural Sports: Cynorure of the Air, cofasrzociate editor: Student Council, treasurer. president: .luntor Red Cross Council: Tri' politan, president: "The Red Mill", cast: "The F.refly", chorus, JOYCE IIRCIWNLEEZ A Cappella: Cirls' Cleo Cluh: Intramural Sports: Cynosure Bi1Weekly, distrilvution staff: Pep Cluh: -Iunior Red Cross Council: C.A.C.: Thespian II: Harlequin: "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses: "The Miscru, "One Foot in Heaven", casts. .IOANNE IIRUNSVOLD: Cirls' Clee Clulw: Intraf mural Sports: Pep Cluhg C.A.C.: F.H.A.: Chess Cluh: Tliespian I: "The Firefly", chorus, production staff: "One Foot in Heaven", "The Late Christopher Bean", production staffs. MARILYN BRUNSVOLI7: A Cappella, ensemhle: Intramural Sports: Pep Clulw: Harlequin: "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", "One Foot in Heaven", casts. ARTHUR BUCHANAN: National Honor Society: Sportsmanship: Band: A Cappella: Boys' Clee Cluh: Track: Trirolitan: "The Red Mill", chorus: "The Firefly", chorus, production staff: "The Late Christo- pher Bean", production staff. WlLI.IAM BURKE: Intramural Sports: Hockey. KENLEY IIURKHART: National Athletic Scholar- ship Society: Orchestra: A Cappella: Boys' Clee Clulo: Swim Team: Science Clulv: Chemistry Club, president: "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses: "The Late Christopher Bean", production staff, CLASS OFFICERS jerry Wzilter, Treas.: Lois Graham, Sec'y.g Ann Whitiiug, VicefPres.: Bill Moyer, Pres. Seiicnrvl Wesley Brown Joyce Brownlee Joanne Brunsvold blames Carlson Morris Carlson Delhert Carvell Harold Curtis Laverne Dahl Karen Dahlen MARCIA BURRILL: Entered from Minneapolis. Minnesota: Intramural Sports: "The Firefly", production staff, JAMES CARLSON: Athletic Commission: Band: A Cappella, ensemble: Boys' Clee Clulwg junior Red Cross Council: "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses. MORRIS CARLSON: Intramural Sports: Track: Hockey. DELBERT CARVELL: Cofop.: Band. FLOYD CHRISTIANSON: Co-op.: Intramural Sports. NORMAN CHRISTIANSON: Orchestra: Intramural Sports. MAREIORIE COBB: National Honor Society: Quill Er? Scroll: Band, French horn quartet. woodwind quintette: Orchestra: A Cappella: Intramural Sports: Dehate Squad, vicefcaptain: Cynosure BifWeekly, feature editor: Pep Cluh: G,A.C.: Palette Cluh: Harlequin: "The Firefly". chorus: "The Red Mill", "One Foot in Heaven", casts. s Marilyn Brunsvold Arthur Buchanan Bill Burke Floyd Christianson Rohert deCaus1neaker Naoini DeVold David Dixon CRYSTAL COFELL: Entered from Minot. North Dakota, Girls' Glee Cluhg Intramural Sports, Pep Club, C.A.C,g Chess Cluh, Palette Cluh, Harlequin, "The Firefly". chorus, 'kThe Red Mill", "One Foot in Heaven". "The Late Christopher Bean". production staffs. -IOY COWAN: Cofop., Thespian l. HAROLD CURTIS: Co-op. LAVERNE DAHL: Quill Es? Scroll, Orchestra. lihrarian, A Cappellag Girls' Glee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Cynosure Bi' weekly, reporter, advertising staff, Pep Cluhg G,A.C,g Thespian I, Nature Study. president, k'The Red Mill", orchestra, "The Firefly". chorus, "The Misern, "One Foot in Heaven". prof duction staffs. Norman Christianson Marjorie Cohh Marcia Burrill joy Cowan Darlene Doherty Kenley Burkhart Crystal Cofell Loren Dockter ROBERT deCAUSMEAKER: Boys' Glee Cub, Intramural Sportsg "The Firefly". production staff. NAOMI DeVOLD: A Cappella, Intramural Sportsg Pep Cluhg junior Red Crozs Council, Harlequin, Thespian lg "The Red Mill". "The Firefly", choruses. DAVID DIXON: Speech Festival, Quill E8 Scroll, National Honor Society, Bandg A Cappella, Boys' Glee Club, Cynoiure Annual. faculty editor. Thespian I, "The Miser", "One Foot in Heaven", casts, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses, LOREN DOCKTER: Cofop. DARLENE DOHERTY: Board of Publications, Quill E99 Scroll, National Honor Society, Girls' Glee Cluhg Intramural Sports, Cynogure ofthe Air. editor-infchief, Pep Cluhg C.A.C.g Chess Cluh, Harlequin, treasurer, "The Red Mill". "The Firefly", "One Foot in Heaven", production staffs. Sc1uurv'ilm'c Sc'1zz'0r5 -IACQI lli Ill lNKliLl5lfRl ZER: Curl! Clee Cluh. lutr.lmur.xl Sportsq Pep Clulwg l'.nlette Cluh, "The l:lfx'l-lyu. prolluctzun -t.1ll' GERALD lJllSTRlllJ: ,lumor Rell Crow Councnl, Scrence Cluhg Chenuetry Cluh KAREN EDINCER: Curl! Clee Cluhg Iutr.unur.1l Sportsg Pep Cluhg C AC., lluletre Cluhg Hnrlequmg Mayoretteg "The Rell M1ll", "The F1rel'ly", churcesg "One Foot rn l'le.wen", "The L.1te Chrratopher l3e.m", production ft.lll's. ROBERT EKKGAN: Quill Scroll, Sportfunulslupg A C.lppell.1g lloys' Clee Chlhg lntr.1mur.ul Sports: Cyrzosure lh-Weekly. reporter. hoys' sports echtorg Tr1poht.u1g "The Real M1ll", "The Frreflyu, chorufesg "The L.xte Chrrstopher l3e.u1", prolluctron smllf SUSAN ECCMANN: Qunll Scrollg N.mt1on.1l Honor Socrety, c,fCl1Cr'IF.lQ A C.rppell.1g lI1II'.ll'T1llf.ll Sportsg Cyuosure llrfWeekly', reporterg l'-gp Clulwg ,lumur Rell Cross Counc1lL C.A,C,: Tr1poht.m, vice' presnlentg "The Rell Mull", chorus: "The Frreflyu, orchestmg "The lvllsern, "The Late Chrrstopher l1e.u1". rmrluctron stall! TOM ENCH: N.ltlIlll.ll Athletrc Schollrfhrp Soqletyg Sportsrwmshlpg lntr.1mur.nl Sportsg Tr.nclsg Swim Tcnmg Temus Tenmg lntr.1mur.1l Councrl, preslrlentg Hockeyg Student Cuuncrl. ISRUCIZ ERUAHL: lmr.unur.nl 'Sports BETTY ERICKSON: Cu-opg lI1Yl'.llUlll'rll Spurta GAC. .Incque Dunkellnerger Lyle Erickson Franklin Fisher Checkm41tc7 Stnlemutef' S --fm rm.. Karen Ediugcr Ronald Evje Vcrlyn Fluegel jerry Dustrud jerry Evgms Dorwin Fluegel LYLE ERICKSON: Rnnclg Orchestmg lutr.xmur.xl Sports JERRY EVANS: Cofop. RONALD EVVIE, CHARLES EWAN: lutr.unur.1l Sports. Photo Cluh. "The lfrreflyu, "The L.1te Chrlrtopher Realm". procluctrou stalls -IAMES FARNEY: lntr.nmur.xl Sports: "The lfuretrlyu, "The Recl Mrllu. choruses. KATHLEEN FARNEY: lntr.umur.xl Sportsg Pep Cluhg G4A.C,g Thespigm I E5 llg "The L.1te CTlH'lSfOPl1Cl' Ram". proluctxon stall. ROGER FATLAND: lntr.umur.1l Sports. AUDREY FERGUSON: Rorxrcl ul' l3lllWllC.lt'OIlSQ Qurll G Scrollg National Honor Society: Orchestrag A C.xppell.xg lntr.1mur.xl Sportrrg Cynoure Anmml. husmess nmnnger, Pep Chxlwg -Tumor Reel Cf15SS'CCHllI1CllQ C.A.C.g Tr1poht.u1g "The MISCF-T. Pl'LklllCClUI1 st.rl'lAg "The Reel Mrllu. chorus, pru.h1ct:ou st.nt'l'1 "The Frrellyn, chrzruf. X M-9' 4. A .ohert Eggan iharles Ewan iarol Forsberg FRANKLIN Tennis Team, FISHER: "The Red ,. fe? la s. As 1 we I. ..,. Q., ...., . , X x if ss h QS' x A ' ziigt, ..-. .rg e,,,....:s::f Susan Eggniann Tom Engh Bruce Erdahl Betty Erickson james Farney Kathleen Farney Roger Fatland Audrey Ferguson Edwin Forsyth Linda Foster Nancy Fredrick janet Freeman Boys' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Mill", "The Firefly", choruses. IIORXVIN FLUEGEL: A Cappella, Boys' Clee Club, Intramural Sports, Astronomy Cluh. secretaryetreasurer, "The Firefly", cast. VERLYN FLUEGEL: A Cappella, Pep Cluh, Palette Clulv, "The Red Mill", production staff, "The Firefly", chorus. CAROL FORSBERG: Girls' Clee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Pep Cluh, F.H,A., Chess Cluh, Harlequin, "The Firefly". chorus, "The Late Christopher Bean", production staff, EDWIN FORSYTH: National Honor Society, Sportsmanship, A Cappella, Boys' Glee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Intramural Council, Basketball B, Chess Cluh, Thespian II, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses, "The Late Christopher Bean", cast, "One Foot in Heaven", production staff. LINDA FOSTER: Quill E-9 Scroll, National Honor Society, Orchestra, A Cappella, Intramural Sports, Cynosure BifWeekly, desk editor, reporter. advertising staff, Pep Cluh, G,A.C., Tri' politan, "The Miser", "One Foot in Heaven", "Our Town", production staffs, "The Firefly", "The Red Mill", choruses. production staffs. NANCY FREDRICK: Girls' Glee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Cynosure BifWeekly, distribution staff, advertising staff, Pep Cluhg junior Red Cross Council, GAC: Harlequin, Thespian ll, "The Miser", "One Foot in Heaven", "The Late Christopher Bean", production staffs, "The Red Mill". "The Firefly", choruses, production staffs. -IANET FREEMAN: Quill E.-9 Scroll, Orchestra, Girls' Glee Cluhz Cynosure Bi-Weekly. reporter, girls' sports editor, Pep Cluh, junior Red Cross Council, G.A.C.g Tripolitan, Chemistry Cluh, secretary-treasurer, "The Miser". "The Red Mill", "One Foot in Heaven", production staffs, A'The Firefly", chorus. Serevirvfjii e S 'E' Sefzio rs ROGER FRIEIJMAN: Boys' Gln: Gluhg lntr.1mur.nl Sportsg Ilaaslwtlmill Ag Thrspmn Ig "The Miscru. prof duction staff. DAVID GEIIEKE: A f1.ippclI.ig Iloys' Glcc Cluhg Intrtimuml Sportsg "Thr Rad Mill", "The Firefly". rhoruvcs. LOIS GRAHAM: Sportsnmiislnpg Senior class sccrcf t.nryg Ilnndg A C.ippcll.ig Cynonurc Bi-Weekly, distrif l'VllflUI1 stziffg Pep Cluhg Hzirlcquing "The Rcd Mill". "Thr Fircl'ly". choruses, ELIZAIIETH GREEN: Orrhcstmg A G.1ppcll.i, cn' scmhlcg Intrainnlrzil Sportsg Fcp Cluhg .lunior Red Cross Councilg G.A.C.g Hairlcquing Tripolitfmg A'ThC Rcd Mill", "The Firefly", mists. ILENE I IRONAAS: Quill fi Scrollg G,rls' Glvc Cluhg Cynosurc Annunl, cluhs cdilorg Cyltosurc Bifwcrkly, rcpnrtcrg I'L'pCli1lwgG,ArC.gI'.llCttL'Clul1gThcspizm Ilg "Tho Firefly", chorus, production stzitfg A'Thc Rfd Mill". I'Onv Foot in I'Icnvcn". "The Latc Christopher Bain", production stuffs, XVARREN GIILLICKSON: N.at:on.ul Athletic Scholanrshipg Sportsmanslupg -Iunior class prcsidcntg A Cippcllng Boys' Glcc Cluhg Footlmll A, cofcaptziing Ilnskvtlmll A E? II, uThC Firstly". Ql'orus. .IAGK HALE: N.ition.1l Athletic Scliohirsliip Socictyg Swim Tram. Q L lk , 'I Sis Roger Friedman David Gclwckc Lois Grailmm Tod Hanson Rohcrt Harris Roycc Hartke -luck Hcrzog C'mon, gang! Lct's go! f I' I Patrick Hogan Churlcs Huntlcy ROBERT HANSON: A Ctppcllrig Boys' Glcc C'ulwg II1fl'.lI'11lll'.lI Sportsrg Swim Tcnm3 x'Thc Firefly". chorus. THEOIUORE HANSON: Boys' Glcc Cluhg Intr.imur.il Sportsg Tmrkg Swim TcnmQ Hockcyg x'Thc Firefly", chorus. ROBERT HARRIS: Intrzunuml Sports. ROYCE HARTKE: Orchcstmg Intr.imur.il Sportsg Chcse Cluhg Photo Cluh. ROBERT HEGRENES: National Athletic Scholarship Sosictyg Quill E! Scrollg Sportsmzmshipg Bandg A Cappcllag Intmmuml Sportsg Basketball A E99 B3 Cynosurc Annual, hoys' sports editorg Thespigin IIQ Boys' Stntc, dclcgntcg "Thc Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruscsg "The Lntc Christopher Benn", cnstg "One Foot in Hcnvcn". production stuff. -IEAN HEISLER: Quill E97 Scrollg Intrninuml Sportsg Cynoiurc Bifwcekly, advertising staff, distrihution stalfg Pep Cluhg G.A.C.g H.irlequing Thespmn llg "Thi: Rrd Mill". "The Firefly", "One Foot in Heaven". "Thc Litc Christophcr Bain", proluction staffs. hzibeth Green Ilene Gronaas Wzirrela Gullickson Jack Hale Robert Hanson lohert Hegrenes Jean Heisler Robert Hendrickson Ronald Herinanson Gary Herron Bernice Ihlenfeld Carol Iverson lone Jalhert Joan Jensen Beverly johnson ROBERT HENRIKSON: Entered from Fergus Falls, Minnesota. RONALD HERMANSON: Co-op., Junior Red Cross Council. GARY HERRON: Entered from Shanley, Intramural Sports, Cynosure BifWeekly, distrihution staff, JOHN HERZOG: National Honor Society, National Athletic Scholarship Society, Sportsmanship, Sophomore class president: A Cappella, Boys' Glee Cluh, Track: Foothall A, Baskethall B, Trirolitan, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses. PATRICK HOGAN: Entered from Shanley, A Cappella, Boys' Glee Cluh, Cynosure Bi-Weekly, reporter, "The Firefly", cast. CHARLES HUNTLEY, Speech Festival, National Honor Societyg Band, cornet quartet, Intramural Sports, Foothall B, Cynosure of the Air, reporter, Palette Cluhg "The Miser", "The Red Mill". "The Late Christopher Bean", production staffs, "One Foot in Heaven", cast. BERNICE IHLENFELD: National Honor Society, A Cappella, ensemble, Intramural Sports, Pep Cluh, G,A.C,, treasurer, Thespian II, vicefpresident, Chemistry Cluh, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses, "The Late Christopher Bean", prof duction staff. CAROL IVERSON: Girls' Glee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Pep Cluh, G.A.C.g Chess Cluh, Thespian I, Tripo'itan, "The Firefly", chorus, "One Foot in Heaven". "The Late Cfiristopher Bean", production staffs. IONE JALBERT: Cofop. JOAN JENSEN: Girls' Glee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Pep C uh, Junior Red Cross Council, G.A.C., Harlequin, Thespian l. secretary, "The Firefly", chorus, "The Red Mill", "The Late Christopher Bean", production staffs. BEVERLY JOHNSON: Entered from Minneapolis. Minnesota, Intramural Sports, Cynosure BifWeekly, distribution staff, Pep Cluh, G,A.C,, Chess Cluh, Palette Cluh, Harlequin, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", production staffs. Sriirnn nrt Sf'z1z'or5 MARIE QIOHNSON: Girls' Glee Cluhg Intramural Sports, Cynosure I3i-Weekly. advertising staff, distri- hution stall, Pep Cluh, junior Red Cross Council, G.A.C,, Thespian I, Tripolitang "The Red Mill". "One Foot in Heaven", "The Late Christopher Bean". production staffs, "The Firefly". chorus. FERN -IOHNSON: Girls' Glee Cluhg Intramural Sports, Pep Cluh, G.A.C., "The Red Mill". "The Firefly". choruses, "One Foot in Heaven", production stall. AIOANN VIOHNSON: Quill G? Scroll, A Cappella: Girls' Glee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Cyitosure Bi' Weekly, reporter, Pep Cluh, G.A.C., F,H.A.. secref tary, Harlequin, Girls' State, alternate, "The Red Mill", chorus, "The Firefly", chorus, production staff, "One Foot in Heaven", production staff. ROBERT DIOHNSON: Intrarr.ural Sports, Hockey. student manager, Foothall. student manager, Palette Cluh. vicefpresident. president, "The Bat", "The Miser", "The Red Mill". "One Foot in Heaven". "Our Town", production staffs. GAYLE -IOOS: Girls' Glee Cluh: Intramural Sports' Cynosure I3ifWeekly, assistant advertising manager. advertising staff, LIlSU'Il7llCIOIX staff, Pep Cluh. treasurer junior Red Cross Council, G.A.C., secretary, president Thespian I, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses production staffs, "The Late Christopher Bean" production staff, Marie johnson Bella Kleingartne Dale Larson Graduation Weekeind need we say more? Seienfwight Fern johnson Joann johnson r Curt Knudson Morris Krahn Kenneth Larson Nancy Larson PATRICIA KENNEDY: Entered from Grand Forks. North Dakota, Cofop, GORDON KEPNER: Intramural Sports, Intramural Council, Cynosure Bi-Weekly. reporter. distrihution staff, Chefs Cluhg Chemistry Cluh, "The Late Christopher Bean". cast. CAROL KILBRIDE: A Cappella, Girls' Glee Cluh, Pep Cluhl Harlequin, Thespian I, "The Red Mill", chorus. BELLA KLEINGARTNER: Cofop, Intramural Sports, G.A,C. CURT ICNIIDSON: Orchestra, A Cappella. ensemhle, -Iunior Red Cross Council, Palette Cluhg "The Miser". "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", casts, "One Foot in Heaven". "The Late Christo' pher Bean". production staffs. MORRIS KRAHN: Intramural Sports. : Ar ii' ll 13 My oh rt johnson Gayle joos Patricia Kennedy Gordon Kepn:r Carol Kilbrid: Iirilyn Kramer Gene Krieg Donald Kristofitz Donald Krogh Donald Kvant iilip Larson Robert Larson -Iudy Lathrop james Law james Lelvus MARILYN KRAMER: Colopg Intramural Sports, Cynosure Bi'Weekly, reporter. distrihution staff, Cheerleader, Pep Club, G.A.C., Thespian I, "The Miser", "Our Town", production stalfsg "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", dances, production staffs. GENE KRIEG: Palette Cluh, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", "The Bat", production staffs. DON KRISTOFITZ: National Athletic Scholarship Society, Intramural Sports, Golf Teamg Intramural Council, Hozkey. DONALD KROGH: Band, lwrass sextette, A Cappella, ensemhleg Boys' Glee Cluhg Intramural Sports, Traclcg junior Red Cross Council, Palette Cluhg Radio Club, Photo Club, "The Red Mill", chorus, production staff, "The Firefly", chorus, t'The Late Christopher Bean". production staff. DONALD KVANT: Intramural Sports. DALE LARSEN: Boys' Gfee C'ulw, Intramural Sports, Cynofure I3.fWeekly. distrihution staff, "The Miser", production staff. KENNETH LARSON: Entered from Oak Grove, Cofoy. NANCY LARSON: Girls' Glee Clulog Intramural Sportsg Pep Cluh, Tripolitan. PHILIP LARSON: Band: Hockey. ROBERT LARSON: Co op. -IUDY LATHROP: Intramural Sportsg Cynosure BifWeekly distribution staff, Pep Club, Thespian I, "One Foot in Heaven" "The Late Christopher Bean", production staffs. IAMES LAW: Orcheitrag A Cappella, junior R:d Cross Council, Thespian Ig "The Red Mill", choruag "The Firefly" Cast. AIAMES LEBUS: Intramural Sports. Sri r ir ii is Se fziorx KAYE LEHMKUHL: Quill E! Scroll, National Honor Society, A Cappella, ensemble, Intramural Sports, Cynosure B1fWeekly, desk editor, associate editor, Pep Club, Junior Red Cross Council, president, G,A.C., Harlequin, Tripolitan, Girls' State, alternate, "The Miser", cast, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses. JOANNE LEWIS: A Cappella, Intramural Sports, Pep Club, junior Red Cross Council, vicefpresident, U.A.C,, Thespian I Es? II, "The Red Mill", cast, "The Firefly", cl orus, "The Late Christopher Bean", pro- duction ftaff. MICHAEL LIEN: Speech Festival, Quill E99 Scroll, Band, A Cappella, Boys' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Cyitos ure Annual, Cyrosure BifWeekly, photographer, Chess Club, Photo Club, president, Boys' State, delegate, "The Mis.cr", production staff, "The Red Mill", cast. WINIFREI3 LIGHTFUOT: A Cappella, Sophomore Chorus. VERNON LINDSEY: Intramural Sports, Track, Football If, Photo Club. JOHN LOBERG: Quill Er? Scroll, Intramural Sports, Swim Team, Debate Squad, Cynosure BifWeekly, dis' tribution staff, cartoonist, Chess Club, president, Science Club, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", prof duction staffs. Love, it's great l Iiighiv Kaye Lehinkuhl Joanne Lewis Mike Lien Mary B. Lusk Janet Magnuson Shirley Mahoney Terry McDowell James McHose Lois McKay CARLETON LCHSE: National Athletic Scholarship Society: A Cappella, Boys' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Football A, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses. JAMES LUNDSTROM: Intramural Sports. MARY B. LUSK: A Cappella, Girls' Clee Club, Intramural Sports, Pep Club, G.A.C., Tripolitan, Photo Club, "The Red Mill". production staff, "The Firefly", chorus. JANET MAGNUSON: Quill Ei Scroll, Band, A Cappella, Girls' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Cynosure BifWeekly, ad' vertising staff, Pep Club, G.A.C., Harlequin, Thcspian II, "The Firefly", chorus. production staff, "The Red Mill, "One Foot in Heaven", "The Late Christopher Bean", production staffs, SHIRLEY MAHONEY: Entered from Kennewick, Washington, A Cappella, Girls' Glee Club, F.H,A., "The Firefly", chorus, THOMAS MALKMUS: Band, Photo Club, "The Firefly", dance, Wiiiifred Lightfoot Vernon Lindsey John Loberg Carleton Lohse James Lundstrom Thomas Malkmus Roland Martin Janice Matzek Mylo Matzek Kathryn McCulloch Et iel Meier Joan Melting Gail Mette Joanne Michels Kay Milhollan ROLAND MARTIN: A Cappella, Intramural Sports, Radio Club, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses. JANICE MATZEK: Co-op, Palette Club. MYLO MATZEK: Intramural Sports, Science Club. KATHRYN McCULLOCI'I: Girls' Glee Club, Cynosure Bi' Weekly, distribution staff, Pep Cluh, G.A.C., Thespian I, Nature Study, "The Firefly", chorus, "The Red Mill", "The Late Christopher Bean", production staffs. TERRY McDOVJELL: Band, A Cappella, Boys' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Cynosure BifWeekly, distribution staff, Palette Club, Harlequin: Thespian I, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses, "One Foot in Heaven", production staff. JAMES McI'IOSE: Quill Es? Scroll, Intramural Sports, Tennis Team, Cynosure of the Air, sports editor, "The Late Christopher Bean", production staff. LOIS McKAY: Cofop, Majorette. ETHEL MEIER: Entered from Moorhead, Cofop. JOAN MELTING: Orchestra, A Cappella, Girls Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Cynosure BifWeekly, advertising staff, Pep Club, Junior Red Cross Council, Thespian II, Nature Study, secretary, "The Fireflyu, chorus, "The Miser", "The Red Mill", production staffs. GAIL METTE: Cofop, Girls' Glee Club, Palette Club, "The Red Mill", chorus, production staff. JOANNE MICHELS: Girls' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Cynosure BifWeekly, distribution staff, Pep Club, Junior Red Cross Council, G.A.C,, Harlequin, Thespian I, "The Firefly", chorus, production staff, "The Red Mill", "One Foot in Heaven", "The Late Christopher Bean", production staffs, KAY MILHOLLAN: Cofop, A Cappella, Girls' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Thespian II, "The Firefly", "The Red Mill", choruses. Eighty-une Seniory HAIL MILLER: Quill if Scroll, Intramural Sports, Cyl o..ure Annual, senior cofeditor, Cynosure Ili' Weekly, distribution staff, C,A.C., Pep Cluh, Harlef quin, Trirolitan, Chess Cluh, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly","One Foot in Heaven", "The Late Christopher Bean", production staffs. MARILYN MILLER: Cirls' Clee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Harlequin, "The Red Mill", chorus, "The Late Chriftopher Bean", production staff. MARVIN MILLER: Band, A Cappella. ensemhle, Boys' Quartet, Student Council, "The Firefly", chorus. RC IIIPRT MOFFILTT: Comp. DARLENE MOLL: Band, flute quartet, Orchestra-, Pep Cluh, C.A.C., Photo Cluh, "The Red Mill", production stafi, "The Firefly", orchestra. LARRY MONTEITH: Cynorure I3ifWeekly, distri- hution staff, llaskethall, student manager, junior Red Cross Council, CAROL MOORE: Quill E? Scroll, Orchestra, A Cappella, Band, clarinet quartet, Cynosure Bi' Weekly, exchange editor, Pep Cluh, council, junior Red Cross Council, secretary, C.A.C., Thespian Il, secretary, Nature Study, "The Firefly". orchestra, "The Miser", "One Foot in Heaven". i'The Late Christopher lleanu. production staffs. IIONALIJ MOI IRHEAIJ. Gail Miller Marilyn Miller Marvin Miller William Moyer .lerry Mullins Kay Myhra Darlene Ohnstad janice Ohnstad Lynn Oliver My, what bright eyes you have! ffiglirwtiiiu 423 WILLIAM MOYER: National Athletic Scholarship Society, Sportsmanship, Orchestra, A Cappella, Boys' Clee Cluh, Track, Foothall A E.-9 B, Basketball A, Thespian I, Sophomore class secretary, junior class vicefpresitlent, Senior class president, "The Firefly", chorus. -ILRRY MULLINS: -lunior Red Cross Council, KAY MYHRA: Quill E? Scroll, Sportsmanship, Band, A Cap' pella, Girls' Glee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Cheerleader, Cynosure Bi-Weekly, reporter, Student Council, secretary, Pep Cluh, G.A.C., Tripolitan, Photo Cluh, "The Firefly", chorus, pro- duction staff. VEL RAE NEEB: Intramural Sports, Pep Cluh, GAC., Harle- quin, "One Foot in Heaven", "The Late Christopher Bean", production staffs. .IOHN NEIMA: Entered from Boonville, Missouri, Intramural Sports, Swim Team, manager, Dehate Squad, Photo Cluh, Stage Crew, "The Red Mill", production staff. K w X ,.,, 3 wh as Ka t at IA "5'+s:a -"ff , -W1 p 'S 2' "IF :-.. afeisizrgs, -1 J .aww ww UQ Robert Moffett Darlene Moll Larry Monteith Carol Moore Don Moorhead Vel Rae Neeb John Neima james Nelson Ronald Nelson Larry Oakey Joyce Olson Mary Ann Olson jackie Osal Loren Oslie Lavonne Otterson JAMES NELsoN. RONALD NELSON: Speech Festival, A Cappella, Boys' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Football A E3 B, junior Red Cross Council, Thespian, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses. LAWRENCE OAKEY: Intramural Sports, Tennis Team, Chess Club, Tripolitan, Science Club. DARLENE OHNSTAD: Entered from Oak Grove. -IANICE OHNSTAD: Intramural Sports, Pep Club, G.A.C., Harlequin. LYNN OLIVER: Quill Es? Scroll, National Honor Society, Band, Orchestra, A Cappella, Girls' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Cyno-ure BifWeekly, advertising staff, circulation manager, Pep Club, council, G.A.C., Thespian I E93 II, "The Red Mill", 'LThe Firefly", choruses, production staffs, "The Late Christopher Bean", production staff. -IOYCE OLSON: Girls' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, G,A.C., "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", choruses. MARY ANN OLSON: Quill E+? Scroll, Intramural Sports, Debate Squad, Cynosure Annual, art cofeditor, G.A.C., Chess Club, secretary, Palette Club, Harlequin, Tripolitan, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", "One Foot in Heaven", "The Late Christo' pher Bean", production staffs. JACKIE OSAL: Speech Festival, Quill Ei Scroll, National Honor Society, Girls' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Cynosure Annual, junior-sophomore cofeditor, cofassociate editor, Pep Club, treasurer, G.A,C., Chess Club, Tripolitan, Photo Club, Girls' State, delegate, Sophomore class treasurer, "The Red Mill", prof duction staff, "The Firefly", chorus, production staff, "The Late Christopher Bean", cast. LOREN OSLIE: Band, Boys' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Chess Club, "The Firefly", chorus. LAVONNE OTTERSON: Girls' Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Pep Club, G.A.C., Harlequin, Thespian II, "The Red Mill", productipn staff, Ifnglxryrhvee Seniors FRANCES OXTON: Entered from lvIoorhead. IvI1nnesota. Intramural Sportsg Dehate Squadg Pep Cluhg C,A.C.g Thespian I, seeretaryg "One Foot in Heaven", production staff. ANN MARIE PAIILSON: Quill C? Scrollg National Honor Societyg Orchestra, string quartetteg A Cappella, enmmhleg Intramural Sportsg Cynosure I3ifWeekly, reporterg Pep Cluhg junior Red Cross Councilg C.A.C.g Harlcqnmg Photo Cluhg "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", chorusesg "The Late Christopher Bean". production stall. BARRY PERSKE: Intramural Sports: .lunxor Red Cross Council. IULIE PERSON: National Honor Society: Sports- manship Cluhg Orchestra, secretary. string quartetteg A Cappella, ensemhleg Intramural Sfortsg Student Council, vice-presldcntg Pep Cluhg -lunior Red Cross Councrlg C.A.C.g Harlequing Photo Cluhg Crrls' State. alternateg "The Red Mill", castg x'The Firefly". chorus. RAIVIONA PERSON: Randg Cirls' Olee Cluhg Pep Cluhg junior Red Cross Couneilg 'AThe Firefly". chorus, CAROLINE PETERSON: Intramural Sportsg Pep Cluhg C.A,C.g Palette Clulvg Harleduing "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", "One Foot in Heaven", producf tion stalls. RICHARD PETERSON: Entered from lvioorhead. Frances Oxton Ross Phipps ,lohn Rex Minnesota. Intramural Sport--g Hoekeyg Football B3 "The Firefly", chorus. l "Off with my hoot, you rogue." I' nulxrvftu Anna Marie Paulson Richard Piper Donna Reynolds Barry Pcrske james Pomeroy Richard Richardsc EDYVARI3 PHELPS: Entered Iirozn lvhnneapolis, Nlinnesotag Cofop. ROSS PHIPPS: Intramural Sportsg Ho:key. RICHARD PIPER: Rand, eornet tluirtetteg A Cappellag Intraf mural Sportsg "The Ifate Christopher Bran". castg "The Firefly", cast. production stafl. KIAIVIES POIVIEROY: National Honor So:ietyg Orchestrag A Cappella. ensemhleg Boys' Quartettcg Boys' CI:e Cath: I'Our Town", cast1"The Red M1ll"."The Firefly". choruses. ROBERT PRATT: National Athletic Scholarship So:ietyg National Honor Sosietyg Intramural Sportsg Trackg Swim Team. cofcaptaing Intramural Councilg Radio Cluh, presidentg 'xThe Firefly", production staff, -IOHN PIILKRAREK: Intramural Sportfg Chess C uh. ulie Person Ramona Person Caroline Peterson Richard Peterson Edward Phelps Robert Pratt John Pullcrabek Bill Quain Joyce Radcliffe Harriet Reitbord Veta Robbins Joyce Robinson Tom Roel Marlys Ross Shirley Rugrodcn WILLIAM QUAM: Intramural Sportsg Junior Red Cross Council. JOYCE RADCLIFFE: Coop, Pep Club. HARRIET REITIIORD: Band, Girls' Clee Club, Intramural Sports. Pep Club, C.A.C.g Chess Club, Palette Club, Tripolitan, "The Firefly". chorus, "One Foot in Heaven". "The Late Christo- pher Bean". production staffs. JOHN REX: Orcliestrag A Cappellag Boys' Clee Club, Intraf mural Srorts, Hockeyg Harlequin, "The Miser". "One Foot in Heaven", casts, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly". choruses.. DONNA REYNOLDS: Girls' Clee Club, Intramural Sports, Cyrorure I3i'Weekly'. diztributfon staff, Pep Clubg Junior Red Cross Council, C.A.C., Thespian II, Photo Clubg "The Red Mill". production rtaffg "The Firefly". chorus. production staff. RICHARD RICHARDSON: Intramural Sports, Tripolitang Radio Club, VETA ROBBINS: Quill E3 Scroll, National Honor Societyg Speech Festivalg Orchestrag A Cappella, Cirls' Glee Club, Intraf mural Sports, Debate Squidg Cynosure of th: Air, reporter. co- associate editorg Pep Club. councilg Junior Red Cross Council, Harlequin, Tripolitang "The Red Mill". proIu:tion staff, l'The Firefly". chorusg "The Late Christopher Bean", cast. JOYCE ROBINSON: Co-opg Intramural Sports, Pep Club. TOM ROEL: Intramural Sports, Golf Team, Thespian I, Tripolitang k'One Foot in Heaven", castg "The Red Mill", "The Late Christopher Bean", production staffs. MARLYS ROSS: Intramural Sports, Cynosure BifWeekly, dis' tribution staff, Pep Club, Harlequin, Thespian I, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", "The Late Christopher B:an", "On: Foot in Heaven", procluction staffs. SHIRLEY RUCRODEN: Intramural Sports, Pep Cluh, C.A.C.g Harlequin, Tripolitan, "The Firefly", x'The Late Christopher I3:an", production staffs. Ijigliavjiic Rx SUIIIIOFS IIARY SJXNIIIIIIIUIZ IIrlralnllraISyorts,I'aIrttvCIllI1 SYI,Vl.'X SfXTIIIfIi: Intramural Svortsg Pew CIUIN I I U A I I ,"Une Ifoot 111 IIe.1x'cI1't."TIxc I.1lfk'fIIlI"1FI11PI1UI' IIv.u1", yrotI11ct'oh staIIs IFAVIII ?'fIIIIfIKIfI..If: Qmll Gr Serollg Nattonal Ho: or Forwty. Urehestra, presulent. strung quartetteg A fIappvIIa, Uylvo-ure II1fWt'L'kIy'. fflflil "The Rt-tl IVIlII",'UI'I1v Firefly", ort'Iwstr.ls. IIIiVI"IlI.Y Ff7IIII"IIUI.I7: Ilrli Ulee TTIIIIWQ Intraf II2lll'.lI Syorts, Pep fIIllIN, hllllllllf Red Umss Cuuneml. Vrvsnlt-1:t, il A ff, Harletgumg 'I-IlCSPl.lIl I: I'The If1rvIIy" tI.oru-, Vrutluetum staII'g"TI1e Ivilscrf' I'Thc Ilvtl IVIIIIU. "C Im' Ifoot Ill Heaven", "The Late ftI1I'l'Tf7' ph.-r Bran", 5-mtluez1fmstaffs. I'.'XlII.INIi FCIIROITIWR: Coop., Pep Uluhg Iumor Il.-tl fIrrw's Co111'c1I. S!XI,I.Y FCIIIIKOIIIFER: Quill L4 Scroll, Nat:onaI IIm-or Society. Ilaml, ihrls' lllev ftIllIW1 Intramural Sports. ifylosure Ii1fXVeekIy, atIvert1smIg statI'g Pep IIIIIIH. yr-'sul-'x1r. .Iumor Red Cross Counctlg U.A.C.g Plzotu fihxh, "The Rt-tl Mill", protluctlon stafI'1 "The IINIIV , II UIIINQ TIN I,ate flhrl-topher Bean , fast. VIIIUIII, FCIIIIILTZ: Ifntrretl Irom Iaslmn. North IIaIxola IKIQRNAIJINIQ SCUTT1 lhrIs'iIIeeCI11hg IntramuraI Syurts, Cyrosure IIl'Wn't'kIy', atIx'ert1smg staff. thstrxf IVIIIIIIII SIAII, Ixvp CIIUIN, UJXIIQ Ixhoto CIIUIWQ "The Rt-.I INIIIIU, I'l'UkIlILkYIUIl s.taIIg "The I:1rcfAIy", fhorus. -lohn, the Roper. Gary Szmdhurg Sylvia Sather David Sehickele james Scott Sonja Scott .Ioann Sells Donald Shykes Mzlrilyxu Siegel M:1rx'il1 Siegel JAMES SCOTT: Intramural Sports. SUNEIA SCOTT: Sportsmanship, pres1tIentg -luuaor class treasf urerg Girls' Ulee Cluhg Intramural Sports: Cynoalrc B1fW'eeIeIy tlwstnhunon staff: Pep Cluhg junior Red Cross Councilg G.A.C. Thesplan I, vrcefpresidentg Photo Chnhg I'The Retl Mull". I'Une Foot m Heaven", protluetzon staffeg "The Firefly". chorus protluetion staff. AIOANN SELLS: Intramural Sportsg Pep Chlhg -Iumor Retl Cross Couneulg Harlequmg Nature Stmlyg "The Red M1II". "The Flref Hy". "Une Foot in Heaven", "The Late Chrlstopher Bean" production staffs. VIOHN SERKLANI7: Natxonal Honor Soeletyg Ilamlg Urehestrag Boys' Ulee Cluhg Dehate Squatl, captamg Cynosure B1-Weekly' reporterg Chess Cluhg "The Red M1II", ehorusg 'AThe F1reI'Iy". orchestra. PAULA SNAPP: Quill Ei Scrollg Girls' Glee Cluhg Intrzimur.iI asf WHS 9 Beverly Schiehold Pauline Schroeder Sally Schroeder Vergil Schultz Berniidine Seott john Serklund Dianne Severson Mary Lou Sharp Betty Shipley Shirley Shultz Paula Snzipp Paiul Sorlien Garry Stzidtlainder Bnrhziru Stanley Don Stephzinson DIANNE SEVERSON: A Cappella. Girls' Glee Cluhg P.iIette Cluhg "The Miscr". production stnffg 'ATIie Red Mill", chorus. production stuff, MARVIN SIEGEL: Dehate Squad. Quill Es: Serollg Cynosure BifWeekIy. reporter. Harlequing Boys' State, delegiiteg "One Foot in I-Ieavenf production stzilfg "The Late Christopher Begin", ciist. MARY LOU SHARP: A Ciippellaig Pep Clulwg Palette Cluhg "The Red Mill". "The Firefly". choruses. BETTY SHIPLEY: Orcliestriig A Cappella. Girls' Glee Clulvg Tripolit.ing "The Red Mill". "The Firefly". choruses. SHIRLEY SHULTZ: Intramural Sports. DONALD SHYKES: Cofop. MARILYN SIEGEL: Speech Festivzilg Niitioniil Honor Societyg Girls' Glee Cluhg Intramural Sportsg Dehate Squadg Pep Cluhg junior Red Cross Council: G.A.C.3 I-Iarlequing Thespian Ilg Chemistry Cluhg "The Firefly". "One Foot in Heaven", eastsg "The Miser". "The Red Mill". production staffs. Sportsg Cynosure Annual, dramzitics editorg Cynosure Bi-Weekly. distrihution stalfg Pep Cluhg junior Red Cross Councilg Thespiiin Ig Tripolitang "The Miser", "The Red Mill", "One Foot in Heaven". "The Late Christopher Benn". production staffsg "The Firefly". chorus, PAUL SORLIEN: Orchestrzig A Cappella. ensemhleg Boys' Ulee Cluhg Intramural Sportsg Track. Foothill A Ei Bg junior Red Cross Councilg Chess Cluhg Palette Cluhg Hgirlequing 'ATIie Red Mill". "The Firefly". casts. GARY STADTLANDER: lntriimur.il Sports. BARBARA STANLEY: Cofop. DONALD STEFANSON: Intramural Sportsg "The Red Mill". production staff. Ifieliix-.ici i' Serziorf FREDERICK STOVER: National Athletic Scholar' ship Society, Sportsmanship. vice-president, Band, A Cappella, Boys' Clee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Track, Foothall A1 Baskethall A E99 B, Chess Club, "The Firefly". chorus, "One Foot in Heaven", prof duction staff. MARILYN STRAHL, Quill fi Scroll, National Honor Society, Orchestra, A Cappella, Girls' Glee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Cynosure BifWeekly, reporter. desk editor, Pep Cluh, C.A.C., Thespian I, president, Cirls' State, alternate, "The Miser", production staff, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly". orchestras. AIANICE SWENSON: Intramural Sports, Pep Club, Harlequin, Thespian II. SONYA TALLAKSON: Speech Festival, National Honor Society. president, Orchestra, A Cappella. ensemhle, Intramural Sports, Cynosure of the Air. reporter, Pep Cluh, C.A,C,, Thespian I, Tripolitan, "The Red Mill", "The Firefly", casts. GALE TAVERNA: Band, president, Orchestra, Radio Cluh, "The Firefly", orchestra. RICHARD TEICHMANN: Board of Puhlications, Quill fi Scroll, National Honor Society, treasurer, Sportsmanship, Orchestra, A Cappella, Boys' Quartet, Boys' Clee Cluh, Cynosure BifWeekly, reporter, hoys' sports editor, editor-infchief, Chess Cluh, Nature Study, Iloys' State, delegate, "The Red Mill", chorus, "The Firefly", chorus, production staff, "The Late Christopher Bean", production staff. -IOANN TEICEN: Pep Cluh, Harlequin, Thespian I, "The Late Christopher Bean". production staff. CARY THOMASSON: National Athletic Scholar- slup Society, Sportsmanship, A Cappella, Boys' Glee Cluh, Track, captain, Foothall A if B, Ilaslcethall A Er? B, junior Red Cross Council, "The Firefly", chorus. It's supposed to he indelible! Iflglilveigli! Fred Stover Marilyn Strahl Janice Swenson Carol Thorpe Sue Urevig Kathleen Vannatt in Ethel Luc Wailvaitiie Don Wziiigriid Floyd Weisz CAROL THORFE: Quill E? Scroll, National Honor Society, Sportsmanship, Band. flute quartet, Orchestra, Girls' Glee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Cheerleader, Cynosure BifWeekly, assistant. advertising manager, Pep Cluh, -Iunior Red Cross Council, CAC., Harlequin, Tripolitan, "The Firefly". chorus, "The Miser", "The Red Mill", "The Late Christopher Bean". prof duction staffs. SUE UREVIC: Quill E? Scroll, National Honor Society, vice' president, Sportsmanship, junior class secretary, Band, clarinet quartet, woodwind quintette, Orchestra, A Cappella, Intramural Sports, Cynosure Annual, assistant advertising manager, Cynosure Bi-Weekly. reporter, Student Council, Pep Cluh. vicefpresiclent, -lunior Red Cross Council, C.A.C., Thespian ll, Science Cluh. secretary, Photo Cluh, secretary, Girls' State, delegate, "The Miser", production staff, "The Red Mill". "The Firefly". or- chestras. KATHLEEN VANNATTAN: Cirls' Clee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Cynosure BifWeekly. reporter. distrihution staff, Pep Cluh, C.A.C., Harlequin, Photo Clulw, "The Red Mill", producl tion staff, "The Firefly". chorus. CAROL VENNERSTROM: Board of Puhlications, Quill E? Scroll, National Honor Society. secretary, Sportsmanship, Girls' Clee Cluh, Intramural Sports, Cynosure BifWeekly. advertising 'nf' ionya Tallakson Gale Taverna Richard Teichmann JoAnn Teigen Gary Thomasson Jirol Vennerstrom Estelle Voellter Leonard Voelker Patricia Vogel jerry Walter ohn Wells Marlys Wentz LeRoy Westerholin Herman Weyland Ann Whiting staff, distribution staff, business managerg Pep Cluhg junior Red Cross Councilg G.A.C.g Thespian I. treasurerg Nature Studyg Girls' State. delegateg "The Miser", "The Red Mill". k'One Foot in Heaven". 'xThe Late Christopher Bean", production staffsg "The Firefly". chorus. ESTELLE VOELKER: National Honor Societyg Band. librariang Orchestrag A Cappellag Palette Club. treasurerg "The Firefly". chorusg "The Miser", "The Red Mill". "The Late Christopher Bean", production staffs. LEONARD VOELKER: National Hoitor Societyg Bandg Scieitce Clubg "The Miser", "The Red Mill". producton staffs. PATRICIA VOGEL: Speech Festivalg Quill E-9 Scrollg National Honor Societyg Orchestra. librarian, secretaryg A Cappellag Intraf mural Sportsg Debate Squadg Cynosure Annual, music editor. colassociate editorg Cynosure BifWeeldy, reporterg Pep Clubg Tripolitang "The Miser", "The Firefly". castsg "The Red Mill". orchestra. "One Foot in Heaven", "Our Town", production staffs, JERRY WALTER: National Honor Societyg National Athletic Scholarship Societyg Sportsmanship. Senior class treasurerg Intraf mural Sportsg Trackg Football A E-F B3 Basketball B3 Photo Clubg "One Foot in Heaven". production staff. ETHEL LUE WALVATNE: Orchestrag A Cappella. Girls' Glee Clubg Intramural Sports. Pep C'ubg G.A.C,g Thespian II. Chemistry Clubg "The Red Mill". "The Firefly", choruses. DONALD WANGRUD: Intramural Sportsg Hockeyg Cynosure BifWeeldy, distribution staff, FLOYD WEISZ: Baridg A Cappella, ensembleg Boys' Glee Cluhg Intramural Sportsg Golf Teamg Hockeyg Thespian lg 'xThe Red Mill". x'The Firefly", choruses. JOHN WELLS. MARLYS WENTZ: Intramural Sportsg Pep Cub. G.A.C.g Harlequin. Tripolitang "The Miser". "The Firefly", production staffs. LERC JY WESTERHOLM: Cofop. HERMAN WEYLAND: National Athletic Scholarship Societyg National Hoiior Societyg Sportsmanshipg A Cappellag Boys' Glee Clubg Intramural Sportsg Trackg Basketball B5 Science Club. presidentg Chemistry C'ubg k'The Red Mill", "The Firefly". clioruses. ANN WHITING: Quill Ei Scrollg National Honor Societyg Sportsmanship. secretaryg Senior class vlcefpresidzntg Girls' Glee Clubg Intramural Sportfg Cheerleader. Cyno ure BifWeeldy. distribution staff. desk editorg Pep C'ub. secretary. G.A.C.g Harlequing Thespian II. "The Red Mill", 'LTh: Firefly". danceg productlozi staffs. liiglirv-unit 5,-fs Sewiorf KAREN WILK: IIo.ird of Pulwlieationsg Speech Festivalg Quill C? Serollg Natzonal Honor Soeietyg Srortsntansliipg Band, flute quartetg Orchestrag Intra' mural Srortsg Gheerle1iderQ Delwate Squadg Cyitosure Annual, junior-sophomore cofeditor, editorfin-ehiefg Pep Glulwg G.A.C,g 'I'riroIit.ing Girls' State, delcgateg "TIN Mireru, eastg "The Red Mill", orchestra. MARILYN WILLIAMS: Ilandg Girls' Glee Clulwg Intran'ural Sports: Gyroiure IIifWeekly, distrilwution rtaillig Pep Cliihg G.A,C.g F.H,A.g Harleqinng "The Firefly". elzorus. produetzon statfg "The Misern. A"I'he Red Mill", production staffs. RICHARD WILSCIN: Ilandg Boys' Glee Club: Intra- mural Syortsg Science Club, trcasurerg Photo Cluhg "The Firefly", el-orusg "The Late Christopher I3ean", production etafli, Somewhere there's music? 'Qivlelx Karen Wilk Diek Woodwiird XIX, V QNX Dick Wilsoim Violet Young Iviarilyn Williziiiis Evelyn Yaeger Gladys Zeeb RICHARD WOOIJWARD: Intramural Sportsg "One Foot in Heaven", I'The Late Christopher Bean", production staffs. EVELYN YAEGER: Coiopg Girls' Gfee Clulwg Intr.unur.il Srortsg Thcspian I. VIULET YOUNG: Cofopg Intrainural Sportsg Pep Glulwg G,A.G. GLADYS ZEEII: Entered from Goodrich, North Dakotag Coop. Representative Students of I 95 4 WESLEY BROWN 064 SUE UREVIG ,QA 'aaa of Q, . , Q4-gf! Z? 45244 524293352 21-get ffm A' 'O if "We belong" is the only way to describe the 293 juniors in this year's class. As sophomores, we spent a large part of our time getting acquainted with our new teachers, exploring all the corners of the high school, and meeting our classmates. As juniors We were "oldftimers" at school, and started our junior year as a group instead of as individuals. The juniors this year have belonged to and taken an active part in all the extra-curricular activities. The leading female role in the all' school play was dramatized by Lois Ivers, who also starred in the one' acts. "The Firefly" saw many of the juniors singing in the chorus or playing in the orchestra. Audrey Puckering portrayed a French maid in the operetta, and the role of an elderly gentleman who charmed the ladies was successfully done by jack Kuppich. Football, basketball, track, hockey, and the swimming teams were provided with plenty of talent from the juniors, as the number of boys sporting letter sweaters will prove. The girls also took part in sports, and Anna Camp's basketball team, the "Chimps," rolled up a record of seven wins and no losses by beating the famous "Kigmies" in the playoffs. We are all proud of James Norris, better known to us as "Sam," for being elected 1954 state Student Council president. Sam has been active in all student council activities and for the past year has held the position of treasurer in our own student council. Last fall, under the guidance of our class ofIicersfDick Eggan, George Platt, Lois Williams, and jack Gilbertffwe began our fund' raising campaign to raise money to make the .luniorfSenior Prom a big success. We sold h'Midget" buttons, sponsored dances at 'iBig Ben" after basketball games, and held a dance at the conclusion of the Tournaf ment games in March. fznziors Dick Eggan, President George Platt, VicefP1'esident Lois Williams, Secretary jack Gilbert, 'Treasurer ADAM, CARLYLE ADAMS, BONNIE ALTENBURG, BERNARD AMUNDSON, CHARLES ANDERSON, DARLENE ANDEI1soN, DAVID A. ANDERSON, DAVID w. ANDERSON, JAMES ANDEasoN, MARLYN ANDERSON, WILLIAM ARNESON, DOROTHY ARTAMENKO, JACK BAIRD, PATRICIA BALDWIN, MARGARET BALMER, WALTER Niviclyliir J Z1 mb rs BANDVIK, JOHN BANGBRT, LEE ROY BARTON, LE ROY BAUER, NORMAN BECKER, PAUL BENGSTON, CHARLES BERGQUIST, JAY BERLIN, GARY BOND, PAUL BORI:sBN, RICHARD BCJWE, DALE BRANDVIG, GEORGE BRANDVIK, PAUL BRATTLAND, GARY BRIGGS, RONALD BROCKVVAY, SHARON BRUNSDALE, THOMAS BUCHANAN, LYNNEL BUNCE, MARLENE BURKE, ELEANOR BURNS, ANN BURR, BRBDDRA BURsACIc. LOIS BURT, MARILYN BUR1-Nass, JOHN CALLENBACH, CAROLYN CAMP, ANN JANE CANNING, TERRY CARTER, DEANNA CASLER, WALLY CLAUSEN, JUDY COLWELL, KAY CONE, WILLIAM CORNELIUS, VIOLET CRISTLIEB, MELVIN CUMMINGS, BEVERLY CURRENT, DALE CURRIE, DONALD DANNER, DONALD DELGER, MARCIA Nluxervflhrrc WPKS I Rzzfwffpf W' 'lv H' r' 'AIAR 5 "" 1 5 I ,.- I 53 I , M In - R L- ' " 4 xy, L... I.. z w 7 , :,:. Al , N I ,I fs 9 Alzu .' s-If 'gf Juniors DILLARD, JAMES DISCHER, LYLI1 DITTUS, MYRNA DOCKTER, JANICE DUNKIRK, WARD IIOOIIN, RICHARD ELLINGSON, MARLENE I:I.OPsON, DOROTHY EMBURY, RALPH ENGEN, ALICE ENGEN, CHARLOTTE ERDMAN, ARLENE ERICKSON, HOWARD ERLANDSON, BETTY EVELETH, ANITA FELTUS, WILBERT I1IzRRIs, MARY FLAMER, GEORGE ELEM, MARILYN FORSYTH, MICHAEL FOSS, MARCIA FRANEK, STANLEY FRANK, CAROL GAST, CHARLES GERRELLS, LAVON GESSELL, RICHARD GILBERT, JOHN GILL, LEONARD GLOEGE, RUSSELL GOLDBERG, THOMAS GOODMAN, CORRINE GRAVELLIE, LUCILLE GRONLAND, MARILYN HAGEN, GEORGE HALVERSON, HAROLD HAMILTON, JOHN HAMM, SHIRLEY HANNESTAD, RICHARD HANSON, CAROLYN HANSON, LA VON NI1I:ly'juIIr fu mb rs HAROLDSON, MARLENE HARTKE, RODNEY HAUGEN, CAROL HAUGRUD, HELEN li.-XWN, BETSY HENDERSON, ALLEN HENTSCHELE, ARLENE HERBOLD, SHIRLEY HERTEL, MARGARET HESS, MARY ANN IIETLAND, .IAMES mcxs, R1Lir1AkD HOLM, MEREDITH HOOK, TOM HUDSON, RUTH Ill'NTLEY. JOHN IKEN, DONNA IVERS, LOIS IVERSON, GLENN HIENKINSON, WILLI.-XM JENSEN, DARLENE JENSEN, MAX VIOHNSON, DDN.-xLD UIOHNSON, LLOYD JDHNSON, LORELEI ,louNsoN, MIRIAM ,1oHNsoN, SANDRA VIOHNSON, SONJA FIOLOSKY, JAY JONES. SANDRA ,llTDD, MARCIA KAASTAD, ARLENE KASSON, BRUCE KENNEDY, JUDY KERR, WAYNE KILFOYL, COLLEEN KING, KAROL KINGSLEY, MARLENE KJELLAND, DICK KLINE, MARY BETH 'Qmrrvjrlr' JEQSWQ 2 4- . mm ww W 'RN .,,.. wx: ws Lau.: :ri R S, 3 -V fy: ,Eb .. WV ,, VF. .I ...., I L 1 L.,LLL.-.: L... I .:.L . L ' vigil N.. 4 .. .:. E451 . fl ,X EEN-ff' - Nm L 'E' , M x Nvw' V X wg, I H vii", 'bAQ?5Ja., If ff . 1 ,wg in 3 zwfpg , . X ,?"11 ws.. is AN 'Q' gb' s ,,,. ' if 15" 9""m New-v JG. m4 we g, M5 fs fu zzio 75 KLITZKE, ARNOLD KOSKELA, KENNETH KRABBENHOFT, JANICE KRANCH, BARBARA KUPPICH, JOHN KUSKE, DUANE LAHREN, MARLYS LA PLANT, DUDLEY LARSON, DONALD LARSON, HOWARD LARSON, LARRY LARS-ON, PATRICIA LARSON, VERNE LAVINE, SHARON LEE, GERALD LEHR, JAMES LEIN, LARRY LE MAR, SYLVIA LERAAS, DONALD LEROY, SHARON LE nun, LEON LEWIS, LOIS LEWIS, MBILRILL LINKE, SHIRLEY LOBERG, ROGER LOFFER, LEAH LOKKEN, KATHRYN LOSEE, JOYCE LUND, JAMES LUND, RALPH LYBECK, DOUGLAS LYNCH, ANNELINE LYNN, DIANE MAC GREGOR, JEAN MADSEN, LYLE MAMMEL, GERALD MANNES, BARBARA MAXSON, KENNETH MC CLOSKEY, ROBERT MC CULLAGH, JEA Nnwlvfxn: NINE Juniorf MECKSTROTH, MARY MELBY, DEON METCALE, HELEN MEYER, ROBERT MILHOLLAN, JOYCE MODELL, MARILYN MONK, RUTH MONSON, JEAN MONSON, JERRY MONTGOMERY, SCOTT MOORDALE, MEREDITH MOUM, MARLYS NATHER, MABEL NELLERMOB, ANITA NELSON, BRIAN NELSON, CAROLE .R ' fi, wr NELSON, DUANE M E? NELSON, JO ANN I YMVL NELSON, MARGARET , NELSON, VALOYCE NESS, ALAN NIELSON, BEVERLY NORRIS, JAMES NORTH, ROBERT O'KEEFFE, ROBERT OLSEN, JAMES OLSON, GARY OLSON, MARVEL OLSON, MARVIN PALEN, ARVILLA N PAPERMASTER, DAVID , PAST, CAROLYN -E .S PEAKE, KATHRYN PEDERSON, VICTORIA W PETERSON, IDA Nui 'WV' ,.--: FA QR S A QE A Y .E 'X 3 NV' PETERSON, JANICE PETERSON, JEANINE PETERSON, JO ANN PETERSON, NANCY PHARNES, SHARON NI1IeIv'5eI'ev1 6-I N "WW 'tm s m wgf h u - ' . 'TP' 2' ,,...f-- 5.4 ji. .... g Sig . if A ' L -55, -ji L f ,gg ,.::e:a:: fgsl 'A :Q .-N I 'Nd wr -4-ny. ,WWW ff ' gg? ,Q , A 2, , ...... 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U Own. Q A Sv . f"Q,:1.- 5 'Q If 5 IHS! ll qzlwlr. ', .2 " 5 W- ' .' 5'1"-.P ffif.. .,.-fi: r, .,.,.,. ' V' -' f IJ "le ,K 11, , 1 , 5 ,If qw ............. ..,, '11 -M ,X at M- XN MX' 6 ix I WUC5' S. um slumhur PL DH? 'mam L C xi UNF Q, we Qi Ndxam s C'mi1llm . gg C71 .r if fm, X x Soplz omorey DAVID AAK ER YVONNE ABBEY GAIL ALBERTS DELORES ALBRECHT FLORENCE ALDERMAN JOHN ALTENBURG CHARLES AMES BOBETTE ANDERSON DONALD ANDERSON JAY ANDERSON uuuv JOHN ANDERSON KENNETH ANDERSON MARGARET ANDERSON MARY ANDERSON SHIRLEY ANDERSON BRADFORD ANSLEY SAM ARTAMENKO JOHN ASKEW STEPHEN AUS JANE BAHR Q .nie A ""' -Q Y V' X9 ,... is A LY LE BAKER CHARLES BANGERT CONNIE BA NGERT .T I . ., ...,.,. BETTY BASHER , 'E THOMAS BEA I"l'Y LILA BELKER JOHN BERGENE LILLIAN BERNHARDT BARBARA BILSTAD BETTY BJERKE BILLY BJERKE DOROTHY BJDITNSON ' bb M EDWARD BOLTE ' TT KATHRYN BOND JANET Doss PATRICIA BOSTWICK BENNIE BRATLAND CHERYL BRECHLIN MARGARET BRICKNER Om'lxvnlIvC.lm1s 1 I W Wqn its Q "L ,ff p in IAMES CORNELIUSSEN KAREN CORNELL CAROL CRESS GEORGIA DAHLIN ROBERT DALY 1 s 1 Soplzomores CURTIS BRONKEN MARGARET BROOKS SPENCER BROVOLD CONSTANCE BRUNFLL GAROLD BRUZELIUN ,IAN BURDICK WILLIAM BURSACK GORDON CANNON ARLA CARLSON DOUGLAS LARLS JN DAVID CASEY BRUCE CHAMBERLAIN BRUCE CHAPMAN LOU ANN CHAR TIER SONIE CI-IRISTFNSON -IUDY CLEVELAND ROBERT COCKIIILL BRUCE COFELL BONNIE COLLINS CAROL CORNFIIUS DIA N N DAVIDSON DENTON DIESTLER .IA NICE DIETRICII PAT DILLON GAIL DREW THOMAS DUNN LARRY DUSTRUD PAUL DUTT JUDITH ECKEREA MARCIA EDWAIKDS mauxnvs EGLAND ,mamma Emu SHARUN ELLIOT mm ENABNIT CLYDE ENGVIG Um'Iluv1Ilw',l!zmn Q0 5? 1.15: Nam x If , N, JA Sophomores GLORIA ERDAHL MARILYN ESTENSON DONALD EVENSON BARBARA EVJE BONNIE FATLAND ELwooD FEARING LUCILLE LOCKENMEYER FRED FJELDE JAMES FLBSLAND RICHARD Foxxssauu JERRY FRANEK LARRY FRANEK SUSAN FREDEEN BOYD FROEMKE CONSTANCE GERGEN NANCY GESSELL DARRYL GOULD GEORGE GREENXVELL R ,, KM .av gm.,- ,G Q ..::E I IB xnxx ...Q QQ A .:I:. 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MARIE LAHEY A JAMES LARSON ' ROBERT LARSON Um' ,-1' uv ' - - H -- sv M K A 1k Soplzomores JANICE LEESON SONAIA LEVERSON JOHN LEWIS GARY LIEN RICHARD LIEN GLORIA LIKNESS BONITA LINDSEY JOAN LOFFER ROBERTA LOVE BETTY LOWDEN ALBERTA LU NDQUIST DIANA MACE KAREN MADSEN DONNA MAKEDONSKY MITZI MALLARIAN DAVID MARKS BARBARA MARTIN MARILYN MATZEK KAY MC CARTHY PATTY MC GUIRE ,M NH., .W , .,...:: , Qi 4 I I Q' xr. 12.21, L. ..., ,..... 14 MICHAEL MC LAIN WAYNE MC MAINES KAY MC NUTT DOLORES MEIER ALFRED MELTING ROY METZGAR ALVINA MEYER JAMES MEYER JANICE MILLER WALTER MILSOW E MYYI3-E1y'7' ffux, '1.A1uzY MOBRAATENX A ' MXRLINYMQE ' EDNA MOFFETT RAY MOFFBTT BRUCE MORGAN VONNA MULLINS JANE MUNRO JULIE NAVARRO BEVERLY NELSON Unuhm1.lvuIfuc W 'E' IANICE PAULSON MARYANNE PEDERSON ERENNA PERSELLIN DOUGLAS PERSKE DONALD PERSON ANN PETERSON CHARLES PETERSON DAROLD PETERSUN KIEROME PETERSON RONALD PETERSON WILLIAM PIERCE EILEEN PIERSON RICHARD PILIIRIM SHIRLEY POLIIM EDDIE POXVERS LAXVILENCE PUXVERS DIIANE PIDWNELL ERROL QUICK MARGARET RANGER SITA RAZMINAITE Um' Imvl.IrI'.I In 'E"fI N Soplzomorfy DAVID REDETZKE GARY REESON jIM REFF ROBERT REIIN GEORGE REMME LEONARD REZAC ELXVOOD RIECH KATHY RIEHM MARILYN RINGXVALD ILO ROBBINS GLORIA ROCK NOLA ROCKSTAD ,IANYCE ROEL ROBERT ROLLINS KAREN RONDESTVEDT .I A NICE ROSENBER RY HENRY RUTHERFORD JOAN SCHEID DEANNA SCHMIEU DANIEL SCOTT M-fwwff' '. mv- LLYLYLLL I 3 V m r , , ...-,:,:5:,:,:,2:, ff .aw .s - .,. .ff x ,WX OAR if - 8 xi ,, .Y Y . Y DAVID SCOTT THOMAS SEABOLD JANET SEEKINS VAN SELVIG JUDY SHAFER BETTY SHALLOI' AIENE srmw ROBERT smax MARLYN SLETTUM ROY SMILLIE FAITH SMITH PHILLIP SMITH ROBERT SMITH JANET SNAPI' BRENTON SORLIEN FRED SPITZER MICHAEL STALLINGS DARLENE STENSGARD RITA STILLMAN KENNETH STONE Om' hnm.Iw.I xr! rx w x I . fm 1 TIIAD IIEIILING KAREN VANNATTHN ,IUSIIZ vxxsqmzz WILLIAM vm.1.lN1z NQHLMAN vnNNm1sTlwM 1wsAl.m voc:nL FRANK VYZRALIIK MARILYN WAKINIIR MYRON WAGNBR DONALD WALDIIRA AVIS WALIZN MARLHNII WALKER SIIIZILA WALKER DAROL WALVATNII ,IAMES WATSCIIKIT KAY WEBER GORDON WELLS SHARON XVILLIAMS -IO ANN WOODS .IIIRRY WRIIIIIT TIIOMAS WRIKIIIT DONNA YOUNG WAYNE ZIRBHS rm Ilurllu'-I1'IL'I1I If --R..V - J M ' Sophom ores CAROL STRAUS ROBERT STUEWIG ,IENSINE SLINDBY DENNIS SVEDVIAN DBANNA SWALLERS NANCY SWAYNE LARRY SWENSON DAVID TEIGEN LARRY THIBIDEALI .IEFFERY THIRY CHARLES THOMPSON PHYLLIS THOMPSON PRISCILLA THOMPSON RICHARD THOMPSON .IANICE THORSTAD ROSEMARY THU R LOW' EDWARD TIETGENS ,IANE TOMLINSON SUSAN TORGERSON HELEN TU RMO . ,f-1 vmwwx .--mf: Efiif fx E' 'I"I -wf i .Y at 'Xi 'Q an M 1' ' J . Q .... i . ix :E Q NL is 5'-' , ..,:, , 1 Wx ' ' 1:'1 J ' F -. A ,pf 3 i ff 'TIQE 'N We, the sophomores of 1954, had many pleasant surprises in our first year at Fargo High. At first it seemed as if we'd never get over the humiliation of being the h'Little People". But now, thinking back over our "Big lviomentsw, Fargo High isn't such a had place at all. The sophomore class was represented in every activity in school. Our class officers had the "l'rainstorm" to sell candy during lunch hour. Our class also sponsored two dances, which a great numher attended. Roy Sinillie and Sharon Elliott were elected as our student council spokesmen. Our adviser was Mr. Melvey, and to him goes a vote of thanks. f Somehow, now that we have completed a year ar at Fargo High, the next two years look pretty good to us. Because of that indeiinahle nsomef thing" which wells up when all of us seniors, juniors. and sophomores'-sing "Alma lviateru, we now feel that we belong. l CLASS OFFICERS , . President Nm Dick johnson. . . Eleanor Herzog. Vicefpresident . . .Secretary Judy Shafer .... . - Gerald Johanson. . . Treasurer gi luivrlic' im' An Overview of the Y ear 1953-54 As the leaves began to turn and a dying summer ushered in September, the students were gripped with the usual anticipation and excitement that the beginning of a school year brings. We were eager to see our friends, teachers, and new schedules. Football frenzy held us, and we cheered and screamed for the purple and white. At first our team was the conqueror, but as the beautiful fall days slipped away, so did the victories. By the time winter again held North Dakota in her icy grasp, we were ready to settle down to the business of the year. The work on publications began in earnest. Clubs reorganized, and the school settled into its familiar pattern. Classes became increasingly more difficult, and the school books went home at night. If our winter was cold, the political scene was anything but cold. McCarthyism rose in the land. Everywhere people were debating the merits of his investigating committee. The culmination was Mc' Carthy's quarrel with the army. This was an issue about which no one could remain apathetic. The new Eisenhower administration came in for much criticism. Some people began to feel that they didn't like Ike. In the agricultural states, protests went up over Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra T. Benson's policies. The political parties looked to the 1954 November elections. T On the cultural side, Fargo was very privileged to have the lyceum attraction, "john Brown's Body". This was an adaptation of Stephen Vincent Benet's poem, acted by Anne Baxter, Tyrone Power, and Ray' mond Massey. Many other excellent programs were brought to the community by the colleges. Among these were Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians,Syzmon Goldberg, violinist, and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Music from talent in our own area was provided by the FargofMoorhead Symphony Orchestra. They played such works as "Peter and the Wolf", Prokofiefg "Symphony No. 2", Brahms, Don juan Overture", Straussg "Egmont Overture", Beethoven. On the national scene Sadler's Wells Ballet toured the nation and was widely acclaimed. A little French dancer, Jeanmarie, infatuated audiences with her performance of "The Girl in the Pink Tights". The Metropolitan Opera had another successful season. They went on tour and came to Minneapolis with their performances of Faust, "La Forzia del Sentio", "Lucia de Lammermoorn, and "The Marriage of Figaro". The Met also broadcast a radio program every Saturday afternoon. An old master of music, Aturo Tos' canni, laid down his baton at the age of eightyfseven. On the side of lighter entertainment, the movies were having a bad time. Television, the modern wonder worker, was in its heyday. People dug deep into their piggy banks to be able to purhcase a set. Neverthef less, cinema managed to put out some fine attractions. "From Here to Eternity", a war story by James jones, won the Academy Award. Frank Sinatra and Donna Reed both turned in such excellent performances in this Elm that they won Academy Awards for best supporting roles. But the actress of the year was a widefeyed newcomer to the United States Elm industry, Audrey Hepburn. For her role in "Roman Holidayf she won the Academy Award. But she didn't confine her talents only to the screen. On Broadway she starred in the play, "Ondine". Audrey had the golden touch, because this play won the Antoinette Perry Award, which is Broadway's Academy Award. The record machines and juke boxes played "You, You, You", "Song from Moulin Rouge", "Ebbtide"f "Ricochet", "Make Love to Me", "I Get So Lonely", Vaya Con Dios", and the song made popular by one of the best new singers, Eddie Fisher, "O Mein Papa". Glenn Miller music enjoyed a revival with the film "The Glenn Miller Story". Everybody was "in the mood" again. Another musical star whose biography was filmed was Eddie Cantor. A sexy, huskyfvoiced singer, Eartha Kitt, fascinated audiences with her recordings of "Santa Baby", "Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell", and "Lovin Spree". k Our athletes donned the new lavender basketball uniforms and began to dribble, pass, and shoot. Everyone's Friday night was taken up with a basketball game. Our loyal rooters even went so far as follow the team to Valley City and, because of North Dakota's unpredictable weather, were stranded overnight. i On: hundred tm i Colored lights began to appear on the stores downtown as Fargo welcomed the Christmas season. For some the holidays promised excitement, for others, a long needed rest. As always, the season filled everyone with the special magic of anticipation. It seemed those two weeks of vacation took wings, for they ended too soon. Back to school and back to the feverish rsuhing around to try to accomplish something. Many forward' looking seniors planned to take the College Boards given in January and March. Several students had already chosen their college, and Miss Ramstad was kept busy filling out transcripts for the various colleges. The debate team attended several meets, debating the question, "Resolved that the President of the U. S. should be elected by direct vote of the people". They climaxed their year by winning the State Debate Tournament, an honor which a Fargo team had not received for many years. Our Fargo High boys did very well in the swimming pool, and the swim team chalked up another successful year with many record breakers. The hockey team didn't have as good luck. Blame it to the weather. At the end of February, Fargo High put on the operetta "The Firefly". It was one of the best high' school productions ever seen in this town, a very professional job. The whole school was behind this prof duction, from the costumers, painters, and musicians to the understudies and the leads. While we were wrapped in our own little world, the outside world was in a state of uneasiness. The truce in Korea was shaky, and Rhee was unhappy and agitating for another war. Bitter fighting raged in Indochina, as the world looked helplessly and hopelessly on. On the border of Israel there was a constant turmoil between the Jews and the Arabs. In Egypt, Farouk was ousted and General Naguib took the reins. He, too, had his troubles with officers in his army who felt they should run the government. The FargofMoorhead Open Forum did a great deal toward bringing the world to Fargo. Among the distinguished speakers this year were Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and Mr. Levin, Israeli diplomat. City politics occupied our attention. The question whether to fluoridate or not to fluoridate was a burning issue. The people of Fargo saw fit to retain fluoridation. In the same election the Fargo voters chose Herschel Lashkowitz to be our new mayor. The race between Mr. Lashkowitz and Mr. Toussaint was very close and exciting. Our elections proved to us that city politics can be extremely interesting. The month of March brought bitter cold weather and basketball tournaments. At our Eastern Division Tournament, Fargo was beaten in a thrilling game with Devils Lake. No one realized that we were going to lose until the last few seconds, the game was really close. Although the Fargo team didn't have a state berth, many Fargo High students went to Grand Forks to attend the State Tournament. The victor and state champ was Wahpeton. Other spring events were the Science Fair and the Press Conference. Both the District and the State Science Fairs were held in Fargo. Many projects were entered, and the science department had a right to be proud of a fine show. The Press Conference was held in Grand Forks on May 11. The editors and business managers of the 195455 publications attended. The year would not have been complete without mention of the dramatics department. In the beginning of the year, the play "One Foot in Heaven" was produced. After the operetta came the onefact plays. This year Fargo put on three, and "The Taming of the Shrew" was chosen to represent Fargo High at Grand Forks. The final effort was the senior class play, "The Late Christopher Bean". A few other events which had a great influence on us were: the new, more powerful HfBomb was developed, Marilyn Monroe became Mrs. Joe DiMaggio, and the school decided to have a closed lunch hour. Q With the coming of balmy breezes and cotton dresses came the realization for the seniors that this was the end. A sort of slow sadness crept over us as the days progressed. No more would we walk through the halls of Fargo High, or sit in the senior section, or sing with gusto "We are the seniors", or play at afterfschool games, or cheer a Fargo High team, or dance at Canteen, or autograph class pictures, or sing in A Cappella, or go to vocal festivals, or attend tournaments. The golden days were slipping by to be gone forever. There were Senior Skip Day, Baccalaureate, and finally after exams were over and textbooks closed, Graduation. Goodbye school year 195354 and welcome summer. ' On: hundred eleven Patrons Quality Pastry Shop Bergstrom Es? Crowe Furniture Company Knight Printing Company Luger Furniture Company R E? G Bootery' Warner and Company' May's, Inc.' Homer S. Thune, Photographer' Fargo Toggery' Epko Film Service, Inc." Fargo Linoleum Company, Inc.' Midland Hospital Supply, Inc. Globe Clothing Store' The Bison and Fort Hotels' Hale jewelry Shotwell Floral Company Northern States Power Company' Dakota National Bank j The Store Without A Name' Carlisle E99 Bristol' O. J. deLendrecie Company" ' ' Each star means an additional SS. U I 1 l 1954 L. G. Pratt Company' Scheel's Hardware' Gaffaney's Ofrice Specialties Company, Inc. Midwest Supply Company' Nystul Cleaners Fargo Forum Northern School Supply Company' Oscar H. Kjorlie Company Fargo Lodge No. 260 BPO Elks' Fredericks Flowers First National Bank and Trust Company' Goodman Jewelers Voss Studio" First Federal Savings and Loan Association' Schramm's Studio' Interstate Seed and Grain Company" Scherling's Studio" Standard Oil Company' Moody's Department Store Dutch Maid Fountain Grill Matt Siegel Clothing Co. 3 Appreczatzon l We of the 1954 Annual Staff wish to express our sincere gratitude to the Dakota Craftco Company for cover manufacture, all local photographers and supply companies X Xyhoto Engraving Company for engraving, Pierce Printing Company for printing, the V for their cofoperation, Mr. Arthur Nelson, Mr. Skonnord, and Miss Eikenes for their I - assistance, guidance, and cofoperation. :Y Qs Rd 'fasnjl it ti W' f"""N a2J-ffs. F ""A'wM7 ,ba cavvf ' VA ACS' "Haj C 2 92 WD Gang U 'NJ IOUNDLK NW RN - 2 - ff' F355 p s i s ' 5 ,' On: hundred twelve F' gx l faq 1 ' F' ' " un'-X' ',f,fv-41--rsh ' .. ., .'...1..iL.- ' 4.91015 iid W' A +14 .arf as 2 5f if Ph if ff ,Q 4 f. .sz ' E! ,. ,

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