Fargo Central High School - Cynosure Yearbook (Fargo, ND)

 - Class of 1948

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Fargo Central High School - Cynosure Yearbook (Fargo, ND) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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"lFl"'T."'7'l 9 9 Rl Q 1 xi 2 Q 3 1 fn .W S I lr 'r L 5 if ff X 1 9' 2 if 4 . f - Af X . . I . , , . I 1 'L 1.4, 3 L' J :Q .K ,-x Nl .A ,, 1+ F"""" ks --.1 S-gk VN',? L,5.,i gf KVM... 1-4' VY WW 0+ A . X I X Cx Q, 's -Q fix s ,.. g ,..... U 3 M Mi., J X 12 A n. st'- Ag KJ rwh D - Lu wi A 'Q - ..- K xl! U 71' X f f P wx 1 I 1 -1 u ' N ' 1 H' 1 X J 'X X Y ' ff YT:-'I V! , ,V JJ 1 f 4 ' K N 9 A I A J ,,fWf. ff! , VA ' 'X U W W My Hy? VJJV -A ' 'V M W, f - -A H W wil X3 Q5 M. J yj Ll ff ff LY I -f, U' .1 V :.. M, 1 1 V I ,rf . , v M D XY 'I ' "J lj V f' -J' J .,, u .H 1 ,af ww ll? xv' f, V 1 , V ' J, A H ,N Q 3 . , X V. Y, , 1 1 I X M, Vx , fg I nl! . A 4- - 1 f A-' . xg? i X Q, ' V1 1' :.'f'x 9 . F .V Y I Jr zvf N f 1 . Y I' ' V' , 1 1 V' ' 1 jd! ,MMV J J -,jj L Jax! V . N if JY J J . JJ J 7 I J gg i ' " J 1 Q' J' ' J Q 1 x K J J J xx! K X lkfj M f , A 1' N5 9 3 X P ly ' ff I 'x .J J . fX LJ . , V, 1 1 fa V ,J XX ,V QV , ,I ld -XX 3, X M ,EVM .J 'IQ N gl , , "" My ' : gif -. X. 'Xkjf' X ,. Q Wx, .X ,W f Q H xx A W, -x mi 7 7 K o '- V'! - W 'A ' '- 1 f ' A' A ' N H l " M N Q' 'A x Sfofg 5' FD ' I L W Anil N UO-,Q CX N X 'Y E. , 5 ' W ,l ki M ww.- g l-M..--vu hgkl.-. LTX VSJV 1 Q . y If su- Uv- -M lkx N-Q - Q gk 1 2 .. .- -.- .. L, J' , , f .:::L: 252' :I-2 Q: - f K i Al - X 5 4- 35 L X Nr x 5- Af ' " Q' I X M125 Lv j 0 A 11- xruu' W Q 1 X J . W JE QQ? A x 1 0' M I ...-.---1------- l X fu FMU, V jgfyy. , v xf11i'.g, , V f X M fi' 1,13 1 ff' 35,,j'7 H, , W I 'V .1f"4 ,,- if t. fn!! ,ill .I 1,1 , , -,K l ef' 'f by v .4 , 1 "fy W . I D .7fr xv 9 x If 9 vlffx-. Y 7 vw' if x Q Q - "T, ! l Vwff df A 95 XWJNV 55635 QQW f MW My W W 0 Nlgiggig X-Fi -fx Q Xi qs xjviwm Q Q 686 1 i V X 'ia .Q X Q xwgfu- QQ4, :M 1 ' , 'QF rs K H , u TR 6 sl 'ix X ' I V 4 .I i, - TN ' lk E' ' .. ff Q ,J ,N N L- !x'-.XIVR K V z A 4...,N' 'Ns . A'qx V mln :J Q, . x 'w -- -V . km ,Trix M '- ...qp A 3 X 5 K 1 -5 KN ., 3 F52 1 .. .ff-'.,i.. I " tub' -., . Wiki , Nl f X 1 R ' 'A 3 'Liu ' I 'X .L is ' N1 - i " X ,X ,-,,.- WY , N 4 .K V X I ,wwf Jef , . 4 FIWTFF' if 'Via ., 1,1 '15 ff -um ,gig-A ,A H -iif J-fmz' . J 4- ,- - M 't , W W UTMTW W KWZZM C? WWW . f W? wfwfvifw ,f M www , N. ff Q .LJ ' -L2 W eff, 2 J W 24, we WM -M 3.4, Q .5 N M' -1 K, l .J Km, an I I-ACM-in r J AM .J EX ' ka F . Q 33 X, Q Q - 1948 2 153 CYNOSURE In K .R Q j 4, ... -a , . A K3 1 Q.. ww , N Jf u '. X I' 1 V P . 9 SWA. 'VXDUL WM' "W-'A Jwqld WUQLMLJ Within these walls are books and knowledge, Free for those who seek for light. The learning gained in school and college Will ever he our nation's might. , i f -Bruce Wilner fb- lj XY, Two , f"'r.,V f Www W' may a NAA JQSQCJL X I V ' ' X M5 QMULAQ6 - THE 1948 YKMQSMQAN C Y N Q S U I2 E 5 V ,f ,Q F .Tir i'S.,'-g K . ' 4 2 . x N1 3 ' v 'NV" 9f1'fYf.1h1'l .i q M A Qu il--6 . .,i' N N I 1,v,. ' f ,U Q r ,NK .A - x , , - , 'Q - F' 9,56 ' 0 of ' WV . fw- ' , CENTRAL HIGH SQHCDQLW1 V 'X-Qrkufwyff-s gow FARGQ WW - W NCDRTI-1 DAKCDTA JU-SUV '-- VQAPWS Nyqwlfxfifg 5.4. n PX . MM' ff fa Four dclock. Their studies finished, they leave The school in heedless haste for home, or work, or play. Trooping gaily out, their minds do not conceive That they must hear the troubles of the world some day --Bruce Wilner W . 9' Af i J N! N ' I X ' X X X I be 'XX tw I i 5 Fon2EWQRDli H HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL is not a W ofart to be 2 admired and remembered for itself. It is a device for 5- recording the highlighth of the school year and keeping them ' y ' l for future referencef ia, In this bgokthe reader may find no work of art, no stroke , of genius. We hope, however, that he will find fragments of fs the scene in which he has worked and played his part. We present this book to you with the hope that you will find it worth keeping as a pictorial record of your IQ47'48 school W Qf year. X 'T ' M , X , ,4 -M H '5 Xi. fs. ff' f' ' 'vv7f 1 ' 5 ,f.- f' n --17' Q! Forward into peace, as into war, Our flag must lead us ong For peace must rule forevermore, Else hope of life is gone. --Bruce Wilmer Six Seven DEDICATICN Perhaps at no other time has there been so great a need to understand and appreciate the principles of democracy. There are forces at work today whose aim is to destroy def mocracy. This year the Freedom Train, carrying across the nation its precious cargo of historic documents, is attempting to arouse in our minds a clearer consciousness of what def mocracy means. It is our hope that basic democratic ideals will endure forever both at home and in the other countries which now enjoy them. Realizing that the basis of our form of government is an enlightened public, we dedicate this annual to the schools of our nation and to the fundamentals of democracy which they teach. 515.0 3l-aJvvuu3f- C -S CONTENTS Title ..... Foreword ..... Dedication .... Students .... Seniors .... Juniors .... Sophornores .... Faculty ...... Elected Leaders .... Clubs .... Sports .... Activities .... Miscellany .... Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 3 5 7 9 ro 7.0 38 45 S 5 65 79 95 II3 Eight M mf AILEEN ARDIS AEELSON Literary Carrick: Harlequin, sec'y: Pep Club, council: Sistocratic League: "junior Miss," production staff: Sophomore Choir: Glee Club, sec'y: All- Girl Orchestra: G. A. C.: Intramural Sports: Cynosure Bi-Weekly: news reporter, advertising staff: All'Talent: Band: Sportsmanship. RICHARD A. AMES Literary DARRELL D. ANDERSON Pre-Vocational RICHARD ARTHUR ANDERSON Pre-Vocational Glee Club. WLNONA ANDERSON Literary Pep Club: Sistocratic League, council, pres.: Kent, vicefpres.: Harlequin: Junior Red Cross council: junior'Senior Prom committee: "You Can't Take It With You." Production staff: "Lost Horizon," production staff: Glee Club, vice' res.: AllfTalent: G. A. C.: Cynosure Bi' Weesly, advertising staf. CHARLES ELMER AERAHAMSON Scientific Science Club: Photography Club, treas: Nat'I Honor Society: Cynosure of the Air. ALBERT ANDERSON, JR. Literary Kent: Quill and Scroll: junior Red Cross council: Harlequin: "junior Miss," production staff: "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production staff: "Why the Chimes Rang," cast: Glee Club: Al1'Talent: Debate: Caynosure Bi-Weekly: re- porter, distribution sta , exchange editor. JEANNETTE ANDERSON Literary Sistocratic League: Orchestra. WILLIAM L. ANDERSON Scimtifc Science Club, seC'y: "Lost Horizon," production staff: Swimming Team: Intramural Sports: Cyno- sure BifWeeltly. distribution staff. PEGGY ARMSTRONG Literary Harlequin, sec'y.: Tripolitan, sec'y.: junior Red Cross council: Sistocratic League, council: Stu- dent Council: Sportsmanship, treas.: Quill and Scroll: Sophomore Class, vicefptes.: Pep Club: junior-Senior Prom committee: G. A. C.: "Lost Horizon," production staff: "junior Miss," pro- duction staff: "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production staff: Glee Club, pres.: All' Talent: Intramural Sports: Cynosure Bi-Weekly: news reporter, feature reporter: Cynosure Anf nual, art editor: Nat'l Honor Society. Ten STELLA ARBKAUG Art Art Clubg Pep Club, Sistncratic Lea ue, councilg junior-Senior Prom committeeg Quia and Scrollg Nat'l Honor Societyg "You Can't Take It With You." production stiilfg "junior Miss," produc- tion staffg Glee Cluhg All-Talentg Cynosure Bi- Weekly, art. PANSY AveRsoN Literary Tripolitang Kent, sec'vq Sistncraitic League: Pep Clubg G, A. C.. Nan. JAMES BALE Literary junior Red Cross councilg Glee Clubg Reserve Baslretballg Intramural Sports: Apparatus. LIERALD VAN BAUGHMAN Literary "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." czistg Foot- ballg Cynnsure Bi-Weekly. reporter. RICHARD BRYAN BBCKER Literary Harlequin: quill and Scroll, Sportsmanshipg Stu- dent Counci 5 "Why the Chimes Rang," cast: "Alice Adams," production staff: "junior Miss," castg Glee Club: Sophomore Choirg All-Talentg Reserve Basketballg Traclrg Swimming Teamg ln' tramural Water Polog Football Q Volleyball: Cynof sure Annual: advertising manager, sports editor. JBANINE BELL Home Economics Kent, Pep Clubg Sistocratic Leagueg "Our Hearts Were Youn and Gay," production staifg Cyno- aure Bi-Weetltly: reporter, distribution staff. Eleven FRANCES ASHLEY Literary Entered from Central High School, Duluth, Minnesotag Pep Club: Sistocratic Leagueg Junior Red Cross councilg "junior Miss," production staifg Glee Club. GORDON WILSON BADGER Scientiic Phosteriang junior Red Cross council, vice' pres.g Student Council, pres.g Sportsmanshipg Quill and Scrollg Sophomore Class pres., Nat'l Athletic Scholarship Societyg "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production staffg "Lost Horif Lon," production staifg Band, treas., vice'pres.3 Orchestrag Glee Clubg A Cappella. pres.g Brass Quartet, All-Talentg Pep Band, Football. co- captaing Traclrg Reserve Basketball: Gym Teamg Irgiltramural Sportsg Cynosure BieWeelrly, sports e itor. ALLAN BARON Literary JACK BnARsoN Literary Hobby Club: Junior-Senior Prom committee: Glee Club, All-Talentg Band. MERRY Lou BEHLMER Literary Hobby Club, sec'yg Euthenicsg Sistocratic League, councilg Pep Club, G. A. C.g All-Talent: Glee Clubg Intramural Sports. KARL WILLIAM BBNGTSON Literary BILL Brrrnns Pre'VncarinnaI Band. CHARLOTTE Burnz Littmry RONALD D. BOND Litt1n.1y Science Club, Photography Cluh, pres.: Intrzv mural Baskethallg Apparatusg Fnorballg Intrzv mural Sporrsg Swimming Team. WILLIAM F. BRANNAN Scientijc Tripolitang Junior Class treas.g Glee Clubg Re' serve Footballg Swimming Teamg Poniesg Intru- mural Sports. EVERETT E. Bnusr Scientific Science Cluhg Cynosure Bi-Weekly, distribution sta . JACK CHALLEY Literary Photography Club: Science Club: Debate. PHILIP ,IOHN BIORNSETII Scientific Intramural Football. JEAN BOLMEIER Literary Pep Club, Sistocratic Leagueg Kentg Phosteriang Tripolitang A11fTalent, production staifg "Alice Adams," production staifg "Junior Miss," pro- duction staffg Glee Clubg Sophomore Choir. Loauer JOAN Bownns Literary Phosteriang Euthenics, vice'pres.g junior Red Cross council, sec'y.g Sistocratic League, councilg Pep Club, Nat'l Honor Societyg "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production statfg "Why the Chimes Rang," production stalfg G. A. C., sec'y'treas.g Glee Club, librariang A Cappella, All'Talentg Girls' Double Triog Cynosure Bi' Weekly, news and feature reporter. Romznr DANIEL BRATTLAND Literary Intramural Sports: Gym Team. BRUCE BULLARD Littmry Science Clubg Photography Clubg Dehnteg Nat'l Honor Society. W. 'IAMES CHERNICH Literary Photography Clubg "Junior Miss." castg "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production staffg Bandg Intramural Sportsg Hockey, student mana' ger. Twelve WILLIAM JAMES Cl.AkK Lil5'I111y Ponies and Mulrsg lntramuml liasluztballg luna- xuural Fuollzallg Swimming Team. MARILYN ROIIE COLE Lilzrmy Knut, trcas.g Phosrcriang Tripolitan, trc.Is.g Pep Club, council g Sistocratic League. council g Sports' manshipg Sophomore Class trcas.g Junior-Senior Prom, L.lBCUI'illi0f1BQ "Junior Miss", castg "Alice Adams," production staifg "Lost Horizon." pro- duction staifg"Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production stafg Bundy Glcc Clubg Sophomorc Choir. JEROME CONNALLY Licmwy liulcrul from Provo High School. Igloo, South Dakota. Intramural Foorballg Intramural Baskcl' lvallg Track. DUANE CORNELL Lucravy lIllI'I.lIIlUl'ill Baskcthallg Intramural Footlwallg Cy' uosurc Bi-Weekly, distrihmion stali. SHIRLEY DANIELBION Literary Pcp Clubg Sistocratic Leagueg Tripolizang Glu: Cluhg All-Talent. LAWRENCE L. DQELER Pr:-Vocatiomxl Thineen joyou GAIL COLE Littmry Entered from Sterling Hi h School, Sterling. lllinois. Harlequing Pep Clubg KVNJ School Rcporrcrg Nat'l Honor Society. CQLLEEN COLLINS Pn:fSe:rcmviul PATRICIA CoRcoRAN P1efVocational Entered from Moorhead Hi h School, Moorhead. Minncsotag Pep Clubg A Cappellag All'Taleutg Intramural Sportsg Cynosurc Bifwcekly, art. M.AXINE LYDIA CROSSLBY Literary G. A. C.g Euthcnics, scc'y.g Sistocratic Lcagucg Psp Cluh, DoLoREs DICKINSON Liremfy ERMA DOCRTER Prc'SecrcmrIal Pep Clubg Sistocratic Leagueg Radio Cynosurcg Nat'l Honor Society. JAMES W. Donn Liremfy Glee Club. MARY Lou Eoov Home Economics Euthenics, Sistocratic League. SHARON EGLESTON PrcfScc1ctarial Pep Club, Sistocratic League. MARGARET EiNiNGsi1 Liremvy junior Red Cross council, Sistocratic League, Pep Club, Forensic, Debate, pres., "junior Miss," cast, Band, Pep Band, All-Talent: Or- chestra, G. A. C., Cynosurc BifWeekly: head' line editor, reporter. Miz1u.iN ENZINGBR Litcfary Phosterian, Apparatus, Glee Club. JEAN FBNSTAD P1C'SlCfCldYidl junior Red Cross council. EILBBN DONNAN Litzvafy Entered from West High School. Denver, Colo- rado, Phosterian, treas., Pep Club, Sistocratic League, Board of Publications, sec'y., Quill and Scroll, "Alice Adams," production staff, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production stalf, Glee Club, AllfTalent, Debate, Cynosure Bi' Weekly: news reporter, editorfinfchief, Nat'l Honor Society. RITA JEAN EGGUM Literary Quill and Scroll, Pep Club, Sistocratic League, Philomathean, Sportsmanship Club, Band, vice' pres., "junior Miss," production stall, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," cast, AIlfGirl Orchestra, AllfTalent, Glee Club, Cynosure Bi' Weekly: ncws reporter, advertising staff, dis- tribution stalf, Nat'l Honor Society. M.-mms Eicrmnren Literary Science Club, Quill and Scroll, Kent, Sistocrzitic League, Pep Club, Board of Publications, Cynof sure Bi-Weekly: advertising stalf, business mana' ger, Nat'l Honor Society. MARION E. ENGBP. Pre-Vocational Glue Club, Girls' Trio Group. Doius Fenix Literary Tripolitan, vicefpres., Kent, Sportsmanship, sec'y., Quill and Scroll, Pep Club, council, Sistocratic League, council, junior Red Cross council,Student Council, sec'y, treas., D. A. R., junior-Senior Prom, decorations, "Alice Adams." production staff, "junior Miss," production staff, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," cast, Glee Club, Sophomor Choir, Intramural Sports, Cynosure Bi-Wocily, business staff. MARY JEANNE Fossum Art Art Club, Philomathean, Sportsmanship, Pep Club, Sistocratic League, juniorfsenior Prom, decorations, Allffalent, production staff, Glee Club, Cynosure BifWeekly. reporter. F owrtccn Anus FUGLE Littmry Glee Club: Pep Club: G. A. C.:Art Club, sec'y.' treas.: Sistocratic League. BETTY Lou GORDHAMMBR Literary junior Red Cross, council: Garrick, sec'y.: Tri' politan: Quill and Scroll: Sistocraric League: Pep Club: Glee Club: AllfTaIent: G. A. C.: Cynusure Birweekly, reporter: Cynosure An' nual. clubs editor: Bowling League: Nat'I Honor Society. MEREDITII Gimmzn Scienrihc U. A. C., recorder: Pep Club: Sistocraric League: Science Club: Harlequin: "Alice Adams," cast: "Why the Chimes Rang," production staff: "junior Miss," production staff: Glee Club: Orchestra: String Quartet: Mixed Quartet: Bowlin League: Cynosure Bi-Weekly: advertis' ing stag, reporter. Ronan Gnsunt Literary Football: Intramural Sports: Apparatus: Tumb- ling Team. JUNE GRONLAND Pre-Secretarial Pep Club: Sistocratic League: Photography Club. CLARICB HAAKENSON Pre-Vocational Intramural Sports. Fifteen Pi-rv1.r.rs Goiwen Art Sistocratic League, council: Pep Club: Harlequin: Eurhentics: junior'Senior Prom, decorations: "Lost Horizon." production staff: "Little Wo' men," production staif: Glee Club: Band: Or' chestra: All-Talent: Nat'l Honor Society. BONNIE Gorrrm' Literary Harlequin: Junior Red Cross council: Pep Club: Sistocratic League. council: Quill and Scroll: Sportsmanslwn Club: "Junior Miss," produc- tion staif: " hy the Chimes Rang," cast: "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production staff: Glee Club: Orchestra: Cynosure Bi'Weekly: re- porter, advertising staif, circulation manager. ANITA Gnnconv Literary Pep Club: Sistocratic League: Baton Corps: Thespian: G. A. C. WAYNE GRTNDIJLAND Literary DUANE C. GUTTERUD PrefVoCatiomzl Photography Club, vice-pres. FRED ALBERT HAHFNBR Scientific Sportsmanship Club: Orchestra, pres.: Band: Glee Club: All-Talent: Brass Quartet: Football: Intramural Basketball: Intramural Hockey: Ap- paratus: Intramural Sports. ,IoYcu HAUBN Home Economics Phosteriang Tripolitang Sistocratic League, cuunf cilg "junior Miss," production staiig Glas Clulig Sophomore Choir: A Cappella Choirg Allffziluntg G.A.C.g Cynosurc B1'Wceklv, rcporterg Bowling League. Corwin HALLUM Literary Entered from Detroit Lakes High School, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. V ADBLINE HANsoN Literary Sistocratic Lcaguvg Harlvquing Pup Clulwg Glue Club. li-xiu. AIJIKIAN Hstuusam Scientific Student Council. vicefprcsg Nat'l HunnrSoc1cry, pres,g Sportsmansliipg Harlcquing Tnpolitan: Debate, vicc'prcs.g "Alice Adams," tasig A Cappcllag Glcc Clulig Mixed Quartctg Octetg Trackg Appuratusg Chcci lradcr. Roisum' Hiitremus Literary Entered from Lions Township High School. La Grange, Illinois. Radio Club, vice'pres.3 Photo- graphy Clubg Phosterian Clubg "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production statfg Gym Team. BEVERLY MAB HBNNINU Litemry Pep Clubg Sistocratic Leagueg Tripolitang junior Red Cross council, pres.: Orchestrag "junior Miss," production stailg "The Christmas Carol," production stalfg Glee Cluhg All'Talentg G.A.C,g Bowlini Teamg Intramural Basketball: Cynosure Bi'Wee ly: news reporter, sports writer, feature writerg Nat'l Honor Society. MARLO .IANB HAUEN Literary Kenig Pep Cluhg Sistocratic League, G. A. C.. vice-pres.g "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production staffg Intramural Sports, Bowling Tcamg Cynusure Bi-Weekly: news and feature reporter, distribution staff. SHIRLEY HANSEN Literary Pep Clubg Sistocratie Lcaigueg Pliotography Clubg Glec Clubg All-Talent. Dam-us HANsoN Litcmvy Orcliestrag Sophomore Choirg Band, Pep Band, AllfTalent. DARLENE HELSETH Pre-Vocational JAMES HsNonRsoN Liccmvy Golf Teamg juniorfsenior Prom conimitteeg Sportsmanship Clubg Cheerleaderg Senior Class prcsq Intramural Basketball. NANCY WRIGHT Hnizmsorx Literary Sportsmanship, Quill and Scrollg Pep Club, vice' pres.g Sistocratic League, council, vice-pres.: Phosterian. treas.g Tripolitang Red Crossg Stu' dent Councilg "Lost Horizon," production stalfg "junior Miss," production staffs Band. librarian, vicefpresg Glee Club. pres.g Pep Bandg Sophof more Choir, A Cappella, librarian, vicefpresg All-Talent: Intramural Sportsg Cynosure Bi- Weekly, feature and news reporter: Cynosure Annual, activities editor. Sixteen MICHAEL Hizlussr Literary Tripolitang "Our Hearts Were Young and Guy," production stnffg Intramural Basketballg Ponies and-Mulesg Cynnsure Bi'Wcekly, dislribution staff. ORPHA HEUBR Literary lhirrickg junior Red Cross councilg Pep Clulig Cynosurc Bifwcckly, advertising stall. NANCY Lou HILL Literary junior Red Cross cuuncilg Pep Clulsg Sistocmtic Lcagucg Snpluimorv: Choirg Glen' Club. JAMES HOLMAN Literary Fmthiillg Hockcyg Busclmllg lntmmural Sportsg Ponies and Mules. LAwsoN HOLWELL Literary Louise CAROLYN IVERSON Pre-Secretarial Euthcuics. scc'y. Seventeen Mmmziu' HERMAN Literary JUNETTL HILL Literary Sistucratic Leagueg Pep Clubg Kentg Euthenics, pres.q G. A. C,g Quill and Scrollg Sportsmanshipg "junior Miss," production statfg Bzindg All'Girl Orchestrng Cynnsure Annual: advertising staff. associate editprg Nat'l Honor Society. Gnivraunn Lu'ri-uzami: Honcim Literary Tripolitan, sec'y.g G, A. C.g junior Red Cross council, sec'y.g Sistocratic League, councilg Pep Club, councilg All'Talentg "junior Miss," pm- duction stalfg A Cappella: Glee Club. treais.g Orchestrag Cynosure Bifweekly, reporter. PATRICIA HOLMES Literary Harlequing Tripolitang junior Red Cross council, treas.g Pep Cluhg Cynosure Bi-Weekly, distrif bution stalf. ZORA ELLEN Houxom Literary Harlequing G. A. C.g Garrickg Sistocratic Leagucg Pep Clubg "Alice Adams," production staifg Or' chestrzig Glee Clubg Girls' Trio Groupg A Cap' pellag Allffalentg All-Girl Orchestrag Intra' mural Sportsg Debateg Cynosure Bieweelrly. feature and news reporter. GALE JALLEN Literary Radio Clulw, pres. BETTY JENSEN Literary Sistocratic Leagueg Euthenicsg Intramural Spurts. JOHN DARRELL JESTER Scicrmyic Phosteriang Junior Class pres.g "Lest We For- get," castg Basketball, cnptaing Intersclinlnstic Football. BEVERLY JOHNSON Pvc-Secretarial Sistocratic Le:-Igueg Pep Clubg Harlequing Tlxesf piang Glee Club. EUGENE JOHNSON Literary Intramural Sportsg Intcrscholastic Tennis, Golf. LENORE PAULINE JOHNSON Literary WARREN M. JOHNSON Literary A Cappellag Glee Clubg All'Taleut. BONNIE JENSEN Litcmry BARBARA JOHNSON Litzrary Pliosteriang Junior Red Cross councilg Sistn- cratic Lengueg Pzrp Clubg Cynusure Bi-Weekly, distribution stuff. BLAIR JOHNSON Scicmzfic JOY JOHNSON Pr:-Vocational Entered from Ayr High School, Ayr, North Dakota. LBO ALLEN JOHNSON Pre-Vocational VIRGINIA KELLER Literary Sistocratm Leagueg Harlequing Pep Clubg Euthenics, Eighteen PATRICIA KENNEDY Literary Pep Club, Sistocratic League, Thespian, Harle' quin, treas., Quill and Scroll, Sportsmanship Club, "Lost Horizon." production staff, "junior Miss," production staff, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," cast, Sophomore Choir, Glee Club, All-Talent, Cynosure Bi-Weekly, feature reporter, Cynosure Annual, cluhs editor, NaL'l Honor Society. IJICK KLOUBEC Scncnxijic Phosterian, Science Club, Sportsmanship Club, "Alice Adams," cast, "junior Miss," production staff, A Cappella, scc'y., treas,, vIce'pres., Glee Club, pres., Band, sec'y., Boys' Quartet, All- Talent: Sophomore Choir, lntcrscholastic Foot' hall, Intramural Basketball, Track, Sportsman' ship Club, NaL'l Athletic Scholarship Society. Lois KOEHLER Literary Carrick Club, Thcspian, Sistocratic League, council, Pep Club, "Alice Adams," production staff: "Junior Miss." production staff, "Lest We Forget," production staff, D:bate: Cynosure Bi- Weckly, distribution staff. DRYDEN KUIINE Scicnzrfc Science Club, Radio Club, "Christmas Carol." cast, Glee Club, Athletic Commission, Ap' paratus, Intramural Vollcyhall. BYRON LAWRENCE Literary Harlequin, Sportsmanship Club, Glee Club, A Cappella, All'Talent, Cheerleader, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," cast, "junior Miss," production staff, Sophomore Class treas. WILLIAM THOMAS LECHNER Literary Photography Club, "Our Hearts Wcre Young and Gay," production staff, Glee Club, All' Talent, Track, Cynosure Bi'Weekly, distribu' tion staff. Nineteen jovcz KLAKEG Literary Pep Club, Sistocratic League, Philomathean, junior Red Cross council, Junior Class vice'pres., GI? Club, Cynosure BifWeekly, distribution Sta . JACK KNUTSON Literary Cheerleader, Intramural Sports, Apparatus, Golf Team. PAUL ALLAN KUHN Scientific Science Club, Photography Club, Harlequin, Nat'l Honor Society, Athletic Commission, sec'y., "Junior Miss," production staff, "Why the Chimes Rang," cast, junior-Senior Prom committee, Glee Club, Band, lnterscholastic Football, Hockey, Track, Intramural SPO'l'Is, Apparatus, Cynosure Annual, photographer, Nat'l Honor Society. GLORIA ANN LARsoN Literary Pep Club, junior Red Cross council, Quill and Scroll, Euthenics Club, G. A. C., Kent, pres., Cynosure Bi-Weekly, advertising staf. LEONA LUE LAWRENCE Litemvy Nat'l Honor Society, Philomathean, Sistocratic League, Pep Club, Student Council, Junior' Senior Prom committee, Senior Announcement committee, Senior Class vice-pres., "junior Miss," production staff, "Lost Horizon," cast, ,113 Fappella, Glee Club, Sophomore Choir, All' a ent. DONNA MARILYN LEE Literary Pep Club, council, pres., sec'y,, Sistocratic League, Phosteriang Tripolitan, Sportsmanship, "Alice Adams," cast, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," cast, Band, Glee Club, Sophomore Choir, A Cappella, All'Talent, Intramural Sports, Cynosure Bi'Weelrly: reporter, co-feature editor. feature writer. JACK RAMON Liens Lizzmvy Sportsmanship, vice'pres.g Band, vice'pres.g Foot' hallg Basketballg Track, captaing Apparatusg ln- tramural Basketballg Swimming Teamg Sopho- more Choirg Cynosure Bi'Weekly, distrihution sniff, Nail Honor Society. MARLYN D. LINDQUIST Lztcrary Band, pres., sec'y.g A Cappellag Glue Clulw. prcsg Brass Quartet, Boys' Quartetg AllfT:rlentg lntraf mural Baslretballg Foothallg Softball, Buttlelmll. BARBARA LoRz Literary Thespiarig HarlequingSistocratic League. councilg Junior Red Cross councilg Glee Cluhg Cynosurc Bieweekly, reporterg Allffalent. DARLEEN MARSCHKE Litemfy Art Clubg Kentg Pep Club: Sistocrutic League, artg Quill and Scrollg "Lost Horizon," production stuffg Cynosure Annual, art editor BARBARA MATTSON Literary Sistocratic Leagueg Kent, Pep Clubg "Lest We Forget," cnstg Glee Cluh. Lao MCLAREN Pvc-Vocational A CappellagGlee Club, vice-pres.g Boys' Quartet. JERRY LEIN FvcfVocaLiovml Glee Cluhg Sophomore Choirg A Cappellag Rc' serve Baskethallg Trackg Intramural Sports. DONNA LOCKHART Literary DONALD WILLIAM LUCAS Litcmvy A Cappellag Glee Clubg Nat'l Honor Society. JAMES MARTIN PrefVacaziorml Photography Cluhg Foothallg Reserve Basketball Cynosure Bi'Weekly', distribution stalf, PATRICIA lX'AXSON Liremw Pep Clubg Tripolitang Sportsma wsmpg A Cap pellag Glee Clubg Orchestrag Bandg All Lxrl Or chestra, pres. JAY MCLIZAN Litcmry Reserve Football, Track. Twmzy PAULINE MCDONALD P1c'Sccrcta1ial Phosterian Club, Pep Club, Nat'l Honor Society. FRANK MCKENZIE Art Art Cluh, AlIfTalent, production staff, Basket' hall Reserves. BEVERLY MENSING Literary Pep Club, Sistocratic League, junior Red Cross council, Sophomore Choir, Glee Club, treas,, Cynosure Bi'Weekly, advertising staff. RUTHANN MIKKELSON Classical Philomatlxuan, Thcspian, junior Red Cross council, Pep Cluh, Sistocratic League, Quill and Scroll, junior'St-nior Prom committee, "Alice Adams," cast, "Lost Horizon," production staff, "junior Miss," production staff, Glee Cluh, Sophomore Choir, AllfTalent, Cynosure Bi' Weekly: feature writer, advertising staff, dis' trihutmn stall.- MARY ELLEN MOE Literary Pep Cluh, Sistocratic League, council, sec'y, Euthenics, ecc'y, pres., "Alice Adams," prof duction staff, "Lost Horizon," production staff: "junior Miss," production staff, Glee Cluh, Bowling League, Nat'l Honor Society. BENNY MONSON Litmxrv 'Twenty-one ORILLA DOLORES MCGILL Litcrmy Entered from Kearney High School, San Diego, California, Phosterian, Pep Cluh, Sistoctatic League, "junior Miss," production staff, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay", production staff, AllfTalent, Song Leader, Debate, Quill and Scroll, Cynosure BifWeekly: desk editor, ref porter, Nat'l Honor Society. ELAINE JUDITH MCNEILLY Lstcravy Kent, Tripolitan, Pep Clulw: Sislocratic League, council, MARTHA ANN MICKBLSON Literary junior Red Cross council, Sistocratic League. council, Pep Club, Phosterian, Tripolitan, Quill and Scroll, Nat'l Honor Society, All'Talent, Bowling League, Sophomore Choir, Glee Club, A Cappella, Band, Cynosure Annual, senior co- editor. HALLARD MILLER An Art Cluh, junior-Senior Prom committee, "Lost Horizon." production staff, "Alice Adams," production staff, "Our Hearts Were Young and Cay," production stalf, "Double Door," produc- tion stalf, "junior Miss," production stalf, All' Talent, production staff. jOAN MOEN Classical Quill and Scroll, Pep Club, Sistocratic League, Orchestra, Glee Club, Intramural Sports, G. A. C., Cynosure Annual: associate editor. hiculry editor, Nat'I Honor Society. WILLA MAE Moosiz Home Economics DUANE Mum Scisrrtijc junior Red Cross council, Photography Club, Glee Club, A Cappella, "Junior Miss," stage manager, "Why the Chimes Rang,"stage mana- ger, All-Talent. FRED NARLOCK Pvc-Vocational Basketball, Track. ARDELL NELSON Literary Glee Club, pres., vice-pres., Orchestra, sec'y., vice-pres., Nat'l Honor Society, Sistocratic League, council, Harlequin, Thespian, Pep Club, Sportsmanship Club, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," cast, "Junior Miss," production staff, Sophomore Choir, A Cappella, Allffalent, All'Girl Orchestra, Cynosure BifWeekly: feature writer, reporter, headline editor. EVELYN Noacaoss P1efSccrctarial Glee Club, G, A. C. ELIZABETH ODEGARD Scientifc Sistocratic League, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Cynosure BifWeekly: desk editor, news reporter, feature reporter. ARNE ORVEDAHL Literary JAMES MYERS Literary Entered from Lake Park High School, Lalre Park, Minnesota, Glee Club. NANCY NAYLOR PrefSecrztnrial Sistocratic League, sec'y., Pep Club, Thespian, Junior Red Cross council. JANET NEWMAN Literary Nail Honor Society, vice-pres., Kent. pres., Tripolitan, clerk, A Cappella, pres., Glee Club, Quill and Scroll, Pep Club council, Sistocratic League, council, Junior-Senior Prom committee, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production staff, Sophomore Choir, All-Talent, Cynosure Bi-Weekly: headline editor, reporter, feature writer. VERA NUTT Prefsccrcrarial JOYCE FRANCES OLSON Literary Pep Club, Sistocratic League, Kent, G. A. C. HELEN OSTERDAHL Literary Philomathcan, Harlequin, Pep Club, council, Sistocratic League, council, Junior Red Cross council, Junior Class sec'y,, "Junior Miss," cast, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," prof duction staff, "Why the Chimes Rang," produce tion staff, Band, Baton Corps, Nat'l Honor Society. Twen :yet wo RUDOLF ER ROM OTTERSEN Classical Harlcquing Sportsmanship, presg Nat'l Honor Societyg Quill and Scroll: "junior Miss," pro- duction stalfg "Alice Adams," production staff: Bandg Orchestra, vicelpre:-.g Glen Cluhg A Cap' pclla, treasg All'Taleutg Trackg Intramural Baskctballg Intramural Footballg Cynosure An- nual, juniorfscnior editor. MARIAN PARIS Literary Sistocratic Leagueg Pep Clubg Thespiang Kent: "Alice Adams." production statfg Bandg All-Girl Orchestrag All'Talentg Cynosurc Bi-Weekly. advertising stalf, BEVERLY PEAK!! Pre' Vocal Iomil Sistocratic League. ROBERT H. PERSELLIN Sciennfc Nat'l Honor Society. trcas.g Nat'l Arhlctic Scholarship Sucieryg Quill and Scrollg Sports' manship Clubg Phosterian, sedy.: ,lunior Red Cross councilg "Lost Horizon," castg Band, pres.g Orchestraig Glee Club, treasg A Cappella, seC'V,5 Pep Band, dirrctorg All'Talentg Interscholastic Football, rofcaptaing Tennis: Intramural Softballg Intramural Baskcthallg Cynosure Bi'Weckly: associate editor, reporter. feature: writer. CHARLES PETERSON Lircmry I.ENoRE JEAN PETERSON Litcmvy Tripolitan. Fistocratic Lcaqueg Pep Club. Tiuenlvflhrce RAY PALON Scicnrijc Thespian, trezIs.g Harlequin, pres.g Sportsman' shipg "junior Miss," castg 'AOur Hearts Were Young and Gay," castg "Why the Chimes Rang." castg Sophomore Choirg Glee Clubg A Cappellag All-Talentg Intramural Footballg Intramural Baslcetballg Intramural Tennis, Golfg Debate: Cytrfosure Bi-Weekly: sports writer, distribution sta . WILLIAM C. PAULSRUD Literary Photography Clubg Foothallg Basketballg Track. TED PEAsE Lizemry Harlequing Glee Cluhg A Cappellag Interschof lastic Football g Interscholastic Trackg Apparatus, Intramural Basketball. GERSON ALLEN PERsELLIN Literary Art Clubg Photography Clubg junior-Senior Prom committee. JOANN MARIE PETERSON Litcrnfry Entered from Hankinson High School. Hankin' son, North Dakotag Sistocratic League. Councilg Pep Clubg Harlequing "Junior Miss," producf tion statfg A Cappella: Glee Clubg Orchestrag Girls' Trio Groupg All'Talentg Nat'l Honor Society. MARIE E. PETERSON Con,-cvarwe Education JEANNB PHILLIPS Literary Entered from Mankato High School, Mankato, Minnesota. Sistocratic Leagueg Girls' Trio Groupg Glee Club, All-Talentg "Why the Chimes Rang," production staff. FRANCES PIERSALL Literary Nat'1 Honor Society. sec'y.g Debate, sec'y.g Band, Allffalentg Glee Club: A Cappella, G. A. C., Thespiang Sistocratic League, Cynosure Bi-Weekly, news reporter, JEANNE Pous Pr:fVocativnal Pep Cluhg Sistocmtic League. JAMES RADCLIPFE Literary Intramural Sports. Kilim REMME Literary Band, pres., Band, sec'y.g Orchestra, treas.g All- Talent, Brass Quarcetg Brass Sextetg Ponxesg Intramural Football: lnterscholastic Hockey. RAYMOND E. Rnzcx Literary Cynosure Bifweelrly, distribution staff. Twcntyffour JANICE ROEN Lxrerary Pep Cluhg Sisrocratic League, councilg junior Red Cross council: Sportsmanship Cluhg Or- chestrag Glee Cluhg Cynosure Bifweekly, re' porter. LOWELL DEAN Roas Lnemry Sportsmanship Cluhg Bandg Glee Cluhg Inter' scholastic Baskethallg lnterscholasric Football. PATRICIA Ruun Lnerary Sistocratic League. treas.g Pep Cluhg junior Red Cross councilg Kentg Quill and Scrollg Sports' manship Cluhg Glee Cluhg Cynosure Bifweekly. advertising statfg Nat'l Honor Society, -IOANNE SACRISON PrefVocazIorIul Pep Cluhg Sistocratic League. AUDREY SCIHIAEFEEIA Literary Kcntg Glce Club, DAIu1oL G. SCIPIIIOEDER Literary Thespiang Harlequing Glee Clubg Bandg All' Talentg Footballg Intramural Baskethallg Cyno' sure Bi-Weekly, distribution staff. 7'lUC7l!fV'!ll'f BEVERLY GAIL ROGER:-I Literary Kentg Pep Cluhg Sistocratic Leagueg Philoma- theang A Cappcllag Glee Cluhg AllfTalentg Cvnosure BifWeeklv. distribution staff. IRENE R051- PrefVncrItInrIul Glcc Cluh. RICHARD T. RUUD Literary Glee Club, pres.: Bandg All'Talentg Interscho' lastic Hockeyg Interscholsatic Foothallg Intra' mural Sports. SILVY KURTH SANDER Literary Harlequin: Sportsmanship Cluhg Senior Class treas.g "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," produrtion stalfg Bandg Sophomore Choirg Glee Clubg Footballg Intramural Sportsg Cynnsure Bi'Wecklv. distrihution stall. DONALD SCHMIDT Literary Hobhy Clubg Photography Clubg "junior Miss." production staffg "Our Hearts Were Young and Gavrll production stall. PHYLLIS SCHWARZ Home Economics Sistocratic Lcagucg Pep4ClIIh: G. A. C.g "junior M155-ll production starl. WILLIAM Susana Literary Football, Softball. JANICE SIHIEPPARD Litcmvy Tripolitang Pep Club, Sistocratic League, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production staff: Glee Clubg All-Talent. GERALDLNB SMITH Literary Entered from Valley City Hi h School, Valley City, North Dakota. Tripolitang Pep Club, Sistocratic Leagueg Intramural Basketballg Cyno- sure Bi-Weekly, reporter. JOHN PATRICK SMOOT Scicmijc Radio Club, Tripolitang "Lost Horizon," pro- duction statfg Glee Clubg Intramural Sports: Swimming Team: Cynosure Bi'Weekly, distri' hution staff. GORDON V. STALCUP Lxtemvy "Christmas Carol," castg Glee Cluhg AllfTaIentg Intramural Sports, Basketball. GLORIA IRENE SWANSON Ham: Economics Eurhcnicsz Sfstocrntic League. Tzvcmy-six JUDITH SWINLANO PrerSecrcm'rml Pep Clubg Sisrocratic League: Photography Cluhg Glee Cluhg G. A. C. BONITA TESCHENDORPF Literary Kam. Aiuus THOMPSON Literary Kentg Sistocratic Leagueg G. A. C.. pres.: Pep Cluhg C-lee Cluhg junior Red Cross council: De- hateg Tripolitang Quill and Scroll, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production stalfg "Why the Chimes Rang," production stalfg lntramural Spnrtsg Cynosure Bi'Weelcly: news reporter, feature writer. DONNA FAY THOMPSON Literary Pep Cluhg Sistocratic League, cuuncilg junior Rcd Cross council, sec'y., Harlequin, "Junior Miss." production staff: Glee Cluhg All-Talentg "Why the Chimes Rang," cast, production stall. WINNIERED THOMPSON Home Economics Sistocratic Leagueg G. A. C.: Intramural Basket- hallg Bowling League. LEONA TIX Literary Tripolilang Sistocratic League: Euthenics. 'l'ur:ntyf.rcven LILLIAN R. TARNASKY Littrary Euthrnics. vicefpresg Sistocratic League. JOHN ROBERT THOMAS Scientific Nat'l Honor Society: Radio Cluhg Phosteriang "OAK Hearts Were Young and Gay." production sta . . BEVERLY THOMPSON Pre' Vocal nmwl Sistmtratic League. WANDA THOMPSON Literary Garrickg Harlequing Sistocratic League, councilg Pep Cluhg Quill and Scrollg junior Red Cross councilg Senior Class sec'y.g "Why the Chimes Rang," castg "Lest We Forget," castg "Junior Miss," production stuffy "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production stnffg "Lost Hori' zon," production stalfg All-Talentg Sophomore Choirg Glee Clubg A Cappella, G. A. C4 Cynof sure Bi-Weekly, advertising manager. WILLIAM TIETGENS Pre'Vocntional Intramural Sports. CAROL JEAN TOLLEFSON Lxtcrary Pep Cluhg junior Red Cross councllg Sistocratic Lczgfgue, councilg "Lest We Forget," production sta g Orchestrag String Quartetg Glee Clubg All' Girl Orchestrag Cynosurc BifWeekly. feature reporter. JACK TORKELSON , ,' 'X Literary P togra hy Club'Ban , l Club All- .le ' ' pparatu , lntra ural Spot 1 De te P E ,fir X al I ANN ULVAN Literary Pep Club, Euthenics, treas., "Why the Chimes Rang," production staff, G. A. C., Intramural Basketball. JEAN GUELLA VAN ENK Prc'Scc1cmrial Sistocratic League, Bowling Team. RoEER'r WACI-IAL Scicmijic Science Club, Phosterian, pres., Quill and Scroll, pres., Junior Red Cross council, Board of Pub' lications, Nat'l Honor Society, "Alice Adams," Cast, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," cast, 'AChristmas Carol," production staff, Glee Club, Debate, Junior-Senior Banquet, toastmaster, Cynosure BifWeekly: coffeature editor, feature writer, Cynosure Annual. business manager. JOYCE WATRINS Literary Pep Club, Sistocratic League, Phosterian, "Dust of The Road." cast, "Lost Horizon," cast, "Junior Miss," production staff, Band, Orches' tra, All-Talent, A Cappella, Glee Club, Sophof more Choir, Pep Band, Debate, Cynosure Bi' Weekly: reporter, desk editor, MARY LouIsE WIIEDON Classical Sistocratic League, council, Pep Club, Phos' terian, Tripolitan, Nat'l Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, AllfTalent, A Cappella, Glee Club, Cynosure BifWeekly, desk editor. DICK TRYHUS Literary Radio Club, Phosterian, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production staff, Glee Club. VIRGINIA Lou VANCE Literary Entered from Anoka High School, Anoka, Minn- esota, Nat'l Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Sistocraric League, Junior Red Cross council, Pep Club, 'iAlice Adams," cast, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," production staff, "Junior Miss," production staff, Girls' Trio Group, A Cappella, Glee Club, All-Talent, Debate, Cyno' sure Annual, senior cofeditor. DELORES ELIZABETH VIETS Literary Pep Club, Art Club, Sistocratic League, Eu' thenics, "Ou: Hearts Were Young and Gay," production staff. JEAN WALLACE PrefVocrmorml Art Club, Orchestra, Sophomore Cboir. HELEN ELIZABETH WEHAGE Literary Philomathean, Sistocratic League, Pep Club, C. A. C., Nat'l Honor Society. MARY WHEELER Pre-Secretarial Photography Club, Glee Club. Tinientvcight jovcn WINDOM Literary Art Cluhg Tripolitang Pep Cluhg Sistocratn: Leagueg "Alice Adams," Qroduction stalfg "Our Hearts Were Young and hav," Production staff. WILLIAM WRILIHT Literary Entcrul from Emwalc High School, Altalla, Alabama, lliffilmllfill Basketball, Foothallg Apparatus, DI1LoIus ZWACK PY5'VOCdZi01ldl Pep Clubg Euthenicsg Sistucratic League. RONALD DEVINE Lircmry Intramural llnotlwaill, Basketball. Janome R. O'rTnsoN Literary junior Red Crnss councilg Glee Clubg Intramural Baskctballg Basketball Rcservcsg Swimming Tcamg Golf Team. MARY PITTARD Pre-Sccveravial Pep Cluhg Sistocratic League. Twcniy-uma UNIORS AALGAARD, HARRIET AASGAARD, TOM ABELSON, EUGENE AKERS, MERLE ALBERTS, ALAN ALVERSON, GILMAN AMES, JO ANN ANDERSON, AUDREY ANDERSON, DONALD ANDERSON, EILEEN ANDERsON, JAMEs ANDERsON, JANET ANKEREELT, JOY ARNOLD, BILL ASKLAND, TOM EAIRD, ELLEN BAKER, MARILYN BAYLEY, KAY BEAUCHAMP, BERNICE EELJNG, LLOYD BENNET, JACK BENSHOOF, GERALD EENsHOOE, JEROME EERDAHL, JANET BERG, ELLEN BERGLUND, DONNA ELEGEN, BRUCE BOLTON, MARGARET EONAw1Tz, DARLENE BROWN, LORETTA Thirty BROWN, RICHARD BROWN, VIVIAN BRUDEVOLD, CAROLYN BRUNELLE, ALICE BRUNSDALE, JOHN BRUNSKILL, JIM BULLARD, JEAN BURFENING, HENRIETTA BURKE, LOIS BURKE, PATSY CARLSON, CONNIE CARLSON, HAzEL CARLSON, PAT CARLSON, JOYCE CARSON, DELORES CHRISTENSEN, BETTY CI-IRISTENSON, CLAUDE . CHRISTIANSON, GLORIA CIVILLA, TI-IBRESA CLEARY, JOSEPH COCKI-IILL, JOHN COHEN, EMILY COOKE, DEL CORNFORTH, TOM CREWS, INEZ CRITCHFIELD, PAT CROAI., MARY CRUFF, MALAN DAHLGREN, ALBERT DALEY, JUDY DAVIS, EOE EMERSON, EUGENE EBSEN, JOAN EDINGER, MARLENE EDLUND, VIRGINIA EIDE, DARLENE ENGELKING, RONALD ENGELKING, WAYNE ERICKSON, ANDREW ERICKSON, RODNEY ThIrLyfunc ERICRSON, VICTOR EVENSTAD, DONNA EwY, VINCENT EARNHAM, VALORIE EAUSKIN, GARY EERN, MARY EERCHO, RODNEY FERCHO, ROGER EESTE, BRUCE EIsHER, JEANNE FITZLOFF, LOIS ELECK, CAROL FORTNEY, CONSTANCE FRANCE, ROBERT FREEMAN, MARJORIE FRETLAND, JOYCE FUGLE, KAY GALLAGHER, CLARA GARSKE, ARDYS GEISZLER, EMMA GELDER, PATRICIA GILMORE, JOHN GISBL, JIM GLOEGE, NOLA GOHDEs, CAROL GRAHAM, DONALD GREEN, DAVID GREENHECK, DONALD GREGOR, YVONNE GRINDELAND, GENE HAAKENSTAD, ARDITH HAGEN, JUNE HAGEN, RENEE HAGENSEN, WALDO HAMILTON, BARBARA HAMM, ELAINE HARRER, DUANB HARRISON, EVERETT HAUGRUD, MARILYN HAY, MARY ANN Thnrnylwo IIEGER, MAIUORIE H HER EISLER, IONE HELGESON, SHIRLEY HEMPHILL, ELDON HENDERSON, CLINTON BISON, PHYLLIS HOLLY, IONE HOLMES, MARJORIE HOMICKE, JOAN HUGHES, KAY HULEBAK, LOIS H UNTER, MARILYN JOH J JACKSON, BILL JACOBSON, STANLEY JOHNSON, ANGELINE NSON, BEVERLY OH NsON. JOYUE JONES, ELIZABETH JORE, ARTHUR Kjos, CAROL KLEIN, BEVERLY KNUDSON, DONA KNUDSON, DONALD KNUDSON, MARLYS KORUM, PAT KRAFT, HELEN K REBSBACH, JAUK KU KRIEG, LLOYD KRIEG, RICHARD KROUH, PAUL FFEL, ROBERT KUPPICH, DBLORES LA Tlmlv zh KUROWSKI, GARY LA FONTAINE, JOSEPH LANDECK, MARJORIE NDGREN, CHARLES LANTZ, ALICE LARSON, HUEERT LARSON, JULINE LEIN, GEORGIA rm: LERUD, MARLYS LETOFSKY, IRVIN LEVERSON, NORENE LIEN, JAMES LIPP, IRENE LOFF, ROGER LOHSE, GAIL LOKREN, STANLEY LONG, EUNICE LOOMIS, BETTY LORZ, GERALD LOND, PARA MAE LUNDHAGEN, RONALD LUSK, DORA LYNCH, CLIFFORD LYNNE, DONALD MALsTROM, CHARLOTTE MALSTROM, CAROL MARGET, LOUIS MARK, JAMES MARQUARDT, GERALDINE MARTIN, DONALD MARTIN, DONNA MAXWELL, BURTON MCGRATH, ANNE MCLAREN, JEANNINE MEATH, DONALD MELAND, GORDON MICRELSON, TOM MILLER, MARIAN MOE, JOY MOLL, JOAN MONsON, DONAVAN MOORE, DALE MYERS, ARLENE MYERS, MARY JO NELSON, ANN NELSON, BILL NELSON, DONNA NELSON, GERALD 'fhirly-fum' NELSON, KEITH NELSON, RICHARD NELSON, RODNEY NEUBAUER, PAT NORDLUND, RUTH OAKLAND, BILL ODBGAARD, JOANNE OHNSTAD, LORRAINE OLSEN, RICHARD OLSEN, JANET OLSON, MYRTLE OSTBY, ALAN OTTERSON, ROBERT OVERBY, RICHARD PAGEL, CURTIS VALON, DICK PAPASERGIA, MARIA PATTERSON, SHIRLEY PAULSON, LOIS 1-nTnRsON, RAYMO PFEILSTICKER, PAUL PIERCE, PHYLLIS PLADSON, MAXINE PODOLL, MARJORIE POWERS, MARLO QUAM, BARBARA QUAST, ROBERT RABER, THOMAS RAMSTAD, BARBARA REDMANN, LOIS ROSTAD, DAVE RULIFFSON, WILLARD SANDER, LLOYD SATHER, JON SCHAFTE, JEANNE SCH NEIDER, SYLVIA SCH NOOR, VICTORIA SCHROEDER, LORETTA SCHOELER, DONNA SCHOELER, STAN 'I'ImLy'huc ND SCIIRIMPF, AIAMES SCHUM, CAROLYN SEVERTSON, MARLENE SHEPARD, SHIRLEY SHUMAN, MARGARET SINCLAIR, LORELEI SKOGLUND, PHYLLIS SLEEPER, ELAINE SMITH, NANCY SNYDER, BARBARA STAENE, JACK STAHL,jEANN1i STALCUP, ROBERT STENSGARD, GORDON STICKELMEYER, JERDME STILL, CAROL STADTLANDER, EUNICE STUTRUD, DENNIS SWANSON, BETTY SWANSON, JIM SWEENEY, MARJORIE TENNESON, JEANNE THISTLEWAITE, HELEN THOMPSON, BEVERLY THOMS, DELORES THORSON, DORIS THORSON, SHIRLEY THORSTENSON, BEVERLY TIX, CLIFFORD TOLLEFSON, GERALD TORNBOM, DAVID TOUSSAINT, MAYNARD TRAVIS, SHIRLEY TWETTEN, MARY Q. UTKE, BETTY VOGEL, JON WALKER, JANICE WARD, AUDREY WEIKUM, MEL WELLS, BARBARA Thivrynau. OTTERSON, ROBERT WINKLER, JIM WHITE, MARILYN WICKHAM, ROBERT XVILSON, COLEEN WOODSWORTH, BETTY ZIMMERMAN, ARLEN WILNBR, BRUCE WOLEERT, JANET wu.uAMs, BILL VVRIGHT, BILL JANSEN, BEVERLY WILLIAMS, FAB WILLIAMS, KARL WICHMANN, GER sTROMME, ALLEN BRUNSDALE, JOHN JONES, NORMAN LERUD, MARLYs BAYER, FRANK Thiny-num ALD E Qi Ji -I 31 4 ,. 1? J'- -1 xiii SOPHOMORES AAMODT, CAROL AKRE, PAT ALTRINGER, PATTY ANDERSON, ARLENE ANDERSON, BETTY ANDERSON, GERALD ASHLEY, ROBERT BACKMAN, DAVID BAILLY, MARY BARON, ANTONY BERG, JIMMY BERGREN, LA VONNE ELINKENBERC, BETTY BULAND, DONALD BULAND, DUANE BRANDVIK, RONALD BROWN, BEVERLY BRUNELLE, BEVERLY BRUNSVOLD, BARBARA BURNETT, RONALD ' CANNING, DONNA CARLSON, SHIRLEY CARLSON, DUANE CARSON, DOROTHY CHASE, DONNA COLLINS, DENNIS COONS, DONNA CONNELLY, DENNIS COOKE, SHARON CORDER, DON CORNELL, DARRELL CORNELIUSSEN, BONITA COTE, BARBARA CHRISTIAN, DORTHEA CHRISTIA NSEN, FERN Thmwighr CROOKS, BARBARA CROWE, HAROLD CUMMING, TOM DAHLIN, BEVERLY DANIELSON, BETTY DANS, GREGORY DIETZ, DELORES DOWLING, MARILYN DUVAL, DARLENE ELOFSON, CARL ERICKSON, IILIIRIANNII HRICKSON, JOAN EVANS, ROBERT FARNEY, NEIL ELATEN, ERIC FOSTER, SIDNEY ANN IIRIEDMAN, JERRY GEBEKE, SHIRLEY GESWEIN, DONNA GILLIGAN, JOANNE GOLDFINE, SOI. GORDHAMMER, EDDIE GREEN, CHARLOTTE GREGORY, GARTH GRINDAHL, MARY E IIROEE, ,IIM c:Rosz, BETTY IIANS, PI-IYLLIS IIANRS, WILLARD IIANISH, DARLENE IIANsoN, JACQUELINE IIANSON, LA VONNE IIANsoN, LOU ETTA IIEIFORT, JIM IIEISLER, EDIJY IIELc:EnAI.EN, ANITA IIELLE, JOE HENDERSON, ALICE IIENN, VIRIIIL IIENNINLI, LORA LE IIERMAN, ANGELINE HIRSCII, JANICE HERTSGAARD, GRETCHEN HOFFA, MARILYN HOLM, BOB 'TIII1ty'1mIr .af ISAACSON, JUNE IVERSON, EUGENE JENSEN, FLOYD JENSEN, JIM JENSEN, LLOYD JOHNSON, ERLE JOHNSON, KAREN JOHNSON, PAT JOHNSON, TERRYL JOHNSRUD, MAVIS YONES, CAROL -IORDHEIM, CAROL KAASTAD, CAROL K ANKELFITZ, BEVERLY KAUTH, ROBERT RERR, BETTY LOU KXRKEVOLD, VIRGINIA RJOS, MYRON KLOTZ, HARRY KNIGHT, PHYLLIS KNUTSON, AUDREY KOPPANG, ROBERT KNUTSON, MARLYS K RABBENHOFT, ARLEN KRAUS, MARIETTA KRUEGER, RONALD IIRUEOER, RICHARD LALLUNI, DARLENE LANCASTER, JEANNE LARSON, CURTIS LARSON, HOWARD LARSON, WALLACE HANSON, JOAN LEECH, SHIRLEY LEES, DAVID LETOFSKY, SHARON LEVERSON, BARBARA LEVERSON, JANICE LEWIS, DONNA LEIN, MARLYS LILEKS, LA VERNE LINDSTROM, BETTY LINKE, HAROLD LYSNE, MARY ANNE LOMSDAL, DOUGLA S Fnny MADISON, .IEANNI2 MAHAR, DONNA MALME, JEROME MARTIN, BARBARA MATSON, DELORES MIELEAN, BEVERLY MCKENZIE, JOAN McLEAN, RITA MEINRE, ,IANICE MEYER, ROBERT MII.I,IiR, IIARLENII MILLER, MARILYN MOEN, NORMAN MONSON, DARWIN MORSE, L:LEO MORRIS, MARY MURPHY, EDWARD MYERS, XVARREN NEHOXVIG, DON NELSON, EVELYN NELsON, IILORIA NELSON, ,IALIR NELSON, LORRAINE NELSON, ROGER NYSTROM, MARGARET UIINSTAD, WILLIAM OLSEN, ,IANET ULSEN, MARGARET OSTIIY, PAUI. -P OVERVOLIJ, FRANCES ,L ,l ILM dw - lL. If I .' I fyj ' ,If I 2 IIATTERSUN, DEXVART i If IIODGES XVESLEY I - I if! j VEAKE, BONNIE I-ETERSON, QHARLENE PETERSON, ELAINE I PETERSON, MARIA I'OI.UM, EUGENE VICOTTE, JOYCE PRATT, DICK PIICKERING, PAT l'KJWNIII.I., I.OIS QIIAM, ,IAMES QLIAM, I'AUI.INE IHIENETTE, ROBERT RAND, JEROME FfIvIv'rI1Ir -R Q R..-at-IIE: N xv , , , ., Q, R R R N N RAWLEY, EOE REED, OMER RIEK, ALAN RISEDORE, MARLENE ROACH, JOAN on ROEERGQJOIIN I ROSS, IRIS A ' RUNNING, ROGER RUTLAND, BONNIE SALISBURY, RUSSELL sANDERs, SUSAN SAUVAGEAU, DELORES SAUVAGEAU, MARY sAUvAI:EAU, SHIRLEY SCHEFF, FRANCES SCHOELER, SHIRLEY SCHROEDER, JEANNE SEABOLD, HERBERT SEVERSON, LYLE SEVERSON, MARK sr-IERWOOD, KENT SIMPSON, VIOLET SKJELSET, ARLENE SMITH, AILEEN sMITIAI, GLENN A STADTLA -RRIANE STAHL, CAROLINE STEIN, EARL sTRONc:, JOI-IN SULLIVAN, JOHN SUNDRE, ORLO THAIN, DELORES THOM, WARREN THONN, JERRY TRONSET, BETTY TURNER, ROGER UIHUS, RONALD VAN VALIQENBERII, DALE VANCSNESS, EVANOELINI' vIcR, JANET VELLINE, AUDREY XVALKER, -IOANNE VVARNER, PEGGY WEBSTER, GRANT WEED, NANCY F.IrIV'lxIIrI WINCHELL, MARLYS NELSON, GLORIA WHEDON, DAVID WENTZ, MARLYS WOOD. DON ZINER, JOYCELYN WRIGHT, DENNIS WENGER, BEVERLY MADISON, AIEANNE HECTOR, FRED WALLUM, PEGGY CLARK, MARGARET WILLIAMS, DOUGLAS NELSON, DONNA WENDT, GERTRUDE LEVERSON, ANNABELLE OTTERSTETTER, MARION LONG, JOANNE IIOYUM, BETTY YAEGER, LYLE RASMUSSEN, PAT MOEN, IO ANN Fnrlvflhvrf -.4 L .Av -.I-I 1 v V. 1' 1,1 'Ll 1 ' AGI. H w'i' .1--, ,iv 3: V fm , 4 J w .Lf J, -,J ,Q 549. yu'-. X I " , .. TX .,. -rv rv.. .! , -"Y 9. . --' 1 ,. ., ,w '- L.- .f,,-1-K H1 A , ,,7r"" . -5, A . ef- ., -5-x, .1- .,-1,375 '- - - ,.,:r- JA .K -- ---.ng - an . 7.x ..,-b-sr",'. .1.. -Q -X 1: 'U ru: 'gg ,,,, -1-1-t - X. - 2 T, ' V f , -' Ja -5 . X v.--.. .,.,:,, " v a,.4 4 935 I 't N-, , ...,.,1jJ, -5. ..---. ' Y ' 5 ng' . - .,.,..r tr, I . 5- f. - mf. ., .1 -3 rs - 'NV , , Y ,, .a ,' 5 ,,.j-51 jff mr' V, Y I 1 --4 , f- vz.,-AA J- -..f- my-' ' -'f A .xg -. I - V ,g1,11.f1 - , -' MA, :uit . " 'ig ,. , 351. '- -241 , . :a.1.,!e"!ig' 'f 51 M, 1 I " " ,tax-ui 1:+f'Q, F" 4 , , I ' '- ' 1 4,-if -: f . - F11 f- -, l ' . Y,-V A 1, -'51, ' , - x' F6 . 11 . X " ' - - . ' ,fp I jf, , - v 1:- v"-Q' , ', -- ' - 1' 9 'F ' .fm-'f'fQ ' , Mg-M -. .,,-. , wc, J 'f ,LAL , J 5.11 ,921 'K " ,I ,fL,.,,Q f.. Fg'g'. W 5.1, W, f. ...,,,. ,,,. , .. 7, .t -: '.. v- --1.1-f K Jai, C 12255 "1- 1 - 1, r, ' ,3.,L41, 43l,g?i'::,:-'.j :.,,, -4 23.-:ea-Qgigf - " ' ,, 35Pfwe1f'gf::l,,i+g-1 ,, ,J 3 ,,.,- nn, ,. . ,,K. '5' , QQMK- -7- , , ,Jn Wal, M 5 f f ,...W.,,,, f, in n: -A C' 'dF,' s.p 0 HO' 0 'of Fmty-five H. H. KIRK IX A ,Ohio Vwfcslcyaln Unlvcrsitv M A.. Cnlnnibm Traclwrs' Cnllt-gr QUR HERITAGE If you have not already read Charles A. Beard's Basic History of the United States, do not Hiil to make it a "must" on your reading list. You will get a refreshing picture of our country, its earlier days, its trials, and its victories. You will get a refreshing picture, too, ofthe ideals and aspirations of those men and women who did the spade work in our national life. Before you have read hfty pages, you will come upon a page that is both true and startlinggif it affects you as it did me. Beard says that it was not necessarily European wars, or enforced service in European armies, or tyrannical rulers, or religious persecution that influenced our forebears to leave Europe and come to America. If these had been the sole reasons, people would have come by thousands instead of by hundreds. As it was, for every man or woman who came to America, hundreds remained in the old country and lived the rest of their lives under those humilif Tltlllg C1fCL1H'1Stli1'lC6S, Those who crossed the water and braved the terrors of a strange land had something else. That something was a quality of energy, enterprise, daring, and aspiration that made them diff ferent from their neighbors who remained in the turmoil and poverty of the Old World. I should stop this message at this point, for the lesson is plain. It has not been external circumf stances that have made America great. Our greatness has come 'M because men dared to live dangerously and because they dared to reach beyond their immediate grasp. Let us strive to keep it that way. L'Hitch your wagon to a star", said Benjamin Franklin. We have a great heritageg we have great traditions to maintain. I know that my confidence in Young America will be justified. H. H. KIRK , - DARLENE DELGER 5UlXf1Ut51Wd91'1f of SCh00lS Secretary mSupv:r1ntendent Fur! ya ix P I I Lf Ph,i1Q,"ii3f'ii4fQiiiHil7Li5iiQf'ZJiiv1gfQ' jfjkf ' ' l lf . J, f , WORLD UNITY , Today the world is strangely disunited. Europe is a seething mass of discordant humanity, and Asia is torn asunder by many political, race, and religious conflicts. In fact, throughout the world generally, dissension and disorder reign over peace and harmony, as a global disaster again looms ominously just beyond the horizon of tomorrow. The world is old, very old. The human race, too, is old but relatively young in the development of social progress and of the refinements in human relations. Centrifugal social forces still based on envy, greed, ambition, prejudice, hatred, and ignorance are too pronounced to permit the centripetal forces of unity to operate in this contemporary repelling environment. If peace and world concord are ever to become a reality, they will come through some form of transcendentalism based on a philosophy of humanitarianism, having its inspiration in religious concepts which embrace a spirit of comprehensive world fellowship. We live daily in two realms. One is materialistic, the other a realm of ideation. The one is a world of matter, the other is a world of emotions and ideas. Life in the former is marked by travail and unrest as the competing units of society strive for a sufficiency of subsistence wants. Life in the latter is character' ized by the ascendancy of thought over matter and the search for truth asa basis of human accord and unity. In these two worlds the province of education is twofold: Hrst, to increase the productive efiiciency of each succeeding generation, and second, to develop a cultural atmosphere in which men may receive the inspiration and attain the wisdom necessary to unite humanity through bonds of cooperation, understanding, and good will. In this transcendent and rarified atmosphere hovering over the scenes of our mundane existence as we daily grope and toil lies the hope that in his quest for peace, harmony, and unity, man may yet triumph over the elements of strife, disf cord, and disunion. The fate of civilization hangs upon the realif zation of this hope. MISS RAMSTAD Secretary to Principal Furtynm-rrl B. C. B. TIGHE .L MR. BRIFKER MISS CARNEY V l'4Z'....... .C 7 DEANS No one faculty member in Fargo High can boast of having taught every student that graduates from this school. The deans, however, hold the distinction of coming in direct contact with more students than any one else in Fargo High, Miss Carney and Mr. Bricker, because of their positions, are two of the bestfknown members of the faculty. No student leaves this school without having at one time or another entered the door marked "Deans' Office". Besides maintaining the decorum of the student body, the deans are members of the counseling staff. This staff advises the students in the subjects and courses to be taken in high school and assists them in making a vocational choice which will help them to determine their college course. Helping the students with inf dividual problems takes much of the deans' time. Sophomore and senior girls spend an hour a week in Miss Carney's social education classes. From these classes they acquire poise, good manners, and conhdence. All the girls who enter the doors of F. H. S. have heard of the Sistocratic League. An organization open to all girls, it tries to create a friendlier feeling among the students. Miss Carney is the adviser of this group. Miss Carney received her B. S. degree from the University of North Dakota and her M. A. degree from Columbia University. H Mr. Bricker is the sophomore boys' best friend. He not only is counselor for all sophomore boys but also teaches their guidance classes. He helps the boys become acquainted with Fargo High and interests them in the clubs, sports, and other activities offered by the school. He is an important member of the Athletic Commission. In this organization he helps to determine who shall receive letters. In the absence of Mr. Tighe, he directs assemblies and acts as assistant principal. Mr. Bricker received his B. S. degree from James Millikan University. Forty-eight BOARD OF E CATIO NC Jw ps. SuA'ruiw: Mr. Rl1rloll'Orrcrscn. Mr. Norman G. Tcnncsun, Mr. H. H. Kirk, Mrs, -l. P. Simpson, Dr. H. Lundziy. SiANmNc:: Mr H. O. Anderson, Mrs. W. E. Brentzcl, Mr. Ralph M. Ivcrs, Mr. Aubrey S. Hook, Mr. Lester E. Smith, Mr, H. l. El!1il1QlCl'. The school hoard is Ll group of representatives elected h the eo vle t N 1 h S 5 y p 1 o supervise t e Fargo public schools P. T. A. OFFICERS 2 i 1 2 E Row 1'-Mrs. Whcdrun, council representative: Mr. Helgcson, president, Mrs. hlordheim, viccfpresidcntg Mrs. Lohsc, council representative. Row 2-Mr. Tighc, Mr. Mcrzmth, trczisurcr. Nor IN i-rerun: Mrs.Bull.1rL.l, secretary. The purpose of the PTA is to fosts z he ' h' b Ivfvml er 1 ctter ,irmouy etween the schools and the community. MAM FONNl.I'lli Psychology American History Adviser of Cynosure Bi' Weekly Business Staff B, A., M. A., University of North Dakota Mus. Vnauit BLACK Speech Dramatics B. A., Jamestown College GRANT E. Siviuri' Mathematics B. A., Ohio Wesleyan University KA'ruA1uNu Zaiumo Physical Education B. S., Moorhead State Teachers' College FACULTY milf Maui' C. Pruvrua Home Economics B. S., College ol St. Benedict LEON C. Soixtnm Music B. A., Luther College B. M., Concordia College M. M.. Northwestern University Mus. IJELLA C1llJ'I'lll1lkS Latin English B. A., Vassar College QAAJMNW s wil w I lliiffin- Fifzy Pnn.n' lloomiic History English Dehate Coach Adviser of Radio News Stall' li. A., Mayville State Teachers' College IJHNA Eiioanus English Asift Adviser ollllynosure Annual Literary Staff Counselor B. A., Concordia College .loim E. Howzxixu linglish journalism Adviser of Cynosure B11 Weekly Literary Staff I3, S.. M. A., University of North Dakota Manu' Nowfxrzxi Social Science American History B. A., University of North Dakota l"ijiy-.me Mower wi ,wif 5 Mas. HAiuuu1' TuoRNin' Physical Education B, S., Moorhead State Teachers' College P. E. Miciauson Supervisor of Physical Education Intramural Sports Swimming Coaching B. A., Morningside College EUNA HoNo1uA Annu: Social Science American History Counselor B. A., M. A., University ot' Minnesota RALPH H. Lei: Typing Shorthand B. S., St. Cloud State Teachers' College HENRY Rica Metal Shop Mechanical Drawing Coach B, S., Bradley Polytechnic Institute CHARLES METZROTli Chemistry B. A., St. Cloud State Teachers' College S THEODORE SRONNOED Wood Shop Mechanical Drawing Adviser of Cynosure Annual Business Staff B. A., Valley City State Teachers' College M. A., Montana State University Rica.-uw M. STILL Printing .wil . TUTRUD Fnglish I , fglsi of Cynosure Annual M, BCA., Mayville State FIX. J Teachers' College jon TE1E American History Social Science Ass't Coach B. A., Mayville State Teachers' College FRANCLS LIALVIN Bookkeeping Arithmetic B. S., University of North Dakota GLENN B. l'loRi.ocKEv. History Counselor B. A., University of South Dakota OTTO BERNHOET Chemistry Ass't Coach Intramural Sports B. A., Mayville State Teachers' College ARTHUR DRONEN iology Ass't Coach B. A., Concordia College Fifry-:wa BERNARD Lnolun Social Science Biology Physical Education Coach B. A., St. Olaf College M. A., University of Montzina 5324 -S- MRS. LILLIAN ANDERSON Bookkeeping B. S., University of North Dakota ALICE TIIKERT Biology Counselor B. S., North Dakota State College RAYMOND KRUEGER Commercial Law Salesmanship Director of Vocational Guidance and Research Cofordinator of Cofoperative Education Counselor Debate Adviser B, A., Ripon College IRENE R1sA Typing A 4 Secretarial Practice B. A., Valley City State Teachers' College Flflflhftt I RICHARD Vorn Biology B. S., St, Cloud State Teachers' College KATHRINE ROWLANDS Home Economics B. S., University of Wisconsin ARTHUR V. OLSON Physics B. S., North Dakota State College HARRY BRIDGEFORD Mathematics Coach B. S., North Dakota State College ROl.l.AND WIiEDON Art Minneapolis School of Art CHRISTINE M. POLLCCK Spanish M. A., University of Wisconsin MARY BETH STRAND English Dramatics B. A., Univers' of lily ,0 MM Mas. DAGMAR CARsTENs English B. A., M, A., University of Minnesota T. -I. VAVRINA French M. A., University of North Dakota and University of Paris MRS. BLANCHE MCGARRITX' Social Science Music B. S., University of Minnesota MRS. MARGARET HBI.PERTN' English B. A., Valley City State Teachers' College LAURA GRETZINGER Latin German Counselor B. A., University of North Dakota HERBERT EARHART Librarian B. S., University of Minnesota Fifrvffour If REPRESENTATIVE STUDENTS OF 1948 ROBERT PERSELLIN DORIS FEHR CL SS OFFICERS JUNIORS PAT iTRlTCHFlIfI.D Trrnxuvzr MARY ,IU MYERS Secretary jc HY MOE Vice-Prexuieu! RUIIFR FERCHO l'vm.lrnf SENIORS KURTH SANDERS Trmxmrr WANDA THOMPSON Srcrcmrv Ill IE 1.AWRENffIf Vxcr-Prrxilievxl JAMES HENDERS4 HN P:ru.Irnv Fnflvfscum SOPHOMORES Sl WL GOLDFINE Trmsnrcw' IUAN ROACTH l'vrxiJf'11l CAROL ,Il BRDHITI N1 Secretary HLENN SMITH V1frfl'1'r:i4Ir1ll Srmrrn: jerry Thonn, Nancy Herbison, Earl, Helgeson, Lois Firzluif, Cordon Badger, Iris Ross, ,lack Sraline. Smwnimaz Bob Zube. Doris Fi-hr. Peggv Armstrong. june Hagen. Rodney Fcrchu. Mrs Cmrhcrs. STUDENT COUNCIL The main project of the Student Council this year was to plan a driving instruction course. Under this program all seniors were given an opportunity to learn to drive or to improve their driving. The prof gram included lectures and movies arranged and scheduled by the Student Council and firsthand instruction in the new dualfcontrol car provided by Wallwork's. The program was concluded for the year with the state tests in April. Another project of the council was the football banquet, given at the end of the football season, to honor players, coaches, and managers. lt was at this banquet that the cofcaptains for next year's team were announced and that letters were given to the seniors who had earned them. In March they held a panel discussion on school life at the PTA meeting for the furtherance of better understanding between the students and their parents and teachers. All phases of student activity were discussed, including home work, allowance, and extra activities. To divine the future of the FHS basketball team, a group of council members became gypsy fortune' tellers and provided a lively pep assembly. The Student Council advanced democracy in school government another step this year by joining the National Association of Student Councils. Orricizas President ,..... ........ . . .Gordon Badger ViCC'PTCSidC71I. . . . . .Earl Helgeson Secretary, . , , . . .Lois Fitzloff Fifzyfnighc Row i Duckter, Eggum, Eielimiller, Thompson, Carlson, Heger, Moe, Quam, Kennedy, Peterson. Ilnw 1ffPersellin, Wehage, Ruud, Gnrtlhammer, Bowers, Tennesnn, Fitzlntf, McDonald, Lucas. Row 3' Kuhn, Henning, Hougrud. Mickelson, Bullard, Lawrence, Uttersen, Mrs. Crothers. Row 4 Gciszler, Armstrong, Moe, Piersall, McGill, Vance. Row q Osterdahl, Arskaug, Cordcr, Hill, Newman, Nelson, Whedon. Row fi li. Bullard, Toussaint, Thomas, Abrahamson, Stutrud, Stafne, Rulitfson. Wilner. llow 7 Mr. Tighe. Miss Tibert, Helgeson, Kurowski, Wachal, Lokkrn. Olson, Lees. Noi is i-ii'i'ivai': Colo, Dnnnan, NATIO AL HO OR SOCIETY The more observing students of Fargo High have noticed a small gold pin on a few of their fellow classmates, the inquisitive among us have asked, "Whzit's that pin and for what does it stand?" The wearers of these emblems have answered, "That's my National Honor pin". That's usually as fir as it goes. The wearer of this pin never points out the letters C S L S on the pin, or the flaming torch which is the embodif ment of all that the society means. The C stands for Character, showing that the privilege of wearing this pin is bestowed on only those that have wellfrounded personalities, the S is a symbol of Scholarship, signifying the intellectual ability of the person, the L is for Leadership, and the other S is for Service. That flaming torch signifies the desire of the bearer of the pin to carry forward the searching light of truthg to lead, that others may follow, to keep our school spirit and ambition high, and to serve. This pin tells his fellow students that the carrier belongs to a National organization and has been judged by a Riculty committee on Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character, that the student belongs to the upper third of his class scholastically and has exhibited these other requisites for membership. Approximately 15 per cent of the senior class and 5 per cent of the junior class can be selected. So the next time you see that gold torch on the National Honor pin, remember that the owner of it is a person of high quality who is not only to be looked up to and followed, but is also one from whom to seek assistance when in need. Miss Tibert and Mrs. Crothers are the advisers of this society. OFFICERS President .... . ....... . . .Earl Helgeson VicefPresidem. . . . . .janet Newman Secretary .... . . .Frances Piersall 'Treasurer . . . . .Bob Persellin lriflv ninr Row I--fCarlson, Armstrong, Henning, Eggum, Hunter, P. Herbison, Badger. Row zfAbelsnn, Kennedy, Gorthy, Ruud, Helgeson, Henderson, Lees, Lawrence. Row 3-Maxson, Tenneson, Fitzloff, Cole, Green, Persellin. Otterson. Row 4?MillSff0m, Fehr, N. Herbison, Lawrence, Nelson, Fossum, Rostad. Row q AHill, Lee, Cook. Heger, Schum. Zube. Row 6-Letofskyi, Rod Fercho, Sander, R. Palon, Tnussaint, D. Palon, Haetfncr, Strom. Row' 7---Mr. Bernhoft, Rug Fercho, Carnforth, Bayer, Kloubec, Mickelson, Rohs. Ni-slnn. Row 8-Arnold, jackson. Jester. Helgeson, Becker. Nor lN mcrunie: jack Stafnc, SPORTSMANSHIP CLUB The Sportsmanship Club, which was organized in February, 1928, revolves around the betterment of sports and general student activities. This club consists entirely of members who not only believe but also practice the square deal in the biggest of all gamesgthe game of life. Students from the junior and senior classes are elected by popular vote of the entire junior and senior classes. Not more than five per cent of the total number of high school students may become members of the organization. Elected as members of the Sportsmanship Club, the students must exemplify the high ideals of school life. Their code expresses these ideals: i'Keep the rules, keep faith with your comrades, keep your temperg keep yourself fitg keep a stout heart in defeat, keep your pride under a victory, keep a sound soul, a clean mind, and a healthy body, play the game." The purpose of the Sportsmanship Club is to recognize those students who are outstanding in their attitude of fair play in all situations. In this club true ideals of sportsmanship are upheld. Fargo High's Sportsmanship Club is a member of the National Sportsmanship Brotherhood. Mr.. Bernhoft is the adviser. Orricnns President ...... ........ . . ,Rudy Ottersen VicefPresident. . . ........ Jack Lees Secretary .,,... ...,,.,. D oris Fehr Treasurer. . , . .Peggy Armstrong Sixzy Row I'-'R05IBd, Persellin, Rod Fercho. Rng Fercho. Sander. Badger. Row zfLees, Cornforth, Bayer. Touesaint, Kluubee. Row 3-Mr. Bridgcford, Weikum, Nclsun, Iviickelson, Anderson, Mr. Tiglw. NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SGCIETY Membership in the National Athletic Scholarship Society is open to all boys who have maintained for three consecutive semesters an average above the general average of the schoolg who have won one letter in athletics, either interscholastic or intramuralg and who have shown exemplary types of citizenship and sportsmanship. The insignia of membership in this organization is a key, which is the same for all chapters throughout the country. The one meeting which the society holds every year is occupied with the election of officers. The purpose of the organization is to recognize the achievements of high school athletes. The boys of the National Athletic Scholarship Society are entertained at a banquet and dance held annually by the National Honor Society. OFFICERS President ....,. ,..,.... ...,,...., j a ck Lees VicefP1esident ...... . . .Maynard Toussaint Sec-retaryfT1easwrer .,,, .... R odney Fercho Sixty-unc Row i-Ardis Thompson, Eichmiller, Gorrhv, Wanda Thompson. Mikkclsen, Ruud, Eggum, Carsons, Row 2-'Ofl6g8fd, Gordhammer, Mickelson, Armstrong, Christensen, McGill, Edlund, Badger. Row 3-Fehr, Herbison, Arskaug. Piersall, Whedon, Newman, Persselin. Row 4fHagen, Carlson, Marschkc, Larson. Hill, Vance, Donnan, Wilner. Row 5fAnderson, Mr, Tighc, Otrerson, Stutrud, Becker, Wachal, Stafne. Mr. Howard. Q ILL AND SCROLL The International Honorary Society of high school journalists, known as Quill and Scroll, was founded in 1929. This organization is open to students who work on the publications of the school. Students working on the Cynosure BifWeekly and the Cynosure Annual may apply for membership in Quill and Scroll, provided that they meet the following requirements: they must be juniors or seniors, must rank in the upper third of their class scholastically, must be recommended by the adviser and the comf mittee on publications and approved by the national secretary, must have done superior work in some phase of journalistic or creative endeavor, and must have submitted a sample of their work for approval. A banquet, held every spring, highlights the club's activities. At the banquet the editors and the business staffs for the Cynosure BifWeekly and Cynosure Annual for the following year are announced. The adviser of Quill and Scroll is Mr. Howard, and Bob Wachtil is the president. Slatyftwu 1 BOARD or P BLICATION p ! Q u Suariznz Miss Fowler, Marlys Eichmillr-r, Eileen Donnan, Miss Eikcnes. S'rANniNu: Mr. Stutmd, Mr. Skonnord, ,lack Stafne, Bruce Wilncr. Mr. Howard, Mr. Still. Supervising the Cynosure Annual and the Cynosure BifWeekly is the main task of the Board of Puhlicaf tions. It appoints the editors and business managers of the paper and yearbook and approves all other members of the stalls. ATHLETIC COMMISSION Sunzn: Mr. STANDING: Eugene Don Kuhn. The Athletic Commission, consisting of a student representative from each class and of three faculty members, awards letters to the boys who, according to their judgment, are worthy of receiving letters. Suzy-zhrcc s 1 I 1- 5 I Row 1-Miss Carney, Nelson, Hoeger. Row 2-Twetten. Daley, Roen, Moe. Row 3-Hagen, Lysne, Anderson, Dietz. SISTOCRATIC LEAGUE All girls entering Fargo High School automatically become members of the Sistocratic League. Active membership is attained through the payment of the semester dues. The activities of the League are carried on by the Sistocratic Council, which consists of the officers and the members of various committees. Projects are undertaken by the different groups. The following committees take part in the various duties around the school and in the community: BigfSister, Scholarship, Art, Friendly, Service, and Mamf bership. During the Christmas season the League sponsored a drive to obtain clothing, food, and toys which were given to three needy families. The League also sponsored a getfacquainted party for the incoming sophomore girls and several other inf formal parties during the year. The purpose of this organization is to further good feelings and friendly relations among the girls of Fargo High School. Miss Carney, dean of girls, supervises the Sistocratic League. Orricsxs President ....... ........... .... W i nona Anderson VicefPresident .... .... M ary Carol Twetten Secretary ..... ,.,. M ary Ellen Moe Treasurer. . , ...... Dolores Dietz Sixty-fam Suxnyffivc Row I--MIS. Carstena, Olson, Carson, Eichmiller, Velline, Paris, Marschke, Akre, McNeilly. Row 2-Larson, Podoll, Paualon, Lohse, Gilligan, Hill, Averson. 4 KENT CLUB The Kent Literary Society is the oldest and one of the most honored societies in Fargo High School. Although the club now has a lower enrollment than formerly, it is still carrying on its usual activities. A program consisting of readings, skits, reports, and musical numbers, both vocal and instrumental, is given at each meeting. The Kents are trained in public speaking and in parliamentary procedure. The Kent Kan, an annual made up of Kent stories, poems, essays, and art work, is still a prominent project of the club. A new Kent feature which is very popular is the serving of refreshments at each meeting. The adviser of this society is Mrs. Carstens. Orricsas President ...... .......... . . .Gloria Larson VicefP'residc11t. . . ....... Pat Akre Secretary ..... ..... P ansy Averson Treasurer .... .... A udrey Velline Suzy-six Row Row Row Row 4 Larsom, Row 5 fTh0m.is, PHOSTERIAN CLUB The Phosterian Club, one of the literary societies in Fargo High School, has as its objective the training of its members in public speaking, music, and parliamentary practice. This literary society, under the guidance of Miss Strand, has once again completed a busy year. This year's schedule held a great deal of variety. Programs consisting of the study of parliamentary procedure, a quiz program, several plays, and many musical numbers were presented throughout the year. The club members were entertained several times by the antics of Bob Persellin and Dick Kloubec, at the piano. Other main features of the club are the formal initiation held at the beginning of the year, at which time new members are received, and an annual picnic held in the spring. "Sauce for the Goslingsf' a play about the youth of today, was presented at the February meeting, much to the amusement of everyone. The club boasts a membership of thirty students, of which there is almost an equal number of boys and girls. The rules of the club require everyone to participate in at least one program each semester. This gives each member a chance to share in the work and fun of the society. OFFICERS President ...... .......... . . .Bob Wachal VicefPresident. . . ....... Bill Arnold Secretary ..... . . .Marlene Severtson Treasurer. . . . . .Eileen Donnan Sixty-seven Row 1-Baird, Anderson, Nelson, Chriatenson, Hanson, Erickson, Piersall, Tenneson, Hulcbak. Thorstensen, Thompson. Ames, Klein. Row a-llzir. Rognlie, Torkelson, McKenzie, Eininger, johnson, Herbst, Palon, Helgeson, Tornbom, Severtson, Shafre, McGill, Mr. rueger. DEBATE CLUB Debate, the sport of matching wits and words, has helped prepare many of our men and women for success on the many walks of life. Debate, like any other sport, demands thorough preparation. Exhaustive research is a necessary part of debate preparation. After the debate candidate has established a full knowledge of the subject, the stu' dent must learn how to debate through continuous practice. When the team is prepared on both sides of the question,debates are scheduled with other schools and the season is well under Way. The members debated with teams from St. James Academy of Grand Forks, Moorhead High School, M.S.T.C. High School, and Valley City here. They also attended debates at Moorhead High School, Concordia TrifState, and Jamestown College. This club is under the leadership of Mr. Krueger and Mr. Rognlie. OFFICERS Captain ...,.. ........... .... M a rgaret Eininger VicefCaptain .... ..... Ea rl Helgeson Secretary .... . . .Frances Piersall Sissy-eight l l Row I'-POWEIB, Thompson, Nordlanil, Croal, Sether, Bullard, Smith. Row zelviickelson, Gordhammer, Windom. Bolmeier, Holmes, Herbison, Cole. Malstrom. Row 3'-Hagen, Armstrong, Tix, Peterson, Whedon, Fehr, Smith, Miller. Row 4-Urke, Eiile. Williams, Newman, Brunsvold, Sheppard. Erickson. Ilmv e- - Harrison. Wrighr, Grirchfirlil. Ure:-n, Palon, H--rbsr, Danirflsnn, Mr Vzivrini TRI POLITA CL B The Tripolitans have loads of fun at their meetings. Mr. Vavrina, the adviser, always keeps them occupied. This club has a threefold purpose: to promote an interest in Germany, France, and Spain, and become better acquainted with their peopleg to learn of the points of scenic, historic, and artistic interest in these countries, and to discuss international current events. The principal activities of the club consist of skits, songs, musical numbers, dances, games, reports, exhibits, travel talks, and iilms depicting scenes in the foreign countries concerned. The members of the club endeavor to acquaint themselves as much as possible with the countries which they have not as yet been able to visit. Tripolitans are very proud of their blue and gold banner that they drape over their door at each meeting. A party is held at Christmas and a picnic in the spring. Those who have had one semester, or more, of either French, Spanish, or German, are eligible to join. The meetings are conducted in English. OFFICERS President ...... ........ . . .David Green VicefPresident. . A ....... Doris Fehr Secretary ..... . .Peggy Armstrong Treasurer. . . . . .Marilyn Cole Clerk .... . . 'janet Newman Sixty-ruin: Row I-Klein, Peterson, Woodworth, Quarn, Burke, Edlund, Moe, Hunter, P. Herhisnn, Kennedv. Row 2-Fleck, Cohen, Bolton, Hanson, Houlrom, Schneider, Holly, Myers, Sleeper. Row 3-Haakenstad, Thompson, J. johnson, Lerud, Wolbert, Snyder, Heger, Schum, Hamilton. Row 4-Kuhn, Osterdahl, Cole, Christensen, Abelson, W, Thompson. Gorthy, Anderson. Row 7-Lawrence, Twetten, Baird, Hughes, Hamm, Brown, johnson, Dahlin. Row 6-A. Anderson, Sander, Tenneson, Graber, Martin, N, Leversnn, Ruliffson. Row 7-Mrs, Black, Schroeder, Mickelson, Palnn HARLEQUI CLUB To promote an interest in the production of plays, to furnish a medium of dramatic expression, and to gain knowledge of dramas are the aims and purposes of the Harlequin Society. This dramatic club was or' ganized in rozo. Through the programs the group tries to have each member participate by reporting on a playwright, reviewing an outstanding play, summarizing current drama news, or acting and producing plays. The outstanding program was the presentation of "Why the Chimes Rang", by Elizabeth McFadden. This onefact Christmas play, directed by the adviser, Mrs. Black, was presented in the auditorium for the student body. The second semester the onefact play, "Antic Spring," by Robert Nail, was given by the Harlequin Club. This club welcomes as members those students who are seriously interested in developing dramatic talent, in studying the production of plays, and in learning about the theater. Orricnas President .... ....,... ...... R a y Palon VicefPresident. . . , . .Byron Lawrence Secretary .... . . .Aileen Abelson Treasurer. . . ,... Patricia Kennedy Seventy Rnw I Gnhdes, Vick, Meinke. Bechtel, Christian. Bergren. Row 1 - Mr. Lee. Redmann. Henning, Roach, Dietz. Altringer. Row 3 -'Tronset, Hirsch, Harker, Aamndt, Canning, Olsen, Rnw 4 Picnrte. Puckering, Hans, Hagen, lrversnn, Skit-lser THESPIAN CLUB Under the leadership of their new adviser, Mr. Lee, the Thespian Club members have spent a profit' able and enjoyable year. Because the Thespian Club is in reality a junior Harlequin club, much of the time is spent in preparing the members for Harlequin. The purposes of this drama organization are to furnish an opportunity for dramatic expression in high school students, to encourage interest in worthy plays, and to gain some knowledge of the theatre of the past and of the present. During the first semester simple readings were the main topic of interest. The second semester found the members focusing their attention on short plays. For this project the club was divided into several groups which took turns presenting short plays. In this manner everyone had a chance to participate in the presentation of at least one play. Q A Christmas party was held at the December meeting, at which time a Christmas play was presented and refreshments were served. This club welcomes as members only those students who are seriously interested in developing dramatic talent, in studying the production of plays, and in learning about the theater. The club membership is limited to forty students. OFFICERS President ........ .....,... .... P h yllis Hans VicefPresident ..... .... D olores Dietz Secvetavyffreasitver. . . .... Lois Barker Seventy-one Row r-Burfening, Hagen, Gronland, Weed, Bayley, Burke, Nelson. Row 1-Challey, jones, Odegard, C. jones, Wentz, Olson, Hay. Row 3-Webster, Torkelson, Hanson, Swinland, Brown, Gallagher, Schafre. Ziner. Row 4-Chemich, Ble en, Abrahamson, Muir, Persselin. Schmidt. Row 1-Goldfine. Leclgner. Strom, Bullard, Mr. Olson, PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB In the dark interior of the room adjoining 9.04, many strange things are developing. You guessed it! That's where the Photography Club holds its meetings. The purpose of this club is to develop an interest in all phases of photography. Besides learning how to take portraits and scenery pictures, these camera fans are also taught how to develop negatives and print their own pictures. If the meeting is held indoors, the members often give talks or demonstrations on various subjects of interest to photographers. However, many of the meetings are in the form of field trips. On these excursions the members snap pictures of anything and everything which catches their eye. After developing these photos, their proud owners may enter them in a special Black and White Photo contest, sponsored by the club. The best entries will then be sent to the National Photography contest. Cameras aren't the only necessary items at the Photography Club meetings, refreshments are also a "must". This club, under the guidance of Mr. Olson, is open to anyone who wishes to make photography his profession or who enjoys snapping pictures for fun. At the December meeting a Christmas party was held with the Science Club, at which time movies were shown. OFFICERS President ...... ........... .... E l izabeth Jones VicefPreside'nt .... ....., C lara Gallagher Secretary ..... ..... H enrietta Burfening Treasurer. . . .... Charles Abrahamson Swenrymwo Row r--Nelson, Zimmerman. Tryhus. Lien. Erickson. Mr. Merzrorh. Row zfLynch, Thomas, jallen. Heltemes. RADIO CLUB The Radio Club is one of our newest organizations. It is open to all those whose hobby is radio. The members study electrical and radio fundamentals, the international Morse code, the information required for gaining amateur licenses, and elementary radio repair. The club has bought several surplus war radios, and the members are learning how to repair them. Mr. Metzroth is the adviser of this club, which meets twice a month. The members hope that Fargo High School will have its own radio station in the near future. OFFICERS President ...... ......,. .,.. Bo b Heltemes VicefPresident ..... ......... G ale Jallen Secretary-Treasurer. . . .... Arlen Zimmerman Sevcntrthvu f BACK now-Corder, Baron, Lokken, Olson, Patterson. Mmms now-Melland, Sherwood, Lundhagen, Hemphill. Fnorrr now---'Mr, Voth, Whedon, Sznmders. SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club, under the direction of Mr. Voth, consists of students who are interested in a better understanding and appreciation of the importance of science in modern life. This year the club was divided into several different committees. Each group chose a project which was its work for the year. In this manner several different investigations were carried on at the same time, and each member received additional information from his fellow students on research other than his own. The club also boasts the maintenance of the wildflife displays which have been seen in the halls of Fargo High School. These displays, which provide an excellent way to interest others in 'the wonders of nature, are changed every two weeks, if possible. The purpose of the Science Club is to create in its members an active and intelligent interest in natural phenomena, thereby leading them to scientihc investigation. Besides hard work this nationallyfaffiliated organization holds a Christmas party and a spring picnic each year. At the Christmas party Science Club usually plays host to another school club. At the spring picnic it joins with several other clubs for fun and refreshments. Orrrcnns President ....... ......... .... R o nald Lundhagen VicefP'resident .... ........ L loyd Olsen Secretary ..... ...... S tan Lokken Treasurer. . . .... Eldon Hemphill Seventy-four Row 1-Gloegfi K. Fugle, Myers. Ilnw 2-Mr. hedon, A. Fugle, Thistlewaite, Slmglund. ART CLUB The Palette Club, or Art Club as it is more commonly called, is an organization for all future artists. Whether you are seriously interested in art or just like to dabble in water colors, you have a place in this club. The first few meetings of the year were occupied with the election of officers and the selecting of club pins. With the formal business out of the way, the members were free to begin their work. This year's projects have included clay modeling, pencil sketching, and the designing and shellacking of paper plates. During the Christmas season Christmas cards were made. Although the club membership is smaller this year than ever before, the good times enjoyed by the members are not lessened. This is one club in which everyone has fun while he works. The object of the club is not only for one to study art in whatever form chosen for thc year, but also for each member to perform the work to the best of his ability. The colors of the Palette Club are blue for truth and gold for goodness. Mr. Whedon, art teacher at Fargo High School, is the adviser. OFFICERS President ...... ............ .... H e len Thistlewaite VicefP1-esident ...... .,.. B everly Thorstensen Secreraryffveasurer ..,. .......... A rlis Fugle Seuentirfiw Row r-Behlmer, Hoyum, Cote, Lien, Palmer, Mahar, Ohnstad, Tarnaslry, Ulvan. Miller. Row 2-Miss Pfelfer, Otterstetter, Moen, Anderson, Gebeke. Keller, Crossley, Moe, Gorder, Wilson. EUTHENICS CLUB The Euthenics Club is aiiliated with the State and National Future Homemakers. which is a national organization with a membership of 217,000 girls in junior and senior high schools of the United States, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. Cnly three years old, it will hold its first national convention in Kansas City next summer. Its purpose is to promote better home life for everybody. Activities develop leadership in chapter members, as well as understanding and appreciation of family life problems. National FHA week was November zf8. In addition to performing the traditional duty of polishing the trophies in the front hall case, the mem' bers went on field trips, had guest speakers at their meetings, and sent boxes of food and clothing to the needy people overseas. They also contributed to the Red Cross and Cancer funds. A rummage sale was held as their moneyfmaking project. They attended rallies at Casselton and Wahpeton. Euthentics had a Christmas party during the holiday season, and in February a valentine party. Their annual spring picnic was held in May. Representatives were sent to the State Convention at the NDAC, May 1315. The adviser of the club is Miss Pfeffer. Onions President ...... ........,.... ..... M a ry Ellen Moe VicefPresident .... .......... . . .Lillian Tarnasky Secretary ....... ..... M axine Crossley Treasurer .... ........ A nn Ulvan Seumcy-:iz Row 1-Behlmer, Malstrorn, Kerr, Rutland, Roach, Powers, Landeck, Holly, Moe. Row 2-Levcrson. Nystrom, Hagen, Homicke, Hill, Ashley, Hughes, Houkom, Long. Row 3-Thompson, Anderson, Herbison, Armstrong, jones, Christensen, Fehr, Badger. Row 4-Larson, Polis, Bowers, Roen, Wolbert. Snyder, Hoeger, Thompson. Lien, Grindahl. Row 5-Miss Nowatzki, Anderson, Henning, M. Lien, Daley, D. Thompson. johnson, Lohse, Paulson, McKenzie, Severtson, Fcnsrad. Row 6-Weikum, johnson, Otterson, Osterdahl, Lcrud, Muir, Ewy, Wachal. RED CROSS CLUB A pupil may become a member of the junior Red Cross upon subscribing his name to the membership roll in November, thus indicating that he is actively interested in the junior Red Cross program. A Red Cross Council, which carries on a local service program as well as a national and international program, is composed of one representative from every fourthfhour class. The council began its work this year by preparing material for the enrollment of all Fargo schools. During the junior Red Cross Fund drive, tvvofhundred and sixty dollars was collected, of which two' hundred dollars was sent to the National Children's Fund. These voluntary contributions help the needy children of warftorn countries and supply them with food, clothing, and medicine. In December the Junior Red Cross filled seventyfsix gift boxes for needy children of foreign lands. The council also made onefhundred Christmas favors for the Veterans' Hospital. Paper and clothing drives were conducted during the year. The Junior Red Cross is a nonfpront organization interested in serving those who are in need and in helping to create greater friendship, love, and understanding among the children of the world. The Red Cross Council is under the supervision of Miss Nowatzki. OFFICERS President .... ............ .,.. B e verly Henning VicefPresider1t. . . . . .Gertrude Hoeger Treasurer ..... .... M el Weikum Secretary. . . . . .Lorelei Bowers Seventy-men Row 1- -Qizam, jordheim. Rutland. Herbison. Hunter, Klein, Miss Risa. Row zsrloeger, Lancaster, Lee, Abelson, Myers, N. Herbison. PEP CLUB The Pep Club is an organization whose membership is open to all girls of the high school. This club fosters the highest ideals of school loyalty and promotes a wholesome, enthusiastic school spirit. This loyalty is expressed by attendance at games, by presenting 'iPep" assemblies, and by extending hospitality to visiting teams. At theiclose of the football season, in recognition of the loyalty and sportmanship displayed by the members of the teams, the club, with the cooperation of the student council, entertains at a dinner and a dance. Members of the teams, with the coaches and other school officials, are guests of honor. The projects of the Pep Club are planned by the oilicers of the club and the Pep Club Council. This club, which has been known for its excellent activities, is under the leadership of Miss Risa. OFFICERS President ...,.. .....,... ..., D 0 nna Lee VicefP'resident ..., ,... P auline Quam SECTCIGTYFI-TCHSUTCT. . . .... Carolyn Schum Seventy-eight bcvcmy-mn: FOOTBALL Rated at the close of the season as being one of the state's most improved squads, the Midget gridmen had a 1947 season's record of two wins, one tie, and Hve losses. Coach Harry Bridgeford and Assistant Coaches Art Dronen and Joe Teie built the team around four returning lettermen: cofcaptains, Gordy Badger and Bob Perselling Mel Weikumg and Ted Bayer. The season opened on September I2 with our opponent being Sacred Heart Academy. With Dave Pease scoring in the first quarter, the Deacons held Fargo until the fourth quarter, when Tom Mickelson grabbed a touchdown pass to tie. the score 6-6. Pease then squirmed zo yards for the Deacon's second touch' down and the winning margin. A belated Midget drive fell I2 yards short of scoring territory as the final gun sounded. At Fergus Falls on September 19, the Fargo squad received its second defeat at the hands of a scrappy Otter team. Led by Bill Foss and Bob Hotchkiss, who each scored a touchdown, the Otters blanked the Midgets I3 to o. Keith Johnson scored the extra point. September 26, at Moorhead, with the first quarter scarcely under way, Fargo scored a touchdown on a pass from Maynard Toussaint to Tom Mickelson, and Moorhead retaliated the same quarter on a Glen Souers to Ken Brewster pass play. Souers then kicked the extra point to make the score 7 to 6 in Moorhead's favor. The next three quarters were scoreless for both teams, as neither squad was able to capitalize on the other's mistakes. Fargo's first win came at the expense of Valley City on their own field on October 3. In the second quarter, Valley City loosed a passing attack which paved the way for Taylor to score their lone tally. Fargo scored in the second quarter on a pass from Gordy Badger to Jack Lees to knot the score at 6H6. In the fourth quarter Mel Weikum plunged over from the twofyard line to set Fargo ahead I2 to 6 and give the Midgets their first victory. Grand Forks gave Fargo its worst defeat of the year on October ro. With fullback Lloyd Hallada scoring in the first and third quarters, and kicking both extra pointsg Bob Wood scoring on a passfintercepf tiong and Jerry Schue racing into paydirt in the fourth quarter, the game ended with the score 26 to o in favor of the Redskins. Fargo's line outplayed Grand Forks but was unable to stop the powerful backfield. Playing Moorhead on our field on October 17, the Midgets gained revenge as they won zo to 6. Neither team scored in the first quarter. In the second quarter Fargo scored twice on passes to end Roger Fercho, with Jack Lees kicking the extra point. The Spuds scored their only counter this period on a running play by Glen Souers to make the halftime score I3 to 6. The second half was closer with the only scoring being Mel Weikum's touchdown in the fourth quarter and Bill Jackson's point after the touchdown. The final score was Fargo zo, Moorhead 6. Rallying in the fourth quarter, the mighty Midgets turned back a certain defeat and ended in a 1313 tie at the Fargo stadium in a battle with Wahpeton on October 21. Wahpeton scored its two touchdowns in the second quarter on passes by Flaa and Jim Lauder to halfback Bob Voves. Fullback Gary Carr passed to Jack Simonitch for the extra point. With neither team able to score in the third quarter, the game seemed won for the Wops until Rodney Fercho, substitute Midget center, intercepted a pass to set the way for Fargo's first touchdown, a pass from Maynard Toussaint to Roger Fercho. Jack Lees kicked the extra point. A few minutes later Jack Lees raced across to tie the score at I5-13. Lee's drop kick was disputed by the officials, who finally ruled it a little wide of the mark. The Hnal game of the season was held on October 51, with the Midgets playing host to the Jamestown BluefJays. Fargo was held scoreless throughout the contest, while Jamestown drove 80 yards to set up a touchdown by fullback Win Hazielton in the sceond quarter. With but 30 seconds remaining in the game, halfback Jack Burke raced 35 yards to score for the BluefJays. Hazelton's kick was good and the game ended with Jamestown leading I3 to o. Twentyftwo players received their letters at the football banquet, and Maynard Toussaint and Mel Weikum were elected cofcaptains for the 1949 season. Bill Jackson, zzofpound Midget tackle, was named to the Al1fState and AllfMinnfKota football squads. There will be twelve returning lettermen. Eighty FOOTB LL FIRST SQUA .M .. ,. A Q in .. A.. Ruw 1 ' fTm1ss.xinr. Roger Frrcho, Cooke, J. Lees, Schroeder. Rostad, Nelson, Burgess. Tollcfson. Row 2-' -Ass'L Coach Tcic, MlCkCySQlI1, Corntnrth, Bnysr, Mnrkey. jackson, Weikum. Anderson, B.uughxn.m, Rodney Fercho, Ass't Coach Dmnen. lluw 3 -Pcusc, Kuhn, Prrscllin, Sanndcr, Kluulvcc, Couch Brldgcturd, Gurthy, H.nctinc1', Ruud. Baron. RESER E SQUAD lgxghiyfunu Row 1f!Hcllv:, D. Lees, Collins, johnson, Krueger. McDonald, Carlson, Knppang. Row 2 4Cnnch Bernhoft Kemmcr, Sghocler, Stcnsgnrd, Critchficld, Brown, Blegcn, Wrlghr, Evcnson, Ass't Couch Rica. Row 3 B, Stzxlcup, Brunskill, Uoldhnc, Mark, Thom, Bullard, Oliver, R. Pulon. Q GORDON BADGER ALLAN BARON HAL F B ACK CCPCADTAIN HALFJESACK JRE QEY ANDERSON E N D JACK J ESTER END TOM CORNFORTH END Amo HALFBACK BALL J ACKSON FULLBACK AND TAc.Kn.e MAYNARDTOU SSAQNI QUARTE RBACKQ MELWEWQUM FULLBAQK - TACK 'E W' M, PETE M AR K EY TACKLE. RODNEY FERCHO CENTER FRAN KBAYE Fi TACKLE W-,Qfyx . 5 J AC K Lu E. ES , . TO M rUARTERBALR - HALFBACK .V b.::.b l v " MQCKELSON D E L C O O KE HALF BACK QUART EFZESACPK ' if T ED P E AS E HALF BACK RONALD BURGE55 EN D tri .IX f I iii? ' x D! R LOUBEC, BOB DERSELUN CENTER- Co-cAprAm KURTH SANDER GUARD GUARD BASKETBALL With three returning lettermen ACaptain Jack Jester, Rodney Fercho, and Roger Fercho -ee-Fargo's Midgets, coached by Henry Rice in his nineteenth year as head basketball mentor, finished the season with a record of eleven wins and twelve losses. Opening the season on their home court, the Midgets lost to Detroit Lakes, 35 to 25, on November 26, and on December 5 they were tipped by Breckenridge, S7 to 37. In the first tilt with our crossfcity rival, Moorhead, on December 12, the Spuds overcame an 1 1 point halfftime lead to nip Fargo, 35 to 33, on Moor' head's court. Beginning with a 45 to 31 win over Mandan, at Fargo, on December 13, the mighty Midgets prof ceeded alternately to win and lose their next fourteen games. After losing to Fergus Falls, S4 to 36, the team traveled to Breckenridge for the Red River Valley cage tournament where, on December 29, they nipped Moorhead in an overtime battle, 47 to 43, with a brilliant display of marksmanship by Rodney Fercho, who hooped in 23 points. In the championship battle with Breckenridge the following evening, Fargo ended up on the short end of a 40 to 36 score. January 2, on the A. C. court, the Midgets trimmed Sacred Heart Academy, 48 to 39, with Rod Fercho leading thetway with 21 points. At Valley City, on January 9, the HifLiners stopped them 49 to 35. With a SI to 40 victory over Fergus Falls on January io, the Midgets won their first MinnfKota Conference game. Roger Fercho topped the scoring with 23 points. Hitting the road, the Midgets were trounced, on January 16, by Minot, 55 to 35, and overwhelmed St. Leo's of Minot on the following evening, 55 to 23, with a wellfbalanced attack led by Rod Fercho with 16 points, Roger Fercho with 14, and Jack Jester with 12. Despite Rod Fercho's 22 points, the Wops triumphed, on January 23, over Fargo High, 60 to 46, at Wahpeton. Returning to their home court on January 24, the Midgets trounced Jamestown, 60 to 44, with Rod Fercho again leading the scoring with 22 markers. On January 30, the squad traveled to Grand Forks and was defeated, 41 to 34, by the defending state champions. With Rod Fercho hitting his season's high of 24 points, the Midgets slammed a 48 to 27 defeat on the Deacons of Saored,'Heart Academy, on February 6. On February I3 the highlyfrated Valley City squad came to town and lived up to their reputation as they whipped the Midgets, 60 to 47, with their stellar center, Bill Galloway, swishing the nets for 31 points. Although rated as decided underdogs, the unpredictable Midgets upset Wahpeton on February 18. S2 to 46, on the Fargo High court, and on February 21, again pulled an upset by trimming Breckenridge on their home court, 46 to 42. Rod Fercho topped the score sheet with 20 points. In the last preftournament game on February 28, the Midgets disappointed the fans by losing to Moor' head on the Fargo court, 42 to 27. In the Eastern Divisional Tournament, Fargo was paired with Devils Lake in the opening round and was edged, 34 to 31. The Midgets then returned to stride by walloping Grafton 56 to 21 and in an over' time setfto, squeezed by Sacred Heart Academy, 37 to 35, to win the consolation crown. The lettermen for 1948 were Lees, Jester, Rohs, Rod Fercho, Rog Fercho, Toussaint, Rostad, Nelson, Cornforth, and Nehowig. Rodney Fercho, who finished the season with 335 points in 23 games for an average of 14.5 points per game, was second in scoring in the MinnfKota Conference with 135 points, and third in Class A competition with 198 points. He was named to the mythical AllfCity, AllfEastern Divisional, All'MinnfKota, and A1lfState squads. Jack Jester was named to the AllfCity squad and received honorable mention on the All' MinnfKota selection. . Eighty-four FIRST SQU Row 1-Nehowig, J. Lees. Roger Ferchn. Jester, Rodney Fercho, Toussaint, Rnsrad. R1 xw 'z--Ass't. Conch Tcir. Corntbrth, Burgess, Rohs, Nelson, Benshoof. Manzlger Cleary, Conch Ricr. RESERVE SQUA 3 ? w lflpLhlY'li1:r E Raw x--Jforder. Gn-en. D. Lees. Brown, Smith. R-nv 1- 'Conch Legrid, Thom, Moen, Anderson, D. Nrlsnn, Friedman, Stein. MAYNARU 'TOUSSAINT' Q , 9' . H E ' LOWELL ROHS 2? X ig .xg he Us xg 95 Q' J AC K L. E E S 4 Q 5?QQ -QfV.' Q jf, Xi,-M Q 4 . W , . ,, 83352 4'f ll ,S ,, ' 1 ffl! if J . , jfX?.1. A A v , 'lv . as 42 , ,. DON NEHOWIG ,,,. 2 I W W fees! ,.'.., 1-1" 2 f ' E Q 5 , if .I 4-. ,,::-1 Wx, gf! 2 Qgh 63M 'zi' '::2.ZEI. - 5 ' '2" -D T, RODNEY Ffylfg JACPS FERCH0 J E STEP? RODNEY NELSON Q - 32-"rg V. Q . . 5 3 ' A X M ian' Q x X ,XF 93 5 1 if 5 4 2 4 ,ga 11-2 Hifi ROGER FEQCHO JERRY BENSHOOF E 'E E Row 1 ffMan.1ger Chermcli, Jensen. Grohe, Zimmerman. Stensgard. Feste, Alverson, Mickelson. Haelfnvr. Kuhn, Ruud. Remmr. Cum' i I. 1 Fi . ch M 'krls vn HCCKEY . 1 The hockey team, coached by P. E. Mickelson, opened its season on Januaryo fighting its traditional rivals, Sacred Heart Academy, who were defeated 3 to 2 on the Island Park rink. X' ' I On January 24 the team traveled to Crookston, Minnesota, and was blanked fs to o by an older and more' experienced Crookston Cathedral High School team. I' A In a twofgame series with Jamestown High School, the Midgets won both games, trouncing them Tfl, to o in Fargo on January go, and winning again on February 14, 7 to 2, at Jamestown. February I7 found the Fargo team in another battle with Sacred Heart Academy, who was defeated a second time, 9 to 1. Despite stormy weather on February 21, the Crookston Cathedral team played in Fargo and whipped a stubborn Midget team 4 to 2. ' - The final game of the season was another encounter with Sacred Heart Academy with the Midgets taking their third victory over the Deacons, 4 to 2. Fargo outscored its opponents, 7,8 to 16. Dick Ruud led in goals with 1o, followed by Tom Mickelson with 8, Gordon Stensgard with 41 Paul Kuhn, Arlen Zimmerman, and Keith Remme with 3, Bruce Feste, Vance Cummings, and Jim Grobe with 2, and Fred Haeffner with 1. Tom Mickelson was high with 8 assists, Keith Remme followed with 6, Dick Ruud with 41 Gilman Alverson with 3, Jim Jensen, Paul Kuhn, and Arlen Zimmerman with 2, and Fred Haeffner with 1. mngs, arsmn, .11 it 1 . Row 2 Running, Holman, Kemmvr. Fargo versus Sacred Heart Arademy Eighzyarighz Bill Schwader. shovput Chuck Shure, peutarhlon Y miuv Uutersen, halhmilc TRACK Entering in six meets during the 1947 track season, the Midget track team won their Hrst meet on April 26, the Valley City Triangular Meet, by garnering 4891 points to Valley City's 482451 and jainestown's 35. Going to Breckenridge on May 7, for the MinnfKota Conference Meet, the team earned sixth place with ig, points. Breckenridge won the meet with SM points. The next meet in which Fargo High participated was the eighth annual Otter Relays, which was held in Fergus Falls on May io. Bismarck walked away with the trophy with 61 points. Fargo placed thirteenth with 224 points. The seventh annual Elks Invitational Meet was held on May I7 at Devils Lake. Fargo tied with Grand Forks and Harvey for fifth place with 8 points. The Midgets retained their District Track title by edging Wahpeton, 40M to 39, in a meet held May 24 in conjunction with the North Dakota Intercollegiate Meet on Dakota Field. Six n1ei1-Wayne Hemp' hill, Jens Tennefos, Vic Henning, Jack Lees, Rudy Ottersen, and Bill Schwaderequalihed for the state meet on June 1, which was won by Bismarck with 38M points. Fargo placed fourth on firsts by Wayne Hemphill in the high hurdles and Chuck Shure, who set a new state record in the pentathlon. Jens Tennefos gathered his point on a fourth in the low hurdles to bring Fargo's scoring to ii. Five members of the squad received their letters---HVJayne Hemphill, Vic Henning, Chuck Shure, Marshall Moore, and Jens Tennefos. .lack Lees was elected captain for the 1948 season. ,lack Lees, high jump Marshall Moore, Viv Henning, Wayne Hemphill, lens Tennefos, letrerni n l"ugh1v'ninf BOYS' INTRAMURAL SPORTS GYM TEAM G. A. C. SPORTS 6 X I jrgjfj grjka ' Co CHIZS 31 - ,' r- - . E f Fnmxr Row: Mr. Mxukelsvm, Heml Hu-tkrv :xml Gym Cnachg Mr. Ll-grill. Reserve Rlslwrlmll C-mrhg Mr. Rirv, Haul Baskctlmll .md Gulf Coach. Ihwlc Row: Mr. Teie, Ass't. Basketball and Football Cmlihg Mr. Bemhoft, Ass'f, Fonrhnll nml Gvm Cuzwhg Mr Ilrillgvfnnl, Hvml limi' Ixall :un-I Trnvk Gmrlxg Mr. Drone-n, Ass'r, Ffvvrhnll nml 'Track !Tu,wI1, A l C A P I A I S CU nl un Bul Nl' :ml Ilulw Pvrsvllln, I"u+vrIw,ull Ilmvff.mr.nnsg I,u'k Irsfvr, I'IamIwtImII Clzmrzvlng Lark Imrs, Tm.-k flanrzung Dlrk Iiuull, Hnck--v .I I . gg . fluntzlin, Ninrty-nun CHEERLILADERS l Row I Koelilcl. Malsliivni, Rim 2 Scliiiin,Kilppit'l1. Heltgcsiin, Mekiill. Rim 3 Helqi-sim, Knutson. Hcmlersiin.. l,.iwiemi. Leading us m singing and cheering at all our pep assemhlies and games, the cheerleaders deserve .i hearty "Thanks" from all of us. This year, for the lirst time, they were ahly assisted hy the girl songfleaders who, through their many formations and colorful costuming,gavc an extra lift to the traditional school songs. "Hats ollq' to them lor a joh well done. I C ' i C p 4 0 n lliixx' 1 lllvan, Al, lrlagcli, Setlwl, M. Hagen. llulland, Olsen, lvivers, l'ladsiun, Tlii-mpsim. Kim' 1 limirisiin, l"il:.loH, Christiansen, Altrinper, Cote. l.ysne. lones, Bl1l'iVCIllI1L.I, Hagen. Rim' 3 Nelsiwn,l'ie1sall, B. H.lyLCf1,PCfCY5UIl. Danielson, Garske. Bowers, llixw 4 llimlliainrner, Swinlaml, Fortney, Williams, Henning, Olson, Burke, Bayley. Row 5 Severrson, Wells, Norcross, johnson, Hneger, Graber, Larson, Eitle, Utke, Slqelsri, B earnin at least zoo uoints in s uorts such as haskethall volle hall hikin f, skatin , skim , hic clin , , , , E, swimming, and softhall, a girl may hecome an honorary member ofthe Girls' Athletic Cluh. Wheiu she has earned goo points, she becomes an active member and is eligihle for further awards, which are as follows: looo points, a letter: isoo points, a silver ping zooo points, a stripe, zsoo points, an arm hand, and 3ooo points, a second stripe. Miss Zarling is the adviser of the group, .uid Ardis Thompson is the president. Ninety-unc: RESERVE BASKETBALL With a squad composed of mostly sophomores, Coach "Bernie" Legrid produced a team which finished the season with a record of 9 wins and 9 losses. With the experience gained in these games the members assure the varsity of good material for the coming seasons. David Green led the scoring with a total of 276 points for an average of 15.33 points per game, with Norman Moen being the next highest scorer with 8 points for the season. November 25-Detroit Lakes. . . . December 5-Breckenridge .....,.. December I2-MOOfhCHd Reserves. . December 13-Mandan Reserves. . . December 19-Fergus Falls Reserves. . . , January 1-Valley City Reserves .,..... January 4-Sacred Heart Reserves. . January Io-Fergus Falls Reserves. . january 16-Fargo DeMolay ..i.i.. January 23-Wahpeton Reserves. . , january 244Sheldon High School ....... January 3 1 - February I5 February 18 February 21 February 27 Bohnsack High School. . V-Audubon Reserves. . -Wahpeton Reserves. . -Breckenridge Reserves .... -wlvfoorhead Reserves. . February 6-S. H. A. Reserves ......,.. Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves March 2-Roosevelt oth Grade ........ 22 85 .... .... R eserves MISCELLANEOUS SPORTS Fargo High School awarded letters in tennis to Bob Persellin and jim Anderson and in golf to jim Tollefson for their work during the IQ47 track season. The intramural program was carried out .with much enthusiasm throughout the year. In the fall the boys participated in passfandftouch football. When winter arrived, both the boys and the girls held basket' ball tournaments before and after the regulation season. These events attracted ten girls' teams and eight boys' teams. During the spring both boys and girls participated in softball. Throughout the entire year, recreational swimming was held on separate nights for the boys and girls. During the winter months, noonfhour recreational periods were held in the gymnasium, Where one was able to play basketball, shufflefboard, and pingfpong. Nlvlctyjirxnr il, 7143 Uncle Gets Hymn Lzifea T1 ,FHM Bw in wx-w,.:eQ, Swim' - , In :my ima iw Hwy-Q Uvmmxw Nu! lwbwsa Leif pal fixfnsfgnsfe Fvuhfl UWUY lf' 'Wm' N I 1 sg U .mvmntw lwlff-filf-hnvgw Wm ff, Ulfsifia iam 'iizrfiim wiv I1 , is 'Q if f :- 4 ff ,Y 5 ,,., . ar 5' . Lf 3 .454 ORCHESTR Row ifLunde, Knight, Huukom, Cohen, Carlson, Toussaint, Hamm, Newman, Haakcsntad, Stein. Row zfWallace. Akre, Overvold. Peterson, Coombs, Dahlin, Fortney. Bayley, P. Herhison, Tenneson. Row 3g,l. Anderson, Wiseman, Quam, Graber, Grosz, D. Nelson, Ewy, Cooke, Foster, Velline, Bergren, Hans. Row .gil-lager, Haelfner, Ruliifson, Rcmmc, Watkins, Wright, Badger, R. Ottersen, Row 5-fldauison, Stutrud, Vslnlherr, Lundhagen, Mzirk, A. Nelson. OI'l"ICIiIiS First Semester Second Semester Presulent. , . , , . . ,,,,.. Maynard Toussaint President .,,.. ...,...,,.,,,.... F red Haelfner V1cefPres1dent . , . . .Rudolf Ottersen VicefP'residem. . , , . .Ardell Nelson Secretary ,.... . , .Ardell Nelson Secretary ..... , . . .Phyllis Herbison Treasurer, . .Richard Olsen Treasurer. . , Ivlaynard Toussaint LIBRAIUANS Kaye Bayley, Zora Houkom, Dennis Hanson Gary Lunde, janet Wolbert, Beverly Dahlin Sounds of sweet, blending music are heard when the orchestra is playing. It consists of iifty members who are constantly challenging one another to see if they can work their way to higher positions. The repertoire of the orchestra includes music from all periods: the classical, the romantic, and the modern. Some of the selections they have worked on this year are Beethoven's "Fifth Symphony," "Symphony No. ily," by Haydn, Brahm's "Hungarian Dance No. 6," Hlphegenia in Aulis Overture," by Gluck, "Festal March in C," by Codman, "Cavitina," by Bohm, L'Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise," by Sigmund Romburg, and "Polovetsian Dance No. z." Nl1lCly'XlX BAD llnw Row Row Rim Rim Haiisim, Lusk, Llohdes, Hans, Maxson. S. Pcrsselin, Barker, Meirike, Mr. Sorlien, Hagen, Hulcbak. Paris, Hill, Carlson, B, Nelson. Uloege, Marget, Helle, Krueger, Smith, Lien, Eininger, D. Williams, Bitrers, Ottersen. Stafnc, B. Pcrscllin. Abelson. Roach, Remme. D, Lees, Green, Pfeilsrieker, Rulitlsun. Gilmore. Osrhy, Hacffner, Beling, Blcgen, Brandvik, Paulson, Severtson, l..mc.ister, Selmftu. ,l. lmvelrsoii, Eggum, Smnh, ,li-nes, Badger, Tliorstt-ns-m, Uivhllinc, Strom, Oliver, Kuruwski, Wright, R. Levrrson, il. Anderson, ll, An ersnn, lfeslv. llrctiw, Turlu-lsiin. Kniigli, lilicinitli, K. Nelson, Mark, j. Lees, Lundhagcn, Cummings, lliltersmi, llahcig liuglc, Lindquisl. Oifricims First Semester Second Semester President .... ,...... .,,,. . . .Bob Persellin President. .... .........,.,... M ary Lindquist VicefP'resident. , . ..,...., .lack Lees Vicefllresident. . . ..,. Rita Eggum Secretary. . . . .Marlyn Lindquist Secretary ..... . . .Keith Remme Tretiswrev. . . .Keith Remme Tretlsurer. , . . . .Gordon Badger LIBRARIANS Nola Gloege, jack Torkelson, Phyllis Hans john Gilmore, Richard Krueger, Janice Meinke lf' you hear the mellow tone of the clarinet or the deep booming of the drums, you are near the band, which is made up of players who try out for the privilege of being in the band. The special thrill of the year was the purchase of eighty new band uniforms in purple and gray with gold trimmings. The "Marathon" feature of the year was the Eastern Class A Basketball playfotfs held at the N.D.A.C. field house. Some of the pieces the band worked on and accomplished during the year are "Classics for Band," by Louis Gottschalkg "March and Processions of Bacchus from "Sylvia," a ballet, by Leo Delibesg "The Overf ture Barber of Seville," by G. Rossini, "Red Rhythm Valley," by Charles Lee Hillg and "Lady of Spain," by Tolchard Evans. Nmczy-.uvcn in LL .. .. 4 A CAPPELL as .... Row 1-Hunter, Corcoran, Bullard, J. Hagen, Fortney, Brown, Martin, Snyder, Thompson, Carlson, Herbison, Hulebak, Lusk. Row 1-Gohdes, Piersall, Mickelson, Croal, M. Heger, Whedon, Severtson, Malstrom, Helgeson, Houkom, Hayley, Haakenstad, Burke, Cohen. Row 3-Peterson, Rogers, Lawrence, Maxson, Fitzlotf, Vance, Lee, Kuppich, Newman, A. Nelson, G. Hocgcr,Bowers, Jones, Gustafson. Row 4-Lucas, Ruliifsun, Lindquist, McLaren, R. Ottersen, Ostby, Strom, Sorley, Kloubec, Perscllin, K. Nelson, Badger. Row 5-Beling, Zube, Muir, Mickelson, Evanson, Swanson, Amold, Kurowski, Helgeson, Tolletson, Toussaint, Palon, Lawrence. OFFICERS Fnasr SEMESTER SECOND Preszdem ..,... ...... ,.... G o rdon Badger President ,..,.,,..... V1cefPresidernt. . . . . .Nancy Herbison VicefPresident. . . Secretary .... ..... . Dick Kloubec Secretary .... Treasurer. . . . . .Rudolf Ottersen Treasurer. . . LnmARrANs Shirley Helgeson, Carol Malstrom, Lloyd Beling Delores Kuppich, Pat Corcoran, Gary Kurowski SEMESTER janet Newman . . ,Dick Kloubec . . Bob Persellin . . .Allan Strom The blending of H16lOCl1OLlSll11X6Ll voices characterizes the A Cappella Choir, which has slxtyfeight voices. They have appeared at P. T. A. meetings, Emerson Smith and Jefferson grade schools, Roosevelt Junior High School, Annual Rotary Christmas Carol program, Rotary District Convention, "Meet Your Neighbor" Ctranscriptionj, Concorida College, and Maunday Thursday Union Service. ln AllfTalent they sang the following three numbers: "Rachmoninoff Concerto," "In the Still of the Night," and the L'Finale." Nmezy-eight BOYS' GLEE CL B Row 1-A. Anderson, Torkelson, Marget, Srensgard, W. johnson, B. Nelson, K. Williams, Stafne, Fauskin, Pfeilsticker, Erickson, Monson. Row zgliooke, Rod Fercho. B. Stalcup, G. Stalcup, Ruud, Alverson, Bayer, Lechner, Stutrud, Wilner, Zimmerman, Green. Row 3a-W. Williams, Wcikum, Schroeder, W. Engelking, Lynne, Becker, I. Anderson, Sells, Bennett, Mark. Feste, Rostad. Row 4-Lucas, Rulilfson, Lindquist, McLaren, Ottersen. Osthy, Strom, Sorley, Kloubec, Persellin, K. Nelson, Badger. Row 5-Bcling, Zube, Muir, Mickelson, Evanson, Swanson, Arnold, Kurowski, Helgcson, Tullcfson, Toussaint, Palun, Lawrence. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President ..,.............,.. Marlyn Lindquist President ..............,......, Richard Ruud VicefPre.sident. . . . . .Rodney Fercho VicefPresident. , . . . .Gordon Stensgard Secretary ...., . .Mel Weikum Secretary ..... .... D ick Kloubec Treasurer. . . . . .Bob Zube Treasurer. . . . .Bob Persellin LIBRARIANS Allan Ustby, Michziel Barrett, Allan Strom Albert Anderson, Bruce Wilner lf you hear deep bass voices when you are on the ground floor, you will know that you are hearing the Boys' Glee Club. This club has a membership of sixtyfiive boys who were selected by tryouts. The Glee Club took part in AllfTalent in a special number, Waring's "Dry Bones", with Robert Persellin at the piano, James Mark on the bass viol, and Bill Nelson on sound effects. They also sang in "Romany Life," "Rachmoninoff Concerto," and in the "Finale" Some of the other songs they worked on during the year are 'LWinter Song", by Frederic Bullard, 'Tse Been List'nin"' and "Wade in de Water," Negro spiritualsg and "A Roving," by Robertson. Ninety-um: 1 GIRLS' GLEE. CL B ,"'., ,,,,A -"'A' '-,Q .zrz AQ V' bq.. 2 ,,. ..., . , ..:V. A ll ,,,: fi.. , ., 1 A...,,,,V,. , .E::'. . lllq . A Allzl M if , ii ev Q 1 N' 5 jj, 5 Ri uw ' tmnson. Mrs. MeG.irrity. Row 2'4LlUIfLll'XdIT1l!1Cl', Lusk, Norcross, Minrtin, Fitzlnti, Bullzud, Hanson, Maixsiyil. Cnml. lluw 3-jones, Helgesnn, Picrsnll, N. Herhisun, Lee, Newman, Nelson, VJ Brown. 4fHaakenst2Ad, Houkom, Moe, Carlson, Thistlewinitc, Bowers, G. Gustafson, Iviycrs. Row Strains of lovel so vruno music feet ou when ou l Y Y Clubs, com uosed of 'unior and senior irls, that ou heur. l J Y that they ure divided into two classes. iHVnnec. Uolxclcs, Peterson, A. Thompsnn, NX hetlnn, Uordcr, Scvertson, Mickelson, Urkc, Hnugrud, Lauwrcncc, Fortney, Chris' M.ilsrrnm, Kuppich, Cohen, Farnham, M. Hcger, B. Snyder, Thompson, Rogers, McGill, Hulehuk, W. Thompson, Hunter, Hoeger, P. Herhisun, Hagen, Lerliel, Phillips, Burke, Bnyley, come down the hall. It is one ofthe Girls' Glee There are so many girls who try out for glee club This year the glee clubs learned music hy such composers us Buch, Handel, Haydn, Blll1fOli, Liszt, Grieg, Stringhzim, Byrd, and Bizet. They collaborated in the Christmas program with the dramutics department and sung in AllfT11lent. Row 1-Enger, J. Hagen, Woodworth, Abelson, Gorthy, Sherman, Gelder, Sheppard, Danielson, S. Schneider, Thorstenson, Johnson, Holmes, Mrs, McG.xrrity. Row z-Geiszler, Bolton, Kennedy, Klein, Fleck, Burfening, Plndson, Skuglund, Edlund, Quam, Sleeper, Still, Smith, Rost, Row 3-Henning, Hansen, Dommn, Paulson, Armstrong, Arskaug, johnson, Schum, Mensing, Leverson, Wisemaxn, Stahl, Tennesun, Holly, Mikkclsnn, Thompson, Lorz, Tollefson. Un: hundred SOPHO 1ORE CHOIR Iluw I f'Nclsun, Kcrr, Hirsch. Anderson, Erickson, Millur, llanivlson, Lvsm-, Sal1x'agv,ul. Lilcks. -loidlwim, Linilsri'-un llnxv 'L Sm'-'l's-iii, Trnnsvf, Malin--, lhlrki-i'ii1g, lflalrn, Sli--rwuoll, Cruwv, Sr.ulrl.u1ilvi, Snurh, llrnxvn. Haiw--n. This ycar sophomores havc hccn givcn lhv opportunity to takc vocal music during regular class periods. Prcviously thc sophomore choir rchcarsed outside of regular Class periods and rcccivvd no formal Credit. Two regular class periods a week arc now devoted to this group. SOPHOMORE GIRLS' GLEE CL B I Row 1 Thain, Rismli-ri, Hanson. Bohrcr, Vivk, Mala-an. Hertsgaanl, Nelson. Lsvisun, Divrz. Olson, XX'csd. lion 1 Haiuwh, la xi non, lliir lwin, Sli.-l-avr, lliun-zvolil, Cfaninini, Mrliriizic, Wvnrz, Prlvrsun, llrxndahl, Iloim-liiiwsi-ii, Anrlviwu lluthulhi1P.lurl.' 3 PART CHORAL GRGUP I'unN'l- Uulnlcs. V.mcv. I.crud. Bultun. Hmnkum. Phxlllps, Suvvrlsn Cgrlsun. Hulrlmk, Hmxvrs. Prtvl sl xn. SPECIAL GRO PS 1 T N Boys' Quartet: Klouhec, Srmm, Bmss Quinrvf: , ,. Badger, Rcmnw, Hplgesqn' Lindquisr, Pfl'ilsrickvr. HxlcH'wr. Rnlvm Hz MIXED OCTET mhdes, Muxsnn, KI-vulvac, Stmm Hclgl-sun, Limlquisr. Culsrvn, Hui Ink. Un: hundred nun S1 ANMNG: Runsvolnl, Almnhnnwson, Still, Roach, Brown, Slmlv. Run, Grignon. H W um Sl'A'H1lr: Hook. Mnrgzul, Tnussalinr, Otlv, Lusk. "DO BLE DOOR," CAST Avery. , . . .Rita Roach Mr. Chase .,... . . .Alnmcs Runsvold Telxmm. , . . , .Dam Brown Nfmftimer Neff. . . . . .Duamc Grignon Louise. . .... Betty Ruc The Nfmistev. . . . 4 . Mzlrslmzlll Still XfV1ll1mn. . . ..,. George Souls Rip Van Bret. . . . . .Gerald Thurnuu Anne Darrow .,,. . hlezmnc Tousszlint M4xx Iviorgzm Cfwolme Van Bret. , , ,... Ann Hook Dr, folfm Sully, . .,,,..,.. Paul Odc Vnvtfmll Vlm Brel Gladys Lusk Lmnlven ..,,, , .-lnmcs AlUFlll1Lll11Sl5l1 Virmrin: "The pearls, mv pearls! Minv"' Rip' "Is shw :ull right. Dr. Sullv7" Our hundved lhvre tl. B. Curtis. Harry Graves. , foe ....,,... S1.xNmNr:: Cole. Strom, Wrlliaxms, Schneider, Pnl-un, Wren, Kulfrl, Berker, Hager. Chvmich, Marget, Emimier, Ptl-vlsrifkvr. Klcm. Sr nun: Qmm, Arm-lrl. Osrcnliihl, Osthy, Haakrnstzul, Lein. "JU IOR MISS" , . .Bill Arnold .......B0l1 Kuffel Grace Cranes. . . . .Helen Osterclalil Hilda ...,,. Lois Graves. . . .Indy Graves . . . . .Marilyii Cole . . .Marjorie Heger .Sylvia Schneider Beverly Klein Fnffy Adams. . ...... Bnrburax Quum Ardith Hnzlkenstzid . . ,....,.... Alun Ostby Ellen Curtis. . . . Willi.s Reynolds. . . Barlow Adams .... Western Union Boy. . , Merrill Feurlvach. . Sterling Brown. . . Albert Kunody .... Torn-rny Arbuclqle, . Charles ....., . H enry .........,.,. Haskell Cummings ...,. ...,.... K zirl Williains Mzirgzxrctz Eininger . . .Paul Pfeilsticker . . . . .james Lien . .Alan Strom . Louis Mzirget . . . .Ray Pnlon . .blames Chcrnicli . . . .Bold Kullcl . .Dick Becker . .slim Wrein "Mr-a. Allnms, Haskell was supposed tu nicer .Indy .in-l mv in mv ll-is .lull lu.-r lmv frivmlx ,np.lrrlnr'nt, lvl!! un nrru um nl . . ll:ll'llnvlilv1'lllimi STANniNr:: Hiiughmnn, Lznndcck. Lotf. Lnsk. Eggum, Williams. Pzilon. Strom, Lcc, Fi-hr, Lcin. Siafwin: flirlson. Ki-nncily, Arn--lil. Nelson. l.,iwri'ncc. "OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG Steward. , , . , Mrs. Skinner ...... Cornelia Otis Skinner. , . Otis Skinner ...,. . Emily Kimlvrougli. . . Purser. . . . . . Stewardess ..., Dick Winter.c. , , . , . ,Roger Lofi' , . . .Ardell Nelson .Patricia Kennedy . .Robert Wachzil Bill Arnold Constance Czirlion . , , . . .Ray Pzilon . , . , . ,Rita Eggum . .Byron Lawrence Admiral ...,.... Harriet St. john .... Winifred Blaugli. . . Leo McE1voy ..., Inspector .... Therese ....... M adame Elise ,..... Nlonsieur de la Croix. . . Window Cleaner. . . AND GAY" . . .Karl Wllll1ll11S . . . .Donna Lee . . .Doris Fehr . . . . . .Allen Strom , . . .Mzirjorie Lzindeck ,.....,Dorz1 Lusk . . . .... Doris Felir . . .G. Vain Bziughmzin . . , . , . . .James Lcin l B g i '4l.vi'e sxxzilw ilu- ilvrks, ii1.nmU" "Thvrv's an slnw:iw.iv ,ilwunl Unr lninilrril law PROD CTIO ST FFS "DOUBLE DOOR" Row Row rfP, Anderson, Krumpelman, Bystol, Cullen, Hector Mlrehring. Bnrgstrom. ,l. Palmer, 2--Severson, Shaheen, Voll, Hartwell. Crirrhtisld Brockway, K. Herhisun. Row ge--M. Benson, Hiortlanel, S. Erickson, Zris. ll R1 rw Row 1 Run l":lrsnns. LohsL',Wh1rm.m. A I 4 'Ny4luhl, Thorson, Aaxmodt. Davis. Smlnc, Blegcn nl, Grznnum, Ackcrmgmn, Stun. Schwndrr. Rr ww Row Row Row Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" Slxcpnrrl. Cole, Flock, Ghmlcs, Bullzuxl, I.. Burke, E. Anderson, P. Herhlsnn. Plarlson, A. Thompson. Fitzlolf, S, Thorson, Osrcrdahl, Schum, W.Thmun1gu- son, Critchheld. Gorthy, M.nrrin. McGill. f-Poelnll. Snyder. Sheppard, Donnam. Pfcilsrickcr, H. Miller, Newman, Bell. W Ssmnler. Tryhus, Bob Wrlght, Chcrniclx, Miekclf sun, l rchncr, Herlwst. Hvltnrmes.Srz1fm'. Schmidt, Row Row Row Row Row "JUNIOR MISS" x-Joyce Hagen, Ames, Helgeson, E. Anderson Hunter, P. Herhison, Bolmeier, Schwarz, L Lawrence. -Vance, Miklcelson, W. Thompson, Gorthy. Ten neson, A. Nelson. -Ahelson, E gum, Kennedy, Arskaug, J. Hagen Holly, Koehier, Fisher, Fleck. -f41raber, McGill, Fehr, Critchfneld, Moe, Schum Hoeger, D. Thompson, B. Lawrence. --Wilner, jore, Critchfield, Mxxir, A. Anderson Klouhec, Otterson, Stafne. OM hundred :ix f Charles Abrahamson, Roving Reporterg Maynard Toussaint, News Reporterg Marjorie Landeck, Activities Editor: Mariorie Hegcr, Editor-infchiefg Erma Dockter. Copy Editorg Roger Evanson, Assistant Editor and Reporterg jack jester, Sports Reporter. CYNOSURE OF THE AIR The Cynosure of the Air, Fargo High School's newest literary venture, was officially launched by its first broadcast on March 19, 1948. It was the Hrst occasion in the history of Fargo High School in which the school had taken part in a regular radio program. The purpose of these broadcasts is twofold. First, it is the belief of the staff that is it to the advantage of the community to be informed as to the interests and activities of the student body. Secondly, such a program will afford an opportunity for the students of the high school to become better acquainted with the operations of radio and use their journalistic abilities on the air. The staff of seven high school students broadcasts every Friday at 545 over station KFGO. Pre' ceding the broadcasts ,the staff schedules one rehearsal under the direction of its adviser, Mr. Rognlie, and one rehearsal under KFGO supervision. The recording unit of the Speech department is used extensively by the staff to detect errors and correct faults in speaking. The staff is entirely separate from the BifWeekly and Annual staffs. There is no overlapping of either personnel or coverage. Selection of the staff members is made on the basis of faculty recommendations, scholarship, general ability, and results of voicefrecording tests. Administrative advisement of the new staff will be for the present under a special Eiculty committee. Eventually it may be placed under the jurisdiction of a board similar to the board of publications. Mr, Rognlie Marinrie Hegrr Onc inmdved uvcn Gnrdy Badger. Sports Edirnrg Donna Lee and Bob Warhal, Feature Editors: janet Newman. Headline Editorg Eileen Donnan, Editors in-chiefg Ardell Nelson, Headline Editor: Elizabeth Udcgard and Mary Louise Whedon, Desk Editors: Albert Anderson. Exrltiiigr Filitfirp lk-h Pi-rs--llin, Assnrizitie Editor. BI-WEEKLY LITERARY STAFF Did you know that the BifWeekly is almost 50 years old? Yep. Some of the staff members were rum maging around and found Volume 1, which was dated IQOI. f Has there been much change in 47 years? You should just see some of those papers! Of course, the Cynosure used to be a weekly, and for a time it was a monthly magazine. The BifWeekly has kept up with the times with modern headline type and streamlined makefup. This paid off with a first place last spring at the NIPA Conference and the William Preston Davies plaque, which was awarded to the best printed high school paper represented at the conference. We also came home with the Adam Hat award for the best sports page and hrst places for editorials, columns, features, cartoons, and photography. Quill and Scroll gave us their International FirstfPlace rating. We're not complaining. Hard work usually will be rewarded. We aren't bragging, but the BifWeekly staff has worked hard. Accomplishments this year include a new V system of filing exchanges. We exchange papers with 116 high schools and 17 colleges in the United States. The latest issue of each of these is available at the finger tips of any staff mem ber who wants to examine it. The BifWeekly is entering NIPA, NSPA, and Quill and Scroll contests this year. Ref sults will be available next hill. Mi'. Howard. ,lnurnalisni Adviserg Eileen l5i1nn.u1. l71lilov'1i1f1'l11-'tg lw1r,Still,Pr1ntinu Advisor. Um hnirxdfml eight Ruihaun Mikkrlsnn. Asrft Advertising lvianagerg Bonnie Gurthy, Circulatinn lvianagerg W:xi1d:iTh1impsrin, Advertising Mainagerg Nlarlys Eirluniller. Business Nlanager, BI-WEEKLY BUSINESS ST FF lf' you should hear someone say, "I'll meet you clown in the laundry", chances are he is a member of the Cynosure BifWeekly Business Staff, for the laundry is the BifWeekly Business StaH"s headquarters. The staff is composed of three departments. Under the supervision of Miss Fowler, the adviser, each of these departments is kept Working smoothly and efficiently. The business manager, Marlys Eichmiller, is in charge of mailing out all the bills, receiving and ref cording checks, and keeping the books in good order and upftofdate. The advertising manager, W'anda Thompson, is in charge of checking in all ads a week before the paper is to be published. Withoiit the aid of her eleven advertising solicitors she would be at a great disadvantage. These girls go into the business districts of Fargo to sell advertising to the merchants. The girls are Aileen Abelson, Delores Carsons, Dorothy Carsons, Virginia Edlund, Rita Eggum, Joanne Gilligan, Gloria Larson, Gail Lohse, Marian Paris, Pat Ruud, and Beverly Thorstenson. On every other Wediiesdziy the assistant advertising manager, Ruthann Mikkelsoii, proofreads the ads for errors. Bonnie Gorthy, circulation manager, has the duty to see that every person who subscribed for a paper receives one. She also sends free papers to former Fargo High students in the military services and to all other outside sub' scribers. On every other Friday, during the sixth period,the fifteen members of the Distrif hution Staff see that the Cynosure reaches its subscribers. Miss lmwlei, Business Adviseig Mailys liiehmiller, Business Manager. Une liundrcil rum' Sraxntiwo: Pat Carlson, Activities Editorg junettc Hill, Associate Editorg joan Moen, Administration Editorg Martha Mickelson and Virginia Vance, Senior CofEd1tnrsg Betty Christensen, juniorfSophomore Editorg Richard Becker, Sports Editorg Darlecn Marschkc, Art Editorg janet Wolhcrt, Ass't Activities Editorg Marilyn Haugrud. Ass't Cluhs Editor. S11A'l'rn: Bruce Wlilner, Editor-infcliicfg Betty C-ordhammcr, Clubs Editor. NNUAL LITERARY ST FF From September through May the Annual staff is on the job. First comes the selection ofa theme and cover for the Annual. Then there is the preparation of the dummy. In the meantime a staff of photof graphers are at work taking pictures. There is hardly a day that passes without some pictures being taken. These are then sent to the engraver to be engraved according to a certain size set forth in the dummy. Wheti the proofs come back, the editors identify the individuals in the proofs and write up the necessary copy for the printer. just try to find the names for all the faces. Anyone who has not served on an Annual staff cannot appreciate the amount of work and the number of details involved in putting out a yearbook. At last the day arrives when the last page is sent to the printer. Wliitt a relief to he alwle to relax once more! But it has been a lot of fun. It's an experience We wouldtft miss for anything. Mr. Suitrud, Literary Adviser: Bruce Wilncr, Editor-in-cliietg Miss Eiltrnes, Ass't Literary Adviser. Une liundvcd tru SHATED: june Hagen, Advertising Nlanagerg Beverly Klein, Asslt. Advertising lvlanager. S'rANnlNi:: jack Stafne, Business lvianagerg Dennis Srnrrud and Paul Kuhn, Phnrngraplwrs. ANNUAL B S NESS STAFF Although the Annual Business Staff is small, our job is a big one. For accomplishing the allfimportant task of collecting necessary money and distributing the Annual in the spring, Mr. Skonnord, our adviser, divided the staff into three groups. Most students of FHS have seen at one time or another the photographers shooting Cvvith cameras off coursej groups of students and action shots of our teams, The advertising manager and the assistant advertising manager have the hard job of soliciting money contributions from Fargo and Moorhead business firms. The business manager does many of the necessary odd jobs, such as collecting the money taken in by the teachers for the subscriptions and the senior cuts. Mr. Skonnord is the man who really makes the stall' ntiekn. 'All our activities are under his close super' vision and his approval. .lack Staline, Business M.1l1.igi'rg Mr. Sknnnord, Business Slati Advisel Une hun-Ivcd eleven Kerr. Osterdalil. Ramstad, Lerud, Walker, Hanson, Gregory, Burke, Evenstad, Burfening, Pladson. Myers. Nor is l'lC'lLRl:Z juAnn Ames. BATO CORP The baton corps is made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This year there are thirteen girls belonging to this organization. These girls meet mornings at eight o'clock. At these sessions they practice intricate twirls, tosses, and formations to be used in future performances. This year their performances consisted of football games, basketball games, the tournament, and the Jack Frost Winter Carnival Parade. Their costumes for the football games were white pedal pushers, purple letter sweaters, and white sailor caps. Their regular costumes are made from silver jewel cloth and purple velvet. Each girl was responsible for making her own costume. A new board has been established in school to deal with problems confronting the baton corps. This board consists of Miss Carney, Mrs. Thornby, and Miss Zarling. Girls who wish to belong to the baton corps must appear before this board before they are accepted as members of the corps. Girls who wish to join must be dependable and willing to cooperate. Une hundred twelve g ,, ,fww WW L' humlml lllnfrru 011.0 lwuggwv' Qumhh that lun' Two ni llw lwys. Imvtlmll lmmlurl PX-p41'1 asscmlvly. Cmdws Su fm .u llfm up! Una lxumlml fmuwcu . , S if E V fs f 'Ea6uiw'W Q ae' 2 gbffkfi 9 Q S 5. ,f , ,, WW ii 'ww lilvvs. Iu.'xx,m-' Spnmg .-mu-rl Mr l5xuIgvl1ml 4'KpI.ul Sprung,wlwlx,nx'ml11g KIM-'s smn!1n1.InlHlu-4 lixll hull H.4ppx'.' Us-ivvl lu :hw xxxhl. I mlm Smluv zluw hvmwtyfnl .rr-'mrrn ,gg my x , ' Y, jr 2 ,., 4 ' "QV 1 f 'TY .,., . .,A,,:::.,,::,.. ,.:,. b "". '-2----: - f . Q Q V.: NJZYEAA, W- -1 SMOKE AGAINST THE SKY Blue smoke from yellow embers Wound its Twisting way in starlit night. And embers grew To be a flame. Grey smoke touched the tamaracks And pines. Slipped its wily fingers round The oaks and stole their beauty In the night. Black smoke hovered over stumps: Symbolic In the autumn noon. No trace Of free men left. No land, no name. I --Mary Louise Whedon THE KLEENEX PLAGUE The wads of paper, candy, gum--A Oh, I admit these gripe me some-- But, boy, the thing that makes me yell Is Kleenex found in my inkwell. No punishment could be too bad- My only wish is that I had The right to tar and feather those Who use the stuff to blow their nose. I guess Kleenex is here to stayg It's used by thousands everyday. So blow away, but meek we ask it- Please drop it in the nearest basket. -Bob Stalcup One hundred nineteen POETRY THE TEMPEST The sting of a long forgotten pain Is the needle prick on my weary brain. The sound of a long forgotten tune Is like a shot in the silent room. My mind is as a ship at sea, The ponderings conflict aimlessly. My thoughts are vague and unexpressed And give my troubled mind no rest. I strive for speech but make no sounded My ship at sea can sight no ground. ' . I ponder, think, and concentrate, But thoughts will not make words, of late. A forgotten hope, a dreamed of plan, How in accessible to man. Why cannot man express his thoughts? Why do his words amount to ought? Words are such inexpressive things. Only in brain a true thought rings. Only in mind may some thoughts dwell, A word is just an empty shell. Oh, would that man might turn his hand ' And point to some far distant land- "There speech will say all wanted said, There thoughtshnake perfect words", he said. But this is not, can never beg Some thoughts are only ships at sea, They have no landing, know no rest, Are merely ponderings in the breast. Some ships at sea may yet sight land Upon some yet far distant strand, And there a word that's meant to be May find a resting out of sea. Yes, then is when a true thought's born And vague conflictions true are torn. For then a truth that's ne'er been said May stir the living, rouse the dead. -Margie Podoll X ' f 5 O f , ., 5 ,Q 1 ,W 1,114 vl M FQBEI 23? 'l IN xV7 NW X' 1 .fx 2 -: 'J 2 EVENTS OF THE YEAR SEPTEMBER IO e School opens. IZ First football -fSa1cred Heart beats FHS. llzrlij Classes elect officers. IQ Fergus Falls over FHS. 26W Y First Cynosure Bifweekly. 26 -Ivioorhead over FHS. 20 -- -juniors pose. OCTOBER 21 O XX y X I 1 eStudent Council elected. S X xc R kxgl' 3 'FHS over Valley City. 5 D X 2 5 lx 9 ' , 8 -"Henry V". t H X N : 31 xx S El g F IO ffGr11nd Forks over FHS. P s mx 'Z T' -:- I3 'fClul1sorgzmized. T ,l .4 f 6 L : , 11 ? ,fi ' f- - 17 WFHS over Moorhe:1d. I 5 Q X: T- A 1. , F Z jf ' 24' W11hpeto11fF11rgo tie. Q i 4? B' k 27 fr First report cards. 31 -Jamestown over FHS. 'Q' S NCVEMBER 1' l 1. 61 3f7 f- -Red Cross Roll Cilll. fo ' x : 7f8e9'j11nior Miss". A 25 --Sophomores pose. f .il I 26 fF1rst basketball---Detroit Lakes Q2 . Over FHS. 27f7,o Th2lIlkSglVllXg V2lC2lf1Ol1. l XCX Qc lgTxl 5 T4 11 1 1 1 5 C9 5 71 fanieen l f 4 C51 x . .AC Lvefor-e ihmhggiying B3 Sheri: ba ll A! 71 QSM .NF wmv' X4 1' W' I tif? X Qs .Z Q, DECEMBER x js 1 Fnrgo over Ivlundnn. Senig, ffciurei ' 5 Breckenridge over Fargo. 6 Football banquet and dance. FN J' 19 "Why the Chimes Rang". A C a Q e IQ Caroling in the bulls. f zofjnn. 4 Vacation. 4? It 1' QA JANUARY Al Q N 1 Happy New Yezlr. --A 1 5 A 2 Midgets over Deacons 1 2 -'F' , Q Lg U 4 10 Fargo over Fergus. - 7 ' l X 23 Y -Semester exams. X ,I 'Fargo over Inmestown. 7 l E x a m 5 24 - N Q 26 -Second semester begins. S7 uf l l FEBRUARY I - J l 1 X 1 xx xjfif o -"Our Hearts Were Young :md F5 0 Guy". X ii! , Q f I3 HifLiners over Midgets. X. 1' f N 25 Q All 1 nd Scroll named. S Q ul I theerleaaing f .1 KX If r 7 sw. - A, IP o my ,Vale-nline 1 '. Olll 5 Februar114l"" hothey -,,..,..S' .1 C GNUTXCPYQWQA X SP, X f kg mms REHHRSINK 5 4 f Q Kowmf ij 5 r 2 m ai 3 c S R a d I 0 D T Y Z F Dg , bg 4f'9F 6 J E lf? X APRIL lf N S X 00 0 Nationnl Hon 5 if K 28140 -May I -Allfl' I YK I AY 7- . ' q Si Jglnicgr-Se Clb Z1 y d dance. X 7 H b Q X A 'S AN Tak ni as - A I I X 26 -'Class Day g "" I 27 COIHIIICIICCUX G :Jr TY 3 C h a s 11001 out! wif'-f LU X N f X M f ' HLLLWX X Q f - X H I "F I r, , 1 '-- fy- WZEM' X -M W 1 1 3 'mixv """' J,,,,.... f v , ff ,. Graduation SCl'l0oI,S out X HONOR ROLL SUBSCRIPTION LIST The Cynosure Annual Staff of 1948 wishes to thank the following business firms for their hmncnl support, without which the publication of this book would not have been possible. MO. J. DELENDRECIE CO. POSTAL PHARMACY HULL Eb? Co. TBEARSON MOTOR Co. L. Cl PRATT CO. TPIERCE CO. li' FAIRMONT FOODS CO. MAGILL E99 CO. TSTANDARD OIL CO. OSCAR H. KIORLIE CO. KNIGHT PRINTING CO. E. A. ANDERSON, JEWELER Foss DRUG CO. """VOss STUDIO S. S. KRESGE Co. STORE WITHOUT A NAME FARGO DRUG Co. sIOHNSONlS FOR SHOES ,FIRST NATIONAL BANK E? TRU HOENCKSS FUR STORE TNORTHBRN SCHOOL SUPPLY Co. INTERSTATE BUSINESS COLLEGE TMCCRACKEN STUDIO GLOBE CLOTHING STORE LUGER FURNITURE Co. BROADWAY PHARMACY GRAVER HOTEL Es? COFFEE SHOP HARRINGTON E99 HOUGHTON DAKOTA CLINIC MATT SIEGAL CLOTHING CO. S. EB L. CO. MOODYNS DEPIT STORE TFARGO LODGE, B.P.O.E. SHOTWELL FLORAL Co. 'SEARS ROEBUCK and CO. TFIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS Ei LOA CARLISLE E19 BRISTOL 'NORTHERN STATES POWER Co. TEPKO FILM SERVICE :ALEX STERN E99 CO. MODEL LAUNDRY E! CLEANERS ,NQSCHERLING STUDIO, INC. 'The Fargo Forum . Each "' before the name indicates the donation of an extra Eve dollars. O One lmmlved Liuemy-three ST N I CO. Ass'N -A Cappella Choir ..... Annual Business Staff, . Annual Literary Staff .... Appreciation .......,. Art Club ...,........ Athletic Commission. . . Autographs ........ Band ....... Basketball ..... ...... Baton Corps ............... Bi'Weekly Business Staff ..... BifWeekly Literary Staff Board of Education ..,. Board of Publications. . . Boys' Glee Club .,... C -Calendar ............ Captains and Coaches. . Cheerleaders and Songleaders. . . Class Officers ......... Contents .....,...... Cynosure ititle pagel. . . Deans ............. Debate ..... Dedication ....., "Double Door". . . . -Euthenics ..... -Faculty ..... Football .... Foreword ..... G -G.A.C. ......... . Girls' Glee Clubs .... -Harlequin .... Hockey ..,..... Honor Roll ..... INDEX . . .IOO I ----Intramural. . . . ...III j --junior Class. . . . oo . .3017 ' ' 'HO "Junior Miss". . . . .IO4 . . .125 A A I K -Kent ...........,........... .... 6 6 63 N --National Athletic Scholarship T 26' I 28 Society ................, .... 6 1 97 National Honor Society .... .... 5 9 . .84f87 O -Orchestra ........................ 96 . . . II2 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay". . 1o5 ...IO9 P ...IOS 49 63, 98 I'2O'I2'2. Pep, Club ............ Phosterian ......... Photography Club ..... Poetry ............ Production Staffs .... P.T.A.. .,..... . . ' ' ' 97' Q-Quill and Scroll. . . . , A--93 R --Radio Club .... . ...sv 8 3 48 68 Radio Cynosure ...... Red Cross Council .... Representative Students. . . Reserve Basketball .... S --Schedules and Scores. . . 7 ...IO3 ...76 . 450'54 . .8of83 5 --.93 70 88 ...ng Science Club ...... Senior Class ........ Sisbocratic Council .... Snapshots .......... Sophomore Choir .... Sophomore Class .... Sportsmanship ........ Special Music Groups. . Student Council ...... T -Thespian ,.... Track ...... Tripolitan .... 78 67 72 H119 ....IO6 49 62 -.-73 ..,.1o7 77 56 85 Q4 '--74 ..1of2o . 64 II4'II8 ...1o1 - '38'43 6o .. .... IO2 58 71 89 rwenly-four myfive APPRECIATION We of the 1948 Annual Staff wish to express our gratitude to those who have helped us produce this book. We offer our sincere thanks to Mr. Miller and the Dakota Photo Engraving staff for their cooperation and assistance, to Mr. Schilla of the Pierce Printing Company, and to Epko Film Service for supplying us with "hardftofget" photo supplies. We appreciate the help of Mr. Tighe, Mr. Bricker, Miss Carney, and Miss Ramstad. To the faculty and the students we wish to express our gratitude for the support and interest which have made this annual possible. U cf-lufayuafla -I j ai ' 6L A 'X ,ga Q . 1 V If 4 4- 9 1 I ' In " O' Y 0 -' f- fl 54316 . . d TA 1 ' ' 'L.'Q 'foJjf , . O ,, w ,4, N 5 'ff '3 W WMM A ' vm. W I' ' ' Qilmdrdlnulamnnn . , 3, ,L 1.5 ., A V - 'ly W i f" , , K 4 . . . , n 1 ,gf ' A W'f 7 ur va B'-NTXESN N ' we Nf-twig? NNY-' - 4 x l I-I E, M- ,Z vm .wg A I -1 .:. I 1 Y 3 K A -. gg. --1 f f-, V' 1 Q O x gig' :logic 1: 4 " mix u ' ,g 1 3 5 as 1, . .se u QNV- Q ' ff ' . 5 f - . ,f ' . .6 X ,. X ,. 'R Q "ik . . V , 4 H , A.. ' . pg., ' ff' M13 Y , F - 'H 1-, ' 'X s 'G '7 FS 755:-fb ' . 5. 4v' s in ilk! -r 1 ' ' Q A sl I 1? QQ, 2 9 'Q '3, S IQ' ,XXX On hundred nnutnidv ' w ' ' ' l ' ffvi-1' " .a...s.a.L.' .Ml 1, '1 A 1 s ,,. 1 .red Lf' . 'Cf 'ls . ' . . A QL E f-.-,Q "r- . th . I. -N ,Mm 'wlniw-ff ' Jn: V ze'-' .Q'f...A - "5:'fi A - LM . . .1"?: -'AT " ,ip 'ff 'fl Q' +1 2 J'-,I ' : A., ' , .aff ' Qin' : -Q, .:f'f k ' N hw 4 ' , , f I fl 4 ' K K X I ' 1 . o ' in.. ,. 1 A 1 .. ...,... iff If . -,:,gQ,,AV,: 1 X 1 QU i -1 .u- ' vu 1 fV00L'o'm ffvfft 'V ff 'X f .vw-v w I. M ' igw Q WV E XM SW . Q k xysh.--sn! 1 D sq W X' 1 'fvx xx , .5 x x A, X A xi 93 'x R, Lnyki' Vs,,,-- ,aff -4 Lf-N-1-f-" In :- Q n ,. Z wQ!q"i Lin vi ,.-. sid?- -rw 'lfwf-'-"g '33 K. 'N 12 35 ai- e f v . el 1 ,J X , . KK! T is X4 f, ff' ' "xv X ix f -4' Q? 5045 - I, e V V, , . ' ff A w I K. . ' V 1 i A A v W u X W 5 i K. KK x5 X3 Y M 3 j f X i i KN Q Q41 FSS, ' x , Y ' ' N kim Q H X I f K N H xx 'P 5 X33 I x I F X 3 2 X? si sf X23 b M l l W - -1, Q- L: .snug-H r wzglf wg? :- wav:-.1,vv51 .iw 'CML . +S5U-mia ww U' l xfkfvxar-1.1-D Q 'Z A-YQUND W-'N-'L5L3s. W kJU"QfW-kfvgz ,x o 1-N v x-mmf ml 5mff ' , Nvw--lxzf.. --1--"'-T' W A -'15 .A :jf lu.. QW- AWN L"""l-L 1 LL bxrvx u.x.xLx Kg, L -I- l lXx f fit zz: -..-: I X- fi? . -nf .u f -- vw- Y: , 1 f, 1. Z- .1 Ji- . G 1 -v fx XE Q ,..f, ,ff --"' 4' Qfw we 4911: xx A II! fytl' X fsf fx! LAL K3 X X 1 1 ..,:- V 4 Q N , ' K ' " 'L 5 jj ' f' I LQ i! 1 L .V V 4,4 L xl I Z' j Q, 'S' Lk jf 4 X ' . : E . ff' M 'Milo f 111.11 ! P' 7 X 'M -WH I X ' 1 g 51: , N 7 X K Q45 my My :L ' I ' N . CRA 1: Q, V w?,C.b1 V, 1 kb V, - N, E X - A XX 'r 5, K 3 R 5 A' I W ff , ln ,1 . 4 ,M h .f IV W ! , fy Q f W , fir? ffv I I l Q gf lx I x .CY W X ff!!! .lil QW x :Xi J! j F ,. ,WS JK X X f X4 14 K f 0 f X I f nj Mi , . s - sv 1 V Fifi ' . Q Q . .Vezq ,,Vq QQ QfF?1 ,' 'zf g , . 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Long DEDICATIO To Mr, Frank Long and Mr. Charles l,, Wendell, we would like to show our appreeiation for the many years of hard work and understanding they have given to our school. Besides their daily elass-room work, they have spent many hours in extraeurrieular aetivities, help- ing students grow into fine eitizens . These two men will be missed next year, but their thoughts and ideas will linger in the sehool and among the student body. It is to Mr. Long and Mr. Wendell that we proudly dedicate our IQ63 Deleakonian. 3 , Y K . 1.3- 2' ' " ' 4 ' v s. ef-1 ff'- .PI I L . . :'."'--gg, -' 'Qu iz- ,ff f. 1, g.Q2-. ' 15,5 -', .. , .r.'g'f,, '--. -I Lf- " sl hlflvjlg I1 I t , 4--jg I 5: x "gf 5,5-'-.5 I 'fl' ' zrf. ' .Q 1 4 . iw.: -L1 f ' l ' ' W'-'fl "l'1- ' ..-"up 1 " .5 -nga 1, , -5 ii D X 1 Q s Q w G7 -if M Q ,,..... ...v- na. .W . 1 : n ag' 7,4 f ' 1 In M lgllixl J N' fi ffwfww' vs Superintendent Grant Johnson Assistant Administrator Herman Hulin ADMINISTRATIUN The complete administration of D.L .H.S. is dedicated to educating the youth of the community. It is their job to see that the youth of today become the Well informed citizens of tomorrow. Their duty is to establish the many policies which directly affect each student. Superintendent Grant johnson acts as a median between the public and the school . It is his duty to familiarize the school board and the public with the problems which may come up in the functioning of our school system. Mr . johnson is also in charge of the annual school budget, the faculty and personnel of the school, and the planning of ad- ditional facilities. Mr. Herman Hulin is the administrative assistant. Mr. Hulin directs public opinion by presenting their ideas and wishes to the school board. The members of the school board represent that communities views, its wants, and its likes and dislikes and relates them to the school system. They also determine the number of days in the school year, all vacations, selecting the faculty, and the qualifications and salaries of the teachers. As 1962-63 was the last of seven years at D.L.H.S. , Principal C. H. I-Iegdal Will be greatly missed. He did much for the Detroit Lakes school system, and his absence wil be a great loss to our school system. It was his responsibility to supervise class schedules, teaching programs, disciplinary actions, and school activities. The secretaries, Miss Marcille Marotzke, secretary of Superintendent Grant john- song and Mrs. Ruby Wiedewitsch, secretary of Principal C. H. Hegdal, keep the routin running smoothly. Their endless tasks are performed capably and cheerfully. The administration of a school has a great influence on a student body. The ad- ministration of D.L .I-I .S. is certainly one which is qualified as a molder of today s youth. Eng' L Q, Q, ., f. if , :K xriahj ' I av kr . I I , - fsgssgxfn - 2, ,. , ,Q , - s 1-,. Secretary Mrs. Ruby Wicdcwitsch Principal C. H. Hegdal if VFW presents American documents to Principal C. H. Hegdal 1... ' w Irs. Mary Adams Mr. Eric Allen Miss Brigit Anderson r. Urban Benewicz r. Robert Benson THEIR MAIN GOAL . ADAMS, MARY--Speech I, ll, National Forensic League. ALLEN, ERIC--Special Services . ANDERSOP BIRGIT--English 10, ll, 123 Director All School Musi- cal, BENEWICZ, URBAN--Psychologyg Guidance Di rectorgNational Honor Society. BENSON, ROBERT-- Chemistryg Physics, Astronomy, l-lam Radio Club. BONSTROM, MARY--Girls' Physical Education, Girls Athletic Association, Swimming Team, Synchronized Swimming, Pep-Club, Cheerleading. BRADY, ELIZA BETH--Typing, Secretarial Office Practice, Stenog- raphy Ilg Ticket Manager. DISSE, MlLDRED-- School Nurse. EHRNST, A. R.--Latin, Spanish. EIA, MARTIN--American History, Debate, National lrs. Mary Bonstrom Mfg, Elizabeth Brady Mrs. Mildred Disse Mr' A' R' Ehmst Mr- Martin Eia MIS- C1102 F1031 Mr. Clarence Gilstad ..TOhMNJDTHEhHNDSCW YOUTH orensic Lea e Concessions SCHMIDT LYLE- EU 3 . , pecial Educationg Germang Swimming Coach. FLOM, IRACE--English 123 Future Teachers of America. GILSTAD, CLARENCE--Art I, Ilg Mechanical Draft- ngg Wrestling Coachg DeLakonian, Advisor . HAR - TAD, GUDREN--Home Economics IV, V, V13 Future lomemakers of Americag jr.-Sr. Banquet. HESSEN, VILLARD--World Historyg Adult Education. HUSEN, LAY--Agriculture ll, III, lVg Applied Scienceg Future Farmers of America, JOHANSON, JOHN--Biologyg r , -Sr . Prom. LaSELLE, CLARENCE--Higher Al- gebrag Senior Math Study Groupg Audio-Visual Direc- or, Mr. Ray Husen Mr. John Johansson sw 5 Rf 8 F Miss Gudrun Harstad ills lv' QV' Mr. Willard Hessen Mr. Clarence LaSc11e has 9 lr. Frank Long Mr. Merrill Miller Mr. I-Ialdo Norman Mr. Clayton Lrs. Ella Ottarson ,r. Lyle Schmidt . Charles Wendel ALWAYS THERE TO HELP LONG, FRANK--Social Studiesg Photographyg Student Council, MILLER, MERRILL--Instrumental Music Vocal Musicg Stage Manager, NORMAN, HALDO-- Drivers' Educationg Boys' Physcial Educationg "A" Footballg Intramural Activitiesg Lettermen's Club. OLSEN, CLAYTON--Agriculture II, III, IVQ Future Farmers of America, OTTARSON, ELLA--Stenog- raphy Ig Personal Typingg Bookkeepingg Clerical' Office Practice. WENDEL, CHARLES--Industrial Arts IV,Vg Stage Equipment. HANSON, GEORGE-- Boys' Physical Educationg American l-listoryg Social Scienceg Golfg "A" Basketballg "B" Footballg Intra- mural Activitiesg Letterrnen's Club. 10 Teachers Relax ax tix g 4 Come on . . . Dance! ' Lecture Time ll Es , , . . KAW, ...-5"" Mft' ,L . .fgg 4. s "3 RQ. ' 1 xi. u ' " 9 1 . K f" 13:'-- J , ' -'C 1 I, '13 'Q-A , . .' 'Q , f ik' "' 3, v ' 'v.'.' A JL? l .1 . ,b fl.f'vV . I fi E'.'f,'.,. ' '12 yo - I 1 'qezfrfl '7 'ul' I , - ' se-vw . if - - I "0 1 -". 51 gi. ' 3 1 K fx N A V ,ix X X hub sins ,gf 4 in -f f L CL SSS Representing the country of Turkey, we had Adil Zafer Zaim as a student at our school the past year. Nicknamed "Zaf, " he was the son of Mr. and Mrs Tom Rogstad during his stay in D. L, His real home was Istanbul, Turkey, Zaf was chosen to represent his countrj in the American Field Service Program This choice was based on his scholastic ability, participation and leadership in school activities and character. Zaf's academic program in America consisted of English, social studies, SMSG, physics and art II. He kept a high scholastic average considering his extra -curricular activities . In exchange for his talks and dis- cussions about Turkey, Zaf developed first -hand pictures of the U .S ., which he took home to his family and to the people of his country. As he looks back to this year, he finds many happy memories, which will be remembered through his life, giving him the picture of the wonderful year he spent in Detroit Lakes. Adil Zafer Zaim C C 7 qi 1, 4 , A Meeting of Nations I Think This Is Where I Live! rt V O '37 . 0 ,w '1 , IJ ' . . I 3 1 Q I 'cry -- fc " mils' , 4 , I7 9 : -40 0 an A f '- 0 A fe ' 5 - . 1 A -T fsa. gof f vt' , K' 0 ' . 2 r BACK ROW: B. St. Marie, R, Schneider, J. Roy, B. Nanninga. MIDDLE ROW: J. Gessle, S. Larson, J. Parker, G. Candrud. FRONT ROW: R. Wokasch, F. Fectner, C. Peterson, J. Wayman. 1963 HO OR TUDE T The Honor Students are those students who have earned seholastie honors. They are the ones who are deservingly rewarded with scholarships because they have maintained high averages through their years in high school. These students can be proud of the goals they have attained, and will some day Je the outstanding baekbone of our country. 15 f-wi' ""'-M-an :von Ackerson Deloris Amundson Ernest Anderson Jerry Anderson THE CLASS OF 1963 ized' , STEVEN E. ACKERSON DELORIS MARIE AMUNDSON--Band 1,2,35 Future Teachers of America 35 Speech Activities 35 Thespians 3. ERNEST JOHN ANDERSON JERRY BRUCE ANDERSON- -Future Teachers of America 2,33 Track and Cross Country 1. ROGER KEITH ANDERSON--Band 1,2,3. Ronald Anderson RONALD RAY ANDERSON--Hockey 13 Swimming Team 3g Track and Cross Country 1,2. DORINE LYNN ARNESON--Band 1,2. CI-IERYL DIANN BAKKEN--Synchronized Swimming 1,2. PATRICIA DLANE BARRY DONALD RICHARD BAUKOL--Basketball lg Golf 1,35 Letter- men's Club 1,2,3g Speech Activities 2. BARBARA JEAN BENDER--Band 19 Future Teachers of ,553 lgmerican lg Library Club 2,3, President 35 Speech Activities .oger Anderson ,E f-4" Jorine Arneson Cheryl Bakken Donald Baukol Barbara Bender 1-43 ff? .5-rfb. 'ack Bestul 'Fi Pouglas Biss "-3 Joanne Bergen Larry Bergen STUDE T PIRIT RE EAL IT ELF JACK BESTUL JOANNE ALVINA BERGEN--DeLakonian 1,2535 Girls' Athletic Association 15 Homecoming Queen 35 Speech Activities 2. LARRY ALLEN BERGEN--Wrestling 2. SANDRA RAE BILLINGTON--Band 152535 Choir 15 Girls' Athletic Association 152,35 Pep Club 1,25 Speech Activities 2535 Thespians 253. DOUGLAS SYDNEY BISS--Basketball 15 Baseball 1,2535 Co- Captain 2535 Class Play 25 Musical 35 Football 35 Lettermen's Club 152535 National Forensics League 35 Speech Activities 2535 Swimming team 25 Track and Cross Country 1,35 Co- Captain 1. GEORGANNE BLANDING--Band 152535 Musical 35 Class Play 25 Choir 35 DeLakon.ian 25 Girls' Athletic Association 1525 Pep Club 15 Synchronized Swimming 15 Girls' Chorus 1. STEPHEN JOHN BORSTAD--Band 15 Football 1,35 Track and Cross Country 15 Wrestling 153, Co-Captain 35 State Tourna- ment 3. SHARON ANN BRAHMER--Ushers Club 15253. BYRON CLARK BRINK--Baseball 15 Speech Activities 2. JAMES JOHN BROGREN DENNIS LE ROY BROWN--Choir 152,35 Honor Society 3. Sandra Billington 5 Georganne Blanding :phen Borstad Sharon Brahmer Q4 1"'.-.f5 lyron Brink James Brogren Dennis Brown onnie Bunnis Curtis Carlson Dianne Carlson Robert Caron MEMORIE FOR MANY BONNIE LYNN BUNNIS--Future Homemakers of America 2 Pep Club 1,2,3, Ushers Club 1,2,3, Vice President 3. CURTIS VICTOR CARLSON--Basketball fB-Teamy 1, Base ball 1,2,3,4, Football 1,2,35 Wrestling 2,3. DIANNE CAROL CARLSON--Choir 2,33 DeLa.konian 2,35 Girls' Athletic Association 1,23 Pep Club l,2, Synchronized Swimming 2,3. Iayne Clark ROBERT WILLIAM cARoN--Ham Radio Club 1,2,s, Pfesi- Joseph Clark dent 35 Mighty Men l,2. JAYNE MARY CLARK--Astronomy Club 35 Band l,2,3, Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3, Honor Society 2,35 Pep Club 1, Musical 3. JOSEPH DENNIS CLARK--Football lg Swimming Team 2. RONALD JOSEPH CLARK DAVID LEE COALWELL--Astronomy Club 1, Lettermen's Club 1,2,3, Speech Activities 2, Wrestling 1,2. DONALD DEAN COGGER--Class Play 2, Choir l,2,35 Foot- ball 1,25 Track and Cross Country 1. DARLENE RAE COLLINS--Speech Activities 2,3. EIVERNA LE MAE CONKLIN--Library 2, President, 35 Speech Activities 1,2,35 Ushers Club 3, One-Act Play 3. Ronald Clark David Coalwell Donald Cogger Darlene Collins ElVerna Conklin 1 X .X 1 .- f , 1. V ,Q V . x I Y r' N-Qi - A A , - V- If X ,. ,- . V4 x " , Q '- X Y 'C 4'r 'T k f ,- lv ,- x ,, A . , , NN ,W f-A . f' . A f M - -.,. ...,-f'- v n . ,-v""' X 41 V P "" .K .ff If ' I . K -- K- x , ,X 5 V , ,, , A C , f "' f ,.. , 5- - .., . 1' " 1 ,.. .- , ,, 4 . 1 up ' cf f, i. , i,..,4'- .q 7- K, f-- Q' F lx V R Q' , 4 Y .A-" fy 'Y r ,--, f x 4 N Y f ,A X ,.. .. 1' , 4 -. ff' 5' -'S I K",-

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